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It Happened One Night by SunDevil05

Format: Novel
Chapters: 35
Word Count: 241,219

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature

Genres: Fluff, General
Characters: Harry, Ginny
Pairings: Harry/Ginny

First Published: 12/29/2003
Last Chapter: 11/02/2004
Last Updated: 02/06/2008

Harry and Ginny make a decision that changes their lives. . . .


Chapter 1: Prologue
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A/N: If you are reading this for the first time or perhaps again, please be aware that I am making revisions to this story. None of the changes will change the plot. I'm mainly fixing small errors and adding and deleting a few things here and there. I hope that this will improve the quality of my story and my writing. How long and how often the revisions will take place, I'm not sure. So thanks for reading (and those repeat readers, thanks for the continued support) and I hope you enjoy!

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They were losing themselves in the other. Never had they even expected for something like this to happen. They never got the chance. Now they did and they weren’t going to waste a moment. Kiss after kiss, touch after touch, with passion rising off them, pure love radiating to the other. Finally after months, the couple was alone and no one would interrupt them. Somehow, they had vanished from the rest of their house mates into his room without a soul seeing them. How they pulled it off, they weren’t sure, but they were glad they did.

“Can you believe it?” Ginny giggled between kisses. Harry smiled at her and kissed her again.

“I know!” Harry grinned. “No one saw us and none of my roommates are coming up here anytime soon.”

Ginny sighed and pulled Harry into a slow kiss that promised more. “Good,” she smirked. “I want to be alone with you for once.”

“So do I,” Harry replied, holding her around her waist and kissing her deeply. Ginny wrapped her arms around his neck and he pulled her closer. Their kisses grew longer and were filled with more passion each time. A thought crept into Ginny’s mind as she enjoyed a particularly long kiss from Harry.

“Harry,” she said sweetly as he began to kiss the side of her neck.

“What?” he asked and began kissing close to her ear. She shivered from the sensations he was causing.

“Did you ever think of going a bit further?” she asked timidly. Harry stopped kissing just below her ear and looked at her half confused and half interested.

“What?” He frowned.

“You know . . . the next level.” She didn’t want to say it out loud.

“The next . . .?” A look of comprehension dawned on his face. “Oh . . . that.”

She looked at him, unsure of what to say next. She knew it was much too soon for them to even consider going that far, not to mention they were young. She had only turned fifteen last month but for some reason it just felt . . . right.

“I never really thought about that,” Harry admitted as a blush formed in his cheeks.

“Neither have I. I know we’ve been together for a few months but I know that I love you,” she explained, “and well, I hope you love me.”

“I do Ginny,” he insisted and took her hand. “I love you, but I’m not so sure about doing that.”

She bit her lip, thinking of how to ask her next question. She knew the answer but she had to make sure.

“Have you ever . . . you know, before?” she asked.

“No!” Harry denied quickly. He looked at her quizzically before returning her question. “Have you?”

She shook her head. “Never.”

Harry was relieved by this. Of course he never thought she had done anything like that before.

“Well,” Ginny began and took a deep breath. “Maybe we could you know.”

“Ginny, I don’t think that’s a good idea,” Harry said. He loved her, he knew he did and he knew she loved him. He didn’t know if he wanted to really take it to a new level of love. He turned away from her and ran a hand through his hair. He sighed and turned back around to face her. “Having . . . sex is a really big step and I don’t know if we should take that step right now.”

“Why not?” she asked with an offended look on her face.

“It’s not you, I just don’t know about it, that’s all,” he replied nervously.

“Not like I bite,” she huffed then grinned. “But if you wanted me to, well that can be arranged,” she added blushing slightly. Harry stared at her surprised that she said such a thing.

“Ginny!” he laughed, half shocked. She giggled and took a step closer to him.

“You know, it would be special if we did,” she said softly. “It’d be you and me together, loving each other.”

“I know.” Harry still wasn’t sure about the whole idea. It was very appealing, he was a sixteen year old boy after all, but the concept of it was very overwhelming. Was he ready to do something like this?

Ginny watched his emotions on his face and bit her bottom lip. Making a decision, she leaned up and kissed him softly. She pulled away and looked up at him, hoping that he could see the love she had for him in her eyes. He stared into her soft brown eyes, eyes that sparkled and shone and were bright. He fell in love with those eyes and he never wanted to look into anyone’s eyes but hers ever again.

“What could happen?” she asked sweetly continuing to look up at him, slowly creeping her hands up his sides and to his back. He frowned and looked at her undecidedly. Ginny willed herself to have courage and kissed him again, this time with a little more passion. Harry went weak in the knees from the intensity of her kiss. He placed his hands on her hips and slowly moved her towards his bed.


She threw her head back clutching onto his sheets as she called out his name and soon after he was calling hers. She was still grasping onto his sheets as he fell on top of her, both breathing hard and sweating. Ginny looked at him dazed, hardly believing what she had just done. He looked down at her trying to catch his breath and thought she never looked so beautiful before. Their eyes locked and Ginny found herself speechless. If this was what showing someone you loved them was like, then she wanted to do it over and over again to make sure Harry knew she loved him. Harry leaned down to kiss her forehead and she continued to gaze up at him.

“What?” he asked, grinning stupidly. She didn’t respond, she only stared at him with an unreadable expression. A bad feeling overcame him. “Did I,” he began, “do it wrong?”

“No!” She shook her head and smiled. “No, far from that.”

Harry sighed and felt relieved that he hadn’t messed up.

“That was,” she thought of how to phrase it, “absolutely incredible.”

He smiled and rolled off of her. He was glad that she felt the same as he did. “That it was,” he kissed her. She smiled and curled up next to him.

Harry wrapped an arm around her, moving his hand up and down her back. He thought back to the past moments they had shared.

“I didn’t hurt you, did I?” he asked quietly. Ginny lifted her head and looked at him.

“Not really,” she said. “It hurt but it wasn’t too bad.”

Harry looked alarmed. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to.”

Ginny silenced him with a kiss. She pulled away and smiled at him. “I know you didn’t mean to so don’t apologize. It’s okay and I’m fine.”

He smiled at her and moved his hand up to run it through her fiery locks.

“See, I told you,” she said and laid her head on his chest, listening to his heart beating and it felt like it was beating for her. “Nothing would happen.”

“I guess you’re right,” he laughed, pulling her close, “nothing did happen.”

Chapter 2: Chapter One
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A/N: This chapter has a lot of revisions. Enjoy!

DISCLAIMER: Same as previous chapter.

Anything in italics indicates a memory.

This chapter has been revised.

Chapter One

“I can’t leave him.” Ginny held onto James tightly, one arm beneath him and her other hand resting on the back of his head. Harry sighed as he watched her gaze down at James, her brow furrowed with worry. He knew this was going to happen when they got to the train.

“Ginny, we’ve already talked about this. Many times in fact,” he said to her, for what seemed like the hundredth time that day.

“I know, I know,” she replied, kissing the top of James’ slightly orange haired head. He cooed and made other baby noises as she continued to give him attention. Harry smiled as he watched them. James turned his tiny head and looked at Harry. He smiled and held out his little arm towards him. Harry took him from Ginny’s arms and she smiled smoothing out what little hair he had. James’ tiny fingers clutched onto Harry’s jumper tightly. Ginny looked at James as he gazed up at Harry curiously and her heart ached. She didn’t want to leave him. She hadn’t been away from him for more than a few hours and now she had to be separated from her son for a few months. She hadn’t the slightest clue as to how to deal with it. Harry on the other hand seemed to be handling it well but she knew that he was feeling exactly how she was and he wasn’t going to admit to it.

“Mum’ll take good care of him Gin,” Ron said and put a reassuring hand on her shoulder and looked at his nephew who was still gazing up at his father in fascination.

“I know. It’s just I’m going to miss him so much,” she sighed sadly. She watched her mother take James from Harry.

“We’ll see him at Christmas,” Harry told her as he joined her and Ron. He slid an arm around her waist and pulled her to him.

“You’re going to handle being away from your infant son, who, mind you, is not even three months old yet, for that long,” she reminded her and raised an eyebrow at him. Harry stared at her, considering her words and knew that she had a point. He couldn’t handle being away that long. He sighed.

“Not like we have a choice about it. We have to go back to school,” Harry reasoned. Ginny smirked at him and Harry scowled. He hated it when she was right.

“Don’t you two worry about him,” Molly told them and tickled her grandson. “He’s going to have loads of fun with Grandmum and Grandpa.”

Ginny smiled weakly at her mother. There was no doubt she would look after James. She wasn’t worried about him being cared for or about him being loved. She knew her parents would take good care of him. She just wanted to be the one to do it.

James began to whine in Molly’s arms. Immediately Ginny and Harry rushed over to him trying to quiet him. Molly gave him to Ginny and Harry looked through his nappy bag. Ginny rocked James side to side, quieting him in a soothing voice. Harry pulled out his dummy and stuck it in his mouth. James sucked on it happily and looked up at Harry.

“You two are getting good at this,” Hermione commented as she stood next to Ron and smiled. They smiled back at her then looked at their happy and content son.

“Ginny!” someone shouted from behind them. Ginny whirled around, still holding James and froze. Her fellow Gryffindors and former Dumbledore’s Army members, Parvati Patil and Lavender Brown, were making their way through the crowded platform towards them. It was bound to happen, seeing that they were getting ready to board the Hogwarts Express for the new school year. No one knew that Ginny had become pregnant and that she had married Harry over the last winter holiday. Harry, Ron, and Hermione hadn’t told anyone about it. When she didn’t return for the last term everyone was curious about her whereabouts. They were all told that Ginny had fallen very ill over Christmas and wouldn’t be able to return to school for the term. Instead she was to stay at home and finish the year there. She smiled weakly at the advancing girls, who were also known as the gossip queens of Hogwarts.

“Hi!” she greeted them nervously. She glanced down at James who had his head lying on her bosom, dummy still in his mouth, and a tiny fist clenched tightly on her shirt. He turned his head so his face was buried against her and she prayed he wasn’t getting hungry. She didn’t exactly fancy having to breast feed him in the middle of the crowded train station.

“It’s so good to see you again!” Parvati beamed at her.

“Feeling better?” Lavender asked.

“Loads.” Ginny smiled and felt James move his head again. Oh, please don’t be hungry. I already fed you before we left and Harry fed you in the car. Just please be good for Mummy right now, she thought to herself.

“Good to hear! We were all worried about you,” Parvati said and smiled.

“Thanks,” Ginny replied and adjusted her hold on James, cradling him in her arms instead of holding him against her.

“Aww, who’s the little one you got there?” Lavender smiled at James who was now gazing up at the new faces.

“Oh . . . um . . .” Ginny began to panic. She glanced at Ron, Hermione, and Harry for help.

“James. He’s our baby brother,” Ron cut in. Ginny shot him a quick thankful look. Parvati and Lavender began tickling James and talking in baby voices to him. Ginny switched her hold again, holding him against her body once more and held him just a bit tighter. She wasn’t comfortable with other people paying attention to him like that and she felt that holding him against her like that gave him a little more protection.

“He’s adorable!” Lavender squealed.

“Look at those green eyes!” Parvati smiled, tickling his arm. He laughed and cooed at her, the corners of his mouth curling upwards and his dummy hung limply out of her mouth. Ginny gently pushed it back in his mouth and his gaze switched back to his mother. Parvati frowned and looked closely at James. She glanced up at Harry and narrowed her eyes a bit. “Almost like yours Harry.”

Harry quickly looked away and swore to himself. He had hoped no one would make the comparison of their eyes to each other.

“Well, you know. Babies eye color can change,” he said, hoping she wouldn’t catch on.

“Yes, but they are generally blue and then they change,” Lavender added.

“Well, not in our family,” Ron clarified. Ginny glanced at him, wondering what he was going to say. “Most of us were born with green eyes, instead of blue. Mum and Dad never figured it out. I reckon his eyes will be blue like Dad’s soon enough.”

Parvati and Lavender seemed to have accepted this and said nothing further about eye color.

“Well then, we’ll see you all on the train I suppose,” Parvati said, and she and Lavender made their way to the train. Ginny breathed a sigh of relief. She had survived her first encounter with students and their questions about her whereabouts. She could do this.

“You lot better hurry. Train’s due to leave in five minutes,” Arthur looked up at the large clock. Harry and Ginny exchanged glances and neither one of them wanted to say farewell to their infant son.

“We’ll save you seats,” Hermione said to Harry and Ginny. She offered them a sympathetic smile and said goodbye to James. Ron stepped forward and kissed James on the top of his forehead.

“Bye James,” he smiled at him and he and Hermione made for the train, holding hands. Harry looked at Ginny. She was holding James closely now, swaying him from side to side. Harry glanced around the train station, doubling checking to see if anyone was watching them. He quickly ducked his head and kissed James on the top of his head.

“I love you son. Be good, all right,” he whispered and quickly stepped away. He glanced around again and looked back at Ginny. She didn’t show any signs of letting James go any time soon.

“Ginny,” Harry urged her and glanced up at the clock. She kissed James’ head a few times and reluctantly handed him to Molly again.

“Be good for Grandmum and Grandpa,” she whispered and kissed his cheek again. “Mummy and Daddy love you.”

Harry pulled Ginny on her shoulder slightly when he saw her try to reach out to take James from Molly. “Gin, come on.”

“Mummy and Daddy will be home soon sweetie,” she whispered and pulled away from Harry. She kissed James once more, tears forming in her eyes. James looked up at them curiously. The look on his face told Harry that he knew something was going on but he didn’t know what. James turned his head away and became interested in a man in a uniform pushing a trolley.

“Come on, before he sees us go,” Harry insisted and pulled Ginny again. She began walking away, glancing back behind her shoulder as they went.

“Oh Harry,” she whispered, a slight tremble in her voice. “I can’t do this.”

Harry slipped his arm around her waist as they neared the train.

“Don’t worry. He’ll be fine,” Harry assured her and pulled her close to her. She nodded forcing herself not to cry and not trusting herself to speak. They reached the train and began to get on. A loud cry came from behind them just as Harry stepped onto the train. Ginny turned around and looked at her parents. James was crying in Molly’s arms and looking at them.

“Oh James,” she said, taking a step off the train. Harry pulled her back and held onto her arm tightly.

“We can’t.”

“But Harry! He’s crying. He knows.”

“I know. But we can’t stay, the train’s going to leave,” Harry said. He looked at his son who was crying harder. His face was turning red and Molly was doing everything to stop him from crying. Finally, Harry succeeded in pulling Ginny on the train and shutting the door behind her. They found Ron and Hermione a few compartments away and joined them, both of them throwing themselves at the window. They could see James still crying as Molly and Arthur walked away. The train began to slowly take off on its journey to Hogwarts. It picked up speed and they were moving further and further away from their son. They turned a corner and their child was out of sight. Ginny finally buried her head on Harry’s shoulder and cried. He kissed the top of her head hoping to comfort her and wrapped his arms around her, guiding her to sit on a bench with him. Ron and Hermione looked on with sympathy.

“He’s going to hate us,” Ginny muttered, lifting up her head. Harry brushed away her tears with the pad of his thumb.

“He is not going to hate us. He doesn’t know anything,” Harry sighed.

“He knows we left him!” she exclaimed.

“That doesn’t mean he’s going to hate us,” Harry tried to convince her. Ginny sighed and looked down. She yawned and reached inside her pocket. She examined her wedding ring for a moment before slipping it back in her pocket. They didn’t like the fact that they couldn’t wear their rings and had wanted to use a Concealing Charm on them instead of hiding them. However, a Concealing Charm was simply an illusion and anyone who came into contact with their hands could still feel the rings on their fingers. It was too much of a risk. So, the couple was forced to hide them in their pockets.

Ginny curled up next to Harry, laying her head in his lap and drifted to sleep almost immediately. Harry shook his head as he watched her sleep.

“Poor thing,” Hermione sighed and watched Ginny sleep in Harry's lap.

“She was up most of the night,” Harry said and stroked her hair.

“Doing what? I didn’t hear James crying that much,” Ron frowned.

“He didn’t. She was watching him sleep most of the time,” Harry explained. He laughed quietly and shook his head. “She was trying to pack his things this morning too! I must have stopped her at least five times before she finally gave in.”

Ron chuckled quietly at his sister.

“You can’t blame her though,” Hermione said and looked at Ginny again.

“I know. As much as I want to take him with us, we can’t. It’s too difficult,” Harry sighed. He watched Ginny sleep in his lap. It was still hard to believe that he was married and had a child and only a handful of people knew. This time last year the only thing he was worried about was passing his classes and, of course, Voldemort. His past two summers also had dramatic differences yet one thing in common: Ginny. The summer after his fifth was both good and bad. Attacks from Death Eaters were rampant and the war of good versus evil escalated. He found himself participating in many of these battles refusing to be left in the dark again and often leaving without letting anyone know. He had convinced Tonks to sneak him with her under his invisibility cloak until Mad-Eye Moody had caught him and he suffered both the wrath of Molly and Ginny.

Dealing with the death of Sirius wasn't helping Harry either. He blamed himself for what had happened. He would often hole himself up somewhere alone, usually spending his time with Buckbeak who seemed to share his feelings, and wallowing in his despair. He knew he wasn’t good company and he hated the way everyone was treating him; everyone except for Ginny. It seemed that she was what he needed to get him out of his depressive state.

The good that came from his summer after his fifth year was that he had ended up with Ginny who had lit up his life. How he had managed not to notice her until well into his fifth year, he didn’t know but he was very happy that he had her now and he wasn’t about to let her go.

The door to the compartment opened. A group of their friends walked inside. Dean looked over at Ginny, comfortably curled up in Harry’s lap and sleeping soundly. His eyes wandered up and met Harry’s.

“Must say Harry,” Dean said, “you’re lucky to have her.”

“I know,” Harry replied. Dean smiled at him and sat down next to Ron.

Harry watched as Dean snuck glances at the sleeping Ginny. He often wondered if Dean regretted what he had done nearly a year and a half ago. Just a week into the summer holidays after his fifth year, Dean and Ginny had broken up. Harry had been very surprised since they hadn’t been dating long and he remembered that day very well.

“Ginny?” Harry said carefully as he walked towards her. He had seen her earlier in the day when she received an owl and he couldn’t shake the upset look on her face that appeared once she read it. He didn’t have a chance to ask her what was wrong before she ran up to her shared room with Hermione and slammed the door behind her.

She was standing in front of the fireplace ripping up something, the letter he assumed, and throwing it into the fire in one of the rooms of Grimmauld Place. The roaring flames illuminated her face, the many shades of red reflecting off her hair. She wore quite an angry look on her face but even then Harry thought she was beautiful.

“What?” she snapped, turning around to face him.

“What are you doing?” he asked and saw her eyes flashing angrily. The shadows cast around her face, making her look even angrier than she was. He just had to find her in one of the more morose rooms of the Black house. It seemed to fit her mood though.

“Burning Dean’s letter,” she grinned evilly and turned to watch the blazing flames.

“And why are you doing that?” Harry asked joining her side.

“Lousy git broke up with me. Said he fancied Parvati and didn’t want to be with me anymore. Honestly! Why are boys always doing this? Michael ran off with Cho and now Dean runs off with Parvati. Don’t boys ever think?!” Ginny raged. She looked at Harry and blushed. “Oh sorry. I didn’t mean that towards you.”

“I know. You’re just a bit upset with him aren’t you,” Harry replied and watched the fire burn. She nodded.

“Not like I really fancied him much to begin with,” she said looking up at him. “I’m not really sure why I went out with him.”

“Really?” Harry looked at her, his heart beating wildly. She nodded again. “Well who do you fancy?”

“Like I’m going to tell you!” she laughed and swatted at his arm.

“Why not? I thought we were friends,” Harry pouted and looked offended.

“We are, I’m just not going to tell you,” she looked at him smugly.

“What if I told you who I fancied first?” Harry suggested. This seemed to interest her quite a bit and his heart was beating much faster now. His feelings for Ginny were very recent; in fact he began thinking about her constantly the moment he left King's Cross with the Dursleys. He had thought about how different she had been during the year. She kept him from being a git and seemed to know when he needed help and when to keep him in line. He was very happy to find out the next day that he would be going to 12 Grimmauld Place due to an increase in Death Eater attacks. He would see a lot more of Ginny now. Too bad she had given up on him.

Harry looked at her again and felt his heart skip a beat. He knew this was the wrong time to confess to her, but she didn’t seem that upset about her breakup with Dean and that look she was giving him. . . .

“So Harry fancies someone?” she teased and he nodded. She jumped onto an old, musty sofa near the fireplace and sat with her legs crossed beneath her grinning at him. “So, who is it?”

He sat down next to her. “You’re not going to get it out of my that easily Weasley.”

“You said if you told me who you fancied then I’d tell you who I really fancied,” Ginny pouted.

“Oh so you expect me to just flat out tell you?” Harry asked. She nodded and he laughed. “Nothing doing. You have to guess. Ask me questions and I’ll answer.”

“That’s not fair!” Ginny protested.

“Well if you don’t want to know,” Harry sighed and made to get up. Ginny grabbed his hand and forced him back on the couch. He felt a jolt of something shoot through him at her touch.

“No. You got me intrigued and I want to know now,” she said firmly.

“Then ask. But once you ask you have to tell me who you really like. Deal?” Harry crossed his arms.

“Deal.” Ginny nodded in agreement. Harry watched her, waiting for her first question. He was growing a bit nervous. How would she react if she guessed? Should he tell her if she doesn’t guess correctly?

She bit her lip as she thought, something Harry found to be very cute. His eyes locked onto her lips and he wondered what they would feel like to kiss.

“Wait,” she said and looked at him. “It’s not Cho is it?”

Harry sputtered at her and shook his head vehemently. “No way! That was a huge mistake! This time I’m going for brains and substance over brains and beauty.”

For some reason, Ginny’s eyes widened in surprise. She looked scandalized and covered her mouth with her hand. “You fancy Hermione? Ron’s going to murder you when he finds out!”

“Ginny, that’s even more ridiculous than me liking Cho again!” Harry exclaimed. He frowned and looked at her. “Wait, why would Ron murder me?”

“Haven’t you noticed?” she asked and frowned at him. Harry shook his head. Ginny sighed and rolled her eyes at him. “If you weren’t too busy sulking, you would have noticed.”

Harry glared at her but didn’t say anything. It was true, after all. He was mourning the loss of his godfather and it was very hard to deal with. Everyone seemed to be walking on eggshells around him and treating him as if he were a walking time bomb. Ginny, on the other hand, treated him no differently. She talked to him as if he were a normal kid with normal problems. She hadn’t questioned him about it yet, and he knew she would sooner or later, but he also knew she wasn’t going to tiptoe around it; she was going to flat out tell him what she thought and not let him be a git about it. It was one of those things he was beginning to love about her.

“I’m not sulking,” he defended himself.

“Please Harry! You walk around here as if there’s some dark and dreary cloud around you. If you weren’t, you would have noticed that Ron and Hermione have been exchanging owls so fast that it’s making Pig’s head spin,” Ginny said. Harry ignored her first comment.

“And how do you know they are together?” he questioned.

“I cornered Ron and threatened him with a revised Bat Bogey Hex if he didn’t tell me why poor Pig was hiding in my wardrobe,” Ginny explained. “Then I told him I would tell Hermione about the time he ran around starkers at the Ministry when Dad offered to take him and the twins with him to work. That got him to talk.”

“He ran around starkers?” Harry asked in surprise and felt a chuckle rising. He would definitely need to hear that story!

“Anyway, that’s for another time,” Ginny said and waved her hand in the air. “Well he told me that they’ve been going out in secret since around Christmas I think. They didn’t want to tell anyone with everything that was going on. They seemed to think that you would be mad at them for getting together. I think it’s about bloody time they did something about it.”

She watched for his reaction to the news. While it was a surprise to Harry, he was happy for his best friends. It was something he was waiting to happen every since his fourth year. He would have to talk to them later about it when Hermione arrived later in the week.

“Well,” she began, not giving him a chance to talk, “it’s not Cho or Hermione so at least you’re sane. Is it anyone I know?”

“Perhaps,” Harry replied sneakily.

“Perhaps? Harry either I know her or I don’t. Yes or no, Harry. Do I know her?” Ginny repeated herself.

“Perhaps,” Harry repeated himself. Ginny glared at him and he smirked at her.

“Fine. I’ll take that as a yes,” she grumbled. A thoughtful look came across her face and she bit her lip again.

“She’s smart, yes? It must be someone in Ravenclaw. Luna,” she concluded. Harry shook his head.

“Luna’s nice and all, but I don’t think she and I would really work out,” Harry said. “Try again.”

“I don’t think we know a lot of the same girls,” Ginny frowned and furrowed her brow.

“There’s still a few,” he said secretly. “Come on Weasley, use that pretty head of yours.”

She looked at him and he noticed a slight blush spread in her cheeks.

“You’re insufferable, you know that,” she muttered. “We really don’t have a lot of friends in common, let alone any girls. It’s a very short list Harry.”

“You haven’t named them all,” Harry reminded her.

“You’re going to have to give me more clues then,” Ginny demanded and crossed her arms. He could tell she was beginning to get annoyed with him and Harry found her to be even prettier. A few strands of hair fell in front of her face and he held back the urge to push them behind her ear.

“All right then,” he agreed and thought over what he could tell her. “She has a good heart and she’s caring. She’s stubborn, too, but so am I. She has a great sense of humor and has a wonderful laugh. She’s got these beautiful brown eyes and gorgeous hair and she’s really good at Quidditch. She knows when I have my head stuck up my arse and lets me know it. She’s the most amazing girl I’ve ever met and I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to notice.”

Harry knew he said too much. He could go on forever about her. He was afraid, though, of what she’d say when she found out. Would she even want to have anything to do with him now that she gave up on him?

The wheels were turning in her head and he knew she was thinking over his words and trying to place someone with that description.

“Harry, no one we know fits that. Are you sure I know her? The only girl I can think of that even comes close to that is. . . .” her voice trailed off and her eyes widened. Harry could feel his heart pounding against his chest as he waited for her reaction. “Me? Y-you fancy me?”

He nodded and licked his lips nervously. She looked incredulously at him as if this was the most bizarre concept she had ever heard.

“Yeah, I fancy you,” he admitted sheepishly and felt his cheeks color. Ginny continued to stare at him, her mouth hanging open without any sound escaping from it. “I just realized it recently, too, you know over the past year you’ve been a good friend and when I left the train station I couldn’t stop thinking of you. There’s just something about you, Ginny. I was stupid to not notice you sooner and it’s probably too late now.”

She hadn’t said a word to him and Harry knew that it was too late. He was such an idiot!

“I’m sorry,” he apologized and looked at the ground feeling defeated.

“Why would it be too late?” she asked quietly. Harry glanced up and looked over at her. She didn’t seem angry or upset or even appalled. She looked curious and waited for his answer.

“Hermione said you gave up on me. I missed my chance,” he explained. Ginny smiled and let out a soft laugh. She moved over so she was sitting right next to him.

“Giving up is not the same as getting over,” she said and took his hand in hers. Harry’s eyes locked on their linked hands as a tingling feeling shot up his arm. She lifted his chin up so he was looking at her. She had a soft smile on her face as she continued to speak, “I gave up waiting for you but I never got over you, not really. I got over the hero part of it since I got to know you better. But I still like you. I like you as Harry, not Harry the Hero.”

He searched her eyes for any hint of uncertainly of her words, but he found none. He let go of her hand and tentatively slid it around her waist. Her breath hitched a bit as he did but she didn’t move nor did she push him off. She placed her hand on his shoulder and Harry looked down at her lips. He leaned in, closing the distance between them and their lips met for the first time.

It was as if electricity shot through him, waking up every nerve ending in his body. It was an incredible feeling, something he never felt before. He didn’t know it then, but Harry fell in love with Ginny Weasley in that moment. He made a vow to himself as they pulled away and smiled at each other; from that moment on he would spend every moment he could with her the rest of the summer and maybe even the rest of his life.

School had begun and the workload was hard on them both. Ginny had to take her O.W.L.s that year and Harry was already being prepared for the N.E.W.T.s for his seventh year. They were piled with so much homework neither one of them had much time to be together. Somehow, in some odd way, they had been able to sneak out of the loud and over crowded common room up to his room and actually be alone for once. Harry had no idea that after that one night with his girlfriend, the only time with his girlfriend, it would turn their lives upside down.

He remembered when Ginny told him she was pregnant. She was sobbing and hated herself. Harry was in shock but promised her he wouldn’t leave her side and he would do everything he could to help her. It was his responsibility as much as hers. She had written a letter to her parents telling them what had happened. They replied the same day telling her they were extremely upset with her choices and they would have sent a Howler but decided not to embarrass her in front of the whole school. They were however going to help out and work something out with the school.

Ginny was still upset with herself as time went on. Harry had told her on many occasions that he was partly to blame. Slowly, she stopped blaming herself and began to be happy about having the baby. No one knew about the pregnancy except for Ron and Hermione, of course. Ron had been furious with him about it, but slowly forgave him when he saw that Harry really did love his sister and was going to take care of her and the baby.

Over the winter holiday Harry and Ginny were married. This was the best route for them in their situation, not to mention Ginny’s mother didn’t want her to have the baby out of wedlock. The ceremony was short and small. Only her immediate family, Professor Dumbledore, Professor McGonagall, and Hermione were there and even then it wasn’t exactly the wedding they had pictured. Her brothers, expect for Ron, were furious with Harry and yelled at Ginny for being foolish. Ginny had fled to her room in tears and screaming that she hated herself. All Harry could do was comfort her and try to tell her everything would be okay.

After the winter holidays were over, the Weasleys had arranged for Ginny to stay at the Burrow and finish her fifth year there instead of returning to Hogwarts. She would complete her course work by owl correspondence. Many students were very interested in her sudden disappearance when she didn’t arrive back for the new term. Ron had begun telling everyone she had fallen very ill and had to stay home for the remainder of the term. This seemed to satisfy everyone’s suspicions.

It was a heart-wrenching time for Harry. Even though Ginny wrote to him every week telling him about her days and the development of their baby in the code they had developed, he wished he could be there. He longed to hold her and feel his child kicking against her stomach. She was only allowed back to take her O.W.L.s which had been arranged to be administered much earlier in the school year. Even then she wore special school robes that made her appear normal and hid her pregnancy. To follow along with the story of her being ill, she had to stay in the infirmary when she wasn’t taking tests or eating. Harry was constantly with her spending most of his nights next to her. He would kiss her stomach and talk to the baby as she studied in the infirmary. He was amazed when he felt it kick for the first time. Harry would spend hours with her, his hand on her stomach and watching their baby kick. He was overwhelmed with the feeling that he was going to be a father and that this was his child.

Finally, when the term was over, Harry went straight from Platform 9 3/4 to the Burrow to see her. To his surprise, just after he arrived, Ginny went into labor, nearly a week and a half before her due date. Her labor was incredibly short, according to Molly, and later that same day, Harry held his newborn son, James Elijah Potter, for the first time. It was the most amazing and wonderful feeling to gaze down at the tiny baby that was his and Ginny’s. He wasn’t sure how many times he told her he loved her that night, but he meant it every time he said it. That was one of the happiest days of his life. But something struck him as he watched Ginny sleep a well deserved sleep in her room that night. His wife and son were both targets now; huge targets. If word got out that they were married and had a child, Ginny and James were in danger. Death Eaters would be after them and so would Voldemort. He couldn’t let that happen. The next day he talked with her and they both agreed it was best to keep everything a secret for as long as possible.

The summer went by too quickly. He felt that he didn’t have much of a chance to spend time with his wife and son, even though he was there nearly everyday and spent many nights at the Burrow. Unfortunately for Harry, he had to stay with the Dursley’s over summer once again. He hadn’t told them what had happened, not like they would have even cared. He ignored their protests when he used Floo powder to go to the Burrow, which Arthur had somehow worked out for him to use for a certain amount of time and at certain times of the day. That was until Harry was foolish enough to let Dudley see the pictures of James and told him it was his son. The Dursleys were outraged that he would even consider bringing someone into the world who was just as abnormal as him and refused to let him go to the Burrow any longer. He wasn’t going to let them stop him from being with the two most important people of his life. He packed his things and spent the last three weeks of summer with his in-laws.

Ginny slept nearly the entire ride to Hogwarts. Harry’s leg was beginning to fall asleep, but he didn’t care. He let her sleep. She definitely needed it.

Time went on and soon enough, Ginny yawned and sat up, feeling rested and much better. She looked around sleepily and noticed that more people were in the car and chatting about their summers.

“Have a nice sleep love?” Harry whispered in her ear. She turned to look at him and nodded. She kissed his cheek and placed a hand on the other side of his face.

“Haven’t had a good sleep since . . . well you know,” she whispered.

“Yes I know,” he replied and smiled at her. He leaned forward and placed a gentle kiss on her lips.

“So that’s what the nap was for, eh lassie? Energy for snogging your boyfriend,” Seamus said forcing Harry to pull away from Ginny. Ginny rolled her eyes and turned around to look at Seamus.

“That’s exactly it, Seamus,” she replied.

“How was your summer Ginny?” Dean asked.

“It was . . .” she began and thought of her sweet baby boy, “it was very nice.”

Harry kissed her hair, hiding his smile behind her head. He whole-heartily agreed with her. He wrapped his arms around her waist and she settled back to lean against him.

“Oh, what did you do?” Dean asked.

“Not much just relaxed at home.” She didn’t completely lie to him. Ron and Hermione smirked at her and Harry.

“Did much more than just relax,” Ron muttered. Everyone looked at him.

“Oh you mean you two helped take care of your baby brother?” Parvati asked, looking at him.

“Er . . . yes,” Ron slowly replied.

“You have another brother?” Seamus asked in shock.

“Wow. That’s a lot of kids,” Dean commented. “That’s what, eight kids?”

“Well, you know, Mum and Dad do love babies,” Ron said nervously and Ginny avoided looking at any of them.

“When did your mum have him?” Lavender asked.

“June eleventh, eleven forty three at night,” Ginny announced absentmindedly. Her friends stared at her and she blushed after realizing what she had said.

“How did you know that?” Parvati asked curiously.

“I’ve . . . uh . . . become attached to him,” Ginny explained and smiled.

“Literally attached for nine months,” Harry mumbled in her ear. She jabbed her elbow behind her hitting him in his stomach.

“Oof!” He glared at the back of her red hair. She smiled sweetly to everyone, knowing full well that he was glaring at her.

“Your parents must be excited to have another one around the house,” Parvati said unaware of their little exchange.

“Yeah, they love having a baby around again,” Ron replied.

“He’s so cute! He’s the most adorable baby I’ve ever seen. I want to have a baby like him one day!” Lavender squealed.

It was difficult for Ginny to stop herself from smiling broadly at Lavender’s comments. Sure people said he was a cute baby, but they were her family members and they would have to say that. It sounded different coming from someone else and she liked it. Harry’s smile was wide and hidden behind Ginny’s head. He kissed the back of her head again and Ginny settled back against him.

Their friends continued to ask questions about James. Ginny had to keep reminding herself mentally that at the moment, she wasn’t his mother in this conversation and that was hard for her. The more and more they talked about him, the more Ginny missed him and wanted her son. Slowly her replies shortened and her voice became softer. Harry realized this. He too was missing James and knowing that they were heading farther and farther away from him hurt. Harry couldn’t stand to hear anymore questions and cleared his throat.

“Anyone catch that last Quidditch game on the WWN?” Harry asked. It was a pitiful attempt, he knew, to steer the conversation away but to his surprise they all jumped into the new topic.

Soon the train stopped at the Hogsmeade station and the students piled out. Hagrid stood high above the crowd swinging his lantern and calling for first years.

“Blimey! Look who it is!” he beamed as Harry, Ginny, Ron, and Hermione got off the train. Hagrid strode across the station to them, parting the crowd of students easily and smiling widely.

“Hi Hagrid,” they all greeted the half-giant.

“‘'Allo! Good ter see you all again, ‘specially you Ginny. How are ya feelin’?” he said and beamed at the redheaded witch.

“Great,” she replied smiling at him and then looked at Harry. Harry smiled back at her and looked up at Hagrid.

“That’s good to ‘ear!” he smiled and bent down to them.

“And er,” he lowered his voice, “How’s little James bin doin’?”

“Wonderful,” Ginny replied.

“He’s something else,” Harry added and put his arm around her shoulder, pulling her close to him. Hagrid smiled at them.

“Aw, that’s lovely to ‘ear. Now come an’ visit me in me cabin later on. I want to ‘ear all about him.” Hagrid stood up, muttered a farewell, and made his way back to the terrified first years.

The quartet walked with the crowd to the waiting carriages. Many students ran up to Ginny, hugging her and welcoming her back. She smiled and returned the gestures politely. Once they were all in a carriage, Ron, Harry, Hermione, and Ginny all sharing one, the carriages set off towards the castle. Ginny beamed as the magnificent castle came into view. She missed Hogwarts very much and was very happy to be back. She was reminded of the first time she saw Hogwarts on the boat ride over the lake during her first year. She smiled as she continued to watch the breathtaking sight, snuggled close to Harry.

Once they arrived, the students headed up to the castle and into the Great Hall. Ginny took in everything, reliving all the magic and life it brought. The gold silverware shimmered in the candlelight and the moon and stars shined brightly in the bewitched ceiling. More students welcomed her back as she made her way to a seat at the Gryffindor table. Her roommates crowded around her, hugging her and welcoming her back. They let her go after a few minutes and finally she was able to sit down, Harry at her side and Ron and Hermione across from her.

“It’s beautiful,” she breathed gazing up at the ceiling. Hermione smiled at her as Harry slipped an arm around her waist.

“Missed it didn’t you?” Ron asked. Ginny looked at him and nodded.

“More than you know,” she replied and added quietly to herself, “among other things.”

The chatter faltered as Professor McGonagall entered the Great Hall, first years trailing behind her. Harry watched them make their way to the front in a single file line. A thought crossed his mind as he watched a young boy trot behind a tall blonde girl, nervously looking around the room and at the other students. He leaned over next to Ginny’s ear.

“Guess James will be doing that in about eleven years or so,” he whispered to her. She turned her head and looked at him.

“Let’s hope. He could turn out to be a Squib,” she whispered back and looked fairly concerned about it. Harry raised his eyebrows at her and shook his head slightly.

“Not our son. Not with parents like us. I am the great Harry Potter after all,” he whispered back and puffed his chest out. She rolled her eyes and smiled back at him, punching him lightly on the arm. Harry grinned and took her hand in his, pulling her closer to him with the arm that was wrapped around her. He watched the first years finish filing in, thinking of his son looking just as scared as they were one day.

Professor Dumbledore stood up once all the first years had finished filing in and all eyes turned to him.

“Welcome to yet another year at Hogwarts!” he smiled at the school assembled before him. “It is good to see so many familiar faces and so many new ones. It is especially rewarding to see one particular student back for the new term.”

Everyone had turned to look at Ginny, many of which who were smiling at her. She sunk slightly in her seat, her ears going pink. From the Slytherin table, however, many of those students were pretending not to look at her, except for Draco Malfoy who sneered at her and the light reflected off his Head Boy badge which was pinned to the front of his robes. Harry shot him a dirty look and tightened his grip on Ginny’s hand, wondering what Professor Dumbledore was thinking in making him Head Boy. Malfoy held his gaze for a moment longer before he looked back at the Headmaster.

“Yes welcome back Miss Weasley,” Professor Dumbledore said and smiled at her. Harry stifled a laugh as he watched her face go completely red. She pulled out of his grasp and elbowed him for the second time that day.

“Ah now, first years are reminded that no one is allowed in the Forbidden Forest. Also, Argus Filch has posted a revised list of those items that are banned outside his office door for those who wish to view it in full.” Ginny, Harry, Ron, and Hermione exchanged amused looks knowing that most of what was on there came from Fred and George’s joke shop. “That is all the announcements I have for this evening. Let the Sorting Ceremony begin,” Professor Dumbledore finished his speech and sat down.

One by one, students were sorted into the four houses and the feast began.

Everyone was much too excited to go to bed once the feast ended, except for the first years who still seemed to be terrified. The Gryffindor common room was packed with students chatting away about everything. None of the prefects seemed to mind much, except for Hermione who stood with her arms crossed and glared at the students scattered around the room. Her Heard Girl badge twinkled in the firelight but no one paid any attention to her demands of them going to bed. She finally gave up and settled on nagging Ron who was showing a catalogue of Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes to a group of second years.

Harry sat in an armchair in a far corner of the room with Ginny on his lap. She laid her head on his shoulder while he put one arm around her and gently stroked her arm with his free hand. Everyone had figured that they wanted to be alone so no one bothered them and kept their distance from the couple.

Ginny watched her house mates talking excitedly about the past summer. She caught snippets of conversations about trips to exotic countries, visiting family, and afternoon Quidditch games. Not one person described anything close to her summer. Her summer, unlike any of the other girls in her house, was spent staying up most of the night with a crying infant and taking care of him around the clock. But, no matter how tired she felt or how much sleep she lost, she loved her summer holiday and wouldn’t trade it for anything.

James was something incredible to come into her life. She remembered the day after he was born at the Burrow. He was a very tiny baby and she was terrified to hold him. Molly laughed at her as Ginny carefully picked him up from his traveling carrier with trembling hands for the first time. Each time she did hold him for the first few weeks, she was very careful to not hold him tightly, fearing that she would hurt him. Ginny was careful not to hold him too much for fear that if she and Harry did, then James would want to be held all the time and that was impossible to do. Harry had been the same way about holding him. He stared at a week old James wide-eyed as he begun to cry one afternoon while he lay on a blanket on the floor. He didn’t know what to do and refused to pick him up because he was afraid to break him. It took much convincing on Molly’s part for him to realize that he wouldn’t hurt him before Harry gently picked him up. Gradually, it became easier for both of them to pick James up and hold him.

Her mother had pretty much left it up to Harry and Ginny to care for James and only intervened once in a while when it was necessary. Ginny was perfectly fine with this. He was her responsibility after all. Ginny adored taking care of James. She enjoyed watching him and everything he did. He was a very curious baby and they often found themselves taking things out of his mouth. Harry and herself would spend hours watching him sleep soundly in his bassinet. She felt that they had a very good baby. He didn’t fuss and cry much and he often smiled.

The Weasley family fell in love with James the moment he was born. Molly couldn’t resist hugging her grandson and talking to him constantly and Arthur was always tickling him and making faces at him to make him laugh. Her brothers were visiting more often since he was born. They would all play with him and talk to him and often brought him presents. Ginny knew they were spoiling him but she let them seeing that he was their first and only nephew. She didn’t, however, like everyone touching him constantly and wanting to hold him. She figured she was being too protective and when she told Molly this she said it was perfectly normal for a new mother to be protective of her newborn for the first few months. But they were his family and they did love him and she was relieved that they did love him so much. She was very afraid that they wouldn’t take to him because of how he was brought into the world. Soon the fussing over James was something she got use to from her brothers.

Her new concern was the nickname Fred and George had used for him. Instead of calling him James like everyone else they insisted on calling him Runt. Harry and Ginny were well aware of the fact that their son was smaller than most newborns and it worried them. However, the midwife assured them he was of normal weight for his age and he was perfectly healthy. Fred and George thought it was quite amusing to call their nephew Runt. Ginny grew more and more outraged with them every time they did and Harry had to calm her down each time.

One night during dinner, Fred and George pushed her over the edge. During the whole dinner they kept referring to him as Runt and kept asking questions using the nickname. Ginny exploded on them drawing out her wand and pointing it at them. She yelled at them for making fun of their defenseless nephew and threatened to give them nasty green boils and rat tails if they called him that name one more time. It took Harry nearly ten minutes to pull her back in her seat and calm her down, glaring at the twins every now and then, before taking James from Molly who had burst into tears the moment his mother exploded. The twins just looked at Ginny horrified and pale-faced. Afterwards, she overheard them muttering to each other about her being deranged and having too many hormones. She shot a venomous look at them and they immediately fell silent. Neither one of them used that nickname since then.

Ginny lifted her head off of Harry’s shoulder and sighed sadly.

“You’re thinking of him aren’t you,” Harry whispered. She nodded and looked at him.

“What do you think he’s doing right now?” she whispered.

“He’s sleeping in his bassinet dreaming of his beautiful mother who loves him very much,” he whispered back. She smiled.

“That sounds nice,” she whispered and rested her forehead against his.

“Mmhmm.” He smiled at her. He titled his head upwards and kissed the tip of her nose. She giggled softly.

“That tickles,” she said.

“You know Gin,” he whispered glancing around the room and noting where his roommates were, “no one’s up in my room right now.”

She pulled her head away from him and raised an eyebrow at him. “Are you suggesting what I think you’re suggesting?”

“Could be,” he whispered and gently kissed her neck.

“Harry Potter,” she whispered, “stop that. Look at where we are.”

“Didn’t stop you the first time,” he whispered and added, “Ginny Potter.”

Her cheeks turned slightly pink and she felt her heart flutter at her seldom used name.

“Don’t make me beg my wife,” Harry whispered and gave her a pleading look.
“Oh but I like to hear my husband beg,” she whispered, lowering her eyes at him and then stood up. Harry suppressed the huge grin that was fighting to form on his face and stood up, taking her hand. They waded through the crowd of students towards the foot of the stairs.

“Where are you off to?” Dean suddenly asked

They stopped and turned. Dean, Seamus, Lavender, and Parvati were sitting at a table together near the staircase.

“Upstairs,” Ginny simply replied.

Seamus looked at his watch and showed Dean. They bent their heads in a quiet conversation. Dean and Seamus raised their heads after a moment and the two of them smirked at the couple.

“How about an hour or so with your girlfriend Potter,” Seamus grinned at them.

Harry felt his face grow hot and he saw Ginny’s face was turning red.

“Yes and uh . . .” Lavender smiled, “make sure you take the right potions as well.”

She and Parvati giggled at Lavender’s comment.

“If I didn’t know any better I’d say that you two act like a married couple,” Parvati teased. “I mean you two were sitting over there as if you were on a honeymoon or something.”

“Don’t be silly Parvati,” Ginny said, “why would we be married?”

Ginny didn’t wait for a reply. She tugged on Harry’s arm and they took off up the stairs to his dormitory. Harry shot a Locking Charm on the door and cast a Silencing Charm around the room, before kissing Ginny passionately. He broke away from her and opened his trunk. Ginny sat on his bed, slowly undoing the clasp of her robes and shrugging them off. She worked on pulling off her tie as she watched Harry pull out two small vials filled with a red potion. He closed his trunk and turned to her.

“You already made them?” she asked staring at the small vial of contraception potion as he handed it to her.

“I made an extra batch from the last time,” he grinned remembering a few nights ago, “so I bottled them and put them in my trunk to have ready just in case. Besides, James doesn’t need a brother or sister any time soon.”

“No,” she replied as the guilt of leaving her son so far away sunk in again. They drank their potions and Harry threw the bottles away. He turned and looked at her, a hungry look in his eyes. Ginny forced a coquettish smile on her face and pushed herself back on his bed. She placed each hand on either side of her and crossed her legs. She lowered her face and looked up through her eyelashes at him and slowly licked her lips. Harry seemed to be glued to the floor and was staring at her, his mouth hanging slightly opened and it was evident that he was enjoying what he was seeing.

“Well, are you just going to stare at me the whole time or are you going to do something about that little problem of yours?” she asked. He let out a low growl and before Ginny knew it he had pounced on her. Soon they were engaged in intimate touches and passionate kisses and pieces of clothing were finding their way to the floor below. They were lost in their own world and had no cares at all

Ginny found herself on her back, without her shirt, and with Harry trailing kisses down her body, paying particular attention to her bellybutton. She looked down at him and remembered the last time they were in a similar situation in his dormitory bed. A wave of tears suddenly hit her hard and she thought once again about their son who was hundreds of kilometers away from them. She tried to hold back the sob that threatened to escape from her. Harry noticed and looked up at her.

“Ginny?” he asked quietly. He pulled himself up and carefully settled himself on top of her. “Love, what is it?”

Ginny covered her mouth with her hand and blinked back hot tears. Harry seemed to have caught on and gently pulled her hand away from her mouth.

“I miss him, too,” he whispered.

“I want him with us so much,” Ginny whispered back and sniffed.

“We wouldn’t be like this if we never had him in the first place,” he said. Ginny looked up at him and narrowed her eyes slightly.

“Harry are you saying –?”

“I don’t regret him Ginny. I never would,” Harry said before she finished her question. “You and him; you’re my life. I couldn’t live without you two.”

Ginny smiled softly and looked away from him. Harry gently turned her head to look up at him again with his hand. He bent down and kissed her deeply.

“I love you,” he said and Ginny could feel the intensity behind his words.

“I love you, too,” she replied, sighing into his mouth as he crushed his lips against hers again.

An hour later Ginny was buttoning up her shirt while Harry grinned stupidly at her as he sat on his bed, already dressed in his pajamas. She bent over to pick up her robe and he pulled on her arm, bringing her to his lap.

“How about we go another round?” he suggested. Ginny smiled and kissed him before standing up and picking up her robe again.

“Another time, Harry, I’m sure your roommates would like their room back,” she said and headed towards the door.

“They can sleep on the stairs,” Harry said as he followed her. Ginny rolled her eyes and opened the door. She turned around and pulled him towards her and kissed him goodnight. They pulled away when they heard someone clearing their throat. Ginny turned around and saw Ron, who was wearing a disapproving frown on his face, and Hermione, who was smirking at Ginny, standing against the wall in the hallway.

“I don’t even want to know what you two were doing in there,” Ron grumbled and shoved past Ginny and Harry to get inside the room.

“I can fill you in on the details if you like Ron!” Ginny called after him. Harry turned to watch as Ron clasped his hands against his ears and walked to the washroom. Harry chuckled and looked back at Ginny.

“So much for another go,” he mumbled. Ginny rolled her eyes and playfully swatted him on the arm.

“Good night,” she said.

“Good night,” he replied, kissing her cheek. Harry closed the door and Ginny went down the stairs and headed to the girls' stairs, Hermione by her side. She noticed that Hermione kept smiling at her as they walked.

“What?” she asked. Hermione simply smiled and sighed.

“It’s so romantic,” she said and clasped her hands together.

“What is?” Ginny asked as they trudged up the stairs and wondered why she was acting in a very un-Hermione manner.

“Running off like that to be together without a care in the world,” Hermione said with a goofy smile on her face.

“Come off it Hermione. We are married,” Ginny whispered. “Besides, we do have some cares. . . .”

“I know and I can’t imagine how hard this must be on you two,” she whispered back. She smiled again. “It’s just cute the way you two act. It’s obvious you’re in love.”

Ginny blushed at the comment. “Well, we are in love.”

“I know. And I’m happy for you two,” Hermione said. They stopped on the landing leading to Ginny’s room. “Well, good night.”

“Night,” Ginny said and watched her take off to her dormitory. Ginny opened the door to her own room and sighed. She was exhausted and the last hour she spent with Harry didn’t help.

She slipped into her nightdress and crawled into her bed. It felt strange not to have James’ bassinet next to her with him sleeping soundly. She sighed and wondered if he was up crying in the middle of the night for her and Harry. She wiped the tears from her face and shut her eyes dreaming of her baby as she fell asleep.


That weekend, Harry and Ginny went to Hagrid’s cabin for tea. It was a warm and sunny day and a cool breeze washed over them as the couple made their way across the grounds hand in hand. They were going to finally visit with Hagrid and tell him all about their precious baby boy who was doing well but missing his Mummy and Daddy according to the letter they received from Molly the day before..

Harry glanced at Ginny who was gazing up at the clear blue sky. She clutched a pile of pictures beneath her robes. She sighed.

“He likes looking at the sky,” she said and looked at Harry. “I would take him outside sometimes when you weren’t there and he would just stare at it with this fascinated look on his face. It was so adorable, Harry. It’s kind of like he knows he belongs up there.”

“A true Quidditch player at heart,” Harry chuckled. “I can’t wait to take him out on a broom. Maybe at Christmas time.”

“No you won’t!” Ginny glared at him and pulled on his hand, forcing him to stop walking. “He’s entirely too young to be out on a broom, Harry James Potter!”

“All right! All right! I’ll wait until he’s older,” Harry quickly agreed with her. He didn’t want to fight with her. Ginny seemed satisfied and began walking again.

They reached Hagrid’s cabin a few moments later. Harry knocked on the door and they waited as they heard footsteps and a loud bark come from behind the door. Hagrid opened the door, ready to welcome them, but Fang beat him to it. He raced out of the door and jumped up, licking Harry and Ginny’s faces.

“Fang!” Hagrid seized him and dragged him back inside.

“Mangy mutt!” He growled at the dog and turned back to a now slobbered Harry and Ginny. “Sorry ‘bout that,” he apologized and let them in.

“It’s all right Hagrid,” Harry laughed as they walked in and wiped his face off with his robes.

Harry and Ginny took seats at the table and Hagrid began making tea and offered them some treacle fudge, which they politely and wisely refused. He finished the tea and sat across from them.

“Hard ter believe you two are parents,” he said, beaming at them and taking a sip of his large mug.

“Hard to believe ourselves really,” Ginny replied. Harry nodded in agreement, sipping his tea.

“Never thought I’d live ter see you Harry have a kid of yer own. Reminds me of when you were born,” Hagrid sighed and smiled as he reminisced. “Oh! I got somethin’ for ya two,” he said after a few moments and stood up. He went to his bed and looked behind it. He pulled out a bag and made his way back to them. “There ya go.”

He handed it out to them and Harry took it. He peered inside and smiled, pulling out a small brown teddy bear.

“Oh Hagrid!” Ginny squealed and smiled at him. She stood up and hugged him, her arms barely reaching to the sides of him. He blushed a deep red and hugged her back, engulfing her in his arms.

“That’s fer lil' James. Thought I’d get 'im somethin’,” he explained and let Ginny go. “Say ‘Play’ to it, Harry.”

Harry held the teddy bear out in front of him and said, “Play.”

The little teddy bear rose in the air, dancing back and forth and played a soft lullaby.

“It’s adorable!” Ginny smiled at the bear. Hagrid smiled at her and beamed in pride.

“Thanks Hagrid.” Harry took the bear and put it back in the bag. “We’ll send it to the Burrow.”

Ginny sat back down and the three of them talked about James, Harry and Ginny answering every question Hagrid shot at them.

“So do ya have a picture of the lil' tyke?” Hagrid asked as he cleared the table.

Ginny looked inside her cloak pocket and pulled out a handful of pictures she had brought along. It was much more than Harry originally thought and he laughed at her.

“Have enough dear or did you forget what he looked like already?” he teased. She glared at him and handed them over to Hagrid.

“You should talk,” she replied. “You have an album full of them.”

Harry shrugged. “You did give it to me.”

Ginny rolled her eyes and shoved him playfully. He caught her arm and slid his arm around her shoulders, pinning her to him.

“That’s one beautiful baby ya got there,” Hagrid commented and shuffled through the pictures. They smiled and Harry took Ginny’s hand with his free one.

“Thank you,” Ginny said.

“He’s got ‘is mother’s hair and ’is father’s eyes,” Hagrid went on, smiling at the pictures. “An’ look! The whole family!”

Hagrid held out a picture to them and they peered at it. Ginny was holding James in her arms and Harry stood next to her, arm over her shoulder. Ginny smiled at the picture and Harry squeezed her hand tightly. She felt her eyes starting to water.

“Merlin I miss him,” she said and began to cry. Harry looked at her, feeling her sadness and fighting tears of his own..

“So do I Gin,” he whispered and hugged her to him.

“I want my baby Harry,” she cried into his shoulder and slipped her arms around his neck. Harry hugged her tightly. One week and it was already difficult for both of them. He missed his son and wished time would go by quicker.

“Shh,” he soothed her and held her tightly. Hagrid looked on as the couple held each other.

Harry longed for James to appear right then and there . . . maybe if he wished hard enough it just might happen.

Chapter 3: Chapter Two
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Chapter Two

Nearly two months of classes had pushed James out of Harry and Ginny’s minds, at least for part of the time. Molly had written weekly letters telling them about James. They felt better to know that he was doing well and was safe, but at the same time it hurt to know they couldn’t be there with him.

Harry woke up very early one morning in late October. He laid on his bed staring at the canopy of his bed, thinking of his baby boy. James would be just over four and half months now. He smiled as he thought of how big he might be now. Probably not very big considering of how small he was when he was born, but he would be growing and Harry was missing it. He remembered how tiny he was when he first held him and a smile formed on his face as Harry thought about the day James was born.

He just got off the train from Hogwarts and couldn’t wait to see Ginny. He sorely missed her. Term had ended much earlier this year, even the O.W.L.s and N.E.W.T.s were earlier. The school was told this was so that extra wards could be put on the grounds along with renovations to the castle. However the truth was that it was done for Ginny’s sake. She was due in June and it would be too much of a risk for her to take her O.W.L.s then. What would have happened if she went into labor in the middle of an exam?

Molly and Arthur had come to pick Ron and Harry up from the train station and took them back to the Burrow, leaving Ginny with her other brothers.

Harry walked in the door, dragging his trunk behind him and looked around for his wife. She was sitting in an armchair waiting for him and he couldn’t help but smile at the sight of her. She looked very tired and was sitting with her head back on the seat with her eyes closed and looked very pregnant with both of her hands resting on her stomach. Even though she looked exhausted she was still very beautiful to him. Harry put his trunk down and walked over to her. She opened her eyes and smiled weakly.

“Hey,” she said softly. Her face was pale and her voice was strained and tired. He bent down and kissed her cheek.

“Hi,” he said and he kneeled before her and kissed her stomach. “Hey, you. Being good for your mum?”

“He or she is being very good,” Ginny replied softly and smiled down at Harry. Harry looked up at her, placing his larger hand on top of hers and smiled. “How are you feeling?”

“Exhausted,” she sighed.

“Do you need anything?” he asked. She slowly shook her head.

“I’m fine.”

Her brothers, who according to Ginny felt it was their duty to be at the Burrow during her time of need, entered the room as a group. They all greeted Ginny and either glared at Harry or completely ignored him. Harry sighed, wondering when he was going to be in their good graces again. Ron was the only one not upset with him besides Arthur and Molly. He stood up and ignoring everyone else, he gave her a chaste kiss on the lips.

“I’ll get you some water love,” he said. “Okay?”

“Thanks,” she replied and kissed him. Harry smiled and went to the kitchen.

Harry pulled open a cupboard and pulled out a glass. As he walked towards the sink he heard voices drifting through the door.

“Why is he here?” Bill asked.

“He’s my husband and the father of my child Bill,” Ginny replied, still sounding tired.

“He shouldn’t be here. After what he did to you,” Percy said.

“Can’t believe he still has the nerve to show up,” Charlie growled.

“I love him,” Ginny said and Harry heard someone snort in reply. He sighed and held the glass under the faucet. He turned on the water and filled the cup, still listening to the conversations taking place.

“Only because you’re carrying his child and were forced into marrying him,” Fred replied.

“That’s not true Fred,” Ginny’s voice was soft.

“You really think he loves you Ginny?” Charlie said.

Harry felt a flash of anger flare up in him. He did love her! Harry was in love with her and he wondered what he could do to show them that he did. He pulled his wand from his pocket and added a few ice cubes to the glass.

“Come off it! He loves her and he’s here for her! The boy was torn apart the whole bloody term because he couldn’t be with her all the time!” Ron shouted. Harry smirked. Good old Ron sticking up for him!

“If he truly loved her then why wasn’t he here the whole time?” Percy questioned unbelievingly.

“Maybe because he was stuck at Hogwarts Percy! Look I’ve spent the last couple months with him. He read her letters more than his own school books. He memorized every line she wrote! He talked about her constantly to me! If he had the chance he would have been with her round the clock but he couldn’t! Merlin he spent every moment he could with her when she came to take the O.W.L.s!” Ron defended Harry.

“If he really loves her then why did he do this to our sister?” George demanded.

“He took advantage of her and now see where she is!” Bill added heatedly.

“Stop it! All of you just shut up!” Ginny shouted, her voice strained yet still strong. Harry listened carefully.

“Ginny don’t get upset. Not in your condition,” Fred said soothingly.

“I have every right to be upset! You will not talk about him like that! He didn’t do anything wrong to me!” she shouted.

“He got you pregnant!” Percy shouted.

“It takes two people Percy!” Ron argued.

“He should have known better and shouldn’t have seduced her!” Bill added.

“That’s enough!” Ginny yelled and Harry heard her grunt. It sounded like she was struggling to stand up. “You want to know the truth! You want to know what really happened? Well I’ll tell you! It was me who started it! I was the one who convinced him to do it! Not the other way around! He didn’t want to, he told me he wasn’t sure but I convinced him! He didn’t drag me off and have his way. I was the one who wanted to! If it’s anyone’s fault it’s mine!”

Silence fell in the room. Moments later Ginny came waddling into the kitchen, one hand on her stomach the other behind her back, a very angry look on her tired face.

“What are you doing? Sit down,” Harry said, rushing towards her as he watched her walk in. She shook her head furiously and her eyes were glistening. She was obviously trying not to cry.

“I’m tired of sitting down,” she replied. Harry handed her the water. “Thanks.”

She took a sip and looked at him. “I’m sorry about my brothers.”

“It’s alright . . . I figured they would still hate me. I reckon treating you like a queen still wouldn’t change their minds,” Harry sighed and smiled at her. She smiled back and sipped her water again. Suddenly her face took a look of pain and she clutched her stomach with her free hand.

“Ginny?” he asked cautiously unsure of what to do or what was going on. She didn’t seem to hear him and appeared to be in deep concentration.

“It’s getting worse,” she whimpered. Harry watched her carefully and was frightened for her. What was getting worse?

“What? What’s wrong?” he asked terrified. What if something was wrong with the baby? He felt an icy hand clutch over his heart at the mere thought of that.

“Contractions,” she gasped in pain. Harry’s eyes widened at her revelation. Contractions? But she still wasn’t due for a few weeks!

“What? But . . . but you aren’t due until the 30th!” Harry cried.

Ginny sent him an icy glare, the contraction apparently over. “Well, apparently the baby thinks it is!”

“Can’t you . . . stop it or something? Make it wait?” Harry asked stupidly.

This had obviously been the wrong thing to say for his beloved wife seemed to have resembled a lioness on the prowl.

“You can’t make the baby wait! If it wants out, it wants out and I’m telling you Harry James Potter, this kid wants out!” she exclaimed. “Didn’t you read that book Mum sent you? Stop asking ridiculous questions!” Ginny hissed.

Harry blinked. He was doing horribly at this. Ginny squeezed her eyes shut and muttered expletives under her breath.

“I did read the book!” Harry defended himself. Ginny’s eyes snapped open and she glared at him.

“Obviously you weren’t paying attention! What were you doing while reading it? Looking at some girl in a short skirt?” She accused and set her glass of water on the table. “Cho Chang, perhaps?”

“I did nothing of the sort!” Harry shouted in defense. “And you know I wouldn’t even give her the time of day!”

“Oh sure Harry,” she snorted in disbelief. “I’m supposed to be believe that you were completely and utterly faithful to me?”

“Of course I was,” Harry shouted. “I wouldn’t do anything like that!”

“Please, Harry,” she replied. “There were all those girls at Hogwarts wearing those short skirts and with perfect figures and here I am as big as a whale with swollen ankles and you are telling me that you never once looked at another girl?”

Her brown eyes glistened again and she sniffed. Her lower lip was trembling and she bit it. “I really wouldn’t be surprised if you suddenly didn’t want me anymore.”

Harry heard enough and swept her into his arms.

“Oh Ginny,” he sighed and hugged her closely. “Oh love, don’t you ever think that I wouldn’t want you anymore.”

She sniffed loudly as she wrapped her arms around him and buried her head in his chest.

“I mean, I know I don’t look like I did before and I probably won’t and –”

“You always have and always will be beautiful to me,” he said cutting her off. “Nothing can ever stop me from thinking that.”

Harry held her to him for what seemed like hours. He wanted her to know and understand that he loved her unconditionally and nothing would ever change that. After a few moments, he heard her take a deep shaky breath and she pulled away from him, swiping at her eyes with the back of her hand.

“I’m sorry,” she apologized and he brushed away a tear from her cheek with the pad of his thumb. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me and my brothers keep putting all these thoughts in my head and I just don’t know anymore.”

“Ginny,” Harry said and she looked up at him. “I love you, you and only you and I want you to always remember that.”

“I know,” she replied softly. “I love you.”

Harry smiled. “Now, no more thoughts of me doing you ill will, alright? Here,” he picked up her glass and handed it to her again, “drink some more and for Merlin’s sake, will you sit down?”

Ginny smiled sheepishly at him and took the glass.

“Fine,” she gave in but just as she was about to take a seat at the table her eyes went wide and once again she was clutching her stomach.

“Another one?” Harry asked and she nodded. “How long has this been going on?”

“All morning,” Ginny admitted.

“All morning? Didn’t you say anything?” Harry cried in disbelief. He couldn’t believe what she just said. Ginny shook her head, all anger apparently gone.

“I was waiting for you . . . I didn’t let on . . . I wanted you to be here,” she said quietly.

“Merlin Ginny,” he looked at her trying to figure out what to do. She yelped in pain and dropped her glass. It shattered on the tile floor.

“Harry!” she cried. Harry grasped her hand tightly and put an arm around her, trying to help her out. Footsteps thundered in and Harry looked up to see her brothers were there.

“What’s going on? What broke?” Ron looked terrified. Ginny whimpered.

“It hurts!” she said softly. Her grip tightened slightly in Harry hand and her free hand was still holding her stomach. Harry held onto her hand in an attempt to comfort her.

“Come on Ginny. It’s okay.” Harry stopped asking stupid questions and felt instinct finally taking over. Molly and Arthur entered the room just as Ginny drew in a sharp breath and Molly rushed over.

“Make it stop! Please make it stop!” she yelped.

“She’s in labor. We need to get her to the hospital, now!” Harry looked at the elder Weaselys in panic.

“How long?” Arthur asked, surprisingly calm, joining Molly’s side. Ginny had stopped whimpering and was breathing rather hard. Harry guessed the contraction had stopped. Everyone watched her for a few moments waiting to see what she would do. She was breathing steadily again and seemed fine but Harry never let go of her hand.

“All morning,” she finally said, trying to stand up straight again.

“WHAT!” a sudden wave of shock from her brothers surrounded them.

“I know. I was stupid not to say anything, but I . . . I,” she tried to explain.

“Oh never mind. When was the one before?" Molly asked hastily.

Ginny shrugged. "Not too long ago.”

“And before that?” Molly asked again.

“To be honest I'm not sure,” Ginny admitted, “But it hurt more."

"Well, just relax then. You could have a while. The midwife won’t come until you’re at least five minutes apart," Molly said. Harry didn't like this at all. Ginny seemed to be in real pain, but then again this was his first child and Molly and Arthur had gone through it six times. Ginny nodded in understanding.

They began to walk out of the kitchen, Harry helping her and refusing to let her go.

"Are you sure you're okay?" he asked.

"I really don't know. But it did hurt more," Ginny said.

"Can you remember when the last one was before we were in the kitchen?" Harry wasn't so convinced that they had time. Ginny shrugged.

"Right before you came I suppose."

Harry really didn't like this and it seemed that her brothers didn’t either; they were watching her carefully.

Ginny stopped dead in her tracks and looked down, horrified. Harry didn’t know what had happened.

“Come on Ginny, you’re old enough to know when you need to use the loo,” George laughed at her. Molly’s head snapped towards Ginny.

“Ginny?” she looked at her. Molly looked as if she was afraid of Ginny’s reply. Ginny looked up.

“I think my water broke,” she replied shakily. If Harry remembered one sentence from that book Molly had sent him at the beginning of term, that was it. He knew that they didn’t have time. Molly rushed to the fire to call Mrs. Jacobs, the midwife.

The rest was a blur to Harry. He remembered dragging himself upstairs and being next to Ginny in her bedroom. He remembered her crying out in pain, screaming, and shouting. He didn’t know what to do for her. He couldn’t begin to imagine what the pain felt like. He could definitely tell it was excruciating judging by how her fingers were digging into his hand. All he could do was hold her hand and be with her, trying to comfort her. He knew they were there for a long time, he didn’t know how long. Harry never left once and stayed right next to her. Her family had come in later that day as she was having a contraction.

“Get it out of me!” she shouted, whimpering in pain.

“Just breathe Gin. You’re almost through this one.” Harry watched her carefully. She let go of his hand and leaned back.

“Blimey you look funny Ginny,” Fred said. She jerked her head towards him and glared.

“No really you do!” George grinned. George began to impersonate her and Fred was pretending to be Harry.

“It hurts! Ow! Ow!” George mimicked in a high pitched voice. Bill and Charlie roared with laughter. Ron was glaring at them and Percy was trying hard to give them a disapproving look while hiding his smile.

“Boys, this isn’t the place or time,” Molly reprimanded. She went over to Ginny’s other side.

“How are you feeling dear?” she cooed and smoothed back her hair. Ginny looked at her.

“How did you do this six times?” she asked dumbfounded. Molly laughed.

“Trust me dear, it’s all worth it when it’s over,” Molly looked at her lovingly.

“How far apart are they now?” Arthur asked.

“Every four minutes,” Harry replied. He noticed her brothers were glaring at him except for Ron.

“My she’s getting close isn’t she,” Arthur looked at his daughter.

“About time. We’ve been downstairs for six hours now!” George said.

“My apologies George,” Ginny sneered at him.

“You think you can hurry it up, I’ve got a date tonight,” Fred said looking at his watch. She looked at the twins horrified and opened her mouth to retort.

“When will she deliver?” Percy asked Mrs. Jacobs, cutting off Ginny before she could say anything.

“Hard to tell. Could be a while. I can’t do anything unless there’s a problem and so far there isn’t one. All depends on the baby. It’ll come when it’s ready,” she replied, waving her wand above Ginny’s stomach.

“So she could be in labor over night then?” Bill asked. Mrs. Jacobs nodded.

“Over night?! I’m going to die,” Ginny groaned.

“You’re not going to die,” Charlie said. She opened her mouth to say something but stopped.

“Not again,” she said and squeezed her eyes shut, grabbing Harry’s hand.

The door flung open and Hermione came scurrying in. She looked on worriedly and sat in a chair watching. She gave Harry a smile in greeting and he tried to manage one in return, but the pain in his hand made it more of a grimace.

“I hate you!” Ginny yelled. Harry looked away from Hermione and back at Ginny.

“What?” he asked, grimacing from her strong grip again.

“You did this to me! You’re never going to touch me again! Never, never, never!” she yelled and screamed out in pain again.

“Ginny, I . . .” he began.

“Don’t argue son. Just take it,” Arthur muttered in his ear, “Trust me on this Harry. Took me four times to realize it.”

Harry nodded and accepted Ginny’s sudden hatred toward him.

“Oh come on Ginny,” Bill said, “It can’t hurt that bad.”

“I bet you can’t even feel anything,” Fred added.

“Nothing more than a little throbbing pain, I say,” Charlie said.

“It doesn’t look like you’re enjoying it either,” George observed, “I thought this was to be a happy occasion.”

“Oh in the name of Merlin, shut up! Quit it all of you! She needs to concentrate and focus and you four are distracting her! Now let her be!” Harry shouted at them. They looked at him shocked, “Your sister is about to have a baby and all you can do is make fun of her! Unless you’re going to be respectful to her and be nice I suggest you leave and wait in the kitchen.”

“We’re only trying to make her feel better and take her mind off the pain,” Fred explained. “No need to get upset. We’re only joking around.”

“Making fun of her is the last thing she needs right now,” Harry replied in defense of his wife.

“Harry!!” Ginny screamed and gripped onto his hand tighter. It seemed like the pain was getting worse. Molly was holding her other hand, looking at her in concern.

“Breathe Gin, breathe. Come on now. You can get through it,” he coached her on. Finally it ended and she fell back again breathing hard. She let go of his hand. Hermione had jumped out of the seat and joined her side.

“Oh Ginny! I would have been here earlier but I was having trouble getting here!” she said hugging Ginny lightly. Harry turned around holding on to his hand wincing in pain.

“You alright?” Ron asked, putting a hand on his shoulder.

“Better than she is,” Harry said, “She’s got a strong grip.”

Ron smiled at him. Hermione turned around and hugged Harry tightly. “Are you doing okay?”

“I’m fine Hermione, just worried about her . . . and a bit nervous,” he replied glancing over at Ginny who was being fussed over by her mother. Hermione nodded, giving him an encouraging smile.

“Just think Harry, in a few hours you’ll be a father,” Hermione said and smiled.

“Yeah, amazing.” Harry rubbed his hand and thought about finally holding his child.

“You know I was looking some stuff up on midwifery and childbirth on my way here on the Knight Bus,” Hermione turned to look at Ginny. “Traditionally men weren’t allowed during childbirth. It was strictly women from the community.”

“He’s staying,” Ginny snapped and looked at Harry anxiously. “You’ll stay won’t you? I need you with me, Harry, I –”

“I’m not going anywhere,” Harry assured her. He wasn’t about to let anyone throw him out of the room while his wife was giving birth to his baby based on historical facts that Hermione happened to find.

“I know. I was just saying. But I also found some very interesting things,” Hermione went on to describe midwifery and the potential complications of childbirth to Ginny. Ginny looked at her horrified, her face pale and her lower lip trembling.

“I don’t want to give birth now!” she shouted. She began to tremble and cry and Molly soothed her, trying to calm her down and assure her nothing would happen.

“Hermione, now is not the time for a history lesson,” Harry snapped and glared at his best friend.

“Why did you go and upset her like that?” Ron rounded on his girlfriend.

“I didn’t mean to! Oh Ginny don’t cry! None of that will happen. I just thought you’d want to know . . . I . . . I’ll just shut up now,” Hermione gave in and retreated back to the chair she previously occupied with Ron at her heels..

Molly had seemed to have calmed Ginny down again. She was only sniffling, but she still seemed scared.

“Done yet Ginny?” Charlie asked after a few moments of silence. Her brothers had gathered around he and she glared up at them venomously.

“We do have things to do you know,” Bill stifled a yawn.

“Mum!” Ginny shouted.

“Leave her alone all of you!” Molly reprimanded her sons. “Harry already told you to knock it off and he’s quiet right about her not needing this from any of you right now.”

“Mum, she’s making a big deal out of it and besides we’re only trying to cheer her up a bit. I bet you it doesn’t hurt at all and she’s just screaming for the attention,” Fred argued back. Molly eyed him and crossed her arms glaring at her son.

“YOU TRY HAVING SOMEONE TWIST YOUR INSIDES AND YANK THEM OUT!” Ginny shrieked at her brothers. Everyone fell silent watching as Ginny heaved with anger, her eyes wandering from each brother who had teased her.

“See what I mean. She’s exaggerating,” Fred replied as if nothing had happened and grinned at her. Ginny made an attempt to leap out of bed. Molly and Arthur held her on one side while Harry and Ron, who dashed over right away, held her other.

“I’m going to kill him! All of them!” she shouted struggling to get away from them. “Where’s my bloody wand?”

“Ginny calm down!” Harry shouted at her. “Just ignore him. You have to relax.”

“Relax?” she turned to look at him and he suddenly realized that in her current situation that was the last thing she could truly do. “RELAX?”

Once again she was going to say something but stopped as she had another contraction. They were getting closer now and no one said anything this time. Only Harry was talking to her trying to help her as she cried out. She fell back again crying once it was through.

“It’s okay,” Harry kissed her cheek, “You’re almost through this. You’re doing good Gin. Just a bit longer and it’ll be over.”

“I’m sorry Harry,” she said, “I’m sorry for being horrible to you and all you’ve done is been so sweet and helpful.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Harry replied.

“You don’t even have to be here,” she said.

“Why wouldn’t I be here? There’s no other place I’d rather be,” Harry said and smiled warmly at her. She smiled weakly in return and closed her eyes.

“I love you,” she said in a quiet and tired voice. Harry kissed her forehead.

“I love you,” he replied and kissed her lips softly.

“Thank you for being here,” she whispered and opened her eyes.

“I’m always here you for,” he replied and gently squeezed her hand. She weakly smiled in return.

Soon after, Mrs. Jacobs shooed the others out of the room. Hours more past and the sun had long sunk below the horizon. Harry knew It was getting very late but he didn’t dare leave Ginny to find out the time.

“Alright Ginny,” Mrs. Jacobs said gently, “get ready to push.”

“No!” Ginny protested firmly.

“You have to Ginny,” she said sternly. She looked at Harry, her eyebrows raised and he knew she wanted him to talk to Ginny.

“I won’t!” she shouted and winced in pain.

“Love, you’ve got to,” Harry told her calmly.

“I can’t!” she said looking at him. She looked beyond exhausted and her face was screwed up in pain. Strands of her hair had fallen out of her ponytail, framing her sweaty face.

“Listen to me, Ginny. You’ve got to push,” Harry tried again.

“I’m too scared! I can’t do it!” she cried. Harry leaned his forehead against the side of her head, and pushed her hair out of her eyes.

“I’m right here. I’m not going to leave. Come on now Ginny, you can do this. Just push and it’ll be over. I know you’re hurting, but you’ve got to, okay?” he attempted once more. “Just think when this is over you can finally hold our baby.”

She smiled, her eyes closed and she nodded.

“Ready?” Mrs. Jacobs asked and Ginny nodded, wincing in anticipation of the pain to come still. “On the next contraction I need you to push and bear down. Can you do that dear?”

Ginny drew in a breath preparing herself, nodding. Harry held onto her hand reassuringly and put his free hand on her back. Ginny winced as a contraction hit and bit down on her bottom lip as a scream tried to tear from her throat.

“Push!” the midwife ordered. There was more screaming and Harry gripping her hand tightly, trying to help her through it. The minutes seemed to drag on for ages and Harry couldn’t bear to see Ginny go through this. After what seemed like centuries, Mrs. Jacobs looked up and smiled at them.

“You’re doing excellent Ginny,” she said and looked at Harry. “Come and take a look dear. Most fathers want to see the tops of their newborn’s head.”

Harry wasn’t sure if he wanted to see what was going on the other side of the bed but he seemed compelled to do so. Besides, he would get the first look of his newborn baby. He immediately resumed his spot, feeling himself grow faint and slightly ill. He wasn’t expecting to see that!

“You alright dear? You seem a little shaken,” Mrs. Jacobs asked Harry, keeping her eyes on the baby’s progress.

“You would be too if you saw a head poking out of your wife like that!” Harry exclaimed.

“You’re. Not. Helping,” Ginny said through clenched teeth, her eyes squeezed shut. Harry returned all his attention to her, not daring to look anywhere else but at Ginny again.

“That’s it. Just a bit further now,” the midwife said after a few more minutes.

“Harry!!” Ginny cried out sobbing and groaning in pain. Her hand was trembling in his. Harry wanted to pull out his wand and wave it over her and make the pain go away. He wanted to switch spots with her. He wanted to do anything to stop her from suffering.

“Keep pushing. Come on you can do it,” Harry encouraged her and tried to remain calm watching Ginny going through the agony.

“That’s it Ginny! One more good push, come on now!” Mrs. Jacobs cried.

Ginny was panting with the pain and she drew in a deep breath. She groaned loudly, ending in a scream of pain.

Finally, Harry heard a cry that wasn’t Ginny’s and he realized that it was a baby. Not just any baby; it was his baby . . . their baby! He watched in amazement as Mrs. Jacobs lifted something small, wrinkled, and wailing up in the air and went over to her assistants.

Harry couldn’t explain what he felt hearing that cry and seeing his baby for the first time. It was magical and truly incredible. Ginny fell back in the bed, gasping for breath and sweating. Harry leaned over, brushing the hair out of her eyes and kissing her cheek.

“Shh. It’s okay. It’s all over,” he whispered in her ear. She took deep calming breaths, tears coming down her face. Harry wiped them away kissing her cheek again, “I love you,” he kissed her cheek once more, “I love you, I love you, I love you.”

All Ginny could do was pant out of breath. She closed her eyes trying to stop her tears.

“Shh. Everything’s fine. You did it,” he smiled at her. She turned her face towards him and opened her eyes. She smiled softly at him. Though she looked exhausted, Harry could see that she was happy.

“Where?” she managed to ask as she was still breathing hard. Harry understood and motioned to the back of the room. The midwife stood at a small table she had set up, their baby was still crying, with her assistants around her.

Ginny smiled widely and she closed her eyes, finally starting to calm down. One of the assistants came over and gave Ginny some Restorative Potions and cast a few Healing Charms on her to make her more comfortable. She warned them however, that while these would help her for the time being, Ginny still needed plenty of rest.

Moments later Mrs. Jacobs carried a tiny bundle of blankets to them and held it out to Ginny. She looked at it for a moment not sure of what to do.

“Congratulations,” Mrs. Jacobs said. “It’s a boy.”

She lowered the bundle into Ginny’s arms who shakily took the baby and stared down, awestruck. Harry peered inside the blankets. He was so tiny and so beautiful. He had a tinge of orange fuzz on the top of his head and was moving his arms around, his tiny hands in fists. His eyes were closed and he was still crying.

“Oh Harry,” Ginny breathed smiling down at their son. Harry smiled as well.

“Hi,” he said to their baby, “this is your mum and I’m your dad.”

Ginny laughed cradling their newborn son. She was crying again but this time it was happy tears. She looked up at Harry.

“Want to hold him?” she asked. Harry looked at her startled by her question. He didn’t know how to hold a baby. The closest he had ever come to a baby was seeing one on the street let alone hold one.

“You’ll have to do it sooner or later, Harry,” Ginny reminded him. She did have a point he knew. He nodded and held out his arms toward her. Ginny gently lifted the newborn into Harry’s arms. He stared down at his new son, his heart swelling with joy. It was truly amazing to have this experience.

“Welcome James Elijah,” Ginny whispered looking at the bundle of blankets in Harry’s arms.

“Welcome to the Potter family,” Harry smiled at him. He had begun to stop crying in Harry’s arms. Harry carefully handed him back to Ginny after a few moments of holding him. They stared down at their new son for a few moments, unaware of the activity going on around them.

“I ought to get your family. That is if you want them here right now,” Harry said, reluctantly tearing his eyes away from their son. Ginny looked up at him and nodded. She was smiling happily and he returned it. He leaned over and kissed her.

“Be right back,” he said and left.

Walking down the halls Harry felt very different. He was a father now. He had a son and he realized that he was skipping down the hall. He didn’t care. He was a father!

A wave of red hair met his eyes as he entered the kitchen of the Burrow. Hermione sat in a chair looking worried. Ron was pacing nervously back and forth, not noticing that Harry came in, something in his hand. Percy was drinking coffee, his had shaking as he held the cup. Fred and George were sleeping in their chairs, heads on the table. Bill was watching Ron pace, his knee shaking nervously as he sat at the table. Charlie was having a quiet conversation with his parents and no one seemed to have noticed that he walked in. Percy finally glanced up and his eyes landed on Harry. He jumped up out of his seat.

“Harry!” he shouted. Fred and George woke with a start. Ron froze and looked at him anxiously. Bill had jumped to his feet as did Charlie. Hermione slowly stood up looking at him. Molly and Arthur rose to their feet. All were staring at him, waiting with batted breath.

“She’s fine,” he choked out. He heard them all sigh in relief.

“And what is it?” George asked. Harry smiled.

“Boy,” he announced, “a healthy little boy,” he could feel tears forming in his eyes but stopped them. Everyone congratulated him and shortly after Molly and Arthur left the kitchen with Hermione to see Ginny and the new baby.

Harry turned to follow them.

“Wait, Harry.” Harry felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned around and was surrounded by six red-heads, all with apologetic looks on their faces.

“We’re sorry for how we treated you. I guess none of us wanted to see that you do care for Ginny. You certainly proved us wrong today,” Charlie said. The others nodded in agreement.

“I told you all, didn’t I?” Ron said smugly.

“Yes ickle Ronniekins did,” Fred teased. Ron glared at him.

“How about we all go see our nephew now,” Percy suggested. They all went up the stairs to Ginny’s room and Harry never felt better.

Harry sighed and smiled as he remembered that night.

The sun was getting brighter, pouring more light into the dormitory and he decided it was time to get up. He got out of his bed and dressed in his school robes. Ron got up after him and dressed and the two boys went downstairs to the common room together.

Hermione and Ginny were sitting at a table talking to each other. They looked up and saw Harry and Ron and stood up. Ginny smiled at Harry and he smiled back. She looked so beautiful to him, then again she always did. He softly kissed her and traced a finger on her cheek. She smiled at him and slipped her hand in his. The four of them left the common room happily talking. They walked slowly down the corridor talking with each other, none in a hurry to get to breakfast.

“Ah! Just who I was looking for!”

Harry glanced up and saw Professor Dumbledore was strolling down the corridor toward them. He was smiling gently at the foursome as he approached them.

“Mr. Potter,” he said as he came closer and then lowered his voice, “Mrs. Potter.”

Harry and Ginny exchanged looks and looked back at the Headmaster.

“May I have a word with you two in my office?” he asked smiling at them. Ron and Hermione instantly stood closer to their friends. Professor Dumbledore looked at them and smiled softly at them. “I’m afraid, Mr. Weasley, Miss Granger that you two cannot join them right now.”

Ron and Hermione looked at Harry and Ginny.

“Go on without us,” Harry said to them. Hermione frowned and Ron scowled. Neither one of them seemed to want to leave.

“Go on,” Ginny insisted. Ron and Hermione looked at each other and seemed to have given in.

“We’ll meet you in the Great Hall,” Ron said to them and they nodded in understanding. He and Hermione left, with Hermione casting looks behind her as they disappeared down the hall. Professor Dumbledore smiled at the young couple left behind.

“Where are your wedding rings?” he asked.

“In our pockets,” Ginny replied frowning. He knew they hid them.

“Not a place for wedding rings,” he said and smiled. “Best to put them on.”

Harry and Ginny removed their rings from their pockets and slipped them on. They looked at each other unsure of wearing them. Wasn’t it Professor Dumbledore that told them to hide their rings in the first place?

“Good, good. Marriage is nothing to be ashamed about. Your rings are a symbol of the love you two share. Now, on we go,” Professor Dumbledore said and began to walk back down the hall, leading them to his office.

Ginny grabbed Harry’s hand feeling frightened. Harry squeezed it to let her know everything would be okay, though he wasn’t quite sure about that either. What could Professor Dumbledore possible want to talk to them about?

The corridors were empty as they walked. They could hear their footsteps echoing off the stone walls and it wasn’t very comforting to the young couple.

“Lovely day isn’t it?” Professor Dumbledore commented absentmindedly and looked out a window they past.

“Er, yes sir,” Harry agreed, not looking out the window and unsure of what to say in return. Professor Dumbledore sighed and was silent again.

“I must say,” he said again after few moments, “your son is very handsome. He looks very much like you Harry. I offer my congratulations to you both on his birth.”

Harry and Ginny exchanged looks again, a feeling of dread pouring into the pits of their stomachs.

“Thank you Professor,” Ginny said shakily. Harry glanced at her and saw she was much paler than usual.

“How old is he now?” Professor Dumbledore asked unaware of Ginny’s discomfort.

“Four and half months now sir,” Harry replied hoarsely. Why was he asking questions about James?

“A good age, a good age. They do grow up fast, don’t they?” he sighed turning a corner. He stood in front of a stone gargoyle. “Chocolate frogs!”

The gargoyle sprang to life and leapt to the side allowing them entrance to the staircase. The three of them stepped onto it and it began to rise, Professor Dumbledore humming to himself.

Ginny was very scared as they went up towards the Headmaster’s office. She didn’t know what was happening and she had a horrible feeling something happened to James.

“Don’t worry,” Harry whispered to her. She looked at him terrified.

“I can’t help but worry,” she whispered back. Harry squeezed her hand again and lifted it to his lips, pressing a kiss on the top of her hand.

Harry’s stomach was churning. What if something happened to their son? He couldn’t think that. He wouldn’t think of that.

Professor Dumbledore opened the door to his office and let them in. All of their teachers were crowded around the desk and looked at them when they entered. Hagrid, however, was beaming at them.

“What’s going on?” Harry demanded Professor Dumbledore and looked at all teachers.

“Your parents Miss Weasley . . . er . . . Mrs. Potter,” Professor McGonagall said, correcting herself, “have spoken with us.”

Ginny’s face turned pale very quickly. She felt her worst nightmare coming true. James was sick, he was hurt, he was kidnapped; something horrible had happened to him. She knew it. She just knew something happened to him!

Harry held her hand tightly and glanced around the room. His heart was beating fast now. He looked at this Head of House waiting for her to explain herself to him and his wife. On a chair, next to Professor McGonagall, he noticed was a blue bag which looked very familiar to him. He frowned.

“Ginny.” He motioned towards it. She jerked her head towards where he was pointing and frowned as well. It was James’ nappy bag. She wondered how that could have appeared there.

A soft babbling sound caught their attention coming from Professor Dumbledore’s desk. Harry peered around Professor Sprout and Professor McGonagall. He couldn’t see anything. Another babbling sound came from the same spot and Professor Sprout stepped aside.

“James!” they exclaimed, dropping their school bags. Ginny bolted across the room to the desk. Her son was in his traveling carrier making soft sounds and chewing on his sleeve. He stopped and smiled when Ginny’s face appeared over his. He cooed and held his arms out to her.

“My baby!” she shouted, picking him up out of the carrier and holding him tightly to her. “Mummy’s missed you so much!”

She kissed his head numerous times, tears coming down her face. Harry stood next to her looking at his son in surprise. James gurgled as Ginny showered him with kisses and looked at Harry. He pointed with his little hand and made a noise. Harry took him from his mother and kissed his son. Ginny was lightly rubbing James’s back as Harry held him tightly and looked at the teachers smiling at them, all except for Professor Snape. He wore his usual sneer and his face showed that he detested the scene they were causing. Harry didn’t care. He had his son in his arms and that was that mattered to him.

“Why is he here?” Harry asked.

“Well you see Mr. Potter, your in-laws had to leave him here for a while,” Professor McGonagall explained.

“But why?” Ginny asked kissing James’s cheek again.

“Your father, Mrs. Potter, had to go to China to help their Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office there. Everything is in a terrible mess and he will be there for a least a month maybe more. Your mother on the other hand had to go to Romania. Your brother Charlie had a nasty accident with a dragon and she went to tend to him, also estimating to be gone for over a month.”

“Charlie’s hurt?” Ginny exclaimed, her eyes going wide. “Is he alright? What happened?”

Professor Dumbledore held up his hand up to stop her and took over Professor McGonagall’s explanation. “As far as we know, he is fine. He is, however, under the influence of a number of potions to numb the pain and will need help getting on for a while.

“Neither one of your parents could take James with them and couldn’t find a relative to take care of him. So naturally, they thought that the best ones to take care of him were his own parents,” Professor Dumbledore explained. Harry and Ginny looked at each other. They wanted their son. They missed him, but they weren’t totally prepared to take care of him during school, especially when no one knew about him to begin with.

“We will send all his belongings to your dormitory Mrs. Potter. All of your teachers, “ Professor McGonagall waved a hand to the staff in the office, “are aware of the situation and know that he will be in class with one of you two at times. However, this is not an excuse for your school work to slip. You both are still responsible for all assignments and the same expectations are held as they are for all students.”

They nodded slowly in understanding.

“We will give you a few moments to gather his things you’ll need for the day. We must go down to the Great Hall,” Professor Dumbledore said and the teachers began to leave, leaving them alone. The door closed and Harry and Ginny stared at each other.

“This can’t be happening,” Ginny groaned.

“As much as I want him here, it’s not good. No one knows,” Harry said and looked at James who was gazing at Fawkes with interest.

“I know. But what choice do we have?” Ginny said. Harry sighed. They were his parents and he was their responsibility. He carefully put James back in his carrier.

“Everyone was bound to find out sooner or later,” he said. James had gone back to chewing on his sleeve, but his eyes were still fixed on Fawkes. Ginny smiled at her son and sighed.

“What are they going to think?” she asked as Harry picked up the nappy bag. He shrugged.

“Well we won’t say anything until they ask first,” he said. Ginny took the carrier off the desk and they headed towards the door. Harry picked up their bags, helping Ginny slide her own onto a shoulder and held the door open. Slowly they walked to the Great Hall in silence. James fell asleep at some point as they walked down the empty corridors. Ginny gently set the carrier down on the floor and went to the nappy bag Harry carried. Harry held it open as she searched in it. She withdrew a white blanket and draped it over the carrier covering their son. Harry gave her an inquiring look.

“I don’t want people staring at him,” she explained picking up the carrier up again and they continued. They walked on, relieved that they hadn’t passed anyone in the halls.

“Guess everyone’s at breakfast,” Harry commented and looked around. Ginny nodded. Soon they reached the door to the Great Hall and stopped before it.

“I’m scared,” Ginny said staring at the door which seemed to be much bigger and somehow loomed ominously over them.

“I know. So am I, but there’s nothing we can do,” Harry sighed. Ginny looked up at him worriedly. Harry looked away from her and at the door.

“Ready?” he asked looking back at her. Ginny was fidgeting with the blanket draped over the carrier and looked up. She nodded. Harry quickly kissed her on the lips and took a deep breath. Slowly he pushed the door open.

Voices were everywhere, laughing and talking. The teachers glanced at the door and each gave them an encouraging smile, except of course Professor Snape. Ginny entered the Great Hall, careful not to wake James. One by one, conversations dropped and heads turned. Ginny avoided everyone’s gaze and walked down the aisle to Ron and Hermione. They were watching in slight shock as they saw the carrier and nappy bag. Whispers replaced the previous conversations as everyone stared.

“Keep walking. Ignore them,” Harry muttered under his breath to Ginny who kept checking to make sure the blanket still covered James. Students close to them were trying to peek in, but nothing could be seen with the blanket covering the carrier. They reached Ron and Hermione towards the end of the table. Ron cleared the table, leaving a space for the carrier. Ginny set it gently on the table trying hard not to look at everyone and put her bag on the floor. Harry put his bag and the nappy bag next to hers and grabbed a plate. Everyone was still whispering and the Potters ignored it. Slowly the normal chatter returned and people continued to glance at them. Harry helped himself to some breakfast while Ginny took a bagel and spread some cream cheese on it. Both were trying very hard to act as normal as possible.

“What’s he doing here?” Ron whispered from across the table. Ginny leaned forward a bit.

“Mum and Dad are both gone for over a month,” she replied in a quiet whisper. He looked at her wide-eyed.

“What do you mean they’re gone?” Ron asked.

“Dad went off to China to help their Muggle department and Mum went to Romania,” Ginny explained quietly. “Charlie got hurt and she’s taking care of him.”

“Charlie’s hurt?” Ron asked, his face losing color.

“I don’t know what happened. I expect we’ll get a letter about it some time soon,” Ginny said and added at the look of horror on Ron’s face, “I’m sure he’s fine.”

“Couldn’t someone else watch him?” Hermione whispered. Ginny shook her head and Hermione sighed, looking at the carrier.

“Just don’t . . .” Harry looked at the carrier as well, “don’t bring a lot of attention to him.”

Ron and Hermione nodded and went on eating, thought Ron still looked pale. Ginny found it difficult to eat. She could feel everyone staring at her. She noticed a lot of students had gotten up and walked past them trying to get a look at what was going on. She looked up passed Ron and saw a Ravenclaw girl walking back to her table and whispering to her friends. They turned and looked at Ginny and continued to whisper. Just a bit further, she saw that Malfoy was watching them from the Slytherin table, eyes lit up with pure evil.

“Aren’t you hungry?” Harry nudged Ginny. She was startled by his nudge and shook her head. She shook her head.

“You sure?” he asked, looking at her worriedly.

“Yes. I’m not hungry,” she replied smiling warmly at him. He looked at her uncertainly and ate his eggs again.

A group of Hufflepuff second years were getting loud near them. Harry glanced over his shoulder at them as they got louder laughing and joking. He didn’t like them getting rowdy and began to worry that James would wake up. Harry leaned over towards Ginny.

“Is he still sleeping?” he whispered. She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and looked at Harry.

“I don’t know,” she whispered. Carefully she lifted the blanket up just enough for her to look beneath it. James was still sleeping soundly not knowing where he was. Ginny glanced at Harry and nodded. He gave her a small smile and kept eating. Ginny watched her baby sleep peacefully, a soft smile on her face.

Suddenly there was a loud bang, stars of different colors streaming across the Great Hall. Someone had set off a Filibuster Firework near by. James’ eyes flew open and his arms and legs jerked inwards. His peaceful look turned into a terrified one and he began to cry very loudly. Harry jerked his head towards the carrier in alarm. Ginny reached in and picked up her son. James wailed in her arms, terrified from the sudden loud sound. Ginny stood up and quickly walked towards the door, trying to quiet him and hide his face from everyone. James was clutching onto her tightly. Everyone was staring as she walked out the door. Once outside she paced up and down the corridor in an attempt to comfort him.

“Shh, don’t cry sweetie. It’s okay. Mummy’s here,” she said sweetly to him. Slowly his cries were quieted. She stood in one spot rocking him back and forth.

“See, all better,” she smiled at him. He still had tears on his face and was whimpering slightly.

Meanwhile in the Great Hall, Harry was glaring at the Hufflepuff boys who set off the Filibuster. He was furious with them and he couldn’t do anything. No one knew that the baby Ginny ran out with was his son. Instead Harry got up and walked to the door. He opened it and saw Ginny standing with James in her arms. Ginny glanced up and smiled at him.

“Is he alright?” Harry asked and looked at James worriedly.

“He’s fine. Just frightened,” Ginny said. James was now quiet, his face still red from crying. Harry reached them and gently rubbed his son’s back.

“Some second years from Hufflepuff set it off,” Harry explained. Ginny shook her head in disapproval and sighed.

“A little early for the Halloween spirit, don’t you think,” Ginny said bitterly. Harry nodded in agreement. “Did you say anything to them?”

Harry shook his head. “No. I wanted to but since no one knows they would ask why I was so concerned about it.”

Ginny nodded and kissed the top of James’ head.

