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Not Perfect by LorLai

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 594

Rating: 12+
Warnings: No Warnings

Genres: Fluff, Romance
Characters: Lily, James
Pairings: James/Lily

First Published: 10/29/2006
Last Chapter: 11/04/2006
Last Updated: 11/04/2006


Thanks to the_tofuubeaver at TDA for the wonderful banner! He didn't quite realize how one night could change everything... But it did, somehow. LJ

Chapter 1: Not Perfect
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James Potter enjoyed how quiet the castle could become, finding it almost serene at night, after being separated by it’s busy daytime counterpart. It made the whole building- every stone and stick- feel welcome to him, like everything was connected. That sense of silence and stillness was soon lost, however, due to the unsatisfied elements.

He sat, completely unaffected, as obsidian storm clouds unknowingly rolled over the horizon. He sat there, still, as Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was transformed into an orchestra. The first note of said orchestra began with a single water droplet on the greenhouse, like a bell signifying the start of a battle; brass. Soon after came the steady drone of raindrops, colliding with the windowpanes; string. These raindrops, however, were driven by the merciless wind, as it whipped through the trees with ease; woodwind. Then, of course, came the murderous crash of thunder, bellowing it’s way through the castle and it’s surrounding grounds; percussion.


He watched with contentment as the lightning died, and the thunder began. A smile had somehow found its way onto his face, without his knowing.


His silent reverie, however, was interrupted by a flying quilt. Wait… a flying quilt? He looked over to the sofa opposite him, where a rather fidgety quilt lay. It surely hadn’t been there before, and if it had, it didn’t move. He surveyed the plaid carefully, watching as it strived to get comfortable.


It shrieked. The quilt shrieked. He chuckled slightly, leaning back on the red couch casually. “Lily, what the hell are you doing?” Silence. “Lily?” More silence. “What are you-?”

A head poked through one of apparent holes in the blanket, and smiled nervously. “James! Wow, hi, I, uh-” boom. The redhead sunk back down into her security blanket.

“I’m waiting.” His voice echoed sharply off of the walls, reverberating slightly.

“Well, Alice was with Frank, and Molly with Arthur, and Emmeline was off somewhere, and Hestia was with Remus and…”

Hestia was with Remus?”

“Yes, Hestia was with Remus. They just went out to go-”

James lifted an eyebrow. “Wait, wait. Continue with your explanation.”

“But I though you wanted to hear about Remus?” she half-stated, half-inquired, giving him her best innocent smile. Yeah, she could’ve melted him any other time, but certainly not at that particular moment.

“No. Go on.”

“Well, I don’t know, it started raining and then the thunder started and-” Boom. Jump. Squeal.

“You’re afraid of the thunder, aren’t you?”

“No! I just felt uncomfortable and then I couldn’t sleep and,” Boom. “Yes, well, yes… I am.”

His smile broadened, deepening his features considerably. “Lily Evans is afraid of something.”

Her eyes, the most beautiful hue of emerald, sunk to ground.
“You’re not embarrassed, are you?”

Hesitation. “No.”

“Now, why would someone like you be embarrassed?”

“How many seventeen year old girls do you know who’re afraid of thunderstorms?”

“One.” He gestured towards her, “And when I heard she was, I felt an undeniable relief.”

Lily cocked her head. “Why?”

“Because now I know she’s not perfect…”

An awkward silence overtook them.

“And that maybe I actually have a chance, now.”

She smiled slightly, and blushed, despite the fact that it was very unlike her.

Moments later, she was standing, and making her way over to the sofa. “Thanks, James.” She bent down, and in a moment of weakness, kissed his cheek softly. “Goodnight.”

He felt himself returning the good wishes, but heard no sound.


He half expected to find another exceptional redhead bounding into the common room.