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Whenever You Remember by Jessi_Rose

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 3,163

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, Fluff
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny
Pairings: Ron/Hermione

First Published: 01/20/2007
Last Chapter: 09/10/2007
Last Updated: 09/10/2007

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Hermione knew in the back of her mind it would be the last battle, whether it ended in favor of her kind or not, this was the last time they would face Lord Voldemort. The last time Harry would ever have to relive his demons as if there were no tomorrow. And, if they were not careful, it would be the last time Ron, Harry and Hermione would ever see each other alive.

Chapter 1: Whenever You Remember
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Dobby Award Winner - Best Trio Fic  <333  Thank you to everyone who voted!!!

When you look back on times we had,
I hope you smile...
And know that through the good and through the bad,
I was on your side when nobody could hold us down

Cracking twigs and howling winds greeted Hermione's ears as she rushed upon the battle. Her wand was drawn offensively and her fearful brown eyes surveyed the intense scene before her. Several members of the Order of the Phoenix were enthralled in their own mini-battles, taking out Death Eaters and Dark Wizards alike. It had finally come to this; the final battle. Hermione knew in the back of her mind it would be the last, whether it ended in favor of her kind or not, this was the last time they would face Lord Voldemort. The last time Harry would ever have to relive his demons as if there were no tomorrow. And, if they were not careful, it would be the last time Ron, Harry and Hermione would ever see each other alive.

We claimed the brightest star
And we, we came so far
And no they won’t forget

A purple jet of light flew past Hermione's leg. She jumped away and skillfully twisted her wand into a complicated movement, aiming at the intruder of her thoughts. With a dull thud, the masked person fell to the ground, stunned and unable to move. In the distance, Hermione heard a cry... a plead for help. She ran, top speed, to the sound of the voice and once she was upon the source of the shout, she froze. Unable to move, Hermione watched as Ron Weasley dueled with Lucius Malfoy. Her eyes darted back and forth between the two as spells ricocheted off of trees, burning the bark and killing the grass that lived around the base. Buzzing filled her ears as Ron was hit with a jet of orange light; Lucius' wand was moving threateningly closer to a doubled over Ron. Only one thought filled Hermione's mind. Save him!

"Ron, look out!" She shouted, trying to capture the red head's attention. By the time he looked up, and their eyes connected, Lucius had already uttered the killing curse. As the green flame shot toward the youngest Weasley son, Hermione screamed. "Ron!"

He heard her cry out, pleading for him to fight. Her hand stretched out to pull him away, but all Ron could do was move just out of her reach. He wouldn't let her die. Not today. Not like this. She deserved to march on, live for his memory. Live for all the war had ever stood for. It was Hermione that he had fought for, her love and her life. She was his everything. And now, as the green light approached his chest, he was nothing. Nothing more than the friend that had been there through thick and thin.

Whenever you remember times gone by
Remember how we held our heads so high
When all this world was there for us
And we believe that we could touch the sky...

Ron grabbed Hermione's elbow and pulled her into a tiny alcove in Grimmauld Place. His hand ran deftly through his shaggy hair while his eyes refused to meet Hermione's. Hermione crossed her arms, annoyed with Ron's constant dismissal of her feelings. The last fight had been enough. He was being a jerk and the terrible ending had Hermione's heart in a knot. She loved Ron, really, but he was never apt to her feelings.

"I'm sorry," he ground out, finally bringing his eyes up to meet hers. "Truly, very sorry."

"You can't just pretend that the fight didn't happen Ron!" Hermione shouted, holding up her arms in annoyance. "I can't forget that you
can never love me that way."

"That's the thing, Hermione," Ron retorted lowly. "I do..."

"How quickly you can change your mind!" Hermione grimaced. "Afraid that I won't let you copy my notes in the Academy?" Her eyes narrowed and her arms crossed her chest.

"It's not about that, Hermione." Ron reached out to brush a strand of hair from her face, but Hermione recoiled. "I just...I'm scared. If I lose you..."

"I've loved you for years!" Hermione didn't mean to let it slip, but somehow it found her way from her mouth. "And you never showed me the time of day," she regressed sadly.

Ron gripped Hermione's shoulders and brought her forward. His lips crashed onto hers in an awkward manner, their noses smashed together. Hermione's brown eyes were wide with shock when Ron's lips finally left hers.

"I do love you," he promised genuinely. "I just can't lose you."

Hermione smiled and shook her head. "There's no way I'd ever let that happen."

As his body crumbled to the ground, time stopped. Ron's face was nostalgic and she could only gather that he had been thinking about her and their blossoming relationship. Tears flowed from her eyes as she turned to Malfoy, rage in her heart and in her eyes.

"Stupefy!" She shouted angrily, successfully stunning the old Death Eater.

She quickly turned to Ron's body and kneeled next to him. Her hand engulfed him and tears fell down her face, splashing on his dirty and shabby robes. Before she could muster the strength to sob, she heard another call... It was Harry. Leaning down and closing her eyes, she kissed Ron's forehead.

"I love you, Ron. Always will," she whispered to him. She tousled his hair gently and gave him one last painful glance.

