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It's Called Summer Love for a Reason....... by ElementalB

Format: Short story
Chapters: 14
Word Count: 49,676
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Humor, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Cho, Luna, Draco, OC
Pairings: Harry/OC, Draco/Hermione, Neville/Luna, OC/OC, Ron/OC

First Published: 01/26/2007
Last Chapter: 04/03/2009
Last Updated: 04/03/2009

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After defeating Voldemort at the end of his 6th year Harry's spending his last summer with the Dursley's. He meets the new girl on the block whom he soon falls in love with. They have a romantic summer both parting their ways when summer ends. What happens when they meet in Hogwarts where their ex's want them far apart, attractions are growing , and where you can't help but laugh at how strange life is?

Chapter 1: Memories on the Train
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Harry Potter had grown up a lot even more after the defeat of Voldemort. Emotionally he had become a lot stronger and wiser. Looks wise he had grown taller, he had his black hair and green eyes. He was starring out the window of the Hogwarts Express heading to school for his final year. He could finally enjoy a year of school not worrying about Voldemort which of course left other things such as girls, school, and friends to be worried about but somehow he'd be able to manage. Just then his 2 support systems walked in.

"Hey Harry" said Hermione as she took a seat across from him. She had done her fair share of growing up too. She now had curves and brown beautiful hair which earned her constant stares from the guys.

"Hey Harry" said Ron as he sat next to Harry. He had grown and became a lot cuter. 

"So Hermione word on the moving bus is that you've been made Head Girl?" questioned Harry.

Hermione chuckled and then said "Yeah I have you wouldn't believe how proud my parents were when they found out. They literally wanted to buy me a 2 story house with a matching car on the side".

Ron and Harry both laughed. "Well congratulations Hermione. Have you found out who Head Boy is?" asked Ron

"Yes.........and if you could have seen my face when I found out you would of wanted to frame it and give it to the most depressed person in order to make them smile" joked Hermione.

"No" said Ron. "You don't mean......" added Harry
"'s Malfoy" said Hermione. "He did change sides when it came to the final battle" she added

Malfoy had changed sides during the final battle in order get him and his mom away from his dad. Malfoy finally had to end the hold Lucius had on his mom and him by finishing him off himself. Hermione had seen his face when it happened and could see that he was going to change. She hadn't seen him since but she knew when it came to Malfoy things were going to be quite different.

"So change of was your summer Ron?" asked Hermione

"Good Fleur and Bill are having a baby, Ginny can't seem to keep a guy longer than Snape could keep a smile.....thank god he's gone.....and I praciced quite a bit on my quidditch skills" said Ron

"How about you Hermione?" asked Ron

"Well I read my long list of books that I had been meaning to get to........big suprise there and I had a nice family reunion oh and just between you and me I go to an all girls school in Florida" whispered Hermione.

The trio burst out laughing

"So Harry how was your summer?" asked Hermione.
"Yeah I forgot to ask how did it feel knowing that you wouldn't have to be with the Dursleys anymore"? added Ron

"My was good" Harry said in a low tone. Harry's mind was suddenly filled with a flashback of his summer with her...........


Harry was sitting in his bedroom reading an old textbook when suddenly he heard Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon chattering away downstairs. He couldn't quite make out what they were saying only getting in the words "movers", "introduction", and "new family". Harry then heard a truck outside his window. He looked out to find a movers truck across the street. 

So a new family's moving in uh? Harry thought to himself. He could see a woman with brown curly hair and brown eyes wearing a black skirt with a purple top and a man with black gray hair wearing jeans with a gray shirt.

Great another couple for Petunia and Vernon to competer with for the best tv's, china plates, and authentic animal figures that are really made in China thought Harry
Just as he was about to continue his reading a girl his age stepped out of the car. In one of her ears was a hearing piece to an ipod. He couldn't see her face for he back was facing Harry, but she did have brown hair that was an inch past her shoulders. Harry was dying to see her face and just when he thought she was going to turn around she walked into her newly bought house.

"Dammit!!" Harry said aloud. "Doesn't she have to turn around to see the other houses surrounding hers i mean what kind of person doesn't do that when they first move in?"
he added to his ramblings. He then turned around and headed downstairs.

Aunt Petunia was making some muffins while Uncle Vernon was reading the newspaeper and Dudley was starring at the tv as if it were the answer to all his questions.

Harry scurried up to Uncle Dudley "Aren't you gonna introduce yourself to the new family next door?" asked Harry
"No why should we we've seen the car they came in it's obvious they don't have that new plasma tv so what's the need to take them cupcakes?" replied Vernon
"Don't you want them to think that you're absolutely a perfect normal family? I mean i can be weird at times and by introducing ourselves we'll give them no reason to think we're nuts or any other word in that category?" begged Harry before going over to Petunia to convince her.
"What if they spent all their money on that new elephant statue made from the world famous sculptor in Italy?" added Harry
"My god you're right Harry!!!! Vernon.....Dudley hurry up let's go over there and introduce ourselves at once" yelded Petunian. "Vernon grab those muffins and put them in a basket at once" demanded Petunian
"But Petunian dear i thought those were mine???" wined Vernon
"Vernon the future of a possibe elephant statue depends on those muffins!!!!!" yelded Petunia.....a vein at the center of her head was beginning to appear.
Frightened Vernon quickly grabbed the muffins and they all headed out the door

Petunia, Vernon, Harry and Dudley made their way across the street. 
"I want you to be the chatter box while I look to see if I can find the elephant, and Dudley you smile and Harry you act as normal as possible try hard Harry" said Petunia. Harry hoped that the girl he saw  would answer it but instead the man and woman that Harry saw did.

"Hello there" said the woman.
"Hello we're the Dursleys and we wanted to come over here and personally welcome you to the neighborhood" said Vernon
"No elephant" whispered Petunia
"Well we are the Aqua's.....I am Barbara and this is my husband Estevan" said the woman as her husband walked by. "My daughter Bianca is upstairs at the moment"
Harry was about to question her more about Bianca but then.
"Bit of an odd last name figures they couldn't afford an elephant sculpture" said Petunia
"I was just about to say the same thing about your last name" replied Barbara. "Are those muffins for us?" asked Barbara.
"Not if you think our last name is weird" snapped Petunia
"Then I guess you better keep them" Barbara replied calmly
"Well fine we will and incase you were wondering I'm Petunia, this is my husband Vernon, my son Dudley and my nephew Harry"  replied Petunia
"I wasn't really but thanks  anyways" said Barbara.
Both Petunia's and Venron's mouths were wide open "Well my looks like we won't be talking anytime soon" snapped Petunia
"This day just keeps getting better and better" Barbara calmly replied once again
Grunts and puffs were the only sounds that Vernon and Petunia made as they truned their backs on Barbara and headed home with Dudley running back, figures he's do excersise just to get back to his precious tv.

Harry stayed behind and said to Barbara "I'm sorry my relatives were rude to you I'd like to personally apologize for their behavior by offering to cut your grass for you" he was dying to see Bianca's face and it was obvious that using his family was not the right approach.
"Well you do see different than them" said Barbara
"Oh way different i mean more like........." he was trying to think of more synonms of different....."yeah let's go with different but in a good way of course" Harry said.
Barbara smiled and said "Don't worry I get it you're different from them if you could start now I'd greatly appreciate it. The lawn mower is on the side of the house"
"Thank you" Harry said and scurried to the side of the house as he was trying to figure out how he was going to get inside the house. He could lie and say he had to use the restroom and that his uncle and cousin just ate chocolate which can go bad with their stomachs and that it might be hours before the stench died down.Or he could work up a sweat and ask for a drink but before he could come up with more ideas he heard a radio being played above his head and then he saw her.

Bianca had beautiful brown eyes and a lovely face, but before he could take in her stunning looks she turned away.
Harry looked to left and saw a ladder he placed it so that he could reach her window. As he thinks about it now he was lucky she didn't have her parents call the cops on him. Harry climbed up the ladder and took a peak into her room. He couldn't believe that the movers had moved everything in so quickly.
Her walls were painted gray blue and she had tons of books in her room and a table with a light on it and posters of dogs but before Harry could look around more...

"HEY!!!!!" shouted someone
Harry was startled and began falling backwards when he was pulled forward by Bianca.
"What have you suddenly decided to become my personal stalker??" she asked
She was even more beautiful up close Harry thought
"Hello in there?" Bianca said
"Oh yeah sorry my name's Harry....." he said
"Yeah I didn't ask for your name that's what the police do stalker" she said still holding onto him by his shirt......their faces were just inches apart.
"Do the police also hold people by their shirts?" questioned Harry
"The good ones do" said Bianca still not letting go "You still haven't answered my question".
"Oh right you see my aunt and uncle introduced themselves in their usual we-don't-see-an-expesive-elephant-statue-in-your-house-so-we're-gonna-be-rude-way so I decided to make it up to your mom by offering to cut the grass" he replied
"So you automatically assumed that there would be grass in my room?" said Bianca
"No" he said. "You're really enjoying holding onto my shirt aren't you? added Harry
"No but you really enjoy looking for grass in my room don't you?" replied Bianca and she finally let go which saddened Harry and strangley Bianca found herself saddened by this too.
"So you like to read uh?" asked Harry
"Yeah I do" she said "You know I'm not sure that stalkers and their stalkies talk much isn't there usually like a silent weird connection??" Bianca added
"Well how about new friends? Do they talk?" asked Harry 
At first she didn't respond and there was a short pause.
"Yeah they do" Bianca replied
They both smiled knowing that this was the start of something great.


Harry missed her so much the way they used to talk the way even their silence had a way of speaking to eachother but mainly he missed the sound of her laugh.

"Hey Harry you ok?" asked Ron when he saw that Harry missed one of the muggle jokes that he had just told from a book his Dad brought him.
"Yeah I hope so" he whispered "What did I miss?" he asked
Ron and Hermione shared a look of worry but decide to let him come to them and then Ron began to fill him in on the knock knock joke

Chapter 2: Popcorn topped with new found feelings
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After Harry had snapped out of his memory of Bianca the trio began discussing their schedules for their final year.

Their discussion was interrupted by Headmaster McGonagall

"Hello dears" said McGonagall
"Hello Professor" they replied simultaneously
"Hermione you're needed at the front of the train so that I may speak to you and Mr.Malfoy about your duties as Head Boy and Girl" said McGongall
"Why of course" said Hermione as she began to get up
"I'll be there in a moment I need to have a word with Lupin first" said McGonagall before she walked away

"How cool is it that Lupin gets to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts" Ron said excitedly
"It is really great. I'm happy for him he was finally able to be seen for who he truly is which is a hero. He nearly died saving McGonagall and Tonks." said Harry
"Well I better go meet up with Malfoy" said Hermione
"If the trolley cart comes by would you guys get me some chocolate frogs, flavored beans, and a water?" she added
"Sure" said the guys
"Thanks" said Hermione and she began walking towards the front of the train

Once reaching the compartment at the front of the train she opened the door to find Malfoy sitting in it.

"Beat cha" he joked
"Only cause I let you" answered Hermione
"So how are you?" she asked
"Fine thanks for asking" he said "So I guess you're here because you were made Head Girl unless you like following me around" he added
His last statement surprised both of them. Finally Hermione re-tallied
"If I like following you around I wouldn't be so obvious but instead would be outside your window flying on a broom taking pictures of you" she said
"Now I really have no reason to think you've ever been a stalker" he said

As they were about to laugh the train did a little jerk and somehow Hermione found herself on top of Malfoy
They both nervously and quietly said "Are you o.k?" and "yeah"
Neither would admit to the butterflies that had just multiplied in their stomachs
They both sat on their sides of the compartment just in time for McGonagall to walk in

"Hello Mr.Malfoy and Ms.Granger. Now both of you for individual reasons have been made Head Boy and Girl. You will be responsible for patrolling the halls at night and for taking away points from the houses if they happen to break the rules. Once again Congratulations and I hope you both will make me proud. See you all soon" said McGonagall and just as she was about to walk away Malfoy asked a question
"Umm Professor won't be having our own large room to share?" questioned Malfoy

Oh so Maloy's thinking about our "special living" arrangements too thought Hermione. That's hot....woah where did that come from I couldn't possibly like Malfoy could I thought Hermione
She was awakened from her thoughts by McGonagall's answer
"Oh yes but instead of it being in the left tower you 2 will be staying in the right tower. We have 4 new special students coming to Hogwarts this year and they will be occupying the left tower" said McGonagall "Any other questions?" she added
"No Professor" said Hermione
"Very well see you both at the feast" said McGonagall before she left the compartment
"I wonder if by special she meant..........."said Hermione
"Really ugly" jumped in Malfoy
"I was gonna say really powerful or really retarded" finished Hermione
They both laughed before the awkward silence filled the compartment
"So I guess I'll see you around" said Malfoy and before exiting the compartment he turned around and said "You look good Hermione" he added and then finally he left
Hermione smiled to herself and headed back to Harry and Ron

When Hermione finally made it back to her compartment she found Harry and Ron eating the treats they had bought.
"Did you guys get my stuff?" asked Hermione
"Yeah it's right here" said Ron and he handed Hermione her treats
"Nobody got any popcorn?" questioned Hermione
"They sell popcorn?" asked Harry
"Yeah they do" said Hermione as she left out of the compartment and headed down the train aisle to catch up with the trolley cart

Hermione returned holding a bag of popcorn in her hand
"I really wanted popcorn you would not believe the nasty food my family had at the reunion. There were snails that looked more tasty if you put salt on them and disgusting octopus. I was this close to using a disappearing spell on my dinner plate. I even tried having the dog eat it let me tell you that dog was smart not to take it. Lucky  dog with its damn dog food" said Hermione
"Thanks Hermione you picked the perfect time to start talking about nasty food right when we're eating" said Harry
Ron chuckled
"Here take some popcorn you guys" said Hermione as she poured some popcorn into Ron's and then Harry's hands
"Thanks" said Harry and as he was starring down at the popcorn in his hands he was once again filled with a flashback of her


Over the weeks Harry and Bianca became very close. They both were at first skeptical about opening up to each other. Harry was careful not to tell her too much about the wizarding world and worried that she would think he was a freak with the odd answers he gave her about his school and where his friends were. Bianca didn't mind for Harry didn't know that she too was giving odd answers to Harry's questions. Harry told Bianca about his parents and Bianca told Harry about her big family but how most of the time it was just her and her parents. Both agreed on how they wondered if Dudley would ever find a woman who could replace the feeling he has for his t.v. They both were always sarcastic with each other and they couldn't help but laugh and smile whenever they were together.

"So you ever think about not buying book if they're just gonna sit there all the time" asked Harry
The two were in Bianca's house downstairs in the family's book room
"I told you I can't help but but books every time I got to the book store even though I know I have unread books waiting for me at home" replied Bianca
"See now that's just dumb" said Harry
"Oh and thinking that one plus one is 11 is sooo far from being dumb" said Bianca
"Hey that was in my head after we saw that Ricky Bobby commercial" he said
"Or maybe the producers heard you say it and thought wow we're gonna make Will Ferrel be that stupid" she said
"I'm bored" said Harry
"Here read this" said Bianca and she handed him a key chain
Harry began reading the key chain that said HOW DO YOU KEEP AN IDIOT ENTERTAINED? LOOK ON THE BACK Harry turned the key chain to read the back which said HOW DO YOU KEEP AN IDIOT ENTERTAINED? LOOK ON THE BACK
Harry looked up to find Bianca holding in her laugh
"Oh real funny" said Harry
"Hey I would of thought that you would of already seen that one at the mall" said Bianca
"I never go to the mall" he said
"Don't you ever leave your house?" asked Bianca
"I told you no I'm basically there cause they're my family and they have food and a bathroom" said Harry
"You could live with a bum and say he's your cousin then every Tuesday you guys walk into that chicken place for the family meal and use the bathroom there" said Bianca
"Yeah or I could take your books and eat them and use them to wipe my....." said Harry but he didn't finish his sentence because Barbara had just walked in the room
"Did I hear something about wiping?" questioned Barbara
"Yeah" jumped in Bianca "Harry was saying wiping. Wiping what Harry?" she added
The 2 girls turned to look at Harry
"I was saying that Bianca and I would be happy to wipe the car windows" said Harry with an evil grin "Isn't that right Bianca?" he added turning to look at Bianca
"Yeah he's right mom" Bianca replied calmly
"Oh that'd be wonderful you 2 are such a big help" said Barbara before exiting the room
"HA!" laughed Harry
"Alright fine you're bored let's go somewhere" said Bianca
"Go where?" asked Harry
"You'll see" said Bianca
The 2 headed out the door after Bianca told her parents that she and Harry would be going to buy supplies for wiping car windows

The 2 walked together until they reached a little house
"Don't tell me you dragged me here to carry your book bags asked Harry
"No we're here to see a movie" she said and she began to walk inside the house followed by Harry

The little house was indeed a movie theater but not your normal theater. The living room had been filled with long couches for people to sit on and instead of a big screen there was a projector with a fold up screen. There were only a few people.

"How did you find this place?"asked Harry
"Unlike you I need fresh air" said Bianca
"Let's get some popcorn" said Bianca pointing to a popcorn machine in the corner of the room

After getting the popcorn Bianca said "Where do you wanna sit?"
"How about in the front" suggested Harry
They sat in the front and began to make themselves comfortable as the movie started
"We're not seeing a chick flick are we" asked Harry
"No Ricky Bobby" said Bianca "We're watching Scary Movie 2" she added
Harry's only response was a puzzled face
"It's a comedy where they make fun of past scary movie why is little Harry scared?" she said
"No" he said
Suddenly there was a loud bang as the movie began and Bianca jumped
"But I guess you are" he said

Harry had to admit the movie was pretty funny. He couldn't believe all these summers he had spent his time shacked up in the Dursley's. Then again he always knew it would take someone special to get him out. He turned to admire Bianca's face. He suddenly began feeling new feeling for her something more than just friends. Bianca could sense he was watching her and she turned to look at him
"What?" she whispered
"Nothing you just look so pretty when you smile" he said
"Stop you're gonna make me blush" she said
Harry turned his attention back to the movie
Bianca couldn't believe how quick she had become friends with Harry. He always made her laugh and smile. She could feel her heart beating and knew she was beginning to fall for Harry Potter

After the movie ended they walked home saying that the stores closed early due to the manager's wife going into labor.


Harry remembered that's when he started to fall for Bianca

"Harry" said Ron as he was trying to get back his attention
"Oh sorry" said Harry and he stuffed the popcorn that was in his hand into his mouth "What were we talking about?" he added
"Hermione was telling us about what she discussed in the front of the compartment" he said
"So as I was saying" continued Hermione

Chapter 3: Rainy Relationships
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Hermione continued telling the guys about what she had been told McGonagall. The guys too were especially intrested in the new special students coming to Hogwarts.

"So I think that they're powerful new students" said Hermione
"Or maybe they're good friends of McGonagall's" suggested Harry
"Or.......or......maybe they're her long lost relatives or maybe they're super super rich" suggested Ron in a amusing tone
"They could be her relatives but I don't think McGonagall would consider someone special just because they're rich" said Hermione
"Maybe they paid her to call them special" continued Ron
"If I pay you with chocolate frogs will you stop with your crazy ideas" replied Hermione
"Maybe" said Ron while Harry was laughing at the newest little arguement that his friends were having
"How is it gonna be having to share a room with Malfoy?" asked Harry

Hermione immediately thought to answer with "Intresting" but she knew this would only earn her a long speech of all the bad that Malfoy's done. Truthfully she knew how long this list was and yet she was willing to give Malfoy the benefit of the doubt. Somewhere inside her she tried to see the good side of him and just when the final battle occurred she was ready to let that go until she saw how hard it was for him to kill his dad. She knew these feelings were to be kept to herself for she would never risk her friendship with Harry and Ron.

"Uh hopefully good not entirely sure yet" she finally responded
Ron was about to give his opinion when all of a sudden in walked Cho

"Hey guys, hey Harry" said Cho using a seductive tone in her greeting to Harry
"Hey Cho" said Ron and Hermione
"Harry can I talk to you alone for a second" asked Cho
"Yeah" said Harry and he began getting up and walked out of the compartment with Cho leaving Ron and Hermione all alone

"What do you think's up with Harry?" asked Hermione
"What do you mean?" said Ron
"Can't you see that his mind is somewhere else?" replied Hermione
"Now that you mention it he did seem out of it today especially the day we picked him up from the Dursley's" said Ron
"Maybe the toll of the battle is catching up with him again" suggested Hermione
"Maybe but he said he was good he didn't go into too much detail about his summer. Maybe something happened that he hasn't told us about" said Ron
"We shouldn't push him to tell us. Let him come to us" said Hermoine
"Yeah. I agree" added Ron
"So did you learn any new moves on the checkerboard?" asked Hermione
"You really wanna hear about my new moves?" questioned Ron
"Hey I was in a strangely normal house over the summer. I missed all the strangely odd things" replied Hermione
"Ok so there's this one that you do................" started Ron on his new moves

While Hermione and Ron were chatting Harry had followed Cho into an empty compartment
"Close the door behind you please" said Cho

Harry turned around to close the door and when he turned to face Cho he was pulled into a deep kiss. Cho had shoved her lips against his asking entrance to his mouth. Harry allowed her access only because he felt sorry for her which he later regretted because he wasn't enjoying the kiss as much as she was. Harry had his eyes starring at her nose waiting for the kiss to end. Cho on the other hand was putting quite a bit of effort into the kiss hoping that Harry would be "deeply moved" by it. After about 10 seconds their lips finally parted.
"So how was that" asked Cho
Harry was trying to find a word somewhere between wonderful and alright.
"Good" he said
Cho stared at him with a puzzled dissapointed look
"Good" she repeated in a tone that suggested she was wondering if Harry was there when she had kissed him
"Good and enjoyable" added Harry
Cho's look hadn't changed so Harry decided to add another adjective hoping it would finally please her
"Good, sweet, and enjoyable" said Harry
"AWWWW you're so sweet" said Cho
"So did you miss me?" she asked

Harry hadn't really thought about her much. She wasn't there for him during the battle for she feared for her life too much. Yet once the battle was over she immediately went back to being by his side. Harry was actually glad for it to be summer because he could get away from her.
"Yeah I did think about you" he said. It wasn't a complete lie the poor dog that had been harassed and bugged by the neighbor's cat reminded him of her.
"Can you believe this is our last year. After graduating we can start our life together" she said
"Yeah It's hard to think our time at Hogwarts is ending" he said leaving out his opinion of their future together. He didn't want to be with her he knew that he'd break it to her soon just not now.
"You know we're alone in a compartment we could......." she said bashing her eyelashes at him
Just then Hermione walked in......

"Oh sorry to interrupt but we're almost there I was just reminding the students to change into their robes" said Hermione quickly and then left to tell the next compartment
Thank you Hermione Harry silently thought
"Well you heard the Head Girl. Don't wanna start the year off on a bad foot" said Harry
"Yeah besides we've got plenty of time to have fun" she said and gave him a kiss on the lips and exited the compartment
"Now how did that dog do it?" he thought aloud and then suddenly touched his lips realizing that Cho was the first girl he had kissed since Bianca
Once again he found himself immersed in a flashback


After the night at the movies the 2 began to spend even more time together. Of course their time was spent wiping things since Harry had continued threatening to take Bianca's books and use them to wipe his..........which ended up being replaced by another word since counsidentily Barbara seemed to walk in whenever he used the word wipe. Bianca and Harry had already wiped the car windows, the bathroom sinks,the kitchen floors, etc. Today they were wiping the cabinet shelves.

"Ok you have got to stop threating to wipe whatever it is you wanna wipe. We've already wiped enough" said Bianca in an non-serious tone because you could hear the laughs that were trying to emerge
"You're getting a kick out of this aren't you?" said Harry
"No actually, I'm getting a kick, a hoot, a holler, a jump, a dash, a bump,and of course a wipe out of this" siad Bianca
"Now I think I should just kick you" said Harry trying to reach his leg to hit her
They both laughed
"Ok we're done" said Bianca putting the duster away
"So what now?" asked Harry
"Well I know somewhere we could go if you promise that you're done with wiping?" said Bianca
"Im done" said Harry
"Really because if you and wiping need some more time together I'm sure there are a few more things that have been un-wiped" said Bianca
"I'm sure besides me and wiping have our alone time together without your interruptions" said Harry
"Ok Harry please I have virgin ears" said Bianca
"So where are we going?" asked Harry
"Follow me" said Bianca

Bianca led Harry to the garage. There was hardly anything in it besides a few locked cabinets and some garbage bags. In the right corner was something big being covered by a tart.
"No really where are we going" asked Harry
"Gosh you're so impatient now close your eyes" said Bianca
"Why? Are you going to turn into my fairy godmother and tell me to tap my feet?" asked Harry
"Yes I'm you're fairy godmother and I'm going to make you pretty" said Bianca
"Just close your eyes" she added
"Fine" Harry said and he closed his eyes only to have his ears hear the sound of Bianca's footsteps and the sound of a sheet being pulled off
"O.k you can open you eyes now" said Bianca
Harry finally opened his eyes only to be met by the sight of a blue scooter
"What's this?" asked Harry
"This is my dad's scooter and we're gonna ride it" said Bianca
"Can we?" asked Harry
"Of course we can don't worry my dad's not gonna shoot us with the water hose or anything to make us fall off of it" said Bianca
"You know how to drive one of these things right?" asked Bianca
"Yeah of course if I can handle a......." he was about to say Firebolt but instead said "horse this shouldn't be too hard" finished Harry
"Yeah because you know how horses are around here" said Bianca

Harry sat on the scooter and Bianca sat behind him. She handed him a helmet and they both put theirs on. She showed him how ro start it and stop it.
"Ok so I have no idea where we're going" said Harry
"You drive and I'll give you the directions" said Bianca
"You ready?" asked Bianca as she wrapped her arms around his waist. They both felt a shock wave course through their bodies.
"Yeah" said Harry

Harry couldn't help but feel so free and happy riding the scooter with Bianca. He wished he could take her to the shys on his broom or even on Buckbeak. He was sad to think that he could never share that part of his life with her. He didn't want to think how this whole thing would only last for the summer. He didn't care, summer wasn't over and right now was exactly where he wanted to be. He looked back only to have his helmet bump with Bianca's. They both began laughing. He had no idea where Bianca was taking them. Soon they were in a forest riding through the leaves and trees. 

"Ok up a little bit more" said Bianca
Harry continued to go straight until Bianca said
"We're here stop"
Harry turned off the scooter and took his helmet off
"Where are we?" asked Harry
"You'll see" she said and ran up ahead
"Wow" said Harry expressing his thoughts on the sight before him

There was a waterfall that fell into a little lake with a bridge. All around them were beautiful trees. The water was abeautiful aqua blue and the trees were medium sized but gorgeuous with strong brown branches

"How'd you find this place?" asked Harry
"I came across it that one day you went home early to help host some dinner guests" said Bianca. "I like to come here to think" she added
"About what" asked Harry
"Just stuff" said Bianca
"Oh my bad forgive me for not being able to narrow it down" said Harry
"I don't know like how this is going to be my first and last year at a new school and about boys" said Bianca
"Well all I can say about school is that just stay true to yourself and know  your true friends. About us boys........." Harry trailed off
"Those were vey touching words" said Bianca
"I was trying to have a moment" said Harry
"I know and I appreciate your words of advide" she said
"So do you have anyone waiting for you anywhere?" he asked quiet bluntly
Bianca knew that took guts and so she answered him 
"No. They might be waiting for me but I'm not waiting for them" she said
"What about you?" she asked
"No nobody special" he said
"So what are you thinking about right now?" she asked
"About my last year of school what's to come and how much the past will affect my future" he answered
"Wow you got quiet a bit on your plate there. You wanna hear my meaningful words?" she asked
"No not really they're not any better than mine so I'll just tell myself my own words" he said
"OUCH, I've officially found my "pick me up person" she said
"Well incase you're unable to find a mirror to tell yourself your words of advice you wanna hear my words?" she added
"Yeah I guess" he said
"Well enjoy your last year because you'll never get it back, remember the past but don't dwell on it and always look to the next day" she said
"Thanks" he said
"So now wasn't that better than the reflection in a mirror?" she asked
"Maybe" he said
They both laughed

They starred inot each other's eyes and Harry began to inch forwards towards her lips when suddenly they both felt a rain drop. They looked up to find that it had started raining.

