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Remember Me by Angel Of Darkness

Format: Novella
Chapters: 13
Word Count: 40,048
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse

Genres: Drama, Romance, AU
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, OC
Pairings: James/Lily, Remus/OC, Sirius/OC

First Published: 10/29/2006
Last Chapter: 11/24/2007
Last Updated: 11/24/2007


(WIP) When Amy met the Marauders at a conference, they didn't hit it off so well. Then she found out she was moving to England. After many put downs and pranks, they made a truce. She started dating Sirius, but he was never around. She finds a friend in Remus...but can they resist the temptation to become something more? Hey it's the 70's. A featured story on SAYS (Serious About Your Skills) for the month of May.

Chapter 1: Chapter One: Of Feminists, Bellbottoms, and Amy
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Remember Me

Chapter One: Of Feminists, Bellbottoms, and Amy

The sun peeked through the blinds, casting the light directly in her eyes. Ignoring it, the sleeping teenager shifted her position away from the garish sunlight. Sighing with relief, her breathing relaxed and she began to drift back to sleep. That was until the alarm blared into her eardrums. She scrunched up her face and let out a loud, extreme grumble.

“Not today.” She mumbled, head first into her pillow.

But…no such luck. As if the first two wake up calls weren’t enough, her mom had to join in.

“Amy Maureen March, time to get up!” She called in a sing-song voice.

“I am not a morning person.” Amy told herself, while ruffling her dark brown hair with her fingers.

Slowly dragging her feet, Amy walked into the very brightly lit hallway, only to find her pain-in-the…ass, thirteen year old sister was still perfecting herself in the bathroom. Amy rolled her eyes, knowing it was impossible and continued to trudge down the stairs.

“Mom, I don’t want--”

Before Amy could finish her sentence, the sweet aroma of fresh brewed coffee reached her nose. Breathing it in deeply, she opened her eyes and saw her mother teasingly shaking the cup in front of her. Amy snatched it from her mother’s hands and uttered a very dramatic thank you.

She sat down at the kitchen table only to be greeted by her mother on the cover of Newsweek, screaming into the camera with a very aggressive looking sign that said, “All men and women were created equal—that means equal rights!”

“Oh, Mom, this is nice,” Amy said dismissively.

“McDown Marketing is one of the most sexist companies on the market. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the top places to get hired. This makes it one of our main targets in this battle.” Her mother explained, defensively.

“All right, all right,” Amy sighed, waving her hand,” but can you at least try to look less psycho next time?”

Her mom let out a small gasp.

“I’ll do whatever is necessary to secure women’s rights in the work force! And I don’t have to remind you about your little stun from two years ago that landed you on the cover of this magazine.”

“Mom, just because they named me the youngest Vietnam war protester doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. Try peace.” Amy argued.

Her mother simply just walked away.

“Feminists.” Amy muttered, shaking her head.

“MOM!” whined a voice from upstairs.

“What is it, Katie?”

“I can’t find my beaded bellbottoms!”
Katie cried, with many dry sobs.

“Honey, they’re probably in the wash.”

“But I checked there! I bet Amy took them!” Katie screamed pointing at her sister from the upstairs hallway.

“I’m four inches taller than you, genius. I wouldn’t fit.” Amy scoffed.

“Amy!” Her mom hissed.

“What?” Amy sighed.

“Act your age!”


“I don’t want to hear it!”

“Katie, I’ll help you find them in a minute,” She then turned to Amy,” could you at least be civil with her?”

“How? She’s impossible, can you tell her not to spend the whole morning in that bathroom—other people need to use it! It doesn’t have to take three hours to get ready!” Amy pleaded, shouting the last part so Katie would hear.

“Amy, when you were her age--”

“It took me an hour, and now it’s thirty minutes. Big difference and I’m not a hot-water leech!” Amy continued.

“Shut up, Amy! Mom, are you coming yet!” Katie’s voice whined loudly once more.

“I’m coming, I’m coming!”

As Katie stomped off, Amy heard her mutter something along the line of “I know she took them.”

Scoffing once more, Amy went back to her coffee. She glanced through the window; Chicago was so dull in the summer. Green everywhere, such a lack of color, she thought.

“Amy, you can use the bathroom now!” Her mother shouted from upstairs.

“Okay!” Amy shouted back, getting up.

Trudging back up the stairs, Amy opened the bathroom door and moved all her sister’s stuff off the counter. Taking a towel from the middle drawer beneath the sink, she rubbed away the steam that fogged up the mirror. Amy set her coffee cup on the counter and grabbed her pink toothbrush from the cup next to the faucet.

Squirting some toothpaste on it, she began to brush her teeth aggressively. Turning on the faucet, she cupped her hands and let the water form a little pool. Swishing the water around in her mouth, making a rather obnoxious gurgling sound and spitting it out…she looked at herself in the mirror.

“I don’t see why I have to go to this stupid international young wizard conference.”
She muttered to herself.

Silently, she thanked God that she was a muggleborn and didn’t have a talking mirror, they just creeped her out. Amy undressed and threw her pajamas on the floor and got a ten minute shower in. She was in the middle of getting out of the shower when Katie walked in.

“Katie! What the hell are you doing?” Amy snarled furiously while snatching the nearest towel to cover herself.

Katie rolled her villainous green eyes at her angry and embarrassed older sister.

“It’s not like there’s anything worth looking at anyways.” She scoffed.

Amy bit her tongue and bottled her anger for the time being.
She fully stepped out of the shower and threw her robe on.

“What do you want?” She asked once more, a little calmer.

“I just wanted to see if you were lying and had my bellbottoms in here.” Katie replied, casually.

“First of all, we’ve been through this we haven’t fit into each other’s close since---ever. And second, I always keep the clothes I’m gonna wear on my bed—you know that!” Amy explained, in the nicest voice she could muster.

“Whatever.” Katie said, rolling those villainous green eyes and tossing her shiny blonde hair. She ripped the door open and skipped out, not thinking about the gust of wind that blew into the bathroom, making a dripping wet Amy even colder.

“How are we related?” Amy asked herself.

“Only a crazy person talks to themselves!” Katie yelled at her from the hallway.

“Takes one to know one!” Amy yelled back.

Amy was satisfied when she heard a little squeak-like gasp come from Katie.
She knew it was immature, but Katie deserved it.
Amy dried herself off and wrapped her hair into a turban with the towel and proceeded into her bedroom, slamming and locking the door this time. She rubbed her hair with the towel and grabbed a pair of jeans and a T-shirt that read, “Try Peace" the shirt that she wore to the infamous protest.

Amy frowned as her hair began to curl, but since Katie kept the blow-dryer under lock and key, she couldn’t straighten it. She glanced over at her wand, Magical Mistresses Manor, her school, forbid magic outside, in the muggle world—an international rule they said, so it wouldn’t be any help. Looking at herself once more in the mirror, Amy decided she looked plausible and ran downstairs and hopped in the passenger side of her mom’s trusty station wagon.

Chapter 2: Chapter Two: Of Put Downs, Ice, and She-Devils
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Chapter Two: Of Put Downs, Ice, and She-Devils

A/N: Thanks for the reviews! And to Jackie, the Amazing—that’s it just the amazing. Song by Buffalo Springfield “For What it’s Worth” and mention of John Lennon’s “Give Peace A Chance”

Looking out the window, Amy saw her mother dragging Katie from the house and her sister crying, arms flaying.

“It’s just a short drive.” Her mom sighed, yanking her arm.

“I don’t wanna come! Why do I have to support the fact that she’s a freak? I mean I already know that!” Katie pleaded.

“Shut up, Katie.” Amy spat, turning around and smacking her on the head.

“MOM!” Katie screamed.

“Amy! Act your age; I shouldn’t have to tell you again.” Her mom said.


“Apologize to your sister.” Her mom said firmly.

“She called me--”

Please, be the bigger person.” Her mom begged, eyebrows furrowed.

“Fine, Katie, I’m sorry.” Amy said, in a monotone voice.

To soothe her anger, Amy turned on the radio. A song she liked came on and Amy got excited…until Katie reached forward and shut it off.

“What the hell?” Amy bellowed.

“It’s not real music unless it’s pop.” Katie said simply.

“Pop? Sugar-coated disco! That’s real music?” Amy snapped.

“Will you two just cut it out?!” Her mom scolded.
The fury in their mother’s voice was enough to quite their bickering. Amy looked out the window, watching the people on the streets of Chicago; pass by as the station wagon moved forward. There were so many poor people in the city, Amy noted, while wishing she could help them. Sometimes, she wished she could use magic to help them.

Amy was a rather fair student. But the AMOM, American Ministry of Magic, would be on her like a hippogriff on a ferret. Her mother’s voice pulled her out of her thoughts.

“Amy? Did you hear me? I said you left your glasses on the counter, they’re in my purse.”

Amy groaned, she forgot to put her contacts in so now she had to wear her stupid glasses. They made her look even worse in her opinion, then she already did. Snapping her seatbelt off, she leaned into the backseat, trying to snatch her mom’s black purse. When she almost had it, Katie ripped it from her grasp.

Amy’s blue eyes locked with her sister’s villainous green ones, and gave her a narrow eyed stare that said, “Do you want to die?” Katie caved in, instantly, in fear for her life and handed her sister the purse. Amy gave her sister an insincere smile, before returning fully to her seat. Zipping the purse open, Amy rummaged through it to find her glasses case. Finally finding the nasty blue monster, she snapped it open and pulled out her gold thin rimmed glasses. With much sadness, Amy put them on. Sure the world was a little clearer but she looked like an idiot.

“Mom, these are just reading glasses. I don’t see why--”

“You’re gonna be taking notes, so just drop it!” Her mom snapped.

Amy held her tongue and sighed. She closed her blue eyes and thought back to the protest.

There's something happening here
What it is ain't exactly clear
There's a man with a gun over there
Telling me I got to beware

Amy stood smashed into a crowd of protestors. She had made a sign “Give Peace A Chance”, that went with her shirt. That had to be the most hectic day of her life. There were aging hippies, feminists, former Vietnam soldiers, idealistic college kids, and a lot of guitars. A 14-year-old Amy looked around for a spot where her sign could be seen and she could breathe. Finding an opening between two dazed and confused hippies, she made her way to the front.

A few of the protest leaders were surprised to see a young girl there. But they continued to protest nevertheless. Once it hit noon, the sun beat down on her sweaty brow. News cameras had gathered in front of the White House. The soldiers had shown up but only stood around the perimeter of the crowd with blank faces and ready tear gas.

What a field-day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly say, hooray for our side

Even though Amy believed greatly in her cause, it didn’t feel like she was accomplishing anything. It wasn’t until she noticed an old hippie with a guitar asleep under a tree. She snuck over and took the guitar and searched for a microphone. As if fate was intervening, she found one lying next to a cameraman filming a pretty news lady, talking rapidly. Picking up both, she began to play. The crowd miraculously started to quiet. And Amy began softly singing first line of “Give Peace a Chance” and when it came to the chorus, it seemed as if the whole crowd joined in. An older hippie started playing a tambourine and other guitars joined in as well.

It wasn’t until the third line that Amy noticed the news camera directly pointed at her. It seemed to be working! Her voice and guitar lesions must have paid off. After the song, she was dragged over to the pretty news lady, whose microphone she had “borrowed”. The lady interviewed her and the once surprised protest leaders treated her as own of their own.

The next day she was on the cover of Newsweek, much to her mother’s chagrin (she forgot to mention in the interview that she took a plane in the middle of the night and only left a note on the kitchen counter) and was named Youngest Vietnam Protester when the U.S. withdrew the next year.

“Amy! Hello!”

Amy opened her eyes to meet villainous green ones.

“Mom, I think she’s finally gone crazy.” Katie said.

“Did I mention you’re adopted?” Amy smiled.

“Mom!” Katie cried.

“Amy, what did I say about telling your sister she’s adopted?”

“That it’s offensive to kids that were actually adopted?” Amy shrugged.

Her mom just gritted her teeth.

“Anyways, we’re here. Have fun!” Her mom said.

“Bye, Mom.” Amy said giving her Mom a kiss and getting out.

“Say good-bye to Katie.” Her mom added.

“Oh, right bye, Satan.” She smiled walking away.

Amy smirked when she heard Katie’s whine.
Once Amy approached the United Center (the sign above said Gifted Student Scholarship Seminar), she heard one very high pitched scream. Turning around, she saw a small platinum blonde, and a towering brunette.

“Hey, Michelle.” Amy said addressing the blonde.

“Hey, Donna.” She said to the brunette.

“So what’s up?” Donna asked.

“Same old, same old. Katie can’t find her beaded bellbottoms, a true tragedy. Right up there with the gas shortage.” Amy explained.

The brunette rolled her eyes while the blonde looked rather guilty.

Amy looked down at Michelle’s pants…

“Michelle, are those my little sister’s pants?”

“Um…” Michelle mumbled, lip quivering.

“She said she didn’t ant them anymore and threw them out in the hallway.” She explained.

“You know how wishy-washy Katie is. You better not show up at the house today.”

“Or it’ll be a tangled mess of blonde hair, flying everywhere.” Donna answered.

“So who doesn’t wanna be here?” Amy asked, raising her hand.

While the girls began a complaining session, a group of boys walked past them. The tall, dark haired one whistled, the messy black haired boy snickered, one was buried in his notebook, and the stocky blonde one watched in delight.

“Who was that for?” Michelle asked, in a breathy voice.

Donna and Amy rolled their eyes and pointed back at Michelle, and the tall dark haired one winked. Michelle grinned, all-a-flutter.

“It’s always you.” Amy said obviously.

“Don’t worry, darling,” The dark haired one smirked, with a crisp British accent,” It’s your glasses.”

Excuse me?” Amy spat, hand on her chest.

“You heard me.” He smiled.
Amy would have socked him right in the face, if Donna didn’t hold her back.

“Get bent, pretty boy!” Amy retorted.

“Hey!” The messy haired one said, also in a British accent.

“Oh, I’m sorry; did I offend your boyfriend?” Amy laughed.

Donna laughed while Michelle looked worried.

“Do you want to start something, four eyes?”

“Four eyes? What are we ten?”

At this point, the one who was buried in his notebook looked up and chuckled a bit, while the blonde was biting his nails in anticipation.

“Do you know who we are?”

“A couple of morons?”

The one with the notebook snickered, receiving glares from the rest of the group.

“While you’re coming up with a response, I’m gonna get myself a seat, ok? Bye, bye now!” Amy said, taking her glasses off and blowing a little kiss.

“Did I tell you that you are a god!” Donna laughed.

“Not recently no.” Amy smiled.

After years of fighting with Katie, she was hard to beat.

“Now you ruined my chances with the cute British guy.” Michelle whined.
Amy rolled her eyes.

“I love you, Michelle.”

The girls were redirected to one of many basketball courts. A wizard in a long, blue robe flicked his wand and it was transformed into an auditorium. Amy picked some seats high up. After convincing Michelle that Cosmo was not sold in the greeting area, the students began filing in.
Amy’s new favorite people sat in the row directly beneath her. She grinned widely. She motioned to Donna and she grinned as well.

“Watch this.” Amy said wickedly opening the top of her drink. Taking out some pieces of ice, she gracefully threw it down the dark haired ones back.

He squeaked and jumped, making the section surrounding him turn around and stare. He smiled sheepishly until they turned away. Amy waited a few more minutes and threw another piece, grazing his ear. By the third piece, hitting his messy black haired friend, they collectively turned around. Amy smiled viciously and waved. The dark haired one tried to get up but the one with the notebook, put his hand on his shoulder.

“Don’t hurt women.” He said.

“That is not a woman. That is a she-devil.”

Amy grinned wider.

“Wanna go?” She mouthed putting her arms out.

He just growled and turned back around. It was a good day.

Chapter 3: Chapter Three: Of Deep Irony
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Chapter Three: Of Deep Irony
A/N: Thank you so much Jackie, for putting up with me and this long chapter. And thank you very much to the readers who have noticed and enjoyed this little story! Enjoy!

After the conference, and many lectures about international wizard unity and why it’s so very important, Amy got up to leave. As the girls started walking to the end of the aisle, Amy was blocked by the dark, haired boy she had tormented the whole time.

“So, you think that was funny?” He asked, quickly reading her name tag before adding,” Amy?”

“Oh, wait, I know this one, hold on, lemme think,” Amy said, mocking complete puzzlement,” Yeah, I do, Sirius.”

After she read his name, she laughed a little.
As fun as this was, she was getting bored. Amy spread out her hand and looked dully at her nails. Quite frankly, she had better things to do with her time. This was as riveting as staring at a bug for hours on end.

“Just let it go.” The nice one with the notebook said.

“Remus, could you stay out of this?” The messy black haired one sighed.

The blonde was still very overexcited; he wanted to see a fight.

“Don’t wet yourself, Peter.” Sirius replied.
Amy rolled her eyes. Stop wasting my time and patience. She thought. I need that for Katie.

“Excuse me, while you get diapers for blondie, here, can I go?” Amy snapped. It was if they were little children drifting off into their own imaginary world.

“Look, James. We got her angry, maybe she’ll burst into flames.” Sirius grinned to the messy haired one.

“Whatever. Move it.” Amy sighed trying to push Sirius aside.
Donna and Michelle just watched. Correction: Donna watched and Michelle seemed to be dizzy over Sirius’ evident beauty.
Sirius barked a laugh.

“What’re you gonna do? Scratch me?”
Amy laughed along with him which sprang a smile upon his face.
She flashed one back at him, Donna waited. Amy smirked at Donna and Michelle. She was going to do something, she just didn’t know what.

“Now, that we’ve settled this misunderstanding, I think you owe, us, especially me, an apology.” He said, slinging his arm around her, thinking his undeniable charm would work its magic on her, just like it did on her friend.

“Oh, do I?” She said coyly.

Amy gave one last smile…before kicking him in the shin.
Sirius howled and clutched his foot.

“I think that says it all.” Amy said, gliding past him.
The other boys, just gaped at her as she walked past.

“Now, I thought you were into democratic solutions, not violence,” Donna said trying not to smile.

“Yes, but sometimes you need to be firm; you need to take action…especially with the British.” Amy replied.

“At least you didn’t hit his face.” Michelle squeaked.

“Wow, I am just head-over-heels in love with you right now.” Amy laughed.

“Amy, I am not a lesbian.” Michelle said quite seriously.
Amy just shook her head and laughed.
Soon, Amy’s Mom’s trusty station wagon pulled up.

“Quick, Michelle take off your pants.” Amy said, quickly.

“Okay, I was serious, when I said I was not a les--”

“Okay, I was kidding you, moron! I mean because you have Katie’s pants! DUH!”

Michelle looked down.
“Oh.” She said.

“Yeah.” Amy replied, obviously.

Sadly, it was too late. The heavens were not smiling down upon them.

“Those are my pants!” Katie roared storming out of the car.
But before she could lunge at Michelle, Amy got her in a head lock.

“Lemme go!” Katie whined.

“No. We are going to handle this democratically!”

“What?” Both blondes asked.

“Talking. No fighting.”

“But she has my pants!” Katie said through gritted teeth.

“Yeah, well she said you didn’t want them anymore.” Amy negotiated.

“But I want them now!” Katie grumbled, stomping her feet on the ground.

Amy looked off in the distance and saw those boys walking towards her.

“Okay, let’s continue this later, we gotta go! We gotta go! We gotta go!” Amy exclaimed, frantically. She let go of Katie and ran to the station wagon.

Donna and Michelle followed her lead. Katie stood there until Amy ran out of the car, grabbed Katie’s thin arm and pulled her into the car.

“Drive!” Amy told her mom. She wasn’t afraid of them, she just didn’t…okay she was a little afraid. She was expecting a more glamorous exit, than this.

“What? Why? What’s going on?!” Her mom demanded.

“I swear to God, I will explain everything when we are safely at home.” Amy bargained, taking quick glances back.

“Okay.” Her mom agreed, starting up the car and driving off.

“Let it go.” Remus sighed, watching the Vista Cruiser Station Wagon drive off.

“She’s not worth it.” James breathed, putting Sirius on the shoulder.

“Fine.” Sirius growled, shrugging James’ hand off.

“She was kind of scary.” Peter whispered.

James just stared at him.

“What…she was.” Peter mumbled, kicking the dirt with his sneaker.

“Besides, she’s American. We’ll never see her again.” Remus added, walking back to the United Center.

Amy heaved a great sigh of relief as they pulled into her driveway, after dropping Michelle and Donna home. Once inside her house, her mother pulled out a chair and motioned for her to sit down.

“Now what was that?” Her mom asked with an arched eyebrow.

“Well…” Amy began. She rehashed the whole story, about the stuck up boys who think that since their home country was once the Great Empire that “the sun never set on”, it made it okay for them to think everyone was beneath their greatness.

“The only sane one was that kid, Remus…I think.” She finished.

“Well, sounds like you weren’t very nice.” Her mother surmised.

“Nice? Mom, that Sirius guy was a shovanistic, rude, sexist jerk! The exact thing that you are fighting!” Amy growled, very frustrated.

She let out a growl and slammed her face into the green kitchen table.

“You are so dramatic, Amy Maureen.”

“See Mom, I think the real reason is that she’s a lesbian and was afraid of those boys.” Katie smiled wickedly, waltzing into the kitchen applying lipstick as she went.

Amy’s mom stood up and snatched the lipstick from her daughter’s hand.

“Apologize to you sister.” She ordered, sternly.

“But Mom…”

“Katherine Hilary March, I said apologize.”

“I’m sorry.” Katie mumbled, green villainous eyes pointed down at her tan clogs.

“Can I have my lipstick back, now?” Katie asked, hands on her hips.

“Here.” Her mother sighed, tossing it to her.

Amy lifted her head from the green kitchen table to see Katie nearly miss her lipstick and almost tumble to the ground.

“Too bad.” Amy smiled to herself.

“Anyways, if this Sirius boy was all those things you said, I don’t think you should have resorted to physical violence. You just don’t kick people in the shins, honey.”

“Mom, sometimes you need to take action, esp--”

“Oh, can it, Amy. I know you just liked proving you can beat up boys.” She winked at her daughter; even if she was gifted with words…she couldn’t pull the wool over her mother’s eyes.

“Thanks, Mom. All I’m saying is that maybe more English men have this attitude. Think about it.” Amy gestured, getting out of her seat.

She walked up the stairs, nearly tripping over one of Katie’s many shoes in the process. When she made it to her bedroom, she threw herself down on her tie-dye sheets, looking up at the ceiling.

“I am not a lesbian, why does everyone say that?” Amy mumbled to herself.
Well, she was very opinionated, outspoken, strong and determined. That didn’t make her a lesbian. This decade’s messed up. She thought. Maybe it was because she was never in a long term relationship. Amy had her first kiss with a fellow thirteen year old the night of the school play and her first boyfriend this year.

Andy Waters, he was cute with blonde hair and hazel eyes. But he cheated on her with Gisele Miller. Another petite air headed blonde.
She knew a lot of those. Her blue eyes moved from the ceiling and rested on her desk. There was something resting on it, that hadn’t been there before. Amy hopped off her bed and grabbed it. It was a blue notebook. Amy snatched it off the desk, licked her finger and flipped open the first page. It was already filled with a paragraph in her mother’s delicate handwriting, with a pen attached to the page.

My free-spirited first born. There is so much going on in that head of yours. You have so many brilliant thoughts up there. I want you to write them down, anything that comes to mind.
Sixteen is an interesting age. But to make life less hectic, pour your soul onto these pages. You are a beautiful, gifted young woman. Never forget that.
Ps. Don’t plan any protests in here, that’s for a whole different notebook.

Amy closed it and laughed.
She bit down on her lower lip, a habit of hers, whenever she laughed, smiled or just for those awkward situations.
At the moment, she couldn’t write. All those “brilliant thoughts” were dull and boring. Not worth committing to paper. Instead, she placed a record on the player, placed her headphones on her ears and was lost in the world of rock 'n' roll.

The hours flew by before night came and it was time for bed due to her mother’s orders.
The next morning Amy woke up to the sound of her mother’s voice calling her downstairs.
Amy crawled out of bed, shuffled down the stairs, trying not to get pushed by Katie, into the kitchen.

“Girls, I have an announcement. Amy after what you said, I called Ginger Canfield, the vice president of my feminist group, as you know.” Her mother began.

“Yeah…we know.” The girls mumbled in unison.

