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Tempest Artemisa Nyx and the Mystery Of Excaliber (Year Two) by Tempest_Zepher_Nyx136

Format: Novel
Chapters: 16
Word Count: 20,684

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence

Genres: Horror/Dark, Young Adult
Characters: Lucius, Narcissa, Draco, OC, OtherCanon

First Published: 03/05/2007
Last Chapter: 11/02/2007
Last Updated: 06/24/2010


Tempest finds a lost family member while her sword is stolen.  Void and Nila stand by her side more and help her figure out the mystery of everything happening around her.  She discovered secrets of all the people of her life and starts to see things clearer as time passes.

Chapter 1: Secret Plans Revealed
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          Tempest ran down the stairs happy and exited. She had let her hair get longer and had now added another stripe of purple to the other side of her hair. She jumped on Draco when she reached the bottom of the stairs.

"Tempete, please get off me," said Draco smiling.

"Whatever, you know you like this." She smiled then turned to her god mother, Narcissa Malfoy. "Thank you so much for letting me stay over."

"It's our pleasure Zephyr," said Narcissa. "After all, you are our goddaughter."

"Okay, come on Draco, lets go.  Void write to Nila and tell her to meet us in Nockturn Alley."

He nodded.  "'Kay, see you later."

Tempest jumped off Draco and began walkling hand in hand with him back to their house. The night was cool and refeshing as she walked. She loved it. If she could stay outside all the time she would. Draco looked at her and she smiled back at him. 

They stopped infront of the house while Narcissa opened the door. The house elf Dobby opened it wide and stood behidn it. Tempest stared at it in pity and sandess. It was aweful how they treated it sometimes.

"Dobby, take her stufff up to Draco's room," ordered Narcissa.

"Yes Mistress."

Tempest stared at Dobby as it walked by sad. She felt Draco put his arm around her shoulders and hold her close. She looked up at him and blushed for some unknown reason to her.

"Go on off to bed you two. Its a big day tomorrow."

"But its soo early," whined Tempest playfully.

"Fine then, just go up to your room and chat till you get tired. All right?"  She gave them a stern glance and Tempest smiled.

"All right."  Tempest ran up stairs and thrust opend Draco's door. She began to jump on his bed and laugh. as she tried to reach for the cieling like a child.

"I can't wait till schol starts. What about you?"

"I can't see you everyday so that a bummber. But at least there's a girl who just adores fawning over me."

Tempest stopped jumping and sat on the bed, a bit jealous.  "Really? Whats her name?"

"Why Tempete, I do believe you are jealous."

"I am not! Just curious."

"Then I've no reason to tell you. Now go to my bathroom and get ready for bed."

"Fine," she pouted, her eyes glittering in joy.


Tempest woke at the sounds of voices. She looked at her side at Draco who was fast asleep. She quickly and silently slid out of bed and and snuck out the room.

The voices were coming from her god-parents room. She crepped around the corner and stopped dead in her stracks. Listening in on the conversasion was Dobby.

"Dobby, come here." Dobby looked at her scared but then slowly complied. "Dobby, what did you hear?"  She watched as he looked back at the door. "Tell me Dobby."

He nodded then told her everything he had heard. Tempest listened intently as Dobby told of everything that he heard. Tempest silently swore to herself in her head and slumped against the wall lettting herself slide slowly to the ground. She finally looked up at Dobby.

"Go to Harry Potter Dobby." She looked around to see if anyone was listening then continued. "Go to his room, wherever he lives, try to warn him of these new dangeres. Try to protect him okay Dobby?"

He nodded and smiled before dissappearing. She stood up and smled before she felt someone grab her hand and startle her.

"Tempete, you all right?"

"Bad dream, hungry."

He smiled and pulled her towards the kitchen. She looked back at her god-parents door. The light was off and hopefully it would stay that way for a while. Please hurry Dobby, she thought.


Tempest purchased her books and sucked in her teeth at the eyes boring themselves into the back of her head.

"Like old times eh Zephyr," said Void.

"Always."  They headed out of Nockturn Alley to meet Draco when suddenly Nila ran up to her.

"I just saw Harry Potter!" she exclaimed silently.


"Oh just come on already, if we catch him we might be able to tell him about what you discovered.

"Also that you love him," said Void who began to make kissing faces. Nila laughed and Tempest punched him in the stomach.

"Come on and run already." They ran to where Nila had directed then stopped short when they saw Harry Potter begin to walk up the stairs to Diagon Alley.

"I guess we were too late," said Nila.

"Yeah. Well come on, we have to go meet Draco."

"You go, we'll catch up. I'm hungry."

"Same here. See you later Zephyr," said Nila.

Tempest rolled her eyes and walked to the bookstore that was on Diagon Alley. Sometimes Nila and Void were much to alike.  When she approached the bookstore she noticed that there was a rather large crown of women gathering on the inside. She entered and looked around for Draco. She smiled when she noticed him standing up on top of the stars glaring down. Tempest walked up to him and leaned against the railing next to him.

"Not jealous are you Draco?" she mocked.

"No comment." She walked closer to him and leaned on his shoulder.

"Gildory Lockhart. I don't like him. In my opinion, he is vastly overrated."

"No you like the type thats more like . . . me."  A tight smile formed on his lips and Tempest smiled.

"You flatter yourself too much Draco. But I must admit, you're right." She began to walk away. "I'll wait for you outside and of course watch what you will do."

She walked outside and peered through the glass. It was one against a mudblood, the entire Weasly Family and the famous Harry Potter. She watched in enjoyment as, to what she presumed anyway, Draco insulted them each in turn. She began to laugh when someone came up to her.

"What is so funny Zephyr," said a sudden voice. Tempest jerked around and smiled.

"Divina! Chad!" She gave each of them a hug in turn then looked at Nila and Void. "I see you found some strays."

"Yup. Now, do tell, why are you out here?"

"Draco's insulting Harry Potter and his friends as we speak. Its actually very quite enjoyable really."

"The Draco Malfoy. Finally, I'll get to meet him," said Nila. Tempest rolled her eyes and looked at Chad who was staring at her intently.


"Lucious," she looked at him and smiled. Thank god, she thought as she looked away from Chad.

"Where's Draco?"

"Inside insulting the Weasly's, the mudblood and Harry Potter."

"Really?" he said genuingly intrigued. Tempest forced a smiled and nodded. Knowning what she knew, she did not like the fact that he sounded intrigued. She looked at Nila and Void uncertaintly and then looked back inside.

"Divina, I need you to go inside and watch my godfather."


"I can't explain right now, just please go." Without even giving Divina a choice she began to shove her inside.

"Can you at least tell me whats the bloddy hell is going on?" asked Chad.

"Yeah." Tempest smiled weakly and began to tell him everythig involing the house elf to the very last detail.

"Okay then. So . . . are you and Draco together?" The question caught Tempest off guard and she stood transfixed. She looked at Nila and Void who were smiling and trying very hard not to laugh.

"Huh? Oh no, not really---"  She continued to stumble with her words until Chad finally stopped her, smiling.

"Alrightly then." He nodded behind her.  "Well here comes Divina." Tempest jerked around then looked back inside. Draco and Lucious were beginning to come outside.

"Well, what did you see?"

"Your god-father took a book from his wrist and snuck it into that little redheaded girls couldron. No one even noticed, well except for me that is." She smiled to herself.

"Was there a name on the book?"


"Well, what was it?"

"Oh calm down already. It belonged to someone named Tom Marvolo Riddle." Tempest sighed and looke at Nila and Void. "Are you going to tell me what all this is about now?"

"On the train," she said as the Malfoys came out.

"Come children, time to go," sadi Lucius.

Draco grabbed Tempest around the waist and she smiled. Someone coughed bringing her attention to behind her. Nila was motioning eratically at Chad who didn't exactly look happy. She turned her attention back forward and kept walking.


Tempest sat in the train with her feet on the wall and her dragon craddle next to her legs.

"So, Draco seems . . . okay I'm not sure nice is the right word to decribe him," said Nila.

"Trust me its not," said Tempest smiling.

"Chad's angry that for sure," said Void.

"We know that Void. I think even Draco felt the hostility emanating from him," said Divina.  Suddenly the cabin door flew open and Chad walked in with food.

"I'm back."

"Thank god, I'm starving," said Nila grabbing chocolate frogs.

"Here is your seaweed gum and fish tarts Divina," he said qeasingly.

"Thank you Chad."

"And Void, here are your licorice wands and your Bertie Bott Everyflavor beans Zephyr."

"Thanks Chad," she said sitting up. He sat next to her and for a moment they just stared at each other.

"Anyway," began Divina, brekaing their trance, "you're saying that that book your godfather gave that little girl is dangerous and is going to unleash something dangerous?"


"So what exactly do you want us to do?"

"Help me formulate a plan of course," she said flashing them her trademark smile which caused them all to groan.

Chapter 2: Theft
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          Tempest stared at the mirror as she ate her food. Several new students had stood before it as they were sorted into houses. Tempest looked around the place.

"Whats wrong Zephyr," asked Nila.

"I'm looking for . . . "

"Hello Zephyr."

"And here she is. I knew peace wouldn't last forever." Tempest stood up and smiled innocently. She looked at Cassandra and Heather. They hadn't changed a bit.

"So . . . Zephyr have a fun summer?"

"Bloody hell, just cut the crap already. What have you come to bug me about now?"

"That stain on your shirt," she said pointing to Tempest's shirt. Tempest looked down at her green tank under her fishnet blouse.

"What stain?" she said agrevaited.

"This one," said Astrea as quick as possible she grabbed Tempest's goblet and swung it at her. Tempest stood soaked and angry and in disbelief.

"Why you little---" But before she could lunge at her, Chad grabbed her around her waist and held her down. Astrea laughed but her friends looked at each other then took a step back Tempest stopped struggling and looked to her side. Master Vlad stood next to them. He smiled toward her and winked before coughing. Astrea stopped laughing and stared at Master Vlad.

"Hello Astrea. Twenty points from Dufflebaggies already and the school year has barely started. What a shame." He shoook his head in fake sorrow.


"No buts, now return to your table immediantly."

"Yes sir." She sulked back to her table and before Tempest could turn around, Master Vlad was gone.

"Sometimes I hate it that he's a vampire."

"I love it. He gets to stay hot and gorgeous and---"

"We get it Nila," said Void.

"He's like our version of Gildory Lockhart," continued Nila. "Only he has some bloody brains. I mean have you read that mans books."  She made a disgusted face.

"I know, I can't believe women actually go gaga over him," siad Divina.

"I bet you Astrea and the rest of her friends do. Boys included," mocked Tempest. They all laughed and joked till the call for the ned of dinner came and they were ordered to leave. They ran to their dorm, eager to hang out and catch up some more.

They stopped at the dragon and his ruby colored eyes flared as he glared at them.

"Don't worry, the passwords coming," said Divina who could easily swim under the portal.

The house prefect, Gorx, who some called gorgeous, was in his 6th year. He nodded an hello to Tempest as he passed her and then muttered the password.

"Siren." The dragon growled and jumped ontp the cieling.

"You know I never get tired of that," siad Tempest walking in.


Tempest was fast asleep on the sofa in the Common Room. She woke at the sound of footsteps but kept her eyes shut.  In a sort of sleeping jesture she slipped her hands under her pillow and gripped her sword.  She jerked here eyes open ad held the sword at the intruderes neck.

"Who are you?" she demaneded unleashing the swords power.

"My names Zoltron," he said jumping behind her. She stood up with her sword ready.

"How did you?"

"I'm a were-cat."

"Well that explains the reflexes. Now . . . what do you want?"

"Your sword."


"HE wants it."

"HE? Who the hell is . . . oh bloddy hell not Merwick. Ugh god, may I have no peace." She walked toward him and examined his eyes carefully. "You dont have gold eyes, so you're not of his bloodline, and you don't have a gold outline so your not minion. Oh god you're working for him willingly aren't you."

"Yes. Now give me your sword."

"What do you want with this?"

"It's not what I want its what he wants."

"Yes, yes I know."

"Then why did you ask?"

"I don't know i was assuming you would tell me what he wants. But now I guess I Have to specific with you dont I."


"Why do I have to be specific with you?"

