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Never Leave Me Like That Again! by O_O

Format: Short story
Chapters: 9
Word Count: 19,136
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, General, Romance
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, OtherCanon
Pairings: James/Lily, Remus/OC

First Published: 01/08/2007
Last Chapter: 08/16/2007
Last Updated: 08/16/2007

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Lily and her family ago on a vacation. There, she meets James. for a while, they keep in touch. Then, for some reason, his phone is out. When Lily returns to Hogwarts though, she sees a familiar face.

Chapter 1: meeting him
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Chapter 1: Meeting Him

Here I am, sitting on a plane, going to who knows where for a vacation. My sister, heh, she makes going anywhere a might mare. I think that I will probably spend my time on the beach. I love the ocean. Besides, I need a break! Professor McGonagall made us do that huge essay that I, of course, had to finish before I could even try to enjoy my summer holidays. Now I can sleep in peace. Sleep. That sounds good.

When I finally woke up, we were landing. Eventually we got off of the plane, grabbed our luggage, and quickly found our way to the hotel, right as the sun was setting. It was a nice place. I could see the ocean from my window! It looked so peaceful. Mum said that I could walk to the beach the next day, but for right now, I just wanted to lie in my bed, and watch the sun set.

“Lily, Petunia, wake up!” Mum called. She was all dressed and ready to go. I just groaned and rolled over,. “Come on! Up up up!” I groaned again and looked at her, my face clearly reading, ‘do I have to?’ Mum nodded. I decided to drag myself up and out. I thought it was vacation! I thought that I could sleep in! I thought that I could have alone time on the beach!

Once Petunia and I were ready, dad told us that today would be the only day that they would force family on us. Then we could relax and do what we wanted, as long as they knew where we are going. I waned the beach, but I had to survive this fire. Hehe. Joy. I mean, I love my parents to death, but a day that I am forced to spend with my sister is horrible! She will try to shoot everything anti-wizard at me! Probably will try to tell the world about mine! Ug.

Breakfast was ok. The chefs can really make a mean chocolate chip pancake. Mum never gets them fluffy. Hers are usually burnt to a crisp! Then, after we ate, we went to see what was around. Dad had said something about how hot it was, and that he wanted to go to the ocean. I lit up, but Petunia, because she hates swimming and getting sand everywhere, we didn’t go. Thanks to her, that would be one less day at the beach. She is so stuck up! Petunia mentioned shopping, so that is how I spent the rest of my day. All Petunia ever wants to do is shop! She will be out of money by tomorrow. I just bought a book to read on the beach. It was pretty thick and figured that it would take me about half of the week, and then I would get a new one.

At the end of the day, I was tiered. Petunia dragged us through so many stores, and then made me carry all of her bags! I needed the beach! When we finally go back to the hotel, was dragging my feet. I didn’t even bother getting into my pajamas. I just crashed.

When I woke up, the sun was just poking up. I hurried to get my bathing suit on, a nice red one to bring out my hair, grabbed my book, and wrote a note to my parents explaining that I was going to the beach and that I would probably come home when the sun went down. On my way to the ocean, I watched the sun rise. It continued as I sat down on my towel. When the sun was fully up, and the colors faded into blue, a few people started arriving. I took my book out of my bag and began reading it. It was starting to get hot, so I put a new bookmark in the middle of chapter three, and walked into the water. It felt nice.

A little while later, I went back to my towel, and dried up as a bit. It was about noon, and I was getting hungry. I got into my bag, put my book away, got out my cloths, and headed for the showers to clean up a little. There was as little Oceanside restaurant called ‘The Wave.’ It looked good, so I decided to try it. I shrugged and walked in as I put my long locks of flaming hair into a band, my bag at my side.

“Table for one,” I said when a girl in uniform walked up to me. She nodded and turned around. I knew to fallow. Eventually she stopped and put the menu down.

“Can I get you anything to drink?” she asked sweetly.

“Water please.” I said, and then opened up my menu. Oh! I hadn’t had anything like this in ages! Not even a hamburger! My parents don’t do fast food. Not even semi-fast food. This was an ok restaurant, but I know that they wouldn’t step foot in it. I smiled. When the waitress came back and asked what I would like, I answered, “Cheese burger please, with everything on it.” I closed the menu and handed it to her. I love vacations like this.

When it was done, I was hungry! It may have been huge, but I ate my way through half of it, enjoying every bite. I decided not to have it all at one time, not sure if I would return. I got a box and paid for the bill and put it at the bottom of my bag, next to my book.

I was back on my way to my spot at the beach deep in thought, debating if I would spend every day at the beach, or if I would look around some. While I was one with my thoughts, I really wasn’t paying much attention to where I was going. The next thing I knew, I was on the ground. I must have collided with some guy. When I got up, I was amazed. The guy that I had just so happened to bump into was the most gorgeous guy I had ever seen! He was tall, black hair with some low-lights, and had deep hazel eyes. To sum it up, tall, dark, and handsome! “Oh! I am so sorry!” He said, helping me up.

I took his hand, smiling. “It’s ok.” I laughed a bit.

Then a little boy, about five came up to the guy in front of me. “Here James.” Said the boy, holding up a Frisbee.

We both smiled. “Thank you Jake, but why don’t you go and play Frisbee with Thomas over there, ok? I am going to talk to-“

“Lily.” I said.

The little boy looked sad. “I promise that I will play with you more tonight. I played Frisbee with you and Sam all morning!”

The little boy simply said, “Ok,” and turned around.

Now the boy called James looked up at me and straitened up. “Hi. My name is James.” He said, smiling and held out his hand.

I took it, saying, “Lily. Nice to meet you.” Man! I sounded like a really goody-goody!

“I am really sorry about that. I was playing with my cousins, and wasn’t looking to see where I was going.” James apologized.

“It’s ok! Really!” I laughed. When he saw me smile, he smiled back.

“You have a beautiful smile.” He said. Now I was just blushing. “So, are you from around here?” he asked, and we started walking down the beach to some shade.

“No. London.” I answered. “You?”

“Yeah. I’m moving to London soon though, but I don’t know when. My dad’s job is moving somewhere over there.” James said, and we sat down on a brick wall under a group of palm trees. “How long will you be staying?”

Lily thought for a moment. “Um, well, I think only about, nine days. We arrived yesterday.” James nodded. “Hey, want to go into the water?”

“Sure.” James replied. “Race you there!” I giggled and started running! It wasn’t long before he caught up to me. We splashed into the water at about the same time. Right as our feet hit the water, my hand brushed up against his, but only for a second. I don’t know about him, but I definitely felt some kind of zing. A feeling of happiness that I couldn’t understand, but I knew that it felt good!

We splashed into the ocean until it was chest high., laughing all the way. “So, what will be your dads new job?” I asked, eager to know if someone like James, who is probably the most popular guy in his school, really wanted to leave to come to London.

James couldn’t answer correctly! He w2ould be expelled, or worse! He didn’t want that, but he didn’t want to lie to Lily. I was being to in a dream trance type thing to notice though. “Um, well, you see, he’s a teacher. My school got closed and he got offered a job.” James told me.

“Do you want to go?” I asked. I wanted to know if this place was a s good as it seemed.

It didn’t take any thinking. As soon as the words left my lips, James quickly said, “yes.” My face clearly asked, ‘why?’ James continued. “Well, I really have no friends here. Other than my cousins that is, and after a while, they can get really annoying.”

I felt so bad for James. How could he not have friends? “I would have thought that you would have been one of the most popular guys at school.” I told him.

James smiled, “Nope. I am happy to get out of here. You said that you come from London? You must have they guys in the palm of your hands.”

I was flattered. If he said what I thought he said, then he just said that I was pretty. “Yeah, I’ve had a few ask, but I don’t know. I am the quiet one. Sure they might think that I am pretty, but I keep to my work. Most guys at my school don’t really like that. They like girls that are stupid and ditsy so they can snog then every possible minute.”

“Hmm. Well, I like girls that are independent, and for the record, I’m still waiting for a first kiss. I want to know a girl before we kiss, you know?” James said. I nodded.

We swan and talked for a while. It was really enjoyable! After a while, we got a bit cold. We decided to lie on the beach for a while. I learned so much about James. To me, he was classified as perfect! Soon it became around four. I was getting hungry again. James must have read my mine, because he said, “Hey, do you want to get something to eat?”

“Sure.” I replied

James jumped up. “OH! I know this awesome place! It is the perfect combination of fast food and, not. It’s called ‘The Wave.’ Want to go?”

James was getting exited. I couldn’t understand why though. This couldn’t have been his first date, or was it. I didn’t even know if it was a date or not, but I didn’t care! “Ok. Um, meet back here in fifteen minutes. I need to shower up.”

“Alright.” James said, and we departed.

While I took a quick shower, things started going through my head. ‘What if I am going to be stood up? Oh! But things were going so perfectly! He wouldn’t get all exited about it if he was planning not to show, would he? I don’t know him that well, he might.’ These things kept running through my head as I put my cloths on and walked out. James wasn’t there. ‘What if he is just getting ready?’ I wondered. I sat for about five minutes, and then I heard a familiar voice. “Lily?” it called. I stood up immediately and looked around. It was James’ voice, I was sure of it, but I couldn’t see him! “LILY!” he called again. I felt someone’s arms wrap around me. When I looked up, I saw the eyes that I had been looking for. “Glad I found you.” He said when I turned around. “You would think that I could see your red hair for miles.” We laughed and walked over to the restaurant.

During lunch, I talked about what I could remember about London. I was only there for different parts of the year, and only for a couple weeks at a time usually. I was mostly at Hogwarts. Then I told James about some people from school, like the bigheaded Sirius Black. “That sounds like most of the guys here.” James said and laughed when I finished. I also told James about my best friend, Remus Lupin. Remus was usually into the books as well.

We had a wonderful lunch and more time in the water. Nine o’clock came all to fast. We sat on my beach towel and watched a wonderful sunset. Once I figured out that it was ten o’clock, I jumped in shock. “Oh my gosh! My parents must be worried sick! I didn’t tell them that I would be out this late!” I said, as I hurried to get my stuff together.

“Here. Let me walk you to your hotel.” James offered.

I looked up and swung my bag over my shoulder. “Are you sure? How are you going to get home?”