“She called me back, around eight and said, 'Lisa, there is one company, an advertising company, Hansen & Colbert, that only hires women base on their looks. They have to submit pictures before applying and give all their measurements. And the only job they get is secretary.' Girls, this is tragic. So that’s why last night, I’ve decided that we are going to fight this battle and move to England.” Their mother exclaimed, with a really excited tone.

Amy nearly fell out of her chair.

“Oh! The irony!” Amy cried, desperately looking up to the heavens, as if to ask: “Why?”.

“Ooh! Cute boys with accents!” Was all Katie said.
Amy heaved one of her very dramatic sighs and once more threw her head on the green kitchen table.

“Oh, Amy, it’s not that bad. You’re going to the birthplace of those bands you like, The Rolling Rocks and The Buggles.”
Amy was in so much despair that she didn’t even bother correcting her.

“Well,” Her mother began,” we’ll be leaving soon. So that we have next week to settle in. Just in time for you two to start school.”

“Mom, next week,” Amy croaked,” how did you do all this so fast?”

“I pulled some strings; apparently the women in England are not happy with this situation.”

“Well, what school am I going to?” Amy asked, praying it wasn’t Hogwarts.

“Warthogs? No that wasn’t it! Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!”

“But—but you have to get a letter?” Amy pleaded.

“You got one. Muggle borns, that’s what you’re called right,” Her mom began, she continued when Amy nodded,” they’re so rare that you received many letters when you were born. I just picked the one closest to home.”

“How do you know all this?” Amy asked, determined.

“It’s all in the letter from Albus Dumbledore that I got when you were born.” Her mom explained once more.

Just then, as if on cue, an owl tapped on the window. Katie screamed, her mom jumped, but Amy automatically opened the window. She searched her pockets, realizing she didn’t carry money in her pajamas. Amy ran up stairs, fished through her purple purse and found some wizard some Knuts. Running back downstairs into the kitchen, she paid the bird and took the letter. Amy cleared her throat before reading aloud.

Dear Ms. Lisa March and her daughter Amy,
On September 1, you will report to King’s Cross Station at platform nine and three quarters, (wall between platforms nine and ten). You will be sorted on arrival. On Christmas holiday, you are allowed to visit your family; it is a boarding school of sorts. A Hogsmeade permission slip is attached, so that you can go on little weekend trips. All supplies (see attached list and directions) are found in Diagon Alley. Look forward to meeting you and having a pleasant school year.
Albus Dumbledore.

“Well, that was nice.” Her mom smiled.

“Mom, you realize once I get to the school, those boys are going to
kill me. And that’s not an exaggeration.”

“Well, just make a cease-fire.”
Amy ran her tongue over the left side of her upper teeth, her angry habit.

“This isn’t Vietnam.” She retorted, annoyed.

“I should hope not…now girls get dressed and start packing.” Her mother ordered.

“Don’t you have a boyfriend you’ll be leaving?” Amy asked her sister as they trudged up the stairs.

“Oh, I was cheating on him anyway with one of his friends.” Katie answered, casually.

Amy’s ocean-blue eyes went wide and her jaw fell.


“Don’t you dare!”

“T!” Amy finished, grinning,” An I know you can’t tell Mom cause you were grounded from dating!”

She skipped off into her bedroom, glad she was happy about something.
In the afternoon, Amy told Michelle and Donna. They were devastated, hitting, Donna the most.

“We’re leaving tomorrow, so that my mom can move us in, Monday.”

“I’m gonna miss you so much.” Donna cried.

“Can I have those clogs you never wear?” Michelle asked.

“Michelle!” Donna exclaimed, smacking her in the shoulder.

“Ow,” She whined, rubbing her shoulder, before saying,” Well can I?”

Amy just smiled, she would miss these moments.


She hugged the petite blonde.

“We’ll come and see you off tomorrow.” Donna managed to get out, blinded with tears. Amy wrapped her arm around her. They didn’t see it but she was crying too.

The next day came in a blink of an eye.
Before she knew it, Amy was on her way to O’Hare Airport. Amy wept the whole plane ride. Her whole life was in Chicago; she had gotten over the thought of those boys and only thought of what she was leaving behind.

“It’s okay, honey.” Her mom soothed, rubbing her back.

“I was even planning a protest against the gas shortage!” Amy cried, throwing her hands up in the air.
Katie only rolled those villainous green eyes of hers and flipped through one of her many issues of Cosmo.
They arrived at their new house on Monday night. Everything was up and running, except for phone and TV, on Wednesday. Thursday, Amy and Katie bought their school supplies. It wasn’t until Friday, that Amy actually explored the house.

It was a rather large house but her mom insisted it was a steal. It was a three story with a big attic and roomy basement. Amy’s room was on the right up stairs next to her bathroom. The long hallway wrapped all around in a square above the stairs. This gave them two closets and another bathroom for Katie. Posters of her favorite rock bands were plastered all over Amy’s walls, her canopy bed in the corner and her desk in the other corner. There was a very large window that led out to the balcony. Katie’s room was much different. Movie stars and bubble gum pop stars decorated her walls. Pink plastic beads draped in front of her door. Naturally, she picked the room with the largest closet, (it was the only way Amy got the room with the large balcony). The kitchen was a descent size, with room for bustling around with pots and pans. This house had a dining room, something the March women never had, as well as a living room. They put their large beige couch, and old record player that had been in Amy’s mother’s family for generations.
Her mom’s room was the largest and the last room in the wrap around hallway. It was a beautiful house.

“You did good, Mom.” Amy grinned.

“It is quite perfect.” Her mom smiled.

“Not as beautiful as Grandmamma and Granddaddy’s in Beaufort.” Amy teased.

“Well, what do you expect; they live in a plantation house over the water!” Her mom sighed.

Grandmamma and Granddaddy were Amy’s father’s parents.
Aaron March left his family shortly after Katie was born, claiming that an artiste’s life didn’t have time for a family. Amy’s parents divorced a year later, making her a very rare thing: a single mother. Outraged at what their son had done his parents disowned him and welcomed the family he had abandoned. Mamma and Daddy March were raised in deep Southern values; as far as they were concerned it was sin to leave your family.

Every summer, save for the last, they visited. It took them a while to accept Lisa’s movement. They were never ones for inequality. Daddy March took Amy to the Virginia Football State game in 1971, with the T.C. William’s Titans. One of the few racially intergraded teams in football that ended with a perfect season. They understood changed, but it took them time to accept it. Lisa’s parents were born and raised in Chicago. They were advocates for the Civil Rights Movement. Naturally they were very proud of their daughter and Amy. After all, they walked with Dr. King in the 60’s with Lisa. Amy was very proud of both sets of grandparents.

“I’m glad you like the house, Amy.” Her mother said.

“I think I’m gonna go for a walk.” She said, getting her coat from the rack.

Everything had happened so fast, Amy needed to relax and think. It was getting dark but she went anyway.
A couple of blocks up, she heard a bike’s pedals.

“Hello,” She greeted the rider whose face was masked in the darkness.

“Hi.” He replied in a British accent, of course.

The voice was familiar but she couldn’t place it, he felt the same about hers.

“Live around here?” He asked, squinting trying to see her face.

“Yeah, I just moved, you?”

“I live a few houses up.” He said.

“Well, nice talking to you.” She said, politely.

With that Remus Lupin rode back to his house.

If Amy only knew.

Chapter 4: Chapter Four: Of Only the Beginning
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Chapter Four: Of Only the Beginning

A/N: Thank you to my lovely reviewers! And to Jackie for all her super fly editing powers and for Regan for the effort to almost try, I love ya anyway! Enjoy! Ps. The wait is not my fault!

Amy woke up on Monday morning with great dread. Her head pounded as well as her heart, and her legs felt as if they were filled with lead. It was her first day at a new school, in a new country and she didn’t exactly play nice with some of its students the first time around. Amy was worried how Sirius was gonna react.

Normally, she wouldn’t be this worried, but she never kicked a guy in the shin and humiliated him, before in front of his friends, and then had to face him everyday for the remainder of the school year. Amy once again shuffled her way down the stairs, got some cereal and trudged back up stairs. Her things were packed and on her bed. After her shower, Amy slipped into her favorite pair of jeans, and threw on green peasant top.

Quickly, she applied some light makeup and was out the door. It took ten minutes for her to convince her mom that she was coming back for Christmas and not to worry. After a bone crushing hug and quick punch in the arm for Katie, Amy went through the wall. Instantly, she was back in the wizarding world. The place were she was a minority, friendless, and out of place.

Amy hadn’t yet embraced magic, correction, it hadn’t really embraced her. It came naturally and she received good grades, but there was no joy or heart. She didn’t even know if she wanted to be in the Wizarding World for the rest of her life and there were days that she questioned why God made her a witch in the first place. Come to think of it, Amy never really had anything that gave her joy and put her heart into. Except protesting maybe, but not every sixteen year old knew what they wanted in life. Amy shook her head and pushed these thoughts from her mind. Walked onto the train, she was invisible.

Students were greeting their friends, laughing not even noticing her. She wanted to keep it that way for now. Amy snuck into an empty compartment. Pulling out her notebook her mother got her, she began to write.

New things for the year.
First off, I need to get new friends. Hopefully, someone finds me likeable. Two, survive the school year and Katie. Enough said. Finally, this is the big shocker, that I will never tell anyone—that’s why it’s in a journal,. I want to fall in love, knees weak, on air, love. A rule: no being cheated on. But I really want it and if the man upstairs is smiling down at me, let it happen.

She snapped the journal shut and placed it back in her bag. Amy heaved a lonely sigh as she imagined Donna, Michelle and herself walking to school right about now. She closed her stormy blue eyes and drifted into sleep. To her surprise, her only visitor was an old witch with a cart carrying food. Amy bought a Cauldron Cake and a Pumpkin juice, to settle the grumbling in her stomach. Once she finished eating, she drifted back into sleep until the sounds of excited students were too loud to ignore.

Amy poked her head outside the compartment and after seeing many students in their robes, she surmised that she could get changed. When the train stopped, she got off and followed the rest of the older students to the castle in carriages. Amy was accompanied by a petite brunette and a very beautiful girl about her height with fiery red hair and brilliant almond shaped green eyes. The entire ride the girls were silent, Amy was usually social but all this was happening so fast, she didn’t feel like making new friends yet. The carriage stopped and the girls got out, Amy walked up the steps and waiting for her was a very strict looking witch with a black pointed hat and a very tight black bun.

“I am Professor McGonagall.” She said rather stiffly.

Amy drew in a nervous breath.

“Nice to meet you, Professor. I’m Amy March.” Amy said, politely.

“Follow me. You will meet the Headmaster and then be sorted into your house.” McGonagall explain in the same stiff tone.

Amy nodded quickly before following McGonagall. They stopped in front of a gargoyle statue where McGonagall murmured something which made the statue shift. Walking through and up a spiral staircase, it led them to a door; McGonagall knocked on it and beckoned Amy to come inside.

It had to be one of the most unique and strangely beautiful rooms Amy had ever been in. It was wall to wall with moving pictures of previous headmasters, there were large circular windows and an even larger wooden desk. Behind the desk, was an elderly gentleman with a long snowy white beard and twinkling kind blue eyes that shone through half moon spectacles.

Amy knew right away that it was Albus Dumbledore. She almost passed out; Dumbledore had been a hero of hers for sometime, he was always helping those that the wizarding world looked down upon like muggle borns.

“Nice to meet you, Miss March.” He said, pulling her out of her star-struck reverie.

“The pleasure is all mine, Sir.” Amy managed to say.
Dumbledore smiled at her.

“I’m sure you must be excited about all this.” He continued in the same warm voice he had before.

Nervous is more like it. She thought, chewing her lower lip.

“Well,” Dumbledore continued,” it’s time to get you sorted.”
Amy must have had a rather apprehensive look on her face because Dumbledore said,” Don’t worry, it’ll only take a few seconds.”

Amy managed to let out a nervous laugh. Dumbledore just smiled, before turning around behind his desk and grabbing a tattered old pointed hat. McGonagall took the hat from him and placed it on Amy’s head. Now, Amy had been in the wizard world since she was eleven but when the hat began talking to her, she was more than a little surprised.

“Hmm…”The hat whispered in her ear,” You have great spirit, hmm…rather smart, and oh, devotion, a little cheeky, kindness, strength, I see and bravery. Hmm, I’ll put you in… Gryffindor!”

Dumbledore smiled once more at Amy, before talking the hat off her head and placing it back onto its spot on the shelf.

“Now, your luggage will be taken to the Gryffindor girl’s dormitory where you will be housed for the rest of your time here. I have received your schedule for your sixth year. Fortunately, Hogwarts has the same curriculum, so you will be taking the same classes. Professor McGonagall is the head of your house and your successes will award points, while mishaps will loose points. We can get in to all that in more depth if you wish, but I prefer to deal with it as it comes.” He explained, never leaving the same warm tone as he greeted her with.

There was something about Dumbledore. You just wanted to like him. Furthermore, you really wanted him to like you! He was the kind of person you could give complete trust to, once you saw his eyes.

“The feast is about to begin and I am sure you are very hungry. Professor McGonagall will take you down and I shall introduce you at the feast.”

Amy nodded, before finally regaining her normal voice.

“Thank you very much, Professor.”
Dumbledore smiled at her once more before McGonagall escorted her out.

They went back down the spiral staircase and into the main area of the castle, right in front of two large oak doors.

“This is the Great Hall, all meals are served here.” McGonagall explained, briskly, before opening the door.

From the second Amy stepped into the Great Hall she felt like she was in a fish tank, as all redirected themselves upon her. As McGonagall led her to the Gryffindor table, she heard familiar voices whispering, “No, it can’t be.” ” That’s not her.” “Impossible”. When she sat down, her cheeks were so hot; she knew they must be nearly magenta by now.

Dumbledore stood up from his table of teachers and clapped his hands which silenced the murmuring.

“Before we dig into our excellent feast, there are a few things I would like to address. First, the Forbidden Forrest is off limits, to all students,” Dumbledore began with a twinkle in his eye,” and the Whomping Willow is also off limits, as it has been these past few years. Trees like that take some years to lessen their aggressive behavior, and we would not want to send anyone to the Hospital Wing without this knowledge. Lastly, we have a new student at Hogwarts, as many of you know we usually do not do transfers, but this was all for a very noble cause. Amy March, please stand up.”

This was the moment Amy dreaded the most, slowly she stood up and looked around. Sirius and his friends caught her eye with mouthed threats of “I am going to kill you.” Quickly, she adverted her eyes and found a welcoming look on the redhead she had shared the carriage with.

“She is a sixth year and was just sorted in Gryffindor,” Dumbledore conituned,” I am sure you will all give her a warm welcome.”

“I’ll give her a welcome all right.” She heard Sirius threaten.

The sight of Remus rolling his eyes caught her eye, she laughed.

“Now without any further ado, let the feast begin.”

Dumbledore finished, with a wave of his hand.

Instantly, food appeared on the table. All kinds, roast beef, chicken, tomato soup, pumpkin juice, all kinds of pie and some rather British looking food, Amy didn’t know the names of. Amy didn’t think that her last meal on earth would be so delicious…and yet it was over too soon.
As the Gryffindors filed out of the hall, Amy was blocked by a familiar dark haired boy.

“Well, well, well.” He drawled, in a casual yet threatening tone.

Suddenly, it seemed all the anxiety she had felt washed away, replaced with annoyance and anger. Who did this guy think he was? Just because he was part of the current dominating gender didn’t mean he would always be. Shovanistic pig. Amy thought.

“What is this, “The Good, The Bad, and The Stupid?” Amy replied, confidently.

Sirius opened his mouth to answer when he heard something behind him.

“Sirius!” A very girly high-pitched voice called. He spun and smiled at a strawberry blonde with a rather pronounced chest and tiny waist.

“Boswell, looking good this year.” He replied in a very approving tone.
Amy felt her food coming back up her throat. The girl gave a delighted giggle and floated away, Sirius left her with a quick wink before
turning back to Amy.

“Now that you’re done being a pig, what were you going to tell me?” Amy asked, very annoyed.

“See there you go again, I was gonna be nice and let you off with an apology--”

He was cut off by Peter’s mousy voice.

“But Sirius you said you were gonna make her pay.”

“Yeah, Sirius, I thought you were gonna make me pay.” Amy mocked.
Remus laughed, Amy was amusing. James hit him on the back of the lead.

“Now, you listen, if you want a war, we’ll give you a war. We know every bit of this castle and you’ll never see us coming.” James threatened.

“Well, you just told me you were gonna do something, so I can kind of expect it.” Amy replied in a mock puzzled tone.

Remus chuckled once more and received a very threatening look from Sirius.

“But okay, fine, we can fight it out. But now this: Never underestimate a woman, especially if that woman is me.” Amy smiled, in the same casual yet threatening tone Sirius used before.

Remus began laughing again.

“What is so funny, Moony?!” James exclaimed.

“She’s amusing. It’s funny to see her get to all of you.” Remus replied simply.

“Whatever,” Sirius scoffed,” Now where did Boswell go off to?”

Remus rolled his eyes.

Amy went up to the dormitory feeling very confident. She looked around the room. Everything in this castle was beautiful. There were four, four poster beds in the room, with hanging drapes for privacy. Like Dumbledore said, Amy’s initialed luggage was waiting on her bed, open. It was only now, that Amy began to feel homesick.

Not only for her family, (She even missed Katie, a little) but Chicago. The city, the atmosphere it gave. She missed Michelle’s air headed comments and Donna’s praise and laughter. Amy sat down on the window sill and looked out at the star filled sky, dreaming of her friends. The door opened and the redhead from the carriage ride smiled at her. Amy smiled back, but wasn’t in the mood for making acquaintances just yet. She got off the windowsill, took her luggage down and put her stuff away. She slipped into her pajamas and went to sleep.

Chapter 5: Chapter Five: One Way Or Another
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A/N: This chapter was a struggle to get out, not writing it but the editing and once again thank you, Jackie. I know it was tough and we hit some rough waters but it was worth it in the end! Thank you to Tahi (Siriusly Crack) for the first two pranks! Song used is “One Way Or Another” by Blondie. It’s a very long chapter so my lovely readers: ENJOY!

The sun shone through the large glass windows of Hogwarts, casting their light on Amy’s sleeping face. She opened her stormy blue eyes only to slam them shut after the bright wake up call. Slowly, she slung herself out of bed, remembering she was not at home. Luckily, no one was using the bathroom at the moment, so Amy could get ready. Amy brushed her teeth, took a quick shower and threw on her new Gryffindor robes and uniform. She organized her books and supplies before placing them in her bag.

Afterwards, she followed the rest of the Gryffindors down the Great Hall. Once she sat down, Amy came to the conclusion that Hogwarts’ food was the best she had ever tasted, that would be confirmed once she had lunch. As she ate, Amy noticed the familiar redhead with the brilliant almond shaped green eyes going over her schedule. Amy decided to introduce herself.

“Hi.” Amy said, from across the table, looking up from her plate.

“Oh, hi.” The girl replied, setting her schedule down.
“I’m Amy.” Amy smiled, with a small wave.

“I know,” The redhead smiled back,” I’m Lily Evans.”
Amy reached over the table to shake her hand.

“Nice to meet you, Lily.” Amy grinned.

“Thanks, it’s nice to meet you too, finally.” Lily replied.

Lily was very beautiful, Amy noted. She last noticed that Lily was one of the few girls not surrounded by a chatting group of friends. It was just her and her schedule. They’re probably jealous. Amy thought.

“Sorry for not talking to you yesterday. You know, first day and everything.”

“Oh, it’s fine, really. I just wanted to meet you. I’m a big fan of your mum’s work.” Lily grinned.

“Ah, a fellow feminist! They seem rare in this country, so I’m guessing
you’re a muggleborn if you know about my mom.” Amy guessed.

“Yes, I am, you?”

“Yeah. My mom’s really excited to help the British female population. Especially after hearing about Han--”

“Hansen and Colbert.” Lily finished.

“Ah, so you know.” Amy said, still smiling.

“My mum tried to apply there.” Lily answered.

“Yikes.” Amy said with raised eyebrows.

“Tell me about it.” Lily sighed.

“So what classes are you taking?” Lily asked, regaining her excited, pleasant manner.

Amy smiled at her enthusiasm and reached in her bag, getting her schedule.

“Here.” Amy replied, handing it to her.

Lily’s green eyes ran rapidly over the page.

“Oh my goodness, this is strange! You and I have the same schedule!” Lily exclaimed.

“What?” Amy asked, not believing that the first person she met and that liked her was in all her classes.

“We have Potions, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration, and Charms with most of the Gryffindors. But you and I have Arithmancy Astronomy, History of Magic, and Muggle Studies together.” Lily explained.

“Oh, I see. How’d you do on your O.W.L.S? What was your ratio for good performance?” Amy asked.

“Eleven out of eleven, all outstanding.” Lily replied, proudly.

“Wow…that makes you the smartest person I’ve ever met.” Amy replied amazed.

Lily’s cheeks went a little pink.

“I got nine out of ten. I know it’s not as spectacular as eleven out of eleven but I didn’t take as many as you did and--”

“Oh, come on! The classes you’re taking and your O.W.L.S.—that’s amazing! You’re really smart and you should be proud of it, like me.” Lily beamed.

Where has she been all my life? This girl is fantastic!
Amy thought.

“So, I saw you talking to Black and his friends.” Lily began, almost apprehensively.

“Black? Oh—that’s his last name?” Amy asked puzzled.

“Yeah…you’re not friends with him are you?” Lily asked, sounding a little worried.

Amy nearly sprayed her pumpkin juice all over the table.

“God, no! You see, we met at that International Wizard Conference.” Amy told her.

“Oh, I was sick. I couldn’t go.” Lily said.

“You didn’t miss much, trust me. Anyways, they were there and…” Amy went into the whole story, for the second time, it felt like the millionth.

Throughout the story, Lily gasped, her eyes grew wide and she laughed all in the right places. She was the perfect audience.

“So now we’re gonna have some kind of prank war.” Amy finished in a
dismal tone.

“Are you worried?” Lily asked, eyes still wide.

“No, because I’m gonna win,” Amy smiled confidently,” so how do you know them?”

“You don’t wanna---you’ll see.” Lily sighed, a little annoyed.
Amy wondered if she did something wrong.

“It’s not you,” Lily sighed,” it just gets annoying year after year.”
Amy nodded, even though she had no idea what she was agreeing about.

“We should get to Potions; Slughorn will want to meet you. I-I mean if you’re good at potions.” Lily said getting up.

“I’m all right.” Amy lied. She didn’t feel like showing up her new friend just yet.

On the way to the Dungeons, Amy found out what annoyed Lily year after year.

“Oi! Evans!” A familiar voice called behind the girls.
Lily’s pretty features furrowed in aggravation.
“What, now, Potter?” Lily sighed.

James ruffled his hair and grinned at her before continuing.

“So is the year you’ll finally go out with me?”

“James Potter, every year you ask me this question and every year I give you the same answer. No!” Lily spat.
Amy chuckled a bit, letting her presence be known, as she watched. Not before long, James was surrounded by his friends.
Sirius and Peter glared at her, while Remus gave an innocent wave.

“Evans, why on earth are you hanging out with her?” James asked, with great dislike.

“First, she doesn’t ask me stupid questions and second because I want to! I don’t need your permission to befriend anybody. And I don’t need your approval.” Lily snapped, before grabbing Amy’s arm, leading her to class.

“Bye, bye, boys!” Amy called in a sing-song voice.

“Argh! I cannot believe her!” James exclaimed, throwing his hands up in the air.

“Which one, Amy or Lily?” Remus inquired, knowing it would only further James’ anger.

“Both! Who do they think they are! I mean seriously, what’ s wrong with me? I’m a great guy. Evans should feel--”

“I got a plan, mate.” Sirius said suddenly.

“What?” Remus sighed, dreading his answer.

“Our first attack, today, here’s what we’ll do…”
Back in the dungeons, Amy and Lily found a table and pulled out their books. They didn’t even notice, James and his friends enter.

“Ah, so many familiar faces,” a stout, short man with a gingery moustache with thick fair hair, in a lush waistcoat with big yellow buttons, said, rubbing his hands together.

“But I don’t know you.” He smiled at Amy.

“Oh, Professor Slughorn, this is Amy March. She’s the new transfer student.” Lily explained, grinning.

