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Daddy Dearest by Camie24

Format: Novella
Chapters: 19
Word Count: 16,837
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Humor, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: James/Lily, OC/OC, Remus/OC, Sirius/OC

First Published: 02/03/2007
Last Chapter: 07/11/2007
Last Updated: 07/11/2007


My name is Wakanda, commonly known as Wa. I have a new Dad, my Daddy Dearest. My Daddy Dearest knows I love lollys, Barbies, and being myself, he is there to look out for me, he is there to make sure no boy hurts me...I love my Daddy Dearest. Please read and review would be loved

Chapter 1: Pink Boots
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AN: Hey everyone, this is Camile! I just wanted to say hey, and thanks for reading my new story, and that this is completely made up by me, all but the people you may read  from J.K. Rowling.  Oh and I must ask you to please read and review :D! All graphics made by me...

As I approached my house with my trunk dragging behind me I put on a scowl. I can not believe that she had forgot me at the train station, so I had to call a cab...that was waiting rather angrily for some muggle money, that I said I would go get. Normally I would've apperated, but NO I couldn't do it with my trunk, or my lousy toad...which I have currently misplaced. Man I should find Frogger...

"MUM!" I screamed as I entered the house.

She appeared in a hurry and looked at me like I was not suppose to be there. "What are you doing home?!" She shrieked. "Did someone die?!"

Typical mom, always assuming that someone died. "No! You forgot me at the station! Now there is a angry man outside wanting his cab money!" I said starting to drag my trunk upstairs.

"That was today?" She asked me in disbelief. 

"YES!" I honestly think that she needs to be on memory meds...

About an hour later I had cooled off and was found in the kitchen trying to find something editable to eat. "Mum...when it is expired you throw it out..." I said to her as she entered the room.

"None of that stuff is expired..." She said disbelieving me.

"Yeah...just about all of it is..." I said looking up from where I was trying not to gag at the school. "What have you been eating?"

"Oh...well...I just got back from America..." She said shyly.

"Oh...well how was your honeymoon?" I asked smirking at her, she I swear can be younger and shyer then me.

"Good..." She said smiling widely. "You just have to meet him..."

"I can't believe that you wouldn't let me come!" I said rolling my eyes.

"Well you wanted to concentrate on school..." She said smiling still.

"Oh yeah..." I said shrugging. "Anyway...I hate wearing heels...and dresses...well I don't mind the dress part just the heels..."

"He should be home from work any moment...he just had one last meeting to attend to..."

"What does he do?"

"He's a Professor..."

"Does he know that we are magical?"


"Where does he teach?"

"Can't tell..."

"Why not? And what do you mean kinda?"

"You'll see...anyway...I'm not sure where he teaches..."

"I know you are lying..."

"Don't tell your mother that!"

"Fine...what's his name?"


"What kinda of name is that?!" I said a crease of concern crossing my face...where are her meds...

"His name!"

"Ew...that sounds so rancid..."



"Don't you dare criticize your stepfather..."

"Fine..." I pouted and took to looking for some new food ending the conversation...

"Gwen..." I heard my mother say as the door open.

"Ah daddy dearest is here..." I said turning around but soon wanting to run out of the room screaming my head off. "Professor?!" I said in disbelief. "What are you doing in my house?" I looked at mum who was holding his hand and looking somewhat worried. "MUM! You said you would never do this!" Yeah I know, me and my mum had a conversation about marrying my Professors...

"Wakanda?" He asked me in disbelief.

"Grr..." I mumbled frowning at my mum.

"SO! Who's hungry?" My mum asked trying to get this awkwardness out of the way.

"There's no food..." I said simply walking off. "WHERE ARE PINK BOOTS?!"

"No not the pink boots..." My mum said coming after me as I started to dig in the closet.

"AH HA!" I said pulling them out and putting them rather forcefully on.

"Please Wa?" She asked me.

" boots are on..."

"Give me the pink boots..."

" talky..."

"Wa Wa?"



"..." I ignored her as I started to stomp around.

"Take of the boots..." She said to me.

I shook my head and started to jump around.

"Don't make me use a spell..."

"CHILD ABUSE!" I screeched pointing at her.

"Wakanda..." She said loosing her patience.

"Mother..." I said in the same tone.

She waved her wand and my pink boots appeared in her hand. "GIVE ME MY PINK BOOTS!"

"No..." she said simply waving her wand once again causing them to appear somewhere else.

"But but..." I said tears starting to well up in my eyes...I'm a rather good crier...

"Don't start the water works..." She warned me.

"I want my comfort shoes...they help me make noise..." I stifled out. My Professor watching from the door way. " took them away..." I pouted plopping down on the floor. She didn't move to go comfort me, she was use to this, I need to find a new weakness for her.

"Once you learn to behave like you are seventeen, you won't get them back..." She said simply.

"What?! am I suppose to stomp out my anger?!" I wailed at her.

"No way...calm down..." She said turning away from me.
"You are a meanie..." I mumbled at her.

"And you are acting three..."










"You forgot eight."



"Your age."

"Are not."

"Are too."





"Ok you two...let's go out to eat..." Daddy dearest said from the door.

"Ok! I'm starved!" I said jumping up and getting my coat.  

Chapter 2: Cupcakes
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It turns out whats-his-face isn't to bad of a dad...though...he needs to do some polishing. And he makes mum happy...and when she is happy...she doesn't bug me to amuse her.'s all good...for now. I have gotten use to him being around the house, though I am going to have to see him everyday...why does he have to be one of the professors that I have to take? Though...perhaps if he loves me he can get me out of a few stuff...

"Bye mum..." I said hugging her, I can't believe how fast this summer went for me.

"You be good you hear?" She said to me smiling and hugging me tightly.

"Yeah don't worry about me...Daddy Dearest shall be there..." I said smirking at her. I then turned to him and gave him a quickie hug. "See you in however long the train takes me..."

He nodded and smiled down at me, I quickly took off to get on the train. Which, mind you is one of the most boring part of the start of the year...I looked at a few first years scaring one in the process...I didn't mean it...When I had made it to the train I quickly went to go find a compartment so that I didn't have to sit with one of the crying littlies. When I had found one I decided that I wanted a cupcake. And I don't know why.

"Wa Wa!" Someone cried at me.

"Siri!" I said smiling up at the guys that had just entered my compartment. "Remey! Jamesey! And Petee!" I added jumping up and hugging them.

"So...what's the mission?" Sirius asked smiling at me.

I smiled back, he always knew when I was out to get something thing. "To find a cupcake..." I said brightly.

"And what does this cupcake look like?" James asked.

"Don't you have to be somewhere?" Peter asked him.

"Oh yea..." He said brightly standing up. "Oh and draw a picture of this mysterious cupcake..." He added.

"Please tell me that he does know what a cupcake is..." I said looking around.

They shook their head. "He refused to try one, he said that they were evil cause their sprinkles were eyes that have lasers attached to once you eat one they will fry your insides..." Remus told me.

I smirked in amusement. "I see him eat candy apples all the time though...and they always have sprinkles on them..."

"Just the cupcakes..." Peter put in.

"Ah..." I said nodding and then starting to dig into my trunk.

"What are you looking for?" Sirius asked me.

"Duh...mission stuff!" I said brightly throwing some stuff out over my head. When I was clad with spy goggles, a utility belt, and all black I looked up. There were the boys...clad in the stuff that I had thrown over my head. "Sirius...why are you wearing my red bra?" I asked him.

"Because it gives me the the support I need!" He said adjusting himself.

" need something bigger for that..." I said smiling. "So...are we ready?" I asked.

"Yeah!" They said together.

So off we went, I in my spy suit, Sirius in my bra, Peter had manage to put on some of my underwear, and Remus in a headband with pigtails. As we crouched down the train we took turns in peeking in each window.

"AH HA!" I screeched as we flew into a compartment full of first years. "Here's a clues to the missing cupcakes!" I said picking up one of the hands that had frosting on it.

"What? I-I-I didn't have any cupcakes...that's a bandaid..." She stuttered out.

I looked more closely at it. "Oh...your right...come on you three..." I said talking to the boys and rolling out of the compartment.

"Aw man I messed up my hair..." I heard Remus mutter.

"Here let me help you..." Sirius said stopping and going to go fix Remus' hair.

"Why thank you..." He replied.

"Now curtsey..." I said to Remus. Remus curtsied to Sirius and then we were off again.

About an hour later we found ourselves at the head compartment. I singled to three then we rolled in. "CUPCAKES!" We yelled as we regained out composure...I looked around at the prefects and James and Lily, Lily giving us a death glare. " cupcakes..." I said backing out of the room.

"What is a cupcake?" James asked. Lily turned her disbelieving glare on him now as we shut the door.

"Finally..." I mumbled as we entered out original compartment all disappointed.

"How does the snack trolly not have cupcakes?" Sirius asked taking off my bra.

I shrugged and started to take off my suit. As we sat there I started to do Remus' hair. "Anyone want a cupcake?" I asked as I reached into my trunk and pulled out the cupcakes that my mum had packed for me.

"Yeah..." They all said eagerly as I handed them around.

Chapter 3: Lollypop
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I sat in the Great Hall listening to Dumbledore contently sucking on the lollypop that my mum had packed for me. I twirled my black hair around my finger licking it happily.

"Wa...let me have some..." Sirius whispered and begged to me.

I thought about it for about a minute and shrugged holding it out for him to have a few licks. When I pulled it away he pouted at me, I stuck my red tongue out at him. I then handed him a green lollypop to make him stop pouting at me. When I looked back I saw Daddy Dearest looking at me smiling somewhat. I smiled brightly at him and waved slightly.

"Why are you waving at Professor Hansen?" Sirius whispered at me.

"Why am I not?" I asked him sticking my lollypop back in my mouth.

Sirius shrugged and stuck the lolly in his mouth. I smiled and leaned into Remus getting a sugar crash. Soon I fell asleep against him lollypop hanging out of my mouth. When I awoke they were all eating I looked around for my lollypop but to no avail.

"Ok...who ate my lolly?" I asked.

"No one..." James said sniggering at me.

"I don't believe you.." I said glaring at him. "And I want my lolly..."

"What's that red thing in your hair?" Peter asked me.

"What red thing?" I asked running a hand through my hair and hitting something sticky. "NO MY LOLLY!" I cried out. "MY BELOVED LOLLY!" I said tugging it, but it was stuck in my hair. "IT HAS TURNED TO THE EVIL SIDE!"

