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I know now you're my only hope by LostInTheDark

Format: Novella
Chapters: 7
Word Count: 10,297
Status: Abandoned

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, Ginny, Blaise (M)
Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Draco/Hermione, OC/OC

First Published: 03/02/2007
Last Chapter: 12/27/2008
Last Updated: 12/27/2008


What happens when enemies fall in love? Hermione Granger finds out shes pureblood and Blaise Zabinis twin. Mia Rose Zabini. After Harry, Ron, and Ginny find out they want nothing to do with her. What will become of Harry, Ginny, Mia, and Ron. Will Draco and Mia last? (i am sorry to those who like reading this, but i have no clue where to take it)

Chapter 1: I'm What?!?!
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I had always known I was adopted, but I really didn’t think it was a big deal. It was June 26th a day I know I will never forget. I woke up to the sound of my mother’s voice telling me to get up. I got up groggily and walked into my bathroom. I quickly brushed through my no longer bushy hair and stepped into the shower. After I was finished I walked to my closet and picked out what to wear for today. I decided on a black top with silver letters saying on the front ‘don’t hate me because I’m beautiful’ on the back it says ‘hate me because your boyfriend thinks so.’ I also put on some low rise hip hugger jeans that flared at the bottom. I lightly put on some makeup which consisted of mascara, silver eye shadow, and clear lip gloss. When I got downstairs I saw Dumbledore, four adults, two of them being the Malfoys’ two of them I didn’t know. There was also Blaise Zabini and Draco Malfoy; I’m guessing the other two adults are Zabini’s parents.


“What are they doing here?” I asked.


“Sweet heart we just want to let you know we love you no matter what.” My mum said.


“What are you talking about?” I asked confused.


“Ms. Granger, I know that this may come as a shock to you, hopefully not that big of a shock since you know you are adopted. The Zabini’s are your real parents. They asked me to take you someplace safe because even though they are not Death Eaters themselves Voldemort wanted you for himself because you are said to be extremely powerful. The Malfoys helped the Zabinis stage your death, so there would be no questions asked. I never told them who I gave you to so they could keep up the act; but since today is your actual 17th birthday I thought they would like to know.” Dumbledore explained.


“This is too much.” I said falling into a chair.


“Would you like the glamour charm off?” he asked. I shook my head as if to say yes. I did not trust myself to speak in fear of saying something I shouldn’t. Dumbledore took out his wand, chanted a spell, and taped my head 3 times. I felt a sudden jolt as I grew taller. When I looked up I saw the Zabinis smiling along with the Malfoys.


“I thought Malfoys didn’t smile.” I looked at them “quit staring at me, I am still the same person I used to be.” I yelled.


“Ms. Granger, I would like to suggest that you live with your family and get to know them. The Malfoys included. And what I am about to say is for your ears only, the only people who know about this is Harry, Ron, Ginny and very few of the Order members. The Malfoys along with Snape are our spies. So please heed my advice, pack your clothes and go home with your real family.” Dumbledore said shooing me off.

“Yes Professor.”


“Blaise go help your sister.”


“You too Draco.”


I stayed silent as I started to walk to my room, only to have them follow. As I was walking I stopped by a mirror in the hallway, and gasped. I had midnight black hair with electric blue highlights that fell into ringlets. I also had deep violet blue eyes instead of brown. I also had gotten curves, gone up a cup size, and grown from 5’4 to 5’8.


“You take after mum.” Blaise said when we got to my room.

When we were finished packing up my room with a simple spell, we went downstairs and saw our parents talking to the Granger's.


 "Bye Mum, Dad" I said giving them each a hug.


"Take care Hermione" 


"You too." and with that we left. When we got outside there was a limo. Once we got in the limo everything went silent. I studied my parents faces my father had jet black hair and bluish-green eyes just like Blaise. My mum had midnight black hair with blue highlights with violet eyes, like mine. Blaise was right, I did take after our mum, except my eyes were a mix of both. After a while of silence we stopped. As I looked out the window I saw we were in front of a very large well-structured mansion.


“Blaise take your sister up to her room so she can unpack.”


“Ok mum.” With that we walked up the stairs to a room that said Mia’s room.


“Is that my name?” I asked.


“Yeah, Mia Rose.” I smiled. I liked that name. “Well go look at your room.” I walked forward and opened the door. My room was crimson red and black. I looked over my shoulder and smiled. I started walking around my room. I came to a door that turned out to be the closet and gasped. It was a walk-in closet that was already filled with clot


“Isn’t this where you say I’ve gone and went to heaven?” Blaise asked from the door way.


“Sorry, no, I’m not one of those girls.”


“Thank Merlin.” I heard him say under his breath.


“I do love shopping though.” I added.

“Good now you can go shopping with mum.”


“It would be a very good way to bond, thinking about it. Thanks.”


“Sure. Well we should probably get down to the dining room for lunch.”


“Ok.” The walk down to the dining room was a quite one. No one knew what to say, or if they did, they didn’t know how to say it.


“It’s nice of you to join us.” My father said when we entered the dining room.


“Yes, I thought so too.” I said as I sat down.


“Is she always like this?” Mum asked Blaise.


“No, never sarcastic, unless she’s in an argument, she’s more of a know-it-all.” He said snickering.


“I don’t know what you’re laughing at. Just wait until I’m successful and your cleaning up after the students for Hogwarts.” I replied back. Everyone started snickering.


“Hey mum, do we have a library?” I asked


“Great now I am never going to see my sister again!”


“Blaise just because everyone is entitled to be stupid, doesn’t mean you can abuse the privilege.” I snapped at him. “Mum could you show me the library after lunch?”


“Of course I will.” So after lunch my mum showed me the library, and actually stayed there with me and talked about what books were her favorites. I had also brought up the shopping idea with her and she absolutely loved it.

Chapter 2: Who?!?!
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After I got 5 books I went up to my room to read them. After about an hour I was finished with my 2nd book and onto my third. About ½ hour later Blaise and Draco came in and started jumping on my bed.


“Hey!!!! I’m trying to read here!” I yelled.


 “We know that’s why we’re doing it.” Blaise said.


“Great, thanks a lot.”


“You’re welcome.” Malfoy answered and I just glared at him.


“What he means to say is, will you come horseback riding with us?”


“We have horses?!” I asked anxiously.


“Yeah, we have 16 of them.”