“Ah, very good, very good. Welcome to Advanced Potions, I am Horace Slughorn as many of you know! Today we will be making the Confusing & Befuddlement Draught. You will be working in pairs of two, so agreeing and getting along will be one of your challenges. The recipe is on the board and the ingredients are on the shelves. Begin!” He grinned, enthusiastically, before clapping his hands.

“I’ll get them.” Amy told Lily, who setting up the cauldron. Amy walked over to the shelf, reaching for the sneezewort when a rather slimy haired boy, with an extremely large nose, snatched it from her.

“Excuse me?” Amy snapped, with an arched eyebrow.
He didn’t care to notice her outrage, grabbed the other ingredients he needed, and went back to his seat.

“Jerk.” Amy muttered, grabbing the scurvy grass and lovage, and going back to the table.

“That was Severus Snape. He’s a real Potions wiz and has a rather unpleasant demeanor.” Lily explained, starting to cut up the scurvy-grass.

“No, no, no don’t cut it that way. Cut it with the left side, it extracts more of the flower’s pollen, causing more inflammation in the brain.” Amy explained, taking the knife from her. Lily watched her with raised eyebrows. Amy’s cheeks flushed a little, hoping she didn’t offend Lily.
Lily didn’t seem to notice as she began pounding the sneezewort to bits, causing the yellow powdered leaves to go everywhere. Lily sneezed uncontrollably at least four times. Amy once more stepped in.

“Don’t pound, crush them, like this,” Amy demonstrated, moving the stone back and forth.
Lily gave her the same look except this time, there was a hint of envy behind those brilliant green eyes. Amy cleared her throat and finished cutting the scurvy-grass. They continued working in an awkward silence, until they finished preparing their separate ingredients. Both reached for the lovage, but Lily pulled her hand back.

“Oh, no, you go for it. I’ll probably do it wrong.” Lily said, in a bitter tone.
Amy was positive; she had just ruined the foundation of what could have been a great friendship. She sighed and continued dicing the lovage into short, separate columns. Slughorn began waltzing through the tables, and stopped at theirs.

“Very nice, so far.” He nodded, before going to the next table.
Amy bit down on her lip before speaking to Lily.
“We have to add the scurvy-grass first, three flowers should be fine. You can put them in if you want.” Amy said, in a tone quite defeated.
Lily snatched the flowers and sprinkled them into the potion, still obviously angry. Amy let Lily add the lovage, while she put in the sneezewort. The potion turned a deep purple and Lily’s posture stiffened even more, at the fact that Amy’s way made the potion perfect. Her bitterness grew once Slughorn saw the potion.

“Oh, this is brilliant ladies! Full marks, indeed!” He exclaimed.
Amy looked around the room, to avoid Lily’s glare, and the boy she had pointed out, Severus Snape was glaring at Amy, as well. God, people in the country are so touchy! Amy thought, miserably. She just wanted to crawl into a hole. Her stormy blue eyes kept scanning the room, and she noticed Sirius and his friends. James, Sirius, and Peter tried to act like she didn’t exist, while Remus actually looked interested in the fact she made an excellent potion. How he was friends with them, she would never know. Slughorn sang their praises for a few more minutes, and the class was over. Amy quickly grabbed her things and rushed out of the dungeons as quick as she could.

One way or another, I'm gonna find ya.
I'm gonna getcha, getcha, getcha, getcha.

“Okay, now.” Sirius said, grinning.
James lifted his wand, pointing it at Amy’s back, specifically her hair.
Commutationis crinis.” He smiled, waving his wand proudly.

Remus just watched, shaking his head. Peter clapped approvingly.
Lily looked at them suspiciously, before waltzing past them to Muggle Studies.
Amy had just taken her seat when she saw Lily waltz in. Oh, great. We have the same schedule. She reminded herself as Lily sat behind her.

“Um…Amy.” Lily began.

Amy turned around at her.

“What? So I’m good at potions! Big deal! So someone can beat you at one subject, call The National Inquirer!You seriously need to get over yourself. I can’t believe you were such a fair-weathered friend.” Amy exclaimed, exasperated.
Lily looked down, knowing what she had said was true.

“I’m sorry, okay? I’m used to being the best and I know that’s rotten to say. I’m sorry, I still want to be your friend..” Lily apologized.
Amy just looked at Lily. She did look awfully sorry. Her green eyes were downcast and the fire behind them had burnt out.

“It’s okay, I guess. We’re still friends.” Amy smiled.
She let out at inward sigh of relief when Lily returned it.

That’s when the charm began to work.
“Uh, Amy.” Lily said, in an uneven tone.

“What?” Amy asked, confused.

“Y-Your hair it’s green! Now it’s purple!”Lily screamed.

Amy gaped at her for a second, before fishing in her bag and pulling out her compact. Lily was right; Amy’s hair was changing different hues by the second. At the moment, it was a bright pinkish color.
Extreme anger was coursing through Amy’s veins. Those boys were gonna pay! She looked at Lily, whose hand was covering her open mouth. Amy spent the whole period racking her brain for payback.
Once class was over, Lily and Amy were walking to Arithmancy, when Amy spotted James, Sirius, Peter, and Remus by the lake. Remus was going over his notes, while Sirius and James were chatting up some pretty, wide eyed girls. Peter was admiring them, sitting next to Remus. Perfect Amy grinned.

“What are you gonna do?” Lily asked, placing her hand on Amy’s shoulder.

“Oh, you’ll see.” Amy grinned wickedly.

One way or another, I'm gonna win ya.
I'm gonna getcha, getcha, getcha, getcha.

Amy confidently sauntered up to them, clearing her throat, making her presence known. The second they saw her, James, Sirius, and Peter burst out laughing. The pretty girls’ mouths were wide and giggled.
Amy smiled at them and looked down, nodding.

“Pretty funny, huh?” Amy asked.

“Yes, it is!” Sirius managed to get out.

“Yeah, so is this,” Amy spat, waving her wand,” Braca deorsum!”

Suddenly, the boys’ pants were wrapped around their ankles, showing off their very interesting underwear to the crowd that had gathered, especially to the girls who fancied them.
Amy winked at them before walking back to Lily.

“That was amazing!” Lily laughed.

“I do try.” Amy grinned once more.

“Here, I think I know how to fix your hair.” Lily said once they were at a safe distance. Lily waved her wand, muttering something.
It worked, Amy pulled out her compact once more and her hair returned to its normal dark brown color.

That was the beginning of the prank war. The next attack was on a Monday morning when Amy was eating breakfast in the Great Hall with Lily.

“She’s gotta pay.” James threatened.

“Oh, she will.” Sirius reassured his friend.

I'm gonna meetcha, meetcha, meetcha, meetcha.
One day, maybe next week, I'm gonna meetcha.
I'm gonna meetcha, I'll meetcha.

Calliblepharum evanesce!” Sirius barked as Amy was walking out of the Great Hall.

James grinned at him, when he heard Lily’s scream.

“Your eyebrows! They’re gone!” Lily screamed.

Amy’s whole body shook with anger. She waited for them to leave the
Great Hall. She tailed them like a cop, at a safe distance. Once they were in front of an adequately sized crowd, Amy called down at them in the hallway.

“I must say I should have expected this!”
Sirius’ lips formed a large smile.

“You thought we forgot about that little incident by the lake?” Sirius called back to her.
Amy smiled at him.

“Oh, no I didn’t forget.” She replied, coyly.

One way or another, I'm gonna win ya.
I'll getcha, I'll getcha.

Rosacea vestimentum!" Amy shouted, wand pointed in their direction.
Seconds later, the boys’ robes were a pretty pink color.

“Not very manly but Sirius, you look so pretty in pink.” Amy smiled, before turning around and disappearing in the crowd that had gathered half of them admirers of Sirius and his friends, the other half waiting to see Amy get back at them since someone was finally standing up to the infamous quartet.

Two weeks later Sirius and James planned their counterattack. Late at night in the Gryffindor Common Room with many different pieces of parchment surrounded them with little comic book like drawings of their ideas scrawled on the yellow paper.

“Okay, here’s what we’ll do in the Owlery I’ll set it up this time unless you want to.” Sirius began, his features hardened in thought.

“No, no. It’s okay this one can all be on you, what do you think, Remus?” James asked acknowledging their friend who had heard their ruckus and decided to check it out.

“No! This is ridiculous! You already got back at each other enough! This should just end! Could you for once be the mature human being and end all this?” Remus begged but in a rather furious tone.

“Of course not,” Sirius yelled getting to his feet,” she humiliated us! This is what she deserves!”

Remus shook his head and went back to bed. It wasn’t even worth trying to convince them, they were too far gone.
Remus waited until Amy walked out of Arithmancy, a class they shared, to warn her.

“Amy, can I talk to you?” He asked, in a serious tone.

“You realize, I don’t actually trust you. But you can try if you want to.” Amy replied.

Remus waved his hand, impatiently. It was so weird and out of place because he was sixteen and the gesture was something she expected out of an older man who had grown impatient with a little child. Since they were neither she found it very amusing. Amy put her hand over her mouth, to hide her giggle.

“I know that doesn’t matter. I think you should stop all this before you get hurt. Sirius and James can be quite wicked at times. Just apologize and a couple weeks, maybe in a month this will all blow over.” Remus pleaded.
Amy bit down at on her lip, smiling at him.

“Thank you, I’ll remember not you hurt you in the next one. But there’s no way in hell you can stop me, but I’m honored that you tried.” Amy laughed, walking past him.
Remus simply shook his head; she was something else that far from normal. Amy was walking to the Owlery, a letter to her mother in hand, when James and Sirius spotted her.

“Okay, behind the pillar!” Sirius whispered.

“Are you sure this is gonna work?” James asked, impatiently.

“Of course, I set everything up.” Sirius replied, annoyed.

One way or another, I'm gonna find ya.
I'm gonna getcha, getcha, getcha, getcha.
One way or another, I'm gonna win ya.
I'll getcha, I'll getcha.

The second Amy stepped in the straw covered room; she was attacked by dozens of owls. James and Sirius grinned at each other as Amy screamed. The birds swooped down at her, pecking and tearing at her robes and arms. Tattered and bruised Amy managed to escape the Owlery, to see Sirius and James grinning at her.

“Just wait.” She spat, glaring at them.
“Just you wait.” She threatened, walking away.

Lily was horrified, once she saw Amy. After taking her to the Hospital Wing, Lily helped Amy with her next prank. The girls sat in the dusty, stuffy library with many pieces of yellowing, crumpled parchment lied out on the tables before them. Scribbles, scratches, all sorts of marks decorated the papers it seemed that they were having a little trouble deciding on the pranks.

“No, Amy! I really think you should do this one.” Lily argued, ruffling her fiery red hair with her fingers.
Amy was in the process of banging her head into the table, much like she did at home. Stopping her act of immaturity, Amy looked at Lily, her body ached from all this, her very bones were screaming. The usual brilliant hue of her eyes were dull, a stale faint blue.

“I don’t think it’s good enough,” Amy began, slowly in a hoarse, dry voice,” don’t give me that look. I don’t question your intelligence, just your skills in deviance.”
Lily gaped at her, green eyes wide and her mouth slightly open, as if to say “Who are you, questioning me?”

“Fine, you can plan this yourself, forgive me for trying--”
A light bulb flickered on in Amy’s weary brain, she had a glorious epiphany and it brought her instantly to her feet, leaving Lily’s angry sentence hanging in the air.

“Shut up, Lily! I have it! I have it!” Amy squealed, restraining herself from jumping up and down.
Lily stared at the girl before her questioning her sanity, but nodding so that she would continue.

“Here’s what we’ll do…” Amy began.

One way or another I'm gonna lose ya.
I'm gonna give you the slip.
A slip of the lip, or another, I'm gonna lose ya.

Sneaking down to the kitchens, they stole some of the dinner sprinkling in a special ingredient. As they were preparing their wicked attack, Amy told Lily about her conversation with Remus.

“Oh, really? Well, I would expect it. He’s the only decent one. That was very sweet though, I must say.” Lily replied, in a surprised tone.

“I still don’t get how he’s friends with them.” Amy said, with raised eyebrows.

“Oh, I know.” Lily laughed, agreeing with her. She smiled as they brought the food upstairs and placing it in Sirius and James’ normal spot. Soon the students had filed into the Great Hall.

“I love you, laxatives.” Amy said, kissing the box, before walking to her and Lily’s seats.
Amy and Lily were in the middle of their meal, as they saw the boys rush to the bathrooms, pushing each other out of the way.
They exchanged wicked grins. The very next day (her prank was too horrible to ignore for a week), Sirius and James quickly came up with a plan. Since Amy had many classes, she had many books. As she was climbing up one of the many high staircases, James and Sirius appeared around a corner.

I'm gonna trick ya, I'll trick ya.
One way or another I'm gonna lose ya.
I'm gonna trick ya, trick ya, trick ya, trick ya.

Divexatus sacci ! James whispered, waving his wand.
Suddenly, Amy’s bag split in two sending her papers everywhere.
But this time, they didn’t get the reaction they wanted. She just burst out laughing.

“Oh, c’mon! That was so easy! Have you guys been under so much stress from last night, you couldn’t come up with a decent comeback?” Amy laughed.

“I told you it was stupid!” Sirius said, pushing James into the nearest wall.

“Shut up!” James said, pushing Sirius back.

One way or another, I'm gonna lose ya.
I'm gonna give you the slip.

Subsequently, Amy and Lily ended up rigging their table, the Muggle way, loosening the screws to make it tilt. When James and Sirius sat down, their food was splattered all over their robes.

“Since they were a little soft, I went easy on them.” Amy explained, to Lily.
The final prank started three weeks before Halloween and this one actually wounded Amy and Lily, quite a bit. Sirius of course came up with the idea and executed it.

One way or another, I'm gonna getcha.
I'll getcha.
I'll getcha getcha getcha getcha.

In the Great Hall, he sauntered up to the biggest gossip queen at Hogwarts, Regina McAdams.

“Oh, hello, Sirius.” She smiled, innocently, tossing her straight blonde hair over her shoulder.

“I have some interesting news for you…about the new girl…Amy March.” Sirius said, slowly.
The gossip queen’s eyes pale blue eyes went wide at the hint of a new rumour to spread. Sirius smiled as her features tensed in anticipation.

“The reason, that she seems to cling on, oh-so desperately to Lily Evans, is because…,” Sirius leaned in closer to her, as she pressed her cupped ear to his lips,” she’s a lesbian!

The blonde beauty’s mouth fell open, wickedly.
“No way!”
“Yes, way, I saw her in Chicago at the conference, with her “partner”.” Sirius told her, his smile getting wider by the second.

Regina placed her hand on Sirius’ shoulder and earnestly said,
“Thank you so much, for coming and telling me this. No one wants a lesbian in the girls’ dormitory. I mean there are girls in their nightgowns and you’re no stranger to the length of some of those nightgowns.”
She looked at him, smiling.

“You’re a doll, Regina. Why didn’t we ever go out?” Sirius asked, with a sensual tone.

Regina gave an absurd, artificial laugh, and waved her hand gracefully through the air, before placing it on his shoulder once more.
“C’mon, Sirius, we both know, I’m completely out of your league. You may go now.” She finished, before turning back to her group of chattery girls.

Sirius shook his head as he walked away.

“So did it work?” James asked, eagerly as Sirius sat back down at the table.

“Within in the next three hours everyone will know Amy’s dirty little secret.” Sirius replied, confidently.

“A secret that’s a complete lie!” Remus argued.

“No, we don’t know that for sure.” Sirius said, casually.
Remus once again rolled his eyes.

At lunch, while Amy and Lily were discussing their homework so far by the lake, Amy noticed a girl she didn’t recognize walking towards them, more like gliding.

“Oh, no.” Lily sighed.

“What?” Amy asked suddenly, eyes still locked on the blonde figure floating towards them.

“That’s Regina McAdams, she’s the gossip queen of Hogwarts and she never comes to talk to you, unless she’s got some juicy new rumour on you.” Lily explained, warily.

Amy drew in a quick breath as the supposed gossip queen stopped right in front of them. She was like a perfect Barbie doll, long, blonde shiny hair, that fell like a sheet on her back, beautifully artificial features, and two perfect pink lips well suited for spreading gossip. There were two girls by her side, on her left and one on her right. A tiny brunette was on her right and a taller blonde on her left. Amy recognized the blonde as the girl Sirius had approved of, on her first day, something Boswell. Both were extremely pretty but neither could match the beauty of their Queen Bee, who at the moment gave Lily a faint smile.

“As one of the most popular girls in the sixth year, I thought I should be the one to confront you with this interesting piece of news I heard this morning. It’s Annie, right?” Regina began, her voice floating softly out of those perfect lips.

“Amy.” Amy corrected, bitterly.

“Whatever. The point is, we don’t need a lesbian at Hogwarts. It makes many of the girls very uncomfortable and this may come off as bitchy but I’m just protecting these girls’ interests.” Regina explained, topping it all off with a quick artificial laugh.

“Who told you that?” Amy asked, trying to conceal the anger rising in her voice.

“Like I’m going to tell you that.” Regina laughed once more, tossing her hair over as she glided away.

“Sirius Black, I bet my life on it.” Lily snapped.

“Well, he hit me where it hurts, I’m gonna hit him.” Amy resolved.

“Metaphorically speaking.” Lily added.

“Oh, totally, I ain’t even touching those.” Amy laughed.

Amy made her confrontation at dinner.

“Sirius, what the hell was that?” Amy spat.
A smug smile formed on his lips as he looked up at her.

“Did you like it?” He asked, with an arched brow.

“Screw you!” Amy yelled, angry. She was past the point of no return, no sarcasm, no jokes, no witty comebacks, he was gonna pay.
The volume of her voice attracted a crowd, that gathered around her and Sirius. James and Peter watched, grinning at each other; Remus slowly looked up with a disapproving look on his face.

One way or another, I'm gonna find ya.
I'm gonna getcha, getcha, getcha, getcha.

Chalazosis!” She screamed at him, wand pointed directly at his face. Soon, it was covered in dozens of disgusting little red pimples. Girls shield their faces, some even wept, at the loss of Sirius’ beauty. She had gotten his vanity.

“Try that on for a week.” Amy spat, walking away.
This was the only prank the teachers knew of and had seen. Subsequently, Amy got a week of detentions and after she explained what Sirius and James did, they received a week as well.
The prank war was finally over on the last week of October...or was it?

Chapter 6: Chapter Six: Kiss and Makeup
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Chapter Six: Kiss and Makeup

A/N: Thanks as always to Jackie! You are a goddess! And since she enjoyed this little chapter so much I am dedicating it to her! Enjoy everyone and thank you for the lovely reviews!

On that last week of October, Dumbledore announced that fifth years and up were having a Halloween party and costumes were required. Lily and Amy were very excited at the idea and began discussing what each would wear. Just then, quite fortuitously, Amy received a package, addressed in Donna’s loopy hand writing. Like a child on Christmas morning, Amy ripped off the paper and opened the package. There was a neatly addressed letter and something else wrapped in brown tissue paper.

Our Dearest Amy,
We miss you so much! Well, I really really miss you and I think Michelle does, because she hasn’t taken off your clogs since you left! Happy Early Halloween! I hope you have a good one, all the way over there! Chicago is the same and so is M cubed (Magical Mistresses Manor). I hope you made friends and gave those jerks we met at that conference hell! I’m sure you did! Anyways, you’re probably wondering what this mysterious package is. Remember how you and I decided we’d see what it was like to be blonde bimbos this year? Well, we ordered the costumes and I couldn’t cancel the order when you left. So here it is! The spells for changing your hair are also attached! Have a great Halloween and write us soon!
Donna & Michelle
Ps. Your Mom is on the cover of Newsweek again, I put it in there too!

Amy laughed aloud and set down the letter.
“It’s from my friends, in Chicago.” She explained to Lily.
Lily smiled and picked up the letter.
“Your friend is funny; I can see why you got along.” Lily smiled.

Amy took out the magazine and rolled her eyes at the photograph of her screaming mother. Finally, she found the costume; it was a sparkly silver corset-like top, with pieces of fluffy white cotton outlining the chest and smooth black cotton over the hips. Black leggings, white pointed boots with the same fluffy cotton pieces around the top were underneath the corset. The finishing touches were the white bunny ears headband, fluffy cotton like bracelets, a packet of four sticky silver beads to go on either side of her eyes and a little bunny tail to attach to the back of the corset.

“Oh, jeez that is one outfit! McGonagall will have a fit!” Lily laughed at the sight of it.
Amy smiled wickedly.

“You know this would be a great prank!” She said, suddenly.

“What do you mean?” Lily asked.

“The final prank, playing with Sirius’ attraction to blonde bimbos.” Amy explained, grinning.

“You are something else.” Lily said, shaking her head.

The week seemed to drag on slowly, as all the sixth years waited for the big party. It seemed as if Halloween would never come. Amy waited anxiously to wear her costume. She couldn’t wait to see the look on Sirius’ face. Finally, Friday came and the castle was decorated for Halloween. Levitating, talking pumpkins were in the halls, charmed floating bats hung on the ceiling, and many cauldrons filled with candy-corn were scattered through out the castle. The night dragged on until the feast which lasted forever. The students were dismissed to change into their costumes and were to come to the Great Hall at eight o’clock.

Amy took a shower, making her hair smell of strawberries and cream, slipped into her risqué bunny outfit, applying black mascara and eyeliner, pink lipstick, a little blush, and light blue eye shadow to go along with the silver beads. She blinked as she moved her contacts in place, praising God that she didn’t have to wear her glasses anymore.
Amy pulled out the white slip of paper, which had the spells she needed on.

Amy pointed her wand at her hair, and said,” Flavus capilli. Within seconds her dark brown hair washed away, replaced by a soft platinum blonde hue.
“One down, one to go.” Amy sighed, pointing wand at her hair once more, reading off the next spell.
Longior extendere.”
Her hair was no longer curly, but long and straight as a board.

Amy pushed the bathroom door open and sauntered over to Lily, who nearly fell to the floor, laughing at the sight.
“That is just great. Perfect.” Lily smiled.
Amy looked her best friend over, Lily’s fiery red hair was swept up in elegant curls, sparkling in a tiara, her brilliant green eyes were accompanied with just the right amount of eye makeup to make them sparkle more than they usual did. Her white ballroom gown fell to the floor with a large hoop shaped skirt.

“So what are you?” Amy asked, taken aback by Lily’s gorgeous beauty.

“I’m an opera singer.” She smiled, confidently.

“Shall we go, my dear.” Amy grinned, sticking out her arm.
Lily looped it with hers and made their way to the party.
Once they walked to the Great Hall, Lily stopped Amy.
“I’m gonna go in first, I want you to make the same kind of entrance you did, in the dormitory. Blow them all away.” Lily explained, hugging her friend and walking inside.

“So,” Sirius drawled, waltzing up to Lily,” where’s your lesbian lover?”
“Oh, she’ll be here soon.” Lily said, trying to hide her smile.
The large oak doors swung open and Sirius’ mouth fell at the figure that sauntered through the doors. It was Amy---but it wasn’t, she looked different…she looked really…dare he say it, at the risk of sounding very American…hot. The whole party hushed at the sight of Amy.

“Here, I am!” She said, in a sensual tone, throwing her hands in the air.

“God, she looks so hot.” Sirius muttered, moving closer to her.

“Don’t do it, Sirius! It’s a trap! She’s a she-devil, remember.” James
warned him, stepping in front of his friend.

“Maybe that’s why she’s so smokin’.” Sirius said, pushing James out of the way.

A large smile made its way over Amy’s pink lips as Sirius moved through the students over to her, by the punch table.
She laughed in the sexiest way, she could muster up.
It seemed to work because Sirius came dangerously close to her.

“Oh, ho ho ho, don’t you look cute,” Amy said, playfully tugging at the black dog ears attached to his head,” but didn’t anyone bother to tell you? This is a costume party. I think there’s one of your blonde bimbos, over there.”

Sirius didn’t even bother to turn around, instead he waved his hand casually, reminding Amy, a little of Remus.

“You, look amazing.” Sirius said, looking her over very slowly.

“Why, thank you, that means a lot coming from you, too bad I’m a lesbian.” Amy retorted, keeping the same sexy tone.
An image of Sirius ripping off that playful little bunny outfit danced in his head, as she moved in closer to him.