James shrugged, “taxi? Depending on what hotel you are at, I can actually walk.”

“Are you sure?” I asked as we walked onto the pavement.

“Yeah. I am usually here late in the summer any way.” James said as we walked on. We continued to talk until my hotel came into view. “So this is where you are staying?” he asked.

“Yep. Why?”

“I live right down the street! It won’t even take me five minutes to get home.” We stepped into the lobby and stopped. “Can I see you again?”

“Of course! Say, here tomorrow?” I said.

“Sure, what time?” James smiled. Whenever I saw him smile, I practically melted.

“Um,” I thought for a moment. “Say about, ten thirty?” I asked.

James nodded. “Sure. I will pick you up.” He turned to go. I ran up and hugged him. I couldn’t resist. That Zing came back. There was just something about him that was just so, I don’t even know.

I watched him turn around the corner before I started for the elevator. It didn’t take me long to get to my room, but when I got there I wish I had taken the stairs. “Where have you been young lady?” my mom yelled as soon as I walked in the door.

I was so confused. “What? I left a note on the table saying that I was going to be at the beach and would be back kind of late.” I said. Then I saw a satisfied smile from my sister.

“Well, I didn’t find it.” Mum said.

“She did something with it!” I said, pointing to Petunia.

“I thought that I trusted you more.” Mum said. “You should know better than to blame your sister for things. You’re thirteen!”

“I know mum, but I know that she did it! Who woke up first, huh?” I yelled back.

“That doesn’t matter. You are grounded! Tomorrow, you are going now where! And that’s final!” Mum said.

“What! Answer my question! If she woke up first, then clearly you don’t understand! I made a note! And I am going somewhere tomorrow because I told someone that I would see them tomorrow, and you can’t stop me!” I yelled. “What the bloody hell did you do with it Petunia?!”

Petunia grinned. “I did nothing!” she spat.

“I know you did. Tell mum. NOW!”


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Chapter 2: Surfing
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Chapter 2: Surfing 

Today I woke up extra early. I did everything I did yesterday, except made sure that the note was in my mums suitcase. I was going to go anyway. I decided to go into the lobby and read, but by seven thirty, I knew that my mum would be up and looking for me. I shut my book, put it into my bag, and for a while, I walked around to see what was here. 

It didn’t take long before I lost track of all time. I didn’t realize that I had been gone as long as I had. James was on his way to leave when I came running up the steps and called his name. When he looked up, our eyes met, and he smiled. “Where did you go?” he asked. 

“Really, I don’t even know.” I told him and he laughed. 

“Well he, I have a surprise for you at the beach!” James said. I didn’t want to say it, but I really hate surprises. The last time I got a surprise, it was a pink shirt that had lace and frills all over it from my parents. It was horrible! And it was for my latest birthday. To say the least, I almost puked. 

When we got to the beach, James took me to a pile of stuff. In that pile was two, unmistakable surf boards. “Have you ever gone surfing before?” James asked. 

I was so nervous. Was James really going to take me surfing? “Um, no. Not really.” I said, my voice a bit shaky. 

James picked them up and handed one to me. “Then I’ll teach you.” He said. “Come on.” I wasn’t so sure about this, but I fallowed anyway. Right before we stepped into the water, James bent down and said, “Strap this around your ankle.” Holding a piece of Velcro on a string, connected to the bard. Then we paddled out. 

We got to the point where we couldn’t reach, so I sat up on the surfboard. “Are you sure you can teach me this?” I asked, extremely nervous. 

James came closer and put his hand over mine and looked into my eyes, and said, “I can promise you that I wont let anything happen to you.” His tone was serious and I believed him. It made me rust him. This was the first time that I had ever seen him so serious. “Here, I will teach you like I did with my cousin. Stay here.” James swam back to shore with his board. A few minutes later I felt someone unvelcro my ankle thing. Then James’ head popped p. “ Ok, now I want you to sit up here,” he patted the middle of the front, “And when I say to stand, I want you to stand. I will help you, ok?” I gulped “Alright. Let’s go.” 

We paddled up to an upcoming wave. “You ready?” I didn’t even get time to answer and James said, “Stand.” At first, my feet were firmly on the board, but the rest of me fell backwards onto James. He grabbed my hands, and helped me balance. All of a sudden, the wave had closed around us. It was awesome! I turned my head and looked at James. He mad it so easy.

Then, I lifted my foot and we fell. When I broke the surface, I stated laughing. “Sorry about that.” I said when James popped up. 

“Well, that was a good start.” He said. “Let’s try again.” And so we did. I steadily got the hand of it. It wasn’t long before James unhooked himself and went to get the other board. This was the first time that I would try it on my own. When James swam back, he said, “Ok, I think that you are ready. I will take this first wave and you take the next one. I will tell you when to go so it is small enough.” Then he swam up to the wave and perfectly surfed. As he swam back, I put my mock-serious face on and started clapping before we burst out laughing. James started watching the waves. Then, out of nowhere, he said, “Now.” 

I started paddling up, scared as hell. I got up and actually kept my balance. The feeling was amazing! I came back down, a smile plastered to my face. We rode a few more waves before we made our way back to the wave. With hanging out with James, my book laid in my bag, forgotten.

“That was amazing!” I said when the waitress left to get our drinks. 

“You’re doing better than Kali.” James said. I didn’t want to sound obvious, but I wanted to ask who Kali was. I didn’t have to because James said, “My cousin.” I should have known that. He did say that he had no friends here. Why was I worrying? I didn’t know why I felt this way because James and I weren’t even together. Oh, but how I wished we were. We ordered, ate, and walked back to the ocean. “You ready to head back out Lily?” 

I smiled, “Of course.” The whole day was wonderful. James walked me back to my hotel again, and agreed on nine. 

When I got to my room, mom tried to blow up at me again. “You can ground me when we get home! Right now, I don’t know about you, but I am on vacation!” I yelled. “You can’t stop me from going anywhere. You know what, I shouldn’t tell you anything! I have been back by curfew, and that should be good enough!” I stormed to bed. 

The whole week was filled with James and the ocean. I loved every minute of it. Along with that, every day, I felt closer to him and the feeling stronger. I got really sad when the last day came. As soon as I saw James turn the corner, I ran down the street and hugged him as a tear rolled down my cheek. When he asked why, the tears all let loose and flooded down. “I a-am le-leaving t-t-tomorrow!” Shock filled James. He wasn’t expecting it to be so soon. 

James wrapped his arms around me and whispered, “It’s ok Lils.” We stayed like that for a while on the street corner. Neither of us really wanted to let go. After a while, James said, “Let’s make this the best day of the summer. Something that we’ll never forget.” I wiped my cheeks with the help of James and smiled. 

I wanted to take one last surf before I left, so we spent most of the morning there. Then we returned one last time to the wave. James suggested that we went to the beach shop. When we got there, he talked to the clerk, and walked back o me and put something around my neck. I turned around with a questioning look. “I have gathered the prettiest shells from each day of seeing you and made them into a necklace.” He said. 

I didn’t know what to say. This was the sweetest thing that anyone had ever done for me. “James, I-“ 

“It’s ok. I wanted to. You are an amazing person, and I am really going to miss you.” James said. I didn’t want to go. The rest of the day, we were pretty much silent. We sat on the beach and watched everyone else. Every now and then, one of us would say something. There really wasn’t much more to say. I was leaving early the next morning, and that was it. 

It got later and later, and soon, everyone had left except for me and James. The sun had just started to set. I laid out my towel and we sat and watched the sunset. Tonight we sat closer than before. Then, right as the sun looked as though it hit the water, James looked over at me and closed any space between his lips and mine. I hesitated at first, not expecting it, but loosened up soon after. It was a slow kiss, but full of passion. We kissed until the sun was long gone. Then, something interrupted it. It was the sound of a car horn. I broke away. “Oh god! It’s my mum. I have to go.” I said, and started gathering my things. 

James was startled. “Lils, you can’t go!” he called. “Wait, do you have a phone?” What a weird question. 

I nodded and got out a pen. “Call this number at noon tomorrow.” I said as I wrote it down on his hand. “Give me yours.” James scribbled down a number. Right as I turned, he grabbed my hand and pulled me into one last kiss. It was quickly broken by a repeating car horn. “I really have to go.” I ran up to the parking lot. I turned around one last time as one more tear fell from my eye, and I ran to the car. “Mum, do we really have to go?” she nodded. 

I got in the car and looked out the window. It wasn’t too long before I saw a few raindrops hit the window, then they all let go and pored down. It felt like the world was crying for this love that could never be. As I sat in the room, packing my things, I realized that his number was smearing. I quickly wrote it down on my book that I had bought and stared. I was skeptical on weather James would really call me or not, so I figured that I would. 

We woke up very early the next morning. The plane left at ten. We would be home by one. Woops. I told James to call at noon shit. Oh well. I decided to call him when I got home. 

The first thing I did when I walked through my big oak door was go to the answering machine. It was about one-thirty and there were three messages from today. All three were from the same boy. James. The first one sounded like, “Hey Lils, um, it’s noon. I guess your plane is a bit late, or you just aren’t home yet. Call me. James.” The next one said, “Hi Lily. Um, it is 12:45, you still aren’t’ home. Please call soon. I am starting to think that you gave me the wrong number.” And the third one was pretty much, “Lily… Liiiiiiiiiiillllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyy…. Lily? Are you there?! * sigh *” 

I felt so bad. I practically ripped the phone off of the phone holder thingy and pounded in his number. The phone rang three times and then I heard, “You have reached James Potter’s line. I am not here-“ It was the answering machine, but it had been cut off by James, fiercely lifting up the phone. “Yeah?” He said, breathlessly. 

“James? Oh my gosh! I am sooooooooo sorry! I forgot that I had a three-hour flight. I am so sorry!” I said into the phone. 

I heard him laugh on the other end. “It’s ok.” He said. “I just though that you gave me the wrong number. That’s all.” 

