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Nobody Worse by hpswimdummy693

Format: Novel
Chapters: 28
Word Count: 129,865
Status: Abandoned

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Dumbledore, Lupin, McGonagall, Sirius, A. Longbottom, F. Longbottom, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: Sirius/OC, James/Lily, OC/OC, Remus/OC

First Published: 02/03/2007
Last Chapter: 04/16/2010
Last Updated: 04/11/2011


Hogwarts is a school for 'talented' and 'intelligent' witches and wizards," as the professors like to say. I would gladly like to disagree. At Hogwarts there are idiots, the biggest one of them all: Sirius Black. My one and only wish this year is to not have to deal with this specific idiot. Unfortunately, it seems impossible to even escape him

Chapter 1: Jumping For Joy
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Read and Review. Constructive Criticism wanted.
Warning: High levels of predictability, cheesy lines and corny scenes, and idiotic humor. :)

Life can really suck sometimes. I know that sounds bad, but it’s true. You see, everything that is bad on this green and blue Earth happens to me. I get stuck with an annoying, over protective, idiotic, prankster who is my cousin and a marauder. I also get stuck with the oddest of boyfriends; I wonder why I even say yes sometimes. Maybe it’s because my cousin chooses them for me and says, ‘You go out with him or no date at all.’ I can’t say I’m keen to stay at Hogsmeade by myself.

Let me think, there was Judeth Conroy. He’s a Ravenclaw and in his 5th year at Hogwarts. That’s a year below me; I’m already crossing some lines that I’d rather not breech when someone is a year below me. I gave him a chance anyway. So when I walk into the Three Broomsticks and slide into the booth we were going to sit at, well, let’s just say we were much too close for comfort. And let me tell you this, he smelled horrible. I mean, much worse than a dead carcass. Not only this, but he tried to give me a kiss. I’m sorry, nothing against boys with thick glasses, really greasy hair, and a cold sore right on their upper lip―Not to mention he’s as skinny as a rat’s tail―but I just don’t do that.

Oh yes, and how could I forget Dracus Parvoili. He’s a Hufflepuff in his seventh year at Hogwarts. He lasted a bit longer than Conroy, but that’s not saying much seeing as how Conroy lasted no more than three hours. Dracus was too protective; in the two days that we dated, he scared half of the male population away from me. That’s probably why James liked him so much.

Well, I’m assuming you’ve gotten my point now.

It used to be that you wouldn’t even be able to guess that James and I were cousins mainly since we acted like we were just common enemies crossing each other’s path. We called each other by last name even. Of course, we didn’t, and still don’t, hate each other at all. It’s just that Lily is my best friend. She allows a few friendly words to be exchanged between us until James goes and messes it up by asking Lily out.

The times that James and I do have a civil conversation, with no unnecessary interruptions, is when Lily and the Marauders aren’t around and it usually ends with, ‘Put in a good word for me with Evans will yeh!’ When will he give up?

“Kathleen Stenson, what in the bloody hell are you doing?!” Lily Evans shouted as she ran towards me, she was of course my psychotic best friend who acts like such the perfectionist.

I stopped jumping and watched her walk up to me. She glanced at the painting who was giving me incredulous stares as if I were brainsick. They were of course right to suspect me as an insane student who was in her sixth year. I never disproved their beliefs. Besides, I got that look all the time; I was far too used to it.

“I was merely jumping up and down for joy is all. Do you have a problem with that Miss Evans?” I answered, she raised her left eyebrow and looked at me with the same stare the paintings and other students were giving me. The look was growing quite old, therefore I changed my expression to one that was questioning, “What? Is something on my face?” I slapped my hands on my face and felt around, knowing well that there was nothing there.

Lily ignored my question and rolled her eyes, which she does often. I felt her grab my wrist leading me down the hall. I only assumed I was being led to our common room seeing as how we were going up the stairs that led to it, but you never know, “I won’t ask why you were jumping around like that. It was rather frightening.”

My eyes widened in surprise, I was expecting her to ask why. She always did, no matter how crazy the answer was. I allowed my face to fall into a look of utter disappointment putting on such an irresistible face known as: the puppy dog face. No one can ever resist it, never have I seen it resisted, and hopefully, I never will, “I was hoping you would. Pretty please.” Lily especially couldn’t resist the puppy dog face. (Unfortunately James didn’t know that quite yet.) She groaned realizing she was going to have to give in and I smiled happily.

“Fine! Why is it that you were jumping up and down like a prancing pony?” Her eyes did that familiar roll.

“Well, you won’t be too happy with me, since you’re a prefect and all, but I think it would be right to tell you since you asked,” I said, my smile only became more wide, and that was just about impossible, “You see, I was simply walking to the common room--my mood still incredibly good, by the way--and I was looking at my charms book when I bumped right into Lucas ‘The Arse’ Wilkes! Well of course, he tried playing his dirty little tricks on me, but I said no and gave him a nice Bat Bogey hex. He ran away screaming like a little girl.”

Lily always had that reputation for easily getting angry. In fact, she also lived up to that stereotype about girls with red hair having fiery attitudes. She was a bit more subtle with her friends and everyone else besides James Potter, which means, I’m only getting an extremely long lecture.

One of those lectures that you hear Professor Binns giving. The ones you fall asleep to, except with Lily, you were usually standing in the hall just like now. Therefore it was nearly impossible to fall asleep, unless of course you fainted.

Though, surprisingly, I was spared the lecture. Not because Lily didn’t want to tell me about the risk of doing something so utterly irresponsible, but because we were interrupted by our favorite people. Who else but the marauders, or as Lily and I like to call them, the Prat Princes..

“Oi! Look it’s Lily!” we heard James say, obvious excitement in his voice, “Evans! Hey Evans!”

Lily turned around groaning in exasperation. If it were anyone but Potter, they could see that she was not in any kind of mood to deal with moronic imbeciles, “What do you want Potter?” she spat his name out, as if it were some disgusting brand of pumpkin juice.

“Well, since we only have two more days left of school until summer begins, I was thinking―“ he started, his mouth left hanging opened as Lily interrupted him, “No Potter.” Again, my wrist was grabbed as Lily pushed us pass the Prat Princes and walked towards the common room.

I guess I should explain the whole situation with the Prat Princes and my clique.

Well, you see, the Prat Princes are Hogwart’s pretty boy pranksters. They contain Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, Sirius Black, and of course, James Potter (my cousin). They are the most sought out and arrogant boys in the school, even Pettigrew is sought out by much of the feminine population of the school. I have to wonder though: how in the world did he become apart of a group such the Marauders? That question will probably always be a mystery to me.

Well the point is that Lily and I don’t get along with Black or James that well. You see, Sirius Black is an insufferable twit you shouldn’t have been born to this beautiful green earth. James is my beloved cousin who just so happens to get on Lily’s last nerves. I love him to no end, during the summer. When we’re in Hogwarts he’s tolerable, but most of the times he’s simply ignoring me and trying to get Lily’s attention. Though, that does have the potential of being quite amusing.

I sometimes ponder on the question on how Remus does it. How he can put up with those two twice as much as Lily and I (except for James of course. I have to deal with him all the time, in and out of school).

“Wait! Evans, Stenson, could you please wait!?” I heard Potter yell. He wasn’t alone though, another pair of shoes was hitting the ground with Potter’s and I could only bet that it was Black’s.

“Well I would if I wasn’t being forced away, but Lily doesn’t seem to want to let go of my wrist. Even if she is cutting off my circulation,” I replied, turning my head towards the other two now being blindly lead as I didn’t watch where we went, “Black, why you don’t go running back to the rest of your friends or snog some innocent girl. It won’t be long before Lily rejects Potter once more, anyway. Besides, no one wants you following us around.”

I should have seen his next retort coming, it always did, “No, no, you’ve got it all wrong. Everyone wants me here, especially you!”

I frowned considerably as I moved to turn away from the two boys. I pulled Lily back and twisted my wrist in her tight grip. It seemed impossible at first, but I did it.

My actions didn’t surprise anyone. What Black said wasn’t entirely offensive to me, it was the fact that it came out of his mouth that annoyed me. So I guess when it came to Black, I was just as bad as Lily when it came to Potter.

He was arrogant and haughty, only thinking of himself as “high-and-mighty” and he surely wasn’t. He only acts this way because he is attractive and knows it. It didn’t take a mirror to tell him that. Girls always swooned over him in the halls, they were caught giggling more than once when he even looked their way, and that god damned smile he flashed could make all, except a few girls, fall for him. That is quite enough to tell anyone that they are more attractive than the average person.

I spoke the password to the portrait hole and pushed Lily in slamming the door behind me. I heard a small ‘Oh my!’ coming from the Fat Lady as she shut abruptly. She should be used to it by now, if it isn’t me slamming the door, it’s Lily.

I jumped on the couch, getting in a comfortable position as Lily situated herself next to me in a much less idiotic manner, meaning she walked around the couch and sat down instead of falling over the back of it then rearranging until one may actually be in a sitting position instead of ones legs hanging over the back of the couch.

“When will they learn?” Lily asked, her eyes watching the fire, “They are so damn arrogant and such gits. I wish they would act like gentlemen for once! I just can’t stand having to deal with their idiotic behavior.”

Oh, how right she was.

“It’s about time! Knew it was you two as soon as I heard the portrait door slam shut,” Katy Mason yelled as she came hopping down the girl dormitory steps. Her blonde hair flopping up and down along behind her while her blue eyes smiled with amusement. She was apart of my “clique” as well, being the bubbly, yet temperamental and stubborn one of us all. She could even tolerate the Prat Princes, but really very few couldn’t tolerate them.

“Hey, where’s Patrice?” I asked, curious as to where the last person in our “clique” was.

“She’s probably out snogging some boy down at the quidditch pitch. It is Saturday so that shouldn’t be any surprise,” Lily said, now reading a book that she picked up from the table.

Ah, Patrice Pace. She was the, what I like to say, “Sirius Black” in our group. She went around snogging one boy one day then snogging another the next. She was gorgeous and boys still weren’t able to catch that they weren’t going to be the ones she stuck with. In fact, the only boys I know she hasn’t snogged with are Remus, Pettigrew, and some Slytherins.

“Well, we do only have one more day left in Hogwarts. She’s probably doing her annual snog-one-boy-throw-him-out-find-another-boy-right-away bit,” I said. It was true, she would find 10 different guys and managed to exchange gum with each one every year on the day before we left to go home for the summer.

“Don’t remind me,” Katy said, “After this summer it will be our last year at Hogwarts and we will actually have to get jobs. My gosh, that is going to be dreadful.”

“I’m looking forward to that, just not leaving Hogwarts for good. I love it too much to leave,” Lily stated, putting down her book and looking at the two of us, “That’s why I dread next year so much.”

I nodded. She was right, and lately the years have been going by much too fast. Even with the Prat Princes and the Blonde Bimbos at school making it worse than it really was.

You might be wondering who the Blonde Bimbos are, they are the Blondes that happen to be Bimbos. They throw themselves out at any decently attractive guy who is “worth” their time.

I looked over to our dormitory stairs to see the Blonde Bimbos coming down now, consisting of Jennifer Gallo and Demy Miller. The other Blonde Bimbo happened to be in Hufflepuff, so we didn’t see too much of her.

Jennifer scoffed at me as I watched her before she continued walking toward the portrait door. Her high heels clicking and clacking behind her. Demy just looked at me with disgust as she walked out, thank goodness lacking of the high heels.

“Who would where such painful shoes all day just to impress some idiotic boy who happens to have no brain?” I asked to no one in particular.

“Who knows,” Katy replied. She stood up and looked out of the window seeing the day was absolutely beautiful, “I think I’ll go down to the lake, do either of you want to come?”

Lily shook her head and gestured toward her book, which she apparently started reading again. I stood up, noticing the beauty of the day and we began heading out the portrait hole..

“Have you already packed? I saw your bag zipped up and sitting on your bed,” Katy asked, looking at her long nails to make sure there was no dirt sitting under them.

“Have I ever packed before last minute?” I replied, “No, so I’m not going to start now, my bag is empty until tomorrow.”

Katy chuckled and skipped ahead, “I thought so!” she yelled behind her turning her head a bit and then stopping abruptly, “You go ahead, I’ll be there in a minute. I forgot I had to go see McGonagall.”

I nodded in understanding as she began walking away, she had been singing loudly the other day so the Professor wanted to talk to her about not doing it again next year. It seems bizarre to me, but I’m not a stern professor that has to deal with ruddy teenagers all year.

The black lake was in site, causing me to grin and skip over to it happily. This action caused several first years to giggle at me because I looked so damn idiotic. I mean, who skips to a black lake like they’d just won the Triwizard tournament. Apparently me.

I placed my bottom on a big rock and grabbed a few stray pebbles, throwing them in one by one. The cool breeze allowed my hair to wave around behind me as I watched the splashes the rocks made. I was enchanted by the beauty of the lake that I knew held many creatures that I’d rather not ever encounter.

I was distracted from my gazing when I felt hands wrap around my eyes, covering them from what was before me, “Guess who?” a male voice asked trying its best to sound high and girly but failed miserably.

“Reggie,” I said and he peeled his hands off me and smiled gently, kissing the side of my face, otherwise known as my cheek. Regulas Stolkes, a Ravenclaw in which I had been dating for the past 3 months.

I readied myself for the speech I made last night, “Hey, um, we need to talk,” I said, his face fell. Everyone knew that those words in that tone of voice only meant one thing. “The past three months have been great and you are a great boyfriend, but things have changed since we first started going out Reggie. We aren’t as comfortable around each other in front of people anymore, not like we used to be. I don’t think this will work out between us.” I breathed out a deep sigh and looked at the ground not wanting to look him in the eye much longer.

He chuckled bitterly and I chanced a look, he was looking at me and frowning immensely, “I guess your right,” he finally said.

“Could…Could we at least still be friends? I mean, I would hate to loose you entirely from my life and all,” I plastered a small smile on my face as I leaned in to hug him luckily getting one in return.

“Yeah, of course,” he said and pulled away, “I should probably go, I told my friends I would meet them in the Great Hall in five minutes.”

I nodded and waved to him as he left.

I sat there once again in utter peace thinking of how great it would be if no one interrupted me again, but of course, you can’t have that if Sirius Black goes to Hogwarts can you? “Oy, Stenson!” I tried my best to ignore that voice that belonged to the ruddy, old Black. He didn’t seem to catch the hint that I didn’t want to interact with him since he continued the “Call Kathleen’s Name” ceremony. He even went so far as to yell right into by ear, bloody bastard.

So of course my response is an ear piercing scream, “What?! What is so bloody important that you have to go so far as to scream in my ear?!”

“I was just coming over to accompany you on this fine day. No good looking girl should be sitting here all on her own,” I looked at him like he was just exiting the loony bin.

“Who said I ever wanted company, especially from a boy such as you?” I asked annoyed by the cocky smirk that was playing its way onto his lips. I turned on my heels and began walking away thinking that we were indeed done with this conversation.

“No one, I heard you broke up with Stolkes,” he said, “I knew you liked me.”

“How did you hear about me and Reggie breaking up?” I asked, turning around to look at him, “It happened just ten minutes ago!”

Black’s cocky smirk managed to grow wider. I’ve always wondered how that smirk got girls so weak in the knees, I mean, it’s not unflattering to him, but it certainly doesn’t flatter him either. His smirk only made me back away as if I’d been assaulted or about to be pounced on, “Well you see,” he started noticing my step back and stepped forward, “I was walking by him and his friends and I heard him saying how you broke up with him. Modest guy, he is. So, I thought I’d come down here to talk to you.”

While he said this, I was stepping back while he stepped forward. He really was a perverted guy, but most teenage boys were.

You’d think I’d have more common sense to stop backing away from him as he stepped forward. That always seems to be the solution in many situations when something like this occurs. So I backed up right into a tree. Luckily, I still possess some common sense and stepped to the side and began to walk forward.

I was hoping he would give up, but him being Sirius Black, he didn’t. He chuckled that chuckle he always chuckled…yeah…and I wanted to walk away faster but it seemed that there was a sudden pressure on my wrist that pulled me right into the chest of Sirius Black.

Now you may be thinking that there will be some extremely romantic thing that occurs right now, where we look into each others eyes and get lost in them. Where he begins to lean in and I finish it by connecting our lips and making it an extremely passionate kiss, but…come on, it’s Sirius Black…ew.

“Told you, you liked me,” he said cockily.

I managed to push away and step a few feet back debating whether I should slap him or not, “I will never like an egotistical maniac such as you. Get that in your thick skull.” I turned around and walked off.

I saw Katy stopping as she saw me walking towards her. She must have noticed Black advancing on me as I backed away from him. I sent her my special signal in which I reserved only for Sirius Black. I held this angry face just for him, and I planned on holding a special kick in a special area just for him.

She smiled looking behind me and seeing none other than Black smirking proudly. I grabbed her wrist and began pulling her behind me. Thank gosh I won’t be seeing too much of Black over the summer, I need a break from him.

A/N: Hey everyone! This is an update that is just telling you that this chapter has been edited a lot. As of April 26th 2008.

A/N: Hey there, well this is the prologue of the oh so wonderful story that I hope you will enjoy. I didn’t put as much thought in this first chapter as I have with many of my other stories.

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PS: for those of you wondering about the blonde bimbos. There is no relation between them and their celebrity counter parts. All they have in common are name, and name only.

Chapter 2: Maple Wars
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Ponies this and ponies that was what my dream pretty much consisted of. I didn’t quite understand, nor did I actually care. I was having a wonderful, relaxing sleep in my too messy room and when I say ‘Too messy,’ I don’t mean too messy for my parents, I mean too messy for even me. It’s one of those rooms when every time I walk through door, I can’t help but think, ‘I’ll clean it up in a couple hours.’ A couple hours go by and I think, ‘I’ll do it before I go to bed.’ By that time, I’ve managed to convince myself that I’ll do it tomorrow. Of course, that never happens and nothing will get done until mum or dad come and threatens me so I’ll finally end up cleaning my room…‘Or else.’ Well that ‘or else’ clearly means that I’ll have my wand taken away and I can’t send any letters to anyone. They’ll take away all my quills and parchment. I of course have other means of entertainment they know nothing about thanks to Lily and her muggle contraptions.

All of this is beside the point though, my room was a complete and utter disaster and there was no way I was going to clean it up, even with magic. Even the posters of quidditch players and muggle celebrities were falling off the walls. I’m pretty sure the knickers I’d worn a couple weeks back were still on the floor along with other little undergarments and articles of clothing strewn about. Not to mention all the magazines and school books taking up all the space in my chairs and desk.

Because of this mess, I can’t seem to understand why anyone would even dare to step foot in my room, especially in the dark (Even though it’s not exactly dark out right now. Thanks sunlight!). Lily dares to though; she’s walked through the obstacles in her path from the door to my bed and decided that she was going to wake me up extremely early, for a stupid reason as well.

I opened my eyelids ever so slightly to see what the bugger wanted and watched as she continuously shook me thinking I was still a sleep, “What?” I asked in my unattractive, croaky, morning voice. I glanced at the clock and saw that it was only nine in the morning, “It’s not even twelve yet Lily!”

“I realize that, but you’ve had plenty of sleep tonight and there is no way that you and your silly little friends are going to leave me alone with Potter this morning,” she told me and tried to pull me up.

I obviously pushed her away and turned my back towards her, “Go away.”

I heard her groan out of sheer frustration, she’d clearly had to go through this with the other two teenage girls in the house, “But―“

“It’s just Potter, James, my bloody cousin. Go away.”

My demand seemed to have no effect though, and Lily continued to stubbornly shake me, “Kathleen, I can barely stand your cousin and you know that.”

“Go away, Lily.”


“Out!” I yelled out and listened to her exit my room. I smiled slightly and fell back to sleep within minutes.

What seemed like seconds later, I was being shaken awake once again. I opened my eyes slowly and saw Lily’s emerald, green eyes staring back at me, “It’s only been a minute Lily.”

“Actually, it’s been an hour.” I checked the clock myself and saw that it was indeed an hour later.

“Now, will you please get up?” she pleaded.


“Oh, come on. Do you really want Potter to see you in nothing but your scanties?” Lily asked in a seemingly appalled nature.

I couldn’t help but chuckle at her behavior. She didn’t seem to understand that James and I were cousins, relatives, teenagers who’ve known each other their whole life, “I’m not too worried about that Lily. He’s seen me in much less seeing as we used to take baths together when were―what―four?”

“That’s different though, neither of you were very…very…well let’s just say you weren’t developed.”

“And your point is? He’s still seen me naked, so I don’t think a camisole and pink undies that say ‘fly high’ is really going to throw him off.”

“Wait, do you walk around the house in your undergarments on a regular basis when he’s here?”

Goodness, Lily was so innocent sometimes, “Of course I have. I’ve got nothing to hide from him. He does the same thing. You should see him at his house, sometimes he walks around in briefs and I have to tell him to put some pants on.”

Lily’s expression was priceless, her lips twitched as it curled up creating a look of pure disgust, “That’s a really disturbing image you just placed in my mind.”

“Yeah, imagine actually seeing it,” the two of us shared a quick laugh before I told her to go bother Patrice and Katy.

“I did, and they began throwing pillows at me, now get up.”

I groaned and sat up, “Merlin, why couldn’t you have just given up?”

I sat up and walked into the bathroom after grabbing my wand from the night stand, and performed basic skin care spells. I then walked into my closet and began pulling out clothes and dumping them onto the ground with the rest of the ‘rejects.’ My chosen outfit was simple: shorts, a camisole, and tennis shoes. I told you it was simple, especially for the seventies.

“Is that all your wearing?” Lily asked.

“What do you want me to wear? The hugest bell bottoms I’ve got along with the warmest and most skin covering robe?”

“Well, yes actually,” Lily was apparently browsing my closet using only her eyes and spotted the atrocity that was a fashion trend, “You still have boomers?”

I looked down at the black and white shoes and groaned, “Yes, I’m too much of a pack rat to get rid of them.”

“I hope you haven’t worn them, they went out of style mid-sixties.”

“I haven’t worn them since I was seven if you couldn’t tell by their tiny size.”

“Ah, that would explain the size…”

“Yeah,” I said putting on my clothes, “Did you know that me mum still has a poodle skirt?”

“Really? What color?”

“Blue, it’s got the little poodle in the front and everything.”

“That’s terrible,” Lily chuckled, “Well, I’m going to go make sure that Katy and Patrice are up.” With that, she exited the room, leaving me to finish pulling up my shorts.

Lily and James’ relationship is extremely odd, you rarely ever see people act the way they do to one another. One minute, their having a civilized conversation, the next Lily is screaming at James for some idiotic reason, like the time he didn’t put his used napkin on his plate when lunch was over. The last thing I heard in their little yelling match that day was, “Go to bloody hell Potter, where you and your bloody friends can hump all the bloody bitches out there with your bloody napkin!” That sentence landed her in a weeks worth of detention with McGonagall. And to think, earlier that day, she’d told us not to swear when we were angry; hypocrite.

I checked the mirror and saw that everything was indeed flattering, even if it was ‘simple-muggle-wear’. I started on my way down the hall to Patrice and Katy’s room, unaware that I was about to interrupt a severe pillow fight. When I opened their door, the first thing I was greeted with was a pillow slamming me in the face. That’s definitely not the normal greeting that I’m used to. In fact, I was expecting a groggy ‘good morning’ from the two girls. I opened my eyes slowly and spotted Katy and Patrice gaping at me. Patrice armed with a pillow over her head and looked ready to throw any minute, then Katy, hands out as if she’d just thrown a pillow of her own.

I turned my head to my left and found Lily kneeling on the floor, against the wall with four pillows surrounding her. My eyes turned to the two culprits once again, “What the devil is going on in here?”

“I was just trying to wake them up,” said and aggravated Lily.

“Yeah, she woke us up alright,” Katy said viciously in Lily’s direction and grabbed one of the few pillows left on the bed.

I nodded, “That doesn’t surprise me,” Lily was about to say something, but I shot her a warning glance, “Who exactly started this little…pillow war?”

“Well who do think? You know it wasn’t Lily, and it wasn’t me. Who’s the one person that becomes the evilest, little prick in the morning? Why, none other than Miss Innocent herself! Katy!” Patrice said as she threw her pillow at Katy.

“You know I’m not a morning person,” Katy said defending herself and her dignity.

“Well, apparently Lily didn’t.”

“Should you even be talking Patrice?” I asked, “You joined in didn’t you?”

She nodded, “Well yes, but―“

“Exactly, so maybe you should be defending your arse instead of beating hers, aye?”

“I was simply saying that―“

“Moving on. Can I leave safely, do you think? I don’t want another pillow aimed at my head. We’re not playing bull’s-eye here,” Lily began, “If you hit me in the head or the stomach, your not going to get fifty points. Instead you’re going to get fifty pounds of guilt resting on your shoulder because you beat up an innocent girl who only wanted a friend by her side to keep her safe from Potter.”

I watched Katy roll her eyes and say, “Please keep the bull to yourself Lily. It’s bad enough that you interrupted a fantastic dream I’d been having.”

“Well, I’m sorry, but it’s ten in the morning! When we go to school in a couple months, you’ll have to wake up at seven, so you should get used to it!”

“Well we all can’t be like Lily Evans can we?! Miss Perfect, aye? You wake up early, you make all ‘O’s on everything, why can’t I be more like you and interrupt other peoples’ wonderful dreams for you own conceded self. Oh why?”

“Will you two shut up!” Patrice finally yelled.

“Well,” I started, “glad that’s settled. Now I’m going to go downstairs and help mum with breakfast. I expect you down there in twenties minutes, no less. If you want some more bloody sleep, there’s a bed right there. Just be downstairs in twenty minutes. If you want to take a shower, be my guest, just be down in twenty minutes. If you want to―“

“Yeah, I think we get it,” Katy informed me rudely.

“Good, now good morning to you,” I walked out of the room and made my way down the steps and once I got to the bottom, a feeling of triumph spread through out my body. It was rare for me to actually make it down the steps without tripping and falling, or accidentally sliding down the stairs and eventually creating a nice bruise on my arse. I’ve done one of those two things so often that me mum and dad soon just gave up on seeing if I was okay or not.

Speaking of my parents, it smelt like they were cooking up a storm in the kitchen, or at least mum was. Dad didn’t cook often, but when he did, it was delicious! In fact, I’m pretty sure dad was running errands this morning to make sure that we had everything for when the Potters came over.

I moved myself into the kitchen and plopped myself on a counter top and watched my mum cook what looked to be pancakes, “Muggle way again mum?” I asked, seeing all the measuring utensils in the sink.

“Yes, you know I love muggles and all their unique inventions. Besides, I thought it would make the meal a bit more memorable this evening if the Potters and friends had a ‘muggle made’ meal,” she explained.

I nodded, “Right, when you say friends, you mean my friends right?”

“Of course, who else could I mean?” she gave me an odd look before flipping a pancake over.

I looked to her left and saw at least ten other pancakes sitting on a plate, which was rather peculiar. “How many pancakes are you giving each of us mum?”


“One, then why are there so―oh no!” I yelled, mum gave me a sharp look and continued on with what she was doing, “I thought you said for my friends, not James’.”

“I thought you might have gotten over your problems with your cousins friends, their all so sweet,” she explained yet again.”

I practically snorted at the comment, but held most of it back disguising it as a cough, “Allergies?” she asked me.

“Um…yeah, but mum, only one of them is actually sweet. You just think James is sweet ‘cause he’s your nephew, and then Peter is just…odd. Black –(“―Sirius―“ mum added in for me) is just a jerk.”

“That’s your opinion, I’m sure the other girls can disagree with you.”

“Lily‘ll see my side of things,” I reassured myself.

My mother chuckled at this statement, “Well everyone knows that James and Lily have their,” she paused for a moment and I was sure she wanted to say ‘sexual tension issues’, but she couldn’t since Lily was just a floor above us, “differences

“So? You know that Black and I will never get along on the face of this universe.”

“Sirius is a good boy whether you want to believe it or not,” she let out a sigh, “besides, it would have been inevitable that he came over with James anyway, whether they were with Peter and Remus or not.”

That’s right, I’d completely forgotten that Black ran away from home last summer and now lived with James. So, it’s actually a good thing that the other two marauders were also coming, that way I wouldn’t have to be stuck with the immature brothers alone.

“You know mum, you’re just lucky that you’re making my favorite breakfast meal on the planet,” I told her as I hopped off the counter and grabbed some plates from the cabinets then began to put them down on the dining table. I realized then that there indeed twelve chairs at our table, which was strange seeing as I had no idea that this table had the capability of holding six extra people.

POP! I suddenly heard while I was getting out the utensils. That could only mean that the of age teenage wizards were just arriving. “Where is my sister?!” yelled the woman I knew to be my aunt. She walked through the door and grinned at my mother, “’ello sis!” My mother came squealing past me and engulfed her sister in a tight hug from the looks of it.

“Oh Maddie, I’ve missed you!” they laid three cheek kisses on one another and began talking extremely fast in low voices. I’d hear the odd ‘No!’ or ‘You’re kidding me!’ and they’d even allow a few swear words to escape their lips. Who knew two weeks of not seeing each other could really make them this ecstatic.

I heard feet coming down the stairs and looked over to see who was coming down, “Hey!” I greeted Patrice and Katy with a smile.

“Hi, what’s going on?” Patrice asked me, as she stared at the two gossiping woman blocking the door to the living room.

“Yeah, we were trying to comfort Lily when we heard this squeal, we thought someone was hurt,” Katy added.

I laughed slightly, “No, that was just mum actin’ all weird since Aunt Maddie is over.”

It seems that when I said her name, mum and Matilda (Maddie) realized that there were in fact other people in the room besides them. Mum patted her sister’s arm quickly and went back to the pancakes that were surely at least a little burned. Maddie smiled at me and walked over and embraced me in a tight, tight hug, “Ah--“ I groaned, “―I missed you but―“ I tried to take a breath, “too tight.”

“Oh!” she said and immediately let me go, “I just haven’t seen you since, oh when was it, Christmas?” I nodded, “You’ve changed a bit, your hair is lighter, but that must be because of the sunlight.”

“Naturally,” I said smiling, “You know I would never dye my hair.”

“Good, because you’re so beautiful already,” she complimented and what a corny compliment it was, “Anyways, James should be here in a minute.”

“Oh, the highlight of my day,” I said sarcastically.

“You’re only pissed because Sirius is going to be there,” Katy said without thinking, then regretting it when my aunt changed her entire attitude.

“You need to get over your little issues with Sirius, he’s a good kid whether you want to admit it or not.”

“Lily agrees with me!” I argued.

She laughed, “Only because she thinks James is a prick. He thinks she’s a veela from far away; it’s quite odd their relationship is. You and Sirius are about the same. He thinks―oh never mind. You stopped listening ages ago didn’t you?”

I grinned, “You know me so well, I’d begun tuning you out when you said his name.”

“Well, my earlier point was that the boys should be here any moment and one of you girls should probably go and get Lily.”

“Yeah,” Katy said and swiftly ran up the stairs and disappeared down the hall.

The next moment, there were a series of pops and the distinct sound of a teenager yelling, “Evans! I’m here!” James came walking through the door and spotted me and broke out into a grin, “Ah, cousin,” he extended his arms and waited for me go to give him a hug.

I found that I couldn’t contain myself and allowed a fantastically huge smile to emerge onto my features. I squealed and jumped onto my cousin wrapping my legs around his waist. He returned the embrace with a tight bear hug, swinging me around at the same time. Sure, we don’t interact very much at school, but this was my favorite cousin―my only cousin―and I loved him, even if he was extremely annoying after an hour of being around him.

“Nice to see that you missed me,” he chuckled out.

He dropped me down, “Of course I missed you, you arse. It’s weird not hearing you and Lily arguing all the time, I sort of miss it.”

“Oh, speaking of Lily, where might she be?” he asked eagerly.

“Typical,” I muttered, “Katy’s getting her.”

We both heard footsteps coming down the stairs causing us to look expectantly over at them only to find Katy looking frustrated and quite frankly, alone. There was no Lily in sight, “She’s not coming down.”

“I’ll go get her,” James stepped in before I could say anything, and with that, he was off up the stairs and disappeared himself.

The small smile I had allowed onto my face was quickly wiped away when I felt someone staring at my back. I turned and found the unwanted gray eyes that I’d been dreading thirty minutes ago. I glared at the smirking boy and turned around at the sound of my mother calling me into the kitchen, “Hello love, could you take the sides out and set them on the table?” I nodded and grabbed some plates with eggs and sausage on them. I took them to the dining room and saw that Remus and Peter had already taken their seats, as well as Mr. Potter. I set the plates down in their spots and went to hug Remus.

“Hey,” he said softly, “How’s break been for you?”

“Pretty good, besides Lily and mum and their nagging. That’s pretty dreadful,” I answered, “I’m assuming yours has gone well for you as well?”

“Yeah, it’s been okay. I’ve gotten ill a few times but other than that, it’s been good.”

I laughed, “You always get sick Remus, there’s nothing new about that.” He nodded. I walked out of the room again and got the rest of the plates and set them out. When I finally returned to the dining room, there were only two seats left, one of them I knew to belong to mum since it was next to Maddie and dad. The other was in possibly the worse spot ever; right next the grey eyed loser I’d seen at the kitchen door before.

I looked around the table to make sure there were really no seats left at the table. I saw Lily resentfully sitting next to James, who was grinning like a monkey. Patrice was in between Remus and Peter, and Katy between James and Peter. Mum, dad, Maddie, and Harold (Mr. Potter) were all sitting next to each other, and Black was next to Maddie. I grudgingly went to my seat and began eating my food, quite aware of the presence besides me.

“So, how’ve you been boys?” mum asked the marauders.

“Yeah, had any girls outside your door yet?” dad added on, “If I recall, your mum told me that there was always a different girl knocking at the door for one of you.”

“Summer’s been good so far actually, plenty of girls also,” James answered sharing a look with Black, “We’ve all had our fair share, even Peter here!” Maddie gave the four boys a look, but didn’t say anything, not wanting to start an argument.

Patrice let out a laugh, “Oh really now? And what girls might that be?”

“Just the sexiest birds in the neighborhood,” Black replied.

“Oh,” Maddie sighed, “Well, as long as their not in your bedrooms, I’m fine.”

My mother laughed at this comment and said, “Well, I can see why they’re showing up at the house. You’ve all grown into a group of fine young men,” she turned to Maddie, “I even remember when James was Kathleen’s height. When was that? Last year?” the two shared a laugh while James and I scowled in their direction. It’s true that James only recently had a growth spurt and even now he wasn’t considered the tallest of guys. I wasn’t that short either though, five foot five inches to be exact. In fact, I’m actually an average height-ed woman.

Everyone except James and I were snickering and in turn, I hit Black on the shoulder, hard. He groaned then started messaging the area with a pained expression. If I’d know that the teenage imbecile would be coming over then I would’ve stayed in bed even with Lily’s nagging.

“’Oi! Prongs! Tell your cousin to stop hitting handsome men like me,” he said over the loud conversations that had recently erupted around the table.

“I would, but I’m too preoccupied with―Ouch!” he yelped as Lily slapped across the back of his head, interrupting the immature and perverted thing he was doomed to say, “Come on Evans, you know you want me.”

I shook my head at the idiotic boy and decided to ignore the three teenagers. I moved my attention to my parents and aunt and uncle. They were all having a conversation about who-knows-what and were laughing at something mum said. Maddie and Harold were noticeably older than my parents, though only by five years. Maddie (fifty-three) and Harold (fifty seven) were considered old for parents that have only had one child, even in the wizarding world. Maddie had small wrinkles around her eyes and permanent bags hanging beneath them, my uncle had the same issue as well. I couldn’t help but wonder if James was going to look like his father at fifty-seven. They already looked so much a like, except for the hair and eye color. James managed to inherit his mother’s raven black hair and hazel eyes. Harold sent me a wink before continuing with whatever the group was talking about and letting out the spontaneous guffaws.

I began tuning out the people around me and focused on eating the food that sat patiently in front of me. I dug my fork into the blueberry pancake and stuck the fork into my mouth. I felt a splatter of liquid hit my face and smeared it off, thinking that I must have flicked some syrup from the fork. That didn’t seem to be the case though as another splash hit me right below the eye when I was grabbing a napkin. I smeared the sticky liquid off again and looked around the table to see what’d done it but everyone was talking to another, except for me. I dismissed the incident as an accident when a huge blotch of syrup landed on my right cheek. I turned to the teenage boy on my right by the name of Sirius Black and glared at him. He was looking away ‘innocently’ as if he’d done nothing wrong. When he finally turned to me, he was sent into shock when a spoonful of syrup and pancakes landed right above his left eye.

“Oh, it’s on Stenson,” Black threatened. He grinned mischievously and dipped his finger into his plate and was about to smudge it across my boobs, only being deterred by me at the last second and instead allowing the maple flavored goo to land on my collarbone. I dumped my plate over his head as he slapped his pancake on my face. The next thing I knew, we were both on the floor trying our best to get the most food on the other person.

“Ahem,” we finally heard. I looked up at the ten other people around the table, all staring silently at us with puzzled expressions. I figured out that dad was the one who ‘ahem’-ed, “Would you like explain what in the bloody hell you two are doing?”

“He (She…) started it!” we both blamed and pointed at each other in a child like manner.

Dad was giving us stern looks and simply left the table. Mum then began talking, “You two are absolute idiots. I mean honestly, Kathleen, we have guest!”

“Yeah, but―“ I started.

“I don’t care! Do you honestly think that slapping pancake residue all over each other is a way to settle whatever is going on between you two?!”

We both shook our heads, “Of course not Mrs. Stenson. I apologize for our immaturity,” Black said. Mum nodded in acceptance.

“Kathleen, is that―is that butter on your forehead?” Maddie asked.

I wiped the yellow cream off my brows and examined it, “I suppose it is.”

“Just to let you two know, you’re stuck with each other the entire day!” mum told me.

“What?!” I screeched, “No! I refuse. You will not make me spend a whole twenty-four hours with this boy!”

“He’s a guest and will be treated well Kathleen! Whether you like it or not,” mum and Maddie stood up, “You two clean this mess up, no magic.”

I grudgingly got up along with Black and got the cleaning supplies we got from some muggle store. I felt the stares of the other teenagers around the table who had yet to finish their food staring at our backs, obviously grinning at the situation I’d managed to get myself into.

As we scrubbed the floor, I began mumbling obscenities to myself, “I don’t have to deal with the bloody wanker if I don’t want to. Mum can’t make me either,” I finally concluded and threw the rag on the floor and ran up the stairs into my room, locking the door behind me. I was planning on staying inside my room the entire day until our ‘lovely’ guest decided to leave.

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Chapter 3: Fiery Tempers
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I wasn’t sure how it quite happened, but I found myself lying down on the sandy, grass bank of the lake. Not to mention that Lily, of all people, was the one to convince me to come. Not on purpose of course. She wasn’t looking forward to spending an entire day with my cousin and his friends either. That meant constantly restraining herself from strangling James to death for twelve hours.

The entire experience of being convinced was dreadful, and it was all because of Lily:

I flopped onto my bed and let out a deep breath, still steaming from only a minute before. My arms were now syrupy and sticking to my face, which most certainly didn’t make my mood any better. I wasn’t in the mood to go into the washroom and clean the sticky crap off my face.

Of course, I wouldn’t even have to take a shower this morning if it weren’t for Black and his idiotic ways. If he hadn’t had the temerity to wipe all of his maple syrup all over my face and arms and shirt, then I wouldn’t even to be in this situation. Well actually, I might―seeing as I was probably going to have to spend the entire day with Black anyways―it wouldn’t be quite as bad and dramatic though.

I finally managed to convince myself to go wash up. I stood, went to the bathroom and took a brief shower. The whole time I was in there, I was thinking of my revenge for the Baboon that did this to me. When I was done with my wash, I jumped back onto my bed, fully clothed once more.

There was a pair of feet stomping up the stairs, I could only imagine who it was. It could easily be my mother coming in to give me a talk or it could be Lily. I doubt she’d act this immature around so many people she barely knew though, so it had to be mum. I tried my best to hide under the covers, but I doubted it would work since I was likely to appear as a huge lump hidden beneath the sheets.

I heard the door creak open and the bed shifted under me. “Oh Merlin, I hate James Potter.” That definitely wasn’t mum. She’d never say a thing like that because she loves my cousin.

I took my head from out of the covers and stared at Lily with weary eyes, “What are you doing in my room Lily? You know I’m not in the mood for your drama when I have my own.”

She wasn’t listening to me though, in fact, I’m sure she was plotting her own revenge against James as she furrowed and un-furrowed her eyebrows over and over again, “Lily, get out.”

“I’m sorry, but I need some peace and quiet and it seems I can’t get that anywhere except in here,” she told me, “So you’ll have to deal with it.”

“How about going to the guest room that you have all to yourself and plotting or thinking or doing whatever the hell is going on in your brain in there?”

“That’ll be the first place Potter’ll go, of course!”

“Then go hide behind Katy, Patrice, or Remus. They’re all much better protection, and company, than me seeing as I’m in a bad mood and all,” I explained to Lily.

Lily nodded, “That’s true, but you’re better company than Potter and he will undoubtedly find a way to bother me to no end no matter what.”

“Alright, whatever. I guess we both get to stay in my room all day,” I said slightly exasperated. I turned to my side, with my back to Lily.

I was pretty sure Lily was plotting some sort of revenge on James in her head because every once in a while, I’d look over and see her shaking her head no and then mouthing something else, but then shaking her head some more. As long as she could keep her revenge plans inside her head and quiet, I would be fine.

Though, that clearly wasn’t happening when she voiced her thoughts, “So, what should we do to the Prat Princes?” That did it for me. I got up, put on my swim suit, walked out the room and to the living room, grabbed the towel that sat on the chair by the door and looked around the room.

“Where the bloody hell did everyone go?” I asked myself. It seemed that they all left without me and as soon as I figured that out, I left the house myself.

I turned onto my stomach to allow the sun to bathe my fully clothed back with light and said, “Stupid git Evans.” The wind played with my hair once in a while, swishing it this way and that. I ran my fingers through my hair, then through the grass-sand feeling its smooth texture slip past my fingers.

“You know, one is considered to be off-their-rocker when they talk to themselves,” I heard James say ‘wisely’ as he sat down next to me and stared out into the lake. I laughed slightly at his joke but continued to play with pebbles in the grassy sand. “Kathleen,” he started. I gasped slightly at him saying my first name. As far as I knew, he rarely ever said it unless he was trying to comfort me, “Cheer up. I know you hate my best mate and all, but it’s only twelve hours of having to deal with him. Oh, and look! It’s already been two!”

“Only?” I asked and began pitying myself anymore, “That really didn’t help James. Not one bit.”

He chuckled, “Yeah, sorry. I know he’s an idiot b―“

“Well that’s obvious. I’ve been trying to figure out how he’s managed to get almost all O’s on his OWLs for a year now. He seems pretty dim witted if you ask me.”

“Looks can be deceiving. Not to mention you’re just saying that because you hate the bloody bastard.”

My mouth twisted into a smile, “Well at least I know you think he’s a bastard too.”

He didn’t say anything, but I noticed him roll his eyes in a feminine fashion. I almost laughed out loud at that gesture; guys could be such girls sometimes. Especially when their sad, they put on their silly little pouts and won’t allow anyone to touch, talk, or acknowledge them. The only difference is that that sort of thing occurs much less frequently than with girls.

I looked at the group of wizards and witches that were swimming in the lake attempting to play quidditch underwater. It wasn’t working quite as well as they’d planned. Black surfaced and shook his head, ridding himself of the excess water, much like a dog would do. He looked back at James and me and waved over at us with an idiotic grin on his face.

“You know, you might want to come and play water-dich with us,” James invited. I gave him a look that clearly stated, ‘Are-you-crazy?’ “Well, it’s either that or you have to try and escape Sirius when he comes over here to ‘annoy’ you, as you would so kindly put it.”

I didn’t even think of that and if he did come over, I wouldn’t be able to just strip off my shirt and shorts. He’d make some perverted comment about doing some sort of exotic strip tease for him. That would never happen. “You’ve made a decent point.” I wasn’t sure whether Black was still looking over here or not, but I pulled off my camisole and pulled down my shorts (my shoes were already off) anyway. I’d rather him be fifty feet away catching a peek rather than ten.

James pinched the side of my waist, “Have you been working out Stenson?”

“Why yes, Potter, I have been. Glad it’s noticeable,” I stated proudly, flexing the muscles (that girls rarely had) at him showing the improvement.

“Oh yeah, almost looks like you have a cute little four pack now―oh wait! Maybe a six pack, but barely.”

I smiled that walked my way over to the lake in the latest swim wear fashion: Two Pieces. They’d been around for quite sometime, but no one ever really got into them since it was only recently that girls were even allowed to show a lot of skin. Two piece swimsuits―otherwise referred to as bikinis―were a riot now, which was a good thing because those one pieces looked pretty ugly.

“Oy! Are we gonna start the game over or what?!” I yelled out to everyone trying to play ‘water-dich.’

Everyone who was at the surface turned to me, “What?!” Patrice yelled, “Did you just ask us to start over?!”


“We’re not starting over for one person!”

“Why not?!” I yelled.

“Because it’s stupid!” she threw her arms out in the air to exaggerate ‘stupid,’ “Oy! Remus, Katy!” The two surfaces and looked over at her, “Pick who you want on you teams! James or Kathleen!”

Katy chose me, making it boys against girls, me being the most competitive female in the bunch. James was definitely the most competitive guy. Every once in a while, when I needed a breath of air, I’d see Lily watching us or talking to me mum. Clearly she couldn’t stay bottled up in my room all day, thank Merlin.

After thirty minutes, the idiotic underwater quidditch game was forgotten when Black accidentally splashed Katy and practically made her choke while he was diving into the water for the quaffle. She swore revenge and she got it. James joined in, then Patrice and soon we were all splashing one another like complete idiots.

“Kathleen, don’t you see her?” James asked, pointing in some random direction in the lake. That made me slightly worried, but I chose not to say anything about his seeing nonexistent entities in the middle of where we happen to be swimming. It’s kind of creepy to be completely honest, “Please go get Lily,” James requested, and I realized he just had pointing problems and was talking about Lily. I should have already known that though because this was the thousandth time he mentioned in the half hour we were out here.

“Why don’t you?” I snapped.

He smiled, “Actually, I think I will,” I started to march stupidly out of the water and I started to regret what I said.

I ran up behind him and pulled him back by the shoulder, “You know what? Why don’t you go back to the game, I don’t want you to get your arse blown into bits today. Oh and by the way,” I patted his stomach, “You need to work on your own abs there. I think I see a little flab.” Nothing can explain the immediate change of expression on James’ face when I told him this. He looked as if he were ready to kill, “I was just kidding.”

“Good,” he said to my retreating back.

Meanwhile, Lily looked as if she were in some heated debate between Maddie and mum, her against them. She was making strange arm movements to prove her point while the two adults looked as if they were trying not to get discouraged with Lily’s arguments. This is being viewed from afar though, I mean who knows? Maybe Lily is talking about James again to his own mum and how he needs to fix his behavior. That would be terrible.

I decided I should jog over to the group in order to save Maddie and mum from their conversation, “Hey Lily!” Lily slowly turned her head towards me.

“Did you need something?” she asked when I finally made it over the grassy-sand-like bank.

“Yeah actually, would you care to join us in this century?” She shook her head ‘no’ and looked out at the teenagers who were screaming and laughing. I think I even saw Black get tackled by Peter―I always knew that kid had it in him-- “Why not?! I realize it’s fun to torture my relative with whatever the hell you talking about, but still. It’s more fun to torture your friends with your nagging.”

“Yeah, not really.”

“Oh, come on. You’d enjoy it more if you came and played with us than just sitting here all alone,” I said, “I mean, really, get over yourself.”

“I’m not alone though, I have your―“ she looked over and saw that the two people sitting there previously and were now heading into a separate part of the lake where dad and uncle were playing with a beach ball, “I had your mum and aunt.”

I attempted to pull Lily towards the water but she barely budged. I stopped and made it look as if I was going to scratch my lower back, when I was really grabbing my wand from between my gluteus maximus’ cheeks, (Yes. I realize that that is quite disgusting.) “I’m sorry, but you’ve given me no choice.” I unexpectedly flicked my wand at her while thinking a non verbal curse. She was now floating in the air with no support but from my wand. Her shirt was slipping up her torso almost to her ribs.

“Kathleen Stenson, Put me down this instance!” she screeched sounding much like a goose.

“No. You’re going swimming whether you want to or not,” I told her and dropped her in the lake, fully clothed. I was slightly surprised by the size of her splash, it was huge. Of course, the fact that she had about 10 pounds of extra clothes on her didn’t help. I heard a chorus of laughs, the most distinct being a bark laugh that I was sure belonged to one of the Prat Prince Black.

Lily’s face was extremely red from embarrassment and the fact that she was still recovering from all the blood that rushed to her head recently. She played it off well as she removed her now soaking article of clothing and dumped it on the bank of the lake and was now in nothing but her swim suit.

I walked through the water and stood next to Katy and Peter. I pushed the two together in order to hide myself from Lily who I’m sure was looking for revenge. Katy’s reaction wasn’t exactly what I wanted her to do, for she moved away from Peter and looked at me with some odd expression.

It was rather surprising at how much fun I was having even though the marauders were here. Sure, breakfast was pretty horrible but the rest of the day has been great. Even with Black here as well.

“You know Stenson,” Speak of the prat now. I turned to him, “I got a great view of your,” he looked me up and down―or at least the part that was above water―“back side.” Okay, well, all isn’t quite ruined yet. This sort of comment was nothing new and if I just dismissed it and ignored him, we wouldn’t have any other issues. I turned around, moving on with my life in the process. I double checked behind me just to be sure the that Black really wasn’t following me. He wasn’t, which was a good thing no doubt. I joined Patrice and Remus in a conversation about why they liked last year’s quidditch coach. Remus thought he was a great coach, or rather, quidditch teacher while Patrice thought he was a great snog, which explains why he got fired later in the year.

My mind traveled elsewhere while the two talked about the old professor, but was then distracted from my own thoughts as I felt two rough hands on my shoulders. A breath lingered on my neck, “I was serious earlier.” I felt a shiver go down my spine and turned around immediately placing a disgusted look on my face.

“First of all: I already bloody well knew that you were Sirius earlier,” this comment was for my own pleasure, “Second of all: I tried to ignore that idiotic comment you made about my quote on quote ‘back side,’ but for you to come over here and treat me like you treat those birds at school is extremely insulting.” I hadn’t quite realized how loud I was until I caught a glimpse at James, Lily, Katy and Peter staring. That probably meant that the two behind me were staring at me as well, not mention the parents’ attentions had more than likely been caught.

“I was just stating a fact Stenson, nothing more,” he said, throwing up his hands in surrender.

“Oh-ha-hoh,” I said as a sarcastic laugh, “I’m sure you were, but the fact that you come up behind me giving me absolutely no personal space isn’t going to work for me. I’m not one of those barmy girls your always around who will do anything to have a shag with you.”

“Never said you were,” he said, “You looked really good. I couldn’t resist.” After that flattering―if I do say so myself―statement, I slapped him. What girl wouldn’t? He placed his hand his newly red cheek and grinned, “Now, I know you can do better than that.”

Without thinking, I tackled the unsuspecting boy in front of me, lacking any common sense what-so-ever. It was apparent that I’d forgotten how little the two of us had on as I pushed his chest and abdominals as far under the water I could, not quite realizing that my legs were flapping around in the air making me look like a complete airhead. I’m sure it probably looked like I was doing that weird muggle sport called Sync-Swim-Carbonized…I mean Sink-the rise swimming…actually, I mean Synchronized swimming. Yeah, that’s the one.

In my haste to murder him, he grabbed my wrist and pulled me up. My lips turned downwards when I surfaced and heard nothing but laughter because of my behavior. Mum was the loudest one of them all. I was oblivious to the circumstance I was in now because I was too busy glaring at the people who said they loved me. Though, I assure you, if I’d realized that my hands were lightly touching Black’s chest and being held there by his hands, then I would have done something. If I realized that my elbows were stiff from the rage and tension I was feeling and were holding me even closer to the culprit that I happened to hate, I would’ve gotten myself out of this position. Though instead, I was glaring at everyone around me, except Black, because they were laughing at me.

(I’d like you all to know right now that this is not one of those cheesy moments in stories when Sirius Black and I would realize that we were endlessly in love. That a thin line between love and hate had been crossed and he confesses his undying love for me and I confess to him. We do not grasp each other’s lips in a passionate kiss. Nor is it a situation where I blush a deep scarlet, he notices and brushes an extra strand of hair out of my face. No, no, this is another one of our moments.)

I turned my head towards Black only to find him inches away from my face with a cocky grin in place. I was almost positive that I was as red as a tomato, but that wasn’t my main concern. My main concern was getting my leg to go through the water fast enough to hit him in the groin. Of course, that moment never came seeing as he realized what I was doing and backed off in order to protect his manly pieces.

I smile triumphantly and moved away from him through the water. “Could you please control your friend Potter?!” I heard Lily yell. She wasn’t entirely happy with episode that just occurred and poor James had to suffer because of it.

“Wait, Sirius didn’t do anything! She was the one that lunged at him!” James responded, a tad bit aggravated that Lily was yelling at him of all people for my actions.

Lily scoffed, “Oh, don’t try to blame your own bloody cousin. If it weren’t for your terrible influence on the boy, then he wouldn’t be this way at all. You’ve trained him to make idiotic comments and because of that, Kathleen got angry. So in other words, this entire thing is your entire fault.”

“Whoa, I’ve hardly influenced him at all,” James told her, “If anything, he’s the one that been influencing me. If Padfoot and I weren’t best mates, then I wouldn’t know how to flirt and I wouldn’t bother with you,” a stupid remark to make, but a true one. If Black hadn’t been a natural flirt, then there would be less of a reason for so many girls to want him in the school. It’s clear that he passed that trait onto James after years of being friends. I’m pretty sure one of Black’s original lines that he gave to James was, ‘I’ve lost my fireplace, can I go through your?’ Yes, quite….odd and perverted.

“Wha-What?” Lily stuttered, she dismissed her though, “I don’t know why I even bother.” She walked away briskly in her fury.

“Wait!” she stopped and turned around, “Will you go out with me Flower?” The most terrible thing for James to ever ask at the end of a, though rather short, argument.

She immediately advanced on James, her cheeks matching her hair color and her eyes blazing with anger. James’s expression completely changed from confidence to fear, “How many times have I told you to stop asking me out?! How many times have I told you not to call me Flower?!” she yelled, “How many times have I told you that I’m not a bloody flower?! I’m Lily, Lily Evans!

“I’ve told you ‘no’ over and over again and you still don’t listen to me! Not to mention, every time I give you some sort of example as to when I could possibly say yes such as:
‘When pigs fly’ or ‘When the oceans dry’ and my personal favorite, ‘When you’re not as arrogant.’ All of which will never happen!” James flinched slightly, “Why won’t you get that I absolutely despise you?! You’re a jerk and I will never say yes to your idiotic attempts to getting me to go out with you! So move on.” Lily turned away and continued on her way to my house. James was staring after her sadly with a hint of longing.

It was pretty clear that those words hit the boy hard. Lily never yelled at him like that, and she yelled at him plenty of times. I stood in front of him and he looked down at me with sad eyes. I tried to give him a comforting smile and wrapped my arms around his neck. He hugged me around the waste tight and dug his head into my shoulder. I whispered into his ear, “She’ll give in. I promise.”

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Chapter 4: Road Again
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Strange how my room seemed to be the sanctuary that one goes to when they need to recover from some encounter. It’s as if its messiness is almost comforting to one who is not used to it, and to me as well since it’s my home. I ran into my room, slamming the door shut behind me. My eyes scanned the room until they landed on a bump under the covers of my bed. My hazel eyes narrowed as I advanced on it. I stopped at the edge of the bed and said, “You are so insensitive. I mean, did you really have to hurt the boy’s feelings like that? Are you that cruel?” she did nothing, “You know, because of you, he’s going to be moping around like a sick puppy. Oh, but I forgot. That’s your number one goal in life: to make him suffer.”

Lily’s eyes surfaced from beneath the sheets and looked at me sadly, “Why do you have to be so cold to him? All he wants you to do is like him.” I then noticed her puffy red eyes and slightly blotchy face. She was crying, which was obviously a big surprise. It’s rare to see Lily cry, especially about such trivial things. She usually hid these sorts of emotions until she was in the comfort of the bathroom. It’d been a while since she’d actually cried in front of me. In fact, the last time was in third year. I was fixing up her hair while I was chewing gum when it just sort of fell out of my mouth. When she realized what occurred, you would have thought her mum had died with the amount of crying she’d done. Madame Pomfrey got it out without any problems afterwards though.

I sighed and sat down besides her. She turned her back to me and stroked her hair lightly as she sniffled and cried, “I-I just don’t know – know why he has to be - be such an id-idiot.” Her voice resembled that of a broken violin with sniffles interrupting her though several time, “Why does he-h-he have to be so persistent?”

“Since when are marauders not persistent and annoying. Even Remus has his moments when it comes chocolate,” I told her, “It’s just the marauder way.” That wasn’t the only example of how Remus could possibly annoy us both. Once a month, he makes up some excuse on the reason he has to leave school for a day, the most frequent being that his grandmother is in St. Mungos and he needs to visit her for support. Which is understandable, but we realized that one month he said she died and then two months later he said she was still sick. My friends and I chose not to say anything to him thinking that it’s really none of our business.

“Yeah, I guess―“ we heard footsteps coming up the stairs. Lily immediately ducked her head under the covers and made a low snoring sound to seem like she was sleeping. It sounded pretty realistic and could have easily fooled me.

The door creaked open, I quickly ran into the bathroom to make it seem like I’d been busy. I was afraid that I’d be James looking for more comfort; I really didn’t want to see his sad face. I stared in the mirror at myself, running the ‘It’s-Not-Your-Fault’ speech through my head. I was interrupted though, “Is that Lily?” I looked over at Remus, relieved that it wasn’t James. Remus was giving me a half-hearted smile and I returned it.

“Yeah, I told her sleeping is probably best at the moment,” I said, “It helps you relieve the stress, anger, or whatever else you’ve got going on.”

I moved over to the bed and sat on the empty space next to Lily. Remus shifted the weight on the mattress once again when he sat next to me, “So, is everyone back yet?”

“Sirius, James, and Patrice are still at the beach,” he told me, “Their comforting James since he was still a little, you know, shaken up.”

“Yeah. What about the rest?”

“They’re all heading back. Mr. Potter and your dad are going to make dinner,” he answered then looked at Lily, “You know, James really does like Lily.”

I nodded, “Yeah, I know.”

“I mean, I know she despises him. I also know how she hates to admit that he really is infatuated with her, but she can’t deny that it’s true.”

I began chuckling at the fact that Lily could hear every word of this conversation and if Remus were paying attention, he would know that. For Lily’s snoring had become inconsistent from being distracted and too into the topic of discussion. When she did remember that she was ‘sleeping’ she would erupt in a loud snort then continue on with a regular pattern of low, quiet snoring.

Remus gave me an odd look, so I cleared my throat and said, “I don’t think she despises him so much as he just gets on her nerves. To be honest, I think they’re going to end up together by the end of the year.”

Lily let out a loud, pig-like snort, or snore rather, which caused Remus to jump off the bed in utter surprise. He looked at Lily’s lump strangely, “She must be having a fantastic dream,” he looked at me then back at her, “Or maybe she’s awake and listening to us. That would explain her weird snoring. I never really pictured her as a snorer anyway.”

“No, she’s just a very deep sleeper and makes tons of noise at night. That’s why I gave her, her own room,” I lied easily. Besides, pretending she was asleep and talking about her was just too fun, seeing as she could hear every word.

“Oh, well that’s good to know,” he said. I nodded as silence fell over us both. It’s moments like these that I wished I had an essay to write so Remus and I could converse with one another more easily. That’s not the case though and now that this short conversation was over, there was nothing more to say. We had little in common and he had too many secrets for me to try and find out what was happening in his personal life. Since I don’t ask him, he doesn’t ask me and we both care little about what’s going in everyone else’s life except friends and family. So there’s really very little we have to talk about, “Well, I guess I’ll be off then. See if James is feeling better.”

“Yeah, they should be on their way by now,” checking my wrist watch and seeing that it was almost 6 PM.

“Yeah, see you at dinner then,” he told me. I nodded and watched him exit the room.

Lily emerged from beneath the sheets and took in a breath of ‘fresh’ air. I smiled at her, “Well, the good news is that you have more than Katy, Patrice, James and me confirming that he really does like you. The bad news is it’s highly unlikely he’ll change his attitude because of that.”

She snorted in a very un-lady-like way, “As if I didn’t I already know that.”

“You might not have. You tend to be a bit slower at processing these kinds of things.” Lily hit my shoulder playfully and left the room to get ready for dinner.

With dinner brought painful news. School was starting in less than two weeks, which could be interpreted as good or bad, but none the less, it was happening. We would be going in as adults and no longer as underage witches and wizards. So all eight teenagers in the room got a lecture on what it is to be a responsible, well minded adult. I’m pretty sure that my mind blocked out at least three-fourths of what they all said.

What did catch my attention was one of the last things they told us. Possibly the worst news ever heard of or even seen in the face of the world. I would be stuck with seven other immature ‘adults’ in a small ministry car for…well who the bloody hell knows how long. The point is, I will be in a tiny car made for, at most, five and it will be fitting in nine.

Apparently, my lovely aunt and uncle had been planning to go to Italy for some work related stuff. Well, actually, I think Harold was just going for the chance at having a vacation, but still, they were both going. Therefore, they wouldn’t have a chance to take their own son and friends.

What’s odd though, since we are all of age, why couldn’t we just apparate to King’s Cross Station? Simple, mum is worried we might get splinched. The reason was understandable of course. A mum has a right to worried about that sort of thing occurring to their child. Besides, it’s quite clear she doesn’t want to let go of any of us quite yet. Anyways, she might never see us again when we leave Hogwarts since we’ll be so happy to be completely free.

“So, let me get this right Mrs. And Mr. Stenson,” Lily started, “You will have us all sit in this tiny vehicle for four hours just because you won’t allow us to apparate?”

Mum attempted to look like someone thinking and finally said, “Precisely.”

Lily continued to complain about the situation for the next two weeks after that, causing us to get in continual fights. She kept blaming me for all of this, while I kept telling her that it’s clearly not my fault. Yet, it seemed that she couldn’t handle the fact that the parents did this to us and that it’s technically her fault. She could have easily gone home at some point during the last two weeks and had her own parents take her. Yet she decided that she would live with us for five weeks and then complain about it the last two.

I wasn’t helping either. I consistently yelled at Lily for the way she hurt my cousin every time I received a letter from the boy. I realized that they didn’t get along but he’s my own flesh and blood, therefore I don’t really appreciate having him criticized in front of me. This type of situation occurred daily in the privacy of the dorm rooms at school where most people just got used to our idiotic arguments, sort of. Katy and Patrice learned to just sleep through them and when they’d wake up, everything would be okay and we could all continue on with our merry little lives.

This argument seemed to bake the cake though. Not to mention I had two other friends at my home that seemed to find my case logical compared to Lily’s. They were the people that stopped Lily’s seemingly endless blaming game with me by saying, “Honestly Lily, are you out of your mind?” The answer was obvious so no one needed to respond. Therefore, no one did. Katy and Patrice began to lecture Lily on when to blame a person about something and when not to. That’s when I left the room to put me luggage in the trunk.

I looked into the car through the window only to see that it looked much bigger inside than outside. Not big enough though, or at least, not for eight almost full grown boys and girls and a mum. This isn’t even our car, it’s the Ministry of Magic’s. Author Weasley’s ministry vehicle that is.

The Potter’s and the Weasley’s have been friends for centuries apparently, seeing as both were of pureblood ancestry. The Potter’s generally had dark brown or raven black hair while the Weasley’s had a contrasting vibrant red color. Arthur didn’t differ from any of the rest of his family, not to mention the woman he recently married had the same hair color as him. They’ve just created the destiny of having many redheaded children. Arthur and Molly Prewett-Weasley were both extremely kindhearted and young, at a ripe age of twenty-four. Arthur recently began working with Ministry of Magic in the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Department. It’s quite understandable why he began working in the department; he had an odd obsession with muggle items. It’s no wonder he’d rather drive in the charmed muggle vehicle rather than apparate. He probably likes playing around with the buttons and compartments.

“Mum!” I screeched, “Is it really necessary that we all take this piece of rubbish to the station?!”

“Would you rather be splinched and me never see you again, or would you rather me take you to King’s Cross safely with absolutely no injuries!” she yelled back rhetorically.

“Are we at least going to fly the car then?!”

“Of course not! That’s a waste of gas darling! You do know that the muggles have recently had a terrible increase in price of that blasted stuff! I think it might almost be twenty-five pence now in muggle currency!”

“So we are going to take a four hour drive all the way to―I mean―gah!”

“Not to mention if the invisibility booster broke while we were in mid-air, I’d have a fine to pay and I’m not made of money, ‘specially not muggle money!” she yelled as she walked out of the house with food following behind her. She’d apparently cast the ‘locomotor’ spell in order to carry the snacks behind her.

“Anyways,” she said then yelled, “Everyone! Get your arses down here! It’s time to go!” Mum looked at me, “Now, in you go.” She pushed me through the open car door and I slid down the long cushion that was the car seat.

“Tell me again why I can’t sit in the front?” I asked.

“First of all, this is the first time I’m telling you. Second of all, it’s rude to not allow the guest the honor of having shotgun.”

I turned my head towards the window, “Whatever.” My mind immediately began looking at the houses across the street and next door in curiosity. The homes weren’t placed very close to each other; in fact they had about five feet of space in-between. The lawns looked as if they were miles long, when really they were only twenty-five yards. To add to that, the entrance doors looked elegant and wooden, hence they were made of wood. It was sort of entrancing. Compared to our neighbors, our house looked like a trailer home, when it really wasn’t.

“Shotgun!” I loud low toned squeal erupted. The front passenger side door opened where I saw Peter hop into the front seat with a cheesy grin plastered on his chubby face. I glared at the back of his head paying no mind to anyone else entering the car. I became distracted when my hips became squished between a person next to me and the door. I locked the door just incase I accidentally pressed the handle. I ignored the other teenagers entering that car once again and went off into my own world of staring at the neighbor’s home.

I looked at the transparent reflection of everyone around me. I was able to tell apart the pants of a male sitting next to me who was wearing baggy jeans. That hint didn’t narrow it down since the marauders were known to not wear the tight pants like many boys did. They didn’t want to follow the trends, especially not the bright-colored latex that is extremely tight, even to a girl’s standards. (I don’t think it’s very fashionable either. I mean, we already have the big hair thing working, let’s not go too far with it.)

“Getting a nice view, aye Stenson?” someone asked me. My head snapped around to glare at Sirius Black with all of my might. I wasn’t sure I would be able to get through this ride with him next to me. It would be a miracle if I could.