“Oh, Amy, I think we should make a truce.” Sirius said, placing a hand on her shoulder.

“I don’t know if James will agree to that.” Amy said, pushing his hand off and waltzing away.
Sirius was too lightheaded to move as he watched Amy walk up to Remus.

“Hi.” She smiled, at him.

“T-That’s some outfit.” Remus said, nearing spraying his punch on her.

“Yeah, maybe. Sirius suggested a truce, seeing as you’re the only one I remotely trust, I came to ask your opinion.” Amy explained.

“Well, tonight, I think Sirius’ pants are controlling his actions more than his brain. But playing Benedict Arnold, I would say, take the offer, before he comes to his senses.” Remus smiled, at her.

“Thank you. By the way, I really love the pirate look.” Amy winked, tugging at his black eye patch before walking away. Remus smiled. After she left, James went up to him.

“What were you talking about?” He asked, suspicious.

“Sirius told her that you’re making a truce.” Remus said, dismissively, sipping his punch.

“Damn it!” James spat, stamping his foot on the ground.

“Um, James, your deer hunter hat is crooked.” Remus pointed out.
James quickly fixed it, before storming over to Sirius.

“How could you make a truce?” He demanded.

“I didn’t, she said you wouldn’t agree to it.” Sirius said, eyes still locked on Amy as she made her way around the party.

“Good.” James muttered, panting heavily.

“We’re still gonna make one, we have to, if I want to kiss and makeup.” Sirius went on, a smile forming on his lips at the idea.

“What? You’re gonna try to kiss that!” James asked, incredulously.

“That, happens to be the hottest girl at this party, save for Evans. Who is looking very lonely by the way, so shoo.” Sirius snapped, pushing James away.

“You are unbelievable!” James said, throwing his hands up in the air, stomping away.
After her dramatic entrance and her conversation, with Sirius, Amy got very bored. She went to find Lily who was talking two flaming redheads that looked exactly alike.

“Oh, Amy, this is Gideon and Fabian Prewett, or just the Prewett twins. Guys, this is Amy.” Lily introduced.
The one called Fabian whistled approvingly.

“That is quite the outfit.” Gideon said.
Amy smiled smugly in response.

“I was going for shock value.” She replied.

“Well you…” Fabian began.

“… got it, love.” Gideon finished. Amy had the feeling they finished each others sentences quite often.

“Come with me, Amy.” Lily said, grabbing her hand.

“Nice to meet you.” Amy said, as she was dragged away.

“The pleasure was ours.” Gideon winked.
Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Fabian pull out a wizard camera and quickly took a snapshot of her, as she walked away.
Lily stopped in front of a short blonde girl with a round face and a cheery smile, next to a boy of medium height with brown hair, and an equally charming smile.

“This is Alice Newton and this is her sweetheart, Frank Longbottom. This is Amy March.” Lily said, proudly.

“Nice to meet you.” Amy smiled, shaking their hands.

“You’re outfit is…different.” Alice said, politely.

“Thank you.” Amy said, plainly. She was getting a little tired of the respectable comments about her outfit, if they wanted to say she looked provocative, say it!

“Well, I’m going to keep perusing around the party, it was nice meeting you.” Amy said, walking away once more.
When she finally sat down, Sirius came to talk to her again.

“Being scandalous is tiring, huh?” He teased, claiming the sit next to her.

“You know it.” Amy said, in a bored tone.

“So when are you gonna forgive me?” He asked, turning his whole body towards her.
She decided to continue the act, and placed her one hand on his shoulder and ran the other through his black hair.

“I don’t know, when do you want me to?” She asked, relishing in the power she held over him, at the moment.

“Now…” He said, once more coming dangerously close to her face.

“I’ll think about it.” Amy said, playfully.

“Please.” Sirius pleaded, stuck out his lower lip with grey eyes opened wide.

He really looked like a puppy dog now
Amy threw her head back, as she laughed.

“All right, I forgive you.” Amy smiled.
Sirius grinned widely at her; it became even wider when she smiled back. Wait a second! She thought. Was she really flirting with him? Oh, my God! I am!

Chapter 7: Chapter Six: Kiss and Makeup Part 2
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A/N: It seems that the original chapter six was too long or something because half of it was cut off, I apologize this I did not notice. Sorry! But here's the rest! Enjoy! And as always thank you to Jackie, she helped write the Lily/Amy argument and the chapter is still dedicated to you, honey!

Last time on Remember Me:
“All right, I forgive you.” Amy smiled.
Sirius grinned widely at her; it became even wider when she smiled back. Wait a second! She thought. Was she really flirting with him? Oh, my God! I am!


But he looks to cute. Her head rationalized. But he’s a pig! A shovanistic, sexist pig! She surprised herself even more when leaned in closer, making the space between their bodies very minimal.
Sirius smiled, seductively and she tried her best to match it. She wanted to kiss him, even though her head was giving her a million reasons otherwise.

“So, I think we can kiss on it, now.” Amy said, raising her eyebrows.
“My pleasure.” Sirius grinned before crashing his lips, fiercely down on hers nearly smearing her pink lipstick. It had to be one of the hottest kisses she ever had, because she moaned a little. She felt him smile, she opened her mouth and he deepened it.

Soon, it was almost a full blown make out session, as he ran his hand down the coarse back of her costume. Amy laughed when he tugged at her white fluffy tail.
Remus was slowly scanning the room when he spotted them. He groaned, before turning to the seat next to him.

“Um…James, you that thin line between love and hate?” Remus asked, cautiously, with an arched eyebrow.

“Yeah…” James said, getting up from his seat, slowly.

“Well, it’s been crossed---more like plummeted over.” Remus said pointing at the steamy couple, before casually sipping his punch.
That’s when Lily saw her, her mouth fell to the floor and she stood stunned for a second. Lily shook her head, storming towards them, she was so furious she didn’t even notice James next to her.

“What the hell?” They yelled in unison.
Lily ignored him and directed her fiery gaze on Amy.

“What the hell? I’m supposed to kiss James before you kiss Sirius! Don’t you remember?”

“Yeah, Evans is supposed to—wait, what?”
James looked at her bewildered for an answer.
Lily turned and saw him giving a great sigh of disgust before running out of the Great Hall. Amy went after her, making her way through the large crowd.

“Lily.” Amy called, sprinting after her.
Lily tried to go faster than her, but in her costume she had little luck. Amy caught up with her, panting.

“What was that? You were supposed to toy with him! Not snog him to death!” Lily bellowed, spinning around to face Amy.

“It kinda just happened. He is really cute.” Amy argued.

“How was it? Wait…gross! I don’t wanna know that. I can’t believe you.” Lily sighed, slowly beginning to walk away.

“I’m sorry okay! The forces of lust are beyond my control!” Amy called down the hall.

"Beyond your control!?" Lily's voice hit a pitch that didn't seem real. She laughed in a way that didn't sound good at all. "How can someone so smart be so thick as to even think something like that was possible? You don't just snog Sirius Black without wanting to, Amy.”
Amy bit down on her lower lip, raising her hands slowly up and shrugging.

“Okay! I wanted to! I even gave him permission! I liked it and I’m not sorry!” Amy screamed back at her, turning her back, in a very immature way. It reminded of her arguments with Katie, except Katie didn’t have that great of comebacks. Wanting to further her point, Amy spun back around.

“And since when do I need your permission to make-out with someone?” Amy snapped, her blue eyes burning with anger.
Lily scowled slightly, her face nearly as red as her hair. "It's Sirius, Amy. It should be assumed you wouldn't do anything of the sort with him!"

“Well, I can change my mind, can’t I?” Amy scowled back, resisting the temptation to laugh, at the color of Lily’s face, since her own never really changed colors in anger, just her eyes.

"No! You can't, Amy," Her hands were in the air, waving around wildly, “Not when you spent so long tormenting and degrading the guy. You can't despise him then snog him later!"

“Well I did it anyway! And we made truce beforehand! So I don’t completely despise him anymore!” Amy yelled the only thing she could think of.

Lily snorted loudly, shaking her head. "A truce? Don't you realize you mean as much to him as the rest of the bloody flings?!"

Amy snorted, receiving a strange look from Lily.
“And you don’t think I’m capable of having a fling? I wasn’t talking about a serious relationships here, I’m sixteen and I’ve only had one boyfriend. So sue me if, I wanna make out with a good looking guy every once and a while.” Amy laughed, casually even surprising herself.

Lily stood still for a moment, a look that was a cross between annoyed and disbelief in her eyes. "That's not you Amy. At least I don't think so."

“It’s not,” Amy sighed honestly,” it’s just I’m sick of everyone thinking I’m a friggin’ lesbian! Maybe if I made out with one desirable guy, it would all stop. But that’s not the complete truth.”

Lily's face softened--she knew how much this rumor hurt Amy. "I don't think you are, you know that. You're just not the kind of person who rushes into it all" She paused. "You don't become someone's friend without wanting more than a short term mate."

Amy chuckled dryly thinking back to the resolution in her journal, about her wish for the year. She raised her eyebrows, dismissively.
“You know all that, huh?”

Lily nodded, not quite sure of what she would say. "Yeah--I think I do."

“Well, all things said and done, I don’t think Sirius will even remember, as Remus so eloquently put it “Sirius’ pants are controlling his actions more than his brain”.” Amy chuckled.

With the argument resolved, the girls walked back into the party.
It seemed as if the Prewett twins had started a trend, as many people came up to Amy wanting to take a picture with her, mostly males. Lily got Fabian to take a picture of her and Amy, for memorabilia’s sake. It seemed as if Sirius had left the party. Remus was still sitting by the snack table, with his lonely glass of red punch. James was chatting up some pretty girls, like usual with Peter in his frog costume, by his side. He reminded Amy a bit of a Golden Retriever, the way he hung around his friends. Amy and Lily left the party with no further discussion of Sirius Black or his friends. Little did they know what was in store for them the next day.

Amy and Lily went down to breakfast the next morning. Some people looked at Amy as if they were expecting her to still be wearing her costume. When she sat down, she played with her once more brown hair, nervously, until the intimidating gazes looked away. Lily began talking about the homework they had to get started on over the weekend, while Amy was twirling the scrambled eggs on her plate with her fork.

Suddenly, there was a tap on her shoulder. She turned around to see Sirius Black grinning at her.

“Good morning.” He said in a tone he usually saved for—well—not Amy.

“Hello, Sirius.” Amy said, with raised eyebrows. For some strange reason, her heart was beating wildly. It seemed as though her feelings for him changed over night.

“Can I steal you away for a second?” He asked, moving closer to her.
Lily shot up way too fast, that reminded Amy very much of a protective mother---her mother.

“Uh…yeah.” Amy said, shooting a nervous glance at Lily, who was still standing.

Sirius grabbed her hand and led her out of the Great Hall.
“What do you need, Sirius?” Amy asked, curious.

“Well, Hogsmeade is coming up next weekend. You can kiss me if I’m wrong, but will you go out with me?” Sirius asked, grinning wildly.
Amy turned away from him, laughing at his corny pickup line.

“Well…” He said.
She looked at him, and nodded.

“Okay. I’ll go with out with you.”
“Excellent.” He smiled, before capturing her in one of his sensual kisses. He kept pushing his mouth into hers, until she pulled away.

“Sirius—I gotta go finish breakfast.” Amy said quickly, blushing scarlet, rushing back into the Great Hall.
Lily, who was now sitting, looked up at her with a very unpleasant look.

“What did he want?”

“We’re going to Hogsmeade together—next weekend.” Amy blurted out, way too fast.

Lily just gaped at her.

“I thought you said he wouldn’t even remember---”

“I thought he would!”

“You know he’s just going to try and shag you.” Lily told her.
Amy nearly lost her breakfast at the thought.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let him. Are you okay with this?” Amy asked, worried.

Lily sighed, heavily.
“I may not agree with it, I may not even like it, but yeah I guess I’m okay with it. It’s just all a big shock. Oh, and one condition, I’m not going anywhere near Potter.” Lily explained.

“Agreed.” Amy smiled.

The following week past by in a hazy blur, Amy still couldn’t believe the plans she had made on Saturday. She expected each day, for Sirius to call it off or say it was just another prank, when none of the following happened; Amy actually began to get a little nervous. Saturday swooped upon her, without warning. That morning when Amy got up, butterflies were going crazy in her stomach.

“What should I wear?” She asked Lily.

“Something that says “back off”.” Lily answered, tartly.
Amy laughed a little, still too nervous to give a real response.
Lily walked casually over to Amy’s dresser, going through her Muggle clothes.

She pulled out a light blue peasant top and jeans.

“That goes very well with your eyes.” Lily pointed out.

“Yeah, but it doesn’t quite say “back off”.” Amy joked.

“Well, I may not like this, like I said but I don’t want to make you look awful.” Lily smiled.
Lily guided her to the bathroom, applying simple make up to Amy’s face.

“You really are very beautiful.” Lily stated, checking Amy over in the mirror. Amy scoffed. Says the girl who looks like she should be on the cover of Vogue

“Well, you are.” Lily laughed.
Amy shook her head, in disagreement.

“Now, for your hair, I think we should straighten it, like you did at the party.”

“The spell is still over there.” Amy said pointing to the familiar slip of paper.

Lily waved her wand and Amy’s curls once more became long and straight locks.

“All done.” Lily said, when she was finally done poking and prodding.
Amy and Lily went down into the Common Room when Sirius and his friends were waiting.
Sirius and James were so engrossed in their discussion about Quidditch, they didn’t seem to notice. Remus looked up from his thick black volume, and smiled.

“Sirius, you’re very pretty date is here.”
Sirius turned to look at Amy. He grabbed her hand and grinned at her.

Amy felt as if she was going to be sick. She didn’t know if it was her body adjusting to these new feelings or the fact she was just really nervous. As they made their way outside, Lily pulled Remus aside.

“Watch them for me, okay? I don’t want him to take advantage of her.” Lily warned.

“Trust me; I think we all know Amy can take care of herself.” Remus sighed, half-smiling.

“I’m not so sure, just please; make sure she doesn’t get hurt.” Lily pleaded.

“You have my word.” Remus smiled, walking back to his friends.

Amy let go of Sirius’ hand to find Lily.

“Where are you going to be?” Amy asked, trying to mask the nervousness in her voice.

“In the bookstore, it’s big and you can’t miss it. You come and find me if anything goes wrong, or you don’t feel like you wanna go through with this anymore, okay?” Lily told her.

“Thanks, Mom.” Amy laughed, hugging her friend.

“Oh and Amy…”


“Have fun.”

Amy hugged her once more before rejoining Sirius.
As they made their way down the streets of Hogsmeade, Amy noticed Remus watching her.

“Do you ever not have your nose in a book?” Amy asked, laughing slightly.

“Never, that’s Remus, for you.” Sirius barked his laugh.
Amy frowned a little at Sirius’ amusement and moved over to Remus.

“So what are you reading?” She asked quietly and sincerely.

“The works of Edgar Allan Poe.” He replied simply.
He’s a little stiff today. Amy thought.

“You like Poe?” She asked, surprised.

Remus nodded, slowly. “But—he’s American and from the South.” Amy stated, confused.

“I don’t have to be American to appreciate or know how much his work has contributed to modern poetry.” Remus said, quite matter-of-
Shot down again Amy thought, sourly.

Amy laughed, nervously at his intimidating intellect.
“Right again, Mr. Lupin, five points to Gryffindor. Do you always talk like that?” Amy joked, still trying to conceal her uneasiness.

Remus simply rolled his eyes.Amy stared at him, wide-eyed with her mouth open.
“Don’t roll your eyes at me, jerk.” Amy laughed.

Remus shrugged, making Amy even more surprised.
“Sirius, your friend isn’t playing nice.” Amy called up to Sirius, noticing that she and Remus had lagged behind quite a bit.

“Play nice, Moony.” Sirius warned, looking back at them.

“It’s not me, it’s her!” Remus accused.

“Oh, you are gonna get me in trouble!” Amy said, laughing.

“I’m not trying.” Remus laughed, honestly.

“Oh, sure you are. I see it in your eyes. You’re good.” Amy teased, smiling.

“No, I’m not.” Remus argued, his eyes wide now.

“Yes, you are, you’re fantastic. I’m on to you.” Amy kept on.

“There’s no winning with you.” Remus sighed, shaking his head.

“Oh, you didn’t know that already?” Amy asked, in mock surprise.

“Moony, stop bothering my girlfriend!” Sirius shouted back at them.
Remus and Amy exchanged surprised glances.

“I’ve been promoted to girlfriend.” Amy stated, with raised eyebrows.

“I can see that.” Remus said simply.

“Oh, and you just know everything, you little know-it-all.” Amy said, hitting him in the arm.

“I’m serious, stop it, you two.” Sirius threatened.

Amy’s smile faded and she looked down at her shoes.
Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Remus dive back into his book.

“So…you like poetry?” Amy asked after sometime.
Remus nodded again.

“How about yourself?” Remus asked.
Amy looked down and bit her lower lip, smiling.

“Oh, I love poetry.” She said, nodding.


“Poe, definitely and Whitman.”

“You mean Walt Whitman.”

“The same. I just love the way he writes, it just makes me feel like I’m in the South again.”

Remus chuckled a little.

“What?” Amy asked.

“Just the way you said, that…the way you said, “The South” it sounded different from your normal voice.” Remus explained.

“Oh,” Amy grinned at this,” that’s because whenever I speak about the South, my temporary accent returns.”

“But you’re from Chicago, right?” Remus asked, confused.

“Every summer, since I can remember we go down to Beaufort, South Carolina where my grandparents live…” Amy began.
When she noticed he was genuinely interested in her story, she continued.

“They live in this ol’ white plantation house right over the water, it’s beautiful there. I’d love to live in a house just like it.” Amy continued, dreamily.

“What’s your favorite thing?”

“Excuse me?”

“About the South, what’s your favorite thing?”
Amy smiled once more, looking down and biting her lower lip.

“The rain, I love the warm Southern rain, the way it makes the grass feel so soft, when you walk on it, the smooth mud slipping between your toes, it’s—I’m sorry, I should stop now.” Amy finished, embarrassed, flushing a little pink.

“No, no, please continue.” Remus asked, seriously finally putting his book under his arm, devoting full his interest to her.

“Are you sure?” Amy asked, looking at him warily.

“Positive, now go on, tell me about that Southern rain.”

Amy looked down again, still recovering from her embarrassment.
“Um…well, see in the South it kinda rains without warning, but it doesn’t always turn into monsoon weather, sometimes in the middle of the day it’ll just rain and then stop, making the clouds all pink and gold. Just like a painting.” Amy said, but this time she sounded a little sad.

“You must miss it there, aren’t you going back this summer?” Remus asked.

“I don’t know,” She shrugged,” Depends on how much my mom gets accomplished and on how fast.”

“Moony, now that you’re done boring my date to death, can I have her now?” Sirius asked.

“Sure, Padfoot.” Remus responded, dully.

Amy looked at Remus, a faint line appearing in between her eyebrows, she was really confused.
“ ‘Moony’, ‘Padfoot’ what’s that all about?”

Sirius threw a cautious glance at Remus; it was like a warning, not to give anything away.

“It’s just nicknames, Peter’s ‘Wormtail’ and James is ‘Prongs’, just stupid nicknames.” Remus explained.

Amy looked at him, part of her didn’t think he was telling the complete truth, but she didn’t feel like prying.

“Okay.” She replied, simply.

“Now, Moony, stop stealing my girlfriend and give her back, chop-chop!” Sirius yelled again.

“It was nice talking with you. We should talk again.” Amy said, making her curtain line.
Remus smiled at her polite manner. He was glad she didn’t immediately come to Sirius’ call.

“It was.” He replied gently as she slowly walked away. Remus was surprised when Amy turned around quickly and gave a simple wave, before turning back to Sirius. They had finally reached Three Broomsticks.

Chapter 8: Chapter Seven: Cruel to Be Kind
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A/N: Thank you to the lovely readers who keep coming back for more. A little request from me, can I get a little more detail in the reviews to help improve the story? I love hearing how you loved it but specifics would be lovely! Thank you again to my beta, Jackie you are a godsend! The song is "Cruel to Be Kind" by Letters to Cleo. Enjoy and leave a review because they light up my day!

Chapter Seven: Cruel To Be Kind

Sirius swung the door open with one arm, the other snuggly around Amy’s waist. He turned to James once they were all inside.

“Here, my dear friend is where I leave you.” Sirius smiled.

“I’ll take you to the hospital wing when it’s over.” James grumbled, still unhappy about the sudden pairing.

Sirius gave them an apologetic look before returning to Amy who was standing awkwardly between a cautious looking Peter and a rather calm Remus.
“Shall we, love?” Sirius asked with nauseating charm.

“Please, don’t do that.” Amy sighed.

“Do what, love?” He asked with feigned concern.

“That ‘love’. It’s not charming or sweet. Remember I’m not one of your
groupies that’s going to fall over myself because I’m in your presence.
Got it?” Amy snapped finally.
Lily would be so proud.

“Okay then…”

“Is he sure he knows what he’s doing?” Peter asked.

“He’ll be fine. It should do him some good.” Remus replied, stifling his laughter.

“So are we gonna sit down?” Amy asked in an obvious tone.

“Yeah, yeah.” Sirius said taking charge again.
Amy began to rethink this whole date thing. When they found a table near the fireplace, they sat down.

“Do you want something to drink, I’m gonna get a butterbeer.” Sirius said getting back up again.
Amy’s stomach churned, she hated butterbeer.
It was too hot, too sweet, too—gross. More than anything right now, she wanted to be at her grandparents’ house sitting on their beautiful white porch that wrapped around the entire house, drinking sweet tea.
Thank you, Remus She thought bitterly.

“Do they have anything resembling Coke?” She asked, trying her best not to sound unpleasant.

“I’ll ask.” Sirius said slowly, walking away.
He began to wonder if this was a bad idea. Amy threw her face on the table like she would back home on her green kitchen table. Remus keeping his promise to Lily, was sitting at the table close by when he spotted her.

“You okay?” He asked.

Amy looked up and instantly felt her cheeks get hot.
“Yeah, just slowly killing myself.” She joked weakly.

“What are you doing here?” Remus asked her.
Amy heaved a miserable sigh and shook her head.

“I don’t know.”
Remus set down his cup of tea and sat next to her.

“You don’t have to do this, you know if you don’t want to.” He reassured her.
Amy nodded acknowledging he was right. She really didn’t have to do this but she wanted it, or at least part of her did. Amy just felt all these emotions bottling up inside and as long as Remus was there, she might as well spill it out to someone. He did try to help her after all.

“To be honest I don’t even know how I got here. I’m just so confused! I know I shouldn’t be here on a date with Sirius. It’s against my morals as a feminist.” Amy sighed, frustrated.

Remus laughed at her last comment.
“Well it was a little surprising, I will say.” Remus smiled.

Amy chuckled a bit casually sitting back in her chair. Something about his presence seemed to calm her. Why was he helping her out? She hadn’t been very nice to him, they got along all right but nothing that really deserved all this comfort.

“Why are you here?” Amy asked straight out.
Remus laughed at her forwardness, nothing got past her eyes.

“Lily asked me if I would watch over you, so to speak. She didn’t want you to get hurt,” He explained, adding quickly,” She cares about you a lot. You’re not one to beat around the bush, are you?”

Amy bit down on her lip casting her ocean blue eyes downward, shaking her head. She studied her feet beneath the table for a few seconds before lifting her head back up to face him.

“No, I’m not. One of my more difficult traits, I’m afraid. My mom says I’m too independent for my own good and I’ll never find a husband.” Amy grinned. Remus rested his elbow on the table and placed his head in his right hand, listening to her. When Amy realized she had his undivided attention once again, it made her uneasy. Not the fact that she got his attention but that she had just revealed something personal about herself to someone who was an enemy only a week ago.
Amy shook her head and shuddered violently.

“I don’t know why I just told you that, I’m sorry.”

Once again her cheeks felt hot and she was sure she was going red.
Remus laughed again, the color forming in her cheeks gave her away; she was embarrassed.

“Oh, it’s fine. I don’t mind really.” Remus said giving her a reassuring smile.

Amy’s eyes widened with surprise at how comforting his demeanor was and she bit down on her lip once more.

“You are really nice.”

