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Wagers in Love by AntiSadiesForce4

Format: Novella
Chapters: 7
Word Count: 7,813
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Humor, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Draco, OC
Pairings: Draco/OC

First Published: 01/11/2007
Last Chapter: 11/24/2007
Last Updated: 11/24/2007


Banner by whocares.  Four very different girls from four very different houses are all vying for the love of one cold hearted Slytherin.  Will he fall for bold, brave Lori, friendly and caring Coni, shy, bashful Cora or sly and cunning Izzy?  All bets are on as these girls bet all they have - their love for Draco Malfoy.  A collaborative fic by bluemoonradiogirl, NeuroticNut, Off_Her_Hippogriff, and whocares.

Chapter 1: The First Encounter
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Chapter Graphic by whocares. Isn't she great?

Disclaimer: I don't own the train, the school, the magic, the houses, the house colors, Coni, Cora, or Izzy, fortunatly. I only own Lori. Yay!

                Lori slid open the compartment door, praying for a seat. Inside sat two other people, one whom looked like she would really rather be somewhere else while the other wouldn’t shut up. The noise-box was from Hufflepuff, the mournful one from Ravenclaw. Lori vaguely remembered their names. Shanny and Carol or something like that. 

                The Ravenclaw, Carol, lifted up her head, breaking the watery blue-eyed gaze at the steadily boarding students. Lori noticed one girl out the window, possibly a sixth year like herself, shove her way past a group of younger students. Bully.

                Carol gestured towards Lori with a slight wave of a thin arm. Relieved, she managed to avert Shanny’s word vomit in another direction. Shanny’s eyes lit up at Lori.

                “Well, hi! Need a seat? We don’t mind sharing, do we Cora? My names Coni, what’s yours?”The Cora girl lifted up her hand in a small greeting, not answering Coni’s question.

                “Um... hi. Yes. I’m Lori,” she replied before Coni continued talking.

                Coni went on talking, but she didn’t turn away from Lori. She wouldn’t turn away. While Coni blabbed, Lori dragged her trunk into the small room and placed it above their heads. She decided to sit next to Cora, she seemed alright, though quiet.

                Lori took this opportunity to examine her companions.

                Coni looked to be possibly Italian. She had an olive complexion and walnut-brown hair. Her eyes were an almond shape, but the color caught Lori’s attention. Coni’s irises were almost an impossible blue. If anyone had asked her to describe them, Lori wouldn’t have known what to reply. They were icy yet almost... electric. You could feel when she looked at you, they were so intense. The eyes were framed by a generic face shape that seemed very Hufflepuff.

                Cora was almost exact opposite of Coni. Her skin looked like it spent too much time indoors with her brain reading books that were not required to be read. Or maybe it had been required reading, Lori wouldn’t know - she enjoyed reading, but not that much. Cora’s eyes, in contrast to Coni’s, though blue, were a watery shade that gave her a sad look. Probably also achieved from the hours upon hours of bookish time spent indoors.

                The would-be silence was filled by chatter from Coni. She seemed very interested in Lori and Cora, but never really gave them a chance to answer questions - not that Cora would have anyway, she was too shy. Lori nodded politely to her and would sometimes try to say something when she paused for breath.

                 Lori heard a slight squeak as the compartment door slid open. That noise coupled with Coni’s suddenly wide eyes was the only warning she got before-

                “Move.” The new intruder was unmistakably Slytherin. Lori turned around and knew she had seen her during the quidditch matches from previous years as the opposing team’s favorite chaser. Not to mention, the exact person she saw shove through the little kids to board the train. The girl had blond hair and sapphire eyes. She was relatively short in stature, but made up for that small loss with strength achieved through sports. She was considered nasty, tough, and above all, rich. Lori blinked a few times in shock.

                “Wha-what?” she stuttered.

                “You heard me. Move,” she repeated snottily. Without another word she hauled in her trunk, shoving past Lori to heave it onto the above shelf. Coni tried to act cheerful, but her bright blue eyes held a frightened cringe that most Hufflepuffs experienced with Slytherins. Mostly they remembered the numerous threats of dismembering that the upper-class snakes would taunt them with as first and second years.

                Cora in the corner was now paying attention to the commotion. Discretely, she slipped her wand from her pocket up her sleeve. The unknown and unwanted guest plopped into her seat and glared and her companions with malice.

                “What? Never seen a Slytherin before? Or are you wondering why a beautiful rich pureblood like myself thinks to sit with you filthy ugly commoners?”

                This girl is a real bitch. The stranger sneered at Lori slouching across from her.

                “Gryffindor, I see. Well aren’t you just the worst of the lot.”

                Thanks ever so. Lori remembered her name now. Isabelle. Isabelle Kessler. Lori huffed and rolled her gray eyes to the ceiling.

                Coni interrupted the tense silence first. “So,” she began, “I’m Coni, this is Cora, and this is Lori. What’s your name?” Isabelle just shot Coni a disgusted look down her petite nose before turning her eyes back to their examination of the ornate ceiling.

