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Thinking Of You... by al3x

Format: Novella
Chapters: 21
Word Count: 60,337
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: General, Humor, Romance
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew
Pairings: James/Lily, OC/OC, Remus/OC, Sirius/OC

First Published: 01/07/2007
Last Chapter: 02/14/2008
Last Updated: 02/14/2008

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Another year at Hogwarts and Lily has come up with a mission to stop her going completely insane: avoid James Potter at any cost!  And of course, it wouldn't fit if James didn't settle back into his consistant aim: get Lily Evans to say yes!   Will Lily be able to keep to her mission?  Or will the voice in James' head ruin his aim? Its 6th year, and anything can happen

Chapter 1: Introducing THE James Potter
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Thinking Of you…
Chapter one: Introducing THE James Potter.

Her brilliant Green eyes glared into his deep hazel ones as they stared at each other from separate ends of the station. Their faces wore completely different emotions; Lillian’s, or Lily as she preferred, eyes were narrowed, her eyes brows furrowed. Her long, red, curly hair cascaded down past her shoulders and didn’t move in the summer breeze. Her usually beautiful features were contorted in a way that gave her a look that matched the faces of the mermaids in the Black Lake which scared her so much. Her eyes held nothing more than hate.

Across the crowded platform 9 ¾ stood James Potter or THE James Potter, as he liked to be introduced. His messy, almost black hair fell down into his soft eyes as he pulled his fingers through it, his mouth forming a loving smile as he stared at the one he loved. However, this smile stiffened slightly as he saw the glare Lily was giving him and decided, as he always does, that a smirk would annoy her most at this moment.

Although he was too far away to hear it he could imagine the huff that left her mouth as she turned, swiftly, and made her way onto the Hogwarts Express. James’ eyes followed her all the way. It wasn’t until a heavy hand was placed on his shoulder that his head caught up with time and he turned to see Sirius Black stood at his side.

“Prongs, seriously mate, wipe away the drool,” he said dryly before strutting off towards the train himself. The hand that was still resting on James’ head was brought slowly to his mouth as he started dabbing, still in a dream-like state. Sirius turned at the door and let out a bark like laugh at his friend’s gullibility before running to find an empty compartment. James, who’d finally caught up, was hot on his heels.

Lily sat quietly in her own compartment, waiting for her friends to find her. She was still furious with Potter for what he’d done. All she wanted to do was walk through the barrier to get onto the platform but no, he just had to make it difficult. Just before she stepped through the wall he swept her up into his arms and carried her through. She admitted she did laugh at first, in fact she was pretty sure she’d giggled (which she made a mental note to slap herself for when she’d calmed down), which was so unlike her. But in the company of James Potter nothing could go right for this girl; he would be her death she swore.

You’d think being the big quidditch star he thought he was he’d have good hand-eye coordination. The stupid arrogant twirp tripped on emerging onto platform 9 ¾ and, keeping his balance, sent her flying to the floor. Her face must have gone as red as her hair as she pulled her self up and basically sprinted to the other end of the station stopping just before the train, and turning to give Potter the deadliest glare she could muster.

Lily banged her head back against the wall at the thought of having to spend another year with James Potter, when a series of bangs were let off further down the train. Being a prefect, and a good one at that she thought, she immediately jumped to her compartment door to see what all the commotion was about.

“That wasn’t funny Padfoot,” James shouted at Sirius while pushing him forwards and “accidentally” into the food trolley; which toppled to the ground spilling its contents. The two boys looked at each other wide eyed before thinking it best to run before they got caught.

James, laughing his head off and barely paying attention to the people he passed, almost missed her red hair as he ran past her. Unfortunately for Lily he skidded to halt half way up the train before backing up quickly and ignoring Sirius’ calls. “Hey Lilikins,” he said to Lily whilst positioning himself so that he was leaning close to her, against the compartment door frame.

Lily, fully intending on ignoring him and his stupid pet name, attempted to turn and leave but was pulled back by him. She spun around on the spot glaring at him furiously before spitting out “touch me again Potter, and it’ll be the last thing you do.”

James gave out a nervous laugh, he knew better than to take what she said lightly. “Will you go out with me?” He shouted to her retreating back. She turned and flicked her wand, the compartment door began to slide shut but not before he could put his foot in the way. He looked at her expectantly.

“James Potter,” she spoke his name with such venom it made him cringe to hear it. “I will never, ever, in a million…”

“Oi, you!” She was cut off by the trolley lady shouting at James in her cockney accent. “Look what you did ta m’trolley.” Heavy footsteps could be heard now and the train floor shook, not from its engines, but from the ladies large frame.

James looked down at her and his eyes widened. His seeker skills worked at lightning speed as he calculated that she was moving at speed that would probably have her at his throat in approximately four seconds, if he didn’t move his arse. He poked his head back in the compartment “ponder over it Evans, i'll be back.” He added with a wink.

“I don’t need to ponder over anything!” She shouted to James as he ran up the corridor away from the trolley lady, who was chasing him saying something like “You can’t run f’ever, the train ends after the next carriage!”

“Did you hear me Potter?” She screamed, “my answers no, never ever, in a million years will I go out with you!”

“He can’t hear you Lily,” said a voice. Who it was from Lily didn’t know because she turned around to see that the person had moved. “He’s probably two carriages away from here now.” She jumped around to look into her compartment and there stood one of her best friends, Celina Boot.

“Oh don’t get clever with me now Celina,” she pleaded sitting opposite her and swinging her legs up on to the seat, fully intending on getting an hours kip.

James, mean while, had ran past a compartment only to be dragged into it with his mouth covered. He immediately pulled out his wand and pointed it around only to find his three friends staring at him, hands held up.

Sirius spent the next ten minutes telling the boys about their trouble making already and the train began to move. James zoned out completely, thinking of Lily, as he usually did.

He sighed, drawing odd looks from the boys, as he remembered his first year at Hogwarts; and the first time he saw Lily Evans…


Mr Potter stood there, his chest puffed out proudly as he looked down at his son. The eleven year old James Potter narrowly missed a big smooch from his mother as he dashed onto the train, finding an empty compartment and waving through the window to his parents as the train took off around the corner.

James had just settled down into a chair when a boy, looking around his age, ran into the compartment and shut the door behind him. He stared out of the small window on the door, seemingly oblivious to the fact that there was another in there. James gave a small cough to let his presence be known.

The young boy, later found out to be called Sirius Black, turned slowly on the spot. He looked at James and swung his head backwards as to fling his hair out of his face before taking a seat opposite him. He sat with his knees together, elbows rested on them and his head on his hands. After a short while, concluding that James seemed safe to talk to, he extended his fist in an attempt to introduce himself. James stared at his hand for a while before realising what he wanted and smashed his knuckles into Sirius’.

“James Potter.” He responded to Sirius’ quizzical look.

On that very first train ride the boys got to know each other. They talked non-stop for the first hour, pulled their very first prank; blocking the boys toilets with some lads toad (a lad named Severus Snape), and, not long before the train arrived at Hogsmead station, added another arrival to their compartment.

“Hello,” a very nervous looking boy extended a hand to James and then Sirius. They nodded there heads towards him in a welcoming way before he continued. “I hope you don’t mind me joining your compartment it’s just that I was reading a book but the people I was with were too loud for me to concentrate.”

The two boys looked at each other. Just before he entered the compartment they had been talking very loudly and animatedly about their first prank. However, before they could state this he spoke again.

“So, which house are you wishing to be sorted into?” The boys smirked at each other and then towards the boy, known as Remus Lupin, before diving into a full conversation, discussing each house in detail. Remus listened with interest; he new not much of the wizarding world.

The introduction to Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry came in the traditional way; the sorting ceremony, Professor Dumbledore’s speech and the marvellous dinner. Funnily enough James, Sirius and Remus were all sorted into the same house – Gryffindor, and after lunch made them selves at home.

Half way into the boys first week was when they added another to their small, but becoming well known group. It was during a certain prank which involved a very good, but actually quite simple, piece of magic. The boys made it so that when the Slytherins went to pick up their cutlery at dinner they would be attacked by their forks.

Weirdly they did not get the blame for this prank, a poor boy in their year named Peter Pettigrew just happened to be walking past when the forks attacked. Peter however knew who it was that had pulled the trick but didn’t grass on them. James and Sirius, figuring they had to help him out, formed a plan to spring him from his detention and from that moment on Peter Pettigrew became the newest member of their gang.

It was on a night about a month into the school year when James and Lily were first introduced. Lily, having a two scroll potions essay to do was pacing the Gryffindor common room while reading what she had wrote to her self. James and his friends were sat on the floor by the fire, thinking up a new prank, when Sirius glanced over and something caught his eye.

“Wow,” he stated. “When did she get here?” He asked, pointing to something behind him. The boys followed his direction and their eyes set upon her.

“Oh, that’s Lily Evans,” Remus told the boys who continued to stare at her. “She’s been here as long as we have.”

“Lily?” James said, more to himself than Remus. “I’ll be right back,” he added with a smirk and with that he jumped up onto his feet and jogged to the other side of the room, where Lily was continuing her pacing.

James ran up in front of her and placed his arm against the wall so that she couldn’t pass, “hey.” He said in what he hoped was a charming way.

“Hi.” She answered bluntly, ducking under his arm and following her path once again. James narrowed his eyes at her but ran to catch up all the same.

“What’s that your doing?” He asked. Lily, who was to emerging into her essay to hear him, carried on her pacing without even a backwards glance. “Ignorant Bitch,” James said before concluding she was a lost cause and returning to his friends.

Unfortunately for him what he had just said did not go unnoticed, like he hoped it would. Lily stopped in her tracks and spun round to see James walking away. “And you are?” She asked to his retreating back.

James, thinking she had finally come around, turned and said, while running his hand through his hair “James Potter.” He smirked.

“Well James Potter,” she spat venomously making James cringe (something he would never learn to get use to). “I suggest if you’re going to call me things that you say them to my face.” She waited.

“Wh-what?” James stumbled out.

“Urgh,” she moaned before stomping up the stairs to the girls’ dormitory.

“Urgh,” James mimicked turning and strutting confidently back to his friends. He slumped down into a cosy chair, “I’ve concluded,” he said looking around at each of the boys. “That she’s crazy.” He finished and leaned his head against the back of the chair before an idea came to him. “Boys,” he whispered excitedly. Sirius, Remus and Peter all leant in eagerly. “I know the perfect person to pull our next prank on.”

End of flashback

James let out another loving sigh as he reminisced and coincidentally in a compartment a little way down the train a certain red head named Lily Evan’s also let out a sigh. Or was it more of an annoyed moan? Whichever it was it drew looks from her best friends Celina and the other two who had recently joined them, Zayda Bell and Alice Dingle.

Lily kicked her legs out as she remembered the annoying second year she had to spend with James Potter.


Lily ran as fast as she could down the dark corridors, only looking back to see if it was still there. She slowed down when she realised that it may just have given up already and decided to start making her way back to the Gryffindor tower.

She’d been studying in the common room when Potter started to disturb her, deciding that she wasn’t going to let him get to her that night she left through the portrait hole. Ignoring the fat ladies calls of “young lady it’s not safe to wander the castle by night on your own. It’s past curfew!” She made her way down to a secret room she had once found Potter and his friends in. It was located to the side of the portrait of an old lady whose eyes seemed to follow her as she pushed against the door, disguised as a wall.

She only spent about half an hour there before she became bored and thought it best to return. But, whilst walking up a corridor, she was overcome by the feeling that she was being watched. Turning, suddenly she screamed as she saw a white figure hovering above the ground making noises like “Oooooo!”

It was her second year at Hogwarts so she was used to ghosts but this was most unusual. It didn’t seem to have a form; it looked more like a white blob that was travelling towards her threateningly. Of course, she turned and sprinted down the corridor as fast as she could.

Finally she had slowed down and the stitch in her side had begun to disappear. She turned a corner and let out the second scream of that night and stumbled backwards over something as the “ghost” continued upon her. She fumbled in her robes for her wand and when she found it, horrified, she screamed “lumos”.

The ghost was illuminated immensely from the light of the wand and revealed a certain idiotic boy who went arrogantly by the name of James Potter. James burst out laughing as he removed the sheet he had over him and called for his friend, Sirius, to stop the wingardium leviosa spell.

She sat there on the floor for a second; eyes wide and mouth agape before she came to her senses. She jumped to her feet “James Potter, why you stupid, idiotic, arrogant… argh!” She screamed, struggling to find enough words to call him.

“Charming, handsome, sexy. I thought I’d finished for you.” James winked before turning quickly and sprinting back to the common room and up to his dorm. Lily followed suit and headed straight up to the boys dormitory, banging loudly on the dorm door.

James Potter get your arse out here now!” She screamed, all the while hammering her fists against the locked door.

That night consisted of her knocking out two boys who dared to open the door and tell her to shut up, her jumping on Sirius as he attempted to go to bed before finally she was dragged off and almost pinned to her own bed by her three best friends.

End of flashback

Lily opened her eyes and turned to face her friends who look at her with amused expressions. “James?” Zayda asked.

“How’d you know?” She asked exasperatedly.

“It always is Lils,” she responded. “Just look on the bright side; at least he isn’t the way he was through first and second year.”

Lily raised an eye brow to her, “No, now he just asked me out every other second.”

“Have you ever thought of giving in and giving him a chance?” Celina asked from behind her book.

Lily sat up, “no, never. I will never give James Potter a chance. He only wants me because he’s never, and will never, have me.”

“Oh Lily, is it really impossible for him to just have feelings for you?” Alice finally spoke up.

“Yes,” she snapped. The girls took this as a signal that the conversation was over.

The girls’ compartment silence was over when the door slammed open and in walked the four boys, now known as the marauders.

James lent casually against the door frame, “hey girls.” He was barged out of the way by Sirius who squeezed into a seat between Alice and Zayda making a fake yawn as to put his arms around both their shoulders.

“How were your summers?” He asked looking around. James still only had eyes for Lily even though she was completely ignoring his presence and dug her hand into her bag to retrieve her book. James took a seat sighing but still never removed his eyes from her as she indulging into Chaucer’s “A Nun’s Priest’s Tale.”

James had realised his feeling for Lily in his third year. It was the time when most boys realised that girls aren’t just around to make fun of and pull pranks on, that they were different from them; in a good way.


James slid back the door of a compartment which he thought was empty however; it was occupied by the red headed Lily Evans. A smirk appeared on his face as he took a seat opposite her.

“What do you want Potter?” She asked, never removing her eyes from her book.

He continued to gaze out of the window when he answered, “nothing.”

Lily raised her head to look at him questioningly. “Terrible weather don’t you think?” He conversed. Lily looked at him for a while with a slight pause before returning to her book.

“Actually,” she started still looking down. “I love the rain.” James’ head snapped in her direction as he narrowed his eyes at her.

“Yes, me to.” Lily looked into his eyes, a slight smile on her face, was it a smile? he though as he scratched his head. Lily’s laugh brought him back from his thoughts.

“What?” He automatically snapped at her.

This made her laugh more and James fidgeted annoyingly under her gaze. “Chill out Potter, it was just this thing you were doing; like, screwing up your face and narrowing your eyes.” She giggled.

“Oh,” he answered. “Yes, well, you smiled at me.”

“Confused you did it?” She asked raising an eye brow amusedly.

“Yes,” James replied with a smile appearing on his face. “The closest thing to a smile I’ve ever seen you do is, well, a frown.”

“I’ll have you know James Potter that I smile all the time,” she smiled to prove it. She did not spit out his name venomously, this made him grin widely, he didn’t know why.

“James,” Lily laughed. “You have the stupidest grin plastered across your face. Trapped wind?” She asked, laughing to herself.

“You just called me James.” He basically shouted at her excitedly. She looked a little taken aback at first and slightly embarrassed but recovered quickly.

“Well, it is your name, is it not?” She asked, with a smirk of her own.

“Yes,” he answered cockily. “It just sounds so much better when you say it.” He wasn’t sure where it came from and was unaware that he actually said it out loud until her wide eyes shot to his.

It was at that moment that James notice how beautiful she was. Her eyes were the most amazing, bright green eyes he had ever seen. Her eyelashes curled right up and her skin was flawless. His eyes skimmed over her hair; it shone brightly from the slight bit of sun peeping through the rain clouds and fell in perfect curls just beneath her shoulders.

“You sort of purred it,” he said cheekily.

“Excuse me?” She asked, having returned to her book as James pondered on her beauty.

“When you said my name,” he answered. “It was full of want and lust,” he smirked at her. Now usually that smirk would have girls falling at his feet but Lily Evans was different.

“Potter, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She snapped, returning to her book but blushing slightly.

“Aww what happened to James?” He asked pouting.

“I knew I had to be wrong,” she said quietly to herself still looking at the book.

“Wrong about what darling?” James asked, leaning in closer.

“Don’t call me that,” she said through gritted teeth. “And I was wrong to think that you had finally grown up.”

“I have grown up Lilykins,” he said as he puffed out his chest.

“Lilykins?!” She shouted as she stood up. James stood too. “I am going to change into my robes, and I sharn’t be back.” She marched from the compartment.

James slowly sat back down into a seat and closed his eyes, leaning his head against the wall. Sirius soon entered the compartment, “what’s up with you?” He asked, eyeing his friend.

“I’ve just met the love of my life,” he stated with a sigh. Sirius became suddenly interested.

“Who?” He asked anxiously.

“Lily Evans,” he basically sang. Sirius held a hand to his friends head.

He narrowed his eyes and said worriedly, “no temperature.”

End of flashback

“…Thinking of you.”

James came around to the sound of Sirius talking. He looked and saw that everyone in the compartment was looking at him and laughing slightly. He raised an eye brow to them.

“You were out of it again,” Remus said.

“Ye, I was telling Lily when she asked what’s wrong that you were thinking of her.” Lily slapped his arm and he rubbed it exaggeratedly.

“Don’t worry James; just before you guys came in here, Lily was zoned out to.” Alice giggled at her friends’ evil eye.

“Thinking of you,” Peter said pointedly to James. James smiled at Lily who finally spoke up.

“Yes, of how annoying you are.”

“As long as I am in your mind night and day Lily; it’s all I need,” he said bowing his head slightly.

“What, even if it’s because you do my head in?” She asked laughing.

“Like I said, as long as I am in your mind night and day I’ll settle for it being because of that reason; the process of you falling in love with me has to start somewhere.”

Everyone laughed apart from Lily, “I really do hate you Potter.”

James winked towards her, “love you too.”

A.N Woop, my first attempt at James/Lily...I hope yu all liked it =]. I knoo i havent really introduced the characters much yet but that's all to come in the next chapter =D. I would really appreciate reviews, so i knoo im going in the right direction and all that stuff =]. This chapter took me sooo long to write, but not as long as the second chapter which i really struggled with. But i really enjoyed writing this i was glued to my computer for hours =P...Anyhoo, hope you all had good christmas hols (back to school tomorrow =[) and lovely things =]=]. 


Chapter 2: To Hogwarts!!
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Thinking Of You…
Chapter two: To Hogwarts!!

“Clearly not!” Sirius shouted, jumping up from his seat. “The Wilbourme Wasps could never beat the Chudley Cannons!”

“Really?” Celina questioned, raising her voice slightly. She was not the loud type but Sirius was beginning to frustrate her. “They beat them two months ago when I went to see them play in Wembley,” she stated, matter-of-factly.

Sirius open and closed his mouth, quite like a fish, a couple of times seemingly unable to retaliate. James, shocked by this piece of information, turned to face Celina. “You like quidditch?”

“She loves quidditch,” Zayda answered for her.

“And she’s really good at playing it to,” Lily said finally emerging from her book. James smiled widely at her sudden choice of speaking to him but frowned when she turned back to her book without acknowledging him.

“You can play?!” Sirius squeaked. Celina nodded her head modestly.

“I’m a chaser,” she answered. James suddenly jumped to his feet and ran from the compartment. Everyone looked around bewildered and a small voice spoke from the corner.

“Finally,” Lily mumbled. Almost before the words even left her mouth however, James returned. He had a small grin on his face and beamed down at Celina.

“There’s a spot open for a chaser on the school team.” The compartment buzzed excitedly.

Celina didn’t join in her friends excitement for her, her stomach churned uncomfortably.

Celina Boot twisted her light brown, shoulder length hair around her fingers, weaving the red panels through it as she went. Her almost black eyes focused nervously on the roof. An outside viewer would see Celina as shy and quiet; but her friends knew a different side of her. During the summer she would take up acting classes to fuel her secret passion of performing. A lot of people would say that she’s the nicest person they’ve ever met; her natural prettiness attracted a lot of attention from the opposite sex, attention which she did not thrive on. Girls liked her because she didn’t steal all the boys and for her ability to give great advise.

Funnily enough Celina was petrified of heights. But no matter how afraid it never stops her from hopping on her broom and taking off into the sky; the wind in her hair and the thrill of the ride makes her forget her fears.

She comes from a wealthy family with both her parents being lawyers; she’s a muggle born. For this, she hates Slytherins. They love to torment her for her “dirty-blood” and the fact that she never argues back does not help. But her friends are always at her side to stand up for her and cheer her up.

Celina believes in fate and that for every female there was and equal and opposite male. In her case this opposite went by the name of Remus Lupin.

Remus was sat next to Lily scribbling something down on a piece of paper, Peter was hovering over his shoulder reading it and smirking to himself every once in a while.

Remus had blondish hair which naturally fell into a fluffy side parting. His piercing blue eyes flashed as he re-read what he had been writing and his tongue poked out of the side of his mouth. Just like Celina he could be perceived as quiet and shy and people that saw him this way where spot on. Although around his friends he would be chattier and occasionally have a moment where he would talk at lightening speed and very animatedly, he generally was very mature in his actions.

He was down to earth and of course, being a marauder, loved his pranks; which he was exceptionally good with coming up with, despite never initiating them. Lily was known as probably the cleverest person at Hogwarts but Remus followed in a close second. He is the sensible one in the group, always bringing the boys back down to earth and landing them on their feet; much like Celina.

The marauders no not much of Remus’ home life as he was abandoned when younger after a terrible incident where he was bitten by a werewolf, the result being that he transforms every full moon. James calls it his “furry little problem.” With out his friends Remus believes that he couldn’t live; they’ve kept him going every year after learning to become animagus’.

“So I can move this piece like…that?” Remus and Lily looked up from what they were doing and Peter turned his attention towards the chess game, along with the other girls.

James and Sirius were teaching Zayda how to play wizards chess, which she seemed extremely good at. “And that I believe is chess,” she said cockily not realising that the word she was looking for was “check”. The two boys laughed but refrained from correcting her.

After another minute or two a small excited “chess!” Was heard again.

“Wow,” James whispered defeated. “You’re pretty good at this. Are you sure you’ve never…”

“Shh…” She snapped at him for ruining her concentration. “Ha, chess!” She pointed at James and Sirius, “you suck!” Both boys, who hated losing, breathed deeply at her mocking behaviour. Sirius, who was so agitated that he barely paid attention to his next move as he glared evilly at Zayda, made a wrong move.

“Yes!” Zayda shouted. “Chessmate.”

“Checkmate!” Both James and Sirius shouted at her.

“Whatever,” she said swaying her head so that her short black hair bounced around her face. James caught Sirius staring at her with his mouth slightly open and smacked his jaw up, earning a laugh from Lily who stopped herself as soon as she realised.

No one could blame Sirius for staring at Zayda; she was gorgeous. Her hair was jet black and styled so that it was short at the back but lengthened to a bob at the front. Her icy blue eyes stood out amazingly in contrast to this, and her pale skin tone. A lot of boys saw her as “sexy”, with her very laid back attitude and tall slender figure.

Today she wore black trouser shorts with suspenders attached to them and a plain white t-shirt. She wears what she likes and this often receives her a lot of unwanted attention; she has a bad habit of unintentionally drawing attention to her self whether it be from her clumsiness, dress sense or tantrums she pulls as a result of something Sirius has done – Sirius being the only one that can tempt her out of her usual mellow state.

She has seen a lot in her life and knows a lot of interesting information; not particularly clever (not dumb though), but she knows about things from other places. The way she carries herself scares a lot of girls because she seems so confident and the marauders learnt from experience not to argue with her.

She could be seen as contained within herself but when she’s around her friends she’s very chatty and interesting; the life and joy of the party.

“Moony,” James called.

“Prongs?” Remus answered him. Lily sighed at their stupid nicknames which made absolutely no sense to her.

“Come here a minute.”


“Just come here,” James said impatiently.

The moment Remus left his seat James jumped into it, placing a hand lightly behind Lily’s neck. Remus shrugged before taking James’ abandoned seat; he knew better than to get in between James and the “love of his life”.

“So Lily I was thinking,” he started.

“No,” Lily answered before he had even finished.

“You don’t even know what I was going to say!” James looked at her.

“I will not go out with you Potter,” she said bluntly.

“I wasn’t going to say will you go out with me,” James answered confidently.

“Oh,” Lily turned to face him knowing that she was correct. “Then what were you going to say?”

“I mean, come on, don’t flatter your self.” James continued his confident streak.

Lily raised an eye brow to him as she steadily got more aggravated. “Humour me?”

James screwed up his face for a few seconds before coming out with, “will you be my girlfriend?”

“I told you,” Lily stated as she returned her eyes back to her book. “Now remove your arm.”

“But I didn’t say ‘will you go out with me’.” James muttered.

“As good as,” her eyes still did not leave her page although she was no longer reading the words on it. “Now, would you kindly remove your arm?”


“Potter,” Lily snapped as she turned to face him, her bright green eyes burning into his deep hazel ones.

James narrowed his eyes towards her “why do you never call me James?” Lily shrugged not really giving a damn about what he was saying. “Is it because of that time?” James asked, a smirk creeping onto his face. He knew this was really going to make her blow up but he couldn’t resist; he’s never been able to resist making her angry, she looks so cute.

“What time?” Lily asked slowly, bringing her eyes back to his in a threatening glare.

“You know,” he wiggled his eye brows at her suggestively.

“No I don’t know, why don’t you enlighten me?”

“Of course you know,” he sighed as if it was obvious what he was talking about. “Oh, maybe this will refresh your memory…James.” He let out a small pleasurable moan when he said his name attracting interested looks from the others in the compartment. James looked at Lily successfully.

Lily pursed her lips, “I did not say it like that.” Her teeth were grinding.

“Urm, Lily.” Alice said, struggling to hold back a giggle. “Is there something you haven’t told us?” Lily looked around at all the amused faces and realised what it must have sounded like.

“Oh you don’t think we...? You cannot possibly believe that Potter…and I…? Oh come on?” She threw her hands up in defeat as everyone burst out laughing.

“It’s not funny,” she mumbled as she pulled out her robes and left to get changed; shortly followed by the other girls.

“So Prongsie,” Sirius said.

James looked sideways at him before answering “yup,” and pulling his school robes over his head.

No answer.

“Yes Padfoot?” James asked, assuming Sirius hadn’t heard him.

No answer.


James tied up his cloak and turned questioningly towards his friend. Peter and Remus stood their silently laughing; Sirius was sprawled out on one side of the compartment, asleep.

“How does he do that?” Peter asked.

Sirius’ perfect black hair fell away from his face, not in his eyes as usual. His steel grey eyes held flecks of bright blue which couldn’t be seen as his eyes were closed. He was known to many girls in the school as funny, charming, “fit”, but by Lily and her friends it was more like a self-obsessed, vain male slut.

The Sirius “famous flick” is his worst habit; he constantly flicks back his head so that his hair flies out of his face then pulls it forwards only to flick it back again. Girls stumble in his presence when he does this. He also spits, obsessively.

He was born to pull pranks and get into trouble, go through as many girls as he can, have the best hair in the world and to look at him self at every opportunity; as stated by Sirius himself in his fifth year.

He was brought up by a very wealthy, well respected (by people like themselves) pureblood family. Sirius was the only black, other than his cousin Andromeda, to not be placed in Slytherin house (and he is very proud of it), and has nothing to do with any of his family since he moved in with the Potter’s; summer before his 3rd year at Hogwarts.

Although Sirius seems quite drippy and dull he’s actually very clever and has great potential. He has his head screwed on the right way and holds a lot more than meets the eye.

James was leaning over Sirius in a quick attempt to give him some wide framed glasses and Peter stood over his shoulder watching his every move.

Peter Pettigrew’s shifty eyes looked from James’ face to Sirius’ as he let out a giggly girly laugh causing James to pause his actions and raise an eye brow to him. Peter scratched his scruffy dirty blonde hair; he was nothing like the other boys who were well-groomed, taking care in their appearance.

Peter had no other friends in the school apart from the marauders as he seemed shy and quiet; the truth being that he was sneaky and preferred to lay-low. He has a tendency to copy everything the boys do, especially Sirius who he admires greatly; mainly for his way with girls.

Most people wonder why he is a marauder but if you get closer to them you can see how useful he is; with he sneaky, sly side. He seems completely loyal to his friends and although he loves pranks, never has any good ideas for one. He has a bad habit of prying into peoples business when he is not wanted, eavesdropping and eating cheese.

He hates Snape but this could be a result of James and Sirius’ feelings; generally he is a coward and protected by the others.

James withdrew his pen sadly as the girls slammed the compartment door open.

“Urgh, I see you’re still in here.” Lily said dully. Remus looked at her with a mock sad expression. “Not you Remus,” she smiled at him.

“Oi,” said Peter.

“Oh, you neither.” She said extremely sweetly while poking her tongue out at James who licked his lips at her. Sirius grunted in his sleep. “Aw, he looks so sweet,” she cooed. “Do you think we could place a spell on him so he stays this way?” She asked hopefully.

“Shut up Evans, you know you couldn’t live without seeing me everyday,” Sirius said whilst opening an eye.

Lily ignored him and instead turned towards Alice.

“Have you seen Frank yet?” Alice asked in what she hoped was a casual tone. Clearly it wasn’t.

“Frank Longbottom?” Lily asked eyeing her friend interestedly.

“Yes,” Alice whispered while pointing her head in the boys’ direction.

“Too late Dingle,” James shook his head. “Going for the older man now are we?” He wiggled his eye brows.

Alice put her long blonde hair into her mouth; a give away that she was embarrassed. Once again she had attempted to straighten her impossibly curly hair; it hadn’t worked so it was up in a bobble. Alice had a twin, Lacy, whilst growing up the girls were identical until Alice’s hair became curly; she hated it. Lacy, wanting to be unique placed a spell upon her sister so that she could not straighten her hair, no matter how strong a spell she used.

She was the most popular girl in school and liked by everyone (basically) in that she talked to everyone; she had a bubbly personality and was a true leader held in high respect. The few people that she is not liked by are the girls as a result of her popularity and her friendship with so many boys; she was like “one of them” she had been told.

She has a bad habit of comfort eating; weirdly, especially when she feels fat. She’s far from fat, size 12 the most but feels comfortable in loose fit boy style jeans. She’s very much liked by the boys, along with her friends, but feels they only like her for he “assets” aka her boobs! The girls tell her not to wear such revealing tops if she feels that way but she shrugs off the comments; secretly she is insecure and thinks she wouldn’t get attention from boys if she had smaller ones, but doesn’t wear the tops for this reason. She’s into her top brand clothing and what’s in fashion; “it just so happens tops with a bit of cleavage are fashionable,” she constantly reminds the girls.

She’s the funniest one in the group, and a typical blonde; but she is very clever.

“James Potter if you say anything to him I will kill you!” Alice rounded on him.

“Lily!” James shouted turning towards her.

“What?” Lily snapped back.

“Why are you teaching all your friends to talk to me that way?” He asked, faking a small sniffle.

“I’m not,” she smiled successfully. “It seems they’re finally seeing the real you.” Her smile widened, “not so cute now is he?” She said to Alice before slapping her hand over her mouth.

Luckily, for Lily, James did not hear this last sentence.

“Evans, I give up!” He shouted, throwing his hands up and startling her slightly. “I’ll leave you alone, never ask you out ever again. It’s your loss.” He looked at her but his face held no emotion so she couldn’t figure out what he was thinking.

“Thank God,” she spat out before taking a seat. “Finally, I can have a year of peace.”

“Wait, wait. I was joking Lilkins my darling I take it all back!” He rushed to sit next to her.

James Potter get out of my compartment now!” She screamed at him.

“Your compartment?” He asked smiling.

“Yes my compartment. Do you have a problem with that?”

“No my little flower, if this being your compartment is what makes you happy, then that is what it shall be; your compartment.” He said sweetly leaning his head on her shoulder; he knew just how to push all the right buttons.

“Good,” she said lost for words as to respond. “So get out,” she hissed.

“I’m not leaving you my love.”

“Stop calling me them stupid names and get out!” She screamed, her throat becoming sore.

“Come on Prongs mate before she attacks us all,” Sirius tried ushering him to the door.

“No,” he smiled sweetly.

“James Potter get out of this compartment now before I do something I will regret.” The train made a sudden stop to announce its arrival at Hosmead station.

