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A Turn of the Tide by absolument

Format: Novella
Chapters: 11
Word Count: 36,880
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Sirius, Lily, James, Regulus, Bellatrix, Narcissa, OC
Pairings: Sirius/OC

First Published: 01/10/2007
Last Chapter: 02/20/2011
Last Updated: 03/01/2011

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Solene Rosier has everything. Intelligence, charm, a wealthy pure-blood heritage and looks that make even the most honorable of men melt. During the summer of her 6th year she finds herself caught between the two Black brothers. Regulus, her boyfriend, and Sirius, the outcast who forces her to realize some things are more important than blood.

Chapter 1: A Quick Introduction to the Fortunate Mistake
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Chapter One:

Solene Rosier was what every pureblood girl was supposed to be, what they strived to be. Intelligent, charismatic, beautiful and obedient. She was well known throughout the purebloods, the darling daughter of the Rosiers. She was British, but attended the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic for her whole life because her mother, Jeanne Travers, wished for her daughter to have an education in not only spells but character and radiance.

Jeanne and Evan Rosier were brutal pureblood supporters that did not tolerate muggles or the mixed breeding of their magnificent race. They supported Voldemort, Evan himself a Death Eater and good friend of Lucius Malfoy.

To the delight of her family, Solene was proud of her heritage and had made it clear she was willing to fight in support of it. She was best friends with Narcissia Black and the girlfriend of Regulus Black. Each summer Solene was invited to the Black family estate on the southern coast of France to lay on the beach and drink wine, often without her parents. Once the Rosiers were sure they had produced the finest daughter, they had left her absolutely to herself. 

Narcissia, Regulus, Solene and sometimes even Bella would go days alone, their mothers traveling to Greece for a week or spending sometime without ‘the children‘ and their fathers preoccupied with their dedication to purifying the wizarding race. They never for a moment worried that Solene and Regulus were unsupervised. In fact, they pushed for their union and hoped for another pureblood marriage of impressive wealth and attractiveness. 

Solene adored her life, she sulked and pouted when things did not go her way but that was rarely an occurrence. Her friends envied her and Narcissia, together they led quite the intimidating crowd and her family spoiled her to boarder line beyond repair. Regulus pampered her and she indulged him in return. They didn’t attend school together but their relationship was well known for it had started in Solene’s third year of school, and Regulus’s second. They were both only thirteen. 

Winters were spent with the pureblood crew at the Rosiers glorious lodges in the Alps and summers at the beach. Solene flaunted her family name, her money and her features without being conscious of it and could never image that by the chance of a few well timed coincidences her life would change so drastically that sixteenth summer. 

Regulus was becoming too preoccupied with his fascination of self worth and becoming a Death Eater to appreciate or even notice Solene’s presence any longer and her thirst for attention led her onto a collision course with the most notorious of arms.

Sirius Black was an outcast, not at school but with his family. He was completely ostracized by his parents, his brother and his cousins, and to be quite frank, couldn’t have cared less. He was not like them, a pureblood fanatic with no sense of moral obligation to the human or wizard race. Not only was he not like his family, but he despised them. Their pride, their snobbery, their unfaltering arrogance and prejudice. Sirius had spent six years at school hoping to be as separated from them as possible, physically and by reputation. He was a Gryffindor, friends with half-bloods and muggleborns, and never home unless he had to be.

Sirius shut himself up in his room at Grimmauld Place for the first days of summer, until he was free to roam the desolate house while his parents were occupied elsewhere: with Regulus, at the summerhouse, in Greece- wherever as long as it was not with him. He opted to stay in school for Christmas rather than go skiing with the rich family friends, avoided all types of family confrontation, rarely spoke at all to be honest.

Sirius of course had been like the rest of his family when he was young. Very young.  He could even remember the smooth, stone walls and the smell of the Mediterranean Sea that enveloped the whole of the summerhouse. Le Chateau Noir. Occasionally while wandering through the empty Grimmauld Place hallways he would have a brief flashback to running in the sand and sneaking behind the pool house to kiss Solene Rosier playfully. As an innocent form of rebellion of course, he couldn’t have been older than seven. 

They were even friends with a muggle girl, Charlotte, but that was a secret even Regulus did not know of. Solene and Sirius had been quite mean to Regulus when they were younger. They would play tricks on him (Sirius certainly did have a love for pranks) and abandon him on the beach to run houses away and sneak into Charlotte’s garden. Charlotte’s mother had been exceptionally kind, and always welcomed the two strange children that spoke of mysteries and magic with open arms and madelines. 

Sirius knew from the few family dinners he was forced to attend that Solene was now Regulus beautiful and overindulged girlfriend, the perfect future wife. He didn’t mind, he didn’t want anything to do with her or his brother and their nasty, egotistical worshipers.

The summer after his sixth year of school should have been like any other: alone in the sinister, twisting halls of Grimmauld Place, but a strange series of events happened that prevented it from being so. 

First, was that there had been a family fallout between the Black sisters due to the rebellion of Andromeda (she wished to marry the muggle Ted Tonks), and Bella and Narcissia were being dragged to Egypt for the summer to remain low key for a while. It was Andromeda’s father Cygnus Black that had snickered the most when Sirius had turned out to be a “bad egg” and now it was his own daughter turning on the family values. Cygnus pulled his family away in shame until the gossip died down and it was safe to return to London.

Second, was that Sirius’s father had become very ill with a incurable wizard‘s disease. Even Sirius wasn’t cruel enough to verbalize how little he cared, but he was able to panic at the thought of tending to his fathers needs. The idea of his mother barking demands and wailing by his fathers bedside made him cringe, he knew nothing but that he needed to get out of their wretched house. 

Consequently, it was pure accident that landed Sirius, Regulus and Solene alone in the Black’s chateau that summer and once again ignited a flame to further fracture an already irreparable rift between the Black brothers. 

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Chapter 2: Le Chateau Noir
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Chapter Two: 

Prongs-- I’ll be writing every week or so. Very third-year-girl of me but you know I am desperate for any means of communication with the sane. Seems like there is going to be excitement in my summer for the first time in… well, forever really. Poor daddy got sick and mummy has to take care of him so I’m staying alone at our manor in France. Not alone actually- then I would have invited you over. Regulus and his bimbo girlfriend and here- a Rosier girl, but they don’t really count seeing as I doubt either of our parties has any wish to interact with the other. I haven’t seen them yet even though I’m pretty sure we have both been here for at least three days. This house is huge, maybe if I am lucky I wont bump into them once. I’m not far from some fantastic muggle towns filled with wonderfully dishy French girls that I would gladly converse with, and if we happen to get naked in the process, so be it. How’s the separation anxiety from Evans treating you?


“Can it be? Sirius Black has graced us with his presence,” a silky female accent caught Sirius’s attention and his ears perked. He didn’t recognize the voice, but knew who it was.

“Well my family stayed in London and wherever they are, I’m not,” Sirius smiled and turned around. In front of him was Solene Rosier, even more beautiful than he remembered. She had inherited every stunning feature the Rosiers were famous for. Long, shimmering hair pulled back a sparkling clip and cascading down her narrow back until her waist. Brilliantly blue eyes, shallow and filled with vanity. Soft, pale lips constantly fixed with a cruel smirk of superiority and conceit. Thick eyelashes, long legs, the total package.

Sirius exhaled loudly, “You look good.”

“I know,” Solene smiled.

“And a narcissistic brat, I see,” Sirius remarked and fixed himself a cup of water. It was an agitatingly hot temperature in the kitchen. The corner of Solene’s mouth twitched in irritation but she remained composed.

“How charming,” she responded sarcastically and took a seat beside him at the dining room table. Sirius raised an eyebrow at her, wondering why she was even attempting to carry on a conversation with him.

“Where have you been all these years? I used to ask…” she trailed off at a loss of words.

“But I’m not exactly everyone’s favorite topic of conversation,” he smirked and finished the sentence for her.

“Putting it mildly.”

“Does that mean you’ve missed me,” he said amused and leaned towards her, himself knowing it couldn’t be true. He was surprised she even remembered him, girls like Solene didn’t dabble with matters that didn’t directly benefit them.

“Actually I nearly forgot you existed,” she remarked rudely and slinked over to the cabinets to fetch herself some water as well. The sun was shining through the crystal windows and the effect was a greenhouse of a kitchen. Sirius could feel the tingling sensation that occurred before beads of sweat collected on his forehead.

“Considerate of you.”

“Sirius, don’t pretend I ever crossed your mind, you were too busy being a disappointment.”

Sirius snorted with laughter, she was just as he imagined. Full of herself and discourteous, absolutely unfazed by letting Sirius know just how unwanted he was. She was probably hoping to have her very own love shack with Regulus and it was such an atrocity for Sirius to rain on her glistening parade.

“Only a disappointment among you Pures.”

“Well the opinions of Les Purs are the only ones that matter,” she continued her brainwashed babble and Sirius stood up to place his cup in the sink and return to his room.

He shook his head disenchanted, “You used to like me. It’s a shame this has happened.”

“What do you expect from the way you’re behaving,” she remarked obnoxiously.

Sirius laughed again, he couldn’t barely stand to listen to her, “I shouldn’t have expected more. Believing in all their bullshit.”

Solene shrugged and replied as a robot, “What else can we believe in at these times?”

Sirius shook his head disbelievingly and walked out of the room irritated, his voice carrying from the hallway, “You’re full of it. You never used to be like them.”

“I wasn’t even ten, Sirius,” she said as his shadow disappeared down the hall.

It was a short conversation but they had both managed to leave quite an impression on each other.

Sirius was disgusted by the pompous and vain manner in which Solene swaggered around the kitchen, preaching to him the exact words of Sirius’s own mother. Solene was revolted by how self-righteous Sirius was, he hadn’t seen her in at least six years and there he was, judging her, condemning her and ruffling his hair. Acting like as much of the muggle lover Regulus had promised he was. She was horrified that when he turned around to face her she was thrown by how handsome he had become. How much more mysterious he was than his brother, darker with black hair and haunting gray eyes. Regardless, there was no physical attraction that would ever allow her to be associated with a traitor. Furthermore, a traitor that refused to get a decent haircut.

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Chapter 3: Different Like Him
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Chapter Three:

Prongs-- you would not believe the towns here! All the girls are so well dressed and walk around in their flimsy dresses and bikinis. Its fantastic. I’m not even alone, I met this guy from Manchester that is here for his summer as well. He’s a muggle and shows me around all these parties near the shore at night. I’ve been smashed for three straight days.
padfoot Oh, I met the Rosier girl-- as horrible as I thought she'd be.


Summers on the coast were magnificent. Solene woke up with Regulus at her side each morning and kissed his neck until he stretched awake and took a shower. House elves prepared the two of them breakfast and they ate at the table as a married couple, polite and comfortable. Around ten the two of them strolled across their beach and laid out two towels, bronzing from the sun and dozing off beneath its rays. They lay in silence generally, sometimes Regulus would be interested enough to kiss Solene for a while if it was not too warm, but neither of them were especially infatuated, they were accustomed to each others presence.  “Pass the lemonade” was about the extent of the exchanged words.

After a week or so of such consistency, Solene was surprised when she sauntered into the kitchen one afternoon to pick up some lunch for her and Regulus lounging outside and saw Sirius, his eyes half closed, chewing numbly on cereal.

“Did you just wake?” she asked, and Sirius, still looking down, ignored her presence. Her tanned legs brushed by him and he rolled his eyes.

“Fine,” she snapped irritated and Sirius looked up amused to her jumping up in her red bikini to reach dishes in the top cupboards.

“Need help?” he finally asked and his wand flicked out a set of plates and cups. Solene huffed annoyed and took the hovering tableware defeated. She turned to him and snorted with laughter. His hair was sticking from every possible direction as if it were bewitched. He wore a faded gray shirt and his eyes had that puffed look of just waking up.

“How are you tired? It’s passed noon,” she said.

“I didn’t get much sleep,” he stated obviously.

“You are in your room all day.”

His eyes twinkled mischievously, “Not all night.”

It finally dawned on Solene that perhaps Sirius didn’t sit at home, locked in his room as she had expected. That it was possible for him to leave, that the confines of the chateau were not the confines of the world. Despite so, she would never dare leave the safety of the walls; outside was the muggle world.

She was strangely jealous to imagine Sirius weaving through the nightlife. Beach parties and bars and fairs, it was 1976 after all. She didn’t wish to join him of course, she just didn’t want him to have fun. She wanted him to sulk alone until he begged her for attention. Solene hated how uninterested he was in her and how intrigued she was by him. He yawned rudely and scowled a bit, signifying he wished for her to leave him alone.

A smile grew on her lips. The only reason she wanted to be near him was to learn how he was able to disappoint everyone that had loved him and cared for him as a child. How he had become such an ungrateful failure. She wanted to insult him, to pry open his heart, to take out her anger, break him as a compensation for every insecurity and doubt she hadn’t been brave enough to voice. She didn’t know that yet of course.

“And where are you all night?”

“Are you concerned?” he asked irritated.

“The house elves prepare dinner for you and it just goes to waste.”

“I am sure that just breaks your heart,” he chuckled, “I’ll tell them to stop doing that, satisfied?”

“Why don’t you just eat dinner with Regulus and me?” she questioned and the moment the words left her mouth her brow furrowed in confusion. She hadn’t meant to do that, it had just spilled out. Nevertheless, she couldn’t let him realize it was an accidental invitation. She forced a cruel, fake laugh, hoping to play if off as a joke and strolled out of the room.

Even as she left a trail of her scent lingered in the room. It was a wispy, barely retrievable aroma but Sirius had the sharp nose of a dog. When not masked by poisonous words and a bitter grimace, the smell of her was enchanting. Delicate cotton and ocean and limes. She would have been so beautiful, as would Narcissia and Bellatrix, if she hadn’t been so absolutely proud, and arrogant and infuriating. So vain, merciless, bitter, harsh, unforgiving and pure.

She wasn’t his problem he knew, but he couldn’t ignore the pulls of frustration and loneliness that were following him through the days. At least at Grimmauld Place, Sirius had understood his place. The chateau was new and try as he did to fight them, he had allowed expectations to build. Maybe Solene had grown up like him, maybe she hadn’t changed from the friendly, inquisitive nature she had when they were children? Maybe if he hadn’t left her alone with Regulus and his pureblood fanatic friends each summer, she would have been different like him.


“Chéri, I saw your brother again today,” Solene said and tucked herself in Regulus lap as he read a letter. She made sure he knew she wasn’t sneaking a look at the parchment, not that he would ever feel threatened by her, and ran her lips down his neck. Regulus, who had had the corners of his mouth pulling in a slight scoff, smiled gently and pulled her closer.

“He’s a right arse isn’t he,” he asked placing the parchment on the table and Solene nodded running her fingers down his shirt, unbuttoning it quickly.

“He was rather rude towards me,” she sulked and Regulus kissed her lips playfully, “Should I hex him?”

“Yes,” she smiled sadistically and brought her lips to his chest, “and you should tell your mother that he has been going around the muggle towns.”

“My mother is too preoccupied with my father’s illness to be pestered with his offenses,” he said sternly and Solene apologized.

“I didn’t think,” she said politely and Regulus pushed her down on the sofa and muttered something along the lines of  “It’s alright” before pressing his lips against hers ardently. Her hands fluttered down his body, comfortably caressing the familiar territories. She loved these moments with Regulus. He was familiar and secure normally, but made feverish by sex. He trembled and kissed her harder than normal, breathing heavily against her neck and always attentive to each part of her as if he was seeing her in a new light. His hands knew exactly where to travel, exactly what made her squirm and whimper at his mercy. She wouldn’t say he was dominant, if anyone initiated the act it would be her, but he was not his usual passive character, bored by her, bored by himself. He was fervent and appreciative in bed- it was after that annoyed her, how but mere seconds after they climaxed, he would pull away from her. How he didn’t want to lose control, he never wanted to admit the lengths of the effects of her naked body. He couldn’t confess how vulnerable sex made him; he was Regulus Black and she was his toy. 

Pulling away from her on the sofa, still drenched in his sweat, Regulus yanked his shirt back across his shoulders, slipped back into his shorts immediately and began to write a reply to his correspondent. Solene wasn’t concerned, she was beyond used to it and didn’t budge from her position, lounging on her back unclothed, her legs now in his lap, her toes playfully rubbing against his thighs.

“Solene,” he groaned a few minutes later, unable to concentrate, “this is important,” and grabbed her feet in one hand to stop them from moving. 

“What’s more important than me?" she badgered pouting and wriggled her legs free from his grip. She sat up slowly and moved towards him slipping her hands on his shoulders. He brushed her off.

“Please. S’il te plait. You know how I hate it when you leave me wanting more,” she whispered and could feel him giving up before he felt it himself. She was Solene Rosier and he was her toy.

Regulus shoulders relaxed first, his arms fell from his intense scribbles and the quill was placed on the table. He tilted his head to the side in consideration and she saw the smiled that crossed his face as she wrapped an arm around him and let her nude body skim against his dressed one. He sighed defeated and kissed her collar bone.

“You are going to get me into trouble. I have to reply,” he murmured as she directed him beneath her and once again stripped him of his clothing.

“I’m sure if you explain they will understand,” she teased.

“It is not a joke,” he said pained as she kissed down his body.

“I am always serious,” she smiled and had him once again. He pulled away quickly afterwards of course, but it did not bother her this time, she had already proven her control over him to herself. She fell asleep naked on the couch, her feet in his lap, until the house elves called them for dinner.


Regulus and Solene were just about to begin their meal when a very smug looking Sirius wandered into the dining hall and took a seat beside the two. Regulus looked up annoyed but didn’t speak, his lips curled from resisting to dispute. They were very accustomed to ignoring each other. The room filled with tension and both boys began to eat in quiet. Solene, on the other hand, was not yet satisfied. Even the mere reminder of Sirius' existence stirred her into mischief. For no real reason, she wanted to start a fight.

“What are you doing?” she spat in the most uncouth tone she could muster.


“No I was referring to what you think you are doing in our presence.”


Solene’s mouth pulled into a bitter smirk.

“Well while you do so, I have lost my appetite. Regulus, do you not think it’s a bit selfish and rude of Sirius to impose himself upon people that are disgusted by his company?”

Regulus chuckled, amused at his girlfriends absolute bitchiness. There was no other way to describe her. He hated Sirius, really, he was completely horrified to be affiliated with such a deserter but he didn’t care to express it each time they were placed face to face. Out of utter repugnance, the brothers had built a wall of silence between each other, seeing no reason to brake it down no matter how fulfilling and cruel the words. Solene, however, added a flair to their estranged relationship; Regulus would have to speak to his brother if she told him to.

“It is very selfish,” he commented pleased.

“Well this is quite the predicament I am in,” Sirius smiled and spoke after a moment of thoughtful silence, clucking his tongue in disapproval towards Solene, “the only reason I have reluctantly entered your ‘presence’ is because I was far too polite to resist your invitation to dinner earlier today, you remember. And here I am, being reproved for it.”

Regulus turned to Solene confused and to her horror, her cheeks rouged.

“You know very well that was not a genuine invitation,” she snapped.

“How am I to differentiate your elaborate and sarcastic vocal tones, I’ve practically just met you,” he said coolly.

“Go now then,” she ordered.

“Well I’ve begun my meal and it would be quite discourteous to leave with my plate unfinished.”

Solene was never spoken back to and Sirius’ blatant dislike of her was almost refreshing. She wouldn’t let him know that of course. She didn’t know what he was trying to accomplish by intruding on their meal. In Solene’s opinion, he was probably just bored with his miserable existence, but she wouldn’t let him have his way. Sirius raised his eyebrows welcoming a challenge.

“Regulus make him leave,” she said finally and took her first bite of food. Her boyfriend’s face contorted with a pained expression, she had no idea how many other things were on his mind at that exact moment.

“Leave,” he stated flatly.

Sirius considered the command nonchalantly, “No thank you. And as a side note, little brother, you have no authority over me in this house, I can be where I like.”

“Actually I’m quite sure that mother constantly saying that you are going to have your name blasted off the tapestry one day has secured this house in my name. You are under my authority.”

Sirius snorted with laughter and continued to eat, Regulus stood up threateningly and Solene’s fingers curled in excitement. These boys were completely under her control.

