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Falling for Sirius by princesslily_36

Format: Novella
Chapters: 23
Word Count: 31,292

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Scenes of a mild sexual nature

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Lupin, James, Lily, Sirius, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: Sirius/OC, James/Lily

First Published: 09/08/2006
Last Chapter: 09/17/2007
Last Updated: 03/26/2016


My name is Juliet Anna Potter. I'm James Potter's twin sister. Life has always been pretty normal for me. That is, until my friend Sirius decided to play matchmaker for my brother and Lily. Now we're supposed to act like we're dating - only it's all pretend...right? Everything's so messed up - especially since I started getting butterflies in my stomach whenever Sirius is around...47,000+ reads!! AMAZING Banner by .amaris @ TDA

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A/N: Hello readers! I'm so glad you have decided to click in. This is a story I wrote when I was in my early teens (merely a child), and I'm really really not proud of it. But I don't feel like taking it down because a lot of people really seemed to like it, and it also shows my progress as a writer and reminds me of how far I've come. I would love for you all to check out my latest WIP Once Upon A Marauder. I feel it is my best work till date. Thank you all once again for reading and reviewing!


Damn the alarm! Why does it have to go off so early!

“Mom!” I groaned. Then I remembered why the alarm had gone off. Mom had set it last night for me to wake up early and help her.

I am Juliet Anna Potter. People also know me as James’ twin sister. It’s not like am not popular. I look quite nice and as Sirius has told me many times fondly ‘preppy n pretty’ which is a huge compliment from Sirius that he usually thinks only the hottest girls in school are worth his compliments. Lily has often told me that I am more popular than I think I am. The dating season has just started considering we are going to start our sixth year.

Oh ya… I forgot exactly why I was awake and telling you this at 7 in the morning on a Sunday. Lily and Sirius are coming over and mom wanted me to help her set the house for them. They are gonna stay for a week, just till school reopens.

The four of us are pretty much good friends and almost always hang out together considering we spend holidays together. Remus and Kia would join us at school and Peter would just tag along. We have a lot of fun together, especially with Sirius and James. Oh and I forgot to mention that James has developed a little crush on Lily which he had taken no pains whatsoever to keep a secret. And it usually brings out many laughs when Sirius uses it to the advantage of the moment. Lily does get a little bugged when he tries to show off in front of her but most of the time she does not let that get in the way of the lot of us having fun. Notice that I said Most of the time, because sometimes she just snaps and we hear not end of it.

I got up and stretched, looking at myself on my wall mirror. I cocked my head to the side and looked at me. I am an attractive girl for 16 years. I have longish black hair, slightly curly and slightly wavy; it falls over my shoulders naturally framing my face in a way most girls would kill for. And I was very slim. The kind of slim where your collar bones show even when you are not taking in deep breaths. But I wasn’t thin either if you know what I mean. I was wearing a satin blue PJ which brought out the color of my dark blue eyes. Sirius fondly calls them midnight blue.

Ok I have noticed that there have been quite a few references to Sirius over here and I do NOT want you to get the wrong idea. Neither Sirius nor I even have a crush on each other. Though I will not deny that he looks hot and handsome. We kind of grew up together considering both of us have pure-blood families and we met at social gatherings and stuff occasionally and the fact that he is my brothers best friend and that he spends holidays with us all the time… and we share a sort of a brother-sister bond. I guess I would have had a major crush on him if I hadn’t known him from when I was as big as a bunny rabbit. He has these mesmerizing, startling blue eyes which are often irritated by his black hair which falls forward with casual elegance which makes all the girls want to snog him senseless. But he doesn’t give a damn for all girls. He only goes out with the fittest ones. He claims that I am one of them but he can't go out with me because it will be weird… but he wants to try it someday though. Yea right! Me on a date with Sirius Black! That would be close to a date with James. EW!

I got up and went to freshen up and go downstairs to meet mom or else she will be screaming up the stairs…


There she goes! She is a real sweet thing she is! I love her because she is a typical mommy. And my first best friend… before James, Sirius and Lily that is. Lily! I felt a sudden surge of excitement go through me as I realized that she was coming today to start our fifth year together.


“James!” I yelled into his ear as he lay snoring on the bed. No not his bed. Mom had made sure he did his share of housework too and had made him go and lay out Sirius’ room. And there he was, 5 minutes into ‘laying’ it, snoring away with a dirty rag on his face. I sniffed his hand which had previously holding the rag.

“Ever heard of bath Jamesie poo?”

“Don’t call me that!” he muttered turning red. I smirked as I knew why he hated that name. Our classmate Isa calls him that. Isa has had a crush on James ever since second year and she had been heavily hinting that they go out. Since James had this thing for Lily, and he thinks that Isa’s earlobes don’t match [boys!] she has not yet succeeded.

“Well, you had better get this room ready as soon as possible.”

“Why?” he asked my grumpily.

“Well because Mom will ground you if you don’t and that will mean you will not get to come out of your room which will further mean that you will not be able to see your precious Lily!”

Yea I said that in one breath. Seems impossible doesn’t it? Well that’s basically the way I talk. Fast and a lot of it! Some people find it irritating but most people, especially Sirius, think it is cute and typical. Which is why I am popular because it seems like I flirt with guys when I talk like that (which I really don’t mean to) and I look cute when I talk like that (not that I am complaining) and most girls think that I am out to get Sirius for myself. Yea right!

“What?” asked James looking up at me from his dusting. I must have said the last part aloud.

“Nothing… you carry on!” I said walking off to clear Lily’s room.


I heard a bang behind me which startled me. I jumped up with a little scream and turned to see James and Sirius grinning cheekily. I placed my hand to my heart, taking in deep breaths.

“All the time!” I said shaking my head, “You two… are going to pay some day!” I said pointing my finger threateningly at my brother and his best friend, walking towards them. Their smiles were infectious and I found myself smiling back at them.

“Sirius! Good to see you!” I said hugging him fondly.

“Good to see you too Juliet! Looking good!” he said holding me at arms distance and nodding approvingly. I looked down at my dirty apron and back at him, an eyebrow raised.

“Shut up Sirius! Don’t start with me! You just came!” I said breaking free and sitting at the corner of Lily’s bed, tearing apart the apron. “How was home?” I asked Sirius as he sat down on my side. James sat down on the other side of me. It kinda felt nice when they both put their arms around me. It always does when I feel like I have two brothers.

“I am going to swear really badly if you ask me that once more.”

“That bad huh?” asked James.

“Don’t! They were all again as usual Ooh Regulus is so smart! Ooh Regulus is in the holy house of Slytherin… For god’s sake that guy got Ds in all his end of the year exams and I got all Os and Es in my OWLs. And my dad did not even glance at my grades before he signed the report.”

“Don’t worry! It’s gonna be all right!” said James.

“No its not!”

“Yea its not!” agreed James. I hit James lightly for his insensitivity laid a reassuring hand on Sirius.

“Hey I am fine! Whatever they say at home Regulus cannot, I repeat, cannot be The Sirius Black, the most handsome, most sought-after, most clever, most witty, most amazing…”

“Most conceited?” I said getting up from him and going out. Typical Sirius.

“Where are you going?” asked James casually but I knew that he knew and that he wanted it to seem like I told him.

“No where… just walking…out… to meet the… girl of your dreams!” I said grinning at him. I squealed and ran out as James chased me into the gardens followed by a laughing Sirius who stood out of the way. James finally succeeded in plummeting me into the ground and tickling me. That was the weapon he used against me all the time. We were all laughing and screaming so loudly that Lily had to yell to get our attention.

“Lily! You have come!” I said pushing James away and hugging her. I was always this enthusiastic.

“Hey Lily!” said James winking and running his fingers through his hair.

“Hi James!” she said smiling at him. They were great friends in spite of James’ little crush thing on her. He hugged her tightly, “great hols?”

“You have to get off me now!” came her muffled voice from under him.

“Say you will go out with me!” he asked. Lily heaved him away.

“Not in a million years!”

“Why?” he asked in a pained voice.

“Why?” I mimicked him laughing at his childishness. He threw me a dirty look and Sirius, Lily and I laughed.

“No can do Potter!” said Lily and looked at Sirius.

“How are you Sirius?”

“Evans!” said Sirius nodding from his place next to me.

“Bad hols?” she asked sympathetically.

“You bet!”

“They are just about to get better!” I said chirpily.

Chapter 2: A Hot Summer Day...
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Author Note: The song lyrics are so bad they can be only mine!!!

“Dum dum de dum dum!”

We all were sitting in the garden humming to the tune of a popular song from the new album of Roaring Roaches called ‘Love Party’.

“That was the moment…” sang Sirius

“The one moment…” continued James.

“When I realized how much …”

“Very much!” I piped in, holding up the rolled up Daily Prophet as the mike and bringing it closer to James and Sirius who were taking turns in singing the guy parts. Lily just watched us as she did not listen to wizard music as she grew up with muggles.

“I was in love with…” sand Sirius.


“You…” Sirius finished, taking the ‘paper mike’ away from me and throwing his head backwards to sing the last few lines.

“Save the last dance for me
Forever let it be
That you are the only one…
Baby I love you,
But I dint have a clue,
Till the moment I looked into your eyes
The one moment made a difference…
The one moment changed my life…
The one moment made me realize
That I Love You!”

He sang grinning around at everybody. James and I joined in the chorus.

“That was the moment
The one moment
When I realized how much
I was in love with

Lily finished off the song by drumming against the school text book. We all clapped. The next song started but we were too tired to do that again. It was like the moment was gone. It would be fun only if it happened unplanned like this one did. It all started out with James humming and Sirius joining in and it became like a full-fledged mock-performance. Lily laughed along with the rest of us.

“How come you never listen to this stuff Evans?”

“Cos I grow up with muggles Potter!” she said, rolling over and lying on the grass on her tummy and looking up at James with her head cocked to one side, her rich red wavy longish hair flowing to one side elegantly.

Did I mention that Lily is one of the most beautiful girls in our year? This probably explains why James was just staring at her. Not many people can recognize that look on his face and people think he is listening intently… but I know that he was staring at Lily. I don’t blame him. And from the look on Sirius’ face it was clear that Sirius had noticed too. Sirius caught my eye and gave me a small smile. He and I simultaneously hit James on the back of his head like we always do when we catch him staring at her.

“Ow! What did you guys do that for?” he asked dumbly.

“Do you want me to answer that?” asked Sirius laughing.

“I don’t think Lily does!” I said smirking at Lily. Lily blushed, embarrassed.


“What?” I asked innocently.

“Forget it! You are so going to pay!”

“Let me see, you always say this when I tease you with James and somehow I get away with it!” I replied as Sirius laughed harder, leaning against me to support himself. His laughter was infectious and I started laughing for no reason at all. It caught on and Lily and James started laughing too.

“Lily… Lily you look pretty when you laugh!” said James looking at her. Lily blushed again. She usually does this when James makes her feel uncomfortable by saying things like that. I don’t blame her. It would be weird if a really good friend has a crush on you and acts on it. Weird and embarrassing. Like now. I hit James on his head. Yea I do that a lot. It doesn’t hurt. Not much anyway. I don’t know. Anyway, before I ramble off to my different ways of hitting which I am most likely to do…

“Thanks… I guess…” she said awkwardly.

“Do you have to do that James?” whined Sirius who was still lying against me but not laughing anymore.

“Ask Juliet to stop hitting me!”

“I won't!” said Lily smirking. That was the best thing about her. She never made you feel uncomfortable around her. She was always light-hearted about stuff. Just like me. Only I am light hearted all the time and there are some times when Lily gets serious. Like exams and studies. And I get the time to be serious and think when I am not talking. And when I am not talking outside, I talk to you guys! So basically the time is nil. And it is a great thing that Lily is a listener. Or else I wouldn’t survive. I just realized that Sirius was not as light as he thought he was.

“Sirius!” I said trying to push him away.

“What?” he asked irritated, not budging.

“You are heavy!”

“So?” he said raising an eyebrow. His hair fell into his eyes, not hiding the mischievous glint in them.

“Get off!” Sirius wouldn’t budge. “James!” I whined turning to my brother for help.

“Get up Sirius!” said James in a bored voice.

“But I am comfortable and settled big bro!”

“To do what?” I demanded, my palm hurting against the grass as I strained to hold the two of us up, “James!”

“Sirius!” said James uninterested. This happens all the time. Sirius annoys me and I turn to James for help and James, a really sweet big bro, yea we are 2 minutes apart, helps me out. Sometimes he takes Sirius’ side but I am just glad he took mine now. It was a hot summer day and I was too bothered to bother about Sirius crushing me to death. Did that make sense?

“All right!” said Sirius getting up with a groan, a grouchy look on his face. He opened his mouth to say something.

“Don’t even bother!” said James sensing that Sirius was about to say something stupid.

We all laughed. This is pretty much about what we do together. Hang out, joke, laugh and have fun.

Chapter 3: In The Commom Room
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“Linatu Foreon!”

You guessed it! One of the crazy passwords to the Gryffindor common room. Yup we were back at school.

“Who sets these passwords anyway?” asked Kia. Kia had short, brown hair which was just below her ears. She wore half-rimmed glasses. She was a shy person who did not talk much but once you get to know her she is pretty cool.

“Some one who hates kids so much that they want revenge!” said Remus. Remus is another one of my best friends you haven’t met. Remus is closer to James and is a perfect gentleman. He has got awesomely smooth manners and very polite. He has got a mischievous side to him as well as a serious one. Like Lily. Explains why the two of them became prefects. He first became friends with James when he helped James and Sirius get out of trouble when they had done one of their tricks even though they hardly knew each other. And the most important part is that Remus is a werewolf. It’s no big deal. I mean other than that he is fine. And James and Sirius had once thought it was a cool idea to become animagi so that they would have the trill of sneaking out once a month. But I guess they dropped the idea because they thought it was too much sneaking around to handle. Did you see that? Not too stupid, not too impossible but too much of sneaking around. I swear…

Okay here comes the juicy part. Remus and Kia have liked each other like forever. But both of them are so shy they wouldn’t tell each other. And Kia hasn’t even admitted to us that she likes him… whenever will she tell Remus. And Remus hasn’t even been on his first date. I mean he is a handsome sandy-haired guy who made quite a few heads turn. But Remus has been a little awkward when it comes to girls and dates. He is close only to me, Lily and Kia only because we have known each other since first year.

We all sat down near the fireplace. Our usual place.

“It’s been a week since school started and we already have to do a foot-long essay on werewolves?” complained Sirius.

“AT least you didn’t take divination! That lady is crap!” said James.

“Why did you take divination anyway?” I asked him, leaning against Remus.

“Because Lily took it!”

We all groaned as Lily rolled her eyes.

“You are so obsessed mate! I mean give it up!” said Sirius.

“You are just jealous that you don’t have a crush on anyone!” What a stupid remark to make!

“I am jealous that I don’t go on any dates just because the girl I like won't go out with me?”

“Guys! I am right here!” said Lily. Yup it must be embarrassing for her.

“Sorry!” muttered Sirius.

“So Lily… what is this crap about tea-leaves anyway?” asked James. She looked up from her essay and pulled out her text book and started explaining. Yea ok, my brother was happy now. I knew that he cared nothing about tea leaves. He cared only about the fact that she was sitting next to him. Sirius knew that too. He caught my eye and winked. I knew he was going to tease them.

“Don’t Sirius!”

“What?” he asked me innocently.

As if he didn’t know.

“Poor Lily. She is embarrassed enough!”

“I wasn’t going to say anything!”

“Yea right!” scoffed Remus. I slapped a high-five with him.

“Asked out your girl yet Remus?” smirked Sirius. Ok, so Remus had told them. Or they guessed it. Whatever.

“No. not that it is any of your business…” he replied, blushing a little.

“Your girl huh?” I said suggestively, enjoying watching him turn even redder.

“What girl?” asked Kia, pushing her glasses back on her nose.

“Oh just this girl Remus has a crush on…” said Sirius casually, leaning back to get back to his essay.

“Which girl?”

“Can you drop it?” muttered Remus.

I just smiled smugly and watched the two of them.

“Which house is she in?”

“Gryffindor!” piped Sirius. You should have seen the glare Remus gave Sirius. If looks could kill, Sirius would have died, become a ghost and died again.

“Gryffindor huh? Which year?”

“Why are you bothered?” asked Sirius smirking. This guy was good! I love him! I mean not in that sense. Never. I just meant that he was laying the road for both of them to speak up. Kia blushed. Classic sign. Stupid Remus was too busy doing his own share of blushing that he didn’t notice her blush.

“No… I mean you know and Juliet knows… so I was just being curious…”

“Okay, she is our year!” said Sirius, avoiding Remus’ gaze. I bit my lip to keep myself from smiling hard.

“Our year and Gryffindor huh?” said Kia and I could see her getting a little bugged and a lot jealous, “What does her name start with?” Sirius was about to answer but Remus cut him in.

“I think that is enough mate!” he said in an unnecessarily loud voice.

“What’s wrong?” asked Lily looking up.

“Oh, Sirius was just threatening to tell Kia the girl Remus likes.” I said without thinking and earned a whack on the head from Remus.

“Oh! That girl…” smirked James and Lily winked at Remus.

“All right, I am going to bed!” he got up without a warning and walked away. Remember I was leaning against him? Ya so I lost my balance and hit my head against the floor. Or at least was about to. Sirius caught me in time and pushed me up.

“Juliet… did you do your essay?”


“Can I copy it?”

“No!” that was Lily. Sirius pouted, turning his head towards me. It was such a cute puppy dog look.

“Pleeease!” Okay I melted. It was hard not to. I mean you should have seen him.

“Pleeease!” I said turning to Lily. She shook her head at the two of us and turned back to her divination dairy. Sirius gleefully planted a kiss on my cheek as he copied off my parchment. There goes my 2 hours of hard work during history of magic!

Chapter 4: Detentions
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“The Bromulabscs were ruling in the Doughburns. The importance of Bromulabscs is that they brought about the revolution of the 6th law book which had, before the revolution…”

Zzzzz…. Binns. I was doodling in my notebook. Lily would take notes anyway. Or Remus. Explains why James and Sirius were playing exploding snap under the desk. Binns was pretty thick. Even for a ghost! I didn’t even know what I was doodling.

