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A Seductive Gryffindor And a Slytherin With Emotions? by Lovely_Slytheriness

Format: Short story
Chapters: 12
Word Count: 17,204
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Drama, Romance, Angst
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lucius, Draco, Pansy, Ginny, Blaise (M), OtherCanon
Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Ron/Lavender, Draco/Hermione

First Published: 01/23/2007
Last Chapter: 07/18/2008
Last Updated: 07/18/2008

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Harry had no idea that the repercussions of making Hermione seduce Malfoy to gain information would be so extreme, and neither did they.

This is a Dramione tale, set during the Half Blood Prince.

Chapter 1: Chapter 1: ~Let the game begin~
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Disclaimer: I do not own anything. (If I did, I would take Draco Malfoy and run far away, never to be seen again, tough...)

"Honestly Ron, you can´t deny that Malfoy must be up to something! He always
sneaks around the castle; he keeps on disappearing from the Marauder’s map, and
not to mention the conversation between him and Snape I overheard that night at
professor Slughorns party!" Harry said as they walked together trough the Hogwarts

"Schh!" said Ron and looked anxiously around to assure them that no-one was in
earshot. "I still don´t reckon You-Know-Who would let Malfoy join the Death Eaters,
he’s only sixteen!"

Harry frowned and kept quiet. He hated that Ron was being so stubborn when it
came to this matter. Not only Ron, by the way, everyone who he had talked to about
this had come to the same conclusion: That Snape only acted on Dumbledores request, questioning Malfoy, and that it was most unlikely to believe that Malfoy was a Death Eater. Harry was determined to prove to them all that he was right about his suspicions, but how?

When he entered the Great Hall for dinner with Ron, an idea started to take form in his head. When they had taken their places at the Gryffindor table with Hermione, and everyone was busy with their own conversations, Harry leaned in to Hermione.

"Mione, I need to ask you for a favour."


"Harry, I have already told you, I am not going to do it! It is stupid, and It´s never, ever going to work!" said Hermione firmly as they sat in the Gryffindors common room together with Ron and Lavender, who cuddled in a small couch, and Ginny, who lay in Harry’s lap patting Hermiones cat.

"Why not?! You just have to get his bloody shirt off and then we’ll see who’s right about Malfoy!" Harry blurt out, frustrated.

"You just have to get his bloody shirt off..!" mocked Hermione, shocked. "What, do you expect me to sleep with Malfoy?!"

"He is not ugly, Mione..." said Lavender frankly, ignoring the offended look she received from Ron.

"I agree with Lavender!" giggled Ginny. "I know loads of girls who think he’s hot."

Harry shot her an angrily glare.

"That doesn´t stop him from being a complete git!" Hermione said stubbornly.

”Hermione, please! I can´t ask Lavender or Ginny, because," Harry begun.

"You’re dating Ginny and Ron is dating Lavender. I know Harry..." interrupted

Hermione with a heavy sigh.

”But come on, look at me people! Let’s be honest here. Draco Malfoy could do so much better than me, I am a complete mess!" Hermione said sadly and pointed to her bushy hair.

"You are really pretty, Hermione! If you would just make an effort, you could be absolutely
smashing!" Lavender said with a kind smile.

Ginny sat up so quickly that she almost hit Harry’s chin with her head in the process.
"Let’s do a makeover!" she squealed in a high pitch voice. Soon, both Ginny and Lavender were standing bowed over Hermione, discussing loudly what to do with her hair and makeup, ignoring Hermiones objections.

"Wait a second!" said Harry loud and firmly. "Does this mean that you agree on the plan Hermione?"

Hermione hesitated for a moment, but then she shook Harry’s outstretched hand.

"Yeah, I do. I am going to try to seduce Draco Malfoy. But," she added, "Harry, I only do so to prove you wrong!"

"Deal!" said Harry with a smirk.


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Chapter 2: Chapter 2: ~Hermiones makeover~
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The next day, Hermione had looked forward to spending the day in the gryffindor common room, reading her favourite book, Hogwarts a History, when everybody was in Hogsmead. She had decided a couple of days ago that she didn´t felt like going, since she didn´t really had anyone to go with. She knew that she was welcome to join Harry, Ginny, Ron and Lavender, but sometimes she felt quit lonely when they were together all of them.

When Hermione, Ron and Harry approached the gryffindors table in the Great Hall for Breakfast, Lavender and Ginny turned to them with big smiles on their faces.

"Ready for today, Hermione?" said Ginny.
"For today?" asked Hermione and frowned.
"Your makeover!" said Lavender, a little impatient.

Hermione closed her eyes. For a moment she had forgotten about hers and Harry’s agreement. When she opened her eyes again she cast her gaze towards the slytherin table. It was hard to miss the platinum blonde figure who sat among the rest of the slytherins. But something was different with Draco Malfoy, she could tell. He didn´t had his usual I-Am-Your-Superior smirk on his pale face, and he wasn’t bossing Crabbe and Goyle around. He simply sat there, poking in his food with a fork.

"He looks almost ill, don´t you think? I bet his mission is going badly..." Harry whispered, who had followed her gaze.

Hermione pursed her mouth. "Nah, I guess that it is just too much for him the poor guy... Too much beauty, health and fortune."

"Yeah, that can´t be good for you..." Lavender said sarcastic and rolled her eyes.

"Anyway-" said Ginny, "Lavender and I are going to take you to Hogsmead today! We are going to buy you some new clothes, some makeup -don´t you worry, Mione, it will look tasteful- and some hair products. What do you think?"

Hermione sighted. She knew her objections wouldn’t matter.

”Sure” she replied, as cheerfully as she could manage. 


”It doesn´t even look like me!” said Hermione with an awestruck tone in her voice.

The girls were back in the gryffindors girls’ dorm. Hermione stood in front of a big mirror and inspected herself. The clothes were very different from her everyday wardrobe. The skirt was a lot shorter than she was use to. It was black and ended on the mid of her thighs. She also wore a white shirt, a pretty tight one, which was only half buttoned. She wore a pair of black pumps as well, but the heel was not so high, but it gave her legs a long and slim impression. Ginny and Lavender had done wonders with her hair and makeup as well, her skin looked perfectly tanned and they had used some mascara to bring out her honey brown eyes. Her lips had a soft, pink look, and it all looked tasteful, just as Ginny had promised. Her hair was no longer bushy and wild; it now (with some of Lavenders complicated spells and Ginny’s wonder-hair products) fell into soft and shiny curls on her back and around her face. Ginny and Lavender took a few steps back and admired their work.

”You look stunning, Hermione. If the ferret doesn´t notice you now he is even a bigger prat than I thought he was. And that says something!” said Ginny.

”Wow, Mione! Why have you hidden that body?! You look amazing!” smiled Lavender and jumped a little on the spot.

Hermione turned back to the mirror and thought that she perhaps was right. Her legs were slim and pretty long, her stomach flat, the breasts quit large and her skin was tanned.

”Now, Hermione Granger, you will take a little walk down to the quidditch pitch.” Ginny said.

Hermione looked startled away from her reflection. ”Huh? Why?”

”The slytherin quidditch team is practising right now-” replied Ginny,
”-and since you are about to seduce their seeker, you now have a golden opportunity!” explained Lavender and winked to her.

”No way! I can´t go there!” Hermione blurt out, appalled.

”Oh, yes you can and you will Hermione!” said Ginny firmly.

”But I will look stupid if I go down there on my own, especially when I am all dressed up!”

”You won´t be alone, Ron and Harry are coming with you, they are waiting for you now in the common room.” replied Lavender calmly.

”And Hermione-” said Ginny ”you cannot let your feelings overcome you. You are on a mission now, remember?”

And with those words they pushed her out the door.


When Hermione came down to the common room, both Harry and Ron’s jaws dropped.

”Bloody hell!” was all Ron could manage.

”Is it that bad?” asked Hermione and looked down on her clothes with a worried tone in her voice.

”You look amazing, Hermione!” Harry finally said, his eyes still resting on her.
”Bloody hell!” said Ron again, but now Hermione just smiled.

”Well… Suppose we should go down the pitch now, then?” she said.

”Yeah…” answered the the boys, still with awestruck expressions on their faces. ”Let’s go”.


A few minutes later sat Hermione, Ron and Harry in the sun on a blanket next to the quidditch pitch. The Slytherin practice was going very well and after a couple of minutes Hermione saw Malfoys blond head fly by in a very high speed. A few seconds later his outstretched hand caught the golden snitch. With a satisfied look on his face, Malfoy and the rest of the team landed on the grass close to the spot where the trio sat. Malfoy was the first to spot them.

”Well, well, well, what do we have here people? Isn’t it Potty, Weasel-bee and the filthy mudblood?” he said, with his trademark smirk.

”Don´t call her that, Malfoy.” said Harry furiously and got up from the ground. Ron and Hermione got up as well, and Hermione hurried to Harry and put a hand on his arm.

”It´s alright , Harry! I don´t let him get to me, you shouldn’t either”.

Now, when she was standing up, Malfoy and the rest of the Slytherin team could see her properly. Malfoys eyes rested on her with an awestricken expression on his face for a moment, but he covered it up quickly.

Marcus Flint let out a low whistle and smirked.
”Growing up, are we? What happened with the bookworm-image?” Flint asked and walked up to her, his eyes fixed on her body.

”Get away from her, you scum!” said Harry angrily and gave him a hard push in the chest.

”Don´t touch me, Potter!” snarled Flint. ”Like I would lay a hand on that filth anyway!” he nodded towards Hermione. He gave Harry a long glare before turning to his team-mates.

”Let’s go to the locker rooms, great work everybody”.

Hermione looked at Malfoy. He was paler than usual, almost white. They looked each other in the eyes for a moment, but a second later the connection was broken, and she watched him go along the rest of his team towards the castle.


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Chapter 3: Chapter 3: ~Trust the enemy?~
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Chapter III - Trust the enemy?

Draco Malfoy sat in the slytherin common room. All he wanted was some alone time, some
time to think, but Crabbe, Goyle, Flink and Blaisie Zabini were chattering and laughing loudly
around him.
”She has growned up though, don´t you think?” It was the quidditch captain who spoke the

”Who are you talking about, Flink?” asked Malfoy in a bored voice.
”That gryffindor know-it-all, Granger. Perhaps you didn´t see her down the pitch today?” he
replied with a grin.

”She´s a bloody mudblood!” spat Malfoy. ”No matter how she looks, she will always be
filthy”. But - he thought to himself - he´s right. She had matured. He still couldn´t belive it
was her when he saw her earlier after their quidditch practice. Even if he hated to admit it, she
had looked hot. He was snappad back to reality when Blaisie Zabini spoke.