This time it was Remus’ turn to get embarrassed but his way was less obvious than hers, he simply bowed his head and glanced out the window. Raising her hand to her eyes, Amy studied her fingernails deciding that she should paint them at some point but couldn’t decide on a color. She looked down at her watch; Sirius should have been back by now. Amy scanned the pub for him but couldn’t find him. Her lips parted as she thought of something to say but of course Sirius had to show up at that moment.

“Trying to steal my girl away again?” Sirius teased setting his butterbeer down on the wooden table. Remus abruptly stood up and rushed back to his seat.

“He was just keeping me company since you took so long.” Amy winked.
Talking with Remus had raised her spirits and she began to feel a little better about the date.

“Thank you for this.” Amy said reaching for the glass he had forgotten to give her. Sirius flashed one of his dazzling smiles at her as if to say “You’re very welcome.”
His grey eyes studied her as she sipped from her straw, watching her every move trying to figure her out. Amy shifted her shoulders uncomfortably, she didn’t like feeling like a Biology project. She desperately tried to look anywhere in the room but in his eyes. They were just so well…serious. Silence crawled in once more and neither of them tried to stop it. Finally after what seemed like many hours, Amy spoke.

“Do you wanna get out of here?” She asked meeting his eyes.
A sly smile played on Sirius’ lips; he had definitely made the right choice.

“Well that depends, where do you wanna go?” Sirius answered playfully leaning in closer to her.
Oh, dear God. She thought a little horrified of his idea of where this was going.

“I don’t know just around.” Amy spoke quickly. Sirius swiftly rose to his feet to pay the bill. She took his opportunity to give Remus a proper goodbye.

“Hey.” She called over, leaning a little in his direction.

“What?” Remus asked lifting his brown eyes from the thick volume.

“We’re gonna get going, I just wanted to say goodbye,” Amy paused a little before finishing,” and thank you.”
Remus became embarrassed once more but forced himself to look at her. He waved his hand gently through the air dismissing it.

“Oh, it was nothing… you really don’t have to thank me.” He laughed nervously.
Amy’s lips formed a large smile.

“Of course I do,” She laughed incredulously,” you helped me out a ton, you made me feel so much better.”
She turned quickly around and saw Sirius making his way back to her.

“I gotta go thanks again.”

“What is with you two? Every time I leave I come back to find you talking.” Sirius inquired with a curious arched eyebrow, before slipping his hand into Amy’s. It felt weird, Amy hadn’t noticed that before. His hand was either too large or hers was too small because his fingers were crushing hers. What was supposed to be romantic was rather uncomfortable. But Amy shoved the bad omen out of her thoughts and forced herself into the present.

“Maybe you’re leaving way too often.” Amy suggested in a teasing tone. It didn’t get the laugh she wanted—or at least from the person it was directed to. Remus definitely found it amusing in fact he found it so amusing he had to cover his mouth to stifle the sound. Amy turned her blue eyes on Sirius and the sight was less than pleasant. His jaw was tight making his high cheekbones even sharper and his grey eyes were clear and angry.

“Thank you for your time, Remus.” Sirius snapped bitterly before turning on his heel and moving to the door. Amy shot Remus a quick glance quite like one a child would give a father when their mother was about to ground them. He gave her a gentle wave. Amy jumped when Sirius slammed the door closed. I am so in for it. She thought, adrenaline pumping through her veins. She opened it quickly and faced her furious date, standing arms crossed in the middle of the street. He simply waited emotions bottling up higher and higher until she met him in the street.

“What is with you?” Sirius yelled, too frustrated to monitor the volume of his voice.
Amy knew that he was sore with her but being shouted at right away wasn’t what she expected. Her shoulders were thrown back extremely upright and tense preparing herself for battle.

“What is your problem?” Amy yelled back, a fire slowly burning in her eyes.

Sirius scoffed loudly making sure she heard the evident sarcasm.
“My problem, my problem oh let’s see maybe I have a problem because I think I’ve been a pretty reasonable date up to this point I got you a drink, I’ve tried to hold your hand, I trying using a term of endearment but no you didn’t like that, and every time I leave you alone you’re talking to Remus!” Sirius bellowed, moving closer to her despite his anger.

“What’s wrong with that he’s your friend! I’d think you’d what your “girlfriend” to get along with your friends! And yeah you got me a drink but you didn’t give it to me. You’re just angry I’m not letting you treat me like one of her little fan girls. You called me your girlfriend and if that’s what you want you have to give me a little respect.” Amy answered bitterly lowering the volume in her voice making her response sound more lethal.

Instead of another loud and pissy response Sirius moved in closer to her and pressed his lips on hers. Out of shock Amy opened her mouth and Sirius took that as incentive to deepen the kiss. She broke the kiss when her lungs screamed for air. A grin played on his lips when he saw her gasping for air. Amy just looked at him with raised eyebrows.

“You’re just so irresistible when you’re angry.” He answered in a sensual tone.
Amy cleared her throat and smiled at him. This was one strange relationship.
Although it had many bumps and sudden turns the date went fairly well and Amy began dating Sirius. It turns out that the date was just a foreshadowing of what was to come. A week later in the Great Hall at dinner (Amy had to beg on her knees to get Lily to sit with her at the boys’ table and she finally gave in) the new couple hit rough waters. Sirius and James were having a contest over who could shovel the most food in their mouth in the quickest time. It was juvenile and disgusting.

“Sirius?” Amy said clearing her throat rather loudly.
He swallowed hard before turning to look at her.

“What?” He asked oblivious.

“That’s disgusting.” Amy spat determined to show her obvious disgust with her facial expressions.

Sirius laughed at the look on her face.

“Cute.” He said before diving back into his food.

“I’m not being cute! That is completely disgusting! I can’t eat.” Amy leaned over and whispered venomously.

“You don’t have to watch.” Sirius snapped.
Amy scoffed throwing her silverware down on the table and rushing out of the hall. Sirius rolled his eyes, aggravated.

“If having a girlfriend was going to be this much trouble…” He grumbled getting to his feet.

“I hate to say I told you so.” James replied not bothering to hide his laughter.

Oh, I can't take another heartache
Though you say you're my friend
I'm at my wits end

“Very nice.” Sirius snapped before jogging after Amy.
Amy was almost to the staircase in front of the Great Hall when he caught up with her.

“You run too fast.” Sirius panted.

“Well that’s not my problem is it?” Amy growled.

“Okay,” Sirius began approaching her slowly,” I can see you’re mad…”

“Well spotted, dumbass.” Amy snapped turning her back on him.
Sirius reached for her arm but she smacked his hand away.

“Mind telling me why you’re so pissy or am I supposed to figure it out myself?” Sirius asked trying to control his anger.

“Want to tell me why you’re such an ass?” Amy said letting her anger run rampant.
He could have said a very good comeback but she was now looking at him and her blue eyes were burning with passionate fury. God had cursed him with a girlfriend that looked absolutely smoldering when she was sore with him.

“It’s part of my charm.” He laughed leaning in close to her before gently placing his lips on hers.

“You can’t just kiss me every time you mess up.” Amy said when he broke it.

“No, I can’t. But it doesn’t hurt.” Sirius smiled wrapping his arms around her slim waist. One of his hands made its way up to her cheek and pulled her into another kiss. Amy opened her mouth and his tongue found its way in. Sirius jumped back a little when he felt her tongue in his mouth. He broke it, surprised.

“You’re getting better at this.”

“If that’s your form of an apology, I accept.”
Amy smiled at him while snatching the back of his head and pulling him into another kiss. He was right; she was getting very good at this.
They were interrupted by the sound of a loud throat clearing below.

“You know…you two are completely revolting.” Lily exclaimed hands on her hips at the bottom of the stairs.

Sirius sighed with his hand on his heart.
“That’s just so sweet of you, Evans.” He gushed before wiping his eye.

“Well no one asked you to watch.” Amy retorted smiling.

“I came out here out of genuine concern for your well being.”
Lily said as she marched up to her friend.

“And we tagged along.” Said a voice down below.
Amy’s blue eyes lit up when she recognized the lanky frame of Remus Lupin. After the date she had developed a soft spot for him. He was very nice to her and seemed like a great friend.

Amy immediately let go of Sirius and rushed down the staircase to see him. Apparently the feeling was mutual as a grin began forming on his lips.

“Read any good books lately?” She asked tapping on the grey volume in his hands.

“Only Shakespeare.” He answered trying to keep his grin under control.
Amy threw her head back with her hand on her heart in a full swoon.

“Ah the Bard.” She sighed dreamily.

“You like him too?” Remus asked no longer keeping his grin in check.
Amy swooned once more.

“He is the very poet of true love.”
Remus realized it was no use and grinned from ear to ear.

“And true tragedy.” He added.

“The one and only.” She sighed.

“You know he said “we” that means he’s not the only one who tagged along.” James Potter said finally with a look of dislike but it was only
half hearted because even though it killed him to admit it, he was beginning to like Amy.

“Hello James.” Amy smiled trying to make nice with him.

“And Lily—I mean Evans is right you two are absolutely revolting.” James added trying to cling to his feelings of hatred for her.
Amy just smiled at him until she felt a forceful hand grab hers and begin to pull her away.

“Oh-okay bye, Remus! See you later Lily, James!” Amy managed to get out before being taken away.
The next argument happened a few weeks a later at one of James’ Quidditch matches. Amy was a big fan of Quidditch and enjoyed the game immensely…that wasn’t the problem.

“All I’m saying is that he’s a little weak on the left side.” Amy argued hands in the air.

“James is a great Chaser you have no idea what you’re talking about.” Sirius retorted angrily.

Amy grit her teeth trying to keep her anger under control.
“I’m not saying that. He’s a great player with natural talent. I’m just saying that the reason Ravenclaw is leading is because his left isn’t as good as it should be.”

“Sirius, she has a good point.” Remus chimed in very amused.

“Oh shut up, Remus and go read your book.” Sirius grumbled.

You say your love is bonafide
But that don't coincide
With the things that you do

Amy spent the remainder of the match sitting with Lily who surprisingly welcomed her with open arms. Truth is Lily didn’t really understand Quidditch and was glad to have Amy there to explain. Arm in arm the girls made their way back to the castle until Amy felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned around to see a very defeated Sirius.

“I’m sorry okay? I’m just not used to knowing a girl that knows so much about Quidditch especially my girlfriend.” Sirius apologized.
Amy knew how hard it was for him to tell her that and smiled weakly at him.

“You are forgiven. But you’re gonna have to make it up to me.”

“Oh don’t worry I’ve got it all planned.” Sirius smiled at her before sliding his hand around her waist. It was then that Amy noticed James trudging along next to them.

“Great game today, James. You have real talent, natural born reflexes.” Amy said still trying to get on his good side.

James smiled at her truly flattered.
“Thank you, Amy. I hear you’re quite the observant spectator. I was hoping I was gonna be the only one who knew about my weak side.”

Amy waved her hand through the air, being around Remus was rubbing off on her.

“Oh it’s nothing that a few hardcore practices won’t fix.”

“I could help you with that mate.” Sirius offered.

“Thanks Sirius that’d be great.” James said.

When I ask you to be nice
You say you gotta be
Cruel to be kind, in the right measure
Cruel to be kind, it's a very good sign

Later that night Sirius made it up to Amy with a beautiful candlelit dinner. It seemed a little too planned out to be a spur of the moment apology dinner but it was so sweet Amy didn’t speculate any further.

“I see you made friends with the house elves.” Amy joked during dinner.

“Oh, of course.” Sirius smiled.

“Yeah, I love them too especially Tiffy and Wanka the head cooks. Those two are so sweet too bad about the lives they had to lead before they were freed.” Amy said simply.

“Yeah before when I lived at home you should’ve seen our house elf, Kreacher he deserves it. He’s loony.” Sirius laughed.

Amy frowned a little.

“You don’t live at home?”

“No, I live with James. It’s a long story.” Sirius said getting back into his dinner.

Amy just smiled happy that he opened up to her even if it was just a little bit. Dinner was finished quickly and Sirius went straight to “dessert” so to speak. It started off as one of their routine make out sessions but progressed into something more when one of his hands snaked its way up her blouse and on top of her bra. Amy jumped up but Sirius didn’t seem to notice.

“Sirius.” Amy whispered in a worried voice.
He just shrugged it off many girls sounded like that before he got started so he continued with his other hand unbuttoning her blouse.

“Sirius.” Amy said again a little stronger.
Sirius just smiled and silenced her with his lips; it wasn’t the first time he had an uptight virgin on his hands and simply went into a speech about how everyone was doing this and that it was expected of a couple who went out for a while.

“Sirius!” Amy exclaimed finally pushing him off of her.

“What?” He asked hands in the air.

“What was it going to take before you stopped I—nevermind. Sirius, I’m not going to do this.” Amy stated firmly on her feet.
Sirius just laughed as he pulled her back down placing both arms on either side of her and kissing her once more. It wasn’t until Amy kicked him that he got the message.

“Sirius! Stop it! I am not one of those girls! And I’m not like everyone else and besides we’ve only been together for what—a month! I can’t believe you!” She snapped re-buttoning her shirt as fast as possible before smacking him across the face.

“I’m going to bed!” Amy cried running up the stairs of the girls’ dormitory.
After that night Sirius began to slowly pull away from her. At first it was a casual nod and greeting at breakfast and more time spent with James. Amy just thought they were working on James’ Quidditch moves but then another week went by until Sirius wasn’t even acknowledging her anymore. Very hurt and confused Amy sought out the one person she thought she could talk to about this: Remus Lupin.
Baby, you gotta be cruel to be kind

Chapter 9: Chapter Eight: Things You Shouldn't Do
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A/N: So sorry for the huge wait! I got mono and then the summer was crazy and now I have two shows but I will try to update!

Chapter Eight: Things You Shouldn’t Do

Amy nervously waited for Remus outside their Arithmancy class the next morning. She just couldn’t keep still, her foot was tapping her hands were shaking and she was chewing at her lower lip so much she was sure it would bleed soon. Amy sighed when she saw him finally walking out.

“Hey can I talk to you?” She asked in a squeaky voice that was unlike her own.

It took a moment for Remus to register the sight before him. It was Amy in a state he had never seen her before. Her brown curly hair was disheveled, her face was pale and there were dark shadows underneath her usually energetic blue eyes. Quite frankly she looked a lot like him well after a full moon.

“Yeah come over here and we’ll sit.” Remus said directing her outside underneath an oak tree.

“W-What’s wrong?” He asked his brown eyes locking onto hers, truly concerned

Amy couldn’t have stopped herself if she tried and suddenly burst into tears. Remus surprised beyond belief instinctively wrapped his arms around her and let her cry into his blue shirt.

After completely humiliating herself by crying unstoppably for a few minutes she gathered the strength to talk.

“I’m sorry.” Were the first words to come streaming out of her mouth as she pulled away from his arms.

Remus’ features hardened in worry as he took all this in.

“It’s okay.” He said in calm soothing voice.

“I’m really sorry I’m not usually like this.” She apologized again.

“I know I know,” He reassured her once more,” now tell me what’s wrong?”

Amy bit down on her lip trying to stop the tears from falling but it was no use they streamed endlessly down her cheeks as she explained the whole situation to him. What had happened that night and Sirius’ sudden behavior, asking what she had down wrong and why she was being treated so cruelly.

Remus sighed heavily before answering reaching into his pant pocket and pulling out a white handkerchief and handing it to her. Amy took it gratefully and wiped her eyes.

“First off, you did nothing wrong so don’t blame yourself. It’s Sirius’ fault and his alone.” Remus explained slowly.

Amy nodded waiting for him to continue.

“He’s ignoring you simply put. You hurt his pride by refusing to sleep with him and he decided to ignore you. It’s a very cruel thing to do and as his friend I apologize. I really hate seeing you like this, I really do.” He answered honestly.

“W-Well what should I do?” Amy asked voice still sore and weak from crying.

Remus slowly smiled at her taking the handkerchief from her hands and wiping the tears she missed off her face.

“Ignore him. Don’t let him know that it bothers you. I also think he has a problem with you and I being friends. I don’t know why maybe because you and I seem to get along better and he’s jealous.”

“But that’s not our fault; you’re just a way nicer guy than he is.” Amy stated simply. Remus laughed. Amy liked his laugh, it took over his whole body and it sounded really happy like his whole heart was in it. It had to be one of the best laughs she had ever heard. Embarrassed at her thoughts, Amy ran a hand through her hair and smiled.

“Thank you.” She said before pulling him into a hug. She liked the way her arms fit around his broad shoulders. Again embarrassed at what she was thinking Amy released him.

“Oh it’s fine really. I’m just glad you trust me enough to come to me
with this.” Remus answered again honestly.

It was Amy’s turn to laugh. Her whole face lit up and she didn’t feel as bad she did a few minutes ago.

“You are really nice,” She smiled at him, before looking down at the ground,” God, I have to stop saying that. But it’s true. You have to be the nicest person I’ve ever met.”

Remus nervously scratched the back of his head.

“Well thank you. I’m glad to be that person.”

Amy bit down on her lip, still smiling trying to stop herself from calling
him nice again.

Remus furrowed his brow in thought for a few minutes before coming up
with a solution.

“You know what, why don’t you just hang around with me for the weekend. I mean it is Friday and we have Hogsmeade.” He offered.

Amy smiled broadly.

“Yeah, I’d like that. I’d like that a lot, I mean if it’s not too much trouble.”

He waved his hand through the air and Amy responded with another giggle. This time he was curious to know why.

“It’s just---it doesn’t fit. You’re sixteen you know not fifty.”

Remus laughed again shaking his head.

“Thank you for reminding me.”

Saturday came quickly and Amy tried inviting Lily but she wanted to get started on her essay for Muggle Studies (apparently 45 out of 50 on the last one was unacceptable and she wanted to improve). So Amy and Remus went together. Remus showed Amy his favorite bookstore.

It was a quaint little store that smelled of old books and parchment. Amy fell in love with it immediately. Even more so when she found out what an extensive Shakespeare section that had. Remus ended up having to practically pry her away from it. But he was secretly glad to see she loved literature as much as he did.
Amy left him in the poetry area to explore American fiction. She walked through slowly not wanting to miss a single book. Her heart leapt to her throat when she recognized a familiar black novel with a tree growing on the cover.

“Remus! Come over here, I wanna show you something.” Amy squealed
unable to contain her excitement.

“What? What is it?” He asked quickly in response to her excitement.

“Look! Look at what it is!” The novel shook in her unsteady hands as
she handed it to him. Remus tried not to smile too much but her happiness was contagious.

“To Kill a Mockingbird,” He read aloud looking down first at the novel and then the look of joy on her face,” by Harper Lee.”
Remus looked the novel over for a moment before handing it back to her. He scratched the back of his head and simply looked at her.

“Are you freaking kidding me? You seriously have never heard of this book.” Amy asked incredulously staring at him eyes wide.

“I-I’m sorry.” He said apologetically.
Amy just stared at him like he was crazy. It wasn’t the first time he had gotten one of these looks but never from her.

“Scout? Atticus? None of that ring a bell? Oh my God!” Amy exclaimed looking up at the heavens well more like the ceiling of the little bookstore.

Remus laughed at her dramatic abilities. Amy swatted him on the arm in response. He jumped back a little clutching his arm.

“Don’t be rude! God and I have a very good relationship. He’s just as probably mystified as I am.” Amy replied defensively.

Remus stepped back some more with his hands up.

“Oh, I’m sure you and God get along really well.”

“There you go again! You are so rude! I do declare!” Amy said swatting him in the arm again.

Remus just grinned at her. Her Southern accent had returned in all its glory.

“You’re Southern again.” He reminded her.

“Yeah and it’s all your fault Remus something Lupin.” Amy retorted accenting shining through.

“John. My middle name is John. Amy…” Remus said smiling wildly.

“Maureen March.” She finished stiffly.

“It’s a nice name.” He told her.

“I don’t need your flattery thank you very much.” She replied her nose wrinkled in disgust.

“I’ll remember that.” He laughed shaking his head.

“Yeah, I’ll make sure you don’t forget it.” Amy said sourly.

“Oh Amy, I don’t think I could ever forget anything about you.” Remus replied honestly.

Amy bit down on her lip suddenly interested in the floor. It was wooden and dusty. Her hand ran up and down her neck nervously before looking back up at him. Remus faked a cough trying to break the silence that had slid in between them.

“Well, I’m going to buy this book just to prove how brilliant it is and you are going to read it.” Amy said making her way to the stairs.

“Oh and you’re so sure of that. How do you know I’ll really read it?” Remus asked teasing her and secretly glad the silence was gone.

“Then I’ll read it to you. I have my ways.” She replied simply.

“Oh, I’m sure you do I don’t doubt that.” He said shaking his head once more.

“There it is again! That lip! I don’t need your sass, Remus John Lupin. Like I said before you are gonna get me into so much trouble.”

“And like I said before Amy Maureen March, I am not trying to. Scout’s honor.”

Remus even held up his hand to justify his point. Amy just shook her head and rolled her eyes before trudging down the stairs. She swiftly glided up to the cashier and paid for her novel. Remus waited for her by the door and soon they were on their merry way. It was getting fairly dark since they had left around four and spent around two hours in the bookstore.

“We should probably get some dinner.” Remus suggested once they returned to High Street.

“Yeah we could go to Three Broomsticks.” Amy agreed nodding.

They made their way through the sea of chatting students to a table by the windows. Remus pulled her chair out for her before sitting in his own.

“Wow you really are a gentleman.” Amy said smiling at him.

Amy looked down at her plate tracing the white rim with her finger before looking back up at him.

“So what’s good here cause I don’t want to eat something extremely British.”

Remus laughed aloud at her comment.

“So what would be considered extremely British?”

“I don’t know something bland and soupy looking with some kind of mystery intestine looking meat.” She explained her face scrunched up in utter dislike.

“You mean like tripe?” He asked grinning at her.

Amy’s ocean blue eyes went wide, her features stiff and nodded violently.

“Okay, well I’ll get us some menus and make sure you don’t get tripe.”

Remus smiled getting up. While he was gone Amy chewed on her thumbnail a habit she had lost when she was a young child. She was looking slowly around the busy pub when a loud laugh caught her ear.
Her eyes were directed over to a table by the fireplace where a pretty blonde girl was sitting with an attractive black haired boy. Realization hit her like a ton of bricks—it was Sirius and that Boswell girl. Amy flew to her feet just as Boswell leaned in and kissed Sirius.

“What the hell?” Amy yelled, the volume in her voice broke their kiss and Sirius simply stared up at her.

“Amy, I—I didn’t think you’d be here.” Sirius said quickly still taking everything in.

“Oh so even if I wasn’t here you still would have done this? You are unbelievable. You really are.” Amy looked at the girl who just stared up at her, horrified.

“May I know the name of this harlot?” Amy asked locking eyes with her soon to be former boyfriend.

“I’m Amanda.” The girl managed to get out her whole body was shaking.

“Look, Amy--”

“Save it, Sirius. I should have known better.” Amy spat venomously before turning on her heel. On her way out she heard Amanda ask

“Sirius, why are you going out with a lesbian?” which Amy laughed loudly in reply before slamming the door behind her.

Remus saw the door slam and quickly scanned the restaurant; it wasn’t long until he found Sirius and Amanda. He set the black menus on the counter and walked over to them.

“I thought you had a girlfriend.” He said briskly.

“Oh, butt out Moony.” Sirius sighed rolling his eyes.

Remus shook his head before walking outside in search of Amy.
She wasn’t hard to find he could hear her cursing from halfway down High Street.

“Amy!” He called after her. She spun around at speed he didn’t believe to be humanly possible.

“Did you see—I can’t believe—I should’ve—that prick!” Amy rambled out in one sentence.

Remus approached her slowly unaware of what she was going to do.

“I know. I’m sorry.” He said in rather disappointed voice.

“You’re sorry?” Amy asked realizing it came out meaner than she meant to say it.

“Sirius—he does this. I just was hoping he wouldn’t do it to you.”
Remus sighed honestly.

“Well thank you but it’s not your fault and I need a drink.” She rapidly

“You need a what?” Remus asked but it was too late she was already walking ahead of him.

“Now which one of you are dodgy enough to sell to minors,” Amy asked looking at the different buildings, her eyes landed on a tiny inn,” Oh you are perfect.”

The sign hanging above her had a grotesque slaughtered pig’s head painted on it and the letter’s read “The Hog’s Head.” She walked up to and swung open the tattered old door that let out a loud squeak upon being moved. Remus of course was tailing behind her.
There was an eerie silence in the air. The bar was bare save for a few creepy customers who were heavily cloaked concealing their identities from the world. Amy eyed the bartender who looked a little familiar but didn’t think on it further.

