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Back For The Potter Children by magicguy93

Format: Short story
Chapters: 4
Word Count: 2,479
Status: WIP

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Contains Spoilers

Genres: General, Horror/Dark, Action/Adventure
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Cho, Draco, Ginny
Pairings: Draco/Ginny, Harry/Hermione, Other Pairing

First Published: 01/27/2007
Last Chapter: 08/04/2007
Last Updated: 08/04/2007

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Lord Voldemort's son Tim Roddle is after Harry and Hermione Potter's children, Hal, Haley, and Samantha Potter.

Chapter 1: The Potters
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Chapter 1: The Potters

  Samantha Potter, the youngest, is the strongest and smartest of all three of the Potter children. She can use wand less magic (freezing time, telekinesis) as well along with her siblings. She got married to Harvey Wan and had two children named: Lisa Potter and Troy Potter. She works for the Daily Prophet. She lives in her parents mansion.


  Hal Potter has the power of fire. He got married to Jessie Johnston and had a daughter named Emma Potter. He works as a Professor at Hogwarts.


  Haley Potter, Hal's twin, has the power of water. She got married to John Malfoy and had a son named Josh Malfoy-Potter. She works as a healer.


Samantha moved in with her parents to take care of them and their animals.

"Mom, Dad! I'm going to work. Can you watch Lisa and Troy?"

"Ok! We will." Hermione yelled up the stairs.

"Thank you so much."

  She then walked down stairs and then she pulled out her wand and Apparating to her office. She walked out of her office and saw her sister Haley.

"Hey what are you doing her?" Samantha asked.

"I'm just getting a paper and then I have to get my stuff from Potter Memorial." She answered.

"Why do you have to get your stuff from the hospital?" Sam asked again.

"I'm going to work at Hogwarts." Haley answered.

"Oh, that’s cool!" Sam yelled.

"Well I have to go Josh is in the car." Haley said.

"Tell him I said hey. I haven't seen him in forever."

"Okay I will." Haley shouted walking out the door.

"Samantha Potter... Samantha Potter we need you at the front desk." a voice came from down the hall.

  She ran down the hall and into the front office where her boss, Jonathan Zanbini, was waiting for her.

"Yes." she said.

"We need you to do a report for use at Hogwarts over the school year." Jonathan told her.

"Okay I will go now." she said while turning into a bird and flying out the window.

She then ran into someone while flying out the door.

"Oh.. excuse me." a manly voice yelled.

"Oh no it's my fault." Samantha told him. "What's your name and where are you going?"

" Timothy Riddle. To Hogwarts my daughter is going there." he answered in a lie.

"Really where is she?" she asked.

"In the car." He lied.

"Okay well I have to go bye."

"Okay bye." Tim yelled.


  Hal bought his own house and married a witch named Jessie Potter and had a daughter named Emma Potter.

"Time for work, Hal." his Jessie yelled.

“Okay.” Hal hollered.

“Emma Potter wake up it’s almost time for us to get to the train station.” Jessie screamed up the stairs.

“Fine Mum. I’m coming.” Emma yelled back in an angry voice. “Are Lisa and Troy coming with us?”

“Yes, they are.” Hal answered.

“I love when they come with us.” she said.

“Yeah I know you do.” Hal replied. “Wait right here while I get Lisa and Troy.”

Hal then apparated away. A few minutes later he was back with Emma’s cousins.

“Get in the car now.” Hal said.


  Haley Potter got married to John Malfoy and had a baby boy named Joshua “Josh” Malfoy-Potter. Haley works at Potter Memorial founded my Hermione Potter/Granger.

“Time for work, John.” Haley yelled down the hall.

“Okay I’m coming.” John hollered back.

“Josh…Josh, get down here now.” Haley yelled loudly up the stairs.

“Okay mum, my goodness.” Josh screamed.

“You better get rid of that attitude. It’s your first day of school.” she said.

  Haley got in the car with Josh and drove to the Daily Prophet to pick up a paper. She also saw her sister, Samantha Potter, there. Haley then left in her car. A few minutes later she saw a bird flying right next to her window and she instantly new it was her animagus sister, Samantha. Haley was scared when she first saw, Samantha.

“We’re her Josh.” Haley said.

“Okay mum.” Josh spoke.

  Haley and Josh walked into the train station. Soon afterwards, Samantha flew in and to platform 9 ¾. She then turned back into a human.

“Hey, Aunt Samantha.” Josh greeted her.

“Hey Josh.” Samantha said.

“Hey Sam.” Haley yelled waving her hand.