"Becasue I like specifics."

"You know what I don't like you."

"Okay, I don't like you either."


"All right!"

"You know what just tell me what the bloody hell he wants with this."


"So you just made me waste my breath for nothing."


"Why are you working for him?"

He crossed his arms. "I have no reason to tell you."

"Fine then, I guess I'll just have to annoy it out of you by guessing. So, did he promise you eternal life or a woman. I bet it was a woman."

"I'm fourteen!"

"Shhh, don't want to wake my friends do you? So, honelsty why are you helping him?"

"Becasue he saved me all right!"

"All right then, now we're getting somewhere. Now, tell me why he wants my sword."

"I thought that would be obvious.'

"Besides wanting to kill me. God, I thought there would be more to his plan, but I guess I gave him too much credit. Don't you agree?"

She smiled and he lunged. She fell to the ground and watched him come back. Her sword fell across the room adn they both lunged for it. They both faught and he knocked her against the stair railing. Tempest fell to the ground and clutched her head.

"Sorry darling, but I need this."

She stared at him as he jumped out a window before she blacked out.


"Zephyr?" Tempest hear Nila say.

"Huh, yeah I'm awake. Oh guys I had the worst dream ever. There was this guy who was working for Merwick who wanted my sword. Then we faught and I fell over there." She looked at Nila nad Void who looked at each other with worried faces. Void looked at her.

"Zeph, we found you over there. You were unconcious and your forehead was bleeding." Void showed her the blood on the napkin in his hand. She touched her forehead then began to search frantically under the cushions of the sofa.

"My swords gone."

Chapter 3: Conceited Theories
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          Tempest stabbed at her food at breakfast and she herself took notice as everyone around her watched her as she stuffed the food in her mouth angrily. She broke Voids’ wrist when he grabbed her hands to try and calm her.

"Now is not a good time to try and calm me."

"Fine, Chad, maybe we should go. The girls might have a better luck with her than us."

"Okay." They left and Tempest clutched her forehead.

"So Zephyr," began Nila.


"Was he cute?"

"Why do you care!"

"See Nila, you can already tell by the way that she is acting that was cute."

"I can’t believe this," muttered Tempest under her breath.

"Yeah, I guess you’re right, she does have great taste in guys after all. Look at Draco for example."

"Or Chad."

"Can you two please shut up before I jinx your mouths shut."

"Fine, we’ll shut it, but please tell us, was he cute or not," asked Nila.

"He was cute," she finally said smiling.

"Cool," said Divina.

"What color eyes and hair?" asked Nila.

"Sandy brown hair and blue-grey eyes, can we please change the subject now?"

"All right, fine. Anyway have you told your mum yet?"

"I wrote to her first thing this morning. I should be getting a reply anytime soon."

"Hopefully, I mean what’s so special about it anyway," remarked Nila. Tempest shrugged and finished the last of her food. They all walked grumpily to their first class of the year. Astronomy.


Tempest stood at the rear of her class as Mistress Starlet spoke.

"I must say, it is most delightful to have MOST of you back in my class," she said eyeing Tempest and her friends. "Now I want all of you to turn to page 361 and start reading. At the end of class I will ask a series of questions, so I will expect you to know the answers."

Tempest sat down against her favorite tree and opened her book. Nila opened her and sat bored already.

"I’m bored."

"You’re always bored."

"Yes Nila, why don’t you try and read, that is if you know how to anyway," snickered Void.

Nila slanted her eyes and threw her book at Void who caught it easily. She rolled her eyes.

"I hate you," she said smiling.

"I know you do," he said throwing the book back to her.

Tempest smiled and continued reading. Divina looked at her then at the forest.

"Zephyr, remember that dark magic users can't enter the forest?"

"Yeah so?"

"You can go in now without getting hurt."

"Yeah I . . . " she stopped second in thought.

"Oh no, Divina you got her onto something," joked Chad.

"Funny Chad. Anyway I’m a descendant of Merlin right?" They nodded. "Morgan Le Fey turned to darkness right?" They nodded again. "Her son Mordred must have carried on the blood, but remember Excaliber?"

"Yeah," they all said in unison.

"Merlin gave it back to the Lady of the Lake who is in essence the queen and master of all good magic."

"So you think that Excaliber is your sword?’ asked Void.

"How the bloody hell did you get all that from me saying what I said," exclaimed Divina.

"I just did now hush I’m not done. Anyway now I have a question for you. Who taught Morgan how to use the dark magic and who regained Excaliber?"

They all looked at each other and Tempest her trademark smiled which in return.

"We’re going to be spending all out time in the library again aren’t we," whined Nila.



Tempest tapped her quill on her parchment and waited for her dragon to return. Her friends watched and urged her to calm down. She glared at them with much hostility.

"I can’t calm down. That sword is mine and belongs to me and me alone."

"Possessive aren’t you," commented Nila.

"Oh you have no idea, " said Void.

"Shut up you two!"

She watched them flinch and quiet down. She slammed her book shut and began pacing. She stopped against the common room wall and kicked the wall. She looked at her friends.

"What? I can’t kick a wall?"

"Just calm down," said Chad.

He walked over to her and grabbed her by her shoulders. She stared at him, then quickly looked away.

"Uh, come one guys. Zephyr tell us what your mother wrote okay?"

"Yeah Nila. See you later.

They left and tempest sighed when Chad pulled her close to him and held her.

"Calm down Zephyr."

"I’m trying, it’s just, I don’t know. Once something is mine I like to keep it that way. Its difficult to understand."

"No, I get it."

She smiled and looked up at him. Suddenly her dragon landed on her head and dropped a parcel into her hand. She sat on the ground and began to open it.

"How do you keep your dragon to small?"

"A spell of course. I can reverse it anytime I want to. But if I did, we would probably die."

He laughed and she opened the package. It was filled with a bunch of books and a note. She looked at Chad and he looked back.

"You start looking at the books and I’ll read what my mum wrote." He nodded.

Tempest opened the letter and began to read. Why me, she thought. Apparently she was related to Arthur and he himself was a student of Merlin. The sword itself was create by the Lady of the Lake to be given to someone pure of heart and only someone of his bloodline could unleash its power. He has to be related to me some way then, she thought.

"Gross," she exclaimed remember that she had thought he was cute earlier.


"Huh, or sorry I just remember a disturbing thought."

"I could see that. Anyway what did your mother say?"

"My sword is Excaliber, and only my bloodline can unleash the swords power and that I have to read ever single one of these books that she sent and will going to send me."

"Bloody hell, this is already ten book. How many more books is she going to send you? Wow you have a lot of fuure reading to do."

"That’s why I have you people to help me," she said picking up a book.

Chapter 4: Zoltrons' Past
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          Two weeks had past and more books had arrived from Tempests’ mother. Tempest had told Draco and her siblings about had was going on and Draco, being the sweet guy he was to her, invited her over. Tempest agreed thinking that it would be a good idea. Even her sister cared about her well being which let Tempest know that everything occurring was very serious business.

Tempest grabbed a book so her sister could look over it for her knowing how much Tempest was stressed out.

She had crept from her bed and went toward the fire place. She pulled out some floo powder that Headmistress Majika had giving to her at the beginning of the term and stood inside the fireplace.

"Slytherin Common-Room!"

Tempest emerged from a fire place covered in soot. She coughed and felt herself being lifted up from the ground.

"You okay Tempest?"

"Yeah fine Draco. Hi sis."

"Did you bring a book."

"I’m fine too, a little frustrated but all right nonetheless, thank you for asking," she said throwing a book at Selene.

"Thank you. Now if you don’t mind I have a date."

Tempest eyes widened.  "Seriously?"


"With who?"


"His name is Oliver Wood. He is the Quidditch captain for the Gryffindor team and they met through your brother."

"Draco if I wasn’t in such a hurry I would kill you, but seeing as how I am, I’ll deal with you later." She dropped the book in her bag and left. Tempest burst out laughing as soon as she left.

"Draco, you just made my day."

"Are you skipping class?"

"Since when do you care, besides I got permission from the head of my house." He smiled and she sunk into a sofa. "You know what I need?"


"Fresh air. Do you have a uniform I can borrow?"

"No, but your sister might?"

"Right I don’t know why I was asking you. Well wait here I’ll be right back."

"All right."

The day was calming and strangely enough Tempest felt more comfortable here than back at her own school. She stared at the forest and wanted to go in.

"I’m a disgrace."

"No you’re not."

"I am. Honestly, and don’t you dare tell a soul, but I feel like I belong here more than at the Nightmare Academy."

"I won’t tell. Now what do you want to do?"

"Go for a walk in the Forbidden Forest."

"We’re not allowed in there."

"Wrong. You’re not allowed in there, but I am." She smiled and dragged him into the forest.

They walked around for a while and sat quietly against a tree until Tempest heard a growl. She jerked up and pulled out her wand.


"Shh. Someone watching me."

"Damn you have bloody good hearing," said a voice.

"Draco and Tempest turned around and stared at Zoltron. He walked to her Tempest noticed Excaliber in its glass form.

"You! Give me back Excaliber!"

"So you figured out the true origin. I must say, took you long enough."

"Oh shut up. Look here, that belongs to me, so give it back . . . NOW!"

"Oh please you don’t scare me."

"Like you scare me. Look, I defeated Merwick once and I WILL do it again. You can trust me on that."

"We’ll see. Only time will tell Zephyr. Until next time then, and you can trust me, we will meet again."

He smiled and Tempest cast a spell at a tree in his path, completely destroying it. He stopped running and looked back at her. She glared at him and he saluted her before continuing on.

"I really hate him."

"Tempest we need to go now."

"Fine. Come on then, back to the dormitory I guess." She smiled to him and his face brightened a little. Draco took her hand and they ran back to the dorm. Upon return they were cornered by Selene.

"What were you two doing in the Forbidden Forest?"

"Who says we were in there in the first place?" Selene gave her, her famous "you’re kidding right" look and Tempest only smiled.

"Don’t you think its time for you to go back to school?"

"Must I," she said jokingly. Selene gave a look and Tempest rolled her eyes. "All right I’m going. I’ll write to you both later and Blade, don’t forget to tell me what you find out while you’re reading that book."


"All right," she said entering the fire place. "You now sometimes I get the feeling you don’t want me around. Oh I’m gonna keep the uniform if you don’t mind, you neve know might need it in the future." She smiled and grabbed her floo powder. "Slimythings common room!"


A couple days passed and Tempest thought about Zoltron. Nila said she would research her family bloodline while she read. Tempest was more than happy to oblige.

"I’m bored."

"Read Zephyr. You’ve only read like three pages of all theses books. You need to learn more to answer your questions," said Void.

"I already know all I need to know."

"And that is?"

"My sword is Excaliber and I need it back."

"I can already tell that this is going to be a long hard year."

All of a sudden the common room door opened and Nila ran in clutching a piece of paper.

"I take it you discovered something," mocked Void. Nila glared at him and continued walking toward Tempest.

"Zoltron is your cousin seven time removed, or something like that. Come on I’ll explain everything to you."

They walked over to the table at which she has sat herself down at and looked at the paper. On it was a crude drawing of a family tree.

"Okay, time for my own history lesson. Morgan and Author here at the top gave birth to Mordred. He in turn had two children, of course he hid them. Now this one over here is your family tree, you are all the way at the bottom but look over here, Zoltron is the last of his side. Someone on his side of his family went in search of Excaliber. See everyone on his side is good while everyone on your side is well dark."

"So why do, did, I have Excaliber, and why is he with Merwick?"

"I thought you knew all you needed to know," mocked Void.

"Shut up."

"This is where it all gets sad. Someone from your side stole it but . . . "

"But what?"

"They massacred his entire family, burned his house down. He was barely three Zephyr and by all accounts Excaliber rightfully belongs to him. Zephyr, he grew up on the streets of the Muggle world.  Wizard children can't control their magic so he would have been thought of as a freak. I'm sorry."

Tempest looked at her family tree. "This all happened before I even turned one."

"Tempest . . . "

"Don’t call me that."

"Zephyr. Calm down, its your family, not you."

"But I have to make this all right!" She stood up and walked over to blazing fireplace. "Did it say which family member it was?"

"Uh no, i--it didn’t say."