"We better get going" said Harry
"Yeah" she replied
They both got on the scooter and headed home

Once arriving at Bianca's house they put the scooter in the garage 
"Thanks for showing me that spot" he said in the pourning rain
"You're welcome" she said
Bianca began walking towards her front door when Harry said
"You told me you loved water" he said
"I do" she said
"What do you love about it" he asked
"About how it can be so peaceful and yet so full of adventure" she said
"I've heard it's great kissing in" Harry said with a smile on his lips
"Oh yeah what idiot told you that?" she asked walking toward him
"This bum at the chicken place on tuesday" he said walking towards her
"Did he say if it was from personal experience?" she asked continuing to get closer to him
"No but do you know where I could find someone to kiss in the rain so I could start a conversation with him?" he said their faces only inches apart
"Maybe" she said
Finally Harry bent down and kissed her lips. At first it was sweet and tendor then it became more passionate as Harry asked her mouth for entrance which she quickly accepted. Their tongues toyed with eachother and finally after lack of oxygen they broke apart. Both stared into each other's eyes through the rain while breathing heavily.
"Wow that chciken bum knows what he's talking about" she said
"Yeah he does" said Harry
"I had better go" she said
"I'll see you tomorrow" he said with a smile on his lips
"Yeah" she said also with a smile
They both turned around and walked in an non-straight line to their houses


Harry walked back to his compartment to find Ron and Hermione waiting for him
"So what happened?" they asked
"She kissed me" Harry said
"Boy if I had to guess I would say you're not too happy about it" sais Ron
"I don't want to be with her" said Harry
"You need to tell her" said Hermione
"Yeah I know" he said and he began to take his robes out of his suitcase to change...

Chapter 4: Lady and the Tramp
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Bianca Aqua was looking at the view from the balcony of her room. She couldn't believe after all the counting, the x-marks on her calendar, and the anticipation that her first and last school year at Hogwarts was finally here.

Suddenly a gust of wind whipped at her face and she turned around to find her best friend looking like someone about to creep up on somebody.
"You can't fool me Liz" said Bianca
"Awww how'd you know it was me?" asked the girl with black medium length hair wearing jeans with a purple top.
"When my hair gets messed up with your windy entrance I know you're near" said Bianca
"I'm hoping there's a compliment in there somewhere" said Liz
"You wanna borrow my flashlight and look for it?" asked Bianca
"No I was actually gonna see if you had a search dog I could borrow" said Liz
"Why so you can have it get lost and then continue sending in other dogs to look for it and then when they're all sniffing around you'll lock them in?" asked Bianca
"I was gonna say that I can have my army of cats come out and hurt them, but I'm sure we can combine our 2 ideas" said Liz
"Cats suck" said Bianca
"No dogs suck" said Liz
"You know I think normal people hug when they greet eachother" said Bianca
"Well we're being original" said Liz
"You're such a dork" said Bianca as she made her way over to give Liz a hug

The two shared a big hug until they finally parted
"Gosh I missed you over the summer. Why didn't you write?" asked Liz
"I missed you too I'm sorry my parents decided to spend the summer in a muggle neighborhood and they said no owls" said Bianca
"That's o.k. so how was your summer?" asked Liz
"It was good..................yeah it was good" said Bianca
"Yeah right you never say good unless it was really good" said Liz
"What? You're making me sound confusing" said Bianca 
"You are confusing remember how many times you changed your mind about that one boy and what to wear for that element banquet" said Liz
"I believe it was 6 for the boy and 9 for the dress" said Bianca in an unsure tone
"Try 8 for the boy and 12 for the dress. I used a silencing spell on my ears after the 8th time. I just kept nodding my head" said Liz re-enacting her head nodding
"So that's why you said yes to when I asked you if you thought that green socks were in" said Bianca "Well I didn't take that advice anyways" added Bianca
"What? You didn't take my yes to whatever you ask head nodding advice?" asked Liz in a dis-believing tone
"That's right" quickly replied Bianca
"Well you're not the first. So tell me about your summer" said Liz

Bianca told Liz all about her Harry Potter and their romantic summer and the hard good-bye they had
"Oh that sounds so romantic. That name sounds familiar, but I can't quite put my finger on it" said Liz 
"It can't be anyone you've heard of unless it was a popular muggle kid" said Bianca
"Was he hot?" asked Liz with an excited tone
"You know you think after you leave somebody all you'd think about would be their face not with Harry. When I think of him I think of how happy he made me and how he could put a smile on my face along with all the butterflies he made my stomach have" said Bianca in a dreamy tone
"So he wasn't cute uh?" said Liz
"Lizzz!!! yes he was cute, but I'm trying to teach you a lesson here"
"Don't start teaching me before school has even started" said Liz
The two both laughed

"I can't believe that we're home" said Liz
"Yeah I know today was my first day being back in my house and now I have to leave. I couldn't of survived leaving this place and isolation without you" said Bianca
"Thanks it would of been hard wothout you too, but home schooling was o.k and we got to stay in our pj's and it was fun with Logan and Seth" said Bianca

The girls and their families along with Logan and Seth's family had left London when rumors of the dark lord began to surface. This was during the Triwizard Tournament. Bianca couldn't ask too many questions only remembering hearing something about the dark lord being re-born and the Boy-Who-Lived witnessing it. You see Bianca's parents had hid the tabloids and publicity of the wizarding world from her. Her parents never read the Daily Prophet only allowing their ears to take in what they choose to hear but when they were told by Liz's parents about the Triwizard situation they decided to pack and leave home. The kids were home-schooled during their departure. Bianca managed thanks to Liz and the guys. Now the four could finally have a real school year at a real school.

"Are your parents here?" asked Bianca
"No we did our long good-byes and they left. They of course reminded me about peer pressure no boys past 12 and to do my work. They figured you'd remind me about anything they might of missed" said Liz
"I think we sould be leaving soon. What are we waiting for?" asked Bianca
"You're not even done packing. Are you planning on flying everything there? Besides we're waiting for Logan and Seth" said Liz
"Hello why pack when you've got a wand to make your stuff pack itself. Wait did you say we're waiting for Logan and Seth?" asked Bianca finally hearing the last part of what Liz said
"Yeah didn't your mom tell you that she's taking all of us?" said Liz
"No she didn't" said Bianca as she walked over to her suitcase trying to take her mind off of the fact that she was about to see her ex

"Have you talked to or seen Logan yet?" asked Liz
"No not since we broke up. What is there to talk about he cheated on me when he thought I was sick. I thought I would go over for some soup and instead I found him getting hot and heavy with someone" said Bianca 
"Look I know this isn't going to help much, but we talked and he said that he still loves you and that he was sorry. I know that doesn't make up for what he did to you. but he wants to fix this" said Liz in a soft tone
"I would like to give him a chance......" said Bianca but she stopped because she could hear two guys coming up the stairs

In walked a guy the same height as Bianca with short black hair wearing jeans and a brown shirt. Behind him slowly walked in a short blonde haired guy with jeans and a guy shirt.

"Hey Seth" the girls said to the black haired boy
"Hey ladies are we all packed and ready for our big year at Hogwarts?" asked Seth in an excited tone. "You will behave yourself won't you Liz?" asked Seth inching his way towards her lips
Liz immediately used one of Bianca's books to fill the space between her and Seth's lips which left Seth kissing the cover to a Magical Creatures books
"Hey my books can not be used for your defense against Seth's lips. Go find a tree or something" said Bianca pulling the book out of Liz's hands
"Oh no Seth might go all nature dude on us and then he'll tell us about the wonder of the branch" said Logan 
"Hey just cause you guys don't have my earth powers and are suck at the whole Indian position is no reason to pick on me" said Seth
"Remember he gave us that speech on the importance on the sun" said Bianca jokingly
"Yeah I do" said Logan laughing at the memory
Suddenly Bianca remembered she was mad at him, but couldn't help look into his beautiful brown eyes
Liz could sense the need for Bianca and Logan to talk alone so she decided to exit the room
"We're gonna go" said Liz hitting Seth on the back of the head trying to give him the hint
"Oww I know I told you I liked it rough that one night..............." continued Seth
"Seth we were both a little drunk and we just made out. You also told me about your secret obsession with........." said Liz whispering the last part into Seth's ears making his eyes go big
"Gosh Liz can't you see they want to be alone" said Seth dragging Liz with him downstairs leaving Bianca and Logan alone together in the room

"So how was your summer?" asked Logan finally breaking the silence
"It was nice we spent the summer in a muggle neighborhood which is why I didn't write" said Bianca
"Yeah I didn't know if you were avoiding me or what" said Logan
"I'm not sure if I would of responded anyways. I'm not sure where this leaves us either" said Bianca in a quiet tone
"Look I know you're hurt. I'm sorry I'm not sure if a million sorries are going to make it up to you" said Logan walking towards her
"They're starting to be more than just words to me. You're not the only one hurting here it hurts me that I can't trust you anymore. I never thought you would hurt me like that. It's going to take some time" said Bianca
"You can trust me. I want you to trust me. I never want to hurt you again" said Logan before leaning in to give her a small kiss on the lips

Bianca couldn't help but smile 
"Just because you kiss good doesn't mean I forgive you" said Bianca
"So you admit it was a good kiss?" said Logan with a cocky grin
"I think we should ask me magic 8 ball" said Bianca
"There's nothing magical about it other than you won it through the tops of Kellog's cereal boxes" said Logan
"What's more magical than that?" joked Bianca she said as she tried to run over to get it. Logan however blocked her path causing them to fall onto her bed
Logan bent down to give her another little peck on the lips
"Look we're starting over a new beginning but let's not rush things. Friends first you have to gain back my trust" said Bianca
"Can we be friends who kiss?" asked Logan with a smile
"We'll see" replied Bianca
"I leave you 2 alone for 2 seconds. What a whore and slut" said Liz starring at the 2 while leaning in the doorway
"Which one is which?" asked Bianca
"You guys decide" said Liz
Logan and Bianca both turned to look at each other
"Slut" they both said which caused Bianca to hit him on the arm

They both laughed
"I'll let you finish packing while I go downstairs" said Logan
"Yeah and do it the right way" said Liz
"Or you could just use your wand" said Logan
"You're a bad example" said Liz hitting him on the arm
"You girls are vicious" said Logan as he headed downstairs
"So how did it go?" asked Liz
"We're starting over. I'm not letting him off the hook that easy but I am gonna let him have his second chance" said Bianca
"Did you tell him about your summer with Harry?" asked Liz
"No it wouldn't make a difference it' not like Harry and I are ever going to see each other again" said Bianca in a sad tone
"Aww B you miss him don't you? You know fate has a way of suprising people" said Liz
"I miss him I miss him a lot but I doubt it I mean I'm a witch and he's a muggle" said Bianca
"Did you love him?" asked Liz
"Yeah I did" said Bianca
"Look I know is off somewhere wherever but you can't start off fresh if you're in love with someone else" said Liz
"I know" said Bianca in a quiet tone
"Your mom said to finsih packing that we'll be leaving soon" said Liz
"Alright I'll be down in a minute" said Bianca as Liz headed downstairs

Suddenly remembering how she couldn't let go of her love for Harry she went over to her night stand and opened the drawer to find a Lady and the Tramp box. Harry had given it to her on their special night....


After their first kiss their relationship didn't change that much except for the hours which they spent fighting over little things were now spent kissing

"Harry" said Bianca between her kisses with Harry
"I'm serious I have to do the dishes" she said
"Why?" asked Harry
"My Mom already got mad at me for not making my bed" she said
"Well why didn't you?" he asked
"Cause I was kissing you ya idiot" she said
"Oh right" he said
"Go watch t.v or something" she said
"I don't want to" he said
"Then go home and watch t.v. with Dudley" she said
"I'll go find out what the weather's going to be like" he said

After about 5 minutes Bianca finished the dishes and headed over to the couch to watch t.v with Harry
"See I told you I'd be quick if you stopped kissing me" she said
"Yes quick but I bet it wasn't fun" he said
"So what are we watching?" she asked
"A great movie" he said
"And you say I narrow it down too much" she said
The tv suddenly turned to Will Ferrel in an elf costume
"Oh I love this movie" she said "Hey Harry what song did I sing to you on your birthday?" joked Bianca
"Why Happy Birthday of course" said Harry
The two burst out laughing
"We've gotten pretty good at movie quoting" she said
"We? I've always been good" said Harry
"This is coming from the guy who thought Spider-Man said Just keep swimming. That is so far from Disney writing" she said
"What's your favorite disney movie?" he asked
"Probably Lady and the Tramp. A couple in love overcoming their differences" she said turning to look at Harry
Harry looked at Bianca's eyes and decided it was time to tell her
"Bianca there's something I need to tell you" he said
"What is it?" she asked

Harry was about to continue but Bianca's parents entered the room
"Oh hello Mr. and Mrs. Aqua" said Harry
"Hello Harry" said Barbara
"Harry I think it's time you go home" said Estevan
"Sure" said Harry as he got up and headed towards the door, but turned around to wave good-bye to Bianca
"Bianca what are you doing?" asked Barbara after Harry left
"I was watching a movie with Harry" she said emphasizing on the "was"
"Summer is almost ending and you're getting closer to that boy" said Estevan
"So what's the point?" she asked
"The point is that you two are from different worlds" said Estevan
"This relationship will only last as long as summer and we don't want you to get hurt" said Barbara
"Mom.....Dad I know you want to protect me, but it's just impossible ok" she said
"Fine, but don't say we didn't warn you" said Estevan before going upstairs
"Your father and I are going to have a meeting with McGonagall we should be back tomorrow at noon" said Barbara
"Lock up and no Harry over tonight" she added

Bianca thought about not having Harry over, but it just didn't seem that fun

"Hey" said Harry greeting Bianca with a kiss as he walked into her house
"Hey yourself" she said
"Something smells good" he said as he smelled the aroma of pizza 
Bianca led Harry into the kitchen
"It's not delivery it's Digorno" she said
"Yeah right you ordered uh?" he said
"Fine you caught me" she said as she put the food onto the trays she had set up in the living room
"Dinner and a movie uh" said Harry
"Yes it's your lucky day" she said
"O.k., but only if we watch this" he said pulling out the Lady and The Tramp DVD
"Where'd you find this?" she asked
"I'll let you in on a little secret" he said motioning for her to come closer
"I got it at the store" he said
"Jerk I was ready to dress in all black or camalflouge to blend in with my surroundings...." she said
"You must be very jealous of the chameleon" he said
"Seriously though I was ready to go out and use some secret code like sour milk to notify the people you bought the movie from that I was here and become one of their customers then we'll walk by each other casually and ex-change our stuff. Of course we'll have to practice our whole walking by because if I mess up it'll be less secretive and our whole mafia thing will be thrown off......." rambled Bianca

Harry decided to shut her up by kissing her
"You just interrupted my rambling" said Bianca in a shocked tone
Harry kissed her again
"Seriously that's a Gilmore no no" said Bianca
"Are those the people who taught you about rambling?" asked Harry
"Yup we can both blame the Gilmores" she said
"Well they're off my gift-giving holiday basket list" he said
"Let's watch the movie" she said as she started the DVD

They ate their food and finished the movie
"That was a good movie" he said
"Yeah it was...hey what did you want to tell me earlier?" she asked
"Oh it's nothing important" he said
"No tell me" she said
"Ok, but first open this" he said as handed her a wrapped box

Bianca unwrapped it to find a Lady and The Tramp box with a beautifully painted and drawn lady and tramp on the cover
"Oh Harry I love it" she said wrapping her arms around his neck
"I love you Bianca" he said finally releasing the words he had wanted to say
"You do?" she asked in a soft voice
"I do and I know it may be too soon to say that, but that's how I feel. You don't have to say it back unless you want to, but I don't want you to feel pressured...." said Harry
Bianca decided to shut him up by kissing him on the lips
"I love you too Harry" she said
"You make me so happy" she added
"You have no idea how happy you make me" he said

The two started kissing eachother passionately. Their tongues battled each other wanting to explore the other's mouth.
Harry began to undress Bianca taking off her shirt to expose her lace bra while  she took off his shirt exposing his muscled which she allowed her hand to roam over
"Harry I think we better go upstairs"
  she said
"Oh right" he said through his deep breathing
He lifted her up allowing her to wrap her legs around his waist. They made their way to her room where Harry laid her down on the bed. They both shed their pants and jus tas Harry was about to go into her she said
"Harry wait you know this is not going to make it easier for when we leave?" she said
"I don't wanna think about tomorrow I wanna live right now right here with you" he said
She smiled and nodded for him to continue

Harry went into her gently. Bianca's little moans of pleasure made him smile. She motioned for him to go fater and harder. Soon their hips were rocking in rhytmn. 
"Oh wow" he said now and then
Bianca felt limp but told him to continue. She grabbed his back pushing him in harder.
"Oh Harry" she said
They yelled out to each other calling eachother's names. Soon they both reached the climax and Harry finally rolled off of her. They both were breathingly heavily.
"I love you" he said as his hand stroked her face
"I love you" she said
Harry then covered them both with the blankets and they fell asleep in eachother's arms


Bianca would never forget that night but Liz was right maybe she did need to let him go no matter what he heart was saying......

Chapter 5: Sun and Moon's Reflection
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After finishing packing Bianca headed downsatirs to find Liz telling the guys about the proper way to put the bags in the flying car.

"Come on put your backs into it" said Liz
"You wanna help us?" asked Seth
"No.....besides my grandmother could do it better than you 2" said Liz
"I seem to recall that she also had you clean her she still my role-model" said Logan
"I'd love that woman more if she always didn't feel the need to air out her toes"  said Liz as she shook with disguist
"Yeah I think you should carry your bags" said Seth as he turned to hand Liz her bags
"Why me? Come on Seth you're so much more stronger and just look at your muscles" said Liz as she put her hands on his arm
Seth smiled and said "Well you do have a good point there. Alright fine" he said as he went back to helping Logan with the bags
"Reverse psychology" said Bianca as she came up besides Liz
"Yup works everytime" said Liz
"The power we woman have is astonishing" said Bianca
"I knew I had it in me all the time" said Liz
The 2 began laughing

"So all the bags are in the car now all we need is to leave" said Logan
"I had better go get my mom" said Bianca 
"No need I'm right here and I've prepared for this trip by buying some classical music cd's" said Barbara as she came up to the group
"Ughhh" said everyone simultaneously
"Now those who don't want to walk to Hogwarts try that again" said Barbara
"Yeah" said everyone
"You know Mrs.Aqua this summer I finally got my license to drive so I'd be happy to drive us" suggested Logan
"Yeah mom that way you could enjoy your music far away from us where we're enjoying our music" said Bianca
"Oh alright, but you're going to miss out on some great instrument palying" said Barbara as the kids began to enter the car
"We'll manage" said Liz

"Thanks mom" said Bianca as she went to give her mom one last final hug
"Be good" said Barbara as she gave her daughter a kiss on the forehead
"Don't worry mom I'll be fine we knew this day would come" said Bianca
"Are you sure you don't want to go inside really quick and look at some baby pictures?" asked Barbara
"Mom you wanna try that again?" joked Bianca
"Alright get out of here we don't want you anymore" said Barbara
"Man I'm feeling un-wanted already" said Bianca as she got into the front with Logan
"Bye everyone" said Barbara as the car began to rise 
"Bye" they all waved and with that they were off

The 4 were enjoying the quietness of the ride when Seth broke the silence
"You know it just hit me..........." said Seth
"That you really suck at Wizard's Chess yeah I know" said Liz
"No and don't worry you can't be lucky as to win 14 in a row we'll just see who beats who soon" said Seth
"Oh sure I'm sure I could fit in a nice kick ass in my schedule it shoudln't take too long" said Liz
"Go on Seth, tell us what just hit you" said Bianca
"That this is our last year of our education after this we'll be headind out to find jobs, grow families....." said Seth
"Man you're making me feel like I'm 40" said Logan "I mean who could have this face and be 40?" he continued
"It feels like just yesterday I was digging holes in my backyard" said Seth
"Shouldn't that be a rodent's job" said Bianca
"You know I am starting to see a resemblence" said Liz
"I remember when Logan and I would try to bury ourselves in the sand to hide from the girls who were trying to kiss us" said Seth
"Wow you really missed your chance" said Liz
"No besides I have made out with this incredible kisser" said Seth winking at Liz which cause her to blush
"Why would you guys be hiding from us girls it's not like us who have the cooties" said Bianca
"Oh come on where in the world does it say we guys are the ones with cooties and besides you girls have always been needy" said
"What?" said Liz and Bianca
"How are we needy?" asked Bianca
"Yeah you guys are the ones who would always get a good pat on the back after you got a girlfriend" said Liz
"Well you girls were always making us this little bracelets of how we're gonna be together forever" said Logan
"That is not needy we were just planning for the future" said Bianca
"Oh please you girls were the ones who had all the friends make little circles around you" said Seth
"We were playing a game" said Liz
"Oh right" said Logan
"Hey anybody wanna hit Seth for staring this arguement?" asked Liz
"What?" said Seth "I think we should kiss and make up" he added
"I agree" said Logan
Both of the girls just rolled their eyes

"But you are right Seth time has just flown by" said Bianca
"What're everybody's plans for after Hogwarts?" asked Liz
"I want to work for the Ministry of Magic" said Seth
"Doing what?" asked Liz
"I don't know why do I need a little bracelet to help plan my future?" asked Seth
The 4 began laughing
"Well I want to work with Magical Creatures" said Bianca
"I want to become a Healer" said Liz
"I want to raise a family and become an Auror" said Logan nudding Bianca
Bianca just smiled

"Hey let's play some music" said Liz
"Oh right" said Bianca as she plugged her ipod into the car's radio
"How about this?" she said as she used the scroll on the ipod to pick a song

Oh Oh Oh Oh
Oh Oh Oh Oh

The four began to rock their heads to one of their favorite songs

A penny for your thoughts but a dollar for your insides 
Or a fortune for your disaster
I'm just a painter and I'm drawing a blank

We only want to sing you to sleep
In your bedroom speakers, woah
We need umbrellas on the inside
Get me just right

They say quitters never win
We walk the plank on a sinking ship
There's a world outside my front door
That gets off on being down

Oh Oh Oh

I could learn to pity fools as I'm the worst of all
And I can't stop feeling sorry for myself

We only want to sing you to sleep
In your bedroom speakers, woah
We need umbrellas on the inside
Get me just right

They say quitters never win
We walk the plank on a sinking ship
There's a world outside my front door
That gets off on being down

Oh Oh Oh

Broken down on memory lane
All together we're alone (Woah)
We're broken down on memory lane
All together, we're alone

We only want to sing you to sleep
In your bedroom speakers, woah
We need umbrellas on the inside
Get me just right

They say quitters never win
We walk the plank on a sinking ship
There's a world outside my front door
That gets off on being down

"I love that song" said Seth
"Hey look there it is Hogwarts" said Liz as the school came into sight
"Wow it's a big school" said Logan
"It's beautiful" said Bianca
"We are going to have such a good year" said Liz
"Yes we are hey let's make a promise that we'll all stick together" said Seth
"I hope you don't mean we can't meet new people?" said Bianca
"No let's just stay friends" said Seth
"Or possibly more than just friends" winked Logan
"Yes my good man you do have a point there" said Seth
"Hey let's all toast with a Rockstar drink" said Bianca as she took out the drinks and handed them to everyone
"To friendship" said Seth as they hit eachother's drinks

As Bianca drank her Rockstar she could help but wonder about the beauty of the moon's reflection on the school it was so drifferent from the reflection that the sun had on Harry's face that morning...............


Bianca could feel the warmth of the sun on her shoulders as it peered in through her windows. She blinked a couple of times and moved her hands to find that they were on a very soft body. Her head was also on a chest. She picked up her head to find Harry starring at her

"Good morning" he said
"Morning" said Bianca
"You've been starring at me. Don't tell me now that we've slept together you want to become an even better stalker" said Bianca
"No you just looked so beautiful and peaceful. I didn't want to wake you and you have got to get over the fact that I am un-intrested in entering the stalking business. I was just trying to meet you" said Harry
"Man what a dissapointment" said Bianca
"Any way I can make it up to you?" asked Harry
"There could be a few" she said as Harry bent down to kiss her on the lips at first very slowly then he gently asked her mouth for entrance and soon their tongues were greeting eachother.
"Mmmm" moaned Bianca
"You accept my apology?" asked Harry after they broke apart
"You drive a hard bargain" said Bianca as she moved to lean against her bed board so she was to the same height as Harry. Harry stroked her arm as the 2 enjoyed the quietness.

"I love you" he said
"I love you too and I love hearing you tell me and I love telling you" said Bianca
"You're just full of love aren't you" said Harry
"I'm a lover not a fighter" she said
"Was that your first time?" Harry asked
Bianca was quiet at first not sure how Harry would take her answer
"I don't want you to be afraid to tell me" said Harry sensing the hesitation
"No you weren't my first" said Bianca
"You weren't my first either" said Harry
"I wish you had been my first" said Bianca
"Me too" he said as he bent down to kiss her again
"You have a cute little birthmark" said Harry
"Harry you were spying on my birthmark? Man I feel so violated"she said
They both laughed
" Well I like yours too" she said as she kissed him behind his right shoulder
"Mind If I kiss yours?" he asked
"Sure" she said as Harry bent down to kiss her over her right breast
Bianca moaned as Harry kissed it and she could feel Harry's lips smiling on her breast.

Soon neither could take the sexual tension and Bianca pulled Harry off her breast.
Harry positioned himself under the covers, but on top of her and then went into her. Bianca did a little yelp but soon began to have her hips meet his as they were rocking harder and harder together. Bianca felt so loved and full of life when they were together like this. Harry bent down to kiss Bianca full on the lips while they were rocking together. This double blow was driving both of them. Finally they were done and Harry rolled off.

