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[{x}]She Cried Bloody Murder[{x}]) by XwhisperXinsanityX

Format: Novella
Chapters: 4
Word Count: 15,802
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Horror/Dark, Mystery, Young Adult
Characters: Harry, Dumbledore, Snape, Sirius, Draco, OC
Pairings: Draco/OC, Harry/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 01/11/2007
Last Chapter: 03/05/2007
Last Updated: 03/05/2007

There's been a murder at Hogwarts, but it hasn't even happened yet. Kieran has a secret to hold. Can she prevent herself from doing the unspeakable? Or will feelings get in the way?

Chapter 1: -Beginning of Endings-
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        People were screaming in my burning ears as if they had gotten stabbed themselves. My eyes were turning red just by looking at the pools of blood streaming around my feet, coming from my hands. The funny thing is I’m not the one dying. A young man lies on the cold marble floor before me. His pitch black hair turning dark red as his emerald green eyes stair at me, so wide he could have been alive if he weren’t covered in stab wounds and emptying of his insides, his mouth still gaping from his last words, “why?”, as they still linger in the atmosphere.    

        Dripping from my fingers catches my attention so I look down at my hand, clutching a blood stained sword. Godric Gryffindor’s sword. My heart pinched as through someone had ripped it out. My whole body locked. I tried to scream but all sound escaped my capability. I had death’s grip on the sword no matter how hard I tried to let go.

        Dumbledore appeared in the corner of the eye that was still glued to my shaking fist. He grabbed my shoulders and shook me as hard as he could. “Kieran! Kieran, look at me! Please…wake up!” His voice got lighter and higher as he spoke. My eyes shot open and I took the biggest breath I could manage. I was staring, inches away, into the mysterious, grey eyes of my best friend, sweat pouring from me disgustingly, drenching my clothes. I could feel the tingling of scratches all over my arms and I was breathing as though I haven’t for days.

        “Harry…Harry Potter…Harry Potter…” I whispered repeatedly as I quivered in Nikita’s arms.

        “Harry Potter… what about Harry Potter?” she asked fiercely.

I stared emotionlessly into her glazed eyes. “Harry Potter’s going to die.”


        It was three weeks later and I have been in a locked up, magically secured room for all those 21 days. They wouldn’t take me to any institute…Dumbledore wouldn’t allow it. He knows what I saw. I don’t know how he knows but he has to. He hasn’t asked me a single question and his eyes have been twinkling more than normal. Or maybe he just thinks I’ll tell him when I’m ready.

        Every teacher has been trying to talk it out of me. They’ve all tried counseling me back to sanity. I laugh at them in my head. They all think I’m lost, that my mind has escaped me, that I’ll never be the same. Maybe I should stop this game before it goes too far. I can’t completely kid myself though, I am still shaken up but not to the point they think I am. If what I saw comes true…*shudders*. I can’t imagine why I’d have it out for Harry Potter. 

        Professor Snape walked through the glowing, non-existent door, which somehow still keeps people out, interrupting my musing. How could I forget, Snape, the one who hasn’t attempted any form of communication with me yet. I thought he’d stay far away and have a little party while I was kept in this condition.

        “Miss Kaelee,” he started, giving me that ‘I don’t really want to be here’, straight face I could see in the glare of a window. Snape and I go way back. I’m already at the beginning of my last year of Hogwarts. Unfortunately my first meeting with Snape wasn’t my first year here. My father and him were best friends *grown*. He was over every night, picking on me when I was just a toddler. He once told me it was for me to grow strong, like my father would like. That bastard had no idea what my father would like! Once I was old enough to talk I told him were to go. I pat myself on the back everyday for it. My father disapproved though, that’s for sure. He saw something in Snape that I don’t think I ever will.

        “Miss Kaelee when I call you I expect you to answer to me,” he demanded. I could feel his eyes burning gigantic holes in my back and head as I kept my eyes peering out the tall window I was sitting beside. I heard a long, tempting sigh from behind me. Might as well turn around before he tries to kill me…again, I thought.

        “Yes master?” I responded sarcastically. Snape scowled.

        “Do not talk to me like that! This is a serious situation Miss Kaelee!”

        “’This is a serious situation Miss Kaelee!’” I mocked. “Why do you insist on calling me Miss Kaelee? You never called my father Mr. Kaelee! You think living with you for 10 years would make a difference!”

        His angered face started to weaken. I turned back to my window. “What do you want anyways, to get the dibs on my new glorious vision so you can find out how to finish off Harry?”

        “Obviously it was a mistake to try conversation with my God child after two months of ignorance. If you insist on being a…” he stopped himself, his face turning bright red. I turned around abruptly to stare him down, daring him to continue. He spun on his heels and disappeared through the glowing doors once more, leaving me to my windowsill.

        Father, why him? Why did you leave your only child with that man?



It took another week for Dumbledore to be able to work his non-magical magic and get me out of that prison. I was finally walking the corridors a free…uh…teen. A few more steps away from my comfy Gryffindor 4-poster!

“Alive?” Draco said softly, stepping out of the shadows.

        “Holy f- you scared the crap out of me! Don’t do that again!” and I continued to my destination.

        “So, what’s two plus two?” he asked.

        “Four,” I answered swiftly as he began to speed walk beside me.

        “What’s nine times twelve?”

        “A hundred and eight.”

        “Three hundred and ninety-two times thirty-seven divided by six?”

        “Two thousand four hundred and seventeen point three, three, three, thr-what do you want?” Draco began counting on his fingers with a very confused look glued to his face. “Ah, you’re pointless,” I announced, rolling my eyes as I stranded him with his confusion.

        “No, wait! I sincerely wanted to make sure you weren’t insane like the whole school says.”

        “Or you wanted to own the first conversation with the new talk of the school so you can spread more untrue things- you know what…” I stopped to stare him in his ice cold eyes. “I don’t even know why I bother talking to you,” I finished continuing my almost jog by this time.

        “Aw, Kieran come on you-“ he was cut off by the Gryffindor door smashing him in the face. “AAAAAAAAAHH!”

        “Now that’s the conversation I prefer,” I smirked.

        “Kieran! Oh my God you’re back, hunny, how are you feeling? Those bastards wouldn’t even let me in to see you.”

        “I’m fine, better if you’d stop trying to kill me.” Nikita let go of her breath taking embrace immediately.

        “Well you can’t blame me. I haven’t seen my best friend in a month and the last time I did she was screaming bloody murder to my boyfriend!”

        “Hey, no ones murdered yet so let’s keep that to ourselves. Where’s the wanker anyways? It’s the first time in a while I haven’t seen him walking in your shadow.”

        “Oh, shut up!” Nikita grinned as she went for a slap. Me being too fast for her, ha-ha-ha. “Don’t even let that get to your head.”

        “Too late.”

        “So, if it’s ‘let’s a pick on each other’ moment what was Draco doing tagging your lovely behind,” Niki smiled large knowing she hit a weak spot.

        “You, my dear, suck big ones.”

        “Come on he still wants you and um, I can’t help but notice,” she began doing her ‘roll the eyes and bit the lip’ hints.

        “Don’t even say it because the last thing you’ll taste will be something that’ll take away all dignity you have left. Anyways, are we really going to sit around talking about stupid Hoggy boys on my first day back or are we going to party?”

        “Tough one, but making you feel pretty talking about Draco doesn’t get my drunk so I choose party.”

        “You…!” I snatch a pillow from the common room couch and begin the games of my welcome back festival.



“Kieran! Oh my God she’s wasted! Which one of you let her get like this?” Nikita screamed into the line of guys with innocent smirks stapled to their faces.

        “No! No, Niki come on. I’m *hick-up* not drunk, but yoooooooooou’re sober. Here…have my uh, liquids,” I said as I struggled in her grasp, also spilling my drink all over her leg. “Oh, he-he…crap. Here, let me fix that.” I went to lick her leg.

        “Kieran! OK you’re going to your dorm missy.”

        “Awe, don’t be par-*hick-up* pooper!”

        “Nikita! Wait…they’re destroying your Astronomy project!” Draco called from behind.

        “What! Ah, Draco I’m trusting you to take her to her bed and LEAVE. Hey! Put that down before I’m forced to find a toilet for your head!” and she was gone.

        “Will do!” Draco answered with crossed fingers hidden behind his back. “So, Kieran…”

        “Wa…one second.” At that second I vomited green stuff all over Draco’s nice, crisp, white dress shirt. “Ha-ha! Oh gosh, I’m sorry. I think…”

        “Awe! You slut!”

“What did you just call my best friend?” a very angered Nikita screeched, scaring the pants off Draco, literally. The whole room turned to laugh at his embarrassment. From out of nowhere came Niki’s fist, set dead on to Draco’s face. I think I remember hearing his whaling continue from the Slytherin’s dorms in the middle of the night.

        “What are you going to do about this Kieran?” Niki asked me as we sat up in our beds later on that night, nursing me sober.

        “Sit back and have a blast laughing at his humiliation,” I answered, stretching my arms to form a pillow for my head.

        “You’ve been doing that for too long. It’s time to be a woman and talk to him.”

        “But I like being a child better.”


        “He’s been chasing you forever, stop playing him. He obviously likes YOU not just your body.”

        “Are we talking about the same Malfoy?”

       “He wouldn’t try so hard for any other girl Kieran.”

        “Oh and ‘you slut’ secretly means ‘I love you madly’.” Niki gave me a ‘you’re dead if you don’t listen to me’ stare down. “Fine, fine, I’ll talk to him tomorrow. Malfoy’s have an odd way of showing affection. OK, I’m tired. I’ll see you in the morning.”

