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Chaotic by just_like_hermy

Format: Novella
Chapters: 24
Word Count: 44,919

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Humor, Romance
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: James/Lily, Remus/OC, Sirius/OC

First Published: 09/02/2006
Last Chapter: 07/15/2007
Last Updated: 07/20/2009

Meet the Marauders and the two girls who tried to keep them in line. Hogwarts was always in uproar with James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew. The only two girls who can repel their charms, Sydney Lane and Lily Evans, are trying to keep things in order but when attractions arise in the midst of pandemonium then things turn even more chaotic. Over 77,000 Reads!

Chapter 1: Sydney, the Swearing Nun
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A/N: So I have Kissing NataLynn out and about, you can check that one out. But this story is not really in the Harry Potter generation but more so the Lily and Jame's years. Although, it's not really focused around them as much as it is Sydney and Sirius. So I hope you like it!

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Chapter One: Sydney, the Swearing Nun

"Lily, it doesn't matter, just grab an empty compartment before that idiotic, big headed...."

"Talking about dear ol' me, are we Sydney Marie Lane?"

Sydney Lane rolled her eyes by impulse. Just hearing the dreaded voice of her enemy made her cringe. His voice was so melodic and dripping with sarcasm. How could girls fall so easily for him?Her and her best friend, Lily Evans, turned in disgust and found Sirius Black and the infamous Marauders joining him.

"As a matter of fact, I was. You should really stay out of other people's conversations though, even if they are talking about how conceited and annoying..."

"Oy Sydney you do sound so cute when you're angry with me."


"There's a problem...nuns don't swear."

Burning in all her fury, she clenched her jaw and tried to say all the evil things she could think of."

"You inane, smug, irratating, little...

"Tsk tsk, Lily do you let her talk to people so uncivilized?"

Lily tried to cover her grin but she put her hand on the seething shoulder of Sydney and squeezed for support.

"I think you quite deserved it Mr. Black, that biting invitation to your summer party was very inappropriate."

James Potter, Sirius' best friend cut in when he saw Lily.

"EVANS! Wow you're looking more radiant everyday!"

Lily's cheeks blushed furiously and she balled up her fists. Must he always make her feel so uncomfortable?

"Leave me alone Potter."

"Guys....I think it's about to go off.."

The girls turned their attention to another Marauder, Peter Pettigrew, who distinctly looked like a rat. Everyone always wondered how he got into the most popular and good looking guys group. Well, he was partly devious with all their pranks and mischieviousness.

"What's going to go off?!" Lily turned to the other three Marauders who were smiling widely. Well James and Sirius were, Remus Lupin was looking quite bashful. Sydney and Lily were confused as to why such a sweet and intelligent guy like Remus would join the cunning Marauders.

"Gotta go lovelies.." Sirius winked.

Rushing off down the corridor of the Hogwarts Express train they turned into a compartment and were out of sight. Sydney sighed and Lily looked a bit worried. Lily being the Head Girl was always looking out of any signs of trouble. But eventually when nothing happened they headed into an empty compartment and put down all their bags.

Sydney Lane and Lily Evans were just regular teens on their way to school. Well okay, they're regular witches on their way to Hogwarts, school for witchcraft and wizardry. In their final and last year they were relieved to find that they made it though six years with the Marauders, well actually just relieved that they hadnt murdered Sirius or James.

Sydney and Lily were quite contradictory as being friends. They were exact opposites and yet they got along so well. Sydney had chestnut brown wavy hair that reached her shoulders and hazel eyes that turned either green or gray depending on her mood. Lily on the other hand, had radiant red hair and gorgeous emerald eyes. They were all in all, the best looking girls in school, but it was odd that the best looking guys and them never got along.

The Marauders were in fact the "pain in the derriere" so to speak, for the two girls. Sirius Black managed to always bug Sydney even if she was trying to be nice. His smug attitude and the fact that any girl could fall at his feet and pronounce him their god, made her shudder in distaste. Reaching 6' and extremely toned from Quidditch, girls turned to mush whenever he walked by.The girl population at their school couldnt resist his charms. Well that was until Sydney and Lily met him. They saw past his cute shaggy black hair and piercing gray eyes. He was just another hormonal teen to them. No glory at all.