“Regulus enough,” she snapped and he stared at her baffled.

“What do you mean, enough? You just told me to make him leave!”

“Well yes Chéri, but don’t cause a spectacle. Must you boys be so dramatic?”

Regulus sat down defeated, his mouth still gaping, confused as to what had just occurred and whether or not Solene was intentionally toying with him.

A loud knock at the door broke the uncomfortable silence.

“Who is that?” Solene asked but Regulus ignored her, still very annoyed at her antics, stood up and rushed down the corridor to the front door. He was gone for about a minute during which, Solene and Sirius ate in absolute silence.  Regulus walked back into the room with his robe on and kissed Solene’s cheek.

“Where are you going?” she asked as he turned back towards the door.

“Out for a while,” he stated vaguely.

“Where to?”

“I’ll be back by midnight,” he said and smiled at her.

“I don’t want you going anywhere,” she threatened. Regulus sighed and walked back to her.

“I’ll be back soon,” he said softly and brought his fingertips to her hair. Sirius face cringed, he had never seen Regulus so delicate. He made a gagging motion in the background and Solene tried very hard to take no notice of him.  She was, on the other hand, not charmed in the least by Regulus, and her eyes immediately narrowed into a hostile glare at being defied.

“Solene,” he groaned.

“Go then,” she spat and Regulus stood straight realizing there was nothing he could do once Solene was in one of her moods. He turned around and left. Solene huffed childishly and crossed her arms around her chest. Sirius was very amused.

It was strange to think that this was what the Black and Rosier family had wanted. Everyone knew that the original union was supposed to be between Sirius, the first son, and Solene. That was what started the sharing of the summer and winter homes, the family get-togethers. They wanted a merge of two of the most prominent houses. Let them be lovers they’ll marry their fortunes together. Luckily for the Blacks and Rosiers, when Sirius was discovered to be less than ideal, there was a second perfect son for the perfect daughter.

“Just you and me, darling,” Sirius smiled haughtily and Solene shot him a nasty look, pushed the chair back loudly and stormed out of the room.


It was very late. Probably almost three in the morning and Regulus still wasn’t home. Solene was sitting on the windowsill reading by candlelight. If there was one thing to be said about her character it was that she was determined, and if she had to be awake all night to know the exact time Regulus had returned home-- exactly how many minutes after what he had promised, it was fine by her. She was not one to be crossed.

She had adjusted her uncomfortable self and had called a house elf for some tea. She had wandered through the garden in the dark and had returned to lay in bed for a while. Passing time. This is was getting ridiculous, she thought staring out onto the beach.

And then she saw him. His figure by the ocean. What did he think he was doing? Was this what Regulus had so urgently left for?- a three hour midnight stroll on the beach.  She understood that everyone needed their space, she was certainly not a clingy girlfriend. She never pestered Regulus about whether or not he was with other girls at Hogwarts, she was never jealous when his eyes lingered on another girl for too long if he came to visit her at Beauxbaton, she only nagged him for attention when she needed to prove a point to herself. She would have understood if Regulus had just said he wanted to go on a walk alone, what would have made him think she would have wanted to come in the first place? He was probably just trying to be dark and mysterious, like Sirius, and not tell her. Worry her, irritate her and make her sit up all night.

“What are you doing?” Solene stormed out onto the shore and approached the boy.

“What are you doing?” he asked annoyed and turned to face her.

“I… sorry… I thought you were Regulus.”

Sirius smirked and stepped closer to her, “He’s not back yet?”

“Obviously not,” Solene snapped and crossed her arms over her chest. Stupid Sirius sodding Black.

Sirius moved even threateningly closer and placed his palms on her shoulders. “Should I tell you where he has gone?”

Solene stepped back nervously and Sirius followed, his hands still firmly planted on he frame. She was suddenly scared. Sirius was much taller than her, much broader than her, and his eyes stared down menacingly, his face dark and shadowed by his hair, his lips pulled into a malicious smirk. Solene suddenly felt very small and alone. Sirius hated her. He hated her family and he hated Regulus, there was no reason he would stop from hurting her. Regulus had warned her; Sirius was dangerous and Solene should stay away.

“He’s left you, love,” he said in a low voice, “There is someone else.”

“W-who?” Solene asked, trying to remain composed under his crushing fingers.

“Power,” Sirius whispered after a pause, “He is already gone. Even when he is with you he thinks of her. Nothing is more seductive than the power Voldemort can offer, not even you.”

“That is impossible. Regulus is fifteen,” Solene tried to pull away from Sirius but he wouldn’t let go.

“You first manipulate the young. Don’t think your father has been recruiting Regulus during those future-son-in-law chats?”

“My father is not a death eater.”

Sirius laughed wickedly and cocked his head to the side, “You don’t need to keep family secrets from me. I’m a Black.”

Solene was quiet and shuddered. If he had let go she would have ran. Back into the house and into the arms of her boyfriend, beg him to take her to London and vow never to see Sirius again, still thinking he was a madman. But Sirius didn’t let go-- maybe that was how it all started, when Sirius held on too long.

“You aren’t even a vile excuse for a Black,” she spat and Sirius pulled her even nearer.

“I’m not the brother that left you all alone at night with the enemy,” he said and moved his hands to her upper arms, pulling her heels off the ground and bringing her face dangerously close to his own.

Solene didn’t know why it happened. She had been both enraged and terrified but her heart didn’t start pounding viciously within the suddenly extremely constricting confines of her ribcage until he had pulled her up and locked his eyes with her own. She felt simultaneously paralyzed and as if every nerve in her body was fluttering. She was dizzy, breathless, in a trance, lost in him. She could feel his breath on her face and his chest fiercely pressed against her own. Somehow, other than itching with disgust, she wanted nothing but to be closer. To be encased by him. Was hate supposed to feel like this?

Solene shut her eyes tightly, she needed to get away.

“Open your eyes, Solene,” he demanded. She shook her head.

“Open your eyes,” he repeated darkly and for the first time in years, she listened to Sirius. Her dark lashes followed her eyes as they flickered open and she was allowed one more tantalizing moment in his overpowering proximity before Sirius burst into laughter.

He dropped her from his clasp and bent over, his arms wrapped around his stomach, his hands clutching his sides, barking uncontrollably.

“Oh! You should --see--yourself!” he laughed even harder. Solene was still thoroughly confused; he was insane. He hadn’t been…

“What did you think I was going to do?!” laughter broke his voice again, “Hex you? Kill you?!”

He couldn’t have been …

“I was joking! Merlin you are a piece of work. Oooh beware! Sirius Black: blood traitor and murder…”

Solene was going to explode. She had never been so furious. How dare he!

“…family disappointment, eligible bachelor and also likes to destroy pretty little pureblood girls?!” and was taken up by another fit of hysterics.

“You! You--” Solene was fuming with rage. She couldn’t even form a coherent sentence.

Sirius stood straight and wiped a tear from his eyelashes, “So sorry love. Really, my apologies.”

He didn’t look sorry at all, a ridiculous grin was still plastered across his face, his eyes crinkling with the strain of trying to resist displaying his amusement. Solene screamed in frustration and stormed back towards the house, sand being violently kicked up by her heels.

She screamed again and slammed the door behind her leaving a very smug Sirius to himself. He was the worst! The epitome of an insufferable git! Solene kicked a chair to the floor and raced up the stairs to her room. When Regulus found out-- Regulus. Where was he?? Stupid Black boys, tricking her, leaving her all alone.

She didn’t even care to stay up and scold Regulus any longer, she was far too frustrated. Solene threw off her clothes, took another look out of her window to the outline of Sirius seated by the ocean, and flung herself onto the bed. 

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Chapter 4: Keeping Secrets
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Chapter Four:

My God, my brother and the Rosier girl are so uptight! So I may have intruded on their boring, silent, candlelight dinner, but really. Her face got all sour and she ordered Reggie to make me leave etc. etc. (turns out my brother isn’t only a tool at school, she owns him here as well). Then he went off to kill people or so and she just huffed around the house. Why am I telling you all this? Because nothing else has happened to me in the past three days. The muggle, Nate, has gone back home for the month. What am I going to do for the next thirty nights exactly? I have no connections. I am completely and utterly lame again.
Save me.


It was raining when Solene woke. How ridiculous. She had planned another wonderful day of sand slipping through the pages of her book. A romance novel, lovely and thoroughly predictable. Solene rolled onto her side and was faced with Regulus’ back. He had returned. How considerate of him. For the first time since her reunion with her boyfriend, Solene did not tuck into his arms and nuzzle him awake, but instead threw on her robe and made her way down the stairs.

The dinning room was magnificently constructed with tall walls of thick, expensive wood and an endless glass window facing the sea. It was the only room in the history of a Black house that could capture blinding amounts of beautiful sunlight. Not on that day, however. Instead the rain was dripping down the crystal windows and the faint sound of a strong wind slicing across the corners of the villa could be heard. Solene shuddered, she had never been one for rain, and seated herself. A house elf appeared, and she ordered a simple breakfast of toast and juice.

Solene had been curled up in a chair reading and nibbling on her bread for about twenty minutes when Sirius strolled in and pulled into the seat beside her. She eyed him dangerously and then attempted to ignore him. How dare he come near her after the stunt he pulled the previous night.

“Morning, love,” Sirius smirked after watching her a while and receiving his cereal. He chewed very obnoxiously to grab her attention. Solene could not resist from telling him off.

“You’re disgusting,” she remarked casually without looking up.

“Well, you aren’t exactly perfection either,” he smiled. Solene rolled her eyes.

“Isn’t it a bit early for you to be awake? Couldn’t find a muggle tart to keep you up all night?” she asked rudely.

Sirius smirked, “Afraid not. I was too preoccupied with scaring you senseless.”

“I was not scared,” she snapped.

“You were terrified,” Sirius laughed, “It’s your kind that murders Solene. I’m one for love not violence.”

Solene rolled her eyes, “What, pray tell, do you love? What can you love more than your race and family?”

“Friendship. What do you love? Other than yourself of course.”


“What you reading?” he inquired and leaned towards her. Solene lifted the book from her lap to allow him to see the title. 

“I’ll Stay Near You,” Sirius smirked and took a bite from her obviously abandoned toast. Solene was cold, hoping he would eventually get bored and leave. She had been almost willing to give him a chance yesterday. She considered herself an uncommonly tolerant girl, had he not behaved in such an idiotic maniac last night, she may have even allowed him to engage in some conversation with her.

“Yes, a tragic story far too complicated and romantic for you to comprehend,” she stated dismissively.

“Sure. Without pain there’s no romance.”

Solene scoffed and gave him a disbelieving look. Who would have thought they could ever agree about love? She couldn’t decide if he had intentionally been so insightful and was about to pry him for his inspiration when Regulus strolled into the dining room and raised his eyebrows curiously. Solene sharply snapped back to her old self, “How would you know that? I’m sure no one has ever loved you.”

“Do you know people at school call me arrogant? I must say, you’d shatter my reputation. You certainly are proud of being a mindless whor-”

Sirius words caught as he felt the tip of a wand pressing painfully into the back of his neck.

“Don’t you ever speak to her like that,” Regulus growled, his eyes flashing with rage. Both Solene and Sirius sat in stunned silence, Regulus had never looked so upset. In fact, Regulus had never looked anything but bored.

“Are you insane?” Sirius asked, standing up slowly and facing his brother, Regulus’ wand now pointed directly to his chest.

“You aren’t even worthy of kissing her feet,” Regulus spat. Solene’s eyes widened in confusion. What on Earth was going on?

Sirius chuckled, somewhat amused, and with a last look to the couple, brushed past his brother and headed back to his room.

Regulus sat down in silence, “Sorry I was late last night. Did you managed to stay occupied?” he inquired lightly. As if he had not just threatened his brother in the oddest temper.

Solene nodded and looked back down to her novel, unable to read the pages. She couldn’t tell Regulus what Sirius had said to her the previous night but she also couldn’t help but linger on Sirius’ words. ‘Even when he is with you he thinks of her. Nothing is more seductive than the power Voldemort can offer, not even you.’ 

“Shame it‘s raining,” Regulus commented, already bored with his breakfast, “I was hoping we could take the boat out for the day.” He didn’t offer an explanation for his disappearance the previous night and Solene didn’t press him for one. She had decided that if he wanted to be secretive, she wouldn’t bother to remain curious.

“We could go tomorrow,” she said softly.

“Actually I’m leaving for a week tomorrow. Back to London to meet Rastaban and Rodolphus.”

“What am I going to do?” Solene whined, her fear of him evaporating into annoyance.

“I’m sure you’ll find something,” he commented vaguely and picked up the Daily Prophet. Since when had Regulus treated her like a child?

They remained in silence, Regulus occasionally reading her amusing snippets from the Prophet, “Fourteen muggles die in Egypt, muggle police suspect a mad herd of camels,” laughter, “Bet you anything that was Bella.”

Solene faked meek laughter and turned away from him.

“Are you upset with me?” he asked and leaned forward. She shrugged and he sighed at her childishness.

“I’m sorry Solene. There isn’t much I can do. Write for Cissy, maybe she can convince her father to allow her to spend her summer here instead.”

Solene’s mood improved slightly at the thought of spending the summer with her best friend. They were quite the pair. Fair beyond comparison, beautiful, lusted after. The Malfoy, Avrey, Knott and Lestrange boys nearly drooled in their presence. Bella had always been the strong one, what she lacked in their beauty she made up for in force and sharpness.

How wonderful it would be to have the house to herself with Narcissa. They would tan, naked even, to avoid those horrid lines, and stay up all night gossiping about which ever pureblood boy they deemed worthy of their thoughts. Maybe even invite a few over.

There was only one problem. The jarring in her side of a certain Sirius. He had to leave. He must have somewhere else to go, Solene thought annoyed and excused herself from the table, saying she was going to the library to begin to write to Cissy but instead running down the halls towards Sirius’ room.

She would only have to coax him into leaving and staying with a friend from Hogwarts. He must have one. She turned a corner sharply, collided with a very firm chest and fell with a thud to the floor.

“What are you going here?” Sirius asked annoyed. This was his part of the chateau, he didn’t appreciate Solene’s consuming presence following him there as well.

“I was coming to see you,” she pulled herself off the carpet, ignoring his outstretched hand.

“That’s nice,” he replied and brushed past her. His shoes were on and he had changed out of his ratty t-shirt and shorts. He was wearing a simple white shirt, rolled until the elbows and partially unbuttoned, and his hair, for once, was not sticking up on end. Solene swallowed and bit her lip hungrily as she watched the shadow of his body move down the dark, windowless hallway. He had an amazing back. The type with a thin waist and muscular, broad shoulders. Solene caught her thoughts and gagged with realization. She had just checked out her boyfriend's brother. Not to mention a bloodtraitor.

It was just… she hadn’t seen him so nicely dressed since he was eleven. And he most definitely filled out crisp cotton better at seventeen.


He stopped short and turned to face her, his eyebrows raised.

“Where are you going?” she asked.


“Where to?”

“The town. Why exactly does this concern you?”

“I… I came to apologize, for Regulus’ behavior at breakfast. It was rash and unkind of him,” she said politely.

Sirius stared at her confused, unsure of whether to reply or if he was dreaming.

“Err,” he muttered.

“Furthermore, I am sorry for calling you disgusting and for my behavior at dinner yesterday.”

Sirius smiled awkwardly.

“What exactly do you want, Rosier?” he asked.

“A last name basis now?” she laughed and he scowled. Sirius turned and began to walk down the hall again.

“Wait! Sirius,” she caught up to him and stood in front of the chateau’s front door.

“What?” he asked annoyed.

“Do you have any friends?”

“Yes, surprisingly.”

“Where?” Solene questioned.

“If you are about to ask me if it would be better if I went to go live with my friends instead of staying here, I would have to say yes, it would be. And I plan on doing so.”

“You’re leaving?” she said shocked.

“Don’t sound so heartbroken,” he said sarcastically but couldn’t help but smile. She was something else.

“Sorry. Only not really, I’m not sorry. Answer me, are you leaving?”

“Yes. Next week. My friend is away but when he and his family get back home I’m leaving.”

Solene clapped her hands together excitedly and brushed past him to write her best friend.

“Shame to see you go, Black,” she called, racing up the main stairs.


Solene slinked down the stairs to fetch Regulus and herself some wine. She could have sent the house elf but Regulus was behaving oddly and she was tired of deciphering his tones. Sirius’ words were haunting her. What if Regulus really was being recruited for the Dark Lord? What if he was to become a Death Eater? Not only was that dangerous, she also wasn’t sure how comfortable she would feel kissing someone with so much blood on their hands.

She really did think muggles were pitiful and disgusting and unworthy of even her insults, but she couldn’t ever find the stories of their torturing and deaths amusing. Perhaps its was that each time one was told, she had the image of her old friend Charlotte Richis squirming in pain. Solene shuddered and silenced her thoughts before they strayed into treacherous waters.

Solene wandered into the empty dining hall, grabbed and bottle from the cabinet and sat upon the massive wood table, her legs dangling to the floor. She didn’t know why she was stalling from heading back upstairs but she was finding a new appreciation for the silence of her own thoughts. Sirius’ accusations had impregnated her mind, she found herself analyzing each of Regulus’ moves for traces of dark magic. She jumped slightly as the room echoed with the sound of the front door crashing shut and Sirius strolled slowly into the dining room, stumbling a bit with intoxication and making his way to the opposite corridor that led to his room. Solene looked at the time; it was 3:30 in the morning.

Sirius’s eyes caught her own and she looked away nervous. She didn’t trust her response to his company.

“Solene,” his mouth curled into a smirk and he walked to her slowly and curiously. She jumped down from the table and crossed her arms against her chest.

“What do you want?” she asked.

“I had something to tell you in the hall today,” he confessed and Solene could not only see a trail of hickeys across his neck, but smell the heavy fragrance of alcohol on his breath. He was blasted.

“What?“ she said curiously, not bothering to inch herself from his frame. Stand straight, look him in the eyes, don’t seem scared.

“Well to begin with Regulus is lucky I didn’t decided to return the idiocy at breakfast because unlike him, I am seventeen and allowed to use magic.”

Solene nodded, she didn't boher to defend Regulus and Sirius leaned in farther.

“And second: you said this morning that you were sure no one had ever loved me,” Sirius said softly, looming over her body. Solene shuddered again, she had the strangest reactions to his presence. She felt her breath catch again and goosebumps flutter across her arms and legs. She was repulsed by him, absolutely convinced that she was his superior and- somehow- the foreboding and forbidden air that enveloped them aroused her without control; her stomach was turning and her intestines were squirming and she hated herself for it.

“You loved me,” he whispered and his breath was so hot against her skin she could have sworn his lips had grazed her earlobe.

“You are very confused. And drunker than I thought, I love Regulus.”

“You love him with your head, he’s a smart match, darling,” he murmured and took her hand and pressed it against his shirt. She could feel the pulsating rhythm under his ribs, the heat coming from his body. Solene noted the definition of his chest and had to resist the urge to imagine slipping her fingers up beneath his shirt, “But you loved me with your heart."

Solene snorted with disbelieving laughter but didn’t draw her hand away and she said, in a much sharper and louder voice, “We we’re barely teenagers. What? Eleven?”

Sirius gave a short chuckle and his voice sunk even deeper, his hand slipped to her forearm and brought her closer, “I realize. I am not saying your little prepubescent self wanted to have sex with me, I am saying you loved me. You can fall in love at any age.”

The mere mention of sex made it impossible for Solene to swallow, whether out of lust or disgust. Sirius inched closer slowly, an amused smile still plastered across his face and his eyes drifting up and down her body in the dim lighting, closing the space between them.

“Stop looking at me like that,” Solene warned in the most dignified voice she could muster.

Sirius chuckled again, “You’ve just grown up so agreeably… It’d be a lot easier if you weren’t in such a flimsy nightdress.” His eyes lingered on her own. Her hair was in a long, loose braid down her back, her skin was tinted a gentle bronze and pink from the sun. Her shoulders and collar bones were dusted with fresh freckles and the slim white straps of her gown hung slackly, occasionally slipping down her arm. Sirius could see the definite outline of her entire body beneath the silk; very little was left to his already roaming imagination.