                “Her name is Isabelle, Coni.” Lori said trying to prevent her from crying at the cold shoulder being shot at her, but she still saw Coni’s ice blue eyes dew up. The brunette blinked quickly several times and just turned her attention towards the red-head across from her to begin talking quieter then before.

                “What is your issue?!” Lori blurted at Isabelle. The freezing sapphire eyes turned their glare to her.

                “My issue? You mean why am I mad?” she snarled.

                “Well, duh.” Isabelle’s lid boiled over a little more, Lori could sense it coming.

                “Maybe it’s because I was late getting here and I can’t find an empty compartment or my friends,” she snapped viciously.  “So here I am, sitting with three rotting, blemished losers who apparently don’t have a life outside staring out windows at nothing, never shutting up, or politely nodding their overgrown heads at the aforementioned incessant chatter!” Isabelle was yelling near the end and the other girls just sat in shock for a few seconds. The snake smirked triumphantly at her outburst.

                Cora next to the window was the first to say anything to break the silence.


                “Excuse me?!” Isabelle started.

                “I said ‘idiot’. And the reason you can’t find your friends? You don’t have friends! Any ‘friends’ that you ever had were bought by your parents money. This compartment is nearly full. You probably didn’t check any others and just made up that pathetic lie so that we would have to put up with you, because we obviously don’t want you here any more then anybody else would have wanted you.” The other three girls just watched with indifferent looks on their faces. Coni looked on with awe, Lori with approval, and Isabelle with loath.

                Isabelle sneered. “What would you know? You’re nothing but a mudblood Ravenclaw.”

                “She knows more then you,” Coni interjected.

                “So shove off,” Lori finished. Isabelle looked from one face to another, searching for any cracks in our defense, finding no worthwhile ones, she lugged her bag off the overhead shelf.

                “Fine,” she murmured, “I’ll go find somewhere else to sit.”

                With that, she left, dragging her stuff with her.

This chapter written by me!!!!! Otherwise known as NeuroticNut.

Chapter 2: Placing Wagers
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Chapter Graphic by whocares.

Bloody girls.  Isabelle thought to herself as she dragged her truck behind her, trying to find someone else she could sit with. She passed compartment after compartment until she came to one with Crabbe, Goyle, Zabini, Parkinson, and Malfoy. She paused to look at Draco before finally taking a deep breath and moving on. At the end of the train she came to an almost empty compartment, with only one other person sitting in it, asleep in a corner. She sat down inside and locked the door, so that no one could come in and bug her.

A few minutes before the train rolled into the station, Izzy changed into her robes and stood debating on waking the younger student so they’d have time to get ready. Being a Slytherin won. The young girl remained asleep in her seat as Izzy dragged her belongings out into the now crowded hallway of the train.

Leaving the train, Izzy hurried to find a carriage up to the school. She knew she wouldn’t get one by herself, so she opened the first one she came to and jumped in. She sat down and looked up to see who all she’d joined. Bloody hell.

“You three again?” Izzy sneered. Why am I so touchy?

All three of the girls she’d had the misprivilage to sit with on the train sat around her, blank looks never fading off their faces. Bloody hell once again and bugger. Izzy rolled her eyes and began searching in her little bag for her lip gloss. As she did, a picture fluttered to the ground.

Damn it!

Izzy looked up to see Cora holding a small piece of parchment. It was a picture of Draco Malfoy. Way to give them ammo.

Lori and Coni leaned over to see what the fuss was about. Both of their faces lighted up at the sight of the blonde Sex God.

“What’s a picture of Draco doing in your bag?”

Izzy pursed her lips together. These gits need to mind their own business. “Draco just so happens to like me very much,” she told them, glaring at them in turn. She was making it up, but how would they know.

                The other three looked at each other before laughter filled the carriage.

                “Did you snap this while he wasn’t looking or something?”

Izzy blushed, but fought to keep her cool. They didn’t need to know that she had found it on the common room floor. “He gave it to me,” she said evenly.

You?” Lori sputtered. “Now that’s funny.”

Cora was silently suppressing giggles while still clutching the photograph. Coni wasn’t even trying to hide them. 

Izzy fumed. “And why exactly is that funny? I have a better chance than any of you.”

The laughter died. 

“And why shouldn’t we have a chance with him?” Coni asked. “He’s just as likely to like us as you. House doesn’t matter.”

“Theoretically,” admitted Cora.

Izzy snorted. “Yeah right.”

Lori blushed angrily. “How would you know? Does he share his deepest darkest secrets with you? Because it looks like you’re not having any more luck than I am.”

Izzy flushed bright red. How dare she? Izzy tried to calm herself. She had nothing to worry about, anyway. It was so obvious. How these fools think they had any chance with Draco? With her Draco? 

“If you can get Draco to go out with you, I’ll eat that picture,” she said, indicating the photo Cora still clutched in her hand. Suddenly she was angry.   That filthy mudblood was defiling Draco’s perfect face! Izzy snatched the picture from her. 

