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A Chocolate Covered Malfoy by CCC

Format: Novella
Chapters: 9
Word Count: 21,813

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature

Genres: Humor, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, Ginny, Blaise (M)
Pairings: Ron/Hermione, Draco/Ginny

First Published: 03/01/2007
Last Chapter: 04/04/2007
Last Updated: 04/04/2007

Draco and Ginny are assigned to be partners in a cooking class. When chocolate cake batter goes flying, interesting things ensue.

Chapter 1: Chapter 1
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Draco Malfoy glared at Professor Snape. “You have got to be kidding me.”

Snape glowered at his godson. “Unfortunately, I am not.”

“They want us to learn to cook like a common house elf?”

“Yes,” Snape replied while trying to hide his amusement. “Apparently, Dumbledore and McGonagall are under the impression that cooking falls under basic skills. They want all of the students to be able to fend for themselves.”

Draco fought the urge to roll his eyes. He put on a fierce smirk instead. “Don’t they know that is what restaurants and servants are for?”

Snape sighed. “Just do what they ask of you. It shouldn’t be too hard.”

Draco turned and stalked off. Snape smiled and spoke in a low voice, “I know you’re there, Minerva.”

Professor McGonagall stepped around the corner. “I didn’t want to intrude on a private moment between you and your student, Severus.”

“Did you find his reaction amusing?”

Minerva nodded. “Indeed I did. He is so full of himself. I think I’ll pair him with someone who can bring him down a few notches.”

Snape smirked at her. “I’m not sure who that would be.”

Professor McGonagall smiled. “I think a certain redhead will be able to teach him a thing or two.”

Snape chuckled. “Oh Minerva, you are truly an evil woman.”

Professor McGonagall put on her most innocent expression. “I have no idea what you are talking about.” Then, she walked over and whispered in his ear, “I’ll see you in my quarters after curfew. Wash your hair before you come to see me.”


Ginny was griping to anyone who would listen. “Honestly, who doesn’t know how to cook? If you couldn’t cook, you’d starve.”

She sensed an irritating presence behind her before she heard his voice. “Of course you know how to cook, Weasley. It’s the lower class that get's hired by their betters to cook for them. I’m sure your mother was just planning out your future employment when she taught you how to cook,” Draco Malfoy informed her.

Ginny turned to glare at Draco, and she thought that it was a good thing that he was such a jerk. Otherwise she might have to launch herself at him, subdue him, and kiss the hell out of him. “Malfoy, I can assure you that anyone with common sense knows how to cook. Only people who’s heads are up their own arses depend on other people to feed them.”

Draco started to retort, but Professor McGonagall walked in. “Listen up, I am going to assign partners, and then you will each go to your assigned classroom to cook. You will eat the product of your lesson for dinner this evening.

Ginny murmured loud enough for Malfoy to hear, “With any luck, you’ll poison yourself.”

Draco leaned forward and hissed, “What are you doing here anyway? This class is supposed to be for those of us about to graduate.”

Ginny turned and smiled at him. “Professor McGonagall asked me to come and help because I have good cooking skills.”

“Really? Dean Thomas talked about your skills out on the Quidditch Pitch, but I don’t think he mentioned anything about cooking,” Draco retorted.

Professor McGonagall cleared her throat and scowled at Ginny and Draco. “If you don’t mind, I’d like to get started.”

Ginny ground her teeth together while she thought of the hexes that she was going to use on her ex-boyfriend the next time she saw him. Telling herself that she only had to endure Malfoy’s company for a few more moments, she clenched her fists and waited to hear whom she would be helping. When “Ginny Weasley and Draco Malfoy” rang out through the classroom, as chosen partners, Ginny fought the urge to curse out loud.

She looked at Professor McGonagall, who smiled sadly at her. “I know that the two of you don’t get along, but he really knows nothing about cooking. I thought that you could enlighten him.”

Ginny nodded and waited to hear what room they were to be assigned. Professor McGonagall walked over to her with a room number. “I am allowing both of you to keep your wands, but I will put a spell on them to keep you from hexing each other while you are working together.”

Ginny nodded, and started to walk off. Draco glared at her retreating form and asked, “Where are we going?”

Without looking back, Ginny replied, “If you want to know, you’ll have to follow me.”

Draco grudgingly followed her to a classroom that had been set up as a kitchen. It was full of machines and appliances that he did not recognize. He watched as Ginny walked up to a table and picked up a piece of paper.

“We are supposed to make a meal and a dessert. If I have to help you, then we are making chocolate cake with chocolate icing because that is my favorite.” Ginny looked at him and he shrugged. “What do you want for an entree?”

Draco turned his back on her as he spoke. “I don’t care.”

Ginny fought the urge to walk over and smack him on the back of the head. She took a deep breath. “Fine, we will have pork chops and tossed salad.”

Draco sat at the kitchen table and nodded. “That sounds fine. You can get started, and I’ll watch.”

“I’m sorry, it doesn’t work that way. I will show you how to dredge the pork chops, and then I’ll cook them. You will wash up all of the ingredients for the salad and chop them up accordingly.”

Ginny ignored the fact that Draco didn’t stand up. She went over to the magical cupboard and recited what she needed. When she opened the cupboard, all of her ingredients were inside. She took out the ingredients for the pork chops and carried them over to the stove. She placed a pan on the stove and added some oil. Then she turned to her reluctant partner and said, “Malfoy, get your lazy arse over here.”

Draco grudgingly stood up, walked over and leaned against the counter next to her. She explained how she was putting the pork chops in an egg wash and then dredging them in flour and spices. Then she stood back and looked at him expectantly. “It’s your turn. Do what I just did.”

Draco muttered under his breath, but he did what he had seen her do, and then he put his pork chop in the pan next to hers. It sizzled happily in the pan. Ginny nodded. “Now go get the vegetables out of the cupboard and cut them up for a salad.”

“I’m sorry, I may not have the skills for that, maybe you should show me how first,” Draco drawled.

Ginny smiled at him. “I could probably beat you to death with this frying pan and make it look like an accident. I doubt McGonagall would ask too many questions.”

Draco rolled his eyes at her empty threat, and then he went over to the cupboard. Ginny went back to working with the pork chops. She felt herself becoming warm, so she took off her robe. She was grateful that she had on one of her nicer blouses and skirts. She wasn’t in the mood to listen to Draco go on about her lack of finances.

She heard Draco chopping, and she turned around to see him meticulously cutting the carrots so that each piece was exactly the same size. “This isn’t Potions class, the pieces don’t have to all be the same size.”

Draco spoke without looking up, “If something is worth doing, it is worth doing well. I wouldn’t expect you to understand that since you are a Weasley.”

Ginny sent him a withering glance, and then she smiled. “You know, it just occurred to me that I don’t have to stay here and do this. I’m not being graded. I could just walk out the door and leave you to do this by yourself.”

“Please,” Draco muttered, “you are far too much of a Gryffindor to disappoint McGonagall.”

Ginny stepped away from the stove, grabbed her robe and headed for the door. She looked at Draco. “Say something nice, or I am leaving.”

Draco looked at her and smirked. “Alright, you have a nice arse.”

Ginny’s jaw dropped open for a moment, and then she laughed. “That is not exactly what I meant, but I guess it will have to do. Now, let’s agree to be civil to each other for the duration of this cooking lesson.”

Draco nodded and continued to chop vegetables. When Ginny had finished the pork chops, she placed them on a platter with a warming spell. Then, she took out the ingredients for the cake and the icing. She looked over at the table to see how far Draco had gotten with the salad. So far, he had chopped up one carrot and a cucumber. “Honestly, at that rate, the cake will be finished before the salad.” Waving her wand at the vegetables and muttering a chopping spell, she reduced the rest of the vegetables to bite size pieces.

Draco complained, “You didn’t tell me I could use my wand.”

Ginny rolled her eyes at him. “Do you always whine this much? No wonder your parents only had one child.”

Draco glared at her. “I thought we were being civil.”

“You’re right. I forgot.”

Draco smirked. “Now you have to say something nice about me.”

Ginny smiled cheekily and replied, “Fine, you have a nice arse. Now get back to work.”

Draco chuckled as he used his wand to put all of the salad components into a bowl, and then he placed a cooling charm on them. He looked up to see Ginny watching him. “Now what?”

“Now, we are going to mix together the ingredients for the cake, and while it cooks we will eat the salad and the pork chops.”

Draco watched as she pulled out flour, eggs, milk, vanilla, sugar, and other assorted items that he soon lost interest in. “So your family actually bakes cakes, rather than buying them?”

Ginny nodded. “Yes, we do. Homemade cakes are better than store bought cakes. Plus, you can add more chocolate. There is nothing that I hate more than a cake that looks like it’s chocolate, but doesn’t taste like it.” Draco watched as Ginny chopped up what looked like a pound of chocolate and mixed it into the cake batter.

Ginny set out some powdered sugar, butter, milk and vanilla. “If you’ll mix these together for the icing, we’ll be done.”

Draco looked at the mixer that she pointed at. He read the spell on the mixer, and he muttered it while he waved his wand. The beaters whirred to life. He smiled. This cooking stuff wasn’t so bad. He placed the ingredients in the bowl, and was pleased when a fluffy white frosting started to come together. Ginny walked over and handed him a pan of chocolate that she had melted on the stove. “Add this slowly,” she instructed.

Draco drizzled the chocolate in, and he watched as the icing took on a glossy sheen. When it was finished, he pulled the beaters out of the bowl, and was immediately hit with large gobs of icing.

Ginny turned around when she heard him cursing. She saw immediately what the problem was. He hadn’t bothered to turn the mixer off, before he pulled the beaters out. Ginny grabbed her wand and muttered the off command. The beaters stopped whirring, and she started to laugh. Draco had random streaks of chocolate icing starting in his hair and ending at his waist.

Draco glared at her. She tried to stop laughing, but she had never seen the Slytherin with a hair out of place, and this new image of him struck her as extremely funny. Taking a breath, she tried to say something, but a glob of icing hit her square in the face, and ran down her neck. She squealed in outrage.

Draco laughed. “You’re right; that is funny.”

Ginny smiled calmly as she grabbed the cake pan that she had yet to put in the oven. She turned to Draco with an innocent smile on her face. “You know, you really need some cake to go with that icing.”

Draco understood her intentions, and he rushed forward to grab the cake pan out of her hands. Ginny swung the pan, and a large slosh of cake batter erupted, hitting him in the chest and running down onto the floor. Without pausing, he grabbed the pan, and a wrestling match ensued.

The contents of the cake pan sloshed on both Draco and Ginny. He realized that she was laughing, and he began to laugh as well. Finally, the floor was so slick with batter that he felt his feet sliding out from under him. He tried to gain a hold on something to stop his fall, but he only succeeded in pulling Ginny down with him.

Draco landed on his back with a thump. It took him a moment to realize that the motion on top of him was from Ginny laughing. She was draped across his chest, with her head against his neck. One of his legs was tangle between hers, and he couldn’t see her face due to her hair being everywhere.

Ginny tried to get her laughter under control. She took a deep breath and pushed up with one arm. She tried not to pay attention to the well-muscled torso that she lying on top of, or the leg that was pressed firmly between her own. She looked to see if Draco was planning on killing her, and was delighted to see that he was amused by the whole situation. She smiled at him, and he smiled back.

She had never seen him truly smile before. His eyes shone, and his cheeks were flush. The effect was dazzling. That, combined with the pressure that his leg was exerting between her thighs, was causing her to think very inappropriate thoughts. Deciding that she could perform a memory spell later, if need be, she leaned down and licked a ribbon of chocolate icing off of his neck. She heard him make a small noise, and since he hadn’t pushed her away, she licked a bit of icing off of his jaw.

Draco must have decided that this was a game worth playing, because he rolled her over and began to lick the icing off of her neck. Ginny let out a moan as he worked his way towards her mouth. They engaged in a heated kiss, and then Ginny managed to roll them back over so that she was on top again. Draco smirked up at her. “You are very pushy.”

Ginny replied, “You are correct.” Then, she leaned down and licked icing off of his ear. They were engaged in another chocolate flavored kiss, when Ginny heard someone yelling, “Ginny Weasley, have you lost your mind?”

Ginny sat up with a start, and saw Professor McGonagall and Professor Snape looking at her in disbelief. “Oh, crap,” seemed like the only appropriate response as she slid sideways off of Draco and then slowly stood up. She looked at Draco, but he appeared to be at a total loss. Deciding that she was going to have to be the brave one, she started talking. “I’m sorry. We had an accident with the chocolate icing and the cake batter. We fell, I landed on top of Draco, he was covered in chocolate, and uhmm, I kissed him.”

Professor Snape’s eyes appeared ready to bug out of his head, “You, kissed him?” he asked in disbelief.

Ginny nodded and tried to make her cake batter soaked clothes look more presentable. She looked at Professor McGonagall to gauge her reaction, and noticed that the older woman looked like she was trying not to laugh. Ginny smiled at her Head of House. “We’ll get this cleaned up right away. We did manage to cook dinner. You see, on the table over there? We made pork chops and salad.”

Professor McGonagall nodded. “I see.” Ginny noticed that although she was trying to appear stern, the corners of her mouth kept turning up in an odd way. “Well I guess there is no harm done. Come on Severus, let’s go check on the other students.”

Snape turned to look at his fellow Professor in disbelief. “That’s it?”