”I think she´s dating that McLaggen bloke, I´ve seen them together at Slughorns parties”.
Malfoy yawned and stretched his arms above his head.
”So what if they are? He´s a looser and she´s nothing but a mudblood.Who cares?” He got up
from the couch and after he had said goodnight he made his way to the boys dorm.

He had become accustomed to have an unpleasant feeling in the pit of his stomach. Ever since the Dark Lord gave him his task, he had felt rather miserable. In the beginning he was
eager to fulfil his duty, but now… He could not do it. And it broke him down, slowly, silently.
But tonight, he had the feeling that it was something ells that was bothering him, something
that had to do with a certain gryffindor. After a while he fell asleep with a feeling of confusion
in his stomach area.


Hermione hurried through the Hogwarts corridors, heading for the Great Hall for dinner.
When she rounded a corner she bumped into someone, and the sudden collide made her lose
her balance and fell to the hard stone floor.

”Watch it, Granger!” Hermione didn´t need to look up. She knew that voice. Malfoy. She got
up from the floor with all the dignity she could produce and gave him an angry glare.
”You really are a true gentleman, arent you, Malfoy?” she spat while straightning her robes
and hair.

”Why would I be a gentleman to you, mudblood?” he sneered. It annoyed him that her hair
had to fall into perfect honeybrown curles and that her pink lips tempted him. This was
Granger! Meanwhile, Ginnys words rang in her head; You are on a mission now, remember,
you cannot let your feelings overcome you. She took a deep breathe.
”Well, I suppose that you can´t expect a spoiled git such as yourself to know how to
behave!” Suddenly he grabbed Hermione by the shoulders and slammed her up against the
wall. ”Spoiled git, eh?” he hissed between clenched teets. ”It´s all so easey for you, isn´t it?

But you know nothing about me, you hear me?! Nothing!” Hermione was shocked from his
sudden outburst and violence. Dracos face was inches from hers now, and his grey eyes
sparkled in rage. For a moment she thought he might hit her, but before she could do anything
he crushed his lips onto hers. The kiss only lasted for a couple of seconds before Malfoy broke

They stared each other in the eyes for a moment, than he let go of Hermiones shoulders like
he might have burned himself. Without a word he turned away from her and rounded the
corner. Eventually the sound of Malfoys steps died out and Hermione fond herself alone in the
corridor again. She was still standing with the back against the wall that he had slammed her

into. She slid down the wall and rested her head in her hands.What just happened? Did Draco
Malfoy just kiss me? And did I let him? Why did he stopped so sudden? A million thoughts
were running through her mind. She felt confusion, and… No it couldn´t be…dissipointment?


”How is it going with the ferret, Hermione?” asked Harry that night in the Gryffindor common room. Hermione looked up from her book. ”I´m working on it!” she snappad and gave him an angry look. Harry raised his hands in defending way.
”Fine! I was just wondering… Don´t forget our deal, you can´t take to long you know, if Malfoy..”

”I know!” Hermione cut him off and got up from the couch. ”Stop nagging me!” And with those word she left the common room through the Fat Ladys portrait, and made her way trough the deserted corridor heading for the library. When she entred, she saw a platinum blond head leaning over a book only a few meters from her. Quickly she hided behind one of the bookshelfs. Harrys words still fresh in her memory: ”Don´t forget our deal”. She knew what she had to do. She had to seduce him.

She took a deep breathe and stepped out from the shadows. Hermione started to walk towards Draco and she didn´t stop until she had reached his table.
Draco looked up from his book. Granger. He looked down again. He felt embarrassed. He hadn´t seen her since that kiss in the corridor. He wished that he hadn´t left so quickly. He felt that she, perhaps, was different from the others. Draco sighted.

He couldn´t deny it anymore… This girl actually meant something to him. And he had no idea how to handle that. So naturally, he had done the only thing he knew. He had done the only thing his father had taught him. He´d been showing anger and he´d been violent. Hermione pulled out the chair next to Draco and sat down. For a moment she just watched him. He looked so vulnerable.

”Draco?” said Hermione in a soft voice. When he finally looked into her eyes there was no rage or anger in them like it had been when he´d kissed her. Now, all that Hermione could see in those silver grey orbs was sadness, and a tiny gleam of something ells… Hope? Now it was Hermiones turn to look away. Why is this so difficult? She thought. Not that it mattred. She had do it, she had promised Harry. Their eyes met now. Draco finally manage to speak.
”I´m sorry for what happned earlier today… I didn´t think, I just…” his voice died away. Please, Hermione thought. Don´t apologize, don´t make me feel even more awful than I already do…The thought were running through her mind now, and she didn´t rally know what to say. So she didn´t say anything, she just put a finger over Dracos mouth to stop him from continuing with his apologizes, and then she started to caress his cheek. Draco foze for a moment, but then he let himself go and turned his head slightly and kissed her palm gently while he covered her hand with his.

He leaned in to Hermione and put his lips, gently this time, on hers, and she put her arms around his neck. But they heard stepps approaching and quickly pulled away from eachother.
”The library´s closing now, you know!” It was the whining librarian, madam Pince. Draco let go of Hemriones hand and started to gather his belongings. Together they left the library, side by side. Draco wondered if it was possible to feel so much at once. He felt confused, excited, worried, disgusted and frightened all at once. When they passed one of the corridors many alcoves, Hermione sized the opportunity and pulled Draco into it. Draco was a bit taken a back, but he put his hands over her slender waist and pulled her into a kiss.

I must see his arms, I must see his arms… It was all that rang in Hermiones mind. Let me get it overwith… And she started to unbuttoning his shirt. The kiss was passionate, but yet gentle. Draco felt that his emotions were about to overcome him. Tears fell over his cheeks and he pulled away.

”What´s wrong, Draco?” asked Hermione.
There was so much wrong that he didn´t know where to begin.
”I… We can´t do this Hermione…” he mumbled and started to walk away.
No! Hermione thought, the panic increasing by every second. I´ve got this far.. I need to see his arms… And in a desperate attempt to make him stay she pulled him back into the alcove.
Once again, Draco found himself taken a back from Hermiones bahaviour. He looked into her brown eyes and started to speak.

”I´m developing feelings for you, and I can´t allow that to happen… My bloody father, he… He would kill me!” He was sobbing into her arms by now. She was disgusted with herself, and what she was about to do. She was taking advantage of his vulnerable state.
”Please, Draco…” She pleaded. ”You can´t let him do this to you! I won´t let him harm you…”

She leaned in and brushed her lips against his ear while whispering in seductive voice: ”You want me just as much as I want you, Draco.. I know you do.”
She felt sick. She had never felt so bad in her entire life. She felt cheap, and filthy. Draco rested his forehead to hers, and his silver eyes met Hermiones brown ones.

”Can I trust you?” he whispred, not trusting his voice to speak up.
Hermione had gotten his sleeves up to his elbows now. She caressed the smooth skin with her fingertips and looked away from his gaze and down to his arms. Nothing. Nothing but pale, smooth skin. No darkmark was burned into the Slytherin prince forearm.
”Yes…” she heard herself say. ”Yes Draco… You can trust me.”


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Chapter 4: Chapter 4: ~An unexpected visitor~
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Chapter 4:  An unexpected visitor

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Draco was sitting by the lake. It was late in the afternoon, and the Hogwarts grounds was cascading in the glow from the red sun that was slowly starting to disappear behind the horizon. He had brought his school books with him, he had to study. He spent almost all his time in the Room of Requirement, trying to mend the cabinet. He was behind in classes -
Professor McGonagall had even put him in detention for neglecting his homework three times in a row. He closed his eyes and rested his back against the tree behind him and let out a heavy sight.

Then there was Hermione. She made things easier for him, yet she complicated so much. He had to smile when he thought about the past weeks. Whenever he saw Hermione alone in the one of the corridors, the library or in the owlery, he used to walk up to her with a smirk and take a firm grip around her tiny waist and pull her in to a empty classroom, hushing her laughing objections. He had told her about things that he had not told anyone before. He had no idea of how it had happened, but he fond himself trusting her.

If he had been told two months ago that he, Draco Malfoy, would fall for Hermione Granger he would either have hexed them or declared them insane. But now.. He could not deny that he felt alive when he was with her. He enjoyed talking to her, and he admired her ability to bring intelligence into the simplest of conversations. He also hated the fact that he loved her god damned gryffindor spirit.

If I only had gotten to know her earlier, he thought to himself. Would I´ve been in this situation then? Yes, He kept on in his head. I would have. No matter who I had gotten to know, that still would not have changed my father plans for me. It would not have changed who I am supposed to be, would not have changed my destiny.
Suddenly he heard something right beside him and he opened his eyes. Hermione sat next to him, the evening sun playing in her light brown hair. Draco quickly looked around assure them that no one could see them together. After all, he still was a slytherin and he had his pride. Besides, they had to be careful. Hermione smiled a shy smile.

”We are alone, Draco. Almost everybody is on their way for the great hall. It´s dinner soon.” she said, looking out over the peaceful lake. Draco took her hand and she leaned against his shoulder, giving his hand a little squeeze. The unmistakable feeling of guilt coming over her. The plan had just gone so terribly wrong… All she wanted, was to forget about the deal, and be able to spend time with Draco during other circumstances. She had discovered a new side in the slytherin price. A caring, humoristic, loving side even. She was not supposed to feel this way about him, the way he had treated her in the past… But she could not deny it to herself any longer. It didn´t matter if she told herself that he was a prejudiced, vicious git. She felt safe when she was with him, she felt needed. And she couldn´t tell anybody about her dilemma, and it was killing her. She could not tell Harry, Ron, Lavender or Ginny about how she felt. She could not tell Draco, he would hate her. All she could do, was to continue with the game. And she hated herself for being in this situation.

”I haven´t seen you today,” Draco mumbled into Hermiones hair, inhaling her intoxicating scent of vanilla that he had come to adore.
”Well, I haven´t seen you either!” she answered, pulling him closer. ”Where have you been all day?”
Draco froze. He had been in the Room of Requirement, working on the cabinet, but he couldn´t … She would hate him if she knew. When he didn´t answer, she pulled away. She felt that something was wrong.
”Where were you?” she asked again.
”Here… Doing my homework… For McGonagall.” he said, not looking her in the eyes. He could tell she didn´t believe him.
”You can trust me, you know.” Another pang of guilt hit Hermione.

Draco looked into her eyes now.