“It seems to me,” Cora said, still gazing distantly at the spot where the photo had been. “It seems to me that it would not be in the best interest of neither you nor Lori if you were to eat that picture,” she said evenly. Her eyes finally flickered up and away from the nonexistent photo. “In my experience, money is always a much better incentive.”

What the hell was the mudblood talking about? 

Coni’s eyes lit up. “You mean like a game?” she asked eagerly. 

“I guess you could think of it that way.” Cora shrugged. “More like a bet, though.”

Izzy suddenly felt very nervous, but kept the butterflies in her stomach very carefully guarded. “A bet?” she asked disdainfully.

Lori looked unsure. “A bet on what?”

“Well, on Draco, of course!” Coni said it like it was the most obvious thing in the world. It was not the most obvious thing in the world, not by any means. 

Regardless, the nerves in her stomach began to change to excitement. “How much are we talking here?” She could use some money, after all. 

“Twenty five galleons seems fair,” Cora proposed. 

Lori’s eyes widened. “Twenty five?” she gasped. 

“What?” Izzy said scornfully. “Can’t you afford it, or do you just know that I’m going to win?”

Lori eyes narrowed in competition. Now there was something Gryffindors and Slytherins could both understand. “No,” she challenged. “I was just concerned that your sad little heart wouldn’t be able to take the disappointment when Draco declares his love for me.”

Izzy fumed, Lori fumed, Coni looked nervous, and Cora ignored them all. 

“Twenty five galleons each, to be paid to the winner,” Cora said calmly. “Draco must openly say ‘I love you.’ Just like that. Deal?”

Coni eagerly affirmed and Izzy quickly did the same, her eyes still locked in a death match with Lori. A moment passed before the Gryffindor begrudgingly nodded her head. 

“All set then,” Cora said lightly and climbed out of the carriage. Izzy noticed with a jolt that they had arrived at the castle.

“He has to openly admit it to win,” Izzy reminded them before she shouldered her bags and heading up to the lit castle.

Welcome home, Iz.

~ ~ ~


Disclaimer: If I owned Harry Potter I wouldn’t be writing here now would I?JKR owns it all and she’s fabulous. I do not own anything other than the plot along with whocares, NerouticNut, and bluemoonradiogirl, and my character, Izzy Kessler.

This chapter was written by Off_Her_Hippogriff.

Chapter 3: Bickering Girls and Hard Pinches
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Chapter graphic made by whocares.  Chapter written by bluemoonradiogirl

Diclaimer:  I own none of this.  All of it belongs to JKR. That being said, if I see Coni McCoy popping up in any other story, heads will roll.  

I sat in the carriage, listening to Izzy and Lori bicker some more. Cora
stuck her nose back in her book and sat silently reading. I studied the girls; the
determined looks on their faces surprised me, yet slightly angered me. They
all seemed like they’d get him, and nobody else. There was always a chance
for the underdog, and that’d be me. Suddenly the carriages halted to a stop,
rattling everyone inside. I clamored out to see Draco passing by.


“Hi Draco!”   He turned his marvelous blond head my way and sneered.


“What do you want?”


“Nothing, I just-just wanted to say hi,” I stammered. He shot me a confused
look and headed up towards the castle.


“Way to go, I’m sure he’s falling in love with you already,” Izzy said
walking past me and snickering. I rolled my eyes and kept walking. Cora
walked past me, her eyes dazed and unfocused, as though her head were following her
feet and not the other way around. I kept walking up to the castle, when
someone pinched my butt, HARD.


“HEY! What do you think you’re doing!” I cried, turning around to be face to
face with the one and only Giselle. She giggled and beamed at me. Upon her
head was the hat.


“Gizzy, you know that hat is utterly repulsive, right?” I asked her.


“Yup.” She beamed. The hat had been worn ever since her first year at
Hogwarts. It was a disgusting green color, looking like something a
colorblind person would wear. I saw Sol walking towards us, and I ran up and
hugged him. Well, more like smothered.


“Hello there!” he choked out. I beamed; Sol was my best guy friend. I linked
arms with Gizzy and him and we headed towards the Great Hall.


“How was your summer? Mine was good,” I chattered glancing at Sol, who was
trying not to laugh.


“What’s so funny?” I demanded.


“I forgot how much you talked,” he said smiling


“Hey! That’s why you love me,” I teased, sticking out my tongue. He laughed as
we entered the Great Hall. I shot him a glare and we sat down at the
Hufflepuff table.


I barely heard Professor Dumbledore drone on about the rules as I pondered
the chances of me winning. I’d say one out of four, but of course it’d be
brilliant to go out with Draco, to feel his warm lips touch mine-


“Hey! You awake?” Gizzy said, rudely snapping her fingers under my nose.


“Yeah, what do you want?” I said cursing Gizzy inside. I turned to look at
Draco, thinking, would he ever like me?


“Nothing, you had this weird expression on your face though,” she said,
giving me a funny look. She followed my gaze and practically yelled, “Do you
like Malfoy or something?!”


“Do you have to scream it?!” I whispered franticly. Hopefully he hadn’t
heard Gizzy.