“What kinds?” I asked


“There are four of each: Arabian, Quarter, Appaloosa, and Mustang.”


 “I love horses, when I was little the Grangers’ and I used to live by this horse rescue farm. I would go over and help them; in return they taught me how to ride.”


“Well some of them are yours. We just got them yesterday when Dumbledore told us that you were going to come home.” I smiled. “They don’t have names so you get to name them.”


“Ok, I’ll go!” I said getting up and grabbing my sketch book and pencils. As we got to the stables I could see the horses out running in the field. “Which ones are mine?” I asked as I looked out.


“They’re in their stalls.” Blaise said.


“Oh, ok.” My spirits fell as Blaise said this, I was hoping to see them running and having fun out in the field.


“We wanted you to see and name them first.” I nodded my head. As we walked into the stable I saw four horses stick their heads out of their stalls, there was one of each of the breeds. The Arabian is a dapple grey color, the Mustang is black, the Appaloosa is light tan with a black mane, and the Quarter horse is a red roan.


“Oh! They are Beautiful!”

“The Arabian and Mustang are girls, and the Appaloosa and Quarter horse are both boys.” Blaise said.


“I think I could figure that out myself, thank you.” I said sarcastically.


“What are you going to name them?” Malfoy asked.


    “Well I think I will name the Arabian, Nikolai, the Mustang will be Midnight, the Appaloosa will be Dakota, and the Quarter horse will be Dante.”


“Ok” Blaise said but he stretched it out.


“There is nothing wrong with those names, I kinda like them.” Malfoy said.


“Thank you.” I said blushing. “Hey Blaise, is there a place here where you go just to think?”


“Yeah, but the only way there is by horse.” He said.


“I want to ride to there. I’ll use Niko for the ride there and I’ll let the Night, Kota, and Te out to run.”


“Nice nicknames.” Blaise said.


“Thanks.” I walked to the tack room and got the bridles while Blaise and Malfoy got their saddles. By the time they had their saddles on I had already gotten all the Bridles and Bits into place, let Kota, Te, and Night out, and was on Niko bare back.


“I can't believe you two still need saddles.” I said as I grabbed the reins.


“You should have one you don’t know how well Niko is when riding.” Blaise said.


“Blaise if she wants to get bucked off let her.”


“Sorry to disappoint you Malfoy but that isn’t going to happen.” I said as I rode out of the stables. The guys rode out after me.


“Well lead the way.” I said while waiting for them to get ahead of me. We rode for about 15 minutes before stopping.


“Well this is it.” Blaise said while getting off of his horse and ground tying the reins. Then he came over and helped me off Niko, and tied his reins too.


“Thanks.” I said while going over to Blaise’s saddle and grabbed my sketch book and pencils out. I finally got a good look around. We were on a cliff overlooking a river with a waterfall and mountains. The sunset made everything seem perfect.


“This is beautiful.” I said as I sat down by the edge and started to sketch everything.


“I didn’t know that you drew.” Malfoy said as he sat down beside me.


“Yeah besides writing, it’s my other passion.” I said.


“Could I see it?”


“Sure.” I said hesitantly while handing it to him. He started flipping through the book, and started smiling like a Cheshire cat when he landed on one page.


“Hey Blaise come look at this!” he said while getting up and going over to Blaise. Blaise started smiling like a maniac too.


“What?!” I said getting up and looking over their shoulders at the sketch and started blushing. It was a picture of Malfoy sitting in the Hogwarts library studying. He had a look of concentration on his face. They both looked at my face and started laughing.


“I grabbed my sketch book back and started toward Niko. After untying the reins I got up on her and started to head home. I could hear Blaise and Malfoy scrambling after me. I was racing so fast back to the stables I probably got there in half the time. I put the bridle away and raced toward the mansion. As I got inside I ran past my mum only to run into my dad. He wrapped his arms around me and held me there.


“Sweetie what’s wrong.” My dad asked worried. It was then that I realized that I had been crying. I hid my face in the crook of his neck and started to relax. I let out slow and even breaths as I heard Blaise and Malfoy approach. My mum and dad asked them what happened. I could hear them talking but all it sounded like was mumbling. I didn’t know what was going on, I didn’t think I was that tired, but I must have been because the next thing I know I started slipping from my fathers grasp, and my grip loosened on my sketch book and it fell to the floor. I don’t know what happened after that. I woke up the next morning in my bed. I got up slowly and walked toward the bathroom. After my shower I got dressed in a light blue long sleeve thermal shirt and a black skirt. I didn’t put on any make-up today.


My walk down to the dining room was spent trying to figure out what happened last night. When I was close to the dining room I could hear voices talking quietly as if they didn’t want to be heard. Then I remembered everything. Going horseback riding to the cliff, Malfoy and Blaise seeing that sketch of Malfoy, running into my parents, Malfoy and Blaise running in, and then nothing. I walked slowly into the dining room while looking down at the floor.


“Good morning sweetheart.” My mum said while standing up and walking over to me.


“Morning.” I mumbled as she put her arm around my shoulders.


“What happened last night?” I asked.


“You gave us quite the scare, we didn’t know what happened, but your father said you had either fainted or fallen asleep.” She said while guiding me into my chair.


“Oh, I’m sorry I am being so troublesome.” I said looking down at my plate.


“Oh you’re not being troublesome, Sweetie.” My father said.


“Blaise and Draco have something they would like to say to you, don’t you boys.”


“Mia, we are so sorry, we shouldn’t have acted that way. Especially about that, you were sharing something personal with us and we both laughed at it. After some thought we figured that you drew whatever you could at any given moment, and this one just happened to be Draco. We just thought it was funny that you would draw him at all. I do have to say it was a very good drawing, very realistic. But like I said we are so sorry we made you upset.” Blaise said as I looked at my plate the whole time.


“I didn’t draw him because he was the only thing I could draw at that given moment.” I said quietly.


“Then why did you draw me?” Malfoy asked softly.


“At that given moment you weren’t the evil little cockroach, you were just another student trying to pass that year, just another human being trying to be good, it was a side of you that you never let show at school before, and I felt glad that I was right, I was right that you had a good side to you; that you weren’t always evil. That is why I drew that picture.” I said looking up at him with a smile. “May I be excused; I am not very hungry this morning.”


“Sure honey.” My mum answered. I sat in my room on my laptop while listening to my ipod. The next thing I know I heard a knock at my door.


“Come in.” I said taking my headphones off.