“Mum!” I whined. I moved my body forward, closer to the driver’s seat to emphasize my whining, “Can I please apparate to the station? I’m very willing to wait four hours for everyone to arrive, just as long as I don’t have to suffer the entire time.

I made eye contact with her narrowed eyes through the rearview mirror which made me shut my mouth immediately. I couple minutes later, I realized that I was having trouble inhaling and exhaling to due the fact that I was squished between an almost full-grown teenager and a door. I had two options, I could move my lower body, then sit down on one of Black’s legs so I would be able to breather or I could leave myself where I am and suffocate, “Peter?” he turned around, “Could I switch seats with you?”

My eyes watched Peter’s as they moved back and forth between Sirius and me. When he did make eye contact with me, he had the smallest smirk on his lips, “Nope.”

I’m pretty sure that my jaw hit the floor after he said this and if it wasn’t, it was pretty close. Peter must have the imperius curse placed on him because the little mouse like boy usually gives me what I want. Either that or he wants to kill me slowly by making me suffer for the entire car ride as I sit here, unable to breath and not really wanting to give Black the pleasure of straddling him with my bottom.

My hazel orbs desperately scanned the car for another escape but only found two. I could switch seats with either Patrice or Katy. Of course, James and Lily would be the best people to switch with, but I didn’t want to ruin the fact that they hadn’t argued at all since James’ last visit, “Patrice? Katy? Could we trade seats? It’s hard to breath right over here and you two are smaller than me.”

The two girls exchanged looks with one another, and then looked around the car. Patrice smiled, “You know, I think I like my seat…a lot

“Yep, me too. It’s quite―oh, I don’t know―comfy?” Katy said grinning at Patrice who nodded enthusiastically.

I frowned at the two girls who I’d been hoping had a decent heart, “You guys suck.” I leaned back in my chair and crossed my arms in a child like manner with my ‘pouting’ face in place. “So, why exactly won’t any of you change seats with me?”

No one actually answered me, it was a lot of muffled excuses with a few giggles on the side, but nothing that would actually help me.

I now had to decide whether I’d like to suffocate or damage my pride in order to survive this trip. This was probably one of the toughest decisions I’ve ever made in my entire life. If I decided to suffocate, then I wouldn’t ever see my family or Hogwarts again; if I decided to survive this ride, then I’d have to suffer the entire time by giving the most perverted guy in the entire school what he wants. Unfortunately, I don’t think I really had a choice.

I began wiggling my bottom around in an attempt to remove it from my squished state. When I did manage to escape, I tried to place my bum on the small arm rest, but I kept slipping off. 

Black gave me a look, “What’re you doing Stenson?” He was clearly being entertained my goal at the moment. I glared at his smirking face and continued trying to get my arse on the rest.

“Isn’t it obvious? Trying to get comfortable.” Black never took the smirk off his face while his eyes danced with amusement, “Do you think this is funny Black? Because it’s not.”

“Of course it is,” he laughing in his barking manner, “Your trying to get comfortable on something that’s not when I’m,” he patted his left leg, “right here.”

I contorted my face into a scowl at the thought, at least until I thought of a brilliant idea. Since the car hadn’t begun moving yet, I pulled up the lock and opened the door. I immediately jumped out, closing the door behind me then ran to the other side of the car. I pulled open the door and jumped over Lily, James and Katy so I could sit in between the two girls that’d declined my switch earlier.

“Well, someone just put a ton of effort into looking like a dork,” Katy pointed out, “Kathleen, you could have easily pushed Peter out of shotgun instead of pushing past us and showing us your arse.”

I turned my head to Peter sharply, he was staring out the window aimlessly with a glazed over stare. “Nice job Stenson,” Black said to me, “You really are bright, huh?”

“Of course I am Black, how else do you think I got all Os on my O.W.Ls?” I retorted.

His eyebrows raised, “Are you sure they didn’t make a mistake?”

“Yes, I do, unlike some people; I don’t slack off in class.” He said something back to me, but I ignored him, or at least tried to. Every word he was saying to me was registering in my mind and I was growing angrier by the second. I tried to focus on the thought that mum had started driving about five minutes ago, but that didn’t help. I finally came to the conclusion that to efficiently tune Black out, I had to go to sleep. Sleep allows you to escape from the evils of reality and that is exactly what I wanted at the time. So I placed my head on the back of the seat drifted off into my own world.

My mind was a bit frazzled when I finally awoke from my long nap. I removed myself from my pillow ever so slightly and looked for the time, with no success. It didn’t take me long to figure out what had actually awoken me as my eyes landed on Lily who was trying to hide the fact that she’d been giggling, “What’s so funny?” I asked with a raspy voice.

Katy cleared her voice, “Nothing.” She looked at Lily. I watched as grins appeared on their faces, they tried to contain their laughter, but with little success.

I came to the conclusion that it was nothing and laid my head back on the seat. Or at least, that’s what I thought I was laying on, until it started to wiggle slightly. I immediately sat up. When I turned myself around, I saw that the wiggler was Black. He was sleeping with his head back, his torso slumped, and his mouth wide open. I jumped out of my seat, which made me to hit my head on the roof of the car. The bang on the roof caused Black to jerk out of his, more than likely, pleasant sleep. He looked around the car in somewhat of a daze until he found me nursing my head and glaring at him at the same time. His questioning stare told me that he had no idea what just happened, that he had nothing to do with the fact that I was lying, although comfortably, in his lap asleep.

“What the bloody hell is wrong with you?” he asked then started rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, “I mean, honestly, what were you doing?”

“I was panicking because I found myself in a different spot when I woke up,” I stated, “Somehow, I managed to be in your lap when I woke up. How is that Black? I highly doubt that I pushed everyone in-between us aside just to lie on top of you.”

I knew I couldn’t have and I also knew that Black wasn’t the reason I was where I was when I woke up. It was more fun to blame him though. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, you were never lying on top of me. Though I wouldn’t mind if you did.”

I scowled the biggest scowl that I could possibly muster, “You’re such a guy.”

“That’s good, I was worrying I might’ve been a girl,” he retorted smoothly, “Anyways, could someone else explain to me what’s going on?”

Remus leaned in from behind Black and whispered something in his ears. As Remus spoke, Black’s mouth formed an ‘O’ as if he were just understanding the situation. “I’d like to know what’s going myself,” I said. No one listened to me though, but instead kept their stupid grins on their face.

“You know love, I’m surprised you were upset finding yourself in my lap was so upsetting. What girl wouldn’t want to wake up there?”

“I wouldn’t,” I said, along with Lily (“Not me”) and Katy (“In 10 years maybe”). Patrice didn’t bother to even reply to that comment seeing as she finds herself in that position with him quite often at school. I didn’t quite understand Katy’s statement, but wasn’t in the mood to press the subject, besides didn’t really care enough to bring it up later, “I’d much rather find myself in Peter’s lap than yours.” I glanced at Peter who was knocked out on the front seat with a string of drool hanging from his face. I grimaced.

“Oy, Patrice,” Black said loudly, “How do you feel about finding yourself in my lap?”

Patrice shrugged, “I don’t really care to join this conversation Sirius,” she placed her flirtatious smile on her face, “We could talk about this later if you’d like.”

“Oh, please don’t start flirting right above my head,” Lily said in an agitated tone, “I don’t want to be involved in your nasty conversations.” I exaggerated my nodding showing that I completely agreed with Lily and didn’t want to be involved in this topic of discussion.

“Sorry,” Patrice said not taking her eyes away from Black’s.

“Oh come on Stenson, you know you’d rather be Patrice than yourself,” Black said.

“Actually, I wouldn’t. I like myself perfectly fine. I just don’t like you,” I said. I turned my gaze to the rearview mirror where I came in eye contact with my mum. She looked as if she were trying to hold in her laughter with little success, as if the whole situation was extremely funny, “Mum, please go back to looking at the road.”

I turned around in the seat and faced the front of the car after deciding it was probably best if I paid no attention to the teenagers in the car. It wasn’t long until I spotted the sign on the highway that said ”King’s Cross Station: Exit 2 Miles Away.” I smiled slightly at the thought of the ride being almost over. It was definitely about time.

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Chapter 5: Chaos Express
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The remaining two miles in the car was awkward. I sat on the side of my thighs, trying to sit as far away from Sirius as I possibly could, while also trying to avoid the culprits of this unfortunate event. It felt like ages before we actually arrived at our destination. I scrambled out of the car, managing to move past everyone in a quite an ungraceful way. I practically tripped over James as he was trying to get out himself. I sprinted to the trunk and pried that old piece of junk open. I pulled out several other people’s bags in order to get to mine which was conveniently at the back of the trunk. I also grabbed my owl’s cage, remembering that she would be in the dormitory tonight like I told her to. I stepped over the luggage that now lay on the pavement and walked away briskly.

“What’s the rush Stenson?” I heard from somewhere behind me. I didn’t turn to answer for I was not really in the mood to deal with Black anymore that weekend. I could feel the stares of my ‘friends’ on the back of my neck as I moved away from them. I’m sure some of them looked like they were about to burst out in laughter, others probably looked shocked and maybe appalled that I was associated with them.

I realized something and stopped abruptly. I dropped my bags and owl cage almost forgetting a very important thing. I wasn’t going to see my parents for four months, I obviously had to say goodbye. I jogged over to mum who already had tears in her eyes, “You know, after seven years of doing this, you’d think I’d be used to it.” The breath from her small, sad chuckles tickled my ear, “I almost thought you were just going to leave without saying goodbye.”

“Of course not mum, I love you guys. ‘Sides, I’m not going to see you for, like, four months. I can’t just not say ‘bye.’” I told her. She nodded, “I have to go mum.” She let go of me reluctantly and I moved on to daddy. (Who apparated over to the station with Harold just say their goodbyes before heading off to work―mum didn’t have to be at work until afternoon)

He leaned down to hug me then pushed me out to arms length, “I say this every time your mum and I drop you off here and I’m going to say it again,” he started. I began saying the words with him, now having memorized it from hearing it so often, “Don’t have sex, drink too much alcohol―because I know you will and I have no power to stop it―lose a quidditch match, or talk to strange, sex denied boys.” I laughed after saying this with him, “Glad to know I’ve imprinted this in yeh’ head.”

“I’m sure you have daddy,” we looked at each other for a long time my eyes glistening with tears that wanted to be shed. I jumped on him again giving him another hug, “I’m gonna miss you daddy.”

“I’m going to miss you too poopy.”

“Oh Merlin, you haven’t called me that in so long. Please don’t start up again,” I said aggravated.

“I can’t promise you that. You’ve got to go though, so be off on your way. Your friends are still getting their things together and if you want to avoid them like I know you do, then you should get a move on.”

“Right,” I walked away backwards and yelled at the top of my lungs, “I love you mum and dad! I’ll miss you!” They waved back, mum blowing random kisses at me. I caught the invisible kisses with my hands than placed them in my mouth. It was a thing we always did…I turned around and grabbed my luggage for a second time then I continued my fast paced walk through the station.

I began feeling self conscious as I walked through the building. Muggles were looking at me oddly as if I didn’t fit in. I didn’t of course; I was a pureblood witch in a station full of muggles dressed in strange clothes. Well actually, they weren’t strange at all; in fact Lily told me I had the ‘muggle style’ down. She told me that as long as I wear jeans, I should be fine. I did, especially the bell bottoms, since those seemed to be the ‘thing’ right now. I fit in like a charm. Then again, today I just wanted to be comfy, so I threw on one of James’ boxers from his suitcase and a nasty one of his shirts along with flip flops. I must have looked like a young beggar looking for a home.

I looked behind me to see what the others were doing only to find the guys and girls acting like complete imbeciles. I’m exaggerating a bit, but still…they were being very conspicuous. I spotted Lily and Katy talking to each other in low voices, laughing or giggling every once in a while. Sometimes, one of them would look up at me and then nod dramatically before turning to the other in an excited manner. They were making it blatantly obvious that I was being talked about. It’s better to be talked about then not noticed at all of course, but they could be a little less obvious about it.

I ignored their behavior and continued on my way to Platform 9 ¾. When Platform 9 and 10 came into my vision a grin broke out onto my face and I sped my walk up just a bit. Usually, I would have already started running towards the platforms because I was so excited. This year wasn’t the same as the previous years going to Hogwarts. It was somewhat strange seeing as I was both dreading and thrilled for our final year at the school. This year, we graduate and are officially on our own, but then we will never be able to come to Hogwarts again except for the occasional visits with the headmaster.

I sucked in a breath and began running towards the platform, mentally preparing my body for the sensation of running through a wall. It seemed like no time had passed by when I emerged from the other side of the barrier and straight into someone’s back. The person turned around trying to seem nonchalant, but didn’t quite pass it off. I recognized the boy as Conner (the last name seems to have slipped my mind) who was an ex-boyfriend of mine (not the same ex I mentioned earlier in the story). Conner was a bit dimwitted and also another relationship James tried to make work. It didn’t obviously. “Oh, sorry about that Conner.” I grimaced slightly when his name escaped my lips.

Conner was a good guy, even if he was a bit daft when it came to common sense things (like not standing in front of the barrier), and if he ever learned to stop talking about nothing. Our relationship would have been over two weeks earlier if he’d shut up long enough for me to break it off with him. I finally just sent a letter to him saying that we were through.

“S’okay Kat!” he greeted me. Most people don’t give me or call me by nicknames and when they do, it usually sounds somewhat like my name, like ‘Kathie’. Kat is a really stupid nickname though, because it sounds nothing like my actual name. Sure their first three letters are the same, but that doesn’t change anything, “How was your summer?”

“It was fine Conner…look I have to go. Talk to you later though?” he nodded and I walked off to a spot in which the Hogwarts Express was in front of me. The ride to Hogwarts always proved to be eventful and never boring. There were new first years (as well as the occasional new student) and friends one hadn’t seen in what felt like a lifetime. Unfortunately, when my ‘clique’ does get some time to relax and be by ourselves, the marauders come barging in. Not only that, but Patrice’s new playmate for the week will stop by for a nice snog, resulting in the two of them getting kicked out of the compartment.

I walked onto the train and went into my claimed compartment. No one else had dared sit in it since our first year at Hogwarts. I put my luggage away and sat down. I then realized that it would only be Patrice and me for the first hour and a half of the train ride. Nothing new about that of course seeing as Lily and Katy had been prefects since fifth year, but it was still strange. Not to mention this year, Lily is Head Girl, so she’ll have to go straight to the Head’s Compartment. At least Katy gets to stop by for a short visit before she heads off for the prefect meeting and her rounds around the train.

As long as Patrice and I don’t get any unwanted visitors or boyfriends stopping by for a ‘quick’ hello, everything’ll be fine. Every once in a while, some kid would stop by the compartment (knowing which one Lily, Katy, Patrice, and I always sat in) and talk about our summers. Most of them were second through fourth years that I barely even remembered, but I didn’t want to be rude. I bet most of the ones that stop by look up to me; I’m probably a major role model.

Being looked up to is great and all, but being visited by some of the older teenagers in school is a bit more fun. It’s easier to use slang or simply relax around them. Of course, they don’t usually stop by until after the prefects have done their rounds.

I got a book out of my suitcase, lied down on the seat, and began reading it:

All she could do was stand in the middle of the hallway of the museum. The paintings were beautiful; she’d never been so entranced by some simple scribbling on paper. For once in her life she was. The emotion portrayed in the image was so vivid that she just couldn’t tear her eyes away. She managed to forget everything, including her boyfriend. She doubted he’d ever come back from the war. It’d already been two years, and in that period of time she received four letters.

Melissa was finally able to pull her teary eyes away from the paintings in order to look around the room. She had a sneaking suspicion that she was being watched. Every now and then, she’d touch the back of her neck where she felt the eyes watching her. She felt a rough hand tap one of her broad shoulders. She let out a small squeal and turned around immediately. What she saw was something she wasn’t expecting in the least. Tears managed to escape into the atmosphere as she began grinning at the sight in front of her.

“Damion!” she screeched, jumping on him then wrapping her legs around his torso with her arms already around his neck in an embrace. He laughed and returned the hug, spinning her around while doing so, “God, I’ve missed you so much!”

“I know baby, I’m back now,” he said. He leaned in for a kiss but she placed her hand in front of his lips blocking his path.

“Why did you stop writing?” Damion opened and closed his mouth in thought. It felt like he’d done that for an eternity before she said, “I thought you were dead Damion. You had me worrying so much; I almost gave up on you. It doesn’t matter though. How did you even find me?”

“Your mama told me you came down here today,” he replied. He pulled her as close as he could in another embrace, “I’m just happy you waited for me. That’s all that matters.” He set her down on the floor and stared deep into her eyes.

He watched their faces get closer to one another’s. Every once in a while, he saw her eyes glance down at his lips, “Of course,” she whispered before closing the gap between the two of them. They--

“Hey Kathleen!” Patrice greeted me as she skipped into the compartment. I smiled at her in return, “You were in quite the rush back there.”

“Yeah, I was. I needed to be away from some specific people, including you,” I told her.

“Oh really, that’s interesting,” she put her luggage away and sat across from me, “So, when I came through the barrier, guess who I saw?”


“Conner,” I rolled my eyes, “Yeah, I know. He was staring at you like a dog; it was kind of disgusting actually. In fact, I think I even saw a little drool slip out of his mouth.”

“Oh…ew.” Patrice nodded.

“So, I went up and asked him if he was still crushing on you. He said,” she changed her pitch to one that was supposed to sound like a guy, failing miserably in the process, “’Yeah, can you get us together. I really like her.’”

I sat up at this statement, “I hope you told him no.”

“Yeah, I gave him a pretty clear message that you weren’t interested. Don’t think he’ll be trying anything at any point.”

“Good, because if you didn’t, I’d definitely be sent to Azkaban right now for your murder.”

“Lovely,” she said sarcastically. Silence engulfed us until Patrice made a spastic movement, “Guess what I found out today!”

“What?" I was expecting to hear about some boy she met on her way to the Express, probably a muggle. For some strange reason, Patrice found them to be alluring. Maybe it was the fact they knew nothing about her in anyway and she knew nothing about them. They didn't know she could do magic therefore she could perform small spells to capture their interest. I’m pretty sure that muggles even so much as got her attention is because their world is technically advanced.

"You'll never believe who the new Head Boy is!" she stated excitedly again.

"Is it one of your ex-boyfriends?" Patrice shook her head no, "Oh...well who is it then?"

"You probably know him better than all the female population in Hogwarts."

I snorted, "Oh, I highly doubt that. Not to mention that still gives me almost no information."

"I promise that you know him very well. You more than likely know things that I would never want to know about the guy. Like if he wears boxers or briefs."

"Really? So, who is the Head Boy then, since I apparently know him so well?"

Patrice let out a deep breath and said, "James."

I jumped out of my seat immediately with my eyes wide in shock. That couldn't possibly be true, "If you slowed down a bit outside and listened to James and Lily's row about it, you would know," Patrice continued to say, "In fact, the two are still arguing in the Head's Compartment right now."

At that moment, Katy came into the compartment and placed her stuff next to mine before having a seat next to Patrice, "I guess you told her, aye?" Patrice nodded at her and turned her head towards me, Katy did the same, "You should have seen it Kathleen. Lily's reaction was priceless when James showed her his badge. She grabbed it and started examining it like it was some sort of rare ruby then when she realized it was the real deal, you could almost see the steam coming out of her ears."

"Yeah," Patrice chuckled, "Then she threw it at James and hit him square on the forehead before running off. Those badges are apparently heavy too, so James has a beautiful purple and red bump on his head now."

"I missed all of this?" I asked in a slightly depressed tone, "It doesn't sound like their biggest row ever, so I guess it's no big deal."

"All I'm worried about is Professor Dumbledore. I think Lily might go up to his office and personally murder him and the other faculty for choosing him as the Head Boy," Katy said.

"Oh, yeah...What was the Professor thinking. I highly doubt that James was the perfect candidate for the job."

"He probably had some other reasons for giving him that badge," said the logical Patrice.

My lips pulled themselves up at the thought of the upcoming year, "What are you smiling about Kathleen?" Patrice asked.

"Just thinking about how interesting our final year at Hogwarts is gonna be."

Katy groaned, "Don't remind me. The year might be interesting, but it'll be long. Why they decide to give the NEWTs in 7th year instead of sixth is beyond me. I mean for Merlin's sake, it's our last year at Hogwarts. I'm sure they'd rather us enjoy it instead of cram information that we don't need in our heads to pass this pointless test."

"Oh stop complaining, it's not going to be that bad. It'll be like OWLs."

"OWLs was easy for you, I had to work for most of my As, Es and Os. Not to mention that one P I got on there. What did you get on there, all Os?"

"No actually, I got three Es. Lily's the one who got all Os."

"Well we can't all be like Lily can we?" Katy mumbled.

"Katy," Patrice started, "In case you haven't noticed, NEWTs aren't for another nine months. We have plenty of time to study for the damn thing."

I laughed slightly at this, "When did you get so logical Patrice?"

"I always have been," at that, Patrice looked down at her Witch Weekly magazine and began reading it. I couldn't really figure out what was so interesting about those magazines. They seemed rather pointless, yet most of the girls in Hogwarts found it to be captivating, so I guess my opinion didn't really matter. Patrice looked up at me, "You know, I'm not sure how I managed to survive without Hogwarts and detention for three months."

"I'm not sure either Patrice. You almost got as many as I did," I said, "How did you get so many again?"

Katy laughed, "Isn't it obvious? She was always caught in the broom cubbards with some boy that she didn't even know. Then she'd spend the detention with Sirius and get another one for doing the same thing."

"Oh, that's right. Almost forgot about your reputation." I wasn't sure how anyone could survive Black for very long without getting really pissed off. I couldn't even spend one detention with him alone and manage to not get angry. Unfortunately, I've spent many detentions with him and the other marauders. I learned that if I ignored him long enough, he'd just leave me alone. At least until the end of detention.

Patrice never said anything back to me, for she became absorbed in her magazine. Katy cleared her throat, "Anyways, I better be off to the prefect's meeting. Lily would be furious if I was late." I nodded, fully understanding what she was talking about, while Patrice simply nodded half heartedly listening to what Katy had to say.

I placed my back besides me, then leaned against the window. I stared at the scenery that passed the train by as it took us to school. I noticed things become a bit blurry and I struggled to keep my eyes open, but that became quite a challenge. It didn't take long for sleep to overcome me. It also didn't take long for my slumber to be interrupted either. There was a loud bang outside our compartment door followed by giggles from young, innocent girls. I could only imagine who might have been causing the disruption in the hall.

I took out my wand and cast a spell on myself in order to help me tune everything out, that way, I wouldn’t be awoken by such pointless things. I managed to fall asleep much faster than before and was already dreaming about nothing in less than a minute. It wasn't until I felt my legs being lifted up that I awoke ten minutes later. I immediately grabbed my wand and undid the spell I placed on myself earlier. My five senses became more sharp and distinguished. I looked towards the figure who was trying to make themselves comfortable underneath my legs to find that it was Sirius Black. Who else would come to torment me when I'm trying to sleep?

I retracted one leg then kicked him on the side of his thigh. He recoiled slightly then began caressing his now bruised leg. I laughed slightly as he glared at me, "I hardly think that that was necessary Kathleen," Patrice said.

"It was quite necessary. No one interrupts me while I'm napping," I glanced over at the guy who was still trying to nurse himself, "Especially not him."

"You could've asked him to move at least," she told me.

"Oh yeah, forgot that you didn't want me to maim your snogging buddy. Sorry," I said sarcastically. I went back to trying to sleep while one of my legs was resting on Black's lap and the other on the floor. It wasn't the most comfortable position but it would do. It seemed that today was a day to dream about nothing, for that is what I did. It also seemed like no one wanted me to sleep that train ride, for only a minute later, in came Lily barging in, followed by James.

I looked at the seat across from mine to find Peter and Patrice, sitting as far away as possible from one another, sleeping. It seems that Peter must have come in during that one minute that I'd been sleeping and decided to take a bit of a nap himself. I looked to my left and found Sirius sleeping in the position he was sitting in while he was awake. Lily tried her best to be as quiet as possible, but still get comfortable in the small compartment. She managed to get Patrice to move over a bit, so she could fit in between her and Peter. I closed my eyes again in an attempt to take another cat nap.

"Alright James, thank you for so kindly escorting me to my compartment. You can go now though," Lily said to James.

"Oh, come on Lily, you don't expect me to leave my best mate here and miss out on all the fun do you?"

Lily snorted, "In case you haven't noticed, we're the only ones who aren't knocked out in this compartment right now."

"Sounds like a fantastic slumber party if you ask me. Care to join?"

"I could care less right now Potter."

"What did you call me?" James asked, clearly amused.

"I mean James," Lily struggled not to spit out his first name.

James lifted my legs up, took a seat between Black and me then placed my legs back in their former spot. This emitted low growls from Black due to the reapplied pressure on top of him. I opened my eyes slowly and looked at the messy haired bloke next to me. He was grinning up at Lily while ruffling his hair with his hand. I could help but allow a small smile to form as I saw Lily's reaction to James' gesture.

"I thought you broke that habit James," I said groggily. He looked over at me confused but realized what I was talking about when I reached over and messed with his already disheveled hair.

He shrugged, "Guess I didn't. Don't see why it matters."

"It doesn't, I was just stating an observation," I glanced over at Lily again, she was leaning back with her eyes closed, "We've had such an exciting time in here while you were gone."

"We can see that." Peter made a strange gurgling sound as he attempted to turn over onto his side with little luck, "Katy and Remus are definitely missing out."

I looked around the compartment and noticed that Katy and Remus were indeed missing. Not that it mattered too much, the compartment was already decently filled with more people than it was meant to hold. Having the two of them would make lap sitting quite necessary, not that the guys would mind. In fact, James would have a field day if any of the girls, especially Lily, sat on his lap. Except me of course. Sirius Black and he would be making jokes left and right, perverted ones at that. So Katy and Remus not being here might've actually been a good thing.

"Out of pure curiosity, where are those two?" I asked.

"Snogging in the bathroom," James answered immediately. My mouth dropped slightly in shock, not to mention, I'm sure my eyebrows were as high as they could go. I looked over at Lily to confirm this statement from James and she simply shook her head at me. My lowered mouth rounded in an 'O,' then proceeded to close. I gave James the look that clearly meant, 'Tell-me-or-else.' He grinned at me and said, "When they were done being pre-farts for the--"

"James!" Lily hissed.

"Sorry, sorry!" he raised his arms in the air in a play surrender sort of way, "My bad! Anyways, after they finished being prefects, they apparently stopped by for a visit, but your compartment was full. Kinda like it was when Lily and I came in here earlier," I nodded, knowing that he meant when it was just the four us (Black, Patrice, Peter, and me), "They came to Lily and me later and told us they were going to sit with Alice and Frank."

I closed my eyes preparing myself to tune Lily and James out so I could get some decent shut eye. I wanted to continue the dreamless nap I was having before I was so rudely interrupted.

"You know," Lily boomed throughout the compartment. I slowly opened my eyes to see Patrice holding her heart while Peter had somehow managed to get himself on the floor, "It would be smart to get changed. We only have three more hours left on the train." I looked at James, he wasn't paying attention to Lily but rather Peter who was making an unsuccessful attempt at trying to gracefully move back onto the seat.

"Did you honestly just wake me up to tell me to go get changed?" Patrice asked with annoyance sketched all over her face.

James let out a laugh, "I believe she did Patrice, I believe she did."

"Three hours?!" Peter stated in disbelief, "That's a really long time Evans. Don't you think--"

"Yeah, that is a really long time to go get changed and sit back down in the compartment," Patrice interrupted.

I cleared my throat in order to call attention to myself, "Lily, do you honestly think that waking up a bunch of hormonal teenagers two hours before they really need to is a smart idea? Patrice, I'm sure, has lacked some of her necessary make-out sessions with pretty boys and Peter seems to have lost all capability of moving properly. The only one who has been able to ignore your nagging is Black, and who cares about him?" My mind was once again clear and my eyes wide. I was awake to the point where it would be impossible to fall asleep again. I blamed Lily for that. If she hadn't been such a damn mother, then none of this would've happened.

She opened her mouth to speak but was interrupted, for the compartment door slid open. Katy emerged into view, I stood up and walked to her. A grin was on my face as I did so, "You've come to save me!" I threw my arms around her neck, "My hero!"

"Heroine actually," Katy said as I let her go. She walked over to my former seat and sat upon it. All I could was glare open mouthed at the blonde who was supposed to rescue me from this group of strange witches and wizards. She looked at me after a while with an incredulous stare, "You gonna stand there all day?"

The frown that had formed on my lips deepened. "It's alright Kathleen," I heard from behind me, "You can always sit on the floor." I turned to the usually sensual Remus and made a mock smile as I bent down placing myself on the floor. He stepped over my legs and sat down next to me with a small smile on his lips the entire time.

"Well, anyways, could you all change now?" Lily asked the compartment once again. I watched Patrice and Peter file out of the compartment willingly, apparently giving in to Lily's fussing. The two stepped over me, though Peter accidentally stepped on one of my fingers in the process. I didn't budge an inch almost as a challenge to Lily. I looked at Black who was the only one besides me not changed into his uniform yet. I frowned. "Oh come on Kathleen! Will you go change! Unless, you would like to get up again at the end of the ride and go change in the crowded girls locker room where other girls will be hogging the sinks and mirrors in order to worry about their petty make up and hair."

I shook my had 'no' at Lily. She awoke me from my slumber in order to tell me to go change, not to mention I lost my seat because of her. There was no way I was planning to actually listen to my best friend's reasonable idea and go change. Yet, I found myself rising from my spot on the floor then turning to Black and kicking him in the shin, "Wake up arsehole." I walked out the compartment without a fuss.

“You know, those toilet rooms are really gross,” I stated as I entered the compartment for the second time that day. I noted that the boys were finally gone and took a seat in the now roomy compartment, “They should do something about that.”

“They are?” Lily asked. Here face had become red, almost matching her hair, as anger seemed to fill her by the second, “But I told James to make sure no one made a mess in there.”

“Because that makes so much sense Lily. James, a guy, can go into the girls bathroom in order to make sure there’s no mess,” Katy voiced, clearly amused, “There’s bound to be some sort of disaster if he did so.”

I nodded, “As much as I’m sure many girls would love for my cousin to walk in on them while they’re touching up their make up, or taking a dump, I don’t think James can really make sure there is nothing to tidy up in there.”

“You still want James to check on the girls now?” Lily shook her head ‘no’ and leaned back in her chair.

I smiled, “You know, you should probably go check on the bathroom now. Since it’s a mess and all.” Lily simply nodded, stood up, then left without another word.

“Oh no,” Katy said grudgingly. She pointed her index finger at Patrice, who was now sticking her tongue down some good looking guy’s throat. I made a disgusted expression and followed Katy out the compartment, “Why does she always do that?”

“I don’t know. Nor do I care. Let’s just go somewhere,” I said.

“There’s really only one place for us to go, so follow me.” Katy began walking in the direction of the compartment I always dreaded passing. It was loud and filled with idiotic hormonal guys..

“Katy, no! Come on! We can go sit with Frank and Alice!” I complained.

“They’re in there too. Visited our compartment while you were changing and said they were going to catch up with the marauders.”


Katy pulled the compartment door opened and we were greeted with various loud greetings. I reluctantly filed into the compartment behind Katy and sat on the floor next to Alice Maynard and Frank Longbottom. Alice was a round faced girl sixth year in Ravenclaw with wavy brown hair. She was pretty and had obviously caught Frank’s―a seventh year Gryffindor with big ears and brown hair―attention.

“’ello Stenson, Katy; lovely of you two to join us today,” Sirius Black said to us. I did the most mature thing I think I’ve ever done when it comes to Black: I stuck my tongue out at him and nothing else.

“Kathleen!” someone yelled in my ear. I turned to Alice and gave her a huge hug. I laid my head on her lap and fell asleep in the loud compartment until we arrive at Hogwarts.

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Chapter 6: Home is Homey
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I removed myself from the horseless carriages in a huff trying to displace myself from the marauders (Prat Princes) and Lily. I’d grown wary of them on the train and carriage ride to Hogwarts, not to mention I’d been stuck with my friends through out the whole summer almost. What made the whole trip really infuriating was the fact that many girls, most of whom will remain nameless, were stopping by at our compartment in the end with their too-short-skirts and their needs-more-buttons-blouses. The boys loved it, I on the other hand was not enjoying the fact that I could straight up the girls mini-uniform skirts to their knickers.

I pushed pass many other students, old and young, in order to make it to the Great Hall in a civilized but rushed fashion. I was one of the first people at the Gryffindor table, much to my delight―after all, I’d met my goal of trying to escape everyone―therefore I was able to pick the perfect spot. It was close to the front, but not so close that the teachers would spot me immediately if I did something not very bright. Not to mention, though this was true all around the great hall, you got a great view of Hogwarts’s enchanted ceiling of the outdoors. I was able to see how beautiful tonight was going to be as the sun began to set and a pinkish-orange hue was settling in. I was home…well, at least my second home.

“Hi Kathleen!” I looked behind me only to see an adorable third year in the house of Gryffindor. Katherine Wilson was by far my favorite second year in all of Hogwarts last year. She was sweet, short, and too cute. I secretly hoped that she looks up to me like a big sister since I snuck her in the Gryffindor common room a whole bunch last year and I helped her with the difficult simple spells during her first two year at Hogwarts.

I grinned at the little brunette, “Katherine!” I pulled her into a warm embrace, “Has your summer been good to?”

“It was okay. It got really boring near the end of it though. How about you? Did you have a good summer?”

“Mine was pretty good. It could’ve been better though.”

She laughed, “Yeah, I can understand that. I should probably get going before it’s really crowded over here.”

“Alright, you know where to find me if you need me.”

I sat in silence for a minute observing all the students reuniting with their friends. It wasn’t long until I was interrupted again though, “Kathleen!” I heard someone yell. I look in the direction of the Hufflepuff table and spotted Bella Herstia waving and smiling at me with her friends behind her. I knew her from the many classes we ended up sharing together until sixth year when she couldn’t take the more advanced courses. She often came to me during class for help with the lesson we’d just learned. She’d never understand it, so I’d have to teach to her in simpler terms. I waved at Bella in a friendly manner but quickly turned around so as to not give her the idea was she’d been invited over.

“Trying to avoid Bella are we?” Lily said besides me taking a seat.


“Well, I think she got the hint today. I almost think she’s forgotten all about you right now,” I looked over at the Hufflepuff table and she was indeed engrossed in a conversation with her friends.

“Well that’s good to know.”

I placed my head on the table and closed my eyes, hoping that I’d be able to escape the noisy bustling students that seemed to be everywhere. If one listened, they’d hear the odd squeals of delighted girls or the snide remarks of Slytherins. Sometimes one would hear the quidditch obsessed guys and girls discussing the recent games that took place over the three months of summer. I’d sometimes hear the whispering of people wishing they wouldn’t end up having any classes with someone they disliked.

“Hiya Lily!” I heard a boy greet. I took the time to lift my head up to see what youngster dared speak to seventh years, “Oh, hi to you too Kathleen!” Euan Weltshire, a third year Gryffindor who was pretty much obsessed with Lily. Not quite as obsessed as James was but he was a worthy competitor.

“Oh…erm, hello Euan,” Lily greeted awkwardly. I gave him a small smile but nothing more, “Er, how are you?” Lily should know never to ask Euan questions. I’d learned that once he starts talking, he never stops. He was like Conner, my ex, in so many ways.

“I am wonderful today, as I always am when I see your beau’iful face,” another quality Euan and James had in common, they were conceded and thought they were suave, “Of course, me dad’s job makes me in an even be’er mood since he works for the ministry and all. Though, I wasn’t doin’ as great earlier this summer when me mum had to go visit ‘er sister in Ireland, so I wasn’t able to see much of ‘er. Summer was good though,” Strange how he managed to transform the question from ‘How are you?’ to ‘How was your summer?’ That’s talent right there. “Did you know Tod is going to be coming ‘ogwarts next year? It’s too bad you won’t be able to meet ‘im, he’s a really nice brother. I’ve told ‘im so much about you, like: how pre’ey you are, how smar―“ I stopped listening to what he had to say by then, silently dismissing myself from the conversation as I turned to someone who called my name.

I looked around the great hall only to spot Alice making her way towards me, “Hey! We didn’t really get to catch up on the train.”

“I noticed that, but you were with your boyfriend so I didn’t want to interrupt terribly,” I laughed.

“Oh yeah, because laying your head on top of my lap is definitely not going to interrupt anything at all,” oh there goes my sarcastic Alice. Always with the comments.

“How’s that going anyways? You and Frank I mean.” Her facial expression immediately changed into something I’d never seen anyone wear except for mine and James’s parents, “Oh you don’t even have to answer now. Your face says it all.”

“Is it that obvious?” I nodded, “Oh, well change of subject then. How was your summer? Frank told me the marauders stopped by for a visit. Did you handle it well?”

“As best as I could. I got maple pancakes all over myself and Black, so that wasn’t too fun.”

“At least it’s not as bad as when you got coffee all over his crotch.” I burst out laughing when I heard her say that. That day had been the best one of my entire life. “Why’d you do it again?”

“The day before he got water all over my shirt so I poured Lily’s coffee all over his pants. I thought it was only fair.”

“Hardly,” I opened my mouth to say something, but she beat me to it then, “I’ll see you later Kathleen. We can finish this conversation then.”

“Fine.” I watched her go sit with the rest of her friends in Ravenclaw.

The Great Hall was filled with the sound of buzzing students by the time I turned back around. Katy and Patrice had joined Lily and I, finally. The seat next to me was not empty either which of course was to be expected. Every year since first year, the marauders and the four of us sit in the exact same spot at the big opening feast. I sit next to Lily and Black, not by choice though. In second, third, and forth year, I asked Lily to switch with me loads of times. She never did though, mainly since my cousin sat diagonally from me. Lucky for me, this is the one time of the year I can stand him because he usually just ignores me.

I stood up for a minute to fix my skirt, pulling it down in hopes that my panties would stop riding up my arse. For some reason, I doubt it helped at all though. When I sat my bottom back on the chair, I immediately jumped again realizing that it was no longer an unoccupied chair. Black was now sitting in it due to Frank having stolen his seat. I frowned at him, “This is no time to play Black. Just push Frank off your seat and move.”

I don’t think he even realized that I was previously sitting in the chair next to him before. It’s so traditional that now we just automatically go to the same seat. “Oh, sorry Stenson. Forgot you sat here. I’ll move as soon as Frank moves.”

I glared at the back of Franks head knowing he wasn’t planning to get up at any point, “I don’t think that’s going to happen. Can’t you just shove him off and allow me my seat back?”

“I would love to, but McGonagall has been giving me the eye since we arrived. I’m not much looking forward to giving her the pleasure of giving me detention for violence.”

I looked up at the witch in her mid forties to see her giving the two of us a hard stare. I noticed the hall had lowered its volume immensely since the choir was about to sing it’s annual Hogwart’s open. No one ever gave a rat’s arse about them though and usually just ignored the song. “But--”

“Miss Stenson!” the stern professor yelled making even more students hush down in order to listen, “Why is it that you feel the need to delay the feast and speech and sorting with your rude decision to stand in the middle of the hall like a log?”

“Professor McGonagall, please could you tell Black to move out of my chair that I was sitting in before?” I asked her in my sweet, innocent voice that usually works like a charm.

“You can find another seat other than the one Mister Black has decided to take for himself. Now, if you would please sit yourself down?” I listened to her, attempting to find an empty spot at the Gryffindor table. Lily scooted over a bit so we could share a spot, which was no doubt nice of her.

The choir began singing the school and I immediately tuned it out. “Kathleen,” I heard someone hiss through the music. I looked over to Frank who was the cause of my getting in trouble, “Sorry about that, didn’t know you were sitting there. ‘Else I wouldn’t have asked Sirius to move.”

“I’m sure you wouldn’t have Frank,” I reassured him in a loud whisper, “I’ve heard you and Alice are doing well.”

His smile grew wider at the sound of Alice’s name and that was answer enough for me. They were going to be together forever, I could already see it. Even after he graduates and she’s still at Hogwarts, they’ll be together. I told Alice that if they have a baby girl together, she should name her Alice Frank because they sound so nice together. Alice immediately said no though, because Frank’s mother would have a cow if it was such an unoriginal name. Original my arse, the name’s cute.

“Yeah, we are. You know? I’m planning on proposing to her this year. Just to make it official, so I won’t ever lose her.”

“That’s fantastic!” I said excitedly, having much trouble keeping my voice low and quiet, “Oh, wow! I really hope I can be a brides mates or maid of honor would be great!” I looked at Black who was looking back and forth between us like he watching a ping pong match.

“I’m sure you’ll be at least one of those.”

“Good. Because if I’m not, I swear I’ll--”

“Could you two please stop talking over me?!” Black hissed.

Frank laughed, “Sorry mate. Won’t happen again,” he turned to me, “I’ll catch up with you later Kathleen.”

“Okay, sounds good,” we both looked over at the last kid who was sorted into Hufflepuff before Dumbledore stood up to give his annual speech to the students.

“Good evening to everyone, new and old,” he started, “I’m please to announce that our originally part time Defense Against the Dark Arts professor has returned as Hogwart’s full time DADA teacher. Professor Willis stood up in order to be acknowledged by the applauding students, “Also, Professor McGonagall would like to announce that the Transfiguration classroom was moved along to the first floor due to students often arriving to class late after lunch. There should be no excuses now,” McGonagall was nodding slowly, “As a note from Professor Flitwick, the knight’s in armors along the halls have been charmed for better fighting combat due to security purposes.”

Whispers flooded the hall, many asking why we needed better security at Hogwarts of all places. Though, if they read the Daily Prophet over the summer, they’d know that some strange gang had been terrorizing muggleborns, muggles, and ‘blood traitors’ since January. “Therefore, I give a warning to all of you. Please do not kick, yell at, hit, or come in any sort of physical contact with the armor or else I fear you will be in Madame Pomfrey’s hands for a week.

“A message from Argus Filch as well. Do not go into the Forbidden Forest under any circumstances unless you are guarded by a trained professor. The forest is as it’s name describes it, Forbidden. Also, on a side note. If any of you are ever having difficulty figuring out the answer to the riddle of the Sphinx, I will have you know that the answer is partly a product of the answers that we already have given to the riddle in its various forms. I hope that helps any of you who may have needed it.” I look up at the aging man in wonder at what he just said. I caught his twinkling blue eyes under his half moon glasses smiling at me and the rest of the students. That man was a mystery, “Now as a conclusion. Have a wonderful year at Hogwarts and let the feast,” he paused to be dramatic, “begin.”

Lily disappeared into the crowd of students when Dumbledore and McGonagall called James and her over for a short last minute head meeting. The first years were filing out behind Katy and the other Gryffindor prefects to the common-room. I looked down at all the little heads wondering to myself, ”Was I really that short? I’d grown all of three inches at Hogwarts, which isn’t much at all. It was nice when the new students came and I towered over them like a building. Of course, that’s usually short-lived when they’ve grown to be my height by third year and then in forth year, I’m the one being towered over.

As I walked alone behind all the little people, I felt two elbows prop themselves up on my shoulders. Frank and James had decided I was their lounging chair as we walked the halls, “Hello boys.”

“Oh, so she speaks!” James yelled. Many of the first years looked at him, some began to laugh, some giggled (as James decided to wink at the little girls) and some looked frightened. “I was worried you became a mute when you said nothing to me all throughout the feast.

“She hardly ever talks to you at school,” Frank reasoned.

“Yeah, I usually go days without saying a word to you. I’m sure you can last at least an hour without us talking then,” I added, “Anyways, why don’t you go pester someone who isn’t beat, aye?”

Frank and James exchanged looks before I was being lifted off the ground and through the crowd of first years.

“Could you two try not to scare the new students please?” Katy asked as she led the newly found Gryffindors to their rooms, “Not to mention poor Kathleen looks like she’s just seen Nearly Headless Nicks head pop off that little piece of skin.”

“Well that’s a pleasant image,” Patrice commented, “I don’t think that’s even possible.”

I shook my head, “It’s not,” I looked at the two boys who were carrying me in question, “Why have suddenly stopped walking anyways?”

“This seemed funner.”

“That’s not a word James,” Katy told him, “It’s more fun. If Lily heard you say that, she’d have field day.”

We finally reached the Portrait of the fat lady in pink, “Ah, so I’ve got new Gryffindors to give me a password? Well this is exciting isn’t it? Well, hurry along, give me the password.”

“Fiddlesticks,” Katy said. The portrait opened revealing the Red (or really burgundy) and gold room. The couch and chess tables and desk were where we left them last and I was home. I ran to the couch as Katy finished telling everyone the rules and said, “Boy to the left! Girls to the right!”

“Kathleen! Would you stop fooling around and come on?” Lily asked me. I followed her and the others reluctantly up the dormitory stairs.

I was brought to a halt when our dorm door slammed shut. I turned to Patrice who was grinning from ear to ear, “Hello loves!”

“Could you not slam the door? I’m sure it can’t get much louder than that.”

“Oh stop being a wanker Kathleen. Oh, and speaking of wankers, Sirius is coming up tonight and if I’m right, you guys aren’t going to want to stay up here. So I suggest changing then leaving. She followed her own advice and slipped out the dorm in order to meet her make out partner half way.

I never understood why the two of them could never snog in his dorm. At least it would be easier for him to get up there seeing as there are no charmed stairs attempting to prevent Patrice from getting up there. Why’d it always have to be Black anyways? What was wrong with Peter? As far as I’m concerned, their both the same level of disturbingly disgusting.

The common room was surprisingly not very fool, in fact, only fourth years and above had decided to hang out in the common rooms, and not even all of them decided to stay. Of course, since our dorm was recently vacated, that meant all the seventh years were in common room. That meant that Jennifer Galli and Demy Miller decided to stick around. (I’ve always wondered what Celina Drinnerston did without them.)

The Blonde Bimbos looked skimpy, even in their school uniform. More buttons were undone than needed and their skirts were much too short. They looked like they belonged to that muggle magazine. Playboy I think the name is. Jennifer was the worse of the two blondes. Her black was sticking out under her almost unbuttoned blouse and her skirt hardly covered her butt cheeks. If she were stand up after just sitting down, one would be able to see the thong she wore as undergarments. She was so...well easy.

The guys that were in the room would constantly look at the two girls hungrily, noticing the too much leg and cleavage that was showing itself. The two girls walked over to Black as he was one of the boys eyeing them. I turned away immediately, knowing what was to come. I sank myself into the comfortable plush lounge chair.

“Honestly! Will you two separate?!” Lily yelled. I turned to see Jennifer pushing herself off of Black. Demy stood a couple feet away looking awkward and out of place, “Please.”

“I don’t know who the heck you think you are, but you have no right to --” Jennifer started.

“Actually!” Lily interrupted putting her finger in the air, “I do. I’m head girl after all.”

“Yeah, and I’m head boy.” The common room went quiet. Most weren’t sure whether or not to believe James or not. After all, this was a marauder trying to portray some type of authority. Even Remus wasn’t that good at being a prefect.

The silence was broken when Black began laughing, “Prongs! I wasn’t planning to snog her anymore mate! Lily stopped me!” Jennifer looked furious at this statement but said nothings.

“Not to mention you have no power over men James, unless you use violence. Only power over easy hormonal teenagers. Like her,” I added in.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Jennifer said, clearly offended.

“Well, I’m sure your friend agrees that you would do anything James asked you to simply because he is a man and you are easy. As long as you get something in return, you will ultimately obey.”

She opened her and closed her mouth before huffing like a little four year old and running up the dormitory stairs.

“They dorm will be in use in half an hour! Be out in fifteen!” Patrice yelled. I rolled my eyes knowing that Black and my best friend were going to be nasty people in my room. Demy quickly followed Jennifer in a slightly awkward way. I noticed she glanced back at me with a slight smirk on her face which is interesting. That bimbo hates Jennifer too!

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Chapter 7: Assigned Seats
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I awoke from an unusually dreamless slumber, which did not make me happy. Dreams somehow allowed me to escape the real world when I needed to the most, or even when I didn’t need to. Nightmares come rarely for me, which is good because if I got them frequently, I’m not sure how I could survive life. I’m surprised I don’t have any nightmares on the first day of school, in fact, I never dream the first day. It’s as if all my nervousness and excitement mash into one and make it to where I am neutral throughout the entire night. Not nervousness enough to have a bad dream, not excited enough to have a good one.

I checked the clock realizing that it was officially the first day of my final year at Hogwarts. I would be taking NEWT classes again, all of which would focus on auror training and I what I need for that. I need to know stuff about sitting at desk all day, or actually fighting the enemies. The new “Focus For the Future” technique for sixth and seventh years is really fantastic; mainly because I didn’t have an extreme amount of classes last year. Based on my schedule, this year will be the same.

I took a step away from my bed, only managing to trip slightly over my forgotten uniform that laid on the floor. I attempted another step, but I could hardly move my muscles. It was just so early and summer had spoiled me rotten over the 10 weeks we didn’t have school. I’ve managed to confuse my sleeping schedule around to where as I still go to bed around four in the morning, but have to wake up around seven. Which is definitely not a good thing.

“Kathleen, would you hurry up!” Patrice said irritated as I searched for my uniform in my knickers. My three friends had been waiting on me for ten minutes now, half of the times thinking it was funny that I had no idea where the house elves placed my clothes. They found themselves amused until I told them that breakfast would end soon and they’d miss it if they didn’t help me find my clothes. It’s really not my fault that the elves decide to change the location of my wardrobe every couple of years.

“You guys,” Lily started, “Don’t blame Kathleen for her missing uniform.” Finally the voice of reason has decided to rescue me from this obscene terrorizing. “I think you should blame it on the fact that she’s so damn messy.” I growled and found my uniform hidden at the bottom of my basket of clothes.

I left the room immediately not bothering to wait for the others to catch up to me. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted my cousin entering the Great Hall himself. I hated walking and eating by myself, so I began to jog over to James. I was stopped by something though, for all I know, it could have been a banshee stopping me at the moment. For, you see, my eyes were being closed by manly hands; which was, without a doubt, the oldest trick in the book. “Who is it?”

“Who do you think?” replies a deep voice. I hadn’t the faintest idea who it was. I dug deep into my brain trying to interpret the male voice, but to no prevail. Sure, I know plenty of guys with deep voices, Black, James, Frank, some Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw guy, even some Slytherin Boys. The only ones that I could actually decipher were the first three though.

“Hey Reggie!” I heard someone yell out in the hall. Well, that solves the mystery of who decided to cover my eyes and make me guess game. Even though the two of us broke up, I still missed him a little over the summer. He was a great listener and I could talk to him just like I talked to the girls. Which is strange seeing as he is far from gay. I turned around immediately and gave him a huge bear hug.

“Well, if it isn’t Regulas Stolkes! How’ve you been?” I asked noticing his late puberty change. He was almost unrecognizable, which was good. He’d finally managed to grow into himself, “You look like a stranger now!”

“I’ve been hearing that a a lot lately. I hope it’s a good thing,” he said. I nodded immediately grinning. I swear, if I still had feelings for the Ravenclaw, we’d be shagging it up in the broom closet down the hall, “Good. That’s also the answer to your question earlier.”

“Well that’s good.”

“To be honest, I was a bit lonely,” he said. My smile was wiped off my face immediately, “You know, since my parents hadn’t been around much. They told me about their busy schedule before hand, but I thought I’d have--”

“Please don’t say it Reggie,” I pleaded.

“--you. That didn’t happen though.”

I didn’t understand why people liked to let such heavy loads on another person when they’d ask a simple question. The only answer that I need was a simple ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and then I’d be on with my life. I know the break up was unexpected, but summer would have just been awkward if I hadn’t broken up with him.

“Look Reggie. I’m sorry,” I said simply, “I’ve got to go. Bye.” It wasn’t a friendly or a rude goodbye, it was simply a way to dismiss myself from this conversation. I left him there standing all by himself thinking about what could have been between us. Little did he know that nothing could have been between the two of us.

I entered the great hall and joined my friends in our usual spot, which was strangely close to the marauders. I had a vague memory of choosing this area at the Gryffindor table because I’d wanted to be able to be near my cousin. I had no idea that I was doomed to sit near Sirius Black and other horny teenage boys in the process.

“Hey,” Katy greeted, “How’d talking to Reggie go?”

“Oh merlin, it went terrible,” I answered, “He’s not over us yet.”

Patrice scoffed at this remark, “Are you serious? You two broke up ages ago though, he should be over it by now.”

“Well, apparently he isn’t and now he’s making me suffer. He even went into how lonely he’d been all summer without me.”

“You know what I think?” Lily asked rhetorically, “I think he doesn’t want to admit to his friends that the two of you are really over. Guys don’t like admitting that their ex’s have no feeling for them anymore when they do. He probably still talks about getting you back with his buddies.”

“He told his friends we were through though,” my eyes trailed over to his table. He was talking to his friends but his eyes were fixed on me. I averted my attention away from him quickly, not really wanting to have a staring contest with my ex-boyfriend. “Oh merlin, he’s staring.”

Lily checked to see if he really was then rolled her eyes as she found that he couldn’t stop, “He might’ve been in love with you and now he doesn’t want to let go. You know earlier, when I said he doesn’t want to tell his friends that you two are over, I meant officially over. That there is absolutely no chance of you two getting back together.”

“There is no chance though.”

“He doesn’t know that.”

Patrice began laughing for absolutely no reason all of the sudden. Katy, Lily and I gave her a strange look and she decided that it was appropriate to explain what had activated this laugh, “He’s your little stalker. You know that right?”

I grabbed a piece of toast, “Great, what I’ve always wanted. I’m going to class.” I walked away from my table ignoring the stare that a certain Ravenclaw was making me feel on the back of my head. I pulled my schedule out of my pocket and gave it a good look. Today wasn’t a very good first day of classes, I had Double Transfiguration first, which was unfortunate. It’s almost as if she went straight up Dumbledore and asked him if she could have me in her first two class periods on the first day of school. She might as well stick me in the Forbidden Forest with all the crazy creatures that live in there, like centaurs, and see just how long I might survive in the dark forest.

I stuck my schedule back in my robe’s pocket and walked to the dormitory in order to grab my books. I was lucky that I got Study Hall right after Transifiguration though. That meant I’d have a mind break before going to Charms. That’s always nice, I know for a fact that an hour or two of me time is exactly what i need after a stressful class period.
All my books, parchment, and quills were placed delicately in my bag, organized and untouched. This would only last a week and soon I would find essays that I’d thrown out or needed to turn in as late work. It was safe to say that my bag would soon become a hectic mess.

I began to make my way to the new Transfiguration room preparing myself for the nightmare that was doomed to take place. I always share this class with Slytherins, every year. I believe the only year I hadn’t shared it with them was my third, then I shared it with Hufflepuffs. Not to mention, McGonagall feels that it would be too special of a treat to allow her students to sit where they pleased. Instead, she assigned our chairs to us and placed a charm on the room so that as soon as we entered the class, we would automatically move to our assigned seat. I doubt that even in a new classroom, this year would be any different.

The room’s door was opened, meaning McGonagall was already in the classroom. I could only imagine walking in and seeing the professor with a small smile upon her thin, pursed lips as she said, “Kathleen, you shall sit next to Jessie Patterson”--an evil Slytherin who absolutely detested me. It was either Patterson or Severus Snape, a greasy haired prick that thought he was above any and everyone who was not placed in Slytherin. He was better than Jennifer who I was assigned to in first and third year, McGonagall learned never to do that again after we constantly fought over who transformed their owl into the better wine glass. It wasn’t uncommon for Jennifer to walk out of the classroom with various boils and pimples all over he face, usually meaning I was going to be getting detention.

“Good morning Miss Stenson,” I heard as soon as I walked through the opened double doors. I smiled weakly at the professor, “You may sit anywhere for now.” I took a seat at the very back of the classroom. “Oh and Miss Stenson?” I looked up at the professor, “Please, try not to cause any trouble with your partner this year.” I nodded meekly thinking if she didn’t assign me another arsehole it wouldn’t be a problem.

I watched as my peers filed into the classroom. It didn’t take long for Lily to find me in the room and she took her spot next to me. Unfortunately, the marauders minus one (Peter) all filed into the room. Peter was usually put in the second NEWT level class. If I were smarter, I’d have looked away from the group so I wouldn’t be caught staring. Unfortunately, I wasn’t that smart and Black caught me in the act.

“You looking me through Stenson?” Black called out grinning cheekily.

“Actually, I wasn’t. I was looking at the boy behind you,” I responded, grinning on the inside at how quick and witty my comeback had been.

“Did he happen to look exactly like me?” he asked checking behind him, the grin having not faltered a bit. His ego was clearly too large for his grin to have the strength.

“No! Thank Merlin!” I turned my head away and began ignoring him as the Slytherins began to file in. Severus Snape came into the classroom soon after and glanced Lily’s way, he quickly looked away as he saw I was giving him a death glare. “Lily? Why did you ever even talk to Snape? He’s such a creep.”

“I talked to him because I thought he was a decent Slytherin!” Lily hissed at me roughly, “I guess I was wrong.” Lily had never been able to forgive Snape for what he’d called her in our fifth year at Hogwarts. He’d never called her a mudblood before and it really effected her. Whenever the marauders weren’t around, he’d make his way to our table to attempt an apology. Lily would hear it and when she did, she still wouldn’t forgive him. It was clear to me that he liked her, but I wasn’t daring to say anything to Lily because I despised the Slytherin.

McGonagall’s sudden clearing of her throat caused the talkative class to settle down as she stood in front of everyone. She waited patiently as one by one, the students turned around in the chairs and watched her instead of their friends. “Good morning class,” she said with the smallest smile on her face. The class responded dully but the professor didn’t seem to care, “This year will be much like last year except harder. You will be writing a different essay every week for me, you will be learning a different spell every two days--which means I must rely on you to learn your spells during your own free time--and I will expect every homework assignment I give to you turned and ready within two days of you receiving it. Which means even if you do not have my class that day, I expect you to take time out to walk to this classroom and hand in your assignment.”

The class was quiet, having never heard of such strict regimens before, “You are not first years anymore, nor are you sixth years. You are adults in the wizarding world and must learn to take responsibility for yourself and your work. This year will not be used to celebrate your graduation or your oncoming adulthood,” she paused, looking around the classroom as if daring someone to say something, “It will be used to study for this year’s NEWT exams. That is all the breaths I will waste on this subject. I trust that you, my top students, will respect my guidelines. Of course, if that is not the case, do not feel obligated to take this course. If you are not prepared for the challenges that await you this year, I advise you to leave now.” I and many others chanced a look around the classroom to see if there was anyone brave enough to stand up and leave. There was no one. “Good. Now let us begin.

“As always, I do not like my class being rowdy next to their best friends. Therefore, new seats are in order,” the usually collective groans chorused throughout the room but the professor seemed unfazed. She was more than likely used to this reaction as she did this with every single one of her classes. She moved to the two desk in the left hand corner of the room, placing her index finger on the one next to the wall, “Miss Barbosa and Mister Williams.” I recognized the pattern McGonagall was using as my potions teacher, Professor Slughorn, used it every year. The only way I knew how to describe it was as ‘1-10-2-9-8-8...’ “Mister Bindon and Mister Thompson,” she continued, “Mister Black and Miss Stenson.”

I felt my stomach churn the second I heard her say the names. I should have seen something like this coming, If I wasn’t going to end up sitting next to Snape (as McGonagall usually went by alphabetical order and Snape was always before me) then I would end up next to Black of course. I had to try to find a way out of this the only way I knew how to, protest. I didn’t stand up or move in the slightest. I simply kept looking forward with my hand folded in front of me.

A few minute later, McGonagall noticed that I hadn’t moved next to Black, “Miss Stenson, is there a reason you haven’t moved from that chair?”

“Yes,” I answered, “I refuse to sit next to a prat for an entire year. If you wouldn’t mind, I’d prefer to sit next to Severus Snape, my usual partner, rather than Black,” I didn’t bother to smile or try to sound somewhat like a responsible teenager, I simply told her what I thought.

We held each other’s fierce gaze for at least a minute until she finally said, “Miss Stenson, I hope that you do move because if you do not, I would be forced to place you out of this class for the year. Which would not be good as far as achieving your goal as an auror.” It became clear that my original plan hadn’t worked. I opened my mouth to object but she held up her hand, “Please do not try to argue with me. I’ve made this classroom just the way I like it. I’ve even managed to set up four different quadrants in the room according to the goal of the students.”

“Then why can’t I sit next to James or Lily?”

“Every quadrant is alphabetized according to the names in it. Now if you would liked to become a bartender at the Three Broom Sticks, then I suggest you leave. If you don’t, then I will ask you one last time if you would please take your assigned seat.”

I made my way over to the chair in the front of the room. I stood looking at it in disdain trying to think of any possible way I could get out of this, but we discussed almost all the possibilities I had. Leave or sit down. I gave the professor one last pleading look, but I all I received back was a hard, unsympathetic stare. An inaudible sigh escaped my parted lips as I slowly placed my bag on the floor and sat down next to Sirius Black.

“Thank you Miss Stenson. I do not expect another outburst such as this for a long time from you again,” with that, McGonagall moved on with her chair assigning task. I began to ignore her, the students, anyone around me. My arms were folded with my head placed neatly on top of them. My eyes were able to trace the faint lines of the wood that the desk was made of. I happy that Katy and Patrice had not witnessed what had just occurred, surely they would be laughing their arses off.

They were both studying for completely different careers from Lily and I. Katy was studying to be a healer in St. Mungos Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. She wanted to focus focus on Creature-Induced Injuries though, for she was always fascinated at the injuries students received when a creature (how ever small) in Care of Magical Creatures class.

Patrice was trying to become an Unspeakable in the Ministry of Magic’s Department of Mysteries. Patrice had always wondered what it was they did in that Department, but seeing as the career itself is unspeakable, no one’s ever been able to tell her. All she knows is, take as many courses that might be important when it comes to discovering new...well...stuff.

I felt a hot breath on my ear as Black whispered, “Hello partner.” I glared at the gray eyed boy next to me, though, to my unfortunate surprise, this made him smirk even more than he had been before, “Are you blushing Stenson?” I touched my hands to my cheeks and noticed then that I had a burning sensation going all through my face. I was flustered by Black, of all people.

“Go stuff yourself,” I said. I looked around the class in search of Lily; when I found her, I nearly cried from shock. She was placed next to James two rows behind me. She sent me a glare when she saw that I was trying to hold back the laughter that had been bubbling inside of me.

This all seemed so cliché, the fact that Lily and I had been placed next to the two people that we could get along with least in the world. It almost felt like they were up to something, either that or they were all bonkers. I could only hope that neither of the choices were true and that it was all one big coincidence.

As soon as I turned to face the front of the room McGonagall spoke up, “Open your books to page four hundred and forty seven. We will begin to study the process of bringing small lifeless objects to life,” much of the class fidgeted at her demand. Some immediately brought out their books and others pretended to search their bags having clearly forgotten their Transfiguration booklet, “You do have your books don’t you?”

The end of the week had finally shown its bright face as I flopped down on my bed and snuggled my head into my white, gold, and burgundy striped pillow. Though, that hardly said anything seeing as the first day of school, September 1st, was on a Friday. It felt like it’d been more than a day already since I’d already received two essays due next week.

It hardly helps that in the majority of my classes today, I was forced to sit next to Black. The teachers all seemed to want to do the whole “sit-with-kids-who-want-to-do-the-same-career-when-they-grow-up” thing--though I highly doubt Black will ever grow up-- and give us weird “alphabetical” seating charts. I can almost bet that I’ll have Black in almost all of my classes since we both have the same career path. The benefit to my schedule is I have three hours away from him for sure every week (I might have more) not including Study Hall. This is all because I followed Lily’s advice, for once, and took Muggle Studies.

Though today wasn’t a complete let down, I was allowed to sit with Lily for one of my classes. Which is why I love Professor Flitwick, our charms teacher, he was the only professor I had today that did not assign seats. Even Professor Burbage assigned seats to us, and she is possibly one of the nicest and youngest teachers in all of Hogwarts. I came to learn today that the majority of the male population that takes Muggle Studies isn’t actually interested in the “art” of muggles, but more the anatomy of Professor Charity Burbage. I noticed it rather quickly when my partner zoned out five times through out class looking at her bosoms instead of the paper he was supposed to be helping me with.

I wasn’t the only one suffering as far as partner relationships go. Lily had as bad, if not worse, as me. She was forced to sit next to James or Tooting Sam in all of her classes today. Samuel Martin (AKA: Tooting Sam) has a gas disorder that was diagnosed by a doctor. He can’t control the nasty air in his body, so when it comes out, it comes out loud and stinky. Figures that the only class Lily and I didn’t have together or with the marauders, we’d get terrible partners.

I lifted myself off the comfortable bed and made my way out of the dormitory into the common room. I spotted Lily talking with Katy and Patrice, who also had the rest of the day off like I did. The one good thing about being a seventh year is that classes end much earlier or start much later. Which is nice because that allows us to study for the NEWTs or do homework. Of course, we never end up doing that, but it’s always nice to think we will.

I placed my bottom in the chair next to Patrice, letting a loud yawn escape my mouth in the process. Patrice gave me a small, but noticeable smirk, “Tired?” she asked. All I could manage to do was nod and shut my eyes. My head being too heavy of a weight for me was placed on top of the table gently. I hardly felt like talking, so I listened instead. “Katy, you have had Defense Against the Dark Arts right?”

“Yes!” Katy practically screamed, “He amazes me how he is just so amazingly good at teaching and gorgeous all at the same time.” A small smile emerged on my lips as I listened to the girls talk about the incredibly good looking Professor Willis. This was the first year we would be able to experience his fantastic Defense Against the Dark Arts skills since last year he was only temporary therefore, was not able to teach certain classes.

“My thoughts exactly,” Patrice said, heaving a heavy sigh.

“How old is this Professor?” Lily asked suspiciously. She, as well as I, hadn’t had him as a teacher yet and were growing curious of the man. I was almost eager to find out whether he was all the girls cracked him up to be.

“He’s twenty-three, which is right in our league as far as age goes,” Patrice replied. I lifted my head to five her a disgusted look.

“Patrice,” Lily hissed looking around the room to verify that no one was looking or listening, “He’s our Professor for Merlin’s sake! You shouldn’t talk about him in that sort of way whether it’s true or not. We will remain within the student/professor boundaries. Therefore, he is completely off limits to you.”

Patrice rolled her eyes with a hint of humor hidden behind her dark brown orbs, “Whatever you say Miss Evans. I’m not making any promises though.”

“As long as I’m not the one to walk in on you two, then fine, do what you like.”

“Same goes for me and probably Kathleen,” Katy said giving me a weary look as I placed my head on my arm again, “You do realize that this sounds likes something the Blonde Bimbos would do Patrice? Not you.”

Patrice’s jaw dropped as she heard this insult, in no way was she like the triplets that called themselves classy. Unlike them, Patrice did have some actual class to her. She made good grades, was talented in more things then just snogging, and was a true spirited Gryffindor. “Please, don’t compare me to them ever again. I will never be that easy.”