“Ok,” he said.

“Argh!” Lily screamed before pushing him through the door and leaving the train herself.

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Chapter 3: Mission Impossible?
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Thinking Of You…
Chapter three: Mission Impossible?

The sounds of cutlery scrapping against china echoed through the great hall, along with the constant chatter. Lily, Alice, Celina and Zayda were situated in their normal seats at the Gryffindor table.

“I still cannot believe he had the cheek,” Lily shrilled. Alice rolled her eyes at the other girls. “I mean, he knows I hate him, so he comes and joins us for the whole train ride. I swear if he comes near me again…”

“I’ll punch his lights out,” Sirius and Peter chorused from behind her. Lily swivelled round in her seat to give the boys her famous death glare before realising.

“Where’s Potter?” She asked, sounding more bored than curious.

“Why, missing him already?” Sirius asked mockingly.

“Nooo,” she replied prolonging the “o”. “It’s just if one of you are here the other usually isn’t far behind. What’s wrong, have you finally divorced him?” She laughed to herself.

“Funny Evans,” Sirius said dryly. “Hysterical. Since when did you become a comedian?”

Lily raised her eye brows at him, “Ooo Sirius, it seems someone got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning.” He shuffled slightly in his seat.

“I didn’t get much sleep,” he said whilst yawning.

“What’s up?” Zayda asked, genuinely sounding concerned. Sirius made to ask her why she cares but thought better of it; a certain memory of her gripping him into a headlock for getting gel melted to her hair straighteners flooded his mind, making him cringe.

“It’s nothing. Just James.”

“What’s he done this time?” Lily asked casually as if she had been expecting this to happen soon.

“Oh…Noth-…” Sirius began, but was cut off by Peter.

“Thinking up his new strategy of how to get you to say yes,” Peter finished with a smile.

Sirius rolled his eyes at Peter who looked at him dumbly.

Sirius sighed figuring he might as well tell them now. “Well, every year since James has been trying to get you to go out with him he makes up an aim. OK, so it’s the same aim every year but you get my drift?”

“And,” Lily started her voice becoming louder. “What would this aim be?”

Sirius looked at her as though she was stupid, “to get you to say yes, duh.”

Alice lifted her eyes to ceiling whilst shaking her head. “Well that’s stupid,” she stated. “What a stupid aim to come out with.”

“Excuse me?” Lily turned to Alice with an amused look on her face. “Are you saying that I am not good enough for someone to come up with an aim to get me to go out with them?”

Alice looked at Lily with the same expression, “yes.” Lily made a mock hurt sound and the girls dissolved into a fit of giggles.

Over by the large wooden doors that lead to the great hall stood a tallish boy with messy black hair and his friend, Remus Lupin. Remus had ushered James over to the side before entering the great hall to have a talk with him.

“You want to have the talk with me?” James asked with a grin from ear to ear. “Because you know Moony I was actually thinking about having it with you; I wanted to make sure you knew which bits went…”

“Prongs!” Remus shouted over James’ rambling hoping to drown out his words. James smirked at his friend. “Now seriously mate I wanted to talk to you about Lily.”

“What about her?” James asked sighing; his voice became soft and his eyes glazed over as he caught sight of the red head at the Gryffindor table. Remus coughed irritably. James shook his head and turned to face him.

“James, listen, you’re obsessed.” Remus stated simply.

“Obsessed with what?” James asked, again his head was turned in the direction of the Gryffindor table. He watched as Lily spoke with Sirius and then started laughing. “How come Sirius makes her laugh and when ever I try to, she hexes me?” James said, slightly angry.

“She’s probably laughing at him,” Remus said shortly, wanting to get to his point. “Anyway…”

“Well, I wouldn’t care if she was laughing at me, as long as I made her laugh.” James slumped up against the wall, Remus looked at him sadly. “I don’t understand why she doesn’t like me. I mean, every other girl does.”

“Oh Prongs,” Remus sighed, it seemed to really get him down; one girl not falling for him. James gave a wonky sort of smile and shrugged while straightening himself out. “What are we going to do with you? You can’t keep going on like this; you’ve done it for two years. I don’t see why you don’t just give…”

“I am not giving up on her Moony,” James insisted. “I can’t,” he let out a low sigh and shook his head again. “I can’t bring myself to do it.”

Remus tilted his head and surveyed James through narrowed eyes. He’d never heard his friend talk like this before. Sure he realised, even if Sirius said he was wrong, that James really did like Lily. Sirius refused to believe that his partner in crime could finally be growing up and may just end up with one girl pretty soon. But he also thought maybe James liked the chase Lily gave.

“I mean,” James seemed to realise what he had said and backtracked over the last sentence. “I can’t have my reputation dampened on because she’s to stuck up to finally give in to her feelings. How could she not like me?” The smirk was back.

James had gone through a few phases with Lily Evans. When he first realised that he liked her he was young; he called it love and the boys called it stupidity. Surely enough, he soon came to terms with the fact that it wasn’t love and maybe he just wanted what he new he couldn’t get. He would act like she was just another girl but deep inside he knew what his feelings were. Sirius was to wrapped up with being young and having fun to realise and it seemed only Remus knew his true feelings. He wasn’t sure what they were but everything about her intrigued him; and he was dying to know her better.

Remus sighed and shook his head. “You don’t need to act the player in front of me Prongs,” James looked at him quizzically. “It clearly obvious that you like her but for some reason no one seems to see it apart from me. Why don’t you stop putting up this wall and acting like a jerk in front of her and be yourself.”

James sighed again; he seemed to be doing that a lot lately. “Moony, you know me too well,” he smiled. “To be honest I don’t know how I feel and I guess I never will until she gives me a chance. And I’m not giving up until she does.”

“Then I suppose we have to do something about it.” A grin spread across James’ face. “But I’m afraid you’re not going to like what I have to say.”

James frowned and looked at him questioningly. “I think the best way for you to get her would be to leave her alone for a bit,” James looked shocked. “I know you’re not going to find it easy Prongs but I think it’s the best thing to do; when you’re constantly around her all she does is get annoyed. You know what I mean?”

“So what you’re saying is that I should just ignore her?” James asked quizzically.

“No, not ignore. Just, don’t ask her out every second, if you’re going to talk to her have an actually conversation and, I know how you like to get her angry…”

“She looks so cute,” James smiled innocently.

“I know, but, well, it gets her angry,” he finished lamely. James smirked.

“I know what you mean,” he slapped a hand on Remus’ back. “Cheers mate, that was better advice than Sirius’.” Remus raised his eye brows to him.


“Kidnap her and lock her in a broom closet with me until she said yes, maybe even snog her to make her see what she’s missing.”

“Yes well Prongs, that one may sound fun, but I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t live to see the outside of that closet again.”

“You don’t have to tell me twice.”

Lily stood up from the Gryffindor table and turned to see James staring in her direction, “urgh, he creeps me out when he does that.” She said to the girls. They all turned to look what she was on about and laughed at James as he embarrassedly turned away.

“Bless him,” Alice said whilst gathering her books.

“Bless him?” Lily asked eyeing her friend. “You’re supposed to be on my side; don’t bless him.” Alice rolled her eyes at Lily who ignored her.

“I don’t see why you let him get on your nerves so much,” Celina stated.

“I do not let him get on my nerves,” Lily snapped. The three girls looked at her amusedly. “Fine. Well, not anymore. My new mission; ignore James Potter at any cost.” The girls shook their heads as they followed Lily out of the great hall and passed James; Lily gave him her death glare before he could even say anything.

“I bet you ten galleons she’ll be screaming at him by curfew tonight,” Zayda offered.

Lily sat quietly by herself in the common room. Curfew had come and Lily had not once raised her voice to James; which Alice and Celina reminded Zayda. Actually, Lily had not seen Potter since their last lesson that day, potions. Not that she wondered about it, she only realised because of Zayda’s argument that she can’t have lost the bet; James not being around had to count for something?

She shut her book slowly, having lost interest in it for that night, and gazed dreamily into the fire. The flames were growing smaller so she concluded that it must have been early hours of the morning. She never was a good sleeper; sleep was when her thoughts came to her, thoughts which clouded her mind from sleep.

“Can’t sleep Evans?” A small tired voice came from the corner. Lily turned and frowned when she saw the face of James Potter, of course, walking towards her. She picked up her book deciding she had suddenly become tired.

“Don’t leave on my account, I’ll go,” James turned back to the stairs.

“No,” Lily called him back. It wasn’t that she wanted him to stay down there with her or anything, but he hadn’t done anything wrong and she didn’t want to be seen as a bad person. She half hoped he would turn around with a smirk and some cocky remark so she could curse he back to his dorm, but he never. James just shrugged his shoulders and took a seat opposite Lily.

Lily turned her head as she felt his eyes on her, but he was looking into the dazzling fire. She shook her head, she was so used to his staring that she constantly felt as if his eyes were on her; it was uncomfortable. But his eyes were not burning into her this time.

James looked out of the corner of his eyes every now and then at Lily. She looked so beautiful by the light of the fire; it danced in her bright green eyes. He was holding back the erg not to nag her to go out with him but the way she was tonight did not help. Her red hair was pulled back into a messy high ponytail with loose hair around her face, she wore no make-up but she didn’t need it anyway.

“James…Potter,” Lily corrected herself quickly before he could realise, but he did.

“Yes?” He tried to keep the smirk off his face.

“Couldn’t sleep?” She asked uncomfortably. James shook his head, “me neither.” She glanced down at the floor, lost for what to say. She couldn’t stand the silence and even if she did hate him, she couldn’t take much more of this awkwardness. James and Lily never spent time together on their own.

James’ head was thinking a million things at once, he had to say something. Remus’ advice had been to just be friends with her, it was the place to start, but he couldn’t even hold a minute conversation with her. The only time he had ever spoken to her would be to ask her out, and that always resulted in an argument. Any other time he had tried to speak to her he had turned into arrogant mode and just pissed her off even more. He didn’t understand why he did that. It was something about her that made him nervous but over confident at the same time. He would come out with something he thought was charming but she though annoying; he couldn’t put a foot right in front of her. Why wasn’t she like every other girl that fell at his feet? He banished the thought as soon as it popped into his head; if she was like every other girl, he wouldn’t like her so much.

James was so deep in thought that he didn’t even feel Lily’s eyes upon him. He smiled sincerely. “You have changed Potter,” she said with a slight laugh in her voice. James didn’t know how to answer to this so said nothing at all. “I mean,” Lily started to explain. “Back in first and second year you used to really wind me up and get on my nerves, well, you still do now,” she frowned slightly. “But what I mean is you, in yourself, seem different.”

James narrowed his eyes at her slightly confused, “explain it to me?” He asked.

Lily smiled at his curiosity. “I’m not quiet sure even I know what I’m talking about,” she said as a thought but carried on nonetheless. “You always seem so spaced out, like you’re deep in though, thinking about things. Even Sirius, Remus and Peter have noticed; they said you did it a lot when we were on the train.”

She looked at him as though expecting an explanation, but he didn’t know what she wanted him to say. “I suppose,” he was confused.

“Oh, forget I even said it.” Lily said as an after-thought. James had to think fast, they were on a good conversation which Lily actually initiated.

“No you’re right. I have been thinking a lot this year.” James stared up at the ceiling, he hadn’t really thought about it but it was true. He was always thinking about Lily of course, and he always did. But it was only the first day of school and already this year seemed different; he didn’t feel himself. He was constantly slipping in and out of daydreams. He was so confused about his feelings towards Lily; stupid hormones. “I just…Have a lot on my mind I suppose.”

Lily opened her mouth as if to inquest further but seemed to think better of it. James seemed weird tonight but she knew by tomorrow morning, when he was back with his friends, he’d be the same arrogant twirp; asking her out because he’s been through every other girl.

“How come you couldn’t sleep?” James asked suddenly taking Lily off guard.

“Oh,” she thought for a second about the question at hand. “I’ve never been a good sleeper; a person who falls asleep as soon as their head hit’s the pillow, truly has no worries in the world.” She smiled at him, for the second time in all the years he’d known her.

“Just like Sirius,” James smiled at the though of him falling asleep back on the train.

“Well, we all know his head’s filled with nothing but air,” Lily said whilst rising from her seat. “I’m going to try and catch some sleep. I’ll see you in the morning…Potter.” James frowned slightly at her use of his last name before lifting his head and smiling at her.

“G’night Lily.” She turned to leave. “Oh and Lily,” James called back to her. “About you not being able to sleep because of your worries.”

“Hmm?” She looked questioningly at him.

“If you ever need to talk about them, I’m here,” he knew it was a long shot but a smile appeared across her face nonetheless.


And she turned and left for the girls dormitories.

James sighed, putting his hands on each chair arm and rising to go to bed. He turned and took a look at the girls stairs before taking the boys ones two at a time.

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Chapter 4: Psycho Evans
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Thinking Of You…
Chapter four: Psycho Evans

The annoying alarm buzzed through the girls’ dormitories and disapproving moans could be heard from each bed. The girls which occupied the dorm slowly, one by one, dragged themselves out of their comfortable, welcoming four-posters and into the cold, bright bathroom.

Lily, Alice, Zayda and Celina slowly traipsed down the stairs into the warm bright common room, which didn’t wake them up a bit. But if anyone could wake them up, it would be those blasted marauders.

The boys mentioned above, do not need an introduction. By now, their sixth year, they were widely known thought out the school, by pupils and teachers alike, as the marauders. Their weekly pranks earned them the crowns of prankster princes whether people approved or not. No one could disagree that these boys were heading straight to the top in life; if they kept astray of pranks dangerous enough to get them expelled.

It was 7:30, an hour before lessons were due to begin and way too early for Lily Evans’ day to start. She knew she should have started setting her alarm at home in the summer to get her used to the routine. It was the second day of lessons and she was already fed up with the early mornings. She felt so icky, such a mess. Her hair, she felt, could do with a good wash and it was shoved up out of the way.

To make matters worse, James Potter was a morning person. He had awoken by six, showered and everything. His hair looked like he had just jumped of his broom, as usual, and his hazel eyes glistened with the excitement of the new school year. He loved being in school and couldn’t wait to get their pranks rolling; he had missed them through the summer. Although he had to admit, it was fun watching muggles as they screamed pointing to the sky, saying something about ringing the government and UFO’s.

“Breakfast?” Alice basically shouted at Lily, well it felt like she had shouted. Lily’s ears still hadn’t adjusted to the noise of the morning and Alice was her same bubbly self whether it was early or not. Lily nodded groggily and made to walk out of the portrait hole only to find herself wedged between the side and someone else. Of course, James Potter would be that someone else.

Lily remembered the conversation they had had the night before and smiled at James as he let her through the portrait first.


She had smiled at him four times since he had known her, three of which were in two days. Big mistake. James seemed to take this as a sign of her confession of love for him and completely forgot about his conversation with Remus. Remus shook his head when he saw the stupid grin make its way onto James’ features as he bounded to Lily’s side.

“Hi…James,” Lily cringed when she said his name. She figured she might as well tolerate it seems as he hadn’t done anything wrong, yet. She just kept making mistake after mistake and with every one James’ grin grew wider.

“Hey Lils,” James said. Arrogant mode was slowly taking over his body as he lazily leant his arm over her shoulders. Lily stopped abruptly and looked at James with eye brows raised.

“Uhum,” James pulled his arm back slowly and Lily carried on walking. However, James was not disheartened as he ran to catch up with her.

“So Lily I was thinking,” he leant casually against the wall in front of her, stopping her continuing down for breakfast. Lily ducked under his arm and carried on walking but James just followed, the smirk never leaving his face. “What’s wrong with you?” He asked casually but Lily, not having eaten this morning and of course, not being a morning person, took it the wrong way.

“What’s wrong with me?” Her temper was building, “what’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing you can’t help me out with I’m sure,” he said cockily whilst indicating to a broom closet.

“Urgh,” Lily groaned through clenched teeth as she stormed off towards the great hall. James sighed lovingly as he went to find the boys. That conversation felt oddly familiar to Lily.

Later that night when the Gryffindor common room was completely empty, four girls walked quietly down the stairs from their dormitories. Although completely different in appearance and quite frankly, different in personality, the girls were so much alike.

It was a Friday night, the first Friday since the start of term. Meaning; a girly night in. Okay, so they couldn’t exactly have a girly night out as it was forbidden to be out past curfew but all in all, it was a time for the girls to relax and reflect on school so far. In other words; talk about boys.

“I don’t know. I think he’s just convenient,” Alice stated whilst twisting her long hair around her fingers.

“Alice!” Lily looked at her friend disapprovingly.

“Oh Lily stop being such a prude. I’m allowed to have a little fun and besides, you know I’m not like that.” Alice look at her friend feeling slightly hurt that she would think she would lead a boy on that way. She liked Frank, he was very sweet and kind, but he wasn’t exactly what she was looking for.

Sure, he was smart and clever; head boy in fact. But she just couldn’t bring herself to imagine being with him for very long. She was sixteen and looking for a more serious relationship. He was too quiet she stated, she liked a boy with more confidence; a typical boyish boy.

“Like James Potter you mean?” Lily asked Alice, her eyebrows wiggling animatedly.

As if just the mere sound of her voice saying his name had awoken him, up in the boys’ dormitories, the same James Potter’s eyes flew suddenly open. James slowly propped himself up on his elbows and ran a hand lightly through his hair. He put his other hand blindly on his bedside table and felt around for his wire rimmed glasses. Just as he fitted them to his face a series of amused giggles hit his ears and like a dog hearing its dinner bowl rattle, his head shot up in the sounds direction.

“Sirius?” James whispered to the bed next to him.




“Padfoot, wake up.” By now James was leaning right over Sirius who made a startled sort of squeak whilst his body bolted up right causing his head to smash into James’ nose, who fell to the floor. Both boys, seeming not to care about the bruises their head and nose now played host to, hands flew to check there perfected hair. Both let out a sigh as relief washed over them; not a hair was out of place.

Meanwhile the girls downstairs had pillows stuff in their mouths as they attempted to stifle their giggles at the juicy information Zayda had just given them.

“It’s not that funny,” she said as her face became increasingly red. “I mean, it was only once.”

“I cannot believe you had a sex dream about Sirius Black!” Celina screeched, totally out of character; but the girls were used to this side of her.

However four certain marauders, which at this moment were situated on the boys’ stairs, were not. They were listening intently to the girls’ conversation with great interest and all turned to smirk at Sirius when this piece of information was given. Sirius mouthed what looked like “what can I say?” and popped his collar confidently.

“Yuck, how could you have a sex dream about Black?” Lily asked disgustedly.

“I don’t know but trust me, when I woke up; I went straight to the bathroom and washed my mouth out with soap.” The boys silently burst out laughing whilst Sirius’ face lost the arrogant smirk which had appeared on it. He stuck his fingers up in a rude gesture towards the boys; Remus gave him a disapproving glare before they all turned their attention back to the girls’ conversation.

“Now if it was James Potter,” Alice said through giggles.

“Speak for yourself.”

“I totally agree with you Alice!”

James stepped down a few steps trying to figure out who had said which bit while very quietly whispering “who said what?” frantically. The three other boys just shrugged their shoulders and shook their heads at James who was slowly making his way quietly down the stairs.

“Well see now, my Black sex dream wasn’t so bad was it? He’s just as good looking as Potter.” Zayda stated matter-of-factly.

“Yes but his head is the size of a quidditch pitch!” Alice said simply.

“What and James’ isn’t?” Lily asked amused, “I have never met anyone as big headed as James Potter in all my life.”

“Ok, ok,” Celina attempted to end this argument. “Let’s just agree; neither of us would ever date any of them.”

“Not in a million years,” the three other girls chorused as though the sentence had been recited before.

There was a few minutes silence before Zayda turned to Lily, “but what about that conversation you had with James last night?” The other girls leaned in eagerly as Lily explained what had happened.

“Aww, that’s so sweet.” Celina cooed.

“Yes, it was.” Lily replied, slightly dreamily. “It was like he had all of a sudden changed. If I had closed my eyes he could have been a completely different person. I almost li…” James, who had still been creeping forwards, stepped off a step only to hear it let out an all mighty creek. He had been eagerly listening to what Lily was saying; had she nearly said she almost liked him? “What was that?” Lily snapped.

James quietly let out a curse as he stood stock still, eyes wide looking at the boys and his body as close to the wall as it could get.

Suddenly a scream was emitted from one of the girls and James chanced poking his head round the corner. “Stamp on it!” Lily was screaming as she recoiled into the chair she had pounced on to.

“Oh really Lily, it was just a little spider.”

“Little?” Lily screeched, her eyes almost bulging out of their sockets as she watched Zayda drop the spider out of the tower window. “It was HUGE!” Clearly she was extremely scared of spiders. James smiled inwardly at how cute she looked when she was afraid.

“It was barely the size of my little nail,” Celina said as she eyed her friend worriedly.

“Then you must have fat fingers!” Lily snapped at her. Celina mocked being offended and the girls began to laugh as they settled back down.

Lily shuddered, “chills are running up and down my spine.” She said shakily.

“I know how you feel,” Celina sympathised as chills ran through her body also.

“Why? It’s not like the spider was really tall and you were standing on top of it,” Zayda said.

“I know,” Celina said giving Zayda a look which simply said I’m not stupid. “But quidditch practise is in two weeks time.” The girls all let out understanding ooo’s, whilst trying to reassure there friend.

“I’m okay once I’m up there, every fear leaves me but…Oh I don’t know. I just get really nervous with things like this.” Her voice was slowly becoming more shaken.

“Oh Celina you’ll do fine,” Lily reassured.

“Of course you will,” Zayda joined in. “What I don’t understand is how you can stand on a stage and act and sing in front of hundreds of people, but when it come’s to a three minute try out in front of ten, possibly 20 people, you crack?” Celina let out a nervous laughed.

“Weird isn’t it,” she said.

“Yes you are weird,” Alice said whilst pushing her friend softly.

“But that’s why we love you,” Lily laughed whilst pulling Celina into a bear hug. Alice and Zayda jumped on the two, wrapping their arms around them; muffled laughs could be heard from the ball of girls.

By this time the other marauders had joined James at the bottom of the stairs and at this moment were staring at the girls with great interest. “This is brilliant,” Sirius whispered. “I would do anything to be in there.”

“Watch this,” James said confidently. He walked around from the corner they were hidden behind and crept up to the un-suspecting girls. When he was just behind them he shouted “group hug,” and flung his hands around the girls squeezing tightly.

“Gerrof…e…ter…” Was all that could be heard through the barely audible laughing fit the girls were having.

Sirius, not being able to stay away, took a run and dive into the middle of the people.

“Sirius!” Was shouted from the five who all fell apart rubbing various, now bruised, parts of their bodies.

“So you don’t think they heard?” Lily asked with a nervous tone to her voice.

“Lily, they didn’t hear!” Zayda said annoyed at her friends constant asking of the same question. “If they did, do you seriously think they would have kept quiet about it? I said I had a sex dream about Sirius Black for goodness sake!” She blushed slightly.

“Okay,” Lily answered with a smile finally appearing on her face. “I suppose your right.” Zayda smiled at her results and continued to dig into her food.

The marauders and the girls relationship was quiet easily explained. Since half way through their fifth year the two groups are usually spoken about in the same sentence. Anything remotely interesting that the marauders do usually links to the girls in some way. Throughout their first two years the girls and the marauders barely acknowledged each other; maybe a nod when they past each other in the corridors. Unless there was a prank being pulled on Lily (which wouldn’t happen a lot, but there would be the odd occasion), the groups would never interact.

They generally got on quite well, with the exception of Lily and James. The two came to an un-spoken agreement not to talk through their first few years, having gotten off to a bad start. But for some reason James just couldn’t resist winding Lily up sometimes. So it came as quite a shock to Lily when James Potter arrived in her carriage on the 1st September for the beginning of the 3rd year.

The two tolerated each other, if that’s what you could call it, and if ever they spoke last names would be used. But James came to his senses on that first day of their 3rd year when he realised that there was only one girl for him, Lily Evans.

From that moment on James came to the conclusion that the only way he had a chance with Lily was to ask her out at every opportune moment. She turned him down every time. Most girls fell at his feet when he flashed them his million dollar smile or his cheeky smirk in the hallways, but Lily Evans had none of it. In fact Lily Potter-touch-me-one-more-time-and-I’ll-punch-your-lights-out Evans often referred to James as an arrogant, conceited, big-headed, self obsessed pig. James referred to Lily as the love of his life.

Whilst James spent the years chasing Lily, Sirius Black made his way through as many girls as possible. He didn’t seem to care how many hearts he broke along the way and had every girl he wanted; with the exception of Zayda Bell. Sirius’ interest started in this girl half way through their fifth year and he has tried everything in his power to get her to notice him since. Not quite obsessed like James, he constantly dates other girls, but would drop them for her. No ones quite sure whether he truly likes her or whether he wants to make sure he’s gone through every girl at Hogwarts before he leaves the school. He’s never shown a huge interest in any girl he’s dated.

When Sirius’ interest in Zayda sparked up was when the marauders and the girls became closer in a way. Whilst Lily still despised James and James still constantly asked her out, the two groups got on well. The marauders would constantly wind them up and pull pranks, but the girls gave as good as they got. Unfortunately for Lily, her friends liked the marauders, which meant she had to tolerate Potter.

“Evans,” James took a seat next to Lily and looked at her as he spoke. Her head stayed focused on her food.

“What Potter?” She asked bluntly.

“Would you stick your hand out for me?” He asked.

Lily finally turned to face him with a quizzical look, “Why?” What was he up to?

“Well, I was just talking to Professor Selye about divination, I know nothing about it and saw a girl reading someone’s palm yesterday afternoon, so I thought I’d find out more about it.” James spoke very clearly so that Lily took it all in.

“And you want to read my palm?” Lily asked sceptically. James nodded. “Why Potter, I never took you for one to be interested in that side of things.” She was quite shocked and intrigued by James’ sudden interest in divination and although she hated the subject, saw it as a healthy hobby for him. Maybe he was changing…

“GET IT OFF ME!” Lily screamed. Or not…

She had kindly laid her hand out in front of James for him to read her palm when, before she even collected her thoughts, he had tipped a box up onto her hand. Out fell a spider about the size of Lily’s hand which seemed to have emitted a sort of gung which made it stick. Lily flicked her hand this way and that as tears began to fall down her face and she screamed frantically. She smashed her hand against the table in an attempt to release the spider but after several failed attempt the great hall fizzled away and she was consumed by darkness. James Potter was going to pay for this.

Later that night the Gryffindor common room was still buzzing from the prank the marauders had pulled at dinner. Lily Evans had turned to locking herself in the girls’ bathroom where she rocked backwards and forwards, swatting her arm every now and then when she imagined a spider crawling across her. A shiver ran down her body and she shook her head, stretching her legs out in front of her.

“This is ridiculous,” Lily said angrily to herself. She put her hands either side of her body and heaved herself up. She pulled the door back so hard it almost flew of its hinges and stormed so fast down the stairs that most people only realised her appearance when she started screaming.

“JAMES POTTER!” She shouted at the top of her lungs. Lily’s eyes surveyed everyone as she looked around the room as though daring them to question her behaviour.

“Where is he?” She shouted abruptly to Remus as he entered through the portrait hole.

“W-where’s who?” Remus asked dumbly. He knew exactly what she was on about but he also knew that James was behind him just seconds ago and no doubt would walk into the room any minute now. He slowly backed up.

“What are you down on the table Evans?” James asked with a slight laugh in his voice having, unaware, entered the room to find her red faced in the middle of the room, on a table with everyone turned to face her. The common room was packed and heads turned between James and Lily as they spoke.

“Just who I was looking for,” Lily’s teeth were grinding as she momentarily kept her cool. She gave Remus a deadly glare which made him recoil slightly before advancing on James. Before he could be warned, Lily pounced.

“Evans you psycho what are you doing?” James shouted over Lily’s high pitched rambling.

“A psycho,” Lily shouted as she clawed at every part of James she could reach. She has never been a girly girl and scramming isn’t her thing, but desperate times called for desperate measures and she figured she would cause the most damage this way. “You turned me into a bumbling ball of mess after what you did this afternoon you…you!” Lily struggled to say the right words and soon found herself being dragged backwards by Sirius Black’s strong arms.

“Black!” Lily shouted once realising who had hold of her. “Let me go this instant. I want to kill him!”

“No you don’t Lily,” Sirius said calmly in her ear.

“Yes I bloody well do now stop telling me what I want and don’t want!”

“Think of the consequences Lily,” Sirius was still calm (see I told you he had his head screwed on the right way). Lily clearly calmed down at what Sirius said and James let his defence down. “Now take some deep breaths.” Lily breathed in deeply and let out long slow breaths.

“Why did you do it?” Lily asked, narrowing her eyes towards James as they stung with tears. James tilted his now scratched head to the side as he surveyed Lily. He didn’t realise how this would upset her.

“I didn’t do it to upset you Lily, I just…I would never do anything to purposely upset you.” James said with what sounded like genuine concern.

“Oh whatever Potter. All you’ve done since coming to this school is pull pranks on poor innocent people. The only thing you’ve ever done to me is hurt me.”

“Lily that was out of order,” Remus spoke up from the corner of the room. “James would never do a thing to hurt you.” Lily scoffed at this piece of information.

“Remus are you kidding me?” Lily asked rhetorically. She didn’t seem hurt, she knew what James was like but this really pushed the border. “And you’re supposed to be the clever one? He clearly heard us speaking last night and set up to do something against me. His life for the past 5 years has been to make my life hell.”

“Lily I…” James began, shaking his head.

“Forget it Potter,” Lily said finally giving up. Tears were brimming in her eyes. “Just…Just leave me alone.”

James didn’t know what to say as he watched her walk from the room. He thought to go after her and looked at his friends as though for advice but Celina just shook her head at him and said to let her cool off. James looked down at his feet momentarily and when he looked up was biting his lip nervously, “I didn’t mean to upset her,” he said to Lily’s friends.

“Yes you did James,” Celina answered. “She was right, you always do. You just didn’t know how bad this one would be.” Celina left through the portrait hole after her friend and was closely followed by Alice who, when walking passed him, gave James a sympathetic look.

James hung his head ashamedly and turned slowly to head for the boys dormitories, Remus and Peter followed close behind.

“I can’t believe your friend,” Zayda said whilst shaking her head to Sirius once the common room was emptied.

“What about Evans?” Sirius asked slightly louder than he had intended. “What she said was out of order.”

“But it was true,” Zayda snapped back. “He always winds her up because he knows the right buttons to push. He asks her out every day so that he can dump her eventually, like all his other girlfriends. He’s lucky she’s not at all interested because he’d break her heart and if he did that, I’d break his neck.” Sirius swallowed the argument back, he knew better than try to argue with her so he spoke as calmly as he could.

“Look, I’m not sure what James’ true feelings towards Lily are; we’re blokes, we don’t discuss that type of thing. But he would never purposely break a girls’ heart.” He steadied his voice, he hated people bad mouthing his friends but he couldn’t win an argument against this girl.

“He’s broken loads of hearts,” Zayda began and at the shaking of Sirius’ head she didn’t give him a chance to speak. “You two go through girls like there’s no tomorrow and you might see it as being young and having a laugh but the girls who you leave behind don’t. For some un-known reason girls really like you guys and although I think they’re stupid for falling for you so badly, they do. You may not see it as breaking hearts but the girls you make your way through certainly do; as they cry their eyes out in their dorms. Black, you’re guys and to be truthful I expect nothing less…” She faltered in her speech slightly. “Why are we talking about this? This wasn’t our argument.”

“It wasn’t an argument Bell,” Sirius said with a smirk. “It was a discussion.”

“It was a heated discussion,” Zayda laughed.

Zayda looked round at the empty common room and sighed as she took a seat on a cosy arm chair. She swung her legs up under her and lent her head on her hands. Slowly Sirius took a seat opposite and that’s when it dawned on her.

“Urm, Black?” She asked uncertainly. He looked at her. “Was it just James that was listening to our conversation the other night?” Zayda narrowed her eyes slightly as though looking for a trace of a smirk but when he answered there was no sign of one, so she assumed she was safe.

“No,” he answered. She held her breath, not that it mattered, if it was just James he would have told the others anyway. “We all snuck down stairs when we heard Lily scream.” He laughed at the memory. Gosh I’m a good liar, he thought.

Zayda nodded her head slowly, relieved that they hadn’t heard her embarrassing dream when she felt a weight on the arm of the chair. She turned to see Sirius sit there with a smirk on his face. What was he up to now?

“So, Bell.” Sirius licked his lips in a sexy way…Zayda corrected her thoughts; Sirius licked his lips in a cheeky way.

“Black?” It was merely a whispered but her voice suddenly had a husky sound to it. What was she doing? She cleared her throat embarrassedly, “Black?” She tried again. Sirius lent slowly down towards her lips, if he was going to kiss her she was ready with a slap.

