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All Because Of A Potions Accident by Dracos Ice Princess

Format: Novel
Chapters: 4
Word Count: 6,971
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Drama, Horror/Dark, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Snape, Voldemort, Draco, Pansy, Blaise (M), OC
Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Draco/Hermione, Harry/Hermione, Ron/OC

First Published: 02/23/2007
Last Chapter: 12/28/2007
Last Updated: 12/28/2007

What happen's when your in potions class? Accidents. But most of these accident's don't change lives forever. This time it's diiferent. Memories that were best left forgotten break through, memory charms overthrown. But will Hermiones friends stand by her when they discover the truth, that not even she knew?  Will she take on a new life and her true newly discovered identity or keep her old one? Will she fight for the light or the dark when it really counts? For 'The boy who lived' or for her destined soulmate? Read and find out....

Chapter 1: Take care
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Chapter one
Take care

~Ten years ago~

“No she’s my daughter. You can’t take her as well. You know what happened last time you tried to interfere it will be worse this time. You took my husband don’t take my child too. Please. Don’t punish her. Don‘t tear her life apart. She‘s done nothing to you. Don‘t take her away from the only love she has ever known,” Jennifer begged shouting across the room at a man with the long white beard that stood next to the armed Aurors he had brought. She hated them, all of them. They were all against her husband and her ways. They all supported that Potter boy. They all worshiped him yet he had done nothing to show great power. They all talked about how sad it was for him to be orphaned yet here they were trying to do the same thing to her daughter. 

“Jennifer-” The man started but she interrupted.

“It’s Mrs Riddle to you. You lost my trust long ago Dumbledore. You along with most of the magical world. You have not right being in my house,” Anger shook her normally steady voice.

“Mrs Riddle. Please clam yourself. We told you this time would come. It’s took us longer to track you than we thought it would thanks to your wards you set up but we have. Its time too let Amelia go. She’ll be brought up normally without all this hassle. She will have a future, a safe one.” He didn’t add that she would have another identity, no memory of her mother or previous identity and a new personality as he knew that Jennifer would never agree under those circumstances.

“No. Haven’t you caused enough damage? Her uncle turned on us. My brother turned on me and all he was supposed to believe thanks to you. Don’t you understand?” It was clear that Jennifer would not go down without a fight.

“It was your brothers choice. Not mine or anyone else’s. If he’s so bad and betrayed you so much then why do you continue to let your daughter spend time with him?” Dumbledore questioned.

“Because by the time I found out Ami was to attached to him and I couldn’t break her heart now, could I? Just leave and don’t come back.” Jennifer told him sternly closing the discussion. A ruffle of footsteps was heard on the stairs though none in the room took any notice as they watched the staring battle between the Lady of Darkness and the Leader of the light.

“Mother, What’s going on? Who are these people?” A small six-year-old pure-blooded girl questioned. She had wandered from her room into the main hall after being awoken from her mothers yelling. She wore a Emerald green nightgown, which had a silver moving snake on it and holding a soft toy that was a perfect replica of a dragon with icy blue eyes in her arms. All wands turned to her.

“Nothing sweetie, come here. Will you lower your wands or point them somewhere else what‘s a unarmed girl going to do?” Jennifer opened her arms and her daughter ran in a rather dignified manner to her. She looked at the people and before anyone could speak opened her mouth.

“You’re the scary guy with the twinkling eyes. I don’t like you. You’re scary and mean and twinkly. You tried to take me away from my house and family and so did you, all off you. But I dealt with you ” The young girl exclaimed smug, pointing at the Professor and all of the Auror’s that stood behind him. 

“Ami! Don’t speak like that.” Jennifer scolded her daughter the Auror’s and Dumbledore forgotten for the moment.

“But Mother. Their not nice people and they tried to hurt us.” Ami complained. Jennifer started to explain to Ami why she couldn’t say those things when they were around but Dumbledore interrupted.

“Jennifer,” Was all he said while giving her a stern look and she sighed defeated. She wanted what was best for her daughter and she knew that if he grew up with the Riddle name many would shun her and she would never have a normal lifestyle. But she didn’t want her to go, She had powers that needed to be controlled and she was all that was left of the family that Jennifer loved. But she knew what she must do though not on just any conditions.

“I expect to be able to visit her or at least contact her when she reaches eleven and I want her to know who she is even if no-one else does.” She turned to Ami and continued. “Darling, you have to go with Professor Dumbledore for awhile. He’ll look after you. I promise.”