“Ever take notes?” whispered Lily.

“Aww… shut up Lils! You take enough of them for both of us anyway.”

“One of these days… Juliet, it is our OWLs year!” she whispered. Why she even bothered to keep her voice low I can't understand.

“I’ll pass!” I said nonchalantly. It was true. I would! I always do!

“Juliet!” started Lily indignantly.

“Lay off her Lily. It’s old Binns. He is not going to notice anyway!” that was Sirius, “besides I need a partner for this deal… you up Juliet?”

“Sure!” Lily gave me a glare. What was the big deal anyway? I settled for the next deal.

“If you guys get caught it will be detention…” hissed Lily.

“Don’t even start with us Lils sweetheart… Binns is too thick to even notice!”

“Don’t call me sweetheart!” she hissed back. James flashed a lovesick grin and Sirius slapped his head on my behalf since I was sitting nowhere next to James and I couldn’t do it.

“You boy there! The Grant?” Sirius looked up quizzically.

“DO you know what I was teaching now?”

“Umm… yea… about…”


“Old Thick Binns is he now?” smirked Lily.

“Shoot! Its only detention!” said Sirius.

“It’s our OWLs year!”

“Oh please!” I snapped. Okay, maybe a little too loudly I suppose. Because the next shout I heard was.

“Detention Kristy!” and ya he was talking to me. Not because he called my name but because the entire class was looking at me. Lily just glared but Sirius game me an earnest pat on the back.

“Way to go!” and he earned a glare from Lily. James looked like he was going to say something but seeing how Lily might react felt it safer to shut up. One of the wisest things he had done.


I was getting ready for detention with Sirius. I was just going out when I saw Lily at the doorway. Looking angry. Very angry.

“Okay Lily, don’t start with me… its only detention... not like I haven’t had any before!” I said. The reason was that I was being snappy. Snappy because I was going to be late? That’s how it felt. When have I ever cared about being on time for detention? One of these days my thoughts were going to have to start making sense.

“It’s not that. All though I am going to have to come to that. It is about your brother.”

“What about him?”

“Juliet, your brother asked me out. Again!” I could see why she was bugged. He asks her out like ten times a day. It even bugs me.

“Juliet,” that was James who had not seen Lily for I knew there would have been another asking out session if he had, “why doesn’t your best friend want to go out with me…I mean I am smart and funny…”

Okay I had no time for this. I was getting late.

“You know what? Why don’t the two of you talk it out?” I pushed Lily to face James and literally ran out.


Scrubbing the floors of 2 biggest classrooms, without magic, is definitely NOT my idea of fun. But then again this was detention… it was supposed to be lousy. Both Sirius and I were covered with soap suds and wet all over… well almost wet all over… I hate Binns!

“I hate Binns!” said Sirius, voicing my thoughts. I grunted. How the elves actually do this I don’t know!

“What kept you by the way?” he asked.

“James and Lily!” I breathed, pushing back one thin, wet lock of hair away from my face with the back of my wrist. The strand stayed put for a second and came crashing into my face again. This happened like for twice. That got irritating. I gave a cry of frustration. Sirius obviously thought that I was continuing our conversation and that is why he replied the way he did.

“Poor James! He is so smitten.”

I looked up, almost panting, beads of sweat on my face and neck, and water falling from the tips of my hair strands. I had my hair up with a scrunchie so that my neck would be aired. But my hair was so thick that the scrunchie couldn’t hold it all and locks kept falling out. In my state of half-panting and half-wet… lets just say I was too scared to look into the mirror and get scared of what I was seeing. I sat back on the wet floor. I was wet anyway, it wouldn’t hurt to get a little more wet. Not that I cared. I was more interested in what Sirius had to say.

“James? Smitten? I somehow can't picture that!”

“You just saw it. How many dates did James have in the last one year?”

The truth? Thinking about it, none! It’s funny. My brother does so much flirting that I guess it makes up for the dating part of it. Because James has never dated…

“Not since Lily!” I said out loud, completing my thoughts.

“Exactly. And this is not the James I know!”

“Ya… you are right!”

“We have to do something!” he said.

“But what can we do. I mean it is entirely up to James. Lily doesn’t like him the way he likes her so things will never work out the way he wants it to work out because that is probably not the way it was meant to work out since Lily doesn’t want things to work out that way.”

Sirius just stared. Not in a way that would have made me feel nice. Just a stare which conveyed that he thought I was crazy. Who wouldn’t? I thought back to my words. God, they sound dorky. And crazy. Probably they made no sense since I said it in my usual fast manner.

“However, we can do something?” he continued taking the safer route and not referring to what I had just said.

“But what?”

“Have you ever heard of playing cupid?”

Then it began to dawn on me. That’s what he had in mind. Matchmaking. Wicked. I like it. Okay, I must have said that aloud. Because Sirius was grinning back and repeating the word wicked over and over again.

“Sounds like fun!” I said. He slowly started laughing. I didn’t know for what.

“What are you laughing at?”

“No… no… nothi… nothing!” he gasped and started laughing again. Ok, what was so funny about what I just said? I did not use many ‘ands’ and not long sentences. I did not say that in one breath and that was less than 10 words!

“Sirius!” it was getting irritating now.

“Sorry… just the way you looked…” he said trying his best to control his laughter. I stuck out my tongue at him and splashed some dirty water on him. Then soon both of us were engaged in a water fight.

“Aaaaaaah!” I screamed as Sirius splashed me with more water, dripping me from head to toe. I placed my foot on a soapy sponge on the floor and slipped. Not a very smooth fall. And not one of those falls in the movie where the hero will catch the heroine just before she hit the ground. Sirius didn’t even know I was falling. Talk about being a hero. I fell hard. Really hard. And sat on my ankle. God it pained. I let out a cry of pain and Sirius came running towards me. He sat down beside me.

“Ju… are you all right? I am sorry! Are… are you ok?” I was trying my best to get up so that all my weight wouldn’t be on my ankle. It was killing me. Sirius realized that and slowly moved me so that I could move my leg.

“Better?” he asked in a gentle voice.

“I guess…” I said, trying to sit up. My head went all dizzy when I tried and I fell back without balance, bracing myself to hit the floor. But Sirius caught my head before it made its contact with the cold stone and supported me up. I slowly opened my eyes.

“Juliet? You okay? I am sorry… I didn’t mean to…”

“It’s fine!” I managed to say. I could hear his heart beating against his chest. I tried not to concentrate on that as I got up on my feet, helped by him. I just stayed in his arms till I steadied myself. Then I broke off, tried to take a step forward. Ouch! That hurt. Obviously my ankle had it in badly.

“Here!” said Sirius holding out his hand. I took it and Sirius led me to one of the benches we had stacked up for cleaning. I sat down. All that my ankle needed was a little bit of turning and twisting and a little rest.

“How is the ankle Ju?” he was stroking my hand.


“Good. So, like I was saying, I think we should bring Lily and James together. They are so cute together.”

“Any ideas?”

“We’ll get them!” he said winking in his typical Sirius way.

Chapter 5: LAJO and RAKO
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Detention was over. Binns didn’t remember [big surprise] that he set us to 2 rooms and let us off an hour earlier. So Sirius and I just walked back, in my case limped slightly, laughing about Binns stupidity and thinking of ways to bring Lily and James together. But all we ended up doing was laughing at stupid schemes and at Sirius’ jokes. He makes a lot of them. One day-

“Juliet… I have a plan!” he whispered in my ear suddenly when we were all sitting in the common room as usual. I was taken aback before I realized who was talking.

“What?” I asked. Ok I was loud. Lily, James, Remus and Kia looked up. I grinned sheepishly at them, “water!” I said. Don’t know why I said that. I guess I thought that was the closest word to ‘What’.

”That’s right. I need water. Do you Ju?” asked Sirius catching on.

“Yes… come lets go get it!” oh my god. That was so fake. The fact that they didn’t spot anything different just showed how thick they were. I hurried out thankfully, half dragged by Sirius. He took me to an empty classroom and closed the door behind us.

“You have to be a little more discreet Juliet!” he said. He was looking all handsome because he was slightly shabbily dressed. That is what is great about Sirius. His shabbiness is what makes him so handsome and elegant. Like now. Hair that fell into his mesmerizing blue eyes, the first two buttons of his shirt undone, his tie missing, and one end of his shirt tucked in… I tore my eyes away from him.

“Sorry!” I muttered. What was wrong with me?

“Anyway, I have a plan for the Lajo.”

“Lajo?” I asked confused.

“Lily and James Operation. LAJO. Lajo.” I giggled. It sounded so funny. Lajo indeed!

“What is it?” I said once I forced myself to stop laughing. He took a few steps towards me so that he was standing right in front of me. I was sitting on one of the tables, swinging my legs casually. I was wearing the school uniform… I kinda feel more comfortable in that. Only on weekends we sport muggle clothes. My hair was loose, as usual, and slung over one shoulder. Sirius didn’t say anything even though he was standing right in front of me. He just stared into my eyes. With his startling blue ones. I wasn’t smiling or laughing. The truth is, I started blushing. BLUSHING! For SIRIUS! I wasn’t even thinking straight. I wasn’t even thinking. What could I do? What should I do? What was he doing? He then took my hands in his and smiled at me. I melted. Ok, don’t blame me! You should have seen him there! I took in deep breaths and my heart was doing those crazy squirmy things I only read about in books. He fingered my collar bone with his index finger. I guess it showed even more now that I was taking in deep breaths. He brought his face close to mine I thought he was going to kiss me. There was about 6 inches difference between us.

“Juliet… will you go out with me?” he breathed in a voice I had never heard him use before. I just stared back not knowing what to say. I gulped. Hard. Should I tell him that he is crazy? Or tell him that it won't work out? Or that I don’t feel that way about him? Or the word that seemed to be yelling all over my head – Yes! Yes! Yes! That didn’t make any sense considering I never liked Sirius that way…

“Eh?” was all that came out. He then moved back so suddenly that I almost fell over. I frowned in confusion.

“This is what we are going to do!” he announced. I was still confused. I never said yes. I mean I said ‘Eh’ but I guess it might have sounded like a yes. I opened my mouth to clarify this but Sirius cut in.

“See, we are going to act as girlfriend and boyfriend… send Remus and Kia together so Lily and James will be forced to go to Hogsmeade together.” Ok I was still a little dazed by what had happened but I knew I was hearing right. And it sounded good. For a start. But then James and Lily already know each other very well so what is the use of setting them up? That’s what I told Sirius.

“I’ll ask Remus to teach James some manners so that he will charm her and they will be together.”

“Why can't you teach him?”

“Because I don’t have any!” he said simply as if stating a fact. I started laughing before he added the next line, “None that will charm his precious Lily.”

I had to agree with that.

“And where do we or Kia come in the picture?”

“They have to be alone. So I have it all figured out. I set Peter up on a blind date. And we gat Remus and Kia together. And then we act like we are off on a date. And then force them together.”

“Oooh! So plan A is to make James show Lily that he isn’t as arrogant as she thinks he is. For that we need Remus and Kia together so we should start plan B which is to make them go out together. So we do Plan B first. So we have to make Plan A Plan B and Plan B Plan A because that is the order in which we will do it. So we need Plan A to get to Plan B.”

“RI…right!” he said after thinking for some time about what I said.

“Not bad… sounds good.”

“But we have to lay foundation first. To make them believe that we are boyfriend Girlfriend and then start on RAKO first.”

“Rako?” This guy took some Chinese classes over the summer or something?

“Remus and Kia Operation!” he said rolling his eyes as if it were most obvious. This guy and his short forms. Seriously, did god give him more looks to make up for the lack in his brain?

“Does James know about this… this Lajo?” it sounded so funny saying it!

“Obviously or we can't get him to behave himself.”

“So he knows we are acting?”

“Yes. Do you think I wouldn’t tell me that? He said that I had better be only acting or else he will hunt me down and kick me!” said Sirius laughing. I laughed along. Typical James. He wouldn’t dare to hex someone who goes out with me, though he hexes every guy who even looks at Lily. But I won't say that to Lily to get her even madder at my brother. James is not the over pushy type about my dates but that is because I have kept him under that check. But he usually never approves of my dates. I don’t see why. I don’t mind him dating! But he knows he can control his friends. And I am not interested that way in Sirius anyway. But what if I was? Then would James still oppose it? Why do I care?

“Shall we go dear one?” he said holding out and arm for me. I jumped down and clung on to his arm and we came out of the classroom laughing.

Chapter 6: Remus and Kia
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Starting of RAKO. Ok that name stuck on. Only because we couldn’t find anything better. Sirius said he will talk to Remus. And I was supposed to talk to Kia and get her to confess.

 “So did you talk to her?” asked Sirius next morning when I came down.

 “Umm…” I would have. Really. I was planning to. But Sirius made a huge entrance earlier that evening and told everyone that we were a ‘couple’. James and Remus just winked and nodded. Lily stared. Just stared. As for Kia, her jaw almost hit the floor. Remus leaned over and closed it with his finger and we all laughed. Peter looked like he might say something stupid but James silenced him. Why wouldn’t he? After all this was for him. Sirius had his hand around me the whole time and told everyone to drop the subject. They did. It was just too easily done. I was right! Because last night before going to bed, they stormed me with questions. Thank god I had the gift of the gab. I handled it well. But after I finished telling them about how I started liking him and how he asked me out and where we might plan our first date… [Blah! Blah! Blah! Yawn!] We were too tired that we went to sleep and I didn’t have a chance. I told Sirius all this. He just smiled at me. Amused.

 “What?” I asked him.

 “What exactly did you tell them about me?”

 “Nothing… just about how you asked me out and stuff…”

 “What was your story?”

 “I just narrated what you did last evening… threw in a kiss at the end and some romantic words in the beginning. Don’t know why I made you a romantic hero. It would have been nice if I told them you were so stupid that you messed it up!”

 “Hey, Sirius never messes up when he asks a girl out!” he said offended.

 “Really?” I said disbelievingly. We had started walking downstairs, “Too bad I would never know!”

 “I am sacrificing 2 dates a week to do this. Enjoy while it lasts.”

 “Enjoy! I am sacrificing getting a boyfriend for this!”

 “I always said I wanted to try going out with you sometime. To say that I have dated all the fittest girls in school. And I didn’t because I knew James would kill me. But now ironically it is because of him that I am so-called dating you.” He said sliding an arm around my waist and pulling me closer. We had reached the great hall. Many people threw me glances. Mostly girls. And those weren’t friendly glances. Uh-Oh. I hadn’t anticipated this. This made it seem like their suspicions were true and I really had been out to get Sirius for myself. No! I screamed inside my own head. We sat down next to each other and so Lily was forced to sit next to James. See, it was working already. James blushed a little but then started grinning in his self-satisfied way which he immediately changed when he got a LOOK from Remus.

“Kia… umm…” Remus was blushing. I caught on. Mainly because Sirius was giving me a triumphant look.

 “Can I … umm… never mind!” he said sitting down and avoiding our eyes.

 “What?” asked kia.

 “No… forget it!” he muttered, looking intently at his food.

 “Remus!” said James sternly. James so wanted this to work, I thought laughing inside.

 “What is it?” asked Kia, looking between Remus and James.

 “Remus wants to tell you which girl he has a crush on!” said Sirius smirking. He was egging Remus on. Not so subtle but.

 “No he doesn’t!” said Remus turning bright red. Kia’s face closed up and she started poking her food vigorously, clearly angry.

 “Yes he does!” said Sirius.

 “No he doesn’t!”

 “Yes he does!”

 “Stop it!” that was Kia. She was bugged. Because she was jealous (it was so cute!) , “I don’t want to know.” saying this she got up and walked out. Remus looked after her.

 “Go after her doofus!” said Lily.

 “I don’t know…” he started.

 “JUST GO!” we all yelled together. He jumped up and held his hands out in front of him.

 “Chill guys… I am going…” he hurried out like we were going to hit him. we might have if he hadn’t gone. We all laughed. James signaled to Sirius and both of them nodded and got up.

 “What?” I asked. Their grins told the story. A prank.

 “You will have to wait!” said Sirius.

 “It is going to be awesome!” said James. Once my curiosity was aroused I had to know it.

 “What?” I pleaded. They just shook their heads mysteriously and walked away.

 “Are you sure about this?” asked Lily seriously once I turned back to her.


 “You and Sirius… you know his dating record. In one week he will break your heart and move over to another girl.”

 “Lily… I know what I am doing!”

 “It’s for your own good Ju! And I don’t believe James is okay with it.”

 “Sirius talked to him.” I said. That was kinda true. I hated lying to Lily.


 “Lily, don’t worry. I will be fine.” I said cutting her. I looked over to where James and Sirius were walking down the hall talking and waving to girls who waved to them. Flirts! I thought shaking my head at them.


 We were sitting in charms and feeling bored. It was theory class.

 “So is it today?” asked Remus significantly at James and Sirius. Sirius shook his head.

 “We had to postpone it.”


 “Because of… impracticality…”

 All the three nodded understandingly. I was definitely curious.

 “James!” I pleaded. James shook his head.

 “We pledged our friendship.”

 “Pledge of friendship?”

 “Ya… as part of the marauder law.”

 “Marauder law?”

 “Its part of the marauder rulebook.”

 “Marauder rulebook?” what were these things? I didn’t know about it! And James tells me almost everything. I guess almost is the key word. Sirius laughed and I realized that they were pulling my leg. He flicked back my earring. That hurt!

 “Don’t Sirius!” and he did it again. What is it with guys and the necessity to disobey every single thing we say? Just when I turned to appeal to James, who by the way was laughing (hmph!)-

 “Detention Black and Potter! I will not have that kind of behavior in my class!” Uh-oh! Not detention again! I had to stay back with Sirius to find out about our detention. During next Hogsmeade, where our plan for LAJO was going to officially start, we had to spend our time serving coffee at three broomsticks. What fun! (ok for the record I am a LOT sarcastic!)

Chapter 7: First Date
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Remus and Kia were together. Their first official date, and Kia knew about LAJO, was Hogsmeade. And Sirius fixed peter with someone else. So we were going to be off. We, meaning Sirius and I.


