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Being Worth It by Natalia_

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 690

Rating: 12+
Warnings: No Warnings

Genres: General
Characters: Sirius, Lily, James
Pairings: James/Lily

First Published: 09/15/2006
Last Chapter: 10/19/2006
Last Updated: 10/19/2006


I watched her. For seven years, I watched her... Eventually, he wore it away completely, just like waves wear away rocks on the shore... ...and watched, mute, as he was taken from me... Hear a story told through three different point of views, by three very different people, of what it's like to be worth it.

Chapter 1: Being Worth It
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Being Worth It

I watched her. For seven years, I watched her. She grew and matured and became the beautiful young woman I always knew she would be, ever since that first day. I watched her with love and patience, waiting for the day I knew would come, and she watched me, too, but with rather different feelings. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. I loved the way her emerald eyes lit up when she laughed, how her cheeks grew flushed when she was angry, and yes, even how her voice rose as she yelled at me. I don’t deny that I was a prat to her; I was. I couldn’t help myself. Just being around her always made my stomach flip, made me want to impress her. This was not the best way to get her attention—I know that now. At the time, it always seemed to work. I got her attention, however negative it may have been. By our seventh year, I had learned how to control my actions. And yes, she agreed to give me one date. Now, years later with a wife and baby son, I don’t think it was the date that really mattered. Rather, I think it was all those years of waiting and watching that wore her down. No one ever said love was easy, and this was no exception. But it was worth it. Lily was worth it.


He was a prat. That’s right, a prat. An insensitive git. A jerk. A mindless sod with a blown-up ego, and a thousand other things I shouted at him. And yet, I think I felt something for him, even back then. He was a bloody moron, true, though only when I could see him. I remember those few times when I watched him without him knowing, marveling at how he behaved with his friends and with others. I had built up a wall around myself; a wall to protect me from love. Every time he would ask me out, every time he would whisper in my ear or shout in my face, he was breaking it down, piece by piece, brick by brick. Eventually, he wore it away completely, just like waves wear away rocks on the shore. Years ago, I would have never supposed that I’d be married to Mr. Insufferable Git himself, nor would I have thought that we would have had a son, nor I imagined I’d be happy to live this life. But happy I am. It took seven years, but I finally gave the mindless bloke a chance, and I found my husband, my heart, my life, my love. No one ever said love easy, and this was no exception. But James was worth it.


For seven years, I sat on the sidelines and watched my best mate trying to win over the girl of his dreams. I edged him on, I supported him, I comforted him when he was rejected, I even tricked her into giving him a chance. And then I was forced to watch as she stole my best friend, my brother, away from me. It wasn’t her fault; I knew that he was much happier. But I felt his absence like an ache in my gut, growing larger each day. Sure, he’d laugh and smile and joke with me, but his eyes, his mind, would be on his girlfriend, and later his wife. I know that it would be unfair of me to ruin it for him, or to let him know that I had regrets. Because if he knew that I wasn’t happy, he would have stopped dating her and, though he would try to cover it with clever antics, would be unhappy. So I kept my silence, and watched, mute, as he was taken from me. Now, though, I know I did the right thing, and I don’t regret it. No one ever said friendship was easy. But Prongs and Lily were worth it.


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