”I know..” he said quietly. ”But I cant… You would not understand.”
”Try me.” said Hermione and smiled.
Draco sighed. What was he supposed to say?
”Well, I…” he began slowly. ”It´s complicated.” He ran his fingers through his blonde hair and looked out over the serene water. ”I have received a task. A task from the Dark Lord.”
Hermiones heart skipped a beat. She had only heard death eaters use that name for Voldemort.
”Wha- what?” she asked, frowning.
“Yes.” Draco continued. “I have to kill Albus Dumbledore.” Hermione gasped. Harry had been right, Draco had been up to something, something that involved the dark arts, Voldemort… Murder… She didn´t want to believe it.
But his not one of them, she thought, he doesn´t have that awful mark burned into his skin…
“I have spent a lot of time in the Room of Requirement working on my plan.” Draco kept on. “But I don´t know if I can bring myself to do it. Not now when I have you in my life, Hermione.”
“Kill Dumbledore…” Hermione looked away from his pleading gaze. “Draco I…”
Draco felt a sudden fear of losing her, and he took a firm but gentle grip of her chin and forced her to look into his eyes.
“Please, Hermione, don´t judge me… You have to believe me when I say that I can´t do it. You´ve taught me the importance of being honest.”

Once again Hermione felt as if she was going to be sick from the guilt. She had taught him honesty? She was the one leaking information about Draco to Harry and the others… And he didn´t have a clue. Even if Hermiones feelings for Draco were true, she felt as if she didn´t deserve his trust, his love… She used him. Even if it was unwillingly. For the what felt like the hundred time, she wished that the agreement never had been made. Hermione felt the tears burning behind her eyelids, and she struggled to keep her voice steady.

“What happens if you don´t… Draco, are you going to do it?”
Draco didn´t answer, he just leaned in and kissed her. Hermione flung her arms around his neck and responded with passion. After a while they broke for air, and Draco spoke.
“No.” he said. “I can´t do it. I can´t, not now I have you.”
“What will your father do to you then, Draco? What will Voldemort do?” Hermione asked concerned. Draco frowned at the name, and pulled her in for a hug.
“He can do whatever he wants… I have you now.” There Hermione felt it again. The odd mix of love, happiness and guilt that seemed to have possessed her very often lately.


Draco strolled down the stairs of Hogwarts, heading for the slytherin common room in the dungeons. When he spotted the entrance to the house, he saw a familiar person standing right beside it. A tall man, dressed in expensive dark robes and with the silvery blonde hair pulled into a loose ponytail. When those emotionless grey eyes discovered Draco, he gave him a cold smile.
“Hello, Draco.” said Lucius Malfoy when Draco approached.
“Hello father.” he answered with an unpleasant feeling growing in the pit of his stomach. Draco knew that his father had bribed his way out of Azkaban, and he also knew that his father was eager to see his son walk in his footsteps.

“What brings you to Hogwarts?” he asked, not really wanting to know the answer.
Lucius sneered. “It has come to my knowledge, Draco, that you´ve befriended miss Granger.”
How can he possibly know about Hermione?! Draco thought, fear pulsing through his entire being. But his face remained indifferent, and like his aunt Bellatrix had taught him during his occlemency lessons, he closed his mind, and tried to block out every emotion.

“I would never go near that filth.” he said, looking straight into his fathers eyes. Lucius was quiet for awhile, and Draco knew that he tried to break into his mind.
Suddenly he took a firm grip of the collar of Dracos robes and slammed his son into the stone wall.
“How dare you use your occlemency skills against me, boy?!” the elder Malfoy shouted in his face. “And don´t you ever lie to me, or disobey me again, Draco! Did you really think that neglecting your task would pass me by undetected? Did you?!”
Draco struggled not to response to the pain, but it was hard.
“No father, I didn´t mean…” he began but was cut off by Lucius.
“And get rid of the mud blood.” He threw Draco from him with all his might. With a last contemptuous glance on his son he started to walk away.

“No.” said Draco, low, but perfectly clear. He got up from the floor. Lucius stopped and turned slowly back to Draco.
“What was that?” he asked. Draco took a deep breath.
“I said no. I won´t get rid of her.” He spoke louder this time.
“For Merlins sake, Draco!“ Lucius voice trembled from rage. “Don´t let you feelings get the upper hand, you must keep your head cold. Granger is close to both Harry Potter and Dumbledore. You can´t afford any mistakes. By spending time with that… That filth, you are giving her a perfect opportunity to get information from a death eater that she could easily pass on to Potter, or worse, the Headmaster!”
Draco felt the rage building up inside of him, he wanted to scream at him, he wanted to tell him that Hermione was true and that he trusted her. But he couldn´t bring himself to do it.
“I´m not a death eater yet, father!” was all he could manage.
Lucius smirked.
“Well that reminds me… The ceremony is being hold tomorrow night. In the dark forest. Severus has arranged for it.”
“Ceremony?” Draco asked blankly.
“You will receive the Dark mark, Draco. You will officially become one of us. The Dark Lord will be present, and so will I.” Lucius turned on his heel.
“Eight a clock, Draco. Do not disappoint me.” he said while walking away, his back against Draco.
Draco was left alone in the corridor outside the slytherin house..
Hell with him, Draco thought as he entered the common room. He knows nothing about her, and he doesn´t have the power to control me anymore, he can´t tell me what to do. I won´t do anything that could jeopardize my relationship with Hermione.
He thought about the irony of it all. In only a matter of weeks he had changed his beliefs. He felt that he wanted to be a better person. And it was all thanks to her. Hermione Granger.


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Chapter 5: Chapter 5: ~Misunderstandings~
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Chapter 5 – Misunderstandings

“So you’re sure that Malfoy doesn’t has a darkmark Hermione? Are you absolutely sure?” Harry asked for the seventh time.
“Yeah I am sure! I saw his arms with my own eyes, Harry! He’s not a Death Eater!”
Harry and Hermione had just visited Hagrid and were now walking the Hogwarts grounds back to the castle. Rain fell from the grey sky, and the icy winds made Hermione shudder slightly. When they got into the castle again, Hermione started speaking again.
“Although,” she began, looking down on her shoes. “There is one thing that you were right about.”
Harry stopped in his tracks.
“Voldemort has giving him a task, hasn’t he?” Harry asked at once, his voice eager.
“Yes... But Harry, I don’t reckon he would...”
“What is it?” interrupted Harry. When she didn´t answer, Harry asked again.
“What is it? Tell me Hermione!”
Hermione felt miserable. She had told Draco that he could trust her. How could she do this to him? But she had already said too much. Harry would never give up now.
“He... He has to kill someone for Voldemort... Someone very important for the order.”
Harry looked bewildered.
“Kill someone?! Who?!” Harry demanded.
“Dumbledore” she mumbled very quietly, still looking at her feet’s.
“I didn´t quit catch that, Hermione. Who?” Harry sounded impatient. Hermione took a deep breath.
“Dumbledore.” She looked up. Harry looked furious. It was quiet for a moment. When Harry finally spoke his voice trembled from suppressed anger.
“Important for the Order?! What about important to me?! Dumbledore has been my mentor since I was eleven years old! I’m gonna kill that bloody ferret with my own bare hands...!”
“But Harry, he doesn´t want to! He has changed. I swear, he is different these days. Please Harry, don´t tell on him, there is no need, he won’t do it, trust me!” she spoke in a pleading tone. Harry looked at her in disbelief.
“Do you honestly reckon Malfoy has changed? How can you be so naive?! If I didn´t knew better I would think you’d started to like him for real!”

Hermione looked away.

“Of course I don´t, don´t be such a git Harry! I just don´t think that it´s so cleaver to blow my cover right now, I think I can get more information out of him, just give me time.” Harry doubted for a moment but then he nodded.
“I guess you´re right. But I still don´t doubt that Malfoy has every intention of fulfilling his task. He is evil though and through.” He said while narrowing his green eyes. It pained Hermione to hear Harry say all these terrible things about Draco, especially since she couldn´t say anything in his defence. So she just gave Harry a small nod, and Harry returned to the common room while Hermione left for the library. 


Marcus Flint threw his bag with his quidditch robes over his shoulder and grabbed his broom. He had been down the pitch with his team, practising. As he made his way though the corridor he spotted a girl entering the library. It hadn´t just been any girl, it had been Granger. There had been a lot of fuzz around that girl lately. He had heard as good as all his slytherin mates and a loads of blokes outside his house talking about her and her new stunning appearance. A smirk appeared on his face. This ought to be fun, he thought to himself as he sneaked into the library. It was as good as empty. A couple of first years were sitting around a table, taking notes from a book. He gave them an angry glare and they gathered their quills, rolls of parchments and books quickly and left. Flint noticed Hermione standing between two bookshelves not so far away from him. He leaned nonchalantly against one of the bookshelves and examined her with an hungry look in his brown eyes and with a malicious smirk on his lips.

It wasn´t hard to see why she had become so popular among the boys – she looked amazing with her shiny hair that was just a little bit curly, and that tanned skin that brought out her those full and perfect pink lips and chocolate brown eyes.

“Finally alone, Granger” Flint said, still with his eyes fixed on her.
Hermione gave him a quick look and then returned to her books.
“Go away Flint, I don´t feel like dealing with you right now,” She said with a sigh.
But he just continued smirking and took another step forward, putting his arm up against the bookshelf to block her way. Hermione started to feel a bit uncomfortable.
“Didn´t I tell you to leave?!” she tried to get pass him, but he grabbed her wrists and held her up against the shelf.
“Do you really think that you can give me orders, mudblood?” Flint hissed.
“I´m the dominant one here, Granger...” He leaned in and whispered in her ear, as he grabbed her wrists tighter, hard enough to bruise. Hermione winced and opened her mouth to scream, but Flint quickly mumbled a spell, and to Hermiones horror, she couldn´t make a sound. She tried to scream again, but her shout got stuck in her throat. The tears burned behind her eyelids and she tried to kick him, but his were pressed firmly against hers and she couldn´t move. Flint let out a evil laugh and grinned sadistically.
“If you hadn´t been so filthy, I could have done this...” he roughly pressed his lips onto hers. Hermione tried to turn her face away, but it was hopeless – he had her exactly where he wanted her. She couldn´t scream and she couldn´t move. All she could do was to cry. The tears ran down her cheeks when he forced his tongue into her mouth. Hermione bit him as hard as she could and Flint let out a groan of pain. He let go of her wrists and slapped her hard across her left cheek. Hermione sobbed and raised her hands to protect her face, as she expected him to strike again. But suddenly she couldn´t feel the weight of Flints body anymore and she opened her eyes.

Draco stood before her, with Flints collar in a firm grip.
“What the hell do you think you´re doing?!” Draco shouted in the other boys face. Flint only grinned.
“Oh come on Draco... Don´t pretend to be a good guy, it just doesn´t suit you. Let´s just have some fun with the gryffindor-slu...”