“Hey sis, do you want to go swimming with us?”


“I don’t think so.”


“Please?!” Blaise begged.


“Fine, but get out so I can change.” I sighed.I changed into a black bikini with lime green letters saying ‘I’m not a tease, I’m just a reminder of what you can have’ on the butt. When I was finished I walked out of my room and saw Blaise and Draco waiting for me in the hall. As they saw me their mouths dropped open.

“Oh no, you’re not wearing that with everyone here!”

“What? What do you mean everyone?” I asked.

“He means the quidditch team.” Draco said calmly.


Chapter 3: Screw that we're going to JC Penney's
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“The Quidditch Team!” I yelled.

“Wie könnte Sie?” (How could you?!)

“A fait pourquoi ne vous me dites pas” (why didn’t you tell me?)

“Ik moet veranderen!” (I have to change!)

 “Jeez man, I knew you said she’d freak but you didn’t say she’d burst into a trilingual rampage.” Draco said.

“Where did you learn all those languages?” Blaise asked.

“Ich habe Klas- I mean I took classes.”

“What languages were those in?” Blaise asked.

“German, French, Dutch.” Draco said. I looked at Draco impressed.

“Dude how did you know that?” Blaise asked dumbfounded.

“Blaise how did you not know that.” I said.

“Oh Mia, by the way, you look fine.” Draco said.

“Draco-” Blaise said in a warning tone.

“Blaise, you don’t know what I’m talking about.”

“Ok what are you talking about?”

“Mia said she had to change in Dutch so I was telling her she looked fine.”

“Oh okay.”

“Boys.” I mumbled as I walked down to the swimming area.

“Mia! Where are you going?!”


When I opened the door I saw the whole Slytherin Quidditch team there in nothing but
swimming suits.

“Well, well, well look have we have here; is the little mudblood lost?” None other than
Marcus Flint said this. I walked straight up to him and kicked him in the groin. Flint doubled over in pain.

“Heed this warning Flint, I was never a mudblood, but a pureblood adopted into a muggle family; and if you ever call me that again I know the perfect little curse for you." By the time I was finished Flint was still on his knees.

“Ooops looks like I don’t know my own strength, or your just to weak.” When I finished

 the whole Quidditch team was clapping. I walked over to the pool and sat at the edge.

“Hey I’m Millicent Bulstrode you must be Mia.”


“That was a nice show you put on there, us girls are so sick of Flint treating us like we’re toys.”

“My pleasure, besides I’ve been wanting to do that since 2nd year.” Millicent and I laughed.

“Mia Rose why did you do that to Flint?!”

“Do what?” I asked.

“Don’t play dumb with me! Why did you kick him!”

“What did he tell you; Blaise I was just trying to be friendly to your sister and she kicked me.”


“Blaise how could you be so stupid! You come over here yelling at me and you haven’t even heard my side of it!” I ran out of there crying, I heard someone coming after me but I didn’t stop. I got all the way into my room when I finally broke down. Someone came in and held onto me. I looked up to find the one that is holding me is Draco. 

“How could he?”

“He's new to having a sister. He isnt use to having someone to look afer, he is used to Flint feeding him lies, so he automatically thinks it's the truth.” Draco said.



“Blaise you are so stupid.” I said as Blaise sat there dumbfounded because I had slapped him.

“If you think that Flint was trying to be nice you have it all wrong. He called Mia a lost little mudblood, that’s why she kicked him.” Blaise fell to the ground.

“I messed this up didn’t I?”

“You have to ask?!”

“Ok I’ll go apologize.”

“Let me talk to her first after all she is crying and needs to be comforted.”

“Where’s Draco?”

“I don’t know I haven’t seen him since Mia left.” I looked at Blaise and started to follow him out of the swimming area but not before Blaise punched Flint in the face and told him to leave and not come back or he would be sorry.


“Thank you Draco.” I said as I wiped the tears from my eyes.

“Anytime.” he replied softly.

“What do you think your doing to my sister Malfoy?!” I looked up to see Blaise and Millicent standing above us. As Blaise looked at me his eyes softened.

“Mia-” he started but I cut him off.

“It’s ok Blaise, Draco told me how you’re used to thinking Flint always told you the truth and you didn’t know any better.”

 “An’ besides Draco wasn’t doing anything to me just listening.” I said softly as I got up, for some reason I started feeling empty like there was something inside that was taken away.

“Hey Millicent, do you mind if I call you Mill instead?” I asked.

“Not at all.”

“Why don’t you and I go shopping today?”

“That would be awesome!” Mill squealed.

“Ok well I have some clothes here you could wear. Oh do you guys want to go?”


“Cool, meet us in 10 minutes.”

Mill and I were getting ready to go shopping. Mill was wearing a tight fitting black shirt with silver letters saying ‘A heart is not a plaything; a heart is not a toy; but if you want it broken; just give it to a boy.’ Then she had a black and blood red mini skirt on with 3” heels. I was wearing a green shirt with silver letters saying ‘He broke my heart, it shattered like glass. So when he comes crawling back I'll say baby kiss my @$$.’ Then I have a dark blue (almost black) mini on. When we were ready we met the boys downstairs.

“So where to first?”

“Madam Juanita robes for all occasions, Pureblood closet, Kittens and Drag-”

“Screw that we’re going to JC Penney’s!”

“To where?!” Draco said bewildered.

“Oh it’s this really cool muggle store in the mall.”

“The what?” Blaise asked.

“The mall, it’s kind of like Hogsmeade all together but in one building.”

“Oh lets go there!” Mill shouted.

“Ok but we have to stop at the Granger’s house to get the car, don’t ask.”


“Thanks again!” I said as we drove off in my new Mustang GT. We had Nickelbacks' ‘Gotta be Somebody’ playing. When we got to the mall Blaise and Draco had there mouths wide open.

“Come on!” I yelled excited. While we were at the mall we went to JC Penney’s, Vanity, Murices, and a lot of other stores. Draco and Blaise were carrying Millicent’s and my bags.

“How much do you need to buy?”

“A lot.” I said as we sat down at McDonalds to eat. Mia and Millicent both had a fruit salad while Blaise was eating a Mc Chickenand Draco was eating a crispy ranch snack wrap.

“Hermione??” I heard someone say, as I looked up I saw Harry, Ron, and Ginny there.

“Hermione is that you?” Harry asked; I shook my head yes.

