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Sabrina revised by Demongirl985

Format: Novella
Chapters: 2
Word Count: 2,657
Status: WIP

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Mild Violence,

Genres: Crossover, Romance, Action/Adventure
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Snape, Ginny, OtherCanon
Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Other Pairing

First Published: 02/07/2007
Last Chapter: 03/17/2007
Last Updated: 03/17/2007

Basically this is what I want the TV show ‘Sabrina’ to be like. Her father is her uncle her mother is her aunt she gets her powers when she’s twelve. And oh yeah xover with HP and charmed!

Chapter 1: It begins. Sabrina
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DemonGirl985: Hello and welcome to Sabrina revised I’m taking my three favorite series involving magic (Charmed, Harry Potter, Sabrina) and put them into one fan fiction. Oh yeah info that might help.

Ron & Hermione aren’t prefects

Sabrina is a very powerful witch

Snape is paired Phoebe Halliwell

Leo is an elder just allowed to have a family

Sabrina is paired with Draco... Not my fav thing but I'll give him a chance



Chapter one: It begins. Sabrina

Sabrina smiled as she and Salem walked onto the Hogwarts express. She was fifteen and up until recently she had been home schooled by her aunts Zelda and Hilda.

But with her aunt Zelda taking that job at Hogwarts she would be going to Hogwarts now.

Sighing as she sat down she decided to reminisce on one of the biggest shocks of her life

Twelve-year-old Sabrina Selene Spellman looked at her aunts Hilda and Zelda in shock

“So you’re saying I’m a witch?!?”

“Yes… You’re the daughter of a brother of ours who doesn’t know he’s related to us”

“If he doesn’t know he’s related to you why am I living with you?”

“Well… He thinks you’re dead.”


“Your mother was killed when you were a baby and you weren’t found so he assumed you were dead.”

“Oh… Wait why wasn’t I found?”

“We teleported you out just in time. If we hadn’t you would’ve been killed.”

“Oh… Well when can we start training my powers?”

“Right after we buy your wand. You’re going to need that for one of the three types of magic I’m going to teach you.”

“What about me? I’m perfectly capable of teaching her myself.” Said Hilda with an insulted tone in her voice

“Oh alright you can help on teaching her Wicca magick (First Charmed reference) I’ll teach her wand magic and physical magic”

“Yay, Wicca is my best subject.”

Smiling at her aunts Sabrina instantly new that she would love the lessons they were going to teach her

And that she did. She smiled at her wand as she twirled it between her fingers. Cherry tree wood for the wand, phoenix tears, unicorn horn, and dragon heartstring for the core.

Learning magic, P magic, and Magick was some of the most fun she had in her life.

Sighing she thought of when her aunt Zelda told her about her taking the job at Hogwarts

Fifteen-year-old Sabrina Selene Spellman bit into her apple as she studied her magick book while Salem plotted on the bed

“So if I send them ahead into the fort I should be able to send my best men out back and capture their leader”

“Salem no matter how much you plot the video game’s always three steps ahead of you” Said Sabrina while chuckling at the cats antics

“You just say that because you’re jealous of my superior gaming skills.” Said Salem with an air of dignity

“Dream on fur ball!”

“You trying to start something?”

Before this could turn into world war III and Sabrina / Salem war X Zelda opened the door and asked, “Sabrina what is your opinion on boarding school”

“Depends. Why do you ask?”

“I just got a job offer at Hogwarts and was wondering if you wanted to go there.”

“Sure… Hey isn’t that where dad’s working?” (Hint hint.)

“Yes… I was offered the position of defense against the dark arts teacher.”

“Fine by me. I mean I’ll be able to see my father and make friends.”

“Good to see you’re happy about this.” Said Zelda with a smile

That had been two months ago she was now in England waiting for the Hogwarts express to get to Hogwarts.

Hilda was living with them in Hogwarts and Salem was her pet (Pet animal you pervs!)

Then the door to the compartment opened and a girl and two boys stood there.

“Is it okay if we sit here? Everywhere else is full.” Said the girl

Discreetly looking at Salem who discreetly nodded she turned back to them “Fine by me” and picked Salem up next to her so he was out of the way

“Thanks. I’m Hermione Granger by the way.” Said the girl now known as Hermione

“Ron Weasley” Said the red head sitting down next to Hermione

“Harry Potter.” Said the one with messy black hair

“Sabrina Spellman.” Said Sabrina smiling at them before asking, “What year are you all in?”

“You first.” Said Ron

Thinking of a quick compromise Hermione said, “We’ll say it at the same time. One. Two. Three.”

“Fifth.” They all said at they same time

“Really we haven’t seen you around at all.” Said Ron looking at her suspiciously

“I’m transferring.” She said with a smile

It was then that they noticed her American accent

“Where did you go to school before?” Asked Hermione

“I was home schooled by my aunts actually. The reason I’m going here now is because my aunt Zelda is the new DADA teacher.”