“It’s probably not best to take him to the feast in a few days then,” Harry said after a few moments of silence.

“But it’s his first Halloween,” Ginny pouted and looked at Harry. “He can’t miss his first Halloween.”

“Ginny, loads of Filibusters are going to go off,” Harry explained.

“That’s not usually until after the feast. I’ll leave early with him before anyone sets anything off,” Ginny tried to reason. Harry sighed and gave in.

“As long as he doesn’t get scared like that again,” he agreed and looked at James.

“You know, we should probably be getting back in there,” Ginny said and gestured toward the door to the Great Hall. Harry nodded. Ginny shifted James in her arms to cover his face from everyone. They entered the Great Hall again and headed to their seats. Ginny was getting very annoyed with the stares they were receiving again. She quickly put James back in his carrier and covered him from view.

“Everything alright?” Ron asked looking at Ginny as she sat down again.

She nodded. “Fine.”

Ron nodded back and went back to his breakfast. Ginny poured herself some pumpkin juice and began talking to Hermione about their Transfiguration classes.

Students kept looking over at the Gryffindor table, especially at Ginny. Now they knew for sure she had a baby with her. Ginny tried to talk to Hermione but the constant stares and whispers were getting to her. Ginny slammed her goblet down and stood up. She picked up her school bag and the nappy bag. Harry frowned at her.

“What are you doing?” he asked. She grabbed the handle of the carrier.

“Off to class. See you later,” she said hotly and pulled the carrier off the table.

“But class isn’t for – ” Hermione began but Ginny didn’t wait to hear the rest and took off. She ignored everyone that looked at her and stormed out the doors.

Chapter 4: Chapter Three
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Chapter Three

Ginny turned down corridors fuming, angry tears prickling her eyes. She knew this was going to happen; it was inevitable. Everyone was staring at her and whispering and they probably still were back in the Great Hall. She felt sorry for leaving Harry like that but she had to get James and herself out of there. She had to be close to her son.

Panting, she reached the Transfiguration classroom. She put the carrier down and opened the door with her hand. She held it open with her back and picked up the carrier again. She walked straight to the front and set the carrier down on a front desk. She dropped the bags on the floor and plopped in a seat.

Ginny let out a frustrated sigh and buried her face in her hands. She took a deep breath, her tears never leaving her eyes, and pushed her hands away from her face and through her red hair. Figuring that she was alone now, she pulled off the blanket from the carrier. James blinked in surprise as the sudden light washed over him. He realized it was his mother and smiled up at her. He grabbed a foot with his hand and pulled it up. Ginny smiled at him.

Finally Ginny got a good look at her infant son. She had been so busy with hiding him from everyone and rushing around, she hadn’t taken the time to properly look at him. She was still slightly shocked that he was there to begin with, but glad to have him close to her once again. Ginny studied her son. There was more orange hair on his head, showing that he indeed had Weasley blood in him. His green eyes were brighter than she remembered as he stared up at her, making him look just like his father. He still had a hint of that newborn baby scent which she loved to smell from him and to her surprise he was a bit bigger. She hadn’t expected him to stay the same size when she left but she also wasn’t expecting him to grow either. She was sure though, that he was still on the small side.

“You grew didn’t you?” she said sweetly to him. He cooed at her, a wide smile breaking out on his face.

“Mummy’s missed you so much,” she said, tickling his stomach. He giggled and the sweet sound was music to Ginny’s ears. She rubbed his tiny hand with her finger and his tiny fingers grasped hers tightly. She smiled warmly down at him, bending her head closer to him, her heart swelling with love.

“Good morning Mrs. Potter.”

The voice startled her. Ginny looked up to see Professor McGonagall smiling at her from her desk. Obviously she hadn’t noticed her sitting there when she barged through the door in her haste. She was too absorbed in getting James away.

“Good morning Professor,” Ginny replied, slightly blushing.

“You’re early for class,” she replied standing up, “in fact very early. Class does not start for forty minutes.”

Ginny blushed harder. “Oh well – I –”

“I understand,” Professor McGonagall said as she walked towards her.

“May I?” she motioned towards the carrier indicating that she wanted to see James. Ginny nodded and pried her finger away from James’ grasp. She shifted the carrier to let her professor look. Professor McGonagall peered in and smiled a very rare warm smile.

“Beautiful,” she said. Ginny smiled. She was beginning to like other people saying that about her son.

“Thank you,” Ginny said and within a few moments James began to whine. He looked at his mother, his face scrunched up and his whining growing louder by the second.

“Oh dear,” Ginny sighed and looked through his nappy bag. She pulled out a bottle and reached for her wand from inside her school robes. She tapped it with her wand to warm it up a bit. Placing her wand down, she turned the bottle upside and squeezed a drop on her wrist, checking how warm it was. She frowned slightly and tapped it again. She turned it upside down and tested it again. It seemed to be at the right temperature. She put her wand down and stuck the bottle in his mouth. Instantly the whining stopped and James gazed up at her, sucking hungrily on the bottle.

“Hungry weren’t you,” she said sweetly and smiled at him. She tugged on his clothes which were bunching up around his little leg to cover his skin and continued to feed him.

“I’m impressed,” Professor McGonagall said, “after watching you in the morning so far you make a wonderful mother.”

“Oh, um, thank you.” Ginny blushed and peered back at her son.

“I hope you don’t mind me asking,” Professor McGonagall began as she sat next to Ginny, “but how are you dealing with all this?”

Ginny looked at her for a moment and looked down at the table. “What do you mean?”

“I mean Mrs. Potter,” Ginny was getting to like hearing her married name, “how do you feel about being sixteen and having a child?”

“I love being a mother Professor. James is, well, he’s amazing really. I love him so much. But it’s hard. I mean I am sixteen. I can’t do all the things I used to do. Now I have this tiny baby that depends on me to care for him and that comes first. So I can’t do what everyone else my age does,” Ginny said while keeping her eyes on James.

“Do you regret having him?” Professor McGonagall asked. Ginny shook her head.

“No,” she started and thought a bit. “Sometimes I feel like I do, but I just look at him and think how could I regret him? He didn’t ask to be born. He’s innocent. I could never blame him for ruining my life because he didn’t ruin it. He’s the best thing that ever happened to me. I could never ever regret having him.”

Ginny could feel tears in her eyes forming again. She wiped them away with her free hand. James pulled his mouth away from the bottle and she lifted it up slightly. He tried to lift his head to suck on it again and Ginny lowered it for him to do so.

“How does Harry feel?” Professor McGonagall asked. Ginny sighed.

“He loves James so much. He spent every moment he could with him over the holiday, eventually staying the last three weeks with my family. He’s wonderful to him, though I think he’s afraid. I mean he never really had a father figure before so he’s not sure if he’s doing this right. He’s the one who wanted to name him James, after his father you know. He said it was like honoring his father by naming his grandson after him. You should see the look he gets every time he looks at James. You can just see the love and care in his eyes for him. He’s a good father,” Ginny said.

Professor McGonagall smiled. “That’s good to hear.”

Ginny blinked furiously to keep her tears at bay. She glanced down at her son again. James had stopped drinking his bottle and Ginny withdrew it from his mouth to examine it.

“Good boy!” she admired and swooped down on James, kissing his forehead lightly. “I’m so proud of you, sweetie!”

Ginny sat up straight again and grinned proudly. She noticed Professor McGonagall was looking at her in confusion.

“He ate a good amount,” Ginny shrugged, feeling a slight blush on her cheeks.

Professor McGonagall nodded in understanding. Ginny smiled, hating how easily she blushed, and put the bottle away. She reached inside the carrier and placed her hand beneath James’ bottom to see if he needed to be changed.

“Dry,” she muttered and took her hand out. James stared up at her and yawned. “Getting sleepy aren’t you James? Maybe you’ll be a good boy and sleep for Mummy during class so Mummy can get her work done.”

“You know, Mrs. Potter, I have seen many students in my days here at Hogwarts; some brilliant and mature for their age. None have ever been in such a situation before, but I assure you none of them would be able handle it like yourself and Mr. Potter are right now. You’ve been presented with a situation most would have run from. Instead you took it on and took responsibility for it. You preserved and stayed strong. And now here you are showing that you can do this on your own,” Professor McGonagall said. “Out of all my students last term you received some of the highest marks without even attending class; truly incredible. I have no doubt that you will do the same this year Mrs. Potter.”

Ginny was dumbstruck. Never had she heard the head of her house praise a student in such a way before, not even Hermione, who was the top student Hogwarts had even seen. Professor McGonagall usually had a strict demeanor and never showed much emotion or personal interest in any student. She didn’t even favor students in her own house. Perhaps she felt sorry for her and what she had been through in the past year.

“I . . . I don’t know what to say,” Ginny stammered.

“Don’t say anything,” Professor McGonagall patted her hand lightly. “Now,” she turned and looked at James, “is it possible for me to hold him?”

Ginny laughed. It was very strange for her to have an actual conversation with a teacher like this. It was even stranger to see Professor McGonagall acting the way she was.

Ginny reached inside the carrier and lifted James out. She handed him to Professor McGonagall who took him gently.

“He certainly is small,” she commented as she adjusted her hold on him.

“Yes we know,” Ginny sighed. “That worried us when he was born. The midwife assured us he was perfectly normal.”

Professor McGonagall smiled at her.

James stayed relatively clam in the teacher’s arms. He was staring up at Professor McGonagall, clearly in awe of seeing a new face.

Ginny felt slightly comfortable with her Transfiguration master holding him. She never let anyone else hold him besides her family. After a few more moments, James began to fidget and whimper and twisted his body towards his mother. Professor McGonagall noticed his discomfort.

“Back to your mother then,” Professor McGonagall said.

Ginny reached for a white blanket inside the nappy bag and threw it over her shoulder. She took James and gently held him against her shoulder and softly patted his back. His hand clutched onto her shirt and he kicked his legs in discomfort. He was still whining as she patted his back until finally he spit up on the blanket. Ginny grimaced and then cradled him in one arm and took the blanket off. Taking a dry part of it, she wiped off his mouth and put the blanket on the desk. Using her other arm, she placed him back in his carrier then folded the blanket and stuffed it in the bottom of his nappy bag.

“I hate doing that,” Ginny muttered. She sighed, “but it has to be done.”

The door opened and Professor McGonagall looked behind them to greet her newest visitor.

“Ah,” she said, “Good morning Mr. Potter.”

“Morning Professor,” Harry’s voice replied. Ginny turned around to see him walking briskly towards her. She suddenly remembered how quickly she had left and didn’t even bother to let Harry know where she was going with their son.

“Hi,” she greeted him.

“Hi,” he replied approaching her cautiously. He stood over her and peered into the carrier, his eyes lingering on their son for a while, then looked back at Ginny.

“Are you okay? You left in a hurry. I would have gone after you but Dean and Seamus decided to involve me in one of their absurd conversations on Quidditch and football. And then when I finally got out of talking to them, I didn’t know where you had gone so I had to ask one of your roommates, er. . . Claire I believe, what your first class was. But she was trying to get me to tell her what was going on. So then Colin interrupted and told me where your first class was and it was really a huge mess. So I’m really, really sorry I didn’t come after you sooner,” he spoke very fast. Ginny giggled at him

“Everything is fine. I was getting rather annoyed with everyone staring and whispering. I had to get him out of there,” Ginny replied. She smiled at him.

Harry knew that there was another reason she had left so fast, or at least he thought he knew. She wasn’t showing him any emotion to read off of.

“Well good then. As long as nothing’s wrong,” he said and looked at James. He was chewing on his hand looking all around the classroom. His eyes were fixed on a diagram on the chalkboard and he cooed and reached his other hand out to it.

“Curious little one isn’t he,” Harry commented and smiled. Ginny nodded. James took his hand out of his mouth, his hand dripping with his saliva. Harry grimaced looked for the nappy bag. He found it sitting next to Ginny’s feet and searched for a blanket. He pulled it out and took James’s hand, wiping it off. He put the blanket back in the bag and looked back at James.

“Hello little guy. Did you miss me?” Harry said and reached inside the carrier to brush his fingers lightly against James’ cheek. His son grinned up at him, holding out his arms and cooing happily. Harry smiled and picked him up out of the carrier. “I guess you did miss me. I missed you too. How about a game,eh?”

Harry held him up high in the air. James kicked his legs and waved his arms laughing as Harry made faces at him.

“It’s James Potter, England’s Seeker, going for the snitch!” Harry cried.

Harry spun in a circle and James let out a delightful giggle. Harry laughed and spun around again with James in the air.

“Harry, be careful,” Ginny warned in a weary voice watching carefully. She hated when Harry did anything that involved holding her infant son high in the air.

“Don’t worry Ginny.” Harry looked at her. “He’s fine.”

“How do you know you’re not making him dizzy?” Ginny pointed out and crossed her arms.

Harry sighed and after one last spin, he brought James down and held him close to his chest. He kissed the top of his head. He frowned and examined James’ head closely.

“He’s got more hair,” Harry remarked in bewilderment. He held out his son and looked at him up and down. He looked over at Ginny and frowned. “Did he grow?”

Professor McGonagall laughed. “Very observant aren’t you Mr. Potter,” she said.

Ginny laughed as well and stood up. She took James from his father. “Yes he did. Did you expect him not to?”

“Well, um . . . not really,” Harry admitted running a hand through his untidy hair. He knew he would but he really didn’t expect his son to grow some. Ginny rolled her eyes. Harry kissed James cheek again before Ginny put him back in his carrier. Harry knelt down on one knee and fished around his nappy bag and gave James his dummy.

“I reckon you’ll be taking him for now,” Harry said standing up.

“Well yes. You can have him next class. I have a test in Herbology and quite frankly I can’t be looking after him during that,” Ginny sighed.

“Afraid he’ll give you answers?” Harry smirked. Ginny rolled her eyes.

“Oh yes, you know since our son is a world renowned Herbologist at the ripe old age of four and half months,” she said and rolled her eyes. “It’ll be too difficult with the practical.”

“Alright, that’s understandable. I’ll take him after that. I have Advanced Charms. We’ll figure out the rest during lunch then,” Harry replied.

“Sounds good,” Ginny smiled and sat down again. “Oh!” she cried and reached down for his nappy bag again. She pulled out the bottle James had been drinking from earlier and handed it to Harry proudly.

“He ate well earlier. See? About a eighth more than usual,” Ginny pointed out. Harry squinted at the bottle and smiled.

“Good! He was hungry then?” he said putting the bottle back.

“Guess so,” Ginny replied. Professor McGonagall was smiling at them.

“I must say you two are marvelous parents,” she acknowledged. “Little James is certainly lucky to have two people who care about him as much as you two do.”

They smiled at her.

“Thank you Professor. We’re lucky to have him,” Harry smiled. Professor McGonagall stood up and walked back to her desk.

“Classes are to start in ten minutes. I suggest you two make due with the goodbyes,” she sat at her desk and began writing on a piece of parchment. They were both surprised how quickly their teacher’s personality changed. Ginny looked up at Harry.

“I better get going to History of Magic then,” he said. Ginny nodded. Harry leaned over the carrier and looked at James.

“Bye James. Be good for your mum,” he tickled his feet. “Daddy loves you.”

Ginny smiled at them. Harry looked at her and gave her a quick kiss.

“Bye love,” he said.

“Bye,” she replied and Harry strolled out of the classroom.

James was yawning again and Ginny saw this as a good thing. At least he would be asleep for most of the class. She covered the carrier again so no one would look at him and began taking out her school supplies. She drew out a few pieces of fresh parchment, a quill, and an ink bottle. She set them on the desk and placed her wand at the front of the desk. She decided to begin writing down the notes off the board.

As she scribbled down notes she heard her classmates entering and taking seats. Chairs were pulled out scratching on the ground and the room quickly filled with noises of people taking out supplies for class. Ginny quickly checked on James. His eyes were shut and the dummy hung out of his mouth slightly. She reached inside and took it out of his mouth, settling it in his lap then covered him once again.

Ginny went back to her notes but as she wrote she could feel people staring at her. Trying her best to ignore them, she continued to write. She did however notice that no one had taken the seat next to her. A sad and lonely feeling developed inside her. She glanced over at the carrier holding her son. At least she had one person near her that wasn’t judging her and keeping their distance from her.

A soft thud came next to her. She heard someone taking supplies out of a bag and placing them next to her.

“Hi Ginny,” Colin’s voice said brightly. She glanced up and forced a small smile.

“Hi Colin,” she said and returned to taking notes. He got his supplies together and sat in the seat next to her. There was an awkward silence between them.

“So,” Colin said after a few minutes, “who’s that?” he pointed at the carrier.

The bell rang loudly signaling class to start. Learning from her recent experience involving anything loud and her four and half month old son, Ginny quickly peeked underneath the blanket. Relief overcame her to see he was still sleeping peacefully and she guessed that he was in a deep enough sleep this time to be startled. She covered him again and listened to Professor McGonagall’s lecture, very glad that the bell had saved her from answering Colin.

All through class Ginny glanced over at the carrier keeping an ear open for the slightest sound coming from it. Once James began to whine a little and Ginny had glanced around the room nervously before checking on him. She lifted up the blanket, stuck his dummy in his mouth and he was happy again. She got lucky and James had slept the rest of class.

“No homework for today class,” Professor McGonagall shuffled her papers together as the bell signaling the end of class sounded. The class stared at her in disbelief and cheered. She gave them a stern look and they quickly stopped. As the class packed up, Ginny finished writing the last of her notes. She looked up at the board ready to catch the last line and saw Professor McGonagall giving her a warm look. Ginny looked back down and finished writing. Most of the class was already out the door. Professor McGonagall came up to her as she began to pack up.

“I partly decided not to assign homework because of you Mrs. Potter,” she said quietly. Ginny looked at her confused. Professor McGonagall looked at the carrier on her desk. “There are more important things in life than Transfiguration essays. However, don’t expect any more breaks in the future.”

Ginny smiled and nodded in understanding. She picked up her belongings and the carrier and made her way to the door. Colin was just ahead of her. He saw her struggling and held the door open for her.

“Thanks,” she smiled at him as she walked through.

“You’re welcome. See you in Herbology!,” he said and took off towards the top of the stairs.

The halls were crowded with students. Ginny rushed through the halls to the Charms corridor to find Harry. Once again she ignored the stares and whispers coming her way. She knew at the rate she was going she was going to be late for class. Frantically she searched the halls.

“There she goes.”

“Is it hers? What do you think?”

“I wonder why she has it with her.”

“Can you see anything?”

“Nope not a thing. It’s covered up.”

Whispers and looks were all around her. Ginny didn’t feel so happy anymore. She came back to school feeling like she was still a normal teenager. She liked no one knowing what she had gone through over the past year, at least no one was treating her differently then. She pulled the carrier closer to her as if she was protecting James, tugging on the blanket over him. Now she felt as if she was a stranger, an outsider in her very own world.

Suddenly memories of the past summer flashed in her eyes and she saw everyone in dark cloaks, hoods covering their faces enclosing around her. Her heart raced as panic quickly came. Her breathing became shallower.

Wands raised, pointing towards her.

No, she wouldn’t let it happen. She had to get away, had to go into hiding.

A loud evil laugh.

No! She wouldn’t let them.

A flash of red in the sea of black; a sign of hope.

She came back to the present, the images of summer slipping away quickly. Ginny spotted Ron against a wall. He waved over to her and she pushed her way through the crowd to him, mentally shaking herself out of her thoughts.

Harry and Hermione were standing next to her brother, Harry smiling wide at her. Suddenly she felt very lonely. Ron and Hermione were with Harry to help him out now that he needed it during class. Ginny on the other hand was alone. She was left on her own. There was no one to give her a reassuring smile or just to be friendly to her.

Harry was smiling again at her and she didn’t feel like returning the gesture. Ginny quickly dropped the nappy bag and gently put the carrier on the floor.

“Hi. He might need to be changed,” she said quickly, fixing the blanket draped over her son. She stood up on her tip toes and kissed Harry’s cheek. “Keep him covered. I’m late for class. Bye!”

She scurried off down the hall and the trio stared after her leaving the corridor at top speed and out of sight.

“What’s with her?” Ron jabbed his finger in the direction Ginny had just took.

“Well she said she was late for class,” Hermione said, “but she was acting a bit peculiar.”

Harry sighed looking in the direction his wife took off it. He picked up the bag and hoisted the carrier off the ground.

“Best be off to the lavatory then,” he said.

“I’ll come with you,” Ron offered.

“I’ll save you two seats in Charms then,” Hermione offered. She kissed Ron’s cheek and took off.

“Here.” Ron took the nappy bag away from Harry. “You have enough to carry.”

“Thanks,” Harry said and they made their way down the hall to the boys room.

Harry ignored anyone who stared at him. Ron trotted along side him glaring at anyone who looked at them.

Ron opened the door to the boys toilet and Harry entered. Harry set the carrier down in a corner and took out a blanket from the bag. He set it on the cold floor and took the blanket off of the carrier. James was just beginning to wake up. He opened and shut his eyes and yawned, stretching out his arms as he woke. He looked up sleepily at Harry. Harry took him out and set him on the blanket. He rummaged in his bag for a nappy and began to change him.

“That’s so disgusting,” Ron grimaced turning away. Harry glared up and his best friend and brother-in-law and returned his attention to his son.

“Would you rather we not change him then?” Harry asked, standing up and throwing the nappy away.

“I know, but still, it’s disgusting,” Ron said again. Harry rolled his eyes.

“Put him back will you,” Harry walked to the sink and washed his hands, ignoring Ron’s comments.

“That I can do,” Ron replied.

Harry shook his head at Ron. He wondered what Ron would be like if he ever had a child.

Harry dried his hands and returned to James and Ron. Ron was putting James back in the carrier very carefully. Harry draped the blanket over him and picked up the carrier again. Ron took the bag and they left the bathroom for class.

“Why do you have that over him?” Ron muttered in the hall.

“Ginny doesn’t want anyone staring at him,” Harry replied quietly, “and quite frankly neither do I. And after what happened last summer, I can’t blame her.”

“Right. You’re his parents,” Ron dropped the subject instantly.

They reached the Charms classroom and Ron opened the door. Harry walked in and Ron followed. Most of the class was already there and when they entered, they looked at the two boys and began to whisper to one another.

“Over here!” Hermione called from across the room waving her hand. They walked over to her.

“The desks aren’t big enough Harry. I saved an extra seat if you want to put him there or else you’ll have to put him on the floor,” Hermione whispered.

Harry weighed his options. He didn’t exactly like the idea of putting his son on a chair for that would give everyone a prime view of him, so he opted for the floor. Harry moved the extra chair and placed James on the floor next to the seat he was going to take. Ron put his bag next to him and sat on the other side of James.

As Harry took out his supplies for class, he noticed everyone craning their necks to see the carrier. Ron seemed to notice this as well.

“Mind your bloody business!” he snarled at the curious students. Immediately they all stopped looking. Harry stared at him.

“Bit protective aren’t you?” Harry whispered. “I thought that was reserved for Ginny and I.”

“Come on,” Ron leaned towards him, “I am Uncle Ron after all.”

Harry smiled and nodded. “That you are.”

Hermione was shaking her head and taking out her own things. She glanced over at the carrier and bent over towards Harry.

“Maybe you ought to give him something to play with,” she whispered. Harry debated this and reached for his bag. He found a soft blue bunny in his bag. He lifted up the blanket and looked at his son. He was happily sucking on his dummy. He smiled when he saw Harry. Harry gave him the stuffed rabbit and replaced the blanket over him again.

“There,” he whispered, “that’s his favorite. He shouldn’t make too much noise when he’s got that.”

“Is that the bunny I gave him?” Ron asked. Harry nodded.

“Loves it,” Harry whispered. Ron lifted his head proudly.

“I must be his favorite uncle then,” he whispered.

“Yes that’s it Ron,” Hermione whispered rolling her eyes.

“Who asked you?” Ron whispered bitterly at her.

“Please I’ve watched you this summer,” she said.

“What does that mean?” Ron asked. Hermione opened her mouth to say something.

“What you got there, Weasley?” Seamus asked. They looked up and stared at Seamus and Dean. The rest of the class was watching.

“What was going on with a baby crying earlier?” Dean asked. Harry shifted uncomfortably in his seat and tried not to give anything away.

“What are you talking about?” Ron frowned. The bell rang sounding the start of class. Seamus and Dean had disappointed looks as they sulked off to their seats.

“Good morning class!” Professor Flitwick piped up. “Now today we will be discussing Charms that involve emotions.”

Harry was relieved that everyone was paying attention and taking notes. No one seemed to notice when James began to whine. Harry pointed his wand discreetly at the carrier and muttered a spell under his breath which gently rocked it back and forth in hopes of comforting his son. It worked. He was pleased that Arthur had shown him that spell.

“Used it on many occasions myself. Quite useful really. Keeps the little tyke quiet for a bit. Ginny seemed to love it when she was a baby.” he told him one afternoon when Harry was having trouble with James.

Harry’s quill dropped and he bent down to pick it up. He glanced at the rocking carrier and smiled to himself. He thought about taking a peek at James to see what he was doing as he reached for his quill. The sight of Lavender leaning over her desk and watching him closely, however, pushed the idea out of his head. He snatched the quill off the ground and sat up again. He heard her let out a frustrated sigh and he smiled to himself. It was getting rather annoying that everyone was trying to get into their business. Maybe if he saw two students lugging a traveling carrier around he would be curious as well but he wouldn’t try to secretly sneak a peek and tell the whole school what he saw. Neither would he be whispering behind their backs about them.

Class dragged on and James hadn’t made a sound. Harry was beginning to worry as to why his son was this quiet but he didn’t dare check on him. He flicked his wand quickly at the carrier and it stopped rocking.

“Well I think we’ll end early for today. Pack up and trot off to lunch!” Professor Flitwick jumped off his stack of books. Hermione had a disappointed look on her face and sadly put her supplies away.

“He calls one minute before the end of class early?” Ron frowned.

Stealing a glance around the room, Harry quickly kneeled on the floor and pretended to pack his belongings. He lifted the blanket just enough to peek in. James’s dummy was long forgotten and sitting at his feet. It was replaced by the blue bunny. Harry pulled it out of his mouth.

“Wish you’d stop doing that,” he whispered. “You don’t know where things have been.”

James looked up at him curiously. Harry sighed. “Like you understand anything I say anyway.”

Ron was kneeling next to him packing his bag. He smiled at Harry. Evidently he heard him talking to James. Harry began to pack his things. He picked up his school bag and the nappy bag and made a grab for the handle. Ron’s hand was already there.

“I’ll hold him,” Ron said. Harry looked at him curiously.

“Why?” he asked.

“I’ve missed him too you know, not just you and Ginny,” Ron whispered, his cheeks going red. Harry couldn’t blame him. Ron really did seem attached to James. The three of them walked out of the classroom and into the crowded halls. They made their way to the Great Hall.

“We ought to wait out here for her,” Hermione suggested as they stood against a wall.

Ron set James down facing the wall. Harry got the notion that he and Ginny weren’t the ones who didn’t want everyone staring. Ron was giving anyone who passed by menacing glares and telling them to bugger off and mind their own business. A group of first years walked by frightened of Ron’s yelling and hurried past and through the doors.

“I think that’s her class coming in now,” Hermione watched the front door open and a line of Gryffindor and Ravenclaw sixth years walked in. Ginny was the last to enter. Her arms were folded across her chest as if she was protecting herself. She stared down at the floor as she walked towards the Great Hall.

“Ginny!” Hermione called. She didn’t look up, she kept walking by. Hermione frowned. “Ginny!” she called a little louder.

Ginny looked up and stopped walking. She started at them, hesitating before she changed her direction. Harry watched her carefully. Her eyes darted around as if she was waiting for something to happen. Something was definitely bothering her. Ron and Hermione noticed this as well. She smiled weakly at Harry and kissed him. There was something missing in her kiss.

“How was he?” she asked looking at the carrier.

“Fine. Didn’t fuss much,” he replied.

“Good,” she said softly keeping her eyes on the carrier.

“How was your test?” he asked. She looked back at him. A smudge of dirt was on her cheek. Harry rubbed the dirt off her cheek. “You got a bit of dirt on your face love.”

“Oh,” she rubbed her face unnecessarily. “The test was fine.”

“What about you?” Ron asked. “You don’t sound fine.”

She turned and looked at him. “I’m fine Ron. Nothing’s wrong.”

“You sure?” Hermione asked worriedly. Ginny looked at them surrounding her.

“I’m perfectly alright,” she snapped taking a step back. They watched her apprehensively.

“Harry, look after him for a bit,” Ginny said suddenly and took off into the Great Hall. They watched her leave. She returned less than two minutes later, sandwich in hand. She picked up the nappy bag.

“I’ll take him next class. It’s Ancient Runes,” she said looking at Harry. Her eyes were unusually brighter than normal but she seemed like herself once again.

“Uh sure. I’ve got Divination next and then Potions,” Harry replied, startled by her sudden change in character.

“Professor Multon canceled all the Muggle Studies classes today so I heard. I’ll just keep him then,” she picked up the carrier and started off in the opposite direction.

“Where are you going?” Harry asked. He didn’t like that his wife was acting so strange.

“Somewhere quiet,” she replied. “Too much excitement for him. He needs some quiet for a bit.”

“Right,” Harry pondered if she was the one who really wanted the quiet. “Do you want me to come with you?”

She shook her head. “See you all at dinner,” and she took off down the hall, leaving Harry, Hermione, and Ron stunned and confused.

Chapter 5: Chapter Four
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Chapter Four

“Hey!” Harry’s voice called after her. A hand was on her shoulder and Harry appeared next to her.

“What’s wrong?” he asked walking along side of her.

“Nothing Harry,” she lied, “It’s too noisy in there. Not to mention everyone will still be staring.”

“Don’t you want to have lunch with us though?” he asked, motioning towards the sandwich in her hand.

“Of course I do. I just. . .I don’t want to be around anyone right now,” she said softly.

“Oh,” he stopped walking. Ginny could hear the disappointment in his voice. She stopped and looked at him.

“That’s not what I meant Harry. I don’t mean you,” she explained.

“I know,” he replied, “I guess you just need some time to yourself.”

She nodded, “I’ll see you at dinner then.”

Harry leaned over and kissed her lovingly.

“I changed him and he has his blue bunny. He might get hungry though,” Harry informed her. Ginny nodded and kissed him back to let him know that she did love him.

“Love you,” she whispered.

“And I you,” he smiled and she took off down the corridor once more. She was beginning to hate walking in the halls. At least no one was around. Her arm was beginning to ache from carrying James around like this. Finally she reached the corridor where her Ancient Runes class was and set the two bags on the floor. Softly, she placed the carrier next to the wall and sat down next to it. Quiet. She sat crossed legged and began to eat her feeble sandwich she had made in a haste. James was cooing softly from beneath the blanket. Ginny removed it from over him and moved the carrier in front of her so she could look at her son. He looked up at her smiling, his blue bunny in his mouth. Fear. No, she wouldn’t think about that. That was something she didn’t want to remember. Hatred filled her, filling the void of fear. Not for James but for herself. How could she give him such a life? He was a tiny and innocent baby and had no choice in the matter. He was throw into this huge mess all because of who his father was. She remembered the last time she truly hated herself.

It was around the same time last year. Ginny hadn’t been feeling well and finally decided to go see Madam Pomfrey in the early afternoon one Saturday. She sat on a bed wondering why she had to take some many tests. Why didn’t Madam Pomfrey just give her a Pepper-Up Potion and send her off like she always did. She scanned her mind thinking of the past month or so trying to figure out why she was feeling like this. Was she not getting enough sleep? Had she spent too much time outside? Maybe something was going around, but she seemed to be the only one feeling ill. Then it hit her. That night with Harry. That glorious and passion filled night she had with him. Neither one of them had be thinking clearly then . . she couldn’t be. It was impossible. But when Madam Pomfrey returned with Professor McGonagall, a letter in her hand, and both wearing identical dark looks, Ginny was terrified to hear the cause of her aliments. Her world crashed before her eyes when Madam Pomfrey told her.

“Are you sure?” she asked terrified.

“Positive,” Madam Pomfrey replied with a long face.

“There must be a mistake! There has to be!” Ginny exclaimed. Her heart was beating faster. She couldn’t believe this was happening. How could she be so stupid?

“The tests do not lie Miss Weasley,” Professor McGonagall said, sternly.

“But I can’t be!” Ginny jumped off the bed, “It was only one time, the only time! My first time! I’m only fifteen. It just can’t be true!”

“Please calm down Miss Weasley,” Madam Pomfrey said. But she couldn’t. She sank in a nearby chair shocked and frightened. She stared down at her hands and her eyes landed on her stomach. She hated herself.

“I have already drafted a letter to your parents,” Professor McGonagall said. She held out a blank piece of parchment and a quill, “I suggest you write one as well.”

Her hand shook as she wrote the letter. Over and over again she apologized to her parents. She handed the finished letter to Professor McGonagall.

“And who,” she glanced over the letter, “may I ask, is the father?’

“Harry,” Ginny’s voice was shaking, “Harry Potter.”

“Best to go and find Mr. Potter and let him know,” Professor McGonagall folded up the letter and left.

Ginny listened as her soft footsteps echoed in the hallways as she made her way to the Quidditch pitch. Her arms were crossed and she looked down at the ground. She felt alone and frightened. She hated herself immensely. She hated herself for being careless. Why was she so foolish? How could she let her emotions get the best of her that night? She had to convince Harry into it and he tried to convince her out of it, but she was persistent and in the end got her way. And this is where it led to now. . . fifteen and pregnant.

Approaching the Quidditch pitch, she could see the Gryffindor team heading to the locker rooms. Harry spotted her and waved. She felt a wave of guilt wash over her.

“Be right out!” he called and disappeared into the locker room. She waited, heart pounding, throat dry and anxiety rising. One by one players left and at long last Ron emerged with Harry making them the last to leave. Ron said goodbye to them and headed to the castle, leaving the two of them alone. Harry kissed her cheek and smiled at her. She didn’t smile back and his smile faded.

“What’s wrong Gin?” he asked, rubbing her shoulder and looking at her concerned. Tears were forming in her eyes as she looked at him. Why did she fall in love with him? Why did he fall in love with her?

“Something,” she choked, “something happened.”

He frowned at her. His look of concern deepened on his face, “What happened?”

She couldn’t tell him. It ached to know that she just ruined his life. There was no holding back the tears now. She flung her arms around his neck, burying her head into his chest and sobbed. He hugged her tightly in an attempt to soothe her.

“I’m sorry!” she wailed, “I’m so sorry!” He lifted her chin and wiped her tears away.

“Sorry about what?” he asked, soothingly. She had to tell him. He had the right to know.

“I. . .I went to see Madam Pomfrey,” she said.

“Oh?” he looked at her worriedly.

“And there’s something wrong with me,” she continued avoiding blurting it out.

“Did she give you anything?” he asked. Ginny shook her head.

“No, you can’t really cure it with a potion,” she replied, “You sort of have to wait for it to go away.”

“Ginny, why do I have the feeling you’re not telling me something,” he said sternly. She looked up at him guiltily. He sighed, “Ginny I’m your boyfriend and I love you. You know you can tell me anything. Whatever it is, I’m sure you’ll get better soon.”

“It’s not so simple Harry,” she backed away from him. Why did he have to be so caring like that? It was only making it harder on her.

“Tell me what’s going on,” he said. She took a deep breath and looked at him.

“See,” she began, “I’m. . . .” she couldn’t say it.

“It can’t be that bad Gin,” Harry urged her on. She looked into his green eyes. They were watching her full of love and compassion for her. She prayed he would still look at her like that after she told him. She mustered up all the courage she could and took another deep breath. If he loved her, his reaction wouldn’t be so bad. Then again if he didn’t, she didn’t know what to do. She had to take a chance.

“Harry I’m pregnant,” she finally said, her voice was very quiet. His jaw dropped open and his eyes went wide.

“You’re what!” he exclaimed staring at her. His Firebolt fell from his hand. She turned around hugging herself. She couldn’t stand to look at him now and she cried. A pair of arms wrapped around her waist.

“Ginny,” he said in her ear.

“You hate me don’t you,” she sobbed.

“If I hated you would I be trying to comfort you right now?” he asked, kissing her neck softly.

“I ruined your life Harry,” she turned around to look at him, “I’d hate me if I were you.”

“You don’t give me a lot of credit do you,” he laughed nervously at her.

“I never meant for this to happen,” she said quietly.

“I know. Neither did I,” he replied rubbing her arm. Silence.

“What are we going to do?” she asked, beginning to cry again.

“Shh,” he took her in his arms, “Everything’s going to work out just fine.”

“But. . .” her sobs took over her voice.

“We’ll get through this Ginny. Whatever happens I’m with you okay?” he assured her. She nodded, still unable to talk. They slowly walked back to the castle. Ginny had stopped crying.

She didn’t talk to anyone the rest of the day and she didn’t go to dinner. She sat on the couch in front of the fireplace staring and thinking of what was going to happen. She stared at the letter in her hands from her parents. Clearly they were disappointed in her. They must have said it a dozen times. She was shocked that they were going to help her out and talk to the headmaster about her situation. The decision of what to do was left in her hands. Her options rolled around in her head. How she wished she didn’t have to deal with this. After all she was only a baby herself, only fifteen. The portrait door swung open interrupting her thoughts. Harry, Ron, and Hermione walked in and went over to her.

“Why didn’t you come to dinner?” Hermione asked.

“I wasn’t really hungry,” Ginny replied not looking up. She stared into the fire wishing they would leave.

“Are you still feeling sick Gin?” Ron asked. She nodded her head slowly. Someone moved in front of her, blocking the fire. She knew it was Harry.

“Who’s that from?” she heard Harry ask, his hand gesturing to the letter. She looked up at Harry and bawled. She handed him the letter with trembling hands. He scanned it with his eyes and sat next to her. He reached over and pulled her close.

“Don’t worry,” he whispered, kissing her forehead. Ron and Hermione were puzzled.

“What’s going on?” Hermione asked.

“Why are you crying Ginny?” Ron asked. She looked up at them. He would know sooner or later. She looked over at Harry. A bit of his color had drained from his face. Evidently he was frightened of what Ron might do to him. Nonetheless, he took her hand and squeezed it.

“Ron, promise me you won’t get upset,” she looked at him. His titled his head slightly frowning at her.

“I promise,” he said slowly. Ginny paused before taking a breath.

“I’m pregnant Ron,” she whispered very quietly.

“What?” he asked, “I can’t hear you.”

“I said,” she raised her voice slightly, “that I’m pregnant.”

Hermione gasped.

“WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY SISTER! I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!” Ron roared and grabbed Harry by his collar, hoisting him to his feet. Harry yelped in surprise as he was pulled to his feet unexpectedly.

“Ron no!” Ginny shouted jumping up and tried to pull him off of her boyfriend.

“Let him go Ron!” Hermione desperately clung to his back trying with all her might to pull him away.

“How could you do this to her!” Ron was shaking Harry. Hermione finally succeeded in pulling him off. Ron fought with her to pounce on Harry and strangle him, “You’re my best mate! I trusted you with her and look what you did, YOU KNOCKED HER UP YOU BLOODY BASTARD!”

“For the love of Merlin shut up!” Ginny shouted at him, standing directly in front of him.

“Ginny. . .I. . .” he stammered looking at her.

“Don’t yell it to the whole castle. No one needs to know,” she snapped.

“They’re going to find out Gin when you walk around here in a few months!” he exasperated.

“And how do you know that they will?” Ginny put her arms on her hips glaring at him.

“So you’re going to get rid of it then?” he asked, narrowing his eyes at her. Harry looked at her. He hadn’t made a sound and he was deathly pale from Ron’s sudden attack on him.

“I don’t know yet,” she replied. She hadn’t decided what to do yet. Ron turned to Harry, his wand drawn.

“You better take care of her Potter after what you did to her. I swear if you don’t treat her right you’re going to find yourself face to face with a dragon again,
without a wand and locked in a bloody pyramid,” Ron sneered at Harry. Harry was pale faced and frankly terrified of Ron towering over him heaving with anger.

“Don’t. . .don’t worry about that,” Harry finally found his voice, “I will.”

Ginny was suddenly jolted from her thoughts. She shook her head. James was crying.

“What’s the matter?” she pulled the carrier closer to her. He was squirming in his carrier and crying a bit louder. She picked him up.

“Daddy didn’t feed you huh?” Ginny remembered what Harry had told her. She looked over at his bag and sighed. She didn’t feel like reaching over for it. So, instead she cradled him in one arm and began to unbutton her shirt. She lifted him up and dragged the blanket she had used to cover him in his carrier and put it over him as she nursed him.

“Ouch!” she yelped in surprise and looked down. Apparently James had been teething and she could feel a tooth just barely coming in. She sighed and didn’t really care. It didn’t hurt really, just took her by surprise. Her little boy was growing up. At that moment, she could care less if someone had walked by and saw her. Ginny preferred to feed him like this. It was natural and she believed it was better for him than the bottle. But she still messed with bottles because Harry did like to feed him and she didn’t always have time to feed him naturally. At first she was nervous and unsure about it but as time went on, she become more comfortable with it and eventually did it in front of her family without being embarrassed. As she nursed her son, she reflected back on the first time she had ever done it and smiled.

Harry left and Ginny was alone with the midwife cleaning up and fixing her room and a newborn in her arms. It was still hard to believe she had just given birth. Her body was aching and she was extremely exhausted. She looked down at the tiny infant in her arms. This was her son, her own baby. He looked so fragile and that the slightest move would break him in two. She froze and stopped breathing staring at him. How could something so small cause that much pain? Ginny lifted her head.

“Is he suppose to be this small?” she asked, uncertainly. The midwife looked at her and smiled.

“He’s smaller than most newborns but he’s perfectly normal dear,” she said. Ginny nodded her head carefully and the midwife laughed, “It’s okay to move dear, he won’t break.”

Ginny laughed nervously and relaxed a bit. The midwife walked over to her and looked at her, “How old are you?”

“Um, fifteen,” Ginny replied looking at her. The midwife shook her head. Ginny could tell she was feeling sorry for her.

“And I suppose that Harry Potter is the father?” she asked.

“He is,” Ginny said and thought a moment, “Oh no! You won’t tell the papers will you?”

“Don’t worry about that dear. They will never know,” she assured her. Ginny sighed in relief.

“Now, everything is in order here. Your mother knows everything to help you. I’ll stop by later with the birth certificate. You must take it easy for a while, you are going to be very sore for a week or so, so don’t do too much. Just relax. If you need anything from me, your mother knows how to reach me,” she smiled at Ginny.

“Thank you,” Ginny said and the midwife left. She looked back down at her newborn son. His eyes were still closed and he was still moving his arms around. She smiled.

“Hi James,” she said. She carefully took one hand out from cradling him and gently ran a finger over his cheek. He turned his head towards it and tried to suck on her finger. She pulled it away thinking he would bite her then realized he had no teeth yet. She laughed at herself. She touched one of his tightly clenched fists. He opened his hand and grasped her finger. She was amazed at how little his fingers were wrapped around on her finger. Slowly he opened his eyes for the first time and looked up at her. She softly gasped. His eyes were bright and green exactly like Harry’s. She heard the door open and looked up. Her mother, father, and Hermione entered smiling at her. Hermione ran to her side.

“Oh Ginny!” she squealed looking at the baby, “He’s so precious!”

“Thanks Hermione,” Ginny smiled.

“How are you feeling?” she asked, gently hugging her.

“I’m fine. Really worn out though,” Ginny sighed.

“I can imagine! Ten hours! And all morning too! You poor thing!” Hermione said, “Well I must be going. I’m sorry I can’t stay any longer. And I’m really sorry about earlier. I didn’t mean to frighten you.”

Ginny smiled, “It’s quite alright.”

“I’ll visit soon,” Hermione said. Ginny nodded and Hermione left. Her parents were beaming at her.

“Oh. . .” her mother was crying as she looked at her new grandson, “I’m a grandmother! Oh Ginny, he’s beautiful just like his mother.”

“I’d have to agree with that!” Arthur smiled putting on arm on Molly’s shoulders.

“Mum, Dad,” Ginny blushed.

“May I hold him?” Molly asked.

“Sure,” Ginny smiled and carefully handed him to Molly. She cradled him in her arms and Arthur looked down at him.

“Look Arthur! Red hair, naturally. He’s got her mouth and her nose and look he has Harry’s eyes and he’s very small too,” Molly pointed out all his features. She carefully handed him back to Ginny. The door flung open again and her brothers entered, nosily.

“Ginny!” they exclaimed happily.

“Hush!” Molly scolded, “Don’t frighten him!”

“Sorry,” they muttered and joined Ginny’s bedside. Her parents moved to the other side of the bed. One by one, her brothers came up to her and kissed her cheek smiling at their nephew.

“What have you been doing Ginny? You look dead tired,” Fred said, frowning.

“Were you having a baby or something?” George chimed in. Bill and Charlie were silently laughing. Percy was scowling at them and Ron was shaking his head in disbelief.

“No, it couldn’t be that,” Fred shook his head, looking thoughtful.

“Must be something else then,” George wore the same look.

“Boys,” Molly said with a warning tone. They looked at their mother innocently. Ginny controlled her urge to smack them, seeing as she was holding her newborn son, and thus rasing a hand to her brothers would be difficult.

“How are you doing Ginny?” Percy asked sweetly, trying to stop his twin brothers from continuing their show.

“Fine Percy. Just tired,” she replied, smiling weakly at him.

“As expected. Be sure to get plenty of rest. You don’t need to be overworking yourself, ”Percy advised. He looked over at the baby in her arms, “Er is it possible. . .”

Ginny smiled at him, “Do you want to hold him Percy?”

He nodded softly, grinning sheepishly at her.

“Here,” she carefully handed him to Percy, “Support his head with your arm, just like that.”

Percy smiled at his tiny nephew, “Wow Gin, he’s amazing!” She smiled.

“About time you had the kid,” Charlie shook his head.

“Took you long enough,” Bill sighed.

“Ginny are you sure that’s a baby?” Fred frowned, craning his neck.

“Looks more like a wrinkled doll,” George said, leaning closer to Percy. Ginny glared at them.

“Blimey he’s small!” Fred exclaimed.

“He’s a runt!” George said.

“That’s the perfect name too! Ginny call him Runt!” Fred grinned at her.

“No,” she said firmly giving them a death stare and crossing her arms.

“No? No matter, we’ll call him that!” George said.

“We hear by name our very small wrinkled doll of a nephew Runt!” Fred announced.

“Fred, George,” she began, gritting her teeth. They looked at her waiting for her to say something, “Never mind. I’m too tired to waste my energy on you two.”

“Leave her alone both of you. She just gave birth and you can’t be the least bit considerate about it,” Ron snapped at them.

“‘Tis loads of fun teasing the wee one, little brother!” Fred exclaimed.

“Come join us little one as we taunt the smallest of us all!” George sung.

“That’s enough from you two!” Arthur scolded. The twins looked at their father with sad expressions and stopped. Ginny suddenly noticed that Harry hadn’t said anything and was standing behind Bill and Charlie far away from her. He seemed afraid to come close to her.

“Er. . .Bill, Charlie?” she asked. They looked at her, “Do you mind letting my husband through?”

“Oh of course!” Charlie grinned.

“Come along Harry,” Bill grabbed Harry, “you’re wife beckons you to her side!” he heartily patted him on the back pushing him forward. Harry stumbled as he walked a bit closer to her.

“Come on Harry, your wife needs you!” George said.

“Don’t disappoint her now,” Fred said. Both twins shoved him towards her and obviously he wasn’t expecting this. Harry fell forward towards Ginny, one hand landing on the bed and the other on her stomach.

“Ouch!” Ginny cried, wincing. Harry quickly withdrew his hand and stood up looking at her frightened.

“Merlin! Sorry Gin, I really am sorry!” he apologized quickly, his glasses askew on his face, “I didn’t mean to do that. Did I hurt you?”

Ginny held onto her stomach where he fell, rubbing it, “No, not really,” she lied, “Had enough pain for the rest of my life, what’s a little more,” she tried to joke.

“Sorry love,” he murmured. Ginny looked at him. He was looking at her, afraid to touch her. Ginny set his glasses straight and leaned up and kissed his chin.

“I’m fine. You didn’t hurt me,” she assured him, even though her stomach was throbbing intensely. He smiled at her and sat on the side of her bed. She glanced over at Percy who was still holding the baby, “He has your eyes Harry.”

His face lit up, “He does?”

“Sure does,” Percy gave the baby to Harry. Harry smiled wide at their son.

“So he does,” he smiled at Ginny.

“Oh,” Ron said and stood next to the bed, “This is for the baby,” he held up a floppy blue bunny. Ginny took it.

“Oh Ron, that’s so sweet of you,” Ginny smiled, “Thank you. It’s his first stuffed animal.”

Ron blushed.

“Pick out a name yet?” Bill asked. They nodded.

“What is it?” Charlie asked.

“We told you, it’s Runt! Runt Potter!” George exclaimed, Fred nodding fervently in agreement.

“It is not,” Ginny said firmly. She looked around at her family, “We decided on James Elijah.”

“Good name,” Ron approved.

“Oh it’s perfect!” Molly squealed.

“Thanks,” Harry and Ginny said in unison.

“James Elijah Potter, very nice,” Percy admired. Ginny smiled up at him.

James began to cry in Harry’s arms.

“I didn’t do anything!” Harry exclaimed staring at him. Ginny stared at their son.

“What do we do?” she asked looking at Harry. He shrugged.

“I don’t know,” he replied.

“I don’t know either.”

“How am I suppose to know?”

“Don’t ask me! I don’t know what to do!”

“One of you do something! You are his parents!” Bill said, chuckling. Her brothers found this amusing.

“Have you fed him yet?” Molly asked. Ginny turned to look at her mother.

“Am I suppose to?” she asked bewildered. Ginny didn’t have the slightest clue of what to do. She have given birth less than an hour ago and her mother expected her to be an expert all of the sudden. Molly nodded.

“Yes dear, you are,” she said.

“How?” Harry tried to rock James to calm him, “We haven’t got a bottle.”

Molly grinned, “No, but Ginny has a perfect substitute.”

“What?” they asked confused. Slowly Ginny realized what her mother meant.

“I don’t know how to do that!” she exclaimed, horrified.

“It’s not hard,” Molly said, “It’s natural.”

“Yes but. . .” Ginny stammered.

“Come on dear, I’ll help you,” Molly smiled and yanked Ginny’s night dress off her shoulder. Ginny grasped it and pulled it back up.

“Mother!” she shouted appalled and blushing furiously. Her brothers were hysterical with laughter and Harry had turned away.

“Ginny stop being so stubborn. It’s natural dear,” Molly said sternly.

“Perfectly natural,” Bill laughed. Ginny glared at him and suddenly felt her mother yank her gown down again. She pulled it back up and glared at her mother.

“Please stop doing that!” she begged.

“You have to feed him. You can’t leave him crying like that. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about,” Molly said.

“Easy for you to say! You’re not being exposed to your brothers!” Ginny shouted.

“Virginia Weasley – er – Potter! Do not use that tone of voice with me!” Molly scolded, “now do as your told and feed your son!”

Molly made another grab for her gown forcing it down her shoulder. Ginny clasped her hand on her mother’s and tried to yank it back up, but her mother used her other hand to keep it there.

“Now,” Molly glared at Ginny who glared right back, “Harry, give James to her.”

Harry had his head still turned away, handing the baby to her. Molly sighed.

“You need to look Harry,” Molly ordered. Slowly he turned his head and stared wide eyed at Ginny and his mouth dropped slightly. Ginny was blushing very hard now taking the baby from him. He quickly turned away and judging from the back of his neck, he was blushing just as hard as she was.

Ginny gasped. This was definitely something new. She felt her newborn immediately respond to the contact. Evidently he knew what he was doing, It felt rather strange to nurse a baby, but at the same time enjoyable. It would have been nice if her brothers weren’t roaring with laughter. She tried to ignore them.

“Mum, how do I know when he’s through?” Ginny asked timidly.

“He’ll know when he’s had enough,” Molly smiled at her. Ginny braved a chance to look down at her son as she nursed him. The uncontrollable laughter didn’t ease her one bit.

“Come off it Harry,” Fred laughed.

“You’re acting like you haven’t see her like that before!” Bill exclaimed.

“And we know you have!” Charlie added. Ron and Percy were shaking with laughter, both unable to speak. Ginny thought that they had been on her side the whole time, but obviously she was mistaken.

“Hey Ginny, can you give Harry a turn when you’re done?” George suggested, “I’m sure he’d enjoy it even more,” and the six of them exploded in fits of laughter. She wish she could Disapparate right then and there, either that or hex her brothers back to the fourteenth century and be chased by wild dragons.

“That’s it! Enough all of you!” Arthur shouted. They stopped and stared at their father, “No more teasing either one of them anymore. This is suppose to be a happy time for them and the whole lot of you running your mouths is not making it enjoyable. Another unkind word out of any of your mouths and I’ll make sure you’ll sprout leeks from your ears for a week!”

They fell silent staring at him, slowly nodding their heads. A blanket appeared in front of Ginny’s face. She looked and saw Harry was handing it to her, still looking away.

“Thanks,” she muttered and took it.

“Anytime,” he replied, still not looking at her. Ginny draped it over her and James and felt a little better.

James stopped eating. Ginny put him back in his carrier and buttoned up her shirt again. She put a finger in his mouth and looked at his incoming teeth. He had one in the front coming in, just barely penetrating his gums. She was surprised that he wasn’t crying about it like most infants did.

“Poor baby,” she sighed looking at him, “it must hurt doesn’t it?”

She heard footsteps coming down the hall and the chatter of students. Quickly she threw the blanket over him and again and stood up. She gathered the bags and the carrier and went inside the classroom. She took a seat in the back of the room and got ready for class. Students lowered their voices or stopped talking altogether when they entered the room. Class begun shortly after. Finally they begun to work on some translations freely. Ginny turned to work with her roommates. They however, were already deeply immersed in the assignment and paid no attention to her. Slowly, she turned back around and stared at the parchment in front of her. She glanced over at the carrier.

“Guess it’s you and me then,” she whispered, forcing herself not to cry. Silently she worked on her translations. Class was over and everyone began to leave. Ginny made sure she was the last to leave the room.

“What’s going on with her?” her roommate, Claire, asked the others. Her roommates were walking together in front of her as they made their way back to the common room.

“I don’t know. Didn’t someone say she had a baby brother now?” Bridget said.

“Yes, but why would it be here then?” Melanie replied.

“Do you think it’s hers then?” Bridget asked.

“Ginny isn’t that daft to do something as foolish as that,” Claire shook her head, “And we would have known.”

“What if she was?” Melanie asked.

“She’s not, at least I don’t think she is,” Bridget replied.

“I don’t know,” Claire sighed, “but would that mean that she slept with Harry?”

“Could be,” Bridget shrugged, “this could explain why she’s acting like this. She’s acting really weird.”

Ginny had enough. She couldn’t handle listening anymore and pushed passed them, half running down the hall. She fought to stop the tears from coming down her face, but found it nearly impossible. There was a flash of red in front of her eyes that forced her to stop running. They were the last people she wanted to see, yet the ones she needed the most right now.

“Ginny?” Ron asked, standing in front of her, “What’s wrong?”

“What happened?” Hermione asked worriedly.

“Nothing,” Ginny shook her head trying to hide her eyes. She attempted to keep walking back to the common room.

“Why are you crying?” Harry asked. She stopped and looked at him. He was watching her with a look of concern. Why did he have to always look at her like that?

“I’m not crying,” she lied.

“Talk to me Ginny,” Harry looked at her in the eyes. Clearly, he didn’t believe her.

“There’s nothing going on!” she raised her voice, slightly. Several students had stopped to watch.

“Yes there is,” Harry sighed, “why won’t you tell me?”

Ginny looked away and continued to walk.

“Just leave me alone,” she replied hastily.

“No,” Harry put a hand on her shoulder, stopping her. She took a step forward, shaking his hand off of her shoulder.

“Don’t touch me!” she shouted. She turned to glare at him. More students stopped and stared.

“Ginny,” Harry looked at her surprised.

“I told you to leave me alone!” she shouted again. James began to cry. They both looked at the carrier.

“I’ll take him,” Harry said softly, reaching for him.

“No!” she pulled the carrier away, “I can handle it.” She stormed down the hall, James still crying.

He wanted to run after her. He wanted to hold her and tell her everything was okay and love her. She, on the other hand, had made it quite clear that she didn’t want him near her. Harry numbly walked to his last class of the day with Ron and Hermione, thinking about Ginny’s strange behavior. They walked into the dungeon where their Advanced Potions class was held and got ready for class.

“Why,” Ron put his cauldron on the table, “is she acting like that?”

“She’s mental,” Harry replied taking out a quill for class. Ron and Hermione looked at him horrified. He sighed and quickly added, “I mean that in the most loving way possible.”

“Well, something’s bothering her,” Hermione sighed.

“But what?” Ron frowned. The door flung open and Professor Snape strode in. The class immediately fell silent. He stood before the class, sneering at them.

“This is certainly the most hated lesson that I must teach to you all. However, it must be taught knowing how many of you have out of control hormones,” Professor Snape said, his eyes quickly glancing at Harry, “It’s a pity that this isn’t taught in an earlier year.”

Harry knew right then and there that no matter if this was the lesson he was suppose to teach, Professor Snape was out to get him.

“Today you will be brewing a potion that will be very important later on in your miserable lives,” Professor Snape continued and glanced around the room. His eyes landed on Harry, “however for some of you that may be too late.”

Harry stared back, clenching his fists beneath his desk. He knew that this wasn’t taught in any year. The potions master was clearly out to reveal Harry’s secret. Other students were beginning to notice Professor’s Snape’s glances to Harry.

“The potion is a simple Contraceptive Potion. Can any of you poor excuses for students tell me what this potion does?” Professor Snape said. As usual, Hermione’s hand shot straight into the air, but she seemed to be a bit embarrassed by it. Professor Snape ignored her, “Well?” he asked and looked around. Once again his eyes landed on Harry, “Mr. Potter?”

“It protects you,” Harry simply replied.

“And what does it protect one during?” he asked, a slight smirk on his face.

“When two people. . .er. . .when they are together,” Harry replied not sure of how to phrase it. To Harry it was more than being together. It was a treasured moment with the one you love, showing them how much you loved them. At least that’s what he felt when he was with Ginny. Pure love. Soft giggles erupted around the room.

“Silence,” Professor Snape held up his hand to quiet the class. They fell silent. He turned to look at Harry again, “And what does it protect you from, Mr. Potter?”

Harry crossed his arms, determined to not let the potions master phase him.


“Pregnancy,” Harry lowered his voice a bit.

“Very good Potter,” he smirked at him, “This particular potion only works when both parties involved take it from the same batch. It works for up to twenty four hours after it has been drunk,” Professor Snape continued then turned around. He flicked his wand at the chalkboard and words appeared on it, “Copy down the ingredients and begin brewing.”

Professor Snape sat his desk, taking out a quill and began scribbling on parchment, his greasy hair falling over his face as he bent down. He looked up, a small smile playing on his lips, “Mr. Potter,” he said.

Harry looked at him. Most of the class was staring now.

“I suggest that you pay attention to this potion and get it right for once,” Professor Snape said, “You don’t want to make the same mistake again.”

Harry was furious now. The class was immersed in writing down the ingredients and Harry knew they were catching on. He stared at the potions master. He knew he was purposely doing this to him. Ron nudged him.

“Harry,” he whispered. Harry looked at him.

“What?” he whispered back, angrily.

“Aren’t you going to write it down?” Ron asked. Harry sighed and picked up his quill and begun writing down the familiar ingredients. Soon, sounds of chairs and students preparing potions filled the room. Harry gathered everything he needed and set to work on his potion. He was the first to finish and have his potion beginning to simmer for ten minutes before adding the last ingredient. Ron and Hermione stared at him.

“Are you sure you did that right?” Ron asked, nervously.

“Of course I did,” Harry replied, annoyed. He glanced over at his bubbling potion that was taking on a dark shade of pink.

“You sure?” Ron didn’t believe him.

“What are you playing at?” Harry whispered. Ron shrugged.

“Well I thought that. .” he began. Harry suddenly knew what he meant. Harry leaned close to him.

“Look Ron, neither one of us knew how to make it back then. Now we do,” Harry whispered harshly, “Why do you think she hasn’t ended up pregnant again?”

Ron stared at him, “And how many times exactly have you been with my sister to make you such an expert?” he whispered, hotly. Harry smirked.

“Ron,” Hermione whispered disapprovingly, “that is none of your business.”

“Enough to know what she likes,” Harry whispered. Hermione gasped.

“You shouldn’t talk about her like that Harry,” she scolded.

“It’s the truth though,” Harry defended himself. Ron shook his head and returned to his potion. Harry watched his own brewing. The bubbling had calmed down and it was now turning magenta. He sat back waiting for the concoction to turn red. He looked around the room and saw that many students were having trouble getting the right ingredients in. He remembered he had once looked like them, but after practicing over and over again, he finally got it right and was finally able to test it.

He smiled to himself as the potion turned red in his cauldron. Quickly he bottled two vials of it and stored the rest in a separate bottle for later use. He glanced up at the clock. He had five minutes before the Floo network would close for the afternoon and reopen later in the evening. Quickly, he threw a change of clothes in his bag, grabbed a few school books and supplies, and some toiletries. He had planned to stay the night at the Weasley’s tonight and celebrate his seventeenth birthday with them. More importantly, he would be able to be with Ginny again tonight and spend time with James. Carefully he put the two vials in his bag and zipped it up. Harry snatched his wand and ran down the stairs of the Dursley’s home and to the fireplace. He paid no attention to Dudley sitting on the couch, eating a large bag of popcorn and watching a show on the television set demanding to know where he kept going over the summer and why he had his bag with him. Harry hoped he’d choke on the popcorn and sure enough when Harry took a handful of Floo powder and threw it in the fire and stepped into the emerald flames, a wheezing and choking sound came from the couch. Checking to make sure his bag was safely in his hand, he yelled the Burrow and was whooshed through the fireplace.

He landed covered in soot in the Weasley’s living room. He stood up brushing himself off.

“Hello Harry,” Ron greeted him.

“Hey Ron,” Harry smiled.

“Staying the night?” Ron asked, gesturing to the bag in his hand.

“Er. . .yes,” Harry nodded, slightly blushing. Ron had no idea what he was planning on doing to celebrate his birthday, “That’s not a problem is it?”

Ron shook his head, “No, not at all. Mum and Dad would prefer if you’d just stay with us.”

“So would I,” Harry sighed.

“I know,” Ron said, “Well, Gin’s in the kitchen with James. I’m off,” Ron smiled and strolled to the flowerpot with the Floo powder.

“Where are you going?” Harry asked, watching him take a handful.

“Off to see Hermione. She’s taking me to some Muggle place called the cinema, whatever that is,” Ron shrugged.

“Oh,” Harry smiled, “have fun then.”

“See you tonight,” Ron threw the powder in the fire. He stopped and looked at Harry.

“Happy birthday by the way,” Ron grinned.

“Thanks mate,” Harry smiled and Ron vanished into the fire. Harry swung the bag over his shoulder and went to the kitchen. Ginny was standing in the middle of the kitchen, holding James in her arms, rather closely. He smiled.

“Now please don’t let him out of your sight. And if it gets cold, his coat’s in his bag and there’s an extra bottle. Oh and a change of clothes in case you need it and his blue bunny’s in there as well and his teddy bear, “Ginny was talking very fast.

“Ginny, don’t worry,” Molly laughed, “We’ve got in under control. Remember we’ve raised seven children already.”

“I know Mum, I’m just. . .worried,” Ginny sighed.

“I understand dear. You’re a new mother and it’s natural be worried like that,” Molly smiled. She glanced up and beamed at Harry, “Oh hello dear! Happy birthday!”

Ginny turned around and smiled. She walked towards him, James still in her arms.

“Hi,” she kissed his cheek, “Happy birthday love.”

“Thanks,” Harry kissed her cheek and looked down at James, “And how are you today?” he smiled at his son. He lightly kissed the top of his head, taking in the newborn baby scent.

“He is just fine. He’s going out with his grandparents for the afternoon,” Ginny smiled and kissed the top of James’ head as well.

“But I wanted to spend time with him,” Harry looked at Ginny, disappointed. He thought it was a bit odd for Molly and Arthur to take James out on his birthday. They knew he wanted to spend time with him.

“We’ll be back by supper and you can spend all night with him,” Molly smiled. As much as Harry liked that idea, he really just wanted to be with Ginny the whole night. Molly picked up the diaper bag and walked towards them.

“We better get going now,” Molly said. The three of them walked into the living room where Arthur was waiting by the fireplace.

“Harry! Good to see you! Staying the night?” he greeted warmly.

“Hello Mr. Weasley,” Harry smiled, “If that’s alright with you?”

“It’s perfectly fine!” Arthur replied. He gave Harry a knowing smile. Harry felt his throat go dry. He took James from Ginny, “We’ll be back in a few hours,” Harry was sure Arthur winked at him. He knew what he was planning and that was why he and Molly were taking James for the afternoon, “Enjoy your birthday Harry.”

“Thank you,” Harry nodded. Molly joined them and soon they vanished in the fireplace. Ginny sighed and sat on the couch.

“I’ve never been apart from him,” she stared absentmindedly at the empty fireplace.

“I have,” he said, dropping his bag. She looked at him.

“I’m sorry, I’m being selfish,” she apologized.

“No, don’t be sorry. He’ll be fine with them,” he said, sitting next to her.

“I know,” she sighed and put her head on his shoulder. He put an arm around her and pulled her close. They sat there for a few moments.

“So,” Ginny stood up, “Everyone’s out. . .what shall we do to celebrate your birthday?” she asked, smiling at him, obviously in better spirits.

“Well I had a few things in mind,” he grinned, “And they all involve you.”

“Imagine that,” Ginny said, climbing onto his lap, wrapping her arms around his neck. He put his hands on her waist and she leaned down to kiss him.

“That is,” he pulled away from a kiss, “if you’re up to it.”

Ginny looked at him, “The midwife said to wait for six weeks and if I’m not mistaken, James is seven weeks old now,” she raised an eyebrow at him, “So I guess that means, I’m up for anything.”

Harry kissed her passionately. He missed being with her like this, expressing his love for her. Their kisses deepened and then without warning Ginny pulled away, looking at him horrified.

“I can’t,” she breathed, getting off his lap. She walked towards the fireplace, nervously.

“What, why not?” Harry asked, throughly confused.

“Harry, I never worked on that potion,” she said, looking at the floor, “I’ve been so busy with taking care of James and summer homework that I forgot about it and . .” she trailed off.

“Don’t worry about that Ginny,” Harry stood up and went to his bag. He unzipped it and took out the two vials. He tossed one to her. She turned the vial over in her hands studying it. She looked up and frowned.

“Is this. . .” she began and Harry nodded. She smiled.

“You sure it’ll work?” she asked, walking towards him.

“Pretty sure,” he replied.

“When did you work on this?” she asked curiously.

“Since James was born. Been working on it in my room at the Dursleys,” he explained. She smiled again and began walking to the stairs, waving the vial in her hand. Harry watched her walk up the stairs confused. She stopped halfway and looked at him.

“Are you coming?” she asked sweetly. Harry slowly walked to the stairs.

“Why are you going up there?” he asked, slowly climbing the stairs to her. She kept walking and glanced back at him.

“To give you your birthday present,” she said sweetly. Harry grinned and hurried after her. He followed her in her room and quickly shut the door behind him. Ginny motioned for him to sit on her bed and he obeyed.

“Now,” she said setting the vial on her vanity, “Close your eyes and I’ll tell you when to open them.”

Harry shut his eyes tightly.

“Open them,” Ginny said after a few moments. Harry was disappointed to see that she hadn’t changed her clothes. However she was hiding something behind her back. She pulled it out from behind her and shoved it towards him. It was a package wrapped in white wrapping paper and a blue string.

“Happy birthday. I hope you like it,” she smiled. Harry took it.

“Thanks Gin,” he forced a smile and slowly pulled off the string. He took off the wrapping paper and stared at his gift. A maroon book with gold trim was revealed, the Gryffindor symbol stamped on the front. Harry opened it and examined the pages. On every page were pictures of James and Ginny and occasionally him. Pictures of their wedding, Ginny’s pregnancy, and lots of James since he’d been born.

“Ginny,” Harry breathed and looked up at her, “I love it!”

She smiled. Harry stared at the pictures in his hands, leafing through the pages. He hadn’t had any pictures before and now he had an album full of them.

“Now for your second gift,” she said. Harry looked up at her a bit confused. She held an empty vial in her hands.

“What second gift?” he asked, gently placing the photo album on her night stand. Suddenly Harry fell backwards onto her bed and Ginny’s face hovered above his. She had pushed him on his back and crawled on top of him. She took the vial from his hand and opened it. Next, she lifted it to his mouth. Harry swallowed the potion and she discarded the vial and smiled at him.

“This second gift,” she whispered and kissed him, “Now I hope you enjoy this gift.”

Harry grinned, “I think I might,” he rolled her onto her back and kissed her.

Harry noticed his friends were watching him closely now.

“Thinking of something Potter?” Seamus grinned. Harry blushed, realizing that he must have a huge grin plastered on his face.

“Er. . .no,” he lied and checked his potion.

“That potion can do wonders for your relationship with Ginny, Potter,” Seamus whispered. Harry’s face was turning bright red as he suddenly remembered what he had done with Ginny the night before as well. He tried to suppress his grin. Ron began to have a coughing fit. Harry looked at Ron and he glared at him. Harry knew Ron knew exactly what he was thinking and looked away. Harry was spared from responding to Seamus when a shadow cast over him and Professor Snape peered into his cauldron.

“What do we have here,” Professor Snape drawled, ladling the potion and slowly letting it drip back into the cauldron, “Potter made a perfect potion on the first try. Most impressive. Pity you can’t do that every time.”

Harry clenched his fists and felt ready to jump out of his seat and give Professor Snape what he deserved. Harry knew that he should haven’t done anything in the first place with Ginny and he realized that. Even if he could, he wouldn’t go back in time and change it all; he was perfectly happy being a father. Professor Snape strolled down to the next cauldron, sneering at Harry. He forced himself to calm down and relax. Finally Potions was over and everyone began to clean up. As Harry walked out the door with Ron and Hermione he caught a word from a Slytherin he hated the most.

“Maybe that Weasley girl should have been in class. Might have learned a thing or two. Seems too late for her anyway. Bet you Potter did it too,” Malfoy said. Harry froze ready to spin around and hex Malfoy. Ron and Hermione pushed him out the door and to the stairs.

“Don’t bother with that slime,” Hermione whispered harshly, whisking him up the stairs.

“You heard what he said,” Harry argued.

“Yes, but I wouldn’t worry Harry. He’s all talk,” Hermione replied.

“What exactly were you thinking about Harry?” Ron asked. Harry looked at him confused then realized that Ron still wanted to know what Harry did with his sister.

“Oh honestly Ron,” Hermione rolled her eyes, “they are married. Did you expect them not to do anything?” she whispered.

“Yes,” Ron replied as if was written in stone. Hermione rolled her eyes again and they set off for dinner.

Chapter 6: Chapter Five
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Italics indictate memory and letters. Regular text within a memory indticates a letter.

Chapter Five

“I thought I was giving you the bath, not the other way around,” Ginny sighed as James kicked his feet and splashed the water over the side of the wash bin. She flinched and shook her head, “Okay you’re done,” she lifted him out and dried him off. With a wave of her wand, the bathroom was clean and water-free. She checked to see if anyone was in her dormitory before she brought him back in. No one. She hadn’t seen any of her roommates since her last class. The moment she had returned to the common room, she went straight to her dormitory, put James in his crib, pulled the curtains around her, and laid in her bed crying. Ginny guessed she dozed off for a good half hour and decided to bathe James when she had woke. She sighed and took James over to her bed and put on his pajamas.

“Dinner’s about to start soon,” she glanced up at the clock, finishing buttoning up James’s pajamas. She was starving but wasn’t about to go down to the Great Hall. She put James in his carrier and pulled out his trunk from beneath her bed. She rummaged through his trunk for some formula. She found a box filled with formula and baby food. She hadn’t expected to see baby food in there. There was a note folded on top of some jars. Ginny picked it up and read it.

Ginny and Harry,

Since James is starting to get older, it’s time he started to eat baby food. I just begun to give him a small jar recently. Don’t give him too much of it though. It can cause damage to his stomach and we certainly don’t want that. Just keep it to one small jar a day and work him up. Keep giving him the bottle and Ginny, continue to breast feed him. I think you really need to do that. It’s a sort of bond between a mother and her baby. I do hope you remembered to use the Muggle invention so you don’t dry up. Oh and he’s starting to fuss and your father spotted a tooth just coming in today. Take care.



Ginny laughed, “Thanks for the warning about him teething Mum. Didn’t realize that today as I was nursing him,” she said to herself. She had remembered to follow her mother’s directions to make sure she could still nurse James if they were allowed to visit on weekends. It wasn’t too difficult to hide from anyone either. Ginny threw the note on her bed and looked over the contents.

“I think carrots and green peas will do tonight,” she picked up and jar and looked at James, “What do you think, sound good?”

He cooed and smiled at her.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” she smiled and found a spoon in the box. She put it down on her bed and found his bib. Ginny tied it around his neck and began to feed him. Patiently, she spoon fed her son and glanced around. Whomever had brought his belonging up and tried their best to ensure she would have privacy with him. On one side of her bed was his crib and opposite of it was a rocking chair. On the other side was his swing and a stroller was propped up against the wall. The curtains had been expanded around her bed, providing some space for her to move around to take care of him. Ginny had taken it upon herself to put his trunk under her bed along with his toys. She sighed. What did her roommates think of this? She had heard them whispering when she was in her bed crying but none of them came to check on her. James coughed breaking her gaze. She shook her head and waited for him to finish what he had in his mouth before shoving the spoon in his mouth again. He watched her, his soft green eyes staring up at her. How she loved those eyes. Harry’s eyes. How she loved Harry. He was probably in the Great Hall having his dinner and talking with his friends. At least he had friends. Ginny had never felt so lonely since she had to stay at the Burrow for last term. She absentmindedly feed James, thinking back.

Mid February was cold. Ginny sat with her mother and her mother’s friends in the Leaky Cauldron one later afternoon, sipping hot coca and eating Pumpkin Pastries, which she had developed a craving for recently along with her never ending craving of fresh strawberries. She listened quietly as the older witches around her chatted about this and that. They had asked about Ginny and wondered why she was here and not at school. Her mother explained she was very ill and not allowed to return for the term and continuing her studies at home. No further questions were asked. Ginny had a difficult time convincing her mother to let her come with her to do shopping in Diagon Alley. Staying at home was quickly growing old and she needed some fresh air and a change of scenery. Molly objected at once saying that she couldn’t come because Ginny had begun to show and it was clear through her clothing. Ginny had argued that some of her robes were loose enough to make her appear normal and quickly changed into a pair to prove her point. After much pleading, Molly agreed. All Ginny had to do was control her strange cravings and her sudden mood swings and no one would ever suspect that she was a pregnant fifteen year old.

She stared out a window, trimmed with frost from the cold. Couples passed by, holding hands. Children following their mothers in the streets and babies being held close. She watched a pregnant witch stroll by, her husband she guessed by her side. Ginny was very lonely. She missed her friends and most of all she missed Harry. It was hard to believe how much she loved him. Their separation seemed to spark a deepening in their love. When time grew nearer that he would have to return to school, Ginny couldn’t take it. They had shared a passion filled night before he left. She had to show him that she truly loved him. Ginny sighed and felt even more lonely. She had her parents, but it wasn’t the same. She longed to have someone of her own age around again. Of course she would have to wait for that. She had to return to Hogwarts to take her O.W.L.s in a few months. Ginny sipped her hot coca thinking what Harry was doing right now. Did he miss her? Was he thinking of her too? She imagined being at Hogwarts with him, sitting on the couch in the common room next to a warm fire. He would be holding her telling her how much he loved her and she would say the same. Just like he had last week.

Ginny smiled. It was Valentine’s Day last week and Ginny was surprised when he showed up in her room. She was ecstatic when he said he could stay the night. He left early the next morning by Port Key and that had saddened Ginny. But, the fact was that he was there to spend their first Valentine’s Day together. How she loved him.

How she missed him! Last week seemed ages ago. She longed to see his face, to hear his voice, to have some part of him with her. Then she realized she did have a part of him, not visible and certainly not something she could hear, but it was there. She was able to feel this part of him. In the past few weeks she had been feeling something like butterflies in her stomach. According to a book her mother had bought her, it was the baby moving and soon it would start to kick. She would wait to feel something all day. Her books would be all over the table as she did her homework waiting to feel it, but it never did. All she felt was butterflies. Ginny sighed and listened once again to her mother and her friends.

The door opened a an old wizard hobbled in. Just before it shut something small carrying an envelope zoomed in and fluttered wildly around the room. Patrons watched the confused owl zoom this way and that.

“Pig!” Ginny exclaimed. Molly looked at the confused owl darting around and finally landing in front of Ginny. Ginny took the letter and smoothed out Pig’s feathers. He hooted happily at her and took flight again, racing out an opened window. Ginny smiled at Ron’s writing on the envelope.

“Ron’s sent you a letter. Isn’t that nice,” Molly smiled. Ginny smiled at her and slowly opened it. Molly turned back to her conversation. Ginny took the letter out and held it out to read. There were three messages on it.

Dear Ginny,

Well I’m sitting here in History of Magic (how many rebellions can goblins have?) And well got bored. So I decided to write to my dear sister and see how she was doing. I hope all is well at home and Mum and Dad aren’t being too annoying to deal with. I can only imagine what it’s like to be alone with them for so long. I feel for you. Things are going well here. Everyone keeps asking how you are and they all miss you and want you to get better soon. Though I’m sure you’re feel better in a few months! Well Hermione’s bugging me to stop writing and pay attention. You should see her notes! Mental!

Love Your Brother,


Ginny smiled. She was happy to hear from him. She looked at Hermione’s neat writing and went on reading.


Ron convinced me to write to you in the middle of class. Oh I am never going to catch up with my notes now. How am I going to study for the test now? Well I hope you are doing well and staying on top of your studies. Though, I have no doubt that you are. Ron can certainly learn a thing or two from your studying habits. I simply must return my attention to class. Miss you lots!


Ginny giggled at the thought of Hermione writing a letter in the middle of class. She went on to the final message, which was much longer than the first two.

My Dearest Ginny,

She smiled, sighing softly. She knew that many people wrote ‘Dearest’ before the name of someone they love, but it was special to see it written in Harry’s handwriting. She went on.

I miss you so much. Valentine’s Day seems so far away now, but I’m glad I spent it with you. You don’t know how many times I’ve longed to have you with me. How many times I’ve longed to be with you. I just want to hold your hand and be with you. It’s hard to watch these other couples around school being together. It just hurts you are so far away and I can’t even have a glimpse of your face. I’m always thinking of you. . .both of you. How are you feeling? Everything okay so far? I hope so. I really wish I could be there with you. I’ve been reading that book your mother sent to me. Says you should be feeling something soon. Have you? I really wish I was there to feel it with you. That would be amazing.

And then it happened. She stopped reading and looked down. There it was again. A tiny jab against her stomach. How ironic it was that as she was reading Harry’s letter it would happened. She hid her smile as she felt it again. It was amazing to feel.

“Mum,” she said. Molly looked at her. Ginny was biting her lip.

“What is it dear?” she asked, “Is it your stomach again?”

Ginny nodded. She knew her mother knew what had just happened.

“We’ll go home in a bit,” Molly said, smiling warmly at her. Ginny nodded and returned to her letter.

Let me know what’s going on. I want to know everything. I really miss you Gin. Do you know how much you mean to me? I love you so much. I can’t wait to see you and kiss you again. I still smile thinking of what happened that night before I left for school.

Ginny smiled remembering that night. It was just her and him, loving each other. It was truly a special night for them both.

Class is about to end so I better finish this. Can’t wait to see you. I love you from the bottom of my heart.

Love Always,


Smiling, she put the letter back in the envelope and soon found herself back at the Burrow with her mother. Her father had already returned and was sitting at the table with Bill and Charlie. They beamed at the sight of them. Ginny took off her cloak and threw it on the couch walking over to them.

“Hi Daddy!” she kissed Arthur’s cheek. He smiled at her.

“You and your mother have fun?” he asked. Ginny nodding and walked over the Bill and Charlie, kissing their cheeks and greeting them. She ignored the dark looks they gave when they glanced down at her stomach. Another small jab in her stomach.

“Dad, guess what,” she said excitedly, placing a hand on her stomach.

“What Ginny?” he asked, sipping his tea.

“The baby is kicking. Want to feel?” she smiled. He smiled at her and put his cup down.

“Of course dear,” he said, placing a hand on her stomach. She smiled.

“Isn’t that lovely,” he patted her stomach softly. She smiled again. Bill and Charlie gave her weak smiles. She decided against asking them the same.

“Well I have some homework to finish,” she said and left the kitchen. Her school books were still sitting on the couch in the living room. She sat down and began to read. She softly rubbed her stomach as the baby kicked again. She wished Harry could feel this. Her thoughts were interrupted.

“Leave her alone,” Molly said.

“I can’t believe you two are condoning this,” Bill replied, hotly.

“It’s her decision,” Arthur said. Ginny stood up and listened in the hall.

“You would have been furious with us if we had done the same thing. What if I had gotten a girl pregnant?” Charlie said.

“We would be just as supportive,” Arthur replied.

“She’s a baby!” Bill exclaimed.

“Don’t raise your voice to me like that William,”Arthur reprimanded.

“She’s too young to be married and having a kid,” Bill sighed.

“She’s doing what she thinks is right and taking responsibility. Most girls her age wouldn’t be doing this,” Molly replied.

“What’s right?” Charlie exclaimed.

“Ruining her life is right?” Bill scoffed.

“And how could you let that git still be with her? He took her innocence away without any concern for what could happen,” Charlie said. Ginny had enough.

“That git,” she announced her presence, “is the one I love. My husband and the father of my child. And for your information, he didn’t take my innocence away just like that. We both were involved and both consented to it. We love each other and wanted to show it,” Ginny raved at her brothers. They looked at her in disbelief. Ginny raised her arms in frustration.

“Fine! Be like that! If you’re so against this whole thing then I’m fine with that. It’s nice to know what my brothers really think of me,” she forced herself not to cry and turned to run up the stairs to her room. She sat on her bed and cried. She felt lonely again. Her mother had come in and tried to comfort her. Ginny was glad she was there but it wasn’t enough. Loneliness still filled her and she wanted Harry to be there to hold her and tell her it everything was alright. She hated feeling like this and wished it would all end.

Ginny stood up and threw the empty jar away and went to wash off the spoon and put it away. She put her hands on her hips looking around her room. Glancing up at the clock, only fifteen minutes had past. She picked up her school bag, a baby blanket, and picked up James in his carrier and made for the door. James cooed from the carrier. She looked down and him and frowned. Poor thing is going to be bored. She put the things down, gently settling the carrier on the floor, and made for his trunk. She grabbed a mobile, a teething ring she suspected her mother must have bought, and a few stuffed animals and shoved them in her bag and collected everything again and walked down the stairs. She was relieved to find it empty. She set the carrier on a table and dropped her bag. She set the blanket on the floor and put his stuffed animals on it. Gently, Ginny lifted him out of the carrier and carefully placed him on his back on the blanket. With a wave of her wand, the mobile lifted out of her bag and hung just above James. She gave it a tap and it began to gently move in midair. Satisfied, Ginny took the carrier off the table and sat down to began her homework. She glanced over at James who was watching her.

“Now you behave while Mummy does her schoolwork,” she said. He stuck his hand in his mouth, continuing to stare. She smiled and knelt down to him to give him his pacifier instead. She stood back up and returned to her Muggle Studies work.

Harry was very worried about Ginny now. She said she’d be at dinner and twenty minutes into, she was no where to be seen. He sighed and shoved a mouthful of food in his mouth. She was definitely acting strange. Harry was beginning to wonder if her hormones were still dysfunctional or if the memories of the summer were returning to her.

“Stop that!” a fourth year girl giggled at the Ravenclaw table. Harry watched as a fourth year boy kissed her neck and whispered in her ear. He noticed that there were many couples around doing what he wished he could be doing with Ginny.

Harry couldn’t wait to get through his classes. It had been very tough seeing couples everywhere he went and knowing that he was far away from the girl he loved, was difficult. But now wasn’t time for him to be missing her. She was here now. Ginny was here for the O.W.L.s and he was dying to see her again. This would be the first time he would see her this far into her pregnancy. Seven and a half months to be exact. He also couldn’t wait to feel the baby kick. The bell rung and Harry bolted out the room and to where the exam was taking place. Students piled out from everywhere. Harry waited eagerly to see her. A flash of red emerged from the fifth years and Harry’s heart gave a small leap. Ginny spotted him from among the crowd and waved. She made her way through the horde of students and finally reached him. This wasn’t what he expected. Ginny looked normal as if she never became pregnant at all. Harry was disappointed.

“Harry!” she threw her arms around him, “I’ve missed you so much!”

He was confused.

“Ginny?” he looked at her. She looked down and laughed.

“Oh,” she leaned close to his ear, “Don’t worry, it’s there. Special robes so no one knows even when they are close to me.”

“Oh,” Harry nodded slowly then grinned at her before kissing her lips. He missed doing that. Her lips were just as soft and sweet as he remembered. He held her tight as he kissed her.

“How are you feeling?” he asked, pulling away.

“Tired, but good,” she smiled.

“Good,” he smiled at her and looked at her stomach briefly. She smiled. Her expression changed and she looked at him.

“I think it knows,” she whispered.

“What?” he asked. She leaned close to his ear.

“It knows that you are here,” she whispered. Harry grinned and pulled her close.

“Is it, you know?” he asked quietly. She nodded. Ginny turned around and leaned back into Harry’s embrace. Harry slipped his arms around her waist, placing his hands on her stomach. Harry tried not to show his emotion as he felt a small kick. It was amazing to feel. This was his child inside her. He held his hands there feeling small kicks and jabs. He kissed Ginny’s neck.

“Wow Gin, that is amazing,” he whispered in her ear. She slightly nodded her head. They stood there, watching students pass by and into the Great Hall.

“I can eat in the Great Hall for dinner,” she said, wiggling away from his hold on her and turning to look at him..

“Can you? Great!” Harry took her hand and walked with her to the Great Hall. Everyone greeted her and asked her how she was. Harry admired how she didn’t let on and eased into conversations. She sat very close to him, allowing him to snake an arm around her waist. Ginny was talking to Parvati and Lavender, when she placed her hand on Harry’s hand on her waist. She slowly moved it across to her stomach and softly held it there, moving closer to him, while laughing at something Lavender said. He kissed Ginny’s cheek as he felt his baby kicking her again. She turned her head and kissed him.

“It knows who you are. At least I think it does. It knows that Daddy is here,” she whispered very softly. Harry smiled. Daddy. He had to get use to that. Dinner went on. Ginny yawned.

“You okay?” Harry asked her. She popped a strawberry in her mouth and looked at him.

“Yeah. Getting tired,” she said.

“Do you want me to walk with you to the infirmary?” he asked.

“That would be nice,” Ginny smiled. He helped her stand up and they bid goodnight to their friends. It was nice to walk with her in the castle, hand in hand just like they had before.

“Wait up!” a voice shouted. They stopped just outside the door to the infirmary. Ron and Hermione raced to catch up with them.

“Mind if we join you two?” Ron asked, grinning at Ginny.

“I’d love the company,” she replied. After a small fight with Madam Pomfrey, Harry, Ron, and Hermione were allowed to stay with her. Ginny was staying in a room inside the infirmary designed just for her and so she could have privacy. Ginny disappeared into the loo to change her clothes. Harry, Ron, and Hermione waited, looking around the room. The door opened and Ginny stepped out. She was gorgeous. Harry couldn’t believe how much more beautiful she looked being pregnant like that. He couldn’t keep her eyes off her.

“Wow Gin,” he walked up to her. She blushed and looked away.

“I know I’m not pretty anymore,” she said.

“What!” Ron exclaimed, “Ginny you look great!”

“No I don’t. I’m fat,” she replied. Harry took her hands.

“No, you’re gorgeous and you’re pregnant. And I mean that. I think I’m falling in love with you again,” Harry said, looking into her chocolate brown eyes.

“Thank you,” she said and softly kissed him.

“So how are you feeling?” Hermione asked. Ginny sighed and struggled to sit in a chair.

“I’m fine. Just really exhausted,” she said then realized something, “Great,” she muttered.

“What’s wrong?” Ron asked. They had gathered around her, Ron and Hermione pulling other chairs up to her and Harry sitting on her bed, holding her hand.

“This is the comfortable chair. Now I’ll never get up,” she said. They laughed at her.

“I’ll help you. Don’t worry,” Harry squeezed her hand. She smiled. Hermione launched into gossip with Ginny. Ron and Harry soon joined in.

“This is such a relief!” Ginny sighed happily, placing her free hand on her stomach, “I’ve been longing to talk to people my age for ages now!”

“Mr. and Mrs. Weasley aren’t enough for you?” Harry asked. She shook her head.

“I mean they are there to talk to and so are my other brothers, but Merlin I’m tired of them,” Ginny said.

“I feel sorry for you. I don’t think I could survive Mum and Dad alone like that,” Ron said. Ginny giggled.

“Though Mum has kept me entertained telling me stories of when she was pregnant with all of us and when we were babies. Oh the things she’s told me about you Ron,” Ginny grinned mischievously at him. Ron’s eyes widen. Ginny laughed and silence fell on the group.

“So,” Hermione said, “What do you two want? A boy or girl?”

Husband and wife looked at each other. Harry never really thought of it before.

“I don’t know,” Harry said slowly, “What about you Gin?”

She shrugged, “I don’t really care. It’s still our baby isn’t it?”

Harry nodded and smiled at her.

“Though Mum reckons it’s a boy,” Ginny said thoughtfully.

“How can she tell?” Ron asked.

“Says she can tell by the way I’m carrying it. Not sure what she means but she’s certain it’s a boy,” Ginny shrugged. Soon their conversations came to an end and Harry was allowed to stay the night with Ginny. Harry helped Ginny get into her bed and laid next to her. He made a point in telling her how beautiful she looked, kissing her stomach and talking to it .

“We still have to pick out names,” she said. Harry kissed her stomach.

“I know,” he sat up and sat next to her.

“Okay, well what if it’s a girl?” she asked, looking at him.

“A girl, well,” Harry thought.

“I’ve always liked the name Emily,” Ginny sighed. Harry thought this over.

“Emily, okay. And a middle name,” he said thinking aloud, “How about Christine. Emily Christine.”

“Emily Christine,” Ginny said slowly and nodded, “I like it.”

“Good,” he smiled, taking her hand.

“And a boy?” she asked, snuggling up to him. Harry put his arm around her shoulders. A boy. What would he name a son? He thought about what his parents might have done when naming him and finally thought of something.

“Ginny, can we name it after someone if it’s a boy?” he asked.

“Surely dear, but who?” she looked up at him. Harry bit his bottom lip.

“My father,” he said slowly, “I want to name my first son James, sort of like honoring him.”

Ginny smiled pleasantly at him, “I like that idea. Fine. His first name will be James. How about Elijah. It was my grandfather’s name,” Ginny said.

“James Elijah,” Harry thought, “Sounds good.”

She smiled.

“Emily Christine and James Elijah,” she announced and patted her stomach softly, “Oh! Harry it’s kicking again!”

Harry immediately put his hand on her stomach and grinned.

“You know it’s been really hard without you. I keep seeing all these couples together and I think of you and I start to worry,” he admitted. She smiled and kissed him. Their kisses deepened. Harry missed kissing her like this.

“I love you Ginny,” he said.

“I love you too Harry,” she whispered breathlessly and he kissed her again.

“Has she eaten at all today?” Ron asked stuffing a rather large amount of potatoes in his mouth. Harry came back to reality and looked at his best friend.

“A bit. Half a bagel and that miserable sandwich,” Harry said, shaking his head at the thought of his wife starving herself like that.

“Maybe you should fix her a plate and bring it up,” Hermione suggested.

“That’s a good idea,” Ron nodded. Harry picked up an empty plate and filled it with Ginny’s favorites. He poured a goblet of pumpkin juice then slung his bag over his shoulder. He picked up the plate and goblet and began to leave the Great Hall, Ron and Hermione after him.

Chapter 7: Chapter Six
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Chapter Six

Harry followed Ron into the common room, careful not to spill the pumpkin juice. Ginny sat at a table doing homework and James lay on his back playing quietly on the floor. They walked over to her. She seemed to not notice them at all. Harry set the plate and goblet in front of her and she looked up.

“Oh,” she looked at the food, “Thanks,” she smiled. Ron knelt on the floor next to James, tickling him. Hermione sat across from Ginny looking at Ginny and Harry still next to her. Ginny slowly ate the food, reading a book.

“Are you okay? “ he asked. She looked up at him, her expression unreadable. Suddenly she burst into tears. Ron and Hermione exchanged looks. Harry helped Ginny to her feet and embraced her.

“Could you two keep an eye on him?” he asked, leading Ginny to the stairs. They nodded and Harry led her to his room. She sat on his bed and he let her cry for a moment. She dried her eyes and pulled her knees up to her on his bed. He sat next to her, waiting.

“How. .” she began, “It’s not fair. It isn’t right.”

Harry was lost but kept quiet.

“He deserves better. Not this. Not us,” Ginny hung her head, staring at her knees. Now he knew what she meant, “He deserves a better life. Not teenage parents. How could we do this to such an innocent child?”

“Ginny,” Harry put an arm around her, “So what if we're teenagers. We love him and care for him. Doesn’t that count?’

“Of course, but, I don’t know,” she sighed, putting her head on his shoulder.

“You’re a wonderful mother, you know that don’t you. James couldn’t have anyone better,” Harry kissed her copper hair.

“Sure,” she laughed, “A mother whom no one will talk to and whisper about in the halls.”

“So there is more,” he sighed.

“I feel so lonely,” Ginny laid back on his bed. Harry rested himself next to her, propping himself an elbow, looking down at her.


“I do. I have no friends.”

“That’s not true Gin.”

“Yes it is. My roommates were talking about me in the hall after class. That’s why I ran from you like that,” He stroked her face and traced a line of freckles. Harry knew she was strong, very strong. She should have held her head high in the halls, proud to have James with her, but for some reason she wasn’t. She was protective, too protective to his liking. Something else was bothering her and he knew it had to be last summer’s events.

“You have Ron and Hermione,” Harry continued on. Maybe if he let her keep going she would tell him.

“No you do, I don’t,” she sighed, sadly.


“They are your friends Harry. Besides Ron’s my brother.”

“Okay, if you want to say that. Well you have me.”

“I don’t deserve you.”

“Is that so?”

Harry lied down next to her and wrapped his arms around her.



“You’re too good for me.”

“Not true.”

“Very true.”

“Okay so James doesn’t deserve you and I don’t. Then who does?”

“I don’t know. I don’t think I deserve myself. ”

She rested her head on his chest now.

“Cheery one you are.”

“Don’t tease.”

“I like to tease you.”

She sighed.

“I hate myself,” she said.

“Don’t say that,” he replied.

“I do though. I’m surprised you don’t hate me.”

“That’s because I love you.”

“Why do you love me?”

“Because I do?”

“But why? Tell me why.”

“Because you’re amazing and intelligent and beautiful. A red-headed angel. A breath of fresh air. My golden snitch!”

“Now you’re being silly,” she swatted his arm playfully, giggling and moving back to lie next to him. He tightened his hold on her.

“No, I’m trying to comfort you and get you to stop being so hard on yourself. You don’t give yourself too much credit.”

“Does this conversation even have a point?”

“Probably not.”

“So why are we talking then?”

“Rather I not?”


“Alright then,” he kissed her softly on her forehead.

“This is so dumb.”

“Yes it is darling.”

“Oh shut up.”

“I think I won’t. Feel better?”

“Strangely yes.”

“Good, my job as a husband is done.” She laughed. Maybe she didn’t reveal what was truly bothering her, but at least she was laughing and happier now.

“You amaze me. Somehow you make things all better, even through a dumb conversation and you acting like an idiot,” she smiled. She leaned up and kissed him. Harry held her.

“I just want you to stop acting so negative. You can’t be down on yourself like this,” he said.

“I know,” she sighed. Harry leaned over her and kissed her passionately. He felt a very familiar urge lying on top of her like that, his body pressing into hers. Images from the night before of having her in the exact same place came to is mind. He slowly lifted a hand up her skirt, hoping to have a repeat of last night, continuing to kiss her, clutching her waist close to his with his other hand.

“Harry, no,” she warned, breaking a kiss.

“Why not?” he pouted, kissing her neck, pulling her as close as he could.

“Because James is downstairs in the common room,” she sighed, trying to resist the feeling of want. He looked at her.

“Didn’t stop you when he was in the same room,” he smiled. She pushed him off. Harry rolled over on his back and stared at her.

“Ron and Hermione will watch him,” he whined. She sat up and looked at him. His eyes were begging her. Slowly she crawled towards him and swung a leg across him, sitting herself on his stomach.

“Maybe you’re right,” she smiled sweetly and leaned down to kiss him, gliding a hand on his chest, “But,” she sat up, “Not now,” she jumped off and made for the door. Harry sat up and stared at her in disbelief.

“Tease!” he shouted.

“Catch your golden snitch!” she called after him, half laughing, and opened the door. Harry jumped off his bed and slammed the door, turning her around and pushed her against the wall. He kissed her deeply. He broke away and stared at her.

“Caught my snitch,” he smiled and kissed her forehead then proceeded to her neck and that spot just beneath her ear. He felt her shiver and exhale a slow breath. He knew she loved that.

“Later,” she sighed.