"Who needs coffee when you could have this?" said Bianca through her heavy breathing
Harry laughed and said "Are you hungry?"
"A little" she said
"I'll make you some breakfest" he said as he began to get out of bed
"I'll come with you" she said as she got out of bed and put on Harry's t-shirt
"How come I never looked that good in my shirt?" he asked as he put on hs boxers
"Maybe you should try growing your hair" she said as she headed out of her room
"Hey what time are your parents coming home" he asked
"At noon and it's only 10 o'clock so you should leave at 11:30" said Bianca
"Man already trying to kick me out after you've had your way with me is it?" he asked
"Or maybe you're trying to leave after you're finsihed with me?" she asked
"Never" said Harry
"Maybe" she said as she ran from Harry who was chasing her

Harry finally caught her in the kitchen and twirled her around to kiss her on the lips
"So what shall it be?" he asked
"Are you suggesting you're going to cook?" she asked
"Yeah it can't be too hard" he said
"In that case I would like some pancakes with sausage, eggs, bacon, and some toast" she said
"Sure" he said in a confident voice
Harry began looking around the house for the ingredients although he wasn't too sure what was made out of what and how to mix evrything together
"Uh where do you keep your butter" he asked
"For what?" she asked
"For the toast" he said
"I think you need bread first Harry" she said
"Oh well would you look at this cereal box with the Tiger on it or these 3 guys what're their names Snoop, Creak, and Pout?" Harry asked
"Try Snap. Crackle, and Pop" said Bianca
"I knew that. So how about some cereal in bed?" he suggested
"Sounds great" she said as she pulled out the milk, bowls, and spoons
"See now I can handle this" he said
"Are you sure you're ok with stirring everything. Do you need me to hold your hand" she asked
"No I'm a big boy" he said as he made the cereal and carried it on the tray to Bianca's room

The 2 were watching the Price is Right in her bedroom. They were guessing on the price of a magic 8 ball.
"What are those things anyways?" asked Harry
"You've never heard of the magic 8 ball?" asked Bianca in a shocked tone
"Nope" said Harry
"I am ashamed to call you my lover" said Bianca as she went over to her drawer to get her magic 8 ball. She climbed back into bed and handed it to Harry
"You ask it a question and shake it and it'll give you an answer" she said
"Any question?" he asked
"Any question" she said
Harry took a second to think of a question
"Will Dudley find true love?" said Harry to the magic 8 ball before shaking it. 
"Read what it says" she said
"It says yes" said Harry
"What?" said Bianca
"Here let me try" she said as Harry handed the 8 ball to Bianca
"Will it be with a woman?" she asked the ball and then shook it
"It says no" she said
"Will it be with a man?" asked Harry before Bianca shook the ball
"It says no" said Biaca
"Oh I got it will it be with his tv and his dinner plate?" she asked and then shook the ball
"It says yes" said Bianca
The 2 began laughing

"Ok let's ask it something else" said Harry as he took the magic 8 ball
"Will Bianca and I ever see eachother after Summer?" he asked
Harry shook the ball as he kept eye contact with Bianca. Both could tell that the other was quiet intrested in what the outcome would be. Finally Harry looked down at the magic 8 ball
"It says yes" he said sofly
They both starred into eachother's eyes when suddenly the sound of the front door opening was heard

"Bianca" yelled Estevan
Bianca's and Harry's eyes widened
"I thought you said they were coming home at noon" whispered Harry
"I thought so too" whispered Bianca
Harry began grabbing his clothes off the floor. Bianca pulled off Harry's t-shirt and threw it at him as she went to get her pajamas out of her drawer
"I'll be down in a minute" yelled Bianca
"How am I going to get out?" asked Harry
"Out the window" she said
"The ladder's right there" she said
Harry headed towards the window and began climbing down the ladder while Bianca ran downstairs
"Hey Mom..hey Dad" said Bianca 
"Well hey yourself" said Barbara
"Why are you so full of energy?" asked Estevan
"I was watching the Price is Right you know how that show gets your heart pumping" said Bianca
"Yeah it really can" said Estevan
"Ouch" said a voice outside of the kitchen window
"What was that?" asked Barbara
"Oh that stupid cat nex door has been chewing on the water hoes. I'll turn on the sprinklers to scare it off" she said as she turned the sprinklers on
"Aww" said another voice
"Well I guess we got it. I had better go make sure that the water is hitting the right places on the grass" said Bianca as she ran out the door

Outside by the side of the house stood Harry
"Are you ok?" she asked
"I'm fine I just hit foot and then the sprinklers came on" he said
"Yeah sorry about that" she said
"I had better go" he said
"Yeah" she said as Harry ran towards his house
"Bianca" said Estevan's voice as he came out of the house
Bianca grabbed a broom to pretend that she had been hitting the cat
"Wooo" said Bianca as she wiped sweat off her face
"Don't worry Dad I got it" she said as she headed into her house


Bianca smiled at the thought of that wonderful morning.
"Bianca are you o.k?" asked Logan 
"Yeah I'm fine" she said
"Well we're here" said Liz as Logan landed the car towards the back of the school
The 4 got out of the car and looked up at the Hogwarts Castle
"It's even bigger when you're up close" said Seth
The 4 began to get their bags out of the car and they rolled them into the school
Once in the hallway they were met by Professor McGonagall

"Welcome to Hogwarts" she said
"Hello and thank you Professor" they all said
"You may hand your bags to the House elves who would be happy to take your things to your room in the left tower. Everyone has already been sorted so just head straight towards the doors to the Great Hall and when you hear me announce you..... come in" she said
"Why thank you Professor" they all said
"The 2 boys first and then the ladies. I will be seeing you all soon" she said as she turned to leave
"Alright here we go" said Liz as the 4 began walking towards the Great Hall

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Chapter 6: Memory of Goodbye's Night of Hello's
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**Disclaimer: I owe all my inspiration to J.K.Rowling. I own only the plot along with the new characters**

Inside the Great Hall there was chatter among the students. After the sorting ceremony for the first years they wondered why McGonagall had exited the Hall for a second. The trio must have figured that it had something to do with the new students.

"So I guess McGongall must be getting ready to introduce the 4 new students?" questioned Ron as the trio were sitting at the tables
"Probably, but I wonder if they''re going to be sorted?" asked Harry
"I don't see the sorting hat" said Hermione as she took a glance towards the teacher's table
"Maybe she took the hat to them just because they didn't wanna be sorted in with the first year?" said Harry
"So then they're older than the first years" continued Ron
"Maybe, but I think we're going to find out soon" said Hermione as McGonagall entered the Great Hall once again

"Welcome back students for another year of Hogwarts. I am pleased to see some old faces as well as some new ones. This past year has been filled with many emotions. Love, friendship, anger, a loss for those we've bid goodbye to" continued McGonagall in a quiet tone as she thought of Dumbledore

The word goodbye hit Harry like a ton of bricks. He saw the saddened look on McGonagalls face and knew how much she cared for Dumbledore. That word good-bye seemed to accompany him quiet a lot this year as it immediately reminded him of Bianca. Yet the word seemed so inadequate as to how much he hurt inside and all the pain he felt for not having her by his side.

What Harry didn't know was that on the other side of the doors to the Great Hall lied Bianca and the gang             

"Has she called us in yet?" asked Seth
"Calm your dragons" said Liz
"I just put on some axe body spray. The smelling affect which causes the girls to towards you is running off" said Seth in an urgent tone
"Seth that commercial is just an exaggeration" said Bianca
"No it's not I used some and that's when you came running" said Logan
"Well then you must of used a lot" muttered Bianca jokingly
"What?" asked Logan 
"Oh I'm sure I came running Logan" said Bianca
Seth and Liz laughed at their little dispute
"Maybe we missed her announcing us" said Seth
"Don't worry Seth all the girls are gonna look at you" said Liz
"Why thank you Liz" said Seth
"Yeah how could they miss that weird black spot on your face" said Liz
"What? Where?" asked Seth
"Why Liz didn't you know that it's a birthmark?" asked Bianca in a jokingly tone
"Oh my bad" said Liz as she lightly slapped her forehead with her hand
Everyone including Seth laughed
"Wait she's saying something about goodbye" said Logan as he listened through the doors

Bianca remembered the last time she had heard that word, it was one of the hardest and yet clearest days of her life

Neither Bianca nor Harry knew how close to one another they were, but were only being flooded with a memory of their last day together..........


Bianca and Harry were sitting together on her swing seat in  the backyard. Harry was holding Bianca's hand while he lovingly nudged her nose with his own. They loved being together like this. It was as if they were the only two people in the world and nothing else mattered.

"I wanna kiss you" said Harry as he was trying to kiss Bianca, but she continued to tease him by moving at the last minute to kiss either her forehead or chin
"O.k O.k" said Bianca
"You promise not to move?" asked Harry
"Scouts honor" said Bianca
"You never were a boy scout" said Harry
"Yeah can you believe they wouldn't let me join? That is just so sexist of them" said Bianca in a jokingly tone
"Shouldn't you of been a girl scout?" asked Harry
"Yeah I should of, but can't you see the rights we woman have?" said Bianca
"How did we get from talking about boy scouts to the rights of woman?" asked Harry
"The same way we got from talking to this" said Bianca as she pulled Harry forward to kiss him.
"The same way we met uh?" said Harry after their lips parted
"Oh you mean the roughness of me pulling your shirt?" asked Bianca
"I'm staring to think that was all apart of your genius plan to get me all along" said Harry
"Yeah why make a guy fall for you with your eyes when you can just scare the crap out of him while he's on a ladder" said Bianca
"Ha so you admit it and Hey!!! I was not scared I was just taken by surprise is all" said Harry
"You sure that could be shortened to the word scared" said Bianca
"Yes Mrs.Webster" said Harry as he went back to nudging her nose with his
"Has a nice ring to it" said Bianca in a soft tone
"You know we're lucky our little nose thing hasn't gotten too dangerous" said Bianca
"So I'm assuming that you've had a near death experience when it comes to the nose nudging" questioned Harry
"No never but I did see this couple stroking each other with their noses and the guy had a real boney nose and little by little the girl began to get a bruise on her own nose" said Bianca as she tried to contain her laughter
"Well did you say anything? Did you warn her at all?" asked Harry
"Hey what's a girl to do when you've got a drink in one hand and a camera in the other?" asked Bianca
"Well lucky for you I don't have a boney nose" said Harry
"Good to know" said Bianca as Harry was about to lean in to give her another kiss on the lips, but they were interrupted by Barbara entering the backyard

"Um Um" said Barbara
"Oh hey mom" said Bianca
"Hello Mrs.Aqua" said Harry
"Hello Harry, Bianca we need to talk to you for a second in the kitchen" said Barbara
"Yeah sure mom" said Bianca as she got up from the swing to enter the back door with her mom
"I'm not making any promises about not growing a boney nose while you're gone" said Harry
"Fine then you'll never kiss these lips" said Bianca as she began walking backwards into her house to keep eye contact with Harry
"I won't be missing much" said Harry
Bianca's mouth dropped just before she entered the kitchen

Inside the kitchen stood her mother leaning against the counter by the window wearing a serious expression. Her father was no better for he stood by the refrigerator keeping an expression similar to his wife's. Bianca could feel the tenseness of the room and dared not make a joke as she usually would to lighten up the mood
"Did something happen that I should know about?" asked Bianca
"Yes, we're leaving tomorrow" said Barbara being quick and to the point
"Leaving to the grocery store or to a relatives' house?" asked Bianca hoping that it wouldn't be the answer she was dreading
"No Bianca we're leaving this house. We're gonna stay at your Nini's house for awhile and then we'll go back home" said Barbara
"Why didn't I find out about this earlier?" asked Bianca trying to hide the anger and sadness that lied in her voice
"Your father and I just got back from Nini's house and she invited us to stay" said Barbara
"Well why did you have to say yes?" asked Bianca the tone in her voice rising
"Bianca you knew this day would come. It's time to say good-bye to Harry" said Estevan
Bianca stayed glued to her spot not letting herself believe that tonight was their last night together
"I think you had better go tell him to leave" said Barbara
Estevan began to head towards the backyard when suddenly Bianca showed signs of life
"No I'll tell him. We're gonna take a walk and then I'll be back to pack" said Bianca shocking herself when she used the word pack. All words pertaining to a good-bye seemed to bring fear to her

Bianca dreamily walked back outside to Harry.
"So what if I were to put dirt on my nose? Would you risk a dirty nose to kiss me?" asked Harry
Bianca didn't seem to hear what Harry was saying. Harry could sense her confusion and it was unusual that she didn't respond for she usually had a funny comment to everything.
"What's wrong?" he asked
"We need to take a walk" said Bianca
"O.k" said Harry slowly

"Come on" said Bianca pulling Harry up with her hand

Bianca held Harry's hand tightly as she walked him to the garage to start the scooter
"I thought you said walk not ride" said Harry
"Well they're all the same" said Bianca as she hastly put on her helmet and handed Harry his. Once again Harry found it odd as she didn't respond with her witty replies
"So where are we going?" asked Harry as he kicked the gear to start the scooter
"To the waterfall" said Bianca quickly
"Alright" said Harry as he pushed off the pedal and headed to the waterfall

During the ride Bianca held Harry tightly. She tried to tell herself to loosen her girp but somehow that only made her wrap her arms around him more. She tried to imagine her life without him, but couldn't or wouldn't she wasn't sure which one it was. She wondered how long it would be before the tears emerged. Once arriving at the waterfall Bianca jumped off the scooter carelessly tossing her helmet to the side. Harry quickly followed her. The watefall had a slow almost depressed way of letting the water fall. The trees no longer looked green and lively they seemed to have grown a light brown. Bianca ran up a bit to get closer to the bridge but was spun around by Harry

"Bianca what's going on?" asked Harry
"Nothing" she said although she knew her wall of defense was slowly crumbling
"You didn't comment on one thing I said" said Harry
"Well a girl can run out of breathe sometimes" she said
"What're you saving it for a special occassion?" he asked
"No let's just enjoy being here together" she begged
"Bianca I know you and I can tell something's wrong just tell me please" he said looking her in the eyes
Finally the tears came 'Damn you're weak Bianca' she thought to herself 'Well he deserves to know and I will not let him wake up tomorrow to some cheap note on his pillow and an empty house across the street' she thought. Her throat wad dry and although she knew what she had to say the words hid at the back of her throat

"I'm leaving tomorrow" she managed to say in a quiet tone
Harry let the words soak in for a second "Leaving your house for good" he asked
"Yeah" she slowly replied
"Summer's not over for another month and why didn't you tell me earlier?" he asked
"I know my aunt invited us over for awhile before we go back to our old house that was being renevated and I just found out myself" she said
"Why?" he asked although he wasn't sure where it was directed towards
"Why what?" she asked
"Why are you leaving?" he asked
"We're going back home and school's staring soon" she said
"I'm your home and you're my home..........................I have never felt more complete than when I'm with you" he said as he took her hands in his own.
"I have to go Harry. I wish I could tell you more, but I can't" she said through a teary voice
"Stay here and I'll come back for you" he said wiping a tear from her face
"If I could I would" she said
"I don't want to loose you" he said trying to fight the pain in his chest
"We knew falling in love was going to make this harder" she said
"No it became harder the day I heard you laugh" he said showing a small smile
"You're such a cheeseball" laughed Bianca
"Shut-up" said Harry grabbing her as his lips came crashing on hers. The kiss was filled with passion and intesity. Both needed this kiss to not only instill it in them forever but to know that their love would always be there; that their love is and has always been there. Harry roughly asked Bianca's mouth for intrest making a moan escape from Bianca. Their tongues danced and toyed with eachother hoping to get as much as the other as possible. They held eachother as they shared what they both believed would be their last intense kiss Finally after parting they starred into eachothers eyes as their breathing was heavy. Harry stroked her arm just as he always would to comfort and protect her while Bianca listened to his heart beat as she rested her head on his chest. It was Bianca who broke their position

"I think we better go" she said
Harry was silent as they headed towards the scooter.
Neither talked during the ride home. Once arriving at Bianca's house they put the scooter back into the garage and they held eachother's hands as they walked to the curb of Bianca's side of the street.

"I guess this is good-bye" she said
"Yeah I guess it is" he said as he kissed her lightly on the lips before embracing her in a hug. Both rested their head's on the other's shoulders. Harry tried desperately to fight back the tears. Bianca was unable to hold them back as they fell onto Harry's shirt. After a few minutes they turned to look at each other.
"I will always love you" said Harry
"I will always love you" said Bianca
Finally they both turned to walk back to their houses. Upon reachng the door they turned back to take one last look at the other. Their eyes met for no longer than a second before Bianca could no longer feel the strength to stand and turned back towards the door and headed into her house. Soon Harry did the same.

Bianca headed straight up to her room to start packing even though she knew that with a flick of her wand she could have everything packed, but she didn't want to give her parents a chance to call her downstairs. She really just wanted to be asleep. She went over to her ipod dock, pushed the button to begin playing the song "Hear You Me"

There's no one in town
You gave us some place to go
I never said thank you for that
I thought I might get one more chance
What would you think of me now?
So lucky so strong so proud
I never said thank you for that
Now I'll never have a chance

Bianca tried to keep her mind off of Harry, but everything reminded her of him. The bed where they slept togehter, the t.v where they watched The Price Is Right, the window that she first saw him in. He consumed every one of her thoughts and she was held captive to their love. She had fallen hard for Harry.

May angels lead you in
Hear you me my friends
On the sleepless roads the sleepless go
May angles lead you in

Harry couldn't concentrate on anything other than Bianca. Already he had caught himself thinking about what they were going to do tomorrow until he reminded himself that she was leaving and he would be back to being all alone and even less than that now that he was loosing the love of his life.

So what would you think of me now?
So lucky so strong so proud
I never said thank you for that
Now I'll never have the chance
May angels lead you in
Hear you me my friends
On the sleepless roads the sleepless go
May angles lead you in

Bianca wasn't sure how she had been able to move around. It was like her mind said stop and yet her body continued packing. She felt lost and dizzy as if slowly her world was coming to a halt. She opened her drawer to find the Lady and the Tramp box that Harry had given her. Once again there was a lump in her throat and the tears began to flow. Inside there was a picture they had taken of Harry kissing her cheek while she was laughing. Bianca suddenly burst into tears and moved slowly into her bed before waving her wand to have everyhting pack itself.

And if you were with me tonight
I'd sing to you just one more time
A song for a heart so big
God wouldn't let it live

Harry continued to stare at the ceiling not exactly sure where to go from here. He couldn't believe that this was the end of their time togehter. Maybe there was a chance he could find her after Hogwarts just maybe.....................but how would he find her for there were millions of people in the world and yet all he needed was one.......................and that one was Bianca

May angels lead you in
Hear you me my friends
On the sleepless roads the sleepless go
May angels lead you in
May angels lead you in
Hear you me my friends

Morning came and Bianca rose early. She had fallen asleep after a night full of tears. Harry woke up to the sound of a truck outside of his window. Harry got out of bed and turned to look out the window. The mover's truck was blocking his view of Bianca's house. After a few minutes the truck moved to reveal the back of Bianca's head. Harry smiled to himself as he realized that it was the same way he had first seen her.

Bianca could feel someone watching the back of her head and realized it was Harry. As much as she wanted to turn and stare into his green eyes she knew she had shed enough tears and wasn't sure how much more she could take. As Barbara and Estevan came out of the house Bianca entered the car crushing any chances Harry had of seeing her face one last time. The car was started and began exiting the driveway. Harry wasn't sure how it happened, but somehow he found himself running down his stairs and out the front door. He ran all the way into the middle of the street only to find the car turning the corner vanishing from sight and with it his love Bianca.


Harry had snapped out of his memory when Ron nudged him in the arm
"Are you o.k?" asked Ron
"Yeah" replied Harry
McGonagall had continued her speech going over the usual rules but now came upon the subject of the newest students

"Now I'd like you all to welcome 4 new students that will be attending Hogwarts for their 7th year. I hope we can all make them feel welcome" said McGonagall
"Now we're going to find out if they paid McGonagall" said Ron
"Yup" said Hermione as she unexpectedly turned around to look at Malfoy. Malfoy caught sight of her and their eyes met causing Hermione to blush
"What're you smiling at" asked Harry noticing the change of color
"Oh nothing" she quickly said
"Now these students are elements who posses a special and unique gift. I'd like you to welcome 2 of our 4 students Mr.Logan Flame and Mr.Seth Green" finished McGonagall

On the other side of the doors stood Bianca and the gang
"Oh finally" said Seth upon hearing his and Logan's name
"Good luck boys" said Liz
"Who needs luck with this face?" asked Logan
"Uh....yeah besides they're saving the best for last" said Bianca as she and Liz moved aside as the doors opened so the boys could enter the Great Hall

Seth and Logan entered the Great Hall with confidence. At the back of the Hall Logan slowly raised his right hand and a flame appeared. He threw the bright red flame onto the floor then stretched out his hand as if commanding it to create a pathway of fire. Seth began to fist up his fingers causing the floor of the Hall to quake. The boys then began to walk forward turning their heads to get a few looks at their fellow classmates. Many girls giggled and smiled at the boys.

"Welcome to Hogwarts gentlemen" said McGonagall as they took their place to the left of her
"Thank you Headmistress" they said
"Now last but not least our other students Liz Gustero and Bianca Aqua" announced McGonagall

Upon hearing Bianca's name Harry's head shot up. He frantically began turning his head in every direction wondering if he had gone mad and was hearing things.
"What's wrong?" asked Hermione
"Did she say Bianca Aqua?" he quickly asked
"Yeah why?" replied Hermione

Before Harry could continue the doors to the Great Hall opened and there stood Bianca and Liz. Harry remembered her perfectly from her brown eyes that sparkled, her round face and cheeks that he had kissed, her lips, and her brown hair except that she had cut it to have it fall over her chest and she now had to the side bangs that gave her a strong look. She was wearing her muggle clothes; half-jeans with slip on brown shoes with a blue v-neck top. Harry wanted to tell Ron to pinch him to make sure that he wasn't seeing things, but somehow could only stare at her. Bianca and Liz took a few steps into the Hall before Bianca crouched down and touched Logan's flame path with one finger creating an ice path that covered the one that had once been there. Liz was making circles with her right hand causing a wind to appear out of nowhere. Harry was amazed at the power that his girl had, he never knew she had it in her. Bianca stood up straight and began to walk forwards with Liz as their hair blew in the wind making the boys of Hogwarts whistle. Harry tried to move from his seat to grab her and kiss her, but somehow his body wasn't getting the message. His head was swarming with questions and still was in total shock from her being in Hogwarts, being apart of the magical world. Finally the girls made their way to McGonagall and stood to the right of her.

"Thank you ladies" said McGonagall
"May I ask for a round of applause for our 4 newest students?" she continued
The students of Hogwarts clapped as if welcoming the four.
"Some black haired green eyed boy is starring at you as if you're a ghost" whispered Liz to Bianca
"Where?" replied Bianca
"Over to the left" she said

Bianca looked to her left and there sat Harry. Her heart began to beat very loudly that she was sure only a deaf person would be incapable of hearing it. Her hands began to feel very moist and she felt light headed. HOW? she thought to herself. Her mouth felt dry and her feet were rooted to the spot. She had sometimes imagined if they ever saw each other again she would run into his arms and kiss him, but now she could only look at him with confusion. She was pulled out of her daze by Logan who took her hand in his and lead her to their spot by the first year Ravenclaws.

Harry had a perfect view of Logan holding her hand and began to feel his fists clench.
"Yes finally dinner" said Ron as the food appeared on the table
"You see Ron there was no money ex-changed" said Hermione as she served herself some mashed potatoes
"You never know what goes on behind locked doors" said Ron as he served himself some chicken
"Harry aren't you going to eat?" asked Ron
"Not if you finish it all first" said Hermione
"Oh yeah" he said as he began to serve himself
Once again Hermione and Ron shared a look of worry

Over at Bianca's spot the 4 were talking
"Well we sure blew their socks off" said Seth
"Couldn't think of a cooler object to blow off could you?" asked Liz
"You should of said wands" said Logan
"Wands no something like hats" said Liz
"What do you think Bianca?" asked Seth
"Oh what?" said Bianca in a soft tone
"Weren't you keeping up with us?" asked Seth
"Yes we've finally worn out Bianca" said Logan
"No you didn't wear me out you should of said we blew off their potions" said Bianca
"Nahhhh" they all said in usion
"Oh don't get mad just because I blew your potions off" joked Bianca
"So who was that?" whispered Liz to Bianca as the boys talked
"It was Harry" said Bianca
"You mean summer boy?" she asked
"Yes" replied Bianca
"But I thought he was a muggle" said Liz
"Hello so did I" said Bianca
"Oh my god this year just got a whole lot more interesting" said Liz
"Can I like video tape your life?" asked Liz
"Liz!!!" said Bianca before they both laughed
"Are you going to talk to him?" she asked
"Uh yeah I guess I have a few questions for him" said Bianca

After dinner the houses were excused to their dormitories and Bianca tried to catch up to Harry who also tried to catch up to Bianca, but was orderd to head to the dormitories
"Uh I have to talk to someone" said Bianca
"We have to be escorted to our rooms by the Head Boy and Girl" said Logan
"Oh right" she said as she waited with the others
A girl with brown hair and a boy with blonde short hair came up to the group
"Hi I'm Hermione Granger and this is Draco Malfoy" said Hermione
"We have to escort you guys to your rooms which is in the left tower" said Draco
"So you would be Bianca" said Hermione pointing towards Bianca
"Yeah you're right and this is Liz, Logan and Seth" said Bianca pointing out the rest of her group
"So let's get to your rooms" said Hermione as she lead the way
Liz and Draco's eyes met and widened. They both began to become a bit nervous and Liz headed over to the left of Bianca so that she was far from him
"Are you o.k?" asked Bianca
"Oh yeah sure I've just become a bit more attatched to this side of the room" said Liz
"Of course you have" said Bianca
"So how do you guys like this school?" asked Draco
"Seems pretty good so far" said Logan
"How're the teachers here?" asked Bianca
"They're great we've finally got a stable D.A.A. teacher so that's nice" said Hermione
"Isn't he a werewolf?" asked Seth
"Yes, but he's a great teacher none the less" said Hermione
"So about the uniform when do we get to change?" asked Liz
"After classes and during the trips to Hogsmeade" said Draco
"Oh thank goodness" said Bianca
"Don't worry I'd probably loose it too withot some new attire" said Hermione
"Or new books" said Draco
"Ah so you're a book worm too?" asked Liz
"Yes and proud of it" said Hermione
"Looks like you can start a club Bianca" said Seth
"Hey I like to read books so what bite me Seth" said Bianca
"Well we're here" said Draco upon reaching the left tower
"Thanks for bringing us" said Logan
"You're welcome" said Hermione
Logan and Seth headed into the room while Liz folowed careful to not make eye contact with Draco. As Bianca was about to head into the room Hermione pulled her aside
"Do you know Harry Potter?" asked Hermione
"Why?" said Bianca
"His head shot up faster than a fireblt when McGonagall said your name" replied Hermione
"It did?" asked Bianca with a smile on her face
"Yeah he told me to give this to you" said Hermione handing her a pice of parchment
"Thanks" said Bianca

Hermione and Draco headed off towards their dormitories leaving Bianca alone to read Harry's note.

Why Hello Bianca Aqua
We need to talk
Meet me in Astronomy Tower at midnight
Don't get lost

Bianca smiled to herself and then walked through the portria and into her dorm.

***Ok so there's the chapter a lot of you have been waiting for sorry to keep you waiting for so long. The song is called "Hear You Me" by Jimmy Eat World Thanks to all who have been patient***

Chapter 7: Midnight Talks??
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After leaving Bianca with Harry's note Hermione caught up to Draco Malfoy
"So they seem nice" said Hermione
"Yeah I guess.......can you really determine that in less than 10 minutes?" asked Draco
"I don't know but it's not like they tripped me or called me any rude names" said Hermione
"Who does that remind me of?" asked Draco putting on his thinking face
"I wasn't directing my comment towards you besides my cousin did call me a butt-face" said Hermione
"I like the kid already" said Draco as they turned a corner
"I'm sure you would..... hey I won" said Hermione enthusiastically
"Won what?" asked Draco
"Well the new students I said were really powerful so I won" said Hermione
"Uh we never shook on it" said Draco "Although you did kind of sit on me" said Draco
"Yeah hopefully I didn't hurt you" said Hermione as she slightly blushed
"What this body break nahh" said Draco
"Aww I wondered when the real you would come back" said Hermione
"Did you miss him?" asked Draco
"What that face of his? Nah" said Hermione jokingly
"Oh and Granger comes out with another witty comment" said Draco
"Well this is it" said Hermione as they reached their portrait
"Password" asked the Man with a black beard, black hair and blue robes sitting on a benchbsa
"Totalus Expecto" said Draco
"Very well" said the man as he swung the door open to let the 2 in
"You sure you know what you're getting yourself into?" asked Draco as he stood outside the door
"No, but I don't think you know either" said Hermione quietly as she finally walked into the dorm

Inside the large room was a living room magnificently decorated. The couches were a deep maroon color and there was a fireplace against the wall. The were was a long table between the couch and fireplace. To the left lied a table with silver tablecloths. There was also a sink and a refrigerator. The cupboards were a light shade of brown. There was two staircases each leading to the floor with the rooms.