Draco punched him over his mouth and jaw and Flint fell to the floor. Draco looked disgusted and he was breathing heavily.
“Get out of here.” He said quietly in a angry tone. “Now.”
Flint slowly got up from the floor, trying to stop the blood from running into his mouth as he spoke.
“You keep helping them-“ Flint began, nodding in Hermiones direction, “-we´ll deal with you the way we deal with all blood-traitors!”
“I am NOT a traitor!” yelled Draco and punched Flint again, over his nose this time. Flint was now covered in his own blood, but with some difficulties he managed to get up from the floor again.

“I´ll guess we´ll know what side you´re on, Malfoy-“ he lowered his voice to a whisper. “-tonight at the ceremony. You will be there, I suppose? I am glad that you finally have decided to take the step.. I just hope you won´t scream so bad when they burn the mark into your skin..” Flint gave him a cold smirk, and Draco turned white. Flint gave Hermione a look filled with utter contempt. Hermione barely noticed; she was to busy staring at Draco with tear filled eyes and with a expression of chock in her face.
“The darkmark, Draco?” she said at last, her voice shivering.
“This ain´t over, mudblood!” Flint snarled before he stormed out, leaving Draco and Hermione alone in the library.

Draco was still white as a ghost and he looked miserable.
“Hermione...” he tried to take her hand but she pulled her arm away and took a few steps back, shaking her head. The tears ran down her face. She didn´t want to believe it... After everything he had told her, he was going to become a Death Eater. But how could she had been so stupid? How could she ever think that Draco Malfoy, the cold prince of slytherin could change his beliefs? Before Draco could do anything, she hurried out from the library and ran trough the corridor towards the gryffindor tower. She could hear Draco calling after her, but she ignored him and kept running. When she finally got into the girls dormitories, she threw herself on the bed and sobbed into her pillow. Why?! She though. Why did I have to fall in love with him?”


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Chapter 6: Chapter 6: ~The Plot thickens~
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Chapter 6: The plot thickens

Draco was pacing back and forth in the Slytherin boys dorm. What am I going to do?! He thought to himself. He was so furious at Flint for what he’d said and done up in the library. But his major problem now was Hermione. He felt insecure, and the only thing he was certain about was that he didn’t want to participate in the dark mark ceremony. Hermione had changed him, he could feel it. He wanted to be good, good enough to truly deserve her. She inspired him. She made him feel like he wanted to start over new. He had to tell her about his fathers visit, and he had to let her know that he wouldn’t be there, and more importantly, why he wasn’t going to be there. But how could he tell her? It was out of the question to go and ask for her in the Gryffindor tower; he still had his stubborn pride. And besides, he didn’t know the password to get in. A letter, he thought. I’ll send her an owl and I’ll let her know exactly how I feel. He went over to his trunk and pulled out a quill and some parchment. Draco climbed onto his bed and began to write.


“Malfoy must be thicker than I thought he was!”

Draco froze and pressed his back against the stone wall in the corridor. He’d been making his way back from the owlery, where he’d posted Hermione’s letter when he’d heard his name mentioned.

“What do you mean?” A female voice asked, a voice which Draco recognised as Ginny Weasley’s, Potters girlfriend.

Draco peaked out his head and discovered a group of four Gryffindors: Potter, Weasley, Lavender Brown and the little female-Weasley. He could see Potter smirk at the others.

“Well let’s just say that he’s far easier to fool than I thought he was. I thought it would take months, if not longer, to get him to like Hermione. But it seems that she’s more skilled when it comes to this matter than she gets credit for!” Potter chuckled.

Draco felt an uncomfortable feeling growing in the pit of his stomach. What the hell is he talking about?! He thought as he stood in the shadows, listening to every word of the conversation.

“What has she found out then?!” The Lavender Brown girl asked eagerly.

“At this point,” Potter replied, “she can tell us two things: He’s not a Death Eater-“

“Ha!” Weasel bee interrupted him in triumph.

Potter raised his eyebrows and watched him for a second before continuing.

“-but he has received an assignment from Voldemort himself!” Said Potter through clenched teeth.

The others just stood there; jaws dropped. Draco felt like he was about to get sick right then and there. The shock froze him to the spot, and tears of humiliation burned in his grey eyes.

“I told you so, didn’t I?!” Potter said impatiently.

“So what’s going to happen now, then?” Ginny Weasley asked. “Are you going to tell Dumbledore, or what?”

From his hideout, Draco could see Harry shake his head. “No. Hermione told me that she thought she could get more information from Malfoy, so we won’t turn him in yet.”

They all nodded in agreement.

“Hang on,” said Ron Weasley suddenly “How the hell does ‘Mione know that he doesn’t have a Dark Mark?! What have they done?!”

But Draco didn’t listen anymore. He slowly backed away, and soon he was running as fast as he could towards the Slytherin dungeons, angry tears streaming down his cheeks. Luckily, no one was in the common room, and he sank down in one of the emerald coloured sofas. Draco leant forward and ran his fingers through his blonde hair as he rested his elbows to his knees.

It had all been nothing but a game. It hadn’t meant anything to her. Suddenly, it all made sense; why she’d been so keen on spending time with him, why she’d wanted to talk to him. All she’d wanted was information; all she’d wanted was to find out if he was a Death Eater. How the hell could I’ve been so foolish? And all those things I wrote in the letter! It’s too late to take that back now, it’s already sent... Draco groaned as he remembered what he’d wrote. I showed her weakness, I thought I could trust her...
Draco felt his disappointment slowly turn into bitterness. He wiped away the tears from his face with the back of his hand in an angry movement as he got up from the sofa. He kicked the nearest furniture with all his might and let out a frustrated scream. Who the hell does she think she is anyway?! Nobody does this to Draco Malfoy! Especially not a mudblood like her. Draco checked the large watch on the wall. Five minutes to seven. He narrowed his eyes and walked furiously out of the common room, heading for the Room of Requirement.


Hermione spent the whole weekend in her bed. Normally, she would spend her days off studying, but she found herself far too miserable. She couldn’t cry, she simply didn’t have any tears left. Harry, Ron and the others had of course tried to get her out of her bed, at least for the meals, but their attempts had been in vain. Hermione hadn’t told anyone what had happened in the library. What was she supposed to say?

Hermione still felt filthy after her encounter with Flint. She tried to rid herself from the memory of his hands on her body, his breath in her neck and his harsh words; but she couldn’t. Still, Flint wasn’t what really caused her this misery. It was Draco. He was going to take the mark. He hadn’t changed at all. Hermione groaned and threw the pillow on her face, screaming into it. She knew that she couldn’t go back to hating him. Not after everything he’d told her, not after everything they’d been through. Hell, Draco could rob her of all of her possessions, burn down the Hogwarts castle and run away on a stolen broomstick and she would still love him.

What am I going to do? She thought as she stared out the window. In the blue sky she saw a brown spot that grew larger by the second. As it came closer, she recognised it as a bird. And it wasn’t just any bird. Hermione jumped out the bed and ran to the window to let in Draco’s magnificent falcon. She noticed the rolled piece of parchment attached to its leg. Hermione’s hands trembled slightly as she un-folded the letter, and she sank down to her bed and started to read.

Dear Hermione,

I understand that what Flint said and did in the library made you upset. I understand that you’re angry with me. I understand that you probably hate me for what you have heard about me. But you have to understand, love, that what he said wasn’t true. Well, a part of it was actually; the part in which he mentioned the Dark Mark ceremony. Yes, it’s true. My father does expect me to join the Death Eaters. He does expect me to take the mark. And he has found out about us. He accused you of the most terrible things, I just couldn’t stand it. But believe me Hermione, there’s no way in hell I am going anywhere near that bloody ceremony. And it’s all thanks to you. If I lost you, I wouldn’t care anymore. If I lost you, I’d probably do whatever my father demanded. I simply wouldn’t care any longer. Come to the Room of Requirement at seven o’clock, please, I need to see you; I need to speak with you. I’ll be waiting for you there, my love.

Yours truly, Draco

Hermione clenched the letter to her chest like the lovesick teenager she was, and felt the happiness and revilement rushing through her. He wasn’t going to participate in the Dark Mark ceremony. It was all that mattered to her right now, and all she wanted was to see Draco again, to be in his arms again. She checked the large watch that was hanging on the golden wall in the girls’ dorm. It was only five minutes until it would strike seven. Quickly she got out of bed and started to fix herself up. Her makeup didn´t take long; she decided to just wear some mascara and lip gloss. She pulled on a simple but pretty dress, and brushed her hair, which these days was straight and shiny, not all bushy and wild like it used to be. She slipped her feet into a pair of shoes that went perfectly with her dress, and with a last look in the mirror, she grabbed Draco’s letter and hurried down the staircases.


Hermione sat in an armchair in the Room of Requirement, fingering on Draco’s letter, when she heard the sound of approaching steppes. She quickly got up and walked towards the door, ready to give Draco a warm greeting. When he entered, she flung her arms around his neck without noticing his facial expression.

“Draco, I-“ she began but he roughly pushed her away from him.

“It’s Malfoy for you, mudblood!” He snarled as he slammed her into the wall.

“I thought that I’d been given a second chance! I thought you might be different! I’ll bet you and all your disgusting Gryffindor mates have been having some good laughs, haven’t you?!” Draco screamed in her face. The look in his stormy grey eyes was hurt and angry.

Hermione felt how her entire body go numb, and she felt as if her insides froze in an instant. He knows.

“Draco, I am sorry! I – I didn’t... I wasn’t...” Hermione’s voice trembled, she was desperate now, and she had to make him understand. “I LOVE YOU, DRACO!” She yelled as the tears ran down her face.

Draco let out a hollow laughter.

“Do you think I’m falling for that again? My father was right about you all along. He was right about everything.” He said bitterly.

“ B-but Draco, your letter-“ Hermione began, trying to unfold the piece of parchment. Draco snapped the letter out of her hand and ripped it apart, throwing the pieces to the floor in front of her feet.

“Forget it, forget everything I’ve ever told you Granger!”

“Granger? Draco, what...” Hermione turned her gaze away from his and tried to tell herself that this wasn’t happening, that Draco still cared for her.

Draco tried to ignore the hurt expression in her brown eyes.

“Look,-“ he pressed her even harder against the wall and his lips brushed her ear as he hissed against it “-you have to excuse me, but I have a Dark Mark to receive, and a duty to fulfil, love...”

Draco roughly pressed his lips onto hers for a brief moment before storming out of the room, leaving Hermione alone. She fell to her knees drop onto the hard floor, sobbing into her hands. The pieces of Draco’s letter were shattered all around her, just like the pieces of the special relationship that she and Draco had developed over the past month.

“Forgive me, Draco...” Hermione whispered as she gazed out the window. 