“Fine, fine,” he gave in and let her open the door. They descended the stairs with Ginny in a much better mood. They stopped at the bottom of the stairs staring at Ron and Hermione wrapped in each other’s arms. Harry cleared his throat. They broke away, breathing heavily.

“Thanks for keeping an eye on our son,” Ginny teased walking toward them. They blushed. Ginny glanced over at James and frowned.

“I could have sworn. . .” she said taking a step near him. Harry stood next to her.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, studying James.

“I thought I put him on his back,” she scratched her head. Harry looked at his son lying on his stomach on the baby blanket, the mobile dancing above him. He thought back to when he came in.

“He was,” Harry was baffled. He looked at his best friends, “Did one of you two flip him over?”

They shook their heads.

“No,” Ron replied. Ron blushed, “We were a bit occupied to do that.”

“Harry,” Ginny looked at him, placing a hand on his arm and ignoring Ron’s remark, “You don’t think he did it on his own, do you?”

Harry looked at her and shrugged, “I don’t know, he could have.”

“Well he is teething so it is possible that he can flip on his own now,” she looked at James. Harry stared at her.

“He is?” he asked, excitedly. She nodded.

“I noticed today when I was feeding him. One tooth barely coming in the front,” she explained. Harry grinned. Ginny knelt down next to her son and put him on his back again. They watched him, waiting to see what he would do. He gazed up at them smiling and cooing at them. Slowly, he tried to turn on his side. His parents watched him carefully. He inched his way on his side and suddenly rolled himself over onto his stomach, rasing his head slightly off the floor, his tiny arms and legs spread out. Ginny squealed in delight.

“Harry!” she cried out happily.

“That’s my boy!” Harry knelt down on his other side and picked him up. He smiled at his son and kissed the top of his copper head.

“Good job sweetie!” Ginny rubbed his back gently, smiling proudly at him. Ron and Hermione stared at the young family.

“He only rolled over. No big deal,” Ron shrugged.

“Not a big deal to you, but a huge deal to us,” Ginny said, smugly, “My baby is growing up!” she announced proudly.

“Soon enough he’ll be on a broom. I’d give him a few months before that,” Harry, stood up with James in his arms. Ginny looked at him in horror.

“What?” she stood up, glaring at her husband.

“What?” he asked innocently, gently bouncing James in his arms.

“You will not take my son on a broom! He’s too young!” she shouted angrily.

“Only joking,” Harry tried to defend himself.

“Oh sure,” she crossed her arms, “don’t you even think about it Harry James Potter.”

Harry sighed and looked at his son, “Quite a temper your mother has. Best to learn now how not to make her mad.”

“Harry!” her mouth dropped open, horrified. She couldn’t believe him.

“It’s a lesson. He needs to know how to deal with his mummy when she gets mad,” he replied.

“Oh what a nice fatherly lesson,” she snapped, “Wonderful to teach your son.”

“I could teach him other things when he gets older,” Harry grinned mischievously at her.

“Oh in the name of Merlin!” she shouted, her face in a half shocked and half furious expression, “Sure just teach him what you were trying to do to me upstairs will you!”

“I’m only joking Ginny!” he laughed at her expression, “Can’t you take a joke?”

She let out a frustrated sigh and sat in her chair, pulling a book to her face and began reading, ignoring her husband. Ron and Hermione sat down at the table taking out their own books, clearly not wanting to get involved.

“Now James,” Harry sighed, “Lesson number one, never ever say something you will regret. Take what I did for example. I said some things that I found funny and only said them because I thought they would get a good laugh, but I underestimated myself. Instead your mother now thinks I’m a horrible father that will be a terrible influence on you and hates me.”

Ginny made a sound as if she was agreeing with him.

“You really have gone mad, haven’t you?” Ron raised an eyebrow at him. Harry shrugged. Ginny made another sound of agreement, “I agree with you Ron,” she stated to her brother.

“When you make a mistake like this,” Harry went on ignoring her, “you have to apologize in the right way,” Harry said. James was looking at him, sucking on his pacifier.

“So now,” Harry continued, “I’m going to apologize to Mummy. Watch closely,” Harry walked over to her and sat next to her. He took the pacifier out of James’s mouth and turned him around to face Ginny. Harry raised him up to the height of his head.

“Mummy, please don’t be mad at Daddy,” Harry said in a baby voice.

“Better notify the loony bin,” Ron muttered. Hermione giggled. Ginny turned to stare at Harry. How he could use her son to apologize was beyond her.

“Daddy is really sorry for being a git and wants you to talk to him again,” Harry went on. Ginny raised an eyebrow.

“Harry, using my baby to apologize is not going to work,” he could hear a trace of amusement in her voice. Harry set James in his lap. Ginny looked back at her book.

“You know I was only joking with you. I’m not going to take him out on a broom before he can walk and I wouldn’t teach him those things I implied,” Harry said, “I’m sorry Gin for being a complete and utter prat.”

She smiled and looked at him, “You’re forgiven,” she said and kissed his cheek. James made a noise. Ginny’s eyes went wide and she smiled at James, making a face at him, and took him from Harry.

“Now that Daddy is done being dumb for the day or so I hope,” she teased. Harry glared, “It’s time for you to go back in your carrier.”

“Why?” Hermione asked. Ginny looked at her and sighed.

“Dinner’s nearly over and everyone will be coming up here,” she said, cradling James.

Harry bent over and picked up the carrier and set it on the table and Ginny put him in.

“Hand me that teething ring will you,” Ginny gestured to the floor. Harry picked it up and gave it to her and proceeded to pick up the rest of his toys and stop the mobile. He put the toys in her bag and gave her a blanket to cover him again. James was chewing on the teething ring looking back and forth at them.

“Be a good boy now,” Harry said to him and Ginny draped the blanket once again over the carrier, hiding their son.

“What should we do when everyone comes up then?” Harry asked, reaching for his school bag.

“Nothing,” Ginny said and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, “Well just wait for them to say something and be casual about it.”

Harry nodded. The four of them began to work on homework quietly. Someone would bring up a light conversation once in a while, but they remained focused on their studies. Both Ginny and Harry kept glancing at the carrier and peeking inside. Minutes passed before the portrait door swung open and a wave of noise announced the arrival of their fellow Gryffindors. Voices suddenly stopped and others reduced to mummers. No one went over the table. They all confined themselves on the other side of the room as if their was an invisible shield around Ron, Harry, Hermione, and Ginny. Ginny could feel everyone staring again and felt very uncomfortable. She glanced at the carrier, a sudden urge to protect James, last summer racing through her mind. A hand slipped in hers. She looked to see Harry squeezing her hand reassuringly. There was a hushed conversation from the others in the room and someone tripping over their feet as if they were just pushed. Someone cleared their voice. They four of them looked up and saw Dean standing next to Ron.

“Sorry to bother you Ron,” Dean said, “but we were all wondering something.”

The four of them exchanged looks.

“Yes?” Ron said.

“Well we want to know why you have your baby brother with you,” Dean said. The other students held their breath, waiting.

“Ron doesn’t have a baby brother,” Ginny replied. They had to know the truth. It was no use in hiding anything anymore. Harry looked at her, surprised. Dean looked at her and frowned.

“Yes he does. You both told us on the train,” Dean said.

“They don’t have a baby brother,” Harry said, reaffirming her statement. Ginny looked at him. He too, was tired of hiding. Why should they be ashamed of James?

“Of course they do. That kid had red hair,” Dean argued.

“So did my mother,” Harry crossed his arms. Dean looked very confused.

“What does your mother have anything to do with this? And why are you taking care of Ron’s kid brother?” Dean asked. Ginny looked over at Harry. They both knew they couldn’t hide it any longer. The truth had to be told.

“Because,” Harry began looking at the carrier and then at Ginny, “he’s our son,” Harry looked over at Dean who wore a very shocked look. Dean shot a quick look at Ginny.

“Did you just say that he’s your son?” Lavender squeaked. Harry nodded, “But that’s impossible!”

“Not really,” Ginny sighed.

“What do you mean not really? What’s going on?” Claire asked. Harry and Ginny exchanged looks. They launched into the whole story of how Ginny had become pregnant, and how they got married, and the truth to why Ginny wasn’t there last term. When they finished, no one uttered a sound. Many of there house mates were speechless and some even looked sorry for them.

“So let me get this straight,” Seamus said, “you two are married and have a son.”

They nodded.

“I feel really sorry for you two,” Parvati said.

“No,” Ginny replied. Everyone looked at her, “Don’t be sorry for us. We’re not sorry, so there’s no point in any of you feeling sorry for us.”


“Ginny?” Bridget said softly, walking up to her. Ginny looked at her, “Why didn’t you tell us?”

Ginny was afraid someone would ask this and was hesitant to reply. She sighed, “I was afraid of what you all would think. I didn’t want to be treated different. I was still Ginny Weasley, just pregnant. I didn’t know how anyone else would react and besides I didn’t know what we were going to do. We didn’t decided until late November.”

“I wish you would have said something,” Melanie said.

“What?” Ginny looked at her confused.

“We would have helped you Ginny,” Bridget said. Her roommates smiled at her. Ginny smiled back at them and looked away. More silence. Harry was beginning to hate the awkward silence in the common room.

“So um,” a fourth year girl spoke, “What’s his name?”

Harry smiled, “James Elijah,” he said.

“Can we see him?” a third year girl asked.

“Oh well,” Ginny wasn’t sure of that idea. She looked over at Harry.

“Ginny it’s okay for them to look at him,” Harry sighed knowing full well of what she was thinking.

“I know, but,” she said, “I just don’t like it.”

“Yes I know that,” Harry replied. She glared at him.

“Look why don’t we put him on the floor over by the armchairs so he can play?” Harry suggested, reaching for a blanket, “We'll sit near him. Okay?”

“I suppose,” Ginny watched him. Harry stood up and waited for her to get up out of her chair. Slowly, Ginny rose and turned the carrier away from everyone. She lifted up the blanket and looked at James. She smiled at him.

“Hi sweetheart,” she whispered, tickling his stomach. He looked at her, chewing on his teething ring. She gently pulled it away from his mouth. She glanced up. Everyone was watching her closely. Ginny looked back at her son, “Ready to meet some of Mummy and Daddy’s friends?” she asked, slowly lifting him out of it. She began to walk towards the awaiting students.

“This is James,” she said softly. Everyone rushed towards her.


“He’s so cute!”

“How adorable!”

“He’s so small!”

“Oh he’s such a beautiful baby!”

“Can I hold him?”

Faces pushed in front of another to look at him, hands reaching out to touch him. Ginny held onto him tight as if someone was trying to pry him away from her. She definitely did not like this. James had a frightened look on his face and began to cry loudly, clinging onto Ginny. Harry pushed through the crowd at the sound of his son’s terrified cry.

“What’s wrong?” he asked Ginny, looking at James.

“He’s frightened from everyone,” she replied, “Shh. It’s okay James, it’s okay. See Daddy’s here,” she tried to soothe him, shifting him to see Harry’s face. Mutters of apology swept the crowd of students.

“It’s okay,” she smiled at everyone as James’s cries began to soften, “He’s just not use to so many people giving him attention like that. He’s really only use to family being around,” Ginny looked down at him. He was still whining, holding on to her, his head rested on her chest, looking up at Harry.

“All better,” Ginny kissed the top of his head and attempted to walk over to the blanket Harry placed on the floor. Gently she set him down on his back and sat on the floor next to him. Everyone cautiously gathered around, clearly afraid of making him scared again. Harry sat in an armchair, watching James. They watched him lift his shoulders, struggling to turn over on his side. He succeeded in rolling onto his stomach and Harry and Ginny lightly applauded him. He tried to lift up his head, cooing at them and Ginny could see him smile.

“Good boy James,” she rubbed his back and turned him back over so he could do it again. Everyone was watching them.

“How old is he?” a first year boy asked.

“Nearly five months,” Ginny replied.

“Did it hurt?” a fifth year girl asked. Ginny frowned not understanding her.

“I think she means having it,” the girl’s friend clarified.

“It was the most painful experience I’ve ever had,” Ginny remembered. She noticed all the girls wincing, “I was in labor for ten hours. Plus all the morning I was having contractions.”

“That long?” Lavender’s eyes went wide. Ginny noticed the crowd had closed in on them slightly.

“Yes that long,” Ginny replied and looked at James who had rolled over again, “but it’s definitely worth it.”

Harry got on the floor and flipped James on his back again. It seemed to be a bit more comfortable in the room now. This is what he and Ginny needed. Everyone to ask them questions and them to answer.

“So Harry,” Colin asked, “How did you deal with it?”

Harry sighed and looked at Ginny, “It was very difficult,” he said, “It was hard not be able to be with her through the whole thing. I kept wishing that somehow I could leave and be with her. I was really happy I was there when he was born. Don’t know what I would have done if I couldn’t see that.”

“Do you like being a dad?” a second year girl asked. Harry nodded.

“It’s amazing. Can’t begin to explain it, but it’s wonderful,” Harry smiled at James.

“What about you Ginny?” Melanie asked, “Like being a mummy now?”

Ginny giggled, “I love it. James is incredible. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

“Any regrets?” Parvati asked. Harry and Ginny looked at each other. Harry shook his head.

“None. I mean I wish we weren’t teenagers and still in school, but if I had the chance to go back and change it I wouldn’t,” Harry said. Ginny was feeling more comfortable now.

“Hey Ron!” Dean called. Ron and Hermione had emerged from the back of the crowd.

“What?” Ron replied.

“Were you going to kill Harry when you found out?” Dean asked.

“Well I was at first. I mean how could he do that to my baby sister,” Ron appeared in the front of the crowd, “But then I realized that he loved her and I knew he was going to do anything he could. He’s a good dad.”

Harry smiled at him, “Thanks Ron.”

“Anytime mate,” Ron replied, taking the armchair Harry had been in, “Oh,” he suddenly stood up. They noticed he had James’s blue bunny in his hand.

“Here you go James,” Ron knelt down and gave the animal to James. James stared up at him smiling and reaching a hand out to him. Ginny smiled.

“Yes sweetie, that’s Uncle Ron,” she said. Ron grinned and tickled James.

“Like being an uncle, Ron?” Seamus asked.

“Sure do. I get to spoil the kid then horde him off to his parents,” Ron nodded. Ginny glared.

“You spoil him anymore than you have already I swear your never going to hear the end of it,” Ginny warned.

“Calm down, I won’t,” Ron took his place in the armchair again. The questions soon stopped and everyone went about their business. Ginny was feeling much better. Everyone in her house had not shunned her and thought ill of her and Harry. Though she still had that feeling of having to protect him from everyone. She shook that feeling quickly. Maybe it would turn out to be good.

Chapter 8: Chapter Seven
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Chapter Seven

The entire house of Gryffindor had taken it upon themselves to help Harry and Ginny take care of James. . .even though it was two days after he arrived. They had all began calling him their youngest member. Ginny hadn’t covered him up as much when they were in the common room and felt a bit more comfortable with her house mates looking at him, but she was still very wary about anyone holding him– touching him in any way for that matter. It seemed like everyone had fallen in love with the almost five month old infant and didn’t mind when he cried in the middle of the night. Ginny had apologized to everyone over and over again the first night he was there and cried in the early morning. Everyone understood and said they didn’t mind and that it was normal for a baby to cry. Ginny felt awful that her roommates had to endure it the most, but instead of yelling at her and telling her to leave the room, they would try to help her get him back to sleep. Ginny had had a heated argument with Dean at one point. He had wanted to know why she never been that close with him and accused her of leading him on. Ginny, still having her uncontrolled hormones had argued back reminding him that he broke up with her just a week into the summer holidays over idiotic reasons. He finally realized that he was being dumb about it and that since it did happen over a year and a half ago it didn’t matter and apologized.

Slowly the story of why Ginny and Harry had a baby with them leaked out to the other houses. Gryffindors often would accompany Harry and Ginny to class and tell others off for whispering and giving them looks. Most of the students who had found out tried to act pleasant towards the couple. Both appreciated everyone’s support. However, Ginny still didn’t want anyone to look at James outside Gryffindor Tower and insisted that he be covered with a blanket and in his carrier at all times. Harry had been fine with this but by the third day it was getting to be a bit aggravating.

They sat at breakfast talking to friends. James was on the table in his carrier and covered, like always, between Harry and Ginny. Harry looked over at Ginny, who was eating her usual bagel with cream cheese and talking to Hermione. James was making soft and happy baby sounds from beneath the blanket. Harry had the urge to snatch off the blanket and watch his son, but he knew that if he even raised a finger Ginny would unleash her fury on him. Most people knew anyway, so what was the point in hiding their son? To Harry, enough was enough.

“This is ridiculous Ginny,” Harry sighed.

“What is?” she asked, talking a sip of milk from her goblet and breaking her previous conversation.

“This,” he pointed to the carrier, “Keeping him covered like that.”

“I don’t want anyone–,” she was cut off.

“To stare at him. Yes Gin, I know but frankly it’s a waste of time,” Harry said, hotly. She glared at him. Ginny sighed and shook her head. She had to get away from him for a few moments, because she knew if she didn’t a very heated argument would come, and the last thing she wanted to do was argue with Harry.

“I’m going to go talk to my friends in Ravenclaw,” she stood up.

“Fine you go and do that,” Harry crossed his arms looking at her. She began to walk away then stopped.

“And don’t you dare take that blanket off of him Harry,” she warned before she continued to walk away. Harry watched her join her friends at the Ravenclaw table.

“She really needs to get over this protective stage,” Harry sighed.

“You can’t blame her. She is a new mother still,” Hermione reasoned.

“That’s no reason to hide your child like you’re ashamed of him,” Harry argued.

“Ginny isn’t ashamed of James,” Ron said, stabbing his fork at his tall stack of hot cakes, drenched in maple syrup. He shoved it into his mouth and chewed. Hermione gave him a disgusted look and shook her head.

“She’s acting like that,” Harry replied, frowning. James began to whine.

“Damn it,” Harry said, “no one’s fed him yet,” he reached for the diaper bag. He took out a bottle and under Ginny’s wishes, tried to feed him beneath the blanket. This was frustrating.

“How in the name of Merlin am I suppose to feed him like this?” Harry shook his head and talked to no one in particular. He glanced over at Ginny who was laughing with her friends. Harry snatched the blanket off of James in order to feed him properly. He could feel most of the Hufflepuff table staring now, craning their necks to get a look. James looked at Harry, sucking on his bottle, and put a hand on the bottle as Harry fed him. Harry smiled at the infant.

“What are you doing!” an angry voice said. Harry looked to see Ginny standing next to him, hand on hip, and looking extremely angry. Her eyes were dancing with fury and her jaw was set.

“Feeding our son. How do you except to feed him when you can’t see him?” Harry replied calmly, ignoring her obvious anger with him.

“He’s supposed to be covered up!” Ginny glared at him, reaching for the blanket. Harry stopped her with his free hand.

“Let me ask you something,” Harry said, looking up at her. Ginny sat next to him and glared.

“What?” she asked, annoyed.

“Are you ashamed of James?” he asked. Her eyes widened in slight shock and the students around them were silent.

“Of course I’m not!” she denied.

“You’re acting like it,” Harry scoffed. Ginny stared into his eyes trying to search for the words to say. She was hurt that he believed she would be ashamed of their son. How could she feel ashamed of something they created out of love? She loved him. If anything the one person she loved more than Harry was James himself and she could never be ashamed of the love she had for her baby.

“I’m protecting him,” Ginny replied, stiffly.

“You really need to get over this hormonal imbalance stage,” Harry said without thinking, returning his attention to James. Their friends stared at him and Ginny let out a small gasp, a hurt expression on her face. She couldn’t believe he said that.

“My apologies then,” she said coldly, keeping the tears out of her voice. Now the meaning behind Harry’s words hit him like a Bludger to the back of his head and he realized what a prat he was being to her. She couldn’t help any of that. It was part of nature. He glanced over and saw her normally cheerful and bright face hurt and fallen. He hurt her and he hated that he had done that.

“I didn’t mean it like that. You’re just so protective,” he sighed, trying to apologize.

“I’m his mother. I’m suppose to be like that over him. I worry about him,” she said, softly, staring at the table.

“If he’s with us, why do you have to worry like this,” Harry snapped at her suddenly. Ginny looked up at him angrily. And he had the nerve to say she was imbalanced? If he wanted to row with her, Ginny was going to give him one. So much for not wanting to argue.

“In case you haven’t notice Harry Potter,” she spat, “I was the one who had to dealt with being pregnant. I had to carry him for nine months, watching everything I did to protect him. I was the one who was in pain with him,” Ginny narrowed her eyes at him.

“I was in pain too you know,” Harry replied hotly, scowling at her. She shot daggers at him.

“You weren’t the one screaming and trying to squeeze something the size of a watermelon out of something the size of a lemon now were you? You didn’t have to deal with the pain that felt like someone was ripping your stomach apart and forcing your muscles to go in every way they pleased,” she spat, glaring venomously at him. He kept his stare on her.

“I was the one who was with him every night, watching him and running to him when he cried. I spent much more sleepless nights that you,” she went on. Harry thought that was unfair.

“You know perfectly well that it was difficult for me to do that! I was there when I could be,” he argued.

“Yes, just like a married couple acts,” Seamus suddenly commented. They both glared at him. Seamus suddenly became interested in his bacon.

“Look this isn’t a reason to fight. Why do you insist on keeping him hidden?” Harry looked back at her. Ginny looked at James sitting in his carrier, staring at them without a clue about what was going on, still sucking on his bottle.

“I just don’t like everyone looking at him,” she replied quietly, “And I really don’t want anyone in Slytherin looking at him. And then what happened over summer. I never want to go through that again. I have to protect him. It’s. . .it’s all my fault . . . ” her voice trailed off.

Harry took the bottle out of James’s mouth and set it on the table. He took Ginny’s hand.

“It’s not your fault and you know that Ginny. None of us could do anything about it,” he softly caressed her hand in his, “Don’t worry about the scum in Slytherin. If even one of them gives James a bad look, I’ll curse them right on the spot,” Harry said. His voice was comforting and soothing to her. She smiled softly, “We can’t keep hiding him. Pretty much everyone knows now anyway.”

Ginny sighed, “Maybe I’m still a little too protective of him,” she said. Harry nodded.

“You think?” he asked, grinning at her. She laughed softly, "Sorry love."

“Sorry,” Ginny said and kissed his cheek.

“You know Ginny, if I were you, I’d be showing off my baby to everyone.” Claire said, smiling.

“Oh?” Ginny let go of Harry’s hand and reached for her school bag to get some notes out, “Why is that?”

“Because he’s just so cute!” Lavender squealed. Ginny blushed slightly and smiled.

“Go show him off to those Ravenclaws,” Parvati said. Others nodded. Ginny simply shrugged.

“He’s not used to being around others,” she looked at him.

“Well he’s going to have to sooner or later,” Harry looked at her. Ginny looked at him and back at James. He was drooling. She took a blanket and wiped off his mouth smiling at him. Harry reached to take him out of the carrier. Ginny had to resist stopping Harry from doing so. He was right. She couldn’t keep him hidden forever. Harry raised James out of the carrier and immediately Ginny could feel heads turning to look. Harry lifted James in the air, making a funny face to make him laugh. Harry brought him back down and did it again. Ginny cringed.

“You’re going to drop him,” she looked on warily. She absolutely hated it when he did that.

“Gin, I’ve done this plenty of times,” Harry lifted him again. James laughed, “and besides he loves it. Don’t you James?” he turned to look at Ginny who wore an unamused look, “I won’t drop him Gin, I swear.”

“You know I almost did once,” Ron said in an undertone to Seamus.

“You what!” both Harry and Ginny exclaimed, staring at him. Ron gulped.

“What do you mean almost?” Ginny narrowed her eyes at him. Harry had stopped lifting his son in the air and looked at Ron. The color in Ron’s face drained quicky, making his freckles stand out.

“Well,” Ron said nervously.

“Out with it Weasley,” Harry shifted James to hold him properly.

“See,” Ron shifted uncomfortably in his seat. Their fellow Gryffindors fell silent to listen, knowing that he was about to feel Ginny’s wrath, “There was this one time where I guess you two had stayed up all night because he was crying and fell asleep on the couch the next day while watching him. He was about three weeks old at the time. Well, me and the others decided we wanted to spend some time with James, seeing as he is our first and only nephew. Percy took him and we went outside. Bill was saying he wanted to take James to a local pub to pick up a witch or two and Charlie wanted to take him to Romania to show off to all his friends. Percy said that you wouldn’t be too keen on their plans. Then Fred and George wanted to take him and test some of their newest pranks on him. I took James as Percy shouted at them for it. I wanted to do something fun with him so I found Bill’s old broom out in the shed and decided to take him for a ride. Well I was off the ground and lost my balance and nearly dropped him. . . about fifteen feet off the ground. But I landed right away because I knew it was dumb for me to do.”

Mother and father stared shocked at Ron’s revelation.

“And you wonder why I’m so protective!” Ginny snapped at Harry, quickly returning her attention to Ron, “I can’t believe the whole lot of you would do that!”

“I’m sorry Ginny,” Ron tried to apologize.

“Sorry? And what exactly would you have done if you did drop James?” Ginny glared, furious with him.

“I dunno,” he shrugged his shoulders.

“That is one of the most irresponsible things I’ve heard of Ronald Weasley, and you’re a prefect! How dare you endanger my child like that? How dare you even take him away from me without my permission! And after everything that happened! YOU WERE THERE!” she shouted at him. Half of the table was listening now. Ron flinched.

“I’m really, really, really sorry,” he attempted, his voice was quiet.

“I’m not going to forgive you that quickly,” she crossed her arms, “Now I have send a few Howlers to a few irresponsible red-heads.”

Ron gulped and looked down at the table sadly. Harry hadn’t said a word. He was angry that Ron would put James in danger like that, even if it was not on purpose. But something else bothered him as well.

“Ron– James stop that,” Harry said, prying James’s fingers away from the clasp on his cloak. Ron looked up guiltily, “There are two reasons why I’m furious with you. First because of your actions. And second, well do you remember what I told you when James was born?”

Ron thought for a moment and nodded sadly, “I do.”

“And what was that?” Harry asked.

“You wanted to take him in the air first, but–” Ron replied.

“You knew I was looking forward to take him on his first broom ride. You knew how much that meant for me to do. I’m his father Ron, I should be taking him on a broom first,” Harry cut him off. Ron was very quiet.

“But we only hovered in the air. We weren’t really flying Harry,” Ron tried to reason. Harry stared at him. Ron sighed and looked at them both, “Look I’m really sorry about it all. You guys know I would never do anything to hurt James and I wish I could take it all back.”

“Still not forgiven,” Ginny said, feeling slightly sorry for yelling at her brother.

“I understand,” Ron forced a smile on his face. No one spoke for a while.

“So are you going to show him off or not?” Hermione smiled at Ginny. Ginny looked at her.

“I’m not so sure about it,” Ginny looked over at James in Harry’s arms. All her friends stared at her, daring her to do so.

“Fine,” she gave in and stood up, “Come on James,” she took him from Harry. Harry handed her the notes she had dug out of her bag and she made her way to the Ravenclaw table. She tried desperately not to look at the stares she was getting. She glanced back at the Gryffindor table. Ron and Hermione were watching her carefully as were Seamus, Dean, Parvati, Lavender, and Neville. Harry smiled at her, slowly nodding his head. He was encouraging her. How she loved him for that. Ginny was holding onto James tightly, slightly hiding his face from prying eyes. She approached the Ravenclaw table to smiling faces.

“Sorry Luna,” Ginny tried to hand her the notes she had dug out, “I got distracted a bit.”

“Quite alright,” Luna smiled, talking in her usual misty voice, “distractions are welcomes in disguise. Embrace them when you can.”

Ginny loved Luna, she was a good friend, but she just didn’t make sense at times. Her other friends were smiling at her and many other Ravenclaws were staring at the infant in her arms. Ginny’s eyes wandered to each inquiring face, grateful that James back was facing them and not his face.

“So Ginny is this. . .” Juliet motioned towards the baby.

“Oh,” Ginny looked down and realized that James was staring up at her. She smiled at him and looked up, “Yes, this is my son, James,” the words were full of pride and happiness. She turned to give everyone a look at him and the response was almost like the one in the common room days before. James grip on her clothing tightened and she knew his sweet and curious look was turned into a fearful one. He began to whimper in her arms and Ginny knew he was about to break out into a terrified wail from all the attention.

“Don’t cry little one,” she said soothingly to him, “Mummy’s right here. Shh, it’s okay.” She began to lightly sway back and forth, kissing the top of his head. Harry watched his wife and son, arms crossed across his chest. The Ravenclaw table had made quite a noise when Ginny had shown them James and Harry was sure he was going to hear a fearful cry from the immediate attention. But Ginny had become such an expert on anticipating most of his sudden cries she was already soothing him. Harry smiled as she swayed back and forth no doubt talking sweetly to their son. She was so beautiful, and the way she was so tender to James, only enhanced her beauty. He often enjoyed just watching the two of them together. The night James was born, Harry hadn’t slept at all. He sat next to Ginny’s bed watching her sleep, sleep that was well deserved after what she had been through, and watched James drift in and out of naps. He remembered he kissed Ginny softly on the forehead telling her how much he loved her and thanking her. He knew it was stupid to talk to her when she was asleep, but he didn’t really care at the moment. Many times he would arrive at the Burrow and find Ginny sleeping, random baby things in her hand, James on the floor or in his bassinet. He felt sorry that he couldn’t be there more often and whenever he was there he would take over everything and let her catch up on sleep.

Ginny had caught his eye and smiled. Harry glanced over at the Slytherin table suddenly felt fearful for them. The students at the Ravenclaw table had been watching her carefully.

“Is he okay?” Rosemary asked, a concerned look on her face. Ginny nodded.

“He’s just not used to having anyone but his family around and it’s quite frightening for him to see a thousand faces and hearing all those voices at once,” Ginny explained. James had subdued to a soft whine, “See?” she smiled at him, “I told you there was nothing to be scared of.”

“Isn’t that adorable!” a second year girl squealed. Ginny blushed. Luna moved over to allow Ginny to sit next to her.

“Does he cry a lot?” a fourth year asked. Ginny shook her head.

“No, not really. Only when he needs something and when he’s scared. Doesn’t fuss much at all. He’s a good baby, aren’t you?” Ginny said, tickling James’s stomach. He laughed. She sat him on the table, facing her, supporting him to sit up with her hands.

“Aw, he has Harry’s eyes. Oo! And your hair! He’s so sweet!” Luna suddenly exclaimed. Ginny couldn’t help but smile. James eyes were fixed on something behind her. He let out an excited squeal, smiling. Ginny jumped a little.

“Goodness James!” she laughed, “What are you looking at?” she turned her head and saw Harry talking excitedly with his friends about something, “Ah of course,” Ginny turned back to James. He squealed again, “Sh! Yes James that’s Daddy now hush,” she turned back around and looked at Harry who was laughing with Seamus and Ron.

“So, tell us about him,” a fourth year asked. Ginny smiled. She loved to talk about her son.

“Well his name is James and he’s nearly five months old. Um, he’s just started teething so he has a tooth coming in, but just barely. And he hardly ever cries and he’s such a curious baby. Always putting anything he can in his mouth. Don’t know how many times I’ve had to take them of. Poor thing’s going to choke if we don’t keep an eye on him. Oh! He learned how to roll over onto his tummy! We’re so proud of him! He’s trying to go the other way but having no success. Quite funny really, watching him have a go at it. . .” Ginny stopped talking when she realized that she was rambling on and on and that no one really wanted to hear any of this, “Er, sorry. Got carried away.”

Everyone merely smiled politely at her. Michael Corner however was not even looking at her.

“You’re a proud mother. That’s good,” a seventh year she didn’t know said. Ginny smiled and kept him sitting on the table, letting him gaze around the Great Hall. She smiled as she watched her son take in the new surroundings. He seemed to be particularly interested in the bewitched ceiling. His head turned towards the staff table.

"See all those witches and wizards up there, they are your future teachers. You'll learn loads from them," Ginny whispered. She watched him look at each professor with renewed interest. His eyes landed on Professor Dumbledore and he smiled.

"And that is Professor Dumbledore. Best Headmaster Hogwarts has ever seen. You'll love him," Ginny whispered again, smiling at the curious infant. His eyes scanned the table again and he frowned. He looked utterly disgust and to Ginny's surprise, he blew a sloppy raspberry. Ginny nearly laughed out loud when she realized he was staring at Professor Snape.

"That's exactly how Daddy and I feel James," she giggled, "You learn quick little one."

Ginny tenderly kissed his forehead and watched him continue to gaze around the room.

“Starting so soon Weasley,” a cold and drawling voice spoke behind her. Ginny immediately scooped James into her arms and held him protectively against her.

“Sod off Malfoy,” she said, not bothering to look at him.

“Don’t think I will,” Malfoy replied, cooly, “Couldn’t wait to crawl into bed with Potter could you.”

“As a matter of fact,” Ginny still refused to turn around and look at him, “I couldn’t. But unlike some snakes, like yourself for example, I don’t slither into anyone’s bed.”

Malfoy was silent and Ginny felt satisfied with her remark.

“Hope he paid you well,” Malfoy hissed in her ear. Anger coursed through her veins, but she kept her composure. She wasn’t going to let him get to her. Ginny held onto her son just a little tighter, a small smile tugging at her lips.

“He did,” she replied and smiled, “With a beautiful son and marriage.”

“Is that so,” she felt him sit next to her, “Do you really think that he loves you Weasley?”

“Potter,” she corrected cooly.

“Potter,” he hissed at her, “Do you really believe it?”

“Jealous much?” she replied.

“Jealous? Yes that’s right, I want Harry Potter to be in love with me,” Malfoy scoffed.

“At least I know what love is. You on the other hand, never have and never will,” Ginny didn’t know where her sudden courage came from. Then again, the Sorting Hat did place her in Gryffindor, “You know Malfoy,” she finally turned to him, “I pity you.”

Malfoy jumped up, brandishing his wand and pointing it straight at her.

“Weasleys never pity Malfoys. You’ll pay for that comment,” he sneered at her. Ginny suddenly felt fear. Fear for the safety of her son, who had grown very still in her arms and she knew that the infant was sharing her fear.

“Leave. Her. Alone,” Harry’s angry voice was behind her. Ginny turned and saw Harry, wand pointing at Malfoy, his eyes looking dangerous.

“Why should I Potter?” Malfoy challenged, his wand never leaving it’s position on Ginny.

“You don’t want to mess with me Malfoy. Now leave my wife and my son alone or else,” Harry hissed. Ginny didn’t like that malevolent look in his eyes. Malfoy’s grey eyes stared into Harry’s emerald green ones. She knew that at any moment Harry would do something he would regret. Whether it was Malfoy or not she didn’t want to see Harry lose it like that and had to do something.

“Harry,” Ginny spoke softly, afraid that if she raised her voice she wouldn’t be able to stop him from doing his worse. The hall was growing silent, eyes fixed on Harry and Malfoy, all waiting for something, anything to happen. It seemed like centuries passed by in the uneasy silence.

“What is the meaning of this?” Professor McGonagall’s voice sounded. Neither boy took their menacing gaze off the other, “Wands away this instant or you’ll both have detentions!”

“Come on Gin,” Harry finally spoke, eyes and wand still on Malfoy, “I’ll walk you to class.”

Ginny slowly stood up and silently made her way back to the Gryffindor table, glancing at the stern look on Professor McGonagall’s face. Ron had put James’ bag in his carrier and helped Ginny slip her school bag on her shoulder. She held onto James, who was squirming to look at Harry.

“Do not make me repeat myself,” Professor McGonagall said, sternly. Harry dropped his wand from it’s aim on Malfoy and slowly backed away. He picked up his bag and the carrier.

“Let’s go,” he said to Ginny. As they walked, he slipped his free hand onto the small of her back, protectively, glancing around to make sure no one would attack them. Neither one spoke as they walked down the empty corridors. The only sounds were of their footsteps and James soft cooing.

“Brilliant,” Harry said, bitterly as they turned down a hallway, “Bloody brilliant.”

“What?” Ginny was confused.

“Parading him around as if he’s a trophy to been shown off,” Harry spat. Ginny stopped walking at his comment and shifted James around in her arms.

“You told me to!” she shouted.

“No, I said to stop covering him up!” Harry argued his side.

“You’re a bloody hypocrite!” she shouted back.

“A hypocrite?” Harry repeated, “I want my son to be safe! I don’t want the children of Death Eaters anywhere near him!” Harry exclaimed.

“Oh and I do? Do you really think that I want a repeat of last summer to happen?” Ginny’s eyes were full of fury. Anger danced in he depths of them and the look on her face made Harry feel very uneasy. He wanted nothing more than to disappear from her murderous gaze. Of course he knew she didn’t want that to happen again. That horrible day crept into his mind.

Harry sat on the couch of number four Privet Drive waiting for the time to come so he could Floo over to the Burrow. To pass the time, he looked through the pages of the photo album that Ginny had given him for his birthday. His eyes fell upon a picture of James sleeping peacefully in his bassinet and he smiled. Harry watched as the photographic image of his newborn son squirmed around in his sleep, his chest slowly rising and falling evenly.

“Who’s that?” a voice asked.

“My son,” Harry replied, pride and happiness swelling in his heart. It still felt odd to say that and still hard to believe he had a son.

“You have a son?” the voice questioned.

“Yes. With Ginny,” Harry replied.

“Who’s Ginny?” the voice asked again. Harry turned the page to reveal a picture of Ginny and himself, his arms wrapped around her and them smiling and both wearing dress robes. The photo was taking moments after they had exchanged their vows and were pronounced
husband and wife. He watched as the photographic Harry kissed the photographic Ginny.

“This Ginny. My wife,” Harry said.

“Your wife?” the voice was surprised.

“Yes,” Harry didn’t know why the voice did not know this and it was beginning to get annoying. Then it hit him. Dudley. He was at the Dursleys and voice belonged to Dudley. None of his so-called family knew any of these. How could he stupidly reveal such things? Harry slammed the album shut and turned to look at Dudley only to find no one there. Harry raced up the stairs and just as he was half way to his room an angry voice bellowed, rattling the pictures on the walls, almost causing them to fall.

“BOY!” Uncle Vernon’s voice cut through the silent air like a sharp knife. Harry froze on the stairs and slowly turned around. Dudley was looking very smug, but stood behind both of his parents. Aunt Petunia’s lips were in a very thin line and she looked at him in a disgusted manner. Uncle Vernon’s face was contorted in anger and nearly purple, his mustache twitching and the vein in his head pulsating.

“How dare you! After all we’ve done for you, you go and do something like this! How dare you bring someone like. . . like. . . yourself into this world!” Uncle Vernon yelled.

“Nothing you can do about it,” Harry crossed his arms, glaring at them.

“Ho! Ho! We bloody well can!” Uncle Vernon grinned evilly, “You’re not to go back there. You won’t see
them anymore,” speaking as if Ginny and James were terrible and dangerous creatures.

“You can’t keep me from my family!” Harry argued, his hands clenching into tight fists.

“A family?” Uncle Vernon laughed, “You have no family!”

Harry’s blood was boiling now and he itched to reach for his concealed wand. If only he could hold off for just a few minutes longer, the Floo would be open and he can flee.

“You’ll never see those freaks again,” Uncle Vernon snarled. That was the last straw. Harry’s wand was out and pointed at Uncle Vernon’s chest.

“Don’t you
ever call my wife and son a freak again,” Harry growled, eyes narrowing and shaking with rage. He savored the horrified looks plastered on their pale faces. Before they had a chance to react any further, Harry dashed up the stairs to his room. With a few flicks of his wand his trunk was packed and he floated it down the stairs along with Hedwig’s empty cage.

“You’ll not be going anywhere!” Uncle Vernon shouted, fear in his voice as he watched the floating trunk pass him.

“Think again,” Harry replied cooly, lowering the trunk in front of the fireplace, “I’m done. I’ve had it with the likes of you.”

“Incendio!” he flicked his wand at the fireplace and red flames leapt up into the empty fireplace. He loved how they jumped back from the little act of magic and the horrified gasp that escaped from Aunt Petunia. He threw the rest of the Floo powder into the fire, turning the flames to emerald green.

“Thanks for nothing,” Harry spat and pushed his trunk into the fireplace and got in himself.

“THE BURROW!” he shouted and with a whoosh he was engulfed into the flames and hurtling past fire grates.

“Harry!” a female voice exclaimed. In Harry’s rage, he had tripped over his trunk and his glasses flew off his face as he fell face down on the wooden floor. He saw a blurry figure kneel next to him, “Are you alright?”

“Fine,” he lied, pushing himself off the ground, ignoring the ache in his knee, “Where’s my glasses?”

“Here,” his glasses were in his hands. He put them on and saw Ginny kneeling next to him. He cupped her cheek in his hand and smiled at her.

“Are you staying?” she asked, placing a hand on his, gesturing to his belongings. He nodded.

“I can’t take the Dursleys anymore. I’m staying here, with my family now,” Harry said. She smiled and leaned over to kiss him.

“I’m glad you’re here now,” she said.

“So am I,” he smiled. He stood up and looked around, brushing soot off his robes. He chuckled at the random toys and baby belongings around the room, “Where’s James?” he asked.

“Out in the garden with Ron and Hermione. It’s nice out so I figured a bit of sunshine would do him some good,” Ginny replied, “I’m going back out there again. Care to join?”

Harry nodded, linking his arm in hers and they went into the garden. But there was no image of their son with Ron and Hermione, happily playing in the golden sunshine. Ron and Hermione were held by two Death Eaters a piece and their son lie helplessly on the ground, a single Death Eater peering at him with great interest. Somehow, the barriers around the Burrow were breached and they were in danger.

Ginny bolted away from Harry and to James, her wand drawn out. She snatched him off the ground and began running back towards the house. Harry’s wand was out and he made towards the Death Eaters. Suddenly Ginny froze, mid run and was forced back to the Death Eaters.

“Harry!” she screamed. Harry tried to walk forward but out of nowhere four more Death Eaters appeared, surrounding him and preventing him from going anywhere.

“Let them go!” Harry demanded angrily trying to break free.

“I think not Potter,” a familiar icy voice hissed. Lucius Malfoy. Harry’s eyes landed on the Death Eater holding Ginny hostage with his wand. Ginny was clutching onto James tightly.

“Please,” Harry head her voice, clearly full of fear, “Please don’t hurt my son. Please,” she begged.

“Son? Isn’t this a nice surprise,” Malfoy sneered, “Yes definitely a change in plans.”

“But Malfoy, we’re under orders,” a voice near Harry said.

“Oh the Dark Lord will not want us to continue with our plan Nott. No, he would be much more interested in this,” Malfoy said.

“Let them go now!” Harry bellowed, pushing himself through the crowd of Death Eaters and charging towards Malfoy. He pointed his wand towards Malfoy’s, “EXPELLIARMUS!”

The wand flew into the air and Ginny bolted to Harry.

“You okay?” he asked. She nodded, breathing heavily and trembling. There was a sudden commotion and Harry found himself throwing curses and hexes at Death Eaters, Ron and Hermione next to him all closed around Ginny. Ginny was trying everything she could to protect James and James was crying in her arms. Harry was determined not to let them get hurt. He saw Malfoy peer over his shoulder and turn back towards the four teenagers.

“All of you! Leave! Our work is done!” Malfoy shouted and suddenly they were all gone. Harry felt slightly relieved that they were now gone. He lowered his wand and a sudden icy sheet of bitter cold swept over him. It was cold, very cold and the happiness was being sucked out of him. He looked up and say a dozen dementors gliding towards them. They were closing in fast and Harry lifted his wand out towards the one nearest to him. He could hear their rattling breaths and see their rotting hands lurking from beneath the cloaks.

“Expecto Patronum!” he heard Ron shout. Hermione followed and then Harry. His heart sank when he heard James no longer crying. He had no idea how dementors could affect a newborn but he imagined it must have been worse for him. He heard Ginny slump to the ground. She was much weaker than she would normally would be from giving birth not more that two months prior.

“Expecto Patronum!” Harry tried, but a silver wisp of mist was all that was exerted. He slumped to the floor too. Hermione and Ron’s voice were heard no more. They were closer now. Screaming. Green light. Cruel laughter. The dementors were winning. Harry racked his brain for a happy thought, anything at all. Cedric's dead body. Red light. Sirius falling through a black veil. He slowly turned his head and saw Ginny’s head bent over James. James. He wasn’t moving.
No, he thought. A dementor closed in on Ginny, it’s hand reaching for James. Ginny was transfixed with fear and Harry knew that it was harder for her to fight. The dementor lowered it’s head, lifting it’s hood. No not my son, he thought again, Please not my son. His son. Happy thoughts flooded his mind instantly. The first kick he felt. The first cry he heard. The feeling of being a father. The first time he held James. The first smile he saw. The first laugh he heard. The fact that he and Ginny had such a deep love that they created something special like James. James.

“EXPECTO PATRONUM!” Harry bellowed and a bright silver stag erupted from his wand, galloping around them and forcing the dementors off. It was working. They were retreating. He heard more voices shouting the incantation and warmth flooding over him again. He didn't know how the Order got there or how long they were there for. All he thought about was James and Ginny. He shakily stood up. Not a dementor in sight. Ginny was very pale and her breathing was shaky. She stared down into her arms.

“H-He’s. . . he’s not breathing,” she said softly, her eyes watering with tears.

“Give him here Ginny,” Remus’s tender voice said. He knelt down next to Ginny, arms outstretched.

“My baby,” she sobbed, holding onto James, “They hurt my baby!”

“Give me him, Ginny. We need to make sure he’s okay,” Remus said more firmly.

“He’s not alright! He isn’t breathing!” Ginny shouted, bursting into tears. Remus was able to pry him out of her arms and rush him towards the other members of the Order of the Phoenix. Ginny stayed on the ground, rocking back and forth, crying into her hands. Harry knelt next to her, enveloping her in his arms.

“Harry,” she cried, clutching onto him.

“He’ll be fine Ginny. Don’t worry,” Harry wasn’t convinced himself, but rubbed her back and tried to comfort her. Someone handed him two large chunks of chocolate. Harry looked up and saw Tonks standing before him.

“Here you go,” she said and Harry took it.

“He’ll be okay,” Tonks said, “James will be just fine. You’ll see.”

“How do you know his name?” Harry couldn’t help but ask.

“Molly and Arthur told us, but we’re sworn to secrecy. Have to protect anything with the name Potter,” Tonks smiled weakly. Harry nodded at her and tried to force Ginny to eat the chocolate, finally getting her to eat a small bite after much convincing on his part.

“He’ll be fine Ginny. I promise,” Tonks said and smiled at her. Moments later Harry found himself on the couch with Ginny, no word on James yet. Ginny hadn’t spoken for some time now.

“I’m a horrible mother,” she whispered, hoarsely.

“No, you’re not,” Harry tried to reassure her.

“I left him. I left him and he. . . he almost. . .” and she burst into tears again. Harry had no idea of what to do, so he held her.

“He’s a strong one, he is,” Molly’s voice said. Harry looked up to see a bundle in her arms and walking towards them, “Of course, I always expected my grandson to be strong.”

“He’s alright?” Harry asked. Ginny’s head lifted and she jumped up.

“James! Oh my baby! My baby!” she shouted, taking James and holding him close.

“He’ll be fine. We have a potion for him to take, similar to chocolate. He’ll be back to normal in no time,” Molly smiled at them.

“Oh James. I’m so sorry I left you. Mummy won’t ever leave you alone again. Never, ever, ever,” Ginny spoke softly. She kept her promise. The following three days she hadn’t slept and she wouldn’t let anyone, not even Harry near James. Somehow, Harry didn’t know, the Order was able to catch the Death Eaters, including Malfoy and modify their memories of what happened. Harry felt a bit better about this. At least no one would know about James now. After the third night of Ginny keeping an eagle eye on James and no sleep, Harry had enough.

“Come to bed,” he begged, rubbing his eyes. He glanced over at the clock. Two in the morning.

“No, I can’t,” she replied, staring into the bassinet.

“Gin, wards are up and improved and the Order is standing guard. He’s fine,” Harry sat up trying to convince her. She shook her head.

“I failed Harry. I won’t fail again,” she said. He sighed.

“If you don’t get any sleep, you won’t have any energy to take care of him,” he tried to reason.

“But I– ” she began and Harry cut her off.

“You have to sleep. Look, you get some rest and I’ll watch him,” he suggested. She looked at him skeptically, “You can trust me you know. I am his father, or did you forget?”

She smiled weakly and finally crawled into bed. Harry wrapped his arms around her as she drifted off to sleep and Harry stayed up watching them both through the night, vowing to protect them no matter what it took.

“I’m sorry. I know you don’t want that happen again,” Harry apologized. Ginny sighed and shivered. They heard the sound of voices echoing off the walls.

“I’d better get to class now,” Ginny said. Harry nodded and followed her in the classroom. He helped her get settled and with a quick kiss, he left for his own class. Ron and Hermione caught up with him just as he turned the corner. As Harry walked towards the History of Magic classroom with his two friends, he passed by Malfoy. He felt an involuntary shudder run down his spine as they walked by each other. Something wasn’t right.

“You okay?” Hermione asked. Harry slowly nodded.

“Yeah. . . yeah I’m fine,” Harry lied.

“You don’t sound convincing,” Ron replied.

“No, I’m fine,” Harry reassured them. But there was something that Harry didn’t like. Something just didn’t feel right.

Chapter 9: Chapter Eight
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Chapter Eight

Ginny sighed heavily as she waited for Transfiguration to start. She placed her hands to her temples and pushed them through her hair. It had been a frustrating and interesting morning. Harry’s sudden protectiveness had forced her to remember the attack over the summer. It still terrified her to relive those memories. Lucius Malfoy standing over her child, a malicious glint in his cold grey eyes and how she had begged for her son’s safety. Death Eaters surrounding them and her rendered helpless to fight back. Dementors closing in, leaving towards her. A hooded face bending over with the intent to Kiss her son and the cold rattling breaths making her tremble with fear. Tom Riddle’s voice echoing in her head and the fear of the Chamber of Secrets itself. She was transfixed with the horror of such evil creatures around her, feeling hollow inside, and Tom’s voice whispering in her ears. She was frozen, unable to fight back, unable to protect her son. That had nearly cost her son’s life. When she realized that the newborn she was clutching close to her chest had stopped breathing, she felt her heart sink. A part of her life and her heart had been ripped from her. She felt hopeless, scared, and worst of all she had failed as a mother.

An involuntary shiver ran down her spine. No. She couldn’t think about these memories anymore. That was all in the past and she had learned from her mistakes. She vowed to never be a failure again. No one would hurt James. No one would take her son from her. No one.

She broke away from her thoughts and reached for her school bag. As she took out the supplies she needed, more students filtered into the room and the steady beat of a classroom was upon her.

“Hello Ginny,” Claire’s voice said. Ginny looked up to see the blonde sit next to her, smiling warmly.

“Hi,” Ginny returned the greeting and placed an ink bottle in front of her. She glanced over at James who was sitting happily in his carrier, pacifier in his mouth, staring at her. She crinkled her nose at him and he giggled in his soft baby voice.

“Everything alright?” Melanie asked, taking a seat next to Claire. Ginny shivered and she now realized how cold it was in the castle and she had forgotten to dress James in a jumper that morning.

“Yes. . . everything’s fine,” Ginny replied, fastening her bag shut, then took a blanket out of the baby bag. She tucked it snugly around James and placed a simple Warming Spell on it. “That ought to keep you warm.”

“You sure everything’s fine. Harry looked like he was about to hex anyone who so much as looked at you,” Bridget said and slid into a seat on Ginny’s other side. Ginny sighed and tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

“Yes I’m sure. Harry was just, well. . . he was just a bit worried, that’s all,” Ginny replied. She really didn’t want to talk about the small row they had in the empty corridor.

“A bit worried?” Bridget exclaimed, looking at Ginny. “Merlin Gin, he looked downright murderous!”

Ginny was getting annoyed now. She didn’t want to discuss the reason as to why Harry nearly had a duel to the death with Malfoy in the Great Hall. She had just pushed those dark times out of her mind and she didn’t want to remember them so soon. But now that her friends were asking her about Harry, those thoughts slid back into her mind. She closed her eyes briefly, trying to force them out again.

“Are you okay? You look a bit pale,” Melanie said. Ginny opened her eyes and glanced over to her friend who wore a concerned look on her face.

“I’m fine,” Ginny crossed her arms and sunk slightly in her seat.

“Mel’s right Gin, you do look pale,” Claire squinted her eyes, studying her for signs of illness. Ginny sighed again and glanced over at James. Tears began to prickle the back of her eyes.

“You’d be pale too if Death Eaters and dementors came after your son,” she said in a low and painful voice. All three of her roommates wore identical looks of shock and concern.

“Oh Ginny,” Bridget placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. “We had no idea.”

Ginny sat up and waved it off. She hated for anyone to feel sorry for her.

“All in the past,” she swiped at her eyes and smiled a wan smile at her friends. James made a small noise and Ginny instantly brought her attention back to him. He was reaching out with his tiny arms, trying to grab his teething ring that lied next to his covered feet. He stretched and stretched his arms for it and his angelic face screwed up with frustration when he couldn’t reach it. He lifted his head and looked at Ginny, arms still reaching for the blue and yellow toy he wanted. His eyes looked sad and his lower lip trembled as he attempted to plea to her. Ginny couldn’t suppress a small giggle at his face. She had seen that look before.

“I suppose you want me to get that,” she smiled and reached for the teething ring. She picked it up and placed it in his little hands. James smiled at his mother and began to chew on the ring. “Yes, just liked your father. Even those looks.”

“What looks?” Claire asked, taking a peek at James.

“Those looks he just gave me,” Ginny explained. “Harry always gives me those looks whenever he wants to. . .oh, er. . .never-never mind.”

She saw her friends exchange knowing looks.

“When he wants to what?” Bridget pressed her.

“No-nothing,” Ginny stammered and busied herself with straightening her supplies.

“Shag?” Claire suggested. Ginny felt her face flush.

“No,” she shook her head. A smile spread on her face. “It’s not shagging.”

“Then what is it? Certainly not a friendly game of Quidditch,” Melanie said, propped her elbow on the wooden desk and rested her chin on her hand. Ginny’s smile widened.

“Oh but it could be,” she said. She didn’t know what she was doing. Rarely did she discuss her private life with Harry like this. She had a few short conversations with Hermione, but she was her best friend and had been her maid-of-honor. She didn’t know what came over her, but she suddenly felt an urge to continue with the topic.

“What do you mean it could be?” Claire raised an eyebrow at her. Ginny grinned remembering that particular time.

“Well you see, this one time we got a bit er. . .bored and Harry suggested a game of ‘Quidditch’. So he was the Chaser and I was the Quaffle and he was to catch me and score,” Ginny began to explain leaving out a few details.

“Ginny!” they exclaimed.

“Well that’s what happened! So then, he grabbed me and the next thing I know he . .” her voice trailed off and she suddenly felt embarrassed for revealing such things.

“So then, Quaffle,” Melanie said, “what do you call it?”

“It’s making love,” Ginny said.

“You sure?” Bridget said. “Sounds more like Harry’s discovering new Quidditch plays with you.”

“Something like that,” Ginny smiled a whimsical smile. “He is discovering new positions, just not ones you do in the air. . .or could you?”

“Ginny!” her friends exclaimed again. She was enjoying this. “But in all seriousness, that’s what I think it is. We make love because well, we’re showing each other that we love each other.”

“Hey Ginny. Out of curiosity, when was the last time you two were together?” Claire asked and quickly added, “If you don’t mind me asking.”

“Oh, well a couple days back,” Ginny replied.

“When do you find the time?” Bridget asked, impressed.

“Oh we just do,” Ginny replied lamely. Her friends launched into a whispered conversation on sneaking off with their boyfriends and crushes around the castle. Ginny stayed out of the conversation. She liked to keep her secrets on the matter to herself. As her friends talked, Ginny’s mind wandered and landed on Harry. Recently their times together, and she had to be honest with herself, hadn’t been the best. The ususal love they showed for each other wasn’t there as much. She missed that. She wanted to be with him again and show him how she loved him. Ginny smiled to herself. She would just need to change that for once. Perhaps lining up a babysitter for a few hours was in need tonight. She had something she required for the evening.

“Now we will begin to discuss human transfiguration,” Professor McGonagall’s voice jolted Ginny from her thoughts. She had been thinking of what she wanted to do with Harry later on and how to bring it up to him. “Before we go on with that we will do some review. Each of you have a mouse in front of you. You are to practice cross species transfiguration on the mouse, transfiguring them into other small animals. Once you have mastered it quite well you may select a parrot,” she waved her hand to the wall lined with cages and colorful birds, “and practice changing those into other objects as well as slightly larger animals. You may begin.”

Ginny looked at the small grey mouse in front of her and glared at it. She hated mice. Ever since she found out who Scabbers really was, she hated all mice and rats. She gave the creature another malicious glare and flicked her wand, muttering an incantation. The mouse changed into a grey gerbil and squeaked up at her, pawing across the desk. James laughed at the gerbil. Ginny looked up to see her son holding his teething ring in his limply in his hand.

“After you make all that fuss to get it you don’t even play with it. Boys,” Ginny shook her head at him and flicked her wand again. A grey and white spotted hamster now sat on her desk on it’s hind legs. James laughed again. Ginny looked at his amused face and flicked her wand again. He laughed. He pointed at the rabbit on her desk that was sniffing the wood and looked at her. Ginny smiled and flicked her wand again, adding color to the small animals. James continued to laugh with every transfiguration. Ginny smiled as she entertained her son. How she enjoyed hearing his laugh. Several students were looking at the pair now. Some girls were pointing at James and Ginny caught phrases that sounded like “how cute” and “so adorable”. She flicked her wand a final time and a neon green kitten sat on her desk, mewing at her. Ginny giggled and put her wand down. She leaned over her laughing son.

“Oh James, you’re much too cute. I love to hear you laugh,” she smiled at him and he laughed. She picked up his tiny hand and kissed it. “Don’t ever stop laughing my sweet angel.”

“Jolly good show there Ginny!” a cheery voice said. Ginny turned around and saw Colin’s smiling face, a small yellow canary sitting on his desk. “Looks like little James is enjoying himself.”

“Yes, I suppose he is,” Ginny smiled at him. Colin flicked his wand and the canary changed into a turtle.

“Looks like he’s waiting for more,” Colin motioned behind her. Ginny turned back around to see her son’s expectant face. She picked up her wand and thought of what to transfigure the kitten into next. She flicked the wand and it changed into a gerbil again with pink and yellow strips. James cooed happily and reached for the gerbil. The gerbil scurried across the desk to his outstretched arm and tried to leap into the carrier. Ginny grabbed the gerbil and shoved it aside, quickly changing it to it’s original state. James was still holding his arm out to reach the mouse. Ginny grabbed his hand and looked at him.

“No James,” she said firmly. He looked at his mother with confusion. He made to grab for the mouse again, which was slowly creeping towards the carrier.

“I said no. You don’t know where that’s been,” Ginny said sternly again and shaking her head. His eyes began to water and his bottom lip trembled. He was on the verge of throwing a fit and Ginny was not going to let that happen.

“James Elijah Potter,” she said. He continued to look at her and began to whimper. Quickly she reached for his bag and pulled out his bunny and handed it to him. “Here, play with this. At least this won’t bite you.”

Obediently, he took the toy and lost all interest in the mouse. Ginny sighed gratefully. She was proud of herself for not giving in and letting him have the animal. Who knows what could have happened. She was getting much better at this mothering thing.

Ginny went on with her transfigurations, keeping an eye on James in case he decided to try and get a hold of something small, furry, and with sharp teeth.

“Very good Mrs. Potter,” Professor McGonagall peered down to the turtle on her desk. “You may move onto the parrots now.”

“Er. .” Ginny glanced over to James. She didn’t like the idea of having something with a sharp beak any where near her son. He was already eyeing the birds in the cages with interest. “Is it alright if I just stay with the mouse?” she asked tentatively.

Professor McGonagall peered down at her with a stern look, arms crossed. “And why is that Mrs. Potter?”

Ginny looked up at the formidable look on her teacher’s face. What was she to say? Something that is colorful, large, and with a sharp beak does not mix well with my son’s tendency to grab anything in sight and shove it in his mouth. Personally, I don’t want to take him to the hospital ward with a parrot lodged in his throat.

“Er. . .well. . .I don’t want him to get hurt,” she gestured to her son in his carrier. The professor’s look did not change. Ginny didn’t like this.

“Very well then. You may transfigure your mouse into larger animals and objects,” Professor McGonagall said and strode down the aisle. Ginny let out a breath she didn’t know she was holding and began at the task at hand. As she worked her mind wandered back to Harry. She smiled to herself.

“Thinking of Quidditch are you?” Bridget’s voice broke her train of thought. Ginny looked at her and blushed.

“Could be,” she shrugged and flicked her wand. A coffee pot appeared on her desk.

“What was it like?” Claire asked. “Your first time I mean.”

Ginny looked at her friends faces and thought back to that night. That night that changed everything. How nervous they both were, neither one knowing what to do. Somehow they managed and it was one of the most wonderful experiences Ginny had ever had. She didn’t know what to expect, but she certainly did not expect Harry to be the way he was. He was so sweet and gentle and loving with her. The she remembered when it was over and they held each other in their arms Ginny felt different. She didn’t know what it was then, but now that she thought about it, she had known unconsciously that she was pregnant all along. She always had this feeling that she was never apart from Harry, like a part of him was always with her.

“It was just. . .amazing really. A wonderful experience,” Ginny smiled dreamily thinking about it again.

The day had been so long and Ginny was itching to see Harry again. They hadn’t seen much of each other since the night before. What a night it was. Ginny smiled thinking about it again and sighed dreamily. The bell rung, shaking her from her thoughts and she tore down the hall, making a quick stop in the girls’ lavatory. She glanced at her image in the mirror. She felt different. She didn’t know how, but she did. Maybe the night before changed her. She giggled thinking that Harry made her a woman, as most girls her age would say. It was strange though. She missed Harry terribly but she also felt like he never left her. Quickly, she fixed her hair and walked out into the now deserted halls. Everyone was at dinner now, including Harry and Ginny had to go see him. As she walked briskly down the hall, an arm caught her and pulled her through a door. She gasped at the sudden attack and found herself in a dark room. A familiar set of arms wrapped around her waist as a familiar pair of lips brushed on hers. She smiled.

“What are you doing?” she asked, as his kisses trailed down her jaw bone and onto her neck.

“Snogging you. What else does it look like?” Harry said into her skin and continued with the kisses. She moaned softly, enjoying his kisses and gentle touches. His mouth came up to meet hers again. After several minutes of passionate kissing, they broke away, gasping for air.

“You’ve been in my thoughts all day Miss Weasley. Had quite a few interesting thoughts about you,” he grinned at her.

“You’re not the only one,” she giggled and kissed him again. A few passion filled kisses later, they stood there holding one another.

“You know I feel different,” she said, lifting her head to look at him.

“Different?” he asked. She nodded.

“Since after. . .well you know,” she smiled slyly at him. He grinned.

“Yes I know,” he said.

“I don’t know. I just feel something different now. Kinda like I haven’t been apart from you,” she went on.

“Maybe you’ve just been thinking of me too much today,” he suggested. Ginny stared at him and burst into laughter.

“Whatever it is, I like it. Come on, let’s go get some dinner,” she made to open the door.

“But I want dessert first,” he whined. Ginny rolled her eyes and gave him a suggestive look.

“We’ll discuss that later. Right now, it’s dinner time my love,” she tugged on his arm and they went to the Great Hall.

“Did it hurt?” Melanie asked in a quiet voice and biting her lower lip. Ginny broke out of her memories and nodded remembering the pain.

“Yes it did,” Ginny confirmed. She looked at the pale faces on her friends and quickly added, “But it’s only for a few moments. It gets better. Harry was. . .well he was really gentle. He knew I was in pain and tried to make sure it didn’t hurt too bad. The boy even stopped for a bit to make sure I was fine before he. . .oh. . .yes well, that’s too much information isn’t it.”

She smiled, going on when she saw her friends eager faces, “He always is though. Gentle I mean. Sometimes I think he’s trying to please me more than himself.”

“When did you get pregnant?” Claire asked. “Were you two being intimate for long?”

Ginny’s smile wiped on her face almost at once.

“No, we weren’t,” she said in a soft voice. “It was our first time. The only time.”

“You’re first time. Like ever?” Melanie asked. Ginny nodded.

“We didn’t mean for it happened, it just did. We were just so careless at the time. Neither one of us new of any potions or charms then. Just promise me that whenever you three do decide to go through with it that you’ll be really, really careful. One moment of passion can turn your whole life upside down,” Ginny advised them. She looked at their pale faces and went on, “I don’t mean to scare any of you. It really is a great experience, just be careful or you’ll end up like me. I mean, I don’t regret having James. He means everything to me. I love being a mother. I made a choice and took on the responsibility for it.”

Soon their conversation faded out of their minds and returned to their transfiguration. Ginny had flicked her wand when she heard someone clearing his throat.

“Er, hi Ginny,” the voice said. She glanced up and saw Jeffery Bobbit from Hufflepuff standing in front of her, a nervous look on his face.

“Hi Jeffery,” she returned the greeting.

“I was wondering if I could borrow something from you,” he tugged on his tie nervously.

“Borrow something?” Ginny repeated the phrase and toyed with her wand in her hand.

“Er yes,” he nodded and quickly glanced behind her.

“Like what,” she made sure her wand was ready to go.

“Like your son,” Jeffery said in a quiet voice.

“My son?” she asked, eyes widening and placing a hand protectively on the carrier.

“Yes. See we were wondering if we could borrow him and practice some transfiguration on him. We’re getting tired of the parrots,” Jeffery explained as if it was very logical. Ginny fumed.

“Certainly not!” she shouted, glaring at the boy.

“Sorry Ginny. They made me do it. Said they were going to hang my pants out on the Quidditch pitch if I didn’t,” Jeffery looked apologetically at her.

“You tell those bloody wankers that if they think they are going to use my son to experiment on then they have another thing coming! You’re very, very lucky I’m in class right now or else a lot more of them will be hanging out on the Quidditch pitch. Just wait til I tell Harry what you wanted to do with his son. I assure you he won’t be happy!”

Jeffery gaped at her and took off for his friends who were roaring with laughter. Ginny shot them a menacing glare and pulled the carrier right in front of her. Her friends had caught wind of the conversation and told the Hufflepuff boys off for their lack of consideration. Bridget had so far as pulled her wand on them and threatened to change them into the rats they were.

Class ended and Ginny found herself in the crowded halls with her roommates, Bridget still going on about the Hufflepuff plans.

“I mean honestly! How could they even think about doing something like that!” she threw up her hands in the air wildly. Ginny craned her neck to find Harry in the halls. She wanted to get a head start on her evening plans.

“You’re going to tell Harry aren’t you?” Bridget questioned.

“I don’t know Bridget. You seemed to have handled it quite well,” Ginny scanned the myriads of students. From a distance she found her target and smiled. A man of messy black hair and sparkling green eyes stood against a wall. Ginny shifted the weight of the carrier and picked up her pace. As she headed closer, he looked up and smiled at her.

“There’s my two favorite people,” he said to her as she came to a halt in front of him, her friends not too far behind. Taking a quick glance around as she gently set the carrier on the floor next to him, Ginny found that most of his friends were sounding him. It was perfect.

“How was class?” he asked, as she set James’ bag down next to the carrier. Ginny smiled at him and placed her hands on his shoulders, taking a step closer to him.

“Fine. How were yours?” she asked, letting her eyes roam down his body and back up again.

“Great,” he placed his hands on her waist. He hardly got to hold her like that anymore. He became aware of her playing with locks of his hair with one hand, while the other was still placed on his shoulder.

“That’s nice to hear,” she smiled sweetly at him. He noticed something flicker in her eyes. She bit her bottom lip innocently and he saw her eyes darkening with desire. Slowly she pressed her lips onto his. Instinct took over and Harry’s arms circled around her, pulling her close. He hadn’t kissed her like this in a while and he was enjoying it. She pulled away from him and gave him a coy smile. “Do you know how incredibly sexy you are today? I mean you always are,” she whispered to him. “Especially that look you get on your face just as you’re about to. . . you know. And the way you say my name whenever we. . .play Quidditch.”

Harry gulped and stared at her. Something sparked in her and Harry was in trouble. She smiled at him again and kissed him deeply. He was vaguely aware of people being around them, but for that moment it didn’t matter. He felt her tongue seek entrance to his mouth and he willingly granted her access. The kiss quickly deepened and Harry felt a familiar sensation below his waist. Ginny noticed, for she had smiled against his mouth and pressed herself closer to him. Someone made a coughing sound and Harry suddenly realized where they were and pulled away.

“What’s gotten into you?” he asked, staring at her, slightly out of breath. She gave him an innocent look.

“Am I not allowed to kiss you anymore?” she asked, a hurt expression on her face.

“Well of course you are, but– ” Ginny silenced him with another kiss. He pushed her away.

“Gin, we can’t. Everyone’s watching and James is right next to us,” Harry said, casting a look behind her. Her friends were whispering to each other and smiling and his friends look utterly amused, all except for Ron. He looked like he was about to be sick. Ginny sighed.

“Fine,” she said and hugged him. Harry was aware of her breath on his skin, causing goose bumps to form on his skin. “How about a game of Quidditch later? You can brush up on your Chaser skills?” she whispered seductively in his ear. Before Harry could register what she said, she had let go of him and bent down over James.

“Bye James. Mind your father now,” she kissed his hand and stood up. “Bye Harry,” she said and gave him a quick, passionate kiss.

Harry gaped at her retreating back, her hips swinging suggestively to him. She looked over her shoulder, threw him a flirtatious smile and looked away. He willed himself to stay where he was. Harry knew that if he took one step after her, it was very likely they would end up in a broom closet and late for class. It took Harry a minute to recover from Ginny’s little show.

“Very nice,” he heard Seamus say and Harry noticed his gaze was on Ginny, and grinning in a way Harry did not like.

“Watch it Finnegan. She’s taken, remember?” Harry warned and picked up the baby bag.

“Yeah, yeah I know Potter. Still, very, very nice,” he smiled. Harry glared at him and picked up the carrier. Harry looked in the direction Ginny took off in and grinned, as her words echoed in his ear.

“But Hermione. That’s. . .that’s my baby sister!” Ron’s voice shouted. Harry looked over at his best friends. Ron was looking very disgusted and Hermione looked very annoyed with Ron.

“Do I have to explain this to you again Ronald Weasley? They are married!” Hermione crossed her arms.

“But still! I don’t need to be seeing that, and she doesn’t need to be doing that!” Ron looked at her as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

“She can do whatever she wants Ronald. I’m sure Harry doesn’t mind it much, do you Harry?” Hermione looked at him. Harry just smiled. Ron pulled a appalled look.

“That’s my sister!” he shouted.

“That is also my wife. Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to class,” Harry grinned and made his way to Advanced Charms with a game of Quidditch on his mind.

Chapter 10: Chapter Nine
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Chapter Nine

By the time Harry had all his supplies out for Advanced Charms and had James settled in his carrier on the floor next to him, Ron and Hermione were still arguing with each other. Harry wondered how they survived being boyfriend and girlfriend with the constant bickering they do. Harry chuckled when he saw James’ gaze was set on his uncle. He looked up at him very confused then looked over to his father, with a frown. Harry shrugged and shook his head.

“That’s your Uncle for you. Temper’s as red as his hair, just like your mum. Mind you don’t tell her I said that though. She’ll have me in for it,” he whispered down to his son. James stared at him for a minute longer and turned his attention to his blue bunny.

“You’re so hypocritical Ron!” Hermione hissed.

“No I’m not!” Ron argued back. Harry shook his head at them. It never ends.

“I don’t know why I even put up with you!” Hermione slammed her copy of The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 7 on her desk.

“Then don’t bother with me then!” Ron grabbed a quill from his bag.

“Fine!” Hermione shouted.

“Fine!” Ron shouted back and they both turned their backs to each other. Harry shook his head again at the angry scowl on Ron’s face then faced the front of the room. He wasn’t going to get into whatever “discussion” they were having this time. The bell rung and everyone faced tiny Professor Flitwick. He stood on his stack of books, frowning and scratching his head.

“Oh no, no, no,” he shook his head, looking around his desk. He sighed and jumped down. The Charms master began to hobble to the door. “Class, I shall return. I forgot part of the lesson for today. Talk amongst yourselves.”

The moment he left a dull roar rose among the seventh years. Harry took this opportunity to lean back in his chair and relax. He closed his eyes and thoughts of Ginny wafted in his mind. He smiled thinking of her suggestion. His moment of relaxing did not last long; James began to cry. The class fell silent and looked at him. Harry got out of his seat and began to search through the baby bag.

“Oh let me help you!” Hannah Abbot said.

“Yes, let us help. We know all about babies,” Susan Bones added. Harry looked up and saw some Hufflepuff girls surrounding him. They looked at him eagerly and peering into the carrier.

“No thanks. I can handle it,” Harry took out a bottle from the bag.

“Oh no, no, no Harry. He isn’t hungry!” Meredith Adams shook her head at him. He looked at her for a moment.

“Yes he is,” Harry bent over his crying son to pick him up out of the carrier.

“No, he’s looks cold. Give him a blanket,” Caitlin Myers said, looking at the carrier.

“No, he looks tired. Let him sleep Harry,” Susan interjected. All four girls were saying things at once. Harry had sat back in his seat, cradling James with one arm as he continued to cry.

“Look,” he spoke over the girls, “I think I know what my son needs,” Harry said and gave James the bottle. He immediately stopped crying and sucked hungrily on the bottle. He stared up at his father as he drank. Harry smiled down at James. “Daddy knows what he’s doing, doesn’t he?”

He chanced a glance at the girls around him. They all wore crestfallen faces. He knew they thought he didn’t know what he was doing because he was a boy. He ignored the girls again and focused on his son.

“How did you know he was hungry?” Hannah asked.

“His kid isn’t it?” Ron answered for him and frowned at the girls.

“Yes, but boys don’t know these things,” Meredith said haughtily to him and looked at Harry. “How did you know?”

“I. . .I just did. He didn’t eat all his breakfast this morning.” Harry wasn’t about to admit that he knew the differences between his sons’ cries.

“Oh,” Caitlin looked unhappy to hear this. Harry wished they would go away. James was now looking at them and not eating.

“Come on James. Drink up,” Harry shook him slightly to get his attention back. James began to drink again.

“Is he really yours?” Susan asked. Harry did not look up. He was getting tired of hearing this question.

“Yes he is,” Harry replied, annoyed.

“He looks like you,” Meredith said and smiled at Harry.

“Yes he does. Aw, he’s just too precious!” Hannah smiled at James, clasping her hands together and sighing.

“Er. . .thanks,” Harry kept his gaze on James.

“What’s his name again?” a male voice said. All of the Hufflepuff seventh years were surrounding him and looking at James. Harry just wished they would leave them alone.

“James,” Harry replied. They began to whisper to each other and tried to get a better look at James. Harry now realized why Ginny hated this so much. It was downright annoying! Couldn’t he feed his son in peace?

“Do you mind? It’s getting a bit crowded over here,” Ron snapped at the gathering crowd. Slowly they turned back to their seats, casting glances to father and son.

“Thanks Ron,” Harry muttered. He nodded curtly. “Can you hand me that white blanket and put this away?”

Ron took the now finished bottle and handed Harry the blanket. Harry quickly burped James and set him back in his carrier just as Professor Flitwick returned with a box floating in front of him.

“Settle down class, settle down,” the professor said as he climbed back on top of his stack of books. “Now today we are going to start a section on common Household Charms. You will need to read chapter six in your books. Also if you are interested, I will be giving out extra credit to anyone who writes a two feet essay on emotions and spellwork and how they relate to each other, due in two weeks. Now take out your quills and let’s begin with Cleaning Charms.”

Harry began to take notes and listened to Professor Flitwick lecture. He was jotting a few notes about the wand movements used in Cleaning Charms when James began to softly whine. Harry glanced down at him. He was looking at Harry and slowly his cries began to get louder. Harry put down his quill and looked for his pacifier. He gave it to James and he quieted down. A few moments later James whined again. Harry tried to figure out what his crying meant. It sounded like he wanted to play, but he wasn’t too sure. He bent down.

“Shh. Daddy’s in class,” he whispered, but James only got louder. Ron and Hermione were looking over at him. “Please be quiet James,” Harry pleaded but that didn’t work. He got louder. Harry jiggled his blue bunny in front of him in an attempt to calm him down.

“Mr. Potter?” Professor Flitwick called.

“Er. . .yes professor?” Harry looked up at him, still jiggling the toy in front of the infant.

“Is there a problem? Do you need to step outside for a moment?” he asked, standing on his tiptoes to look over the desk

“No, no problem at all,” Harry gave him a weak smile, James still crying

“Very well,” Professor Flitwick nodded and continued to lecture, “Now, the swish and flick method is used for. . .”

Harry looked back at James.

“What’s wrong?” he whispered. James still cried. Harry tried with the bunny again, moving it in the air, hoping he would like it and stop. No such luck. Finally, James held his little arms out to him. Harry sighed and picked him up. Almost immediately he stopped crying. Perfect timing James. Why do you need to be held in the middle of class? Harry thought. He turned James around and set him on his thigh, and held him firmly with one hand. He turned so James wouldn’t be so close to the desk and began to take notes again.

All the Gryffindors ignored Harry and went on as if it were a normal thing to do. The Hufflepuffs however did the opposite. They were craning their necks trying to get a peek of Harry and James. Harry was sure he heard several girls whispering to each other. He rolled his eyes. Act like they’ve never seen a baby before, Harry thought as he shifted James slightly. He began to gently bounce his knee to entertain James a bit. Harry bent down to look at James for a moment. James had stuffed his bunny in his mouth and was chewing on it as he gazed around the room. Harry smiled and placed a swift kiss on the top of his head and returned his attention to the lesson.

James seemed content, sitting on Harry’s thigh, for a while at least. He felt James fidget slightly and heard something soft hit the floor. Harry ignored it and continued to take notes. He felt James trying to reach for something now. Maybe what dropped was his bunny and he was trying to reach for that? That didn’t seem right to Harry. The toy dropped on the ground and James was reaching out. He glanced over to see his son’s tiny hand attempt to grab his opened ink well. His eyes widened as he saw the tiny fingers reaching out for the black substance. Quickly, Harry snatched it away from his son and set it in front of himself. He shook his head and continued with his notes.

“To clean up small messes such as spills, the charm. . .” Harry tried to write. James was reaching for something again. Harry looked over at him. James had grabbed some spare parchment and was pulling it towards him and it crinkled loudly in his hand. Harry dropped his quill and slammed his hand down on the parchment, with a noticeable ‘THUD!’. Professor Flitwick’s voice faltered for a moment. Harry pried the parchment out of James’s tight grip and shoved it away from him. Several students were looking at him and Professor Flitwick began to lecture again.

“Stop it,” Harry whispered to James. Harry noticed that several students were hiding smiles. He ignored them and returned his attention to his notes. James stayed still for a few minutes and Harry thought he had won. He wrote down some notes on Ironing Charms when he heard a scratching sound. It sounded like wood was being dragged on wood. Wood. . .on wood? . . .his wand! Harry looked over and saw James had a hold of his wand, attempting to put it in his mouth.

“James, no!” Harry hissed and grabbed the wand from him. He put it further up his desk and put his quill down. James was reaching out for it again, whimpering slightly. He had to stop James from grabbing everything in sight. He turned him around and placed him against his shoulder, one arm beneath him. Harry looked to see his head peeking over his shoulder and smiled inwardly. Ha! Try to grab something now.

All was at peace now. Harry was happy he had stopped James from grabbing everything in sight, especially his wand. Who knows what sort of problems that could have caused. Harry bent over to write something down and a tiny hand clasped onto the lenses of his glasses. Harry jerked his head back and removed James’ hand from his glasses. Half of his vision was smudged now. Harry bent over again to write and this time something tugged on his hair. He drew in a sharp breath and pulled James’ hand from his hair.

“Daddy’s not a toy,” he whispered to his son. James looked at him innocently. Yeah, sure you’re innocent, he thought and attempted to take notes again. James seemed to think that his father was in fact a toy and a fun one at that. He pulled on Harry’s collar, tie, hair, and glasses at random. Harry’s notes were not making any sense now. There were ink blots and unfinished sentences. Words stuck out oddly and others had missing letters. Harry could hear Ron laughing softly next to him and he saw smirks and hidden smiles on many others in the class. Even Hermione was suppressing a laugh. Harry threw his quill down again and pried his son’s hand off his tie. “Enough!” he whispered.

“Mr. Potter?” Professor Flitwick said as Harry pulled a tiny hand off his hair again. He winced. He was pretty sure James was now holding a few strands of black hair, his own black hair.

“Yes?” Harry responded. Everyone was looking at him, hiding smiles and hands covering their mouths.

“Are you sure everything is okay?” he asked and Harry saw a ghost of a smile on his face. Well, it was nice for him to know that everyone was enjoying James using Harry as a toy. Harry on the other hand, did not think this was amusing. It was painful if anything.

“Yes–OW!–sir.” James had tugged on his ear. He heard soft laughter throughout the room. Harry looked at James. He was at his wits end. How did Ginny do it?

“Please stop playing with Daddy James. I need to pay attention,” Harry pleaded in a quiet voice. But James didn’t understand him. He had a look in his eyes that said he wanted all of his father’s attention and then grabbed a fistful of hair again. Harry winced and sighed. He gave up. There was no way he was going to get James to settle down. If he put him back in his carrier he was sure to cry. So, Harry let him continue to grab random things on him and eventually James resorted to patting the side of Harry’s face with his hand, with the occasional tug of something.

As time passed on, Harry noticed that James grew quite still. He had finally grown tired of using his father as a toy, much to Harry’s relief. But he seemed to be too still. Harry glanced over at him and smiled lovingly at the head of orange hair that greeted him. James had his head lying on Harry’s shoulder and facing away from him, clearly asleep. Harry could feel his tiny chest rise and fall as he took breaths against his shoulder. One of his hands was loosely clutched onto Harry’s robes while the other hung limply at his side. Harry placed a kiss on the back of his head and continued class in peace, earning himself several endearing looks from the girls in the room.

As Harry’s time in class was settling down, Ginny’s was heating up over in greenhouse number five. Her friends continued to press her with questions about her intimacy with Harry. They couldn’t believe how daring she had been in the hallway with Harry and in front of most of the school She was lucky no teachers had caught her or else there would definitely be no plans tonight. They wanted to know the tiniest details about everything and she did not want to give them. Those were for her and Harry to know only.

She was in the middle of repotting Snapping Rose bushes, blushing furiously at the questions. Things he had done, things she had done, things they wanted to do. She had stopped patting soil down and stared at Bridget. She had just asked a question that Ginny did not want to answer. They had done that but she wasn’t going to admit it and she was sure her friends could guess by the blush in her cheeks and the nervous look in her eyes.

“I am not going to answer that!” she exclaimed and began digging into the soil. She avoided looking them in the eyes.

“You have haven’t you! Ginny!” Bridget exclaimed, waving her shovel at Ginny.

“N-no, I haven’t. Oh just stop all of you! I’m not answering these questions anymore,” Ginny continued to dig and shot a glare at them.

“Fine. But we do share a room with you,” Claire reminded her. The others nodded in agreement. Ginny rolled her eyes and pulled out a plant, holding the biting petals away from her.

“I still can’t believe you did that in the hall Gin. I mean did you see the look on his face!” Melanie said, plopping a yellow bush into a pot, the petals trying to bite her gloved hand. Ginny smiled.

“Oh I was aware of more than just his face,” she said casually, with a tiny smirk. She was very aware of Harry’s reaction and tried to encourage it. For a moment she dwelled in the feelings of Harry. His lips pressed against hers and moving with her, his arms around her, his hands gripping onto her waist tightly. . .among other things.

“Ginny, how b–”

“I am NOT answering that!” Ginny exclaimed before Claire finished her question, shooting a Look at her. Claire immediately shut up and muttered something along the lines of ‘I’ll find out later.’ Well, Ginny thought, that is certainly none of her business!

Time went by and Ginny stood up to put away their bag of fertilizer.

“Lovely little show you put on for us earlier,” a voice said from behind her. Ginny turned around and was face to face with Michael Corner. She rolled her eyes and tried to get past him, but he stepped in front of her.

“Sod off Michael,” Ginny said and tried to go another way. He stepped in front of her again.

“How come you never kissed me like that in front of everyone?” he asked. Ginny crossed her arms and stared at him.

“I don’t know Michael, now go away,” she sighed and tapped her foot impatiently. He smirked and stepped closer to her.

“Don’t know, do you? Well then answer this for me, why Potter?”

Ginny stared at him. What was he on about?

“What are you talking about?” she frowned. He hadn’t said so much as a simple hello to her since they broke up two years ago and now all the sudden he was interested in her love life?

“Why Potter? Why didn’t you sleep with me when I offered?” he said cooly and crossed his arms.

“What?!” Ginny exclaimed, surprised at his question. Students at nearby tables were staring at them.

“What’s wrong with you? Can’t you hear properly? I said why didn’t you sleep with me!” Michael took another step towards her. Ginny found herself placing a hand on her wand.

“Maybe because I didn’t love you!” Ginny shouted.

“Like you loved Potter!” Michael snorted.

“I do love Harry!” Ginny argued.

“Oh of course you do. Always pined after him didn’t you? Even when we were together all you could talk about was that tosser!” Michael said.

“The only tosser I know is you!” Ginny shouted. She was getting very angry with him. The whole class was surrounding them now and Professor Sprout was no where in sight.

“The whole school knew about your little hero-worshiping crush on him. Weren’t exactly discreet about it now were you?” Michael uncrossed his arms. Ginny glared at him. Where did he get off like this all of the sudden? Michael wasn’t done, “I wonder how you got Potter anyway? Why would he fancy anyone like you?”

Ginny felt rage course through her veins.

“Harry loves me,” she said in a forced calm voice.

“Sure he does,” Michael said in a skeptical fashion and rolled his eyes. “Who’s kid is it anyway?”

“I don’t need to take this from you,” Ginny pushed past him to get back to her seat.

“You don’t know do you?” Michael scoffed.. “How many have you been with Ginny? Too many to count I suppose!”

Ginny was seeing red now. She whirled back around, her hair whipping around her dangerously. Her eyes bored into his and she felt like strangling him.

“For your information I have only been with one person and that happens to be Harry,” Ginny retorted in a deadly calm voice.

“Liar,” Michael smirked at her. Ginny took a deep breath before she turned around again, determined not to listen to him any longer and plopped back into her seat. A pair of hands slammed on her desk across from her.

“Proud aren’t you?” Michael said, leaning close to her. “What a happy little mummy you are, parading around the school with the little brat.”

Ginny closed her eyes.

“Damn right I’m a proud mother and my son is not a brat,” Ginny said softly, her eyes still closed. She opened her eyes to stare unscathed at him. He was leering at her and no one seemed to have backed away from them.

“You’re pathetic. Wonder what I ever saw in you to begin with. Wasted time I say,” he stood up. Ginny jumped up and leaned across the table.

“You wasted time? You were the one who asked me out! Obviously you had something for me,” Ginny said. Michael let out a low, hollow laugh.

“I did love you once. Foolish I was,” Michael replied.

“I never loved you!” Ginny spat.

“And why not?” Michael asked. Ginny pushed herself away from the table.

“Why do you even care?” Ginny crossed her arms and glared at him.

“Just answer me!” Michael shouted, banging a fist on the table

“Mr. Corner! Mrs. Potter! What is going on here!” Professor Sprout demanded, finally showing up. She stood with her gloved hands on her hips and looked from teenager to teenager.

“Mrs. Potter? What a joke! Not even his kid,” Michael laughed, shaking his head in disbelief. Ginny had enough. Tears were threatening her eyes. She grabbed her school bag and pulled off her dragon-hide gloves, throwing them on the counter and stormed out of the greenhouse.

The moment Ginny walked out tears poured down her face.

“Ginny!” someone called. Ginny turned and was face to face with Colin and her roommates running after him.

“What?” Ginny asked irritated.

“Are you okay?” Claire asked the moment she caught up to Ginny and Colin.

“I’m just great! Just wonderful Claire! Who else thinks of me the same way? How many? Who else wants to know who I’ve crawled into bed with! Who else wants to know if Harry really is the father!” Ginny shouted.

“He is, isn’t he?” Melanie asked tentatively.

“Of course he is!” Ginny shouted offended that Melanie would even think that.

“I know, just-just checking,” Melanie recoiled from Ginny, holding up her hands in front of her in surrender.

“Do I have to get a paternity test and show the whole damn school! Harry is his father!” Ginny went on with her ranting. She was vaguely aware of the third years in the Care of Magical Creatures class, watching her from a far. It was clear that they could hear her every word she screamed. Even Hagrid was watching her yell into the sky. None of her friends spoke. They watched her in some sort of fear. Ginny didn’t care.

“I know I made a mistake! I know I should have known better and I’m paying for it! Why does everyone assume these things and accuse me of being a scarlet woman! I’m sorry alright, I’M SORRY!” Ginny was heaving with frustration and the tears poured from her eyes. She buried her face in her hands and cried. Someone put their arms around her and tried to soothe her. She stood there for a while, crying and trying to calm down. Once her tears ceased and she was sniffling, she realized how she had come off to her friends. They were only trying to help and she was yelling at them.

“Oh I’m so sorry I yelled at you lot like that,” Ginny swiped at her eyes.

“It’s quite alright Ginny,” Melanie smiled at her encouragingly. Colin patted her on the back and smiled at her.

“Michael shouldn’t have said those things. Oh that bloody wanker. I’ll get him, just you wait and see,” Bridget said with pure hatred. Her fists were clenched and she was glaring at the greenhouse behind them. Ginny gave her a weak smile.

“The bell rung Gin. Are you alright to go to lunch?’ Claire asked.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine,” Ginny continued to dry her eyes.

“Would you like me to tell Harry? I’m right sure he’ll give that prat what he deserves,” Colin grinned at her. Ginny managed a weak laugh.

“I’ll tell him eventually,” Ginny said.

“Well then let’s go and find him shall we?” Melanie said and linked her arm with Ginny and the five of them started for the castle.

Chapter 11: Chapter Ten
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Chapter Ten

When the bell rung, James was still sleeping on Harry’s shoulder. Harry did not want to wake him up. Ginny had come down the stairs that morning claiming that James had had a rough night. The teething was now beginning to bother him and he was up most of the night crying. So as carefully as he could, he packed up and carried his school bag on his free shoulder, while Ron carried the carrier with the baby bag in it.

As they walked down the halls, several students were watching Harry and whispering to each other. Several of the younger girls were smiling at him, while he received some nastier looks from others (mostly Slytherins). Harry didn’t really seem to care what anyone thought. He enjoyed having James sleep in his arms like this. He was proud to be a father.

“Mr. Weasley, a word?” Professor McGonagall called from down the hall.

“But I’m on my way to lunch Professor,” Ron whined as if missing lunch would be the end of the world.

“Now Mr. Weasley,” Professor McGonagall said in a very stern voice. Ron had a painful look on his face.

“Oh relax Ron. There’ll still be food when you get back,” Hermione teased. Ron shot her a glare.

“I do not have all day Mr. Weasley,” Professor McGonagall said, tapping her foot impatiently. Ron grumbled as Hermione took the carrier and baby bag from him. He reluctantly followed Professor McGonagall, leaving Harry and Hermione alone with James.

James shifted on Harry’s shoulder. Harry brought his other arm up and held James in a more comfortable position and the infant settled down again. It was strange as he walked down the corridor to the Great Hall. Last year he was just like any other student walking in these halls. Complaining about lessons and homework, worrying about the next exam, talking about upcoming Quidditch matches. But now it was different. Of course he still talked about those things, but he had more on his mind than the ususal stuff. He knew that he talked about James more than anything. He knew he was telling his friends stories about his son and he did so with pride. Harry was sure that no one really wanted to know about the time when James decided that spitting up on Uncle Percy was fun, and how Uncle Fred and Uncle George had encouraged the newborn to do it. Harry had finally taken his son back after the fourth time and muttered an apology to Percy, while quietly laughing at him and silently congratulating his son.

Things were different, that was for sure. And Harry had the choice for things to stay the same, but neither him nor Ginny made that choice.

He looked over at his sleeping son. His face was towards him now and Harry smiled at the peaceful expression on his small face. He could smell the scent of the baby shampoo and soap that Ginny had used that morning for his bath and he loved it. His arms were still in the same position; one clutching onto Harry’s robes and the other hanging limply at his side. He squirmed a bit, kicking his tiny sock covered feet softly, obviously dreaming. He yawned in his sleep and was still again.

Harry smiled to himself. The littlest things made Harry’s heart swell with joy. Every tiny thing about James made him happy. He loved him.

He smiled.

Harry was rather happy with the choice they made.

Harry waited outside the girls' washroom, leaning against the stone wall and his arms crossed. He was actually grateful for the stop. He and Ginny were on their way to Professor Dumbledore’s office to meet with Molly and Arthur and inform them of their choice and discuss what options they had. It was the end of the school day, just before dinner. Both had taken their time walking to the Headmaster’s office, neither one wanting to get there quickly. No one asked questions, thankfully, and no one was questioning Ginny’s health any longer. They had finally believed that she had a bad case of the stomach flu and it wasn’t contagious.

“You’re never touching me again,” Ginny’s voice came. Harry looked and saw her standing in the threshold, pale faced and clutching her stomach. Harry straightened himself up as she walked towards him.

“You always say that,” he chuckled as she smoothed out her school robes.

“And I always mean it!” she glared at him and shook her hair out of her face. Harry’s eyes widened at the look in her eyes.

“You can’t be serious!” he said, truly afraid of her words. Ginny stared at him and laughed. She gave him a quick kiss.

“Think about that for a moment,” she smiled. Harry stared at her hoping that she wouldn’t really mean that. Never touching Ginny again? He’d go crazy!

“Oh honestly! Of course I don’t mean it!” she giggled and kissed him again. Harry smiled and looked at her. She was exhausted and so pale that her freckles stood out against her skin, despite the smile she had on her face. He felt so bad for her. She was the one who had to go through all the physical changes, not him. It appeared that her body was having a hard time adjusting to the pregnancy and Harry wanted to do nothing more than to hold her and take care of her. He hoped that all this morning sickness business would end soon. . .he really didn’t like to hear the sound of Ginny retching, but he would be there for her.

“Feeling alright?” he asked, placing his hand on her forehead. She nodded and sighed. Harry removed his hand and rubbed her shoulder affectionately.

“I’m fine.” She looked down at the ground briefly. “Ready?” Ginny asked wearily. He nodded and took her hand and they slowly made their way.

Neither one spoke. Their footsteps echoed off the walls and vibrated loudly in Harry’s ears. Dread of what was to come filled him. He didn’t know what was going to happen. He had very long talks with Ginny over what they were going to do. They had examined all their options throughly and came to one conclusion together. It was hard for both of them to do, but they agreed this was for the best. Still, while they thought this was the best way to go about things, he didn’t know if everyone else was going to think the same thing.

They stood just outside the stone gargoyle, staring at it and neither wanting to go any closer.

“We’re doing the right thing aren’t we?” Ginny asked, looking at Harry. He squeezed her hand.

“Gin, if you don’t want to go through with this, we don’t have to,” he said. She shook her head.

“No, we have to take responsibility for what we did. It’s not. . .it’s fault,” she lowered her voice and looked around to see if any students were coming. Harry nodded.

“Ready then?” he asked.

“Ready,” she nodded.

“Licorice Wands,” Harry said and the gargoyle hoped to the side, revealing the spiral staircase. They stepped inside. The journey on the stairs to the doors to Dumbledore’s office seemed to take an eternity. With every inch they went, more dread filled Harry. It pounded in his ears and he felt slightly dizzy. He could hear Ginny’s breathing becoming heavier. Harry put his arm around her shoulders and brought her close to him. They were both terrified as they found themselves outside the great oak doors. Their eyes were locked on the doors, each knowing that their fate lied behind them, yet neither one knew what it held.

“Come in,” a voice called and there was no mistaking it was Albus Dumbledore’s. They took a deep breath and Harry opened the door, ushering Ginny in. Four chintz chairs stood in front of Professor Dumbledore’s desk, two of them being occupied by Molly and Arthur Weasley. Neither Harry nor Ginny could look at them. Both felt ashamed and horrible for what they had done. Harry felt terrible. Molly and Arthur had been his family. They had taken him in and loved him like a son and this is how he repaid them? By getting their fifteen year old daughter pregnant?

Professor Dumbledore sat in his chair behind his desk, his hands folded on the desk and smiling at them. Professor McGonagall stood next to him, hands behind her back and watching them walk across the room. Her face gave no expression. She simply watched them approach the desk, her lips pursed into a very thin line. Madam Pomfrey completed the round of Hogwarts staff, standing on Professor Dumbledore’s other side, hands folded in front of her and gave them both a sympathetic look.

“Ah, Mr. Potter, Miss Weasley, please have a seat,” Professor Dumbledore smiled warmly to them and gestured to the chairs which they took. His blue eyes twinkled at them and Harry felt a bit more at ease. He looked over at Ginny. Harry noticed that Ginny looked frightened to be there. He reached over and took her hand, letting her know she wasn’t alone.

“Anything to drink? Or biscuits perhaps?” Professor Dumbledore offered to his guests, all who declined. “Very well, on with it I suppose. Now, Molly, Arthur, you are aware of Ginny’s pregnancy, correct?”

“We are,” Molly replied stiffly and Harry knew she was giving them both a disapproving look.

“And Mr. Potter, you are aware as well?” Professor Dumbledore turned to look at him.

“Yes sir, I am,” Harry replied, holding onto Ginny’s hand tightly.

“And you both are aware of your options?” he asked and they nodded. “Very well. Molly and Arthur have you two decided on how to deal with whatever they choose?”