“Hey Sis.” Samantha yelled back running to her.

“What are you doing here?” Haley asked.

“I have to do a report at Hogwarts. So I became a teacher there.” Samantha answered.

  Haley, Josh, and Samantha boarded the train and went to Hogwarts. Haley was now going to be the healer at Hogwarts.

Chapter 2: To Hogwarts We Go
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Chapter 2: To Hogwarts We Go

Samantha sat down beside her older sister, who was reading a copy of the Daily Prophet.

“Look at this.” Haley shouted.

“What is it?” Hal asked leaning over to the Daily Prophet.

“It says that Rita Skeeter of the Daily Prophet has had a baby.” Haley said.

“I can’t believe anyone would have a marry her or have a child with her.” Samantha said, “Did you ever here what mom said about her. She wrote many articles about dad when he was in Hogwarts and they were all lies. She even wrote a book on Dumbledore that had lies in it. It’s called The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore.”

“That is horrible.” Haley said, “I never heard mom telling us about it though.”

Samantha looked out the window at the landscape. She was thinking about Tom. She still didn’t know where she had heard that name before. She turned around at Haley again who was reading an article about Fred and Georges joke store.

“What does it say about the store?” Samantha asked.

“It says they have become the most famous store around.” Haley answered. “Fred and George have gotten a lot of money from their little joke shop.”

“I remember when we first walked into that shop and bought some stuff. I used a Decoy Detonator at Samantha’s birthday party one time. Everyone screamed and ran. Of course Fred and George sat there and laughed along with me.”

“I remember that.” Samantha recalled. “I had repaid you when I made your arms fall off.

Hal had shuddered at the memory of that time. He turned from Samantha and looked at his watch. “We should be there soon.” He said.

“Any body want some candy?” Samantha asked as the candy woman called out to everyone.

“Yeah, Chocolate Cover Frogs, Please.” Hal said.

“OK.” Samantha replied. She walked to the door and slid it open and waved to the woman.

“Yes?” The woman asked.

“We would like to have some Chocolate cover frogs and a liquorish wand please.” Samantha ordered.

The woman reached up at the candy and grabbed the what Samantha had ordered. “Here you go.” She said.

Samantha gave the woman the money and sat down giving Hal some chocolate frogs. Haley set down the Prophet and took out her wand. “Did you here about Jessie Weasley (Fred‘s daughter)?” She asked.

“No what” Samantha replied.

“Well she is going to have a baby girl.” Haley shouted. “She she is going to name it Molly Ginerva Weasley.”

“Oh, I forgot she was going to have a baby. I’ve been working so much I forgot.” Samantha said, “I should send an owl telling her congratulations.”

“You need to. She was going to make you the baby’s God Mother.” Haley said.

“Oh, she is.” Samantha said shock, “I’m so happy. I’ve never been a God Mother before.” Samantha stood and started to jump around and even dance.

“Sam, stop before someone walks by and sees you.” Hal laughed, “I don’t want anyone to think our family has problems.”

“Of, shut up.” Samantha shouted, “You know you dance around when no one is watching. What you don’t know is sometimes people are watching. You should really work on your dancing?” Samantha laughed.

Hal blushed. He stood up when the train started to slow down. “Well let’s go before the crowd forms.” Hal said.

Samantha and Haley jumped up and grabbed their bags and wands and started to walk out off the train and towards Hogwarts.

Chapter 3: Tim Shows Up
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  Samantha walked up the stairs into the Great Hall with her brother and sister beside her. All three of them walked up to the Staff Table. After all the students except for the First years were in Headmaster Neville Longbottom stood up. Neville walked up to the podium and yelled over the crowd. 

"Welcome back to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Let the sorting begin. Luna." 

Luna opened the door and lead the first years up to a stool with a hat on it. She held out a list and shouted, "Bailey, Anna"

A small girl with blond hair walked up to the stool. Luna picked up the hat and Anna sat down and Luna put the hat on her.

"Um, very tough indeed. RAVENCLAW" The hat shouted.

There was a huge applause from the Ravenclaw table and the girl ran over to them and sat down to join them.

"Carver, Bobby." She shouetd.

A small plumb boy ran up to the stool and sat down. Luna placed the hat on his head and it shouted, "GRYFFINDOR" and the boy ran down to a roaring table.

After a few children Luna called, "Potter, Sabrina" and a small girl who had blond hair and looked like Samantha ran up to the stool.

"Very very hard." The hat shouted, "You could be in Ravenclaw or Gryffindor. Let's see. Gryffindor."