“Then you best not be going and doing something irresponsible and stupid to prove us wrong,” Lily commanded. I watched her red hair bounce ever so slightly as she stood up, “I’m off to the library to on the Transfiguration essay. You know the foot long essay that McGonagall assigned us today Kathleen? The one that you said you’d start on right away. Remember that one?”

“Oh,” I cringed, “I almost forgot. I guess I’m coming with us.” I stretched my legs and arms out in the chair then stood up, giving my back a good stretch as well.

“I’ll be coming with you two. Slughorn’s gone bonkers and given us a tree foot long essay that has to be done by next Friday. If I don’t finish it right away, I think I might join him in the bonkers community,” Katy said, gathering her books together.

“Er, yeah, well you all have fun with that,” Patrice told us, standing up as well.

“Where will you be going?” Lily asked accusingly.

“I have a meeting thank you very much!”

I shook my head, knowing very well what that meeting entailed. How she managed to work a boy into her schedule and still keep her grades up to par was beyond me. I’ll never be quite as talented as her. Patrice left the common room leaving only the three of us, two of which were already making their way to the portrait hole.

“You planning on coming anytime soon Kathleen?” Katy asked.

“Er, yeah, you two go ahead. I’ll meet you in there. I have to get my stuff in the dorm,” I told them. Katy nodded and followed Lily out. As I made my way to the dorm, I spotted many papers strewn across the bulletin board. On it was a flyer posted by James titled, ‘Quidditch Tryouts.’ I frowned as I remembered James yelling at me during lunch after telling him I hadn’t played Quidditch at all throughout summer. He’d probably murder me if I forgot about the tryouts too, “Great.” I knew exactly how I’d end up spending my evening tonight.

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Chapter 8: Horrid Meeting
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Today was the day that I’d been dreading for almost a week now. I was hardly prepared for it, yet I wasn’t nervous in the least bit. I can only assume that that is because I am so used to attending said event, that I have no reason to actually be nervous. Or maybe it’s the fact that I don’t really care to go to this thing, but I know I have no other option. If I didn’t go, I’m afraid Lily might walk into the common room only to find me not breathing on the floor. I don’t want to put Lily through that of course. It’s not that I don’t like what happens after today, with all the meetings and practices we have. That’s all good fun, not to mention it keeps me fit. I just don’t really see the point in attending besides the one reason that I might be murdered if I didn’t. I plan on living a long natural life as well, maybe until I’m at least eighty years young.

Quidditch Tryouts were always a bore, especially when we only to fill a few spots. James hardly cares though, he’d rather replace some of the weaker players with stronger competitors with more skills and loyalty to the team. Ideally, that’s great: that means we’ll have nicer, better, stronger, faster players on our side. Though the consequences are hard to watch. James has had pumpkin juice spilt over his head six times now from the female players that have been kicked off the team in the course of three year. He has had warts grow in places they shouldn’t as well as body parts go haywire (if you know what I mean); all of which are embarrassing for James. He sort of deserves it though because he doesn’t tell them the sad news in the easiest of fashions.

Of course, this all happens at the beginning of the season. Compared to during the season, this is nothing. James becomes exceedingly obnoxious, especially when a came is coming close. He calls meetings every night that we don’t practice to discuss strategies. He demands us to do crazy tricks that are sure fire ways to win once we get them down (which wouldn’t be a problem if they weren’t life threatening). Not to mention he goes on and on about how we can improve ourselves; sort of like a crazed ex-wife or maybe a wife in general. When it comes to quidditch, James could be such a woman.

I do consider Quidditch to be a fantastic sport to say the least. I would have played it over the summer if I hadn’t been so busy. In hind sight though, this break was good for me. Quidditch was no longer an escape from the real world for me, it was entrance to James’. Now, when I got on a broomstick, I immediately thought of things I could do so James would yell me for stupid things I did wrong.

I hurried to the Quidditch Pitch as fast as I could. I was probably going to end up wasting half of my Saturday in order to figure out who we wanted to fill out our missing positions--or replace the ones already taken. I took my spot in the line of Chasers who were preparing themselves to tryout. I placed my bottom on the dewy green grass of the Quidditch Pitch. I frowned at a frail looking second year boy who seemed to think he was the man for the job. I watched him boast to the third year girl standing behind him, though she looked like she was hardly listening. She was thinking, I could already tell that by just looking at her furrowed thick eyebrows. She’d nod occasionally, acting as if she were listening, but her far off gaze gave her me at least. I grew wary of the boy that called him self Michael Jacob Turner as he went on about how he could get the quaffle from any one’s hands.

I couldn’t believe that I was standing in the chaser’s line. Even after five years, I’ve always thought of myself as more of a beater. Maybe it was because of my violent attitude when it came to the people I hated, but I felt as if I’d be perfect for the beater’s position. I had originally tried out to be a beater. It would have been a way for me to release myself from the aggravating world of school. The captain at the time, Stephanie Stewards wouldn’t have it. She told me that I didn’t have the body shape of a beater, but more of a chaser. They had to be big enough to repel off attacks from the opposite team, but also slim enough to help them go fast through the air. I apparently had both. Even though it seemed that I was able to swing the bat with little problems at a bludger, it al came down to who was the better beater. She saw my potential as a chaser though and put me on the team as one of them instead. I don’t think it would have bugged me quite so much if it hadn’t been Black who had beat me to the position. Perhaps it was because I’d started loathing him that year, along with all his Black elegant strands of hair. Perhaps it was because he was a second year too, hardly any bigger than I. When I saw what he could do against seventh year beaters on the opposite team, I immediately knew that I was given the perfect position for myself.

I still wanted to be a beater on the team though, even if the chaser was a better position for me. “You’d have to work with Sirius then,” James had told me, crushing my dreams in the process. Of course that one little statement made me never even attempt to try out of the beaters again. I could only hope that Black would hit himself with his club.

I made to stand up as the line moved forward, but felt my legs move forward against my will. I was sure there was going to be a bruise on my arse the next day as I landed on the wet grass. I looked in front of me where my foot was placed and found that my boots were soaking in a large puddle from the former night’s rain pour down. I felt an arm slap against my shoulders, “I saw that Stenson. You are very graceful,” the familiar deep voice said into my ear. I could practically feel the grin on his face against my own. I got up and moved away as quickly as possible in the opposite direction of the field.

A thought struck me as I watched the chasers move towards James who had yet to notice me, or Black. I ran towards the marauder at my fastest pace, breathing hard (on purpose) when I made it to him. I placed my hand roughly on his shoulder in order to hold me up as I knelt down and placed my hand on my knee, “James,” I breathed out.

“Kathleen! It’s about time!” James said grinning as he smelled the air of quidditch flowing through the air, “Ready to help with try outs!”

I pretended that my breathing ability was slowly going back under control, “Actually James,” I said quickly, taking a few more deep breaths, “Chaser tryouts have to be first.” James furrowed his brows and wrinkled his nose in question, “

“I was running in the halls so McGonagall gave me detention with Lily as my monitor to make sure I do my punishment. She’s supposed to escort me to the trophy room and she said if I don’t make it to her by eleven sharp, she’d deduct house points for you keeping me up. That’s why.”

James forehead scrunched up in thought at my ‘predicament’ I was in--even though it was all a fantastic lie. “That sounds like my flower.” Yeah it does doesn’t it, that’s the beauty of the whole plan. “Fine. I’d rather not have Quidditch be the reason that my house gets points taken away.” It was strange seeing James so serious, it was just so unlike himself. Of course, Quidditch does that to him, he loves the sport ever so much. I just hope that his children don’t end up quite so bad. If they did, I would pity the students and professors at Hogwarts.

“Thanks James,” I said in a calm, cheery tone. I received an odd look and shook his head like a disappointed parent. I wrinkled my brow, “What?”

He didn’t say anything to me but instead pointed at me, “All chasers trying out, line up behind Kathleen Stenson!” he yelled out instead. I looked behind me at all the little and older kids running up to be second in line. In the process, I spotted Anelie Lies walking over calmly with a huge smile on her face. Her blonde hair blew in the wind behind her while she grinned at me with her big hazel eyes.

“Hello sexy, lovely to see you again,” she greeted me. I chuckled at her, “I do hope your nerves are getting to you. This is, after all, a nerve wrecking day.” I shook my head ‘no’ and ran up to the girl, jumping on the sixth year as I reached her, giving her an embrace as a result.

“Anelie, I’ve missed you,” I whispered in her ear, “Now I can have someone to suffer with through these pointless try outs.”

“I almost have no doubt we’ll be the last chasers to try out,” she whispered back. I sensed the humor in her high pitched voice. We moved away from each other just as James began yelling at the chasers to warm up.

As usual, the tryouts for the chasers proved to be almost pointless, not to mention: boring. The tryouts consisted of three different things that we did every year to determine who gets to be or stay on the team. I would hardly say there was a difference in the first two tests we had to take. They both tested out throwing ability, though one James was judging our actual ability to throw (the allowed James to see who he could just cross of the list of possibilities) and the second was judging how well we could throw at close and far distances. Anelie and I had a hard time not laughing at the kids who were trying out. Quite frankly most of them just weren’t talented. They ones that were just weren’t enough to replace Anelie and I.

James decided it wasn’t obvious enough that no one was ‘good’ enough for our team. Scoring. It suddenly became Chasers against Keepers (all of which were trying out as well). The task was pretty obvious but James still explained it to us. We had to attempt to shoot the quaffle into one of the rings as a Keeper would try to deflect it.

It was like watching one of the movies in the muggle theatre, except all of the action was right in front of you. The poor Keepers were being so abused up at the rings, I couldn’t help but feel bad for them. One of the chasers threw the quaffle to hard, when the keeper tried to catch it his hand bent back in the wrong direction. A loud crack chorused through the fields as the quaffle pushed his hand backwards and into the ring. The little second year trying out as a chaser looked devastated. She immediately flew up to help and take him to the hospital wing.

“Thank you everyone for showing up for these tryouts,” he said to the chasers and keepers who tried out, “I also hope that, even though he can’t hear me, Maxwell’s hand heals up well.” I cringed at the thought of the fourth year’s hand bending in the too far in the wrong direction, an image I would more than likely carry the rest of my life. “I also wanted to add that choosing the chaser was a tough decision to make, as well as keeper. I hope you all understand that you still have the possibility of making the team next year if you didn’t make it this year.

“Also, I have charmed a sheet of paper in the Gryffindor Common-room to display the results for each position as soon as my mind is made up. So if it does not list your position on the results board yet then I haven’t made my decision yet. Also, I will be holding a few of you back for fill-in tryouts. With that conclusion, everyone is dismissed except for Jeffery Daniels, Lori Kippler, Daina Hurfington, Matherics Simpson, and Anelie Lies.” James looked down at his notebook and began scribbling down notes with his Quill.

Anelie looked sharply at me, “Why doesn’t Kathleen have to stay?” She marched up James and stood and foot shorter than him.

“She has a detention.”

I looked down at my watch as Anelie turned her head sharply at me, “Which I have to report to in ten minutes,” I winked at Anelie, “Have fun!”

I ran up the hill cheerily as I heard James yell, “Meeting tonight at eight Kathleen!” I stuck my thumb up to tell him I’d heard and continued to the hall. I felt my feet hit the hard surfaced of the cemented path way into the building. I looked back at the Quidditch Pitch to be sure I was out of view of James and smiled when I saw that I could hardly see the little specks of wizards and witches flying about. I made my way to the common room but stopped in my tracks as I saw Regulas Black standing with his back to me watching two other Slytherins I didn’t know walk away.

His hand moved to ruffle his hair as he turned around and spotted me walking towards him. His emotionless face turned into a scowl as he attempted to walk past me, “‘Aye Black!” I yelled at him as he passed me, “Hope you’re not doing anything that’ll get you in trouble.”

“Of course I’m not,” he said a bit too quickly and turned towards me accusingly, “You weren’t spying on me were you?”

“Of course not,” I said honestly, “I was actually on my was to my common-room from Quidditch Tryouts. That’s besides the point though. What were you doing Black? You clearly aren’t innocent in all this.”

He stared at me for a minute and sighed, “Nothing, just family matters.”

“Oh? How are you cousins? How’s,” I spat the next word out, “Bellatrix?” It was hardly a question, I did not raise my pitch at the end of the sentence and the curious smile I had on before I said her name and long since disappeared. What replaced it was a look of pure loathing, “Hope she’s doing well in all her bitchy glory.”

“She’s fine,” he said simply, ignoring my last comment. He gave me a small smile, “I should be off before I’m missed.”

“Yeah, see you Black,” I returned his smile with a small one of my own and gave a quick once over. He looked much like his brother, though he lacked the elegant hair. His was much like James’ as it was almost uncontrollably messy. Unlike James though, he was able to tame it with gel and a good brush through.

I didn’t bother to watch him leave, I wasn’t much interested in doing so. I continued to walk to the common-room, looking at all the portraits as I walked by them. I often received the double take then an odd comment, “Aren’t you the girl that cursed that poor boy on the last day of school?” I couldn’t help but smile at the questions they continued giving me, I even smiley at the fat lady in pink when I finally made it to her.

“Ah, Kathleen, you’re up early,” she greeted.

I nodded, “Yeah, James dragged me to Quidditch Tryouts. Could you let me in?”

“Password. James is a fan of that sport isn’t he?” she looked dreamily off into space. My nose crinkled in disgust as I muttered the password, “He’s a looker though. I can see how you two are related. Your parents were lookers.”

“Snickerdoodle,” I said again.

“Even Dumbledore thinks so, you two were quite lucky to have had such good genetics in your family.”

Snickerdoodle,” I repeated yet again.

“I remember when your dad and Harold always sat on that staircase in front of me and discussed girls and such.”

“Snickerdoodle!” I finally yelled out at the lady who insisted on babbling on and ignoring my consistent uttering of the password.

She glared at me immediately, “Why I a never in my life ever--” I opened my mouth again, “Fine, fine! In you go!” She opened the portrait hole for me and I waltzed right in. I heard her muttering obscenities until the hole was finally closed. I walked up to the bulletin where the Tryouts had been posted and saw in its place was the results paper. Under chasers I saw James’, Anelie’s, and my name. I smiled knowingly. Under Keeper, I spotted the name Leoncio ‘Maxwell’
had. I recognized him as the boy who broke his hand in the process of catching the ball. Before that incident, he’d done fairly well I remembered. He had caught all eight of the balls that the decent chaser sent him, that is until the incident. He was the only one who’d been able to do that, even when the chaser’s were pretty crappy.

I walked away from the bulletin and lied down on the couch. A cat nap would be nice at the moment.

I felt myself roll over onto my side with my nose touching the back of the sofa. I found that this wasn’t as comfortable though, so I twisted myself back around to face the flickering fire in the fireplace. My nose gently touched a cloth like fabric for no more than a millisecond. It was enough to force me to open my eyes immediately. “Oh Merlin!” I yelled sitting up and scooting away the person who was staring at me while I slept. “What the bloody hell is wrong with you?!” I moved my feet so the touched the bronze colored carpet.

Black laughed, sounding much like a dog in the process, “You’re definitely not like most girls. I’m usually complimented for those type of actions.” I ignored his statement, feeling it was useless to retort. “I can’t believe you’re still in your quidditch uniform.”

I looked down at what I was wearing and I was indeed wearing the dark red, black, and gold uniform for quidditch. “What’s it to you?” I stood up and was heading to the dormitories. My goal was vanquished as I felt my wrist grabbed by a large, warm hand. He tugged me so I was directly in front of him. All I could do was look down at his hands placement on my wrist and attempt to pull it away. His grasp on me was tighter than expected, so I gave him a cold stare. “Let go of me Black,” I demanded in a low hiss like whisper. I felt my teeth unclench for a moment, but when Black did nothing, they clenched again.

I watched him shake his head to the side in a ‘no’ motion to my surprise, “I can’t Stenson.” I’d never seen him with that expression. He looked serious (no pun intended) and meaning business.

“Why not?” I asked, my voice raising in pitch ever so slightly.

“You’re walking in the wrong direction,” he told me. I frowned and looked at him in question not quite sure what he was getting at. “James’ meeting is at eight.” I still didn’t comprehend what he was getting at. “It’s seven-fifty-eight right now. I thought it would be appropriate to bring you along with me unless you wanted James to murder you and be sent to Azkaban.”

I felt my head move up and down. I pulled my hand away from him forcefully, “Just keep your ruddy hands of of me.” I began walking to the portrait hole.

“If that’s what you want love,” I heard him say behind me. A low growl escaped my lips as I felt my exasperation towards the teenager. He somehow managed to pull every fiber and nerve in my body without doing much.

I felt my finger twitch wanting to grab my wand and shoot the first hex that came to mind at him. I kept in control though, “Don’t call me that.” My legs quickened in pace, I made my way over to an empty wall that would get Black and me to the seventh floor a bit faster.

“Why shouldn’t I call you that? It suits you nicely,” he explained.

I sent Black the ‘friendliest’ glare I could muster hoping he’d get the point. Who was I kidding though? He never got the point, he’d already managed to catch up with me by the time we reached the end of our little short cut. I opening the door and took and step out onto the seventh floor. I stopped on the outside of the exit making it impossible for Black to get out, “Could you move Stenson?”

I turned around to face him, allowing an irritated sigh to free itself from the inner depths of my mouth. “If you could please just leave me along for one day, simply one day. It’s not hard, just don’t look at me, talk to me, even think of me. Just leave me alone.

I felt as if I made some sort of impact on the grinning fool, at least until he said, “I’m sorry, that’s just not possible.”

I felt my mouth drop, my eyes widen, and my nose flare, “Why not?!” I yelled. I heard the echo chorus through the hall waking up or disturbing many of the portraits and statues who were trying to relax.

“You come up in topics of conversation a lot between, James, Remus, Peter and I, you know? After all, your James’ little cousin, therefore he talks about you a lot. Not as much as Lily, but still a fait amount,” he paused, taking a shallow breath but still grinning at me, “Not to mention your name will probably come up at some point during the meeting tonight. So, I’ll probably be thinking about you a lot,” he concluded.

I rolled my eyes and walked away, yelling behind me, “Just leave me alone you moronic moron!” I finally made it to the plain, bare wall that held the best room in the entire castle. I passed the blank wall three times thinking of nothing except James’ Quidditch meeting.

I pushed the doors open to be greeted with, “You are officially seven minutes late you two.” James stood in front of the new quidditch team, who were all sitting around in a circle. I felt like all the stares from the group were boring into my soul as I stood at the door with Black behind me, “Well?”

“Well what?” I asked.

“You know what. Why are you later Kathleen? Sirius?” He looked behind me at his best mate raising an eyebrow in the process. I felt Black shrug while he passed me to go sit next to one of the new members of the team.

“I was sleeping. I don’t know why Black was late, but I was sleeping.”

“James, don’t give her a hard time,” Anelie voiced, “She wasn’t even that late. What did she miss? The greetings?” Her high pitches voice was filled with warmth and humor. I walked to the vacant spot next to her with a grin glues to my face.

“Let’s get on with the meeting, shall we mate?” Black said. I looked at the boy who’d escorted me--in a way--to the Room of Requirements. The girl he sat next to had a small satisfied smile on her face as she analyzed his crotch. I cringed and looked away, not really wanting to see where this was going.

“Fine, don’t let this happen again you two,” James demanded. I nodded meekly, not caring very much for what James was going to say in the meeting. James glowered at the two of us as he stood in the middle of the circle, “As I was saying before two unnamed people decided to be late, We have five new members on our team. Two of them will be our fill-ins for this year, meaning they will come to every meeting or practice that is held and participate as if they were more than just fill ins.”

“If I’m not mistaken James, you said all of this at tryouts,” I said before he could continue on, “I’m not sure I want to stay at this meeting if you are just going to repeat everything.”

“If I’m not mistaken Kathleen. You had a detention right after chaser tryouts were over, therefore you have no heard any of this,” he replied, “Moving along. The fill ins will be Ronny McCune and Cerina Rogers.”

I looked at the two sixth years sitting next to each other. They were both similar characters as far as personality from what I could tell. Cerina looked conceited with her long midnight black hair and big grey-blue eyes. She waved and greeted the group in a snobbish sort of way, yet she seemed borderline easy to get along with. I smiled at her, she grinned back. It was sort of my way to tell her that I approve of her being on our team. I realized that she was the girl I had been looking at earlier staring at Black’s privates. I saw that his hand was placed gently on her knee as he talked to the boy on his other side. I rolled my eyes and shook my head in distaste for Black, knowing that this girl was being led on.

I looked at the kid names Ronny who looked to be in his sixth year, much like Cerina. He had roguish good looks with his chestnut hair and demanding air. It was almost like he called attention to himself. I could almost feel his bumptious attitude against my face as he talked to Anelie. He seemed to know that he was a good looking guy, I realized as he waggled his eyebrows slightly at my friend. I watched his hand in slow motion it felt like, making its way over to Anelie’s leg. My eyes widened and I took immediate action.

I leant in towards the to sixth years and reached over to Ronny behind Anelie. I tapped his shoulder cause him to retreat his arm back immediately. He looks at me as I lean back. I watch his chestnut hair fall into his deep blue eyes, he smiles at me when he realizes who I am. The smile soon turns into a smug grin, to my annoyance, I ignore it though. I stuck my hand out for him to shake, “I’m Kathleen Stenson. Welcome to the team.”

I predicted what would happen next. He was exactly like Black except different in so many ways. He bent his head down and placed his lips delicately on my hand. I looked at Anelie attempting to send the message of ‘Don’t Mess With This Boy,’ I think she got it. He lifted his head up slowly, attempting to amaze me with a small smile and the mystery of his blue eyes looking at me, “I’m Ronny, it is my pleasure to meet you.”

“Charmed, I’m sure,” I said with a roll of my eyes. I’m sure he was a bit put off with this gesture, but he said nothing of it. I pulled my hand away from his, sent him a soft smile and moved back to my former position.

“Looks like dear Carina is already getting mixed up with our infamous Sirius,” Anelie whispered in my ear. I laughed, having already observed this, “They suit each other I guess.”

“Now that you all have been introduced, let’s move on with the meeting,” James voiced. The room immediately became quiet, except for the extremely quiet Black whispering into Carina’s ears. James eyed the two flirts, clearly deciding that it wasn’t worth the time or effort to get them to stop. “The new keeper for our team is Maxwell Shad.” I looked at the fourth year sitting next to Black with an arm support around his arm. I gave him a smile in which he returned. There was no doubt he was proud of himself for breaking his wrist and making the team. He probably thought the pain was worth it. Anelie shook his hand, along with a few other people on the team before James continued with his introductions, “Our beaters being Sirius Black and Marissa Jordan.”

At the sound of his name, Black let out a loud ’Whoop’ noise that echoed in the room. He grinned at everyone around him in glory at being called a beater. Marissa Jordan looked much more modest compared to the grey eyed imbecile. She grinned proudly up at James with Maxwell’s well-hand on her dark skinned shoulder. Her black hair and dark brown (almost midnight black) eyes glimmered under the light above. She smiled at Maxwell after noticing his hand being placed on her shoulder and smiled at him happily.

“Our chasers are Kathleen Stenson and Anelie Lies,” he announced. There wasn’t any evidence of surprise but people still stuck their hands out at us and we gladly shook them.

Anelie cleared her voice, “Don’t forget about yourself James. We know you’re not modest at all, so go ahead and tell us what position you play.”

“I think it can wait,” he viciously at Anelie, “Our seeker, our savior, our reliant is Merritt Carrey.” The look on the auburn haired fourth year’s face was priceless. James’ introduction couldn’t have been more nerve wrecking than riding a hypogriff. He gulped slightly then smiled shyly at the group.

I leant in towards him since she sat next to me, “Don’t worry about that. We won’t place too heavy of a burden on you like that.” She smiled nervously at me. As a moved away from her, I could’ve sworn I heard her say ‘That’s good.’

“Lastly, there’s me. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m James Potter. Captain and chaser for the Gryffindor quidditch team.”

“I would have never guessed,” I muttered.

“I will be your coach, your advisor, your mentor from now on when it comes to quidditch. When you have any questions when it comes to Quidditch; I’m your man. If you have a new strategy idea; come to me. If you need help with a certain maneuver; I’m the one who’ll help you. Sure, you can go to other members of the team, but none of them are as reliable as me,” he paused, “Any questions?”

I looked around the room at everyone, no one had any questions. The only thing I noticed the hands doing were touching the opposite sex. Ronny was attempting to get closer to Anelie though she was trying her best to simply ignore him. Black and Cerina seemed to have a merry little time caressing each other’s legs. Maxwell was patting Marissa’s small, frail looking shoulders (slightly shocking that she was a beater) while Marissa had her fingers intertwined with Marritt. Young love right?

“Good, now that we have that settled. I’d like to go over when we will be holding practices. Mondays--” I decided to tune him out then. I observed the room some more because everyone was just too different and interesting not to look at. I realized that not only was Marissa small and frail looking--if not slightly muscular-- that she was extremely young. I was seeing her future through my very eyes right now. It seemed that thirteen year old knew how to work the men. She already had two hovering over her, if not on purpose. Leoncio “Maxwell” Shad was attempting to make her laugh, much to Marritt’s annoyance.

Marissa seemed completely innocent in all this, she was a good looking girl (as much of our quidditch team seemed oddly good looking--as cliched as that sounds) with an apparently captivating personality. She’s managed to have two boys’, both of whom are older than her, attentions on her and only her.

I moved my eyes to another couple in the room, if you could call them that. Sirius Black and Carina Rogers were both participating in shameless flirting with one another. He would continuously lean into her and whisper in her ear charming words that caused her to giggle. She would nod at some points and whisper suggestive things in his ear as well. I wrinkled my node in disgust before deciding to ruin their little fun, “Um excuse me Black.” I hadn’t really stopped to think about what I was doing at the moment, “Would you refrain from flirting with innocent girls at our meeting please?”

“Thank you Kathleen,” James said through gritted teeth, “I think I can handle this.” He turned towards the two flirts and said, “Refrain from flirting with each other during our meeting please.” I didn’t quite see much of a difference in the way he handled the situation, but I said nothing about it.

“You didn’t seem to mind us five minutes ago!” Carina said, slightly annoyed herself. I noticed that she was pouting slightly and rolled my eyes.

“Well, I simply don’t see why you can’t make your sexual affairs private. Do you want to get kicked off the team?” I responded.

James growled at me, “I told you I’d handle this,” he looked at the two black haired individuals sitting next to each other, “I was annoyed but I was going to ignore you. I think it’s a good thing that this wasn’t ignored. It gives me a chance to go over Rule number thirteen: All sexual activity must be held outside the pitch.”

“But the pitch--” Anelie spoke but quickly stopped when I elbowed her arms. James raised his eyebrows at her while she smiled innocently at her. What James didn’t know wouldn’t kill her.

“This isn’t the pitch Prongs,” Black told my cousin.

“Yeah, but no one want to watch you whispering aimless flirts into each other’s ear. Especially such an innocent girl as her,” I pointed at Carina.

“You know, I bet you’re jealous of Carina. I’d be glad to do the same the to you if that helps.”

Carina looked offended, but not as much as I did, “Oh, don’t start with the jealousy thing! Of course I’m not jealous Black, there’s nothing to be jealous of,” Black began to move towards me, “If you even try to make a move I’ll hex your nose right off.” He stopped in his tracks and backed off.

“You have a twisted way of hiding your undying love for me,” Black took Carina’s hand in his once more, it seemed that she’d forgiven him almost immediately.

“My undying love for you! Who the bloody hell do you thi--”

“Would you two shut the bloody hell up!” James shouted over the two of us who’d gotten more and more loud without noticing. We both settled down, allowing James to continue on with what he was saying, “As interesting as that was we have actual business to get down to.” It’s unfortunate Lily never gets to experience the serious side of James. I’m sure they’d get along so much better if she did, “This year, when you are out on the pitch, you will only be out there for Quidditch. No crazy late night fun or anything of that sort.

“This meeting is ending early because this whole thing as been aggravating. What should have taken fifteen minutes took thirty and I can only imagine how long the rest of it will take. I’ll see you on the pitch on Wednesday. Don’t be late.”

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Chapter 9: Procrastinating
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Side Note- One of my lovely reviewers mentioned in her review that James Potter was a seeker like Harry. To those of you who think this, I am sorry but that is not true. The movie changed the information of Harry getting his seeker skills from his father. In an interview with JK Rowling, she stated that James Potter was not seeker but a chaser. (This note will also be repeated at the beginning of next chapter since this was a note that was added in and some people were not able to read it. For back up on this information, google HP-lexicon.)

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Life at Hogwarts had changed drastically after the beginning of Gryffindor Quidditch season. We had a little less than three months to go until our first game of the year and James had us working extremely hard for two hours twice a week. It’d gotten the point of when we had weekend practices (once over the weekend and once over the week.) Sure that doesn’t sound like much I realize but the practices last over two hours and the team is extremely sore afterwords. The team had decided that after practice in the mornings on weekends to go for a dip in the lake to cool off. I’m sure we were flying our brooms in seventy degree weather, it was only to get hotter too.

This wasn’t the worst of the practices either. Once October was to hit, when we’d have a little over a month to train, we would move to four practices a week. Not to mention every other morning before breakfast, we were to get up at six and run outside for thirty minutes, then do thirty more minutes of drills.

I could only envy the other teams like Ravenclaw, who had always had a fairly decent team but was never overworked. Unlike the Gryffindors, they didn’t hold tryouts until the last week of September which sounded reasonable to me. James wanted to win the Quidditch Cup this year. We hadn’t won it in three years, so James blamed it on himself because he’d been captain two out of the three.

I pushed the girls’ locker room doors apart, allowing Anelie to walk past me to the lockers. After practice had ended, we were the first two off our brooms to get out of the humid weather fast. I pulled out my sports bikini (really just a sports bra and underwear that matched; I charmed them to be waterproof too.) “What a terrible practice,” I heard as the door creaked open. Marissa came and grabbed the same attire that Anelie and I were getting out of our own lockers. She was smart to wait to complain until we got into the locker rooms, where the walls were sound proof and James couldn’t hear.

“It honestly was. I can wait until October,” Anelie responded, “I wish he wouldn’t be so difficult on Carina. He should know that as long as she’s allowed near Sirius, she won’t play very well.” This was true. Carina was around Black almost as much as possible during practice, James never had the heart to separate her from him though. Instead, he thought it was best to bring her near tears which only worsened the matters because she looked to Black for comfort. Even as the three of us spoke, I’m sure Carina was giving Black a goodbye hug before she entered the locker room.

“It’s a pity those two are an item. I’d love it if Sirius wasn’t taken. He’s quite a looker if I do say so myself,” she said as she quickly stepped into the shower stall to rinse off the sweat that had accumulated in spots that I’d rather leave unsaid, “Sometimes, I wish I were her. Just to see what all the fuss about him was.”

“Actually you don’t Marissa, unless you want to get tossed aside like all the other one of Sirius’ girlfriends. If you can call them that. I don’t even think Carina and him are really even an item in his eyes, just another friends with benefits,” Anelie spoke up stepping into her own shower to rinse off the nasty sweat before entering the lake, “Besides Marissa, you do have a boyfriend remember? Marritt? The boy who loves you so very much?”

“Well wasn’t Carina bragging about how Sirius and her got together last friday all last weekend?”

“Yes, but that doesn’t mean he actually asked her to be his girlfriend. Did you know he rarely ask any girl to go steady? I think he’s done it three times in all the years at Hogwarts. The girls just always assume that they’re a thing.”

“That is true now that I think about it. I mean every time Sirius announces he has a girlfriend, the last at least three months and it seems like Black doesn’t have any girls on the side during that period. He hasn’t said anything about him and Carina being something though, plus I saw him with Stephanie Shephard two nights ago.”

“Well, I just hope his charade with Carina ends soon,” Anelie said.”

“Yeah, it’s not fun seeing the most sought out boy flirting with--”

“Bye Siri,” I high pitched flirtatious voice interrupted as I stepped into my own shower. I couldn’t help but wonder about all the nicknames Black was given. Didn’t he ever get tired of the usual ‘Siri-Pie’ and ‘Siri-Poo’ and even ‘Siri-Baby.’ In my opinion they were all annoying and overrated. If anything, Carina had given Black the best nickname I’d ever heard: Siri. Just plain old Siri, nothing added to the end of it or strange vowels added to the beginning. It was nice change to hear that instead of all the others.

There was long drawn out sigh as I heard a locker open, “Isn’t Sirius just so sweet?” she questioned to no one in particular.

“No,” I said loudly, but not quite as loudly as the ‘Yes!’ from Marissa combine with the ‘A bit,’ from Anelie. I rolled my eyes at Marissa for allowing herself to be so fondled over Black. She could at least try to hide her admiration towards the boy and show some dignity.

“I know, he’s just so wonderful!” Carina went on, ignoring Anelie’s and my answer, “There’s absolutely no other way to describe him.” I watched her bare feet shuffle past my stall. She opened the curtain to the shower next to mine, I then heard her turn the water on, “I mean, he’s an amazing kisser first of all. And you know what he calls me? Love!” I raised my eyebrows at this, at the same time, I heard Marissa sigh in the other stall. It annoyed me that these two were just that naive to not notice that he called all girls that. He calls me that and we don’t even get along.

I turned the water off and slipped on the my sports-kini (I was calling it now) at the same time as Anelie. We ran out the locker rooms past the guys who were now exiting and looking at us in question as we barely had on any clothes. They weren’t quite used to the fact that we went to cool off after a steaming shower and heavy workout in the lake with the Giant Squid. I could feel the eyes of the boys on us as we dived in the shallow edge, swimming around as if we belonged in the blackness of the lake. We didn’t stay in there long, for it was now freezing compared to the showers. We ran back to the locker rooms, smiling at Marissa and Carina as they walked out in pretty much the same attire as we did to go swim in the Black Lake.

Taking a shower before almost seemed pointless now that I thought about it. I planned to keep that in mind next Sunday when we would have training again during the hot day. I stepped in the shower for the last time that night and rinsed off whatever I got on myself in the lake. As I stepped out, Marissa and Carina emerged from the outdoors again soaking wet. I smiled at them and pulled my pajamas on. I didn’t actually care how many people saw me walking the halls in PJs tonight, as I was really tired and planned on hitting the sack as soon as I got back to the dorm. Even if it was only three in the afternoon, I needed to catch up on sleep.

“Goodnight everyone,” I said to the girls as I looked at my watch and realized we spent a collective hour and a half doing almost nothing except trying to be clean but cool down at the same time. It was verging on eight-thirty now and the sun was heading down for the night. It wasn’t quite as hot now as it seemed to be an hour ago, I couldn’t help question whether all of what we did was worth it.

They looked at me oddly, “You mean good evening?” Carina corrected. I smiled at her and nodded, not quite comprehending what she was saying. A chorus of girls said ‘Good evening’ to me as I left the changing area for the second time that day.

The journey through the hall in my PJs turned out be less eventful than I suspected. The odd student would do a double take or laugh slightly with their friend about my attire, but that was the most I got. Maybe they realized that I just came from a quidditch practice with James as the captain. Therefore, they didn’t question my motif because they already knew it. The most interesting thing that happened to me in the halls were the catcalls I’d receive from immature boys of all ages.

I made it to the common room a quarter to nine, which did not go unseen by Lily Evans. She was getting up from the sofa with Katy in her tracks when I entered the common-room. I smiled at my best friends, but all I received back was sympathetic smile and a look of disapproval. “Why are you out this late?” Lily asked.

“Since when did nine become late Lily, last I checked, curfew from sixth and seventh years was ten,” I told her.

“Well why were you close to the ‘normal’ curfew?” She reasoned.

“I was coming from Quidditch Practice.”

She gave me another disapproving look, “James and his posy were here forty-five minutes ago. What did you do to make you say late?”

“The girls and I all went,” I rethought was I was about to say. Surely swimming in the lake was breaking a school rule and in the mood Lily seemed to be in, I didn’t want to do any of that, “to owlery because Marissa didn’t want to go by herself.” I knew she’d discover I’d lied later when she ran into the other girls, but if she discovered me sleeping when she returned, then it wouldn’t be a major problem.

“Fine,” Lily left the common-room.

Katy came up to me with a smile on her face, “You’re pretty good at lying aren’t you? I saw you swimming in that lake earlier.” I shrugged, “I won’t tell her. She’s in too bitchy of a mood for me to get out any words anyway. I’ll talk to you later.” I nodded watching her leave with a slight slump in her posture as she foresaw the rough night as a prefect ahead.

Lily had been this way ever since she discovered that at the beginning of September, the two heads would be assigned a new common-room alone together. They would be leaving all in Gryffindor so they could sort out more business. It was pretty much a reassured fact that Lily was none too happy about this news.

I moved to the girls seventh year dorms only to find Patrice and Jennifer sitting in there as well. I smiled at Patrice who smiled back, “Nice,” she said observing my outfit, “How was practice?”

I flopped on the bed, turning my face to the side so I wouldn’t be talking into my pillow, “It was absolutely wretched. It’s only our third practice and James has already started working our every muscle and fiber as much as he could.

“Do you have to go for a run tomorrow morning?” she mocked. I nodded solemnly ready to forget about homework and just sleep. Patrice gasped as if she just remembered something, “Is it true that Sirius has got a new girlfriend?”

I shook my head ‘no,’ “They haven’t gone steady, and I don’t think they will. If you hadn’t noticed, Black hasn’t had very many girlfriends.”

Patrice (and Jennifer I noticed out of my peripheral vision) cocked their heads to the side, “He’s had tons of girlfriends Kathleen.”

“From the girl’s perspective, he’s only said he’s had a girlfriend with two girls in all of our years at Hogwarts. All those girls he snogs just claim to be his new partner. They’re all really just eye candy,” I explained as best as I could what I heard in the locker rooms.

“That’s true,” Patrice acknowledged, “Well then, who’s his eye candy of the week?”

“Carina Rogers. She’s on the quidditch team this year as a fill in.”

“She nice?”

I nodded, “Yeah, she’s pretty cool, it’s unfortunate that Black is going to break her heart in a couple of weeks.” I noticed Jennifer was soaking up every word I was saying as she sat on her bed pretending to read a spell book. Since when did she read though? So of course she was faking it. Patrice noticed it too and rolled her eyes in response. I smiled then closed my curtains and eyes, allowing myself to drift of into a deep slumber.

I stared at the long stair cases that sat before me. Maybe if I could just climb the first step, I thought moving my foot planning to place it upon the steps. When I pushed my foot down though, I never hit the step though. Simply air. I tried again, this time with the other foot. I took a chance glance behind me at the darkness that seemed much closer than it had just moments before. I didn’t want to be apart of the dark abyss that was inching closer to me by the minute. I looked back in front of me, knowing that the stairs was my only way out.

I was slightly startled by a creaking noise at the top of the steps where I saw a door open. I devilishly handsome man stepped out inspiring me even more to make it up the stairs to him. I attempted to go up the steps, but to no prevail. I looked up at the man who was holding his hands out to me and walking down the steps.

He took my hand, pulling me up besides him and gently placing me on the fourth step up. I found that I did not fall through air as he did so. I allowed myself to move up the stairs with him, seeing the bright door in my path. What was beyond those doors, I did not know, but I had a feeling that there was no darkness passed them. I looked at my savior gratefully as he began to say something to me, “Kathleen.” his voice was smooth, angelic really, “It’s time to wake up.”

I stared at the handsome man baffled at the fact he was telling me to wake up. From what, I did not know. , “Kathleen, it’s time to wake up.” I stared at him with my mouth agape. His voice had suddenly changed pitches to that of an immature boy who had yet to reach puberty. It sounded strange coming from his godlike body. “”Kathleen! Wake up!” he no longer was boy I realized as his hair began to change in length. My eyes widened as I looked at the ‘man’ changing in front of my eyes. His voice was now completely feminine, no longer carrying the mystery that allured me to him originally.

We reached the top of the steps where the bright opened door stared at me hungrily almost. I looked at the transforming man still holding my hands as he pulled me through the brightness...

My eyes shot upon, falling upon Katy’s bright blue orbs staring down at me in a somewhat creepy way. I stared at my friend slightly confused as to why she was standing over me, “I just had a good dream,” I said in my husky soft voice. I wasn’t really sure if you could call my dream ‘good,’ it was more strange than good. That hardly seemed to matter though as Katy stared at me expectantly.

I did my best to ignore her eyes on me as I closed my eyes again, hoping sleep would come back to me. It never did. I opened my eyes and glared at the the blonde above me. I glanced at the clock. Katy had no reason to wake me up at eight-thirty on a...Monday? My eyes widened as realization hit me, “It’s eight-thirty!” I shrieked, sitting up at the same time, knocking foreheads with Katy. I groaned in pain as I hurriedly got out of bed and changed into my uniform.

I looked extremely untidy, not bothering to check or fix my hair in the mirror. My shirt was left unbuttoned to the point where one could see my black bra emerging. My tie was hanging loosely around my neck, my socks didn’t match, and I didn’t even bother putting my shoes on. I could feel Katy’s gaze on my for the second time that day as she watching me in amazement throw my bag over my shoulders where it hung limply.

I ran through the great hall, receiving many looks (like always) as I ran up to the Gryffindor table. I smiled at all the students who had yet to go to class, knowing I didn’t look like the brightest star in the sky more like a complete imbecile.

I found my friends looking at me, some of them laughing, with their eyebrows raised. The marauders laughing as well at the sight of my disheveled appearance. I grabbed two pieces of toast and sat down next to Patrice. I said nothing to the people who left me in the dorms alone to oversleep. I noticed their contorted expressions as they tried to keep back their laughter, I glared at all of them as I chewed my food in silence.

“We tr--” Lily started.

“Yeah I don’t care,” I said standing up feeling my soreness from practice the day before in my abdominal muscles finally registering. I cringed a little but attempted to ignore it afterwards.

“No, Lily tried to wake you up. I thought you needed more sleep because last night you were so exhausted,” Patrice explained, “Then when you weren’t down by eight, Katy went up for you. It’s really no big deal either, you still have five minutes ‘til class.”

I stuffed the rest of my toast in my mouth and said, “Whatever.” Food particles showered over Patrice, on accident, as she opened her mouth once more. Her expression changed to one of shear disgust as she lifts her shoulder high with her elbows bent and hands in the air. I notice that she’s gasping for air, which she always does before she explodes, so I run. Only hearing Lily say, “Where does she get off doing that?” I run to my first class of the week, Defense Against the Dark Arts. I’ve had this class only once so far, which we hardly did anything. He just explained to all of us what we were in for this year.

“Morning class,” Professor Willis greeted us with a huge grin taped to his face as he handed us papers. I couldn’t help but smile up at the man as he gave me some white parchment that I paid little attention to. I realized now why Patrice was so caught up in having a forbidden affair with the teacher. He had dazzling good looks for a man his age, when I say his age, I mean mid twenties. His blonde hair messy and short on top of his head crowning his average height and muscular physique. It was almost impossible not to feel butterflies in your stomach. Of course, I won’t forget that when he just gave me whatever parchment that was, our eyes met and I got a chance to smile up into those beautiful orbs of blue.

I finally looked down at the paper he’d given us after admiring his arse, “As you know, the Halloween ball is two months away. As you also know, It’s the Head Boy’s and Girl’s responsibility to decide what the theme and date will be,” he told us. The paper was our ‘formal’ invitation to said event that lacked a date and theme, how coincidental, “As the representative of the seventh years this year, they have assigned me to help them with the decorating. I must get a team to design before the dance and decorate the day of the dance. I am allowing myself to pick five students to join me,” My hands twitched before I saw the collection of hands that flew up before mine. The likeliness of getting picked was quite slim now, “Of course, it won’t be quite that easy. The invitation you have there, on the back of it is an exam. Didn’t think I’d forget did you?” he looked at the group with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

“The top five scorers will be decorating the hall. Excluding James or Lily, so I suggest you try to remember what you learned in your previous six years at Hogwarts.” He sent a wink over in Lily’s direction, much to Jame’s annoyance as I heard him grumble from two seats behind me about professors messing with fire, “Okay class. You may begin.”

I flickered through the pages that had miraculously attached themselves to the first page of the test, wondering what magic charm or potion he used for that. I examined the questions, crinkling my brows at how easy all of them seemed to be. This didn’t seem so bad, five pages of extremely easy questions.

After Defense Against the Dark Arts, the day managed to drag on slowly through Potions and Herbology, two classes that I already have trouble staying awake in. My muscles had begun to ache more than usual during lunch and I nearly fell face first into the table as I tripped over my own foot. It didn’t help that I had become stressed after DADA when realizing the test was a lot harder than it looked. I’d forgotten almost everything we learned last year it seemed.

“It wasn’t that difficult Kathleen,” Lily stated as we sat on the common-room couch together doing our out-of-class assignments.

“Yeah, well we all don’t study for pretest like you do,” I retorted, my legs crossed with my notebooks resting on my leg.

She scoffed, “That’s exactly it Kathleen, it’s a pretest, it won’t matter in the end.”

I moved to the table after she did, sitting down next to her frowning, “I never thought I’d say this, but I wish I’d studied like you told me to.”

Lily looked up from what she was writing with the strangest of looks. Her nose was slight wrinkled, with her eyebrows raised as well as furrowed, with pursed lips. In the end, she rolled her eyes stating simply, “You disturb me. Not in a good way either.”

“I wasn’t awake someone could be disturbed in a good way,” I managed to open one of my textbooks only to stare at the pages with a blank stare, “That’s a bit frightening now that I think about it.”

Lily didn’t air a response, telling me that the conversation was over. I decided that maybe it was best to start was I had originally been planning to do when I came in here today and do my homework. It was strange to feel myself not procrastinating like I usually did when it came to pointless homework like this. It was befuddling to even me. I can only assume that this is occurring because I’m bored with no one to talk to--except Lily who is busy working. I moved my head from side to side dismissing the thoughts.

Lily looked up at the sudden movement, “What?” she asked. I looked around behind me to see if she was talking to anyone in particular, I found no one though. I looked back at her baffled expression which happened to mirror my own. “You were shaking your head, it looked weird.”

My mouth formed an ‘O’ as I understood what she asking. I had no idea that she’d notice such a small thing, especially while she was doing her homework. “For no reason, just shaking my head.” I bent down again and wrote down the third sentence in my first out of many paragraphs. I found I could hardly concentrate as Lily’s were attempting to penetrate my skull. “I’m serious, it was nothing.”

“I doubt it’s nothing Kathleen,” she said, “So what is it?”

“All I was thinking about was the fact I wasn’t procrastinating on this assignment. I almost thought I was changing, but I decided I wasn’t and dismissed the thought. Are you happy now?”

Lily chuckled and nodded her head, “Thoroughly,” she said with a small smile on her face. She turned back to her work, jotting something down that probably had something to do with the homework I was supposed to be doing. 

I heard the portrait hole creek open. My head immediately turned to the door wondering who might have been making their entrance, it was none other than my other best friends, Katy and Patrice. They spotted Lily and me then made their way over. I went ahead and closed my note and textbooks knowing that I can give up all hope on not procrastinating today. There’s always later that I can work.

“Hello girls!” Patrice greeted excitedly. She sat besides me looking between Lily and me as Katy sat in-between her and Lily. I acknowledged the two with a slight smile in their direction before opening my book and trying to work one last time.

I watched look up and close her book before saying, “Hi,” with a sweet smile on her face. I crinkled my eyebrows at the girl who just closed her book, the thing she was supposed to keep open in order to inspire me to do the same. Now I felt obligated to close my book again as well. “How were your classes?”

“Very boring, as always. I had arithmancy today as well, which was horrid because the professor decided to drone on and on about the number seven. I’m trying to figure out why I even decided to take arithmancy, it’s really quite dull,” Katy replied, placing her feet on the table much to Lily’s annoyance.

“Arithmancy is not dull, as yo u so nicely put it.”

“Then why don’t you take my place if you’re so interested in what numbers have to do with magic,” Katy fired back.

“I would if I wasn’t so focused in becoming an auror. All the classes that I have now are focused on my career, and as much as I hate it, arithmancy has nothing to do with becoming an auror,” Lily explained, “Why are you taking it if you hate it so much? You can switch out instead of complaining about it.”

“I tried to, but McGonagall said that arithmancy is a very important part of becoming a healer.”

I suddenly remembered the reason why I had to take a pretest in DADA today and turned to Lily, “So when’s the ball?”

Patrice perked up at my question. It was evident that she was extremely excited about the event that was to occur this year. Mainly because she loved dressing up and this was one of the few times that she had the chance, “Yeah, don’t think I haven’t noticed you neglecting this topic since everyone heard that you and James were going to be the ones to host and organize it.”

“There is no confirmed date, because there are so many good days to have the dance,” Lily said grudgingly, “James and I are meeting this friday to discuss it even further and to final--”
“You called him James!” Katy hissed in Lily’s ear excitedly. It had not quite registered that she did that for myself, but now that I thought about it, she did indeed. It was an epidemic, I’d never heard her refer to ‘Potter’ as ‘James’ since our first year.

“Well, what did you expect? Him being Head Boy is hard enough to deal with. Not to mention it’s impossible to work with him when he is constantly insisting that I call him by his first name. I finally obliged.”

“If you insist,” I said as a smirk played its way across my lips, “If you insist.”

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It felt like only a week had passed by since the beginning of the year one month ago. The school festivities were about to begin, which included the never ending dormwork that the students were about to receive. People at Hogwarts considered September the introductory month. It allowed students, and teachers, to get back into the groove of having to wake up in the early hours of the day in order to do things that weren’t really relevant to everyday life. Muggleborns were getting used to the life of a witch/wizard, a dramatic change obviously.

In October, it was a completely new cycle. Students and teachers had twenty school days to get used to the schedule, the work, and the other people around them. It was time to really begin the fun. For professors, this usually meant that their guards were let up and they became stricter, making it harder to get away with little things. If possible, it also meant that we would get even more work to do out of class.

For seventh years, Halloween was everyday in October, and the rest of the year, for professors would be stressing the fact that we have NEWTs this year. They assign bookwork that we will never need in the future but have to know for this test. It seemed stupid, but we had to deal with it.

Of course, studying and learning and cramming is not all that occurs in October. There is of course, quidditch. The season officially begins and practices really start to heat up, for Gryffindors anyway. Practices are only beginning for the other teams. The field is harder to grab because teams are now fighting for the best time and practice slot. Everyone is trying to get ready for the first game of the year in a little less than two months away. One always has to look on the bright side of things: though the sport can be stressful, it burns calories.

Of course, after the calories are burnt, out goes the galleons for a new dress. The girls, and boys, having just lost enough weight to fit into the perfect outfit they’d been eying for the upcoming ball this month. That ball being the Halloween ball of course, what other ball could there be. Certainly not the I’m-A-Winner-In-A-Chestnut-Alley Ball, that’s not until summer of 1987, ten years from now. No, the Halloween Ball is one of the few balls Hogwarts actually has. One can wear anything their heart desires and not be judged. Dumbledore and the other professors say it’s a bonding moment for the four different houses. That doesn’t seem to matter though. For the houses still remain in their cliques, trying to stay where they know they fit. The actual reason for this ball: To dress in whatever you want (which means as little or as much as one can possibly muster) and still not be judged.

Of course, with shopping for a funky outfit for the ball comes the need to relax off school grounds. Hogmeade, the student’s savior. October is the first month we are allowed to leave the campus of th school, allowing us to leave the stress and idiocy of school. The students third year and above go the third week of every month, with the exception of October and February, in which we go twice.

Today was one of those special days in October where we could go to Hogsmeade. The first trip of the year, which means a full day of doing whatever I want to. I almost felt sorry for the little first and second years who didn’t have the option to join all the teenagers, which is only a recent rule.

I walked into the common-room in the simple outfit I’d picked out for the day. I found Lily and Katy sitting in the plush and comfy armchairs leaving me with the huge sofa in front of the fireplace. I giggles with glee as I broke into a run, then jumped onto it landing on my stomach. I sighed as the softness met my body, closing my eyes in the process.

“Someone’s a bit excited,” I heard one of the girls laugh. I nodded into the sofa that my head was currently nestled in, “Why? Do you have a date you didn’t tell us about? Patrice does.”

My head snapped up towards Lily who had apparently been speaking before. I was apparently wearing my thoughts on my face as Katy began to answer my silent question, “”Oh yeah, for once she has a date that we weren’t supposed to know about. Maybe their serious?”

“Maybe, it is sort of odd that she wouldn’t tell us about it,” I replied. I turned my attention back to Lily, “Also, to answer the question you asked earlier, I don’t have a date.” I sat up on the sofa, facing the right direction with my head leant against the back of the couch comfortable, “So, is that why Patrice isn’t here? Meeting with her secret somebody?”

My two friends nodded their head before standing up, followed by me, “We should probably get going then?” I asked rhetorically making my way around the big, burgundy, mattress-like, couch.

“Aw, why so soon?” I rolled my eyes as a reflex at the arrogant voice that decided to air itself at the worst moment. I turned to him slowly, “I thought you three might’ve actually been waiting for us down here.”

I ignored Black, deciding it was best to block him from my mind completely. I instead went to say hello to James and Remus. Though, I was slightly disappointed when James made no motion to greet me. He seemed to favor the decision to pay attention to what Lily was doing. I watched his hand raise up to his head and ruffle his hair, a nervous habit he’s always done around Lily. I actually thought he broke the habit a while back, but I was apparently mistaken. 

He started making his way to Lily, so I decided I’d say hello to an old friend of mine, “Erm...okay. Hey Lupin!”

He gave me a slightly amused expression, “Hello Stenson, I wasn’t aware that we referred to each other by last name now.” True, his last name just sort of slipped out of my mouth before I was aware of what I was saying.

“Yeah, I guess I was just a bit too lazy to call you by your first name.” I grinned at the dirty blonde verging on brunette. I examined him quickly, a nasty looking cut catching my eye as I saw his neck. I internally grimaced, “I hope you realize that you have this terrible looking sore, or something, on your neck.”

His eyes widened ever so slightly as he glance my way and mumbled something that sounded like, ‘It’s nothing.’ His skin grew paler than it was just moment before while his cheeks flushed a pinkish red. Now that I thought about it though, he was paler than usual in general. Sick looking almost, “You alright?”

Remus looked my way once more, allowing me a glimpse at his blood shot eyes, “Yes, I’m fine. I was just up a little too late last night.” I nodded understanding what the stress of Hogwarts could do to a person. I’d grown sick many times just from a work overload.

“Are you sure? I can take you down to the Hospital Wing you know,” I told him, ready to grab his arm as soon as he said yes. He didn’t though, in fact, he shook his head vigorously telling me the answer was clearly a no. “Would stop being so stubborn. We’re going to the hospital wing, just to make sure you’re not running a fever.”

“No. Really, I’m fine,” he gave me the brightest smile he muster. That didn’t fool me though, I saw right through his facade.

“Clearly you’re not,” I grabbed his arm and attempted to pull him with me, “Let’s go, you need to see Madame Pomfrey.

I felt my shoulders being grasped by two hands that were pulling me back, away from Remus. I could feel a warm breath tickling my earlobe. I frowned, knowing that the person who had the decency enough to pull me away from a sick friend could only be Sirius Black. I shocked even myself at the skill I had to be still for so long as his arms wrapped themselves around me in order to take hold of my wrist. His voice came out low and trickled around the same ear he’d been breathing on, “Come now love, let Moony be. If he says he’s fine, he is.” Before I could do something, he let go of me and walked away.

I stared at his back but disregarded the encounter. Remus stepped up to me, “Thank for your concern and all. I can handle myself though Kathleen. If it makes you happier though, I’ll visit Pomfrey on the way to Hogsmeade.” I nodded enthusiastically. He smiled at me then walked away towards his other two friends, one of whom had the audacity to send me a wink. I ignored the gestures and joined my own clique.

I didn’t realize that I would have to remain quiet once I joined the two girls, for Lily didn’t seem to want to allow it. It seemed that as we were passively walking out of the room through the portrait hole, Lily thought it was necessary to rant on about how James attempted to ask her out again. After such a long period of time of being good too. I listened to her stubbornly, clearly tuning her out when the story got old. I didn’t even bother trying to listen to what she had to say, for I realized that Black had ‘Felt-Me-Up’ as Patrice calls it. “You know, the look on your face isn’t flattering.”

I hadn’t realized that I begun scowling at the very thought. I flashed her a false happy grin, only making her laugh as a result. I managed to turn my attention back to Lily who had yet to even notice the exchange between the two people she was in the middle of. Her rant had yet to stop and she was absorbed in her own hate.

“Lily, shut up,” Katy demanded. It seemed that Lily had finally pricked a nerve as we walked down the third floor steps, “Sometimes I wonder if you actually do like him, I swear. I mean, you spend all of your time talking about him, it wouldn’t be surprising if you did have feelings for him.” This attitude took me aback. Katy never gets angry, or at least, never shows it. I analyzed Katy and Lily’s expressions and realized that it was probably best if I just walked away from all of this.

I quickened my pace, spotting the marauders who passed us while Lily was ranting. I wasn’t in the mood to walk to Hogsmeade by myself, so I went and joined the three boys who were talking amongst themselves. I began walking by James’ side who looked down at the new presences beside him. I grinned up at him then placed my elbow on his should. This served as a difficult task since he’s a good for inches taller than me. “Cousin,” James greeted.

He looked behind me in search of something, “Yes James, for once it’s just me. No Lily.” I looked at the line we managed to form in the middle of the hallway, “Where’s the fourth member of your ‘group?’”


I nodded, “Dear Peter has a hot date,” Black answered, invading our conversation, “Where’re the other lovely ladies?” He too glanced behind us: searching.

“Arguing and the other one has a date.”

“Oh, I guess that means I have no one to hang out with today,” Black said pouting his lips at me slightly.

I creased my brows, “What happened to your lovely Carina?”

“I broke up with her yesterday. I was getting tired of her clinginess, it was getting to be too much,” he glared at Remus and James, “Little did I know that my ‘best friends’ would all ditch me for ladies of their own.”

I looked at the two boys in shock, “You two have dates?”

They opened their mouth to reply but Black beat them to it, “Oh yeah, they do. Lily didn’t tell you? Her and James are stuck together this afternoon to receive and to assignments assigned by Mickey G.”

“Mickey G?”

“McGonagall And Remus told Katy he’d help her with her costume for the ball.”

“Wait, you and Lily are going out on a date?” I directed at James.

“No,” Remus said, “I’m gonna to tell you what is really happening today. Katy asked me to meet her at two to get a male perspective on her dress. I said ‘No, it would ruin the surprise for me,’ then she said she wasn’t likely she’d choose the exact dress she showed me, but something similar to it.

“James and Lily aren’t going on a date either. More like being forced to hang out with each other for a whole day--starting at one o’clock--to discuss business. This business should be done by three or three thirty.”

I walked silently behind the boys putting two and two together. I would be able to hang around with my friends until one, when Lily and James would leave. Katy leave an hour later with Remus, leaving me alone with Black since Peter and Patrice would remain absent the whole day. I could always ditch Black and walk around by myself, then I would feel like a loner. It’s more than likely that I’ll end up spending that hour to hour and a half with Black.

I finally said, “Okay. I think I get it,” I patted James back, “Well good luck then, try not to be murdered this afternoon?” He grinned at me micheiviously. All I could do in return is give him a small smile accompanied by an eye roll.

“Okay, so is this costume--or dress, whatever--better than this one?” Katy asked holding up two dresses that were similar but different at the same time. She was planning on being a nymph for the Halloween ball, but it seemed that it was more difficult that she expected since she, along with Patrice, is so picky when it comes to shopping.

I almost didn’t feel sorry for Lily, she left fifty-five minutes ago to go begin her meeting with James and Mcgonagall. It was soon that I would be able to leave this store with Katy so she and Remus could begin their alone time shopping together.

“I will tell you for the last time, the blue one looks nicer on you because it makes your eyes pop!” I said loudly. She nodded, placing the blue one on the rack and handing me the green nymph dress, “Is this one for Lily?” She nodded, “You two are the same size?” She nodded once more.

“It’s be great if we were both nymphs yeah?” Katy asked rhetorically. I nodded and glanced at the window at the same time Katy did. I movement had drawn our attention to the two boys who were waving at us. “Oh, Remus is here,” she paused, “With Sirius. I’m really sorry that you’re stuck with him for a couple of hours. Remus and I will try to be as quick as possible.” I smiled weakly and walked up to the cash register, giving the money Lily had given me for her dress. I smiled at the cashier and went to Katy, handing her the dress in a bag.

I waved goodbye to Remus and Katy, then began walking out of the store, not bothering to check of Black was following. “Oh!” I heard Katy yell, “Don’t forget to get Alice a present Kathleen!” I immediately stopped in my tracks remembering that Alice’s birthday was tomorrow and I had no idea what to get her.

“You know, you can walk instead of block the door,” Black said from behind me.

I sent him a quick scowl, “Whatever, if you’re gonna tag along, you can be quiet,” I told him, “I have to do something urgent.” I grabbed his wrist, catching him by surprise, and sent the other two one last wave through the window with my free hand. It didn’t occur to me until later that the situation we were presenting looked strange to viewers who knew us. It looked as if Black and I were on a date, since I was dragging him along with me instead of simply saying, “You’re nasty, please leave me alone.”

“I didn’t know that you were so keen on me coming with you,” Black said dumbly.

I looked back at him as we walked seeing the smirk on his face. I frowned and faced forward, “I don’t see the point in trying to hide from you the whole day when you’re just going to stalk me. I might as well accept that you’re here and move on with my life. You should be happy, I’m making this stalking thing easier for you.”

I heard his bark laugh behind me as we turned into the only women’s undergarment store in Hogsmeade. Black’s laughter turned into a gasp then little whimpers, “Why are you taking me here?”

“Well, you didn’t expect me to actually make this fun for you, did you? If I’m going to make it easier for you to stalk me, I might as well torture you in the process. You know, I actually thought you wouldn’t mind this store that much, I mean, it’s filled with women’s underwear, that should turn you on, right?”

“No, it wasn’t really on my list of things to do. I do not want to be spotted in here. What do you need anyways?” he asked, looking around nervously to see if there was anyone we knew in here.

“A gift for Alice, I said it was urgent,” Black looked at me confused, “As in a gag gift. I’m getting her some naughty lingerie as a gag gift for fun, not to mention it might actually come in handy one day? Honestly, I thought you input would be really nice.”

“On the knickers?” I nodded, “Well, what do I get in return?”

I picked a very colorful bra and analyzed it, “I don’t know. What do you want?” I mentally begged that it wasn’t something sexual.

The look in his eyes changed as a mischievous glint in his eyes along with a roguish grin appearing on his lips. I immediately knew that my fear was coming true, “A kiss.”

“A kiss?” 

“Yeah, right here” he poked his cheek. I stared at him for the longest minute debating with myself whether or not he was planning something evil. I could see nothing out of the ordinary though, and the fact that it was either his opinion on nasty underwear or stand in the store clueless alone pretty much made up my decision for me.

I lifted myself up onto my tip-toes in order to reach his cheek, which was awkwardly leant closer to me. My lips were slightly puckered and my eyes were closed. When I made contact with skin, it was not the skin of the pale cheek I had been staring at before. It was something completely different Wait, are those? Ew!

My lips and face retracted as soon as I realized this, opening my eyes in the process. I took a few steps back and said, “You are unbelievable!” I could feel the moisture from his lips on mine causing me to wipe them away immediately. I can’t believe that I let something like this happen again...with Black! Not only did he practically steal my first kiss (which I do regret) but now this!

“I changed my mind,” he said simply, shrugging and placing an innocent look on his face, “An actual kiss makes this whole thing much more worth it.”

Unfortunately for him, the excuse didn’t work, “Yeah, I figured that one out on my own. Then what? Were you expecting me to fall to your feet and give you a proper snog? I don’t think so!” I picked up a set of lingerie I’d spotted earlier then took it to the clerk. I slammed the underwear on the counter and looked expectantly at the lady behind it.

She gave me a weary look, then gave the same one to Black. Apparently she’d witnessed the whole fiasco over in our little corner. “That’ll be ten sickles please.”

“Who would pay ten sickles for that?” I heard Black mumble behind me.

I couldn’t help but laugh slightly at his comment, apparently neither could the cashier. I, undoubtedly agreed but there was an inflation occurring and what usually cost five sickles was doubled. The witch smiled at me after I handed her my money. “Thank you for shopping at Witchlycarrying Night. Come again,” she handed me a small bag with the ‘Witchly Night’ logo on it.

I grabbed the bag, sending a low ‘thank you’ the lady’s way. I let out a sigh then turned around and brought my palm to Sirius’ face. The clerk gasped at the loud smack my slap made which brought a smile to my face.

Sirius’ eyes widened in question as he brought his own hand to his reddening cheek, “What was that for?” he asked in a squeaky high voice.

“You kissed me,” I turned on my heels, smiling widely at the clerk once more and walked out the door.

“Kind of a late reaction,” Sirius said from behind me. I stopped, then turned to him shoving the bag with lingerie in his arms and said ‘not really.’ His eyes widened at the thought of having to carry a pink bag that had the name of the underwear store written in a bright yellow and white. “No.” I furrowed my brows, not knowing what he was talking about, “No, I’m not carrying this for you.”

“Oh, too bad,” I continued walking on the pavement in my tennis shoes, him following reluctantly behind me, “You brought this on yourself you know.”

I spotted ‘Book Boomerang’ in the distance. The book store was strange, filled with odd employees and ugly paintings. Not only that, but the name hardly fit it. Sure, they had books. One couldn’t return them though, even if they aren’t satisfied. They had good books none the less though.

“You’re being unreasonable. All I did was give you one measly little kiss,” Black defended himself.

“I know you’re not used to hearing this, but I’m not like one of your petty little girl friends who want more once they’ve had a taste,” I told him, “It doesn’t help in your case that I really dislike you.” I walked into the store and grabbed the book I’d been aching to get ever since I read a review about it in the Daily Prophet.

I went up to one of the employees, “Um, excuse me? I was wondering where I could find Werewolves Prospect?”

“Follow me,” the twenty something year old man said.

Black followed the two of us as well quietly, which was strange. I was used the usual, ‘Oh I’m a sexy macho man. Sex me now,’ sort of thing. This silence was discomforting. “Here you go ma’am.” The employee named Jared, as I read on his tag, walked away after handing me the book. It wasn’t super thick, but it wasn’t super thin either. The perfect length if you ask me. 

I started flipping through the book pausing on random pages, then I finally read the back, “So, are you getting that for Alice too?” I shook my head ‘no’ at him then went back to the back of the book, “So you’re into the werewolf thing?” I nodded then. I examined the image on the front cover in intensity.

“So, you wouldn’t mind being friends with a werewolf?” he asked.

I looked up at him skeptically as he leaned against the shelf. “No, I wouldn’t. I think werewolves and what they have to go through is fascinating. What do you think I’m doing? Buying the book because werewolves are pretty? Because if you do, that not what I’m doing because everyone knows werewolves are pretty ugly.”

“Of course. Ever seen one face to face?”