“You like Draco Malfoy??” Sol rasped, choking on his shepherd’s pie.


“I’ll tell you later,” I whispered, uncomfortably noticing that Hannah Abbot
and Ernie Macmillan where both eavesdropping, and knowing Hannah’s
reputation as a gossip I couldn’t afford everyone in the school knowing I
liked Draco. Gizzy and Sol ate with record speed and basically dragged me to
the common room. They plopped me down on the sofa and glared at me like two
parents who found their child smoking.


“Constantine Ryann Mcoy, please tell me you do not like Draco Malfoy!” Gizzy
said angrily.


“You’re middle name is Ryann?” Sol asked, wide-eyed. Gizzy silenced him with a glare.


“Yes, I like him.” I gulped, here it comes...




“He’s not a jerk! He’s nice and funny…Well not really but he’s totally
hot!” I reasoned. I’m so glad she can’t read my mind.


“There are other guys you know, guys that like you,” Sol said quietly.


“Who would like me?” I inquired but apparently this was a bad time for the


“Coni, listen to me.” She said grabbing me by the shoulders, “Don’t get
tangled up with him, his father is a Death Eater and he’s likely to go on
the same track.”


“Maybe he doesn’t want to be a Death Eater Gizzy, you never know!” I cried. 
She didn’t know him, didn’t know what he was like.


“Just promise me you won’t get mixed up with him hon,” she said quietly


“No I don’t promise, Gizzy I’m big enough to make my own decisions.” I said
storming out of the common room. All she has ever done is try to control me. 
First year, couldn’t talk to Sol because he had told Gizzy to shut up. And
the list goes on till now, not even the first day back has she tried to
control what I do and who I see. I found myself at the Astronomy Tower. I
braced myself against the cold and sat next to the edge, staring out at the

Chapter 4: A Reunion of Sorts
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Chapter Graphic made by whocares.  Is anyone else getting tired of seeing that?

Disclaimer:  I don't own any of this.  Everything belongs to JKR, and if you or anyone else ever says otherwise, they must be mentally ill.

Cora made her way as swiftly as possible, keeping her head down to avoid notice. She kept her eyes trained on her abnormally large feet; usually a source of annoyance, but today pushed to the back of her mind in favor of more important matters.

What had she done? More significantly, why had she done it? This was her problem: she spent most of her time wishing she could get up the courage to open her mouth and speak, but when she did speak, she spent the aftermath wishing she had kept her bloody mouth shut tight. What would happen if she lost? Or more accurately, what would happen when she lost? She couldn’t afford twenty galleons! She could barely afford twenty knuts, for heaven’s sake! She had spent all summer raising enough money to take a train to London and buy her school books (her parents didn’t approve of magic). All she had left was three sickles and a knut! How would she explain that to those girls who had never had to work a day in their lives?

Before she could worry any more, she was pulled out of her reverie by an arm that was skillfully locking itself around her elbow. She looked up in surprise to see Macy Doolis, and next to her…

“Gloria!” Cora cried. “What in Merlin’s name did you do to your hair?” Gloria Clemmett’s mid-back length hair had been ironed straight, but that was not what shocked Cora. Gloria had died her hair a shimmering cross between silver and blue, with an enormous royal blue flower (Cora thought it might have once been a daisy) pinned behind her ear.

“Do you like it?” Gloria asked, fingering a lock of the offensive hair between her fingers in what Cora could only assume was a loving manner.

“Of course she doesn’t like it,” Macy snapped. She had a brightly colored scarf braided into her own dark hair.

Cora said nothing; she was concentrating on not tripping over her own unusually big feet as she struggled to keep up with the taller girls. Cora herself was short, true, but Macy and Gloria were both tall for their age – especially Gloria. The blue-haired girl was at least six foot four, absolutely towering over both the girls and boys of Hogwarts. The only person who could possibly compete with her height was Marcus Flint, and he had graduated two years ago.

“We’re taking bets on how long she can keep it before McGonagall gets on her,” Macy continued. “You want in?”

Cora shook her head.

“Naw, Cora’s got bigger fish to fry, don’t you?” Gloria joked.

“Something like that,” Cora murmured.

“What was that?” Macy asked sharply.

But Cora was saved from answering by their arrival at the doors of the Great Hall. “Kevin!” Gloria exclaimed, spotting her boyfriend of two years. “Kevin, over here!”

The blonde’s face lit up as he caught sight of Gloria, and he jumped out of his seat, saying a rushed last few words to Michael Corner as he quickly left the table. It was like a scene straight out of a Muggle soap opera, the two of them running into each other’s open arms like they hadn’t seen each other in years.

“Disgusting, isn’t it?” Macy sniffed as the two began to kiss.

“I guess,” Cora shrugged. She knew Macy was really jealous of Gloria, having had feelings for Kevin ever since first year.

Cora separated herself from the now-scowling Macy and took a seat the Ravenclaw table next to Anthony Goldstein. Half a second later, she was fervently wishing she had sat on the other side of the table; from where she sat, she had an unobstructed view of Draco’s perfect blonde head. There was no way she’d be able to look at anything else all night.