“But why mummy? Did I do something wrong. I promise I didn’t mean to set the cat on fire.”

"Sweetie you’re just going away for a while on a trip and he’s going to look after you. That‘s all what you did doesn’t matter anymore” 

“But why don’t you love me anymore?” Ami asked sadly but held her emotions well.

“Of course I love you. But you need to go with him. I’ll always love you alright? Remember that. Promise me you’ll remember that,” Jennifer exclaimed tears falling.

“I promise. Don’t cry mummy. I’ll see you soon. I promise.” She wiped away her mothers tears and hugged her trying to comfort her. Her mother held her tightly and close to her.

“Remember what me and your father taught you. Don’t forget it and don‘t use your powers. No matter what. Keep control. Don’t tell any one what you are” Jennifer whispered so only Ami would hear. She nodded into her mothers shoulder.

“Can I say bye to Uncle Sev and Uncle Luc and Aunty Cissa and Pansy and Blaise and especially Drake. Please? Cause otherwise they‘ll worry and I don’t want them to worry specially’ not Draco,” 

"Sorry sweetie. There’s not enough time. But I’ll say good-bye for you and tell them were you‘ve gone. Alright Princess.”

“Okay. I love you mum. Don’t forget to tell them that I love them. Don’t forget me either,” The little girl said. It was something she always said. Little did she know how much importance those words held.

“I love you too Princess. I won’t forget you. Don’t forget me either.” they gave each other a final hug and kiss before Dumbledore took Ami’s hand and disappeared. The Auror’s following after quickly leaving the women to break down in despair.

Later that night

 "Keep everything hidden from her until further notice. I have put a memory charm on her as well as an identification spell and given her new memories but if too many things are mentioned she may remember her old life which will put her in harms way.” Professor Dumbledore finished telling the young muggle couple who were now the legal parent’s of Amelia Fenella Wakanda Eldora Lydia Riddle.

“We will look after her like she is our own. Thank-you, you have given us more than we could have wished for.”  Luke Granger told the man staring at the sleeping girl in his wife‘s arms.

“No thank-you. You may have saved a girl from growing up corrupted. Read over the letter if you need anything or have any questions if there’s nothing in there just call my name or send an owl.”

He went to walk away before turning back to them at their call.

“I almost forgot. Should we change her name?” Melissa the mother asked.

He stopped to think for a moment before smiling and his eyes twinkling. “Do you have a name planed for her?”

“Yes we do. Hermione, Hermione Jane Granger.” Luke replied. The old man nodded and with a swish of his cloak and a crack he disappeared.

Leaving the parent’s to celebrate their gift.
Their new life.
Their daughter. 

Ten years later

“Good to be back?” Harry asked his girlfriend wrapping his arms around her from behind.

“Great, now that I’m with you.” Hermione sighed leaning back into him her head resting on his shoulder. Hermione had been in New Zealand for the holidays and hadn’t been able to spend much time with Harry though she did make the occasional trip with the Knight Bus.

“I think I’m gonna’ be sick. Ow!” Ron exclaimed looking at his two bestest friends. The Golden trio stood staring at the front of the castle. Ron‘s Ravenclaw girlfriend, Satasha, was with them.

“I’ll let that one past darling,” Satasha told Ron mockingly. They all laughed.

“Come on guys, lets enjoy the feast it’s our last one.” The boys followed Hermione’s lead and started up the stairs though kept a wary eye on Ginny and Dean to make sure they didn’t sneak off from the feast like last year for their own private one. The girls rolled their eyes when they spotted this and started a conversation about their favourite muggle songs.

“I’ll see you tomorrow Kay?” Satasha gave Ron a quick kiss and scuttled off to sit with her Ravenclaw friends. Ron stared at her longingly.

“Come on Ron. I promise me and Harry… I mean Harry and I wont be all lovey-dovey,” Hermione promised before adding as an afterthought. “I’ve been hanging out with you too long my grammar’s starting too go.”

They settled down at their table, Hermione seated across from Harry and Ron and just chatted for a while. The subject soon turned to Quidditch and Hermione felt her eyes wandering. They fell upon the Slytherin Prince and she couldn’t help but notice just how hot he looked this year. He turned at the heat of her gaze and their eyes connected.


A young girl and boy stood together under a tree.

“Aim’s I will never leave you. Nothing will ever hurt you when I’m around. No matter what.” They young boy told her staring lovingly into her eyes.

“You promise?” She questioned biting her lip.