        “’Night hun.”

        I lied in bed for hours after bidding Niki goodnight. Suddenly the blood of Harry Potter flooded my mind. I began to ask myself if I really had lost my mind, or is it just starting to disappear. Every time I closed my eyes I was forced to watch the vision over and over again. Miserably awake I began rummaging through my trunk in search of something entertaining, stumbling upon a silver frame with my father’s smiling and waving picture in it. His chestnut hair ruffling in the wind with those unmistakable aqua eyes beaming brighter than anything else.

        “You look exactly like your father” is a line I get really sick of hearing. With only the tint of black in my hair and deep blue specs in my eyes to tell I’m my mother’s daughter. The mother I never knew….never met.

        Out of nowhere music began to fill my ears. I looked down into my trunk to see the gleam of dazzling white wings. I reached in to pull it out, making the music louder as it became un-smothered. It was a lullaby my father used to sing to get me to bed at night when my premonitions were keeping me up, like now. There was a figurine of an angel, spreading its wings as it crouched low to the ground. I remember staring at it as a child until my eyes became too weak. Coincidence in me finding this now, I smiled at myself through the tiny mirror behind the angel.

        “One day an angel, just like this one will come and save you when you’re in deep trouble,” I remember my father telling me. “They’re always watching over you my dear.” I placed the music box on my corner table with these words lingering in my drowsy conscious. As my eyes began to drop the angel came to life in my dreams.



Mornings are always going to be my worst enemy but they’re worse when I forget to close the curtains and it’s a weekend. The blinding sunlight forced me to awaken to the sight of a streak of bright colours.

        “Niki?” I asked the space in front of me which I could not properly see this early on a weekend.

        “Crap…” was the response. Obviously I’m not insane.

        “What are you doing?” I rubbed my eyes and shielded them from the sun to see Niki standing in the doorway of the bathroom with an overly large and bright shirt on. “Why are you wearing…oh God Niki…this early in the morning?”

        “For your information it’s 12:30 AM.”

        “Exactly…this early in the morning? Frig, just go and rid yourself of his nastiness.”

I could hear her laughing at me as she took her shower. I got dressed rather quickly and clumsily as I normally do but with clothes that were larger than I’d normally wear. I was hammered last night, seeing as I don’t get hung over I might as well look the part. 

        “Oh come on Kieran, you and I both know you don’t get hung over. Lucky b…never mind.”

        “Lucky what?”

        “We’re going on a mission today deary so you might want to wear something more fitting,” she changed the subject.

        “No, you can’t make me!” I tantrumed like a child.

        Niki gave me a sarcastic brow tilt. “OK then, don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

        I followed her out of the dorm. “So where exactly are we going?”

        “Well, right now we have to find Tatiyana.”

        “And from there…?”

        “You’ll see,” she smiled slyly.

        “I hate you right now.”


        “Dragons!” I had to scream above the ear splitting roar of three gigantic Cloudy Sky dragons. Their beautiful, white scales blinding me for the second time today. “And what are we suppose to do with these dragons?”

        “Fly them!” yelled Tatiyana excitedly.

        “Fly them! Are you bloody mad!”

        “Oh don’t worry, they won’t hurt you! They’ll do anything I say!”

        “Then tell them to shut up!”

        “OK!” she grinned. Tatiyana faced the dragons, her deep brown eyes piercing their silver ones. I think this is the only time I’ve seen her face not smiling. Either way the dragons became silent pretty quick.

        “Holy crap you’re talented girl.”

        “OK! Let’s go out to do what we came here for then.” Niki announced. “Tatiyana, lead the way.”

        It took a whole lot of convincing to get me on one of the dragons. I was promised something great at the end of the ride. I nearly fell off a few too many times, I don’t care what Niki says, I almost did. Admittedly though, it was a pretty great feeling to be above everyone else and feel weightless. We landed in an open field surrounded by forest.

        “I don’t see my prize…” I whined.

        “Be patient!” Niki snapped.

        “You guys go ahead, I’m going to take the dragons this way,” said Tatiyana as she headed to the farthest forest patch and we to the opposite direction.

        When we got to the forest I found out it wasn’t much of a forest after all. We stepped through a few trees and the next thing I saw was sand.

        “Ah! My prize! Oh my God Niki…the beach? You know me too well.” I looked around quickly, there were hot guy’s everywhere. I looked down at myself. I was wearing garbage. “Ah! Why didn’t you…awe crap, I can’t say that can I?”

        Niki burst out in laughter. “Nope!”

        “Fine then…” I threw off my shoes and socks. “Be like that.” I ripped off my shirt and sweat pants leaving nothing but matching black underwear. “Thank God I’m wearing black!” And I took off to the precious water.

        “She’s stripping…?” Tatiyana asked Niki.


        Hours went by and the longer they refused to come into the water the longer I refused to get out. Finally dark had almost arrived and I caved on behalf of my poor wrinkled fingers and toes.

        “Thanks Niki, for all of this. I’m sure you’re the only one that knows sand and water put together is my paradise,” I thanked her before we saddled onto the dragons once again.

        “What are best friends that don’t know each other?” She smiled.

        We came together for a hug to complete the touchy moment. My head spun madly as everything blurred itself out, reappearing more nightmarish. I was still standing at Harry’s side with the murder weapon in my hand. This time tears found its way out of me. A hand was placed on my shoulder. It was soft and gentle.

        “Niki? I-I…” I stuttered in fear.

        “Shh, it’s OK Kieran. You had to do what you had to do. You did well. Now let’s get you back. The master is waiting for your wonderful news.”

        My head was about to explode…I could feel the pressure. What in the world is happening to my life?

        “Kieran, are you OK? Kieran…Kieran!”

        I was awoken…finally… but my body was still worthless. Blood was dripping from the corners of my mouth as I shook uncontrollably on the grass.

        “Kieran, no! Stop it! Stop shaking! Stop!” Niki yelled at me, eyes swollen with tears.

        “I’m going for help! I’ll be back soon I swear!” Tatiyana took off. The swooshing of massive wings was all I could hear over Niki’s sobbing as my eyes continued to do back flips in its sockets.

        Suddenly my breathing got lighter; it was getting harder and harder to stay conscious. I’ve never had a premonition hurt me before. Is it possible…it could kill me?

        “Kieran! Don’t leave me!” were the last words I heard.

Chapter 2: -Control and Tricks- (Part 1)
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            At St. Mungo’s. It’s been a month and a half already, according to the nurses. This one was out of Dumbledore’s hands. They think I might stay in this coma for the rest of my life. That’d leave the decision of me staying on life support or not in the hands of Snape. I don’t want them to cut me off. Not yet. I know I have the strength to get out of this. I can feel it.

            A few more weeks go by. My friends come to visit me. Draco came this time. He’s sitting by my bedside. I can hear him struggling for words. Finally he says, “Kieran, they say you might be able to hear us.” I can! I can hear you! I say in my conscious, hoping it might come out of my lips. “I don’t exactly know how to say this. I’m not really good at…you know.” He lets out his held breath. “I’m-I’m really s-sorry for everything.” He takes in a large amount of air again. “Oh bloody hell…I really like you Kieran. You’re not like the others.” I can feel him shudder, shaking the bed slightly. I feel the corners of my lips twitch as I attempt a smile. I wonder if he saw that, I say to myself. “Kieran…?” I feel a jolt in my stomach. He saw it!

A door creaked and foot steps made their way over. “Draco,” I heard Nikita say. “Can we have a moment with her alone?” I feel Draco get up and leave without one word said.

            “Did you see that,” came Tatiyana’s voice. “His eyes were watering.”

            Niki chuckled. Her hand found mine. The sensation of her touch woke something up in my body. I struggled to open my eyes once more. It was getting easier every time I tried.

            “Niki, look at her eyes,” announced Tat.

            “She’s trying to wake up. Kieran-Kieran can you hear me?” Niki asked aggressively. I squeezed her hand with the building energy I was receiving from her. With one last struggle my eyes spread open and then fluttered in the blinding daylight I have so longed to see again. “Tat, go get a nurse!”

            I turned my head to watch Tat leave the room in a rush. My eyes drifted to a figure looking through the glass of the door. It was Draco. Plastered to his face was the first real smile I’ve seen on him as he turned to walk away and nurses pilled into my room.


            They tell me I’m completely back to normal, healthier maybe. Yet I am not aloud to leave. I need Dumbledore’s and Snape’s consent to be able to leave.

            “Great,” I say to Niki and Tat who haven’t left me since I had awoken. “I’m going to be stuck here forever if it’s up to Snape.”

            “You really think Dumbledore is going to let him do that?” asked Niki.

            I sat and thought about that for a few moments. “Yeah, actually.”

            “Why?” asked Tat.

            I thought about my premonitions. If Dumbledore knows the just of any of them I actually think he would prefer to keep me here. In safety and for the safety of others. Tat continued to stare at me with confusion. “Just…never mind. It’s too long of a story.”

            “No story is too long.” Dumbledore announced his arrive. “I hope I am not interrupting anything important but it is time for Kieran to come back to Hogwarts.”

            Niki and Tat smile at me, saying ‘I told you so’ in their own little way.

            Dumbledore takes us back. I completely forget that it’s already December. Dumbledore promises to help me out with school, otherwise I’m bound to fail everything. I’m sitting in the common room with Niki as we figure out what we’re doing for the holidays.

            “Well, I have no idea what I’m doing but it’s going to be with Harry,” Niki assured.

            I frown. “That always leaves me in the corner, alone.”