Cora chewed on the inside of her cheek nervously, wondering how she was going to catch his attention. This was going to be much harder than she had anticipated. Actually, she hadn’t anticipated much of anything, very uncharacteristic for her. Her mind examined a wide range of possibilities, each rejected as absurd and hopeless. Really, this whole bet was absurd and hopeless. She could barely summon the courage to talk to her friends; where on earth was she going to find the courage to talk to the boy she couldn’t even talk to in her dreams?

“What are you staring at?” Gloria asked, breaking off Cora’s trance.

From the table next to theirs, she heard Gisele King screech “You like Draco Malfoy!?” A flicker of a smile crossed Cora’s face, knowing that Coni, too, had been caught admiring Draco’s beautiful features.

“Helloooooooo? Anybody home in Cora land?” Macy sang, waving a perfectly manicured hand in front of Cora’s eyes.

“Sorry?” Cora asked, feigning ignorance.

“I asked you what you were staring at,” Gloria repeated. Her hand lay on the table, her beautifully sculpted fingers loosely intertwined with Kevin’s. Cora couldn’t help but wonder if she’d ever hold Draco’s hand that way.

“Did something happen to you over the summer? Is that why you’re acting like you’re lost?” Macy asked.

Cora shook her head.

“You didn’t jump off a bridge or fall off a broom or anything?” Macy continued. “Did you go outside at all?” She eyed Cora’s pale features suspiciously.

“Yes,” Cora replied, a little defensive. Macy arched one of her identically shaped eyebrows in dubiousness.

“Oh, leave her alone,” Gloria instructed. “What are you anyways, the Spanish Inquisition?”

Macy scowled, but left Cora alone to gaze at Draco on the other side of the room.

The evening passed in a blur, and before she knew it, Gloria was telling her it was time to leave. Cora rose clumsily, shadowing Gloria, Kevin and Macy all the way back to the common room, still thinking about Draco.

“So,” Gloria said, once they were in the relative safety of the girls’ dorms. “Why were you staring at Draco Malfoy all through dinner?”

Cora gulped. So she had noticed.

Macy’s eyes grew wide with excitement. “I thought that was what you were staring at!” she exclaimed.

“Who was staring at what?” Padma Patil and Mandy Brocklehurst. Just more troubles to add to her rapidly-expanding list. The girls entered and each of them, Gloria and Macy included, sat down on their respective bed to hear the tale.

“Cora here was just going to tell us why she had her eyes glued to the back of Malfoy’s head during dinner,” Macy explained.

“You like Malfoy?” Mandy interjected, displaying her extraordinary talent for gossip.

“Maybe a little,” Cora admitted, simultaneously blushing and biting her lip.

“Little out of your league, wouldn’t you say?” Macy hinted.

Padma shrugged. “Malfoy’s kind of in a league of his own right now, and not in a good way.”

“What the heck is that supposed to mean?” Macy asked, clearly disgruntled.

“It means he’s desperate,” explained Gloria. “He’d probably go out with any one of us right now if we asked him to.”

“Except for the fact that he only dates pure-bloods.”

Cora mentally cringed. She had completely forgotten about that small detail. She tried to remember if she had ever let it slip around him that she was indeed muggle born. She couldn’t even remember being around him, not to mention speaking in his presence. She could avoid that obstacle if she had to.

“Well, whatever,” Macy grumbled. “I’m going to sleep.”

“Yeah,” Gloria said, supporting Macy’s decision. “We’ve got classes tomorrow, after all.”

“Which reminds me!” cried Mandy. She reached into her trunk and retrieved five identical paperback books. “Oliver Twist,” she said, handing a book to each girl. “First one done gets a first edition copy I found in a book shop in Scotland, compliments of my mother.”

“Well, we know who that’ll be,” Gloria said as they all glanced in Cora’s direction.

Cora blushed and pulled on her fleece night gown. “Good night,” she said firmly, and pulled the bedcovers up over her head. There wasn’t much guessing as to who her dreams would be about tonight. 

A/N: Eh... whatever... chapter written by whocares.... I don't really have anything to say about this except that I love reviews! 


Chapter 5: A Run-In With a Staircase
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Graphic by whocares. Yes, she's wonderful. YaaDaa, yaadaa. But what about the rest of us?! We have good points too!!! Jk, ok, fyi, whocares (a.k.a. - sparklefart, which only I can call her, and she will kill me now, but I figure it's worth it) well... anyway, she's does all our banners and chapter graphics. She's awesome at it and we love her for it, of course. So this means that we don't have to credit her later, right?

*Disclaimer: Hello, it's me again. So please refer to chapter one.*

A Run-In With a Staircase

Lori walked aimlessly over to the Gryffindor table. She sat with an undignified plop and scowled to herself. How could she have been silly enough to accept that ridiculous bet that Cora girl had invented. Lori couldn’t afford 20 galleons. At least, not consciously. How Lori infuriated herself. And Coni. How annoying she was, so sickingly-sweet sometimes. So perky and... well perky.