I was dressed up. In a black, knee-length denim skirt and a white spaghetti with a denim jacket. I had on little make-up and left my hair fall around my shoulders.


“Hey Juliet! Looking good today! Planning on meeting some guy while serving coffee?”


“I am totally shopping for a boyfriend!” I told Sirius as we walked out.


“Umm… where are you guys going?” asked Lily from behind.


“Let me see… its Hogsmeade weekend and I am all dressed up. Oh, and I am holding hands with Sirius… I guess it could be a date!” I said trying to smile shyly. Sirius hugged me from behind with a really fake grin.


“Remus and Kia are on a date too!” said Lily.


“We know… but we combined our detention with a date so we can spend time together!” said Sirius, kissing my cheek. I think he was over doing it too much. It was starting to freak me out. I glared at him.


“So I have to spend the day with James!” said Lily, lowering her voice so that James wouldn’t hear.


“I guess so!” said Sirius so innocently. Boy was he a good actor!


“I can NOT stand him without you guys!”


“Hey that’s my brother and he is really great!” I said a little indignantly. I was indignant. I mean nobody insults my brother and especially not the person we are trying to fix him up with.


“But…” spluttered Lily.


“Sorry Lils but we are getting late. Enjoy your day!” said Sirius dragging me away.




“What a nice first date!” I muttered as I cleaned a few dishes.


“Yea!” muttered Sirius behind me. I didn’t realize that he was standing there.


“This is all your fault!” I said. Sirius grinned. The nerve of they guy. He doesn’t even bother to look a wee bit ashamed!


“So when is our break? Can we go away from this place? Take a walk and spy on our friends. See if any of them are snogging?”


“Ya!” I said, tucking a wet strand of hair behind my ear and leaning against the counter.


“Hey, girl in detention! Give this plate at table no 5!” yelled another waiter. They all decided to ask me and Sirius to do their work today and it was getting really bugging to be called ‘girl in detention’. I sighed, pulled off my apron, thrust it angrily at Sirius and marched towards the indicated table. Frank Miller was sitting there. Frank was a cute guy on whom I had had a crush in second year. Just two months. Decided he wasn’t worth it. But when I went to serve him his coffee, he started flirting with me. I mean BIG TIME.


“So… Juliet isn’t it?”


“Yes!” I said stopping in a mid-turn.


“I was hoping to run into you here!”


“Really?” I said surprised. I was surprised. I didn’t even know he knew my name.


“Yea… I thought I would give you company… you know…” he said grinning suggestively. I leaned against the table so that I was more comfortable.


“Who are you here with?” I asked him, looking around.


“Actually no one! I was hoping you could join me!”


“I would love to!” I squealed. It had been a long time since I had been on a date. Sirius walked up to us.


“Break time Ju!” he said enthusiastically.


“Great then!” said Frank suggestively. I looked at him and gave him my most flirtatious smile. Sirius, I guess, did not like the look of that. Not my smile, the person I was smiling at, for he said very coldly, “Aren’t you on a date Ju?”


“Huh?” seriously, I forgot.


“Ya. With me!” Oops! I had totally forgotten. This meant that I couldn’t see other people. This is crap!


“You?” asked Frank surprised. Sirius stepped forward.


“Juliet is my girlfriend!” he said in a final kind of voice. I smiled sheepishly. Frank looked a little scared but I didn’t know why. Not until I saw the way Sirius was glaring at him. I let Sirius guide me out of the place gently. I guess I hadn’t thought this whole thing through.


“Who is he?”




“Frank who?” he asked demandingly.


“Frank Miller.”


“I don’t care who he is. I don’t want you flirting with him.”


I didn’t like that tone. Who was he to tell me what I did? Ya right! I forgot. My ‘boyfriend’. That still didn’t give him any right. Actually it did when it comes to flirting. Who cares? He is only pretend. Why does he care too much? Unless he is jealous… Ya and the chances of that are like 1 in a 100000000. I guess because I didn’t reply Sirius just went on talking.


“… and people will start to think something is wrong if you go around flirting like that with other guys!”


“Why do you want this to be so perfect?” I asked him. I didn’t know why but it popped out of my mouth and now I realized that it was valid. Why did he?


“Because this is important to James!” he said simply. That was the best about him. He was loyal. And sweet. And loving. And HOT… god I should stop now or before I know it I am going to like like him. I did not want that happening. No I didn’t. 

Chapter 8: Best Talks...
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“How could you James? You know how much I hate that!”


“It was for you!” answered James in a pained voice.


James and Lily were having a fight. Again! Apparently on their ‘date’ Snape had called Lily a mudblood and a Croofe [A/N: I just guessed there would be more bad words in the magic world other than mudblood, though Croofe sounds really geeky I couldn’t come up with more pretend stuff] and James had decided to play hero and jinx Snape. Typical and happens all the time. When was James ever prepared to learn? Now Lily refused to even talk to James and stormed up the stairs. James looked after her and so did I. I leaned up and whispered into Sirius’ ear,


“Do you think this is going to work out between them?”


“Not a chance!” he whispered back. I giggled. James turned around with a frown.


“What are you guys still doing that for? Lily has left! You can stop being love birds!” he snapped crossly. Sirius and I broke apart and I nodded a goodbye.





James and Lily were still not talking. Sirius ushered them into the library. I did not get it. Library? Then Sirius explained it to me. He said that one place Lily wouldn’t dare to raise her voice was the library. And he was so right. Lily treated the library like it was the chapel. And his plan was to get them there and leave them to sort it out there after giving them the first shove. Not bad. The guy had some cool ideas.


“I never go to the library!” whispered James furiously to Sirius as he passed Madame Pince. Sirius rolled his eyes.


“You do when it comes to Lily!” I told him. He shut up really quickly after that. Lily, as we had arranged, was already there. James sat opposite Lily. I sat next to her, opposite Sirius. Lily looked up and frowned at the sight of James. I felt a little irritated. I mean my brother wasn’t all that bad. I felt sorry for James as his face fell when Lily frowned. I gave Lily a meaningful look. Yea, I had talked to her about James loads of times before. She refuses to listen. Sirius whispered something in James’ ear and left, winking at me to join him. I looked at Lily.


“Please don’t be too harsh on him. I feel really bad for him if you are because it really hurts him.” That ought to do the trick. Lily hates hurting someone on purpose.


“I have to go now. Sirius has something special planned!” I said trying my hardest to look like I was blushing. James had better be grateful for all this! I gave James a thumb up and left with Sirius.




Special planned for me? Who was I kidding? He took me to the kitchens and I watched him pig out. I was used to seeing him and my brother pig out.


“So what happened to your trick?” I asked him suddenly remembering.


“Coffeellet!” he said. His mouth full of chocolate cake. He swallowed it.


“Cancelled!” he said.




“Jamesie poo wanted to ‘lie low’ till he got to ‘rope in’ Lily!” he said with air quotes. I laughed along with him. Then we got to talking. We talked and talked and talked. We talked much more in those 3 hours that we hadn’t talked in like 6 years. We talked about guys and girls, James and Lily, Remus and Sirius, professors, the possibility of Flitwick and Pince, his family, the rising power of Voldemort… almost everything.


“That was good!” he said after we had reached the common room. It was pretty late and the lights were dim. My breath caught in my throat and my heart did a flipetty flop thing when I looked at Sirius. I smiled shyly and moved closer to Sirius at the foot of the stairs. He grinned back at me.


“One of the best talks we have had!” he said softly.


“Yea!” I agreed in the same tone. It seemed like a perfect setting for a kiss. For a romantic couple in love. Don’t get me wrong. I am just describing the surrounding to you.


“If I know anything about James he will be waiting up wanting to know why I was coming back this late from a ‘pretend date’ with you.” He said. I just nodded and walked up the stairs.




“What happened Lily?” I asked her as I went inside the dormitory.


“I should ask you that!” she said slyly.


“Nothing new. I mean… me and Sirius… you know!” she nodded. The fact was that she totally didn’t know. She had this impression that Sirius and I snog a lot on our dates. I didn’t bother to correct her considering I told her that! Ok Ok… I just wanted people to think that we were a hot couple. What’s so wrong in that? this could probably be the only relationship I might have this year at all the way things were going, it might as well be the talk of the castle.


“Did you hurt James?” I asked defensively.


“Not really…” she said hesitatingly.


“What do you mean?” I pounced. She took a deep breath.


“You have to stop pressurizing me Ju! It makes it hard for me to decide with you pressurizing me to take a certain decision and you are my best friend and if you take on a biased side who else will I talk to?”


Where did that come from? I mean I am the one who strings long sentences and says them without a pause. Definitely not Lily! But she was right! I guess I was taking James’ side. A Lot. But that was only cos I thought she and James made a great pair. Oh ya and because I wanted my bro to be happy.


“So what really happened? I promise I won't say anything!”



Chapter 9: Hogsmeade Again...
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Lily and James made up. Only for their fight but it was still a start. Nothing else. And Lily actually blushed when I teased her this time. Blushed! About my brother! Lily! Whoa. I have never said those words in a sentence together. But that’s what happened. I think Remus has done a great job in training James.


“What are you guys gonna do next?” I asked her, happy for them.


“Nothing! I just told James that I will be friends with him again!” she said blushing.


I knew it! I knew it! How could she say no to my brother? Yay! And she was totally blushing. I wanted to know more about it. But then Sirius came along and called me for the detention. I was in a dilemma. A MAJOR Dilemma. I had a choice between staying back and teasing Lily more because it was a rare sight to see her blush for my brother and go to Hogsmeade and spend all my time washing dirty dishes and serving a million cups of coffee. Tough choice isn’t it? (Sorry, sarcasm again!) LAJO or no LAJO, I went with Sirius. might as well get it over with!




“They made up!” he announced as we were washing dishes together.


“I know! Lily was actually bushing, do you know that?”


“I guess this will be over soon! And we can finally tell Lily about our pretense.”


That is true. We can finally start having our own separate social lives. That is a good thing right? Then why don’t I feel happy? Isn’t that what I want? I was standing still and I guess Sirius noticed something amiss because he said,


“Juliet? What’s wrong?” he asked.


“Nothing!” I said turning away.


“Ju?” he said catching my hand. I turned to look at him. The moment our eyes met there was...well something… but I guess I imagined it. I took my hand away and Sirius continued the conversation like nothing happened.


“I have to get of early, can you cover for me?”


“Why?” even though he had let go of my hand, I could still feel the heat of his hand on mine.


“Umm… it’s a marauder thing!”


“All right!” I said grudgingly knowing that he wasn’t going to tell me about that. I know its mean that I feel I simply HAVE to know everything but I am a curious person… so live with it.




We were walking down the street. Our boss had given us a long break as he was very happy with our service there. We sat down on a bench slightly away from the people. We talked for sometime about James and Lily. I didn’t feel like talking anymore so I let the silence be. I was tired and it had been a long, tiring day. Just as I was dozing off, Sirius looked hurriedly at his watch and told me he had to go for his ‘marauder stuff’ and left. I then looked up as the sun began to set. It was beautiful and I watched it for sometime. As the moon came up I remembered it was full moon. Remus wouldn’t be in the common room. Those were the times James and Sirius would do their ‘marauder stuff’. I don’t know what but hey, what those marauders do in their own time is their own business.




I locked up Three Broomsticks and turned to leave. I had to hand the key to the owner but I was feeling too sleepy. I anyway had to return tomorrow early. I can give it then. Ok, I am not the most responsible girl in the world… so sue me! It was a still night but to make up for Sirius and to keep the owner from splitting on him, I had to work overtime. I didn’t mind. I didn’t feel like going all the way to the village. It was a still night and the moon was beautiful. As I walked back I heard some strange sounds from the shrieking shack, which everyone believed was haunted. I didn’t think it was haunted… I wanted to check it out someday. But today I was too tired to. Then what made me turn back and go there? I heard James and Sirius’ voices. I guessed it was their ‘marauder stuff’. I was too curious and my sleep was forgotten. I walked towards the shrieking shack. The noises increased as I got nearer. I walked around the shack trying to peek inside. When I finally found an entrance I tried to squeeze in as I was following the distinct sound of James’ voice. And then I could not hear James at all. There were just these roaring noises which seemed to scare me a little. All right I was a Gryffindor. But I am a girl and I am allowed to get scared sometimes you know. Then I saw what made my heart turn cold.


Chapter 10: Night Fright
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I saw Remus and he was in his werewolf form. Moreover he had spotted me and was moving towards me with a hungry look in his eyes. I gave a bloodcurdling yell and turned to run. But in my panic I wasn’t able to maneuver my body back through where I came from.


“James!” I yelled hoping he would hear me. I crouched as Remus got nearer and just yelled and braced myself for the kill. I was done for. If I ever die here I hope somebody would tell mom and dad and James how much I love them. I hope Lily will go out with James as a tribute to my memory. Oh ya and please tell the owner of three broomsticks that the keys are in my pocket… 


As I was thinking this I was wondering why the blow didn’t come at all. When I looked up I saw this huge stag on top of the werewolf, struggling to keep it down. It seemed to be telling me something but I couldn’t take my eyes of its. It was so hazel that it reminded me of… of… James! I was paralyzed there. Then out of nowhere a dog grabbed my ankle and started dragging me out through twists and curves. I closed my eyes and held my hands to my head trying to protect it from damage. Then I smelt fresh air. Sweet smelling moonlit fresh air. I opened my eyes and the dog was lying on me with its paws on my shoulder. It seemed to have a concerned look on its face. I was panting hard and so was it. Then the stag whose eyes reminded me so much of James’ came galloping towards us. The stag and the dog shared a look. Yea… it was weird then. But guess what was weirder… they transformed. Yea, James was the stag and the dog was Sirius. It was a big shock to me. I was tongue tied. And not even because Sirius was lying on me and our faces were pretty close. He then scrambled off me the moment my eyes met his. James then pulled me up into a sitting position. My head was dizzy for a minute.


“What are you doing here?” he asked me hoarsely. He was terrified for me. He then kissed me on the forehead. And then looked at me expecting an answer.


“I… I …” I couldn’t talk. I don’t know how he expected me to answer. I had just found out that my brother and boyfriend (ok he is not really my boyfriend but do we want to look at technicality here? Hello? Perspective people!) Were animagi and he actually expected me to answer. Ok I guess he really didn’t because he pulled me into a hug.


“Juliet! I was so scared… what if something had happened? I could never live I swear!” he muttered, “Are you ok?” he asked pulling back. I looked at my bloody ankle. Yea, Sirius hadn’t been so gentle but when you have just escaped death you don’t fuss over small things such as a disgustingly bloody ankle. I then noticed James was breathing really hard and then it struck me how scary it must have been for him. I reached out and placed a hand on his shoulder.


“James… I am fine… it is ok.” He just smiled wearily at me and tried to pull me up to a standing position. Ok this was too much. I could barely manage to move without having my head turn in all directions inside and this really made it hurt. I held my hand to my head to stop it from spinning but it was no use. I had hit my head badly when I was being dragged here and I just wanted to sleep. Another pair of strong arms held me up and I leaned back on the support the hand provided behind my head. I was only partially aware that it was Sirius.


“James… I will escort Juliet back to the common room, and you go back to Remus.”


“No Sirius I want to accompany her…”


“James, Remus is now on the look for blood now that he has smelt human blood and you are the biggest among us. You need to be there to prevent him from harming himself and Peter. Don’t worry about Juliet.”


“But Sirius…”

“I will take care of her. She is your sister and that means she is like one to me too. I won't let any harm come to her and the chances we meet another hungry werewolf on the way is pretty slim so I think we will be all right.”


I guess James must have finally consented because a few more exchange of words and I was being led away by Sirius.


“Juliet… how are you feeling?”


“I have a bleeding ankle which may also be broken and my head hurts to even be talking. How can I be feeling!” Ok that was one of my rudest sarcasms since Sirius was just being nice. But I guess he knows me too well to take it too much to heart.


“I am sorry!” he muttered, “I just wanted to…”


Or maybe not. I felt so bad.


“What are you sorry for? I don’t blame you! I would rather take a broken ankle than death any day!”


“When you put it like that…”

“Are you kidding? You saved my life! Thank you!” I said giving him a peck on the cheek. We walked for sometime and then I asked him the question which had been troubling me since the time I escaped.


“So how long have you and James been…”


“Animagi? 3 years.”


“3 years and you never told me!” I gasped. Suddenly a thought struck me, “Is that why you have those nicknames for each other?”


“Yea. I am Padfoot!”


“You looked more like a … Snuffles to me!” I said, “Big, black, shaggy…”


“Snuffles…” he said as though he was contemplating it, “Not bad…”


“Which animal do you reckon I will be?”


“A lioness!” he said so promptly I was surprised. He noticed it I guess because he said,


“I have thought about it before. I think that lioness suits you the best. Fierce, graceful, loyal… elegant. You will be a golden-skinned lioness with your midnight blue eyes.”


“You have given it a lot of thought!” I said. After a pause. “I was scared back then and thought that I was going to lose my life…” I said quietly… the intensity hitting me only then. I continued, “You have no idea how much you did back then meant to me…”


“I couldn’t have done it without James holding Remus back. He was worried about you too.”


“But if you hadn’t grabbed me and taken me away on time I would not have been here now talking to you” I said hugging him gratefully. The moon sank a little behind the. I just realized that Sirius’ face had gotten more handsome if possible. I think something must have happened to me when I was hit on the head… I was too dizzy to think…

Chapter 11: Quidditch Practice
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“Are you sure you are up to this?” asked Sirius.


“For the thousandth time YES! Stop bothering me about it!” I snapped. It was 2 days after the INCIDENT and I was going to Quidditch practice. That is if Sirius and James were going to let me. Sirius and James did not want me to come but I convinced them I was well enough. Really I was! We were going to the hospital room to visit Remus who was doing much worse than me.


“Hey Remus!” I said chirpily as I sat down on his bed. He gave a tired smile.


“Juliet!” he croaked.


“You sound bad!” said James.


“I feel even worse.”


“I am sorry!” I said. It was my fault because I had been there and then Remus had become hungry for blood and then had hurt himself because that’s what werewolves do. That must hurt!