"Wow" said Hermione
"Yeah I must say they did a good job" said Draco
"So this is where we're going to be living together..........the 2 of and and you..........." said Hermione
"I'm not sure how many other ways you want to spin it" said Draco
"We need to do something to make this place ours......homey" said Hermione
"I wouldn't know anything about homey I mean I come from a cold house" said Draco with a sad expression on his face
"Well let's jump on the couches" said Hermione
"What?" asked Draco with a humorous expression
"Yeah come on" said Hermione as she took off her robes and went to jump on the couch
"You look ridiculous" said Draco
"Come on lighten up just jump it's not like it takes any kind of skill" said Hermione
"Nah I don't think so" said Draco as he began to walk towards the stairs
"Yeah I can understand wouldn't want to get your ass kicked by a girl" said Hermione
Draco turned around and said "One you Granger could not kick my ass and 2.I have skills that would be too much for you" said Draco
"Whatever" said Hermione as she continued to jump
Draco continued to walk up the stairs as Hermione sat down on the couch disappointed that Draco didn't join her. Suddenly Draco jumped off from the staircase onto the couch.
"AWWWWW" screamed Hermione as she fell off the couch
"Told you my skills were too much to handle" said Draco
"Oh you're gonna pay for that Malfoy" said Hermione
"Sure Granger" said Draco as he turned to look at the fireplace
"Hey Malfoy" said Hermione causing Malfoy to look at her giving her the chance to smack him on the face with a pillow
"Owww" said Draco as he fell back into the couch
"Come on Malfoy take it like a man" said Hermione as she continued to hit him with the pillow
"Hey no fair I don't have a pillow" said Draco as he pulled Hermione towards him by the waist. Hermione didn't have time to think about what Draco was doing only sensing the feeling of warmth as he held her. Suddenly the feeling was gone as Draco began tickling her causing Hermione to drop the pillow so he could take it.
"Hey you cheated" said Hermione as she ran from him
"You snooze you loose" said Draco as he chased her around the room
"Awww" screamed Hermione as she ducked one of the pillows which now could be her weapon
"That was close" said Draco as he dodged a pillow thrown by Hermione
"Ha serves you right" said Hermione
"You know what screw throwing the pillows" said Draco as he ran directly towards Hermione
"NOOO!!" said Hermione as she ran up the stairs. Not knowing what room was hers she went to her left.
"Awww" said Hermione as she dodged the pillow thrown at Draco as he was right behind her. After they both caught their breath they burst out laughing
"Umm Hermione" said Draco
"Yeah" said Hermione
"You're kind of in my room" said Draco
Hermione looked around and could see Green colors.
"Oh right sorry" she said as she headed towards the door
"I know you were interested in what it looks like...." said Draco
"Right that's why I came in here" said Hermione as she stood against the doorway
"Oh so there were other reasons?" asked Draco
"Goodnight Malfoy" said Hermione as she turned and headed to her room
"Goodnight Granger and thanks for making this place homey for me" said Draco as Hermione reached the doorway to her room
"You're welcome" said Hermione and with that turned and closed the door leaving Draco to wonder what he had gotten himself into

While Draco and Hermione were settling in so were the elements. Once Bianca had read the note she walked forward and into her dorm. Once entering she lifted her head to take in her sights while placing the note in her back pocket. There were 2 large windows to the left and right. A fireplace stood against a wall to the right surrounded my 2 long couches that created a L shape. Over to the right was the kitchen with a refrigerator and table decorated with brown tablecloths.
"Well is this the perfect place to live or what?" asked Logan as he walked over to Bianca
"Yeah it's awesome" said Bianca
"I'm so free!! No parents to tell us what to do" said Seth as he lied on the couch
"No mom's to pick out your clothes" said Liz
"No chance that I won't be going home without pictures of Liz in the morning" said Seth
"Hey just leave me out of the pictures" said Bianca as she walked over to the couch
"Thanks Bianca thanks a lot" said Liz
"Hey you boys didn't jump on your beds yet did you?" asked Bianca
"No...........what manly men do that?" asked Logan
Bianca and Liz looked at eachother. "They did" said Liz
"They so did" said Bianca
"Are our bags in the rooms already?" asked Bianca
"Yeah they are" said Logan
"I made sure to put fragile on my suitcase" said Seth
"Oh right with all your manly cologne" said Logan
"Hey at least I don't have hundreds of freaking clothes" said Seth
"Can I help it if I want to look nice" said Logan
"What did you girls pack?" asked Seth
"That is something no man should know or even go" said Bianca
"Oh right with all of your puffy and pink frizy stuff" said Logan
"Oh right that is so sexist Logan" said Liz
"Yeah I am appaled mate besides I'm sure that Liz brought her cat doll" said Seth
"Hey I've had that since I was a baby and you know what I think that I might just go up and get those baby pictures of you" said Liz
"You didn't" said Seth as he sat up straight
"Does the name Kathy Stravor mean anything to you?" asked Liz
"Hey isn't that the girl who made you cry" said Bianca
"She did not make me cry Liz just happened to be making a wind and dust got in my eye" said Seth
"Oh that's right she thought you were gonna take her ice cream" said Logan
"Gosh Seth I never knew you to be so mean" said Bianca
"I was not being mean it was yellow day and I wanted a yellow popsicle" said Seth
"Which ended up on his head man was I at the right place at the right time that day" said Liz
"What the hell is yellow day?" asked Bianca
"Seth and I would always try to figure out the favorite color of the girl we liked and wear that color for that sunday and you seemed to wear yellow a lot that week" said Logan
"Oh so you got attacked cause of me?" asked Bianca
"Yup how does that make you feel?" asked Seth
"Oh so that's what it was I thought your mom's put a color in a hat and dressed you in it on sunday's I made $10 one time when Bianca and I made a bet" said Liz
"Yeah you see I lost money how does that make you feel?" asked Bianca
"Did Liz get a picture?" asked Seth
"No" said Bianca
"Then I don't really feel bad" said Seth
"He's got a point you know" said Logan
"Hey why don't you start a fire Logan" said Bianca
"Sure" said Logan as he casually threw a fireball into the firplace causing a small fire to start
"Who needs some sugar in their system?" asked Liz as she got up to head to the kitchen
"You sure tha't's safe for you?" asked Bianca
"Yeah when has it ever not been ok?" asked Liz as she opened a cupboard
"When you start to ramble and you caused a wind to start a fire on someone's Barbie on fire" said Bianca
"You light a barbie on fire" said Logan
"It was an accident" said Liz
"She got mad at the girl for cutting her line on the slide at the park" said Bianca
"Man Liz" said Seth
"No her freakin doll was starring at me as if saying HA HA HA" said Liz
"This was all after she had a big soda drink and about 5 lollipops" said Bianca
"Ok you're gonna drink a diet soda from now on" said Seth
"Are you calling me fat?" asked Liz
"oooooo somebody's in trouble" said Logan
"Hey why don't you guys get some sticks" said Bianca
"You want me to hurt a tree" said Seth
"You can always grow a new one" said Bianca
"For what?" asked Logan
"To roast some marshmallows" said Liz as she returned to the living room with a bag of marshmallows
"Yeah then you can burn it and I'll cool it to make metal" said Bianca
"Oh alright" said Seth as he and Logan got up to go a tree by one of the windows

"So why did Hermione pull you aside?" asked Liz
"Harry gave me this note" said Bianca as she handed her the note
"So you gonna meet him?" asked Liz as she handed her back the note
"I need to talk to him" said Bianca
"I doubt that's all you two will do" said Liz as she put a marshmallow in her mouth
"We will talk he said talk in his note" said Bianca as she stared Liz in the eye
"You're gonna count how many aren't you?" asked Liz
"Yes" said Bianca as she took a marshmallow and ate it
"What about Logan?" asked Liz
"I don't know I told him I would give him another chance but now I'm not sure" said Bianca
"Well all I have to say is that boy better do a lot more than just stare at you with his mouth open in order to win my vote" said Liz
"Good looking out" said Bianca
"Well ladies we made the sticks" said Logan handing one to the girls
"Thank you" said the girls
"Here shoot" said Seth as he opened his mouth
"Oh my bad" said Liz as she kept hitting him in the eye
"Man do I have bad aim" said Liz as she switched from eye to eye
"Ouch" said Seth
"Hey you ok?" asked Logan to Bianca
"Yeah I'm fine" said Bianca as she roasted her marshmallow
"Can I kiss you?" asked Logan
"Aww you asked what's wrong with you" joked Bianca
"I know that I have to earn your trust so I wanted to ask" said Logan
"Yes you may" said Bianca before Logan's lips came crashing on hers. The kiss was sweet and gentle.
"Logan and Bianca k-i-s-s-" sang Seth
"Shut-up" said Logan as he threw a marshmallow at him which hit his forehead
"Oh nice shot 10 points" said Liz

After eating more marshmallows they called it a night and went to bed. Bianca slept in her clothes and at eleven forty exactly was woken up by Liz.
"Good luck" said Liz
"Thanks I'll tell you everything when I get back" said Bianca and with that she was off

Over in the Gryffindor tower Harry had been woken up by Ron
"Hey mate" said Ron as he shook Harry awake
"What?" asked Harry in a quiet tone
"It's eleven forty" said Ron
"Oh ok I'm leaving" he said and began to run out of the room before Ron stopped him
"You're going to see this girl that you still haven't explained to me about in your pajamas?" said Ron
"Oh right" said Harry as he undressed and put on jeans, a blue shirt and jacket
"I'll explain when I get back" said Harry as he put on his invisibility cloak and grabbed the Map and went out the door

Harry moved very quickly towards the Astronomy Tower making sure to check the map for the name's of others. He didn't see Bianca's name and wondered if she was even going. He tried to imagine what to say with each step that he took but was only left with a blank mind and the desire to kiss her. Harry felt as if he had been walking for days he couldn't believe after all the time that he had thought about her he was now going to see her. Finally as if he'd never make it Harry arrived at the Astronomy Tower. He had hoped she would of already been there but found that it was empty.
"Great" said Harry
"You always talk to yourself?" said a familiar voice
Harry slowly turned around and found himself starring into the eyes of Bianca. The same eyes he had some many times visioned in his dreams of him holding her once more
A smile lifted on Harry's face. "I thought you weren't coming" said Harry
"Of course I would come I only videotape the guys I stand up" said Bianca
"Oh well I'm one of the luck few uh?" said Harry
"What's that in your hands?" asked Bianca
"Oh my Dad's Invisibility Cloak and A Map that shows everyone in Hogwarts. I didn't see your name on it a figured you weren't coming" said Harry
"Oh my Harry breaking the rules on the first day and I think I'm too special for that map" said Bianca
"Ok 1 this is not the first time I've broken the rules mrs.take an extra free sample and 2 maybe you're not special enough" said Harry
"Ok 1 it said use your best judgement which I did and 2. never have I been so offended and 3. why are we talking in numbers?" asked Bianca
Harry laughed. "What're you doing here?" asked Harry
"I'm meeting you" she said
"I mean in the wizarding world" said Harry
"Haven't you heard I'm an element" she said
"You lived on my muggle street" he said
"My parents like to keep the whole magic thing quiet sometimes and we just happened to find a house in what they thought was a non magical residence. Boy were they wrong" said Bianca
"You never showed any signs of magic" said Harry
"That's because our real magic home was somewhere else and didn't you wonder how we moved in so quickly and why I never really explained about school" said Bianca
"No I gave you some odd questions too" said Harry
"How're you a wizard?" asked Bianca
"I'm the boy who lived I thought you would of recognized my lightning bolt" said Harry
"My parents never let me read the Daily Prophet they don't like to get involved with the Ministry. Besides I thought maybe Dudley sat on you or something" said Bianca
"You think I'd still be breathing if that happened?" said Harry
"So you're the Boy Who Lived, wow I had no idea" said Bianca
"Yeah that's me" said Harry
"You're Uncle was Sirius Black who died and you defeated Voldemort you're the reason I got to come home" said Bianca
"Yeah and reason you came home?" said Harry in a puzzled tone
"My parents had us home schooled far from her with my other element friends after what happened at the Triwizard Tournament" said Bianca
"Well then I guess I'll have to give myself a pat on the back for being able to meet you" said Harry
"You were very brave. Did you ever get scared?" asked Bianca
"Yeah I did get scared of the outcome it was either him or me" said Harry as tears entered his eyes remembering his fear
"Man I feel like I should buy you a drink" said Bianca
"You weren't scared to say his name" said Harry as he composed himself
"If it were up to me I would have fought" said Bianca
"I still can't believe you're here" said Harry as he took in her appearance once again
"Well I'm here you can feel me if you want" she said realizing how it sounded
"Oh really" said Harry
"You know what I mean" said Bianca as she suddenly felt the urge to hug him and did so by closing the space between them and wrapped her arms around her neck once again feeling comfort protection. Feeling the love that had been missed since she last saw him. Harry held her tightly before he moved to have their foreheads meet statting into her brown ones and she starred into his green ones. Before either knew what had happened Harry's lips came crashing onto her's. It was as if they never really left each other at all. The kiss was filled with longing and passion. Harry asked for entrance to her mouth by tracing his tongue across her lower lip. Bianca quickly granted him access as their tongues greeted eachother in urgency. Bianca was moaning inside Harry's mouth and Harry moved to push Bianca against the wall allowing Bianca to wrap her legs around his body. She could feel something hard on her knee and her insides were screaming for what she knew they both desired. After their tongues each demanded one another Harry began kissing her neck as Bianca ran her hands through the black hair that she had missed so much. Bianca rocked her hips with Harry's as his kisses on her neck were making her moan. Harry kissed her temples and Bianca nibled on his ear making him moan. Bianca's mind suddenlt began to kick in.
"Harry" she said through her heavy breathing
"Yeah?" he asked as he continued to kiss her neck
"I really don't think we should have sex on the first night" she said
"Oh right" said Harry as Bianca un-wrapped her legs from his waist and stood on the floor with her own two feet. Both were quiet and starring into each other's eyes
"So I guess that clarify's that you missed me" said Bianca
"Yeah I did" said Harry
"I missed you too" said Bianca
"So what does this mean?" asked Harry
"This means that we're both going to sleep very well tonight and that we'll see each other tomorrow" said Bianca
"OOO you sure you don't want to go rob a bank or something?" asked Harry as he held her hand in his
"No I'm on probation Clyde" she said
"Oh alright Bonnie" said Harry causing Bianca to laugh before Harry kissed her once again
"So let's blow this popsicle stand" siad Bianca
"Yes" said Harry as he held her hand and placed the cloak over their heads
Once they were at the staircase they each went their seperate ways but not before they shared one last kiss

The next morning many students awoke to the sound of their alarms causing them to realize that this was the first day of classes. In the left tower.........
"Hey Liz" said a voice casuing Liz to raise her head
"Say cheese" said Seth as a flash hit Liz's eyes
"Oh my gosh I'm gonna kill you Seth" said Liz as she ran out of the room to catch Seth
The sound of Liz's voice awoke Bianca as she rose from bed and stretched remembering the events from last night.
"That boy is not going to be able to produce any more children" said Liz
"So how was last night?" asked Liz
Bianca filled her in on her meeting with Harry
"I told you there wasn't going to be any talking" said Liz
"We talked in the beginning" said Bianca
"Too bad that's not how it ended" said Liz
"What do you mean too bad?" said Bianca
"OOOOO" said Liz "Oh the boys said to get ready so we can go down to breakfeast together" she said
"Ok you want shower first?" asked Bianca
"Yeah" said Liz
The girls had showered and put on their robes laughing and being sure to take funny pictures in the mirror. They had both done their hair and were wearing just a little bit of make-up. Bianca had her hair straightened which made her look very pretty and wore a little mascara causing her eyes to stand out especially with her to-the-side bangs that were also straightened. Liz had curled her hair and wore it in a high ponytail in which the curls fell to her shoulders. She had put on a bit of eye shadow.
"You ready?" asked Liz
"No, but when are we ever?" asked Bianca as they headed downstairs to find the boys also dressed in their robes but looking very handsome
"You look smart Seth" said Liz
"Don't I always?" asked Seth
"Just take the compliment Seth" said Bianca
"You look good" said Logan as he gave Bianca a kiss on the cheek causing the girls to share a look of worry

The 4 elements then made their way to the Great Hall were students were eating. Seth had found a seat in the middle of the Gryffindor table. After they had settled in and were talking and eating in walked Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Harry immediately caught sight of Bianca and wanted desperately to give her a kiss good morning. Liz pointed Harry out to Bianca in which she sent him a smile and wave that was unseen by Logan. The trio went to sit by Neville and Seamus who to the left of Bianca.
"So you gonna fill us in on the girl?" asked Ron
Harry explained to his best friends about his summer with Bianca and how he met with her last night
"Harry you were out late?" asked Hermione in disbelief
"Who cares about that, nice going mate she's pretty and sounds like a great girl" said Ron
"She is, I never thought I would feel this way for someone" said Harry
"What about Cho?" asked Hermione
"I don't love her" said Harry
"Her Liz friend is pretty" said Ron as he took a glance at her
"That's her best friend" said Harry
"Speaking of friends.............and non-friends how's your dorm Hermione?" asked Ron
"It's big and nice" she said
"Malfoy didn't try to pull anything did he?" asked Harry
"No he didn't come on let's try to act civil to him don't make my job harder and besides he helped in the war" said Hermione
"We can't just forget everything he did to us over the years" said Harry
"Yeah and since when are you so quick to?" asked Ron
"Look just don't worry ok" said Hermione
"Look here come our schedules" said Harry as letter began to drop from the owls above their heads. Once they each got their they examined them.
"I wonder if I have classes with Bianca" wondered Harry
"Maybe, but right now we've got History of Magic" said Ron as he began to get up
"I've got Ancient Ruines, but I'll see you guys for Transfiguration and Potions and D.A.D" said Hermione as she packed her bags and left the Hall
"Let's go mate" said Ron as he got from the table with Harry and they left the Hall. Harry noted that Bianca had already left the hall.

To Harry's disappointment Bianca was not in his first class and it angered him to think that Logan was probably sitting right next her. Harry waited desperately for the next class to start and asked Ron what the last 15 minutes of class were. Their second class of the day was Transfiguration and as they walked to McGonagall's class they met up with Hemrione
"So how was class?" asked Ron
"Good and yous?" she asked
"The exact opposite" said Harry
Outside of the class Harry could see the Slytherins and a few Ravenclaws and realized that they were in the same class. Hermione saw Draco standing with him best mate Blaise. Draco turned to look at Hermione and smiled. Hermione smiled back
"Did you just smile at Draco?" asked Harry
"No I stuck my tongue at him" she said quickly
"Oh" said Ron
Just as McGonagall opened the door to her class Bianca and the elements turned the corner causing Harry's heart to skip a beat. Harry saw how pretty she looked now that she stood closer to him. Harry smiled at her. All students entered the classroom and there was an extra seat next to Harry. Just as Bianca was casually going to sit next to him in walked Cho and she grabbed the seat next him.
"Hi Harry" she said in a happy tone
"Hi" said Harry sending an aplogetic face to Bianca
"There'a a seat right here" said Logan who had sat in front of Harry
"Thanks" said Bianca as she went to sit next to Logan
"So honey where were you at breakfeast?" asked Cho
"I was with Ron and Hermione" said Harry through gritted teeth as his anger was rising for Cho taking the open seat next to him. Ron and Hermione could tell that Harry was mad unfourtanetly Cho could not
"You know that you should be with your girlfriend" said Cho. Suddenly Bianca and Liz began coughing very loudly which scared McGonagall
"Are you two ok?" asked McGonagall
"We're fine professor" said Liz. Ron and Hermione weren't sure to laugh or worry for Harry's sake
"Yeah I'm much better now" said Bianca
"You ok?" asked Logan as he rubbed the back of Bianca' back which could be clearly seen from Harry's seat and he could feel his fists clenching.'How dare he touch her' thought Harry. 'That's my girl' he thought .Harry payed attention to only a few of the things McGonagall was saying. Half the words were sticking while the other half weren't. He found himself continuously starring at the interaction between Bianca and Logan. Logan would hold Bianca's hand when they weren't taking notes. Harry could feel his insides boiling
"Are you ok Harry?" asked Ron seeing the expression on his face
"Yeah" he quickly replied although Ron knew he was lying
After class Harry tried to catch Bianca. He waited for her outside of class.
"Bianca....." said Harry once she came out of the room
"Yes Harry?" she asked very calmly
"Look I know what you heard............" said Harry
"I heard nothing Liz's and my coughing blocked out anything that might have been heard from behind. Isn't that right Liz" said Bianca as Liz walked out and stood beside her
"What did I do?" asked Liz
"Just say yes" said Bianca
"Yes" said Liz
"You see" said Bianca calmly
"Oh there you are sweetie finally I can kiss you" said Cho as she came up beside Harry and pulled him in for what looked like a very bad kiss. Bianca could feel her face getting hot and wanted to punch her
"Oh hi I'm Cho" said Cho as she extended her hand to Bianca
"I'm Bianca" said Bianca calmly
"So you 2 make quite the cute couple how long have you been dating?" asked Bianca
"About a year" said Cho as she held Harry's hand
"So that means you would of been dating during the summer" said Bianca
"Yes yes we did and how much I missed my man" said Cho as she linked her arm with his
"Oh I'm sure you did" said Bianca. Soon Logan and Seth came from behind Bianca and Logan wrapped his hand around her waist which she clearly had no intention of explaining.
"We better get going" said Logan
"Oh you're right. Well bye bye Toe" said Bianca as she and the elements left
"It's Cho" yelled Cho
"Well I've got to go too" she said as she kissed Harry on the cheek and took off
"What just happened?" asked Harry
"Well Bianca's mad cause now she probably thinks that you cheated on Cho with her" said Hermione
"She also didn't seem to explain the blonde fire guy Logan" said Ron
"Great what a great way to start the year" said Harry
"Yup" said Hermione and Ron in usion and they quietly walked to their next class..........

Chapter 8: Bubbling A Potion Of Disaster
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After the misunderstanding in Transfiguration Harry was actually looking forward to his next class even though it was potions with the Slytherins. He had checked Cho's schedule and saw that the only classes they had together were Transfiguration and Care For Magical Creatures. He, Hermione and Ron had decided that they wanted to spend a class with Hagrid seeing as this was their last year. His mind had begun to wander to creatures making him think of Bianca and how much she loved animals.

Who was she to say that he was with Cho? Harry could speak for himself it wasn't as if he was incapable of explaining the situation. So why hadn't he? He admitted to himself that they never had 'officially' broken up, her only saying that they were taking a break and Harry knew well enough from hearing about Ginny's boyfriends that it meant 'you're still mine'. 'Oh and like she's the innocent one?' thought Harry to himself. It's not like she tried explaining about Logan who slipped his arm around her waist

Hermione could see right through Harry and knew he was thinking about Bianca
"Harry maybe you should try talking to her" said Hermione
"Why?" said Harry quickly
"It seems to me like you're pretty upset" said Ron
"There's nothing to be upset about" said Harry bitterly
"Yeah and birds don't fly" said Hermione sarcastically

A group had begun to form around the door. Malfoy was once again in a conversation with Blaise while Pansy was hanging all over him as if he were monkey bars. Hermione could feel herself wanting to smack her nose, but suddenly regained her composure wondering when she suddenly became so jealous. 'Ever since he held you' said a voice inside her head. She quickly rid herself of the voice and began to join Ron and Harry in their conversation about Quidditch.

"So when are try-outs?" asked Ron
"I think I'll be holding them this Friday" said Harry
"That's good, it'll give everybody a chance to do their homework" said Hermione
"Couldn't think of what normal people do could you?" said Ron
"Fine it'll give everybody a chance to stare at your face and laugh" said Hermione
"Yes my schedule is fully planned now" said Harry

The three of them laughed which was interrupted by the arrival of their new Potions Teacher. The woman was wearing a purple top with dark brown robes covering her midnight blue skirt. It was Tonks.........soon to be the Tonks Lupin to be exact. Upon seeing his new teacher Harry's face light up, he finally was able to get a good feeling about Potions, when suddenly as if on cue the elements turned the corner. Bianca was laughing with Liz while the boys trailed behind also enjoying their own conversation. Harry caught Bianca's eyes. He could tell she was hurt, but managed to put on her strong unwilling to break face. Bianca was a strong one as she knew Harry well enough to see that he was uncomfortable with the situation.The students entered into the classroom one by one. Hermione sat in between Ron and Harry. The only set of 4 seats left were right by Harry. Bianca made it quite obvious she did not want to sit by Harry and instead sat 3 seats away from him allowing Logan to sit at the end of the table while Seth took the seat to the right of her leaving Liz the seat by Harry. Harry managed to see Liz closer, Ron was right she was pretty.

After seeing that all the students had found a seat Tonks addressed the class
"Welcome 7th years to Potions class. I am Tonks Lupin, your new Potions teacher. Now while some of you may have been able to slack off while Proffessor Snape was in charge you will need to earn your grade so long as I'm teaching. I thought we'd start things off with a bang, literally speaking. You will be paired off into groups of 2 and will be making the caboodle potion which allows the drinker to change their size whether to become larger or smaller. Now pairs right let's see umm........." continued Tonks as she randomly selected the pairs.

Bianca wasn't quite listening only filling her mind with ramblings about a certain green-eyed boy who she wanted to strangle. Why did he have to be so difficult, why can't he just talk to me? He did kind of try thought Bianca to herself. "Oh shut-up what do you know?" said Bianca realizing that her comment wasn't meant to be said aloud

"Uh Logan I think Bianca's cracked" said Seth
"You mean she's been cracked" said Logan
"Yeah we'll see who's cracked, when you wake up in a wet bed" said Bianca
"Ooooo she's gonna pull a fast warm water bucket on us Logan" said Seth
"Hey I'll blow your covers off your butts ok" said Liz
"Ms.Gustero and Mr.Potter" said Tonks
"What?" said Bianca qucikly
"Are you not hearing things properly dear" asked Tonks
"No I can hear perfectly fine" said Bianca as she looked at Liz with a dazed expression
"Good, because you're paired with Mr.Flame" said Tonks
"Great" said Liz as she turned to look at Harry who was looking rather confused as he talked with Hermione and Ron
"Now please go with your partners and begin" said Tonks as she stepped aside and watched each student carefully as they began to join their partners

Liz looked to her left to find Harry debating things in his mind as he stared blankly into space.
"Uh partner, I kind of wanna keep my arms so could you maybe bring the mothership back down" said Liz
"Hey Harry be happy at least you have a partner with good jokes" said Ron as he left his seat to join Dean Thomas who was gathering their materials from the cupboards
"Look my first fan of the day" said Liz to an unmoved Harry
"Uh Harry look this is me trying to lighten up the mood a little" said Liz in a soft tone
"Oh right I was just.............." said Harry
"Wondering why Bianca had to be so cute and stubborn at the same time?" finished Liz
"Yeah" he said
"I figured...............look we better get our caboodle potion brewing" said Liz as she went to get their cauldron while Harry gathered their ingredients
"So the first step is to add some purple guda" said Liz as Harry measured the amount needed and dipped it into the cauldron
"So about Bianca being stubborn" questioned Harry
"Yeah she kind of started her angry ramblings after seeing Cho kiss you" said Liz bluntly earing her a raised eyebrow from Harry
"Oh yeah I should warn you, I have my blunt moments, I blame it on the psychological sike-out of playing Wizard's Chest" said Liz
"Wow" said Harry
"What?" said Liz as she stirred the potion in slow clockwise manner
"You and my best mate have a lot in common" said Harry
"Oh Mr.Potter's trying to fix me up with his connections.......that earns you half a point" said Liz
"Not even a whole point...........I think we need a professional" said Harry
"Trust me when it comes to my best friend's heart I know how to judge" said Bianca
Both became quiet when the subject of Harry and Bianca's relationship became the newest topic
"So she told you about me uh?" asked Harry as he added another potion into the cauldron. The color was a deep gray blue that had been bubbling but now was covered by a swirls of mist.
"Yeah she gave you the title of summer boy" said Liz
"Oh I see" said Harry wondering if she was happy that their relationship only went that far
"Don't worry, she missed you" said Liz upon seeing the look of worry in Harry's face
"Good, I missed her can tell her that" said Harry as he looked Liz in the eye
"I will be sure to pass the message right along" said Liz
"So what about her and this Logan guy uh?" questioned Harry with eager enthusiasm
"They were together for about a year and a half and then they broke up" said Liz truthfully
"And Now?" asked Harry as he added the last of their potion
"Now..........I'm not sure what they are honestly" said Liz
"You and Cho are......?" questioned Liz as it was her turn to put Harry in the hot seat
"I don't like her" said Harry
"You might wanna tell her that" said Liz bluntly

Harry was about to reply when Tonks called out to the students notifying them to drop what they were doing and step away from their cauldrons. One by one she went around the classroom having her pet ferret drink the potion. Almost everyone's potion caused the animal to become big or small although a few of the not so gifted students ended up giving the ferret a potion in which he became fat or skinny. Harry's and Liz's potion passed the test in which they smiled proudly to each other. Once everything had been cleaned up Tonks dismissed the class. Harry caught up with Hermione and Ron who were waiting for him outside of class.

"So was it awkward?" asked Hermione as the three walked to their last class of the day Care For Magical Creatures
"In the beginning yeah, but Liz is nice and quite funny" said Harry
"Is she one of those cool girls, not just another look at me I lost 5 pounds this week sort of girls?" asked Ron
"Not at all, she's blunt and loves Wizard's Chess" said Harry as they reached Hagrid's hutch
"Wow" said Ron with a smile on his face
"OOOO Ronald" said Hermione as she nudged him

Harry placed his bags on the wall and took of his robe. The sun didn't give off too much heat, but it wasn't enough for Harry to want to keep his robes on. His happiness of remembering that Bianca missed him was drained by the realization that he had Cho in this class. Luckily she hadn't arrived and to his right he saw Bianca and Liz laughing and for once they didn't have the boys with them. Bianca also had taken off her robes and had rolled up her sleeves a bit. He decided that without Logan around, he had a good chance of actually talking to her. Harry daringly walked over to the girls spot.