"Calm down..." Remus said holding me down as I struggled to get up.

"MMM NO!" I said still struggling. "My lolly is gone...and my hair is getting sticky..." I cried tears starting to brim my eyes. "Where's daddy dearest with my backup lollys..." I had given him about three hundred backup lollys just incase I ran out of them.

"Who is that?" Peter asked me.

"Let me up Remee..." I said trying to get up. "I need backup lollys..."

"Mm...No, you will do something drastic I just know it..." Remus said to me keeping one hand on me and eating.

"Don't make me start crying more..." I said my lip quivering.

"No...don't start crying..." Remus said looking at me concerned. He had weakened his grip, I took this opportunity to leap up.

"You fell for that one again..." James said looking at me to him.

"Shut is Prongs..." Remus snapped at him.

"Daddy Dearest!" I cried running around in a circle.

"Will someone grab her?" I heard him say from the head table.

I felt someone pick me up and I pouted more and started to hit Sirius' back. "Let me down...I want a lolly...I want my lolly out of my hair." He just tightened his grip on me and took his lolly out of his mouth.

"Bring her here..." Daddy Dearest said to Sirius.

"Er...she's not in trouble is she?" Sirius asked as he set me down. I looked up at Daddy Dearest my lip pouting and trying to tug the lolly out of my hair.

"No..." He sighed and waved his wand over my hair causing the lolly to disappear.

"I want my lolly..." I mumbled.

"Here..." He took a back up orange lolly out of his pocket. Yes the right color...I had given him a means I'm I'm I'm on a mission...and so on, so when I need a lolly and I am in a mood he knows which one to give me.

"Thank you!" I said brightly taking it and running down to where I was sitting before hand.

"I want a lolly..." James said.

" Daddy Dearest...not yours..." I said pouting at him.

"Are you sure she's seventeen?" I heard a first year ask someone.

"When you're good to mama... mama good to you..." I started to sing out into my lollypop.

"Take her lollypop away..." Someone said to one of the guys.

"I advise you not to do that..." Sirius said to him.

"You put in for mama...she'll put out for you..." I continued to sing.

"Then make her shut up..." He replied.

"Er...not a good idea either..." James said this time.

"...and I'll boost you up yours...when you're stroking mama...mama stroking you..." I finished the song shortly after. I stuck the lollypop back in my mouth for the remainder of the dinner...

Chapter 4: Sunflower
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I stared out into the grounds from our dorm window. There was a sea of yellow near the lake, it was Saturday...and I wanted to go swimming, but not get wet...I quickly changed into a swimsuit and some summer clothes. Running down the staircase I saw Sirius sitting there working on homework, which mind you we had none, though it may just be the summer work.

"Siri?" I said sweetly leaning across from him close to his face. "Hey..."

"Hey..." He said moving back somewhat.

"You want to go outside for a walk?" I asked smiling. "I don't want to go alone..."

"Er...sure..." He said brightly standing up I started to lead the way to the grounds...when we had gotten outside I led him towards the sunflowers. "Why are we going in here?"

"Cause...I want to..." I said simply tugging him along.

"But..." He muttered.

"Wa wa..." I said fake crying looking around the yellow.

"No you are Wa Wa..." He said still pouting.

"Well you are becoming a cry baby..." I said before taking off running.

"Come back Wa!" He cried running after me.

"No! You have to catch me!" I cried behind myself turning through the sunflowers, petals were starting to fall around me and getting caught in my hair.

I decided to hide so now I am looking to where Sirius is in front of me trying to figure out where I had gone, I smiled at his back and stared at him. I think he felt me staring cause he turned around just in time for me to tackle him to the ground. Soon we were wrestling a few flowers falling to the ground as we both got dirty in the damp moist ground. I smacked his hands away and tried to kick him off me as I crawled away. "Noooooooooo" I said dramatically reaching out but to no avail. "Grr,,," I mumbled up at him.

"I win..." He said sitting on me.

"You loser..." I said pouting.

"No I'm a winner..." He replied flicking some sunflower petals off his shirt.

"No you're a loser in my book..." I said defiantly.

"Well your book needs to be checked for errors..."

"Does not."

"Does to."








"I win..."

"Do not..." I said again.

"Do to."

"Na huh..." I said trying to throw him off.

When we both had gotten tired of trying to prove each other wrong...well just Sirius, he had cast a silencing charm on me...we decided to play charades.

" word...two syllables..." Sirius said as I stood.

I nodded my head and picked up one of the fallen flowers.

"Yellow?" He asked.

Wrong. *Shakes head*. Thinks about the word again then holds up three fingers.

"Three syllables?" He asked me.

I nodded again. I pointed to the flower.

"Yellow Flower?"

Wow he is bad at this game. I pointed to the sun then to the flower.

"Burning Flower."

Does he not realize that it was one word three syllables? I shook my head and let out a silent sigh. I then put the flower behind my ear and started to do a little dance, let's call it the sun dance.

"Ah sunflower!" He said clapping his hands.

I clapped too and continued to dance around. Shimmy to the left. Shimmy to the right...I started to silently sing, then I got trapped in a box. I'm serious...I couldn't get out of this invisible box that Sirius had drawn around me. I scowled at him and pointed to my voice box. He took the charm off.


"Nah...I don't see what is in it for me..." He said simply.

"Er...a lolly?" I asked fishing out a lolly from my pocket.

"Nah..." He said shrugging and sitting down.

"LET ME OUTY!" I pleaded with him. "I need to pee..."

"No you don't..." He said simply.

"I do..."

"Do not."

"Do to."

"Do not."

Chapter 5: Colored Pencils
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I sat in class completely bored. Which is nothing new. Sirius was sound asleep and I watched him for a tad before getting the bright idea to draw him. But I didn't have any paper...darn...or colored pencils. I decided to look through his bag. Quietly picking it up I started to rummage through it, and looky here...why does he have colored pencil's in his bag anyway? Well anyway I stole them. I took out a green lolly and turned to Remus smiling widely without accidentally spitting out my lolly. He looked at my wearily before scooting away somewhat. I didn't stop smiling and snatched a piece of parchment away from him before pulling his chair closer to mine. I then started to work on drawing Sirius.

About an hour later and Remus' whole parchment reply I started to play with Sirius' hair to try to make it easier to draw him. He didn't wake up, so I started to make his mouth move in different angles. He didn't wake up. I sharpened his pencils once more and started to work yet again on his sleeping portrait. It was hard to draw such a pretty person. So I decided to make him hideous. Though I must say it still looked like him. This reminded me that I needed to do my laundry. And get a new sucker. I stuck the stick in Remus' pocket once again and pulled out a blue sucker...this means that I am frustrated. This picture sucks...I need to go pawn off other people now for paper. I looked around and saw Peter sitting a few rows up. So up I went.

"Miss Peany..." The teacher said.

"Hmm me?" I asked, I was halfway towards Peter.

"May I ask why you are up?" She replied.

" may.." I said standing and trying to inch towards Peter.

"Why are you up?" She asked me.

" get parchment from Peter...I dare say I used all mine..." I said, I saw Remus roll his eyes rather dramatically.

"Mr Pettigrew, could you please supply her some parchment?" The Professor asked him.

"Yeah..." He squeaked out.

"Thanks..." I said walking over to him and talking a few sheets then walking back to start to draw some more.

By the end of class I had managed to draw Sirius, James, Remus, Peter, a Werwolf,  the moon, a sunflower, and me...which turned out way to pretty. And I had managed to curl Sirius' hair, put Remus' in pigtails again, and tossed random notes to random people. The colored pencils were just about to start to get tiny. So I took some of Sirius' paper, not the one he drooled on and started to make swirls of different colors. And then made a picture of Daddy Dearest, and wrote in big letters on the top DADDY DEAREST, then at the bottom FROM LOLLY! Yeah that's right I'm fly.

James had joined in and started to draw Lily, which mind you I think is a bit over the top in the love-o-meter. Though I did draw all the guys...does that mean I love them all? Well I do love them...but like how James LOVES Lilly? Nah, that can't be right. Hmm I need to hook Remus up with someone...he looks a tad lonely.

Why did that come to mind? Oh yeah...I started to draw with the colored pencils again, and then started to match up the faces to someone they would go good with. Lily/James, Peter/Ronda, er...and then I got lost there...

It was rather confusing, I couldn't figure out who else would go good with anyone else...though it may be because the only three people I can stand in my year other then the guys are Lily, Ronda, and Alice. Alice is with Frank though...

Wow this is a really pretty blue, it's all sea-ish...and this yellow...hmm I am going to draw some more sunflowers.

By the time I looked down again in what I was drawing there were two people there...and one looked like she was in pain...and kept running into something...darn stupid animation pictures that I drew. Why does that scene look familiar...and who is the black haired people. I looked at Sirius. Well it's Sirius for sure. I then looked at my hair.

"WHY IS MY HAIR BLACK?!" I shrieked.

"It's always been like that..." The Professor said aware that I was prone to do this at least half the hear.

"Really?" I asked her in disbelief.

" if you would please keep it down..."

"Oh...I thought it was the end of class..."

"Still have about ten minutes..." She said turning to the board again.

"Oh..." I mumbled again and started to try to figure out my drawing. But my picture was gone. I looked over to Sirius, he had my picture! That fool! "Give my my picture...I need to figure out who those people are!"

"You and me you bimbo..." He said rolling his eyes. "That is when we were in the sunflower place..."

"Oh..." I what I was going to do for the rest of the class was out the window...I really need to get both me and my mum some memory pill, I need them asap if I was to survive this year...

Chapter 6: Barbie
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I started to chuck stuff down into the common room one after another. Sirius was down there to make sure nothing got stolen, and Remus was there to clear a spot so that we could play. It was my turn to get to pick what we were to be doing. So what I choose is...

"BARBIES!" I said brightly jumping into Sirius arms and making him carry me over to where Remus had set them up.

"Dolls?" Remus said weakly.

"NO! Barbies!" I said sitting down and setting up the house and cars and clothing. "Ok..Sirius you get Surfer Ken, Remus you get Doctor Ken, and Peter John Smith..."

"We're playing with dolls?" Sirius asked looking down at his blonde barbie with disgust.

"NO! Barbies!" I said again fishing out a few girls. " is the setting, we are all in school...and me...these three girls are trying to find romance...and you guys...well you guys are trying to find lollys...not like that you retarded grossy guys...ok Loretta here will go Ken, cause she is smart like that...Barbie here will go for Surfer Ken cause she is a dumb blonde bimbo, and er Gloria here will go for John cause she's a whore and he's a goody good...k? Oh and we all live in the same house..."

