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Keep your enemies closest... by DxH4ever

Format: Novel
Chapters: 2
Word Count: 2,163
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Contains Slash (Same-Sex Pairing),

Genres: Humor, Romance
Characters: Harry, Hermione, Draco
Pairings: Ron/Hermione, Ginny/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 09/16/2006
Last Chapter: 09/29/2006
Last Updated: 09/29/2006

HarryxDraco,Slash, WIP,Love/Hate,Somewhat OOC and, a bit cliche. Mature more than likely.

Chapter 1: Chapter one
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Resting his head on his palm, Harry tried to stare in Snapes general direction to avoid point deduction or detention.
" Now, I will pick your partners randomly" Snape stared straight at Harry and made a trademark smirk.
" Potter and Mr. Malfoy."
You could hear the groans escape both of their lips.
Harry stood up and moved his books up two tables next to Draco.
" Now, I would like you all to create a potion, the last ingrediant you add will depend on the outcome, I am leaving the choice up to you. The last thing you put in must be a selected herb from the table. Don't do anything stupid. " He smiled a sick forced smile and disappeared to critique Neville in back.
" This is bloody weird...Snapes never done anything like this..." Harry mumbled.
" Go fetch everything, Malfoys dont do the dirty work" His smirk came naturally.
" Fine." Harry stood up and collected everything, avoiding a fight with Malfoy, he was not in the mood.
Moments letter Harry returned with everything.
" What herb do I get...?"
"Now it says here if we add lavender,our bodies will fall unconcious for a few hours and our minds will go into the future up to 8 years from now..."
" Or we could add this stuff, and we could fly for a few hours...without brooms...thats kinda cool"
"Boring... Potter, we are doing lavender"
Harry grunted annoyed.
Draco dropped the lavender into the concoction and mixed it one last time, poured it into two glasses and handed one to Harry.
" Shouldnt we ask when we're suposed to do it? "
"Shut up and drink it Potter"
Not wanting to spend another second with Malfoy, Harry chugged the liquid.
A strange warmth filled Harry and he felt himself spinning in the dark.
Then heat. Body heat. He felt that he was naked, and laying next to someone. He didnt look over. Just noted how their breathing felt so comfortable in the nook of his neck. The persons arm wrapped tighter around him. And they let a loud deep groan as they nuzzled into Harrys back.
Good thing it worked right...
Harry froze horrified, it was a males groaning.
Before he could do anything he felt the person hop out of the bed screaming.
Harry stared at Draco Malfoys slender naked figure in horror.
Draco grabbed a decrative plate off the wall and held it in front of himself..
Harry pulled the sheet up and studied the room.
" We are deffinately older..."
Draco noticed Harrys defined features now and his obvious changes.
Draco stared in disgust at something on the floor.
Harry leaned over and about gagged at the pile of clothes laying on the floor.
" So... are we gay in the future?"
" This is so sick..Oh...oh hell...this would not be so bad..but Potter? of all people..all men..." Draco slumped to the ground patheticlly.
" Morning you two!" The door swung open and in Ginny Weasly came holding a tray and trying to contain her hair in its ponytail.
" Wh- whats wrong...?"
Both of them tried to change their looks into a smile, but it came lopsided and just plain disturbing looking.
"You...hav-" Harry began, blushing a deep red.
" Potter come here" Malfoy snapped.
Harry stumbled into the bathroom with malfoy.
" What in the hell do we do?"
" Dont blow our cover, it said in the potions book, not to allow any other wizard OR muggle to know what time we came from, or we are stuck like this until we realize the most important peice in our lives as adults er something...or other..this will wear off in a less than an doesnt really matter, just dont talk much...and.. just" Harry muttered.
Harry found clothes thrown around the bathroom and put on boxers and a shirt, as Malfoy did the same and they came back. Draco glaring at Harry in pure hatred.
" Sorry Weasly" He rolled his eyes.
" Um Draco are you feeling alright? You havent called me that in 6 years"
" Sorry Gi...Ginn.."
" Ginny! thanks for breakfast, you didnt have to!"
" Um was my day to cook...remember? How much did you drink last night?! Hermione told me to watch that..."
" Oh um right...drank..loads..."
" So you two are dressed before noon, impressive..."
" Yeah." Draco said raising his eyebrows.
" Lain called Draco, she needs you to come into the salon early tomorrow, I mean I know you own it and all but give her a break..."
" Yeah. alright." Draco smirked.
" Ohh and Ron left early to the ministry, Neville needed something"
" Neville?"
"Oh Harry stop being dumb, Hogwarts...minister of magic? Neville."
Malfoys smirk turned into a scowl once again.
" Yeah Neville...Um Auror work, for me, right?"