“I would never do that. I had too much fun with you.” I said and smiled. We talked for hours. We called each other almost every day all through July and August. Then, on the last day of August, I told him that I was going to a private school away from home and explained how we didn’t have phones, but that I would write whenever I got the chance. James said that he was going to one too. In his voice, I could tell that he wanted to tell me where, but for some reason, couldn’t “Alright.” I said. “Call me at break. I love you. Bye.” I slowly hung up the phone. It felt like the day I left him. It hurt horribly. I slowly. Packed for the long rain ride for my third year at Hogwarts. Usually it couldn’t come soon enough, but now was different. I dreaded returning to Hogwarts when I knew that I probably would never hear his voice again. 

On the train, another muggle girl got a cell phone over break. When I asked to barrow it, the let me, but after I dialed the number, re-written on my hand, I hated what I heard next. “ For repeatedly not paying this phone bill, this phone shall be permanently disconnected.” I hung up the phone and handed it back to Emily and sat back down in my compartment. I really would never hear his voice again. Now I wish that I had a time-turner.

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Chapter 3: James who?
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Chapter 3
James who?

I must have looked horrible because when Remus sat down, he instantly asked, “What’s wrong?”

I uncurled myself, let go of my ankles, put my feet on the floor, and sat up strait into my usual position, as I tore my eyes away from the window. I was doing so good to not cry, but I wanted to more than anything. No. Almost anything. I wanted James first, and then there would be no need for the tars to com. Slowly, I inhaled and said, “Nothing.” Remus smiled in that way that told me he knew that something was up. Then it hit him, ‘Lily just lied!’ that was new! I guess being with James did that. “Ok,” I said, but I didn’t really want to say anything after that. “It’s just, someone that I met over the holidays. I’m never going to see tem again.”

Remus didn’t understand. This ‘person’ lived in another part of England and I didn’t know when they were moving or to what part of London they were moving to. All of my ways to contact James were gone. I actually, loved him, and yet, I can no longer see him. It is so like me to go for the muggles. You know, as I keep thinking about me and James, our love seems kind of, forbidden. We really like each other, but something is holding us back. It is a lot like a muggle play called ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ except, our parents done even know! Hehe.

Soon we felt the train start to slow down. We decided to go and get changed. Most everyone already had. When Remus returned, he found Peter. Eh. I am always uneasy around Peter, but I don’t now why. There is just something about him. Last year, Professor McGonagall asked Remus to tutor him, and some how found a way to befriend him. Remus said that he felt bad for him. I, on the other hand, don’t trust him at all. I stayed silent until we reached the castle.

It felt good to be back at the castle again. It was my escape. Escape from Petunia, my parents, and the whole muggle world. The only bad pat was Snape. He was worse than peter. Sevorous made my skin crawl. He somehow got it in his head that he liked me. He has been trying to lad a move on me since last year! He really needs to get it through his greasy hair that A: he is weird, B: Disgusting, C: really needs to take a twenty hour shower and actually use soap and shampoo, and D: that I will never beyond EVER go out with him. What girl would ever find that attractive?

Peter, Remus and I filed into one of the carriages. Remus and I sat across from Peter. I looked out the window to find of all people to be looking for a carriage, Sirius Black coming our way. I groaned right before he limbed in, asking to ride since the rest were full and he didn’t want to wait. I swear! Sometimes he can be a bit too full of himself! Peter moved over as my eyes rolled. The carriage took us to the doors of the castle, where Sirius left and Peter fallowed Remus and I like a lost puppy until we sat down at the Gryffindor table.

Professor Dippet welcomed us and then dismissed professor McGonagall to get the first years. About five minutes later, a out one hundred freighted first years fallowed Professor McGonagall through the great hall. They were sorted and then Professor Dippet went over the rules for the first years and welcomed them as well before singing the Hogwarts song. Then, at long last, the food appeared. About an hour later, the food disappeared and desert came up. It all looked so good. Eventually it all disappeared and we were dismissed. I was so tiered.

When I got to my dorm, I didn’t change or anything. I just plopped onto my bed. After I stopped bouncing, I heard a very familiar voice say, “Hey lily!” I looked up to see my friend, Niki and smiled. “What was up with you? You stopped answering my owls!” She said and laughed as she plopped next to me. AS I sat up, she asked, “So? What’s up? What did you do over the holidays?”

I smiled before asking the tall brunette, “Can I go to sleep and tell you in the morning?” and I tried to wipe some of the sleep from my eyes.

Niki frowned, but then bushed her curls over he shoulder, her light green eyes looking tiered as well. “Ok, but I want a full –detailed summer update in the morning.” She said as she climbed into her won bed. I nodded and nestled under my own covers. No sooner had I closed my eyes, I was a sleep, in a world where James was right next to me.

It felt like only two minutes after I closed my eyes when Niki jumped on my bed, once again. I stretched and opened my eyes and wined, “It’s too early!”

Niki laughed. “How could it be too early? Everyone else is down stairs at breakfast!”

I shot up. “WHAT?” Niki nodded. Oh my gosh! How could I have slept in? I never sleep in! I am always awake and on time! I hurried to get changed and to do my hair! Not that it made a difference, I was still a wreck! Niki helped and we eventually made it down stairs at the end of breakfast.

When we were walking down to the great hall, Niki said, “so, what did you do over the holidays since you decided to stop answering my owls? The last I heard, you were going to the coast for a two week vacation, and I had owled to ask how it was, but you never answered!”

“I’m sorry. We went and I, met someone.” Niki’s eyes widened. “His name is James, and well, we had contact, but just recently, something happened. I no longer can find him.” I said as we kept walking.

“Well, if I had known that! Man! Lily, actually interested in someone? THE OPOCOLIPS IS COMING!!!!!” Niki yelled, and we both laughed. And we found our usual seats at the Gryffindor table. “But, if you can’t find him anymore, the best thing to do is just to move on.” I nodded. I knew that she was right, but I didn’t want to forget! “Hmm, well, I don’t know if you ever caught it, but I really think that you and Remus would make an adorable couple!” Niki said as she got some toast. I didn’t know where she was coming from. “I mean, everyone can tell that he is totally into you!”

“Oh stop!” I said. “You have to got to be kidding! Remus? He is only a friend! I would never dream of going out with him!”

Niki looked at me and said, “ok, you try to find your muggle, and I will focus on something easy.” I looked over, somewhat interested. “Sirius.”

My jaw dropped. Did she just say Sirius? Like, Sirius Black, Sirius?! “Good luck with that one! I have a bigger chance of fining James!” I said, shocked and slightly disgusted. Sirius is such a git! “What ever gave you such a stupid thought?”

Niki smiled innocently. “Um, well, you can’t deny how hot he is! The only way you couldn’t would be if you were blind!” She said. I had to give him his props, but he was still a royal git!

I tried not to think about everything that could go wrong if they hooked up. I mean, Sirius Black! He goes from girl to girl, snogging them until he gets board, and then moves on, leaving them heart broken! I just didn’t want Niki going through that too. I wanted to change the subject, so I said, “I hope that there won’t be any ‘slug-club’ meetings.”

Niki laughed. “I know! They are so boring!” we stayed on that subject until Remus joined us.

“I’ve had a horrid night.” Remus said as he sat down. I looked sat him, wanting to ask why. “I couldn’t sleep. I am just getting used to the beds again. That’s all.” I knew that the bed wasn’t his reason for lack of sleep. The beds at Hogwarts are so comfortable. If Remus wanted to keep the real reason to himself, I guess I should let him.

For the rest of breakfast, Niki, Remus, and I talked about our summer. Remus took a trip to America, and Niki visited her cousin in France. While they were talking, I couldn’t stop wondering why Remus looked so wasted and bat up. it didn’t’ make sense! A rough night of sleep couldn’t possibly leave cuts all over. I tried my hardest to pushy it to the back of my mind… Unsuccessful.

Classes were simple since it was the first day back. All we did was turn in our homework, and meet a new teacher for defense against the dark arts, Professor Williams. I have to say, he was cute. He had perfect teeth, sandy blond hair, tall and had the cutest face with chocolate eyes, and dimples! Can’t forget those! He just got out of learning to teach the subject. He was young, and this was his first job.

It was only the first day, and I already had to help Niki. Somehow, she had a tendency to get behind. Me? No. I am taking the usual History of magic, potions, defense against the dark arts, transfiguration, and charms, but I am also taking ancient runes, divination, Arithmancy, and muggle studies. Niki was never good at muggle math, and was practically celebrating when she found out that she could ditch it. She was also from a muggle family. She obveosly didn’t want to go back to math, but she was interested in divination, so I took that with her, and she will take ancient Runes with me. Niki liked runes, but I thought that Divination was bogus, yet fun anyway.

As school went, I started to understand where Niki was coming from. I h ad never noticed how much Remus had been staring at me during class or how he acted around me. It was a different side of Remus that I had really never seen, even though it had been there for a while. James started being pushed to the back of my mind, and everyone else’s. I was actually starting to like Remus.

Days went by and he never said anything on the subject. I never really expected him to, but still. We would do homework together like we did on most nights, Sometimes Niki would join us, but leave soon after, giving me a smile as to be saying, ‘go on. Tonight is it!’ I smiled back, hopeful.

One night in December, things were about to change. Remus, Niki, and I were working on Divination. Niki had finished hers, so she left, and we did our smiles. Remus was still thinking about his dream for his dream log. He was thinking really hard before saying, “Well, there was a girl. I couldn’t make her out, except for her hair. It was red.” Remus was looking up at the ceiling while thinking this. “And she had the most beautiful smile.” I am not sure what she was doing, or what it meant, but that is all I can recall.” When he finally looked over to me, I was full out blushing! Then it clicked. The girl in the dream was me. Remus was totally shocked. Then he knew what it meant. He now understood. As soon as my blush had left my cheeks, Remus leaned over and kissed me. It was slow and passionate. I cold tell that he had wanted to do that for ages. When we broke apart, I smiled and blushed again. Then Remus said, “Um, well, I think I am done with Divination. How about you?” he said nervously.

I ruffled my papers and said, “Um, yeah. I think I’ll just, uh, head up for the night.” I smiled and took my thinks over to the landing, where Remus and I exchanged smiles one last time before saying goodnight.

When I got up to my bed, Niki was wide-awake, waiting. When she saw that I was beaming, she instantly squealed. I had to join her. When we were done with our girlish squeal, she asked, “So, how was it? How did he do it? Come on! You know I want the details!”