"It's like six company..." Peter mumbled.

"No three's company...come and knock on my door..." I started out the theme song. "Oh here you all need to pick one girl to play them cause they are going to try to steal you guys away from your girlfriends..."

"This is the last time that we will let her pick what we play agreed?" Sirius mumbled and the two boys nodded. I chucked a barbie at his head, her feet getting tangled in his hair. "Did you sharpen her feet or something?"

"No she is wearing dress your guys..."

"Ew...they are like so er...graphic..." Remus and Sirius mumbled as they stripped them down and quickly put on some clothes, after trying to figure out the Velcro.

"Careful! They are sensitive! They don't like to get hurt there as must as you guys do!" I said trying to decided what to dress my girls.

"You have got to be kidding me..." Peter mumbled.

"Nope not at all...Remus is lucky he has the one with the underwear..." I said happily putting on a shirt on her, and then some underwear. "Ok Gloria is done!" I tossed her to the side and started on the other two.

Soon we were playing now. "So...Ken..." Barbie said in a sweet voice.

"Er yeah Barbie?" Ken asked her.

"You want to do it?"


"No one refuses me!"

"I'm sorry but I'm with Gloria!"

"Sirius! No you are suppose to be with Barbie!" I said to him.

"Well you are moving to fast for me!" Sirius defended.

"We've been going out for like two months already!" I said back.

"Well I have to wait till like the fifth month!"

"That's why you are a virgin..."

"Am not! Ken has is freak thing on...just not with Barbie..."

Remus and Peter were playing with their barbies by themselves as we started to play again.

" slut..." Barbie said to Ken.

"Am not..."

"We are going out and you are seeing the walking STD!" She defended herself.

"She has only five!" Ken said.


"Well not mine..."

"No...I'm going to Dr. Ken..."

"If you do...we are over..."

"Well Mr. least I will have a lolly and not you..."

"Well my lolly is very jolly..."

"Sirius you are ruining Lollys for me!" I cried out at him.

"You are the one that is making this thing all out there..." Sirius told me back.

"Well I'm sorry if my Barbie has a dirty mouth...I she needs to be loved!"

"It seems like she has been doing a lot of loving..."

"No that's Gloria!"

"And Barbie...she's a wench..."

"Oh you did not just say that about Barbie...You are talking about one of my idols!" I cried at him chucking anther doll at his head.

"You are throwing your idol?" He cried at me.

"No that wasn't Barbie...that was like er I forgot her name...but she isn't Barbie..." I said crossing my arms.

"Will you two shut up! You are messing up Stacy's and Dr.Ken's groove thing..." Remus said to us.

"Oh Kenny boy!" He said in a high pitch girl voice.

"Oh no you did not just let them have sex with underwear on..." I screeched.

"Well...Remus here is clueing something..." Peter said before he got hit on the head by a naked Ken doll.

"YOU GUYS SUCK! GIVE ME BACK MY BARBIES YOU HAVE RUINED THEM!" I shrieked running off and throwing a pillow at their heads.

Chapter 7: Cartwheels
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AN: Oh my gosh I love you guys! I love you for loving this story. You know originally she wasn't going to be this immature...but then the pink boots kicked in, and then the lollys, and the cupcake mission didn't help much...but anyway I hope you love this chapter, it was so fun to write, and I think it is longer then the other ones...oh and I'm sorry that the chapters are so short, but they are short and sweetly funny! Oh and same old same old I only own Wakanda...she is my love right now...cause she is sweet!

Me and the boys, and even Lily were sitting outside on one of the last warm days of the season. I think Lily was here because I drug her...but she could've jinxed me of something...but whatev. I was picking at the grass splitting each strand into two then threes then fours...and that just about ended it there. I was on about my well I lost count, but my whole lap was full of the shards, finally Sirius got tired of me doing that and took the one that I was plucking right out of my hand.

"Hey!" I said looking at him. "That was Fredrick you just killed without me..."

"You are so demented..." Sirius said simply. "You name them then you split them multiple time...a slow torturous death."

"It took you how long to come up with that little speech?"

"Well about on your fiftieth one I though you needed to be redirected..." He said throwing Fredrick at me.

"FREDRICK realize that you just sent Fredrick to grassy hell...because you didn't kill him properly?" I questioned him.

"I'll send you to grassy hell..." Sirius mumbled.

"You wouldn't dare...anyway why are you all pms-y?" I asked him. "I have some want some?"


"Good cause I wasn't going to share with you anyway."



"You two shutup.." Remus told me.

"No you shutup..." I told him.

"I wasn't even talking..." Remus replied to me.

"Yeah you were...I could hear your negative thoughts..."

"Yeah? Then what were they?"

"How so much you want Wakanda in bed..." I said simply. "Which mind you won't happen..."

The other people sniggered, well all but Lily.

"Not even close..." Remus said simply.

"Grr..." I said shaking my head in a quick motion and concentrating.

"What are you doing?" Peter asked me.

"Trying to set Remey on fire...duh..." I said looking at him.

" look constipated..." Peter told me.

"Yeah well your fat..." Very witty I know.

"No I'm not, I'm average, your just tiny..."

"Yeah cause big boobs and a big butt just signify the most tiniest person..." I said sarcastically.

"I have bigger boobs then you!" Sirius said challenging me.

"I know love I know..." I said patting his chest affectionately.

"Hey careful they are tender!"

"Mmk...I'm sorry..." I said picking another piece of grass. Only to have it snatched out of my hand again. "NO SIRIUS Jr. Jr. Jr. Jr. Jr.! ect." I shrieked reaching out to it.

"You've been killing pieces of grass names after me?" Sirius asked in disbelief.

"After all of you! Duh!" I said like it was the most obvious thing in the world. I then tackled Sirius trying to get Sirius Jr. Jr. Jr. Jr. Jr. ect. back from him but he kicked me off causing me to roll towards the lake, which thankfully I stopped right before I reached it. I stood up again and looked around trying to figure out where I was...where are my meds?

"Over here Wakanda..." Lilly called towards me. She is like the only student that calls me that.

"Hmm Lil?" I asked walking up to her.

"Do you know how to do Cartwheels?" I asked her.

"Er yeah...who doesn't?" She asked me looking at me with a curious expression.

"US!" The four boys yelled.

"Exactly...I promised them like in our first year to teach them how to do one..." I said smiling remembering that promise.

"Really? That was like seven years ago..." Lily said standing up and pulling down her bunched up pants somewhat.

"Yeah...I was going to teach them then...but I had broken my arm...thanks to Sirius..." I said glaring at him who looked like he didn't know what I was talking about.

"I don't know what you are talking about..." He said standing up.

"Grr..." I said once again taking out a green lolly. "Ok who wants to learn how to cartwheel?" I said joyfully taking off and doing a few cartwheels then a one handed one.

"ME!" The four boys screamed.

"Ok!" I said brightly dragging Lilly to the front of the lined up boys, I had taught them how to line up. "Now you take a hand and raise it above your head then with as much force as you can you throw it to the ground and swing your legs over and your other hand then touch to the ground..."

"You suck at teaching..." James mumbled at me.

"SHUT IT! You first James! GO GO GO GO GO!" I said starting to clap my hands and making him jump in surprise he quickly ran off to try to do it...but his hand gave out and made him fall on his head. "Lily...go try to teach him please..." I said sweetly to her.

"Ow that looked like it hurt..." She mumbled.

"Well his head isn't as cushiony as it use to I reckon it did..." I said smiling proudly. "Ok Peter...up front and center..." Peter hastened to do so.

"No what do I do again?" He asked.

"Something that doesn't involve copying James..." I said simply showing it to him again. He nodded and tried it but his feet only going half way up and bending. "KEEP YOUR FEET STRAIT!"

"I'M TRYING!" He yelled back at me.

"Go to your corner..." I said pointing to a tree.

"No I don't want to..." He told me.

"DO IT!" I said pushing him towards there. "REMUS!"

"Bloody hell..." Remus mumbled walking up towards me. He tried it but failed, well kinda. He got his feet up and strait then stopped right in the middle, where he then proceeded to fall flat on his back, have his wind knocked out of him. He staying like that for a few moments before rolling over and groaning.

"SIRIUS Jr. Jr. Jr. Jr. Jr. KILLER YOUR TURN!" I yelled. Sirius quickly ran up and tried to do one, only to manage to do didn't see that coming. "Good job killer, but next time try not to spread your legs to much, I don't like your package..."

Chapter 8: Wiggy
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"What are you wearing?" Sirius asked as I sat down next to him.

"Er what does it look like?" I asked him.

"A rat..."

"Well it's a wig..."


"Here's yours'..." I handed him a blonde curly long haired one, while mine was a blonde afro.

"I'm not wearing that..." He said looking down at it in disgust.

"Yeah you are..." I said simply.


"Cause we are going to be board without it..."

"How is that?"

"Cause you will be cripple and I won't stay to entertain you..."

"I am not cripple..."

"You will be..."

"Ok...fine give me that..."

"You need some midol..."

"Do not..."

"Do too..."

"Don't start..."

"Aw but this is the major part of our convos..."

"Yeah but we need to talk about something else..."

"Put on the wig."

"Is it infested with something?"

"Nope...I made sure there was no Nargles..."

"You really need to stop reading the Quibbler."

Oh no he did not just say that, that magazine is like my Bible, I am going to work for it one of these days. I scowled at him and took out a orange Lolly.

"Aw poor baby..." He said pouting at me and putting on the wig.

I smiled and handed him the orange Lolly before taking out a red one. I then started to fix his hair to my liking, mostly putting beads and barrettes in it. He was sucking on the orange Lolly while I did this. Then soon I was poofing up my fro. I then stood up pulling down my pink tank I started to pose. Then I started to sing.

"The name on everybody's lip is going to be Roxy..."

"I'm going to be a celebrity that means someone everyone knows..."
Sirius joined in.

"...Who says murder is not an art!?"


We started to dance around shimming left to right. Sirius twirled hair around his finger.

"...but always in the best of taste..."

"I'm a star and the audience loves me, and I love them, and they love me for loving them, and i love them for loving me, and we love each other...and thats cause none of us got enough love in our childhood...and that's showbiz...kid."

" I finished off.

Sirius started to whistle and we started to march around the common room my fro bouncing up and down, his hair twirling around his face. I bit my lip and watched him for a bit taking out a pink lollypop, which means...well I hadn't decided yet, that's why I have so many pink lollypops...I wanted to see my daddy dearest...he could help me figure this out.