“We will help them in any way we can,” Arthur replied. Harry could hear the disappointment in his voice. How could he do this to Ginny?

“Have you two had a chance to discuss your options?” Professor Dumbledore asked looking at Harry and Ginny.

“We have,” Ginny replied in a shaky voice.

“And have you come to a decision?” he asked. They nodded. Harry glanced over at Ginny. She hung her head and stared at the floor. Her other hand on her stomach, lightly rubbing it with her thumb.

“We. . . we’re going to keep it,” Ginny said in a forced tone. Harry couldn’t bare to look at any of the adults in the room. He looked down at the floor just like Ginny. He could feel all eyes on them.

“And we’ve decided to get married, as soon as possible,” Harry added, still looking at the floor. He waited for the shrieks and shouts to start. He braced himself for lectures on their stupidity. But none of that came.

“Very well,” Professor Dumbledore sighed. Harry looked up. No lectures? No questions? He had expected all that but none of it happened. Harry assumed that Professor Dumbledore had spoken to the other adults beforehand and told them not to scream and shout. Perhaps he had wanted to make this easier on the two of them. He had sought them out in the hallways quite a few times and Harry had seen him watching them in the Great Hall during meals.

“I believe that the arrangements will be as followed. Miss Weasley, you are to see Madam Pomfrey every week until the winter holiday and you may not play Quidditch. You shall be placed on the reserve position. Mr. Potter, you are expected to take care of Miss Weasley and accompany her to all her appointments with Madam Pomfrey. I believe that Molly will make arrangements for a midwife to accompany Madam Pomfrey as well.

“Miss Weasley, you will not be returning next term. This is due to the fact that in your condition, the castle is not a suitable environment, so you shall continue your studies at home and you may only return to take your O.W.L.s. From what I was told you are due some time in the middle of June. I shall arrange for the O.W.L.s to be conducted earlier this year and the school year to end early. I will not have you run about this castle and go into labor in the middle of an exam. Also I’m sure Harry will want to be there with you when the time comes,” Professor Dumbledore said, looking at them both kindly, a twinkle in his eyes. Harry gave him a small smile. The only adult who was not looking cross at them. Harry was grateful. “Mr. Potter, you are to remain here and you may leave only in dire emergencies. As for wedding plans, you both must discuss this with Molly and Arthur.

“I want you both to know that no one will know about this. I do believe that Mr. Weasley and Miss Granger have already been informed. Unless you both want to tell others, nothing will be said. Mr. Potter, I will deal with the Dursleys. Do not worry about them. Now, any questions?” Professor Dumbledore concluded and looked at them all in turn.

They all shook their heads. Professor Dumbledore then withdrew a sheet of parchment and took a quill. He scratched something on it and after a few moments, he set the quill down, tapped it with his wand, and with a satisfied nod, he rolled it up and stuffed it inside his robes.

“Well then, I shall leave the four of you to discuss any further matters. I have a few matters of my own to take care of. Molly and Arthur, you are welcomed to join us for dinner, Harry and Ginny please come down to the Great Hall once you all are finished,” Professor Dumbledore said and stood up, as well as the others. Moments later, only Molly, Arthur, Harry, and Ginny remained. No one spoke for a while and the tension in the air was unbearable. Molly and Arthur were standing next to each other, looking around the office. Harry and Ginny stood away from of them, Ginny with her arms crossed and Harry had his hands shoved in his pockets and looking around.

Thoughts of what the Dursleys would do swam in Harry’s mind. He didn’t even think about them being involved in the whole thing. He and Ginny were underage. Surely they would need permission for them to get married.
Like the Dursleys would do that! he thought, bitterly. And what would they think of Ginny being pregnant and that he was the father? What were they going to do now?

“Well, I suppose we have a wedding to plan now,” Molly finally said in a very unpleased tone, breaking Harry’s thoughts. “The day you both arrive for winter holiday. I’ll write to your brothers Ginny and tell them.”

“You haven’t said anything?” Ginny asked, slightly shocked and slightly surprised, looking up. That would make sense to Harry. He was sure that after Ron’s reaction he was going to receive owls from the other Weasley siblings, but after three weeks he hadn’t.

“No we haven’t. We were waiting to hear your decision before we said anything to them,” Arthur replied.

“Oh,” Ginny said, looking back at the ground again.

“Though I wasn’t expecting to have to plan your wedding quite so soon and I did imagine it would be under different circumstances,” Molly said, glaring at her daughter. Ginny hung her head again.

“I’m sorry,” Ginny said in a quavering voice.

“A bit late isn’t it,” Molly replied, sharply. Ginny was silent again. Harry caught a tear sliding down her face and falling onto the floor. Harry put an arm around her and pulled her close to him, looking up at her parents.

“I’m sorry Mr. and Mrs. Weasley. I don’t know what else to say,” Harry said.

“Well isn’t that lovely. Arthur, they’re sorry. Makes a world of a difference doesn’t it,” Molly spat. Harry looked away.

“Now Molly,” Arthur said, in a warning tone

“No Arthur! I’m going to tell them what’s been going through my mind for the past three weeks and you will not stop me!” Molly shouted. Harry felt Ginny cringe.

“Molly, we agreed that we weren’t going to yell at them,” Arthur said, obviously trying to calm her down.

“I can’t believe you two!” Molly shouted, ignoring Arthur completely. “Were either one of you thinking! Didn’t one of you think something like this would happen! I thought you were much smarter than that, much smarter! Both of your lives are ruined now! All because you wanted a little fun!”

“Mum, please–” Ginny begged.

“HOW COULD YOU BE SO STUPID VIRGINIA ANNE WEASLEY!” Molly screamed, marching up to them. Ginny cringed even more and buried closer to Harry. Harry held her tightly. “My own daughter! Pregnant at fifteen! I thought I raised you better than this! How in the name of Merlin are you going to take care of a child at your age?”

“I don’t know,” Ginny answered weakly. Her body was trembling next to his.

“Well that’s obvious! I’m furious with you! How could you do something like this!” Molly screamed again.

“I’m sorry,” Ginny replied in the same weak tone and Harry knew she was crying.

“Sorry isn’t going to change this Virginia! There’s a baby growing in you right now and all you can say is sorry! That child did not ask to be created!” Molly shouted again.

“Molly!” Arthur had come up behind her and tried to pull her away. “That’s enough!”

Ginny was bawling against Harry. He put both arms around her and held her close. Her tiny frame was shaking with every breath she took as she sobbed. Harry felt his robes getting wet. She looked up at him. Her eyes were red and her cheeks were wet. Tears were falling off her face and she looked utterly hopeless.

“Harry, I-I didn’t me-me-mean to,” she choked on her tears.

“I know, I know,” he whispered to her.

“I n-never meant for this to-to hap-happen-en,” she cried. Harry gently rubbed her back as she buried closer to him.

“Everything will be okay Gin,” he said, dropping a kiss on top of her copper head.

“Harry I’m so sorry. I’m so, so sorry. It’s all my fault,” she rasped. Harry lifted her head to look at him.

“It is not all your fault. We’re both in this together. I did have a part in this remember or did you already forget about that?” Harry tried to cheer her up some. She managed to crack a weak smile. Harry took a deep breath and looked over at her parents. Both were watching them closely, Molly with a bit of a scowl on her face. He felt so horrible about the whole situation and most of Molly’s anger was directed towards Ginny and Harry was half to blame. He had to say something to them.

“Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, I could say I’m sorry a thousand times and I know it won’t change anything. But I want you both to know that I love your daughter. I love Ginny very much and I’ll do anything for her. We did have a very long talk about this. We went over all our options and decided that this was the best route. We both did something and we’re going to take responsibility for it,” Harry told them. They simply stared at him. Harry didn’t know if that was a good or bad thing.

“I understand if you don’t want anything to do with me anymore,” Ginny said softly. She had lifted her head and was facing the direction of her parents, yet she wasn’t looking at them. She was staring down at the ground again. “All I need is somewhere to stay until the baby is born and then we’ll go on our own. You won’t have anything to do with us.”

Harry knew it was hard for her to say. They had talked this over. If Molly and Arthur were willing to let Ginny stay at the Burrow until the baby was born then they would do so and then they would both find a place of their own. If they weren’t willing, then Harry was ready to send a letter to Remus Lupin in hopes that he would help them and if not then their last chance was one of Ginny’s brothers. If that failed, which Harry was sure would not happen once they knew what was going on, they were both willing to drop out of school and find their own place. Hopefully, it wouldn’t come to that.

“And who said that we were kicking you out?” Arthur asked. They both looked up at him, puzzled.

“But I assumed that you wouldn’t want me around,” Ginny said.

“Ginny, just because I’m upset with what you did doesn’t mean I don’t love you. You’re our daughter. We will always love you,” Molly said, her voice considerably much more softer than before. Ginny stared.

“We said we were going to help you two and we mean that,” Molly went on. Ginny gave them a watery smile.

“Take good care of her Harry,” Arthur said. Harry nodded.

“I will. Both of them,” Harry said, looking at Ginny.

“Now, you two best be off to supper, Ginny needs all the nourishment she can get now!” Molly began shooing them out of the office. Harry and Ginny shared a look. First they were being yelled at by Molly and now she was being very motherly to them. Molly and Arthur walked down the stairs after them, with Molly giving Ginny all sorts of advice.

“I still say we should go up there!” they heard Ron shout.

“Ron we can’t!” Hermione shouted back. Harry looked up from the entrance to the Headmaster’s office. Ron and Hermione were standing opposite of the gargoyle. Arthur cleared his throat and they looked up.

“Er, hi Dad, hi Mum,” Ron greeted them. They looked at Harry and Ginny anxiously. Ron glanced up at his parents for a moment and then back at Harry. The tension between them was heavy in the air.

“Alright?” Ron asked. Harry nodded and put his arm around Ginny.

“Alright,” he replied. They both beamed at them.

“Everything is going to be just fine,” Molly said from behind.

“Almost,” Ginny said and shrugged Harry’s arm off. She walked to Hermione and took her hands.

“Be my maid-of-honor?” Ginny asked. Harry saw Hermione’s eyes go wide.

“Of course!” Hermione exclaimed and hugged Ginny tightly. They were smiling at each other and jumping up and down excitedly. Harry and Ron looked at each other.

“Best man?” Harry asked, staying in the same spot.

“Suppose so,” Ron nodded. They approached each other and patted each other on the back, awkwardly. They stepped back from each other and shared a huge grin.

Things were going to be just fine.

Harry smiled to himself as he took a seat at the Gryffindor table. With one hand, he loaded up a plate of food and tried to eat, allowing James to sleep. Teething was definitely beginning to wear the infant out. At least he was behaving now. . . .

Ginny walked into the Great Hall in a foul mood. However that lifted when she looked down the table for a place to sit. An empty spot was next to Harry and he was sitting there with James. He looked so adorable holding James while he slept on his shoulder. Her heart warmed. Ginny had never really seen anything like this before and she wished she had a camera with her.

There was a sudden flash. Ginny looked over to her side. Colin stood there, lowering a camera from his face.

“Read my mind,” Ginny smiled at him.

“Did you expect me not to have my camera? Ginny, I’m offended! Inspiration hits at any time, an artist must be ready!” Colin patted his camera lovingly and shoved it back in his bag.

Ginny rolled her eyes and walked towards Harry. She took the seat next to him and pecked his cheek, then gently rubbed the top of James’ head. He stirred a bit then settled down again.

“That is the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen,” she said. Harry turned and smiled at her.

“Yeah well,” Harry replied and bit a piece of his bread off.

“He looks so sweet,” Ginny looked at James sleeping peaceful. He gave a tiny yawn.

“He looks sweet now,” Harry said and shook his head. Parvati and Lavender began to giggle.

“Oh but Harry that was sweet!” Parvati giggled. Harry glared at them.

“Maybe for you,” Harry scoffed. Ginny noticed all the seventh years suppressing laughs and looking at Harry.

“What happened?” Ginny asked, turning to look at her husband. Harry put down his roll.

“James has a new toy,” Harry looked at her.

“Oh? And that would be. . .” Ginny said, slightly amused.

“Me. His new toy is me,” Harry said. Ginny looked at him, confused.

“How so?” she asked. Harry sighed and explained to her what happened in Charms.

“It’s not funny!” Harry couldn’t believe Ginny was laughing at him. His own wife! She giggled for a few more moments and smiled at him. Harry returned the smile with a glare. Ginny rolled her eyes at him.

“Oh come on Harry! What else did you expect?” Ginny said, smiling and piling food on her own plate.

“To behave! He doesn’t do that with you!” Harry shifted James a bit. He turned his head and yawned.

“That’s because he knows how to be with Mummy,” Ginny poured water into a goblet and took a sip.

“What does that mean?” Harry frowned. Ginny sighed and looked at him.

“He knows that Daddy’s going to play and Mommy’s being serious,” Ginny tried to explain. Harry frowned.

“So I don’t know when to be serious?” Harry asked. He didn’t know what Ginny was trying to tell him. It sounded like she was saying he was horrible at parenting.

“That’s not what I mean. It just that when you hold him, you aren’t being. . .well loving,” Ginny didn’t know how to explain it to him. Harry’s frown deepened.

“So you’re saying I don’t know how to be a loving father?” he asked. Ginny shook her head.

“That’s not what I meant at all. Oh bugger,” Ginny sighed. “Forget I said anything.”

“No Gin, what did you mean? Am I a bad father?” Harry pressed her.

“No!” Ginny shook her head.

“Then what do you mean?” Harry demanded from her. Ginny sighed again.

“I just mean James knows your going to play with him and that’s what he expects. He wants to play with Daddy. If you just hold him like you are now, then he’ll know you can’t play with him all the time and he’ll know when it’s time to be quiet,” Ginny said and looked at her plate.

“Oh,” Harry replied lamely.

“You’re a good father. Really you are. I mean he looks so comfortable like that,” Ginny looked back at James. His eyes opened and looked at her sleepily, then yawned. James blinked few times and yawned again. He lifted his head and looked around, then closed his eyes again. Slowly, he put his head back on Harry’s shoulder and snuggled closer to him, drifting off to sleep again.

“See?” Ginny smiled. Harry returned her smile and kissed the back of James’ head.

A few moments later Harry carefully handed James to Ginny and grabbed the baby bag. James was startled by the sudden change of parent to parent. He woke up and looked around groggily. Harry gave him an apologetic look and James yawned and rested his head on Ginny’s chest. Ginny gave Harry a puzzled look.

“He needs to be changed,” he said, searching through his bag and answering Ginny’s unasked question.

“I’ll do it,” Ginny took the blanket and the diaper Harry was holding. She stood up and walked out of the Great Hall and to the nearest washroom. She placed the blanket on the floor and set James on top of it.

After a few minutes Ginny stood up and went to wash her hands. A group of second year Hufflepuffs entered and looked at James on the floor next to her, cooing to himself and now fully awake.

“You’re Ginny Potter aren’t you?” one girl asked. Ginny nodded and dried her hands.

“Yes I am.”

“So you’re really married to Harry Potter?” another girl asked.

“I am,” Ginny replied. The girls looked at each other excitedly.

“And that’s really your son?” a third asked, pointing to the cooing James. Ginny nodded and they squealed and tried to get a better look at him. Ginny gave them a small smile and turned to pick up James.

She gasped.

James was on his stomach and was in the middle of rolling onto his back. Ginny watched him for a few moments. He lifted himself onto his side and pushed himself over onto his stomach. His arms and legs were sprawled out and he lifted his head slightly. Ginny watched as he struggled to lift his side and finally rolled onto his back again. Ginny beamed with pride and scooped him off the floor.

“Oh James! Good boy!” she exclaimed, hugging him close to her. James gurgled and smiled up at his mother. She picked the blanket up from off the floor and pushed past the group of second years, delighted that James learned something new. Ginny half ran back to the Great Hall, excited to tell Harry.

“Harry!” Ginny called, hurrying down the aisle to him. Harry looked up at her. Ginny sat down and looked at Harry excitedly.

“He did it!” she announced, grinning. Harry frowned at her. He didn’t have a clue about what she was talking about.

“He did what?” he asked, perplexed.

“He went the other way!” she said and beamed proudly at James. Suddenly, comprehension dawned on Harry’s face. He grinned and looked at his son, who was chewing on his shirt sleeve.

“He did?” Harry asked and took James from her. She nodded, smiling wide. “Good job James!” Harry also beamed at his son and kissed his forehead. James looked at them and upon seeing their proud and excited faces, he smiled and cooed.

The other Gryffindors looked at them confused as they continued to smile and congratulate their son. Harry and Ginny were so wrapped up in being proud of James, they didn’t notice Ron barge through the doors and shooting a fourth year boy a dirty look. The boy cowered and looked away. Ron gave him one last menacing glare and plopped down right across from the proud parents.

“Ginny, you’re off reserve!” Ron proclaimed, grabbing a platter and shoveling potatoes onto his plate, angrily. Ginny cut off a remark to James about how proud she was and looked at Ron like he had just sprouted an extra arm on the top of his head.

“What!” she demanded. Ron set the dish down with a loud clang and picked up a plate of corn and pushed some onto his plate, spilling some on the table.

“You’re off reserve. You’re an active Chaser again,” Ron took a piece of steak and kidney pie and slapped it on his plate. The students around them were staring at them. Hermione stared at her boyfriend, unable to believe how he managed to get a mountain of food on his plate and all around his area of the table.

“I’m what?! Ron I can’t do that!” Ginny protested and stared at her brother. Harry had looked up now and was looking at both siblings. James had tried to crane his neck to follow the sound of his uncle’s voice and see why his mother was so angry.

“You don’t have much of a choice. If for some reason a Chaser cannot play, then the reserve takes over and that’s you,” Ron said with a sharp nod.

“Yes but there’s no other reserve player in this school in my situation,” Ginny argued back.

“You’re playing Ginny. You will be at practice on Saturday morning and that’s an order from the team captain!” Ron ordered.

“Ron!” Ginny shouted.

“That’s an order!” Ron repeated and shoved a fork full of potatoes into his mouth. Ginny crossed her arms and glared at him. Harry looked from one to the other and quickly decided to side with his wife.

“Who shoved a broom up your arse?” Harry asked Ron, putting James in his carrier. Ginny glared at Harry.

“Language!” she scolded and gestured to James. Harry mouthed a “sorry” to her.

“Jacob Kent quit. Said he’s much too busy this year to play. Lousy bloody git,” Ron said, shooting a deadly glare down the table.

“Ron! Language!” Ginny shouted at him. Ron flinched from her momentarily and quickly regained his anger.

“Kent is out. You, my dear sister, are back on,” Ron said as if it were final. Ginny stared at him. He was forcing her to play! Ginny loved to play Quidditch and she longed to play Chaser again, but things have changed and she just couldn’t drop everything to play again. Shehad a family to think about now.

“Oh sure Ron. I’ll be there, dressed and ready to play,” Ginny smiled at him. Ron sat up straight and had a confident look on his face. Ginny uncrossed her arms and leaned across the table towards him. “However I do have a slight problem. It’s small, weighs about five kilo, has red hair, looks like Harry and I. . .I wonder what that could be. Oh right! I forgot! Maybe MY SON!”

“Oh,” Ron seemed to just realize this and glanced at the carrier that was in front of Harry. He looked up and down the table and grinned. He patted Hermione on the back. “She’ll watch him for you.”

Hermione gaped at him, nearly choking on her potatoes.

“Ron you can’t offer her to watch him for us!” Ginny shouted at him.

“Hermione loves him! You’ll do it won’t you?” Ron turned to look at his girlfriend. Ginny noticed the pleading look he gave her. Hermione gave him a forced smile.

“Of course. No trouble at all Ginny,” Hermione said and nodded.

“See, Hermione will watch him and you both can play,” Ron smiled smugly at Ginny. Ginny sighed and looked over at Harry. He had took it upon himself to feed James a small jar of ham and green beans baby food. He shrugged at her and continued to feed James. She rolled her eyes and glared at Ron. So much for her husband’s opinion.

“Please Ginny. You’re too good. The only reason you went to reserve was because of James. I need you,” Ron pleaded. Ginny’s mouth dropped open.

“Excuse me?” Ginny glared.

“I didn’t mean it like that! You got yourself pregnant!” Ron said. Ginny glared again. Harry was very happy he was him and not Ron now. Ginny, the love of his life, his sweet girl, the caring and loving mother of his child, and the wonderful and supportive wife of his, came off as a sweet and calm person. That is until someone pushed her buttons. All that changes with a swish and flick of a wand and whoever was on the receiving end was guaranteed a very unpleasant conversation. . .especially when it came to James. Harry saw the fire light up in her eyes and her face flush with anger. Ron was in for it.

“Oh so I just decided to get pregnant, is that it? Just out of the blue, I wanted to have a kid?” Ginny challenged her brother and crossed her arms. Ron gulped and shifted in his chair. Ginny was pleased.

“No! I mean. . .well . .” Ron stammered, his ears going red. He was terrified and Ginny was even more pleased with herself.

“Just woke up one morning and decided to get pregnant, right?” she narrowed her eyes at him. Harry looked at her. It was amazing how much she looked like his mother-in-law. All she needed was an apron and a soapy frying pan waving in her hand. Ah yes, Harry was glad he was on her good side right now. Ron looked frightened of Ginny. Ron was over six feet and Ginny was at least a foot shorter than him. It was actually amusing to Harry to see Ron cower away from someone so small.

“No! It’s just that you couldn’t play in your condition then!” Ron quickly tried to recover. Ginny kept a cold gaze on him.

“I’ll think about it,” Ginny snapped and began to eat her lunch, all the while ignoring Ron.

Eyes kept darting to the red headed siblings. Ron kept his head bent over his plate, not daring to look up at his sister. Ginny enjoyed this. She could invoke fear in any of her brother’s just like that.

James had finished eating and had nodded off in his carrier, his blue bunny hanging limply in his hands. Harry tucked a blanket around his son then looked over at Ginny. She was going over some notes and continued to eat her lunch. The recent talk of Quidditch sparked something in Harry. He remembered Ginny’s mention of it earlier in the hallway. He smirked and leaned towards her ear.

“So you were talking about Quidditch earlier,” Harry murmured to her. Ginny looked up from her notes and at him. He waggled his eyebrows at her and smiled. Ginny propped her elbow on the table and rested her chin on the back of her hand and gave him a coy smile.

“Perhaps,” she whispered and gave him a tiny wink. Harry grinned and tucked into a piece of apple pie.

Ginny ignored Ron the rest of the day. He tried to apologize in the halls between classes. He had even attempted to conjure up a bouquet of red roses for her and a brand new teddy bear for James. Ginny still ignored him. If he wanted her back so badly, then he was going to have to prove it to her.

Harry had heard about the argument Ginny and Michael had in Herbology from Ginny’s roommates and cornered the Ravenclaw just before dinner. Ginny caught a glimpse of him, running up to the infirmary while his teeth were growing longer and longer by the second and his ears were slowly growing larger as well. She was also sure she saw a black eye and a bloody nose and he was limping as he hurried past them. Harry had come up behind her with a satisfied smile glued across his face.

They were now sitting at a table in the common room doing homework. Hermione had conjured up a playpen for James, insisting he needed one after seeing him roll around the ground. Both Harry and Ginny felt more at ease, knowing that at least James wasn’t going to roll into anything solid and capable of hurting him. James seemed to like it anyway. He quietly played with his toys and gazed up at the mobile above him. Ginny watched him reach for it while chewing on his teething ring and smiled, then returned to her essay.

“Ginny please!” Ron exclaimed. Ginny looked up from her Transfiguration essay. Ron held up both hands together in a plea and looked at her with puppy dog eyes. Ginny had been making him suffer since lunch and was rather enjoying watching him beg her in front of everyone. He had been begging her ever since the four of them began their homework. She sighed.

“Oh fine,” Ginny rolled her eyes and dipped her quill in her ink well. Ron whooped loudly and grabbed Hermione, pulling her into a kiss.

“Ron! I’m trying to write an essay for Charms!” Hermione pushed him away and continued to scribble in her tiny and perfect handwriting.

“We don’t have an essay for Charms,” Ron frowned and looked over her shoulder.

“It’s that extra credit one Flitwick assigned,” Hermione said, running a finger across a line in a tome in front of he before she continued to write. Ron groaned. Hermione put her quill down and glared at him. “It’s quite interesting. Here.” She pulled an enormous tome in front of her and cleared her throat.

“The strongest emotion that can have an affect on Spells and Charms the most is that of love. If a love is very strong, it can break even the most difficult spells. It can serve as counter-jinxes, anti-hexes, break through shields, and potentially stop some Unforgivables,” Hermione read aloud. Ron rolled his eyes.

“Why do you need extra credit? You already have what a one hundred and fifty percent in there?” Ron asked. Hermione pursed her lips and closed her eyes. She opened them and looked over at her boyfriend.

“It’s a learning experience Ron,” Hermione informed him, obviously trying to control her anger.

“So?” Ron shrugged. He leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms. Hermione glared at him and took a deep breath.

“And they’re off,” Harry muttered under his breath as he watched Ron and Hermione launch into yet another bickering session. He shook his head and continued to work on a Defense Against the Dark Arts essay. Ginny giggled. She glanced over at Harry and smiled. Now was the perfect time. She leaned over close to him.

“How about we go for a walk?” she suggested. Harry looked at her and put his quill down. He smiled and glanced over at Ron and Hermione who were whispering harshly to each other.

“Alright,” he agreed and stood up. Ginny cleared her throat to gain the attention of her best friend and brother. They both looked at her at the same time.

“Mind keeping on eye on him for a bit,” Ginny asked, gesturing to James in his playpen and standing up as well. James was making some happy baby noises as he continued to practice rolling around. He stopped and stared at something just outside the playpen. Crookshanks was staring back at him curiously. He had been hiding in Hermione’s room for weeks and Hermione had claimed he was sick. This was the first time Crookshanks had seen James and apparently the feline was very entranced with the infant. James rolled onto his stomach and attempted to reach out for the cat. Crookshanks flicked his tail and meowed loudly. James let out a squeal of fright and began to cry rather loudly.

“Oh dear,” Ginny sighed and went to her son. She shooed the cat away and it took off to Hermione, purring around her heels. Ginny lifted James into her arms and attempted to calm him down. He quickly quieted down in his mother’s arms and Ginny gave him his pacifier before setting him back into the playpen. She smiled down at him lovingly and returned to the table.

“So will you watch him then?” Harry asked. Hermione nodded and Ron narrowed his eyes at them. They quickly made their way to James, each giving him a kiss and said goodbye to him. James looked up at them innocently and rolled over onto his stomach, apparently recovered from the cat scare.

“Yeah, he won’t miss us,” Harry put his arm around Ginny. She giggled softly as they walked to the portal.

“Where are you two going?” Ron suddenly asked as they were nearing the portrait entrance. Ginny glanced over at him as Harry began to climb through the entrance. She followed Harry and looked at Ron again.

“To practice Quidditch,” Ginny called and the portrait slammed closed behind her. Ginny slipped her hand in Harry’s and they began to walk down the corridor. Alone. Since James had arrived unexpectedly at Hogwarts, they hadn’t had time to be completely alone together. They walked in a comfortable silence down the corridors, both relishing in the small amount of time they had together. Ginny let go of his hand after a few minutes and picked up her pace. Harry frowned and watched as she turned around and walked backwards.

“Catch the Quaffle!” she called and took off at a run. Harry grinned and chased after her. Harry ran after her down halls, up stairs, and around corners, before catching her somewhere down a corridor on the seventh floor. Harry grabbed her by the waist and she let out a shriek of laughter. Harry laughed at her and drew her close to him. He looked up and saw a very familiar tapestry hanging on a wall and smiled. He let go of Ginny and walked back and forth in front of it three times and concentrated on what he required for the time being. A door appeared and he slowly opened it. A large bed stood in the middle of the room, along with a roaring fire, and a table with a pitcher of water and two glasses. He motioned for Ginny to follow him and she did. Once they were inside, he cast a few Charms on the room and smiled at Ginny, then began to kiss her passionately, while trying to tear off her clothes.

“Harry!” she exclaimed and pushed him away. Harry stared at her as she backed away. “Calm down! Look, for a while whenever we do this it’s rushed and I feel well . . .”

“Unsatisfied?” he suggested. Ginny nodded, feeling her cheeks grow warm.

“So you want us to take our time?” he asked, gently caressing one of her cheeks and staring into her chocolate brown eyes.

“Well. . .yes,” Ginny nodded, sheepishly. He smiled and wrapped his arms around her.

“Then we will,” he whispered before leaning in towards her and kissing her softly. Ginny sighed into the kiss and wrapped her arms around him.

Suddenly she was being lifted off the ground. She broke away from Harry and shrieked as she felt her body swinging upwards. Ginny realized that Harry was carrying her in his arms and carrying her to the bed. He gently laid her down and laid next to her. He leaned over her and stared down at her. Harry nuzzled her neck and gently kissed her skin. Ginny shuddered. He rested a hand on her stomach, continuing to plant soft kisses on her neck.

“Caught the Quaffle,” he whispered in her ear. Ginny smiled and ran a hand up and down his back. He nibbled on her ear, sending chills down her spine.

“Well now all you have to do is score,” she said and let out a soft sigh as he slowly inched her hand up her shirt. He lifted his head and looked at her.

“Gladly,” he whispered and leaned in to kiss her.


“We really should go,” Ginny said, running a hand across Harry’s chest. He sighed and looked down at his beautiful wife. Harry’s finger traced patterns with the freckles on her shoulder. He grinned. He knew where every single one of her freckles were.

“In a bit. Ron and Hermione can handle James for a bit longer,” he said and kissed the top of her head. She snuggled closer to him. Harry did not want to leave. He felt so comfortable laying there with Ginny next to him.

“I want another one,” she said, suddenly. Harry looked at her in surprise.

“You what?! Gin, after what we went through?” Harry asked, startled. They had agreed just after James was born to wait to have another child and actually try to plan it. Ginny lifted her head and looked at him.

“Not now you dolt!” she exclaimed and lightly smacked his arm.

“A dolt am I?” he raised an eyebrow at her. She gigged and settled her head on his shoulder again.

“I meant later,” she clarified. “Wouldn’t it be nice to have little girl as well?” Ginny went on.

“Yeah, it would,” Harry replied and tighten his hold around her waist, imagining what a little girl of theirs would look like. She would look just like Ginny, maybe with black hair instead of red and have her eyes. She would be beautiful, Harry decided, just like her mother.

“Someday,” she sighed. They fell into comfortable silence again and enjoyed just being with each other. Harry didn’t want to let her go. He didn’t know when he was going to get a moment like this with her again. But now, he had it and he was going to enjoy it.

Chapter 12: Chapter Eleven
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A/N: Here it is....THE NEXT CHAPTER! This chapter is from Ron's POV. I realize I made him a jerk and I want to make it clear that he really isn't. This is kind of what Ron has seen going on with Harry and Ginny. Hope you all like!

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Chapter Eleven

Ron glared at the portrait entrance. He knew exactly what Harry and Ginny were up to and he didn’t like it. He started to get up out of his seat. As Ginny’s older brother, he had to put a stop to this.

“Ron, don’t even think about going after them. They deserve some time to themselves,” Hermione scolded him without looking up from her work. He slumped back in his seat and glared at his girlfriend. How does she do that?

“I don’t like them going off and doing. . .doing that!” he said, disgusted at the idea of his sister doing anything with anyone. Hermione sighed and looked up at him.

“They are within their rights to do that Ron and you know it,” Hermione reminded him. Ron let out a frustrated sigh.

“Hermione I understand that they are married and are allowed to. I’m worried about them,” Ron sighed and glanced over at James in his playpen. Hermione looked at him confused.

“Worried? Why?” she asked. Ron took a deep breath before voicing his fears.

“I don’t want the same thing to happen to them. They went through so much before and I don’t want to see the same thing happen to them again. He’s seventeen and she’s barely sixteen . . .what if they end up with another kid now Hermione? I can’t see them going through the same thing all over again,” Ron explained and sunk in his chair. He wasn’t against Harry and Ginny being alone together. He had approved of their courtship and he couldn’t see a better man for Ginny. The fact was that they did end up with a baby once, it could happen again, and it didn’t help that Ginny was a Weasley.

Not to mention Harry did take her innocence. The bloody prat! Even if Ginny was the one who initiated it, Harry could have had the decency to say no. It was too late now to change that.

“She’s a big girl Ron,” Hermione said and lightly patted his arm. Ron looked away from her and saw James in his playpen. He smiled as he listened to his nephew’s babbling. Maybe his first word would be Ron?

Ron had always wanted to be an uncle. Never did he imagine that at the age of seventeen, his fifteen year old sister would make him one. Watching Harry and Ginny had been hard. He remembered how Ginny had cried and how Harry had comforted her. He remembered the hushed conversations they had alone and far from others. Their pale complexions and the worried glances. He remembered watching Harry reading her letters over and over again and reading the pregnancy book Molly had sent him. Ron would wake up in the middle of the night to find Harry hidden behind the curtains of his bed, reading and writing letters to Ginny. He remembered how Harry had begged Professor Dumbledore to let him go to the Burrow on Valentine’s Day to spend it with Ginny, and how happy he was that he could at least spend one night with her. They shouldn’t have gone through that. They should have been doing the things everyone else was doing and not preparing to have a baby.

Ron tried to return his attention to his Potions essay. Snape wanted three rolls of parchment on the use of unicorn hair in potions, explaining the positive and negative results of each one. Ron had tried to “borrow” Hermione’s essay (which was five rolls long) for ideas, but she flat out refused and gave him a lecture on how a prefect should act and should do their own work.

However this proved to be very hard for Ron. He just couldn’t write the essay. Try as he might, it was to no avail. His thoughts kept going to Harry and Ginny and what he knew they were doing. Ron shuddered at the thought. He didn’t really need any mental pictures. For a moment he thought of running after them again, but he didn’t really want to barge in on the middle of anything. . .nor did he want to see it for that matter.

He smirked as he remembered finding out that they were together over a year and a half ago.

Ron grumbled about Hermione as he marched up the stairs of 12 Grimmauld Place to find Harry and Ginny. All he had said to her was he liked her hair the normal way and she burst into tears and went on to scream to him about looking nice for him and changing her appearance. . .something like that (he couldn’t really remember). But it was the truth! He did like it the normal way. She didn’t have to go and mess it all up!

Women, he thought.

Ron sighed and tried to push Hermione out of his mind. Right now he had to find Harry and Ginny. Molly had sent him to find them and Ron was having a hard time. Both of them seemed to have disappeared. He made his way to Ginny’s room. He opened the door and found it to be empty. He sighed and looked in all the rooms on the same landing. She was no where.

“Where did she go?” he muttered to himself, looking inside an empty room. Ron sighed again and continued on in his search. He went down the hall to his and Harry’s room. Maybe Harry was there and he could help Ron find her? Perhaps he would know where she went. They had been spending much more time together. Maybe they were somewhere together? He had heard them talking about playing chess earlier. . . .

As Ron opened the door, Harry jumped up from the edge of his bed and stood up at the end it, staring at him in surprise. Ron frowned and took notice of Harry’s appearance. His face was flushed and he was breathing heavily. His clothes appeared to be rumpled as well. There was no chess set in sight.

“Hi Ron!” Harry greeted him, his voice cracking and looking very uncomfortable.

“Er, hi. Have you seen Ginny? I thought you two might have been playing chess,” Ron asked, raising his eyebrows at his friend.

“Ginny? Ginny who?” Harry asked, nervously. Ron frowned.

“Ginny, my sister. You know, the girl with freckles and red hair,” Ron said, pointing to his own hair and freckles.

“Oh, that Ginny! Um . . .nope, haven’t seen her at all. Not a clue,” Harry replied, running a hand through his hair. Suddenly he straightened up and looked shocked. Harry was slightly squirming and tried to bat something away from his back. Ron took a step closer to him.

“Are you alright?” Ron asked, peering around him. Nothing was there. He was acting very peculiar.

“I’m great Ron! Really great!” he squeaked on his last word and jumped up a bit.

“What are you doing?” Ron asked.

“Er. . .exercising? Yes that’s it. I was exercising, stretches and such!” Harry began to stretch out his arms. Ron narrowed his eyes at him.

“Right. . .well Mum wants you down for lunch, so don’t take too long,” Ron said.

“I’ll be down in a bit. I have to er. . .finish something,” Harry said, stretching his arms behind his back. Ron nodded and turned to leave. There was a soft giggle. Ron whipped back around. Harry was still standing in the same spot, his face red and still stretching behind his back.

“Did you just giggle?” Ron asked, studying his friend.

“Uh. . .yes, yes I did,” Harry said, smiling nervously at him. “Tell your Mum I’ll be right down.”

“Right,” Ron said slowly and left the room.

“He’s acting strange,” Ron said aloud to himself. “Like he’s hiding something.”

When Ron entered the kitchen (finally giving up on Ginny and deciding that she could starve) Hermione was already there and was ignoring him completely.
Girls, he thought to himself. He thought that having a girlfriend would be nice, but evidently it just made his life hard.

Harry and Ginny soon entered the kitchen. Harry still looked the way he had before and Ginny had a goofy smile on her face. Ron looked from one to the other. Something was up. They had been spending a lot of time together lately and where did Ginny come from?

“Where have you been? I was looking all over for you,” Ron asked. Ginny looked at him.

“Er. . .I was upstairs Ron. Harry ran into me in the hall and told me lunch was ready,” Ginny replied.

“The whole time?” he asked. She nodded.

“The whole time,” she repeated.

“Why couldn’t I find you?” Ron question. Ginny smiled sweetly.

“Maybe you weren’t looking hard enough,” she said and pushed past him. Harry shrugged and followed her. They sat down next to each other and Ron swore they were sitting much closer than they should be. He narrowed his eyes at his sister, as he watched her toss her hair back and listen intently to whatever Harry was saying. She giggled and said something back. Harry watched her with a goofy grin. Why was he staring at her like that?

Ron began to walk towards the table, eyes still on his sister and his best friend. What was that? Did she just put her hand on his thigh?

He must have been seeing things. Yes that was it. He was hungry and his hunger was making him delusional. That had to be it.

Ron’s thoughts changed when he took a seat next to Hermione. She got up and moved. Ron sighed. He got up and sat next to Hermione again. Before she got up to move again, he grabbed her arm.

“Look, I’m sorry alright. I think you’ve always been pretty. So I’m sorry, okay?” Ron apologized in a quiet tone. Hermione’s face soften and she nodded. She leaned in close to his ear.

“How about we find somewhere private later to make up,” she suggested. Ron grinned and tucked in.

Some time later, lunch ended and Ron and Hermione were searching for a place to . . .make up in private.

Hermione opened a door. She gasped and quickly shut it. Ron frowned at her.

“Er. . .a different room perhaps,” she said and grabbed his arm.

“Why? What’s wrong with this one?” Ron asked, keeping his feet planted firmly on the ground below him.

“N-nothing,” she said. “Let’s go look for another place, that’s all.”

Ron looked at her for a moment then the door. Ron reached for the doorknob.

“NO!” Hermione grabbed his hand and jumped in front of the door. Ron looked at her startled. Someone was hiding in there for some reason.

“Hermione, who’s in there?” he asked, crossing his arms.

“What makes you think someone’s in there?” she asked, nervously and remained in front of the door. Someone giggled. Hermione’s eyes widened.

“No one’s in there, huh? Who giggled then?” Ron asked, rasing an eyebrow at her. Hermione bit her lip and smiled sweetly at him.

“Ron, why don’t we just go look for another place. Someone more. . .cozy,” she said in a sweet voice and grabbed his hand. Ron sighed and followed her. Once they had taken a few steps, Ron wrenched his hand out of Hermione’s and bolted back to the door. Hermione ran after him, trying to stop him. Ron grabbed the doorknob and flung it open. He stood there gaping at that sight that met his eyes.

Harry and Ginny were on a sofa and it appeared that they were joined at the lips and their hands were everywhere. Neither one of them seemed to be aware of Ron and Hermione gaping at them. Harry was leaning across Ginny and if Ginny leaned any further back, she would be lying on the sofa. Harry had one hand in her hair and the other on her waist stroking it, while Ginny was running both of her hands in his hair. They continued to kiss each other and Ron was beginning to wonder how they were breathing.

Ginny’s eyes opened for a moment, her head leaning towards his neck. She stopped and her eyes grew wide. She pushed Harry away from her. Harry was taken by surprise and stared at her in shock.

“Ginny? Why did you–” Harry said then followed Ginny’s outstretched arm. He immediately flew away from Ginny and looked downright frightened of Ron. Ron stared at them both.

“What in the name of Merlin is going on!” Ron demanded, striding towards them. Harry opened his mouth to say something but nothing came out. Ginny grabbed his hand in hers and looked up at Ron determinedly.

“We’re going out,” Ginny said firmly. Ron crossed his arms and looked from one to the other. Ginny looked confident and looked at Ron, daring him to say something he would regret saying. Harry on the other hand was looking at Ron as if he were waiting for his fist to connect with his mouth. Ron narrowed his eyes at his best friend, giving him a malicious glare and enjoying his friend squirming in his seat.

“So you and my sister? You’re her boyfriend now?” Ron asked Harry. Harry nodded.

“And how long has this been going on?” Ron asked.

Harry gulped. “About a-a month.”

He raised an eyebrow at him. Ron paced back and forth in front of them. Ginny was giving him a death glare, her hand still in Harry’s. Hermione was shooting him a very disapproving look. Ron stopped in front of Harry and leaned towards him.

“You’ve been snogging my sister for a month, behind my back?” Ron asked in a deadly calm voice. Harry gulped again and seemed to be going pale. He nodded. Ron was greatly enjoying this. He had suspected that Harry had been hiding a crush on Ginny for a while; at least from the beginning of the summer holiday.

It made sense. They were spending a lot of time together and they always did seem to disappear at the same time. And that explained why Harry was acting so strange when Ron found him earlier.

“About bloody time!” Ron exclaimed and grinned at Harry. Harry looked at him confused. Ron turned around and took Hermione’s hand. Before he left the room he turned to Harry and Ginny, both staring at him in shock, and called, “Happy snogging!”

Ron chuckled softly to himself. Harry had looked frightened when he realized Ron was staring at him and Ginny and even more frightened when Ron was questioning him. He was glad that they were together. It was clear that the two loved each other very much.

James began to cry. Ron looked over at his nephew in the playpen. He was on his stomach, his head moving around like he was looking for his parents, waiting for them to rush to him and comfort him. Ron got up and picked him up.

“What’s wrong little guy?” Ron asked, holding his nephew away from him slightly. James continued to cry, his little face going red. Ron didn’t have a clue as to what to do.

What did Harry and Ginny do? He had seen Ginny sing to him before and he always stopped after hearing her. Maybe that was it! He cradled the infant in his arms, like he’d seen Harry and Ginny do.

“Er . . .” Ron tried to think, James still crying. “Oh right!” he cleared his throat.

Ron sang “Brahms’ Lullaby” in a soft voice, but yet it was off key and tuneless. James cried louder. Ron raised his voice slightly in the same off key voice.

James was still crying. Maybe he doesn’t like that one then. . .what else does she sing?

“Okay, well . . ah, yes!” Ron cleared his throat again and began to sing “Hush, Little Baby”, changing the word Mama to Uncle. James didn’t seem to like this as well.

“Don’t cry James. Shh,” Ron tried to soothe the infant, but if had no affect whatsoever. He tried another lullaby, but that only made him cry louder. The other students were looking at him, some covering their ears. He held the screaming child out at arm’s length. “Can you get any louder?” he frowned. James did.

“Apparently you can,” Ron muttered. The other Gryffindors were glaring at him. Hermione gave him a harsh look and he smiled nervously back at her. Ron looked inside the playpen and saw a pacifier sitting among some toys. He set James back in the playpen and shoved the pacifier in his mouth. James’ whining became softer and he stared up at his uncle.

There was a wave of gratitude being murmured in the room. Ron glared at the younger students, puffing out his chest so his prefect badge could be seen. The younger students seemed to be afraid of this but the older ones merely shook their heads and rolled their eyes.

“Why do they trust you with him?” Dean asked.

“I’m his uncle. I can take care him just like Ginny can,” Ron said defensively, looking at him. Dean exchanged looks with Seamus. “Well I can!”

Ron looked down at James. This was the result of Harry and Ginny’s love. James was a perfect mixture of his parents. Ron wondered who he would act like when he got older. Harry and Ginny had argued over which Quidditch position he would play. Ginny wanted him to be a Chaser; Harry a Seeker. Fred and George had joined in, saying he would be a Beater while Charlie chimed in and agreed with Harry about being a Seeker. Ron had interjected and claimed he would be a Keeper. The six of them argued over the positions for hours until the then newborn fell asleep on the floor between his parents and they all watched him sleep.

James looked up at his uncle, his face was contorted in some sort of concentration. Suddenly, his eyes were swelling with tears. He began to cry and the pacifier fell out of his mouth.

“Oh bloody hell, not again,” Ron whined and picked him up again. The whole common room watched him very annoyed with his lack of skills in child minding.

A smell rose to his nose. He had smelt in before, but never this close up before. He sniffed and grimaced, holding James away from him at arm’s length and made a disgusted noise.

“Looks like someone needs his nappy changed!” Seamus announced, laughing at Ron.

“No way! That’s disgusting!” Ron refused. James wailed in discomfort.

“You can’t leave him like that!” Hermione spoke up. Ron glared at her and paled at the smell.

“I’m not changing him!” Ron shook his head and James continued to cry.

“Oh for heaven’s sake!” Hermione shouted. She threw her quill down and stood up. She marched towards Ron and took James from him and headed up the girls’ stairs.

Ron returned to his seat and continued to work on his homework, constantly glancing up the stairs. He ignored the sniggers around him. Hermione came back down with a quiet and much happier James and set him back in his playpen. She marched back to Ron and sat down next to him, grabbing her work towards her again.

“Honestly! I feel sorry for your future children. Can’t even change a soiled nappy!” she whispered to him harshly. Ron shrugged and she rolled her eyes at him. Ron looked back at his work. Harry was going to get a kick out of this.

“Our future children you mean,” Ron said after a few moments of silence. He looked over to see Hermione staring wide eyed at him. Her cheeks tinged pink and she looked back at her homework. Ron smirked and continued to work.

He glanced up at the clock. Half an hour past and Harry and Ginny were still gone.

“Maybe I ought to go find them,” Ron said, rising from his chair. Hermione seized his sleeve and pulled him back down.

“Let them be! They deserve to have some alone time. You try being a teenage parent! Honestly!” Hermione scolded him again. Ron stared at her. Her hair wasn’t as bushy as it was when they first met. Ron loved to run his hands through her brown curls and stare into her eyes. If he wasn’t child minding his nephew right now he would gladly convince her to take a break and fine a cozy broom cupboard for them to use.

Something hit him.

They could have very well ended up in Harry and Ginny’s situation.

Ron was currently laying on top of Hermione on his bed in his dormitory. His roommates were doing their own things and left Ron and Hermione alone to spend some time together.

How he loved to snog her senseless. Both of her hands were buried in his hair and his were holding onto her waist, kissing each other desperately.

“Ron, stop,” Hermione pushed him away. Ron looked at her and noticed that he had managed to pull her shirt off and he was already without his.

“We can’t do this,” Hermione sat up and pulled her shirt back on.

“But Hermione, come on,” Ron pleaded, grabbing her by the waist. Hermione shook her head, pulling herself away from him. Ron sighed and sat up as well. “Why not?’

Hermione snapped her head and glared at him.

“Must I remind you that your sister is currently five months pregnant and is fifteen years old. And that took one time Ron, one time. How do you know that won’t happen with us?” Hermione whispered harshly to him. Ron had momentarily forgotten about that. He was too drunk with passion to think clearly.

“How do you know it will?” he asked, grabbing his shirt and pulling it over his head. Hermione sighed and rubbed her arms.

“I don’t but I don’t want to take the chances,” she said, staring at the curtains surrounding his bed. She turned to look at him. “Ron, I love you, you know that. If we ever do, do this, I want us to be prepared and ready.”

Ron looked at her as her words sank in. He nodded and took her hand.

“I can live with that,” Ron said and kissed her cheek. She smiled and reached up to pull the curtains open.

“So no one gets any ideas,” she said before he asked. Ron smiled and Hermione settled back against them. They sat there, holding each other for a while.

Suddenly the door burst open and Harry walked in, staring down at something in his hands. He smiled broadly and walked over to his bed and sat down. His eyes lit up and he looked at them.

“It’s kicking,” he announced, grinning proudly. Ron and Hermione smiled at him. He glanced back down.

“Do you know what it is yet?” Hermione asked. Harry shook his head.

“No, not yet. We don’t want to know, not until the baby is born,” he said, keeping his eyes on Ginny’s letter. Ron watched his best friend and felt sorry for him. His entire life was changed now. He was going to be a father and he wasn’t even seventeen yet. Ron admired Harry and Ginny for taking responsibility. Ron knew how much pain Harry was in. It was hard for him to be here at Hogwarts while Ginny was at the Burrow. Many times he told Ron he wanted to be by her side and take care of her. Ron had even caught him once in the middle of the night, mounting his broom and trying to take off through the window, all because of a letter. Ginny’s morning sickness had become worse and Harry had panicked. Ron finally convinced him that if Ginny was in real trouble, he would have been notified right away and already be there. That still didn’t stop Harry from worrying.

Harry laughed at something and shook his head then continued to read. He sprawled out on his bed, smiling as he read. Ron smiled. He was going to be a good father. He knew it.

Hermione shrieked and jumped out of her seat. Ron whipped his head and saw that a large brown barn owl had landed right in front of Hermione and she was clearly not expecting that. The owl hooted impatiently. Ron untied the letter and package from its’ leg and it took off out an opened window. Ron recognized Charlie’s writing and tossed it onto Ginny’s books as it was addressed to her and Harry.

Hermione had taken her seat again and continued to plough through her school work, acting like nothing had happened.

Ron’s thoughts now turned to his brothers. They had reacted horribly to the news. He remembered seeing five owls crowding around Ginny at the Gryffindor table last year and how quickly Ginny’s face turned pale after reading the letters. She had fled out of the Great Hall and Harry ran after her. Ron had taken the opportunity to write letters to all his brothers, yelling at them for making Ginny cry after she had just come to terms with her pregnancy. They had not been kind to either one of them and it took a lot on Ron’s part to convince them to be nice to Ginny at least.

At breakfast, the Weasley boys sat around the table, eating their breakfasts with angry scowls on their faces. One of them, however, was not angry at the same thing the others were. Ron was furious with his brothers, not his sister like the others were. The day before was Harry and Ginny’s wedding. For a few moments Harry and Ginny were happy and that made Ron happy. He wanted them to be happy for at least a little while. Everything was going fine, despite the tension in the air . . .that was until dinner. Molly had made a special dinner for the newlyweds and they all sat around the table eating. After several tense moments all hell broke loose.

Harry had asked Ginny if she was feeling alright and if she needed anything. She had politely shook her head and said she was fine, then made a comment about the baby being fine as well. For some reason, Ron’s brothers exploded. They began to shout and yell at her for being stupid and asking Harry how he could do this to her. Five voices took turns to tell them how their lives were ruined and how stupid they were. Ginny sat frozen in her chair, her lower lip trembling. She began to cry and Harry put his arms around her. Bill yelled at him to not touch her and that he had done enough damage already, and Ginny took off, Harry at her heels.

Ron was so angry with his brothers that he couldn’t say anything at the time. He stayed up all night thinking of ways to curse each and every one of them.

Molly had sent Hermione up with their breakfast earlier that day. Ron figured she knew that if they came down for breakfast, there was sure to be another outburst.

Ron looked at the entrance to the kitchen when he heard the sounds of footsteps. Arthur came in, shooting warning looks at his other sons. Soon after Harry and Ginny walked in, dressed in warm clothes, neither one looking at anyone. Ron’s brothers were glaring at them as they swept passed. Everyone watched as the couple went through the back door, hand in hand, and it slammed shut behind them. Ron could see them out the window from where he sat. They walked a little ways away from the house and stopped. It looked like they were talking to each other. Ginny’s arm gestures grew wilder as time went on and suddenly walked away from Harry and it seemed like she was shouting. Harry came up to her and Ginny buried her head in his chest. The pair stood there, arms around each other. Ron had a feeling that Ginny was crying again and he knew why.

“I hope you’re happy with yourselves,” Ron said and looked purposely at each of his brothers.

“Does it look like we’re happy Ron?” Charlie asked.

“Well you should be. You succeeded didn’t you?” Ron went on.

“With what?” Fred asked.

“With making Ginny’s life a living nightmare,” Ron replied, stirring his oatmeal with his spoon forcefully.

“She made it her own nightmare,” Bill said. Ron had enough. He jumped out of his seat and glared around the table.

“You think she wanted this! You think she planned on this! How could you all treat her like this? She doesn’t deserve this! I thought you were her brothers, all who swore to protect her and love her no matter what!” Ron shouted. Molly and Arthur watched their son yell at the others, but did nothing more.

“Ginny needs us all right now. She needs to know that we love her and care for her. And none of you are helping her out that much!” Ron went on, heaving with anger.

“Why are you angry with us?” George asked, heatedly. “Your ‘best mate’ got her pregnant!”

“That’s correct!
He got her pregnant. Why aren’t you yelling at him?” Percy added, looking at Ron.

“I think you need new glasses Percy. He’s been taking care of her! The moment she told him, he’s been watching out for her. Harry’s trying the best he can. He didn’t leave her, he stayed! Why do you think they got married yesterday?” Ron yelled.

“Certainly not out of love like Penelope and I,” Percy said haughtily. Ron glared.

“They do love each other Percy,” Ron shot back. “If they didn’t love each other, then why did they get married? Explain that to me!”

“Because Mum and Dad made them,” Fred answered. Ron scoffed at him.

“Actually that was their decision. We were there when they talked about it. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley didn’t force them to do it; they did it on their own,” Hermione informed him casually. They stared at her as she continued to eat her eggs and acted like nothing was going on.

“At least our ceremony will have more meaning. Not to mention that Penelope can truly wear a white dress. Penelope and I have not had any relations and do not intend to until our wedding night, like respectable people should,” Percy said. Ron couldn’t believe his ears.

“I feel sorry for her then! Who would want to have relations with a prudish arse look you!” Ron shouted.

“Now see here!” Percy replied.

“No you see here! What makes you better than us? Just because Ginny isn’t like you, does not mean she’s beneath you! You’re worse than the Malfoys!”

“Ronald Weasley! That’s enough!” Molly reprimanded. Ron sat back in his seat, leering at Percy.

“Look,” Ron lowered his voice, “I don’t like that she’s so young and keeping it. But I’m not about to kick her out of the family. None of you had to watch her cry and say what a horrible person she was over and over again. Ginny needs our help and support right now and has to know that she’s loved. No matter what, she’s still our sister.”

Silence fell. Everyone was staring at Ron and Hermione was beaming with pride.

Ginny burst through the door. One hand was over her mouth, the other on her stomach and her face was slightly tinged green. She flew past the people in the kitchen and was heard running up the stairs. There was a door slam and no one wanted to listen after that.

Harry ran inside and began searching through the kitchen. Everyone watched as he pulled out a box of crackers and got a glass of water. Without a word or a glance he hurried out of the kitchen and up the stairs.

Minutes passed and there were sounds of footsteps coming down the stairs. Ron turned to look. Harry and Ginny had turned the other way, the box of crackers in Ginny’s hand and the glass of water in Harry’s. Harry’s free hand was on her shoulder, guiding her to a couch. Ron watched as Ginny sat close to Harry and they launched into one of their quiet conversations.

Ginny glanced over her shoulder. It hurt Ron to see her so sad. Ron gave her an encouraging smile. She returned it, but it didn’t reach her eyes. Her eyes were bright and Ron was sure she was holding back tears. Harry took a quick look and put his arm around her shoulders. Ginny turned around and put her head on his shoulder. Ron knew that she was crying again. He looked back at his brothers.

“So much for the Weasley Brother pact, right?” he asked the red heads who were all looking at the newlyweds on the couch.

“What pact?” Bill frowned. Ron shook his head. How could they forget that? They had “inducted” him when he was six years old and they all swore on it. It was something that Bill and Charlie had come up with and each boy was let in at the age of six. Ron never knew why but he remembered when Percy was let in and couldn’t wait for his turn. It was like a family honor to be in on the pact.

“Always stick to each other. Always be proud to be a Weasley boy. Stand up for family and defend the honor of the Weasley name. Never be ashamed. Never turn your back on the others. As a brother I swear to abide by these rules and live them through and through. Most importantly, protect Virginia Anne. Defend her, stand up for her, and never make her cry,” Ron recited the words from his memory and looked at each of his brothers. “You all seem to have forgotten that last part didn’t you. Never make her cry.”

Ron looked over at Ginny again.

“She’s a disgrace to this family!” Percy yelled. Ron felt himself trembling with anger. Ginny had flinched at the exclamation and Harry pulled her close. Ron turned back around and glared at Percy. Percy held his head high and full of confidence.

“You’re one to talk,” Ron scoffed.

“What does that mean?” Percy asked. Ron jumped up and leaned across the table.

“You forgot all about that pact, didn’t you!” Ron accused. Percy stood up as well.

“How’s that?” Percy challenged.

“You’re the one who walked out on us! You’re the one who betrayed our family and sided with the Ministry, calling us all those things! If anyone is a disgrace to this family, it’s you! Not her! YOU!” Ron roared, eyes alight with fury.

Percy’s jaw seemed to have dropped to the floor and everything went silent. When Percy came back to apologize and beg forgiveness the previous summer, many were quick to forgive him. It took Ron and Arthur the longest to fully forgive him and even now Ron still hadn’t. Ginny had been the first to welcome him back with open arms. It was Ginny who stuck up for him when the others didn’t want to have him back. She had convinced most of the family to take him back.

With a final icy glare, Ron stormed out of the kitchen. He sat in a armchair opposite of Harry and Ginny. They both looked up at him. Ginny was settled against Harry. He had his arms around her waist and his hands settled on her stomach. He was slowly stroking her stomach with his index finger.

“Bloody gits!” Ron shouted, intending for the others to hear.

“Cracker?” Ginny offered, holding the box out to him. Ron looked at her amused. Despite how sad she looked, she was glowing and seemed happy in Harry’s arms. Ron shook his head.

“No thanks. I think you need those more than I do,” he said. She smiled and took one for herself. She popped it in her mouth and turned to make Harry take one.

“No thanks Gin,” he refused.

“Oh come on. Humor me,” she retorted, twisting in his arms. Harry shook his head.

“No, I brought those for you to settle your stomach,” Harry pulled his head away. Ginny climbed in his lap.

“Eat it Harry,” she said, waving it in front of his face. He shook his head. Ginny tried to shove it in his mouth. He grabbed her hand.

“No,” he said, firmly yet with a smile. Ginny continued to try and force him to eat it. Ron watched their playful exchange. Ginny won and forced the cracker in his mouth. Harry chewed on the cracker while Ginny teased him about her winning.

“Ginny Potter wins! Harry eats the cracker!” she exclaimed and smiled at him, then stuck her tongue out at him. He grinned and pulled her towards him.

“I like the sound of that, Ginny Potter,” he said to her, cupping her cheek.

“Me too,” Ginny replied. Ron watched the pair exchange a chaste kiss and they muttered something to each other. Ginny looked back at Ron and climbed out of Harry’s lap. She stood up and walked towards Ron. She perched herself on the arm of the chair and looked down at Ron.

“Thanks for sticking up for me Ron,” she said. Ron smiled. He reached up and ruffled her hair.

“Of course. Anything for my baby sister,” he said. Ginny smiled and kissed his cheek.

“You’re the best brother,” she said and gave his arm a squeeze. She stood up and sat next to Harry again. Harry took her in his arms and Ginny rested against him.

Towards the end of the holidays, their brothers had apologized to Ginny and were much more civil to her, even though they continued to cast dark looks at her stomach. Harry wasn’t so lucky. It took the birth of James, seeing him take care of Ginny, and much yelling from Ron for them to be nice to him again.

Ron glanced at the package on Ginny’s books. He assumed that the package had something for James in it. The kid had his uncles wrapped around his little finger all right. He smiled and returned to his homework.

An hour and a half had past since Harry and Ginny left. Going to find them had crossed Ron’s mind for a fourth time when two figures stumbled through the portrait entrance. They were smiling and laughing about something as they walked into the common room. Ginny made her way to James. She kneeled in front of the playpen and began to talk in a baby voice to James. Two of her roommates rushed to her, kneeling on the ground with Ginny, and began to whisper to her. Ginny covered her mouth, stifling herself from laughing out loud and glanced at Ron. She looked back at James and whispered something to him. Harry smiled at them and walked to Ron and Hermione.

“No trouble?” he asked.

“None. You have such a good baby Harry,” Hermione smiled. Harry smiled back and ran a hand through his hair. He wore a proud father smile on his face.

“Even though Ron is not the best choice in a care giver,” Hermione said, looking back at her books. Harry sat in a chair and looked at Ron. Harry narrowed his eyes.

“You didn’t take him out on a broom again did you?” he asked. Ron shook his head.

“No, of course not,” Ron said. “I sang to him.”

Harry repressed a laugh. “You sang to him?” he asked in disbelief.

Ron nodded, a bit offended. “Yeah, just like Ginny does. What’s the difference?”

“Ron can you even sing?” Harry said, merriment in his eyes. Ron sat up straight.

“Yes,” Ron answered, hotly.

“Can you sing well?” Harry asked. Ron glared.

“As well as a hippogriff with a cold,” Hermione added. Harry burst into laughter.

“It’s not funny!” Ron shouted, crossing his arms defensively.

“What did he sing Hermione?” Harry asked, ignoring Ron.

“He tired to sing lullabies to him. The poor thing cried louder!” Hermione answered. Harry laughed out loud again. “And he’s such a nancy boy.”

Harry and Ron looked at her in surprise.

“What did you do to have her calling you a nancy boy?” Harry asked Ron, amused.

“He couldn’t change him. Absolutely refused to do it!” Hermione answered for him. Harry was turning red from laughing so hard and tears were coming out of his eyes. The rest of the students were amused, except for Ron. He heard James beginning to cry again. Ron looked over at him. Ginny scooped him up and sat down on a couch with him. She began to softly sing to him.

Ron stared at his sister in shock. She just sat there, singing to him in her arms and he calmed down.

“Why didn’t he do that with me?” Ron asked no one in particular.

“First of all, he actually likes her,” Harry answered. Ron glared. “Second, Ginny can sing. Third, she’s his mother. And fourth, she can actually change him without being a baby about it.”

“Ha. Ha,” Ron sneered at him. Harry simply smiled at him. Ron grabbed his books and tired to do his homework.

“So did you and Ginny have fun?” Ron asked, trying to change the subject. Harry looked at him and grinned.

“Oh yes. We did have fun,” he said. Ron bit his lip and thought a minute.

“Er, Harry, what did Ginny mean about practicing Quidditch?” Ron asked. Harry’s face flushed and he smiled nervously.

“Trust me Ron, it’s not Quidditch as you know it. It’s more of the horizontal version,” Harry said. Something sparked in his eyes and Ron didn’t want to know what that meant.

“Definitely don’t want to know,” Ron said, regretting even asking the question.

“Well you did ask,” Hermione reminded him. Ron glared at her.

“According to Ginny, I’m an excellent Chaser and quite good at scoring,” Harry went on, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. Ron blanched.

“I really don’t need to know about your sex life with my sister and I don’t want to know what that means either,” Ron said, shuddering at the thought of their version of Quidditch.

“Well you did want to know Ron,” Harry grinned. Hermione giggled and Ron made a gagging sound. Harry shook his head and looked at the package on Ginny’s books.

“Who’s this from?” he asked, picking it up and examining it.

“Looks like Charlie’s writing,” Ron replied. Harry turned it over and stood up.

“Hey Ginny. We’ve got mail,” he called as he walked to her.

Ron looked back at his essay. He wrote about four inches . . .and it was suppose to be three rolls? He was in for a long night.

Ron pulled his potion book towards him and looked up unicorn hair. He skimmed a page on an Age Reduction Potion and began to write about how too much of it will cause the drinker to age instantly and a hundred times older rather than the intended use of making the drinker younger. However, too little of the hair and the drinker would be reduced back to infancy.

There was a fit of giggles and a loud laugh. Ron looked up. Harry and Ginny were sitting next to each other on a couch, reading Charlie’s letter and James sitting in Harry’s lap. James looked up at his giggling mother and chewed on his teething ring.

“No wonder Mum’s there. Honestly! You’d think he knew better than to annoy a dragon! Three dragons at that!” Ginny laughed and shook her head.

“You have to feel just a bit sorry for the poor bloke. He’s out until Christmas!” Harry smiled at her.

“Maybe longer,” Ginny said and briefly looked at James before she continued to read. Harry peeked at the letter, one arm around her shoulders and the other wrapped firmly around James. James was watching a pair of second years play Exploding Snap, losing interest in his teething ring.

Ginny laughed again. “So to make up for my stupidity of annoying three nesting dragons and stealing your babysitter I have sent James a present. Give my love to Ron and give James a kiss for me. Love, Charlie,” Ginny read. Ginny put the letter down and picked up the package. She quickly gave James a kiss and smiled at him.

“That’s from your Uncle Charlie,” she said. Carefully, she unwrapped the brown paper and revealed a box. She opened it and took out a black baby sized shirt.

“Junior Dragon Trainer! Brilliant!” Harry exclaimed. Ginny turned it around and examined the back. Ron caught a glance of the front. The lettering was done in flames and it appeared to be moving like a real fire.

Ron smiled. Of course Charlie would send something like that!

Ron watched as the pair of them began discussing possible careers for James. Soon they went into what Quidditch position he would play. Ron smiled again, watching Harry look at James lovingly and telling Ginny what a great flier he would be.

“Maybe we shouldn’t have been so mean to her. She sounds like she’s really in pain,” Fred looked at the stairs from where he was in the kitchen, wearily.

“She’s only giving birth Fred. What did you think she’d be feeling?” Hermione rolled her eyes.

They cringed as they heard Ginny’s screams float down to the kitchen.

“Poor Ginny,” Bill said.

“I want it out now!” they heard Ginny scream. “I hate you Harry! You’re never touching me again! This is all your fault!”

“Poor Harry,” Hermione muttered. They heard her scream some obscenities about Harry. Ron definitely didn’t want to be in his shoes right now.

“Well she could have taken something for it. Pain Relieving Potions and Charms,” Charlie pointed out, clearly trying not to listen to his sister scream.

“She didn’t want that. It’s possible that it’ll hurt the baby and Ginny doesn’t want that to happen. She’s already at risk for being so young,” Molly said. She was wringing her hands nervously in her lap. Ron watched his mother. She was very concerned about Ginny. Molly had tried a number of times to run up the stairs, but the rest of the family had stopped her. Ginny and Harry had to do this on their own. Arthur put a hand on his wife’s shoulder.

“She’ll be okay. Mrs. Jacobs is a fine midwife and you know that. Don’t worry about her,” he said. Molly gave him a weak smile. Arthur sighed. “Just think, soon you’ll be a grandmother.”

This seemed to have brightened Molly’s mood.

Ron smiled. This kid was definitely going to be spoiled.

Ginny’s screaming ceased. Ron looked around the room. Everyone looked relieved to know that her contraction was over. They all wore anxious and worried looks on their faces. At least Ron’s brothers weren’t planning on hexing Harry into next year.

After they had come back down from seeing Ginny and Harry upstairs Ron had given his brothers what they deserved. He yelled at them for how they were treating Harry. He told them that whether they liked it or not, Harry was now a part of the family and they had better start treating him like it. He went on about how this wasn’t easy for both of them and that they needed all the support they could get. They had just stared at Ron as he yelled and it seemed to have no affect. Bill had finally spoken up and said that they realized that Harry was going to take care of Ginny and the baby, and they had to stop acting like gits.

It was pitch black outside and Ron guessed it was nearing midnight. Ron looked up at the family clock and smiled. Molly and Arthur had added two more clock hands; one for Harry and the other for the new baby. The one meant for the baby had just been put up that day. Shortly after Ginny was whisked upstairs with a dumbstruck Harry trailing behind, Arthur had dug it out and added it to the family clock. All were currently pointing at “Home” except the one meant for the new baby; it was pointing at “Traveling”.

Ron’s thoughts were broken instantly. Ginny was screaming again and it sounded like she was in even more pain.

“Oh dear, she’s staring to push!” Molly said, her voice mixed with nerves, anxiety, and joy. She waved her wand and Ginny’s screams of pain were heard no more.

They waited in silence. No one spoke. Without hearing Ginny shout and scream no one knew what was going on. Ron wanted to know if his sister was okay. It was gut wrenching to see and hear her in so much pain like that, but it was unbearable now that he didn’t know anything.

He looked at the stuffed animal in his hand. He had found it during the last Hogsmeade visit. Something about the blue bunny drew him to it and he had to buy it for his unborn niece or nephew. He planned on giving it to Harry and Ginny after the birth. Ron looked at the bunny again and looked up the stairs where Ginny was apparently in the middle of actually having the baby.

This was killing him. He had to do something to get his mind off of things, so he paced.

Minutes passed.

“Harry!” Ron heard Percy shout. Ron’s head shot up and he froze. Harry stood in the threshold, grinning from ear to ear. He looked tired and slightly pale but very happy. There was no doubt that this was one of the happiest days of his life. Something twinkled in his eyes and when he said it was a boy, Ron knew his best friend was about to cry with joy. Ron had never seen him so happy before.

Ron looked up at the clock again. All the hands were pointing at “Home” and the face of a baby appeared on the empty hand.

After seeing James, his new nephew, Ron felt proud. He was an uncle! Everyone seemed to be sharing his excitement. None of them could sleep. They stayed up all night discussing the new addition to the family. They had left Harry and Ginny alone upstairs with James. Both of them were tired and they wanted them to have some time alone as a new family.

Ron had managed a few hours of sleep. He woke up, annoyed at first, to the sound of a baby crying. He didn’t know why there was a baby crying, there were none in the house. He got out of bed, still hearing a baby cry. Then he remembered.

He was an uncle.

Ron grinned as he pulled on some clothes and walked down the stairs. The crying had stopped. Curiosity took over and Ron peeked into Ginny’s room.

Ginny was sitting up in her bed, nursing her newborn. She stared down at the baby in awe and was smiling, despite how tired she looked. Ginny looked much less embarrassed by doing it in front of Harry. She looked happy. Harry was sitting next to her, rubbing the back of his neck and staring down at the baby as well. He didn’t look quite as mortified to watch her nurse the newborn.

“Remind me to never try to sleep in a rocking chair again,” he moaned. Ginny giggled and shifted James slightly.

“I told you to come to bed,” she replied in an I-told-you-so sort of voice. Harry dropped his arm and kissed her shoulder. He moved over and put an arm over her shoulders. Carefully he stroked the top of his son’s head with his thumb, who was still being nursed by his mother.

“I didn’t want you to be uncomfortable,” he said. She sighed and silence fell over them.

“Can we do this Harry?” Ginny asked, not lifting her gaze. Harry leaned over and kissed her cheek.

“We can and we will,” he said. Ron didn’t want to interrupt them, so he carefully closed the door and went down the stairs.

The kitchen was swarmed with red heads. He plopped down in a seat and pulled a plate of sausages towards himself.

“Oh it’s so nice to hear a baby cry,” Molly said happily, as they heard another loud wail, and continued to cook. She was in a very festive mood and that always included lots of food. Ron loved it!

“Well everything is in order,” Arthur said as Molly set a plate of kippers in front of him. He inhaled deeply. “Smells wonderful Molly!”

Molly smiled and took a seat next to her husband.

“Everyone knows then?” Molly asked. Arthur nodded.

“The Order had been notified. I sent an owl to Albus as well,” he said.

“And the Dursleys? Are they aware?” Molly asked.

“Er. . .well. . .no, they aren’t dear,” Arthur said nervously. Everyone looked at him.

“Why not? Harry has to live with him, doesn’t he?” Fred asked.

“They don’t know that Harry and Ginny are married, let alone the fact that Ginny was pregnant,” Arthur said. Molly gave him a stern look while his sons stared at him in shock.

“Albus didn’t tell them anything,” Arthur sighed and chanced a nervous look at his wife.

“But they signed the papers, didn’t they?” Molly asked, confused. She frowned deeply.

“Yes they did, but they didn’t know they did. Albus knew that they wouldn’t agree to anything so he bewitched the papers and they signed unknowingly. They thought they were giving Harry permission to leave the school grounds for some sort of trip,” Arthur explained.

“So they haven’t a clue?” Charlie asked. Arthur shook his head.

“No. Both Harry and Ginny know about it and they both agreed that it’s better that the Dursleys don’t find out,” Arthur said.

“What about the Floo Network? They know they are connected to it, don’t they?” Molly asked. Arthur nodded.

“Yes they do, but they are under the impression that it is in order for Harry to help fight in the Second War and that it is for their protection. They only agreed to it because we told them it was to protect them,” Arthur explained. No one spoke for a while.

“Always knew good old Dumbledore was brilliant!” Fred said and tucked into his breakfast once more.

Breakfast continued in the usual Weasley fashion.

Molly had shoved a tray at Ron. It was filled with food, two glasses, and a pitcher of orange juice.

“Take this upstairs. I’m sure the two of them are starving and don’t disturb James!” Molly instructed her youngest son merrily. Ron obliged and went up the stairs to Ginny’s room.

There was a soft light in the room and the curtains were drawn closed. Harry was sitting in the rocking chair, rocking back and forth and staring down at the newborn in his arms. Ginny was curled up in her bed, asleep. Ron softly padded across the room. As he passed Harry, Harry looked up and smiled at Ron. Ron returned the smile and set the tray on Ginny’s desk.

“Mum figured you two might be hungry so she sent me up here,” Ron explained and gestured to the tray. Harry smiled at him again and looked back down at James.

Ron noticed the dark circles under his eyes.

“Blimey you look tired,” Ron said. Harry chuckled softly.

“I’m knackered,” he said. “I didn’t sleep.”

“Yeah, I can see why. That’s one cute kid you got there,” Ron said, smiling. Harry looked up and Ron saw how much love was in his eyes.

“Thanks,” Harry said. He carefully stood up and made his way slowly to the bassinet. He gently placed James inside it and hovered over it. “I’m right scared.”

“Why?” Ron asked. Harry didn’t answer for a few moments. He simply looked down at James. He lifted his head and looked at Ginny briefly before looking at Ron.

“I don’t know how to do this Ron. I never really had a father before. What if I mess up?” Harry said. “What if I can’t do this? I don’t think I can be a father.”

Harry looked defeated. Ron wasn’t sure what to say.

“Harry you won’t mess up,” he said. Harry scoffed. “You won’t. Look, you just need to follow your heart.”

“You should have seen me earlier. He was crying and I hadn’t a clue as to what to do. Ginny just picked him up and started to nurse him. It’s like she knows what to do automatically and I don’t. And then he started to cry again and I tried to change him. I couldn’t even do that properly!” Harry went on.

Ron put a hand on his best friend’s shoulder, trying to reassure him.

“You’ll do fine mate,” Ron said. Harry looked up and smiled.

“Thanks,” Harry said. Ron smiled back.

“I can’t wait to take him flying,” Harry said, his eyes alight with joy. “His first broom ride. That’s going to be brilliant!”

“I don’t think Ginny would be too thrilled if you took him out right now,” Ron teased.

“No I wouldn’t be.”

They both looked over at the bed. Ginny was looking at them and trying to sit up. Harry immediately rushed to her and helped her sit up.

“How you feeling?” Harry asked. Ginny looked at him sleepily.

“Dreadfully tired and still sore,” she said.

“Ah, just how you should be,” Harry teased. Ginny playfully slapped him on his arm.

“No thanks to you. Hi Ron,” Ginny said.

“Hiya Gin,” Ron greeted her. He looked her over. Her stomach was still round but Ron was sure she would be back to normal in no time. “Mum sent me up with breakfast.”

“Oh thanks,” Ginny looked at the tray on the desk. Ron smiled at them. He said a quick goodbye and left them to their breakfast alone.

When Ron arrived downstairs, Molly was discussing the upcoming wedding. Percy was marrying Penelope in August. Molly had wanted them to have a big ceremony, but Percy insisted on a more private one. In fact the only ones who were attending the ceremony were the immediate Weasleys (and Potters) and the immediate Clearwaters. The date had been moved up due to the fact of their involvement in the Second War.

Ron didn’t pay much attention to the conversation. He was still angry about Percy’s comment last winter about Harry and Ginny’s wedding. Ron wasn’t too worried though. Fred, George, and himself were planning to pull a prank on Percy the night before. Then the former prefect would see what a respectable wedding was.

Ron sat back in his seat, where there were lots of food left, and helped himself to seconds.

Just as Ron was finishing off his thirds, Harry entered the kitchen. Everyone was grinning at him. Harry gave them a nervous smile.

“Everything all right dear?” Molly asked warmly.

“Just fine. I just came to say goodbye,” Harry said.

“Going back so soon?” Arthur asked. Harry nodded.

“Yeah. . .yeah. Take care of Ginny and my. . . my,” Harry looked like it was hard to get the words out, “my son,” he finished with a smile.

“We’ll take care of them,” Molly said. Harry nodded and turned back around.

“Ginny! What are you doing down here?” Harry exclaimed.

Ron looked up. Ginny was slowly walking towards Harry, a bundle of blankets in her arms. She was walking cautiously, staring down at the baby in her arms. She looked frightened to be holding him. She stopped in front of Harry and slowly looked up. James made a sound and Ginny whipped her head back down. Ginny seemed to have decided that he was fine and looked back up.

“I just wanted to say bye,” she said, softly.

“Gin, I want to stay–”

“I know.”

“You’ll be all right?”

“We’ll be just fine. Won’t we James?” she looked back down at the baby. Harry looked at him as well. The Weasleys were watching them, smiles on their faces.

“Be good for your Mum. I’ll be back as soon as I can,” Harry said. Ginny looked up and her and Harry’s eyes locked.

Ron turned away, allowing them to have a somewhat private moment.

They were going to be great parents.

“Honestly Ron! You’re never going to get that essay done!” Hermione scolded him. Ron looked at his girlfriend.

“I would if you would let me see your essay,” Ron shot back. Hermione huffed.

“Ron you’re never going to learn that way! You’re a seventh year for heaven’s sake!” Hermione shouted. Ron watched her amused. She was something else when she was mad. He smirked.

“If you don’t get to work you’re never going to finish and then you’ll be hurrying before class to finish it and – why are you looking at me like that?”

“You know, you’re quite pretty when you’re mad,” he said. Hermione quickly colored and looked away. Ron leaned over to her and brushed her hair away from her ear. “You’re the most gorgeous witch I’ve ever laid my eyes on.”

“Oh Ron,” she breathed.

“I love you Hermione Granger,” he said.

“I love you too Ronald Weasley,” she replied and he kissed her.

Homework would just have to wait.

Chapter 13: Chapter Twelve
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Chapter Twelve

James Elijah Potter had been at Hogwarts for over a week and a half now. For a few days after his unexpected arrival, many students were asking questions. They wanted to know if the rumors were true. Were they married? Was Harry really the father? But that had died down and both Harry and Ginny were happy that everyone had come to terms with the fact that they were parents.

Harry and Ginny were also proud parents. James had begun to sit up on his own and they couldn’t be prouder. Harry was the one who spotted it. He had decided to check on James as they studied in the common room one night because he was awfully quiet. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he looked in the playpen and his son was sitting on his own and looking up at him, chewing on the ear of his teddy bear. He called Ginny over and they praised the five month old and beamed with pride.

They had quickly abandoned the baby bag. Harry and Ginny had grown tired of carrying two bags around, so they magically expanded their own school bags to fit the necessities they would need for James. Ginny had even put a Weightless Charm on the traveling carrier, making it much easier to carry around.

Halloween had come and gone. Both Harry and Ginny were worried that James would be frightened during the feast. He, however, was the exact opposite. The infant was fascinated with the decorations that hung all over the Great Hall, especially the flying bats. During the feast, Ron had tried to feed James a piece of candy. Ginny had caught him and gave him a lecture on how that he was much too young and it would upset his fragile stomach. Then she told him that if he tried to feed James anything other than baby food she would make sure he had a very upset stomach that night. Needless to say, no one dared to challenge her. Professor Dumbledore had made a speech about the events that took place that night sixteen years before. Harry found himself full of anger and sadness as he was forced to remember that night. He knew that everyone had been looking at him. He had held onto James tightly while Ginny rubbed his shoulder lovingly. He was grateful to hear the soothing voice of Ginny and feel her gentle touch. Harry had wondered how different things would be if his parents were still alive. How would they deal with the fact that their seventeen year old son had a wife and a son of his own?

They, of course, left early. Neither one of them wanted James to be present when the Filibuster Fireworks went off at the end of the night. They spent the rest of the time alone in the common room and Ginny read a Muggle story, It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, to James in honor of the holiday. James seemed more interested in chewing on the book rather than listening to it. He had made several attempts to grab the pages while he sat in his mother’s lap. After a while, Harry took James in his lap so that Ginny could finish reading it to their son and return the book back to Hermione, without any damage done.

The Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, Professor Sampson, had left. Apparently there was a family emergency and he could no longer teach. The students were very happy about this. Professor Dumbledore took over the lessons and the class had become much better. Everyone was grateful to have someone better teaching it. However, what made them the happiest was that Professor Sampson was gone for good. He was afraid of his own shadow and not to mention terrified of the students. What saddened most of the students was that they knew their fun with the Headmaster would not last long. Professor Dumbledore had promised them a new teacher by Monday.

Hermione had been a huge help. Harry and Ginny felt like they were taking advantage of their friend. She on the other hand didn’t share those thoughts with them. She loved James and James seemed to love her as well (most of the time). Harry and Ginny had even tried to pay Hermione for her help, but she flat out refused. “I will not take money from my friends like that. I love you both and I’m delighted to take care of James. And if you try to shove that gold under my nose again I will be forced to hex you both!!” she had said to them.

It was Saturday morning, around eight and Ginny was waiting impatiently outside the Gryffindor locker room. They had an early morning Quidditch practice, due to the fact that it was a Hogsmeade weekend. Ron had plans with Hermione and he had informed all the players that practice would take place at five thirty that morning. This did not go over well with the team. They argued with him about it until their voices were hoarse and Ron still didn’t change his mind. Needless the say, the team was not happy with their captain that morning during practice. Bludgers and Quaffles were purposely aimed at him most of practice and several players “accidently” flew into him. Ginny and Harry were the angriest of the bunch. They knew exactly how their son was in the morning, let alone at the crack of dawn. While James did wake them up in the middle of the night and the early morning and that he was usually awake before them, that didn’t mean that he liked to be woken up for no reason. Not to mention that he had a routine in the morning and Ginny did not want to break that. Ginny hated having to wake James up at five in the morning and leaving him with Hermione, whom was barely awake herself. He had protested loudly that morning when Ginny woke him and took him out of his crib. He was even louder when she handed him over to Hermione and saw his parents leaving him in her care. Ginny felt awful knowing that her son was cranky and that Hermione had to deal with it. She had shot Ron a venomous look and took in the satisfaction that he gulped and steered clear from her. With one last look at her crying son and a less than happy Hermione, Ginny left the common room with and equally angry Harry by her side. The whispered to each other about hexing Ron at one point but decided that aiming balls at him would be more satisfying.

Right now Ginny was going to hex Harry the moment he came out of that door. They had no time to waste. Ginny still had to dress James since he was still in his pajamas and give him a bath, and not to mention pack his things. They had been invited by Hagrid for a morning visit to his cabin. Hagrid had not been able to see James since he arrived. Both Harry and Ginny had decided to keep him out of Care of Magical Creatures and Potions, seeing that they were the two most dangerous classes they had.

And Harry was taking his sweet time.

The prat.

Just as Ginny was about to barge in and drag Harry out the door opened and out came a laughing Ron and Harry.

“Finally! And I thought girls took long!” Ginny exclaimed and grabbed Harry’s arm.

“Ouch!” Harry exclaimed at the tight grip she had on his upper arm. “Yank my arm out why don’t you. Not like I need it or anything.”

Ginny loosened her grip, but barely, and continued to drag him across the grounds.

“Seriously love, you’re cutting off the circulation in my arm,” Harry said, trying to pull his arm out of her grasp. Ginny let go and kept on walking at her fast pace, leaving Harry in her wake.

“We have lots to do Harry,” she called to him. Harry frowned and jogged to keep up with her.

“Like what?” he asked. Ginny sighed.

“James needs to have a bath. And I have to dress him and get his bag ready, not to mention get myself ready. We told Hagrid we’d be there by ten,” Ginny explained.

“How hard is it to get a baby bathed and dressed?” Ron asked. Ginny rolled her eyes at her brother. “And besides isn’t he wearing clothes already?”

“Ron, he’s in his pajamas. I’m not taking him outside in this weather in his pajamas. Poor thing will freeze like that,” Ginny explained to her brother. She felt bad for his future children.

They entered the castle and began to climb the stairs to Gryffindor Tower. Ginny was far ahead of them. She kept her fast pace, determined to get up to the common room and ignoring the two boys behind her. Harry shook his head as he jogged to keep with his wife.

“Look, just give me all the stuff for his bath. I’ll give him one,” Harry offered as he caught up to her. Ginny gave him a skeptical look as they turned a corner and went up another flight of stairs.

“You sure?” she asked, biting her lip and continuing to climb the stairs.

“Yes, I’m sure. I do know how to give him a bath,” Harry said, defensively. Ginny smiled and suppressed a laugh.

“You do?” she asked, an amused smile on her lips.

“Yes I do,” he replied, slightly offended. Ginny’s eyes lit up with glee and Harry knew what she was going to say.

“I seem to remember the first time you tried to give him a bath,” she reminisced. Harry blushed. Of course she had to bring that up again.

“That was the first time!” he exclaimed in protest.

“Harry, you’re not the one whose suppose to be wet!” she laughed and burst into a fit of giggles. “You,” she poked him in the shoulder playfully, “are suppose to stay dry.”

“I know that!” he blushed harder. She merely smirked. “At least I didn’t drown him,” Harry muttered. Ginny gave him a stern look and look remarkably like Professor McGongall. Harry recoiled and muttered an apology. She smiled.

“Yes, but dear, do try to remember that he is the one getting the bath and not you,” Ginny teased. Harry glared at her and attempted to grab her as they reached a their landing. Ginny backed away and stuck her tongue out at him. Harry reached for her again and grabbed her around the waist. She shouted playfully in protest. He turned her around to face him. His eyes landed on her lips. He had one goal in his mind now.

“I think I’ll remember this time, Mrs. Potter,” he said to her. Ginny put her arms around his neck.

“You better remember, Mr. Potter,” she replied. Harry grinned at her and pulled her closer for a kiss. The kiss quickly deepened and nothing else seemed to matter any more. They both knew they had somewhere to be but couldn’t quite remember where.

“Ugh! Not in front of me!” Ron shouted from behind them. Harry broke the kiss and glared at his best friend, disappointed that a good moment was ruined. He sighed and took Ginny’s hand, entwining his fingers with hers, and continued to walk to the portrait of the Fat Lady in the Pink Dress.

The three of them finally reached Gryffindor Tower. Ron gave the password (Raspberry Sugar Quills!) and they entered the common room.

“Come on James, I’m sure your parents will be back soon. Just shh,” Hermione tried to coax the crying infant to calm down. He continued to cry and looked up at her, his face red, tears running down his face and crying at the top of his lungs. Hermione looked like she was at her wit’s end with him, holding out a teddy bear to help quiet him. He grabbed a set of toy keys in the midst of his tantrum, looking as if he were going to throw it if his parents didn’t return to him soon. He turned his head as he sat in his playpen, looking for Harry and Ginny and still crying. He spotted them and reached out to his parents to find comfort. Hermione looked up and sighed in relief.

“Hi sweetheart,” Ginny cooed as she reached her son. He reached up for her. Ginny picked him up and gave him a kiss. “Mummy missed you! Here, go to Daddy.”

Harry took him from her arms and promptly kissed the top of his head. James had finally reduced to sniffling and whimpering slightly, his head resting on Harry’s chest. Hermione looked relieved to see him stop crying and dropped the teddy bear in the playpen and collapsed in a chair.

“Hermione, I’m so sorry. He gets so cranky if you wake him up early like that and he doesn’t go through his routine. And then he doesn’t want anyone around except us when he wakes up. I should have warned you about that,” Ginny apologized quickly, shooting a Look at Ron. Hermione held up her hands to stop Ginny.

“It’s okay Ginny. Don’t apologize,” Hermione said. “He just missed you two that’s all.”

“Well, besides that little tantrum, how was he?” Harry asked, gently bouncing James in his arms, earning himself a smile and a soft laugh. Harry smiled down at his son and looked back at his friend.

“Fine, like always,” Hermione smiled. Harry returned the smile.

“Right then. Let me get his things,” Ginny said and disappeared up the girls’ stairs. She dashed around her bed, gathering things for James and picking out the cutest outfit she could find for him. He was going to be the cutest baby in Hogsmeade today.

Ginny came back down after a few minutes with a tub filled with soap, towels, and other needs, and some clothes. She handed the bath necessities to Ron and Harry took the clothes. Harry gave her a swift kiss and went up to his dormitory with Ron trailing behind.

When they entered their dormitory their roommates were still asleep, Dean snoring loudly from behind his curtains.

“Lazy arses,” Ron muttered. He looked over at Harry. “Where do you want this?”

“In the washroom – James no!” he said and quickly caught his son’s hand before he had a chance to pull Harry’s hair. His experience from Advanced Charms had taught him a lesson about his son being in close proximity to his hair or anything else that can be pulled for that matter.

Ron put the tub and the other baby things in the washroom and went to his own bed to get dressed. Harry placed the clothes on his bed then went into the bathroom and began to take out things from the tub before he filled it. As the warm water filled the tub, he undressed James and made sure he had everything he needed. Once the water was filled he placed his son inside and began to bathe him. He smiled as James smiled up at him and splashed the water. He babbled something as Harry began to wash his soft hair.

“Harry are you sure you can do this? I can do it, no problem,” Ginny said, glancing down at James who was comfortable in her arms. Harry looked at his wife and took the two week old infant from her.

“Yes. Your mum showed me how to do it last time and it’s time I started to do it too. Go get some rest love,” he said and kissed her cheek. She smiled at him then looked at their son. She softly stroked his cheek and sighed.

“Okay. If you need me I’ll be–”

“We won’t need you. Daddy can do this, can’t he James?” Harry cut her off and smiled. She leaned up and kissed him. She quickly kissed James and Harry made sure she crawled back into bed. He shut the door and carried James into the washroom.

Everything was already laid out for him. He turned on the faucet and let the water fill the tub. He put a blanket on the tile floor and gently put James on it. He carefully undressed the infant who was squirming and yawning on the floor. Harry picked him up and checked the water. He shut it off.

“Easy enough,” he muttered and slowly lowered his son into the warm water. James, however, didn’t seem to like it. He wailed at the top of his lungs and squirmed in Harry’s arms. Harry was caught off guard and tried to calm him down and lifted him back up.

He heard footsteps thunder outside the door and looked over. Ron and George were standing outside and grinned at him.

“How cute. Daddy is giving baby a bath,” George teased.

“We’re in for a good show!” Ron leaned up against the door frame. Harry glared at them and tried to lower James back into the water. He howled again and he heard laughter from the door.

“Move over!” he heard Ginny shout and she pushed her brothers aside and looked at Harry. “Is he okay?” she asked and looked worriedly at James.

“He’s fine, he just doesn’t seem to like the water,” he said and tried to lower his son once again into the water. He cried some more. Harry felt a gentle hand on his shoulder and saw Ginny dip a finger in the water.

“Honey, it’s too hot. No wonder he’s crying like that,” she said and tipped the tub to dump some of the water out. She turned on the faucet and continued to check the temperature of the water with her finger. She nodded and turned off the water. “Now it’s fine,” she said and reached to take James. Harry pulled him closer to himself. She frowned.

“I can do it Ginny,” he said, almost in a child like manner. She crossed her arms and took a step back.

“Be my guest,” she waved an arm at the tub. He glanced behind her and saw that Fred had joined the query outside the door. He turned his attention back to James. For a fourth time he lowered the infant into the water and only got a small whimper.

“He always does that. Go on, go on,” Ginny informed him upon his hesitation. Carefully he began to bathe his son with Ginny and her brothers watching. He continued with the process, being careful not to get any soap in his eyes.

After a few tense moments of carefully bathing his newborn, Harry lifted him out and smiled triumphantly at his wife. Ginny gave him a proud look and smiled at him. He reached over the tub to get a towel to dry James off with when he suddenly began to cry loudly again. Startled, Harry tried to comfort him and his elbow smacked into the tub, causing it to lurch forward and water to swish dangerously at the sides. He lifted James high in the air and Ginny quickly snatched the baby from him. Harry took a step back and slipped on a patch of water on the floor. He tried to grab the counter to catch himself from falling, but grabbed the side of the tub instead. The tub slid forward with the weight of him and Harry let go and fell onto his back. The tub tipped over the side of the counter and the soapy water drenched him while the tub landed with a soft “thud” near his feet.

He groaned as he laid on the floor, his clothes soddened with the water, and listened to loud laughter and a soft giggle. He looked up to see Ginny standing over him, holding James in a towel, who wore a smile on his face.

“Are you all right?” she asked, smiling and suppressing her laughter.

“Just grand,” he replied sarcastically. He tried to sit up, but his hands slipped and he fell back down on his back and groaned. More laughter.

“I think I’ll take it from here. Tell Daddy bye bye,” Ginny said and turned to leave the bathroom. Harry waited until he heard the laughter die down before he gingerly sat up and picked himself off the floor.

Sore, he cleaned up the water and tried to dry himself off with a towel. He wished he was seventeen already so he could use magic for situations like these. Once everything was back to normal he headed out the door to find Ginny and James, his shoes squishing as he walked. He opened the door to her room and stood there, watching her. She sat in the rocking chair and was nursing James. She looked out the window with a thoughtful look on her face. Silently he entered the room and walked towards her.

Ginny turned to look at him. She smiled softly and looked back down at the nursing infant.

“Have a nice bath?” she asked innocently. Harry glared at her bowed head.

“Very funny,” he sneered and pulled off his soaking shoes and socks.

“There you are! Here dear,” Molly’s voice came. Harry turned around. His mother-in- law held out some dry robes to him.

“Thanks Molly,” he muttered. She smiled and with a quick look at Ginny and James, she left. Harry pulled off his wet clothes and put on the dry ones.

“Does everyone know what happened?” Harry asked.

“Just about,” Ginny replied. Harry sighed. He was never going to live this down. He kissed the top of her head.

“You smell like baby shampoo,” she giggled and looked up at him. Harry merely smiled at her. He sunk onto her bed and watched his wife and son.

James’s laugh brought him back to reality. Harry watched his son hit the water with his hands a few times and causing it to slosh to the sides. He sighed as he hit it again and water spilt over. Harry did get better at giving baths since that first time. He wasn’t sure if he could handle too many falls and being teased about smelling like baby shampoo all day again. Harry finished rinsing him off and wrapped him up in a dry towel, grabbing a new nappy.

When he entered the dormitory again he found his roommates had woken up. Seamus was frowning at the clothes on Harry’s bed.

“Oi, Potter. Those shoes belong to you? Look a wee bit small for you!” Seamus called. He turned around grinned at James. “Ah, got the little one with you!”

Harry rolled his eyes and made his way to his bed. He settled James down on the comforter and made sure he was dry before laying him down to put on a new nappy.

“Let me do that,” Ron offered. Harry looked up to see Ron standing next to him. He had already changed out of his Quidditch robes and was wearing jeans and an orange Chudley Canons shirt, which clashed horribly with his hair. Harry frowned.

“Ron, you never want to do this,” he reminded him.

“Yes but see this time, he’s all clean and all I have to do is put it on. Go on and change your clothes. I’ll take care of it,” Ron reasoned and waved Harry off. Harry took one look at his son, deciding if this was a good thing to do or not. James didn’t seem to care otherwise. He had stuffed his hand in his mouth and was gazing up at them. Harry stood up and let Ron deal with James. He grabbed some clothes and began to change.

He had taken off his Quidditch robes and already had a pair of khakis on and was just pulling on an undershirt when he heard a loud yelp and someone swore under their breath. Harry turned around and saw that Ron had jumped back from the bed by a least a meter. He held up his arms and was looking down at his shirt. Curious, Harry stepped closer as did the rest of his roommates.

“Harry mate, why couldn’t you have a girl?” Ron asked and glared at him.

There was a huge wet spot on the front his shirt. Dean, Seamus, and Neville burst into laughter at the sight of a surprised and disgusted Ron. Suppressing a laugh, Harry turned to James and finished putting on a new diaper. He picked him up and turned around to face Ron.

“You’re lucky you’re a cute kid,” Ron waggled a finger at his nephew and glared at him.

“Ron he’s only a baby. He can’t control anything yet,” Harry said, somewhat defensively.

“Then potty train him or something! He just can’t go around and do that!” Ron exclaimed and marched over to his bed. He grabbed a new shirt and headed to the loo. The others had gone back to get ready for the morning themselves. Harry sighed and looked at his son. He was looking around the room, hand still in his mouth.

“Might as well get you dressed then,” Harry muttered and set James back on his bed. He tugged the white shirt decorated with little teddy bears over his head and stopped him from pulling his shirt up. Harry reached over and grabbed the dark blue corduroy overalls that had a larger version of the teddy bear on the front and struggled to keep James still and get him in it. James protested against this. Harry sighed and tried it again, but James only continued to kick and squirm. He sighed again and continued to struggle with his son.

Meanwhile in the sixth year girls dormitory, Ginny was packing and re-packing James’ baby bag. She just wasn’t sure what to bring with them. At first she had nearly stuffed all of his toys in the baby bag and realized there was no room for anything else. She took them out and tried to pack some extra clothes and blankets and found that she filled it up once more. Bridget had watched her continue this pattern until finally helping her decide what she really needed.