“For forever,” He promised.

“But forever could mean never,” She stared at her feat.

He tilted her head up so she was looking at him.

“For Eternity. Even after death. When we grow up, you will be my queen. Ami I love you,” Even though they were young you could hear the sincerity in his voice.

“I love you too,” he hugged her close to him.

Two women watched from a yonder window as the children embraced. Young love had started.


Hermione’s face drained of colour and she quickly looked away. What just happened? Who were they? Why did I see them?

“Mione you okay?” A voice interrupted her thoughts. She took her gaze from her plate and looked at her boyfriend.

“Huh? Um …Yeah I’m …I’m fine,” Harry looked at her carefully but put his suspicions aside.

Meanwhile at the Slytherin table Draco Malfoy was swarmed with a few girls from his fan club. He pushed a blonde fourth year away from him and looked at Blaise and Pansy for help.

“Oh Drakie.” Pansy moved closer to Draco and cuddled up to him while sending a wink at Blaise. He smirked back at her. The girls grumbled and slowly moved away. As soon as they were out of sight Pansy sat up and moved back towards her boyfriend Blaise.

“Thanks Pans. I owe you,” Draco thanked her.

“No probs.” against most people’s beliefs Draco and Pansy were only friends. Best friends in fact. She just helped keep the girls away.

Draco felt someone watching him. He turned and his eyes connected with Grangers. He watched as her mouth fell open before she grew pale and broke the gaze. Okay what was that all about? Not that I care.

The feast stared though neither the Slytherin Sex God or the Goody-good Gryffindor could forget what the had seen.



Chapter 2: LDC's and Mishaps
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Chapter two
LDC’s and mishaps

Two weeks Later

“Hey Ron, where’s Harry?” Hermione asked Ron. She had just come from her dormitory into the common room.

“Well, if you looked behind you, you might see,” Ron replied. Hermione spun round and came face to face with her long-time boyfriend of just over a year.

“Harry,” she exclaimed and gave him a hug.

“Hey babe,” he replied.

“What have I told you about calling me babe?”

“Sorry wont happen again.” Harry grumbled she smiled and they started to kiss and were about to start a snogging session but Ron interrupted. 

“As much as I love to watch my friend make out,” he started sarcastically. “I’m really hungry so can we go to the great hall for breakfast,”

Hermione and Harry pulled apart and Hermione rolled her eyes.

"Honestly Ron, I have no idea how you manage to eat so much. If I ate as much as you I’d be continuously sick. It’s a wonder you don’t look like an elephant.”

“What’s an elephant?” Ron asked.

“It’s thanks to Quidditch you know,” Harry told her.

“What is it with you boys and Quidditch? They way you guys go on about it you would think it gave you everything you ever wanted.” she argued.

“What’s an elephant?”

“No not everything. A lot of things but not everything. I mean it keeps us fit, it’s fun, it helps get points for your house and you know it gives you important things. I can’t see how you don’t like it.” He said as they walked on.

“I do like it. I just don‘t want to play it. You know I‘m scared of flying especially after flying with you. Beside’s next you’ll be telling me it helps you do your homework too.” she exclaimed.

“An elephant, guys what is it?”

“No that’s your job.” He earned a smack for that but they were soon starting another snogg feast.

"GUYS?” Ron yelled in their ears. They jumped and looked at him.

“What?” they asked together. They had reached the Great hall now and went inside.

“What’s an elephant?” he asked as they walked in together. Hermione and Harry holding hands.

“Is that all? Couldn‘t you of just asked instead of yelling in our ears. It‘s a muggle animal by the way” Hermione simply replied rubbing her ringing ear’s before taking her usual place at Gryffindor table, Harry next to her and Ron on the opposite side. She shot a glance at the Slytherin table like she had gotten into habit since the vision.

They all grabbed their breakfast. Hermione grabbing a chocolate muffin and nibbling on it. Harry grabbed a few pieces of toast and started eating them moderately and Ron piled some blueberry pancakes on his plate and started shovelling them into his mouth.

“Seho wagdt eigrt tordei?” Ron asked spraying Lavender with bits of blueberry pancakes and maple syrup. Hermione looked disgusted and looked away not answering. Once Ron had swallowed he said, “fine then be that way. Harry what do we have today?”

“I don’t know mate ask-” Harry started before he along with most of the Gryffindor’s in that area had burst out laughing. Lavender who had been waiting for an apology and not getting one had poured her porridge and pumpkin juice on his head and stormed out of the hall in a huff muttering what oddly sounded like ‘boy‘s absolutely no manner‘s. 