"Sometimes I hate my family so bloody much."

Chapter 5: Magic of Excaliber
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         A month had passed since the day Tempest had discovered the sad truth about her family. Tempest had read two books cover to cover. To her it wasn’t impressive considering in the past she could have read more. During her reading she kept coming across a word that by the surrounding context was probably a name. It had been burned off with magic, and it was old magic she figured since every spell she knew would not reveal it. Her sister had written to her about her finding and also mentioned the same appearance of the name.

Tempest was reading another book and her eyes widened. She ran to the library and searched for Nila and Void. She walked up to where they were seated and threw the book on the table startling them.

"Lady of the Lake had a sister."

"Seriously?" asked Nila.

"She is the Queen of all dark magic. There are pictures of her but no name. It means that Merlin and Morgan, before she was evil of course, tried to destroy her. Seems she couldn’t be destroyed so the only way to make her weak was to forget her name which held her power."

"There’s more, isn’t there?" said Void.

Tempest smiled.  "Of course. Morgan went back to her to learn how to use her magic. She helped her seduce Arthur and give birth to Mordred. The rest we pretty much know."

"You still don’t know what’s so important about the sword," commented Nila.

"I was getting to it. Anyway Merlin asked for Excaliber to help destroy her. She was already weak from people forgetting her name, so with the sword Merlin trapped her in her palace alone forever. Only Excaliber can free her and even after that she will have no power because no one knows her name."

"So what, is he going to try and possess her?"

"No you idiot, she can't be possessed, but he will try to gain her help and considering my ancestor betrayed her I think she will be more than happy to help him regain his lost power. Now ask me why he needs Zoltron, come on ask."  A big grin appeared on Tempest face as she began to bubble up.

"Why does he need Zoltron?" said Nila and Void in unison monotone.

"Oh come now I won't tell you with that attitude. Void I think you know."

"To free her using Excaliber’s magic."

"Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner! But he doesn’t know where she once resided so what we have to do is try and find her first."

"This is already an exciting year," said Nila smiling.

"Only you would think so," said Void. Tempest rolled her eyes and smiled. Nila was right, but there were more pressing matters that needed her attention, like the things going on she needed to take care of, or rather people she needed to take care of.


She had called for Dobby six times already and still he had not come nor responded. Tempest began pacing and biting on the tip of her thumb.

"Mistress Nyx?"

Tempest jerked around. "Huh. Oh Dobby I was beginning to get worried about you. Now tell me, is Harry Potter safe? Is he alive?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Draco hasn't seen you has he and neither has my sister right?"

"That is correct."

"Good. Now what took you so long?"

"Harry Potter was walking alone. I thought it best to keep a watch on him until he got back to his dormitory."

She smiled at him in sympathy. "Sit down, Dobby, and have an apple." His face brightened up as he caught the bright green apple she threw at him.


Tempest thought back to the books ad looked at the photograph of last year. She had taken her sword and there were al doing funny poses. Back then she didn't know how special it was, all she had known was that it had belonged to her father at a time and that's all she needed to know and all she cared about.

She thought her plan over and over in her head. It would take months to try and do this but she needed to.

Tempest sat outside with her dragon on her shoulder. She had told her friends earlier that day to meet her on the school grounds near the forest. She stared at then as they arrived.

"So you said you had thought of a plan and to meet you here after classes," began Divina. "So what's your plan?"

"To find the Lady of the Lake. Starting with all those books, my mother sent me. Understood?"

"Of course," said Chad.

"Like we have nay other choice," said Nila.

Tempest ignored her. "Good, well what are we all just standing around here for, lets go."

They stared at her and she motioned to the area around. She mouthed that he was watching her. They nodded in understanding and walked back to school. Tempest took a look back at the forest and saw a glint of metal. She smiled and started walking backwards.

"I'll get there before you cousin."

Chapter 6: The Summons
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          Nila was sucking her teeth and Tempest was beginning to become aggravated and irritated, and more so considering that she hadn't gotten a good amount of sleep in days. Tempest glared at Nila under her bangs before letting out her frustration.

"Nila could you please stop doing that," demanded Tempest.

"Well sorry almighty Zephyr! But you are not the only person who has not gotten any sleep in a while."

"Both of you shut up," screamed Void. "We are all irritated but frankly we have to deal with it!"

"Well that's sort of difficult considering we have found absolutely nothing that can tell us where the Lady of the Lake is living," said Divina. "Honestly these books are completely useless!"

She threw the book onto the table and for a while everyone just stared at each other on complete silence. Finally Chad spoke.

"Okay then" he began. "Look we should all just take a break from reading these books and catch up on some very lost sleep. When we've had a time to relax and rejuvenate I think that we should just go to the library and start looking there. Agreed?"

"Uh huh," they all said as they got up and started off for their beds.

"Here Zephyr, I'll carry you," offered Chad.

"Oh, okay." She closed her head once her head settled on his chest. She could hear his heartbeat and it soothed her. Finally something calm and soothing, she thought. Sometimes she wished she could always hear everyone's heart beats.


Tempest was in a long dark corridor with crystal walls. She looked around and at the very end was a barrier with what looked like water on the other side. Tempest stared in awe and in wonderment. She tried to looked behind her, but all there was, was darkness. Tempest walked forward and before she knew it she was running toward the barrier. She stood at the edge and took a deep breath before entering it. Once on the other side she realized that there was no water, only empty space.

She began to walk around ans as she did so, she traced her hands on the crystal walls. She drew back her hand at the sudden spark of pain. She held her hand, and stared as blood began to drip onto the ground. Every drip she noticed caused the room to glow.

Tempest looked around and clutched at her hand. Suddenly she went cold and listened to the air around her.

"Hello Tempest."

Tempest jerked around, but before she saw anything, all she saw was a flash of light.


"Zephyr, are you all right?" she heard Nila ask.

"Huh, uh, yeah, of course why?"

"You were sort of starting to wig our on us when we woke up this morning. Also your hand was, and is bleeding," said Void holding up her hand.

"Thank you for stating the obvious," she said as she snatched her newly bandaged hand back. She stared at it in confusion then looked at Nila and Void.

"Guys, I don't think I was here, not entirely anyway."

"What do you mean?" asked Divina.

"I think someone summoned me or something."

"But who could have that kind of power?" asked Chad.

"Someone, who obviously not only has a lot of power, but who knew my name as well."

They all stared at each other and were startled by Tempest when she jumped from her bed and ran downstairs. She tied her hair back, un bandaged her hand and stared into the fire. She dug her nails into her wound and waited for her friends to join her.

"Zephyr, what are you going to do?" asked Void.

"I have no bloody clue."

She began to sprinkle her blood over the ire. The fire glowed and grew and a face appeared.

"Tempest . . . " it muttered before vanishing.

"Anyone know who the hell was that?" asked NIla.

"No," they all said in unison.

"Maybe I might know who might."

"Who," asked Void.

"My sister," she groaned.

She put out th fire and ran to get her floo powder and change into her Slytherin uniform. She only had enough floo powder for one last trip so she had to make it count.

"Slytherin Common-room!"

When she arrived, everyone was staring at her. An hand gripped her arm tightly and jerked her up.

"Do you have any idea how much trouble you could be in," she said pulling her away from the gathering crowd.

"I need to see that book I gave you."


"Because I need to see if it has any pictures of any sort."

"It does, again why?"

"I'll explain in a bit, right now I really need to see that book."

"It's on my bed. Stay in the dorm. Draco make sure she does as I say or I'll have both of your heads."


She walked away and stared at the cloth around her hand. Tempest hid her hand behind her back and ran to her sisters bed.

"Tempest . . . " asked Draco as she walked into the boys dorm.

"Shh. I'm trying to concentrate," she said as she sat on his bed.

"What happened to your hand?"

"I woke up like this."


She stared at him shocked.  "Of course Draco! Now come and sit down with me and keep me calm."

"You don't even have to ask once."

They both smiled at each other and she read the books skimming pages and looking at drawings of any importance. Then she spotted it.

"The Lady of the Lake."


"The Lady of the Lake. She summoned me while I was sleeping." She sighed. "I have to go to sleep. Is there anywhere I can sleep. Currently I am unable to travel back at this moment."

"Seriously?" She nodded. "Alright then, you might as well just sleep where your sitting right now." He smiled and so did she. Tempest closed the book and snuggled into his bed.

"Don't try to wake me up, no matter what okay?" He nodded and she began to count until she fell asleep.


Tempest knew where she was. Sort of anyway. She was on the same corridor and saw staring at the same barrier at the end of the tunnel.

She ran this time and kept her arms relatively relaxed at her sides. She looked around and was sure not to touch anything.

"Hello Tempest. You left so suddenly before that I thought I would never see you again."

Tempest jerked around and stood face to face with the Lady of the Lake. Her eye were a gentle grey and her hair was a cool soft white. She was dressed in a white gown and it appeared to her that fishes were swimming around her neck.

"Are you?"


"How did I come to be here exactly?"

"My magic of course. It brought your astral self here. I thought that it would be prudent considering you need to find me anyway."

"I need your help."

"I know. But I am sorry, I cannot help you now."

"Then why summon me?"

"To give you a head start and help you in any way possible to find me."

"Okay then."

Tempest watched as the Lady of the Lake got up from her throne and walked toward her.

"I'm giving you this necklace. In time it will help you greatly, but for the meantime it will help you to find where I live. Then and only then will I be able to help you fully."

Tempest nodded and put it on. "I guess its time for me to wake up then."

"Hmm, I guess so. Goodbye for now . . . Tempest," she said warmly.


Tempest jerked up and realized it was way past dark. Draco was sleeping warmly and she smiled.

"I'll just wait until tomorrow to leave." She laid back down and snuggled up against him.

"You're awake?" She heard him ask tiredly.

"Just go back to sleep." She knew he was smiling and so was she, for many reasons.

Chapter 7: Concerning Snakes
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          Tempest exited Headmistress Majika's office still yawning. Severus Snape had escorted her to the Headmaster of Hogwarts office. Not only was she in trouble, but apparently all the mudbloods' were getting petrified.

"Then I shouldn't be worried," she had remarked. "I'm a pure blood."

Mistress Majika had laughed at Tempest remarks then she had given her floo powder to go to her office. She had done so and waited till Majika had returned.

"Dumbledore is a great old fool," she had remarked angrily, but then she looked at Tempest and her face had softened. "But you my dear, you were brilliant."

"Thank you. May I go now, I'm still very tired," she asked.

"In a bit, for now, please sit down." She motioned to a seat and Tempest sat down as directed. "Now, what do you make of these attacks?"

Tempest was startled. She knew more than she was supposed to.

"Uh, it is a creature obviously going around school petrifying students?"

"Good, but that has already been stated by Dumbledore. He, and I, think that you might know more than you are letting on." Majika stared at her hard and Tempest began to fidget as it seemed as the eyes seemed to be penetrating her soul.

"It's a diary. The creature is being controlled by Lord Voldemort's school diary."

"Do you know how it came to be there?"

"My godfather snuck it into some little girls cauldron. I believe she was a Weasly child."

"Do you know what type of creature it is?"

Tempest had shook her head and then was dismissed my Majika.

On her way back to the dorm she kept wondering if she had done the right thing by snitching on her godfather.

"Bright side, Draco will be safe. At least I don't have to worry about him." She sighed and stuffed her hands in her pockets. She had completely forgotten she was still on her Hogwarts uniform.

"Look who wants to be a Hogwarts wanna-be girls," she heard Astrea laugh.

"Damn her," muttered Tempest under her breath. She slowly turned around and stood face to face with Astrea

"Don't you think you're a bit late for Halloween," continued Astrea.

"That's funny considering you always have the horrible mask on your face." She smiled and Astreas fists clenched.

"This isn't over."

"Oh god I hope not. Then how will I get my daily dose of entertainment?" she asked sarcastically.

Tempest watched as Astrea stalked away before she continued back on her way to her dormitory. As she walked down the stairs a thought crossed her mind.

"The creature."

She ran to the library and went straight to the creatures' aisle. She felt she had to go there for some reason.

For hours she had looked for giant creatures that Salazar Slytherin would want to use as the creature to gourd his keep or whatever it was it was guarding. Finally, she narrowed it down to two creatures. The Basilisk and the Veriserite.