I laughed at her anxiousness before saying, “well, we were finishing our Divination, and he was explaining what he saw in his dream, and he was explaining, well, me.” Niki was trying to hold in laughter. “And, then, well, we kissed.” She nodded and we both let it out.

The next day was a bit awkward. Remus really wasn’t sure what to say. Well, neither of us did to tell you the truth. We kissed, and then, he got nervous, witch made me nervous, and we both left the scene, um, well, a bit confused. He was the one who kissed me, so I knew that he wanted to, but I was not so sure that he knew that I enjoyed it as well. I had to let him know, so at lunch I gave him a hug, and grabbed his hand. He blushed, but smiled as well. James was no longer stuck in my head. In fact, if you asked me who he was, I couldn’t tell you. He was forgotten. Now all I wanted was Remus.

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Chapter 4: Secrets and Decisions
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Chapter 4: Secrets and Decisions

They year flew by with me in Remus’s arms. Before I knew it, it was February. “Remus!” I said as he took my hand. “Just tell me! I hate surprises! You know that!” I wined.

Remus smiled. “You’ll just have to wait! “ I groaned, but smiled. I trusted Remus. He would never hurt me. I let him take me down to the grounds to find a picnic waiting for us by the lake, the sun, right in front of us, on its way to set. It was beautiful. We ate and watched a beautiful sunset, but then another popped into my head. It was the fist time that I had thought bout James since the first time Remus and I kissed. The sunset brought it all back. I was instantly saddened. Remus noticed, and asked what was wrong.

I couldn’t tell him that I ever had/still had feelings for a guy that I met over the summer for two weeks! “I’m just, tiered.” I said. Remus gave a faint smile. We continued until the sun was long gone, and then headed back inside. Many other couples were out, with it being Valentines Day and all.

We had the common room to ourselves. I led Remus to the couch where we watched the fire a bit. When we sat down, our legs tangled. After about a half an hour of me being in his arms, Remus looked at me and gently brushed his lips over mine. Every so often, it got more passionate, but still soft, slow and sweet. It was a while before someone came into the common room. I couldn’t tell you how long though. All sense of time was erased, but of all people, it had to be Peter. He quickly ran up to his dorm to leave us where we were.

Eventually I broke off. “It’s getting late and people will be back soon. I need some sleep as well.” Remus nodded and let me go. Truthfully, I wasn’t tiered at all. I just needed some time to think. The whole sunset thing though, I don’t know. I don’t know anything any more. James never came into my mind since the beginning of the year, and now, he is back. I truly thought that I was over him, but I guess not. I didn’t understand myself. I was in love with a guy that I had only met once and over a period of nine days! I tried asking myself if I really loved James, or if I really loved Remus, or did I love either one of them, or am I just going crazy? I think that it is the last one.

Weeks went by, and I still wasn’t sure. I had been trying to look deep into myself, but part of me was worried about Remus as well. Once every once in a while, he would come to breakfast looking all beat up and tiered. He would never give a strait explanation. In the middle of April, Remus actually came to me about it. “I can’t do it anymore.” He said. I looked up from Runes Homework with a questioned look on my face, saying, ‘go on. What do you mean?’ He understood, so he said, “ Well, there is something that I have been keeping away from Peter for a reason, and you and Niki. I know that you have been wondering why I sometimes look absolutely horrible. I just didn’t want you to worry about me. But, well, the thing is, I am a werewolf.” My eyes widened, but then softened. I reached over and gave him a huge hug. I now understood.

There was just one thing that I didn’t understand. “Why didn’t you tell us before? We could have helped. Well, me and Niki anyway.” I asked.

“Well, I didn’t want you to worry, or no longer be there for me. It made me feel better to come in the morning after a rough night, and see you and Niki there, waiting for me.” He said. “I didn’t think that you would except me. And, I was ashamed.”

I looked at him. “What of? You are my best friend, boyfriend even! I would never leave you just because you are a werewolf! We want to help!” I said, trying to comfort him.

“Thanks.” He said. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” I said, and kissed him. “If there is anything that I can do, just let me know.” Remus nodded and smiled.

This made everything more complicated. How could I let him go knowing that?! Not only that, but for someone that I will never see again? I was horrible. Now knowing all of this, it would be extremely hard on him. I had to go to the only person that I knew would be able to give me answers. “Niki! I need to talk to you!” I said when she walked in the door.

“What about?” she asked as she sat on my bed.

“Well, I am not sure if I love Remus anymore, but he just told me something that makes everything more complicated!” Niki looked at me. “He is a werewolf, and I don’t want him thinking that that is the reason why I want to break up!” Niki looked at me, understanding.

It took her a moment to come up with an idea. “Well, the words, ‘I love you, just more as a brother’ haven’t been used by anyone we know.” Niki said. This was true. None of us has ever said that or have ever heard that. Well, except for Niki. Her older sister used that one, but Remus didn’t know that. Niki knew that I didn’t love Remus like I used to. She just heard every other reason other than the main one. All I needed was a day. Since it was the middle of April, I figured May eighth. That was a Saturday, so he would have a day to not worry about any classes. I just hoped that he would be able to take it well, and that we would still be friends in the end.

Days went by and each seemed like ages long! Then may first came along. I was as nervous as hell. I didn’t know how I was going to say it, when, and tried to figure out every possible reaction, most not so good. I was a wreck. By the end of the week, I looked like how I felt. My hair wasn’t too good, I didn’t even bother with makeup, and my outfits were nothing like I would normally wear. I was a completely different person. Remus was taking notice to the new me and kept asking me if I was ok. He cared about me so much. It just made me feel even worse. Knowing that he didn’t have a clue.

Eventually the day came. It was about noon before I got out of bed. I really didn’t want to face the world. The day was already bad. I didn’t want it to get worse. Just knowing that I was going to break my best friends heart was bad enough for me. When I did finally roll out of bed and put on some day clothes and went down stairs, it was one. Remus was by the fire, waiting for me. “hi,” he said, smiling when he saw me come down the steps.

“Hi,” I said, just over a whisper.

“I didn’t know when you were coming down, so I brought you some breakfast.” Remus said, opening the two plates. Pancakes. My favorite. Now I regretted not going down for breakfast. That way, the pancakes would have made me feel somewhat better, but since Remus brought them up, and I was just going to let him go, I decided not to eat. I knew that they would taste bitter with a side of guilt.

“Um, Remus,” I started. He looked up. “Um, we need to,” talk? Was that the best I had? That was so cliché! Not to mention obvious. “Well, what I mean is that, I want out.” I said, as calmly as I could. I tried to choke back the tears, but they came out anyway. I could see the hurt in Remus’s eyes.

“Why?” he asked.

I knew that it would come up eventually. Thank god that Niki’s voice popped into my head. “Well, I feel like I love you more as a brother than a boyfriend.” I said. Remus nodded. I gave him a hug, and without touching my pancakes, went back upstairs. I knew that I was brief, but I needed to leave. I felt so horrible, but it was going to happen sooner or later.

A few weeks passed, and Remus was talking to me again, thank goodness. We were friends again, and well, things were better. We had exams to study for! Gosh! I hate those! Why do we have to take them again? I mean! Come on! We take one every year, and two very impotent ones in our fifth and seventh year! Why do we have to take five more? Couldn’t they just, you know, skip it for once? All of the teachers are giving us five or so essays that are all like, ten feet long! I had to look for something in my first year potions book! Isn’t that sad? Smart Lily had to look something up that she should have known for ages! I swear! I am loosing it!

“Lily! Slow down! You should be relaxing now!” Niki said while I was flipping through my second year defense against the dark arts book. “You are over working yourself! You need a break!”

“I know, but if I take a break, then I will forget everything and then will have to go through all of my books again!” I said through gritted teeth. “And you are just slowing me down! Once I read through everything one more time and take the damn test! THEN I will relax! But up until then, I need quiet!”

“SHH!!” Madam Pince said when I got too loud.

I looked over. “That is why I am in the library!” Niki rolled her eyes. “Whatever! I just need to study!”

Niki backed up with her hands right next to her face with her fingers spread apart as far as they would go. “Ok! Ok! I get it!” she said and turned around and left. I shook my head and looked back down. Oh great. I lost my place.

Eventually I saw more people enter the library. My sanctuary is now being taken over! I grabbed all of my books and headed for the door. It was only six thirty. Still early. Most of the people coming in were in fifth and seventh year. They should have started studying a long time ago! They must have gone to dinner early. Hmm. That sounds good. I decided to go to dinner. The chicken was wonderful! I love Hogwarts chicken.

On the day of the test, Remus, Niki and I were all extremely nervous. I heard a rumor that Sirius Black was going to try to get in with the second years and take their test. We all got into the line to get our quill, ink, and test before sitting down in one of the long rows. I was in between Niki and Remus. The night before we made a promise to wait until the others were done. To know when someone was done, they would put their quill in the right corner of their desk.

I was the first to finish. It was quite easy. It usually was, but I wanted to get as much studying as I possibly could, just in case. Remus ended shortly after I did. Niki had some struggles though. Then we all turned in our paper and got in line for the spell test. We talked about how the previous test was ok. We all knew that tomorrows test would be worse. The first test is always the tip of the iceberg. Only two more tests to go, then I can relax! Until then though, I am going to be buried in books.

Once all three tests were done and over with, we got a week break. I was so thankful for that! So was Niki. We spent the first day just lying in bed sleeping. It was wonderful. Then Remus made us come down the next day. We hit him upside the head for that. For the rest of the week, we just hung out.

The last month of the school year was fun. We didn’t have nearly as much homework as before! We had more time to sit on the grounds and do nothing. Soon though, we had to leave back for home. I didn’t want to go, but I knew that I would. My family and I were going to go on a vacation again this year. I hoped to see James again. I guess my hopes were a little too high because I asked around, and they said that he just moved. I spent the days on the beach, just like the year before, and in the waves, just with one thing missing. James.

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Chapter 5: An Unexpected Arrival
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Chapter 5:
An Unexpected Arrival

It wasn’t long before summer was over, and I was back on platform 9 and ¾. I was happy to see my friends. Neither of them could tell that I was crying and screaming on the inside. It was our fourth year at Hogwarts and I knew for a fact that I would never see James again. For the past year, I had hoped that somehow, we would meet, but once I knew that he moved, and I didn’t know where to, I knew that all hope was erased. During the remainder of the summer, I tried to forget about him, but that didn’t work. Niki and Remus did come by the house for a week though when we got back. It was our little tradition. Our first summer, we all spent a week at Niki’s. Then last summer we stayed with Remus. It was my turn to host.