“Bloody hell, what was that for I didn’t even do anything?” Ron huffed.

“Well Ron, If you didn’t speak with your mouth full and spray food everywhere you wouldn’t have these problems,” Hermione explained after muttering some spells to clean and dry Ron’s hair.

“Well if you had told me what we had today it wouldn‘t have happened,”

“Yes it would. You were asking me what we had today,” Hermione snapped back. 

“Fine whatever. Now will you tell me what we have today? Please?” He added at her annoyed look. She sighed and gave in.

“Well today we have Double potions with the Slytherin’s again, then we have charms with Ravenclaws, oh Ron you’ll be able to see your girlfriend, then we have DADA with Slytherin’s and then finally we have double transfiguration with,” groan, “Slytherin’s. What is with them? Do they really think we like working with Slytherin’s continually. Oh well, at least its only one day every two weeks. You know you two really should know this you are prefects,” Hermione pointed out. Harry had been made prefect last year for no particular reason, Hermione was head girl and Blaise Zabini Head boy. Ron looked like he was about to make a rude remark but Harry cut him off.

“What’s the point, you know everything,” she sighed and he gave her a quick kiss on the nose.

She shook her head. They quickly finished eating and made their way down to the dungeons.

“What about that DADA teacher talk about a ditz,” Ron commented.

“Yeah like I like know. Next we’ll be like painting like our nails,” Hermione said with a fake girlishly voice and started tossing her hair. The trio cracked up laughing. They continued to walk to Potions talking about random things. 

They reached the Potions classroom door the same time as Malfoy and his crew.

“Well, lookie here if it isn’t the Golden Trio,” Malfoy sneered.

“Well, lookie here if it isn’t the LDC’s,” Hermione retorted copying Malfoy’s tone. Harry and Ron chuckled at the nickname.


Hermione sighed. “Little Deatheater Club, basically LDC means you. Duh!!”

"Well if that’s the case you better watch it mudblood.” Malfoy said in such a malicious soft voice that Hermione flinched.

“What are you going to do? Set your whore‘s on me. I‘m so scared,” Hermione mocked. “Come on Ron, Harry let‘s go”. Malfoy and his crew following after.

“I’m gonna kill him one of these days if he doesn’t stop with the mudblood insults,” Ron snarled.

“Ron don’t. He’s just trying to get us expelled. He’s not worth it,” She replied sitting down in her usual seat. Ron and Harry sitting also.

Ron silently fumed.

“Mione, are you okay?” Harry asked so only she could hear him.

“Yeah, of course,” she gave him a quick kiss and was returned with a longer one.

Unluckily for them that was when Snape chose to sweep in.

“Twenty points from Gryffindor for that inappropriate display of affection,” Snape sneered at them. Malfoy smirked and his cronies snickered. Hermione glared at them.

“Today we will be learning the Retertes Memoris potion. Can anybody tell me what it is?” Hermiones hand flew in the air and so did a few other Gryffindors but no Slytherin’s did.

“Very well, Mr Thomas.”

“The Retertes Memoris potion makes a person remember a memory that they have forgotten. It breaks through memory charms also.” Dean replied.

“Very well, five points to Gryffindor,” he answered sourly. “I have chosen your partners. When I call out your name you will sit with them.”

“Mr Thomas, Miss Parkinson,
 Miss Patill, Mr Zabini,
 Mr Weasley, Miss Blustrode,
 Mr Potter, Miss Malorie” 

It went on like this for a while until it came to the last pair.
“Ah Miss Granger and Mr Malfoy,”

The class went a deathly silent. Hermione and Malfoy stared horrified at Snape.
“What are you waiting for? Move and start the potion.”

Hermione got up and sat next to Malfoy both thinking that this was going to be a long lesson.

They got out everything and got to work.

“Two pinches of mugwort, not three Malfoy,” Hermione snapped at him halfway through the lesson.

“Shut it Granger I can read,” 

“Surprise, surp-,” Hermione was cut off and her face went from smirking to terror. 

Neville had tripped over Parkinson’s foot knocked into Hermione, who had in turn knocked into Malfoy who spilled the bug-eye juice he was now using into the potion. A whole bottle of it.

Everyone looked at them as Hermione squealed. As soon as the juice hit the Potion there was a loud bang and the two were thrown to the front of the classroom a puff of purple fog covered Hermione and Malfoy from view. 