"Zephyr?" She turned around and saw Nila and Void staring at her confused.

"Well don't just stand there like a bunch of useless idiots, sit down."

They rushed to her side and sat down staring at her clothes.

"Where were you all day yesterday?" asked Nila.

"Sleeping and conversing with the Lady of the Lake."

"Are you serious?" remarked Void.

"Very. Only I conversed with her in my sleep. She gave me this necklace and said it would help me."

"Why are you researching snakes though?" asked Nila.

"Because I thought I could figure out what the creature is that is wondering around at Hogwarts. I've narrowed it down to two. The Basilisk and the Veriserite."

"Why?" asked Void.

"Because the Veriserite is a long silver serpent that lives in salt water." Her eyes widened and she bit her lips to try and contain her smile. "I think I know where to find the Lady of the Lake."

"We knew you found something when you smiled," commented Nila.

"I think that snake guards the Lady of the Lake from evil intruders. Its like the Basilisk in almost every way except the Veriserite is not evil." They all looked at each other in turn and Tempest twirled a strand of purple hair in her fingers.

"You know, maybe if we find where it likes we can find her."

"Well it lives in salt water all we have to look for is a salt lake in Britain," said Nila.

"Do you have any idea how many salt lake there are here?" said Void.

"I know there are a lot! But Divina can ask her family for help can't she?"

"Sure she can. I'm sure she'll be up to it to," remarked Tempest.

They looked at each other again and Tempest slammed the book shut making an echoing sound through the plaice. She smiled and snuck the book into her robe.

"I kinda sort of snuck into the restriction section. I can't check this book out for a reason."

Nila and Void just shrugged and followed her out of the library and back to the dormitory.

"Well I must say Zeph.," began Void, "you have had a very productive morning."

"I always do."

"Plus that necklace she gave you is very beautiful," commented Nila.

"I know, plus it is very helpful. I'm never going to take it off, no matter what," she said clasping it.

Chapter 8: The Lair
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          Divina was fast asleep as Tempest approached her bed. She hated to wake her, especially when she was cranky when she was wide awake. Divina was even more grouchy when you woke her for no reason. But Tempest had a reason, or so she kept telling herself hoping she wouldn't have to face Divina's wrath. She wasn't scared of her, it was the fact that when she was grumpy she had the tendency not to cooperate, not even with Tempest. Tempest took a deep breath and shook Divina till she woke.

"What the bloody hell do you want?"

"The Lady of the Lake summoned me." Divina jerked up and stared at her.

"This had better be good."

"I wouldn't have woken you if it wasn't."

"Then get on with the bloody story."

Tempest nodded and told her everything that had occurred the night before. When she was done Divina looked at her as though she were crazy.

"You're kidding right?"


"I'm going back to bed. I am not going to send my family on some wild goose chase for nothing. When you have more information, them maybe I just might consider it."

She went back to bed and pulled the covers over her head. Tempest rolled her eyes and stomped her way back to the common room.

"She said no, didn't she," said Nila.

"I told you, you should have waited until Divina was fully awake and had at least eaten," said Void in his most annoying told-you-so voice.

"Anyway," she said glaring at him, "we need to do more research and I told my sister to send my book back to me today. Once I get it we should be able to find a lot of information."

"That could take months though," exclaimed Nila.

"Then we had better get started already."


Christmas came and they all decided to take a break from all their research to enjoy the holiday.

She opened her present in front of the fire place and threw the package wrapping into the warm fire.

She had received some more advance magic books from her godparents and put them aside. From Draco she had received a silver anklet with hearts linking together. She put it on immediately and continued on un-wrapping her presents. Her mother had sent her family picture of a picnic they had all taken together just after Edana was born. Her brother Jason had sent her some bracelets and a necklace. Edana had sent her a picture she had drawn herself of Tempest's dragon on top of her head along with a new nest padding for her dragon. Selene had sent her and Auror's handbook hoping that if she studied hard enough she could keep herself as safe as possible. I guess she does care, she thought. Her last present was from Chad and it made her sad because he wasn't even here. It was book and on top of it was a letter.

Dear Zephyr
, it read, Merry Christmas! I was reading this book after I overhead your conversation with Void and Nila. Well after that day, I thought I would help out and give this to you as a present. I just thought that maybe . . . I don't know what I'm saying anymore. Look, I wanted to give you this book because I know it will help you. Happy Christmas Zephyr. Love, Chad.Tempest smiled and slipped the note into the book.  "I'll be in the library for the next couple of days okay."

Before they could speak she was already out the door with her new book at hand. She was in her pajamas and walking calmly. She noticed people staring at her with that big grin on her face. She didn't care. Chad said love, and he seemed to stutter in his note. She had never heard those words from Draco, at least not directed towards her.

She entered the library and took a seat in a dark corner on the second floor. She opened the book and quickly flipped thought it to see how long it was. It was pretty long. Her stomach growled and she swore under her breath.

"I guess the book will have to wait till after I eat breakfast."

She ran down the stairs eager to read and hug Chad and maybe, just maybe share her first with him instead of with Draco as she always thought she would.

A plate was already set for her and Void and Nila looked at her as though they weren't surprised to see her.

"You guys know me so well," she said taking her seat.

"Well we thought you would already be here, but I guess we were wrong and since you love to eat, we knew you would come sooner or later," remarked Void.

"Ha, ha very funny, this coming especially from the guy who lives to eat."  She placed the book on her lap but the note fell out and like a snake, Nila snatched it.

"Aw, he signed with the word love. That is so sweet. Choose him over Draco."

"She's known Draco longer and they both have liked each other since they met. They belong together."

"No they don't."

"Yes they do."

They continued on arguing for a couple of more minutes before Tempest finally told them to shut up as she snatched the note back.

"You two can be such children sometimes."

"But we are children," said Nila.

Tempest rolled her eyes and stared at the book. Time to get cracking, she thought.

She read the first chapter of the book, but kept losing her focus whenever she thought about Chad's letter.

"Focus Tempest, focus."

She sat alone in the dark corner and folded her legs.

"Ouch," she exclaimed. She looked at her anklet. A heart had been embedded into her skin and was beginning to get covered in blood. She looked up.

"You're mocking me aren't you God," she said.

A couple days passed and Chad was back. He sat with her against the tree she had fallen out of exactly a year earlier.

"So . . . dID you like the book I got for you?"

"Of course! Because of you I now have enough information to coax Divina into looking for the lair."

"So how thankful are you exactly?"

"Not that thankful," remarked Tempest with a smirk.

She laughed a little and stopped when she noticed that he was just staring at her her. She swallowed and smiled. Then, just like that, the magic was broken.

"Zephyr!" called Void as he ran to her.

She looked at him and he stopped in front and bent forward as he tried to regain his breath. Nila just stared at him with annoyance.

"So what's the hurry?"

"Divina . . . " sputtered Void.

"What he's trying to say is that there is a festival going on under water and she's required to be there. She's leaving in a few minutes!"

"Bloody hell."

Tempest stood up and began running to the lake. She saw Divina and yelled after her.


"Just listen. The Lady of the Laky lair is somewhere in the Northern part of Britain. Only a couple of the lakes up there are salty. Please try and find her."

"Give me one good solid reason why I should help you find her."

"You're mind friends and guardian and if we don't find her or her sister Merwick will come I try to kill me!"

Divina stopped wiling on her way back to the lake. She turned around and stared at her.

"I hate you."

"But you love me too."

"Of course." She sighed. "After the holidays okay. When I return let you know that I'm found it. Okay?"

"Thank you."

"I hate it that you make me to ridiculous stuff."

"I know you do, especially when I play the guilt card."

"Especially when you play any card." Divina said her goodbye and dived into the lake." Tempest smiled and turned around.

"I love it when I get what I want."

Void sighed, Nila rolled her eyes and Chad just smiled. She smiled back and wrapped her arm around his and began back towards the castle.


A week and a half past and Tempest had to explain to all the teachers why she wasn't there. Bending the truth like she always did of course. A couple more days had past and she couldn't take it anymore.

Tempest skipped class that day and waited by the edge of the lake eager for Divina's return. To her, the day seemed to go very slowly but before she knew it, it was dusk.

"I better get going," she said aloud to herself. "I'll try again tomorrow."

As she was leaving thought, she thought she heard someone call her name. It was Divina. Tempest ran back to the lake and Divina smiled an hello.

"I found it Zephyr. I know where the Lady lives." Tempest smiled and pulled Divina up.

Chapter 9: The Lady of the Lake
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          Divina explained everything to everyone and Tempest kept that smile on the whole time. She was happy and they all knew the reason: they were one-step ahead of Zoltron and Merwick.

"Isn't this exciting," chipped Tempest. Everyone stopped and gawked at her as though she was crazy, which she no doubt looked.

"Who are you and what have you done to our Zephyr? You know that one that is always relapsing into a dak and dismal corner thinking about how she hates her like," said Void eloquently.

"Ha, ha very funny."

"I know," he said laughing.

"Anyway, when do you guys want to leave?" They stared at her in shock and concern until Nila finally stood up.

"Ah Zephyr, I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but uh, we don't exactly know how to breath under water."

Tempest smiled and grabbed a book from the sofa. She flipped through the pages. Her face became luminous after a moment of reading.

"Here, thanks to my semi-wonderful godparents, I know a charm that will allow us to breath under water. Am I brilliant or what?"

"Well technically your godparents are because they got you the book---" began Nila.

"Of course," said Void. "Now tell us how long the spell lasts?"

"As long as you don't breath air and keep your head under water, you'll be fine."

"But who will cast the spell? I mean I would rather someone who can cast the spell cast in on each of us," said Nila.

"I knew you would say that, that's why I've asked Divina to cast the spell."

"I know water spells like the back of my hand."

Nila and everyone else shrugged in compliance whileTempest smiled victoriously. She ordered them all to run down to dinner. Tempest stood there for a moment taking in everything that had happened and picturing things of the future.

"Hopefully everything will end well," she muttered before stepping out the common room.

Tempest ran to the Great Hall and stopped at the stairs. Mistress Starlet was interrogating her friends.

"Where is young Tempest?"

"In the common room," answered Void.


"She wasn't feeling well," said Nila.

"Really? Well then . . . "

"Bianca, really, let these children eat. Their friend is ill. I'm sure they just want to eat and then get bac to her. Let the children go," said Master Vlad.

Tempest smiled and her grin grew even bigger when she saw her friends sigh in relief at the sight of Master Vlad.

"Very well then Gwendyl," she said in distaste. "I'll see you in the Great Hall then, and all of you of course."

She lifted up her chin and stalked away Tempest couldn't help but laugh after the door closed behind her. She felt wind gust next to her but she didn't care. She finally regained herself moments of hackling like a mad woman.

"Are you calm now Young Tempest?"

"Yes master Vlad," she said standing up. "I presume you want me to return back to the common room." He nodded. "All right then. Nila, Void, bring some food back for me okay."

"Yes Zephyr, now go back to the common room," said Nila.Tempest pouted and began her trek back down the stairs to the Common room. At least I had a little taste of entertainment, she thought beginning to snicker again.


Tempest spent the whole day locked up in the common room. The teachers already believed that she was sick so that was in her luck. All she and her friends had to do was leave at night and skip Mistress Starlets night class. Not a big sacrifice. The day past extremely slowly as she kept dazing in and out. She picked up and old book she had bough in a Muggle bookstore on a trip with brothers. Although they were rude and not as "superior" as wizards, they did have a tendency to write extraordinary well.

Upon the time when dusk arrived, she dressed in a long sleeve and pants. The water would be freezing, especially the more deep they swam north, but hopefully, they would live.

She warmed herself by a fire and waited till her friends walking in.  She grabbed her wand and they crept around the corners. They past a couple of students, but just lied and said they were on their way to Astronomy class. Most chose to believe the lie because truly they did love the class, they just hated the teacher and chose not to go.

The night was cold, so Tempest speculated that the water would be freezing. She already began shivering at the thought.

Divina called them to a halt and dipped a finger in the water.

"I hope you guys are ready because this water is extremely cold."

"We are," said Tempest, aswering for all of them.