James Potter was sort of like Sirius in a way. Well girls loved him too, but it was more in a sense of a challenge because he was obsessed with Lily. Ever since their first year, he kept asking for a date but Lily got to know him and hated the way he ruffled his hair to look "studly" and the way he and Sirius made fun of people. His messy raven black hair and bright hazel eyes that were framed by glasses, did not mark him as a nerd but one of the most irresistable guys at school. A bit taller than Sirius he also had broad shoulders and nice abs from Quidditch, in fact he was captain. It was just too bad that he was too focused on getting Lily that he had no time for other girls.

Remus Lupin was too sweet to be a Marauder but he was really good friends with them all. His intelligence was the master mind behind all their devious antics and pranks. He was rather the caring and nice Marauder. Third tallest and still toned even though he'd rather read than play quidditch. Sandy blond hair and green tired eyes completed his look. He sometimes looked extremely tired or ill, it worried people but no one really asked about it.

Peter Pettigrew was just really short and creepy...that's all. He was a bit of a follower and he was constantly amused by all their special traits.

"Another year...then we're done...."

Lily looked at Sydney's expression and knew what the solemn tone was for. Sydney was regretfully looking out the window in dismay, her legs crossed under her comfortably.

"I know, but then you'll be able to move out, right?"

Sydney's family was never really supportive of her. Hogwarts was really her home. She hadnt expected to get the Hogwarts school letter for her first year but when she found out she was a witch she was absolutely in joy. She knew she was different and she didnt want to feel like an outcast her entire life, but her family wasnt very approving of her. Her grandmother was a witch but her parents had hoped she wouldnt find out and maybe forget the whole wizardry world. They were extremely hard on her and her older brother, Sam, never talked to her anymore.

Lily had a much different family than Sydney's. She had an obnoxious and rude older sister Petunia who constantly put her down for being a witch. Her parents loved her but Petunia always managed to make her feel horrible.

Lily and Sydney were such good friends because they had gone through family problems and that's what brought them together.

Sydney shrugged and they both sat there in silence wondering about the near future. Suddenly a loud puff of purple smoke and bang went off in their compartment. They heard annoying laughter near their compartment. Sydney distinctly heard Sirius' voice and as she got up from her seat, trying to peer through the smoke, she knew now that Sirius was going to get payback.

She finally found him outside their door. He was gazing at her quite intently, his eyes googling out of his head. The grin on his face apparently meant no good.


"Yes my half naked lovely?"

She looked down and as the purple smoke faded she noticed that her undergarments were showing and her robes were completely gone....

Turning back to Lily, she realized she was in her bra and undies too. Screams emitted from Lily and Sydney's mouths as they closed the door and ran to get something to cover them up.

The Marauders were going to die...

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Chapter 2: Siriusly Breaking Noses
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Chapter Two: Siriusly Breaking Noses

Fuming, Sydney couldnt believe flames werent bursting from her ears but she knew her face was red as Lily's hair. Lily and her had finally grabbed extra robes and covered themselves up. They both knew that the moment they stepped on Hogwarts grounds, the marauders were going to get in trouble for their little nudity stunt.

"HOW COULD THEY STOOP SO LOW?!" Lily was pacing in their compartment pitifully. She was almost in tears. The embarrassment was still there, because after they had screeched in shock, many students came by to see what the problem was.

Sydney clenched her fists and tried to take deep breaths wondering what to do now. They had to get revenge but how? They were good students and to pull something on the Marauders was not only academically suicidal but also impossible. A prank on the Marauders? It just didnt seem comprehendable.

Lily glanced at her watch and groaned.

"I have a prefects meeting soon."

Taking a look at Sydney's upset face, she shook her head furiously and tried to get it through her head that they were partially naked in front of half the student body. Student body...ugh.

Lily left their compartment without a word and walked to the meeting with her head low staring at the ground in dismay. As Sydney watched her leave she felt absolutely sick inside. How could the Marauders do that? Actually she had quite a gut feeling that Sirius had suggested the ludicrous plan. Poor Lily. Sydney could take the embarrassment but Lily was very shy which made her a bit more grudgeful against these type of stunts. It was easy for Sydney to laugh at herself, but Lily was different.

Sydney got up from her seat and decided to take matters into her own hands. Sure, the Marauders had run off when they heard their screams but it was a train, not Hogwart's school grounds, they could run but they couldnt hide.

She left the compartment and looked down into each compartment as she walked down the corridor. There were still a couple giggling first years and some snickering second years, but she couldnt find the wretched four. But she stopped infront of the " Bratty Blondes" compartment. She rolled her eyes as the name went through her mind.