"You can like the life your living, you can live the life you can even marry harry, but mess around with Ike..."

"Hmm I like that name Harry..." James said appearing at my side.

"Ah...there you are James!" I said smiling and fishing out a short red wig from my pocket.

"I am not putting that on..." He said automatically.

"Please..." I begged him.


"Perhaps Lily will like you with red hair..." I said off-handily.

"Give me..." He said reaching out for it and putting them on.

"What are you guys wearing?" Remus said appearing with Peter.

"Put one on and you will see.." I said fishing out once again two wigs. One was a gray beehive wig, and another a blue strait one that would reach to my elbows. I handed Remus the blue one, and peter the beehive one.

"Give them the old razzle dazzle, razzle dazzle them..." We started to sing again.

"Ooo let's play Simon Says!" I said brightly once we finished what we were singing.

"Er...ok I'll go first!" Sirius said brightly.

"YAY!" I said lining them up.

He started with holding one foot and thrusting out his body and hopping around in a stomach. I had fell on my face and he declared me out. So pouting I watched them their wigs getting all off centered and askew, Sirius' still looking pretty.

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Chapter 9: Sporks
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"When did they get sporks here?" I asked holding up a metal spork.

"Never...don't you remember Daddy Dearest handed it to you?" Sirius asked looking at me like I was odd...which I am.

"Oh yeah...well this is so cool!" I said laughing and starting to spin it around.

"He Wa Wa..." James said sitting across from me.

"Hey Jamespoo what's up?" I asked looking up momentarily to see him force a smile.

"Nothing..." He said brightly.

"Do you all just force smiles around me?" I asked looking around.

"No!" They said truthfully.

"That's what I thought..." I said shrugging.

"What's that you got there?" Lily asked joining us and sitting next to James.

"A spork..." I said off-handily.

"Why do you have a spork?" She continued.

"So I can spork your eyes out..." I said smirking and stabbing Sirius in the stomach cause Lily was to far away.

"Ow...that hurt!" Sirius said rubbing his side.

"BEHOLD THE SILVER SPORK OF DOOM!" I declared standing up and raising it above my head. "YOU ALL MUST BOW DOWN TO MY DEADLY SPORK!" I added.

My friends mimicked bowing down even Lily who I am pretty sure still terrified of my spork of doom. Oh yeah that's right fear the spork.

"Ok...Lily trying to figure out this equation...." I said smiling and sitting down. Lily nodded. I pointed to the boys and then the spork.

"Ok boy plus spork of doom equals..." She started.

I started to poke Remus repeatedly.

"Boy getting poked repeatedly with spork of doom?" She said while Remus said ow ow ow ow over and over again.

"Yes! Oh yeah that's right fear the spork, fear the spork!" I said doing a small dance.

"You know I think she is the reason why none of us have girls..." I heard Sirius mumbled to Remus behind me.

"I heard that..." I said poking each of them... "And it's not my fault that other girls but Lily can't stand my company..." I said looking down to where I had put my spork. "HOLY FOOK DA SPORK IS GONE!" I said looking around. "WHERE IS THE ALMIGHTY SPORK?!" I shrieked. "Oh wait never mind it was in may hand...NEVER MIND!" I called out to the er...non distressed hall.

Sirius reached out for the spork but I moved it away quickly, accidentally sticking Remus in the back of the head.

"OH MY GOSH! You bent the spork!" I cried out to him. "And I'm out of ORANGE LOLLYS!" I cried pouting. Ah here comes Daddy Dearest, thank god. And what's this he is bringing another Spork! He loves me so...I love him. "Daddy Dearest!" I cried out hugging him then taking the lolly and new spork, he also handed me a red lolly...thank you!

"This is your last spork..." He said to me.

"Ok..." I said sweetly then smiling brightly at him then started to look at my old spork and new one. Ah ha! DORK SPORK! My old spork shall be er Dorkus...the male spork...and Dorketta, the girl spork...yeah that makes sense. Hmm do you think I would be able to mate the sporks?

"No..." They all said.

"Did I say that out loud?" I asked.

"Er yeah..." Peter answered.

"Oh oh well..." I said shrugging yet again. "OH MY GOSH! I spoon and a fork equals a SPORK!" I said coming upon this new discovery... "Do you think I can mate them?"


Chapter 10: Framed
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I sat in class once again, to bad it wasn't Daddy Dearest's class...but it will have to do. I had ran out of lollys though, and I am so disappointed. What's that? It was next to Sirius, but it wasn't his. I reached across him and picked it up.

"What's this?" I asked him.

"Er...a frame." He told me looking at me weirdly.

"Where's the picture?" I asked.

He shrugged and took to doodling on his paper again.

I placed the frame over my head and put on a goofy smile. Sirius glanced up at me and let out a snort of laughter. I changed my position to mimc this annoying kid a few years younger then us, Lockheart, to smiling and blinking widely.

"Dude that is creeping me out..." Sirius said knocking me in the head.

"Ow..." I mumbled smacking him.

He then took the frame off my head and put it on his own and raised two piece signs while smiling.

"What are you running for the Minister of Magic?" I asked knocking his hands down.

"Yeah...will you vote for me?" He asked me.

"Nope..." I said simply taking back the frame then starting to dig into his backpack.

"Why not?" He asked, he was use to me looking through his stuff.

"Cause you abuse me..." I said simply.

"You abuse me too!" He defended himself.

"Cause you do it first!" I snapped back.

"Do not..." He replied sticking the frame back on my head.

After doing about three hundred different poses I tried to take it off. "It's stuck..." I said.

"Liar..." He said glancing up at me quickly.

"No...It's stuck..." I defended.

"Well...let me try..." He tried to tug it.

"Ow!" I whispered loudly. Trying to smack his hands away but falling forward into him.

"Ow..." He whimpered out as the corner of the frame his his 'manly' part.

"Sorry..." I whispered back at him.

"Wakanda...why are you and Sirius talking?" The Professor asked me.

"I have a frame stuck on my neck..." I mumbled.

"What was that?"

"I'M GOING TO DIE!" I said jumping up and running around in a circle non stop.

"Will you please go see Professor Hansen?..." She started.

"Daddy Dearest?" I asked her.

"Yes...him, and tell him that you have detention on saturday...along with Black" She continued.

"BUT I've been FRAMED!" I said tugging at it again.

"Just go..." She said sternly.

I ran out of the room yelling. "ORANGE LOLLY! I NEED ORANGE LOLLY! I'VE BEEN FRAMED!!!!" When I had reached his room I was tearing up, and I got stuck in the door frame.

"Wakanda..." He said looking up from where he was grading papers, the class sniggering at me.

"I need...lolly...I've been framed...I blame Black...and I'm stuck...and I lost my dork sporks..." I wailed out to him.

"Come here..." He said beckoning me over.

"I'm stuck..." I said trying to go again, but managing to choking myself in the process. He got up and came to my aid, quickly magicing it off I hugged him fiercely. "Lolly?" I asked pouting. He handed me an orange one. "Oh...I have detention on Saturday...that's why she sent me here..."

He rolled his eyes at me and smiled none-the-less. I then turned around and skipped off, holding the broken frame till I say Sirius and plopped it on his head before running off loosing a lolly in the process...darn.

Chapter 11: Mopping
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God this Saturday sucks...majorly. I am going to be stuck with Sirius, all day. Fun fun...and get this guess what we are doing...mopping. Yep that's right...eeky dirty water, so sucks. So here Sirius and I stand looking into the buckets of already hideously dirty water.

"You go first..." Sirius mumbled to me.

" are the manly man..." I snapped back.

"But I'm to pretty..." Sirius defended.

"No I am!" I said to him.

"Am not..."

"Oh you did not just say that..." I said to him.

"I think I go first..." He pushed me a tad.

I scowled at him and dipped the mop into it and started to mop the floor, while that prat just watched.

"You best be doing some work..." I said to him.

"But I like watching you work!"

"Well you'll like it less when I gouge your eyes out..."

"Wow you are the one that needs Midol..." He said to me moving away and starting to mop.

"Well I'm sorry, but the stupid frame was stuck on my head for a while..." I said rolling my eyes. "I guess it cut of my humor sense..." I said swinging the mop at him.

We worked in silence after that, my anger getting out on the mop as I cleaned and cleaned. When I wiped the damp hair out of my face I chanced a glance over and Sirius to see him working just as hard. Which surprised me. After about another hour of work I decided that I was bored again. So I took the bucket of water, making it look like I was going to move it and edged it towards Sirius. Where I proceeded to dump it on his head.

"What the?!" She screeched as the water came down upon him.

"What the?!" I mimicked him and started to slide on the water.

Soon he was after me, and I got a bucket full of water dumped on my head as I did to him. It soaked through my as I grabbed my mop and hit him in the face.

"Oi!" He said trying to hit me with the mop. Soon I got a face-full and slipped and ended up on the ground. I then hit him in the knee with mine, causing him to fall, on top of me. I looked up at him in panic and smiled sweetly and pushed him off. I then started to slide around the floor again trying to get the burning out of my cheeks.

"Oh moppy...I love you..." I said talking into the mop and acting like it was a man. "Na na na na, na na na na, HEY HEY HEY! Goodbye..." I started to sing again. He soon joined me again and started to chase me around again.

We set up a race around the Great Hall...

"READY SET GO!" I yelled taking off. He was faster then I so I cut through the race track acting like it was a short cut. But he ran into me again, causing me to be under him again, but this time face to the ground. But I struggled to turn around, as he tried to get up, but slipped again. I scrunched up my face.

"You breath smells..." I told him a lie.

"Does not..."

"Does to..."







And do you know what that stinker did...he breathed on me...ew. I struggled to get up and faked a gag.

"You are such a weaner shintzle!" I cried out at him. "Where's my mop?"

"You are lying on it..." He said.

"Oooo so that's the broom's stick...well that made that thing incredibly less awkward..." I said brightly. "For a second I was worried about you Sirius."

"Shut it mop secretly wanted it to be me..."

"No...not at all..." I said hitting him in the face again with the mop.

"Stop being sarcastic..."

"Stop being ugly..."

"Wow that's rich and original..."

"You know it is..."

"That was sarcasm..."

"Your face is sarcasm..."

"Shut it..."

"You shouldn't be talking..."

"You shouldn't be so ugly, but we can't help it..."

"Wow that's rich and original..." I said mimicking him.