"Hermione," Harry yelled but there was no reply. 

As soon as the fog cleared they found Hermione and Draco both lying still on the ground. Hermione’s head lay on Draco’s chest and his arm was round her waist. If you didn’t know the two it would have looked romantic. Harry ran forward to check Hermione but was thrown back by some invisible force. Suddenly the two eyes snapped open and they just gazed at each other before a blue fog clouded them and when it cleared this time they definitely weren't looking normal.

Hermione’s POV

I'm paired with Malfoy. Why me? The one person I’m trying to avoid I get paired with. I sat down next to Malfoy and scowled.

“Great paired with a mudblood could it get any worse?”

“Shut it Malfoy. It’s no picnic for me either you know. Let’s just work” we started with the potion but I was sidetracked with my thoughts.

When I looked in his eyes why did I see that vision thing? And why does he have to be so damn hot this year. I mean annoying. Yeah that’s the one.

This is so boring it’s only been an hour. I spied Malfoy going to add the mugwort. I was bored so I decided to bug him

“Two pinches of mugwort, not three Malfoy,” I snapped at him halfway through the lesson.

“Shut it Granger I can read,”

“Surprise, surp-,” I was cut off as I felt someone knock into me. I lost my balance and fell into Malfoy. I squealed.

There was a flash of purple before it went black, then I was in a tree house with Malfoy but he was younger.

“I won the race.” my mouth opened and closed but it was not my voice that spoke. It was the little girl from the vision.

“No I did.”


“No me,”


“Me,” the voice’s seemed to be fading

I opened my eyes to find I was rather comfortable but sore. I looked up and caught Malfoy’s gaze. I saw in his eyes that he to had just seen what I had and I smiled, he smiled not smirked but actually smiled back. I could of melted into the floor right then and there. Then my gaze was covered in blue and the world disappeared.


Chapter 3: Renuited
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Chapter Three


 Last time:

Hermione POV
“Shut it Granger I can read,”

“Surprise, surp-,” I was cut off as I felt someone knock into me. I lost my balance and fell into Malfoy. I squealed. There was a flash of purple before it went black, then I was in a tree house with Malfoy but he was younger.

“I won the race.” my mouth opened and closed but it was not my voice that spoke. It was the little girl from the vision.

“No I did.”

“No me,”


“Me,” the voice’s seemed to be fading and I opened my eyes to find I was rather comfortable but sore. I looked up and caught Malfoy’s gaze. I saw in his eyes that he to had just seen what I had and I smiled, he smiled not smirked but actually smiled back. I could of melted into the floor right then and there. Then my gaze was covered in blue and the world disappeared.

This time:
Normal POV

The class gasped in wonder before the girls started cooing at the young boy and the boy‘s just stared at the girl. In place of the two teenagers stood two toddlers. There was a four year old boy with the trademark Malfoy silvery-blonde hair and piercing icy-blue eyes, clad in a black t-shirt and pants with a black robe over top. The only source of colour on his clothes cam from his top, which had a picture of a circle, split in four. A flame was in one quarter, a wave in another, a picture representing earth in the third and a sign for wind in the fourth. The elements. He was staring at the student’s suspiciously.

As shocking as it was to find themselves with a younger form of Draco it was even more shocking to see Hermione. She was totally different and looked nothing like herself. She looked about three. Her hair was straight and blacker than the blackest night; her skin was only a bit darker than Malfoy’s. Her face and body had changed. Her face looked sculptured. She looked like an angel with her emerald green dress with silver linings, it had a blue dragon that occasionally soundlessly roared and spat colourful flames across her dress and a black robe over top. A dark angel that is. She was smirking at the girls and batting her eyelashes at the boys. She turned her head and saw Draco.

“Drake,” She squealed in excitement.

“Ami,” He cried. The ran to each other and hugged each other. They released and Hermione smiled warmly at him before winking at the boys in the class.

“Ami?” Snape interrupted bewildered. The class turned to him with shocked looks

“Uncle Sev,” both kids yelled together and ran to hug him.

He picked them up out of reflex and they held him close before he put them down and all three of them brushed off their clothes. The males clearing their throats slightly and Hermione blushing.

“How did we get here?” Hermione asked confused looking around.

“Yeah and who are these people?” Draco added. Then looking at the cooing girls “Those girls are weird are they trying to talk like a bird?” at this Hermione giggled and Draco smirked. The girls looked insulted.