Ginny let out a laugh " You are such a fruit..."
" Well dont forget the dinner date friday night, everyone is already gone, I cleaned up"
" Everyone?"
"Well except Hermione, she had some last minute papers to do, she's in the spare room"
"Thanks for letting us crash here, friends dont let friends drive really took that into consideration!" Ginny giggled.
She set the tray down and left.
" So we live in a house with the two Weasel's and the mudblood...great..." Malfoy laughed at his remark softly.
" Shut up, dont call her seems you are friends now, judging from these photos, be nice."
"Malfoys and Nice dont go together. Just like Harry and Draco." Draco laughed again.
" Besides, you dont even know if they live here or what..." Harry stated.
Draco tutted then went back to a smirk.
Harry opened the door and saw a muggles modern decorated living room, with a wizards touch, and several doorways to several rooms.
He walked over to the window, noticing it was just a series of flats owned by the same person.
Pictures of Harry, Draco, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, some unknown guy and the twins hung on the wall in pairs.
" It's 2004?" Draco asked.
" Okay somethings going on between you two"
Harry almost snapped his neck he turned so fast.
There stood a tall thin, straight haired Hermione.
"Who else Harry...?"
"Oh god it is the mudblood"
"Shut up Malfoy!"
" You two are acting like you did in school! stop it!"
"Good job Potter, you blew it, we are stuck like this"
" What is going on?"
Harry sighed glancing at Draco who nodded annoyed.
" Hermione...Okay...Draco & I made a potion in potions...and now we are here years later...and I have no idea how to go home...the spell should have wore off 20 minutes ago!"
"Oh dear...I think I remember in our 7th year, you two were out for weeks..." Her face twisted up
"Did we go concious again!?" Draco asked eagerly.
"Yeah...I just dont remember when! That is so unlike me.."
Hermione looked stressed, with the overload of information.
" Harry you know how dangerous messing around with time is...I mean my third year and all"
Harry looked down.
"What are we going to do?"
"Do you know what potions book it was?"
"Um...the one we used in year 7...'96 was the year?"
"Thanks..." She rolled her eyes.
" I am sure I still have it, let me go home and double check the exact spell...we'll figure this out..."
"Okay so this is a huge mistake though right? Potter and I are just mixed up in someone elses future...right?"
"I'm afraid not.." Hermione looked down.
"You two have been lovers for almost 3 years now..."
"Oh god, I think I'm going to be sick"
Harry stared at Dracos twisted expression, trying not to say anything.
"We hate eachother it is not possible"
"Our last year, you two...were acting more fights...and always sneaking off...then school was out...and Harry you went off to train as an Auror and, Draco you declared that you were on dumbledores side, your father disowned was all over the daily prophet...and, well you left London for a few years..."
Draco looked like someone had just slapped him in the face.
"Me?" He choked out " You have got to be kidding me..."
" I'm afraid and Harry met up again in a park not far from here and, you've been together ever since"
" And now?" Harry prodded Hermione.
"You two are still madly in love, live in London...this flat by a lesbian couple..Bella and Rae...Uh Ronald and I are engaged to be married, Ginny is married to a muggle named John Parkers, they have a child on the way...and well we...Ron, Ginny, Fred, George, Seamus, Dean, Neville and myself are all wonderfull friends...along with the both of you.."
"No. My friends are..Blaise..."
"Azkaban...murdered 12 muggles a year after Hogwarts"
"Shes off where Nevilles parents are..." Hermione said trying to avoid saying the name.
" Crabbe...Goyle?"
"Deatheaters...very wanted deatheaters..."
Harry snorted, feeling very smart for his choice in friends.
" Thats shit. Complete and total..." Draco looked like he was about to cry.
" It's so hard to be nice to you" Harry grolwed.
" Oh trust me you two are more than nice to eachother..."
Draco made sure he wore a huge smirk to cover his quivering lip.
" We'll be out of here soon..."
"Yeah..." Hermione agreed.
" But I have to get off to work, my novel is really comming along" she smiled and winked at Harry, pulling a purse and some papers from the chair she had seated herself in, then waved goodbye.
" I'll call later" With that the door was closed, and she was gone.
" This is not my life" Malfoy said clearly.
" I am suposed to be in Malfoy manner with a russian blonde or something...shagging her every night...with two children..."
" You think I'm thrilled?" Harry grumbled.
Malfoy nodded his head.
" Yeah well thats shit, you are an inconsiderate asshole with no friends and no family! See what this got you?"
"What is this?!"
" Your shitty attitude!"
" At least I have dignity!" Malfoy said grabbing what he guessed was his future selfs coat and stormed out the door.
" Fuck you Malfoy.." Harry whispered angrily.