“I don’t wear it for you,” Solene replied in a cool whisper, her eyebrows raised.

“Then how fortunate I am to have stumbled across you in it.”

Solene swallowed, she could feel the thin hairs on his arm standing straight. This time it wasn’t a joke, he wasn’t toying with her like he was on the beach. Their hips were pressed together and though Solene was leaning away from him she figured the fact that she couldn’t step away already indicated that she was losing. He was intoxicated beyond balance, and somehow he managed to be in control. He leaned towards her and she leaned farther back; his breath was hot on her face now-- Solene panicked and jumped away from his grip. Sirius’ smirk deepened and he leaned against a chair, his hair falling into his eyes.

“You almost let me kiss you,” he snickered.

“You tried to kiss me,” Solene shot back and narrowed her stare. They stood in silence for a moment, unsure of what to do with themselves when a voice broke the tension and Solene stepped back almost the full length of the room.


“Yes?” she fought to suppress the tremors in her utter.

“What are you doing?” Regulus asked, his voice approaching.

“Night,” Sirius said slyly and strolled out of the dining room moments before Regulus entered through the other corridor.

“Nothing,” Solene murmured and walked towards Regulus, slipping one hand threw her boyfriend’s, one around the wine bottle and leading him back to the room. She figured if it really had meant nothing, she should have been able to tell Regulus that Sirius just had the nerve to make a move on her, but she couldn’t voice the truth. Something about Sirius made her want to keep him a secret.

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Chapter 5: Solene Rosier is a Queen
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Chapter Five:


Prongs-- can I please come to your house? We talked about it a lot in school and I know you’re away for a while but I can’t stay here for much longer. I need you to rescue me. My boredom is making me result to drastic measures- I don’t mean to scare you, but sometimes I even find myself wandering around and looking for Solene.


Regulus did have the courtesy to attempt to kiss Solene goodbye with an empty apology before he left for London the next morning. She had pushed him off and submerged herself deeper within the covers. She’d written to Cissy the previous day and was anticipating her answer. 

It was beautiful outside. Her icy eyes squinted in the blinding morning sun as she lay herself down in the cool, damp grass. Over and over these days she’d been contemplating how she would react if while kissing down Regulus’ arm she’d come across the burn of a Dark Mark etched into his skin. Solene sighed and covered her eyes- who was she kidding? She could sulk and protest about attention and her boyfriend’s petty offences but in matters so serious she wasn’t allowed an opinion. She would either have to ignore it, or praise his bravery. She didn’t have the right to disagree. 

Solene, with lack of anything better to do, dozed off and remained asleep for hours. Even Sirius’ distractions would have been welcomed, she was so bored, but he was nowhere to be found. 

Stupid muggle-lover has a better social life than I do, she groaned. 

A day of silence passed. 

Another followed. Solene took to tennis, to sewing, to painting. Nothing could keep her entranced for more than a few hours. She was queen of a tremendous, empty castle. 

Day three. No letters, no life, no Sirius… not that she cared. 

Solene finally did receive Narcissa’s reply on the fifth morning since Regulus’ departure. 

My poor Solene alone at the dark Chateau! I’m going to have to have a chat with Regulus about being such a poor host. When he gets back, refrain from fulfilling your girlfriend-like duties in punishment. I must say Solene, though it may be a bore now, I’m sure you will find something to do eventually. You have always been able to entertain yourself. 
I have so much to tell you! You’ll never guess who stopped by our house three days ago. The Malfoys! I’ll fill you in on everything when we next meet. I can’t leave for the Chateau now, Lucius would be very disappointed. –Your Cissy.

Solene ripped the paper in annoyance. What was wrong with everyone? Since when was she not a priority? 

Solene was stomping through the sitting room, about to cast the fragment of her best friend’s parchment in the fire, when she intruded upon a very smug Sirius, leaning back in an armchair, flipping through a photo album. 

They continued without acknowledging each other, though both felt the shift in the atmosphere. Solene couldn’t admit to herself that she had been hoping to bump into him all day, his presence was never short of exciting. But Sirius did not slink up to her, wrap his arms around her waist and attempt to seduce her once again. In fact, he did not do anything. He simply stared at the old album’s thick pages. 

Solene casually flittered through the liquor cabinet, waiting for him to speak, finally deciding on a dusty bottle of what she assumed was very expensive white rum, and walked very slowly to the door and out into the hall. Nothing. 

“You can’t just try to kiss me one day and then completely ignore me the next,” Solene snapped, stepping boldly back into the sitting room. 

“I didn’t really want to kiss you. I was drunk and thought it would be a funny idea. I wanted to see your reaction,” he shrugged. 

“Just testing me my ass,” she rolled her eyes disbelievingly. 

“Yep. Sorry if you were hoping for something more romantic. That it was the manifestation of a long, pent-up infatuation with you, perhaps.” 

”Or perhaps an expression of your hope that someone of your social ranking could ever be involved with someone of mine.” 

Sirius refrained from pointing out her blood was no purer than his and that if he had wished it, his reputation could have remained untarnished. He had chosen his life.  

“I’m going to town,” he said suddenly and stood up, walking towards where she stood by the exit. 

“So?” Solene faked nonchalance as his figure drifted farther down the hall. Sirius stopped. 

“Come with me,” he said. 

Solene laughed sharply and turned back to face the sitting room. 

“I’m not joking,” Sirius sighed and approached her. 

“Why would I ever want to do that?” she rolled her eyes. 

“Because you are lonely. And because you are bored and because though you don’t want to admit it, you’re dying to get out of this house,” he stated plainly and dared her to deny it. 

”You think you’re so clever.” 

“You’ll have fun. Sulking doesn’t suit you.” 

“Piss off, I’d rather sulk than accompany you to muggle trash towns. Can you imagine if—” And suddenly it clicked. 

If Regulus found out it would be far worse than a stupid sex strike. Poor Solene manipulated? Her brow scrunched and she tapped her perfectly filed, oval nails upon the bottle’s glass. She didn’t want to go to some disgusting muggle town, but she certainly didn’t want to spend another day all alone getting a sunburn and reading romance novels. And it definitely would be a well deserved blow to her boyfriend; Regulus running off with Death Eaters while his girlfriend gallivanted around muggle towns with his blood-traitor brother. Regulus would have to keep quiet from shame. That would be what he deserved. 

Just imagine, Solene thought to herself, the trouble Sirius would be in if Regulus found out. Solene wouldn’t be blamed, it wasn’t her fault she’d been deceived by the notorious older brother. And what immense amounts of problems Sirius would dig himself into. She could act so innocent—get him to like her even, then turn Regulus (in all his stupid Death Eater splendor) against him. Solene smirked wickedly to herself and raised her eyebrows, lifting her chin to face the handsome, naïve boy in front of her. 

Sirius is being kind to you, a small voice protested, but she pushed it away. That didn’t compensate for what he had done--she would never forgive him. 

She would “find ways to entertain herself” alright: she could get Sirius to trust her and then ruin his muggle-loving summer.

“Alright,” she said sighed with a shrug, “I guess I’ll come with you.”

Solene followed cautiously as Sirius weaved through the crowd. To all sides of her muggles were chatting and laughing and selling and buying. The market was full of odd contraptions that Solene had to resist from going to examine. Children were running by at her waist and the sun was beating down on her shoulders. Everything was buzzing with life, not with the eerie silence and lonesome air she was accustom to at the chateau. The gravel was covered with sand and everything smelled of ice-cream and butter. Bright awnings occasionally shielded the sun, and men, women and children paraded around, hugging each other and yelling at each other in bathing suits and white summer dresses. Solene passed by a little shop on the corner and eyed a pair of gorgeous gold sandals. 

“Sirius,” Solene smiled and pointed to the window, “do you have any muggle money?”
“Some,” he chuckled, “not enough for those. There is a place we can exchange your wizarding coins though.” Solene nodded and remembered the shop’s name. 

Everything was just too much to absorb. Solene wandered off to a jewelry stand and slipped a jade ring upon her finger, slipped it off and back on again. There were so many things she wanted. 

“Come, I have somewhere to show you,” Sirius said and took her hand in his own, directing her through the throng. They strolled up a steep grassy hill and towards a quaint café overlooking the sea. Small wooden tables were scattered across the lawn and a bar under the shade of trees was serving coffee and juice and croissants. It was the most charming place she had ever seen. Solene squealed softly with delight and Sirius laughed as she seated herself at the table closest to the beach. 

“What shall it be?” he asked. 

Brioche and a café crème,” she replied and watched the water lapping up the rocks as Sirius disappeared to fetch them cakes and coffee. 

Sirius felt the grass beneath his feet as he approached the stand. He never wore shoes in this town, he much rather enjoyed the sand and the gravel and the earth. The café was small and quaint, just the type he knew Solene would melt for. He wasn’t quite sure why he had chosen this place and not his favorite bar by the sand, her preference shouldn’t have mattered at all. He shrugged it off and approached the stand waiting his turn behind a woman with long red hair and a huge white hat. She ordered and stepped to the side as Sirius took his turn. 

Merci monsieur,” she smiled and balanced the two coffee saucers she received in her hands. Her wrists and fingers where decorated with gold and jewels. Her voice was soft and deep with maturity, she had to be at least forty years old. A loose fitting blue and white dress hung weightlessly from her figure and her skin was very bronzed from having been out in the sun all summer. She was wearing a silver necklace from which a diamond ring was hanging. Sirius knew that ring. Her voice was familiar. 

“Excuse me,” he said and she lifted her chin to stare into his eyes. The shadow of her hat was removed from her face and Sirius smiled in recognition, “Mme. Richis?” 

She smiled, though hers of confusion, and replied, “yes?” 

“You probably don’t remember me, I used to come over and play with Charlotte when I was younger.” 

Non!” she laughed, placed her drinks down upon the counter and lifted her hands up to him, “little Sirius Black?” 

Sirius nodded and she took his hand, “My Lord you have gotten big! You’re taller than I am now!” 

“Yes well it’s been almost ten years,” he responded smiling. 

Mon Dieu, I don’t believe it. You’ve become so handsome. You should see Charlotte, she is taller than me as well,” Mme. Richis continued dumfounded. 

“Is she here?” Sirius asked. 

“Well for the summer yes, not at this café, she is off somewhere with her friends,” she waved her hand to signify an ‘as always’. 

“Another time then,” Sirius shrugged. 

“Why don’t you come over later? Around eight or so for dinner.” 

Sirius nodded and took the drinks from the bar. 

“Oh, is the other one here too?” Mme. Richis asked as she saw Sirius was holding breakfast for two, “Solene, yes?” 

“Yeah,” Sirius laughed, “she’s over there.” 

“She was such a darling girl,” Mme. Richis sighed and Sirius tried to control his laughter. He could tell even from where he was standing that Solene was glaring at him dangerously for taking so long and for chatting with some mystery muggle. 

“I’ll bring her over to your table,” Sirius said and headed over to Solene. 

“Took you long enough!” she snapped, her eyes narrowed. 

“You’ll never guess who I was just talking to,” he handed her the brioche. 

“Probably right. I don’t care much either,” Solene replied nonchalantly and sipped her coffee. 

“Mme. Richis. Charlottes mother.” 

“Oh!” Solene said excited and then dropped her voice again in embarrassment, “that’s nice.” 

“Come off it, you loved her,” Sirius rolled his eyes at Solene trying to cover her real sentiments. Mme. Richis used to allow Solene to do everything Solene’s own mother wouldn’t. Solene would pull off her stockings and run through the grass and sand in her little white dresses and then Mme. Richis would throw all her delicate clothes in the wash before Solene returned home. Solene, Sirius and Charlotte would roll around in the mud and chase each other in the rain. They would jump from cliffs into the sea and scab up their knees and elbows climbing trees. 

Solene would always be loudly and thoroughly reproved for her wild antics, her parents didn’t even know it was with a muggle girl. Sirius used to try his hardest to defend Solene, shout through her parents cold scorns that they were just trying to have fun. The Rosiers and Blacks would quiet him and say, “Sirius, you are free to run around as you please. Solene is a young lady, we can not permit her to forget that.”

Solene would nod her head bravely and listen to her parents as they’d discipline, but the second they’d brush out shaking their heads, her eyes would glow a clear blue and burst into tears. She’d break Sirius’ heart. He’d kiss her smooth, red, blotchy cheeks and tell her he was sorry. Her hair would stick to her face and Sirius would brush it away and tell her he would run away with her, while Regulus would smirk in the background. 

“She wants to see you,” Sirius said and Solene shook her head. 

“Absolutely not,” she laughed and took a sip of her coffee. Sirius sighed and did not sit down. 

“Why not. That woman was incredibly nice to us, she deserves our respect.” 

Solene shrugged nonchalantly and avoided his gaze. Sirius finally did sit down across from her and looked over to Mme. Richis who had already made her way to the beach to sit with her husband, figuring she’d see both children at dinner. 

“You are unbelievable,” Sirius said flatly.

The next morning Solene agreed without much reluctance to accompany Sirius to a beach father along the coast than the one which rested along the Chateau. The weather was ideal: hot, sunny, light breeze. 

Sirius smiled with his shining, white teeth as Solene lagged behind, weaving her fingers through wild strawberry bushes and bluebells. She slipped her sandals off and felt the earth beneath her feet as Sirius had the previous day. 

The air was sweet and spicy like cinnamon and Solene found it a lot easier being nice to Sirius than she would have expected. He was funny, clever and courteous and drifted around with the appearance of someone possessing every fortune. Sirius was blessed with the ability to hide his troubles and fears, to act like if the world were to crumble from beneath his bare feet, he would still lay comfortably, arms behind his head, a content smile drawn across his handsome face. 

Solene knew of what raged beneath his surface. Anger, betrayal, a family that didn’t love him- but those clear gray eyes, so completely void of a discontent mist, almost convinced her otherwise. How well he learned to hide his thoughts, his life, from others. 

They walked farther and farther along the beach, Solene occasionally whining her “are we there yet”s. She was curious to ask him if he had gone to dine with the Richis' the previous night, since she had certainly ate alone and he had been nowhere to be found, but she kept her mouth shut. What did she care anyway?

Sirius pushed on, away from the beach now, and up a wooden trail for about a quarter of an hour until the trees opened to a clearing and what seemed to be the edge of a small cliff, a good 15meters above the crashing sea water. 

Solene was suddenly gripped by a fear that surpassed her vertigo; he would kill her! Push her off the cliff and leave her to drown. She backed away. 

“What are we doing here?” she asked in the bravest voice she could muster. 

“What do you think?” he laughed. 

“I don’t know. Are you going to push me off?” she questioned, her face stern. 

“Maybe,” his eyebrows raised but a smile quickly cracked at the sight of absolute dread crossing her face. 

“What is this hang up with me killing you, Solene?” he sighed, “I don’t want to hurt you.” 

Solene suddenly felt very stupid, but was still wary to trust. He had no idea she was deceiving him, how could she be so sure he wasn’t doing the same? She remained silent. 

“Plus, this could hardly kill you. We are going to jump off it. I found this place a few days back and the feeling is great, I promise.” 

Jump? Solene chuckled to herself. He had to be completely mad. Perhaps she had been a bit dramatic, the fall wouldn’t be likely to kill her. But how could plummeting into cold, salty water, dangerously close to sharp, slippery rocks, be anything but extremely stupid and unpleasant? 

“Fine. I’ll go first. But you have to follow.” 

“Yes, yes,” she said.


“I promise.” She rolled her eyes. 

“No,” he said and took her hands, “swear you will follow me.” 

“I swear I’ll follow you, Sirius.” 

He released her hands and they fell back to her side clammy and uncomfortable. Sirius winked, backed up a few paces and sprinted forward. He threw himself into the air without a second thought, was suspended for a moment in blinding summer sunlight, and then plunged downwards, quickly disappearing beneath the surface of foam and cerulean waves. 

Solene peered over, struck with panic, until his dark head emerged from the surface and his bark-like laughter floated up, even to where she stood. 

“Your turn,” he yelled and she looked down nervously.

She backed away and he cried, “Solene you swore!” 

“So?” she whined from the peak and he laughed again. 

“Once again I find the Queen Rosier scared out of her wits?” 

“I’m not scared!” she retaliated obstinately, “I’ll be down in a moment. I’m just preparing myself.” 

Solene huffed and kicked a twig off the cliff, loosing sight of it as it tumbled to the water. Perhaps it wasn’t so high, but from the peak it certainly looked a bone-crushing distance to the bottom. Solene squinted irritated from the sun and turned to walk her way back down the dirt road when she heard a soft voice-


And then again, louder, “Excusez-moi.” 

Solene turned around confused until she set her eyes upon the origin of the bustle. A little boy around the age of seven stood before her, holding on to his even younger brother tightly. 

“Vous êtes un ange?” he asked softly, averting his eyes to the floor. 

“Speak up,” Solene snapped sharply in French and the young boy asked again, bolder this time. 

“Are you an angel?” 

Solene blinked. 

What was this muggle child going on about? 

“Un ange?” 

The boy bit his lip and faced her bravely, the sun in his eyes, his freckles overpowering his round face. “My mommy is sick and I’ve heard that there are angels around here. People who can work magic. We need your help to make my mommy better,” his voice trembled. 

“I can’t help you,” Solene said and looked away from the young boys, the older one clutching his little brother. Solene was unmoved, they were muggles, they did not deserve her pity.

“Please. You look like an angel and my little brother here says he saw you with the magic folk.” 

Solene turned away, “I can’t help you,” she repeated. 

The sun was bearing down on her- “Solene!” Sirius still cried from the water.

She felt the boys anticipating her answer upon the cliff but couldn’t bring herself to face them again. She couldn’t allow them to effect her, she couldn’t allow herself to forget they were muggle filth. 

“S’il vous plaît,” the boy murmured, she could hear the desperation in his voice. 

“No. Go home,” she replied without turning back to face them and suddenly the jump seemed like a much welcomed escape. The crushing of the waves would be nothing to the crushing of her conscience. And without turning back to face them again, she took a step forward, her toes curling on the rock, and jumped. 

She was flying. Her lungs snapped shut, her hair fluttered above her, air weaved through her body. And then those wonderful suspended seconds ended and she felt the clean, fresh water, first at the tips of her toes and then enveloping her whole being as she rocketed downwards under the sea. Solene released herself and she floated upwards in a symphony of bubbles and then her head broke the surface, sun on her face, Sirius an arms length away. He had a questioning look on his face, not sure of what to expect from her. 

And suddenly she was laughing. And he was laughing. They were laughing together and her arms wrapped around his neck, disoriented from the plummet, and they smiled at each other in a way only old friends could.

“What took you so long?” he teased and she pulled away from him, a bit embarrassed that she had needed to hold on.

“What? Did you miss me?” she smirked and began to swim back to the shore.

Their bodies collapsed on the land and sand clung to their skin and hair. It was midday now and the sun was its strongest. Solene moved her arm in front of her eyes.

“So this is what you do all day if you don’t have any friends,” Solene taunted and Sirius sat up.

“You're as alone as I am,” he remarked and Solene fell silent. She didn’t like to be placed in any category alongside Sirius. He didn’t say more and they lay on the shore in quiet for half an hour, their bodies drying.

“Ready for round two?” Sirius asked when the heat became too unbearable.

As long as those eerie muggle boys are gone, Solene thought but simply nodded and pranced alongside Sirius up the cliff, the dust clouding at their feet.

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Chapter 6: Attention
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Chapter Six:


Leave me here to rot as you make fun with Evans? That’s fine, traitor. I suppose I can wait another week or so. When I wrote to you before I was in a state of desperation but I’ve actually been having quite a good time again. So I suppose you’re off the hook… for now. I’ve been considering growing out some facial hair. What do you think? Show the girls my scruffy, masculine side. Let them know who’s the man. As if they don’t already, ha! Have fun with Evans. Say hi to mom and dad for me! Let them know that you’ve abandoned me for chick, eh. – padfoot

“Come in,” Solene called after hearing a knock on the bathroom door. She was lounging in a luxurious bubble bath. The large glass windows were open, delicate emerald drapes fluttered in the breeze and sunlight was shining onto the white tile floor. There was a perfect view of the beach from Solene’s bathtub and the whole room smelled of lavender and sugar.