Sirius’ mind toyed with the control he seemed to have over this girl. He heard how her voice had changed with the mood of the situation, no matter how hard she tried to hide it. He leaned so close to her that their noses were mere centimetres apart before he side tracked for her ear. He would have gone the whole way but he knew, even with the power he didn’t know until now that he seemed to have over her, that he wouldn’t get away with it. “How about I make your dreams come true?”

Zayda gasped. She could feel the redness climbing her neck already and prayed that it would disappear before he looked at her. She calmed her face immediately and decided to play dumb, “excuse me?”

“Why don’t you give me the details of that dream and we’ll act it out?” He smiled knowingly at her and she knew she couldn’t get out of this one.

“So you did hear?” She asked through gritted teeth, only Sirius Black could make her teeth grind in such a way. “Well,” she started to regain her composure. “It was one dream Black. Don’t get too excited.”

Why was she so god damn mellow? If a girl he didn’t like said that to him he would have cursed her through the door. Ok, maybe he wouldn’t have because he didn’t curse girls, but he wouldn’t have been so calm. “So I don’t get any details?” Sirius asked with a pout.

“Nope,” Zayda smiled triumphantly as Sirius turned away from her in a huff. He scratched his head slightly wondering why he didn’t take the perfect opportunity to piss her off. Maybe he was growing up after all…

Sirius relaxed back into the chair opposite Zayda and watched her as she stared into the dancing flames. She was the only girl he’s ever wanted but couldn’t have. It didn’t bother him like Lily bothered James; he just needed to prove that he could even have her. That’s all it was, wasn’t it? But if it was, then why did something she’d said keep playing through his mind.

Zayda knew something was troubling him as she secretly watched him. His eyes seemed troubled; she’d never seen anything but mischief in those eyes. Not that she looked at them often. So when he called her name she wasn’t surprised.

“Yes Black?” She curiously answered.

“Do you really not like me that much that you cleaned your mouth out with soap?” Zayda’s eyes narrowed immediately, why this question? Why did he care? Oh of course, it must have been killing him that there was a girl who couldn’t bare the thought of getting physical with him. She had obviously not put soap in her mouth, which would be disgusting. In fact, the dream hadn’t been too bad. Considering he was in it. But she would never admit that.

“No,” she said quietly and shook her head slightly; Sirius’ eyes lit up. That famous smirk slowly crept its way onto his face as he flicked his hair back before she answered, “no matter how much I hate you I would never put soap in my mouth.”

“Oh,” Sirius’ smirk faltered slightly but he was too much of a player to be disheartened. “Well like I said, if you ever fancy a little roll play just give me a copy of that script in your head.” He winked as Zayda huffed and basically flew up the stairs to her dormitory.

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Chapter 5: The names Potter. James Potter.
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Thinking Of You…
Chapter 5: The names Potter. James Potter.

James Potter, undercover for the WCS (wizards Civil Services). He ducks, he dives…He walks into the wrong part of the wall. James could have sworn that the secret door was there. Why couldn’t he get in? He come here plenty of times with the boys and on his own. He’d also been here under his cloak so that didn’t make a difference. It’d let him in there every other time. Apart from that once, when Remus was in there.

Was there someone in his room? In their room, the marauders room? How could anyone else possibly know about this room? He was confused to say the least.

James had decided that he was bored of the common room for one night; it was an hour past curfew and the boys were being lazy bums. He wanted an adventure, so decided to play on his own.

James often found unusual things whilst wandering the Hogwarts corridors. He often pretended to be a spy for the WCS as he search for more secret passage ways or hidden rooms. Dumbledore had once told him he could spend his life looking through the school and would always find new places. He’d spent most of his life in Hogwarts and it still amazed him when he accidentally wandered into an unknown room. And Dumbledore was old so that was a lot of searching time.

Lily Evans huffed and puffed down at her work and willed her pen to write the essay for her. What was wrong with her tonight? For the last week she hadn’t been able to concentrate properly. Her friends told her it was because of the “incident”; Lily banned anyone from talking about what James Potter had done to her.

She denied being fazed by the situation but couldn’t really hide the fact that she had stormed out of the common room with brimming tears. She wished she had kept her cool and acted mature, but why should she have? It’s not like he ever acted grown up.

Lily lifted her head suddenly as she heard a noise just outside the room she was taking refuge in. Oh no, if anyone caught her in here she’d be done for surely. Lily leaned her head against the door and listened intently to what was being said. “The names Potter. James Potter.”

Lily choked back a laugh at what she had just heard. What the hell? “Under cover Potter, I can solve anything.” Oh surely not? Lily could not believe what she was hearing. No way was Potter (she spat his name more venomously after the “incident”) playing spy games at the age of sixteen. And she was pretty sure he was on his own.

A couple of muffled bangs drifted threw the door and Lily could hold back her curiosity no more. She pulled the door open slowly and looked out just in time to see James rolling across the floor humming the tune to a spy film she had once seen. The laugh she let out caused tears to fall from her eyes and she only stopped when she could breathe no longer.

James had been staring at her, embarrassedly, for quite some time before she calmed down. “Are you quite finished?” He asked, avoiding her gaze.

“Oh. My. God. I can’t believe how funny you looked Potter. How old are you, eight?”

“It’s not that funny Evans,” James was not amused. He didn’t mind being caught acting a fool; he did it all the time anyway. But to be caught by Lily Evans of all people, and when he was trying to prove to her how he had matured; which wasn’t going to well after the spider mishap.

“James, I think it’s time you grew up,” she said bitterly as she wandered up the corridor in the direction of the Gryffindor tower. James didn’t know what to say, he hated being talked to like that and before he knew what he was saying…

“At least I’m not afraid of a tiny spider,” he spat out. James’ hand flew to his mouth as he hoped for the words to be gobbled back up. But they weren’t.

“It wasn’t tiny Potter, that spider was the size of my hand. How can you tell me it was tiny?” Lily’s voice got quieter as she spoke and images of the spider swam in front of her face. She’d been scared of spiders since she was about two. One day Petunia had put a small spider in her bed and she had awoken to find it crawling up her nose. She jumped out of the bed when she saw it and thanked god that it wasn’t any bigger when it suddenly grew so large it occupied most of her room. She screamed, frantically, and the spider emitted a loud pop before it disappeared. She hadn’t known it at the time, but this was the first time she had experience her magic. Of course they did not believe her when she relived the memory to her parents.

“Listen Lily I…I…Well you know what I’m like,” he gave a wonky smile but Lily just continued to look at him with a frown upon her face. “I didn’t realise that it would upset you so much. You always seem so controlled that I didn’t believe a spider would freak you.”

“I know you didn’t,” she said quietly but still with a bitter tone. “Because you don’t know me James Potter.” She turned slowly to continue up the corridor but James called her back.

“Lily wait.” Lily shook her head but James just grabbed her arm and dragged her back down the corridor with him.

Potter let go of me this instant,” she said as quietly as she could. James smirked back at her. “I’ll scream, and if I do, we’ll be in big trouble.”

“You won’t scream Lily Evans,” James stated matter-of-factly whilst closing the door behind him.

“Yes I will,” she snapped back at him.

“No you won’t,” James whispered. “I know you better than you think.”

“What do you want?” Lily asked defeated. Why didn’t she just scream and prove him wrong? Prove to him that he doesn’t know her at all. It wasn’t a big thing that Potter knew she wouldn’t scream; the whole year knew she didn’t like to get into trouble.

“To make it up to you,” James said with a smile.

“No thanks,” Lily turned the handle of the door to find it wouldn’t open. “Let me out,” she hissed as she rounded on James.

“Not until you speak to me.”

“Fine.” Lily said, crossing her arms and staring into his face. He had no affect on her and he couldn’t understand why.

“Lily I’m sorry for what I did…”

“You’ve already said that,” Lily cut across him. James closed his eyes and took in a deep breath; this wasn’t going to be easy.

“I know. And I mean it.” He looked straight into her eyes. He cringed when he saw the flicker of hatred in them. He knew what it looked like; he saw it many of times when Sirius looked at Snape. He understood why she hated him though but it wasn’t his fault that his alter ego jumped in whenever he was around her. Well not tonight.

“What can I say or do to make it up to you?” Lily shrugged still refusing to speak. James scratched his head while he thought for a while. “How about I tell you some of my fears?”

James Potter has fears? “Potter I already know your fear of running out of hair gel.”

“I don’t use hair gel,” James said bluntly, catching Lily of guard with his tone of voice. “I’m not that narrow minded Evans. I care for more things than myself.”

“Then what? What scares the almighty James Potter?”

James bit down on his lip momentarily. There weren’t many things that scared him to be honest, but there was one. How could he admit that to her, she’d laugh in his face? But maybe the truth could help. “Cows,” it was a whispered but she just about heard it.

“Cows?” Lily’s face was burning with the need to laugh. “You’re afraid of cows?” James shivered. “What’s so scary?” She needed to know because surely these cute animals didn’t frighten the so called quidditch star.

“Everything,” James shivered again but couldn’t keep the smile off his face. “Could you imagine one running towards you Lily? How could that not scare you?” That was it; she could take it no longer. She tried to hold it in but it caused her to choke and soon enough Lily was falling to the floor with laughter.

“I’m glad someone finds joy in my fear,” James said. But he was amused he had to admit. He’d never seen Lily laugh so much before. He’d made her laugh; even if it was at him. And he was pretty sure that was the second time this night.

“I’m sorry,” she said holding her stomach. “I just can’t imagine it. James Potter, the famous quidditch star and all around bad boy, scared of cows?” The laughter over come her again and her throat started to ache.

Once Lily had calmed down she took a seat in a chair, letting out a small chuckle every now and then. “So are we equal?” James asked eventually.

Lily sat in silence for a while, “for now.” She teased. She had a plan. James nodded before suggesting they make their way back to the common room.

The two actually talked on their way back to their dorms. Lily found that James was quite funny, in a stupid way. She wasn’t ready to call him James yet and she was pretty sure it’d be a while before she could. Last time she thought he had matured the “incident” occurred. She wasn’t making that mistake again.

“Well, I should catch some sleep.” Lily said through a yawn. “G’night Potter.”

“Sweet dreams Flower,” James whispered as she ascended the stairs, but before she could disappear she ran back down.

“Potter,” James turned startled to see her. Lily bit her bottom lips slightly as she wondered how to put it. “Urm, well you said earlier that you cared for more than just yourself?

“Well of course I do Lily,” he laughed slightly. “I have my family and friends to care for too.” Lily smiled.

“That’s cute Potter,” James smirked before she turned to leave.

“Oh and obviously there’s you Lily,” Lily turned and blushed slightly at what he had just said.

“James I…”

“Oh,” someone had walked down the stairs from the boys’ dormitories. James cursed under his breath; she had just called him James. “Lily?” The person said slightly startled.

“Jonathan,” Lily nodded politely. Jonathan was tall with short black hair and beautiful blue eyes. He was a prefect in the year above Lily and they spoke quiet often.

“Well I was going to speak to you tomorrow Lily but seems as you’re here now,” He looked around and saw James still sitting near the fire. “Do you mind?” He asked politely. James shrugged and made his way to his dorm. He wasn’t stupid, he knew exactly what was going on and there was no way he was just going to go upstairs and pretend it wasn’t happening. He stopped near the bottom of the stairs where he couldn’t be seen.

“I’ve wanted to ask you this for a while now but…Well, it’s Hogsmead this weekend and I wanted to know if you’d go with me, Lily?” Lily wasn’t really surprised at this offer; she’d been expecting it actually. And Jonathan was very nice so she couldn’t see a reason not to? Lily looked around in silence for a moment and was caught by something near the boys’ stairs. It was Potter and he was vigorously shaking his head at her. Lily bit down on her tongue to stop herself from screaming at him to mind his own business. Why did he always do this?

“I’d love to Jonathan,” she answered with an over sweet smile on her face.

“That’s great,” he answered whilst sweeping down and placing a soft kiss on Lily’s cheek. Lily smiled up at Jonathan and there was a loud bang that sounded like it came from the boys dormitories.

A.N Ok, so my shortest one so far but the next one is 4,022 so it makes up for it right ^_^ This is the first chapter i will admit to being a bit iffy about. The first section was a bit off i think, but i still love writing the story. I've nearly finished chapter 10 =] Anyhoo, thankoo for yur reviews people =D buh, just because im happy wiff them doesnt mean i dont want more...because i do. I want LOTS more =]...Please ^_^ Thankoo LilyMaria for yur suggestion for a prank, which is in the making =] And for yur lovely reviews =D I like fat reviews, even if yu just tell me about yur life, i enjoying knowing things =] Reviews make me chuckle, chuckling releases this sort of chemical in the body which encourages me to i believe anyways. Right, before my notes longer than the chapter i'll stop =]


Chapter 6: Holy Cow!!
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Thinking Of You…
Chapter 6: Holy Cow!

Lily’s POV…

I swear I am an evil genius. I didn’t even know I held so much evil in me. Well, James Potter could bring out the bad side in anyone if he really wanted to. He just doesn’t choose to do it to anyone; he only does it to me. Ok, and Snape but he’s pure evil anyway; I once walked past the dungeons and looked in a lab to find him stood over a cauldron, which was bubbling green, cackling. Like a witch. I mean psycho or what?

Anyway, I am so brilliant I think I could take over the world if I wanted to. Actually, scratch that; if anyone was to read this I would be sent to Azkaban for sure. But just to be safe I want you to know, if I did take over the world, I would make it a better place. I would rid it of people like that Lord what-ever-his-name-is who likes to dress people up as skeletons. I thought I should tell you because seriously, I could not handle being in Azkaban with those dementors. It’s bad enough being around Potter who sucks the fun out of everything. Ok, so he actually makes a lot of the fun. I mean, I don’t find what he does fun. This is mainly because most of the fun things he does are at my expense. But I’m sure the rest of the school finds it funny when I’m passing out because of a spider or babbling about killer ghosts.

See! This is what James Potter does to me; he makes me rant and go totally off the point. I want to kill him now and technically this is not his fault. I just find it better to blame him for everything; it makes it easier for me to hate him. Not that it’s hard to do anyway.

Right, back to me being an evil genius. I had a talk with the big headed twirp the other day. You know who I’m talking about when I say twirp right; James I’ll-make-Lily’s-life-hell-if-it’s-the-last-thing-i-do Potter? Yes, I actually had a talk with him. And I spoke calmly, there was no shouting involved. Well don’t seem shocked, it has happened twice before.

So I’d been thinking for a week that I needed to plan some sort of revenge on the boy that is the bane of my existence. It needed to be good, something that would be remembered for a long time. Something that might deflate his head a little. And the idea came to me like that! As soon as he mentioned it I knew what I had to do.

You see, I’ve been reading Advanced Potions in my spare time and the other week came across a very interesting concoction. The potion makes its drinker hallucinate, seeing whatever the maker wants them to see. Potter is afraid of cows. In fact, he’s petrified of them. You heard me correctly, those cute things with big watery eyes scare the almighty James Potter.

The only problem that I realised was I needed a cow’s hair. Now, I have a very clever friend in 7th year that is the top of her class in transfiguration so we decided to do a practice dose this morning using a transfigured cow. It worked perfectly. The only thing that I need to do now is somehow slip my potion into Potter’s dinner time drink. How I’m going to do it I have no idea. But I’m Lily Evans, new found evil genius; I will find a way.

End of Lily’s POV

Lily Evans stood by the doors which lead to the great hall, her three best friends traipsed slowly behind her. She held a mirror up to her face briefly and frowned at her reflection. “I cannot believe I am going to do this,” she almost mumbled.

“I think it’s hilarious,” Alice chuckled.

“It’s only what he deserves,” Zayda said seriously.

“I don’t know,” Celina nibbled her bottom lip nervously. “You could get into some serious trouble Lily.” Lily seemed slightly worried as she pondered over what her friend just told her.

“I…I don’t care,” Lily stuttered. “I’m fed up of Potter and his stupid little stunts. And anyway, we always prank them back.”

“Yes, but they’re simple things like whoopee coushins or disguising vomit flavour beans as caramel ones. I suppose in a way, this could potentially be dangerous.”

“Stop trying to talk her out of it Celina! She needs to show Potter he can’t mess her about.” Zayda rounded on her.

“I’m not. I just want you to know what you’re getting yourself into Lily. We know what you’re like.”

“I know,” Lily said barely audible. “Everyone knows what I’m like. But I am about to prove them wrong.” She lifted her head high and strutted confidently towards the Gryffindor table.

Click Clack could be heard across the floor as a girl pushed the doors open and stalked into the great hall. Lily Evans flicker her hair back casually over her shoulders and slowly applied some red lipstick. Heads turned in her direction and boys wolf whistled.

“OI!” James Potter shouted whilst turning to give all the boys in the hall threatening glares. He ripped his cloak from around his shoulders and ran to cover Lily’s almost completely bare legs.

“Oh James,” Lily pouted whilst patting his arm playfully.

“Red!” Sirius exclaimed looking Lily up and down. “New wardrobe?” He asked nodding approvingly.

“Oh Sirius,” Lily giggled as she nudged into him and took a seat between him and James. She turned her attention to James who surveyed her through wide eyes. “Jamsie,” Lily began fluttering her eyelashes flirtatiously.

“Jamsie?” James narrowed his eyes slightly. “What’s happened to you Lily?”

“What ever do you mean?” Lily asked innocently placing a hand on her chest. “Do you not like my clothes James?” She crossed her legs which made her already extremely short skirt rise even higher up her thighs as she fingered the edge of its pleats.

“No, no red. What you’re wearing is perfect,” Sirius added whilst placing his hand on Lily’s knee. She slapped it away playfully.

“Tut tut Sirius,” she giggled. Sirius licked his lips at her as a smirk played across his face. Kill me now, she thought. Lily turned her attention back to James and pouted at him.

“Hmm?” She raised her eyes brows.

“No I…I love what you’re wearing Lily it’s just that…Well…” James struggled to get his words out.

“James?” Lily whispered; James gulped as she ran a finger softly down his cheek. He shut his eyes and took deep breaths. You’re James Potter god damn it, pull yourself together! Right on cue, arrogant mode kicked in. When James opened his eyes the smirk was present.

“Yes Lily?” He took her hand in his as he scooted closer to her and placed a hand lightly around her waist. This time it was Lily’s turn to close her eyes and take deep breaths. “Can I help you with anything?” Lily’s eyes may have been closed but she knew when she opened them she would find his face extremely close to hers as she felt his breath tickle her ear.

“Could you pour me some of that pumpkin juice?” This was the time to make her move. She pulled the glass vile out and put it behind her back as she flicked the lid off of it. James winked at her before turning to get the juice and Lily quickly looked around to make sure no one was looking. Sirius was deep in conversation with Remus and Peter but was slyly smirking at her ever now and then. She took the opportunity when he was animatedly gesturing something to slip the potion into James’ half full cup and dropped the vile back into her pocket before he turned back towards her.

“There you go Lily Flower,” he whispered as he pushed the cup into her hand. Lily giggled girly and couldn’t refrain from rolling her eyes at herself. She was reminded of the girls that threw themselves at James at every opportunity. “You know flower I think I like this side of you.”

“Really?” Lily said whilst placing a hand lightly on his chest. James slid an arm over her shoulder as he continued.

“Yep. Well actually,” a look of confusion came over James as he scratched his head in puzzlement. “Actually no I don’t. Well I don’t not like you I mean, what you’re wearing.”

“What?” Lily withdrew back and stared at James. Oh come on; short skirt tight shirt, it was James’ perfect girl.

“Well it looks kind of slutty don’t you think?” James screwed up his face slightly. “I mean, you’re gorgeous and you don’t need to do all this.” However Lily did not hear this last bit because her raging temper was pounding in her ears. He had just made her feel so stupid.

“Slutty?” James gulped. “I cannot believe you have just said that to me when any girl you’ve ever dated skirt has been twice as short as this one. It’s just because it’s me isn’t it? You just have to make me look like a complete idiot!” Lily voice was now one of a high screech as her eyes bore into James’ evilly.

“No…No…No,” James couldn’t think of anything to say. He took a big gulp of his pumpkin juice in hope that it would wet his dry throat.

“That’s all you ever want to do to me isn’t it?” Lily, who by now had stood, walked towards James threateningly. “Make me look…” However she was refrained from carrying on this sentence by James’ frantic…screaming? Yes it was true; James Potter screamed. Like a girl.


“It?...IT!?” Lily was now so vexed she could have hexed James to oblivion but slowly it dawned on her what was happening. A slow grin spread across her face as a chocked laugh left her mouth. “Well, well Potter.” It was now Lily’s turned to smirk.

“You can talk?” James asked as his eyes widened and he stumbled up onto the table full of food. “And you know my name? COWS AREN’T MEANT TO TALK!” James flung his hands up over his eyes and called for someone to remove the cow from the school. Everyone was hysterical laughing and Lily chanced a glance at the heads table. Dumbledore looked down at her with an amused expression and his eyes twinkled before he winked at her. Lily chuckled slightly and decided James had suffered enough. To stop the potion she just had to tell him that he was hallucinating.

“Ok, ok I think we’ve seen enough.” Lily walked towards James but he let out a petrified scream.

“Don’t…Don’t come any close,” he threatened holding out a stick of French bread. Lily raised her eye brows confused and turned to look at her friends who shrugged their shoulders.

“Potter what are you doing?”

“Stay away from me you…you…you fat cow!” Lily gasped. “I’m not eight years old any more. You can’t chase me; I’m bigger than you!” James stumbled over the table and onto the bench on the opposite side. “You may have caught me once but you won’t catch me now!” It suddenly hit Lily that James seemed to think she was the cow. She wasn’t sure whether to find it funny or to be insulted. James spun on his heels and was nearly out of the hall before Lily shouted after him.

Potter you’re hallucinating!” James came to a sudden halt just inside the great hall and turned swiftly. He spoke through gritted teeth.


James’ POV…

Damn her! Damn that girl! I could kill her if I didn’t love…Like (slip of the tongue) her so much. I wanted to take my hands and grip her neck and…Pull her towards me and kiss her! Oh I’m so weak! If any other girl had done that to me I would have strangled them. Ok, no I wouldn’t have because I don’t hurt girls but I would have done something. I would make up a really really good prank which would humiliate them in front of the whole school like she did to me. Wait, like I did to her with the spider. I got what I deserved didn’t I?

I am such a jerk.

I think I need therapy. I have like this alter-ego. I’ve named him Trevor. Yes that’s right I gave this thing in my head a name. He’s like a Sirius that is permanently with me; ok that’s not the right way to put it because I am always with Sirius. Well, it’s like this Sirius which I can’t ignore. I think to be charming and funny and he tells me how to do it. From his point of view, a girl will fall for me if I’m cocky and brag about myself. I’ve done it all my life so it’s a hard routine to get out of.

When Lily approaches me I think ”Right this is it James, show her the real you. Show her the you who will charm her socks off and she’ll fall for you instantly.” But then as Lily gets closer my mind blanks and I don’t know what to say so Trevor jumps in saying, "James my main man! Tell her to go out with you because if she doesn’t soon you might just change your mind and then she’ll be gutted.” I try to push him out of my head but without him I would probably stare at her like a drowning fish.

Gosh that girl makes me lose my mind. I’m not here to babble on about her, even if I could do it all day and night, I’m here to explain my plan for revenge. Right, that’s a lie. Initially I was here to bang on about how annoying she is but I knew you’d see right through me.

You see, there’s this dude, Jonathan. He asked Lily out last night and it was just before she was going to confess her undying love for me. Or maybe she was just going to tell me how I have changed again but it’s a step closer than telling me she hates me. Anyway, she said yes and they’re going to Hogsmead this weekend. It is not funny so don’t laugh or I will hex you. This is not an empty threat; ask Peter.

The point I was trying to get at is that I have come out with another one of my ingenious plans that will hopefully rid me of this problem. There’s this girl in Ravenclaw who has been throwing herself at me since the start of term; it’s really annoying. I am so not interested. Anyhow, I’ve decided I might as well give her a chance and asked her to Hogsmead this weekend. But I have alternative motives. I’m going to suggest a double date with my flower and Jonny. I know Lily will refuse but Jonny is too nice to say no.

My plan is to spend the first half of the date all over urm…Bianca I do believe her name is…And then spend the second half warning Jonny off of Lily. My aims are to see if Lily gets jealous of Bianca (which was Trevor’s idea of course) and to get rid of Jonny. I’m not quite sure how to get over the Jonathan problem because, well, he’s a big guy. But I’m James Potter, prankster prince. I’ll have a few tricks up my sleeve.

End of James’ POV

Lily Evans and her date, Jonathan McCain, were sat in a very secluded part of the Hogs Head pub quietly talking. Well, Jonathan was talking and Lily was trying not to fall asleep. She did like the boy but all he had done for the last half an hour was bang on about quidditch. She liked to watch the sport but it was bad enough being in the common room when James talked very loudly about how he was told by someone scouting 7th years that his wronsky feint was the best they’d ever seen.

Lily rolled her eyes for the fourth time as he took a sip of his drink, she thought he had finished bragging about his skills, but he just took a breath and carried on. Jonathan must have noticed her boredom, finally.

“Oh I’m sorry; this must be an awful boring conversation for you.” Jonathan said politely taking Lily’s hand in his.

“Oh n…” Lily began.

“Good. Because I still haven’t told you all about our match against Slytherin which got us the cup.” Lily slouched down in her chair as Jonathan carried on. He was telling her the match play for play and the worst part was, she’d already heard it. Potter had given her the whole account last year. She swore they thought she was stupid; she was up in the stands watching the match.

“Jonathan listen,” she decided she’d let him down gently and come up with some excuse. “I’ve had a great time with you today but I really have a load…”

“Evans!” James Potter walked through the door to the pub and made a bee line for that secluded corner. Lily swore he had a Lily radar because there was no way he would have spotted her that easily. “Well what a surprise.”

“It’s hardly a surprise Potter. You asked me where Jonathan and I were off to at breakfast this morning,” Lily stated dryly. James chose to ignore this comment having nothing to come back with.

“You guys don’t mid if we join you do you?”


“Oh you’re so kind. It’s so busy in here we would be waiting forever for a table.” James had an annoyingly big smile plastered across his face.

Lily glanced around her; there were at least four free tables within 5 feet of them. She raised an eye brow to James who flashed his smile at her.

Lily turned her attention to the girl who accompanied James. She knew she was not a Gryffindor because she couldn’t recognise her. She had shoulder length brown hair and hazel eyes. She was quite pretty Lily supposed.

“Hi, I’m Lily Evans.” Lily conversed as she held out her hand.

“I know,” the girl answered friendly. “I’m Bianca Jane.” Lily smiled warmly and was about to indulge into some sort of conversation with her before Potter leant over the table and forced his lips onto Bianca’s. Lily rolled her eyes and turned her focus across to Jonathan who had finished his quidditch talk and was now onto some book he had just read.

James opened his eyes and looked side ways at the girl next to him. Lily was paying his behaviour no attention what so ever so he decided to surface. He smiled at Bianca who blushed slightly.

“Oh my god I love that bit,” Lily said in awe. Jonathan was just talking about a section in a book which he loved; Lily was shocked to find that she liked it too. “And when he’s about to hang and she shout’s that she loves him.” She sighed.

“I have to admit even I nearly cried at that bit,” Jonathan said truthfully. Lily thought this was awfully cute but James began to snigger.

“Is there something funny Potter?” Lily snapped.

“You nearly cried reading a book?” James asked Jonathan with a smirk. Jonathan glared at James who glared right back. Lily rolled her eyes; she seemed to be doing that a lot today.

“Well at least he doesn’t cry when he sees a cow,” Lily spat.

“Oh yes about that. Ingenious plan Evans I must say so myself.” James said sarcastically.

“Wasn’t it.” Lily smiled sweetly. “I have to admit, I think I might have out done the marauders.”

James couldn’t help but chuckle. He was thinking the same thing himself. Of course if he had planned it the whole of Slytherin would have been hallucinating things. But for an amateur she did extremely well. “Evans, you came very close to it, but it’ll never happen.” James smiled. A shocked look momentarily came over his face as he realised Trevor had not just butted in. Had he finally left him alone?

Jonathan stood up and went to get some drinks whilst Bianca went to use the toilet. Trevor decided to make an appearance. “Your brains and my pranking skills could make some real magic,” Lily laughed and James tried to push Trevor away as he fought to keep her smiling. But he was too weak. “You and I together could make some real trouble.”

Lily watched as the smirk appeared; she knew it was coming. She was kind of intrigued by the way his eyes seemed to be disappointed by himself though. “Come any closer to me Potter and I will knock your lights out.”

James sighed. “I know. Lily I want you to know,” a serious look came over his face. “One of these days I’m going to prove to you that I am no longer an immature child.”

“And how are you going to go about doing that?” Lily questioned.

“Well,” oh no not Trevor again. “I could show you but I don’t think you’ll approve.”

“Potter get out of my way,” Lily said rising.

“Where are you going?” James asked suddenly.

“I am leaving.”

“Don’t go,” James almost pleaded.

James Potter get out of my way now.”

“Or what?” Smirk.

“I’ll scream,” Lily stated simply.

“Go on then. Scream.”

“James,” Lily said through gritted teeth. “Move out of my way NOW!” Her wand flew under his chain and James lifted his arms up in surrender as he slid off his seat.

“I’ll see you later Lily Flower,” he called to her retreating back. James slouched back onto his seat and banged his head off the table. “Why do you always have to mess things up? When are you going to leave me alone?”

“Not until I get you the girl, Jamsie my man.”

“Well you’re not helping!” James whispered frustrated. “Great, and now I am having a conversation with the man in my head.” He hit his head extra hard on the wooden table.

“Are you alright Potter?” Jonathan had come back from getting drinks. James raised his head and scowled at him.

“Peachy,” he answered overly happily.

“Where’s Lils?” He asked worriedly. Lils? Don’t call her Lils, James thought.

“She left,” he answered.

“What did you do?” Jonathan asked accusingly as he put the drinks down on the table. James stood.

“What do you mean what did I do?”

“Well you must have done something for her to leave. It wouldn’t surprise me; you’re always doing her head in.”

“Listen mate,” James said through gritted teeth. He stepped towards Jonathan so that they were eye level with each other. They were the same height but Jonathan was probably twice the width of James. “I would never do anything to purposely upset Lily. Maybe she’s just not interested in you.”

Jonathan took a step forward. “If I find out you’ve done anything to upset her…”

“I’m not interested,” James cut across him. “Like she clearly isn’t. I suggest you give up.”


“If I find out you hurt her I’ll kill you,” James stated.

“You’ll seriously go all the way just to prove you can get any girl?”

“Don’t accuse me McCain. I’m not like that,” James said threateningly.

Jonathan laughed, “Whatever.” He turned and strutted from the pub.

James clenched and un-clenched his fist before turning and slamming his hand down, in frustration, onto the table. A pain shot through his wrist and up his arm; James drew in a quick breath tuning to leave, he slammed the door shut behind him.

Bianca emerged from the toilets and took a seat at the table where her date was just five minutes ago. She looked around confused as Madame Rosmerta approached her.

“Here’s ya’ bill honey.”

Bianca took the paper and looked down at it wide eyed.


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Chapter 7: Fraternising
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Thinking Of You…
Chapter 7: Fraternising

“James Potter!” A highly annoyed girl with shoulder length brown hair stormed through the portrait hole of the Gryffindor common. An unaware James Potter lifted his head and frowned at the girl who slammed a piece of paper onto the table in front of him. James narrowed his eyes as he looked at the paper and saw it to be a bill. He looked at Bianca and shrugged.

“What?” He asked confusedly. Bianca sighed. James just looked so cute when he was confused that she found it hard to shout at him. However, what he had done was unforgivable and she was not going to let him get away without an argument.

“That,” she shrieked and pointed down at the bill. “Is the bill from our date.” James closed his eyes momentarily and exhaled.

“Lucy I am so sorry.” A look of innocence had come over him as he surveyed her through his wire rimmed glasses. He took his glasses off and gave them a wipe on his black shirt before placing them back on his face. “Can I make it up to you?” He asked as he grabbed her around the waist.

Several girls gave Bianca evil glares because of the attention she was getting from James. Many of them would have fallen at his feet after this gesture but luckily for Bianca, Lily was there to give her a hand.

“Oh don’t listen to him Bianca; what he did to you can not be made up for by a simple snog,” she said simply. James glared at her.

Bianca pushed hard into James’ chest who had no choice but to stumble backwards into his chair. He sighed again, “Sarah don’t listen to Lily she’s just jealous that I want to snog you and not her.”


“Evans,” James said through gritted teeth as he spun round to face her. “Please. Leave this.”

“I just wanted to tell you that her name is Bianca.” Lily said sweetly.


“Well, you’ve called her Lucy and Sarah but her name is Bianca.” Lily smiled triumphantly at the look on Bianca’s face. Her ears seemed to have not heard his mis-naming as she indulged in his strong arms.