Professor McGonagall sighed and looked at Draco. “I assume you aren’t planning on filing any complaints against Miss Weasley?”

Draco appeared to consider the question as he watched Ginny’s lip curl up in a quiet growl. With a smirk, he replied, “No Professor, everything is fine.”

Professor Snape pointed his wand at Draco and muttered a cleaning spell, and then he did the same thing to Ginny, and then the floor. When Ginny gave him a questioning look he explained, “This way you won’t be tempted again.”

Ginny blushed and turned to walk back to the table. She decided that her only option was complete denial, so she began setting out flatware. That might have worked, if Draco hadn’t walked up behind her and bitten her on the neck. Ginny gave up on distributing the flatware in favor of clutching the table for support.

She heard Draco mutter something, and she turned around to see him smirking at her and holding the bowl that held the remaining icing. She waited to see what he was planning on doing, not sure what his intentions might be. She watched as he set the bowl on the table, pointed his wand at the door and uttered a locking spell, and then dipped his finger inside the bowl to retrieve a dollop of icing. Next he traced her collarbone with the liquid chocolate before leaning down to lick it off.

Deciding that she was probably going to go to hell for this, so she might as well enjoy herself anyway, Ginny reached out and unbuttoned his shirt. Then she smeared a ribbon of chocolate from his neck to his pectoral muscles. Without looking to see Draco’s reaction, she started with her mouth on his chest and worked her way up.

When she finally looked into Draco’s eyes, she was hit with searing lust. Therefore, she wasn’t surprised when he picked her up and set her on the table. She couldn’t help noticing that their bodies were aligned perfectly to act out the lewd scenario that was currently playing in her brain. Draco must have had the same idea because he reached out and pulled her flush against his body. Instinctively, she wrapped her legs around his back as he kissed her.

A small voice in her head was saying, “You idiot, do you realize that you are about to let Draco Malfoy shag you on a table?” There was a much louder and lustier voice that was doing a cross between a growl and a female war cry, so that she hardly noticed the small voice at all. The insistent pounding on the classroom door, however, managed to get her attention.

“Draco, someone is at the door!” Ginny yelled loud enough for him to stop pressing her back against the table.

Draco growled and stomped over to the door. “Who is it?” he asked in an irritated voice.

“It’s Zabini. Snape told us that we had to come over and eat with you. Open the damn door.”

Draco turned to look at Ginny who was still draped across the table invitingly. He scowled and turned back to the door. “Just a minute.” He turned to Ginny and said, “We’ll have to finish this later.”

Ginny frowned as she did a quick clothes straightening and cleaning spell. She searched the floor for her knickers, which had somehow gone missing already. She looked up to see Draco smiling at her and twirling them on his finger. She started to walk forward, but he just smirked and shoved them in his pocket as he opened the door.

Zabini looked at Draco. “What in the hell is going on in here? Why did I have to lug this weird meal, that Lovegood insisted we make, over to your room?”

Draco shrugged and walked back towards Ginny. “I have no idea. We were getting along just fine.”

Ginny smirked as she set the table for four. “What did you make, Luna?”

Luna smiled. “I made a dish that my father learned in the jungles of Mexico, it’s called tamales.”

Blaise looked at Draco pleadingly. “Tell me you made something normal. These tamale things are mush wrapped in leaves and steamed. They look disgusting.”

Ginny smiled. “We made pork chops, and there is enough to share.” She lifted the lid on Luna’s concoction. “This smells good, Luna. What is in it?”

Luna rattled off a list of things Ginny didn’t recognize, but she took some just to be polite. Once everyone was situated, Ginny realized that they didn’t have any drinks, so she went over to the cabinet and retrieved four butterbeers.

As she walked back to the table she felt very conscious of the fact that she was not wearing knickers. She glared at Draco and he smirked at her like he could read her mind.

Ginny cautiously took a bite of Luna’s tamales and said, “They are kind of mushy, but they taste good.”

Draco and Blaise looked at her like she was crazy, and she smirked at them. “Are you honestly afraid to try new food? I thought Slytherins were risk takers.”

Draco snorted. “We only take risks when there is personal gain involved.”

Ginny rolled her eyes and then choked when Luna asked, “What did you make for dessert?”

After recovering her composure, Ginny said, “We were going to make a chocolate cake, but we had an accident.”

Draco looked like he was about to expound on her story, and she sent him a death glare before she said, “I dropped the cake on the floor before we could cook it. What did you make, Luna?”

“We made caramel custard.”

Blaise turned to look at her. “I thought you said it was phlegm?”

Luna chuckled. “No, I said it was flan, but it is caramel custard. I made chocolate sauce to go with it.”

Draco smirked. “Ginny likes chocolate.”

Blaise watched as Ginny bit her lip like she was trying to keep from saying something. He studied the pair for a moment. He noticed the Draco had a brown smudge on his collar. He pointed at the smudge. “You have a spot on your shirt. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you with a spot on your shirt.”

Draco started to speak, and Ginny cut him off. “That would be my fault.” Draco turned an amused expression her way. “I spilled the cake batter, and it got everywhere.”

Luna tilted her head to the side and looked at Ginny. “Did a Droogette bite you on the neck?”

Blaise whipped around to look at Ginny’s neck. Then he looked at Luna. “What is a Droogette, and why would it bite her?”

Luna smiled her far off smile. “They are small dragons that live in Mexico, and they love chocolate. If she had splashed cake batter on her neck, the dragon could have bitten her.”

Blaise sat back and looked at the frozen expression on Ginny’s face, and he started to laugh. Luna looked at him like he was crazy, which made him laugh even more.

Ginny sat and waited for Draco to announce to his friend that it was Ginny who had attacked him when he was covered in cake batter, but he just smirked at her and ate his food.

Luna looked at Ginny and sighed. “You have to be careful about those Droogettes. Their bites have been known to impair judgment and cause people to do foolish things.”

Ginny noticed that Luna’s expression was very sincere, but there was a mirthful sparkle to her eyes. Ginny nodded and took out her wand. “Well I better take precautions.” She muttered a healing spell and watched as Luna nodded her approval.

When they were ready for dessert, Luna dished out the flan, and covered everyone’s portion with chocolate sauce. Blaise poked at his dessert with his fork and said, “It doesn’t look done.”

Luna turned to him and frowned. In a rare moment of forcefulness, she took his hand and helped him scoop up a bit of the custard. Then she pushed it towards his face. “Try it; I insist.”

Blaise looked at her like she had lost her mind, but then he decided to humor her. He took a bite and shrugged. “That is pretty good.”

Luna smiled and let go of his hand. “See, I’m not always loony.”

Ginny stopped with her fork halfway to her mouth and stared at Luna, who was smiling. Then she started laughing. Draco chuckled and Blaise joined him. The four ate their dessert in companionable silence. Then Luna did a spell to clean all of the dishes and send them back where they belonged.

They all stood up to go. Ginny sighed, realizing that she and Draco had missed their chance. When she was almost to the door, Draco called out, “Weasley, aren’t you missing an essential item of clothing?”

Ginny tried not to let the panic show on her face as she turned around to see him. She relaxed when she saw him holding out her robe. “Thank you, I forgot about that.”

Blaise looked at Ginny and frowned. “This is just weird. Why are you two being so nice to each other?”

Draco explained. “We made an agreement to be civil to each other during cooking lessons.”

Blaise looked doubtfully at his friend. Ginny took her robe from Draco and smiled at him. “I guess we have another lesson the day after tomorrow.”

Draco smirked. “Yes, we do.”

Ginny turned and walked out the door with Luna, praying that Draco was not going to head straight back to the Slytherin Common Room and hang her knickers above the fireplace for everyone to see.

Chapter 2: Evil Luna
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When Ginny reached her room, she threw herself down on the bed. As she stared at the ceiling, she was beginning to wonder if she had gone momentarily insane. She was not a girl who threw herself at boys. She had a history of two serious boyfriends, and then there was that one indiscretion in Romania when she was visiting Charlie over the summer.

Oh well, there wasn’t much she could do about it now. If Draco was telling everyone that he had almost shagged her on a table, then she was just going to have to live with her actions. She was pretty sure she could deny the whole thing and most people would believe her. However, she was holding out hope that Draco wouldn’t actually start talking until after they had finished what they had started. It would really tick her off if she had to deal with the punishment when she hadn’t even been able to the commit the crime.


At breakfast the next morning, Ginny watched as Draco came in and sat down. When he looked up at her and smirked, she chuckled and then looked back down at her plate.

She heard Ron clear his throat. Knowing what was coming, she looked up at him. “Yes, Ronald?”

“What was that about?” Ron asked as he jerked his thumb toward the Slytherin table.

Ginny smiled at him. “Malfoy and I decided to declare a truce.”

“Why?” Harry asked as he glared at her.

Ginny sighed. “We started off threatening each other, and then we decided it would be easier if we just got along for the duration of the lessons.”

“That seems sensible,” Hermione confirmed.

“No it doesn’t,” Ron objected. “Malfoy is a foul, evil, loathsome git.”

Lavender winked at Ginny and said, “He helped Harry find that last Horcrux. He’s part of the reason Voldemort is dead. Besides, I think he’s hot.”

Ron turned to face Lavender. “You can’t mean that. I don’t care if he isn’t a Death Eater, he’s still a Slytherin.”

A small chuckle emerged from Ginny, and Harry turned to glare at her. “What? I didn’t say a word.”

Harry gave her a pleading look. “Tell me you do not find him attractive.”

“ do not find him attractive. There, do you feel better?” Ginny smiled at him cheekily before she said, “You do realize it is none of your concern who I find attractive. How is Cho doing by the way?”

Harry turned red and looked back down at his plate. He had broken up with Ginny at the end of the school term last year, and after he defeated Voldemort he had taken up with Cho Chang. Ginny had fled to Romania to spend the summer with Charlie, so that she could get away from Harry and all of the press surrounding him.

Hermione flicked a disgusted look at Harry, and then she spoke to Ginny. “Has that Romanian tattoo artist written to you lately?”

Ginny smiled at Hermione, appreciating what she was doing. “Oh, you mean Sorin? I got a letter a couple of weeks ago. He keeps sending me drawings of tattoos that he thinks would be complimentary to the one that he gave me.”

Ron glowered at her. “How old is this Sorin anyway? Why is he writing you?”

Ginny just smiled as she ate her breakfast and didn’t say a word. Hermione leaned over and kissed Ron on the cheek. “I’ll see you later. I’m going to class early, so I can review my notes for a bit.”

Ron continued to grumble as the owls came flying in with the morning post. One landed in front of Ginny, and she reached out to take the letter. When she opened it, she laughed and looked towards the Slytherin table. Draco raised his eyebrows at her, and she just nodded and smiled.

Ron grabbed the letter and read it. Then he handed it back to Ginny. “Why is he asking you if you know how to make chocolate mousse, and why is that funny?”

Ginny grabbed the letter and rolled her eyes. “I’m done here. I’ll see you all later.”

After her morning classes, Ginny was walking to lunch with a smile on her face when she heard someone call her name. She turned around and saw Luna walking towards her. “Hello, Ginny. Has your logic been impaired lately?”

Ginny was used to Luna’s odd demeanor, so she just smiled. “Not any more than usual, I would say. How about yours?”

“I think Blaise could impair my logic quite a bit.”

Ginny laughed. “Yes, cooking partners seem to have that effect on a girl.”

“I was wondering. What do you think I should suggest cooking for the next lesson? He didn’t seem to like my tamales very much.”

Ginny thought a moment. “I think that you should suggest food that you eat with your hands. Slytherins seem to be so formal all of the time. I think exposure finger foods might loosen them up a bit.”

Luna tilted her head to the side. “Maybe fondue would be fun. We could do cheese fondue for dinner and chocolate fondue for dessert.”

“Fondue has possibilities.”

Luna looked off into space for a moment. “Of course, I don’t think fondue will make him bite me on the neck, but it’s a start.”

Ginny looked at Luna for a moment and then said, “Wait a minute. There are no such things as Droogettes, are there?”

Luna’s eyes sparkled as she smiled. “I have no idea what you are talking about.”

“Luna Lovegood, you are a big faker,” Ginny accused.

“A woman has to fake things every once in awhile.”

“Only if they are dating Harry,” Ginny muttered under her breath.

Luna laughed and said, “I heard that.”

Ginny giggled and linked her arm through Luna’s. “How about I eat lunch at your table today?”

“You can see if Draco plays Find the Weaselette.”

“Good idea.”


Draco was eating lunch and scanning the Gryffindor table for Ginny. He frowned when he couldn’t find her. Then he heard raucous laughter and turned to see who was making all of the noise. That was when he discovered that Ginny was eating with Luna at her table. The two of them were laughing very loudly at something.

Blaise noticed where Draco was looking. “It seems that Luna and Ginny are friends.”

Draco nodded. “It does.”

“Can you explain why Professor Snape thought that Luna and I needed to eat with you and Ginny? From what I saw, you two were getting along all right.”

“Once we made our truce, we were getting along just fine. I don’t know what Professor Snape was worried about.”

Blaise continued to look at Draco while he waited for more information to slip out. Draco smirked at him. “Nice try, but that doesn’t work on me.”

“Too bad, I’ll just have to see what I can get out of Luna. I bet Ginny told her everything.”

“That is possible, but good luck getting a straight answer out of that one.”

Blaise seemed to think for a moment. “After spending a little time with her, I’ve discovered that there is always another meaning to what she is saying. It’s almost like she wants you to think she is loonier than she is.”