"Hey" said Harry
"Hi" said Bianca softly
"I think that there's something very interesting going on over there I'm sure it'll need to be looked at and who better to do than me" said Liz as she walked over to Hermione
"So how was your first day been?" asked Harry
"Great" said Bianca quickly
"You can't stay mad at me forever" said Harry
"Try cousin she sat on my lunch box and we haven't talked since" said Bianca
"You told me that cousin was skinny and that the broke it" said Harry
"Well it's gone and we haven't spoke since" said Bianca
"That's because she won't call you" said Harry
"No I'm not calling her and who asked you anyways" said Bianca
"Bianca........" said Harry as he moved closer to her
"No...those little green eyes aren't gonna get you anywhere" said Bianca as she stood her ground trying to control everything inside of her that said to grab him and kiss him
"I'm sorry I didn't tell you about Cho earlier" said Harry
"I can't be with someone who thinks I'll get lost" said Bianca
"When did I say you were lost?" asked Harry
"I said get lost in which you thought I would be when you wrote me that note" said Bianca starring deep into Harry's eyes
"That was a joke" said Harry
"Well me and my funny bone didn't get a laugh out of it......I find it quite insulting" said Bianca
"I thought you were going to say wipe" said Harry as a smile played on his lips
"Harry this is not the time for your wipe sex talk" said Bianca with a smile
"What's this? Is the girl who hates me smiling?" asked Harry
"No she's not in fact that's my joke that you stole so I'd like it back please" said Bianca as she held out her palm
"Come and get it" said Harry as he leaned in to give her a light peck on the kiss. Bianca didn't stop him only enjoying the moment.

"Hi Hermione" said Liz after she had left Harry and Bianca
"Hey Liz" said Hermione
"You guys know each other" asked Ron
"Yeah she escorted us to our rooms on the first night here" said Liz
"So have you checked out the library yet?" asked Hermione
"You really wanna talk about the library?" said Ron
"Just because some people can speak big words Ronald is no reason to be mad" said Hermione
"It's ok Ronald, I'm not much of a big word speaker either, although I do love books" said Liz
"I think that was her way of trying to introduce herself" said Hemione
"Oh right....I'm Ron Weasley" said Ron extending his hand
"Liz Gustero" said Liz as she took his hand feeling something she had never felt before. Ron had felt which is why he held her hand longer than necessary as he looked into her eyes
"Oh Ron how nice of you to do all my homework for me" said Liz
"What? When did I?" asked Ron
"I'm gonna need my hand back then" said Liz motioning to him about their hands
"Oh sorry" said Ron as he released her hand blushing a bright red crisom color
"So what do you guys do around here for fun?" asked Liz
"Well there's weekend trips to Hogsmead, Quidditch, and friends I guess" said Hermione
"Oh and Wizard's Chess" added Ron
"Alright nothing like a great victory" said Liz
"Don't expect one from me" said Ron
"Oh really" said Liz
"Yup" said Ron
"Well I kind of play mind games" said Liz
"Won't work on me" said Ron
"Oh really" said Liz as she moved very very close to Ron
Ron made a very loud gulping noise and she could feel his face getting hot. 'Man he's cute' thought Liz
"Well I guess I shouldn't even bother then" said Liz as she moved away from Ron and back to her original spot
"So what did you guys do for fun?" asked Hermione
"Well our parents like us to be out in the muggle movies sometimes, random pictures, the park, swimming, and other stuff" said Liz
"I've never been into random pictures" said Hermione
"Well prepare to be introduced because that's what I'm best at and maybe you could tell me about your favorite authors" said Liz
"Yeah" said Hermione with a smile on her face
"Uh-oh" said Liz
"What?" asked Ron after re-gaining his composure
"Here come Logan and Seth" said Liz as she saw the 2 guys come down the hill

"Hey Liz" said Seth as he and Logan made it over to Liz
"Hey Seth thanks for bringing our books" said Liz
"Where's Bianca?" asked Logan
"Over there........" trailed Liz but stopped as she pointed in the direction of Bianca only to see Harry bend down to give her a light kiss
"Logan don't..." said Liz, but it was no good for Logan had already made his way over to Bianca. He immediately grabbed Bianca and pulled her away from Harry
"Excuse me, but you're kissing my girlfriend" said Logan as he stood looked at Harry with anger. A group had begun to move towards the scene. Many of the students in this class were 7th years probably wanting an easy relaxing class. The Slytherins looked at the scene with smirks on their faces obviously hoping Harry would loose.
"You're girlfriend is a good kisser" said Harry with a straight face
"Stay away from her" said Logan as he moved closer to Harry
"Logan stop" said Bianca as she tried grabed Logan's hand away to try to make him stop
"And if I don't?" asked Harry
He recieved his answer when Logan punched him in the jaw. Harry stumbled backwards but then charged as he pushed him on his back and smacked him on the jaw. Logan tried to get on top of Harry to smack him, but the two were both strong which resulted in them wrestling and rolling on the ground.
"You guys stop" yelled Bianca over them
Seth then went over to help Logan and pulled Harry off of him, but was tackled by Ron also. Logan and stood up straight and went towards Harry. Seth tried to punch Ron, but missed allowing Ron the chance to push him to the floor. All the student's attention was directly on the 4 guys that were fighting. Before any more fighting could continue the 4 guys felt a great wind pull them away from each other. Liz had conjured up a wind. Her hands spread wide apart breaking the space between the boys. Then they were all soaked with a big splash of water that seemed to have fallen from the sky.
"What the?" asked Ron as he tried to drain the water from his robes
"You guys are acting like idiots" said Bianca
Before she could continue Hagrid appeared

"Welcome students...............oh did I miss something?" he asked seeing the 4 boys soaked encompassed by the rest of the class
"Just a little" replied Hermione
"Well today we'll be studying eggs. So follow me this way" said Hagrid as he lead them towards the tales he had set up. Bianca and Liz quicly followed as a wet Logan and Seth trailed behind them
"Are you guys ok?" asked Hermione
"Yeah that bloke hits hard" said Harry as he rubbed his jaw
"Yeah and that stupid Seth guy jumped in so I had to help" said Ron
"Thanks mate" said Harry
"Oh you're right Harry Liz is great" said Ron as they slowly headed over to where the rest of the students were
"I thought you might like her" said Harry
"This is just one heck of a potion we're bubbling" said Hermione
"Yup" replied the boys

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Chapter 9: The Books Can Tell
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After the incident in class Harry hadn't talked to Bianca in awhile. He figured it could of been either because of the amount of homework the seventh years were receiving or she really was giving him the cold shoulder. He would spend his entire days sometimes just thinking about her. The tiniest little thing managed to bring her into his mind and he would crack a smile every now and then.

He couldn't help but realize how the past few days were exactly how he had been when she left her house that cold painful day. Even though they were close physically, they were completely distant emotionally. He wanted nothing more than to be with her. He wanted to be the guy to carry her books although knowing her she'd make a wise remark about Harry trying to hint to her that she had no strength. He wanted to the last one she talked to at night and the first one she thought about in the morning.

He couldn't help the reaction his fists made when he wondered just how much time she and Logan spent together. His jaw had managed to heal a bit although it still showed signs of the attack. He could tell though that he attitude towards Logan had changed. She didn't sit by him in class and would hardly look in his nor Harry's direction. It was if she was trying to keep Harry safe by not creating another incident like last time.

It was a Sunday and the students were enjoying the break from class even though they knew they had homework that was incapable of doing itself. Harry, Ron, and Hermione were in the Common Room talking.

"I know you miss her" said Hermione seeing the dreamy look in Harry's face
"What am I supposed to say to her?" asked Harry
"You know you still really haven't explained to her about Cho" said Ron as he remembered that the two of them didn't do much talking. Really he missed her too, and it wasn't just because he wanted very much to speak to Liz which he constantly reminded himself of.
"I tried I really did" said Harry
"Was that before or after you kissed her" said Hermione with a sly smile
Harry blushed as he replied "Well I kind of need her to be here if I'm to explain anything"
"That does represent a problem" said Ron

"What about you and Liz uh mate?" asked Harry trying to divert the subject to Ron
"What about Liz?" said Ron calmly although he could feel his face trying to form a smile
"Oh those two hit it off well" said Hermione
"Really?" said Harry with an interested tone
"He held her hand longer than necessary" said Hermione
"I thought she had something smudged on it ok" said Ron quickly
"So you just happened to be the gentlemen you are and tried to clean it" said Harry in an amused tone
"Exactly" said Ron
"Yeah right, come on admit it you like her" said Hermione
"I will do no such thing" said Ron
"So it wouldn't anger you in anyway to know that Seth has it bad for her?" said Harry
"WHAT??!!!" shouted Ron
"Oh yeah he has no anger problems at all" said Hermione
Harry had a laugh while Ron managed to return his face to a calm color instead of a red hot tomato.

"We should go to the library get the books for our Transfiguration homework" said Hermione as she rose from her
"As in we you mean you right?" said Ron
"I am not going to carry your books for you guys" said Hermione
"Who said anything about carry. Levitate them" said Harry
"You guys are lazy come on pick your arse up now" said Hermione
"Yes mother" said Ron as he and Harry followed Hermione out of the portrait hole

Upon reaching the library Hermione's eyes immediately caught sight of a gray eyed blonde guy. Draco was on the right side of the library his mind absorbed in a book. She couldn't ever remember when she had seen Draco in a library.

The two hadn't talked in awhile due to the homework. They acknowledged each other whenever they were in the Head's room, but other than their first night they hadn't spoken more than a 'hey' or 'hi'. She felt herself feeling sad and disappointed that there was a big chance that she would never see the Draco who had tickled her and had commented on her looking good this year. She tried to convince herself that he was a Slytherin and she was a Gryffindor, the two house with the most animosity between them, how could she ever think that their friendship, if what they had could even be called that, would leave their dorm. She suddenly felt very sad and left the boys to find the book she needed and possibly another one which could take her mind off of things.

"So why are we here again?" asked Ron as he sat at a table with Harry
"I thought it was pretty self-explanatory" said Harry as he smiled as his friend
"That's a insult isn't it?" asked Ron
"If I tell you no will you believe me?" asked Harry
"No" said Ron quickly
"In that case then yes" said Harry causing the both of them to share a small laugh
"Ok really I'll take the left side" said Harry as he got up from his seat to search for a book
"Right" said Ron as he left his seat too

Harry searched through the rows of books. It was like a maze filled with enormous amounts of information ans stories with characters who had their own problems to deal with. None of those characters would ever know how much their lives were close to their readers or if it was only something only one could imagine. Harry's right hand reached out touching each book it pasted. Harry didn't notice the girl he had ran into until it was too late.

"Ouch" said a familiar voice
"Oh I'm so sorry" said Harry helping to girl to pick her books up from the floor
"No it's fine really, the books are my only witness so there's no reason to get the ministry involved" said the girl as she grabbed the last book only to look up into Harry's eyes. Harry could feel his heart racing and his insides wanting to jump for joy. Bianca was wearing a shocked expression on her face but quickly regained herself as she stood up.

"So I'm off the hook then?" asked Harry
"No I take my comment back  your ass is going to Azkaban if I become crippled" said Bianca as she put the books back into their proper place
"Why have you been avoiding me?" he asked quickly
"I've had homework and this is my first year here, I'm getting used to things" said Bianca not looking him in the eye
"That's quite the convincing story you have there" said Harry
"Fine don't believe me, see if I care" said Bianca as she finally looked him the eye
"Bianca do you know how much I've been thinking about you?" said Harry with a soft tone
Bianca had the urge to say just has much as she had been thinking about him but instead replied with "You have a chart or something to show me?"
"No sorry left the poster board in my room" said Harry
"Oh what a shame" said Bianca as she moved past him, but Harry only grabbed her arm to make her look at him

"Why are you being so difficult?" asked Harry
"This whole situation isn't easy for me Harry, my first day of class and I already caused a scene making people talk about me, not that I give a damn what they think" said Bianca not worrying about releasing herself from Harry's grip
"Are you doing this to protect me?" asked Harry moving closer to her
"No, I know you can handle yourself perfectly fine" said Bianca
"Is this about Logan?" asked Harry

Bianca was mad, how dare he think she'd avoid him because of Logan. She was close to Logan, but never would she let him keep her from someone. She pulled her arm away from Harry and backed away a few steps
"He has nothing to do with this" said Bianca
"Really, you're not mad at him for punching me?" asked Harry
"He was jealous and wasn't thinking right, besides you attacked back too" said Bianca with intensity
"I wasn't gonna let him keep me from you" said Harry
"Well you didn't have to go and make a big scene" said Bianca
"You haven't told him about us have you?" said Harry as he his eyes widened
"What us? You kissed me and that's it, besides how can there be an us if you're with Cho uh?" said Bianca as she crossed her hands over her chest
"I don't love her" said Harry
"You might want to tell her that" said Bianca
"She gets off thinking we're the greatest couple ever" said Harry
"Well I'm very happy for you" said Bianca with sarcasm

"So when are you going to tell Logan about our Summer?" asked Harry
"That's none of his business" said Harry
"So what do you care about Cho then?" asked Harry
"You were with Cho when you and I were together, which means you cheated on Cho with me" said Bianca as her voice became shaky
"Bianca....." said Harry as he tried to move closer to her
"No" said Bianca a little too loud
"I want to know the truth. Tell me were you with her yes or no?" said Bianca as she looked Harry straight in the eye
"She said we were on a break" said Harry as he moved his hand through his black hair with frustration
"That's a girls way of saying that you're still together" said Bianca as her eyes began to look broken and weak
"I know, but she doesn't mean to me what you do" said Harry
"So you knew what you were doing with me then" said Bianca as she tried to compose herself
"I never meant to hurt you" said Harry
"I know what it's like to be cheated on and I would never want any girl to go through it"said Bianca
"I'm sorry, you know I love you" said Harry looking at her in the eye
"I know you do" said Bianca in a soft tone
"What now?" asked Harry breaking the moment of silence
"I don't know" said Bianca
"I want to be with you" said Harry
"I know, I'm just not sure what to do right now Harry" she said and with that she left him standing in the row of books alone

While Bianca and Harry were having their conversation Ron had roamed the library looking for a interesting row of books, but nothing popped out to him until he saw a girl with black hair that was pulled half-way up wearing jeans and a gray shirt. She had long silver earings that added to her looks. Ron's legs hadn't gotten the message of stopping causing him to run into a wall of books. A few fell from their shelves. Ron's face was red and he looked up to find Liz containing her laugh.

"Oh hey" said Ron
"Hey yourself, sorry I wasn't laughing at you" said Liz
"So there's some other guy who ran into a wall of books" said Ron as he picked up the books
"Yeah you just missed him, I'm still trying to get over it" said Liz with a smile
"So how've you been?" asked Ron
"Good, just peachy" said Liz
Ron laughed a little causing Liz to say "Why are you laughing?"
"You're comparing your life to food" said Ron
"Well I'd say you're looking a lot like a bowl of peas" said Liz
"Is that supposed to hurt my feelings?" asked Ron
"It's supposed to make you understand my comment" said Liz
"You're gonna be a really bad teacher" said Ron
"Well you're full of nice comments" said Liz
"You called me a pea" said Ron
"Oh that's right uh?" said Liz as they both shared a laugh

"I'm still waiting for an answer that I'll comprehend" said Ron
"Well Mr.Bossy, I've been busy with homework and trying to be there for Bianca" said Liz
"Yeah her and Harry are..." said Ron but was cut off by Liz
"Being really retarded" said Liz
"They both want each other" said Ron
"It's so frustrating when two people who are attracted to one another........." said Liz
"Can't seem to come together..." added Ron
"They just keep dancing around........" said Liz
"Neither noticing how easily they come together................" continued Ron
"Both scared to know how it could be..............." said Liz
"Wondering when the other is going to do something.............." said Ron
"To assure the other about how they feel" finished Liz

Both looked into each other's eyes while absorbing the moment of silence wondering about what the other one was thinking
"Yeah so really frustrating" said Ron
"How've you been?" asked Liz
"I've been fine just wondering if that sike-out talk was just you trying to scare me" said Ron
"If I wanted to scare you I could of done something worse" said Liz as she took a step closer to him
"You don't know my weakness" said Ron as he moved up a step
"Let me think spiders is it?" asked Liz
"How did you know?" asked Ron
"Really I got it you too?" said Liz
"You're afraid of them too?" said Ron

"Yes I always had to have Seth kill them for me in the dorm" said Liz
Upon hearing Seth's name Ron began to feel very angry
"Oh yeah just call him why don't you" said Ron
"Then again I like to blow them off the balcony and wave good-bye" said Liz
"That's mean" said Ron forgetting his anger as he looked into her gorgeous eyes
"Hey those little buggers made me do it they drove me to insanity" said Liz as she took a step closer to Ron
"Hey at least they didn't try to make you tap dance" said Ron as he stepped forward

"I think you're turning this into something Ronald" said Liz as she finally stood only a few inches from Ron
"I think you're trying to make it look like I'm turning this into something" said Ron
"I think you're thinking way too much" said Liz
"Well the brain can come in handy sometimes" said Ron as he began to feel Liz's breath on his lips

"Sometimes the mind just needs to shut-up" said Liz as she moved her lips closer to his, but not close enough to kiss him. She waited to see if he would make the next move, she was testing him, making him work for it, she admitted to herself that it might be a blunt and ambitious move, but she hoped Ron would be able to keep up. Her insides were criss-crossing each other hoping that he'd have the guts to make a move. She could feel Ron's breath on her lips and was dying to know if their position was driving him crazy as well. Finally after waiting a few seconds Liz backed up feeling a bit embarrassed at the fact that she just took a daring move only to be shot down.

"What was that?" asked Ron after she backed away feel upset with himself for not kissing her
"I'd say the books might of had a better chance of knowing what that was" said Liz and with that she left Ron alone in the row of books

While the boys dealt with their own problems Hermione was mindlessly wandering through the shelves of books her mind absorbed in erasing all the new feelings she was beginning to feel for Draco.' Wow I even used his real name' though Hermione 'Oh great now I'm really in the need of a good book' said Hermione causing herself to become unaware of her increase in speed only to find herself in a row of books not noticing the other person who had been in the same one.

"Hermione are you ok?" asked Draco
Hermione looked up into his gray eyes only to feel her hands feeling moist from embarrassment but then responded
"What do you care?" said Hermione
"I was just trying to be nice" said Draco with a surprised tone
"Well don't I'm a Gryffindor and you're a Slytherin" said Hermione as a matter of fact
"Look I know that it may be hard to erase all the crap I've put you through, but I've changed" said Draco with a pleading look in his eyes

"You don't have to prove anything to me" said Hermione
"I know, but I really wanted you to know that" said Draco
"You called me Hermoine" she said
"That's your name isn't it?" he replied
"It's sound weird coming from you" she said
"Well you try saying my name" he suggested
"Draco" she said slowly
"My that is quite the dashing name" he said
"Well in that case you should of been name a Milton" she said
"You should of been named a Sherly then" he said
"What kind of a name is that" she asked
"You know like shrieking Sherly" he said
"Oh ok have somebody also jump on you and then tell me how you react" she said
"I would never have hurt you anyways" said Draco surprising both of them with his truthful and caring words
"Well thanks that means a lot to me" said Hermione
"You're welcome" he said

A few moments of silence surrounded them as Hermione searched for the book that she needed. Draco was wondering what he was feeling and how he couldn't help but smile to himself remembering how Hermione had made their dorm 'homey'.

"So what was with Harry and Bianca?" asked Draco
"They have their own things to discuss" she replied
"It seems to me that he really likes her" he said
"Oh yeah and how can you tell?" she asked
"Well for a guy it's simple their mind is somewhere else, they can't help but smile when they see that special someone and they keep talking just to keep them around" he answered
"Well I'll be sure to look for that guy who keeps acting like that around me" said Hermione
"Oh yeah and who would this person be?" asked Draco feeling upset that someone else had been checking out Hermione
"You're not bothered by it are you?" she asked curious as to why he suddenly began to have a mad expression on his face
"Just hoping that he won't keep you from your responsibilities of making sure that Potter and Weasley go to bed on time" he said

"Well let's hope Pansy doesn't become mad with not being with you right now" said Hermione only to find Draco's hands covering her mouth as if the world might stop at any second
"Don't say that name, I've been noticing that whenever her name is said she somehow manages to appear out of nowhere" he said not removing his hands from her mouth
"MMMMMMM!!!" mumbled Hermione against his hands
"Oh sorry" he said releasing her
"Gosh paranoid much" said Hermione
"Well you're the one who brought her up" said Draco
"Only cause I've been having the urge to punch her" she said without knowing what she might have just admitted
"Wait what did you say?" he asked with a shocked expression on his face
"Nothing I have to go" and with that she left him standing there alone

After each member had a great time in the library they met up at the same table where Ron and Harry had been. Each wore an expression that could not be read each wondering what had just happened. After what seemed like hours they looked up into each other's eyes realizing it was time they left the library that they could come back to retrieve the books that they really needed later.

Together they left the library only to see Liz and Bianca outside in the halls. Bianca was wearing a hurt expression while Liz was trying to talk to her. The trio caught sight of them and Bianca turned her head away from Harry as did Liz. They continued walking until another group of people came into view. It was Logan and Seth with Cho right behind them. Cho caught sight of Harry and walked right up to him

"Oh honey I heard what those elements caused in the class that I missed" she said as she grabbed Harry and kissed him. As he allowed her to kiss him he could see Bianca above her shoulders looking at them with an unbearable look in her eyes. Logan could see something was bothering her and then turned to see what had caught her attention and gave Harry the death glare. After releasing Harry she saw that his eyes were on Bianca

"I'll take care of this" she whispered to him and turned only to walk straight up to Bianca
"Wait what is she doing?" asked Harry realizing that the bad kiss had ended
"I don't know, but it can't be good" said Hermione
"Stay away from my man" yelled Cho to Bianca
"Excuse me?" said Bianca in a calm tone with Liz behind her looking like her eyes could burn through skin
"You heard me" said Cho

"Here I always thought that a kiss between those in love was supossed to be hot not the most disgusting shit I've ever seen" said Bianca with an enraged tone
"Just cause you can't have him is no reason to be jealous" said Cho with an embarrassed look on her face
"Honey believe me there is nothing to be jealous of" said Bianca looking her straight in the eye
"Then why did you kiss him in class uh?" asked Cho
"I wanted him to know what a real kiss was like, I felt sorry that he kept making out with a fat ugly rotten toe" said Bianca
"You bitch" said Cho
"Oh heck no I'm about to kick your ass if you can't shut it whore" said Liz
"Oh please you can't even get a kiss from Ron over there you really think I'm scared of you" said Cho causing Liz's eyes to go wide.

Harry and Hermione turned to look at Ron who was looking at Liz with strong eyes. Seth was looking dumbfounded as was Logan when suddenly the quiet and tense atmosphere was broken by Bianca smacking Cho on the nose. Cho stumbled only to slap Bianca in which Bianca returned the favor only with a harder and louder slap across the face.

"You bitch" screamed Bianca as Logan held her back while Harry did the same with Cho. Logan handed Bianca to Seth and Liz although Liz was restraining herself to not take another punch at Cho. Harry to had handed Cho to Ron and Hermione hoping to see if Bianca was alright although he knew how tough she was
"Stay away from her" said Logan blocking Harry from Bianca
"I already told you what if I don't" he answered with blazing fierce eyes
"I'll tell you my answer again" said Logan
"You couldn't keep us apart in class could you?" said Harry
"That was because Hagrid came" said Logan
"Nor summer" said Harry wanting to rub it in his face about what he and Bianca had.

Unfourtanetly Bianca had heard this comment and looked like she was about to burst with anger, but only released herself from Seth's grip and along with Liz walked back to her dorm. Logan was about to reply, but couldn't find the words to expression his confusion and instead turned around and along with Seth left the scene following the girls. Once they were out of sight Hermione and Ron released the struggling Cho.

"What the heck did you do that for?" asked Harry
"I had to tell her to stay away from you" she said
"Cho, I'm sorry, but I do not love you" he said finally releasing the words that he knew he should of said a long time ago
"You'll come back I know you will" she said before turning the corner and dissapearing
"Well that was........interesting" said Ron
"Don't think that you're off the hook" said Harry to Ron causing him to blush
"Now I am most certain that we will never have a quiet year here at Hogwarts" said Hermione with a tired and worried expression.

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Chapter 10: Dance It Away...
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After hearing Harry hint to Logan about their time spent together during the summer Bianca ended her struggle to go for Cho's neck and released herself from Seth's and Liz's grips. She looked Harry in the eyes and felt anger.....something she had never felt for him. She no longer wanted to be anywhere near him and took off towards the other direction towards her dormitory.

She didn't care about talking to him. All she wanted was to find a pillow she could beat the life out of. Bianca was furious she could feel her insides boiling. She never wanted Logan to find out about her and Harry's time together. That was something private and she knew now he would be persistent about finding out all he could.

It wasn't that Logan was nosy, he probably just obviously thought that she would be spending her time in a muggle neighborhood being bored instead of finding love.

'Woah did I just admit to myself that I still love Harry?' thought Bianca. She wasn't sure what she felt. On one hand she didn't understand how he could be with someone he didn't love and why he hadn't been able to come clean with Bianca about his and Cho's relationship that had been put on hold over the summer.

If she really meant as little to him as he says she does, then there should be no reason to worry about Bianca's reaction. Then there's the Bianca who can't get Harry out of her mind and the Bianca who wants nothing more than to claw Cho's eyes before or after she pulls her hair out.

'Man when did I get so vicious' wondered Bianca. She hadn't even noticed when she had reached the portrait hole to her dormitory. She stood standing still for a few moments lost in her thoughts. Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulders. She had hoped it would be Liz, but it was instead Logan.

"Are you ok?" asked Logan

"I'm fine, where did Seth and Liz go?" asked Bianca as she noticed no one was behind them

"Liz went to Seth to get a few snacks" said Logan

"Oh yeah all that shouting can make a stomach hungry" said Bianca before saying the password allowing her and Logan to enter into the dorm.

A breath of air released her lips as she sat down on the couch hoping Logan would be gentle in his approach of the situation.

"Bianca what did Harry mean by during the summer?" asked Logan quickly

"Do we really have to talk about that?" asked Bianca with an tired tone

"Did you meet him over the summer?" continued Logan

"What does it matter if I did?" asked Bianca

"I need to know" answered Logan

"Why because you'd be crushed to find out that I still wasn't over you or that I was enjoying myself without you?" asked Bianca with irritation

"It's not like that and you know it....I....I just want to know if....if...was he your friend or more than your friend?" asked Logan with a bit of hesitation

"That's the best way you're gonna ask if we hooked up?" replied Bianca

"Well if you already know what I'm gonna ask you should just answer the question" said Logan with an angered tone

"That's none of your business Logan" said Bianca as she got up from the couch

"Bianca" said Logan quietly

"What?" she asked as she turned around

"I need to know if I'm chasing a lost cause" said Logan as he connected his eyes with hers.

Bianca suddenly realized that this situation wasn't easy for him either. She knew how much he cared about her and how he really was trying to make things work. She could see the effort in his eyes. Bianca slowly broke the connection and made her way up to her room.

Bianca walked over to her room and crawled into it hoping that benath the sheets would be the entrance to a world that wasn't so complicated. She wondered when her and Harry's relationship had gone wrong. When they were together on Privet drive it was like they were made for each other, but her nothing was going right for them.

'Don't give up on him' whispered a voice inside Bianca's head. Her thoughts lingered on their first kiss in the rain.The thought of his wet skin was driving her crazy. The sound of someone advancing to her room caused Bianca to sit up right.

In walked Liz with a tray of doughnuts and coffee. She silently walked over to Bianca's bed and placed the doughtuts on the bed while she levitated a coffee towards Bianca. Bianca anxiously took the coffee and sipped it. The warmth melted straight down to her stomach.