Bianca seemed on the verge of tears when James turned to look at her innocently. He shrugged like a child caught red handed and had no time to move out of her way as Bianca brought her hand back and slapped him hard across the right cheek. She left the portrait with a slam before James’ hand had lifted to cradle his new injury.

“How the hell did she get in here?” James said more to himself than anyone else. A low pitch whistle sounded from somewhere near the girls’ stairs and James ran to grab Lily before she disappeared. “Now Lily flower, that was a bit uncalled for don’t you think?” His voice was calm but his body shook as he spoke and he was gripping her arm extra tightly.

“You leaving that poor girl in the Hogs Head pub was uncalled for Potter.” Lily snapped at him. She dug her nails into James’ hand and he yelped before letting her arm go. Lily stalked past him and back into the common room where she took a seat in front of the fire.

“You know Lils, if you were a dude, I would have hexed you by now.” James’ teeth were still grinding.

“Oh lucky me,” Lily said sarcastically.

The first month of school flew by pretty quickly and soon enough October was upon the students of Hogwarts. With it the month brought sleet and snow but the plans for quidditch try-outs would not be cancelled.

An over confident James Potter stalked onto the pitch closely followed by an annoyingly moody Sirius Black. James turned when he heard Sirius gargle and cringed as he spat out the mucus that was forming on his tonsils.

“I wish you wouldn’t do that Padfoot,” James said as he let go of the snitch in his hand. His eyes darted this way and that before his hand snatched at the air and caught the gleaming golden ball. Several cheers erupted from the stands were Potter/Black fans had congregated to watch the Gryffindor try-outs.

“And I wish you wouldn’t do that,” Sirius retorted dryly.

“You’re just jealous you don’t have my hand eye coordination,” James replied smirking at his friend. Sirius flicked his hair back and gasps left the mouths of the girls from the fan club. Sirius stuck his tongue out of the side of his mouth as he thought for a second.

Finally he came out with, “and you’re just jealous that you can’t bring up phlegm like I can.” James chocked on a laugh as Sirius’ bark like laugh echoed around the snow covered pitch.

High up in the stands stood Lily Evans. She was wrapped up warm but her lips were blue from the freezing weather. She couldn’t understand how quidditch players could fly around on brooms in this coldness. Lily squinted down at the ground and watched as James and Sirius helped carry out the different balls the game used.

James Potter stuffed his personal golden snitch into his pocket and turned to survey the audience they had. His eyes rested on the red head whose face was turned towards him, he smiled and waved up to her and a puff of white left her mouth as she huffed. James chuckled to himself before another plan hit him. He laid his broom down on the ground and stood on it; slowly it began to rise.

Lily gasped as James gained more height and she leant over the steel barrier to watch his every move. What was that idiot doing this time? He was going to get himself killed.

James held his hands out to his sides and ignored Sirius’ shaking head as he egged his broom on higher. Eventually he reached his destination; in front of Lily Evans.

Potter,” Lily hissed. “You are going to get yourself killed if you don’t sit down on that thing now.”

“I’m glad to hear your concern Miss Evans but I assure you I will be fine.” James bowed his head slightly.

“Oh yes of course you will; nothing can happen to you whilst you’re on your broom,” Lily rolled her eyes. James laughed but stopped shortly.

“Come to see me fly I see,” he said confidently.

“No, I’ve come to see Celina actually.” Lily replied.

“Oh yes that’s right. I forgot she was trying out this year.” Lily shrugged.

“Lily go out with me,” James demanded rather than asked.

“No,” Lily answered shortly.

“Why not?” James pouted.

“We have this same conversation every day; do we really have to do this now?” Lily sighed. “Can’t you just give up?”

“Never!” James looked shocked at the mere suggestion and crossed his arms across his chest defiantly. However this meant an unbalance whilst hovering 60 feet in the air on a wooden broomstick. Suddenly James’ eyes widened in shock and the broom dropped.

“James!” Lily screamed as she leant over the barrier, staring around for any sign of his life less body. Her hands started shaking as she spun quickly to get down to the pitch.

“Where are you off my flower?” James Potter stood at the top of the stands smirking down at the red head.

“I am going to kill you,” Lily stated. James had a huge grin spread across his face but it was wiped away slowly.

“You called me James,” he said. He didn’t say it like he had the other, very few, times Lily had called him James. This time there was no trace of the trademark smirk but a serious expression.

“I thought you were dead Potter,” Lily said matter-of-factly. “I’m allowed to make mistakes.” James gave a small shrug and took off to the ground on his broom.

Twenty or so snow covered Gryffindor’s entered through the portrait hole later that night. The marauders only saw fit to have a party in celebration of their new chaser, Celina Boot. Barrels of fire whiskey took refuge in the common room corners and a buffet table ran from one end to the other.

A slightly tipsy Celina hiccoughed in the corner as she giggled at Alice’s ridiculous dancing. Zayda, newly announced chess master, was challenging any passers-by to a game and had so far beaten 3. Lily sighed as she stood near the girls’ stairs, looking anxiously around the room. She did not approve of drinking in school and she just watched as her fellow students steadily got drunk. She sucked at her lower lip as she debated whether she should join the celebrations; she concluded she was too mature to do such a thing no matter how much she wanted to.

Remus stood at the buffet table nibbling on some chocolate as he laughed at the people surrounding him. Like Lily he found himself to be sensible but unlike Lily, he enjoyed a good drink during the school terms. He choked on a mini sausage when Peter let out a hysterical laugh and squirted fire whiskey out of his nose; the vile substance which burns your throat felt twice as worse coming from here. Sirius sat on a three-seater settee with his arms stretch out at either side. Snuggled up to these arms were as many girls as he could fit. James shook his head at his friend who was trying and failing to drag Zayda onto his lap. He watched Lily as she seemed to battle with something, her mouth moving fiercely at her self argument. James sighed at how cute she looked when she couldn’t agree with herself; he couldn’t enjoy the party whilst she stood in the corner alone.

“Not joining the party Evans?” James asked as he nudged Lily softly. Lily snapped out of her thoughts and looked out across the room.

“Someone has to make sure everyone doesn’t get to drunk,” she stated.

“I’m not drinking.” James responded, raising his bottle of butterbeer.

“How do you do it Potter?” Lily asked after a moments pause.

“Do what?” James asked slowly.

“Get all this alcohol? The barrels have the Hogs Head pub written on them and I know Madame Rosmerta would never give you all this.” Lily said confusedly.

“Ah Lily my dear, the secrets of the marauders shall never be revealed.” Lily chewed her tongue annoyed. “Besides, if I told you I would have to kill you.”

“I see,” Lily said slowly. “Spies code?” She laughed.

“Shut up,” James played. “But you know there could be another way around it.”

“What’s that?”

“You could kiss me?” James said hopefully. Lily looked off to her side and pouted her mouth slightly as though thinking. James’ heart skipped a beat.

“Just kill me,” Lily answered finally.

“Had to think about that one didn’t you,” James was smirking again.

“I thought I’d let you ponder on the idea of me saying yes for once.”

“You say yes to me every night Lily,” James began.

“James!” Lily shrieked.

“Oh no! Not like that,” James backtracked. “Well, not always like that.” Trevor was whispering away at the back of James’ mind and James was struggling to ignore him.

Lily sat down heavily onto a stair and rested her head on her hands. James accio’d a butterbeer and handed it to her. “No need to dehydrate, it’s not all alcohol.”


If Celina Boot could be compared to any animal it would be an elephant who thought it were a possum. She’s quiet and plays dead but has the ability to blow off her trunk. On the odd, very odd, occasion she will show her true colours and the elephant in her will shine out. These occasions usually include alcohol and being around her family. However, tonight she was around friends.

“Shake that booty, turn it around. Back that ass up, wine go down.” Celina sang at the top of her lungs to the muggle song she had somehow magically got to play. She downed a shot of fire whiskey and shook her head around to drown out the burning sensation. The onlookers would have been completely shocked where they not slightly tipsy so instead the now dying down common room carried on to buzz with conversation.

Celina threw herself into an armchair and turned to face Remus who was hovering on the arm. “I’m drunk,” she slurred at him. Remus nodded his head. “Can you tell?”

“Nah,” he winked. Celina giggled and pulled herself up slightly.

“You know Remus you’re the only one that hasn’t danced with me tonight,” she said disapprovingly. Remus blushed slightly. “Oh come on, everyone else has; even Peter.” Remus sighed and held his hand out for Celina to take. She jumped up and dragged him off towards the middle of the common room where there were no longer any dancers.

“BELL!” Sirius shouted at a girl who was currently in a deadly game of wizards chess against Lily’s new flame, Jonathan. Zayda’s brows where highly furrowed in concentration and she hurriedly shushed the annoying boy.

“Listen Zaydy, baby, you’ve been playing that game all night; come and dance with me.” Sirius suggested.

“No,” Zayda answered flatly.

“Why not?”


“Because what?” Sirius questioned.

“Because I don’t want to,” she snapped back.

“Yes you do.”

“No I do not.”

“You do,” Sirius told her.

“No, I don’t.”

“You do,” he said. “And do you want to know why?”

“No.” Sirius hadn’t expected that.

“Well I’ll tell you anyway,” Sirius began. Zayda lifted her head to look at him and noticed the Sirius grin spread across his handsome features, she sighed. “Because…You want to hug me, you want to kiss me; you want to sex me…” He sang.

“Black,” Zayda said through gritted teeth. They were slowly drawing attention to themselves.

“Because you want me. You want my body, oh yes you do…” Sirius shook his ass in Zayda’s face who couldn’t help but laugh.

James shook his head at his friend whilst Lily tutted. He surveyed the slowly emptying common room when his eyes landed on a certain pair. He nudged Lily who turned to him questioningly.

“Look,” he indicated to the middle of the room. Celina and Remus were dancing to a song by a band most of the pupils had never heard of; it was by a muggle band. Actually the longer he watched them, James noticed how Celina danced freely whereas Remus just kind of swayed, never moving his eyes off of the attractive brunette. “Looks like my little Moony has his eye on a certain chaser.”

“That is so cute,” Lily breathed. James smiled as he gave her a side-ways glance and pulled his wand from his pocket.

“How about we help them out a bit?” James said mischievously. Lily raised an eyebrow. James gave a swift movement of his wand and the track suddenly changed to that of a slow song which Lily recognised. It was a song from dirty dancing; a muggle film which she hated.

“Couldn’t have picked a better song?” Lily laughed.

“I didn’t know any other muggle ones and I thought she’d prefer one she knew. Now come on.”

“What are you doing?” Lily asked as James grabbed her hand and dragged her onto the dance floor.

“To show them how it’s done,” James smiled.

“I am not dancing with you Potter!” She exclaimed.

“Lily,” James whined.

“This is just an excuse to get close to me,” she accused and crossed her arms.

“No. I just want to help my friend out,” he answered honestly.

Lily sighed, “Fine. But stand at least a foot away from me at all times.” She demanded.

“Whatever,” James laughed as he took hold of her hand.

Celina stopped dancing abruptly when the slow music started playing. She looked at Remus through her glassy eyes and laughed nervously. Remus didn’t know where to look. He wanted to take her hands and dance with her but he just couldn’t. He felt a nudge in the back and turned to see James dancing with Lily.

“Put your hand around her waist,” James whispered.

“And take her hand in yours,” Lily added. Remus looked at them with that I’m not stupid look, before obliging to their requests.

“May I have this dance?” He asked politely, though slightly slurred, and bowing his head. Celina giggled drunkenly and placed her hand lightly in his. Remus softly slid his hand around her waist and pulled her towards him. Celina let out another small giggle and Remus felt his cheeks burn. He turned his head in James and Lily’s direction as though looking for advice.

“Look at her!” Lily and James hissed in a whisper to him at the same time.

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Chapter 8: Could be a while...Im sorry!  Blame exams and slow updates on other i spose, just blame me =S ^_^

Chapter 8: Study Date!
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Thinking Of You…
Chapter 8: Study Date!

Lily Evans and…” Lily looked hopefully at the friends which surrounded her and gave them a weary smile. She didn’t care which one she was put with so long as it was one of them. She looked back at the teacher with a sweet smile on her face and placed her hands interlaced on the table eagerly.

The Herbology teacher, Professor Wateran, scanned his paper and then surveyed the room. When he spoke Lily could have sworn the words left his mouth in slow motion, “and James Potter.” Lily choked and spluttered as everyone moved to sit with their partners. She turned her head slowly to look at the boy who had taken the seat next to her which her friend had just apologetically vacated.

“Hey Lilikins,” he said smoothly as he slipped an arm around her waist. Lily shuddered and turned back to the teacher.

“No, no, no you cannot do this to me!” She pleaded, “Please professor I’ll do anything!” She slammed a hand down on the table and stood in her rage.

“Miss Evans!” The professor boomed. “I suggest you take a seat and face it; you and Mr Potter are partners for the rest of the year.” Lily slumped heavily down in her seat and faced the grinning buffoon who occupied the seat besides her.

“A whole year my flower,” James whispered as he puckered his lips and leant towards her.


Lily shot up from her sleeping position in bed, tangling herself in the sheets in doing so. Her curly red hair was frizzy from her wriggling and stuck out at odd angles. Lily sat wide-eyed and slowly looked around the room. She let out a relieved sigh when she realised she had been dreaming and lay back down into her soft pillow. It was 5am so she had two more hours sleep.

Lily pulled the cover up to under her nose and turned over to her side. Suddenly her eyes flew open and she stared, horror struck, at her bed side table. She frantically pinched at her arm and winced when the pain hit her. She kicked her legs out annoyed and banged her head back against the wall, slouching into a laying position. She closed her eyes momentarily and let an exasperating groan leave her mouth. She gave a side-ways glance to the thing next to her and cringed; she through the pillow case over its ugly form and turned away from it.

After a short while she heard a rustling and the pillow case landed on her head, Lily coughed irritably and closed her eyes. The shaking shrub which she and James were to reproduce ruffled it’s leaves; so it wasn’t just a dream after all.

“Moony, what’s my first lesson?” James asked brightly. Remus raised an eye brow to his friend and cocked his head to the side slightly.

“What am I, your personal assistant?” He asked with an amused expression.

“You might as well be,” Peter announced. Remus nudged his friend.

“How am I supposed to know what lesson you have first?” He asked, burying his head back into his latest book When The Moon Rises. James looked at his friend in a knowing way before Remus sighed, “Muggle studies.” He answered monotone. James stuck out his tongue and made a heaving noise before stuffing as much food in his mouth as possible.

Sirius eyed his friend confusedly before setting his cutlery down and turning to face him, “since when have you done muggle studies?” He asked curiously.

“Since the beginning of the term,” James answered through a mouth full of food. Sirius bit down on his lip.

“Why?” He answered as though it was the most stupid subject to take ever. James swallowed harshly and surveyed his friend through pedantic eyes.

“Because the way of the muggle is an interesting and complex matter.” He answered simply, pushing his glasses up a bit further to give a better effect.

“In other words,” Peter intersected. “Because Lily’s taken it.” Sirius turned back to James.

“And there’s that,” James said smirking.

“Phew,” Sirius sighed wiping a hand over his head. “I was worried for your health for a second there Prongs.” James smiled and returned his attention back to his half full plate. “But I still don’t understand why you would take a subject just because a girl is in the class; even if it is Evans. It gives the impression that you might have actually fallen for someone.” He looked at James with a frown expectantly.

James kept his eyes down on the plate in front of him and swallowed the last piece of food in his mouth slowly. “Meh,” he choked out. “M-me, fall for someone?” He let out an over exaggerated laugh which did not cover up to well.

“Ye,” Sirius answered. “As in fall in love.” James took a large gulp of pumpkin juice to moisten his dry throat. How was he going to get out of this one?

“Love,” Remus laughed from across the table. “Like James could fall in love. He could never be with just one girl.” Sirius contemplated over what had just been said and let out his bark like laugh.

“Moony’s got you down to a tee there Prongs my man,” he said slapping a hand onto James’ back. James laughed and mouthed a “thank you” to Remus who just rolled his eyes and continued reading.

The doors to the great hall swung open and three girls walked in. One almost bounced over to a seat at the Gryffindor table, Zayda strutted, in her confident way, and took a seat besides her. The last however almost stormed between all the tables before taking her seat at Gryffindor’s.

Lily Evans basically fell into her seat as far away from James Potter as she could. Which wasn’t very far seems as her two best friends were sat amongst them. She dropped food onto her plate heavily and picked at it as she ate. Not only was she not a morning person, but this morning she felt particularly annoyed. Everyone seemed to get the hint so refrained from speaking to her.

“Where’s Celina?” Remus asked conversationally, not meaning for it to come out anxiously. The three other marauders turned and smirked at him but the girls, all but Lily, seemed oblivious to the way his voice was etched with disappointment that she wasn’t there.

“She was tutoring some dude last night and he left his papers with her, so she’s gone to give them back,” Zayda answered before piling her plate with food. Remus nodded into his plate and felt a blush form on his cheeks when he noticed James’ smirk.

“What?” He snapped.

“Nothing,” James said wide eyed and innocent. “It’s just interesting is all?” Remus narrowed his eyes.

“What’s interesting?” He asked slowly. James pouted his mouth slightly and shrugged his shoulders; they now had the full attention of everyone who sat near them.

“Nothing,” he said as he began to whistle and look around the hall. Remus grit his teeth.

“So Sirius what was this conversation we were having about James loving, who was it again?” Remus asked darkly shooting daggers at James. Sirius looked at his friend with raised eyes brows as he took longer than the others to process what was going on. He swallowed his food quickly as he caught up.

“Well my dear Moony I do believe that was the lovely…” He was cut of by James slapping a hand to his mouth.

“This conversation’s boring lets talk about something else,” he pleaded. The marauders laughed and the girls just rolled there eyes un-aware.

A low whistling sound came from up above and several owls whooshed down to drop letters and whatnot to their owners. James threw his eagle owl a treat before it took off and he pulled forward what it had brought him. Several eyes turned towards James as he lifted up his copy of the newspaper. Now, reading a newspaper at breakfast was a perfectly normal thing to happen, but not when this was the Daily Mail; a muggle paper.

“Urm, James?” Peter called, James looked up quizzically. “What the hell is that?” He asked confusedly. James looked at the cover of the newspaper and pointed to it. “Yes that,” Peter said.

“Oh, a muggle newspaper.” James answered simply. Peter sighed.

“I know that. But why do you have it?”

“We’ve been asked to some how get copies sent to us as part of muggle studies,” he stated. And sure enough, as the students looked around, they saw various sixth years reading muggle papers. One in particular, Lily Evans, who sat quietly reading her copy.

Sirius leant across and pulled the paper from James’ hand as he surveyed it closely, a separate paper fell from inside it and he threw the original back to James, suddenly interested in what he had found.

“What’s a mus-e-um?” He asked slowly, turning his gaze towards James and then Lily when James shrugged. Lily rolled her eyes annoyed and set her paper down.

“Really Potter, we learnt about museums just last week,” James twiddled his fingers and smiled innocently. Lily huffed. “It’s a building which holds artefacts, paintings, sculptures and generally information usually about historical, un-known or interesting things. But there is a few which hold things about the future.”

“Muggles can see in to the future too?” Peter asked shocked. Lily laughed.

“Some like to think so,” she said shaking her head. She did not believe in anything do with divination. “But no, a museum can only predict what the future could hold.” There were a few understanding “oooh’s” but Sirius still looked at the paper unsurely.

“But Evans,” he began. “Here it says that you can bring the museum to your home. Surely there would not be enough room.” Lily bit her lip and tilted her head, not really getting what he was talking about. Remus, who had grown up in the muggle world, took the paper from Sirius.

“Yes,” he said slowly. “And it’d cost a lot. I recon it’s aimed at rich people.” He said wisely. Lily smiled and indulged back into her newspaper.

“I’d prefer to go to a museum than have one come to me,” James said simply. Sirius looked at him wide eyed.

“Are you mad?” He asked as though that was the stupidest idea ever. “I’d much rather one came to my house.”

“Why?” James asked flatly.

“Well,” Sirius began slowly. “Then you could go to it in your underwear.” He smiled around. Everyone looked at him shaking their heads. Only Sirius could come out with something like that.

“I suppose you could go to a museum with just your underpants on anyway,” James shrugged.

“Yes you could,” Lily said rolling her eyes. “But you could never go again.” Everyone laughed apart from James and Sirius who looked at each other confused.

“Ohh!” They both said pointing at Lily at the same time as it dawned on them. “Very funny Evans,” Sirius said smiling brightly.

“She’s a very funny person,” James said as he looked at Lily and his eyes glazed over. Lily actually smiled back for a second before she realised who he was and shoved her paper into her bag, glancing at her watch.

“First lesson started 2 minutes ago,” she said quickly rising and walking off. James sighed as he slouched back slightly before jumping up abruptly.

“Lily!” He shouted at her retreating back. Lily ignored him and carried on walking. “Lily! Don’t forget our study date tonight!” Lily stopped suddenly and turned around. She shuddered at his use of the word “date”.

“Not a date Potter,” she pointed out. “A study…time.” She finished lamely. James smiled happily.

“When and where my darling?” Lily’s jaw stiffened.

“The library at seven,” she said exasperated as she stalked off.

“It’s a date!” James shouted behind her. Lily turned faster than you could say quidditch and looked as evilly as she could at James. He retreated back to a slouch under her death glare.

The halls of the 4th floor at Hogwarts were quiet; too quiet. It was as though everyone knew to keep away from the library. It was quarter to six and a messy haired boy sat at a secluded table in the corner of the library, fiddling nervously with the quill in his hand. He glanced to the door every now and then as though he was expecting someone to walk through it.

Seven O’clock approached and as the seventh bell chimed the door to the library opened. A very pretty red head walked through and look around absent-mindedly. She didn’t seem to want to be there. In fact, from the look on her face, she could have very well been there against her own will. Her mouth was pulled together at the corners and her fingers twitched at her side. She had big bright green eyes, like no other eyes a person had seen. They danced through the library as though she was searching for something.

The black haired boy’s eyes lit up as he saw the girl enter through the doors. He watched wide eyed as she searched for something but made no intention of catching her attention. He merely stared at her as though she was the most wonderful thing he had ever seen; in truth she was. He watched as the girl got more and more aggravated at not being able to find what she was looking for and almost anticipated her next move.

“Potter!” She shouted to no one in particular. The librarian, Madame Turner, shushed her immediately and the girl threw her a glare before stalking further into the room. The boy stood slowly, deciding now was the best time to make his presence known.

“Lily,” he whispered softly. The red haired girl turned around quickly and growled when she saw him. She stomped over to his table and threw her bag down on to it taking a seat at the farthest end. The boy, named James, smiled weakly as he stepped towards her.

“Stay where you are Potter.” Lily warned.

James stopped in his tracks, knowing better than to approach her when she was in this mood. Lily was having an over all bad day, and this was the icing on the cake. She was partnered with, by her standards, the worst person she could possibly be with. And to make it worse, they did not have a clue how to do what they had to do. All they were told was that they were to reproduce some ugly plant which shook an awful lot. Lily had not slept well that night due to the fact that it ruffled its leaves every time she almost dropped off.

“But Lily,” James said cautiously. “How can this work if I’m all the way over here?” Lily seemed to contemplate it for just a second.

“We need to research so we can look in different books. We don’t need to be near each other to read.” Lily rose from her seat and strutted off happy with her self for coming up with an excuse. James sighed and sat down in his seat.

Lily appeared minutes later with an assortment of books, half of which she dropped in front of James. James thanked her but she did not acknowledge him.

One hour later and this is what the scene in the library looked like:

James Potter sat calmly in his chair; he glanced up at the girl who sat opposite him every now and then, smirking. He was leaning back casually in his chair with his legs up on the table, a book propped up on his knees. In his hands he held a golden snitch which he released, let it think it was getting away, and then grabbed it at the last second. After every catch he would look at Lily expectantly. The page which James was reading had not turned in forty-five minutes.

Lily Evans sat across from James, her hands gripping her long red hair as she tugged at it frustrated. She had found seven books and read six of them; the other was with Potter who, she noticed, was not focusing on it at all. She frowned down at the page as she felt his gaze on her. Her cheeks were blotchy and red from the heat in the library and the annoyance of not yet having found what they needed. She turned her eyes on James as she once again heard the buzzing wings of his golden snitch.

“Stop that!” She snapped, rather more fiercely than normal. James looked taken aback for a second but of course, it only takes a second for Trevor to make his appearance. A smirk spread across his face.

“Putting you off am I?” He asked smoothly. Lily stared hardly at him.

“Yes.” She said flatly.

“Hmm,” he sighed as he placed his hands behind his head. Lily rolled her eyes. “I’ve noticed you’ve not been able to keep your eyes of me.” James stated. Actually, he knew damn well that she had not paid any attention to his attempts to catch her eye, but Trevor seemed to have other ideas tonight; big surprise. James closed his eyes momentarily and took a deep breath. This was his moment. If there ever was a time for him to prove to Lily that he wasn’t the big headed jerk she branded him as, this was it. He begged for his alter ego not to take over.

“If I’ve been looking at you Potter,” Lily said calmly. “Then I am sorry but you are mistaken if you think it’s because I am ‘checking you out’. It is, in fact, because I am seeing if you have yet been able to process what that page says; you seem to be having trouble.” Lily smiled sarcastically and turned a page in the textbook. James sucked his bottom lip in as he pondered over what to say.

“You seem uptight,” James said concerned. He hadn’t meant to sound arrogant and he was pretty sure he actually sounded genuine, but apparently not.

“Yes I am uptight Potter,” she hissed. “I am stuck in this library with you when I could be…doing something else.”

“Like what?” He asked slowly.

“I don’t know!” She spat throwing her hands up exasperated. Why so many questions? “Anything.”

“Like seeing your boyfriend,” James said. Even he heard the bitterness which came with this statement. Lily looked at him through narrow eyes for a second before answering.

“As a matter of fact, yes.” James bit down on his tongue to stop from bad mouthing that idiot Jonathan. He had no idea what she saw in him. He watched as Lily flicked threw the pages, her emerald eyes darted back and forth as she skimmed through the contents. A huff left her mouth every time there was no success.

“You need a break,” James stated simply.

“No Potter,” Lily replied without removing her eyes from the book. “I want to finish this now.” James sighed.

“Evans,” he whined. “You’re no fun!” Lily shot her eyes up to him.

“I am fun!” She hissed.

“When was the last time you did something fun?” James questioned. Lily furrowed her brow for a while.

“I have fun all the time,” she said slowly. “Just not when you’re around.” James smirked.

“Lets do something fun,” James said mischievously his eyes lighting up at the thought.

“No.” Lily answered flatly. “My idea of fun and your idea of fun are completely different things.”

“Come on Evans,” he shrugged. “You look exasperated you could do with some air.”

“Thanks!” Lily said sarcastically. James’ eyes grew wide.

“No, no. That didn’t come out right. I mean, well you always look perfect but you look like you could do with some fresh air.” James back tracked.

“I know Potter,” she said with a slight laugh, choosing to ignore the part when he had said she was perfect. “I was joking,” she shook her head. James sighed and slouched down a bit.

“I could do with getting out of this stuffy room for a bit I suppose,” she pondered. James’ eyes light up and as Lily glanced at him she notice the hints of gold in his deep hazel eyes. “But,” she warned. “No funny business.” James faked a shocked expression and made a cross against his chest.

“I swear,” he said with a smile.

“And nothing illegal,” she narrowed her eyes.

“I would never do anything illegal Lily,” he told her. “Well, never with you. I would never chance getting you into trouble.” He looked into her eyes but she looked away after less than a second.

“Fine,” she answered reluctantly. “But then its back to some heavy reading and James,” she said mocking sweetness. James nodded, “then it’s your time to get down to some work.” James slouched and dangled his arms to his side like a sulking child before laughing and leading the way.

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Chapter 9: The beginning of a beautiful friendship.. Or Not?
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Thinking Of You…
Chapter 9: The Beginning Of A Beautiful Friendship…Or not?

The giant oak front doors of Hogwarts School of Witch Craft and Wizardry slowly swung open. A small girl stood between them with a boy at her side. Okay, so they weren’t exactly small, but compared to the doors…

James Potter ran a hand lightly through his hair and glanced side ways at the girl next to him. He watched as a smile came across her face and her eyes lit up. He couldn’t help but beam at her.

“What?” Lily asked, blushing slightly under his eye. James shrugged. Lily sighed and took a step out into the snow covered grounds. “I love it here,” she whispered breathlessly. James smiled knowingly.

“I know,” he said back. Lily looked at him quizzically. “Your eyes lit up at the sight,” he told her. A tinge of red rose on Lily’s cheeks and she laughed slightly.

They walked slowly, not really deciding on the direction they were going but rather letting their feet guide them. Lily stopped suddenly in a certain spot and placed her hand around James’ wrist to make him stop also. James’ eyes shot to her hand and then to her amazing green eyes. Lily looked back at him for a while before pulling her hand back quickly and crossing both arms across her chest.

“This is my spot,” she told him with a smile and a nod.

“Why’s that?” James asked as he looked at her, Lily kept her gaze out in front of her at the view. They were stood under a large willow tree which was situated on a bank at the edge of the Black Lake. The lake was as smooth as a mill pond and the stars dazzled in its reflection.

“I just seem to find it so…”

“Relaxing?” James finished for her. Lily looked at him with a shocked expression before smiling.

“Ye,” she answered.

“Hmm,” James withdrew his wand and got rid of some of the snow at the base of the tree. He sat down slowly and leant his head against the bumpy bark. “Especially on a Sunday afternoon as the sun is setting.” He closed his eyes.

“Well,” Lily said as she sat also. “I like to watch it set on a Friday.” James let a small laugh escape his lips.

“Nah, a Sunday so it relaxes me ready for a week of school.” He told her.

“I do it on a Friday so that it relaxes me because of the week of school,” Lily said with a serious expression which caused James to lift his head up and open his eyes. He watched the puzzled expression form on her face and once again reminded himself of how beautiful she is no matter what her mood.

Lily decided the look had lasted way to long as she found herself indulging in his eyes but when she looked away felt a cold shiver run up her spin. “Are you cold?” James asked immediately. He didn’t wait for an answer as he removed his cloak and wrapped it around her.

“But now you’ll be cold,” Lily said as she shook her head and removed it.

“No,” James pressed as he held it to her. “I’ll be fine.” Lily narrowed her eyes and breathed a small laugh.

“You never fail to surprise me Potter,” she stated shocking herself at the lack of venom in her voice. James just smiled but opened his eyes wide as he also shocked himself. That would have been the perfect opportunity for his alter ego to jump in. Maybe he’d decided to let him have one night to try and prove himself on his own.

If Lily and James turned around they would have seen the bright light which shone through one of the tower windows. A closer inspection would show you that it was the Gryffindor common room. Many students were dashed around the room on various cosy arm chairs. In the corner sat a very quiet girl with brown hair who sat reading a Defence Against the Dark Arts book. A boy sat a little away and glanced up every now and then to sneak a look at her.

“Hey Boot,” a deep voice came which made Celina look up for just a second before continuing her reading.

“Hi McCain,” she answered quietly. Jonathan took a seat on the edge of her chair and looked at her intently; this caused Celina to feel uncomfortable as she shifted her gaze around the room.

“I was wondering,” Jonathan began. “I’m kind of failing that subject,” he indicated to the book. “Is there any way you could tutor me for a bit tonight, you know, because of that test tomorrow?”

“Have you asked Remus?” Celina asked slowly. “I mean I will, but he’s so much better at it than me.” She admitted. Jonathan shook his head.

“I don’t want to ask him. He’s friends with Potter and you know we don’t exactly get on lately.”

“Right,” Celina said as she smiled at James’ obsession of Lily. “Well then I’d love to. Let’s just go over there where it’s quieter.” She pointed across the room to a dark corner table away from the bustle of the common room.

“Perfect,” Jonathan said huskily. Celina eyed him suspiciously at his sudden change of voice but followed him to the table nonetheless.

Away from the warmth of the common room Lily and James were still sat against the willow. They weren’t talking but both of them found the silence to be comfortable, which shocked Lily. She never thought she could spend time with James and, even in the silence, enjoy it. She laughed as she admitted to herself that she was actually having a good time which made James turn to her.

“You know Lily,” he said with the trace of a smirk. “I think you’re a bit crazy.” Lily laughed again and looked at him.

“Well Potter, so what if I am?” She wrinkled her face up and stuck her tongue out. James burst out laughing which made Lily giggle in return.

“I have nothing against it,” James said as he held his hands up. “I was just saying,” he said a little quieter. Lily pushed her lips together.

“You seem surprised,” she basically whispered. James stood as he took a stone in his hand and skimmed it across the water.

“Well,” he began. “I always thought you were crazy.” He turned to look at her reaction but when he saw she was looking at her hands, he continued. “I mean like, psychotic crazy,” he smirked over his shoulder. Lily pointed a finger at him at made a shocked expression. “But I didn’t know you could be fun crazy.”