“Ginny it’s not like your going a fortnight holiday. It’s just an afternoon in Hogsmeade,” Bridget explained to her and handing Ginny a blanket. Ginny took it and folded it before putting it in the bag.

“I know. It’s just that this is his first trip anywhere with Harry and I and I just want to be prepared,” she sighed. “You never know what’s going to happen.”

Melanie rolled her eyes. “You’re such a mum!”

Ginny whirled around and looked at her. “You just now noticed a baby in here? I could have sworn you were talking to me last night as I was nursing him.”

Melanie laughed and launched a stuffed animal at her. Ginny caught it and threw it right back. She turned away and made sure she had everything she needed. She checked her watch and picked up the bag, then glanced at her outfit. She didn’t know if anyone would notice that she was wearing a nursing shirt. A few nights after James arrived she had found her pregnancy book and skimmed through it. She had come to a chapter about nursing and decided to do it more often than she did. Ginny had began to nurse James in the common room without feeling embarrassed but only did it when not too many students were present. But it was still a bit uncomfortable. She had no problem doing it in front of her roommates, but she wanted to do it freely and without too much embarrassment of being exposed to all. After all, it was nothing to be ashamed of. She sent a letter to her mother, asking her how to get some nursing clothes and her mother had sent her the latest addition of Pregnant Witch Monthly that was delivered all over Europe. Ginny found an ordering form and ordered a few shirts and robes and nursing bras. The clothes had arrived the day before and she was wearing a white long sleeved, collared shirt, designed for nursing mothers and a pair of jeans.

“Well I think Harry is done with James by now. I’ll see you all later then,” she headed for the door. They waved their good byes and Ginny headed down to the common room.

She spotted Hermione sitting in an armchair and reading a large book. She looked up and shut it when she saw Ginny.

“I forgot to tell you earlier. James refused to take the bottle this morning. I’m sure the little guy is hungry,” Hermione informed her. Ginny sighed and looked up the boys’ stairs.

“Has Harry come down yet?” she asked. Hermione shook her head. Ginny bit her lip and looked at Hermione for a while. “Can you tell?” she whispered.

Hermione frowned at her. “Can I tell what?”

Ginny sat down in the chair next to her, slipping the bag off her shoulder and it fell to the floor. She faced Hermione and showed off her shirt. Looking around, she lifted the top layer to show Hermione.

“Oh, is that a nursing shirt?” Hermione asked, examining it. Ginny let the material fall and nodded, a bit surprised that she knew what it was.

“I found my pregnancy book hiding in my trunk and got to thinking about nursing James more. It really is good for him, so I want to do it more often. I know Harry likes to give him the bottle and all, but I like doing this. It’s a mother-baby bonding thing. Harry’s fine with it. He knows it’s better and all,” she said, shyly. Hermione smiled at her and patted her arm. “Do you like it?”

“It’s nice Gin. Where did you get it?” Hermione commented.

“I owled Mum and she sent me this magazine that had an order form. They just came in yesterday,” Ginny explained. Ginny looked herself over and sighed. “I’m sixteen and worried about breast feeding and nursing clothes,” she groaned and buried her head in her hands. She peeked through the cracks in her fingers to see Hermione giving her a look and she knew she was going to lecture her. Ginny lifted her head and placed her hands in her lap. She silently examined her wedding ring on her finger and looked at her friend again.

“I know I had a choice and I wouldn’t trade it for anything,” she said. Hermione didn’t say anything. She looked at Ginny for a while and smiled. She reached over and squeezed her hand.

“I know. You love James and you’re a good mum,” she said. Ginny smiled and stood up.

“I ought to go be a good mum now and go feed my son,” she said and with a final smile to Hermione, she went up the stairs to the seventh year boys’ dormitory. Once she reached the door she knocked and waited for someone to answer the door. She didn’t know what state Harry’s roommates were in and didn’t want to see anyone other than Harry clad in boxers.

The door cracked open and Dean peeked out. He grinned and opened it wider for Ginny.

“Hi Ginny,” he greeted her.

“Hi Dean,” she returned the greeting. “Everyone decent in there?”

He turned around and looked back at her.

“Yeah. Except for your son. He doesn’t seem like he wants to get dressed,” Dean smiled. Ginny hid a smile.

“May I come in then?” she asked. Dean nodded and opened the door for her. Neville and Seamus were in different states of making their beds and putting things away. Ron was no where to be seen. Harry was by his bed, holding onto a squirming James and looking extremely put out by the child’s refusal of wearing clothes. He sat on the bed and held James firmly with one arm and trying maneuver the overalls up his little legs. Ginny, sensing her husband’s distress walked over to him and kneeled in front of them, talking soothingly to James. Upon seeing his mother, James reached out for her and stopped squirming in his father’s arms. Harry took the opportunity and finally pulled the overalls up his legs and worked on fastening them over his shoulders and hooking them at his chest. Ginny buttoned up the legs of the overalls and smiled at James.

Ginny stood up and reached for his socks and shoes. Harry kept holding on to him as she slipped the white socks that matched his outfit and then his tiny white tennis shoes. She kissed his forehead and smoothed out his hair before taking him from Harry. She frowned at his hair.

“Oh how horrible. He’s going to have your hair, I just know it!” she exclaimed dramatically. Harry stood up.

“You seem to love my hair,” he said and kissed her. Ginny smiled and returned the kiss. He walked back around his bed and continued to get dressed. Ginny followed him and set James down on his bed before she sat down in the middle of it, crossing her legs. She picked up James again.

“Hermione said he wouldn’t take the bottle from her,” Ginny said, lifting up the top layer of her shirt and fiddled with her nursing bra. She shifted James to her bosom and felt him latch onto her, drinking hungrily. She moved the material so she could see her son. He looked up at her as he drank and fisted a hand onto her shirt. She smiled down at him.

“Everything was messed up this morning, no thanks to a certain Gryffindor Quidditch captain!” Harry had raised his voice at the last part of his sentence and glared at the door leading to the washroom. “You know he won’t eat from anyone except you, me, and your mum in the morning,” Harry said in his normal tone and pulled on his navy blue shirt.

“I know, I know,” Ginny said and looked around the mess of the boys room. She glanced at Harry’s roommates and they didn’t seem to take notice of her nursing her son.

The door to the washroom opened and a disgruntled Ron came out. He barely seemed to notice Ginny sitting on Harry’s bed.

“You ought to do something about James, Harry,” Ron snapped and tossed a shirt onto a pile of dirty clothes. Harry sighed and pulled on a dark blue jumper.

“Ron he’s five months old, we can’t potty train him. Get over it already,” Harry said. “You’re taking this too seriously.”

Ginny watched Ron snatch up the shirt he tossed and waved it in Harry’s direction.

“He soiled my favorite shirt Harry!” he shouted. Ginny made her presence known and hissed at him to lower his voice. Ron marched over to her and held up his shirt to her. “Look at this! He ruined it!”

“How?” she asked, defensively. Harry snickered, running a comb through his hair, which didn’t seem to have any affect on it whatsoever.

“James had a bit of an accident on Uncle Ron,” Harry informed her. Dean, Seamus, and Neville chuckled quietly. Ginny giggled softly.

“Ron, it’s not like you’re the only one it’s happened to. Get over it. You can wash it out you know,” Ginny said. Ron glared at her for a moment, then turned around and stomped out the room. Ginny rolled her eyes and looked back down at James.

“Did you want me to feed him love?” Harry asked, bending down to pick up his Quidditch robes.

“No. I’ve got it,” she replied. Harry frowned and turned around. The sight that met his eyes was one he loved to see. Ginny sitting there, holding James tenderly as she nursed him. She would always look at him with love in her eyes and wait patiently for him to finish.

He glanced around the room. His roommates were not looking at her, but still that didn’t mean Harry liked it. He walked over to his bed and pulled the curtain to hide her from prying eyes.

“Harry, they can’t see anything,” she whispered and looked at him. He looked at her shirt. If James’ face wasn’t turned to her and he wasn’t making the suckling noises he made when she nursed him it would look just like she was only holding him.

“I know,” he said and sat on the edge of his bed. James had stopped for a moment and looked at his father. He turned back again and latched onto Ginny again.

They waited for him to finish with his breakfast. As soon as he did they went down the common room and got ready to go on their first family outing.

A small argument had broken out between Ron and Hermione. She had her school bag with her and it was filled with books and writing supplies. Ron had wanted to know why she brought them when they were suppose to be going on a date and she said it would be a nice change in a study atmosphere. After a few heated comments thrown at each other Hermione had been convinced to take one book and less writing supplies.

The quartet made their way down to the Entrance Hall to join the line of students waiting to go to Hogsmeade. Ginny took James from Harry and the baby bag as he went to a broom cupboard to get the stroller. They had decided to move it to a storage room in the Entrance Hall due to the fact that it would be difficult to take it down all those stairs and a hassle to constantly shrink and enlarge it every time they needed it.

Harry brought it to Ginny and she settled Jams in the stroller and tucked some blankets around him. She handed him his teething ring and a teddy bear and placed a simple Warming Charm on his blankets. He chewed on his teething ring and quietly gazed at the other students.

The line moved slowly, much to the students’ dismay. Many of them knew that Mr. Flich was doing it on purpose.

Finally they reached the caretaker. He leered at them and peered down a list of names.

“Potter, Harry. Potter, Virginia,” he snarled. He glanced down at James. Harry noticed that James had a look of utter disgust on his face.

“Not on the list,” he sneered at Harry and Ginny. They exchanged looks.

“Of course not. He isn’t a student,” Ginny replied curtly.

“Lives in the castle doesn’t he? Under age as well. No permission, no Hogsmeade,” he said, a toothless smile on his aged face.

Husband and wife exchanged looks again. This was not turning out like they wanted. Hermione looked inside her bag and pulled out a piece of parchment and a Self-Inking Quill and handed it to Ginny. Ginny quickly scribbled out a note and signed it. She handed it over to Harry and he signed it as well. He thrust it towards the caretaker and crossed his arms. Mr. Flich slowly looked over it, rubbing the stubble on his chin. Ginny tightened her grip on the stroller out of anger.

“Hmm . . .and what be the child’s full name?” he asked, leering at them.

“James Elijah Potter. Born June 11, 1997, weighed just over two kilo and was forty four centimeters long,” Ginny snapped angrily. “Anything else you would like to know. Birthmarks? Eating and sleeping habits perhaps?”

Harry took charge of the stroller and pushed it forward, leading Ginny away from Mr. Flich. Just as James passed the caretaker he let out a rather loud raspberry at the man, causing several students to snicker and Mr. Flich to glare at the stroller.

“You know,” Harry said once they were outside, “I think James and I will leave Flich a nice little present in the boys’ washroom.”

Ginny giggled while Ron laughed out loud and Hermione gave him an unsure smile.

“Right well, you two are going to Hagrid’s right?” Hermione asked, changing the subject. Ginny nodded. “We’ll meet you in the Three Broomsticks in a few hours then.”

“All right. Sounds good,” Harry agreed. The four of them bid their goodbyes and took off in different directions.

Harry and Ginny walked in silence aside from the gurgles coming from the stroller. They approached Hagrid’s cabin. Harry pulled the stroller to the side and Ginny began fussing over James. She made sure his clothes weren’t wrinkled and his hair wasn’t messy, muttering about his hair being like Harry’s. She made sure his face was clean and looked presentable. Harry simply leaned against the wall of the cabin waiting for her to finish.

“You know he won’t stay like that,” Harry sighed. Ginny glared and shoved the baby bag towards him, before picking up James. She stood next to Harry and he knocked on the door.

A loud booming bark came from within and they heard Hagrid calling the boarhound back.

The door swung open and Fang leapt towards Harry and Ginny. But instead of jumping on them and licking their faces, the dog froze and his black eyes were fixed on the baby in Ginny’s arms.

Ginny wasn’t sure what was going to happen. James did not have good encounters with Crookshanks. He often wanted to pull the cat’s tail and the cat often hissed at him. Owls didn’t seem to bother him. Pigwigeon, Errol, and Hedwig all liked James, Hedwig especially was very affectionate to the infant. But dogs?

Fang stared at James curiously, who stared right back at the dog. Fang sniffed the air around James. James, being the curious baby he was, reached out to the dog and touched his slimy nose. Ginny cringed as James patted the dog’s nose happily and Harry was already looking for a cloth to wipe his hand off with. Fang backed up and barked his approval of the child.

“‘Allo Harry, Ginny!” Hagrid greeted them and smiled down at James. “And ‘allo to yer to little one! Well come ‘n! Come ‘n!”

They went inside and took seats around the small cabin. Ginny placed James on the floor between her and Harry and handed him his teething ring, wiping his hand off. James sat there looking up at Hagrid with interest.

“Aw, what a cute kid yer got there!” Hagrid beamed at him. Harry and Ginny smiled. “Is it all righ’ if I hold ‘im?”

“Of course,” Ginny smiled and picked up James. She handed him to Hagrid. He was very tiny in Hagrid’s arms. He talked to him in a low baby voice and tickled him. James laughed and Hagrid handed him back to Ginny. She set him back on the floor again.

Hagrid offered them some tea and they refused the biscuits claiming they had a big breakfast. They talked about school and the Order and Hagrid asked many questions about James, which the proud parents were happy to answer. James had only cried once and was quiet most of the time.

“Yer goin’ to Hogsmeade are yer?” Hagrid asked, taking their cups.

“Yes. James’ first trip there,” Harry said.

“Be careful the two of yer,” Hagrid warned. This worried Harry and Ginny.

“Why?” Harry asked. Hagrid sighed and looked at James.

“Nothin’ to worry about really. Just that no one outside of ‘ere really knows about the child. Keep an eye out both of yer,” Hagrid said.

“Dumbledore said that some members of the Order were going to be there just in case,” Ginny said, slightly scared.

“True, true. Just be careful,” Hagrid sighed. Silence fell in the cabin.

“We ought to go then,” Harry said, standing up. He picked up James and Ginny followed them out, saying goodbye to Hagrid and Fang and set off for Hogsmeade.

Chapter 14: Chapter Thirteen
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Chapter Thirteen

“Maybe we should go back,” Ginny said, glancing back at the castle, and stopped walking. Harry stopped pushing the stroller and looked at her.

“Why?” he asked. Ginny bit her lip trying to find an excuse. To be truthful she was scared. Hagrid’s warning had struck something in her and she didn’t like it. She knew that Aurors would be there and Professor Dumbledore had given them an emergency Portkey just in case . . . still it bothered her. Was the village really safe? Or rather, what kind of reaction would they receive once they entered the village?

A cold wind whipped around them, causing Ginny to shiver. An idea struck her.

“It’s much too cold for him. He could fall ill,” Ginny grabbed the handle and began to turn the stroller around. Harry seized her arm and stopped her.

“He has his jumper on and he’s got his blankets. Not to mention you did put a Warming Charm on the stroller. He’s perfectly warm,” Harry replied. Ginny racked her brain for another excuse.

“You know how he gets around others. He could get frightened from all those people,” Ginny said. Harry’s eyes bored into hers for a moment. He crossed his arms and sighed.

“Ginny, there’s nothing to be afraid about. We already went through this once, we can do it again,” Harry said. Ginny hated how he always knew what she was thinking. It was rather annoying especially right now. She looked determinedly at James who was busy playing with his blue bunny and she tried to find a new excuse.

“Yes but those were our friends!” she finally gave up. “People we’ve known and gone to school with for years! These . . . these are strangers Harry. People we don’t know,” she tried to reason and attempted to get him to go back to the castle. She managed to get a hold of the stroller and push it in the direction of Hogwarts again. Harry grabbed her arm and whirled her around to face him. He sighed and put his hands on her waist and she rested her forehead on his shoulder. Ginny wrapped her arms around his neck and breathed in his scent. She could always find comfort in his arms.

“Love, they are going to find out soon enough. We’ve gone through this before. You’re a proud mum aren’t you?” he attempted to convince her. She looked up at him.

“Yes but–”

“And you love James?”

“Of course but–”

“Then don’t worry what everyone else thinks,” he whispered and softly kissed her. Ginny sighed and nodded her head.

“All right.”

“Good.” Harry smiled and kissed her again. He let her go and took control of the stroller. He turned it back around, gave James his pacifier and pushed it in the direction of the town. “Now, let’s go James. Loads of sweets waiting for you in Honeyduke’s!”

Ginny stopped in her tracks. She put her hands on her hips and glared at the back of his head.

“Harry James Potter you will not give him candy!” Ginny exclaimed. “He’s much too young! He barely has a tooth in! And not to mention–”

“He has a fragile stomach. Yes love, I know, I know. I’m only joking,” Harry cut her off, laughing at her sudden outburst. Ginny sighed and smacked him lightly on his arm.

“You’re horrible,” she said and joined his side. He chuckled at her some more and Ginny hooked her arm with his as they made their way to the town.

Despite the cold and clouds, the day was rather nice. Sunlight peeked through the grey clouds, bringing some warmth to the ground below. Birds flew through the sky, chirping their songs as they went. All in all, it was a nice day for a trip to Hogsmeade.

No one seemed to notice the young family much when they finally arrived in Hogsmeade. They walked just like any other student from Hogswarts would into the village. The only difference between the Potters and the other students was that they had a stroller and there was occasional babbling accompanying their conversations. Students that passed by greeted them and some girls cooed at James before going on their way. Everything was fine until they reached High Street.

Students were mixed with residents. Wizards and witches of all ages were about the town, talking to each other and shopping. Small children were following their mothers in the streets, begging for sweets and ice cream. Women stood on corners, gossiping to each other while older men discussed the latest Ministry disasters. It was just another normal Saturday afternoon in Hogsmeade.

As soon as Harry, Ginny and James joined the crowds, heads were turning and whispered conversations were heard. Older witches and wizards were giving them mixes of shocked, disapproving, and confused looks. Harry was determined to keep their conversation on their Quidditch match next week going. While Harry was calm and collected, Ginny, on the other hand, was glancing around nervously as they walked and looked anxiously at James. He didn’t seem to be aware of what was going on at all. He happily played with his blue bunny, pacifier still in his mouth and being his normal happy self.

“You know Gin, I really think we can fake Ravenclaw out if you Chasers pull a Parkin’s Pincer on them. They have all new Chasers this year, young too. They won’t be expecting something like that,” Harry attempted to engage her in their conversation once more.

“Yes dear,” Ginny said distractedly. She spotted a group of people trying to look at James, straining their heads and trying not to look obvious. How she hated this! She shot them a menacing glare and they quickly looked away, launching into a whispered conversation, no doubt it was about them. Ginny was regretting this now. They should have just stayed in the castle and taken the advantage of having most of their house mates gone for the day. Frustrated, Ginny looked down at James. He was now staring at his new surroundings, trying to figure where he was now and his toy was forgotten. Ginny reached for a blanket that was tucked around him so she could drape it over the stroller to hid him from prying eyes.

“Don’t,” Harry whispered. Ginny was surprised to see his hand on her arm, stopping her from grabbing the blanket. He pulled his hand away from her arm and she removed her hand, rather reluctantly, and tried to avoid the stares. “Just act normal, all right?”

She bit her bottom lip, looking at him. Harry’s green eyes pierced into her brown ones. There he went again, knowing what she was thinking. Ginny gave up and nodded her head. He smiled gently at her and they continued to walk and talk about their upcoming match.

As they walked down the street, Ginny looked at store windows, examining the displays. She listened to Harry rattle on and on about which play would be better. As much as she wanted to win her first match back on the Gryffindor team, she just wasn’t into talking about different plays with him. She glanced at a line of clothing stores and something caught her eye

“Oh Harry, look!” Ginny pointed to a window and walked towards it. All sorts of baby sized robes and cloaks were on display in different colors and designs. There were also Muggle style baby clothes amongst the wizarding ones. A sign hung above the window and read “Lil Wizard and Witch Wear” and was accompanied with a cartoon picture of a baby in a pile of clothes. Without waiting for Harry, Ginny went inside and began to look around, finding new outfits for James. Harry sighed and pushed the stroller inside the shop, trying to find his wife. He spotted her down an aisle of cloaks and approached her and glanced down at James. James was watching Ginny curiously as she held up a cloak to him. She frowned and shook her head, then turned around to replace the cloak on the rack. James had never seen his mother act like this before. He twisted to look up at his father for an explanation.

“Rule number one James. Never let a girl in a shop. You will leave with no gold and bags of things you will never see again,” Harry whispered to his son. James just looked at him and chewed on the ear of his blue bunny. Harry smiled down at him. “Of course you won’t have to worry about this now. You wait and see just how important this piece of advice will be when you get older.”

Ginny continued to search a rack of cloaks, trying to find the right size for James and an acceptable color. She immediately disregarded a bright orange colored one, knowing how horribly it would clash with James’ hair, and looked at the darker colors. She spotted one in a shade she liked and pulled it off the rack.

“Aren’t these just adorable? James needs some new clothes. He is growing you know,” Ginny said, looking at Harry and held up a tiny blue cloak. Harry merely smiled at her. Unlike Ginny, he did not enjoy shopping as much as she did. He hated being dragged along with her on these trips. However, he loved her with all his heart and went with her just to be in her presence.

“It’s nice dear,” he agreed, glancing at a small group of women who were staring at them.

“Should we get him a few things then?” she asked, examining a dark green cloak, the blue one draped over her arm. Apparently shopping kept her from noticing the stares of the other customers. Harry saw this as a good thing. At least she wasn’t worrying about people looking at James.

“Why not,” Harry agreed and watched her search the racks for some clothes. “Not too many mind you,” he added

“Of course not, just a few things. It’s awfully cold out and he could use some nice warm clothes,” she went down another aisle, leaving Harry with James. Harry sighed and pushed James around the store, allowing Ginny to shop to her heart’s content. He pulled James off to the side of an aisle and played with him. James laughed at the game of peek-a-boo that Harry was playing with him. He noticed that many people were staring at him. One older woman stood off at a distance and was watching Harry with James. She stood there for a while and it was rather annoying to him. Harry glared at her and the woman walked off. Harry sighed and continued to play with his son.

Ginny walked about the store, humming to herself as she picked out clothes for James. She was thrilled with the clothing and the prices weren’t so bad either. She happily picked out robes, cloaks and Muggle clothing for her son just like any other mother would do. Most of his clothes were hand-me-downs from her brothers. Ginny and Harry were only able to buy him a few items after he was born. Now that Ginny was in a shop, had the time, and a money bag full of gold, she was going to do some shopping for her son. He was going to be the best dressed baby around.

Deciding that she had enough new clothing, she looked for some new socks for James. It was cold out and the castle was drafty at times, and Ginny did not want his feet to get cold as well. She searched the shop and had no luck. She sighed and found Harry playing with James. She looked at her husband.

“Harry, do you see socks anywhere?” she asked, peering at a display behind him. Harry frowned and looked at the displays around him.

“No,” he replied slowly, standing up. Ginny frowned and looked around again. Harry noticed a small pile of clothes in her hands. It was definitely more than a few items. She sighed and furrowed her brow.

“Maybe in the back,” she mused aloud, looking behind her. “Here, give me your money bag and I’ll go pay for these after I found him some socks,” Ginny said and looked at him, holding out a free hand to him. Harry stared at her hand for a moment and sighed.

“Why are you buying him socks? You’ll only steal them,” Harry teased as he pulled out his money bag and handed it to her. She smiled sweetly at him and took off. Harry sighed and looked at the collection of pink clothes in front of him. He examined a tiny pink dress with a picture of a yellow duckling on the front. How different things would be if he had a daughter instead of a son. He wanted a daughter and he hoped that after Ginny had finished with Hogwarts they would have one. One of each would be nice. If they did have another son, then he hoped that Ginny would want to have more kids with him until they got a daughter. He knew she would agree. They had had a conversation on how many kids they wanted and both decided that they wanted a big family. But, of course, they wanted to wait until Ginny was done with school. Raising one child while still in school was hard enough, two would be too much.

There was a sudden wail behind him. Harry whipped around and saw James squirming in his stroller and crying loudly. Harry ignored the looks some older witches were giving him. He put the dress back and went to his son. Harry picked up the baby bag and searched for a bottle. He warmed it up quickly with his wand and gave it to James. James took it and looked up at his father gratefully. After a few moments had passed he pulled away from the bottle and Harry put it away. James smiled happily at Harry and Harry returned the bottle to his bag. He leaned over and kissed his son on the top of his head. James gurgled happily at him.

“Is he all right?” he heard Ginny ask anxiously. Harry stood up and looked at her. She wore a concerned look and was watching James, a shopping bag in her hand.

“Yeah. Just a bit hungry,” he said and took the bag she was carrying. He stowed in under the stroller. “I gave him a bottle.”

Ginny smiled down at James and tickled his stomach. He laughed and babbled at her. She stood up and Harry began to push the stroller towards the door.

“I can’t wait until he talks. I wonder what his first word will be. Maybe Mama?” Ginny thought aloud, smiling at the thought of James talking.

“One day at a time Gin. He’ll grow up soon enough and then we’ll wish he was a baby again,” Harry replied. Ginny sighed and thought of their son all grown up and off to Hogwarts for the first time. Maybe they would have a small group of other children around them, waving their eldest off. But as Harry said, one day at a time. There would be plenty of time later for more children. Ginny smiled at the thought of working on getting more children with Harry. That would be quite an enjoyable part.

“Found some socks,” Ginny informed Harry as she held the door open for him.

“Poor James. He’ll never see them again,” Harry sighed dramatically. Ginny rolled her eyes at him and followed him out the door.

“What? Just letting my son know his mother nicks socks. He must be prepared you know,” he said as they walked down the street.

“You keep talking like that and you’ll be prancing around the castle starkers,” Ginny said innocently. Harry gave her a lopsided grin.

“You’d enjoy that too much,” he replied. She giggled at the thought of Harry running around the castle with no clothes.

“Yes, yes I would,” she agreed. “I would throughly enjoy laughing my head off at you.”

“Hey!” he protested. Ginny giggled again.

“Well I would enjoy it more if neither one of us were wearing clothes,” she said seductively. Harry stopped walking and stared at her.

“I think that can be arranged Mrs. Potter,” he whispered, leaning towards her. Their lips were almost touching, the corners of their mouths turned up in smiles.

“Can it Mr. Potter?” she whispered and closed the gap between them.

They were lost in a chaste, yet passionate kiss.

“Wotcher Potter!” a voice said.

“Oi! That’s what got you a little one in the first place!” a second voice followed. The couple broke apart, much to their annoyance, to see who was interrupting their intimate moment.

Tonks and Fred were standing together and smiling at them.

“Fred!” Ginny exclaimed and threw her arms around her brother’s neck. They hugged each other tightly. Harry shook hands with Tonks as the siblings hugged. Once they let go, Ginny hugged Tonks and Harry made to greet Fred.

“Hullo Harry,” Fred greeted him and shook his hand. He turned to his sister. “You know you looked like you were enjoying that just a bit too much little sister.”

Ginny rolled her eyes and stood next to Harry. She slipped her arm around his waist and he draped an arm over her shoulders.

“That’s because I was,” Ginny said and pecked Harry on the cheek. Fred bent down to greet James.

“What are you two doing here?” Harry asked.

“Business . . .” Fred replied, standing up and smiled down at his nephew.

“Right,” Harry nodded, understanding with he meant. They were on Order business.

“Dumbledore has Aurors standing by just in case old snake face tries to pull something. Word’s gotten out that he’s planning something, but no one knows what yet,” Tonks explained. Ginny pulled the stroller closer to her and Harry.

“I just visited Honeyduke’s with George. We have a new product out and George and I went to see how it was selling,” Fred said, smiling.

“Where’s George then?” Ginny asked.

“Around here somewhere,” Fred looked around. “Ah there’s the handsome devil now!”

Ginny and Harry turned to see George bounding down the street. He greeted Harry and Ginny and looked down at James.

“Hey there Runt!” he exclaimed and bent down to kiss James on his forehead. Ginny tensed at the nickname. She then remembered what Ron had said. Ginny shrugged Harry off of her and pointed her wand at the twins.

“You two!” she shouted and before anyone could react Fred and George were sprouting green boils and rat’s tails. James laughed at his uncles, amused at their new appearance.

“Ginny! Have you gone mad?” Fred shouted and hissed in pain.

“First of all,” Ginny began and stood in front of them, “I told you not to call him that name anymore! He has a name, you know, USE IT!

“And another thing! How dare you two think you can take my child without my permission and then talk about using him to test your stupid inventions on him! If I ever catch you two even thinking of using him as a test subject, you’re going to get much worse than boils and tails!”

Fred and George looked baffled and horrified at their sister. And once again, Harry was glad he wasn’t on the receiving end of her anger.

They muttered apologies and tried to take the hexes off of themselves. Once Fred and George were back to normal, the group took off in different directions.

Harry and Ginny visited other stores, looking around and buying a few things here and there. Honeyduke’s was quite an adventure for them. James was fascinated with the colors of the different kinds of sweets and tried to grab anything that was close to him. He had managed to grab a handful of Pepper Imps and had tried to put them in his mouth. Harry had caught him and pried the sweets out of his tiny hand.

“Guess we’re buying these now,” Harry muttered as he grabbed an empty bag and put the candy in it. James turned over in his seat to look at Harry then back at the display. He reached over and grabbed some more of the sweets and Harry snatched it away from him and added it to the others. James, thinking this was a new game, did it again and much to Harry’s dismay. Once again he took the candy from him and added it to the bag. He sighed and pushed the stroller further into the store as he saw James reaching for the Pepper Imps again.

“What a sweet child you have there,” a woman said. Harry looked up to see one of the owners smiling at James.

“Thanks,” he smiled. The old woman bent down and talked to James in a baby voice.

“He yours?” she asked Harry. Harry nodded. “How old is he?”

“Five months,” Harry replied proudly.

“Just precious. Well, we’ll be seeing you back in here in about ten years won’t we, sugar,” she said and gently patted the top of James’ head. She smiled at Harry and went to help some younger students who had just entered the shop.

Harry eyed a display of freshly made fudge and suddenly felt very hungry for some. But he couldn’t finish all of it, he never did. So he looked for his wife, hoping she would share it with him. He spotted her near a display of new candy items and pushed the stroller towards her.

“Want some fudge?” he asked her. Ginny was examining a multi colored lollipop closely, frowning at it. She turned it over and smiled.

“Fred and George’s latest invention,” she proclaimed proudly and showed it to Harry. An elaborate design was on the wrapping around it and bore the words “Weasley Wizard Wheezes Sweets: Ever-Lasting Lollipops”.

“Ever-Lasting?” Harry asked. Ginny nodded and looked at him.

“Not just the lollipop. You too,” she explained and added it to their purchases.

“What do you mean ‘you too’?” he asked, confused.

“Once you start licking them, you change with the colors on the lollipop. But just because you finish it doesn’t mean you stop changing colors. The colors continue to change for a while,” she further explained. “I saw the twins working on them over summer for the shop.”

James made a type of urgent sound and Harry turned around. His son was holding out a handful of Ice Mice in his tiny hand. Harry sighed and took them from him and added it to the Pepper Imps. Ginny frowned at the bag.

“Harry you don’t like Pepper Imps,” she commented.

“I know that. But our little imp does apparently,” Harry explained and stopped James from grabbing more Ice Mice. Ginny smiled down at James.

“Anyway, did you want to share some fudge with me?” he asked. Ginny nodded and she pushed the stroller towards the fudge. She and Harry debated over what type of fudge they should get. They had narrowed it down to vanilla, pecan, and walnut.

“Okay, why don’t we get–” Harry was about to point to the walnut fudge.


Harry and Ginny whipped around to see the Sugar Quill display toppled over and James looking very frightened and wailing at the top of his lungs.

They rushed over, forgetting about the fudge, to calm him down and to pick up the display. Harry immediately began to pick up the fallen sweets while Ginny picked up a frightened James and tried to soothe him.

“We’re so very sorry!” Ginny apologized profusely as one of the owners came to the scene. The elderly woman smiled gently at Ginny.

“It’s quite all right dear,” she said, bending down to pick up the fallen Sugar Quills.

“We’ll pay for them. I’m really sorry about this,” Harry apologized.

“Nonsense. They are wrapped anyway my dear. No harm done,” the woman said and continued to pick up the Sugar Quills. She stood up, arms full of candy.

“I’ll take him outside,” Ginny told Harry. He nodded in acknowledgment and continued to help the owner pick up the candy. Ginny tried to soothe James all the way to the door, but to no avail. It was apparent that the infant was not expecting for the entire display to fall over like that and it frightened him greatly. Ginny paced back and forth on the pavement muttering soothing words to her child. Hogsmeade residents passed by, some giving her questioning looks and others trying to block out the wailing while a few older men simply looked at her before walking away.

“Shh. It’s okay James. Don’t cry sweetie, don’t cry,” she said over and over again. His crying persisted.

“Can’t you get that brat to shut up,” a voice said. Ginny turned and saw Michael and his friends behind her. She rolled her eyes and continued to soothe James.

“It’s okay angel. Mummy’s here. Shh.”

“And where’s Daddy then? Oh that’s right, you don’t know who the father is. Could be Snape’s for all I know,” Michael said and his friends laughed. Ginny ignored them, bringing all her attention to her son. Finally he began to calm down. Ginny stood in one place, rocking him back and forth gently. James had stopped crying and his eyes closed, indicating he was about to fall asleep. She sighed, thankful that he had calmed down. However she wasn’t.

Michael and his friends were still there. She turned her back to them and a few short moments later she heard footsteps behind her.

“Come on Ginny. Do you really think he loves you?” Michael whispered in her ear. Ginny walked away from him, glancing in the store to see where Harry was. He was two students away from the til, the stroller next to him. A small girl left and he was one person away now.

“He pities you, you know. He feels sorry for the poor Weasley girl and her fatherless child,” Michael went on. Ginny desperately tried to block him out. She rubbed James’ back as he tried to sleep.

“You’re nothing but a charity case to him. Everyone knows how he helps the less fortunate. That’s all he’s doing Ginny. Helping out the poor,” Michael continued. Ginny felt herself becoming angry. She tried to control herself from screaming back at him and reaching for her wand. She glanced in the store again. Harry was paying for the sweets. She wished he would hurry. However, Ginny was a Weasley and controlling her temper was something unheard of.

“Jealous are you Corner,” Ginny said.

“Me? Jealous?”

“Yes you,” Ginny spat and turned to glare at him.

“And why would I be jealous?” he asked, leering at her and crossing his arms.

“It’s obvious isn’t it. I mean, why else would you be acting like this,” she said in a indifferent tone. James stirred in her arms a bit and settled himself again and yawned.

“No Weasley–”

“Potter if you will.”

“Potter. Explain to me why you think I would be jealous.”

Ginny smiled sweetly at him.

“Ever since I started to date Harry, you’ve been nothing but a prat to us. And now that you find out that we’re married and have a beautiful son, you’re jealous. What’s the matter, not getting anything from Cho? Is she not putting out for you? Jealous that I have someone to shag on a regular basis? Or could it be that you’re jealous about who I’m shagging. Pining after Harry are you Michael? Figures you would,” Ginny said in a sickening sweet voice.

Michael didn’t speak. He stared at her, his eyes narrowing and obviously at a loss for words. She smiled inwardly.

Suddenly she found herself face to face with him, his hands gripping her shoulders tightly and pure hatred and fury in his eyes. Ginny was scared. Not for herself, but for her child that was in her arms and close to be being crushed by the Ravenclaw.

“He would never touch filth like you Ginny. You’re lucky he even knows you exist,” Michael sneered, shaking her a bit.

“You’re the only filth around here Corner,” Ginny said in a cold voice.

“Is that so Potter?” Michael replied, spitting her surname as if it gave him a bad taste in his mouth.

“Why are you touching my wife! Leave her alone!”

Michael let her go, his eyes fixed on Harry. Ginny took a step back and looked at Harry. He was glaring venomously at Michael, clutching onto the candy bag and the stroller left forgotten. Michael rounded on him. Harry dropped the bag and reached for his wand.

“Harry stop!” Ginny exclaimed, giving him a hard look. He looked at her.

“I’m supposed to let him grab you like that!” Harry exclaimed.

“Calm down,” she said and walked towards him. “I can handle this.”


“Take James,” she handed the sleepy infant to him. He took his son who looked at his father drowsily and Harry gave her a questioning look. Ginny turned to look at Michael, smiling sweetly at him. She lifted her hand and smacked him across the face. His head whipped back towards her. His eyes were alight with anger, a red mark in the shape of her hand on his face, and he advanced on her again. Ginny was ready. In a few short seconds, he doubled over, gasping for air and had a black eye.

Harry looked down at his son who was nodding off into dreamland despite his mother’s actions and muttered quietly, “This is exactly why Daddy does everything according to what Mummy wants. Don’t you forget that.”

Ginny wiped her hands together and turned to face Harry again. James had dozed off now and Ginny took him back from Harry, ignoring the injured boy behind her. Harry gave her a very amused look and she simply smiled at him. She turned around to look at Michael again.

“Anything else?” she asked, smiling at him. He gave her a look and went down the street, his friends trailing behind him. Harry’s eyes followed them as they went. Ginny carefully put James back in his stroller, trying not to wake him.

“Remind me to never get on your bad side,” Harry said, grinning at her. Ginny glanced up at him.

“You do get on my bad side and you’ll get worse than he did,” she said and gave him a quick smile before returning her attention to her son. “Besides, growing up with six brothers and being the youngest and only girl, you do learn how to take care of yourself. Not to mention how to get a good punch in here and there.”

He picked up the candy bag and stowed it beneath the stroller. He studied her for a moment. Something was off. Her body was rigid and her usual cheerfulness in her face was not there. There was more than Michael calling her filth.

“What did he say to you?” Harry asked. Ginny tucked the blankets around James and stood up.

“Nothing Harry. Let’s just go,” Ginny said. Harry studied her for another moment. She walked around the stroller and took control of the handle before pushing it down the pavement. Harry trailed behind a bit. She seemed closed off. Michael had said something to her, he knew it but what is was, he didn’t know. Whatever it was, he didn’t like what it was doing to Ginny. He picked up his pace to join her.

They continued to explore the town, both deciding to skip Zonko’s this trip and went on a walk down a neighborhood. James continued to sleep soundly in the stroller and his parents were silent. They wandered down a neighborhood, leaving the crowds of Hogwarts students behind them.

“Harry, can I ask you something?” Ginny asked suddenly. Harry looked over at her. She was looking down at the top of the stroller, her hands slighting unclenching and clenching the handle.

“Of course love,” he said. She took a deep breath.

“Why are you with me?”

Harry was not expecting this. How could she ask him that? She knew that he loved her . . . didn’t she?

“Because I love you Ginny,” he said as if that was all the explanation he needed to give her. She fell silent, biting her bottom lip and contemplating her next question.

“Why did you marry me?” she asked.

“Because I love you,” he said again, emphasizing each word. Ginny stopped walking and the stroller came to a halt.

“Why did you stay?” she asked quietly. This greatly surprised Harry. “Do you feel sorry for me? Am I a charity case to you?’

“What? Of course not! Ginny you know that I love you and James,” Harry said, staring at her in surprise. “Why are you asking me this?”

Ginny didn’t reply. She was studying him intensely. She looked away and began to push the stroller again.

“Corner told you that didn’t he, that bloody prat,” Harry whispered. Ginny stopped walking.

“Don’t you dare go and find him. Harry, I can take care of myself you know. I don’t need you protecting me everywhere we go,” Ginny said firmly, her face flushing with anger. Harry sighed.

“I don’t want anything to happen to you Ginny. I love you and I have to protect you,” he tried to explain. Ginny smiled softly.

“I love you too Harry and that’s really sweet that you want to protect me, but not all the time. I can handle my own fights,” she said. Harry sighed again and looked at James in the stroller. He yawned and blinked sleepily at his father.

“What about James?” he asked, watching his son shift in the stroller and closed his eyes again.

“What about him?” Ginny asked softly, looking at Harry. Harry looked up at her.

“Are you going to protect him when he’s with you like that? Corner could have hurt him you know,” Harry said. Ginny snorted and shook her head.

“If anyone tries to touch my child in any way that I don’t like, well let’s just say they won’t be able to use that hand of theirs for a while, even if they take Skele-Gro,” Ginny smirked and gave Harry a wicked smile. He smiled at her and they continued to walk in the neighborhood.

Houses of all sizes were sprawled out on both sides of the street. They ranged in colors and styles, each having it’s own unique individuality. Children were playing in yards while adults tended to them and to their gardens. It was quiet and peaceful and perfect.

“You know, this would be a great place to raise James,” Ginny sighed. Harry watched two toddlers chasing each other in a yard.

“Yeah, it would be,” he agreed and silence fell again.

Ginny stopped in front of a cottage. It had only one floor and a beautiful garden, filled with magical and non-magical flowers. The house was painted white with green shutters on the windows and a dark brown roof. It gave off the feeling of a warmth and was very welcoming. It was perfect.

“Harry, look! Isn’t it perfect?” Ginny stared at the house, wishing that it she would have one of her own someday. Maybe even this house. She could just picture James running around in the front with other red-headed and black-haired children and her and Harry watching them.

Harry saw the look in her eye. She was in love with the cottage; there was no doubt about that. He looked at the house. It was just right for them.

“We’ll look for a place this summer love,” he said, leading her away. She looked at the house wistfully before allowing herself to be lead away.

Chapter 15: Chapter Fourteen
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Chapter Fourteen

The young family walked back to High Street and to the Three Broomsticks to meet Ron and Hermione. It, like the streets, was packed with students. They had some trouble getting the stroller through the packed tavern, but eventually made it the booth in the back where Ron and Hermione were sitting. Ginny parked the stroller next to the table and slid into the seat next to Harry.

James was wide awake now. He stared at the unfamiliar faces and surroundings in awe. Ron tried to get his attention but James was too enthralled with the tavern to pay attention to his uncle’s funny faces. Ron gave up and drank from his glass.

“Guess Uncle Ron isn’t interesting enough for him,” Hermione teased her boyfriend. Ron glared at her.

“Butterbeer?” Ginny asked Harry, ignoring the couple seated across from her. Harry nodded and made to stand up but Ginny stopped him.

“I’ll get it,” she said. Ginny reached into his robes and grabbed his money bag.

“Hey, that is my money you know,” he protested as she withdrew some coins. Ginny furrowed her brow as she debated on how many more Sickles to take to buy lunch as well. She tossed the bag on the seat and stood up.

“Your point is?” she asked. Harry quickly snatched the bag off the seat and hid it from her before she took more money from him.

“You took my money pouch when you bought James some clothes, then when you bought those quills and colored parchment, and then at Gladrags when you bought your mum’s birthday present–”

Ginny stomped her foot at that. “That’s from both of us! She is your mother too you know!”

“Only by marriage, love,” Harry reminded her.

“Harry! She’s still your mother! I can’t believe you said that. Do you want James’ wife to think of me like that!” she scolded him, hands on her hips and her eyes narrowed. Harry blinked a few times in surprise.

“Last I knew he could only sit up and gurgle let alone get down on one knee and propose to someone,” Harry said, frowning at her.

“That’s beside the point. Do you really want his wife to think of me like that?”

“Of course not, but Ginny he’s only five months old – wait a minute – how did we come to talk about James? This is about you taking my money all day,” Harry said and continued to names off all the things they bought so far that day. “. . . and not once did you pull out your own money pouch!”

Ginny smiled at him. “Harry, where does all that money come from?” she asked.

“From the vault at Gringott’s,” he replied.

“And what’s the surname on that vault?” she asked sweetly.

“Potter,” he said wondering why she was asking him things she already knew.

She showed off her left hand to him. Harry watched the diamonds on her wedding ring sparkled in the light of the pub and the gold glistened softly. He smiled softly at the memory of their wedding.

“If I’m not mistaken, this little ring on my finger says that I am a Potter, therefore the money you have is my money. So in other words, I am spending my own money,” she explained and turned on her heel, her cloak swooping around her ankles. She headed to the counter to order their drinks and some food. Harry stared after Ginny and shook his head.

“She has a point Harry,” Hermione said. Harry glared at her. She simply shrugged and took a sip of her butterbeer.

Harry sighed and looked at James. He no longer had his attention on where he was but rather on the table next to him. He reached out and made a noise. He turned to look at Harry, still stretching his arm out towards something. He made an urgent sound. Harry craned his neck and saw that a group of third years were all eating some ice cream sundaes and it was clear that James wanted one too.

“I don’t think so,” Harry shook his head at James. James continued to try to reach out and look pleadingly at his father. Harry shook his head again and said firmly, “No.”

James tried again and was getting upset that his father was not giving him what he wanted. He screwed up his face in an attempt to cry. Harry sensed the tantrum coming and grabbed the diaper bag and searched for a toy. James was not going to pull that on Harry. He pulled out a plastic set of colorful keys and handed them to James. He stared at the toy, momentarily forgetting about his tantrum and took the toy from his father. He fiddled with the keys in his hands and dropped it in his lap. He picked them up and held them up higher and dropped them again. After a few more drops he banged the keys against the side of the stroller happily, much to Harry’s annoyance. However, Harry was used to this by now so he learned to tune out the loud noises that James made with his toys. At least he was happy and playing and not throwing a fit. After a moment of watching his son, Harry looked around the pub.

Tables were packed with residents and students. Harry saw his friends occupying different tables. He saw Michael Corner sharing a table with his friends and was pleased to see the outline of a black eye had formed on his face. His wife definitely had a good punch. A table full of Slytherin seventh and sixth years were talking together and shooting sneers around the room. Two men were sitting at a table across the pub and were staring at them, something that Harry did not like. Harry shot them a glare and they quickly looked away, one taking a sip from his tankard.

“People act like they’ve never seen a father with his child before,” Harry muttered under his breath irritably.

“More like Harry Potter with a child that looks suspiciously like him,” Hermione added.

“That’s because he is mine,” Harry replied and glanced in Michael Corner’s direction. “Wish people would get that through their thick skulls.”

Harry watched his son for a few moments and then launched into a conversation with Ron about the newest broom that was in the making: the Firebolt 9000. Both were very into the conversation leaving Hermione bored out of her mind. She watched the two boys go on and on about the broomstick with James continuing to smack his toy keys on the side of the stroller.

“Its’ suppose to go from zero to two hundred in ten seconds. Can you believe that?” Ron said, slamming his hand on the table. Harry stared at him in surprise and amazed at the speed of the broom in development. He shook his head in disbelief and glanced at James. He had stopped banging the toy keys on his stroller and was holding them up high, his face in some sort of concentration. Before Harry could register what he was going to do, the infant launched the keys.

“James!” Harry cringed as he watched the toy keys fly through the air.

There was a loud shout of pain and a clatter of the keys landing on the floor.

The toy had hit the back of an elderly witch’s head who was walking by. She stopped in mid stride at the contact and grabbed the back of her head. The three teenagers tried desperately to hold in their laughter. The witch turned around and looked down at the floor, a flask in her hand. Her face was aged and had deep wrinkles. Her hair was stringy and grey and was loose beneath her pointed witch’s hat. She did not have a very pleasant look on her face. She picked up the plastic keys and sneered at them. She stood up and looked around the pub and her eyes landed on James. She took a drink from the flask she was holding and half marched, half hobbled towards the table, glaring at the infant and the teenagers.

“Which one of you brats does this monster belong to?” she cackled, glaring at the three of them.

“Terribly sorry madam,” Harry said, sobering up quickly. Someone calling his son a monster was not something he liked.

“You? Are you child rearing?” she asked. Harry shook his head.

“I’m his father,” Harry replied and crossed his arms. The witch looked him up and down with a leer that looked strangely familiar. “You’re his father, eh?” she question, her eyes narrowing at him.

“I am,” Harry confirmed. She was silent for a moment, continuing to look him up and down and glancing at James a few times. She gave him another leer.

“You’re nothing but a baby yourself,” she observed aloud. “No wonder he misbehaves. Control the monster!” she spat, throwing the toy at Harry. She glared at James again. “Learn some manners brat! How dare you injure the elderly!”

“Get away from my son!” Ginny’s angry voice shouted. Harry looked up to see a very angry Ginny with two butterbeers in her hands and glaring murderously at the witch.

“Ah, so you’re the brat’s mother are ye?” the witch asked, looking Ginny up and down much in the same way she did with Harry.

“Yes I am and if you don’t leave my son alone you’ll live to regret it,” Ginny hissed, setting the glasses down on the table with a loud thud.

Harry studied his wife. She was standing at her full height, hands on her hips and her eyes lit with fury. He could see the fire dancing dangerously in the chocolate brown that was often filled with love. But there, mixed with the anger was the love. The love she had for James and that emotion alone drove her to all lengths to protect him.

“How dare you say such things to an innocent child! He’s five months old, he doesn’t know anything yet. How could you blame him for something he thinks is play!” Ginny hissed at the witch.

“Be a better mother. How dare you have a child like that,” the witch snarled at Ginny. Ginny was angry . . . very angry. She stepped closer to the woman in full rage but yet looked calm and graceful.

“Leave my son alone, now,” she said with such composure that it sent chills down Harry’s back. The fire burned brighter in her eyes. The way she was standing left Harry in awe and he felt a very familiar something tighten in his stomach. The light of the pub reflected in her hair, showing off the reds, oranges and golds in it. He admired how the shirt and jeans she wore perfectly fit her curves. Even her old cloak around her shoulders made her look absolutely beautiful. There was only one word for her.


Very sexy.

The confrontation appeared to have ended. The old witch was hobbling away mumbling something about incompetent parents. Ginny watched the witch walk out the door before she slid into the seat next to Harry. She reached over and pulled the stroller closer to her and looked at James. She gave him his toy back, fiddled with his blankets and sighed. She turned and looked at Harry who hadn’t stopped staring at her.

“I think it’s time for his first punishment,” she said. Harry shook himself of his trance.

“Ah right. His punishment,” Harry agreed and they both looked at James.

“You’re not really going to punish him are you?” Ron asked in surprise.

“Now James that was a very naughty thing you did,” Ginny said to James, ignoring Ron.

“You’re not supposed to throw toys at people young man,” Harry said in a somewhat stern voice. Ginny nodded. “Well,” Harry added, “except mean old hags.”

“We are going to have to punish you James,” Ginny said and sighed. She thought for a moment. “Right. No broomstick riding until you’re old enough. Any objections to that Harry?”

Harry shook his head. “None. We better not catch you on a broom until you’re old enough to ride one young man.”

“That’s unfair! You can’t tell him he’s not allowed to ride a broomstick! It’s just wrong!” Ron protested firmly, acting as if he was the one being punished. Harry and Ginny looked at Ron in surprise.

“Oh honestly Ron! They’re not serious!” Hermione said and rolled her eyes.

“They . . . they aren’t?” Ron looked utterly confused. He looked at Harry and Ginny for confirmation.

“No, we’re not,” Harry confirmed and Ginny nodded in agreement.

“Oh.” Ron looked away and took a drink from his glass. Harry and Ginny looked back at James to finish deciding James’ “punishment”.

“You know love, he really was a naughty boy,” Ginny said to Harry. Harry rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

“Yes, yes he was. But we don’t want to be too harsh with him,” Harry said. Ginny looked at her husband.

“Yes, you’re right. All right, just the broomstick riding then,” Ginny agreed and turned back to James.

James just looked at his parents curiously before putting the toy keys in his mouth. Ginny smiled and leaned towards him. She began to tickle him and he laughed.

That was another thing that Harry found very sexy about her. How motherly she was to James. Something about the way she looked at their son and took care of him made Harry love her even more and made him more attracted to her. He watched his wife play with their son, his laughs filling the air around them.

Ginny tickled James one last time and took a drink of her butterbeer. She set the glass down and looked at Harry, intending to ask him what he wanted to do after their lunch. He was staring at her, his face unreadable.

“What?” she asked, her inquiry gone and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. He grinned. She always looked cute when she did that. He reached over and tucked her hair behind her other ear.

“Nothing,” he said. She gave him a small smile and picked up her glass again. She took a sip and Harry continued to stare at her. Harry propped his elbow on the table, resting his chin on the back of his head. He looked Ginny up and down, taking in her beauty.

“You’re a very sexy witch,” he said. Ginny blushed slightly and set her glass down. She turned to look at him.

“You think so do you,” she said in a somewhat seductive voice. He smirked at her and she gave him a suggestive smile.

“I do,” he agreed. Ginny leaned towards him, her hand brushing on his legh and sliding to his inner thigh. Harry shivered slightly at the contact and resisted the urge to ravish her right then and there.

“How about a game of Quidditch later on,” she suggested, rising her eyebrows at him. He noticed that her eyes had darkened slightly, flickers of desire swimming in them. She caressed his skin, sending a hot flash of pleasure down his spine. If only he could get her alone . . .

“Read my mind,” he replied, huskily.

“Quidditch? Can I join you?” Ron asked, totally oblivious to what had just taken place. Ginny was sure the only thing he heard was “game” and “Quidditch”. Harry and Ginny looked at each other, both annoyed that their moment was ruined and looked over at Ron.

“No Ron, you can’t. See this is a different kind Quidditch. One on one Quidditch. It involves different equipment and is played horizontally. And quite frankly it’s more enjoyable with just me and Harry,” Ginny explained, her hand still placed on Harry’s inner thigh. Ron looked at her in horror.

“That’s disgusting! Talking about that in front of us and your son! And not to mention in the middle of a crowded pub none the less!” Ron exclaimed with a disgusted face.

“Why, Ron? Everyone knows we have sex. How do you think James got here?” Ginny said rather annoyed. “Did the stork bring him? I seem to remember it differently. Very differently.”

“Just don’t talk like that in public,” Ron hissed, looking around to see if anyone was listening. Ginny rolled her eyes.

“It’s normal you know, having sex and all,” Ginny sighed, rising her voice slightly. She moved her hand from Harry’s thigh, much to Harry’s dismay, but remained sitting very close to him. “If we weren’t shagging each other whenever possible I would be worried. We are married Ron and married couples have sex.”

Ron was staring at her in shock and Hermione was hiding a smile. Several students were looking at them now. Ginny didn’t care. She was sick and tried of Ron acting like this every time she and Harry even looked at each other in a loving manner.

“Shut up Ginny,” Ron whispered to her harshly, his ears red from embarrassment. Ginny smiled sweetly at him. She sighed and took a sip from her butterbeer, letting Ron think he won.

“I have a wonderful idea Harry, how about we go back to your room and shag away!” Ginny exclaimed. Harry smirked and catching on to what she was doing, he went right along with her.

“Sounds like fun love,” he grinned at her. Ron was horrified.

“Not in my room!” he moaned. Ginny rolled her eyes.

“We have before,” she said. Ron’s eyes widened. He looked at Harry, opening and closing his mouth several times with no sound coming out of it.

“Many times in fact, after all that was where James was conceived,” Harry added, enjoying the look of horror on Ron’s face. The color in Ron’s face drained and he shuddered involuntarily.

“Actually, you want to know something Ron, a few nights ago I snuck into your dormitory and crawled into Harry’s bed in the middle of the night. You’ll never guess what we did Ron. We had sex! In fact we shagged each other for quite some time. I must say that Silencing Charms are one of the best charms out there,” Ginny informed him.

Ron simply stared at her in shock. To finalize her point she turned to Harry, grabbed his head and kissed him deeply on the lips. When she pulled away Harry was looking very happy and gave her a lopsided smile. Ginny shot a glare at Ron and took a sip of her butterbeer, acting innocent once more, and returning her hand to Harry’s thigh.

Madam Rosmerta had brought them their food, commenting on how cute James was, and the four friends sat and talked, with Ron refusing to look at the married couple. James had gotten hungry at one point and Ginny had taken him out of the stroller and nursed him. Ron had objected against it firmly and Ginny just rolled her eyes and continued to nurse her son. Harry simply told Ron to shut up and let his son eat in peace. As long as Ginny was comfortable doing it, he didn’t mind. After she had nursed him she set him on the table to tie his shoe and straighten his clothes. Once she had finished, she smiled at him and tickled his stomach. He laughed and gurgled at her. He looked at Harry and reached for his father.

Harry picked up his son and promptly kissed the top of his head. Harry held him in one arm and tickled him with the other. James laughed and squirmed in Harry’s arms. Ginny smiled at them and watched her two favorite men. She thought she saw a flash of light but quickly dismissed it when she heard James squeal happily.

“Are you having fun?” Ginny smiled and reached over to tickle James. He laughed and smiled at her, sticking a hand in his mouth. Ginny frowned and picked up his teething ring from the stroller. She hated it when he did that. Harry pulled his hand out of his mouth, allowing Ginny to give James the teething ring. James took it and promptly began to chew on it. Harry frowned at James and grimaced at his wife.

“He’s wet,” he told Ginny. Ginny sighed and took their son from Harry. She picked up the baby bag and went to the girls’ washroom to change him.

Ginny entered the washroom, talking sweetly to James.

“Living up to the family name are you?”

Ginny stiffened slightly. Without turning around she replied, “I should have known that foul stench was you Chang.”

Cho Chang was the last person Ginny ever wanted to see again. Their last few meetings had not been pleasant ones.

Fifth year.

This was O.W.L year and the hardest year at Hogwarts. Ginny entered the Entrance Hall with confidence and nerves. She knew it was going to be tough. She remembered last year seeing her brother and his friends go through the exams and all the studying they did. She knew she was going to get hardly any sleep and more than likely turn into a zombie within a few months. At least she had one thing going for her.


He was her boyfriend of nearly two months. And best of all, he loved her. He had actually told her he loved her a few weeks ago and Ginny couldn’t be happier. She knew they were moving fast in their relationship, but she didn’t mind. She knew that with this being her fifth year, she wouldn’t have much snogging time with Harry, well any time with him really. They had been determined to spend as much time as possible together before term began. Even that proved hard over the summer. When Fred and George had discovered that they were going out, they did everything they could to interrupt the couple. In fact, Ginny had barely been able to hold Harry’s hold in the past three and half weeks because of the twins. She was very thankful for the train ride back to school. Yes, that was a fun ride!

Ginny spotted her friends on the other side of the Entrance Hall. She told Harry she would be back and went over to them.

“Hey!” she greeted her roommates.

“Ginny!” they exclaimed and the four girls exchanged hugs with each other.

“Where were you on the train?” Claire asked.

“Yeah, we tried to find you the whole trip,” Bridget added. Ginny blushed and smiled.

“I was a bit occupied,” Ginny replied, glancing in Harry’s direction.

“How so?” Melanie asked. Ginny tore her eyes away from Harry and grinned at her roommates.

“With Harry,” she said and beamed with joy.

“You were occupied with Harry?” Melanie pieced her words together. Ginny nodded.

“We were . . . er . . . snogging,” Ginny told them quietly.

“You were snogging with Harry Potter the whole time!” Bridget exclaimed. Ginny turned red and smacked her friend on the arm, hissing at her to be quiet. Claire and Melanie looked around the Entrance Hall trying to find Harry.

“Not the whole time. More like three fourths of the time,” Ginny clarified and smiled as she thought about the last few hours.

“How . . . When . . . What?” Claire stammered, shocked at Ginny’s revelation.

“Harry and I have been together for almost two months now. Just after Dean broke up with me,” Ginny told them.

“You move fast,” Bridget snorted. Ginny rolled her eyes.

“He was the one who kissed me first. Not that I minded that much,” Ginny said, smiling at the memory.

“So I take it that you spent most of your summer with Harry then?” Melanie asked, smiling. Ginny nodded. Her friends drilled her for exact details of her relationship with Harry, going on to talk about their summer holiday for a bit. Claire was just finishing telling them about her family trip to Mexico, when Ginny felt someone wrap their arms around her and a kiss being placed on the side of her neck. She immediately knew who it was and smiled at Harry’s affection to her.

“I missed you,” he murmured in her ear. Ginny turned and looked at him.

“How? I’ve been away from you for ten minutes,” she said, yet smiling wide at him. He caressed her cheek with the back of his hand. He dropped his hand and took her hand.

“Much to long to be away from you,” he said. Ginny blushed and smiled. “They’re letting everyone in now. Ready to go?”

“I’ll meet you in there,” she said. He looked disappointed at this statement. “Save me a seat?” she added.

He smiled. “Of course,” he said and kissed her softly. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” she said and they kissed once more. His eyes looked into hers for a moment before he slowly took off and went into the Great Hall. Ginny was still smiling and felt giddy inside. She looked at her friends who were all grinning from ear to ear.

“That was so cute!” Melanie exclaimed.

“I think I hear wedding bells,” Claire teased.

“Please! We’re much too young to get married.” Ginny waved it off, blushing slightly at the thought of it.

“It’s obvious that he loves you though,” Bridget said seriously. Ginny smiled.

“I love him too,” Ginny said with a dreamy smile.

“Well then let’s go see Mr. Husband-to-be shall we?” Melanie seized Ginny’s arm and led her to the Great Hall.

“Can I be a bridesmaid Gin?” Bridget teased. Ginny rolled her eyes and they laughed as they entered the Great Hall.

Ginny found herself sitting next to Harry, happy as can be. She was amazed at how affectionate he was being to her and she absolutely loved it. He held her around her waist and nuzzled her neck softly during the Sorting Ceremony. He held her hand on the table and draped his arm over her shoulders during dinner. He had also given her soft kisses on her cheek and would whisper sweet nothings in her ear. Twice he had kissed her softly on the lips, earning a few catcalls from their friends. And the whole time they were sitting very close and in their own little world. Ginny was in heaven.

Many students were staring at them during the Welcoming Feast, most amazed at how they had become a couple so quickly. They were whispering and pointing at the couple. Ginny was sure she saw a few girls shoot her dirty looks . . . one in particular. Not that she cared what they thought.

Once the feast was over, Harry and Ginny left the Great Hall, hand in hand and talking about nothing. Harry was just pulling Ginny in for a soft kiss and was suddenly torn away from her boyfriend.

“Harry! Oh it’s so good to see you!” someone shouted and Ginny found herself standing far apart from Harry. She found Cho Chang clinging onto her boyfriend, something that did not go well with Ginny. She was pleased, however, to see the shocked and disgusted look on Harry’s face. He pried her off of him and stood back only to have her take a step closer and grab his hand. She smiled sweetly at him.

“Er . . . hi Cho. How are you?” Harry asked, trying to be polite. She took another step closer to him.

“I’m wonderful, now that you’re here,” she replied softly. Harry pulled his hand out of hers and quickly grabbed Ginny’s. He jerked her to his side and smiled at Cho.

“Cho, have you met Ginny before?” Harry asked quickly. Cho stiffened and glared at Ginny, putting on a fake smile.

“Once before,” she replied, coldly. Ginny smiled inwardly at the thought of how she snatched the Snitch from under Cho’s nose last term.

“Yes well, Cho Chang, this is Ginny Weasley, my
girlfriend,” he said, placing emphasis on the last word. Ginny cuddled up to Harry, loving the venomous look Cho was giving her and not caring.

“Isn’t that,” Cho looked Ginny up and down and turned to smile at Harry, “lovely.”

“Isn’t it though?” Ginny sighed dramatically and kissed Harry’s cheek. She eyed the Ravenclaw and thought of another Ravenclaw that seemed to be missing. “Where’s Michael?” Ginny asked. She noticed Cho tense slightly.

“We’re having a bit of a break right now. We can,” she said and looked at Harry, “see other people for the moment.”

“Really? Well do remember that part about
other people,” Ginny replied cooly, “not taken ones mind you.”

“I wouldn’t dream of taking someone from another girl. It’s not in my nature,” Cho said, putting on a fake smile.

“Only your history,” Ginny said sweetly and wishing she could rip that smile on her face.

“As in yours,” Cho replied.

“He was never yours to begin with you–” Ginny began but was cut off from a sharp tug of her hand and Harry’s voice.

“We really must be going,” Harry said. “See you around Cho.”

She smiled at him.

“Bye Harry,” she said in an overly sweet voice. “I’ll see you later Ginny,” she said, glaring at Ginny.

“I hope not,” Ginny said and gave her a sickening sweet smile before she allowed Harry to lead her down the corridor. Ginny was fuming as they walked the rest of the way to Gryffindor Tower. Harry, however, was able to get her mind off of Cho by pulling her behind a knight and snogging her senseless for a good ten minutes. Once they broke apart all thoughts of Cho were far away from her mind.

Two weeks into the term and Ginny was ready to hex Cho the next time she saw her. She had done everything to destroy Ginny’s relationship with Harry and neither one of them liked it. She would tear Harry away from her whenever they were about to kiss or shout out to him. Cho had even tried to start rumors that one of them was cheating on the other and the other way around. Of course, no one believed her, except her friends. She had gone as far as dragging Flich to a broom cupboard that Harry and Ginny were occupying at one point. This only deepened Ginny’s hatred for the girl.

One day in early October Ginny was leaving the common room to meet Harry in the Entrance Hall for a night time stroll on the grounds. Ginny had been bombarded with school work since the first day and Harry was determined to get her away from her books for once. He also said that some fresh air would be good for her since she hadn’t been feeling well lately. Of course Ginny knew that Harry wanted to have a longer snogging session with her and she didn’t mind that at all. After that night she had spent with him two weeks ago, Ginny was hoping for a repeat. She smiled as she thought back to that time. Yes, a repeat would be nice.

Cho had been leaving them alone nearly a week now and they were relieved that they could be a normal couple again without someone trying to rip them apart from each other.

Ginny turned the corner and froze at the sight.

Cho’s lips were pressed against Harry’s and he was struggling to get away. Cho ended it and smiled up at him. Ginny was ready to pounce on her. The little tart!

“Don’t I kiss much better than that Weasley girl?” she asked him. Harry took a few steps back, wiping his mouth off with the back of his sleeve.

“No! Get it through that thick head of yours Cho, I love Ginny! She is my girlfriend and I have no intention of leaving her,” Harry shouted. Cho’s features hardened and then softened again.

“We could keep this a secret you know. She’ll never know about it,” she suggested, reaching to touch his arm. He jerked his arm back and glared at her.

“Maybe you’re someone who does that, but I’m not. Ginny is all I need,” he said. Ginny smiled to herself, thinking of how lucky she was to have Harry. She decided to make her presence known and stepped around the corner.

Harry looked relieved to see her and briskly walked towards her. He gathered her in his arms and kissed her in greeting.

“Ready?” he asked, stroking her cheek. Ginny glanced at the girl standing in the middle of the corridor with an angry scowl on her face.

“Just give me a moment,” she said and headed towards Cho. She gave her a loathing look and was happy to see that Cho looked slightly frightened.

“If I ever catch you kissing my boyfriend again, you won’t have those pretty little lips of yours to kiss with anymore. Understand?” Ginny said, looking at Cho pointedly. Cho paled for a moment. She glared and her and walked away without a word.

Cho did not go near Harry and Ginny the rest of the term. Ginny was not pleased to hear that Cho had been trying to hit on Harry while she was at the Burrow, however she was happy to hear that Harry had basically given her the cold shoulder. Harry had told her shortly after the birth of James of an event that had happened in the Astronomy Tower. Cho had tried to get him to cheat on Ginny, but Harry flat out refused. That was the last time Cho had come near him.

The week before term was to start, Harry, Ron, Ginny, and Hermione went to Diagon Alley to get their supplies for school. Ginny had begged to stay at home with James, asking the others to get her things for her but Harry refused to let her do so. She needed some fresh air and a few hours away from James was not the end of the world. He would be fine under the care of Molly and reminded her that the wards were improved around the Burrow. Ginny had given her mother strict instructions of how to care for James, just as she done on Harry’s birthday before she was dragged off to Diagon Alley.

They had purchased most of their school supplies and decided to visit Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlor before continuing with their shopping.

Ginny had ordered plain vanilla with chocolate sprinkles while the others had more varied flavors. Ron had his usual raspberry and chocolate while Hermione had sherbet. Ginny grimaced as Harry scooped up a spoonful of his strawberry ice cream with chopped nuts into his mouth.

“What?” he asked upon seeing her scowl.

“Nothing . . .” she said, scooping some of her own into her mouth. “Vanilla is much better.” She smiled and gave him a firm nod.

Harry stared at her. “Compared to what?” he asked, scooping more of the desert in his mouth.

“Strawberry,” she replied, grimacing at his bowl. The three of them exchanged confused looks. They looked back at her.

“You were living off of it for nine months,” Ron said quietly.

“There was a reason for that,” she huffed, glaring at him. Ron scoffed.

“That’s also the reason I can’t get any sleep at night,” Ron muttered. It was Ginny’s turn to exchange looks with Harry.

“So put a Silencing Charm on your room,” Harry suggested, glaring at Ron.

“Can’t you put one of him?” Ron snapped back. Ginny was about to respond, but Hermione beat her to it.

“Ronald Weasley! You can’t do that to a newborn!” Hermione hissed quietly.

“Then why not on their room,” he crossed her arms and glared at her. Ginny tuned out their argument and continued to eat her ice cream. Harry had an amused look on his face as he watched his best friends bicker over Silencing Charms. He looked over at Ginny and waggled his eyebrows at her. She blushed and smiled. They had other uses for Silencing Charms.

“Do you really need all that ice cream Weasley?” a voice asked. Ginny groaned inwardly, knowing who that voice belonged to. How she wished she wouldn’t have to see her again.

“Sod off Chang,” Ginny replied, not bothering to turn to look at the girl.

“And it’s so nice to see you again as well. My how you’ve gained weight since I last saw you,” Cho continued smoothly. Ginny controlled herself, which was difficult with her hormones being imbalanced. Ginny hadn’t gained a lot of weight through her pregnancy and had lost most of it since James was born. True she wasn’t back to her normal weight, but it didn’t show any sign that she had given birth recently. Ginny turned around to glare at Cho, who wore a smug look on her face.

“And you look more and more like a hag everyday,” Ginny replied sweetly. Harry shot her a warning look. Cho returned the glare. She turned to Harry and touched him on the shoulder. He looked disgusted at the contact.

“Harry, it’s so wonderful to see you again. Maybe we can pick off where we left off?” she said, smiling at him and ignoring Ginny.

“And where would that be exactly?” Harry asked, shrugging her off and crossing his arms. She continued to smile at him.

“You remember, don’t you? In the Astronomy Tower that night before term ended,” she said. Ron and Hermione stared at Harry in disbelief.

“Ah yes, when I told you to get a life and leave me and my fiancée alone,” Harry replied. Cho’s eyes grew wide.

“You-you’re fiancée?” she sputtered, looking at Ginny. Beneath the table, Ginny quickly pulled her wedding ring out from her pocket and slipped the diamond ring on her right finger. She withdrew her hand and showed it off to Cho.

“No! I mean, you’re too young!” Cho exclaimed, staring at the diamond ring in disbelief.

“And very much in love. Once Ginny here turns seventeen we will marry,” Harry lied. Cho stared at him in disbelief. Her face looked slightly confused for a moment and then it passed. Without saying a word, she turned on her heel and walked off. Harry grinned as she walked out the door.

“She’ll tell the papers, you know,” Ron pointed out. At this realization, Ginny began to worry. What if Cho found out that they were already married and had a baby?

Harry placed a hand on Ginny’s, reassuringly.

“She won’t find out love,” he whispered to her. She smiled weakly at him. He was always able to read her mind. Harry turned to look at Ron, keeping his hand on top of Ginny’s.

“No, she won’t,” Harry replied.

“But you just told her you were engaged! She’s bound to run off to the press with the news,” Hermione said.

“You forget Hermione, I’m a legal wizard now,” Harry reminded her. She frowned for a moment and suddenly clasped a hand over her mouth.

“Oh Harry! That’s genius!” she said, smiling wide.

“What’s genius?” Ron asked with a confused look.

“He used some sort of Memory Charm, Ron,” Hermione told him.

“Brilliant!” Ron smiled. Ginny smiled at Harry.

“He is isn’t he?” she said, leaning forward to kiss him. He entwined his hand with hers, his finger rubbing her ring gently.

“You might want to put that away,” he whispered. She sighed, hating to take off her wedding ring and slipped it back in her pocket. They shared another kiss and the four of them stood up to leave the ice cream parlor.

“So, you’re claiming Harry to be the father are you?” Cho asked. Ginny simply rolled her eyes and set the blanket on the ground. She gently placed James on top of it.

“I’m not claiming anything. He is the father,” Ginny replied coolly. She hated it when anyone questioned the paternity of her child. Was it that hard to believe?

“Why do I find that hard to believe?” Cho snapped. Ginny smirked at the girl’s statement but tried to ignore her the best she could and continued to change her son. “How did this happen anyway?”

Ginny smirked again and turned to look at Cho. “It’s simple really,” Ginny said and finished putting a new nappy on James. “When two people fall in love and want to show it they have something called sex. Can you say sex?” Ginny spoke as if she was talking to a child.

“Shut it Weasley,” Cho snapped, glaring at her.

“It’s Potter actually,” Ginny replied and stood up. She showed off her left hand. “See? Isn’t it the most gorgeous ring you’ve ever seen? Harry spent good money on it,” Ginny said and shoved the soiled nappy in Cho’s hands.

“Ew!” Cho shrieked and threw the diaper on the floor. Ginny merely rolled her eyes and turned to wash her hands. Ginny bit back a laugh as she saw Cho quickly run to a sink and frantically wash her own hands. Ginny picked James up and turned to leave the lavatory.

“So I guess what Michael said was true,” Cho said from behind. Ginny stopped and turned around. She walked back towards the girl and gave her a menacing glare.

“And what exactly is that,” Ginny demanded more than asked. Cho smirked at her.

“You can’t keep your legs closed.”
Ginny felt anger course through her quickly. If she wasn’t holding James she would send a Bat Bogey Hex at the girl in a blink of an eye.

“Are all Ravenclaws as jealous as you and Michael?” Ginny replied angrily. Cho smirked at her.

“Someone’s going to find out the truth Weasley,” Cho said, glancing at James.

“This is the truth Chang,” Ginny snapped back.

“So prove it.” Cho crossed her arms and tapped her foot on the stone floor.

“I don’t have to prove anything to you,” Ginny said and turned to leave again.

“Forced yourself on him did you? Made him believe the kid was his?” Cho continued. Ginny turned around again and glared at her. She felt tears threatening her eyes. She forced them back.

“I didn’t force my way into anything. I was invited. Not that you can say the same for yourself,” Ginny said and gave Cho a disgusted look.

“I find that hard to believe. Harry can hardly kiss a girl,” Cho replied. She sighed sadly. “Poor Harry. I feel so incredibly sorry for him getting stuck with someone like you. He could have had me instead.”

“Why can’t you understand this Chang? Harry doesn’t fancy you anymore. He’s with me now and he chose to stay with me!” Ginny raised her voice, slightly exasperated.

Before Cho had a chance to reply Ginny stomped angrily out of the washroom and back to her table. She wanted to burst into tears and actually felt one roll down her cheek.

Harry looked up and saw the scowl on Ginny’s face and knew immediately that she had run into some trouble. He was surprised to see a tear fall from her eye. She set James in his stroller and slid into the seat next to Harry. Harry put an arm around her shoulders and pulled her close to him.

“What happened?” he asked. Ginny sighed heavily, forcing herself not to cry, and laid her head on his shoulder.

“Cho was in the loo,” Ginny said. Harry immediately understood. He kissed the top of head and looked up in the direction of the washrooms.

“Same thing?” he asked. Ginny nodded and looked up at him. He looked at the doors again. “I have an idea.”

Ginny was about to ask him what his idea was but found his mouth covering hers in a tender and loving kiss. Ginny immediately melted against him and responded to the kiss. She caressed the back of his head with one hand while the other was on his shoulder. She felt his tongue against her bottom lip and Ginny immediately allowed him entrance. He quickly deepened the kiss and Ginny was spiraling into the world of Harry. Her mind went blank and all she could think about was Harry kissing her and her kissing him back with just as much fervor.

It ended much too soon. Harry had pulled away and placed his forehead against hers. He gave her one last tender kiss and smiled.

“I love you Ginny Potter,” he said. Ginny smiled and blushed slightly.

“I love you too Harry Potter,” she replied and Harry pulled her into a hug. Harry glanced behind Ginny and smirked.

“I think it worked,” he whispered and gestured behind her. Ginny turned around and smiled. Cho was sitting at a table not too far from them. She wore a defeated look on her face and was holding a glass that looked suspiciously like firewhiskey. Ginny smiled inwardly to herself and turned back to look at Harry. He smiled brightly at her and Ginny kissed him one last time.

After their visit to the Three Broomsticks the four friends decided to do some more shopping before heading back to the castle. As they walked down High Street again, they saw the witch that James had thrown his toy keys at. She smiled warmly at the infant and continued to walk past them, humming cheerfully to herself. The four friends exchanged looks of confusion but said nothing and went on walking together.

Ron had whispered something to Harry and the two boys suggested that they spilt up. The girls looked at them suspiciously and finally agreed; Ginny and Hermione with James and Harry with Ron. Ginny had remembered from earlier that Harry had been eyeing an elegant cloak at Gladrags while they were getting Molly’s present. She decided to buy if for him since their anniversary was next month. It was of a charcoal color, made of fine and heavy material with sliver fastenings that had elaborate designs on them. Ginny then found a book on famous Seekers and got it for Harry for Christmas. Once Hermione had found a few things, they met up with the boys and headed back to the castle. Ginny noticed that Harry was hiding a small bag from her and Ron was doing the same to Hermione. Both girls had tried to get the bags from them and find out what they were hiding, but they had effectively kept the girls from getting the bags.

The trip had tired James out greatly. The moment Harry put him in his playpen he curled up with his blue bunny and fell fast asleep. He put a blanket over the infant and watched him sleep for a few moments. Harry and Ginny were grateful for their son’s sleepiness. They were able to get some homework done without their son demanding all their attention. He had even stayed asleep when Harry picked him up and put him in his traveling carrier so they could go to dinner. His parents had finally had the chance to eat most of their dinner in peace.

Harry had almost finished his steak when he heard a soft sound coming from his son. He looked over and saw James yawn and blink sleepily at him.

“Good morning sleepy head,” Harry greeted his son. James yawned again and rubbed his face with his tiny hand.

“Hungry?” Harry reached for the baby bag. He found some baby food and grabbed a spoon. He looked at the jar and read the label. “Chicken and vegetables. All right then, open up.”

Harry opened the jar then scooped some baby food out of it. He raised the spoon to James’ mouth. James had other ideas. He turned his head and made a face at Harry, clearing showing he did not want what was on the spoon. Harry frowned at his son. “Come on James. Eat up.”

Harry tried again and James did the same thing. Harry sighed and looked at his wife. “Gin?”

“Hmm,” Ginny turned to face him. She smiled when she saw her son was awake now.

“He doesn’t want to eat,” Harry informed her. Ginny looked at James for a moment then took the spoon from Harry and tried herself.

“Come on angel, open up,” she cooed but James still refused. She bit her lip and tried again.

“It’s really yummy sweetie. Come on now,” Ginny said and James made a face at her. He pulled his face away from the spoon in protest. Ginny sighed and looked at Harry. “Just follow my lead.”

Harry nodded and they looked at James. Ginny smiled warmly at their son when he looked back at then, eyes fixed on the greenish brown mush on the spoon.

“Now James, it’s really yummy. See, even Daddy likes it,” Ginny said and shoved the spoon into an unsuspecting Harry’s mouth. His friends howled in laughter and Harry made a disgusted face, feeling like he was going to hurl. Ginny shot him a look and Harry put on a weary smile and swallowed the mush, much to his disgust. He cringed as the baby food slid down his throat, leaving a horrible taste in his mouth. James laughed at Harry’s face and Ginny took the opportunity to shove the baby food in his mouth. Harry grabbed his goblet of pumpkin juice and downed it, trying to get the taste out of his mouth.

“No wonder he doesn’t want it. That’s horrible!” Harry complained, his friends still chuckling. “How can you feed that to him?”

“Hush,” Ginny scolded him and shoved a spoonful of baby food into Harry’s mouth again. Once again Harry made a disgusted face and James and his friends laughed, giving Ginny another chance to feed James. Ginny was about to stuff the spoon into Harry’s mouth but he backed away and held up his hands in front of him. Another spoonful of that stuff and Harry knew he would be spending the night in the Hospital Wing.

“Can we do this without making Daddy sick to his stomach?” he said sarcastically to Ginny. She glared at him and she pursed her lips into a very thin line.

“Fine. Just get him to open his mouth so I can feed him,” Ginny replied stiffly. Harry and Ginny took turns trying to make James laugh so that they could feed him. Once they had fed him the whole jar, Ginny cleaned James up while Harry continued to make faces at the infant.

Someone tapped on the side of their goblet and the Great Hall quieted down. Heads looked up at the Head Table and Professor Dumbledore stood up. He surveyed the students, a gentle smile on his face and the usual twinkle in his eyes.

“Now that you are all well fed, I have a few announcements to make. First of all, come this Monday, you will have a new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher,” Professor Dumbledore spoke. At this announcement, most of the students groaned in protest. It was clear that nearly no one wanted the Headmaster to stop teaching the class. “I’m quite sure you will all be pleased with the new professor. He is a suitable replacement.

“Second of all, the staff and I have decided that a little fun would be good for all of you. Therefore on December 20, there will be a Winter Ball.”

The whole school erupted into excited whispers.

“Silence please, silence!” Professor Dumbledore called a smile on his face. The Great Hall calmed down and watched the aged wizard once more. “For those of you who wish to not attend, the train will leave the day before as scheduled. Those of you will wish to attend may take the train the next morning after the ball. That is all. Now, off to bed!”

Girls were looking at boys and boys were looking at girls. This announcement had definitely sparked excitement throughout the school. As soon as everyone began to leave the Great Hall, boys were seeking out the girls they wanted to ask. Ginny watched in amusement as Colin hurried over to Melanie and shyly asked her to be his date. She giggled as she watched other boys walk up to girls and ask them dramatically to accompany them to the future event. She glanced at Harry wondering if he would do something sweet to ask her. He, however, was looking at James in his carrier with a contemplative look on his face. He looked up at her and their eyes locked. They had a silent conversation with their eyes and Ginny looked away. She wouldn’t have a sweet invitation to the dance. She wouldn’t get one at all.

Not a single Gryffindor went to bed once they all arrived in the common room. Everyone was discussing the upcoming ball. Despite the noise and excitement, James was starting to fall asleep again. Ginny took him upstairs to put him to bed so he could sleep in peace. She cast a Monitoring Charm on the room so she and Harry could hear him in the common room. With a kiss goodnight she left the door slightly ajar and went down to the common room. Ginny plopped down on a sofa next to Harry and sighed. Harry lied down and put his head in her lap. She smiled down at him and he took her hand. Ginny ran her other hand through his hair and they felt at ease. Ginny’s friends settled around them and the four girls talked.

Harry wasn’t too interested in the conversations the girls were having, but he wasn’t about to leave. He was enjoying being close to Ginny and having her gently run her hand through his hair was very relaxing. He closed his eyes and concentrated on the gentleness of Ginny’s fingers.

“Isn’t this exciting?” Claire squealed in excitement.

“A ball! Oh this is going to be so much fun!” Bridget exclaimed. Ginny’s roommates continued to talk about the ball. Ginny continued to run her fingers in Harry’s hair, loving the unruliness of it. That was one of the best things she loved about him. His messy hair always made him look like he just got out of bed. To her it made him simply irresistible and of course very sexy. She looked down at him and found that he had closed his eyes. She smiled at her sleeping husband and continued to listen to her friends talk about the ball, knowing that she couldn’t join in their fun.

“You lot have fun,” Ginny finally said when there was a break in her friends conservation. Her friends looked at her confused.

“You’re going aren’t you? I mean it’s not like you don’t have a date. You have a husband you know,” Bridget pointed out. Ginny sighed and smiled sadly.

“I think I know that Bridget,” Ginny said.

“So why are you not going when your date is sleeping in your lap,” Melanie said, looking at Harry. Ginny looked over at the empty playpen in the corner. Her eyes rested on the toys carelessly scattered inside it. She noticed the blue bunny was in there and made a mental note to bring it up with her when she went to bed. Ginny looked back at her friends.

“Who’s going to watch James? We can’t exactly take him with us. And then Dumbledore said anyone who isn’t going can leave before the ball,” Ginny said and sighed sadly. Her friends gave her sympathetic looks. “It would have been fun to go though.”

“Oh Ginny, don’t be disappointed,” Melanie said kindly.

“I’m used to disappointment by now,” Ginny sighed and looked down at Harry. There was an uncomfortable silence and Ginny knew her friends were exchanging looks of concern.

“Ginny, you’re not disappointed about your marriage are you?” Claire asked timidly. Ginny looked up. Her friends all wore anxious and worried looks. She shook her head.

“Of course not. I couldn’t have married a better man.” Ginny said and smiled down at Harry. His left hand was settled on his stomach and Ginny examined the simple gold band on his finger. Memories of her wedding flooded her mind. Was it bad that she rather forget most of it?

She felt tears in her eyes again, but pushed them back.

“It’s just; well our wedding wasn’t exactly perfect. Not really romantic with five out of six of your brothers glaring and yelling at you the whole day. And not to mention your parents looking disappointed. No reception, no congratulations, Merlin we couldn’t even wear proper wedding robes!” Ginny ranted. She felt tears burning her eyes again and willed them to not fall. Her friends’ looks had deepened and Ginny became embarrassed for letting her emotions get the best of her. “Sorry, I’m rambling.”

“It’s okay Gin,” Melanie reassured her. The others nodded and Ginny smiled weakly at them. Ginny wasn’t sure why she had burst out like that and suddenly so emotional, but she figured that she had a long day and was tired. After a few moments of silence Bridget stood up, yawning and stretching her arms above her head.

“Well, I’m off to bed. You girls coming?” she asked and looked at her roommates. Claire and Melanie followed her lead.

“I’ll be there in a few. James is sleeping. Keep quiet, will you?” Ginny said. Her friends nodded and went up the stairs. Ginny glanced around and found that only her and Harry were the only ones left in the common room. She glanced down and gently nudged Harry. He stirred for a moment and settled down again. Ginny nudged him again and Harry swatted her arm away.

“Quit pushing,” he mumbled sleepily. Ginny rolled her eyes and nudged him harder. He swatted her arm again and rolled over to his side . . .


Harry groaned and found himself on the floor and staring up at the ceiling. Instead of having his head lying comfortably in Ginny’s lap, it was on the hard floor and pounding painfully. He heard Ginny laughing and sat up. Harry glared at his wife, while rubbing the back of his head.

“You think that’s funny do you?” he asked shooting her a sneer. Ginny nodded while she continued to laugh.

“Are you all right?” she managed to ask in between her laughter. Harry narrowed his eyes at her and pulled her down to the floor with him. Ginny let out a surprised squeal and Harry rolled her onto her back, pinning her to the floor.

“Now I’m fine,” he said huskily. Ginny raised an eyebrow at him. He grinned at her and lowered his head to kiss her. Ginny stopped him.

“It’s time for bed,” she said. Harry pouted the grinned widely.

“But I want to go to bed with you,” he said, leaning down and placing kisses on the side of her neck. Ginny closed her eyes for a moment, enjoying the tingling sensation Harry’s lips left on her skin. She then remembered that they were on the floor and that anyone could come down at any moment.

“Harry, we can’t,” Ginny said and pushed him away. Harry sighed and looked down at her.

“Okay,” he said rather put out that he couldn’t have an intimate moment with his wife. He got off of her and stood up. He pulled her to her feet and they two went up to his dormitory. They stood outside the door and Harry pulled her close to him. Ginny wrapped her arms around him and buried her face in his chest.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t give you the perfect wedding,” he muttered into her hair. Ginny pulled away and looked up at him, frowning. He looked guilty. “I was sort of listening to you lot talk. I wasn’t really asleep.”

“Oh . . .” Ginny suddenly felt horrible for complaining about their wedding.

“Don’t feel bad. I wish I could have given you better. I promise our anniversary will be special,” Harry said and kissed her softly on her forehead. They stood outside his door, just staring into each other’s eyes before saying good night and Ginny left him with a kiss goodnight.

Ginny went back to the common room and retrieved James’ blue bunny from the playpen. She went up to her room to find it peaceful and her roommates asleep. Silently, Ginny padded across the floor to her bed. She glanced into the crib and checked to see if James was sleeping. She slipped into her pajamas and got ready for bed. Once she was ready for bed she stood over the crib and watched James sleep. His tiny chest rose and fell with each breath he took in a rhythmical pattern and he looked peaceful. She smiled. Carefully, she placed his bunny next to him and adjusted his blanket to make sure he was warm. Ginny gently touched the top of his head and smoothed out his hair. She bent over and placed a soft kiss on his forehead.

“Mummy loves you sweetheart. Sweet dreams,” Ginny whispered and straighten up. She slipped beneath her blankets and closed her eyes.

Her mind wandered to what Harry had said. Harry promised her a special anniversary. They would be celebrating their first wedding anniversary and the thought of being married to Harry for almost a whole year brought a smile to her face. December 20. One year of marriage. It would be wonderful if they could spend that night all alone, just her and Harry celebrating together. Of course it would be hard for them to be alone that night and their only chance was to find somewhere to be alone and arrange for a babysitter. Then again no one would be there. Everyone would have left for home or would be at the ball.

Her mind wandered to the ball. The rest of the school was busy thinking of the ball and who they were going with. Their heads were filled with thoughts of looking perfect and making plans and nerves and such. Ginny wouldn’t. She on the other hand would be looking forward to being with her husband on their special night together. Just the two of them.

Then it hit her.

December 20 was their anniversary and also the day the ball was planned for.

Professor Dumbledore had arranged for all of those we weren’t attending to leave the day before.

Ginny smiled happily. She and Harry would have a perfect evening alone.

With that thought in mind, Ginny fell into a peaceful slumber.

Chapter 16: Interlude
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It was late.

Very late.

Three hooded figures were lurking in the shadows outside a tall building. They had been waiting for hours out in the cold, shivering under their cloaks but not daring to move for fear that they would be caught. The moon was shining brightly through the clouds and there was a threat of storm in the air. The wind whipped around them, causing them to shiver even more and pull their cloaks closer. Still they stood there and waited. They knew their master would not be happy with them for being gone for so long, but when they did return, he would be very happy. He would be even angrier if they messed this up and came back empty handed. So, they waited.

Someone stepped out of the building. He whistled cheerfully to himself as he turned to lock the door for the night. The three figures watched the man walk down the street and out of their sight.

Still they waited. If the man turned back around then all would be lost. So they continued to wait.

Silently they moved towards the door, wands drawn and ready. The tallest of the three whispered a few word and they heard the click of the lock. The other two muttered a few spells to disarm the alarm allowing them ten minutes to get on with their mission.

They quickly entered the building, looking for what they were waiting for. They past by room after room, desk after desk, searching for what they wanted and coming up empty handed. They continued to search, becoming frantic as time went on.

One of the figures stopped and examined a gold plaque next to a door. He grinned to himself as he read the name engraved on the plaque. With another whispered command, the door lock clicked and the figure entered. He searched the room, looking for something promising. He scanned the desk top and called to the others. They came running to him and joined his side.

There on the desk was what they were looking for. Quickly the tallest snatched it up and smiled at it triumphantly. With a few quick words, it glowed and a copy appeared beneath the original. The figure replaced the original and smiled at the other two before leaving the room and re-locking the door.

With only two minutes to go, they dashed out of the building and warded the building once more. No one would be any the wiser tomorrow morning when the employees returned.

The figures retreated back to the shadows, satisfied that they got what they wanted.

Suddenly an alarm went off, starling the three hooded figures. They didn’t know that the building had extra precautions.

Before the authorities could show up, they Disapparated from the scene before they would get caught.


The cold sea splashed violently against the shores, drenching anything in its path. The wind howled fiercely, threatening to uproot the plants on the tiny island. It had already torn a palm tree out of its roots, hurling it into the dark grey water. It was a wonder how the tiny shack stood unharmed on the small island. Given the conditions, it should have been blown away and crashed into a thousand pieces in the violent waves, but yet it remained where it was on the island.

As the storm raged on, the occupants of the shack were undisturbed by it. They were comfortable in front of a roaring fire that burned brightly and bathed them in warmth. They were unconcerned with the old wooden shack above them. They knew it would hold. After all, they had placed the charms on it. Even if it did blow over all they had to do was wave their wands and it was be fine once more. Maybe if it did blow over, it would be for the better. Their hideout would be harder to spot.

Beneath the wooden shack the occupants stood in a half circle in a stone room around an armchair. It was dark and cold and the fire was the only thing bringing light and warmth. The only furniture in the chamber was a lone armchair that sat in front of the fire which was occupied.

Their master sat in the chair, staring into the fire. He was angry. Very angry. His servants knew this so they stood in silence not daring to make a move. Their master had sent three of his servants out in the morning on a mission and an extremely important mission at that. It was nearing midnight and they had not returned yet.

They would pay dearly for this when they came back. He would be sure that they would feel pain for making him wait. They had better have news to deliver or this would be the last time they would be sent on an important mission. In fact, it would be the last time they would anything again.

A loud knock was heard. No one spoke. No one moved.

“Nott! Let them in!” their master commanded. A cloaked figure left the half circle and went to the entrance. The passwords and codes were exchanged and Nott opened the portal. Three figures walked into the room, nervously approaching their master. They stood in front of their master and bowed deeply.

Their master eyed his bowed servants for a long while before giving them the command to stand.

“Rise,” he hissed. The three figures stood up and waited for their master to speak.

“So nice of you to join us,” he sneered.

“Please accept our apologies my lord,” the tallest one spoke, bowing once more. He eyed the three figures deciding on whether he should punish them for being late at once or let them explain. He decided the latter. Even if they had good news for him he would make sure they were punished.

“Why are you late Bellatrix,” he demanded. Bellatrix Lestrange lowered her hood and stared Lord Voldemort in the face. She knew he was not pleased with them and they would pay for making him wait.

“It was not easy my lord,” she said hesitantly. “We did not expect so many people to be in the town.”

“Hardly an excuse. I expect much better from you, much better,” Voldemort waved off her excuse and pierced her with his red eyes. She tensed slightly.

“There were Aurors there as well. We couldn’t just walk into town,” Bellatrix continued hoping that some excuse would work. “We had to use the Polyjuice potion we had and masqueraded about as residents.”

The other two nodded in agreement.

“And this took you all day? My dear Bella, I would think you would be quicker than that using Polyjuice. It seems that all that time in Azakaban has made you loose your touch,” Voldemort sneered at glared at the three of them. They flinched under his gaze. “Now, did you follow Potter.”

Finally something he would be pleased with.

“Yes master,” they replied.

“And,” he demanded. “What did you find?”

At this Bellatrix smiled. Yes, he would be very happy with this. “He has two weaknesses. Two red-headed weaknesses.”

“Do not play games with me Bellatrix. You three are walking on thin ice and your fates are hanging on a very thin thread,” Voldemort threatened, pleased to see them flinch under his gaze. He eyed Bellatirx curiously. “Continue.”

“It appears that Potter has a child of his own,” one of the shorter figures spoke up. Voldemort turned his attention to him. Voldemort did not look as happy as they expected and began to think that their information was useless.

“Potter has a child? How very interesting,” Voldemort said, stroking his chin thoughtfully. He fixed his eyes on the three Death Eaters again. “And how do you know it’s his child Flint?”

“We followed him. We saw him go everywhere with the kid, the girl too,” the other spoke.

“The girl?” Voldemort questioned.

“I know who she is my lord,” Marcus Flint spoke up quickly. Voldemort fixed his eyes on him and Marcus flinched under his gaze.


“Ginny Weasley. She’s the mother.”

Voldemort smiled. “Ah yes, young Virginia.” He remembered her well. “How do you know that they are the parents?” Voldemort asked, eager to know more.

“I had an encounter with them in the Three Broomsticks. I was an old woman under the Polyjuice and the child threw his toy at me. I confronted Potter and the girl came over as well and argued with me. Both admitted to being the parents and both wearing wedding rings,” Bellatrix explained.

Voldemort’s mouth curled into a smile. This was perfect. Harry Potter had a child and wife. Yes, perfect indeed.

But he needed proof first. He eyed each servant standing in front of him

“Where’s your proof,” he demanded. They hesitated.

“That’s why we were late. A reporter from the Prophet was following them as well. We broke into the Daily Prophet and made a copy of a photo that was taken,” Marcus explained.

Bellatrix pulled the copy out of her robes and presented it to Voldemort. He looked over the photo. He stared at his enemy’s smiling face, tickling a child in his arms while his supposed wife was next to him. He looked closely and saw a gold band on the girl’s finger. This was much better than he expected.

He eyed a Death Eater in the half circle and beckoned him forward. The Death Eater walked out of his place in the circle and bowed before his master.

“Rise,” Voldemort commanded and he did. “I am in need of your connections,” Voldemort said and his lips curled into a smile.

The Death Eater nodded. “I shall send an owl my lord.”

Voldemort smiled, satisfied with the outcome of this mission and waved his servant back to his place in the circle. He turned back to the three Death Eaters in front of him. He looked over the picture in his hands and looked back at his servants.

“You have pleased me with this news. This is better than I had expected,” Voldemort praised them. They stood taller, pleased with themselves. “However,” they cowered slightly, knowing what was to come, “I am not pleased with your tardiness. You shall be taken care of. Nott! Crabbe! Goyle!”

Three figures came forward from the circle and seized one of the Death Eaters in front of their master.

“Make sure they learn not to keep me waiting again,” Voldemort commanded. The three of them shouted out, begging to be let go. But they knew it wouldn’t matter. Either way they were going to be punished.

Voldemort watched them leave the room and into another. He was feeling rather powerful at the moment, knowing he had a good plan to finally get back at Harry Potter. He would finally destory him once and for all.

He stood up and walked towards the fire. He threw the picture into it, laughing as the flames engulfed it.

Chapter 17: Chapter Fifteen
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Chapter Fifteen

He heard her voice. She was crying and shouting. He had to get to her.

Harry made his way further and further into the thick trees, trying to find Ginny. It was getting darker and harder to move and it seemed like he would never find her. Trees twisted their branches in front of him and vines tried to wrap around his legs. He had to keep going. He had to save her.

