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wait by Wonwons Girl

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 1,072

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Strong Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Drama, Fluff, Romance
Characters: Snape, Lily, James, OC
Pairings: James/Lily

First Published: 02/13/2007
Last Chapter: 04/18/2007
Last Updated: 04/18/2007

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James hurt me. that son of a git! i swear! he is so pig-headed! what happens when i know that he is irrisistable and trying to be mad at him?

Chapter 1: Wait
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That low son of a git! How could he have done that? Why? I just don’t understand him! Why must he always try to lure me in, secretly succeed, and then do something to me to make me change my mind! And in that short time, he never says, ‘hey Evans, will you go out with me?’ so, I can’t say yes! It’s like, he was planning to do something and if I by some force said yes, that he would no longer be able to do it. Why wont he just settle down once in a while? He can’t. He is in that stupid Marauders thing. It’s probably if your in, your in for life or something. I don’t care. I couldn’t care less. All I care about right now is getting to my bed. He hurt me, and that was that.

When I was on my way up to the Gryffindor tower from dinner, who should arrive, but Snape. “Where are you going Evans?” he asked. His voice made me cringe.

“To my dorm.” I said as I whipped around fiercely.

“Oooo. Potter do something to upset you, has he?” Snape said tauntingly.

“What’s it to you?” I slightly whispered through gritted teeth.

Snape walked over to me, who was against the wall, and placed his hand on my hair and started playing with it while saying, “Well, I could make it better.” This was going way to far. He was absolutely disgusting! I slapped him, and ran away. All the way to the tower, my dorm, my bed, and then broke down sobbing.

I had forgotten that Sabrina was sick and still asleep. I accidentally woke her up. “Mmmmm. Are you ok Lils?” she asked.

I looked up. “Oh, yeah. Yeah. You?”

She nodded, “getting there.”

“Well, at least your hair is straitening out and turning blond again.” I said, and she smiled. She was your average blond hair, blue eyes, tall girl. The only problem was that she didn’t have the tall dark, and handsome man with her. Well, at least not the one she waned. Right now, she is with Remus, but she really wants Sirius Black. Hey, who am I to say that he isn’t fine? But, I have my heart set on a Mr. Potter. Well, maybe.

“So, what’d he do now?” she asked, seeing the tears roll down my face.

I looked at her and said, “Well, when he came in with Cameron at his hip, I knew something was up.” Cameron had red hair as well, but it was short and spiked in the back, and always wore a black shirt with a purple mini skirt. “She gave me that icy glare that said, ‘back off’ and, I thought nothing of it, until she whispered in his ear and was practically on top of him. I wanted to smack her. Then, James and her started throwing spells at me to make me look horrid. Anything they could think of.” Sabrina nodded. “Yeah, so I left, and who do I see when I was coming up here? Snape! He seriously tried to land a move on me! AGAIN! I don’t know what his problem is, but I will never go out with him! He needs to get that through his greasy head!” The tears stopped flowing, but my face was still hot. “So, how was your evening?”

“Well, Remus came up to help me out a bit, and brought me my homework.” We laughed. Typical Remus. “And, well, I let him go.” I gasped. “Well, he said that he was ready to move on as well. Don’t worry! We are still friends! That could never change!”

“Good!” I said. “We were his only escape from those stupid Marauders. Sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Sabrina said. “Well, hey, I am feeling well enough to go down stairs. I am completely starved! I haven’t had much to eat all week! I wasn’t hungry, but then it just hit me!” I laughed. We went down stairs to the great hall just in time to eat. James was there, but we sat on the other side of the long table. Sabrina and I ate and then went back. When we reached the tower, we noticed that it started to rain, quite hard actually.

“You go up. I will be there in a bit. I am going to warm up by the fire.” I said. Sabrina nodded and left. I stayed to sit by the fire and think about the day.

While I was sitting there, enjoying the quiet, who should come along, but James. “What do you want?” I said angrily when he sat down.

“Well, I-“ he started.

I cut him off. “You what? Wanted to do more to me? I’ve had enough of you! Every time I am possibly ready, you do something to change my mind! I don’t want to hear it.” I walked out of the portrait hole.

James fallowed. “Lily! Wait! Uh,” he said, and chased after me. I started sprinting down the steps, two at a time. I got down to the entrance hall and turned around to find that he was still running. I had to go the only way I possibly could. Out. I ran for the door and made it outside when he finally came up to me, and grabbed my arm. We were now soaking wet. “Lily, I wanted to say that I was sorry. Truly I am. Cameron, she did something to me, I, I wasn’t being myself.”

I looked at him. “Who were you being? A basterd?” I tried to wriggle my wrist out of his grip unsuccessfully.

“Lily, I’m sorry.” He said, and started to walk back to the castle. I knew that he was sorry, but I didn’t want to forgive him, but I knew that if I didn’t, that I might have ruined any other chance I would have gotten.

I ran after him. “James, wait.” I said, and grabbed his wrist now. He smiled.

“I’m going to ask once more,” he said, and I laughed. “Lily Evans, would you go out with me?”

I laughed, “Yes James, Yes.” I said, and he leaned in, but stayed for a moment, but then brushed his lips on mine.

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