Whenever you remember, I'll be there.
Remember how we reached that dream together
Whenever you remember...

"Hermione, you have to leave," Harry yelled as he pulled Hermione behind a massive oak tree. Leaves crackled below their feet; they only had a minute before total chaos broke out around them. "Get out of here and back home."

"I will not leave you!" Hermione resounded angrily. "I've never left your side once through this battle."

"This isn't a game!" Harry snapped. "People are dying! I don't want that person to be you!"

"Harry..." Hermione was about to tell him that Ron hadn't survived, but she couldn't. Not now. "I'm not leaving."

"Where's Ron?" Harry surveyed Hermione, and all he found was immense sadness in her eyes. ""

"He," Hermione whispered as a fresh wave of salty tears began falling down her cheeks. "Harry, I'm so sorry!"

"Who did it?" Harry's eyes were ablaze and his wand was already preditorally drawn. "I'll kill them!" His cheeks were turning red and his eyes were glazed over. "I..." He yanked Hermione into a tight embrace once he saw the sad shadows behind her eyes.

When you think back on all we've done
I hope you're proud
When you look back and see how far we've come
It was our time to shine

"Harry!" Hermione shouted as a curse flew past the tree, nearly hitting Harry's shoulder. Hermione pushed him down and out of the way. "We have to fight, Harry."

"Please, apparate home," he pleaded one final time. "For me?"

Hermione waved her wand and threw a hex at a masked man standing a few yards away. When she heard him groan and hit the ground, she turned back to Harry. "I'm here for you! We're going to fight together."

"I love you, Hermione," Harry blurted out. "You and...Ron. My best friends."

"Let's go," she urged. "One. Two. Three!"

As the pair of them darted out from behind the tree, spells and curses were hovering and shooting all over the dusky sky. Harry watched Hermione out of the corner of his eye, praying with all of his faith that Hermione be kept safe. It was then that he saw Voldemort, as if he was waiting for Harry to make a move. Slowly, he closed in on the Dark Lord, intent on ending the pain and suffering tonight. In the name of the fallen; in the name of Ron.

"You will die, Tom," Harry hissed. "Your lot stole a friend."

"Friends only drag you down, Harry," Voldemort retorted bitterly. "Avada-"

Harry ducked from the curse that was speeding toward him. He crouched down low and watched the ritualistic movements that Voldemort was making with his wand. How he was going to get out of it, he didn't know.

"Avada Kedavra!" Harry shouted at the top of his lungs.

It was as if the world stopped spinning, there was no noise, not movement, not a speck of life on the planet. Everyone had watched as Harry's curse flew into Voldemort's chest. When Voldemort fell to the ground, as if in slow motion, someone stepped out from the crowd of Death Eaters and aimed their wand at Harry. Hermione watched on as Harry whipped himself around to the source of noise.



"Harry!" Hermione ran forward, hoping to push Harry out of the line of fire once again. She didn't get to him in time; the green jet of light flashed past her eyes and was engulfed by Harry's chest.

"Harry!" Hermione ran the rest of the way to him. "Harry!" Without a care in the world, she fell down next to him. "No!"

Whenever you remember times gone by
Remember how we held our heads so high
When all this world was there for us
And we believe that we could touch the sky

Sobs overtook Hermione. She couldn't breathe, couldn't speak, couldn't function. With a war going on around her, she paid no attention to the spells, lights or fires. She lost both of her friends in one day...her best friends. This wasn't how it was suppose to happen! Life had turned into a twisted novel, something a mediocre author would create to torture the poor souls within it. Real life provided a much better ending.

Lost in a world of what-ifs and fantasy, Hermione allowed her mind to wander. Afterall, what more did she have to lose. Really, her life was her friends. And she had lost two, in a horrible series of events.

As her mind travelled away, she imagined what it was like when they were with each other. It was as if she wasn't hovering over their dead bodies in this instant, in the middle of a battle still raging on.

"Oi!" Ron shouted at Hermione as he looked down on her from his broomstick. "Sure you don't fancy a flight?"

Hermione looked terrified up at Ron. "I don't wish to die, Ronald!"

"Suit yourself, love," Ron chuckled.

He zoomed around the Burrow and looped Hermione on the ground. Once more he took a trip over the lake, effectively startling Hermione. From the back of the Burrow, Harry came around with Ginny on his broom.

"You look lonely," Ginny giggled as she flew past Hermione.

"I'm not lonely! I value my life!" Hermione screamed as the other couple flew out over the lake. "Flying's overrated," she hollered after them.

She watched on as Harry and Ron made complicated moves on their brooms over the lake. Everytime they dove toward the water, Hermione would shriek and jump from foot to foot, hoping they wouldn't fall in. The sun was starting to set in the sky and still, the three of them were flying on their brooms. She supposed it made them feel free; something that was so rare these days.

"Come on, fly with me," Ron said quietly from behind her. She startled and looked up into his brilliant blue eyes.

"Really, Ron. I'm okay," she assured him as she turned her head back to watch Harry and Ginny over the water. "I'm enjoying the scenery."