“Why are you hanging around with them, they are nothing but rich snobby purebloods?!” Ron yelled. I got up from my chair and slapped Ron on the cheek hard enough for his to head to turn to the side. Ron sat there bewildered on what just happened while Mia continued.

“If you ever insult my brother, my friends or me again I will personally kill you.”

“What do you mean brother?” Harry asked

“Blaise Zabini is my brother, I’m a pureblood I was adopted and I found out this summer.” I said. Harry had a look of shock on his face as well as Ron and Ginny.

“Come on guys lets go.” I said walking away but not before Ron got up, grabbed my arm, turned me around and slapped me across the face.

A/N: I am so so sorry I havent updated in so long. I finally got some time...with Christmas break starting the 23rd and not having to be back to school till the 5th of January I hope to get some chapters in. I have until chapter 12 planed out I just have to type it up.

Chapter 4: The Fight and Kiss
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A/N: I am just making corrections for right now then when Christmas break comes I will get the 4 parts I have ready typed up and submitted. Now on to part 4

I stood there shocked. Ron had never hit me. Oh he’s so going to get it. Just as that thought crossed my mind Millicent had gotten up and punched Ron in the nose, then kicked him in the groin.

“If you ever hit Mia again you’ll have to deal with us.” Millicent said in a deathly whisper.

Ginny walked over to Millicent and punched her in the nose, thus starting a fight between the two of them. Blaise went and was about to kick Ron in the ribs but Harry came and punched Blaise starting a fight between them. 

Draco decided was going to help Mia who had been crying, but before he could reach her Ron decide to trip him thus starting a fight between them. Mia couldn’t believe it there was a brawl happening in McDonalds, a muggle place no doubt. Mia sat there until Ron, Harry, and Ginny we’re on the ground unconscious. No one wasted a second. We grabbed our stuff and ran out of there so we wouldn’t get caught. I drove all the way to the Zabini Manor seeing as how no one else could drive.

“I can’t believe you guys did that.” I said.

“How could we not? That F'in bastard hit you!” Draco questioned.

“Well thank you.” I said.

As soon as we got in the house we walked to my room to get them cleaned up. Blaise helped Millicent and I helped Draco.

“Thank you Draco.” I said looking at him in the eyes.

“I should be the one thanking you but you're welcome.” Draco said softly. I put my hand about the cut on his forehead and moved his hair out of the way; after that I started cleaning the cut on his forehead from a punch Ron landed. Draco flinched.

“Sorry.” I said. Draco brought his hand up and grabbed mine, he brought our hands to his mouth so he could kiss my knuckles as our eyes stayed locked on each other. As soon as we were about to kiss Millicent came in and squealed.

“How awesome was that shit!” Draco and I were startled so much we jumped apart. I looked away blushing and Draco just sat there and turned his head away mumbling.

“Were you guys just about to kiss?” Millicent asked a little confused about our behavior.

“What’s going on here?” Blaise asked looking suspicious. Millicent whispered something to him and he looked surprised.

“They were about to what?” He asked shocked.

“They were about to kiss.” Blaise looked at us and back at Millicent. He shook his head and walked out of the bathroom. Millicent followed.

“Wow that was awkward.” I said. Draco just shook his head yes.

“Well your all fixed up.” I said gathering the supplies I used and put them away. Draco came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. I turned around and wrapped my arms around his neck. I laid my head on his shoulder. I could feel his warm breath on my neck. ‘How could I ever have thought him to be so heartless?’ I thought.

“Mia?” Draco whispered afraid it would ruin the moment.


“I’m going to kiss you.”

“.......” I said nothing but just looked at him. He started leaning forward. The moment our lips met I felt as if everything was right in my life. After a minute Draco broke the kiss.

“Wow.” We said at the same time.



The next couple of  months everything was wonderful. Draco came over everyday. He finally asked me out. Our relationship has been a lot better than before, of course we decided to leave the past just there, the past. Blaise and Millicent also started dating. It was now the 31st of August, the next day they were do at Hogwarts. Mia of course was Head Girl and Draco was Head Boy. Blaise and Mia had gotten to know each other better so they felt like they knew each other forever, which they should’ve but with the adoption and Voldemort, it wasn’t possible. They were as close as brother and sister could be.

~*Platform 9 ¾ *~

“Come on, Mill!” I yelled as I grabbed her arm. She had been staring at Blaises' butt for the last 5 minutes.

“What?” she asked while looking at me with a confused face.

“The trains this way, so stop staring at my brothers’ butt.” I replied as I dragged her on the train. As we passed by the new Golden Trio’s compartment, Potter yelled ‘skank.’

“Potter is going to be sorry he said that to the Head Girl.” I said as I turned around. I opened the compartment door.

“What do you want whore?” Weasel said.

“Wow....Whore? Is that the best you got? Its so original. Fifty points from Gryffindor for calling the Head Girl such vulgar names.” I said. I was so fed up with them.

“You can’t do that you’re in Gryffindor too.” Weaselette said.

“We’ll just see about that.” I said and strode out of the compartment. As Mill and I found the compartment Draco and Blaise were in, I saw Parkinson sitting a little to close to Draco; Draco had a look of disgust on his face.

“Pansy how many times do I have to tell you my sister is Draco’s girlfriend.” Blaise said as I opened the door.

“Blaise you don’t have a sister.” She replied.

“Yes, he does.” I said as I walked to Draco and kissed him.

“Hey.” I said.

“Hey beautiful.” He replied.

“Mudblood!” Parkinson yelled looking furious.

“Sorry pug-face, I mean pansy ‘like that’s any better,’” I said under my breath “but I’m pureblood now.” I said as if it were nothing.

“No, you couldn’t be! You’re a filthy Mudblood isn’t that right Millicent.”

"Sorry Pansy, but Mia is a Zabini, and she’s dating Draco” she said putting an emphasis on dating Draco. “So he’s so off limits now.”

“It’s true Parkinson, face it.” I said.

“Blaise would you go out with me?” she asked giving her the puppy eyes which could hardly be considered that. The look on her face made her look constipated.

“If I were single I would just say no but since I’m not single and going out with Mill I’m changing that to a Hell no.” he answered. Pansy ran out of there crying her eyes out. The rest of us just sat there laughing. The rest of the train ride went smoothly; when the train stopped Draco and I had to make sure all of the students were off of the train. When we were finished we got off the train and into the Heads carriage.