Regulus pushed open the door and walked across the damp tiles and seated himself upon the plush, velvet green stool by the tub. Bubbles tactfully concealed Solene’s figure, but her legs were hanging out of the tub’s side and dripping water onto the floor.

“Was Narcissa unable to come stay here with you?” Regulus asked. Solene was reading, and turned the page before answering.

“No,” she replied simply.

“Her father wouldn’t let her leave Egypt?”

“She didn’t ask. The Malfoys are staying with her family and I think she prefers Lucius’ company to mine.”

“That’s silly,” Regulus could think of nothing better to say and Solene shrugged without looking up from her book’s pages.

“Did you find ways to entertain yourself?” he questioned Solene shrugged her shoulders again. Regulus was confused; he’d expected a warmer welcome home. He had arrived this evening and was exhausted.

“Solene,” he pleaded and she sighed sharply, snapping her book shut and placing it upon the windowsill.

“I was fine, than you for asking,” she replied, waiting for him to say more. She hadn’t seen him in a week but was not going to indulge him. If he did not want to disclose his past whereabouts she would not pester him for them. It was not as if a rift had grown between her and her boyfriend, they had always been distant, it was only the secrecy that felt odd.

“I’ve been with the Lestranges,” Regulus began to form an explanation, “There was some work they needed help with. I saw your father, actually. I hadn’t been expecting to. He sends his hello.”

“My father?” Solene asked, “Was my mother there as well?” she asked.

“No, I only saw him once and did not see your mother at all,” Regulus said ran his fingers through his hair, looking out to the Mediterranean, “It was mostly business.”

“Why do you have to do business?” Solene whined, “You’re only fifteen. And it’s your summer holiday!”

“I know, I know,” Regulus sighed, “but people don’t trust as easily as they used to. They like to keep work in close circles now.”

Solene nodded and felt a pang of guilt and concern watching at her boyfriend. She tried not to let Sirius’ warnings surface in her mind. Regulus looked so tired and worn down, as if this was the first moment he had been able to rest in days. Even so, his eyes seemed clouded with troubles far too heavy for someone of his age to bear.
“Want to join me?” Solene bit her lip and asked mischievously and the tension in Regulus’ face eased slightly.

“Yes,” he chuckled and quickly undid his robes and pulled off his undershirt.

Regulus submerged himself in the water and Solene floated over to him, curling up in his lap and resting her head against shoulder, her hair sticking to his skin. Regulus’ hand stroked up and down her back and arms, kissing the top of her head affectionately and pulling her closer. They had not always been as argumentative as they had been in the past two weeks, he much preferred Solene when she was on his side.

“I missed you,” he said barely audibly and Solene kissed his lips. Bubbles were sticking to her tresses.

“Then don’t leave me,” she replied and just as Regulus was about to admit he had something to tell her, she kissed him again harder, muffling his confession. Solene’s arms slipped around his neck and she readjusted herself to straddle him in the bathtub. Regulus stifled a moan and leaned his head against the porcelain as she kissed down his neck.

They stayed in the bath until every bubble was gone, their cheeks flushed, their fingers wrinkled, Solene using lust as a release of her frustration with Regulus, Regulus grateful of having a way to be distracted from his newfound responsibilities.

It wasn’t until the sun was setting and their stomachs were growling from hunger that Regulus decided to tell Solene what he had been keeping from her. They were resting on opposite ends of the tub and he had been enjoying the view.

“Solene,” he said hesitantly and she nodded, her eyes closed and her head tilted back, “I’m leaving again.”

Solene’s eyes opened and immediately narrowed, “What?”

“I wasn’t even supposed to come back. I snuck away for a day. But I have to leave again tomorrow, noon the latest.”

“And what do you expect me to do? Sit and wait for you alone in this empty house each day?”

“Well there’s always Sirius,” Regulus snorted with laughter.

“You think this is funny?!” Solene yelled at him, refraining from telling him that she had spend a few days in Sirius’ company to pass the time. That she somewhat enjoyed Sirius’ company, in fact.

“I’m sorry. Maybe you should go home to Paris for a while, I have a feeling I am going to be quite occupied this summer,” Regulus said rather coldly and Solene felt tears collecting in her eyes. The only person who paid her any attention was stupid, muggle-loving Sirius, and even that was out of courtesy. She had nobody; she was alone.

“You want me to leave?” she asked hurt.

“Of course I don’t want you to leave. I’d much rather you here so I can always know where you are. I just don’t want you to be alone,” he replied. The tears fell down Solene’s face and into the bathwater. She would be even more alone at home, it wasn’t as if her parents would pay her any heed, all of her friends from Beauxbatons were away on holidays, her best friend was too busy with Malfoy to come keep her company.

“Then don’t leave me,” she replied and leaned forward. Regulus took both sides of her face.

“I love you,” he said and the sides of her mouth pulled into a frown. He never told her that he loved her; she didn’t believe him. Solene pulled away sharply, splashed water on his face, rose and stomped out of the bathroom unclothed, bathwater trailing behind her.

He was unbelievable! Solene didn’t want to go home, but she certainly didn’t want to spend another night beside stupid Regulus Black.

“Minny!” Solene called through the house for the house elf that tended to her. There was a crack and Minny was by her side.

Solene did not falter in her rage and Minny trailed behind her master desperately as Solene barked her demands, “Get me my clothes. Fetch all of my clothes and all my belongings. I’m moving into a bedroom in the west wing of the house.”

“Yes mam’,” Minny squeaked out of breath and Solene continued, “I will take my dinner in the library, and I—”

Solene pushed past a very shocked Sirius, dressed in a crisp, navy cotton shirt, on his way out for the evening. Sirius mouth hung slightly agape, his eyes fixated on Solene’s naked body.

“What are you looking at?” she snapped and stormed up the stairs, her wet hair hanging clinging to her back. Regulus and Solene were yet to have a marriage, but they were certainly experiencing a separation.

There was no time that Solene could remember being in a worse mood. She felt abandoned, isolated, and worst of all, unimportant. Her day generally consisted of getting drunk alone off dry gin and bitter wine and exploring the house. She couldn’t handle such unfathomable boredom. The lone queen of La Chateau Noir with no subjects to boss around. Not even the house elves would spend time with her. She was especially rude to Sirius each time their paths crossed to compensate for how little she had been seeing him around.

She was particularly insulted to learn that the few days that they had spent time together had been a form of desperation on his part as well, his friends had been out of town or occupied, but now they were back and he sought amusement from Solene no longer.

Solene was exceptionally tipsy on the evening she forced Sirius to entertain her. She had been sifting through the old photo albums that she had stumbled upon Sirius looking at one afternoon. They were filled of pictures of her and Sirius as children, Solene chasing Sirius through the garden trying to kiss him and the two of them standing as perfect angles, their toothless grins hinting at nothing but mischief.

Inspired by the album, Solene wandered through the house searching for Sirius, hoping to casually bump into him and ask him the question she had been keeping from him the past three weeks—the past four years. She did find him eventually, leaning back in his chair and snacking on apple pieces in the dining hall. He was dressed in a crisp white shirt, the sleeves rolled to his elbows, his dark hair falling across his eyes. He didn’t speak to her.

“What are you doing?” Solene asked, the determination she had to interrogate him fading rapidly with out of place nerves. He raised his eyebrows and looked around the room as if there was someone else.

“Me?” he smirked sarcastically.

“Of course you,” she snapped.

“Who gives you the right to come to the room that I am occupying and cross-examine me? I’m eating an apple. What are you doing, Solene?”

“I didn’t mean it as a grilling,” she huffed, “no need to be so sensitive.”

Sirius chuckled, “Would you like something?”

“No…” Solene’s voice drifted off as she tried to decipher what, exactly, she was doing. She had nearly given up on her plan to destroy Sirius and Regulus, neither of them seemed invested enough in her to care. She slipped into a chair, her head leaning against her hand. Sirius chewed in silence until he had finished his meal, rose out of his chair and walked towards the exit of the room.

“Wait!” Solene called after him and stood up as well, “Where are you going?”

“Out,” Sirius replied simply and continued down the hall.

“Can you wait,” she whined trailing after him, “Out where?”

“Out with friends, what do you want?”

“…Can I come?” she asked softly and Sirius spun in his tracks, an accomplished smirk growing on his face.

“What was that?” he forced her to repeat herself.

“Can I come?”

Sirius’ arrogant smile was broadening by the second, “You want to come out with me?”

Solene nodded.

“…To a muggle town?”

Solene nodded.

“…With my muggle friends?”

Solene nodded.

“…Let me repeat: Filthy, unworthy, muggles?”

“Yes, yes yes,” Solene groaned and tried not to make eye contact with Sirius. He understood completely why she wanted to come. She was deathly bored and alone, she was using him as a last resort.

Sirius’ arms crossed across his chest, “And you’ll behave yourself?”

“Oh, shut up you,” Solene snapped and rolled her eyes, “Can I come or not?”

Sirius paused unnecessarily long, building the suspense and relishing in his delight until he shrugged and said, “I suppose so. We’re going to a nightclub. Can you be ready in five minutes?”

Solene vanished up the stairs and Sirius stood smiling alone in the entranceway. He could barely contain his smugness and was quite sure his haughty smile would be planted upon his face the whole night. Solene was always Miss. High-and-Mighty and there she was, in need of his help, in need of his company.

She came slinking down the stairs about fifteen minutes later in a pair of obscenely petite black shorts and a loose fitting, low-cut silk black top. Her hair was pulled into a harsh ponytail and hanging down her bare back, her face was almost void of make-up, but for a dark outline of her eyes. She looked amazing and she knew it.

“I can almost see your butt,” Sirius commented, walking behind her as they started down the stone steps of the chateau towards the cement road to town.

”You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” Solene smirked and sauntered with her unrivaled confidence, her heels clicking against the ground.

Sirius stopped in front of a brightly lit club in the center of town. A line had formed outside of its doors and music was seeping through its entrance and echoing throughout the street.

“Nate,” he said and slapped the back of a young man outside of the clubs doors.

“Sirius, you’re late!” Nate replied and shook his head.

“I had to wait for this one,” he chuckled and stepped aside, allowing Solene the space to move towards the boy. She didn’t take a step.

“Nate, this is Solene,” Sirius attempted an introduction.

“Hi,” Nate replied ever-so smoothly, walking towards Solene and shaking her hand. He was flabbergasted and couldn’t bring himself to let go of her delicate fingers. She pulled her hand out of his, disgusted.

“I’m Nate,” he said, his eyes wide, trying to soak in all of her beauty.
“I gathered that,” she answered, bored.

“I’m Sirius’ friend from Manchester,” he clarified, as if Solene would have heard of him.

“Fascinating,” Solene commented rudely and looked to Sirius in the hope that he would rescue her. Sirius laughed.

Nate was standing astonished, nodding slightly and forgetting to make conversation. Solene was nearly his height and her soft skin was almost glowing. Her teeth shone in the dark, her shirt was hanging slackly against her collarbones. Nate shook his head sharply to wake up and turned to Sirius asking, “How do you two know each other?”

Sirius looked to Solene puzzled. They weren’t exactly friends, they didn’t exactly have any friends in common. Sirius wasn’t sure of what to say.

“She’s my cousin,” Sirius replied.

Solene’s face scrunched, “I’m not your cousin.”

“She’s my cousin,” Sirius stressed again, this time only to annoy Solene from the thought of being related to such a bloodtraitor.

“Stop trying to be cute,” Solene snapped at Sirius and he drew back, pretending to be shocked and insulted from her discourtesy.

“Shall we go inside?” Sirius asked.

“Yes—get out of my way,” she brushed past Nate and he stood like a deer-in-headlights, unable to interpret her disrespect. There introduction had left Solene revolted, but Nate was somehow charmed.

Sirius walked past the line and exchanged a few words with the bouncer. The moment Solene stepped inside of the club she was mesmerized. It was dim and the music was so loud it felt like it was pounding inside of her. Bodies were merging into one on the dance floor, as if a large wave of hands. She could barely see the faces dancing before her and the bar was glowing and drawing her to it. Her drinks tasted like candy, not bitter like those she was accustomed to at the chateau and women and men were climbing up on tables and platforms, dancing as if they were completely unaware of the crowds below them. Solene’s mouth hung open fascinated.

Sirius seemed completely in his element. It was as if he knew every person in the club and Solene’s face would pull with irritation each time a shrill would sound and a new girl would surface from the crowd, throwing her arms around Sirius’ neck and kissing his cheek roughly.

Unlike the quiet and shunned Sirius that Solene had become so accustomed to, this Sirius was like a god. He was a friend with everybody, stopping to chat with his mates, laughing with women, waving to the DJ. Solene was essentially ignored and Sirius moved from person to person, charming and enchanting his way through the crowd.

Solene didn’t care much, she got herself drink after drink and made gagging movements towards Sirius each time he had his arms around some muggle trash. Sirius tried desperately to irritate Solene even further, flirting with every girl that he saw and winking to Solene from across the room as she tried to ignore him and dance alone.

Nate found Sirius in the crowed and yelled above the music, “Solene—do you think she and I are a possibility?”

“Not a chance,” Sirius laughed. Nate was a good-looking guy, but the chances of Solene intermingling with muggles were slim to none. Sirius, on the other hand, had no issues with mingling with muggle girls, in fact, his favorite example of this had walked through the door and he was off to find her.

Sirius occupied himself with his preferred beautiful brunette, her long tan legs brushing against his and her bracelets falling to her elbows as her thin arms wrapped Sirius close.

Solene was keeping herself entertained. She could understand why Sirius would slip out each night and come to town. Submerged in the crowd, Solene was completely forgetting herself, completely losing herself in some unknown ecstasy. Strobe lights were hypnotizing her, she was hot and drunk, the air was moist and the beat of the song playing was spellbinding. That is, until she saw Sirius.

And suddenly Solene felt her skin writhe with an unknown burning. What was that muggle tart doing draping her hands across his chest? Why was he smiling at her so brilliantly? She had never seen him watch her like that. Friendly, amused, gentle. She swallowed with difficulty and felt her stomach begin to twist in knots as he leaned down, the bright smile still illuminating his face, and whispered into the girl’s ear. She giggled annoyingly and Sirius’ hand slid around her waist.

Solene had never, never, never experienced envy. The occasional trace of jealousy for an exceptionally pretty blouse, perhaps, but never an overpowering, painful and consuming force of resentment.
She could see now why Sirius had managed to be so content with himself, why her presence didn’t astound him in the least. That brunette girl beside him, practically on him, was beautiful—gorgeous, even. The filthy muggle’s lips were sucking up Sirius’ neck and his eyes closed in satisfaction. His hands slid lower, one tactfully slipping up the bottom of her skirt as she pushed him against the wall and forcefully pressed her lips against his.

Solene’s stomach had dropped to her knees. The music around her that had once captivated her with such astounding force before was still pounding through her body but she could not hear it. Everyone around her was jumping in unison and the ground shook. She couldn’t turn away. She couldn’t keep her eyes off the nauseating blood-traitor and his girl.

How could he be like that with a muggle? Lower than a mudblood, maybe even lower than a squib. Solene waited, hoping, praying he would come to his senses and pull away. He didn’t, in fact, he flipped the girl so it was she instead that was pressed against the wall, and her bare leg pushed up between his thighs.

This is disgusting, Solene thought, her mouth pulled into a scowl, I am not going to watch him dry hump some muggle whore.

“Sirius Black!” Solene screeched storming up to him, and smacked Sirius across the head. He pulled away lazily and gave her a perplexed look, wondering why she was intruding on his good time.

The girl that had been kissing Sirius looked up puzzled as well, but kept her hands around Sirius neck.

“What are you doing?” Solene snapped and yanked on his arm.

“Who’s she?” the brunette girl finally spoke with a heavy French accent and gave Solene a glare.

“Cousin,” Sirius muttered and tried to shrug Solene away.

“Can you back off?” he muttered to Solene under his breath irritated but she simply crossed her arms.

Putain! You get off him right now,” Solene spat to the girl in French and gave Sirius the dirtiest look she could manage, “And you! Learn to have some decency! Do you have no shame?”

Sirius laughed and leaned towards his girl, “I’m sorry, she’s a bit ill.”
“I am not sick!” Solene smacked Sirius across the head again and pulled on his arm, dragging him out of the club.

“I’ll be right back, love,” he winked at the brunette and she scoffed.

“What are you doing?” Solene asked angrily again the moment they stepped outside. There was a cool summer breeze and the sky was absolutely clear. People streaming into the bar gave the couple understanding looks, assuming a lover’s quarrel.

“Why do you care?” Sirius responded laughing. There was something so endearing about Solene getting extremely worked up. She always got her way; Sirius loved being the one who got under her skin.
“Because it’s disgusting. And indecent and pathetic and unnatural,” her head shook as she spoke and her hair fell into her face.

Sirius fished his pack of cigarettes out of his pocket and smiled amused at the infuriated girl in front of him. She watched him light the cigarette and inhale deeply, “Smoking. What a filthy muggle habit. I thought you were tolerant of muggles, but this… what you do takes it too far!”

Sirius cocked his head to the side, fluttered his eyelashes and teased in the most annoying tone he could voice, “Is someone jealous?”

Solene snorted with laughter, “You must be joking.”

“Listen Solene, maybe if you’re boyfriend spent a little more time kissing you than he does Voldemort’s ass—”

“Stop it—,” she interrupted.

“Anyway, I’m not interested. You aren’t my type,” Sirius finished.

“Don’t flatter yourself,” Solene spat, “The day I would ever stoop to wanting you—“

“Like tonight—“

“I have no personal interest in engaging in any sort of physical contact with you! I’m just nauseated by having to watch you have dry sex against the wall of some trashy muggle club,” she replied.

“Well how about instead of watching me, you make some friends, Solene?” Sirius questioned and Solene huffed.


“Well then I don’t know what you want from me. You don’t have to come out with me, you’re welcome to stay at home.”

Solene shrugged and looked out to the water. The thought of the chateau evoked such loneliness. She preferred fighting with Sirius to lying alone in bed.

“I…I,,” she started but was interrupted by the drunken shriek of “Black!” as a pretty redhead girl, covered in freckles and wearing a clingy short white dress and red pumps ran up to Sirius, jumped up and wrapped her arms around his neck, her legs around his hips.

“Oh for pity’s sake! One at a time, you tart,” Solene snarled and the girl slipped down, stared and Solene at a loss, and frowned.

“Charlotte,” Sirius smiled, “you remember Solene?”

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Chapter 7: Warming Up
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Chapter Seven:


Prongs-This summer is becoming a bit of a time warp. I feel like I am in the past, only there is way more booze and nudity. The trouble I used to get myself into then is starting to pale in comparison. –Padds

Speechlessness was an alien feeling for Solene. Her mind was desperately trying to classify the situation, and was coming up with nothing. She had just discovered that Sirius, the muggle-loving idiot, was far worse than anyone in his family could imagine. He obviously spent each night gallivanting around town, making best friends with the locals and shamelessly dry humping pretty French girls against club walls, most likely worse when public locations transformed into their private bedrooms. Solene was nauseated by his brazenness, ashamed that she’d been enjoying herself all evening, and even further sick for noticing he looked more handsome than she could stand.

And to add to her confusion, there stood Charlotte, her old best friend from another world, no longer in pigtails and silly t-shirts but looking strikingly beautiful and unexpectedly fashionable. Charlotte and Sirius looked friendly enough, Solene couldn’t judge if they were friends or, worryingly, something more. Charlotte’s arm was wrapped around Sirius’ broad shoulders, his hand held firmly to her tiny waist.

Solene was overwhelmed. Her first instinct was to run back to the Chateau and pretend the evening had never happened. To fly back to Paris where she would be bored, yes, but at least in control once again and not have to put up with feeling inferior to Sirius. She couldn’t deal with the ups and downs: they were friends, they were enemies, they were cousins, they were quarreling lovers. Solene ignored that she was the cause of the constant mood swings of their non-relationship.

Her second instinct was fleeting, but there was a moment in which she thought it would be simplest to throw her arms around her old best friend and push aside all prejudice. It was her third option, however, that seemed the most appropriate.

“Vaguely,” she shrugged nonchalantly and brushed the hair out of her eyes, her glance passing over Charlotte for only a moment without making eye contact and returning to glare at Sirius.