Ron walked to Hermione, reached down and grabbed her hand. "You're flying whether you like it or not," he demanded. He mounted his broom and pulled Hermione in front of him.

"No! Ron! No!" Hermione tried to jump away from him, but his grip was firm on her sides. Hermione's cheeks flushed and her knees became weak. "Alright. But if you let go and I fall..."

"Trust me," he whispered into her ear, causing Hermione to melt into his arms. Wolf whistles from Harry and Ginny were not helping matters at all. "One, two, three..."

When they left the ground, Hermione screamed. "I want down! I want down!" She turned her head into Ron's chest and hid her face. Ron let one hand guide his broom while the other comforted Hermione by caressing her hair. Hermione would never see it, but in that instant, Ron realized just how much he loved her.

"Oi, Hermione!" Ginny called from Harry's broom. Hermione looked up and focused as best she could on Ginny. "Fancy a game of Quidditch?"

Harry chuckled and locked eyes with Hermione. "We'll go easy on you guys."

Whenever you remember, I'll be there
Remember how we reached that dream together
Whenever you remember

"We don't know what happened," a healer spoke quietly. "But they say she was nearly in a coma already, before she was brought in."

Hermione opened one of her eyes to see shining red hair in front of her. "Ron?"

"Oh! Hermione!" Ginny trampled her friend, enveloping her into a hug. "We thought you'd never wake up!"

"What happened? I...I can't," Hermione stuttered. She tried to sit up, but with no avail. Her throat was dry and scratchy and her head was pounding. "What happened? Where's Ron and Harry?"

Ginny held back her tears as best as she could. "Ron and Harry... Hermione they-"

"Did something happen in the lake? I told Ron not to mess around! I didn't want to play Quidditch, but you lot just-" Hermione stopped talking and stared at Ginny, who was trying not to cry. "Ginny! What happened while we were on the brooms? Why am I here? Why-" Hermione started coughing violently.

We claimed the brightest star
And we, we came so far
And know that we showed them all
And no they won't forget

"Shhh," Ginny cooed. "Just rest, love." Ginny patted Hermione on the head. It would only be a matter of time. "Ron and Harry will be along any minute, okay? No worries."

"Oh good," Hermione croaked. She was coughing worse, and feeling light headed. "Ginny, why am...I here?" Her eyebrow raised over her eyes.

"," Ginny paused and looked down into her friend's worried eyes. The fear was palpable; she shouldn't tell her if she couldn't remember. Ginny's eyes caught the healer's, who nodded her head. "You fell from the broom," she lied.

Hermione smiled and tried to clear her throat. "I told him it wasn't safe." With trembling hands, Hermione went to wipe the saliva from around her mouth. When she brought her hand down, she saw blood trailing down her palm. "Ginny..."

"It's happening," the healer spoke sadly. "Your family better say their goodbyes."

Things began to get blurry. It was as if the world was thumping against Hermione's head and cotton had been plastered in every corner of the room. A heavy buzzing filled Hermione's ears and she could barely make out anything her friend was saying.

Hermione tried to tell them she was okay; but the lie wouldn't escape her throat. A bright light made her vision clearer, but anything beyond it was unrecognizable. Out of the patch of light, two figures migrated toward her. One with raven black hair and another with brilliant blue eyes.

Whenever you remember, I'll be there
Remember how we reached that dream together
Whenever you remember...

"You look good," Harry laughed. "Come on, let's get out of here."

"What...What's going on?" Hermione glanced warily between the two men. "I... A minute ago I was bleeding..."

Ron stood next to Hermione and grazed her cheek. "You won't bleed anymore, love." He took her small hand in his and helped her up. "Come with us?"

"There are no brooms involved, are there?" Hermione chuckled, her nerves quelled if only because her best friends were at her side. 

Ron and Harry shook their heads. Harry held Hermione's other hand. "None that we'll take you on."

"Where are we going?" She asked innocently, as if she were a small child.

"Heaven," Ron answered gently.  He squeezed her hand consolingly, keeping his focus directly to the light in front of him.

"But...What about Ginny?" Hermione surveyed them. "We can't just leave her!"

Harry squeezed Hermione's hand as well. "She knows. Deep down, she knows what had to happen."

"I don't understand." Hermione furrowed her brow. "How did she know we had to..."

As the trio walked further on into the light, Hermione's memory was becoming clearer. The whole battle scene made its way into her mind, weaving everything into a perfect circle.  The broom wasn't the cause of all of this...

"Harry, won't you miss Ginny?" Hermione asked tenderly. "And Ron, won't you?"

"We'll never leave them, Hermione," Harry answered and put his arm around her.

Ron followed suit and put his arm around her shoulders as well. "Nah, they'll always remember."

Author's Note - This fic is dedicated to Pureblood Muggle and webbythehouseelf. You two have been there for me more than I could have ever asked for. You've always made me laugh through tears and cry through laughter. David, I love you so much and I'm so lucky to have you in my life. Mon, not a day goes by that I don't wish you and I could have been born sisters. I love you! You're both amazing and this fic, I hope, captures something special inside of me...for you. *huggle glomp attacks* 

The song used in this fic is by Carrie Underwood, entitled "When You Remember".

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