I put on a fake front for them, and they believed it. If they didn’t, I would eventually be cornered with a flashlight in my by one, and the other asking questions.

Remus is too smart for his own good, but always thinks logically, and very rarely ever takes any risks. He saw right through me. Niki, I wasn’t too worried about her. She couldn’t get into Ravenclaw if her life depended on it. Sorry Niki.

While they were over, we pretty much talked about our summer. They were surprised when I said that I surfed alone. I did offer to teach Petunia, but all she wanted to do was shop. So Typical. The wave was still there. Oh, I love that place! It is so good! It has so many memories though. I would usually go at about the same time every day. I usually got the same waitress that was about my age actually. We started talking. Eventually I asked if she would go surfing with me.

Her name was Michelle. Her original hair color was a reddish-brown, but she dyed it blond. The color of her eyes was a light hazel. At the end of the week, Michelle gave me her address so we could write back and fourth. That was the up side of the vacation.

Niki spent the summer at her Grandmothers house. Her cousins always get annoying. If it isn’t this, it’s that, and, well, she usually needs a vacation from her vacation. Niki hates being the oldest by two and a half years. She is always the one to keep the peace between her nine other cousins.

This year, Remus didn’t go to America. Instead, he visited family in Nice, France. The only thing that he didn’t like was the two full moons while he was away. For the third moon of the summer, Niki and I helped him out.

When Niki and Remus came over, Petunia was pissed. “I thought that you left for a week in the summer!” She wined. “Not bring your freak friends here!”

I sighed. “Petunia, I went to Remus’s house one summer, Niki’s the next, and now they come here!” I said. “Do I have to spell it out for you?” She just glared at me. “Good, now, please, go shopping or something!” I said as I gave her thirty bucks. I knew that it wouldn’t last more than a half hour, if that, but at least she would be out of the house when they arrived.

Niki came first. She was on time for everything! Remus came right before dinner. “Hi.” He said when he came through the door. “Sorry I’m late, I just had to finish making my stuff so it’s not as bad.” He set his bag by the door and took off his shoes. Niki and I knew that his ‘stuff’ was the potion so ‘it,’ the transformation, wasn’t as severe. If I tried to explain that to anyone in my family, they wouldn’t understand… or approve that I am friends with a werewolf.

A week and a half after their arrival, all of our letters came and we net Niki and Remus’s parents in Diagon Ally. After we walked down the long street and back, it was starting to get late. We each left to our won homes for the last two weeks before September first.

Soon enough, the first arrived. I arrived at the station at fifteen ‘til. I had to hurry to get my luggage and self on board. I hoped that it wouldn’t be too hard to find Niki and Remus. AS I got on in the front of the train, I never expected them to have a compartment all the way in the back! Almost as far as you could go! “There you are!” I said when I finally reached them and fell into the seat.

“Well, what did you expect when everywhere else is full?” asked Niki. “We got here almost as late as you, so we boarded in the back. We watched you come through the wall.” The train had been moving for about fifteen minutes.

“Don’t laugh at me!” I said, ironically laughing myself. Just then, I looked into the hallway to see something that caught my eye. If I didn’t’ know any better, I would have thought that I had just seen James walk by! I opened the door, but by that time, h e found a compartment. I brushed the thought off as Remus started talking. It didn’t seem long before we reached the castle, even though everyone knew that it had been hours.

Niki, Remus and I got off and quickly found a carriage. We were some of the first to enter the school. It felt so good to be back. I closed my eyes and smiled and deeply inhaled as I stepped in. In the corner of one of the rooms, I saw Professor McGonagall talking to someone, but I didn’t see who. Really, I didn’t care. Well, at the time anyway.

WE all took our usual seats at the Gryffindor table as we waited for everyone else to come in. Before the first years came in, Professor McGonagall walked over. “Alice, Remus, there is a new boy in your year. Would you please help him out? Lily, you can help too if you’d like.”

I thought for a moment. “What’s his name?” I finally asked.

McGonagall looked at me. “James Potter.”

I felt a wave of emotion flood over me. “Um,” I started. “I think that I will help the next kid.” I said. Clearly Niki and Remus had forgotten the name of the boy from last year. They didn’t say anything anyway. I couldn’t face him, not yet, but I knew that I would have to. I wasn’t ready. He is going to be in my house after all. I had a feeling that this would turn out to be an interesting year.

The first years were sorted and the feast began. James sat at the other end of the table. The feast was the best yet. I think that I gained at least five, maybe ten pounds. I was so tiered at the end of it, and so full of food. I really didn’t want to get up. Niki almost fell asleep in her chocolate cake. I had to pull her up and make sure that she was ok.

Knowing that if I stayed with Remus, that James would surely see me. “Um, Remus, I’m going to hang back a bit. You and Alice take Porter, or Potter, or whatever his name is.” I said. “Niki, want to stay back with me?” I gave her my, ‘that really isn’t a question,’ glare that I was famous for. We let Remus and James go through the giant French doors before we got up and I said, “James.” Niki looked at me, confused. “The muggle from vacation last year!” I almost shouted. Good thing he was out of earshot. Niki’s mouth swung open. “Well, at least, I thought that he was a muggle. We really couldn’t say anything about it because neither of us knew that the other was a witch/wizard, and neither of us really hinted towards it.” By this time, we were almost to the tower. Most of everyone else was already in their common rooms, so it was a clear path.

When we got into the common room, I ran strait up to our dorm, Niki at my heels. Running was a good idea. Remus and James were still by the fire. “Night Remus!” I yelled as I passed.

“Who was that?” James asked when we were upstairs.

“MY friends, Lily and Niki.” Remus told him.

“Hmmm.” James said.


“I used to know a Lily. Something happened and I wasn’t able to talk to her for a year! I really miss her.” James explained.

“How sad.”

I as by the door, and heard every word James had just said. “Oh, how sweet.” I whispered.

Niki had seen me and asked, “What?”

I looked up as a tear rolled down. “He remembers me.


Niki really didn’t get a good look at James until our first class, Defense against the dark arts. “Good morning class,” our professor started. Then James came in and handed him a note. “Oh, yes. Ok, go ahead and take a seat.”

Niki elbowed me and asked, “Is that him?” I nodded and watched as he took a seat next to Sirius. Oh great. Next it will be the cheerleading zombies. Some other muggle girls remembered cheerleading and brought pompoms and started cheering at quidditch matches. I really hope that he wont let it all go to his head, like Sirius did, and start dating every other girl in the school… at once.

During the rest of the week, Remus helped James out who also hung out with Sirius and Peter, who always fallows Remus around, and you get the Marauders. Sirius was starting to rub off on them. Not so much of Remus as James. James never looked at me. I wasn’t sure if he was afraid that I would end up to not be Lily, or if he was afraid that I had forgotten him. I didn’t know, but it really got me near depressed. Niki and I had also been noticing that Remus was spending less and less time with us, and more with the Marauders. We both knew that he really needed some guy-friends, but I never expected it to bother me this much.

It wasn’t long before Remus was helping with the logic details behind the Marauder pranks. At least once or twice a week, there was some sort of prank going on. The ting as that I had never seen Remus so happy. Scratch that, there was only one other specific time: The night we first kissed, but other than that, no. I guess I should be happy for him and all, but I really miss him.

“Hey, Remus,” James said one night before they got in bed.


“What is Lily like?”

Remus didn’t expect him to ask this, but answered anyway. “Um, well, she is very smart, smart enough to be in Ravenclaw really. She is also really fun to be around, but also kind of shy.” He explained a lot about me, who was asleep in my own dorm with Niki and a few other girls.

“Hmm. You know a lot about her.” James said when Remus started slowing down. “You are probably her boyfriend, huh.” James said sadly.

“Me and Lily?” Remus said, adding a slight laugh, even though for him, it was a touchy subject. “Well, we broke up a while back.”

James understood. “I’m sorry mate.”

Remus smiled. “It’s ok. It has been a while. She is still one of my good friends.”

James thought for a moment and decided to say something that had been on his mind. “Hey, can I tell you something?” Remus nodded. “You have to swear not to tell anyone.” Remus nodded again. “Ok, well, I haven’t told this to anyone, but she sounds so much like the Lily I know. When I lived in another part of England, last summer, there was a girl named Lily. She is exactly like how you described the Lily here. I don’t really remember her last name, but her fiery red hair, never left my mind for a day! Anyway…” James went into detail about the two weeks he had with me; again, I was still asleep, oblivious to everything going on.

When he finished, Remus muttered to himself, “So, you are the guy she was talking about.”

James heard something, but not everything. “What?”

“Oh, nothing. It sounds like I have heard this story somewhere before though.” Remus said and smiled.

James was caught in shock. “You mean-? And She-? And here-?”

Remus smiled. “That’s our Lily.” He laughed. “You should go talk to her. She has been a bit down lately anyway. I think that hearing from you would be good.” James got up and ran down to the common room, disappointed to find no one except the few embers left in the fire. He forgot that it was one in the morning. “Although, I think that it might be better to talk to her in the morning.” Remus laughed again. James smiled and when he got back to his bed, threw a pillow at Remus.

Then came Sirius and Peter. “We’re back.” Sirius said, walking through the door, bred and butter and some other food in hand.

“’Bout time!” James said, sitting on the end of his bed. “I am starving!”

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Chapter 6: Tears
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Chapter 6:

The next morning, I woke up and headed down to the common room, still in my pajamas. I was wearing a light blue tank and soft white pajama pants with a baby blue moons and baby yellow stars in a cloud with my hair pulled back in a lazy bun. I was completely off guard as someone came down the steps. I didn’t even glance up, but I felt someone come up behind me and put their arms around me. Someone whispered, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

I instantly knew whom the voice belonged to. I had known for a while, but really, wasn’t sure if I could do anything about it. “I- I-“ was all I could manage to get out.

James came around and sat next to me, smiling. “You don’t know what it has been like for me.” He finally said. “I have missed you so much.”