Harry stumbled over a trunk and fell face first. He looked up and scrambled to his feet.

Finally, he came to a clearing and the sight he saw made him sick to his stomach.

Ginny was on her knees, her robes torn and bloody. Clumps of dirt and blood were mixed in her hair. She was holding onto something small. Something that was crying along with her shouts of pleas.


He panicked.

His family was in danger. He had to save them.

He stood up and ran towards them, only to stop dead in his tracks. He noticed that hooded figures surrounded them and Harry recognized the white snake-like face and red eyes of the one standing in front of Ginny and James. He pushed forward to get to his wife and son.

“Please! Not my baby! Take me! Take me!” Ginny screamed, holding a crying James close to her.

Voldemort laughed an evil high pitched laugh that made Harry’s blood run cold.

“I’m afraid that can’t be done,” Voldemort said and raised his wand. A sneer appeared on his snake like face. “So nice of you to join us Potter. I’ve been expecting you.”

Voldemort turned and smirked at him. One by one, Death Eaters looked his way, all holding their wands at him.

Harry glared at his enemy.

“Let them go!” he demanded, reaching for his own wand. He felt nothing. He looked where his wand should be. It was gone.

“Seize him!” Voldemort shouted and Harry found himself being bound tightly with invisible ropes. He struggled to get out but the ropes only tighten on him. “Now Potter, you’ll watch your family die and then you will follow.”

“Let them go now Voldemort!” Harry shouted desperately as he continued to try and break free. An evil smile appeared on Voldemort’s white face and he pointed his wand at James.

“No! Save my son! Please have mercy on him!” Ginny continued to plea, clutching James tightly to her.

“Your time has come. Kill them!” Voldemort commanded. Harry watched in horror as Death Eaters pointed their wands at James and Ginny in all directions. He furiously struggled to break free from the invisible ropes that only tightened around him even more. His heart stopped as he heard the Killing Curse being shouted by twelve voices and saw twelve green lights flash, heading towards his wife and son.


Harry was screaming and sat up in his bed, breathing hard and sweating. His scar was throbbing painfully while his heart pounded hard and fast in his chest. He looked around wildly and saw the curtains around his bed being pulled back hastily. His roommates stood around his bed, anxious looks on their faces and all pale.

“Harry, mate, what’s wrong?” Ron asked concerned.

Harry couldn’t speak. He felt sick to his stomach and before he knew it he was leaning over the side of his bed and retched.

“Bloody hell, someone go and get McGonagall and Dumbledore,” Ron ordered and Neville and Dean took off at top speed.

Harry sat back up and tried to control his breathing. He suddenly remembered his nightmare. In a quick movement he grabbed his glasses and jumped out of his bed and ran to the door, ignoring the throbbing pain in his scar.

“Harry! What’s going on?” Seamus called. But Harry didn’t reply. He ran down the corridor and went down the stairs.

“Ginny!” he shouted, running to the girls’ stairs. He ran up the stairs and was nearly at the top when it turned into a slide. He had forgotten about that little charm the founders placed on the staircase in his panic. Harry grabbed onto the railing before he slid down it. He pulled himself up the rest of the way. He had to get to her and make sure she and James were okay.

“Ginny!” he shouted again in desperation. Doors flew opened and girls were looking to see what was going on. Harry finally reached the top of the stairs and ran to find Ginny’s room. He found the sixth year girls’ dormitory and barged through the door.

He looked frantically around the room. He spotted Ginny standing next to a crib with James in her arms. He was clearly unhappy for being woken up from his slumber. Her roommates were in a similar state of getting out of their beds and it was clear that they were on their way out the door to see what was going on. He was very relieved to see that James was okay and only grumpy in Ginny’s arms and that Ginny was in her dormitory and not in a forest and in her pajamas and not in torn and bloody robes.

“Harry? How did you get –?”

“Merlin, you’re all right!” Harry cut her off and ran to her, pulling her and James into a tight hug.

“You’re okay! Thank Merlin you’re both okay,” Harry said, feeling relieved and starting to calm down. The pain in his scar was starting to fade away.

“Harry, you’re crushing us,” Ginny muffled voice came and Harry let go. He took James from her and held his son tightly. James looked up at his father sleepily and a frown on his little face.

“Mr. Potter! What is the meaning of this!” Professor McGonagall shouted. “What in heaven’s name are you doing in the girls’ dormitory!”

Harry turned and saw Professor Dumbledore, looking calm yet with a concerned face, and Professor McGonagall, who was wearing a very furious look on her face, standing in the doorway. Curious students stood outside the door in various pajamas and dressing gowns, all wondering what was going on.

“Harry?” Professor Dumbledore said gently. Harry didn’t speak. He held James, kissing the top of his head, and looked at Ginny. He shifted James to one arm and grabbed Ginny with his other.

“Harry, what is going on? Why are you here?” Ginny asked in a gentle voice. Harry kissed her forehead and pulled her closer. He felt much better to have both of them in his arms.

“Mr. Potter, please put your son in his crib and return to your own dormitory at once!” Professor McGonagall ordered.

“No! I can’t leave them!” Harry protested, refusing to let them go.

“Why ever not, Harry?” Professor Dumbledore asked gently. Harry took a deep breath and looked at the old wizard.

“I had a nightmare or something . . .,” he wasn’t quite sure what to call it. It felt so real but at the same time it didn’t. It was like his past visions, but then again it didn’t. He continued, “Ginny and James were in a forest and there were Death Eaters and Voldemort,” Ginny’s roommates and Professor McGonagall flinched at the name. “I tried to get to them, but my wand was missing and they bound me and . . . and . . . they used the Killing Curse,” he recalled the dream and just having to re-tell it made him sick again.

Ginny looked horrified after hearing his dream and looked anxiously at James.

“And my scar was hurting again,” Harry added. Both professors paled slightly at this.

“I see,” Professor Dumbledore said, stroking his long white bread thoughtfully.

“Please sir, can’t they stay in my room tonight,” Harry begged, not wanting to leave his family after that nightmare. Professor Dumbledore eyed the young family for a few moments and smiled softly.

“Just for the night,” Professor Dumbledore agreed. Professor McGonagall was about to protest but Professor Dumbledore silenced her. “It is only for one night Minerva. Besides I think it would be best if they were to move into the Head Boy’s dormitory tomorrow.”

“Albus, you can’t be serious!” Professor McGonagall exclaimed, aghast.

“I don’t see why not Minerva. There are married after all and it isn’t exactly a secret from the school. I see no reason to have them in separate rooms,” Professor Dumbledore said. He turned to Harry and Ginny. “Tonight you shall both sleep in the seventh year boys’ dormitory and tomorrow you shall move into the Head Boy’s room.”

“Thank you Professor,” Harry said. Ginny picked up a few blankets for James, along with his blue bunny and the three of them left Ginny’s room. The two Professors followed them out and told the other students to go back to bed.

Harry’s roommates were surprised to see Ginny and James return with Harry, Professor Dumbledore in their wake.

“Why are you here?” Ron asked looking at his sister.

“I think it is better for questions to be asked later,” Professor Dumbledore said, conjuring up a crib next to Harry’s bed and expanding his curtains to surround the crib as well. “Off to bed with all of you.”

Harry’s roommates looked at Harry and Ginny suspiciously as they got back into bed and Seamus told them to remember Silencing Charms. Ron did not find this funny at all. Harry didn’t say a word to them. He pulled the curtain around him and his family, James still in his arms.

Ginny put the items she had in the crib and climbed into Harry’s bed, watching him put James in the crib. Harry covered James with a blanket and bent over to kiss his son good night. James gurgled and smiled up at Harry, all grumpiness gone. Harry smiled down at him and kissed him once more. He grabbed his wand and cast a Silencing Charm around his bed and the crib. Ginny raised an eyebrow at him. She gave him a suggestive smile and tossed her red hair over her shoulders. Harry smirked at her.

“Just in case James cries, I don’t want him to wake up the others,” Harry explained. Ginny pouted at him as he climbed into bed next to her. Ginny snuggled up to him as Harry slipped an arm around her waist.

“But it’ll be such a waste of a Silencing Charm,” she said, sliding a hand across his chest. Harry didn’t reply. He looked over at the crib and watched his son fall asleep. Ginny sighed and sat up. She looked down at her husband. “Is this dream really bothering you?”

Harry sat up as well and looked at her. “Of course it is. Ginny, Voldemort knows. He knows about you and James. How can that not bother me?”

“You don’t know that for sure.”

“My scar hurt! That’s proof enough for me!”

“Oh come now, Harry.”

“Ginny, every time my scar hurts it means something and I know that Voldemort knows this time.”

“Harry, we’re safe here. You know that Hogwarts is the safest place to be. Not to mention that the Order has pretty much been sworn to protect anything with the last name Potter according to Tonks,” Ginny said, trying to joke with him a bit. He wore a scowl on his face, clearly not assumed.

“I’m still worried about the both of you!” he replied.

“Don’t be!”

“I can’t!”

“Well if the tables haven’t turned here,” Ginny said and crossed her arms. Harry frowned.

“What does that mean,” Harry demanded.

“You’ve been telling me not to worry ever since those bloody Death Eaters showed up at the Burrow. Everything’s fine, we’re safe. Now here you are telling me that nothing’s okay and we’re not safe and we have to worry,” Ginny explained.

“How can I not worry? You and James are my life. If I ever lost either one of you, I don’t know what I would do.,” Harry said quietly. He looked over at James who shifted in the crib as he tried to sleep. “He means everything to me. James, he’s . . . he’s my son, my own flesh and blood . . . my family. And he’s a baby, a little tiny baby that can’t protect himself yet. I’m his father I have to protect him; I want him to be safe. And I just know Voldemort knows now and I’m worried. I’m really worried.”

Ginny smiled softly and took his hand in hers. “Harry, we’re parents. We worry. That’s what parents do. They worry about their children. I want James to be safe and I will do anything to protect him, but like you’ve always said we can’t worry all the time. He’s going to get hurt yes, and I hope upon hope that he won’t be hurt by Vol-V-Voldemort’s minions, but we can’t worry all the time and we can’t protect him all the time as well. We have to do our best at it.”

“Ginny, that’s the first time you said his name,” Harry said surprised. She smiled softly.

“I shouldn’t be afraid to say his name. By being afraid of saying his name he’s controlling my life. I won’t let him do that . . . just like you shouldn’t. Harry, it was only a dream,” Ginny said.

“It was more than a dream. He killed you and James!” Harry sat up on his knees and took hold of Ginny’s shoulders.

“Stop it! Don’t let him rule you like this. It was one dream Harry, one dream,” Ginny said and took his face in her hands. “Please don’t let him do this to you Harry. Please.”

Harry stared into her chocolate brown eyes and upon seeing how much love and care she had for him made him feel a little better. He still feared for the safety of his family, of course he would, but he wouldn’t let Voldemort control his life like that. He was in control of his own life.

“I guess I’ve been overreacting,” Harry admitted and rubbed her shoulders affectionately.

“Yes you have,” Ginny agreed. He raised an eyebrow at her and she smiled. She leaned forward and gave him a light kiss.

He studied Ginny for a moment, taking in her red hair tousled from sleep and the sleepiness in her face. He lifted a hand and caressed her cheek.

“You’re beautiful,” he whispered and enjoyed the pink tinge in her cheeks. Ginny turned her head and looked away. Harry gently tilted her head back towards him and kissed her again. Before he knew it, he was laying on top of Ginny, both kissing each other passionately and desperately. Harry pulled off his pajama top and reached over to grab his wand. With a few quick waves and some uttered words, he cast an Illusion Charm and a special Silencing Charm, that would allow them to hear James but no sound would be heard from them, on the bed and he directed all his thoughts and attention in making love to his wife.

A few hours later Ginny was curled up next to Harry and sleeping comfortably in his arms while James continued to sleep soundly in the crib next to them, unaware of his parents pervious activities.

Ginny had effectively kept Harry’s mind off his nightmare, but now he had nothing to distract him. Despite Ginny’s words Harry just couldn’t help but be worried. He had lost so many loved ones in his life and he didn’t want to lose anymore. He didn’t know what he would do if he lost Ginny. What about James? He couldn’t even bear the thought of losing a child. And if he lost both of them? He wouldn’t be able to live without them.

He wouldn’t let it come to that. He wouldn’t let Voldemort take his family away from him. He would protect his family no matter what it took.

The next morning, Harry and Ginny were teased tremendously. Seamus had spotted Harry’s discarded pajama top on the floor next to his bed and there was a mark on the hollow of Ginny’s neck. Ron on the other hand was furious, but he did stop dead in his tracks when Ginny blew up at him and told him to sod off and go shag Hermione and stop prying into her sex life with Harry. Ron’s jaw had opened and closed a few times with on sound coming out of his mouth and stormed out of the room.

Later that afternoon, Harry and Ginny moved all their belongings into the Gryffindor Head Boy’s dormitory. It was just like any of the other dormitories except it was usually used by one person. Professor Dumbledore had made some changes to comfortably house two teenagers and a baby. The bed was expanded to fit two people instead of one and an extra bed side table was added. Both Harry and Ginny’s trunks sat at the end of the bed. There was a small fireplace on the opposite side of the door with a sofa and an armchair that matched those that were in the common room. To the left of the fireplace was a bookshelf and to the right was a dresser and next to that was a door leading to a washroom. Next to the bed was James’ crib and in the corner was the rocking chair. James trunk was up against the wall and on the opposite wall was his swing. There was a deep oak table in the middle of the room with three matching chairs. Perfect for a young family such as the Potters.

Monday morning found Harry, Ginny, and James walking down the corridors of Hogwarts and towards the Great Hall, late for breakfast. Heavy rain pelted against the windows of Hogwarts, falling in thick sheets. The skies were filled with dark grey clouds and lighting flashed threatening. The rain had begun yesterday afternoon and it didn’t help the breakout of colds and flu cases that swept the school over the weekend.

There was a loud clap of thunder and James began to cry. Harry set the carrier on the ground and took James out of it. He tried to comfort his son and continued to walk with Ginny, who had taken the carrier in her own hand.

Harry glanced at her, while James was still whining in his arms. She was pale and looked very tired. She had even been sick that morning which was the reason why they were late for breakfast. He had asked her if she was feeling all right and she replied by saying that she was fine and just tried. Harry didn’t believe her, but he didn’t argue.

“What are you doing to that poor child!” a voice said from behind them. They turned around and both grinned at the sight of their old professor.

“Professor Lupin!” Ginny cried and threw her arms around his neck, dropping the carrier before she hugged him. Remus hugged her tightly and she stepped back grinning at him.

“Now Ginny, you know you can call me Remus outside of class. How are you?” Remus smiled at her.

“Just wonderful Pro – Remus,” Ginny said, smiling. Remus smiled at her and looked at Harry with James. There was another clap of lightening and another frightened cry from James. He clung onto Harry’s robes and buried his head closer into his father’s chest.

“Now come on James, I know Harry is scary looking at times, but really, you don’t have to cry like that?” Remus teased.

“Ha. Ha,” Harry said dryly and moved James to one arm so he could greet Remus.

There was another loud clap of thunder. Harry gently rubbed James’ back in a soothing manner as he once again was frightened. “Shh, it’s okay James. Daddy’s got you,” he whispered to his son.

“You don’t know how much you look like your father Harry,” Remus smiled wistfully at him.

“Really?” Harry asked. Remus nodded.

“You certainly do. I remember there was this one time when Lily came down with the flu, a horrible case at that. You must have only been three months old at the time, but James didn’t want to disturb Lily so he took you with him and came to see Sirius and me. There was this terrible thunderstorm and you were absolutely scared from it. So he held you all night and comforted you, much like you’re doing right now,” Remus recalled. Harry smiled and kissed the top of James’ head. He liked to hear stories of when he was a baby.

“So what are you doing here?” Ginny asked, taking James from Harry when she saw him squirm and reach for her and Harry took the carrier.

“I’ll be replacing Professor Sampson as the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher,” Remus said as they continued to walk down the corridor.

“That’s great!” Harry exclaimed.

“It would be nice to have a capable teacher again,” Ginny said and quickly added, “Not that Professor Dumbledore isn’t good at it. He’s an excellent teacher.”

“Yes well, Albus has a lot to do. Now I must be going. I need to get ready for my first class. I’ll see you both in class,” Remus said. They all said good bye and the Potters continued to the Great Hall.

Breakfast was just another usual breakfast at Hogwarts. Sleepy students sat at their house tables, eating their breakfasts and some finishing last minute homework. The thunder and lightening had subsided but the heavy rainfall was prevailing with no sign of letting up. This caused for the teachers to announce that all outdoor classes were cancelled for the day.

Harry and Ginny sat next to each other with James sitting in his carrier on the table between them. Ron and Hermione sat across from them, Hermione reading Advanced Potion Making and Alchemy and Ron looking in a notebook full of Quidditch plays.

Harry had yet another adventure in trying to feed James a small jar of mashed banana baby food to him. James was once again refusing to eat. Harry had only succeeded in feeding him half a jar of mashed bananas. Harry tried using funny faces to make him laugh but James seemed to have caught on and kept his mouth closed.

“Come on James, let the Quaffle in,” Harry tried to coax the infant. James moved his head and kept his mouth tightly closed. He waved his arms in front of his face and his arm hit the spoon. The mashed bananas flew out of the spoon and hit Harry square in the face.

“Right then, you’re done,” Harry put the spoon down and took off his baby food covered glasses. Ginny and several others were trying to keep in their laughter. Ginny handed Harry a napkin to clean himself off, a smile on her face.

“You have to admit, yellow looks wonderful on you dear,” Ginny teased and fished a bottle out of the diaper bag. She gave it to James but only after a few sips he refused to take it.

“Shut it,” Harry muttered and wiped off his glasses. Ginny giggled at him and tried to give the bottle to James again. He pulled his head away and coughed. Ginny looked at the half eaten jar and the rejected bottle and frowned. She didn’t like that he wasn’t eating right and that worried her. She looked on worriedly as James tugged on his ear.

Suddenly Ginny felt sick. She jumped up and ran out of the Great Hall, leaving her friends and husband confused. When Ginny came close to the lavatory she saw Pansy Parkinson coming out and looking pale. This rushed out of Ginny’s mind as the need to vomit overwhelmed her and she bolted into an empty stall.

Ginny stumbled out of the stall a few minutes later and closed her eyes. She felt awful but at least she didn’t feel the need to get rid of whatever part of her breakfast she had left in her. She went to the sink to rinse her mouth and wash her face before she returned to the Great Hall.

“Love, are you sure you’re feeling all right?” Harry asked as Ginny sat next to him.

“For the hundredth time I’m fine Harry. There is nothing wrong with me, now stop asking me that!” Ginny snapped and gave him a stern look.

“All right, all right, sorry for being a concerned husband and care about my wife,” Harry said, holding his hands up in defeat. He turned back to his breakfast and stabbed roughly at his sausages. “Sorry for loving you,” he muttered under his breath.

Ginny’s look softened. She didn’t mean to be irritable with him but she was so tired of him asking that question all morning, and the fact that she felt awful, she just snapped. She reached over and placed her hand on his arm. He looked over at her.

“I’ll all right. I promise,” she said.

“But I’m wor–”

“Don’t worry about me. Do we really need to have this conversation again?” she smiled softly at him. Harry softly chuckled and smiled at her. She leaned over and gave him a soft and lingering kiss.

James squealed in delight causing Harry and Ginny to break their kiss. They both looked at the smiling face of their son who had grabbed both of his feet and was trying to pull them up, obviously in better spirits.

“I was kissing your mother you know. I rather enjoy doing that, but no, you decide you want our attention,” Harry teased and smiled at him.

“What horrible parents we are, not paying attention to him,” Ginny added in mock horror.

“Well maybe we need to pay some more attention to him,” Harry smiled, giving Ginny a mischievous smile. Ginny gave him an equally mischievous smile and they both reached into the carrier and tickled their son. James squealed in laughter as his parents tickled him.

After a few moments Harry took James out of his carrier and lifted him high in the air. His little shirt rose up on him and exposed his stomach. Harry held him out in front of him and blew on James’ stomach. He laughed and tried to grab Harry’s hair. Harry, however, was quick enough to bring him down and out of reach of his hair. He sat him in his lap and gave him a spoon to play with. James banged the spoon on the table happily. Harry smiled at him and continued to eat, occasionally tickling James.

Owls began swooping through the windows in the ceiling and dropped off packages and letters to their owners.

Harry rolled his eyes as he saw Malfoy’s black eagle owl swoop in and head towards the Slytherin table. He was amused to see the smug look on his pointed face disappear when he read his letter.

A barn owl landed in front of Hermione and she detached the rolled up copy of the Daily Prophet it carried. She put a few knuts in the sack it carried and it took off. She opened the newspaper and let out a surprised gasp.

“Sweet Merlin! Oh no . . . oh no, no, no!” she breathed. Ron peeked over her shoulder and his eyes widened.

“Those bloody prats!” he said, glaring at the paper.

Harry and Ginny looked up at them.

“What is it?” Harry asked. They both looked up and Hermione immediately threw the paper down, her hand pressed tightly against it.

“It’s n-nothing,” Hermione stammered. Ginny raised an eyebrow at her and looked at Ron. He averted his gaze and suddenly became interested in his goblet.

Harry frowned and glanced around the Great Hall. Every person who had a copy of the wizarding newspaper were looking at Harry and Ginny and whispering.

“Why is everyone looking at us?” Ginny asked, apparently haven noticed it too.

“I don’t know but I think it has something to do with that paper,” Harry replied and they both looked at Hermione. She looked nervous under their steely gaze and shifted uncomfortably in her seat.

“Hand it over Hermione,” Ginny ordered. Reluctantly, Hermione picked up the newspaper and handed it to Ginny. Ginny took it and opened it up.

Her eyes widened at the front page article.

Staring back at her was a picture of Harry, James, and herself in the Three Broomsticks. Harry was tickling James while he held him and Ginny sat next to them, smiling. None of them were aware of even being photographed. Her gaze followed to the article next to the picture and it made her blood boil.

Boy Who Lived Forced into Fatherhood
By Rita Skeeter

Harry Potter, 17, is a father to a five month old bouncing baby boy, or at least he thinks he is. Our sources say otherwise. It is believed Potter was led on by young Ginny Weasley, 16, to believe she was carrying his child. Fellow classmate Michael Corner, 16, tells the
Daily Prophet a different story.

“Ginny made her rounds amongst the boys. This baby could be anyone’s. I am ashamed to say, it could even be mine. She is a seductress.”

Weasley may have gotten around, but it is thought that Potter wouldn’t have fallen so easily into her grip. Hogwarts Alumni and reported ex-girlfriend of Potter, Cho Chang, 18, tells us different when we find her sitting in the Three Broom Sticks sipping on fire whiskey.

“Harry? A father?” she snorts at us in disgust. “I can’t imagine him touching a girl let alone having sexual relations. The boy barely kissed me and that only seemed to disgust him. I swear the boy had to have been gay.”

Could Harry Potter be helping Ginny Weasley hide her promiscuity while he uses her illegitimate child as a cover-up for his homosexuality?

While the question of who is the real father and Harry’s intentions for accepting this child as his are still questioned, one thing that is not questioned is the parenting skills of the two teenagers.

A classmate that preferred to be unidentified claims the child is neglected.

“They didn’t even want to bring him to Hogwarts, let alone take credit for him. At first they told everyone he was Ginny’s little brother, but when her parents could no longer handle the child they sent him to Hogwarts forcing Ginny and Harry to fess up to taking care of their little mistake.” The student grimaced and continued, “All it does is cry and disrupt classes. Neither of them can quiet the child and they rarely try to. Normally, they just turn their backs and let him scream his little red head off. I feel bad for the thing.”

Ginny had enough. She threw the newspaper on the table and glowered at it.

“Rubbish, all of it,” Ron glared at the paper.

“Don’t you listen to a single thing that awful woman said!” Hermione said to Harry and Ginny.

But neither was really listening. Ginny was glaring at the Ravenclaw table where Michael was wearing a smug look on his face. How could he say those things? Oh she would take care of him.

Harry was fuming. Who would say they neglected their child and say they were awful parents? He looked around the Great Hall at every single sixth and seventh year trying to figure out who had said that. Whoever had given that interview, was very lucky they chose to remain unidentified or else Harry would have made sure they would be unidentifiable. And once again people were questioning whether or not he was James father. He was sick and tired of this.

“That’s it,” he snarled and gently pried the spoon out of James’ hand. James protested and tried to grab the spoon back but Harry stood up and hoisted James up into his arms and out of reach of his toy.

“Where are you going?” Ginny demanded. Harry looked at her with an angry scowl on his face.

“First, I’m going to give Corner what’s coming to him. Then I’m going to get a paternity test! I’m tired of this Ginny. I’m tired of everyone questioning whether or not I’m his father,” he said angrily. Ginny fixed him with a steely glare.

“Sit down now, Harry! Don’t make a scene,” Ginny ordered harshly. They shared a long look and Ginny finally narrowed her eyes before Harry sat back down again. Ginny took James from him and set him back in his carrier. She gave him the spoon he had been playing with earlier, much to James delight, then turned to Harry.

“There’s no need for a paternity test,” she said calmly.

“It’s the only way to prove I’m his father,” Harry argued.

“Prove to whom?” Ginny questioned.

“To everyone! To the whole bloody –”

“Watch your tongue in front of him!” Ginny snapped.

“To the whole wizarding world! Did you see this?” he picked up the paper and waved it in front of her face. “Do you see what they are saying about you and me? And James? Calling him illegitimate?”

“Yes I did see that Harry, but I don’t care. They can say all they want, they can say he’s Gilderoy Lockharts’s love child or even the Minister’s for all I care and it won’t bother me,” Ginny said and took the paper out of his hands. Harry didn’t seem to ease up at all. He turned his gaze towards James. Ginny took his hand, but he kept his eyes on James. “Harry, look at me.”

He didn’t. He was furious with the article. He could care less about what they said about him, but to say those things about his wife and son, that infuriated him.

He felt Ginny’s hand on his cheek and she turned his head towards him. Harry looked into her brown eyes and saw a mixture of emotions in them. Anger, passion, love, determination.

“Harry, who cares what they think? I know who his father is; you know who his father is. What else matters? Let them say what they want, let them think what they want, none of that matters, Harry, none.”

There was long pause between them.

“So, he’s not Draco Malfoy’s love child then?” Harry asked in a mock serious tone after a few moments. Ginny smiled and laughed softly, glad to see him breaking out of his stubbornness.

“No, he’s all yours. Besides, can you imagine Malfoy being a father?” Ginny replied and pulled away. “A baby on his shoulder, singing it to sleep, and sitting in a rocking chair.”

“Pushing a stroller with a baby bag swinging on his arm,” Harry added. He chuckled as he thought of Draco Malfoy being a loving and caring father. It was sort of like Voldemort suddenly becoming Mother Teresa.

The article was pushed out of their heads as they continued to talk about Malfoy being a father with Ron and Hermione joining in. Harry knew that Ginny was right. What did it matter what everyone else thought? They knew the truth so why should they let a little article like that upset them. True, he didn’t like what was said about his family, but there was no truth behind it. The article was long forgotten, that was until Harry looked up and saw Michael Corner sitting at the Ravenclaw table.

“I do have one thing to take care of regarding that article,” Harry said and began to stand up.

“No,” Ginny put a gentle hand on his arm and stood up, herself, “I’ll deal with him.”

Harry sat down again and watched his wife walk towards the Ravenclaw table, a murderous look in her eye. She walked towards Michael and words were exchanged. Within a blink of an eye Ginny was standing with her wand pointed at him and bat bogeys attacking his face and his ears the size of an elephant’s. There was a roar of laughter as Michael ran out of the Great Hall, desperately swatting the bat bogeys away but having no success. Professor McGonagall marched up to Ginny, scolding her and then Ginny walked back towards her spot next to Harry, a smile on her face.

“That’s taken care of,” Ginny said as she sat down again.

“That was brilliant, love, just brilliant!” Harry congratulated her.

“Ginny, you of all people should know better. What kind of an example are you setting for James!” Hermione reprimanded.

“Come off it Hermione, it’s not like he was able to see it,” Ron said, rolling his eyes.

“That’s not the point!” Hermione shot back.

Ginny shook her head as they began to argue and turned towards Harry. “McGonagall gave me detention for tonight so you’ll be on your own with James for a bit.”

“Ah, well father-son quality time I guess then,” Harry sighed and then grinned. “You know that is one of those moments I will always remember, right up there with Malfoy, the bouncing ferret!”

Ginny giggled. “Maybe he’ll finally learn to never mess with a Potter, especially one with red hair and Weasley blood running in her veins.”

Harry agreed and they continued with their breakfast, all thoughts of the Rita Skeeter’s article pushed out of their heads.

* * * * *

Harry glanced up at the clock in his dormitory. Ginny had been gone for over an hour now and he had no idea when she was coming back. He sighed and closed his Potions book. He decided to give James a bottle before bed time. He retrieved one and went over to the crib where James was.

“Hey there little guy,” Harry smiled at him. James was sitting up, chewing on the ear of his blue bunny. He coughed and the bunny ear returned to his mouth

“Hungry are you? Well I think this might be more filling,” Harry smiled.

Harry picked him up and walked over to the rocking chair. He sat down and adjusted James in his arms then gave him the bottle. After a few sips James pulled away from the bottle. Harry frowned and tried to give him the bottle again, but he refused to take it.

“Guess you’re not hungry then,” Harry sighed and stood up. He put the bottle on top of the study table and looked at James. “You feel all right?”

James looked up at his father and smiled. Harry smiled back and set his son on the floor. Harry sat down with him and played with his son. After a few minutes Harry began to tickle James. He squealed in delight as Harry picked him up and continued to tickle him. He decided to play a new game and stood up with James in his arms.

“And it’s James Potter, England’s best Seeker soaring through the air!” Harry shouted, swinging James around in the air as he laughed. “Look at that ladies and gentlemen, he does a spectacular dive and is after the Snitch!” Harry pointed James down towards the ground then quickly brought him back in the air. “He’s caught the Snitch! James Potter wins the World Cup and the crowd goes wild!”

James laughed in delight as Harry continued to swing him around in the air.

There was a knock on the door.

“Come in!” Harry called over his son’s laugh.

“What are you doing?” Harry head Ron’s voice.

“Just playing,” Harry replied and brought James down. He held him in one arm and looked at Ron. “What’s up?”

“I was wondering if you had a book on broom maintenance. I want to work on my broom before the match but I can’t find my book anywhere,” Ron said.

“Sure. Here, take James for a minute then,” Harry handed his son to Ron.

He searched the bookshelf for the book while listening to Ron talk to James.

“Harry, is he all right?” Ron asked. Harry pulled the book off the shelf and turned to look at Ron.

“Yeah, he’s just teething again. Must be bothering him,” Harry said.

“Are you sure? He just doesn’t seem like himself. He looks a little flushed,” Ron frowned at his nephew. Harry sighed and handed the book to Ron.

“He’s flushed because we were just playing. He’s all right. Aren’t you James?” Harry held out his arms to take James. James squirmed and wiggled out of Ron’s arms and reached for his father. Harry took him and kissed the top of his head. James looked at his uncle while tugging on his ear briefly.

“All right, well thanks for the book mate. Bye James,” Ron thanked him and smiled at his nephew. He ruffled what little hair James had and left.

Harry sighed and looked down at his son. James yawned and rested his head on Harry’s chest.

“Looks like someone’s ready for bed,” Harry said and brought James over to the dresser where all of their clothes were. James began to play the “Pull Daddy’s Hair” game, James favorite game, as Harry began to search the top drawer where James’ clothes was and found a white sleeper with a picture of a blue whale embroidered on the right side of the chest and little tiny blue whales all over it. Harry tried to pry his son’s hand out of its firm grasp on his hair before grabbing a new nappy. He brought his son and the other things to his and Ginny’s bed and put James on it. He changed his nappy and put his pajamas on, with James protesting and wanting to play more of “Pull Daddy’s Hair”, then lifted him up. Harry went over to the crib and put James in it.

“Good night James,” Harry whispered and pulled his blanket up to his tiny chest then placed his blue bunny next to him. He leaned over and kissed him good night before resuming his homework.

Harry was able to finish his Potions assignment and started on his Herbology essay. He heard James cough in his sleep and Harry glanced up and looked at the crib. His son was still sleeping in his crib and Harry looked back at his school books.

He sighed. Ron was right. James had been acting different for a few days now. He was coughing and wasn’t eating much and he would often pull away from the bottle or from Ginny whenever she nursed him. He was beginning to be fussy and today was the worst. He seemed fine whenever Harry played with him but there was still something missing in his son usual happy self. Harry sighed again and dismissed his behavior as James being tired and a result of him teething again.

Harry’s thoughts were interrupted by a soft babbling sound coming from the crib and another cough. He turned and saw James sitting up in his crib.

“James, you’re supposed to be sleeping,” Harry scolded playfully and stood up. He went over to the crib and looked down at James. “Now come on and go to sleep.”

Harry laid him back down and covered him again, then went back to his homework. Harry didn’t get much done. He turned to see if James was asleep but found him sitting up again and looking at Harry, his blue bunny clutched in his arms. Harry stood up went over to him. He leaned against the crib.

“Your mum isn’t going to be happy if you’re not asleep by the time she gets back,” Harry said. James just looked up at Harry innocently. Harry smiled and picked James up. He took the blue bunny out of his arms and set it in the crib. “Maybe if you lie down with Daddy, you’ll get to sleep. Come on now.”

Harry took James to his own bed and lied down. He laid James on his chest and put both hands on his back.

“See, isn’t this nice. Now go to sleep James,” Harry said and closed his eyes. He softly ran a hand up and down James’ back in a soothing manner hoping that it would lull him to sleep. After a few minutes Harry felt James become heavy on his chest and realized that he had fallen asleep. He opened his eyes and let James sleep on his chest. He lifted a hand and stroked a tiny hand that was on his chest and smiled. He put both hands on James’ back and listened to the steady breathing of his son. He felt his chest rise and fall against his own and slowly closed his eyes again. . . .

Ginny scrambled through the portrait hole, tired and worn out. Professor McGonagall had Ginny scrub the floor of the Great Hall along with all the tables, with no magic. Her arm was sore from scrubbing and so was her back and it hadn’t helped that she had gotten sick twice during her detention. All she wanted to do was go to bed and sleep.

No was in the common room and the fire in the fireplace was in soft orange ambers. Ginny dragged herself across the room, rubbing her neck and went down a hallway where her and Harry’s dormitory was. She opened the door and smiled at the sight she saw.

Harry was fast asleep on the bed with a sleeping James on his chest. She closed the door and softly padded towards the sleeping figures. Gently, she lifted James off Harry’s chest and placed him in his crib. She covered him with his blanket and kissed him good night. Ginny turned towards Harry and sat on the side of the bed. She ran a hand through his hair and watched him sleep.

His eyes fluttered opened and smiled sleepily at her.

“You’re back?” he yawned. Ginny nodded as he sat up. He leaned over and kissed her.

“I had to clean the Great Hall, floors and all. You best not be getting baby food all over my clean tables again,” Ginny said and smiled at his scowl. She stood up and winced at the pain in her back.

“You all right?” he asked as she walked over to the dresser to change into her pajamas.

“My back is aching from scrubbing the floors,” she said as she changed. She pulled off her robes and shirt. “How was James?” she asked.

“James was all right. He wouldn’t take the bottle earlier though,” Harry replied and got out of bed to change into his pajamas as well.

“How much did he drink then?” Ginny frowned and turned to face Harry. He held up his forefinger and thumb slightly apart.

“That much and he’s been really fussy all day,” he said and pulled on his pajama top. Ginny sighed and continued to change.

“I noticed. His teething is probably bothering him again,” Ginny said and pulled on her pajama top.

“But he doesn’t get like this when he’s teethed before,” Harry said and frowned at the crib. “And Ron said he wasn’t himself.”

“Ron was here?” Ginny asked, continuing to change into her pajamas. She finished and picked up her brush.

“Yeah he borrowed a book,” Harry clarified and pulled on the rest of his pajamas. He took off his glasses. He climbed back into bed and waited for Ginny to join him. He watched her wince and she rubbed her lower back then went into the washroom. She finished getting ready for bed and left the washroom, then slipped into bed next to Harry. She was just snuggling up to him when he pulled away and sat up.

“Lay on your stomach,” he ordered. Ginny frowned at him before she rolled onto her stomach. She felt Harry move and was straddling her. She smiled and wondered what he was planning to do.

“Harry what are you doing?” Ginny asked a hint of amusement in her voice, and trying to get up with his weight on top of her.

“Just relax,” he said and gently pushed her back down. Ginny sighed and buried her head into her pillow, wondering what he was planning. She felt his hands on her shoulders and he began to move them and Ginny realized he was giving her a massage. She sighed, happy to have a husband who cared about her and wanted to ease away her pain. She felt him work his way across her upper back and slowly traveled down to her lower back. She moaned softly as Harry continued to massage her back and felt the soreness melt away. She groaned as he moved his hands over to a particularly sore spot and buried her head deeper into the pillow.

“Feeling better?” he asked. Ginny could only nod for another soft moan escaped her mouth and enjoyed his fingers working their magic on her sore back. She felt him lean over and plant feather light kisses on the back on her neck and Ginny began to lose control. Harry lifted himself up to allow Ginny to roll onto her back again before he claimed her mouth with his in a searing and passionate kiss.

Harry was able to have enough control to cast the necessary charms on the room before losing all sense of control.

Just as things were heating up, Ginny suddenly felt the urge to be sick again. She pushed Harry away and bolted for to the washroom. Harry sighed and waited for Ginny to return.

Ginny came back to bed and slipped beneath the blankets.

“I’m sorry. I really killed the mood didn’t I,” she apologized.

“It’s all right love,” Harry said and pulled her close.

“I’m tired anyway,” Ginny sighed.

“Sure didn’t seem like it,” Harry teased. Ginny smacked him lightly. Harry grinned at her and kissed her.

“Good night,” she whispered.

“Good night,” Harry replied and she snuggled up to him. Within a few moments they were asleep.

Their sleep didn’t last long.

James was crying.

Both parents stirred from their sleep but neither got up. Harry removed his arm from around Ginny’s waist and made to get up. He felt Ginny’s hand on his arm. He turned to see her still laying down, her eyes still closed.

“I’ll get him. He’s probably hungry,” Ginny said sleepily. Harry fell back into bed and felt Ginny roll away from him and get out of bed. He closed his eyes and listened to Ginny softly talking to James. He heard James crying persist and it seemed like nothing was soothing him. He began to fall asleep again.

Suddenly he felt Ginny shake him violently with one hand, waking him up abruptly

“Harry! Wake up!” her voice was desperate and distressed.

“What? What’s wrong?” he replied groggily and sat up.

“James, something’s wrong with him.”

Harry jumped out of bed and scrambled to grab his glasses. Once they were on, his eyes took a moment to adjust and he made out a small, crying figure in Ginny’s arms.

“Feel his forehead,” Ginny said, her voice shaking. Harry put a hand to James’ forehead and was surprised to find it was burning.

“We better get him to Madam Pomfrey,” Harry said, slightly panicked, and without a word Harry and Ginny tore out of their room with James still crying in Ginny’s arms.

They flew down corridors and stairwells, desperate to get James to the school nurse, their bare feet hitting the cold floors and the chill air whipping around them. Ginny was glad she was able to wrap a blanket around James.

They were just nearing the landing where the hospital wing was on when a drawling voice stopped them.

“Going to make another baby are you.”

They came face to face with Draco Malfoy.

“What you doing out of bed,” Harry snarled.

“I happen to be Head Boy, or did you forget Potter. The question is, what are you two doing out of bed,” Malfoy snapped back.

“Out of the way Malfoy,” Ginny ordered her mind on getting James to Madam Pomfrey as fast as she could.

“Now why would I do that,” Malfoy replied coolly.

“My child is sick and I won’t let you stop me from getting him medical attention. Now move!” Ginny shouted.

Malfoy looked down at James who had begun coughing and for a moment Harry swore he saw small kind, almost longing smile on his face but it quickly disappeared.

“Fine, go on,” Malfoy said and without a second look, he walked away.

Harry and Ginny took off again and were nearly at the hospital wing when they were stopped for a second time.

“Well, well, what do we have here? Even as parents you two can’t stay out of trouble,” Professor Snape’s voice sounded. Harry and Ginny both looked anxiously at their son who was still coughing. Ginny quickly pressed the back of her hand against his forehead and found it still to be hot.

“Professor Snape, we were on our way –” Ginny was cut off by the Potions master.

“Save your excuses Potter! I don’t want to know where you two plan to rendezvous. You are both out of bed, past curfew, and sneaking around. Now, what sort of punishment would be suitable,” Professor Snape barked.

“But Professor –” Harry protested.

“Silence! Now for the proper punishment,” Professor Snape snarled.

“I don’t think punishment is suitable for this Serevus,” the voice of Remus voice came. The distressed parents were very relieved to hear him.

“They are out of bed Remus,” Professor Snape said.

“Yes they are, but I believe they have a valid excuse, or did you not notice young Potter in Mrs. Potter’s arms,” Remus pointed out smoothly.

“That is not the issue Remus, they are out of bounds,” Professor Snape retorted, sneering at James.

That is certainly not the issue Serevus. Harry, Ginny, where are you two going with James?” Remus ignored Professor Snape and looked at the young family.

“He’s sick. He’s burning up,” Harry explained quickly.

“Right then, you two go on to Poppy,” Remus said, smiling softly at them.

“Thank you Professor,” Ginny thanked and they took off, leaving the two professors alone.

They reached the entrance to the hospital wing and banged on the doors, calling out Madam Pomfrey’s name.

The door wrenched opened and a very displeased Madam Pomfrey in a long night floral dress stood in the doorway.

“What in heaven’s name are you two shouting for!” she demanded with an angry look on her face.

“It’s our son. He’s burning up,” Ginny explained quickly. Madam Pomfrey’s stern face softened as she noticed James for the first time.

“What are his symptoms then?” she asked kindly. Harry and Ginny both launched into his change in behavior.

“Very well, hand him here,” Madam Pomfrey held out her arms to take James. “You two wait out here.”

And with that the door shut, leaving Harry and Ginny outside in the hallway.

Ginny stared at the closed door for a few moments before lightly hitting her forehead on the wooden door a few times. Harry pulled her away and led her to the opposite wall. They sat down on the cold stone floor.

“What kind of mother am I to not notice that my son is ill?” Ginny asked aloud. Harry put an arm around her and pulled her close to him.

“Don’t blame yourself, Ginny,” Harry said.

“I should have known. I mean with all those colds going around he was bound to catch something. I should have done something to make sure he didn’t catch anything,” Ginny continued to belittle herself.

Harry smirked. “Shouldn’t you be taking your own advice?”

Ginny frowned and looked up at him.

“You told me a few nights ago that we can’t always protect him. Ginny, all babies get sick. He was bound to catch something sooner or later. Don’t blame yourself for him having a fever,” Harry said.

“I just hope it’s nothing serious,” Ginny replied looking at the closed door uneasily.

“I’m sure it’s not. He’s strong. He’ll fight whatever it is,” Harry sighed and kissed the top of her head.

They sat side by side, waiting for news on their son. Harry never let go of Ginny. He kept her close and lazily rubbed her arm with his hand draped around her shoulders. He was just as worried as Ginny and was also smacking himself mentally for not realizing something earlier. He just dismissed it as teething, even Ron spotted something wrong. He sighed and continued to wait.

The door to the infirmary cracked opened and Madam Pomfrey stepped out with James in her arms.

Harry and Ginny quickly stood up and rushed to her.

“Is he okay?” they asked anxiously.

“He’ll be back to normal in a few days. He has a bit of a cold and an ear infection. Now, you both are very fortunate that I had some potions for infants made when Albus told me of his arrival,” Madam Pomfrey informed them. She handed James to Harry and two small vials to Ginny. She explained the instructions for giving him the medications and told them to come back in a few weeks to make sure his ear infection was completely gone. They thanked the nurse and went back to their dormitory. Once they returned, they put James back into his crib and got into bed again.

Harry fell into a restless sleep. He woke up a few hours later, having another nightmare but managing not to scream out loud and reached out for Ginny for reassurance, only to find that she wasn’t there.

He panicked. Harry lifted his head slightly off his pillow and looked around the room frantically. He was relieved when he saw her. Ginny was standing over the crib, one arm inside it. He frowned and reached for his glasses. He saw a bowl of water on the bedside table when his eyes focused

“Ginny?” he called out softly. She looked over at him and Harry could make out a soft smile on her face in the darkness. “What are you doing?”

He heard her sigh and she came towards him. He saw a washcloth in her hand. She dipped it into the bowl and went back to the crib. Harry swung his legs over the edge of the bed and joined her side.

He slipped his arms around her waist and peered into the crib. Ginny was holding the washcloth to James’ forehead, patting it softly across his face every so often as he slept.

“What are you doing?” he asked again.

“Mum used to do this with all of us when we had fevers. She would hold a cold washcloth to our heads to help break our fevers,” Ginny said and moved the washcloth across James’ cheek. She picked up the cloth and reached in with her other hand to feel his forehead.

“It went down a bit,” she told Harry.

“Good,” he sighed.

They watched James sleep, Ginny constantly cooling his face with the washcloth. She moved out of Harry’s arms and went to dip it into the water again.

“Let me do that. You get some sleep,” Harry took it from her. Ginny sighed and nodded. With a kiss goodnight, Ginny slipped into bed and Harry took over her night time vigil over their sick son.

Chapter 18: Chapter Sixteen
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Chapter Sixteen

“You two look awful, and why aren’t you in your uniforms?” Ron asked the next morning at breakfast noticing that both Harry and Ginny were wearing Muggle clothes under their robes instead of their school uniforms and only James’ blue baby bag was in sight.

Harry and Ginny had to agree with him. Neither one got much sleep the night before between racing through the halls to get James to Madam Pomfrey, running into current and not so current hated Slytherins, and dealing with a sick child. They had also taken turns watching over James throughout the night, holding a cold cloth to his forehead as he slept and hoping that his fever would break. Neither one of them planned on attending class that day so that they could stay in Gryffindor Tower and care for James. He was much more important than their classes.

“We’re not going to class,” Harry informed his brother-in-law while spearing some sausages for himself.

“Why not?” Ron asked and stuffed a large amount of oatmeal into his mouth. Hermione rolled her eyes at him and took a sip of her orange juice.

“We’re excused. James is ill,” Ginny added watching James tug at his ear and cough. Ginny reached over and gently smoothed his hair out. He coughed again and yawned.

“Speaking of being ill,” Harry muttered and searched the baby bag for James’ medicine.

“Oh no, what’s wrong with him?” Claire asked. Ginny looked over at her friends who were all looking back at her with concern.

“He has a cold and an ear infection,” Ginny sighed. Several other girls, including Ginny’s old roommates, gave the infant sympathetic looks. James suddenly sneezed and Ginny cringed. She searched for a tissue and once she found one he fought with her as she tried to wipe off his nose.

“He’ll be okay won’t he?” Melanie asked, watching Ginny continue to struggle with James.

“As long as he takes his medicine and we keep an eye on him, he’ll be all right,” Harry said, holding two small vials in his hand. Ginny took one from him after she succeeded in wiping James’ nose.

“You do one, I’ll do the other. I’m not sure if he’s going to take it or not,” Ginny said. Harry nodded and they each opened the vials and measured out the correct amount with the medicine droppers Madam Pomfrey had given them.

James looked at his parents with a tired look on his little face and coughed again. It broke their hearts to see him so miserable. Ginny held the dropper up to James’ mouth, taking a napkin in her hand just in case she needed it.

“Open up, angel,” she said sweetly. James, not knowing what his mother was giving him, opened his mouth just like he always did when his parents gave him something. She gave him the medicine, hoping he would take it. A disgusted look appeared on his face and he promptly spit it out. Ginny caught it just in time with a napkin before the liquid trickled down his chin and onto his shirt. She sighed.

“He didn’t take any of it, did he,” Harry observed and Ginny shook her head. She filled the dropper again only half way just in case he did swallow some and held it up to him. James pulled his face away from her now aware of what she was giving him.

“Come on James. I know it doesn’t taste good, but it’ll make you feel better sweetie, I promise,” Ginny cooed. James shook his head, pulling away from her hand, as Ginny continued to coax him to take it.

“Maybe if you aim for his cheek he won’t taste it as much,” Harry suggested. Ginny stopped trying to give the medicine to James and looked over at Harry. He shrugged. “Well, it’ll go past most of his taste buds, that way he’ll take it without tasting much.”

“Worth a try,” Ginny agreed. She forced James to open his mouth and did as Harry suggested. This time he swallowed it but he didn’t seem to like it at all.

“Your turn,” Ginny said to Harry. Harry fought with James for a few moments but he succeeded in administrating the medication as well. Now they wouldn’t have to worry about that for another six hours.

Harry reached over and placed his hand on James’ forehead. He was relieved to find it had gone down more since the night before.

“It’s getting lower,” he said to Ginny. Ginny nodded and they both watched him with concerned looks for a few moments.

They spend the rest of breakfast being patient with feeding James. Madam Pomfrey had told them he had a sore throat so feeding him would take a while. It would be especially difficult to get him to swallow since he needed to have a lot of fluids to help him get better. Harry had fed him his bottle that morning. He had held the bottle up as James would take a few sips and pull away. Harry would wait and continue a few minutes later. James would take another couple sips and pull away again. This process continued until the bottle was finished.

When the owl post arrived, Harry and Ginny were bombarded with letters. They looked at each other confused and each picked up a letter. The moment Harry finished reading the first letter he began sorting through them all, keeping a look out for familiar handwriting and shoving the rest into the baby bag.

It was hate mail and it was all because of that Rita Skeeter article. Ginny picked up another letter and read it aloud.

“You little tramp! How dare you force a sweet and innocent boy like Harry Potter into something like this! He has enough on his mind let alone adding the burdens of your mistakes as well!”

She folded the letter and ripped it up. She picked up another and opened it.

“How could you treat an innocent little baby like that? If you didn’t want it, why didn’t you put it up for adoption so some loving and caring family can take it in and love it like it deserves. That poor, poor child,” she read that one aloud as well and promptly ripped it up. Ginny was furious but she wasn’t going to let it get to her.

Ginny picked up and third, sighed, then ripped it up. “Don’t people have anything better to do than write hate mail to people they don’t know because of some dumb article that doesn’t have any truth to it.”

“Easy, they don’t have a life of their own so they get involved in a strangers so they have some sort of entertainment,” Hermione answered and picked up a letter. Harry snatched it out her hand and shoved it in the baby bag. Hermione frowned at him.

“These are all going to be burned,” he announced and continued to shove them in the bag. He picked one up and after examining it, he shoved it to Ginny. “I think this one is from the twins.”

Ginny took it and opened the letter.

Dear Ginny,

Ron told us you, our dear baby sister, were back on the Quidditch team this year. So, we decided to come out to your first match and watch you kick Ravenclaw’s arse. Bill’s here so he wants to come too, seeing as he can’t get a date this weekend. And he calls himself a Weasley! Even Percival the Humongous BigHeaded Boy has a girl – married her as well. How did that one happen?

Anyway, we just wanted to let you know that three of your favorite brothers will be there at the match to cheer you on. Say hi to Harry and James for us!

Can’t wait to show our Gryffindor spirit!


Fred and George

“Well,” she folded up the letter and stuffed it inside her robes, “Bill, Fred, and George are coming to the match,” Ginny announced. Ron looked horrified at this.

“The twins are coming! Bloody hell!” he moaned.

“Language!” Ginny hissed and Ron muttered an apology.

“Why is that bad?” Hermione asked confused.

“Cleverest witch in the whole school and you don’t understand what’s bad with Fred and George showing up at a Quidditch match! Like you don’t know what the twins are like!” Ron exclaimed and shook his head. Hermione glared at him. “They’re up to something and let me tell you, if they ruin any chance we have of winning I’ll skin them alive!”

Hermione leaned over and whispered something in Ron’s ear. He grinned and his ears turned red.

Harry and Ginny rolled their eyes at them. They had been acting strange for the past week and had become very cuddly in public. Harry shook his head as his best friends whispered to each other and made eyes and he continued to sort through the letters.

Instead of going to class after breakfast like the rest of the school, Harry and Ginny headed back to Gryffindor Tower with James, where Harry dumped all the letters into the fireplace to burn. He thoroughly enjoyed watching those letters burn.

They spent the morning taking care of James and trying to do school work. While they worked on homework, James was absolutely miserable. He slept, coughed, sneezed, cried, and had vomited for the first time ever in his short life. This had greatly frightened him since he had never had anything like that happen to him before. It had taken Harry and Ginny nearly fifteen minutes to calm him down and clean him up. Shortly after, Harry watched as Ginny took off towards the washroom to rid her stomach of her breakfast as well.

“Honey,” Harry said gently when Ginny emerged and slumped into a chair next to him at the table they were studying at, “why don’t you go and see Madam Pomfrey?’

This was a very big mistake. Ginny glared at him.

“I don’t need to see her. I probably caught what’s going around,” Ginny retorted snappishly and opened her Herbology book. She grabbed a quill and began working on her sketches. Harry was about to point out that she didn’t have the other symptoms of a cold but thought better of it and went on with his work.

Later that evening, the Potters sat in the common room with a few other students who had gone to dinner early. Harry had finished most of his work and decided to work on his and Ginny’s brooms for the match that weekend. He had retrieved both brooms and searched for his broom maintenance book when he remembered he lent it to Ron the night before. He dropped off the brooms with Ginny and went up to his old dormitory.

He paused outside the door and heard something coming from within, but it was very muffled. He shrugged and opened the door.

Harry stood in shock and he fought to keep in his laughter. He knew exactly what those noises were now.

The curtains around Ron’s bed were drawn and he could hear Ron and what sounded like Hermione behind it and is was obvious of what they were doing. They had obviously forgotten to cast a Locking Charm and the Silencing Charm wasn’t very good. He tiptoed to Ron’s trunk where he spotted his book and was about to leave when an interesting conversation was taking place.

“How do you get this thing off?” Ron’s frustrated voice came.

“Oh honestly Ron, it’s not that hard,” Hermione’s irritated voice followed.

“Easy for you to say, you’re a girl, you take this thing off every day!” Ron retorted.

“Let me do it if you’re going to be like that!” Hermione said. Harry heard movement behind the curtain.

“No I’ll do it Hermione!” Ron’s angry voice said.

“You’d think after a few times you’d get it,” Hermione teased.

“Shut up! I’m not an expert at this you know,” Ron replied.

“No, but Harry is. Why don’t you get some pointers from him,” Hermione said.

“Ugh! Hermione, I don’t want to think about Harry and Ginny doing what we’re doing! There! I got it!”


Harry quickly left the room as he saw something white (and something he had seen on Ginny many occasions himself) fall to the floor next to Ron’s bed. Harry did not want to be present for anything else.

Once he reached the common room, he collapsed on the couch next to Ginny, who was trying to feed James a bottle, and exploded in laughter.

Ginny looked at him strangely and sat James in her lap when he pulled away from the bottle and coughed a little.

“Something funny?” she questioned. Harry gasped for breath in his laughter.

“Ron . . . Hermione,” he managed but couldn’t stop laughing.

“What about them?” Ginny asked. Harry couldn’t reply. He was too caught up in his laughter.

“Daddy’s gone mad,” Ginny whispered to James. He was looking at his father curiously and sneezed. Ginny cringed and reached for the box of tissues on the side table next to her to wipe his nose.

Harry regained his composure enough to tell Ginny, “They were playing one on one Quidditch.”

Ginny’s eyes went wide and she fought to keep control.

“You’re joking!” she gasped. Harry shook his head and told her about the conversation he overheard. She couldn’t help but laugh.

They were so caught up in this new discovery, they didn’t notice Dean and Seamus climbing through the portrait hole and go up the boys’ stairs.

“WAY TO GO WEASLEY!” Seamus’ voice suddenly bellowed. Moments later a frantic Hermione bolted down the boys’ stairs and up the girls’ stairs, a blur to all present. That was all it took for Harry and Ginny to break out in laughter full blast this time. Even James began to giggle at the sight of his parents.

A very red faced Ron came down the stairs, his hair looking like Harry’s and his clothes rumpled. Ginny couldn’t help herself. “So, Ron, finally taking my advice are you?”

“Shut up Ginny,” Ron growled. Hermione came down the stairs a few moments later, wearing different clothes and looked very much embarrassed. Her face was flushed and her hair was looking wild.

“Isn’t one on one Quidditch so much fun,” Ginny continued to tease her brother and his girlfriend.

“We’re going for a walk!” Ron announced suddenly and grabbed Hermione’s hand.

“I’d suggest either the broom cupboard on the fourth floor or the Room of Requirement,” Harry called after them.

“Sod off Potter!” Ron shouted back and the portrait closed behind them.

“Well,” Ginny began, smiling at Harry, “that should keep him out of our business.”

“Either that or Ron will be asking me advice,” Harry said reaching for a broom. Ginny rolled her eyes and stood up with James.

“Don’t flatter yourself, dear. You’re not that good,” she said airily and walked over to the play pen.

“Hey!” Harry shouted, offended by her statement. Ginny turned around after putting James down and gave Harry an impish smile. She swung her hips as she walked back towards him. She stood in front of him and lowered her mouth to his ear.

“Why don’t you prove me wrong later on then,” she whispered. Harry grinned and he watched Ginny saunter away from him, once again swinging her hips suggestively. Yes, he definitely liked the benefits of being married.

Later that night, long after Harry had proven her wrong, Ginny was woken up not by James crying but by Harry kicking her. She sat up confused by this and looked over at her sleeping husband. Harry was thrashing around, becoming twisted in the sheets, and mumbling in his sleep. His face was scrunched up as he continued to flail around in his sleep. Ginny didn’t know if she should wake him up or let him wake up on his own. Not being able to watch him like this any longer, she reached over and gently shook him and calling his name softly. Harry quickly woke up and sat up straight, looking frantically around the room. His breathing was heavy and ragged. His eyes had a wild look in them and fear was written all over his face.

“Harry, it’s okay. It’s just a dream,” Ginny soothed him. Harry looked at her and Ginny saw him visibly relax. He reached a shaky hand towards her and touched her face as if he was making sure she was real. His hand felt clammy and cold against her skin. She put her hand over his, reassuringly. “It’s okay.”

Ginny pulled him close to her, rubbing his back soothingly. They sat there, Ginny holding on to Harry and trying to comfort him. She pulled him down with her, keeping him close to her and whispered soothing words to him. After a while he fell asleep in her arms. Ginny hoped these nightmares would stop but she couldn’t stop wondering if they meant something.

* * * * *

By Thursday, James was back to his normal happy self. He was back to babbling, laughing, grabbing everything in sight, and demanding all his parents’ attention. While James was completely healthy again, Ginny, however, was still the same and refused to see Madam Pomfrey. Harry had tired to persuade her but it was like teaching a rock to talk. He had given up and let her do what she wanted. He just hoped she would decide to go and see Madam Pomfrey sometime soon.

Harry’s nightmares had persisted. He had managed not to scream out whenever he had them. Each night they were different but always ended with Harry watching helplessly as Voldemort killed his family. He would wake up in a cold sweat and Ginny was always right there to comfort him. He didn’t know why he was having them but he suspected it had to do with that article and knowing that everyone in Britain knew he was a father, including Death Eaters.

On Saturday morning they were standing outside the Gryffindor locker rooms, trying to distract James so that they could go in to change and get ready for the match. They were trying to leave him with Hermione for the match but he had ideas of his own. James refused to leave his father’s arms. Ever since Harry and Ginny returned from Quidditch practice the night before it was like James was afraid of Hermione. He was crying when they returned and Hermione, looking very put out, had said that he was refusing to go to sleep and wanted them to come back. Ginny thought that Hermione was the one who was needed a nap and wanted them to come back.

“You know, we could always take him with us,” Harry suggested, gently bouncing James in his arms. He immediately regretted it when he saw Ginny’s look.

“Oh yes Harry, let’s take him up in the air on a broom, in the middle of a match where Bludgers are determined to knock your head off. Every mother’s dream for their five month old,” Ginny replied dryly.

“I was only joking,” Harry tried weakly but Ginny didn’t buy it.

“Harry! Ginny! Hurry up!” Ron’s voice shouted from the entrance to the locker rooms.

“Hang on! We’re having an issue out here! Don’t get your pants in a twist!” Ginny shouted back angrily.

“Come on James, let go of Daddy,” Harry tried to pull James away from him. James whined and clung to Harry tightly.

“Let’s go angel. Mummy and Daddy have to go,” Ginny tried and attempted to take James from Harry. He willingly went to his mother and clung onto her just as tightly. She glanced at Hermione and nodded. “Okay, go to Auntie Hermione now.”

One look at Hermione and James buried himself closer to Ginny and squirmed in protest.

“I’ve never seen him act like this. He likes Hermione,” Harry said, scratching his head in confusion. He looked at Hermione and jokingly said, “What did you do to our son?”

He was surprised to see a guilty look on her face.

“Hermione, what did you do to him?” Ginny asked, slightly shocked. Hermione bit her bottom lip.

“Oh, I’m so sorry. See last night, he wouldn’t stop crying and I just couldn’t take it so I . . . I – I yelled at him. I didn’t mean to, but I didn’t know what else to do. He just kept crying and crying and crying and I just . . .I just lost it,” Hermione admitted in a rush. Ginny was not happy that she had yelled at a five month old whose primary way of communicating his needs was crying, but at the same time she felt sorry for her. Despite the number of times she had watched James for them, she wasn’t used to his constant crying like Harry and Ginny were and knowing what to do.

“Welcome to our world,” Harry muttered under his breath. He glanced at James and thought, But I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

“It’s all right. He’ll get over it, but right now we have to be in there and we can’t take him with us,” Ginny sighed. She glanced behind Hermione and was relieved, for once, to see Fred and George bounding towards them both looking as if they had done something they shouldn’t have, Bill in tow.

“Thank Merlin!” Ginny exclaimed and handed James over to Fred once her brothers had joined them. They stared at her in shock.

“You’re giving him –” Fred began.

“– willingly – ” George picked up.

“– to us?” they finished together.

“Ginny, I don’t think that leaving him in their care is a good idea,” Bill said, looking wearily at the twins. “Especially after –”

“Look, he doesn’t want to go to Hermione so you three are watching him during the match,” Ginny cut him off impatiently.

Fred and George looked at each other and then at her. “Are you sure you’re our sister?”

Ginny glared at them and took the baby bag that was sitting near Harry’s feet. She shoved it at George.

“He’s getting over a cold and an ear infection so make sure he stays warm. And please make sure you put a charm around him so the sound isn’t so loud. I don’t want him to go deaf,” she explained. She narrowed her eyes and looked at each twin in turn. “If so much as a hair is out of place on his head –”

“What hair? The kid’s bald. Taking after Dad already!” Fred said, rubbing the top of James’ head. Ginny was not pleased.

“If a hair is out of place on his head I swear you two won’t have any hair at all,” Ginny warned and added, “anywhere on your bodies.”

“Don’t worry Ginny, I’ll make sure that nothing happens to James,” Bill clapped her on her shoulder. She gave him a grateful look and looked at James.

“Bye sweetheart. Be good for your uncles,” Ginny cooed and kissed his cheek. Harry stepped up and smiled at James.

“Be good,” he said and also gave James a kiss on the cheek. They said goodbye to Ginny’s brothers and Hermione and made their way into the locker rooms.

They quickly changed into their Quidditch uniforms and were surprised that they were a few minutes early for the pep talk in the meeting room. They propped their brooms up against a wall and Harry leaned against it. Ginny went to lean next to him but he stopped her and pulled her in front of him. He wrapped his arms around her waist, holding her close, and buried his head in her hair. Ginny placed her hands on his and they waited for Ron to come as the rest of the team filtered in and took seats on the benches.

Harry relished in having Ginny so close. He closed his eyes, thankful to have her in his life. He breathed in the scent of her hair taking in the scent of green apples.

“Thank you,” he whispered.

“For what?” Ginny asked. Harry moved his head so it was resting on her shoulder.

“For being here. Especially with all these nightmares I’ve been having,” he explained. Ginny sighed. She held up one of his hands and kissed his palm.

“I always will be,” she replied.

Minutes later Ron strode into the room, head held high and his new broom clutched in his hand. He surveyed the room and glared at Ginny and Harry who were still leaning against the wall, Harry holding Ginny from behind.

“Hands off my sister Potter!” Ron ordered.

“She’s my wife. I can put my hands on her all I want,” Harry replied casually. Ginny nodded in agreement.

“Hands off!” Ron repeated himself.

“Why, Ron? Rather your hands be on me?” Ginny asked sweetly. Their teammates sniggered.

“No!” Ron denied and pulled a revolted look. He looked away and concentrated on the rest of the team. He cleared his throat.

“Today is the first match of the season. It’s also our first match. Now, Ravenclaw is all right, but we are much better. You keep flying the way you have in practice and we have that cup in the palm of our hands right off the bat,” he launched into his pep talk, a strange gleam in his eye as he talked away. He paced back and forth in front of the team his voice hard with determination. “I want you all to play hard and play to win. I want you to beat those Bludgers, score with that Quaffle, and catch that Snitch!”

The team cheered loudly.

“Two things before we go out there. First, Madam Hooch has informed me that a scout for the National Quidditch League might be here looking at the seventh years. Second, there’s been a change in the Ravenclaw line up. One of their Chasers was injured earlier in the week, so one of their reserves is playing instead. Hopefully, that won’t affect our game plan. From what I’ve seen, he’s pretty lousy. Now let’s get out there and win!” Ron shouted triumphantly. The team cheered enthusiastically and gathered their brooms. Before Harry and Ginny left, Ginny stopped Harry and gave him a passionate kiss.

“For good luck,” she said and Harry grinned. He took her hand and they walked hand in hand out onto the pitch.

“And here comes the Gryffindor team! Kirke! Jones! Sloper! Thompson! Potter! Potter! And their captain and Keeper, Ron Weasley!” Dennis Creevey shouted into the magical microphone, who had taken over as the announcer when Lee Jordan had left. The crowd cheered loudly. Harry looked up at the Gryffindor stands and saw Bill, Fred, and George with James. He smiled and followed the team out onto the pitch.

“And now here comes the Ravenclaw team! Ackerley! Corner! Edgewater! Fawcett! Goldstein! Newmen! And their captain and Seeker, Terry Boot!”

“Damn it!” Ginny swore under her breath when she saw Michael Corner strut onto the pitch in his blue Quidditch uniform. Harry’s grip on his broom tightened. He glanced over at Ginny and saw she was wearing a very unpleasant look on her face.

The two teams took their positions on the fields, mounting their brooms. Ginny glared at Michael and he returned it with a smirk. She narrowed her eyes and was now determined to keep the Quaffle away from him the entire game.

“You know the rules boys. A nice clean game,” Madam Hooch said as the two captains shook hands. “On my whistle. Three . . . two . . . one!”

Harry kicked hard off the ground and shot up high into the air, eyes already scanning for the Snitch.

“Chaser, Blake Thompson of Gryffindor takes the Quaffle and heads towards the goal. Keeper Rachael Newmen is waiting for him! Watch out for that Bludger! Yes! He dodges and continues to head towards the goal! He passes to Chaser Ginny Potter! Chaser Michael Corner is after her; she dives and passes it to Chaser Anita Jones! She gets up to the goal and - GRYFFINDOR SCORES, 10-0 TO GRFFINDOR!” Dennis’ excited voice rang out throughout the pitch.

Then something unexpected happened.

Everyone in the stands, except those in the Gryffindor section, hair instantly changed to maroon. There was loud laughter and some terrified shrieks.

The Weasley twins had struck again.

Ginny grinned and shook her head before intercepting the Quaffle from Ravenclaw and barreling down the pitch.

“Potter takes the Quaffle – watch that Bludger Ginny! Nice hit by Beater Jack Sloper! Ouch! Corner rams into Potter and takes control of the Quaffle! He passes to fellow Chaser Stewart Ackerly and heads towards the goalpost. Keeper Ron Weasley is waiting for him, go get him Ron! Ackerly heads for the middle post and – yes! Jones intercepts! Gryffindor back in possession!”

Harry kept his eyes and ears wide open. He glanced behind him and saw Terry Boot, Ravenclaw’s Seeker, trailing him. They always seemed to favor that tactic. Harry decided to have some fun. He pretended to see the Snitch and took off towards the Hufflepuff stands. He wasn’t surprised to see Terry follow him. Harry did a sharp turn upwards and turned himself right side up out of the turn and zoomed towards the Slytherin stands. Just before he hit the wall below the seats he dived down and heard Terry slam into the wall. Harry grinned and went back above the match to resume looking for the snitch.

“Ginny Potter scores! 20-0 to Gryffindor!” Dennis cried excitedly.

All of those with maroon hair had changed to gold. Harry could make out Fred and George standing up and cheering loudly while Bill remained seated with James in his lap. He smiled and flew down towards them.

“Talk about Gryffindor spirit!” he shouted at the twins and just as he flew away he could hear them shouting Gryffindor at the top of their lungs.

The game went on and with every goal Gryffindor made the hair of the crowd would alternate between maroon and gold and became brighter each time.

“Ravenclaw scores. Ravenclaw takes the lead, 100-90,” Dennis called without his usual enthusiastic voice. Ginny glared at Michael. He had snatched the Quaffle out of her hands for the fifth time, once nearly shoving her on her broom.

Blake had seized the Quaffle and was flying back towards the Ravenclaw goal posts. He passed it to Ginny and she caught it.

Michael was right at her side.

“Sod off!” Ginny snapped, gripping onto her broom with one hand and keeping the Quaffle tightly under her other arm. Suddenly Michael ran into her, but Ginny was able to keep her balance. He slammed harder into her side and Ginny felt her grip loosen. She tried to hang on and Michael slammed even harder into her side. The Quaffle slid out of her arm and she felt Michael ram into her for a fourth time and this time Ginny couldn’t keep her balance. She slid off the side of her broom and managed to hold on with one hand. Ginny struggled to hang on and grabbed her broom with her other hand. She tried to pull herself up and forced the thought of how high she was off the ground out of her mind.

Her eyes widened in fear as she saw a Bludger coming straight at her and noticed that Jack and Andrew were at the other end of the pitch, both trying to fly as fast as they could towards her. A hand slipped and she was hanging on with one hand again. She was frozen in fear and shut her eyes in anticipation of the Bludger hitting her, a final thought of James and Harry crossing her mind.

She lost her grip as the Bludger smacked into her shoulder and felt herself falling and screamed. She felt something fly into her and realized she wasn’t falling anymore. Then she realized that something was holding onto her waist tightly and that hold was very familiar. She opened her eyes and realized that the familiar hold was Harry’s. She relaxed and reached up to wrap her arms around his neck to hold on. She winced as a sharp pain throbbed in her shoulder.

“You okay?” he asked.

“No. My shoulder,” she said through gritted teeth. She heard him swear under his breath.

Ron called a time out and the team landed on the ground. Harry slowed down as he flew down to the ground. He gently landed and helped Ginny off his broom. They gathered around her and Anita was holding her broom, which she had rescued just after Ginny began to fall.

She took in a sharp breath at the movement her shoulder made.

“You better go to Madam Pomfrey. She came to the match today,” Ron advised. Ginny glared.

“No. I’m going to play. If he wants to play dirty then I’ll show him dirty,” Ginny snapped at Ron.

“But your shoulder,” Harry pointed out.

“I’ll see her after the match. I want to win,” Ginny replied firmly. She held out her good arm to Anita to take her broom. The team exchanged looks and all knew there was no convincing Ginny to get her shoulder healed. Anita sighed and gave the broom to Ginny. The moment she had it, Ginny mounted it and took off into the air. The rest of the team had no choice and followed her.

Ginny kept her promise. She showed Michael how dirty she could play even with an injured shoulder. She pushed and shoved him just as forcefully as he had, ignoring the pain in her shoulder. She snatched the Quaffle out of his arms and forced him to drop it on a few occasions.

Gryffindor was in the lead by twenty points and the game had been going on for over five hours now. There had been over an hour of the Quaffle being intercepted by both teams, with lots of fouls being committed (mainly Ginny paying Michael back), and Harry faking out Terry numerous times.

Ginny watched as Stewart Ackerley took control of the Quaffle and dodged Anita as she flew towards him. He flew over to the Gryffindor goalpost, Michael flying below him. Ginny smirked and anticipated the move. Stewart let go of the Quaffle and Ginny sped towards it, snatching it out of Michael’s reach. She flattened herself against her broom, turned sharply on her broom, and shot towards the Ravenclaw goalpost. She faked going to the right and threw the Quaffle into the tallest goalpost.

“GRYFFINDOR SCORES! 150-120 to Gryffindor!” Dennis shouted excitedly, jumping up and down and there were loud cheers from most of the crowd and the booing from the others was drowned out.

Harry cheered for Ginny. For being out of the game for so long, he was very proud of how well she was playing. But, he was beginning to become frustrated. There had been no sign of the Snitch anywhere and he was getting impatient. He had looked over at the Gryffindor stands where his brother-in-laws sat with his son and could tell that James was becoming impatient as well. He sighed and searched the sky.

He grinned.

Just over the Slytherin stands was a glint of gold.

Harry took off as fast as he could. He noticed that Terry did not follow him this time. Harry smirked and flattened himself on his broom. Just as he was nearing the Snitch it shot downwards. Harry quickly changed his direction and followed it. It did loops upwards and shot back down, Harry desperately trying to follow it. He heard someone behind him. Terry had caught on that Harry was not faking him this time.

The Snitch sped towards the Ravenclaw goalpost where the Chasers were fighting over the Quaffle.

“Go Harry!” he heard Ginny shout as he passed her by and she scored another goal.

The Snitch zoomed around the goalpost and back into the air. Harry shot upwards, arm outstretched with Terry at his heels. He reached as far as he could and finally his fingers closed over the golden ball, its wings beating hard against his hand.

“HARRY POTTER CATCHES THE SNITCH! GRYFFINDOR WINS 310 TO 120!” Dennis shouted excitedly. The stands erupted into cheers and everyone’s hair began to flash maroon and gold brightly.

Harry flew around the pitch in a victory lap, the Snitch in his hand while the rest of the team landed.

He finally landed and something small smacked into him hard, causing him to stumble backwards a bit. He realized an arm was around him and red hair was flowing into his face and finally figured it out to be Ginny.

“We won! We won! Oh I’m so proud of you!” she shouted happily and continued to give him a one armed hug and she kissed him fiercely.

He found himself being detached from Ginny as students and team members came up to congratulate him. Over the heads of some first and second years he saw Bill, Fred, and George with Ron and Ginny. Ginny was holding James with her good arm, smiling as a student talked to her. He fought himself through the myriad of students (whose hair was still flashing the Gryffindor colors) and finally reached his wife and son.

James squealed happily when he saw Harry and tried to wiggle his way out of Ginny’s arms. Ginny gave up and let Harry take him from her.

“Fred and George! What have you done?” Hermione shouted as she was marching towards them. She put her hands on her hips and glared at the twins.

“Whatever are you talking about?” Fred said, failing to look innocent.

“Everyone’s hair is still different colors!” she shouted.

“Oh, that’ll wear off –” George waved it off.

“– by Monday –” Fred added.

“– maybe longer –” George sniggered.

“– we’re not very sure about it,” Fred said, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. Hermione did not look pleased by this.

“You do the counter curse this instant or I’ll . . . I’ll,” Hermione began to threaten them only to find herself at a lost of words.

“You’ll take points?” Fred said helpfully.

“Give us detention?” George suggested.

“Never worked before, why would it work now?” Fred pointed out.

“Especially since we don’t go here anymore,” George grinned.

“Besides, it was only a one time charm we placed on the stands and it will wear off. Why don’t you go read Hogwarts: A History for the five millionth time or have you memorized it so much that you can recite page 482, paragraph three including where all commas, semicolons, colons, and apostrophes are,” Fred said. Hermione was looking indignant and opened her mouth to say something to him.
“Come on love, we won!” Ron threw his arms around her shoulders to stop her from shouting. “I have a great way to celebrate later.”

All outraged gone, Hermione went pink at his words. Harry, however, took advantage of this.

“Sounds like something I’m planning on having with Ginny later on. Have you mastered taking a bra off yet, Ron? I could give you a few pointers if you’re still having problems with that.”

Ron’s face turned so red, there was no telling where his hair began. His brothers grinned at him.

“Ickle Ronniekins has grown up!” Fred teased.

“Our little brother has finally become a man!” George added.

“All right Ron!” Bill clapped him on the back, smiling.

Ginny raised an eyebrow at her brothers.

“Why is it that when I go and do something like that, I get yelled at and nearly kicked out of the family, but when Ron does it he gets congratulated on it and called a man?” Ginny asked.

Her brothers looked at her, all lost for words.

“Well you see, it’s because you’re the only girl in the family,” Fred began to explain.

Ginny was about to show Fred just what the girl of the family could do when Harry stopped her.

“Let’s get changed and get you to Madam Pomfrey so she can heal your shoulder,” Harry quickly switched James to one arm and grabbed Ginny’s good arm with his other, then led her away from the group. Ginny glared at him but didn’t say anything.

The rest of the team followed them into the locker room and congratulated each other on the match. Madam Pomfrey was waiting in the locker rooms to heal the injured players on the spot. She was not happy when she found out Ginny did not come to her immediately, but she fixed her shoulder and told her it would be sore for a while and to be gentle with it.

They talked about the finer points of the game, with Ron saying that if they played like that against Hufflepuff in two weeks, the cup was as good as theirs.

Just as they were discussing Harry’s catch of the Snitch, a man with mousy brown hair and blue eyes entered the meeting room that joined the boys and girls locker rooms wearing midnight blue robes.

“Pardon me, but is this the Gryffindor team?” he asked. They team exchanged looks and Ron approached him.

“Yeah, I’m the captain, Ron Weasley,” he introduced himself and stuck out his hand. The man took his hand and shook it.

“Marvelous team you have here Mr. Weasley! Excellent keeping you did out there. Name’s Samuel Zimmerman, I’m a scout for the National Quidditch League. I was told that you and your Seeker are the only seventh years on the team,” Mr. Zimmerman said.

“Yeah, we are,” Ron affirmed and crossed his arms.

“I would like to talk to you both about possibly trying out for the League,” Mr. Zimmerman said. Ron’s eyes lit up in surprise. He whipped around and looked at Harry who was talking with Jack and Andrew. Ron waved him over and Harry excused himself and went towards his brother-in-law.

“This is our Seeker, Harry Potter,” Ron introduced Harry. Harry was still carrying James, so he shifted him to one arm and shook Mr. Zimmerman’s hand.

“You’re the Harry Potter?” he asked in surprise and his eyes traveled up to Harry’s lightening bolt scar. Harry stiffened slightly and tightened his hold on James. Mr. Zimmerman looked away and smiled at Harry. “Such an honor this is! It’s a pleasure to meet you Mr. Potter.”

“Likewise,” Harry said with a small smile. Mr. Zimmerman looked over at James and smiled again.

“Ah, this must be your son. I didn’t believe a word of that article Rita Skeeter wrote. Handsome little boy you have there,” he complemented.

“Uh, thanks,” Harry replied tentatively.

“Perhaps he’ll inherit your talents some day, won’t you little one?” Mr. Zimmerman reached out to tickle James but he shied away and pulled himself closer to Harry.

“Sorry, he’s a bit shy around strangers,” Harry said, gently bouncing James in his arm and rubbing his back reassuringly.

“That’s all right. Well, on to business. As I was telling Mr. Weasley here I think you two have potential to play in the National Quidditch League,” Mr. Zimmerman began. “We’re looking for young, fresh faces and I think you two would be perfect.”

“Reall – James!” Harry hissed and pried James’ fingers out of his hair, cutting off his reply to Mr. Zimmerman. He glared down at his son who was looking back innocently. “Be good will you.” He looked back at Mr. Zimmerman. “Sorry. He likes to do that.”

“Let me take him. Come on James,” Ginny’s voice came from behind him. “You can pull Mummy’s hair for a while.”

Ginny was back in her normal clothes and holding her arms out to take James.

“So this is the lovely mother,” Mr. Zimmerman said.

“Yes, this is my wife, Ginny. Ginny, this is Mr. Zimmerman from the National Quidditch League,” Harry introduced her. Ginny shook Mr. Zimmerman’s hand.

“Pleasure to meet you,” Ginny greeted him.

“The pleasure is all mine Mrs. Potter,” Mr. Zimmerman said with a smile. Ginny returned the smile.

“I’ll see you in the common room,” she said to Harry and kissed his cheek. Harry nodded and watched her leave with James.

“As I was saying, I would like to see you two try out for the professional league. You get to travel, get the top of the line Quidditch equipment, and the pay isn’t bad either,” Mr. Zimmerman told them.

“When are tryouts?” Ron asked.

“Next September. The exact dates haven’t been determined yet. We still have to see if some players are renewing their contracts in June or not. After that, the date will be set and tryouts will begin. So, are you two interested?” Mr. Zimmerman said, his eyes looking hopeful.

“Definitely!” Ron grinned.

“Wonderful! And you Mr. Potter?” Mr. Zimmerman asked. Harry wasn’t sure if this was a good deal for him or not. After all, he did have James to think about.

“I’ll think it over,” Harry said politely.

“Need to talk it over with the wife, huh? Ah yes that’s the beauty of marriage, making decisions together. The wife and I do it all the time,” Mr. Zimmerman said, smiling widely at them. “Well boys, I must be going. I’ll be in touch.”

They said good bye to Mr. Zimmerman and changed out of their Quidditch uniforms and into their normal clothes then went up to the common room.

A party was in full swing in the Gryffindor common room. There was lots of food and cases of butterbeer. Music was playing from somewhere and people were dancing and talking.

Harry spotted Ginny talking to her old roommates on the other side of the room and made his way over to her.

“Hey!” she greeted him brightly as he approached her. Harry kissed her in greeting.

“Where’s James?” Harry asked.

“His uncles are fighting over him,” Ginny answered and motioned behind him. Harry turned around and saw that Ron had joined the other Weasley brothers and all were fighting over who got to play with James. James was sitting in his playpen, clutching his blue bunny to himself and looking at his uncles with interest.

“Move over Ron! You get to play with him all the time!” Fred shouted, pushing Ron away.

“So? I’m still his uncle, and his favorite one at that!” Ron shouted back and picked up James. “Uncle Ronnie’s you’re favorite isn’t he James?”

Harry rolled his eyes and turned back to Ginny. “Is it safe to leave him with them?”

“As long as my son comes out of it in one piece, he’s all right,” Ginny said. “So,” she changed the subject, “what did Mr. Zimmerman say?”

“Well, he wants me and Ron to try out for the professional league next year,” Harry said. Ginny smiled.

“Oh honey, that’s wonderful! Did you accept?” she asked, thrilled at the news.

“Er, not yet. I want to talk it over with you first,” Harry said.

“We’re talking right now aren’t we?” Ginny pointed out, still smiling.

“Let’s discuss this later,” Harry whispered. Ginny studied him for a moment and nodded.

“Come on, let’s get something to drink and celebrate,” Harry suggested. Ginny smiled.

“All right, and later we can have that private celebration you were talking about earlier,” Ginny said. Harry grinned and they went to get their drinks, hand in hand.

* * * * *

Two weeks later, Gryffindor played their second match against Hufflepuff. This time the game was much shorter and Gryffindor creamed Hufflepuff by 370 points, putting them in the lead for the Quidditch Cup. They wouldn’t play their next match which was against Slytherin until early April so Ron had decided to call off practice for the remainder of the term. Once again there was a lively victory party in the Gryffindor common room and everyone was celebrating the win.

All except for Harry and Ginny.

Harry was leaning against the wall outside their washroom, where Ginny was inside once again. He was watching James take a late afternoon nap in his crib as he waited for her. To Harry’s surprise, James had fallen asleep during the match and unlike everyone else in Gryffindor Tower, he wasn’t up to celebrating.

The door opened and a pale looking Ginny emerged. Their locked eyes for a moment.

“Don’t even say it,” Ginny said before Harry could open his mouth. He sighed heavily.

“You’ve been like this for nearly three weeks now. Something’s wrong and it’s not a cold,” Harry said.

Ginny furrowed her brow trying to think of what was going on. She sat on their bed and sighed. Harry joined her and took her hand in his. He rubbed his finger on her hand lovingly.

“I don’t know what’s going on. The last time I felt like this I . . .” her voice trailed off and it suddenly hit her. She couldn’t be.

“The last time you what?” Harry pressed. Ginny remained silent, trying to fight off the nagging feeling in her stomach that told her it was exactly what she thought.

“I . . . I was pregnant with James,” her voice was above a whisper.

Harry’s eyes widened and he glanced behind his shoulder where James was sleeping. Another baby?

“Are you sure?” he asked. Ginny merely shrugged.

“No. I need to see Madam Pomfrey. She’s not going to be happy about this,” Ginny said.

“Do you want me to come with you?” Harry asked. Ginny nodded and they stood up.

They left the door slightly ajar and placed a Monitoring Charm on the room before they went back to the roaring party.

“Have a butterbeer Harry!” Ron shouted happily as he saw his best friend.

“Er, no thanks. Listen mate, can you keep an eye on James. He’s sleeping in our room,” Harry asked seriously.

“Sure. Where are you two heading to?” Ron asked sobering up and looking at them back.

“Going for a walk, it’s too crowded in here. There’s a Monitoring Charm on our room and the door is opened. If he wakes up, give him his bottle. Bye,” Ginny spoke quickly and yanked Harry towards the portrait hole.

Neither one of them spoke as they made their way to the Hospital Wing. Ginny’s prediction was right. Madam Pomfrey was not happy when Ginny told her she wanted to take a pregnancy test. She shouted at the pair for ten minutes on responsibility and learning from the past before she pulled Ginny inside the infirmary and slammed the door shut in front of Harry’s face.

Harry once again found himself slumped against the cold stone wall in the Hospital Wing. How could this have happened again? They had been careful and used that potion. But the more he thought about it, the more he realized that they had been lazy in using it. He couldn’t really remember the last time they had used it. Perhaps they should look into more effective methods.

Taking care of James while in school was hard enough, let alone the fact that they might be having another one. How could they raise two children at the age of sixteen and seventeen? How could they let this happen again? Harry had wanted to wait until Ginny was done with school to have more children, but that apparently had not gone as planned.

The Rita Skeeter article popped into his mind. There was no doubt that this would be the next front page news story. Harry clenched his fists in frustration at the thought of his family being exploited like this. And it certainly didn’t help that his nightmares had become almost a nightly visit.

His thoughts were broken when he heard the door click opened. He looked up and saw Pansy Parkinson and Draco Malfoy leave the infirmary. He expected to hear a snide remark, but the pair of them were too absorbed with each other to notice him. Harry sighed and pulled his knees to his chest. He crossed his arms on top of them and buried his head in his arms, lost in his thoughts.

He didn’t hear the door open this time or the soft footsteps coming towards him.


Harry scrambled to his feet at the sound of his wife’s voice and looked at Ginny expectantly. She looked troubled and she was hugging herself. He didn’t like the look on her face. The last time she had that look was when she told him she was pregnant with James.


Ginny looked down at the ground and slowly nodded her head.

Harry let out a slow breath and pulled her close to him. A mixture of feelings soared through him and he wasn’t sure if he should shout out in joy or scream in frustration. Without a word, they walked back to the Gryffindor common room.

No one seemed to notice their somber state when they returned to the common room. Their house mates were too busy having fun and celebrating like most teenagers would. Harry and Ginny on the other hand were figuring out in their minds on what to do with a second pregnancy.

To Ginny’s surprise, Harry kicked a nearby armchair furiously.

“Just bloody perfect!” he shouted causing several students to stop their celebration. He put his hands on the back of the armchair and leaned forehead, his head bowed.

“Harry,” Ginny said cautiously, unsure of what to say to him. He spun around to face her. His eyes were fixed on her, alight with fury and his jaw was set. His whole body was tense and his fists were clenched tightly. She was scared.

“You just had to go and get pregnant again didn’t you!” he shouted accusingly.

This statement caused the entire room to fall silent.

Ginny sputtered for a few moments and stood up to her full height. She fixed a furious look on him and dared him to challenge her back.

“I did?! You were involved with that too you know. Don’t blame this on me!” Ginny shouted back, not caring what anyone thought.

“Who else is to blame for this?” Harry demanded.

“This? There isn’t a ‘this’, it’s a baby Harry, not a thing!”

“Who’s to blame then?”

“No one!”

“Well,” Harry continued to fume “what are we going to do then?”

“The same thing as last. I’m keeping my baby like I did before. Why would I change my mind?” Ginny crossed her arms across her chest.

“And how are we supposed to do that?” Harry asked angrily.

“We’re doing it now aren’t we,” Ginny pointed out hotly.

“That was different,” Harry snapped.

“How is that different?” Ginny demanded. Harry didn’t reply. He looked down at the ground and felt angry.

“How did this happen again?” he yelled not directing it at anyone in particular. Ginny took offense of this and marched up to him.

“Maybe if you would have kept your hands to yourself this wouldn’t have happened!”

“Maybe if you weren’t so willing it wouldn’t have happened!”

Ginny’s blood was boiling. How could he say that to her?

So she did the only thing she could think of.

She slapped him hard across his face.

Harry’s face was turned to the side by the force of her slap and he didn’t bother looking back at her. He couldn’t stand to look her in the eye after what he just said.

“Next time you want to play one on one Quidditch, you can play alone!” she shouted. She took a deep, calming breath before continuing, “Come and find me when you’re ready to have a civilized conversation with me about this. I won’t deal with you acting like a complete and utter prat,” Ginny said in a quiet yet stern voice and marched towards their room. She slammed the door hard behind her, leaving a stunned audience behind her.

The door slam caused James to wake up and cry. Ginny sighed and went to care for her son, trying hard not to cry herself. She settled herself on the bed with James and couldn’t help but let the tears fall.

No one spoke in the common room. They were too afraid to say anything. Harry didn’t care. He leaned his forehead against the wall, hating himself for how he had acted and his cheek was stinging from Ginny’s slap. He didn’t mean to say those things to her. He didn’t mean a single word. He was actually happy about having another child, but his bitter emotion got the best of him.

“Harry,” he heard Ron’s voice. Harry whirled around to look at him.

“I don’t need this from you Ron. I got your sister pregnant again, all right! I know what I did and I will take care of her. I don’t need the whole big brother talk again because quite frankly I got enough from you and your brothers to last me two life times,” Harry said before Ron could say anything.

Ron crossed his arms and wore an unreadable expression.

“You know, Harry, I would congratulate you on having another kid, but it seems fitting right now to congratulate you for becoming the number one prat of Gryffindor Tower. Thanks for treating my sister like dirt in front of everyone,” Ron said and went to go comfort Ginny.

Harry really hated himself now.

“Let’s talk.” Hermione suddenly grabbed his arm and pulled him out the portrait hole.

Harry leaned against the wall, his hands buried deep in his pockets and waiting for Hermione to lecture him.

“You’re not mad that Ginny’s pregnant again, are you,” she said. Harry shook his head and allowed a small smile on his face.

“How could I? I mean, we created another baby. Our baby. It’s the best gift she could give me,” Harry admitted. Hermione smiled softly.

“That’s good to hear,” Hermione said. “So why did you blow up like that?”

Harry shrugged, not wanting to admit the reason why. Hermione didn’t know that Harry was having nightmares. After the first one he had, he hadn’t told anyone he continued to have them, all except Ginny since she did share a bed with him.

“Look, I’d rather not take about that right now,” Harry said. Hermione nodded solemnly.

“I understand,” she said. Harry smiled at her.

“I really ought to go apologize to Ginny,” he said.

“Yes, that would be a very good thing to do. If I remember from last time, Ginny is not one to cross while she’s pregnant,” Hermione agreed. Harry nodded and offered her a small smile. She faced the portrait and said the password. Before she went inside she stopped. “Harry?”



He smiled. “Thanks”

She smiled and went back into the common room.

Harry decided to wait in the corridor for a bit to let Ginny calm down and collect his thoughts. He had lot of apologizing to do. After what seemed like an hour, Harry re-entered the common room. He avoided looking at anyone and was well aware that they were looking at him.

Harry paused before he entered his and Ginny’s room.

Quietly, he opened the door. Ron was sitting with Ginny on the bed, James between them. Ron was throwing a blanket over James’ head and quickly taking it off. James was laughing and babbling happily as he did this. Ginny was sitting cross legged with a hand on her stomach and smiling at her brother and son. Ron put the blanket over James’ head and he took it off. James laughed and looked away. He spotted Harry and reached out for him. The infant landed on his hands and knees on the bed, reaching a tiny arm out to him and smiling broadly. Both Ron and Ginny looked over at Harry. Ginny immediately turned away and Ron looked back and forth between them. He climbed off the bed and picked up James.

“Come on James. Let’s go play,” Ron said as he brushed past Harry with James in his arms. The door shut and he was alone with Ginny.

“Ginny,” he said softly. She didn’t reply. She moved to lay on the bed and rolled over with her back to him. He slowly approached her and sat on the edge of the bed. “Ginny.”

He heard her sigh.

“Are you going to be civil?”


She sat back up and looked at him. He could see her eyes were red and it was obvious that she had been crying. How could be make her cry?

“I’m sorry. I overreacted a bit,” he began.

“A bit!” she repeated. “More like you went over the deep end and kept on swimming!”

“All right, all right, look the point is, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean any of that stuff and I take it all back,” he added quickly.

“Why?” she asked.

He frowned. “Why what?”

“Why did you act like that?”


He stood up and paced the room, running his hand through his hair.

“Does this have to do with your nightmares?” she asked. Harry stopped and stared at her. She sighed and stood up.

“Harry, we’re safe here, you know that. Voldemort can’t get me or James or this baby. He wouldn’t dare try to get through the castle’s security especially with Dumbledore here,” she said. Harry knew she made sense and it was silly for him to worry like this, but he couldn’t help it.

“Maybe you should start those Occlumency lessons again,” she suggested.

“No. Not with Snape again,” he flat out refused. He had told her all about those sessions with Professor Snape and had refused to do them again. Even when everyone tried to convince him, he stood his ground and never went back.

“There must be someone else. Talk to Dumbledore about it. I’m sure there’s someone else you can work with here. I just can’t take seeing you like this, going barmy over these stupid nightmares and blowing up like you did,” Ginny begged.

He didn’t say anything even though he knew she was right.


Finally, he nodded. Ginny smiled and silence fell around them.

“Um,” he began, “look about earlier, this whole nightmare thing and not to mention I know that somehow this is going to get out to the papers really made me mad and I blew up. I really didn’t mean anything I said to you. I didn’t want to hurt you.”

She was silent for a while and smiled softly. “It’s all right. You’re forgiven.”

He knew he wasn’t totally forgiven but he’d make it up to her over time. He smiled softly and glanced down at her stomach.

“So, you’re pregnant again,” he said. Ginny nodded.

“I’m pregnant again,” she confirmed and he finally let the happiness of becoming a father again overtake him. He grinned and walked towards her, embracing her fiercely. When he let go, he softly kissed her and put his forehead against hers.

“We get to do this again then?” he asked. She nodded. “Good. I’m going to be here for you this time, I promise. Nothing is going to stop me from being with you.”

“That sounds great,” Ginny smiled at him and she kissed him. Harry put both hands on her waist and looked down at her flat stomach.

“How far are you?” he asked.

“About six weeks. The baby’s due in June, again,” she said. Harry smiled and began to talk in baby voice to her stomach, much like he had done before when she was pregnant with James. They were so involved with Harry talking to her stomach and Ginny laughing they didn’t notice the door opened.

“Sorry to interrupt,” they heard Hermione’s voice. They stopped at looked at the door. Hermione and Ron were standing in the door way, James in Ron’s arms. James reached out for his parents and Harry went over and took him.

“You two talk things through?” Ron asked. Harry nodded.

“You can revoke my title as Number One Prat,” he said.

Ron didn’t find it funny at all. In fact, at closer inspection Harry saw that something was troubling them.

“What’s wrong?” Ginny asked, joining them.

Hermione spoke up.

“Dumbledore’s office was broken into.”

Chapter 19: Chapter Seventeen, Part One
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Chapter Seventeen, Part One

The school was in shock. How could have someone broken into Professor Dumbledore’s office? It was impossible!

Searches were conducted in each dormitory in the school and students were offered a twenty galleon reward for any information about who had done it. The Headmaster’s office was found in shambles (which strongly reminded Harry of the time in his fifth year when he had gone on the warpath and trashed his office). Nothing was stolen but it was obvious someone was looking for something, but what?

Something else that the whole school was informed about was that Harry and Ginny were expecting their second child. They had no idea how the news had spread so fast, but they took it in stride and tried not to bring attention to themselves. However that was difficult with the way Harry was acting. He was treating Ginny like a fragile china doll that would break at the slightest touch and asking how she was feeling every five minutes. Ginny found it endearing and she knew he was trying to make up for lost time and for the argument in the common room. She also knew it was a matter of time before she blew up at him for it. Harry knew she was still angry with him for what he said and he wasn’t completely forgiven, (considering Ginny had forced him to sleep on the couch the night before and Harry had a strong feeling that he would be sleeping there again tonight). So, he decided to treat her like royalty, hoping it would help reinstate him and bring him back to her good side. Somehow he doubted it and decided that he might as well get used to the couch, for it was his bed for who knew how long. He hoped it wasn’t that long.

They had met the morning after they found out about the new baby with Professors Dumbledore and McGonagall (in McGonagall’s office) to discuss what they were going to do. Professor McGonagall was furious with them but Professor Dumbledore was cool and calm about it. It was decided that they would both stay in Hogwarts with James this time mainly because of the Rita Skeeter article and the possibility that Death Eaters would find out.