“No Juliet, I am sorry! You could have died!” he said. He had been apologizing like crazy for 2 days.


“Just be glad she is here!” said James. His tone was light but his hand on my shoulder tightened a little and I realized he still was scared for me. Next to me Sirius stiffened too.


“I think we will go ahead. Join us soon Juliet!” said Sirius looking at James.


“Yea… after you take your medicine and DO NOT come if you are not feeling up to it!”


“Count on me!” I said and James walked out. I was surprised to see Remus grinning widely.


“What?” I asked hesitantly because he looked like he was mocking me.


“You LOOOOVE him!” he teased.




“You are so blushing…” said Remus.


“I have no idea what you are talking about!” I muttered and got up hurriedly. I blush easily even wneh i dont mean it.


“You LOOOVE Sirius.” I swear I knew I was so red that there was no different between my face and the robes I was wearing. I blush too easily and I hate it!


“Don’t be stupid!”


“I am not being stupid. You love him but if James comes to know about this Sirius will be the first person to go!” said Remus shaking his head. James would definitely do that.


“There is no need for that to happen because I do NOT love Sirius.”


“You so do!”


“Do not!”


“Do too!”


“Do not!”


“Do too!”


“Do not!”


“All right Do not!” he said in a tone one might speak to a little girl. But I did not fall for that oldest trick in the book.


“Shut up!” I said with as much dignity as I could muster and walked to Promfrey to get my medicines and leave.




“Pass it on Ju!” called Sirius. Sirius, Frank and I were chasers and James was seeker. A 7th year called Joe was the captain and Keeper. The beaters were Henry and Joe whose last names were so complicated I couldn’t even remember. I think it is something to do with ending in –opolis. I threw the quaffle across to Sirius who caught it deftly and passed it back to me to dodge a bludger. I scored a goal. Sirius and I exchanged a mid-air hi-five as we whizzed pass each other. There were a few hoots when we did that and I looked down to see that we weren’t alone. Some other house people had come to watch. This always happens during Quidditch practice. Girls would come to watch Sirius and he would over act for their benefit and to me he would always look like a fool. The person who had hooted, however, was part of a gang of Slytherins and I had no trouble spotting Regulus. Sirius had spotted him too I guess because his hands tightened around his broom. James flew over to us with a frown.


“What did you both do? Can you guys take the trouble to notice that Lily is NOT here and you needn’t act!” James looked between the 2 of us crossly.


“Stop being stupid James! It was a mere hi-5! Don’t you trust us?” I covered, “if you have a problem I can tell everyone it is fake and you can date Lily in your next birth.”


“It is because of this that you are actually getting to see her today evening without us you know!” added Sirius after I had covered up.


James scowled but flew away without another word. Sirius winked at me.




We were walking back from practice and James had gone forward since Sirius and I had a ‘date’. We were walking back slowly, lagging behind when Regulus and Bellatrix Black caught up with us. It was my knowledge that Regulus did not like Bella all that much but they were together in the face to a common enemy – Sirius.


“Yo Bro!” drawled Regulus. Sirius stiffened beside me.


“What do you want?”


“Can't I come and see what my brother is up to?”


“I distinctly recall you ‘disowning’ me in my 5th year!” said Sirius sarcastically.


“At least your mother will be happy now…” said Bellatrix. I looked at her in confusion.


“I mean your choice for a girlfriend. Juliet is a pure blood!”


“Even if she weren’t I would date her!” snarled Sirius.


“Thank god she is. If she wasn’t…” she trailed off dangerously.


“I would like to see you try!” said Sirius in a low voice.


“No you wouldn’t dear cousin… you really wouldn’t!” she said laughing evilly. Sirius made a move towards her but I pulled him back.


“She isn’t worth it!” I told him. I glared back at Regulus and Bellatrix.


“Hey pretty face, don’t glare too much or I might just do a little thing and make it freeze that way!” said Bellatrix. I gave her a disgusted look.


“At least mine doesn’t look like that all the time unlike yours!”


“You really think too much of yourself don’t you? If you were half as good looking as you are now, you wouldn’t have anything to brag about.”


“Juliet is not just a pretty face!” said Sirius hotly.


“I doubt it. You date her!”  


“Did you come here to just pick a fight?”


“We are not fighting! And I came here to say, good luck for the match… if you can make it!” and with an evil smile she turned and Regulus followed her. I guess it had been Bellatrix’s idea because Regulus did not look like he could even understand what we were saying. Sirius and I were glaring after them when after a few steps Bellatrix turned back with a smile and said, “When was the last time you heard from your mom Sirius?”



“Did you hear what she said at the end of it all? About the match?”


“So she was threatening us! It is no big deal. We will get through. They can only be sly but we can be brave!”


“It is not just that…” Sirius’ voice trailed off. I looked at him. We had flown to the top of the castle and were sitting on the sloping roof. I was leaning against another roof which started slightly above the one we were sitting on and Sirius was lying flat beside me. He was talking about her comment on his mom. I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t even understand.


“The last time I heard from mom was before I left for your house before the holidays… and she threw me out of the house… asking me never to return again!”


“What?” I asked. This was news. Why didn’t he say that before?


“I didn’t tell you guys before I guess…”


“You guess?” I shrieked, “You are practically homeless!”


“Nice to rub it in!” he said sarcastically and I realized that I had been insensitive.


“I am sorry Sirius. What happened?” I asked in a lower tone placing my hand on his. He turned to look at me.


“It started very small and then blew up. Andromeda had brought Nymphadora home to talk to her mother but they threw her out of the house without even listening to what she had to say. I stuck up for her and told my mother that if she wanted to see her mother it is her business.” He paused to take a deep breath. Sirius lived in a joint family household where the traitors were thrown right out and since they all lived under one roof, the traitors had no place to go to. That was their intention. And Sirius and Andromeda had become victims.


“Well… the fight got dirty and we both said lot of things and finally I walked out before she could tell me to. Andromeda took me home with her until I came to your place.”


“Sirius… you can come to my place in the holidays!”


“This is our last holidays Ju!” he said quietly.


“Then you can move in with us!” I said, “Mom and dad won't mind. They know very well what you go through.”


“Juliet… it is different honey. How long can I stay with you? I have a future too.”


“This can be temporary. Just till you find another place.”


“I guess… I will think about it.”


“You don’t have to worry so much Sirius. we are all there for you.”


Sirius sat up and looked at me and smiled gratefully.  “When do you reckon we should return?” asked Sirius.


“Dunno… as long as we don’t disturb James and Lily.” He got up.


“We had better be going.” He said, “They have had enough time to themselves… now we have our work to do too!”


We flew back to the tower and walked towards the common room talking.


“Ms. Potter!”


I turned to look at Kirk Linclon, the head boy. We had gone out on a couple of dates before.


“Hey Kirk! How are you?” I asked him. He was in Gryffindor too and really sweet. We were great friends.


“Hey, what is this I hear about you and Sirius?” he said giving Sirius an acknowledging nod.


“Well…” I started.


“I am not that dumb. You guys are totally faking right?”


“What makes you say that?” I asked him surprised.


“Actually I overheard you guys behind the counter in Three Broomsticks during your detention.”


I nodded, “Yea this is for Lily and James.”


“They are so cute together… I always tell Lily but she asks me to shut my trap.” He started walking with us. We talked all the way there and I realized what a great pair we made. I don’t exactly remember why we broke up but it looks like we could have really hit off. We really clicked and he was easy going. I found that I could talk to him about anything. At the portrait of the Fat Lady he turned to me and said,


“Juliet… after all the match making is over… would you like to go to Hogsmeade for a butterbeer or two… sometime?”


He was asking me out. My first instinct was to say no but then I realized that it was stupid. I did need a back up after LAJO was over… and Kirk was really easy to talk to… why not?


“Sure… I’ll let you know!” I said. He smiled at me and went inside. He really was cute, I thought as I followed him with Sirius. Sirius held my hand and we walked towards James and Lily sitting in front of the fire, our usual place. Remus and Kia hadn’t yet returned. Now they, unlike us, were on a real date.


“How was your date?” asked Lily as we sat down.


“Awesome. How was yours?” asked Sirius. Lily glared at him while James grinned at Lily.


“Don’t look at me like that James! I am not going to date you!”


“Lils dear give me a chance!”


“James it has been long enough… loosen up and get other dates!” said Sirius. I looked at him confused. What was wrong with him? This wasn’t the point of the whole deal…


“I guess…” I snapped my attention back to James.


“Don’t guess… just do it. Date other girls. Lily is not going to happen James. Get used to it.” James looked as taken aback as I. he looked at me in confusion.


“Don’t look at me, I didn’t say anything!” I said holding my hands up and leaning on Sirius.


“But Sirius…”


“No buts. I am setting you up with someone tomorrow.”


“Tomorrow?” I said raising my eyebrows. So soon?




“Thank you Sirius! I love you!” said Lily hugging him.


“Hey, as hot as you are babe, I know I am irresistible but I remain loyal to my best friend. And you should remain to yours.” Said Sirius. Lily punched him.


“Aww!” said Sirius and I mock patted him. James frowned.


“Lily… I didn’t know you fancied Sirius…” he started seriously. Lily hit him on the head with a book and James ducked. The book fell on to the side and Lily reached over to get it. James fell over and as she was balancing on him she fell on him. They looked at each other for a moment and their eyes locked. Slowly, without breaking their gaze, James picked up the book and handed it to Lily. Lily was speechless as she took it. They both just gazed at each other.


“Should we…” whispered Sirius in my ear.


“Shhh…” I whispered back, “this is so romantic…”


James and Lily were still staring into each others eyes.


“Hey guys!” called Remus. Lily looked away immediately and James looked at her intently.


“Umm…” said Lily blushing. James was still staring wistfully at her.


“Lily…” he said hoarsely.


“I think I will go to bed. See you guys!” she said. She was flustered and was suddenly very clumsy.


“Where is my Transfiguration text book?” she asked in an unnatural high voice.


“Here.” said James in the same hoarse voice handing it out to her. She did not look at him directly and blushed as he was staring down at her. She just took the book and hurried upstairs. Remus whistled after her and James looked up.


“What is going on?” he asked.


“Nothing… looks like Lily will be ready for her first date with James soon.” I said.

“Speaking of dates… why did you agree to go with that Kirk fellow?” asked Sirius sharply.


“She is going on another date?” asked James in the same tone Sirius had used.


“After Sirius and I ‘break up’” I said.


“Why do you have to date him after that?” asked Sirius frowning, “I don’t want you dating.”


“I am not dating now. Only after James and Lily get together.”


“Shocking!” said Remus in a mock tone smirking at me. I glared at him.


“Who I date after I break up with you is not your business!” I said hotly looking at Sirius, “and neither yours!” I added when James was about to speak up. Sirius looked like he wanted to say more but contented himself with sulking and glaring in Kirk’s direction a lot. Remus just stared hard at me and Kia looked puzzled at me. 

Chapter 12: He's In Love...
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“Juliet, can I talk to you?” I was walking to breakfast with Lily when Kia caught up with me.


“Sure what?”




“O.k.…” I said hesitantly. When she had pulled me into an empty classroom I looked at her quizzically.


“Do you know what you are doing?”


I was standing opposite her folding my hands. What was wrong?




“You are complicating stuff for yourself… do you realize you are falling in love with Sirius?”


I turned bright red. (There I go again!) No way! Was I? I thought about it and decided that I wasn’t. Remus must have put Kia on to this. I didn’t even want to have such a useless conversation.


“Kia I am feeling hungry… if we could talk later…” but trailed off when I saw the look on her face, “Or food can wait!” I said gulping.


“What are you going to do Ju?” she asked me.


“Listen Kia, I know what I am doing and please I don’t want to talk about it.”


“Do you love him?”


“Of course not! He is a good friend and that is about it.”


“You sure he will remain feeling that way about you?”


“Ya!” I said. But a doubt formed in my head. Was I too sure? I didn’t know.


Kia left it at that. She knew she had put doubts in my head. Sirius did not think of me that way. Well, actually he could not because James will kill him, but he does not. I know he doesn’t. I’m his best friend.




“There comes my girlfriend. Here I saved you a seat Juliet!” said Sirius holding out his hand to welcome me. I placed my hand in his and he made me sit next to him. I looked opposite me where James was sitting next to Lily. Remus and Kia were sitting next to Lily.


“Want to know who I fixed James up with?”


“Who?” I asked curious.




“What? Jamesie Poo and Isa?” I spluttered. James frowned at me as I chocked on the food.


“She is actually quite nice and has thankfully stopped calling me that!”


“Yea and James has finally observed that her earlobes seemed different because the earrings she was wearing were of different lengths.


“So you guys are set?” I asked him.


“Yea… pretty much.”


“Its just one date right?” asked Lily.


“Let’s see where it goes!” said James. Lily remained quiet and ate her food.


“Ju…” whispered Sirius in my ear. I turned to face him, “wanna go somewhere today?” he whispered.


“Where?” I whispered back.


“Spying on James?”




“There goes greaseball!” said Sirius as we passed Snape.


“Watch it!” snarled Snape as he turned to face us.


“Watch who you are threatening!” said James. Snape pulled out his wand in a flash of a second Lily was thrown backwards. It was a non-verbal spell and it made her faint.


“Lily!” I screamed as I ran to get her. I barely missed a flash of light and James and Sirius were engaged in a non-verbal battle with Snape and Snape had gotten really good. A streak of yellow light hit Sirius and he fell over, blood coming out of his nose. James was still battling Snape but Remus and I rushed to Sirius. Between the two of us we lifted him up. Fortunately Kirk had come by and stopped further fights. Snape smiled victoriously and left. James glared at him and rushed to Lily. Between him and Kia they lifted her and we carried the two to the hospital wing.




“Are you ok?” I asked Sirius as he drank down the potion given to him.


“Yes I am fine.” he said pulling a face as the liquid went down his throat. I looked over at James. He was holding Lily’s hand and whispering to her. Sirius shook his head at him.


“What is wrong with your brother?” he asked me. Lily was still unconscious.


“He is in love!” I replied quietly, not taking my gaze off them. Sirius walked over to James.


“Is she up yet?” he asked looking at Lily and sitting next to James.


“No…” replied James, “it will take her half an hour for the potion to actually start working and she will be up” he looked back at her and stroked her cheek with his hand, “I really love her Sirius… I love Lily.” And I decided then that whatever happens, LAJO had to succeed, whether or not it affected me.

Chapter 13: Mistletoes... and its not even christams!!!
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 “Come on Juliet!” yelled the Gryffindors. It was a Gryffindor vs. Slytherin match and it was up to James to save the match. The score was 130 to 30 in the favor of the Slytherins. We were really way down and unless the snitch was caught we couldn’t win the match. It seemed hopeless. I had the quaffle with me and Sirius and I were passing it to each other to dodge the Slytherins. I threw the ball through the hoop and the next minute a Slytherin player, I think Bellatrix knocked the broom off from under me. I was falling and I screamed. I desperately tried to catch on to something without realizing that all that was there was thin air. Then suddenly I was roughly caught around my wrist by a pair of strong hands. I looked up to Sirius. Frank Longbottom came towards us and helped Sirius hoist me on his broom. James came zooming over to see if I was all right. I was still dazed from all that force which this gravity thing exerted on me. I couldn’t focus my eyes and James was talking furiously beside me. We did not realize that the game was still going on when we heard a huge uproar from the crowd. The Slytherin keeper had seen the snitch.

 “Go James!” yelled Sirius, “I will take care of Juliet.”

James left immediately. This is Quidditch we are talking about. Versus Slytherin. James had to go and save our pride. Sirius was rubbing my temples gently. Frank had retrieved my broom and held it out.

 “The Slytherins have been given a penalty but they have scored a load of goals.” Said Frank. Sirius hadn’t been paying attention to the game more than I had. He took my broom and we flew to the stands till my head was better and I was ready to return to the game. Till then, any member of our team could score goals on our behalf. Lily and Kia came rushing over to us. Remus was cheering on the players. He seemed to think I was pretty much fine. At one point of time he actually yelled ‘All right there Potter?’ and I actually thought he was talking to me but it turned to he was calling out to James.

“You ok?” he asked me.

“Boy was Black a –”

“Whoa! No last names ok?” called out Sirius tetchily. I didn’t blame him!

“You afraid you can't keep up the family pride?” I mocked. He pulled a face and I laughed.

“Listen, if you are all right you had better get back to the game!” said the captain swooping towards us. Sirius and I looked at each other and nodded. We mounted our brooms.

“You sure Juliet?” asked Sirius.

“Yes Black!” I said smirking. Sirius hit me on the back of my head and we took off. 

“You fine Ju?” asked James flying towards me.

“Yes I am Potter, now pass me the quaffle.” James looked at me stupidly for a minute not knowing that I was talking to Frank, flying behind James. A whistle blew and it was half time.

I flew back on to the ground to land near Lily and Kia when James and Sirius caught hold of my hand on either side and steered me away.

“What?” I asked them once I had landed.

“You all right?” asked James again. I gave an exasperated sigh. Do people think I am that fragile or something?

“Or do you need some more kisses from your handsome boyfriend?” continued Sirius with a mischievous grin. James glared at him while I slapped him on the back of his head.

“If that is the option,” I said returning Sirius’ glint and finding a way to tease James, “I think I feel slightly dizzy…”

Sirius caught the plan and grinned even wider, “Baby… don’t fret ‘cos Sirius is the best. I am here to make you feel better…” he said pulling me into his arms and moving closer suggestively. I loved the twinkle in his eyes and the way his hair casually fell into his forehead. Funny I hadn’t paid so much attention to that all my life than I had in the last few days. I noticed the creases on James’ forehead deepening.

“All right, all right! The lets-tease-James time is over!” said James irritated, pulling me away and pointedly keeping me away from Sirius by putting his hand around my shoulders. Sirius and I laughed.

“Sirius, tell her why we are actually here!” he said, still refusing to let go of me. Sirius looked at me and said, “Tactics.”


“Quidditch tactics. Frank and I came up with it during last practice which you missed.”