"I know it is..." He tried to do mine...but it didn't work.

"HEY YOU TWO YOU GET BACK TO WORK!" The caretaker said coming back in.

Chapter 12: Glitter
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I sat in the common room full with art supplies. But I was missing one thing. And it was vital if I was to create this amazing thing...that I was doing...well I don't know what I was doing but all I know is that it was vital. I had taken out a green sucker and thought about where I could find glitter...

"What are you thinking?" Sirius asked appearing in front of me.

"How incredibly not handsome you are..." I said simply.

"Nope that can't be it...hmm lets see you have paint, pencils, glue, oh you are missing need to get some of that..." He said sitting down on my lap.

"Darn right I do..." I said to him.

"I know where you can get some..." He told me.

"Where?" I asked wearily.

"I'm not going to tell you..." He said simply.

"Why not?" I asked him.

"Cause you are a meanie pants..." He still hasn't moved from my lap.

"Yeah Mr Bonny tell me where the glitter is..." I said trying to make him move, but he began to squirm his but digging into my legs.

"Yeah no...not going to happen..." He said, he was now in between my legs.

"Well fine...I'm tired anyway..." I said leaning into him and throwing my hands around his neck and rubbing my head into the gap of his shoulder blades.

"No you are not going to sleep on me..." He told me trying to get up. But I didn't let him go so he had me hanging around his neck as he tried to walk towards the boy's staircase. But collapsing into the ground. I didn't move and tried to fall asleep without him rolling me over.

" me..." Sirius whispered. Remus tried to help by taking my waist and tugging at me. But I didn't let go, causing Sirius to choke a tad. I soon wrapped my legs around his waist I yawned and pushed closer to my heat source. "Get her off..."

"I don't know you guys look kinda cosy..." Remus said to him and went to go sit down.

"Peter?" Sirius asked weakly.

" have her now..." Peter told him.


" should be lucky...I wish Lily would do that to me..."

"James I am nothing like Wa Wa..." Lily voice said.

"I never said that..." James defended himself.

Sirius then started to crawl and tried to throw me off.

"Glitter..." I mumbled in my sleep.

"Will someone get glitter?!" Sirius yelped out.

"You mean this thing on the table?" Peter asked tossing some at him.

"YES GLITTER!" I said grabbing it and sitting up on him.

"Ge' off!" Sirius yelped at me.

"Will someone stun him?" I asked sweetly.

James took it upon himself now Sirius was limp.

"Glitter...glue please..." I said holding out my hand. They tossed it causing to hit my head. I started to glue random designs putting glitter and sequins and such on his face. "Paint..."

"Finger?" Remus asked me.



I then painted on a tiger face for him, like he was at a carnival. I added some whiskers, then performed a simple semi-permanent spell on him, and added some wings...

"Who's next?" I asked evilly.

After many screams of terror I had managed to do them all, Remus was a wolf, Peter a mouse, James a lion, and Lily a butterfly. Tossing up my glitter it spilled all over me and the waking victims around me. They screamed once again, as I ran out of the common room towards dinner leaving a trail of glitter behind.

Chapter 13: Carebears
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Gah I can't believe I can't find my stuffies...and it's bed time! Let's check my list then...pillow...check, blankets...check, blankie....check, stuffies...MISSING! I think they walked I am in my footsie pj's and hey I can't sleep without my buddies staring at me. So up I go, and I patter down the steps on the search of them. I remembered that I had been playing with them earlier...and I remember Sirius was interested in them. OH MY GOSH THAT WEENER TOOK MY CAREBEARS!!!! I will kill him I swear I SO will! I charged up the boy's staircase slipping a bit with my non-grippy footsie's.
"Black!" I screeched as I entered the room, finding Remus and him in a weird position. "What are you doing, Remey can so take you..."

"Is there a reason you are here?" Sirius asked me, not moving.

"Where's share bear?" And all of them?!" I asked getting into his bed and under the covers.

"How would I know? ANd why are you in my bed?"

"You would know cause I figured out your devious plan...and I"m in your bed cause I need warmth next to me as I sleep so your my choice cause you stole my carebears duh!" I was speaking the obvious.

"Not in my bed your not..." Sirius said trying to push me off his bed but I didn't budge.

"Er no, you need to give me back my carebears or else I'm staying here..."

"I don't have your stupid bears..." Sirius said getting up to wrestle Remus some more.

I gasped and tried to kill him with my glare. "NO THEY ARE NOT STUPID!!!" I yelled at him laying my head back in frustration but falling off the bed. Sirius took that prime opportune moment to jump in his bed. I quickly followed and was soon wrestling him to get under the covers.

"Get off of my bed..."





" ha see I gave you some false hope there." I said sitting in between his legs.

"No you didn't you fart face..." He said making me lay down on my side as he started to tickle me.

"FART face?! Wow that's rich...and mature..." I shrieked out.

"Cause I am rich and mature...duh..."

"No you are a weenier head..."

"At least I have a weenier..."

"Who would want one?"


"Ew...that's why you and Remus are always up here along with Peter..."

"Am not..."

"Ah so your a virgin?"

"Why do you say that?"

"Cause I'm interested."

"Why would you be interested in that?"

"Just want to make sure you're not a walking STD..."

"Why would that matter?" He had stopped tickling me and had started to get ready for bed.

"I'm only concerned about Remus...and Peter..." I said shrugging and laying down.

"We had already checked him..." Peter chirped in.

" no STDs?"

"Nope just Herpes..."

"Isn't that a STD?"

"I would be worried about your carebears..." Sirius said falling asleep.

"I would be worried about your package cause herpes makes it fall off..."


"Your right it doesn' just will remain a virgin for life..."

"Doubt that...I'm so fine..."

"Yeah along with the dung-beetle."

"You look like a dung-beetle..."

"You smell like a dung-beetle..."

"You don't have to be here..."

"I need to sleep so shut-up..." I mumbled closing my eyes...

"Fine...but this is SO not over..."

"SO will be once I start to think strait..."


I awoke to something warm, something that wasn't carebears. I nearly screamed when I realized that it was Sirius. Then I remembered why I was up here. I started to crane my neck not waking up Sirius to try to find my carebears. After about thirty minutes I saw something blue and fuzzy under Peter's bed.

"SHARE BEAR!" I screeched out. Someone had decapitated all of them. I started to cry when I saw nails and what nots coming out of their heads.

"What!?" Sirius said sleepily coming up and managing to hit his head on the headboard.

I struggled to get out of the covers, but he quickly grabbed me spotting that I had seen the carebears.

"Let go!" I screeched trying to reach share bear and the rest.

"No..." He said noting that I had started to cry. "O no Wa please don't cry..." He said. I sniffled and sucked in the snot that was starting to run down my nose.

"I want share bear, and my care bears..." I said my lip quivering.

"Wa Wa..." He said pulling me closer and starting to stroke my hair.

"I want orange lolly..." I mumbled hugging him. "Share bear always had a pocket full of lollies..." He did, he always gave them to me too...I think my mum is the one that put the spell on him to do that but anyway he was always there. "Love-a-lot would always give me hugs...Laugh-a-lot made me funny..." Normally Sirius would've said looking, but he would tell i was upset. "And CHEER BEAR...."

"Always there to cheer you up?" He asked.

"No always there to help me cheer you guys in quidditch, and when Lily was popping a pimple..." I said looking up at him.

"Come on..." He said gently nudging me, after about an hour of me just sitting there and crying, thinking about all my care bears, there were nineteen, all now tortured, in different ways.

"I don't want to go..." I said looking at the stuffing, that seemed to had multiply.

"Wish Bear would've been wishing that you would eat..." He said coyly, trying to get me out of the room so that he could dispose of the fluff...and the nails.

I nodded and headed out of his room, pouting on the way...trying to think of ways that I could murder the person that had done this. Then I remembered, it was Sirius that had taken my carebears, as I had so cleverly figured out...I looked down at my footsie pajamas and pet one of the carebears before smiling wickedly, I had just come up with a way. As I dashed down the stairs I rounded the corner a tad to quickly running strait into Lily.

"Are you ok?" she asked, as she had managed to stay a foot.

"I think so..." I said doing a self evaulation...toes...check, legs...check...fingers....working, arms...hurt a tad but fine...head...OH MY GOSH WHERE IS MY HEAD?!

"On your neck..." She replied helping me up.

"Why do I scream stuff out loud?" I asked her.

"No why were you running in the common room, that is pohibited..." She said strickly enough to make McGonagall recoil.

"Well you see, there was this heffelump, well I think that is what it is called, well that is what they are called you see...they are something that come and get you in the night..."

"They are from Winnie the Pooh, that is a childrens story..." She said simply. "They don't exist..."

"YES THEY DO!!!" I said to her pouting. They SO do exsist.

"Ok yeah whatever..." She was turning red, I was drawing attention...

"Well may I go? I have to apply something to someone..." I said edging towards teh staircase.

"Just...go..." She said as I fell again, cause of the slipperyness...

"Thank you!" I said jumping up and running up the stiarcase...Sirius has no idea what was coming.

AN: Yeah,'s true...thanks to that person that suggested it! Now this has been rejected a I have tried to make this more of a story, so if it's not...hpff staff...incrediably sorry, I don't know what else to do, I have led it to the next chapter, leaving you guessing somewhat...but I hope this time it is enough...and I have changed the rating, just in case...and cause I was told to. So I hope you enjoyed this!

Chapter 14: Lipstick
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"Siri can you come here please?" I said sweetly up the boy's staircase.

"What do you want?" He called back down.

"Just to see one of my best friends that's all..." I replied.

" want something..." He said hesitating to come down.

"Do not..." I said making a grab for him.

"Ah grabby aren't we?" He asked hovering a few inches away from me.

" peice of turd come here..." I said stepping away from here.




"Cause I want you and me to hang out."

"Why not Moony?"

"Cause he's getting sick again, and I don't want to catch his cold."

"Ah...he seemed fine to me..."

"Why what were you guys doing?"

"None ya..."

"None ya what?"

"None ya business..." Sirius said sticking his tongue out at me.

"Fine you weener..." I said walking off.

"Wait Wa I didn't mean it..."

"Leave me alone."

"Please Wa Wa?" He was actually believing my believable act. Wow...he is dense.

" hurt me for the last time..."


"Sirius you are such a prat."


"Cause you've stolen my carebears, you've been a jerk to me..."

"I didn't take your carebears...that was Peter..."

"Well you didn't stop him."

"I didn't know..."