“Solene!” Charlotte’s drunken exclamation showed no indication of picking up on Solene’s tension and the muggle hugged Solene excitedly.


Solene edged backwards, trying desperately to remain as far away from Charlotte and her friends as possible. Sirius laughed, thankful that Charlotte was far too intoxicated to pay attention to Solene’s disposition.

“Oh god! It has been so long! Where have you been,cherie? Sirius and I have been having all the fun!” Charlotte rambled without waiting for answers, stumbling over her English. Solene considered reminding Charlotte that she could speak French, but she didn’t wish to encourage conversation.

“She locks herself up at home, mostly,” Sirius interjected and Charlotte giggled.

“Why? Oh, I’m so glad you are here! We’re going to the beach! Come you two!” Charlotte’s laughter was infectious and in Solene’s mind, irritating.

She introduced Solene to the crowd she had been traveling with- Salut Salut- Marie, Lydia, Julien, Audrey, Elias, Gilles…Hello again Nate- each of them in their inebriation mislabeling Solene’s hostility and aloofness for shyness.

After an hour on the beach, Solene wished that she was a bit less drunk and tucked in bed. All the girls had taken off their heels, the boys their jackets, and were running though the sand shrieking. A bonfire had been built; a bottle of rum had been passed around. Solene wasn’t quite in the mood to speak and so she drank herself to senselessness in the hopes of seeming occupied by her date, the bottle, when clothes began stripping off and everyone began rushing to the sea, splashing each other and yelling obscenities.

Solene wanted to go home. She didn’t know how to behave with all of these muggles; she didn’t know how to stand Sirius completely ignoring her while having the time of his life. She could see the outline of his body in the water, carrying a half-naked Charlotte on his shoulders, as the sky turned the light purple of dawn. It wasn’t fair that Sirius could be one of them and Solene could barely make eye contact with them. She had never felt so uninteresting, but was too frightened to walk back alone in a muggle town. Everyone was laughing and smiling and barely noticed Solene, who gathered a few men’s dress jackets as blankets and finally fell asleep in the sand.

Sirius eventually did notice that his “cousin” was missing and found her curled up by the fire. He bid his goodnight to his friends and pulled his clothes over his damp body before gently lifting Solene and carrying her back to the road. She woke briefly, but was so sick with a hangover and lack of sleep that she didn’t even argue for him to put her down. She wanted to yell at him for leaving her all alone, for taking her out and then abandoning her as her family had, as Regulus had, as Narcissa had, but she couldn’t find the voice and decided it could wait. She held securely to his neck.

Sirius reached the Chateau exhausted but carried Solene to her bedroom, her new room, separate from Regulus’, in the west of the house. He brushed the sand off her legs and tucked her in bed. She turned her back to him and fell sound asleep immediately and without a thank you, but Sirius remained for a few moments. He stared at the curve in her back under the blankets, her tanned shoulders, her thick blond hair falling off the side of the bed. He smiled to himself as he shut the door behind himself quietly and made his way back to his own room.

If only Solene was always asleep, she made much better company that way.


Solene woke late in the afternoon feeling refreshed and confused. She had vague memories of Sirius carrying her exhausted and drunken body into bed all the way from the beach and smiled softly to herself and pressed her face into the white cotton pillow. Her hair smelled like ashes and seawater and she stretched in bed, kicking her sheets to the foot of the bed and pulling her dirty clothes off.

She thought back to the night. The last thing she remembered was being incredibly irritated with her situation and wanting to bludgeon Sirius with the rum bottle she had spent most of the night drinking. Sirius had left her alone on the shore while having the time of his life leaping through the warm Mediterranean waves and throwing screaming girls over his broad, tanned shoulders in the beautiful light of dawn. She couldn’t stand him. How dare he invite her out (ok, more like agree to tolerate her for a night) and then leave her stranded with the options of stumbling home and getting attacked by muggles or making nice with a bunch of muggles. He was insufferable.

She slipped on a robe and strolled through the house searching for him, finally knocking on his bedroom door. He didn’t answer. She knocked again and when she received no response she pushed open the heavy wood and peered inside.

Sirius was passed out facedown in his bed, over his covers, and stark naked. His arm hung loosely over the side of his large bed, deep red sheets lay perfectly made beneath him. Clothes lay scattered around the floor, his balcony doors were open and a breeze blew through the curtains. The sun illuminated a path across his floor and up his back. Solene made a disgusted face but couldn’t draw her eyes away. 

She didn’t have a reason to be in his room, to be seeking him out at all. It had become second nature for her to wonder what Sirius was up to; Solene no longer let it bother her that she was curious. She convinced herself it was out of her absolute boredom and left it at that. No sense trying to uncover motives she was forbidden to think about let alone act upon.

“Sirius,” she said and seated herself in a plush chair located at his bedside and donning his previous nights clothing.

“Sirius,” she repeated when he did not wake and threw a pair of balled up socks at his face. He groaned and pealed one eye open wide enough to see Solene sitting crossed legged in his bedroom, wearing nothing but a lose-fitting robe hanging off her shoulders and providing a generous outline of her body. Her hair was pulled into a messy ponytail and she was free of make up, but the light caught her face flatteringly and she shone as she always did. Sirius shut his eye and weighed the situation. He was definitely naked. She was practically naked. They were alone.

Too early, he decided, and tried to fall back asleep.

“SIRIUS!” she snapped and stood up, smacking him across the top of the head.

Sirius pealed the same eye open once again, this time finding himself half conscious and right beside the silk, royal blue hem of Solene’s night robe ending mid-way up her thigh, her smooth legs inches away from his fingers, her hips and thin waist in perfect view. He wondered if the scene would improve each time he opened his eyes and decided to test his luck.

Perhaps Sirius was still drunk, perhaps he was still dreaming, but he shut his eye again and reached the hand that way hanging off the bed in Solene’s direction and curled his fingers gently around her calf. Solene felt chills run through her whole body and was absolutely frozen.

His fingers held her gently and didn’t move, Solene felt a rush, she could sense the blood moving through her veins, could feel her heart beating throughout her whole body. His hand finally moved, and trailed painstakingly slowly up her leg, reaching the backside of her knee and causing vibrating sensations to her fingertips.

Solene’s mind was desperately trying to break through the cloud that was covering it; she knew that Sirius was probably pushing her as he had multiple times before. He wanted to test her boundaries, see if he could put her under his control, win her over and humiliate her. She knew she had to stop him, but could not ignore the fact that his simplest touch had made her completely aroused.

His hand was tracing its way again; a whisper up her thigh as his fingers were slipping under her robe and coming to a resting point in-between her legs, far up her thigh and dangerously close to forbidden territory. Solene had never felt so breathless. She wanted to stop him and couldn’t find her voice, she knew that the taunting would come soon and could not pull away. It was as if Sirius snaking hand had petrified her body and her reason; she couldn’t step back.

“Sirius,” she repeated for the fourth time since she entered the room and felt her heart fall at the lack of disguise in her voice. Her tone was nervous and needy; he would know he had won. But the mocking didn’t come.

He squeezed her leg and pulled her body close. Solene felt her knees give in and Sirius cheek and lips were now pressed into her skin at the same level as his hands. She could barely keep from whimpering and Sirius moaned softly, his hot breath searing her skin through the robe.

“Get ready at sunset, we’re going for a drive,” Sirius mumbled into Solene’s leg. She had no idea what he was talking about, but was thankful for anything that wasn’t an acknowledgement of how she was allowing him to feel her up. “And wear something sexy.”

She pulled away, seizing the opportunity of the broken silence and backing up against the door. She slipped out and had to hold back from running back to her own room.

What the hell had just happened? It was as if Sirius had placed a spell on her. She knew he hadn’t, she knew she could blame her behavior on nothing but a burning attraction to the bloodtraitor, but why? Why had he done that to her? Pulled her so close to him and then let go. Did he not understand what had just happened to her? That she was still shaking from the feeling of his hand on her, that she had never felt such a powerful reaction to something so small.


Sirius knew what Solene was up to. He could see past the skimpy nightgowns, revealing blouses and pouting lips. Solene used her sex appeal to win over everyone in her path. He couldn’t even imagine the casualties of her batting eyelashes, innocent freckles and golden hair. She was as deceitful as a Veela: enchantingly beautiful on the outside, but dangerous within. Sirius, however, would not be a victim. He had discovered a way to triumph. Everything with Solene was a game, and he had uncovered how to take down the boss.

Solene fed off those under her influence. She wanted to be the puppet master, the one in control. Whether or not Sirius was itching to give in, every moment that he defied her brought him closer to defeating her.

From the moment he had first seen her again he had had a hard time pushing aside his interest in her. Recently he found himself finding it easier to give into his attractions. He found that rather than torturing himself, pushing Solene sexually did not, as he would have suspected, give her control. In fact, it did the opposite. As long as Sirius was inconsistent, teasing and emotionally distant, he was free to pursue her physically. Sirius was free to make his intentions clear and Solene was left with the responsibility of driving him away. It was only if his physical attraction crossed into something deeper that he would find himself in trouble—but that would never happen.

He had nothing to lose. If she fell for his advances she would be left to face Regulus and Sirius would win. Snatch the pretty pure-blood princess from under the nose of her pretty pure-blood boyfriend and then leave her to pick up the pieces if they were uncovered. It wouldn’t be hard to tempt Solene into faltering, he could already see the goosebumps rise on her skin when he stood too close, hear the shortening of her breath when their skin came into contact, sense the tension rise when their eyes made contact. He could tell some part of her wanted it too. He just had to test her little by little, until she could no longer hold back.


Solene was sitting on the edge of her bed, a black, shimmering and strapless tight dress clinging to her body, a pair of deep metallic purple heels on her feet, when she heard the pounding on her door. Her hair was smooth and cascading down her back, her eyes were smoking and her favorite ring of ebony and sapphire was secure upon her middle finger.

She was certainly ready- and looking sexy as Sirius had requested- but couldn’t bring herself to go open the door that Sirius was undoubtedly hammering on. She had a bad feeling about tonight; she knew she was now swimming in dangerous waters. Her leg had burnt all day where Sirius’ hot breath had marred her skin, all day she had been reliving the chills that had raced up and down her body when she stood beside him.

She had never denied he was eye-catching…appealing… ok, gorgeous—but she couldn’t understand how she had allowed that to transform into a physical attraction. He was Sirius Black! An embarrassment to his family, to purebloods, and to the wizarding race. He was an outcast; he was a traitor, he was the worst person to even speak to, let alone want to …want to… ugh. Solene couldn’t let herself finish that train of thought.

He called her name once more and pushed open the door.

“So you’re coming with me?” he asked her.

Solene looked up at him. Sirius was wearing a gray button-down shirt and black dress pants. His eyes seemed to shine an even deeper gray than usual, his hair was messy and his lips were pulled into a smile.

“What did you mean by ‘We’re going for a drive?’” she asked him nervously and he smiled.

“You’ll see.”


The sky was blood red. The sun was hanging low on the horizon. Solene’s heels clicked against the worn pavement, her shawl hanging loosely off her body. Charlotte and “the crew” were circled around a red convertible and shiny black BMW. Solene stopped dead.

“We’re going in that?” she hissed through clenched teeth.

“We’re going to Monte Carlo!” Charlotte cheered and hugged Solene excitedly. Solene tensed even further, shooting glares at Sirius.

“I can’t go in that thing. I’ve never been in one of those!” Solene snapped at Sirius, pointing towards the car. The group started laughing.

“She means a convertible, of course,” Sirius interjected smoothly, “She’s obviously been in a car.”

Solene pursed her lips and remained silent.

“We’ll then you must try it,” Nate said cheekily, “It’s mine.”

“The day I get into that thing!” Solene replied sharply and crossed her arms. Sirius approached her and placed a hand on the small of her back. Solene relaxed instantly to his touch and felt goosebumps arise on her skin as he leaned in towards her ear.

“Muggles use cars all the time, Solene, you’ll be fine,” he whispered and she clenched her eyes shut, “I’ll ride with you.”

Excitedly, everyone piled into the two cars. Solene sat bitterly in the crowded back seat, pressed against Sirius and the door. The engine started and Solene jumped in her seat. Sirius hushed her.

“Sometimes you just have to trust me,” he said softly and for a moment Solene heard the way the water roared as she jumped off the cliff, felt as invincible as she had when airborne. Then, Sirius took her hand in his and squeezed hard. Solene knew he was just trying to be nice; she tried desperately to ignore what felt like a dangerously strong electrical current running between their fingers.

And the car began moving. Not just moving, it may as well have been flying. Solene felt her hair soaring in all directions, air whipping her cheeks, the sound of the wind overpowering everything. They drove along the sea; birds flew beside them, she could see the edge of the road quickly transforming into rocks and the water. It was unlike anything she had felt. Apparating and the Floo Network felt terrible, this car ride was…. Fantastic. She doubted their destination would be anything closed to as wonderful as the trip. She felt as if she was weightless, and could feel the setting sun on her face, the soft leather of the seats against her legs.

Solene looked over at Sirius and he was smirking down at her. The wind made his hair even more ridiculous.

“Not so bad?” he leaned over and practically had to scream directly into her ear.

Solene shrugged. She knew he wouldn’t hear her response, and didn’t want him to think she was enjoying herself. Partially because she didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of seeing her enjoying Muggle rendezvous, partially because she worried that if he knew she was no longer scared, he would release her hand. He still held her tightly, tucking both their hands under his leg as if to keep them warm.

The ride took almost two hours and Sirius never let go. Not even for a minute.



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Chapter 8: Brothers
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Chapter Eight:

Progs! -I would apologize for the letters coming in slow but it appears you haven’t noticed. I suppose Evans is keeping you occupied. Though you have left me to die, I will have you know summer is turning out better than I ever could have expected. How strange. -Love, your dearest, darling, Paddy

Solene’s face hurt from smiling and her feet hurt from her shoes.

“Want me to carry you to bed?” Sirius asked innocently as they made their way up the front steps of the chateau. His tie was loose, his top buttons were undone and his hair stood up in every direction imaginable.

Solene scoffed and bent down to release her feet from the vice grip of her metallic heels. The sun had fully risen and the air was warm. She had no idea what time it was. In fact, what day is it? She wondered. Solene calculated it could be almost nine in the morning as they had left the casino around four and drove back into France for hours, after which, Charlotte had insisted on stopping for breakfast in Nice. The night felt like a blur, but Solene could not remember the last time she had had so much fun. She tried to recall the dancing on balconies and drinking champagne into the night but she was so exhausted she could barely think.

Sirius opened the front entrance to the hall and Solene felt a sudden wave of panic. The night couldn’t be over! Not yet! She thought desperately. She didn’t want to leave Sirius for the loneliness of her bedroom. He had been so kind to her all night, so charming and patient. He had kept her occupied until she was drunk and brave enough to mingle with the muggles by herself. She found Nate, while still hopelessly oblivious, was actually quite funny and Charlotte’s need to be the life of the party was exciting and refreshing. She had learned that Julien and Audrey were twins and Elias grew up in Morocco.

Sirius had not danced with Solene, as he had so comfortably done with both Charlotte and Marie, but he had also not been chatting up muggle girls at the bar and dry humping any waitresses—which was an improvement. And Solene could not forget the car ride to Monte Carlo when Sirius’ hand had held hers firmly for over two hours. She almost wished she could reach out for his hand once again, but the circumstances were now different.

People can’t just hold hands whenever they feel like it! Solene scolded herself. But there is something incredible about Sirius’ hand. It’s rough and dry, but it held my hand with so much strength and security….

“I’m not tired,” Solene stated.

Sirius’ expression did not change. Now is when you suggest more fun things to do, Sirius.

“Are you tired?” Solene continued.

“Depends on what you have in mind,” Sirius raised his eyebrows.

Solene waited for her eyes to roll and for her face to pull in disgust at his innuendo but it did not happen. She wasn’t disgusted. In fact, at that moment, her thoughts were with Sirius’ answer: “depends what you have in mind.”

What did she have in mind? Sirius’ posture was dangerously inviting. He was close to her and his arm rested against the wall relaxed. He could easily pull her up against him and against the wall. He could easily pull her dress down her body with a single yank. Would she let him?

Solene swallowed nervously and loudly. Her dumbfounded silence had gone on for too long.

“Always your childish banter, Black,” she smirked, and started to make her way down the hall, “I’m suddenly overcome with fatigue.”

“Maybe next time,” he teased but she didn’t dare turn back to him. Instead she kept her chin high and sauntered to her bedroom alone.


The next few days whipped by before Solene had time to evaluate what, exactly, she was doing. What she did notice was that the flutters of desire she used to feel when Sirius touched her, even in the most casual of ways, had developed into a gnawing infatuation. She wouldn’t say she liked him by any means, but she could no longer deny that under the intensity of his gaze she felt her insides burn and when his skin brushed against her own she felt jolts of electricity in the most inappropriate places. She found her eyes hooked to Sirius’ graceful body as he moved around any room and though she had every other boy drooling, she was never satisfied unless it was Sirius’ stare that lingered on her chest for a moment too long as they splashed each other in the Mediterranean.

Unfortunately, playing the role of Sirius’ cousin in public left little room for his suggestive comments and Solene felt herself unsure of whether he ever wanted her at all. At times she was sure Sirius secretly wanted nothing more than to toss her into the sand and pin her beneath his body as the waves enveloped them. He was a boy after all, and she had never met one that had avoided physical contact. But at times it seemed as if Sirius was absolutely uninterested. He wanted to be her friend, maybe; prevent her from being so lonely, perhaps; turn her into a muggle-loving hippy, definitely. It annoyed her that his motives could be so pure. And what annoyed her further, was that Charlotte was getting all of his attention.

Solene did not try to deny that Charlotte had grown on her. All of her new friends, though muggles, were lively and hysterical. Solene had found a way of isolating them from the term “muggle”. No, they were simply friends she didn’t talk about magic with. They were …foreigners of sorts, not enemies. But it was certainly hard to remain friendly when Charlotte and Sirius’ banter was so nauseatingly adorable. They were not sexual, by any means, or even romantic. No, Sirius and Charlotte were simply great friends, siblings almost, and they joked around so comfortably Solene often felt left out. She could barely remember the times the three of them used to run around causing mischief, but she doubted she had always felt like an awkward third wheel. It was clear to Solene that Sirius had messed around with many of her new friends. He had slept with Lydia and Audrey for sure. But Solene could not decipher if Sirius’ escapades were ongoing, and for the sake of her sanity, she did not put much energy into finding out.

It was one of the many evenings Nate had started a bonfire on the beach. The sparks flew into the sand and the sea was as dark as Sirius’ hair.

“Swim?” he asked Solene playfully and before she had a chance to answer he threw her over his shoulder and ran her into the waves fully dressed. Solene screamed and kicked as the cold water collided with her skin and squealed as Sirius slid her down his body, jumped and submerged them both under the surface. The air was chilly when they rose, but Sirius’ strong arms were still around Solene’s frame and she felt drops of water falling from his hair onto her forehead.

“Cold?” he asked and once again, before she could answer, he ran his hands up and down her body, the friction warming her skin, the movement rocking her body against his. Solene felt frozen, not from the cool wind, but from the fear of Sirius letting go. She felt like a helpless parched plant in the desert and was thankful for every drop of Sirius she got. Sirius mistook Solene’s silence for anger and lifted her easily, carrying her back to the shore. He plopped her down beside the fire and grabbed a blanket to wrap around her. Everyone else was off making out in the sand or galloping through the water.

“Something wrong?” Sirius asked kindly and brushed Solene’s wet hair out of her face, “I’m sorry if you didn’t want to go in the water.”

Solene shook her head and tried to find her voice, “It’s fine.”

Sirius nodded unconvinced and sat down beside her, leaning back on his elbows. Solene tried not to notice it made his arm muscles flex.

“Check it out- it’s me,” Sirius smiled and pointed up to the sky. The last moments of twilight had faded and the stars were beginning to shine brilliantly. The Dog Star was the brightest in the sky.

Solene couldn’t help but grin. When she was younger she used to pretend Sirius’ star shone extra bright for her so that he would always keep her company even when they were apart. The thought made her strangely sad. Sirius hadn’t always been there…

“You always used to say that,” she said.