“That’s a nice little fantasy you’ve constructed for yourself, Blaise. Whatever it takes for you to justify shagging her is fine with me.”

Blaise snorted. “What fantasy are you going to use to justify shagging a Weasley?”

Draco took a drink from his glass and responded. “I have no idea what you are talking about.”

“Really, then who bit her on the neck?”

“I do not know, nor do I care. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get to class.”

Blaise watched his friend walk away, and he started to plan how to needle information out of Luna Lovegood.


Ginny looked at the clock and realized that she had ten minutes until her next cooking lesson with Draco. She had looked up a recipe for chocolate mousse just in case he wasn’t joking. She had no idea if he was interested in following through on what they had started, but she made sure that she looked good just to be on the safe side.

When she reached her assigned room, she saw that Draco wasn’t there yet. She sat down at the table and started to think of things to make for dinner. She had come up with several options when she heard footsteps approaching. Taking a deep breath, she tried to ignore the fact that her heart was about to beat out of her chest.

Deciding to take the offensive, she started talking as soon as he walked into the room. “I was thinking we could make steak and baked potatoes for dinner if that was all right with you?”

Draco just looked at her and didn’t say anything, so she continued to speak. “If you want we could make breakfast foods. My mum’s recipe for French toast is really good, or we could make pancakes.”

Draco still didn’t respond and she realized that she was babbling. Standing up and crossing her arms, she said, “This is a fun game. You stare at me, and I babble like at idiot. Well, I’m done playing.”

“It’s about time,” Draco commented as he walked forwards, put his hands on her waist, pulled her body against his, and kissed her fiercely.


Blaise was looking at Luna like she had lost what little of her faculties he previously thought she possessed. “Fon-what?” he asked suspiciously.

Luna sighed. “Fondue. It’s fun. You melt cheese in a pot, and then you dip meat and bread into it and eat it.”

“That sounds messy.”

“Life is meant to be messy, if everything is neat and at right angles nothing surprising ever happens.”

Blaise raised his hand to his head and tried to follow her misplaced metaphors. “Fine, let’s eat fondue. What about dessert?”

“That is the best part. We melt chocolate in a different pot and dip fruit and pretzels into that.”

Blaise sighed. “I suppose it would be too much trouble to just make a cake?”

Luna smiled and said, “I’m so glad you understand.”

Blaise muttered under his breath about not being able to get his message across to a ditzy blond. Luna ignored him and set about getting the things they needed from the magical cupboard. When she had everything lined up, she called Blaise over to the table.

“This is a bit messy, so I’m going to put my apron on.”

Blaise watched as she pulled what looked like a handkerchief out of her pocket and said an enlarging spell. Then, she took off her robe and tied the white ruffled apron on over her blouse. He found himself noticing that the apron emphasized her small waist and her curvy figure.

“I think we should start with the bread first.” She handed Blaise a long fork and pointed at a pile of bread cut up into cubes. “Go on.”

Blaise looked at the long, thin fork doubtfully, but he went ahead and stabbed a piece of bread and dunked it into the cheese mixture. When he pulled it out, strings of cheese streamed back into the pot. He frowned and asked, “How am I supposed to eat this?”

Luna walked around the table and leaned over his shoulder. She placed her hand on his and swirled the bread cube around in the air until the strings wrapped around the cube or fell off. “There, you just twirl it like that.”

“Oh,” was all Blaise could manage to say as he enjoyed the sensation of Luna’s chest pressed up against his back. As she walked back around the table, he was beginning to wonder if she had a hidden agenda, but when he looked at her she looked as innocent as ever.

Grabbing her own fork, Luna speared a piece of bread and dipped it in the cheese. Blaise looked at his own empty fork, and he realized that he hadn’t remembered eating anything. Deciding he’d try again, he speared another piece of bread and started over.

Luna smiled at him and chattered away about something called the Blue Bird of Happiness that her father was currently searching for. “They say that you hardly ever find him where you expect him. Supposedly, he sneaks up on people.”

“Is that so?” Blaise asked as he moved onto the chicken strips that Luna had set out. “I like this better than the bread,” he commented.

Luna smiled at him, and he fought the urge to smile back.


Ginny found herself desperately hoping that Draco had locked the door when he came in. So far, they were just kissing, but by the way he was kissing her, she could tell where they were going to end up.

In her romantic life so far, she had categorized two types of kisses. There was the experimental kiss that was tentative. Then, there was the ‘we’ve been dating for a while and we are moving forward a bit’ kiss. This kiss with Draco, however, she would dub the ‘I have no doubt that the elastic in my knickers will spontaneously disintegrate and they will fall off at any moment’ kiss.

Her thoughts on this subject were interrupted when she heard Professor Snape yell, “Mr. Malfoy, have you lost your mind?”

Ginny was glad that at least this scenario was his fault. When he turned around and said in a completely serious voice, “I think she has me under some sort of curse, sir,” she felt she had no recourse but to cuff him on the back of the head.

“Ow,” Draco said as he turned to glare at her. She glared right back at him, and he smirked at her before he said, “Fine, I kissed her this time.”

Professor Snape appeared flabbergasted while Professor McGonagall appeared highly amused. Turning to Professor McGonagall he said, “No good can come of this. Reassign them.”

“Now, Severus, I’d hate to interrupt the other pairings because they all seem to be working so well. I’m sure that Mr. Malfoy and Miss Weasley will be able to maintain proper decorum.”

Snape looked at her like she was insane and declared. “I wash my hands of this.” Then he turned and made a dramatic exit with his cloak swirling about him.

Draco frowned. “I’ve been trying to copy that cloak swirl for years, but I never have gotten it right.”

Professor McGonagall looked at Ginny. “Can I trust you to stick to the cooking lesson for the rest of the evening?”

Ginny nodded. “Yes, Professor.”

“Get to work then. I’ll check back on your progress in a bit.”

Ginny sighed and looked at Draco, “What should we make?”

“Something that we can ignore for the most part while I shag you senseless on the table,” he said in a low whisper as he leaned in to kiss her neck.

“But,” Ginny objected weakly, “I told Professor McGonagall we’d behave.”

Draco stopped nuzzling her neck to answer. “I never promised her anything of the sort.”

“Oh, hell.” Ginny muttered, right before he started kissing her in that elastic disintegrating way again. Minutes later, when he pulled back to take a breath, she took a step back and said, “How do you feel about peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?”

“I have never tried one. Are they quick to make?”

“Yes,” Ginny answered as she moved backwards out of his arms. When she reached the magical cupboard, she pulled out bread, peanut butter, and grape jelly. When Draco approached her from behind and started to bend towards her neck, she said, “Stop, this will be done in a minute.”

Draco eyed her suspiciously as she spread different colored goo on bread. Then she reached into the cabinet and pulled out two glasses of milk.

Draco took the sandwich she proffered, and tentatively took a bite. He was pleasantly surprised by how good the simple sandwich was. After taking a drink of his milk, he said, “This is good.”

Ginny grabbed her glass of milk and headed for the table, “I can’t believe you’ve never had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich before.”

Draco shrugged. “I guess it wasn’t on the house elves' list of approved meals.”

Ginny boggled at the thought of house elfs cooking every meal. “I think I’d miss cooking. Not all of the time mind you, but I do like to bake.”


Blaise was in hell. He was stuck in a room with a curvy blond who was licking chocolate off of pretzels and bananas, and she had absolutely no sexual intention behind any of her actions. It was driving him crazy. If he had to watch her eat one more chocolate covered strawberry and then innocently lick the chocolate off of her lips, he was literally going to explode. He had no idea why this was turning him on so much. Other girls had made gestures like this at him on purpose, and it had not caused nearly the discomfort that he was currently enduring.

Finally, he closed his eyes and rubbed his temples while he recited Quidditch statistics to try and make his current problem deflate a bit. When he had things under control, he spoke without looking at Luna. “I think we should go next door and see Ginny and Draco. I bet they would like this chocolate fondue too.”

“I think you’re right.” Luna stood up and walked over to the magical cupboard. “Just let me grab some more pretzel rods and bananas, so that we have enough to share.”


Ginny took the last bite of her sandwich, and looked warily at Draco. He stood up and walked over to her chair. “Stand up,” he told her. She stood, and when he picked her up and deposited her on the table, in much the same fashion he had the week before, she decided that maintaining proper decorum was a lost cause.

Draco had just started kissing his way down Ginny’s neck, when someone knocked at the door. “Damn it,” he said as he stalked towards the door. When he was closer to the door, he asked, “Who is it?”

“It’s Zabini. Open up. We’ve brought dessert.”

Ginny heard Draco mutter a few choice obscenities before he opened the door for his friend. Blaise walked in looking harried. Luna followed him looking blissfully ignorant of his condition.

Luna walked over to the table and set up her fondue pot while Blaise pulled Draco over to the side and spoke to him in hushed tones. Ginny took in Luna’s expression. “What are you up to, Luna?”

“We made fondue, and Blaise thought you might want to share.”

“I see. What did you do to Blaise to make him suggest that?”

Luna winked at Ginny as she spoke. “We have pretzel rods and bananas to dip in the chocolate. You might want to get some strawberries. I forgot to bring those.”

Draco and Blaise came to sit down while Ginny went to the magical cupboard to get strawberries. When she came back, she saw that Luna was explaining the concept of fondue to Draco. “You dip the strawberries or whatever into the chocolate. It’s quite good.” Luna demonstrated by dipping a pretzel rod into the chocolate. Then she bit into the pretzel rod and smiled.

Blaise sighed when he looked at her. “You have chocolate on your mouth.”

“Oh,” Luna responded before she slowly ran her tongue around her lips. “Did I get it?”

Blaise nodded wearily. “Yes, but maybe we could find some napkins somewhere?”

Ginny got up to get the napkins to avoid laughing at the pained expression on Blaise’s face. She came back to the table with a handful of napkins and had to cover a snort as a sneeze when she saw Luna eating a chocolate covered banana. Figuring that she couldn’t take much more, Ginny used her wand to cut the remaining bananas and pretzels into bite sized pieces.

“I think the smaller pieces will be less messy,” she explained to cover up her actions.

Ginny ate a few strawberries, but she kept catching Draco looking at her. The intensity in his gaze was making her squirm. After she’d had a few strawberries, she announced. “I think I’m done. How about you, Luna?”

Luna agreed. “I’m full. I suppose we should clean up and get back to our homework. Are you boys done?”

Draco and Blaise both nodded affirmative, and Luna cleaned up the mess with her wand. “Ginny, why don’t we walk back together? I wanted to stop in your Common Room and ask Hermione what she knows about the Bluebird of Happiness.”

Draco shot Ginny a look, but she just shrugged. “Sure, Luna. That sounds good.”


When the girls made it back to Gryffindor Tower, they went up to Ginny’s room. Luna told Ginny all that she had done with the chocolate to torment Blaise, and Ginny laughed until she was out of breath. “I can’t believe you were able to keep a straight face. Didn’t Blaise’s expression get to you?”

Luna snickered. “I think he’s almost ready to crack. Help me think of something long and cylindrical for our next cooking lesson.”

“Luna Lovegood, you are truly evil.”

“Thank you, I try.”


Blaise looked at Draco and demanded, “Tell me what you think.”

Draco chuckled. “I don’t think she had any ulterior motives. I think she was just eating fondue.”

Blaise moaned and laid his head on the table. “That makes it so much worse.”

Chapter 3: Chapter 3
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Ginny was scanning book titles in the library, when an arm snaked around her waist. She recognized Draco’s cologne right away, so she didn’t push him away. In an amused voice, she said, “Mr. Malfoy, what do you think you are doing?”

Draco leaned down and kissed her neck before he replied, “I am attempting to work out my sexual frustration in the library.” Ginny chuckled, but it turned into a soft moan as Draco bit her neck. She turned into his embrace and met his lips in an enthusiastic kiss. The kiss continued until someone accidentally interrupted them with a yelp of surprise. Ginny stepped back and looked up to see Hermione turning an interesting shade of red.

“Sorry, Ginny. I didn’t mean to interrupt,” Hermione mumbled as she beat a hasty retreat.

Ginny laid her head on Draco’s chest. “Crap, now my brother is going to hear about this.”

“I’m sure your sterling reputation will be ruined,” Draco snapped in an irritated voice.

Ginny looked up at him and sighed. “I am not worried about my reputation, you git. I’m just not looking forward to the lecture that my brother is going to give me.”

Draco smirked. “Does he frown on you kissing anyone in the library, or just Slytherins?”

“All of my brothers are under the mistaken impression that I am permanently five years old. Any evidence to the contrary upsets them greatly.”
Blaise Zabini’s voice could be heard coming their way, and Draco stepped back a few feet from Ginny. She eyed him suspiciously and asked, “Now who is worried about their reputation?”

Blaise walked down the aisle and spoke, “There you are, Draco. I was looking for you. There’s been a mix up with the Prefect schedule, and I needed to reassign you.”

Draco rolled his eyes. “Lauding your Head Boy status again, Zabini?”

Blaise smiled mockingly. “Oh, the joys of power. Now as I was saying, I need to switch you to tonight. It looks like you’ll be on duty with Lovegood.”

“Why don’t you switch me to tonight, so that Luna and I can patrol together?” Ginny suggested. “I’m sure Draco isn’t keen on spending time with her.”

Draco shrugged. “I don’t care if you want to switch.”