Why in the world would anyone want their group called the " Bratty Blondes", it was so ridiculous and stupid it worked for them. It was made up of Fancy, Lindy and Sandy, the biggest fakes at school. Sydney and Lily secretly thought their names were stripper names. Fancy being the head honcho wasnt actually blonde but dyed her black roots blonde to look like some platinum blonde hooker. Lindy was actually blonde but was so stupid that even if she was constantly made fun of she wouldnt know until she actually strained herself to think about it. Sandy used to be nice but hey people change.

The three of them were busty, blonde, and bitchy. It was a well-known fact that they hardly approved of anyone else unless they were the Marauders. Fancy actually quite fancied (pardon me hehe) Sirius. And it sometimes seemed that Lindy like James, but she was so dense that no one could really figure her out. Sandy was really just a follower, that wanted popularity. Oh yah they were popular but not exactly in the good way.

Sydney had stopped in front of their compartment because they were giggling obnoxiously and were looking at the ground of their room. She knew something was up. It wasnt hard to figure that Sydney and Lily werent friends with them but they hardly got in their way. She slid their door open and cleared her throat ready to catch the Marauders but surprisingly there was no one on the floor.

"What do you want Lane?" Fancy asked in an annoyed voice.

"Have you seen Sirius?" Sydney asked looking around their compartment. She wasnt in the mood to argue with Fancy so she kept things short.

"Yah I actually have..." She said smiling secretively. She gave out a yelp suddenly and cast a dirty look at the floor. Sydney looked in the direction of the floor but nothing was there. Fancy rubbed her ankle like it was pinched or something. She frowned and wondered what was going on.

"He actually just left, something about Potter having a meeting or something."

Sydney let out a curt laugh.

"No need to lie Fancy, I think we all know that James would never be at a prefects meeting."

All of sudden there was a sudden silvery glow and there stood James Potter himself looking quite upset. Sirius was on the floor with a "shoot me" expression.


"How in the bloody hell...."

"James! You thick-skulled git!"

James waved Sirius off his shoulder and put his hands on his hips. Sirius rolled his eyes and plopped himself on the compartment's seats. It was obviously going to be a long discussion about his academic status.

"I'll have you know I'm sure Dumbledore saw the genius, kind-hearted and fair person I am!"

"And obviously oh so modest too."

Sirius chuckled as he pushed Fancy off him. Sydney sent him death glares as if saying, " I'm not even going to start with you."

"Well if you were supposed to be at a meeting...why arent you there?" Sydney asked gloatingly. Reality suddenly hit James and he pinned on his Head Boy badge as he ran out of the compartment.

Sydney eyed the silvery material that lay on the floor. She knew exactly what it was but she wondered how James and Sirius had gotten a hold of the invisibilty cloak. Sirius seemed to realize she was eyeing it and picked it up to put in his pocket.

"It's James..."

Finally Sydney had gotten to Sirius, so now she could yell and scream all she wanted to. As she opened her mouth to yell at him, he interrupted her instead.

"I know what you're going to say..."

"Do you really? Well what do you have to say for yourself?"

"Sydney...dear Syd, I think that you know how I feel. We could shag now or maybe later in your compartment."

Fancy growled in anger at his comment and stared at Sydney with irratation. It was beyond Sydney as to why Fancy would be mad at her when Sirius was the one who said the ridiculous remark.


Sirius laughed and nodded furiously in glee.

"Oh that! Well why didnt you say so?"

Sydney swore under her breath and clenched her fists some more. Sirius had it coming. He wasnt going to find it as a surprise. So it was okay right? She wiped his smug look of his face when she pulled back her fist and punched his face. The crack of the nose breaking gave Sydney a bit of pride and a bit of fear that she'd get in trouble. Sirius held his nose as he yelped out in pain.

Stalking out of the " Bratty Blondes" compartment, she felt quite proud of herself for punching him. Feeling alright after the "Blondes" crowded around him to comfort him, she went on to her own compartment.

She went on to read a novel of hers when Lily came in, slamming the door angrily. Sydney looked up in worry as Lily plopped herself on the seat, crossing her arms in the process.


"Oh yah..." Sydney mentally slapped herself for not remembering James coincedental Head Boy badge.


"I punched Sirius'....I think I broke his nose."

Lily automatically quieted down and widened her eyes. She jumped off her seat onto Sydney's.