My face grew hot and it wasn’t long before I could feel the tears running down my cheeks. It had been almost a year and a half since I had talked to him. It was now January of our fourth year! He couldn’t possibly think that we could pick up where we left off, could he? I turned and cried into his chest. I was weakening.

Besides, he was a different person! He wasn’t the same James that I met on the beach! This James liked to pull pranks! This James liked to mess around! This James wasn’t as mature as the James I had met before. I got up and went back to my dorm, leaving the new James by the fire, confused.

Niki was just waking up and she saw me come in. “Is everything all right?” she asked caringly.

I walked over and sat on her bed. “He’s back.” I cried into her shoulder. She was probably confused, so I continued. “James! He has changed! He is different!”

Niki was rubbing my back going, “sshhhhhhhhhh… sshhhhhh…” eventually, I stopped crying. “Hey, are you going to be ok?” she asked, concerned. I nodded. “Besides, I thought that you really liked him?”

I smiled. “I thought that I did.” I finally said. “But now I see him in his element.” Niki laughed. I giggled to and hit her with her pillow. “Hey, let’s go down to breakfast. I’m starving!” When you don’t eat much for dinner, you get hungry by the time breakfast rolls around.

Obviously, after I disappeared, James went back up to his dorm and told the rest of the marauders what had happened because during breakfast, Remus came up to me and whispered, “What happened?”

I glared at him. The first thing that came to my mind was, “He changed.” Remus gave me a look that said, ‘no, really?’ “Hey, he is absolutely nothing like the James I saw at the beach. Now his is just an inconsiderate jerk that plays pranks on everyone yet somehow manages to get every girl to hang off of his arm! I am not going to be one of those girls, Remus! I’m not!” I got up and stormed away, completely forgetting my waffle. Niki came after me to see if I was all right. I didn’t say anything until we got back to our tower. There, I broke down sobbing into her shoulder. “I h-have to much t-t-to worry about. Sc-chool, exams, and now him! Trying t-t-to find the James that I met.”

That whole week, I couldn’t keep myself together. If it wasn’t for Niki, I don’t know what I would have done. Remus didn’t help much. Since him and James were now buddy-buddy, he would defend him. Git.

James didn’t leave me alone after that. “Lily, just talk to me!” he would plead.

Occasionally, I would snap, “You’re not the James I knew!” and turn away. I only did it twice though, not really caring if he knew what I meant or not. By the end of February, he finally left me alone. He went back to his many girls surrounding him and his prank pulling. Usually, people mature as they get older, but not him. Not James. He was an odd one.

With exams only two months away, people started to crowd my sanctuary; the library of course. I would sigh. ‘Why weren’t they studying three months ago? They knew that exams were coming!’ When I asked Niki, she simply answered, “Yes, but some don’t prepare like you do.” This was true, so I nodded. The other truth was that it also took my mind off of James.

The exams came and the exams went. I thought that they were relatively easy, but I don’t know what Niki thought. She said that she was pretty sure that she bombed it. I couldn’t understand why though. After all, I did kind of force her to study with me from the beginning. I thought that she would have done quite will. If any were bad, I would probably guess potions. Professor Slughorn really didn’t like her too much, yet he had a weird thing called the Slug-Club that I was practically forced to be a member of. Niki really didn’t like the subject either. She found it boring. She preferred charms and transfiguration; the stuff with wands.

As exams neared, I could also see a difference in James. Slight, but still there. He was becoming more conservative when planning a prank. I almost never saw him do it the closer exams came. He still had half of the girls in the school crammed on his two arms though. Whenever he would pass in the halls with them hanging off of him, I would roll my eyes. What was so weird was that he didn’t look so happy. He would put on a façade, but never anything truly genuine. I felt kind of sorry for him, but would usually shrug it off a moment later.

During our week off, I spent most of my time in my bed looking out the window, thinking. As if I didn’t do enough of it already. Thinking about school. Thinking about life. Thinking about love. One day in particular was really, um, to say the least, odd and awkward.

I was walking down the hall, coming from the library. When I turned the corner, I saw a greasy head coming my way. Oh god. It was Snape. There was no way to escape. I sighed, hoping that he would just pass me. My hopes were shattered when he stood in front of me and said, “Hey Lily.” I rolled my eyes up so I wouldn’t have to look at him. “Studying is done. Now everyone can relax. How about you relax in my arms?” I could have sworn that I puked a little.

“Yeah, right!” I snapped. “Do you really think that I would go out with you?” I even laughed a little at the thought.

Snape raised an eyebrow. “It’s not like you have a boyfriend or anything. I thought that you and that Remus fellow broke it off a long time ago.”

I had to get out of that fast. “We made up.” I said with the straightest, most serious face that I have ever put on. It must have worked because he finally walked away. Something I had not noticed before was that as I said these words, none other than James Potter walked down the hall, looking just as sad, and angry as ever. I hadn’t seen him until he was about half way down the hall at a sprint. “Oh god.” I muttered as I leaned up against the wall and sunk down. I felt horrible.

I slowly made my way to the common room, dreading what I would find. Thankfully, it was only Niki there. “Hey! Where have you been?” she got up and asked as soon as I walked through the portrait whole.

“Library.” I mumbled. She probably knew what had happened anyway, but the look on her face told otherwise. Instead, it showed that she didn’t and wanted answers. “Ok, but I was coming back from the Library!”

Niki nodded. “Yes, but no one spends three and a half hours in a library after exams!” she shot.

“I know! I know!” I said weakly. “But half of those hours was walking back.” Niki looked at me like she wasn’t convinced. I understood where she was coming from. “hey, I was coming back, right, and I ran into Snape!” it looked like that was enough said, but I went on anyway. “He wanted me to go out with him… again! I had to come up with something, so I said that Remus and I were back together.”

Niki’s eyes went wide. “You didn’t!”

I nodded. “I did! And what was worse is that James was walking down and heard the whole thing!”

Niki smiled, closed her eyes, put her head down and shook it. “Lily, Lily, Lily. I thought that you were over him!”

I weakly smiled. “I thought that I was too.” I said softly. “And not only that, he and Remus are friends, and Remus knows that he likes me, so I am afraid for his sake! I mean, what is James going to do to him, you know?”

Niki looked up and put her arms around me. “Girl, you really need to make up your mind.” I let out a little laugh, and she did too.

That night, I had a horrible dream. I was in Snape’s arms, and Remus’s head was flashing by mine saying, “It serves you right.” And James’s face flashed by, and just looked plain old disappointed. I struggled to keep all of these images out of my head, but they kept coming back. Out of the whole night, I think that I only got about three hours of sleep; and we had classes in the morning. Joy.

The next morning at breakfast, Remus confronted me. “What was all of that about?”

I looked up from my toast. “What?”

Remus glared at me. “You know what! You told James that you and I were going out! Now he hates me and wont talk to me!” he let out. “You need to got to him and make things right!”

I glared right back. “NO! Ok, first off, Snape was hitting on me again! I had to say something! James just so happened to be walking by! I am sorry about what happened, but don’t you dare expect me to go and talk to James and hook up with him! I would rather have me and you going around the school than me and either of those two gits!”

Remus was ticked now. “You didn’t say anything to me! I could have helped and warned James ahead of time, but no!”

Remus was starting to get on my nerves. “Hey, do you really think that I had a choice? I couldn’t talk to you because Snape approached me! I couldn’t do anything.” Remus was giving a devious look. “No, going out with Snape is not an option!” I snapped. He sighed. “If you want things to be good between you and James, you fix them. You explain to him that it was all just a misunderstanding, but I am most certainly not going to go and talk to him.” I was cooling off now, and so was he.

The look on Remus’s face almost made me laugh. Then he said, “Do you really think that if I talked to him, that he would believe me?”

I took a bite of my almost forgotten toast and with a clear face, said, “No.” Remus dropped his shoulders. “Hey, he’s your friend. Not mine.” With that, Remus finally left me to eat my now cold toast.

Eventually, James understood what Remus was trying to say. Then James wanted to punch Snape’s teeth out for hitting on me until Remus explained that even if a million years passed by and Snape and I were the only two people on earth, I still wouldn’t go out with him.

The end of the year came and I was so thankful for it. When we all boarded the Hogwarts express, I was so exited to see my family. Well, all except for Petunia that is. This year, we weren’t going on a vacation, but I was still going to go with Niki to Remus’s house for a week and a half. It was tradition and we were still friends. We had a great time, except for the day that the marauders came. Niki and I went shopping to escape that. The summer was great!

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Chapter 7: quidditch
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Chapter 7

As the summer came to an end, our owls came with our Hogwarts letters. This was always our cue to owl home for our parents to meet us in Diagon ally the next day. It was part of tradition. Every year, on august 22nd, we go to one’s house. Every year, wherever we are, we get our letters and the next day, go to Diagon ally to meet our parents.

This year, Remus’s letter and my letter were both a bit bigger. When we opened our letters, big silver badges with the letter, ‘P’ fell out. My eyes widened. I was a prefect! When I told my parents, they were exited too.

It wasn’t long before the three of us were boarding the Hogwarts express for our fifth year. Niki went and waved us a compartment. When the prefects had their meeting, Remus and I found out that we would be on duty from eight to nine every Wednesday night. About an hour later, we were able to go and meet up with Niki.

The feast was the same as it was every year. The first years came, got sorted, and sat down as Dumbledore made his speech and then the food appeared and everyone stuffed their face, not ready for term to start the next day.

In every class the next day, we wee cheerfully reminded of the O.W.L.S. coming up later in the year. Great. ON TOP of studying for exams, I have to worry about these too! By the end of the first week, I was swamped! I was getting behind on homework, and I never get behind! NEVER!!! It was hard enough studying for regular exams! Now I had this.

As we entered October, quidditch tryout dates were posted. The buzz soon came about of who is trying out for what. Our seeker just left and many wanted that position. I would just roll my eyes and look back down.

Niki wanted to try out to be the new keeper. Remus and I wished her luck when she left. Remus was going down with the guys to watch them. I told him to make sure he cheered for Niki too, since I knew that she would see him. He nodded and the four of them went down. James was the last one to go through the portrait hole. When he looked back, his face showed nervousness and sadness, and he went out. Our eyes met, but instantly, I looked away. He was a git now. A git with a larger ego than the universe and then some.