            “Look, you don’t have to be alone this Christmas. You’re probably going to laugh at me but…what about Draco.”

            I turned away from her, stuck in thought. I probably should be laughing, but laughter is the last thing on my mind. I thought back to when Draco announced his affection to me. I start to feel angry. I’m sick of this game. Niki’s right, I have to do something.

            “Are you OK?” Niki’s voice woke me from my daydreaming.

            “Wha… yeah I’m fine.”

            “Kieran, it might be too early but…”

            “You want to know what my premonition was about.”

            “You saw me asking?”

            “No, I just know you too well.”

            “Ha-ha, so…”

            “Umm…” I started as I got up from my chair, slowly making my way to the door. I turned around to face Niki. “Yeah, it’s too early. I’ll be back soon.” I finished by exiting the room before she could respond.

            I began wondering the hallways. I really didn’t know what I was doing. Maybe I was looking for Draco, but I wasn’t ready. Maybe I just needed some space.

            I turned a corner. Draco and his friends were standing at the end of it. I stopped, standing silently still, thinking about what to do next. My next actions, though, were held off by the arm of Snape.

            “Miss Kaelee, Dumbledore wishes to see you,” he said with a flat expression but interest in his voice. I looked back at Draco. He looked at me with slight disappointment and walked away.

            I was suddenly filled with rage. I shrugged Snape’s arm off with aggression and walked back down the hallway I came from with a miserable look on my face as Snape snarled behind me. I stopped at the secret stairs for Dumbledore’s office, waiting for Snape to follow with the password. He showed up moments later and opened the stairs for me, walking away as soon as his job was done. I’ve been in Dumbledore’s office before, usually as a witness of things. I tend to see the important stuff before it happens but never anything like I’ve been seeing lately.

            I knocked thee times on his office door, waiting for a response. “Come on in, Kieran.” I slowly turned the knob and opened the door. I was prolonging my entrance. I know what this is about and I don’t really want to be here. “I know you don’t want to be here,” said Dumbledore in his mystical voice as he read my mind. “I’ll try to make it short.”

            I kept my mouth shut. I didn’t want to open it and say the complete wrong thing. He showed me to a seat. I sat. There was a long, awkward silence were I twiddled my thumbs and he stared. “So,” I began, trying to get rid of the silence. “What exactly did you want me for, sir?”

            He simply smiled sheepishly at me as if I should know...and I did. “Look, I don’t really feel up to-”

            “-explaining your premonitions. I know you don’t want to. You have to trust me, Kieran. I know you do not understand…” he stopped, obviously in deep thought.

            “I…I’m a little confused, yes, but I just want to deal with this by myself.”

            “You’re ashamed of what you saw.”

            I bowed my head, staring at my shoes, completely speechless. How in the world does he know all this? “What will telling you help me?”

            “It can make all the difference in the world, Kieran.”


            I was back up in the Gryffindor dorms reading a random book I found in my trunk to get my mind of the guilt. I had just told Dumbledore everything and for some reason I’m very afraid. He promised to keep me and everyone else in the vision safe but… Suddenly Niki came barging into the room looking pretty ticked off.

            “So, where have you been?” she asked with a skewed face.

            “Err, Dumbledore needed to see me.”

            “I wonder what you two talked about.”

            “Niki what –“


            “It’s funny how you’ll tell him but you won’t tell me!”

            “How do you know I told him anything?”

            “Oh come on Kaelee it’s obvious. Why else would you be there for that long!”

            I now realized how angry Niki is with me. She only ever calls me by my last name when she means business. “Niki-“

            “Don’t even try to apologize. I thought you’d have more trust in me than that,” and with that she had left the room and strayed from me the rest of the day. At night we went straight to bed without a glimpse at each other and during the classes we had together she’d stick with Harry or Tat. Those poor lads, stuck in the middle of our pointless fight. Well at least that was my opinion on it. Obviously she didn’t feel the same.

            A week or two went by as we stayed our stubborn selves and refused to talk to one another. Tat was pulled all over the place. I was surprised she didn’t break down. I had decided to stay at the school for Christmas, not like I had anywhere else to go. I knew Niki was staying too, because Harry was, but what could I do about that. The worse part is they chose Gryffindor as the party place again. Not like McGonagall is as cheery and nice as they put her out to be. Doesn’t matter though. They can get caught while I’m up in my dorm having a party with my reading.

            Christmas holidays arrive. Niki and I are still ignoring each other. The party has already started downstairs. I can’t help but kind of feel left out. They’re playing my favourite song. I begin to hum the lyrics and dance with myself, closing my eyes and picturing myself down there with my friends, having fun. I hear a gentle coughing noise come from the door, were Niki stood, scaring me half out of my pants.

            “Oh, sorry…” Niki apologized hesitantly. “Look-“

            “I’m sorry,” we said at the same time.

            “I see it’s a formal party,” I said to break the silence. Nikita was dressed in a floor sweeping, dazzling red dress. Making her look slimmer than she already is but bustier than usual. Her super long, silver blonde hair was let out as it’s usually in a high ponytail. She looked amazing, that’s for sure.

            “Oh, yeah…” she said, looking down at her dress in remembrance. “Hey, let’s get over this stupid argument and have some fun. I’d hate for us to be fighting during our last Christmas here. Here, I brought you this dress. I know you hate them but…please just put it on.”

            “Err, OK, sure. I’ll be down in a bit.”

            “Oh thank God! OK, hurry up.” She took off down stairs.

            The dress had an uneven brim and was shimmery silver. Holding onto me by hanging off my neck which she knows I hate, seeing as it shows off my already overly large cleavage but the silk made up for that. It felt and looked like I could fly in it. I wonder where she scrounged this up from. On the count of me being so lazy I left my hair down. The overly straight tips of my dark brown hair brushed my middle back, tickling me slightly, seeing as the back was fully open with only a string in the center holding it together.

            I hesitated at the top of the steps. Do I really want to go out there in this? I asked myself. If I want to make up with Niki, I guess so. Ok you know you’re crazy when you answer your own questions. With a shake of the head I continued my decent. I was halfway down the stairs when I spotted Niki and Harry and the whole room spotted me. I began to flush as multiple eyes were glued to me. Ok there has to be something on my face. I speed walked straight to Niki as soon as I hit the bottom floor. “Make them stop!” I begged.

            “Kieran, you look completely gorgeous. People are going to stare.”

            “I do have to admit, you look very beautiful tonight.” Harry said, slightly blushing.

            “Thank you guys but did you have to pick out a dress like this?”

            “Well Merry Christmas to you too,” Niki chuckled. “Here, have this drink, and more drinks after that drink and everything will be fine.”

            “Are you trying to seduce me?” I asked, winking as I took my first sip of the night. That sip led to another sip, and more sips, and more sips after those sips, until I was cut off of sips. 

            “It’s almost funny how easy of a drunk you are,” said Niki as she rolled her eyes at me.

            “Ha-ha-ha, yeeeeeeah…” I responded.

            “I said almost funny.”

            “OK, yeah, Kieran needs air.” Niki took me over to an empty corner of a room and sat me by an open window.

            “I’ll be right back with water. Do not move,” Niki demanded.

            I was sitting down for not even a minute when Draco showed up. “Are you Ok?” he asked, sounding more innocent than I’d expect.

            “Don’t even try that-“ I began.

            “I’m not trying anything on you except to help, Kieran.” For some reason he sounded serious. It had to be all in my drunken mind.

            I stood up from my chair and stared him down, looking for a sign of weakness in his words. When I found none, I was shocked. I had an instant impulse to kiss him. I don’t know why, but I did, and I slowly began to inch towards him. “Are you sure you want to do that?” he asked. Why would Draco ask me if I wanted to kiss him?

            “Answer me this. Why are you acting like this? What are you trying to prove? Then maybe I’ll answer your question.”

            “If I knew why I acted like a bloody pushover when I was around you I’d tell you and if I was trying to prove anything it would be…” he stopped to shudder again. “It’d be to prove I’m acting like this because I really do like you.”

            So I wasn’t hearing things when I was in my coma. He really does like me. I have power over Malfoy. For some reason I don’t feel over powering though. I feel like I’m about to puke in a non-disgusting way. “Then I guess your answer is…yes.” I didn’t hesitate to kiss him this time. Somehow this sounded like a cheesy soap opera but I wasn’t hating it. He was so gentle. More gentle than I’d expected. Believe it or not he made me feel whole for a moment…until we were interrupted.

            “Ah! Oh my God they’re so cute! Aren’t they Harry?” Niki screamed, prancing circles around us. All three of us blushed enormously.

            “Oh my God Niki you couldn’t’ve picked a worse time to be annoyingly girlish.

            “Awe, you like it,” she smiled as she continued her prancing ritual.


            Christmas morning came too fast. It was the same as any other. I was awoken by the intentional pain Nikita was inflicting on me. She knew it’d be the only way to get me up this early, other than bright lights. Eventually I gave in and we began opening our gifts together. It was the usual. Another book on potions from Snape, something shinny from Niki and something unusual from Tat.

            “What did she get you this year?” Niki asked, looking over my shoulder in curiosity.

            “A bracelet made from dragon scales, almost shinier than the anklet you got me.”

           “Nobody out shines my presents,” said Niki with a scowl.

            “No... way…” I said staring at a gift with a letter entitled ‘From Draco’ stuck to it.

            “Awe! It’s so cute!” squeaked Niki. I pushed the present aside. I’ll open it when she’s not around. “Hey, why did you get a present from Dumbledore and I didn’t!”