"So....." said Liz

"So....." said Bianca

"The weather's nice" said Liz

"Yeah the grass is pretty green" said Bianca

"The whomping willow killed another bird" said Liz

"Awww poor Jack" said Bianca

"You were naming them?" asked Liz

"Yeah well I guess I shouldn't have gotten attached" said Bianca causing both the girls to share a small laugh

"You tried to kiss Ron?" asked Bianca urgently

"Hey who said my problems were up first?" asked Liz

"Hey I had to deal with Logan right now" said Bianca as she took a small bite out of a chocolate doughnut

"Well we were in the library discussing school....." began Liz

"Of course" added Bianca

"Then it started to become flirty talk" continued Liz

"Ha ha man I wonder if putting a y at the end of a word makes it real" said Bianca

"Well it makes it work in this story.....and so I leaned it to see if he would kiss me and then my lips started to feel cold and lonely so I backed up and walked away" said Liz

"Awww Liz I'm so sorry" said Bianca

"Yeah well I think my story is just bad enough to go on a world wide tour of depression and how I bounced back" said Liz

"Or how you got back on the horse....hey you'll be touring coffee shops and filling people's hearts with darkness" said Bianca

"Yeah well anyway I can give back you know?" said Liz

"Doing it for the children....good for you" joked Bianca

"Well you don't have chap lips, you don't drool, and you wore deoderant today so why wouldn't he have kissed you?" wondered Bianca

"I don't doesn't matter anyways" said Liz

"Yeah it does don't give me that crap" said Bianca

"Well what am I supposed to do huh? Maybe he can't keep up...maybe I'm just not his type" said Liz

"Well as for the slow part I think we can get him a magical wheelchair" joked Bianca as they both shared a small laugh

"What're you gonna do about Harry?" asked Liz

"I don't know" said Bianca

"You're still in love with him....I know you are" said Liz

"Yeah well thanks to him...Logan knows about our summer" said Bianca

"He asked about that?" asked Liz

"He wouldn't stop asking about it" said Bianca

"Did he put two and two together?" asked Liz

"No more division" said Bianca as she pulled a pillow over her head

"That was actually addittion" said Liz

"I think he knows that we hooked up, but I think he really wants to know if there's still a chance for us" said Bianca quietly

"You can't keep stringing him along" said Liz

"I know" said Bianca

"Life was so much easier when boys had cooties huh?" asked Liz

"It really was or when we used to hide from them in the girls' bathrooms" said Bianca

"That was the life" said Liz as the girls sat with each other allowing the silence to take over.

"You know that depression tour doesn't start for awhile" said Bianca

"Where are you going with this?" asked Liz

"Let's get out....have a girls night" said Bianca

"What other girls do we know?" asked Liz

"Well there's Hermione...even if she is good friends with Ron & Harry....then there's that cool Ginny girl....and that blonde girl with the lion hat....Luna" said Bianca

"So we're just gonna go and pick up the girls and go where now?" asked Liz

"What does it matter....let's just not mope...we still have at least 2 hours before we have to be back in our dorms" continued Bianca as she went over to her dresser to get her ipod.

"Well we've gotta get past Logan and Seth and then we might meet up with Harry and Ron...are you ok with that?" asked Liz

"Who cares..." said Bianca although she was a bit worried about seeing Harry

"Alright let's do it" said Liz

"It's time to party!!!" said Bianca as she and Liz exited their room and made their way down the stairs.

They were met with the sight of Seth and Logan on the couches deep in a discussion. Both of the boys turned their heads when they saw the girls with determined expressions as they came down the stairs.

"Where are you two headed off to?" asked Seth

"We're gonna hang out with our friends" said Bianca

"As in friends you mean...?" questioned Logan

"The ones that pee while sitting down" said Bianca quickly

"You guys should hang with your friends too you know" suggested Liz

"Yeah maybe we will" said Logan softly not making eye contact

"Well we'll see you later" said Bianca before she and Liz made their way through the portrait hall and into the halls of Hogwarts.

They decided it'd be best if they picked up Luna first. They made their way over to the Ravenclaw dormitory and knocked loudly on the portrait in which they angered a man who had been reading.

They were greeted with the sight of Cho Chang.

"What the hell do you want?" asked Cho

"Not your nasty ass breath all over us" replied Liz

"Oh was that a joke?" asked Cho

"I thought it was funny...but anywho is Luna in there?" asked Bianca

"Are you starting a freaks club?" asked Cho

"Yeah we are we've got your picture framed and everything" said Liz

Cho did not answer and instead called out to 'Loony' saying someone actually wanted to talk to her.

"Hello" said Luna with a dreamy expression

"Hey wanna have a girls night out tonight" asked Liz

"Well I would it's just that nargles have been taking my things and today's the 12th which means that they're teaming up with the Jignos to mess up the hair of those who aren't careful" said Luna softly

"Well we've got enough lighting to mess up their vision so they might just end up destroying the carpet's hair" said Bianca

"You read the Quibbler?" asked Luna with a surprised expression

"Yeah...." said Bianca as if it weren't odd to read that magazine

"Well I suppose I'll come" said Luna as she exited the dorm and continued with Liz and Bianca on their way to the Gryffindor common room.

"Who's gonna knock?" asked Luna noticing their hesitation

"I will" said Bianca courageously

"Are you guys nervous about seeing Ron and Harry?" asked Luna bluntly

"How'd you know?" asked Liz

"I saw the scene in the halls when I was walking from the library" said Luna

"So what's you think of the show?" asked Bianca

"I think Cho deserved it and that I don't understand why Ron wouldn't kiss you I mean you haven't been infected with a Demqo have you?" asked Luna

" I haven't" said Liz

"Well here I go" said Bianca

Quickly she stepped towards the door. She tried to keep her emotions under control and constantly reminded herself that they were only there to find Hermione and Ginny. Just as she was about to knock on the door it swung wide open smacking her right on the nose.

"Oh shit" said Bianca as she tried to rub her nose to ease the pain

Neville had opened the door and was confused at the sight of Bianca in pain.

"Oh Neville you have perfect timing" said Luna causing him to blush red

"" stammered Neville

"Yeah I'm fine and thanks for asking if I'm ok Liz" said Bianca as she looked at Liz who had tears in her eyes from the laughter

"You should know that it's laughter first and then worry" said Liz after she composed herself

"Maybe you should re-think that system" suggested Luna

"You should come in....Hermione knows a spell that can fix that" said Neville

"Why that's very kind of you Neville" said Luna as she casually walked into the common room

"Come on B" said Liz as she grabbed Bianca's arm to pull her into the room after Neville had already entered.

"Do we have to?" asked Bianca

Suddenly they were in the common room and all eyes were on them. The fire crackling was all that could be heard. Bianca could see Ron, Harry, and Hermione all starring directly at them while there was only a few other students like Dean, Ginny, Seamus, that Patil sisters and a few of the younger students. Luna was casually sitting on the couch next to Ginny.

"What happened?" asked Hermione bravely

"Well you know we were just walking around and I decided to bang my nose into the Fat Lady's picture" said Bianca calmly

"Neville opened the door and hit her on the nose" said Liz

"Sorry" said Neville as he saw that all eyes had now shifted over to him

"Like I said I think you got your prefect timing from a Semci" said Luna recieving puzzled looks

"Are you hurt?" asked Harry as he began to get up from his chair and walk over to Bianca

Bianca felt her heart begin to beat faster and no longer could form a sentence to speak. Luckily Liz responded for her.

"She's fine....we just need Hermione to help" said Liz not making eye contact with Ron

"Oh sure....let's take her to my room" said Hermione as she, Bianca, Liz, Ginny, and Luna went up the stairs.

Upstairs Hermione said a spell which erased all evidence of a scar and pain. Bianca thanked her and then suggested to Ginny and Hermione if they'd like to have a girls night right now. Both agreed and would meet them outside of the portrait.

Bianca, Liz, and Luna quickly left their room and went down the stairs. Bianca tried to avoid having to talk to Harry, but he quickly jumped in front of her.

"Feeling better?" asked Harry

"Yeah all the birdies have stopped flying around my head" said Bianca causing Harry to laugh.

She suddenly felt a longing to hear Harry's laugh. She knew that it had been awhile. They both stood quietly as they looked at each other. Bianca found herself getting lost in those green eyes of his, but quickly came back down to earth.

"Well I better get going" said Bianca as she began to turn away but found a hand pulling her back

"I'm sorry" said Harry

"Me too" replied Bianca as she tried to ignore the shivers that had gone down her neck

Slowly Harry released her hand and she turned around to exit the dorm. After waiting for a few seconds Ginny and Hermione were ready. The 5 girls made their way through the halls of Hogwarts looking for a place to party. Suddenly after walking around for a few minutes they came across the Room of Requirements.

Hermione explained to Bianca and Liz about the room and both agreed it to be brilliant. Soon the girls were talking and just enjoying each other's company. The issue of boys hadn't come up one yet in which Bianca was quite thankful for.

"Ha ha yes most embarassing moment with a bathroom was in fact that my cousin thought I had flooded it" said Hermione

"Ha ha did you tell him that you couldn't eat that much to flood it?" asked Liz

"Yeah...he wouldn't listen" replied Hermione

"He probably thought you were gonna store it or something" suggested Ginny

"Ha ha disgusting, but experimental" said Bianca

"Yeah well at least your foot didn't get stuck in one" said Luna

"Were they good shoes?" asked Liz

"No, they were good socks though" said Luna causing everyone to laugh

"Hey let's listen to some music" suggested Ginny

"Yeah I brought my ipod" said Bianca as she muttered a spell causing the earphones to echo around the room.

"Mind if I pick the song?" asked Liz

"Sure...just don't be evil" said Bianca

"But it makes my eyes stand out" said Liz as she began to scroll for a song. She suddenly found a song and smirked.

"I think we can all relate to this song" said Liz before the song began

Hey! Hey! You! You!
I don't like your Girlfriend
No way! No way!
I think you need a new one
Hey! Hey! You! You!
I could be your girlfriend

"Oh you are evil" said Bianca

"This song is catchy" said Ginny

"That's what I'm talking about" said Liz

"Yeah" said Luna as she began to get up and dance

"Wooo...go Luna" shouted Hermione who had also begun to spin around and shake her head and hips with Liz

"Come on B" said Liz

Hey! Hey! You! You!
I know that you like me
No way! No way!
You know it's not a secret
Hey! Hey! You! You!
I want to be your Girlfriend

"Nope nope...I refuse to dance to this song" said Bianca

"Oh come know you wanna even sing it" said Liz as she was spinning Hermione

"Nope no I do not" answered Bianca

You're so fine I want you mine
You're so delicious
I think about ya all the time
You're so addictive
Don't you know what I could do to make you feel alright?
Don't pretend I think you know I'm damn precious
I can tell you like me too and you know I'm right

"Is it in your head yet?" asked Luna

"Nope and I won't let it either" said Bianca

"Oh pick your ass up and dance" ordered Luna as she picked Bianca up from a chair

"Yes mother" replied Bianca as she and Luna spun around

She's like so whatever
And you could do so much better
I think we should get together now
And that's what everyone's talking about!

"See isn't this fun?" asked Liz as she booty bumped Ginny who was laughing

"You better sleep with your eyes open tonight Liz" said Bianca as she continued to spin with Luna

"Well aren't you just a happy camper" said Liz

Hey! Hey! You! You!
I don't like your girlfriend!
No way! No way!
I think you need a new one
Hey! Hey! You! You!
I could be your girlfriend

Soon Bianca found herself getting into the song and was spinning and booty bumping everyone. None of the girls noticed when Harry, Ron, and Neville walked in. All boys felt a bit amused watching the girls move. Harry smiled when he saw how free and happy Bianca looked. He had almost forgotten how beautiful she was when she smiled. Nevilled motioned for Ron and Harry to listen to the song and all 3 boys had to hold back their laughs.

Hey! Hey! You! You!
I know that you like me
No way! No way!
You know it's not a secret
Hey! Hey! You! You!
I want to be your girlfriend

Soon the song ended and all girls stood with laughter erupting from their stomachs. They heard 3 distinctive laughs and turned to see Harry, Ron, and Neville clapping.

"How long have you been there?" asked Ginny

"Long enough little sister" said Ron

"Ronald Weasley if you say anything about this I will kill you" said Hermione

"That's an interesting song pick" said Harry as he looked at Bianca

"Yeah well Liz picked it" replied Bianca

"Yeah me" said Liz as she raised her hand making everyone laugh

Before anyone could say anything else from the other side of the room entered Draco Malfoy(making Hermione's stomach do a back flip), Blaise Zambini, Seth, and Logan. Harry was trying to keep his cool as was Ron while both Bianca and Liz were panicking.

"What're you guys doing here?" asked Liz

"We decided to hang out with our friends and we were looking for a place to have a party and then this door opened" replied Seth

"Don't mind if we join you do you?" asked Draco

"No...this place is as open as a Blue Berro's home" said Luna causing the atmosphere to become quiet

"So what've you ladies been doing?" asked Blaise expressing his soft toned voice

"Dancing" replied Ginny quickly

"Anything you'd like to show us?" asked Blaise

"Not for your eyes" responded Hermione earning a smirk from Draco

"What do you say we play a game of Truth or Dare?" suggested Logan earning a death glare from both Harry and Bianca

"That sounds like fun" said Luna

"I'd rather not" replied Liz

"Me neither...." answered Harry

"You scared Potter?" asked Logan

"Not of you" answered Harry

"Yeah I don't wanna play either" said Bianca

"Come on you two" said Ginny

"Either we all do it or none of us do it" said Blaise

"Nothing to be worried about right?" said Seth

"Come on Longbottom" said Draco

"Fine" said Hermione along with a reluctant Ron

"Whatever" replied Neville and Liz

"That leaves you two" said Blaise as both Bianca and Harry had not answered

Logan was waiting anxiously and patiently was waiting for their respnses. His eyes continued to try and read their facial expressions. He knew that Bianca was afraid and didn't want any more problems, but that doesn't mean he couldn't mess with Potter.

Bianca wanted nothing to do with this game. She knew there would be kissing involved and she didn't want to deal with this crap, but she couldn't back down......she was strong and she was gonna stay strong.

Harry didn't want to be dared to have to kiss Bianca, especially if she wasn't comfortable with the situation, then again he could always piss off Logan somehow.

Slowly both answered with a 'yes'. Everyone made a circle and sat on the floor. Everyone was quiet in their own thoughts wondering what would come out of this game.

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Chapter 11: Shake The Hips In Relationships
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The young adults all sat in chairs in a circle eying each other with suspicion. All wondering who would be kind in their approach to either the truth or a dare. They were well aware that things could very well change once they walked out of the room. Yet, no one seemed in any rush to remove themselves from the game.

Perhaps as much as they knew was at stake here apart of them wanted to know what their fellow peers were hiding. Each one of them had a secret and yet their hunger for revenge and knowledge was keeping them in their seats.

Everyone in that circle was very much capable of destroying friendships, the question was who was ready to get their hands dirty.  All knew that the truth would hurt, they only didn't know how much. In a way they were each daring themselves to be in this game.

None of the students made any notion to break the pattern of silence. That was until a blonde girl became rather tired of it.

"What's the matter Logan, tired of presenting a challenge" asked Luna calmly

"No, just waiting till everyone is good and ready" he replied a bit taken back by her eagerness.

"Well it's not like we're waiting for winter or anything" said Ron

"Winter is almost here" said Seth quickly

"How would you can't tell left from right" spoke Harry

"I always say left for 'Like Luna said hurry the fuck up' and right for 'Ready your ass for my foot' " interrupted Liz before the boys could continue angering one another

"Ha ha I happen to like that method" said Bianca with a smile. Everyone minus Harry, Ron, Logan, and Seth were laughing while Blaise and Draco were smirking with admiration.

"So who's gonna go first?" asked Harry

"Whoever wants to" said Draco

"And that would be?" continued Ginny

Nobody was in any hurry to respond. Truthfully all were more sacred of being the person who was asked rather than to be the one who was doing the asking.

"I'll go first" said Hermione softly

No one knew what possessed Hermione to volunteer herself. Draco was a bit surprised at her actions but then realized that there was more to her than what she actually led on to be. He found himself smiling at how mysterious she could be with her slim legs and nice curves.

Suddenly Draco found himself to be checking out Granger and had to dispense these feelings and thoughts at all costs. He began shaking is head around causing everyone to suddenly forget  Hermione's proposal and instead look at him with confusion.

"What's wrong with him?" whispered Bianca making Luna and Ginny laugh

"I'm not sure" said Blaise

"Is he having a mental breakdown?" asked Seth

"Maybe a nargle got stuck in his pants" suggested Luna shifting all eyes upon herself

"Then why would he be shaking his head?" asked Ron

"Tricky little things aren't they" added Luna

"So who's gonna get it?" asked Liz

"Blaise should, they are pals and everything" said Bianca

"Oh so rather his friend rather than a stranger" said Blaise

"I' sure he'd do the same for you" spoke Neville

"How about you stick your hand down Draco's pants then Neville" said Hermione rather loudly and calmly

Just as quick as it began Draco's head shaking ended. His head shot up while his eyes seemed to have popped out a bit. They targeted Neville.

"You're gonna do what Longbottom?" asked Draco

"See typical guy talk about someone's hands going down below and all of a sudden they can hear" said Hermione

"Oh yeah the head shaking..." continued Draco quietly

"I thought it was a nargle" added Luna

"I do believe that Hermione had just decided to go first" reminded Logan with an eager tone

"Of course...let's see who should I choose.." said Hermione

She found herself examining all who sat before her.

"Ginny truth or dare?" asked Hermione

"Truth" spoke Ginny calmly as the ran her fingers through her soft red hair

"How many times have you snuck out of your house?" asked Hermione

"About 6 times" replied Ginny

"WHAT???" questioned Ron in a loud tone

"Oh come on like you didn't know" said Ginny

"After the game we can find you a talk show to discuss your family problems, but now it's Ginny's turn to question someone" said Seth earning a dirty look from Ron

"Hmmm....let's see" said Ginny as she glanced around "Blaise..." she said

"Yes love" responded Blaise

"Yeah don't call me that.....Truth or Dare?" asked Ginny

"Truth" said Blaise wondering what she wanted to know about him

"On a scale of 1 to 10 what would you rate your body?" asked Ginny making the girls laugh and the boys shift uncomfortably

"I'd say a 9" answered Blaise

"Conceited" said Bianca jokingly

"Gosh do you look at it that much?" asked Liz

"Now now only one question at a time" said Blaise cool like

"That's a yes" said Ginny with satisfaction at the effect of her question

"Alright my turn.....who will be the victim?" said Blaise as he rubbed his hands together and stood on the edge of his seat

"Neville....Truth or Dare" said Blaise

"Truth" said Neville while his ears turned red

"Chicken..." muttered Blaise

"You choose truth that makes you one as well" said Luna defensively. Neville shed a smile at this comment

"Fair enough......have you ever kissed a girl?" asked Blaise

"No" said Neville as he eyes fell to look at the floor

"Don't be embarrassed Neville" said Ron making Liz wonder

"It's your turn mate" reminded Harry

"Right......huh....." continued Neville. He wasn't exactly sure who to ask, he didn't want to make anyone mad.

Draco.....Truth or Dare?" asked Neville shuddering with regret

"Dare" said Draco

"I dare you to call everyone by their first names for one whole day" said Neville earning smiles from everyone

"Good one Neville" said Ginny slowly saying Neville as if helping Draco with his task

"Fine.....I will...but now it is my turn" said Draco

For a moment his eyes passed over Hermione realizing that she was in a vulnerable position, but something inside him wasn't willing to cross that line. He could tell she was watching him very closely.

"Green....Truth or Dare?" asked Draco as he looked at Seth

"Dare" said Seth eagerly

"I dare you to wear a sing that says 'My balls got cut need of some love' in big letters for a day" said Draco. Everyone had begun laughing immediately especially Luna who almost fell off her seat.

"Are you serious?" asked Bianca through her laughter

"Hey he asked for a dare" said Draco

"I am not walking with you that day" said Logan with a smile

"Hey I asked for it.....nice one Draco...alright I'm up...mmm I wonder" said Seth

"Liz my dear...." began Seth. Liz was starring directly into his eyes as was Ron

"Truth or Dare?" asked Seth

Liz thought about which to choose. She knew that she may have to spill her guts out and she wouldn't give Seth that satisfaction. Slowly she answered. 

"Dare" replied Liz calmly although her mind was racing with anticipation

"I dare you to kiss me for 3 minutes" said Seth with a grin on his face. Ron immediately could feel his insides boiling and his voice desperate to be released through an angry objection.

"Who's gonna time me?" asked Liz quickly while trying to stay calm, her eyes avoiding Ron

"I will" said Bianca

"Pucker up you two" teased Blaise. Ginny could sense how angry her brother was, but somehow knew it was his fault for not stepping up to the plate in the first place

Slowly Liz got up and headed towards Seth. All eyes were on them as Seth welcomed her with open arms as she took a seat on his lap. Liz looked into his eyes and knew he was a good guy, but couldn't help but want to yell at him for taking advantage of her in this situation. All thoughts suddenly slipped from her mind as she closed her eyes just as Seth's lips crashed against hers.

Ron tried to not let it bother him, but it was proving to be useless and only felt like crawling into a hole in the ground. Bianca kept her eye focused on the two at all times counting the seconds in her mind. Harry felt bad for his best mate, but was beginning to wonder what things would happen when Logan finally had his chance to be the asker. He couldn't imagine himself sitting there and taking no action.

Neville turned his eyes away from the scene while Luna starred dreamingly up at the ceiling. Ginny and Hermione were sitting waiting for it to be over knowing how much Liz must be against it. Soon the 3 minutes were up.

"Time's up" said Bianca quickly as if it were urgent

Liz immediately removed herself from Seth's grip on her waist and stood up to walk back to her seat. She attempted to make eye contact with Ron as if to let him know that that could have been him earlier today. Unfortunately the message was never sent for Ron refused to remove his attention away from the floor. It wasn't until Liz took her seat that he finally looked up.

Liz crossed her arms across her chest with frustration over Ron's daff behavior. She would of at least liked to see him glare at Seth with anger so that she could note some sign of jealousy although it was easy to tell how much pleasure Seth was getting from all of this. Bianca turned to look at Liz with an apologetic look. Liz only nodded her head, knowing that her best friend would know that she wished she had never received that dare.

Everyone allowed Liz the time she needed until she was ready to question the next person. Ron was already ready to leave his seat and stomp off to his room, but found himself not making any motion towards the door. Ginny and Hermione turned to look at one another both knowing that the other was just as worried at how consequential this game would get.

After a few moments of silence Liz found herself with enough strength to once again speak. "Bianca Truth or Dare?"

Bianca slowly wondered about which way to go. She knew that Liz would never put her in an uncomfortable situation.

"Truth" replied Bianca

"How much did you enjoy your summer?" asked Liz casually causing Logan's alertness to increase

Bianca wasn't sure to smirk or laugh from how nicely Liz put that question. She had to admit that her friend did have a way with words.

"I enjoyed it VERY much" responded Bianca, putting much emphasis on the 'very'.

Harry found himself grinning with enjoyment over the facial expressions Logan bore. Logan's eyebrows were pointed giving him an angered look. Hermione and Ron both slipped a bit on the laugh that they were trying to suppress.

"Well well, looks like it's my turn....hmmm Luna..." began Bianca

"Yes?" asked Luna as she still wore a dreamy expression

"Truth or Dare?" questioned Bianca

"Dare" answered Luna shocking almost everyone

"I dare you to go on a date with the boy that you like" said Bianca

"What?!!" blurted Luna with a frightful look

"Come on...any guy would be lucky to have you....besides you said dare" continued Bianca

"Yeah....but.....alright fine, but if he even tries the whole yawn and hand over my shoulder thing, I'm gonna kick em' where it hurts" stated Luna

"You do that" said Bianca

"Alright who shall it be......Logan.....Truth or Dare?" asked Luna

Logan was a bit unsure about what to pick. He couldn't read Luna like he could with other people. A part of him wanted to see how gutsy she was with her dares.

"Dare" stated Logan as he sat on the edge of his seat

Everyone was quite curious to see what Luna's response would be. For a moment everyone held their breath waiting for Luna to speak.

"I dare you to write both Pansy and Cho a sex letter" said Luna with not a hint of hesitation in her voice

Everyone found themselves grinning because of Luna's confidence. Never would any of them could have guessed that Luna would ask such a thing. Bianca and Liz were laughing quite loudly as were Ron and Harry. Hermione found herself looking at Draco who also was starring directly at her. Neither knew how they both found themselves replaying the scene in the library over in their minds. Hermione had hoped that Draco would have no reason to wonder about her contempt towards Pansy.

"Where do you come up with these?" asked Seth

"You girlfriend gonna be ok with that?" asked Logan as he starred directly at Harry

"What do I care, besides I broke up with her" spoke Harry calmly who did not notice a Bianca who was now hanging on his every word

"What happened not that good in bed Potter?" continued Logan

"You've got to write the letter and send it in 2 days" said Luna

"I believe it's your turn Logan" stated Ginny

"Thanks I almost forgot......Potter..Truth or Dare?" asked Logan taking his time in between his words

Harry took his time to decide on how best to respond. He knew that the truth would be pertaining to his and Bianca's relationship and as much as he wanted to irritate Logan with what he and Bianca had experienced he knew that she would have to deal with his questions in the end. Then again, he was positive that he would not be too pleased with the dare he would be receiving from Logan. In the end he decided to take whatever Logan threw at him just for Bianca.

"Dare" said Harry as he attempted to make himself more comfortable in his seat

"I dare you to go to the winter dance with Cho" said Logan quickly

"What dance?" asked Hermione taking the words right out of Harry's mouth

"The winter was announced today at dinner...wasn't anyone listening?" asked Logan

"Is everyone invited?" asked Luna wondering if it was just for the 7th years

"Yup everyone...think you're gonna get a date?" asked Seth with a bit of amusement in his voice

"Probably...I'll give the desperate girls your name" Luna responded

"McGonagall said that we have a lot to be thankful for this year" said Blaise

"You heard her when you weren't rating your body?" asked Ginny

"So Harry you got your dare and hopefully you two will be able to rebuild your relationship" said Logan with a smirk on his face

Harry could feel his his fists clenching. He wanted nothing more than to punch the crap out of Logan. This dare was worse than he imagined, just when he had broken the grip Cho had on him now he had to go to the dance with her. His attention lingered over to Bianca who 's face was expressionless. He could sense both her hopes and his of dancing and holding one another drifting far far away. They both knew this was Logan's way of keeping them separated.

Those closest to Harry and Bianca felt at a loss for words. They only could attempt to imagine what they were going through right now.

"Hey Harry" said a voice that seemed out in the distance, but was really closer than he thought

Harry lifted his tired and heavy up to see that it was Neville who had spoken

"It's your turn" he said in a reassuring tone

"Thanks Neville" said Harry as he once again sat straight in his seat

He decided that no longer was he going to sit back and let Logan drive him crazy. He wasn't about playing fair, that had ended when he last dared Harry.

"Liz....Truth or Dare?" asked Harry as he kept eye contact with Seth was seemed a bit on the edge

Liz knew that Harry was angry and made up her mind of helping him to get back at Logan

"Dare" said Liz as she nudged Bianca in an attempt to help her friend to get her head back in the game. Bianca sat up straight her eyes looking everywhere wondering what had happened while she had been absorbed in her own thoughts

"I dare you to spend what the muggles call 7 minutes in heaven with Ron in that broom closet" said Harry as he pointed a finger towards a broom cupboard that was in the right corner towards where Draco and the others had entered

Everyone's mouth was open including Ron's and Seth's. Liz on the other hand was grinning. Bianca's eyes were directly concentrated on the broom closet.

"It looks like it's just big enough for 1 person" said Harry to a Seth who was starring at him angrily

"Maybe 1 and a half" continued Harry

Silently and without any warning Liz stood up and began walking towards the closet in equally portioned calm steps. Halfway there she stopped.

"He said with Ron as in me not by myself" said Liz

All eyes shifted over to Ron who's ears had face had turned to a very red shade. Ron's eyes seemed to be going back and forth, left and right searching for help from his friends. When no one spoke he slowly got up and followed Liz. Everyone sat watching as the two silently entered the closet.

Time seemed to have stopped after Ron shut the door. Seth was fidgeting in his seat as he strained his ears to hear if any noise was coming from the closet. Logan was bearing a hole in Harry as the two stared with much contempt at the other. Ginny and Hermione felt themselves wanting to laugh at how Ron was probably fumbling over his words with awkwardness. Bianca's thoughts went back to the Harry and Cho situation while Blaise and Draco were grinning at how entertaining this whole situation was. Neville on the other hand was trying to keep his attention on the wall wondering why Luna finally found his so interesting seeing as how she was starring dreamily at him.