Sabrina looked up at Sam and smiled and then she ran down to the crowd.

"She got into Gryffindor like everyone in our family did." Samantha clapped.

After the last child got sorted into Hufflepuff Luna grabbed the hat and stool and walked to the side of the Great Hall and waited for Neville to get up a speak.

"Welcome First Years. I would like to anounce a new teacher who will be teaching Transfiguration. Let us give a round of applause for Samantha Potter." Niville shouted.

Samantha stood up to all the clapping students and teacher, "Thank you Headmaster Longbottom." She yelled.

"Let the feast begin." Neville shouted. Food appeared on every plate in the Great Hall. Samantha grabbed some food from a tray and started to eat along with her brother Hal and her sister Haley.

After the feast everyone got up and walked towards there common room or office. Samantha followed her sister Haley to her office when she saw a man standing at the front door of the castle. Sam regonized him as Tim Riddle.

"Tim?" Samantha shouted, "Tim I didn't know you worked here!"

"Samantha!" Tim yelled, "I'm Grounds Keeper."

"Oh, that is so cool. I'm Transfiguration Professor." Samantha said.

"Awesome, well it's time to go to bed. Bye." Tim said.

"Bye." Samantha repeated walking away to her office. Samantha opened her office door and walked in. She grabbed a folder marked Class Lessons. She oened it and started to plan tomarrows lesson. "I can't believe he's here. I thought he was just some guy that I met on the street." Samantha thought allowed. She marked some stuff in the folder and said, "I'll go with Animagus teaching." She said.

Samantha stood up placed the folder in the filing cabinet. She flicked her wand and some food and tea appeared in her office. She ate some of the cookies and drank the tea. After thirty minutes she went to bed.

Chapter 4: A Masked Attacker
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Samantha woke up and got dressed in her robes. She grabebd her wand and walked out of her office looking for Tim. She walked all over Hogwarts and the Grounds aswell, but she didn't even she a trace of him. She asked a Hufflepuff girl if she had seen Tim and the girl responded, "Who's Tim?". Samantha then decided to go to her classroom and teach her class.

"Good Morning class." She said. Sam waved her wand and the word Animagus appeared in large letters on the board. "Can anyone tell me what an animagus is?"

A small brown headed girl from Ravenclaw raised her hand. Reminds me of mom. Samantha thought.

"Yes, Brittney."

"An animagus is a witch or wizard that can change into an animal at will. They have no choice of what animal they become. You can train to be an animagus unlike being a Metamorphmagus."

"Very goos Miss. Burt." Samantha said, "Now is anyone an animagus in this class?"

Only one person raised his hand. "Ok, now for everyone to see how someone turns into an animal." Samantha said.

She stood infront of the whole class and slowly turned into a falcon and flew across the classroom. Then she turned back into a human. Everyone clapped at what had happened.

"I am the second Transfiguration teacher that is an animagus."

Samantha finished up her class and walked out to the Grounds. She sat by the lake on a tree stump. She was still looking for Tim when a masked man walked behind her. He lifted his wand and shouted, "Reducto."

Samantha looked around but was to late to move out of the way. She was knocked to the ground. She grabbed her wand and yelled, "Expelliarmus." The man flew back onto the ground. She then lifted her wand at the Hogwarts entrance door and shouted, "Expecto Patronum." A silver dolphin appeared out of the tip of her wand. "Go tell Haley and Hal someone is attacking Hogwarts." and the Dolphin raced towards the door.


Haley and Hal were in the Great Hall eating lunch. The silver dolphin raced up to them and said in Samantha's voice, "Help Hogwarts is being attacked. I'm by the lake." Then the dolphin disolved into thin air. Haley grabbed her wand and ran towards the Entrace Hall along with Hal. They ran out into the Grounds towards the Black Lake. The man was about to curse Samantha who was on the ground. Haley lifted her wand from far away and shouted, "Stupefy." then man was hit and he fell over.

He then pointed his wand at Sam and shouted, "Sectumsumpra." and a deep gash appeared on her torso. Then he said, "Stupefy." and it hit her in the head and she hit the ground unconcious. After that the man transformed into a snake.

Haley and Hal ran to Samantha and picked her up. Haley lifted her wand and said, "Expecto Patronum." and a silver horse appeared out of her wand and she said, "Tell Headmaster Neville Longbottom that Hal and I have to take Samantha to St. Mungos. She was attacked by a Death Eater." Hal and Haley carried Samantha to the gates and they apparated to St. Mungos.