My nose flared as my eyebrows crinkled even further. “Why? Have you?”

“Yeah, you wanna see one? I can--” he immediately stopped, his eyes wide and regretting of what he just said.

If it was possible, my expression showed my confusion even more. The fact that Sirius had even started this topic of conversation was odd, but what he just said was just completely bizarre. “If you want to show me a werewolf, that’d be really amazing. It can’t be that dangerous.”

He took the book from my hand and went to the counter, placing the book on top of it, “You know what? Let’s just forget I mentioned anything Stenson.” His tone of voice, though threatening and fierce wasn’t enough to make me stop.


“I said forget it.”

This was the second clerk that got to witness our strange behavior around each other. He leaned in and whispering something to Sirius that was inaudible to me. Sirius pulled back looking frustrated and mumbled loud enough for the two of us to hear, “She’s not my girlfriend.”

The guy behind the counter raised his hands in mock surrender, “If you say so mate. You two act like your married.”

“What?!” I said loudly, “Black and I will never be a couple. Never ever, never. There’s absolutely nobody worse than Black. So you can take back that ignorant, stu--”

“Oh, just shut up,” Sirius said as he walked out the door after tossing my paid for book at me.

I didn’t follow him though, instead, I went to another shelf in the door and started to scan it. It was the romantic novels section and I was looking for the scandalous story about a man and woman that involved a lot of sex for Alice. I remembered her mentioning it in a letter over the summer about how great it was and how much she wished she’d owned it. If she already had it though, I’d be able to read it myself without worrying about giving it back to her.

When I found the book and paid for it, I left the store to find Black waiting for me at a bench.

“What took you so long?” he asked getting up.

I scowled at him then walked passed him, “If you need to know. I was getting Alice’s second present.” I turned to him, quickly grabbing the ‘Witchly Night’ bag then walking off again.

“Where’re you going?”

“Back to Hogwarts,” I called behind me, “I’m done with my shopping for today.”

“What about the others?”

“They won’t miss me.”

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Chapter 11: Decorating Committee
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I walked down the halls of Hogwarts a week and two days after our treacherous Hogsmeade visit attempting to rid my mind of all the stress I’d collected that day. The beginning of the third week of October just began and I was tired and sick of school. I wasn’t kidding earlier when I said October was only the beginning of the students’ misery and the professors’ fun.

McGonagall seemed to be having the most fun out of everyone as she’d just assigned us our fifth essay this month today. It was on the book ‘Theories of Transubstantial Transfiguration’. It doesn’t sound the least bit interesting and I really just don’t feel like starting on it. Then again, I never do and besides, McGonagall won’t be surprised to see I that haven’t started on it yet the day that it’s due. It’s my nature. What exactly is my nature though? I haven’t got the foggiest clue, but I don’t think that matters at the moment.

I stopped in my tracks as I heard seductive whispers around the next corner, “Love, I’m sorry but I can’t continue on like this. It’s best we end it now,” the guy said. There was a whimper almost resembling that of a dog before the sound of footsteps headed my way. I didn’t bother concealing myself as I saw a flash of green and black robes pass me.

I decided to continue on my journey around the halls, be it I wasn’t alone, but I didn’t care. Again, I’m trying to become unstressed, and it’s not working too well at the moment. My legs started to move once more as I rounded the corner only to stop in my tracks once again to see who was standing there.

I groaned in aggravation causing him to turn and face me, “Ah, Stenson, lovely to see you again,” he acknowledged. I scowled at him as he walked my way but I stood my ground.

“I’m afraid I’m not too happy to see you Lestrange. Apparently, neither was that girl, she ran away right when she saw you,” I smirked knowing that that wasn’t what happened but happy with what I said all the same.

He didn’t seem phased in the least though, which thoroughly disappointed me, “Still have that same witty tongue. I thought I would at least get a bit more of a friendly greeting but that will suffice seeing as how it’s been quite a few months since we last spoke.”

I didn’t buy into his act one bit; he hated me as much as I hated him, why would he try to be nice unless he was planning on surprising me with an attack. After all, he is Slytherin, he’s cowardly and attacks a person when their guard is down, “I’m sure. Still bamboozling women in girl lavatories?”

He smirked, “Yes, that girl you say ‘ran away’ from me was one of them. She wasn’t feisty enough to entertain me.”

“Ew. That information did not need to be passed down to me,” I retorted, snorting a bit at his ‘taste’, “Rastaban Lestrange wasn’t entertained enough by a Slytherin, such as yourself? That’s quite surprising, you’d think just her antics would have been enough to make you cackle in laughter. It would have been for me. Honestly, it’s too easy for me to laugh at the girls you date, the ones that have raging hormones and all they think of is sex.”

The delicate smirk on his lips twitched a bit but otherwise, he was not phase, “Speaking of sex, how is dear Patrice Pilch? I heard she had a date yesterday. Tell me, did she get him in bed then?” He knew what he was doing, firing at my friend like so. I growled menacingly causing some of the slumbering portraits to groan and moan as they rearranged themselves in a more comfortable position.

“Keep it down, down there,” I heard one hiss tiredly. I ignored him though stepping forward to Rastaban Lestrange until I was no more than an inch away from him.

The scowl on my face gave my thoughts away, I was sure of that, yet, he still not flinch, “Don’t you ever talk about my friend like that. She is not like those you have dated.” He still did not flinch, but instead smirk. His eyes let out an evil twinkle and I stepped back, realizing the distance between us was very little.

“Moving on from this topic,” he said in a very businesslike tone, “Is that mudblood friend of yours still not dating Potter?” I shook my head, ignoring the insulting name he shot at another one of my friends. I was too used to Slytherins referring to people such as Lily in such a fowl way. There was no use in trying to stop it after six years of attempting.

“She’s not. What about your cronies, how is the other Black brother?” I asked, curiosity evident in my voice, “The little bugger has yet to bother me all year, is there something wrong with him?”

“You almost seem concerned for Regulas. Do you miss him?” His smirk grew and the twinkle in his did not cease to exist.

I shook my head, “I can’t say that I miss his constant bantering but I must say that I have some level of acceptance for him. He seems far better than his brother,” I answered. I could not deny that the fifth year did not peak my curiosity. He was so different from the other Slytherins, yet so much like them. It was only recently that I noticed he was no longer following me around, practically stalking me, and I have to say that I miss it. Just the other day, I saw him using his looks to his advantage, acting much like his brother. I did nothing though, he was no friend, only an acquaintance meaning there was no reason to intercept his idea of ‘fun’.

“Ah, yes, you don’t like Sirius Black very much,” he said as if confirming it in his head. I rolled my eyes, yawning and checking my wrist at my watch. It was now a bit more than an hour past curfew and there was no reason to continue such a boring and formal conversation.

“Right, well, I must be off. As interesting as this conversation was, I have to go. We should do it again!” I yelled at Rastaban as I walked away. There were complaints from the portraits about the constant racket that I was making, but I didn’t really care at the moment. I was too set on making it to the common room uncaught.

I continued to check behind me only to find an empty corridor, giving me the impression that Rastaban had gone to his common room in the dungeons. It’s a pity such a good looking guy is in Slytherin. If he were to be in any other house except that of which belonged to the snakes, I would most certainly be happy to get in a good snog with him. He’s not in Gryffindor though and quite frankly, he’s a bit creepy if you get right down to it. He tended to slick his hair back, wore the finest robes that anyone had to offer, took advantage of woman—but what man doesn’t do that—and it wouldn’t surprise me if he was into the Dark Arts like Severus Snape was.

They were all horrible influences on those who were only a few years below. I was sure Regulas Black would end up like the rest of them, which is a pity really. It’s just nice to know that the worse of them all graduated long ago. For example: Lucius Malfoy, Narcissa (Black) Malfoy, Bellatrix (Black) Lestrange, and Rudolphus Lestrange. The absolute worst of them all to be perfectly honest. They never liked me either, knowing that I was born into a family of blood traitors. After all, to them, anyone who has anything to do with Muggles should be dead or at least serving them.

I laughed bitterly when I reached the portrait hole, waking up the fat lady from her light slumber, “Why is it that you are so late young lady?”

“Periwinkle,” I said ignoring her question and reciting the password. She grudgingly opened the entrance, mumbling something like ‘insolent children’ as she did. I didn’t care though, quite frankly, I was too tired to say anything back. I walked up the girl dorm stairs and made it to the seventh year dorms. It was a miracle that I made it all the way to the top of the stairs without fainting from exhaustion, I’m sure anyone would be proud of such a feat. I pushed the dorm door open and walked in, tiptoeing past all the various items on the floor then plopping myself onto my bed. It took at most thirty seconds before I went to a nice comforting dream that included me as a princess.

“Good morning class,” Professor Willis greeted. It was the day we would receive the results of our test back, and I was not looking forward to it. The class mumbled their greetings in return putting a smile on Willis’ face, “Now class, this is the day you have all anticipated. I’m sure there should be more excitement than that.”

“Good morning Professor Willis,” we recited. He was much too happy if you asked me, there was no reason to be treating us like little third graders in a muggle school. We were seventeen and of age.

“Much better, now as you know, today I am giving the results of your exam back. Now, this is very much a contest and the top five scorers will be able to be on the decorating committee.

“Now, I do realize how absolutely corny I sound,” the professor continued, sounding much like a muggle game show host, which is utterly corny as he said. Apparently, the idiot next to me thought so as well, “Mister Black, do you have anything you’d like to share with us?” Willis asked in response to Blacks’ hideous snort.

“No, not at all professor, please, continue,” Black replied, plastering a smirk. I scowled and continued paying attention to the professor after sharing a knowing glance with Lily.

“As I was saying, I sound utterly corny and I’m sorry, not continuing on. Lily Evans and James Potter are automatically disqualified from assisting with the decorating committee seeing as how they have much more to worry about than how wonderful the great hall looks. Also, if you do not want to be a part of this committee, feel free to speak forth and I will appoint the sixth place the your spot. I will announce the top scorers at the end of class for there are a couple who have been picked from this class.

“Now, today’s lesson is on centaurs,” he wrote the name on the black board then proceeded on, “What are centaurs?”

I spotted Lily’s hand immediately shooting up, as well as James’, “Mister Lestrange,” Professor Willis chose.

“I’m sorry professor, my hand wasn’t up,” Lestrange said going back to what he was writing, clearly not worried if the professor was watching him as he clearly wasn’t paying attention to what had been said at all.

“Rastaban, may I ask what you are writing?” Willis asked, walking up next to Lestrange and staring down at the paper as Lestrange attempted to cover it up with his arms feebly, “It won’t do you any good to cover that sheet so poorly. I can see it quite well.”

“Go on Lestrange,” I heard next to me, “Go on and let the man see it. It’s nothing bad I assume.” I turned to Black and scowled at him. He always had to bud in, as if any of it were his business.

“Maybe you should just stay out of it Black,” I said, glaring up at him. He scowled.

“Why don’t you Stenson,” he shot back at me, mimicking my glare.

“Actually, I would rather you both stay put. This is neither of your businesses,” Professor Willis said calmly before walking back up to the front of the room as Lestrange put his ‘distraction’ away, “Now, I was I saying—or rather asking—What are centaurs?”

Again, Lily’s hand shot up followed by James, but he paid no mind to them, once again, “Miss Stenson. Would you like to share with the class what a centaur is?”

I looked around the room spotting Lily who was staring at me apprehensively, “Erm…” I began to stutter. I didn’t quite remember what they were, it was two years ago that we learned about them. How was I supposed to remember what they were like or what they did? “Well, I actually, I would not like to share with the class what centaurs are.”

“You should want to,” the professor pushed, “You did get the answer right on the test.” My eyes grew wide, I’d guessed on that question and he could clearly see that, “Well, you are a fantastic guesser aren’t you. Clearly you knew it passively.” He shot me a wink (which made several girls turn and glare at me.) “Okay, then moving on. Miss Evans, would you like to share the answer to the question.”

She nodded then began her detailed answer on how the centaurs worked in their habitats, etc. I put my head in my hands avoiding any eye contact with students at all.

“Excellent answer Stenson,” Black whispered in my ear. My head shot up, but I ignored his statement and made it look as if I were paying attention to the lesson, “Were you looking at my test for the answers the other day then?” Again, I ignored him, I wasn’t going to let him get to me, but he’d been annoyingly persistent since the day in Hogsmeade. “So you were, were you?”

I turned my head at him sharply and whispered viciously, “I did not cheat on someone’s, such as yourself, paper. I am not a cheater, unlike you, who might I add, has a reputation of cheating.” Someone who didn’t know Sirius Black might think I was saying that he often copied someone’s answers on a test, but he didn’t. He was naturally smart, which is surprising. I wasn’t saying that though, I was saying that he was a cheater, a woman handler, a stupid little dog. The worse part of it is, he’s knows it too.

“Ouch, you know, after our lovely kiss the other day, I would’ve thought you wouldn’t be so harsh to me,” he said, loud enough for the surrounding students to hear. A few girls began to whisper furiously, and I feared that the topic of our Hogsmeade kiss would become the topic of the day.

“You know as well as I do I hated that kiss. That you deserved the slap I gave you after words. It was nothing more than a second anyways,” my words were going to get twisted in the gossip, I was sure. They would probably turn it into something along the lines of, ‘You know as well as I do that waited long for that kiss. That you deserved the tap I gave you after words. It lasted so many more seconds than usual too.’ I hate gossipers.

He laughed, “I’m sure Stenson, I’m sure.”

“Thank you Miss Evans for the long and detailed explanation on the life of a centaur,” Professor Willis said, bringing all students in the class back to focus, “I’m afraid I can’t waste much more time. Your assignment for tonight is to read pages 489-492 and write a detailed one-foot essay on it. Now, on to the students who made it to the decorating committee.

“It seems that you, my NEWTs class, did pay attention last year and most of you made an O on your paper. So congratulations to all of those who tried,” he grinned at the students making many girls swoon at the mere sight of his pearly whites, “Now, I have to say I’m fairly surprised at our highest scorer. I didn’t know he had it in him, Sirius Black.”

I rolled my eyes and watched as Black stood up and bowed to everyone in the class repeating ‘thank you’ over and over, “Why professor, you are too kind.” He walked up to Willis and took the pass from the professors’ hand that allowed him to be excused from classes as the great hall was decorated. Many girls were giggling, some were whispering, and others were swooning (again) as Black strutted back to the seat next to me. I was sure that the giddy girls were now glaring at me, thinking that he and I were an item, if they only remembered that I was not sitting by him by choice.

“Congratulations Sirius, I’ll inform you of our meeting after dinner,” Willis turned to the rest of the class once more, “Now moving on, the fourth highest scorer is in this class and that is Miss Lily Evans but as I said she is automatically disqualified so the position goes to Mister Evan Rosier.”

Slytherin students cheered for the student while some of the other students clapped politely. Rosier didn’t stand up though and people grew wary of what they thought to be an attempt to get other people to do his bidding, “I’d like nothing to do with this professor,” he said, to the surprise of many people.

The professor nodded and quickly moved on, “Then Emmeline Vance will take his place.” I looked over to Emmeline, a Ravenclaw who sat next to Alice, as she stood up. I grinned at her as she walked to the professor to collect the pass.

As Emmeline walked back to her seat, it became apparent that Alice was politely raising her hand, as she always did to ask a question (I prefer the strategy of calling the question out to be perfectly honest). Professor Willis acknowledged her, “Professor, I was just wondering, why are the two NEWT classes combined this period? Is it because you needed to do that for the decorating committee or is this a permanent change?”

“Ah, yes, I forgot to tell everyone. I’m actually surprised to see that no one else has yet to ask as well. It is indeed a permanent change; I will be reassigning seats next class.”

Alice nodded and then smiled at the grinning Emmeline that was now seated next to her.

“Our last position was offered to a fifth year who turned it down so Kathleen Stenson will receive the last one,” I smiled and walked up to the professor while ignoring the cheers that Black was yelling out, “Sirius, if you would please contain yourself.” A chorus of laughter filled the room as I took my seat with the pass in hand. “With that, class is dismissed early. I’ll see you later this week.”

I collected my stuff and walked over to Lily who was talking to Alice and Emmeline, “—surprised that you didn’t get a pass Alice,” Lily was saying.

“I don’t see why, I didn’t even get three fourths of the way done. Besides, I would have declined it, I’d much rather spend that time with Frank,” Alice answered.

“Snogging is more fun, isn’t it?” I asked as a grin slipped onto my face. She simply nodded with a smile.

“Hope you can survive Sirius while you’re there,” Emmeline said placing a smile of her own her face.

“Oh, no, no, I have given direct orders to Professor Willis not to allow you two to do anything together,” Lily said.

“And when did you do this?”

“Before class started, when he told me who the people were who made the committee.”

“He told you?”

“Of course he did, I’m head girl.”

“Oh stop bragging about it,” Emmeline crossed her arms across her chest and frowned at Lily.
“I was merely saying that—“

“Don’t the two Heads have to agree on the orders given to Professors on such things?” Alice asked, staring curiously at Lily.

Lily looked to say something but I cut in, “Didn’t think of that did you Lily. It’s James who’s the other head and no doubt Professor Willis is going to go to him to make sure he wants the same thing.”

“James has improved though, I doubt he’d make such a juvenile decision and make his own cousin suffer,” Lily protested.

I groaned and began walking out the room, as I did so, I called over my shoulder, “Lily, it’s James! Use your head! He’s still my idiotic prat of a cousin who lacks common sense to the fullest.”

I made my way to the next class of the day, preparing to endure another hour with Sirius Black.

My day has been horrid, in fact, worse than horrid. Absolutely disastrous is a better word for it. I have had to deal with dear Sirius Black for the entire day, not to mention the rumors that have already gone flying around about the two of us. It’s really tiresome having to dodge the annoying girls that don’t like the thought of Black and I being an item. Black isn’t helping the matters at all either; he often supports the rumors saying that I am indeed his girlfriend. Sometimes he’ll go as far as putting his arms around my waist and not letting go. Now, you may be wondering why I couldn’t just slip away, but you’ve never been in the arms of a strong boy who has an awfully tight grip. It’s lucky that I did manage to escape by kicking him in the shins.

Of course, suffering the wrath of Black all day wasn’t enough for the professors. They have to assign another mound of assignments on top of the ones they’ve already given. Even Lily is stressed out about it, which isn’t saying much since she’s always stressed, but still. Alice and Emmeline even skipped dinner and went straight to the library.

“What in the bloody hell is a Billywig?” Anelie asked as she sat next to me and began piling her plate with food.

“A bug,” I answered showing all signs of disinterest in her question.

She gave a frustrated groan, “Really now? I never would have guessed!” In response to her outburst, I began eating a chicken leg, “Oh honestly, Lily, what’s a billywig?”

“It’s a bug that is blue and its sting causes giddiness and levitation. The stinger is often used for potions,” she answered, not looking away from the book that she was reading while taking down notes.

“Thank you, someone finally answers me,” she began eating her food like a starved animal.

Katy looked at her in disgust before saying something along the lines of ‘ruddy quidditch players’ causing me to laugh. Katy looked up at me in surprise before looking behind me, “Hello Sirius.”

I almost fell out of my seat but quickly regained myself before turning around. I became extremely conscious of the empty seat that sat next to me undisturbed and peaceful. I looked around the great hall only to see girls and boys alike staring at me in surprise, almost as if the interaction, or lack thereof, between Black and I was confirmation for the rumors. There was no one in the crowd that would possibly come and save me from having to endure another thirty minutes with Black.

“Hello Katy, wonderful day isn’t it?” he asked as he sat down next to me and piled up his own plate.

“Not particularly, why are you sitting with us today?”

“Yes, good question Katy. Why are you sitting with us today, Black?” I repeated.

He looked at me with amusement, “Well, Stenson, if you must know, I have no one else to sit with.” I glanced around the Great Hall spotting plenty of people who were staring at the back of his head with empty seats next to them. My eyes met his once more with a disbelieving stare, “You don’t believe me?”

“There are plenty of people around the great hall that would love your company.”

“Not any that I would feel comfortable next to,” he shot me a grin before continuing, “You see, Peter got sick and is now in the hospital wing with Remus cheering him up. And my dear best mate, James, has been stopped by Professor Willis to talk about something.”

I groaned, knowing exactly why James and Willis were talking and muttered, “Why me?”

“Because, you’re my girlfriend,” Black answered.

I stood up abruptly, “I am not your ruddy girlfriend!” I yelled, causing almost the entire great hall to become silent. I grabbed my plate of food and made to leave the great hall. As I exited, I distinctly heard, “Bloody hell Sirius! What’d you do to the bird?”

I passed by Professor Willis and James—who sent me a wink, “We are meeting on Friday after lunch Kathleen,” Professor Willis called out, thinking wisely not to stop me. I merely muttered an ‘okay’ before speeding away once more.

A/N: Well, that concludes this chapter. This was basically a fill in chapter that gave you bit more information on students that we have yet to meet. Especially the Slytherins. I haven’t incorporated too much of them into the story yet, but now we have just been introduced to Rastaban Lestrange and even Regulas Black.

I’m not too fond of this chapter to be perfectly honest, but it was a necessary chapter. Even if it was only a fill in.

Anyway, toodles!


Chapter 12: Shop 'Til You Drip
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“Guess what we’re doing?” Katy asked suddenly while we were doing our homework in the common-room.

I looked up from my own parchment and writing utensil, “What?”

“Patrice and I are moving into Lilly’s dormitory.”

“What are you talking about, Lily doesn’t have a dormitory.”

“As of today she does, McGonagall gave her and James the dormitory most Heads usually have,” Katy said hopping up from her seat and grabbing her bag,

“Why didn’t she give them the dorm earlier?” I asked, clearly confused.

Katy shrugged, “I think it was because the professors were too scared to allow them close so close to one another in fear James wouldn’t live past the first day of school, but since they are getting along so well, they just decided to give them a dorm. Anyway, I’m off to my new dorm!”

I stared at her back in annoyance knowing the exact reason her and Patrice left me to rot. I had to wonder why I ever bared to stay in this school, it almost seemed impossible. My attitude had managed to get so out of hand that Even Katy and Patrice had grown wary of all that was happening between Black and me to where they temporarily moved out of our own dorms. Don’t think I didn’t notice the fact that they didn’t invite me to live in there with them either. What do they want me to do? Commit suicide? They're leaving me with Jennifer of all people, which certainly isn’t a good idea because one of us isn’t going to escape alive. I’ve been inches away from hexing her when there were people still in our dorm, imagine how it’ll be now.

Jennifer is only a minor issue though, for there is one major problem on my hands. It’s not her that I wake up to every morning hovering over me making some strange expression. It’s Sirius Black who seems to enjoy sneaking up to the seventh year dorms every morning and making my life miserable. It’s not uncommon for me to go running our into the common-room with a towel wrapped around myself chasing after Black yelling, “Give me back my bloody knickers!” If I were my friends, I’d leave too.

Even Jennifer isn’t happy about Black knowing how to get up the girl’s staircase and into our room anymore. At first, she took it as an opportunity to flirt, but when she got the message that he wasn’t there to see her but to annoy me, she got sick of it real fast. Over the weekends, she knows not to even stay in the same room as me because Black will come in and make me wake her up early on her sleep-in days. Instead, she’d leave with her pillows and blankets and sleep with the sixth years, a few minutes later, Anelie walks into my dorm and would collapse onto the empty bed. Which is perfectly fine, because Anelie is much easier to get along with, not to mention, she is a crazy deep sleeper.

There was a soft hand on my cheek, mentally disturbing my wonderful dream. That didn’t really change much in my sleepy state though, I thought I was still dreaming. I thought that the handsome man that I dreamt of was here to give me all of his love. I grinned and touched his wrist and slowly caressed it. Something felt different about this moment though, the hand didn’t belong to the man of my dreams, but someone else! My insides panicked, my thoughts became riddled, my mind was in utter chaos.

It didn’t take long for muddled thoughts to clear, for the realization to come to me of what was really happened. There was an intruder in my dormitory. Once I mentally understood that thought, I sat up quickly, regretting it as soon as the action was done. My forehead was throbbing from the collision I just had.

I groaned from the pain as I clutched my forehead, feeling a small bump that seemed to form. I slowly opened my eyes for the first time that morning, narrowing them once I was able to grasp the scene around me. Black was on the floor nursing his nose that seemed to have been in the way of my head. Once he realized I’d seen him, he smiled while still clutching his wounded bone. Nonetheless, he seemed to be in a good mood.

“Sweet dreams ‘aye Stenson?” he asked, laughing at his own joke. I ignored him knowing there was no use in retorting. I grabbed the uniform that sat on top of my trunk and got up heading into the bathroom in my big white tee-shirt that covered my panties, noting to hide my breasts that lacked a bra, which I did successfully without Black noticing.

After I was finished getting dressed, I walked out and grabbed my bag, doing my best to ignore Black in the process. Him following me was almost worth it, for as I stepped onto the girl’s dormitory stairs, I immediately stepped off and to the side. He didn’t though and went sliding down the newly formed slide in a semi split position. All done by accident of course. That’s besides the point, the point I’m attempting to make is that he was following me like my pet dog.

“Stenson, I honestly don’t think that you should walk away from me at this point. I thought our relationship had become so much more serious than that,” he said walking by my side and placing his arm around my shoulders. I did nothing in response, having learned that it’s less stupid to not do something than to do something about Black’s behavior.

I looked around awkwardly at the people who were observing our interactions as they unfolded through the week. I’m pretty positive that it became quite obvious that the two of us were not an item. Yet, somehow, we remained the center the gossip. We had become the new James and Lily, except, in my point of view it was nothing like that. I’m pretty his thoughts were the same as mine. The whole school didn’t see it our way though. Girls thought the two of us were meant to be, just like James and Lily supposedly are (all of which is new to me). The male genders believe that Black is a desperate hormonal teenager and he is the old version of James while I’m the old version of Lily. Except we’re not...

Lily wasn’t too happy about these rumors either, she tried her best to stay out of the student bodies talks about people. When she found out that she and James had been brought into this whole mess, she stood up in front of the whole school during dinner and yelled as clearly and loudly as she could--while she stood on a table--that James and her were only friends, nothing more, that’s the way it would stay. James was happy with the statement, not that he liked the whole ‘nothing more’ part, but Lily had never called him a friend in her whole life. He was pretty happy about that.

I finally shrugged Black’s arm off, “We’re not a couple and never will be. Please don’t go over this hedge with this little thing you’ve got going on. It’s not working.”

Black sent me a mischievous smirk, “All right Stenson.” He walked away, leaving me in shock. Of course, that was cut short when he turned around and yelled loud enough for the whole hall to hear, “By the way! I do like you! You are, after all, gorgeous!” He turned back around to continue walking leaving me in a state of shock. My eyes were glued to the skull that disappeared through the Great Hall door. He peeked out once more, “Just kidding!” My muscles eased up and I could feel my legs again.

“Oh thank Merlin,” I mumbled as I continued walking passed a group of giggling, whispering girls.

“I don’t think he’s kidding,” I heard, “And if he was, than he’s a terrific actor.”

Oh, bugger this all. I was sure that this new escapade would be the next rumor I’d have to deal with. I can almost picture it: posters will be hanging all along the wall saying ‘Black? In love?’ then it’ll have a picture of the two of us. He words will become twisted, just like last time, and reformed. Because of all this drama, I will try to commit suicide by falling off my broom at practice. Unfortunately, that wouldn’t even go my way because Black would come swoop down and save me, making for even more rumors. Let’s just hope that that doesn’t happen anytime soon.

“What was that?” someone said next to me. I smiled over at the Ravenclaw next to me, Katherine Wilson. She’s a smart girl who has almost the exact same view points on the world as me. For instance, she hates Sirius. “I hope Black isn’t trying to cause any more trouble for you.”

I chuckled at the true conclusion that she concluded, “Of course he is. His life wouldn’t be interesting if he didn’t pretend to like me. I don’t see why he couldn’t have pretended in private though instead of announcing it in front of Bertha Jorkins and Amelia Bones.”

“Oh no way! He said if front of those two? That’s bonkers!” she glanced over her shoulder at the whispering girls, “They’re terrible at whispering.”

“Well duh, they don’t mean to be gossip queens,” I remarked glancing at them once again now being joined by other friends. Bertha looked at me and smiled appreciatively. I attempted to smile back at her but it ended up as more of a grimace than a smile.

“Stop trying to be polite,” Katherine said, “It won’t change the fact that by the end of the day, you’ll probably be sent to Azkaban for using an unforgivable on them. I think what we really should be focusing on is getting some food to eat.”

We walked through the Great Hall doors, “Oh great,” Katherine sighed, “Frank and Alice are sitting together today. I guess I’m sitting with the Gryffindors today.” I laughed at the girl who hated even an ounce of soppy love. We walked over to my table making the two love birds look up from the whispering to each other.

“Kathleen! Katherine!” Alice greeted excitedly, even though she’d seen me a couple hours ago, “Have a seat!” She scooted herself more into Frank attempting to make room.

The two of us squeezed into the little space that was left on the long bench. Frank looked at me suddenly, “Do either of you two know why Black came up to us babbling about someone being in for it? He seemed awfully chirpy about it too.”

“Don’t worry about it, you’ll find out by the end of the day,” I nodded grudgingly.

“Oh, that bad ‘aye?” I nodded.

“It didn’t help that it happened in front of Bertha Jorkins and Amelia Bones either,” Katherine shot.

Frank let out a hearty laugh, “Well Amelia isn’t quite as bad as Bertha, but still, you have something to worry about don’t you Kathleen?”

“Yeah, yeah, no need to rub it in. Now pass me the grits, will you?” I answered, pushing him playfully.

“Hey! No flirting with my boyfriend!” Alice commanded in a harsh voice. I looked at her surprised only to see her grinning, “I know he’s gorgeous, but no need to be flirtatious right in front of me. For goodness sakes, at least wait until you get in the common room.”

A chuckle emerged from my mouth, “Whatever you say Alice.”

Someone sat next to me and began piling food on their plate, “Good morning everyone!” she said. I turned to Lily whose cheeks were looking particularly red. My eyes looked down the table to James who was grinning as if he’d just won the World Cup. I turned back to Lily who was now looking at me with surprise, “You’re up early.”

“Black,” I said simply and went back to my meal. Katy and Patrice sat down on either side of Katherine and began conversing with the others, “So, what did James do this time?”

“Nothing,” she answered quickly, then asking someone to pass her the orange juice.

“Surely he shouldn’t be looking all proud for nothing. I’m sure much more has happened between you two than you are letting on,” I said, my purely whites showing as I grinned.

“Well, let’s just say my morning wasn’t quite as eventful as yours I hear,” she smirked knowing that would get me.

“It wasn’t even that big of a deal, my gosh, I don’t see why everyone is making such a big deal out of it.”

“Well, he seems to be proud of humiliating you like that. Did he really say he was just kidding?” I nodded and began to eat silently.

The morning classes came and went and soon after that lunch did as well. I pulled my decorating committee pass out of my bag and carried it with me to Professor Willis’ class. I attempted to open the door but it was locked for some unknown reason, so I decided on patiently knocking on the door. It took no more than a minute for someone to open the door, but I wish that that someone was someone else.

“Stenson! Pleasure to see you!” I groaned and walked passed him to an empty seat.

“Nice to see you showed Kathleen,” Willis said to me sending me a wink.

“Yes, so nice,” I replied smirking at him, then turning my attention to the door. I watched as Emmeline walked pass Black and sat next to me, grinning at Professor Willis. (She certainly doesn’t hide that she find the professor attractive, does she?) Following her was a fifth year Hufflepuff that I recognized as Laura Ridge. She was extremely nice and was very well known amongst her peers. She smiled politely at me to which I responded the same. Following her was a Slytherin in his fifth year as well, I recognized him as Aldérick Acker. I pureblood no doubt, though clearly not one too faithful to his pureblood natures seeing as he was sitting with a Hufflepuff, not to mention she was muggleborn

Black came and sat next to me, giving me a wink then turned his attention to Professor Willis who looked about ready to speak. “Now James and Lily should be joining us any minute to give instructions on what to do. After then, you will be paired up into a group of three. One of those groups including myself. Any questions?” No hands raised up, “Good. So it’s settled then.”

At that moment, Lily and James came walking through the doors. I waved to Lily who grinned back at me in excitement. “Hello everyone,” she greeted, “Now today, you have been picked as the lucky five who get to help James and I decorate the Great Hall, because believe it or not, we cannot do it on our own.

“Our goal is to make the Great Hall look magnificent and spooky at the same time. We have drawn out a diagram in which we were hoping to make real,” Lily said signaling James to open up the humungous diagram they did.

“And you expect us to replicate that?” the slytherin asked looking at the paper in bewilderment. I stared at it, the details were impeccable replicating every crack and imperfection the Great Hall had or was going to receive. The decorations were beautiful and I wondered where we would get such things, or maybe they’ve gotten everything that was already needed, including the not so beautiful things.

James looked at Alderick with disdain and scowled, “Well of course we are. Were you suggesting we do something else?”

The Slytherin seemed to ignore the dislike in James’ voice and replied with a smart answer (even if it was just stating the obvious), “Well no, I just don’t think we can do all that in one day.”

“He’s got a point James. We can’t expect them to be able to do all of this in a matter of three hours,” Lily said, smiling at the boy who grinned proudly.

“Well, dear Lily, I’m surprised you haven’t thought of this, but I was planning on asking the professors if they could help us out, not to mention we already have Professor Willis,” he gestured appreciatively towards Willis who was smiling proudly at the two Heads.

Lily nodded, “I see. Well then, since we have already solved this, it comes to my attention that we need items to decorate with. We have the majority of the things, but there are still a few items that James and I could not get. I assign Kathleen to do it with whoever James pick.”

“Oy! Padfoot buddy! You can do it too!” James yelled out unnecessarily.

“Thanks Prongs!” Black yelled back. I groaned and glared at the two Heads in front of me, “Now we can be together Stenson!”

Everyone, including Lily, began laughing and all I could do was glare at the air in front of me attempting to think of any possible way I could get out of this, “Erm. I have to go dress shopping tomorrow though.”

“Oh don’t worry, you’ll be able to get that in, it’s only a few stops you’ll have to make,” James told me, though I hardly believed him when he had such an evil look in his eyes.

“Right,” I said, “Well, if you could just give me the list, I’ll be off then.”

Lily motioned to get the list for me, but James snatched it out of reach, “You know,” he then began, “Instead of getting the professors to help, other than you Professor Willis, why don’t we just get some poor seventh years to help us,” he turned to Lily, “Like I suggested earlier Lily.”

“We can’t do that because this is a privilege James. We did the contest because it would push the students to do better on their exam. There is no reason to just ask students when you can do something that will help them academically and help the school,” Lily argued.

“Actually,” I retorted, “I really don’t see how the Professors, other than you Professor Willis, can help. They’ll all want to do it their own way and you’ll get horribly mad Lily, which will cause them to give you, the Head Girl, detention. Besides, I wouldn’t have accepted it if I knew it was going to be doing so much work.”

“I hate to say it, but Stenson’s got a point,” Sirius pointed out causing me to grin with pride.

“Oh, fine, ask the students to help us, I don’t bloody care anymore,” Lily took the paper from James once more and handed it to me, “Don’t lose it, I have no more copies.” I nodded then left the room followed by Emmeline.

“Well, that was interesting, no doubt James and Lily will be bickering about this later on,” Emmeline said notably as she looked behind her to spot James and Lily arguing with Professor Willis trying to calm them down. She turned to me and smiled sympathetically and said, “And poor you, having to be stuck with Black all. That must be torture.”

“Oh believe me, I won’t be the one getting tortured,” I smirked, “Hopefully, he’ll be better than he was last time I was stuck in Hogsmeade with him. Not to mention I’m probably going to have to shop for my costume with him. How horrible is that?”

Emmeline laughed at my overacting, “You’ll make it through this one, s’not like you have an option either so you’ll have to deal with it no matter what.” She patted me on the back comfortingly, “You’ll be okay, it’s not ‘til tomorrow anyway.”

“Yeah, I guess. We should probably get back to classes then,” she nodded and waved goodbye before turning around and heading in the opposite direction. Once she was out of hearing distance, I muttered, “Oh bloody hell, I’ll probably kill Black before todays out.”

“You’d think the wizarding world would have more pumpkins than this,” I mumbled under my breath as I walked side by side with Sirius the next day at Hogsmeade, “Clearly there is no Halloween spirit today.”

Black nodded mutely, looking through random store windows for creepy-looking-brooms to serve as Halloween Decorations. “I feel stupid. Why are we looking for boring, muggle items. Shouldn’t we be looking for something that wizards buy?” Black asked naively, “Not to mention, all these gorgeous birds keep looking at me funny because I’m with you.”

I rolled my eyes and said slightly annoyed, “Oh, bloody-freaking-fantastic, I get to hear more about how you’ve been punished for being so good looking by having to walk with me. Are you really that girl obsessed? To have to make sure you flirt with every good looking one you see?” I asked rhetorically, “You know, I bet you couldn’t go a month without snogging a girl Black.”

“Is that a challenge?” Black asked, quirking his eyebrow up and smirking down at me.

“You take everything as challenge Black.”

“So is that a no?”

I turned around sharply and poked him hard in the chest, “Yes, now will you please stay quiet. You were doing so well before.”

“Wait, yes that’s a challenge or yes that’s a no?” I said nothing, “Yes that’s a no it is. You do know that you started this conversation right?”

Again, I turned around and began to walk away. I was going to take a shot at ignoring the prat and maybe he’d just disappear. James and Lily must have been out of their mind when they assigned me with him.

I looked down at the list and scanned it once more. I wasn’t too sure where I was supposed to get an Illusions-To-Fit-Your-Needs Kit or a Décor-For-Armor Kit but I was sure they were both being sold in the same place. It made no sense to get any of this stuff for a Halloween Ball anyways, of course, no one ever consider the Halloween Ball a ball. It was more like a giant party, but the name made it sound so much more appealing.

I looked behind me at Black and saw him staring at his own list with furrowed brows. His was different than mine, it was James’ list and I was almost positive Fire Whiskey was somewhere on there. Again, my eyes rolled at my own thought as I turned and stared at the stores around me. I’d never known Hogsmeade was so big; it doesn’t look it in the slightest.

“You still need to buy your costume after this?” Black called out to me. Without turning around I called out ‘Yes’ and continued on me way. He said nothing after which was absolutely thrilling. If only it was a daily occurrence.

With an hour left to spare, Black and I walked into the shop Katy and I went to last time where we separated into our gender sections. I began sorting through the racks looking for the style that fit me. I briefly scanned what I call the ‘Bird’s-Eye-View’ section that was put up every Halloween. You can only guess what that means…

I moved on to a wrack that was more of my style, but was interrupted by a brief tapping, “Black, I’m busy,” I said not bothering to look behind me.

“Ma’am?” the voice asked, though it clearly was not Black’s. No, it was too feminine and sweet sounding to be Black’s voice. I turned around slowly, my eyes wide with surprise as I a petite older lady came into view. I smiled sheepishly, “I’m sorry, did I surprise you?”

I let out a low chuckle, “No, not at all. I just expected it to be that boy over there,” I said pointing to Black, “He’s been pestering me all day.”

“Oh, well that’s a pity. Handsome, he is,” she said giving me a wink before looking at the rack that now stood behind me, “Would you like any help deary?”

How adorable was she? She reminded me of one of those cute, petite grandmothers that wouldn’t stop giving you things and would make you eat and eat. She was thin and no more than five feet, she was just so adorable, “Actually, yes. You see, I was looking for a dress for the Halloween Ball at Hogwarts and I was sort of going for the gorgeous evil witch theme. Do you have anything like that?”

The lady looked around the store and her eyes fell upon a manikin dressed in what seemed to look almost exactly the same as the image I had in my head, “Would this be what you had in mind?”

I grinned, “Yes! That would be perfect!”

“Good!” I watched as she pulled out her wand and flicked it. Soon a stool came flying out of a door in the back and landed right in front of me, “I’m going to be taking your measurements, so please, stand on this.”

I nodded and stepped up making me tower over her by at least a head’s length. I looked around the store toward Black who was looking through the racks still with one costume in his hand. My attention was pulled away from him rather quickly when a flying measurement tape was in my face. I gasped from the surprise, but managed to quickly compose myself and not fall off the stool from lack of coordination.

“Well, you’re a tiny girl aren’t you,” the lady said smiling up at me.

“I don’t know if I should be the one talking Miss…”

“Mrs. Gladrags, hence the name of the store, ‘Gladrags Wizardwear’.”

“Oh! That makes sense!”

“Yes deary, indeed it does,” she said flicking her wand again causing the tape to stop and place themselves back in her pocket, “I’ve got your measurements now, let me just get you the dress.”

She went into the back and in less than six seconds came out with the exact same dress as the manikin, “Er, thank you. Would you happen to have any shoes that would go with this dress?”

She flicked her wand and a pair of shoes came flying into her hands. She quickly handed them to me, “One size fits all. Now hurry deary, it seems your boyfriend is waiting for help.” She then started to rush off to the counter.

I followed in her steps, a look of surprise written all over my face, I was sure, “He’s definitely not my boyfriend.”

She ringed the clothes up and looked at me with a mischievous glimmer, “Whatever you say deary. That’ll be two galleons, three sickles, and a knut.” I handed her the money and said goodbye.”

I handed her the money and watched as she put my purchase in a bag and handed it to me, “Have a nice day Mrs. Gladrags.”

“You too dear.”

I walked over to Black and watched as he attempted to pick a costume, “Hurry up Black, it doesn’t take all day. We only have thirty minutes left.” I checked my watch to see if I was correct, and I was of course.

“It takes a long time to find something perfect for such perfection,” he retorted still looking through things.

Thirty minutes later Black walked out of the store with his bag and looked down at me, “What are you waiting for? We have to go.”

I rolled my eyes and got up from my spot on a bench and began to walk towards the carriages. My eyes widened as I watched the carriages begin to move toward Hogwarts as the six o’clock bell rang out signaling that it was time to go back. My heartbeat skipped a beat than began back up in a very rapid pace. With Black by my side, we sped up into a fast walking pace―quite stupid of us really. I groaned as the carriages sped up causing myself and black to speed up as well. It wasn’t too long until we had to break out into a full out run.

It was only a minute past six and the carriages weren’t too far at this point. That didn’t mean I wasn’t thoroughly pissed at Black at this moment. We could’ve been on the carriages ages ago if he hadn’t taken thirty minutes trying to pick out the costume he wanted. It was sickening that I had to resort to sitting outside on the bench looking like a restless kitten being forced to sit down while she waited for her owner to say she could move...Horrible metaphor, I know, but you catch my drift. “Sirius, this is your entire fault!” I yelled causing me to get several looks from witches and wizards nearby.

He gave me an incredulous look then breathed out, “And how is that, exactly?”

“If you hadn’t been staring at that damn broom for thirty minutes, I wouldn’t only have had an hour left to get my dress and my shoes! Then you spend another hour looking for your dress. That’s thirty minutes longer than I did and I’m a girl!” I yelled again beginning to lose my breath.

“Since when did I start wearing dresses? And stop overreacting about this; it’s not like we are that late!” Black said as a drop of water hit the bridge of my nose. I looked up at the dark clouds now covering the sky and saw that many droplets were pursuing their way to the ground. It took no more than 15 seconds to start pouring and my clothes were soon soaked. Finally catching up to the carriages in our exhausted state with 10 extra pounds on us because of the water weighing our clothes down, I attempted to grab the handle that got be onto the carriage. My hand was slippery though, as was the handle, and it slipped off, “I’ll push you in! Just grab the handle!” I did as Black said as felt his palm push the small of my back up and I had managed to collapse on one of the benches. I knelt down and allowed my breathing to slowly subside as Black joined me in the carriage.

When I realized it was safe to talk, I turned to Black and said, “You know, you are really getting on my-“

“Wait!” Black he interrupted rather rudely, a grin forming on his face.

I began looking out the window towards this couple arguing about being too rushed. I rolled my eyes thinking of the stupid thing he was probably going to say and irritably asked, “What?”

He let out a low chuckle, “You…” He almost seemed hesitant now, almost as if he didn’t want to ruin it if he told me.

“Spit it out already,” I said growing more impatient by the minute.

“You called me Sirius,” he told me sounding as if he were a four year old who just got a Honeydukes sweet. Then I realized he was right…

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Chapter 13: Suffering
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This week has been living nightmare, and I mean that quite literally. Ever since I called Black ‘Sirius’, I’ve had to suffer turmoil with him almost every day. He won’t stop pestering me in class, he won’t stop following me everywhere, and he won’t stop telling everyone that I called him by his first name. Honestly, just by accidentally calling him that, his ego managed to boost up about ten times. Now, he’s convinced that I have been secretly pining for him for the last four years. He’s such a prat.

James isn’t helping either, ever since he found out about the incident, he’s been supporting Black. Of course, he must suffer with the silent treatment until he stops, not to mention the miscellaneous hexes that I randomly place upon him and Black. I’ve convinced Lily to stop going to head meetings alone with him too (even if there has only been one head’s meeting since the last Hogsmeade visit). She agreed after realizing that Black was now harassing me twenty-four-seven and she wouldn’t be able to hang out with me if she didn’t do something. 

It was only yesterday that he finally stopped because Lily was threatening to give James and him three months of detention with Slughorn if they didn’t. Everyone knows that detention with Slughorn is as bad as it can get. Most of the time, you’re sitting there having to listen to his lectures about potions, or helping him out with planning Slug Club meetings or parties. It’s very rare that he leaves you alone to do some annoying chore for the school’s benefit. So, it’s best not to be around Slughorn longer than the one—sometimes two—hour period that you are required more than once a week.

Black and James have managed to steer clear of Slughorn’s detentions when they get them, Anelie unfortunately hasn’t. You see, Anelie is my personal body guard apparently. Ever since she witnessed the horrible treatment I was getting from my own cousin and his best friend, she’d been following me around whenever she could and when Black and James would show up, she threatened them. Her threats were idiotic, but enough to get to two boys to leave me alone whenever she was in my presence. Unfortunately, she’s doesn’t have classes with me, and those are the worst times of the day. When I am forced to sit next to Black for the duration of at least an hour.

“Stenson,” Black whispered in my ear as I tried to focus on what Professor McGonagall was saying and continued writing my notes down, “Oh Stenson, I know you hear me. I know you want me, I know you ne—“

“What?!” I hissed back at him not looking up from my paper. I knew he was grinning though, happy that he got his way. It was becoming more difficult as time went on to ignore him every day in class, and today was no exception.

Professor McGonagall cleared her throat and warily glanced over at me as I snapped my head up in annoyance. She looked from me to Black then rolled her eyes in a un professor-like nature. She continued with her lesson, showing the students how to successfully turn a feather into a box. I highly doubted that this lesson would ever come in handy during life after Hogwarts, but you never know.

I shot Black a glare before continuing my notes as McGonagall demonstrated the wand movements. An entire minute passed by and Black had yet to continue bothering me. Maybe he’s realized that I hate him and want nothing to do with him. I took my wand out with a new found confidence and went ahead and started to practice as many other kids were doing. Swish, flick, tap, I continued to repeat to myself in my head. My mouth opened and I began to say the spell. I’d only just finished the first syllable when Black took my wand from my hand in less than a second.

I turned towards Black, whose smirk was placed elegantly upon his face, and glared, “Black, give me back my wand.” I said gently. I attempted to grab it, but he simply moved the wand out of my reach. This action seemed to annoy me even more, it was if he were trying to flirt with me the ‘typical guy’ way.

I leaned backwards a little before saying, “I don’t think I will,” he said, smirking still. He put the wand behind his back and said, “You want it? Come get it.”

I rolled my eyes and stuck out my hand impatiently. I wasn’t falling for that trick, “Black, I suggest you give me the wand or else.”

“Or else what?”

“Or else this: Black, give me back my bloody wand!” I yelled, silencing the entire class. I allowed my anger to finally emerge knowing that McGonagall wouldn’t blame me for this incident. Not since my wand has been taken involuntarily from me.

Black’s eyes widened and moved to the figure standing in front of us, “Mr. Black, please give Miss Stenson her wand back. Now.” Her eyes followed Black’s hand as he reached forward to give the wand back to me. I snatched it away and scooted as far away I could possibly go and was about to start practicing again until McGonagall interrupted me, “I would like you two to leave my class this instance.”

I dropped my wand and stared up at the aging woman who was my professor with wide eyes, “Professor, you must be kidding me.”

She looked down at me sadly and shook her head ‘no’, “I’m sorry Miss Stenson, but I, as well as the rest of the staff, am tired of these continuous outburst from you,” she turned to look at Black with a not so pitying stare, “You Mr. Black will be in detention tonight. The staff is tired of you causing Miss Stenson to yell during class.” She turned so she could look at the two of us, “If a teacher comes to me reporting that either of you have caused trouble in their class then that will be a week’s worth of detention for the two of you. If that happens than you will be spending it together.”

“But Professor, I—“

“Out Miss Stenson,” she said calmly and pointed towards the door that Black was already exiting.

I gave her one more pleading look, but after realizing that she wasn’t planning on changing her mind anytime soon, I grabbed my stuff and left in a huff daring myself not to look back at Lily to see her reaction. I was almost positive that she pitied me and was disappointed with me at the same time. It’s the way she works, I guess.

Black was leaning against the wall outside the classroom waiting for my arrival. I paid no mind to him as he walked in step with me. We still had an hour and a half until our next class and it was clear neither of us really cared. It surprised me when he said nothing as we walked side by side, me practically ignoring his existence, him winking at the few students left in the hall that happened to be the same gender as me.

“So, Stenson,” he began. I ignored him and sped my pace up, he kept up easily though, almost as if there were no effort, “What do you want to do now that we are all alone?” He was flirting, or purring, no actually, it was a combination of the two.

I continued to ignore him as I began walking up the flight of stairs that led me right to the common room. He didn’t seem discouraged though and pursued more. His tone was lighter though when he spoke with a less flirtatious tone, which pleased me thoroughly, “I’m serious, wha—“.

“I know you are. No reason to state the obvious.”

He glanced down at me warily, “That gets extremely annoying you know. When girls do it ‘specially. As I was saying,” he continued on, “What do you want to do? I’m not keen on spending the next couple of hours by myself.”

“Well, I’m not keen on spending it with you Black. I’m sure there is some girl around that you can shag senseless,” he didn’t move, “Go on, go looking for that special girl.”

He chuckled, “I would, but I don’t feel like it.”

“And why not?” I asked, appalled that he was insisting on staying with me when I’d asked to politely go shag some girl. He would usually jump at the offer.

“Well, a guy gets tired of clingy girls throwing themselves at you. I need a break, and I know as much as you hate this, you are perfect for it.”

“I’m not going to sha—“

“Bollocks, I don’t mean that at all. I promise you that’d I’d rather be hanging out with Prongs. You’ll have to do though.”

“And Prongs is which one of the marauders?” It was a good question; few people actually knew which Marauder was Prongs, Wormtail, Moony, or Padfoot. It was all extremely confusing so I chose not to bother myself with it except for instances like this.


“Like I said, you can find some girl—“

“Stop that! I’m not in the mood for shaggin’ today,” Black yelled through the empty hall. The portraits all looked in our direction clearly confused at what the commotion involving ‘shag’ was about. A few of the gossip portraits recognized the two of us immediately and began whispering amongst themselves, telling other portraits surrounding them.

“Damnit Black, look what you’ve done,” I hissed before allowing voice to yell through hall as well, “He’s not talking about me you twits! He’s talking about the other idiotic girls he’s shagged before!”

“Sorry,” he mumbled, his cheeks burning red from embarrassment.

I rolled my eyes and continued down the hall, to the Fat Lady’s Portrait. When I arrived, the Fat Lady gave us an accusing look, “Were you two the ones causing the commotion about sh—“

“No!” I yelled.

“Oh, well no need to cop an attitude with me. Manners young lady, manners! Password please,” her eyes were closed as she breathed in and out to calm herself down. Her pink dress much too pink for her skin and her cheeks flushed, like they were painted. Her too big hands reached up to her hair, fixing the 1800s style hair that laid a mess on her head.

I rolled my eyes for what seemed like the millionth time, “Elephant Man.” The portrait opened and allowed the two of us in, “What idiot would make the password ‘Elephant Man’?”

“That idiot would be James,” Black answered. I scowled, of course my dunderhead of a cousin would make up a password like that.

I watched as Black strolled passed me and plopped down on the couch lying on his stomach, making no room for me. I ignored him as I sat down on his back and began rearranging myself to where my knees painfully dug into his spine. He groaned while I smirked at the pain he was now enduring. It’s nice to finally be able to cause pain in Black’s life.

“Stenson! Get off!” he growled, “You’re not that heavy, I could easily throw you off my back if I even attempted to get up.”

I didn’t reply, instead, I completely ignored him as I took out my bag and dropped it on his legs and began digging inside it for my quill and parchment. I could start on assignments easily at that moment. When I successfully found everything I needed, I began my research paper on Temporary Elixirs and how they worked. I’d almost forgotten I was sitting on someone until I slowly began elevating up. I dropped my assignment and quill in surprise looked for a way out of the situation I put myself in.

It was too late though, my idiocy caused me to fall on the other half of Black right on top of my very hard bag. Yes, the bag filled with textbooks. I groaned as I fought through the pain and stood up, grabbing my stuff and settling down in one of the comfy chairs. There I began my research paper once more pretending that I didn’t have a soar stomach, that I didn’t just fall off of Black’s back, and that Black didn’t even exist.

“Do you have a date for the dance?” Black asked catching me by complete surprise. I looked over at him in confusion, “I was wondering because the dance is tomorrow.”

“Do you?” I asked as if to insult him if he said no. He nodded ‘yes’ though and continued to look at me, “Oh, well, I don’t. People have asked me, but I said no to all of them. Not sure why though, I’m sure I had my reasons at the time.”

Black nodded and continued to stare at me as I continued my research paper. It became increasingly more difficult to focus on my paper though as I felt his eyes move up and down my body, analyzing me in a way he shouldn’t have. He soon stopped moving his gaze around me and settled for my face, which, if anything, made me more uncomfortable. I slowly looked up, “Do you want something Black?”

“No, not really. Just watching you make funny faces while you’re working,” he answered, the smirk evident on his face. I knew he was right, Katy had commented on my odd habit many times and thoroughly embarrassed me when she finally told me about the odd tendency. Imagine how it feels when Black tells me about the annoying quirk as well.

“Er, well…yeah, I make faces Black. Do you have a problem with that?”

He simply shook his head and continued to stare at me as I continued my work. It was growing quite aggravating for more than one reason. One reason is quite obvious, no one likes to be stared at no matter what the situation is. It’s creepy and makes you feel vulnerable, therefore, I hate it. The second reason was that I knew Black knew that is was getting me quite frustrated. That is why he continued to look at me with amusement, because it gets me steamed up and I know he likes a good fight once and a while.

So it shouldn’t be a surprise that I finally yelled at Black to stop staring at me and all he did was chuckle happily. I attempted to ignore the staring once more only to realize he wouldn’t stop unless I personally gouged he eyes out with my wand. So I thought of the only solution that came to mind, do what Lily would do. I quickly packed all my belongings into my bag and walked out the common room briskly. I knew he would follow me, but no doubt I could talk to Madame Pince and ask politely for a private room to study and do my assignments in. I knew she wouldn’t be of much help, she never was. She was far too suspicious of students to be of much help. Of course, I doubt that she wouldn’t allow me a room of privacy nowhere near any of her precious books.

I heard Black’s footsteps behind me as I walked into the library and went straight to the front desk. “Madame Pince?” I asked softly, grabbing her attention immediately. She looked me over checking to see if I was one to be suspicious of and then nodded as if approving me, “Erm, well, I need a private room to study and do my assignments in. Could you pleas—“

“No,” she interrupted, giving me an appalled expression, “Those rooms are not to be offered until dinner. I will follow the orders I have been given by the headmaster and not allow it until then.” Her eyes watched me disapprovingly.

“But Madame, I doubt that you shouldn’t allow students a room if they are to study for NEWTs. I do have those this year and I am so worried that there is a possibility of failure,” I pleaded, placing my best Lily Evans impression on though I knew Madame Pince would see right through it. She was sure to allow me a room anyway at the mention of NEWTs though, the teachers must allow a student to study for the exam in good environment if they asked so.

She sighed and mumbled, “Very well,” and walked out from behind the counter and towards a private room. I looked behind me and stuck out my tongue childishly at Black who was still smirking at me with amusement. At least I would be away from him for the time being. I turned back to Madame Pince who just unlocked the door to my room with her wand, “Treat this room with care. If you do not, you will be automatically kicked out of the library for disrespecting property.” I nodded feebly and walked in and set all my items down.

The closed behind me and I then began my research paper managed to make it four inches long by the time the door opened again. I looked down at my muggle watch and noticed it was not yet time to go to class. Therefore the person who opened the door could not be a student or Madame Pince shooing me away. That only meant it could be one other person who makes it his personal goal in life to make my life miserable. He shouldn’t have been able to get in the room though, so apparently Madame Pince didn’t feel using a decent locking charm.

I tried my best to ignore the intruder that was walking up to me. I could not take it anymore though and groaned dropping my quill and leaning back against my chair, “What do you want Black?”

“I was bored, so I decided to come for a visit,” he answered, “Besides, in five minutes you’ll have to stop anyway and head to Slughorn’s class. Might as well go ahead and stop now before the halls get annoyingly crowded.

“You realize I knew all of this right?” I asked and from the corner of my eye I saw him nod, “You also realize you’ll have all tomorrow to bother me while we are decorating for the dance?”

He said and did nothing and I grinned, “You can wait then can’t you, because tomorrow I will have no choice but to stick around because no doubt James will find a way to make it miserable for me and pair me up with you. So why don’t you bother me then. It’ll be so much more fun than now when I’m trying to not procrastinate and do my work.”

Black smiled and walked out. I couldn’t believe that worked to be quite honest. I only assumed he wouldn’t care and just decided that we needed to spend quality time together until class begins. I wouldn’t be able to get rid of him no matter what until after this class because was of course my potions partner. It’s nice to know that he finally gave up and gave ten minutes peace.

I packed up my belongings once more and made my way to Slughorn’s class.

”I’ll get you my pretty! And your little dog too!” screamed the wicked witch suddenly disappeared in a cloud of smoke. I looked around confused, wondering if I actually owned a dog or not. Suddenly realization came to me when I looked down and spotted Sirius Black on his hands and knees panting like an idiotic dog.

Next to him was a real dog with black, scruffy fur panting excitedly like Black. I patted the two dogs on the head and said, “Well, she only said she’d take one of you.” I quickly detached Black from my leg where he’d decided to take his boredom out on and told him to shoo while I kept my big Toto. He whimpered like a dog and began to walk towards me. I simply shook my head no at him and began walking away thinking Toto was behind me.

He wasn’t though and when I turned around to check, shock took hold of me. Toto was gone and his place stood a second Sirius Black grinning at me. My eyes widened and I began to
attempt to run. I had no such luck though because my feet molded into the yellow brick road under me. I stared in horror at the boy who was now growing exceedingly close. I looked around desperately trying to find a way out when I found a bucket of water. I reached for it but it was too far away. The dog-like Black saw what I was reaching for and barked and moved as fast as he could on his hands and knees to the bucket. Though, as soon as he got the bucket, he began to drink it because it was cold and refreshing.

I held back a sob and turned my attention back to the human Black and did my best to push him away as he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer until our lips were…

“Stop you idiot!” I yelled jumping up. Anelie groggily sat up and stared at me like I was insane. I couldn’t blame her; I looked really idiotic standing in my pajamas in some odd karate position looking ready to kill. I was, but the guy I wanted to kill was not in the room like my subconscious was telling me.

“What in the bloody hell is wrong with you?” hissed Anelie groggily rubbing her eyes and lying back down.

I sat back in my own bed and stared at the ceiling, “Bad dream, sorry.” It was true, the worst dream I’ve ever had to be exact. Black was in it, and he kissed me! Of course, my dream self was smart like the real me and refused him or at least attempted to. He was too bloody strong to cause any real damage.

It wasn’t long until I could hear Anelie’s loud rhythmic breathing telling me she was asleep. I attempted to go back to sleep myself, but to no avail, and 15 minutes later, I got up and went to get breakfast. At nine in the morning mind you. I know, that isn’t that early, you would’ve thought I woke up at five, but that’s not the case. Of course, it was a surprise to everyone anyway when I arrived fully awake and ready to go at nine. I usually stayed in bed until 11 on weekends, but after that horrid nightmare, it was impossible to go back to sleep.

“Well, good morning Kathleen,” Lily said and smiled up at me, “You’re up early.”

I stared at her slightly annoyed at her perky mood, “And you’re really bright and shiny today,” I replied, “What’s got you so happy anyway?” I started to pile food onto my plate while glancing at Lily noticing she was looking around the Great Hall nervously. A smile moved to my lips as I watched her watch the doors.

“It’s nothing, I just woke up on the right side of the bed this morning,” she said and smiled at me. I couldn’t help but laugh at the idiotic excuse. Ever girl with the least bit of common sense knows that when an innocent girl acts so odd it means something good happened that she wanted no one to find out.

“It’s a guy isn’t it?” I asked, stuffing some eggs into my mouth and savoring the taste.

Her head immediately turned to me and nodded slowly, “Oh, well, yes.”

“Really? So what happened?”

“Cowal Finley asked me to the dance,” she said and began to eat the rest of her meal. I looked at her with an annoyed expression marked on my face. Was she really only going to leave me at those small details?

I waited for a few moments before finally speaking, “And…?”

She looked up from her food and creased her eyebrows, “And what?”

I dropped my fork and moved my plate over to set my elbows on the table and leaned in, “And what did you say to him?”

“Oh,” Lily paused a moment, looking extremely awkward, “I said no.”

It took a moment for what she said to register in my head, then her answered finally settled in my head. My dear Lily got asked out by a decent guy and she declined him. Unless I’m thinking of the wrong person, I hardly think that was necessary. My mouth opened and closed as if I were a fish until finally words issued out, “Cowal Finley? As in the cute Ravenclaw in seventh year, right?”

She nodded feebly and cowered in her seat a bit before I continued on, “The Quiddtich Captain for Ravenclaw, and the guy who got almost all Es on his OWLs?” She nodded once more, “Lily! What is wrong with you?! You are always complaining about guys not asking you out because of ‘Potter’ and when Potter finally grows up and stops asking you out all the time and allow men to ask you out, you say no! I don’t understand that concept, Lily. Especially not when a completely decent guy like Cowal ask you to the dance and you say no. Is there a good reason for that Lily? Is there?”

Lily shook her head sadly and stared up at me, “It’s not like I have a choice. James and I have agreed to go together because the heads go to at least one dance together and we decided this would be the dance so we could get it over with. It’s not going to be like this for Christmas, I promise.”

I smiled softly at her as I realized what she was really thinking, “You like my cousin don’t you?” Her eyes opened wide and she shook her head violently, “Then who do you like Lily? Why in the world would ever want to go as my cousin’s honorable date for anything if you didn’t like him?”

“Dumbledore asked us to, it’s tradition.”

I looked back at all the dances in Hogwarts history and she was indeed right. At least one dance per school year, the heads would go together. I nodded defeated and finished off my food.

“I’ve got to go have a quick meeting with James and Professor Willis. Be back here at noon today for the decorating. We got ten other students to help us out and everything, but we still can’t afford to miss someone.” I nodded and continued on with my breakfast.

I walked through the Great Hall doors and towards the group of student assembling themselves around Lily and James. I squeezed through and stood in front of everyone as well, “Who have you paired me up with today?” I asked warily.

James looked at me and smirked, “Murray Coleman,” he said. My eyes widened in horror and I looked back and forth between James and Lily. If anything, Coleman was worse than Black. He was gorgeous to say the least but his ego was much bigger than his looks. Black’s ego, I can deal with, mainly because he is much more good looking than Coleman, therefore making his ego fit him better. Coleman acts—as the Americans say—‘hotter’ than he is though.

I looked at Lily with pleading eyes as if I were asking if this was true. She did nothing but nod and walk away with her head down, “You have to go over there love,” James whispered in my ear and pushed me towards Murray who was staring dumbly at the instructions. When I walked up next to him to see what we were supposed to be doing he asked, “I don’t get it. How are people supposed to not come in here while we are working?” He turned to me and looked me up and down, licking his lips in the process. His smile widened and he stuck out his hand, “Hi, I’m—“

“Murray Coleman, I know,” I looked down at his hand then back up to him before turning to the directions once more, “To answer your question, the house elves will be delivering the food to the students in their common rooms and the Great Hall doors will be locked. Anyone not already in here cannot come in.”

He nodded dumbly and continued to stare at me, “I understand. So, do you have a date for the dance?”

I moved away from him and took out my wand and began flicking it at objects using nonverbal spells, “No.”

He smirked and stepped closer to me, “Would you like one?” He continued to step closer and I looked at him disgust. No decent guy would be so blunt about finding a girl attractive.

“Yes, I would. Unfortunately, I’m forbidden to see selfish, Hufflepuff pigs. Guess that rules you out of my dating options, doesn’t it?” I asked and smiled sweetly at him, while continuing with charming various objects to do creepy things.

I felt arms on my shoulder and smelt the familiar air of Black standing next to me acting as if we were old mates, “That’s the way to work it Stenson.” I shoved him off.

“Shouldn’t you be doing work?”

He chuckled causing Coleman to go beet red from discouragement, “Yes, but as you can see, my partner and I are working right next to the two of you. She quite a lovely partner isn’t she?”

I involuntarily looked towards the pretty girl with luscious, black, waist length hair and a great figure. Coleman apparently noticed as well, “Yes, Black your partner is quite lovely,” he said, acting as if he hadn’t just come on to me. I rolled my eyes and ignored the two boys while they bickered about her and the dance.

“Well I’ll be taking Kathleen to the dance!” I hear Murray shout. It went quiet in the Great Hall and I turned around in shock.

“When did this happen! I told you I didn’t want to go with you!” I said, “Black witnessed it too!” People began to gather around to see the dramatic events that were occurring between Murray, Black and I.

Murray continued on as if I said nothing, “At least she’s better looking than that girl over there.” I went tomato red along with the gorgeous girl that was partnered with Black.

“I can’t argue with you there, too bad she just said you weren’t taking her,” Black retorted, a smirk forming on his face.

“I realize that, but I can easily win her over. I mean, look at me,” he waved his hands around his body, “I’m bloody gorgeous.”

“Not as gorgeous as me Coleman.”

I’d grown tired of listening to the two bicker about themselves and their ‘dates’ and placed and silencing charm upon the two. By now, everyone realized a duel wasn’t about to occur and went back to work. Coleman joined me soon after I placed the silencing charm on him and Black and pouted and sat against the wall. I did nothing stop him from slacking off and allowed Lily to kick him out of the Great Hall without taking off the silencing charm.

I turned around to grin at James but to my dismay, Black was behind me instead. I frowned and looked up at him, “Would you like something Black?” he grinned as I realized that he could not speak because my charm was still in action and just after and took it off he lifted me off the ground and over his shoulders.