After a few minutes of silence Logan decided to end it

"You suck at playing the bad guy" said Logan to Harry

"I don't think least I'm not worried about the truth" replied Harry

"What does that mean?" asked Logan feeling offended

"The only reason you're having me go with Cho to the dance is cause you know Bianca would have gone with me" stated Harry courageously

"I don't think Bianca likes you making decisions for her" said Logan

"Yeah well I don't think Bianca likes you controlling her life" said Harry

"I think that Bianca likes to fucking talk about herself in 3rd person too" said Bianca with irritation

Before any more bickering could continue Seth suddenly jumped up from his seat with eagerness.

"It's been 7 minutes" he shouted

Less than a second had passed when the closet door opened revealing a very disheveled looking Liz and a crimson faced Ron whose eyes were solely concentrated on the floor. They both calmly and quietly returned to their seats. Everyone waited to see if the two would say anything. Liz could see all eyes on her and finally she spoke.

"Oh right it's my turn ummm....Bianca Truth or Dare?" she asked oblivious to her fellow students who were dying to know what had happened with her and Ron in the closet

"Dare" said Bianca

"Alright 7 minutes in heaven with Harry....oh Harry you're right the closet is big enough for just one person" said Liz with a happy tone

"Are you feeling ok?" asked Bianca with worry

"Yeah...umm I believe you and Harry have an appointment for the closet" responded Liz

Bianca and Harry turned to look at each other their eyes connecting, something that hadn't happened in a long time. They both stood and made their way over to the broom closet. Bianca opened the door and slowly entered it followed by Harry.

The closet had two shelves in the back. Only some old small buckets and spider webs were all that inhabited them. Bianca slowly turned taking in her surroundings making circles. Soon she stopped though and turned to Harry who's eyes were on her. Bianca found herself bitting her bottom lip wondering what to say.

What was someone supposed to say in a situation like this. Harry found himself smiling at Bianca's little habits.

"What's so funny?" asked Bianca with a suspicious grin on her face

"You and the way you bite your lip when you're thinking about something" he responded

"How do you know that I do that?" asked Bianca

"You did it all the time when you would read the back of the books..this entertained idiot noticed things" he said with a bit of longing in his tone

"You know you loved that key chain" said Bianca as she playfully hit his arm

Just as Bianca thought her hand would swing back to her side she was caught off guard when Harry instead held it. Bianca starred at her left hand which was currently in Harry's right. Up until now she hadn't fully appreciated such a little and yet wonderful thing such as holding hands.

"Harry...." began Bianca in a quiet tone

"Why do we keep doing this to each other?" asked Harry as he moved closer to her

"I don't know" said Bianca

"Tell me what you do know" said Harry as he pulled her closer to him resting his forehead against hers

Bianca could feel her heart racing at high speeds.

"I know that I could never forget what we had and I know that you make me smile and that if you don't kiss me right now I'm gonna...." said Bianca

But what she would have done was never heard for Harry took cupped her face gently with his hands as if she would get hurt. His green eyes heavy with love and longing starred into her brown ones. Bianca closed her eyes just as his lips roughly crashed onto hers. Bianca couldn't think straight, but nothing seemed to matter except for tasting his soft luscious lips.

The kiss was not enough for either of them and soon Harry was sucking on her bottom lip asking for entrance. Bianca slowly opened making Harry's wishes come true. It had been awhile since their tongues had had contact one another. Both hungrily explored the other. Both wanting control over the other. The need was oxygen was coming soon, but neither were in any hurry to break contact. Bianca began sucking on his bottom lip making Harry moan into her mouth. Harry' hand had slipped under her shirt and was smoothly running across her bare stomach.

After a few seconds they broke the kiss for the need of oxygen. Both allowed a small amount of time to elapse before the lifted their heads to look at one another. The room was silent except for the heavy breathing coming from the two. Before Harry could speak the voice of Logan saying that their 7 minutes were up entered through the closet's walls. Bianca quickly made for the door but was blocked off by Harry.

Wondering and hoping that he would kiss her once again Bianca waited patiently to see what Harry would do. Harry opened the door for her and Bianca felt a bit hurt but composed herself and erased any signs of the incident from her appearance before leaving the closet once again followed by Harry.

Bianca was met with sets of eyes all watching her every move as she took her seat next to Liz. Harry too had taken his seat next to Ron. It took awhile for Bianca to wrap her mind around all that had just happened.

"Ummm...Ron truth or Dare?" asked Bianca

"Dare" answered Ron with the sense of worry

"I dare you to dance with Liz at the dance" said Bianca confidently

Somehow all eyes turned to a an angry and red looking Seth. Logan seemed taken back at Bianca's new playing tactics and was a bit furious with her as well. Harry and the other Gryffindors found themselves smirking. Liz was a bit unsure about how to take this newly added dare but found herself smiling anyways.

"I guess it's my turn..then..umm Gin Truth or Dare?" asked Ron

"Dare big brother" said Ginny impressed with Ron's newfound confidence in his voice

"I dare you to wear your clothes backwards for one whole day" said Ron

"Ha ha oh gosh can't wait to see that" said Bianca with laughter in her voice

"Alright then....Draco...Truth or Dare?" asked Ginny as she directed her attention to the blonde slytherin

"Truth" said Draco quietly

"Is it true about you being the Slytherin Sex God?" asked Ginny

"Well weasley.....I haven't slept with as many people as the gossip Patil twins say but I do regret sleeping with Pansy.....she's nothing to me even though she makes it seem like she is" said Draco as he titled his head towards Hermione

"That wasn't part of the question" said Liz confused at Draco's confession

"I know......Hermione Truth or Dare?" asked Draco in almost a whisper

"Truth" said Hermione as she had her hands folded across her chest as if she was protecting her heart

"What have you not learned from your precious books?" asked Draco

Everyone especially Ginny, Ron, and Harry were a bit unsure at what Draco was hoping to get from his question. They all thought it would have been something completely different. Bianca was starting to wonder if there was something more going on between the two.

" it is" spoke Hermione making the room go silent

Everyone allowed Hermione's words to sink in. Draco's expression was unrecognizable somewhere between admiration and confusion. Hermione found her starring off into the distance wrapped up in her own thought, but after awhile came back down to earth.

"Neville.....Truth or Dare?" asked Hermione

Neville was a bit confused at the whole situation, but soon replied "Dare"

"I dare you to dance with the girl that you like" said Hermione

"But...but..." stuttered Neville

"You did say dare mate" said Ron

"Whatever....fine....Blaise truth or Dare?" grumbled Neville

"Dare" answered Blaise

"I dare you to go to the dance with someone no one would expect you to go with" said Neville with satisfaction at the look on his face

"Well well Longbottom finally toughens up...fine it's a deal....Luna Truth or Dare?" asked Blaise

"Truth" answered Luna

"Do you really believe what they write in the Quibbler?" asked Blaise with amusement

"Yes I do it's not my fault that you're not open minded about things" spoke Luna defensively

"Just asking" replied Blaise

"Ron Truth or Dare?" asked Luna

"Truth" answered Ron

"How long have you gone without bathing?" asked Luna

"About a month" he said in an extremely quiet voice

"What was that Ron?" persisted Ginny

"I said about a month" yelled Ron making all the girls laugh

"Now that that's over....Harry truth or Dare?" asked Ron

"Dare" responded Harry

"I dare you to dance with Bianca at the dance" said Ron bravely

Liz and Bianca found themselves bearing huge smiles on their faces. On the other hand Logan looked as if he were about to jump from his seat to hit Ronald. Ginny and Hermione were also smirking as were the Slytherins.

"Seth Truth or Dare?" asked Harry

"Dare" answered Seth

"I dare you to write Peeves a love letter" said Harry

Everyone began laughing quite loudly. Once again Luna nearly fell out of her seat.

"That one really hurt there Potter....Logan Truth or Dare?" asked Seth

"Truth" said Logan with a smirk

"Where did you and Bianca go that night after our party?" asked Seth with a grin

"We went back to my room" said Logan to Harry

Bianca could feel herself wanting to scream at Seth and Logan. How dare they do such stupid questions.

"Potter Truth or Dare?" asked Logan

"Truth" answered Harry not realizing what he had said

"What did you and Bianca do over the summer?" asked Logan as he sat on the edge of his seat

The room quickly went dead silent. Bianca and Liz's eyes had widened and Harry turned to look at her frightful face. He knew he had messed up. Just as he was about to answer the door to the back opened up revealing Filch's cat.

"Run" shouted Hermione

Everyone made a scramble for the door towards the other side of the room. The sound of Filch walking into the room could be heard just as the last person exited the Room of Requirement. All of the students stood breathing heavily in the middle of a hall. Their silent looks were all that needed to be seen as they all ran towards their separate dorms.

Chapter 12: An Orange Smile
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Life continues even when you wish for a moment that it wouldn't. Sometimes staying in bed and ignoring the world can seem like the best remedy in the world. Today that was not the case for Bianca. Upstairs in her dorm she lay still asleep, a bit droggy from last night. Her head was titled to the side and she lay under three of her pillows. A small hole to the left allowed the sun access to heat up her cheek. It took her a few seconds to sense the change of temperature.

Slowly she opened her eyes and not seeing anything, but darkness she wondered where she was. Lifting up her head she surveyed her surroundings. The two beds in the corner of the room with a table in the middle made her realize that she was in her and Liz's room.

A short yawn escaped her lips as she lifted her hand to gently rub her right eye. Suddenly as if remembering how to think and comprehend she thought about the strange dream she had. There had been a game, she kissed Harry, a disheveled Ron, something going on between Draco and Hermione, dancing between Cho and Harry, and a lot of other things that made her even more confused.

Still thinking about the dream she sat upright in her bed and positioned herself Indian style. Only a few silent seconds had passed when in walked Liz holding a cup.

"Oh you're up" said Liz

"You say it like it's never been done before" replied Bianca

"Well just admiring you for every courageous deed you've ever accomplished" said Liz as she walked over to place the cup onto the table and seated herself on the chair next to Bianca's bed.

"You gonna sit like that forever" asked Liz

"Just thinking about the craziest dream I had" said Bianca as she scrunched up her eyes

"Let's not talk about that dream ok.....hey let's play a game Me Jane You Tarzan" said Liz as she began to stand and pace the room

"Wait how do you know about my dream?" asked Bianca with a puzzled look

"I.....I.." began Liz a hesitant look upon her face

"Did you finally make a mind reading machine to test on me?" asked Bianca with a humorous expression

"No the damn thing needs stupid muggle double A batteries" spoke Liz with disdain

"Liz answer the question" said Bianca in a stern tone

"Ok, but just for the laughs do you wanna say the line or should I?" asked Liz as she walked towards her

"You can" replied Bianca as she buried her face in her hands as if she knew already what Liz would say

Liz took in a breath of air right before exclaiming "GOOD MORNING VIETNAM!!! Welcome to the day where all of Bianca's dreams come true" said Liz as she clasped her hands together

"Oh my God" said Bianca as she fell back to land on her pillows

"Ok look it's not that bad" said Liz as she attempted to pick up Bianca

"How can it not be bad unless......does Harry really have to go with Cho?" asked Bianca a bit cracked in her voice with her eyes shut tight

When Liz didn't answer Bianca sat back up opening her eyes to see Liz starring at her with a huge creepy smile. One that someone with an orange peel in their mouth would have only this time there was no orange.

"Is that a no?" continued Bianca with wonder

"Oh no that part really did happen, but on the bright side our parents sent us some money for dress shopping" said Liz still bearing a smile

"How can you joke about everything?" shouted Bianca throwing her hands in the air

"Don't give me that shit, you know me better than that...our parents have already expected us to go with the boys" said Liz with contempt in her words

"Great....this makes things so much better" said Bianca rolling her eyes

"At least you know how Harry feels about you" said Liz her eyes falling to the floor

"Well then what was with the whole disheveled Ron?" asked Bianca

"Nothing happened, we were just quite and I tried to give him a kiss on the cheek and it would have happened, but a bag full of dust landed on his head....I helped him to get it out of his hair" said Liz

She looked up to find Bianca with a hand covering her quivering lips. Bianca had to bink her eyes a couple of times to try and hide her amused appearance.

"It's not funny" said Liz

"If it happened to me you know you'd be laughing" said Bianca

"Yeah, but it didn't so I can't really laugh" said Liz

"I'm just gonna boycott the damn dance" declared Bianca

"Your parents would kill you if you did, besides what happened to making the most of our time here?" asked Liz

Bianca sat not speaking, thinking about Liz's words. Things had become even more complicated since arriving here. Harry being here would have at one time seemed like the best thing in the world, now the world seemed to be getting in their way of being together. Now the dance was coming and she was expected to attend it with Logan, her parents had the perfect life and dream for their daughter. To marry Logan and start a family of their own. The only problem was that wasn't Bianca's dream.

"How is it that I thought it was a dream?" asked Bianca

"Well after Filch almost caught us we all ran and I'm not sure if you hit your head or what and then we came back here and you gulped down your own mixture of pumpkin juice and something else that had a very peculiar color, I would have like to paint my room that shade and then you passed out" said Liz starring at something off into space

"Oh yeah" said Bianca as her head began to hurt

"Today's the Hogsmeade trip, we should go get our dresses" suggested Liz

"I really don't want to see anyone today" said Bianca

"Are you going to pretend to be blind?" asked Liz

"Only if I can have a stick and poke people to death" said Bianca

"Would that someone be Cho?" asked Liz

"I wonder if he's asked her already?" said Bianca

"You know that the boys are going to do something romantic don't you?" said Liz raising an eyebrow

"Like they would ever miss out on a chance to be dashing gentlemen" said Bianca with a faint smile

"Come on let's get some regular colored food in you" said Liz

"That is so non-original" said Bianca before the girls shared a laugh

The girls showered and got ready. Today they didn't have to wear the school attire. The dance was less than two weeks away, she knew today would be a big day for the guys to ask the girls out. Bianca put on some jeans with a deep blue shirt and light brown jacket to go on top. She knew it would be chilly outside, winter had arrived. Her hair was pulled up tight into a ponytail. A blue scarf hung loosely around her neck. Liz wore jeans with a light green sweater. Her hair hung down. Both girls were wearing dark brown hats as well.

Together they made their way down to their dorm's living room to find the guys dressed and ready to go. They stood when the girls entered still not saying a word. Their faces showed signs of them having an equally rough night, but they had decided to put the game behind them.

"Seth are you wearing your sign?" asked Liz ending the silence

"Oh yeah" said Seth as he turned around to show a sign that had been charmed to stick on his back. It read MY BALLS GOT CUT OFF IN NEED OF SOME LOVE

"Well in that case I will be happy to escort you to breakfast" said Bianca as she linked her arm with his

"See Liz I told you my looks were irresistible" said Seth as the group made their way to the Great Hall

"Maybe you just became better looking when you lost them" said Logan making everyone laugh

Bianca turned to smile at Logan. Their brown eyes connected and once again they were reminded of a time when they meant so much to each other. Bianca thought how that felt like a lifetime ago. Now that she had met Harry, she was sure that her and Logan use to have was nothing compared to what she and Harry could have. It was as if she was in a battle between her past and her future, one that kept her from living in the present. She suddenly realized that perhaps the game of Truth or Dare was a way for Logan to release his anger at Bianca for stringing him along.

"I think they're laughing at you Seth" said Bianca as people behind them were laughing quite loudly

"Nah they're laughing with him" said Liz

"She makes quite the point there" said Logan

"So do you think Ginny?" wondered Bianca

Her question was answered when they walked into the Great Hall, their eyes immediately spotting out a Gryffindor who's pants and shirts were backwards. Ginny's hair hung in a loose ponytail. She turned to smile at Bianca and Liz, although Bianca could have sworn that she saw signs of sympathy in it. The girls returned the smile and made their way over with the boys to sit by Blaise and Draco who were laughing at Seth's sign. Bianca and Liz's backs were to the walls and they ate and talked while the boys had their own conversation.

"I don't see them anywhere" said Liz

"I really don't want to see him anyways" said Bianca her eyes not meeting Liz's

"Bull" said Liz

"Let's just try to survive these next two weeks alright" said Bianca dragging out the words

"So who do you think you two will be going to the dance with?" asked Blaise addressing the topic of the ball

"If it were up to me Zambini I'd be dance with my freaking self" replied Bianca

"I see, but one is the lonliest number" said Blaise

"It's also the least complicated one" answered Bianca with much seriousness in her tone

The atmosphere of the table changed dramatically. Logan hung his head ashamed at how angry he had made Bianca. Seth's eyes landed only on Liz desperately trying to make out her emotions through her expressions. Draco as if sympathy had only recently been a discovered feeling looked at Bianca with large eyes. Blaise a bit interested in how the girls were unwilling to be tamed smirked.

"But if I do go with someone I'd like to hope that they get their asses on the dance floor" said Bianca simplistically

"You need to take notes here Flame" said Blaise turning to look at Logan

"Yeah he's right Logan" added Draco

"Oh my what's this the Malfoy is talking in a recently discovered new language of first in all my years I never thought to see it happen" spoke Liz with humor

"Yeah yeah laugh it up Liz" replied Draco putting emphasis on the name

"Now don't get the pretty lady all angry right before her night in shinning armor asks her out" said Seth winkning at Liz

"Well that prince better find himself a horse to carry his fat butt" said Liz

"My butt is not fat!!!" answered Seth

"How do you know she was talking about you" said Bianca with a grin

"Well in that case I better eat and get the fattest butt" said Seth as he began pouring more food onto his plate making everyone laugh

"Seth I think your sign is scaring the first years" said Bianca as a little boy walked by Seth's sign and nearly ran into someone

"Hey now they don't have to have that 'talk' from their parents the sign will teach them all they need to know" spoke Logan

"Still a little queasy from it huh?" said Bianca nudging his arm

A small spark ran itself up the arms of both Bianca and Logan. Each sensed it and each knew it was there. Bianca realized she hadn't had any physical contact with him since their first night. The old flaming passion they still shared only increased her sense of confusion. How could she be in love with two boys? Maybe she didn't even know what love was and she was just kidding herself. No, she knew her feelings and these connections were real, the only problem was she had to figure out which connection was the strongest.

Logan slowly raised his head to look Bianca in the eyes. Wondering if he would push her in any way Bianca parted her lips for only a second before closing them again. Not wanting to make the gap between them any larger, Logan merely nudged her back before returning his attention back to the boys. Bianca smiled knowing that his feelings were still there and how hard he was attempting to wait for her with patience. Her head looked to its left to see Liz bearing a small smile. Suddenly Liz's eyes seemed to be starring at something else. Bianca followed them spotting out Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

Harry was wearing jeans with a dark gray sweater. His hair looked messy as ever causing Bianca to blush remembering their closet inncident. Ron was wearing a hand made sweater that had a large R on it with his jeans. Liz's eyes once again fell to her plate a bit hurt at how he wasn't making his feelings known. Hermione was wearing her hair down in soft curls with a white hat and peach colored sweater. Draco released a breath of air that he had been holding in upset that they hadn't had a chance to talk after the game for she immediately ran to her room upstairs. He was in a desperate need to talk to her and understand these feelings he was having.

"Speaking of dares seeing as how you have to take someone no one would expect you to go with Blaise I suggest you start asking out Moaning Myrtle now" said Logan

"Now now no ghosts will be going as my date everyone will just have to wait and see" replied Blaise with a smirk

"Yes Mr, I'll be sure to set my alarm clock" replied Bianca

"Hey Seth did you and Logan send your letters?" asked Draco with interest

"About those letters...." began Seth

Suddenly a ghost appeared wearing an angry and worried look. He floated right up to Seth opened his mouth as if ready to scream and then replied with "What time should I be ready?"

Seth looked dumbfounded while everyone else around the table began laughing quite loudly. Especially Liz who looked like she was about to die from laughter. Tears were falling from her face. Bianca had her head turned to the side to try and hide her amusement. Draco, Blaise, and Logan felt no shame in hiding their joy in the embarassment of Seth. Everyone in the Great Hall became silent wanting to hear what Peeves was saying.

"What?" stuttered Seth

"Well you know the letter......I think we should take a stroll together then we can get to know each other better." answered Peeves

"WHAT!!!??" shouted Seth

"Look if you're not serious about this then maybe we should just give up now" said Peeves

"WHAT!!!!??" shouted Seth once again

"I knew you were just a little tease" said Peeves and with that he exited the Great Hall

All eyes were upon Seth. Bianca and Liz were the loudest ones laughing unable to contain themselves. Harry grinned knowing it was too much to ask Bianca to contain her precious laughs.

"I'm sorry I'm sorry Seth it's just so damn funny" said Liz

"Alright everyone shows over go back to your food" said Logan before everyone's attention turned else where.

"Man Seth why did you have to go and get his poor hopes up?" questioned Logan with a grin playing on his lips

"Shut-up" said Seth

"I think it's almost time to get going" said Blaise seeing how the older students were beginning to

"You girls ready?" asked Logan

"Yeah let's get going" said Bianca as she and Liz exited their seats and began walking towards the door with the guys. On their way there they caught up with Luna who was walking with Ginny.

"I love your vision" said Liz to Ginny making everyone laugh

"So Luna when are you going to complete your Dare?" asked Bianca

"These things cannot be rushed" said Luna with a dreamy tone

"What are you girls going to do today?" asked Ginny

"I don't know...we need to find our dresses" said Liz

"Oh how about that so do we" said Ginny with a high sarcastic voice

"Woah that really is something" said Bianca. All girls shared a laugh.

The group of students continued walking until they were met with the sight of snow on the school grounds. It was as if the snow was a white blanket covering everything with its magic. Bianca smiled wishing she could spend this day with Harry, but so far she hadn't been able to make him out from the crowd. She wished she was little where there was once a time when a cup of hot chocolate and snow made everything better, but that just wouldn't heal Bianca's wounds today.

Chapter 13: A Broken Love
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Bianca, Liz, Luna, and Ginny continued their walk to Hogsmeade, laughing and enjoying each other's company. The scenery was breath taking once Bianca and Liz managed to get their first look at the place. Stores with their most luring products in windows, owls soaring over head to deliver mail, the gracefulness of the smoke dispersing from chimney’s, all of it was admired by the two newcomers.

"Wow" said Bianca and Liz in union

"Yeah, it's great isn't it?" spoke Luna in her everyday dreamy tone

"It really is, so where's the dress store?" questioned Bianca eager to beat the other girls

"Yeah I don't want to claw any one's eyes out if we have the same dress that make our eyes pop" said Liz

"Yeah cause that would be bad" said Bianca sarcastically

"Just follow me" said Ginny between her and Luna's laughs

They continued on down the path, Bianca's eyes flashing left and right. The tiniest hint of color and movement would draw her attention. She knew there was no other way to describe it other than she felt like a little kid in a candy store. Upon reaching their destination, she immediately regretted being in such a hurry. There in one of the windows stood Cho smiling as if it would save her life, surrounded by a group of friends. Liz's eyes fell upon her looking for worry.

"I'll be fine, but if someone calls for clean-up on aisle one, it wasn't me" said Bianca as she bravely headed inside.

The tiny bell rang above, signaling to the store owner, more customers had arrived. Liz and the others were quite ready to start looking around, however a very loud conversation managed to put the dresses on pause.

"Yeah, I knew he would come back to me" said Cho

"It was only a matter of time" she finished

Bianca's spirit sank low. Harry had already asked her. She wasn't sure whether to be understanding about his hastiness or disappointed. She knew she couldn't be mad at him; the only reason he took a dare was for her, her and her incapacity to tell Logan the truth about their summer spent together. There really was no reason for her not to tell him, he probably would have already figured it out, but she knew saying it out loud would make it real, it would hit him hard in the heart. In the few still moments spent, Cho finally noticed the group that had just entered the store.

"Oh look an audience to hear my ending" said Cho devilishly

"Shut it toe" ordered Liz

"But don't you want to hear how this fairytale ends?" asked Cho

"Unless it includes you breaking a mirror, not really" said Liz

"It must hurt to know I've got both your men huh Aqua?" asked Cho

Bianca couldn't have hated her more at that very second, even if she tried. The sound of her ancestors’ names being used from such an ungrateful disgrace disgusted her to the very limits.

"What are you talking about?" asked Bianca through gritted teeth

"Well Harry asked me to the dance today, surprise.......surprise and then before leaving the great hall my owl leaves me with a very delicious letter from Logan" said Cho pausing between her favorite words

"Did your bird have a hard time with the delivery, cause that letter's full of shit" said Bianca making Cho's eyes widen

"Now now jealousy is a deadly sin" said Cho attempting to re-gain composure

"Trust me I have no feel for jealousy, but Logan only wrote that letter because he had to" replied Bianca

Suddenly Cho's face turned a bright red from whether it be anger or embarrassment. Waiting for her to make the next move, Bianca didn't move a muscle. Turning around to face her friends Cho spoke incomprehensible words and shoving Liz and the others aside exited the store in a hurried manner. Bianca released the breath of air she had been holding in, and turned to look at her friends, who were grinning with encouragement.

"Nice one B" said Liz before going to the right side that held dresses.

Luna and Ginny both nodded and then went off in another direction. Bianca decided to take the left side of the store to see what it held. She slowly studied each rack of dresses and found one in the corner. With her hand brushing each one, she only pulled out the ones that she thought she might like.

Coming upon a deep purple one, she examined it closely. It had sequences along the strap that would tie behind her back, giving her neck a v-shape. Under the chest area laid another set of sequences that added to its stunning look. Holding it up to herself she saw that it would fall right above her ankles, a length she saw fitting for the dress. Not seeing anything else that caught her attention, she went up to the owner, realizing that the other girls had already found their dresses and were waiting patiently.

"So am I going to see any of those dresses?" asked Bianca

"Not a chance, we're all going to wait until the day of the dance to see them" said Ginny sternly

"Yes Mrs.Weasley" said Luna humorously making them all laugh

After purchasing her dress, the group left the store off to find a few drinks. They made their way into the Three Broomsticks to find the place swarming with their fellow classmates. There weren’t many table options. It wasn't until some students left the area blocking the entrance that she could make out their only choices for sitting down and getting a drink. In the far right corner there sat Hermione, Ron, and Harry chatting and enjoying their butterbeers. Then on the opposite side of the pub were Logan, Seth, Draco, and Blaise.

Not knowing how it happened, both groups managed to spot them out and were starring directly at them. The pairs of eyes both silently asked the same question, 'Who will you sit with?’ Bianca had never felt so on-the-spot before, at least not since coming to Hogwarts. Ginny and Luna, both feeling torn looked to Bianca hoping for her understanding. Bianca nodded slightly with a smile, before the two made their way to sit with Ron and the others.

Liz too had already decided against sitting with Ron, and not wanting her to be the only female surrounded by the boys, Bianca went to sit with her. It was if their connection continued to grow even at such distances, for Bianca could feel and see Harry's eyes fall with sadness. The appearances of Logan matched very differently, for his face was filled with light and happiness.

"Got room for one more anybody?" asked Bianca as she took a seat by Seth

"Of course, but will you please explain to Seth that he cannot see my dress" said Liz with amusement

"I'm merely trying to get a visual" defended Seth making the boys laugh

"Perhaps Liz would prefer you to draw a picture or something" spoke Blaise

"But if you make her head bigger than her body she'll hex you trust me" said Bianca making everyone laugh

"You know I think I like waiting" said Seth with his grin

"Drawing your best friend must have been hell huh Bianca?" questioned Draco

"You have no idea, she threw my pumpkin juice out the window" said Bianca

"You made my hair ugly" replied Liz

"It was drawing for fun" said Bianca as the group burst into laughter

"Hey so what's wrong with this picture?" said Logan

"Oh make sure you have my good side?" said Blaise

"Finally a man that's not afraid to take a good picture" said Liz with admiration making Draco and Bianca laugh

"No, I mean you ladies need some drinks, and we men need refills" said Logan as he headed over to grab a drink from Madame Rosemerta

"Yeah well you may need some help there manly man" teased Bianca as she went to help him

"Umm Blaise and I have to check on something, so we'll be right back" said Seth as they excused themselves from the table

It took Liz awhile to realize that only her and Draco were left at the table. The awkward moment that had once been there the first night she had seen him slowly crept its way back to her. Not making eye contact, she surveyed her surroundings until a voice brought her back to the situation.