“This year one of the seventh years will be getting resorted. Ms. Zabini will you please come up here?” Dumbledore said as I stood up to walk to the stool to get resorted. “Some of you may know Ms. Zabini to be Hermione Granger, but after finding out she was adopted by the Grangers she went to live with her actual family. She is now Mia Zabini.” Dumbledore explained to the students who were all whispering. As I sat on the stool McGonagall placed the Sorting Hat onto my head and stepped back.

“Very difficult…Last time I placed you in Gryffindor but now I see you would do much better in…….SLYTHERIN!” The Sorting Hat yelled. I smiled and got off the stool and strode over to where Draco, Blaise, and Mill were sitting. Draco leaned down and kissed me.

“Congratulations.” He said.

“Dude just cuz she got in Slytherin doesn’t mean you have to snog the living daylights out of her.” Blaise said. I laughed and started talking with Millicent.

“So what do you think about having 5 dances this year.” I whispered to Mill so no one could here.

“Awesome for what occasions.” She asked.

“Well, Welcome back to school, Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, then we could have a graduation dance or end of the year dance. I guess if its ok with Dumbledore we could have all of them.” I said.

“Have all of what?” Blaise asked.

“Nothing I have to talk it over with someone else before we can go to Dumbledore with it anyway.” I said looking at Draco. He gave me a quizzical look. I mouthed later, and he nodded. After everyone was finished and off to their common rooms Draco, Mia, Blaise, and Millicent walked up to the front to the Great Hall where Dumbledore stood.

“Now I’m sure you’re wondering why I had to bring a friend with you. Well this year we decided to do something a little different, instead of it just being Head Boy and Girl in the dorm we thought maybe you would like a friend to stay with you both.” He said. Mill and I squealed while Draco and Blaise covered their ears. As we followed Dumbledore to our common room which was on the 5th floor Millicent and I talked about all of the dances we should have. When we got to the common room there was a portrait of a boy and girl.

“Daniel, Charity, this is the group of students that will be living here this year.”

“Nice to meet you.” Charity said.

"Password." Daniel said.

“Herenigde.” Dumbledore said.

“That’s Dutch for reunited.” I said.

“Very good Ms. Zabini.” Dumbledore said.

“Thank you professor.” I said. When we all got in the common room our mouth’s dropped open.

“Wow.” We all said at the same time. The common room was a mix of green, silver and black with a touch of crimson red. There was a black and silver couch and love seat, along with two green chairs. There was also a fireplace and a small library. There were two sets of steps one leading to the girls rooms and one leading to the guys rooms then there was a door in the middle that was suppose to be a conjoined bathroom.

“This is awesome.” Mill said in awe.

“About that thing in the Great Hall.” Draco said.

“Oh well I was thinking maybe we could have 5 or 6 dances this year. The occasions would be, Welcome back to school, Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, then we could have a graduation dance or end of the year dance.” I explained.

“That sounds good. How about we ask Dumbledore about it tomorrow.” Draco replied.

“Cool.” I said. “now if you excuse me I’m a bit tired.” I said and kissed Draco goodnight and gave Blaise a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“Come on Mill.” I said going up the stairs.

“Coming.” She said following me. As we got to the bedrooms we said our goodnights and entered the rooms after setting our passwords mine to true love and her to friends for life. I gasped as I entered the room. It was black and blood red which were my favorite colors. I had a queen sized bed with black and silver covers and green pillows. I had a walk in closet and a vanity with a big mirror. I got my pajamas on and crawled into bed. I fell asleep almost instantly. When I woke in the morning I found Millicent staring at me.

“Morning sleepy head.” She said.

“What time is it?” I asked

“It’s about 9:30 in the morning, your lucky its Saturday.” She said.

“I guess now is a good time as ever to get up and take a shower.” I said.

“Yeah, I guess so.” She answered. I got out of bed and walked into the hallway forgetting what my pajamas looked like, next thing I know I hear chocking and people wolf whistling. I looked down to the common room and saw some of the Slytherin quidditch team. I looked down and saw my black tight fitting noodle strap top and my black short shorts. I blushed and hurried into the bathroom. After my shower I decided to accio my clothes to me. My shirt was an off the shoulder light blue with dark blue letters saying ‘Don't give other people a piece of your mind unless you can afford it’ with dark blue almost black low rise flare jeans After I had dressed I walked out and went to my room to put my make up on which I decided eyeliner and mascara would do for today. I walked out of my room down to the common room where Millicent and the others were.

“Loved the show you put on this morning.” Millicent said.

“Thanks.” I said sarcastically.

“Why don’t we go ask Dumbledore about the dances now.” Draco suggested.

“Sure.” I said. Draco and I went to Dumbledore’s office to find him sitting behind his desk.

“Professor we would like to talk to you about the dances this year. You see we were thinking about having 5 or 6 if that was okay with you of course.” I said

“What occasions?” he asked.

“Well, there could be a Welcome back to school, Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, then we could have a graduation dance or end of the year dance.”

“They all sound fine I presume you are going to bring it up in the prefect meeting on Monday correct?” he asked.

“Yes professor we wanted your permission first.” Draco said.

“It sound good then.” He said.

“Thank you professor.” I said.

“You’re welcome Ms. Zabini.” He replied. Draco and I started walking down to the Great Hall when we heard fighting. As the noise got louder we were able to see a circle gathered around two people fighting.

“Take it back Potter!” I heard Blaise yell.



Chapter 5: fights, poems, bands
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"What the hell did I say???" Harry yelled.

"You said my sister was a whore who has had sex with the entire male population of Hogwarts." Blaise yelled.

"That was Ron! Not me!" Harry yelled back.

"Thanks mate."

“What the hell is going on here!!!!” I yelled as I got to the center to the crowd to see Blaise beating the shit out of Potter.

“Mill, what’s going on here?” I asked Millicent when I saw I was standing close by her.

“Weasley said and I quote ‘she's a whore who has had sex with the entire male population of Hogwarts.’ Blaise overheard the last part and you know the rest.” I walked up to Blaise and Weasley and pulled on the back of Blaise shirt. 

“It’s the second day of school and you’re already getting into fights.” I tsked softly.

“Yeah well did Mill tell you what he said?” Blaise asked.

“Yes I did and that is why I’m stopping this before it gets out of control. 25 points from Slytherin and 40 from Gryffindor.” I stated, “also 3 days detention for both of you; Blaise I know what your going to say and just cuz you’re my brother doesn’t mean I can abuse my privilege as Head Girl.” I started to walk away and pulled Blaise behind me. As I walked into the Great Hall Blaise started complaining until Millicent hit him over the head.