“Go on!” I said, sitting down on a rock. James stood in between me and Sirius protectively. It was obviously for Sirius’ benefit. Even if Sirius had noticed anything he didn’t say it. He went on about the tactics, demonstrating some moves. How could someone so sweet, be such a hot guy? I never thought they were part of the same package. But quite to the contrary I think looks come with sweetness too. I mean look at my brother. He is handsome all right and the sweetest thing on earth. Sirius isn’t that sweet but apparently sweet (C’mon my brother is sweeter!) enough to be handsome! Making sense?


“Gryffindor WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Yea baby! We won! WOOOOHAAAA!!!! Boy was that game a load of fun. Sirius’ tactics worked so well that even when he accidentally on purpose banged into Bellatrix, Madame Hooch didn’t think it was a foul. Well that put us Gryffindors high up on the house points and the Quidditch team places. We were all partying in the common room. Remus had sponsored the decorations. Since it was nearing Christmas time, he decided that it would be fun to have a pre-Christmas party with the same decorations. So technically we were partying in a room filled with red and yellow banners, lions coming out of leafy-green arches and mistletoes hanging from the fake, flying snitches. Quite creative I must say!

“Hey Ju!” said Lily coming up to me as I went to get myself some drinks.

“Hey Lils!”

“Umm… I wanted to ask you… umm…”

At that moment James interrupted us. And three guesses why.

“Lily! Did you like the game babe?”

“It was interesting James!”

“Interesting? That’s all you can say? Come on… I was brilliant!”

“You were quite good, but you have gotta admit it was team effort…”

I left them talking there. I was too tired to bother myself with listening to their squabbles. When I poured myself some drinks and turned around, I saw Sirius signal to me.

“What?” I asked.

“Look where Lily and James are standing.”

“Near the food table. So?” Yawn. Seriously!

“Look above them honey!”

Sirius had frozen a snitch-cum-mistletoe as it flew above their heads so now they were directly under the mistletoe. Two people who look great together and are perfect for each other, not to mention it being obvious that they have the hots for each other, are standing under mistletoe. And what do they do? Argue! What do I do with these two Love-Clowns? Suddenly I didn’t feel so tired anymore. I became active all of a sudden.

“Lets make them snog!” I said putting my drink down and bringing my hands together, bouncing slightly on my toes.

“Now you are thinking like me!” said Sirius and we both approached them with a sly smile.

“Lily…” I said.

“James…” said Sirius.

Both of them turned to face us. We did nothing but pointed upwards in unison. And as if perfectly timed, they curved their heads backward and saw the mistletoe. Here I take perfect pleasure in describing to you both their faces. Lily’s was the most confusing one. At first she did not even comprehend what it was. Then, as slowly understanding dawned on her, her eyes widened. First in shock, then in horror. And then she became angry. With me and Sirius and James. James on the other hand had a smile on his face and was looking cutely, if I may say so, at Lily.

“Wha… no… Wha…. There…” spluttered Lily, “You!” she shrieked in anger pointing at me and Sirius.

“Hey don’t look at me it was his idea!” I said backing off slightly and pointing to Sirius. Sirius would not hear of it. HE caught hold of me and pulled me back in place.

“The damage is done Lily, you gotta kiss me!” said James, “come on… its not so bad once you do it!”

“Too bad I won't know how it will be!” she retorted. James took a step forward and Lily took a step backward. I decided that this was not going to happen the way I wanted it to if I didn’t help a little. So I pushed Lily forward from the back, right into James’ arms. I could just hear him gasp in rapture when she fell into his arms. Sirius and I were egging them on, having a hand on Lily’s shoulder to prevent her from breaking free of James. James really did look like he needed some help.

“Lily… its just one kiss.” Said Sirius.

“Yea… for the spirit of Christmas. Just do it!” I cried.

“Its not even Christmas!” cried Lily indignantly.

“Come on babe! It is going to make more than one person happy and you want that don’t you?” said James.

“No, I don’t want to make morons like you and Sirius and Juliet happy so let go!”

“Lily… please! I just ask this of you one time!” said James.

“Lily, don’t be such a nit picker. It is just a small kiss!” said Sirius.

“Yea… be a sport!”

“What’ going on?” Remus and Kia had joined us.

“Lily and James are under the mistletoe and she is refusing to kiss him.”


“You too Remus!” cried Lily, “Fine I will do it! Happy all of you?”

“You will?” asked James surprised.

“Yes… if you ask your sister and your best friend to stop pushing me so much into you like they are doing now!” said Lily. Yea I think we were kind of crashing her into him. We let go but didn’t move incase she decides to make a run for it. She is kissing my brother tonight and I am going to make sure she does it. James loosed his hold on her but not completely. They both looked into each other’s eyes.

“Let us just get it over with fast, ok?” said Lily softly.

“Yea… ok here goes nothing!” said James letting out a huge breath. He leaned in forward and slowly their lips met. They kissed. And they kissed. And they kissed. And they kissed. AND THEY KISSED! If this is what Lily meant by getting over with it fast, boy must her boyfriends love her! Seriously! They seemed to sink into the kiss.

“Yes!” I rejoiced. As usual I had been a little too loud. Because my voice had caused Lily to pull back with a start and she took a sudden step backward. She placed one hand across her chest and one across her lips. James was looking at her intently and she looked at the floor as she blushed furiously.

“Well Juliet, the major part of our job is done here so…” said Sirius making a move to leave.

“Not so fast!” said Remus. We both looked at him quizzically and he pointed to above our heads.

In our josh to get James and Lily to kiss we had totally overlooked the fact that we both were also standing under the same mistletoe. Apparently Remus had noticed it.

“What,” asked James, coming out of his trance to make this angered comment, “are you suggesting, Remus?”

“Hey how hard can it be for them? They are boyfriend and girlfriend after all!” said Remus with a smirk,

“Lily and you did it because of the same mistletoe and now it’s your turn. You guys gotta kiss!” he said grinning mischievously.

“But… Wha…” Sirius was as baffled as I was.

“No way!” I said egging away.

“Don’t tell me Sirius Black is afraid of PDA!” goaded Remus catching hold of me and pushing me towards Sirius who took a nervous step away.

“Hey I am never afraid of PDA!” PDA means public Display of Affection and boy was it famous that Sirius was not afraid of it!

“In that case why have we never seen you kiss Juliet in public before?” asked Remus. I COULD KILL HIM! Boy does he have a strong grip. 

“That is because… I am afraid of PDA!” I said covering up and glaring hard at Remus. That was kind of difficult to do since he was holding me in a strong grip from behind.

“Remus!” said James in a warning voice. Remus pretended to not hear James and continued looking at us with a raised eyebrow. I turned to look at Sirius and he turned to look at me. He pulled me to him by my hand and my heart was beating wildly. It was like a flock of birds had taken off from there. And the butterflies in my stomach had also decided to take off then. Sirius slowly leaned in. I did not dare to look at James at that time. It was going to be gross… I knew it. I did not meet Sirius’ eyes as he lowered his lips on mine. It was our first real kiss. Did I say gross? I meant Spectacular. Sirius is a hot kisser! I kissed him back, running my hands lightly up and down his biceps. His fingers entangled in my hair and I tilted my head a little to deepen the kiss. I forgot everything around me. I forgot Lily. I forgot James. I forgot LAJO… RAKO…I just drew a blank when it came to everything.

Chapter 14: James On A Date...
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I woke up with a really different feeling in my heart. It seemed to pace up the moment I regained consciousness. I sat up on my bed with a wide grin across my face. I don’t know how long the two of us kissed. After we slowly broke apart, I was too embarrassed to say anything. Thankfully James was nowhere to be seen and surprisingly neither was Remus and Kia. Sirius and I looked awkwardly at each other for a few seconds before I said an awkward goodnight and hurried upstairs. Just because it was good doesn’t mean I love Sirius. Come on! I’m not in Huffelpuff!

I went down the stairs and was surprised not to see any marauder in the common room in the morning. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Remus limping towards me and Sirius supporting him.

“What happened to him?” I asked confused.

“After you left, James chased him around and around the dormitory.”

I laughed, “Poor Remus. What did James do to you?” I asked Sirius.

“He was too busy chasing Remus. We haven’t spoken yet.”

Remus approached us, “I swear I haven’t run like that my entire life.” He said groaning. James approached us.

“Hey James!” I said a little nervously. Remus jumped, literally, at the sound of James’ name. He hid behind me. James glared at Remus.

“Juliet, tell him not to do that!” he said into my ear.

“James…” I started.

“It’s ok… I am not after Remus now…” He turned to Sirius. Sirius backed off slightly, “James… I didn’t do anything…”

“The only thing you did was to snog my sister!” said James, chasing Sirius as he broke into a run. They ran round and round the common room as Remus and I laughed. James was such a typical James! I watched as Sirius jumped over the couch and ran round another to dodge James but James was just as quick.

At one point James almost caught Sirius when Sirius grabbed a girl walking along and thrust her between them without knowing who she was. He was using her as a shield and looked over her shoulder. One look at James’ expression told Sirius whom he was holding. Both of them immediately calmed down and Sirius backed off. Remus and I went up to them I stood next to Sirius as he smoothed his robes.

James placed his hands at his hips looking at Lily apprehensively, “Hey… how are you doing?”

“Umm… ya I am ok,” said Lily. She seemed to be blushing and clutching at her books very hard.

“Umm… great…”


“Listen... I wanted to ask you something…” said James taking a step closer. He was going to kiss her… I knew it I knew it… I could feel it…

“Could you… umm… lend me your potions notes?”

Or not.

Sirius, Remus and I groaned in unison. Lily and James looked at us and we immediately turned to face each other as if we were engaged in a serious conversation. Although I don’t think they were fooled.

“Remus what happened?” exclaimed Kia who had joined us quietly.

“Umm… I fell down the stairs… by mistake…” said Remus.

“Aww… poor you…” she said kissing him.

There was one happy couple. I looked over at James and Lily who seemed to be blushing very cutely at each other. Great! I helped match-make these two pairs but I don’t get a match myself? Then I looked sideways at Sirius who was grinning slyly at another girl walking past... a Blondie who is definitely going to be Sirius’ first date after we break up.

Don’t you just feel that life is so unfair sometimes?


“Hey James where are you going?” asked Lily when James was going out of the common room that evening.


“This late? What if you are caught!” said Kia.

“Yea right!” scoffed James, “Cya!” he said waving to us and walking out.

“You know what, I’m turning in… Goodnight!” said Sirius stretching himself. I waved at him and leaned back on the couch.

“I guess I’m tuning in too… bye Remus!” said Kia kissing him, “Goodnight guys!” she said to the rest of us.

“How long is James going to be?” asked Lily.

“Dunno… it’s been a long time since he has been on a date so I have no idea!” I said nonchalantly, reaching out for a quill, “Hey Remus do you have notes from History of magic? I kinda lost mine…”

“No you didn’t! You spent history of magic convincing James that you hated the kiss between you and Sirius so you didn’t take any.”

“I knew that… I just wanted yours that is all!”

“You liar!” said Remus smiling and giving me his notes. He takes such neat notes, I don’t wonder why he bothers doing his homework… he might as well hand his notes in. now my notes you should see… doodles all over the paper!

“Is James going to take a long time?”

“I don’t know Lily… why are you so bothered?” I asked her significantly. She said nothing but continued doing her work. Remus and I winked at each other. Remus stifled a yawn.

“I think you should turn in too Remus.”

“Yea… I have this conclusion to do…”

“Give that here and you go to sleep… you are still recovering!”

“Its ok… it will take only a couple of minutes.”

There was a silence except for the scratching of the quill. Then Remus turned in. I was not feeling so sleepy so I decided to do my homework slowly. Lily was sitting next to me doing her work too. She kept glancing at the door of the common room. I smiled to myself knowing what was going through her mind.

About half an hour later the door opened and James walked in. well actually we couldn’t see anybody walk in, just the door opened, but I knew it was James under his invisibility cloak. He took it off and flopped next to me.

“Hey Juliet! How come you are still awake?”

“Not sleepy!” I said getting back to my homework.

“What are you doing?”

“History of magic!”

“Oh that!”

“Did you finish?” asked Lily.

“Naa… I’ll do it tomorrow morning.”

“It is a 2 foot long essay!” she said in an unnecessarily loud voice

“I know!” said James shrugging. There was a tense silence before Lily blurted out –

“How was your date?”

“Not bad…”

“Ahan…” said Lily sounding, if I wasn’t mistaken, slightly bitter.

“What is that supposed to mean?” asked James.


“Lily!” said James sternly.

“I… don’t… know…” she said sounding weary and angry. It was past midnight and obviously she was tired, “it is weird that you are… dating…”

“Do I detect… jealousy?” asked James breaking into his characteristic grin.

“No! I am not jealous…”

“Then what is it?”

“Forget it!” she said getting up to go. James caught hold of her wrist and got up to face her.

“Honey, I need to know!” said James pushing the hair that had fallen into her face away, “you can tell me…” he said taking a step closer.

“Stop it! Don’t do that!” she said moving her face away from his hands, “you do something like this now and tomorrow you go on a date with… with that Isa! You are such a hypocrite!”

“How did you know I had another date with her tomorrow?” Oops! Wrong thing to say! Lily’s eyes narrowed and she made an indignant noise.

"Sometimes I wonder if I really ever meant something to you." She muttered pulling her hand away and trying to walk away. But James wouldn’t let her. He stood in front of her and held her by her shoulders. I don’t believe Lily just said that!

“What did you say?” he asked quietly. She turned her face away. “Lils…” started James softly.

“I don’t know…” said Lily trying to break free, "I find myself yelling at you for liking me at all hours of the day; somehow towards the end of it all, I can't break the feeling in my heart that you make me feel special," She said quietly, “but today I…”

James did not allow her to speak but leaned over and kissed her. I didn’t want to disturb them and so I tiptoed to the dormitory. But I don’t see why I had to bother tiptoeing; they clearly were oblivious to everything around them.

Chapter 15: Problem with friendship...
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Sirius pulled me aside even before I stepped down into the common room and Remus joined him.

“What happened between James and Lily last night? I heard you were the only witness!”

“Technically, Sirius, all we had to do was set James up on a date and things happened by itself!”

“So our dating had nothing to do with it?”

“Not from the angle of playing cupid! But if you look at it, we could leave Lily and James alone so they spent time with each other without Lily suspecting anything and…”

“Cut to the chase and tell us what happened!” said Remus. I told them briefly before James came down the stairs with a grin the same time Lily walked towards us. We stopped talking quickly and none of us could find anything to cover up the silence so we ended up looking awkwardly at the two of them.


“So how long have you liked James?”

“I don’t know… I have always been flattered I guess… but a lot angry… I don’t know what broke the whole thing.”

“But I’m glad it did!” said James moving in to kiss her.

“You know, it all happened in good time and Juliet and I didn’t have to bother to act…”

“Act what?” asked Lily breaking away.

“Well actually, Juliet and I were just acting as boyfriend and girlfriend to bring the two of you together so it wouldn’t look that obvious to you that we were doing it… but it looks like we did almost nothing and things took its course!”

“You guys were acting? I didn’t know that!” said James in, what he attempted to be, a surprised voice. Lily was not more fooled by it than I was.

“You knew didn’t you?”

“Well sweetheart, it was mentioned to me in passing…” Lily raised an eyebrow, “alright I knew!” he surrendered.

“Now that you two are together, Sirius Black is available again for the ladies!” he said with a grin and leaned back against the couch. Whatever! Things were back to normal again. Oh right, I had that date with Kirk I had to go to.


“So you are telling me that I am the only one in our entire group who didn’t know that you and Sirius were faking it?” asked Lily as the two of us walked from the bathroom.

“Lily… it was for your own good. James is a great guy!”

“I know!” she said. I could sense a hint of pride in her voice and I was happy. We turned around the corner and I saw a couple kissing against the wall. It was unmistakable who the guy was. I shook my head fondly towards him and said, “Sirius Black has gone back to business!”

“So you really don’t like him huh?” asked Lily as we walked past them.

“No!” I replied, “He has never… dunno…I have never thought of him that way.”

“Not even recently?”

“No!” I said wondering why everyone kept implying that Sirius and I were in love. We have been best friends for like 6 years and suddenly why this change in the attitude of my friends? I shrugged and walked towards the great hall for dinner.


“Hey Juliet!” came a voice from behind me as I was eating. I turned around to see Kirk behind me.

“So since Lily and James are together, how about that date we agreed on last week?”

“Yea sure!” I said standing up to face him. He smiled slightly and even blushed a little. He was so cute! The he leaned in and gave me a small kiss. Now I was blushing. He then smiled at me and walked away rather awkwardly. Blushing and biting my lip from smiling widely I sat down.

“Somebody likes somebody!” said lily teasingly.

“You think Kirk likes my sister?” asked James frowning.

“Not only that, she likes him!” said Kia in a singsong voice looking at me. Sirius turned to me so fast that I thought he would get a cramp in his neck or something.

“Do you really?” asked Remus raising an eyebrow at me. I glared hard at him before I replied, “He’s cute, charming, sweet… why not?”

“So soon after we broke up?” asked Sirius in a mock-hurt voice.

“Sorry honey, didn’t realize you would feel so hurt! But I guess its ok because I just saw you snogging another girl in the corridor!”

“You did, did you” asked Sirius with a hint of pride in his voice. I rolled my eyes at him and took a mouthful of food. “Felt jealous or anything?” asked Sirius mockingly, knowing it made James furious.

“Yea… yea I did! And you know why? Because I want to snog you senseless right here right now!” I said putting my fork down and looking intensely at Sirius.

“Well then baby, here I am for you!” he said standing up and pulling me to my feet. I wondered hoe far James was going to let this go, “I know what we did was pretence but I sincerely fell in love with you…” said Sirius clutching at my shoulders and shaking me dramatically. I pushed my hair out of my face and looked at him with a small smile –

“Me too dearest Sirius, me too!” I said shaking him dramatically in turn.

“Sit down Sirius!” growled James. Sirius took no notice and continued shaking me.

“Why didn’t you say so earlier dear… why didn’t you?”

Now James got up and pulled Sirius down. Both of us sat down laughing uncontrollably.

“You know one of these days I am seriously going to curse one of you,” muttered James, put-off.