“You’re not seriously going through with this ludicrous idea, are you?” Remus breathed in her ear, not wanting to be too loud and attract unwanted attention onto himself.

“Of course I am.” Amy replied quickly fixing her hair and blouse,” now step aside or you’ll give me away.”

“How? I’m not doing anything.” Remus whispered defensively.
Amy looked at him in mock sadness.

“No offense, but you just scream virgin innocence which I don’t need so excuse me.” She explained rapidly before pushing him aside and sauntering up to the bar.

“Two firewhiskys—make ‘em double.” She ordered in a way that would make Chicago proud.

“Seven Sickles.” The bartender said gruffly.

Amy threw the coins down on the dirty bar as he produced the drinks in two extremely filthy shot glasses. She took them and want back over to Remus. The look on his face was a mixture of concern and disbelief.

“I’m not drinking one of those.” He told her pointing to the second glass.

“Oh, no they’re both for me.” She said sitting down at one of the cluttered tables.

“Amy--” But before he could warn her she had downed the first glass.
The liquid burned her throat so much that Amy grimaced as it slid down.

“Wow.” She whistled sucking in the cool air.

Remus just stared at her hoping there would be something he could say to stop this madness. Nothing came to him and in a half an hour she had finished six glasses. Her eyes were glassy and wide and her speech was very slurred. Her posture was loose and her mood shifted every few minutes. First the pub was too boring and of course Amy let everyone know, then she recommended the firewhisky to one of the strangers at the bar who thankfully didn’t seem to notice. Remus had stopped her from thinking that hanging out under the table was a spectacular idea.

“You know what,” Amy slurred,” would be a great idea if-if we played some music and I danced on the table.”

“No, no, Amy that I don’t think would be a good idea.” Remus answered.

Amy nodded her head very slowly making her neck bounce up and down.

“You know, you are absolutely right, Remus.” Amy said drawing out every syllable in his name.

“Who needs music, I’ll just dance now.” Amy said scooting her chair out and stumbling to her feet.

“No, no, no. That’s not a good idea.” Remus said grabbing her shoulders and leading her out the door.

“He-ey,” Amy moaned,” I wanted to dance.”
She pointed back in the general direction of the pub. As Remus guided her back up to the castle she finally brought up the person he was waiting to hear about.

“Sirius is such a prick, you know. He’s just a big ass. Going around and making out with whoever he pleases.” Amy drawled.

Remus kept silent knowing she would only continue.

“He’s just so shallow. I don’t know why I ever went out with him ‘cause I’m not shallow--” She stopped walking and Remus looked at her concerned.

“At-least I don’t think so.” Her face fell as she pondered the thought.
Remus just watched her warily.

“You know he’s not even that good looking.” Amy went on tumbling down the road once more.

“I mean I guess he’s good looking if you want the tall dark handsome thing if you wanna be that girl. They give him way too much credit.” Remus laughed at her comment. Amy stopped again to laugh at her own words.

“I mean you, for instance are really cute. Like really really really cute.”
Remus laughed again this time a little nervous.

“Why don’t you have a girlfriend?”

“I don’t know girls don’t like me I guess.”

“Well they’re stupid cause you’re really cute and you’re so good. You are so so good.”

“Well thank you.” Remus sighed looking down hoping they would keep moving. Amy started to move again but this time she was stumbling towards him, getting dangerously close to his face. As Amy began to lean in something above caught her attention.

“Look,” Amy said pointing to the sky,” it’s the moon.” Remus quickly glanced up at it then back down again. It was at half crescent tonight soon it would disappear and become a new moon. The only time he truly liked it when it was gone from the sky.

“No really look! Isn’t it beautiful?” She said taking his head and tilting his chin upward.

“Yeah, beautiful.” He said rather darkly before taking her hand and looking away from it. Amy giggled obnoxiously.

“What?” Remus asked trying to shake off the moon the reminder of the moon had given him.

“You’re holding my hand.”

Remus looked down; he hadn’t realized he still was and quickly release her. This kept her entertained for a while and Remus could finally see the outline of the castle forming between the trees.

“I’m tired, I don’t wanna walk anymore.” Amy said abruptly sitting down and closing her eyes. Remus rushed over to her tapping her on the face. With this much alcohol in her system if she fell asleep there was the danger of her never waking up.

“Amy. Amy, listen to me you have to wake up.”

His heart skipped a couple beats when she didn’t respond.

“Amy!” He cried shaking her shoulders.

Her ocean blue eyes fluttered open and she just stared at him. He had never been so happy to see those eyes.

“Hey…” She said slowly,” you’re eyes are brown. I never noticed that before.”

Remus smiled at her, his heart returned to its normal tempo thanking God she had woken up.
He lifted her to her feet and placed his hands on her shoulders once more keeping her steady. They had only begun to walk again when Amy stopped.

“Oh, God.” She breathed.

“What?” Remus asked worried.

“Oh, my God.” Amy said running over to the nearest bush and vomiting.

At least it’s out of her Remus thought as he wanted for her. When she finished she made her way over to him. Amy looked utterly exhausted. Remus decided it would be best if he carried her the rest of the way. He scooped her tired body up into his arms and led her to the castle. By the time they had reached the Fat Lady’s portrait Amy had fallen asleep in his arms.

“Balderdash.” He muttered and the portrait door swung open. Remus gently placed her on the couch. He was unsure of when she would wake up and go to her dormitory, he was also aware of that fact that the stairs to the girls’ dormitory did not permit boys or he would have taken her to bed. But Remus didn’t want to leave her alone in case she woke confused so he rested in one of the armchairs and watched her sleep.

He didn’t want to admit it because he shouldn’t be thinking these kind of things but Amy looked absolutely lovely when she slept. The gentle way her body rose and fell in soft breaths. The way the corners of her mouth seemed to twitch every so often. How her brown curls fell framing her face. It was heavenly. Remus was so caught up in his illegal thoughts; he didn’t notice that he too had fallen asleep.

Chapter 10: Chapter Nine: Romeo and His Juliet
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A/N: Thank you to the lovely reviewers! Sorry for the wait! Enjoy!~Jess Some lines from William Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet"

Chapter Nine: Romeo and His Juliet

Amy awoke the next morning with a start. She did not remember where she was or anything that had happened the night before. Her eyes scanned the room taking in her surroundings. They fell on the sleeping frame of Remus Lupin. Suddenly at the sight of him her rapid heart beat settled and she was at peace. The light that shone though the thick glass window told her it was too early to wake so Amy drifted back into dreamless sleep. She wouldn’t wake again until the hour of eight. This time her eyes met two brown orbs and a faint smile. Her hand drew up quickly to her head for it was throbbing wildly in pain.

“Ah, you’ll want this.” Remus advised in a gentle voice. Quickly he handed her a slim bottle colored by its purple contents. She accepted it warily staring at the bottle.

“Don’t worry; it’s for your head. It works better than coffee and aspirin my mum says. It’s Sunday so you need not worry about classes. At breakfast we’ll get you some coffee and some food in your stomach. Drink it you’ll feel better.”

Amy was disoriented and her head felt cloudy. It took her some time to process what he was telling her.

“It will do you good, drink.”

Her tongue ran over her dry, parched lips before swallowing the contents of the bottle. Remus was right as usual her pain ceased immediately as the liquid made its way down her sore throat.

“I…feel…awful…” Amy said slowly. The raspy hoarse sound that was her voice startled her.

“What happened?” She asked before placing a hand on her burning throat.

“You drank…a lot. Do you not remember?”

Amy shook her head with fearful eyes waiting for him to continue.

“Do you remember why you decided to get drunk?”
Amy once more shook her head. Remus swallowed hard a large lump in his throat had formed. He did not expect this.


The look on her face stopped him. It was like that of a frightened child and he did not have the heart to continue.

“Why don’t you go upstairs and get dressed for the day. Keep drinking that. You’ll feel better.” He sighed getting to his feet.

“What-where are you going?” Amy asked startled.

“To get ready. I can’t stay in yesterday’s clothes can I?”
Remus gave her a lopsided smile before going up the stairs to the boy’s dormitory. Amy sat there for a while, fearing last night’s events/ Something bad must have happened. He had mentioned Sirius…what had he done to influence her actions? She was so worried over what she had done…what she might have said. Amy decided it would be best to take Remus’ advice and get ready. Time seemed to move at snail’s pace as she went up the stairs and got ready. Lily was not in her bed and Amy decided she must’ve been in the library or the Great Hall. This was good because she didn’t really feel like talking. Amy took a hot shower letting the water pound against her aching muscles.

Afterwards she threw on loose jeans and a sweatshirt. Hogwarts had recently decided that on the weekends students could choose to wear muggle clothing just as long as they wore their robes over them. Amy put her hair up in a loose ponytail and slipped her feet into beat up black converse sneakers.

Once in the Great Hall, she was greeted by a beaming Lily.

“And why are you so bright and happy this morning?”

“Something very good happened to me last night.” Lily grinned.

“Mmmm do tell.” Amy urged her poking her playfully in the shoulder.

“Austin Davies asked me out!” Lily screamed her excitement pouring out of her.

Amy covered her ears the scream had brought back the pain and she sat down.

“Did we like Austin Davies or something?” Amy asked eyes wide. This completely took her off guard.

“I’ve been fancying him for two months now.” Lily replied her grin growing bigger.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Amy felt a little betrayed but Lily looked so happy.

“Well, you’ve been so wrapped up in all this Sirius business; I didn’t want to ruin your fun.” Lily’s words stung more than she probably meant them. It was then that Amy realized how selfish she had been. How everything had been about her. And how amazing Lily truly was. That Lily was a great enough friend to let Amy have her own moments of happiness and she didn’t want anything to ruin it, not even her own happiness.

“Lily, I am so sorry. I’ve been total ruthless bitch. I’ve been so selfish. Will you ever forgive me?”

Lily just gave her a simple smile.

“Oh Amy, you have this great heart, you do. You want to care for everyone. It’s all right if you focus on yourself every once and a while. But if you want me to say it, yes I forgive you.” Lily answered before pulling Amy into a warm hug.

“By the way you look bloody awful, what exactly did you do last night?” Lily asked as she pulled away.

“I honestly don’t know. Remus didn’t tell me. I mean he started to and then he kinda stopped and went to the boy’s dormitory.” Amy replied with an arched eyebrow.

“Ooooh you and Remus, eh?” Lily teased hitting Amy in the arm.

“No it’s nothing like that. We’re just friends.” Amy replied defensively. She paused for a moment actually thinking on it.

“Well actually, he’s kind of more than a friend. He’s kind of my protector—er guardian angel. Or is that too weird? He’s kind of taken on that job ever since my date with Sirius. I have you to thank for that. I don’t know is that weird?”

Lily looked at her smiling but this time it was as if she knew something Amy didn’t.

“So when is Austin taking you out?” Amy asked wanting for some reason to get off the subject of her and Remus as soon as possible.

“At the Christmas Ball.” Lily gushed.

Amy looked at her with raised eyebrows.

“There’s a Christmas Ball? It hasn’t even snowed yet. It’s the last day of November.”

“Oh but it will. The snow around here gets really thick. McGonagall announced it this morning—oh right you were upstairs—well there’s gonna be a ball before everyone is let out for break. Oh and she talked to me asking me to make sure your outfit this time is er—conservative.” Lily explained.

Amy laughed aloud loudly.

“How did he ask you to the ball last night?”

“Oh he didn’t. He asked me out last night and specified when after the announcement.”

“So what’s he look like?”

“Oh he’s over there at the Ravenclaw table. The blonde one with the beautiful blue eyes.” Lily swooned motioning to the table near them.
Amy studied the different students and finally found him. He was very cute and did have nice eyes but something inside her couldn’t help but feel sorry for James. She knew what it was like going after someone who didn’t have any interest. Amy decided to go to the library after breakfast since in there she would get some peace and quiet. But she did not know what she had walked into. Remus had been talking with Sirius who was thrilled at the fact Amy had forgotten about his infidelity, decided that their friendship wasn’t a bad idea and warned him not to tell Amy. She came in as the fight was ending.

“I can’t do that to her!” Remus retorted fiercely.

“Do what? I hope you’re not talking about me.” Amy laughed making an
entrance. At the sight of her Remus’ harden features relaxed and Sirius turned his scowl into a smile.

“Of course not, love.” Sirius said wrapping his arms around her and kissing her lightly on the lips. Amy’s insides cringed at the term of endearment and her back stiffened against him. Remus just watched him in disgust.

“Did you hear about the Christmas Ball?” He asked once she finally relaxed in his embrace.

“Yeah, I did.” Amy said hesitantly. Why was she in his good graces all of the sudden?

“I can’t wait to see what you’ll wear.” Sirius grinned seductively before kissing her neck.

Amy grimaced and pushed him off of her.

“Remus and I have a Muggle Studies essay we should get started on--right, Remus?” Amy lied darting her head in his direction.

“Oh yeah big essay. We really should get working on it.” Remus agreed helping make her exit.

“Okay see you around then.” Sirius muttered walking off.

“Thank you so much. Oh, my God. You have no idea.” Amy laughed grinning.

“I’m glad to help.” He smiled looking down at the table. For some reason he didn’t want to meet those stormy ocean blue eyes.

“So,” Remus began forcing himself to look up,” if you’re so in love with the Bard what is your favorite play?”

Amy bit her lip and looked at her shoes for a second or two.

“Romeo and Juliet of course!”

Remus scoffed getting a surprising glance out of Amy.

“What was that for?” Amy asked sounding a little more than defensive. Every romantic fantasy she ever dreamed up was somehow based on Romeo and Juliet.

“They’re idiots! The minute something goes wrong they go off and kill themselves.” Remus stated quite frankly as if he had spent some time on his conclusion.

Amy’s eyes grew wide but she kept still and crossed her legs turning away from him. Remus laughed at her sudden silence.

“You obviously haven’t experienced true love.” Amy replied conversationally still not looking at him.

“What makes you say that?” He asked intrigued.

“Well if you had you would know there are some things out there worth dying for. Your true love is one of them.” Amy explained simply.

“Have you ever had that?” Remus asked hoping this would make her
look at him. It did. Her face fell only for a second but it was long enough to let him know he won.

“Well…no. But I think it’s out there that’s more than you say!” Amy asserted.

“I never said it wasn’t out there. It can be out there and be developed over time.” Remus argued.

“So you don’t believe in love at first sight? That if it is indeed true love it will hit you fast and hard? You don’t believe that the second you see that person you are meant to be and everything after that just proves your original idea was correct. And back to my first point you love this person so much that when they leave the room you are just dying for them to come back again. When you are separated from them you can’t breathe. The love is so intense that if they were to die life is no longer worth living and if you cannot be with them in life you will be joined in death. ” Amy retorted exasperated but still smiling.
Remus paused looking at the determination and belief on her face.

“You’re really a romantic aren’t you?”

“Yes…I am til death. I think also you’ll know everything after the first kiss if you must know.”

“One little kiss…”

“…Tells you everything.” Amy finished pulling out her Muggles Studies book. They spent the remainder of the day working on their essay. Through the next week Remus found himself thinking about Amy in ways he shouldn’t and caught himself staring at her in the classes they shared. What was wrong with him? Amy was sitting with as Lily was going over their Potions essays. She tried to listen but was too engrossed in Romeo and Juliet something she was reading quite often. She had noticed Remus sitting near by his nose of course buried in a book. Amy found herself thinking about how cute he looked sitting their deeply engrossed in a piece of literature.

But instantly scolded herself for thinking things like that and reminded herself that he was only her friend. Little did she know he was thinking deeply about her not Walt Whitman’s prose. Someone he had had a desire to a lot of lately. At that moment they locked eyes but only for a moment before quickly returning to their work. It wasn’t only the daytime when they thought of each other. Their illegal thoughts found their way into their dreams. One night Amy woke with a start after dreaming about him in ways that would make Shakespeare very impressed. What was wrong with her?

Lily was right about the snow. It was that night that it covered the grounds in a beautiful thick blanket. Soon the castle was decorating for the holidays. The knights were charmed to sing different carols; there were small Christmas trees in the Common Room, and holly and mistletoe hanging on the walls around the castle. Hogwarts definitely went all out for holidays and made the castle absolutely stunning. Lily introduced Amy to magical magazine shopping. It made getting gifts so much easier and shopping for their dresses. Amy had gotten so caught up in the excitement of the season she hadn’t found the time to see Remus partly because her head told her that if she saw anymore of him her dreams might progress into more than a simple kiss. . It was a shame because Amy really liked his company. She finally decided to face him the night before the big ball in the Common Room.

“Hi.” Amy said nervously biting down on her lip.

“Oh, hi.” Remus said looking up at her from his book.

“Can I sit?” Amy asked pointing to the chair next to him.

“Oh of course.” He said pulling out the chair quickly a little too fast for his liking. God, Remus don’t be so bloody obvious. He chided himself.

Amy smiled politely trying to mask her own nervousness and tucking her hair behind her ears.

“I haven’t seen you around as much.” She said. Good it’s out there.

“Been busy.” Remus answered. Busy thinking about you…your eyes, your smile the way you laugh and how I wouldn’t mind if it was the last thing I ever heard.

“Going to the Ball?” Amy asked interested.

“Of course. It’s nice how they scheduled it the night before we’re let out for break.” Remus answered trying to make conversation. He also wanted to keep talking because each time he went silent it gave his head a reason to admire a new feature about Amy.

His comment reminded Amy of something she wanted to ask for a while. At that moment she called the attention of Sirius, James, and Lily.

“I’ve been wanting to ask this I’ve just been so busy I forgot. Every year on the twenty second since I can remember my mom holds a Christmas party. I didn’t know if you guys were going home for break or staying here but if you are going home I wanted to know if you would like to come.” Amy asked trying not to get her hopes up.

“We’re going home aren’t we, Prongs?” Sirius asked his friend.

“Yeah we are. We’ll go just owl us your address over break and we’ll be there.” James agreed.

“My mom will love to meet you.” Amy stated sarcastically to Sirius.

“Yeah that will be some conversation.” Sirius laughed tossing his hair which was growing a little too long for Amy’s liking.
Amy agreed silently before turning to Lily whose features were unreadable. She was worried for a second until Lily broke out in extreme giggles.

“Of course I’ll come. How could I not? You’ll want to show me off won’t you?” Lily teased hugging Amy.

“Yes because everyone wants to show Evans off. She’s like a prized poodle.” James joked quite pleased with himself until Lily gave him a stern look.

“Ooh looks like you’re in for it, mate.” Sirius chuckled.
There was only one person who kept quiet who never joined them on the floor.

“And Remus of course you’re invited! Will you come?” Amy pleaded.
The look on her face was too endearing for him to resist.

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world.” He smiled.
Amy bounced up and down.

“This is going to be so much fun! Except stay clear of Katie my little sister she’s a—well—she’s not pleasant. And Sirius try not to talk too much to my mom.”

“Avoid Katie, don’t talk to mom. Got it.” Sirius nodded.
Amy couldn’t sleep that night. She was too excited. So many good things were happening, not to mention it was Christmas time one of her favorite times of the year. But she wasn’t the only sleepless student in the castle. Remus Lupin could not fall asleep either. Tonight he came to accept the truth. Amy was no longer a good friend to him he was infatuated with her. He only prayed she felt the same.

The next morning the castle was buzzing. Every student couldn’t contain their joy over having the ball and break being so near. It seemed even the teachers were enjoying themselves. After dinner the students were dismissed to get ready just like for the Halloween party. Lily had talked Amy into getting a simple but beautiful crimson dress with thin spaghetti straps. The neckline was conservative keeping her promise to McGonagall. Lily slid into a stunning midnight blue halter dress with a simple neckline.

If it wasn’t for a good cause Amy normally would have felt extremely self conscious in her Halloween costume. Lily swept her own hair up into an elegant bun showing off every perfect angle of her angelic face. While Amy had a little trouble at first tamed hair the old fashioned way with curlers so that her curls they fell elegantly around her shoulders.
Satisfied with their hard work the girls looked themselves over in the full length mirror.

“I can’t complain.” Lily sighed looking back at the figure in the mirror.

“I can.” Amy argued looking at Lily’s reflection and then at her own.

“How? You look gorgeous.” Lily asked.

“I wish I had more boobs.” Amy answered grabbing her chest.
Lily laughed aloud at her complaint. Amy looked her not so flat but not well endowed chest to Lily’s curvaceous figure.

“A large chest isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.” Lily answered indifferently.

“That’s easy for you to say. You’re like a double D.” Amy retorted.

“I am a thirty four C thank you very much.” Lily corrected with a red arched eyebrow.

“Well coming from a thirty four B they just look bigger. Maybe it’s because you stick your back out like that.” Amy sighed imitating her best friend’s posture.

“I’m not doing anything of the sort. C’mon it’s nearly starting. Let’s go.” Lily affirmed taking Amy’s hand and walking to the Great Hall.

At the base of the stairs a very handsome boy was waiting Amy assumed was Austin Davies because he handed Lily a white rose and told her how beautiful she looked. Lily blushed scarlet as he kissed her hand and shot an extremely excited look at Amy who gave her the thumbs up. Amy’s feet felt like lead and she couldn’t move from the staircase. What was so nerve racking about a simple ball? After a few minutes on the stairs Lily noticed Amy still at the top.

“Get down here. Don’t you want everyone to see how gorgeous you look?” Lily asked her hand now inside Austin Davies’.

The butterflies in Amy’s stomach settled for a few moments long enough for her make it down the stairs. The titanic wooden doors opened revealing the spectacular decorations for the ball. Charmed icicles hung from the ceiling and it seemed as though everything had been touched with a sprinkle of glittering ice. The tables had been cleared for an open dance floor. There was a stage next to the area where normally the teachers’ table would be and a curtain blocked off a hidden area by the stage. An old charmed record player was playing Christmas songs both magical and muggle as well as love songs.

But none of the splendor compared to what Remus Lupin saw walk through those large oak doors.
It was Amy in a state he had never seen her before. The very air in his lungs dissolved as she moved through the doors. She looked like an angel and moved like one as well as she glided through the sea of people that had now crowded around her obviously drawn by her breathtaking beauty. Her face glowed as the compliments were showered upon her. The only thought lingering in his head were Romeo Montague’s words on first seeing Juliet: Did my heart love 'till now? Forswear it sight. For I never saw true beauty 'till this night.

Remus felt Sirius move past him but his eyes were locked on Amy. He couldn’t pull away… it was as if some magnetic force was keeping him on her. He saw Sirius kiss her on the cheek and tell her she looked great. But she didn’t seem to believe it as a polite smile formed on her lips. It was then that she noticed two brown orbs staring at her. Their eyes met for what felt like a millennium but were only a few seconds.
Amy bit her lip before breaking the intense stare, blushing crimson.
Once the crowd died away Remus saw her coming towards him.

“You look…” He tried to form a sentence but his heart was beating so hard he couldn’t hear his own thoughts.

“That good huh?” Amy smiled impressed.
But before he could answer Sirius appeared demanding that Amy dance with him. She agreed giving Remus a dazzling smile he would never forget as she was being pulled away. Remus watched as Sirius tried his best to be a smooth dancer twirling Amy every so often. She laughed at his attempts to show off but would steal a glance at Remus who was very amused. As he watched her compelled by her angelic grace he decided what he must do. He waited until she was alone once more and Sirius was off on the other side of the room with talking with James. Amy stood by the refreshment table simply drinking her eggnog watching the different couples soar around the room when she felt a tug on her hand pulling her behind a red curtain that was covering the area by the stage.

Excitement lit her blue eyes as she met two brown ones but before she could speak two lips came down on hers capturing them in a breathless kiss. Her heart soared as the electricity of the kiss flowed through her body and her eyes closed enjoying the moment. Once it was broken they fluttered open staring deep into those soft brown eyes once more. Remus waited in expectation for her reaction but she was silent. Amy in breathless anticipation waited for her heart to return to its normal pace and for the air to return in her lungs.

It was if her breath had been swept away in that one moment. His heart told him to wait as it began pounding hard in his chest. Amy said the only words that came to her.

“O trespass sweetly urged! Give me my sin again.”