She watched Divina dive in and called them to her. Tempest tied her hair back and ran into the lake. She ignored the stabbing cold and dived in taking a deep breath with her.

She floated where she was for a moment before swimming toward Divina. They all gathered around her while she cast the charm on all of them.

Nila laughed at the bubble that encircled her mouth. Void swam around them arrogantly.

"Okay, now follow me and don't stray away!  These waters may not look it but they are treacherous."

"Thanks for the obvious," said Void.

Divina rolled her eyes and Tempest kicked him in the stomach. He laughed and they all began swimming after her.

Tempest wasn't sure how much time had passed, but she knew they had been swimming for a while.

"Divina how much farther?"

"Just a little bit farther. We're going to have to go on land in a few minutes."

Tempest looked around and saw Chad, Chad smiled and she smiled back. They swam farther for a distance. Tempest stopped at the sudden movement of a seaweed brush. Everyone kept swimming before her. She knew she should not go to it, but felt she had to. She swam close just a bit before something came at her in a charge.

Tempest dodged it swiftly, but was not quick enough. She clutched her upper arm and called for her friends. They turned and Divina swam faster than Tempest thought possible. The creature stopped an inch from her face and Divina's hair began snapping at the little creature. It scurried away. Tempest laughed and Divina stared at her sternly.

"I told you . . . "

"I know. Look I'm sorry, can we just continue on please.  You can scold me back at school."

"Fine, come on. Chad keep her close to you." He nodded and smiled.

They swam onward for a while till Divina halted them. She looked at them and smiled.

"Now we go on land you guys."

They swam to a slope of land then began to walk upward. Tempest un-bound her hair and shook it till it floated all around her head. When her head broke water she took a deep breath and let her cold wet hair fall over her shoulders.

They all stood on shore and stared ahead. Tempest saw in the distance a clear glistening lake.

"That's where she lives Zephyr. At the bottom of the lake," Divina said smiling.

"Okay, come on."

"Are you mad. I'm not going back down there again. I don't think that water likes dark creatures. The further I went down the more I got sick. Look I'll cast the charm for you but that's it. Sorry."

"It's all right, I understand. I think I'll just cast the charm myself."

Divina shrugged and Chad stood behind with her. Nila and Void followed instep behind and dove into the lake after Tempest. Tempest cast the spell on all of them before leading them down to the bottom.

Tempest led them down to the bottom of the lake and searched for a glow a glow. They were all half swimming, half walking to the centre of the lake.

They walked for a while till they saw it. A white little palace surrounded by silver and white fish circling over it.

Tempest walked on and the crystal dors opened in her presence. When they entered they saw a sort of maze, and their bubbles had disappeared.

"Which way should we go?" asked Nila.

"Left. I'm pretty sure we should go left."

She saw them shrug and they followed after her. She went left three more times then right twice till she stopped.

"Zephyr?" they asked in unison.

She shushed them and turned to the second left passage way. She stopped and stood in shock at the creature coming at her.

"Um guys, there's a Veriserite coming this way. Stand still," she ordered.

The Veriserite circled them each in turn before returning back to Tempest. It stared at her and for a moment Tempest thought it was about to kill her. Suddenly though it tapped her on the shoulder and went back the path it came from.

"Uh, I think it wants you to follow it," said Nila obviously marvelled.

"I think you're right."

They followed it till they came to the crystal passage way that Tempest went through in her dreams. She went down and looked for the throne of the Lady of the Lake.

"Hello Young Tempest."

Chapter 10: Delegations
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          Tempest jerked around along with Void and Nila. They all smiled in awe.

"Hi again Lady." Tempest laughed at herself for calling her that, she thought she sounded like a child, but that was all she could think of that was shorter than Lady of the Lake.

"I see you brought your friends," she said smiling.

"I hope that's not a problem."

"Not at all," she said with a secretive glint in her eyes.  "Please, come with me. There's a place I love to sit and converse." They followed her to a circular room surrounded by a crystal dome.

"Wow," remarked Nila aloud.

"I know, it is magnificent isn't it. Now please have a seat, we have much to talk about and not enough time." They sat on the cold ground and she smiled. "Now, you have found me, but now you must find my sister."

"How do we do that?"

"Let me begin from the beginning. When my sister and I were born, we brought magic along with us into the world. I was all that was light and she was everything that was dark. Our mother said that 'we were a coming storm'. She always did call us that. We grew up and along with age came distance.  We grew apart.  Time past and we both gained many followers.  Many of them brothers and sisters like ourselves.  Finally came Merlin and the reign of King Arthur.  Excaliber was for one true purpose.  To destroy my sister. What Merlin did not know was that her name gave her power. Morgan knew that and became her apprentice. Mordred was born and they raised an army against Arthur. But Merlin trapped my sister and all of her followers were killed. The survivors were locked up till they died and her name was erase from all text."

"Wait in all the books I read it said that Morgan went to her after her downfall."

"That is incorrect darling. They wrote it that way to show that her defeat had nothing to do with the death of Arthur. So that they could avoid speaking of her all together. They were that determined to erase her from history."

"So what is her name?"

"I cannot mutter it. If I do, just me muttering it gives her enough strength to free herself."

"So I have to discover her name?"

"You already know it Young Tempest. All you have to know is find out that it belongs to her, before Merwick does."

"Well I already knew that Lady."

"Of course. Now once you know her name, you must find her quickly. Here's a hint: It's the same name as mine."

"Are you going to tell me yours?" She shook her head. "I thought as much."

She stood up and told Nila, Tempest, and Void to follow her. They did, and soon enough they entered a room clad in silver and white filled with magical items.

"Each of you may take only one item from this room. When you find her, these will protect you from the beings that crowd her castle. Because you carry their wands you will be allowed access into the chamber as well as the carrier if Excaliber. Mind you, choose carefully."

Nila, Void, and Tempest looked at each other each in turn. They walked together and began to look through the piles.

"How beautiful," said Nila tracing her fingers over a emerald silver ring.  "There's writing engraved on the inside." Tempest and Void walked to her and looked at the engraved words.

"What does it say," asked Tempest.

"I don't know . . . Void?"

"It's some sort of old magic. In the olden day, magical runes were traced upon things for protection or anything they wanted to do."

"Do you know what it says," asked Nila putting it on.

"Terra Vita."

"Terra Vita?" She remarked questionably. Suddenly a vine shot out of the ground and lingered under Nila's hand. "Brilliant." She danced the little vine and Tempest rolled her eyes.

"Seems you've gained power over the Earth," remarked Tempest. "Take it, it could be of some use."

"Okay, but Void how exactly do I stop?"

"Simply say the words backwards."

"Okay. Ativ Arret." The vine shot back into the ground and she smiled.

Void was looking for something small to carry around. Small and useful. That when Tempest saw it.

"Void catch."

He looked at her and caught what she had thrown. He opened his hands and saw a black onyx-stone wrist band that clipped together with silver clips.

"Wow, do you guys know what this can do?"

"No, but I think we both have a feeling you're going to tell us," said Nila smugly.

"Ha, ha. Anyway this is supposed to summon daggers, throwing knives Nila." She stuck out her tongue at him and he continued. "Those daggers supposedly harness the power of electricity in it purest form."

"Which being?" asked Tempest.


"So why didn't you just say that in the first place," remarked Nila.

"Shut up you two and lets go."

"Aren't you going to get something Zephyr," asked Nila.

"I already have my necklace, and soon I'll have my sword back too." She smiled and looked at the Lady of the Lake who was smiling back at her.


Tempest swam back to Divina and they explained everything to her and Chad.

"Now I wish I had come, I would have gotten something too," said Divina.

"Your loss," said Nila looking at her ring.

"I wish I had gotten something," complained Chad.

"The you should have some," said Tempest.

"Yes well I couldn't just leaved Divina here alone, that would have been rude."

"I know, you are such a gentleman."

"Anyway, we should be getting back to school before anyone notices that we are not there. Especially one smug little girl and her two friends."

"Agreed. Everyone swim fast one the charm is cast."

They all agreed and ran to the water. Divina cast the spell on each of them and they swam faster than they even thought possible. When they reached lad they collapsed on the shore and started to laugh.

"I would stop laughing it I were you children," said a cold voice unmistakably belonging to none other than Mistress Starlet.

They all got up and turned around. Behind them standing on the shore was the entire staff with their arms crossed. Next to them was Astrea, alone.

"Ms. Sanguina here saw you all dive into the water with her telescope. Mind telling us where you were all night?"

They all looked at each other and Tempest stepped forward.

"We were talking with the Lady of the Lake, we all snuck out to talk to her about her sister. Merwick stole my sword and is looking for her."

All the teachers stood in shock and Astrea glared at her. Tempest looked at her and then smiled innocently. Astrea mouthed the words 'I hate you' and Tempest just reposed by sticking out her tongue.

"Enough you two," said Majika. "Astrea got to bed. The rest of you, the same goes. All except the trio." They all knew whom she implied.

After everyone left, Nila and Void stepped to Tempests sides.


Tempest took a deep breath and explained everything. Everything she thought was relevant anyway. She kept looking around as she spoke for a glimpse of gold or a glimpse of her sword.

"Look, I'm sorry that I've given no regards to the rules at all, and have disobeyed you . . . again, but Merwick didn't really give me a choice."

"We understand, but right now, you are in serious trouble. If you had told us before we could have helped. Now each of you will lose ten house points. Master Vlad, please escort your students to your common-room."

"Of course, come on now children."


As they walked, Vlad scowled at all three of them.

"Do any of you see the impression you're giving on my house?"

"I think we're giving a pretty good one," said Tempest.

"Agreed, after all we are very ambitious. Although I tink courage is a better word, and smart," said Nila.

"All except you here anyway," snickered Void.

"That's not funny," yelled Nila in retaliation.

"Shh you two, what if Zoltron is around," said Tempest.

"Listen to her you two, stop bickering. We would not want to attract any attention from 'unwanted visitors'."

"Sorry," they said in unison.

They continued on their walk back to school until Tempest began to feel light-headed.

"Guys," she muttered as she fell forward onto the ground.

"Zephyr," Void and Nila screamed. Master Vlad picked her up gently and held her close.

"He is here," muttered Tempest weakly.

"Bloody hell you're smart," said a voice. Zoltron come from the shadows and leaned against a tree.

"What did you do to here," yelled Void.

"Old magic. It's a wonder what just a single drop of her blood can do." He smiled and Tempests' eyes widened when she remembered the creature in the water.

"Undo this magic now! You'll only suffer as well," said Nila. She quickly gasped and covered her mouth.

"Nila, keep quiet," ordered Tempest.

"No, tell me."

"Nila . . . "

"Just please release her."

"Only for now. Then I will resume the spell tomorrow. You are forewarned Tempest."

"Don't call me that."

"Till next time . . . Zephyr."

He ran of and Vlad hurried them off to the Common room. In there, he laid her half-conscious body on the sofa and lit the fire place.

"Keep her here for the next couple of days. That was a fair warning and we should keep it in mind by keeping her in places we will know she'll be safe." They nodded and Tempest pulled the covers tighter around herself as she began to cough.

"Oh Tempest."

"Don't call me that Nila, and it's just a simple cough, don't worry. Now, goodnight." She closed her eyes swiftly and felt the air speed up in Master Vlad's exit.

Chapter 11: The Scrying Potion
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          Tempest sat in the Infirmary once again. This was the tenth time she had been in there in the last two months and her friends had begun to worry about her immensely.  She was starting to get annoyed as well as very agitated.

"I'm fine you guys," she growled as politely as possible.

"You almost past out on us completely Zephyr," said Divina.

"Bloody hell. Look I'm all right. As you can see I'm perfectly capable of standing up," she said hoisting herself up, with difficulty.

"But can you walk?" asked Chad smugly.

"And I thought you were on my side," she remarked sitting back down.

"I am but frankly you are not fine." He sat down next to her and took her hand. "You're tired and you can't walk in a straight line, plus you're still recovering from that flu you had."

"I know, but I think I can handle this. Now if you would just carry me back to the Common room, I think I'll be fine." She saw them smiled and in response she rolled her eyes.


She sat in bed surrounded by books. Tempest picked up a book and began to study for her exams.