"So you can talk to me when we're in a group, but not when we're alone?" questioned Draco

"I'm not proud of what happened, so why even speak of it?" said Liz meeting his eyes, which held understanding

"Can we put it behind us, is what I wish to know" responded Draco

"Yes we can" spoke Liz urgently worrying Malfoy a bit

"Besides, how else would Seth have friends who would make sure he doesn't run into walls?" added Liz

"That was my job, I thought it was yours?" said Draco making her spread a smile

"He really cares about you, you know" he continued after a short moment

"Seth has always cared for me, in ways I wasn't even sure was possible, but you can't force love, you just can't" replied Liz

"Believe me, I know what you mean" whispered Draco

After leaving the table Logan and Bianca had made their way to the counter to order some drinks. There she had an even better view of Harry's circle of friends having a good time. She shed a small smile when she was able to make out his laugh through the crowd; it was one of those sounds that touched her heart to the very core. His black hair, still with its same disheveled look as always sent the hairs on her neck high up. Logan had managed to track down Rosemerta and was already carrying three drinks over to the table, leaving Bianca alone for a second.

She rubbed her left arm with her right hand for no apparent reason, there was no draft and she had nothing to protect herself from or so she thought. Then, watching the space between her and Harry close with each passing step he took, she prepared herself mentally. Trying to predict what the topic would be about was no use, because before she knew it, he was right beside her.

"Well well what do we have here, a vella at a pub" said Harry with a smile

Bianca couldn't hold back her laugh. It was just too much to keep in, she remembers when she explained to Harry the sexiness of two people meeting at a bar. He questioned what happened after the strangers drank and laughed at jokes that weren't funny without the drink in hand. Rather than explain to him, she instead how showed him. The thought of the passion that night was making her feel dizzy and in the need for a repeat of the love-making.

"So I guess this is the part where I ask you who's buying tonight right?" asked Bianca

Harry grinned, one that he hoped would send to her his apology and the need he held to be close to her. Slowly however the light in his expression faded away as Bianca's eyes became something far from happy. She instead began biting her lower lip, a sign Harry was able to read clearly.

"How'd you find out?" questioned Harry

"That girl's mouth is so big, you'd think she was trying to catch flies with it" said Bianca

"I just didn't want to make a big deal about it" answered Harry

"Trust me, I'm not mad about it, really" responded Bianca lifting her head to meet his emerald eyes

"I only did it to protect you" spoke Harry

"I wish you'd trust me to protect myself" said Bianca

"Then explain to me why you're so afraid to tell Logan about what happened?" said Harry with a hidden anger in his tone

"I'm not afraid of telling Logan anything" defended Bianca as she stood up straight

"But you were before, is that what you're saying?" asked Harry

"Harry it doesn't matter whether he knows or not, what I care about is how much I want to be with you, but can't" said Bianca

It had been a long time since she had admitted her feelings. For awhile Harry had thought she was falling out of love with him, but now hearing those long-awaited words it took everything he had not to kiss her right there. Bianca's nostril's were flaring, both because she was angry with herself for not assuring him earlier how much she was still in love with him and also because things weren't getting any easier. Harry began reaching his left hand out to touch her, but quickly retreated when Logan came back.

"Hey Potter, I heard you went crawling back to Cho" said Logan

"Yeah well when a dumbass dares you to do something stupid, what can you do?" replied Harry

"Looks to me like the dumbass is going to have a better time at the dance" said Logan

Harry was growing angrier by the minute, as was Bianca who refused to meet Logan's eyes. Rather than continue with the bickering, Harry starred Logan in the eye, shook his head, and returned to his table. Bianca released another big breath of air, grabbed the drinks and went back to the table followed by Logan.

"So did we miss anything?" asked Bianca to Liz as she handed her a butterbeer.

"No, you ok?" asked Liz quietly

"I'll tell you later" explained Bianca before taking a sip of her drink

The conversation continued falling upon the Quidditch match that would take place between Slytherin and Gryffindor before the dance. The girls talked about how many girls they heard talking in the bathroom about how much they'd love to go with Malfoy. Draco merely shrugged it off as he turned his attention towards Hermione, an act that went unnoticed by all, but Bianca. After about a half hour in the pub, the group headed outside to be greeted by blankets of snow. Seth still hadn't arrived, but Logan assured them that he was fine.

Continuing their way through the streets, the group was torn between going to Zonko's and the bookstore. Bianca managed to persuade Logan that they'd meet them at Zonko's later. He agreed, but not before he gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. Liz and Bianca entered the bookstore, making their way to the back so that their conversation wouldn't be overheard.

"Sounds like somebody's tense over their lack of sex" suggested Liz as she looked through the rows of stories

"I am not tense, just frustrated" argued Bianca raising her tone

"So, at least he knows that you still love him" continued Liz

"Knowing something doesn't do anyone any good, it's about what you do with that information" said Bianca

"Do you know who you're talking to?" questioned Liz raising an eyebrow. Bianca merely chuckled

"I am the queen of doing what your heart tells you to do, but I'm failing miserably in what it tells me" spoke Liz

"I know you're about hearing and seeing, but maybe with Ron you should just give it time" said Bianca

"When you've only got one life to live, how much time are you willing to waste?" asked Liz

"Ok you really sounded like a quoter of the lessons for life right there" joked Bianca

"Well what can I say those fortune cookies really know what they're talking about" spoke Liz

"So then your colors would be blue and purple and the best days for you 21, 13, and 4" continued Bianca

"Of course" laughed Liz

The door to the store was opened and Bianca could make out the sounds of feet shuffling around. She paused for a second to see if she could identify who they were. Waiting she heard familiar voices, smiled to Liz as she too took in the voices. The two teens made their way over to the newest arrivals of the shop. Bianca stood waiting to see how long till they noticed their appearance. The curly haired bookworm was attempting to point out top books on her list to an uninterested dreamer, who merely placed back the books that had been taken out for their spot. The red head instead was looking out the window, her eyes searching for someone.

"Is there a problem here?" spoke Liz giving away their position

"I believe Hermione is trying to fill my mind with reading but she's not really making any sense to me" said Luna bluntly making Bianca laugh

"Well can't say that I didn't try" replied Hermione

"So were you able to find your dress?" questioned Bianca to Granger

"Yes, what're you two doing here?" said Hermione

"If you're looking for the Hornshack sections, I've already checked and people these days just don't know what they're missing" said Luna

"Oh we've got that poll going already" joked Liz

"Quite the nail-bitter I suppose" added Luna making everyone laugh

Bianca smiled to herself, knowing this was just another reason why she felt so comfortable around her new found friends. They were the type who could laugh at themselves and not feel cornered or whinny at such petty comments. She turned to Liz, knowing she too felt the same comfort. Such an emotion only increased her longing to have Harry with her at times like these. As if one cue when her mind feel upon him, a loud commotion outside grabbed her senses. Peering through the window she could see Logan facing Cho who was holding onto Harry. The group too looked to view the scene, but only for a second due to Bianca leaving the store and going outside.

As she walked closer and closer to where the event was taking place she was able to make out the expressions of Harry, Cho, and Logan. Cho seemed to be demanding something from Harry as she gripped his jacket tightly with her right hand. Logan had the calm aura engulfing him, as he placed both his hands inside his pockets. Harry looked frustrated beyond all, but also defeated. She came beside Logan in-between the conversation taking place.

"Come on Harry tell him he can't have me, because we're together" urged Cho

"Cho, you're making a scene just stop" yelled Harry

"Don't worry Harry, I can handle the truth" pestered Logan

"Oh look you can have that thing" said Cho raising her finger to Bianca

"Fine by me" spoke Logan wrapping his arm around Bianca's shoulder

As Bianca shrugged Logan's hold on her off, she looked deep into his Harry's eyes. There she saw the love that was forcing itself to be controlled. She took her sight away from that look, unable to accept the pain she was putting him in. Feeling a surge of energy, she grabbed Logan's hand steering him away from the crowd that was forming.She ignored the confused looks that Liz gave her as she continued to her unknown destination. Finally she came upon a quiet spot with few people.

"Do you really want to know what happened?" she asked Logan

"What are you talking about?" said Logan with a puzzled look

"Figures, you think you've got me and there's no need to worry about anything else" spoke Bianca

"Bianca, I don't understand what you're saying" continued Logan

"Yes, Harry and I slept with each other over the summer" replied Bianca, her voice sounding tired

Logan's face was hard to read. Though cursing was not his immediate reaction, Bianca knew it was no reason to celebrate. Not dropping her strong gaze, she waited for him to speak once again. It was as if his sudden knowledge was expected and yet still unexpected.

"So you decided to get back at me then?" questioned Logan

"What we shared was not due to my anger towards you, anyone who hurts someone intentionally should consider themselves pathetic" spat Bianca

"Tell me what you want me to do with this?" said Logan

"Oh please, I know you're smart, but even that was a sorry way of stating the obvious of us attending the dance together" spoke Bianca her eyes narrowing with resentment

"I'm tired of feeling like I've made things hell for you!" shouted Logan

"You suggesting truth or dare and smacking Harry isn't exactly my idea of a picnic" added Bianca with sarcasm

"Well you stringing me along and making me wonder if there's any hope for us isn't what you call a musical number either" said Logan

Bianca paused, accepting her blame for the way things were turning out. No one was a winner in the game of love, hurt was inevitable.

"Dammit Bianca I'm still in love with you, and what happened to that promise we made the day we came to Hogwarts huh?" asked Logan

"Well consider this from the one you love, because you're making me regret ever giving you that second chance" said Bianca before leaving

As she walked back to where she passed Liz she was greeted with the sight of Hermione and Draco sneaking glances at each other across the main street of Hogsmeade. This only confirmed her suspicion about there being more than just a friendly acceptance of one another. She smiled hoping that relationship would run smoothly, but she somehow doubted it. When she came beside Luna, she asked her about Liz's whereabouts.

"She went over there I think" said Luna pointing to the area by the woods

"Are you sure?" wondered Bianca

"Yeah, I think she went to talk to someone" answered Ginny

"I've got to go talk to someone too" continued Luna excusing herself from the group

"There's somewhere I need to be, see ya Bianca" said Ginny

Bianca was a bit sad about their departure, and now without Liz she was feeling alone more than ever. Deciding to not let anyone see her during this point of disappointment, she headed into the white woods. She took her time, enjoying each small step allowing the cold to greet her. Every now and then she would turn at smile at the impact her feet were making on the ground. Only after a few minutes of silence, when she turned around she was met with the sight of Harry.

"How'd you manage to escape?" asked Bianca

"I have my ways" replied Harry

"An invisibility cloak is not a way, it's a gift" said Bianca

"Why, that's an even better explanation" spoke Harry

"You are too modest Harry" joked Bianca

"Where were you headed?" questioned Harry

"Figure I'd find a yellow brick road and see where it takes me" answered Bianca with a smile

"Ahh yes those munchkins do know a thing or two about romance" continued Harry

"Of course it's only obvious that little men with big lollipops and tight pants really drive me wild" said Bianca

"What happened to us Bianca?" whispered Harry

"We forgot that summer ended" said Bianca in a barely audible tone

"I could never forget our time spent together" said Harry as he made the space placed between them smaller

Finally he managed to stand only a few inches from her. Gently, but with much longing he wrapped him arms around her waist and pulled her closer. Careful not to loose herself in those eyes of his, she replied keeping her gaze upon the snow beneath her feet.

"But maybe you should" began Bianca

"What?!!" questioned Harry lifting her chin to meet his look

"Harry, we're not going to be attending the dance together...." said Bianca

"Then we can start over after the ball" interrupted Harry eagerly

"You can't start a future that's only based on memories" replied Bianca

"And you can't ask me to just let you go" shouted Harry running his hand through his hair

"Do you understand what my parents expect of me??....Do you?" said Bianca

Harry was silent, he hadn't expected that kind of response. He could see tears forming in her dark brown eyes.

"Right now I don't have a choice with the one thing ever little girl has dreamed of when it comes to a dance. I can't be with the man I love" spoke Bianca

"Bianca...." continued Harry

"Sometimes when you love someone so much, you have to let them go" said Bianca

Biting back her tears, she turned her back on the scene. Taking only a few steps she stopped. Without facing Harry she said one final line before leaving.

"We've got a dare Potter, and for now that's my hope"

At the same moment Bianca and Harry were having their conversation, another one was taking place. Liz had managed to corner Ron with the aid of Hermione who acted as the look-out guard, though she could have sworn instead of patrolling the path to where she and Ron stood, Hermione's sole focus was upon Malfoy who was talking to a stricken pale Logan. Pulling him along his sleeve she led the way until they were in the middle of the alleyway. Her breath was near its end as she tried to prepare her heart for yet another possible rejection.

"I'm tired of wondering if you feel what I do when I touch you, or think about you, or see you" she began giving him chances to jump in at any second.

"I don't know what we could or couldn't be, but there's only one way to find out" continued Liz

"Say something....please" she pleaded hating herself for falling this hard for Ron

"You deserve better" spoke Ron

Her eyes held a frightful shock, one that made it's way from the tip of her toes to her fingernails. It was if he hadn't parted his lips at all when speaking these words. She never noticed his gentle way of speaking until now. Here she was wearing her heart on her sleeve, something she had advised others to avoid, looking for love in the one place she apparently shouldn't be. His eyes, the most adoring thing she had ever known were kindly forcing her eyes to keep the connection. Unable to accept what she was hearing, she ran. She ran past Hermione, past Logan and Draco, not stopping for a second. Finally though she stopped, trying to catch her breath.

"Liz are you ok?" asked Bianca coming up beside her

"Where the hell did you come from?" she asked quickly wiping her tears with her mittens

"Just from trap door number four" replied Bianca creating a muffled laugh from Liz

"What happened, Luna told me you went to go talk to someone" said Bianca

"Yeah I did, but it doesn't matter, I can tell you later" spoke Liz

The two turned their attention towards the groups of students that were making their way back to the castle. Smiling to each other, both knew the other had some explaining to do, but for now, the linked their arms together and silently joined their classmates in the return to the school grounds. The snow was beginning to fall ever so slowly. The weather pattern continued all through the walk. As groups scattered out, the two friends could see clearly the returned Blaise looking much happier than before accompanied by Draco. To the left of them was the Golden Trio, including Ginny, Luna, and Neville whose face was clearly seen as it was a deep red.

Upon reaching the entrance to the school grounds, Liz and Bianca could see the students forming a circle around two figures. Eager to see what was happening they managed to squeeze their way through. The sight they met was both humorous and warming. There in the middle of the square was Seth in a knight's armor sitting on top of a gorgeous white unicorn. Standing by him was Logan smiling a sincere smile. Spotting out Liz Seth, not so gracefully, came down from the creature and walked right up to her.

"Seth how hard is it to walk in that thing?" asked Liz controlling her laughter

"Just tell me where I can find one too" said Bianca

"I'll give you the business card" winked Seth

Clearing his voice he said "Liz, will you be this knight's date to the ball?"

The girls all 'awed' at this sweet act taking place before them. The boys felt somewhat proud and humiliated for the need to decide on another way to get a date. Liz could see Ron across from where she stood. His expression was blank, and not knowing it was happening his last quote continued replaying over and over in her mind. Here she was next to a guy who was placing his heart in her hands, an act she had done with Ron. Not wanting someone else to feel such pain she replied.

"Of course, just don't wear that" spoke Liz

Seth smiled as he kissed her forehead. "Oh no way, besides this is Logan's outfit" he said

"Oh and this is for you" said Seth as he opened his palm revealing a rose

Taking it, Liz lifted it to her nose, drinking in its soft scent that filled her nostrils. Wanting to feel the true comfort she had longed she wrapped her arms around Seth. Bianca strode forward to Logan. He smiled, took her hand and kissed it.

"I'm not giving up on us" he said

"You just wouldn't be Logan if you did" replied Bianca with a weak smile

"Hey Flame, give her this, always gets the girl" said Seth passing him a rose

"Look here a rose from me to you" joked Logan

"More like from Seth to you to me right" said Bianca

"Didn't I say that?" continued Logan

Bianca merely laughed as she playfully hit his arm. From her position she could see Harry searching her eyes for signs of their love. She closed her eyes, remembering once again how there were no winners in the game of love. The weather was beautiful, something far from the disconnection of those who were meant for each other.

Chapter 14: Can't Live Like This...
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With winter's cold weather came hot tempers. Ron had been silently fuming ever since last week when Liz hugged Seth in front of the entire school. This attitude had caused Ginny to be become even more upset with her brother than usual over his stupidity at letting her go. Hermione, hoping to calm tensions, intervened only to be yelled at to butt out from both Weasleys. As you can guess, the confrontation was anything far from pretty.

Hogwarts last remaining days before the dance were filled with non-stop gitter from the girls and quite a few moans and groans from the boys who were not looking forward to the required ballroom dancing period before the band would play. Cho was utterly excited about finally going to the ball with Harry and hard as he could to convince her of his equal anticipation he doubted that she believed him. His only remaining energy was placed in the words spoken by Bianca "We've got a dare Potter".

It was Friday morning and the tension surrounding Harry was doing little to cheer him up with his situation involving Bianca. Hermione merely read the current book placed in front of her, refusing to speak if it only resulted in getting yelled at. Ron was literally swallowing his cereal probably unaware that some of it was dripping onto his robes. Neville starred at his bacon as if it held the silent questions that were swimming around his head by the frantic look upon his face. Ginny, avoiding the Gryffindor table was instead sititng with Luna looking happy and content. Harry felt unable to talk to anyone that he was even thinking about resorting to talking to Moaning Myrtle.

"Oh for goodness sakes will someone say something?!!" spoke Harry in a moderate, but stern tone

"I don't know Harry, Ron is it ok if I talk?" asked Hermione sarcastically obviously eager to release her quick tongue

"Like I give a damn" he brutally replied

Her eyes narrowing with resentment, Hermione picked up her book and stormed out of the Hall. Harry and Neville watched until her figure disappeared, turning back to Ron who refused to face their glances.

"Wow Ron, you just earned yourself 10 points for being a jerk" spoke Neville before walking over to Luna and Ginny who were ushering him over to them

This comment coming from the usually quiet and reserved Neville seemed to have broken the red-head's trance. He released a breath of air, speaking without looking at Harry.

"I deserved that didn't I?"

"I'd be lying if I said you didn't" answered Harry

"It's amazing to me that you haven't hexed me into oblivion by now" he said

"Why's that?" questioned Harry quietly

"Because Bianca told you to stay away, the exact treatment I gave to Liz" he replied finally turning to look at his best mate expecting to see some blood rising.

What he saw was Harry merely letting his words sink in without any signs of anger. "Well then we should have something in common now; not letting them get away" he said before leaving, remembering that he forgot his book in his dormitory.

After leaving his room looking messier than before, Harry was rushing out the portrait hole and towards his first class of the day History of Magic. Turning the last corner before he'd reach the hall that led to his class, he was suddenly face to face with Liz. Suprised, he fell forward , his elbows breaking his fall on the concreate floor. He was utterly confused about whether or not he really did see Liz.

"Geeze Potter, never knew you as the Clumsy type" spoke a soft voice above him

Rolling on his back he opened his eyes to find an amused Liz watching him. "Oh thank God I'm not going crazy".

"How in the world did you manage to move so quickly?" he asked as he slowly picked himself up from the ground

"Well in order to avoid making a fool of myself like you did, I merely leaned a little to the side" she replied showing her ability to move air-like within a matter of seconds

"Thanks for re-stating the obvious of my not so graceful landing" he said with a weak smile

"Any time" she added with a grin

The pleasantness of their conversation soon reached its last dying moments. Liz could hear the questions dying to be released within her mind, but she worried that asking would only make things even more harder. Harry could do little to keep his curiosity in its right place.

"How's Bianca?" he asked quickly, his focus anywhere but on the witch

"I was wondering when you'd ask....she's ok, well as well as she can be" said Liz pausing between words

"Is everything ok?" he persistently questionted

"Harry, I'm honestly not sure how much I should tell you without making things more difficult for either of you,....but just know that there's not a day that goes by without her thinking about you" she answered calmly

"I need to get to class" she said simply before she began walking away

Harry stopped her before she could get any further away. "So does Ron" he said

Liz turned wide eyed as if all her prayers somehow had just been answered. Her lips quivered for a moment, she wanted to know Ron's current thoughts on the situation, but it scared her to know how easily she could let herself fall for him again. She needed to avoid such things at all costs. Polietly she nodded at his statement, then took her leave.

Letting the silence engulf him, Harry continued forward to his History class. Luckily it seems the Professor was late himself and so the raven haired boy merely took his seat next to his best mate who took notice of his presence as he remained silent. Class went by rather quickly, unfortanetly that did not mean Harry had any idea what the teacher was talking about the entire time. He'd ask Ron later, the teen had oddly been paying attention during classes, a new tactic that he guessed was due to his goal of keeping his mind far from a certain element.

Potions was next and though Tonks was a lively teacher that made learning rather enjoyable, it was highly probable that his eyes would continuously wander over to Bianca. He and Ron made small talk about the upcoming match against Slytherin that would take place Saturday morning before the dance. Hermione was waiting for them in front of the doors as more students piled the entrance. Her expression was filled with forgiveness as if she was willing to forget entirely about what happened that morning.

"I'm sorry for the way I've been acting Hermione" he told her

"I get it Ronald really, but that's no reason for you to take your anger out on me" she responded respectively

"You're right, you don't deserve this, and I was actually wondering if you'd like to attend the ball with me" he spoke with much more confidence than either of his friends were expecting from him.

Hermione was actually hoping that such an offer would arise, and even with the prediction an image still flashed across her head; Draco Malfoy. Their recent crossings had been non-existent for it seemed he was now avoiding her at all costs. She understood little about what his actions meant and now with the dance becoming closer with every passing day she could feel her desire to know about his plans growing. It all summed up to a very confused and high-strung bookworm whose books attempted to calm with each inked word.

"I'd enjoy that Ron" she said with a smile

"Just as friends of course" added the wizard

"See now wasn't that nice?" stated Harry with a sarcastic girlish tone

The Golden Trio laughed, a sight not seen for quite some time. The now relaxed mood surrounding the friends was dissimilar from what a certain Slytherin was attaining. His ears vaguely picked up what the Weasley was saying, but he clearly heard when he had asked Hermione to accompany him to the upcoming ball. These occuring event didn't surprise him, but what did was the stinging sensation coursing throughout his veins. He honestly had no one to blame but himself, he had after all been avoiding her within the last week trying to sort out him emotions. Deciding the only thing that might make things better was to talk to her, he and the rest of the class entered the potions class room.

All students shuffled into the room, as Tonks sat at the front of the class awaiting the arrival of the last of her group, which turned out to be the four elements. Logan took a seat at the far end of a row with the girls in the middle and Seth at the other end. It was as if the boys were forming some type of protective barrier. As Tonks began addressing her seventh years Harry glanced to see Bianca. She appeared to be listening intently with her hair half way down and a light blue clip keeping it up. He felt his insides grumbling with frustration over his inability to be near her.

The speech continued until she had them pair up to conduct the "Trinkstef" potion. From what Harry had listened to, it was apparently suppossed to create some kind of homing device on the drinker allowing others to locate them. One by one the names were called out.

"Longbottom and Thomas"

"Green and Aqua"

"Flame and Zambini"

"Potter and Finnigan"

"Malfoy and Granger"

Hermione felt her heart drop into her stomach. Now she would really couldn't avoid talking to Draco. The wizard on the other hand found their new partnership to be exactly the silver lining that he was looking for.

'Well, if he can avoid me then there's no reason why I can't give him the cold shoulder' thought Hermione

"Weasley and Gustero"

Harry's head shot up at the newly emerged dilema. Seth's eyes were bearing straight into the red-head as if warning him to even attempt anything that he would be against. Before Ron could even wrap his mind around what Tonks had just said, Liz snapped.

"That's going to be a problem for me"

"Well then, nows your chance to un-problem it" responded Tonks with a raised eyebrow

"All I'm asking is that you put me with someone else, anyone else" pleaded Liz

"Ms.Gustero I happen to know Mr.Weasley and last time I checked he didn't bite anything that wasn't food" said Tonks attempting to ease the students' worries

"Great, thanks for the warning, but I still need a new partner" insisted Liz, her tone raising to a level inappropriate when speaking to your teacher

"You can either work with him now or I'll make sure that he's your partner from now on until the end of the school year!" replied Tonks in an authorative voice

"Tempting offer.....think I'm going to have to take it" added Liz sarcastically as she rose from her seat

"Everyone can thank Ms.Gustero for the time necessary outside of class today in order to write your second half of this activity" added Tonks as the students began putting their potion together with complaints over this new information.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" demanded Bianca as she stood besides Liz

"I didn't mean to go off on her like that it's just,.......never mind you wouldn't understand" retorted Liz

"Then help me to understand" responded Bianca softly

"Maybe we should be doing our potions" finished Liz as she walked away towards a quiet Ron

Summoning all her existing courage, she looked straight at him. His lips wriggled in his search for the right words to say. Her stare faltered as she realized how much of a humiliating situation she just put him in, but the sympathy quickly faded as she remembered their meeting in Hogsmeade.

"Let's finish this quickly Ronald" spoke Liz in a formal tone

"Yeah" was all he could say

On the other side of the room, an even more distant relationship was taking place. Draco had merely placed the items on their table when Hermione took off like a Firebolt dropping this into that and mixing this much with that amount. His eyes could barely keep up with her rapid movements. Afraid of distracting her current focused state, he stayed quiet until he no longer felt capable of doing so.

"Are you sure you don't need any help?" he asked

Hermione didn't reply, she wanted to know how far he would go to get her talking and to be honest, doing this potion by herself seemed like the easiest way to get it done leaving only the write-up part left which would be done later in the day.

"Incase you didn't notice my hands are empty" continued Malfoy


"Just tell me what to grab and I will" he said

A hidden grin.

"Ok, no not in that manner, oh bloody hell Hermione when I talk to myself I feel retarded" he shouted

"Really, so a week of avoiding me must have been a week of pure stupidness huh" she responded

"I was not avoiding you and I didn't know it mattered to you that much" he said

"It doesn't!!" she vented

"Well by the sound of your voice, I'd say things were really bothering you" answered Malfoy

"Well you must have cheese or food in your ear, because I'm PERFECTLY FINE" shouted Hermione, earning numerous confused glances in her direction

"You're completely right, I think I heard it that time" he said sarcastically 

For the first time in weeks, the young witch finally peered up to look at the Slytherin. Her heart fell short of its rapid beats, and she attempted to turn quickly in order to avoid showing signs of her growing nervousness. As a result, a bit of the potion mixtures splashed on her hand. Cursing silently, she looked around for something to clean the stain with, grateful that it wasn't one of the more hazardous substances. Deciding to finally do something, Draco gently took hold of Hermione's hand.

With her mouth a-gape she stuttered "What're you doing?"

"Helping you, you know, it's what friends do....or so I've heard" replied Malfoy attempting to ease his decietful pulse in his wrist that had contact with Hermione's hand

"Bet you picked that up while you were harrassing someone huh?"

He chuckled as he slowly ran small circles on Hermione's wrist. Taking his time until he was certain that all of the mixture has been removed, he peered at Hermione's expression, noticing how beautiful she looked when she allowed herself to be vulnerable. No longer was this untouchable barrier surrounding her, but rather a light breeze that brought a smile that was entirely unexplainable. He felt a sudden rush of emotion come over him, and had it not been for the arrival of Tonks, he wasn't sure what would have occcured in the following seconds.

"Excellent work. You two make quite the team"

Sub-conciosuly and much to the dissapointment of Granger, he quickly dropped her hand. The two students awkwardly looked into their cauldron noticing how the potion appeared to have been finished and was the exact shade of red that Tonks had explained.

"Close enough I suppose" commented Tonks at Ron and Liz's potion, as she returned to the front of class

"I'm terrible at Potions" spoke Liz

"Join the club, ironic though this is probably the closest I've come to making a decent potion and neither of us are qualified for the job"  he joked

"Ha, guess our relationship is nothing but a big fat paradox" she laughed at the saddness of the situation

"Why not make life a little interesting....." he trailed off noticing her change in demeanor

"Look if you want to completely forget the dare about us dancing, I understand" she whispered, her eyes falling towards the floor

"No" said Ron fierecely as he moved to stand closer to her

"God, could you be any more of a mystery Ronald?" she retorted with a painful blaze in her eyes

"Our dare is the only thing I'm looking forward to" he stated truthfully

"Well what if I want to call off the dare....what if I can't take it anymore?" her tone raising ever so slightly as she grabbed her belongings and fled the room moments before Tonks dismissed everyone.