How cliché right? No. It’s not cliché because I, unlike so many girls in stories such as this, did not enjoy being tossed over the boy’s shoulders and laying helplessly on him. I did not laugh while screaming for him to let me down with a grin plastered on my face. No, instead we had another one of ‘our’ moments. I kicked him with all the power I had in the stomach causing him to topple over on top of me which made it even worse rather than better. It was like in my dream when I was trapped with no way of escape while he got his way with me.

“Hello Stenson,” Black said to me, grinning.

“Goodbye Black,” I managed to squirm out and run to the protection of Lily knowing Black wouldn’t dare come near me with Lily by my side now, “I swear, one day I’ll kill Black.”

Lily looked at me with a teasing smile, “I thought he was ‘Sirius’ now.” I yelled out in frustration and walked out of the Great Hall and went to my common room.

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Match. by mental     Novel      Rating: Mature   Chapters: 26   Reviews: 2761
Ze Meridian has a serious problem: despite the skirt, everyone seems to think she’s a boy. Desperate to prove that having short hair, a bloke for a best friend, and a serious obsession with sport does not mean she’s lacking in feminine wiles, Ze enlists the help of Sirius Black to set Hogwarts straight about the question of her gender. And since Sirius has just entered into a bet with his mates to see who can remain celibate longest, he shouldn’t have any trouble keeping his hands to himself...should he?


“Kathleen, aren’t you going to get ready?” Katy asked me from inside the bathroom, already dressed in her blue nymph costume and now applying her long lasting makeup from ‘Witches Cosmetics’. I could only imagine why she was so excited, maybe it was because she was going with one of the more cute decent guys in this school, and for that reason, any girl would be a bit more excited than usual.

Marshall West was a Hufflepuff who knew girls. He could easily give Black a run for his money if it weren’t for the fact he wasn’t a player. I’m sure I’ve just confused you, so allow me to explain. You see, Marshall knows girls, he knows them well. He knows what they like and what they hate, but it’s the simple fact that he doesn’t use this information to have a good shag or snog then be done with them. Instead, he only uses it to get the girl he has a crush on rather than just finds attractive. That is why girls find it to be such an honor when they are the one receiving his sweet nothings or his gifts-for-no-reasons. It means that she is the one he wants, not any other girl…of course until they realize they weren’t meant to be. In most cases, his relationships end on a mutual base and there are no broken hearts in the making.

He’s a looker too, not like the marauders (excluding Pettigrew), more like puppy cute. His dirty blonde hair is messy in an elegant way and his hazel brown eyes express his warmth. In fact, his eyes were my weakness when we were in fifth year. They were the main reason I’d said yes when he asked me to be his girlfriend after three dates. I wanted to be the one receiving that warmth all the time instead of someone else. I wanted to be the one getting the sweet nothings and other things. And I was, for about a year until we both realized that the relationship was getting no where and we broke it off. It was a month later that I started talking to Regulas Stolkes, and well, we all know how that turned out.

It was now Katy who would more than likely be receiving his sweetness rather than any other girl. At the moment, his eyes were on her only and that’s the way it should be.

“Kathleen?” Katy asked, looking at me suspiciously, I then realized I hadn’t answered her question, “Why aren’t you getting ready yet? We only have two hours.”

I laughed at her clearly serious question and laid down on my bed, “Because I, unlike you, plan on magic-ing my way through the getting ready process. Which means two hours is plenty of time.”

Katy rolled her eyes, “Magic-ing isn’t even a word,” with that she walked back into the bathroom wand in hand and began doing her hair. I rolled my eyes as I watched her pull her hair back and flick her wand making certain strands blue like her dress. With another flick, her hair became slightly sparkly as if glitter were just sprinkled everywhere. She flicked it once more and the glitter was no longer just on her hair. I rolled my eyes again as the ‘flicking’ process continued.

“How many times do you plan on flicking that wand of yours? I’m sure there is a spell you can think up that will make the sparkly stuff spread everywhere,” I grinned as she glared at me through the mirror and continued her flicking.

I slowly grew bored watching Katy do the same thing over and over again, so I left the dormitory and went to sit in-between Lily and Patrice on the couch. Lily looked up at me with a peculiar stare before asking, “Is Katy still getting ready?”

I nodded and allowed an opening for to Patrice say something, “I think she’s far too excited. I mean just because she is going with Marshall West, it doesn’t mean she should be hogging the damn bathroom for three hours. I have to use the loo and I’m tired of waiting,” suddenly Patrice stood up, “You know what?! I’m just going to use the loo while she is in there that way she can learn not to repeat her preparation style again for the Christmas ball.” With that, Patrice walked straight up the dormitory stairs without one glance back.

I turned to Lily who was reading her potions book, “So, sorry I barged out on you today. I assume everything is all ready for the ball?” I asked, referring to the disastrous afternoon I had earlier today with Coleman and Black.

“Oh yes, the hall looks amazing, I think you’ll be surprised at how much was done after you left. I think you were a bit of a distraction for some of the boys in there,” she answered before laughing.

I stared at her with curiosity, “Oh really? Who, per say, do you think I was distracting?”

“Well, you were distracting Black for one as I’m sure you’ve gathered. He seems to live for annoying you,”---I snorted—“Also, some sixth year boys and of course Reggie.”

I groaned, “I’d forgotten all about Reggie. He’ll surely want to dance with me tonight and it’d be rude to say no, but honestly, the boy still has yet to get over me.”

“Oh believe me, I know. Yesterday he came up to me and asked if you’d rethought you two getting back together.”

My eyes widened and I looked at Lily, “He didn’t,” I said disbelieving. Lily only nodded, “And what did you say?”

“I said what I thought was appropriate,” she said vaguely.

I waited for her to continue, but she never did, so I continued to press, “Which was?”

“My exact words were, ‘Reggie, she’s moved on with her life, why don’t you?’ It came out a lot harsher than I meant it to, but it was the truth,” she grinned at me before I tackled her with a hug bringing me on top of her. I can only imagine what people around the common room were thinking of this sudden action.

“Lily, have I ever told you I loved you?” I asked. She said ‘no’ and allowed me to continue, “Well guess what? I love you! You basically just told Reggie to shove off and I love you!”

Lily laughed, “I know, I know, I’m the best person ever.”

I nodded into the couch, where my head was currently at. I heard a whistle from the crowd and immediately pulled back from my hug with Lily and turned to James, the culprit, who was grinning at the two of us, “You are such a pervert,” I said before climbing over the couch and slapping the back of his head.

James lifted his hands up in surrender, though he was still grinning, “Sorry, you just don’t see a girl-on-girl embrace like that everyday.”

“Oh gross James! You’re my cousin!” I hit him harder this time causing him to yelp in pain before smirking and turning to Lily. I began laughing immediately when I saw her beet red face contorted into an embarrassed frown. It looks funnier than it sounds. She glared at me, which only made me laugh harder which caused her to glare more, and so on.

James watched our responses to one another’s reaction before shaking his head, “You two are really messed up.”

I stopped laughing almost immediately and turned sharply to James, “I’m messed up? You’re the one who just thought that we were about to get some same-sex action going on in the middle of the common room. Therefore Potter, you are a wanker.”

Lily began laughing as soon I said ‘wanker’ causing her face to become even redder, almost matching her hair color. James’, unlike Lily’s, face was twisted in confusion at my words though, “That doesn’t even make sense. How am I a wanker for thinking you two were—“

“Oh, just shut it James, it doesn’t matter.”

He nodded then turned to the now composed Lily, “Well, I must be going, but I will see you at the dance dearest Lily.” I held back a snort as he bowed and began to back only to fall over the boy dormitory stairs and mumble an ‘ow’. Even this action caused Lily to giggle as James left the room muttering to himself about ‘stupid stairs’.

I turned to Lily as soon as I heard his door shut, “Did you just giggle?” Lily said nothing, instead she looked down at her book, eyes unmoving, “You did!” I said as if I hadn’t just been the witness of the action and was discovering something major.

“She did what?” Patrice asked, joining Lily on the couch.

“She giggled!” I said excitedly.

Patrice looked at me as if I were mentally disabled, “Lily giggles all the time.” 

“I know that, but it’s what she giggled at.”

One of Patrice’s brows raised and she glanced at Lily suspiciously before looked back to me, “And who exactly did she giggle at?”

I grinned, “None other than my favorite cousin of course."

Patrice began laughing tremendously and I joined in with her causing several people to look in our direction to see what all the commotion was about, “Well that is interesting isn’t it. She giggled at a guy she’s been calling a prat since second year.”

“Well, he did fall down the stairs, what else was I supposed to do at something so funny?” she asked, clearly not seeing the big deal.

I rolled my eyes at her before simplifying it for her, “Laugh of course, not giggle.”

“Yes, well, I didn’t think it was funny enough to laugh,” she answered before continuing to ‘read’ her book.

“Clearly,” I mumbled before sitting down in a chair and turned to Patrice, “So who are you going with anyway?”

Patrice’s eyes began to sparkle as she smiled, “Duan Jarvis.”

I racked my memory for the name until I remembered how I knew him, “Didn’t you go on a date with him to Hogsmeade this year?”

“Two actually.”

“So, you really like this guy?” I grinned.

“I—“ she stopped and put her index finger on her lip, adjusting her eyes upward to give off the impression she was thinking before dramatically pushing her finger forward, opening her mouth, and allowing her eyes to widen as if she just got an idea, “Yeah, I do.”

I clapped and hugged her immediately, not feeling the usual awkwardness I usually feel when I give people hugs. I’m quite proud of myself, knowing that I’m not a touchy-feely girl like so many others. I pulled away and looked down at my watch and sighed knowing that the dance was only an hour away, “As happy as I am for you, we should be getting ready.”

“I thought we still had an hour and a half? What happened to make it go so quick?”

I stared at Patrice, bewildered, “Why in Merlin’s name are you asking me? Hell if I know.”

I made to stand up but Patrice pulled me back down by my wrist, “I have something to ask you,” she said seriously.

I grumbled in botheration and closed my eyes wearily, “Patrice. How many times have I told you, Black and I are not an item. We will never be one and thank Merlin for that.” My eyes opened and I stared at her waiting for the reply I got almost every other time I told her this, ‘Yeah, well we’ll see.’

Patrice only chuckled at my assumption before she’d even asked me, “Okay, we’ll see. That’s not what I was going to ask you though.” I muttered an ‘oh’, a bit shocked that I was wrong; “I was going to ask you if it was true that Murray Coleman asked you to the dance?”

My eyes widened, if anything, this question was worse than the usual. It was about Coleman, who—even in my eyes—was worse than Black on any given Sunday. The fact that Patrice had the nerve to ask such an idiotic question, knowing for a fact that I hated the boy, was like her committing suicide. My eyes narrowed before speaking, “He did.”

“Oh really now, you said ‘yes’?” she asked, lifting a brow up and breaking out into a huge grin. I shook my head ‘no’ extremely fast hoping that she received the message that I didn’t say yes, “That’s not what Coleman is saying.”

My head stopped shaking, my eyes widened, and my mouth dropped and I was sure I almost looked like an exact replica of a fish. My heart raced at the humiliation I was sure to face if not just tonight but for the rest of next week. People would be asking what happened to ‘Black and I’, others would ask me how good of a kisser Coleman was. As if I’d tell them even if the rumors were true.

The message that Patrice kindly told me settled in my head and I yelled, “What?!” Patrice was about to repeat herself before I held up a hand, “I heard you. I’m going to kill that bloody—“

“Hey! No swear words!” Patrice ordered playfully, and I glared down her wishing that I was allowed to leave the common room, but no, I wasn’t allowed to leave the common room until seven o’clock and it was only six-ten now. Why Professor Willis thought it was a brilliant idea to not allow the students out of their common rooms after four was beyond me. I should have just gone to Lily’s head common room, and then at least I would lack the drama that I’ve just experienced.

“Oh shut up,” I muttered before storming off up to the dorm with Patrice following shortly after.

I slammed the door right in Patrice’s face and flopped down on my bed next to my costume-dress. It didn’t seem to affect her though because she came prancing into the dorm and sat on Lily’s bed who looked at me slightly amused before turning to Patrice, “You told her didn’t you.” I assumed Patrice nodded because it wasn’t long before she continued, “I told you to wait until after she got ready because at least then she would be all set to go when she was ready to murder.”

I sat up and looked at Lily completely speechless, well, not really, “You knew?!” I squeaked, “And you didn’t tell me?!”

Lily sighed and tried to apologize, “Look, Kathleen, I’m sorry, but I—“

“You’re not the one who has been going through humiliation for the past two weeks because of Black. You’re not the one who is going to a dance with apparently two boyfriends. You’re not the girl who has to dodge the pompous jerks that are Black and Coleman all night,” I explained looking livid, “So Lily, you really should’ve told me or else I wouldn’t be yelling at you. I’d be yelling at Black.”

I grabbed my dress and walked briskly into the bathroom to change in peace. I heard the other room’s awkward silence be broken as the door opened and Anelie’s voice came, “Is it true that she—“

“No!” A chorus came throughout the room from the three girls I call best friends.

“Oh, so she knows about the rumors then?” Anelie asked, “She must be absolutely furious, having two of the best looking guys in the school making rumors and all about her and them being together.”

“Yes, well, unfortunately, those two boys are extremely idiotic and pompous, so she’s not too thrilled. It doesn't help that she hates both of their guts,” Lily said, I could tell she was smiling.

Anelie laughed and that’s when I barged out of the bathroom in my ‘undies’ (as I like to call them) and pulled Anelie back in with me. She just happened to not be ready for the dance herself, so it worked out for the better.

“Is there a reason why you pulled me into the washroom with you practically naked?” she asked, raising her eyebrows at me and laughing.

“Yes, you’re the only one I can stand to be around right now so…distract me.”

Anelie looked around the small room and said, “Erm…well…” she continued looking until her eyes fell on me. I had my back to her and was pointing at my zipper, “Oh, you want me to do that for you?” I nodded at the obvious question and grinned as she zipped it up easily. “Okay, well turn around then,” she ordered.

I tentatively turned around to her and smiled having not looked at myself yet either. In fact, I’ve not yet seen the dress on me at all. I didn’t even try it on in the fitting room when I bought it. I could only hope that Anelie’s speechless stare was a good one, “Please tell me I look good.”

Anelie simply nodded before squealing, and we did the most girly thing that one could ever imagine. We squealing, wiggled our hands on one another’s and jumped up and down like little school girls, which we were. Normally, such odd things wouldn’t be so odd for girls, but Anelie and I aren’t the most girlish girls in Hogwarts so it’s very rare that we act like so.

I turned to the mirror and sucked in a breath, the dress was perfect. That Mrs. Gladrags knew her stuff. The dark purple contrasted with my skin perfectly and it gave off the impression that I’d wanted. The sort of dark, rebellious, princess type in which I would commit evil sins in the castle of love…or something like that. I wasn’t too sure on the details, but I understood what I was thinking.

I turned to Anelie and grinned, “Well, put yours on, I want to see!” she did as she was told and I myself became speechless. She was apparently the Gryffindor’s Quidditch team’s Scarlet Woman. Her skirt was short and plaid in Gryffindor Colors, her shirt showing much too much cleavage, and her quiddtich boots under her shin guards. It was quite frankly, the oddest costume I’d ever seen, but it worked for Anelie.

“Well?” she asked expectantly and twirled around, clearly happy with her costume, “I didn’t even have to pay money for this! Isn’t it fabulous? Of course, a few spells here and there to make it more ‘Jennifer Gallo and co.’ like, but I think I pulled it off quite nicely.”

“You did, it’s so you, and by the end of the night, the boys will be crawling over you. Maybe I can dump Coleman with you by my side, so that when I break his little heart he can go straight to you. Not to mention, he probably won’t even listen to my ‘break up’ story, because he’ll be too busy staring at your…”

“My tits,” she finished for me, grinning as she looked down to examine.

“Well, yes. You don’t have to be so blunt about it though.”

Fifteen more minutes to go, fifteen more minutes to go, I continued to repeat in my head. I would no longer be stuck in the common room as I had been the past two hours, maybe even more than that, I lost track. It was lucky for Patrice, Katy, and Lily that I was no longer bubbling with anger, but instead anxiety. I was ready for the dance to begin, to have some fun, dance with some boys, and eat food. In fact, I would just love to do anything and everything that is mildly interesting.

My legs were crossed as I watched Katy babble on and on about how we were supposed to enter into the common room. We apparently had to make the boys’ jaws drop, which is perfectly fine by me, “Okay, well I’ll go first, because I don’t want any of my dates to get distracted by you three.”

“Do you honestly think anyone could distract him away from you with that short dress on?” Patrice asked, “He’ll want to get in your pants as you step off the stairs.”

Katy huffed and turned around, “For your information, Marshall is not an imbecile like the boys you date. He is charming and kind and handsome and—“

“Yes, we all know how Marshall West is. Doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the same naughty thoughts that all guys have. They are perverts by nature,” Patrice said giving her words of wisdom.”

“It doesn’t matter, if he tries anything, well let’s say he won’t have the ability to—“

“Yes, that’s lovely you two, but we should really be getting to the common room,” Lily interrupted and stood up grinning.

I laughed at her behavior, “Never in my life would I have believed you would be so happy to see James Potter, my own cousin.”

“Kathleen,” Patrice said slowly, “I don’t think anyone would have believed it.”

“Too right you are,” I agreed and stood up myself, “So, who is going second?”

“To exit the dorm?” Katy asked before answering her own question, “I think Lily should. I mean, after all, we do match. Then Patrice because she has a date also, and of course, if you go before her, he’ll get a bit distracting. And you—“

“What the bloody hell does that mean Katy?!” Patrice yelled.

“Well, nothing really, but Kathleen looks really pretty and if…oh never mind, just go out third. Kathleen, you will of course be going last so you can distract all the other men in the room.”

“And when do we go?” I asked.

Lily looked at the clock on her bedside and made her way to the door to open it, “Now.”

Lily held the door open for Kathleen and followed her out, soon followed by Patrice as well. I was alone in the room with nervous bugs crawling all around inside my stomach. Most everyone had a date already, I was one of the few people that didn’t. I was almost positive that I’d get one of those annoying feelings of wanting to have a boyfriend as I watch all the happy couples on the dance floor.

I shook my head in order to clear all my thoughts and walked out of the room, not glancing back once. Once at the stairs, I plastered a nervous smile on my face and put my hand on the rail, just as Katy told me to, and I began descending down the steps. I don’t see why I have to do this stuff; it’s not the Christmas Ball or anything where you have to look elegant. I mean, for goodness sakes, I’m supposed to be a ‘gorgeous, evil witch’.

It wasn’t long before I came into view of everyone else in the common room. I was the center of attention in the room, only a few people didn’t turn to look at me—most of which were guys being ordered not to turn around. My eyes scanned the room until I stopped on James. His eyes were twinkling up at me and I noticed how ecstatic he really was. His arm was draped around Lily’s waist and for once, she wasn’t attempting to push him away, she was smiling up at me too. After those five seconds of glory, most of the common room went back to what they were doing before I’d entered allowing the butterflies that were only a moment ago flying around everywhere to finally land. I stopped in front of my friends who were standing a few feet away from the staircase.

“You look good Kathleen. Our mothers' genes did us well,” James laughed and grinned at me. I couldn’t help but join in the laughter that he had managed to provoke out of me.

“They did, didn’t they? But my Stenson genes is what really did the trick," I said and grinned.

James snorted, “Yeah, and the Stensons are better looking than the Potters? I don’t think so.”

“James, you can't deny the truth. Sorry,” I told him and rolled my eyes as I turned around and mumbled, “Idiot.”

“I heard that!”

I walked around the room and spotted Katy and Marshall, they were immersed in what seemed to be a very intense conversation. I watched as Katy laughed softly and grinned up at Marshall. My couple watching was interrupted when the Hogwarts bell sounded signaling that the dance had began. I waited for the crowd to disappear, not wanting to be trampled on by the huge group of students that was now making their way out.

I now made my way down the hall alone, passing many couples and dates as I walked. Some were smiling at each other awkwardly; others were whispering sweet nothings in the other’s ear. I couldn’t help but sigh as I watched them talk and giggle at one another. I was jealous beyond reason and it was my own fault as well. I wanted so badly to be in a relationship, I wanted so badly to be the one that had the perfect boyfriend. I wasn’t though, and more than likely, I never would be. I was probably going to be the girl in Hogwarts that would end up with a husband that I’m satisfied with instead of one that I am truly happy with.

I allowed my feet to carry me the rest of the way to the great hall, not seeing nor hearing, just walking. It was only when I arrived outside the Giant Oak doors did I realize I was about to make my entrance to the dance. My mind shut down on all the depressing thoughts and kicked into party mode. I took a breath then pushed the doors open and walked into the room.

Bloody hell, was the first thing that ran through my mind. The Great Hall was no longer the great hall, it was something insanely different. The room was intensely dark, only being lit by the candles floating in the air at random, and of course, the candles that sat on the wall. I saw the suits of armor walking around serving food to the random teenagers; the ceiling was bewitched to look like ugly, green witches flying on their brooms on the night of full moon. Talking pumpkins sat upon each table next to their companions, the talking skulls. Clearly, after I left this afternoon, things got on a roll.

“Great, isn’t it?” a voice asked behind me. I turned around abruptly and almost knocked my nose into Remus’ chin.

“Oh! Hi!” I yelled happily and hugged him. When I pushed away, I look at the ceiling again and stared at the flying witches, “Yeah, they all did an amazing job.” I turned back to him and smiled, “So, where’s your date tonight?”

He looked down guiltily, “I don’t have one,” he answered softly.

My mouth dropped slightly and pushed his chin up, “Why?”

“I have to leave early tonight. There’s no reason when your leaving an hour into the dance,” he replied and looked up at the ceiling thoughtfully.

“Oh, well, would you like to be my temporary date for tonight?” I asked, grinning at his bewildered face.

He nodded slowly, “Sure, but aren’t you going to ask why I have to leave?”

I wrinkled my nose, “I’d rather not know. I’m just assuming it’s ’man’ business. Therefore, it’s not important.”

He chuckled then grabbed my hands and smiled at me, “Well, shall we dance?” 

“We shall.” I allowed him to take my hand in his and we walked onto the center of the dance floor. It wasn’t long until our stiff dancing finally ceased and we began truly partying. Students were dancing basically on top of one another not feeling as if they were invading any kind of bubble space, why couldn’t Remus and I?

I grabbed his hands and lifted them up and around me so I was right on top of him with his arms encircling me. I heard him laugh and give into my sudden inspiration to dirty dance. I was laughing myself as I swayed my hips this way and that and lowered myself to the ground and lifted myself up again. I untangled myself from him and soon began to dance normally with my hands still being engulfed by his.

The song soon changed into a very soothing, medium paced song that I recognized was being played by the old sixties band the Fence Fliers. Their songs were very free spirited; hence, the era they came from, “Come on Remus! Move a bit, you can’t be stiff while this song is playing. It’s not right!”

He obliged and began moving more loosely, though, I noticed he continued to glance up at the ceiling far too often. It was rather annoying, I mean honestly, what was up there that was so damn fascinating that he couldn’t focus on dancing.

I didn’t ponder on Remus’ odd behavior for too long, allowing myself to scan the crowd and see what everyone was dressed up as. My eyes stopped on three couples sitting at a table on the other side of the Great Hall, the Blonde Bimbos. They were all dressed in extremely revealing outfits and their dates couldn’t remove their eyes from their—well, you know. I allowed my eyes to move around a bit more and caught sight of Lily and James who were laughing about something at their own table. I smiled as I watched the two talk easily, as if they’ve never had a fight before. Katy and Marshall weren’t far away from those two either, they were dancing near the food counter with silly grins plastered on their faces. I scanned for Patrice, but she was no where to be found, or that’s what I thought until I looked out the windows and spotted her in a fiery lip lock with her date. Typical of her, to skip out on the actual dance in order to get some extra snogging time in.

My attention quickly diverted back to Remus as I heard him yelling out my name, “What?!” I yelled, not hearing the words that were coming from his mouth.

“I have to go!” he replied, matching my volume.

I looked at him bewildered though, “To the loo?! Then go! Merlin knows I’m not holding you up!”

He shook his head rapidly, “No! I have to leave!”

I remembered suddenly that he had to ‘mysteriously’ disappear and nodded feebly, “Well, don’t stay out too long!” I attempted to yell back at him. He smiled sadly, and then left.

I sighed and walked over to Lily and James’ table, and grinned at the two of them, “Well, look what couple is having a pleasant time.”

“We aren’t a couple,” Lily said automatically, glancing at James subtly, “We are simply on a head’s date.”

I rolled my eyes, not really caring what they defined themselves as, “The point is, you two are having a good time together.”

“Yea, we are,” James spoke up, grinning over at Lily who was smiling at him. He cleared his throat then looked back at me, “So, anyways, how’s you night been? Snogged any boys tonight? Specifically one that rhymes with Lirius?”

I scowled at his poor attempt to get me to confess any sort of bottled up sexual feelings I’d been having for Black, “No dear cousin. Black and I haven’t even talked once this entire night. Which I am happy to say is a new record.”

“He’s probably too busy with his date anyway,” Lily joined in, giving me a sympathetic smile, “Who’s he here with anyway?”

James put his hand to his chin and tapped it as if in great thought, “I think he’s here with Debra King.”

“Isn’t she a Hufflepuff sixth year?” I asked, now skimming through the crowd for the two.

“Yes, I think so. Why? Jealous?”

I looked at him venomously and he immediately backed off, making his hands fly in the air to say he surrendered. I turned around, forgetting what my current task was of finding Black, and watched the couples dancing and having fun.

“So, where’s Remus?” Lily asked.

I shrugged, “He said he had to go. Pity, we were having such a great time.”

My eyes had not left the crowd and soon, I spotted Anelie amongst the mix of people dancing. She was doing many moves a girl should not do and my eyes narrowed at the boy who was grinning down at her. She was going to get a nice lecture for such behavior when the dance ended.

I could no longer think of what I was saying though, or see what I was seeing. I was moving unwilling the mass of people with my hands behind my back and my eyes covered. It didn’t take long for me to realize it was James that was kidnapping me as he yelled at the students to move out of his way.

“Hey Padfoot! Look what I’ve brought you!” James yelled before letting go of me and running away. My eyes widened at my predicament and I realized, I was trapped for Black was in the middle of the huge array of students and I would have to be quick on my feet to get away. Of course, for me, that was nearly impossible with shoes on. I was scared I’d get a broken toe, so I simply stood there looking for a way out.

I saw the sixth year Hufflepuff looking sadly at Black’s back as he retreated her to come to me, how rude of him to just leave her. I frowned at him as he grabbed my hand and suddenly the booming voice of James sprang out through the Hall, “A temporary charm has been placed on all who are now in the Great Hall. For the duration of the slow song, you are stuck with whom ever you are dancing with. Sorry and your welcome!”

Black laughed jovially and wrapped one of his arms around my waist. Of course, me being me, I attempted to get away, but found that I could not get anymore than a foot away without my feet subconsciously turning me back around until I was in his arms again. I huffed and placed my arms around his neck and allowed the long three minutes to take place. My head rested against his chest as I glared angrily at James who smiled and waved at me.

“Why are you two doing this to me?” I said, not meaning to say it aloud.

Black chuckled again and I looked up at him and saw his famous smirk plastered on his lips, “Because, it’s fun to toy with you. Even Moony admits it.”

“Will you please stop referring to your mates as those idiotic nicknames. I’ve told you many times, I don’t know who is who and there is no reason to try and explain it to me. Just use their normal name.”


“So, where’s Pettigrew?” I asked, stubbornly.

“He’s in detention. Got caught drooling on an assessment, the professor was outraged, said he couldn’t go to the dance and had to stay with her.”

“Let me guess, McGonagall?”

“Nah, it wasn’t her. Not quite sure who it was.”

My mouth formed an ‘O’ and I nodded slowly, clearly not too interested. I rested my head back where it was and noticed many students looking in our direction and pointing. It didn’t bother me though, as long I go to Hogwarts the rumors will never end.

Finally, the three minutes were over and I simply walked away from Black and towards the food counter. My path was blocked though, by non other than Murray Coleman himself, my ‘date’. “Hello my pet.”

My eyes widened at his referral to me, “Don’t call me that.” I made to move past him, but once again I was blocked, “Is there something you want?”

“Yes, you are my date. So, why not dance with me?” he answered, or rather questioned.

I pretended to think for a moment as if to figure out why I wasn’t going to dance with him. I then lifted up my hands swiftly in the air as if I just remembered, “Oh yeah! Because I didn’t even agree to come here with you.”

“I only assumed. Who wouldn’t want to come to such a lovely dance with Murray Coleman himself?”

“You’re an idiot,” I pushed pass him and continued on my way.

“But please wait my pet!” I stopped in my tracks and turned around. His expression was at first surprised but quickly turned smug as I began walking up to him, “Ah, so you’ve seen the light. Nice that you’ve finally realize how wond—“

I slapped him, hard, and was pretty damn proud of the mark I left on his left cheek. I slapped him with my other hand this time in order to make an impact on his right cheek before whispering in his ear, “Don’t call me ‘pet’ you idiot.” I walked away with a pleased expression. Many people who saw what happened were cheering in the background or laughing at Coleman’s demise.

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Chapter 15: Kitchen Findings
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Hello again to all my readers. This is just a quick statement that I’ve stated earlier but some of you might not have read. JAMES IS NOT A SEEKER. I know I put that in all caps, not to be rude just needed to catch your attention. In the movies James was portrayed as the seeker of the Gryffindor team. This is not true. James was chaser of the team. Go to the Harry Potter Lexicon for more info.

“What’s your name again?” the teenage fifth year slurred as he dance on top of me. I wasn’t quite sure who he was myself, but I was in the middle of the crowd with no means of escape. I pushed him away, but that did very little for me as he pulled me back in. I sighed and rolled my eyes, “I’ll only ask this one more time. Are you drunk?

“Well, I’m certainly not sober,” he answered and moved his face a couple inches closer to mine. I pushed him away again and made my way through the crowd in order to escape. It certainly wasn’t easy though, the song playing was fast paced and teenagers were moving around everywhere in order to show their best mates the latest dance moves. I looked back once and spotted the boy looking around in a confused manner, he soon moved on with his life and began dancing with yet another unsuspecting girl.

I continued to dance my way out until I managed to reach a spot in which I had fresh air and immediately went to sit down. I let out a long breath then looked up at the enchanted ceiling and watched as the moon slowly rose into the sky giving light to all around it. I smiled at the beauty I saw above me, but that was short lived. It didn’t take long form frown to appear again. I didn’t dare go anywhere near the forest on the nights of full moon, it was frightening. I’d heard wolf’s cries many times in my dorm on these nights and that could only mean one thing: we have a werewolf at Hogwarts. I didn’t bother searching for who might be our wolf man for I had a sinking feeling that it was someone I cared about or at least knew. I pity for the poor soul that must endure all the pain of being a werewolf.

I looked away from the ceiling with a small frown on my face. My eyes scanned the room in hopes that no one was missing, I knew it was a lost cause. There were probably at least a dozen of people who did not come to this dance tonight and easily could’ve. I stood and my way toward the Entrance Hall, but I was stopped by none other than my ex. I let out a deep breath and put on a pleasantly fake smile and turned my body to him, “Hey Reggie! Enjoying the dance?” My voice so much too enthusiastic, I doubt he noticed it though, he just seemed happy that I was even talking to him.

“Immensely,” he answered, “I was just wondering if you wanted to dance before you left. I noticed you leaving and…”

“Oh, I was only going out for a bit of fresh air, but I think I can afford one more dance,” I grinned, though it was so obviously fake, he apparently still didn’t notice though. He grabbed my hand with his soft, sweaty ones and pulled me into the crowd of people, the ones I thought I’d left behind a while ago.

His hands wrapped around my waist as a slow song started and I inwardly groaned. I placed my hands on his shoulders and smiled up at him awkwardly. The smile almost immediately disappeared though as I saw him grinning down at me with mischievous eyes, “What?” I asked clearly confused.

“I really miss you, you know that?” I opened my mouth to speak but he quickly but his index finger on my lips to prevent me from speaking, “It’s so different without you in my life. I think you feel the same way and I was thinking we could give it another shot.” he looked down at me with hopeful eyes and a small smile.

I immediately stopped swaying to the beat in his arms and removed my hands from his shoulder. I pulled his hand from my waist and placed them against his chest. I was almost positive he’d get the wrong idea, “Erm, I—I don’t know what to say.” That was certainly the wrong thing to say.

“Say yes. Say yes and become my girlfriend,” he sounded so excited, as if I’d actually said yes. I wasn’t planning to though, and he was getting worked up for nothing.

I shook my head and watched as his face fell, “Reggie, there’s a reason I broke up with you. That reason was because things were changing between us as sixth year was coming to an end…If I tried to make it last longer into the summer, we wouldn’t have seen each other at all and then I would have broken up with you over a letter. The point is, we don’t fit together like we used to and now I harbor no feeling in that way towards you,” I explained. His face was so determinedly miserable that I had to look away, “I’m sorry...I should go.” With that, I left the poor Ravenclaw standing there by himself watching my back as I walked away. This was the perfect moment to go outside like I had been originally planning.

I walked through the corridors alone glancing at the odd couple giving one another a good snog in their silly costumes. It was no better when I went outside, I was greeted with the sight of couples sitting all along the Hogwarts grounds staring up at the sky, the girls’ heads resting on their boyfriend’s shoulder. I sighed, I wanted that.

My eyes drifted up to the moon once more as I took my place alone on the grass. It truly was a beautiful night. I looked towards a couple that was snogging on the bench and I envied them. At least until I realized who they were. Black and Jennifer were taking up the entire bench in order to suck off each other’s faces. I watched as Jennifer let out a little giggle when Black began messing with her bunny tail. Jennifer moved on from his lips to his neck and he seemed thoroughly pleased. I watched as his eyes scanned the grounds for a few seconds until they reached me. He smirked and moved Jennifer’s face back to his. I shook my head disapprovingly and turned back to the moon.

“You know, you shouldn’t be out on full moons,” someone said beside me causing me to jump. I looked at the cause of my temporary spasm and found James’ brown eyes staring back at me, “Sorry if I scared you.”

“If? If you scared me? You nearly gave me a heart attack,” I stated dramatically, “What do you want anyways?”

“Well, the dance is almost over and it’s a full moon. You know what they say about full moons,” he wiggled his eyebrows and motioned his head to Sirius and Jennifer who were now getting up.

“No, I don’t know what they say about full moons,” I sighed, “So tell me what they say James.”

“It’s a great night to get—“

“James! Leave your cousin alone!” Lily’s aggravated voice yelled across the grounds.

James grinned at me, “That’s who I plan to get—“

“James! Ew! I really didn’t want to know that.”

James chuckled at my obvious discomfort from his statement and stood up. He reached his hand out to me and smiled down, “Come inside with Lily and me. You have to be there for the last song at least.” I nodded and took his hand. I looked over at Lily who was still standing near the door waiting patiently for us, though, every now and then I’d see her look over to the other couples that were eating each other’s faces off and cringe.

“Don’t worry Lily darling! I’m coming!” James jogged up to Lily and grinned down at her. I couldn’t help but notice the chemistry that was blooming between those two. It was rather ironic though because I remember the day that she swore she’d never fall for the “big headed, egotistical, selfish prat” that was James. That was three years ago and he’s matured immensely which I’m sure is surprising to the entire Hogwarts population.

“Hey Kathleen,” Lily greeted intertwining her arm with James’, “Enjoyed the dance so far?”

“What do you mean ‘so far’? The dance is almost over.”

“True, let me rephrase the question. Did you enjoy the dance?” she rephrased.

I nodded my head slowly, “As much as I could.”

She grinned and walked inside arm in arm with James. I smiled, but that soon wiped away as I walked back into the Great Hall. A slow song had just begun and I didn’t dare stay long for it. I left the great hall and went down to the kitchens.

“Hello miss, may I help you with something?” a scrawny house elf asked me. I looked down at him with a curious stare trying to decipher why house elves enjoyed doing the biddings of insufferable wizards and witches, “Miss, would you likes anything?”

I shook my head and glanced around at the other elves that were bustling around, “Erm…yes, how about some ice cream?” In a matter of seconds a group of elves came to me with different flavors of all kinds pushed them all closer to me, “You know what? How about we put all of those on those tables over there,” I said pointing to the tables that mirrored the Great Hall’s tables.

“Yes ma’am,” the one who greeted me said, “Dipsi always does what the misses says.”

“I’m Kathleen by the way,” I said to the elves as if they actually cared, “If you wouldn’t mind, I’d prefer to called by name instead of misses or ma’am or whatever.”

Dipsi looked at me and smiled, “Yes Kathleen, Dipsi will call the misses Kathleen.” I chuckled at the cute house elf who seemed oblivious to what was so funny. He gave me a confused look as he set down one of the many trays of ice cream.

“Enjoy!” he squeaked and hurried away to work again. I opened my three favorite flavors and took at least 20 bites from each one before I drifted off to sleep and dreamed of nothing in particular. I’m pretty sure my brain had frozen to the point it could not offer me a proper dream.

My mind barely registered the faint nose of footstep three hours later, along with a faint chuckle at the sight of me sleeping. The noises sunk in enough for me to turn in attempt to block out the noise. It would have worked out perfectly if I hadn’t fallen off the bench that was much too thin to make any of my adjusting remotely possible in my light slumber.

It wasn’t until a loud guffaw erupted into the kitchens that my groggy state was actually over. I jumped up only to realize that that wasn’t the best idea seeing as I’d just hit my head on the hard floor. I fell back onto the bench and put my head in my hands and hoped that the now throbbing headache would get better.

“That was bloody brilliant Stenson,” said the voice that I certainly did not want to encounter at the moment. I chose to ignore him and continued to lie on the floor in an attempt to make my head feel better. It was hardly working. My eyes remained closed and my nose scrunched as the pain worsened at the sound of his voice, “Hope you were having pleasant dreams.”

I heard his footsteps coming closer and I opened my eyes in hopes that I’d been having a nightmare, but much to my dismay, I wasn’t. In fact, I was once again scared out of my wits when I saw what was before me. Seeing Sirius Black’s face no more than an inch away wasn’t the most pleasant sight after just being caused a lot of pain because of him. As a result of this sight, I screamed, screamed like the idiot I am. The house elves rushed to my side thinking that I’d just seen some sort of murder—maybe I’m exaggerating a bit.

“Miss, is everythings alright?! Minny is here to help miss!” the poor house elf yelled frantically. My headache was slowly growing worse, with all of the laughter from Black and the frantic talking from the house elves, my mind just couldn’t handle it all.

“SHUT UP!” I yelled, which worked quite effectively. The kitchen was now silent and I finally had the chance to just relax, “I’m fine, really. Just go back to what you were doing.”

The house elves obeyed and went back to their cooking and cleaning and all the other stuff they thought were fun. I sat up and leaned against the bench I was previously sleeping on and opened my eyes taking in my surroundings. My eyes finally landed on Black and I was surprised to find him in his PJ eating some of my ice cream. I looked away but quickly looked back as I noticed some bruises and cuts along his face and arms. They seemed to be healing quickly but it didn’t stop me from being slightly concerned.

It didn’t take him long to realize that I wasn’t ‘checking him out’ and he turned his head away in discomfort. I took a breath and asked a question I never thought would be directed towards him, “What happened?”

He shook his head, “Nothing. Just fell down the dormitory stairs,” he answered attempting to look embarrassed.

I rolled my eyes, “I’m not an idiot Black. What really happened?”

“It’s nothing,” he said getting slightly aggravated and I choose to leave it at that, not in the mood to be getting in an argument when my head was still throbbing. He turned to me this time, “Why did I find you sleeping in here with ice cream surrounding you?”

“I left the dance early and came down here,” I answered.

He nodded and sat next to me, “Why’d you leave early?”

I stared at him in question, “Why do you care?” my voice came out a bit more harsh than I had planned, but I didn’t mind.

“I just…I was just trying to….nevermind.”

I looked at him oddly. Where did the witty, seventeen year old I knew and hated go? “If you really must know, I was slightly depressed. Seeing all the couples so happy together made me envy them so much.”

“You mean you want Reggie back,” Sirius said as though I’d confirmed the thought.

He was so utterly wrong though, “No! Definitely not, If I wanted him back, I could’ve just said yes to him asking me to be his girlfriend tonight.”

“Oh,” he said slightly more chipper.

“Why are you in here?”

He glanced at me, “If you must know, I was sick of being trapped in the Hospital Wing.”

My eyes widened, “When did you have to go to the hospital wing?”

“About three hours ago,” he answered. I then realized I had no idea what time it was. I looked around for hints but I found nothing and I allowed a sigh to escape my lips. “It’s 4:27.”

My head spun around to Sirius and my brows knitted in question, “How did you know that I—“

“I’m bloody brilliant,” he replied and stood up, “You should probably get back to your dorm. No doubt those pleasant girls you have for friends are worried about you.”

He offered his hand and I took it without question. It surprised me when he made no provocative movements or comments considering how close we were. He stepped away and smiled, “Thanks. You aren’t as bad as I thought you were Sirius.”

“Yeah,” he said. I made my way to the door and as I opened it, he called out, “Wait!” I stopped and turned my head slightly towards him in curiosity, “Does this mean that you will call me Sirius on purpose now?”

“Nope,” I walked out, daring myself not to go back so I could see his expression. No doubt, it would’ve been priceless.

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Chapter 16: Avoidance
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It's safe to say that I was the only teenager in Hogwarts that did not enjoy the dance as thoroughly as everyone else did. I would simply walk around the halls and hear nothing except for what happened, or who slept with who, or who dumped who, and so on. It was never ending gossip about the Halloween Ball—or whatever it is you wish to call it. It’s safe to say that the most entertaining part of that night for me was when I had to reject Reggie. Of course, now every time I see him, he gives me pleading or sad looks and I have to look away. I’ve taken to just avoiding the depressed boy now.

Lily was enraged when I got back at four in the morning. She was apparently worried sick that I’d gone and done something stupid. It was clear that I hadn't seeing that I was in a sober state of mind and more than likely looked dreadfully tired. That didn't stop her as she continued to ask me interrogating questions about who'd I'd been with and what I'd done. After me having told her the truth five times, she allowed herself to believe me. I have a feeling I know what threw her off though, what made her think I really was tipsy and wasn't thinking right. It was the fact that I told her I actually had a civil conversation with Sirius Black. The one guy that I've continued to express my passionate hate for. She had let out a hearty laugh, then made me do another one of her "sober test". I more than likely would have done the same thing for Lily if it was the opposite way around and with James only a few months earlier.

It’s now been two entire weeks since that night and Black and I are still being affable towards one another, at least to an extent. He still manages to annoy me to no end, but at least once I’ve said leave me alone three times, he actually stops. There have been a few times when we actually can work next to each other in class with no problems. Sure, that’s happened before but only if we didn’t communicate with each other. Now, we can actually say words to one another without raising our voices--which I'm sure the teachers are extremely happy about.

Of course, that'll all more than likely end today. I'm sure you're wondering why. Well, it’s a simple answer really: It’s Sirius Black’s birthday today.

The marauders and their birthdays were always a big deal for fifth years and up because that always meant a wild party was sure to occur. At the party, there would more than likely be music, beds, and fire-whiskey. All of which combined usually means one thing: SEX. Of course, the parties weren’t actually meant for sex, they were just celebrating their birthday. Teenagers can get extremely drunk though, and the fact that the dormitories aren't far away at all usually means that someone will be so bashed that they…well you get my point.

I, myself, tend to stay away from these parties and lock myself in the library with Lily and Remus. Remus wasn’t always a part of our little study group though, because Remus is a marauder after all. He even had his own blowout and got so intoxicated that he vowed never to go to a marau-day (marauder’s birthday party) ever again.

It’s a pity Patrice and Katy haven’t vowed not to go anymore, I’m sure they would have fun actually doing assignments or studying. I personally think that it’s a right bore, but I’d rather not see all the bimbos in our school “living the life” in my common room. It’s a sight that I’d rather not see because it's very…well…disturbing. McGonagall might even call it appalling and I’m almost positive Dumbledore knows about it but he’s done nothing to stop it. I question our headmaster at times, I really do.

“Hey Kathleen!” someone said to me in quite a jolly way taking me out of my thoughts. I looked up to find Bella Herstia staring at me with her big brown eyes, “Quite an amount of food you got there.”

I looked back down at the two pieces of chicken on my plate and wondered to myself, Since when did that become a lot of food? I plastered a fake smile on my lips and fixed my gaze back to her, “Well you know, it is lunch time and I was hungry so—“

“Yes, that’s nice. So what’s this I hear about you thinking about getting together with Regulas Stolkes?” she asked. She looked over at the Ravenclaw table with a smirk and I followed her stare to spot Reggie looking thoroughly embarrassed. I rolled my eyes and turned back to Bella.

“Actually, this is all new information to me as well. I had no idea that I was thinking about going out with Reggie. Wow, it’s nice to know that I am because all along I thought that I hadn’t been,” I said in an extremely fake-happy voice.

Her grin fell and she glanced at the Ravenclaw table, “Well that’s interesting then. Sorry for bothering you.” I watched her sit back down across from Reggie and glance over at me quite a few more times. That hadn't been the first time someone had mentioned Reggie to me in the terms of "getting together" or "going out" and what not. He's become annoyingly desperate now and I admittedly don't see what I saw in him before. I couldn't possibly imagine what was so great about me and why he could possibly want to start rumors about us. It's odd and somewhat incommodious now that I'm getting all this attention from people I'd preferably not even speak to at all.

Serves me right for even allowing him the opportunity to dance with me. Honestly, I have no idea what was going through my head at the time. Oh yes, that's right, I was bored and getting ready to leave the dance. I wanted to stay, but I wasn't having fun and nothing was entertaining least until he came along. I guess everything just went down hill from there...again.

I pushed my plate away and stood up, brushing off the few crumbs that remained on my robes. I glanced at the table again and saw Reggie's eyes divert away from me once more. At that moment, I had to wonder what I could have possibly done to this boy that would make him want me to be his girlfriend. He'd gone to extreme measures such as to stalking me, he's practically grovelling at my feet now as well. I allowed myself to chuckle lowly at his strange behavior and walk out of the Great Hall.

I noticed that many of the paintings along Hogwarts's walls were staring down the corridor as if awaiting some mighty king. I knew better than that though. They were awaiting Black and whatever surprise entrance he will make this year. Even I can admit that his entrances are always entertaining on his birthday. This year would be different though, I had a gnawing feeling that I would somehow be dragged into his celebration if I remained in the Great Hall. Hence, the reason for my departure.

Time was not on my side though, I'd left much too late. I could hear the bark laugh that came from Sirius Black himself, the one person who I want most not to see. "And what will you do then Padfoot?!" I heard James yell to his mate and laugh along with all the others.

"I will have her in my arms and we will shag til the stars no longer shine!" he yelled causing whatever group he was with to guffaw and laugh their merry arses down the halls. I'd already heard much more than I would've liked. I looked around the corridor in search of a hiding spot and found one behind a statue of what seemed to be a witch of some sort. I had no time to examine closely though, I quickly stashed myself behind the statue making sure as to not make a sound as they passed by.

"For some reason, that doesn't surprise us Padfoot!" I heard Remus yell out. "You'll need the biggest pot of gold a leprechaun can give you to make that come true though, mate!"

"Well Moony, that shouldn't be too difficult to get," Black said much more calm than before, "Anyways...Onwards men! We have some ladies to entertain!" I rolled my eyes at the remarks that were made and watched as the boys talked amongst themselves.

I snuck a look at what had been occurring just on the other side of the statue to find Black being carried on a mattress that seemed to belong to his dormitory by his crew. He looked different, I couldn't quite put my finger on what was so different today than every other day. It wasn't that he was officially a year older than this time last year, it was something much more physical. He was wearing a new shirt, that couldn't possibly be it though.

I sat in the same position for the longest time until my senses finally caught up with me and told me that Black and his crew had passed the statue, I was free to escape. I still had to be in stealth mode for as long as possible until I got around the corner though, unless of course, I wanted to be caught and face hell with the marauders and their gang of perverted worshippers. I lifted myself onto the tips of my toes and snuck out from behind the statue. They hadn't noticed me, so I continued on my way. I was nearly 10 feet away from the corner when I turned back to see if they'd spotted me yet. It was bad timing on my part though, my eyes locked with the pair of grey ones I wanted to see least. "Bugger," I muttered and broke out into a run around the corner and up a flight of stairs that lead me to Lily and James' common room.

I'm almost positive that almost every painting gave me some sort of look, whether it be a hateful, curious, or scrutinizing one. When I'd breathed out the password to the portrait, I'm almost positive that he didn't understand me and was only allowing me in because he'd felt bad for me. That is only a theory of course. I flopped on the comfy love-seat and allowed myself the comfort that I deserved. There was no doubt in my mind that I wouldn't have to deal with a single marauder today. Not Black, not James, not Peter, not even Remus. Lily more than likely wouldn't join me the entire day either, too busy in her "sanctuary" called the library. Of course, for once I should be like Lily and do the responsible thing without her telling me to, and I did. I went upstairs and grabbed some of Lily's quills and ink bottles, as well as parchment and her herbology text book.

"This section of your book is to review all that you have learned in your last seven years of magical learning. This is a very necessary section as you will need to be prepared for your NEWTs," I began to read, my eyes already drooping, "The material to make brooms is called ash. Ash is a very important part of our wizarding community, it gives the broom the ability to float. If we did not have ash, we would not have quidditch. An ingredient used in the Shrinking Solution is the Abyssinian shrivelfig, they are only usable in the solution when peeled. An aconite is a miraculous fiddle that plays harmonica when you sleep...

The words jumbled up and made odd sentences as my vision slowly began to fade away. I unconsciously began slide onto the cushions of the love-seat and attempted to continue reading the babble in the boring book. The Chinese Chopping Cabbage is a vicious cow that eats the muggles of the wrappers. The fiddle bottoms hate the raptors below the surface in taheufhas--" those were the last words I saw before I was off in my world dreaming of actually reading the herbology book that sat in my lap.

I attempted to open my eyes once more having thought that I simply blinked. I made to pick up my book that had somehow fallen on the floor. It was bit strange that a book could drop to the floor with no sound in less than a second. My eyes flickered over to the windows where I saw that it was pitch black outside and I stood up immediately and checked the clock painted into the painting. It was 5:52, at night obviously. I picked up all Lily's belongings and put them back on her bed. I wasn't quite sure where this sudden need to leave the common room as if I'd get in trouble came from. All I knew is that I had this odd adrenaline rush in me. The fact that when I opened the common room door and ran right into one of the people I least wanted to see didn't help either.

"Pettigrew! What the bloody hell are you doing, scaring me like that?" I yelled at the poor boy that stared back at me with his watery, blue, small eyes. I took several deep breaths and clutched my heart as I felt it's beating slow down ever so slightly. I waited impatiently for the boy to answer me and when he didn't, I spat at him quite rudely, "Well? Do you plan on answering my question in this century?"

Peter nodded and began to stutter out his reply, "Erm...Well you see, I-- Sirius and James were--" he paused and took a deep breath before hurriedly saying, "Sirius saw you and told me to go fetch you."

His words were fast and barely understandable but I soon understood, "Fetch me? Since when in the bloody hell did I become a dog?" I asked accusingly.

"I was only quoting, Sirius said them."

"Did he now?" Peter nodded, "Excuse me while I go kill your bastard of a mate." I pushed the short teenager to the side and walked briskly to the Great Hall. I tried my best to look nonchalant as I walked through the halls passing the different teen cliques.

I heard my name in one of the clique's conversation and allowed myself to hide behind a set of stairs and 'tie my shoe'. “Sirius always does something cool on his birthday though. Why would he do it for one particular person this year?" a blonde Hufflepuff asked.

A brunette Hufflepuff standing in front of her shrugged her shoulders, "I have no idea. This is the first I've heard about any of this."

"Sirius Black doesn't do things for girls. At least, not on his birthday that is," a brunette Ravenclaw shot back.

"What's so special about her anyways? Didn't they hate each other or something?" the brunette Hufflepuff asked.

"Haven't you noticed?" the blonde asked. The other two shook their heads 'no', "They haven't been arguing as much. I've seen them, in class, they act civilly. A lot of people are talking about the attitude change towards one another. I personally think that something is going on between them."

"It's Kathleen and Sirius, nothing could possibly be going on with them. It's not like their suddenly best friends and what not," the brunette Ravenclaw backfired.

The brunette Hufflepuff sighed, "I don't know Kelly, I think Nazia is right. I mean, when was the last you heard of Sirius having another escapade with some innocent girl since they started being civil to one another. If that's not proof enough, look at their best mates. No one ever thought they'd end up together, now it's rare that you don't see them together at all."

"Yeah, the two are being coerced together almost. They are forced to sit next to each other in every class too," Nazia replied.

"Well, I hope not. I personally think Sirius is right handsome. I don't want Kathleen to take him off the market. She's nice and pretty and all, but she'd break Sirius' heart, just like she did with Reggie. Everyone though that--"

I finished "tying my shoes" after hearing that last sentence and quickly walked away. What they said was certainly not true. Black and I were only being civil because we were simply sick of fighting. It's not like I have some unknown attraction the boy I've despised for six years. Honestly, they should have some kind of common sense.

The Great Hall doors came into view and I allowed myself to pick up speed. I checked my watch and saw that it was well into dinnertime. I walked in and scanned the Gryffindor table for any sign of Lily, but when I found her, I didn’t quite expect to see her sitting next to the marauders. My plans to avoid them the entire day had been ruined and now Black would get what he wanted, after all, he did send Peter to ’fetch me. I hesitantly walked over to Lily and sat right beside her. I leaned towards her and ‘discreetly’ whispered in her ear, “What the bloody hell are you doing?”

She turned to me and sound in an audible-to-me-and-everyone-else-around-me voice, “I have no idea what you’re talking about Kathleen.”

I looked around at the few faces that turned to give us odd looks and smiled sweetly at them before turning back to Lily, “You know exactly what I mean. I thought we avoided the marauders on the four marau-days per year. Why are you sitting her?”

“They invited me to sit with them, and I thought since we’re friends now, I should actually agree.”

“I agreed so you could make me suffer, is that it?” I asked viciously.

She sighed and began to pick at her food with her fork, “No one is making you sit here Kathleen.”

“I’m hungry and no doubt Patrice and Katy aren’t going to resist the chance to sit with the marauders. You want me to sit all alone getting odd looks from people as I glare daggers at the 7 of you.”

“You are so over dramatic. None of them have even started bothering you yet. That’s always a goo—“

“Stenson!” I heard from the one guy I was trying my best to avoid, “I didn’t think you’d come down to join me, after all, Peter doesn’t usually have that sort of power over people. I thought I’d have to go and get you myself.”

“FYI Black, Peter didn’t persuade me to come down. I wanted to, that way, I could beat your arse for sending someone to ‘fetch’ me,” I said to him scowling.

“Why haven’t you begun the deformation of the all-mighty Sirius Black yet then?” He said loudly.

“I didn’t want my appetite to go away when I see all our pig guts all over the ground,” I fired back.

Black let out a bark-like laugh, “Darling, I don’t have pig guts.”

“Yes, but you act like a pig, therefore you are a pig and have pig guts,” I smirked, “Gee Black, I would’ve thought you knew that by now. Haven’t you noticed that you’re little Pig nose if forming quite nicely?” I looked under the table and said, “Aw, and you’re pig tail is coming too!” I smirked at him and glanced over his facial features once more, finally realizing what seemed so different about him earlier, he had cute his hair. It was nice, and probably a benefit to quidditch. Now at least no one has to deal with his complaints about his hair being in his eyes anymore.

I grinned and grabbed a plate with some food, “Now if you excuse me, I’d rather not eat with a pig and I will eat in the safety of my dormitory.”

I realized later that that was a horrible mistake. It was still marau-day and dinner was over. Which means, the party had just begun. I should’ve returned to the Heads Common Room if I really wanted peace, but I didn’t. I looked out my dormitory doors and watched as girls went to their rooms and came back in attire they most certainly should not be wearing on school property. It was no longer safe in my dorm, but if I went down stairs, I risked being attacked my drunk boys hoping to get some action, or even worse, I could possibly encounter a drunk Sirius Black and be followed for the rest of the night.

I ran down the dormitory steps as soon as possible and struggled to make my way through the crowd of people. It seemed the door was so far away with all these students in my way. I groaned and made to walk forward once more but was stopped by a couple snogging and attempting to make their way over to the couch. My face twisted in disgust and I continued on my way. I was so close to the portrait hole when I felt two arms envelope me; one around my shoulders, the other around my waist. I looked to my left and found James grinning down at me pulling me closer into a friendly family hug. His grip around my shoulders became extremely tight and it was difficult for me to breath. When he loosened his grasp and looked to the other side of me, only to find the one person I'd been trying so incredibly hard to avoid.

"'Ello cousin of mine!" James yelled and slurred out, "Hope you're enjoying the party, love! Padfoot, ain't she a beaut?!" He let out a hearty loud and I believe a small hiccup caused him to stop. I stared up at this so-called family member with an appalled expression. It seemed to just register then where Black's hands were and I made to struggle out of their reach, but their hold on me was just to much, I might as well be considered and immobile child.

I turned to Black and began to, "You let go of me this instance you--"

"Yeah Prongs, this bird is a beaut. Looks down right inviting if you ask me!" he yelled and slurred. I could smell the alcohol coming from their breaths and I twisted my nose in disgust. I noticed Black's hand slowly sliding down my waist causing me to jump as soon as he hit my ticklish spot. This action caused the two boys next to me to lose their balance and disentangle myself from them.

"Alright, Padfoot, I think my dear cousin would like to be alone with you," he laughed loudly then said, "Good luck mate!" and walked away.

I went up to Black and slapped him. His hand flew to the side of his face and his mouth curved into an annoying grin, "I like 'em feisty."

I rolled my eyes and leaned down low and whispered in his ears, "I am not your bird Black, and I most certainly am not inviting," I then jogged away. I most definitely had to

I myself didn't plan on sticking around and jogged out of the common room, when I made it out, I began to mumble to myself, "I am not inviting, and certainly not inviting for Sirius Black. Who does he think he is, touching me at all. Tomorrow his life is going to be hell, I'll make sure--" I heard the portrait hole and a bark laugh emerge in the halls. I turned around and saw exactly who I was just trying to escape. "Damn."

I began to jog again, continuing to glance behind me to see where he was. He was 25 yards away from me at this point and I was losing my breath. I should've been looking where I was going though, or else I wouldn't have run right into Remus. "Remus! Oh thank Merlin!" I huffed out, "I need you to help me!"

He glanced behind me and nodded understandingly, "What should I do?"

"Just do anything that'll make him stop in his tracks."

Remus nodded and pulled me around the corner, "You may not like what I'm about to do, therefore, I'm sorry," before I could reply, Remus' lips were on me. I did what any normal friend would do and froze, not daring to move, too uncertain of what to do. I heard Black's footsteps round the corner and Remus pulled away. My eyes were still open wide and I turned to Black to see his reaction.

It was safe to say that he looked utterly pissed. His eyes were narrowed, his lips in a slight pout, and his stare was on Remus. I was about to say something before there was a fight but Black's gaze immediately went to me, "I thought you said you weren't inviting." With that, the teenager walked away in a huff. I let out a long breath.

"Tomorrow is going to be hell," I heard Remus say. I turned to him and made to say thanks but he stopped me before I could, "No need to say it." He began to walk away, but I stopped him before he could far.

"Remus?" I said, he turned around, "Never do that again." He laughed in a relieved sort of way and nodded before continuing to walk in the direction of the common room.

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Chapter 17: Unexpected
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This chapter has not been properly editted due to my hurry for wanting to get this out.

It's official, I absolutely loath my life. There's is no way that my very well being is mentally or emotionally healthy at the moment. In fact, I should be put in a ward at St. Mungos for going mentally insane at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry...Okay, so maybe I'm being a little melodramatic, but if you were in my position, you would be feeling the same way too. Believe it or not, it's not because of a certain somebody annoying me to no end. Instead, it's just completely related to that person in an indirect way. It seems that Black wasn't the only one who witnessed the peck on the lips between Remus and me. (Yes, the kiss that had absolutely no feelings to it what-so-ever.) Who ever that person was, just couldn't keep their mouth shut. Now the whole school knows about it, and not only that, but the truth is completely twisted. It seems that I am the new Scarlet Woman. The girl who can juggle some of the most attractive guys around at the same time without them even knowing it. My latest victims being Sirius Black and Remus Lupin. Now the most promiscuous girls in the school are asking me to sit with them, my own friends are shunning me, and the only decent treatment I'm getting is from Remus Lupin--the only person who knows the truth (Besides Black who has apparently decided to go along with the rumor in order to make my life a living hell).

It really wouldn't be so bad if the people that I thought knew me enough to know that I'd never even so much as touch Sirius Black in a sexual way don't believe a word I'm saying. Maybe it's the fact that Black and I have been acting so different around each other lately, so...civil. I guess now they think they know the reason why our behavior has been so abnormal, because--oh yes--Sirius Black and I are having hot, hot sex and our sexual feelings for each other are slowly emerging into the public eye. Though that makes utterly no sense at all. It's more than likely Lily just trying to get the grasp of the situation and decided that my coming back to the common room late that night after talking to Black in the kitchens was really us getting it--as the Americans say--down and dirty. Of course, Katy and Patrice listen to Lily twenty-four/seven because ninety-five percent of the time, Lily is actually right. So why wouldn't they listen to Lily.

Today was no different than the past three days. I was sitting at the Gryffindor table in the Great Hall all alone glancing at some of the students as they whispered conspicuously about me--well, I at least assumed it was about me. I am, after all, the hot topic around school lately. I tore my gaze away from my own peers and stared at my food, playing with it nonchalantly. I picked up a pea and placed it delicately into the mashed potatoes with my fork, mushing and blending it in making a nice green spot in the middle of my lovely mashed potatoes. I tore off a piece of chicken with my hands and placed it on top of the green spot, then submerged the chicken with the rest of my potatoes. I never expected my life to become quite so depressing. Or at least not to extent that I was miserable for more than a day. I began to play with my food again, allowing my thoughts to be distracted for a few moments. That was soon disrupted as well when I heard a plate placed down beside me. I looked up abruptly, hoping with the little hope that I actually had left that it was one of my friends. I had not been anticipating Jennifer Garland sitting in front of me without a glare plastered on her pretty, made up face.

She continued to stare at me with her little party behind without having said a word. She almost looked as if she were contemplating something, the look disappeared as she said, "You know, I don't believe those rumors going on about you."

I nearly choked on the fork I was about to shove in my mouth when she said this. That was probably the most surprising thing I'd ever in my entire life, "Oh,"

"And neither do Demy and Celina," she took the initiative to sit down next to me, and as if on queue the other two girls surrounded me (Celina sat on my other side while Demy stood behind me).

"You see," Demy began, "We knew Remus would never be so harsh to a fellow marauder. They're much too close. We also realized that Sirius would never keep something so huge, such as being able to get the girl who supposedly loathes him, quiet. He would no doubt tell the marauders and somehow something would slip to the rest of the school and the secret would be out."

"Precisely," Jennifer stepped in, a mischievous twinkle in her eye, "After much debating on the issue, we've decided to help you out."

I stared at the three girls surrounding me with an odd expression, no doubt dumbfounded by the current circumstances. The three girls who probably hated me most in the entire school were willing to help me out with the oddest of situations. "Oh, don't worry," Celina spoke up, "We aren't really doing this for your benefit, it's mostly for ours. Because, as you see, there are three of us and the plan that we've come up with allows each of us some time with Sirius in order to--let's just say--fulfill our pleasures. We just need a bit of your help to make this work."

I stared at the girls suspiciously, "What exactly do you want me to do?"

They glanced at each other as if having some sort of silent agreement. Jennifer then spoke up, "Well, you seemed to have caught the eye of Sirius, though, we've yet to figure out how such a--" she looked me up and down, "--plain girl as you could have captured his attention."

"First of all, I'm not plain. Second of all, what the bloody hell are you lot talking about? I 'aven't captured his 'eye'," I said, "You must be slightly delusional." I made to get up but the three girls pushed me back down, "So I have no option in this."

"As much as we'd rather not even be communicating with you, this is a very necessary course of action."

Celina nodded, "Now, if you would please tell us how you've managed to capture his attention."

"I'll tell you one last time that I haven't done any such thing. You have a very creative imagination," I answered once more and stood up, "Even if I had captured his attention, I haven't been doing anything 'unusual' to do it. So maybe, you should just be yourself and notpound the make up all over your face. Feel free to continue on with whatever plan you were originally going to do to get the whole school off my back. Now, if you'd let me move on with my life, I'll be going." I walked away passing Patrice and Katy as I exited the Great Hall. I felt their stare on my back as if questioning my motive for so much as speaking to Jennifer. I was questioning it myself as well, was I really being reduced to talking to girls such as them? I surely hope not.

I walked blindly down the halls, not paying attention to where my legs were leading me as I allowed my mind to be trapped in its own thoughts. It was only when I reached the door that I realized I'd been heading for the dungeons and now stood in front of Slughorn's room. I knew I was extremely early, at least by thirty minutes, which was no doubt fine by me. It saved me from the annoying stares of gossiping teenagers. I pushed the door open, only to be met by a pitch black room. There was no candle in the vicinity that so much as illuminated a small part of the room. I didn't feel like getting my wand from my back pocket just to allow me a minute of light, instead, I felt my way to the desk. It served difficult seeing as I wasn't quite sure where my desk was until I found the words I'd engraved into it weeks earlier. It spelt out, 'Bored' in big, bold letters, it brought back memories of when my friends actually spoke to me. James and I had been passing notes to one another about how bored we were. I remember Lily looking at us with disapproval and Black reading over my shoulder thinking I didn't notice.

A sigh escaped my lips as I pulled my chair out and sat down. I placed my head on the desk moving my right hand in a spiral around it. I closed my eyes, and simply relaxed like I hadn't in ages. I stopped making my patters and moved my hand away from the table slowly in order to touch the back of my neck, for I started feeling an odd sensation come over, almost like I was being watched. It went away almost immediately and I placed my hand back on the escritoire, where'd it had been moments before. My hand continued to move closer and closer to the edge, when I began pulling it back, I noticed something shift in the darkness right next to me. Because of that, I nearly jumped out of my knickers. I immediately grabbed my wand and muttered 'Lumos' only to see Black's grinning face staring at me no more than two inches away. I leapt out of my seat which ended up as an extremely ungraceful fall over my bags.

I looked up at him in surprise before closing my eyes and letting my head rest on the ground limply, I lifted my hands up to massage my temple to help myself relax once again, "Are you planning to stay on the floor like that?"

I opened an eye and allowed an annoyed expression to present itself on my face. His wand was now lit and his infamous smirk was now in place of his annoying grin, "Yes, actually."

He shrugged, "If you really want to, I'm certainly not going to stop you. In fact, you look so comfortable, that I might just have to join you."