A smile played on his lips before pressing against her soft lips a second time. Her hands wandered down from his shoulders to his elbows gripping them for her knees could give out any second. His hands found the small of her back pushing her up taking up the small space that separated their bodies. Her lips pulled back ending the kiss and rested by his ear waiting her breath to return.

“You kiss by the book.” She breathed in his ear.

At that moment he began showering butterfly kisses along her smooth neck and a delighted giggle escaped from her mouth. Her hands rested on his shoulders stopping him. Remus looked once more into those stormy ocean blue eyes he had come to adore so much.

“I didn’t know you felt the same way.” He whispered his finger lightly stroking her cheek. Amy shivered at his touch it was so soft.

“I dreamed about this.” She answered staring back up into his eyes.

“And was it as you dreamed?” Remus asked a playful smile forming on his lips.

“No it wasn’t.” Amy replied shaking her head gently.

His smile faltered for a moment until she said,
“It was better.”

Remus could have died at that moment he was so happy. He cupped her lovely face in his hands and pulled her against him once more. It was the perfect night.

Chapter 11: Chapter Ten:Infatuation
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Chapter Ten: Infatuation

The best proof of love is trust. – The Joyce Brothers

Amy woke that morning assuming that last night’s events were all but a pleasant dream. No kiss could be that electric that intense that real. But it was it really was. Breakfast was a daze and so was packing for break. Something good must have happened between Austin and Lily because she was as dazed as Amy and they shared a silent look of sheer happiness.

Sirius, James, and Peter had already boarded the train by the time the girls made it to the Great Hall. Austin was waiting for Lily and they walked to the train together. Amy’s eyes searched wildly for the one person she wanted to see today. But he was not there and her face fell immediately. But instantly as she was convincing herself that it had really been a dream she felt a familiar tug on her hand that brought all the light back into her world. Amy peered into his smiling face and millions of emotions sprang to her at once but the gentle touch of his hand silenced them all.

“I don’t know what to say.” Amy admitted laughing at herself.

“Maybe you shouldn’t say anything.” Remus suggested receiving a playful smack in the arm.

They walked to the train hands hidden in their pockets secretly itching to touch each other. Once they went inside Amy realized a huge mistake she had made and clapped her hand over her mouth.

“What?” Remus asked surprised.

“I-I forgot to invite Peter to my party.” She breathed concerned.
Remus let out a laugh at the sight of her attractive features tensed with worry.

“It’s all right.”

She looked at him absurdly.

“It really is. His family is extremely, extremely religious and wouldn’t let him come anyway.”

A huge sigh of relief escaped her lips as she leaned against one of the empty compartment doors. She suddenly began staring at the floor embarrassed to meet his eyes and spoke to the carpet.

“We should join them, huh?”

Remus raked his hand through his light brown hair hiding his own sudden embarrassment. Amy’s eyes moved back upward to see his hair a dreadful mess.

“What did you do?” She laughed.

“I didn’t do anything.” He shrugged hopelessly.

Amy stepped back still laughing stopped by the compartment door just looking at him.

“A likely story,” She teased,” well at least let me fix it.”

She tried to get closer to him but he grabbed both her hands stopping her.

“No you’ll just make it worse.”

Amy tried to ignore the exhilarating feeling that pulsated through her body the second their hands met and focus on their little argument.

“No, I won’t.”

“Yes you will.”

“No I promise.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“I swear to God, I won’t. Do you trust me?”

Remus laughed it was such a serious question asked at such an absurd time. Her ocean blue eyes glittered waiting for his response.

“Yes, I trust you.” He sighed giving in and releasing her hands.

Amy let out a squeal of glee that made Remus regret his decision and give her a very distraught arched eyebrow.

“Oh, stop. You know it’ll get stuck like that.”

She quickly parted his hair back to its original state.

“See? No harm done.”

“No actually I can’t see.”

Remus could have sworn her heard her mutter “cheeky” as she explored her purple purse and pulled out a black compact mirror.

“Check it yourself.” She said handing him the mirror. He took it reluctantly and surveyed her work.

“Okay, it’s not horrible.” He said finally handing it back to her.

“I told you so.” She teased before gathering all the courage she possessed and kissing him quickly before sliding behind the compartment door.

She had barely sat down when the door swung open rapidly and closed even faster. Amy looked up to see Remus trying his best to look cross with her as he stood against the door. She grinned mischievously at him.

“You didn’t think I’d let you off that easy?” He asked clicking the latch on the door before approaching her slowly.

Her grin grew on her lips as he hovered above her. Within a few seconds he had tackled her landing both of them on the floor.
His fingers ran across her sides tickling her all over hoping she would work and to his delight she was extremely ticklish. Even though Amy was erupting with laughter it was torture for her she hated it.

“ Remus! Stop! Stop it!” She managed to get out trying to find his hands and stop them.

The look in her eyes made him stop and he began to get off her. But she grabbed his red and gold tie pulling him inches from her face. Their eyes locked both panting heavily as their lips met. Amy broke it placing her lips next his ear and their breathing became even more staggered.

“Open your mouth.” She whispered before taking the back of his head and making him kiss her once more and he did what he was told. It must have been too aggressive for him because he broke it just staring at her. Amy slowly covered her mouth waiting for him to speak.

“I-I’ve never been kissed like that.” Remus answered honestly.

“Really?” Amy asked trying to hide her grin.

“It was different…” He said scratching the back of his head.

“It takes a bit of getting used to, I suppose.” Amy shrugged.
Remus shook his head seeing that she was taking it the wrong way.

“I-I liked it.”
Joy overtook Amy’s limbs as she wrapped her arms around his neck sending them along the other end of the compartment.

“I don’t want this train ride to end.” She admitted as she made herself comfortable in his lap.

“Neither do I. But I’ll see you the twenty second—that’s only few days away.” Remus replied wrapping one of her lovely brown curls around his finger.

“Even that’s too long. I guess this is what happens.” She sighed resting her head on his chest.

“When what happens exactly?” He asked curiously looking down at her.

“When you become infatuated with someone.” Amy answered ocean blue eyes looking back up at him.

“You’re infatuated with me?” Remus asked using all his might to hide his growing smile.

“Hopelessly.” Amy replied sighing dreamily.

His finger tilted her chin upwards allowing him to kiss her swollen lips. The rest of the train ride went by too quickly. Not wanting to spend a second away from one another they stayed in their Hogwarts robes instead of changing into Muggle attire.

Reluctantly they left the compartment and gathered their luggage joining their friends. Amy saw her mother and sister waiting for her by the platforms.

“I’ll owl you all the address, okay?” Amy told them even though she had no owl to send the letters.

“We’ll see you soon.” Lily said hugging her.

“Bye James.” Amy said sticking out her hand.

“Bye Amy.” He replied shaking it.

Sirius kissed her lightly on the lips his own way of saying goodbye. By that time Peter had been rushed off by his parents. Slowly Amy went over to Remus and decided it would be appropriate to hug him as long as she didn’t let it linger.

“I’ll being seeing you then.” Amy said pulling away.

“Yeah—I’ll see you.” Remus replied quickly.

As she walked away she could feel his eyes watching her go. Quickly Amy spun around and waved before joining her family. That simple wave brought more joy than he ever thought possible.

“Amy Maureen did that boy just kiss you?” Her mother demanded after hugging her daughter.

“Uh yeah Mom—that’s my boyfriend—you’ll meet him—you’ll meet all of them at the Christmas party.” Amy replied quickly.

“Who would wanna date you?” Katie asked grimacing.
Amy sighed deciding to let that one go and received a grateful glance from her mother.

“We have surprise for you when you get home. An early Christmas present.” Her mom said driving back from the train station.

Her mom had Katie carry in Amy’s luggage while she covered Amy’s eyes leading her into the kitchen.

“Surprise!” She said removing her hands.

Amy’s eyes met the sight of a small beautiful owl. It was only about seven inches tall if that with gorgeous grey feathers speckled with white. The backside was dark grey but the underside was reversed with white feathers dabbled in grey. It had two stunning deep yellow eyes with white, black, and grey scattered through out its face. It had to be the best looking bird Amy had ever seen.

“It’s a she. But we didn’t name her—that’s your job.” Her mother said proudly.

“She’s absolutely beautiful. Thank you, Mom.” Amy sighed still stunned.

“Well what are you gonna name it?” Katie asked in an obvious tone.

“Calypso.” Amy answered simply.

“What?” Katie asked bewildered.

“Her beauty and power delayed Odysseus for seven years. And this owl is just gorgeous.” Amy stated taking the cage in one hand and her luggage in the other walking up the stairs. Once she had unpacked and found a spot in a corner for Calypso, Amy took out a pen and the list of addresses. She did James and Sirius’ first it was direct and formal giving the address, the time of the party, and wishing them well. Second she wrote Lily’s realizing that she lived only thirty minutes away. Excited Amy added the piece of information in the letter and told Lily to come early if she wanted to help decorate so she could show her off even more.

With love Amy signed it and placed it next to the other letter. Last Amy penned Remus’ letting him know how much she missed him, how badly she wanted to see him, and for him to come as soon as possible on the twenty second. After racking her brain for a good half hour for the right way to sign it she simply wrote—Amy.

“Now I really don’t know how you go about this but um Calypso…” Amy began slowly the bird turned its deep yellow eyes up towards her,” these are the addresses and deliver this one last, okay?” She explained waving Remus’ letter through the air. The bird simply scratched at her cage letting Amy know that she understood and was ready to go. Amy grinned at her owl—she was pretty amazing.

She quickly opened the doors to the balcony letting the bird soar out of her room and into the sky. She walked out onto the balcony despite the cold there was no snow on the ground.

“I guess it doesn’t snow in England.” Amy said disappointed to herself.
Amy had fallen asleep by the time Calypso had flown back early in the morning. The owl tapped her on the arm with the letters in her beak.

“Hmm…” Amy muttered opening her eyes. It took her a second or two but once she took in her surroundings and the bird on her arm Amy sat up in her bed.

“Hold on, I’ll get you something, Calypso.” Amy said stepping quietly down the stairs to the kitchen. She returned with a bit of leftover bacon in her hand and happily gave it to the owl in exchange for the letters. Calypso hooted gratefully before going into her cage. She certainly was a strange bird. Amy went to her desk before opening the first letter; it was from James and Sirius’ they simply said they’d be there and to not be surprised if they’re a little late.

“Typical.” Amy muttered before going to Lily’s letter.

Hers was much more entertaining saying that she would love to come early and decorate. That it was brilliant that they lived rather close to one another and that if Potter tried anything funny at the party she’d kill him. She went on to suggest that Amy should help her in the murder and that way they could share a cell in prison. Lily signed it wishing Amy well and she would see her soon. Smiling Amy set the letter on her desk instead of where James and Sirius’ went the trashcan. With great anticipation Amy opened Remus’ letter that read:

Dear Amy,
You don’t know how many times I’ve started this letter and it’s ended up in the trash bin. Sounds stupid I know but I wanted it to be perfect. These next three days are going to be the longest of my life I’ll tell you that now until I see you. There’s something interesting I noticed when I got your letter—you live only a few blocks from me. That wonderfully romantic head of yours is going to take it as a sign aren’t you? I’ll come as soon as I can don’t worry. My mum is making one of her casseroles—she was more than enthralled to hear whose party I was going to. Apparently she’s heard of your mum’s work. I can’t wait to see you—I know I know I’ve said that already—I’m not too good at this am I? Well I’m trying hopefully I’ll get better.
Ps. Took me forever to figure out how to sign it too. I have to really get better at this.

A grin made its way onto Amy’s lips that didn’t fade until the twenty second. She must have read his letter a million times for the parchment was starting to crinkle. Her mother tried to get Katie and Amy to make the fruit salad but that didn’t go over so well. Amy resisted the temptation to ask Katie why she was wearing a black leather mini-skirt when it was thirty two degrees outside.

Amy was in the process of cutting up a pear and putting the slices in the bowl when she saw Katie looking puzzled at one of the red apples.

“Are you okay?” Amy asked with an arched eyebrow.

“Mom…” Katie began slowly,” is this a pomegranate?”

Amy laughed so hard that tears streamed down her face and she began coughing.

“What?” Katie asked outraged.

Her mother just shook her head and went on making the rest of the appetizers.
Once Amy calmed down it took all of her strength to put on a serious face and answer her sister’s question.

“That’s an apple, Katie.”

“Oh…well it looked like a pomegranate,” Katie replied gradually. Her head rose up slightly and Amy could tell she was thinking of a way to get back at her,” Mom, why didn’t you just buy canned pears then Amy wouldn’t have cut herself.”

“What are you talking about I didn’t cut—ow! Mom! Katie just cut me with the knife!” Amy screamed holding her sliced thumb.
Katie waltzed out of the kitchen heels clicking on the tile before she could get reprimanded.

“Girls I am sick of this! It’s Christmas!” was all her mother said about it.
Fortunately at that moment the doorbell rang. Amy took a wet paper towel and wrapped it around her thumb before opening the door. Whoever it was seemed rather trigger happy with the doorbell and rang it a couple times.

“Yes, hello?” Amy said annoyed.

“Am I in trouble?” Remus Lupin asked with an arched eyebrow.

Amy instantly shut the door behind her before kissing him passionately nearly making him drop the casserole dish. Breathless she let go and rejoined the ground.

“We can go inside now.” She told him grinning wildly.

“I’m good with that.” Remus answered still taken back by the interesting greeting.

“Mom! One of my friends is here.” Amy called into the kitchen.

Lisa March immediately came out of the kitchen and Katie glided half way down the stairs.

“Um…this is Remus Lupin.” Amy introduced in a more nervous tone than she wanted.

“Nice to meet you Remus.” Lisa replied shaking his hand.

Katie watched the two of them for a second from her spot on the stairs. Something was up with Amy and this guy.

“Hey… you’re cute.” Katie said cocking her head staring then darting her villainous green eyes over to Amy then back at him.

“Thank you…” Remus replied a little confused and taken aback.

Remus was surprised how naturally pretty Amy’s sister was. She had high cheek bones, full lips, nice legs she was showing off in her miniskirt and long sheet like straight blonde hair. Even though Katie was certainly beautiful there was something about the way she was looking at him that made him nervous.

“My mum made this casserole—she really likes the work you’re doing
here.” Remus said to Amy’s mother handing her the dish.

“Oh, that is so sweet! Well tell her thank you! Amy take his coat and make him comfortable—I’m gonna go back in the kitchen.”

“Okay.” Amy said watching her mother walk away. It was then that she realized Katie was staring at her.

“What are you staring at?”


Katie simply went back upstairs.

“You didn’t tell me your sister was so--er—pretty!” Remus said hoping she wouldn’t take it the wrong way.
Amy looked at him cautiously.

“I didn’t think it was that important.”

“Well you know Sirius is going to have a fit.”

“She just turned fourteen!”

“Doesn’t matter. She doesn’t look fourteen-- especially in that miniskirt.”

“I told him to avoid her.” Amy said stiffly wanting to end the subject. Remus took the hint.

“So are you gonna take my coat?” He teased.

Amy grinned at him slowly pulling him out of it and hanging it up in the closet. She ran her finger down his back but only for a second.
Remus shuddered at her touch hoping Amy didn’t see it but the smirk on her lips told him she did. An hour passed and Lily arrived. Amy’s mom was more than happy to meet her and was very impressed. But Katie
was another matter.

“Hi.” Katie greeted her stiffly.

Obviously Katie was threatened by the presence of another beautiful girl in the house because her usual graceful almost sexy demeanor instantly changed something very territorial and uptight.

“I’m Lily. I’ve heard a lot about you.” Lily said politely. Lily was onto

Katie it wasn’t the first time a girl was threatened by her looks.

“Oh well Amy lies.” Katie snapped.

“I’m sure there’s some truth in the stories.” Lily replied shortly.
Katie scoffed, stormed up the stairs, and slammed her bedroom door.

“Oh don’t mind her, Lily. She’s a little sensitive.” Amy’s mom explained.

“Sensitive my ass.” Amy muttered as her mom walked away.

Remus and Lily laughed at the look of disgust on Amy’s face.

“Seriously she cut me with a knife because I pointed out what a moron she is.” Amy explained showing them her now band-aid covered thumb.

“I was wondering what happened.” Remus said taking her hand and examining it.

Amy tried her best not to react to his touch and looked at Lily who oddly enough was giving her the same look Katie did earlier.

“What?” Amy asked.

“Oh, nothing.” Lily replied coolly as Remus let go of Amy’s hand.

Since the Christmas decorations were already up the only thing that needed to be setup was the food and the stereo system. Lily offered to bring the food out from the kitchen while Amy and Remus fiddled around with the music.

“The albums are over here. I gotta change.” Amy explained getting Lily’s attention.

“Oh, I wanna see your room.” Lily said running up the stairs with Amy.
Once inside her room Lily asked the question she had been wanting to ask since she arrived.

“So what’s with you and Remus?”

Amy tried her best to look taken aback but nothing could fool Lily.

“Okay this time I mean it when I say it kinda just happened.” Amy began sitting down on her bed.

“So what happened?” Lily asked green eyes lit with excitement.

“Well he kissed me at the ball.” Amy said grinning wildly.

Lily gasped and put her hands over her mouth.

“How was it?”

“It—it was honestly the best kiss I’ve ever had.” Amy admitted biting down on her lip.

“But wait—why aren’t you upset with me? I’m dating Sirius!” Amy asked.

Lily rolled her eyes.

“Okay--Sirius is a dog. I knew he was gonna hurt you. But Remus is a good guy. And it’s not like you’re even dating Sirius anymore. You’re never with each other.” Lily explained simply.

Amy smiled and went to her desk to show Lily the letter.

Lily let out another excited gasp after reading it.

“That is so cute! I’m so happy for you!” Lily screamed hugging her tightly.

“Oh—thanks—okay—Lily—can’t breathe—Lily—let go!” Amy managed to get out. Lily instantly let go of her and Amy felt the air return to her lungs.

“Now let’s find you something to wear.” Lily said raising an eyebrow rather suggestively.

“Not something that says back off?” Amy teased.

“Oh definitely not.” Lily said going through Amy’s closet.
Lily pulled out a sleek black skirt and a pretty but revealing red sweater.

“I’m not wearing that without something under it!” Amy declared.

“Why?” Lily said looking curiously at the sweater.

“B-Because first of all I don’t have the boobs for it,” Amy retorted snatching it from Lily who rolled her eyes,” and it’s my mom’s Christmas party!”

“Fine suit yourself.” Lily sighed crossing her arms.
Amy went into her bathroom and slipped into the outfit.

“Hmmm a little overdressed aren’t we?” called Katie’s voice once Amy came out of the bathroom.

“Katie, shut up.” Amy spat walking back to her room.

“I hate my sister.” She told Lily who gave her an apologetic smile.

“But you look great. Very sexy.” Lily grinned approvingly.

“Yeah but I’m afraid I’m going to have to take the bronze compared to you and Katie.” Amy replied.

For the third time tonight Lily rolled her eyes.

“You’re gorgeous so stop it.”

“C’mon we’re going downstairs.” Lily continued grabbing Amy’s hand and dragging her down the stairs.

Remus looked up from the record player at the sound of footsteps on the stairs. Once again Amy’s ability to look absolutely angelic took him by complete surprise.

“Wow…Amy, you look…nice.” Was all he could get out.

“Just nice?” Lily asked with an arched eyebrow.

But before he could answer there was a knock at the door. Amy winked at him giving his stomach an odd jolt. Amy opened the door to see a very excited looking James Potter and a rather guilty looking Sirius Black.

“Hello, boys.” Amy answered in a playful tone.

Chapter 12: Chapter Eleven: Fall to Pieces
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Chapter Eleven: Fall to Pieces

Sirius greeted Amy with another one of his quick kisses before practically throwing his coat at Amy making her feel like a human coat rack. James shook Amy’s hand they hadn’t gotten close enough to hug yet. He winked at Lily who sighed in disgust.

“I have a boyfriend so don’t start, Potter.”

“Yeah I heard about that,” James said taking off his coat and handing it to Amy,” when were you planning on telling me you were off the market?”

“I really didn’t think it was any of your concern.” Lily replied coolly.

“Mom! The rest of my friends are here!” Amy called into the kitchen.

Her mom came running out apparently when Amy was upstairs her mom had changed as well. She was in a light blue dress it wasn’t really Christmas-y but she looked very beautiful.

“Hello, I’m Amy’s mom, Lisa. Don’t bother calling me Mrs. March because
I haven’t been Mrs. March for nearly thirteen years now.” Her mom said jokingly.

“Mom…” Amy said a little wounded. It was hurt her when her mom joked about her father’s abandonment that way. Remus shot her a sympathetic look even though he didn’t know why she was upset.

“Very nice to meet you, Lisa. I’m Sirius Black—Amy’s boyfriend.” Sirius said flashing one of his charming smiles and kissing her on the hand.

“Oh, thank you Sirius,” Amy’s mom blushed causing Amy to roll her eyes,” oh-Sirius—this is the one you—oh Amy I don’t know what you were thinking.”

“I’m James Potter.” James smiled his wasn’t as dazzling as Sirius’ but her mom was still flattered.

“And I’m the annoying little sister.” Katie called teasingly from the stairs.

Sirius’ jaw dropped. The girl on the stairs was certainly a knockout. She looked nothing like Amy he couldn’t even see how they were related. Her sister with sleek blonde hair, sharp features and glowing green eyes while Amy had brown hair and blue eyes.

“Is it just me or did her skirt--”

“Yeah it’s shorter.” Amy finished for Lily in a bitter tone.

“Hi,” Katie said waltzing down the stairs shaking her blonde hair,” I’m Katie.”

Hello Katie.” Sirius said seductively. Katie laughed her artificial laugh before tossing her hair once more. Something about that certain habit always drove boys crazy.

“Amy, how did you get such a hot boyfriend?” Katie asked eyes still locked on Sirius.

“Oh for the love of God.” Amy sighed rolling her eyes.

“Thank you, Katie you’re not bad looking yourself.” Sirius smiled.

A devilish grin played on Katie’s lips. Amy knew that one very well. Katie was relishing in the power she held over the male sex.

“You never told me your sister was so bloody gorgeous.” Sirius whispered in Amy’s ear as they walked into the dining room.

“She’s fourteen and a complete moron—what’s to tell?” Amy retorted sourly.

“You’re mum is quite the knockout as well.” Sirius continued as if Amy had never said anything.

The familiar tune of Mrs. Robinson began to play in Amy’s head after his statement.

“This isn’t The Graduate you know.” She spat.

“The what?” Sirius asked confused.

“It’s a movie where the girl’s boyfriend is seduced by her mother and they sleep together.” Amy explained.

The look on Sirius’ face told her that he didn’t think that was such a bad idea.

“You—are—disgusting!” Amy spat before sitting down in her chair.

Dinner was a rather quiet affair. The whole time Sirius’ eyes darted over to Katie who was grinning making Amy sick to her stomach but the apologetic looks from both Remus and Lily made her feel better.
Afterwards Amy put on one of the Christmas records before going through the kitchen door to check on the sugar cookies her mom had made. To her delight Remus slipped in quickly after her.

“I can’t believe Sirius. He’s such an ass.” Amy said taking the oven mitts and putting them on her hands.

“I don’t want to say I told you so.” Remus sighed unhappily.

“Thank you.” Amy smiled gratefully.

Amy bent down and pulled the cookie sheet out of the oven and set it on the counter.

“Wanna help me put the icing on?” She asked.

“Sure.” He shrugged.

After they had cooled off she handed him one of the tubes filled with green icing while she had the red one.
They had iced a full row when Amy picked one of them up and licked the icing.

“It tastes a little weird.” She stated.

“Oh really?” Remus asked interested.

But before he could grab the cookie Amy shoved it in his face making the icing smear all over.

“Thank you for that.” Remus said blinking still a little shocked from getting a cookie pushed into his face.

Amy giggled happily.

“Here I’ll fix it.” Amy kissed the parts of his face where the icing was. But before she could get it all he pushed his face against hers getting some on her. Amy roared with laughter as Remus pinned her against the counter and kissed her deeply on the lips. Little did they know that Katie had just witnessed the whole scene through the window in the kitchen door.

“Very nice, Mr. Lupin.” Amy said breaking the kiss.

“I’m a fast learner.” He grinned.

Amy felt her face making sure all the icing was gone and made her way for the door but Remus caught her hand.

“You’re not getting away that easily.”

Amy spun around with one arched eyebrow.