“You always used to tell Charlotte she couldn’t come over to our place because your parents were vampires,” Sirius laughed.

“You always used to bark at cats,” Solene stuck her tongue out.

“You always used to comb your hair exactly one hundred times before bedtime!” Sirius retaliated.

“You always tried to kiss me before bedtime,” Solene giggled especially hard.

“You never let me,” Sirius frowned.

“Except once—”

“On my birthday, I remember.”

The air fell still. In the distance Charlotte screamed as Nate ran up behind her and undid her bikini top.

“Always the life of the party,” Solene said with a smile. She was usually the life of the party Beauxbaton; it was nice to not carry the responsibility.

“Tough fate,” Sirius lay his body down and put his arms around his head. Like Solene, his face naturally fell into a haughty bored expression, but it lacked Solene’s touch of ruthlessness.

“I don’t know. If you haven’t noticed I adore attention,” she laughed.


“Is that blatant sarcasm I am receiving?” she smiled.

“No, honest curiosity. I would think you would loathe it considering how much you receive,” he said genuinely and their eyes lingered on one another’s faces.

“Well then, not everyone’s attention,” she said softly and turned away to face the sea.

“Is that a complement? You crave my attention,” he asked frankly, a small smirk concealed.

“Only because you don’t give me any,” she admitted and wisps of her fair hair danced across her eyes in the wind. He chucked and she glared at him annoyed.

“Sorry. But the beautiful Solene Rosier telling me she needs my attention sounds ridiculous. Remember who I am?”

Solene shrugged and an uncomfortable silence enveloped them. This was getting out of hand.

“Why don’t we invite everyone over to our place?” Solene suggested, partially to break the silence.

“Because Regulus would kill them,” Sirius stated flatly, without any humor in his voice.

“That’s absurd,” Solene brushed him off and Sirius sighed.

“Solene, you’re really fooling yourself you know,” he groaned and Solene rose to her feet quickly. She could not have another one of these conversations. They left her upset, unsure and frightened.

“I have to go,” she stammered quickly and suddenly hated herself for speaking so openly with Sirius. She was really being an idiot around him, and she needed to get away.

“Don’t leave,” he grabbed her hand, sitting up. Solene pulled her hand away from him instantly, as if he had stung her, and made her way down the beach before he convinced her to stay. Sirius didn’t follow her.

When Solene returned to the Chateau she was surprised to see candles lit in the dining room. Regulus was sitting at the head of the table, eating some late supper and drinking wine. He wasn’t meant to be home until the weekend.

“Where were you?” he asked flatly. His hair was smooth upon his head and he wore dark robes. Solene shook imagining what her explanation would have been had she walked in with Sirius and a troop of muggles. She found herself surprised by how alien wizard’s robes had become to her and she’d forgotten how handsome Regulus was. He had a sturdy jaw and lighter hair than his brother, and his strong fingers clutched his glass. His eyes were slightly red and sunken, as if he hadn’t had a good night sleep in a few days.

“I went for a swim,” Solene answered. Her clothes had dried, but her hair was still damp.

Regulus nodded and motioned for her to sit beside him.

“What have you been up to?” she asked him.

“Errands, mostly,” Regulus shrugged off the question but started again when he saw the dissatisfaction on Solene’s face, “I’ve been helping some of our family and friends in determining who is truly interested in the good of the wizard race.”

“Meaning?” Solene questioned further and Regulus sighed frustrated.

“It is just politics Solene. Alliances here and there, some traitors that need to be fished out.”

Solene swallowed nervously, “traitors?”

“Solene do we have to talk about this now, I’m tired,” he pleaded.

“Well when do you plan on telling me anything?” she snapped.

“We have all of our lives to talk about my work when we’re married. Now can I just relax?” he asked.

Married? Did he just propose to me? Solene frowned.

“Was that a proposal?”

“Oh Solene,” Regulus sighed, “Did you need a proposal? Of course I want to marry you someday. I love you.”

Solene stared into her lap. Regulus was speaking as someone twice his age would. How had he grown up so fast? It was unsettling. Suddenly Solene felt as if Sirius, as ostracized and hated as he was, had the better end of the deal. Somewhere out on the beach Sirius was abandoned by his family, but he was free and full of happiness. He was haunted, surely, the skeletons in his closet were piled in a mass grave, but he still carried an air of innocence and youth. This had all but died out in Regulus’ eyes.

Solene felt incredibly sorry for Regulus.

“Regulus,” she whispered and approached him. He leaned back and she sat on his lap.

“You look so tired. Too tired,” she kissed his temple.

He softened noticeably and let his fingertips brush against the ends of her hair. Regulus hated it when Solene was sour with him. He needed her, as hard as he had been finding it to show her.

“I am.”

“Then come home. Stay with me, please,” she asked.

“I can’t,” Regulus said flatly and closed his eyes, leaning his head back against the chair.

Solene saw on his face that Regulus was in too deep. She needed to help him.

“Why not?”

“Solene,” he sighed and she could hear the desperation in his voice, “Please stop with the questions. I don’t have any answers for you. I wish I did but…. Please Solene just be my peace. Let me be with you and let me have peace,” he begged and pulled her close to him.

Solene’s tears ran down her face quickly as Regulus kissed her but he didn’t stop. She couldn’t understand what was happening and it frightened her. She felt as if Regulus was lost forever, as if these were among their last moments before he slipped away from her entirely and there was nothing she could do about it. She pitied him, and she hated him but she cared for him.

Regulus’ hands unbuttoned Solene’s shirt, his hands shaking so forcibly that he abandoned his care and pulled open the bottom half, the buttons flying across the dining room floor. Regulus pushed his plate and glass aside abruptly, the plate sliding onto a chair, wine spilling on the floor as he lifted Solene onto the table. His hands were cold and coarse and his touch was rough but Regulus knew every inch of Solene’s body from countless practice and he immediately made her tremble with anticipation. Breathing heavily, Regulus undressed himself in a swift moment, pulled Solene’s skirt down her legs and discarded it upon the floor. For the first time ever with Regulus, Solene felt indecently exposed and meek as he spread her across the table and sat back down in his chair, running his fingers across the soles of her feet unhurriedly.

“There’s nothing better than this,” he said softly, as if to himself, while his hands ran up and down Solene’s calves and thighs leisurely, and uncharacteristically patient. He seemed to be trying to commit everything to memory in detail.

Then don’t leave it, Solene thought, but she couldn’t bring herself to speak. Regulus stood and kissed her stomach lightly, and then bit her hard. Solene didn’t make a sound.

“I love you, Solene,” he said and kissed her lips, “no matter what you think.”

Solene didn’t know what to think anymore. She felt more confused than she had ever been in her life but soon all coherent thoughts had left her entirely and she gave herself over to enjoyment. It was only when Solene heard a noise in the distance that she was able to come back to earth. There stood Sirius Black in the faintest candlelight, his fists clenched and his jaw tight. Their eyes locked and her heart jolted and then he was gone. Regulus hadn’t noticed anything… had Sirius even been there? She was going insane.

The next morning Solene woke in Regulus’ bed, but he was gone.

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Chapter 9: Losing Equilibrium
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Chapter Nine:


Prongs—Last month of summer is here which means we shall be reunited soon. I’m sure your parents are already preparing for the anxiety attack that is trying to keep us in line. Just joking—they’re probably super excited their favorite boy is coming back. Keep me updated. –Your Padds



Sirius pressed his face into his pillow until the pressure in his lungs stung with pain, but it was not helping. He had been tossing and turning for hours, pressing his palms against his eyelids and hopelessly reciting Transfiguration spells, but nothing was going to take his mind off it. Nothing could make him forget her: hands clinging to the ends of the dining room table, teeth biting into her lip to stifle her moans. The image of her exposed side and brilliant hair, glowing in the candlelight, was visible each time Sirius shut his eyes. He had only just seen her for a moment, his mind still registering what was before him, when her eyes, as if sensing his presence, met his own immediately. Chills ran down Sirius’ body as he remembered the raw look in Solene’s eyes, heavy lidded and dark, as she ran her gaze up Sirius’ face and understood that he was standing near her. His body had jerked and he had backed up instantly, perhaps fast enough to convince Solene he was a figment of her imagination, but not quick enough to avoid the permanent damage it had done to his mind.


He felt shaken and embarrassed. He had walked in on his brother having sex with his longtime girlfriend, and instead of retreating in discomfort or amusement, as normal brothers would do—as he would have done had he’d walked in on James—he had ogled her naked body in wonder until he had to pull his eyes away.


Sirius did not deny that he had admired Solene’s slender legs and her ice-cold eyes, nearly transparent in the sunlight, for quite some time. When Solene’s body was almost exposed in flimsy bathing suits, Sirius sometimes stared for a little too long and when Solene’s skin touched his own he sometimes felt as if it pulled him closer like a magnet. But those things could be expected, and they could be ignored. She was beautiful, he knew that, but plenty of girls were beautiful. However, what Sirius could not ignore, was knowing something as intimate as the sound of Solene biting back groans of pleasure, or the arches of her feet around Regulus’ waist, or the entrancing draw of her eyes.



This was going to make pretending Solene’s obscenely short shorts and bikini tops did not faze him, pretending that he was as completely uninterested as would be a sane cousin, a much, much harder task. He couldn’t even ask James for advice because he was too humiliated. Had his brain lost total control? Was he so aching for Solene to be lying underneath him instead of his brother? Was Solene tempting him on purpose?



Sirius knew that Solene was fighting against her own dangerous temptations. He knew that an air would sometimes envelop them as Solene fought off hazardous urges. Part of her wanted him too. Not enough to act on it, but enough to startle her. Sirius knew he had to resist her if she ever made a move. She was a treacherous manipulator at times, and Sirius often found himself distrusting her motives. Had she invited the muggles over tonight because she knew Regulus was home? Had it been a trap?



Sirius tried to push his accusations and doubts to the forefront of his thoughts but there was no use. Try as he did to concentrate, the only thing his mind held in focus were Solene’s pale fingers as they held fast to the table in pleasure.     



The soles of Solene’s feet burned slightly against the hot sand. She was looking for Sirius…or Charlotte, even Nate, along the beach. For the first time in days, Sirius had left without waiting for her to come downstairs. They usually met in the kitchen each morning, both wearing their bathing suits and quietly nursing hangovers. The fact that Sirius was nowhere to be found confirmed Solene’s suspicions; he had seen her with Regulus last night. He probably thought she would be spending the next few days with her boyfriend. He probably did not know that Regulus had already abandoned her again.



Solene was determined not to be embarrassed. She would not let Sirius have another reason to make her nervous. Yes, he had walked in on her having sex with his brother. Yes, she may have been nearly spread eagle on the dining room table. Yes, she had been wondering how long he had watched her. But that was no reason to shy away from him as if she was ashamed. No, she would fight off her blush and act like it had never happened, and he would go along with it.



She finally located her group of friends sun tanning on the shore. She lay between Nate and Audrey and tried to avoid making eye contact with Sirius, but he didn’t even look in her direction.



The day passed quickly, as afternoons at the beach always do, and soon it was dusk. A bonfire was lit, the girls pulled light sweaters over their exposed shoulders and bottles of wine and rum emerged from backpacks. Sirius still had not spoken a word to Solene, and she could not understand why.


Solene drank wine and chatted easily with everyone around her. It was hard for her to imagine that just a few weeks ago she would have been afraid to even step outside of the Chateau’s courtyard. Everyone was becoming very drunk and it did not surprise anyone when Nate and Charlotte placed an empty wine bottle upon a magazine and ushered everyone into the circle for a game of sin-the-bottle.



Usually, Sirius would be in his element. Firstly, he could never turn down an opportunity to kiss girls. He considered making-out to be one of his paramount talents and fondest hobbies. Secondly, little pleased him more than watching Solene try to weasel her way out of making physical contact with muggles. Her excuses had been so blotched and awkward when non-wizards had tried to speak to her on one of their first excursions into town, he still laughed when he thought about them. Surely Solene’s impression of muggles had improved in the past few weeks, but he doubted she would be jumping at the opportunity of kissing them when she had precious Reggie waiting at home. French kissing and watching Solene embarrassed should have made his night.



However, Sirius had other things on his mind. He had had other things on his mind all day. He could not stop picturing Solene naked, and he could not stop thinking that she had invited all of their friends over so Regulus could be there waiting to harm them. Sirius had liked to think that Solene had softened, that she was a good person underneath her misguided values. Was it possible he had been a big idiot, charmed by her sparkling eyes and plush lips? Was it possible Solene was evil enough to be in collaboration with Regulus? Was he putting the lives of his friends in danger even by associating with her? Maybe he was underestimating her.



Maybe he was seeing the innocent little girl he used to play with and underneath her beautiful exterior she was as bloodthirsty as her parents.

Sirius was going to go insane. He had spent all day convincing himself that Solene was not to be trusted and now he could not even look at her out of fear that one glance would shred down every defense.



“Solene’s turn!” Charlotte giggled and finally, Sirius could not help but look up from the sand.


Amazingly, Solene grabbed the bottle without hesitation, giggled, and spun it forcefully. What happened to the protesting? Sirius thought confused.


The circle fell quiet and the fire crackled. The bottle lost speed painstakingly slowly. Sirius felt his heart pounding. The neck came to a long-winded, deliberate halt in his direction. Sirius swallowed and made eye contact with Solene. She too, looked as if she could not breathe. Sirius had a hard time remembering there were others around him; all he could see was the fire reflecting in Solene’s crystal eyes. No matter how hard he tired to fight it, he knew wanted that bottle to stop on him. He knew he wanted those soft, rose lips against his own.



The crowed burst into laughter. “Relatives are excused,” Charlotte laughed, “Solene, spin again!”



What? Sirius jerked his head to Charlotte, Relatives? Oh… right… cousins.



Sirius’ eyes returned to Solene’s gaze. The bottle was spinning beneath them again but they did not stop staring at each other. What was going on?



Everyone around them started snickering and Sirius knew the bottle had stopped turning. He had to back down to earth.




“Ohhh, Na-ate!” Charlotte, who had seemed to take on the role of official announcer-woman, called.



Solene giggled and Nate approached her nervously. Sirius leaned forward in expectation, waiting for Solene to snap something cruel to Nate’s aspirations, but she was not saying anything. Nate sat himself beside Solene and they smiled at each other. Sirius looked from one to the other, already feeling sorry for his friend who was about to have his ego crushed but all he could see was their faces getting closer in slow motion. No, this could not be happening. Solene would never kiss someone like Nate; she had thrown a fit when she saw Sirius kissing a muggle at the club their first night together in town. It was likely Solene was scheming with Regulus to hurt every person seated in the circle. It was likely she had been drawing Sirius along all summer as bait. What purpose would it serve to kiss his friends? And, Sirius dared to wonder, if she could kiss Nate, why couldn’t she kiss me?



“Do you know what you’re doing?” Sirius blurted out and every face in the circle turned to him in confusion. Nate’s mouth pulled into a frown.



“What is that supposed to mean?” Solene questioned.



“Yeah! What’s that supposed to mean?” Nate added, clearly misunderstanding Solene’s undertone.



Sirius swallowed nervously.




“I mean…she has a boyfriend,” Sirius croaked, wrinkling his brow. He was really digging himself into a hole.




“Are you sure that is what you mean? I didn’t think that would bother you,” Solene answered and raised her eyebrows. Everyone looked back and forth at each other confused.



“Of course,” Sirius coughed and ruffed his hair nervously, “Your boyfriend is a… good friend of mine….”



“I see,” Solene cocked her head to the side, “I always thought you two weren’t too fond of each other.”



“Well we have our disagreements,” Sirius stammered, “but I’ve known him my whole life, you know. We used to be very close.”



“Right….” Solene paused and all of their friends shrugged at each other without a clue as to what was going on. “Are you sure this isn’t because Nate is a…foreigner.”



“What do you mean a foreigner? I’m English!” Nate interrupted and Solene held up her index finger in his direction to shush him. He fell silent immediately and Sirius recognized instantly Solene’s ability to dominate others.



“Sirius, are you sure you aren’t questioning this because he is a m…m… what are they called again? Oh, right, a Mancunian.”



“Stop being ridiculous,” Sirius snapped.



“Ridiculous? And here I thought I was being tolerant—“



“What in God’s name are you two talking about?” Charlotte interrupted, cutting Solene off mid-sentence.



“Nothing. Ignore Sirius, he seems to have been in a sour mood all day,” Solene answered and threw Sirius a nasty look before grabbing onto Nate’s shirt and pulling him up against herself forcefully. Sirius’ mouth dropped to the ground as Solene’s lips pressed up against Nate’s and her hands found their way into his hair. They did not break their kiss and Sirius could see Nate smiling as his lips parted and his tongue deepened his contact with Solene, a hand placed on each of her cheeks. Sirius felt sick.



He had never been more confused in his whole life. He didn’t know if Solene liked Nate, or if she was just having fun, or if she was tempting him back to her place to have her fanatic pureblood boyfriend murder him. What he did know was that he could not handle the show any longer. And so, Sirius rose to his feet abruptly and furiously, briskly walked towards the water, tossed his shirt onto the sand, and dove beneath the  waves.



His head had just broken the surface when he heard a familiar shriek from the shoreline.




“What the fuck is your problem, Black?” Solene’s voice overpowered the sound of the tide—so much for trying to get away from her.




Sirius let his head sink under the water again to block the sound of her fury but he knew he would not have his stolen peace for long. When he stood Solene was right beside him, with water up to the hem of her shorts and her arms across her chest.



“What was that little spectacle about, eh?” she asked, just short from yelling.



“My spectacle? What about your little show with Nate there, huh?” Sirius responded, just as aggravated.


“I kissed him! We were playing spin-the-bottle! I thought that was pretty standard procedure.”



Siruis shrugged and looked away uncomfortably, running his fingers through his hair.


“Seems to me like you’re upset I kissed a muggle,” Solene accused.



“Please,” Sirius rolled his eyes, “I just told him you had a boyfriend.”



“And what possessed you to tell them about Regulus in the first place?”



“You don’t think it was relevant,” Sirius answered, trying desperately not to make eye contact. He could not stop seeing her naked.



“Oh I didn’t realize we’d been aiming for honesty. While we’re at it why don’t we let them know about the castle we live in? Or that we aren’t cousins and—what was that other thing?—oh right! We’re wizards!” Solene shouted.



“I wouldn’t mind you being honest for once, Solene,” Sirius replied.



“What are you getting at?”


“You know what I mean,” Sirius dared to glare at Solene for a moment before turning his gaze back onto the beach.



“I have no idea what you are talking about. For God’s sake would you look at me, please?”


Sirius sighed and gathered his thoughts before looking at Solene.



“Did you want to invite everyone over yesterday so Regulus would be there to meet them?” Sirius asked softly but had his answer before he even finished his sentence. Solene’s lips parted and she inhaled sharply as she stared at him in disbelief.



“You…you think I would do that?” she asked in a voice so fragile it was as if all her anger had evaporated. The waves had drenched her shorts and Sirius wondered if she was cold.



“I don’t know,” Sirius answered bluntly.



“I would never…” her voice trailed off, “Sirius it was an accident. I had no idea Regulus would be there.”



“I don’t know if I can trust you,” Sirius sighed and Solene let her fingers trail in the water.




“I know I was difficult at first but I like my …friends. I would never hurt them,” Solene said sincerely and felt her voice quiver a bit with fear. She hated being vulnerable with Sirius.



“And yet the second you leave them you’re on your back for your Death Eater boyfriend,” Sirius laughed and shook his head at her.



Solene felt her anger boiling up again instantly, “I don’t have to defend myself. My relationship with Regulus is none of your business.”  



“It becomes my business when you endanger everyone around you—”



“Stop it. Sirius, just shut up about this Death Eater shit. Regulus is not like that,” Solene heard her voice rising again. Sirius hadn’t had a conversation with his brother in years. Sirius did not see Regulus’ without defenses; he did not see that under a desire to please his parents in every way Sirius hadn’t, Regulus was a good person.



“You’re a stupid girl sometimes, you know?” Sirius scoffed, “ A dumb girl with an even dumber boyfriend.”



“You’re just jealous,” Solene snapped.



“Of Regulus?” Sirius laughed.






“Because I’ve been trying for months to work my way into Voldemort’s rankings?”