“Chill bro! We are just pretending!” I said, taking a breath and started to laugh again.

“You know Jamesie… you look cute when you are jealous,” said Lily giving him a deep kiss.

“There you go James! Doing that has its advantages!” said Sirius patting him on the back. James surfaced grinning widely.

“As long as I know it is fake. I do not like the idea of you two-” he shook a finger between me and Sirius, “AT ALL!”

At this I burst into peals of laughter. James was so cute sometimes!

“I don’t trust Juliet at all. But I trust you Sirius. I trust you a lot!” he continued ignoring me. Suddenly I stopped laughing. Somehow that did not seem funny at all. I did not know why but I had this sinking feeling in my stomach like somebody had dropped a canon ball through my mouth and it settled somewhere at the bottom of my stomach.


It was late in the evening and James was making us all practice.

“James do we…” I started wearily.

“Juliet! Winning one game will not change anything. Now get back on the job!” yelled James from the other end of the pitch.

“James come on!” yelled back Sirius flying to my side, “Juliet is tired… besides we all have homework to do… have a heart!”

James gave us a hard look, “Its Sunday tomorrow! You guys can work!” he said flying away, shouting instructions to Harry and Joe. Sirius put an arm around my shoulders –

“I tried!” He said apologetically.

“What is wrong with him? The next game is 3 weeks away!”

“Actually it is not the game that is bothering him…” I looked at Sirius quizzically. Sirius was looking in James’ direction with a troubled frown on his face.

“What is it then?” Sirius shook his head and gave me a tense smile.

“Let’s get back to work before James bites our heads off!” said Sirius flying away. He was hiding something from me.

Throughout the practice I watched James and Sirius closely. Nothing seemed to be wrong between them. It was not even near full moon so it was not that that was bothering them. James seemed a little pickier on perfection… but that was normal of him. And Sirius flew just the same today. Except that he looked exceptionally handsome in the dim lighting. He refused to fly near me but we worked well together. He knew I would ask him about James when I had a chance.

“James! Its five minutes past the junior’s bed time. We HAVE to wind up!” I yelled out looking at my watch. James looked at his watch and sighed.

“All right everybody. Good job today. I want you all here tomorrow same time.” he yelled. They entire team flew to the ground with relief. James was still circling around the stadium and I flew towards him.

“Is everything all right?” I asked.

“Yea… yea…” he said picking up speed and flying down to the castle so fast I couldn’t see where he went. I shook my head in the direction he had disappeared and landed down.

Outside the changing room I saw Sirius walking towards the common room.

“Wait up!” I shouted and ran to catch up with him.

“Hi…” he said wearily.

“Rough practice huh?” I asked skipping along next to him. He was taking really long strides, “Slow down will you? What is wrong?” He did not respond but slowed down. I did not say anything, wanting to give him some time to think.

“Juliet… can I ask you something?” he started slowly. I nodded looking at him. He stopped walking and turned to face me, “Have you ever felt… confused..?”

“A lot of times… I mean I was confused this morning when I did not know what earrings to wear. I was confused at lunch when I didn’t know if I wanted to take the pumpkin juice or not. I was confused in charms as to whom to pick for my partner. I was-”

“Juliet, Juliet, Stop! Its not what I mean.”

“Oh… what do you mean?”

“I mean… have you ever been confused about… umm… friendship?”

“Wait a minute-” it suddenly hit me, “Is this because James is going out with Lily and now you feel left out and stuff because if so I can speak to James and…”

“No this does not have anything to do with James and Lily dating. I am glad they are together. No, this is about- forget it!” he said and started walking again.

“Ok ok I won't say anything till you complete. But you are asking ridiculously vague questions.” Sirius did not say anything. We walked in silence for sometime, both of us in our own thoughts. Outside the common room I stopped him.

“Sirius, listen. I don’t know what is bothering you exactly. But let me tell you this. In friendship, there should be nothing you hide. Because if you hide anything then the friendship becomes… well… not friendship, if you get what I mean.” I sighed here, “What I want to tell you is, if you have any problems with your friend regarding anything the best way is to talk about it. This applies to all problems on the face of this earth. Trust me and go for it.”

He looked at me with a small smile. His startling blue eyes met my dark blue ones in a look so passionate that I seriously melted. Suddenly I felt something. Something I had hardly felt before. Something that I had not felt even after we had kissed. When we had kissed I had felt that it was the best kiss I had ever had. But what I felt now was equivalent to a hundred of those passionate kisses. Suddenly I was aware of the lack of distance between us. Our faces were just inches away and suddenly all I wanted to do at that moment was to grab him and kiss him like we kissed under the mistletoe. Sirius leaned forward and brushed my cheek with his fingers. My breath caught in my throat and I took a step forward. My move seemed to bring Sirius back to his senses. He immediately took a step backward. His eyes lost the passionate look and he suddenly looked nervous.

“Bollywillis” he muttered to the fat lady and by the time I went inside he had disappeared into his dormitory. I walked to my dormitory and lay on my bed trying to get my mind off what had just happened and trying my best not to think about Sirius.

Chapter 16: Is it Jealousy? Or plain...
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This morning when I had barely entered the common room, Sirius caught hold of my wrist and pulled me into a corner –

“What?” I asked.

“Juliet… remember the advice you gave me yesterday…”

“Did it work?” I asked, cutting him off accidentally.

“Well, I can't say yet. I still have to talk to h- I mean the friend.”

“Great then!” I said walking away. He caught hold of me and pulled me back, falling further into shadows. I was irresistible reminded of last night. Ok, I am not going to lie to you. I dreamt a lot last night. And a lot of that lot was about Sirius. And a lot of that lot of that lot involved him kissing me. There is seriously something wrong with me.

“You don’t understand… you are the friend I was talking about…” I did not see that coming.

“Me? Why? We are fine… we never had a fight.”

“We might after I tell you what I am going to!”

“Shoot!” I said confused.

“Sirius?” we both turned to see Remus looking suspiciously at the two of us, “What are you two…” he then gave Sirius a significant look.

“Its nothing Remus,” said Sirius in a warning tone.

“Hey Remus-” James said coming up to Remus, “Sirius! Juliet?” he asked frowning immediately.

“You don’t seem too happy to see me!” I said folding my hands across my chest and glaring at James.

“Not here… with…” he said frowning at Sirius. Sirius looked uncomfortable about something.

“Actually… umm… I was talking to Juliet!” said Remus, “we were talking about… full moon… in 2 days…” said Remus hurriedly.

“Yea… I was just telling Juliet about… transforming and stuff…” said Sirius. I just nodded along.

“You are going to have to trust him James. He is your best friend!” said Remus looking at James.


“No buts. You guys are best friends. And you can't let something this small-”

“Small?” started James indignantly.

“- come between you!” continued Remus ignoring James.

“He is right!” said Lily quietly from his side. She had quietly joined us, “I don’t know what the deal is but Remus makes sense… and well, he is never wrong…” she said and kissed James lightly.

“Ok…” said James and turned to Sirius, “wanna plan the next trick?”

I guess that was James’ way of making up. Boys!

“Hey!” said Lily hitting James on the arm.

“Or sometime Lily is not around!” he said kissing her. They were so cute together. James and Lily set of in front of us and I lagged behind with Remus and Sirius.

“What’s the deal with all this?” I asked them.

“No-Nothing…” said Sirius. I was not going to take this for an answer. I gave him a long hard look.

“All right,” he sighed, “James seems to think that I … I like you.”

I raised my eyebrows in shock. And I started blushing.

“And I am out of here!” said Remus shrugging awkwardly and walking ahead. I wanted to walk ahead too but I was too shocked to move.

“Do you?” I asked finally, and my voice was slightly squeaky.

“I… No- uh – do you… uhmm…” he looked at me discomfited. He kind of looked cute like that. I don’t know what I did what I did next. It may have been the butterflies in my stomach or the effect of my dreams last night or the plain fact that he was looking so adorable today. I supported my hands on his shoulder to lean over. And kissed him on the lips.

It was small. A light brushing of my lips on his. But all the firecrackers went off behind my eyes this time. Sirius caught hold of me around my waist and pulled me closer to deepen the kiss. And I don’t know how long we were there kissing each other. I liked it. It was the best feeling I had ever had my entire life. Sirius was so gentle and so soft… a burst of emotions raced through my heart. I felt a surge of attraction for him at that moment. I slipped my hands behind his neck and pulled him closer.

“Juliet, is that you?” I jumped away instantly, feeling guilty. I saw Kia staring at me and Sirius in turn. Now I was horrified. I don’t believe that I, of my own accord, kissed Sirius black passionately (Ok I did it one before but that was kind of a compulsion) and found that I had some feelings for him.

“Umm… yea - uh – yea…” said Sirius and hurried away. I was left looking anywhere but at Kia.

“I told you this would happen!” she said.

I just walked away not really listening to what she was saying about how this was a very bad idea. All I could think about was the kiss.


“Hello Juliet!” I was walking out of History of magic with my friends and I heard Kirk calling me.

“Hey Kirk!” I said. He pulled me away from the others. I noticed all of them lag back to listen to what was going on. I also noticed Sirius frown slightly as Kirk leaned in to kiss me.

“what’s up?” I asked him.

“I am so sorry but I have to work next Hogsmeade weekend,” he said really looking it. He was so cute. Tall, blonde with grey eyes and a pleasant, smiling face, Kirk was really handsome. And I liked him a lot too. I was too caught up with this Lily-James match making thing to actually think about other guys. But I have always had this little crush on Kirk and ever since he asked me out 4 weeks ago, though it hasn’t come up lately, I have been thinking about him. Thoughts about Sirius popped in my head much later. And will go away. Soon. Hopefully.

“Well that’s too bad!” I said, genuinely disappointed.

“How about I make it up with you? Say lunch, tomorrow?”

“Why not today?”

“I have a meeting with the head girl!”

“Just the head girl?” I asked frowning.

“Yea the two of us have some things to do.”

“Things huh?” I frowned even more. Somehow I did not like the thought of that.

“Are you jealous?” he asked teasingly and leaned in suggestively.

“No!” I said grudgingly just before he kissed me. I will admit it to you. It was a good kiss. I have dated him before and we never renewed it after the holidays. But I have forgotten how it was to kiss him. But now it all came back to me. He was a really good kisser. “But I will be jealous if you will do that every time I am.”

“Cya in the common room!” he said laughing and walking away. I could feel 3 pairs of frowning eyes and 2 pairs of normal ones following me as I walked towards them.

“So feelings coming back huh?” asked Lily.

“Could be!” I said blushing.

“Why are you meeting him for lunch?” asked Kia significantly.

“Because I like him!” I said in a warning tone.

“You two are so cute together!” said Remus.

“Who was that?” asked James. We all turned to him and raised our eyebrows.

“Kirk Linclon.” I said patiently. He kept frowning at me and so I said, “Get over it bro. Your little sister dates!” James nodded and I knew he was not fully convinced. He was never fully convinced but at least he shrugged it away and walked with Lily, questioning her about Kirk. Good luck to her!

There was still one person who had not yet spoken. I looked at him and he was still frowning.

“So you… you are jealous about him and that … head girl … huh?”

“I was joking. He wouldn’t do that!”

“You never know! He could be another Sirius!” That comment kind of brought me to my senses. All the things I had been feeling for Sirius in the past 8 weeks of the whole Lily-James matching thing flew out because Sirius was not the commitment kind of person. And I am the person who likes to be committed in a relationship. And I was feeling angry with myself for feeling like that about Sirius.

“Well he is not like you! He likes to have serious relationships!”

“Are you saying I don’t?”

“When did the question of you come up at all?”


“Forget it! Why are you being such a prick about this? I am not your girlfriend. I will date whoever I want to and you cannot do anything about that.” Saying this I turned around and walked away. Sirius caught up with me.

“You can't walk out like that!” he said.

“I thought I just did!”

“Well why do you have to date anyway?" he asked. I turned around to face him.

“Listen, I have had just 2 boyfriends in this whole life out of which one is fake. The other one is Kirk who is nice and whom I have liked for a long time. I am not going to screw this up all right! so back off and stop behaving like a jealous-”

“I am not JEALOUS! I am just looking out for you!”

“Well, don’t!” I yelled and stormed away. I do not believe the nerve of him. It was almost like he didn’t want me to date anyone else… was that really how he was feeling? Or is that how I want him to feel? Ok… this is getting to confusing… focus on Kirk… focus… his handsome face and his great eyes… hmm… Sirius has such long eyelashes… NO! its Kirk here…. Not Sirius…Kirk… Sirius…

A/N: didnt i tell u u will kick me if i put my a/n at the is to why: juliet and sirius will take a couple of chapters to get together cos i want to take it slowly and not rush it up. now is when they have started feeling something so might as well let it develop... no tomatoes please!!!! just reviews... i cant take them *braces herself for some yells*

Chapter 17: By The Lakeside
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For the next few days I gave Sirius a wide berth hoping to get him out of my mind. I tried to put all my thoughts on Kirk and off Sirius. I actually succeeded… that is, until I saw Sirius in a lip lock with a Ravenclaw just outside the locker room. A funny feeling rose in my stomach… I just got out of there as fast as possible. I wondered if it would be so easy to forget everything that happened. Well Sirius was able to get over it easily. I don’t see why I can't do that! Yea, I don’t care anymore… Sirius will just be the guy who will date all the girls but never commit himself. How long am I going to have to use that excuse, I don’t know.


“Hey where are you going?” asked James when I walked away from them that evening after classes.

“Kirk has an hour before he has to get back to his homework and stuff so I thought… you know…” I said, waving at them and walking towards the lake. Later Sirius told me what happened when I was on my date. This is what had happened after I had walked away-

“What does she see in him?” asked Sirius turning to Remus. Kia and Lily looked at him curiously. “What?” he asked them, “don’t look at me like that!”

“Really, Sirius… what’s wrong? You seem all… all jealous…” said Remus. Lily gave James a fleeting look. Kia and Lily took James away so that Remus could talk to Sirius.

“So … tell me. What’s the deal?” asked Remus, “I thought you don’t like her that way!”

“Of course I don’t!”

“Really? So tell me, you have no problem with Juliet and Kirk dating huh?”

“Of course not!”

“So you didn’t feel like-”

“Ripping Kirk limb to limb and hexing him till he loses all his senses and flushing him down the toilet? No!” said Sirius. Remus gave him a pointed look. A look of realization dawned on Sirius’ face.

“Do I-”

“You tell me…” said Remus. Sirius looked away thoughtfully.

“I need- I need to figure out some stuff… I …”

“I understand mate! I’ll tell James you went to meet McGonagall about detention.”

Sirius nodded thoughtfully as Remus walked away.

Now back to what was going on with me. Kirk and I were having lunch by the lake and he was telling me this really funny joke. Right in the middle of it, I saw Sirius out of the corner of my eye, walk over and seat himself on the other side of the lake, across from us. Oh dear! He is making this so difficult for me… I couldn’t help thinking about how cute he looked. He turned his head to look at us and I guiltily snapped back to what Kirk was saying. I couldn’t hear him at all… I mean I could hear him but I wasn’t listening to him, if you know what I mean… I was just so distracted by Sirius’ presence so… so far away from us! Oh dear! I should really stop myself from doing this… I cannot fall for him… I really can't… I’ll end up hurting myself… I realized that Kirk had finished telling the joke and I automatically started laughing. He caught hold of my hand and moved closer to me. I looked at him as the laughter in my face was replaced by a serious look. He took my hand and raised it to his lips. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Sirius get up and leave. I heaved a sigh of relief… which Kirk mistook for a sigh of pleasure, for him. He then released my hand and cupped the side of my face and leaned in for a kiss. Our lips met and I won't deny there was electricity.


The two of us pulled apart to see Sirius standing there angrily.

“What do you think you are doing to Juliet?” he asked as he strode over to Kirk. Kirk stood up and I followed suit.

“Sirius-” I said, shocked. What else do you expect? Sure this guy was handsome but he can't ask my boyfriend why he was kissing me! How dumb can you get?

“Listen pretty boy! Juliet is not your snogging buddy for you to just snog!” If I wasn’t so angry with him right now I would have burst out laughing at that. I was so mad at him. It’s funny how one minute you can totally adore a guy and the next you feel like strangling him.

“Juliet is my girlfriend!” said Kirk raising an eyebrow.

“Listen to me you-” said Sirius coming forward threateningly. Kirk was reaching out for his wand and I felt like somebody had to step in before things got out of hand. I moved in front of Kirk and turned to face Sirius with folded arms and an angry look on my face.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?”

“Move away Juliet! This doesn’t concern you!” said Sirius.

“Oh really? Well, don’t you think that when you threaten my boyfriend about kissing me, it involves me a tad little bit?”

“Ju, don’t make me hex you!”

“Why don’t you try?” I said whipping out my wand and pointing it at him.

“Look here, I did not come down to fight you ok?”

“Then why did you come here? You ruined my date, threatened my boyfriend and me, and you tell me you did not come here to fight?”

“Not with you! All though I want to have a word or two with your boyfriend about snogging you!”

“Excuse me?” I asked thoroughly confused and indignant, “What gives you the right to do that? Even James cannot get away with this and he gets away with pretty much everything!”

“Well I have an advantage in this situation… considering I am your ex-boyfriend! I am allowed to get jealous and I am allowed to fight for you!”

This guy was crazy. Though he was saying things that sort of made me happy inside he was crazy. Why would I want to date him? Does this mean he likes me? Or does he just have a crush… my mind was working at a million thoughts per second.

“What do you mean? That was fake!” I yelled back in the midst of all my thoughts.

“Maybe not so much!” he yelled. Suddenly everything seemed really quiet as I looked at Sirius, “Maybe it was not entirely fake…” he said quietly.

“What?” I asked looking at him in surprise. Did he just tell me he liked me? or did it have another meaning it?

“In the past eight weeks I have felt things I did not know I could feel. In the past eight weeks I have noticed more and more how pretty you are. I have more and more noticed how sweet and nice you are.”