One would assume that when another says 'join you' in this type of situation, they mean, lie on the floor next to you, but that was not the case. It never is with Sirius Black. He stepped one leg over me and sat down on my stomach. Thankfully, most of his weight was being put on my legs rather than my diaphragm, so it wasn't too uncomfortable.

"Black," I sighed, "What are you doing? I'm already thoroughly pissed off at you about those stupid rumors."

"Ah yes, the rumors," he laughed, "Sorry 'bout that. You know me though, I like it when I get pity from young, gorgeous birds."

"Yeah, I realized that four years ago," I retorted. I stood up and began to walk away, but I was stopped by Black's hand on my wrist. He pulled me back into my seat and grinned roguishly at me as if he had some evil plan in that twisted little brain of his. "As much as I hate being here right now, I've got to go." I stood up again, but I was stopped once again and pulled into my seat. I huffed out a deep breath and turned to him, "Okay, what do you want?"

"I just simply want to talk," he looked away and stared at his hands. It looked like he was scanning his hands for any flaws, or at least that's what I assumed. I stared at him expectantly until he finally looked up and we made eye contact. He cleared his throat, "So, is Remus a good kisser?"

My eyes widened at the question I had most certainly not been expecting. I began stuttering out words trying to find a way to express my thoughts until I settled on, "What?"

"You heard me."

"Yeah, I did, but I hadn't exactly been expecting you to ask something like that. Why do you even care?" I asked looking at him like he'd just had much too much fire-whiskey.

"I just want to know. It's part of my Gryffindor nature, the curiosity and such."

"Well, I wouldn't really know."

He looked at me oddly and said, "How could you not know? I mean, I did see you two and all."

I chuckled at this statement, "I didn't even realize you were sober enough to remember. I'll have you know that it was a three second peck on the lips in which I didn't even respond to."

"You certainly weren't pushing him away."

"True, but with good reason. We had to find a way to make you stop badgering me while you were all liquored up. I couldn't get rid of you. It was like you were my own personal stalker, so I ran into Remus and he said that he had to kiss me in order to get rid of you and it worked. You left immediately," I recollected. It wasn't the best of nights to remember, not to mention, it was the reason I was in the such situation I'm currently in right now.

He breathed out and began to grin, "I was pretty wasted wasn't I?" I nodded smiling lightly. "Do you want to do an experiment?"

I couldn't help to have my eyes widen in surprise and fright. An experiment of Black's was no doubt sexual and would evidently involve some 'touchy-feely' action. I stood up for the last time, "Thanks for the offer Black, but I think I'll pass." I made to move forward but I was thwarted in my efforts as I tripped over my own bag (If one didn't remember correctly, we are still in the dark--as in pitch black) and landed uncomfortably on the stone floor. I turned onto my back and noticed that candles had been lit so the lighting was dim. I shook my head and began mumbling curses as I stood up once again, not quite paying attention to my surroundings. When I was standing tall, I looked at Sirius who was ten times closer to me than he was supposed to be. I let out a slight squeal and backed up to the wall.

Great, now I would be like one of those girls in books who wind up getting backed in to a wall my some sex crazed man and end up getting sexually harassed against a wall. "Black, this isn't funny." I tried to move to the side but he simply put an arm in way, I tried the other way, but he blocked me once again. I remembered that I did have legs meant for one thing. I made to kick him in the groin but noticed that my bag had conveniently been squished between his legs and mine making it impossible for me to move my legs. Great! This all seemed to be extremely ironic, the fact that I was entrapped between a wall and Sirius Black--which is, by the way, something I never thought would happen--with no means of escape. Not to mention, he was already in the potions room alone sitting in the dark, which is honestly kind of creepy. I'm beginning think that he was planning all of this.

"Come on Stenson, it's just an experiment. I wan'na see if I'm a better kisser than my dear pal Remus," he said huskily getting closer and closer to me, now only inches away, "Just one little experiment." He narrowly reached my lips as I turned my head to the side causing his mouth to make contact with my cheek. He pulled back, clearly aggravated, and huffed out in an annoyed whisper, "Come on Stenson! Just one little experiment. If you don't enjoy it, you can stop at any time."

I turned to him and simply stared at him like his face had been replaced with that of a baboon's arse. He stared back before rolling his eyes, "What?!"

"Do you honestly believe that I am like every other girl in this school who might so much as piss in their knickers because their so close to you?" he said nothing, "Do you think that I will give into you the second you offer to have some fun or to do a little experiment after hating you for six years?" he still said nothing, "I am nothing like those little hormonal teenage girls that you take advantage of. I 'ave common sense Black. Now if you would please let me by."

"No," he said simply not moving a muscle and didn't seem to dare move away, "Just one kiss, that's it and if you don't like it, I won't bother you and I'll tell everyone the truth about the rumor. If you don't want to give me a kiss now, then go on and leave."

His proposal was pretty tempting. With just one kiss, all the stuff about the rumors could be done and over with. I could have my friends back not to mention, the evil glares I get down the hall would stop occurring. Then again, by kissing Black, I would be going against every thing I believed in, and that in itself would be a horrible thought to live with. Even if everything was back to normal, classes with him would ten times more dreadful. He wouldn't stop mentioning it, my friends would soon find out and then they'd really think something was going on between us.

"Okay," I said. His eyes widened and so did mine. I wasn't expecting that answer to come out of my mouth. Did I not just hear myself? Things would be ten times worse! His surprised expression turned into a smirk and his face was starting to inch closer to mine for the second time in the last five minutes. Inched closer to my face and soon, his lips were pressed against my own. I closed my eyes and for the first time out of the--how many times was it?--three times we've kissed I caved in. His lips were just so warm and soft. My arms moved around his neck pulling him closer, his arms wrapped themselves around my waist, and the single thing that ran through my head during this kiss was, 'Bloody hell! What am I doing?!' I felt the guilt in my stomach as our lips moved against one anothers. I wanted so badly to pull away from him, but it seemed that Self Control was evading me. It took almost every single fiber of my hate for Black to pull away from his amazing skills at swapping spit, but I managed. My arms were still around his neck and his around my waist. I whispered, "I hated that," and pulled away. I looked at him with a smirk and noticed how the light seemed to capture his facial features quite nicely. I told myself to stop thinking about his looks though, knowing that I was only paying attention to them now because my insides were still giddy from how satisfying the kiss was.

I walked away leaving him shocked and made my way out the door and down the hall. When I was a good ways away from the potions room and leant against the wall and slipped down. If I thought I was in deep before, it was nothing compared to now. I buried my head into my hands and let out an exaggerated sigh. "Kathleen?" I heard a familiar voice say.

I looked up and saw Patrice looking down at me with a worried expression. She began walking to me when she saw that I was clearly not in a good state of mind. I must of looked like a belong in a loony bin with my face flushed and my hair all disoriented, not to mention my shirt wasn't in quite the proper position seeing as how Black's hands were only a moment ago moving against my waist. I ran to her, throwing my arms around her neck and pulling her into a tight hug, "I've missed you."

Her response was a simple chuckle as she hugged me back. I pulled away and kept my hands on her shoulder and she scrutinized my face, "You know, I don't believe those idiotic rumors right?"

I shook my head 'no', "I wasn't quite aware of that seeing as you've been avoiding me for the past three days."

She rolled her eyes, "None of that my or Katy's doing. It's all Lily. She believes the rumors about you and Sirius being an item in secrecy is true, not that whole Remus part of it. She only pissed at you because you didn't tell us about your--nonexistent--relationship with Sirius."

My eye widened, "That's it? That's the only reason she mad at me. Well, at least now I know she's not quite as idiotic as I thought she was."

Patrice nodded and took my hand and led me to the spot on the wall that I'd previously been occupying, she sat pulling me down with her, "So what part of the rumors are true?"

"W-what?" I stuttered out, gulping down a bit of saliva that seemed to magically appear in my mouth.

"You know what I mean. That rumor had a base and I'd like to know what it was," she answered simply.

I took a deep breath. It was inevitable that she'd find out at some point in time, so there was no sense in delaying it. I told her the entire story up until lunch time, not wanting to tell her of the recent adventure I had only moments before, "Oh you poor thing. Sirius can be a jerk sometimes can't he?" I looked at her with a 'well-duh' expression and she laughed, "Yeah, I know. It was a stupid question to ask."

"Yeah, it really was," we sat comfortably in silence. I had to say, it was nice having someone to finally talk to, "So...what's been going on with everyone else?"

"Well, I snogged one of the best kissers yesterday," a suddenly giddy Patrice said. My thoughts immediately went to Black and how talented that boy really was. I honestly thought that all the hype about him and his snogging skills had all been over exaggerated, "Aren't you gonna ask me who it is?"

"What's the point of me asking. You're going to tell me anyway."

"It was Jason Maroon. Dear Merlin his lips were so soft. It was like nirvana on my lips!" she said excitedly, touching her lips softly.

I shook my head and smiled at the girl who clearly had a crush on the seventh year Hufflepuff. I watched Patrice as she stared at a spot on the floor and then slowly began to smile. I'd done the same thing when I actually liked a boy. I'd reminisce about how we'd interacted in the past week and smile, or maybe a small giggle would escape my lips. I continued to watch her make funny expressions then burst into a fit of giggles, "Oh Patrice." I stood up and walked back to the potions room. I entered and found the candles still dimmed low and could make out Black sitting in his chair. "Oh Merlin," I mumbled.

I slowly walked to my seat and sat down not daring to so much as glance at him. Moments later, Slughorn entered the room followed closely by Patrice. It was then that I realized today was going to be an insufferably long day to deal with.

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Awkwardness. The only word to possibly describe my life. Awkwardness. Everything I’d done in the past four days had been awkward. My friendship with Lily and Katy is one example of my newly found, there’s simply no other word for it, awkwardness.

You see, a day after that thing that happened with Black four days ago, I decided to go up to Lily and Katy with Patrice by my side and tell them the whole situation. I wanted them to know I wasn’t a whore, that Remus and I were and never will be an item, and that I have no feelings for Black. It took some persuading, I managed to do it though. Now, it’s almost feels like nothing ever happened, that we never had a fight. Our friendship is pretty much back to normal...except for those odd spurt of awkwardness from me.

That’s not all though, my whole swagger is graceless. Ever since that ki--thing that occurred with Black, I’d walk down the hall, not with authority, but with clumsiness. If it hadn’t been for him, none of this would’ve happened to me. None of it. It’s not like the rumors around school have died down either. They’ve gotten worse, because of Black again.

The sad part is that he didn’t even do anything this time. Which sounds like a complete contradiction but it’s not. Ever since that day in Potions, we became really... uneasy around each other. We constantly glanced at one another making eye contact quite a few times. When his elbow would accidentally bump into mine while we were making separate potions, I would notice his cheeks flush. That wasn’t even the worst part of it though. I accidentally spilt his pig guts over his crotch, which is by the way the worst spot to help someone clean off as demonstrated by some random student. I simply stood behind the random girl trying to clean Sirius--probably her way of copping a feel--and stared at his crotch. He saw me too...and so did many other people.

In fact, the majority of the class saw the way we were behaving around each other throughout class that day which got them talking. If some students didn’t believe that Black and I had something going on before, they surely did now.

I never realized just how difficult it was to be in a situation when everyone thinks you’re someone you’re not. To be disliked by almost all of the female population and looked at differently by the male population. And when I say differently, I don’t mean their looking at me with hunger at the fact that I would supposedly “do” them in a heartbeat. I mean, they look at me in disgust. I can’t be modest now because now I realized just how many guys in the school liked or had crushes on me because I was pretty and nice. Now they think I’m just like the blonde bimbos which is a complete and utter insult because I’m definitely not like them. They’re self absorbed, selfish, conceited, moronic, and all together, bitchy. I at least hope that I’m nothing like that.

For the past two days, I’ve taken to just skipping dinner and doing homework instead. I haven’t procrastinated in a week and I’m beginning to worry. I finished my transfiguration homework before Lily, whom I usually asked for help. Yesterday, when Lily was gone for the night in the head’s dorm, Patrice and Katy came and asked me how to perform a spell. They’ve never done that before, it was sort of a scary experience. The two of them were staring at me expectantly as I stared back at them in shocked silence. Finally I explained to them what I’d managed to teach myself from the text book and in class. So it seemed that for once, locking myself in the commonroom was doing me some good.

It wasn’t doing anything for quidditch though. My skills were suffering immensely on the field as Black accidentally distracted me several times. The longer I was around him, the worse I’d become. My form was terrible--and you need good form to throw a quaffle-- not to mention my flying technique had gone very far south. James was not happy, especially since the first match of the season was less than two weeks away. He constantly called me out, telling everyone that they couldn’t leave practice until I made ten shots in a row with him as the keeper. (I swear, sometimes i think he can play every position on the field and we would still win) Which isn’t fair because he’s almost as good of a keeper as he is a chaser.

It took me thirty minutes to make those shots and by then, the rest of the team had changed and was waiting for James to dismiss them. I could feel their vicious glares from a hundred feet up and it did not feel good.

“Kathleen!” James yelled as I left the girls locker room. I could see the bags under his eyes from lack of sleep after having been through two months of quidditch, NEWTs studying, homework, and head duties. “What the bloody hell has been up with you this week?”

I could do nothing but shrug since I myself wasn’t quite sure. My answer wasn’t enough for the messy haired boy, “No, seriously. What’s going on? You’ve been slacking off all week and I’m pretty the team might strangle you for holding up another practice.”

“I really don’t know James. I mean, I guess I’m just distracted.”

“Yeah, I got that much already, but by what?” I shrugged again, “That’s not a good enough answer Stenson!”

I looked at him sharply, anger burning through my veins, “I don’t know what the bloody hell is wrong with me bloody Potter!” I yelled fiercely at my cousin, “So stop pestering me because I don’t know!” I didn’t bother waiting to see if had anything to say back to me, which I’m sure he did. I wasn’t in the mood though, not for quidditch or for school. I think I just needed to escape it all.

I didn’t make it back to the castle that Friday night. I took a detour, if it should even be called that. I sat under my favorite tree that night by the Black Lake, my quidditch uniform sitting in my lap. I felt my fingertips tracing over the Gryffindor embroidering as I stared out into the black depths of the lake. I looked over into the Forbidden Forest wondering what would happen if went in there all alone. I wanted to escape just for the night. I wanted to do something exciting, different, something that had nothing to do with Hogwarts. I stood up and threw my uniform over my shoulders. I took the long trek towards the black trees that loomed above me. Never had they seemed so big before in the dead of night. It was quiet, dark, and cold. I didn’t care. Sure, it crossed my mind that my friends might get worried, that they might wonder why I haven’t returned from practice when it’s almost midnight. I’m pretty sure that I’d be in serious trouble in the morning when I returned. I didn’t care.

Maybe I just wanted a thrill to go through my body as I walked on the leaves and sticks under my shoes. My life certainly wasn’t quite as dramatic and traumatizing as I made it seem. It was still too much though.

I looked up through the trees with hardly anymore leaves on them. I could see through most of them at the almost nonexistent moon in the sky. It was my only supply of light. My wand sat forgotten in my jean pockets as I walked through the forest alone.

It didn’t come as a shock to me when I felt another presence watching my every move. I could feel the eyes tracing me up and down, analyzing me. I was a human female almost defenseless in an area with all sorts of creatures that despised witches. I looked behind me more than enough times, but the figure never showed itself. I ignored it later though, by humming happy tunes from when I was a kid.

“It’s not smart for a young witch to be out here all alone,” a deep, accented voice said from behind me. I nearly jumped out of my skins when I heard him speak to me and turned around wide eyed. I stumbled backwards at the centaur that stood two feet above me. I could only imagine the expression on my face at that moment. My eyes were wide, my eyebrows were as high as they could possibly go and my mouth was hanging open in the most unattractive way.

I’d heard rumors that centaurs lived just outside our walls but never had I believed it true. I wondered why they’d want to live in the forbidden forest of all places. It wasn’t the best place to observe the stars or to just hang out. It wasn’t very gorgeous looking either...just a bunch of trees. So, the fact that such nature loving beings would live as Hogwart’s next door neighbors was quite bizarre.

Our eyes locked and I saw the cold hate he had for my species written in his green orbs. His brushed his hair out of his eyes, “Is there a reason you are out here tonight?” I was frozen. My mouth, eyes, fingers, toes...everything...frozen. He looked at me expectantly then let a drawn out sigh escape, “I believe you should leave before my brothers arrive. They are not so nice...”

He considered this attitude nice? The others must be complete mongrels then. The wind blew. The first sign of movement that proved I wasn’t a statue erupted from neck to my toes. A shiver from the harsh coldness that I hadn’t been aware of until that moment. I was weak physically and emotionally. I just came from a quidditch practice and was emotionally disturbed. The combination made me brittle.

My eyes scanned my surroundings, noticing every branch, twig, leaf, bug, or rock that laid on the ground beneath me. I felt the eyes of the centaur on me still, watching my actions and analyzing them. I looked back at him fearing that if I moved closer to him, he’d hurt me. My natural curiosity toward the beast--being a stereotypical Gryffindor had some of its weaknesses--made me want to move forward. I did not though. I stood up straight, “I’m sorry.” It came out weak, or soft rather, “I was just going for a walk. I don’t mean any trouble.” My words were carefully thought out. I didn’t dare say anything that might offend the creature.

Even in my present situation, I still didn’t want to return to the castle. I stared in the direction I’d come from debating whether or not I should just leave or keep going. My conscience wasn’t really helping either as the evil side wanted me to return to Hogwarts for a little fun with Black. The saint in me wanted me to find a clearing that I could just relax in in order to make my friends worried. Not really much of a saint.

I could feel that the centaur’s eyes had to remove themselves from my face. He was still watching, questioning my every move. I turned to him, deciding to be slightly more bold this time, “Do you want me to leave or something?” It came our rather harsh, I didn’t take it back though for I had no regrets.

He stared at me curiously, “I simply giving you a warning. Whether you will take it or not is your own choice.” He turned around and was beginning to was beginning to walk away, but at the sound of my moving feet he stopped. He turned towards me in question.

I had been walking towards him to stop him, being the bold and irrational Gryffindor I was. “I was actually hoping you could tell me where a clearing was.”

I was expecting him to say ‘no’ or begin asking questions. That didn’t happen though, in fact nothing did. I would have thought he was a statue if it weren’t for chest moving subtly up and down from his light breathing. His face showed no recognition of my question which made me feel a little strange standing here. He turned around suddenly and walked towards me.

I regretted everything I’d just done then. Somewhere in me told me that I shouldn’t ask creatures that hate humans questions but I was being ignorant. My fearful face was once again back on as the horse-man walked closer and closer to me. His pace was slow, I could’ve started running by now, but I guess I’m one of the freeze-when-you’re-scared type of people.

His hands reached out and grabbed my waist. I was utterly shocked by this action. In fact, the first thing to run through my mind was, “I’m about to get sexually molested. Which is ten times worse than just being molested.” He was a lot stronger than he appeared, making it seem like I was a feather in his arms, which was obviously not the case.

I felt myself being lifted over his head as he walked through the forest. By now, my eyes were shut as tight as they could close, so it was slightly surprising when i felt my bum land on his hard spine. My eyes immediately opened and I found myself facing the centaur’s tale, “You should hold on to something.” He allowed me to awkwardly adjust on his back so I was holding his abdomen. Without warning, he began cantering through the forest, dodging many tree limbs with little effort. He was so graceful. Something that I’m not as proven this entire week.

I mean, this centaur was like vampire graceful. It felt like a glide instead of a canter, or a gallop--which he was apparently now doing. That just proves how utterly elegant he truly was. I couldn’t decipher the different between two completely different ways of running. If I was a centaur, I’d probably have killed the person riding on my back by from stumbling over branches constantly.

I saw an opening in the direction we were going and stared at it in awe as we got closer. It wasn’t the most beautiful clearing I’d ever seen. I was actually imagining something more grass like and pretty, but this did quite nicely anyways. I saw the edge of the Black Lake getting closer until it was finally within ten feet of us. The clearing was decently small, but enough to fit five people comfortably.

I got off his back awkwardly (surprise) trying desperately hard not to accidentally hurt him. When the ground was finally beneath both of my feet again, I smiled up at him, “Erm, thanks I guess.”

“You’re welcome.” He was definitely not one of the most social centaurs in the world I observed as he began turning around and walking away.

“Wait!” I commanded on impulse, “Er...what your name?”

He stood with his tail to me, his head slightly turned, “Lenko.” He galloped away from me.

A sigh escaped my lips as I turned around and admired the beauty of the extensive Black Lake. Never had I realized just how huge it was until I saw this little clearing. I laid down down on the dark green grass then looked up at the bright white stares shining in the sky. I should probably try and do Astronomy homework while I’m over here, but I didn’t. Instead, the due on the grass lulled me to sleep in mere minutes.

My eyes flickered awake as I felt the cold breeze blow across my skin. I sat up slightly taking in my surroundings that were the Forbidden Forest. My quidditch uniform, or blanket, slid from my waist to my lap. Sitting up wasn’t a great idea because it helped me realize that I had a pounding headache and an aching stomach. My hands and toes were freezing, the rest of me wasn’t doing much better. I looked towards the Black Lake and noted how beautiful it looked as the sun rose in the sky. The admiration was only temporary as I winced from the new coming pain coming across my whole body. My headache had almost become like a heartbeat, loud in my ears, telling me I needed to go to Madame Pomfrey.

I couldn’t though, I wasn’t sure which way to go to get back to Hogwarts...My body was becoming achey and the due below me wasn’t helping. It’s cold moisture pricked my legs and hands.

I stood up, but couldn’t...I was a complete idiot. That’s what this all comes down to. Just because I wanted a day without being awkward, I was stuck in the Forbidden Forest, freezing my arse off and getting extremely sick. It was probably 60 degrees out right now but that’s only because the sun came...I’m pretty sure it was much colder when I went to bed.

I might as well accept that I’m going to dye out here from a cold...or whatever the hell it is I have...maybe a fever. I can only imagine what mum and dad would say to Dumbledore when they’d find out. They definitely wouldn’t be happy campers. Lily would be downright furious at me until it sunk into her head that I was gone...then she’d blame it all James then sob into his shirt, while he would sob into her fiery red hair. Patrice and Katy, They’d probably stay in the head dorm for a while, secluded, away from the rest of Hogwarts, who would only make it worse.

I tried to stand up again with success, but I was too weak to stay that way. I was back on the grass in fifteen seconds. Maybe if I crawled through that would work, but my aching body was against me on this one. I began coughing and sniffling rather abruptly for many minutes at a time...I felt as if I were going too pass out at any moment. I looked down at my watch when it felt that the congestion was going to take a break. 9 o’clock. The sun began getting extremely bright, making my headache so much worse. I tried to shield myself from it by lying back helped very little.

The pain was becoming unbearable and now another cough attack was coming. I finally come down to a decision...I was going to sleep through it all. I grabbed my quidditch uniform and put it over my clothes knowing that that would help keep me a little warm. It didn’t take long for me to fast asleep for some reason. I guess when your sick, it’s is one of the only things that comes with ease.

“She right here!” a deeply accented voice said urgently waking me up. It sounded a lot like Lenko from last night.

“Why didn’t you take her to Hogwarts when you saw her?!” someone else asked rather harshly. I recognized his voice...but couldn’t put a finger on it.

“Centaurs are not made to bend that low when they’re carrying extra weight.”

“Fine.” I felt a pair of hands grab my waist and pull me up. He groaned, “Help me, she’s almost dead weight.” Another pair of hands helped shift me so I was laying comfortably with one arm under my back and the other beneath my knees...Wedding Style carrying I believe some call it. It was much nicer feeling than the hard grass I’d been stuck on for who knows how long. I didn’t about the only thing I could with my eyes closed. I felt around for the neck of the person carrying me and held tight, burying my head into his shoulders.

“Merlin you two run fas--You found her!” a girl’s voice emerged breathlessly, “You guys, they found her!”

“Good now we can--Is she blue?” another girl’s voice asked, I recognized it as Katy’s. The other one was Patrice.

“Oh no,” I heard Lily say. A hand was suddenly on my forehead, then removed, then it was back on again, “She’s extremely hot.”

“Yeah, her breathing’s a little shallow too,” the boys holding me said.

“Damn it! Why the hell would she do this?!” James growled.

“James I don’t think this is the time to get angry,” Lily scolded.

“The seven of you should get her back to Hogwarts,” Lenko stated wisely. The others must have nodded for I felt myself going up and down as the person holding me walked.

Thank you so much,” Lily said from somewhere behind me, “We were so worried and when you came it--just thanks.”

“You’re welcome. I will tell you this now: she didn’t seem to be in the most proper state of mind. A little off if you will and the stars were most definitely not on her side.”

I heard nothing more of the conversation, for I was once again unconscious.

“I know you’re awake Miss Stenson. Now please take the potion,” Madame Pomfrey ordered me later that day. I defeatedly opened my eyes, plugged my nose and took a sip of the nasty, purple liquid, “Thank you Kathleen. I’ll be right back with your second potion. Don’t do anything foolish while I’m gone.”

I looked at Lily, Patrice and Katy who were staring at me amused. Patrice had a broad grin on her face for some unknown reason that I didn’t dare ask about. Instead I asked, “Why are you all staring at me? Is there something on my face?”

“Yes, yes there is,” Katy giggled, “It looks pretty funny too.”

“What?! Well get it off then!” I began brushing off my face over and over until I felt little bumps protruding from almost every angle of my face. I turned to the three of them, “What in the bloody hell is on my face?”

Lily was grinning herself as she observed my reaction, “I didn’t know that you’d never had chicken pox before.”

I was about to grab my wand on the end table but Madame Pomfrey entered the room with a fresh batch of potions, “Kathleen, don’t even think about it.” I moved back into my previous position. “Alright, now open up.” She forced my mouth open and made me drink another bottle of the nasty liquid. “Alright, I’ll be back in fifteen minutes to give you a sleeping potion. That’ll give your friends time to leave.” With that out, she walked back into her office.

“So I have chicken pox, bloody wonderful. I mean...I don’t even feel sick,” I said to the three girls.

“Yeah, as soon as we brought you in here, Madame Pomfrey dosed you with about ten different potions. Says they’ll last for about fourteen hours,” Lily answered for me.

“What happened anyway?”


“No I wanna tell it,” Katy said excitedly, “Well, that centaur guy was running out of the forest all wide eyed when he saw us. And he ran up to us and we were like ‘Um, we’re looking for our friend.’ and he was all like, ‘I know where she is...yada yada yada.’ Then we all took off at full speed after him, but Sirius was the fastest. He picked you up and it was so cute. I mean, you were snuggled up in his arms and--”

“What?! That was Black! I thought that Remus!” I yelled.

“Oh no, it was definitely Sirius.”

“Oh merlin...why’s always involved in everything that happens to me?” I placed my head in my hands.

“Yeah, I don’t know. But you had a 106 degree fever from your body working too hard to keep you warm in thirty-five degree weather. So it ended up making you over heat...”

“Alright! Out you three go!” Madame Pomfrey yelled as she entered the Hospital Wing again.

“But Madame Pomfrey, it hasn’t been fifteen minutes yet!”

“I don’t care...out!” she shooed my friends away and out of the room then spooned me another nasty potion. It less than a minute, I was fast asleep for the third time that day.

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Chapter 19: Surprising and Unexpected
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“Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me,” I sang to myself while I sat alone in the hospital wing. The one year my birthday is on a Saturday, I’m locked up in a room of white at six in the morning. Yeah, six on a Saturday. It’s not like it was my choice to wake up so damn early, but Madame Pomfrey wanted to release me by ten o’clock and had to do a check up before I left. Apparently that took four hours to do.

It doesn’t help that I’ve been trapped in this god forsaken room for a week now having to be all alone for the majority of the week. The professors thought I had psychological problems so just to be sure that I wouldn’t affect any of the other students; they trapped me in the White-Room-of-Doom. Yeah, the hospital wing got a new name because every time someone entered the room, which so happens to be white, to visit me, they brought doom with them: doom being homework. Yeah, since I’m having so many “psychological problems” homework will solve it right up.

The only good thing about being cooped up in this bland place was that I never had to encounter Black. Which meant no having to be annoyed and no having to say bloody thank you for carrying me through the forbidden forest to my safety. That would undoubtedly be awkward and not fun.

I watched many random students come in with blue faces or pimples on their bellies because of a spell or potion gone wrong. Often followed by a panic-stricken friend that had witnessed the whole thing. They’d glance at me or maybe even check me out but that’s all they could spare because a pimple would burst all over their uniform. It was disgusting.

I did get more visitors than just sick kids, my friends stopped by. Obviously. But what little help they were, they didn’t comfort me at all. Just complained about their own problems. For example: Lily was beginning to act differently towards James on accident and it was beginning to worry her. Katy thought that she might act a little too blonde. Then, Patrice made out with a guy who asked her to marry him, even though she already had a boyfriend. There's also the boy's problems which are all just as miniscule as the girls’. James was undoubtedly stressed from quidditch, Lily and head boy duties. Remus was getting sick again, though, to be fair, he didn’t even mention it, I did. Poor Peter was sad because he wanted to get a girlfriend but it served as extremely difficult for the short, round marauder.

What about my problems, did it not mean something that I basically almost died just a week ago because of my problems in school? Did that not count as a problem? I mean, I didn’t decide to stay outside on a freezing night for nothing. Apparently no one understood that.

“Alright Miss Stenson,” Madame Pomfrey said as she walked in, “Open wide!” I opened my mouth and in came a disgusting, chunky, thick liquid, “Open!” she snapped after I swallowed and in came another potion this time thin and smooth. This happened two more times before she hurriedly went in her office to grab her wand.

I’d observed the nurse that was currently checking up on me for the last week. I realized that she was quite a brilliant woman for her age, only twenty-eight. Many thought she was older because of what she wore but that’s just because she hasn’t quite caught up with the fashion of today. I promised myself that one day, I would take her away from the ill students and we’d just go to Hogsmeade and shop for bell bottoms because she desperately needed them. There’s a reason puffy skirts are out: because they’re ugly.

“I’m back, I’m back! I know you were worried,” she joked as she entered the White-Room-of-Doom again. “Alright so I’m just going to do a few spells and then you can rest for at least an hour then you’re free to go.” she said and while I processed her words, I felt tingling sensations go through my body as she recorded down information about my temperature, and all that nurse stuff. Many parts of my body moved in voluntarily as she performed spells to check up on my joints. It felt silly but I’d grown used to it after having to do this every day for the past week.

“Okay Miss Stenson, we’re finished up here. It seems that Slughorn was right and you’re not a mental case. You’re free to go in an hour,” she walked to her office door but turned around at the last moment, “And also, I’ll think about your Hogsmeade trip offer. I think I might need a break.” I broke out into a grin as her door closed then pulled the covers over my torso.

My eyes were closed in an attempt to go back to sleep, but I was much too energized for my body to rest. My feet moved subconsciously while I sat with my eyes closed. I heard the hospital wing door open and a pair of footsteps were coming toward me. I doubted a visitor was coming already, so I kept my eyes closed. I took several breaths in and noticed the faint smell of after shave that had not been in the room just moments before. I’d never known how good the liquid could smell since most men, especially teenagers, tend to overdo it. I took another content breath in through the nose, yearning to smell that delicious scent once more. It was much closer than before, only making it that much better.  

“I know you’re awake,” Sirius Black’s voice spoke, knocking me out of my nirvana immediately. Maybe if I just pretend like I didn’t hear, or smell, him he’d go away. He didn’t seem to be buying it though so he shoved me. I had to get used to the fact that Sirius was not a morning person. Sharing most of my classes had demonstrated the idea but this act confirmed it.

“What do you want?” I asked annoyed with my eyes still closed, breathing in his intoxicating scent. He didn’t answer me; instead the room was still filled with silence. I felt the weight shift on the bed making my eyes flutter open as an immediate reaction, damn.

“Just wanted to see if you were okay. Seeing as you haven’t been in class all week,” he said in a very un-Sirius-Black way.

I furrowed my eyebrows confused at his demeanor, “I’m sure you didn’t just come in here to show me that you’re suddenly a better person?”

“You haven’t even seen me for a minute and you’re already questioning my antics,” he said, “Typical girl is what you are. You know what? I’ll just go then.”

The bed shifted again as he walked towards the door He was almost out of the room, but just as his foot was about to have completely disappeared, my conscience went and took over my body. “Wait!” Oh great! I just told the guy that has caused all of the anguish in my life to wait. What is wrong with me? “Why’d you come here?”

He retraced his steps back into the White-Room-of-Doom, “I just wanted to see how you were. That’s all.” He stood up straight then, placed his right hand on his chest, lifted up his left hand with three fingers up, “I promise. Wizard’s Honor.”

“See, as much as you say that, the more I just don’t believe you.” I moved myself so I was sitting up instead of lying flat on the strangely comfortable white bed. I felt a little light headed as I did so, but I dismissed it quickly.

Black sat on my bed again, “It’s the truth though.”

“If it was the truth, you would’ve stopped by sooner.”

“Wow, you’re acting like you actually cared if I came to visit you or not.”

“Good thing I don’t.”

We began a quiet staring contest between my dark brown—on a lucky day: hazel—eyes and his grey ones. It was like staring into the eyes of a really good smelling wolf: it was entrancing. I don’t think either of us ever realized that we were making such strong eye contact until it was broken by my shifting under the blankets. My thoughts moved from his orbs to my birthday in mere seconds. Sure, I never make a huge deal about it but one of my friends will have at least sent me a letter by now. Or mum and dad would have owled me at midnight. They haven’t though, it’s like they forgot about me. That’s not even the worst part, instead of waking up in my cozy dorm room like I usually do, I wake up to the confines of the Hospital Wing with Madame Pomfrey staring me down and now I’m stuck in the same room I woke up in with Black. Before I could stop myself I mutter, “This is the worst birthday ever.”

“What was that?” Black asked leaning to hear me. I inhaled, giving my lungs air so I could speak again, only to find that his aroma had yet to wear off.

I looked around nervously, “It was nothing. Just talking to myself Black. Goodness, just leave me alone.”

“You can give up the act, I’m not stupid. I know you said something about your birthday.”

“Yeah, and what if I did?”

“What about it then?”


He put his head in his hands out of frustration, “If it’s nothing Stenson, don’t try and cover it up.”

“Why are you getting mood swingy? I thought that that was a girl thing to do.”

“There you go, trying to change the topic to me. What did you say before?”

“Someone’s dedicated,” I muttered, he heard but said nothing, “I just said that this was the worst birthday ever. Happy?”

“Today’s your birthday?” He asked stupidly.

I rolled my eyes at his foolishness, “No, my birthday is in a year from today.”

“Well why didn’t you tell anyone about it?” He seemed thoroughly curious which is odd for him seeing as he’s a big dweeb and I really didn’t want to be talking to him at the moment. I hope I’m sending that message out, that I don’t want him here. If I am...he’s definitely not getting it. Plus, why would he think I’d tell him, of all people, about something like this.

“Um, maybe because I thought they’d remember. I didn’t even get a card from my parents,” I never told him to start asking questions, therefore, he brought this all on himself, “You’d think they’d remember wouldn’t you? If not the dad then the mum, she did have to go through twelve hours of labor to get me out of her belly. I was a big baby too if I recall, nine pounds. That’s huge! Yet they can’t even have the decency to owl me just to say Happy Fucking Birthday! I’m eighteen now too! That’s like the third worst birthday to miss. It’s a year after adulthood, if anything, it signifies that I’m really an adult whether they like it or not. Well I just--”

“Do you want to go for a walk?” he asked suddenly interrupting my rant about my parents, “It just sort of seems like fresh air would do you some good.”

I stared at him in amazement wanting to question him about his antics thinking that there just had to be something going on with him. Why would he be treating me better than the people I call friends if he’s not even one of them? Now just didn’t seem like the time ask though so I moved on, “That’s got to be the nicest thing anyone has said to me all week.”

“Is that your subtle way of saying yes?”

“Yeah,” I got out of bed and felt a sudden rush for the second time that day. I felt queasy and my vision blurred momentarily. I looked at Sirius questioningly about to tell him I didn’t feel too great but almost as soon as the dizziness came, it left. Sure this often happened when I stand up too quickly, I knew it wasn’t one of those moments. I looked at Sirius who was analyzing me questioningly. “What?”


“Those aren’t the clothes you normally wear around school are they?”


I looked down at my current wardrobe: hospital clothes, “Oh shoot! Madame Pomfrey! I can’t leave yet!” I hissed and got back in bed.

“Yeah you can, just put your clothes on and--”

“She’s got my wand though,” I said before I realized the words that just came out of his mouth, “Put my clothes on? Where? In front of you! You just want to get a look at my bosoms, don’t you? Well, you’re not that lucky mister because yo--”

My clothes seemed to just appear on my body as he flicked his wand, “Oh,” I said, “nevermind.”

“Yeah, but we can just accio your wand later.”

“Since when did accio become a verb?”

“Since I made it one,” he grabbed my hand with his rough yet soft ones, “Come on.”

I think Madame Pomfrey may have kicked up the meds today because something had to be wrong with me. I couldn’t walk in a straight line for one thing because my vision was a bit more blurred than usual so I couldn’t quite see where Sirius was leading me. My brain wasn’t able to understand how I was tolerating Black’s presence either. Oh sure, I’d tolerated it before without the meds, but this is just a little much. He’s holding my hand and everything, yet I’m not pulling away. My mind i, ’Pull, just pull. It’s the simplest function; just pull your arm away from him!’ Yet I don’t feel the urge to do anything. Maybe it’s that wonderful fragrance he’s wearing. 

“Where are we going exactly?” I asked confused and slightly dazed. Yeah, Poppy gave me a little too much chunky, thick stuff this morning.

“Outside, love.”

“Hey, hey! Why are you up so early?” I said loudly. Seriously what did she give me? I could only compare the feeling to having a little too much firewhiskey on a Friday night.  

He chuckled at me probably figuring out that I was a little hopped up on drugs, “Honestly, I thought it was Monday and I went to breakfast and the hall was deserted.”

“I hate it when that happens. It sucks!” I frowned inwardly knowing I sounded strange but I was happy I had more control of my motions than my sounds.

He laughed. Laughed! He laughed at my crazy, intoxicated self. When the hell will this stuff wear off? I leant into him wrapping myself around his arms then looked up and grinned. Well, there goes the control over my movements. I will prevail sooner or later! All I had to do was let go. Let go. Let go! Let--Okay, that’s not what I mean by let go. I sat on the floor on my stomach and giggled as if I were being fed happy medicine.

“Oh!” I giggled, “Did you know there are little dots all over the floor?” I began counting the small red, blue, yellow and green specks that seemed to blend in to one another.

“No, I didn’t,” he pulled me up by my waist and carried me bridal style.

“Whoa there buddy!” I flopped helplessly in his arms yelling, “Wee!” all throughout the corridor. I’m beginning to think there was a reason I had to wait an hour before I was allowed to leave the White-Room-of-Doom. “Hey, you!” I said to him, wrapping my arms around his neck and pushing myself forwards, “I think I need to go back to the White-Room-of-Doom.”

“It’s a little too late now don’t you think?” We had made it outside. He placed me down on a bench then sat beside me.

I giggled even more--which is not cool because I just simply don’t giggle--as I slid down the bench onto the grass. “Oh! It’s a little wet!”

“Yeah, dew tends to do that.”

I just had to hope that I didn’t act this way, or worse, when I was drunk. I began doing really strange things to Sirius as he sat innocently on the bench for two or three. I crawled on all fours to his legs, which happened to be spread apart. Can you say awkward? I didn’t notice at the time, he did though. I tilted his head to the side as I placed each hand on his inner thigh and grinned up at him. My mind was screaming at me stop what I was doing immediately and back the heck away from Sirius. I didn’t listen though. I lifted myself off the ground then straddled him on the bench. I leant in to his face and got about two centimeters away. I grinned at him and noticed he was looking from my lips to my eyes in a rapid motion. “Hi!” I giggled then fell from his lap onto the dewy grass again.

My smile disappeared immediately, “Aw! My back is all wet!” I looked up at Sirius again, noting he was staring forward with the same expression he had when I was extremely close to him. Not that the thought actually registered. What did register was the fact that my IQ had dropped about seventy points since I’d gotten that medicine from Madame Pomfrey. I felt myself yawn because I was suddenly extremely tired. I climbed onto the other side of the bench and curled myself up so my head was at the very edge and my feet were on top of Black’s lap. Within minutes I was knocked out.



“Are you normal now?” I nearly jumped out of my socks when Black whispered this in my ear. I’d shot up narrowly missing Black’s head in the process.

“What the bloody hell is wrong with--Why am I outside?” I looked at him accusingly. He must have done something to me or else I wouldn’t feel so nauseated.

“Does me saving you from the hospital wing ring a bell?” Oh, that’s right...I was supposed to stay in the hospital wing for an hour after taking medicine this morning but then Siri--I mean Black got me out of there even though it would have been smarter if I’d stayed in the White-Room-of-Doom. Then I--oh merlin--I straddled him. What in Merlin’s name was I thinking? Nothing. That was the problem, I wasn’t thinking...I was purely moving and doing what felt right. Well, it didn’t feel right per say but...oh nevermind.

“Oh, I almost forgot,” I said but didn’t continue. He looked at me expectantly.

“What’d you forget?”

“Well, erm, thanks for saving my, er, arse in the forest last week. Really nice of you and all,” I left it at that; conversation was over; done; finito.

Sirius placed his hand on his chest dramatically, “Well! I’ll be damned! Is Miss Stenson saying thank you to me? Well, this is a shocker.”

“Oh god, stop flattering yourself. Just because I said thank you for carrying me out of the Forbidden Forest doesn’t mean anything. Nothing changes between us.”

“Fine, fine. I won’t press the matter, but only because it’s your birthday.” Oh yeah, I’d forgotten about that. Great. I’m spending my eighteenth birthday with Sirius Black. Never thought that’d happen.

“Right.” I looked out towards the forbidden forest, the place that got me into this mess.

I heard a gasp from next to me, I looked at him curiously, “Get up.” As he stood him, so did I. I wasn’t in the mood to argue anymore, “We’re going to Hogsmeade.” Before I could object, I felt his arm pull me into his the shoulder so he could lead me down there.

“We’re not allowed to go there though. We could get caught!” I said trying to pull myself away from him.

“Yes, we could get caught, but technically, we’re adults and they have no way of keeping us at Hogwarts.”

I nodded, “Okay true, but what about the fact that we’ve been forced together during every Hogsmeade visit.”

“Yeah, but that was to shop which is not my expertise. What we’re doing is celebrating,” he said mischievously.

I crinkled my brows, “Why would you, of all people, want to celebrate my birthday with me?”

“Would you rather your birthday suck?”

“No bu--”

“Exactly, so you’re spending it with me. Nothing sucks with me.” My mind immediately said, ’That’s what she said,’ but I knew better than to say my thoughts aloud.

“Fine, but I’m not doing this because I want to.”

He said nothing more and led me through Hogsmeade to the haunted house everyone knew as the Shrieking Shack. I’d been in there quite a few times now and knew better than to think that it was actually haunted by a screaming woman, but others didn’t. If you thought muggles were naive, witches and wizards are just as bad as them.

“You know this place isn’t haunted right?” he asked me suddenly taking my moving his hand from my wrist to my hand because he was cutting off my circulation.

“Of course I know,” I said clearly eyeing him as if it were obvious. Though, if I were in his position, I probably would’ve asked the same thing. A girl who suddenly makes it to where the boy and her are holding hands instead of him holding her wrist would make it seem like she’s into him (Which I’m not) or she’s scared (which I’m not).

“You sure?” He eyed our hands, “because...”

“I promise you. I’ve been in here before.”

He said nothing more but instead led me up the long hill that took us to the front door of the old house. He opened the door and I heard the familiar creak as I stepped in. The floors were just as dusty as before and furniture had webbing for decoration. It wasn’t as much décor as just disgusting, though. “Where exactly are we going to sit?” I asked him looking around at the dirt that was everywhere.

“You clearly haven’t been here very often.” I let go of his hand as he’d let go of mine and allowed him to go into a closet and pull out four clean blankets.

I cocked my eyebrow up, “No, that’s not random at all.”

“Shut up. Dumbledore stocks it up every three months because he knows how we teenagers can be,” he explained to me as he spread the blankets along the couch.

“He is a strange man that Dumbledore is,” I said sitting on the sofa, “Not that that’s a bad thing, because if he wasn’t strange, Hogwarts wouldn’t be very fun.”

“Yeah, I don’t think anyone’s complaining.”

“Right you are.” Sirius sat next to me and I leaned my back into his left shoulder, he wrapped his arm around me. Strange how we act so different around each other when we’re alone, almost as if we were friends and had been for quite a long time. It seemed like the pressure to hate one another is just lifted off our shoulders and we can be normal. That didn’t happen until this year though. Maybe it’s the fact that we did actually mature over the summer, or maybe this is all just a figment of my imagination. Who knows?

“Do you hate me?” he asked suddenly, almost speaking my mind.


“You heard me.”

“What kind of question is that? Of course I hate you,” I answered.

“Yeah funny, because I doubt that. If you hated me then you wouldn’t be here right now.”

“Oh and yeah, like you don’t hate me,” I said moving away from his shoulder so I could look at him, “You’ve made that clear over the years.”

“I’ve never hated you,” he glanced at me then rolled his eyes because I was giving him a disbelieving look, “It’s true.”

“So, you made my life a living hell for nothing then? You played pranks and made fun of me for fun? Not for any inner reason like for instance: hating me?”

“Yeah, I used to dislike you, but I never hated you. You were just really fun to piss off,” he stated simply making me crack a smile. “I don’t think you actually hate me.” I looked away from him and said nothing, “I knew it! You don’t do you!?”

“Now don’t get me wrong! I absolutely despised you until the Halloween Ball!” I told him moving back into my former position, “I would like to despise you again, especially after that little make out session before potions.” I slapped him during my last comment.

He laughed then went completely serious, no pun intended, “You know, you’re a pretty good kisser Stenson. Wouldn’t mind having a few benefits with you if you know what I mean.”

“Of course you wouldn’t.”

It felt like only an hour had passed by during Sirius’ and my time in the Shrieking Shack, in reality, it was five o’clock in the evening. I don’t know how we managed to make the eight hours go by so fast, but what I did know was it had been a fantastic birthday.

We were now in the kitchen and finishing up our conjured sandwiches, his being peanut butter and jelly while mine was a healthy meal. He stuffed the last piece of his PB and J in his mouth and said, with a full mouth mind you, “We should probably get going,” spitting food out at me in the process.

“Try not to get bread all over my face when you talk,” I said wiping off my face.

“Sorry,” he wiped some jelly from my forehead, “We really should get going though.”


We left the shack, leaving the blanket out for the next visitors to use. We made our way through Hogsmeade and finally made it to the Gryffindor Tower, “Did you see the way he looked at me though?!” Sirius said loudly after we’d received many odd looks while walking through the halls together, “It looked like he could have killed me!”

“Why would he look at you like that?” I asked having seen the murderous look Ben Fitado had given him as we passed through the Great Hall.

“He thinks you’re a gorgeous bird obviously!” he said just as the portrait hole opened. Out came Katy smiling brightly at me.

“What?” I asked. She grabbed my hand and pulled me into the common room.

I walked in and found the empty commonroom not to my surprise, “I’ll be right back, just going to go up to the dorm to get a change of clothes on. Katy nodded still smiling brightly at me. The seventh year dorm was empty unsurprisingly so I allowed myself to change in the open. I hadn’t changed my knickers in a week and it was really starting to bother me. I pulled on a thong that was made out of this really comfortable material, it felt like I had nothing on. I then pulled on its matching bra then put on a loose but form fitting dress. All together, I wanted to look nice on my birthday after not being fixed up at all for seven days.

I left the room then yelled out to my blonde friend, “Hey Katy! Did you want something?!” I made it to the bottom of the stairs and looked at the quiet girl standing in front of me.

“Surprise,” she said softly. All of the sudden, the entire commonroom was filled with people, “SURPRISE!” they all yelled out at me.

My mouth dropped and I stood there silent and shocked. I should have expected this, but I didn’t. It’s the most predictable thing to happen yet I didn’t see it coming. “Happy Birthday,” I heard Sirius whisper in my ear then walk away.

I opened my mouth to say something but all I could get out was, “Uh...”

It seemed that everyone found my shock amusing because suddenly there was laughter and the classic ‘Happy Birthday’ song was being sung. Suddenly, I felt my feet being lifted off the ground as Remus and James placed me on their shoulders. I began laughing which served difficult since I should’ve been trying my best not to lose my balance. Finally words formed in my throat as I spotted Katy, Lily and Patrice smiling at me from the couch, “Thank you!”

The boys holding me up began moving and my eyes widened in fright, the only thing currently running through my head was, ’Don’t drop me on my birthday.’ It was a sensible thought. I mean, I just got out of the hospital wing this morning; I didn’t deserve to go back. Suddenly, I felt myself being dumped on top of Lily who in result screamed.

“What is wrong with you?!” She yelled at James, ignoring Remus the other participant in the crime as I lay helplessly in her lap, “Did you honestly think that dropping her wasn’t incredible dangerous! How old are you James?! You’re not...” she continued yelling. There’s only so much yelling I can take before I decide to move, so that’s exactly what I did. I went from lying on my best friend’s lap to hugging random teenagers and kids who were wishing me a happy birthday including my favorite third year.

“Katherine!” I yelled as I spotted her petite body in a mass of fourth years. My eyes widened as I got a full body shot of my favorite third year who must have been growing increasingly popular with the boys. She was quite a curvy girl with boobs that I’m sure were even bigger than mine. Puberty hit this girl with a bang!

“Happy Birthday!” she yelled over the mass of students happily, wrapping her arms around my waist, “You’re eighteen, officially a year into adulthood.”

“I know, it’s so exciting,” I pulled her away from a couple boys who were looking at her special assets. “Enough about me though, look at you! You look like you just had a couple air balloons pop out of nowhere. When did this happen?!”

“Interesting comparison, don’t think I’ve heard that one yet,” Katherine laughed, “But yeah, it happened during the course of this year. It’s actually been quite annoying because I keep having to borrow my friend’s bras because mine don’t fit.”

“Maybe that’s what I’ll get you for Christmas, I couple of knicker sets. What cup size are you? B?”

Katherine looked around nervously, “Um, no...C actually. I’m still growing too so maybe you should just hold off for a while.”

I all but laughed my head off after she said that, “Yes, your growing, just not in height like I would’ve liked. You have no idea how hard this is for me. It feels like just yesterday I watched you get sorted into Gryffindor, but it was three years ago. How fast time goes by.”

“You must be getting old, because mum says the days didn’t go by faster until she hit fifteen.”

“What are you trying to say? That I should be mummified by now?”

“Yes. You’re lucky though, at least you’re about to graduate. I’m still stuck here for another four years after this one.”

“I was saying the same thing you were when I was in third year. Now, I’m about to go into the real world and all I want to do is go back to third year.”

“No you don’t. Third year sucks. You have to take all these new classes which is not fun. It’s really annoying because all of my friends are older than me too.”

“Speaking of older friends,” I pointed to the group of fourth year boys who were trying to look at us from afar wondering what we were talking about, “Watch out for those older boys. They can be...a pain.”

“Yeah, those ones you’re looking are, but not the one I like,” she grinned at me then pointed in a different direction already answering my question, “You see that dark, black guy in the corner talking to the really tall white guy with blonde hair?” I nodded, “Well, his name is Jackie and he’s so nice and sweet.”

“We’re talking about the black one right?” she nodded, “He is cute. Wow, and he’s not even on the quidditch team and he looks that good. I must say, I’m a little jealous.”

“You can’t have him if that’s what you’re thinking.”

I smiled at her and made eye contact with James in the background, “I guess I should go entertain James before he does something stupid. I’ll talk to you later though, okay?”

“Yeah, okay. Bye Kathleen!” I waved back at her as I made my way to James.

“What are you up to?”

“This,” then he began yelling, “All fifth years and below must exit the commonroom immediately!” Once other seventh and sixth years caught on, they began hustling everyone up and sending them to their dorms. Double checking to make sure all the underaged students were gone, except for the random sixth years that hadn’t turned seventeen yet, he yelled, “Alright! Bring out the real drinks. I watched the butter beer, firewhiskey and brands I hadn’t even heard of follow Black out as he made his way to the table to set them on.

“James, I thought I--”

“Lily, just don’t. It’s my birthday and I think some good drinks are in order!” I yelled out to everyone and grabbed a bottle of firewhiskey and took a huge swig of it down.

Four bottles later:
“Lookie, it’sho a rainbow,” I told Lily and pulled strands of her hair towards me. “Rainbows are pretty.”

“Oh look! It’s Jamesh! Jamesh! Come here!” Lily rocked back and forth as she made her way to my cousin, “Why ish the floor so wobbly?”

James being used to this kind of scene was not as bad off as Lily and I who usually chose to avoid these sorts of parties for a reason.

“Hi James!” I yelled waving at my cousin but ending up falling into Remus instead, “Oh! Hi Remush! You’re comfy.” I snuggled my face into his stomach and just sort of sat there.

“Well at least they’re happy drunks unlike some girls at this party,” I heard Remus say to James.

“I am happy!” I said loudly then let out a huge burp, “Oops!”

“Hey Padfoot!” Remus called out, “Could you open the window so that owl could come in!”

I immediately removed my face from Remus’s stomach as I heard him mention the owl, “Where’sh the owl? I wanna say hi!”

“It’s her owl anyway Remus, she can go over there,” James told him. I walked away from the two boys and wobbled over to Sirius understanding now that floor really was wibbling and wobbling all around.

“You got a letter Kathleen,” Sirius said and handing me the very official looking envelope.

I smiled up at him then read the blurry letters on the front. I was able to just make out the words that said Kathleen Stenson. I opened it eagerly and began reading the furry font in front of me. It took me a while but I managed.

Dear Miss Kathleen Stenson,

I have the unfortunate news of telling you that your mother, Mrs. Mary-Ann Parks-Stenson, and your father, Mr. Jack Aaron Stenson, were murdered on the night of Friday, November 11, 1977. at 11:59. You are to report to the Ministry of Magic on Monday, November 14, 1977. We regret having to schedule such an appointment during such a hard time but it cannot be rescheduled.

Have a good weekend,
Barbara Listkey

I was drunk, yes. Not quite as drunk as I’d like to be though. I could still read the words on the page and even the blurriness could not ease the thoughts that ran rampant in my mind. My parents were dead. I would never get to see them again. I don’t even think I sent them a letter this year to say how much I loved them.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I looked up at Sirius who was standing in front of me in fear that I might not have been able to read the letter. I watched his mouth move as he asked me if I was okay. I didn’t hear it though, all I heard was silence. He looked over at James and motioned for him to do something, I didn’t notice it though.

I just watched the elegantly handsome man in front of me knowing I had to find an escape. I didn’t want to think about this now or later. I wanted to forget. In fact, it’s just one big prank my parents decided to play and they’d send me my real present tomorrow. For right now, even if it was a joke, I didn’t want to think about it. I turned Sirius’ head towards mine and pulled him into my lips as I did so, I began pushing him up the stairs to the boys’ dorms dropping the letter as I did so.

A new found elegance had come to me in my drunken state. The floor wobbled but I didn’t notice it, all I was thinking about was a distraction. My distraction was Sirius.

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Never have I ever failed a class; gotten sent to the headmaster’s office; had a boyfriend cheat on me; had a relationship longer than two months; had sex; had a hangover. There was always a first for everything.

Why is this room so damn bright? I wondered as I groggily turned my closed eyes away from the window. I vaguely noticed the pounding I felt in my head all I wanted to do was sleep. I’m not sure how long I laid on the unfamiliar mattress, but sleep never came. The immense effort I put into opening my eyes was wasted for the sunlight that filled the room hurt too much. My eyes shut immediately and the pounding in my head became much more noticeable.

“Ow,” I groaned, moving my hand to my forehead in one swift movement. My eyes were squeezed shut as my other hand grabbed my pillow and covered my eyes, “Ow…”

“Alright there?”

My eyes immediately opened beneath my hand and the pillow. Something wasn’t right. This wasn’t my pillow. This wasn’t my mattress. That definitely wasn’t my roommate. The last time I checked, I didn’t live with a boy and they couldn’t make it up the girl’s dormitory. I scanned my memory trying my hardest to remember what happened the night before yet everything seemed to be hazy after all the fifth years and below left my surprise party. Not good, not good. I peeked out from under my pillow and found a sight I most certainly didn’t want to see. Black was shirtless and in his boxers along with my cousin who was in pajama bottoms.

Oh no! I checked beneath the covers dreading what I might find, yet I saw that I was fully clothed. The buttons of my jeans weren’t even undone. A sigh escaped my lips because I simply couldn’t help but be thankful that I hadn’t knocked more than one thing off on my ‘Never Have I Ever’ list.

I, out of my stupidity, uncovered my head having forgotten that the bright light in the room was extremely painful. I continued to groan pulling the pillow back over my head only to have it taken away from me. Black stood above me with a straight face, “I think you should get up.”

I kept my eyes squeezed shut and whined, “Why?”

“She doesn’t remember Prongs,” his voice was filled with dread and sympathy. I had no idea why. He should be laughing at my pain at the moment, not trying to console my cousin. “I really think you should get up Kathleen. James is in pretty bad shape and I need to tell you something.”

“What are you talking about? Did Lily reject him again?” I asked in a whiney, immature voice.

No damnit! Merlin! Just wake up Kathleen! We need to talk to you!” James yelled out at me.

I rolled my eyes beneath my lids, “Fine.” I lifted my torso off the mattress making sure to turn my back to the windows so I wouldn’t be as affected. I opened my eyes preparing for the agonizing pain, which I met. “Ow! Ow-ow-ow-ow ow ow!” I groaned.

“Here,” Sirius shoved a potion in my face which I drank thankfully. As bitter as it was it really helped within minutes. “Alright, what is it that you two are just dying to tell me?”

Sirius immediately looked at James who had begun tearing up at the word ‘dying.’ “Maybe I should tell you,” Sirius said.

“No, no mate. Thanks but I should tell ‘er.” My eyes followed my cousin curiously as he sat on the floor in front of me then took my wrist within his hands, “Kathleen, we got some really bad news last night. You were apparently a little too tipsy to remember but we both got some really important letters.” He stopped and glanced at Sirius. Black grabbed some letters from the table behind him and gave one of them to James, “There was a murder.”

“So? There have been tons of murders this month.

He handed me the letter Black had given him. It was already opened and directed to me. My eyes widened, “Read it Kathleen.”

I followed his direction and pulled the official looking letter out of the plain white envelope. I unfolded it and read the neat cursive:

Dear Miss Kathleen Stenson,

I have the unfortunate news of telling you that your mother, Mrs. Mary-Ann Parks-Stenson, and your father, Mr. Jack Aaron Stenson, were murdered on the night of Friday, November 11, 1977. at 11:59. You are to report to the Ministry of Magic on Monday, November 14, 1977. We regret having to schedule such an appointment during such a hard time but it cannot be rescheduled.

Have a good weekend,
Barbara Listkey

I stared at the letter for the longest time. ’11:59,’ a minute before my birthday. A minute before my mother gave birth to me, her only daughter, she died. I remember the selfish thoughts running through my mind at that time that day. I was wondering when they would send me my present, then eight hours later, I was wondering where my gift was. Were they just being cruel and playing a joke on me? No, they weren’t. They were doing anything but that. They were probably getting ready to send it out when they were ki—killed.


I have only the vaguest of ideas on who could have possibly taken their life away from them. I could only guess that it was tied in with the other murders that had been occurring for the past few months. Nothing was obvious though. It could’ve been a robber or a neighbor. Everyone was a suspect as far as I could tell.

There was a pecking at the windows of the dormitory. “I’ll get that,” Sirius said, but I didn’t really hear him. The pecking of the owl triggered a memory from last night. I turned sharply to Black.

“You,” I hissed at him. The owl just flew back outside and he had a Daily Prophet in his hands, “You were going to take an advantage of me weren’t you?” All the anger about my parents and my hate of him combined. “After I got my letter last night?”

“Kath—“ James started.

“No, no, don’t back him up James. He was going to—“

“No, no he wasn’t. From what I saw Kathleen, you were the one that came on to him because you were devastated. He stopped you almost immediately once he realized where it was going,” James defended, “You seem to forget that you aren’t the only one effected by this. They were my family too Kathleen. Don’t distract yourself from it. Face it.”

I looked at James, tears welling in my eyes, my vision blurred, “I just can’t believe their gone,” I sobbed as I ran up to him allowing his arms to engulf me. “They were my parents.”

“It’s okay, you still have me,” he whispered into my ears. We sat entangled for quite a long time, him having shed quite a few tears himself. My blubbering had worn off though and there was nothing but stray teardrops I hadn’t bothered to wipe off. I held two tissues in my hand, blowing my nose occasionally. “I think we should confront the others.” James’ voice was weak, it was clear he didn’t want to but it was a necessity, “After a little bit, we’ll come back up here and lie on bed and just relax before tomorrow. Okay?” The way he said the last bit was as if he were saying it to a child who just dropped his ice cream on a hot summer’s day, yet I didn’t complain. It was soothing, comforting. It was the way my mum and dad used to treat me when something bad would happen to me.

I nodded my head but made to motion to get up. Not until he stood up himself, only then did I use the muscles in my legs which had become numb from the lack of circulation they’d been receiving throughout the day. I wrapped both my arms around his waist while we made our way out of the boy’s dorms. The whole commonroom was silent when we got to the bottom of the stairs. It was clear they’d been talking about something they didn’t want either James or me to hear.

I noticed someone figiting out of the corner of my eye. I glanced over subtly and saw Black standing beside me, for once looking awkward. I wasn’t even aware that he had followed James and me down or that he hadn’t left when James and I were being sentimental. It didn’t really matter too much though.

Lily was the first to look over at the two of standing by the stairs. We made no move to get closer to the group or smile at them. We just stood there, awkwardly, not knowing what to say first because for some reason, saying “Why hello everyone! My parents are dead and that’s a little depressing. No worries here though! In a month I’ll be back on my feet and ready to kick ass again. At the moment though, I’m extremely vulnerable and will probably break down at the simplest things. Other than that, I am A-Okay!” just doesn’t seem like the greeting they were all looking for.

Lily was the first to make a maneuver for she stood up quickly then began making her way over to James and me. “I’m so sorry,” she said as she did so then swallowed me in the tightest hug I think I’ve ever received. I didn’t respond to it though. She pushed me out to shoulder length, Her red hair flowed gracefully over her broad shoulders and her green ember eyes stared at me with nothing but concern. “Are you going to be okay?”

Never had I heard someone utter the perfect words in the situation. The question was always, ‘Are you okay?’ yet for once in this world, the correct tense was used. ‘Was I going to be okay?’ “Yeah, I think so.”

She smiled then pulled me in for another embrace. A few tears leaked out of my eyes into her silky hair as we stood there. Eventually we separated and she moved on from me to James.

“How ‘bout you? Are you going to be okay?” she asked James. He nodded and she smiled pulling him into a hug.

Patrice wrapped her arms around my shoulder, “It’s been a long week hasn’t it? We’ll get through the next one together alright? I’ll get a few buff lads to take your mind off things for a bit during the week.” I chuckled at her statement. It was short and soft and sweet, but undoubtedly a chuckle. Patrice would be the one to say something like that. Always will believe men are the answer to everything.

I walked over to Katy, Remus, and Peter who were all sitting in front of the fireplace. Katy sent me a soft smile, followed by Remus. He patted the spot that Patrice had previously been occupying between Katy and him. He placed his arm delicately around my shoulders. I looked at Peter who looked slightly awkward in the situation. He tried flashing a wide grin believing that that would do the trick. In a way it did, I began laughing hysterically.

Everyone in the commonroom who knew the current situation I was in gave me strange looks since my behavior was out of the usual. “Sorry!” I laughed, “It’s just that Pete, oh poor, poor Pete. You try so hard!” I got up and hugged him tightly, something I didn’t usually do. He returned it with an awkward pat and I’m sure some looks were shared behind my back.

I noticed the daily prophet on the table behind Pete. I could barely see the headlines, but the front page picture was clear as day, even if it was folded in half. I quickly moved away from Peter, my hysteria having worn off, and grabbed today’s paper. I could feel the eyes of my friends all on me as I read the headlines.

Murder Mania: Auror Killed in Home

Below it was a picture of my house with the insignia of the man named Voldemort and his kin.

He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named strikes again! Two astounding aurors were killed in their house on Friday by You-Know-Who’s followers, otherwise known as Death Eaters. Jack Aaron and Marry-Ann Stenson were one of the best aurors the ministry has ever known having fought off many criminals in the wizarding world. Now their life has been taken by possibly the evilest of all men.

They had one daughter, Kathleen Stenson, who attends Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She’s safe and unharmed physically, yet now it’ll be difficult for her to return home with a dark-mark hanging over the house and the inside in disarray. The only family she has left is her mother’s family.

No one knows why these two were picked over thousands of others. A pureblood witch and wizard who did nothing but good in all their lifetime. Before, researchers and investigators were sure that his killings were that of only muggleborns, half-bloods and muggles. The Wizarding World can only assume that they were trying to recruit more Death Eaters and the two refused.

When will the madness stop? For seven years, You-Know-Who has been killing innocent citizens around the world. Not but two months ago had it gotten worse with two times more killing in sixty two days that there’d been in 2554. A year ago, we learned that they have been recruiting dark creatures such as werewolves. It’s even rumored that the dementors are beginning to favor him rather than the ministry.

“I don’t know how to take this. Should we be worried that we’re next or sit by idly and just hope we’re not?” A bystander ponders while talking to a friend. That’s a very good question.

I sat. I sat and I stared at the words for what felt like hours. I was seeing nothing my images of my mother and father struggling for their lives against the hands of that evil bastard Voldemort. His name was just itching to escape out of my mouth just to prove to myself that I wasn’t afraid of him. That I was afraid of the wizard who’d killed hundreds of people for his own selfish needs. Yet I knew I couldn’t. I was afraid of him. I hated him with every fiber of my being yet I was allowing myself to be scared of some snake like man who calls himself a Lord.

I couldn’t help it, just like I can’t help the tears dripping onto the Daily Prophet. I focus my attention back to the blurred words of the article. I could now feel the indentures I was making into the paper between my fists. The biting stares I was getting from everyone in the common room who so much as glance at the article that day.

I was sure that smoke was flying out of my ears, my hair had turned into fire, and my eyes were completely white orbs making it look as if I were possessed. If that were the case, I would be getting different looks from my peers though. Hell, maybe they’d be screaming and not looking.

I ripped the paper in two like a hippogriff does to a ferret when it hasn’t had food the entire day, and slammed it down on the hard wooden table. I left, without a word to anyone, just left as fast as I could to the Hogwarts grounds. The millions of “I’m so sorry Kathleen”’s didn’t evade me as I walked the halls either. Surely, the tears and raging look in my eyes weren’t clues enough to leave me alone.