Blaise used his quill to rewrite the schedule and he broke into a grin. “Congratulations, Draco. You’re on prefect duty with Ron tomorrow night.”

Draco turned to give Ginny a questioning look, but she quickly exited the aisle and walked off. She muttered under her breath, “Better you than me.”

Draco grabbed the schedule out of Blaise’s hand and rearranged it so that Ginny and himself were together instead. Blaise objected, “You’re not allowed to do that.”

Draco rolled his eyes. “Well then you should put a Ward on the parchment or something. Anyone could rearrange those names, and you’d never know it.”

Blaise smirked at Draco. “Are you still claiming that you aren’t after the redhead?”

“I find her intriguing, but I am not after her. I don’t really have to be, because she is after me.”

“Well aren’t we smug?” Blaise commented as his friend walked away.

Blaise carried the schedule back to his table and scanned it one more time. He saw that he had somehow ended up having duty with Luna later that week. How in the hell had that happened? He saw someone walk up to him out of the corner of his eye while he scratched out his name and changed places with Ron. When he looked up to see who was waiting to speak to him, he saw Luna standing there with big, blue eyes that looked sad.

“Sorry to bother you. I wanted to ask what your favorite dish was. I thought we could try making it. You seem to be busy now, so why don’t you owl me, and I’ll see if I can find the recipe?”

Blaise watched Luna walk over and pack her bookbag before she quickly exited the library. He sat there telling himself that he had nothing to feel bad about. He hadn’t done anything wrong. While he was trying to convince himself of this fact, Ginny stalked over to his table and glared at him. “What did you say to Luna?”

“I didn’t say anything to her,” Blaise defended.

“Well you must have done something. She was all excited about asking you what your favorite dish was. She figured you deserved a break for putting up with the tamales and the fondue. Then, after she talks to you, she looks all sad and leaves, so what did you do?”

Blaise frowned. “She saw me changing the schedule, so that I wouldn’t have Prefect duty with her.”

Ginny gritted her teeth to keep from calling Blaise all of the names that were currently going through her brain. She took a deep breath and bit out. “Go apologize to her.”

Blaise’s jaw dropped open. “Why should I apologize to her? I didn’t do anything wrong. It’s not like I knew she was standing there when I did it.”

Ginny stomped her foot and pointed towards the library doors. “Go apologize now, or I swear to god I will create a scene like you have never been witness to before.”

Blaise crossed his arms over his chest. “Why should I care about what kind of scene you make?”

Ginny put her hands on the table and leaned forward, so that she was in Blaise’s face. “Because, I know that all of you Slytherins are very caught up in appearances and the respect of your peers. I swear that I will raise such a stink that people will talk about it for weeks.”

Ginny stared into Blaise’s eyes and refused to blink. Blaise attempted to stare her down, but with six brothers, she had been through years of practice, and the only person who could outlast her was her mum. Blaise finally blinked, and then he stood up and walked out of the library muttering about pushy women.

Ginny watched him go with a smile on her face. She walked back over to her table and packed her own bookbag. She noticed that Draco didn’t look at her when she walked by. Apparently, he wanted to keep their interactions a secret. Deciding that she was not in the mood to put up with that crap, she walked back to his table and set her bookbag down with a loud thump.

Draco looked up at Ginny and took in her mood before he asked, “Since Blaise ticked you off, you’ve decided to make some sort of statement?”

Ginny nodded. “You do catch on quickly.”

Draco smirked. “Fine. This table seems to be at about that same height as the one in our cooking classroom. If you don’t mind an audience, I’m game.”

Ginny burst into laughter, and Draco continued talking. “I see, all talk and no action. What a tease.”

Ginny walked around to Draco’s side of the table. He gestured towards the table, and she shook her head no, but she did lean down and kiss him. “I’ll see you tomorrow,” she informed him as she walked off with a smile on her face.

Draco looked around the library and smirked at the various people who were staring at him. When his eyes landed on Potter, he winked.


Harry muttered under his breath, and then he looked at Hermione pleadingly. “Can’t you talk Ginny out of this?”

Hermione gave him an annoyed look. “Harry, you have no say in what Ginny does anymore. You gave up that right when you hooked up with Cho. Any more questions?”

Harry slammed his book shut and went to work at another table. Ron sighed and said, “I hate that you and Harry are at odds.”

Hermione frowned at her boyfriend. “Well, I hate that you don’t care how much Harry hurt your sister. He told her he’d come back to her. Then, he starts running around with Cho. Your sister had to leave the country to avoid all of the publicity. I’d think you’d be a bit more supportive of her moving on.”

Ron rubbed his forehead. “I think what Harry did was wrong, but I knew he and Ginny wouldn’t last. She cared for him more than he did for her. I was relieved when they didn’t get back together. She deserves better than that, but Harry is still my best friend. We went through too much together for me to just forget about him.”

Hermione leaned her head on Ron’s shoulder. “I didn’t know you felt that way about Harry and Ginny. I guess I didn’t see it that way between them. I was always worried that if they could break up, then we could too.”

Ron wrapped his arm around Hermione and kissed the top of her head. “I plan on marrying you, having half a dozen kids, and living happily ever after. Is that alright with you?”

Hermione snuggled into Ron’s chest. “That sounds wonderful, although we may need to talk about the actual number of children that we plan on having.”

Ron smiled at her. “Oh, were you thinking of more than six, because that would be ok with me too.” Hermione laughed and kissed Ron on the cheek.


Blaise was muttering to himself as he walked down the halls in search of Luna. He had knocked at the Ravenclaw Portrait, but the boy who answered said that Luna hadn’t come back yet. Taking a wild guess, he went to their cooking classroom. He found Luna mixing something in a bowl. He watched her for a moment, before he said anything.

“What are you making?”

Luna looked up and frowned when she saw him. “I was baking cookies for tomorrow’s dessert. I asked McGonagall, and she said that it would be all right.”

Blaise walked further into the room and watched as Luna took two spoons and scooped out a ball of dough that she placed on a cookie sheet. “Luna, about earlier...”

“You don’t need to explain, Blaise. I know my personality can be a bit hard to take. After all, you are trapped in these cooking lessons with me, so why add any additional time to that if you don’t have to?”

Blaise became irritated. “I do not find your personality hard to take. I find it...interesting.”

Luna kept making little balls of dough. “Really, then why did you change your name on the schedule?”

Blaise shrugged and watched as Luna set a tray of cookies in the oven. He was trying to think of a good way to tell her what he had been thinking when he watched her scoop up a bit of dough with her finger and delicately pop it into her mouth.

“That is the problem,” he declared in exasperation.

“The cookie dough?” Luna asked in feigned confusion.

Blaise walked towards her and glared at her. “No, it is not the cookie dough. It is the way you eat the cookie dough, and everything else for that matter. I think you are doing it on purpose.”

Luna looked at him like he was a crazy person. “The way I eat bothers you?”

Blaise rubbed his temples as he thought that people were going to be calling him loony before this was all over. “Listen, all you need to know is that I don’t find you irritating in the traditional sense.”

“All right, so I irritate you in an untraditional way. Is that what you are trying to say, or are you ranting about something else?”

Blaise looked up sharply. “I am not ranting. I am trying to deal with this...situation.”

Luna smirked at him, and something inside Blaise snapped. He knew he was going to sound ridiculous, but he said it anyway, “You are not allowed to smirk.”

Luna rolled her eyes. “Let me see if I have this right. I am not allowed to smirk. I am not allowed to eat. It seems to me that you seem to have a problem with my mouth.” Working desperately to keep an innocent expression on her face, she decided to pull out all the stops, so she asked, “Exactly what is it that you think I should be doing with my mouth?”

Blaise felt all of the blood in his brain head for a southern destination. He turned away from Luna and began to run through Quidditch statistics in his head. When he turned back around, Luna was back to make cookies. The fact that she could wind him up, and then ignore him completely was irritating the hell out of him. Stalking forward, he waited for her to look up before he said, “If I find out that you planned all of this I am going to be very angry.”

Luna gave him her innocent look, and she thought she heard a faint growl right before he pulled her flush against his body and kissed her. She tried not to smile against his lips as he kissed her. She’d just have to make sure that he never found out about all of her little tricks. After all, a man’s ego was a delicate thing.


Ginny was surprised when Draco met her later that night for Prefect Duty. “You’re not Luna,” she informed him like it was news to him.

“I am aware of that fact. I think that Luna and Blaise will be taking Prefect Duty together for a while.”

“Really? How did that come about?” Ginny was curious as she had been unable to locate Luna after she left the library.

“Blaise’s logic goes something like this,” Draco told her as he pulled her into and alcove and proceeded to kiss her breathless.

“I think you just sucked out my brain. I don’t understand how this applies to Blaise and Luna.”

Draco snorted. “Apparently, Blaise snapped and kissed your loony friend because she was eating cookie dough, or some such nonsense.”

Ginny laughed. “He kissed her? That’s great. I never would have put those two together.”

“There seems to be a lot of the going around,” Draco commented before he started nuzzling her neck.

Ginny felt her knees start to give way, and she pulled back. “We are supposed to be on patrol.”

“Please, Voldemort is dead. The most frightening thing we could come across would be Longbottom snogging somebody.”

Ginny giggled, but she playfully smacked Draco. “That is rude. Neville is a nice person. I’m sure there is someone who finds him attractive.”

Draco looked affronted. “Let’s end this topic of discussion. It’s ruining the mood.”

“Please, you’re an eighteen year old male. I have it on good authority from my brother’s that death is the only thing that could ruin the mood for you.”

Draco snorted. “Let’s patrol until we find and empty classroom.”

Ginny smiled and let Draco lead her down the hallway, thinking that Prefect Duty had never been so much fun.

Chapter 4: Chapter 4
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Ginny was beginning to think everyone in the castle was undergoing a hormonal surge. It seemed that every classroom or alcove they came to had a snogging couple in it. They had just kicked another couple out of a classroom when Draco stopped walking. Ginny looked to see what he was doing.

Draco waited until the muttering couple that they had just ousted turned the corner out of sight, and then he grabbed Ginny and pulled her into the vacant classroom. She smirked at him and asked, “Why are we in here? We have other rooms to patrol.”

Draco kept walking forward and Ginny kept backing up with a teasing smile on her face. “I mean it’s not like you’re covered in chocolate, or anything.”

Draco smirked at her and she laughed and kept walking backwards until she felt herself bump into a desk. At that point, Draco leaned down and kissed her, cutting off any further smart-arse remarks that she had been considering making. When he moved to her neck, he whispered, “You better hope that this is a very sturdy desk.”

Ginny’s entire body seemed to rejoice at those words as a tremor ran down her spine. The moment was ruined, however, when a couple threw the door open and walked in. “Sorry, hey wait a minute. You’re the Prefects who threw us out of that alcove about ten minutes ago.”

Draco glared at the younger boy and said, “Power has its privileges. Now, get out of here and try a room on the floor below. Everyone knows we start in the dungeon and work our way up.”

“Oh, thanks,” the boy said as he and his girlfriend took off to find a Prefect free zone.

Draco turned back to Ginny and asked, “Does it seem like the Powers That Be are trying to mess with us, or is it just me?”

Ginny laughed and was about to pull him in for a kiss when she heard her brother calling her name. “Ginny, are you around here?”

“Crap,” Ginny muttered as she straightened herself up and hopped off of the desk. She walked out into the hall and waved to Ron. “I’m over here.”

Ron walked up to her with a concerned expression. “Have you seen Crookshanks? I accidentally let him out, and I haven’t told Hermione yet.”

Ginny took pity on her brother because she knew he loved Hermione, and Hermione loved her cat. “I’ll help you look Ron. I bet he went down to the kitchens again.” She turned around and saw Draco leaning on the doorframe looking at her speculatively. “Sorry, Draco. I need to help Ron. Can you finish up Prefect duty by yourself?”

“Sure, that will be loads of fun.”

“Thanks, if you come across Crookshanks, would you bring him to the Gryffindor Common Room?”

Draco rolled his eyes. “This night just keeps getting better and better. Now I’m a cat nanny.”

Ginny winked at him and ran off to catch up with Ron who had already started down to the kitchen.

Draco was patrolling the last set of rooms, when he heard a sound. When he investigated, he found Crookshanks batting around a stuffed toy. “People are looking for you,” he told the cat. The cat gave him a look, which he translated as, “Up yours.”

Draco debated on leaving the cat to its play, but then he realized that he would get to see Ginny again if he took the cat to Gryffindor Tower. Using his wand to levitate the cat and the toy, he started towards the Portrait of the Fat Lady. When he reached his destination, the Fat Lady looked at Draco oddly, until he pointed at the cat. Then she smiled and said, “I’ll let Hermione know you are here.”

“Don’t tell Hermione. She doesn’t know the beast is missing. Why don’t you get Ginny Weasley for me instead? She’ll know what to do.”

The Fat Lady nodded in approval and disappeared for a moment. Ginny came to the Portrait Hole a few minutes later. She felt her heart skip a beat when she saw that Draco had actually found Crookshanks and that he had bothered to return him. “You found him. Thank goodness. Ron was just about to confess to Hermione.” Ginny grabbed the cat and said, “Wait here, I’ll be right back.”

Draco stood in the hallway, and Ginny reappeared shortly. Draco noticed that she was wearing an old flannel robe, and when she stepped out of the Portrait Hole, he could see that her legs were bare. “What are you wearing under that robe, Miss Weasley?”