"Siriusly...." Sydney said with a mischievious gleam in her eye.

"SYD! That's more than a weeks worth of detention!"

Sydney chuckled and rolled her eyes. Only Lily could think of punishment at a time of glory. Staring outside at the upcoming grounds of their wonderful school, she thought about how it was their last year. Sure there were a lot of insane years before this one, but Sydney had a gut feeling that this was going to be one chaotic year.

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Chapter 3: A Bloody Dingy?!
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Chapter Three: A Bloody Dingy?!

The silent night was peacefully lulling Sydney and Lily in a trance of sleep….well actually no, scratch that, Sydney and Lily were walking worriedly into the entrance hall to get through the welcome feast without any detentions or points taken away.

"I'm sure Sirius wont tell anyone, I mean come on, how self-degrading is it to the male ego that he got punched by a girl?!"

Sydney forced a smile although she couldn’t help feel like something big was about to happen. Maybe it was her woman's intuition or just the fact that everyone was staring at her in awe.

They both took their seats after gazing around the entire hall. Candles were gracefully floating above their heads and the beautiful stars that night were shining down through the enchanted ceiling of their school.

Lily patted her shoulder in a supporting way as they looked around wondering if any of the professors had seen Sirius. He had stopped his nose from bleeding but it was extremely swollen so he made off with some story of getting into an intense fight with one of the Slytherins.

"He's so full of himself," Sydney snorted in amusement. But as soon as she saw professor Slughorn walking down from the head tables to the Gryffindor table, she automatically turned to Lily and widened her eyes in fear. Lily saw him and being one of his favorite students, she tried to distract him.

"Well hello Professor Slughorn! How was your summer vacation?! Good, I hope!" She tried to block Sydney out of his view as she chatted with him. Sydney tried to get up from the table and maybe leave the feast. Hell, she would skip the next week's dinners, just so she wouldn’t get a detention on her record, even if it was well-worth it.

"Actually Lily dear, I need to talk to your friend, Sydney Lane."

Sydney turned around hesitantly and there was her potions professor right before her. His thick blonde mustache and big build constantly reminded her of a walrus. She just shrugged and had to bear what he had to say.

"Miss Lane, I need to speak to you in my office before the feast…"

"Umm BUT the sorting! Yah…I have to see the sorting…."

"I'm sure you've seen it many times, seeing as it is your seventh and last year, I think seeing it six times is quite adequate."

"Right…well yah know I think the seventh time is a charm…no pun intended."

He eyed her suspiciously and led her to his office. She sighed unwillingly and followed the bulk of man towards his dingy, organized and candy-hidden room.

"Sydney, it's come to our attention that there was quite a commotion on the train today."

"Oh…really? What happened?"

"Don’t play coy with me Miss Lane. Sirius Black may be quite the smooth talker and a jokester but there is no need to break his nose…"

"But…but…" she realized there was nothing she could say now, so instead she closed her eyes and waited for her punishment.

"Love never ran the smooth course, Sydney."

Sydney opened one of her eyes and noticed that Professor Slughorn wasn’t looking at her but out his window at the drawn nightshade. The crescent moon was glowing into the office. Sydney wrinkled her forehead and looked up at the ceiling rethinking what he had said. Did he just say love? What in the world was he talking about? She hated Sirius…how could he say such a thing? Her nose wrinkled up and she almost chuckled in humor, what was Slughorn on?


"Sydney this is your last year, instead of letting the Marauders get to you and Lily, let it all in. You do realize that hate is the closest thing to love, right?"

She didn’t even hesitate to let a snort out. Was Slughorn a druggie?

"When you hate someone you think about them constantly no matter in what way and when you love them, they're always on your mind. It's quite a similar comparison."


She didn’t know what to say now. Wasn’t she supposed to be getting a lecture on not giving the entire school a peepshow of her nude self? Or something about not letting out her anger on an idiotic mentally challenged student, she grinned to herself as she thought of Sirius' face groaning in pain as she punched him.


Sydney gasped. Had Slughorn read her thoughts? Was he any good at occulmency? She tried to clear her head and just get on with the lecture.

"Well Miss Lane I've taken up a good amount of your time, it's off to the feast now."

She stood up in shock. He hadn’t given her any warnings, detentions or expulsions. Just as she was about to run off with a gleeful laugh, he stopped her at the door when he called out her name.