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Chapter 7: Chapter 7: ~Morsmodre~
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Chapter 7: Morsmodre

Draco walked in long strides over the Hogwarts grounds. The icy winds made him shudder and he pulled his dark green robes closer to his frozen body. He glanced anxiously around his shoulder once in awhile to assure himself that no one was following him. But deep down, he knew that the thing he wanted the most was to be followed. He wanted someone to run after him, to tell him that he shouldn’t enter the dark forest. But no one came, and Draco forced himself to continue his way towards the place where he knew he’d become marked forever.
Soon, he could see a greenish lightening deep inside the forest. Draco found the winds even colder at this point, but this time he didn´t bother with his robe, he just kept on walking further in. There was no turning back now, and he knew it.

The green light was coming from a fire in the middle of a small field. The flames were sparkling furiously in green, and Draco narrowed his eyes, trying to adjust to the different lightening.

At first glance, it seemed like he was alone, but suddenly a cold voice spoke from somewhere behind him.

Draco turned around to face his father. Next to Lucius Malfoy stood Severus Snape.
“Hello father” said Draco. “Professor,” he continued, nodding at Snape.
“So now that you´re here-“ Lucius spoke coldly, “-perhaps we should ask the Dark Lord to join us?”

Before Draco could respond, a man –who Draco had only seen once before- appeared in front of them. Lord Voldemort. If Draco thought he’d been intimidating then, he thought he was down right frightening now. With his evil slits for eyes, witch expressed no human emotions except for greed and disgust, Lord Voldemort gazed upon Draco, before turning to Lucius and Snape. The potions master cleared his throat.

“Young Malfoy is ready, my lord. He’s prepared to take the mark and become one of us.”
Draco had to stop himself from screaming. He wasn´t ready, and he didn´t think he’d ever be.
“The current situation is worrying me, Draco.” Voldemort said coolly. “Where do your loyalties lie, I wonder?”
Draco swallowed hard.
“I- I´m not quit certain what you are talking about, my lord.” He answered nervously, looking at his father for some kind of support. Lucius face remained indifferent. Voldemort reached Draco in a few long strides, wand raised.
“Do not lie to me, Draco Malfoy,” said Voldemort viciously. “I know all about that filthy muggleborn friend of yours. CRUSIO!”

The pain Draco felt was like nothing he’d ever experienced before. As he fell to the ground, screaming desperately, he felt as if he was burning inside, as if a hundred knifes were separating his limbs from his body. After awhile, the pain slowly started to fade away. Draco was still lying on the dirty ground, panting. Silent tears ran down his face as he tried to get up. Voldemort gave him a look filled with contempt.

“You´re weak. You don´t even deserve a place among us. But – since I´m a merciful lord, Draco, I´ll give you a chance to prove me wrong. You’ll still receive the mark. And, as I’ve told you, I want Albus Dumbledore dead. Grant me that wish Draco, and I´ll let you and your family live.”
Voldemort smiled an unpleasant smile.
“But I demand that you work harder. Your attempts have this far been an embarrassment. Cursed necklaces? Poisoned wine? What were you thinking boy?”

Draco only stared blankly in front of him, he couldn´t feel any connection between his mind and his body. The Dark Lord turned around and walked over to the green fire.

“Bring him to me,” he ordered.
Soon, Draco found himself standing next to Voldemort by the green lightening. His father held him in a firm grip around one of his arms, and Snape held him by the other. Voldemort grabbed his wrist and roughly pulled up his sleeve. Without a word, he stuck his wand into the green flames. The tip of the wand simply set on fire and Voldemort pulled it out again. One lonely flame now flickered in the hands of Lord Voldemort. Draco, who still was numb and in shock from the Cruciatus Curse, watched terrified how Voldemort pointed the wand to his forearm.
“Morsmodre.” Hissed the Dark Lord and pressed the burning tip of his wand to the young slytherins pale and flawless skin. Draco felt how his fathers and Snapes grip tightened around his arms as he started to tremble violently from the painful, burning sensation. He was forced to watch the green flame as it started to take the form of a skull and a serpent. Draco was still shaking, but he firmly pressed his lips together, determent not to scream. No, this time, he would not give them that satisfaction.


Draco didn´t sleep at all that night. After he’d received the mark, the Dark Lord, his father and Snape had left without any further instructions nor anything. But Draco on the other hand, had stayed in the forest. First when the sun rose, he slowly begun his journey back to the castle. When he got to his dorm, he locked himself in the bathroom and took a cold shower. Even though it hurt like hell, he scrubbed his Dark Mark with icy water and soap. Soon, Draco let out a heavy sigh and stepped out of the shower. By the time he’d got himself dressed, the rest of his fellow slytherin had started to wake up.

“You´re up early today, Draco!” said Blaisie Zabini as he entered the common room.
“Hrmp...” muttered Draco and sat down in one of the many emerald coloured sofas. He leaned back and closed his eyes, hoping that Blaisie would get the picture and stop bother him.

But no, why would he?

“I didn´t notice you coming in last night after you left... So where did you spend the night Draco? Or should I say with whom? It must have been with someone from a different house, right?”

Blaisie smirked.

“Sod off, Zabini!” snarled Draco. He definitely didn´t need this bullshit right now.
“Oh, it was that bad, was it?” teased Blaisie.

Draco got up from the sofa.

“Just mind your own business, would you?!” he shouted before storming out of the common room, heading to the Great Hall for breakfast.


Draco kept a very low profile at the slytherin table the whole morning. Even if he didn´t want to, even if he told himself that she wasn´t what he thought she was, he couldn´t help staring at Hermione. She looked so innocent, so pure. It was hard to believe she was the first girl and only girl who actually had got to him for real. Who’d actually hurt him really bad. She looked miserable. She didn´t speak to anyone, not even Weasley or Potter.
Suddenly Draco felt filthy. He was sitting among innocent people, that all had their arms pure and undamaged. He’d never felt so bad about himself in his entire life.


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Chapter 8: Chapter 8: ~Sectumsempra~
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Chapter 8: Sectumsempra 


“How are you doing, Hermione?” Ginny asked, concerned. “You´ve been very quiet 

lately, is there something going on? Do you feel like talking about it?” 

They sat in the library, studying. Hermione looked up from her books. 

“No, I´m fine Ginny… I´m just a bit stressed out, that’s all. Nothing to worry about, 


She tried to sound cheerful, but she could tell that the other girl saw through her. 

Ginny raised her eyebrows. 

“You weren’t half this distant during last year, and that was when you took your 

OWL’s! Just tell me what’s wrong, please?” 

Hermione was quiet for a moment. Perhaps she could trust Ginny? She wasn’t like 

Harry and Ron, she wouldn’t judge her for falling for the blond Slytherin. And she had 

to talk to someone soon, otherwise she would go crazy. She let out a heavy sigh. 

“Ginny… you can’t tell anyone, promise? Not even Harry and definitely not Ron! 


Ginny nodded eagerly and leaned over the table, and Hermione lowered her voice 

until it was merely a whisper. She told Ginny everything, she told her about hers and 

Draco’s relationship, about Flint, about the letter, and then, finally, about the meeting 

in the Room of Requirement. 

“And that’s where we are now,” said Hermione sadly. “I doubt he’ll ever forgive me.” 

Ginny didn’t say anything at first. 

“Don´t hate me Ginny! I´m just as shocked as you are, I-” 

“I’m not,” interrupted Ginny. 

Hermione looked at her, puzzled. 

“I´m not shocked,” explained Ginny. 

“You’re not?” She was confused. 

“No,” the red haired girl in front of her said casually and shrugged. “I guess I kind of 

saw it coming.” 

“But why, Ginny!?” Hermione cried out. “Why did I fall for him? He’s prejudiced, mean-” 

”And a person that actually seems to care about you.” Ginny cut in. 

Hermione sighed, "but it doesn’t matter now anyway, does it? 

Ginny bit her lower lip and watched her for awhile. 

”You know… In the beginning, I didn´t think that Harry and I would work out either. I 

didn´t think he ever would stop thinking of me as just his best mates little sister. But 

he changed his mind, and so can Malfoy. Just give it some time.” 

Hermione gave her a sad smile. 

”Thanks, Ginny… But you didn´t see his face. It felt good though, you know, to talk to 

someone about it.” 

Ginny smiled. 

”Anytime, Hermione.” She looked at her watch. 

”Merlin, It´s already late! I have to go and see McGonagall about my latest 

essay…”she made a face that made Hermione giggle and then she started to gather 

her belongings. When Ginny almost had reached the exit of the library, Hermione 

called after her. 


Ginny turned around in the door. 


”Not a word to anyone, remember?” 

Ginny smiled soothingly. 

”Not a word, I swear. See you later, Hermione!” 

”Bye, Ginny.”


Harry was walking down to dinner by himself. More out of habit than anything, Harry 

made his usual detour along the seventh corridor, checking the Marauders map as 

he went. Soon, he discovered Malfoys small dot in the boys’ bathroom below, with no 

other than Moaning Myrtle. Harry stared at the unlikely couple for a second before he 

hurried down the staircases towards the bathroom. When Harry quietly pushed the 

door open he was rooted to the spot in shock. 


“Tell me what’s wrong!” crooned Moaning Myrtle for the hundred time. Draco only 

continued to let the tears stream down his cheeks, not caring that he was weak. 

Hermione made him weak. He felt hopeless. He realized how impossible his 

mission was. He knew Voldemort would kill him. And he had no one. Oh, how he 

wanted to talk to Hermione. But he couldn´t. All he could do was to continue with his 

task, the task that would kill him in one way or another, sooner or later. Draco was 

desperate now, and he knew it. Merlin, he knew it… He even turned to the ghost of a 

muggle born for his emotional release, didn´t that tell something about how he felt? 

Draco clutched his hands to the sink, his head bowed.

“What is wrong? I can help you!” It was Myrtle again. 

“No one can…” Draco sobbed. “He’ll kill me!” 

But maybe… Maybe Hermione could help him… But no. He was already lost, he was 

too far gone. Draco looked up for a second. In the mirror, he saw the reflection of 

Harry sodding Potter. Shocked and humiliated, Draco turned around, his wand 


His hexes missed Potter every time, Draco was furious now. 

Cruci-” he started desperately, but before he got to finish the curse, he heard Potter 

cry out:  “SECTUMSEMPRA!” 

Draco felt a strong pain slice through his torso, then, it all went black.


When Draco woke up, he was lying in a warm bed with white sheets. The room was 

large, and Draco narrowed his eyes to protect them from the bright daylight that was 

streaming in through the big windows. Why am I in the hospital wing? Draco though, 

confused. He tried to sit up straight, but his bandaged chest hurt badly, and he let out 

a low groan of pain as he lay back down. Memories of the previous night started to 

come back to him. He recalled seeing Potter in the mirror, he remembered their duel. 