“What was that for!?”

“For being stupid! You know, you’re lucky it was Mia who punished you and not one of the teachers! You could have been suspended!!!” Millicent practically yelled.

“I’m sorry if Weasley pissed me off by saying that my sister had sex with the entire male population of Hogwarts, and I did something about it.”

“Come on you two, please don’t fight.” I begged. The two looked at each other and sighed. “And besides if anyone should beat them to a bloody pulp it’s me.” I added as an after thought. 

“Yeah, you’re right about that.” Milicent agreed. 

“Okay, enough about Potter and the Weasels. What should we do today?” I asked.

“Oh Mia when I was in your room I saw this little black book on the floor, I took a peek inside. Those poems are really good. But please don’t be mad curiosity got the best of me.” Milicent said with a smile.

 “You write poems! Why didn’t you tell me?” Blaise asked.

 “Or me?” Draco added. 

“Thanks Mill.” I said “Exactly which one did you read?” 

“Oh just one about a guy or something like that.” She answered.

“Oh yeah that narrows it down.” I said sarcastically.

“I think it started out like Sweeping across the horizon.”

“Oh, that’s Sweet Surrender it goes:

Sweeping across the horizon,
Sun sets behind the trees,
I see him standing there,
Hair blowing in the breeze,

Standing all alone,
Smiling down at me,
A smile full of love,
A smile full of glee,

I walk up to him,
An’ I hold him tight,
Kissing him in the,
Sweet surrender of the night.”  
[poem I wrote with a friend of mine…please no one copy it.]

“Yeah that’s the one.” She replied, “but I’m dying to know who is it about?”

“Draco, you see I started writing poems when I was about 12 to 13 years old that was one of the first poems I ever wrote; but they weren’t about or for anyone, but when Draco and I started going out I started writing again. Then if you look at the front of the book it says dedicated to Draco Malfoy.”

“Aw I feel so loved.”

“You better! I spent hours writing those poems; but anyway what are we going to do today?”

"Lets have a girls day out.” Milicent said

“Sounds good you can help me think of some bands for the dances. Dumbledore is letting us have them all; but the Welcome Back Dance is the top priority.”

“Awesome so we’ll have a girl’s day and slumber party while thinking of bands, outfits, hair, and makeup.”

“What are we waiting for lets go!” I jumped up out of my chair and dragged Milicent up to the Heads dorms. “Hello Daniel, Charity, Herenigde.”

“Okay so first things first. Bands for the Welcome Back Dance…okay the Weird Sisters, we should have a muggle band or we could form a band. Draco plays the drums, Blaise plays the guitar, I play the keyboard, and you could sing.” 

“We need to ask them first.” 

“So ask them anyway back to business the date.”

“Well I was thinking 2 to 3 weeks.”

“That should give us enough time to learn a couple songs.”

“Three weeks till what?”
“The Welcome Back Dance.” 

“When did we decide this?”

“We didn’t Mill and I did. An’ it’s only 3 weeks because we need to practice songs.” 

“What are you talking about?”

“Well Mill thought we should have two bands, so we decided to form a band. We were going to ask you since you play the drums, Blaise plays the guitar, Milicent plays the keyboard and I can sing.”

“I’ve never heard you sing before.” Blaise commented.

“Me either.”

"Well, I have and she’s really good.”

“Okay sing something sis.” 

“Fine, what should I sing?”

“Sing No Place That Far.”

“Okay. If I had to run, if I had to crawl
If I had to swim a hundred rivers, just to climb a thousand walls,
Always know that I will find a way, to get to where you are,There's no place that far."

“You’re right Mill she really good.”

“Thank you, Thank you.” I said taking a mock bow.

“So what do you think?”

“Awesome, well we’re off to do girl stuff, you know makeup hair, nails so on and so forth."

~* 3 Hours Later*~

“Oh my god, You look totally cute!” Milicent shrieked to me. I had my hair in pigtails and as a joke Milicent did my makeup to make me look like a ten year old instead of seventeen. 

“Very funny, Mill.” I said and got up. Mill’s hair was highlighted and put up in a weird style; her make up was very dark making her to appear gothic. 

“Not as funny as me though I do love the highlights.”

“Thanks now lets go show the boys.” 

“Okay.” As we walked down the stairs Draco and Blaise mouths dropped. 

“What did you do to each other?” Blaise asked.

“Well I made Mia look ten again.”

“And I made Mill look like a really weird goth, although the highlights do look nice in her hair.”

“No offence but you both look ridiculous.” Draco said while wrapping his arms around my waist. “Although you do look good as a seventeen year old gone ten.” 

“Thanks Draco.”

“You just wait because you’re next.” Mill threatened.

“Okay, so its time for dinner.” Draco said quickly.

“I dare you to go down like that.” Blaise said.

“Fine but remember we hang out with you.” As we walked down to the Great Hall people stared and pointed at Mill and I, but we just laughed. When we sat down at the Slytherin table Pansy came up to us and said “Wow, I can’t believe you take time out of your day to humiliate yourselves.” 

“Of course at least three hours a day, but its still less then the nineteen hours you put into it.” I said. “Its kinda sad though cuz the only attention you get is from yourself.”

“Ahrg.” Pansy said and stomped off.

“Love the comeback.” Mill said. 

“ Why thank you” I said 

“So we’ve established you look better in lighter colors and I look better in darker colors.” Mill said.

“Course.” After we all finished eating we headed back up to the common room.

“Ok so time to figure out what songs to use.” 

“Ok so how about two slow songs.”

“Sounds good

“Then two up beat songs.”

“Okay think of some songs and write them down on a piece of paper and we’ll check it later.”

~*That Night*~

“Oh Wow!” I yelled as I read the letter I got.

“What? What is it?” Milicent asked

“Dumbledore forgot to tell Draco and I that we had to start the ball with an opening dance.” 

“That’s Awesome!”

“Yeah I know.”

“What’s awesome?” asked Blaise. Draco was standing next to him looking just as curious.

“Mia and Draco have to start the Welcome Back Dance with a dance.” 

“Nuh-uh, no, I don’t dance.” Draco said while waving his hands around.

“Oh don’t lie to me Draco. You grew up in a well respected family of course they made you take dance lessons. And besides you can’t lie with Blaise and Milicent as witnesses.”

