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A Tail of Love by ladymarauder

Format: Short story
Chapters: 3
Word Count: 4,539
Status: Abandoned

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence

Genres: Humor, Romance
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, A. Longbottom, Lily, James, Pettigrew
Pairings: James/Lily, Other Pairing

First Published: 01/07/2007
Last Chapter: 11/04/2007
Last Updated: 11/04/2007


The Marauders are entering their seventh year in Hogwarts and Lily still won’t give James the time of day. Follow Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, Alice Preston, and Mary Fodor as they start their mission to get Lily and James together once and for all. But with the Marauders, nothing goes according to plan… does it?

*chapters been re-done slightly to accomodate the seventh book*

Chapter 1: Meet the Parents
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The sun shone down on King’s Cross fiercely, making the heat unbearable.  Although it was September first, the humid weather of August was still lingering on. It was the hot, sticky, burning weather, which you would not like to travel in. Unfortunately for seventeen-year-old Lily Evans this was not an option, as she had to make the two-hour drive with her family to the station so she could return to school. This young lady attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and yes, she was a witch, much to the annoyance of her older sister Petunia. Nineteen-year-old Petunia Evans was forced to make the drive with the family to bid her sister goodbye. She would much rather have stayed with her boyfriend of three months Vernon Dursley. Ever since Lily got a letter to Hogwarts at the tender age of eleven, both girls had never got along.

As their car reached King’s Cross-at ten thirty, Lily eagerly opened the door and jumped out. She was wearing a pink tank top and a pair of shorts, she always changed on the train.  Her thick, dark red hair drifted slightly behind her with the slight breeze. She rubbed her sweaty arms and looked around with her startling green almond-shaped eyes. Hot beads of sweat formed on everyone’s forehead and each looked like they would rather stay the day at their air-conditioned homes.

Petunia got out the door, grumbling, “Why did I have to come?” she whined, “The freak could have gone herself, she doesn’t need normal-” She was silenced by the stern look her mother sent her. Normally, Lily would retaliate, but she was too happy to do so ‘I’m going back’ she thought happily.

“Thanks Daddy!” she chirped as her father rolled a trolley over to her. Her parents helped her load her trunk onto the trolley while Petunia stood at some distance, trying to look like she wasn’t related to the crazy people with the owl. Lily smiled and placed her owl, Artemis on top. She slowly wheeled her trolley around to face the barrier between platform nine and ten. She walked towards it, distinctly hearing Petunia say, “But I don’t want to go in THERE!” Lily closed her eyes just before she hit the barrier and found herself, once again on Platform 9 ¾. Her parents and Petunia soon emerged from the barrier, Petunia looking very sour.

She smiled at the incredulous looks on her parents’ faces when someone pulled her into a bear hug, “LILS! So good to see you again!” came a booming, male voice.

“Lily, who is this?” asked her mother with a smile.

Lily turned around and glared at the black-haired boy. It was Potter, the arrogant, bullying toerag. She glared even more as James Potter smiled down at her, knowing fully well she would be polite to him in front of her parents. “This is Ja- James Potter, he’s in Gryffindor with me, “ she grimaced, offering no further explanation.

“Very nice to meet you Mr. and Mrs. Evans, at Hogwarts, we all love your beautiful Lily. She’s the highlight of my day,” he winked at Mrs. Evans as he pompously shook their hand. He ran a hand through his messy hair and turned to Petunia, “And you must be Lily’s wonderful sister, uh… Petunia if I recall correctly?”

Petunia looked mortified at being addressed by such a person and by her relationship to Lily, “I am not!” she replied hotly, “That freak is no sister of mine, we just happen to live under the same roof!” And with that, Petunia marched right back through the barrier leaving a stunned James and her speechless family. Lily felt tears welling up in her eyes and quickly wiped them away as she realized James was now looking intently at her.

“Um, so that was not your sister?” he asked, confused.

Mr. Evans sighed, “That was Petunia, excuse her, she’s been having a bad week.”

James nodded and smiled kindly at Lily, “Well Lils, I’ll see you on the train. Nice to meet you!” and he disappeared, probably in search of his fellow Marauders.

“We’ll have a talk with Petunia dear. I’m so sorry, I should have told her to wait in the car,” sighed Mrs. Evans.