“I am wearing a very fashionable Gryffindor t-shirt that used to belong to Charlie, or Bill. I don’t really remember anymore.”

Draco’s face went blank, and Ginny wondered what was wrong. When he said, “I guess after you shag enough boys, you forget small details like that.”

Ginny whacked Draco on the arm. “I was talking about one of my brothers, you idiot.”

Draco suddenly felt exactly like the idiot she claimed him to be. He had no idea where that jealous feeling had come from. “Oh, my mistake.”

“Yes, well while we are on this lovely topic. I might as well tell you that if you and I ever do end up together, then you would only be the fourth boy who has ever touched me, so I don’t want any more comments about my character. Do you understand?”

Draco smirked. “Let me guess, Thomas, Potter, and some bloke in Romania.”

Ginny gave Draco an incredulous look, and he chuckled. “It wasn’t that hard to figure out. You’ve had two serious boyfriends, and one extended leave of absence from the country.”

“I suppose you are right. Listen, I better get back inside. It’s late.”

Draco leaned down and kissed her on the cheek. “Good night, Ginny.”

Ginny smiled all the way back to her room as she realized that Draco had been jealous. This was definitely an interesting turn of events.


Draco walked back to his Common Room with a frown on his face. He had no idea why he had felt that irrational bit of jealousy over Ginny Weasley. She was cute and fun to be with, but it wasn’t like he cared about her. It was all just lust and hormones. He knew that, and he was pretty sure she knew that too, but maybe he would have to remind her.


At breakfast the next morning, Ginny received a letter from Sorin. As she read it, she laughed. Ron looked on in an overly concerned fashion, but he didn’t pry because she seemed happy. Lavender, however, had no such reservations.

“Is that from your tattoo artist in Romania?”

Ginny nodded. “Yes, he keeps sending me new designs for complimentary tattoos.”

“I can’t believe you got a tattoo.”

“Well there isn’t a lot to do in a Romanian Dragon outpost. After a while, getting a tattoo seemed like a good idea. Plus, Sorin was really hot.”

Lavender laughed and Ron spoke to the room in general. “I didn’t hear a thing.”

Ginny threw a piece of muffin at her brother. “Oh come on, you’re lucky that getting a tattoo is about the most rebellious thing I’ve ever done.”

Ron sighed. “I still can’t believe Charlie let you do that.”

Ginny chuckled. “He was occupied at the time, and he didn’t notice that I had left with Sorin. Besides, it’s not like he can complain. He has several tattoos himself.”

“Are you going to get another one?” Lavender asked.

“I wouldn’t have anyone else give me a tattoo, but if I go back to Romania and Sorin is still there, I’d probably let him give me another one. It would be sort of commemorative.”


Draco walked into the cooking lesson with a hopeful feeling. Luna and Blaise should be occupying themselves this evening, so they shouldn’t barge in to share dessert. Professor Snape was busy brewing up potions for the hospital wing, so that only left McGonagall to interrupt them.

Ginny walked into the cooking classroom, and was surprised to find Draco already at work. “Look at you, Mr. I Have a House Elf so Why Should I Learn How to Cook?”

Draco looked up and smiled. “I figured if I got started, then we might actually have some time alone.”

Ginny felt oddly touched that he was putting some effort into being able to spend time with her. “What are you making?”

Draco held out a kitchen knife to her. “We are chopping up ingredients for a salad. I put a steak under the broiler, and it will be done in about seven more minutes, so chop fast.”

Ginny took the knife and chopped up the pile of vegetables he had assigned to her. When they were done, the kitchen timer went off, and Draco retrieved the steak. They sat down to eat, and Ginny suddenly felt the need to talk. “Did anything interesting happen in your classes today?”

Draco smiled. “I scored higher marks on an essay than Granger did.”

“I am impressed. Hermione normally scores the best in everything.”

Draco took a drink before he replied, “I am aware of that, and it annoys the hell out of me.”

“She is really smart. Fred and George call her scary-smart.

Draco rolled his eyes. “Maybe your brothers find her scary-smart because they spend their days trying to formulate better Exploding Dung Bombs.”

Ginny laughed. “I think you are jealous.”

“Why, because I don’t spend my day with Dung Bombs?”

“No, because you are really smart, and Hermione seems to edge you out all of the time.”

Draco smirked. “We need a new topic if this is going to remain a civil conversation. Did anything exciting happen in your classes today?”

Ginny shrugged. “In transfiguration, someone said their spell wrong, and they turned themselves into a frog.”

“Yeah, that happens.”

“Has Blaise talked to you about Luna?” Ginny asked, hoping to wheedle some information for her friend.

“Boys don’t talk about that kind of stuff. When he shags her, I’ll probably hear about that, but besides that there isn’t much to say.”
Ginny glared at Draco and he laughed. “What? Did you think he was composing sonnets to her or something like that?”

“No, I just thought maybe he said something nice about her. Do boys really only talk about sex?”

“Nothing else seems that important.”

Ginny rolled her eyes and stalked over to the magical cabinet. She stared at it for a moment, and then she pulled out a container of chocolate ice cream. She carried it back to the table along with a set of bowls and spoons. She set the bowls down with excess force.

Draco looked up at her and she said, “The next time I ask a question like that, the proper response is that he likes her, or he enjoys spending time with her. A girl likes to think that her friend means more to some guy than just an outlet for sex.”

Draco studied Ginny for a moment. “All right. I can see your point. I’m not used to having conversations like this. Next time, I’ll try to be more civil.”

Ginny scooped out a bowl of ice cream and passed it to him. “Thank you.”

Draco ate his ice cream while he tried to figure out how this revelation effected what was going on between himself and Ginny. He hadn’t really come to any conclusions, when he stood up and helped Ginny clear the table.

Ginny was putting the ice cream back in the magical cupboard when Draco walked up behind her and kissed her on the neck. She fought an internal battle while she turned around to kiss him. In her heart, she knew that she had begun to look forward to the time she spent with Draco. If he just walked away after he touched her, she would be hurt.

Pulling back from him, she asked, “What happens afterwards?”

“What do you mean?”

“I’ve never just jumped into something like this. I want to know what to expect. After we do this, is it all over?”

Draco looked at the serious expression on Ginny’s face. “I don’t know. Normally I see a girl until one of us feels like moving on.”

“Are you the one who usually moves on?”

“Yes. Is that a problem?”

Ginny sighed. “After you move on, then how do you treat the girl you left? Do you tell everyone that you shagged her?”

“No, I tell Blaise, but that is about it. Normally the girl and I maintain a civil relationship, if that is what you are worried about.”

“So no cracks about my family, or my hair color after we do this?”

Draco smirked. “Whatever will I do to fill my time if I’m not allowed to torment you about your family?”

Ginny punched him on the arm. “I’m being serious. This is important. I’m going to be stuck with you in these cooking lessons for a while, and if you decide to move on I need to know that you will be civil. Otherwise, I will exact retribution with sharp kitchen utensils.”

Draco sighed. “I will treat you with respect, and I will not torment you. Can you please shut up now?”

“Maybe.” Ginny replied as she let Draco kiss her again. Her mind was whirring with possible scenarios about horrible things that could come from this, but she did her best to ignore them. Fate intervened in the form of Professor McGonagall.

“Ginny Weasley, what happened to maintaining proper decorum?” Professor McGonagall asked as she stood in the now open doorway.

Draco cussed under his breath and stepped back from Ginny. Ginny walked towards her teacher. “Can I talk to you, Professor?”

“Of course, Miss Weasley. Why don’t you come to my office right now? I’m sure Mr. Malfoy has some homework he needs to attend to.”

Ginny followed Professor McGonagall to her office. Once she was seated, she didn’t know what to say. “Professor, do you trust Professor Snape?”

Professor McGonagall looked at Ginny for a moment. “I have different levels of trust for him in different situations. Why do you ask?”

“Well, he is a Slytherin, and Draco is a Slytherin, and I don’t know if I should trust him.”

“Can I assume you are talking about matters of the heart?” Ginny nodded. “Well, it is hard to tell when to trust any man in these situations. Has Mr. Malfoy lied to you about anything?”

Ginny frowned as she thought of their last conversation. “No, he’s been painfully honest.”

Professor McGonagall sighed. “I think if you talked to your mother about this, she would tell you that eighteen year old boys are not looking to fall in love. They have a more limited range of emotions at this age, but they often unintentionally fall in love. I would say, if you are looking for a more emotionally available person, you should look for someone in another House.”

“Professor, I can’t help but notice that you paired the Slytherin boys with girls from other Houses. Is there a reason for that?”

“Well, we tried to pair people who would balance each other. You and Mr. Malfoy both have strong personalities. I knew he wouldn’t be able to push you around. I paired Miss Lovegood with Mr. Zabini because he is far too serious sometimes. I thought she would help him see the lighter side of things.”

Ginny sat back and thought a moment. “I noticed that you paired my brother and Hermione together.”

Professor McGonagall nodded. “We were pairing boys with girls, and it seemed best not to interfere in established relationships. Boys at this age can be very jealous, and I imagine if we had paired Hermione with someone else, then there could have been problems.”

Ginny nodded, but she wondered if something else was going on here, maybe she’d talk to Hermione about it.

Chapter 5: Chapter 5
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Ginny sat with Hermione in the library the next afternoon. “Hermione, do you think it’s odd the way that everyone was paired up as couples for the cooking lessons?”

Hermione set her quill down while she considered the question. “It does seem odd now that you mention it. My first thought would be that the girls would have more experience cooking, but that isn’t necessarily true.”

“Professor McGonagall said that they paired up people with personalities that would compliment each other.” Ginny scanned the library and noticed all of the newly formed couples sitting together. “Did you notice that a lot of the cooking partners are now dating?”

“I see that. It kind of makes you wonder if Dumbledore was dabbling in match making.” Hermione looked at the couples around the library and started making notes. She passed the paper to Ginny. “Look at this. All of these couples are from different houses.”

Ginny looked at the list more closely. She took her own quill and started writing PV next to various names. “Hermione, look at this.”

“What does PV mean?”

Ginny leaned in to whisper. “It means that their parents were supporters of Voldemort.”

Hermione’s mouth fell open. She looked at Ginny in wonder. “Dumbledore is one sneaky old wizard. He placed anyone whose parents were supporters of Voldemort with someone from our side. I think he is trying to influence them, so that they won’t turn out like their parents did.”

Ginny started laughing, and Hermione looked at her questioningly. “I’ve been pimped out by Dumbledore.” Ginny managed to whisper through her laughter.

Hermione snorted, and people turned to stare. Of course, this only made the girls laugh harder. Ginny swiped at her eyes. “I can’t believe that they entrusted our hormones to lead us down this path.”

Hermione shrugged. “I think the hormones are a given.”

“Hey, wait a minute. If they want us to get together, then why does something, or someone, always interrupt Draco and I when we start snogging?”

Hermione smiled a secretive smile before she announced rather smugly, “We haven’t been having that problem.”

“Well that just isn’t fair. If we get interrupted, then you should get interrupted too. I’m going to send Snape on an errand to your room the next time he stops by to yell at Draco and I.”

“Really? Well, I’ll tell Ron that you think he isn’t spending enough time with you, and that you’ve been missing his brotherly advice.”

Ginny glared at Hermione. “That would be a low blow, Hermione.”

Hermione sighed. “Sorry, all is fair in love and post war fix ups by crazy old wizards.”


Luna found herself humming love songs as she walked to class. Things with Blaise were working out better than she had expected. He was stopping by to see her, and they were snogging on a fairly regular basis. She was just about to walk into dinner when an arm landed around her shoulders. She looked up to see the object of her thoughts smiling at her.

“Hello, Blaise.”

“Luna, why don’t you join me for dinner at the Slytherin table?”

“I’d like that as long as your house mates won’t mind.”

Blaise propelled her into the Great Hall with a smirk on his face, “I don’t think that will be a problem.”

“You don’t think it will be a problem, or you don’t think they would say anything in front of you about it. There is a difference you know.”

Blaise stopped walking for a moment as he looked at her. “They had better not make any complaints in front of me, or behind my back.”

Luna smiled at him. “It’s all right. I know that not everyone likes me. I’m okay with that.”

“Well, I’m not,” Blaise informed her as he continued moving them towards the Slytherin table.

When they were seated, Luna watched as Blaise stared down anyone who gave him an odd look. It gave her a warm feeling inside to see him stand up for her in this way. Reaching out, she tucked a stray strand of hair behind his ear, and smiled at him when he looked at her questioningly.


Ginny watched Luna eat dinner with Blaise. She felt mildly jealous that she wasn’t eating with Draco, and then she realized what an odd thought that was.

Draco watched as Blaise and Luna chatted during the meal. He made eye contact with Ginny and was about to roll his eyes over the situation when he saw the hopeful look on her face. Deciding he didn’t want to offend her, he just smirked and went back to his dinner. Seeing as Blaise was caught up in entertaining Luna, dinner was a rather boring affair.

After dinner, Ginny watched as Blaise and Luna left the hall hand in hand. She noticed that Draco followed their progress as well. Deciding that she was tired of waiting for him to approach her, she stood up and walked over to the Slytherin table.

“Draco, do you want to go for a walk?” she asked casually, like she wasn’t sticking her neck out and waiting for him to cut her head off.

Draco didn’t know what to say at first, so he just shrugged and said, “Sure, why not?”