            I lifted the brown-papered, rectangular package. It was slightly heavy and felt like books which didn’t quite peak my interest. I carefully opened the envelope that came with it. It wrote:

            Kieran, this was your fathers. He wished for me to give it to you on your 18th birthday but I am sure he would understand if I gave it to you now. You may need it. Enjoy.

            Dumbledore signed his name at the bottom with some sort of sparkling charm as the many loops twinkled at me.

            “It’s my fathers…” I said dazedly to Niki.

            “Well, go on…open it!”

            I slowly unwrapped it, a bit afraid of what I might see when I was done.

            “Premonition Control and Tricks,” the cover read, ripping the bottom piece of paper away. My fingers barely brushed the under of the books when my vision was blocked by another premonition. For some reason this one was slightly more blurred and dark.

            Two men were sitting by a fireplace while the light of the flames danced on their faces. One man had short, wispy, chestnut hair and a crisp, black suit on toped with a deep green tie. The other had chin length midnight black hair, greasy looking from what I could see, with a long black robe wrapped around him. They look deep in concentration,  nervous concentration.

            “Severus, what I am to do?” asked the first man.

            “You must not hide from him Tarragon. He knows now. There’s no escaping,” said Severus knowledgably.

            “I can’t give her up!”

            “You’ve created a mudblood, Tarragon! You must!”

           Tarragon arose angrily from his chair. “She is your God child!”

            “Daddy?” echoed an infantine voice from a nearby hallway.

            Tarragon swung his head towards the noise so fast he should have been in pain from whip-lash. “Kieran…hunny?”

            The vision faded rapidly, I could once again hear my own heavy breathing, not to mention feel my heart in my throat. Nikita was still by my side, holding my shoulders. My shaking fingers were vibrating the books in my hands. I dropped them, felt my body, stroked my lips…no blood, no convulsions, I’m still alive.

            “Daddy…?” Niki questioned.

            “It was my father…and Snape.” I began to mumble incoherently.

           “Kieran, slow down…what about them?” but before I could answer a loud pecking noise startling us both. There was a barn owl standing at the edge of our windowsill, anxiously attacking the glass. I got up shakily, let it in and removed the crumpled letter attached to its leg. As the owl flew back out Niki went behind me to close the window and stop the snow from blowing in as I was buried in the note.

            “It’s Dumbledore. He wants to see me immediately. He knows already.” I explained in a monotone voice, not taking my eyes off the parchment for a second as I re-read his words.
            When no remark came from Niki I unglued my eyes and replaced them on her. “Look-“

            “No, I understand. Just go ahead, I’ll be here when you get back.”

            “Thanks Nik, I’ll explain when I come back!” I exclaimed as I sped out of the dorm. I was eager to parade Dumbledore with questions until I got answers.

            Just as the note said, he had left the stair case open for me. I ran up, the note still clutched in my hand, ready to barge in with rage. My mission was set off, though, by the wide open door and the chattering voices inside.

            “Now you better set off Jae. I am sorry to push you out but I am expecting company any-“

            “-second,” I finished his sentence with a slightly dramatic entrance. My entrance was stalled as soon as I got a glimpse of the person…or thing…Dumbledore was speaking to. One thing was for sure, she was female. About seven and a half feet tall with unforgettable light blue hair. I’d say it was about the length of mine but seeing how massive she was it was probably about as long as Nikita’s. As soon as she caught me staring at her she threw her hood on, lowered her head and dashed out of the room.

            There was a sudden silence where all the things I had planned to say when I first stepped into the room vanished and was replaced with that figure.  

            “Ah, I see you’ve made it. Please, sit down,” Dumbledore offered politely. I then realized I wasn’t here to be polite.

            “I wanna stand. How about we get to business here, I have questions that need immediate answers.”

            Dumbledore’s mouth opened but I talked on, not wanting him to interrupt or changed the subject.

            “First of all, how do you know when I have premonitions? Second, if you know when I have them then why do I have to tell you what I see in them? Third, how can I make them stop?” My face was flushed and my eyes began to water as my last vision from the past refilled my thoughts.

            Dumbledore smiled warmly at me. “Please…?” he said as he re-pointed out the empty chair in front of his desk.

            I was already too upset to keep refusing, relaxing seemed pretty good right now. I slumped in the seat and crossed my arms around my chest like a little girl that got her candy taken away.

            “Yes, I do know when you have your premonitions but I do not know what you see in them. That is why I must bring you here to tell me.”

            He stopped, giving me a chance to add something more. When I continued to stare into his piercing eyes confusingly he began again.

            “In a matter of ways it has to do with Legilimency, which is-“

            “-the act of delving into the minds of-“

            “-of the chosen people.” I nodded my head.  Not exactly how I was going to finish it but it could work.  “I cannot exactly see what you are thinking but for some reason I am able to connect with it and know when you are experiencing a premonition, even when you are nowhere near me.”

            “OK, but how do you explain me seeing the past?” Dumbledore’s eyes widened. “I saw my father talking to Snape. They looked worried and…” I paused.

            “No need to continue, Kieran. Take your time.” Suddenly he seemed as though he might not want to hear more. The look on his face was curious. “You asked me before how to make your visions go away. Did you take a good look at those books?”

            “I never really got the chance.”

            “Then I will leave you be for now so you may calm yourself and perhaps do some reading. If you need any help, you know where to find me.” Dumbledore finished with a dazzling wink. I nodded my head continuously and walked lazily out of the room.

            When I had got back to the dorms Niki was lying sleepily on her bed, still there as she said she would be. I headed straight for my fathers books and began flipping through them madly.

            “What exactly is it that you are looking for?” Niki asked with exhaustion in her tone.

            “These’s books are suppose to help me control my visions and crap, right? Well when I was in Dumbledore’s office I saw some strange…thing. I got the idea as I walked over here that, just maybe, there’s something in here on – ah ha!” I yelled in victory. “How to See What You Desire. Learn how to control your visions to concentrate on a person, place or thing. Find what you’re looking for.”

            An hour or two went by. I had time to read through the passage and explain to Niki what I had seen. I was into place…sitting silently, comfortably, on my bed. My eyes shut, my minds eye picturing the creature.

            “Is it working?” said Niki, breaking my concentration. I opened one eye warningly. “Oh, sorry.”

            A few silent minutes went by and just as I was about to give up unknown pictures flashed in my conscience. “I see something…” Tree tops were moving rapidly below me. The sounds of wind filled my ears. I suddenly plunged into a cluster of branches, flashes of white feathers striking my vision. My eyes snapped open. “She’s in the Forbidden Forest.”

Chapter 3: -Control and Tricks- (Part Two)
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        We held our ground until New Years. We had a mission planned. We were going into the Forbidden Forest. The only other we trusted was Tatiyana. It was the three of us breaking enough rules to get kicked out of Hogwarts tonight, but none of us cared. It was something to get our mind off of everything else.

        We were to meet outside of Hagrid’s, unseen. It was dark for an early evening. The sky was covered with thick, wet clouds, shouting massive amounts of snow at my face as I stood as the first one to show. Niki and Tat should be here any moment, I prayed as my fingers begin to go numb. I slide down against Hagrid’s house, relaxing my feet. Of course, when I’m in a position of weakness, a large, female shaped shadow begins creeping its way close to me. I roll onto my knees, grabbing my wand out of my back pocket in the process; putting myself into cautious overdrive as I watch the shadow get nearer with every large step. The mystery woman was almost upon me. I squinted my eyes in slight fear.

        Thinking I was to see the long, unmistakable light blue hair of the creature in Dumbledore’s office, I was relieved but angered as Tatiyana wiped around the corner. Her beautiful pitch-black hair, done up in some twisty, breaded design as always, was flecked with sparkling snow flakes, adding to the effect of her blindingly bright blue eyes. “What are you doing on the ground…with a wand pointed dangerously my way?”

        “Well you had to go and sneak up on me like that! Where’s Niki?”


        “She’s almost here. I decided to walk ahead of her after the first half hour of her complaining.”

        “Snow?” I asked simply. She shook her head ‘yes’ in an annoyed fashion.


        The humming of Niki’s voice got louder as she got closer. As she turned to find us she began to complain more aggressively about the cold substance that she hated so.

        “So, seeing as we’re all here…!” I began to yell over Niki. “May we please get on with it?”


        Niki looked at me with her eyes as slits, showing her anger for me cutting off her precious moments of venting. I ignored it, knowing it would blow over, and began leading the pair into the forest as sneakily as possible.


        “How are we supposed to know where in the Forbidden Forest she is?” Tat asked after about ten minutes of wondering.


        “Oh I’m sure I’ll spot a familiar tree branch.” I answered smartly.

        “Guys seriously, I’m cold and afraid and it’s getting really dark out!” Niki whined. She was right, the clouds made it dark enough. Now the trees are blocking out any chance of a lone ray. I began to think I’m just leading a wild goose chance. How am I supposed to know where this creature is anyway?

        I spun around, stopping the chain of motion, mouth wide open as I was about to recommend the idea of heading back until I come up with something better. Before I could slip out a slight squeak, though, my body froze at the sight of a hippogriff that was way too close for my comfort. 

        “Oh my God it’s her isn’t it!” Niki shrieked as she covered her eyes with her trembling hands.

        Tat shot around immediately with her arms held high, as defense or a scare tactic, I am not sure. “A hippogriff! Back away guys, back away!”

        “What are you going to do, Tat, poke it to death?” I added humor to the moment, mocking her jeering fingers. Before she could shoot me back with an insult the hippogriff took action, standing on its hind legs, ready to kick. I heard a distant swooshing sound, made from wings other than the ones in front of us. I looked to the tree tops to see the mystery creature diving in on a crash landing, pointed right between us and the hippogriff, her long blue hair ruffling in the wind.