“No. You’re jealous of him because he has me,” Solene glared at Sirius and waited for his reply. She expected something along the lines of her being a delusional, desperate narcissist, but Sirius remained silent. He exhaled and stared at her, running his fingers through his hair another time. Once again, he wondered if she was cold, and wished he could pull her to himself like he had yesterday and warm her against his body in the water.


“Does he?” Sirius finally answered, breaking the uncomfortable silence.


Solene blinked confused and Sirius approached her, placing his hand on her wrist.



“Are you sure he has you?” Sirius asked again and Solene felt the waves rock her body towards his. There was a bright full moon illuminating the water but Solene could focus on nothing but his dark hair, dark eyelashes, dark eyes. Her arms had goose-bumps from the wind, but her skin burned where Sirius’ fingers made contact.



“I’m going to marry him, Sirius,” she whispered.



Sirius’ expression did not chance. He swallowed quietly and nodded.



“Right,” he said and looked out towards their friends on the beach, “We should get back.”



Solene nodded and Sirius released her wrist, dove under the water once more and began walking back to the bonfire without looking back.



Regulus had left three days ago. He had been gone for two weeks and he had stayed for five hours. Solene had spoken to him briefly as he collected his things and muttered indecipherable excuses. He had promised to be back soon, but he had always done that. Solene could not find the energy to fight with Regulus anymore, so she let him go without argument. Sirius however, had not spoken to Solene in two days, and his absence left a much greater, cold void in her beautiful summer days.



Regardless of the spin-the-bottle incident, he did not seem angry with her for the rest of that night on the beach. In fact, he had behaved as if nothing had happened. Solene figured Sirius was just good at concealing his discomfort; he had always been a charmer. It was undeniable, something between the two of them felt a little off center, as if they had strayed to a steep edge and were struggling to keep balance. Solene knew she missed Sirius, the longer he avoided her, the more reckless her impulses felt. The summer was coming to an end sooner than she had anticipated and she felt a clock counting down the end of her days with him.



Sirius had not been coming to the beach in the afternoon, and he had been missing from all of the festivities at Charlotte’s free house last night. Solene assumed he had been going into town alone and had to brush off questions awkwardly when all of their friends questioned why her cousin was missing in action. Finally, determined to discover whether Sirius too, was abandoning her, Solene set out to investigate.



She wandered down the halls and up to the door of Sirius’ bedroom and instantly felt her heart rate quicken. It was almost midnight on a Friday. If Sirius was not there, she would be snooping, and if he was there…



Solene knocked once. There was no answer. She knocked again and heard a faint grunt of acknowledgement from inside the room. She pushed open the door.



“Alone in the dark? Bit melodramatic, Sirius,” Solene teased.



“It helps me think,” he replied and she shrugged. Solene leaned her shoulder against the wall and the door creaked shut behind her. She wanted to know what Sirius was thinking about. He wasn’t wearing a shirt and she tried not to stare.



“Charlotte is having a really big party tomorrow before she leaves for Paris this week,” Solene said, “She wants you to be there.”




Sirius nodded, “Ok. Goodnight?”



Solene stared out Sirius window. It was still a full moon.




“I can’t sleep.”



“Where’s Regulus?” he asked.



“You know he’s never here,” she sighed and Sirius could trace the loneliness behind her words. He couldn’t believe he had spent so much more time with her this summer than his brother had.



“And I’m bored,” she continued, her gaze drifting to the view of the beach from Sirius’ parted curtains.



“Well seeing as you are so bored,” Sirius’ lips curved into an amused smirk, “we could just have sex.”



Suggestiveness was Sirius’ best tactic. It was his specialty, and it threw Solene off guard.



“Oh, seeing as I’m bored you’d make that great sacrifice. You don’t want it,” she laughed at the idea and twisted so both her shoulder blades were pressed against the wall, her hips curved outwards. It was the perfect position for Sirius to admire her body, and she knew it.


“I don’t,” he assured her. She hummed an inquisitive response and slinked to his bedside.



“Never even thought about it,” she added for him, sure it wasn’t the truth.



“Never,” he lied.



In a slow, silky movement Solene slipped into his lap and pushed forward, her legs on either side of him. She pressed harder and her hips collided with his, her chest with his. She exhaled slowly against his neck and her cheek lightly touched his own. She was exercising control, wondering if she could get him to lose his cool, but she couldn’t ignore that the feel of his naked skin beneath her fingers made her tremble.



Sirius was frozen, holding his breath and trying to focus his concentration on anything other than the warm body straddling his lap. Sirius’ memory strayed to the feeling of her firm against his body under the water, then to the echo of Solene moaning across a table, and his stomach turned. He tried to maintain his composure and ignore her, but her hands traveled along his collarbone, down his arms and chest, and when her cold fingertips brushed against his bare stomach, he exhaled sharply and a soft groan escaped.



The vibration in Sirius’ chest made every inch of Solene’s body feel achy and tender. She had expected him to have a hard time tossing her off, but not to give in so quickly. She swallowed nervously trying to ignore the realization that she loved the sound of his moan, that she wanted to make him feel good.



It was the little encouragement that Solene needed. She lifted herself slightly and pressed again, the pressure driving him insane. Their clothes were too much of a barrier.



Sirius was possessed. He couldn’t control himself. His hands quickly brushed up her legs and to the hem of her flimsy nightshirt. They moved up her stomach and his fingers traced the indent of her spine. They were nose to nose, their hot breaths heavy against each other’s faces. Sirius wasn’t sure if he dared to go further, his fingers could feel the starting curves of her breasts. They were playing with each other, but who would stop first?



Solene’s body froze but her mind was racing. What was she doing? This was Sirius Black: an outcast, a blood traitor, filth. She hadn’t been able to stand his presence and she wanted nothing more than for him to roll his lips against hers, and his body upon hers. She swallowed nervously and her head fell to the curve of his shoulder. Why did it all have to be so complicated?



Sirius’ hands moved to her waist, lingered for a moment and then lifted her off his legs. He could sense what she felt and couldn’t agree more. Was he insane? He had been centimeters from kissing the opposite of everything he stood for, seconds away from ripping the clothes off his brother’s future wife.



He grabbed a cigarette quickly walked out of his room to the balcony.



“Don’t worry,” he smirked, turned back to her and lit his cigarette with shaking fingers, “I would never be desperate enough to fuck Regulus’ whore.”



Solene was used to the banter, she thought she couldn’t handle whatever he threw at her and was therefore utterly shocked at the effect the words had on her. She brought her hand to her stomach; it felt as if she had just been punched. Her eyes blinked slowly and immediately began to fill threateningly with tears. Her throat caught and she bit her lip hard to stop a reveling whimper. Say something, she urged herself but couldn’t think and when she opened her mouth to snap a nasty reply, no sound protruded.



Sirius turned his back to her and faced the ocean so he wouldn’t have to see her reaction. He knew he was being defensive and unfair and didn’t want to see how he had just hurt her. He swallowed loudly and shut his eyes as he heard her leaving. He didn’t want her to know the lengths of the effects she had on him. He had been able to refuse his family and their morals; he had resisted the pureblood ways of life and instead survived an existence of solitude and rejection. He would have assumed he was stronger than being so tempted by some dishy girl.



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Chapter 10: A Little Past Two
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Chapter Ten:

Prongs-Ok I should be there on Wednesday afternoon. Maybe a little bit early, maybe a bit late…depends on how much trouble I get into before then. Get ready for some sirius cuddling. HA! Never gets old. Never. –Forever yours, Pads


Things were not going well. Sirius banged his head against the headboard and covered his face with his hands. This feels all to familiar, he thought irritatedly.

Things with Solene had just gone too far. They had crossed the line and now he couldn’t find a way back. The idea of Solene biting her lip and moaning across his lap had been hanging in the air for weeks, and now it had happened. Whether he had been fighting the image out of his head or lying in bed, staring at the ceiling and praying for it to come true, it had still been in his imagination. Nothing, absolutely nothing, would get this off his mind.


How had so much happened in just a few days? Witnessing Solene writhing beneath Regulus on the dining room table, convincing himself Solene was trying to get all his friends killed, watching her tongue wrestle with Nate on the beach, finding out she was going to marry his brother, and now this. Sirius felt like it was all spinning out of control.  

So, he may have been avoiding her. Finding out she was prepared to marry a worthless, bloodthirsty git like Regulus was inexcusable. He had to get away from her if he wanted to cling to his last shreds of dignity, and so he had opted out of the last two nights on the beach. And then, within the first minutes of seeing her again, he was all but pulling off her clothes. Whatever happened to honor? Or discipline? Or just a conscience? James would be astounded.


Sirius couldn’t even take credit for stopping the train-wreck before it was too late. He had seen her as a clever little manipulator. As if she snaked her legs across his thighs, ground her body against his crotch and felt up his bare chest while intending to stop all along. Sirius had thought she was only trying to prove to herself that he wanted her more than he wanted his self-respect, so he threw her off and snapped the quickest insult he could come up with. And instead of mocking him, instead of even answering, her eyes had filled up with tears and she’d left in silence. Sirius grappled with the idea that Solene was not trying to get him in trouble but that somewhere in this huge, empty house, she was lying in bed just as confused and hurt and scared. 

He had to make this right.



Sirius knocked gently on the door but there was no answer. He knocked again and pressed his forehead against the wood.

“Solene, open the door,” he said and tapped his fingers on the surface. She didn’t answer. He pleaded with her again and finally heard footsteps approaching. The door was yanked open sharply and Sirius nearly lost his balance.

“What do you want?” she glared at him. Solene’s eyes were red; it almost looked as if she had been crying. Is this really possible, Sirius thought, Solene crying over me?

Sirius bit his lip nervously, “I wanted to show you something.”

“Not interested,” Solene answered and tried to push the door shut. Sirius placed his foot in the door’s frame and held it open with his hand.

“I’m sorry,” he exhaled. Solene frowned.

“I’m very sorry, Solene,” he repeated, “What I said was unnecessarily mean. I…I don’t know what to say. I’m confused and I’m frustrated.”

“You’re an asshole.”

“Yes,” Sirius replied.

“And you certainly have some nerve calling me a whore after you spend every evening between the legs of a different muggle.”

“That’s just not true,” Sirius rolled his eyes and couldn’t resist teasing, “I’ve been with plenty of witches as well.”

“Go fuck yourself, Black,” Solene almost bared her teeth in anger as she attempted to shut the door once again.

“Sorry! It was a joke! A joke,” Sirius smiled, “but you’re right, I shouldn’t have called you a whore.”

“You’re the whore,” Solene crossed her arms over her chest.

“I’m the whore,” Sirius replied smiling and Solene seemed temporarily appeased. She averted her eyes to the floor and waited a few seconds before nodding.

“What’s that?” she asked, and Sirius held up the dark leather book in his grip. Solene recognized it as the album he had been sifting through in the den the day he had invited her out to town with him. Sirius cleared his throat and motioned in the direction of the bedroom. Solene opened the door wider and invited him in. He sat on the edge of her bed and she followed nervously. It was strange how normal it felt to have Sirius in her bed. Solene had been sleeping in the west wing of the house for weeks, this room held no memories of Regulus. In fact most nights she had laid in this bed, it was thoughts of Sirius that kept her awake. This night had been no different. Somewhere between tears and fury, Solene had still become fixed on the image of Sirius beneath her…his shoulders…his arms…his hands.

Sirius opened to the first page and Solene immediately smiled. Before her was a photo of her and Sirius, just infants, sleeping beside each other. A few more baby photos and then one of them at five years old, grinning toothlessly at the camera. They waved and giggled, Solene swinging the hem of her white, lace dress. Sirius turned the page.

There were photos of their parents and relatives and then another of Solene and Sirius. This time they looked closer to seven. Sirius was yanking on Solene’s hair and clothes annoyingly and she was pouting at the camera. And a few pages later was another photo of them, an eight year old Solene threw her arms around Sirius and nuzzled herself into his neck and Sirius batted his eyelashes at the camera innocently. There was even a photo of Solene, Sirius and Regulus. Regulus stood in the middle, his face pulled into a frown as they made faces behind him.

Solene laughed each time Sirius turned the page. Memories of their summers together pushed their way forward. Stealing biscuits from the kitchen and hiding behind plush velvet furniture as they spied on their parents. The album was mostly photos of children stuffed into ridiculously extravagant costumes and smiling up at the camera in the sitting room. Sirius could almost appreciate his youth when he viewed it through this lens.

Exhausted from crying and laughing all evening, Solene let her head fall onto Sirius’ shoulder as they came to the last images in the album. Sirius felt the hairs on his arms rise and he tried not to think of her on top of him…her lips…her neck…her waist.

“You seem tired,” Sirius said softly, looking down at her.

Solene whispered she was and let her fingertips touch Sirius’ forearm lightly. His arm was firm and warm and she wanted to feel it wrapped around her as she slept.

“I should let you sleep then,” Sirius answered. Solene’s finger traced a vein from the inside of Sirius’ elbow to his wrist and he felt the sensation as if it had been traced down his spine. He felt his self-control slipping away by the second, but he did not want to leave.

“I suppose you should,” Solene looked up to see Sirius, his jaw clenched, his eyes darkened in the same manner they had been hours ago as she straddled him in his bed. She felt a jolt of electricity shoot through her body.

Sirius swallowed loudly and Solene curled her toes. Just hours ago he had insulted her in a tone even harsher than the one usually reserved for Regulus. She would never dare make a move on him again, but she did not want him to leave.

Reluctantly, Solene pulled herself away from Sirius’ body as he rose and made his way to the door. He felt his hand clutch the handle and pull, but he could not accept that he was really walking away. He turned before he stepped into the hallway. Solene was watching him under heavy eyelashes. There was no denying it: she really wanted him. She wasn’t playing with him, she wasn’t being manipulative, and she wasn’t trying to draw him into a trap. Then why was Sirius too scared? Was it for her sake? To keep her out of trouble. Was it for Regulus’ sake? A twisted sense of loyalty to his brother. Was it for his own sake? As if he had any integrity left to salvage by not sleeping with his pledged enemy and future sister in law…as if it was better to shamelessly think of it night and day.

Solene lifted her legs from the floor and slid them across the bed. Sirius wanted nothing more to slam the door shut behind him as he strode to her bedside and crawled on top of her. He shook his head, as if trying to physically expel the thought from his mind and laughed to himself quietly.

“I am that desperate,” Sirius admitted finally, smirking. Solene could tell.

“Goodnight Sirius,” she said, and pulled the covers up to her chin. Sirius shut the door softly and leaned against the hallway wall. This could not get any more outrageous.



The grandfather clock in Charlotte’s living room showed it was a little past two in the morning. Sirius had drank too much tequila, this he knew. It was also freaking boiling and overcrowded, this too, he knew. But most importantly, Sirius knew that Solene was looking at him with thirsty eyes from across the party. Each smile she gave him underneath her secretive glances made him feel more intoxicated than any drink. She was dancing with Audrey and Claire, giggling with the two girls as they commented on their surroundings, and casually sneaking her eyes to Sirius’ fixed stare. Her skin was heating up.

Sirius felt his worries peeling off. He found himself finally submitting to the fact that Solene was just too much for him to resist. That what made her unpredictable and risky made him feel alive. She was dancing and laughing and glowed in the moonlight. Her hair swung against her back and her eyes sparkled and Sirius couldn’t look away. Everyone around him was dancing, but Sirius could do nothing but lean against the wall and stare at her.


He always had a problem setting his sights on what he couldn’t have. And Solene looked like she was genuinely happy, as if the muggles were her true best friends. Sirius was leaving for James’ house in two days, and suddenly, he couldn’t bring himself to care for consequences.


No, he just had to ignore that she was Regulus’ girlfriend, sometimes cold and a pinch evil. He had to ignore that she was refusing to stand for the principles he held so close to him. He just needed her for one moment—just to get the nag off his mind. He just needed to kiss her. Just once.


Solene had felt edgy when she met Sirius in the parlor. As they began to walk to Charlotte’s beach house together, she had almost wished they were back to the days of hating each other, where he could teasingly pull her up against him to make her uncomfortable or make cracks about getting naked. This had all become significantly less amusing once they realized he was not joking.


They walked to Charlotte’s house in relative silence. Neither daring to ask the other the questions bubbling in their minds. Solene felt as if a pressure was building on her shoulders. 


Charlotte was ecstatic to see Sirius again, they had only been apart for two days but she pounced on him and he spun as they hugged laughing. Solene felt her lips purse with jealousy and dared to wonder again if Sirius and Charlotte had ever been more than friends.


“Looks like it’s almost over,” Charlotte said sadly and hugged Solene on the porch. Solene felt her face relax and raised her arms to return the hug. She felt eerily sad. As if she was eight years old again, clutching the redhead and holding back tears at the end of another summer.


Solene couldn’t allow herself to think of this as Charlotte’s going away party. As much as she had convinced herself that she could not wait to get back to school and leave the miserable chateau, she suddenly felt her heart pull at the thought of leaving. Not yet, she thought sadly before scolding herself and shaking off the sentiment. There was still time. Time for what? She scolded herself again and blushed when she made eye contact with Sirius.


The night went from civil to sloppy at record speed. The house filled with people, many Solene had never seen before, and drunken couples were making out on nearly every flat surface. Solene rolled her eyes, but rather than the disgust she would have usually felt, she found the whole situation quite amusing. 


She felt as carefree as the first time she had gone to a beach club with Sirius. The rooms were stiflingly humid, sweaty bodies packed the living room, dining room and porch, but Solene did not mind. She was very drunk and the music was playing so loud it made her feel like she was floating on sound waves. Nate was pouring tequila down the throats of a group of girls Solene had never seen before and Elias and Julian were passing around a smoke. Solene couldn't tell if it was midnight or close to sunrise. She felt as if she would never tire. Instead, this party would go on forever and she would never again feel the cold or the dark or loneliness. She looked up at the clock; it was a little past two.


Sirius finished off his drink and placed it on the table, unshakably determined. He slinked his way over to Solene, past everyone dancing, past his self-respect, and stopped just behind her. He knew she could feel him there before he even spoke, and reached his fingertips to her back softly. He could just imagine her, her smile not faltering but her eyes wide trying to pretend he wasn’t doing anything. Sirius suddenly cared very little that they were supposed to be cousins. He only felt the urgency to get her alone, however indiscreetly. She backed closer to him subtly, and Audrey and Claire followed oblivious. They’re eyes were barely open as they danced; Sirius doubted the other girls would notice anything.

His fingers ran down Solene’s back slowly and Solene shuddered and stilled. Sirius leaned forward.

“I need you,” he whispered into her ear and she paused before exhaling slowly and noding softly.

He removed his hand from her back and then stepped away without saying more, knowing she couldn’t keep from following him through the crowded living room, through the empty hallway and into the dark guestroom. Solene couldn’t even remember if she had muttered some excuse to her friends before leaving, or if she had just began walking away as if caught on a fishing line. She could barely register what was happening or anchor herself in any context. The future felt like it was miles away, she just wanted to act without thinking of what lay beyond the morning.

She was spell bound and felt her heart begin to race as she heard Sirius close the door behind her; it felt like he was shutting out the whole world.

Solene swallowed and tried to keep her breath steady. Her fingers trembled slightly and all she could think about was Sirius’ whisper: I need you. His voice was playing over and over in her mind even though he was absolutely silent before her. They had reached a moment of perfect synchronization, as if they finally understood each other.

Sirius approached Solene unhurriedly, and her back pressed against the wall, her heart climbing its way up her throat.  She felt overwhelmed. She couldn’t look at him. Solene averted her eyes to the ground: it was dark waxed wood, and then to the wall: it was orange. Sirius was standing right in front of her, breathing steadily.

“Solene,” he said in a soft voice and took her hand gently. She had to make eye contact. The room was dim but she could see enough. His white shirt contrasted his tan skin and his grey eyes shone, even in the shadow.

“Say something, Sirius” she pleaded.

He exhaled and rested his forehead against hers; it felt hot. His fingers were brushing lightly against her legs, and he could all but keep from ripping off her clothing.

“I want you. I think I always have, even when I hated it,” he admitted immediately.