"Remember….love never ran the smooth course…."

She rolled her eyes and joined Lily in the entrance hall, leaving Professor Slughorn in his office staring out the window with a sorrowful glaze to his eyes.


"What happened?" Lily asked as she sat down next to her. Sydney was still gleaming her smile from ear to ear.

"I'm so glad Slughorn is a drunk."

"What?! You didn’t slip him a potion did you?"

"Lily! Sheesh, I punch Sirius and all of sudden I become a huge delinquent."

Lily shrugged and continued eating her dinner. Sydney had missed the sorting but the feast had just started, so she could still get a good dinner in. She grabbed a chicken leg and chomped away furiously, she hadn’t had the time to eat on the train, in between her nudity stunt and punching Sirius' lights out.

Suddenly a voice erupted through the entire feast.

"Oh baby baby….make me the happiest warlock alive….it's complicated and insane but I'll dive right in. Stir me up a love potion…even though it's already as vast as an ocean."

Everyone turned to see what was going on and sure enough there was one of the marauders walking down the hall with an awful singing voice rising from his throat. James Potter was walking with swag in his step and his intentions were towards Lily Evans. His awful rendition of " Your Spells and Charms" by Lucinda Wartyhag was reverberating throughout the hall.

Lily's eyes were literally popping out of her head as he walked toward her as he kept singing. She turned back around trying to ignore him but by now everyone was staring and laughing hilariously.

"Don’t push me away…your spells only keep me closer and baby, your charms wrap me around your finger, so I'll stay and linger."

"Is he still there?" Lily whispered to Sydney, who was clutching her sides in pain from all her laughing. Not getting an answer, she bit her lip and tried not to turn around and associate herself with him. Sydney looked over to see James gazing down at Lily with pleading eyes, seeming quite pleased with himself.

"Lily flower…just one date!"

"Please go away Potter…"

"Aw come on Evans."

"Seriously Potter…leave me alone. We may have head girl and boy duties together and a dratted common room but I swear to you, one more move on me and I'll….I'll…." She nudged Sydney at her side for help.

"She’ll chop off your bloody dingy."


Lily stared at Sydney in horror.


Sydney slapped her forehead in frustration. She heard a familiar annoying laughter from behind her and sure enough there was Sirius with a fixed nose.

"His dingy? Surely, you know what it's really called right, my darling Lane?"

"Black, shut up or do you want me to break your nose again?!"

Sirius shut his mouth but gave her an evil glare. Lily got up in anger and after Headmaster Albus Dumbledore's speech, she led the Gryffindors to their common room. Sirius kept kicking Sydney's heels as she walked with Lily, but when she would turn around he would pretend like some innocent five year old, she grumbled in annoyance but ignored him, not wanting another disturbing lecture from Slughorn.

She said goodnight to Lily who was silently cursing James who followed her like some loyal puppy to the head's common room. Sirius was busily flirting with the sixth years in the Gryffindor's common room to realize Sydney had done something quite humiliating for his ego. She had posted up a flyer on the bulletin board.


It's true, just recently a female on the train to Hogwarts had punched Sirius Black's lights out. He was out after the first hit. And afterwards he was crying like a baby calling for his mommy.
This news has just been given to the genius witch " Sadistic Mad Lunatic"
Be ready for more updates.

She thought it would be cool to have her initials in the name. Sirius was too much of a git to ever understand that her initials were the same as the Sadistic Mad Lunatic witch anyways.

Sydney grinned and headed up the stairs to her warm plush bed. When she had sneakily put it up, she charmed it to glow neon green, many had seen it and were laughing hysterically. Sirius eventually came by to see what the deal was and when he saw it, he turned bright red and flames almost shot out of his ears.

Heck they were almost even in their little game…but then again being nude in front of your fellow classmates does add up. Breaking a nose just doesn’t compare. Sydney had to deal with him for six years and she wasn’t going to take it anymore. Oh Sirius Black was going to get more where that came from….

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Chapter 4: Putting Two and Two Together
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Chapter Four: Putting Two and Two Together

"I will murder whoever put those bloody posters up!"

"Please padfoot…I highly doubt you have the capability to kill someone."

Sirius rolled his eyes and plopped onto his four-poster bed. James was busily looking through his new quidditch broom cleaning kit while Remus kept himself occupied with a novel. Peter was out somewhere or other, he was usually following them but they guessed he had gotten an actual social life to not be drooling over their every move.