“Laughing to myself is fun crazy?” Lily asked sceptically.

“Well, Sirius is fun isn’t he?”

“If you can call what he does fun.”

“And I do,” James smiled. “And he laughs to himself all the time.”

“Great!” Lily said a little high pitched as she threw her hands up and jumped to her feet. “I’m like Sirius.” They both laughed and James skimmed another stone across the surface.

“No. No; Sirius is one of kind,” he said.

“You two are really close aren’t you?” Lily asked as she watched the stone disappear into the water.

“Like brothers,” James whispered.

Lily watched as the flat stone James had just thrown skimmed lightly across the water and she tutted. “What’s up?” James asked turning to her.

“I’ve never been able to do that,” Lily whined as she motioned to the skimming stone. James laughed slightly and searched a second for another suitable stone.

“It’s easy, here,” he said as he pushed it into her hand. “Now turn to your side.” Lily turned slightly but felt James’ hands on her waist. “A little more,” he whispered and Lily felt his breath tickle her ear. The sudden closeness made her gasp as she dropped the stone, which landed with a ‘plonk’ in the shallow water. James retreated back as she turned and smirked.

“No, it’s more of a throw than a drop,” he said cockily which caused Lily to laugh and hit him playfully. Lily turned her attention back towards the lake and sighed.

A sigh left James’ mouth too but he was watching Lily; either she didn’t realise, or she paid no attention, because she kept her gaze out on the water.

Lily could feel him watching her and she tried hard not to look back. He was different tonight that she was afraid she’d find herself unable to look away; and she knew where that would lead.

“We should go back,” she said.

“Lily,” James whispered as he stepped towards her. Lily turned and caught his eyes, she realised he had moved much closer.

“Yes?” she said quietly.

“Will you please,” he voice never rose above that whisper. “Call me James?” Lily smiled at the smile on his face and nodded.

“Ok,” she said. “James.” James couldn’t keep the grin off his face and he also couldn’t stop himself from moving closer to her. Eventually there lips were millimetres apart.

“We should go,” Lily whispered against his lips as she turned, wrapping her arms around herself, and headed back to the castle. James swore silently and nervously ran a hand through his hair as he ran to catch up with her. The made their way back to the common room in silence.

Back in the Gryffindor common room Celina and Jonathan were sat at a table. Celina felt very uncomfortable as Jonathan had insisted that he sit next to her, so that he was basically on her lap. She could feel his eyes on her and although she was not an angry person she couldn’t work like this; her fuse was growing short.

“McCain,” she snapped as she looked up at him. “Are you even listening?” A smirk came across his face and he placed a hand on her cheek.

“You’re beautiful,” he whispered to her. Celina’s eyes widened in horror but before she could react he pulled her head towards him and forced his lips onto hers. She pulled away immediately and stood in shock. Celina didn’t know what to say but as she ran towards the portrait hole she felt a tear run down her face.

Before she could get to it the door swung open and Lily and James stood there. “Celina what’s wrong?” Lily asked worriedly. Celina shook her head and ran off.

“I’m on it!” Zayda shouted as she ran after her. Lily was worried for her friend but she still had things to do. She pulled the final book, the one which James had been reading, out of her bag and settled down into a chair with it.

“I’ll let you off for this one,” Lily smiled at James’ shocked face. “Now give me some peace.” She ushered him off and he took a seat with Sirius.

“That was weird,” Sirius said when James dropped lightly into a chair next to him. “What’s going on with you two?”

James sighed, “I don’t know. But I’m not going to do anything to jeopardise this. Do you hear me Trevor?” He said quietly and threateningly.

“Sirius,” Sirius corrected. James looked at his friend worriedly.

“You’re weird,” James stated.

“No, you’re weird,” Sirius replied. James ignored him and turned his attention back to the red head who he noticed had suddenly beamed at the book. As he continued to watch her, her face became red with what he knew was anger and she lifted her eyes to him. His heart raced as he recognised the death glare.

James Potter!,” she shrieked as she marched over to him and thrust the book into his hands. “Read that.” She ordered.

“To reproduce the shaking shrub you simply sprinkle it with water until it shakes out its seeds. Then allow the seeds to bury in the soil for two days which will strengthen them,” James read aloud slowly. He gulped harshly before looking back at Lily.

“It was on the first page,” she said menacingly. “We wasted an hour for no reason! Why couldn’t you just get on with your work?” James closed his eyes for a moment and took a deep breath, waiting for the explosion. However, when he opened them he just saw Lily’s retreating back as she left for the girls dormitories.

James swore loudly and threw the book to the floor, slamming his hand down on the arm of the settee. “Well done Prongs,” Sirius said as he patted his back. “Well done.”

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Chapter 10: The end of an era
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Thinking Of You…
Chapter 10 : The End Of An Era

Four boys sat in the corner of the Gryffindor common room. Peter Pettigrew bit down nervously on his lip and glanced at the door every now and then. In his hands, under the table, he held a piece of cheese which he had been nibbling slowly for the past half an hour. Remus Lupin was looking through a potions book anxiously with a slightly mischievous look on his face which some would say was very unlike him. Sirius Black and James Potter sat on the edge of their seats as they watched Remus attentively. Sirius’ eyes were narrowed and his brow furrowed as he watched his friends face for any recognition of triumph. Every now and then he would make a loud gargling noise from the back of his throat and stand, walk over to a bin and spit in to it. Each time Remus looked up from his book disapprovingly and James cringed. James’ fingers were twitching in his lap like a small child dying to touch something he knows he shouldn’t.

A while later and James had turned to pacing the room as Sirius’ spitting increased and Peter was obsessively biting his cheese, so that he was almost nibbling on his fingers. Remus sat calmly in the same chair, the only movement he had made was to turn pages, until a small smirk spread across his face.

“Ahh,” he said slowly and gruffly from the lack of using his voice. James suddenly stopped his pacing and turned eagerly towards the boy who was now wiping off his hands and rising from his seat. Sirius stared wide-eyed as he waited for an explanation of his friends sigh and Peter, who was chewing on his nails now that the cheese was gone, looked between all the boys expectantly. The tension mounted as Remus looked at his friends with an amused look; one would think that he was enjoying the torture he was causing them.

“What?” Sirius suddenly snapped causing all the boys apart from Remus, who seemed to have anticipated this outburst, to jump madly clutching their hearts. Remus chuckled slightly before handing the book to James who raised an eye brow at the context.

“Moony,” he said calmly. “We’ve been sat here for two hours and then you hand me this jibberish?” He eyed his friend suspiciously wondering whether he had really found what they wanted.

“It’s not jibberish, it’s French.” He stated simply as Sirius snatched the book from James’ grasped and twisted it this way and that, trying to interpret what is said. Remus watched his friends closely as they looked at the book from arms length, seeing if it would make a difference.

“How are we meant to do this if it is in French? Couldn’t you find an English one?” Peter asked slowly.

Remus sighed as though sympathising with his friend for not having the skills he did. “The inventor of this potion was French. Therefore, the method was written in French.”

“Then how are we meant to do it!” Sirius asked exasperated as he thought the two hours were wasted. Remus smirked at his friend and shook his head but it was James who picked up on it first.

“Moony! I didn’t know you could speak French mate,” he exclaimed excitedly. Remus blushed slightly but nodded his head, he went to explain but Sirius jumped in with an unconvinced tone.

“He can’t speak French,” Sirius said with a laugh. Remus seemed slightly taken aback but recovered nonetheless.

“Actually, I can.” He stated and at Sirius’ disbelieving face he continued. “I was fostered once by a family who spent winter skiing in France,” he told them. “I would go to the school there for a couple of months and just picked up on the language I suppose. I guess being a wizard gave me some privilege in learning it because everyone said I picked it up exceptionally well.” He smiled seeming quite proud with himself and Sirius let out a high whistle.

“You’re cleverer than I thought,” he whispered. Remus bowed he head a little before retrieving the book and scanning over it slightly. Sirius looked at James.

“How did you realise he could speak French then?”

“Well, how could he have found the potion if he couldn’t?” He asked looking around absent-mindedly. Remus looked up from the book and smiled, Peter seemed oblivious to the whole situation and Sirius stared at his friend dumbly.

“Wow,” he breathed. “You’re cleverer than I thought too.” James ran a hand through his hair and smirked at his reflection in the window.

“Doesn’t make him any less vain though.” The mumbling came from somewhere behind the boys and they all spun around suddenly. Lily Evans sat in a secluded corner with her head buried in a book. She looked up at the feeling of their eyes on her and raised her brows. “What?” She asked slowly, looking around.

“When did you get here?” James asked.

“About an hour ago,” she said as she shut her book and placed it neatly in her lap. “And I must say boys; it’s been fun watching you all get worked up. Now all I need to know is what you were getting worked up over?” She worded it cleverly and Peter opened his mouth to answer before Remus slapped a hand to it.

“Lily,” he said sweetly. “How’ve you been this evening?”

“Don’t try and get out of this Remus,” she warned amusedly. “I like you and trust me, you don’t want to jeopardise that. Ask James what it’s like to have me hate you.”

“You don’t hate me Lilikins,” James said simply with a wide smirk. Lily opened and shut her mouth a couple of times seeming unable to retaliate. She wasn’t sure what had happened, usually she would have come back with a great insult, but she blanked. In this time Remus, Sirius and Peter seemed to have lost interest in what was happening but
James just stared wide-eyed back at Lily who was doing her fish impression.

A rare moment was going on between the two and everyone else seemed oblivious to it. Once realising that she looked like a fish, Lily shut her mouth but continued to stare. The smirk was wiped from James’ face now as his features took on a serious expression which held nothing but his feelings for her. Lily once again found she was unable to look away and realised that she had started wondering how some ones eyes could take on the colour of gold. She was curious as to what the look on his face was and wanted to find out before Sirius bounded onto her lap and she was forced to look away as a winded pain hit her stomach.

“Black,” she struggled. “Get off me I can’t breathe,” being crushed under his weight seemed to have knocked her back into her senses and she scolded herself for looking at James for so long. She wondered how long it had been and scolded herself for caring.

“Where’s your darling friend?” Sirius asked looking around as though just by him mentioning her would make her appear in the room. You can imagine the expression on his face as he set his eyes upon the portrait and in through it walked Zayda. Sirius’ eyes lit up as he relieved Lily of his weight and made his way casually over to Zayda.

Lily observed Sirius pretend not to see Zayda as he “accidentally” bumped into her, causing her to drop books all over the floor. Lily narrowed her eyes as a thought entered her mind but she shook it away laughing, knowing it was impossible.

Not even realising at first that Celina had walked into the room, Lily waved her over and patted the seat next to her. Celina’s eyes widened in horror at the sight of her friend and she ran frantically from the room. Lily felt the seat next to her dip down slightly and shut her eyes, expecting it to be James. To her surprise it was Remus who occupied it.

“What’s up with her?” He asked slowly, never taking his eyes away from the portrait hole. Lily bit down on her bottom lip slowly then pouted her mouth.

“I don’t know,” she replied equally as slow. “She’s been like it with me since the other night when she ran from the room crying. You don’t think it’s something I did?” Lily asked worriedly. Remus shook his head and sighed.

“You three are too close not to talk about it,” he told her. Lily smiled.

“I suppose you’re right. I just wish she’d speak to someone, she wouldn’t let Zayda know anything and I haven’t been able to get within three feet of her.” Lily screwed up her face slightly before a small smile spread across her features.

“Remus, you don’t…you couldn’t try and speak to her could you?” She asked with her best attempt at puppy dog eyes. Remus seemed to be thinking about it for just a second before slowly nodding his head. “You’re the best,” Lily said thankfully as she hugged him tightly.

“I just want to know that she’s alright,” Remus replied once again focusing his gaze on the portrait Celina had just exited through. Lily smiled at him although he didn’t notice. She’d noticed his infatuation with her lately and thought they were perfect for each other; Remus just seemed to shy to make the first move.

“I know you do,” Lily whispered. Remus faced her and blushed before rising and heading off after the distraught Celina.

Celina leant back against the portrait hole which she’d just run through. She knew she should confront Lily about what her boyfriend did but she knew she would be devastated. She took deep breaths and walked slowly down the corridor, her eyes focused on her shoes when she heard what sounded like the portrait opening. She kept walking, hoping whoever it was it wasn’t Lily or Zayda and that they wouldn’t try to talk to her.

“Celina.” She heard her name called softly from behind her and she bit back the tears as she turned to face a worried looking Remus. Remus looked into her eyes and noticed that they were full of ready to fall tears; he’d never been around a crying girl before. Actually, that was a lie. A couple of times girls had come crying to him asking why Sirius or James had been ignoring them. But this was different. He knew that whatever was wrong with Celina, it mattered.

Celina couldn’t hold them in anymore as a sob left her mouth and the tears rapidly fell. Remus watched as her body became limp and she looked so vulnerable and fragile. Before he knew it, Remus was at Celina’s side with his arms wrapped around her and her head buried into his chest. He held onto her tightly as he felt her body rack with fresh sobs and he was reassuringly rubbing her back. “It’s ok,” he cooed into her ear.

“N-no…It’s…N-not,” Celina mumbled into his robes. “I-I don’t…Know w-what…to do.” Remus looked down at her as he rubbed her arms lightly.

“Do you want to talk about it?” He asked slowly, bending slightly so that his eyes were level with hers. Celina’s eyes widened as they glazed over with fresh tears, Remus pulled her into him before she could let them fall and rested his chin on her head. “I’m here if you need to talk,” he said into her hair.

Celina withdrew herself from him and a smile slowly made its way across her face. Remus felt himself blush under her gaze, which Celina found extremely cute.

“It’s Jonathan,” Celina said as she lowered her head to look at her feet. Remus’ heart stopped for a second; she liked Jonathan? That was the only conclusion he could come to. She liked him and was upset because he was with Lily. Maybe he didn’t need to hear this.

“Maybe you shouldn’t talk to me about this problem,” he stated as he turned to walk away.

“Remus please I need to tell somebody.” He turned in surprise at her tone and stared at her avidly. She looked so desperate and in need, he couldn’t turn away. Instead he nodded his head and motioned to a bench situated against the wall. Celina sat down slowly and Remus eventually took a seat next to her, at the other end.

“He tried it on with me,” she said barely audible and became suddenly interested in her fingers.

“I kind of figured that o…What?” Remus shot around to face her and when she lifted her head he saw the streams of tears which fell down her cheeks.

“He asked me to tutor him, and then he tried it on with me,” she repeated slowly. Remus felt anger like nothing he’d ever felt build up inside of him. And Celina must have noticed. “He didn’t harm me Remus, I’m fine,” she said quickly.

Suddenly Remus slammed his hand down on the bench and rose from his seat. “Why didn’t you tell anyone sooner?” He asked angrily.

“I don’t know,” Celina replied rising from her seat and walking over to him. “I just…I suppose I wanted Lily to know first but couldn’t find the right words to tell her.” She sat down exasperated and Remus took the seat next to her.

“You have to tell her,” he began. “You know that right?” Celina sighed and nodded her head.

“I hate him,” she whispered as fresh tears ran down her cheeks. Remus scooted closer to her and wrapped his arms around her; she immediately leant into him and closed her eyes, taking in his scent. She felt she could have stayed that way forever, so did he.

Eventually Celina lifted her head to look at him,” you’re the best Remus,” she whispered to him. He smiled back at her.

“That’s the second time I’ve been told today,” he said back.

“Yes,” Celina began as she nuzzled her head into the crook of his neck. “But I needed to let you know that I truly think you are the best.” Remus lifted his head slightly and looked down at her, a confused look on his face. However he decided he’d ponder over what she had said another time; right now, he was happy the way they were.

“ZaydaIneedtotellyousomething,” Celina mumbled quickly as she pulled Zayda into the girls’ common room.

“Excuse me?” Zayda said amusedly as she watched her friend fumble with her fingers.

“I need to tell you something,” Celina repeated in a whisper as she brought her gaze up to meet her friends. Zayda pouted her mouth slightly and pulled her friend into her arms, hugging her tightly. When she let her go she pointed to her bed which they both sat on crossed legged.

“Is this going to be the reason why you have been so distant lately?” Zayda asked slowly. Celina nodded her head and Zayda sighed. “I think I know what it is Celina and I want you to know, I will always be here for you.” Celina looked at her friend and sucked her bottom lip; how could she know?

“Have you done a test?” Zayda asked after a few minutes pause. Celina furrowed her brow.

“A test for what?” She asked confused.

“To find out if you’re pregnant?” Zayda answered unexpectedly. Celina clasped a hand to her mouth as it dawned on her what her friend thought. She couldn’t hold back the chuckle that left her mouth.

“I’m not pregnant Zayda,” she stated amusedly. “That’s not what I wanted to tell you.”

“Then what is it?” Zayda asked exasperatedly throwing her hands up. Celina pushed her tongue into her cheek then pushed her lips together stubbornly. “Celina?” Zayda prompted.

“Jonathan, Lily’s Jonathan, he…He tried it on with me.” Zayda’s eye brows almost disappeared into her hair at this piece of information and it wasn’t until Celina coughed irritably that she regained her composure.

“Does Lily know?” Was the first thing she asked. Celina shook her head and bit down on her bottom lip. “But you’re going to tell her soon right?”

“Of course,” Celina nodded. “In fact I think I’m going to find her now.”

“No need,” a voice came from the door as it opened; Lily stood there looking somewhat upset. “I-I heard everything,” she said slowly. Celina’s eyes filled up once again and Zayda was immediately at Lily’s side with a hug.

Celina watched from the bed; she figured Lily would be angry with her now. Lily looked over Zayda's shoulder to survey Celina, she looked so worn out. “Oh come here,” she said as she ran over to her and pulled her into her arms. “This isn’t your fault,” she whispered into her hair.

“I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you sooner,” Celina apologised. “I didn’t want to have to upset you.” Lily looked down at her feet and Celina noticed the glassy look her eyes had taken, she took her hands in hers.

“Listen Lily, he’s a jerk. Not only did he try to cheat on you, but he tried it with one of your best friends. He’s obviously not worth it.” Lily laughed slightly as she wiped the back of her hand over her eyes, smudging mascara across her cheek in doing so. She ran her tongue across her teeth to stop the tears from falling and looked at her friends.

“Wanker,” she whispered blushing slightly as she swore not very often. Amused chuckles issues from her friends and soon enough they were in hysterics. Lily breathed unevenly as she clutched her aching stomach but reality soon came back to her. “I need to talk to him.”

“Lils,” Zayda began. “Why should you give him the satisfaction of any of your time?”

“I’m going to break up with him,” she stated determinedly.

“Hey Lils,” an oblivious Jonathan greeted as he slung his arm over Lily’s shoulders. The disgust was clearly evident on her face as she picked up his hand between two fingers and threw it off of her.

“Don’t. You. Hey. Lils. Me!” Lily responded through gritted teeth. Jonathan took a step back wearily until he saw Celina appear from the girls’ stairs and his eyes narrowed to her.

“Lily, don’t listen to a word she said,” he demanded. Bad move; no one demands things of Lily Evans.

“And why not?” She asked, poking him hard in the chest so that his face screwed up. “Why should I not believe my best friend of 6 years when she tells me that my boyfriend of barely a month has tried cheating on me, huh?”

“Lils let me explain…”

“DON’T CALL ME LILS!” Lily screamed as loudly as she could. Alice’s hands flew to her ears and she reminded her self why she never got on Lily’s bad side.

This outburst had called the attention of everyone in the common room. Of course, that included all four Marauders. Sirius sauntered over to the scene calmly and looked Jonathan up and down before whispering, “Well, it was nice knowing you.”

James walked up behind him but instead faced Lily with a worried expression. “What’s up?” He asked slowly.

James Potter this is none of your business!” She replied in a raised tone. James’ eyes narrowed before he caught on to what must have been happening and he quickly rounded on Jonathan.

“I told you if you hurt her I’d kill you,” he whispered threateningly in his face. Jonathan retreated slightly but returned the stare and was going to retaliate before Lily’s hand gripped tightly around his wrist.

“I don’t need your help,” she snapped to James as she dragged off Jonny. “We’ll talk about this is private,” she said icily back to her now ex-boyfriend. Lily flicked her wand near the stairs which shone for a second, securing them so that they did not turn into a slippery slope when Jonathan tried ascending them. She pulled him into the girls’ dorm and slammed the door behind her.

“What was all that about?” Peter asked cautiously, breaking the silence. Sirius laughed and ruffled his hair before flinging himself into a chair and throwing his legs over the arm.

“Let’s just say Red’s going to be single soon. And that poor boy’s going to be dead.”

“Oh he’s hardly a poor boy,” Remus voiced. “You don’t know the half of what happened.” He looked over at Celina proudly. James screwed up his face in confusion and Alice laughed.

“We have to make sure that whatever Lily does to him, it doesn’t secure her a nifty sentence in Azkaban. But, if you follow us, we’ll tell you the whole story,” she said excitedly as she turned and followed Lily’s path up the stairs. The boys looked at each other for a second before following suit; each one stopping near the bottom of the stairs and stepping carefully onto them, knowing only too well the pain it caused sliding down rough wood.

“So I told Lily and she decided to break up with him,” Celina finished the story of why Lily and Jonathan were arguing. A loud smash came from the toilets were Lily had locked herself and Jonny and all looked to it, laughing.

“Well, I think he’s regretting it now,” Peter giggled once again earning curious looks from everyone in the room.

“And he damn well should be un-all!” James said furiously rising from his seat and clenching his fists. He had sat quietly through the whole story as his anger steadily rose. “How could he do such a thing to Lily? I don’t understand,” he half whispered. Remus smiled side-ways at him and he noticed a knowing smile playing across Zayda’s face aswel. Zayda, having noticed Remus’ sly smile looked at him confused before her eyes widened. Remus shook his head at her and brought his finger to his lips as though to tell her to keep quiet and Zayda nodded her head slowly, slightly shocked by the piece of information that she thought she had found out.

“How long have they been in there?” Sirius asked suddenly as a loud grumbled filled the room. He smiled embarrassedly before indicating to his stomach, “I’m starving.”

“Padfoot it’s been half hour and it’s also been about that long since you last ate too,” Remus pointed out.

“It’s been that long!?” Sirius asked in shock.

“Ye, Lily must have a lot to say,” Celina said quietly.

“I don’t care about that,” Sirius responded brushing what she had said aside. “I just can’t believe I haven’t died from hunger going that long without food!” A pillow flew across the room and smashed into the side of Sirius’ head, causing him to fall off the bed. Zayda ducked behind hers before a pillow hit her and she rose up slowly, hoping not to be the target of a pillow attack.

“Ok, stop flirting I think I heard the door unlock,” James piped up.

“We were not…” Zayda began but shut up when the bathroom door swung open. A very flustered looking Jonathan walked out and his head snapped up at the sight of Lily’s friends. He gave them all a small smile before turning to Celina.

“Listen, I’m sorry for what i…”

“Uh huh,” she replied before he could finish. Jonny nodded and went to walk out only to be called back by James.

“Ye?” He asked slowly, now stood in the door way. Lily emerged from the bathroom and watched the scene in front of her.

“Well,” James began. “I think I speak for us all when I say…” He slammed the door in Jonathan’s faced and wiped off his hands before turning to face the room of amused faces. “It just had to be done,” he answered their looks and shrugged.

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Chapter 11: Not started =S  Could be two not sure =]

Chapter 11: Kissing Vials
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Thinking Of You…
Chapter 11: Kissing Vials

Lily Evans crawled out from under her quilt cover and sat cross legged on her bed. The hangings around her were open and allowed the cold breeze to brush over her face. She closed her eyes and let out a deep breath and when she opened them looked down to see a small owl sat in front of her, expectance in its eyes.

She smiled and let a small chuckle escape her lips; this was a new owl, she could tell. She untied the letter from it’s leg and gave it a small pat before it spread its wings and made it’s way unsteadily back out into the wind.

Dear Miss Evans,
I am sure you are aware that Halloween is fast approaching and each year we hold a ball. I am writing to inform you that you have been chosen to organise this event. In the past we have often given this job to the head boy and girl but they have recently told me that they would like to give the position to other students as their up and coming NEWTS are stressing them out enough. I hope that you will take this opportunity along with another we have chosen to help. Please go to a meeting with him in half an hour in the library; it is a Saturday afternoon and I think you shall both find it pretty quiet.

Yours sincerely,
Albus Dumbledore

Lily tilted her head slightly but felt a small smile appear on her face nonetheless. This would be fun, and should take her mind off of Jonathan.

So, exactly half hour later an excited Lily Evans was bounding down the corridor that the library was suited on. She skidded to a halt outside and peered in, wondering who it would be that she had been partnered with to organise the ball.

In the Gryffindor common room James Potter was absent-mindedly playing with his golden snitch whilst Peter Pettigrew watched in fascination. His finger tips barely gripped onto the ball in time but he still caught it at each attempt. Sirius Black sat with his head on one arm of the chair and his legs dangling over the other; his eyes were closed and he was quietly humming to himself.

“Prongs,” Remus suddenly said quietly. James nodded his head, never letting his eyes stop training on the snitch. “Don’t you have a meeting to get to?”

“Can’t be bothered,” James answered lazily. Remus rolled his eyes.

“But it’s for the Halloween ball and you were chosen especially,” James snorted in response. “And besides you’ll be letting your partner down if you don’t turn up,” a smirk seemed to have appeared on Remus’ face but none of the boys noticed.

“So,” James said annoyed at the disruption. He carried on with the snitch. “It’s probably some geek who has nothing better to do.”

“I reckon its Lily,” Remus said shortly. James smoothly caught the snitch and gently pushed it into his pocket before rising from his seat.

“Where ‘ya going Prongsie?” Sirius asked in a sing-song voice.

“Oh, just for a walk,” he began whistling as he made his way to the portrait hole.

“Decided to go now that you’ve realised it’s going to be the pretty little red head who is your geeky partner have you?” Peter asked smugly. James shrugged.

“Nope, just fancy some air. Catch you later.”

“James,” Remus called before he could leave. “Remember the library is on the second floor ok!”

Lily Evans drummed her fingers on the solid wood of a table in the library. She’d had a note telling her to meet her partner here but there was no sign of him anywhere. She’d been sat excitedly thinking about this opportunity for almost twenty minutes and the novelty was wearing off. A couple more minutes, she decided and I’ll leave.

James had sprinted his way to the library and stopped abruptly just outside where he ran a hand through his already messy, but sexy he though, hair. He adjusted his glasses which had slipped down his nose slightly and loosened his tie a bit more. His bag was slung lazily over his shoulder and he pulled a book from it which he flipped to a random page before sighing. He hated reading and if anyone saw him they’d think him crazy. But he knew fully well that at this precise moment there would no doubt be absolutely no one, well no one worth worrying about, in the library; but it’d have a good impression on Lily.

Lily looked up expectantly when the doors were swung open and saw that arrogant head of hair enter. Groaning, she buried her head in her book in an attempt to hide from James and his Lily radar. Unfortunately the radar never missed a trick.

“Evans?” James asked, pretending to sound shocked to see her there. In truth, even if he wasn’t one hundred percent sure that she was his partner he wouldn’t be surprised to see her in the library on a weekend anyway.

“Potter,” Lily responded politely. She seemed to have come to a decision not to spit his name at him as much any more. After all, what he did to Jonathan was pretty nice of him; but she wouldn’t let him know that.

“How are you?” he asked conversationally as he slid into a seat directly opposite her.

“Fine,” Lily answered in the hope that he’d get the point that she was to indulged in her book to hold a conversation with anyone. She kept her eyes trained on the page but couldn’t help but glance up when she felt his eyes on her sceptically. She sighed, “listen Potter, it was nice of you to ask how I am and honestly, I’m doing fine. But at this moment I think I really need to be left alone.”

“Oh I totally understand,” James responded holding up his hands in retreat. “I’m not here to bother you or anything I’m just waiting for someone so thought I’d come have a little chat.” He smiled broadly and Lily couldn’t help but let a smile play across her face also; his moods were so catchy.

However, the smile slowly slid from her face and she chewed on her cheeks as she rested her book down and lent forward on the table. “Do you know who you’re waiting for Potter?”

James couldn’t help but let a small smirk spread across his face as he too lent forwards and whispered “you.”

Lily shot back into her chair and coughed embarrassedly as she felt a blush rise on her cheeks. “I mean,” she stammered as she fingered the seam of her robes. “Who are you waiting for to arrive here?”

“I know what you meant Lily,” James replied never taking his eyes off her. “But my answers the same; I am waiting for you,” he shrugged and lily made a small ‘o’ with her mouth.

“I should have guessed,” she laughed slightly and mimicked James’ shrug. “Of course Dumbledore would choose you,” she shook her head slightly as though she was stupid for not realising.

“Why’s it that obvious?” James asked with narrowed eyes.

“Well,” Lily began as she folded her arms on the table. “Technically we’re replacing the head boy and head girl and the head’s are the cleverest in the year.” James smiled.

“So you think I’m clever enough to be head boy?” his eyes brows rose questioningly and Lily couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Well I don’t see why not James. Of course I would expect Remus but he would have been on time,” she pointed a finger amusedly.

“You just called me James,” James said. Not sounding quite shocked this time but rather just pointing it out.

“I wish you wouldn’t point it out every time like it’s a big thing,” Lily said quietly as she lowered her eyes.

“It is,” James muttered and Lily brought her gaze to his for a couple of seconds before looking away. She had to watch herself lately; she kept slipping up. She was so set on disliking James it was almost like a rule to have to call him Potter. She often caught herself mentally referring to him as James but it was even worse when she said it to his face; and he always realised. She could see that things were changing between them both, and she hated change. She tried to stop it but every time she looked into his eyes there was this look that she couldn’t quite fathom. No boy had ever looked at her in that way before and she found herself liking it. She wanted, no needed to know what it was but knew the dangers of staring for too long.

She found herself dreaming enough times about the colour of gold in his eyes which she found so extraordinarily beautiful. She refused to let herself find out what that look was for the fear that she couldn’t handle it, even though she longed to know. She wanted to know if it was linked to James’ sudden change in behaviour. He hadn’t pranked her since the incident and he hadn’t asked her out since the start of term. She wasn’t complaining though, she found it kind of peaceful. The thing that worried her was that if she looked at him to much she would start to miss it.

“Lily!” James shouted as though he’d repeated it many times. Lily snapped her head in his direction and raised an eye brow. “I think you were day dreaming,” he pointed out. Lily just sighed and stuffed her book into her bag before rising. “Urm, Lily what about the ball?”

“Oh crap!” Lily growled as she kicked the table leg, James’ eyes widened. “Listen Potter,” so it was back to Potter? “I really don’t have time. How about you meet me in the common room tonight just after curfew and we discuss it then?” She didn’t wait for an answer before leaving and James fell back into his chair, scratching his chin thoughtfully.

It was an hour until curfew and Sirius, Peter, Remus and James all sat huddled around a table in the common room. Between them was a book written in French with what seemed to be translations written all over it. Sirius suddenly stood and reached deep into his pocket.

“Told you I’d get it,” he said holding up what seemed to be seaweed. “I stole it from Slughorn’s office this morning.” The other three smiled and pulled him back down into a seat.

“So are we going to do this on the Slytherin’s?” Peter asked squeakily. Just at that moment an angry Zayda stormed down the girls dormitory stairs.

“Sirius Black you lousy piece of…”

“Zayda, baby, honey, snookums,” Zayda gave a warming glare. “What’s up?” he asked smoothly.

“You know damn well what’s up!” Zayda shouted holding up what appeared to be a bra to fit a Barbie doll. The marauders burst into a fit of laughs.

“Zayda I know you’re not exactly well endowed but give your self some credit; that is a tad too small,” James laughed.

“Potter shut your mouth,” Zayda snapped before turning back to Sirius.

“It wasn’t me?” Sirius offered with a shrug.

“Oh it was you,” Zayda snarled as her icy blue eyes flashed causing all four boys to recoil. “This,” she held up a longish black hair. “Could only belong to you; not even my hair is that well conditioned.” Sirius flicked his hair around and the few girls surrounding ‘ooh-ed”. Zayda cringed. “Now turn it back because I know it wasn’t just a shrinking spell because I can’t resize it!”

“No can do love,” Sirius said as he slid an arm around Zayda’s waist and began walking with her towards a settee. “Don’t know the counter for it I’m afraid. But I could always shrink you so it’d fit?” Zayda narrowed her eyes and before Sirius could react lifted her foot and stamped it down as hard as she could into his in step.

Sirius yelped and lifted his foot to his hands as he began hoping around idiotically. Zayda let out a hysterical laugh before saying, “now never mess with my stuff AGAIN!” and leaving through the portrait hole.

Sirius turned towards his friends who were rolling around in a mess of laughter and waited for them to regain some composure before talking. “I have the perfect candidate for our new prank,” he stated, eyes narrowing towards the portrait hole. “I know she wants me; this will be the perfect way to find out.” The four boys rolled their eyes.