"Are you sure?"


"Your still a prat..."

"Am not..."



"Cause your a weenie!" I sat down in front of the case that I had brought down.

"Please Wa Wa?"

"I want my pink boots..."

"Pink Boots?"

"You've forced me to get my pink boots."

"What pink boots?"

I started to stomp off with him behind asking what the bloody hell my pink boots were.

"DADDY DEAREST!" I cried as I entered his classroom running over to him.

"What the matter Wa?" He asked getting to my level.

"I need my pink boots..." I cried out.

"You mum said not to give them to you..."

"But I need them!"


"Sirius is a weenier..." I pouted.

"What did Mr. Black do?" His eyes flashed and there was a bit of bitter in his voice.

"He didn't stop Peter from stealing my carebears, and he didn't get them back for me, and he didn't come when I called..."

"How about I give you an orange lolly instead..."

"No this is a lot bigger then an orange lolly!" I cried out trying to figure out where he would put my shoes. Ah ha...that's where I saw a sign. WAKANDA'S STUFF...I reckon that's mine.

"Here's an orange lolly..." He said trying to find one.

I had started to walk towards the glowing sign.

"Wakanda...come here..." Daddy Dearest said to me. But it was to late, I had open the cabinet...and I swear around the pink boots it was glowing. They were calling for me.

"Come here pink boots..." I said trying to figure out a better name to call them.

"What are the pink boots?!" Sirius called out in frustration.

"My Precious..." I said stroking them, I remembered reading some muggle book...called Lord of the Ryes....or something like that.

"Give me the pink boots..." Daddy Dearest told me.

"" I said putting them on my feet.

"Why does she have pink boots?" Sirius asked him.

"Cause you upset her...and now she is all mad, so now she is going to stomp around till you make her happy..." Daddy Dearest said consulting the notes that my mum had given him.

"Who?" Sirius asked him.




I was stomping around.

"Does she always get like this?"

Daddy Dearest consulted his notes. "Yes." He said in a short answer.

"Is that the only thing the note says?" Sirius asked. "Like can it tell me how to make her happy?"

He read the note then looked up. "What did she have when she called you over?"

"A big box why?"

"Well it says big" He said smiling.

"Makeup?!" Sirius yelped out.

"Let her put makeup on you..." He said handing him the card.

"Oh no..." Sirius said.

I started to stomp louder and started to sing LALALALALALALALALALALA!

"Make her stop..." He said to him.

"No you make her stop, you're her daddy dearest."

"Well you're the one that has to wear makeup..."

"I KNOW!" I said jumping up and down raising my hand, they had to call on me.

They watched me for about three minutes before realizing that I was still jumping up and down with my hand raised, and not going to talk till they called on me.

"You think we should just leave her like this...I mean she is quite..." Sirius said to him.

"That is what I was thinking...but I don't reckon it will go over well once McGonagall comes...doing her nightly check around..." Daddy Dearest reply. "And knowing McGonagall she'll call on her..."

"Fine..." Sirius mumbled.

Daddy Dearest cleared him throat before calling on me in a teacher-like manner, putting on his glasses and all.

"How about I put makeup...on both of you!" I said cheerfully.

"Why did you call on her?" Sirius complained.

"Cause you weren't..." Daddy Dearest looked worried.

"Can't we just get her new Care Bears?"

"No her mum has to put the spell on them...that's what made them special...though they did creep me out, always talking to you, and doing their little traits..." He shuddered.

"I think that's why Peter chewed them up..."

"CHEWED THEM UP?!" I screeched.

"Er yeah like a piece of cheese..." Sirius was clearly not thinking of my feelings right now.

"I need love-a-lot bear..." I mumbled starting to cry again.

"Let her put makeup on you..." Daddy Dearest said nudging a terrified Sirius forward.

"No you too..."

"I'm your professor."

"You also made a glowing sign that said Wakanda's Stuff, I think that makes you in charge of giving her the boots..."

"You didn't steer her away."

"I didn't know what the pink boots were..."

"LET ME PUT MAKE UP ON YOU!!!" I yelled pushing both of them down to sitting position, then grabbing my box.

"It's all your fault..." Daddy Dearest whispered to Sirius as I got the concealer ready.

"Is not..." Sirius shot back.

"Is too..."



"It's Peter's fault for mistaking my carebears for cheese..." I whimpered putting on some makeup.

"I will get him back..." Sirius muttered darkly before opening his mouth so that I could apply lipstick to the bottom lip.

"I will give him detention..." Daddy Dearest said trying to avoid the lipstick.

"Have you done this before Sirius?" I asked him.

"" Sirius said lying.

"Liar..." Both me and Daddy Dearest told him.

"Fine...Grumpy Bear pinned me down...said you always did this to him..." Sirius muttered darkly.

"Yeah he was my makeup holder..." I said shyly and blissfully remembering the old times. I put on another coat of makeup.

By the end of it, I had managed to curl their hair, whitened their teeth, put contacts on Daddy Dearest, and lipstick to the extreme on Sirius. They were complaining non stop as I took off my boots. "You know I put a spell on that will last all day tomorrow right?" I asked putting them back in their glowing spot.

"NO!" They said loudly.

"What you won't have it as nearly as bad as Peter, Remus, and James as I get a hold of them one-by-one..." I said brightly snapping the lid shut of what they had deemed 'Wa Wa's torture to the devil device.' And then starting to skip off.

"Your fault..." They started again as I rounded the corner. 

Chapter 15: NailPolish
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I sat down on the couch and laid my head on Remus' shoulder. He jumped a bit when I did so, partly because I had appeared out of no where...see I'm a magician.

"Where did you come from?!" He said his voice raising a octave higher.

"My momma, how about you?" I asked smiling at him, and crossing a leg over his.

He shook his head and didn't answer me.

"Wow, did you come out of no where?" I asked playfully smirking.

"Shut had me up all night with you mumbling 'carebears'..." He mumbled darkly at me.

"Well it's not my fault I talk in my sleep...Lily makes me put a silencing spell on before I go to bed, partly because I use to talk about you guys in my sleep, and she can't stand some of you, so I think it gave her nightmares." I said perkily fishing out another case from the side of the couch.

Remus snorted and then started to eye the case. "What are you doing?" He asked when I fished his hand and started to file his nails.

"Manicures and pedicures...I give you one, and then you give me one." I said simply, moving to the next finger.

"" He told me trying to pull his hand away. But I had put a sticking spell to his palm to my leg, yeah you don't give me credit but I am rather good at nonverbal spells.

"Yep yep..." I said smiling at him and then grabbing the other hand doing the same.

"No no..."

"Yeah, cause you didn't stop Peter from eating my Carebears like cheese..." I scowled at him.

Remus sighed and rolled his eyes. "Don't you think that you are a tad to old to be sleeping with teddy bears?" He asked me.

"Don't make me bring Mr Wonkers into this." I said scowling at him more.

"No you don't."

"Yes. You are the one that has a teddy bear that sleeps on your pillow and everything." I said remembering the beat up bear that looked that it was ready to be retired.

"He does not sleep on my pillow...he has his own." He said blushing a tad.

"Oh that just helped your case right there." I said sarcastically.

"I think you hang out with us to much." He said noting my sarcasm.

"No I don't hang out with you guys, you hang out with me." I said starting to apply the base coat.

"Do not." He replied, trying to think of something more clever.

"Wow that was clever." Sarcasm again.

"Shut it Wakanda." He told me.

"No you shut it." I retaliated.

"I don't want to." He glared at me keeping his mouth open.

"Wow you must do that a lot..." I said poking him in the mouth before starting to put on some lime green nail polish.

It took him a while before he realized what I had meant. "EW EW EW!!!" He said loudly.

"Hey I'm not the one that does it, you shouldn't think it is icky."

"I like it better when you have a lolly in your mouth."

"No that is gross Remus, I have never seen a lolly, non the less put one in my mouth." I told him simply.

"That's gross I didn't need to imagine that."

"But you do it don't you?"

"Do not."

"Oo ok what ever." I said, I was now putting on some yellow suns.

"No it's not whatever, admit it, I don't do any of that."

"I'm not the one that needs to admit something like that." I replied to him simply.

"Are we done yet?" He asked me, trying to change the subject.

"No, I have to do your toes." I said doing a drying spell on his nails, and a permeant spell on the polish.

"I don't want you to touch my feet."

"I don't want to, I have a foot problem, I hate feet, but I have to give you the full treatment, as I had promised." I said shrugging and removing my leg from his.

"No it's fine I promise..." He said trying to get away from me.

"No sit down." I said kneeling my his feet and peeling off his shoes and socks. "Wow Remus, do you have something else you want to tell me?" I asked seeing that they were already painted a nice blue color with crescent moons on them.

"No, ask Sirius." He replied.

"Wow, Sirius has a steady hand, is this why they call you moony?" I asked him.

" yes?" He told me.

"Sure I can see that, I always thought it was because you stood naked under the moonlight, singing and dancing."

"When did I do that?" He asked me.

"Oh first year...I heard your joyous yelps. "I'M I LITTLE MOONSTER!!!!!!!!" Or something like that.

"That wasn't me, that was James....he is the one that decided to dance around naked, that's when Lily started to hate him, cause he ran into her butt naked and all." Remus said smirking.

"Ah, so Lily has..."

"Has what?" She asked me standing behind me.

"I'M A LITTLE MOONSTER!!!!!!" I called out jumping up and starting to run around.

"What did you tell her Remus?" Lily asked her cheeks burning bright red.

"Nothing." He replied simply. Jumping up and running away.

Soon I was caught around the waist.

"Wa calm down." I heard James say sitting me down. "You're embarrassing Lily can you please tone it down?"

"Oh so you want me to start saying it in my inside voice?" I asked taking the tone it down seriously. But I shut up when I saw Lily was bright red hiding her face. "Oh ok, never mind I'll stop."

"Thanks..." He said smiling at me then going to Lily. Who was now trying to ease her breathing. "Come on Lils, lets go get you a calming draft." She nodded blindly and let him lead her out of the portrait whole.

"What did I miss?" Sirius asked appearing at my side, the makeup still all over his face.

"I was a moonster..." I said looking after James and Lily. "Hey...I think Lily is starting to warm up to James..." I said after Sirius had stopped laughing at me.

"Why do you say that?" Sirius asked me in disbelief.

"Cause she just let him touch her..."

Sirius got a disgusted look on his face. "Touch her?"

"Ew not like that...she let him take her to Madam what's-her-face..."