“Lily! Lily!” Niki yelled, running up the steps to the girls’ dormitory after tryouts. She was covered in sweat.

“What?” I asked, looking up from my position, cross-legged on my bed.

Niki stopped for a moment to catch her breath. “He… is… good!” I wore a questioning look. “Potter…fast… catch… snitch…” she said in between deep inhales.

I raised an eyebrow. “How good?” I asked, wondering if he really was.

Niki was breathing steadily by this point, so she joined me on the bed, pushing one of my books to the floor. “Good doesn’t even begin to describe him Lils. No. We are going to with the cup this year! He could easily give Hilthorn a ride for his galleons!”

This was surprising. Hilthorn was the best seeker on the team last year. Caught every snitch except for one in the last game. We were so close! “You’ve got to be joking. No one can be that good! It takes years for that!” I said.

Niki shook her head. “Potter is awesome! You really need to come and watch him practice before the season starts!”

“How do you know that he is going to make it?” I asked. “I mean, there are plenty of people in our house that could fill the position. What makes you think that he is good enough to be the one seeker? Almost everyone is after that position!”

This we both knew was true. “Yes, but no one was nearly as good as James.” She looked at me. “Come on. You just don’t want to admit that he is that good because that would be one more thing that is absolutely perfect about him that you just don’t want to face! One more thing that makes you think that he could actually be worth it.”

I guess that I didn’t want to admit that he was perfect and I once had that, but so what? He changed. He is no longer the Potter I met on the beach. He isn’t caring or considerate! This James only wants to date as many girls as he can. I was probably just a number on his list. What number was I?

Now that ego of his is going to go through the roof, what with being a big quidditch star and all. Being the big jock of the house, he will surely have twice as many girls surrounding him. He will probably forget about me anyway if he hasn’t already. I think right now, the official one is Katie or something like that. Oh, what should I care anyway? It’s not like I like him. Nooooo.

When we found out that Niki made it on the team, we all celebrated. Sirius and James made it too. As practice started to pick up, I saw less and less of Niki too. Remus would sometimes go with the guys to watch them, but some others it was just the two of us.

One Wednesday night, Remus came up early from watching James, Sirius, and Niki at practice so we could start patrol. Pretty much, we had to make sure everyone who was out started going back to their common rooms. If anyone was out around fifteen ‘til, we could give them detention or deduct points. Practice was over at eight, but Remus had to do the rounds with me at eight too.

Around eight thirty, we were by the great hall, which was at the front of the castle. At first, I thought that it was just me, but then I realized that I really was hearing voices. It took me another moment to figure out who they belonged to. Remus caught on a bit sooner, but I hadn’t noticed. He started walking behind me and was waving his arms as if to tell them to shut up. I just kept on walking, until I turned back to see why Remus had slowed down. That was when I knew that I wasn’t crazy and that James and Sirius were somewhere near and by the way it seemed, were not going to the common room any time soon. “Where are they?” I asked Remus.

He tried acting as if he didn’t know. “Who?”

I put my hands on my hips and swung to my hips to the left side, raising an eyebrow. “I know that you know that I know that Potter and Black are somewhere around here. The are under some cloak, and you knew that they were going to be out tonight.” I answered.

Remus sighed. “Fine. Come out you guys. You have been caught by the redhead.” The cloak came off revealing the two I knew would be underneath.

James walked over to us. “Why do you have to be like that Evans?” he said, putting his arm around me.

I quickly picked up his hand and dropped it behind my back, turning to him. “You know the rules. You should be on your way to the Gryffindor tower.” I said stiffly. “Now go before I decide to do more than ‘bust’ you.”

“Fine.” Said Potter as he turned. “Whatever you say.”

When they were out of earshot, I turned to Remus. “And you! What am I now, just the redhead? Is that it? Well this redhead has a name you know! You should know! I have been around you for the past four and a half years! You should know it by now!” he backed away. “LILY! IT’S LILY! Or do I not mater anymore since you have your stupid Marauders?” I was in tears now. “You know what! I can finish this myself. You go on back to the common room and help them out with their latest plan that you knew all about. I know you did. Just go.” I turned from him and started walking down the hall, wiping my eyes, getting mascara all over my sleeve, but I didn’t care at the moment.

“Lily, wait.” Remus said. “Lils,”

I spun around. “DON’T call me that!” I was through with him. The tears were streaming down my face as I backed up to the wall and slid down. In the end, I was on my butt with my elbows on my knees and my head in my hands. “Why did you have to start hanging out with them Remus? Why?” I asked softly after I settled down a bit.

He sat down beside me. “Lily. They are my friends. You can’t ask me not to be. Something you don’t understand is that they want you to be in it with us. They want us all to be a group. Me, James, Sirius, and Peter, we want you and Niki to be a part of it.” Remus started rubbing my back. “James more than anything.”

I looked at him with a look, clearly saying, ‘Are you mental?’ what I did say though, was, “You can’t expect me to join a group with James in it just because he wants me in it and you are my friend. I mean, you are like a brother to me, but you can’t control my life. I could never put up with Sirius or Peter and you know that!” My head was slowly shaking. “You can’t expect me to hang out with someone who I think is just a strait up git, someone that I can never trust, and someone who broke my heart. I can’t do that Remus! I just can’t!” I got up and started walking back.

Getting up, Remus came after me. “Just think about it,” he said.

“You are really starting to get on my nerves.” I said, laughing a little. “I tell you no, and you ask me again. I tell you to go and you try to comfort me. I ask you why and you ask me something in reply!”

“Well that’s just who I am!” he retorted.

“Yeah, but that wasn’t who you were.” I shot right back. “You were always there when we needed you! You were always there to help. Now, now you are never here and never help with anything!” I paused for a moment before going on. “You know, sometimes I think that I don’t even know you any more.”

We were silent the rest of the way to the common room. For the most part, it was empty except for Niki and James, who were talking on the couch. Fantastic. Now she would be sucked into the marauder world as well. Just what I need right now.

“Hey.” She said when I walked in through the portrait hole.

“Hey.” I whispered.

She looked at me for a moment, taking in my stained face. “Are you ok?” she asked. I just shook my head and walked up the steps. “What happened?” Niki asked after she shut the door and sat on her bed.

All I could choke out was, “Remus.” Before falling apart once more. Niki came over and tried to help, but none of her attempts worked.

Down in the common room, Remus joined James. “So, what did she say? Did you ask her?” James asked.

Remus sighed. “Well, I asked her to join us, but she refused. I think that she was just having a rough night or something.” He sat down. “We had our first fight.”

James laughed. “You sound like you are dating her for real or something.” Remus glared at him and he quickly stopped laughing. “Wait, you aren’t, are you?”

“No. She doesn’t want me, remember?” he replied. “But it still hurts. She says that she doesn’t even know me anymore! She said that ever since I started hanging out with the guys, I have changed, but that’s life, isn’t it?” he said, getting all worked up, much like I did earlier that night. “I mean, it feels good to actually have guy talk every once in a while! She should be happy that I have made some guy friends!” he stopped. “I don’t know. I just don’t James.”

He looked over at Remus. “That may be true, but you know her a bit more and a bit differently than I do, so I can’t really help you here. sorry.” James made a huge yawn before saying, “well, it is getting late and we have two tests tomorrow and a quiz, so I think that we may want to get to sleep.”

Looking over at James quizmatically, Remus said, “Wait a minute. You never worry about tests or anything like that!”

James laughed. “I know, but I also know that you do.” They were now on their way up the stairs and I could hear their footsteps as I pretended to sleep, clearly fooling Niki.

I could hear Remus say, “Point there.” before shutting the door. After that, I drifted to a very uneasy sleep that clearly bothered me the next day.

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Chapter 8: Dirty Sheets
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Chapter 8: Dirty Sheets

When I woke up, it was still very dark and I didn’t feel too good. Moments after opening my eyes, I looked down to my sheets, blinked, and saw last nights supper on top of them. I could even see the peas and carrots. My sudden vomiting seemed to wake up Niki. As soon as she noticed what had happened, she hopped out of bed and sat next to mine, holding my hair back as more food came spewing out of my mouth. When it had seemed that it had been over, she asked, “Are you ok? What happened?” in a worried tone.

I looked at her and opened my mouth to answer, but quickly looked back down as even more food came out, fallowed by some red liquid that we instantly knew was blood. “We have to get you to Madam Pomfrey.” She said, trying to help me to my feet.

I was too weak to walk. All of the vomit took out my nutrients and strength. After stumbling a few times I sat back on my bed. “I can’t get up, Niki.” I whispered. One of the other girls was up and just watching in horror, and every time I puked, she would shield her eyes.

Niki looked over at Allison. “Make sure Lily is ok. I am going to get one or two of the boys.” She commanded. Allison turned pale. She didn’t want to be anywhere near the puke puddle. I don’t see why she was disgusted. After all, I was the one doing the job on top of myself. I shook my head and held up my hand to indicate that she didn’t have to. Nodding, Allison just staid where she was.

In the boy’s dormitory, Niki flipped on the lights. Seeing a girl in there at that hour, most of them covered themselves and started yelling at her to go away and asking her what the hell she was doing in there. She just rolled her eyes and walked over to Remus. “Get up. Lily is sick. She was vomiting her guts out and then started puking up blood! She is too weak to even stand.”

Remus wore a horrified look. “I can’t carry her though. I tried caring her from the couch to her dorm before you two put that spell on the stairs, and I barely got to the steps.”

James was worried too. “I’ll do it.” Niki nodded, and the three of them left the boys dorm. Niki muttered a counter curse for the steps so the boys could retrieve Lily.

At the sight of James, my eyes got wide and I tried to get up myself to prove I could. “Never mind. I can do this myself. I don’t need him.”

I stumbled. “Um, clearly, you do.” Remus said. Wearing a look of defeat, I allowed James to pick me up bridal style and carry me off to the hospital wing, followed by Remus and Niki.

When the four of us arrived, Madam Pomfrey was tending to a second year girl who had gotten hit in the head by a quaffle while playing quidditch with some friends in her year. She was giving the girl some potions because she was complaining all night about her head pains. “What are the four of you doing up at the ungodly hour of three in the morning?” she asked as James gingerly set me down on one of the beds.