And, Potters curse. He looked down his chest. The bandage was moist with blood. 

“Damn you, Potter!” Draco muttered to himself. “Who’d guessed the Golden boy knew 

spells like that?” 

Just then, the door opened. Draco’s heart leapt at the sight of Hermione entering the 


“Well Draco,” Hermione begun as she made her way over to his bed, “wasn’t it you 

who attempted to cast the Cruciatus Curse to begin with?” She sat down next to his 

bed and gave him a look filled with emotions, some of which, Draco couldn´t quit 


“I had my reason,” he said coolly while looking into her eyes, those oh so beautiful 

honey brown eyes. Draco kept his cold facial expression, trying to ignore the burning 

longing he had to take her in his arms and never let go. 

“Which were?” asked Hermione, eyebrows raised. 

“He interrupted me!” snapped Draco. 

“Doing what, Draco?” Hermione asked, while surveying his features that were 

beautiful, despite his sad facial expression. She took his hands in hers and 

searched for eye contact, but he stubbornly kept looking away. Hermione sighed. 

“Look, Draco… I know that you cried. Harry told me what happened up there. But why 

were you crying, Draco?” asked Hermione. 

“What do you care?!” he snarled angrily. “Oh, but of course. You want me to tell you so 

you can run off and tell the rest of your pathetic little trio, right?” 

Hermione blinked away the tears in her eyes, and Draco mentally kicked himself. 

What am I doing?!
He thought. The only person that I actually care for and love is 

sitting next to me, willing to listen, and what do I do? I push her away
. He took a deep 

breath and finally met her pleading gaze. 

“I´m sorry…” he mumbled, ashamed of his outburst. 

“It´s alright, Draco…” Hermione spoke softly and gently ran her fingers over his arm. “I 

don´t blame you for hating me, not after everything I´ve done.” 

Draco swallowed. 

“I´m sorry too, Hermione… The way I treated you in the Room of Requirement… It 

was way too harsh.” 

Their hands were now clasped tightly, and Hermione shook her head. 

“No, I deserved it… But Draco, you do know that I had true feelings for you? I… I still 

have, actually...” she finished, blushing a bit. 

Draco smiled a sad smile. 

“I tried to hate you when I found out about the whole deal… But somewhere deep 

down, I always kind of knew that what we shared was real. You know when you first 

kissed me? Outside the library?” 

Hermione looked down and groaned. 

“Gods, I feel so ashamed…” 

Draco gently forced her chin up and looked in to her eyes. 

“When you did that, Hermione… That was the first time in years that I felt alive. And it 

was all you, Hermione. You did it” he finished quietly. 

Silent tears were now running down Hermiones cheeks, and Draco wiped them away 

with his thumbs. 

“Come here..:” he mumbled and pulled her in for a warm embrace. He winced a little 

when Hermiones head came in contact with his chest, but he didn´t care. 

Hermione laid in Dracos arms for… Was it five minutes? An hour? The rest of the 

day? Neither of them knew, and neither of them cared. They simply lay together in the 

small hospital wing bed, drifting in and out of dreamless sleep. After quite some 

time, Hermione spoke.


“Yes?” he replied, as he gently stroked over Hermiones hair. 

“We can never be, can we?” her voice shivered as she spoke. 

Draco closed his eyes for a second. 

“We… We are fighting different sides, Hermione. I know my duty, and you know yours. 

How we feel about each other… It just doesn´t matter.” 

Hermione turned around so she now could look straight into his stormy, and now, 

tear filled silvery eyes. She sighed. 

“I guess we never were meant to be, right?” 

Draco didn´t answer. He didn´t need to; because they both knew the answer. They 

could never be together, despite their love. The world around them would just not 

accept it. But for now, that didn´t matter. For now, all they wanted was to be in each 

others arms for one last time. But they were both aware, that soon, they would have to 

forget about each other. And it hurt.


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Chapter 9: Chapter 9: ~When It Hurts the Most~
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Chapter Nine

When It Hurts the Most

Draco stayed in the Hospital Wing for a few more days, before he managed to convince madam Pomfrey that he was well enough to return to his classes.

Fortunately for him, he’d been able to hide his Dark Mark from her throughout his entire stay in the Hospital Wing, and he was now very eager to return to his dorm.

Draco had been quite bored the last few days, and he actually looked forward to returning to his studies. But now that he was out of madam Pomfreys care, that also meant he had to continue with his task.

As Draco went along the second floor, his mind occupied by his thoughts, he vaguely heard someone call after him.


Draco turned around and was surprised to see Severus Snape. He hadn’t seen his head of house since the ceremony, and Draco started to feel a bit uncomfortable. He anxiously shifted his weight from one foot to the other as he watched the elder man approach.

”Professor Snape.” he greeted, as indifferently as possible. ”Can I help you?”

The potions master looked at him from behind those greasy curtains of black hair.

”As a matter of fact, Draco, I am here to help you.”

Draco frowned at him. What the hell is that man going on about?! Help me? If he’d wanted to help me, he would have stopped my father from beating me, he would have stopped Voldemort at the ceremony, instead of being the one holding me back!
As if Snape had read his mind, he quickly added: ”I most certainly understand if you’re suspicious, Draco,” he said, upon glancing over his shoulder. ”I would like to speak with you in privacy,” he explained and opened the door to an abandoned classroom, gesturing for Draco to step inside.

When Snape had closed the door carefully behind them, and cast a silencing charm over the dusty room, he turned to the teenage boy in front of him.

”Now Draco, listen to me, because this is important.”

Draco nodded eagerly.

”In order for me to help you, you have to tell me what you’re planning. Exactly how are you going to kill the headmaster?” the teacher demanded.

Draco couldn´t believe his ears. Again?! He thought to himself angrily. Snape has been interrogating me about this for ages! Actually, they’d had a rather heated discussion on the subject only a couple of weeks ago, during one of professor Slughorns parties.

I´m getting tired of him.. He’s just trying to take credit for my work. Not that I want to work for that clown anyway… But it still annoyed him.

Draco took a deep breath.

”With all do respect, Snape” he started calmly, ”I haven’t told you yet what I am planning, and I have no intentions to do so. I simply don´t reckon It´s any of your bloody business!

”But yes it is, Draco! Don´t you understand? It is my business! It´s not all about you any longer, think about your mother!

Draco looked at his potions master in confusion.

”What has my mum got to do with all of this?” he asked, bewildered.

Snape started to pace back and forth across the room.

”You see Draco,” he started off, ”before the term started, I talked to your mother. I talked to Narcissa.” he rushed though the words, as if he was in a hurry, ”and she was very, very concerned about your task. She was afraid. Afraid that you didn´t realised the danger that comes with a task like the one the Dark Lord has ordered you.”

Draco looked at the elder man in disbelief.

”She was worried because I didn´t curl myself up into a little ball at the prospect of a task that huge? She should be proud!” Draco spat.

Snape pursed his mouth.

”Well, that was what your aunt Bellatrix reckoned as well. But Draco, you do understand your mothers worry, don´t you?” Snape replied.

”Well.. Yes, I guess that I do… But I still don´t see your involvement in all of this!” Draco grumbled.

”You never let me finish. Narcissa begged me Draco, pleaded, that I would protect you, that I would keep you safe. And I am a man who stands by his word. So now, here I am, trying to help you.”

Neither of them spoke for a few minutes, they only stood there, staring at each other, the sound of laughing and talking students passing outside the door filling the room. Soon, Snape cleared his throat.

”It´s clear to me that you need some time to think. But Draco, if I can help you-” he said as his dark gaze penetrated the young Slytherin, ”-then let me know.”

Draco nodded numbly, and watched his teacher leave.

On his way back to the dorm, he thought about the rather curious piece of information he’d just received from the potions master. He was moved by his mothers concern, but yet, there was only one thing in his mind.

How can I use Snapes offer to my advantage? Draco wondered while strolling down the staircases.


”-and then, it all just got blown up in the air! You should have seen the look on McGonagall’s face!”

Harry, Ron and Dean roared with laugher at Seamus story, and Ginny and Lavender giggled politely. Hermione on the other hand, could only manage a forced smile upon her face. She was still upset after her last moment with Draco, and their decision to go separate ways. Suddenly, she felt a strong desire to be alone, in some quiet place.

”I’ll just go to the library, I’ll see you guys later!” she said and started to gather her things.

”Wait for me, Hermione,” said Harry quickly. ”I need to go to the library too” he finished as he got up from the table.

”Yeah, me too,” Ron added and waved at the others. ”See you later!”

Can´t I ever be left alone in this damned place?! Hermione though irritably as the trio exited the Great Hall. Just as they rounded a corner, Harry bumped into someone.

”Malfoy!” he spat while straightening his robes. ”All alone as always this year, I see… No cronies, or anything… Have they started to see you as the conceited prat you really are?” he continued mockingly. ”and because of you,” Harry added, ”I’m going to be stuck in detention with Snape for the rest of the term! Do you really have to bump into me as well?!”

”I believe that you ran into me just as much as I ran into you, Potter.” Draco replied coolly. ”And as for the detention part, don´t you think you deserved it?” he drawled.

Harry narrowed his green eyes. ”Well, I am not going to cry about it, if that was what you had in mind, ferret!”

Hermione gasped , and Ron snickered.

”Harry!” Hermione said, shocked. Before anyone else could react, Draco’s fist was flying through the air, punching over the raven haired boy’s nose, and Harry stumbled backwards, blood streaming down his face.

”Go to hell, Potter!” Draco snarled and turned around to leave.

Hermione caught his eyes for a second, and she could have sworn she saw tears in his grey eyes. She wanted to run after him, but she forced herself to stay with Ron and Harry. She had to let him go. She turned to Harry, who was being nursed by a very awkward Ron. Hermione would have laughed at the sight if she hadn’t been so upset.

”What the hell is wrong with you?!” she screamed at Harry.

”What’s wrong with me?!” Harry screamed back, furiously. ”Perhaps you missed the part where that git beat me!”

Ron only stood there, watching, as if the fight was some kind of important quidditch game he didn´t want to miss.

”Oh, get a grip Harry! You provoked him!” Hermione snapped. ”You know you did!”

Harry snorted and turned away from her, grabbing Ron’s arm. ”Come on mate… She’s gone mental that one.” As Hermione watched her two friends leave, she sank down to the floor and rested her head against the wall behind her.

This whole ”forgetting about him” thing is so not working, she thought miserably to herself.


”This whole forgetting about you thing is so not working Hermione!” Draco declared with an unmistakable hint of frustration in his voice. 