"You've been to her enough, and you don't know her name?" Sirius looked at me unsure.

"Oh no she keeps on making me forget her name, if I remember right, she doesn't want to be remember by the person that makes her take a calming drought everyday."

"Man I wanted that title."

"Well Mr. Poo poo, I have it and you don't so ha!" I said smirking and getting tackling him. "Now where is Peter?" It was his job to get Peter to me.

"He is not going to come with me to you, cause if I remember right, he is under his bed trying not to cry." Sirius said from under me.

"Ok fun, the boy's dorm it is then!" I said jumping up and running towards the dorm. Peter has yet to know what is coming to him.

AN: Yet another, weirdly Wakanda chapter...muhahaha well I'm done with my crazy but yet oh so lovely laughture...that I get made fun of all the time...kinda of said is it not? But I am so glad to see that you guys are reading...and loving it! Yay go me for being overly random, and making up a charecture...that is so fun to write about!

Chapter 16: Hangman's Curse
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"Have you ever heard of the hangman's curse?" I said in a deep spooky voice as I entered the boy's dorm in a sneaky like fashion. "Cause it's come to get you Peter Whats-Your-Face..."

"I-I-I'm not Peter Whats-Your-Face..." Peter said trying to see me from under his bed.

"Yes you are...and you have to guess the hangman's word if not you will be the one that does the hanging." I said staying in the dark and taking my wand out. "Oops wrong wand..." I muttered as a party wand emerged. When I had found my real wand I set up a glowing spot in front of him with a real rope hanging form the drawn gallows. Six blank spaces were under it. "Now guess..."

"A?" He asked timidly.

I head was drawn.


The stick body.


One leg, does he not know how to say the alphabet?


The other leg.


Wow he is really sure of himself. A foot this time.


I hate those question marks. The last er...'official' foot.


Nope. Arm.


No. The other arm.


A funny looking hand.


At least he got rid of the question marks. But the other hand.


Oh no here they come back. A X for an eye.


The other eye.


Wow he really doesn't know the finer details of this game does he. But a frowny face.


A tongue.


A fat shirt.


Now fat pants.


Ok, he would've died by now...but I put a balding hair thingy on his head...


"Do you not know the finer details of this game?" I asked tiredly. Now flicking my wand and putting ULTIMATE DEATH towards the side.


Why does he keep guessing? Now I put FAT, and an arrow pointing to the body of the thingy.


Now I put PETER...


God...ok now what to put, hmm ok, balding, up by the lack of hair. 


"What makes you think that there will be a Z?" I asked trying not to lack my scary voice.


"There are six spaces!"

"Then, there isn't a word, cause I went through the whole alphabet!"

"That's it, you loose!" I said flicking my wand and writing out the word CHEESE in the space.

"Cheese?" He asked me stuttering. I swear he will have a nervous break down.

"Yes Cheese, and you lost..." I flicked my wand and he went shooting out from under the bed to my glowing gallows.

I put the rope over his head as he whimpered. Don't worry I won't kill him quickly, just slowly. As the rope started to tighten, I'm not actually going to kill him he freaked. And started to squeal, and squeak...that's creepy. Soon he was turning into a rat.

"EW A RAT!" I screamed loosing my voice.

"Wakanda?" Peter asked quickly turning back to himself.

"No stay away from me." I said backing up against the wall. I have a low tolerance of vermin, I got bit by my pet rat once, and then my mum laughed cause I use to laugh instead of she thought I was being good nature...yeah so that was a pink boot situation...

"Wakanda..." He said in a panic voice.

"You lied!!!" I then realized, he lied, I told all of them everything, but like one little thing, and I thought they did too.

"What did he lie about?" Sirius asked appearing in the doorway. "Did you ever ask if he was a rat?"

"You knew!?" I said yelling at him.

"Er...yes?" Sirius said knowing that I wouldn't like the answer. "Why are you even screaming, it's nothing big..."

"Nothing big? Well if you were terrified of rats would you want to appear in a gallows rope, then coming after you?!"

"Gallows?" Sirius asked, then looked at the glowing thingy. "Were you trying to hang him?"

"I was not going to hang him!" I said pouting and trying to stay away from Peter.

"Get rid of the rope..." Sirius said trying to sooth me.

"Is there anything else I should know?" I said working out the nickname Wormtail. "Like the fact that you guys all have nicknames, and Wormtail just happened to fit with the fact that Peter is a rat?" I asked coyly. I watched his reaction, surprisingly enough it was blank. "Fine, whatever..." I said when he wasn't going to answer me. "I'm starved, and frankly, I'm not funny, so you best just leave a message cause I'm not replying to you guys for a while..." I said not making much sense but walking out of the room and towards the stairs, giving James and Remus the cold shoulder on the way down.

"What's wrong with her?" James asked him.

"No idea..." Remus said shrugging and walking off. Ha, they don't even come after me.

Chapter 17: Cotton Candy
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I felt bad for yelling at the two boys, then not talking to the other two. But well but, I know I may be slightly over reacting, but you don't want to see one of your best friends turn into a rat...k? Well not for the first time, or without warning.

"Wakanda?" I heard Lily's voice enter my mind. "Why don't you have a smile on your face?"

"Do I always have to have a smile on my face?" I snapped but feeling bad immediately afterwards.

"Well sorry, you just seemed bothered by something...sorry if I cared enough to ask." She said cooly receding from the room.

"Wait Lily no I'm sorry..." I called after her, but she didn't here. Great now I will be attacked by James because I made his beloved Lily mad, and perhaps upset. "Man I really need my Carebears....I started to pout, that made me sadder so oh great here comes the water works...I need daddy dearest. I stood up and walked out of the common room and headed to his office. When I got there I saw that he wasn't there but had written on the board 'WAKANDA IN A STAFF MEETING Rm. 304', wow did he know that I was coming? I hope not, I don't like being predictable. I shrugged and ran out of the room towards Flitwick's office on the third floor. I knocked and heard a soft enter from Dumbledore.

"Daddy Dearest...I made people mad at me..." I said my lip trembling and running over to him.

"From what I gather a lot of people don't like you Wakanda..." Slughorn pipped in.

Daddy Dearest sent him a warning glare from over my head. He then said "Who did you make mad at you Wa?"

"Wait people all around me don't like me? But I'm here to please!"

"Wakanda answer my question."

"Sirius, Peter, Lily, James, Remus...Well I'm mad at them, but they are upset with me."

"And how did this come about?"

"Well we were playing hangman when I saw an icky rat..." I was cut off by Dumbledore then though.

"May I suggest some Candyfloss?" Dumbledore asked softly making some appear for me.

"That's not going to make them happy with me though..." I said taking it from him and taking a bite out from the heart shape.

"Why don't you give them some Candyfloss?" Dumbledore urged me.

"Not my candy...they should have their own..." I replied holding it against my chest protectively, but getting it stuck in my hair.  "Ow..." I said trying to pull it out but failing. So I just proceeded to try to eat it with it stuck to my hair...try to lick your ear, cause that is what it was like...

"Are you going to be able to carry all that Candyfloss?" Dumbledore asked me.

"I would be able to if I had a cart..." I waved my wand an one appeared. "Ok now I can. Hmm what?" I asked looking around.

"That was my water glass you just transfigured..." Daddy Dearest told me.

"Yeah well I wasn't about to transfigure the Candyfloss in my hair, I mean well I would go with's stuck." I said simply.

"That's advance magic..." McGonagall said.

"Yeah? You taught me..." Were they going somewhere with this?

"Not that...we haven't gotten that far yet..." She replied.

"And we are in the N.E.W.T.S year too...Minny..." I said gasping. "Not preparing us for the real world are we?" I said clicking my tongue. "Anyway...I think Sirius helped me learn that..." I said shrugging. "I got it before him...he dared me that I couldn't do it." this was boring me. "Candyfloss?" I asked Dumbledore. He smiled at me and nodded, flicking his wand to the cart he made six more appear.

"One for you, you don't seem to be having any luck with your current one." He replied smiling kindly.

I heard Daddy Dearest groan in despair. "MORE sugar? Albus you have to be kidding me..."

"Albus?" I asked smiling somewhat. Dumbledore nodded. "Well Daddy Dearest, you aren't the one that has me in the morning..." I said brightly jumping up the cotton candy stick hitting me in the head.

"No I do..." Professor Sprout said resting her head in her hands.

"Tee hee..." I said brightly starting to wheel the cart away. "See you in the morning bright and early Sprouty poo!" I said.

"I have note cards that you can use to control her..." Daddy Dearest whispered to her before I exited the class room.

As I wheeled the cart down the hall I whistled a random tune, then I am I going to get this cart over the step of the common room entry...and non the less keep it from the grubby first years? I thought about that a bit but then came up with a great idea. Finishing off my first Candyfloss I put the second one in my mouth letting the sugar melt in my mouth. And then I performed a simple shrinking spell to the cart and the cotton candy. When I had reached the Fat Lady, who really needs to loose a few pound, I stuck it in my pocket and then went in the common room. Heading towards the boy stairs I was surprised to find Lily up there.

"Lily?" I asked surprised...see I'm surprised.

"What Wakanda?" She asked, she was still mad at me...I can tell these things, and the fact that it sent shivers down mine, and everyone's spines didn't help clue me in.

"I have a peace offering...of sorrys..." I said trying to remember which pocket I had put the Candyfloss in.

"Where did you get the Candyfloss?" James asked me.

"Albus." I said simply.

"Albus?" The boys said.

"Dumbledore?" Lily said at the same time.

"How did you know that was his first name?" We asked her.

"Everyone does...even the people that don't go to this school yet..." Lily said rolling her eyes. "Anyway I would think you all would know his name too...I mean you don't have to be that dense to read a chocolate frog."

"We have chocolate frogs?" Sirius and I asked.

"Lily how come you are so smart?" I asked again.

"Once again everyone in the wizard community should know this." She said disbelieving us.

Our mouths turned to O's then I remembered which pocket it was. I tried to fish it out. It was stuck. The Candyfloss had melted to my pocket...which is now stuck to my skin. I let out a small whimper quietly, but Sirius turned his head toward me.

"What is it Wakanda?" He asked me.

"I had Candyfloss for all of you. But I wasn't able to figure out how to keep the creepy underclassmen off of it so I had shrunk it and put it in my pocket...and now it's's ruined..." I cried sitting down in frustration, but then feeling the cart break and stick into my leg.

I heard a snort of laughter and soon everyone was laughing at me. Not cool.