“It’s okay, Mom, don’t, it’ll just make things worse. Well I better go, I’m Head Girl this year.” She gave both her parents a big hug.

Just before she left, her mother whispered into her ear, “That James seems to be a very nice young man. And he seems to have a certain something for you!”

Lily smiled slightly and watched as her parents re-entered the muggle world. She wheeled her trolley around when someone grabbed her arm, she felt a jolt in her stomach, one she had never felt before, her arm was now tingling, and she wondered why, “What was that about?” It was Potter, again.

Lily sighed, “My sister dies not like that fact that I’m a witch, she calls me abnormal, she basically hates me.”

“Oh,” he replied, not letting go of her arm. She pulled her arm away, and the tingling vanished.

 “Do you want to go out with me? I’ll make it better! We can plan the destruction of Petunia if you want.”

Lily tried to suppress a laugh, “No thank you Potter,” she replied and wheeled her trolley away.

“POTTER!” shouted Lily, he had pestered her all the way to the Head’s compartment, “Get OUT!”

“Why?” he asked with a smirk, ruffling his hair.

Lily groaned, she thought he might have matured a bit, apparently not. She tried to ignore the butterflies in her stomach. Even though he hadn’t matured, he sure had gotten—NO! Lily Evans, you do not think James Potter is hot! Argh!

  She took a deep breath and turned to Potter, “Because, Potter, if you haven’t noticed this is the Heads compartment,” she replied dangerously.

“Oh really? So that would make you my head girl, huh?” he said smirking even more. He didn’t seem to realize that she was fingering her wand, and shooting a deadly glare at him.

“Yes Potter, I’m Head- WHAT DID YOU SAY?” she panicked, he could not be Head Boy, yet there was the badge, gleaming on his chest. Oh dear, she was starting to hyperventilate. How could one boy infuriate her so much?

“That’s right Evans, I’m Head Boy, and with you as my Head Girl, we shall rule the school.” Lily banged her head on the wall; she closed her eyes and counted to ten. When she dared to peek, Potter was still there with and amused look on his face.

“Okay, whom did you nick the badge from? You took it from Remus, didn’t you?” she questioned.

“Not actually, I didn’t nick it. But you could say that I nicked it from the owl, wait can an owl be Head Boy?” he looked at her inquiringly.

“An owl would do a better job than you Potter,” she replied through the teeth, “Dumbledore must have lost his marbles.”

Just then an owl soared through the open window with a letter, it had the Hogwarts crest embedded in it. Lily reached for it, but James got there first, due to his qudditch reflexes. He teased her, holding it just out of her reach.

“Just read the blasted letter,” she snarled.

James scanned the letter and turned to Lily, smirking even more. “What?” she asked, “Read the bloody letter Potter!”

“ Dear Mr. Potter and Miss. Evans,

            Let me congratulate you on becoming Head Boy and Girl. You are to meet the prefects about halfway through the train ride and give them their duties. Miss. Evans, you can inform Mr. Potter of these The Heads usually live in the Head’s Room but it is currently under re-construction. Peeves was in a joyful mood over the summer. It should be ready about two weeks into school. You will have to patrol the halls every other day. Set up a schedule with the prefects also. As you are well aware of, you can now reward or dock points. Mr. Potter, I must ask you not to abuse this privilege. You can also hand out detention and Miss. Evans I am sure you know the rest.

 Oh and Miss, Evans, there is no mistake; I did choose Mr. Potter as Head Boy. Although I have lost my marbles, the ones I used to play with Dedalus Diggle as a child. If you come across them, you will return them to me, won’t you? This letters will now self destruct.”

BOOM! The letter exploded sending ashes everywhere. Lily shook the soot off of her, momentarily stunned.

“So Evans, how would you like me to escort you to Hogsmeade, whenever that is?” he asked grinning.


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Chapter 2: HOT Bullying Toerag
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“How did it go Prongs?”


James looked up as he entered the compartment; it was Remus, “The usual Moony, the usual.” Remus Lupin had short dirty blonde hair. He had a wiry frame and was the “good boy” in the Marauders.