He and Hermione were standing inside a dark broom cupboard, in which Draco had pulled her into when he’d seen her walking alone in the corridor. Hermione gave him a long hug.

”I know, Draco…It´s not working out for me either.”

Draco stroked gently over her hair. ”Look… About today-” he begun, but Hermione cut him off.

”I was so angry with Harry for what he said to you Draco!” she said. ”Harry can be such a prat sometimes,” she added with a sigh.

Draco sighed. ”I´m sorry for beating him…Or well, I´m not,” he admitted quietly. ”He deserved it.”

Hermione hummed a little in agreement. They were still embracing each other.

”You’re really pretty tonight,” Draco said suddenly.

”We’re in a broom cupboard, Draco” Hermione giggled. ”For all you know, I could be a complete mess!”

”Nah, I saw you out there you know,” Draco teased. ”Plus, you’ll always look pretty to me.”
Hermione gave him a playful push before pulling him in for a kiss by his silver/green tie, and Draco responded eagerly. After a while, they broke for air.

”It´s not fair!” exclaimed Hermione suddenly, still a bit dazed from the kiss. ”Why can´t it always be like this?” she asked. ”Just you and me, and no one else?”

”But it can!” Draco breathed. ”Hell with them, Hermione! We’re the only ones who matter.”

Suddenly, an idea started to take form in his head.

”Hey, would you like to have dinner with me tomorrow night?” he asked hopefully. ”In the Room of Requirement?”

Draco couldn´t see Hermiones face because of the darkness, but he could feel her smiling.

”Of course I will!” she answered happily and placed another kiss upon his lips.


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Chapter 10: Chapter 10: ~For the Sake of Love~
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Disclaimer: I do not own anything. The world and the characters is JK. Rowling´s.

Chapter 10

For the Sake of Love 

“Don´t you look handsome,” purred Pansy Parkinson adoringly, wrapping her skinny arms around Draco in a way she obviously found very seductive.

“Leave me alone, Pansy,” he told her irritably, pushing her away. “I´m not in the mood.”

Pansy folded her arms across her chest and glared at him.

“You were always in the mood before! What’s been happening to you lately?!” she said accusingly before storming out the room.

Draco twitched unwillingly. He couldn´t believe he used to date that girl… Shaking his head slightly, he strolled up to the mirror and examined himself. He wanted to look good tonight; he was supposed to meet with Hermione within the Room of Requirement in less than an hour.

After quit some time, he had settled with a grey sweater that perfectly matched his eyes, and black dress slacks. He wanted to get his hair just right, but there was a particularly stubborn lock of hair on the back of his head, which stuck out at an odd angle.

Frustrated, he decided to ignore it, and instead he begun to think about what he was going to say to Hermione.

”Hello darling,” he said to his reflection, smiling as he did so. ”You look beautiful.”

”Fantastic…!” he groaned quietly while slapping himself on the forehead. Couldn´t I have thought of something a little bit more cheesy?
He had to admit it: he was nervous. He, Draco Malfoy was nervous. But then again, it was not strange, Hermione was the first girl ever who he actually had developed feelings for. Every other girl he had dated earlier was nothing compared to her. None of them had made him feel this way, sure, he’d thought that they were beautiful, but that was always it. He got bored with them almost immediately.

But Hermione… Hermione was not only beautiful and intelligent, she was also caring and kind - everything he was not. But she made him want to become a better person, and he was determinate to change who he used to be. Draco would do anything to make up to what he had said and done in the past, Hermione deserved that.


Hermione wandered anxiously through one of the castles corridors towards the Room of Requirement. It was a good thing she was wearing Harry’s Invisibility Cloak; it was long after curfew, and you never knew where the Hogwarts caretaker and his wily cat could be.

She nervously looked down at her clothing, hoping she’d done right in following Ginny’s advice on wearing a dress. It was nothing special really, merely a simple emerald coloured dress with a black sating ribbon to bring out her waist. Her brown hair fell in soft curls around her face and over her back and shoulders, framing her face in a flattering way.

Hermione hoped Draco would appreciate her efforts, and she was not disappointed with his reaction. She pulled of the Invisibility Cloak upon reaching the entrance to the room where he was awaiting her, and Draco gazed at her.

“You look… stunning,” he said, a smile spreading over his features.

“Why thank you,” said Hermione, “you don´t look to bad yourself!” she joked and smiled back. “Should we go inside?”

As Draco held up the door for her, he couldn´t help to smirk when he said: ”I especially like the dress, love… how very… Slytherin of you.”

“Glad you are pleased with it Draco,” Hermione smiled over her shoulder.

When Draco closed the door behind them, she noticed how beautiful it was inside the room. An enormous fireplace was crackling, the flames dancing furiously in red and orange. An ornate wooden table, laid for two, was standing close to the fireplace, a chandelier filled with candles hanging from the ceiling above it. The magnificent fireplace and the candles, cast, along with the torches which were decorating the walls, a warm soft glow over the entire room. Hermione tuned to Draco, who was looking her straight in the eye.

“Do you like it?” he asked pulling her in for a kiss.

“I love it,” she whispered, her lips brushing over his as she did so.

As soon as they had settled at the table, Hermione looked questionably around the room, and then at Draco.

“But where’s the food?” she wondered.

“The house elves´ll bring it of course,” he explained cheerfully, snapping his fingers, and instantly an house elf appeared, providing them with food, Butter Beer, and Fire Whiskey.

“Is there something else Mr. Malfoy and the young lady wishes Twindelly to do?” the elf squeaked, as she bowed deeply.

“No thanks, Twindelly,” Draco said, “we´ll be fine now. You may go.”

The house elf, who obviously was called Twindelly, gave them another deep bow.

“Certainly sir… certainly…” she said, and one moment later, she had disappeared with a loud crack.

Hermione frowned. “I don´t like the way wizards are treating the house elves.” she told him, ”you shouldn’t use them like that Draco!”

The blonde gave her a reassuring smile. “It´s OK Hermione. Twindelly insisted I’d let her help me with something; I once helped her when a couple of younger students were giving her a rough time. Besides,” he grinned, “it was the only way to get us some food, unless you want me to poison you. I´m rubbish at cooking.” he finished.

Hermione giggled and raised her eyebrows in surprise. “You helped an house elf out of trouble?” she asked in disbelief.

“Indeed,” beamed Draco proudly.

Hermione watched him thoughtfully. “You know… It´s sad you don´t let this side of you show more often, Draco.” she said.

Draco got serious.

“Well… I don´t really like the image the most people have of me… anymore.” he admitted quietly. “But I am… I am glad that you know that it is more to me than what´s on the surface Hermione. I really am.”

“And I´m glad you decided to let me in. Imagine… imagine if we would have just continued like we did before,” Hermione said with a shudder. “It´s actually quit amazing how I loathed you Draco, and you me, for years without us really knowing each other,” she finished.

“I´ve also been thinking about that…” answered Draco thoughtfully. “But still, I think this… us… we were meant to be. I can´t picture myself with anyone else but you.”

The hours went by, and Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger were enjoying each others company - and the Fire Whiskey and the Butter Beer that Twindelly had so kindly provided them with.

“I… We should really leave soon, Draco…” said Hermione, stumbling over her words slightly. She got up from the table on rather unsteady legs, and Draco rose from his chair, too.

“We mustn’t leave just yet…” mumbled Draco as he placed a hand around her slim waist and pulled her towards him, her head resting at his chest.

Hermione sighed and let the warm feeling of reassurance fill her. Oh how safe she felt in his arms; as though nothing could ever harm her. She laughed softly and let her arms glide over his toned arms, locking them around his neck.

Hermione tiptoed slightly and Draco cupped her face in his hands and kissed her lips, first carefully, as though asking for permission. She responded happily, and she could feel him smiling into the kiss as his hands travelled over the small of her back to her stomach, letting his fingers make small patterns around her bellybutton.

Hermione´s hands were tangled in his white blonde hair, and when the Slytherin started to nibble playfully at her ear, she moaned quietly and began stroking his frame.

“I… I suppose we could stay awhile longer…” she whispered.

Draco said nothing; merely smirked slightly and grabbed her hand, pulling her onto a large bed she hadn’t noticed before. Quickly he positioned himself above her, kissing his way from her mouth over her cheek, her throat and down to her collarbone, earning small delicious moans from Hermione. But as Draco started to remove her dress, she stiffened, and he stopped.

“Too soon?” he asked gently.

Hermione bit her already swollen bottom lip. She knew that Draco was, well… experienced when it came to this, and she… The only thing she´d done with a boy was snogging. Sure, Viktor had wanted to take it further but she had been rather young at the time, and not at all interested in loosing her virginity to someone who lived in an entirely different country. But now… She was sixteen years old, and a lot more mature. Perhaps she and Draco could go all the way?

Not tonight though, she decided, not tonight.

“I think so,” she whispered, looking into his eyes, those eyes, that everybody thought were steely and grey but which were in fact a wonderful shade of blue.

“S´okey,” he whispered back, resting his forehead to hers and meeting her gaze. “I can wait forever if you want me to.”

“Will we last forever?”

“We will last forever, we will last beyond forever. ”

“How can you be so sure?” she asked, snuggling closer to him, and he wrapped his arms around her.

“Because I won´t let you go,” he whispered against her ear, his hot breath sending shivers down her spine.

They lay in silence for a bit, listening to each others heartbeats, breathing slowly.

“I love you, Hermione Granger.” Draco whispered, not really knowing weather she was asleep or not. He had almost decided she was, but then he heard her mumble something inaudible.

“What was that?” he asked quietly, stroking gently over her hair.

“I said… I said I love you too, Draco Malfoy.” came her soft reply.

Draco couldn´t see her face, but he could hear the smile in her voice. Soon, Hermione´s breath became deeper, her chest moving up and down slowly, peacefully. She was sleeping.

Draco didn´t sleep all night. He simply lay there, his arms around Hermione, protecting her, reassuring her that she was not on her own. He was there, he would always be there.

First when the sun rose over the Hogwarts grounds did he fall into a blissful, dreamless sleep.

The spring blossoms outside the window
The ground turns green again

Everything dead grows into life
So can we, as long as we breath

It is for us the sun is rising
Shines as gold for the sake of love

The sun is rising, so innocent
And shines for the sake of love

It is for the sky in you
And the earth in me

Shines as gold for the sake of love
Shines on us for the sake of love

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Chapter 11: Chapter 11: ~The Weakness of Severus Snape~
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Chapter Eleven
The Weakness of Severus Snape

Draco had finally done it. After an entire year of working frenetically in despair, the cabined was mended. And at this, he ironically felt no joy. He would have to go through with his task, if he wanted to go on living; there was no question about that. But was he prepared to live a life where he everyday must face his own reflection in the mirror, the reflection of a simple killer?