"I want my pink boots..." I pouted.

"No you don't..." Sirius said quickly.

"Then why are you guys all laughing at me?"

"Cause you just had a really dense-er moment..." Peter replied.

I scowled at them while trying to get the stupid cart out of my pocket...stupid wooden cart...sticking into my flesh. I shall kill. Kill...hmm nah to dangerous...I may hit me...

"Well I'm tired...goodnight!" I said laying down on their floor. "Don't you guys use the hamper?"

"For?" Remus asked me.

"For your dirty clothes,,," I said.

"We have a hamper?" James asked.

He was nudged my Lily who pointed to a golden sign that said BOY'S HAMPER (For your dirty clothes masters). Yep house elves gotta love them. Such a clue. They all stood up and walked towards it mesmerized by it while Lily and I bursted out laughing, she flicked her wand at James who went flying down it.

"You aren't suppose to throw yourselves down there...or be looking down there..." Lily said after James' girly screams ended.

Ah what fun it is to be loved again.

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Chapter 18: Killing James
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"Get your coat Wakanda it's time to go outside." James said emerging from under his cloak.

"It's to cold out." I whined staying in my place. "Anyway it's past curfew."

"I don't care, Sirius and I want to pummel you with snowballs." James advanced forward.

"James back up." I said wearily. 

"No I need body warmth." James snickered.

"No, you go away and go make out with Siri-poo." I pouted trying to scoot away from him.

"Come here Wakanda!" James moved forward to quick for me and managed to trip over my shoes, thus creating a chain reaction.

James, shoes, trip, fall, hit Wakanda, causes her to fall out the window where the glass has magically disappeared. Not cool, it was freezing. I was going to hurt him if I survived this fall. Why was I not screaming? Wasn't someone suppose to scream if they are pushed out a window that i more then 200ft off the ground? Yeah I thought so.

Cue screaming.

For a split second.

Cue grabbing.

Who the bloody hell grabbed me?

I'm numb. That can't be a good sign. Also not a good sign, the wood that was making its' self comfortable in my butt. Oh bugger, a broom. Oh bugger again, Sirius.

"What did you just decide that you wanted to push Wakanda out the window?" I screamed at him closing my eyes tightly and putting him into a death grip as he sped up.

"I don't know what you are talking about, you just happened to end up on my broom..." He yelled back the wind whistling in my ears was deafening. Well perhaps not but it's going to kill me.

"What did you just decide that you wanted to hang out below the window I was sitting on?" I asked trying stay on the broom.

"Oh yes Wakanda, cause I say you ad just had to stare, I still don't know what you are talking about." He yelled back.

"You know I am terrified of brooms right?" I called.

It's true, that's how I broke my arm first year, well Sirius pushed my off my broom, and there I went falling towards the ground...he felt bad afterwards, thus starting this tortuous friendship.

"I do." Was his reply.

"Are you getting back at me for when Lily flicked her wand and sent James screaming like a little girl?"

"You are the one that started the chain reaction..."

"No Peter did..."

Let me put it this way.

Peter takes Carebears. I am out on revenge. Sirius. Remus. Peter. Rat. Scared. Candy Floss. Dirty Clothes. Big sign that says Masters on it. Lily flicks her wand. James screams like girl.

"No, you are the one that was sleeping with them, thus making him uncomfortable, thus making him want to eat them." Sirius defended his theory. 

"Remus sleeps with a teddy bear, and Peter hasn't eaten it yet."

"But Remus also has a fury little problem, anyway Mr Wonkers puts up a rather good fight."

"He's nice to me."

"Well you and Remus, to us he waits till we are asleep then pounces."

I snorted and still with my eyes shut I could feel him lean forward more urging the broom to go faster.

All of the sudden, I wasn't deaf anymore...we perhaps I had really gone deaf and couldn't hear the wind.

"Wakanda..." Darn it, I could still hear his whiny voice. "You can look now..."

I opened one eye a slit and realized that we were above the lake. Phew, I haven't gotten thrown off the broom. I realized something, I haven't gotten thrown in yet...but I had to beat Sirius to the chase.

Whoops, I didn't mean to push him off the broom. Wow that water must be cold. Oh oh, I don't know how to work these things. Where's Sirius?

"Sirius?" He still hadn't come up. Oh oh, I didn't mean to murder him yet, I still needed a few good laughs. "Sirius?"

And here comes the tug at my foot, I would scream, but I seem to be forgetting that lately. And there goes the broom running away from the wetness.

"Stupid idiot." I cried at him as I spit water out of my mouth and managing to hit him in the face.

"I'm stupid?!" Hehe, his voice cracked. "You are the one that pushed me in!" He cried.

"I'm stupid?! You are the one that pushed me in!" I mimicked him very well, I had been practicing that. "Well I had to beat you to the chase, I know you know how to do stupid tricks on the broom, thus resulting me to fall off, and you to stay on."

"With the way you were holding on to me, I would've gone with you!" good point. Can't let him know that. I'll kill him for being so smart.

"Why hasn't the lake frozen over yet?" I finally asked.

"It has, just not here, it's to deep here..." His teeth were chattering now, he pointed a rather long way off to where the school was located where the white ice sheets were all over the place.

"Whoops..." I mumbled.

"Where'd the broom go?"

"Idk, my bff jill?" I tried.

"You lost the broom?!" He cried.

"G-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-" He clamped a hand over my mouth.

"Bloody hell Wakanda, that's a far swim..." He murmured to himself.

"Sirius, I don't feel to good..." Was I loosing blood, he was turning blue...eww I really hope I wasn't blue.

"Ok Wakanda, don't freak, you know how Peter is a rat?"

"Please don't turn into a rat. A doggy I could handle..." I murmured feeling tired. I'm still going to kill James.


Bloody hell it's cold. And dark. Wait my eyes are closed again...ouch someone is pushing on my chest...owwy. Eww lips.

My hand made contact to someone's face. Whoops for like the fourth time.

"Bloody hell Wakanda, you weren't breathing then all the sudden you slap me?" Sirius cried.

"Whoops." Yet again.

"Whoops is are you ok to walk."

"How much oxygen did you pump into me?" I felt woozy, and it wasn't because of his breath.

"I take that as a no." He managed to hoist me up and try to make his way across the rest of the ice to get to the school.

"We never speak of this again you hear?" I murmured. "And I am going to kill James, tell him that he is going to die a long and painful death..."

Chapter 19: Cold Hands
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I woke up to blinding light. Oh bloody hell, the hospital wing. Why would Sirius bring me to this place?! Oh bloody hell, I was going to die wasn't I? Oh oh here she comes...oh oh close my eyes, act faint...act dead. That was even better! Phew she went to the bed next to mine, poor bloke. I heard him let out a moan and a small yelp.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh let him live!" I screamed out, then realizing it was Sirius. "Oh never mind go on about your mary business, I'll be over here acting dead." I laid back and while facing him proceeded to act dead. And not the type of dead with your eyes closed, mine were open and staring at him suffering.

"You have cold hands!" He cried out trying to get away from her. She reeled him in again, and I tried to stifle an afraid laugh. "Ahhhhhh, you handle me like a man! Stop man handling me!"

"I'm not the one that decided to swim in a frozen lake." She said fiercely enough to make him cower in his seat.

Then he said the most terrible thing in the world..."Wakanda is the one that pushed me in..."

"Did not! Well perhaps I did, but that was because James pushed me out of the window, and I don't like flying and Sirius knew that!" I cried out trying to save myself. I tried to move out of my bed but that blasted nurse had tied me down while I was out cold. "Save yourself!" I cried out to Sirius as he tried to run too, but realized that there were now roped bounding him. "I will murder you Sirius before she does." I finally said. "Trying to save yourself but not me..."

"Hey I saved you from the lake, even though you pushed me in!" He cried out, the nurse managed to slip some potion into his mouth while doing so. "Ahhhh, she's trying to choke me!"

"Good!" I cried. But before long it was my turn. Eek, it was my turn! What had made her soooo mean? "Eeeeky! Sirius wasn't lying your hands are ice! Are you like the ice man or what?"

"Wakanda..." She said tiredly. "You know how that makes me feel..."

"Ahhhh!!!" I screamed again. "I don't do touchy feeling stuff."

Then finally we were done, but forced to stay over night, much to her unwanting of it.

"So, you realize that tomorrow is the last day before Christmas break?" I said trying to make conversation. "What are you doing for it?"

"Nothing staying here, or perhaps going with James." Sirius said shrugging.

"You want to come stay at my house, I mean well, we do a whole bunch of muggle stuff just for the fun of it." I said suddenly. Eeeky, I did not just invite Sirius over!

"Like what muggle stuff?" He asked me.

I shrugged. "I don't know, all I know is that we have a blast...anyway I did push you off the broom into a frozen lake...i think you need some holiday cheer...that isn't James." I smirked.

"You are gross, but yeah I'll come." He shook his head at me.

"You know what a great musical is?" I asked him perking up a bit with my memory kicking in.

"What?" He was just as eager.

"Moulin Rouge!" I shouted bouncing up and down.

"Oh yeah..." Sirius gave an expression of remembrance. "Wait isn't that like featured in a *cough*whore*cough* house?"

"Yeah it is also about love!" I cried out.

"You are such a girl..." He mumbled.

"Well I hope you never doubted that..." I scowled.

"Why are you so obsessed about love?" He asked me.

"Not as much as James..." I defended my self.

He gave a knowing look with a tilt of the head and shrugged. "True but he is the most girl I've met..."

"I am not a girl!" Someone cried out from the doorway. "I mean well if I was a girl don't you think I would have fun with my boobies?" He declared.

"James you already do that..." Remus said sliding past him and coming over to me. "So, fell into the lake?"

"James pushed me out of the window..." heck I'm stubborn. James was going to pay.

"With nothing but your sleeping wear on?" He continued.

"God Remus, you are such a gentleman." I commented. "And a gentleman would beat up James for a damsel in distress..."

"Nah Sirius hits like a man, he can beat up James himself." He smirked sitting in the chair between both Sirius' and I bed.

I let it slide and began to think up ways to hurt James, to bad I didn't have a cupcake I could stuff in his mouth. Moulin Rouge. Who's voice is that drifting into my mind?

"Ah Peter! Your voice is in my mind!" I cried out clamping my hands over my ears.


"Did you just say Moulin Rouge?" I asked.

"Yeah, after Sirius brought it up..."

I put on a smile while saying. "Well boys, where did we store those mic's?"