        “Guys run! Now!” I took off in the opposite direction of the future crash, only to make it a few steps and then land on my head painfully. I squinted as my eyes began to water, got on my hands and knees and began to slowly look around. Niki and Tat were on the ground as well, staring in awe at the action a head. I looked up with the consequence of a brief sharp pain in my temple, but it was worth it. The giant, female creature was flapping her massive, feathery wings violently at the hippogriff, attempting to scare it off. White, fluffy feathers were drifting gently past us, dropping to the ground like rain in slow motion.

        The hippogriff backed away a few steps from where it originally was but was not showing any signs of running for its life. Instead, it stared at the girl with mesmerized, glossy eyes and bowed its head slowly, lowering its knee to the ground, softly cooing.


        The girl dropped her wings cautiously, her arms still held wide as if to maintain defense. After a few moments of all of us, including the mystery girl, staring at the hippogriff in amazement, the girl dropped her arms and cocked her head confusedly.

        “What the - “ she began to say, cut off by the spreading wings of the hippogriff as it took flight, making sure it did not turn it’s back to the girl. After the hippogriff was completely out of sight the girl turned her head slowly to see if we were still squatting behind her. I had just now realized that she was completely naked with only her gigantic (about 30 feet I’d say) wings blocking some skin. When she realized we were gawping at her body she swiftly wrapped her wings around herself in replacement of clothing and began to run.

        “No, wait!” Niki yelled, raising from the ground, dirt stains on her knees and snow wetness as high as her thighs, or lack of. “Please…what are you?” Leave it to Niki to be blunt.


        The girl stopped. Hesitantly turning around, not daring to unfold her wings.

        “What she means is who are you?” I said with a stabbing glance at Niki.

        “Well, my name is Jaye.”

        I walked up to Jaye cautiously, trying not to scare her away. By the time I got an arm and a half’s length from her my neck became strained just so that I was able to see her face. I could now see her eyes. About twice the size of mine, twinkling, as they reminded me of the Caribbean Sea. She looked like a normal teenage girl except for the height and wing factor.

        I held my hand out invitingly. “Nice to meet you Jaye, my name is Kieran.” Jaye stretched out an enlarged arm with difficulty from under her wings and shook mine. “Now, how about we go get you some clothes.”



        As we began walked back to Hogwarts I introduce Jaye to Niki and Tat. Jaye explained how she could contract her wings back into her body when she wanted to which is why I didn’t see them when she was in Dumbledore office. She also explained how she was part angel and part demon (believe it or not), which explains her size, and how Hagrid saved her from death.

        “So let me get this straight. Neither of your parents wanted you so they took you to the forest when you were an infant to be killed by other creatures?” I repeated.

        “Yep!” she replied a little too cheery for a girl who was supposed to be dead.

        “And Hagrid found you and raised you in his hu- err, house?”

        “That’s right! And I’ve been going to school. I started a year late so I’m in year 6 but I usually just take private lessons from teachers.”

        “What house are you in?” Tat asked curiously.


        “Dammit! Why is everyone always in Gryffindor?”

        “Ha-ha, poor little Ravenclaw,” said Nikita as she patted Tat’s head and smiled sheepishly.

        “Oh my gosh I can’t wait to show you guys to Hagrid! You’re the only humans that have ever wanted to know me, other than the teachers!”

        “Whoa, whoa, whoa! You can’t tell Hagrid that we were in the Forbidden Forest! He’ll tell Dumbledore and we’ll be doomed!” I panicked.

        “You obviously don’t know Hagrid very well,” said Jaye as we all shook our heads ‘no’, all except Niki who of course knew Hagrid. She’s dating Harry Potter after all.

        “I just don’t know why I haven’t found out about you after all these years,” Niki mused.

        “Don’t feel left out. Harry doesn’t know either. Hagrid promised not to tell a soul, not till I was ready.” Jaye led us straight to Hagrid’s. She wasn’t hesitant to burst open the door and shove us in to face the gruff looking man. He stared at us over his gigantic mug with panic stricken eyes. “Hagrid! Meet my new friends: Kieran, Tatiyana and Nikita.” Jaye pointed us out one by one, prancing around happily.

        Hagrid, on the other hand, didn’t look too excited. “Jaye, your, um, friends…need ter leave. It’s, err, gettin’ late an’ they’re supposed ter be in the school.”   

        “Yes! School! Warm comfy school…” said Niki as her eyes rolled back in day dreams.


        “But Hagrid…” pleaded Jaye.

        “Maybe…maybe some other time, Jaye. Sorry fella’s…” Hagrid finished as he showed us the door. We walked out a little disappointedly, all except for Niki who ran out in victory.

        As the door shut behind us I hesitated by the steps to hear the conversation inside. “You’re not going to tell Dumbledore, are you?” Jaye questioned Hagrid.

        “I-I actually can’t promises tha’ Jaye.”

        My eyes widened in fear. He can’t tell Dumbledore. He just can’t.




        Hagrid’s POV

        It was the morning after the visit of all visits. I was off to Dumbledore’s office, my hands trembling as I ascended the steps. I knocked on the door with a little too much power, creating a tiny crack.

        “Come in, Hagrid.” I entered the room. “What is it you have to tell me?” Dumbledore asked calmly.

        “It’s…err…it’s ter do with Jaye, sir. She…she’s found new friends.”

        “Has she? Well that’s wonderful Hagrid.”

        “No it’s not! It’s them, Dumbledore, it’s the-“ I couldn’t push myself to finish the sentence.

        “I see,” Dumbledore answered smoothly, turning his back on me to peer out the window quietly. “I do not think there is anything wrong with that, Hagrid, do you?”

        “Well o’ course I do! You know what they say. They’re gonna get worse. And yer know it was Jaye’s birthday! I don’t want anythin' ter happen ter her!”

        “Calm yourself, Hagrid. I would wish for you to not interfere with this budding friendship. I would like to see where it goes. Trust me, Hagrid, I would not choose anything that I think would hurt them,” Dumbledore finished to ease my concerned expression. “I’m giving you permission to make the decision to tell Jaye about this or not. Now, if there is nothing else you wish to discuss with…”

        “No, there isn’. Thank yer Dumbledore.” I walked out of the office with my head held down. I was not expecting that. No matter, I walked back to my house knowing I should trust Dumbledore. It calmed me down a bit, but seeing Jaye as I entered the building didn’t help much.

        “Hagrid, I have something to ask you,” she began. “Last night, when I met those girls, they were under attack by a hippogriff. The weird thing is, when I went to scare it away it bowed to me. Shouldn’t it have attacked? Or at least ran away?”

        “Err-“ I knew why it didn’t attack. I knew what I had to tell her. I knew what was going to happen once I did.


        End Hagrid’s POV


        “So why do we have to go back there?” Niki pouted.

        “Because she’s our friend now and we need to show her the ropes,” I answered sternly.

        “Ha-ha, I feel cool. I have a giant as a friend,” Tat smirked. We started at her concernedly. “What?”


        We passed the Great Hall and as I was glaring at Tat my peripherals caught a glance of Draco, rising from his table.


        “Oh crap he’s after me! Hide!” I grabbed Niki and Tat by the loose clothing on their arms and threw them into a dark corner with me.

        “Well, I’m thankful for the kinky offer, Kieran, but I don’t swing that way.” Niki said causing Tat to double over laughing.


        “Come on guys, he’s coming!” I panicked.

        “Oh God this has been going on for too long,” moaned Niki. They became quiet for a moment as Draco came nearer, swinging his head back and forth in confusion. He was a few more long steps before us when Nikita had the bright idea to completely humiliate me and throw me out of the corner. Tripping over myself uncontrollably, Draco came running over to catch me.

        This would be romantic, if only I had wanted it. “Err, sorry ‘bout that.” I snuck an evil glance at Niki as they were both doubled over laughing now.


        “Uh, it’s alright.” He was looking around, seeing if anyone had captured his act of kindness. He then quickly let go of me, causing me to stumble and nearly fall on my bottom as he brushed himself off of me.

        Oh sure ‘he really does like you Kieran!’ Rubbish! “So…”

        “Yeah, I haven’t seen you around lately,” he said, making sure he avoided eye contact.

        “Yeah…I’ve been-”

        “-busy? Yeah…me too.”

        I scuffed my shoe against the marble floor, amusing myself as this conversation wasn’t going anywhere. “Well, I better go.”

        “Me too-”

        “I’ve got things to do.” We announce together, waving lazily goodbye and rushing off in the opposite direction of each other immediately.


        I kept walking, not stopping for a moment for Tat and Niki, still bent in enthusiastic laughter. No matter, they ran up to my sides, barking in my ears.

        “That-was-so-stupid!” Tat breathed between chuckles.

        “Way to ruin a good thing, Kieran!” Niki shot at me.

        “Good thing my ass! If you would just bud out of my personal life once in awhile maybe I would find a good thing!” I blew up. I couldn’t help it. I had more trying to slip away on the tip of my tongue but I bit it down and walked away, leaving a bewildered Nikita and Tatiyana behind.    


        I barged out of the doors, leading me outside. I didn’t go to Hagrid’s. I was still too angry. I sat down in the shade of a crooked oak tree, hoping it would relax me. Just a few moments went by and Niki was already trying to quietly place herself beside me.


        “Niki, can you ever just give me a little bit of time?” I begged.