But the more he debated with himself over this matter however, the more certain he was that he did not possess the courage demanded of him to stand up to Lord Voldemort. He would have to follow the road destiny had marked out for him.

The Slytherin slid down the rough surfaced wall in the Room of Requirement, looking at the cabinet standing in the middle of the murky room. He felt faint from fatigue and dazed confusion; he had not been able to sleep in days due to his dilemma.

You’d have thought that with a mind like his you would be on the edge of insanity, but he still had hope. After this whole thing had blown over, he had hope of a better future with Hermione. And even if that was a mere wish at the moment, he had a plan.

Draco needed to find Professor Snape.


A sharp knock on the door startled Severus Snape where he sat in his poorly lit office, correcting essays which contents were, in his opinion, ever poorer. Bothered by this late disrupting, he called with a slight indication of annoyance to whoever it was to come in.

In the door stood a resolute Draco Malfoy, looking questionably at the Professor sitting behind the desk.

“Draco.” greeted Snape politely, indicating for his student to step inside.

“I’m sorry for bothering you this late, Professor,” said Draco as he walked further into the office, glancing at the essays on top of the large oak desk. “I didn’t realise you were working.”

“No matter. I have told you to come to me if there was something you were wondering about, have I not?”

Draco wasn’t asked to sit down. Not that it bothered him; he felt perfectly fine with standing where he stood, looking down at the Potions Master. It gave him a sense of power, something he desperately required at this moment.

“Yes. Yes you did tell me that. You also said that you would help me, if I needed you to.”

Professor Snape frowned. “I did,” he admitted.

“And you have promised my mother to help me, haven’t you?” Draco pressed on further.

“I made a promise to Narcissa,” Snape confirmed, pending.

“Well, I would rather not ask you, or anybody else for that matter, for help. But I have come to a point where I must. You see, I have found a way to complete the assignment the Dark Lord provided me.” Draco made a short pause to take in the teacher’s reaction, but Snape didn’t let his face betray him.

“Yes?” the Professor urged.

“Yes. And I think… I think you know as well as I do that I rather wouldn’t go through with it,” said Draco quietly, looking down his feet, his heart pounding furiously in his chest. He sincerely hoped his choice regarding trusting Severus Snape wouldn’t turn out to be foolish.

“Draco, I understand your concern. But do you understand how infuriated the Dark Lord would become if you didn’t do as told?”

“I will do it,” whispered Draco, still with his gaze glued to the floor. “I must. If I don’t…” he couldn’t finish the sentence, he felt hoarse and the lump in his throat silenced him.

Snape watched the young man in pity, feeling rueful as he thought about the tragic fate they both knew was awaiting him. Being close to both Narcissa and Lucius, Severus had seen Draco grow up to become what he was now; a lost teenager with a dark destiny forced upon him. He sighed.

“Which part of your plan requires assistance?” he asked with a frown.

“I want you to be there when I…” Draco bit his lower lip. “When I do it.”

“Of course,” replied the Professor.

“That's not all,” Draco told him hurriedly, “I need you to help me get away from there afterwards. Instantly,” he added and finally met the teacher's gaze.

Severus Snape nodded slowly, his mind working frenetically. “Right. Get away to where, Draco?”

Draco lowered his gaze again; mumbling something inaudible.

“What was that?”

“To the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix.” said Draco quietly, but firmly.

The Professor didn’t think he had heard correctly. “The Order?” he repeated stupidly. “Are you out of your mind? Do you expect they will let you live if you as much as went near the Order's headquarters?”

“They have to,” whispered Draco, the mask of feigned confidence he had been wearing fading, being swiftly replaced by a look of sheer terror. “If they don’t, I… I won't have any place to go to, and I…” he swallowed. “I’ll never see Hermione again.”

Now Severus Snape was certain he would faint. “You are not referring to Miss Granger, now are you Draco?”

Draco gritted his teeth and glared at the Potions Master from behind his blonde bangs. “Yes,” he snarled, “I am.”

“I didn’t believe your Father when he told me about you two,” said Snape slowly.

Draco didn’t answer. He didn’t care what his Father had told anyone about him and Hermione, as long as he could persuade Snape to help them.

“Draco,” the elder spoke, “You have to realise that we cannot endanger you further by doing something like this. This little crush o yours must come to an end.”

“I don’t care if it endangers me further! And it is not a little crush, either,” he continued, infuriated, hating the way Snape dismissed his love for Hermione, “and I won't do anything unless I know I'll have her by my side after all this is over!”

“Please, be reasonable! Lucius will never let his Pure Blooded son end up marrying a Muggleborn-“

“-I don’t care,” interrupted Draco stubbornly. “I don’t even know if I want to live after this if I don’t live with her.”

“Draco, listen to me now. After you have finished your task, I will take you straight to your home. It would be madness of you to hurry to the Order of the Phoenix after having done such a thing-“

“-you are just bitter!” yelled Draco, beside himself, “you are just bitter, because you never managed to make the girl you loved fall for you!”

Severus Snape´s face was as carved in stone. “What are you talking about?” he demanded coldly, trying his best to hide the fact that wounds he had never fully managed to heal just had been mercilessly ripped open once again.

“I know about her, Snape, I know!” shouted Draco, “Lily Evans, right? Muggleborn too, wasn’t she? You loved her, Father has told me!”

The Potions Master paled at the mention of her name. “Enough,” he hissed, but he was obviously not intimidating enough, for Draco was still yelling at him from where he stood.

“Draco, calm down.” Severus said, composed yet rather shaken. “Sit,” he finally said and indicated toward a chair on the other side of his desk. Draco did, still breathing heavily.

“I don’t know where you have heard-“

“-Professor,” Draco interrupted, looking Snape straight in the eye. “If you could have just another day with Lily Evans, wouldn’t you?”

The black haired teacher didn’t answer, but Draco continued anyway. “Why won't you help us? You know how it feels like. You know,” he added, almost desperately.

“Yes,” Severus Snape mumbled under his breath. “Yes, I know.”

“So you will do this?” the young Slytherin breathed.

“I will,” replied Snape quietly.


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Chapter 12: Chapter 12: ~Choices~
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Chapter 12


Harry’s voice echoed throughout the common room, in a chill tone which was very unlike him. Hermione sighed and turned around, shifting her weight from one foot to another nervously. Harry was acting odd lately.

“Harry,” she began, smiling what she hoped was an unforced smile, “where are you going? Library? We can have company there.”

“I'm not going to the library, Hermione. I want to talk to you. It's about our deal.”

The deal.
Hermione looked down her feet. She hated how Harry talked about it, but she knew that was how this had all begun – like a deal. A small, insignificant prank.

“What about it?” she asked, looking around to assure no one was around.

“I just think it is a bit odd, don’t you?” Harry asked her coldly, smiling a dry smile which did not reach his eyes. “You hang around with him a lot, Hermione,” he said quietly, “but you haven’t been able to provide much information.”

“Maybe there isn’t much information to provide,” Hermione hissed fiercely, “because he isn’t involved in Voldemort´s plans! She turned to leave, but Harry hurried after her.

“Yes, innocent as a child, isn’t he?” he asked, angrily. “He is merely planning to murder Dumbledore, isn’t that correct?!”

Hermione rounded on him. “You don’t know what you are talking about Harry,” she said slowly, her eyes shining. “I know Draco at this point. He won't do it. I know he won't.”

“No one knows a Death Eater, Hermione! He has manipulated you, and you are just too bloody blind to see it!”

“How many times do I have to remind you?! He doesn’t bear the Mark!” Hermione struggled to keep her voice stabile now, but the tears burned behind her eyelids. Oh, how she hated this.

“Not yet,” Harry said grimly.

“You are obsessed with him, Harry! Just let it go!”

She turned to leave, and when she stormed out, Harry shouted after her.

I am certainly not the one who is obsessed with that git!


“Draco… You can't mean this.”

Draco sighed heavily and got up from the sofa and walked over to the window of the Room of Requirement, and gazed out over the Hogwarts Grounds, which was starting to come back to life again. The spring was on its way. The end of the school year laid a head of them, and so did his task.

“Yes, Hermione. I do. I must do it.”

“Why?!” she cried out, exasperated. “You are no murderer Draco, I-“

“I'm doing it for us,” he said quietly. “If I don’t fulfil this task, he will kill me. He will kill you,” he finished, lifting his eyes from the floor and met her honey brown eyes across the room.

She was tearing up now, and he walked over to her, wrapping his arms around her delicate figure and hushed her quiet sobs.

“It's not fair,” she whispered, “why you?”

“I don’t know,” he replied, patting her back. “But I do know that once this is over, we will be together.”

“But how?” she sniffled. “What will happen after… After you…”

“I have spoken with Snape,” Draco answered calmly. “He has agreed to help us.”

“Help us?”

“Yes. He… He will make sure he is there when I…” Draco looked at her, a pained look in his eyes, and she turned her gaze to the floor. She knew.

“Afterwards he will help me escape. I will need somewhere to go, Hermione. And you must come with me.”

“What about the rest of my friends? I can't just-“

“You must leave with me. There will be too dangerous here, Hermione, the Death Easters will occupy-“

“Are you going to let the Death Eaters into the school?!” Hermione backed away from Draco, but he hurried after her and grabbed her wrists.

“Listen,” he said, his voice thick, “the night of Dumbledore’s death is approaching. If I don’t do it, someone else will. And when he is gone, this place, this school, will no longer be safe. I need us to get away, Hermione, do you here me?”

She nodded mutely.

“And you must promise me one more thing, Hermione.”

She looked at him, and nodded for a second time. “Of course,” she whispered.

“I need you to distract Potter when the time comes. I must not interrupt. He would kill me in a heartbeat.”

“Do you mean…” she began, shakily, “that I am going to be a part of the murder of Albus Dumbledore?”

“It means you will be a part of the rescuing of Draco Malfoy,” the Slytherin muttered.

She swallowed. “How do you communicate with the Death Eaters?” she asked, not quite believing they actually were discussing this. “All the communications are cut off-“

Draco closed his eyes. He knew this moment would come, he was just not entirely ready for it yet. Slowly, with his eyes still tightly shut, he pulled up the sleeve of his robes. He heard Hermione gasp, and he opened his eyes, only to see the horror in hers.

“You have taken the Mark?” she whispered.

“I'm so sorry,” he spoke quietly. When she didn’t reply, he lifted up her chin and placed a tender kiss upon her lips. “I did it for you,” he mumbled softly against her ear, and tears fell from her eyes for the second time that afternoon.

“I know, Draco.”

They knew, that all they could do now, was to wait.

Wait for their time to come.

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