As soon as I felt the fresh air in my face, I ran to the edge of the forest and screamed as loud as my voice box would allow. “I’ll kill ‘im! I pull his bloody eyes right out of the sockets and have him beg for mercy like the bloody bastard he is! Then, right when it’s all over! I kick him right in the—“

“Kathleen!” I didn’t feel like responding to Sirius’ incessant need to want to be around me all the time whether I was I a good or bad mood. I felt like I couldn’t get rid of him. Now he wanted to come comfort me right when I felt like kicking some guy who’d kill me in a hot second in the place you don’t want to be kicked. Strange that no one’s attempted that maneuver on him yet. I should keep it in mind,” Kathleen!”

“What do you want Black?! Come to make my life even worse?” It come out rudely, maybe more than I meant it to be, but it all senses of the words, if I used the most innocent voice I could possibly muster, those two sentences would still come off as rude.

“No I—“

“You what, Black? Don’t you think it’s a bit of a coincidence that you start changing your ways around me right before the worst thing that could’ve ever happened to me happens?” I asked in fury. Tears were streaming down my face as if I were my own rain forest and my voice continuously crack in the short period I was speaking.

“Kathleen, don’t—“

“You’ll be just like your parents Black. ‘Oh You-Know-Who is amazing! Let him kill of my friend’s parents! It’s okay!’ You’ll be a follower just like the rest of them.”

He stood there and stared at me. Hurt was written all over his face. I didn’t care though, he deserved it. “Yeah Black, why’d you have to make my birthday so wonderful? Because you knew of the impending news I was to receive that night? How nice of you to consider my feelings that much.”

“When you’re ready to be civil let me know,” he said to me, then left.

“Like hell I will,” I mumbled to myself. I sat against a tree on the edge of the Forbidden Forest and just breathed the fresh air of a sunny day. I closed my eyes and remembered every great, good, okay, bad, and terrible memory I had of my parents. I remembered the first time James and I had a play date and mum was the monitor, the poor woman could hardly handle the two of us together. That was only the play date I can remember at that age. The time dad went to a quidditch tournament in New Zealand when I was seven and brought me back a miniature broom that flew ten feet in the air. James was so jealous, his only went up five.

Now, I’d never have a memory like that again.

A tear fell out of my eye and hit a bright orange leaf on the ground. One of the few leaves left that had fallen before the end of fall.

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Chapter 21: The Letter
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Mourning is a very long process. A process that I’ve only had to endure once: when my seventeen year old cat passed away from old age. Her name was Buttons because she loved to play with the buttons on mum’s sweaters; I’d had her my whole life so when she died I felt like something was missing for nearly a week.

Of course, that was so different than this. My cat had already passed, yet I find myself going through something even more unbearable. Parents. Who thought that I’d have to bury them so early? I’m barely an adult, what if I had questions? I could always ask my aunt. She isn’t mum though, nor dad. She never will be.

I stepped out of the black car that flew me to my now empty house, James following suit. I asked the driver to allow us to take a stop here just so I could see the damage. I wanted to know what valuables were left, what was taken. I was much past the shock and denial of the mourning process, hell, I even started bargaining with myself that if I woke up from this nightmare, it would all be over. I can promise you that I’ve pinched my forearm so many times, that I’ll probably wake up with bruises tomorrow. I was well over the crying stage which is by far the worst. My eyes had been dry ever since I went to bed last night.

I didn’t dare look in the mirror. I was afraid. Afraid to see the empty eyes that I knew I would meet, the bags that hung low beneath my lash lines, and I’m positive my skin, once a healthy glow, was now a pale green in comparison. I was weak, I hadn’t eaten much. I hardly had a good night’s sleep. That’s all to be expected, though.

I often hear myself mentally thanking James as he glances at me but says nothing. I’m sure he’s coping in his own way. His hair was untamed, as usual, and his glasses hung on the bridge of his nose. Never had I been great at reading James’ emotions, but for once it was as clear as day. A mixture of worry and grief was hidden in his hazel eyes as he stared at my house.

He opened his mouth and I waited for a sentence of some sort to form. When a word finally did come out, I hardly could think it was worthy to reply, “Strange.” There’s not much you can say to that at a time like this. It’s not like I felt like saying, ‘What the hell are you on about this time James?’ not to mention that that sort of sentence wasn’t even appropriate in our current situation. So I turned my gaze to the house as well, hoping I’d see whatever it is he saw.

It didn’t take me long to realize what didn’t feel right. The sun was shining bright behind a tree that was full of fall colors. Leaves surrounded it and squirrels were digging through the dirt mercilessly. To the left of me I heard numerous numbers of birds chirping merrily in the distance. It was the perfect temperature outside, not too cool not to hot. Just right. Normally a day like this would be spent sitting under the sun bathing in leaves. Yet, James and I didn’t find ourselves in that predicament.

He looked down at me as I looked up at him, “Ready to go in?” he asked. I nodded. That was all I could do. Immediately after he asked me that question, my breath hitched in my throat. What else could I be but scared? James took my hand and led me into my home.

Every step I took was like a walk to my death. When we reached the door, I felt as if I was looking down a cliff. There was no cliff here though. James took the doorknob in his hand, but before turning it he looked to me, “Are you sure you’re ready for this?”

I nodded. He turned the handle and what I was greeted with overwhelmed me. The rooms were dark yet I managed to see everything as if lights were shining through every corner of the house. It was clear my aunt and uncle-in-law had been here. Sheets covered the sofas and arm chairs along with the tables. A bouquet of red roses seemed to be the only color in the living room as they sat welting on the coffee table in front of the couch. Pictures still sat on top of the covered up endtables and paintings still hung on the walls. Nothing looked to be even remotely damaged.

James gave my hand a squeeze as he pulled me to the kitchen. There were still plates on the counter and in the sink. I opened the fridge and looked around just wondering what they could have possibly been planning to make for breakfast on my birthday. There were plenty of eggs, bread, and sausage. Yet I knew they were going to make the cinnamon roll batter that sat ready and refrigerated. It’s my favorite fall time breakfast meal, they told me they always had it on my birthday in honor of me. I never believed them.

This time it was me who pulled James into the various rooms of my home wondering if anything had been rearranged yet everything seemed to remain as it was on August 31st. Sheets covered up most of the furniture in the home. I ventured upstairs with James close in tow and walked into my room. There were no white sheets covering up my furniture, my décor, or my various articles of clothing that still remained on the floor. I felt my lips tug up for a second as I stared at a picture of mum and dad waving at me with a crazy two year old running around them.

I would be taking out all of my stuff after the funeral and moving it to James’ house. It was a move I was dreading. I pulled James to the guest bedroom which was covered in white sheets much like the downstairs had been. It didn’t take long for me to migrate to my parent’s room. I let go of James’ hand for the first time since we’d entered the gloomy house. The bedroom felt so wrong, so different. The bed was neatly made up, which was never the case as far I could remember. The carpet had been freshly cleaned and the books on the shelves seemed to be neat for once. My aunt had definitely been here. I looked at the table next to the bed. Unsurprisingly, I found my birthday present and their letter.

Tears that I thought had long since passed began welling in my eyes once more as I thought about the selfish thoughts I’d been thinking at that time, “Do you need a moment?” James asked me gently once he spotted the items on the table himself. I nodded for the fourth time in an hour. It was the only thing stopping me from sounding like a blubbering idiot. I didn’t dare look at him, not wanting him to see me so weak and only when I heard the door close did I begin walking to the letter.

I sat on the bed and grabbed the letter from beneath a small box. The envelope was addressed to The Most Wonderful Daughter: Kathleen Stenson; Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Droplets of tears fell onto the crisp white envelope while I struggled to open it. When I did manage to get it open, I immediately recognized the scrawl on the paper as my parents. There were at least two pieces of parchment waiting to be read. So I began:

Dear Kathleen,

Happy 18th Birthday! I hope this is the last birthday I’ll ever have to spend away from my favorite child! Hogwarts won’t be an excuse next year so when you come home for Christmas, we’ll go ahead and start getting your 19th birthday party planned out and ready. You can invite all of your friends from Hogwarts and even some
boyfriends, which I’m hoping you’ll have by summertime. Not that your dad is in any rush to see you up and out of the house, with a boy none the less!

Guess what I made the other day! No not cinnamon rolls…I know you loves those during the summertime. I made your other favorite! Blueberry pancakes! I enjoyed them for you. Oh, that reminds me, I hope you haven’t been pulling any stunts on poor Sirius like you did at our house. I didn’t enjoy watching syrup and butter being thrown all over the table. I’m sure Hogwart’s elves don’t enjoy it either. So try and be a little tidy just to make the work load a little easier on those poor little guys.

Your aunt wants me to tell you “Happy Birthday!” as well. I’ll write you later Kathy, you’re dad wants to write a little.

Hey Pumpkin,

I just am hoping you’re having a good birthday. No going wild and crazy with the rum tonight, though I’m sure you won’t listen to me. You already know I never believe you when you tell me you hardly have ever tasted alcohol in your life. I believe it when I see it.

In case you were wondering, your mummy and I have being doing find with our jobs. As you know being an auror is time consuming, I’m surprised your mother even has to time to make blueberry pancakes, for dinner none the less! I actually cooked the other day and I cleaned. Aren’t you proud of your daddy pumpkin? It seems I’ve “finally” matured as your mother so kindly puts it. We just got assigned this mission to seek out a new crazy lunatic, Voldemort. You might’ve heard of him. He’s actually been around for quite some time but it seems that he’s beginning to do some real damage to the ministry. We’ve got to take him out before it gets out of hand.

Don’t feel like you have to hurry to get a boyfriend like your mum wants. I’ll love you just as much as I did before if you don’t get one.

I’ll talk to you later sweetheart,

Mum and Dad

PS: Hope you like your present!

I was surprised that I was even able to make out what the letter had been saying by the end of it. Almost both of the parchments were completely covered in blotches of tears that had splashed onto the paper continuously. I set it down beside me then took the box and eagerly opened it. It was a jewelry set: a necklace with topaz hanging from the end and a topaz ring. Topaz: how they remembered the smallest things about me. It was my astrological birthstone, ordinary to muggles but extraordinary to witches and wizards. A simple pinch of topaz powder into the proper potion could heal even the worst of injuries in a matter of seconds. If only it weren’t so rare, then there would be no need for St. Mungos. I’m sure that it must’ve cost my parents a fortune to even get me something so beautiful and thoughtful.

I immediately put both items on and admired the yellow against my skin. “Thanks mum, dad. I love you.” I mumbled.

Pop! I was surrounded by James Potter’s very clean room. There was not a sock out of place, which would’ve been surprising if I didn’t know James was a clean-aholic when he had nothing better to do. There had been times when mum, dad and I would watch him clean our entire house because he’d gotten bored. James was already standing at his door when I arrived, waiting patiently for me. I gave him a nod and with that, he opened his door, “Mum, we’re home!”

There was the sound of footsteps running down the hall towards us, she ran right passed James to me giving me a wildly tight hug and making me drop my bag in the process. “Oh Kathleen,” she had already begun sobbing. I felt like I was in one of those fifty’s muggle movies that Lily sometimes showed me. The woman were always hugging and crying together while the man stood at the door watching them with much tolerance of the situation, “I’m so sorry!” My eyes were dry, if they hadn’t been, I’m almost sure I would’ve joined her in crying a river.

She pushed me out and I got a good look at her. It was clear she’d been comfort eating because the short I’d bought her for her birthday during summer was now much tighter than it had been when I left for Hogwarts. A purple tinge rested beneath her puffy brown eyes, her eyebrows hadn’t been recently waxed, and her hair was put into a messy bun and looked to be a little too oily, “How’re you holding up?” I asked.

She smiled, “I could be better,” she said then pulled me into another hug, “I could ask you the same question.”

“I’m all cried out, I’m sure there’s no water left in my body.”

She chuckled lightly, “We won’t start going the financial problems until the day after tomorrow. I think tonight we need to relax. Tomorrow, we’ll be worrying about your parents having a proper memorial. You sure you can handle all this?”

“Are you?”


“Neither am I.” This time I pulled my aunt, my mother’s sister, into a hug and squeezed her just to tell her that I won’t leave her like this. I only hope that it conveyed my message.

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I guess you could say that this is a filler chapter.


Black. I owned plenty of it. Shirts, pants, skirts, and anything else you could possibly think of. Funny thing is I never wear most of it, because I’m not really into the whole dark persona. Not that wearing black generally gives off that vibe, it’s just me being stereotypical. Most of my clothes are a shade of green, blue, red, or gold, even silver, but hardly ever black. Yet today, it was so necessary that I didn’t wear anything but black. White wouldn’t even do because then it would make the situation seem one percent happier than it really was. I would never want that.

After searching in my closet for what felt like a millennia, I found it. It wasthe dress. I loved the dress with all of my heart. It’s chic, black, wonderfulness looked divine on my slender figure. My fair skin contrasted wonderfully, the dress looked nice with my dark brown hair up or down, and it made me look much curvier than I actually was. I remember my grandmother gave it to me a year before she died. I didn’t wear it to her funeral either. Not because I didn’t want to, but she had specific instructions for me to wear her favorite blue and pink polka dot overalls. I never felt the need to ask for an explanation about that, because it seemed that the phrase, “It’s grand ma-ma,” was enough for my brain. I’ve had the dress for three years now, yet I've never found an appropriate time to wear it.

In all honesty, the dress isn’t me. It pure black appearance gives it an air of darkness every time I look at it. Therefore, the funeral setting is perfect. Not to mention, me mum loved it.

I didn’t put on makeup, I didn’t do anything with my hair, I didn’t even put on lotion. Daddy loved it when I was all natural. He always hated the products I’d put on my face just to look “prettier.” He’d say, “Kathleen, spending thirty minutes messing with your head wasted thirty minutes of your day that you could’ve spent not cleaning. Too bad, now you have to clean.” It was his indirect way of saying makeup isn’t necessary, it’s just a waste of time. I agreed, most of the time.

Today was a new day. I felt a trickle of an emotion I hadn’t felt in days. Happiness. No tears had yet to enter my eyes even after thinking about what day it was. Hell, I even joked around with my aunt a little bit letting out a few laughs here and there. It was almost a decent morning, except for the dread that filled the room when there was only silence to keep us company.

In my family, it’s a known fact that my aunt hated funerals. She’s had to go to so many in her life due to relatives, friends, sometimes even animals dying in her lifetime. Now she’s burying her younger sister, the little girl she’d known practically her whole life. She taught my mum everything she knew and now, she’s gone. It must be hard, having to go through so much pain in life. I know very little about loss. Matilda is an expert.

“So,” my aunt began, sitting down at the table setting down her plate of eggs, “Today.” I examined her appearance and for once noticed all the little things that seemed to be much more prominent after the last week. Her hair was graying, her wrinkles growing, and even her skin was becoming slightly saggy. It was odd facing the truth of how old my aunt really was after so many years of being clueless. My aunt was old, even in the wizarding world, same with Harold, it was lucky that James was even born. After all, she gave birth to him at 49 while my mum was 40.

I smiled at Matilda who’d taken a bite of her breakfast. I looked down at my empty plate and began debating whether or not I should go make myself some more or hold off. “How’re doing today?” My aunt said gently, interrupting my thoughts.

“I’m as good as a girl can possibly be on a day like this,” I sent a gentle smile her way, “Are you ready to give your speech?”

“As ready as a woman could be in this situation,” she replied taking another bite of her eggs.

“Yeah, it must be rough,” I told her in as much of an understanding voice as I could muster.

“Rough for me? What about you? If I didn’t know you, I wouldn’t have guessed both your parents died last week.” She told me boldly.

“Yeah, well, I guess I handle death differently than most. I’ve never been one to show emotion.”

She snorted. My eyes widened at the gesture, “What?”

“Oh it’s nothing. It’s just—I bet Sirius would beg to differ. He thinks you’re the most bipolar woman he’s ever met. Which is saying a lot for a boy of his reputation.”

I rolled my eyes, “Yeah, well, he’s a different case.”

“Speaking of him, how’re you two doing? I heard you guys had another fight the night you found out about your parents.”

I nodded, “That doesn’t sound out of the ordinary does it?” she shook her head no while taking yet another bite of her eggs, “Well, it sort of is now, yet not really. We’d actually been able to be civil with one another for a while there. He even treated me to a wonderful birthday ‘til…I found out you-know-what. It went downhill from there.”

“Wait, so you two were actually getting along?” She asked astonished.


“Well, what happened to make everything fall apart besides you-know-what?”

“I blamed him for everything. Told him he was just like the rest of his family.”

She gasped, “What? Oh no Kathleen, you know that was low. He’s nothing like his family.”

“I know. I was just in a really bad state. He just happened to receive the brunt of my anger.”

“Are you going to apologize today?”

“Ye—what? Today?”

“Yes, he’s coming to the memorial.”

“Oh, well, then yeah, I guess I’ll apologize today. Only, if I run into him though. I’m not going to go out of my way to find him on my parent’s day.”

“Okay,” she took the last few bites of her breakfast, “What about you?”

I looked around confused, “What about me?”

“Are you ready for your speech?”

“Oh…yeah, I figured I’d just wing it,” I said as I stood up and grabbed my plate.

“Sounds good. Hey, take this with you,” she gave me her plate, “Wash it off before you go up to your room. Be sure to wake James up too.”

I rolled my eyes, “Fine.”

“And how do you know Johnathon again?” the old witch asked me for the seventh time in the last ten minutes. I stared at her dull blue eyes as they stared back at mine in wonder. Her hair was completely white and the skin her face visibly sagging an inch below where it should be held.

“I’m his daughter Mrs. Rodsander.”

I watched the realization hit her once again knowing precisely what she was going to say next. I looked over her short body and spotted James in the distance looking completely lost as to what he should do. I waved my hands at him quickly helping him spot me through the crowd. He made his way over quickly, relieved to see someone else he could communicate with that wouldn’t start talking about the death of his relatives.

I smiled at him, then at Mrs. Rodsander, “This is James Mrs. Rodsander,” I made sure to speak slowly and clearly, “He was John’s nephew-in-law.”

“Oh how wonderful!” she said excitedly, clapping her hands together, “What’s your name again?”

I patted my poor cousin on the back and made my escape, looking for anyone else in the crowd that I might possibly know. I walked around the main room, avoiding the body viewing knowing I would end up choking up right then and there. I wanted to try not to cry my eyes out at least until it was time for my speech. The memorial service was to start in 15 minutes and many people were already seated. I made my way down the aisle to the front row, making sure not to make eye contact with the sympathetic audience members.

The Hall was breathtaking with very intricate, detailed sculptures of men and woman all around the room and elegant painting placed strategically on the walls. Even the chairs I was sitting in were designed beautifully with flowers embroidered on the legs and back. It seemed like every element of this room was thought out and hand crafted. It must have cost hundreds, maybe even thousands of galleons to even reserve this hall.

I glanced around, spotting several older aurors who I met during the summers or when I was younger conversing with one another. It didn’t take me long to spot my mum’s best friend and make eye contact with her. She put whatever conversation she was having with the man I recognized as my mum and dad’s boss on hold and made her way over to me. “Hi sweetie, how’re holding up?”

“Hi Jenny,” I greeted and embraced her as she embraced me, “I’m doing okay. It could be worse.”

“Yeah, Matilda said you were doing better,” she smiled at me knowingly. I loved Jenny, she nice, fun, and altogether the best friend of my mum’s anyone could ask for. She would always give me advice on schoolwork and boys even though I’d never ask for it. She was the most understanding muggle I’d ever met. She’d even been allowed to go with my mum to work for reasons I’m unaware of.

I smiled at her, “That’s Aunt Mattie, always spreading my business,” I joked, but my smile slowly disappeared, “How’re you doing?”

“I guess I’m still in shock. Not used to having my best friend gone. You know?” I nodded, “You know John and I were pretty close to. When I went over to your house and your mum wasn’t there, your father and I would have some pretty intellectual and deep conversations at your favorite coffee shop.”

“Oh, I never knew that,” I told her thoughtfully, “I can’t believe you still remember my favorite coffee shop.”

“Yeah, well I’ve always considered you one of my own,” she grinned at me. Her eyes averted elsewhere then quickly turned back to me and whispered, “I should go, there’s a really good looking boy who looks like he wants to talk to you.”


“Bye sweetie, I’ll talk to you after. Maybe we can go to that coffee place before you leave.”

I looked around keeping my eye out for the said “good looking” boy who’d been eyeing me. I then spotted him, sitting only a couple rows behind me. His eyes of grey were looking at me with his hair recently cut short. Much shorter than I’d ever seen on him before, it looked great, which I hated admitting. He wore an all black muggle suit which looked really great on him. I sent him a small smile, maybe that would be my apology, a small smile. I think that’s quite fitting.

His expression immediately changed. I didn’t waste my time trying to access what he was thinking, that’s just weird. I know I’m not good at reading people, so I turned back around and looked at the podium.

“What was that?” he asked, suddenly in the row right behind me. I turned around again and found his face awfully close as he lent on the chair beside me.

“What was what?”

“That—“ he demonstrated my small smile with one of his own.

“A smile. That’s really bad if you don’t know what one of those looks like,” I raised my eyebrow at him, snickering on the inside at my own bad joke.

He shook his head, “No, I know wha—oh bugger, Kathleen, I thought you hated me.”

“I don’t hate you.”

“That’s not what you’ve said for the past—“

“Seven years?” He nodded, “Well, until this year, the statement was true. I don’t hate you, even though I have good reason to. I’m just fed up with you. Besides, it’s not like you should be talking. You’ve hated me for—“ I stopped speaking, expecting him to finish my sentence like I did his.

“I’ve never hated you.”

“Oh that’s a lie.”

“It’s true. I’ve never hated you, you’re just really fun to pick on.” I didn’t say anything back. Instead, I took notice of the growing audience in the grand hall we were sitting in. I was sure that the ceremony was to be starting soon. We shouldn’t be having this conversation right now. “Did you hear me?”


“Never mind, don’t worry about it.”

I hated it when people pushed the topic aside, acting as if I’d missed out. Well, if he can repeat it, then he’s going to, “No! What’d you say?”

“No, I said it didn’t matter.”

“No you didn’t you said ‘Don’t wo—“

“Thank you for letting me know that. I should go back to my seat.”

“Why?” I said without thinking. Without realizing what that could possibly make him think: that I didn’t want him to leave.

“What, you want me to stay here?”

“It’s not like it’d kill me or anyone else for that matter,” I said without thinking once again, “Unless you end up tooting in the middle of my speech. Then I want you to move.”

“I don’t toot.”

“Of course you don’t. I smell those foul smells of yours in DADA.”

His eyes widened, “That’s not me! I promise. I smell it too.”

“Sure it isn’t.”

“Kathleen, Sirius,” my aunt greeted as she came and sat next to me, “Be quiet, the ceremony’s about to start.”

I nodded, but before I turned my back to him, I whispered, “It’s okay, I won’t tell.”

I’d already shed countless numbers of tears after hearing only four speeches from my parent’s boss, Jenny, Paul—my dad’s best friend, and Mattie. I knew I was up next and I was nervous. I felt the butterflies in my stomach fluttering about occasionally trying to make an escape.

“Thank you Matilda for that beautiful account of Emma’s life before becoming an auror,” the hostess said, wiping a few tears from her eyes. She paused for the round of applause that erupted, “Our next speaker was very close to both John and Emma. Their only daughter, Kathleen.” I stood up slowly, as there was yet another applause.

I felt Matilda pat my back as I walked past her and made my way to the podium. I looked around at the faces staring up at me. I cleared my throat, “As you all heard, my name is Kathleen Stenson and I’m Emma and John’s daughter. I don’t recall a time where I’ve ever had to say my parent’s first names as much as today. It’s like a foreign tongue all in itself.

“I’ve lived with both of my parents the majority of my life. The only times that I haven’t are when I spend a number of months at my boarding school. They made countless attempts at making me clean my room, do the dishes, or mow the lawn. Keep in mind, that I couldn’t do magic out of school. I still loved them though. Even with all of their little choirs…”

I entered my room, making sure to shut the door behind me, and looked around. I could never call this home. Everything I loved wasn’t built in this room. I never had to worry about keeping my door shut at home or sharing a bathroom with a bunch of teenage boys, especially one who’s had a history of trying to make out with me. I could always just sit in my sanctuary at my real home and not have a care in the world.

I looked in the mirror. I hadn’t looked at myself in a long time. I looked older, like an actual adult with responsibilities. Strange, I never pictured myself as one. I thought I still looked like the naïve fifteen year old I once was. My hair was longer and I was only slightly curvier due to an apparent weight gain. Thank merlin quidditch is keeping me active or else I’m sure I would’ve lost my figure completely many years ago. I guess I am pretty, who would’ve thought. (I’m not conceited.)

I turned my back to the mirror and began peeling off my clothes as I walked into the bathroom. I took off my jewelry and placed it in on the counter then put my dress back on the hanger. I walked out, clad only in underwear and began walking to the closet, dress in hand. There was a knock on my door.

“I’m getting dressed!” I yelled. The door opened anyway. I yelped pulling my dress in front of me to block off my half naked body. “What part of getting dressed do you not understand?!”

Sirius put his hands up in mock surrender, “I thought you said ‘It’s a mess!’ Though now that I think about it, that didn’t really make much sense.”

“You think?”

“I don’t know what the big deal is. I’ve seen you in a bikini before. That’s almost like underwear,” he said simply taking a seat on a bed.

“It’s underwear! Completely different than a bikini!” I yelled.

“Fine, just get dressed. I won’t look,” he laid down on my bed and turned his back to me.

I quickly ran over to my wardrobe, making sure he wasn’t looking, and hung my dress up in my closet. I put my pajamas on then turned around, “Okay, what do you want.”

He turned around with his mouth opened, but it closed as he formed a smile. I followed his gaze and found my shirt completely unbuttoned. “Oh my gosh.” I turned back around and buttoned up.

“As I was about to say, I wanted to continue our conversation from earlier,” he said.

“I figured.”

“So, even after…”

“After I found out about my parent’s death?” I said easily.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” he asked in a concerned way.

“Okay with what?”

“With your parents. I’ve never seen anyone get over death, especially of people so close to them, so quickly.”

“Don’t worry about me. I handle my parent’s death in an unusual way. It’s hard on me, yes, but I’d prefer to stay strong, if not for myself but for those around me. Today was sort of like a weird therapy session that head me crying for two hours straight during everyone’s, including mine speeches. Now I’d prefer to keep my mind off my parents the rest of the day.”

“Oh,” he said simply, looking away awkwardly, “so even after you found out about it, you didn’t hate me?”

“No. I’m sorry about that by the way,” I took a seat beside him ignoring the fact that he ignored my request to drop the topic of my mum and dad.

He shook his head, “It’s okay. I would’ve come to the same conclusion.”

“Don’t expect me to be this nice to you when we go back to school tomorrow,” I told him.

He pushed himself into a sitting position and said, “I won’t. I never do.”

Silence followed as I looked at him, taking no notice of him moving closer to me as we stared at one another. When I realized how close he was to me, I froze body and mind. Not a thought went through my head as I looked from his eyes to his lips, his eyes to his lips, his eyes to his—

“Kathleen! Sirius! James! Time for dinner!” my aunt screamed. I unfroze immediately and jumped about two feet back from him.

“Bye,” I said quickly, running out the room like my life were on the line.

I heard the softest mumble from him, but took no real notice of it, “Damn.”

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Chapter 23: Morning Wood
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I was thinking about those last moments with Sirius for the next two days. I was trying to figure out why I froze. Why didn’t I begin pushing him away, refusing him to touch my mouth with anything? Sure, we never actually made it to the kiss, but it got pretty close. If it weren’t for Mattie, I would’ve done something I’d regret even more than I do now. I’m sure Sirius has ideas in his head, ways of trying to retrieve yet another kiss on the lips. I wasn’t even sure what we were anymore. Friend with Benefits? Friends with randomly placed gifts? Were we even friends? So many questions about the two of us and our “status” were rolling through my mind.

It certainly wasn’t a benefactor having all the “Are you okay?” questions being asked to me. The death of my parents in the Daily Prophet certainly let everyone know why I was absent from school. I received hugs from girls and boys I barely knew. It was becoming one of those days when something tragic has happened to you and you don’t want to think about it, yet everyone is making you. Tears were constantly forming in my eyes and I’d looked down and blink them away before anyone could notice. It was getting frustrating.

Today, I’ve decided to isolate myself from the world in my dorm, where only my friends can enter and comfort me if they feel the need. No Sirius to worry about, no sympathetic peers to deal with, and no professors sending warm smiles my way. Yeah, that’s right. Even the teachers are acting weird.

Classes weren’t being held today even though it was a Monday. The professors were supposed to be planning their lessons for the remainder of the semester; allowing the students a day off and me more time to do make-up work for all of my classes. Soon, the words in the text books began blending in together and nothing made sense anymore until Lily entered the room with Katie in tow.

“Oh thank Merlin!” I yelled. I ran up to them, grabbed their hands, and pulled them with me to my bed, “One of you should help me with the Charms homework.”

They shared looks with each other sending some sort of secret message that I wasn’t aware of. I looked between them quizzically waiting for their attention to be on me again, “We can’t,” Lily said.

“Why not?” I asked.

They glanced at each other again, “We’re supposed to be helping McGonagall and Flitwick organize some papers and we just came up here to drop our stuff off,” Katie explained then pointed at the bags on her shoulder.

“Oh, well is there anyone who is accessible at the moment that can help me?”

“Sirius is,” Katie said immediately, “the other marauders ditched him for quidditch with Patrice.”

“He didn’t join?”

“No,” Lily said this time, “He’s been acting rather strange lately and no one knows why, not even James.”

I nodded, “I see. Well, I’ll just wait ‘til you get back then.”

“Are you serious? Just go ask Sirius for help. I’m sure he’ll be happy to help,” Katie demanded.

“I’d rather not disturb him if he hasn’t been himself.”

“You’d think that would be a good thing with you guy’s history.”


“Exactly, just go ask for help and when we get back, we’ll help you with other essays, just not this one.”

I nodded and watched them get up and leave. I laid flat on my back not bothering to move and hoped that my Gryffindor courage would give me enough strength to go encounter the serious Sirius. I was nervous and could already feel the butterflies in my stomach. We hadn’t spoken since the bed incident and I was sure it would be awkward.

I finally managed to pick myself up and lead my legs down the girl’s dormitory stairs with my charms book in one arm and my other hand on the rail. He had yet to look away from the fireplace. I took a deep, calming breath and walked over to him. I stood there looking down at him waiting for him to acknowledge me. I even cleared my throat without so much as a glance from him. “Excuse me.” I said, kneeling down to his eye level.

“Oh, you’re speaking to me now, what a surprise!” he said with a sour expression on his face, “Why is it that I get such a lovely greeting today?”

“Look, I’m sorry I’ve been ignoring you for the past couple of days, I’ve just been…” I trailed off, unsure of what to say, “Having a rough couple of days.”

He glanced up at the charmed book that I held in my hands and grabbed it without saying a word. I watched his eyes skim the page that I’d bookmarked because I’d been having trouble with it. His brows were furrowed and his mouth slightly puckered. I watched his tongue leave it’s inner prison and brush over his bottom lip. I became aware that he was looking at me with a somewhat confused expression, trying to figure out what I’d been staring at. Before he said anything I said, “Uh, yeah…so, I guess you figured out that I need help with the homework.”

“Yeah, I did,” he moved himself over on the couch then patted his former spot, “So tell me what you get and what you don’t get.”

“Well the Substantive Charm is a bit confusing because the book does an absolutely dreadful job at telling me exactly what the charm does so I’m having to use all these context clues to try and figure it out,” I paused, then continued when he didn’t say anything, “Which is kind of annoying. Then there’s the Supersensory Charm and I know that it’s supposed to be about casting a charm that’ll let someone see beyond their line of vision, but I have no bloody idea how to—“

“You know what I don’t understand?” He asked, interrupting me. I opened my mouth to reply but he beat me to it, “The fact that you think you can walk in here asking for help by being all cute and innocent and vulnerable, and expect me to help you willingly when you’ve been acting like a bitch to me since we got back to Hogwarts.”

I was stunned, stunned to the point of silence. I stared at him, my mouth opened ever so slightly, my eyes rounded and my brows were arched high. I shook my head rapidly, opening and closing my mouth like a fish, forming no words. I don’t think I’d ever seen him have such a rapid mood swing in my life. Usually it was my job to go from being completely cool to a psycho within seconds. It was shocking.

“I know that this month has been difficult,” he said gently. Silence ensued after his statement. I looked away from him feeling my eyes burn with tears that I’d been holding back for the last week and a half. Tears that wanted to be shed so badly, but I wouldn’t let escape because I refused to be weaker than I’d already been for the last week. I’m a Gryffindor for Merlin’s sake! I should be able to handle to something like this. I blinked away the tears rapidly hoping he hadn’t noticed. “Why have you been ignoring me?” he asked.

“Erm…” I glanced at him quickly, “Maybe I should just leave. I’ll wait for Lily to get back.” I pushed myself off the sofa and went to grab my forgotten charms book next to Sirius. He stopped me by placing his hand over mine. My eyes flickered up to meet his,

“I want an answer,” his voice was rough and commanding.

I removed my book and hand from beneath his and began walking away, too stubborn to look back. I should’ve looked back though, then I would have been prepared for the two arms that were going to wrap around my waist and lift me up off the ground dropping my charms book in the process. I swung my legs violently in attempt to get him to let go of me, but it got me no where except face first into the couch once again. I felt one of his hands pressing against the small of my back along with his knee pressed into my calves. I didn’t bother trying to get out of this one, it would take too much work, “Answer, then I’ll let you go back to your dormitory, or you can stay down here with me and I’ll help you with charms.

“Ugh, fine,” I said rudely with my face still in the couch cushion. I turned my head toward preparing myself for some sort of explanation that would say nothing about the almost completely mutual kiss between the two of us. I wouldn’t mention my parents either. “I was ignoring you because I wasn’t sure how to take all the attention from us getting back and with all my added stresses from missing a week’s worth of classes, I just felt I should isolate myself away from distractions.” It was a somewhat truthful lie; I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to handle all the extra attention from students who were aware of my reason for leaving the school an entire week. I gave him a small smile, hoping that he would buy my reasoning.

“How am I a distraction?” he asked stupidly, he should’ve known that answer. He’s always been a distraction for me, since first year.

“Are you really asking that?” I asked, he nodded, “You’ve always been a distraction, seeing as you made fun of everything I did for six years, not to mention you just aggravated the shit out of me.”

“Yeah, I know that, but how am I a distraction this year?”

I opened my mouth, but closed it immediately. I was silent for a moment then finally said, “You just are. I don’t know why, you just find ways to get me completely side tracked from whatever I’m doing or supposed to be doing. It’s like your gift. Merlin, Sirius you are just like a dog,” I stated, having been reminded of the coolest dog I’d ever pet sat a couple years ago. He was so friendly and always distracted me from menial task that I could’ve gotten done a lot faster without him around. He would place his little light brown paws on my leg and beg. As soon as I gave in, he’d wag his tail and lift one of his hind legs over mine and sit down right on my thigh. He was a big dog, a really big dog, a really big awesome dog.


“Nothing, you just remind me of this dog I pet sat once.”

He frowned, “I don’t know if that’s an insult or a compliment.”

I understood his confusion and laughed, “It’s a good thing.” Silence took over the room once again and a though occurred to me, “See! You just distracted me again” With that, I did some sort of weird leg maneuver that successfully got him off of me and stood up then left the common room unsure of where I was going exactly.

“Did you ever get your charmed work done?” Lily asked me at dinner that night. She was seated next to James who was eating like a pig and practically sticking whole pieces of chicken down his throat.

“Are you talking to me?” I asked, unsure of whether or not the question was aimed towards my gross cousin or the completely sanitary me.

“She’s talking to me of course,” he said, “Yeah, I’m practically done love. That gives us loads of free time if you know what I mean.”

I crinkled my nose, as did most of the other people around us, except Lily which was a bit of a surprise, “I was actually asking both of you, but James, since you’ve done most yours, do you think you could help Kathleen out?”

“Wait! I didn’t even answer the question, how do you know I haven’t already finished?” I asked.

“Have you finished or even started?”

I looked down at my food and fork and said through gritted teeth, “I’ll see you in thirty minutes James. Don’t be too late or else I might kill you.”

“Alright, will do cousin. Why didn’t Padfoot help you?”

“Padfoot, who is—Oh! Sirius! Yeah, we just got through a bit of a rough patch. It didn’t help that everyone was outside or somewhere else doing Merlin knows what. It sucked.”

“Remus is always around if you need help and I’m not available. He’d stop whatever he was doing for anybody.”

“I’m sure,” I said after sucking my teeth, then with quite a sarcastic tone, I said, “Because all boys like to leave their best friends to go do homework.”


“Oh, just shut up James,” Lily said, smacking him on the back of his head, “Ugh, you’re so stupid sometimes.”

He grinned at her, “Not all the time though.”

She raised her eyebrows at him then went back to her meal, “Yeah, whatever.”

At that moment, Katherine Wilson came up to me with puffy eyes and the most pitiful look I’d ever seen on a girl, “C-Could I talk to you for a min…a minute?”

I nodded my head, “Yeah, yeah of course. Would you like to go somewhere more private?” She nodded her head this time, “Okay, let’s go then.” I stood up from my table and began walking away behind Katherine. I glanced back at my table and shrugged my shoulders before continuing. We ended up outside the great hall doors and sat down, with her next to me on the pavement.

“So what’sgoing on? Why are you crying?” I asked sympathetically.

“M-m-my boyfriend broke up with me,” she explained and began crying somemore, “I-I thought everything was go-going great between us. We hadn’t fought yet, we did all the right boyfriend-girlfriend st-stuff. I-I just don’t know what I did.”

“Come here sweetie,” I said to her opening my arms up for her to come and give me a hug, “What kind of boyfriend-girlfriend stuff did you do?”

“We held hands and cuddled and we kissed all the time. Sometimes we even talked, and when I say talk, I mean conversations and shit.”

I pushed her forward so she could be facing me again, “How old are you?”

“I’m fourteen.”

“How long have you been fourteen?”

“Two weeks.”

“You are too young to say curse words. How old is he?”

“Fifteen, he’s about to turn sixteen,” she stated proudly, forgetting her sadness for a moment.

“Exactly. You know how many hormones he’s getting right now? A lot. For all we know, he could be taking random shots of pheromones.”

She looked at me confused, “What do hormones have to do with any of this? And what are pheromones?”

“He’s almost a sixteen year old boy with nothing but losing his virginity on his mind, if he hasn’t already lost it,” I explained, “Plus, pheromones are the substance that make animals go frisky, if he has those injections then he is going to get crazy with the morning woods.”

“What are morning woods?” she asked me, but I didn’t answer. I knew the answer would come to her on its own, “Oh! That’s gross Kathleen.”

“Well, you’re about to be in fourth year. Who’d you rather hear this from, the professors, your parents, or me?” I asked, “Me.”

“Sure, let’s go with that.”

I rolled my eyes, “Don’t be a smart alleck. Okay, so assuming this boy you were seeing hit puberty, he was starting to get desperate. Boys are weird and sexual activity is so absolutely exciting to them that it’s unbelievable. You gave him nothing more than kissing?”

Her eyes went wide in shock, “Of course not! I’m not a bloody moron like some girls at this school.”

“Good, then he probably left you to go have some fun with other girls,” I said.

It seemed that my task of completely distracting her from her sadness was achieved. She wasn’t angry like I was expecting though, she was actually quite confused.

“So, he wanted sex?” she asked. I nodded, but she laughed, “That’s funny! Merlin knows that he was the most innocent wanker—“ I held up my finger in a scolding manner for her saying of a naughty word, “-I’d ever met. He’d never even kissed a girl before we went out.”

“How do you know that?”

“He told me.”

“Are you sure he wasn’t lying?”

“Ye—well no, but still! He wasn’t very good at it. It seemed very plausible.”

I nodded and placed the finger previously hanging in the air pointing at Katherine under my chin, “Well, since I don’t know him, I have no idea. So can’t help you darling.”

“Oh okay, well thanks for temporarily cheering me up, I guess I’ll go mope around again,” she walked past me back toward the place from whence we came.

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Chapter 24: Being Bored Ain't So Fun
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The italics stand for Kathleen’s thoughts. I realized there were so many of them in this chapter; it’s difficult to tell the difference between what she is thinking directly from her head, and what she is narrating. If that makes any sense. Well hopefully it will as you read.

Hogwarts is boring. It a big castle filled with nothingness. There’s nothing left to talk about with people and who wants to do the homework assigned by the professors. That would actually mean that students are spending their time out of school wisely. Only people like Lily would do silly things like that as I was witnessing at this very moment.

I didn’t want to be like Lily though and be bored while being productive. As many places as there are to go in the castle, there’s just—to reiterate my previous thoughts—nothing to do. There’s the library for those who read; I don’t read, often. There’s the quidditch pitch for those who fly on their pretty little brooms; I fly too much thanks to James. There’s the great hall for those who…well, really that’s just sort of a do homework place if there’s no food on the tables. That’s lame. There’s the kitchen for those who eat; I already ate. There’s the courtyard for those who want to hang out with friends; that would be great if I hadn’t just come from there. There are many oddly placed broom closets for those who want to do naughty things and get caught; I don’t have anybody to do naughty things with, well I do, but…never mind. There’s Hagrid’s Cabin for the few that are chummy with dear old Hagrid; I am not one of them. There’s Hogsmeade for those who have money; I’m saving all I have for Christmas shopping. There’s the Hospital Wing for those who get hurt; I’m not hurt, yet. There’s the second floor ladies’ bathroom for those who can stand moaning myrtle; I can’t stand her. There’s the trophy room for those who actually care to look at trophies; I looked at them in first year, no big deal. There’s the room of requirement for those who are bored.

I am bored.

“Hey Lily, I’ll be back later alright?” I said after thirty minutes of pure silence with absolutely no interruptions. She mumbled something that I didn’t catch as I walked away from the table and out the common room entrance hole. I have to wonder why the entrance hole is only an entrance. It should be an entrit, an entrance-exit. That would make so much more sense because students enter and exit the hole. I mean, I guess the entrance hole also has the name portrait hole which sort of has a neutral feel to it. I don’t know, seems a bit odd to me.

I’d ask mum and dad about it in a letter later, but they wouldn’t respond. They’re dead. They would’ve known the answer too, I bet. Goodness I miss them. I thought I was over their death until I returned to school. I’ve cried about it every night since my return, it’s sucked. Everyone wants to comfort poor little old me whenever I begin crying no matter where my location or who I’m with. They’d say, ”Aw Kathleen, it’s okay. Just let it out. We’re here for you.” It usually only made things worse because then I’d begin crying harder because of the all the attention I didn’t want but couldn’t just shove away. I hated feeling weak and I’d been feeling that a lot this week.

I looked up at people walking down the hall and smile at them as they passed by me. Their reactions were all different depending on how friendly they were with me. Some of them just stared back at me questioningly; others would smile at me and wave or simply smile. Some would come and give me a hug and ask how I was doing. I’d always respond with “better.” None of them really knew me, they didn’t see me at all after I found out about my parents and there were only a couple of people that had seen me through the whole process. Sirius and James.

They were like brothers to one another, just born from different mothers. James was like a brother to me as well. If I was ever getting sick of people comforting me over the week, I would simply go up to the boy’s dormitory and sit on his bed. He’d join me only moments later and engulf me in the most comforting hug ever. Well not ever, I’d received better from one other person, but he doesn’t matter. He was just Sirius. Some people are more talented at giving hugs than other people…and kisses…and—oh no! I shouldn’t go there. Way too far. Okay, back to James.

Yeah, he’s great. I remember when I was younger, before Hogwarts, mum and dad would send me over to Aunt Mattie. James would be there and we’d play various little games. It was great fun and I always won. Well, he always let me win. He never told me that, but when I got older, I realized. If we were playing on-land quidditch, he’d make silly little mistakes that you could only make on purpose. At first, I just thought he was stupid, now I know he just a good cousin.

I remember when I came to his house after first year and Sirius was there. That’s when I thought he was an evil, evil boy who wanted nothing but to make my life miserable. I had to deal with him for an entire week. It was terrible. That continued happening until after I turned seventeen.

Sirius and I have always had our issues. I remember in third year, he hung me upside down when I was wearing my uniform skirt and allowed everyone to see my knickers. He did that for a total of ten minutes and I can swear that about twenty guys stopped in front of me to just stare. It was so awkward and humiliating. Most of the guys who saw me that day have graduated, but a couple who haven’t, not including Sirius, have never looked at me the same way. There was also the time in fifth year when he cursed my blouse to be see through to everyone except me. So I walked around the entire day wondering what was wrong with everyone and why they were staring at me. My friends tried many times to tell me to put on a jacket after trying to tell me that everyone could see through my shirt, but I didn’t believe them. Every time I looked down, it seemed fine. Good thing I didn’t have any classes that day, or else the professors would have had a fit. When I did find out, Sirius certainly suffered for what he had done.

Oh look, I’m in front of the room of requirement. When did that happen?
I frowned as I wondered what I was going to require my room to be. I could think of nothing I specifically wanted to do. I was bored and nothing the room of requirement could offer me would satisfy my thirst to quench said boredom.

I mean, I guess I could try and get one of those muggle televisions in there, but it wouldn’t work due to Hogwart’s making all electrical stuff not work. Not that I knew how to work a television anyway. All I knew was that Lily had this really thick contraption called a “TV” that had moving pictures. Well, we don’t need a big box to show moving pictures. We just need paper. So take that muggle world!

Televisions were one thing; I wonder if there could possibly anything else I wanted. Well—no! Not going there! I guess there’s nothing else, so I just walked all the way down here just to have a brain fart. Great. What do I do now? I could turn around and walk back to the common room to do homework, I could go to the courtyard, the great hall, etc.
Or I could go wonder the castle and explore.

Okay. I’ll do just that. Curiosity, here I come and you will be quenched. What? That didn’t even make sense.

I began walking past the room of requirement, continuing further down the hall away from my common room. These halls were oddly quiet, but refreshing. Half of the paintings I had never seen before. I’d often go, “Hello,” to them and they’d respond using whatever props they were painted with. I found a set of stairs I could travel up; they were quite friendly looking, much like all the other staircases in this building. I climbed up the stairs nearly to the top, when I nearly had a heart attack.

No, seriously. The stairs began moving. It was like a volcano erupting in the stairs, except not. When I finally felt safe enough to move because the stairs had stopped migrating, I decided going back down would be my safest bet. So I did, but yet again was I deceived. For the stairs began moving again. The corridor I was once walking on was moving to the east of me right before my very eyes. I’m certain some paintings were looking at me with great interest because of my dilemma.

All I have to say now is thank you boredom for increasing my weirdness, my boredom, and my damned curiosity. I am now a true Gryffindor. I turned myself around and climbed up the stairs. After all, destiny seemed to be telling me to go this way, so I did. I noticed at the top of the stairs, there was nowhere to go but through a single door. Being the idiot that I am, I went through. Only to be greeted by…well to put it simply…the creepiest room ever.

I looked around at my surroundings. I saw columns, everywhere. They were each lined up beside each other exactly two meters apart. As far as I could tell, this room filled with columns held absolutely no purpose what’s so ever. So I began walking forward. Oh my gosh, is that a cobweb? There better be no giant spiders in here that will come and eat me in the webs of nasty-ness. I will have yet another heart attack if they do, I swear. I can sue them for that too. I bet that would only make them angrier though, that wouldn’t be good.

Oh, look! It’s a door; I wonder what magical mysteries I’ll run into beyond that. It’s so random too. I mean honestly, who would put a door at the end of a room full of columns and cobwebs. That’s pretty strange. Well, I guess I shouldn’t be talking, I’m strange. I’m the one having very detailed conversations in my head. Can you blame though? I’m super bored. Bored enough to go waltzing right through a door that could lead me to my doom.

I turned the handle to said door and walked through. What I found was completely bizarre. It was a super long corridor that looked exactly like every other corridor in this school. You just can’t escape them! I walked down this corridor now, there were paintings looking at me oddly, probably wondering how in the world I’d managed to land myself here. I mean, this seemed like a completely desolate place. When I did reach the end, there wasn’t anything but two separate doors leading two completely different directions.

East or West. East would make more sense because I was originally traveling east right? What if that isn’t east though, what if it’s north or north east or south east or south. I can’t tell. I know it’s not west. Or is it. That means west must be east. So I’ll go west, or east. My brain was completely wacky, so to put it simply I went through the left door. The door had a mind of its own though and as soon as I opened it, it swooped me right inside and closed itself.

Well, this is different, I can’t see a thing. Let me just, ah, here’s my wand, “Lumos,” I said, lighting up what I now saw was a broom closet. “Okay,” I mumbled and looked around. I tried letting myself out but it was locked. Just my luck. I pointed my wand at the door and said, “Alahomora.” The lock did nothing and knob wouldn’t budge. I was stuck in a broom closet in the middle of nowhere.

“Help!” I yelled, hoping that someone was as bored as me and being just as stupid. I was beginning to get claustrophobic, “Help! Anyone?!” There was no response. I was going to die. Who was going to walk down a strange corridor like me. No one. So I was going to die in a broom closet and no one would ever know because they wouldn’t know where to find me.

At least I’ll be with mom and dad. Oh I know they’ll be happy about that. Or will they? They might actually be super mad at me because I died and didn’t accomplish anything in life. That’s a strong possibility. I don’t really feel like being lectured. Especially after such a painful death because it will be slow. I wonder if there’s any food in here I can eat. If there is, it’s probably moldy and gross. I guess dying without food poisoning would be better than dying with it.

What if no one found out how I died, or where. Oh my gosh, I wonder how many people if anyone would mourn for me? Lily would surely shed a few tears, so would Katy and Patrice. Surely James and Remus will miss me too. Sirius, well, maybe he’ll just be happy the mood swinging bitch will be gone from his life forever. Yeah, he’ll be happy. I confused the heck out of that boy. I wonder who else will miss me, the slut bunnies won’t. I like that name better than the Blonde Bimbos. It just sounds so much more fun and exciting.

The slut bunnies’.

It just has a ring to. All the words sort of just work together. Well, I won’t miss them either. They can go rot if they want. I don’t care. Katherine might miss me though. I mean, who she going to go tell when she needs the birth control spell put on her. Probably not me, but still, I would like to think I’d be the first. I’m her big sister from another mister. She better want to tell me before everyone. Oh and my ex boyfriend, Reggie. Wow, he would miss me a lot. In fact, he may just go and commit suicide. He’s been really trying to get back on my good side this week too. Coming to me and giving me hugs whenever possible. It’s so freaking annoying. You’d think I was a fricking twig the way he talked to me and anyone who knows me, knows that I am not a twig. I am a branch. Merlin!

Who cares about Reggie though. That poor boy just needs to move on to a new girl. I mean, I guess it’s great that he’s still so into me after seven-ish months of not being together but golly, he needs to just move on. I’ve moved on to someone else.


I mean, wow…ranting should be stopped early on before it gets this far, even if it is only in my head. I guess I have moved on. I mean, I broke up with Reggie a while ago, I easily got over that, but I mean, I’ve moved on to another person. I don’t think I’ve ever admitted this to anyone, not even myself. I guess I’ve got to face it at some point though. I mean, I am about to die. Alright, go ahead, say it out loud Kathleen. We need to face this.
“I like Sirius Black.” Okay, wow. That’s nice to get off my chest. I like Sirius Black. I know what did it too. Merlin, if it weren’t for him and that kiss before potions I’d probably not be into him at all. He’s a great kisser though. It should be illegal to be that good of a kisser. He should be put in Azkaban for it. He was so sexy right then too. It was a major turn on. Then he started being all sweet after that. I mean, less of turn on but still really sweet.

I don’t think he likes me though, I think he’s just having fun with me. Messing with my mind. Getting me all excited over nothing. Merlin, I hate that guy.

I was beginning to get drowsy. My mind seemed to shut down after admitting to myself my new found crush. I allowed my eyes to close hoping that death may find me soon. Before I knew it, I was asleep. Very much out of it.

There was a creak outside the door, the sound of footsteps entering my mind. I slowly began opening my eyes and looked down at the light coming through the crack of the door from the corridor. I saw the shadow of feet outside the broom closet and became over come with happiness as I realized I might actually be saved. I immediately stood up, ready to smother my savior with one big bear hug. I wasn’t going to die.

Strangely no words came to mouth, telling whoever was out there that someone very much alive was stuck in a broom closet. I could feel my back aching from the position I’d been sleeping in, but I ignored it. I watched the door knob twist and I grabbed my wand and stuffed it in my pocket, readying myself to pounce.

The door cracked open and pushed myself forward through the door and jumped on the person. He was a male, I just hoped he wasn’t a professor. “Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!” I yelled happily as I was quite literally hanging off this guy. My legs were wrapped around their torso and my head was over their shoulder as I gave them a very good hug. I dropped myself to the ground and hadn’t stopped hugging him, but instead sniffed in. My eyes immediately opened, I recognized the scent very well. How did he of all people know I was there. Was he psychic? Did he just have a Kathleen radar? I think he might’ve.

“Pinch me,” I whispered into his ear.

“What?” he was confused, it was very evident in his voice.

“Just do it,” and he did, and it hurt. I was not dead. I pulled away and stared at Sirius’ grey eyes with a very serious expression, “Thank you.” With that, I pulled him into a kiss, which was unresponsive for a full five seconds. The longest five seconds of my life. Just as I was about to pull away, he grabbed my face and pulled me back to his mouth. His soft, soft mouth. Oh how I loved it so, I could just do this for ages just because of his softness. I was melting quite literally while we were kissI could feel my feet becoming liquid as I stood there.

I pulled away and looked at him “If you tell anyone about this, I will personally chop off your testicles and feed them to the giant squid.”

His eyes widened for a split second but then got a very familiar glint in his eyes, “As long as you don’t tell anyone about this,” he pushed me into the wall and placed his lips on my roughly. His tongue brushed against my bottom lip and I giggled. I hate to say it, but I giggled. I could feel his smile against my lips as his tongue began playing tonsil hockey. He pulls away for a split second and teases me with a few pecks on the lips before continuing our mouth war.

Eventually, I pushed him away, much to his disappointment. This was simply not going to work. “I can’t do this.”

I watched his mouth drop at my words, “What? You started this whole thing.”

“I was vulnerable. You seem to catch me at those times quite often now. I thought I was going to die in the broom closet!” I said.

He rolled his eyes at me, “Get real, you knew that someone would find you eventually. Don’t lie.”

“No I didn’t. I was lost Sirius! I thought no one would be able to find the way to me because I was in a very odd location that I’m sure close to no one in Hogwarts travels. I mean, you saw what it looked like when you came through here. It’s really odd and just flat out random. I’m surprised you even came to look for me here.”

“I felt I had to find you,” he explained simply and shortly.

I stared at him confused, “Why?”

He looked exasperated, “Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed?” I shook my head at him and he groaned, “You have been on my mind for a very long time now Kathleen. When Lily didn’t know where you were in the common room, I panicked. I had to find you.”

“Yeah, but why?”

“Did you not just hear me? You have been on my mind for a very long time. Kathleen—“

“Oh Merlin.”

“I want to be with you,” he said trying to grab my hands, but I pushed him away.

“No you don’t. You just want to get in my points you horny boy,” I told him.

“No I don’t! I’ve never felt this way about any girl. I truly and honestly want to be with you.”

“No you don’t. You truly and honestly can’t handle an actual relationship because as soon as you get what you want from me, you’ll just go off and cheat with me or break up with me like you do with every other girl you date.”

“That’s just it, I date. I don’t do anything bad if I commit to someone.”


“Kathleen, come on. Haven’t you learned anything in the last month. You like me!” he told me.

“Yeah? So what if I do? Sirius, you’re not the kind of guy I want to date.”

“You do like me though?” I looked away from him. He stepped forward, “So why not try me out? I can promise I won’t be bad.”

“Sirius, you have to realize, you have one of the worst reps when it comes to girls in this school. Why would I give you a chance?”

“You like me.”

“That’s not good enough.”

“Isn’t it?”


“What about the years of sexual tensions we’ve had, that isn’t enough proof to tell you we should try it out?”

“Years? More like year. And no, it’s not enough proof. Sexual tension means nothing as far as boyfriend, girlfriend stuff go Sirius.”

“Well can’t we go on a couple dates? Go to Hogsmeade?”

“Why are you being so forward about this?”

“I’m tired of being quiet. It gets quite frustrating not being able to act on my impulses around you.”

I smiled, “That’s too bad.”

“Not even dating is an option?”

“Nope, it’s not.”

“Friends with benefits?”

I paused and looked at him. He was leaning over me now, for we had yet to move from the wall he had pushed me up against. He grey eyes were looking into my hazel ones with intrigue, “We have to keep a secret.”

“I guess that’s fine.”

“No one is to know, we are only to interact like that in very private locations. Otherwise, we are just friends.”

“I still don’t see why—“

“Nope, don’t ruin it for yourself.”


We began walking back, the silence engulfing us until I finally broke it by asked, “How did you find me?”

“Marauder’s secret,” he stated simply.

“Isn’t it always,” I laughed. He nodded.

The rest of the walk to the entrance hole was silent, me trapped with my own demented thoughts about the sudden change in relationship between Sirius and I. I guess there was no denying that something had changed between us in the last year, but I could certainly prevent any severe changes.

I told the fat lady in pink the password and she opened to the door readily. I wasn’t expecting the next of events of the grabbing of the butt from Sirius to me. It cause me to scream in quite a high pitch while jumping forward and thrusting my pelvis forward with my hands grabbing my butt cheeks awkwardly. I saw that all of my friends were staring at me in question and worry and amusement as Sirius walked right past me. “Found her.”

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Why is everything I do turn my life into utter chaos? Every decision, every thought, every word I speak, every little thing I do turns me upside down. It’s all thanks to sodding Sirius bloody Black! I swear, if I’d never gone to the kitchens that night just a month and a half ago after that bloody dance, I wouldn’t be in this situation. I’d probably be with some beautiful man like Bobby Herman. I mean, I know he’s two years younger than me, but that boy is so gorgeous it should be illegal. He’s a Hufflepuff too, which is unfortunate because they aren’t the brightest candles in the great hall but they’re nice. Damn Badgers.

Bobby Herman isn’t always around to look at unless I’m in the Great Hall eating and when I’m not there, I’m in class. When I’m not there either, I’m sneaking around with Sirius trying to find some deserted classroom in this humongous castle. (Sneak: to do, take, or enjoy hurriedly or surreptitiously) Not that it isn’t quite fun while in the abandoned classroom alone with Sirius’ amazing kissing skills and my eager lips awaiting his touch. Quite fun, but it always has to be rushed. We can never be gone too long and we have to pretend like nothing is happening between us; that we’re just becoming good friends.

It’s hard though, keeping such a big secret from my friends and all. They think that I have no love life and are desperately trying to hook me up with someone. (Secret: kept from the knowledge of all but the initiated or privileged) Just in the last week Katy has asked me about several different guys like seventh year ravenclaw: Henry McJarvish. I’ve had to tell her over and over that I’m not interested. It’s sad too because he wears these gorgeously tight black tops with these perfectly tight bell bottoms that suit his arse so nicely. Yet, Sirius has a much better bottom than McGarvish ever will; I know this from not only looking but on the odd occasion: touching. Of course, I can’t tell anybody that I have, even though I really want to.

Ironic that I used to always gush about relationships and not kissing a guy unless you’re dating or have the boyfriend/girlfriend status way back when I was in sixth year. (Relationship: a sexual involvement; affair) Now look at me, just a year after saying that I’m here making out with the guy I used to absolutely loath, sometimes still do. So many people would frown upon us right now, kissing and what not without putting in some actual commitment. I can technically still go on dates with other boys. Oh Patrice would be so proud right now, but wait, I can’t tell her. Damn secret.

Strange how the two of us became “friends” so fast. Well, ironic isn’t exactly the right word to describe it but you know what I mean. (Friend: a person attached to another by feeling of affection or personal regard) If he’d never been such a jerk throughout our earlier years (meaning every year before this one) then we’d probably be the best of friends. Funny how that works, huh?

Oh well, now we’re sort of friends who can do loads more than normal people. We can give one another sweet little pecks on the lips that turn into heated, for lack of a better word, make out sessions. Occasionally his shirt might slip off, which is lovely because my hands get to travel up his well defined torso. I want some enjoyment out of this too you know! I guess one would usually call this sort of thing our, oh what’s the word?: benefits. Normal friends certainly don’t have those. (Benefit: something that is advantageous or good; an advantage)

So what do you call us? Secret friends with benefits that sneak around (Secret friends with benefits that sneak around: The epitomy of Kathleen and Sirius)

My life has gone from semi-alright to complete and utter Chaos in just four days. (Chaos: any confused, disorderly mass; my life)

“Would you pass the jam?” Hooper Alexander asked me. I turned to look at the second year Gryffindor whom had a bit of a crush on me the previous year causing him to get cursed by Reggie. He was in the hospital wing for a week. I’d visited him twice and each time I did, he looked like Christmas had come early. His voice was bit deeper now, his hair was longer, and he evidently over his infatuation with me. I smiled sweetly at him while nodding my head. I reached for the cherry jam and passed it over. I watched him place it on top of his soon to be peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I couldn’t help but stare at the nasty concoction on his plate. I never understood all the hype about peanut butter, it tasted so gross. Just looking around the great hall told me that there were plenty of people that disagreed with me.

I turned back to my own plate and analyzed what was on it: nothing. My eyes wondered over the countless items I could have for lunch that day. I just couldn’t decide. Did I want to be a fatty and have French fries and fried chicken? Or did I want to be healthy and have steamed veggies, Salisbury steak and mashed potatoes. What to choose, what to choose?

“Rather bland meal you’ve got there,” said Katy as her and Patrice took their seats across from me, “Plan on putting anything on that plate of yours?” She grabbed an apple and took a small bite from it, then continued staring at Kathleen with her pale blue eyes.

I glared at her, “Yes, I am. I’m just having a bit of trouble deciding what I want.” I looked back down at the healthy meal and the fatty meal. I decided to mix the two together and had veggies with fried chicken instead. “See?”

Patrice rolled her eyes at me then pretended to wipe sweat from her brow, “Phew! Thought for a moment you’d gone anorexic. That’d be a right shame you know, with your nice figure.”

“Yeah, wouldn’t much care for being friends with you if you’d gone and stopped eating,” Katy said after that with a bright smile on her face. She looked around at all the empty seats around us. Apparently everyone else wasn’t out of class for lunch yet, “Wonder what’s taking Lily so long to get her arse over here.”

“She’s probably staying after class to get ‘Extra credit; it’ll help you get smarter and help get O’s in all your classes. Because I’m Lily, I have to do that.’” She’d placed a high pitch tone on her voice in a poor attempt to act Lily out. As entertaining as it was, the impersonation was nothing of what Lily would have actually said. She would’ve yelled at us for procrastinating with actual homework, then tell us that if we did it earlier then we wouldn’t get just ‘A’s on our papers, we’d get ‘O’s. Then she would proceed to talk about how we should really consider extra credit assignments because it would certainly boost our grades up. Poor Lily, she’ll never get that we don’t actually care. “Merlin, who would ever want to do that? They’d have to be bonkers to go back to McGonagall for extra credit.”

“Lily is bonkers. Everyone knows this,” Katy replied with food particles spewing out of her mouth.

I scrunched my face up, “Katy, that’s gross. Please don’t talk with your mouth full. Besides, Lily is over there talking to Professor Dumbledore with James.”

“I wonder what they’ve done wrong.”

“Who says they’ve done something wrong?”

“No one. They’re probably just having a head’s chat about ‘important’ matters,” Patrice said. Katy’s mouth formed an ‘O’ in understanding of the possible situation, “Dummy.”

“Oh shut up!” Katy slapped her best friend in the back of the head before admiring the fiery red head and the messy raven haired boy, “I wonder when those two will get together. Merlin knows I’m sick of waiting. I mean, they live in a bleeding dormitory together! They should be shagging day and night!”

“Why should they be shagging day and night? That makes no sense?” I questioned staring at the two with a furrowed brow.

“Kathleen, you can’t tell me you haven’t noticed all the sexual tension that’s been building up between them since October? I mean, there’s always been a little there, but now it’s like ‘BOOM!’ right in your face. They should just go ahead and shag each other and get it over with. It’s not like they have to tell us. We can just pretend it’s not obvious.”

“Yeah,” Patrice said distantly, then laughed. She hit Katy lightly on the arm, “Remember when it used to be that way with Kathleen and Sirius?”

“What?” I dropped the fork of food that I was about to stick in my mouth onto my lap. I hurried to clean it up.

They seemed to not notice what I’d just done and Katy continued on, “Yes! It was hilarious, I swear Sirius looked like he was about to burst into sporadic hip thrust every time Kathleen would come into the common room with nothing but her night shorts—“

“—or lack thereof.”

“and little itty bitty shirt without a bra just to grab the homework she left down there. He literally looked like he was going start wagging his arse like a dog right then.”

“Poor chap,” Patrice said, “Wonder what girl he’s snatched up to solve his manly problem behind his pants.”

“This is not the kind of thing I want to be hearing,” I said before they could continue on.

“Why? Jealous of the girl? I know you’ve had a fancy for Black ever since your—“ she stopped herself from continuing but I knew where she was getting at and when it supposedly happened. When I got back from my parents’ funeral.

“I do not! Don’t spread idiotic lies. Someone might actually believe them.”

Katy snorted unattractively, “These aren’t lies. Anyone who isn’t blind can see the way you’ve been looking at that boy when he’s not paying attention. Your practically burning a whole right through his shirt.”

“Just says that someone needs to get laid!” Patrice sang out.

I looked around embarrassed before muttering, “Merlin, not again.”

“Yes again! This issue needs to be addressed! You need a man!”

“You certainly do! I’ve been paying close attention to Marshall’s friends and—“ Katy said.

“—Marshall? Marshall West! You’re still going out with him?! He’s got crappy friends!”

“No he doesn’t! I’ll have you know that Rodney Davies and David Brown are fine chaps!” Katy puckered her lips a bit in frustration, “Why won’t you take us up on any of these guys?”

“I don’t need your help! When I find a man, I’ll find a man!”

Patrice looked eager to change the topic, “Speaking of men, Jason is sexy.”

Katy laughed, “Still really into him ‘aye?”

“Yes! It’s safe to say I might not be a virgin by the end of this year?”

I frowned, “First question: Has he even asked you to be his girlfriend yet? Second question: Is all you two talk about related to sex? I swear every sentence that comes out your mouths have to do with boys and sex.”

She grinned, “Yeah! We’re official as of two days ago!” She giggled but I dropped my mouth. Not only did she ignore my second question but why hadn’t I heard about her new beau and her being together until today?

I leant over the table and hit her with my napkin, “Why didn’t you tell me?! We had class and everything together that day!”

“Because, you were too busy having eye sex with the back of Sirius’ head.”

“I was not!”

“Were too!”

“Was not!”

“Were too!”

“Yes you sodding were!” Katy intervened, “Even I don’t go that far with Marshall.”