“Did you know this would happen?” she asked as Sirius fingertips traced up her back before he placed his hands on either side of her head, closing the gap between them completely. Solene felt her whole body tingling but she couldn’t stop talking, she needed to draw this out for as long as she could stand.

“No. Sometimes I hoped for it, sometimes I hoped it didn’t,” his continued and Solene felt as if she was melting to the floor as his lips trailed down her ear and neck.

“Do you think I want you?” her questions were shaky and broken by her unsteady breath.

“Yes,” Sirius lips remained against her skin as he spoke, now moving down her collarbone.

“So now what—” her breath caught as Sirius’ tongue moved up the path his lips had trailed down, “—you seduce me?”

Sirius’ tongue reached Solene’s ear and he bit down hard before replying, “You could say that.”

Solene was silenced as Sirius pressed his leg between her legs and his lips against her lips. She could barely breathe. Her hair matted to her forehead and Sirius’ breath blazed her already burning skin. She was going to faint. His fingers raced up her shirt and her body arched towards him. She had never felt so out of control, so much like she was drowning. She barely realized that Sirius mouth was searing the cotton and lace that separated it from her chest, that she was gasping for breath and pulling him as strong as she could against her. Not even attempting to hide her impatience, refusing to accept what she was doing was wrong.


Sirius’ lips scorched and sucked down her neck and her hands slipped hungrily up his chest, scrunched the thin fabric of his shirt in her hands and jerked it off his body. He didn’t falter for a moment and returned the gesture, her top discarded to their feet.

They were bare soon, hot skin pressed against hot skin, his heartbeat easily discernible, racing like her own. This had accelerated far faster than either of them had imagined it would. No one was pulling back this time. Sirius’ hands roughly pressed against her breasts and his mouth once again found hers. Solene moaned and Sirius pulled away, only to yank the shorts down her bronzed legs. Her calf circled around his thigh and she groaned as his fingers ran up and down the bends of her body; leaving no territory untouched, pressing everywhere.

Sirius inhaled sharply as Solene circled her hands around his bare hips when there was a pounding on the door and their two bodies jerked in shock. They felt their stomaches drop as they were abruptly brought back to reality.


“SOLENE? SIRIUS? Are you two in there? Is everything ok?” 




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Chapter 11: Consequences and Company
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Chapter Eleven:



  Prongs- I'm on my way--Padds


“HELLO? SIRIUS? SOLENE?” Charlotte’s voice cut through the wood and the locked door rattled as someone shook the doorknob.

“Who’s in there?” Nate joined in.

“She was with us just a second ago,” Audrey added, and there was a knock on the door once again.

Solene and Sirius were frozen. They remained totally quiet, Sirius’ hands still on Solene’s waist, hers around his neck, the full lengths of their bodies connected and their breathing unsteady. Sirius didn’t know what to do. He scanned the room for an exit, and found no way out.

“I know someone is in there! I’ll just go find a key then,” Charlotte threatened.

“She’s bluffing,” Solene whispered uncertainly and looked up at Sirius, but his eyes were shut forcefully. He had really been fooling himself in thinking he would be able to kiss Solene and pull away. In a matter of seconds, he had backed her against the wall and stripped her. He was instantly more aware of their nudity, aware of their bodies slick with sweat and stuck together, and aware that they had told everyone they were cousins.

If Charlotte hadn’t knocked I’d be fucking Solene against this wall right now. Am I this shallow? Am I insane? Sirius’ thoughts were spinning out of his control. There is no way this wont come bite me in the ass. What if Regulus finds out? Or what if he doesn’t find out, and I just have to live knowing I almost screwed his wife. Does he deserve it? Can Solene live with this? Is she mad? How the fuck do we get out of here? Can I apparate?


“Yeah, I’m in here,” Solene answered finally, and pulled away from Sirius, their skin seeming to peel apart as they separated in the heat. She picked her clothes up from the floor and began to put on her shorts unhurriedly. She looked over to Sirius, dumbstruck and motionless.

“Are you going to get dressed?” she asked calmly and raised her eyebrows.

“And Sirius?” Nate answered.

“Yeah,” Sirius grunted in response, wondering if Solene had a plan.

“What are you doing? Can you open the door?” Charlotte asked.

“Yep. Hold on a second,” Solene replied and pulled her shirt over her head, brushed her hair back with her fingers and waited for Sirius to finish dressing before she pulled the door open.


The puzzled and concerned faces of many of their friends greeted them. Charlotte, Nate, Audrey, Elias, Claire, and Gilles were cramped into the narrow hallway.

“Is everything alright?” said Nate.

“Yes,” Solene answered and turned to Sirius. He nodded and ran his fingers through his hair nervously.

“We thought you two were fighting again. Maybe one of you had finally killed the other,” Gilles joked and Sirius faked a smile.

“Plausible,” Solene said calmly and smirked.

“So what’s going on?” Charlotte’s arms crossed around her chest, “I don’t want any fighting during my farewell party!”

“Sirius just needed to get something off his chest,” Solene chuckled amused and Sirius chuckled nervously.

“What is it with you two anyway?” Nate questioned, “You’re family. Can’t you just lay off each other?”


“Let’s see. Sirius, can you just lay off me? I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve your manhandling,” Solene bit her lip innocently but Sirius was not amused.

He did not find the situation funny in the slightest. Something about how right it felt, felt wrong. Having Solene beneath him made him feel as if he was on fire. Her body against his erased every other reality in his world. It was as if he would do anything to make sure it was always his mouth against her skin, always his hands gripping her thighs, and only his name on her lips. He could have few thoughts more dangerous.

“I need some air,” Sirius struggled with his words and pushed past his friends, through the crowd and down the porch steps, well aware that Solene was tailing behind him.

“Where are you going?” she asked.

“For a walk or something.”


“Can I come?” she replied.

Sirius turned to face her standing on the steps. The light from inside shown against her body and he could see her lips were red and plump from their kissing.


“Why not?” she smiled. Is she really so unfazed, Sirius wondered.

“I need to think.”

“Just go along with it. Stop thinking.”

“I just did that and I think it's cost me my sanity.”

Solene approached and led him further away from the crowd. The sand was cool against his bare feet and the wind was refreshing. It made Solene’s hair dance in front of her eyes and Sirius’ hand twitched as he resisted tucking the strands behind her ear.

“We’re just having fun,” she assured him, trying to excuse their actions.

“That’s not all it is anymore, Solene,” he groaned.


“What are you talking about?”

“You think that was just fun? How far would it have gone if Charlotte hadn’t knocked? Is that really so meaningless to you?”

“You have no problem locking yourself in rooms with the other girls,” Solene remarked, her voice tainted with hurt. The feeling of rejection was alien.

“You know you’re different. Can’t you see what is happening?”


She looked up at him and had trouble finding the words. She didn’t understand what he meant.

“What do you want from me then, Sirius?” she asked softly, scrunching her brow.


“To stop pretending! I see you Solene, you aren’t like your family, you’re like me.”


Solene shook her head immediately. She could not have another one of these conversations. Sirius just had to let it go. She did not know what she wanted or who she was, and was tired of Sirius trying to tell her. He moved forward towards her and took her hands in his own.


“Sure you are. You don’t believe in what you say you do. Stand up for yourself Solene. Stand up for what you believe in.”


“I can’t,” she whispered.

“What are you afraid of? Change? Trouble? Because we can’t stay like this. I won’t renounce everything I believe in for you,” Sirius said flatly.

“Well I won’t ruin my life for you!” Solene retaliated.

“I’m not asking you to ruin your life,” Sirius said aggravated, “I’m asking you to stop being … dead. You’re dead, Solene. You’re just their puppet, a pretty worthless face to toy with.”

“I’m not,” she said and tried to inch away but Sirius kept his fingers entwined with her own.

“Not to me. But you are to your family, to Regulus, to your pureblood-obsessed friends,” his voice was pained.

“That’s not true. My family loves me,” Solene countered and then added cruelly, “you wouldn’t understand.”

He sighed helplessly and looked away. Solene could still feel him clinging to her hands.


“Do you want me dead? Do you want your friends in that house dead?” Sirius tried to reason with her again.

“Of course not.”


“They’d kill us, Solene. My own brother wouldn’t think twice.”

“Stop being so overdramatic,” she rolled her eyes.


He laughed disbelievingly and released her fingers, running his hands up to her shoulders and bringing her closer to him.

“Open your eyes, Solene!” he begged.

“I can’t!” her voice cracked, “My family would never forgive me. I’d be…” she stopped herself but it was too late, Sirius knew what she was going to say.

“You can say it. You’d be an outcast. And a blood traitor. You’d be filth.”

Solene remembered her parents’ tone when they spoke of traitors and muggle-lovers. It was the lowest insult, and one far too sharp for her to swallow. Sirius’ eyes were shining in the moonlight and he held her firmly. She remembered the first time he had held her that way, what had started it all. They had come full circle, and suddenly she felt as if nothing had changed.

“How could you ask me to willingly become that?” she asked in disbelief.

“You’re a coward,” he said in astonishment, shaking his head in disappointment, “you are a spoiled, selfish brat. Would you just look around you? You love those people in there, muggles or not. Who cares what your family says, Solene? They are insane fanatics who don’t understand what it is like to love anyone— so they could never love you. They all abandoned you this summer! Not one person came to see you. Drop your ridiculous pride and do what you know is right!” he yelled. “I’d bear the burden with you.”


Sirius brought her closer, but knew it was too late. He recognized the look: Solene’s eyes glazed over with an icy glare of contempt and pomposity and the warmth that had been stirring beneath them all summer was suddenly lost with a blink of her eyes. Her lashes suddenly shadowed, not complemented her face and her soft, pale lips were pulling into a haughty scowl. He had lost her.

“I would never take on your mistakes.”

He was so frustrated he had to hold back from throwing her away from him. He didn’t wish to hurt her; he was just desperate to wake her up. He looked away from her delicate face and out to the ocean, her tense but unmoving body still against his own. She was driving him crazy. What more could he do? Sirius released her and stepped away. Solene averted her eyes, already regretting her words. She had never seen Sirius so disappointed. His jaw was clenched and he couldn’t even look at her. Solene suddenly felt very cold and moved farther away from him. Every particle of her body was aching to be near him, but she could not continue any longer. She had to leave. Without another word Solene turned back to the chateau.

Sirius walked down the shore alone, desperately trying to clear his head. The water lapped against his feet and he dug his toes into the sand. He had really thought he had been able to change her, to rouse her, to get her to remember. Perhaps Solene Rosier was a lost cause and he had wasted a full summer on an unachievable feat; perhaps there was no sense in trying to change the tides.



Solene opened the kitchen entrance to the chateau, her body still raking with sobs, when Minny appeared with a crack in front of her.


“Mistress, Master Regulus is back,” she squeaked, “And he has company.”

“Who?” Solene asked bewildered.

“Master Avery, Master Wilkes and Master Malfoy,” Minny answered nervously, her eyes darting back and forth with her shaken nerves, “I brought you some robes.”

Solene felt her heart race in panic; she was far too drunk to deal with this. She took the robes from the house elf hastily, discarded her muggle shorts in the trash and threw the fabric over her head, patting down her hair and rinsing her mouth of the taste of alcohol and Sirius. Her heart immediately pulled when she thought of him.

“Did they ask about me?” Solene questioned.

“Minny told them you were sleeping, Mistress Rosier. They told me to fetch you and Minny told them you were going to take a bath.”

“Fetch me some perfume, make-up, soap—anything to make me presentable,” Solene snapped and tried to catch her breath. This was too close of a call.

 Over half an hour later, when she finally felt composed enough, Solene made her way into the den slowly. Avery, Wilkes and Regulus were seated at the round table, drinking scotch. Malfoy was pacing beside the window. The room was dimly lit with two candles and outside the window it was still dark. The sea looked like an immense, black void.

“Finally,” Regulus said upon her entrance, but he smiled genuinely and looked happy to see her.

“Good evening everyone,” Solene said, making an effort to lace her voice with the arrogance and seduction it had all but lost.


“Solene, dear,” Malfoy approached her and kissed her flushed cheek softly. “You didn’t have to trouble yourself getting so dolled up for us.”

“No trouble at all,” Solene smiled vainly and seated herself beside Regulus. Her boyfriend slipped his hand over hers and kissed her lips softly, breathing in her scent.

“Anything I can do for you gentlemen?”

Malfoy smiled, “We were awfully rude to wake you. You see we have been set up here for a few days with some errands, and I just wanted to let you know as soon as I could that your dear Narcissa and I are engaged to be married. I thought the news would please you.”


“That’s wonderful,” Solene plastered her face with a grin and approached him again, kissing both his cheeks in congratulations. His skin was cold and she felt the hairs on her arms rise in fear that he would be able to sense Sirius on her skin.

“And we were just discussing,” he continued, “when it would be Regulus’ turn to have the same honor with you.”

Avery and Wilkes nodded in agreement, their eyes running up and down her body hungrily, almost salivating. Solene chuckled softly and returned to Regulus’ side. She felt more secure by him.

“Well, I suppose that would be up to Regulus,” she oozed. Somehow she felt responding with any less enthusiasm would be unwise.

“How quaint. Regulus said it was to be your decision,” Malfoy seemed to be thoroughly enjoying playing matchmaker and Solene was secretly relieved that Regulus still valued her opinion in the matter. She looked up at her boyfriend gratefully, and he ran his hand across her cheek. She couldn’t help but relax at his tenderness. There was something that prevented her from believing Regulus could be evil.

The men chatted for another hour of things with little consequence. They were drunk and Solene was sleepy. She rested her head against Regulus’ shoulder, her comfort from him returning out of habit.


“I can understand all too well the loverbirds’ need for quality time, can’t you boys,” Malfoy laughed loudly and threw back the rest of his drink, “Come now, Regulus. You retire for the night, we can get the servants to set us up in some rooms.”

Regulus seemed relieved and he rose from his chair, firmly grasping Solene’s hand and bidding goodnight to his company. He excused himself to speak to the house elf quickly about where to set up his guests and then returned to Solene, leading her to his bedroom.

The moment he shut the door behind them, Regulus pulled Solene up against his body.

“How I’ve missed you,” he groaned in an odd combination of ecstasy and agony. Solene was caught off guard once again by the new passionate Regulus.

“Take off your clothes,” he demanded and leaned his back against the door.

Solene stood petrified. There was no way she could handle this: making love to Regulus just after grinding her naked body against his brother’s. And yet, she felt as if she did not have a choice.

“Now,” he stressed and moved towards her, untying her robes and kissing down the center of her chest.

“Regulus,” she whispered, her breath shaking, “I don’t think I can do this right now.”

“I know, I know,” he kissed along her jaw and tangled his hands into her hair, “You’re upset with me I know. You have the right to be. But I love you and I need to feel you Solene.”

“Regulus I—”

And his lips met hers forcefully as he pulled the cloth off her shoulders and circled his hands around her neck.

“Please, please, baby,” he whispered, “You don’t know how I need you. I need you to do this for me.”

Solene swallowed and felt her body begin to shake. She was overwhelmed, she was drowning, she was lost. She didn’t know what to do. Regulus pulled his own robes off his body quickly and backed the two of them against the wall beside the fireplace. His hands held her face tenderly and he kissed her again and again, her lips and her eyelids and her collarbones. Solene felt her blood begin to rush and the alcohol resurged through her system. Regulus always knew how to make her feel good, she could lose herself in him, she could find a release in him.

She grazed her teeth against his mouth and pulled his hips closer, her hands pushing ardently up his chest. Suddenly, she hungered for this: contact. Solene licked the boys lips again, they were warm and swollen. How red Sirius lips had been when they pulled away from their kiss. How soft his skin was, his lips were, his tongue had felt slipping into her mouth. Sirius had tasted like tequila and lemons. How she loved the sensation of squirming after sucking on lemons. Had he tasted like that for her, had Sirius’ lips been so sweet and soft just for her?

And his skin so smooth, his eyelashes so thick against her cheek. She ran her hands across her boyfriends shoulders, reliving the tangled moment when Sirius had backed her against he wall and she had felt how broad he was, how overpowering he was. How she had clung to him; both an anchor and the undeniable start of all her chaos. She ran her fingers up his neck and into his hair- how thick and silky and black his hair had been tangled in her fingers. He had been so forceful and passionate. Murky, dark, black. This kiss was forceful and passionate the same, this kiss could absolutely convince her she was against that orange wall again, absolutely lost in what she knew she was forbidden to do again. Hands ran up her stomach and traveled to her breasts. How rough his hands had felt against her curves.

“Mmm Sirius,” she murmured, her breath hitched and she sunk deeper into the body. It wasn’t until the lips softened and suddenly pulled away sharply that she realized what a terrifying mistake she had just made.

“What?” Regulus asked, his eyes narrowed in repulsion.

‘I…” Solene fumbled with her words. How could she have been so stupid? “I …don’t know where that came from.”

He gripped his fingers hard against her jaw and pushed Solene further into the wall.

“Don’t lie to me!”

She averted her eyes from his menacing glare, heavy and insane with rage.

“Tell me!” he nearly bellowed.

She steadied herself, “You were gone all summer,” she stated coldly.

“So you fucked my brother!” he cried.

“No,” she replied calmly, “I didn’t. But I was lonely so I spent time with him.”

“So you wanted to! You dreamt of being an addition to the list of blood-traitors and whores!”

“Regulus, calm down,” she pleaded, “I wanted nothing like that from him,” she lied.

“Solene you said his name. You moaned it for God’s sake!”

“It was a mistake. It didn’t mean that.”

“What else can that mean?” he sneered.

Solene was silent. What else could it mean? Regulus laughed bitterly and clenched his fingers around her face harder, his lips brushing hers roughly as he spoke.

“Stupid Rosier has the hots for a muggle-lover. Let me explain something to you: I know my brother. And you mean nothing to him,” he spat “You don’t go to school with him, you don’t know what he is like. Between the legs of ever girl he decides to conquer. Never one to discriminate, dear Sirius—muggles to Slytherins, he ruins them all. You should see the girls after he jilts them, the way he breaks their stupid hearts. You’re just another tally, Solene. Another idiot bitch he’s managed to taint. Except you come with an even bigger prize.

Solene shut her eyes forcefully, trying to block out the sound.

“You think he gave two shits about you? He was just trying to find a way to ruin me.”

Solene began to tremble. He was going to leave bruises on her face. He was almost smothering her.

“You were everything to me—“ Regulus started.

“No,” Solene found her voice, it was meek, but it was there, “No. I was nothing to you but a trophy Regulus. You left me here to spend months alone, you knew Cissy wouldn’t come.”

“I have other obligations!”

“Like what? What have you been doing?”

“Proving my loyalties.”

“Which loyalties? To whom? What would you do if Voldemort commanded you to kill me—”

Suddenly, Solene’s head smashed against the wall as Regulus clamped down on her shoulders and shook her, “How dare you speak the Dark Lord’s name!”

Solene’s skin fell chalk pale. Was this what her boyfriend had become?

“Regulus,” she whispered and he released her, backing away in shock and fear and shame. He had never laid a finger on her before, how could he now feel as if he could crush her without hesitation. She stepped forward following him, suddenly unafraid, she knew what she had to do. Slowly, she touched her fingers to his wrist. Regulus didn’t move away, but he turned his head down to avert her gaze. Gently, Solene placed his arm in her hand and focused in the dark. Her heart fell as her eyes came across the image of a serpent and a skull etched into the pale skin of they young boy’s forearm. She didn’t comment, didn’t even gasp as she released him bluntly and moved away. She moved away from Regulus, away from his room, away from the dark.


“You wont find him,” Regulus muttered bitterly to Solene’s shadow and she stopped around the corner of the doorframe to hear him finish, “He’s left you.”

Solene shook her head, refusing to believe it; after all, how would Regulus know? She rushed determinedly down the halls, reciting in her head what she’d say. Sure for the first time that this was what she wanted. Sure that a premature and empty marriage to Regulus would be the death of her and that she would rather her reputation rot then spend another minute in the shadows of a husband’s growing wickedness. She hurdled herself down the stairs, along the way breaking into a run, and her breath caught as she turned down the hall, fumbled Sirius’ doorknob without knocking and barged into his room.

It was empty. His school trunks were gone, his clothes were gone, and he was gone.

Regulus was right: Sirius had left her. Again.

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