But Izzy was still a mystery. Why she hadn’t just shut the carriage door after sighting them inside, Lori would never know. She was still as rude as always, though.

Finally Lori took her surroundings in. The Great Hall was elaborate as always with old decorations from last year to impress the first years. The sky swirled with the simulation sunset and settled on an array of colors to the west and a few stars poking through deep navy to the east. No one came to sit with her. Lori searched frantically around for her best friend Janet. Her eyes found no auburn hair floating among the swarming crowd. She sighed a lonely sigh and went back to her process of removing the mushrooms from her Shepard’s pie.

Lori sighed again. This one a deep, drawn-out sigh interrupted by a shriek from the Hufflepuff table. Lori distinctly heard Coni’s grating voice protesting. Glancing discretely up towards the Slytherin table, Lori saw Draco’s shiny head swivel sharply at his name. She snickered under her breath but stared a little too long at his sharp features, causing his searching eyes to connect with hers.

Swearing, Lori nearly felt her heart exit via throat but his eyes moved on swiftly to the back of Harry’s head. There they squinted a small glare before turning back to his present company.

False Alarm. Never mind.

Startling Lori, Dumbledore began his annual speech from his podium. She had never quite gotten what people thought was so great about him. Or horrible in other cases. The only significant about him to her was that he was Headmaster. Granted a powerful, well once powerful, and recognized wizard.

And old, Lori thought, definitely old.

So absorbed in her scrutiny, she didn’t notice as the wizen man looked directly at her and winked. She was so taken aback that she had to blink several times before rapidly glancing around to see if anyone else noticed. No one else was paying any particular attention except the first years.

After another uneventful dinner, Lori stalked back to the Gryffindor tower with her house-mates. Her black hair suddenly whipped around her head and nearly choked her to death from an unexpected draft along the stairway. She stopped and began the long process of removing thin strands of shampoo-tasting hair from the cavern of her mouth. She was about 3/4 of the way done when the floor lurched underneath her.

Her first thought was that it was an Earthquake. But she dismissed the concept in favor of a much more likely one. For example: The staircase moving.

Lori panicked as the stair opened up a new destination and, lurching Lori against the banister, gave her a different landing at the bottom as well. This is not good. This is not good. This is not good. This is not good... Lori chanted to herself as she began to hyperventilate halfway up a set of stairs.

Looking around frantically, she spied no one to help guide her. So she was faced with decision. Up... or down? Indecision was a strong point of hers, so she sadly sat herself down on a higher stair. Her butt fell through the trick stair and she rolled her eyes. Always me isn’t it? She dragged her butt out and replanted herself 3 steps lower. After a good solid 10 minutes of waiting and thinking through the choices, her thoughts began to wander to the back of her mind. Her inner self began sorting through old files she had stored away.

Memories came rushing back to her: she was in the States, visiting relatives. Her sister had died then. They had been twins. Identical no less. Lori still remembered bits of that far away childhood and how different it had been from the one after that turning point.

Like when she and Sarah had gotten their first bikes on their 7th Christmas. They had each thought the other had the better bike and switched them around to their parents’ amusement. She remembered the tree the best. Not it specifically, but decorating it with homemade ornaments from school accented by the popcorn strands and traditional candles charmed by her mother not to burn down the house and trees.

After Sarah’s death though. To put it simply, life in general had never been the same. Lori’s parents had been torn over the loss of their daughter’s life. They felt as if they had failed as guardians. Soon they began to shy away from Lori, a pathetic little nine-year-old who had simply wanted a kiss when she went to bed and hugs from them at least once a day. Instead she just got a nanny and her parents began spending all their time at work.

Lori wiped away threatening tears and refused to break down.

A strange urge took over her and she pointedly got up and trudged up the stairs. At the top was a simple door. A welcoming yellow-orange light shown underneath. Perhaps someone inside with a fireplace?

Apprehension took over the other feeling, completely kicking it back down to where it came from. Lori glanced back to the bottom of the staircase but saw only a dark hallway at the end. No, the light would be better, she decided. Much better. Before she could change her mind, she seized the doorknob and yanked on it.

It didn’t open.

“Alohamora,” Lori whispered. Once again she tried the doorknob, but it still didn’t come with her tug.

Puzzled, she pondered for a minute. She then proceeded to smack herself in the forehead, almost poking her eye with her wand. Then, embarrassment burning on her cheeks and eyes squinted shut with humiliation at her own stupidity, Lori grasped the knob again and pushed.

“I cannot believe that I just did that,” she berated herself.

She smacked herself in the forehead again for good measure and proceeded through the doorway. It looked like all the other hallways except that torches lined the walls. They produced the soft fire light that Lori had seen earlier. Which was nice because it meant that she wasn’t up past curfew quite yet.

After about four hours of wandering, Lori couldn’t walk anymore and collapsed against a wall. She was lost and ready to fall asleep right here on the cold stone floor.

What a wonderful way to spend my first night back.