“Fine but I still don’t like it."

“Oh you will.”

“Why is that?”

“Because you’re dancing with me of course.” I said

A/N: Sara Evans No place that far.... love that song.

Chapter 6: The apology
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-1 week later-
~Gryffindor Common Room~

"How can we ruin Zabini's life now......I got it! Let's say she is pregnant with Flint's bastard." Ron said, for the past week he had been trying to make Mia's life a living hell.

"For Merlin's sake Ronald! I can’t take it anymore! I can’t believe you'd do something that low! For someone thats suppose to love Mia your sure doing a lot of shit to hurt her. So she pureblood now, so she's brother's with Zabini, so she's going out with Malfoy, and is friends with Bulstrode, who gives a damn. So her appearance has changed its not like she still can’t be friends with us and last time I checked the Zabini's are on our side and they don’t even have the Dark Mark! So whatever thoughts you have that Mia is going to turn into one of them can just go down the drain.
"I also remember hearing mum and dad talking about how the Malfoys’ tell the Zabini’s where the hits are going to take place. Mia is still our Hermione weather you want to believe it or not. If Malfoy was that bad do you think Mia would hang around him? huh? Just because you don’t like her or don’t want to be friends with her doesn’t mean Harry and I cant. I hope your happy now! You're just as heartless as Malfoy supposedly is!" Ginny yelled at Ron like there was no tomorrow, after she was finished she stormed out of the common room.

"She’s right Ron, you went to far in the mall when you slapped Mia.....I can’t believe I didn’t beat the shit out of you myself." Harry said as he went after Ginny. When he found her she was in a forgotten Charm's room crying.

"Gin?" Harry asked quietly.

"Harry. I couldn't let him keep doing that to her, she's still our Hermione. I can’t believe I didn’t stop this that day in the mall." Ginny said between sobs.

"It wasn’t your fault; I should have stopped it too. It’s not our fault, its Ron. Don’t beat your self up over it. If you really want to be friends with Mia again I'll go with you because honestly I still think of her as my sister." Harry said as he wrapped his arms around her.

"I want to apologize to her, now." Ginny gave as an answer.

"Well then we should get going if we are going to get there and back by curfew. I dont like to see you like this Gin." Harry said while kissing her forehead. "I like it better when your happy and smiling."

"Thanks Harry." After looking at each other for awhile they both started leaning forward, after a moment their lips touched, the kiss was soft and sweet. It was far better than Ginny had ever imagined. After awhile they pulled away blushing profusely.

~*Heads common room*~

"Closed off from love,
I didnt need the pain
Once or twice was enough
and it was all the vain
time starts to pass,
befor you know it your frozen."

"Wow, these songs are really coming along great." I said happily. It was one week before the dance and our band was perfecting the songs for the dance. We had chosen three songs to sing; They were all solos. Mill with Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis, Blaise with If Everyone Cared by Nickelback, and me with 1000 words (in english) by Sweetbox . After about five minutes there was a knock on the door.

"What now?" I asked as I got up and went to the door. When I opened it I didnt plan to see the two people I saw.

"What do you want?" I asked suspiciously as I noticed Ginny’s face and eyes were red.

"Can we talk for a minute ‘Mione...I mean Mia." Harry asked as he looked at me.

"About what? What on Earth could you possibly want to talk to me about?" I asked confused.

"We wanted to apologize to you about our behavior....May we come in? I don’t want to talk out in the hall." Ginny asked

"Alright, I'll send the others upstairs." I said.

"No, we'd like to apologize to them too." Harry said.

“Fine but don’t expect a warm welcome.” I said as I led them into the room.

“What the hell are they doing here?!” shrieked Blaise.

“They came to apologize Blaise; I think we should hear them out, so shut up.” I said as I sat next to Draco and Millicent. They were both looking displeased.

“First off I want you to know that I gave Ron an earful after he told us that he going to tell the school that Mia is pregnant with Marcus Flints’ kid. And secondly I wanted to apologize to all of you about the my behavior. I don’t know why I was doing all that stuff it was like I was pocessed, I guess I was so shocked to find Mia was pureblood and that she was related to the Zabini’s that I just went along with what Ron was doing.” Ginny said

“I thought long and hard for the past week, thinking about how the Zabini’s are on our side and the Malfoy’s are technically spies for the Order that I realized how stupid I was for following my idiotic brother. I realized Mia was still going to be Hermione no matter what family she’s from. And that she must have seen a different side of Malfoy or else she wouldn’t give him a second glance or the time of day. In following my brother’s actions I lost my best friend and Harry lost someone he thought of as his sister. I realized I should have beat the shit out of Ron when he slapped you….I don’t know why Harry and I didn’t but what’s done is done, we cant change the past. So Mia, Millicent, Draco, Blaise, Harry and I are both truely and deeply sorry for what we put you through.”

“Wow I think you beat Dumbledore’s beginning of the term speech.” I said jokingly.

“Yeah I think you’re right.” Ginny said laughing. “About what happened in the mall Millicent, I’m sorry.”

“Yeah I’m sorry to Zabini, I mean Blaise, I realize you probably cant forgive me for what happened but I’d like you to try because if Mia will forgive us I don’t want any of us to fight for her sake. What do ya say truce?” Harry said while holding out his hand.

“Truce.” Draco said putting his hand in Harry’s.

“Just like that! How do you know they aren’t doing this to get close to you and tell everyone your secrets?”

"I'm trusting that they won't do that. Besides I want what's best for Mia and if she wants to be friends with them again then I am going to try to be as civil as possible." Draco answered.

“Thank you Draco.” I said leaning over and hugging him.

“Why don’t you, Mill, and Weas- Ginny go catch up with things. I want to speak with Potter."

“Sure we’ll go upstairs.” I said while walking up the stairs with the other two girls following me.

“Hey Wea- Ginny you got a nice right hook, where’d ya learn it?”

“I live with 6 brothers. Two of them being Fred and George, you had better know something or run.”

“How are the two jokesters doing?”

“Well the joke shops doing great. Which mum didn’t like the idea in the first place but she loves that the twins are doing well with it.”

“Can you wait till the dance?” Millicent asked.

“No I can’t.”

“I know neither can I. I think we should start thinking about outfits, especially for the band."

“You’re in a band?”