"I'm bored," she screamed to no one in particular seeing as there was no one around.

"I guess I'm to blame for that huh?" Tempest jerked her head toward the doorway and standing there was none other than Zoltron.

"How the bloody hell do you get in unnoticed?" He simply shrugged and sat on the edge of her bed and began to rub his temples.

"Why is this spell affecting me?"

"I'm not going to tell you. If I have to suffer so do you." She smiled and picked up a book.

"I'll end the spell . . . if you tell me why it is affecting me." She looked up from her book. His sad blue-grey eyes were penetrating.

"Fine." She slammed the book shut and placed it on her lap. "You are my cousin seven or eight times removed. Happy, now keep your promise."

"Don't worry, I will, but I cannot account for what he will do."

Tempest stared at him warily as she flashed her a smile as effulgent as her's.

"Why are your eyes always filled with so much sadness?"

"I grew up on the streets at the age of four . . . "

"But how if your family died when you were 2 or 3 i can't quite remember?"

He glared at her. "How did you know that?"

"I've been doing my research," she said shrugging.

"Fine. I don't know, someone found me and they raised me on the streets. She was a nice woman." He laughed. "She loved how I could do magic tricks. But then, she died. She gave me this necklace. I wear it to remember her." He showed her the chain with a locket attached to it.

"Have you ever opened it?"

"Yeah, tucked inside was a letter from her husband before he died, before she went poor, although she was always still beautiful in my eyes."

"What happened after she died?"

"I had to beg for money, nothing new really, but I grew so angry. I mean sure when the people would see me, they would acknowledge me with eyes full of pity, but they never did anything! Besides all that, my past is very vague."

She stared at him with a new found knowledge. Tempest removed her covers and sat next to him.

"Merwick is an insane man. He's only mesmerized you to help him serve his own purposes to kill me. Don't be so keen to be docile to his every word. You are very dexterous . . . "

"And you are a very loquacious and adamant person," he said standing up. He pointed the sword at her neck but she held his piercing gaze. "You will not win."

"I will thwart his plans," she declared standing up. "With or without your help."

"You can expect without."

They both stood their ground still they heard a clamour from below. He looked toward the door then back to her and smiled sheathing her sword.

"Until next time then cousin," he said as he jumped out the window. Nila suddenly came through the door with an arm full of Pumpkin Pasties.

"I absolutely adore these," she said dumping them on her bed. She paused and stared at Tempest. "What are you doing up?"

"Zoltron was here," she stated matter-of-factly. "We talked for a while. I told him we were related. He's going to remove this spell he has on me."

"Well that's good isn't it?"

"I suppose, I just wish . . . " She paused and Nila began to groan when she saw the mischievous gleam in Tempests' eyes.

Tempest ran down the stairs and grabbed the books from her godparents.

"They do come in handy don't they," remarked Nila as she walked down the stairs. Tempest simply nodded and smiled.

She continued flipping through pages until she saw what she was looking for.

"Found it."

"And what is 'it' exactly?"

"A scrying potion. All I have to do is make this potion, then form an image of whatever it is I want to see, then say this spell."

"What is the spell?"


"Well this sounds easy enough."

"Hopefully it will be. Now come on lets go sneak into the Poison's classroom and grab the proper ingredients and a small little cauldron. Now come on."

They were running out when they nearly ran into Void. He stared at them in shock and took a step backwards.

"What's the matter with you?" asked Nila

"Nothing. Where are you guys going in such a rush?"

"Poison's classroom. Come on Nila will explain to you on the way."

"Uh, okay, all right then."

Tempest heard his voice deepen into a whisper. She peaked around corners as they snuck around the dungeons. As quietly as possible she opened the classroom door then the storage room door. She locked it behind her when they entered.

"Okay, Void, I want you to grab the a cauldron. Nila I want you to grab Octopus Powder, two unicorn horns and monkshood. Oh and wolfbane."

"Okay," they both said in unison.

She put her ear to the door and listened tentively. She jerked around when Nila dropped a jar.


"Don't worry. Reparo!" The jar fixed itself and Nila placed it carefully back on the shelf.

"Okay, Zephyr, we're done," said Void.'

"Good, come on then." They opened the door and snuck out of there and the class room and back to the Common Room.

Tempest had Void set up the cauldron in the fireplace and told him to add water.

"Okay, uh, do either of you have a knife?"

"I do," jumped Nila.

"Uh all right then. Can you go get it please."

"Uh huh." Nila ran unpairs and, even faster than Master Vlad, returned. "Here you go," she said handing her a stainless steel knife with a gold hilt engraved with a mermaid.

"Where did you get this?"

"Someone I know, I guess you could call him my cousin, Adrian."

"Oh, all right then."

Tempest knelt down nest to the fire place and put her arms over it. She started scraping the unicorn horn till nothing was left , and did the same with the other. After, she stirred it twice clockwise and one counter-clockwise till the water turned to what looked like melted silver. She added the octopus powder and stirred five times. The water turned lilac. Finally she added eight sprigs of monkshood and a pinch of wolfbane. The potion was finally ready when it turned to a deep purple.

"Zephyr hurry up, people are gonna be back soon. It's nearly dark."


"Yes. You got so wrapped up in doing that, that you forgot about everything else," said Void.

"Okay." She turned back to the cauldron. "Scopeventous!"

The water stilled and an image appeared. It was Zoltron. He was running through the Forest of Light she presumed. He stopped a moment and looked around. He turned left and walked till he reached a clearing. The place looked as though it were his home.

"Merwick, I've returned," he said. A gold shimmer appeared out of nowhere.

"Where were you?" He demanded.

"Talking with my cousin. You knew didn't you?"

"Of course, why does that matter?"

"This spell is making me weak as well! I thought you cared!" She watched Merwick place a gentle hand on his shoulder.

"I do care. But right we shouldn't worry."

"If I'm weak, I can't keep stalking her. Remove the spell or I will return her sword." She saw Merwick's face go hard, but he reluctantly agreed. Zoltron smiled.

"Yes!" exclaimed Tempest. Her smile quickly faded when it seemed that Merwick was staring at her. "Bloody hell."

"Merwick what is it?" Asked Zoltron.

"We are being watched."

She watched Merwick come at her and she quickly backed away from the cauldron and stumbled into the sofa behind her. Merwick emerged from the cauldron.

"Ah Zephyr, we meet again. How are you?"

"Go to hell."

"Very funny." His sardonic smiled faded. "Stop watching us little girl. This is your last warning. Besides, next time, I will you . . . or one of your little friends."

"You wish you old fart," remarked Nila.

"I will kill you," he said ignoring Nila. Tempest watched him go back into the cauldron then disappear.

"You old fart," questioned Void looking at her in shock.

"I didn't hear you say anything" contradicted Nila pouting.

"Well yeah but 'you old fart'?"

"Can you both shut up and help me clean this mess up please." They looked at her and nodded. They poured the contents of the cauldron out their dormitory window. Tempest opened the loose floorboard and put it under.

"I really hate him."

"We're sorry."

They both rubbed her back as she hugged her knees close to her chest.

"Come on Zeph," began Void. "We better get down to dinner."

She nodded in argument and took a deep breath before following them to the great hall.

Chapter 12: The Coming Storm
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          Tempest woke with a start. Beads of sweat were painted across her face and she leaned back. She tried to recall the dream, but all that kept coming into her mind was her own name.  Tempest kicked off her covers and walked down stairs, hoping to find some serenity. 

She stared at the fires as it burned and licked at the walls of the fireplace. A book caught her attention and she picked and began flipping through.

"I know her name, yet I don't. Ugh! Why does everything always have to be so damn complicated." She put the book down and bent backwards to relieve her stress. Then she lifted her legs and did an air-split. She held herself there for a while till she did a full cartwheel.

Tempest laughed in wonder.  "Wow, can't remember the last time I did that." She smiled to herself. She did it a couple more times to focus her thinking. As time progressed she realized she had fallen asleep.

"Zephyr, wake up," she heard a non-familiar voice say.

She jerked her eyes open and next to her, hunched down was Gorx. She sat up and stared into his autumn coloured eyes.

"Hey, uh what time is it?"

"Almost dawn. I couldn't fall asleep so I decide to come up here, and who should I find sleeping on the ground but you." She laughed and leaned against the sofa next to him.

"I couldn't sleep either. Bad dream I guess. Although I don't really know because I can't remember, but that besides the point."

They both laughed and she saw him pick up the book she was reading before she fell asleep.

"I've never seen this book before. Where did you get it?"

"My mom sent it to me. She likes it she I know more than I'm supposed to. She's . . . I don't know, all I know is that I love her."

"That's sweet." She smiled and read over his shoulder. "I know this woman," he said pointing to the sister of the Lady of the Lake.

"You do?"

"Of course. There are about a dozen books about her in the school library. Why?"

"I'd love to tell you but unfortunately I can't."

"Why not," he said leaning closer. She felt her heart skip a beat.

"I can't . . . right now anyway. But I promise that when all that is going on comes to an end I will. Okay?"

"I'm going to hold you to that," he said smiling at her. She kissed him on the cheek before running upstairs to get Nila.

"What?" groaned Nila pulling the covers back over her head.

"Come on, wake up! We're going to the library."

"Can't this wait?"

Tempest finally gave up, she didn't have time for this.  "Fine, you can stay, I'm going to the library."

"Uh huh," Nila groaned as she went back to sleep.

God, she's as bad as Void, she thought as she got dressed quickly. She ran to the library and her feet moved so swiftly her black sneakers didn't make a noise.

Tempest crept through the crack she opened for herself and snuck in. Once she had closed the door and made sure no one was around, she slunk up the stairs to the second floor.

"Okay, now where would I find those books."

She searched around and finally set up a table with about twelve books surrounding her.

"Oh this is going to be loads of fun entertainment," she said sarcastically as she sighed and finally picked up a book.

The books had several chapters about the Unknown Lady as Tempest liked to call her. In some books the name seemed to be covered in soot and ash and no magic she tried to use would show the name.

She did succeed though in uncovering three letters of the name. They were the letters M, S, and E. She wrote them down. Several names had those letters she thought in frustration. She threw down her quill and stood up from the table knocking down her chair. She massaged her temples and picked up her chair.  Nothing was ever simple anymore.

"Just breath Zephyr." She took a deep breath and continued on her research.

In other books she found that her name was completely gone. Again she tried several spells to rewrite it but no to avail. Temest looked at a drawing of the woman. Her eyes were violet and her hair was pitch black. Tempest took note that her eyes were not gentle like her sister, but were instead filled with mass amounts of malice.

Tempest stared transfixed at the picture. Her eyes held her gaze and Tempest wondered what an encounter with this woman would be like.

She forced herself to look away and Closed the book. Her stomach growled and she got up reluctantly. Better go eat, she thought.


She ate her dinner with a strong ravenous hunger. Thunder and lighting echoed through her ears and she looked outside. Storm clouds were filling the sky and strong winds were hitting the windows, hard.

"Looks like a beautiful coming storm, or rather a Tempest as my mother would call it," said Nila sitting down next to her and taking a plate filling it high with food.

"What did you just say?" said Tempest cursiously.  She could feel that her forehead was creesed in concentration.

"A coming Tempest. Tempest means 'a strong storm'. Didn't you know that?"

Tempest shock her head and Nila widened her eyes as if to say, "really?" Tempest turned her eyes back to the window.


Tempest skipped her classes and she wrote down everything she thought might be a hint, and any hints that the Lady of the Lake had given her. To her surprise, and frustration, it was a very long list. She folded up the parchment and stuffed it in her shoe. She would have loved to stay in the Common room all day long, but now was a perfect time to sneak back the stuff she had stolen back into the Poisons classroom.

Tempest carefully picked up the cauldron and looked around corners as she slithered back to the class room. She peeked in and looked around. No one. As she was placing the cauldron back on it's shelf she felt a draft.

"I'm glad you are returning my cauldron to me Young Tempest," she heard Master Vlad say. She turned around and stared at him. "May I ask what purpose it served?"

"Uh . . . a scrying potion. I was watching Zoltron and Merwick. Merwick seemed to know though and came through the cauldron."