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Chapter 6: Couch Flying and Clown Faces
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Disclaimer: I only own Izzy Kesler not Draco, Cora, Lori, and especially not Coni :P.  

                       Izzy's footsteps were thumping loudly on the floor as she hurried down the beaten hallway to the dungeons. She hated the hallways that led to the Slytherin Common Room. But more so, at night, when she was alone.

            What in Merlin's name was I thinking? Izzy mentally smacked herself. I wonder what Daddy'll say when I ask him for an extra twenty-five galleons with my allowance. She chuckled. He'll probably send me fifty!

            "Talking to yourself?" a cold voice called out from behind Izzy. She paused mid stride before turning around to find Draco sliding out from an alcove that was merely a stride away from her.

            "Thinking," she told him snappily.

            Pushing his hair out of his eyes, Draco chuckled. "You're capable of that?" he teased. He swooped in closer to her, his eyes watching her every move.

            "That's more then I can say for you," she told him before turning around and storming off towards the entrance to the common room. Smooth, she thought. I'm supposed to be trying to win him over.

* * *

            "Pansy, move your crap away from my bloody bed," someone whined from inside the dormitory room.

            Izzy pushed open the door a few inches before it hit something that made it stop. Izzy pushed it a few times with no luck. "Pansy, I swear if this is your stuff blocking the door I'm going to set it on fire," she yelled inside the room.

            "It is," Millicent Bulstrode's voice yelled back giddily.

            "PANSY!" Izzy screeched. Pansy didn't need to bring more stuff than normal. They already put a shrinking spell on all her clothes and makeup so that it would fit into her space.  Then more calmly she added, "Everyone stand back. In ten seconds, if I can't open this door, I'm going to blow it open."

            "NOT MY STUFF!" a loud, screeching voice yelped. The next time Izzy tired to open the door, it opened all the way and she saw Pansy sitting on her bed, a bag in her hand, rubbing it as if it was a cat. She shot daggers Izzy's way before exclaiming, "I need this stuff for Draco."

            "You think skimpy clothes and more clown make-up are going to help?" Izzy asked innocently. The thought almost made her shudder.

            "I-I-oh," Pansy cried out, storming from their room into the bathroom, slamming the door behind her.

            As Izzy sat her bags up on her bed and began to unpack the first one, Pansy stormed back into the room and grabbed her bathroom supplies, shot another nasty look at Iz, and stormed back into the bathroom, high heels clicking as she went.

            For one of the few times that day, Isabelle smiled.

* * *

            "Pansy, would you just shut the hell up?" Izzy screamed as she pulled her blonde head out from under her pillow for the fifth time that night.

            "But this is important," she whined.

            "Don't make me put my foot up your-"

            "Hey, I'm trying to sleep here!" another girl yelled, tossing her pillows in all directions.

            "It's Pansy's fault," Izzy whined, pulling her covers up over her heard once again.

* * *

            "Your face can't hold that much make-up," Millicent yelled at the closed bathroom door.

            Izzy looked up from her pillow and rolled her eyes. The school year hadn't even begun yet and Pansy was already on her hit list.

            More banging. Izzy rolled over and slid her feet into her slippers. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes as she stumbled to the group of girls forming by the door. They moved when they saw Izzy coming, they knew better than to make her made before her morning coffee.

            "Oh, Pansy," Izzy called out in a sing-song voice.

           "I'm getting there. Ten more minutes," was the response.

            "Pansy, you have ten seconds to open this Merlin forsaken door before I blow it up," Isabelle told her calmly as she turned to Millicent and nodded for the girl to grab her wand. As soon as the smooth wood was in her hand, Iz smiled. Her worn initials were still barely visible on the spot nearest her thumb; IVK. She turned to face the door once more and when she did, it opened a crack.

            "One more minute?" the pug faced girl asked.

            "No," Isabelle groaned. "Now."

Once the clown had come out of the bathroom, Izzy turned to her dresser and as she pulled out her clothes for the day she muttered, "Now…for my coffee."


          Izzy made her way down the spiraling stairs slowly as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes. At the bottom of the stairs, she took an extra step, thinking there was another stair there and ended up tripping and running into the back of a couch. Flipping over the couch, Izzy ended up flopped over the back of the couch on her back.

            "I'd give you a ten on that, but you landed on me," a voice drawled from under her. She jumped up and landed not-so-very-gracefully on her butt, staring into Draco's eyes. This was just what she needed.

            "I am so sorry," she whispered, trying to collect her cool again. Then she added, "But you shouldn't have been laying there, because, you never know when that'll happen again."

            He laughed. Flat out laughed at the girl in front of him. She just stared at him. His laugh is really nice, she thought. A slight smile crept over her face, along with a blush. Keep your cool, she thought-ordered herself. It wasn't working.

            "Thanks for your concern, but I don't think that'll happen again," he told her.

            She shrugged. "You never know." And with that, she picked herself up and carried herself out of the Slytherin Common Room with all the grace she could muster.