He paused here to take a breath as I looked on, shocked, being an understatement and confused being an, well, understatement again. He continued in a softer voice -

“And in the past 8 weeks I have enjoyed being with you. I have grown to like you and to want to spend time with you. I have grown to like the way you talk, the way you walk and that look you get in your eyes when you are deep in thought, that look you gave me last night, and this morning. I want that. I want to have you look at me like that everyday...” I surprised even myself by doing this. But standing there and listening to Sirius say these things made me reach up and kiss him. Just like in the photo.

It was small. A light brushing of my lips on his. But all the firecrackers went off behind my eyes this time. Sirius caught hold of me around my waist and pulled me closer to deepen the kiss. And I don’t know how long we were there kissing each other. I liked it. It was the best feeling I had ever had my entire life. Sirius was so gentle and so soft… a burst of emotions raced through my heart. I felt a surge of attraction for him at that moment. I slipped my hands behind his neck and pulled him closer.

“Juliet, is that you?” I jumped away instantly, feeling guilty. I saw Kia staring at me and Sirius in turn. Now I was horrified. I don’t believe that I, of my own accord, kissed Sirius black passionately (Ok I did it once before but that was kind of a compulsion) and found that I had some feelings for him.

“Umm… yea - uh – yea…” said Sirius staring down at me and not letting go. I was trapped between looking at Kia and Sirius, and Kirk. Oh dear god Kirk! I did not dare to look up but I could see him standing there out of the corner of my eye. I tried pulling away but Sirius wouldn’t let go.

“I told you this would happen!” she said glaring at me, “do you know what you both are getting yourselves into…” Sirius turned my chin towards him and continued talking like nothing had interrupted us.

“I want to have you kiss me every day. Juliet, I think… I think I am…- here he paused to take a deep breath – well, the only thing holding me back is James. That is why I did not say anything…” I suddenly got the strength to break apart.

James! Kirk! Well I had to handle Kirk now but then I had James later. Oh god Kirk’s expression! It was… he was white to the lips… I had to handle him first… I approached him quietly. I didn’t know what I was going to tell him. I mean I just kissed another guy in front of my boyfriend! And he was not even my boyfriend in the sense because I had actually used him. I had used him to convince myself I had no feelings whatsoever for Sirius. God do I feel so rotten!

“Kirk…” I started tentatively but he cut me off.

“I should have seen this coming… actually I did but I - I liked you too much to admit it to myself… well, there is no pretending now I guess…”

“Kirk I am so sorry! Really I am! If I could take everything back I would, really!”

“Hey Juliet! No sweat! You guys belong together…”

“I am so sorry!” I said not knowing what to say.

“I understand! Both of us had to stop lying to ourselves some day! And I promise, I won't tell James!” he said with a smile as he walked away. Now that was don’t I had to face James… uh-oh before that Kia. I turned to see her but she was gone already. Sirius and I were left standing near the lake. He enveloped me into a hug and kissed the top of my head (so, I am short! I don’t like to talk about it! Hmph!)

“We have to tell James…” I said pulling away, “you know we do!”

“Yes, yes I know…” there was a pause as the two of us looked uncomfortable, “but-”

“But sounds good!” I said relieved that he had a solution.

“but we can't break it to him like a bombshell… we will have to slowly get him subtly accustomed to the idea… so I vote we keep it a secret till James is ready to know!”

Perfect Excuse! I love him!

“See now, this is why I like you!” I said as he leaned down to kiss me. Suddenly it was as if the world, which had turned into total chaos the last few weeks had rightened itself now. I was in Sirius’ arms and kissing him. There is nothing else that matters to me now. Except the whole sneaking around and dating in secret thing though. I mean I don’t know how we are going to pull it off. James is bound to notice something. But that was the immediate solution and right now, kissing Sirius is more important than anything…

Chapter 18: Uh-Oh...
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“You will tell him won't you?” I asked for the hundredth time when Sirius and I were sitting at the window ledge of Astronomy tower on our ‘date’. We couldn’t go on a proper date without James knowing about us. We both felt really guilty about that…

“Yes I will…” said Sirius assuring me for the hundredth time.

“When?” I pestered.

“After this…” and he leaned in to kiss me. For the next few moments I forgot everything. After we pulled apart I let go of the subject. There were better things to do on a date. But I couldn’t help feeling that the more we put it off the more problem it would become.


Sirius and I entered the common room that evening, a little late, hoping that James wouldn’t notice anything amiss.

“Hey guys!” called Remus. I could almost hit him. I was planning on sneaking up to the dorm and then pretend I was there all the time. Stupid Remus. He has been a big pain all this time.

“Hey Moony!” called Sirius and went to join them as if everything was normal. I could learn a thing or two from this guy. I always get a little cold feet because I am bad at lying. I waved awkwardly to Lily and Kia as I went to join them. Lily raised an eyebrow teasingly at me and turned to continue her chat with James. Kia on the other hand was less jovial. She just pushed her glasses up on her nose and gave me a look. I knew what she was thinking. I should tell James. That girl can be a pain sometimes. But only because she is right.

“Where were you Juliet?” asked James as I sat next to Lily.

“I was… uh – I was…” I was, all right. I will be in the past if he knew what I had been up to. how long would it take for me to say ‘I was just having a hot snog with your best mate who also happens to like me’? But no. Why would I say that? If I wanted to die and get Sirius killed, maybe then I would say that. But as of now I just stammered.

“We both went down to the kitchen because we were hungry.” completed Sirius. He just keeps giving me more reasons why I snog him. I don’t think I want to do this. I have been doing this, I mean snaking around, for one week and its not really fun. I feel guilty. Its not fair to James. It really isn’t. suddenly I was feeling so rotten that I had to retire to bed. They were all worried about me. but I think Kia and Remus guessed it. when James looked so concerned I was feeling even more bad. I don’t care. I wasn’t going to snog Sirius until he tells James.


“Hi Ju!” whispered Sirius as he came near me. we were all headed off to breakfast and Sirius had lagged behind to fall in step with me.

“Hey…” I muttered, totally not in the mood. I wanted Sirius to tell James. Period. Don’t ask me why I won’t tell him. Because I didn’t start it. Maybe its because I am scared of James. But whatever.

“What happened?” he asked.

“Did you tell him?”

“No…” he said looking away. At least he had the grace to look ashamed.

“I won't talk to you till you tell him!” I said.

“That’s insane!” said Sirius laughing like I was joking.

“Maybe that, but its true!” I said walking away and seating myself in between Lily and Remus. Sirius frowned at me and sat next to James. I looked at him significantly. He nodded.

“James… mate… I need to tell you something…” started Sirius. Finally, I thought. I tried to look as if I wasn’t interested as I bent my head down to eat. “Well… I had to tell you that there … is a certain… a certain girl… and I – uh – really… ummm, like her… and I …”

“Wanted my advice on it?” completed James grinning.

“Something like that…” said Sirius smiling weakly.

“Who is this girl who makes the Sirius Black stutter?” asked James.

“Yea that was the whole point… the girl is – uh… listen James… don’t get angry with me… but its-”

“Its lily isn’t it?” completed James again frowning, “that’s why you are hesitating so much!”

“N-No!” said Sirius, alarmed.

“Well it can’t be anyone else! I would be angry if you fell in love with two people. One is Lily and the other is my sister and it’s a hard chance you have fallen for my sister!” Sirius gulped. I seriously felt sorry for him.

“Well yea…” he started, throwing me a nervous look, “I …”

“Was just messing around with you!” I completed turning to James and laughing. Ok I cracked. But I did feel sorry for Sirius! He was looking so cute and all and I am… well I am just a girl! “Come on James! Cant you take a joke?” I continued hurriedly, “Sirius just wanted to see your reaction if he told you he fell in love! And a fat chance that is going to happen!” James looked suspiciously at me and I bit my lip. He then started to laugh and I let out the breath I was holding. Phew! That was close! Sirius and I exchanged a nervous look and heaved a sigh of relief as we left for our classes. James and Lily walked ahead of us talking to Peter. Remus and Kia were behind Sirius and me.

“What did you do?” whispered Sirius when he saw that no one paid any attention to us.

“Sorry!” I shrugged sheepishly, “I guess I was too concerned about you…”

“Yea and now I don’t think I am ever going to get the courage to say it to him!”

“Maybe we don’t have to!” I said.

“What do you mean?”

“Maybe we don’t have to tell him at all! Maybe we will just keep it a secret forever!”

“And maybe, just maybe, that’s insane!” said Kia from behind.

“You eavesdropper!” I said accusingly, turning to her, “you just have this habit of listening in don’t you?”

“Well…” she started grinning guiltily, “you know you will be better off telling James!”

“Telling me what?” and James appeared behind me. Sirius and I glared at Kia who looked back at us defiantly. “Telling me what?” he repeated. Sirius turned and gave Lily a pleading look and Lily bit her lip, not knowing what to do. Everybody was looking guiltily at each other and James was staring between all of us with a frown.

“Ok I know there is something going on and I want to know it right now!”

I was in big trouble.

Chapter 19: It'll be fine... I think...
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“Well…” she started grinning guiltily, “You know you will be better off telling James!”


“Telling me what?” and James appeared behind me. Sirius and I glared at Kia who looked back at us defiantly. “Telling me what?” he repeated. Sirius turned and gave Lily a pleading look and Lily bit her lip, not knowing what to do. Everybody was looking guiltily at each other and James was staring between all of us with a frown.


“Ok I know there is something going on and I want to know it right now!”


I was in big trouble.


James was staring straight at me and he had this stern expression in his eyes. An expression which he hardly wore, one I had lest seen when Remus and I mock-flirted for fun… just to tease James. I generally don’t let James walk all over me, you guys probably know that by now… but some things he is very particular about and this is definitely one of them. I gulped, not knowing what to answer.


“Juliet Anna…” he started in a severe tone of voice, “I want an answer now.”


“James… the class…” started Lily but the look he shot her made her grow silent and she stopped talking.


“You guys go ahead! I want a word with my sister!” he said. Remus nodded and signaled me a thumbs up sign from behind James and left with Lily and Kia. Sirius hesitated for a minute but decided to go with them. Remus frowned but Sirius shushed them and led them away. I glared at them but not for long. James gripped me by my hand and pulled me away before anybody spotted us and saw that we weren’t in class. Once we were in the shadows, James turned to me with a determined look.


“Juliet… I am not stupid you know! I know there is something going on that you all are not telling me about. And I want to know exactly what it is! Now!”


I wish he was shouting. That way I could yell back you know. It’s so spooky when he talks in this low, firm tone. Oh now I am panicking. What do I say? Great now I’m breathing hard. I’ll probably get taken in for Asthma… maybe I can escape him that way! James narrowed his eyes. Nope, I guess I won't. I grinned sheepishly… ok I think it’s about time I attempted talking. I opened my mouth but I wasn’t able to get any words out and my feeble attempt at talking came out as nothing but a puff of air. I talk all the time… I yap away and bore people to death but now I am not able to find a single thing to say… and I’m actually standing here and thinking of irony… and James doesn’t look any happier… Maybe I should tell him…


“James… well…” I gulped, “It’s just that…”


“Cut to the chase!” he snapped.


“Ok…” I took a deep breath. Here goes, “I am seeing…”


And I didn’t get any further. Because I was interrupted.




Bless him! Bless him! Bless Him! I turned with relief to see Sirius walking, no sort-of-jogging, towards us.


“What is it?” snapped James, looking irritated.


“No… I think I should… be here… I guess…” said Sirius, panting slightly and looking a little uncomfortable.


Did I say bless him? I guess I spoke too soon. I scowled at him but he looked straight into my eyes and shook his head.


“I can't do this Juliet… James is my best friend!” he whispered. James frowned between the two of us and he was losing patience. I could see that! Sirius turned to James. He looked slightly scared but had that stubborn look on his face, the same look he had when he was yelling at Kirk the other day. I wanted to melt right there. He looked so cute! I can't believe I am thinking about my boyfriends cuteness at a time like this! But what he did next didn’t help my thoughts either. He came close to me and put his arm around my waist, and pulled me closer so that my head was resting on the nook of his shoulder.


“James,” started Sirius quietly, “Juliet and I are involved.” Ok now all the thoughts about Sirius’ cuteness flew out of my mind. My heart started racing and I braced myself for the explosion.


But it didn’t come. Instead James’ face was expressionless. We both couldn’t say what he was thinking.


“Wha-what do you mean?” he croaked finally, after what seemed an eternity.


“Juliet and I are seeing each other…” his voice grew more confident due to the lack of reaction from James’ side, “as boyfriend, girlfriend…”


This time James reacted. His face grew white. With shock at first and then with anger. I could see the anger lines on his forehead as he stared us down. I gulped again. I could feel Sirius’ heart beating wildly against my cheeks. James’ eyes flew to Sirius’ arm around me and I could feel it slackening for a microsecond. But Sirius left it there, which I think was quite brave of him.


“How long?” James’ voice had sunk even lower and was sounding dangerous and he was looking straight at me.


“Three months!” answered Sirius.


“I asked my sister!” even his snapping was in that same tone!


“Th-three months…” I squeaked. He was scaring me now.


“So you both have been snogging behind my back all this time?” and this time it was directed at Sirius. Sirius nodded.


“I’m sorry James,” and he really looked it. “It’s just… I … I like her very much…”


“You like her? Like her as in snog her and leave her for another girl in three month’s time?”


“N-no…it’s…” I started.


“When were you planning on dumping her?” asked James, his voice raising a little.


“James!” I exclaimed.


“I wasn’t going to dump her…” said Sirius, “I told you, I really like her!”


“Well you have told me a hundred times that Sirius Black doesn’t really like any girl!” snarled James.


“There’s a first time for everything!” argued Sirius.


“So you mean to say there will be many more times?” he shot back.


“I didn’t say that!”


“But you implied it!”


“No I did not! What about you and Evans? You were like me before you fell for her… and I believed you when you told me you love her!”


“Believe me Black, if Lily were your sister you would have felt a whole lot differently! I told you one thing and that was to keep your hands off my sister! And you couldn’t do that?” And with that James turned and walked off. Sirius and I were left standing in the shadows with our arms around each other. I looked up at Sirius. He looked shaky. I reached up and kissed his cheek.


“It’ll be ok Sirius,” I whispered, wishing he wouldn’t look like that.


“I’m not too sure!” he said, and he too walked away abruptly. And somehow I didn’t have a good feeling about it.


Chapter 20: It's all over...
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Ok it was 2 days and James had not spoken to either of us. He was angry with Remus but at least he was still speaking to him. And Lily. He was hurt that Lily hadn’t told him. I guess they had had a big row about it that day he was told about this whole thing because during lunch they had gone off together and Lily returned with her face all red and her green eyes flaring up in anger and indignance.

“I am not obliged to tell him everything I know! Does he think he owns me just because I like him?” she muttered furiously as she flopped down with us.

And I was feeling really miserable. Guilt makes you feel that way you know… and I just couldn’t help the sinking feeling in my heart that James was right. Maybe to Sirius I was just another venture… another girl to go in his black book…

And these disturbing thoughts entered my head because of Sirius’ stand offish behavior towards me. Since he had left me after the confrontation we hadn’t talked at all… and he was, well I got the feeling he was ignoring me. and I don’t think I could talk to Lily because I could see that she was upset with her big row with James. Seeing that he hadn’t given her a glance as such after that. And beneath her anger and indignance I could see that she was very upset. And Kia… well she’s sweet and all but all she is going to do is say I told you so and no I’m not in the mood for that as of now.

We were all sitting in the common room. But this time it was different you know… because James and Remus were sitting near the fireplace, me, Lily and Kia (please, no mood for grammar here!) were sitting right at the other end near all the bean bags… and Sirius was sitting on the couch. Peter, well he seemed to be at a loss where to go at first but he decided not to get on James’ bad side and joined him and Remus. It was clear that we were all not at all in the mood to do homework… (not that we ever are but this time we all were miserable) and I got the impression that Kia was ignoring me too for some reason. I hated all this! And the glances she seemed to give me gave me the feeling that she was holding me responsible for the rift of the Marauders.

There was a tension binding all of us even though we were seated at different ends of the common room. And this tension seemed to be choking me. It was all my fault you see. Kia’s way of saying may not be exactly kind (don’t get me wrong she is very sweet… but very stubborn and direct) but she was right. It was I who had fallen for Sirius in spite of knowing very well how James felt about it. It was me who had saved Sirius a couple of times when he was getting ready to tell James the whole thing… and now I was also responsible for Lily and James’ fight (break up? Oh dear hope not!!!!!) After all that I had done to get them together…

“Will you stop it!” snapped Kia. I jumped out of my reverie. She was looking at me with that sort of determined look she has about her… and her glasses made her look even more stern. I didn’t know what I had done now.

“Stop self pitying yourself!” she chided me.

“But I-”

“Oh please! Its written all over your face! Why do you blame yourself alone? Doesn’t Sirius have a say in it!”

“Kia please… he’s miserable as it is! And it’s my entire fault!”

“No its not! He liked you too! And I don’t see why you are so afraid to stand up for what you like!”

Her words startled me. I thought she would blame me instead she seemed to make me feel I was right… maybe I was… I just stared back at her.

“Well yea! If you and Sirius really like each other then why should James stop you? So he feels protective of you and judging by Sirius’ reputation anyone would! But then, its Sirius’ job to show him he actually feels something for you and that this is not a fling. So really you don’t have to feel guilty or anything! If anyone should be doing something it’s Sirius!” and with that she went back to her homework. Her matter-of-fact tone had gotten me thinking. This girl was good! And so right! I don’t see how someone can be right all the time! But she was… and yes it was up to Sirius to show James that he really liked me… did he? Ok I don’t want to get into that… not now at least…

“She’s right!” said Lily, voicing my thoughts, “James is just very protective of you and when it comes to guys like Sirius I agree! Sirius maybe his best friend and all but when you look at his dating record no guy would want him near their sister!” she said, “you should go talk to him!”

“No! He won't even look at me!” I said miserably.

“I was talking about Sirius!” said Lily.

“Oh!” I said. I thought she was talking about James. Yea maybe I should talk to Sirius. And the sooner I do it the better. I cannot stand seeing him looking so sad… he looked too cute for that… I want to kiss him and make it all better… but I guess that wouldn’t be too wise considering James was very much in the vicinity. But I still had to talk to him. I got up and walked towards Sirius, a little hesitantly. I sat next to him on the couch and I could feel James’ eyes snap up at that.