"Who could possibly put those up anyways? Everyone likes me…right?"

Remus snorted behind his book and James wasn’t even listening so he just nodded without even caring. Sirius raised an eyebrow and then scrunched his face into thinking mode.

"I wonder who did it…"

"I thought it was quite obvious."

Sirius turned to Remus, who had put his book down looking at Sirius with his intense eyes. He was surprised that he had understood who had done it before Sirius had.

" WHO?!"

"Well first off it's a girl…" Remus said ticking off the clues on his fingers.

"How do you know that?" Sirius asked scratching his head in confusion.

Remus sighed deeply.

"Come on padfoot! It said witch!"

"Which what?"

Remus growled under his breath and grabbed his book. He tossed it viciously at Sirius' head, who ducked in shock.

"OKAY OKAY! I get it…a witch…but which witch?"

" Well her name is Sadistic Mad Lunatic."

" I know…what an odd name."

Remus rolled his eyes annoyingly and fell back on his pillows. Didn’t he get the initials? Remus thought it was quite clever the way Sydney had handled it; she obviously knew that Sirius would never comprehend it.

"Oy, you can't even put two and two together."


James finally looked up in time to find Sirius running around the dormitory from Remus who looked extremely frustrated, waving his book in the air as he chased after him.

"SIRIUS! You little prat!"


"So where's your dearest roommate?"

Lily groaned and threw a pillow at Sydney who was grinning mischievously at her from a comfortable plush armchair in the common room.

"He decided to give up asking me out for the day to go hang out with the other marauders."

Sydney smiled and gazed around the head's dormitory. It was nice…really nice. It wasn’t crowded with other Gryffindors, just made for two lucky students. Since both were Gryffindors it was decorated in the beautiful colors of scarlet and gold. A big fireplace set in place with rich oriental rugs patterned with the house mascot. Sydney sighed and felt a smile play on her lips. This was perfect.

Saturdays should always be spent lying on couches and read away with romance novels. Well actually that was Lily's idea of perfection. Sydney preferred mysteries.

All was quiet and peaceful, with an occasional yawn or sigh.

All was quiet…until James came into the common room with Sirius.

"Well…if it isn’t little Miss Lane in the flesh."

Sydney tightened her eyes and couldn’t believe he had the nerve to even talk to her. She tried to ignore him but soon he threw himself on the couch next to her. She started chewing the inside of her cheek; sometimes it helped to concentrate on something else than what she was supposed to.

She reread the page of her novel about two times until she realized Sirius was still sitting there staring at her. She looked around and found Lily struggling to concentrate on her novel too. James was on the arm of her chair and had his arm on the top of the chair. She kept averting her eyes to see if he was still there and looked back at her page. But James just sat there ruffling his hair obnoxiously gazing at her ever so often to see if she was watching.

After a while, Sydney noticed that Sirius was getting closer to her. He was moving stealthily near her. She tried to move a bit away but soon she was at the edge. She couldn’t believe that not only was she unsuccessfully ignoring him but also she was now aware of his intoxicating cologne.

Trying to get rid of his trademark scent out of her mind, she finally got up and stood before him.

"What is your problem Black?"

"Just sitting here Lane…I didn’t know it was against the law."

As she stood there in front of them, she was suddenly conscious of what he was doing to her. Her knuckles were clenched at her sides and her nose was probably flaring quite unattractively as she breathed through them fiercely.

Trying to gain composure, she let her hands down and brought a smile to her face. Sirius was quite surprised when he saw her pull a smirk. She grabbed her book and turned to Lily with a cheery beam.

"Lily, darling," she said in a ridiculous southern accent, "Would you like to go and read out by the lake?"

Lily looked up from her book and frowned in confusion. Sydney was jovial? Sirius and James had their mouths dropped in shock as they gazed at the girl who had dropped her temper. Lily looked around and nodded furiously. She got up and because James was leaning on her quite a bit, he fell into the chair as she left. After they had exited the portrait, they were still sitting there with bewildered looks.


"Sydney! How did you do that?!"

The two girls were walking towards a huge oak tree on the school grounds. They hadn’t stopped giggling foolishly since they left the guys in the common room. They sat down against the thick trunk of the tree.

"I don’t know! I mean I've always wanted to act cool and calm, instead of freaking out….and I finally managed it."