“But the Slytherins will be funnier,” Remus announced. “And we may be able to find out any evil plans of theirs. Plus, Zayda practically always speaks her mind anyway,” he shrugged.

“Oh come on Remus, don’t act like pissing Zayda off isn’t the funniest thing ever,” James said with an eye brow raised.

“Well it’s certainly the scariest,” Peter piped up.

“That’s true,” James said with a shudder which the other boys followed. There were a few moments quiet where they all recalled horrid memories of when Zayda had been angry at them but seemed to decide it would be worth it.

“So come on then, add the last ingredient,” Peter said eagerly to Sirius who nodded and grinned evilly before dropping it into the cauldron. All four boys let out evil laughs as the potion bubbled and smoke rose from it before Remus began a coughing fit and they all started hitting him on the back.

“I guess the evil way just doesn’t agree with me,” he shrugged.

“Come on then,” Sirius said excitedly bouncing on the spot. “Bottle it!” Remus dipped a vial into the purple solution and jammed a cork into the top just as the portrait hole swung open.

James glanced at the clock on the wall before looking in a window and fluffing up his hair a bit more. “Must dash boys; I have a date.” His friends stared at him as he wondered over to a pretty red head who smiled before signalling to a table.

“Surely he doesn’t have a date with Lily?” Peter asked looking at the other two boys.

“If he does, she doesn’t realise it,” Sirius responded before snatching the bottle from Remus’ hand and kissing it like it was the greatest thing in the world.

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Chapter 12: BA (Blondes Annonymous)
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Thinking Of You…
Chapter 12: BA (Blondes Anonymous)

“Madame,” James Potter said as he bowed his head and pulled out a chair for the stunning red head accompanying him. A grin flew across his face and his eyes sparkled as the girl aforementioned flashed him a smile so rare he made a mental note of the exact time it was so willingly given.

“Why thank you Mr. Potter,” Lily replied with a small laugh taking her seat and crossing her legs. James smirked.

“Call me James?” It was more of a question than a demand, like it usually was, and Lily couldn’t help but comply.

“Ok, James.” If James Potter’s grin grew any wider it would suffocate his face and noting this, Lily stifled a giggle. James, too glassy eyed and goofy, paid no attention to this as his giddy mind listened to the twinkle of her laughter.

“So, where shall we start?” Lily asked eagerly. James snapped out of his daydream quickly, knowing well that it was not the way to get into Lily’s good books, and began flicking through a book about Halloween decorations.

“I was thinking we’d start with the music,” James said gazing across the table at Lily. Lily tilted her head to the side and surveyed James with narrowed brows.

“Urm, ok. So why are you looking through a book about decorations James?” It was as though he had his head smashed between two symbols; she’d called him James, and this time he was certain she’d done it purposely.

“James?” Lily said worriedly. “Is everything alright?”

“Yes,” James whispered. “Why wouldn’t it be?”

“Well,” Lily began biting down on her lip. “You seem sort of out of it tonight.” James shook his head then proceeded to dig his palms into his eyes and drag them down his face.

“I’m sorry Lils,” he muttered into his hands. “I just don’t want to mess anything up.”

“Mess what up?” Lily questioned with a frown.

“This,” James replied motioning between the two of them. “I mean, we seem to have a nack for miscommunication Lily.” Lily noticed how nice her name sounded coming from him. She’d always been told her name was very pretty but he said it as though it were the most precious thing in the world; she’d never thought it sounded so beautiful. “And I guess I just want this ball to be perfect,” he lifted his head and flashed her a charming smile which usually had girls melting at his feet; but he knew better with Lily.

Even so, Lily felt her heart skip a beat and her face become flushed, her eyes widened slightly and she dropped her gaze to her lap where her hands were fidgeting.

“Well, I’m sure it will be,” she said with a tight smiled, for some reason beginning to think that maybe planning this ball with James was a bad idea.

Sat a little away from James and Lily was Zayda Bell and Celina Boot. They had been working on their transfiguration essays which were suppose to have been in two days previous. Celina suddenly sighed and leant back in her chair.

“This is hopeless,” she said defeated. Zayda mimicked her actions.

“Ye, maybe we should leave it for tonight and carry on tomorrow when Lily’s free,” she said smiling broadly.

“You two should really learn to stop depending on Lily you know,” Alice said amusedly as she took a seat with two out of three of her best friends. “Speaking of Lily, where is she?”

Celina and Zayda smirked at each other before turning their eyes to a table across the room. Following their gazes Alice chocked back a laugh. “Is that Potter Lily is smiling at?”

“Uhuh,” Celina smiled. “And they’ve been at it for half an hour.” Alice bit her lip in excitement but before she could speak three chairs appeared around the girls and the marauders, minus James, seated themselves comfortably.

“Oh go away,” Zayda said with a roll of her eyes as she swatted away Sirius’ arm off of her.

“Hi Remus,” Celina said shyly and Remus nodded with a blush in response.

“I heard something interesting about you earlier Boot,” Peter said leaning towards Celina curiously.

“And what would that be?” Celina questioned with raised eye brows.

“That you’re pretty good at divination,” Sirius said with a shrug. Celina dropped her gaze and nodded her head.

“It is one of my better subjects; along with Defence Against the Dar Arts,” she looked up. “And don’t laugh,” she mumbled.

“We wouldn’t laugh,” Sirius said with a serious expression and narrowed eyes. A small smile flittered across Celina’s face and she seemed to gain some confidence.

“Was there a reason why you brought this up?” she asked slowly.

“Well,” Sirius began. “I was wondering if you could teach me how to read tarot cards?” Peter sniggered and Sirius elbowed him in the stomach. “I’m being serious; I want to know!”

“Tarot cards?” Celina repeated with slight disbelief. “Well, they tend to be more of a muggle invention but I do know how to do them.”

“Brilliant!” Sirius exclaimed, clapping his hands together. Celina tilted her head and looked at Remus confused.

“Someone told him it was good way to get girls to take their clothes off,” Remus told her shortly. Sirius made a fake shocked expression before laughing and shrugging.

“I was told that I could put on a misty voice and tell them that to tap into the spirit world they would need to strip off and huddle close. I thought it sounded pretty hot,” he winked at Zayda who huffed.

“No girl would fall for that Black,” she screwed her face up for a bit before facing him again. “Actually, the peroxide blondes you date probably would.”

Sirius suddenly stood from his seat and climbed onto a table, earning him the attention of the rest of the room. “Hi, I’m Sirius Black,” he began twiddling his thumbs. “And I’m addicted to air head blondes…b-but I’ve been sober for a week now.” When he finished the three marauders stood from their seats and cheered and clapped; James receiving an amused glance from Lily which didn’t go un-noticed.

Sirius returned to his seat with a wide smile, receiving sarcastic “well done’s” from Peter and Remus. He turned to Zayda. “See, I’m trying to change,” Zayda snorted in response. “Hey! You’re not blonde,” Sirius pointed out.

“Well done brains,” Zayda replied with a roll of her eyes.

“I’m afraid I might slip back into my blonde loving ways,” Sirius began with wide eyes. “How about you help me steer clear of them?” Everyone laughed even, surprising Sirius who expected a slap, Zayda.

“I’ll give it to you Black, you can be funny,” a wide smiled formed on Sirius’ face. “Now and again,” Zayda added.

“Well I’m going to take that as a compliment Miss Bell,” Sirius smiled.

“Take it whatever way you like,” Zayda surprisingly smiled back resulting in a confused look sliding across Sirius’ features.

“I fancy a drink,” Peter piped up with an odd glint in his eyes. “Guys, girls?” Everyone nodded and Peter waved his wand over some cups; Zayda, Celina and Alice missed his quick movement with what appeared to be a glass vial.

“There you go Zayda,” Sirius handed her a cup and she smiled in thanks.

“I’m just going to see how Lily and Potter are doing,” Zayda said as she rose from her chair.

“Wait!” Remus suddenly said, a little too loud causing the girls to glance at him weirdly. “Why don’t you drink your drink first?”

“That’s quite alright Remus, I’ll take it with me,” Zayda replied with an amused smirk.

Zayda strutted in her confident way over to the table at which Lily and James were situated and took a seat. James glanced at the cup in Zayda’s hands and then over to his friends who flashed him the thumbs up. Unfortunately, this gesture didn’t go unnoticed by Alice.

“What’ve you done to her cup?” she asked curiously.

“Nothing,” Sirius snapped a little too quickly. Alice narrowed her eyes and stood up.

“We’ll see about that,” she glared down at the boys who hurried along behind her. However, when they got their, they were too late…

“Gimme some of that Zay, I’m dehydrated?” Zayda handed the cup over to Lily and James’ eyes widened.

“Lil, I wouldn’t…” he began as he leant over the table but was too slow as Lily threw her head back and swallowed. James gulped, something the other marauders followed with doing.

When Lily lifted her head back up it was too see everyone, bar Zayda and Celina, who hadn’t caught on, staring at her. “What?” she asked slowly.

“Red,” Sirius began wryly glancing around for a topic before his eyes landed on Remus. “What do you think of Remus?”

“Black what are you…” she began before her back became ruler straight and her eyes widened with a glassy expression.

“She’s going to kill you lot for this,” Alice threatened.

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Chapter 13: Yes! No!
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Thinking Of You…
Chapter 13: Yes! No!

The glassy look left her face and Lily leant towards Sirius and whispered, not so quietly, the first thing which came to mind.

“I had a massive crush on him in 4th year,” she said matter-of-factly. Sirius gasped dramatically and withdrew from Lily as he turned to face James who jaw had dropped.

Lily twirled a hair around her finger and glanced at Sirius who had his head tilted whilst looking at her. He thought the potion had a pretty good effect and he was eager to question her once fancy of Remus.

“You know what Black?” Lily suddenly asked, continuing before he answered. “It’s quite a shock I’ve never had a crush on you; you’re very handsome,” she turned and surveyed him through narrowed eyes. “Hmm, not really my type though,” she said with a shrug. “What made you ask about Remus anyways? And why am I telling you all this?” She began questioning herself and the three boys turned to Remus wide eyed.

“Side effect?” he shrugged. The potion wasn’t meant to have the drinker questioning his or her behaviour. “We must have done something wrong.”

“Anyway,” Lily said shaking her head. “You guys can leave me and James alone to finish this now.” She shooed everyone before suddenly jumping up and ordering them to sit again. “Actually stay!” she said a few decibels higher than her usual pitch.

“What’s wrong?” Peter asked cautiously sitting down.

“I don’t think I should be left alone with James,” she said quietly. “He looks at me.”

Sirius choked out a laugh and James actually blushed slightly. “I don’t look at you!” he stammered adding, “much.”

Lily blushed. Why was she blushing? She never blushed at anything he said; it was as if she couldn’t hide what she was thinking from them.

“And even if I do I am allowed,” James stated. “I just find you nice to look at,” he smirked but inwardly sighed. That was proof, even if only a little bit, that Trevor was still lurking somewhere.

“Yes but it gets frustrating,” Lily replied looking at her fists which were balled on the table. James looked at her with a frown. “Because I’ve been finding my self looking back lately and it’s not right. I keep telling my self not to look at you,” she glanced up momentarily before dropping her gaze again. “But I can’t stop and I think it’s because...”

“STOP!” James suddenly shouted, lifting his hands in the air.

“What’s wrong?” Lily questioned.

“This isn’t right; I don’t want to hear this because of the potion,” he sighed. “Well you see, the reason you’ve been telling us all this stuff,” James glanced at Sirius who gave him a don’t-you-dare look. “Well it’s because we,” Remus, whose hand was on his shoulder, squeezed tightly making James cringe. “It’s because we,” Peter gave a little screech. “I’m going to tell her,” he told the boys with a serious expression

“We kinda figured,” Sirius growled.

He turned back to Lily. “You’ve been telling us this stuff because we made a potion which makes people say what’s on their minds. It was meant for Zayda but since you drank her drink, well, you know,” he shrugged innocently.

Lily’s eyebrows rose almost into her hair line and she frowned as her fists started shaking at her sides. “You did what?” she asked through clenched teeth.

“We’re sorry Red!” Sirius quickly apologised as he remembered the temper of the red head.

“Sorry! SORRY!?” She repeated loudly. “I’ll show you sorry. Why by the time I’m done with you four…”

James, who had been watching her with a smile on his face he couldn’t hide, cut in. “You’re even more beautiful when you’re angry,” he stated.

Lily’s mouth snapped shut and her eyes widened. “Not as much as you when you’re reading,” she glanced down and squinted her eyes. “How do I stop this?” she screamed.

James Potter has just almost passed out as he watched the love of his life rant on about how dead they would all be once she could trust herself to speak properly around them.

“You must have put something in there to make me speak nonsense!” she was saying before James came round and spoke the first thing that came to mind.

“Go out with me?” he asked, which sounded like a demand, eagerly.

“Yes,” Lily immediately snapped. “I mean no! NO!”

“Oh but you were speaking your mind when you said yes,” Peter pointed out excitedly.

“But she was also speaking her mind when she said no,” Remus replied with a shrug.

“But her first answer was yes,” Sirius stated.

“But she would never mean yes,” Zayda argued hotly.

“I’m not so sure of that statement as of lately,” Alice piped in.

“Has something been said?” James asked with a smirk.

“No,” Celina snapped glaring at Alice. “She’s still not interested.”

“Oh whatever Bell, we all know she wants him.”

“So was it a yes or a no?” James asked quickly.

“Yes,” said Peter and Sirius.

“No!” Celina and Zayda snapped back.

“HELLO!” Lily shouted over all the noise. “I think I’m the one that knows the answer…”

“Stay out of this Lily!” all but James shouted back as the “yes” “no” argument continued. Lily watched in frustration for a couple of seconds before sighing loudly.

“YOU ARE ALL A BUNCH OF IDIOTS!” she shrieked throwing her arms in the air and stomping from the common room.

Silence fell over the group and they all turned to James who sat in a comfy chair. “Well done Prongs, you did it again,” Sirius said shaking his head. James cocked an eyebrow and looked at his friend amused but a sudden headache had him cradling his head as he realised any growing chance he had, was now ruined.

Back to square one, he thought. Trying to be her friend was getting him no where. But, if he constantly asked her out again, maybe he could pester her into saying yes for a change.

He seemed to forget how that plan had failed for 6 years.

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Chapter 14: Remus, Siri & Lils
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Thinking Of You…
Chapter 14: Remus, Siri & Lils

Long curly red hair lay delicately across a white pillow and the emerald green eyes of Lily Evans twitched in her sleep as she flung her hands about her head, trying to stop the annoying pecking at her face. Her eyes suddenly flew open and she realised that it wasn’t just a dream as she saw a pair of large blue eyes staring back at her. She made a mental note to be sure to shut the bedroom window before sleeping next time as she glanced at her clock which read 5:00am.

The owl impatiently awaited Lily untying the letter it was carrying and gave a small hoot as it took flight out the window again. Lily followed it and pulled the heavy window shut before turning and seating herself on her bed cross-legged.

She twirled the paper around in her hands and pushed her mouth to the side. It was very unusual for her mail to come so early in the morning; it was supposed to come at breakfast. The hand writing on the envelope also looked nothing like the writing of anyone who took the time to contact her. She squinted her eyes at the pure white parchment for just a second longer before her curiosity got the better of her and she ripped it open, not so gently.

Miss Lillian Evans, it was titled. Lily cringed; she hated the name Lillian. In fact, very few people knew that to be her actual name, she made a point of letting everyone know that it was simply Lily. She carried on reading:

How are you on this fine morning; I hope I did not wake you? The reason for me writing so early in the morning is that I wanted to make sure I got to you before anyone else had the opportunity. News of the up and coming ball is on the rise and people are starting to make their moves in finding dates. Anyway, I won’t babble any longer; or keep you awake. I was just wondering if you would be obliged as to accompany me to the Halloween Ball a week this Friday? I would be overjoyed if you would accept and I do believe we would have a wonderful time together. Please, don’t feel the need to write me back, just let me know when you have decided.

As always, I will be looking forward to seeing you around.
Thinking of you,

-James Potter-

Lily couldn’t help but let a smile flitter across her face as she shook her head; only James Potter could write such a letter. That boy would go to any measure to get what he wanted and Lily frowned at this thought. She was something he’d never had and if she said yes, that would be giving him the satisfaction of knowing he could have every girl at Hogwarts; the thing she was sure he most wanted.

Her immediate thought had been yes, but that was the potion still lurking around. After a while she realised the boy was after one thing, and there was no way she was going to give it to him. She balled her fist and slammed it into the bed. “I hate James Potter,” she hissed to herself.

The rest of the day passed pretty slowly, much to Lily’s regret as she had failed to fall back to sleep. She spent each lesson fiercely taking notes and muttering angrily to her self. And to top things off, today was the worse day of the week lesson wise; double arithmacy, double advanced charms and potions. Lily let out a heavy sigh as she entered her potions class and slumped down into a chair.

At first she thought it was just her imagination but it steadily got heavier. She could feel what felt like breath being blown into her ear and had actually closed her eyes, quite enjoying it, until she realised that it was highly unusual for something like this to be happening. Snapping open her eyes she spun around in her seat to face a smirking Sirius Black.

“Stop!...Blowing!...Me!” Lily choked out her broken up sentence and Sirius’ eyes widened as he leant forward to whisper.

“You can blow me anyt…”

“Just shut up Black,” Lily spat. “I don’t need to hear that.” Sirius smirked and leant back in his seat, staring into the back of Lily’s head.

“Black,” Lily hissed still facing the front. “Stop staring at me!” she spun round and Sirius pretended to look around the room whilst whistling.

“What?” he asked innocently. Lily growled something he couldn’t hear before turning just in time to see the professor stride through the door. Lily chanced a quick glance behind her and noticed James wasn’t there; that was weird.

The professor babbled on for the first half hour before telling them to pair up and brew the simple potion he had written up on the board. Lily looked around as everyone paired up, leaving her on her own.

“Miss Evans,” the professor smirked; she’d never liked him…cocky twit. “It’s seems as though you have been left. Alone,” smirk. “Well, I suppose you shall have to partner up with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum,” he said slimily pointing to Sirius and Remus.

“Pull up a chair Red,” Sirius smiled as Lily dropped into a seat besides them. Remus gave her a wonky smile.

“So Lily, are you looking forward to the ball next week?” Remus asked conversationally.

“Anyone asked you to go?” Sirius asked eagerly. Lily glanced between the two boys; surely they knew James had asked her. Maybe they were fishing for him.

“Yes I am actually looking forward to it,” she stated. “And no one interested has asked me to go apart from James of which you obviously no,” she told them. Sirius scoffed.

“Oh come on Red,” he said rolling his eyes. “You must have had a couple of offers by now; excluding James,” Lily narrowed her eyes at him.

“Why would I?” she asked slowly.

“Well because you’re pretty urm,” Sirius began kind of lost for words. “Pretty?” he tried. Lily looked at him for a few seconds before a smiled broke across her face and she laughed.

“Ok, Sirius,” she breathed, adding some ingredients to their cauldron.

“What?” Sirius asked amused. “I’m being serious Evans. Listen,” he said leaning closer so as to not draw attention to them. “Sure, there are girls in this school who are hot; but hot and pretty are different things. Isn’t that right Remus?” Sirius turned to him for approval.

“It is,” Remus stated mater-of-factly. “All boys want to date the ‘hot’ girls Lily, so that they look good. But all boys want to end up with the pretty girls.” Lily stared at them; that made no sense.

“And you’re supposed to be smart,” Sirius said rolling his eyes. “Basically, the hot girls are actually rough,” he said simply. “Fair enough when they’re out and about they draw attention but you wake up in the morning next to them with no make-up on and you never want to see them again. But you Lily,” he said with a smirk. “Well, you’re the kind of girl which every guy wants to wake up next to; because you’re naturally beautiful.”

“You said pretty earlier,” Lily retorted, something she wouldn’t have said had the potion not still been in her system.

“Lily Evans!” Sirius shouted loudly. “You’re beautiful,” everyone looked over to their table and Lily blushed. “So you might as well get used to it,” he added so only them three could hear. Lily blushed madly.

“Urm thanks,” she muttered.

“No problem,” Sirius shrugged. “You did tell me I was handsome yesterday,” a glare came over Lily’s face.

“I still cannot believe you did that!” she said through gritted teeth.

“Ah, get over it. James has made us promise not to question you inappropriately,” a sudden gleam of mischief flashed in his eyes and he smirked. “But I think I might have to do a bit of interrogation.”

“Don’t you dare,” Lily hissed.

“Let her be Padfoot,” Remus chuckled lightly. “She’s had enough already.”

“But Moony,” Sirius stuck out his bottom lip and pouted. “I know you want to know too,” he winked. A smirk appeared on Remus’ features which were so unlike him that Lily cringed. Mischief in the hands of Remus couldn’t turn out good.

“You can’t honestly be thinking about this?” Lily asked worriedly.

“Oh my dear Lily,” Remus said uncharacteristically. “Would I ever do a thing like that to you?” Lily narrowed her eyes at his James like smirk.

“It appears so,” she snapped just as a bell sounded from out in the corridor.

“We’ll see you in the common room later Evans,” Sirius shouted back in a sing-song voice as he left.

Curfew quickly approached as Lily sat in the library. She’d be hiding out there all afternoon, too worried to bump into Remus or Sirius. But sadly, Madame Turner was making her rounds through the isles to shoo everyone out.

“Sorry Lily love,” she said softly with a smile. “But I’m afraid you have to go back now,” Lily sighed.

“I know.” Madame Turner placed a hand gently on her shoulder and Lily smiled before leaving. Why couldn’t Turner be her potions teacher? She loved Lily. This was probably because Lily gave her a job on the weekends; she was often the only one there. Plus, Lily would never purposely make a lot of noise in the library, except for the exception of when Potter was around. But that didn’t count.

Lily had been running thoughts through her mind the whole way and soon found herself outside the Gryffindor common room. Stating the password she let out an exasperated sigh before entering, hopefully unnoticed, so that she could go straight to her dorm. Unfortunately, the Lily Radar kicked into action.

“Evans!” James called as soon as she walked in. Lily closed her eyes and took a deep breath before turning and looking at him expectantly. “Urm,” James began running a hand through his hair. “Did you get my letter?”

“Yes,” Lily answered shortly continuing to look at him and wait for an answer. She’d found that the more often he wound her up the easier she found it to hate him.

“Oh, ok,” James could think of nothing to say; why did she always make this so difficult? “Well, what do you say?” he asked slowly.

“What do you think I say Potter?” James cringed from her tone of voice, something he’d once gotten used to but as of lately she hadn’t used it, so he’d softened slightly. Regaining his composure he felt a jolt of confidence and for once he was quite happy for Trevor’s interference.

“Yes,” James said rather than asked with a large smirk. “That’s great! We’ll talk more tomorrow because I need to finish this work.” Lily opened her mouth to retort but found all she could do was stare at him evilly. James continued to watch her with his stupid smirk on his face.

“It’s not a yes!” Lily spluttered finally finding her voice. “The day I say yes to you James Potter will be the day hell freezes over.” She smiled, happy with her come back before adding, “twice!”

James’ mouth cracked into a wide smile as he strutted over to Lily, slipping his arm around her waist and pulling her close. “I know you want me,” he whispered into her ear. Oh yippee, the old Potter’s back, Lily thought. This statement wasn’t completely sarcastic as she was happy that she was beginning to dislike him again.

“Yes, I want you to leave,” Lily said simply. She picked his hand up between two fingers and dropped it away from her.

James chuckled, “feisty,” he said with a wink. “You know Evans; your parents should have called you Gillette.”

Lily squinted at him. “Why?”

“Because you’re the best a man can get,” he smirked and everyone around him looked confused.

“How do you know about Gillette razors?” Lily asked slowly.

“Arthur Weasley is obsessed with muggle objects and has an urm…felly-vision? In his house,” he smiled.

“Uch,” she moaned. “100,000 sperm and you were the fastest,” Lily muttered. James’ eyes widened before he burst out laughing, collapsing into a chair.

“You make me laugh Evans,” he sighed. “Which is why we should be together,” he said more seriously. Lily looked down at him and pushed her lips together.

“No.” She said quietly before walking off. However, she didn’t get very far…

“Come on Evans we need a nice chat,” Sirius said quietly to her, dragging her to the corner of the common room where Remus sat.

“Hello Lily,” Remus smiled up at her.

“Lupin,” Lily nodded in acknowledgment.

“We’re on last name terms now are we Miss Evans?” Remus asked with an amused twinkle in his eyes. Lily nodded, folding her arms and refusing to look at the two boys.

“You’re a pair of idiots,” she suddenly spat, unable to keep in her thoughts.

“Ouch,” Sirius said holding a hand to his heart.

“Especially you!” Lily hissed at him. “Today I actually thought we were starting to get on, but clearly not.”

“Oh come on Evans,” he tilted his head. “We’ve always got on…Kind of.”

“Black, we’ve hardly spoken over the 6 years that we have known each other,” Lily stated quietly.

“That’s true,” Remus sided. “I think you’re the only one out of the four of us that hasn’t actually held a conversation with her.”

“Well, Potter and I hardly have conversations,” Lily laughed.

“But still,” Sirius began looking at Lily. “We should speak more often Evans; you’re an alright girl,” he flashed her his famous weak-knee smile, which had no effect on Lily.

“Ok,” Lily said shrugging.

“Hey, that’s a compliment,” Sirius said mocking offence. “There aren’t many girls that I just want to speak to.”

“Ye, you usually just want to get in their knickers,” she rolled her eyes.

“But you don’t have to worry about that; you’re James’ and there’s rules about that stuff,” Sirius said seriously.

“I am not James’ Black!” Lily told him sternly.

“Ok, ok,” Sirius said with raised hands. “How about we be friends from now on Evans?” he asked slowly. Lily looked at his outstretched hand for a while before cautiously taking it. Sirius grinned. “Right, let’s start with this last name malarkey; you must call me Sirius, or Siri,” he smirked. “And I’ll call you Lily,” he thought for a second. “Or Lils?”

“Not Lils,” Lily told him. “And I am not calling you Siri,” she laughed adding, “Sirius.”

“I’m not still Lupin am I?” Remus asked with a pout which she could no longer be angry with.

“I suppose not,” she caved. Sirius unexpectedly pulled Lily into a tight hug which Remus shortly joined. All laughed as they fell apart and took to their seats.

Sirius’ face suddenly became serious as he glanced at Remus who shrugged. “I’m sorry Lily, but we still have to do this; while the potions still in your system.”

“I’ll never speak to you again,” she told them slowly. Her happy mood was deflated as she knew what was coming. What if she revealed to them things she hadn’t yet admitted to herself?

Remus cleared his throat. “I’m sorry Lily, but we need to know how you feel about James?”

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Chapter 15: The Continuation
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Thinking Of You…
Chapter 15: The Continuation

Lily swallowed the lump which had formed in her throat and stared into Remus’ startling blue eyes. She sniffed before dropping her gaze to the floor and when she looked up her lively green eyes locked onto Sirius’ grey ones.

“This isn’t going to work,” she told them slowly.

“Of course it is, you have no choice but to tell us what you’re thinking,” Remus told her.

“I know,” Lily said quietly. As soon as they had mentioned James’ name thoughts flew through her mind and she knew she wasn’t going to be able to hold them in. She took a deep breath. “But I can’t tell you how I feel because I don’t know,” she sighed secretly wishing that her thoughts would have revealed her true feelings; she was getting fed up of being confused.

“I used to hate him,” she hissed. “But I’ve kind of found that hard to do as of lately. There are times when it’s just him and I and we get along great, but then he always has to go and mess things up by acting the prat. I’m starting to think that he’s trying to act differently around me but can’t help his actual self shining through. I wish he wouldn’t do it,” she whispered.

“Do what?” Sirius asked.

“Act so unlike him self. I find myself enjoying the time I spend with him but I know if I fall for him I’m going to get hurt; and I won’t let that happen. I know he would do anything to get me to say yes but I also know the only reason for this is that he wants the satisfaction of knowing he could have any girl,” Sirius rolled his eyes. “You know I’m right Black.”

“Listen, I can’t speak for Prongs and tell you how he really feels because we’re blokes and we don’t talk about things like that. But I still don’t understand why you don’t give him a chance?”

“Because I refuse to let him hurt me like he has so many other girls!” her voice rose slightly but she glanced across the room to where James was sat reading and quietened. “He does look awfully cute when he reads though,” she said slowly thinking of more times when he looked cute and inside slapping herself for drinking Zayda’s drink. “Almost as cute as when he’s just jumped off his broom, at the end of a winning match, with that smile which is so contagious I’m beginning to think it’s the reason that I go to quidditch matches.” She sighed. “You see, this is why he has to stay his arrogant self,” she threw her arms in the air agitated.

“Because if he keeps acting the way he is you’ll find more ways to like him and then there’s the possibility that you’ll get hurt?” Remus asked.

“Yes,” Lily breathed. “Exactly. But it’s not so bad because as of lately he’s been acting like more of an idiot.”

“Uch, he seems to have given up on my just friends’ idea,” Remus said rolling his eyes.

Lily narrowed her emerald green eyes towards him and huffed. “Don’t help him with ways to get me to like him Remus; it isn’t going to happen that way. I will not fall for him when he is acting him self and I don’t want to be with someone that has to act differently around me,” she lifted her chin slightly.

“But Lily you don’t understand,” he said irritated. “James does act him self around you; he just gets tongue tied and says stupid things. I actually think his motives are genuine and he isn’t after you so that he can have all the girls after him, I think he actually…”

“Moony,” Sirius cut in. “I’ve had enough of this stupid talk. James is James; he’s a marauder. He will never fall for one girl so we might as well face it.” And plus, all this love talk you’ve been going on about is making me feel sick. James being in love; its preposterous!

“I’m glad you’re on my side,” Lily smiled slightly.

“But you seem to have a thing for him,” Sirius wiggled his eye brows. “Prongs should be happy.” Lily gasped.

“Black I truly hate you; what happened to this friends talk?” she asked hopefully.

“Oh Lily, the whole point of being a friend is to set each other up with the people you like,” he smiled.

“But I don’t like him!” she shrieked. She sighed and lent back in her chair, lowering her gaze to her intertwined hands fingers in her lap. “Oh I don’t know what I think ok! I’m getting stressed out and you two aren’t helping. I wish he’d carry on being the arrogant prat he’s always been and stop trying to win me over!”

Sirius and Remus were speechless when she suddenly looked up with brimming tears. Sirius, unable to handle crying women just put his head in his hands.

“Lily?” Remus began softly.

“Just leave it,” she said. Remus was taken aback by the defeated tone and dull look in her usually bright eyes. “I’m leaving.” And with that she stood and quickly headed up to her dorm where she lay on her bed, staring at the ceiling.

After a couple of minutes spent in silence Sirius spoke up. “Moony, I’ve broken up with a lot of girls and most of them have cried; and I’ve felt nothing. But I don’t think I have ever felt as guilty as I do now,” he said quietly.

“Me neither,” Remus nodded. “We shouldn’t have done that.” Sirius nodded slowly and the boys spent most of the night in quiet guilt. Speaking only occasionally to James and Peter; who found their silence disturbing.

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Chapter 16: The Match - Part 1!
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Thinking Of You…
Chapter 16: The Match – Part 1!

Lily stirred in her sleep and groaned without opening her eyes. She didn’t want to get up but there was a quidditch match that day and she knew if she went back to sleep she’d never wake. It was Gryffindor versus Hufflepuff and it was obvious that Gryffindor was going to win; but she was going for moral support for Celina. It was the first match of the season and she was pretty nervous.

Glancing over to the clock on her bedside table she sat up groggily. It was only eight o’clock but now that she was awake she might as well get up. She leant over and pulled the hangings back from her bed, jumping back and clutching her heart when she saw the pale face of Celina staring back at her.

“Celina,” she breathed heavily. “What are you doing up so early?”

“Quidditch,” Celina chocked. Lily cocked an eyebrow slightly amused.

“Yes, that’s right,” she said slowly as though Celina couldn’t quite understand her. “There is a quidditch match today and you’re playing in it.”

“Stop reminding me,” Celina snapped back. Lily smirked.

“Oh come on Celina you know once you get up there you’ll be fine. You said so your self that being in the air gets rid of your fears.”

“I know,” Celina sighed and dropped onto her bed opposite Lily’s. “But it doesn’t stop me being worried before hand. I do it with acting too. Before I go on I’m back and forth to the toilets to throw up but as soon as the lights come up and it’s me, the stage and the audience my nerves disappear.”

“You’ll be fine,” Lily smiled before looking over Zayda who had her hangings open. She turned to look at Celina with a sly smile plastered across her face. “How about we give sleeping beauty here a wake up call?”

“How?” Celina asked eagerly.