        “No, I can’t. Kieran, you’re practically my sister. I’m suppose to always be there for and you for me. I want us to fix this now, not later. I’m sorry, OK? I’ll try to trust your decisions more often but we have to be more honest with each other.”

        “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

        Before we could finish our touchy conversation and clear everything up a disturbing noise screeched its way through our ears.

        “What the-”

        Suddenly there were pounding foot steps behind us. “Did you guy’s hear that?” Tat asked in alarm.

        “It’s her. It was her screaming,” Niki announced, eyes steady on Hagrid’s.

        “Well let’s go!”

        Tat leaded our race to Hagrid’s house, as far as the front steps, until we were whooshed back, me landing on my head once again. I’m going to have migraines forever.


        I looked back up to the house; the door was snapped right off its hinges. I looked around for what did it. Almost emerged in the Forbidden Forest was Jaye. The only way of me realizing it was her was the large amount of feathers tumbling off her wings, revealing a boney, leathery structure. Her skin was changing, turning darker and darker red by the second, cracking and crumbling as she moved. Long, gruesome claws stretched from her fingers and toes. I couldn’t see her face. I don’t know if I’d want to. All I knew was that that was a side of Jaye that I didn’t want to be friends with.




        Nikita’s birthday. It’s Valentines Day. The Jaye out burst was more than a month ago. It got sorted out pretty well, although it took three days to get her out of the Forbidden Forest. You’d think that was because she was upset, but it was because she loved it too much in there. We’ve been assigned (or volunteered) to assist Hagrid in training Jaye to control her anger and fear, which, by the way, we figured out was how that creature was formed. Though we never bothered to ask why she had gotten so upset. A conversation for another time. Right now, though, it’s my best friend’s 18th birthday. We're in the Forbidden Forest and boy, are we drunk.

        “Guy’s we’re all going to die tonight,” Niki whined into my shoulder in which she was resting on.

        “Not as long as I’m here!” Jaye exclaimed with a heroic, hip-grabbing stance to back herself up.

        “The drunken angel/demon who has probably already forgotten how to unfold her wings by this point anyways is going to save us all Niki,” I remarked with a smirk.

        We all explode with laughter as Jaye cocks her head confusedly at her back, twitching in the struggle for remembrance. Her wings shoot open, her face distorts, and her ass is going to be bruised for the next week or so.

        “AAH! My asshole!” Jaye screamed, shooting up from the dirt, running in a circle with hands clutched to her bottom cheeks. 
        By this point we were spread out on the filthy ground begging Jaye to stop making us laugh unintentionally. A twig snapped from the opposite direction of Jaye. Everyone’s frozen. Even Jaye’s ass had temporarily stopped hurting. We’re listening closely, staring off into the black hole between two massive trees, waiting for a presence to come through. I thought for sure it was going to be an authority. Suddenly there was a grunting nose, then a sort of squawk, then out came our old friend the hippogriff. The shuffling of feet, setting themselves steady to run was the next noise.

        “No wait,” Jaye said calmly, she hasn’t taken her eyes off the spot since we first heard the twig snap. Her arm was outstretched, signaling us to stay calm and keep still. She walks over to the hippogriff silently, the hippogriff bowed to her first, and then she bowed to it. “This is Thaddeus. He’s the hippogriff we saw before. I really got to know him when I was caging myself in the Forest.” She stroked his head gently as his beak nipped at her clothing. We stared at her wordlessly; probably all thinking the same thing, ‘she’s crazy’. “What?” she questioned us all in general, account of our eyebrow raised faces, as she mindlessly pet the creature. “He’s fine, he won’t hurt us.”

        “Not as long as the drunken angel/demon with the burning ass is here,” I giggled, breaking the tension. 

        Jaye’s face scrunched with annoyance and anger. At the same time the creature snarled and kicked the ground at us.

        “Kieran, we listen to Jaye, she can make the beastie go away,” said Niki as she squirmed behind my back. 


        Jaye’s face suddenly lit up. Her lips curled into a mischievous smile. “Who wants to ride him?”

        “Are you insane?” exclaimed Tat.


        “No, I’m completely serious!” Without a heads-up Jaye grabbed Tat’s wrist aggressively and forces her on the hippogriffs back, slapping the side of the beasts back leg with excessive force. Thaddeus reared into the air with a yelp, barely heard over Tat’s. The pair shot through into the moonlight so that they were no longer visible. Sooner than later, though, Tat placed her feet lovingly on the cold, hard ground again. Her face may have been red with wind bite and fingers shaking with fright but she begged for more. By the end of the night, when the alcohol has settled, we had taken turns finding out how it felt to fly. The most amazing experience I’ve ever had on Nikita’s birthday.




        It’s our first lesson on training Jaye. Hagrid has us outside his hut. The snow is beginning to melt already under the piercing sun, causing my shoes to sog. All three of us were squishing the slush strewn snow under our feet waiting for Hagrid to come out and tell us what to do next. We had our wands out, at the ready, like he had told us earlier.

        The door opened wide and out came Hagrid with Jaye…on a leash. “I know yer not gonna like it, Jaye, but we can’ risk the same thing as las’ time.”

        Jaye scowl immensely. The chain was clearly gold, shinny like an overly huge necklace across her neck. Hagrid clipped the chain to a hook in the ground and began the training.

        “OK, what I wan’ yer three ter do is say n’ do wha’ yeah can ter get Jaye angry,” Hagrid winked with the company of a ‘thumbs-up’ then turned to Jaye. “An’ I want yer ter do wha’ ever yer can do to stay calm n’ not let them get ter yeah. OK, begin the lesson!”

        Hagrid took a step away and left an open gap between us and Jaye. Jaye looked irritated enough already, the last thing I wanted to do is hit the right button to set her off again. I looked at the others curiously. They too looked as confused and hesitant as I.

        “C’mon now gals, get rough with her, say somethin’ mean!” Hagrid coaxed.

        “Err, you’re ugly,” I finally caved with the first thing I could think of that was hurtful.

        “You’re fat too!” Tat yelled as if she was so proud of herself for the insult she formed.

        The insults trailed one after the other with more meaning each time. Niki mentioned the fact of her giant height. I’m sure that made some effect. My evidence being the burning red flame effect in the glow of Jaye’s eyes afterwards. Jaye was controlling herself very well though, most of the time. Hagrid called out for us to start using spells. I used expelliarmus, although she was not armed, it was the first thing to come to mind. Believe it or not, me being a great witch and all, it did pretty good, a little too good actually.

        Jaye jumped back in pain, the golden neck brace yanking her back before she could fly too far away from us. Jaye began to change. Her skin was reddening, but slowly. Her eyes burning red with fire. Her nails and teeth began to grow long and yellow. She stretched herself out and roared with anger. I backed away nervously. Hagrid wouldn’t let her lash out on us would he? As I thought these words Jaye extended her arm rapidly. I ducked, Tat ducked, Niki shrieked. I closed my eyes before I could see anything. I was afraid of what was to happen to my best friend.

        I lifted an eyelid slightly, enough to peer out over to where Niki would be. She was on the ground, alive but in pain. I pulled myself together and ran over, Jaye still roaring madly above us now. I fell to my knees beside Niki. She was cradling her arm which was holding a deep gash, deep enough to separate her arm in two.

        “Oh my God, Niki…” I was speechless, staring at her wound, not knowing what to do. Tat was now on her other side, dirt filled from the crawl over. Hagrid yelled something to us about help but I wasn’t paying attention, I was now staring, awe-stricken, at the slowly deteriorating gash in Niki’s arm. The wound was healing, filling itself up with new skin before my eyes. In seconds it looked as if it was never there, just a thing of my imagination. I looked up at the two; they were as confused as I, our eyes locking in question. What the hell was that?

Chapter 4: -Death and Depression-
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        They messed up. We could see it on their faces. There was no going back and no way out of it. We were settled in Dumbledore’s office. All separated in our own lonesome seats, staring wonderingly at each other for what seemed like hours, each of us too afraid to say a word. Dumbledore and Hagrid’s voices are faintly heard from behind the office entrance, not loud enough for us to hear, I’m sure we’ve all tried desperately.

        Nikita’s to my right, Jaye to my left and Tatiyana to her left. It took awhile to get Jaye to calm. We held her in her golden cage for a good hour, soothing her, singing to her, like a child. We all started at the sound of the door opening, our necks cracking as we whipped our heads around. Hagrid entered first, his head bowed in what was obvious to be defeat. They had to be arguing over something important to him. Dumbledore slowly and silently shut the door behind him and smiled warmly at our curious faces. He made his way easily around to his desk and faced us all; Hagrid stood behind us, sulking.

        “As you all know, there is something important for me to tell you,” he began, his smile weakening just a tad. “I have known this for quite sometime and I am sure that you will be upset that I haven’t told you sooner, but I pray that you understand.” He paused, knowing he couldn’t hold it off any longer. For someone who seemed to win the argument he didn’t seem too excited about it.

        “You are all part of an ancient prophecy,” he said abruptly but smoothly. “You all do not know your mothers, am I right?” We all nodded confusedly. “Your families were very blessed. Though your mothers were given the child they always wanted, they also gave in their lives.” He paused, waiting to see if we had an input - which we did not seeing as our mouths were gaping, frozen – then he continued. “Your mothers could not bare children themselves. They were found and given an option; a decision that would change their lives forever.” He paused again, this time for himself. “Your real mother’s name was Ana…”

        “The mother of all gods…” I said with disbelief.

        “You’ve done your research, Miss Kaelee. Yes, her name was Ana, named after the mother of all gods. She was said to bare the children of the Elements.”

        “You mean like Fire, Water, Wind… those elements? I questioned.