Professor Snape looked at Professor McGonagall and Professor Dumbledore. They were both smiling like idiots. He glared at them and said, “If those two reproduce, their progeny will probably make Voldemort look like a Hufflepuff.”


Ginny was walking along, waiting for Draco to say something. She felt that since she had approached him about the walk, it was now his turn to step up and make some sort of decision. However, the silence proved too much for her.

“What did you think about Luna sitting at your table to eat?” she asked, because she couldn’t think of anything else to say.

“Personally, I think that Blaise has lost his mind. It’s one thing to snog someone from another house; it’s something else to invite them to the Slytherin table. Tomorrow they’ll probably be an outbreak of Hufflepuffs, and then what will we do?”

Ginny looked at the smirk on Draco’s face. “You are joking, aren’t you?” Draco nodded, and she relaxed. “Thank goodness, otherwise I was going to have to push you in the lake.”

Draco snorted. “You could try to push me in the lake, but I doubt you would succeed.”

“Think what you want,” Ginny said as she walked a little closer to him, and steered him more towards the lake.

Draco looked to the left and saw that the water was about three feet away. He looked at Ginny out of the corner of his eye to try and figure out what she was up to. “If you push me in that lake,” he warned, “I’m taking you with me.”

Ginny just chuckled. “I think you’re paranoid, Malfoy. I said I’d push you in the lake if you weren’t joking. You were joking, so what possible reason could I have for pushing you in the lake?”

“You’re female. You don’t have to have a valid reason for what you do.”

Ginny kept edging her steps closer to Draco. “Well, now I think you’re just trying to egg me on.”

“I think I miss watching you get all flustered and angry. I used to enjoy that quite a bit. I was always expecting flames to shoot out of your hair, or something like that.”

“I see. Well I’ll have to see if I can’t find some sort of spell to make that happen. I’d hate for you to be disappointed.”

Draco stopped walking abruptly, and changed directions. He grabbed Ginny’s hand and pulled her back behind some large decorative bushes. She started to ask him what he was doing, but then he kissed her, and the answer no longer seemed relevant.

Things were going rather well in Draco’s opinion. They had been snogging for quite a while, and no one had interrupted them yet. He was beginning to contemplate the logistics of shagging while standing up behind a decorative bush, when Ginny did the unthinkable. She called out a name. This wouldn’t normally bother him so much, except it wasn’t his name that she was saying. He pulled back to glare at her, and she did it again.

“Harry,” she said.

“I believe you’re confused.” Draco informed her in an icy tone.

Ginny looked at him and blinked. “No, I’m not. Harry is standing behind you glaring at us.”

Draco felt immediate relief, and Ginny realized what she had done. “You thought I was calling out his name,” she laughed at the absurdity of the situation.

Draco nodded. “I was about ready to hex you to hell and back. If you are going to call out some other bloke’s name, you could at least have the decency to name another Slytherin.”

“I’ll keep that in mind for future reference, but what are we going to do about Harry?”

Draco turned and looked in Potter’s direction. “Is there something we can help you with Potter? I was just about to shag Ginny behind this decorative shrub, and you’re ruining the mood.”

Ginny burst into laughter and sat on the grass. Draco looked at her and said in a loud voice, “Oh, right, on the ground would probably be easier.”

Ginny laughed until she cried, and she watched as Harry stomped off. Draco sat down next to her, and she smiled at him. “Oh, that was funny.”

Draco smirked. “What have we learned this evening?”

“Let’s see. If I call out Harry’s name while we are snogging, you will be very vexed.”

Draco patted her knee. “There we go.”

Leaning over, Draco kissed Ginny. The going was a bit difficult because she kept giving in to fits of giggles. When she whispered, “Oh, Pansy,” he felt he had no recourse but to throw her in the lake.

Professor Snape would always remember the day he saw Draco Malfoy running across the school lawn, laughing, while carrying Ginny Weasley over his shoulder. He found these actions inexplicable. When Draco proceeded to wade into the lake and apparently attempt to drown the youngest Weasley, he thought things might be looking up. However, when the young girl emerged sputtering and kissed Draco in front of the assembled crowd, and he did not attempt to beat her off with a stick, he realized it was a very sad day indeed.

Chapter 6: Chapter 6
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The water in the lake was the perfect temperature. Ginny let herself float against Draco as he kissed her, and she resisted the urge to anchor herself by wrapping her legs around him. She was sure that the audience in attendance to their little show would assume she was shagging him in the lake. Not that the idea didn’t hold some appeal, but she didn’t really harbor any exhibitionist tendencies.
When Draco rolled his hips against hers, she realized that maybe she was being closed-minded.

Ron effectively ruined the mood by shouting, “Ginny, have you gone mad?”

Ginny sighed and pulled away from Draco. “I suppose we should find a more private place to finish this.”

Draco smirked. “I really don’t mind.”

Laughing, Ginny began to swim towards shore. Draco followed her and they climbed on shore to catcalls and various rude comments. Hermione was standing nearby with a grin on her face. She managed to distract Ron so that Draco and Ginny could dry themselves with their wands before he pounced on them.

“Ginny, you’ll catch a cold." Ron groused. "You should go straight to bed.”

“I believe that is what we had in mind,” Draco commented as he pulled a giggling Ginny towards the castle.

Ron started to yell something, but Hermione stopped him with a silencing spell. “Ron, she is happy. Leave her alone.”

Once she lifted the spell, Ron looked pleadingly at Hermione. “Could you perform an obliviate spell on me? I don’t think I can take knowing what those two are about to do.”

Hermione stepped forward and pulled Ron’s face down to kiss him. When she finished, she asked, “How about I distract you instead?”

Ron followed Hermione back to the castle muttering, “Such a smart girl.”

Ginny let Draco pull her down several hallways and into a room she didn’t recognize. Upon further inspection, she realized they were in a bathroom. “Whose room is this?”

Draco shrugged. “I think it used to be a Prefects Bath, but no one really comes here much any more.” Draco pointed over to the corner. “The shower is broken, but the tub still works.”

Ginny watched as Draco turned several taps on the large tub. The room began to fill with a woodsy scent. “Is that pine?”

Draco started to unbutton his shirt. “I don’t know, the taps aren’t marked. I like it though. Do you mind?”

Watching Draco take off his shirt, Ginny just shook her head no. When Draco had stripped down to his boxers, he walked over and kissed her. “You’re falling behind,” he informed her as he started on her buttons.

“Sorry,” was all that Ginny could think to say before Draco kissed her again. She managed to kick off her shoes and socks before her skirt hit the ground. Draco stood back and looked at her for a moment before he led her into the tub.

Ginny was grateful that she was still wearing her underthings. She decided that she would just pretend that they were swimming.

Draco grabbed a bottle of shampoo off of the side of the tub and positioned himself behind Ginny. “I never liked this hair on your brothers, but on you it works.”

Ginny bit her lip to keep from smiling too broadly as Draco began to wash her hair. After a few moments, he began to massage her scalp. Ginny sighed at the pleasurable sensation. Never before had she considered washing hair as a sensual act, but she was quickly changing her mind.

“There, you’re all done,” Draco informed her.

Ginny ducked down into the water to rinse her hair, and came up to see Draco staring at her with appreciation. Deciding that it was her turn to touch him, she grabbed a sponge and lathered it up. She walked around behind him and started washing his back. After a few moments, she worked her way around to his chest and his stomach.

Draco watched the sly smile on Ginny’s face as she ran the soapy sponge back and forth over his stomach. He was about three seconds from pouncing on her, when he had the odd realization that he didn’t want this to end. That train of thought was interrupted by a noise at the door.

Draco looked to see that the handle was being rattled. “Maybe they’ll just go away,” he said hopefully.

When Professor Snape’s voice said, “Why is this locked?” Ginny looked at Draco in terror.

“What are we going to do?”

Draco did a quick spell to dry them off and eliminate all of the water in the tub. He pushed her towards the edge. “Grab all your things, and we’ll hide in the shower stall.”

Ginny grabbed her clothes, and she ran for the shower stall with Draco right behind her. They had barely pulled the curtain shut, when the door burst open. They heard Professor Snape walk in, and they held their breath while they waited for him to walk out. When he turned on the taps in the tub instead, Ginny looked at Draco in alarm. He shrugged, and whispered a spell that would keep others from eavesdropping on what he was saying.

“I don’t think there is another way out. We may just have to wait for him to finish.”

“Why is he in here? He has his own personal bath,” Ginny whispered after she also performed the eavesdropping spell.

A new voice made Ginny jump. “Severus, I’m sorry I was late.”

“That’s all right, Minerva. I just got here myself. The door was locked for some reason.”

“Maybe the house elves were trying to keep this area closed off while they worked on that shower.”

Ginny looked at Draco in disbelief. “McGonagall and Snape?”

Draco looked mildly nauseous at this discovery. “Ginny, if they are meeting in here...”

Ginny cringed in horror as realization dawned. “We cannot be in here while that. There has to be a way out of here.”

The lights suddenly dimmed, and Ginny realized that one of the two professors had turned off the lights and lit candles to set the mood. “That might help us,” she muttered. “Let’s get dressed, and then we’ll look for another way out of here.”

Draco made a show of looking right and left and then scowling at her. Ginny glared at him. “Use that Slytherin brain of yours and think of something.”

Ginny peeked out from behind the shower curtain and scanned the room. She saw a cupboard set in the wall directly across from the shower. Turning to Draco, she said, “Do you think that cupboard would do us any good?”

Draco held his hand up for her to be quiet. He appeared to be muttering something at the shower drain. Ginny watched as the drain melted and slowly dripped down the pipe. Then he started to work on the stone surrounding the pipe. Once she heard what spell he was using, she started to work on the floor as well.

After a few minutes they had managed to make an opening that Ginny could slide down into. She kneeled at the edge of the opening and leaned down. It was dark, so she lit her wand. When she looked back up, she was smiling. “There is a tunnel big enough for us to crawl through. It must be how the house elves do maintenance on the baths.”

Ginny went head first into the opening, so that she could catch herself with her arms and slide forward enough to crawl. Draco watched her go, and wondered if they were just being ridiculous. When he heard an unsettling sound come from the bath, he dove in after her.

Ginny crawled forward with her wand in her hand for light. It seemed like forever before the tunnel widened enough for Draco to come up beside her. When he smirked at her, she laughed and stopped crawling. “Do you have any idea where we are?”

Draco tried to listen for any telltale sounds. He took a deep breath and sighed. That was when he noticed the smell. “Do you smell food?”

Ginny inhaled. It was hard to detect at first, because she still smelled the pine scent from their bath. “I think I smell bread baking. We must be near the kitchens.”

“That makes sense. I guess we’ll just keep crawling. This has to come out somewhere.”

They crawled along for another ten minutes until they came to a decorative grate set in the stone. When they peered out, they saw the house elves working in the kitchens. “Thank goodness,” Ginny muttered.

Draco used the stone-melting spell again, and was able to pull the grate back into the tunnel. The house elves were quite surprised when they popped out, but they offered them fresh muffins anyway.

Ginny looked at Draco, and he said, “Sure, why not? If we tried to shag, the kitchen would probably catch on fire.” After accepting the muffins, they found a table in the corner and sat down.

Ginny took a bite of muffin before she said, “I wonder if Ron could have placed some sort of anti-sex ward on me somehow?”

“That would explain a few things,” Draco agreed. “I don’t think I’ve ever had to work this hard to get...”

Ginny interrupted him. “Choose your next words carefully.”

“What? I was just going to say that I’ve never worked this hard at getting together with someone before.”

“I’m sure that’s exactly how you were going to phrase it,” Ginny scoffed.

Draco rolled his eyes. “It doesn’t matter how you say it, it all means the same thing.”

“I don’t think that’s true. Some words sound like the identity of the girl is incidental. I don’t like those words.”

“I see.” Draco commented mockingly. “Maybe, you should make me a list so that I don’t offend you.”

Ginny frowned. “Let’s not snipe at each other. We’re both just frustrated and tired.”

Draco glared at the muffin he was holding. “I think I’m actually hungry, and this isn’t going to cut it.”

Ginny smiled. “Do you want to ask the house elfs if they’ll let us cook something?”

“Right now, I just want the house elves to bring me some real food.”

“Go ask them nicely, and they will.”

“Yes, I shall top off my day by making nice with the hired help,” Draco muttered as he walked over to where the elves were working. When he came back, he had a plate loaded with food. He set it down carefully, and then handed Ginny a smaller plate. “Take what you want. I’m eating the rest.”

Ginny pulled off some meat and potatoes. She ate while she watched Draco inhale what was left on the plate. “It’s so unfair. I’ve watched my brothers eat huge portions of food all my life. If I ate like that, I’d be as big as a house.”

“The world is an unfair place. I know, let’s shag and you’ll feel much better.”

“I’d always heard you were a smooth talker.”

“Please, it’s not a matter of if, anymore, it is a matter of when.”

“What if I’ve changed my mind?”

Draco leaned over and nuzzled her neck. She fought the urge to sigh and melt into him. She managed to suppress the sigh, but her body betrayed her by turning her spine to jello. When Draco pulled back and smirked at her, she said, “Just shut up, and kiss me.”

Draco complied, and she remembered why she was putting up with his somewhat prickly personality. He had just pulled her over onto his lap when a familiar voice said, “Not in front of the house elves, you’ll scar them for life.”

Draco cursed as he looked up to see Blaise smirking at him. “I’m beginning to believe your theory about an anti-sex ward.”