"Well I've never heard if people coming through spells, only of the watcher going through." His eyes zeroed on her. "Don't ever try to do that Tempest. Only very powerful magic users can do, and even they become very weak as their magic is drained from them as they go through. Now, go back to the dormitory."  His voice was foreceful and she knew he meant business, but that didn't stop the michevious thought that swam through her head.  Nevertheless she obeyed and walked back to the Common room with her eyes cast down, allowing him to think that she would listen.


Tempest stared at her list and pulled at her hair in frustration. It made no sense. They weren't even connected, none of them. She kicked and kicked the sofa and was more than thankful that he was alone. No one could see her pathetic display of emotion.

She stopped kicking and crossed her arms in anger to contain herself. When she finally calmed down she decided she could do no more and went to bed.


Words. Pictures. They both flashed through her head as she woke up. Tempest clutched her necklace as though it were a holy cross and laughed silently at herself for doing so.

"Great, I'm losing my mind," she whispered to herself.

She snuck down stairs and stared at the fire. The scenes from her dream were still fresh in her mind and words flashed through her mind in a confusing rattle. She did what she had done the night before.

Thunder struck and startled Tempest enough to make her fall. Rain began to pour against the windows hitting it like a bunch of knives. That's when it hit her. Water. She ran and grabbed her paper of hints. Finally she knew what she was looking for, their connection, water.

She studied the words carefully. Only half of them were in her dream. The words were so clear she closed her eyes and said the, aloud.

"'There mother loved storms'. 'We have the same name'. 'The coming storm'." She paused at the last one and looked at her reflection in a side mirror.  "Young Tempest."  She sat in th dark as the fire blew out. A hand reached out and grabbed her shoulders. She turned and stood face to face with Nila and Void.

"Zephyr, what's wrong?" asked Void. She looked deep in his eyes and forced a weak smile of success.

"I know her name," she said finally.

Chapter 13: The Unknown Woman
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          "So, her name is Tempest," questioned Nila. Tempest nodded and collapsed onto the sofa. I can't believe I'm named after that woman, she thought.

"No wonder the teachers always call you 'Young Tempest'," said Void.

"Yup. I guess it makes sense in a weird way." She let our a slight fake laugh and stared at the unlit fireplace.

Nila and Void sat on either side of her. The list was still in her hand and she took one last look at it before throwing it into the fireplace.

"Void can you please light the fireplace?"

"Huh, oh sure." The fireplace burst into flames and she watched as the list curl up and turn into ashes.

"Zephyr, we really need to get back to bed. Really, come on we can dwell on this in the morning."

Tempest looked around and finally noticed something amis.  "Void, where's your cat?" He looked at her startled and so did Nila.

"She's right Void, I haven't seen her in a while," said Nila. He rubbed his forehead and stared at them.

"It's not what you think, shes not Zoltron, Mistress Scrub is taking care of her."

"Why," they asked in unison.

"Because my cats not one of those domestic cats . . . She's a panther."

"It can't be, she was too small when it was a baby to be a cub," remarked Tempest.

"Slight birth defect. Now It's almost grown. Why did you think I've hardly been around? It recognizes my scent, so it won't harm me, it other people I'm not sure about. Mistress Scrub says I have permission to still keep it. She's training it at the moment."

Tempest let out a relieved breath and apologized to Void for the interrogation. He waved it away and went to bed. Nila and Tempest followed suit. Tempest sat on her bed and Nila sat besides her.

"What's wrong?" whispered Nila.

"Tempest," she stopped at the unfamiliarity of calling someone she didn't know by her name. She began again.

"Tempest had a pet panther. I think I might know a way to search for her."


"Master Vlad said that the caster of a scrying spell can go through the spell. We can go through and bring over our pets, only there's one catch."

"I knew that was coming," Nila said scowling and rolling her eyes.

"If we go through, our strength will get slightly depleted and I'm not exactly sure where we will land."

"Huh? Repeat that last part?"  Nila's eyes were wild in bewielderment and fright; it made Tempest want to laugh.

"Merlin cast a barrier on her castle. No one can get in by magic, as in you have to actually walk right in. But I'm not sure we can get in because well, only the one who carries Excaliber can enter to reverse the spell that Merlin cast."

"Okay. We need to go wake up Void don't we?"

"Yup." They walked down to the boys dormitory and walked right up to Voids bed. It was empty.

"Where do you suppose Void is?"

"Probably in Mistress Scrubs hut house with his 'cat'." She made air quotes and Nila laughed.


Nila and Tempest walked the grounds will they came upon Void curled up against his panther.

"He looks so cute." Tempest her head around and stared at Nila wide-eyed. Nila just looked back at her annoyed. 

"What? He looks like a child curled up against a giant teddy bear."

"Uh huh. Well whatever, come on lets go wake him up and see if Artemis remembers us." Nila smiled and nodded in agreement.

They walked down and as they got near the panther looked up at them then licked Void awake.  He stirred and stood up in their presence.
"Hey, uh did you figure out something."  He was bluching and kept his eyes on the ground.  Nila laughed and Tempest smiled.

"Yeah. Now come, and bring your panther."

"But . . . "

"Just do it!" demanded Tempest.  She was in no mood to deligate.

Void slanted his eyes and followed reluctantly. They walked around slowly until they saw Divina and Chad. Tempest wondered why they were out together but pushed that thought aside.  Divina was swimming and Chad was sleeping near a tree. Tempest walked to them and roused them up. Together they all went back to the dormitory. Once there they all settled down as Tempest began to explain her discovery.

"Okay, so let me get this straight." began Divina squeezing her damp hair, "if we go through, not only will our strength be depleted but you won't know where we'll end up?"


"And what if we land in the ocean?!"

"Hopefully, as long as we keep our mind set on land, we should be okay."

"Hopefully," mocked Divina rolling her eyes.

"Besides you were born in the ocean, you'll be fine, I really don't know why are being worried," said Tempest.

"Calm down, now where are we going to get a big enough cauldron for all of use and your pets?" asked Chad.

Tempest smiled and a shadow of flame danced across her michevous face.  "This is where everything gets fun."


This was risky she knew. Sneaking into Master Vlad's classroom in the dead of night while he was most likely to be fully awake and his senses equally aware. They all took large amounts of the potion enough for each of them.

They all had their cauldrons set up already and their pets were secure. Once they had their supplies, she ushered them back to the bathroom. Tempest locked the bathroom door behind her.

"Okay, you all know how to make the potion?"

"Yes, can we just start now," complained Divina.

"Of course."

They started and Tempest kept looking at the top window, keeping a lookout for dawn. When they all announced that they were done Tempest told the, to pour the contents onto the bathtub. They did so and Tempest drew a picture of the woman in her mind. As she did so, the woman muttered 'Tempest' softly.

She opened her eyes and an image appeared. A woman was sitting on a dark amethyst throne. She looked physically weak. She lifted her head and seemed to look directly at Tempest. She reached out her hand in welcoming and smiled.

"Come to me. Set me free." Tempest stared at the woman in awe.

"Thank you cousin, you've saved me a lot of trouble." They all jerked their heads up and saw Zoltron standing at the high window.

"Okay that's is, how do you freakin' get in here unknown?!"

"My secrets are my own thank you very much."

"You know, you are really starting to get on my nerves."

"Oh really? Well sorry about that. Anyway good day to you cousin." He tilted her head and dived into the bathroom. She tried to focus her thoughts on another place, but it was already to late, he was already in.


She ran in and her dragon and friends followed. She dived in and was sucked into a vortex. Colours swirled around her of silver and blue.

Tempest landed with a hard thud against stone. Her mouth filled with blood and she rolled over weak. Good thing I made those potions, she thought. Tempest looked around for Zoltron. He must have landed somewhere else, she hoped.

She saw her friends, her dragon, Nila's bat, and Voids panther fall from the sky. The panther landed besides Void gracefully on all fours. Nila's bat flew to he side and nudged at her.

"Okay, if we ever fo that again, we really need to work on our landings," said Nila rolling over on her side.

"Uh guys, my foot broke, can one you please put it back into place?"

"Yeah, yeah, I'm coming," said Tempest crawling over. Once the bone was back in place, they all sat up and looked around.

"Where's Zoltron," asked Divina.

"He must have landed somewhere else on the island." She fished around the bag she held and threw each one of them a Rejuvenation potion.

"What are these," asked Chad.

"Health potions. Two each, take one right now and one for later if you feel weak." They all nodded and drank one vial of the potions. They stood up and looked round. Below their feet, was on a dirt road.

"Tempest it'll take days to search for the castle," whined Nila.

"Well at least we'll be a head of him. We've got these. Now hold on a second." Tempest turned to her dragon, pointed her wand and said, "Reverso!" Suddenly the dragon grew to it's normal size and all her friends backed up against the wall.

"That's a good boy." She looked at her friends as she climbed up. "Any of you coming up? Two more people can fit." Chad was the only person to walk up. He climbed up and sat down behind Tempest.

"Wrap your arms tight around my waist."

"Okay." She felt a smile grow on his face before flying up. 

"We'll fly above you guys to keep and eyes on you okay?"

They all nodded and began up the path. Tempest flew up and smiled. The last time she had flown on her dragon was over the summer, and the joy of flight was to good to be true.


Tempest looked near the horizon, the sun was going to be setting soon. They had made good time in her opinion. The dirt road led into a forest and she looked around when something caught her eyes. She told Aidan to land in front of her friends and they flew straight down.

"Bloody hell Zephyr!" exclaimed Void. "You almost gave me a heart attack! Just because I am unable to feel physical pain doesn't mean I can't fell if my hearts about to stop!"

"Stop being over dramatic Void," she said climbing down off of Aidan. "Now the reason I landed was because there's a small village behind these trees. I think that if there are any people here, we should not scare them or give them any reason to, well, want to kill us, to put it bluntly."

"Very bluntly," said Divina sarcastically.

Tempest rolled her eyes and cast a spell on her dragon putting it back to infant size. It wrapped itself on her shoulders and she led the way.

Chapter 14: Ghost Town
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          The village was desolate. Doors were broken and houses were ransacked. Tempest traced her fingers across the walls of the houses, often tracing them over old blood. She stared in anger and looked around. At her feet was a medallion of the round table. She picked it up and clutched it in anger knowing what it was they were doing here.

"Stupid knights. Innocent bystanders lived here. Children for heavens sake!" The threw the medallion at a house with such a force that it broke a window. She looked up and saw the castle of Tempest. "Come on, we'll just rest here for the night, the castle isn't that much farther.

They all nodded in agreement and walked into a house. It was a horrible sight. Red and black blotches covered the walls. She ignored the best she could and walked into a room.  Tempest swallowed down tears as she looked around. It was a young child's room.

"Zephyr, I would rather sleep unprotected than in here," said Nila.

Tempest swallowed.  "I agree, come on, lets get out of here."

Tempest turned quickly on her heels. She slammed the door behind her shut and ran to the nearest brush. She bet over and puked, not once, but twice. She felt someone rub her back. Tempest looked up at Void and Nila.

"Come on Zeph, lets go set up camp," said Void.

She nodded and walked into the surrounding forest. Divina and Chad started a fire an Tempest warmed herself against the fire and looked toward the sky, she needed to get her mind of the subject of the village, the houses, the blood.

"I think by nightfall tomorrow we will be able to make it to the castle. What do you guys think?" she said changing the subject.

"We think that sounds possible," said Divina.

They sat in total silence till suddenly they heard a twig break. They all stood up. Void was holding a dagger, Nila held a vine under her hand and Chad and Divina had their wands ready. Tempest went for her sword swearing under her breath remembering that she no longer had it.

Two figures stepped from the woods with swords drawn. They both were much older than Tempest. One was a girl with long wavy dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. The other was a man with pitch black hair and brown eyes.

"Who are you?" demanded the female. Tempest stepped forward.

"My name is Tempest Artemisa Nyx. I am the descendant of Merlin and Morgan Le Fey." They looked at each other before stepping forward and looking straight into her eyes.

"Your grey is of Morgan," began the man.

"And your purple is one Merlin. But the red, I do not know,"  finished the female.

"The red is a blood trait acquired from a stone."

"Why are you here?" asked the male.

"To retrieve my sword Excaliber. It was stolen from me and is going to be taken to her." Tempest pointed to the castle and they looked at each other.