        “Yes, Miss Kaelee,” he looked at me and smiled, then looked at us as one. “You are all the children of the Elements.”

        At the corner of my eye I could see Jaye’s head bow and turn from us. I looked at her curiously. She looked ashamed. “You knew didn’t you?” I asked her, a smidge of anger hitting me.

        “Now, now…” Dumbledore soothed. “Jaye found out first for good reasons. She may tell you about it on her own terms. For now, let me finish explaining. Your fathers didn’t know of this. No one was supposed to. Ana gave your mothers the gift and that was that. They were told of their fate and were set off to live for the 9 months they had left. Now there were 6 Elements released. I only know of you 4.”

        “If no one was told, how do you know?” I asked. My head was rushing with questions as probably was my friends. I had just been too anxious and beat it to them.

        “I have my ways,” his eyes twinkled and he tried to press on with the matter, but Nikita spoke first.


        “What Elements are we?” she asked with the same hazed expression she’s had since we started this conversation.

        “I will be getting to that,” Dumbledore replied lightly. “First I must tell you two something important.” He pointed hesitantly at me and Niki. “You two were different. The process didn’t work as it was to.” He suddenly looked us dead in the eye, as if he could leave an eye on me and an eye on Niki. “You two are twins.”

        Niki gasped. I was too awe-stricken to gasp. Dumbledore continued. “Your mother was only to get one Element, there were only suppose to be 5 altogether. Then you two were born. They didn’t know what to make of it. They took you away from your family to investigate, if you may call it. They could not decided on what Elements you would grow to be. The original plan was to be the Elements of Earth, Fire, Air, Water, and Psychic.” Dumbledore stopped, gave us a moment to soak up the piercing information. “Now, what they did next was cruel, but they thought it as best. They separated both of you. Your father did not know there were two of you, they kept it from him. They thought that maybe, kept together, you would get too strong too fast. Niki, as you know, you were sent to an orphanage and Kieran, you were kept with your father. It is a sad thing but that is how it went."

        "If Niki and I are twins, then is my birthday really on March 1st or is it February 14th?" I asked confusedly. 

        "Well, my guess would be as good as yours. Though, Niki has gained her powers so I would assume your real birthday would be February 14th. Maybe your powers are achieved on your given birthday. That brings me to your question Niki. You wanted to know what Elements you are. To start off, you all receive your full power potential on your 18th birthday, obviously. Niki, yours has just passed and all I have seen of yours so far is self healing. I am not sure what it is and I am not sure what Elements are options for you and Kieran. That will take time. Otherwise, I do not know what yours is either, Tatiyana, and I do not know who the other 2 Elements are.”

        There was a sudden awkward silence were we all sat and pondered, grasping this overload of new information. Hagrid nervously tapped his massive boot against the floor, scaring me out of my trance a bit.

        “Any other questions?” Dumbledore questioned. None were asked.

        Dumbledore politely asked us out and left us to our dorms to ponder, though we did not go to our dorms, we went straight outside. We breathed in the fresh air thankfully, clearing our minds. Tatiyana was the first to slump weakly against a tree. She had been silent the whole time. Jaye Fiddled with her long blue hair nervously, knowing our questions would fly angrily at her soon. Niki and I stayed at separate ends of the tree, not that we didn’t like each other any more; we just needed some time to adjust.

        “So…” I started, searching my head for a gentle way to ask Jaye about her knowledge. “How did you find out?”

        “Hagrid told me,” she answered bluntly. “That’s why I stormed off that one day and didn’t come back for 3 days.”


        “But why would I be mad?” Jaye read my mind. “Because it was more than just the knowledge of my gift, it was the knowledge of my family. I was lied to.”

        “You were told that your mother was a demon and your father was a guardian angel.”


        “Exactly, now my mother is the godly one and my father... well I don’t even know who he is.” Jaye stomped on the ground with rage, shaking the dirt beneath us slightly.

        “May I ask, what did Hagrid tell you?” Nikita spoke up.

        “He told me I had powers, the powers of the Air. So all in all I can control winged animals and I control the weather basically.”

        “So that’s why it rained so much when you trapped yourself in the forest?” I asked. Jaye nodded admittedly.

        “What else?” Niki pressed.

        “Well my real mother is obviously your mother too. The mother that had gotten me was demonic. That is why I change. She tricked Ana and took me. She had it planned; she wanted me to corrupt the prophecy.” Jaye slumped against the tree beside Tat.

        “But you didn’t,” comforted Niki. “You haven’t and you won’t, Jaye. You’re fine the way you are, we’re going to work hard and help you get rid of that demon side. I promise…” Jaye and Niki smiled warmly at each other.




        It’s been a few hours since our encounter with Dumbledore. Nikita and I are hanging around in our dorms, nothing to do but lounge around and think over what we have heard.

        “It’s mine and Harry’s 3 year anniversary today,” Niki says randomly, livening up the silence a bit.

        “Really, you’d think you were married,” I responded, perking my head up from hanging it absent mindedly over the bed-side.

        “Someday. We’re going to Hogsmeade, my favourite restaurant. Actually, what time is it?”

        “A quarter to 7, why?”

        “Oh my gosh, I’m going to be late!” Nikita jumped up from her leaning post and scattered around the room in search for clean dress clothing, causing an even bigger mess. “I’ll love you forever if you clean that up!” and she was gone before I could retort.

        I wondered the room aimlessly after that, trying desperately to find something, anything, to keep my mind off my past. I went in search for Tatiyana but could not find her anywhere. Not in the Great Hall, not Hagrid’s, not even in her common room in which I bribed a fellow Ravenclaw to check for her. No one knew where she was. It was as if she jumped off the face of the Earth without a slight scream.

        Feeling like an outcast I sat in the shelter of the great oak tree in which my friends and I declared ours. I opened my long lost, dusty diary and began writing everything down. I swear it took hours but if it had the sun would be gone and I’d be in trouble. I raised my head from my musing; getting a strange feeling I was being watched. I swung my head every which way but could not see anything or anyone. Once I felt content enough I continued with my writing.

       A few minutes later. Footsteps, heading my way. They seemed to be cautious. As if they didn’t want to be caught. I was too panicked to move or turn my head and see who or what it was. Next, tapping on my shoulder. It startled me so much that I accidentally flung my diary a few meters ahead of myself.

        “Sorry! Didn’t mean to frighten you,” Draco’s voice came from behind my back.

        I rose from the ground angrily, ready to smack him in the face for sneaking up on me. I simply gave him a stern expression and went to grab my diary before he could see what was written on the exposed pages.

        “Please, try not to be upset, I…”he began, letting his words trail, building up confidence. “I wanted to show you something.” He held out his hand. I stared at it wonderingly.

        “And why should I trust you?” I asked, eyebrow cocked.

        He simply smiled and tilted his head. Making his features look too gentle to deny. That bloody git has to always be so convincing. I took his hand hesitantly. He started off in the direction of the Forbidden Forest, his walk speeding into a job as he squeezed my hand ever so slightly, making sure I didn’t slip away.

        “Where in bloody hell are you taking me?” I yelled in alarm.

        “Trust me,” he winked.

        “You better hope we don’t get caught, Malfoy.”

        “We won’t!” He sounded excited. More excited than I’ve heard him when he’s picking the crap put of Potter. This isn’t the mean, crude Malfoy I know him to be, this is the playful side I’ve never seen.


        He led me to a far corner of the Forest and hasn’t spoken since. “It’s not far in, we’re almost there.” We were both panting. He slowed down to give us a break. We were pretty much clear from any authority that might catch us. We crouched low to the ground to get pass all the low branches. It felt like we had been running for forever yet I could feel something, like a voice in my head or a sensation telling me something magical was close.

        A few more struggled steps forward and!-

        “Merlin!” is all I could manage to say, my chin dropping dramatically, my eyes sparkling, reflecting the beautiful image. There, right in front of me, gleamed a magnificent pound, silver in the light of the opening the trees were making for it. Around it stood, about 5 or 6, unicorns. They paid no attention or at least felt no threat from us as they continued grazing around the edge of the water, lapping some up every once and a while.

        “Like it?” Draco asked, startling me a bit as I had forgotten he was there.

        I turned around and stared him in his smirking expression, knowing he had done well. “How did you find this place?”

        “I have my ways,” he said, crossing his arms triumphantly, showing a little bit more of the original, boastful Draco.

        “Well,” I began, ignoring his slight egotistical approach. “It’s amazing, I love it.” I shuffled my feet among the dirt, hoping he’d be the one to make a move; I hadn’t gotten the courage to yet. I took my eyes off my mud-coated shoes to swiftly peer up to see if he was about to attempt anything when I had gotten caught in the middle of it. My head curved up to meet with his. I jumped back a bit in shock but his left arm wrapped itself around my lower back before I could get too far as his right hand caressed my cheek. He held me there teasingly for prolong moments. His eyes seemed to soften as I stared at them continuously; giving me signs I could not miss.

        Normally around this time I’d slap him with all my might and march away, but the voices told me to stay. They didn’t need to of course, right now I felt as if I could live the greatest life right here in his arms, no matter how much I might pretend to regret it later.

        I closed my eyes, leaving myself vulnerable to his next decision. I gave him my trust and he used it wisely. I could feel his breath warm my face, getting closer and lighter. We were almost touching.

        Suddenly the ear piercing noise of the unicorns cry separated us, making me tremble in surprise. I looked over at the pound, still held tight in Draco’s grasp. There kneeled Jaye, lapping up the silver water, unaware of our presence. When she was done she looked up, whipped her mouth clean and shrieked at the sudden images of me and Draco. I looked at Draco, Draco looked at me and we pushed each other away, pretending nothing happened, me smiling mischievously under my breath.


