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Chameleon's Outcry by Cherise

Format: Short story
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 1,400
Status: Abandoned

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Horror/Dark, Humor, Romance
Characters: Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Voldemort, OC
Pairings: Harry/Hermione, OC/OC, Ron/OC

First Published: 09/07/2006
Last Chapter: 09/22/2006
Last Updated: 09/22/2006


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A story about a young Elven witch discovering who she is, and what life is about. Who are her parent's? What is her name? What's going on? Not even she knows.

Chapter 1: The Miracle
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It had just hit dusk and the sky had been blanketed a light shade of crimson orange. A pale petite girl lay silent taking in every inch of her surrounding environment. From the golden brown and pale yellow leaves rustling and whispering around her body to the crinkling, swirling river beside her.

Her silky silver hair swept over her pale green skin and into her deep dark blue eyes. She pricked up her pointed ears as she heard an unfamiliar sound engulf her forest. A growling hum, that sounded both loud and aggressive, now sounded close to her serene environment. The trees shook at the threatening grating sound and the animals both small and large scampered away.

A crashing sound then thundered loud in her heart. A shocking sound to her ears as it reached the pit of her stomach and echoed in her lungs. That soul was then soon followed by a further three, each one tearing her up inside. The girl raised her smoky grey wings in anger and shot up through the trees into the now dark violet sky as her flimsy white dress whipped around her waist. As she rose above the tree tops, her eyes widened with terror as she stared motionless at the scene that lay directly before her; the destruction of her once large home. It was now almost gone, not much left but the few trees that now surrounded her.

The girl quickly spotted the root of all evil of which was carelessly murdering the sweet, harmless and vulnerable trees that had protected her for so long. She raised her arms in a mindless depressed rage as sparkling tears showered down her cheeks. She brought her hands down with enormous force and directed all of her energy towards the hideous machines. Charcoal grey clouds flooded the sky and the girl directed bright lightning bolts, to the small circle of metal trash at which she had concentrated so much anger.

Out of her extreme rage of which she had little control of, she had created a mammoth storm of which had grown way out of hand. The hail started pouring from the sky and lightning strikes came fast, one after the other. The girl escaped under a small crevice in a rock face as she watched in dismay at what she had caused in her hastened fury. One of the many strikes had struck one of the few trees that were left. It started a fire which spread fast throughout the small gathering of trees. This would destroy the very last of her home and it would be her own doing.

The girl had cried herself to sleep that night in that very crevice she took refuge in as she had no where else to go. She woke with a start as she heard a loud popping noise. Out of no where, a fairly odd man appeared kneeling before her with long white hair and beard along with emerald robes and a pointed blue hat. His eyes sparkled in the blearing sun behind his half moon spectacles and his lips were turned into a bright warming, welcoming and perhaps a triumphant smile.

“Hello Chameleon, I’m Professor Albus Dumbledore, but you can just call me Professor if you like?” said the strange man with a now slight grin.


“Oh, you mustn’t have a clue what I’m talking about. Well, I haven’t told you much, to your credit so…” he mumbled.


“Okay, where do I start, let me see. Have you ever ventured out of this forest?” The professor asked.

The girl took this all rather by surprise, what she had been through just the night before still hung heavy in her heart and the fact that there was now no forest to venture out of scraped at her eyes. This freak of a man, who came from nowhere, and was making a hell of a fashion statement was talking to her and was acting as though nothing had happened, and as though he already knew her. This was all too much for Chameleon to handle.

“What? No, who are you? Where did you come from? What do you want with me? What happened last night?” Tears had started falling down her cheeks and onto the now bare ground.

“Obviously Chameleon, you’re quite distressed and need this to be told to you properly without silly old me stuffing it up for you” the Professor said with a look of concern in his eyes.

“Please, I’m sorry. I’m just so scared, and how do you know my name if I don’t even know it?” The puzzled look in her eyes told the Professor that he really aught to tell her himself and immediately as she had known nothing but this forest for sixteen years of her life.

“Chameleon… You are half elf…” He started

“Well, obviously” she said sarcastically raising her wings, wiggling her ears and looking at her hair and skin.

“And half witch” he inspected her closely to try and judge her reaction to see if he should continue. Chameleon’s expression showed little emotion but her mind was racing with many questions but none of them escaping her lips.

“You where born with powers but never taught to use them with proper control and conviction…” he started again only to be interrupted.

“What happened to my parents? I’ve been here since I can remember” the Professor looked at the ground as a response to that question and pain stained his eyes.

“I don’t know how to explain this all to you but I’ll try. There was once a boy whom was once as normal as you or I…”

“Oh, and I’m normal” she scoffed.

“His name was Tom Riddle and had had dark thoughts towards people ever since being dumped at an orphanage and when we took him in he had already started to use his powers for inappropriate things. He was taught at the same school I teach at ‘Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry’ although I wasn’t headmaster then, just a teacher. He was a smart boy and made Head Boy of Slytherin house in his senior year, although as smart as he was he got into some dark and dangerous magic of which we were greatly unaware of his doing so”

“What’s this got to do with my parents?”

“Then…” he continued a little louder.

“As he left school he wanted to strike the immortal fear into everyone’s hearts with so much of the mention of his name. His new identity was ‘Voldemort’…” the silence surrounded them seemed eerie and cold and the mention of his name made her feel as though she was drowning in terror although she’d never heard the word before.

“Please, don’t tell me he’s my dad” Chameleon stated in disappointment. The Professor raised one eyebrow before continuing.

“No he’s not, but he’s a good friend of your dads and I don’t think I can put it any more bluntly. Voldemort has killed many people and with your parents help as they have been pulled into his trap of death and sadness. You were unexpected, and your parents were not thinking as they normally would without the influence of Voldemort, and so they left you to fend for yourself in this grand forest” he raised his eyes to the surrounding area where there was nothing but a vast clearing as far as the eye could see.

“This was my home and I destroyed it with my lack of control and conviction. I have no parents, well, they’re evil anyway and I’m all alone and left with nothing” she stared around with a bewildered look on her face.

“Do you think I’m here just to tell you your life story? I’m sorry it was so brief by the way. No, no, I’ve come to finally take you to Hogwarts. Do you know how hard it was to track you down? You should’ve started five years ago only we couldn’t find you. This clearing was almost a miracle”

“Sorry” he quickly added as he saw the look of horror on her face.

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