“Oh… nice cat what’s its name?” Asked Harry awkwardly kind of freaked out about a teachers relative being a student (Oh poor Harry… If only he knew)

“Salem Saberhagen.”

“Why is his last name different then yours?”

“You’d have to ask my aunt Hilda on that one”

Not long after that they were all talking about anything they could think of.

After what didn’t seem like very long a prefect walked in and told them it was time to get their robes on.

So the girls temporarily threw the boys out so they could change and vice versa.

As they got off the train Sabrina explained that she had to go to the castle with the first years before walking off to join them.

At the welcoming feast after all the first years were sorted Dumbledore stood up and after casting sonorous on himself said,

“Students I know you are eager to fill your stomachs with the wonderful food Hogwarts has to offer.”

At this Ron’s stomach growled… LOUDLY making most of the students look at him before chuckling and turning back to the headmaster

“But first I have a few announcements to make. First, professor Binns was unfortunate enough to have a run in with a grim reaper this summer and his replacement is Paige Mathews.” Polite applause for the new teacher as Paige waved from the head table.

“Second, professor Trelawney has decided to pursue a different career so her replacement is Phoebe Halliwell.” More polite applause as phoebe smiled from her seat at the head table.

“Third, our new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher is Zelda Spellman.” Even more polite applause as Zelda looked up from her book for a moment to smile before turning back to the book.

“Forth we have a new class. Studies of demons and foreign magic taught by Piper Halliwell” Piper smiled before turning to talk with Paige.

“Fifth and finally we have a transfer student this year. Please give a warm welcome to Sabrina Spellman”

Sabrina smiled to herself as she walked into the great hall. She could see her aunt smiling at her from the head table. As quickly as she could she snuck a glance at her father (who I’m sure you’ve all figured out by now.)

Walking up to the sorting hat she sighed as professor McGonagall put the hat on her head

Ah miss Spellman. Or should I say Snape? (Ah c’mon who didn’t see that one coming?) Your father will be very happy to know you’re alive. Now where to put you? Very sly and ambitious. But also very brave and loyal. And then there’s your thirst for knowledge… You’d do well in any of the houses hm… “I CANNOT PLACE HER IN A SINGLE HOUSE THAT WOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE FOR SHE HAS EQUEL QUALITIES OF EVERY HOUSE THEREFORE WILL BE IN EVERY HOUSE”

This sentence shocked everyone the second it reached their ears. But none more then Sabrina.

Sabrina looked around trying to find where to sit.

Seeing this Harry made a motion for her to come sit over there so she got up and walked over to the Gryffindor and sat down next to Harry and the others

After recovering from the shock Dumbledore announced that she would be given the passwords for every dorm and may sleep and eat wherever she wants to.

With that the food appeared and everyone started eating


DemonGirl985: Nice first chapter huh? Next chapter is charmed!

Chapter 2: It begins. Charmed
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DemonGirl985: Here is how charmed came to be at Hogwarts


Chapter two: It begins. Charmed

Piper smiled to herself as she thought back

They had finally worked out an agreement with the other elders.

Leo stayed an elder and got to keep his family… And they, they being Phoebe Piper and Paige, didn’t ‘accidentally’ blow them up.

Sighing she thought of how Chris explained how he was her son.

“Piper. I have something to tell you…” He said to her one day at breakfast causing Phoebe to choke slightly on her coffee and shot him a look that said ‘Why now?’

“Yes Chris?”

“I haven’t been completely honest with you about who I am.”

“Well who are you? You’re not a demon right? Cause I am pregnant again and I am not in the mood to blow something up”

“No I’m not a demon. I’m actually gonna tell you my full and real name”

“Then what is your real name?” She asked

“… Chris Perry Halliwell-Wyatt.”

“Oh well that’s ni-WHAT?” And with that Piper fainted

“I think she took that rather well don’t you?” Said Paige with a sarcastic smile

She had told him she wouldn’t hold this against him now but if he ever kept something like this from her again she would use a spell regardless of personal gain.

Chris made sure to avoid her for the next few days after that.

Suddenly Leo and Paige orbed in.

Jumping a mile high Piper said, “Leo, Paige watch it I nearly blew you up!”

“Sorry Piper but the elders have a mission for you.” Said Leo with an apologetic smile

“Well what is it?” She asked with a slight edge to her voice

“We have to protect a school of witches and wizards." Said Paige quickly before Piper could hurt them for not telling her fast enough.

Nodding Piper asked, “So where is it, how will we get there, and will we be teaching any classes?”

Orbing in Chris said, “It’s in England, we’ll orb, and we’re having a meeting with the headmaster to see whether or not you’ll be teaching any classes.”

“So when’s the meeting?”

Chris was just about to answer when the door banged open and a shout of “I’M HOME!” brought their attention to Phoebe

“Phoebe we have a new mission. It’s-” Said Piper

“Yeah the whole Hogwarts thing they already told me.”

“A few of my charges go to school there.” Said Paige with an air of pride at having charges

Turning to Chris Piper said, “So Chris you never answered my question. When’s the meeting with the headmaster?”