“That’s because Marshall is a good boy,” Patrice said, “He wouldn’t want you having naughty thoughts about the back of his head.”

“Yeah well—“ Katy stopped as she watched Peter take a seat beside her.

We all went quiet and went back to eating out food which was steadily becoming colder by the second. No one ever wants cold food. I looked between my best friends and Peter as I ate my food. He was putting a very cheesy looking sandwich onto his plate and then took three really small bites side by side like a rat. It was odd looking. It could’ve been the little things like that that made him just not quite fit in, with anyone. Not even the marauders, his own clique. He was a good kid, but just awkward in appearance and personality.

He was short, had big teeth, and his breath always smelt of cheese. Yet he was still sweet, so I couldn’t judge him just from appearances. He tried really hard to fit in too, even though his marauder status usually got him accepted by the majority of the population. Clearly there was something there that the rest of Hogwarts couldn’t see that only the marauders could though.

“Hey Pete!” Katy said suddenly grinning at the watery eyed boy, “How’s it going?

“Alright I guess, just stressing over this Defense Against the Dark Arts homework. What was it again?”

“I don’t know, but my beautiful Professor Willis is going absolutely absurd with all these essays,” Patrice chimes in, “It’s like he’s got it in for the whole bloody school.”

“Lily already helped me with this,” Katy began, ignoring Patrice’s response, “He’s assigned an essay on using silent spells properly because no one seemed to have got them last year. All the information you need are on page 269 in you text.”

“Thanks Katy, you’re the best,” he said as he proceeded to pull out a sheet of paper to write down what she just said.

“Thanks, I know!”

Lily seemed to appear out of nowhere beside me and across from Patrice, “Hi,” I said to her, still bewildered by her sudden appearance.

“Hi,” she greeted everyone, “Sorry it took us a bit but the Professor wanted to speak to us about our Head Duties.” I just noticed James sitting besides Lily.

“Hey James.”

“Hello ladies, Wormtail,” he said jovially picking up various sandwich materials and placing them on his plate one on top of another.

“These teachers are going crazy,” Lily said. All five of us gave her the most shocked expression manageable to mankind. Since when did Lily-The-Good-Little-Head-Girl criticize the professors?

“I agree one hundred percent with you Lily flow—Lily,” James said recovering from his shocked phase and immediately returning to his impress-Lily phase.

“What brought this about? I mean, we’ve been telling you this for years and you’re just now agreeing with us,” Katy says.

“I have a billion things to do for each of my professors. You guys have it easy, James and I are expected to do so much more!” she says viciously staring angrily at her empty plate.

“Indeed they do,” James said once again.

“It’s just really getting on my bloody nerves. First each professor decides to assign a foot and a half essay on the most absurd topics and I think, oh okay, that’s fine. All I have to do is research, no problem. (“They certainly do do that!” James says) But then, they say ‘Miss Evans, would you please stay for a moment?’ and me being good old little me say yes. Then they tell me of this student that needs a tutor assigned to them. Alright, fine. I can do that, no problem. Then they tell me it’s a Slytherin. Then everything goes down hill from there. (“I hate it when that happens! Bloody Professors!” James says) They start coming to me outside of class and giving me all these minial task that they could do easily but I have to say yes because I’m the head girl,” Lily gets this crazes look in her eyes, “I wish they’d all go drink some rotten pumpkin juice and die in a corner after completing every little thing they’ve told me to do in the last month. Then I’ll go and kick their arses even though their dead just so I can get rid of all my pent up frustration!”

“Here, here!” James applauds raising his goblet full of pumpkin juice.

“Shut up!” She smacks him in the back of his head causing him to spill his pumpkin juice all over Peter’s food. I snorted back a laugh as I saw Peter’s cheese get devoured by the orange liquid. He looked crestfallen.

Lily sighed, “Ah, that feels much better. Sorry about that. Just had to get that off my chest.”

“Yeah, we can see that,” Patrice says with a sarcastic undertone.

It went quiet in our group. I pushed my empty plate away from me and watched Peter unsuccessfully try to clean the mass of pumpkin juice that had made it onto his robes. He finally stood up while trying to cover up his huge giant stain, “I’ll be right back.” He pushed right past Remus who took his spot.

“I think he forgets he can do magic,” Remus spoke pushing Peter’s plate away from him, but not replacing it.

“Aren’t you going to eat something?” I asked, “No, Padfoot and I have just been to the Kitchens. He should be here—ah speak of the devil!”

At that precise moment I felt a touch on the curve of my back as someone took a seat beside me. I looked around me hoping no one had seen my reaction. It seemed to go unnoticed.

“Oh look! Owl post is here! It’s a bit late isn’t it? Usually comes around breakfast. Wonder what happened today. Besides, I’ve been waiting for my package all week! Hope it comes!” someone says rather loudly from down the table. I looked up and sure enough there was an owl headed right for us with the prophet in hand.

Oh good, an excuse. I’d been doing this all week because of Sirius. As soon as he’d sit beside me, I’d grab the prophet and begin reading it. Or at least pretending to. Today would be no different. It was quite difficult to bear through breakfast this morning without giving away the little secret I had since there was no prophet there.

As soon as I picked up the paper, I felt Sirius place his hand on my thigh. I think my heart may have just jumped about two feet out of my chest. I glanced around the table hoping no one would notice this action either. Everyone seemed to be busy with their own business. I skimmed the cover articles, taking note of another dark mark sighting. I found an article about hippogryphs but never began reading it for Sirius had began making circular motions right above my knee. It felt really nice. Really nice.

I smiled.

“What’re you smiling about?” Patrice asked, calling everyone’s attention to me. Sirius continued his massage making matters really difficult for me.

“Oh, did I smile?” they nodded, “It was just this, er, funny article. About Hippogryphs making the world a better place.”

“Let me see that,” Sirius said, removing his hand to read the article.

I looked around the table once more, noticing that almost everyone seemed to dismiss my random smiling, except for Remus. He had a small smile on his face as our eyes made contact. I immediately looked away just as Sirius said, “I love hippogryphs. Always wanted one, just like I’ve always wanted a motorcycle that flies. Either one would great. It’d be like flying on a breathing broom.”

“Did you just compare an animal to a broom?” Lily asked.

“Well, that’s not what I meant of course. Evans, you take things too literally,” I watched his eyes move slightly to the left and found him staring at Remus seemingly having a silent conversation. I looked back and forth and back and forth not understanding anything.

“Is there something you two would like to share?!” I blurted out rudely at the two of them. They shook their head innocently. “Fine.” I stood up and left for the the Hogwarts grounds.

I hate boys, with a passion. Well only on occasion, sometimes they are Merlin’s gift to us all. I wonder if Merlin was cute. I mean, I know he helped some hunk name Arthur out, but seriously was he cute? I bet he was a load better looking than Black, better personality. Wouldn’t go about at lunch tormenting his mistresses I bet. He would be a decent man and not have secret conversations about me right in front of me. Nope, cause Merlin was a good guy. He was old and possibly cute, but good. Maybe I could go back in time and hook up with him instead. That’d be so much better than staying in the 20th century with this imbecile.

I found myself sitting on the bench overlooking the forbidden forest thinking these thoughts. I could only hope that Merlin would save me right now. I looked towards the castle only to regret my decision as I watched two boys I wanted least to see at the moment walking towards me: Regulas Black and Severus Snape. Great.

Sirius and his brother had so many similarities it was annoying. I swear, I’ve almost though Regulas was his brother about twenty times. He had the same hair, the same eyes, and the same lips. All of which was good for him. Regulas was a bit shorter and thinner, but the only reason Sirius was bulkier was because of quidditch. They also had different nose, Sirius’ was somewhat smaller and had less of a bridge. None the less, Regulas was cute and if he wasn’t a kiss ass Slytherin with an annoying personality, I’d consider him.

Snape on the other hand was generally disliked by all. Sure he had a few friends, but there weren’t many. Lily used to hang out with greasy haired slime ball all the time, which made most of the Slytherins dislike him. After all, he was hanging out with a “mudblood.” Lily never told me why they were friends, but I never asked. Maybe one day I would but I didn’t much care now. Snape, otherwise known as “Snivellus”, had an ugly hook nose and oily skin. I could tell he cast a spell on his face everyday to hide the blemishes because by dinner time he had many more on his face than that morning. If he weren’t such a creep and a Slytherin, he might not have been so bad. Poor guy, he was like the Peter of the Snakes.

I tried to ignore them as they came and stood right beside me, then took a seat right beside me, then said hello right to me. I sat there, ignoring their interaction with me, hoping beyond hope that they would just get up and leave and never look up. After five whole minutes of staring at Hagrid’s hut in determination, I gave up, “What do you want?”

Regulas smiled at me, happy that he’d one the silent war that had ensued. His smile was triumphant, egotistical, and so much like his brother’s it was scary, “Just wanted to say hello to our favorite Gryffindor is all,” he said. His voice even reminded me of Sirius’.

I rolled my eyes then glanced at Snape. He was avoiding my eyes and I didn’t care much to catch his so I looked back at Black, “No you don’t. What do you want? And why are you two together? You’re never together.”

“Nothing really, just wanted to know what was happening between you and my brother is all,” Black stated. His expression was subtly evil. He’d noticed.

I nearly froze thinking I’d been caught but realized they couldn’t possibly know anything the display in the Great Hall was minor and couldn’t be proved, “What makes you think there’s something going on between us?”

“I’ve just been watching you two.” He’d said it so effortlessly, like he did it every day, which I’m sure he didn’t.

I raised a brow, “That’s not creepy at all!” I said sarcastically.

“Shut up Stenson, “ he growled, “I just want to know if the blood traitor finally got what he’s always wanted. So did he?”

I stared at him, clearly confused. I didn’t respond, I was hoping he would elaborate. He didn’t though. He just watched me stare at him. I looked at Snape pleadingly, but he was still avoiding any sort of eye contact, “What are you talking about? If you’re talking about se—“

“No, not even that. Clearly you don’t know what I’m talking about so I won’t say anymore…” he trailed off. I stared at him expectantly but he continued to stay silent. He even made to stand up, but I put my hand on his shoulder and pulled him back down.

“You can’t do that! Just come here all willy nilly and say weird things then expect me not to tell you to explain yourself!”

“You can ask all you want, but I’m not giving you any information. Clearly if you didn’t already notice then you’re daft. So I’m not telling you,” he looked triumphant once more.

“That’s childish.”


I rolled my eyes yet again, then looked beyond Black at Snape, “Why are you here?” He glanced at me but proceeded to say nothing, “If it’s about Lily, forget it. You screwed up Greasy. Go mess up someone else’s life up now.” He continued to ignore me which annoyed me. There are many things I dislike and the I’m-Not-Talking-To-You game is one of them. I like being addressed even if it’s by someone I hate. I knew what he wanted to know, who wouldn’t. He stares at Lily all the time with an expression that wishes she would just turn around and forgive him and everything would be alright. Well, his expression didn’t say that actually, he really just looked pained as he watched her interact with her friends. I sort of assumed that he wanted her to forgive him. “Goodness! You’re lucky I’m a Gryffindor or else I wouldn’t do this. I don’t like you, but if you want to talk to Lily, I’ll arrange something to where she can hear you out. I know that’s all you want. This changes nothing between us. I just pity you.” No Slytherin ever want to be pitied by a Gryffindor.

To my surprise, he gave me a feeble nod. He finally looked at me directly and though he tried to hide it, his eyes were much brighter than just moments before. I just made the arse’s day. I should be given an award for this. I don’t think I’ll ever get why he keeps trying to get Lily’s forgiveness. He really screwed up. You don’t befriend someone and try to win them over then call them a mudblood on accident. That ends up just showing them who you really are. Lily saw the real Snivelly for the first time in fifth year, too bad for her. The only thing Lily had ever told me about her and Snape was that he was her best friend from before school to fifth year.

“Alright then,” Black said, “Guess we’ll be off then. Come on chap,” he patted Snape in the back then the two stood up. They began walking away to the castle. While doing so, Black turned around and yelled, “Good luck with the blood traitor Stenson.”

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Fatigue. It had taken over every ounce of my body. My muscles ached, my stomach hurt, my head was light, my movements forced; every thing I did took as much effort as I had left. I regretted allowing James to give me Tuesday off because of my soreness from Monday practice. He should have told me to tough it out, then today wouldn’t have been so bad.

Tuesdays and Fridays were drill days—other was known as DDs—quidditch drills. For any other sport with any other captian, that would be fine, but for Gryffindor quidditch, we dreaded these days. I had been lucky enough to miss quidditch practices for an entire week, not to mention miss Tuesday, my third DD of the month. I was out of shape, one week of no exercise at all had me up two pounds and spoiled.

I found myself staring at the grass with my arms extended beneath my shoulders and my knees on the ground. I watched several drops of sweat fall to the earth as I breathed in heavily. I heard many other moans and groans around me and I found that I had no pity for anyone else on my team.

“Come on Stenson! Black and Carrey are already done! One more!” I heard James yelling at me from above. I hated Fridays with him. On Tuesdays, he usually joined in on the gruesome exercises. It allowed me to cheat through the workout and I’d find that I pleasantly ached rather than felt like dying right there on the lawn.

“Come on Stenson! One more pushup!” James continued to yell. I shut my eyes tight, thankful that for the last hundred of these, I was allowed to do modified pushups. I’d already done fifty normal ones and felt like barfing when I finished. It’s gotten to the point to where my elbows barely bent and my butt was a bit higher in the air than it should’ve been. I lowered myself to the ground as fast as I could. I tried with all my might to push myself back up, my arms wouldn’t though. I heard myself groaning, trying to get my muscles to cooperate with me. They wouldn’t have it and before I knew it I was plopped right back on the ground breathing heavily into the browning grass beneath me.

I felt two hard pats on my back as a laid there, then soft comforting words from my cousin, “Good job, your done. Join Black and Carrey in their cool down. Five easy laps.” I nodded into the grass, but didn’t move. Slowly, my muscles began to recover and I hoisted myself onto my feet and walked to my broom. All I did was push myself into the air and then sit with a slump in my back. I was moving about two miles per hour.

I felt a disturbance in the air wooshing past my face. I looked over and found Sirius, just as sweaty as me, only difference: he was smiling from ear to ear. “Same time tonight?”

I rolled my eyes, “How can you even think about us after that?” My voice was husky and soft. He was still smiling though, “Fine. I guess three and a half hours is enough time for me to rest for mister energy. Honestly, I don’t know why you’re so excited, we snog all the time.”

“I love being with you. I’d like people to know that but…” he paused looking at me pointedly.

“Don’t give me that look, it’s only been a week of this, how do I know it’ll even last past next Monday?”

His hands flew into the air dramatically, almost causing me to fall of my broom from the shock of his jerking movements, “Honestly! You can’t just give it a bloody try?! The one time I want to be with a woman, she’s bleeding mad!”

“Say it louder, I don’t think the rest of the team heard you,” I hissed at him. He just smirked at me instead, “Don’t take that literally Sirius.”

“I—“ he began very loudly, getting lots of attention from everyone. He wasn’t able to continue past that word though because I consequently pushed him off his broom. Luckily, we were only five feet in the air so it wasn’t that big of a deal.

“So eleven?” He asked me, walking besides my slow flying self after recovering from his unexpected crash landing.

“Yes, eleven,” I smiled at him and quickly looked around the stadium. Everyone was paying attention to something completely different allowing me to give Sirius a quick peck on the lips. I leant forward on my broom and sped forward.

I entered the locker room, four laps later, to find that it was empty. I rarely had dibs on the showers, today was different though. I pulled off my clothes, grabbed a towel, and filed into the shower that was right in the middle of all the rest. It was perfect. There was just the right amount of steam around me and I had just the right amount of water falling on my head. The bliss ended when I heard the heavy English accent of Cerina Rogers.

“You know wha’ happened to me yesterday?” I heard her ask someone.

I nearly laughed when I heard Anelie and Marissa’s voice ask ‘What?’ wearily. They appeared to be bored and didn’t truly care what Cerina had to tell them that was supposedly so exciting. I smiled, at least some people in this world were normal.

“David Brown kissed me,” she paused, awaiting the congratulations that she assumed she’d get. After all David wasn’t too shabby looking. He had shaggy light brown hair, with big blue eyes, and the most adorable nose. I was surprised Cerina even went for boys like David though. He wasn’t like Sirius with all his lean muscle and hardly any fat. David was bit chubby, it was good looking on him which is why most of the girls in our school just ignored the slight belly, he was still gorgeous. Apparently, the other two girls were just as shocked into silence as I was. When she got no reply, Cerina continued, “I mean, I could bet that he’d give Sirius a run for his money.”

I snorted, loudly. The entire locker room seemed to freeze around me. I looked around my shower stall and hoped that the conversation just happened to end before I made the loud noise. Judging by the thick layer of awkward around me, I doubted that.

“Do you have something to say Kathleen?” Cerina asked as she stepped into the stall next to mine.

I searched my head as quickly as possible to find an answer to her question but nothing came, “No, I just had something in my nose.”

“Yeah right. I think you think I’m wrong about David,” she said matter-a-factly.

“Where would you get an idea like that. I’d never lay my lips on either one of them,” I said, lying through my teeth. I’d happily snog David if it wasn’t so fun doing the same thing with Sirius.

Cerina laughed, “Sure you wouldn’t. I’m not clueless, didn’t you and David have a slight history?”

She was clueless, “Not that I recall.”

“Yeah, where’d you get that one from?” Anelie asked.

“I thought, maybe it was with—nah, nevermind,” Cerina babbled. I decided now was the time to ignore her annoying yammering and finish enjoying my nice hot shower, “I think my nipples may be too big for.”

My eyes widened, I breathed a gasp and opened my shower curtain and grabbed my towel, wrapped it around my body while saying, “This is when I take my leave.”

The other two girls emerged from their shower stalls with similar towels wrapped around their torso nodding their head vigorously, “Me too.”

I think it was the fastest the three of us had ever gotten dressed, especially for Marrissa. She was well known on the team for being the slowest dressers of all. She was done before me today, “Talk to you later Cerina,” she called as she, Anelie, and me simultaneously left the locker room.

Ronny McCune was just walking into the designated boys locker rooms when he spotted us leaving. I think I may have seen his eyebrows shoot so high, that Merlin could’ve touched them with his bare hands.

“Hey Ronny,” Marissa said sweetly to him. I looked down her grinning features and nearly scowled. She was about to start flirting with seventeen year old boy while she was fourteen. That is a severe no-no.

I intervine immediately, “No,” I said to Ronny. He simply smiled at me with those gorgeous teeth of his. I looked over at Marissa and glared, “No, no, no. Let’s go.”

We began making our journey up the hill toward the quidditch field exit, I wanted to say something to Anelie she wasn’t next to me or Marissa though. My eyes immediately moved to behind me and I saw I sight I hadn’t been expecting, “Anelie! Get off him!” He and her were connected at the mouth swapping all sorts of spit. I saw a smile form on her lips as she whispered something to him, he just smiled and nodded. I think I looked like a fish, though my mouth never closed, it just hung open. Staring at the girl walking away from the sixth year Sirius Black replica.

“Close you’re mouth, you’ll catch a pixie,” she said as she caught up to us.

“What was that?!” I nearly yelled to the whole world.

Marrissa laughed, “That, my friend, was called a kiss.”

I glared at the third year who’d grown in height immensely in the last two months. We were nearly eye level, “You shouldn’t know that. That whole side of life is supposed to be a mystery to you.”

“With newly hormonal boys in your year, it’s hard not to know that side of life. You should know, after all, Katherine said you helped her through a difficult break up and she’s younger than me.”

“By a month loser,” Anelie said. I glared at her, she had no right to the conversation, she kissed the forbidden. I did too, but that’s completely different, “Ronny and I have been going on dates recently. I didn’t tell you because you had enough to deal with.” She was careful to dodge subject of my parents. For it was well known to most of the students in Hogwarts that my mood completely changes from whatever emotion was experiencing just moments before to slightly depressed and perhaps suicidal, though I would never commit suicide.

“You should have told me,” I said, folding my arms and staring ahead at the castle.

She sighed defeatedly, “You’re right I should’ve. It’s not like you’ve been telling me everything miss lady,” she accused. I snapped up and gave her the most clueless expression I could muster, “You’re getting some from somebody.”


“Yeah I’ve noticed it too. It’s pretty obvious with you cause you haven’t had a boyfriend since Reggie,” Marissa added in.


“You know what’s funny?” Anelie asked.

Marissa and I both replied, “What?”

“Sirius has been getting some too. Funny how that happens for you two at the time,” she smiles. My heart is beating rapidly on the inside afraid she’d figure it out, “Good thing everybody knows that you two would never ever—“

Marrissa burst into laughter, “That would be so bloody stereotypical if you two went at it like rabbits.” I stared at the two in utter horror, “Judging from the expression on you face, it would never happen.”

“Yeah,” Anelie said, “What’s going on between you two anyway. Are you friends? You’ve been awfully close. Almost makes me think that perhaps our suspicions are—“

“We’re friends. He helped me a lot this month and he’s just really been there more than anyone else has been. He’s helped me get my mind off things much more easily than most have,” I said, not lying once. I think I’d be in a much different state if it weren’t for Sirius. As arrogant as he was, James was friends with him for a reason and I was snogging buddies with him for a reason.

“Oh, I see. Well that’s good of him. Sirius is a great guy; he’s change quite a bit. Not as stupid as he used to be,” Anelie said. I laughed and nodded.

“Hey Marissa!” Marritt and Maxwell were running up the hill probably secretly having a race, “You joining us for a game of exploding snap tonight?” Maxwell asked out of breath. She nodded, “Great, then you should come with us.” Maxwell strategically took her hand and began pulling her but Marritt wouldn’t have it and strategically took her other hand. She was being dragged away by two boys who were competing for her. She looked back helplessly but Anelie and I just waved.

“Poor girl. I think I’d kill those boys if I were her,” I said. Anelie laughed.

“Come on, we should probably get back to the common room, I’m ready to just chill for the night. Merlin knows my body needs it,” Anelie said. I nodded and we went through the entrance hall doors. The walk towards the Gryffindor Tower was silent for the most part. That is, until we reached the fifth floor at the statue of Boris the Bewildered. A ways down the corridor towards the sixth floor stairs was a slight squeaking sound. In the distance, just before the corner of the hall, I could make out a person sitting in the fettle position against the wall, “Who is that?”

I shook my head, “No idea.”

“Should we go check it out?”

“I guess so,” with that said, we began walking towards the figure which slowly became distinguishable as a girl with her Gryffindor robes on. With each step, she became more familiar looking until it became evident that Anelie and I had come across the sobbing figure of Jennifer Gallo. Within five feet of her we stopped unsure of what to do and whether or not she knew we were standing before her.

I pushed Anelie forward causing her to make a bit of grunt. Jennifer immediately looked up greeting us with an unfriendly, blotchy stare. This was an event I certainly wasn’t expecting to occur. I almost wanted to comfort her, but there was no proper way for me to do so. Here I was, someone who hasn’t got on well with Jennifer for years, especially in recent weeks since she moved back into my dormitory after Sirius stopped being annoying and waking everyone up.

In retrospect, she hasn’t been too terrible since the start of this month. After her and her gang of sluts tried to get me to do their bidding after we won the Quidditch match, she’d been a bit more tolerable. I think it may be because she hasn’t been hanging around Demi and Celina as much, who are much nicer than her no matter what.

Anelie moved forward with a friendly, sympathetic smile on her face, but Jennifer just scooted away, “What do you two want? Come to ridicule me for being a cry baby like everyone else in this damned school?”

I shook my head, but Anelie answered, “Actually we just wanted to know if wanted some comforting,” She was good because I definitely didn’t want to know that, I just wanted to know why she was blubbering like a whale who’d lost its hole.

Jennifer looked somewhat shocked as Anelie sat beside her and I began walking towards her, “Do you really?” she was looking at me this time. For Anelie and her had always been on much better terms that she and I had been. I nodded and took a seat besides her, “Oh. That’s interesting.”

“Just talk when you’re ready,” Anelie told her rubbing Jennifer’s back.

After those words, we sat in silence for a total of ten minutes, I counted every single second of it. Then suddenly she said, “I have no friends. No one likes me, the just pretend to. Every guy that so much as says hello to me just wants to use me because everyone thinks I’m easy. I’m not though, I just am forward with my sexuality. I mean, Demy and Celina and I were never really close and we’re all in different years it’s not like we can get any closer than we are. They have other friends in their year while all I have is string of their attention.” Anelie and I exchanged confused looks with one another. I wasn’t sure what to say that could be comforting to that, “I’ve known those two most of my life, since I was 8. I was so nervous about coming to Hogwarts without them, but I did anyway.”

I’d almost forgotten how Demy was a sixth year and Celina was a fifth year Ravenclaw. Jennifer was all by herself when she was first sorted in Gryffindor. She was actually pretty nice back then too if I remember correctly. Lily, her and me used to be bestest of friends. We were like our own little Golden Trio.

“All I want to be is happy, but I can’t be. It’s not like I’m going anywhere in life either. I haven’t done anything remarkable at Hogwarts, I don’t get great grades, my OWLs were average, I don’t even know what career I want to work in. I’m going to be a damned failure,” she finished, her tears seemingly replaced with anger.

I looked over at my quidditch friend who looked unsure and clueless. I decided it was my time to talk. I moved myself directly in front of Jennifer and sat down Indian style. We stared at one another for about a minute. My hazel eyes staring into her blotchy blue ones. Finally I spoke, “Remember first year? When were best friends? Always talked, laughed, played around, made idiots of ourselves and never cared what anyone had to say. When we were eleven?” Jennifer said nothing, “I know you do. You were so different then. I supposed I was too. We’d always go and cheat off Lily’s paper to turn into slughorn and then make jokes about his fat arse. Remember that time I accidentally left my doodles of him and his giant belly boring the class to sleep? How you threw it at his head and that got us landed in detention for assault of a teacher for a week? Remember when that ended after first year and we hardly sent two letters to each other that whole summer. Remember when we met on the Hogwarts Express for second year and it was possibly the most awkward silence in the world? Remember when our friendship ended and I started hanging out with Patrice, you’re supposed enemy, and her best friend? Remember all the terrible things you said to me after?”

“How is this supposed to be helping me?”

“It’s not. I remember it all well. It was that day you turned into a bitch and ditched Lily and me for Demy. You were always mean to me and it used to make me cry at night. I used to take all your insults about my physical appearance to heart. Then one day Patrice came and she comforted me and I knew that she was a thousand times the friend you ever were. I learned then that I never really knew who were in first year, not sure if I ever wanted to know.”

Jennifer was frowning at me tears in her eyes once more, but she said something I was not expecting, “I never meant to stop being friends with you. I always liked you best between yourself and Lily. You just started hanging out with the devil reincarnated and I just assumed you were like her. So I began hating you for it. I know you didn’t know why, but…” she didn’t continue.

“Why have you never liked Patrice?” Anelie suddenly asked.

Jennifer looked at her, “It’s actually kind of stupid,” she looked at me, I urged her to go on, “Patrice and I have always lived, like, a block away from one another outside of Hogwarts since we were babies. She used to always come over my house and we’d play all sorts of games. Our familes were really close you see. When we five Patrice and I told my parents that we wanted this flying doll. Patrice’s sixth birthday was soon after that so they got it for her. I think they’d assumed she was going to share it with me. Parents should know never to assume things with young children though. When I asked to play with it for a bit, she threw a rock at my head instead. Ever since then, I’ve hated her and she’s hated me.”

Patrice had never told me the story of why she despised Jennifer Gallo and the Blonde Bimbos so much. I never truly asked to be honest. I stood up from my spot and then held out my to Jennifer. She glanced at it, but soon enough, her hand was in mind as I pulled her up. I smiled at her, “You need some rest.”

Anelie and I took Jennifer to my dormitory, passing by Lily in the common room who stared at the three curiously. Jennifer climbed in bed quickly and I told her to come to me if she needed to talk. Anelie stayed with her as I walked down the stairs to join Lily on the sofa.

“What was that all about?” Lily asked me, looking up the girl’s stairs with a curious stare.

“Well, a long story short. Jennifer was crying in the hall Anelie were walking down, she told us what was wrong, I told her some things, then she told me why her and Patrice never got along.”

Lily’s eyes widened, “Really? Why is that?”

“It’s pretty stupid. Patrice got this doll they both really wanted and when Jennifer wanted to play with it, Patrice threw a rock at her head.”

“Wow. Sounds like Patrice.”

“What sounds like me?” said person asked walking in the room with Katy by her side. The two sat on opposing squashy arm chairs. I just stared at them, “Seriously, what?”

“You threw a rock at Jennifer’s head?” I asked.

Patrice looked alarmed, “Who’s Jennifer?”


“Oh! Blonde slut of Gryffindor! Right! Yeah, I don’t remember throwing a rock at her. Where’d you get that from?”

“She told me you threw a rock at her because she asked to play with your flying dolly,” I said with a smug grin.

She rolled her eyes, “Oh, that. Yeah, a rock may have accidentally slipped out of my hands and landed on her nose. But I was five.”

“Six apparently.”


“As entertaining as this conversation is, I’ve got to go patrol. I’m officially late as of fifty minutes ago,” Lily said.

“Yeah, I was wondering about that, I patrolled for like thirty minutes but found Patrice with dear Jason and stopped patrolling. Had to pull her away from him and drag her all the way up here,” Katy said.

“Oh lovely image,” Lily laughed as she stood up and waved goodbye.

“I am so tired!” Katy nearly screeched at the top of her longs.

“Why?” I asked.

“Because we proceeded to do absolutely nothing in every single one of our classes to do.”

“Believe it or not, doing nothing can be tiring,” Patrice added.

I laughed, “I’m sure.”

“So I’m going to bed,” Katy concluded.”

“I am too,” Patrice said and with that, the two left for the dormitory.

I looked at the Gryffindor clock and found that it said 10:50. Wow, time flies by when your comforting the crazy Jennifer. Things seemed to work out perfectly as far as our sneaking out plan goes. I proceeded to leave the empty common room through portrait hole and went to a deserted classroom on the fourth floor. The classroom was Sirius and mine’s old transfiguration room. There were portraits of rats and animals all over the room. I wasn’t sure why he picked this to be our meeting destination, I never asked why though. Over the last week, I’ve learned to love this room.

I opened the door to said room and looked around. I had no idea if he was already here or not for he had the invisibility cloak with him and could’ve easily been wearing it. I looked around cautiously, “Sirius,” I sung out. There was no response, “Sirius,” I sang once more. I was facing the front of the room at the moment looking directly at this beautiful painting of a black dog just behind the desk.

“Oh my gosh,” I gasped, my heart beat accelerating, as I felt familiar hands wrap around my hips and lips I knew much too well for my liking on my neck. I’m not sure what ever happened to greetings but it seems that they were hardly necessary today. I’d managed to turn around and meet his lips with mine, but it seemed that it wasn’t the lips he wanted today. He proceeded to play with the hem of my shirt, but I slapped his hand away with my left while my right played with his hair strands. He was persistent as he moved from kissing my face everywhere but my lips to my neck and to my collar bone. I forcefully pushed his head away from the path he was headed towards and pulled his lips to mine. Against them I said, “Don’t even think about it or I will make it impossible for you to ever do what you want to do.” I continued our snogging session for what felt like seconds but I’m sure was minutes.

It ended abruptly though as Sirius made a sudden dive for the desk. I turned to him alarmed, “What the hell was that?! Are you bloody mad?! I thought—“

“Shut up!” he said from his hiding spot and pointed to the door. I looked at the two large double doors and then suddenly my ears picked up a high pitched giggling. I immediately ran for cover next to Sirius under the desk—which I was thankful was more like one big block and covered our arses and feet to outside viewers—after hearing the laughter coming from directly outside the door.

The door creaked open, “Alright, it’s empty,” came Jame’s voice. Oh thank goodness, it was just patrol. Oh damnit, patrol.

I looked at Sirius pointedly and mouthed, “Did you put a silencing charm on the room?”

He seemed to understand what I said and mouthed “No.” I hit him forcefully over and over and he was trying very hard not make a noise.

“Alright then, let’s go in before anyone sees us,” Lily was with him, but I didn’t quite understand why she wanted to come into the room. There was a sudden bang on the desk as I body seemed to lay down forcefully on top of it. I looked at Sirius alarmed but that didn’t compare to his expression when we began hearing nasty slurping noises of the two kissing. To say I was shocked wasn’t quite proper. To say I was downright flabbergasted was a bit more accurate.

Sirius and I began to hastily look around the room for a way out but we found none. I hated Sirius for dropping the cloak in the corner of the room. James spoke up though and said something I didn’t expect, “Stop.” Apparently neither did Sirius because he proceeded to wave his hands dramatically as if scolding James which made so much sense seeing as my cousin can definitely see the hiding Sirius.

“What, why?” Lily asked.

“I think I should tell you this the proper way. You might actually listen to me now,” he started. She said nothing so he continued, “I like you—Actually, that’s an understatement. I really like you.” I watched Sirius mouth, ‘Yeah, no kidding,’ to me causing me to silently laugh, “I’ve done so many stupid things to try and prove that to you and then here you are, when I’ve just about given up, in the room with me. You have no idea how happy that makes me.”

“I know James, I honestly do,” Lily says. Wait, this is all just really registering. Lily and James are kissing. My best friend and my favorite/only cousin are kissing. Oh my lord, what the bloody hell is going on.

“Will you be girlfriend?” I nearly blew Sirius’ and my cover after James asked that. I’d nearly jumped out from under the desk. If it hadn’t been for Sirius, I’m sure I would’ve been facing two very confused people at the moment.

“Yes,” I heard her answer. I think I just died. This was great this was wonderful, this was, “We can’t tell anyone though.”

It took me a bit, but I’m seeing that I’m in the exact same situation as Lily. I look pointedly at Sirius who’s mind seems to already come across the similarity of our best friends and us. I stared at him pointedly, but he already seemed to be thinking the worst. He wasn’t supposed to be getting any ideas, so as a consequence for him thinking bad things, I leant forward and pinched him. I think, if we weren’t trying so damn hard to be quiet, the small gasp that escaped his lips would’ve been much louder for his eyes were already watering.

“Come on, I have something I want you to see,” James said. I listened to their footsteps fade away and the door shut behind them.

Sirius and I simultaneously say, “What the fuck?!” It was well deserved ‘what the fuck’ too because I had no idea what the hell just happened and how many ideas must’ve been running the my friend with benefits’ mind right now.


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I think possibly the biggest deal of all, is, you guessed it, Lily and James. Finally! Do you guys notice something here though? Lily and James obviously had a little secret affair for sometime before deciding to go into this secret relationship. I think Sirius had good reason to start getting ideas after witnessing that. I would too. Baby Harry isn’t too far from being impossible anymore though! So Yay!!!

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I hate it when people stare at me for no bloody reason. I always feel like I have some sort of zit that’s talking to everyone right on my face, or something bizarre like that. Hopefully that will never be the case, but if it was, well, it’s safe to say that I’d probably cry.

What’s worse than crying from people staring at you? Getting the creepy feeling like someone’s watching. Which usually, someone is. I don’t know why people get that sensation and subconsciously know that someone or something is watching them at a given point in time, but we do. It’s a feeling that is hard to simply shake off, you have to always scan around yourself, find the source. When or if you do, thousands of questions are sent through your mind like a volcano seemingly erupted in your brain.

There’s also the staring from those who are apparently trying to dissect each and every part of you. They stare into your eyes, then stare at your nose, lips, ears, hair, clothes, arms, feet, simply everything. There’s the unbreakable staring contest a person can generally participate in quite often. Yet sometimes, it’s not the innocent game that most think it is. It’s the game where one is naïve trying to understand why he or she can’t break eye contact and the other is staring deep into his or her eyes looking right at their soul, seeing everything they are.

Lucky for me, that last bit never has happened. I’ve always been able to break those type of eye battles, even though it’s only been attempted twice. It sucks that I can’t control the staring that I’m undertaking now though. I’ve tried to ignore it all through dinner, but it’s hard. It’s not like I can pretend he’s not doing it, he knows I’ve noticed. My back isn’t even to him.

Reggie has never been this obvious about me before. He’s always tried to hide his staring, and that’s only if he’s actually eyeballing me that day. Lately though, he’s been making it blatantly obvious. I’ve even thought of taking my dinner to the ladies room or kitchens. Both of which he either can’t go in or he doesn’t know it exist.

It probably wouldn’t be that bad if the other places I would’ve liked to look were all staring at me too. Sirius’ eyes were burning a hole at the side of my head all because I’d continuously denied his want to go public for the last two weeks. Even though yesterday I told him that if we made it through the holidays we would tell our friends but not the school. It’s not as if the holidays are far away or anything, in fact, next week is the last week before break. That’s three weeks, less than a month, for him to prove to me that we can tell our friends. He tried to convince me that sooner was better, but it just didn’t fly and now I’m being punished with his unspoken revenge.

My other fall back would’ve been the comforting shoulder of Remus Lupin who sat beside me, yet his eyes were dancing along the side of my head also, I’m not sure why though. He’s got no reason to be making flower’s and butterflies along my skull with his pupils.

After arriving at dinner, it hadn’t taken me long to find the fourth source of my stares. Regulas Black. I could only imagine what could be going through his head. I hardly knew the kid. Not only was he two years younger than me, but he was a Slytherin. I was only on good terms with a few from that house. So imagine that lack of joy that emitted through me as I saw Sirius’ brother staring holes into my forehead.

To compensate for all of these eagle eyes, I’ve been staring at Lily without really seeing her. Though, when I do come back to reality for a few moments, I spot her sneaking frequent glances at my cousin while failing at being subtle. Occasionally my eyes follow hers to James, who sometimes returns her glances. Yet for some bloody reason, he’s mostly been staring right beside me at my good old buddy Sirius.

I’m not sure why everyone is staring at someone else, but frankly it makes me nervous. So I got up and I left, feeling the four pairs of eyes following me until I was completely out of sight. It no longer felt like a Friday at the dinner table. Classes were over for the week, we had a two and a half day break, yet everyone seemed to be thinking of something completely different. Maybe I should’ve stared back, but no, that would be one of those staring contest which I never want to participate in. So, leaving the hall seemed to be the proper reaction on my part.

At least there’s only one week of classes left, of course, they’re filled with midterms, but still, I’ll be receiving gifts from all my friends, my aunt, uncle, and my par—oh wait, no, not my parents. They’re dead. I sort of forgot. Wow, this is werid. I’m going to have my first Christmas ever without my parents. I’ve always gone home for the holidays and spent the day playing games with my family and having a blast. This year, will be so different. I don’t know what I’ll do. I won’t even be able to help aunt and uncle pick out a tree like I was able to with mum and dad. Aunt Matty and Uncle Harold always went tree shopping a month in advance, but my parents always waited for me to get back so we could get a tree we all wanted. I used to dread going with them, but in the end, we had so much fun looking through all of the trees. Now, I want nothing more than to go pick out the best Christmas tree in the world with mummy and daddy.

I can’t though. It’s not even an option anymore.

I miss them. I miss them more than a man could miss his privates. They were the perfect parents and they loved me. I just wish that I’d written them more and told them the three most comforting words in the world, “I love you.” I didn’t though and I regret it.

I couldn’t see my path of travel anymore, my vision was blurred with innumerable number of tears that had been waiting to fall. I’d been forcing myself not to think whenever I was surrounded by silence. I didn’t want to. I didn’t want to cry and be weak. I didn’t want to seem like such a girl. It’s been over a month since they died. Yet I’m still not over it. I pretended like I was, boy did pretend, I even managed to convince myself of my own lie. I was never over it. I just forced myself to ignore their death and pretend like I knew nothing of it.

Now, it’s hit me full force. I haven’t let it escape through small outlets, instead I’ve been plugging it all in, keeping everything in until it explodes.

I made out stairs in front of me and sat beneath them. I sobbed uncontrollably thinking of how I hadn’t even graduated yet and they’d already passed on. They were murdered, it wasn’t their time.

After many tears, a smile made its way upon my face as I thought of the toy train they got me that flew all around the house. It was so fun, you never knew which way it would turn. That was when I was five. I’d gotten loads of presents that Christmas. Like this amazing and huge stuffed teddy bear that was charmed to talk to the people around him. He would give me advice on homework and all sorts of things. I remember when the charm wore off, boy was I mad at mum. I yelled at her over and over saying that it’s her fault it was broken. She’s the one that charmed. She just sat there and took it.

I had a neighbor who was also of magical decent, but her family was jewish. There aren’t too many jewish wizarding families in the world, but low-and-behold, she was one of them. My dad had asked me to go and giver her a gift. Instead of saying ‘Happy Christmas!’ I would say ‘Happy Hannakah!’ She was a year or two younger than me, but she was so greatful. I felt so proud saying that my daddy was the one that got her such a great gift. She had received a doll that sat on a broom and wore her favorite team’s quidditch uniform. Her parents sometimes charmed it to fly. My father was the best when it came to gifts.

It’s too bad I won’t be receiving anymore from them. I guess I’m lucky that they weren’t all I had left in the world. My aunt and uncle and James were still there. I didn’t even know what any of them wanted for the holidays. I guess I should ask them.

I stood up from position underneath the stairs and made my way to the owlry.

Believe it or not, it’s aggravating being well liked by most of the school. My short journey to the owls was filled with “Are you okay?”’s from a number of individuals. It was one of those situations where the answer to the question is blatantly obvious yet the questioner asks it anyway knowing full well that the answer will be “yes” and they can let their conscience rest because they tried.

I was beyond relieved when I made it to the owlry and found no one was in it. I grabbed one of the spare parchments lying on top of table and a quill then wrote out my letter. It was short and to the point. The school than owls looked more than happy to finally have something to do and one of them gratefully nipped my finger before flying off.

Now, the question is. Where should I go to wallow in my own self pity? I allowed my feet to make that decision as they lead me to the Westward Astronomy Tower. The sun was just beginning to set and it was beautiful. The sun sank illuminating the sky with a fiery orange. The clouds were beautiful, though oddly shaped, and they were tinted a beautiful shade of pink. I loved nights like this, where one could simply just look at mother earth’s creation and feel a moment of peace. No worries or cares, just them and the world. It was rare that I actually took the time to come and appreciate true beauty, but today was different.

I watched younger students run around the grounds and hurrying inside before dark. I spotted Hagrid and his giant beard walking towards the pitch to do his gamekeeping duties. I even spotted a chicken running around his cabin like it’d gone crazy. Someone had told me Hagrid was planning on getting a dog at some point, but that was six years ago that they told me that, so I guess the thought had long since left his mind. He was apparently going to name him Fang. I guess that’s not very surprising. Hagrid tends to like creatures with that particular feature.

I heard the door leading to the tower open. I straightened up automatically then turned around to see who had joined me. I immediately slumped back down when I saw three out of four of the marauders join my side, “Oh hey!” It was James, Remus, and Peter. James sat next to me and slung his arm across my shoulder.

I watched as Remus sat on my other side, with his sandy blonde hair falling into his blue eyes. I noticed a few scars decorating his face and realized that he had a very roguish feel to him. He was nothing but a mystery. He caught my gaze and smiled at me. I returned the friendly gesture then moved my attention to the short stalky boy that was Peter. He was still standing awkwardly looking unsure of himself.

“Hey Peter,” I called to him. He head abruptly snapped to me as if scared of what I had to say to him. I motioned to the empty spot beside Remus, “Why don’t you have a seat?”

He nodded, “Oh, erm, right, sorry,” he said then sat down beside Remus.

“So I guess this is where you went after dinner?” Remus asked after a few moments of silence.

I nodded, looking over the tower, “You could say that.”

“Yeah, you just kinda disappeared,” Peter attempted at joining in.

“I know. I just had a lot on my mind,” I took a look at all of their laps and found parchment and quills straddling them, “I’m guessing you guys didn’t come up here to escape life?”

They shook their head, “Nope, astronomy homework.”

I looked over at James who was looking positively radiant with his messy black hair and rimmed glasses. He had a slightly smile and glazed eyes looking beyond him. His arm was still slung over my shoulder though I’m sure he stopped noticing minutes ago. I leaned into his ear and whispered, “I know.” He looked at me confused and was about to ask ‘What?’ but I put my index finger on my lips. “Doesn’t matter dear cousin, doesn’t matter.” I felt my lips lift into a grin as he crinkled his brows in obvious confusion, I must’ve sounded like a lune.

I pulled my finger away from James as I realized they were missing a key member of their group, “Where’s Sirius?”

They all shrugged simultaneously, meaning each and every one of them knew, but I didn’t feel like pressuring them to tell me, after all. Each of the marauders are stubborn and as a group, there no point. Not even Peter ever budges when it comes to spilling something about another marauder.

“Hey boys, I’m gonna go, alright?” I received a few murmurs as they jossled down notes about the stars. They probably have no idea what the bloody hell I just said and will be wondering where a went in a few minutes, but who cares. I closed the door behind me quietly and began walking down the spiraling stairs. These stairs were steep and scary and everytime I walked down them, I felt like I was going to fall. So I’d always concentrate really hard in order to make sure my foot landed on the next step. So imagine my surprise when my concentration was shattered as I spotted another pair of stationary feet where mine where supposed to go. I looked up finding the pair of familiar eyes that I didn’t really want to see right now. Reggie was eye to eye with me, which was really weird. For a moment, I thought I’d gone through a major growth spurt, then I realized that I was standing on the step before his, making me about half a foot taller.

“Yes?” I asked as politely as I could manage.

He looked behind him after having heard a collective number of girls talking as they themselves made their way up the stairs, “Could we talk somewhere in private?”

I frowned, I really didn’t want to say yes, but this was my ex who had always been really sweet to me, so I just couldn’t say no. Which sounds really weird, usually one would want to say ‘no’ to a guy who was still in love them with them. Not me though, “Uh, yeah I guess.”

I pulled me along by the wrist to decently quiet corridor, “What’d you want?” I asked.

“I want to get back together,” he said.

“I knew I should’ve said ‘no’ to this. Reggie, are you serious?” my hands had crossed themselves over my chest and I’d gone into female defense mode.

He groaned, “Kathleen, please. I’m still in love with you, and I feel as if I’m missing the best part of my life without you. You are my rock that holds me down.”

“Reggie, please, move on. We weren’t meant to be, you’re not my one true love and I’m not yours. Besides, I’ve found someone else and it’s time you did too,” then I realized what I said. I just told him there was another person. No one knows theres another person, at least not officially. Why did Reggie have to be the first to know. Oh crap, that’s not good.

“You-You what?” I didn’t reply, “Who?” I still didn’t reply, “Is it Dennis Boot? Is it Duan Jarvis? Marcus Finch-Fletchey? Edgar Bones? Ant—“

“Stop,” I said evenly, “Why does it matter? It’s been six months, I want to be happy and I want you to be happy. But I need you to stop trying to catch me because there are plenty of other fish in the sea, all of which would be happy to date you. You are a great guy, but we were finished months ago. Sorry.”

I had never seen Reggie look so defeated. His posture was slumped, his head bowed down, he looked hopeless. He looked down at me, “Okay.” He walked off without another word. I shook my head to myself then continued on with my life by heading in the direction of the library. I needed to pick up a book for Defense Against the Dark Arts. Professor Willis was assigning a book about werewolves to read over the holidays. We were to come back to class with a two foot report on the lycanthropes that embrace their other half with open arms. Letting their wolfish instincts take over their everyday lives and become ferocious twenty-four-seven. Dear Merlin, I hope that never happens during my lifetime.

The walk to the library wasn’t a long one and the doors were wide open when I made it there. Its safe to say that I’m not exactly the reading type, therefore whenever I came to the library it wasn’t really to read, just do homework or tag along with Lily or Katy or Remus as they searched for books they wanted to check out. So when Ms. Pince, the ugly thirty year old that loved books too much for her own good, saw me walk in without friends or a notebook, she looked relatively shocked. She continued on with her business though. I walked passed each of the really tall book shelves peering into each aisle for the lycanthropy section. Yes, it got it’s own section. You would not believe how many people have written about it, there are even muggle authors who have written about it and they know nothing of our world. I was about to turn into said aisle when my name was called. I looked to the source of the sound and saw Alice, Frank, and Emmeline.

My face lit up as I ran over to them, “Hi!” I saw in the highest scream I was allowed to emit in a library. I jumped up and down as I hugged Emmeline and Alice enthusiastically. I was a little less enthusiastic with Frank, but still, he received a hug.

“Wow, long time no see much?” Emmeline said rhetorically, “Look at you, all in the library by yourself, looking for a book no less!”

I pushed her back playfully, “Oh shut it, I read just so you know. You’ve seen me read in class and what not. Remember, we happen to have a couple classes together. I see you a few times a week, thank you.”

“Why is it we never talk then?” Alice asked, folding her arm over her chest, letting go of Frank’s hand in the process.

I smiled, “Because,” I pointed at Alice and Frank, “You two are two caught up in each other to notice little old me and you Emmeline, are too busy flirting with that Slytherin boy—“

“Andrew Winskew,” Emmeline said.

“—Yeah whatever, your too busy flirting with—“

“He’s my boyfriend.”

“Okay, you—wait! When did this happen?!” I was shocked, Emmeline going out with a maniacle, evil, stupid Slytherin! I cannot believe this!

“About a week ago, he asked me out and I said yes. He’s been so sweet, sweeter than I ever thought possible for a Slytherin,” she said while grinning happily.

“Anyways,” Alice said before Emmeline could even think of continuing, “What’s going on with you and boys. The last boy drama I heard was forever ago, Halloween to be exact.”

“Yeah, what’s going on with you and Sirius? When did you two become friends?”

“Oh, do you like him? What’s going on with that? What about that Murrary Coleman kid? Didn’t you go to the dance with him?”

I sighed, so many questions, “First of all: No. I didn’t go to the dance with Murray, he’s an obnoxious twit who should get killed. Sorry to sound so harsh, but it’s true. Second of all: Sirius and I are just friends, nothing more, nothing less. We just agreed that it was time to get along and that was that.” I secretly was thinking of all the time I made out with my ‘friend’ and said yes to being his ‘girlfriend’ but none of that really mattered, now did it?

“Oh okay, I see,” Alice said. There was an awkward pause then Frank piped up.

“So how’re you doing in school?” he asked.

“I’m doing okay, I have mostly Exceeds and a couple Outstandings, then a few Accepts, so, yeah on average I’m doing okay. What about you guys?”

“Oh well, I have all Os but alice has all Es. I don’t about Frank, Frank?” Emmeline said.

“I’m doing alright, no where as good as you three,” he said, “It’s good enough to get me into being an auror. As long as I’m good in Defense, Potions, and Transfigurations. I happen to have Es in all of those. My highest grades.”

“Oh, so you want to become and auror?” I asked.

“Yeah, I want to save the world, especially now that that crazy lune You-Know-Who is walking the streets. It’s not safe and the world, both muggle and wizarding worlds need protection. I want to help provide that,” he said seriously.

Alice looked at him with a smile on her face, then turned to me, “He and I share the same views on everything. I want to fight against He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named side by side with him.”

Emmeline rolled her eyes, but I stared at them questioningly, “I fully understand. After what he did to my parents, he will never ever live it down. I want to be apart of the reason he goes down, no matter what. Whether, it’s me directly, or if it’s my daughter of nephew that kills him, I want to be apart of the reason. No matter how long it takes. So I’m becoming an auror too.”

“Yeah, I’m sorry about that Kathleen, You-Know-Who is a bastard,” Emmeline added.

“Why is it he’s called You-Know-Who again?”

“Because well, he’s…it’s just not good to say his name.”

“Well, why not?”

“It’s just a bad omen Kathleen,” she stated seriously. An awkward silence ensued following the conversation.

I looked around wondering what I should say, I finally settled on, “Well, I did actually come here for a purpose so I guess I should go get the book I was going to check out, huh?” I said opening up my arms to hug them.

“Yeah, like you’ll actually end up reading the book,” Alice said as she hugged me. I shared hugs with Frank and Emmeline then made my way down the aisle of lycanthropy. I found the book quite easily, checked it out for two weeks, then made my way out of the library and down the hall. The hall was fairly busy with students talking animatedly to one another. Probably about what they’re going to be doing over their holiday breaks. The portraits were also busily talking, so when I let out a decently loud yelp as I was pulled into a classroom, I’m sure no one noticed. I felt familiar lips press against mine quite eagerly. I smiled into Sirius’s mouth, but it was not five seconds into the kiss when the doors to the strange room were slammed open.

Sirius and I immediately broke apart and turned to the culprit, many students were staring in alarmed by either Reggie’s sudden anger and need to push open the doors so forcefully or by what was revealed beyond those open doors.

“So, this is who you’ve replaced me with,” the crazy Ravenclaw said in a low furious voice before turning around and walking out of sight. Leaving Sirius and I standing in the middle of a classroom looking into the hall that was filled with students who had no idea that we were more than just friends.


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My life has always been the interest of those around me in some way or another. Whether it’s negative or positive, someone is always looking at or thinking about me somewhere on the planet; be it my family, friends, or strangers. In my first year here at Hogwarts, for some unbelievable reason, I was always noticed by the older kids. I can only assume it was because of my dirty mouth (which Lily tried to fix). The teenagers all said the same thing: that I was a prick and no one would ever like me. It didn’t really effect me, seeing as it’s so weird for fourteen year olds to be talking about a first year anyway. But hey, it’s not my fault I got more attention than a first year who defeated a giant troll. (Not that that would ever happen or anything.)

By third year, it’s safe to say that I’d matured faster than many other girls my age. I’d gotten breast, my Aunt Flow began visiting two years prior, and I’d had the slightest three inch growth spurt. I didn’t happen over night or over summer, but it happened in the span of a year. I'd grown up--kinda-of--especially to some of the other students. These physical changes put me under the watchful eyes of peers once more. It’s not my fault my body seemed to have a bit more hormones and genetic growth than others. There were tons of bizarre rumors floating about. My favorite was me going to Push Up Suzie's Implant Imporium and getting a breast augmentation. I got plenty of sleazy boys trying to hit me up after that spread about. Generally the girls that spread such crazy rumors were the ones who didn't understand that they were just pushing me more into the limelight and taking the attention away from themselves. 

As I’d gotten older, I got in an increasing number of fights with one person. Sirius. He’d become an obnoxious ladies’ man. Girls wanted to do him, guys wanted to be him, and therefore, his head grew to the size of Jupiter. Our fights always had a witness, and that witness would go tell someone else about it, and then someone else, and so on. I’m pretty sure that if it weren’t for Sirius, no one would’ve cared what I did anymore. Instead, I’d have to hear obnoxious little first years who were horrid at whispering talking about the two of us and wondering what exactly he’d done. Because of those little tossers, I’d gotten a number of detentions. I don't see why though. It's not my fault their heads were in the way of my hexes. 

So this year is like the icing on several layers of nasty cake. I thank those people that don’t give a rats arse about my life, who only focus on their own. But there are some people that thrive on gossip. That like to start rumors then spread them, that tend to stalk Sirius and I now simply because of our former secret that was successfully given away by my delirious ex boyfriend. I’ve been asked multiple times how we ended up together and I told them to go away each time. It’s not like they’ll get a made up story later. I don’t even want to know what some of the students have concocted as the reason we go together.

This honestly wouldn’t be so bad if my friends weren’t making me suffer the consequences of not telling them. Both Katy and Patrice are giving me the silent treatment. They don’t sit with Sirius and I anymore, instead they sit on the opposit end of the table just so they don’t have to be near me. I think Patrice was the most angry of the two of them. She was good friends with both Sirius and me and the fact that neither of us told her what was going on just hurt her.
I only wish it were a rumor this time around and not the truth spread by an obsessed ex-boyfriend. Katy, Lily, nor Patrice were happy at all when they found about the relationship, but their reactions were all different:

Patrice was the most unhappy with me. Her and Sirius had a past, not a serious one, but it existed none the less. That wasn’t what was bugging her though; the past her and Sirius had made them good friends and Patrice and I were best friends. If one of us didn’t tell her, she almost expected the other to come talk to her. Now, she’s giving me, as well as Sirius, the silence treatment. Katy just chooses to ignore and pretend as if I don’t exist anymore, I think she prefers that than actually having a confrontation about the issue.

Lily and James had a secret of their own that they’ve yet to come out with. One they’ve possibly been hiding much longer than I’d hid mine. Usually, Lily would hate me and resent me for not having told her that I was in a relationship with a former enemy. In this case, though, she would be a hypocrite for this reason: when James and Lily do tell everyone of their much more-than-friends relationship, I could get very mad her and treat her the same way that she would’ve treated me and pretended that I had no idea about her little love affair that she was having with my dear old cousin.

So Lily was being intelligent and treating me as a supportive friend, that way, when her and James did come out of the closet, I could treat her the same way. Oh that sneaky little girl. It doesn’t matter though, for she was trying to give excuses to Patrice and Katy as to why I’d kept such a thing from them.

James is definitely unhappy with me though. I’d known him my whole life. Hell we even took baths together when we were two! His mum took pictures. I’m ninety-nine percent sure that Sirius had already told him about the two of us, but I think (look at me, I keep using my head today) he felt betrayed having learned about from the whole school before I told him. I honestly did feel bad that I never told my cousin, the man who was always there for me through it all. Merlin I’m an idiot.

Sirius kept letting me know I’m one too. He’s always saying, we should’ve told them sooner or none of this would’ve happened. He kept criticizing my superstitions about the two of us not lasting long and that being the reason I refused to tell a soul. It’s clear that me thinking that he couldn’t handle a serious relationship insulted him. That doesn’t matter though. He’s blaming all of this on me, even though it takes two to keep this secret. So he’s getting the silent treatment.

Reggie is an idiot. That boy seriously needs to get over me because his obsessiveness is doing nothing for him. When we broke up, he had girls lining up to date him because he was a handsome, nice man who knew how to treat a woman. He rejected them all. Originally, I thought it was because he wasn’t interested in any of them, but to find out it’s because he thinks he’s still in love with me is repulsive. I laugh at the things I’ve heard about him now. Girls wonder what’s wrong with him, if he needs to be in St. Mungo’s for a damaged brain. It’s been six months and he still hasn’t moved on with his life, not to mention I wasn’t that great of a girlfriend. I really hope that he didn’t think selling Sirius and me out to the rest of the school was going to make me want him back. Hopefully, he won’t seek me out on the train because that would be awkward and I don’t have that many places to hide. Finding a body guard may be necessary for this trip.

“You know, for such a luxury school, they sure could make their train more comfortable,” Alice stated as she maneuvered around in the seating across from Sirius and me, “I mean, all this thing needs is a bit more fluff! That’s it!”

“I think you have a new complaint everytime you board this thing. I’m starting to think you’ll never be happy with it,” said Frank. He pulled Alice into his lap to where her back was against the wall of the compartment beside the sliding door.

“Yeah, well I just so happen to notice more everytime. It’s not my fault this place has so many flaws.”

I laughed, “You know that makes you sound like a super bitch right?”

“She is a super bitch,” Sirius stated. Consequently, Alice took off her shoe and took a poorly aimed throw at Sirius missing him entirely. .

Bloody! OUCH! Damnit!” The shoe hit me in the face right on my nose. Yes it did bloody hurt. It’s not fun having a bloody high heeled shoe thrown at my bloody face you know. There was a string of curses flowing from my mouth until I let out a deep calming breath, “Nice going. Are you trying to break my nose?”

“I was considering it,” she smiled.

“You’re an amazing friend,” I stated sarcastically just as my good friend Anelie along with fellow quidditch mate, Marissa, walked in.,

“There you are! I’ve been looking all ov—“ Anelie stopped abruptly just as she saw who I was sitting next to, “Am I interrupting something?”

My face immediately distorted into one of disgust, “Honestly! Why would we be doing anything?! Alice and Frank are right there!”

She acknowledge them with a wave then turned back to me and said, “I dunno, you could be having a foursome. After all, Sirius is known for his kinkiness.”

“Hey! Only if Frank is excluded! I do absolutely nothing with men!” Sirius defended pointing harshly at Frank.

I rolled my eyes at the boy sitting beside me, “He’s a tad homophobic.”

“Yeah clearly, anyway,” Anelie continued, “What’re you doing tomorrow?”

I looked at Sirius almost asking if we were doing anything, “I don’t think I have anything planned.”

“You don’t look so sure of yourself,” Marissa said with a smile.

“I was just trying to make sure I was free is all,” I looked at Sirius again, but then shrugged, “I dunno.”

“Aw!” Marissa squealed. It was a really high pitched squeal too. Not one that you want to be on the receiving end of. Not to mention is was unbelievably girly and I didn’t know why she was making the sound in the first place. I looked at Sirius once more, whose arm was wrapped around my shoulders, but his shoulder furthest from me made a shrugging motion.

“I know she’s doing it and she doesn’t even know it!” Alice added.

“It’s so cute! She’s so clueless!”

Oh great, their talking about me as if I’m not in the room. I looked at the girls confused, then at Sirius (who looked more confused) then back at the girls, “Wait, what?”

“You’re just…” Anelie started but then looked at Marissa.

“You two are such a couple!” Marissa finished, “It’s so cute!”

Sirius and I looked at eachother. I know that I looked a little surprised, but he looked really surprised. I could feel my cheeks flushing. Then at the same time we asked, “How?”

“Um, well, there’s the fact that you just asked that at the same bloody time! And he’s got his arm around you and—“ Anelie started.

“You’re leaning into him subconsciously, which shows you’re comfortable with him,” Alice said factually.

“Oh Merlin, she’s been reading magazines again hasn’t she Frank?” Anelie asked him, he nodded. Oh Merlin, that’s not good. When she reads those things, she goes around to everyone telling them what their body language toward eachother meant. She’d come up to Sirius and me a couple years ago when we had managed to accidentally be sitting next to eachother and said the same thing about me leaning in closer to him because I was very comfortable with him and we should get together. Of course that was all bull, I didn’t like Sirius at all back then, in fact, I loathed him so I have no idea what she’s talk about, “Never let her do that. It’ll just make her think she’s knows things about relationships.”

“Well, I do!” Alice argued.

“Anyways, the point is, you two look very nice together and you’re not too over the top which is really annoying but you’re not too…I don’t know…friendly?” Marissa said.

“No, you suck at this Mari. You two are very friendly but you’re not too lovey dovey but lovey dovey enough to make others envy what you have together,” Anelie rephrased.

Sirius and I looked at eachother once more then I begain saying, “We’ve only been together for a f—“

“ They will make the cutest babies!” Marissa sqeaked.

This single statement triggered a number of responses. Two groans separately emitted from Sirius and me, while Frank merely laughed. Alice gasped and clapped her hands together once while Anelie yelled, “I hadn’t even thought of that!” She pushed our heads together and compared our appearance, “They would make the most gorgeous babies ever!”

“They really would! Oh my gosh!” Marissa said excitedly.

“I’m gonna go to another compartment, care to join me?” I asked Sirius as I stood up. He almost immediately stood after me. As we walked out, we heard the jeering comments from the sex crazed girls about us going to make our babies now.

“Care to make babies now?” Sirius asked jokingly. I didn’t reply, instead lead him to an empty compartment, “You know I was kidding right?”

“Mmhmm,” I said after magicing the sliding door unopenable, I proceeded to push Sirius onto one of the seats in the compartment.

“I think I just might like where you’re going with this.” He was smiling as I climbed onto his lap and laid on top of him.

“Really now? I wonder why…” I smiled then pressed my lips against his own. It didn’t take long for him to want to become dominant and flip me over so he was above me. He moved from my lips to my neck to my collar bone. He continued to move south until we heard sudden shouting on the other side of the compartment.

“Kathleen? Is that you in there?!” Oh Merlin, it’s Jennifer. Sirius and I jumped off one another and collected ourselves I pushed him back into his seat so he’d be lying down then fixed my hair and his.

“Yeah, what do you need?” I called from the other side of the door.

“Oh good! I really need someone to talk to. I’m in a bit of a situation.”

I gave an exasperated look to Sirius who urged me to open the door, “Yeah okay one second.” I flicked my wand and the door open again and in came Jennifer who took a seat immediately.

“Yes, you can have a seat,” Sirius mumbled loud enough for Jennifer to hear.

“Oh hello Sirius!” Jennifers expression immediately changed from one of concern to one that meant one thing. She was about to begin flirting with my boyfriend. “So…where’ve you been these days? I haven’t seen much of—“

“Jennifer! What is your situation?!” I was in no mood to be listening to Jennifer attempt to hit on Sirius.

Sirius laughed and sat straight up then pulled me down next to him. Jennifer watched with what seemed like a grudging expression on her face. I should’ve known that this would be a problem, but then again, I would’ve been the last person to guess that she’d ever come to me for a problem.

“Right, well my parents are a bit angry at me and I need a place to stay.” Wow. No butter to soften that one up.

“Erm, I dunno,” I looked at Sirius, “I’d have to ask James and his parent I guess.”

“Why don’t you just ask your parents?” Jennifer asked suddenly, seemingly forgetting what had occurred earlier on in the year. My eyes immediately swelled up in tears that I had seemingly no control over. It seems that my sudden distribution of tears seemed to let her know that she was an idiot and that my parents were dead. So no, ther was no possible way I could ask them because they were buried beneath the ground where I could never see them again. “Oh merlin, I’m so sorry I—"

Sirius interrupted her and said in a very intense tone, “No, you can’t stay at James’, he’s already got way too much company for dealing with someone as self absorbed as you. Could you please leave now?”

I wiped away as many fast coming tears as I could. I hated crying, I always felt so weak. I caught Jennifer giving me an apologetic look before leaving the compartment. Sirius wrapped his arms around me, if possible, even tighter than before.

We really are like a couple, now that we’re public. He defends me, he comforts me, kisses me, holds me, talks to me, and does anything a good boyfriend can do. The last couple days, he’s been the main person I’ve been talking to. The good thing is, I haven’t gotten sick of him yet, like I ususally did when I was around the same guy for a long period of time. That’s mainly because insteady of being truly nice (which would describe Sirius), they would be too nice (in which they’d be too clingy and too sweet with absolutely no realness and no deep conversations.) What I like about Sirius is that he knows just when to be this really sweet boyfriend and when to be a really real and fun boyfriend who makes jokes of all kinds.

In other words, he knows when to be my friend and he knows when to be more than one. It’s a nice change. Too bad my friends don’t want to hear anything about it.

A/N: Wow….it’s been too long. I haven’t officially updated since September. It’s flipping Febuary. You have no idea how swamped I’ve been as of late. I’m writing so much in school that I’m having writers block all the time as far as this story goes. I now have a new story up called Complications and that hasn’t been updated since late November. So time for updates.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! HAPPY NEW YEARS! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! In the time that I last updated, I’ve cried a billion times due to stress. I’ve had boy drama, friend drama, family drama, and no drama. I’ve had to volunteer and I’m studying for the SATs. I have to study for my college course exams and my regular class exams as well as my standardized graduation test.

I hope you all aren’t too angry and didn’t give up on this story. I’ve been feeling terrible about not updating for forever. I just hope this wasn’t too sloppily written. It was rushed, no doubt. I hope you enjoyed it any way.

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