“Yeah with Draco, Blaise, and Mia”

“Cool what songs do you guys do?” Ginny asked. They had started discussing the band and what they were going to wear.

~*Common Room*~

“Ok here’s how it goes, you say anything bad about Mia, Mill, or Blaise, we’ll both kick your ass.” Draco said.

“Was Weasel actually going to spread that rumor about Mia?” Blaise asked.

“Yeah he was until Ginny completely blew up on him then ran off. And trust me you don’t want to get Ginny mad, her temper is like her mother’s if either of you know what that’s like.” Harry said. Draco started laughing. Blaise looked at the him curiously.

“Weasley’s howler in 2nd year.” Draco said and Blaise started to snicker.

“Yeah there’s a very good example.” Harry said.

“Maybe you’re not that bad after all Potter.” Blaise said.

Chapter 7: Hogsmeade
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 “I can’t believe them!” Ron could be heard mumbling. “How could they do this to me! I can at least start that rumor.” Just then he saw Lavender Brown walking down the hall. ‘Perfect’ he thought.

“Hey Lavender.”

“Oh, hey Ron.”

“So have you heard that Zabini is knocked up.”

“She’s not!” Lavender gasped.

“That’s not the worst part. It’s Marcus Flints.”

“Oh…wow, wait till I tell Padma.” Lavender said as she went off with the news while Ron stood smirking. He decided to go back to the common room and think more about the plan.

*~Next Morning~*

“Mia, you have to get up.” I heard Mill and Ginny saying. Harry and Ginny spent the night in the Heads’ common room.

“Come on we have to get ready for Hosmeade!” they said as they started jumping up and down on the bed.

“Yeah, Come on Mia!”

“I’m up, I’m up.” I mumbled while getting out of bed and going into the bathroom.

“We’ll be downstairs.”

~*Common Room*~

“I’ll kill that bastard!” Draco yelled when he, Harry and Blaise stormed into the common room.

“What’s gotten your wand in a knot?”

"Not what but who." Harry asked

“He didn’t!” The girls gasped. If they thought Draco’s reaction was bad they didn’t want to see Mia’s.

“That stupid bastard told Lavender Brown. So in the course of about 9 hours the whole school has found out. Not that it is even true.”

“What isn’t true?” Mia asked on her way down the steps.

“Uh……Mia there is going to be something’s said to you that everyone in this room knows isn’t true.”

“Just tell me already” I said getting annoyed.

“Weasley told Brown that you were pregnant with Flints kid.”

“That’s all?”

“What do you mean ‘That’s all’ the whole school thinks you slept with Flint.”

“Dray…Don’t listen to anyone; everyone here knows it isn’t true. Weasley just wants to get us all worked up and if you act like you just did then your letting him win.” She said while wrapping her arms around him.

“Yeah you’re right…as per usual.” Draco stated.

“Of course I am.” I said. “Now let’s get going to Hogsmeade and make the best out of our day.”

The six of them left the common room to go to the Great Hall for breakfast so they could head over to Hogsmeade. While walking down the stairs a lot of the students pointed and whispered. When they got to the Great Hall everyone went silent.

“Hello everyone. Now I don’t know about you but I find that the things said about me are somewhat preposterous. Now how would someone, I am not even friends with anymore, know if I was pregnant? Also how would they know whose it is? If you don’t believe me than maybe you can believe this….I am a virgin. I know shocking isn’t it? Oh and thank you for all of those who talked about me for making me the center of your world I know its hard for some of you….Pansy.”

“Wanna say that to my face bitch?” Pansy yelled getting up.

“You know I would but my mother always told me never to fight with an ugly person, because they have nothing to lose.” Everyone burst out in laughter. Pansy screamed in anger and ran off.

“Where the hell do you come up with all of these come backs?” Millicent asked as we started walking to the Slytherin table.

“It is one of my many talents.”

“Is being a dramtic know-it-all bitch another?” The voice of Ron Weasley came to ask.

“Maybe you should click your heels together and say ‘I need a life, I need a life’ because right now you don’t have one, all you have in your mind is getting revenge for something as simple as finding out that I was adopted and pureblood. Puh-lease, I don’t see what’s so bad.” I said getting up. “Come on guys lets go to Hogsmeade now.”

“Damn, I wish I had a talent like that.” Ginny said as they were walking to the carriages. The carriage ride was really quiet no one talked at all.

“So are we going to look for dresses for the dance?” Ginny asked

“Of course!” I said.

“Ok let’s go then!” she replied grabbing Millicent’s and my hands. “We will meet you at Three Broomsticks in 2 hours.”

“Hey there is this new little gown shop called Madame Mazourek’s it has everything one need for occasions like these. It has gowns and robes and accessories.”

When they got inside of Madame Mazourek’s they all gasped. It was small on the outside and enormous on the inside. The girls went their separate ways to find dresses. Each had about 10 gowns in their hands. They walked over to a dressing room and decided they were going to try them all on and show them to each other for advice. After about 8 of the dress none of the girls had one they liked. They next time they came out Mill and Mia gasped at ginny, She was wearing a dark green fading to black strapless that ended just below the knee and went up at a mild slant to mid thigh.

“That’s gorgeous.” Mill and I squealed. “You’ll knock Harry’s socks off for sure.” Mill and I went back to change into our last one.

“Millicent you look absolutely stunning.” Ginny said as she came out. Mill had on a black noodle strap dress that hugged her curves and flowed out at the botton. It ended alittle below her knees and it had white flowers circling around the bottom. It was when Mia came out that both of them gawked. Mia had on a white floor length strapless with designs encrested with diamonds on the lace at the bottom of the dress and at her waist.

“Oh now I am jealous!” Ginny said. After changing back the girls started looking for shoes to go with their dresses.. Once they had everything they paid and headed off to Three Broomsticks.

“I can’t believe how much that dress cost you.”

“It was encrested with diamonds” I said as we entered and started walking to where the boys were sitting. The guys were all chatting about the necklaces and rings they had gotten for the girls. Harry got Ginny a locket with 5 rubies around it and the rest was covered in sapphires; the ring he got her was a sapphire in the shape of a heart and rubies surrounding it. Blaise just got Millicent a necklace with two dragons entwining making a heart with a diamond dangling down from the heart and a matching ring. Draco got Mia a necklace that had 10 blue diamonds in the shape of a heart. The ring was a blue diamond heart shaped with a white gold band and on the inside of the ring could be read ‘To the love of my life, with you always, Dray’.