“Well what were you doing before you got here?” Snape asked gently sidestepping the question.”

“Well I was getting ready to see Blaise and Pansy,” Draco told them. Half the class looked at Pansy and Blaise who kept their eyes on Draco and Hermione.

“And I was sulking in my room because Mother said that I couldn’t go see Blaise, Draco and Pansy because when I was making the Sleeping Drought which I’ve made so many times before I was bored and decided to add two pinches of murkwood powder and um I nearly blew up half the house. If I had added another pinch I would have so Mother grounded me for a week starting today. But that doesn’t answer our questions,” Hermione told him overdramatically not realising she had just told everyone that she made potions at a illegal age.

“Yes, well. Your parents thought it would be a good idea if you came and saw what Hogwarts is like and this is my class. Five points from every girl whose making that ridicules noise.” Snape added as an afterthought. The cooing stopped immediately.

“Mr. Porter please come here,” Snape ordered staring at Harry. Nobody moved.

“Mr. Porter five points from your house for not doing as you were told,” Snape said but looked down at a pulling on his robe.

“What house is he in?” Hermione asked innocently.


“Excellent,” Draco and Hermione said together as Harry made his way to the front of the class.

“Harold please go get Professor Dumbledore tell him it’s an emergency.” Snape’s eyes flashed as he talked telling Harry not to question the name. Harry nodded and left.

“What potion you making?” Hermione asked a student which just happened to be Pansy. Pansy looked at Snape who mouthed ‘Desiere mementom’.

“Oh it’s the Desiere mementom potion. It shows the drinker their deepest desire.” Pansy explained. Hermione nodded and then went and sat down next to Draco.

“Hey Ami, you know that boy?”

“You mean the ‘boy’ I hate or the boy that just left?” Hermione asked.

“The ‘boy’ you hate.”

“Yeah. I know him and I don’t like him. What about him?”

“Well he’s our age. That means he’ll be going to Hogwarts with us.” Draco explained. Hermione smiled evilly.

“Well then, we’ll just have to make his life a living hell. He will not get away with what he did to my family.” Hermione said cruelly. Just then the door opened and Harry and Dumbledore walked in. They both looked extremely worried and confused.

“What’s wrong Severus? Harry said something about a Potions accident?” Dumbledore said and Hermione sprang to her feet in an instant.

“What’s did you call him? Harry?” Hermione asked her eyes flashing violet.

Dumbledore turned towards her and they both gasped before she ran behind Draco.

“It’s him. That guy with the twinkly eyes. You know the guy that tried to take me away with those bad ministry guys but I used my-”

“Ami that’s enough,” Snape told her. She fell quite but Draco started.

“What it’s true. Some guy grabbed her and Auntie Jen tried to stop them but they wouldn’t listen and then Mr. Twinkle-eyes here showed up. He was obviously in charge but then he told them to leave her and told Auntie Jen that the time would be soon and the Ami did what she did then they disappeared.” Snape and Dumbledore stared at him. “What? We are best friends. She tells me and Blaise and Pansy everything. Well me more, like she told me about you first.”

They continued looking at him for a few seconds as he comforted Ami before Dumbledore spoke.

“Severus can I talk to you in your office?”

“Of course Headmaster.”

Dumbledore said something that only Snape could hear. He nodded.

“Mr. Porter, Mr. Watson, Mr. Zane and Miss. Park. You will join us.” Snape said coldly looking at Harry, then Ron, then Blaise and then Pansy as he spoke so they knew who they were. They stood up and walked into his office with Dumbledore. Then Snape turned to Hermione and Draco.

“Draco, I want you to watch the class and to keep them in order. Do you think you can do that?”

“Of course,” Draco said.

“What abut me?” Hermione asked pouting.

“Well, Ami I want you to ask them questions and quiz them, can you do that?”

“Easy,” Hermione told him smiling evilly.

Hermione and Draco cackled evilly together and Snape looked down rather proudly at them before he walked into his office and shut the door with a snap.

Draco and Hermione looked at each other and then turned to the class who immediately grew afraid at the looks on their angelic faces.

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Chapter 4: Explanations and a visitor
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                                                          Chapter four
                                              Explanations and a visitor


Last time:
“Draco, I want you to watch the class and to keep them in order. Do you think you can do that?”

“Of course,” Draco said.

“What abut me?” Hermione asked pouting.

“Well, Ami I want you to ask them questions and quiz them, can you do that?”

“Easy,” Hermione told him smiling evilly.