 Nikita’s POV

       I was dressed in my best gown, even if it was on the floor of my dorm. The same one I wore for the Christmas formal. I met Harry at the restaurant not even thinking about the food but of the information I had for him. He pulled out the seat for me to sit on like a true gentleman then sat down gently himself. We both twiddled our thumbs and took glances at each other for a good 10 minutes, waiting for our food.

        “I need to talk to you…” we said in unison. “You first…” we said again, rising from our seats, grabbing each others hands.

        “OK,” I began, trembling with excitement/nerves. “You ready?”

        “I’m ready,” Harry nodded with a big warm smile, trembling also.

        “OK…” I took a deep breath, reading myself. “Harry…I’m pregnant!” I exclaimed happily. I might be young, but I’ve always wanted a child.

        “You….you’re pregnant…” he reassured himself looking a bit too iffy for my liking.

        “Yeah…you’re not…upset, are you?”

        “No, no! Not upset just a little shocked. How?”

        “Well, you see Harry, when a girl and guy-”

        “I mean, we were protected.”

        “I don’t know and I don’t care. I’m happy and I’m going to make the best out of this. I hope you do to.”

        “Of course….of course I will.” He gave me a sweet kiss on the cheek. “Now…” Harry dug deep into his pocket, pulled something out that was hidden from me by his hands. “My turn.” It all hit me in one big rush. As soon as his knee hit that floor, before he could even ask, I jumped into his arms howling ‘yes!’ at the top of my lungs. Harry laughed hysterically, lifting himself up, me still swinging in his arms. He stared at me with true love glowing in his eyes. “Nikita, will you marry me?”

        “Yes, yes, yes! I will marry you Harry Potter! Now where’s that huge shinny ring at?”

End Nikita’s POV


        It’s early in the morning. I’m dreaming about a certain someone I never thought I’d think wishful about. The suns about to peek over the trees. It’s a perfect moment, and of course, it’s ruined.

        Nikita barges through the door as if she were being chased by killers. She runs immediately to my bed side and doesn’t stop, she jumps right on top of me, shaking me, forcing me to wake up, waking up half the other girls in the dorm meanwhile. I shoot my eyes open just for her contentment and look over at my clock.

        “It’s five o’clock in the bloody morning! What do you want? Where have you been? And how the bloody hell did you get in here?” I blasted at her, the last question being more curious than anything else.

        “I need to tell you something! I’ve been with Harry! And I have my ways!” she yelled happily back. It’s unnatural for even Nikita to be this happy this early in the morning.

        “Well then, you have my undivided attention now that you scared me awake.”

        “Oh my gosh, where do I start?” Niki beamed. “OK, here I go. Harry and I are getting married!” Niki yells, raising some of the other heads in the dorm.

        “What? Married? When? How?” I was full of questions. Don’t get me wrong though, I was excited.

        “Yes, married, we haven’t decided yet on anything else. But there’s more!”


        “Yes more. I’m pregnant!”

        “You’re pregnant? Seriously, Niki? Congratulations!” I knew how bad Niki has wanted to bare a child. My opinion is it might be too early but, hey; at least we’ll be out of school by the time it’s born. 

        I reached over to give Niki a warm hug. Her hands clutched my back and hair, my hands stroked hers, and my mind went elsewhere. I gasped as the rush hit me. I should know better to touch people and things by now, they give me premonitions.

        Everything was white this time. I thought I’d be trapped in it but then shadows where revealed. Walls, people…Niki. Niki was standing in front of me. My hand was on her baby filled stomach, though, something was terribly wrong. Niki’s face was distorted, in pain almost but so much to leave her with a wordless, gaping mouth. Her skin was graying, darkening slowly, crawling up her neck. I searched for the source. Of course, the source was me. Her stomach was almost pitched black, pulsing beneath my glowing hand. I was killing her, and her baby.

        I closed my eyes and reopened them, hoping she would disappear. She didn’t. I did it again and again and again. Finally she was gone and I was surrounded by white again. I adjusted my eyes. Walls and people...people running around and weeping frantically. I was in a hospital room, Nikita lying lifelessly on the hospital bed.

        “The baby died instantly. There’s nothing we could have or can do,” one of the sergeants said, helplessly.

        “What about her? Is she alive?” It was Tatiyana’s voice, though I couldn’t see her over the sergeant. The sergeant bowed his head in response. The weeping got louder.


        I woke up, cheeks soaked, hands trembling, trembling in Nikita’s hands. I looked away from her concerned eyes, looked down and blinked away some of the tears left lingering in my eyes so that I could see. She was holding my hands tight, stopping me from shaking. I yanked them away. Looking back up into her face I scrambled away from her, just then realizing there were others, girls from our dorm, looking wonderingly at me. I jutted to my feet, taking off as fast as I could possibly force myself to. I was down the corridors in no time. My feet were leading me; my mind was too corrupted to think. I was soon at Dumbledore’s office entrance. It was already open. I sprinted up the steps forgetting the fact that I couldn’t breathe any longer. Dumbledore’s office door was open. I ran in.

        “I was hoping it wouldn’t have come to this,” he said simply, peering out of his open window, sipping from his mug, refusing to look around at me. 

        I stood there in the middle of the sparkling room, panting for dear life, trying desperately to pull myself together.

        “Please, take a seat, relax.”

        I took a seat hoping it’d help me gain my lung power back. “I’m…a killer.” I said between gasps. I really don’t know how I ran that fast; I got here in ¼ the normal time. Tears began trickling down my face again; bringing to life the dry ones. “I’m…going to…kill…Niki.”

        “No you aren’t,” said Dumbledore smoothly.

        “I am. I saw…it. I’m…going to…kill her…her baby…and Harry!”

        “Kieran!” Dumbledore yelled. The first time I’ve ever been screamed at by him. He was now facing me, red in the face. “You will not be killing anyone!” His features softened as he saw my shocked expression. He walked over to his desk, put down his mug and made his way around to stand in front of me. “I am sorry,” he apologized, crouching down to be face to face with me as he gently squeezed my shoulders. “I know how afraid and angry you must be, but you also must have faith. Believe me, Kieran; I will not let you hurt anyone.” 



        I’m destined to kill Harry with Godric Gryffindor’s sword. I’m destined to kill Nikita and her baby with only my touch, but not before Niki tells me to kill her own fiancé.

        I’m sitting, alone, once again in that room with the strange barrier that they had me in before. I’m not upset about it this time. I need the time alone. I feel depressed, insane, suicidal almost. The blood that is now on my hands, I can’t take it.

        And of course, on my point of desperation, Snape comes to make worse.

        “Please just leave me alone,” I begged him.

        “I am here to do you good, Miss Kaelee, not bad,” he assured.

        “There is definitely no good you could do me.” I thought for certain that he was going to rage at me after that one, instead he lowered his head and sighed. He muttered some words and flicked his wand. I felt a certain field overcome the room.

        “I am here to give you an alternative, Miss Kaelee.”

        “What are you talking about?” I asked confusedly, turning myself around on my bed to face him completely.

        “I’m sure your father would agree for me to tell you this. You do not belong here.” He took his dark abysses of eyes off the floor and stared me down so seriously that I could almost feel his darkness enter me. “You belong with us. You belong with the Dark Lord, Kieran – The Little Dark One.”  

        I’ve been through enough these days. The pain of knowing I’ll make my friends deaths, the knowledge that I’m some destructible element that no one knows about, now I have the knowledge of my God fathers faiths and how they’re no where near mine. It’s the first time in forever that he’s called me by my first name but now I wish he never had.

        “Don’t call me that!” is all I could manage through my trembling lips.

        “It is the name your father gave you and it is what you were meant to live by!”

        “I choose not to! There is nothing you can do to make me follow my father’s footsteps. I am almost 18; soon I will see no more of you!” I rose to my feet to make a visual effect to my immense screaming. He must have put a sound proof barrier on the place because there have been no interruptions yet.

        “Yes, you are almost 18.” He smirked evilly. “And then you will be at your full strength. I can give you all the information you want about your powers, you just need to follow us.” He held out his hand welcomingly. This is the first time he’s looked at me invitingly, I don’t trust it one bit.

        “You are seriously retarded if you think I’m going to turn my back on Dumbledore. You go to your Dark Lord and you tell him that he’s not getting his play toy.”

        He continued to smirk, rising my anger. “We’ve been watching you, Kaelee. Dumbledore won’t be able to help you. You’ll come around.” He turned his back and started towards the door. He stopped abruptly inches in front of it, refusing to turn around. “I trust that you will keep your mouth shut about this, before you regret anything else.” Then he disappeared through the glowing barrier.

        I flopped myself onto my hard, springy bed miserably. Soon my pillow was soaked with salty tears. I had lost all hope. Maybe I was no good here; maybe my friends would be safer if I was gone.

        There was a brush against my back. I swung around, firsts ready to beat up Snape’s ugly face. It was only Tatiyana. She stared at me, startled by my anger.

        “I’m sorry,” I apologized. “I’m a little jumpy right now.”

        “I can see that,” she giggled. “Look,” she started, seating herself on the bed beside me. “I have something to tell you.”

        “Shoot,” I commanded.

        “You know how I’ve been missing for awhile?”


        “Well I went to go see my dad.”

        “OK, why couldn’t you have told us that before you left?”

        “Well, you see, I didn’t just see my dad.” She paused, a smile growing on her face. “I went to go see our mother, our real mother. I saw Ana.”