Another concern was exactly that: Death Eaters. Dark Magic activity was rising again. More and more attacks and disappearances were in the paper and it seemed to be the topic on everyone’s tongue (along with Harry and Ginny’s relationship). And with these attacks, Harry’s nightmares increased. After reading or hearing about the attacks he would see James and a pregnant Ginny in those attacks in his dreams and always ending the same way. Ginny had finally had enough and forced him to go see Professor Dumbledore about taking Occlumency lessons again. The Headmaster agreed and Harry was going to lessons with Professor Dumbledore three times a week for two weeks now.

It was breakfast once again. End of term exams were two weeks away along with the ball and a final trip to Hogsmeade was planned for that weekend. So everyone was making preparations for all three events. Sign up sheets had gone around finding out who was staying over the winter holiday and it wasn’t many. Many families had wanted their children to come home for the holidays with the increase in attacks and so only a handful of people were staying. Harry and Ginny were the only ones in Gryffindor who were staying. They saw this as a good thing: the whole tower to themselves and James. Ron had decided he wanted to stay but Hermione’s parents had invited him to come along with her, something that Ron had panicked about, but in the end he agreed. The Potters were happy about it. They really didn’t want James’ first Christmas to be spent with everyone and as much as Ginny would have loved to have her family around for the holidays, she was perfectly happy with just James and Harry.

Harry seized a plate of sausages and tipped some onto Ginny’s plate. She stared at him as he continued to pile every sort of food on the table on her plate. He had been doing that at every meal since they found out they were expecting again.

“Tuck in Ginny,” he said cheerfully to her and picked up a plate of kippers. Her plate was now rivaling Ron’s.

“Harry, I’m not that hungry to be honest with you,” Ginny protested. This seemed to have caused alarm to Harry. He looked at her in slight horror.

“Ginny, think of the baby, you don’t want it to starve do you? You need plenty to eat since you are eating for two now,” Harry began to chide her. Ginny sighed and crossed her arms.

“And you’re such an expert about it? I have done this before, you know, or are you keeping something from me? Merlin Harry! Were you pregnant before as well?”

Harry didn’t reply. He put the plate of kippers down, which Ron who was sitting directly across from him grabbed for himself, and began on his own breakfast. Ginny picked at the mountain of food on her plate finally offering most of it to Ron who took it gratefully and fished for a bottle for James.

The owl post arrived, swooping down on students throughout the Great Hall.

Ginny’s eyes had widened in fear as she watched Hedwig approaching them.

Two envelopes were in her beak; a regular one and a red one, which light wisps of smoke could be seen coming out of it as it got closer.

“Damn,” she muttered under her breath knowing that it was her mother’s response to her recent letter. She had tried to be causal about it, talking about class, Quidditch, James, and Harry. She had put in the last paragraph that she was pregnant again even though she knew it was the worse thing to do. Quickly, she muttered a Silencing Charm over James and propped the bottle up on a blanket so James could continue to have his breakfast.

Both envelopes dropped in front of Harry. Hedwig took a sip of his orange juice and strutted over to the carrier. She playfully nipped at James’ outstretched hand and he giggled, formula dripping out of his mouth. Hedwig was always affectionate with him. She hooted warmly at James and took off.

Everyone near by stared at the smoking Howler on the table in front of Harry.

Harry gulped, knowing that the Howler was from Molly. He picked it up. He slipped a finger under the flap and opened it.

Molly’s furious voice filled the room.

RONALD WEASLEY!” Ginny was shocked that it had said her brother’s name and not hers. “I HAVEN’T BEEN THIS OUTRAGED WITH YOU SINCE YOU STOLE THAT CAR!

Everyone was staring at Ron. Ron’s face had gone stark white and he was staring at the Howler in shock, obviously not knowing why he was getting one.



And with that, it burst into ashes and fell onto the table.

There was a very stunned silence that followed. Voices began to murmur and a few people were sniggering at Ron. The usual chatter replaced the silence and everyone went back to their breakfast and Ginny took the charm off of James. She pulled the bottle out his mouth and he immediately stuck his hand in his mouth.

Ron was still white. He was staring at the remains of the Howler in shock. He looked up and glared at Ginny.

“What did you tell her!” he demanded angrily.

“I didn’t say anything! I mentioned our matches and that I was back on the team that’s all,” Ginny argued.

“Then why does she know about me taking James flying?” he asked.

“I don’t know Ron! Stop asking me, all right!” Ginny shouted and picked up the other envelope which she had just realized it had her name on it.

Ignoring Ron, she opened the envelope and shook the letter open.

Dear Ginny,

I hope all is well with you, Harry, and James. Things are well here. Charlie is still recovering. The Healers think it would be best if he return to England with us so he can heal in peace. And before Ron asks about how I knew about him taking James on a broom, Charlie admitted to it just the other day under the influence of his medication. I sent Howlers to them all about it. I hope you gave Ron a good talking to. These boys!

Your father is with us right now. His work in China is over and he’s taking a nice long holiday with Charlie and me here in Romania until Christmas and then we will be heading for the Burrow again.

Well I must say I’m not too happy with you. Another child, Ginny what are you thinking? You’re only 16 and shouldn’t even have one let alone two. You should know how difficult it is to take care of an infant. What about your school work? How on earth are you going to manage things and especially next year? You have another year of school to go young lady. I haven’t a clue as to how you and Harry will manage two children under the age of two. However, I know that you and Harry are wonderful parents and it is your decision on what to do. Congratulations.

We’ll be picking up you and James on our way back to the Burrow after Christmas so you can have the baby at home again.

See you then.



Back to the Burrow? She read the line over and over again.

“What’s wrong?” Harry asked noticing her frown. Ginny silently handed the letter to him. He scanned it over and sighed. He reached over and took her hand then squeezed it.

“I’m not going. I can’t. It’s not safe,” she said, shaking her head.

“Hey,” Harry said, “hey come on. Don’t worry about it all right,” he tried. He saw people starting to go to class and decided to talk to her later about it. “Come on, let’s get to class.”

Ginny didn’t reply. She picked up her things and Harry took his bag and James in his carrier and joined their friends.

He walked her over the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom. He accidentally bumped into Draco Malfoy. He muttered an apologized and kept on walking. Harry frowned. There was something definitely going on. He waved it off and kept on walking with Ginny.

They entered the classroom where they found Remus was busy getting ready for his class. He glanced up and smiled at them. Harry set James on a desk and took Ginny’s book bag from her. He opened it for her and took out the materials she needed for class and set it on the desk.

“Sit down, love,” he said and attempted to help her to sit down. Ginny frowned as he did so. “Need anything else or are you going to be okay?” he said, smiling at her. Ginny smiled sweetly at him.

“Actually I do need your help. Why don’t you take my notes for me seeing as holding a quill is too heavy for me,” she said, her voice dripping with sarcasm. Harry frowned.

“I’m just looking out for you,” he said.

“I know,” Ginny sighed and slumped a little in her seat.

“Feeling all right?” he asked when he saw her sink in her seat.

“No Harry, I think I just went into labor,” she said in a mock serious tone.

“What!” he exclaimed and looked at her in horror.

“Oh relax! I was only joking. Besides, I’m only nine weeks in and no where near going into labor,” she said, rolling her eyes at him.

“There is early labor you know, it could happen,” Harry pointed out sternly.

“Hardly,” she huffed and felt sorry for it when she saw Harry’s hurt expression. “Honey, I’m all right I promise. If something’s wrong you’ll be the first to know.”

Harry smiled at her. He gave her and James a good bye kiss and left the room for his own class.

Ginny groaned. “I’m going to kill him.”

“Ginny, he’s just looking out for you,” she heard Remus say. Ginny looked up to see Remus standing in front of her.

“He was turning the pages in my Potions book last night because it’s too much exercise for me to do. I might injure myself and the baby, he said,” Ginny informed him.

Remus chuckled.

“He loves you very much and he wants to make up for what he missed,” Remus said. Ginny smiled.

“I know.”

Remus smiled at her and turned back to his desk and class began.

Harry had tried to keep his constant babying of Ginny to a minimal the rest of the day and Ginny was grateful for it, although he did insist that he walk her to every class. Ginny spotted him with James in the hallway after her last class talking quickly and quietly to Hermione. The moment she approached them they stopped talking and Harry swept her into the Great Hall. She had questioned him and he had told her that they were discussing an essay for Transfiguration. Ginny knew he was lying but didn’t press him any further.

After dinner, they both did some homework in their room together. Ginny decided to lie down for a few minutes and instead she fell fast asleep.

Harry watched her sleep for a few minutes, hoping that she really was sleep. He stood up and crept towards the bed. James let out a loud sound, telling Harry he wanted attention.

“Sh!” Harry quickly scolded and continued to walk towards the bed. James seemed to understand now that he had to be quiet and watched his father closely. Harry stood next the bed and said Ginny’s name aloud. She simply rolled over and went on sleeping. Harry smiled and went over to the crib.

“Come on James. We need to work on Mummy’s surprise and don’t you dare tell her what we’re up to either,” he whispered as he picked him up. Harry went out the door and carefully shut it before making his way into the common room.

“Where are you going?” Hermione asked. Harry paused to look at her. She was sitting in Ron’s lap on the sofa, both reading a book together.

“For a walk,” was Harry’s reply and he climbed out of the portrait hole with James.

He listened to James babble the whole time and endured him playing Pull Daddy’s Hair. He wondered when he would begin to talk and couldn’t wait to hear him say “Da da”.


James had tugged hard at Harry’s hair and Harry had enough of his game. He grabbed both of his hands and held them in place the rest of the way. He couldn’t wait for James to get out of this whole hair grabbing phase and he was sure it wasn’t going to be for a very long time.

Finally they reached the portrait with the bowl of fruit. Harry let go of James’ hands to reach up and tickle the pear.

James watched with interest as the pear laughed and a door handle appeared. Harry grasped it with his free hand and the painting swung open.

House elves were running back and forth all over the kitchen. They were putting the remains of dinner and desert away and cleaning up the large kitchen.

“Harry Potter sir!” a voice squeaked and something had nearly knocked him over. Harry was able to hold onto the wall for support with one arm while the other had tightened around James.

“Harry Potter has come to see Dobby!” the voice squeaked again. Harry looked down and smiled at the house elf. He wore a purple tie with lighting bolts going across it matched with pink shorts. He wore a pair of mismatched socks, one red with Christmas trees all over it and black one with bright yellow polka dots.

“Hello Dobby. How are you?” Harry said politely.

“Oh very well, sir! Professor Dumbledore has given Dobby a raise. Dobby gets four Knuts a week now!” he said proudly and smiled a large toothy grin. Harry returned the smile. James let out an impatient sound clearly showing he wanted attention from Harry.

Dobby seemed to have noticed the infant for the first time. His eyes went wide and his large ears perked up a bit.

“It is true then! Harry Potter has a son!” he squeaked and clapped a hand over his mouth.

“Yes, yes I do. Dobby, this is my son James,” Harry confirmed.

“Is it true that you married your Ginny Wheezy as well?” Dobby asked excitedly.

“Yes, Dobby, Ginny and I are married. In fact, that’s why I’m here. I need your help,” Harry said.

“Anything for you Harry Potter, sir! Dobby is at your service,” Dobby said and bowed low enough for the tip of his nose to touch the ground.

“Excellent,” Harry grinned and began to tell Dobby his plan.

Harry was happy that Dobby agreed to help him with his plan. He noticed that James had gotten heavy in his arms. He looked down and smiled. James’ head was on his shoulder, his eyes shut and one arm hanging limply. Harry placed a kiss on his forehead and brought his other arm to hold him more securely and rubbed his small back lightly.

“Best get that little one to bed,” the portrait of the Fat Lady in the Pink Dress said as Harry reached it.

“I will. Hinkypunk,.” he said and the portrait swung open and Harry climbed through.

“Where have you been?”

Harry was shocked to hear Molly’s voice. That was until he realized that the voice was Ginny’s. He looked up and saw her standing in front of him, arms crossed and a very angry look on her face. It was uncanny of how much she looked like her mother right then and there.

“We went for a walk so he would go to sleep,” Harry said. He felt James move and looked down to see that his son was awake and looking around sleepily. “Or he was at least,” he muttered and walked past Ginny and to their room.

Ginny was not satisfied with this. She went after him.

“So why didn’t you leave me a note then?” she asked hotly. When Harry entered the room he went straight to the dresser and looked for some pajamas for James, still ignoring Ginny. “I wake up and my son and husband are gone! No note, no nothing!”

“Ginny!” Harry paused in changing James, who had woken up and was yawning sleepily, into his pajamas. “I took him for a walk so he would sleep. I told Ron and Hermione where we were going. Didn’t you ask them?”

Ginny paused in her rage and looked sheepishly at him. “No . . .”

Harry smiled and finished dressing James. He picked him up. “Say good night to Mummy.”

“Good night sweetheart,” Ginny bent over and kissed James on his cheek, all her previous anger gone. Harry put James in his crib and the infant fell asleep quickly. Harry turned and looked at Ginny.

“Sorry. I over reacted,” she apologized. Harry smiled and pulled her into a hug. Ginny sighed and yawned.

“Looks like Mummy needs to go to bed as well,” Harry teased. Ginny playfully smacked his arm and went to change.

Harry sat back down at the table and continued with his homework. He watched Ginny get ready for bed and she slipped beneath the covers.

“Good night, love,” she said.

“Good night, sweetheart,” he replied and returned to his homework.

A thought crossed his mind and he looked over a Ginny who was snuggled beneath the sheets on their bed.


“Hmm,” was her sleepy response.

“Can I sleep in our bed tonight?” he asked, hoping she was would say yes. Ginny sat up and looked at him.

“Not a chance,” Ginny said and smiled sweetly at him. “Sweet dreams. I hope the sofa’s comfy for you tonight.”

And with that Ginny lay down again and left a pouting Harry staring at her.

* * * * *

As always, the castle was adorned in the most gorgeous Christmas decorations. Different colored fairies twinkled from the ceilings and the walls. Ivy and holly hung from ceilings and banisters. Enchanted mistletoe floated to and fro from time to time, catching unsuspecting students in the corridors. A few times it landed over James and a nearby girl would give him a kiss on his cheek. This didn’t please Ginny too much; she didn’t want her son to have a name for his self at the age of six months! Christmas trees lined the sides of the Great Hall, each different from the next. A tall Christmas tree stood behind the Head Table, decorated in gold ribbons and candles with a bright fairy on the very top. Every common room had their own Christmas tree as well, each decorated in the house colors and ornaments that had each house members name on it. Even James had his own in the Gryffindor common room.

Many students were crowding the Great Hall, all who were staying for the ball. Most of the first and second years had left before breakfast, leaving the rest of the school to join in the festivities. The remaining students at breakfast were busy discussing the ball that would take place that night, causing chaos and confusion among some groups of students.

Harry and Ginny were the only ones who were not busy making final touches on plans. Instead Harry had told Ginny to dress up and meet him later in the common room. This lead to Ginny becoming very curious as to what he had planned. She had noticed that he had been acting strange for the past two weeks and was often going to “study” with Hermione. She had tried to persuade Hermione to give her a hint but she stood her ground.

For the briefest moment Ginny thought that Harry was having an affair because she had banished him to the sofa. She had asked Harry this a week ago. She was sitting at the table in their room crying because Harry had left to meet Hermione. He had returned and immediately asked her what was wrong. Ginny bawled and said it was her fault he left her because she forced him onto the couch and she had forced him to see another woman. Harry (biting back a laugh at the absurdity of it all), reassured her nothing was going on and Hermione was only helping him with an assignment. Ginny realized how stupid she was being and allowed Harry to sleep in their bed that night.

Heads looked upwards as three tawny owls flew into the Great Hall a long package beneath them. The owl post had arrived earlier and as it was a Saturday, there was never much post; it was strange to see this late delivery.

Ginny was surprised when the owls landed in front of her and wanted to be rid of their burden. Ginny untied the package from them and they took off.

Heads were craning to see what was in the package. Ginny was puzzled herself. She glanced at Harry and noticed he was deliberately trying not to look at her. He was busying himself with feeding James and pretending he didn’t notice anything.

She opened the box and gasped.

A dozen white roses laid inside, tied together with a white ribbon. A piece of pink parchment was folded on top of them. She picked it up and read the note.

G is how gorgeous you are

I is for I love you

N is for never parting

N is for no one is better than you

Y is for the years ahead together

One rose for each month we’ve been married. All white to represent eternity which is how long our marriage will last. The past year has been the best of my life with your love and sharing life with you. I could never ask for something better and I wonder why I even deserve you. You are my everything and always will be. Happy Anniversary my love.

Ginny’s eyes were tearing up. She looked over at Harry and saw he was still not looking at her, but there was a clear flush in his cheeks. Ginny threw her arms around his neck, forcing him to look at her.

“Oh Harry!” she exclaimed and kissed him. “That was so sweet, even if the poem was a bit corny. Oh Harry, I love you!”

“I love you,” he said and they kissed again.

They were very aware of people staring at them, but neither cared. It was their anniversary and it was their day.

“Now, tell me what you have planned for us tonight?” Ginny asked innocently. Harry raised an eyebrow at her.

“Oh no you don’t. You’ll just have to wait and see,” Harry laughed and resumed feeding James.

She pouted and looked at James. “You’ll tell Mummy won’t you sweetheart?”

“Sorry, he’s sworn to secrecy,” Harry sighed, shaking his head at Ginny’s attempts to find out his plans for them. Ginny sighed and finally gave up. She’d try Hermione later.

Later that day, the Potters spend the day with Ron and Hermione outside. James was bundled up and had his first experience in the snow. Ron had borrowed a friend’s camera so that Harry and Ginny could capture the momentous event. James was fascinated with the white flakes falling from the sky. Tiny flakes of snow caught in his eyelashes as he looked up towards the sky as light snow fell and Ginny couldn’t help but snap a million picture of it. Harry and Ginny had made a snowman, James sitting on a small blanket with a Warming Charm on it. He helped his parents by grabbing small handfuls of snow and handing it to them happily. Once the snowman was complete, Ron had taken a picture of the happy family and their snowman.

In the late afternoon Gryffindor Tower was in pandemonium. Girls were running up the stairs and shutting themselves in their rooms to get ready for the ball. Boys were lounging around in the common room, wasting time until they were to get ready. Harry had shooed Ginny out of their room with James claiming he was wrapping Christmas presents for James and didn’t want him to see them. So Ginny found herself sitting on her old bed with her old roommates.

“He’s wrapping presents? James wouldn’t even know the difference would he?” Bridget asked.

“No he wouldn’t. But he was pulling out bags and wrapping paper, so I guess he is wrapping them. You wouldn’t believe how much he bought!” Ginny said. She held James up under his arms and let him stand on her legs. He bounced slightly up and down on his feet and Ginny hoped that this would help his legs get stronger. She had noticed him trying to hold himself on all fours and thought he might be crawling soon.

“How much did he spend?” Claire asked.

“Fifty galleons,” Ginny said. Her friends’ jaws dropped.

“You’re joking! But he’s only six months! What on earth does he need all those gifts for?” Claire asked.

Ginny sighed. “Harry wants to give him everything. He wants James to have the childhood he never had.”

“That’s understandable,” Melanie said and sat down on her bed. “I wonder how much he spent on you. It is your anniversary and Christmas is in five days.”

“I don’t need anything from him. I’m just happy to be with him,” Ginny said, meaning it, and James babbled to her. Ginny mimicked him and let him continue to stand on her legs. She smiled and kissed his forehead.

“So, Ginny,” Claire said and picked up her scarlet colored dress robes, “what are you wearing tonight?”

“Oh this white dress I have,” Ginny began and grinned wickedly, “and if things go the way I think they will, I’ll be wearing nothing by the end of the night.”

“Ginny!” they all exclaimed, shocked.

“What? I am married after all,” Ginny shrugged.

“But you’re pregnant,” Bridget pointed out.

“That doesn’t mean Harry and I can’t have a little fun,” Ginny said. “It didn’t stop us when I was pregnant with James. Besides, it helps with labor.”

“I don’t think I want to know how that helps labor,” Melanie shuddered. Ginny giggled. She lifted James off her legs and sat him on the floor. She slid down to the floor and sat with her back against the side of the bed and watched James. He fell forward onto his stomach and placed both hands on the ground and struggled to lift himself up.

“Are you going to help us get ready then?” Bridget asked and headed towards the washroom.

“Yeah, I’ll get my dress in a minute, then I promised Hermione I’d help her get ready as well,” Ginny said and watched James succeed in holding himself up with his hands as the rest of his body remained flat on the floor. “Good job sweetie!”

“He’ll be crawling soon, won’t he?” Melanie observed and smiled down at James.

“Yes and then we’ll be in trouble, especially when this one comes,” Ginny sighed and placed a hand on her stomach. “I have a feeling we’ll have our work cut out for us when this one arrives.”

Ginny smiled as James succeeded on holding himself up with two hands and one knee. He looked over and Ginny and made a noise at her then he fell down. Ginny sighed. “It’s okay James. You’ll get it soon enough.”

After watching James and chatting with her friends, she scooped James up into her arms and went down to her own dormitory and thought about the evening to come. Her outfit was perfect. It was the same white Muggle dress she had worn on her wedding day beneath her dress robes. She knew Harry would love it. She smiled to herself slightly as she remembered their wedding day.

Never in her life did she imagine that this would happen. She was marrying Harry Potter today, something she had always dreamed of but knew would never happen. Now, here she was at fifteen and marrying the Boy Who Lived. She sighed. It wouldn’t have happened if she had enough sense to stop herself that faithful night their child was conceived.

Her dress robes weren’t very fancy. They couldn’t wear wedding robes for fear of someone finding out about the secret ceremony. Instead, they were going to wear dress robes. Ginny’s was a soft blue color, simple and elegant, made of a light material that shimmered when she moved. She wore a white dress underneath it with a flower design embroidered in it and came up to just above her knees.

She adjusted the wreath in her hair. Molly had made her a wreath with white daises, tiger lilies, and freesias which came from a small garden her mother kept that was enchanted so that all the flowers would last year round. It had shocked Ginny that he mother had made it considering she wasn’t too happy with the circumstances. Nevertheless, Molly had said she wanted Ginny’s wedding to be as perfect as possible, but Ginny knew that wasn’t going to happen.

Ginny sat on her bed and sighed. She fiddled with a stray thread on her bed spread and waited, trying to forget her nervousness. She wondered what Harry was feeling? Did he even want to go through this? He had said he proposed because he loved her and wanted the best for her but Ginny couldn’t stop thinking that he was doing this because it was the right thing to do.

There was a knock on her door.

“Come in.”

Hermione and Molly walked in and smiled at her. Her mother was wearing dress robes of deep purple, trimmed with light purple and her hair piled up on top of her head in elegant curls. Hermione wore the dress robes she had at the Yule Ball in Ginny’s third year and had her hair in the same sleek twist.
“Oh Ginny, you look beautiful,” Molly breathed, tears in her eyes and rushed to her daughter.

“Thanks Mum,” Ginny muttered as Molly hugged her.

“Are you ready dear?” she asked and adjusted the wreath in Ginny’s hair.

“No,” Ginny replied. Molly smiled.

“Wedding day jitters. Every bride gets them,” Molly said.

“Harry has them bad,” Hermione said. Ginny looked at her.

“He does?” she asked, slightly shocked. Hermione nodded.

“I just checked up on him and Ron, and Harry has gone crazy. He wants everything to be perfect for you,” Hermione said. Ginny gave a small smile, still not convinced that he wanted to marry her out of love. Hermione must have noticed. Ginny had confided in her on the train earlier that day about her worries. She smiled and sat next to Ginny. “He really does love you Ginny. He doesn’t want anything to go wrong and he wants you to be happy.”

Hermione squeezed her hand and Ginny smiled.

There was another knock on the door and Arthur’s head poked in.

“Ginny, I’ve haven’t seen such a beautiful bride since I married your mother,” he said. Molly blushed.

“Oh Arthur,” she sighed and walked towards her husband. They shared a kiss and Arthur looked at Ginny.

“We’re ready. Come on Pumpkin and let’s get you married,” Arthur said. Ginny shakily stood up and slowly made her way towards the door. She was scared now. She didn’t want to go downstairs and face her brothers. When she had arrived home they hadn’t spoken a word to her or Harry. They simply glared at them and ignored their presence. When Harry and Ginny were whisked upstairs to get ready she heard her brothers arguing with her parents and Ron and she clearly heard them all say they wanted nothing to do with this.

“Harry’s already waiting for you downstairs with Professor Dumbledore,” Arthur said as he linked his arm with hers.

Harry was down there with her brothers. She couldn’t leave him alone like that.

“I’m ready Daddy,” she whispered. Arthur smiled fondly at her and they made their way down the stairs.

The scene was just what she had pictured. Harry and Ron were standing next to Professors Dumbledore and McGonagall. Harry wore the same dress robes he had at the Yule in his fourth year and Ron was wearing brand new dark blue robes. The rest of her brothers had gathered into a tight group and none of them were acknowledging that anything was going on. They hadn’t even bothered to change into anything nice. Molly and Hermione went to join the others and left Arthur and Ginny at the top of the stairs.

Slowly they descended the stairs, Ginny’s heart hammering in her chest. Each step she took was a step closer to a new fate, a new life, and there was no turning back. The ceremony wasn’t going to be the traditional wizard ceremony. It was going to be cut very short with only the Bonding Ceremony and the vows, nothing more.

Ginny eyes locked with Harry and she gasped. In the depths of seas of green she could see the love he had for her. She finally knew that he really was marrying because he loved her. She felt a thousand times better. They remained staring into each other’s eyes, neither one wanting to look anywhere else. And Ginny knew that this was right.

Before she knew it she was holding Harry’s hands and the Bonding Ceremony had already been cast without her knowing. Something warm was fluttering in her stomach and it quickly spread throughout her and it left as soon as it came.

Professor Dumbledore spoke.

“This bond is ever lasting and it has been proven to be a very deep and very true bond. Very few of these exist. You both have something very special here.”

Ginny glanced at Harry and found he was looking at her with a strange smile on his face. He squeezed her hands and she smiled.

“Do you, Harry, take Ginny to be your lawfully wedded wife? To have and to hold, for richer or for poorer, in good times and in bad, in sickness and health, til death do you part?”

Harry smiled. “I do.”

“Do you, Ginny, take Harry to be your lawfully wedded husband? To have and to hold, for richer or for poorer, in good times and in bad, in sickness and health, til death do you part?” Professor Dumbledore turned to her.

“I do,” Ginny breathed.

“The rings,” Professor Dumbledore said. Ron held out his hand where two gold rings were resting, one a thick band of gold and the other a thin band with a beautiful diamond sitting in the center of it. He handed them to Harry and Ginny, looking at them in awe. They were given instructions to exchange rings and waited for the finality of their marriage.

“I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride.”

Harry leaned down and gently pressed his lips against hers. When he pulled away, he had a huge grin on his face. He put his forehead against hers and whispered loud enough for her to hear, “I love you.”

“I love you,” she whispered back. She heard light clapping and some congratulations.

“Come on you two, smile for the camera!” she heard Ron’s voice said. They turned to come face to face with Ron, holding a camera in his hands. Harry slipped his arms around her waist and they both smiled. There was a flash and Ron’s wide grin appeared over the camera.

Her parents and Hermione hugged them both in turn along with Professor Dumbledore and McGonagall congratulating them.

“Won’t you stay for dinner?” Molly asked the teachers.

“Oh no thank you Molly, we must return to Hogwarts,” Professor Dumbledore kindly declined. He turned to the newlyweds. “Congratulations Mr. Potter, Mrs. Potter.”

Ginny blushed at the new name and couldn’t help but smile. The professors said goodbye and disappeared through the fireplace.

The newlyweds found themselves alone in the sitting room and Ginny was looking towards the kitchen in slight fear where she heard her mother setting up the table for the special dinner she planned. Harry squeezed her hand and nodded.

“We can do this. We are Gryffindors after all,” he said. Ginny nodded and they entered the kitchen together.

No sooner than an hour into a tense dinner in the Weasley kitchen, Ginny found herself in her room sobbing. Her brothers hated her; it was evident in the murderous glares and the shouting. They took turns yelling about how stupid she was and her life was ruined, neither of them bothering to lower their voice. She threw herself onto her pillow and cried into it, hating herself even more after she had come to terms with herself being pregnant.


Harry’s voice. She turned to look at him. He was sitting on the edge of the bed, looking at her with eyes full of concern. How many times had they been in this situation before in the past two months? It was always the same conversation each time. She didn’t want to talk. She sat up and he took her hand in his.

“Just hold me,” she whispered.

So he did.

Ginny didn’t know how long they had sat there in their dress robes, just holding each other, Ginny crying and Harry whispering everything would be all right. At some point she had stopped crying and the only sound was the wind outside her window.

Slowly, the door creaked opened. Molly came in, a tray in her hands, wearing her dressing gown.

“I brought the two of you something. I had made a cake and it wouldn’t be proper for the newlyweds not to have some,” she said, obviously trying to cheer them up. She set the tray on the desk and turned to look at them.

“Harry, I’ve very happy to have you part of my family now. I know they boys are a little, well, they aren’t exactly happy with all this, but I know they’ll turn around,” she said and smiled at him.

“Thanks Mrs. Weasley,” he said.

“I’m your mother-in-law now, Harry. Call me Molly,” she said. Ginny giggled softly at the blush in his cheeks.

“Molly,” he said shyly. She beamed at them and gave each of them a kiss on the cheek.

“Now, don’t you worry about that tray. Leave it here and I’ll pick it up in the morning. I know you two have, er, other things to do now that you’re married,” Molly said with a knowing smile and she left.

That last line had shocked them both as they stared at the closed door.

“She doesn’t expect us to, uh, well you know,” Harry said, turning to look at Ginny.

“Well it is our wedding night,” Ginny replied and stood up. “It wouldn’t be proper for newlyweds not to celebrate.” She removed her dress robes and neatly hung it on the back of a chair then retrieved the tray and set it on the bed next to Harry. She picked up a plate and a fork and began to eat it. She looked up and found Harry staring at her. “Something wrong?” she asked.

He shook his head and reached a hand towards her. He lifted a tendril of her hair and let it slip through his fingers. “Nothing’s wrong. Everything is perfect.”

He picked up a plate as well and they ate in silence.

“I love that dress you’re wearing,” he said after taking a bite.

“Thanks,” she blushed.

“You looked beautiful today,” he said, blushing himself.

“Really?” she asked shyly. He nodded.

“I mean you do look beautiful everyday, but today you were er . . . more beautiful,” he blurted out lamely. Ginny smiled. She leaned over and kissed his cheek.

“And you look handsome everyday as well,” she said. Harry grinned and silence fell once more.

They had finished their cake and the tea that Molly had left for them and found their selves standing awkwardly in front of each other.

“Are you sure about this?” he asked, his eyes glancing down at her stomach. Ginny sighed.

“Harry, you won’t hurt the baby,” she said. He nodded and continued to stand there. He leaned forward and kissed her, placing a hand tentatively on her waist. Ginny pulled away slightly.

“Harry, we have done this before,” she said, annoyed at his shyness.

“Yes but that was the only time. I’m no expert at this yet,” he replied. An impish grin crossed her face and she linked her hands behind his neck.

“Well, we can make you an expert now can’t we?” she whispered and kissed him passionately.

* * * * *

She felt someone stir next to her and for a few moments Ginny was confused. Who was sleeping in her bed next to her? She opened her eyes for a moment and blinked sleepily, then smiled. Harry was fast asleep next to her, his arms wrapped around her waist and holding her close. Dim morning light shone through her bedroom window and streaked across his face and his bare chest. Ginny suddenly realized that he wasn’t the only one without clothes. A light blush spread across her face. She lazily ran a hand across his chest and let it rest on his shoulder. She smiled at the sight of her wedding ring. She snuggled up to him and closed her eyes again, enjoying the feeling of sleeping in Harry’s arms.

“Let them be, Molly,” Ginny heard her father say softly.

“I am, Arthur. I’m just watching them,” Molly replied, just as softly then there was silence.

“They look so peaceful like that,” Molly sighed. “You can really tell they are in love, can’t you?”

“Yes, especially after seeing the Bonding Ceremony. I haven’t seen anything so strong,” Arthur replied.

“True love, that’s what it is,” Molly said. She sighed heavily. “I just can’t believe my baby girl is married and having her own baby. She’s just too young for all this, Arthur. Both of them are. I just don’t see how they are going to do this.”

“Molly, they are both very strong and very mature for their age. They’ve already been through so much. I know they can do this. Come on. Let them sleep. I’m sure they don’t want to face the angry mob downstairs quite yet.”

Ginny heard the door close. She went over her parents’ words in her head. She was scared of what the coming months held for her. She didn’t know what would happen, but as long as Harry was with her, she knew she could do this.

Harry was moving and Ginny opened her eyes. He was staring at her with a sleepily smile on his face.

“Good morning, Mrs. Potter,” he whispered. She smiled.

“Good morning to you too, Mr. Potter,” she replied and he kissed her softly.

“I’m not really up to the angry mob yet, are you?” he asked. Ginny blinked in surprise.

“You were awake?” she asked. He nodded and rolled over so that he was leaning over her.

“You didn’t answer my question though,” he said, bending down to kiss her neck. “Are you up to facing the mob yet?” he whispered in her ear and his breath made her shiver with pleasure.

“No,” was her reply and his mouth descended on her neck again. “I’m up to other things though.”

His mouth left her neck for a moment to whisper, “Me too.”

She giggled and thought to herself that she could get used to Harry waking her up like this every morning for the rest of her life.

Ginny had just about reached the door to her dormitory when it flew open and a figure was leaving.

“Don’t worry Harry. It’ll go great. She’ll love it!”

The figure just happened to be a girl with bushy hair and when she turned around she let out a surprised squeak and stared wide-eyed.

“Hi Ginny!” Hermione’s voice was oddly high pitched and loud.

“Hello,” Ginny said slowly. “What were you doing in our room?”

“No-nothing. You’re still coming up to help me get ready, aren’t you?” Hermione quickly changed the subject. Ginny eyed her for a moment and decided to grill her later.

“Yes. I’ll be there in about an hour,” Ginny said and reached for the doorknob. “See you then.”

Hermione quickly muttered a goodbye and took off. Ginny shook her head and went inside her room. Harry grinned at the sight of them.

“There’s my little guy!” he said and held out his arms for James. James held his arms out to Harry and Harry took him from Ginny. She watched as Harry went on to copy James’ babble and play with him. She wondered how a person such as Harry could have so much love and affection like he did for James with the way he lived as a child. He had told her stories of life with the Dursley’s, all which broke Ginny’s heart. She was surprised at how someone who was raised with no love, have so much like he did. He really was a wonderful father and such a natural at it.

Her thoughts were broke when Harry kissed her cheek. Ginny smiled at him.

“So, what was Hermione doing in here?” she asked casually and went to gather her things.

“Er . . . she was helping me with Potions,” Harry replied and put James in his crib and handed him a teddy bear.

“Really,” came Ginny’s reply and she glanced at the empty table where only her roses sat in a vase. “So where are your books?”

Harry froze and turned to look at her. She was heading for the washroom, looking casual and innocent.

“I put them away before you came in,” he tried to cover up. Ginny poked her head out the door and fixed a questioning look on him. Harry gulped nervously. After what seemed like an hour, she disappeared again.

“Funny,” he heard her voice, “I thought you were wrapping presents for James.”

“I . . . I was,” he replied. It was the truth. He had been wrapping presents for James but he was also putting the final touches on his surprise for her later on.

“So where are they?” Ginny had return, a small bag in her hand. She went over to the wardrobe and opened it.

“I hid them,” Harry said. Ginny smirked to herself and closed the wardrobe door.

“Right then. Well, I’m off. I’ll meet you in the common room at seven,” Ginny said and left the room with her belongings. Harry let out a slow breath when she left, thankful that she didn’t ask anything else. He wanted everything to be perfect and a surprise.

He glanced at James who was happily playing with his teddy bear. Harry walked over to the crib and smiled down at James.

“All right, time to get ready. First, let’s get you bathed and dressed,” Harry said and picked up James and went into the washroom.

He was just beginning to wash James’ hair when he heard the door open.

“Harry? You in here?” he heard Ron’s voice.

“In here!” he called and gently worked the shampoo in James’ hair.

“Hey mate,” Ron greeted him and leaned in the doorway.

“Hey Ron. Thanks for helping me ou – James, stop that!” Harry frowned as James kicked and splashed water. It slopped over the edge of the tub and went on to the floor and down Harry’s front. Harry sighed and continued to bathe his son

“You and baths just don’t mix, do you?” Ron chuckled. Harry shook his head.

“Snape and I mix better,” he said. After some more splashing and half of the bath water covering Harry and the washroom, Harry lifted James up and dried him off. “Let’s get you dressed and then Uncle Ron’s going to watch you while Daddy takes a shower.”

Harry took James back into the room and set him on the bed. He opened a drawer and retrieved the clothes he had hid from Ginny. The outfit included a white dress shirt, a light blue dress shorts, a light blue clip on bow tie, and a light blue Eton jacket. It took some time for Harry to dress James; he was rolling around and trying to play with Harry. Finally, Harry won and James was dressed.

He tied his left shoe and stood up straight. Smiling at his son, he picked him up and set him in his crib.

“All yours Ron,” Harry said and headed towards the washroom.

“Brilliant, now I can tell James all your little secrets. Let me tell you about the time your dad got caught snogging your mum,” Ron said in a mock evil voice and grinned at Harry. Harry rolled his eyes and went to take his shower, thinking of his plans.

Some time later, Ginny was beginning to get frustrated with Hermione. There she was, her hair let down and in curls and wearing a white dress with embroidered flowers on it that came to her knees and ready to celebrate her special day. But she was all dressed up and it seemed like she wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Hermione had been frantic ever since Ginny had arrived to help her get ready. She had torn the hem on her dress robes four times and Ginny had to repair them all. Then she had Ginny constantly change her make-up because it didn’t match her robes and it would look awful. Now she was destroying yet another hairstyle that Ginny had done and moaning about how awful her hair was.

“This is going to be the worst night of my life! Ron’s going to look horrible with me next to him!” Hermione pouted.

“Hermione will you pick a hairstyle already?” Ginny shouted, exasperated. She was very fed up with it all. It was strange for Hermione to worry about her looks and she didn’t remember her going barmy over it all at the Yule Ball her third year. She glanced up at Hermione’s clock. It was already past seven and Lavender and Parvati had left over half an hour ago. “I was supposed to meet Harry ten minutes ago!”

“Okay, okay. Just do that first one you did,” Hermione waved if off. Ginny glared at her and yanked her hair hard. “Ouch! Ginny!”

“Oops, sorry,” Ginny replied not sounding very apologetic. Hermione glared at her in the mirror and Ginny glared right back. “You know Hermione, it is my anniversary. I’m supposed to be spending time with my husband since that is what one does on their anniversary. But no, I can’t be doing that. I volunteered to help you get ready for this bloody ball and thought I’d be able to meet my husband on time, but I’m not because you’ve all the sudden decided to be some sort of girly girl who all the sudden cares about what she looks like. I seriously doubt that Ron is going to notice that one earring is just a tiny bit higher than the other. And, it’s not like you don’t have a boyfriend already let alone been with him for over a year and a half!”

Hermione was silent and made no sign of remorse and Ginny was sure she heard her mutter something about hot tempered pregnant witches. Ginny was very mad now. It was as if Hermione was purposely doing this to her. But the more she thought about it, the more it became clear to Ginny. She was doing this on purpose.

“What did he plan?” she demanded. “I mean why else would you be keeping me up here.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Hermione said a bit too innocently. Ginny narrowed her eyes and finished straightening Hermione’s hair.

“You do too know what’s going on, now tell me!” Ginny whined.

“No!” Hermione grinned evilly and looked smug. “You’ll have to be patient.”

Ginny stepped back and quickly put her shoes on, leaving Hermione’s hair half way done. Patience was not one of Ginny’s virtues. She finished putting on her shoes and made her way to the door only to be stopped by Hermione who had finished her hair with a wave of her wand and stood in front of the door.

“You’re not going anywhere yet,” Hermione said and before Ginny could respond, Hermione had opened the door and slammed it in Ginny’s face. Ginny grabbed the handle and tried to pull it open, but it didn’t budge. She pulled it a few more times to no avail. Ginny pulled out her wand.

“Alohomora!” she shouted and there was nothing. She tried a few other spells but nothing worked. She was stuck in the seventh year girls’ dormitory. Ginny kicked the door and yelped in pain. She slumped against the door and sighed. Her wedding anniversary and she was stuck in a room without her husband.

After a few moments Ginny found herself falling backwards. She gasped and grabbed the threshold with a hand. Somehow the door opened on its own. Before she could get locked in again, she scrambled to her feett and went down the stairs.

Ginny’s plan was to strangle Hermione and then celebrate with Harry but that changed when she heard soft music playing “Here Comes the Bride.”

Curious as to what was going on, Ginny slowed down her pace, a confused look on her face. The first thing she noticed that the lights in the common room when dimmer than usual and she figured out that the music was coming from there. She smiled when she saw Harry standing at the bottom of the stairs and smiling at her. He wore a Muggle tuxedo, with a dark green vest and a matching tie and it was apparent that he had tried to flatten his hair but it seemed to disagree with him.

“Hello gorgeous,” he greeted her and took her hand. He kissed it and smiled at her.

“Hi,” she replied and he led her away from the stairs. Ginny saw that their house mates were still there, all dressed for the ball and smiling at them. She looked at Harry. “What’s going on?”

“Well,” Harry said and brought her to the middle of the room, “a bride is suppose to be the center of attention on her wedding day. Now, since you did not benefit from that a year ago I thought it would be proper for you to have some of that attention.”

The music stopped and Harry smiled and then Ron’s voice said. “Ladies and gentlemen,” a new song began to play, “may I present to you Mr. and Mrs. Harry James Potter and their first dance as husband and wife.”

“May I have this dance?” Harry asked softly and Ginny nodded. He put one hand on her waist and she placed one on his shoulder. He took her other hand and they slowly began to dance to the song. It took her by surprise when Harry began to sing to her.

Always and forever
Each moment with you
Is just like a dream to me
That somehow came true, yeah

And I know tomorrow
Will still be the same
Cause we got a life of love
That won't ever change and

Ginny was amazed. She had never heard Harry sing and he wasn’t that bad. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he put both hands on her waist and pulled her close, his voice singing slowly in her ear.

Everyday love me your own special way
Melt all my heart away with a smile
Take time to tell me you really care
And we'll share tomorrow together
Ooh baby, I'll always love you forever.

Harry led her into a spin and pulled her close again, continuing to sing, and flashes from a camera going off somewhere.

Ever, ever, ever
There'll always be sunshine
When I look at you
It's something I can't explain
Just the things that you do
If you get lonely
Call me and take
A second to give to me
That magic you make and

Everyday love me your own special way
Melt all my heart away with a smile
Take time to tell me you really care
And we'll share tomorrow together
Ooh baby, I'll always love you forever.

He finished the song by singing out loud and leading her into another spin then pulled her back to him. They continued to dance and just as the song ended, he whispered to her, “Always and forever.”

Ginny was nearly in tears. She leaned up and softly kissed Harry and applause erupted in the common room.

“All right, all right, enough snogging,” Ron said, grinning at them and holding a camera. Harry kept an arm around Ginny’s waist and smiled at him. Hermione joined them, James in her arms. James had slowly regained Hermione’s trust once she employed the help of Ginny’s friends and he willingly went to her again. Ginny smiled at the outfit he wore and decided she definitely needed to get a picture of this and send it to her mother. “Before you two get on with whatever plans you have, we wanted to give you something.”

Ron held the camera he had all day out to Harry. He took the camera and looked up at Ron.

“We figured that since you two are such proud parents and go barmy over ever tiny thing James does, a camera would be good for you two to have so you can capture all those moments. I already started it off for you guys earlier.”

“Thanks Ron,” Harry grinned. Ron smiled back and Hermione walked up to them, James smiling at them and babbling softly.

“Well we all decided that we wanted to get the two of you something so we came up with this,” she held out a book to Ginny. It had a picture of them, taken the day of their wedding. It was their first kiss and one of the rare happy moments of that day. Ginny opened the book and saw messages from all their friends in it. She smiled and hugged Hermione, careful not to squish James in between them.

“Thank you. It’s wonderful,” she said.

The rest of their house mates came up to wish them a happy anniversary and leave for the ball and they found themselves alone in the common room.

“Ready?” Harry asked who was now holding James and bouncing him up and down in his arms after Ginny had gotten the chance to take pictures of James in his suit. Ginny nodded and they headed towards their room.

Ginny gasped when she entered it. The lights were dim and soft music was playing throughout the room. Two long candles were lit on the table joined by a fancy display of silverware and a chilled bottle of apple cider.

“Harry this looks beautiful!” Ginny beamed at him. Harry smiled back and leaned over to kiss her.

“I did have some help from Hermione and Dobby. I wanted everything to be perfect,” he explained.

“Just being here with you makes in perfect,” Ginny whispered and Harry leaned in to kiss her again.

James began to whine and reached out to Ginny. She took him from Harry and James and he automatically tried to latch onto Ginny through her dress. Ginny held him away from her.

“I’m sorry sweetie, Mummy can’t nurse you. Come on, let’s get a bottle instead,” Ginny said and went to feed James. Harry waited patiently as Ginny fed James a bottle and made sure that his plans were in place.

Half way through his bottle, James began to nod off. Ginny gently tugged the bottle out of his mouth and went to put him in his pajamas. Once she finished changing him she put him in his crib and frowned. A small package wrapped in silver paper was lying on his blankets. She picked it up and read the small tag on it.

“To Mummy, from James,” she read aloud.

“Imagine that,” Harry said from behind her. Ginny turned to see him smiling at her. “Looks like James got you a little present.”

“So he has. It’s amazing how he learned to write before he could walk and talk. We have a genius on our hands. Funny how much his writing looks like yours,” Ginny said.

“Like father, like son,” Harry said, looking rather smug and proud. Ginny rolled her eyes and tore the paper off the package. A long, thin velvet box was lying in her hands. She opened the box and her eyes widened. A heart shaped locket with her initials was hanging on a delicate silver chain. Ginny fumbled with the locket and opened it. On one side was a tiny picture of Harry and the other was of James.

“Oh Harry. . . .”

“Do you like it?” he asked. Ginny looked up at him and nodded.

“It’s gorgeous,” she said and hugged him. “Thank you.”

“Glad you like it,” he smiled down at her. Ginny smiled back.

“Wait here,” she said and took off. She pulled a large box out wrapped in white paper from her trunk and went to give it to Harry. “Happy anniversary.”

Harry took the box from her and took off the paper. He opened the box and it was his turn to be surprised. He pulled out the charcoal colored loak he had been looking at on the first trip to Hogsmeade that year. The sliver fastenings with shone brightly in the dim light of their room. He ran a hand underneath, feeling the warmth of the heavy material.

“Wow!” Harry’s fingers grazed over the fabric. “I love it! Thanks.”

Ginny smiled at him and marched towards the table. “Now I smell food and I’m hungry.”

Harry chuckled and gently laid the cloak on his trunk. “Can’t keep a pregnant witch hungry now can we?”

“Of course not,” Ginny agreed and took a seat at the table. Harry soon joined her and they enjoyed a delicious Italian meal.

After dinner, they had dessert and danced to the soft music in the room. As they danced, they found themselves drifting over to their bed. Ginny stared up into Harry’s eyes and began to unbutton his vest and undo his tie. She kissed him and turned around, wand in hand. She cast the necessary charms around James and the room and turned to face Harry again. He took her in his arms, kissing her passionately and slowly lowered her on to their bed.

Chapter 20: Chapter Seventeen, Part Two
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Chapter Seventeen, Part Two

Ginny was looking up at Harry, the sheets pulled up to her chest. Harry was propped up on one elbow, staring down at her, his free hand gently gliding across her stomach. He smiled and bent down to kiss her stomach then looked up at her.

“What do you reckon it is?” he asked, continuing to glide a hand across her stomach.

“I don’t know,” Ginny sighed, stretching her arms above her head. “What do you reckon it is?”

Harry thought about it for a moment. “A girl,” he said confidently.

“Really? And what would our little girl look like?” she asked. Harry kissed her stomach again and looked up.

“Just like her beautiful mother,” he said and through the darkness, he saw her blush.

“Well I think it’s a boy,” Ginny said matter-of-factly. “In fact I’m sure it’s a boy.”

“Confident are you,” Harry pulled himself up to lie next to her. “How do you know?”

Ginny turned on her side to face him. “I don’t know how to explain it, I just do. I felt the same way I did when I was pregnant with James. I just kind of always knew it would be a boy in the back of my mind and I feel like that again. Call it maternal instinct or something.”

“Well whatever it is, it’s ours,” he said, brushing a lock of hair out of her eyes. Ginny smiled back and her eyes lit up.

“I have a name picked out and it works for a boy and a girl,” she said excitedly.

“Oh? Well, what is it?” he asked.

“Bryce,” Ginny said and waited for Harry’s response.

He thought about it for a moment and smiled. “Bryce Potter. I like it.”

Ginny smiled and she suddenly frowned. “Harry?”


“What are we going to do when Bryce comes?” she asked. Harry smiled at her for referring to their unborn child by name then frowned at her question.

“What do you mean?” he asked. Ginny shifted a bit and sighed.

“How are we going to fit the four of us in my room at the Burrow? We could hardly fit all of James’ things as it was,” Ginny said.

“Well,” Harry began, “we’ll have to deal with it for a while. I’ll get a job and we’ll look for our own place.”

“Speaking of jobs, have you thought about that Quidditch offer?” Ginny asked, remembering that he promised to talk to her about it later.

“Oh well, I have given it some thought,” he began.

“Harry, it’s a wonderful opportunity and not to mention think of all that money you’ll make. We’d be able to buy a house right away,” Ginny beamed at him excitedly.

“Well about that, love, I don’t think I’ll take it,” he said. Ginny’s face fell.

“Why not?” she asked slightly disappointed.

“Sweetheart, it requires a lot of traveling. I don’t want to leave James and Bryce like that,” he said. “I don’t want to miss them growing up especially since you’ll still be here for a year.”

“So what will you do then?” she asked, placing a hand on her stomach.

“Work for the Ministry or something. Something that will allow me to spend time with the kids,” he said. Ginny did not look at all comforted by this. Harry sighed and wrapped his arms around her. “Don’t worry. We’ll be fine. We have enough gold to last us for a while without me working. I’ll get a job, we’ll get a house, and we’ll be a happy family.”

“What about being an Auror? You can still do that,” Ginny suggested.

“Love, that’s three years of training. That can wait until you’re done with school,” he said. He moved a hand to cover the one she had on her stomach. “What about you? What do you want to do?”

Ginny sighed. “I’ve thought about it a bit and I really want to be a Healer,” Ginny admitted. She laughed softly to herself. “Stupid isn’t it?”

“No, I think that’s brilliant,” Harry said and smiled. “Imagine my wife, the greatest Healer St. Mungo’s has ever seen."

“Harry, how am I going to be a Healer with raising two children at the same time?” she asked, her brow furrowed together.

“People have done it before haven’t they? I see no reason why you can’t,” Harry said. Ginny sighed and curled up next to Harry. He moved both arms around her and hugged her to himself. “We’ll see what the future brings, all right. First let’s concentrate on right now and see where things take us.”

Ginny merely nodded, her eyes closed now and feeling herself beginning to fall asleep.

“Happy anniversary Harry,” she muttered. Harry kissed the top of her head.

“Happy anniversary to you my love,” he whispered and let his eyes close. He felt Ginny’s heart beating against his chest and soon he fell asleep.

Chapter 21: Chapter Eighteen
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Chapter Eighteen

“Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way!”

A little bell was jingling along with the singing, though the bell was very off.

Ginny was confused as she woke up. Who was singing and who was jingling a bell at this time in the morning? She opened her eyes and looked groggily at the clock and saw it was a quarter past six in the morning. She groaned and buried her head into her pillow again. All she wanted to do was sleep and forget about everything else.

“Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh! Hey!”

Ginny sighed and slowly rolled over. Whoever was singing was about to get a Bat Bogey Hex for Christmas. Her eyes remained closed and she willed herself to sleep again, but it simply would not come. She sat up and blinked sleepily a few times then yawned and stretched her arms over her head. Ginny’s eyes scanned the room for signs of her husband and her eyes landed on the rocking chair in the corner. She smiled.

“A day or two ago, I’d thought I take ride and soon Miss Fannie Bright was seated by my side!”

Harry was sitting in the rocking chair, softly singing Christmas carols to their son while James sat in his lap, shaking a little bell on a string happily. Both were wearing their pajamas and Harry was donning a Saint Nicholas hat and with his eyes on James. James looked up and his eyes found Ginny. A huge smile broke out on his little face and he squealed happily, reaching out for her. Harry looked up and smiled as well.

“Good morning sunshine,” Ginny greeted her son and climbed out of bed. She walked towards them and took James from Harry. He shook the bell and babbled to her. “Are you enjoying your first Christmas?”

He jingled the bell enthusiastically.

“I’ll take that as a yes then,” she laughed and kissed Harry. “Morning.”

“Morning love. Happy Christmas,” he replied.

“Happy Christmas to you ad well. How long have you been up?” Ginny asked and settled herself on the ground where a pile of presents were strewn everywhere. She set James on the floor and he gazed at the brightly colored packages with interest.

“Not too long. He was already up when I woke up,” Harry said and sat down next to her. James had lost interest in the bell and was now trying to grab a large package. Harry stopped him and sat him in his lap. James reached out for another package, trying to wiggle his way out of Harry’s arms.

“Maybe we ought to start opening these before he gets to them all,” Harry suggested and grasped both of James’ hands together as he tried to grab something else. “They don’t all have your name on them, you know! Some of these are for your mum and dad.”

Ginny giggled. “Just like his Uncle Ron and Fred and George. Come to think of it, like all his uncles, save Percy.”

James began to whine and it was clear that he did not like his father keeping these new toys away from him. Ginny sighed and looked around. She spotted an oddly shaped present wrapped in blue paper with reindeer all over it.

“This is from Mummy and Daddy,” she said as she picked it up and placed it in front of James. Harry let him go and James immediately grasped onto the package. He patted his hands on it curiously, unsure of what it was or what to do. Harry reached over and tore the wrapping a bit to show James. He looked back at his father curiously and Harry made another tear.

“See, just like this James,” he said. James looked back at the present and tugged on a torn piece of paper. He was surprised when he was able to tear the paper even more and he made a happy sound. He put both hands on it and tried to rip the paper off just like Harry did. With help from his parents, James had finally opened the package which was a stuffed toy lion, thus receiving his first Christmas gift.

This process continued as the Potters opened their Christmas gifts. James had received toys of all sorts. Ron had given him a pop up book that showed a cartoon Quidditch game and an action figure set of the Chudley Cannons which Ginny immediately put up and out of James’ reach. That was definitely a toy to be played with when he was older. Hermione had given him a set of Muggle children’s books featuring fairy tales and other popular children’s books. Fred and George, whose gift Harry and Ginny had checked for hidden jokes before letting James near it, had sent him a large stuffed toy Snitch with wings and it really flew around the room. Percy and Penelope had sent him a small set of wizarding children’s books and a few Muggle ones. He must be properly educated in both worlds! said the note that came with it. Bill had sent him a pyramid-shaped box with different shaped holes in it. The object was for him to put the shapes in the right holes. Ginny was wary about the pointed top until Harry pointed out that a Charm was placed on it to make it safe and it easily twisted off to store and take the shapes out of it. Charlie had sent him a stuffed purple dragon with gold wings and gold spikes down its’ back and tail, and it gently flew in the air. Molly had knitted James his first Weasley jumper which was white and had a large black “J” on it. She had also sent several shirts that said phrases like “I love my Daddy!”, “I love my Mummy!”, and Harry’s favorite, “Baby Quidditch Star”. Arthur had sent him large Muggle toys that required assembly along with a Muggle tool box for Harry and Ginny. Ginny’s parents had also sent something for Harry and Ginny to use for James. It was a special carrier that changed from the carrier into a high chair and into a booster seat with a touch of the wand and also grew with the size of the baby. It could also easily shrink so it could be stored in a pocket and her parents had already specified James’ age on it so they could use it immediately.

Ginny watched her son open his next gift with Harry’s help. Once the wrapping paper was off, he opened the box and raised his eyebrows. He reached inside and held up a yellow rubber duck.

“What is that for and who is it from?” Ginny frowned at the item.

“Hermione and their Muggle toys,” Harry replied. Ginny took the duck from him.

“What is this?” she asked, looking it over in her hands.

“It’s a rubber duck,” Harry explained and handed James a brightly colored plastic boat that was inside the box.

“And what do you do with a rubber duck?” she asked. Harry smirked at her.

“You know your father asked me that once. In fact, it was the same day you put your elbow in the butter dish,” Harry said and took the duck from her and she glowered at him. He just had to bring that up again! “You play with it,” he continued, ignoring her glare, “in the bathtub, of course. It’s just for James to have a little fun in the bath when he gets older.”

“Oh,” Ginny was intrigued. She wondered why rubber ducks were never discussed in Muggle Studies before.

Ginny opened her next gift from Harry and raised an eyebrow at him as he pulled on his newest Weasley jumper over his pajamas. She lifted something red, short, and lacy out of the box.

“Who exactly did you have in mind when you bought this? You or me?” she asked. Harry looked at her and grinned.

“You and what you would look like in it,” Harry replied.

“Ah, so something for Mummy and Daddy to play with then,” Ginny said. Harry nodded.

“Right you are!” he grinned and opened his next gift. He also raised an eyebrow at his wife and lifted out a pair of sexy black silk boxers.

“Something else to play with, I presume. And who did you have in mind my dear wife?” he asked. She grinned.

“You and what you would look like in it,” she replied sweetly. Harry laughed and put it back in the box then leaned over and gave her a kiss. Ginny reached out for another gift for James. It was long and somewhat thin. She gave Harry a questioning look and noticed that he was not looking at her. Harry quickly helped James open it and shoved it to the side.

“All right, what’s next,” he said and reached for something else.

“Harry, what is that?” she indicated to the box he shoved aside.

“Nothing,” Harry quickly replied.

“Harry James Potter,” Ginny said with a slight angry tone to her voice. Harry didn’t respond and tried to hide the package from her. Ginny quickly crawled over to his other side, Harry failing to stop her, and seized it. She pulled back some wrapping paper that remained and glared at him.

“You bought him a broomstick!” she shouted angrily.

Harry cringed at the sound of her voice and faced his wife. She was glaring at him with a very unhappy look on her face.

“It’s just a toy!” Harry defended himself. “And it was on sale!”

“You couldn’t wait until he was at least a year old?” she asked.

“It’s only a toy Ginny, look,” he picked it up out of the box and pointed to the words “My First Broomstick” embedded on it. It was plastic and shaped like a Firebolt. Toy or not, Ginny was not happy with the gift.

“He is six months old!” she said and grabbed the box. “And it says for ages one year and up, not six months!”

“He can still ride it; we just have to keep a close eye on him,” Harry continued to defend his gift.

“He can’t even crawl yet let alone ride a broom! Have you any sense at all?” she shouted and threatened to thump him over the head with the toy. “I can’t believe you bought him something like this! He’s only a baby, Harry. You couldn’t just stick with toy animals and baby gifts, oh no, you just had to go and buy him something that he can’t even use until after he learns how to walk properly. But you just had to do that didn’t you, Harry!”

“Well pardon me for wanting to teach my son to fly and give him a toy broomstick,” Harry muttered and looked at James, crossing his arms.

“He’s six months, not six years! He can’t crawl!” Ginny continued to shout at him. But Harry wasn’t paying attention. He was staring at James in shock.

“You better rethink that, love. Look,” he motioned towards James. She looked and gasped.

James was crawling unsteadily towards the stuffed toy dragon. He fell down and tried to pick himself up again to continue in his journey.

“Get the camera,” Ginny cried and Harry scrambled to his feet quickly to fetch it. He returned and began to snap pictures of James crawling. James stopped when he reached the dragon and sat down. He grabbed it and began to chew on its’ ear.

“He can crawl! Oh my little angel!” Ginny cried. She stood up and picked up James, the dragon in his arms. “Oh, Mummy’s so proud of you!”

She kissed him repeatedly and beamed at him proudly. James smiled at her and continued to chew on the dragon’s ear.

“That’s my boy!” Harry grinned. “Now you can ride your toy broomstick!”

Ginny glared at her husband and set James down.

“Not a chance. That can wait until his first birthday,” she snapped at Harry.

“Come on love, he deserves something for this. He can crawl now, that’s something to reward and that toy broomstick should be it,” Harry tried to convince her. Ginny stared at him for a few moments. Harry gave her a winning smile and hoped she would give in.

“Nice try,” she said. She picked up the broom and hid it in at the bottom of her trunk. Ginny turned to took at Harry who was pouting at her. “He can have some Christmas pudding tonight if we can get him to eat it instead.”

Harry sighed and sat next to James.

“Mummy’s mean isn’t she,” he muttered to him. James looked up at Harry innocently and Ginny glared.

“Well, if you insist that Mummy is so mean, I guess Daddy won’t be getting a Christmas gift later tonight,” Ginny said as she sat back down. She picked up a gift and helped James opened it. Harry sighed and they continued to open Christmas gifts.

Once all the gifts were opened and the Potters were donning their Weasley jumpers, they went down for breakfast. Only a handful of students had stayed so there was only one table in the Great Hall along with the staff table. Harry and Ginny enjoyed a nice, long breakfast while James sat in the high chair that Harry transformed from the new carrier, and feasted on a warm bottle. This was something else for his parents to be proud about for James was partially holding the bottle by himself! They spent half of the morning out in the snow, letting James play and engaging in their own snowball fight while James giggled in delight at his parents. The rest of the morning was spent in their room. Harry had tried to assemble some of the toys Arthur had sent while Ginny sat with James on the ground and let him crawl around.

“Ouch!” Harry cried and dropped the two plastic pieces he was holding.

Ginny looked up her husband while James sat in her lap playing with the pyramid that Bill had given him, or rather banging the shapes on the sides. Harry glared at the Muggle toy he was trying to put together. It was a plastic activity gym set that had a swing and a slide which was more for infants older than James, but Harry figured he’d put it together anyways since Ginny wouldn’t let James have the toy broomstick. At least that was already assembled and didn’t require him to pinch his fingers between pieces and have complicated instructions. But of course, Ginny wouldn’t let James have the broom. Harry shook his head and continued to work.

“Blasted thing,” he muttered and tried to put it together again.

Ginny giggled and looked back at James as he tried to force a triangle into the circle slot. She gently pulled it away from him and showed him where it went, then opened the top and gave the shape back to him. James took it, stared at it for moment and tried to force it into the square slot. James had soon given up with the shapes and crawled out of his mother’s lap. He sat next to the stuffed lion he received and began to play with that instead.

Harry threw down a piece angrily and sat up.

“Bugger it! I’ll finish this later,” he said and stood up. Harry glanced at the clock and saw that lunch was nearly over. “How about we go down for lunch?”

Ginny agreed and he offered her a hand. Harry pulled her to her feet and picked up James who didn’t want to let go of the lion. So allowing him to take the toy with him, they gathered his bag and the new carrier, which Ginny slipped in her pocket, and went down to lunch. They just stepped out of the portrait hole when they ran into three red heads half way down the corridor.

“There you are!” Molly beamed at them. Her eyes landed on James and a huge smile broke out on her face. “Look at my little grandson! Oh, he’s gotten so big! Come to Grandmum sweetie,” she whisked James out of Harry’s arms and began to kiss her grandson, the lion still clutched in his arms.

“Mum, Dad, Charlie, what are you all doing here?” Ginny asked as Arthur hugged her tightly, slightly confused to see part of her family there in the corridor.

“We wanted to spend at least some of Christmas with you three not to mention I wanted to see my grandson!” Molly explained as she cooed over James and looked up at Ginny. “How are you and the baby?”

“We’re well Mum. Bryce is fine,” Ginny said as she stepped out of a hug from Charlie.

“Bryce?” Charlie asked. Ginny nodded.

“It’s the new baby’s name. Works for a boy or girl,” Harry explained.

“It’s lovely,” Molly commented, kissing James again. James did not seem happy with being smothered with kisses like this. Only Ginny could get away with that.

“Would you like to join us for lunch? We were on our way down,” Harry offered. The others agreed and the five of them made their way downstairs, with James being handed off between relatives before he finally reached his father’s arms again. He clung tightly, Harry noticed, to the front of his father’s jumper.

Lunch was filled with catching up and Molly fussing over James. Molly had wanted to feed James a jar of baby food and it was a very unsuccessful attempt. He was diligent in keeping his mouth shut and pulling away from the spoon, glancing at his mother for help. Ginny had finally taken over and patiently fed James his lunch which he happily took. Molly looked disappointed.

“He doesn’t usually eat when others try to feed him. He’ll only eat from Harry and me. He won’t even let Ron give him a bottle most of the time. Hermione has a hard time giving him a bottle when she watches him as well,” Ginny tried to explain as James took another spoonful of mashed peas.

“Oh I understand dear. You and your brothers were just the same. I just wanted to give you a little break from feeding him,” Molly said, watching her daughter. “I know how tiring it is taking care of a baby and all, and well, since you also have your school work to attend to, I’d thought I’d give you and Harry a bit of a break by feeding him his lunch.”

“Mum, we have things under control,” Ginny said, smiling at James as she fed him.

“I know you do. Well, don’t worry dear, I’ll help you out when we get back to the Burrow tonight,” Molly smiled and patted her arm reassuringly. Ginny froze momentarily and glanced at Harry who was sitting across from her. He paused in his conversation with Charlie and looked at her and then at Molly. They had asked Professors Dumbledore and McGonagall not to talk to Molly and Arthur about Ginny and James staying at Hogwarts. They wanted to do it themselves. Ginny knew her mother would try to do everything she could to take Ginny and James back.

Ginny took a deep breath and braced herself.

“Actually Mum, you won’t be,” Ginny said slowly. Everyone was looking at her and Harry now.

“Well you can’t expect to look after James, do your school work, and take care of yourself and the baby all at the same time,” Molly said.

“I won’t be. Harry’s here to help me,” Ginny replied and fed James some more.

“How? He’s going to be here and you’ll be at the Burrow,” Molly said, confused.

“We’ll both be here Mum. I’m not going to the Burrow and neither is James,” Ginny finally said. Silence fell around them all except for the scraping of the spoon as Ginny scooped out more baby food for James.

“What do you mean you’ll be here? I thought you were coming back with us like last time,” Molly said looking at her daughter in confusion.

Ginny sighed and put the jar down. She reached for a napkin to wipe off James’ mouth. Harry reached across the table and took Ginny’s hand. She felt better with him holding her hand and it gave her courage that she didn’t have before.

“We discussed it with Professors Dumbledore and McGonagall and both Harry and I feel the same. I can’t go back. It isn’t safe for any of us to go back. After that article came out, everyone knows about James and that we’re married, and not to mention all those Death Eater attacks that have been going on, it just isn’t safe. Hogwarts is the safest place for all of us right now and the last thing I want to do is put my children in danger. I want James and Bryce to be safe,” Ginny tried to explain. She hoped her mother would understand their reasons and not put up a fight with her. But, Ginny knew her mother and prepared herself for a gigantic row with Molly.

Molly looked over at Arthur and they seemed to be talking with their eyes. Charlie was looking between Molly and Ginny, keeping his mouth shut. Harry squeezed Ginny’s hand gently and she gave him a grateful look.

“Well,” Molly began, bringing Ginny’s attention back to her. “I understand.”

“You do?” Harry and Ginny exclaimed in both shock and relief. Molly nodded.

“This is the best thing for you all,” Molly said and smiled gently at them both. “I don’t want to put any of you in danger and if staying here is the safest place then that’s where you shall stay.”

“I’m glad you understand,” Ginny smiled and hugged her mother. The two pulled away from each other and Ginny felt relieved.

Lunch continued and afterwards they went up to the Gryffindor common room. Arthur immediately jumped into helping Harry assembly the Muggle toys for James, a bit too enthusiastic about it. Harry was just grateful for the help. Charlie helped out as well, reading off instructions and trying to figure out exactly how to put the toys together. Molly and Ginny sat on the sofa, watching the men with James sitting in Ginny’s lap. He squirmed around and Ginny set him on the floor and he immediately began to crawl towards a small pile of his stuffed toys.

“He’s crawling! Oh my!” Molly exclaimed excitedly. “He’s a bit early isn’t he? None of you started crawling until you were at least eight months and the twins skipped it entirely! They went straight into walking and from then on there was no stopping them!”

Ginny had a proud motherly look on her face.

“Yes, he is. He did it this morning and believe me, Harry and I were surprised,” Ginny explained, watching James lovingly.

“Yeah, and you still won’t let him have his present for it!” Harry called over his shoulder. Ginny turned to look at him and glared.

“He’s too young and don’t you dare bring that up again or else you won’t be sleeping on this sofa; you’ll be sleeping in the dungeons,” Ginny shot back.

Harry stared back at her. “Come on Ginny. At least don’t hide it from him,” he begged.

“Ah yes, well you can forget about seeing me in anything red and lacy as well,” Ginny shot back and turned around. Molly gave her an amused look while Arthur raised his eyebrows at Harry. Charlie was softly sniggering and shaking his head at Harry. Harry turned back to the Muggle toys, his face red and kept silent about toy broomsticks.

Ginny smirked and resumed her conversation with her mother. Ginny was telling Molly about their anniversary when she looked over to see what James was up to. She spotted James and saw that he was curled up on the floor, his eyes closed, and falling asleep.

“Too much excitement for him I guess,” she sighed and stood up. “Excuse me Mum for a minute. I need to put James down for his nap.”

Ginny picked him up and set him in his crib. She leaned over and placed a kiss on his cheek and placed a Silencing Charm around his crib. Ginny made sure he was tucked in and warm and returned to her mother. Molly was smiling at her.

“What?” Ginny asked, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

“I’m impressed,” Molly said. “You’re doing a wonderful job and I’m sure you’ll do just as well with this next one.”

Ginny blushed slightly, placing a hand on her stomach. “Thanks Mum.”

Molly smiled and they began to talk again.

James slept for nearly two hours and was very cranky when he woke up. Ginny was able to give him a bottle and allowed him to play on the floor. Around this time, Harry, Arthur, and Charlie had finished putting the Muggle toys together. The three of them stood and admired their work, obviously proud of their recent accomplishments. Harry went to pick up James and sat him on the top of a small slide of an activity gym set.

“Okay, come on James. Come to Daddy,” Harry cajoled as he stood at the bottom of it. James looked up at Harry, puzzled as to what his father wanted him to do. Charlie gave him a little push, which took the infant by surprise as he slid down the slide and into his father’s arms. James struggled to be let go and Harry put him on the floor, trying to direct him to the gym set. But James had his own ideas and crawled towards the large square box that the pieces of the set came in. He went inside it and cooed happily and looked at his father.

“Figures, as soon as I put the thing together, he plays with the box,” Harry sighed as he watched James crawl out of the box and back into it. He tried to coax James into playing with the toys but it was hopeless for clearly the boxes were much more fun to play with.

Charlie had talked Harry into going flying and Harry agreed. Ginny, Molly, and Arthur decided to come along to watch them. Ginny bundled up James in warm clothes before they departed once more into the snow. They sat in the stands as Harry and Charlie raced each other across the pitch, doing dives and fancy swoops in the air. Everything was fine until Harry came to collect James from Ginny and, to her horror he took off in the air with James in his arms. Granted, Harry didn’t go fast and he didn’t fly very high, but it was enough for Ginny to shriek at him about how much danger he just put James into and how irresponsible he had been. She calmed down after Arthur had told her when he had taken them all out for their first broom ride when they were around James’ age, but that still didn’t make Ginny happy with what Harry did.

The Weasleys stayed for Christmas dinner and dessert, where James had his first try at Christmas pudding and it ended up all over Harry instead. Soon after, they left and the Potters were alone again.

Much later on that night, long after James had gone to sleep, Harry climbed into bed, exhausted from the day’s events. He sat back and watched the washroom door where Ginny was currently taking a shower. She seemed calmer about the whole broom incident but he wasn’t very sure about it. He wasn’t too keen on the idea of sleeping in the dungeons. He was walking on thin ice and he knew that the ice was close to cracking completely.

The door opened and Ginny stepped out, wearing a long blue terrycloth dressing gown that Hermione had given her for Christmas that day.

“Hello darling,” Harry greeted her. She simply stared at him and turned away to finish getting ready for bed. He sighed.

“So you’re still mad at me?” he asked.

Ginny turned again and put her hands on her hips.

“Yes,” she snapped and walked towards him and Harry felt a long lecture coming on.

“I’m really, really, really sorry. It was stupid mistake, but I really wanted to take him flying and it just seemed perfect with it being Christmas and all,” Harry quickly said before she could open her mouth.

“Oh I know that, seeing as you bought him a toy broomstick,” she said and rolled her eyes at him. She held up her hands in defeat and turned away from him. Harry sank beneath the blankets, trying to memorize the warmth of their bed before she would send him down to the dungeons.

“However,” she said and turned back towards him, “I believe you can make it up to me.”

Harry eyed her suspiciously. “How so?”

Ginny simply smiled and untied her dressing gown.

Harry’s jaw dropped and his eyes widened at the sight of his wife.

Apparently the short red lacy thing he bought her looked much better on her than he first thought.

* * * * * *

A blizzard had broken out on New Year’s Eve, causing the castle to be chiller than ever and forcing all the remaining occupants to stay inside the castle. The corridors were much darker and every fireplace was lit up with warm flames, trying to bring warmth and light to the large castle. As the snow fell and the wind blew outside, life went on within the castle.

Harry and Ginny were sitting on a sofa in the common room, snuggling up in front of a warm fire and relaxing in the quietness. James was sleeping soundly in his playpen, down for his afternoon nap and his parents took the time to simply enjoy each other’s company.

Ginny shifted in Harry’s arms and he tightened his hold on her as the fire blazed on. They wished they could spend all their time like this in peace and quiet with no one around, but they knew that wouldn’t happen. In a few days, the rest of the school would return from the holiday break and life would be back to normal.

Harry gently turned Ginny’s face to look at him and he looked into her eyes for a few moments before leaning in and kissing her softly on her lips. Ginny relaxed in his arms and Harry felt her smile against his lips. She responded to the kiss, parting her lips slightly to allow Harry access to her mouth, which he took. Ginny twisted so that she was sitting in his lap, her arms around his neck and his around her waist. As their kisses deepened, Harry silently hoped that James would take a longer nap and was very glad that he could make the most of the time he had left alone with Ginny.

But that ended all too soon when the portrait hole swung opened and students began to pile in noisily.

The couple pulled apart and Ginny quickly waved her wand at James to cast a Silencing Charm that allowed them to hear him only around the crib and looked at Harry. He shrugged and frowned at the steady flow of students. All of the plans he had wanted to do with Ginny were thrown out the window.

“Harry! Ginny!”

Ron was pushing through the crowd of students, Hermione behind him.

“What’s going on? Why is everyone here early?” Ginny asked once they reached them. They both shrugged.

“No idea. Everyone was sent Portkeys this morning and a letter saying to pack our things so we could come back here in shifts. They told everyone to go straight to their common rooms and stay there,” Ron shrugged.
“I wonder what happened,” Ginny frowned.

“I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough,” Hermione mused aloud. Putting it aside, they began to talk about their holidays so far as more students piled in. Ron gave Harry a high-five when they told him about Harry taking James flying for the first time. Hermione gave him a disapproving look but said nothing about it. Ron told them about his time with Hermione and her parents and how he had suddenly become a fumbling idiot in front of them, which Ginny pointed out, was nothing different for him.

“Very funny Ginny,” Ron scowled at her.

“You can’t hide from the truth Ron,” Ginny replied. “Face it, you’re a fumbling idiot. Always have been, always will be.”

“Ha! Shows what you know. I was no where near a fumbling idiot at the ball!” Ron said, looking smug and lifting his head defiantly.

Hermione rolled her eyes at him. “Yes Ron, except when it came to the dance floor. You know my feet still haven’t recovered from that.”

Harry chuckled as Ron’s face turned red.

“Oh, you never told us about the ball,” Ginny suddenly remembered.

“Only because you and Harry were a bit . . . busy to hear about it,” Ron commented smiling knowingly at Harry and Ginny. Ginny rolled her eyes, a slight pink color coming to her cheeks. Ron should have known better than to barge in on them the morning after the ball. Thankfully, the blankets were covering them and all they were doing was kissing, though Harry’s hands had been roaming.

“Any way, Hermione, tell me about the ball,” Ginny said and looked at Hermione who immediately went into details about all the couples and who was wearing what and so on and so forth.

“Did Malfoy look like a vicar again?” Harry asked, remembering the last Yule Ball.

“You know, I don’t think he was there,” Ron said, frowning slightly.

“He wasn’t? I thought he would be showing off as usual,” Harry said.

“I don’t remember seeing him. He would have been with Crabbe and Goyle the whole time, but I don’t think he was there at all,” Hermione said, her brows knitted together. “Oh! Wait! I think he left before the ball with the others who weren’t attending. I don’t remember seeing him at breakfast the day of the ball either.”

“That’s odd,” Ginny said, frowning. The others nodded.

“Probably had a Junior Death Eater party to attend to,” Ron muttered. They launched into different reasons why Malfoy didn’t attend the ball when the portrait hole opened again and Professor McGonagall stepped inside. The chatter quickly vanished and all eyes were on their head of house.

James had perfect timing. He wailed loudly, announcing that he was awake and grumpy. Harry quickly stood up and scooped him into his arms and soothed him. He muttered an apology and returned to his seat next to Ginny with James in his arms.

“I have some news for you all,” Professor McGonagall began. “Last night, there were several attacks on students and their families.”

There was a collective gasp from the students. Harry tightened his hold on James and Ginny placed a protective hand on her stomach.

Professor McGonagall’s eyes swept over the crowd of students and landed on Neville.

“Fortunately, none of our students have been killed, however some of their family members have,” her eyes flickered over to Neville again. Harry turned and took a good look at him. His face was pale and he was staring down at the floor. His fists were clenched tightly and Harry could tell he was struggling with his emotions at the moment.

“You will spend the rest of your holidays here and time spent outside the grounds is prohibited until the wards are improved which is expected to be done by the end of the week,” Professor McGonagall continued. Her face looked calm, yet there was hint of sorrow and fear. There was no doubt that through the strength she showed, she was frightened for the safety of her students. “I urge you all to take great caution. I believe that the worst is soon to come.”

And with that, she left.

The room filled with hushed whispers. Harry glanced at Neville and saw that he was headed for the boys’ stairs. He stood up and handed James to Ginny before he went towards the staircase.

“Neville!” he called. He stopped and looked at Harry, and Harry saw that his eyes red. “Are you all right?”

Neville shook his head gravely. “Gran was all I had left.”

“I’m so sorry Neville,” Harry said, truly feeling the heartbreak of his friend.

“It was her Harry. She did it. First my parents and then my Gran,” he went on, his voice soft and tears threatening to fall from his eyes. He looked at Harry with a hard determined look. “I’ll get her. She will pay for it, all of it!”

Neville hurried up the stairs and Harry heard the door slam.

Harry knew who “she” was. It was Bellatrix Lestrange. He sighed and made his way back to the others and informed them.

“Poor thing,” Hermione sighed and looked at the stairs. The others muttered their agreement. Harry glanced at Ginny and James and had a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach.

He wasn’t sure that his family was as safe as he thought they were.

Chapter 22: Interlude
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As students slept safe and warm in their beds within the walls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, a meeting was taking place in the middle of the ocean in the dead of the night. No one was aware that one of the students was missing and taking part of this secret meeting. They didn’t know that they were forced out of their beds to take part in this meeting and that it had been going on for weeks. They didn’t know that one of their own had been taken during a lone walk about the grounds, or that they were forced to do the dirty work of the Death Eaters. They didn’t dare speak a word for fear of what others would do. They did not want to do it, they fought to be let go, to be killed before doing it, but there was nothing they could do. They were in the clutches of Voldemort and his supporters.

Screams echoed throughout the chamber beneath the old shack on the island. The Death Eaters were gathered around their master as a figure twisted about on the ground and one of their own held the wand that caused the figure to be in such intense pain. The bitter winter wind that howled around the shack somehow found its’ way down to the stone room. The coldness of the air around them caused them to shiver and pull their cloaks closer and the fire that burned added little warmth to the room. But the Death Eaters did not care, for they were thoroughly enjoying the figure writher on the ground and scream in pain.

Voldemort watched the figure as the torture continued. He was a very happy man. His plan was working just as he thought it would, even though there were some changes. It would have been much easier if his spy was more willing to help to begin with, nonetheless, the use of the Imperious Curse did take care of that problem. Still, his spy was not so willing to take part in the next phase of it and they needed a bit of convincing.

His spy let out a blood curdling scream from the effects of the Cruciatus Curse as it continued to be placed on them, but it was now getting to be tiring and rather annoying.

“That’s enough,” Voldemort ordered and the Death Eater lifted his wand. The spy stayed on the ground, panting out of breath and sweating.

“You will do as I say,” Voldemort said. The spy looked up and glared at him.


“I see that one round isn’t working. Take care of him,” Voldemort ordered the same Death Eater who was casting the curse before.

Crucio!” The Death Eater shouted and the spy withered in pain on the cold ground and screamed. He let this continue for a few minutes before he stopped the Death Eater. The spy shaky lifted himself off the ground and looked at Voldemort.

“I won’t do it,” they said.

The Death Eater who had been putting the Cruciatus Curse on the spy lifted his wand once more in eagerness.

“No,” Voldemort stopped him and looked at the spy. “I have other ways to make you do what I want you to do. Crabbe! Goyle! You know what to do!”

The two biggest and burliest of the Death Eaters seized the spy and dragged them out of the chamber.

Voldemort sank into his chair and stared into the fire. Despite his spy’s uncooperativeness, the news the spy brought was very good and he had enjoyed getting the information out of him.

Potter’s wife was pregnant.

“This has not gone as I planned. Potter is blocking me from his mind once more. Things will be more difficult, but with this change I believe that things will be much smoother for us,” he addressed his servants.

He looked around the circle of Death Eaters surrounding him until his eyes landed on one in particular.

“How long will it take?” he asked, drumming his fingers on the arm of his chair. The Death Eater stepped forward and bowed. He stood up after Voldemort gave the command.

“It takes two weeks to brew and must sit for exactly fifteen days before it can be administered, my lord,” he explained.

“And you have all the ingredients?” Voldemort asked. The Death Eater hesitated for a moment.

“Almost,” the Death Eater replied and quickly added, “Three of the ingredients must be picked when the moon is at its’ brightest or it will not work. That is in three days and then they must be boiled for two days before the brewing can take place. It is essential that everything is done properly and precisely or else it will have no effect.”

Voldemort stared at the Death Eater for a long time, contemplating his words. He didn’t like this. He wanted his plan to commence quickly and this was yet another road block in his planes. But, he didn’t have any other choice. This was the only servant he had that was capable of brewing such a complicated potion.

“When will this be done by then?” he asked. The Death Eater thought for a few moments before he answered.

“Just over a month. Five weeks is my estimate, my lord,” the Death Eater said.

“Very well,” Voldemort said and waved the Death Eater away. The Death Eater fell back into the circle once more and Voldemort looked at another one.

“You will be sure that our little spy administers the potion,” he said. The second Death Eater stepped forward as well, bowed and rose when told to.

“I will, my lord,” he said.

“Continue to use the Imperious Cruse if you need to, which I expect you will,” he said and the Death Eater nodded.

“I will do whatever it takes to ensure that the potion is administered,” the Death Eater assured him.

“See that you do. My patience is wearing out with you and your spy,” Voldemort hissed at him. The Death Eater nodded and fell back into the circle as well.

All was silent in the chamber now except for the crackle of the fire burning in the fireplace and the distant howl of the wind above. The Death Eaters kept their eyes on their master, waiting for him to speak.

“Despite a few drawbacks, I am pleased with your work thus far,” he began in a low voice as he looked at each Death Eater in turn. “The attacks went well. By now Dumbledore has brought all his students back and the old fool is probably putting up more wards. However, that won’t matter. Our spy managed to get a copy of the security measures that are over Hogwarts without being caught, regardless of how it was done recklessly. If our spy was more willing, the old fool’s office wouldn’t have been such a mess.”

His eyes flickered over to the last Death Eater he spoke to who visibly shrunk back.

“Despite this, everything is going according to plan. Once this potion is complete, we have very little to do. Potter will do it himself and once he does, the rest of the plan will go as planned. He won’t be able to escape this time. This time will be the last time that he faces me.”

He stood up and dismissed his servants. They filed out of the room and he was left alone with the ones who were responsible for him in the large chamber. They stood silently behind his chair as he paced in front of the fire. The flames danced wildly together, mixing yellows and oranges together as it burned and crackled.

His plan was fool-proof. If only his spy was keener on helping, things would be going much smoother, but there wasn’t much that he could do about that. Regardless, this time his plan would not fail. This time he would not let his Death Eaters fail him, for if they did they would pay dearly for it. Voldemort knew that this would be the final confrontation with Potter and he was sure that he would win. Finally after all these years, he would succeed and the wizarding world would be his at last. He would finally rid the world of those pathetic Mudbloods and Muggle lovers. He would kill them and make them his salves, forcing them to their own deaths.

And Potter would be out of the way for good.

Chapter 23: Chapter Nineteen
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Chapter Nineteen

Though it was late in the making, another article appeared in the Daily Prophet announcing that Harry and Ginny were expecting another child. And of course the article had said that Ginny was only trying to hoodwink Harry again and keep her claws in him. The Potters ignored the article; however, Ginny had to calm Harry down and threaten to hex him if he drew any attention to it. They simply pretended that it didn’t exist. They had received letters from witches and wizards across the country who had their opinions on the matter and Harry had promptly burned them all without a second thought.

Harry kept one eye on James as he continued to prune Glittering Gardenia bushes. James was more than interested in the plants in Herbology and Harry often found he had more trouble getting him to behave in that class than all his others combined. It also didn’t help that any plant that had the capability of using its vines to crawl towards something was very captivating to James. Harry often found himself threatening to cut the offending plants vines off or pulling James away in his carrier.

Today it was that blasted Venomous Tentacula that was creeping its’ way towards James, yet again. Harry was sure that James was coaxing it, for he always had a look of utter mischief on his face when Harry caught it crawling towards him. He quickly pulled the carrier away from the plant and set it on the ground next to him. Harry gave James a stern look who looked back with an angelic face and innocent eyes. He had definitely inherited those particular looks from his mother.

“James Elijah, you better stop teasing that plant. Mummy won’t be happy if you get hurt from that thing. Not to mention she’ll have my head for it,” Harry said to his son as he continued to snip at the flower bush. James looked at the gardenias as the petals gently swayed and glittered. The bush Harry was working on had flowers that changed different colors and sparkled softly. They were very pretty flowers, and as one changed to a red color, Harry smiled. He snipped one and knelt down on the ground in front of James.

“What do you reckon we give Mummy this one? Do you think she will like it?” he asked the infant. James smiled and reached for it, babbling in incoherent sounds. Harry smiled.

“You can hold on to that for her then. Keep good care of it James and er . . . no drooling on it,” Harry said and he handed James the flower. He picked up his blanket and wiped the side of his mouth. He couldn’t wait until this whole teething thing ended. Maybe his clothes would stay dry for a whole day then.

James held the flower in his hands, staring in awe as the petals sparkled and changed colors before his eyes. He seemed to understand that this was an important flower and held it with great care. Harry smiled down at him and continued with his day’s assignment.

As Harry continued to snip bushes and pull James away from creeping vines, Ginny was in a foul mood as she brewed a potion in the dungeons. Ginny hated Potions, despised it really. It was enough that the ingredients made her want to hurl. The addition of her being pregnant did not make the situation any better, and the fumes often made her lightheaded. The worse part was that Professor Snape held a huge grudge against all Gryffindors. She sighed, and glanced up at the clock. Only ten more minutes left and she was free from this class for the weekend.

Today they were drafting a powerful sleeping draught. The drinker would fall asleep immediately and stay asleep for years. Ginny really didn’t see the point of it, but as it was required to be able to brew, she did. She felt like she wanted to fall asleep just making it.

Ginny began the last step, which was stirring the potion counterclockwise four times, and then letting it sit. She did so and smiled when it turned to the clear liquid it was supposed to be. Once the contents of her cauldron settled, she ladled some into a vial, labeled it with her name, and then stood up to present it to Professor Snape.

As Ginny placed it on his desk, she couldn’t help but notice the look on the professor’s face. It was almost sympathetic, like he was looking sorry for something. She shrugged it off and took her seat once more.

Now that she had completed the day’s work, Ginny had nothing to do. She placed a hand on her stomach and smiled. She was sixteen weeks into her pregnancy and she had noticed that she was beginning to get a very small belly in the past two weeks. She had been having trouble getting her clothes on and Harry found it all amusing. She would lie on the bed and try to zip up her jeans or skirts and he would stand there watching her and laugh. Finally she had asked Hermione to help her with some tailoring spells to let them out so that she could breathe properly again.

Ginny looked around at the other people in her class. Her eyes fell on Jeffery Bobbit and she felt sorry for him. He was one of the students that had lost someone in the latest attacks five weeks ago, in his case, his father. Others lost both parents, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, grandparents. No house was left untouched and it surprised Ginny that even those in Slytherin had lost family members. Grace Stansbury, a Slytherin girl who hated Ginny and sat at the table next to her in Potions, had lost her oldest sister and her mother. Ginny looked over at the blonde hair girl and felt a tinge of sadness for her even if the two didn’t get along. The most surprising loss suffered by Slytherin House was the loss of Draco Malfoy’s mother and Ginny was sure Lucius Malfoy had done it. More attacks had followed, and more and more students had lost even more family members.

Finally, the class was over and Ginny made her way out of the dungeons to meet Harry and James.

She smiled at the sight of her son and husband. Harry was standing with Ron and Hermione as usual, his knees bent and holding both of James’ hands. James was bouncing up and down on his feet on the floor, staring up at Harry and she caught a glimpse of something glittering between their hands. Ginny sighed. Harry had been so excited about James being able to crawl that he was trying to get him to walk now. She rolled her eyes and pushed through the crowd.

As she walked through the crowded hall, someone bumped hard into her shoulder.

“Sorry,” a voice muttered as the person continued. She glared at the retreating back of who it was and saw Draco Malfoy and watched him walk up a staircase. He had been acting strange ever since the beginning of the term, when his mother was killed. He hardly insulted anyone anymore and drew away from everyone else, except for Pansy. She seemed to be the only one he wanted to be around; he hardly even talked to Crabbe and Goyle anymore. She frowned and continued to walk, only to have someone else slam into her shoulder, harder than Malfoy had.

“Sorry, Ginny!” She heard Neville apologize and continued to walk down the corridor. He was gone before she could respond and she continued to make her way to her family.

Harry hoisted James into his arms as he saw Ginny approaching him. James looked surprised at this and looked around the corridor. He smiled at the sight of his mother and held his arms out to her and she noticed that he was holding a flower in his hand.

“James, don’t you have something to give to Mummy?” Harry said to him. James looked at Harry and thrust the flower under Harry’s nose. “No, not Daddy, to Mummy. Give it to Mummy, James.”

Harry pointed at the flower and then to Ginny several times before the child slowly handed it over to Ginny. She took the flower and smiled at him.
“Aren’t you the sweetest little boy,” she cooed and took him from Harry. She kissed his cheek in greeting. “Thank you sweetie.”

James grinned and showed off his two teeth. He had grown a lot over the past five weeks. He had more hair (and messier!) and was babbling more and more to them. He had become very fast on his hands and knees and his parents were often chasing him around on the ground. Seeing all this, made Ginny want to try and get him to do new things. She decided to try and see if he could eat finger foods now and decided to try it at lunch.

“Were you a good boy for Daddy this morning?” Ginny asked James and smiled at him. He babbled at her and reached for her hair. Ginny quickly swooped it over her opposite shoulder and out of his reach. Harry chuckled at her.

“Finally, he’s pulling your hair and not mine,” Harry said in relief as they made their way to lunch. Ginny’s eyes twinkled mischievously. She reached up and yanked Harry’s hair.

“Ow! Gin!” Harry clamped his hands on his head and glared at her. Ginny smiled innocently and James gurgled at him. He sighed and rolled his eyes at her. “Ganging up on me, the both of you.”

“Just being affectionate,” Ginny said sweetly as they entered the Great Hall.

Ginny’s eyes searched the table filled with food for something soft and healthy for James to have a go at, while Harry tapped his wand on the miniature carrier and it turned into a high chair. She spotted some cooked carrots and grabbed the bowl. Seizing a spoon, she tipped some onto her plate and began to cut them into smaller pieces with a knife. By the time she was finished, Harry had settled James in the high chair. Ginny put the carrots onto a smaller plate, then placed it onto the tray of the high chair. James looked at the vegetables and then at Ginny. She picked one up and held it to his mouth. He obediently opened his mouth and Ginny fed him the carrot. He closed his mouth and began to chew. Satisfied, she placed one in his hand and motioned for him to put it in his mouth. He looked at the carrot in his hand and raised it to his mouth and fed it to himself. Ginny smiled and began to fill her own plate.

James caught on quickly and had soon finished all his carrots. He was eyeing Harry’s food and tried to reach for the fork every time Harry lifted it. Harry allowed him a small nibble of his black pudding and gave him a bottle. Harry smiled at James and glanced at Ginny. She was shifting in her seat and frowning.

“Are you okay?” he asked her. Ginny looked over at him.

“Yes, just a bit uncomfortable,” she said and gave him a reassuring smile.

The rest of lunch was uneventful and Harry had pulled out his Defense Against the Dark Arts book to read as he waited for time to pass for him to go to class. Ginny stood up and swung her bag on her shoulder. She picked up James and tapped her wand on the high chair and it changed into a carrier. She put James in and kissed Harry’s cheek.

“I’m going to head to class a bit early. See you after class,” she said and left the Great Hall.

Ginny walked down the hallway to her Charms class. She had been having cramps and lower back pain all throughout lunch and they were getting worse. Now she was feeling pressure as well. She suddenly felt a sharp pain in her stomach and stopped walking. She put James down on the ground and doubled over in pain. Ginny didn’t know what was going on. She was feeling fine all morning and now she felt like she was in labor.

Something was running down her leg now. Looking down, her eyes grew wide with fear and her heart pounded painfully in her chest. Quickly, she picked up James and ran to the Hospital Wing as fast as she could.

* * * * *

The theory behind magic was something that never interested Harry. He would much rather learn the spell and practice it more than learning about it. Sighing, he dipped his quill into his ink well and began to write more on transfiguring humans into objects.

The door opened and a student walked in. She walked up to Professor McGonagall and handed her a note then left. Professor McGonagall glanced at the note and her face paled. Slowly, she looked up and walked towards Harry, handing him the note.

Harry frowned at the piece of parchment in his hand, wondering why he would be getting a note in the middle of class. He opened it.

Mr. Potter,

Your wife if currently under the care of Madam Pomfrey in the Hospital Wing. Please come to the Hospital Wing to collect your son as soon as possible.

Professor Dumbledore

Panic and fear filled him. Quickly he rose to his feet and ran out of the classroom, ignoring Ron and Hermione’s questions.

He raced up stairs and down corridors, his chest burning from the sudden exercise. Anxiety was rising and with every step he imagined more and more horrible things happening.

He hoped that Ginny, James, and Bryce were okay.

He came to a sudden halt outside the doors to the infirmary and burst through.

Professor Dumbledore was carrying James who was looking at a white curtain at the far end of the infirmary. He was squirming around and had an anxious look in his face.

“Where’s my wife,” Harry demanded as he rushed to the Headmaster.

“She is being looked over, Harry. Please, remain calm,” Professor Dumbledore said in his usual calm voice.

“Calm! How can I be calm? What’s wrong with her?” Harry demanded as he took James. James eyes were fixed on the white curtain and it was obvious that the seven month old knew something was wrong with his mother.

“We still do not know. I think it’s best if you return to your class Harry,” Professor Dumbledore said.

He stared at the Headmaster, rage filling him quickly. Something was wrong with Ginny and he was being told to go to class?

“She is my wife! I deserve to know what’s going on!” Harry shouted. James seemed to agree for he was beginning to scowl at the Headmaster as well.

“Mr. Potter, please leave here at once. This is not the time for you to be causing an uproar in my infirmary. Leave at once and let me help your wife, now!” Madam Pomfrey’s voice shouted from behind the screen.

“But–” he began to protest.

“Go Harry!” Ginny’s weak voice came. He wanted nothing more than to rush to her and heal her himself. He didn’t want to leave her. “Please, just take care of James and go.”

She sounded so tired and weak and he was sure she was crying. Her voice was full of fear and he knew she was frightened.

Feeling defeated, Harry left with James in his arms.

He didn’t return to class though. Instead, he sat outside the door and waited. He tried to focus his mind on James and not on what was happening to Ginny. He let him stand on his feet while holding onto his hands and watched him bounce up and down on his feet. He listened to him gurgle and babble and let him pull his hair as much as he wanted. Harry tried to teach him to talk by saying the word daddy and trying to get James to repeat it but he only babbled on with nonsense baby talk. Yet, no matter how much he tried to focus on James, his mind drifted to Ginny. He desperately wanted to know what was going on behind that wooden door. What had happened to her? Would the baby be okay? Would she be all right?

Ron and Hermione had brought him his school bag after class and asked what was going on.

“I don’t know. They won’t let me in or tell me anything,” Harry sighed, holding on to James’ hands once again as he let him stand on his tiptoes.

“But you’re her husband, you have the right to know what’s going on,” Hermione frowned and looked at the door.

“I know,” Harry said, looking up at her. They both had worried looks on their faces and Ron was looking slightly pale.

“I hope she’s all right,” Ron said, staring at the door.