            "And now for my coffee," Izzy muttered as she walked through the door of the Great Hall and to the Slytherin table. Once she had her coffee at hand, Izzy looked around to see the other girls from the bet sitting at their tables, either deep in thought in a book, or holding a conversation with some friends. Izzy groaned and gulped down the rest of her coffee. When she saw Draco walk in with Pansy draped over him she frowned.

"I'm going to need a stronger coffee," she muttered.

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Chapter 7: Wake up call
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I woke up and found a severe aching in my back, unsurprisingly I couldn't stretch it out. I stood up and made my way down to the Hufflepuff common room. It was either quite early or quite late since nobody was in sight. I stumbled past the kitchens and stood in front of the portrait of apples and oranges, and mumbled the password. I stepped through the portrait hole and blindly sat on the overstuffed, fluffy, yellow couch. I stretched, trying and failing once again to unhinge the knot in my back. I leaned back and closed my eyes, wondering how on earth I was going to make it through the day. Apparently this was the wrong thing to do since my mind became foggy and I slipped off into sleep, my worries floating away. It seemed like I had just fallen asleep when I became aware that I was being gently shaken.

“You need to get up, classes are starting." the girl said clearly, I groggily opened my eyes and found myself staring into her icy blue eyes. She smiled at me and walked away, her silky blonde hair swinging as she walked out of door. I glanced at my watch, hoping the girl was playing a joke on me.

Damn, I was really late, and I hadn't even gotten my schedule. I raced upstairs, planning to grab my bag and hopefully get out of the Common room without tripping or stumbling. this hope didn't last long, as when I got to the top of the stairs I nearly face planted into the door. Wrenching the door open I stumbled to my bed and tried to locate my bag. Flying fuck. Giselle had done it, again. She had hidden my bag in a spiteful way. I was not the tallest of the bunch, but not short either. Giselle had stuck my bag on top of a wardrobe. The height was just exact to where I could touch the soft material, but not be able to pull it down. I grabbed the biggest suitcase (Giselle's of course) and dragged it to the bottom of the wardrobe where I was able to get my bag and race downstairs, as the bell for class to end rang. I raced through the castle, finally arriving at the green houses, clutching a stitch in my side.

"And where have you been young lady?" said a angry Professor Sprout.

"Well I fell asleep on the Astronomy Tower. . .Then woke up at what seemed like two in the morning. . .Fell asleep again. . . Then got woken up by some girl. . .Saw that it was late and went to get my bag. . .my friend hid it. . .Again. . . And then the bell rang." I finished lamely. Professor gave me a weird look, handed me my schedule and hurried me out the door. I glanced down and saw that my next class was double potions. . .With the Slytherins. Greaat, just what I needed.
I tramped down to the dungeons, wishing that I could just skip this class and head to lunch. Finally I arrived in the hell hole at the same time the bell rang.
"You're late Miss Mcoy, five points from Hufflepuff" drawled Professor Snape. The Hufflepuffs groaned.

"But-but" I sputtered. Had I not just walked through the door? Doesn’t that count for anything?

"Sit down Miss Mcoy, or it'll be another five points." I looked for an empty spot, and mercifully found one next to another Hufflepuff.

“Hi!” she said brightly, beaming at me.

“Hi,” I said somewhat awkwardly, hoping this girl would just make the potion and leave me alone.

“My name is Mary-Sue Smith. What’s yours?” She said, still beaming at me.

“My friend’s call me Coni,” I swallowed, remembering about the fight with Giselle last night, “but my real name is Constantine.”

“Oh! What a pretty name!” she exclaimed, clasping her hands together. She obviously knew what we where doing, as she set to work tossing ingredients into the cauldron. I sat there and pretended to look like I was “contributing” to the work. Unfortunately I ended up staring towards the front of the room, where I saw Izzy seated cozily next to Draco. She had her hair up, and was concentrating on preparing ingredients while Draco stared off into space. Izzy would chance glances at Draco, checking to see if he was watching her. Draco suddenly turned around, as if he sensed I was watching them. His cold grey eyes met mine. My face grew hot, and suddenly I had a new interest in the potion Mary-Sue was making. Apparently she was done with the potion, and had been staring at me creepily for some time.

“You like him don’t you?” She asked, resting her head on the palm of her hand wearily.
“N-no” I stammered, pretending to look for something in my bag. She sighed, and animatedly started talking.
“So, you know, the Sorting Hat couldn’t pick a House to sort me into. Professor Dumbledore offered to have a new House made, just for me, but of course I said no. What would the other students think!” she exclaimed dreamily. After hearing this I snorted, but it went unnoticed as she babbled mindlessly. For the rest of the class I nodded randomly and “mhmmed” my way through her never ceasing yapping. Finally, with seconds left till the bell rang, Snape seemed to notice Mary-Sue’s chatter and called out,
“Miss Mcoy, another five points from Hufflepuff for talking during class. Also, since you can’t seem to stop disrupting my classroom, you can have detention with me on Thursday.”
With my face bright red, I stumbled out of the hell hole and escaped off to my next class.

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