"We know of whom you speak. Come follow us to our camp. We have much to talk about."

Void made his dagger disappear ans Nila send the vine back to the ground as Divina and Chad put their wands away.

They followed the strangers deep into the forest. Tempest looked around and saw more and more people. A whole village ful. The people sat down and picked up some roasted fish. Tempest smiled when she saw Void sniff at the air.

"If your hungry, help yourselves," said the female.

"Thank you."

They all sat down and she handed each of them a roasted fish. Tempest usually didn't like fish, but she was to hungry to care. Besides, fish was the only think they had, and she knew that she shouldn't be rude, these people were taking care of them.

She sat down and ate a while till Tempest began to wonder whether or not she should trust these people.

"Excuse me, but who are you exactly?"

"My name in Verdina," said the girl. "And this is my brother Exodus. We are the descendants of the surviving children of the slaughter of that village you were in."

"What happened there exactly?"

"The Knights of Camelot came, led by Merlin and Arthur."

"Where did they say Morgan was?"

"Keeping the kingdom safe of course." Tempest shared a look with Void and Nila. No she wasn't, they all thought, but thought to keep that knowledge to themselves.

"Now, they came to put an end to her reign of power, by killing all who knew her name and making the children who knew, forget. No one is ever allowed to fo near the village. Now, explain why you are hear?" Her voice had suddenly turned very cold and hard.

"My cousin stole Excaliber from me and I want it back. Also he plans on helping some old man kill me. He needs the sword to unleash her and ask her for her help to kill me."

"Are you going to release her?" asked Exodus.

Tempest thought for a minute.  That question hadn't really crossed her mind.  Finally she said, "No. It's not exactly my place to decide."

"A wise choice," said Verdina.  Her blue eyes glided over each and every one.  "You must be tired from your journey. Sleep and my brother and I will wake you and lead you up to the fortress."

They all nodded and Verdin led them to a tent.  Tempest snuggled up to Void with Nila.  She hadn't known how tired she was until she finally allowed herself to feel the weight of her eye lids.


Tempest didn't know what time it was when she was awoken by Exodus. He led them out and they walked for sometime. She looked at the sky and noticed the sun was just rising.

"Exodus, where's Verdina?"

"That's where we're going. She's meeting us at her trail to the fortress. It's much shorter than the actual trail. Don't worry, it connects to the real trial eventually when it nears the castle." He smiled toward them and continued walking.

She wasn't sure how much time had passed when Verdina waved at them. She smiled at them and told them about some of the obstacles they might face.

"Just keep close to me and you'll be all right."

They all nodded and followed her. There was no distinct path, but they followed her anyway. They climbed up a small cliff and took in the scenery. A meadow filled their vision and they stood transfixed at the spectacle.

"Beautiful isn't it," said Exodus. They all nodded and they continued their walk. They stopped at the edge of a forest and stared at the road.

"We must leave you now," said Verdina. "Just follow the road, it will lead you to the castle, although I must insist, use a secret passage way. Good luck, Tempest."

"Thank you."


They walked up the path and stared at the broken signs and great doors. Muts be lonely, she thought as she began to circle the castle. Tempest stopped at a distance when she saw a secret hallway.

"Hello cousin."

Tempest looked above her, and there sat Zoltron, perched like a gargoyle.

"Well I must say, it's NOT pleasure to see you. I hope a bird pooped on your head."

"Ha, ha, funny. Well, anyway, you won't be seeing me for long."  He winked at her and began running toward the secret passage.

"Oh no you don't," she muttered under her breath as she began to run.

She heard her friends call after her but she kept her pace. She saw him jump down, and smile at her before running into the passage way. She stopped in front of it dumbfounded.  She really hated him, and stared at him through slanted eyes.  She wanted to go after him, but she couldn't leave her friends behind.  Tempest clenched her fist.

"Zephyr," said Void panting.

"Come on," she said walking into the empty passage. Nila and Void followed at her heels, but when she turned around and saw Chad and Divina looking at her.

"Well come on."

"We can't," said Divina. She placed her hand on an invisible wall. "Just go on, and here." She grabbed her potion along with Chad's and threw them into the passage. Tempest caught them before they hit the ground and smiled. She looked back at Void and Nila, smiles lit their faces as well.

"Come on you two."

Chapter 15: Her Prison
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          Tempest turned the corner runnins. Three more passage ways. She sword under her breath, and looked at Void and Nila.

"So, what do we do know?" asked Nila.

"Separate. It's the only way. Two of the tree lead to dead ends, so one is going to lead to another one like this. If you find one like this run back here and send a signal or something. Don't walk, run," she stressed.

They all nodded and ran off. Tempest turned two corners and skidded to a halt. Dead end. She ran back and slammed into someone.

"Damn you Zoltron."

"Back at you cousin."

They looked up when they saw a flash of light. Tempest saw Nila run into Voids' corridor. Tempest and Zoltron looked at each other before running into Voids' tunnel. Down the run, Tempest tripped Zoltron and Nila caught herself before she herself fell. Nila and Tempest stopped at Void and looked back.

"Zephyr, we have a problem."

"What Void—–," she stopped she looked ahead again and looked around. Eight passage ways. She looked down the path she came from.

"We don't have time for this." She clutched her necklace and ran to the second to the left.

"Zephyr, how do you know this is the right passage?" asked Nila.

"I just do! Just follow me!"

She ran with them close at her heels. She ran down another passage and finally stopped at a small wooden door. She turned the dusty silver knob.

The room was circular and cold. Stones from the walls had fallen allowing light to shine in. In the centre of the room was an amethyst stone throne on a onyx platform. A woman sat there.

Tempest circled the room. She looked at the old and worn purple, black and silver decor.

"Every generation," said the woman standing up. "The blood of Morgan Le Fey would always name a daughter after me in respect and to give me strength." Tempest stared into her eyes she looked at her.  "Finally one has some to set me free of my prison!"

Thunder roared through the sky jerking Tempest back to reality. It began to rain and she looked up at the hole in the ceiling. The rain beat against her skin and she looked around.

"I don't have Excaliber. My cousin does, I need to get it back."

"Unfortunately, Young Tempest, I have no power to help you, you're just going to have to get it back yourself."

A door blew open and there stood Zoltron with his lip cut. Tempest grabbed her wand and sought out a spell in her memory.

"You know cousin," he yelled over the pounding rain, "I always did like you, but now, you're beginning to try my patience!"

"Sorry, I didn't mean to," she bellowed back sarcastically. She smiled when she found the perfect spell. "Expelliarmus!"

The sword was flung from his hand and landed across the room. Zoltron was already running before she had even started. Suddenly out of no where a vine shot up from the ground and swiped it away.

"Good work Nila," said Tempest watching the sword fly. Her smile quickly faded when it landed high up in the wall above their heads. "I take that back."


Tempest looked around for something to get at it but thought it useless. She pointed her wand.

"Carpe Retractum!"

The sword pulled from It's place in the stone and flew at her. She ducked down along with Nila and Void before they were all impaled them all.. She looked up and made eye contact with Zoltron before running up to go get it.

They ran toward it and Tempest knew he would reach it before she herself did. She searched her head for a summoning spell, before she slid to knock it out of his path. He tripped and ran for it as she pointed her wand.

"Accio Excaliber!" The swords hilt flew at her hand and she caught it with ease. She pointed it at Zoltrons' neck as he approached her.

"I told you I would win."

"Ah Zephyr." She turned her head and above her was Merwick.

"At least you finally got my name right."

"Aren't you just the most charming little brat."

"I like to think so."

"Enough! Give the sword back to Zoltron!" he demanded.

"I don't think so! What, do you think I'm stupid or something? You want to kill me! Like I'm likely to listen to you!" She smiled and turned back to Zoltron with pleading eyes.

"Zoltron take her sword!" She watched as he looked back and forth between Tempest and Merwick before finally zeroing in on Tempest. She smiled.



"I said no. She's my cousin and you're no better than the people that killed my family and neither am I for helping you thus far. I won't help you any longer Merwick, and I'm not sorry."

Tempests' smiler grew even bigger and she put down the sword and turned it back into a glass dagger. She put her arm around him and faced Merwick.

"Merwick, I've got but one word for you."

"And what would that be?" he growled.

"Seductress Trappers.'

She captured his essence and looked outside. A little fish jumped out of the water. She threw the essence into the fish. Hopefully, she thought, he'll be eaten by a bigger fish.
"Young Tempest," called a voice that turned her blood cold. She looked around and looked at the Queen of Malevolence. "Set me free dear."

"I'm sorry but . . . I don't know who you are."

Her eyes widened and Tempest just shrugged her shoulder. She walked down the main hallway followed by Nila, Void, and Zoltron who all also didn't look back as she called Tempests' name.

"It's not my place to decide," she muttered to herself. She let out a breath and continued walking proudly withr her chin held high.

Chapter 16: Excaliber's Return
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Tempest sat in class taking her final exam for Poisons class. She knew all this, she didn't have to study, but what bothered her the most was the fact that her thoughts kept drifting. She looked at her cousin, already done with his test. Her mother graciously agreed to taking him in without question. He looked up and smiled at her, and for what Tempest thought was the first time they meet, a smile full of pure joy.

She put down her quill and looked around. Everything was eerily quiet, and that allowed Tempest to think for a bit. She looked down at the name at the top of her exam. It was hers and hers alone. Tempest tapped her glass dagger on the table and took it from her wrist band that the Lady of the Lake had given to her. She had told her that the wrist band would hold the dagger unless Tempest sought for it.

She looked around the room and stood up from her seat. Master Vlad looked at her and she smiled as she left the room. It was eight o'clock in the morning. She walked along the grounds and ran to the forest and straight to the pond. The trees no longer harmed her as she touched them. She sat down at the edge of the crystal clear pond and looked at her reflection.

"I am Tempest. That is my name and mine alone."

"A little possessive don't you think," said a sudden voice. Tempest turned around and smiled in shock.

"Draco!" She ran to him and hugged him tightly. "How did you get here?"

"Well I asked your Headmistress, and she arranged it."

"Well I'm glad you're here. Now come on sit down."

They sat for a while and talking about what had transpired since her last visit. He told her how everyone thought that Harry Potter was the heir of Slytherin and how Voldemort was the culprit controlling Ginny Weasly trough a book. She kept her smile hidden and looked around. The place was peaceful as she told him about what had happened with her. She never mentioned her name but when Draco asked she gave him a different name.



"I know."

She smiled to herself in a secretive fashion. He just smiled back unknowingly and kissed her forehead.

The day past very quickly and he had to leave. She sat in the Common room and looked over her notes of the year. Suddenly someone snatched them up from her hands and sat next to her.

"You do recall promising to tell me what you were up to right?" said Gorx.

"Of course," she said snatching them back.

"Good. Now tell me. The Common room's empty, we can virtually do anything we want." He flashed her a devious smile and leaned back.

"I think I'll just tell you everything I've been up to," she said knowingly.

"Suit yourself."

She smiled and started at the beginning. When her sword was stolen. How she met Zoltron and how she met with the Lady of the Lake and learned about her sister. And like withe Draco, she told the honest truth not hiding anything except her name. She have Gorx the same name she had given Draco and his reaction was no different than Draco's.

He left her alone to go eat dinner and she said goodnight, preparing to go to sleep.

On her bed, Zoltron sat perched on her bed in his cat form.

"Honestly, you strike me as an animagus."

He looked at her and hissed. He turned back into himself and glared at her. Every nine moon cycles, he had no control. All other days he did.

"You are very funny."

"I like to think so." She smiled and snuggled into bed.

"You're going to bed already?" he asked.

"I've had a very difficult year than to you," she said jokingly.

"How many times do I have to say I'm sorry."

"No longer, I just take pleasure in reminding you."

"I'm going to dinner."

"All right, goodnight then."

"Goodnight Zephyr."

She closed her eyes and something flashed before her eyes. She jerked them open and looked around. The scene was clouded and blurred and she closed her eyes again, trying to see it again, but nothing happened. She wen to be and looked outside the window at the moon.

"You are a mis-named and unnamed woman. Tempest is mine and mine alone Your Majesty." She smiled to herself and went to bed. "Excaliber is mine again."