“Thank you.” I whispered and offered a weak smile and clenched my stomach. Instantly I sat up and hurled all over a new set of bed sheets. This time, no food came out. Only blood.

“That.” Niki said, pointing to the pool of blood. Madam Pomfrey winced.

“Well, that can possibly be taken care of quite easily.” She said, walking over to the group. “Lily, can you speak?” I shook my head. “Ok, has your stomach been giving you any problems before tonight? Has it been hurting for a while?” I shook my head again. With that, she got up and started mixing some potions and handed me a cup. “Drink this.” It was blue and bubbling and it looked really thick. Cringing my nose, I took a gulp. It was disgusting! The weird potion was nauseatingly warm, but I had to finish the cup. Instantly I could feel it rush to my stomach and mend something. “stomensic tumetic.” Madam Pomfrey said, taking the try of potions back to the back room. “Here we can easily mend it. Out in the muggle world, it takes billions of dollars.” Then she turned to Niki, Remus, and James. “Now you three may leave. I shall be keeping Miss Evans over night and some of tomorrow.”

“But,” James started. “I just want to make sure she is ok.”

Madam Pomfrey shook her head. “It is late Mr. Potter. You may see her in the morning.” With that, she shooed them all away, and all of a sudden I felt a sweep of tiredness come over me. My eyes had shut and I had fallen into a deep sleep before my head had even fallen to the pillow.

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Chapter 9: A Visit by an Old Friend
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Chapter 9: A Visit by an Old Friend (Thursday)

I woke up in the morning with James over my head. “Ah!” I screamed when I first saw him. My heart started racing and pounding in my chest. Once I caught my breath, I sat up. “What are you doing here?” I asked, looking at the clock, “classes are about to start!”

James smiled. “I know. I brought you something.” I looked over to the bedside table. There were Danishes and sweet tea, my most favorite breakfast.

“Uh, th-thank you.” I stuttered. It was absolutely freezing. I hated being in the hospital wing. It was always the coldest part of the castle. “Aren’t you going to miss your first class?”

James shook his head. “I wanted to make sure that you were ok.” I smiled and he reached into his shirt and pulled out an hourglass on a chain, or in other words, a time turner. “I have my ways.” He said and smiled. I smiled too, but then looked away. It wasn’t long before we heard a little gurgle. Of course, it was my stomach. I hadn’t had any food in my system since the night before, and all of that had been up chucked. I couldn’t stand it any longer. Slowly, my hand reached for the Danish. I could have gone faster, but most of my energy had been lost during the previous night.

We sat for a while and just talked. James didn’t leave until Madam Pomfrey levitated him out after an argument. A few hours later, he walked right back in. It was about lunchtime, probably free period, and James had books in his hand… Wait, was I mistaken? Nope. Those were actual books in James Potter’s hands! “Hey Lils.” I smiled. It had been years since he had called me Lils. When he sat down, he set the books on the side table. “I brought you arithmancy, potions, and defense against the dark arts.” I looked at the notes. The handwriting was not that of Remus, I had seen him write when we used to study together. Peter, Sirius and James never pay attention in class, let alone take notes, but for some reason, these were in James’s handwriting!

“Thanks.” I said and set my tea down. “Madam Pomfrey thinks that I will be out in the morning tomorrow. She just wants to make sure that I don’t hurl tonight.” He smiled. I missed the way he would smile at me. "So, what's the latest prank?" I was interested, and since I couldn't be the other side, I wanted to know what was going on.

James thought for a moment. "I am not so sure I should confide that information with you."

"Ooooo. Big word." I commented. I couldn't help myself. "Well, since I wont be out 'til tomorrow and Remus got a cover for me this week, I just thought that maybe, I could know." I looked away. "But I guess not." A smile curled on my lips when he couldn't see. "Three... two... one..." I whispered.

"Ok, we are planning to mess up some Ravenclaws' books to read something totally random so when they open to any given page in class, they will be quite confused. It will wear off eventually, but-"

"Oh, so nothing that the rest of the castle would see though? Nothing big?" I pouted. "You are really toning it down a bit."

James sighed. "Well, I haven't had much time to think of pranks lately." a confused look spread over my face. Quidditch wasn't too much; I still got to see Niki! James wasn't known to study, so what could it be? "Never mind. You wouldn't get it." I crossed my arms over my chest. "Let it go."

"Whatever James Potter." I said, shaking my head.

"I've just had a lot on my mind. That's all." He tried to cover with. I knew that there was more to it, otherwise he would have just said it, but I was happy enough that he opened up a bit.

In need of a conversation, I scratched through our times at the beach and asked, "Have you gone surfing during any holidays?"

He shook his head. "Not since the day you left." James sighed. "Yeah, we go to the beach, but I just couldn't pick up my board." After that, the words lingered a bit, leading to an uneasy silence, only broken when Madam Pomfrey came in to find that James was still here.

"Out. OUT! You have classes to get to. I told you that Miss Evans will be fine and out tomorrow. Now shoo!" James flashed a lopsided smile at me on his way out. All I could do was laugh. I stopped immediately though when Madam Pomfrey turned to me. "And you, you need your rest. Mr. Potter brought you a sandwich earlier, but you were asleep. Eat it and then go back to sleep."

"But I have been sleeping since you kicked him out this morning!" I wined. "Can't I look through the notes he left me?"

"Fine, but I want you to take a nap around four." I nodded. At least I would be caught up in sleeping by the time I got out of here. When I opened arithmancy, I wondered why the hell James took that class. Then something occurred to me: He didn't take that class, and yet the notes were still in his handwriting. I figured that I would ask him that later. Apparently today was just a review because everything seemed like an overview of the past week. That meant a test would be tomorrow.

In Defense against the dark arts, we started to learn about the most effective area to hit when using certain spells. I knew that reading ahead would help somewhere.

In potions they brewed disappearing ink. Unlike the muggle form of disappearing ink, if you spill the liquid on something, then the where the liquid lands, that part of an object will disappear. if you put in a dash of oak shavings though, the object will reappear within a few hours. I hate studding for potions when I wasn't there to take part in the making of it. Just a load more to study and you don't get to see what happens when it is done wrong.

After going through all of the notes James brought me, I looked up at the clock and it was ten minutes to four. I decided that before Poppy came out and yelled at me for not sleeping yet, that I should probably start trying to sleep. It wasn't like there was much more to do in the hospital wing anyway. I was surrounded by shear boarded.

When I woke up about three hours later, I was greeted by four heads hovering over my own. When my vision came into focus, it was three boys and one girl, and she and one of the boys seemed quite muddy, and the other boy quite wet. "What happened to you?" I asked when I sat up.

"Quidditch." A voice I recognized as Remus' answered. "They were practicing and put a body binding charm on me and made me sit through it in the pouring rain." I couldn't help but laugh. "So have you been sleeping all day?"

I sighed. "I tried to stay up, but Madam Pomfrey made me sleep. Around five, I complained about not wanting to sleep anymore and she shoved a sleeping potion down my throat. I passed out two minutes later and now I am up again."

"Well hey, you can come down for dinner with us." Niki said, pulling me out of bed. "I figured that you would want to change though, so I went up and got one of your cute shirts and jeans. Don't worry. You're not breaking any rules. Poppy said that you could come down with us for dinner as long as you were back before eight thirty." I nodded thanks and took the cloths to the hospital wing bathroom and returned feeling a bit better. My eyes just lit up when i saw what was for dinner: Gyros! I swear, that will be the only way you will ever get me to eat lamb. Only way.

While we were eating, James and Remus left to talk to Peter and Sirius, which was fine by me. Niki and I ended up talking about what has been happening since I have been put in a different reality where there is no time. Turns out that Amy Grifus has been crying over the breakup between her and Sirius and Helen Yetstus is his new girl. Jane Ells seems to be the girl going out with James now. She is a little prick that one. We have hated each other since our first year when I accidentally tripped and bumped her during potions class and her plastic ring dissolved in whatever potion that we were trying to make, even though she screwed it up anyway. Probably why the ring dissolved.

Speaking of the devil, she just so happened to be walking down the isle until her eyes fell on a laughing James Potter. "Where have you been all day?" she asked with a hint of jealousy as she glared my way. Do you keep visiting the hospital wing checking to make sure that the next girl is getting better? I know what you are planning James Potter, and well, I am going to be the one to say it first. We are over." With that, she stomped back off. I couldn't help but laugh as she passed, then it occurred to me that I was probably just going to be a girl on his list like Jane and I immediately stopped laughing. He probably didn't care about me, but then again, he went into a class that he didn't take to take notes for me when he doesn't even pay attention in his own classes. This little thought reassured me, and I smiled again and continued talking with Niki about what had happened while I was in the hospital wing.

When we were finished eating, Niki was the only one that escorted me back to my sickbed in the freezing hospital wing. the guys were off doing something or another. As I walked through the door, I was greeted by a very angry Madam Pomfrey. "You are late!" When I glanced up at the clock, I realized that it was only eight minutes past eight thirty and I rolled my eyes back. "I would never expect you to be late for anything Ms. Evans."

"I was only eight minutes off!" I complained.

A very stern look crossed her face. "Yes, but when you are a sick patent and you don't return, it makes me worry about what might have happened to make you late!"

I sighed. "Yes, but if there was that big of a possibility of something happened, then would you let me out in the first place? Besides, I feel fine."

Now Madam Pomfrey shooed Niki out and led me back to my bed. "Just lay down and go to sleep."

"It's not even nine!"

"Sleep!" I groaned and climbed into the stiff bed and just lied there for a while, just thinking about James and wondering if his behavior was just a one-time or temporary thing, or if he was really the James I first met ages ago. Eventually these thoughts made my head hurt (wow. shocker! thinking actually made my head hurt!), came to the crazy idea that he might have actually changed, and drifted to a dreamless sleep to be woken hours later by only one head hovering above me.

When my eyes came into focus, I realized that it was only Niki. It was only Niki. No James. No Remus. I didn't think much of it at the time and Niki and I picked up talking about the upcoming Hogesmeade on our way down to breakfast, but when I walked through the doors to the great hall, I stood there, stared for a moment, and just turned and walked out wordlessly, Niki close to follow. 

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