Chris was about to answer when a voice said “Right now.”

They all turned to see an old man

“Who are you?” Asked Phoebe with a suspicious tone in her voice

“Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry. It is a pleasure to meet you Halliwells.”

“Alright now that you’re here will we be teaching anything?” Asked Piper

“I have a few suggestions. First I thought Miss. Phoebe could teach divination”

“Yeah that sounds like my strong point… I’ll do it”

“Second Miss. Paige could teach history of magic”

“Fine by me.” Said Paige with a smile

“Now you Miss. Piper will be a challenge. We already have our new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher and no more classes without a teacher.”

“Well I know a lot about demons and the different types of magic.” Piper said with a smile

“Hmm… Some of the students would probably like that types of class I will add it to the list of classes for the term.”

After they all figured that out Paige said, “Ok I don’t know about you but I’m going to go get packed now”

“Good idea” Said Piper grabbing onto her as she orbed

“Right behind you” Said Phoebe running up the stairs

Chuckling slightly Dumbledore turned to Leo and Chris and asked, “Are they always like this?”

“Yep” They (Leo and Chris) said at the same time

“This will most definitely be an interesting school year” Dumbledore said the twinkle in his eye multiplying ten fold

Later after orbing their stuff to Hogwarts, transferring half their money to wizard’s money (In the end that is a hell of a lot of money), and buying everything but their wands they walked in to Olivander’s.

“Hello?” Called Phoebe as they walked in

“Hello.” Said a man walking out from the back room

“We’re here for wands” Said Piper with a smile

“Ah yes which one of you shall go first”

“I guess I will” Said Piper stepping forward

“All right wand arm”

Too lazy to write this so overview: Piper. Birch wood and dragon heartstring core “An explosive combination” Is what Olivander said about it. Phoebe. Cherry tree wood fairy wings core “Very good for divination”. Paige. Holly wood and unicorn horn core “This is a very powerful wand good for healing”.

After they were done at Diagon ally they orbed over to Hogwarts where Dumbledore set up their rooms… Behind a painting was an exact replica of the manor

“Ah… Home away from home-sweet-home away from home” Said Paige with a chuckle

“You are way to sarcastic” Said Phoebe rolling her eyes “Anyway I’m going to look around the castle!” She said making it obvious that she wanted to be alone

“Kay we’re having dinner in the great hall.” Said Piper moving the BOS to the attic (Oh come on. Everyone’s at Hogwarts - including Leo, Chris, and Wyatt - And there’s no one home and do you honestly believe that they’d leave the BOS unguarded?)

“Alright see you then.” Said Phoebe walking out the portrait and into the halls

Phoebe smiled she had seen the upper floors so far and now she was heading down to see what else there was

She was walking down the stairs when she tripped on a trick step near the bottom and fell… Right into the arms of our favorite potions master… Nearly knocking him over in the process

Shocked Phoebe looked up and saw who had caught her and was surprised to see black eyes looking back down at her

She just looked into his eyes for a minute before snapping out of it and realizing that she was staring “Thank you for catching me Mr…” She said trailing off so that he would tell her his last or first name. “Snape. Severus Snape” He said helping her stand up

“Right. Sorry about that I’m new here and not used to the stairs…” She said while thinking ‘God. Phoebe that was a stupid thing to say and now he probably thinks you’re stupid or something. Wait why do I care?’

“Really… Why are you at Hogwarts anyway?” He asked eyeing her carefully

“Oh right. I’m Phoebe Halliwell the new divination teacher.”

“Really I’ve always found divination to be a waste of time.”

“Well I happen to be quite good at it… And what class do you teach anyway?”

“Potions.” He said right before the clock chimed signaling dinner

Catching it Phoebe said, “We best get moving if we’re going to have dinner.” And walking towards the great hall for dinner.

A few days later Piper and Paige had finally stopped teasing Phoebe in private about quote ‘Coming into the great hall with a cute guy after being gone since lunch’ unquote after she threatened them with a potion Sev had given her. She said professor Snape because she didn’t want to be teased for another reason.

It was after the sorting now and they were all heading off to bed when Phoebe bumped into Sev.

“Oh sorry about that.”

“Just don’t let it happen again.” He said trailing off as if leaving a threat hanging in the air.

Phoebe wasn’t fazed by it he had explained his position as a spy to her and how he had to act in front of students so she just nodded discreetly and walked away towards her room. Unconsciously humming a love song.


Demongirl985: LOL sorry I haven’t updated but my laptop freaked out on my and it’s the only computer I have this saved on. What do you think so far?

Oh by the way

Paige's charges:

Harry (Destined for great things)

Hermione (Future white-lighter)

Ron (Strong magic. Just suppressed)

Sabrina (Destined for great things)

Draco (Destined for great things)

Luna (Future white-lighter)

Neville (Strong magic. Just suppressed)

Ginny (All three)(I just like Ginny - not like that - She's my favorite female character :P)