She smiled giddily and put her book down for a moment. She couldn’t believe she was able to walk away with a smile. Her anger had disappeared as she thought about how harmless Sirius was. He was just a boy…just a really delicious smelling boy. She shook her head, trying to get those thoughts out and faced Lily.

"Slughorn was right! I just need to let it in and I'll be fine."

Lily nodded and looked up in a pensive mood. She bit her lip in thought and then looked back at Sydney.

"What'd Slughorn say that night?"

"Oh just about how we should ignore the marauders and not let them get to us…oh and get this!" she paused and started laughing hilariously, " He said I WAS IN LOVE WITH THE GIT!"

Lily took time to let it soak in and started laughing with her. It was just so ridiculous. Sydney and Sirius? Honestly, it was just so preposterous. They were enemies not lovers. There was so much heated argument between the two…it was just hard to see them involved in any way at all. It was like seeing Lily and James together. HOW ABSURD! ; ]

"Well…well…what do we have here?"

Both girls looked up at the sun blocking figures that stood before them. There stood Lucius Malfoy and Bellatrix Black sneering at them evilly. Slytherins had a reputation of causing all sorts of trouble without any reason to.

"Why I think we have some mudbloods among us Lucius."

Sydney stared up at them in disgust. How could they say such mean things without any regret?

Despicable that's what it was…

"Oh wow…Lucius…how shocking. You're out in the sun! It's hard to tell whether or not you're ever outside…bad for that pale complexion of yours. How about you go back inside and leave us alone."

Lily stared over at Sydney with a look of admiration. Sure, Lily could stick up for herself but it took some time and confidence. She hated the word mudblood; it was so underhanded for others to use it.

"Shut up Lane…it's pretty pathetic that you have to stick up for yourself…but for widdle Evans too?"

Sydney cringed at her babying voice and stood up in anger. How dare Bellatrix treat them any lesser than her. Oh how she would love to squish Bellatrix…yah…that's it…squish her.

Bellatrix stepped forward at her in a threatening move. Sydney saw her touch her side where her wand was held. She warily watched her and kept looking over at Lucius who looked amused at their little argument.

"You wouldn’t dare."

"Oh wouldn’t I? What are you going to do about it Lane? You may have broken Black's nose…but you wont touch me with your contaminated mudblood hands."

Sydney's hand flew to her side and suddenly realized her wand was out in the open, pointing directly at Bellatrix's throat.

"Wanna bet?"

Lily got up in haste and put a hand on Sydney's arm.

"Sydney, don’t do anything rash, she wants you to react like this." Lily tried to assuage her temper, "Just ignore her."

Sydney nodded and put down her wand. Bellatrix snickered and she and Lucius walked away in lapses of chuckles. Sydney and Lily watched them go and couldn’t believe no one else had seen that.

"You girls okay?"

Lily turned to find Remus breathing heavily. He must have seen the whole thing and ran over. They both nodded for his reassurance.

"I was reading over there," he pointed to somewhere in the distance, " I heard the whole thing."

"From all the way over there?"

He blushed.

"Yah…I just hope you guys didn’t get too shaken up. Lucius and Bellatrix are so shrewd."

"Well we're okay…do you want to read over here with us?"

Remus' face glowed a bit and smiled. He was a bit bashful when it came to girls but Lily and Sydney were the nice type of girls. He grabbed his book and sat down with them against the oak tree, reading the rest of the day silently with intermittent comments on the sections they read.

James and Sirius came outside looking around and when they spotted Remus with both the girls on either side of him reading they grew even more confused.

"How does he do it?"

"Maybe you have to be really smart?"

"Two and two is four right?"

James turned to Sirius with befuddlement, but Sirius was too busy staring at the three of them under the tree to notice.

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Chapter 5: Love for Snivellus
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Chapter Five: Love for Snivellus

It had only been a couple weeks since the last time Sydney and Lily had to deal with Sirius or James. Well, Lily had to see James 24/7 with their head duties and the fact that they sort of lived together in the same dormitories. Sydney had about given up her little feud until one interesting Monday morning Sirius decided to bug her in Potions.

Sydney and Sirius only had two classes together, Potions and Defense Against the Dark Arts, but it was still enough time together to drive them both insane. That morning, Sydney had decided to partner up with the good-looking Amos Diggory, a well-known Hufflepuff seeker and an infamous heartbreaker at Hogwarts.

Glaring angrily at the two paired up, Sirius paired off with Remus as their professor Slughorn went looking around the class at their progress in making a love potion.