“So do I,” Harry agreed and sat James in his lap. Harry reached for his bag and pulled out a teething ring for James, who immediately began to chew on it. Ron and Hermione stood against the wall and the three of them stared at the door. They heard hurried footsteps coming down the corridor. As the footsteps came closer Harry recognized the person as Mrs. Jacobs, the midwife that had delivered James. She didn’t even glance at them as she passed, but Harry saw she had a worried look as well.

“Poor, poor thing,” she muttered as she went straight into the ward and the door was closed shut.

They stared at the door in silence and Harry felt a lump in his throat. He fought back the tears that were forming in his eyes.

Something was very wrong if Mrs. Jacobs was here.

He felt a hand on his shoulder and looked up to see Hermione’s kind face.

“It’ll be all right Harry. They won’t let anything happen to her,” she said. Harry nodded, not trusting himself with his own voice.

“Do you want us to stay with you?” she asked. Harry shook his head.

“No, you two go on to class,” Harry said. Hermione nodded and looked at Ron.

“Ron, are you coming?” she asked. Ron’s eyes hadn’t left the door since Mrs. Jacobs went inside.

“No. I’m staying here. Ginny, she’s my sister and . . .” his voice trailed off. Hermione nodded and hugged him. Ron wrapped his arms around her and Harry looked away from them. Hermione put her hand on his shoulder again and squeezed it before leaving for class.

Ron sank down next to Harry against the wall. He was actually very grateful for having Ron with him. He didn’t think he could take this all on his own. So, the brothers-in-law sat and waited for news on Ginny.

And so they waited and waited and waited, and still there was no news on what was going on with Ginny. No one had come out, and when Harry pounded on the door to get information, he only got a rude remark from Madam Pomfrey, who told him that if he continued to ask, she would have him return to his dormitory. Harry had no other choice and sank back onto the ground, against the wall.

“Listen mate,” Ron said for the first time in the past few hours. “I’m starved and dinner’s almost over. Do you want me to bring you anything from the Great Hall?”

Harry shook his head. Ron nodded and stood up.

“I think I’ll go get something to eat and then go tell Hermione that we haven’t been told anything. Will you be all right?” he asked. Harry nodded and looked at James who was falling asleep in his arms.

“Can you take him with you and put him down?” he asked and handed his sleepy son to Ron. He kissed his son’s forehead before Ron took off down the corridor and Harry was alone.

An hour later, Harry heard the creaking of the door opening and he quickly got to his feet. Mrs. Jacobs was leaving the infirmary. She softly closed the door and sighed. She looked at Harry and smiled at him sadly.

“Was that little James I saw earlier?” she asked. Harry nodded.

“He’s seven months old now,” Harry said.

“He’s getting big,” she said. Harry offered her a weak smile. The need of wanting to know what happened to his wife increased and he looked up at the elderly witch.

“Mrs. Jacobs, are Ginny and the baby okay?” he asked. She sighed again.

“I think you better ask her yourself. You can go inside now. Good day, Mr. Potter,” she said and walked away down the hallway.

Harry took a deep breath and entered the infirmary.

He saw Ginny sitting in a bed, her arms around her and staring at the opposite wall. As he approached her, he noticed that she was very pale, almost translucent and her freckles were very visible. Professor Dumbledore and Madam Pomfrey were nowhere in sight.

“Ginny,” he softly called her when he was closer to her. She turned her head to look at him, letting her arms drop to her sides. Her eyes were red and he noticed that they were shining with unshed tears. He sat on the bed next to her and took her hand.

“Are you all right?” he asked. She didn’t reply. Instead she looked away from him.

“Is the baby okay?” he asked. Once again, Ginny didn’t say anything.

“It was a boy,” she whispered hoarsely. Her lower lip began to tremble.


“Gin?” he asked. She looked at him again and a tear slipped down her cheek.

“I lost the baby,” she whispered, several more tears falling. “I miscarried.”

She broke into tears and Harry pulled her close. He wrapped his arms around her, trying to soothe her. He squeezed his eyes shut as they became hot with tears.

He was numb with shock. The baby was gone. Bryce was gone before he was ever born.

One of his worst nightmares had come true. He had lost a child.

He held her tightly against him, trying hard not to cry. He had to be strong for her, even if he felt like breaking down as well. A piece of his heart was missing now. A part of his life was ripped violently away from him, and he could never get it back.

“My condolences to you both,” a voice said. Harry let Ginny go, keeping an arm around her and they both looked at Professor Dumbledore. His usually twinkling blue eyes were full of sorrow and sympathy. “Losing a child is never easy.”

“What happened,” Harry demanded. He wanted to know why Ginny miscarried when she was perfectly healthy and told that everything was fine. He wanted to know why they had lost a child like this.

“It was not from natural causes. There was nothing physically wrong with Mrs. Potter to bring about a miscarriage,” the Headmaster said. “Poppy has, however, found traces of a potion that forces a women into labor and due to the fact that Mrs. Potter was sixteen weeks into her pregnancy, she miscarried. Someone must have slipped it to her.

“I’m afraid that someone cannot be trusted here. I urge you both to take great caution.”

Harry had never been angrier. Someone had purposely done this to them. They had wanted to take their child from them for some reason and he had a feeling that Voldemort was behind this somehow. Who else would want to destroy him?

“Poppy wants Mrs. Potter to get plenty of rest. You are excused from you classes for a few days, Mrs. Potter,” Professor Dumbledore said. Ginny nodded, looking down at her hands, and Harry knew she was gong to cry again. The Headmaster left them alone and they sat there, arms around each other and mourning the loss of their unborn baby.

Fifteen minutes later, Harry and Ginny were walking back to Gryffindor Tower in complete silence, neither one trusting themselves to talk. The moment they entered the common room, they were bombarded. Their friends were asking questions, demanding to know what was going on and how Ginny was feeling.

Ginny couldn’t speak. She had lost a baby and couldn’t help but feel that it was her fault. She should have protected herself better; she should have done something to make sure that no harm would come to her unborn child. But she didn’t.

She looked up at Harry.

“Can you just take me to bed?” she asked in a soft voice. Harry nodded, and led her away from their friends, only to be stopped by Ron.

“Ginny! Are you all right? What happened?” he said in a rush, looking at his sister anxiously. Ginny bit her bottom lip and tried not to cry.

“Where’s James?” she asked weakly.

“In your room with Hermione. She’s trying to get him to sleep,” he replied. Ginny nodded and rushed to her room, leaving Harry with Ron. Ron looked at Harry for an explanation. Harry sighed and ran a hand through his hair, tears threatening to fall from his eyes. He closed his eyes tightly and leaned against a wall.


He opened his eyes and saw the anxious looks of his friends and Ginny’s old roommates. All of them were worried and wanted to know what was going on. He had to tell them, but it was too hard to open his mouth and say the words. Saying it would make it more real.

“She . . .” he closed his eyes again as his chest constricted painfully, “she . . . Ginny lost the baby.”

There was a stunned silence and Harry couldn’t take it anymore. He turned around with his back to everyone and slammed his fist into a wall. The pain was too much for him. He put both hands on the wall and finally let the tears fall.

He felt a hand on his shoulder but didn’t look up.

“I’m so sorry,” Ron whispered. Not trusting himself to speak, Harry nodded his thanks.

He couldn’t stay there, he had to get out of the room and think on his own. He didn’t want to talk to others or have everyone staring at him. He wanted to mourn his loss on his own right now. Without a word, Harry strode towards the entrance and left the common room.

He didn’t know where he going, he just stormed down hallways and down stairs at a fast pace, trying to forget the pain, but he couldn’t. The fact was he had lost a child. Never would he hold his baby, nor would be able to see its smile. He wouldn’t kiss it goodnight or comfort it when it was scared. He wouldn’t be able to watch it sleep or see it grow. He wouldn’t get the chance to feel the love that swelled his heart when he held James for the first time again. All he would have is the pain of losing his child. Someone wanted to hurt him like this. But who would do such a thing? Who could take the life of an innocent child and cause so much pain to a young family?

He took off at a fast run, ignoring the students he passed. He didn’t know where he was going, he just continued to run. He went through the Entrance Hall and out the main doors, his legs pumping hard as he shot across the grounds. No matter how fast he ran, the pain was there.

Finally he came to a halt on the banks of the lake and collapsed.

He had failed to protect his family. How could he let someone get to his unborn child? He had to do something to make sure they were safe.

Harry buried his face in his heads and desperately wracked his brain for ways to protect Ginny and James.

As Harry sat on the banks of the lake, Ginny was curled up in their room on their bed. When she had entered the room, she couldn’t take it. She fell into a heap on the floor, tears spilling freely from her eyes as the pain overtook her. Hermione had held her tightly and said soothing words to her, waiting for her to speak first. She had told her in a hoarse voice that someone had slipped her a labor inducing potion and she had miscarried. Ron had come in moments later to comfort her. While she was grateful to have them around, she didn’t want anyone to be around, save Harry. After they had left, Ginny went to James and picked him up in her arms. She held her son tightly against her and never wanted to part from her child. Now she was curled up in bed, her eyes red from tears, and was watching James sleep peacefully in his crib.

Ginny felt like an awful mother. Her baby was helpless and depended on her to be protected, yet she couldn’t do that. She had let harm come to him and now her baby was gone.

Pain wrenched at her heart and she felt a lump in her throat. She clutched her stomach and squeezed her eyes tightly. She had first failed to protect James when the Death Eaters and dementors descended upon the Burrow, and now this. How could she fail her children?

The door creaked open and Ginny opened her eyes. She saw Harry enter and silently close the door behind him. He stopped at James’ crib, staring down at the infant and placing both hands on the edges of the crib. He stood there, staring down at James for a long while before letting out a heavy sigh and straightening up again.

Ginny pulled the blankets closer to her and watched Harry move about the room silently. He pulled off his robes and slid into his pajamas before slipping under the blankets. She felt his arm snake around her waist and she turned to face him. Brown stared into green as a wordless conversation took place. Ginny broke into silent tears again, her sobs wracking her body. Harry pulled her close to him and they clung to each other, willing the pain to leave but both knowing it wouldn’t. Two sets of tears fell onto the pillows beneath their heads, as they mourned to loss of their unborn child together. They cried themselves to sleep. Both were plagued with restless sleep and bad dreams as the darkness of the night grew around them and slowly melted into dawn.

As the mourning parents slept fretfully, a lone figure sat in front of a dying fire in the dead of the night somewhere within the castle. He couldn’t believe he had done it. He didn’t want to harm her like that and cause them so much pain, yet he couldn’t help it. He was forced to do it under the Imperious Curse. No matter how hard he tried to throw it off, it was no use. The Death Eater was too strong for him and he was helpless under it. Now he had to deal with the fact that he was the reason that a mother and father would never see their child. He had put the Potters in even more danger and the thoughts of what was to come horrified him. Sighing, he buried his face in his hands, trying to figure out how to live with this.

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Chapter 24: Chapter Twenty
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Chapter Twenty

That following Sunday afternoon, the Potters were seen heading towards Hogsmeade. They had decided to have a small burial for their lost son. The Weasleys and Hermione had attended the somber ceremony in the wizarding graveyard. The day was cloudy and cold, making all of those who stood around the tiny grave shiver beneath their cloaks. Ginny could barely speak as her eyes were fixed on the engraved words of her lost son’s name on the gravestone. She held James in her arms tightly as the ceremony took place with Harry’s arms around her, his face buried in her hair. He was unable to even look at the gravestone. It was silent except for the occasional chirping of a bird and the rustle of leaves and branches as the wind blew. No one knew what to say and even Fred and George were lost with ways of cheering up their little sister. Molly had hugged each of her children tightly, hoping she would never have to bury one of her own, like her daughter. After the ceremony, Molly had hugged Ginny tightly and Ginny had burst into tears. Harry gathered her in his arms and she cried into his robes as he tried to soothe her. They stayed there, long after everyone had left, staring at the tiny grave until the sun was beginning to set.

They were nearing the large oak doors in complete silence. Silent tears were falling from Harry’s eyes and he desperately tried to hide them from Ginny. Harry noticed a familiar blonde standing near a tree. He was talking to his only companion, Pansy Parkinson. As they got closer, Malfoy watched them intently, completely oblivious to whatever Pansy was saying. Harry hurriedly swiped at his eyes beneath his glasses.

“Is Potter crying? What’s the matter Potter, lose something?” Malfoy asked, his lips curling into a snarl.

Everything in Harry’s vision had turned red. He stopped in his tracks and slowly faced his enemy.

“Ignore him, Harry,” Ginny whispered harshly.

“Poor, Pottyhead. He’s lost something and he can never get it back. How dreadful,” Malfoy sneered, taking full advantage of their loss.

“Draco,” Pansy warned.

“Maybe this will teach you a lesson Potter. You should never reproduce especially with someone like Weasley. One mistake is more than enough for you,” Malfoy continued, ignoring his girlfriend and looking at James.

That was all it took for Harry’s fist to connect with Malfoy’s mouth. The Slytherin staggered backwards and glared at Harry before lunging at him. Harry fell backwards with the weight of Malfoy and struggled to gain control of the fight. Harry heard Ginny and Pansy shouting at them to stop, but neither was listening as their fists flew with the intention of injuring the other person. He felt Malfoy’s fist make contact with his eye and Harry hissed in pain. He grabbed Malfoy by the shoulders and shoved him off. The pair rolled over and Harry leapt to his feet again. He watched Malfoy scramble to stand up again. As soon as Malfoy got to his feet, Harry grabbed him by the shirt and shoved him into the wall of the castle.

“You bastard! You killed my son!” Harry shouted, shaking Malfoy violently.

“You can’t prove that!” Malfoy shouted back as a trickle of blood oozed down his cheek.

“I don’t care. You’re a murderer and you’re going to pay for what you did. I shouldn’t have to bury my own children, they should be burying me!” Harry continued, hate and anger pouring out of him.

“Well then, I can arrange that. Have a toy shovel in your back pocket for the brat to use?” Malfoy smirked.

Harry threw another punch, this time into his stomach, and Malfoy doubled over, wheezing as he struggled to breathe right again.

“Harry, stop!” Ginny shrieked, grabbing Harry by the shoulder. He shrugged her off and advanced on Malfoy again. But Malfoy took the upper hand and Harry found himself being pushed up against the cold stone wall and Malfoy shooting daggers at him.

“Think you know everything, do you Potter? Do you honestly think you’ve got me figured out?” Malfoy said.

“I know you’re just like your father; a heartless, weak bastard. You don’t know what this feels like. You have no idea what I’m going through and you didn’t care when you killed my son,” Harry replied.

Something flickered in his cold grey eyes; a mixture of hurt, pain, remorse, sympathy. Harry studied his face and it seemed like Malfoy was looking regretful. The Slytherin glanced over his shoulder, staring at Ginny, James, and Pansy.

“Abigail.” Harry heard Malfoy barely whisper beneath his breath. His grip loosened and he looked back at Harry and glared.

“You don’t know what I feel Potter. You don’t have a clue of what I’m going through. I am nothing like my father,” he said and let Harry go. He watched Malfoy walk back to Pansy and the two of them went inside the castle.

Malfoy paused before entering the castle and he looked at Harry.

“I’m sorry.”

He sighed and went inside.

Harry was stunned as he stared at the spot where Malfoy was once standing. Harry felt a gentle hand on his face and looked down to see Ginny standing in front of him holding James with one arm and Harry saw he had fallen asleep.

“That looks bad,” she said, gently touching his face. He winced slightly and she removed her hand.

“You should go see Madam Pomfrey,” Ginny suggested. Harry stared at her. He didn’t want to go to the Hospital Wing so soon after losing Bryce.

“I’m fine,” Harry muttered and began to walk towards the door.

“Harry, that cut could get infected.” Ginny pressed, following him. He turned around.

“I said I was fine Ginny,” he said harshly. Ginny froze and stared at him for a moment and nodded her head.

“Fine,” she said and pushed past him.

They made their way back to Gryffindor Tower in silence. When they entered the common room, several students came up to offer their condolences. Once the small crowd dispersed, Harry looked around to find his friends and spotted them not too far from him. Ron and Hermione had changed out of the black robes they had worn at the funeral and were sitting at a table playing chess.

“Checkmate!” Ron cried and slapped his hand on the table. Hermione shook her head and looked at Harry and Ginny as they got closer. She gasped at the sight of Harry’s face.

“What happened?’ she exclaimed and moved to examine Harry’s face. He hissed in pain as she touched the area around his eye and it was obvious that he had a black eye.

“Malfoy’s fist got in my way,” Harry said gruffly and sank into a chair.

“You hit him first!” Ginny exclaimed, waking James. He began to whine in her arms and Ginny quickly calmed him down and soothed him back to sleep.

“He deserved it!” Harry replied, watching her try to get James to sleep again.

“What did he do?” Ron asked. Harry quickly told them about the encounter with Malfoy. He told them how he had accused Malfoy of being the one to slip that potion to Ginny and how Malfoy had said Harry didn’t know him. He told them what Malfoy had said about being like his father and that name he heard him whisper.

“Abigail? Who’s Abigail?” Ron frowned.

“I don’t know,” Harry sighed, removing his glasses and rubbing his face with his hands.

“Do you really think it was Malfoy though?” Hermione asked.

“Of course it’s Malfoy. He’s probably got the Death Mark on his arm already,” Ron said. “Look at his family!”

“That doesn’t mean he did it, Ron,” Hermione rolled her eyes.

“Well who else would do this to Ginny?” Harry asked, glancing at his wife who was now gazing down at the sleeping infant in her arms. His chest constricted painfully and he felt a lump in his throat. His decision on how to keep his family safe was made and he had to act soon.

“Corner,” Ron said, causing all three of them to look at him.

“Michael wouldn’t do that,” Ginny said.

“How do you know?” Ron asked, frowning at his sister. Ginny sighed, shifting James in her arms. He settled his head on her chest and slumbered on.

“Because I know him Ron. He wouldn’t do something like that,” Ginny explained.

“But look at how he’s been acting,” Ron said, sounding exasperated.

“He’s jealous, Ron. How else do you think an ex-boyfriend would react? He doesn’t have enough evilness in him to do something like that,” Ginny tried to clarify.

“Well then, who is it? Who could possibly be spying on you two?” Ron asked.

“I don’t know,” Harry answered. “The only two people I could think of would be Malfoy and Corner.”

“Snape!” Ron cried suddenly.

“Honestly Ron! Snape wouldn’t do it either,” Hermione rolled her eyes. “He’s a teacher and he’s on our side like he has been since first year!”

“But he’s been a Death Eater before and he just says he’s on our side. What if he’s not and is really on You-Know-Who’s side?” Ron said.

“But Dumbledore trusts him. Why would he trust him if Snape was working for Voldemort?” Harry said. Ron flinched at the name and Hermione rolled her eyes at him.

“Think about it. It was a potion, right? Who else would make a potion like that?” Ron pointed out.

“That still doesn’t prove anything,” Harry sighed. “Snape’s a git and all, but he wouldn’t do that.”

“Since when do you stand up for Snape?” Ron inquired, folding his arms across his chest and frowning at Harry.

“The point is,” Ginny interjected, “we don’t know who it is. It could be anyone.”

Silence fell over the group, each wondering who could be spying on the Potters.

* * * * *

A little over a week had passed since Ginny’s miscarriage and the burial. She had spent the weekend resting and keeping James close to her, refusing to let him be more than arm’s length from her. She was allowed to miss a few days of classes, but after her time was up, she had to return to her lessons. Ginny had found it difficult to walk in the halls knowing that her name was on the tip of everyone’s tongue. She hated being the center of attention and the latest gossip, but as always, she ignored it and went about as normal as possible.

She had a hard time in class, her mind often wondering from her lessons and she would find herself thinking about her loss. She had burst into tears a few times in class, receiving a mixture of curious and sympathetic looks from her classmates. The pain was still fresh and Ginny knew if would always be there, but she had to get past it somehow.

A sudden flurry of owls swooped into the Great Hall, dropping dozens of packages and letters to the students below. She watched as students opened them up and wore smiles on their faces as some turned about to look at blushing faces. Ginny glanced up to see if any owls remained and found them all leaving the Great Hall. Disappointment filled her and she glanced at Harry, who was sitting next to her. She frowned at him. The Valentine she had given him laid unopened in front of him. She nudged him and he looked up.

“Aren’t you going to open that?” she asked. He hesitantly picked it up and opened it. His eyes scanned the card and he shoved it back in the envelope and continued to eat his breakfast. Ginny sighed and looked back at her plate.

“Thanks,” he muttered a few minutes later and reached into his bag. He shoved something towards her and quickly stood up. She watched him leave the Great Hall and the great oak doors shut behind him.

She looked at the parchment in front of her. In an untidy scrawl he had scribbled “Happy V-Day” on it and Ginny sunk into her seat, feeling very disappointed.

Harry sighed as he trudged up the stairs to the common room. He felt awful about giving Ginny a scrap piece of parchment like that for Valentine’s Day. He wanted to shower her with flowers and chocolates and tell the world he loved her and she was his one and only. But he couldn’t. Not with his plans to keep her and James safe. It was going to be difficult to do this, but he wasn’t about to have his son and wife taken away from him like his unborn son. He’d do anything to keep them safe even if it meant pushing them away and making them hate him.

The day went on and Ginny found herself sitting on the floor of the common room with James in front of her in his playpen. She watched him crawl around in his playpen, making happy baby noises. Her old roommates were sitting around her as they did revision for a test coming up in Muggle Studies. She glanced across the room and saw Harry buried in books and parchment and preparing for his N.E.W.Ts. He had hardly said more than a few sentences to her all day and Ginny wondered if it all had to do with the loss of Bryce. Perhaps that was why he didn’t remember Valentine’s Day. She could hardly blame him; she had almost forgotten herself. Sighing, she went back to her revision.

“Ginny, is everything all right with Harry?” Bridget suddenly asked. Ginny looked up at her and frowned.

“Why do you ask?” she said.

“He’s hardly spent time with you today and it is Valentine’s Day,” she said.

“Didn’t he get you anything?” Claire asked. Ginny shook her head.

“No, not really. I expect he’s still upset about . . . you know. I don’t think he’s had much else on his mind. He’s just been really distant lately,” Ginny explained. Her friends nodded to show they understood. She offered them a small smile and looked over her notes again.

“You’re impossible Ronald Weasley!”

Hermione’s sudden shriek cut through the air.

“And why am I impossible!” Ron yelled back.

Ginny looked around and saw her boyfriend and best friend face to face in the middle of the room. Both of them had angry looks on their faces. Hermione’s eyes were boring into Ron’s, flashing dangerously.

“I can’t believe you forgot about today! It’s Valentine’s Day and you haven’t gotten me anything! I thought you loved me!” She shouted back.

“So in order to show you I love you, I have to give you something?” Ron crossed his arms and glared at her.

“That’s not the point! I can’t believe you forgot!” Hermione said and she looked like she was going to cry.

Ron didn’t say a word. He stared at her; his arms still crossed and regarded her closely. Everyone was looking at them, waiting for one of them to explode and stomp up the stairs.

“Do you remember the first time we met?” Ron suddenly said. Hermione looked taken aback and surprised at his words and it was obvious she wasn’t expecting that.

“What does this have to do with you forgetting Valentine’s Day?” she asked, trying to be angry with him.

“It was on the train and you came looking for Neville’s toad. Remember Hermione?” Ron went on, uncrossing his arms and pacing around her. Hermione didn’t know what to do. She kept her eyes on him, unnerved by his behavior.

“And remember that supposed spell Fred gave me to turn Scabbers yellow? Remember?” he continued and rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

“Ron –”

“Do you remember how it went, Hermione?” he asked, stopping in front of her and glancing at the ceiling as he thought back. “Ah, yes! I remember it now.”

He cleared his throat and looked at her as the rest of the Gryffindors watched them, wondering what Ron was doing. He shoved his hands in his pockets.

“Sunshine daises, butter mellow,” he began and furrowed his eyebrows as if he were trying to remember. He pulled his hands out of his pockets and Ginny saw a small box clutched in his hand. To Ginny’s surprise, she watched her brother drop to one knee and he opened the small box. Hermione gasped as her eyes widened in shock. Everyone’s eyes were on the pair and it was clear that they all knew what was about to happen.

Ron took a deep breath and looked up at his girlfriend.

“Hermione Granger, will you marry this lovesick fellow?”

“Oh Ron!” Hermione cried. “Of course I will you great big prat!”

Ginny had never seen her brother smile so wide. Ron jumped up and slid the ring on her finger. He whooped loudly and hugged her tightly.

The common room broke into cheers and applause. The couple shared a very passionate kiss and smiled widely at each other. Ginny watched Harry get up and offer his congratulations to them. As soon as Harry hugged Hermione, Hermione rushed over to Ginny and sat next to her on the floor. Ginny smiled at her and hugged her.

“We’re going to be sisters!” Hermione exclaimed. Ginny smiled.

“I couldn’t ask for a better sister,” Ginny said. “Now you’ll officially be James’ Aunt Hermione.”

Hermione smiled widely and looked at James. “Looks like he’s getting a bit sleepy.”

Ginny glanced at her son and watched as he yawned and struggled to keep his eyes opened. Ginny sighed and stood up. She scooped James into her arms, and after saying good bye to her friends, she went to get her son ready for bed.

After she bathed and dressed James, she sat in the rocking chair with him in her lap and a book in her hands. She read him a story from the Wally the Wacky Wizard series, a very popular children’s book. (This adventure, Wally loses his wand.) James pointed at pictures and babbled in his baby talk as Ginny read aloud to him. He began to nod off just before Wally found his wand and Ginny carefully closed the book and stood up. She put him in his crib, tucked him in, and kissed him goodnight.

Ginny yawned herself and decided she might as well go to bed too. As she got ready, she thought about Ron and Hermione’s engagement and sighed sadly as her own engagement drifted into her thoughts.

At two in the morning, students should be asleep in their beds, getting rest so they could start the next day refreshed and with new energy. This was not true for four Gryffindors. They were having a serious conversation, and for two of them, the outcome of it would change everything.

Ginny was curled up in an armchair in the common room, watching Harry pace back and forth in front of the fire. He constantly ran a hand through his hair, sighing every so often. They had just decided to keep the baby, but they were at a lost of what to do next.

Ron and Hermione were sitting on a sofa next to her, looking between them both and exchanging glances with one another.

Harry stopped pacing and stood in front of the glowing embers. He placed a hand on the mantle, staring into the fire. He turned around and made his way towards Ginny. He knelt in front of her and took her hands.

“Marry me, Ginny,” he said softly. Ginny stared at him with wide eyes. Marry him? At fifteen years old? She shouldn’t be thinking about getting married now, but then again, she shouldn’t be deciding what color to paint a nursery and making appointments to see a midwife.

“Marry you? Harry, don’t you think we’re a bit young for that,” Ginny said, frowning at him.

“We’re too young to be having a baby, yet we are,” he replied, glancing briefly at her stomach. Ginny looked away from him and bit her bottom lip.

“Ginny, I love you and by getting married we’ll be able to give our baby a better life,” Harry explained. Ginny looked back at him. So that’s why he wanted to marry her. Only because of the baby.

“You want to marry me because I’m having your baby, that’s it isn’t it,” she said. Harry shook his head.

“No, well, it’s part of the reason, but Ginny I love you, you know that. I want to marry you because I love you with all my heart. Please say you’ll be my wife,” he said. Ginny searched his eyes. She knew he loved her, she could see it in his eyes. And he was right. By getting married, they would be able to provide more for their baby and perhaps their lives would be a bit easier.

She glanced at Ron and Hermione. They hadn’t put any input on this matter so far; they were simply there for moral support for them both. She sighed and looked back at Harry. She nodded.

Harry grinned at her and enveloped her in a hug. Ginny buried her head in his chest and couldn’t help but feel happy. She was getting married to Harry. She would be Mrs. Potter and deep down inside, she knew they would be happy.

She sighed as she slipped into bed. Unlike Hermione, she didn’t get a beautiful ring. She didn’t get the chance to show it off to everyone and burst into song that she was engaged. Ginny never got the chance to tell her friends she and Harry were to marry. There wasn’t the thrill of making plans and making all the decisions about the tiniest details, nor was she able to argue with Harry about who would be invited and if their wedding would be big or small. Instead, she kept it silent and a secret and never got a chance to show her happiness.

A few minutes later, the door opened and Harry came in. He closed the door and headed for the table. He sat down, opened a book and began to study. Ginny propped herself up and looked at him.

“It’s great about Ron and Hermione getting married, isn’t it?” she said.

“Yeah,” he replied, his voice low and uninterested.

“They seem happy,” Ginny said. He didn’t reply. He turned the page in his book and continued to read. She sighed.

“When are you coming to bed?” she asked.

“I dunno,” he replied in the same voice.

Ginny sighed wondering how long his brooding mood would last.

“Good night,” she said and settled under the blankets. “I love you.”


Within minutes, Ginny fell asleep.

An hour and a half later, Harry closed his book and got ready for bed. Once he finished getting ready he got into bed and watched Ginny sleep. She looked so beautiful to him. To him, she was perfection and he would never want her to change. He leaned over and placed a feather light kiss on her forehead, taking in her beauty, and he thought of what he was going to do to her.

“Please forgive me,” he whispered and turned away from her. He settled as far away as possible from her and tried to sleep.

* * * * *

A few more days had gone by and Harry was still being distant. He hardly talked to Ginny and paid less attention to James. He would often come to bed long after Ginny was asleep. He buried himself in his work and Ginny found herself taking care of James most of the time. The loss of Bryce was still painful for both of them and Ginny wanted Harry to talk to her about it. But he wasn’t. It was like he had shut him off from the world and to everyone he loved. She was very worried about him and she didn’t know what to do.

Sighing, Ginny continued down the corridor in the direction of the library. She glanced down at James and saw he was content chewing on the ear of his stuffed lion. She was very worried about bringing him into the library. She wasn’t sure if Madam Pince would even allow him in the corridor outside. Not that she had much of a choice about it and she had to get her papers done for Charms and Care of Magical Creatures. She wasn’t able to find any of her friends or Harry, for that matter. They were all off studying somewhere else and Harry, well she was sure he was in his brooding mood somewhere in the castle. She hoped he would get out of this mood of his and let her back into his life.

Ginny stood just outside the doors of the library and hesitated. Taking a deep breath, she pushed the door opened and entered the stuffy silence of the library.

Small clusters of students sparsely littered the tables while others paced up and down aisles of shelves with heavy books in their arms. Madam Pince had stopped stamping books for a second year girl and watched Ginny with beady eyes. Her glare had rested on the carrier and she looked up and gave Ginny a stern look. It was very obvious she did not approve of James being in the library. Ignoring the librarian, Ginny made her way passed the front desk and towards a row of tables.

She decided that it would be better if she found a spot away from other students. She searched the library with her eyes, heading further and further through the throng of tables and towards the back of the library. Finally, she spotted an empty table next to a window and far away from other students.

Ginny set James on top of the table, under the warm rays of sunshine that penetrated through the glass window. She dropped her bag on the floor and sat down. Ginny pulled out fresh sheets of parchment, a quill, and an ink bottle and set them across the table. She pulled out her textbooks and her assignments and arranged them on the table. She looked over at James.

“Now you need to be extra good right now,” she whispered to him. “See, we’re in the library James and you have to be very quiet or else that mean old bat Madam Pince will be upset and throw us out. She’s a real stickler for the rules. You know she threw your dad and I out once for having chocolate in here.”

She smiled wistfully at the memory and sighed. Ginny reached down for her bag and fished a bottle out of her bag. She pulled the lion out of James’ mouth and gave him the bottle. He clasped both hands on it and drank hungrily from it. Ginny smiled at him and set to work.

James had stayed relatively quiet for his mother. He made soft sounds every now and then, causing Ginny to look around and see if anyone was disturbed by it but finding that no one was. He would watch his mother as she worked on her essays like he had so many times before, then going back and chewing on his sleeves, blankets, and toys.

Ginny realized that she would need to get additional resources for her Charms essay and frowned. She glanced at James briefly. Perhaps if she asked someone to keep an eye on him, she could go and collect books she needed. She looked around and saw that no was near her and sighed. She didn’t really trust anyone outside of Gryffindor watching him anyway. Giving in, Ginny stood up and looked down at James.

“Come on angel, let’s go take a little walk,” she said and lifted him out of his carrier. Hoisting him on her hip and holding him with her arm, Ginny set off towards the huge shelves filled with books.

She searched the shelves for the books she needed and frowned when she saw that one of them was on the top shelf. She glanced at James and sat him on the floor.

“Stay,” she commanded sternly and reached up to grab the book. She stretched higher and higher, trying to grab the book she needed. Success was hers when her fingers grasped it and she pulled it down. Glancing down to check on James, Ginny set the book on an empty part of a lower shelf and continued to look for other books she would need. After she located a third book, Ginny decided she had enough for now and glanced down where James was sitting. Her eyes widened in horror to see that her son was gone.

Quickly, she scanned the aisle and saw James crawling towards the main part of the library. Ginny took off after him. She let out a frustrated sigh when she saw him change direction and head for a table.

“James Elijah Potter, get back here this instant young man,” she whispered harshly when she got closer. James stopped and looked back at his mother. He smiled and continued to crawl, obviously thinking it was a game.

“Damn,” she muttered under her breath when she saw her son crawl between the legs of chairs and the table. He sat under the table and looked at her, a soft laugh coming from him. Ginny pulled a chair out and dropped to her hands and knees.

“Come here,” she whispered. James giggled and crawled away from her and out from beneath the table. Ginny went after him, pushing a chair out of her way and bumping her head on the bottom of the table when she emerged. He crawled beneath another table, Ginny chasing after him, twisting among the legs of chairs and tables, laughing all the way.

Finally Ginny grabbed him around his middle and held him firmly in her arms.

“What did I tell you, young man? You are in so much trouble,” Ginny lectured him in a quiet voice. She sighed and hoisted him onto her hip again. She glanced up and saw that Madam Pince was glaring at her and Ginny knew she was on the verge of receiving a lecture and getting kicked out. Quickly, Ginny hurried back to where she left her books, scooped them in her free arm, and returned to her table. She dumped the books on the table and put James back in his carrier.

Ginny glared at her son. He looked back with an angelic face and his green eyes shone with innocence. She fought with herself, trying not to smile and give in. She had to be stern and let him know what he did was bad, but he was only eight months old. He wouldn’t even be able to comprehend that what he did was wrong. Ginny gave in and smiled.

“You’re a little imp, but you’re my little imp and I wouldn’t have it any other way,” she whispered. She leaned over and kissed his forehead. James smiled up at her and she smiled back and set her mind back on her homework again.

Some time later, James had fallen asleep and Ginny needed more books. She was grateful when she saw a Hufflepuff from her Charms class sit at a nearby table and asked her to keep an eye on James. She agreed and Ginny was grateful to be able to get the books she needed without having to worry about chasing her son around the library again.

Just as Ginny was pulling another heavy tome off the shelf, she heard the unmistakably wail of her son. Dropping her books, she took off and made her way back to James.

Her classmate was standing over the carrier, waving her arms frantically about in an attempt to comfort him. She looked up and was relieved to see Ginny.

“I’m so sorry Ginny! He just started to whine and I didn’t know what to do and he started to cry,” she said. Ginny scooped James into her arms and rubbed his back soothingly.

“It’s all right. He was probably scared because he didn’t see me. Shhh! It’s okay James,” she cooed at him as his cries persisted. She gently bounced him in her arms, whispering calming words to him and he slowly calmed down and clung to his mother’s robes.

“Mrs. Potter!” a voice cried. Ginny looked up and saw the very angry face of the librarian.

“I’m so sorry,” Ginny began to apologize, but it was obvious that Madam Pince was not going to have any of that.

“Out of this library now! First you let him crawl around and decide to play a game of tag and now you let him howl his head off. This is a school, not a daycare! I don’t want to see him in this library again unless he is wearing school robes. Out! OUT!” she screeched at Ginny. Ginny held James close to her as she gathered her belongings and shrunk the carrier, with Madam Pince watching her like a hawk. Once she swung her bag over her shoulder, Ginny quickly made her way out of the library and into the corridor.

“I told you she was mean old bat, but do you listen to your mother?” Ginny said to her son as she walked back to Gryffindor Tower. She cuddled him closer to her and kissed the top of his messy head of hair. “I reckon you’re banned until you’re eleven then.”

“Who’s banned?”
Ginny stopped and turned around. She saw Luna Lovegood standing behind her and she smiled at her friend.

“Hey Luna. James has a ten year ban or so from the library. Madam Pince kicked us both out because he was being a baby,” Ginny explained, rolling her eyes.

“Oh, I see. I have to go there and see if I can find anyone more books on Invisible Flying Newts. I can’t remember if they are yellow and red or if there were black and green,” Luna said.

“But if they’re invisible how could you – never mind,” Ginny began but remembered that sometimes Luna just didn’t make much sense.

“Is everything okay with you and Harry?” Luna asked. Ginny sighed and shrugged her shoulders.

“I don’t know. I don’t see him much at all and we share a room! I’m at my wits end with him,” Ginny replied. Luna sighed.

“Oh, well I hope he’s all right. He’s been acting strange for a while,” Luna said.

“I know. You’ve noticed it too?” Ginny inquired.

“Well, he really hasn’t been the same. He’s different somehow,” Luna explained.

“Yeah, ever since we . . . well since we lost the baby, he’s more distant,” Ginny said.

“Well perhaps it’s all this pressure from the N.E.W.Ts. He might be really worried about them,” Luna suggested.

“Maybe,” Ginny sighed, though she was pretty sure that wasn’t all there was to it.

“I better get to the library and get those books. Now I can’t remember how long those Invisible Flying Newts grow to,” Luna said. She said goodbye to Ginny and went in the direction Ginny came from.

Ginny continued her way to Gryffindor Tower. She hoped that Harry was there so he could watch James for a while and she would be able to get her essays done.

She spotted Ron and Hermione sitting together at a table. A door slam caught her attention and she looked up. She was relieved to see her husband in the common room, his broom slung over his shoulder.

“Oh thank goodness you’re here!” Ginny exclaimed and put James in his playpen. “Listen, I need to go back to the library. I really need to get my essays done.”

She slid her bag on a table and looked up at Harry.

“So take him with you,” Harry replied.

“I can’t. Madam Pince kicked me out for having him in there already. I’ll only be gone for a few hours. Besides, you can spend some father-son time with him,” Ginny said, smiling at Harry.

“I’m busy,” Harry replied, trying to move past her. “I’m going flying. You deal with it.”

“Can’t you go later? Harry, I really need you to watch him,” Ginny frowned at him.

“I said deal with it Ginerva.”

Ginny was taken aback. Harry never used her real name. He knew she hated it.

He went on towards the portrait hole. Harry knew that if he spent more time than possible with either one of them, he wouldn’t be able to go through with his plans.

“What is wrong with you?” Ginny’s voice stopped him in his tracks. He turned around and forced himself not to flinch at her furious look.

“Nothing is wrong with me. I just have better things to do than watch him,” Harry said, lying through his teeth.

“Better things to do than watching your son!” she shouted. Harry took a deep breath and prepared himself. It was now or never. If he didn’t do this now, he wouldn’t ever get the nerve to do it. Make her hate him and think he hated her. Make her believe that he didn’t care for his family anymore. It was the last thing he wanted to do, but it was his only choice to protect them. He had to force his family away from him and leave them.

“Yes, better things,” he replied. Ginny stared at him with an unreadable expression. Harry steeled himself.

“Why are you avoiding us?” Ginny demanded with her hands on her hips.

“I’m not avoiding you,” he lied.

“Yes, you are. Ever since we . . . we lost Bryce, you haven’t been yourself,” Ginny said.

“So? People change,” Harry replied.

“Not like this! They don’t suddenly shut those who love them out of their lives!” Ginny shouted. Those who were in the room were now looking at them.

“If you’re quite finished, I want to go flying before curfew,” Harry shrugged her off.

“I want you to tell me what’s going on!” Ginny shouted. Harry threw his broom on the ground and stalked towards the table Ginny was standing by.

“You know what I don’t want? This! I don’t want this anymore! Not you! Not him!” Harry yelled, hands clenching onto the table and leaning over it, glaring at Ginny. “Maybe, this was just a huge mistake.”

Ginny's heart stopped. Did she hear him right? Was he regretting everything? Their marriage and their child was just a huge mistake he regretted? No, he couldn't be. He just couldn't.

Ginny glared right back, determined not to let him see the hurt in her eyes. No one spoke. All eyes were on the feuding couple.

“A mistake? A bit late for changing your mind don’t you think!” she yelled right back. How could he just say that? After all this time . . . why didn’t he just leave her to begin with? If this was such a burden on him, why didn’t he just leave her on the Quidditch pitch when she first told him about James?

Harry focused his anger on her. He didn’t want to do this, but he had to. It was for their own good.

“I think that I definitely don’t want this anymore,” he said in a deadly calm voice. It was unnerving to Ginny.

“Wh - what?” she breathed shakily. No, this couldn’t be happening to her. Not after everything they went through.

“I don’t want anything to do with you or him anymore Ginny. I don’t want a family anymore,” he went on. She had never seen his eyes filled with such hatred. The usual warm green eyes had turned cold.

Ginny felt her heart sink and break into a thousand pieces. Tears threatened her eyes.

“How could you say that? He’s your son Harry,” she choked out the words.

“Not anymore,” Harry’s eyes pierced hers in a hateful way. Ginny didn’t know what to do. What had she done wrong? Closing her eyes, as to not to cry, she backed away from the table, fully aware of all eyes on her. Quickly, she picked up James and ran into their room. Once she put James in his crib, she sank to the floor and cried.

In the common room, everyone was gaping at Harry. He hadn’t moved from his spot by the table. Ron and Hermione were staring at him. Hermione bolted towards the Head Boy’s room to comfort Ginny. Harry closed his eyes. It hurt. It hurt him bad. He didn’t want to do it, but he had to. There was no other choice.

Furious at himself, he picked up his broom and strode out of the common room.

But Harry didn’t go far. He felt someone grab him from behind and the next thing he knew, he was slammed into the wall and staring into the murderous eyes of Ron Weasley.

“What are you playing at, Potter!” he shouted, his fist tightening on the collar of Harry’s shirt.

“Go ahead, hit me Ron. Do your worst. I deserve it,” Harry said, staring at Ron.

“You promised you’d take care of her, not hurt her you bastard!” Ron shouted.

Harry hung his head in defeat.

“I am taking care of her,” he replied softly.

“How!” Ron demanded his anger increasing.

“By leaving them! If they think I don’t care about them, then they won’t be hurt. He won’t go after him,” Harry tried to explain. Ron loosened his grip, but very slightly.

“Who won’t go after them?” Ron asked.

“Voldemort,” Harry replied. He closed his eyes briefly. “If he thinks that they mean nothing to me, that I don’t love them, then he won’t touch them. He already took one child from me. I won’t let him take my whole family.”

Ron was staring at him, confusion flooding his face.

“Go ahead. Give me your worst. Feed me to wild dragons. I don’t deserve to live anymore,” Harry said, awaiting Ron’s punch. Slowly, Ron let him go. Ron sighed and looked at Harry.

“You’re doing this because you love them, because you don’t want them to get hurt,” Ron clarified. Harry nodded.

“I’d rather see Ginny hate me than see her and James dead. They’re my world and if I lose them, I don’t think I could live without them. No, I know I couldn’t live without them,” Harry said, his voice hoarse and the thought of not having his family anymore floated through his mind.

Ron looked down at the ground, stuffing his hands in his pockets. After what seemed like an eternity, he looked back up at Harry.

“I think you’re mental. Ginny was already involved in the whole You-Know-Who thing and I don’t think what you did is going to work. But, it’s your life and you better bloody hope this works Harry.”

With that, he left Harry standing in the empty corridor.

Harry returned several hours later. After he flew around the grounds he decided to take a long walk, not wanting to confront anyone else in the common room. He had seriously thought over what he had done to Ginny. Maybe this wasn’t the right thing to do after all? Perhaps he should go back and beg on his hands and knees for her forgiveness.

He stood in front of the portrait of the fat lady and gave the password. It swung open and he hesitantly climbed through. He was relieved to see that the common room was empty. He made his way across the room and to the Head Boy’s dormitory, not really sure if he wanted Ginny to be asleep or not. But what he found was something worse.

All her belongings were gone. The wardrobe was opened and he could see only his clothes hanging in there. Her trunk was missing and so were the pictures she had set up around the room. There was no swing and no crib, and gone were the toys that littered the ground that morning. Nothing indicated that there was once a happy family that lived in the room before.

Miserably, Harry dragged himself across the room and began to throw his own belongings into his trunk. He couldn’t stay in this room any longer, knowing how much it would remind him of Ginny and James. Once his trunk was packed, he flicked his wand lazily at it and floated it out the door and up the stairs to his old dormitory. Harry let it fall at the foot of his old bed, ignoring the looks his roommates were giving him. He flung himself on his bed, not bothering to change his clothes. He pulled the drapes closed and wondered if he had done the right thing.

Chapter 25: Chapter Twenty One
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Chapter Twenty One

February was drawing to a close and March was just around the corner. Light snow and rain alternated days and a chill still lingered around the castle. Students kept bundled up and close to fires and rushed to get inside from outdoor classes.

It was on a particularly cold day, yet still sunny, that Ron had chosen to start up Quidditch practices again. He wasn’t quite sure if Ginny would be able to play, but she ensured him that she could and would be at the first practice.

She just neglected to tell him that James was coming with her.

Ginny felt bad about asking her friends to watch him since he was her responsibility and decided to try and take him with her every where she went.

Her alarm went off and Ginny groped around to shut it off. She pulled her blanket over her head and tried to get a few more minutes of sleep in. She had not gotten much sleep in the past two weeks since she moved back into her old dormitory. Since she was now the only caretaker of her nine and a half month old son, taking care of him around the clock and keeping on top of all her studies was taking a toll on the amount of sleep she got. However, James had other ideas that morning and was babbling happily to her.

“Go back to sleep James,” she mumbled and snuggled deeper beneath her blanket. She wondered why her son was such an early riser and why he couldn’t sleep in for once.

James continued to babble to her in a cheery baby voice. But what she heard next was not something she expected.


Ginny’s eyes flew open and she slowly pulled the blanket off her head. She looked at her son who was standing in the crib, holding onto the rail for support (Yet another skill the young mother was proud about; her son could now stand up while holding on to something for one whole week!). James smiled at her, his red hair sticking up from sleep.

“Ma!” he said again. A huge grin spread on Ginny’s face.

“Oh James!” she squealed and hurriedly climbed out of bed. She picked up her son and kissed him on the top of his head. “You said your first word! I’m so proud of you!”

“Ginny? What’s going on?” Claire’s sleepy voice came, a slight irritation in her voice. Ginny pulled back the curtain, a wide smile still on her face, and was greeted with a sleepy looking Claire.

“Sorry Claire, James said his first word!” she explained excitedly. Claire smiled at her.

“What did he say?” she asked.

“Ma,” Ginny said proudly. “I can’t wait to tell Harry! He’ll be . . .” Ginny’s voice trailed off as she remembered that Harry didn’t want to have anything to do with them. She shifted James in her arms and turned to get him clothes. “I’ll just go give him a bath now.”

After collecting his clothes, she whisked him off to the loo to give James a bath. Ginny drew the bath water, undressed James, and placed him in the tub. James splashed the soapy water happily and giggled as he saw the suds slop around. Ginny smiled sadly at him.

After Ginny had cried her eyes out after Harry declared he no longer wanted them, she began to pack all her things to move out of the room. Hermione helped her and together they moved all her belongings, as well as James’ things, back to her old dormitory. Hermione had stayed with Ginny, trying to calm her and tell her that everything would be all right. Ginny hoped that it was all a joke and that Harry was just pulling her leg. But she was completely wrong and slowly the truth that her husband had left her sunk in. And like always, the news of the fight spread through the castle like wildfire.

The next morning at breakfast, all eyes were on her and Harry. Ginny did not want to eat in the Great Hall, so she quickly put something together and left the Great Hall to eat in peace in the corridors. The same had happened at lunch and dinner, and Ginny decided it would be better to grab something quick and eat in the corridors everyday. She couldn’t take the staring and whispering and just didn’t want to deal with it. But the whispering and staring didn’t stay within the Great Hall; it was in the hallways and during classes and some people didn’t even bother to lower their voices. She felt like she had when James was first brought to Hogwarts; alienated from the rest of the world, completely alone. She kept James close to her, trying hard to avoid situations where she would have to ask others to watch him for her. She didn’t want to be a burden to anyone else.

Yet she didn’t know why Harry thought of them as such a burden. What had she done wrong? Did she say something to him or do something? What was it that made him hate them so? It was all so strange and something nagged her in the back of her mind that told her that something wasn’t quite right with what Harry was doing.

“Ma!” James’ voice broke her thoughts. She shook her thoughts from her head and smiled at her son, lifting him out of the tub, and wrapping a fluffy towel around him.

She brought him back to her bed and placed him on it. James looked up at her as she dressed him and saying “Ma” over and over again. She copied him as she continued to dress him and he tried to roll and wriggle away from him. She talked to him as she put on a new nappy and fastened a pair of baby sized jeans around him and found him a shirt to wear. Ginny tugged his Weasley jumper over his head and pulled the sleeves over his arms. Finally she put socks on him and searched for a pair of shoes. Once she was finished, she picked him up, kissed his cheek, and set him in the crib so she could change herself.

When she was done, she packed James’ baby bag and put him in his carrier. She picked up the bag and the carrier, grabbed her broom with her free hand, and headed down to the common room. She glanced at the playpen in the corner and decided it would be handy to have down on the Quidditch pitch. She fished her wand out and shrunk the playpen, then slipped her wand and the tiny playpen in the baby bag.

Ginny had grabbed a muffin and a few slices of toast from the Great Hall before she headed out to the Quidditch pitch. She went into the locker room and settled her things on the floor.

James was reaching for the toast as Ginny worked on enlarging the playpen again for him.

“Just a minute,” she said as she took him out of the carrier and placed him in the playpen. He immediately scrambled to stand up, his fists tightly clenching the railing and looked up at her. Ginny tore off a piece of toast and gave it to him. He happily chomped on it and fell back onto his backside. He didn’t seem to care for he had his breakfast and was munching away.

Ginny sat on a bench, tearing apart a piece of toast so she could give it to James. She ate her muffin, watching James eat and holding up his hand for more once he finished a piece.

Once they had finished their breakfast, Ginny changed into her Quidditch robes and waited in the meeting room for the rest of the team to come.

Harry strolled into the meeting room, not really wanting to practice Quidditch at all. He had seen today’s issue of the Daily Prophet and the headline shocked him. Cornelius Fudge was attacked and killed at his own home. While he had admitted that Voldemort was back and had taken some precautions, he obviously thought an attack on his house was highly unlikely for the article had said no extra wards had been put up. What was even more of a shock was that the attack had happened after the recent Dark activity had come to a halt. The Death Eaters had obviously been trying to keep everyone in suspense. They had begun with the sudden rash of attacks around Christmas, and just before Valentine’s Day they came to a screeching halt.

Harry sighed, wondering what a mess the Ministry would be in now that the minister was gone and they needed a new leader. They would have to act fast and whoever it was had to be able to work under all the pressure and be a quick thinker. Harry just hoped they would find a replacement (preferable a better one) fast.

He paused when he saw Ginny playing with James on the other side of the room. He watched as she tickled him and his high pitched squeal echoed throughout the room. James looked up at his mother, his eyes begging her to tickle him again and he laughed when she did. Harry sighed and looked away. He hated doing this, but he didn’t see how he would be able to protect them.


Harry’s eyes were fixed on his son and he tried to hide the smile that spread on his face after hearing his son say his first word. Ginny was beaming at him with pride in her eyes and cuddled him closer to her. He wished he could be sitting with them and looking just as proud as she did.

“Ginny, what is he doing here?” Ron’s voice said. Harry saw that Ron had entered the room and was frowning at his sister.

“Didn’t I tell you that I was bringing him? Must have slipped my mind. Besides, you don’t mind me bringing your adorable nephew, do you?” Ginny put on an innocent look and smiled up at her brother.

“Ginny how do you think you’re going to take care of him during practice?” he asked in a stern voice and crossed his arms.

Ginny sighed and looked at her son in her arms. She kissed the top of his head and looked back at Ron.

“I just will. I’m his mother and I have to care for him,” Ginny replied. Ron didn’t reply. He gave his sister a sympathetic look and shot an icy glare at Harry. A pang of guilt hit Harry and he sighed.

Ron had continued to talk to Harry after the fight of the common room, which surprised Harry. He was sure that Ron was going to hate him and ignore him. He constantly told Harry he was making a mistake, but Harry refused to listen to him. He wanted to protect his family and he saw no other way of doing it. Hermione on the other hand had barely spoken a word to him and when she did, it was in a very cold tone. She was often hanging around Ginny and shooting glares at him. She didn’t even go near Harry unless it was in class or when she was with Ron. Even though Harry hated having one of his best friends hating him like that, he knew he deserved it.

“Ma ma ma ma ma ma!” James babbled. Ron looked at James in surprise.

“Did he just talk?” Ron said, staring at his nephew in surprise. Ginny nodded.

“This morning when I woke up he was talking. Oh Ron, I was so excited! My little boy is growing up. Before I know it, I’ll be sending him off to Hogwarts on his own,” Ginny said, tickling James. She glanced around the room and when she saw Harry, she quickly looked away and placed James in the playpen, where Ron quickly descended upon him and tried to get him to say “Ron”. Harry’s eyes lingered on them for a moment before he looked away and waited for the rest of the team to come in.

Once the rest of the team dragged their selves into the meeting room and took seats on the benches, Ron hurried to the front and pulled out his wand. He tapped his wand on a board in the front of the room and cleared his throat importantly. Once everyone was watching him, he immediately began describing new plays. This had taken over an hour to do, which reminded Harry greatly of the days of Oliver Wood as captain. Once Ron was finished with the plays he paced up and down in front of them and talked about their match against Slytherin. Ron’s speech, full of determination and ferocity, was long and nearly put the whole team to sleep. He was determined to get them in top shape so that they would win against Slytherin.

“Even if we do lose, we’ll win the cup regardless since our point margin is so large. I mean Slytherin will have to be ahead by 300 points to tie with us, but still I want to rub that Slytherin’s nose in the ground and kick his arse. Bloody Malfoy,” Ron said as they all made their way out to the pitch. The team rolled their eyes as they followed their captain out to the pitch.

Harry glanced around with his broom slung over his shoulder and watched Ginny struggle with James. She threw his baby bag over her shoulder and shrank his playpen while holding James. She slipped it into her free hand and tried to grab her broom. Once she was all set, she went out the door and onto the pitch, staying as far away from Harry as possible.

A chilly breeze swept throughout the pitch as the Gryffindor team walked out on to it. Ginny cursed herself silently for forgetting to bring an extra jumper for James. Sighing, she enlarged the playpen again, set James inside and placed a Warming Charm on the playpen. After making sure he was taken care of, she joined her teammates up in the air.

They practiced flying drills and took turns passing the Quaffle to each other. Ron ran them through tough drills, pushing them to their limits. Many times Ginny had to stop and take care of James. She would apologize profusely to her teammates before resuming practice. After this happened for the fourth time, Ron was getting upset with his sister.

“Ginny, why couldn’t you get someone to watch him?” Ron asked angrily when she returned.

“I’m sorry Ron but I didn’t have much of a choice,” Ginny said, sending a glare in Harry’s direction. “Unlike some people I know that I have the responsibility of taking care of my son.”

Harry looked away and felt everyone looking at him.

“Can we get on with practice?” Harry asked Ron impatiently. Ron nodded and called for diving drills.

There was a faint cry and Ginny glanced over her shoulder. She sighed and flew back to the ground.

“That’s it, we can’t practice like this! Practice is over,” Ron shouted and followed his sister. The rest of the team grumbled about it and flew back towards the ground. Harry lingered in the air for a few moments and did a few laps, enjoying the chill wind whipping around him. He flew back to the ground and saw that Ron and Ginny were going at it. He stood a few feet away from them, waiting for Ron and watched as the two of them went red in the face as they argued.

“I said I was sorry. I’ll get someone to watch him next time,” Ginny said, picking up James and shrinking the playpen.

“You better Ginny. As much as I love him, he can’t be here for every practice,” Ron ranted.

“Ron, I said I’d take care of it! You can’t expect everyone to drop whatever they are doing because I need a sitter,” Ginny shouted.

“Ginny, we have an important game! You can’t keep leaving through practice and run to him,” Ron yelled back.

Ginny glared at him.

“And what do you expect me to do? Let him cry and ignore him?” Ginny asked, her eyes glittering dangerously. Ron sighed and ran a hand through his wind swept hair.

“Get someone to watch him!” Ron shouted.

“Ron! How many times do I have to tell you? I’ll try to find someone but I can’t promise anything!” Ginny shouted back. She picked up the baby bag and slung it on her shoulder, shifting James to her hip.

“You better try hard Ginny. What’s more important, Quidditch or him?” Ron said. Ginny looked at him in disbelief.

“Wait a minute, you’re telling me to decide between a game and my son?” she asked.

“Yes!” Ron waved his arms frantically in the air. Ginny took a deep breath and looked at him, unable to believe he had asked her such a question.

“Well then, the choice is obvious,” she began. Ron had a smug look on his face. She glared at her brother. “I quit. Find yourself a new Chaser.”

Ron’s jaw dropped and he stared at his sister. Realization of what he said to her dawned on his face.

“You can’t be serious! Ginny, you can’t quit on me. In fact, I forbid you to quit!” Ron said, desperately trying to patch up his mistake.

“No Ron. My son is more important to me than a game. You should have known that,” Ginny said. She glanced around and saw Harry standing not too far from them, watching them argue. She looked back at Ron. “I don’t leave my children.”

She grabbed her broom and stormed off to the locker rooms.

Ron kicked the ground hard.

“Now what am I going to do? We can’t play without her!” Ron shouted and stomped off to the locker rooms. Harry jogged after him.

“Apologize,” Harry suggested as he reached him.

“You should talk,” Ron shot back, glaring at Harry. Harry sighed and looked away.

“Figure something out. We don’t have reserves and she’s one of the best Chasers we have ever had,” Harry said and walked ahead of Ron to the locker rooms.

Later on, Harry entered the common room after her had changed. He saw that Ginny was no where to be seen. Glancing around, he saw Ron and Hermione whispering to each other. Hermione looked furious and Ron looked like he was afraid. Harry approached them and sank into an empty seat.

“Hello,” he greeted them. Ron wore a scowl on his face and muttered a hello. Hermione looked up and was met with a small, fake smile and looked at Ron, shooting a murderous glare at him.

“Ronald Weasley! How dare you say those things to your sister? You know how she’s been feeling lately after this git left her!” Hermione shouted. Harry’s eyes widened and he opened his mouth to say something.

“Hush, I’m not finished with him,” Hermione snapped coldly. “You better apologize to her! James is her son and she’s not about to leave him just because you want to beat Malfoy in a game. If you really want her back on the team, you tell her she can bring James with her and make accommodations for her because that’s what a good captain does and because you’re her brother!”

“I told you to apologize,” Harry cut in. Ron glared at him.

“You know what; I don’t want any advice from you right now. After what you did to my sister, you’re lucky I even talk to you right now. And I still don’t understand why you’ve been putting up this act for two weeks?” Ron said. “You’ve got to realize it won’t work.”

“What act?” Hermione asked, momentarily forgetting her anger with Ron.

“He’s only pretending that he doesn’t want them. He thinks by leaving them, he’s protecting them. Don’t know where he got that idea,” Ron said. Hermione’s eyes widened and she glared at Harry. Harry didn’t like that look in her eyes.

“You. I want to talk to you, now,” she hissed and stood up. She grabbed his hand and hauled him to his feet. She looked at Ron.

“By the time we get back you better had apologized to Ginny or else the wedding is off,” she threatened. Ron glared at her for a moment. “Now!”

Ron quickly leapt to his feet and searched for his sister.

Quickly, she pulled Harry out of the common room and down the corridor and into an empty classroom. Hermione pointed to the desks and Harry immediately sat down, not wanting to make her angrier. She slammed the door, pulled out her wand, and muttered a few spells. She turned on her heel, wand still in her hand and looked at him.

“Have you lost your mind?” she shouted, glaring at him.

Harry didn’t reply. He stared at the desk in front of him.

“How could you do this to them?” she asked, her voice low and dangerous. “How could you leave them like this Harry?”

He glanced up and looked at him. “Look, Hermione I have a reason for what I did,” Harry tried to defend herself.

“And what would that be? Harry, how in Merlin’s name do you think this is going to protect them? Do you know what this is doing to her? What possessed you to have this sudden nobility complex?” she went on.

“I do not have a nobility complex,” Harry defended, crossing his arms across his chest.

“Right now you do. Why did you do this? Why did you make Ginny think she’s a horrible person? She thinks she did something wrong,” she said, sitting at a desk in front of him. Harry sighed.

“She does?” Harry’s eyes widened and a wave of guilt washed over him.

“Yes Harry, she does. I’ve been talking with her about this ever since you had that fight and she thinks this is entirely her fault. Why Harry? Why do this to them?” Hermione asked.

“Hermione, everyone I love is taken away from me; my mum, my dad, Sirius, my unborn child. I can’t stand the fact that Ginny and James could be taken away from me like that. I won’t let Voldemort kill them too. If this spy sees that I’m not with them and that I don’t care about them, then they’ll tell Voldemort and he won’t touch them. They’ll be safe,” Harry explained, trying hard not to cry in front of his best friend.

Hermione stared at him for a long time, a thoughtful look in her eyes.

“You’ve already lost them Harry,” she said sadly. “Leaving them won’t protect them.”

She slid out of the seat and looked at him.

“Harry, you need to decide if what you’re doing is worth it before it’s too late.”

She sighed and with a final glance, she left him alone in the empty room.

* * * * *

Ron had begged Ginny on his hands and knees to stay on the team. He promised he would let her bring James to practice and let her leave practice when she needed to care for him. It had taken a few hours but Ginny eventually agreed to play again and told Ron that if he acted like that again then he would find himself in the age of the dinosaurs.

But, while bringing James to Quidditch practice was a convenience to Ginny, it was also a very bad idea. Within a few days, he had developed a bad cold and so did Ginny, but since she couldn’t afford to take anymore days off class, she had to deal with a sick child in the middle of her lessons. He was very irritable and cranky, often crying and calling for her. Several times she would have to leave class and pace up and down in the corridors with him, desperately trying to comfort him and calming him down.

Ginny stood in front of her cauldron and tried to concentrate on her potion. It was not easy, for James had chosen to be wide awake and particularly cranky in Potions.

She shivered, her worn winter cloak offering her little warmth. She hated that the dungeons was the coldest part of the castle and with her and James being sick, it was the worst place for them both.

She was startled when he began to cry and nearly dropped a vial of dragon blood she was holding in her steaming cauldron. Ginny quickly bent over to see what was wrong with James, ignoring the glare Professor Snape gave her. He wasn’t very keen on seeing James in his class and often gave the infant cold and icy looks.

“Shh! Come on sweetie, I know you’re feeling awful, so am I, but Mummy needs to do her work,” she whispered quickly, jiggling a toy in front of his face. James continued to cry, holding out his arms for her to carry him. Ginny sighed and looked around the room, coughing as she did so. Her classmates were staring at her and Professor Snape was still glaring in her direction. Giving in, she picked James up and held him with one arm. He began to calm down and Ginny had to continue her work with one hand.

She found it to be rather difficult to slice her daisy roots while holding James. Sighing, she sat him on the desk and quickly diced her roots. She didn’t, however, expect for James to reach over and grab the cauldron.

“James! No!” Ginny shouted, grabbing his hand. The swift movement caused the cauldron to tip towards the infant. Ginny snatched him off the table, kicked her belongings out of the way, and jumped back, just before the murky brown potion she was working on spilled over the table and splattered all over the floor. It hissed and bubbled as it spread and a hole was forming in the stone floor. The class was silent and those that were close by were backing away from the oozing substance.


Ginny winced, holding James close and at the mention of her married name, she suddenly realized that her wedding ring was on her finger.

It felt strange.

“Weasley,” she corrected softly.

“Weasley,” the potions master hissed. “Ten points from Gryffindor and detention!”

Ginny looked up quickly.

“Professor, please!” she begged.

“You will be in here tonight and cleaning up this mess that monster caused,” Professor Snape went on.

“Please, I can’t. I haven’t anyone to watch him,” Ginny tried to beg again.

“That is not my problem. You should have thought of the consequences before allowing yourself to reproduce. But of course, thinking is not one of your strong points now is it. You were told when this demon child of yours was brought to school that all school rules apply to you, including serving detentions,” he said. The class was staring at her, several Slytherins snickering. “Nine o’clock sharp.”

He turned on his heel and went back to the front of the room. He stopped and went back towards her. He waved his wand and the remaining contents of the cauldron were gone and it sparkled clean.

“Another zero for the day. What a wonderful future you are creating for your child. I’m sure that with the way your marks have been going in this class, you can find a nice back alley to live in.”

Ginny was stunned and tears burned her eyes. Determined not to let anyone see her cry, she held her head up high and began to pack her things, not caring what Professor Snape thought of her leaving class early. She couldn’t bear being in the dungeons any longer. Once she had all her belongings and James was safe in her arms, she began to leave.


She looked and saw her friends looking at her in concern. She smiled sadly at them.

“I’ll be okay,” she said before leaving the dungeons.

Rain pounded on the windows and walls as Ginny made her way to the Great Hall. All outside classes were canceled for the day as well as all Quidditch practices, which greatly angered Ron. Ginny, on the other hand, was grateful and she hoped that staying inside would help her and James get better.

She was still shivering beneath her winter cloak as she walked down the stone passageways. She didn’t have the heart to ask her mother for a new one and now, without Harry, she couldn’t afford a new one on her own. She had James to think about.

She quickly entered the Great Hall and saw that there were very few students, she sat down and decided to eat in the Great Hall this time. She managed to finish a quick meal and feed James just as the majority of the school was entering the Great Hall. She gathered her things and went into the Entrance Hall.

Ginny didn’t expect the Entrance Hall to be crowded with students, but as there was a nasty storm outside, there was no where else for students to go. Ginny had sought out a corner for herself and James and tried to get some studying done. It was hopeless. James was still being very fussy. She spent a good ten minutes trying to quiet him down. He finally stopped crying and was quiet for her and Ginny began to do her Ancient Runes translation.

“Ma ma,” James began to cry again. Ginny pushed the book off her lap, coughing, and picked him up.

“Come on James. Be a good boy and go to sleep,” she cooed at him. He persisted in his crying. Ginny sighed and rocked him in her arms. She turned her head and coughed again and glanced around. Several students were looking at her with pity. She hated that everyone knew about how Harry had pushed her and James out of his life. She turned back to her son and began to sing a soft lullaby to him.

Harry watched Ginny struggle with James from afar. She didn’t look well and he couldn’t believe she was still wearing that old winter cloak.

“She’s not doing so well,” Hermione had noticed him looking. Harry glanced at her and frowned. She had begun to talk to him once again, though her voice was still cold with him.

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“Harry she’s been sick and so is James. Notice him being so fussy lately,” Ron explained. Harry felt horrible.

“She’s pushing herself too hard. She refuses to let anyone help her out, keeps saying that it’s her responsibility and she doesn’t want to be a burden,” Hermione added. Harry felt really horrible now. What had he done?

“Damn it,” he looked away, unable to look at Ginny anymore. Guilt washed over him. He never intended this. He only wanted them to be safe, not this.

“Harry, maybe you should talk with her,” Hermione suggested. “There might be hope. She might forgive you and take you back.”

He shook his head.

“I can’t. They have to be safe,” he said and held back the pain. Why was he doing this? Was it worth it to see them suffer like this?

“But –”Ron had begun.

“I can’t Ron. I don’t want to talk about this,” Harry cut him off and immediately the conversation dropped. Hermione was glaring at him.

“If you don’t talk to her, then I will,” she said.

“No! I said drop it, Hermione,” Harry said, glaring at her. She bit her lip and looked away from him. They had promised not to tell Ginny the real reason he was acting the way he was, but both kept pestering him to talk to her and he continually refused.

Harry braved another glance. James had fallen asleep in Ginny’s arms and he noticed she had nodded off as well. Her head was leaning back against the wall, her eyes closed. Harry couldn’t bear to watch them like this. Before he knew it, he was walking towards them.

Many eyes followed him as he made his way to Ginny and James. Harry stopped in front of them and felt his chest constrict painfully. This was too much for him. Ginny looked even worse than he had seen her from a far, her skin was pale and she had dark circles under her eyes. James was pale as well and it hurt Harry to see this.

Gently he took James from Ginny’s arms and put him in his carrier, tucking his blankets around him carefully. Harry placed a small kiss on his forehead. He was warm, and it was clear he had a fever. Quickly, he conjured up a soft towel and placed a Freezing Charm on it. He lifted it to his son’s forehead and patted it gently on his skin, hoping to cool him down and break the fever. Harry left the cloth on his forehead and made sure it stayed in place.

He looked at Ginny and removed his own cloak, placing it on top of her. He pushed back her hair and kissed her forehead as well. She stirred a bit, but didn’t wake up.

“I love you both. I’m so sorry,” he said then stood up. Harry walked away and out of the crowded corridor, ignoring the people who watched him with curious looks.

Fifteen minutes later, Ginny was gently woken by her roommates. She looked around groggily, wondering where she was. She shook her head from sleepiness and launched into a fit of coughing. She then realized she was warm and not shivering anymore. Someone had put their cloak on her. Ginny looked around and saw James in his carrier, snugly wrapped in his blankets, and a cloth on his forehead. She frowned. Who could have done such a thing?

Ginny realized it was time for class and began to gather her belongings. She walked down the corridor to Charms trying to figure out who had been so kind to her.

* * * * *

That following Saturday was the first sunny day the students of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry had seen in weeks. They were also very fortunate that it was a Hogsmeade weekend. Fifth and seventh years took the opportunity to take a break from their O.W.Ls and N.E.W.Ts revision and enjoy a day off.

Ginny walked down a twisted cobbled street in Hogsmeade, James sleeping soundly in the stroller, and ignoring all the students who passed her. Unlike, her fellow classmates, she hadn’t come for fun and leisure; she had come on business. Now her business was over and she was feeling rather worn out from the long visit. All she wanted to do was to curl up in her bed and sleep.

She sighed, wondering if what she did was the right thing to do. After the fight, Ginny had sent a letter to her parents and told them what had happened. Her parents’ letter back to her had basically told her it was up to her on what to do in her situation and whatever she decided, they would support it.

She glanced up and caught a glimpse of a copy of the Daily Prophet in an elderly wizard’s hand. She gasped at the headline.

Arthur Weasley, the New Minister of Magic

There was a picture of her parents smiling at the camera and Ginny couldn’t believe it. Her father was now the minister.

Ginny had received an owl about the death of the late minister from her parents and she knew that the Ministry took quick action and immediately searched for replacements. Amelia Bones, who was the head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, was the top choice. Ginny remembered that the letter from her parents had also said that her father was asked to be a candidate, but he wasn’t sure if he would accept it or not. It was obvious now that he did and Ginny couldn’t be proud of her father.


She looked around and saw Ron running towards her, waving something in his hand. He stopped in front of her and pulled her into a hug. He let her go and beamed at her.

“Dad’s got it! Dad’s the new minister! Did you see this?” Ron waved the paper around frantically and beamed with pride.

“I saw. Isn’t it great?” she said, smiling at her brother.


Ginny looked behind Ron and smiled. All her brothers were heading towards her, smiling wide and looking very proud. They gathered around her and the stroller and each took a turn to hug her.

“What are you all doing here?” she asked.

“We came to celebrate with you two. Mum and Dad are having their own private celebration at home,” Charlie explained.

“You don’t think they’re, er, you know,” Ron suggested. The siblings exchanged looks and they shuddered in disgust.

“Thanks for the mental picture Ron,” Fred said and smacked Ron upside the head. Ginny shook the image from her mind.

“No way!” Bill suddenly exclaimed. Ginny looked at him and saw he was staring into the stroller. “That’s not little James, is it?”

“He didn’t look that big the last time we saw him at the . . . the uh . . . the, well you know,” George said and looked at her apologetically.

Ginny smiled sadly. She knew he was referring to the funeral.

“It’s okay,” she assured him and George smiled at her. “Grown hasn’t he? Can’t believe it myself,” she said, smiling adoringly at her sleeping son. He squirmed around a bit then settled down. “Seems like only yesterday he was a tiny little newborn.” Ginny looked up and saw that all her brothers were smiling down at their nephew.

“He looks so peaceful,” Charlie commented. Fred and George bent over the stroller and Ginny watched them carefully.

“Thank Merlin for that. I love it when he’s sleeping. It means I get a break,” Ginny said.

“He’s not that much of a handful,” Ron said. Ginny tore her gaze from the twins and glared at him.

“Of course you would say that. You’re not his mother,” Ginny rolled her eyes at him.

“Where’s Harry?” Percy asked. Ginny stiffened and Ron looked at her worriedly. She had not told her brothers what had happened and begged her parents not to say anything either.

“I don’t know,” Ginny quickly replied. “He’s somewhere.”

James began to cry and the twins jumped back in alarm.
“I swear we didn’t do it!” Fred exclaimed. Ginny went around the side of the stroller and picked him up, sending a glare at the twins.

“Shh! It’s okay. Come on, go back to sleep,” she cooed, bouncing him in her arms. James continued to cry and Ginny reached inside the stroller to give him his bunny. She frowned and searched through the blankets only to find that it was missing.

“Oh great. I must have dropped it.” Ginny handed James to Bill.

“Watch him. I’ll only be a minute,” she instructed and rushed back to the building she was at.

She found the bunny lying on the floor of the lobby. She quickly picked it up and left the building again. As Ginny approached her brothers, she saw that they were frowning at her and Ron was staring at the sign of the building.

“A law office? What were you doing there?” George asked confused. Ginny ignored him and took James back from Bill.

“Here you go sweetie,” she said and handed the stuffed toy to him. James took it in one hand and started to calm down. She smiled at him and put him back in the stroller.

“Ginny,” Percy’s voice warned. She looked up at them.

“Why did you go there?” Charlie asked. She sighed.

“I talked with a solicitor,” Ginny said. Ron’s eyes widened and he seemed to understand what she had done.

“Ginny, you didn’t! You can’t do that!” Ron exclaimed. Ginny rounded on him.

“And why not? After what happened, what did you expect me to do? Besides, I have grounds for it,” she said. The other Weasley brothers were thoroughly confused as they watched their youngest siblings.

“You can’t do it Ginny,” Ron said again.

“I can and I have. It’s already been done!” she replied.

“Well undo it then!” Ron shouted.

“Do what?!” Bill demanded. Ron and Ginny looked at the others. “Will one of you please explain what is going on?”

Ginny sighed. She looked down at the ground, avoiding the stares of her brothers and Ron’s angry scowl.

“I filed for divorce,” she said quietly. She quickly glanced up and was greeted with shocked faces.

“But why?” George asked. Ginny launched into the story of how Harry had been acting different. She told them about the fight in the common room and what he had said to her. Her brothers were looking furious.

“I’ll kill him,” Fred said and the others murmured in agreement.

“No,” Ginny said. “Don’t do anything. It won’t solve anything.”

They stared at her.

“But Ginny–”

“I said no Charlie,” she repeated herself and gave him a hard look. They looked furious and Ginny knew they wanted to search high and low for Harry. Ginny sent glares to all of them and hoped they would take the hint and not cause harm to Harry.

“Look, it’s my life and it’s my choice. This is my decision to make,” Ginny said.

“Fine,” Bill finally said and his hand was twitching over where he kept his wand. “You’re right, it’s your decision and we can’t do anything about it.”

The group of red-heads was silent for a few moments as they stood in the streets of Hogsmeade. Fred cleared his throat.

“As I recall we are here to celebrate our dad and it doesn’t look like we’re celebrating enough,” Fred pointed out.

“Well then, that needs to be fixed. To the Three Broomsticks!” George exclaimed.

“Oh I don’t know about that,” Ginny said, glancing down at James. “I really should get back. I have to feed him, give him a bath, and put him down for a nap. Not to mention we’re both getting over a cold.”

“No excuses. You’re coming to celebrate and we’re spending time with our nephew,” Charlie said and took control of the stroller.

“Perhaps it would be wise if we went and got these two new dress robes for the ceremony next weekend. We all have to look our best,” Percy suggested as they walked down the street and towards the pub.

“Ceremony?” Ron asked.

“The Ministry is holding a ceremony for Father this Saturday. Everyone must attend and we have to look presentable, which means the two of you must have new dress robes,” Percy explained.

“Then we’ll stop by Gladrags and pick some up,” Bill said. Ron was looking horrified.

“I haven’t got gold to buy new dress robes. I spent it all on Hermione’s engagement ring,” Ron complained.

“Then we’ll pitch in for the both of you. You won’t look scruffy in front of all those important Ministry officials and embarrass Father,” Percy said.

“Well then. We’ll just leave you at home. That should take care of the embarrassment,” Ron grumbled. Percy glared at him, but said nothing.

“Don’t worry Ron. We’ll pick out something pretty for Ginny and something nice and maroon for you,” Fred sniggered.

“With lots of lace on it, too!” Fred chimed in. Ron glared at them.

“You wouldn’t dare!” Ron exclaimed.

The twins exchanged a mysterious grin and looked at their youngest brother.

“But of course. We’re even going to help you out with your wedding,” Fred said.

“Ron,” George clapped him on the shoulder, “you’re going to look absolutely cracking on your wedding day!”

Ron groaned.

Ginny smiled at her brothers as they walked. She looked down at the stroller and saw that James was staring up at Fred and George.

“Don’t you worry, James. Mummy will pick out something nice for you to wear,” she said sweetly to him. James turned his head and looked up at her. He grinned and squealed in delight. She smiled and they continued to walk.

Ginny enjoyed the trip to Gladrags with her brothers. She laughed as Fred and George kept charming the robes Ron tried on to turn maroon and have lots of lace and kept teasing him with their plans for his wedding attire. James had to be fitted for his dress robes, a sky blue color, and Ginny had to struggle with him to keep him still. He squirmed around in her lap as the fitter tried to take his measurements. Ginny had to hold his hands together because he had been trying to grab the tape measure. After a good twenty minutes, the seamstress had his measurements and Ginny was able to be fitted for her own dress robes. She found a pretty set in a dusky rose color and watched as Ron’s face took on a look of horror as the twins presented him with a bright yellow set of robes.

Finally they left the shop (Ron clutching tightly to his package which contained a pair of jet black dress robes). Going to the Three Broomsticks was something Ginny definitely needed. She was able to relax with her brothers and forget about everything again. She laughed and joked and relived the past with them and felt like a normal person again. Her brothers were surprised to hear James talk. Ginny was beaming with pride as she told them about everything her nine month old could do. When James had become cranky, Ginny bade goodbye to her brothers and went back to the castle.

A light wind swept by, scattering leaves around a figure sitting on the ground in front of the tiny gravestone. Harry had been there for hours, staring at the stone and mourning. It had been nearly a month since he lost his son and it still hurt.

A tear fell from his eye. Harry sighed.

“I never even met you and yet it’s like I knew you so well,” he said and smiled. “I created you, Ginny and I did. I know you would have been a wonderful son, probably like your brother. Your mum and I would have loved you from the bottom of our hearts and well, we did anyway even if you weren’t born yet. I’m sorry I never got to meet you son, but we’ll meet one day.”

Harry stood up and wiped another tear from his eye.

“I’m sorry for what I’m doing to your mum and brother, but I don’t want to lose them either. It hurts enough that I lost you, and the thought of losing you all is too much,” Harry said. He raised his hand to his lips and kissed his fingers. Kneeling slightly, he pressed him fingers to the gravestone on the name Bryce Potter and sighed.

“I love you, son.”

Shoving his hands in his pockets, Harry took one last look at the gravestone and slowly walked away.

Back at Hogwarts, while Harry slowly made his way out of the graveyard in Hogsmeade, Ginny was busy with James. She had been able to give James a bath and put him down for a late afternoon nap. Once he was sleeping soundly in his crib, Ginny pulled out a small stack of parchment from the baby bag and went downstairs to the common room after she cast a Monitoring Charm on her dormitory. The common room was pretty much empty as everyone was still taking advantage of the sunny day. Ginny sat on a sofa and looked over the divorce papers in her hands.

She had already signed them and at the time it seemed like the right thing to do. Harry didn’t want them and if that was the case, Ginny wasn’t going to burden him any longer. She would file for divorce, ask for nothing from him and he could be freed. Yet, something nagged on her mind. Now this seemed like it was the worst thing to do. Harry didn’t want them. He said he didn’t love them, so why did this seem like an awful idea to her?

“Are you doing homework?”

Ginny was startled. She looked up and saw Hermione was standing in front of her. Ginny shook her head.

“No, it’s something else,” she said. Hermione sat next to her and peered at the papers. Her eyes widened and she stared at Ginny in shock.

“You can’t be serious! Divorce papers?” Hermione questioned.

“Yes. He doesn’t want us, so why not. Let him have a divorce and he can be rid of us forever. That’s what he wants anyway,” Ginny said gloomily. Hermione shook her head.

“Oh no Ginny, that’s not it at all! I knew something like this would happen. Oh, I should have told you sooner!” Hermione said.

“What are you talking about, Hermione?” Ginny asked, her eyebrows furrowed together in confusion.

“Ginny, Harry loves you and James very much. He only pushed the two of you away because he thinks he’s protecting you,” Hermione said.

Ginny frowned. “How is this protecting us?”

Hermione sighed and looked around the common room. She looked at Ginny again and leaned closer to her.

“He thinks that if this spy sees that he’s not around you two and that he doesn’t care about the two of you, the spy will tell Voldemort and you’ll be safe. He truly believes that he can protect you this way,” Hermione whispered.

It made sense to Ginny. She knew something was wrong with the whole thing and what Hermione said made perfect sense.

“Is he mad? That’s not going to work,” Ginny whispered back.

“That’s what Ron and I have been trying to tell him but he won’t listen. I’m sorry I didn’t say anything before, but I just didn’t know what to do,” Hermione whispered. “I should have said something to you. You were so miserable that night you two had that fight. Ginny, I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay,” Ginny said, smiling reassuringly at her. “So that’s his game is it?”

Hermione nodded.

“All right then,” she said. “I know exactly what to do.”

“What?” Hermione asked.

Ginny smirked and stood up. “You’ll see.”

She smiled at Hermione and went up the stairs. So Harry was just pretending to hate them. All this time and he really did care about them. Ginny didn’t feel so miserable anymore. She was mad with him for even thinking of it and mad at herself for believing it, but now she knew that she had done nothing wrong and he was only acting. She knew exactly what to do to get him to out of this little complex of his and back in her arms to stay.

Chapter 26: Chapter Twenty Two
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Chapter Twenty Two

Harry ran a hand through his slightly damp hair as he stood outside his locker in the boys locker room near the Quidditch pitch. He was exhausted and all he wanted to do was sleep. Ron had been brutal in all their practices since their match against Slytherin was at the beginning of next month, which meant they had two weeks left, which meant that Ron would become even more ruthless.

He sighed and opened his locker to retrieve his clothes. Harry pulled out his jeans and noticed that a small piece of paper fell out. He bent down and picked it up. A flicker of pain came across his face as he stared at the picture of James on his toy broomstick. Regardless of what Ginny had said at Christmas, Harry had snuck the broomstick out of her trunk and put James on it. He managed to keep him on with a little magic and snapped a quick picture of it before stowing the toy broomstick back in Ginny’s trunk without her knowing. To prevent her from finding the picture he put the picture in his locker and the fact that it was in there had slipped his mind. Closing his eyes briefly, he shoved the picture back in his locker and continued to dress, his mind filled with thoughts of his family.

He kept thinking of what they looked like in the hallway the week before. He just wanted to hold them and take care of them like they deserved, but he couldn’t risk it. He wasn’t sure if he should have done what he did anyway since he still didn’t know who the spy was, but he couldn’t stand there and watch his family suffer like that.

Ron and Hermione had continued to pester him about talking to Ginny and, like always, he told them he couldn’t. Even Remus had held him after class and talked to him about it on Monday morning. Harry was just about to leave when Remus called for him to stay. Once the last student had left, Remus had asked Harry why James was with Ginny all the time. Harry explained about the argument he had with Ginny and that they were separated at the moment. Remus had looked shocked at the revelation and immediately told him what he thought. He told Harry he was being ridiculous and it would only make things worse. Harry did not want to listen so he quickly said he was late for his next class and hurried out of the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom.

It seemed that since that conversation, Harry couldn’t turn a corner without seeing Ginny and James. It was driving him mad to see them all the time. His natural reaction was to go to them and be with his family, but if he was going to keep up this charade, he had to ignore them and pretend they didn’t exist, even if it tore at his heart.

What was even worse was that Harry couldn’t keep his eyes off Ginny. She was constantly doing things that Harry always found so sexy, he often had to leave the room quickly before anyone figured out what sort of reaction he was having. And it didn’t stop there either. During Quidditch practice she would do certain moves that made Harry’s eyes glue to her and as a result he would narrowly miss being hit by Bludgers or find his grip loosening on his broomstick; like she had today for example.

Shaking his thoughts of how Ginny’s Quidditch robes clung to her curves as the wind whipped around her, he continued to dress.

“Ron!” a familiar female voice called. Harry stiffened as he heard Ginny’s voice.

“What is it?” Ron called back. “Ginny!”

He sounded surprised and scandalized and Harry couldn’t help but turn around to look at her.

He gulped.

There she was, standing just inside the doorway in nothing but a thin white towel. Droplets of water were still on her skin and her hair was damp from her previous shower. She clutched the towel to her and looked at Ron innocently.

Harry suddenly found breathing to be rather difficult, his throat had become dry, and he felt his face flush. Imagines of what exactly was beneath that towel flashed in his mind and he found that even swallowing was difficult.

The towel began to slip a bit and Harry caught a quick flash of familiar pale skin. Blood pounded in his ears and his heart was beating so fast, he felt like it would burst from his rib cage.

She pulled the towel closer to her and shook her hair out of her eyes, glancing in Harry’s direction. She bit her bottom lip and looked back at Ron.

Familiar sensations shot through him and he felt the urge to kick everyone out of the locker room and have his way with Ginny.

He quickly averted his eyes from the sight before him and saw that Jack, Andrew, and Blake were eyeing Ginny appreciatively. Harry shot them all murderous looks and the three boys quickly turned back around and faced their lockers. Even if he was pretending he didn’t care, no one looked at his wife like that except for him.

“What are you doing in here wearing that?” Ron demanded.

“I just had a quick question about when the next practice was going to be,” she said innocently.

“You know we won’t be here this weekend so it’s Monday, now get out and put on some clothes!” Ron shouted.

“Oh, that’s right. Silly me forgot,” Ginny said and smiled apologetically at him. She slowly turned around, glancing at Harry, and left the locker room. He didn’t see the satisfied look on her face.

Harry slammed his locker shut, muttering under his breath “Snape in a bikini, Snape in a bikini,” but it didn’t work. He grabbed a towel to hide his embarrassment. Ron frowned at him.

“Where are you going?” he asked, closing his locker.

“To take a shower,” Harry replied. “A very cold one with lots of ice.”

“What do you need a cold shower for?” Ron questioned, staring at his friend.

“You don’t want to know,” Harry replied.

And with that, he hurried to the shower stalls, turned the handle and placed a mild Freezing Charm on the spray of water.

* * * * *

Moonlight shone through the window of the seventh year boys’ dormitory later that night. The silence was pierced with the sounds of a few different snores that echoed in the room. All of the boys slept on peacefully while one was not.

Harry was lying wide awake in his bed. He couldn’t sleep. His mind was on Ginny and James, like it always was. And it didn’t help that he had yet another nightmare.

Harry sighed and sat up. Sleep was no use. He grabbed his glasses then climbed towards the end of the bed. He noticed that Neville’s snore was missing and he smirked to himself. He was more than likely having a late night meeting with Luna Lovegood in the Astronomy Tower again. Harry chuckled, thinking of the time he had caught them behind a suit of armor the week before.

He looked around the moonlit room and saw the new black dress robes sitting on the top of Ron’s trunk. The ceremony for Arthur was that weekend and Ron and Ginny were leaving right after classes on Friday. Harry was proud that Arthur was chosen for the position; he couldn’t see anyone better for the job. He smiled softly and opened his trunk. Harry rummaged around for a book to read and his hand skimmed across a familiar tome.

It was the photo album Ginny had given to him for his birthday.

Sitting back, he opened the photo album and stared down at the pictures of his family. Page after page brought him pain that tore at his heart. This was what he was giving up: his wife and his son, his family whom he loved with all his heart, all because he was trying to be a hero. Ron and Hermione were right, this couldn’t protect them. Voldemort already knew about them and after his display of affection in the Entrance Hall, it clearly showed that he cared.

He heard a familiar cry and his ears perked up. He listened carefully and heard it again and suddenly it was gone. He shut the album and silently climbed out of his bed and left his room.

Harry crept down the stairs and noticed that the silence was thicker than usual, an obvious sign that a Silencing Charm had been cast. Slowly, he reached the bottom of the stairs and peered into the common room.

Ginny was holding James, her wand in one had and she prodded at the cold fireplace. Flames leapt in the hearth and she sat in a nearby armchair, cradling James in her arms.

“I hate it when you’re teething,” she sighed. “It means I get less sleep because you’re grumpy which makes me grumpy. Do you really want your mum to be grumpy?”

Not wanting to be seen, Harry sat on the bottom stair and watched them.

“Now come on James. You need to sleep. It’s a big day for your granddad this weekend and you can’t be falling asleep in the middle of his speech. What would the press say if his own grandson found his speech to be boring?” Ginny continued to talk to James.

Ginny stood James up on her knees and gently bounced him while holding on to his arms. James babbled and laughed at her. He gazed around the room and his eyes fixed on the figure of Harry sitting on the stairs. He wiggled an arm out of Ginny’s grasp and pointed.


Harry couldn’t help but smile. His son was finally calling him “da” and it warmed his heart.

He noticed that Ginny had stiffened and she stared at James. She slowly turned around and squinted. She sat James back in her lap and looked away from Harry.

“Da! Da!” James repeated and tried to twist around to look at Harry. Knowing that he had been spotted, Harry stood up and slowly made his way towards them.

James grinned up at Harry and held his arms out to him.

“Da!” he squealed.

Harry smiled softly down at him and glanced at Ginny to see if she noticed. She was refusing to acknowledge his presence and did not look up. Instead, she rocked James gently in her arms and sang a soft lullaby to him. Harry sat in an armchair far from them and stared into the warm fire.

Ginny’s sweet voice traveled across the room as she sang. Harry always loved to hear her sing. Her voice was soft and gentle, rising and falling in the right places. It was soothing to listen to and Harry often found himself relaxing whenever she sang to James. Her voice was becoming softer as she went on and he chanced a look at them. James had closed his eyes and his chest was rising and falling rhythmically. Ginny had switched to a soft hum as she finished the song. She looked down at James for a few minutes before she stood up. Harry’s eyes found hers and she quickly looked away. Without a word, she went up the girls’ stairs.

Harry closed his eyes and let out a heavy sigh. Images of Ginny flowed through his mind. He saw her smiling at him and laughing. He saw the caring look on her face when she looked down at James. He saw the twinkle in her eye when she was up to something. He saw the passion and desire on her face when they had made love. He saw her nursing James, completely in awe of their son. A thousand more images came to him, mingling and mixing together.

He heard a sound and opened his eyes. Ginny had returned and was pushing an armchair towards him. She stopped it just in front of him and sat on it. He looked at her in slight surprise and noticed some papers and a quill in her hands.

“I think we need to have a little chat,” she said sternly. Harry sat up straight and tried to avoid her gaze.

“I don’t want to talk. I already told you I don’t want you two in my life,” he said firmly.

“Fine. Then you won’t mind signing these,” she said and thrust the papers at him.

Harry took the papers and looked them over. His eyes widened and he quickly looked up at her.

“Divorce papers?” he asked unbelievingly. She had presented him with divorce papers? He never intended for things to get this far!

“It’s what you want isn’t it? You don’t want anything to do with us so here’s the ultimate solution. Sign the papers and we’ll be gone from your life forever,” she said coolly. “You’ll have no obligations. You won’t have to pay child support or anything. We’ll change our last name to Weasley and I’ll take you off his birth certificate.”

Harry stared at her in shock. She wanted a divorce. He scanned the legal document and saw that her signature was already in the places that needed to be signed. If he signed these then he would lose them forever. What had he done?

“You’re not serious,” he said derisively and shoved the papers back at her.

“I’m very serious. You want nothing to do with us, so here’s the chance,” Ginny replied and shoved them back. She handed the quill she was holding to him.

He wanted everything to do with them! He wanted them in his life more than anything. But he couldn’t risk their safety. Taking a deep breath, Harry took the quill from her.

Ginny’s eyes were fixed on the quill in his hand and Harry looked down at the papers again. He flipped back to the first page where her signature was and held the quill over the line. His hand trembled slightly but it didn’t move any closer to the line. He looked up at her.

“Go on. Sign it,” she encouraged, motioning towards the paper. Harry looked back down and sighed.

“I can’t sign these,” he said shaking his head. Ginny sat back and crossed her legs. Harry couldn’t help but notice how much her night dress raised up her thighs when she did that.

“Why can’t you? Isn’t it what you want?” she asked. Harry closed his eyes. Of course it wasn’t what he wanted, but his stupidity and “nobility complex” had Hermione had termed it had brought him to this point. He had brought a divorce upon himself. He sighed.

“I just can’t do it, all right,” he said feeling very frustrated. Ginny uncrossed her legs and leaned towards him.

“Why is that Harry?” she whispered. Harry looked down at the papers, avoiding her face.

“Because I can’t do it,” he replied quietly.

“Why can’t you?” she asked. “It would protect us wouldn’t it? Keep Voldemort away from us.”

Harry’s head snapped up and he stared at her.

“Think about it Harry. It would be the ultimate way to show that you don’t care, wouldn’t it? Everyone would think that you really didn’t love us and want nothing to do with us,” she said. She slid off the armchair and kneeled in front of him on the floor. She covered his hand that was holding the quill with hers and he felt a tingling sensation shoot through him. It had been so long since he felt her touch that a thrill coursed through him from the simple feeling of her hand on his once more.

“All you have to do is sign your name. Just a few strokes and you’ll have your wish,” she whispered and lowered their hands to the paper. The tip of the quill touched it and Ginny looked up at him.

“Just a few strokes.”

Ginny moved their hands and Harry watched as the ink seeped through the paper and made a black line. She stopped and looked up at him again. “But you say you can’t, even though according to you it would protect us. Yet, I don’t see how that works. See, Voldemort knows about James and me. By you leaving us, it changes nothing.”

She moved their hands again and Harry knew he had to stop her. He pushed his hand back to stop her from lengthening the small line. Ginny looked at him again.

“Tell me Harry,” she said. “Can you honestly tell me that when you look at James, you hate him? Did you feel hate when you saw him a few moments ago and when he called you ‘da da’?”

Harry felt her move their hands and he pushed back again.

“Can you honestly tell me you don’t love him? That you don’t want to hold him and be a proud father?” she went on. She raised her other hand and held it against the side of his face. Harry couldn’t help but look in her eyes. “Can you look at me and tell me you don’t love me? Can you say that you hate me and want nothing to do with me?”

His breath was coming short now and his heart was beating fast.

“Harry, this little act you’re putting on isn’t going to work. I would have seen through it earlier if I wasn’t so hurt by what you said, and believe me that really hurt. I’m not letting you get away from us like this Harry. I love you. I always have and I always will and nothing you do will change that.”

She dropped his hand and lifted her other hand to place it on the other side of his face. She leaned up and kissed him softly. Harry closed his eyes and felt wonderful sensations floating through him. The familiar feel of her lips on his felt wonderful and exhilarating. His heart was beating madly in his chest and he felt the feelings that only Ginny could ever give him tingle in every part of his body. He wanted to kiss her forever.

All too soon, it ended and Harry looked into her eyes. Anxiety was swimming in the pools of brown along with hope and love.

“Tell me you didn’t feel anything,” she whispered, her voice cracking with emotion for the first time that night.

He didn’t reply.

Harry lowered his face and crushed his lips to hers. He felt the papers crinkle between them and he dropped the quill. Ginny reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck. Harry slid out of the armchair and they ended up on the ground without breaking the kiss. He pushed her gently onto her back in front of the fire and all thoughts of legal papers and signing things left their minds.

Half an hour later, Harry and Ginny were entwined in each other’s arms. They laid beneath a blanket that Ginny had conjured up for them and the fire had reduced to a few embers. Ginny snuggled up to Harry and sighed.

“You realize that the last time we made love was New Year’s,” she said.

“Well we can’t let that happen again. As far as I’m concerned a few days is much too long to wait,” he said. Ginny giggled. He smiled and sighed. “Do you have any idea what sort of torture you’ve been putting me through?”

“What torture?” Ginny asked innocently. He looked over at her and saw the twinkle of mischief in her eyes.

“You know what kind of torture I’m talking about,” he said. Ginny propped herself up on her elbow and looked at him.

“Indulge me,” she prompted. Harry rolled his eyes at her and ran a hand up and down her arm.

“The revealing clothes, that little walk you do, the way you twirl your hair in your fingers, the way you bite your lip when you do your doing your homework, the little faces you make, the way you look in that Quidditch uniform, those moves you do on a broomstick that I wish you were doing to me during practice,” he said and grinned. “Not to mention earlier today when you happened to come into the boys locker room to ask Ron a question in nothing but a towel.”

“Torture, you say?” she questioned, raising an eyebrow at him.

“Yes, Ginny, torture. Very painful torture,” he said. She smiled.

“Pity I didn’t get a chance to torture you some more,” she sighed. Harry frowned at her.

“What do you mean by that?” he asked. She grinned and leaned close to his ear.

“I was going to make an appearance in the common room wearing