Sirius sniggered, “How did she take the, you know, the news?” Sirius was the ringleader with James. He had dark brown hair, the shade of brown just before black. His straight hair was long and it fell into his eyes with a sort of casual elegance. He had a well-built frame and was the heartthrob of Hogwarts.


James groaned and sat next to Peter, “Well first she started banging her head on the wall, then she asked whether I stole the badge from Remus, then a letter from Dumbledore came, then the letter exploded covering us in soot, then I asked her out, then she said no, and finally I thought my life might be in danger so I got out of there as soon as possible!”


“Prongs, you could have any bloody girl in the school, why go for one that hates your guts?” asked Sirius bluntly.


“Ignore Sirius, he has no heart,” said Remus, jabbing Sirius in the side, “If you really like her, lay off her a bit, don’t ask her out five times every day, give her some breathing space. Let her realize that she actually wants you. Now that you’re both Heads, you’ll be spending a lot of time together, use that time wisely to let her see your better side.”


Peter, who had been quiet the whole time spoke up, “Yeah, Alice was telling me the main reason she won’t date you is because that she’s afraid that it’s only all a game to you. As soon as she gives you the time of day, you won’t want her anymore.” Peter Pettigrew was a short, stout boy, who had blonde, mousy hair and a pointed nose. No one really knew why the other three hung out with him, he was rather odd, always following James and Sirius around.


The other three marauders stared at him, “Since when do you talk to Alice?” James asked. Alice Preston was one of Lily’s best friends, they told each other everything.


Peter shrugged, “Alice likes Frank Longbottom, and was asking me a bit about him. I gave her information if she gave me information on Lily.”


“When was this?” James asked dangerously.


“Five minutes ago!” he replied happily, “Ohh, look the trolleys here!” Sirius and Peter scampered to the trolley, leaving Remus and James alone.


Remus opened his mouth to give James some advice in peace but-


James looked from Remus to the trolley, he grinned, “FOOD!” he shouted, running to the trolley like a five year old to ice cream.



“So, guys, I was thinking-”


“You think?”


“Ha-ha Remus, very funny. Shut up Peter! Anyways- you know how James is head over heels in love with Lily? We should be the three, who get Lily and James together. Then he can shut up about being rejected by Lily,” said Sirius with a smile. He was obviously in love with his plan.


“You know, Padfoot, you actually got something there!” said Remus thoughtfully, “We know for a fact that James isn’t just playing games with Lily, he’s obsessed with her. And we can use Peter to talk to Alice to get information on Lily! Let’s do it!”


“Let’s do what?” mumbled Peter. Remus looked over, Peter had half a chocolate frog sticking out of his mouth, a fizzing whizbee in one hand and a cauldron cake in another. Remus groaned, this was going to be their toughest mission yet.






Lily entered the compartment where her two best friends, Alice Preston and Mary Fodor were sitting. Alice was a pretty girl with shoulder length brown hair; she had sparkling blue eyes, which lit up whenever Frank Longbottom passed by. Mary Fodor on the other hand was tall and curvy. She had long blonde hair and neatly shaped eyebrows. She had grey eyes and a dazzling smile, there was no other word for it, she was gorgeous. “ Do you know,” she started dangerously, “ Who the bloody Head Boy is?” She plopped herself in the seat beside Amelia.


Alice looked up, interested, “ Judging by your swearing, Potter?” she guessed.


“You’re damned right!” growled Lily. She hung her head, “ My world has ended.”


“Potter!” exclaimed Alice, “ Has Dumbledore lost his marbles? Who in the right mind would choose Potter as Head Boy?”


“Well if either of you cared to notice, James has matured, he may be a troublemaker but he gets good marks, sometimes even higher than you Lily, and his heart’s in the right place,” said Mary, not looking up from her book.


Lily glared at her, “You knew,” she stated.


Sighing, Mary looked up, “Yes I knew, we’re friends for goodness sakes Lily. He’s my captain for the qudditch team. Lily I really think you’re missing out on something, every owl he sent me this summer, he asked about you. He really does like you, and you have to admit, he’s hot.”


“He’s good looking, but that’s not the point! The point is that it’s all a game to him, if I ever say yes, which I won’t, he’ll just throw me away, like all those other girls!” pouted Lily.