“And what exactly are you going to do?” She asked in a very sensual tone that made him a little nervous. Katie may have been able to control the rest of the male sex but Amy had power over this one and that was enough.


Her lips hovered over his making it impossible for Remus to form a full sentence.

“That’s what I thought.” Amy smiled feeling him let go of her hand.

The rest of the party seemed uneventful compared to what happened in the kitchen. Sirius and James left around nine… well James tried to leave and ended up dragging Sirius away from Katie. Amy convinced her mom into letting Lily sleepover after Lily called her mom and got it okayed. Lily helped Amy’s mom clean up letting Amy and Remus have a private goodbye on the doorstep.

“It’s cold.” Remus said rubbing his hands together.

“Yeah it is.” Amy sighed folding her arms across her chest.

“I wish it would snow.” She said looking up at the sky.

“Maybe we won’t have a white Christmas this year.” Remus added.
She smiled at him before becoming very interested in her feet. He let out a laugh as another awkward silence fell between them.

“I don’t want you to go.” Amy mumbled but it was loud enough that Remus heard her.

“I’ll come and see you on the twenty sixth. How does that sound?”

Her ocean blue eyes instantly lit up and a large smile grew on her lips.

“That’d be great! Oh God—I’m so clingy aren’t I?” She laughed.

“I thought I was gonna be the clingy one and totally blow it but since you’re the clingy one it’s fine.” Remus smiled.

“You know by saying that I’m the clingy one you basically just blew it.” Amy smirked with raised eyebrows.

“Crap! I was doing so well with the kissing and the letter. I was so in. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.” Remus grumbled hitting his head on the side of house.

Amy was laughing so hard she had to put her hands over her mouth.

“It’s okay. You’re definitely still in.” Amy told him placing her hand on his shoulder.



Amy leaned in and kissed him softly.

“You probably should go. Don’t want to worry your parents.” Amy sighed.

Remus simply nodded but didn’t pull away from her.

“I’ll see you soon.” He whispered kissing her lightly on the cheek.

“Bye.” Amy called blowing Remus a kiss as he began walking.

He “caught” it and winked at her before disappearing into the dark street. Amy leaned up against the front door and let out a dreamy sigh.
After everything was cleaned up Amy’s mom went to bed. Lily and Amy took out sleeping bags and spread them out on the living room floor. Before going to bed Katie gave Amy an interesting look and when she asked what it meant Katie simply said “Oh, nothing.”

Lily spent at least an hour bombarding Amy with more questions about Remus until Amy finally asked about her love life.

“Oh, well Austin’s with his family for Christmas. But I’ll see him when we get back. He’s so wonderful, Amy you have no idea.” Lily swooned.

“He better be. If he’s not… there will be hell to pay.” Amy replied.

“Thank you, Amy.” Lily smiled leaning on Amy.

“So when are you gonna see Remus again? Hmm?” Lily asked in a flirtatious tone. Her green eyes glittered mischievously.

“The twenty sixth—you never stop do you! Oh crap—the casserole dish is still here.” Amy sighed exasperated.

“Well where does he live?” Lily asked quickly. Amy could tell she was rapidly racking her brilliant brain for a solution.

All of the sudden realization came crashing down on her.

“Oh…my God.”

Lily moved closer to her concerned.

“It was him! Oh my God—it was Remus!”

“Remus was what?”

“The week I arrived here I went for a walk and I saw this boy on his bike. Well not really it was so dark. The whole time we talked I was trying to place him. It was Remus! I wonder if he knows that.” Amy explained in a very excited whisper.

“Oh! That is so romantic! And that’s perfect!” Lily was almost as excited as Amy was. But Amy continued to look at Lily like she was an insane person.

“What’s perfect?”

“You can give him back the dish tomorrow and maybe even meet his parents.” Lily stated very pleased with herself.

“I don’t know if I wanna meet his parents.” Amy admitted nervously.

“Why? He met your mum.”

“Yeah but I don’t know.”

Amy threw her head into the pillow.

“They’ll love you—trust me. You’re extremely lovable.” Lily told her
nudging her in the back.

“Thank you. You’re very lovable too, Lily.” Amy replied facing her best friend once more.

“Oh, I know.” Lily grinned.

Before Amy could swat Lily in the arm with the pillow her mom called down from the stairs telling them to go to bed. Lily left the next day around noon. Thankfully Amy’s mom noticed that Remus’ dish was still there so Amy didn’t have to bring it up. It took Amy forever to get to his house even though it was only a few blocks away. Every time she got a little farther she would stop and get nervous. Finally Amy reached her destination and rang the doorbell.

“Remus, get the door will you!” His mother called from the kitchen.

“Yes, Mum.” He said walking to the door. When he opened it Amy was standing on his doorstep smiling at him casserole dish in hand.

“You forgot this.” Amy said stating her reason for being there.

“Oh, right—thanks.” Remus said still trying to process the sight in front of him.

“Who is it, dear?” His mother asked appearing at his side. Mrs. Lupin was a thin woman of medium height with sharp but kind brown eyes—Remus’ eyes—and a warm smile. She stood next to her son waiting for answer hand on her hip.

“Uh…Mum this is Amy March—I forgot the dish at her house last night.” Remus explained nervous from the way his mother was looking at him.

“Well don’t let her stand out there in the cold. Let her in. Where did your manners go?” Mrs. Lupin chided her son.

Amy giggled and Remus glared at her making her smile grow wider.

“I’m Eloise Lupin—Remus’ mother. It’s very nice to meet you, Amy. It’s amazing what your mother is doing for the women in this country.” She said shaking Amy’s hand.
Amy blushed she loved it when her mother’s work was appreciated.

“Oh, she’s happy to do it.” Amy smiled.

“Aw, isn’t that lovely. I was about to put on a pot of tea, would you like some Amy?” Mrs. Lupin asked keeping a warm motherly tone something Amy’s mom never mastered.

“That’d be great. Thank you, it’s freezing out there.” Amy said conversationally.

“So Remus has told me a lot about you. Apparently you gave James and Sirius a bit of a fight at the beginning of the year.”

Amy grinned into her cup of tea almost reminiscently.

“Yeah, I did. Sirius isn’t exactly a feminist’s dream.”
Mrs. Lupin found that comment to be very funny because she laughed so hard Remus turned red.

“Well it was very nice meeting you, Amy. Now I have to get the laundry started and dinner on the stove. You’re welcome to stay for dinner if you’d like.” Mrs. Lupin smiled getting up from her seat at the kitchen
table. Amy was a little taken aback by her kindness. She was the perfect storybook mother.

“That would be wonderful. I just have to let my mom know.”

“Oh of course, dear. The phone is over there.”
She pointed to the yellow phone hanging on the wall. Amy got up from her chair and walked over to the phone. The conversation was very brief apparently her mother was planning this big protest in front of Hansen & Colbert and the party had set her back a day leaving her little time to talk.

“She says it’s fine.” Amy said in a monotone voice. Remus could tell she was very hurt by something.

“That’s wonderful. While I’m cooking-- Remus why don’t you show her the rest of the house?” Mrs. Lupin suggested.

“Okay.” Remus said getting up from the table.

The tour went from the kitchen to the living room since the rooms were connected. It wasn’t as large as Amy’s living room but it had a sense of family that Amy’s didn’t. Once they walked up the stairs Remus asked her a question that had been lingering in his mind since her mother’s comment about not being “Mrs. March”.

“Amy…,” He began slowly unsure of where it would lead,” where’s your father?”

Heaving a deep sigh Amy sat on the top stair pulling her knees into her chest. When he sat next to her she began to speak.

“I don’t know.” She stated half laughing bitterly. Amy had never really talked about this. Whenever she brought it up to her mother she would make a little joke about how much better off they were and left it at that.

His brow furrowed as he looked at her but he kept silent.

“H-He left when I was three and he and my mom got divorced when I was four.”

Amy’s features hardened in thought as if she was really trying to concentrate on what she would say next.

“It’s weird…it was right after Katie was born. I remember sitting in the waiting room with him. We played our favorite game—airplane. I-I would jump on his back and he’d stretch his arms out like they were wings. It was so much fun.”

A weak smile formed on her lips as she relived the memory in her head. Remus decided not to say anything hoping she would continue.

“But—then something happened. The night my mom came home from the hospital they started yelling at each other. They never really fought from what I can remember. It scared me so I hid in Katie’s room where she started to cry since it was so loud. All of the sudden I heard my dad run up the stairs and back down really fast I heard the front door slam and I ran after him. He was halfway down the street almost to his car by the time I got outside. I was kinda a slow three year old...”

She laughed a little at her last statement trying to hide the pain that rose up into her chest. Her throat tightened and her eyes glistened she swallowed hard before continuing. Even though it was almost thirteen years ago it hurt like it was yesterday.

“I remember calling after him but he didn’t turn around. I asked him where he was going…he didn’t even look at me. He just got in the car and drove off. My mom came outside and brought me back into the house. I asked her where he went and she said “He’s gone.” She wasn’t even crying it was like something in her died. She was so bitter. I had never heard her talk that sharply. We moved out of our house to my grandparents’ in South Carolina. His parents were so ashamed about what he had done they offered us a place to stay since my mom couldn’t pay for the mortgage on her waitress salary.”

Amy’s face felt hot as the tears streaked down her face. She couldn’t keep this in any longer her heart told her. She had to tell someone.

“I remember staying there until the divorce was finalized. It was pretty quick considering he didn’t want anything to do with us. He was supposed to pay child support but my mom said she didn’t want his money. Then we went back to Chicago and my mom started her feminist movement. I…never got to say goodbye…it was like he disappeared off the face of the earth. He was just…gone.”

Amy closed her eyes and the tears silently kept on to rolling down her cheeks. Her lips trembled as she continued to speak. She felt Remus’ hand grip her shoulder.

“When I got older began to wonder what I’d done wrong. Maybe I wasn’t a good child—maybe there was something I said---I prayed to God saying I’d be a better child—I’d do anything just as long as he came back. But it was too late. He was never coming back.”
Her head fell on her knees as her body shook with great sobs. Remus pulled her onto his lap letting her bury her face into his chest. Gently he kissed her hair and rubbed her back knowing there was nothing he could say. He could only let her know he was there and he wasn’t going to leave. Once again Amy felt comfort in his arms. Slowly Amy lifted her head and looked into his eyes. His hand rose up to her face and wiped the tears off her face.

“C’mon let’s get you cleaned up.” Remus offered taking her hand in his and pulling her to her feet.

He led her to the bathroom where she wiped off the black tracks her mascara had made and tried her best to make it look like she hadn’t been crying.

“Is that your room?” She asked pointing to the door at the end of the hall.

Remus simply nodded a bit of his light brown hair fell into his eyes as he did so. Amy reached up and pushed it back. Her hand rested on his cheek as she placed a simple kiss on his lips.

“So…can I see it? Your room, I mean.” Amy asked excitedly as she broke the kiss.

“Amy I don’t know if that’s a good idea.” He answered nervously.

“Why? C’mon. Show me.” She pleaded with a wicked grin.
“Amy…” Remus sighed heavily.

“Remus…” She repeated mocking him.

“It’s just--”

“I promise…I won’t take advantage of you. Just show me.” Amy smiled tugging on his hand.

She heard him mutter “I’m not so sure” letting her know she had won.
Reluctantly Remus opened his door letting her walk inside the room. It was a small room but had great character. There was a petite desk in front of two windows. On the wall there was a tall bookcase that looked as if it would topple over any minute with all the books weighing it down. As Amy made her way through the room she stepped on some of his clothes that were scattered on the floor covering the carpet.

“You’re not very neat.” She observed with a teasing tone.

Remus just shrugged at a loss for words.

All of the sudden the room was filled with deep aggressive squawking and Amy’s eyes wandered over to a cage on a small nightstand. Inside it was a very large owl with dark brown feathers with streaked pattern of snowy white. Its underside was the complete opposite white with bits of brown. It had two very round heavy lidded black eyes with a penetrating stare accompanied by a sharp yellow beak. It was a rather intimidating sight.

“Oh, sorry. This is Zeus—he is determined attention seeker.” Remus explained with a slightly apologetic look on his face.

Amy approached the cage cautiously. It was such a dramatic change from Calypso.

“He’s beautiful but kinda scary. Can-Can I touch him?” Amy asked nervously.

“Of course he’s trying to show off. He was rather impressed by your owl…uh…” Remus trailed off unsure of her owl’s name. Amy smiled gently slipping her forefinger through the cage’s bars letting Zeus rub up against it affectionately.

“Calypso. Yeah she’s quite the looker isn’t she?” Amy answered still playing with his owl.

“He definitely likes you.” Remus said softly.

“Does he now?” Amy laughed pulling her finger out of the bird’s cage.

She turned her head to find Remus right next to her. Slowly she leaned in to kiss him. His breathing became staggered as her lips approached his.

“Remus! Amy! Dinner’s ready!” His mother’s voice called up from the stairs.

“Bad timing, huh?” Amy asked cocking her head to one side.

“The worst.” He smiled weakly.

Both a little disappointed inside the teenagers made their way to the door and down the stairs into the kitchen.

Chapter 13: Chapter Twelve: Snowflakes and Surprises
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Chapter Twelve: Snowflakes and Surprises

The quaint kitchen table was set with four white plates, silverware, and a glass of milk next to each plate. It wasn’t much but it still once again had a great sense of family like everything in Remus’ house. Once the teenagers sat down Mrs. Lupin announced that Mr. Lupin was running late but would join them shortly. Remus helped her put the heavy pot of pork roast on the table. Amy thought it was cute how he helped his mother without her even asking.

“So what does your dad do?” Amy asked curiously as Mrs. Lupin placed a piece of roast on her plate.

“He works at the Ministry.” Remus answered her before cutting into his meat.

After chewing slowly for a few seconds Remus decided to continue when he saw the interested look on her face.

“In the Department of Magical Law Enforcement in the Improper Use of Magic Office.”

Amy’s ocean blue eyes lit up with fascination and a smile grew on her lips.

“Wow. That sounds like a big deal.”

Mrs. Lupin smiled gratefully at her with very warm eyes before looking lovingly at her son.

“We’re very proud of him.”

A lump swelled up in Amy’s throat. They really were a family—a real family. The more time she spent with them made her realize how much her own family lacked. They rarely sat down for dinner and when they did they didn’t talk. Partly because Katie was too busy trying new ways to make Amy frustrated and her mom would be too tired from her feminist duties to play referee. She felt guilty comparing the two and tried desperately to shake these thoughts away. Amy reached for her glass of milk hoping it would make the rising lump disappear.

At that moment the front door opened and male voice announced he was home. A tall man was standing in the doorway of the kitchen.

He had dark brown hair which was a great contrast to sandy blonde color of his wife’s. Instantly at the sound of his voice Mrs. Lupin rushed over and embraced him in a loving hug. Amy watched the sight with glistening eyes. She heaved a quiet sigh looking down at her plate. Remus touched her hand beneath the table and gave it a gentle squeeze. Her eyes looked up into his grateful for the small gesture of sympathy and understanding.

“And who is this stunning lady at our table?” Mr. Lupin asked as his wife pulled away.

“This is Amy March, Dad.” Remus introduced.

Amy immediately rose to her feet and stuck out her hand. Mr. Lupin took it. Amy marveled how he had strong grip for such a thin and lanky man.

“Pleased to meet you, Amy. I’m John Lupin.” He said in a very kind tone.

Once he released Amy’s hand he joined them at the table next to his wife who was smiling at him. They were still obviously very much in love with one another. Amy found it to be extremely touching.

“Amy March…this one’s the American—that was giving all the trouble?” Mr. Lupin asked making the connection from his son’s letters.

Amy looked down trying to hide her growing grin.

“Guilty as charged.” She replied finally letting the grin break through.

“Well she seems fine to me. I think you lot were too judgmental.” Mr. Lupin added cutting into his roast.

Remus tried to speak but Amy cut him off receiving a glare and an arched eyebrow.

“I told you—it’s gonna get stuck like that—I’m serious it will! In my defense none of the pranks touched your boy. I was very gracious.” Amy argued with raised eyebrows.

Mr. and Mrs. Lupin chuckled very amused with their son’s friend. It was the same chuckle Remus gave Amy quite often.

“Anyways,” Remus began trying to switch the subject,” Mum you’d love Amy she’s just as smitten with Shakespeare as you are.”

Mrs. Lupin’s brown eyes lit up as she leaned in very interested.

“Are you really? Isn’t that lovely! Now you don’t see that everyday in this day and age!”

“I blame my Grandma Allie. She always loved his poetry I just gravitated to his plays. I just think he was one of the greatest writers of all time. The way he mixed such meaningful and clever dialogue with rhyme and prose.” Amy explained.

Mrs. Lupin leaned back very impressed but Mr. Lupin stayed silent watching the two of them very intently.

“And Amy has proved herself to be quite dramatic at times.” Remus added smiling at her receiving a look from his father.

Amy was getting the feeling the Lupins were on to them. She didn’t think they knew that they were together but there was definitely something more than friendship between the two. They needed to stop being so obvious she noted.

“So where does your grandma live? I know your mother is from Chicago. Do you they live near you?” Mrs. Lupin asked breaking the sudden silence that fell upon her table.

“Oh, no. They live in Beaufort, South Carolina. It’s a smaller town with a lot of character. The people down there are extremely kind and make conversation with complete strangers. My grandparents reside in a plantation house that my grandfather built for her. It’s right on the water. It’s very beautiful there and we usually go every summer. Grandma Allie is quite the socialite down there so we’re never bored.” Amy explained in a voice that sounded far away as she was remembering her summers.

Remus’ eyes wandered over to his mother. Her chin was resting on her fist with extreme genuine interest. She seemed absolutely captivated by Amy’s descriptions of the South. His mother was another fan of Walt Whitman so he knew just how much she was enjoying this. But his father on the other hand was looking at him…then at Amy and back to him. He couldn’t possibly know—could he? The gaze his father was giving him made Remus uneasy as he shifted uncomfortably in his seat. Amy heard him move and resisted the temptation to roll her eyes. He could be so obvious at times—no wonder everyone knew. He practically had “GUILTY” stamped on his adorable forehead.

The rest of dinner went smoothly. Mr. Lupin discussed his day at work and seemed very grateful Amy thought it was a very important job to have. No one could have been a bigger hit with his parents, Remus decided. They were absolutely smitten with her. Around eight Mrs. Lupin suggested that Remus walk Amy home but she declined allowing Remus to walk her to the door.

“You have a great family, Remus. You really do.” Amy told him once they were on his doorstep.

“Thanks we try.” Remus smiled.

“Goodnight, then.” Amy said quickly giving a kiss on the cheek before running out into the dark street.

“Nice exit!” He called after her laughing.

“Thanks!” He heard her yell back making a smile form on his face.

Slowly Remus turned and stepped back inside his house.

“She’s a nice girl.” His mother said by the sink. Remus joined her and began drying the stack of newly cleaned dishes on the counter.

“She is.” He said quietly looking down at the dish in his hand.

“There’s something more. She’s rather fond of you, son.” His father said suddenly from his seat at the table.

“Don’t be ridiculous—she’s dating Sirius. We’re good friends that’s all.” Remus lied hoping his tone didn’t give anything away.

“All right, if you say so.” Mr. Lupin sighed.

Back at the March household Lisa was in her room typing away at her type writer perfecting the newsletter about the protest. Amy was on the phone with Lily in the kitchen while Katie waltzed in and out of every room singing different Christmas Carols obviously in search of her presents. When she made her way to the kitchen she went over to Amy and belted “Jingle Bell Rock” in her ear. With a quick smile and a toss of her hair Katie walked back out.

 “She’s actually really good—I know I can’t believe I said it.” Amy sighed in response to Lily’s advice to rip out Katie’s vocal chords.

Her ocean blue eyes wandered over to the window staring into the dark night. Everything had changed so fast. Who knew moving would change her life this drastically.

“Amy? Amy?”

Lily’s voice brought her back into reality. She blinked a little dazed.

“Yeah, sorry--spaced out for a second.” Amy sputtered trying to focus back on her conversation.

“Well I <i>said</i> that it’s supposed to snow tonight.” Lily repeated a bit annoyed.

“Really?” Amy asked voice perking up with excitement.

“That’s what my dad said. He’s usually right about that kind of thing too. Anyways, I must go we’ve been talking for nearly ninety minutes. Have a Happy Christmas! I’ll owl you your present.” Lily replied simply.

“Leave it to you to know how long we’ve been talking. I’ll owl yours too. Have a Merry—I mean Happy Christmas. I’m not gonna be able to get used to that.” Amy laughed twirling the string on her pajama bottoms.

“It’ll take a while. Bye, Amy.”

“Bye Lily.”

She hung up the phone with a click and went up the stairs into her room. Amy threw herself down on her canopy bed staring up at the ceiling. The door swung open, lifting her head up she looked to see who it was. Katie was hanging in her doorway with a very pleased look on her face.

“So did you have a good time at your friend’s house?” She asked in nicest voice she could muster.

“Yeah…why?” Amy asked suspiciously getting up slowly.

“No reason. He’s cute—not as cute as your real boyfriend though.” Katie smiled wickedly.

Amy opened her mouth to ask her what that meant but it was too late. Katie turned on her heel and glided back to her room. Amy rolled her eyes lying back down onto her bed. Her eye lids felt extremely heavy and before she knew it a deep sleep fell upon her. In the middle of the night Amy turned restlessly. She desperately tried to find a comfortable position. Deciding that sleep was no longer an option she looked out her balcony window when something caught her attention. Tiny white flakes were dancing in icy swirls in the night sky. Pushing down on her bed, Amy gradually rose to her feet. Slowly she went over to the window opening it. A frosty breeze greeted her face as she walked out onto the balcony.

 Despite the cold Amy began to smile closing her eyes taking in the extreme happiness she felt. They snapped open when she realized who she wanted to share this moment with. Amy swung her legs over the railing of the balcony and climbed down steadily. With a small thump she landed on the ground. Her legs wouldn’t move fast enough as she ran down the dark empty street snow resting in her hair. Amy was panting heavily for air by the time she reached her destination. Her fingers searched the cold snow picking up a small rock and tossing it gently at the window at the end of the house. After two tries a lanky figure made its way to the window. A grin spread across her face as the window began to open.

“Amy?” Remus asked in disbelief.

“Yeah.” She nodded as a cool breeze brushed her hair back.

“What are you doing here?” He whispered incredulously.

“It’s snowing.” Amy told him. She began to smile as she spun around arms wide in his yard letting the flakes land on her face.

“You’re crazy.” Remus said with a grin before disappearing and closing the window. Amy waited with great anticipation for him to join her outside. It felt like forever until he finally appeared.

“You’re crazy.” He told her once more walking to her.

“I know.” Amy nodded placing her hand on his cheek. Standing up on her toes she kissed him gently as the snow swirled around them. Remus broke it kissing her snow covered hair, her heart swelled with happiness as he pulled her against him. The cold temperature finally sank in as her teeth began to chatter and her body started shaking. Remus laughed at how impulsive she was not even thinking about bringing her coat. He shook his off placing it on her shoulders. Amy smiled grabbing the collar and inhaling his scent. It was that of an old library the kind with endless shelves stacked with books. There was so much she wanted to say at that moment but couldn’t find the words.

“It’s beautiful isn’t it?” Amy asked looking up at the night sky.

“Yes, it is.” Remus agreed his eyes still locked on her.

Amy blushed looking down realizing he meant her.

“A little cliché don’t you think, Mr. Lupin?” She asked grinning.

Remus smiled at her seeing the twinkle in her eyes.

“Yeah but you like it.” He told her.

“I’m looking for cliché’s in my life.” Amy nodded before kissing him quickly. Remus wrapped his arm around her drawing her close. She rested her head happily under his chin. Her small gestures said so much when words could not.

“I probably go.” Amy said wrinkling her nose with disappointment.

“You should before we both die from hypothermia.” Remus said before kissing her wet hair once more.

“I’m sorry, if I’m the reason for your death.” She joked giving him a dazzling smile.

“It’s okay, I’m sure God will let you off. Since you two have such a good relationship.” He reminded her.

“We do. But he’d be sore with me for making you die.”

“Oh? Why’s that?”

“Because I killed one of his best creations. Good night, Remus.”  With that she scampered off into the dark street returning home leaving Remus alone and mystified in his yard. Amy really was something else.