“Just follow my lead,” Lily whispered as she knelt down by Zayda’s bed and began to gentle push her. “Zay, Zay wake up,” she said slightly louder.

“Wh-what?” Zayda yawned.

“Get up, lessons start in 2 minutes,” Lily repeated as she stood and walked over to Celina to watch the scene unfold.

Zayda suddenly snapped open her eyes and jumped from her bed, running to her trunk where she rummage for her books whilst dragging a brush through her cropped hair. “Why didn’t you wake me?” she hissed at the girls as she sprinted into the bathroom with her clean robes and emerged fully dressed with her tooth brush in her mouth. Pocketing her wand she turned to look at the girls. “Why aren’t you two dressed?” she asked quickly, looking around and noticing the other girls still fast asleep. Slowly pulling the toothbrush from her mouth she jabbed it at them furiously. “You are evil,” she growled. “You know I like my sleep,” she snapped before turning and replacing her toothbrush, taking off her robes and slipping into some jeans and a t-shirt. She walked from the room without a second glance at Lily and Celina.

The two girls burst out laughing before following Zayda’s actions and getting dressed themselves.

Saturday mornings were always the best time of week for Sirius Black. He was an early riser and found this morning time the perfect opportunity to go for a walk and clear his mind. He found it relaxing to come here ever now and then; especially to get ready for a quidditch match.

The weather was unusual on this morning. The wind whipped around him as he came to his second lap of the lake but it didn’t have its usual bitter twist; it was perfect for the match. The hint of coldness had Sirius stuffing his hands in his pockets to keep them warm and a cold tinge of red tinted his cheeks.

“Ready for the match Black?” a small voice asked as Sirius passed the tree, ready for his second lap of the lakes perimeter. He turned casually, not recognising the voice but not being able to hide the shocked expression on his face at the site of Zayda Bell.

“I urm,” Sirius stuttered before regaining his composure. “Yes, I think we should do pretty well actually,” he flashed her his charming smile and Zayda rolled her eyes.

“You don’t sound too confident,” she said slowly. “But I know you’ve been practising almost every night so surely you’ll do fine; I wouldn’t want Gryffindor losing.” Sirius tilted his head to the side and narrowed his eyes curiously.

“How do you know we’ve been practising almost every night?” he asked. Zayda pursed her lips for a few seconds before answering him.

“Well I always notice when you’re not there to annoy me; I finally get some peace,” she smiled at his mock hurt expression. “And plus, when I see Remus and Peter in the common room without you and James I kind of assume,” she shrugged.

“I see,” Sirius said nodding his head. “Well Miss Bell, seems as you are here un-all, would care to join me on a walk around the lake?” he rose an eye brow questioningly and Zayda looked off to the side for a while in thought.

“I guess it couldn’t hurt too much,” she said slowly walking to his side and mimicking his slow pace. Sirius smiled at her shortly before returning his gaze out in front of them.

He hadn’t walked here in about two weeks but this morning he woke with overwhelming guilt. He and Remus hadn’t spoken to Lily after they had questioned her on her feelings for James and they both felt extremely low for it. She had been avoiding them like the plague and they’d never seen her look so down. James had picked up on the three’s recent behaviour but they’d told him he was being paranoid. However, it didn’t help when James decided to ask Lily out the following day only for her to scream at him no, making it clear that even though he knew she’d still never be with him. James was utterly confused by this. It was clear that Lily though He and Remus had told James what she’d told them; but they hadn’t. They’d not had the heart to do that to Lily which was very unusual because the Marauders were as tight as a group of friends could be.

Even so, each one of them felt something special with Lily. James’ fascination of her had lasted for years, her and Peter often sat together doing homework as she showed him what was right and wrong and Remus and Lily were almost as close as Lily was with her girl friends. They spoke about a whole lot of things together all the time; but it had been ruined by their stupid actions. Sirius and Lily had never really had any sort of relationship until a few days ago. It was funny how spending just an hour with the girl opened his eyes to the amazing person she was. If they wound her up she didn’t shriek or think it was flirting, but she wound them up back. She understood their stupid jokes and even laughed; whether she approved or not. And she wasn’t speaking to them because she fancied them or wanted everyone to know she was friends with the Marauders, as a matter of fact, it usually seemed that she did not want to be around them; which intrigued him more. The girl was very different and he was quite upset that their sort lived friendship was probably already at an end.

“You’re awfully quiet this morning Black?” Zayda suddenly spoke pulling him from his thoughts. “Anything wrong?”

Sirius looked at Zayda and found himself startled by the intensity of her ice blue eyes. They truly were the most amazing eyes he had ever seen and they held so much emotion. This was a girl who seemed to not be fazed by anything, but Sirius read her like an open book. Her feelings were always reflected in her eyes. If she was angry it was as if a storm was taking place over her vision, when she was happy they turned a piercing blue quite like Remus’ and when she spoke to someone on a serious matter they were this ice blue; full of curiosity and wisdom. It was funny, he’d never really properly spoken to Zayda yet he knew she’d been through a lot.

He’d heard that her parents split up when she was younger and she was forced to live with her mother who was an alcoholic. After her mother was hospitalised from liver problems Zayda was made to fly to America where her father lived and happily spent six months there before her mother demanded she moved back with her. Apparently her mother was crazy and believed in the old witch craft you hear muggles speaking about; she was a half-blood. She dragged Zayda all over the world visiting witch doctors and that sort to cure her illness until she died just months before Zayda was due to start Hogwarts.

Alice, the one Sirius most spoke to, told him that although she likes to act as though she hated her mother, she was devastated when she passed away. She also said that Zayda learnt a lot from her travels around the world and if there’s every anyone that you could speak to it’s her; her wisdom goes beyond her years even if she isn’t the smartest person at Hogwarts; nothing can beat experience.

“I kinda messed up,” Sirius shrugged. “I reckon Lily told you what we did?” Zayda’s eyes suddenly whipped up a storm and Sirius felt him self cower slightly. “We know we were wrong,” he added quickly. “We thought it was just going to be a bit of fun; how were we to know her mind was so jumbled?”

Zayda sighed and stopped walking, taking a seat on a large rock and motioning for Sirius to join her.

“Lily’s a complex person,” she said with an amused sigh. “You never know when you’re going to say something to upset her because she completely hides her feelings.” Sirius nodded and looked down at her.

“Quite like you then?” he raised his eyebrows.

“But I can also hide when I’m upset,” she replied with a smirk.

“Not from me you can’t,” Sirius chuckled slightly. “You’re eyes have too much expression you see.” Zayda’s eye narrowed in a confused way before a smile flickered across her face.

“Yes well, you’ve always been the only one to be able to make me exploded,” she laughed lightly but couldn’t hold in the fit of giggles which followed Sirius’ hysterical bark like laughter.

“You are the best to wind up,” he smirked. “But also the scariest when angry,” he said with furrowed brows. Zayda laughed.

“So,” Zayda began conversationally after a small pause. “You looking forward to the ball next week?”

“Not really,” Sirius shrugged. “I always end up with a bunch of love struck girls hanging off me all night.” Zayda threw her head back laughing.

“Oh you were always the modest one Black!”

“What?” Sirius said wide eyed and innocent. Zayda shortly recovered from her outburst.

“If you would abandon your rule of not taking a girl to the dance so you can have all the girls you want, maybe that wouldn’t happen,” she said amused. Sirius’ antics would always baffle her.

“Ah,” he began shortly followed by a gargle at the back of his throat as he spat onto the floor.

“That is disgusting,” Zayda shook her head but Sirius ignored her as he was over some by a sudden thought.

“You know what Bell; you’re right!” he said quickly with a look of pondering on his face. “I’ve never wanted to take a girl because it’s clear they only want to go with me to wind up their friends,” he said slowly adding, “and because I’m hot of course.” He smirked. “So that’s why I think you should go with me,” he looked at her with a serious expression on his face as he tried to think up a reason why he’d asked her. What he was saying really made no sense but he couldn’t understand himself why he would suddenly abandon his rule for this girl. “I mean,” he stammered. “I know you wouldn’t be going with me for all the reasons I mentioned and you’re nothing like those air heads I usually date so it would be pretty cool to spend the ball with someone I could have a decant conversation with,” he spoke very quickly. “And plus we’ve never really spoken a lot before and I’d like to get to know you better because we’ve had fun speaking this morning right?”

Zayda watched him closely as he finished rambling and raised an amused eyebrow. “Are you asking me on a date Mr Black?” her playful tone gave Sirius his confidence back and he relaxed.

“Yes,” he breathed. “Would you care to join me to the ball Miss Bell?” he bowed his head slightly but raised his eyes to watch her reaction.

“I think I could handle one night with you,” she said nodding. Sirius grinned and jumped up from the rock, pulling her with him and running towards the castle, shocking Zayda.

“What are you doing?” she asked breathlessly.

“The match is going to start in about ten minutes!” he exclaimed over his shoulder.

“Why didn’t we leave sooner?” she shouted back.

“Well, if we had left sooner I couldn’t have asked you out,” he told her as they stopped just outside the entrance to the quidditch pitch. “Now get up in the stands and watch me win this match!”

You win this match?” she smirked.

Sirius narrowed his eyes and stuck his tongue out. “Oh very mature,” Zayda laughed.

“You know you love it Bell,” Sirius winked before strutting off towards the changing rooms.

Zayda rested a hand on her cheek as she watched him walk off and scrunched her mouth to the side. She must be out of her mind to accept a date with Sirius Black and she wasn’t sure whether it was the right thing to do. She’d learnt that it was best to hide her feelings from everyone; that way she couldn’t get hurt. So was it safe to start liking a boy who could read her like a book?

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Chapter 17: The Match: Part 2!
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Thinking Of You…
Chapter 17: The Match: Part 2!

The wind blew through the stands at the first quiddich match of the year. The stands were barely full this morning due to the fact that Slytherin saw Gryffindor and Hufflepuff unworthy of watching and the few Ravenclaw’s that were there had told Lily how many had not wanted to watch. It was their match next and the team found themselves psyched out when seeing their opposition playing well. So, they barely watched a match unless it was them playing.

Lily Evans’ dark red hair flew about her face and she cursed her self for not tying it up this morning. She had a red and gold scarf tied tightly round her neck and her gloved hands were stuffed deep in her pockets. Her emerald eyes narrowed as they scanned the pitch, trying to keep her eyes focused on Celina but finding it difficult with her hair in her eyes.

A nudge in her shoulder announced the arrival of Zayda and she gave her friend a small smile before focusing back on the game.

“Have you seen Alice lately?” Zayda asked loudly over the cheering as Gryffindor scored. The two girls clapped, not paying much attention, as they carried on their conversation.

“I saw her come to bed last night at least three hours after curfew,” Lily replied with a sly smile on her face. “Do you think it’s a boy?” she asked.

“Definitely,” Zayda replied. “Why else would she risk getting caught out so late?” Lily smiled and sniffed slightly in the cold. “How’s Celina been doing?”

“She’s scored three times,” Lily smiled. “She really is very good; I don’t know why she was worrying.” Zayda leant forward so that her elbows were resting on the fencing that went around the perimeter of the stands and focused her gaze on Sirius. She watched as he scored two goals almost one after the other and couldn’t help but giggle as he flipped through the air, winking at her as he passed.

“Are you okay?” Lily asked with a worried expression on her face. The commentator, Terry Jordan’s, voice was booming around the stadium and cheers went up as he announced the spotting of the snitch by James Potter.

“Yes?” Zayda said with a shrug.

“You giggled,” Lily told her. “Like a proper girly giggle. And,” Lily began. “It was as Sirius passed.” She smiled knowingly at her friend who kept a calm, collected look on her features before her face relaxed and broke out into a smile.

“He asked me to the ball,” she told Lily with a slight squeal in her voice. Lily raised an eyebrow.

“Who asked you?” she asked curiously.

“Sirius,” Zayda replied quickly looking away. Lily’s eyebrows almost rose into her hair line. Never, in the six and something years that she had known Sirius Black, had he asked a girl to go to a ball with him. He was always the one being asked. And never, in all that time, had he accepted. He liked to fly solo so that he could pick up girls whilst he was there. And, if he was going to ask anyone, surely it would be the quick-tempered, sarcastic, Sirius hating Zayda? She must have said no. “I said yes.”

Everyone had gone quiet as a tension filled the stadium. James Potter was flying as fast as he could after the snitch with the Hufflepuff seeker right on his tail. All he had to do was reach out his hand and…


James Potter stopped suddenly and turned in the direction of Lily’s voice. Cheers erupted from the Hufflepuff stands and James spun around, slightly confused by what had just happened. But Lily; there was something wrong. He’d heard her scream. He was sure it was her.

Everyone landed on the floor and started to dismount their brooms. The Hufflepuffs patted the Gryffindors on the backs and politely shook their hands. James still couldn’t quite fathom what had happened. He was so close. A couple more centimetres and he would have had it. But Lily had screamed. He had to find out why she had screamed.

Up in the stands Lily had gone very quiet, a hand covering her mouth in shock. The Gryffindors stood around her gave her angry glares as they passed. She turned to look at Zayda with wide eyes.

“Tell me that wasn’t my fault?” she pleaded. Zayda bit her lip and frowned. “Oh no,” Lily breathed. “Does this mean we don’t have a shot at the cup?”

“No,” came a snappy voice from behind them. The two girls turned to see Celina staring at them with her broom over her shoulder. “It just means we have to play extremely well in the next match.” Lily gulped.

“I’m so sorry Celina,” she began. “It’s just; I was so shocked when Zayda said she was going to the ball with Sirius that it just came out. Really, I didn’t-“

“You’re going to the ball with Sirius?” Celina asked eagerly. Zayda strolled passed the girls, calling over her shoulder-

“Yes, I am.”

“Well done Evans.”

“Ye, nice one.”

“I know you don’t like Potter but you didn’t have to ruin the match for everyone.”

These were the comments being thrown at Lily from the moment she entered the portrait hole two hours after the match; she hoped everyone would have forgotten. Lily shot them all daggers and shouted some un-Lily words at these people which soon had them shutting up. But still, she did feel slightly guilty about losing the match.

She also felt sorry for James who had been snipped by his fellow team mates for stopping mid catch. This guilt, however, did not last long.

“Potter,” Lily began quietly looking down at her hands. James had his back to Lily, slumped in a chair in front of the fire place. His head turned slowly at the sound of Lily’s voice, but when seeing her he turned back. “Listen Potter,” she tried again. “About the match; I didn’t purposely try to put you off. It’s just, well, something happened which really shocked me and it just so happens that everyone was quiet at that time.”

“You didn’t have to shout out,” James said quietly. Lily sighed.

“I know. But like I said, I was really shocked with something Zayda told me and it kind of just slipped out of my mouth,” she said quickly. James suddenly stood to face Lily.

“Well maybe you should start thinking before you let something ‘slip out’!” he exclaimed in a bitter tone. Lily’s mouth dropped open; she hadn’t heard James talk to her like this in well over a year.

“Don’t shout at me,” Lily said through gritted teeth and James cut across her before she could utter another word.

“What, like you never shout at me?” He spun on his heels and headed for the portrait hole, determined to have the last word. But of course, Lily couldn’t allow that. Shouting at him to stop she ran out of the common room after him.

James Potter don’t walk away from me when we’re arguing!” James unwillingly cringed at the way she was spitting his name again but stopped nonetheless.

“What?” he spat.

“I’ll have you know,” Lily started poking a finger at him. “That when ever I shout at you it is for a perfectly good reason!” James let out a noise which sounded like “pah!” and Lily narrowed her eyes. “Are you trying to say that when ever I shout at you I do it for no reason?”

“No,” James stated. “You probably do have a good reason, but that’s beside the point. You made Gryffindor lose the match!”

“What do you mean 'Probably have a good reason?'” Lily hissed. “And I do believe it was you who stopped in mid-air like a complete idiot, seconds before you were about to catch the snitch. So don’t try and blame this whole thing on me!” Lily voice was rising dangerously high as she ignored the protesting portraits and she stepped closer to James.

“I mean that you’ve always hated me so that is your reason for shouting at me,” James said, becoming quieter as he noticed the loudness of Lily’s voice. “And I’m not trying to blame the whole thing on you.” He was watching how her emerald eyes flashed with every word he spoke and her eyebrows were rose in an expected way. He suddenly found him self calming down as she took another step closer so that she could shout in his face this time.

“Oh yes you are!” she shouted. “Mr I’m-the-best-freaking-quidditch-player-in-the-history-of-Hogwarts-possibly-the-world! You can’t stand the thought that you just went and lost the game for Gryffindor when it’s usually you winning it. So now, you’ve been in a fowl mood all day, which, for some reason, makes everyone else act the same way. Because you, Potter, have a way of passing your moods on to everyone else. It’s a bloody good damn thing you’re always happy or else the whole of Gryffindor would always be morbid!” James couldn’t help but smirk as she shouted. He had to hand it to the girl; she knew how to keep an argument going. She hadn’t even realised he’d given up on shouting back, but he didn’t mind; if it wasn’t him she was shouting at he’d probably be laughing at the person she was.

“WHAT ARE YOU SMIRKING AT!?” She suddenly screamed. James didn’t flinch. “Can you really not take anything seriously? For Merlin’s sake Potter! You get in a mood because you lose a stupid bloody quidditch match and then, when I am arguing a perfectly respectable and valid point, you sit there smirking. Are you ill in the head?!” She was breathing heavily now and suddenly her eyes snapped to James’ as she realised how close they were. Her breath caught and she felt a blush rise on her cheeks.

“And,” she barely whispered. Again, she found her self drowning in pools of gold and that little voice at the back of her head told her to look away. “I do not hate you.”

James glanced from her eyes, to her lips and back again, a smirk creeping on to his lips. “Good,” he breathed against her lips as he captured them with his.

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Chapter 18: Heart to hearts
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Thinking Of You…
Chapter 18: Heart to hearts

The kiss was soft and gentle, almost innocent; had it not been involving James Potter. It ended almost as quickly as it began, with James pulling away and lowering his body so that his eyes were level with Lily’s. His deep hazel irises flashed between both of Lily’s eyes, trying to read exactly what she was thinking.

“Urm…” she stammered, her eyes widening in realisation of what had happened. Lily wasn’t really sure of how to react. She felt she couldn’t start shouting because she’d made no move to stop it, not that she could of; it was so quick. But even so, she had seen it coming and showed no sign of not wanting it to happen. Not that she wanted it to…

“Lily,” James began as he reached out for her hand; she immediately moved it to fix her hair and he sighed. “I’m sorry,” he said as he shrugged and moved back. Obviously what he had done had been a mistake; but he couldn’t help himself. She was so close and he always had a soft spot for her when she was angry.

“Lily?” he repeated, moving closer as she continued to stare wide eyed.

“Don’t.” She replied quickly but softly, moving further back. James drew back slightly and tilted his head, the look in his eyes made Lily cringe. He was so…hurt.

“James I’m-“

“Save it Lily,” he told her firmly as he turned to leave.

“No,” she said as she grabbed his wrist and turned him to face her. James looked down at where she was touching him until she let go, then he looked into her face, but not quite at her eyes. The look he was giving her made it seem as though he really couldn’t bear to be facing her. It was a look like none Lily had ever seen before and she couldn’t stand seeing it. “I didn’t mean to do that,” she said gently.

“Do what?” James asked calmly. “Flinch away as though I was going to hurt you?” his voice was the epitome of calm. “Lily, do you seriously think I could ever hurt you? I would never have kissed you if I thought you were going to react this way…” his voice got muffled as he turned to walk off again.

“Please just listen,” she pleaded and ran to catch up. James listened as the small heels of her shoes hit the marble flooring and crossed his arms as she caught up. “I-I know we’ve never exactly got on,” she began and James watched her out of the corner of his eye. “But can’t we just make a shot out of being, well, just friends?”

James came to a sudden halt which had Lily spinning to look at him curiously. His eyes had narrowed at her in a look worse than the one he was giving her when he couldn’t met her eyes. “Friends?” he snapped. Lily nodded. “I would have done anything for you to agree to be friends with me at the beginning of the year. Anything. I knew that if you got to know me you’d give me a chance but you wouldn’t spare me two minutes. So now, when it’s convenient for you, you decide that you want to be friends?”

His eyes, the ones which Lily had contemplated their unusual colour over, were flashing dangerously. “Well you can shove it Lily,” he said harshly causing Lily to gasp. “I don’t want your friendship. I didn’t particularly want it to begin with. I can’t stand looking at you; do you understand me? Being around you just makes me, well it makes me…”

“It makes you what exactly?” Lily asked calmly but with a fiery edge to her voice. James, seeming to snap out of his tamping rage, snapped his eyes back to her face before looking down at the floor.

“The point is,” he started. “I can’t be just friends with you Lily Evans.”

“Why not?” Lily asked, really wishing that the kiss had never happened and fearing the emotion his voice now held a hell of a lot more than when he was angry.

James closed his eyes and took a deep breath, only opening them when he felt ready to face the intensity of her bright green eyes which he could feel boring into his eye lids. “It just can’t happen,” he said as his final word.

Lily bit into her cheek as she felt the corners of her eyes sting. “So this is it?” she asked with a shrug.

“It is,” James replied as he run his tongue over his teeth, a movement which could be interpretated as his way of keeping the tears away. He hated this, but he was sure it was the only way to go. After that kiss there was no way he could be just friends with Lily. He still wasn’t one hundred percent sure what his feelings for her were, but he was determined to turn them into dislike. He thought it’d be a lot easier to not like the girl than…well, than to fall even further for her. “Later Evans,” he said coldly and barely moved as Lily stormed past him, bumping into him as she went.


Winters hands seemed to creep un-knowingly into the grounds of Hogwarts and the students woke one morning to find snow like they’d never seen it before. Dripping icicles hung from the branches of trees and the Whomping Willow had been frozen still.

Inside Hogwarts though, the corridors were just as warm and inviting as ever. Many students were entering through the main entrance, sopping wet and shivering but their laughter echoed around the spacious halls.

One, Lily Evans, stomped her way back from the ball meeting with a face like thunder. She made her way not-so-quietly back to the Gryffindor common room and went straight upstairs.

“Ergh!” she exclaimed, slamming the girls’ dorm door behind her. “I can’t stand it any more!” Celina, Alice and Zayda turned to look at their friend sympathetically. “I just wish he would stop flat out ignoring me.”

“But Lily,” Celina began cautiously. “I thought you never wanted to be friends with him anyway; I though you would prefer it this way?”

“I do. I did. I…Oh I don’t know!” Lily exclaimed, throwing her arms wildly in the air and flopping back onto her bed, pulling a pillow over her face. “Pah di o so ong!” she shouted a sentence which was muffled by the material covering her mouth. When she got no response from her friends Lily slowly removed the pillow and eyed them. Their curious and worried faces told her they’d not understood a word she said. “What did I do so wrong?” she asked with a shrug.

“Hmm, let me think,” Zayda began sarcastically, scratching her chin. “You have consistently turned him down since 3rd year; he professes his love for you, you scream that you hate him; you admit to his best friends that maybe you have a thing for him, and he’s clueless and then, when he can, understandably, hold back no longer and kisses you, you kiss him back and then act as though he’d forced himself on to you. Before, might I add, almost begging him to be friends with you for reasons you don’t even understand.”

Lily had stared at her friend with her jaw almost hitting the floor as she trailed off all these things. Alice slapped her mouth shut and she blinked her eyes a few times before responding. “Well, when you clump it all together like that…”

“He’s confused Lily, okay?” Alice said with a rather snappy tone which surprised Lily. “You may pity yourself because you haven’t quite worked out your feelings for him yet, but I feel for James,” she told the room.

“Since when did you begin calling him James?” Celina asked slowly. The four girls had always been known to be on last name basis with the Marauders. That is, apart from Lily and Celina when it came to Remus.

“I don’t know,” Alice said with an impatient shrug. “Does it matter?” she stared down the three girls, daring them to object. “What matters is, Lily, James Potter has every right to be a little pissed off with you right now. I mean, he’s spent basically three years asking you out and over the last year has been trying really hard to show you that he does really care for you-”

“Only so that I’ll give in!” Lily testified.

“Is that really his motive Lily? Do you seriously believe that the only reason James wants to get with you is so that he can prove he can get whoever he wants? After all these years you’re still using that excuse. Ok, fair enough, maybe to begin with that was his reason; but he’s grown up. And if he wanted so much to prove that he is the ‘Almighty Player of Hogwarts’, why hasn’t he tried it on with Celina or Zayda?” Lily bit her lip but refrained from answering.

“What I’m trying to say, Lily, is that I think you really did hurt him when you backed away. He’s tried to show how he would never hurt you and would do anything to protect you, but you cowered away from him-”

“It was just a reaction,” Lily muttered.

“I know,” Alice said softly. “But I think you need to understand his feelings for you. Why do you think he stopped so abruptly during the Quidditch match? It most certainly wasn’t because someone had made a noise; it was because he thought something was wrong with you. I think you need to get used to the fact that whether you like him or not, he’s not going to stop caring for you Lily and will do anything in his power to show you that you’re wrong about him,” she stopped almost short of the last word and sighed. “Would have done anything to show you it,” she corrected. “I think you’ve really done it this time Lily.”

Lily stared down at her crossed legs and took a deep breath before looking up. “I guess I’ve got what I’ve always wanted eh?” her voice almost sound saddened. “Peace from Potter. No more confessions of his un-dying love for me at mornings; no Lily-will-you-marry-me at the most inopportune moments; no evil glares from the Potter/Black fan club-”

“No one worshipping the ground you walk on and no one caring for you so much that he’ll put you before himself every time,” Celina input seriously. “I’m not sure that’s exactly what you wanted Lily.”

“No,” Lily breathed as she started inspecting her nails. “That’s what any girl would want. But Potter’s just not the guy for me,” she felt her eyes sting and didn’t wipe the tears away as they began to fall down her red cheeks, her shinny green eyes turned towards her best friends. “He’s not the one.”

She wasn’t exactly sure what had made her used those exact words; the one. Maybe it was because James always referred to himself as being it. Lily also wasn’t sure why she was crying. Maybe it was because she thought James being it would have made things a lot easier, she’d have found him already and wouldn’t have to worry about never finding the right guy; that’s what every girl wants, right? Maybe it was because some sort of feeling was developing for him and she was quite sad to be letting it go. Maybe she felt sorry for him; chasing the wrong girl all these years. Or maybe…Maybe secretly she really wanted him to be the one.


The days towards the ball were numbered and before they knew it, the Hogwarts students were desperately rushing around to find themselves a date at the last minute, just three days before.

“Me and Zayda are going as Cleopatra and Mark Anthony,” Sirius pronounced to the room of his friends.

“Who’re they?” Peter and James asked. Sirius shrugged, his head still bent over the charms work he was meant to have in yesterday.

“Cleopatra was once the queen of Egypt and Mark Anthony was the ruler of Rome,” Remus told the boys. “They were lovers and more famously known from Shakespeare’s play “Anthony and Cleopatra”.”

“Ooo, lovers!” Peter shouted, giggling madly as he looked to James who he expected to laugh along with him. However, James carried on staring into the fireplace, his favourite pastime over the last few days. Peter shook his head as he looked at the other two marauders.

“So, Prongs, urm,” Sirius began, not quite sure whether or not to ask this question. “You going to ask Evans to the ball?” He sucked in his lips and furrowed his forehead, expecting an explosion.

“No,” was James’ simple answer.

“Why not?” Remus started wryly. “You’ve asked her to every one since third year?” James spun in Remus’ direction and narrowed his eyes.

“I can’t stand the sight of the girl so why the hell would I want to spend the night with her?” his eyes flashed around his friends.

“You can’t stand the sight of her?” Sirius asked sceptically, raising his brows.

“I hate her,” James snapped as his attention was returned to the fire. Sure enough his words were coming out harshly but he wasn’t fooling the boys; his eyes were flashing with a fire full of hurt but certainly not hate.

“You don’t hate her James,” Remus said with a shake of his head.

“And how exactly would you know that?” James asked as he turned on the bright eyed boy. “Enlighten me?” Remus took a deep breath.

“There is no way,” Remus began, with a strong tone to his voice as he attempted to explain this in a way which would get through James’ stubborn head. “That you can like the girl from third year and then hate her at the drop of a hat. For the last year you have pranked so little I wouldn’t be surprised if the thought of playing up has been wiped from your mind. Not once have you gone out of your way to send a hex at Snape and you’ve only been out past curfew at the full moon. There is no way on this earth, or any other world which may be out there, that you, or any guy at that, would change him self so much for a girl,” he was speaking slowly so that James took in every word. Now came the bit he had been waiting to tell James since school began. “Unless, of course, he loved her.”

The room went so quiet the drop of a pin would have echoed as Peter and Sirius stared at Remus and James kept his eyes trained on his shoes. A strange gurgling sound from Sirius broke the silence.

“You’ve got to be joking?” he struggled to choke out in disbelief.

“Ye,” Peter began with a slight laugh which sounded like he was doubting him self. “Prongs couldn’t be in love.” Remus shrugged simply and stood up, gathering his papers as he eyed Sirius who stared straight at James.

“I’m going to dinner,” he announced. “And Peter’s coming with me so I guess we’ll see you two there.” He jammed his hand under Peter’s arm and pulled him to a standing position. Peter stammered something about staying but Remus ignored him, his werewolf strength making him pull the chubby boy along with ease.

The room fell to silence once again and James continued to ignore his friends gaze. Sirius watched James curiously, the question shouting out in his head. But he didn’t need to ask it; James’ downward gaze and the tears threatening to spill from his eyes told him everything he wanted to know.

“So,” he began slowly. “You got it bad huh?” he asked with a tight smile. James lifted his gaze to meet Sirius’ and a shuddering breath rose to his chest.

“Ye,” he answered with a sigh and a small laugh, almost bitter in tone.

“That’s cool,” Sirius told him with a nod of his head.

“Not quite,” James replied as he turned to look at a group of people huddled in the corner of the room. His eyes strained as they squinted to keep away any unwanted tears. “She didn’t hate me,” James said softly after a short pause. Sirius said nothing, knowing this was a time to keep his mouth shut. James hadn’t told them about what had happened in much detail. “She will now though,” he looked back at his friend. “I told her, after she said we could be friends, that I never want to be friends with her because I can’t stand the sight of her,” Sirius bit down on his lip, knowing full well that that was a bad move. “I didn’t mean it in the way she took it. I just meant, after the kiss, that I could never see her as just a friend.”

“You kissed her?” Sirius asked incredulously. James nodded.

“I couldn’t help my self. She was so close it was as though she was waiting for me to do it,” he shook his head. “I’m so stupid,” he punched his fist into the couch and put his head into his hands.

“Hey,” Sirius soothed as he strode to his friends side and proceeded to awkwardly pat him on the back. “Don’t be so hard on yourself. You can’t help the way you feel. If you really are in…well, I mean if you do really…oh Prongs,” he said with a shake of his head. “Do you seriously love the girl?” he watched his friend with rising anticipation and wide eyes.

James wasn’t really startled by the question, he’d been expecting it. He began chewing on his cheek at the mention of the question and stayed quiet for some time afterwards. He didn’t even spend this time wondering about what had been asked of him, he spent it thinking of, well…nothing. He was doing that a lot lately, staring off into space and thinking of nothing. It was a hell of a lot easier than thinking of everything.

“Do I love her?” James repeated but it came across more as though he was questioning him self, which he was. “I’m not sure,” he said as he turned to Sirius. He saw something in his eyes fall. Maybe the ladies-man wanted to know all about love? To experience it, even? Or…had he experienced it already?

“But I’ll tell you what I do know,” he said as he shifted in his seat so that he could face his friend. Sirius bit down on his lip, refusing to move and focusing his full attention on James. “I know that when she’s in a room I can sense her before I see her. And when I do see her, no matter what mood I am in, I can’t help but smile and feel happy. I could see her a million times each day but every time feels like the first. And when she looks at me,” a smile flickered across his face. “I can feel her trying to work me out. It’s as though her eyes act as windows which allow me to see what’s going on in her head. I can tell you everyway to piss her off and everyway to make her smile,” his smile dropped. “I seem to have problems with telling my self about the latter. When I am around her I struggle for words and I find my self speaking but not actually hearing what I say. And when we’re talking I don’t find myself glancing around and nodding absent-mindedly, I find myself drawn in to her every word and my eyes never leave hers. Everything she says interests me and if I could I would spend every millisecond of every day with her. I would do anything to make her happy, make her laugh, make her smile in that way which reaches the corners of her eyes.”

James took a deep breath and laid his head back on the seat, waiting for Sirius to talk. “So,” his voice came. “Why the sudden hatred?” James slowly lifted his head and turned to look at his friend. The look deep in his hazel eyes told Sirius he was hurting…really bad.

“It’s so much easier to hate than love,” he said slowly. “It’s easier to hate someone and never interact with them when you love them, than like them and have to be around them when you still love them.”

“I don’t think I understand,” Sirius responded with his mouth twisted to the side.