“Hey…” I said softly. He looked up and gave a curt nod of acknowledgement. I took a deep breath. This was not going to be easy. “Sirius… can we talk…”

“Oh now you want to talk is it?” he asked me sarcastically, finally looking up to meet my eyes. I was a taken aback. What was wrong with him now?

“Uhm… yea…” I said confused. Uh-oh wrong move! He seemed to get even madder at that…

“Talk… isn’t that what you do all the time? What’s stopping you now? Why so suddenly you need my permission?”

“Sirius…” I said indicating him to lower his voice as many people stopped their work and turned around to see us.

“Don’t Sirius me ok! You ignore me for two days and now you want to talk is it? Lets talk-”

I ignored you?” I asked indignantly, cutting him off. Some gall he has blaming me for all this! If at all it was he who was ignoring me. “You were the one who ignored me! And now you’re trying to blame it all on me?”

“I don’t want to blame anything on you ok! I was right in the beginning! I never should have gotten together with you… This whole thing was a big mistake!” he said roughly.

Mistake? You call this a mistake? Is that what our… this relationship with me was for you? A mistake?” I shrieked. I saw a group of first years staring at us with their wide eyes and snapped at them, “what are you people looking at? Haven’t your parents taught you it’s rude to stare? All of you!” I added looking at the common room at large and thankfully most of them had the grace to blush and return to their work and I turned back to Sirius.

“Look…” he started slowly.

“No, don’t say anything. Let it be a… a mistake ok… it was a mistake for us to get involved! We’re agreed on that now aren’t we? Now if you don’t mind I have some homework to do!” and with that I walked away, taking the little of my dignity with me, not caring to look at James or Sirius and went straight to where I was sitting. I picked up my parchment and pretended to be busily writing my assignment but in reality I was trying to hide the tears that threatened to flow. I was not going to cry in front of the whole common room… especially not in front of the person who said that getting involved with me was a mistake. I’m too proud for that and all Sirius had done with his little statement was to hurt my pride… James was right! I was just another fling for him… and when he thought he had had enough he had told James knowing very well that this was ideal for a break up. Didn’t he love living in the edge? Maybe that’s why he wanted to date me… because dating me would be exciting. What a fool I had been! And now Sirius lost nothing! James would be glad that he broke up with me and they would become friends… and Sirius would chase another girl to snog… 

And just then i realised something that set my heart thudding...

A realization that made my insides squirm...

I realised that I was the only loser in this deal...

Because I was falling in love with Sirius.

Chapter 21: Its not all right...
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How? How could I have done that? I mean, I knew what I was getting myself into didn’t I? I knew what kind of a guy Sirius was! In spite of that… to do something this stupid! I mean to fall in love with him? WHAT WAS I THINKING? I am not in love with him. I am not. I am NOT! NOT


“What?” asked Lily, looking up. It was only then I realized that I had spoken the word ‘not’ aloud. I had been battling with this for an entire day! It was charms period and Kia was taking down notes, oblivious to me and Lily was looking at me with concern. I attempted at a smile and turned away, shaking my head to clear it of all thoughts.  Lily didn’t say anything to me but turned away, to take down her share of notes. Well she didn’t seem much happy either now. James wasn’t speaking to her too and this was making me even more guilty. I could see why she was upset. But she was too proud to show it I guess… or maybe I just am not noticing it. I didn’t know it would have so much impact with James. I mean I knew he was going to get angry and all but this extent was something I hadn’t seen before …  


My eyes fell on Sirius suddenly and I felt a surge of pain pass through me. And I wished I had listened to James at first itself… Who had I been kidding? Sirius wouldn’t change for anyone. And I had been an idiot thinking he would change for me. He called it all a mistake. Ok now I was going to cry. I shouldn’t cry over that jerk. I shouldn’t! More than pained, I guess I was just very disgusted with myself. Disgusted with myself for falling in love with him. As a friend Sirius was a great guy but as a boyfriend his reputation wasn’t exactly the best… and the worst part was that I could have prevented this if ONLY I had some self control. I am such an idiot!




“James…” I started tentatively from behind him at the end of potions. I wanted to apologize to him. He had been right all along in not wanting Sirius to date me. He was protecting me and I had needed it. He turned his angered eyes on me wordlessly.


“I wanted to say that I’m sorry…” I said, “You were right James… I should have listened to you about… about…” I couldn’t bring myself to say his name out aloe for the fear of breaking down. I blinked hastily to remove traces of tears that had started welling up. I looked at James for some reaction on his part but he just nodded and started to walk away. I ran after him for there was one more thing I had to set right.


“James… it wasn’t Lily’s doing at all! Please stop blaming her. I made her promise she wouldn’t tell…” and as if on cue Lily came up to us.


“There you are Juliet! I was searching for you… come along!” and she didn’t even acknowledge James. The expression on James’ face was unreadable but I was sure he had tightened next to me when she had come up.


“James,” I said again, “I told you its not Lily’s fault…”


“Don’t you dare justify me Juliet!” snapped Lily, “There is no reason for me to tell him everything I know just because I’m going out with him! And if he wants to be a jerk he can as well go on being a jerk!”


“I’m being a jerk now am I?” asked James hotly.


“Yes you are!” she retorted glaring at him, “You create such a big fuss over the fact that Juliet and Sirius are dating. May I remind you that you don’t own her and she can date whoever she wants?”


“Stay out of this Lily!” he snarled.


“Well you don’t have to say that twice. For as far as I’m concerned, we are finished!” and with that she turned around and walked away. I stole a glance at James and his face had gone slightly paler. I was feeling so rotten!


“She’ll come around!” I said quietly thought not believing it fully. At the rate James was going I don’t think anybody will come around so easily. As for me? Are you kidding me?




I tried talking to Lily after that. I tried… but well it was in vain. When her mind was made up, boy was it made up! She refused to talk to me about him.


“… he thinks he owns me or something because he dates me? Well that’s history now!”


“Lily, come on I know you really like him…”


“That does NOT mean I will put up with his eccentricities and coming to that neither should you! Forget apologizing crap! Just put him in his place!”


“Lily. Hes my brother and…”


“Well he’s not mine so I have all the right to not talk to him if I don’t want to! and I don’t think I do!”


At this point of time James passed us from behind and I snuck a look at him. I noticed that he had heard Lily’s last few words for he gave a glance in her direction and paled slightly. I was praying that he would come over and say something… but he just walked off as if he didn’t even know us.




Sirius and I crossed paths loads of times but we never as much said a ‘hi’. He looked through me as if I wasn’t there and I was too proud to acknowledge him. My entire life had turned upside down in 2 days time. I had lost a brother, a boyfriend and a best friend too by the looks of it. Lily was very quiet these days and spoke only when spoken to. I was wondering if she thought that the whole thing was my fault.


I had to give another shot at talking to James. He was just sitting across from us at the other end of the common room. I walked up to the marauders, sitting by the fireplace and said, “James, can I talk to you alone for a minute?” He gave me a stony glare but got up and walked with me outside the common room.


“Ok I guess I haven’t been very …” I started, taking a deep breath. But before I could go on we were interrupted. We both turned to see Sirius coming out of the portrait hole and walk past us. My heart gave a flip-flop at the sight of him. I was definitely gonna take a LONG while to get over him. I just had to follow him with my eyes till he was out of sight. And my mind drifted to the latest happening and I wanted to break down right there. It was James’ growl that brought me to what I was exactly doing there.


“If you brought me here to see you ogle at Sirius I think you know by now that I do not take kindly to that!” my eyes snapped back to him but he continued, “it’s so obvious that all you want to do now is snog Sirius! why don’t you go ahead and do just that? Or are you waiting for my permission? Oh wait a minute; you already did that without it!” he ended sarcastically. And that was all I could take. I had had enough of all this. I was on the brink of crying.


“Shut up!” I yelled, “Just shut up ok! Who the hell do you think you are? You think you own me? Just the way you think you own Lily, or Sirius for that matter. Listen James, there are limits to every relationship ok and you obviously don’t know yours! Do you know you have made everyone miserable? Me, Sirius, Lily, Kia, Remus… everybody! And what are you getting out of it?”


“Don’t yell at me! this was all your fault! You know I don’t like the idea of you and Sirius together but you still went out with him anyway!” he yelled back, “it was all a pretext wasn’t it? the LAJO and RAKO? You selfish morons just wanted to-”


“Shut the BLOODY up!” tears had started to well up and I didn’t bother to stop them. I guess it was a mixture of sorrow and anger. But my scream had sort of shaken James up and he remained silent. I took advantage of that, turned on my heel and left. As far as I was concerned, until James apologized I was not going to talk to him.

Chapter 22: What Next??
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I wanted to make things better but I had ended up making them worse. But you didn’t think I would never blow up now did you? But after I yelled at him, we didn’t even look at each other. I was angry and so was he. And what was more was that Lily and James were avoiding each other too. And Sirius and I were avoiding each other. And Sirius and James were avoiding each other. And boy was this avoiding business getting highly complicated for Remus and Kia. And Peter decided to remain quiet and walk by himself so he was in the clear.


One day after Transfiguration, Lily banged into James. You would think it would have been over with a sorry or maybe a glare and walking past. But no way was it over with that. Not with these two.




“And well after that Petunia… - Ow!” Lily had banged into somebody and she pushed her hair off her face and looked up at the person she had banged into, a sorry on her lips that died short when she looked up at my brother. I was trying to pull Lily away to avoid a scene in the middle of the corridor but she just glared up at him, refusing to budge. I dared to look up at James expression and for once saw some tenderness in them… a longing… a sort of wistfulness when he was looking at Lily. I don’t think Lily saw that because if she had she would have melted… but I noticed that look and a strange, cold feeling gripped my heart. And this voice at the back of my head told me it was my entire fault. I was starting to hate that really unhelpful voice.


“What do you think you are doing?” said Lily, in an unnecessarily loud voice. And I knew without even looking at her that she had noticed. The catch in her voice told me that she had noticed that look in his eyes.


“W-walking! What else?” he replied, scoffing. And after that there was a pause as they looked at each other. And then James just walked away without a word. I noticed that Remus was not with him and wondered where he was. But I didn’t mull over that too much for I was too focused on Lily right now. She was just staring blankly at the spot James had left. And without another word she swept in the opposite direction, her head nevertheless held high.


I ran after James. To hell with pride. It was making everyone around me miserable. If swallowing my pride as of now helped in peaceful coexistence then it was very well worth it. But just as I caught up with him, I saw that somebody else already had.


I looked up and suddenly felt highly conscious of the fact that the corridor seemed very bare, save for a couple of first years scurrying down. James tried to push past him but he kept blocking James’ path until he was forced to acknowledge him.


“Look-”  started James, glaring at Sirius.


“Before you say anything, I just wanted to tell you that Juliet and I broke up!” said Sirius looking at James, “we… we are not going out anymore…” James raised his eyebrows slightly and looked at me. And me? I didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t bring myself to tell him that I wasn’t going out with Sirius anymore. I just couldn’t! And the worst part was that I wanted to cry right there. So I flung my hair forward to hide my eyes from James as I replied, “Yes… h-he’s right!” I can hide my face but James would have to be an idiot not to notice the thickness in my voice and the slight sniff I gave to keep my tears in.


But then I was suddenly experiencing a rush of joy. Maybe after this, things will be ok. I wouldn’t have known what exactly to tell James. And Sirius had sort of saved me the trouble of thinking. He wouldn’t be angry with any of us now. And everything would go back to normal. Well, almost normal in my case… for I was going to have to live in a world where I would never kiss Sirius again.


“What the hell do you mean?” thundered James, glaring straight at Sirius and I looked up from my thoughts to see what had caused James to be angry now.


“We are not going out anymore!” said Sirius, a little warily this time.


“So you proved me right now didn’t you?” thundered James. Sirius took a step back and my hand went around my wand immediately.


“James-” I started forebodingly when James rounded on me.


“Don’t you tell me you’re ok with this because I know you’re not! This was exactly why I didn’t want you to date her!” he said rounding on Sirius again, “I knew you would break up with her and break her heart!”


But-” protested Sirius.


Wait a minute. Did I miss something here?


“How dare you date my sister and then leave her to deal with her emotions while you happily frit away with another girl!”


Did James just say what I thought he said?


“Hey!” cut in Sirius, “Its not easy for me to do this ok! If u want to know its all your fault. Juliet is the first girl I have actually cared about! And its because of you that she wanted to break up with me!”


“Whoa!” I said stepping forward, rounding on Sirius, “you broke up with me remember?”


“Only because I knew you were going to break up with me and I couldn’t hear the words out of your mouth. So I decided to say them instead and save us from a load of pain!”


“Well you called us a mistake!”


“That was only because James made us feel like it was a crime!”


At this point both of us rounded on James who was breathing so hard that his glasses were balanced on the tip of his nose.


“I didn’t know you actually liked my sister! Its not like the two of you have the best dating reputation! I know how Sirius makes the girls feel about him and I know how Juliet is a huge flirt. And well in a way I didn’t want either of you to get hurt. And I was sure it would happen. I couldn’t bear to see my sister hurt by my best friend or vice versa!”


“But you can't control us James!” I said, “I mean we can handle our own feelings!”


“I know you guys can! But what will happen when you guys fight? And I’m supposed to take sides!”


“ho! So all this big deal was because you dint want to get in the middle?” accused Sirius, sounding mad.


“No!” said James, “I just hate the idea of Juliet dating and well if it was with you of all the people, I have all the more reason to feel protective and you know that!” said James, to which Sirius remained silent.


“Listen to me James. I’m 16. If you can take care of yourself so can I. And even if I can’t I’ll learn to.” Suddenly I was able to think a lot clearer after figuring out that the whole thing was a misunderstanding.


“Listen to me James, I care about Juliet… a lot! I’ll take care of her the best I can…”


“Wait a minute, I won't be taken care of… we are on an equal level here!” I said indignantly.


“Listen to her James,” said Sirius, “ this is how she is! And this is why I love her!”


There was a big silence. It took a while for Sirius’ words to sink in.


“You love me?” I whispered, breaking the silence.


“I- I …” Sirius stammered not meeting my eyes, “it just got out… I mean … I wasn’t thinking… I” he case a nervous look at James. “Look! I can't do this with you glaring at me like this!” he said frowning at James.


“I didn’t tell you that you could do this!” replied James, way too calmly for me to really be at ease with the situation. My head was spinning.


“B…but-” asked Sirius confusedly.


“Well…” and there was a pause where James sighed as though he was preparing for something, “I guess it wouldn’t be that bad after all…”

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Chapter 23: Epilogue
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So James was ok with us after all… I mean me and Sirius… but still we maintain a sort of distance when it came to being around him… so that we don’t infuriate him more or anything… So we are pretty happy right now, though much cannot be said over ten days I guess it’s great for life as of now! Tomorrow will take care of itself! I am feeling so much lighter and much happier now…

Just a tiny little regret that James and Lily hadn’t made up… she was still angry with him for treating her the way he did and right now was angry he didn’t apologize. And he felt that Lily should come to him if she cared as much. Well both of them act like its no big deal but everyone knows it is… Insensitive Ida comes walloping along the way trying to take James into her folds… well good luck Ida!

Anyway coming back to the James-Lily problem, we decided to let it solve itself… I mean look at what happened the last time we interfered and we so didn’t want that to happen again. Or anything else for that matter… my pigheaded brother and my hotheaded best friend are so made for each other… they know it and so do us… but ever heard of this big thing called ego? Of course you would have! We all have it don’t we?

Well yea that is the only thing on my mind these days, even when I am on a date with Sirius we end up talking about them… like right now, I am waiting for Sirius to turn up but look at what I am thinking when I could be feeling exhilaratingly anticipatory about what Sirius has planned for us…


“… and then Crabbe goes walking around the entire school for a day with “I’d stay away if I were you” written right on the backside of his pants!” I hooted with laughter when Sirius finished that story!

“Wish I had been there to see it!” I said, laughing again. Sirius caught me just outside the common room and planted a kiss right on my lips before brushing his lips against my cheeks and straightening up. I didn’t let him though, my hands still around his neck, I pulled him down and started to brush my lips slowly near his mouth. I knew he liked that…

“Mmm… don’t you think our date was a little to short today?” he asked suggestively.

“Yes…” I was now raining small kisses on his lips, “I’m afraid it was…”

“I think I can do something about it…” and with those words, he gave me one of those passionate kisses that we generally reserve for special moments.


It was Defense and we were practicing shielding charms. I was paired with Lily and Sirius with James. We were having a lot of fun as Sirius kept blocking both Lily and James’ charms at the same time. I was frustrated because I didn’t get any chance to throw spells and I started throwing them at Sirius. And then both of us were laughing and throwing spells at each other. Lily kept intervening in the middle with spells of her own and it was a sort of a riot… until one of the spells, not sure whose since it was like flying colors all over the place, hit James and he toppled over.

“Oh My God!” I ran towards him, “James…”

“It’s ok…” he said, “I’m fine… It sort of whooshed past my arm!” he said, trying to get up. Sirius found his glasses and I pushed it up his nose.

“I’m sorry…” It took a while to realize that it had come from Lily. I didn’t dare to turn around and give her a smile but I did exchange one with Sirius. James however stared beyond me at where I knew Lily was standing. He shrugged and then looked away. I knew that he was fighting pretty hard with mixed emotions… I knew that look on his face. I turned and looked at Lily who had turned red and was looking everywhere but at any of us. Sirius and I looked at each other and then Lily suggested that we return to our pairs and that was the end of the fun.


We were walking through Hogsmeade... a day after that little James-Lily incident in charms. Sirius and I snuck away to enjoy some private time together and I was determined not to let this time be stolen by my thoughts about James and Lily… But well, I guess guilt doesn’t spare anybody and especially not the ones with conscience…

But well everything works out for the good. I guess they will make up in time, they are not that dumb and Sirius says the he thought he saw a sort of spark in James’ eyes when he learnt that Lily wouldn’t mind coming with him and peter to Three Broomsticks… so I hope it works out for them because they deserve to be together… And I know it will… because guess what, Peter turned matchmaker…