“I wonder if they stock a potion for that in the hospital wing?” Ginny mused.

Blaise aimed his wand at Ginny, and said a spell. A green vapor surrounded her body, and then gathered around her right thigh. She looked at Blaise. “What did you do?”

That spell detects magic. What’s on your thigh?”

Ginny pulled her skirt up and stared at her tattoo. “I can’t believe Sorin would do that.”

Draco looked at the tattoo on Ginny’s thigh and then said, “You shagged the tattoo artist, didn’t you?”

Ginny smirked. “He held a vibrating quill against my thigh for the better part of an hour. It had unforeseen side effects.” Blaise burst into laughter while Draco glared at Ginny. “Don’t look at me like that, you’ve shagged half the castle.”

Draco sighed. “I suppose you’re right, but right now it’s your tattoo artist that is causing the complications.”

Ginny looked at the dragon on her leg. She waved her wand and said a spell that would reveal all magic. The words that floated in front of her made her smile. “You’re wrong. Look. He only put on a spell to keep the colors vibrant.”

Ginny looked up to see Blaise studying her tattoo. “What kind of dragon is that?”

Ginny shrugged. “Sorin drew it on a napkin, and I liked it. I think he just made it up.”

Draco reached over and pulled Ginny’s skirt back down. “I think he’s seen enough.”

Blaise snorted and walked over to a house elf to request a late night snack. He turned back to see Draco frowning. “Malfoy, make nice with Ginny. Curfew starts in about twenty minutes, and I want you both tucked away by then.”

Draco muttered, “Pompous arse.”

Ginny chuckled and stood up. “Come on, Mr. Malfoy. Be a gentleman and walk me back to my room.”

“Remind me again why I am going to do that?”

Ginny leaned over and nipped at Draco’s ear before she whispered, “Because, you want to keep on my good side.”

“Tease,” Draco muttered as he stood up and offered her his hand.

Blaise watched Draco and Ginny walk out of the kitchens hand in hand. He wondered how long it would take his romantically challenged friend to realize that he was actually dating someone. By his count, Draco had been involved with Ginny in one way or another for the past two weeks. Of course, the years of hexing each other before that could just be considered foreplay.

Chapter 7: Chapter 7
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Ginny walked into the common room to find Ron and Hermione cuddling on a couch. Ron looked up at her with barely veiled contempt.

“Sod off, Ron. I haven’t done anything to deserve that look.”

“It’s who you’ve done that’s bothering me,” Ron replied, and then winced as Hermione pinched him.

“For your information, I haven’t managed to do that yet either.”

Ron perked up, “Really, that’s a shame.”

“Did you and Draco have a fight?” Hermione asked in confusion.

“No, people just keep interrupting us. I swear it’s like some higher power is amusing itself by preventing Draco and I from...”

“Stop,” Ron commanded. “We get the picture. I don’t need to hear it word for word.”

“If you continue being a prat about all of this, once Draco and I finally do get together, I’ll petrify you and describe it detail by detail.” Ginny declared as she headed up to her room.

“She’s evil, Hermione. Maybe, she and Malfoy do belong together.”


Draco was frowning at his toast when Blaise sat next to him at breakfast the next morning. “What has the toast done to you?”

Draco rubbed his forehead. “Can sexual frustration make you stupid? I swear I was sitting here wondering how I liked my toast. I’ve been eating toast my entire life, but this morning I can’t remember how I like it.”

Blaise snorted. “You have a serious problem, but I’m confused. I thought you and the red head were getting along well in that department.”

“We keep trying to, and then you, or Snape, or some other ruddy person keeps interrupting us before we can get anywhere.”

“I do apologize for my part in contributing to your toast dilemma. Why don’t you ask her to go to Hogsmeade with you next weekend.”

Draco looked up. “There is a Hogsmeade Weekend coming up?”

Blaise gave his friend a concerned look. “We talked about it yesterday.” Grabbing a piece of toast and fixing it the way he had seen Draco eat it for years, he passed it to him. “Eat this, maybe you just need food.”

Draco took the toast and ate it, but he was sure that food was not the answer.


Ginny was not having a good morning. She had tried a simple makeup charm, and her eyebrows had turned green. Hermione had been unable to help her, because makeup charms were one thing she knew nothing about. After seeking out Lavender’s help, and enduring the other girl’s snide remarks, Ginny’s eyebrows were now an odd shade of brown that didn’t quite match her hair.

She stomped into breakfast and sat down next to Hermione. Hermione assessed her eyebrows and tried to sound encouraging. “They look better.”

“I don’t understand. I’ve used that eyebrow plucking charm a million times.”

Hermione chuckled. “I think you’re distracted because your thoughts are rotating around a certain blond.”

Ginny frowned. “I don’t suppose I could skip classes today due to unreal levels of frustration.”

Hermione passed her friend a chocolate pastry. “This might help.”

Ginny bit into the chocolate and sighed. “Thanks, Hermione. You’re a good friend.”


Since there was no cooking lesson tonight, Ginny slumped in her chair in the library and waited to see if Draco would seek her out. After half an hour without any blond sightings, she laid her head on the table and wondered where she could find more chocolate.

When someone pulled the chair out next to her, she wearily sat up to see who it was. She was surprised to find Draco glaring at her. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

Draco spoke through gritted teeth. “I blew up my cauldron today.”

Ginny snorted before she could stop herself. “How did you do that?”

“I don’t know, but I am blaming you.”
“What did I do?”

Draco leaned close to Ginny’s ear and said, “It’s what you’re not doing. You’re not following through on this game that we are playing, and you started it.”

Ginny pulled back and scowled at him. “First of all, this is not a game. Second of all, all of the interruptions are not my fault. I’m just as frustrated as you are. I have never been so forward in my entire life, and all it’s gotten me is carpel tunnel syndrome and funny looking eyebrows.”

Draco looked confused, and then a light seemed to go on. He snorted and looked at Ginny in amusement, and then he asked, “What in the hell did you do to your eyebrows?”

“I have no idea. I was using a plucking charm, and I somehow managed to turn them green. This is the best that Lavender could do for me. I’m hoping I don’t have to wait until they grow out.”

“Your eyebrows were green?”

“Yes, and why have you latched onto that rather than the admission about carpel tunnel syndrome?”

Draco smirked before he admitted. “I’m in the same boat, and it isn’t really helping.”

Ginny nodded. “I know, so what are we going to do about this?”

Draco shrugged. “Blaise said I should ask you to go to Hogsmeade.”

“Well, that is a nice thought, but how will that help anything? They’ll be people all over Hogsmeade as well.”

Draco sat up, “That’s it. Everyone will go to Hogsmeade, and we’ll stay here.”

Ginny frowned. “That’s four days away. We have two cooking lessons to get through.”

Draco stood up, and looked around the library. “Follow me.”

Ginny did as Draco said, and found herself deep in the stacks of the library. She looked at he shelves. “This is the Tax law section. Why are we here?”

“I’m testing a theory. No one should be looking for books on tax law.” Reaching for Ginny, he leaned down and kissed her tentatively. When no one interrupted them, he pulled her closer and began to kiss her in earnest. When he felt her hands slide up under his shirt, he took a moment to relish the sensation of her hands on his bare skin. He was sure that someone would come and interrupt them at any moment, so he didn’t want to rush things.

Ginny was lost in the sensation of Draco’s mouth on her neck. She dug her nails into his skin when he hit a particularly sensitive spot. Deciding that they should just go for it, she wrapped one leg around his thigh, and hoped that he would get the message.

Draco felt Ginny’s leg wrap around him, and he decided that it was time to find a flat surface. He looked around, and spotted a table at the end of the aisle. After unwrapping Ginny’s leg, he dragged her towards the table and seated her on it. He kissed her once, and then looked around expecting someone to be bearing down on them. When he didn’t spot anyone, he leaned down and kissed her. He was afraid this was going to be the fastest liaison in history if he wasn’t able to calm himself down.

Ginny had no idea why Draco wasn’t taking advantage of this opportunity. Hoping to move things along, she wrapped her legs around him, and moved her hips against his. The weeks of frustration must have intensified her body’s reactions. When he began to move against her, she felt her body heat up immediately. When he tried to move away, she bit him on the neck, and moved her hips faster.

Draco knew that there was no way that he was going to be able to keep this up without embarrassing consequences. He tried to pull away from Ginny to remove some vital pieces of clothing, and that was when she bit him on the neck and he completely lost his mind. He began grinding against her with such force that he expected her to protest, but instead, he felt her entire body tense before she threw her head back and stifled a moan. The sight of her going over the edge combined with the friction of their bodies caused him to explode. He slumped on top of her, and tried to think of what he could possibly say to maintain his dignity.

He didn’t expect her to giggle. Pushing himself up, he smirked at her, and she snorted. This caused him to chuckle, and soon they were both laughing. Finally, Ginny sighed and said, “Well, that took the edge off a bit.”

Draco hung his head, “That hasn’t happened to me in years. I feel like I should apologize. Although I should point out that I was trying to remove clothing while you had other plans.”

Ginny poked him in the chest. “Hey, that wasn’t what I had in mind either, but it was fun. In case you hadn’t noticed. We are still alone, so maybe you should shut up and kiss me.”

Draco didn’t need to be asked twice. He leaned down to kiss the smirking red head, but was interrupted by a well-known voice. “Who is making that noise back here? This is a library, you know.”

Draco rolled his eyes and pulled Ginny off of the table. By the time the librarian wandered into the tax section, they were long gone.

Chapter End Notes:
AN: Yes, I do feel I am securing my place in hell by writing this story.

Chapter 8: Chapter 8
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The day after the library incident, Ginny walked into the cooking lesson wondering what Draco would want to make for dinner. She was surprised to find him seated at the table perusing a cookbook. “What are you looking for?”

“I thought we might try making pasta.”

Ginny snorted. “I think I can explain that without a cookbook. First you boil water, and then you add the noodles. Ten minutes later, you pull out the noodles, and add whatever sauce you want.”

Draco glared at her. “I want to make lasagna, and I think there is a bit more to it than that.”

“I’ve never made lasagna,” Ginny admitted as she walked over and read the recipe over his shoulder. “I think we could do that. It has to cook for a while, but we can make a salad and eat that while we wait.”

“Fine. Why don’t you start on the salad, and I’ll start on the lasagna?”

Ginny thought Draco was behaving a bit oddly, but she wasn’t going to pester him. After retrieving what she needed from the cupboard, she started chopping ingredients for the salad. “Did you hear about the latest Chudley Cannons game?” she asked, hoping to make polite conversation.

“You’re a Cannons fan?” Draco asked as he placed pasta in the boiling water.

“Yes, I am. It’s kind of a family tradition. Don’t you like the Cannons?”

“Actually, my family has box seats.”

Ginny ignored the twinge of envy that shot through her. “Really? I bet you have a great time at the games.”

Draco stopped what he was doing and frowned. “I used to go with my father. I suppose I’ll go with someone else now.”

Ginny cursed herself for bringing up a painful memory for Draco. She knew that his father was somehow killed in the final battle. Harry had never given anyone the details of that last encounter, so she didn’t know what happened.

In an effort to change the subject she said, “Blaise and Luna seem to be getting along well.”

“I swear, I see her in the Slytherin Common Room more than I see Goyle.”

“I wonder if they hang out in the Ravenclaw Common Room?”

Draco chuckled. “I don’t think they are welcome there anymore.”

“Why not?”

“Apparently, one of Lovegood’s housemates was stupid enough to insult her in front of Blaise. After Blaise was finished with him, he had to stay in the hospital wing for the night.”

“Did Blaise get in trouble?” Ginny asked as she finished up the salads.

“I think he got detention with McGonagall, but that was all.”

Ginny walked over and sat the salads on the table while she wondered if Draco would go to such lengths to defend her. After she set the table, she made tea and took a cup over to Draco. He accepted the tea with a nod, and then went back to meticulously laying the noodles in perfectly straight rows.

“You do realize that the noodles will shift while they are cooking, don’t you?”

“That is unfortunate, but for now they will look perfect.”

“Have you ever heard of obsessive compulsive disorder?” Ginny asked.

Draco took a moment to glare at her, but he didn’t bother to respond. Ginny leaned against the counter and watched as he layered the lasagna. After he put it in the oven, he walked over to the magical cupboard and took out a loaf of French bread and a plate of butter.

“Let’s have this with our salad,” he suggested as he walked over to the table.

Ginny continued to watch Draco as she ate. She wondered what had happened to him to make him so calm. He wasn’t teasing her, he wasn’t trying to kiss her, and he wasn’t making lewd suggestions about things they could do while the lasagna cooked. There was definitely something wrong.

Deciding that she couldn’t take this odd behavior anymore, she asked, “Is there something wrong? You’re not acting like yourself.”

Draco set down his fork and looked at her. “I’m surprised Potter didn’t tell you.”

“Didn’t tell me what?”

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

“All right. What do you want to talk about?”

Draco rubbed his hand across his eyes. “I don’t think I have anything to say. Why don‘t you talk, and I’ll just listen.”

Ginny searched her mind for an interesting topic. In desperation, she started talking about different jokes that the twins had played on her family over the years.

Draco listened to each incidence, and a small smile played across his face. When the timer went off for the lasagna, he got up to take it out of the oven. Ginny was surprised when he made two plates and brought one to her.

“Thank you.”