“Neither do I,” James replied with a shrug. “But what I do understand is that no matter how much I try to hate her, I’m always going to be completely hers. I can’t stand the thought of her being hurt and I’ll stand in the way of anyone trying to her hurt,” his eyes were again trained on the dancing flames. “So, do I love her?” he repeated the question again. “If wanting and willing to put Lily before my own happiness and safety, if wanting to be around her 24/7 and if hurting myself to make sure that I never hurt her means I love her, then I guess I do.”

“You guess?” Sirius asked with raised eyebrows. James lifted his head and looked at him, shook his head and sighed.

“I know I love her,” he said firmly. Sirius let out a low whistle and rubbed a hand over the back of his neck.

“Prongs!” he suddenly exclaimed, jumping to his feet and causing James to stare around worriedly. Sirius suddenly flung himself at James and pulled him into a bone crushing hug. “You’re finally growing up!” he shouted in his ear. James gave a small laugh which made Sirius lean back and survey him with a very worried expression.

“I know,” James said bitterly. “And it sucks.”

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Chapter 19: Halloween - Part 1
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Thinking Of You…

Chapter 19: Halloween


“Just stick it over there will you Susie!” an extremely frustrated Lily shouted at the more than helpful second year.  Susie dropped her pumpkin with a squeak and Lily growled.  “Can you people do nothing right?” she questioned as she threw her arms in the air in exasperation.


“Chill out Evan’s the ball doesn’t start for another six hours,” said a boy with dark hair and deep brown eyes.


“And in those six hours, Diggory,” Lily began firmly.  “I have to have this hall decorated, make sure any spells will last long enough, ensure the right music is going to be played, welcome the Weird Sisters to the school and,” she took a deep breath.  “Get myself ready.”


“Isn’t Potter helping you with all this?” Diggory asked casually.


Lily’s eyes hardened and she looked away from the boy.  “I don’t need his help.”  Diggory shrugged and strolled over to the other side of the hall where he began flirting with some seventh years.


“You look like you could use some help,” a small voice stated from behind Lily.  Lily turned to find herself looking at a very dishevelled looking Remus Lupin.


“No, Remus, I’m quite fine,” she lied.  “Thank you.”


“I wasn’t offering,” Remus said causing Lily’s eyebrows to furrow.  “No, I don’t mean it like that,” he corrected.  “What I mean is…well…how it meant to sound was…why isn’t James around?” he stuttered.  Lily took a deep breath and busied herself with placing spiders in a web.


“I don’t know,” she replied, as straight sounding as she could muster. 


“He should be helping,” Remus said.


“Should,” Lily began.  “But isn’t.”  Remus sighed, this small gesture causing something in Lily to snap.


“What?” she asked, whirling around to face him.  “Why is it that whenever somebody questions me about James Potter lately the conversation ends with a sigh.  Like…well, like…like some devastatingly sad things happened to us?”


Remus tilted his head and gave Lily a half-smile before nodding slowly, almost sadly, and walking away.






Lily Evans stood atop the stairs leading to the Grand Entrance and took a deep breath.  Music filled the air, dancing out from the Great Hall accompanied by laughter and chatter from the students making their way to the ball.  The ball which she had organised and set up; on her own.


Okay, maybe she’d not done it all alone.  She had a team of twenty other students who had helped to put up all the decorations and make sure everything was going to run smoothly.  But still, they weren’t the ones responsible, weren’t the ones with all the ideas, weren’t the ones who everyone turned to for help.  For that job, Lily had been alone.


Of course, Dumbledore hadn’t purposely put her up to the job on her own.  The old man wasn’t stupid enough to think anyone could pull of a Halloween ball without the help of a partner; not even Lily Evans.  No, he’d partnered her with someone who he thought responsible enough to co-operate with Lily, responsible and smart enough to come up with ideas for the ball, and certainly responsible enough to make a commitment and stick to it.


Well, how wrong could he have been?


Not only had James Potter refused to co-operate with Lily to the point that she attempted to ban him from ball meetings, he’d come up with no ideas and eventually stopped coming to the meetings all-together.  Okay, that had been what Lily had been trying to do; stop him coming to meetings, but, it meant that he willing left her with more responsibility than she could handle.


Or so he hoped.  Lily personally put her sweat, blood and tears into this ball to make it the best one Hogwarts had seen yet.  She’d show Potter that she didn’t need him.  She quickly ran a hand over her, tonight straightened hair and walked gracefully down the stairs.


“What are you?” was the question Sirius aimed at Lily when she first bumped in to him and Zayda.  She ignored this question and instead turned to her friend.


“Very fitting,” she said as she took in Zayda’s ‘sexy’ vampire outfit.  “What happened to “I hate standing out in a crowd”?” Lily asked, her voiced strung with amusement.


Zayda shrugged and looked down at herself.  “Do you think I’ll stand out in this?” she almost sounded unsure.


“Again,” Sirius randomly began, loudly.  “What are you Evan’s?”


Lily rolled her eyes.  “I’m a character from ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’; she used to petrify me.”


“You don’t look all that scary to me,” Sirius commented with a raised brow.


“No she doesn’t,” Lily said pouting.  “But, it’s more the type of character she is that used to scare me.”


“Who is she?”


“The evil Snow Queen,” Lily said with a smile.


“Sounds about right,” a voice murmured from somewhere behind Sirius.  Sirius’ eyes widened and as Lily frowned and tried leaning around him, he mimicked her movements; trying to hide the person stood there.


“Ice Queen would be better but I guess you had to settle for whatever you could,” James Potter said coolly as he appeared from behind his friend.


“Actually she sort of is an Ice Queen not just a…” Zayda cut her self short at a look from Sirius.


Lily bit down, hard, on the inside of her cheek and tried not to retaliate.  This was her party and she wasn’t going to spend the night arguing with an ignorant twit like James Potter.


“You’re just as cold as your character Evans,” James said.  “Count your self lucky that you were able to find yourself a character you could relate to so well, not all of us feel as comfortable in our costumes.”


Blow it.  “Listen here Potter,” Lily spat, getting dangerously close to the boy dressed as Frankenstein.  “If you think for one minute that I’m going to bite at this string of insults you’re throwing at me, you have another thing coming.  You left me to plan and organise this ball on my own and I did a bloody damn well good job of it.  So,” she said calmly, brushing herself down.  “If you would excuse me, I’m going to enjoy myself.”


Happy with herself for not totally blowing up, Lily confidently walked from the entrance into the great hall, where the ball was already in full swing.


James, however, was not feeling so good with himself.  “Fucking idiot,” he murmured as he paced in a circle.


“You started it Potter!” Zayda defended.


“I was talking about myself, not Lily,” James replied, not stopping his pacing.  Zayda nodded in understanding and pitifully watched James; poor boy.  He was so upset he could barely walk steady as he retraced his paced steps and once or twice almost ended up on his face.


“James,” Zayda called a little more harshly than she intended.  James turned to look at her and Zayda shook her head.  “You’ve been drinking haven’t you?” she asked, already knowing the answer from his blood shot eyes.  James sucked in his lips and headed into the ball.




James Potter wobbled slightly on the spot as he surveyed a certain group of slimy Slytherins congregating at the outer edge of the dance floor.  His eyes were narrowed and his mouth twisted in a disgusted way before he knocked his head back and downed the rest of his Fire Whiskey; which was concealed to look like Butterbeer.

“Disgusting isn’t it,” voiced Sirius Black from his side.  James gave him a side-ways glance and saw his friend, dressed as Zorro, leaning casually against a wall.  “Guys who look like that shouldn’t be allowed at social events, they scary away all the girls.”

James snorted a laugh and grumbled something he hoped came out as an agreement, but Sirius didn’t quite catch it.  “Slim-en-y git,” James slurred.”  Sirius chuckled to himself and slapped a hand against his friends back.

“Yes Prongs my man, Snivellus is a slimy git. But hey!  What can you do about it?” Sirius gave his friend one last amused look and went to fill some punch up for Zayda.

“I’ll sow you what I can do ‘bout it naw,” James slurred angrily to himself.  He pushed his body away from the wall and wobbled slightly, stopping to regain his composure and making a not-so-straight line towards one Serveus Snape.

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Chapter 20: Halloween - Part 2
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Thinking Of You…

Chapter 20: Halloween part 2


Now, James Potter was not the type of person to start an argument with someone for no reason.  Never in his life had he insulted anyone just to get a reaction and therefore cause a fight.  So, his slightly drunken state could be to blame for his actions.  Well, that’s what he thought everyone would think when they found him stood over Snape, wand in hand and a satisfied grin on his face.


Serveus Snape was sprawled across the floor, hand cradling a bloody nose and mouth murmuring incoherent sentences.  His eyes were narrowed towards James, not just in a look that could kill, but because the swelling of his nose has caused his eyes to blacken and puff up.


“That’s what you get for…”


“What the Hell..!?” Lily Evans arrived at the scene before James could tell Snape his reason for attacking him.  “Potter what have you done?” she hissed at James, bending down to tend to Snape’s bleeding nose.  Her hand, however, was pushed away as Snape scrambled up from the floor and aimed his wand at James’ chest.


James smirked and with a flick of his wrist Snape was hovering twenty feet above the ground.  James walked so that he was stood under him and looked up, a gloating grin on his face.  He lifted his wand but found his hand pinned to his side.  Looking around he found Sirius next to him, attempting to take the wand from him.


“Prongs don’t,” Sirius told him, a serious look on his face.  “What are you doing?” he asked.


“Teaching him a lesson,” James slurred, not quite comprehending why Sirius wasn’t joking along with him.


“Not now James,” Sirius said.  “Not here, not tonight.”


“What are you on about?” James asked incredulously.  “It’s just Snivellous; we do this stuff all the time.”


“Not tonight Prongs,” he repeated.  “Not at our Halloween Ball.  Evans has worked on this for weeks.”  At the mention of her name James looked up to see Lily glaring at him.  He tried hard not to flinch from the look on her face and looked around in hopes of finding something to focus his attention on instead.  What he found, though, was the eyes of every pupil there on him; disbelieving looks on their faces.


“What did you do it for?” Lily asked quietly while her voice shook with anger.  “Was it just to ruin this night for me, after I’d spent so much time setting it up?  Or did you want to ruin it for everyone?  Or maybe,” she continued, voice getting higher and louder.  “You just wanted some more attention.  Well Potter, every eye is on you now.”


James swallowed a lump which had formed in his throat and clenched his fists at his side.  “He’s a slimy git,” he said.  It was obvious to Lily, and everybody there, that James was drunk; he could barely form a sentence.  However, he was slowly sobering from the look Lily was giving him.


“So because he’s a slimy git that gives you the right to attack him does it?” Lily asked calmly.  “You know what,” she began with a shake of her head.  “I can’t believe you.  I cannot comprehend how your head is so fat that you think, just because you don’t like someone, just because you think Snape is slimy and unworthy that you have the right to attack him, to harm him.  I can’t get my head around the fact that you think you have the right to do any of this stuff.  What have you ever done to give yourself this authority?”


James’ eyes narrowed and his head began swimming.  Out of the corner of his eye he saw teachers shooing people back to their dormitories and knew in the morning everyone was going to hate him.  He felt Sirius attempt to drag him away but was held there by Lily’s glare and the need to defend him self.


“Back to your dormitories Mr Potter,” McGonagall stated.  “You can finish this there.” 


When James’ head finally caught up with him, Lily had gone.  His sudden sober state allowed him to take quite a straight run back to the Gryffindor common room, where he was determined to find Lily.


“Don’t talk to me.”  Lily bluntly said to him the minute he found her.


“Evans,” he began.


Potter, don’t,” Lily warned.  “I don’t want to hear it.  I don’t want to listen to you defend yourself, I know what you’re going to say.”


“Why do you hate me?” James asked, surprising not only Lily and everyone around them, but himself.  Sirius and Remus began moving people away, knowing the two needed to be alone in this argument.  Lily took a deep breath.


“We’ve established the answer to this before,” Lily replied, a slight blush rising on her cheeks from remembering what had happened the last time James had mentioned her hate for him.


“Then why don’t you like me?” he asked with a sigh.  “Why do you look at me the way you do?”


“What are you talking about?” Lily snapped.


“The look in your eyes when you look at me, it’s a look of hatred.  Yes, you’ve always looked at me as though you were disgusted by the thought of me but just then, down in the hall, it was a look of hate.”


“It was not a look of hate,” Lily said looking down.  “Hate is a strong word Potter.”


“And then there’s the way you say my name,” James continued, ignoring what she’d said.  “It’s as though even the sound of my name repulses you.  But Lily, I can handle that; I can handle you looking at me and talking about me as though I disgust you because to be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if I do.  But,” he took a deep breath.  “I can’t handle the thought that you hate me.”


“I don’t hate you!” Lily said, finally looking up at him and throwing her arms in the air.  Something inside her started to ache, the need to just spill everything, get it all off her chest.  “I wish I did,” she said quietly.


James flinched, “Why?”  He saw tears fill up in Lily’s eyes and had to overcome the powerful urge to hold her and try to make her feel better.  What was it about him that made her so upset all the time?  “Lily please, speak to me.”


“James,” the word was out of her mouth before she could stop herself and with it came a flood of tears.  James bit his teeth together and grabbed a hold of the table to stop him self from comforting her and Lily sunk down onto a chair.  She put her head in her hands, her red hair falling down over her knees when she tucked them up to her chest.  “You…you wouldn’t understand.”


“Try me,” he said as he took a seat on the edge of the table.  Lily looked up, bright green eyes shimmering with tears which caused black mascara streaks to run down her face.  “Why do you want to hate me?”


“Because,” Lily’s voice choked over the words as she tried to stop her self from crying.  “That’s the way it’s supposed to be.”


“I don’t get it,” James said slowly.


“I’m supposed to hate you and you’re supposed to keep asking me out just to prove the point that you can get any girl here,” she said harshly.  “Just like you said.”


James bit his cheek; he was such an idiot.  He remembered that night when he’d told Lily he could have every girl in their year, and probably all the others, and that he would prove he could also have her.




A fourteen year old Lily Evans was seated at one of the windows in the owlery, legs pulled up under her chest and head resting on her knees.  She’d just received a letter from her mother telling her that earlier that day her father had passed away.  The letter was held in her hands, wrinkled from where Lily had crumpled it up the moment she read it.


Her father had been ill for some time, blinding headaches and then later, an aching stomach.  They thought nothing of it until his stomach had started causing him to be sick.  The headaches would be bad, but then they’d go for months at a time; how could they have known it was such a big problem?  One day he’d collapsed in a supermarket from a blinding headache and when they got him home he couldn’t stop throwing up.


The hospital had diagnosed him with a brain tumour and stomach cancer within the next two weeks and from there, everything went down hill.  They were told that with chemotherapy he could last anything from eight to eighteen months but the chemo caused him so much pain he took a break from it after six.  That was a mistake.


They came back from a week’s holiday to find he’d caught pneumonia and in the following weeks the cancer spread to his bowels and legs.  Lily hadn’t wanted to come back to school this year; she knew he was going to be gone before she was home for the Christmas holidays.


A racket from near the stairs brought Lily out of her thoughts and she quickly wiped away her tears.  She scowled, however, when she saw a certain messy haired quidditch player leaning against the door.


“What do you want Potter?” this was before the times that she spat his name.


“You,” James said casually with a shrug of his shoulders; if anything, this James Potter was even more conceited. 


“Too bad you can’t have everything,” Lily rolled her eyes.  “Now go away, I want to be alone.”


“You’re not a very good actress Evans,” James said casually.  “You can’t hide the fact that you find me drop dead gorgeous.”  Lily bit down on her cheek and turned her attention to the grounds below her.


“Leave me alone,” she said quietly.  James’ eyes narrowed.


“Well, if you don’t,” he said bitterly.  “Then you must have something wrong with your eyes.”


“Not everyone finds you attractive Potter,” Lily snapped.


“Ye whatever,” James laughed.  “But seriously Evans, I could have any girl in our year; possibly in the school.”


“You’re so big headed,” Lily scoffed.


“I’ll prove to you that I can have anyone,” James shrugged.


“No thanks, I’m not interested.”


“I can even have you,” he told her.


“Think what you like Potter,” Lily replied calmly.


“Listen Evans,” James began, his voice becoming harsher.  “You may act like you don’t like me now, but you do,” he moved so that he stood with his face mere inches from hers.  “And one day, you won’t be able to help but to give in to my charms and good looks,” he smirked.  “So you might as well give in now so I can get the hard part of this out of the way and move on to showing you how every other girl in this school has fallen for me.”


James pressed his lips against Lily’s who froze in shock for about half a second before pushing her knee out and colliding her foot with the bottom of his stomach.  James doubled over in pain and started spluttering something Lily couldn’t quite understand.


“Now you listen to me,” she began, anger burning through her.  “I am not interested in you now, and I never will be.  If you ever touch me again I will make sure your face is so disfigured that Moaning Myrtle won’t even be interested in you,” she stalked over to the door before turning and smirking at James who’d sat down to catch his breath.  “Got that James Potter?”


End of Flashback


James shook his head.  “I’m sorry about that Lily,” he said sincerely.  “I was young and totally stupid!”  To be honest, it was that day when James really started falling for Lily.  The girl had given him a reality check and from that day onwards Lily Evans became the object of his affections.  She was different from the other girls who fawned all over him; she was feisty and argued back.


“Forget about it,” Lily said quickly.  “My point is, everything is changing and I hate it.  I look at you and see you look at me in a totally different way, you’re not asking me out anymore or making suggestive comments and you’re trying to be nice to me.  Every time I speak to you I find it harder and harder to dislike you and…and…”


“And what?” James asked worriedly.  “And what Lily?  What else?”  The tears which were silently falling down Lily’s face made James scared; he couldn’t stand seeing her so upset.


“And I’m scared I still like you,” she looked down at her hands which were clamped in her lap.


“Still like me?” James whispered.


“Yes, still like you,” Lily repeated.  “I liked you until a few weeks ago, I don’t know how long for because the only reason that I admitted it to myself was because of that stupid speak-your-mind potion.  But I didn’t want to get hurt so I made myself get over you.”


“You made yourself get over me?” James asked, his voice rising.  “You can’t make yourself get over someone.”


“Well I did,” Lily snapped.


“Why?”  James asked angrily.  “Why Lily, why do that?  You know how long I’ve liked you for, you can’t begin to imagine the pain it causes me to see you and know I can’t have you.  These passed weeks I’ve tried so hard to forget about you and instead turn my feelings for you into hate, but I can’t do it!  I told you I can’t stand being friends with you, not because I don’t want to, but because I couldn’t stand having that kind of relationship with you; a relationship so close to the one I want.  How can I be friends with someone I’m in…” he stopped.  “I just couldn’t do it.”


“I didn’t give in to my feelings because I didn’t want you to hurt me,” Lily bit.  “Why should I give in to you so that then you can go and prove to me that you can have every other girl?  Just like you said; get the hard part out of the way first.  Don’t give me all that crap about it hurting you.  You haven’t been with any other girls because that would give you even less of a chance with me and therefore your little plan would be ruined.  So I had a choice; give in to my feelings and get hurt when you’ve got want you want or, forget about any stupid feelings that are popping up unwanted.”


“What was said about getting every girl was said by a stupid fourteen year old boy trying to show off,” James said bitterly.  “I would never do anything to hurt you Lily, and if I haven’t proved that to you yet then I don’t know how to do it.”


James felt a hand on his shoulder and sensed Sirius by his side.  “Come on mate, we’re going down to the kitchens.”  James never took his eyes off Lily.


“I once said to my self that I’d wait forever for you Lily Evans,” he told her.


“Forever’s a long time,” Lily said.


“It is,” James replied.  “But there should always be someone worthy enough that you’re willing to wait forever for them.”  Lily nodded.  “I’m not going to wait forever for you Lily,” James said sadly.  “I’ve come to realise that, if you’re going to act like you can’t see how I feel for you, but I know you can, then you’re not worthy enough for me to wait for.”


Lily felt a shiver run down her spine as she looked at James and for once, didn’t see the golden colour that they shone, they were just hazel.  James turned and walked off with Sirius and Lily watched them until they reached the door.  She put her head in her hands and focus on stopping tears falling from her eyes.


“Lily,” a small, deep voice said.  Lily lifted her head and found herself looking into the grey eyes of Sirius Black.  “Are you okay?” he asked genuinely.


“I think so,” Lily replied with a small smile.  Sirius nodded and went to walk off.  “Thanks though.”


“What for,” he asked with a frown. 


“Stopping him from further hurting Snape.”  Sirius nodded and twiddled his wand through his fingers.


“We’re friends Lily,” he said slowly.  “He was wrong for not helping you with the ball and it was even worse for him to ruin it.  I was stopping James for making a prat of him self just as I was stopping him from ruining your night.  That’s what friends are for; Prongs would have done the same for me,” he looked back at the door which Peter was holding open for him.  “He’s a good guy Lily, makes the best friend anyone could ask for,” his eyebrows were rose.  Lily smiled.


“Thanks for letting me know,” she said quietly.  Sirius bowed his head in acknowledgment and made his way over to his other friend.




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Chapter 21: Midnight wishes
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Thinking Of You…

Chapter 21: Christmas


Hogwarts was the best place in the world during Christmas time.  Every room was decorated in the holiday season, each with its own magnificent Christmas tree.  Fairy lights hung around the banisters of every stair case; the tiny fairies humming carols.  The Great Hall held its usually twelve humongous trees, the branches of which reached high into the wintery, clouded sky.  Candy canes were bewitched to pop up in front of you at random times and mistletoe magically appeared where it felt necessary.


“Prongs!” a voice squeaked behind James as he made his way down to the kitchens for a night cap.  It was December 24th; Christmas Eve.  This year was the year James spent at Hogwarts with the guys, they alternated every Christmas but in all truths, James preferred spending Christmas at school.


“Bad news,” Peter panted as he finally caught up with his friend.  “Something’s urm…happened…and I have to go home.”


“Is something wrong?” James asked, concerned for his friend.


“No, no,” Peter replied with a wave of his hand.  “It’s just, well, it’s kind of important but I can’t speak about it.”


James frowned.  “Not even with one of your best friends?” he asked worriedly.


“It’s nothing against you mate,” he said coolly; too coolly.  “Well, best be off.  See you in two weeks!”  He waddled off down the corridor leaving James slightly confused.  That was odd.


With a shake of his head, James carried on down the corridor and towards the secret passage way which would lead him right to the extremely ticklish pear.  He whistled along to ‘Jingle Bells’ on his way, in a slightly happier mood than he had been over the past few weeks.


James and Lily hadn’t spoken since their argument on Halloween night; in fact, they barely even saw each other.  It would seem that both were purposely staying out of the others way.  James found it a whole lot easier not to come face to face with Lily.  That way his feelings wouldn’t increase; nor would they be hurt, and he avoided any unwanted arguments.  To be honest, he missed seeing her.  He missed not being able to talk to her.  He knew they had never been on the best of terms and that he’d promised him self that he would get over her and that, that meant he could never speak to her but, it was harder than he thought.  He was actually beginning to think that maybe he’d made a mistake in trying to hate the girl.


The pear squirmed as James’ hand reached out to tickle it and the kitchen door swung inwards.  Immediately he was bombarded by ecstatic house elves, each buying for his attention.


“Could someone please get me a hot chocolate?” he asked politely, smiling at the elves happy faces and amused by their Christmas hats.  A steaming cup was brought before him, seven house elves carrying it, and he thanked them all before leaving the crowded room.


James had promised Remus that he would make his way straight back to the Gryffindor tower after retrieving his drink.  He didn’t want James getting caught on Christmas Eve and have him miss all the activities that would go on in the common room.  But James was overcome by the urge to go outside when he walked passed a passage way he knew took him right out by the Quidditch pitch.


Throwing caution to the wind, James slipped through the portrait of Donald the Dashing and made his way through the increasingly cold corridor.  Wind hit him in the face before he had even made his way to the outside and when he got out, he seriously considered going back in for he had forgotten his cloak.  However, when he glanced down to the Black Lake he saw a small figure sat down by its edge, leaning against the old oak.


Curiosity getting the better of him, James held his chocolate tightly in his hands and close to his body, hoping it would warm him slightly, and hurriedly headed off in the lake’s direction.


Although the person leaning against the tree had a hood up, there was no mistaking the bright red hair which flowed from it, swirling around in the night’s breeze.  Her legs were tucked up to her chest, arms wrapped tightly around them to keep them up and shoulders slightly hunched against the cold.


James faltered in his steps.


He wasn’t sure he wanted to risk confrontation with Lily tonight so instead cautiously stepped backwards, hoping she wouldn’t turn.  A twig snapped under his foot and James hoped the wind would have carried the sound away.  Unfortunately, it carried the sound right down to Lily.


Lily Evans jumped up from her sitting position and turned to face the noise, spotting someone stood a little way up on the banking.  The grounds were pitch black bar the moon, whose reflection shone a strip over the Lake, Lily and up the embankment to where a boy who Lily recognised stood.


James’ breath caught in his throat.  The moon shone behind Lily so that she was lit up almost like an angel, her red hair dancing around her as the wind blew down her hood.  James swallowed loudly and stepped down the bank towards her; he could hardly turn and run now.


“Evans,” James greeted with a brief nod, totally lost for words.


“What’re you doing out here?” Lily immediately asked.  It wasn’t in the annoyed voice which James had expected to hear, it was just a question.  She actually sounded quite curious, as though she didn’t expect this to be part of some prank.


“Just fancied a walk,” James shrugged.  “What about you?”  Lily shrugged in reply and turned to face the lake.


“Same,” she breathed.


“You weren’t doing much walking,” James observed with a raised brow and then scolded him self; that was bound to make her defences jump.


“No I wasn’t,” Lily replied with a slight laugh to her voice as she sat back down.  James’ eyebrows almost rose into his hairline.  She wasn’t telling him to leave her alone, so could he take that as an invitation to join her?


Lily took a deep breath and focused her attention back on the ripples illuminated by the moons light.  She could feel James’ confusion as he stood behind her and couldn’t blame him.  The poor boy probably didn’t know what to do.  If he left, would she be angry that he had been ignorant, but if he sat down would she become annoyed that he was bothering her?  She wanted him to sit with her.


What Sirius had said on Halloween night had left its mark on Lily’s mind.  “He’s a good guy Lily, makes the best friend anyone could ask for.”  A friend?  Why hadn’t Lily thought of that one before?  Just be friends with James Potter.  In all fairness, it never could have happened because in the past years he had annoyed her at every opportune, and inopportune, moment.  But he had changed, and if she’d been serious with him, maybe he would have let her alone and agreed to be friends.  The last, and first, time she had made the proposition James had been in no state to agree to it.  But neither had she.  Then, friendship had been the last thing she wanted; she wanted more from him but at the same time, she wanted nothing.  Being a teenager with raging hormones really was goddamn annoying!


“Do you mind if I err...” James motioned to the space next to her uncomfortably.  Lily managed a small smile.


“Feel free,” she said quietly.  James sat down, crossed his legs, un crossed them, crossed them again, tucked his knees up to his chest and then finally laid his legs out in front of him, crossing his feet and clearing his throat uncomfortably.  Lily stifled a giggle and James raised an eye brow.  “Comfy?” she asked casually.  James frowned, leaned back against the tree, wriggled a little and then sighed.


“Now I am,” he smiled.  Lily couldn’t help but smile in response as she lent her head back against the wide tree and closed her eyes.


Suddenly becoming aware of the growing silence, James felt the need to speak.  The only problem was, he was afraid to mess things up.  If he spoke now maybe he would say something to upset Lily.  That was the last thing he wanted.  Sat there with her, against ‘their’ tree, James felt quite content.  He was happy to see that things seemed to be calming down between the two of them.


“So,” James began in an attempt to make conversation.  “How come you always seem to stay at school for Christmas?”  He watched as Lily’s eyes slowly opened and she pushed herself of the tree so that she was sitting forward.  Her eyes were downcast and James immediately regretted asking the question, yet he desperately wanted to know what was wrong. 


“I haven’t gone home for Christmas since our fourth year here,” she said quietly.  “Christmas at home couldn’t be the same without my dad; I haven’t been able to face it.”


James felt a shiver run down his spine and he bit down hard on the inside of his cheek.  She’d lost her father?


“I’m sorry,” he said.  “I didn’t know.”


“Not many people do,” Lily replied slowly.  “He urm…passed away on Christmas Eve that year.”


James put his head in his hands and groaned.  No wonder she had been so pissed with him that day.  Why couldn’t he have left her alone like she asked?  “I’m really sorry Lily,” he said sincerely, this apology standing more for his actions those few years ago.


“It’s okay,” Lily nodded.  “He suffered for a very long time; it was best for him to go.”  James couldn’t stand hearing her speak like this.  It was in such a defeated tone, so unlike Lily Evans who never gave up and believed she could do anything.  “What about you?” Lily asked, continuing after his confused look.  “How come you’re staying this year, you don’t every year?”


“Oh,” James began.  “Me and the guys alternate years.  Obviously, this year is our year to stay at school.”  Lily nodded slowly and then turned her gaze back out to the lake.  The moon was slowly disappearing behind the clouds and pretty soon the light it emitted would be distinguished.  She checked her watch.


“Five minutes until Christmas day,” she smiled broadly, the last light shinning across her face.  James caught him self staring before she did and focused his attention on the Lake instead.  “I do this every year,” Lily told him.


“Do what?” James asked.


“Come here just before midnight on Christmas Eve to make a wish,” James was sure she blushed slightly.  “Silly, I know.  But it’s something my dad and I used to do.”


“It’s not silly,” James said with a frown.  “I tell you what,” he nudged her lightly.  “How about I make a wish with you?”  Lily smiled brightly and sat up straighter.


“Okay,” she said excitedly as she sat up straighter.  “Ready?” she asked with one last looked at her watch.  James nodded and with one last grin, Lily turned to face the lake and closed her eyes.  James smiled before he closed his eyes, knowing what his wish was going to be.


Somewhere in the school chimed the bell for midnight.  Twelve times it struck and on the last note, both Lily and James opened their eyes.


“So,” Lily began, turning her whole body around to face James and almost bouncing with excitement.  “What did you wish for?”


James mocked a shocked expression.  “Now, now Miss Evans,” he said in a disappointed voice.  “If I were to reveal that my wish wouldn’t come true.”


“Oh come on,” Lily whinged, her smile widening and her legs fidgeting.  “I can’t stand secrets.”


“Would you really deprive me of my wish, just to know what it was?” James asked with attempted puppy dog eyes.


“They won’t work with me,” amusement glinted in Lily’s eyes.  “But I suppose you’re right; it wouldn’t be very fair.”


James let out a laugh which echoed across the empty grounds and Lily shushed him, laughing quietly with him.


“Ok, ok,” James whispered.  “Seems as you have allowed me to sit here with you tonight and, allowed me to take part in your Christmas tradition, I suppose I can tell you what I wished for.”


“Yay,” Lily cheered as she clapped her hands.  James rose and eye brow and Lily poked her tongue out at him.


“But,” James raised a hand.  “If it doesn’t come true then you have your self to blame,” he smirked.


“Hmm, that is a bit of a responsibility,” Lily responded in mock thought.  “I think I can handle it.”  James laughed, shaking his head lightly and taking a deep breath.


“Well, I wished that,” his eyes were locked on to Lily’s and his face held none of the amusement it had seconds before.  “I made a wish in hopes that, maybe, one day, you could tolerate me enough to consider me as one of your friends.”


A smile flickered across Lily’s face and James’ breath caught in his throat; was she actually considering it?


“Well, James Potter,” she pushed her self up so that she was on her knees.  “I am one who believes that you should challenge your self daily and boy, would that be a challenge!” she smirked and narrowed her eyes in amusement as James frowned.  “And I have been told that you make one hell of a friend,” her eyes were slightly down cast now and her mouth pursed.


She glanced up at James and suddenly grinned broadly, jumping to her feet.  “It’s getting a bit cold don’t you think, maybe we should head back?”  James scrambled up and ran up to her.


“Wait,” he said confusedly.  “You haven’t answered me.”


“Answered you?” Lily asked, mocking confusion.  “You haven’t asked me anything, James,” her smile never faltered when James’ eyes widened.  Instead, she turned to make her way back to the common room.


He wasn’t one hundred percent certain what had gone on between him self and Lily, but James was pretty sure that the way she had called him by his first name, without the venomous undertone, was a good sign. 


“James,” Lily called.  “Are you going to stand out here all night?” her laugh tinkled through the air.  His name carried on the wind down to him and James smiled widely.  He’d definitely gone about getting over Lily in the wrong way.  Not being able to have her and having her hate him was a hell of a lot worse than not being able to have her but having her acting like this.


“I’ll race you back!” James called, edging towards a passage way into the school.


“Fine!” came Lily’s delayed response.  “But beware; you Marauders aren’t the only ones who know secret passage ways!”

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