Hermione and Draco cackled evilly together and Snape looked down rather proudly at them before he walked into his office and shut the door with a snap.

Draco and Hermione looked at each other and then turned to the class who immediately grew afraid at the looks on their angelic faces.

This time:
Inside Snape’s office

“Now that we’re all here,” Harry started calmly as Snape walked towards his desk. “Would someone please explain what the hell is going on? Why they hell are Malfoy and Hermione acting like their best friends? What’s with the names? And why does she look like a…a… a evil Slytherin?” Harry all but yelled once Snape sat.

“Well the result of the accident Miss. Granger and Mr. Malfoy have been made to relive memories they have forgotten, should have forgotten or wanted too, instead of just remembering them. In fact if I’m correct only Mr Malfoy will remember this when he turn’s back to his normal age.” Dumbledore looked at Snape for confirmation. Snape nodded.

“Why yes. But only because who Hermione turned into isn’t herself. Would you care to explain Dumbledore why she looks like my niece who has been missing for 10 years?”

“All in due time.” Dumbledore replied.

“Well that’s easy for you to say BUT WE WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON AND WHAT‘S WITH THE NAMES?” Ron exploded he had recognised Hermione immediately but didn‘t want to admit it to himself that his best friend could be her.

“Weasley temper. I will not have you yelling in my office. Your lucky I have a silencing charm on it or you would have a lot to explain to two certain children,” Snape snapped at Ron. Ron glared back and Snape’s lip curled.

“Well all right then. If I’m going to explain all, I’ll have to start from the beginning. For you who know this,” Dumbledore glanced at Blaise and Pansy, “please excuse me for retelling it to those who don’t.” He paused and the two Slytherin’s crossed their arms and sunk lower into their chairs staring at him in a rather scary, Slytherin manner.

“It all started twenty-two years ago with one of the brightest student’s to go through this school. Jennifer. She had four very close friends they were Kimberley Smere now Parkinson, Lydia Storde, Miranda Merces now Zabini and Narcissa Black now Malfoy. They were all Slytherin’s and very popular. They were known as The Alphabets as their names started with a J, K, L, M and N. Jennifer had a brother who was in the year above her.” Here he paused and looked at Snape who had a far-away look on his face. It was quite scary to see such a normal expression on a guy who hardly wore anything other than a smirk, sneer or something along those lines. Harry and Ron shared a frightened look before Dumbledore continued.

“They were all top student’s. In seventh year they graduated with some of the top N.E.W.T. marks I have ever seen. When they left school nothing changed. They kept close. Then Lydia was killed during a duel she had against an auror. She had been accused of being a Death Eater. It turned out she wasn’t.” Again he paused. Snape now had a pained look on his face and Blaise and Pansy were sharing angry looks.

“Now at that time The Alphabets were all engaged with friends of her brothers. Lydia had gotten married with Jennifer’s brother in fact and they all took an oath to get revenge for Lydia. A few months later the remaining Alphabets were all married. Now the families-.” Dumbledore was cut off by an outraged squeal that came from the classroom. Snape jumped up and strode to the door and flung it open to find Goyle cowering from a very angry Hermione.

“HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT. When I tell you to tell me how good I look I expect you to say something like sunshine, an angel, a flower or even perfection.” here she stopped and looked at Draco blowing him a kiss before quickly composing herself. “Not like cream cheese. I don’t even like cream cheese. You remind me of some people we know, always thinking about food.” Goyle just sat there. Draco was standing next to Hermione by now and Harry, Ron, Blaise and Pansy were all crowded behind Snape trying to see what was happening.

Suddenly without warning Draco and Hermione as one pushed the spark flying potion onto his lap and kicked him hard in the shin. He turned Periwinkle and his hair grew to his waist went up in pigtails and turned pink and to top it off he was wearing make-up. Hermione went into as fit of giggles but was cut off by Snape.

“Ami.” She spun round with an innocent look on her face. “What do you think you were doing? How do you think your mother will feel?” Here her eyes widen in amazement at such a threat and she looked like she was going to cry but Draco stepped forward.

“Uncle Sev. If anyone’s going to be punished it should be me. It was my idea. I will not allow Ami to get into trouble.” Here everyone’s but Professor Snape, Blaise and Pansy looked shocked. The Draco they knew would never take the blame for something when someone else was getting into trouble. Snape flicked his wand and Goyle was back to normal.