Mary rolled her eyes, “If you haven’t noticed Lily, he’s been asking you out since fourth year and ever since fourth he hasn’t had a relationship with ANY girl. He’s been too busy chasing you!”


“Well that doesn’t stop him from being a being a bullying toerag,” Lily turned as Alice pointed at someone outside their compartment. It was James, Lily’s heart jumped into her throat as she faced the facts, he had become better looking. He was now a lot taller, his hair longer, the messiness was no longer annoying, it was adorable.


Alice laughed, “ A HOT bullying toerag.” Lily grumbled and pouted, just as Peter Pettigrew walked in.


“Alice, could I talk to you for a minute?” he asked, “You know, about before.” He shifted nervously from one foot to the next, he wasn’t good around girls.


Alice’s face split into a huge grin from ear to ear, “Sure Peter!”


Peter turned to Lily, “Oh, and Lily, James says he’ll meet you in the prefects compartment now, and you’re already a bit late.”


Lily groaned as she looked down at her watch, she was late, “Potter will never let me live this down,” she grumbled as she left the compartment. This had to be the worst day of the stinking life.


Peter and Alice followed, “Hey what about me?” whined Mary. Alice turned around, winked and left the compartment.


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Chapter 3: Alphabet Soup
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“You’re late,” James said as Lily walked into the heads compartment which was not filled with the eight fifth year prefects, and James’ oversized head.


Lily rolled her eyes, “ Yes I’m aware of that, but as you would say, I’m not late, the rest of you are just early.”


“Oh, listening to me are we Evans?” he smirked, ruffling his hair and Lily was surprised to see that it did not bother her as much, in fact, it was kinda… cute?


She ignored him and turned to the new prefects and quickly got into role as Head Girl, informing them of all their duties. There were a lot to go through and soon found herself going hoarse. Time rolled on and she noticed that Potter was watching her intently and felt herself blush. She was surprised when Potter did not say anything to this, so she continued on, “Tell us what days you are free and we shall arrange a schedule. This should be posted up by next week, so you should get back to us by Wednesday. Potter, do you have anything else to say?” she asked.


James grinned and ran a hand through his hair and Lily felt another jolt in her stomach, “Prefects!” he said in a commanding tone, the prefects jumped to attention, “If any of you have any ideas on how I can get lovely Miss. Evans to go on a date with me, inform the Marauders. That’s all! File out!”


Lily was speechless; did he just do what she thought he did? He had, he did, he must die. “Potter,” she said dangerously, moving up close to him, “You will not display your affections to me in front of the prefects, are we clear?” She glared into his hazel eyes and found herself getting lost in them, she was transfixed as he gazed at her, inching closer and closer. She soon forgot that she was mad at him, that anger had melted ages ago. She took a hesitant step back as he walked towards her, and another step back till she found herself against the compartment wall.


She watched as he moved closer and closer, she was frozen stiff, she could not move, she was mesmerized by his every move. His eyes flickered from her eyes to her lips and the next second she found his lips on hers. She felt that jolt again and the tingling on her arms. His hand was running through her hair, his body pressing her firmly against the wall. Lily could feel the muscle on his body, she wouldn’t be surprised if he had a six-pack. She found herself melting in his embrace; no one made her feel like this. He moved his lips slightly and she found herself giving into his passionate kiss, her lips moved with his. Her hand was now in his rumpled hair, she could smell his cologne, oh how wonderful it smelt. She sniffed his cologne again and realized whom she was snogging. Lily abruptly pushed him away and found herself clutching to the seat to stay upright. She stared at him in complete surprise; no one made her feel this vulnerable


James stared at her in awe, “You kissed me back!” he said, thoroughly confused.


Lily opened her mouth to shout at him, and realized she couldn’t talk, that had been her best kiss ever! She tried again, “It was a mistake!” she squeaked. She clutched her throat when she realized how weak her voice sounded.


“Are you okay?” he asked, and Lily realized that he was actually concerned, “I’m sorry Lily, I really didn’t mean to, its just-”


Lily glared at him, “ It’s fine Potter, just… just stay away from me. Please,” she pleaded as she fled the compartment. When she was at a safe distance away and she was sure that Potter didn’t follow her, she slid to the floor, utterly and completely confused. She didn’t like him… did she? She couldn’t like him, she couldn’t fall for him, not after all these years, she couldn’t have, could she?