Chapter 2: Chapter 2
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- Chapter 2 -
Malfoy scowled and wandered the streets of London.
He found a coffee shop and pushed the door open, he sensed the magic and was aware this was a place for wizards and witches and was very well charmed to hide from muggles.
He ordered a light Irish creme coffee and sat down, sipping it loudly.
He looked around noticing all the witches looking at him and giggling.
He ran his hand through his silvery blonde hair and felt in his pockets.
He pulled out a wallet and opened it, pictures of Harry and himself fell to his lap. They were both smiling, and kissing each others cheeks...each frame held a different photo.
Malfoy felt himself growing warm inside, to be able to have someone like that...would be bliss.
Mentally slapping himself he flipped the film strip over, it read '02.
He sat there and stared at the photo's for a few hours.
“ Hiya!” A squeaky voice came from behind him.
“ Hi...” Malfoy worded very slowly.
“ What cha doin?” A short witch with freckles and very curly hair going in every direction sat down next to him.
“ Wondering why you’re out here alone...isn't your significant missing you?”
“ He-She...doesn't really care about me”
“ Then why are you together?”
“ It’s rather complicated...”
She just stared at him like she was expecting him to tell her everything in the two minutes of knowing her.
“ Um...just so you don't...get the wrong idea...I'm gay...”
She laughed.
“ Me too Draco...I thought we went over this before..”
“ I know you?”
“ Yeahh...Rae is here too...she's in the bathroom”
“ Oh...oh...the lesbians...that flat...right?”
“ I am not even going to ask what happened...just go home...Harry I’m sure is miserable without you darling”
“ Yeah I don't think I can...”
“ Then go off to the inn down the road for a few days...”
“ Here’s some change...” She dug around and gave him some money.
“ Oh thanks...but I’m fine with money”
“ C’mon...I know you’ve got to be awful...-” She stopped when a dark haired girl wrapped her arms around her stomach.
“ Oh hey sweetie..”
“ Draco...Hi!” The brunette smiled.
“ Hey Rae...” He tried to smile but, he was concentrating on how concerned Bella was with Potter and himself.
“ Lets go...we’ve got to feed the cats” Rae pulled on Bella's hand.
“ ‘Kay...Draco call us if you need anything...just go home to Harry soon...He loves you...and I know you love him...”
Draco rolled his eyes after she turned around.
He pushed open the door and began down the sidewalk.
Finally, he decided he was going to act gay with Harry best he could, and figure out how to get back to '96.
He did need to change his lifestyle...maybe that's what the important thing he needed to figure out was. For his own selfish reasons he was going to try and change.
But first he needed to be alone for a few days.
He found a few knuts and a nice hotel to stay in and, he avoided leaving for 5 days, he needed to think some more. This wasn't going to be easy.