“Very well we’ll discuss this later but I expect you to behave and look after the class with out causing anymore trouble.” They nodded looking quite happy that they weren’t getting punished yet. They planned to make Snape forget before he could tell their parent’s.

“Back to work.” Draco snapped at the class and swept to Snape’s desk and sat down. Hermione followed and sat on his lap before they started whispering quietly together casting evil looks now and again at the class. Snape chuckled to himself and walked back into his office. Harry and co scamped to their seats quickly. Dumbledore hadn’t moved. Snape gave Dumbledore a nod and he continued.

“Where was I? Ah yes. Now they were all married and they joined the Death-Eater ranks.” Ron and Harry glanced at Blaise and Pansy to see what their reactions to their parent’s being accused of being death-eaters but the only thing was Blaise’s knuckles were white.

“Jennifer’s brother swapped sides and became a spy for me. The women soon were all pregnant. Narcissa and Miranda had boys and Jennifer and Kimberley had girls. They said that one day their families would be joined. They didn’t decide who would marry whom. That was only to happen if the children didn’t show an attraction to one another at a young age. Jennifer‘s husband was killed at the end of the war,” Here Blaise and Pansy exchanged smirks. It was only then that Harry realised Pansy and Blaise were holding hands. He nudged Ron who gave him a confused expression when he saw. They had always thought Pansy and Malfoy would be together.

“Now one day after Harry had defeated Lord Voldermort. Some Auror’s were sent to take Ami. It was for her own safety but Jennifer refused. She stopped them by making it impossible to apperate into their land; It was unplotable on any map and many more wards. When they finally got in there. It took them a while to grab Ami. She struggled, kicked, screamed, bit, hit and anything else she could. Jennifer fought also. I arrived and told Jennifer that the time would soon come for Ami to leave. We then left but made it so we could apperate into their manor. Not a month later we took her. Ami’s mother knew it was happening she told Ami that Ami was going on a trip. I then took her to the Grangers and she became Hermione Jane Granger.”

“It was you,” Pansy interrupted. It was the first she had spoken and everyone but Blaise looked surprised. “Do you not realise what you put us through. One day she was there the next she wasn’t.”

“It was for the best,” Dumbledore told her gently.

“THE BEST? THE BEST?” she shrieked. “You took her away. For three years we waited for Ami to return from her ‘trip’ before realising that one of our best friend’s and in Draco’s case his girlfriend wasn’t coming back. You made her mother lie to us. I- no we lost someone who was like family.” She stopped and broke into tears. Blasie moved closer and wrapped his arm around her comfortingly.

Harry and Ron were shocked. Draco’s GIRLFRIEND. The girl who he had taunted for the past six years was in a way his girlfriend.

“Did you use a memory charm and a glamour charm?” Ron asked. He had heard this tale around the time it had happened but couldn’t believe that it was Hermione.

“Yes. I had to take away any trace of her being who she was. Otherwise Jennifer and her friends would have tracked her. She also had memories implanted and so did anyone who the memories involved.” They sat in silence. Pansy’s sobs slowly easing with Blaise comforting her. Harry and Ron sat in deep thought, Dumbledore looked sad and Snape looked like he was arguing with himself.

A squeal sounded from outside but no one in the office heard it each to wrapped up in their own thoughts.

“Wait so Hermione isn’t really Hermione?”

“No Harry, She is Hermione but she is also Amelia Fenella Wakanda Eldora Lydia Riddle.”

“So Hermione is Hermione but also Ami daughter of Jennifer and who?” Everyone looked up at Dumbledore but it was not him who answered.

“Tom Riddle A.K.A Lord Voldermort,” An enchanting, smug voice said from the doorway. Everyone spun round to see a black-headed women standing there. Dumbledore and Snape gasped while Blaise and Pansy look thrilled.

They jumped up and gave her a hug and stood next to her one on each side with the same smug look.

“Surprised to see me Dumbledore,”

“Well, you haven’t been seen for nearly ten years Jennifer, anyone would be.”

It was Harry and Ron’s turn to gasp. She turned on them and looked disgusted and angry as her eyes fell on Harry but she did not say anything. Draco and Ami came running in. Pansy picked up Ami while Blaise Draco.

“Mummy?” Ami questioned confused at the tension in the room. It was the only time she had sounded like a real little kid.

Jennifer smiled warmly at her and her face broke out into a grin. Jennifer now turned and focused on Snape.

“Jennifer?” Snape breathed.

Smirking she replied, “Hello Big brother. Long time no see.”