Draco nodded, and they both ate for a few moments in comfortable silence. After finishing her last bite, Ginny sighed. “That was really good. My mum doesn’t make that. I’ll have to copy the recipe and make it for her when I go home this summer.”

“I never thought I’d say this, but cooking is...rewarding in some way. You put effort into it, and then something good comes out of it.”

“Most things in life work that way.” Ginny informed him with a small smile.

“I suppose you’re right.” Draco said as he looked at the table. “It’s taking a lot of effort on your part not to press me about what is wrong, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it is, but if you don’t want to talk about it I understand."

Draco nodded and stood up. “Do you want to walk by the lake?”

“That sounds nice. Let’s clean up in here, and then we can go.”

After cleaning up their mess, the couple walked hand in hand around the lake. Draco located a bench, and they sat to look at the water.

“What are you going to do after you graduate?” Ginny asked to break the silence.

“I’ll go to University, I suppose. What about you?”

Ginny scuffed her shoes in the dirt. “I’ll tell you, but you can’t make fun of me.”

“I make no promises,” Draco told her with a smirk.

Ginny smiled thinking that he was acting more like his normal, obnoxious self. “I want to open a bakery. The twins are doing well in their business, and they said they would help me get started. I’m not sure if I want to go to a culinary school, or if I just want to start baking cookies and pies.”

Draco seemed to study her for a moment. “Why do you want to do that?”

“I like to make people happy. Have you ever noticed that no matter what kind of day someone is having, if you offer them a cookie, or a piece of cake, it makes them smile?”

“You’re not selling cookies, you’re selling happiness.”

Ginny nodded, glad that he understood. “Yes, something like that. Do you think that is a stupid idea?”

“No, it suits you. Plus, you could always sell jars of icing on the side for couples who are bored with each other.”

Ginny chuckled. “I don’t think my family would approve of that.”

Draco leaned in and kissed her. It was soft, and sweet, and completely different from their other kisses. Ginny decided that she liked it a lot.

When Draco stood up and held out his hand, Ginny took it and followed him back towards the castle. She found herself walking down familiar hallways, and then she realized that Draco was taking her to the Room of Requirement. After he walked her past the wall three times, a door appeared.

Ginny didn’t know what she was expecting, but it wasn’t a couch in front of a cozy fireplace. She followed Draco over to the couch, and sat down. Unsure of his intentions, she waited to see what he would do.

“You know that I helped Harry, but you don’t know how.” Ginny just nodded. “I need to tell you about my father. He wasn’t always the monster that everyone here at school saw. When I was growing up, he was wonderful. He bought me my first broom and taught me how to fly. He used to take Mother and I on wonderful vacations. You can’t imagine how much he loved my mother. He used to call her his angel. My mother used to look like an angel back then. Now, she just looks haunted.”

Draco cleared his throat and looked away for a moment. “Anyway, one night, everything changed. My father received a summons, and when he came home he was different. His head was shaved, and there was a long scar down one side. When I asked him what happened, he told me that he had been chosen.”

“My mother tried to figure out what he had done, and he just became angry with her. Before that night he had never raised his voice to her. After that night, he did much worse. My mother and I quickly figured out that it was best to agree with him. He had always been a bit prejudiced, but now he was maniacal in his hatred. I mimicked him, and after a while everyone believed that I was truly my father’s son.”

Draco stopped speaking for a moment. He held Ginny’s hand in his and gently traced her fingers with his own. When he looked up, his eyes were full of sorrow. “When I first heard about the Horcruxes, I thought that if Harry found them and destroyed them, then I could have my family back. It wasn’t until later that I realized that my father was the last Horcrux.”

Ginny started to speak, but Draco shook his head. “Don’t say anything. I need to get through this. Once I realized what my father was, I went to my mother and told her. She was the one who decided that we should tell Harry. I gave Harry information about how to find my father.”

Ginny felt the tears flowing down her face before she realized that she was crying. “Draco, you did the right thing. That man wasn’t really your father anymore.”

Draco nodded. “That is what my mother said, but that isn’t how it felt when I saw his body.”

Ginny looked at the boy in front of her, and she had no idea what to say. Instead she leaned forward, wrapped her arms around him, and kissed him on the forehead. Working her way down his face, she kissed his eyelids and then his cheeks. When she reached his lips, the kiss was slow, sweet and poignant.

She felt his arms wrap around her, and the sweetness turned to hunger and longing. He pressed her back on the couch and kissed her neck and collarbone and any exposed skin he could reach. When that wasn’t enough, he began unbuttoning her shirt. His mouth followed his hands, and she found herself swept away by the heat of his mouth and the reverence of his touch.

Ginny felt the couch shift underneath her, and she looked up to see that she was in a four-poster bed with grey silk bed curtains. Draco saw her confusion and he explained, “It’s my room at Malfoy Manor.”

Ginny was oddly touched that he imagined her in his house in his real bed. She reached out to unbutton his shirt, and she found that her hands shook. He kissed her gently, performed a contraceptive spell, and then divested them of the rest of their clothing.

Once he had positioned himself above her, he kissed her forehead, her eyelids, her cheeks, and then her lips as he gently joined their bodies. When he didn’t move, Ginny opened her eyes to see him staring back into hers with wonder and longing. As he began to move she closed her eyes, because the intensity of it all was just too much.

As her body responded to his movements, she wrapped her legs around his back and buried her face in his neck. She reached her peak on an exhalation of his name. Moments later, he growled her name and collapsed on top of her. When he moved off of her, she felt a sense of loss until he pulled her body tight against his as he murmured endearments. They drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.

Later, when Ginny woke up, she went to rub her hands across her eyes, and somehow managed to poke herself in the eye instead. “Ouch,” she muttered as she blinked rapidly. Once she was able to focus on her hand, she saw a ring with an M on it. She looked over at Draco and saw him smirking at her.

“I thought you might like to wear that.”

Ginny smiled. “Thanks. I think I might.”

“Not a problem. However, I would appreciate it if you would stop corresponding with that tattoo artist.”

Ginny smiled and snuggled up against his chest. “I can do that. Any other requests?”

“Yes.” Draco’s smirk turned into a smile. “I want to be the one to tell your brother.”

Ginny laughed. “It’s a deal. That means I get to tell Harry.”

“Wait a minute, maybe I wanted to tell Harry,” Draco complained.

“Well you don’t get to tell them both. I’d only be left with Hermione, and she’s been rooting for you.”

“Well we always knew she was smarter than those other two.”

Ginny chuckled as she ran her hand over Draco’s chest. She looked up at him and commanded, “Close your eyes.”

Draco closed his eyes and then objected when a cold wet substance landed on his chest. When he opened his eyes and realized that it was chocolate icing, he decided he really wasn’t that offended after all.

Chapter 9: Chapter 9: The End
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Ginny was waiting for Draco to finish getting ready. She didn’t understand how it could take a man so much longer to get ready than a woman. When he finally deemed himself presentable, she followed him out of the Room of Requirement and waited to see who they would bump into first. Since they walked by the library, the first person they saw was Hermione.

Ginny ran up to her friend. “Hermione, guess what?”

Hermione took one look at Ginny and laughed. “You finally made it through without being interrupted, didn’t you?”

“Yes, but that isn’t what I wanted to tell you.” Holding out her hand, she commanded, “Look.”

Hermione looked at the ring on Ginny’s finger. “You appear to have found a ring with an M on it.”

Ginny huffed. “Hermione, Draco gave me his ring. We are officially dating.”

A loud thud caused them all to turn round, and Draco complained, “I was supposed to get to tell him.”

Hermione rushed over and kneeled down by Ron. “I think he’s fainted.”

Ginny nodded. “Well, that does make sense.”

Hermione performed a refresher spell, and Ron sat up and looked pleadingly at Hermione. “Tell me that I just had a nightmare. Tell me Ginny is not dating the Ferret.”

Draco cleared his throat, and Ron looked past Hermione to see Draco smirking at him. “Maybe we should all go on a double date.”

Ron’s eyes rolled back in his head, and Hermione used her wand to cushion his return to the floor. “You two are really having far too much fun at his expense.”

Harry walked up and looked at Ron. “What happened to Ron?”

Hermione spoke before Ginny could. “Ginny and Draco are dating. He gave her a ring.”

Harry scowled at Draco and then shook his head at Ginny. Feeling completely justified, Ginny stuck her tongue out at Harry. Draco and Hermione laughed, and Harry stomped off. Ron came to, and sat up warily. He looked at Hermione. “After we graduate and get married, we’re getting an unplottable house. We do not need Fred, George, Ginny, and Draco influencing our children. They will turn out to be beasts.”

Draco looked at Ginny. “Just so you know, if you say one word about marriage or children I will run away screaming like a girl.”

“I’ll keep that in mind. How do you feel about the word, boyfriend?”

“I can live with that.”

Ginny nodded. “All right, that is settled then. I get to walk around the castle saying that you are my boyfriend.”

Ron raised his hand to his forehead. “Oh, the pain.”

Hermione kissed him on the temple and helped him stand up. “Just think about how much fun it will be when Draco has to meet with you and all five of your brothers.”

Draco looked at Ginny. “That will never happen. We are dating. I am not meeting your family.”

Ginny pouted and gave Draco a look that had worked on her father her entire life.

“Why are you looking at me like that? It’s not like I want you to meet my family. We just started dating. Are you insane? I guess I could meet a few of your brothers. Doesn’t one live in another country, maybe we could just go visit him?”

Ginny smiled. “It’s nothing to worry about. I don’t expect you to meet my family until Christmas. That is several months away.”

Draco did a quick calculation and realized that he probably had sixty days left to live. “Damn cooking classes,” he muttered as Ginny led him into the library.


Five years later

Draco tried not to smile as he attempted to eat the roast that Ginny had turned into charcoal.

Ron poked at the meat on his plate suspiciously and said, “Ginny, how is it that you can own a bakery and yet you burn dinner every Sunday you have us over?”

Ginny laughed. “Ron, I swear I just get distracted by the oddest things. Why don’t we order pizza again?”

Hermione smirked, but she didn’t say anything. She had a sneaking suspicion that cooking in the Malfoy household was a passionate endeavor. “Have you two ever thought of buying one of those enchanted crock pots? You can put in a roast, and it cooks overnight.”

“Really, well that is interesting.” Ginny commented. “Whatever would we do with all our free time?”

Draco sent her a smoldering look, which reminded her of how the roast ended up in its current condition.

“Malfoy, stop looking at my sister like that. I don’t care if she is your wife. What is the story we agreed upon?”

Draco smirked. “Let me see if I remember. In return for your not letting Bill and Charlie feed me to the dragon, I tell you that I have never touched your sister. She and I sleep in separate bedrooms. Any children we have will come from some sort of immaculate conception.”

Ron smiled. “Thank you. I feel much better now.”

sixteen years later

Ginny retrieved the letter from the owl that landed on her kitchen table. She recognized her daughter’s handwriting right away. As she read the letter, tears came to her eyes.

Draco walked into the kitchen and saw his wife crying. “Gin, what’s wrong?”

Ginny fanned her eyes. “Nothing is wrong. I knew it was inevitable. It’s just that Delia has her first boyfriend.”

Draco slumped into the kitchen chair. “That’s not possible. She’s a child.”

“She’s sixteen.”

“What is the boy’s name? I’m going to do a background check. I’m going to send your brothers after him with that bloody dragon they threatened me with.”

Ginny held a finger up to silence her husband. “I haven’t finished reading yet. She hasn’t told me his name yet. Oh, wait. Here it is. He’s a year older, and his name is Trevor.”

“Trevor what?”

Ginny continued to read, and then her jaw dropped open. “His name is Trevor Potter.”

Draco made a very large thud when he fell out of the kitchen chair. Ginny looked over and realized that he had fainted. “That does make sense.”

While she waited for Draco to come to, Ginny wrote a reply letter to her daughter requesting that when Trevor sent a letter to his parents that they include a camera so that Cho could take a picture of Harry when he realized that his son was dating a Malfoy.

seven years later

Draco watched in abject misery as his daughter danced in the arms of a green eyed young man with messy black hair. Ginny poked him in the arm. “It will be all right. They’re in love. Anyone can see that.”

“Never has a day so dark dawned on the Malfoy name. My little girl is now legally a Potter.”

Ron smirked. “Now you have some idea about how I felt when Ginny married you.”

Draco turned to Ron. “Ron, I would like to apologize for marrying your sister.”

“Hey,” Ginny complained as she whacked him on the arm.

“I didn’t say I was sorry I married you. I was just apologizing for unknowingly inflicting this much pain on your brother.”

Ginny scanned the crowd, and saw Harry looking almost as miserable as Draco. Cho looked up, caught her eye, and winked. Ginny laughed and waved. She and Cho had become friends while they were planning the wedding. They were both surprised at how much they liked each other and had vowed to try and get their husbands into the same room for dinner and drinks.

“Draco, I think that the Potter’s expect us to come to their house for the opening of the gifts tomorrow.”

Draco looked up. “No, absolutely not.”

Ginny pouted and Draco rolled his eyes. “That isn’t going to work this time.”

Ginny leaned down and whispered lewd suggestions into her husband’s ear. He seemed to perk up. “Maybe, we could drop by just to make sure that our gift is the best.”

Hermione spoke up, “I sent them a basket of kitchen gadgets that I knew Delia would like. I also included some of your ready-made frosting. That stuff comes in so handy when you’re short on time.”

Draco looked at Hermione in horror, while Ginny tried to control her laughter.