“Why’d you bring her Peter?” asked Sirius as he nodded to Mary who had tagged along. He winked at her, and Mary glared back.


Peter shrugged, “She wouldn’t leave, she wanted to know what we were up to? I didn’t think it would be too much of a problem, we can tell her too.”


“Yeah it won’t be a problem, but you can’t tell anyone, both of you, especially Lily can James,” said Remus seriously.


They nodded, “So what’s this about?” asked Alice.


“What’s this about? What’s this about?” Sirius groaned and banged his head against the back of the seat, “ This, my friend is about getting James to shut the hell up about how beautiful Miss. Lily Evans is. This is to get my lovesick best friend, to stop being humiliated whenever Lily refuses to go out with him. This is to get that bloody idiot a girlfriend, which he hasn’t had for the past three years. This is to get together the cutest couple, which Hogwarts has ever seen. This is the plan which will make us FAMOUS!” he finished, punching his arm into the air.


Remus shook his head, “ What he means is, we’re going to get Lily and James together. I mean, come on, you can’t honestly say that Lily doesn’t complain about James twenty-four seven.” Both girls nodded in agreement, “Someone who talks about someone so often, doesn’t matter is it’s out of spite, she must have some feelings for him, and James has matured… a bit.”


Alice nodded, “Like I told Peter, the main reason she won’t go out with him is because she thinks it’s all a game.”


Mary was now grinning evilly, “ And, she thinks James is hot, we got her to admit it. If you guys could work on James, get him to deflate his oversized head a bit more, we can work on Lily, to get her to see the better side of James.”


Sirius grinned and put an arm around Mary, “ I couldn’t have said it better myself, so we’re in business?”


Mary glared at him and shook his arm off, Sirius was the only marauder she couldn’t stand, “ Yes we’re in business, and don’t touch me Black.”


Sirius glared at her and made kissy faces, she pushed him over.


Peter now punched his hand into the air, “Yes!” he shouted, echoing everyone else’s feelings.


“So what shall we call out mission? How about Mission set by Sirius, Remus, Peter, Alice, and Mary to get James and Lily together, so James can get a girlfriend and shut up about being rejected so many times because it is really getting annoying and we know that deep down Lily really loves James, she just won’t admit it and when we do we shall go down in history as the team that got James and Lily together!” exclaimed Sirius as he sat back up. He was now bouncing up and down on his seat like a very hyper five-year-old.


Remus glared at him, “ How about no? We don’t need a name for this.” Mary, Alice and Peter laughed at the face Sirius put on.


Then he brightened, “ Well, we do have to have code names because no one can know we are getting them together till AFTER they’re together, right?”


“Yeah,” the others reluctantly agreed.


“But nothing stupid,” said Amelia and Alice at the same time.


Sirius just grinned evilly, “ Okay, Mary, you are now known as Ape, don’t ask why cause you’ll get mad at me. Peter you are going to be called Bat, because they kinda look like rats.” Amelia and Alice exchanged confused looks, Amelia opened her mouth but Sirius silenced her with a look, “ Remus, you shall be Camel, because they freak me out, just like werewolves. I shall be Dog, and the reason is kinda obvious. Umm, Alice, you shall be… Elephant!”


Alice’s mouth dropped open, “ Elephant? Are you implying that I’m fat?” she demanded dangerously, looking down at herself. True, Alice was slightly overweight, but she wasn’t fat, most of it was down in her legs.


“No, no, no,” said Sirius, hesitantly.


Mary opened her mouth to ask why she was Ape but decided she didn’t want to know and closed it. Remus and Peter looked satisfied.


“And out little team shall be known as the Alpha Tails. Because our code names make up the first five letters of the alphabet and we’re all animals, and animals have tails! Aren’t I a genius?” he asked happily.


“No,” they responded in unison.


Sirius pouted, “Too bad these names stick. I like them.”


You gotta be kidding me,” said Mary, “ This is the price I have to pay to get Lily and James together? It can’t be worth it.”


“I hear ya sista,” responded Alice taking in the grinning maniac, Sirius, the candy junkie, Peter, and the bookwork, Remus, “ We are doomed.”


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