"So I think you should join me to the trip to Hogsmeade this weekend," Amos said suavely as he sat there at the counter staring at Sydney as she chopped up root of lavender. She forced a smile and sighed, was he planning on helping her at all?

Sirius had overheard him ask her out and he knew he had to do something. Not because he liked Sydney…no not at all, but because Amos Diggory was the biggest prat and James and he knew all his angles at getting into girl's knickers.

"Umm that's quite too bad Diggory…Lane happens to be going to Hogsmeade with me."

Sydney spun around in confusion. Sirius was walking over threateningly in Amos' way. Remus looked very shocked like he wished he would of put a silencing charm on Sirius. Amos seemed amused and looked like he was holding back a chuckle.

"Please Black, everyone knows Lane hates your guts. Isn't that right Syd?"


Sydney tried to talk; it wasn’t like she absolutely hated Sirius. Sure, she despised him sometimes but it was like Amos was putting words in her mouth. Sirius interrupted her before she could say anything.

"Shut up Diggory, that's none of your business, so get your overly large nose out of this."

Amos stood up off his stool and clenched his fists. Sirius didn’t seem to mind because he stepped even closer to him. Remus finally got in between them as Sydney stood there in puzzlement. Were they fighting over her? It didn’t make sense, why would Sirius care at all?

"Sirius…cut it out," Remus hissed as he tried to push Sirius away.

"Oh I'll cut his…"

"Gentlemen? What seems to be the problem here?"

Professor Slughorn had finally come over when he saw Amos and Sirius glaring at each other crossly. Sydney had seemed to lose her voice in the conversation at all; Remus got out from between them and walked back to his counter, trying to pull Sirius with him. After Amos rolled his eyes and sat back down, he reluctantly went with Remus. Slughorn figured they were done arguing and just let them alone.

Sirius kept glancing back over at Sydney and Amos while Remus did the work for the potion. Amos noticed this and raised his eyebrows smugly. He turned back to Sydney and put his hand on her petite shoulder. Sirius almost punched the table but held back as he waited for Sydney's reaction. She didn’t exactly give him one but she did frown a little.

"So what you do you say Lane…this weekend sound good?"

Sydney put down the knife in her hand and gazed into Amos' eyes. He looked so sincere but she and Lily talked all the time about how he played with girl's hearts, she would of said no in heartbeat but when she looked past Amos' head, she saw Sirius' irritated expression.

Thinking about the whole ordeal she wondered why in the world all of sudden he cared whether or not she got hurt. He had no right to speak for her; he can't hold her back from dating anyone. She pasted a smile on her lips and turned back to Amos.

"I'd love to."

Amos grinned and put his hands behind his head in a relaxed position. Sydney grimaced. Had she really just agreed to date Amos Diggory? She felt a shiver go down her back and knew that if Sirius had heard her he had to be furious.


Everyone turned to see Remus grabbing a half squeezed bulb that was mutilated under Sirius grasp. He was red in the face and he pouted the entire class time, Sydney knew he must have overheard her answer.

After Slughorn examined everyone's potions, they were instructed to clean up and head out for the day. Amos had left in a hurry so he could manage some time for quidditch practice, but he didn’t leave without kissing Sydney's cheek. She felt a blush rise in her cheeks but didn’t let it get to her. He did indeed, leave her to do all the cleaning. Almost everyone was gone except for Remus, Sirius and Sydney, whom were still cleaning up the room. Slughorn suggested cleaning up after the others who didn’t even bother.

"Hey…Moony I got this all taken care of…I'll meet up with you later, okay?" Sirius whispered so Sydney couldn’t hear him.

Remus eyed his friend and knew Sirius was up to something. The way he stared at Sydney was like seeing James obsess over Lily. Maybe something had heated up after Sydney punched him in the nose…what an odd bloke that Sirius Black was.

He nodded and grabbed his books and left Sydney with Sirius in Slughorn's empty classroom. Sydney watched him leave and sighed in irritation. How could Remus leave her with Sirius? When she stole a glance at Sirius, she found he was stealing looks at her too. Their eyes met a couple times but each time he pierced his grays into her sea green ones, she had to turn away. For some strange reason, she felt a burning in her face. After all these years, how could he suddenly have this peculiar effect on her?


She straightened up and stood before him. She felt that maybe if he cared about her, then maybe they could settle things on good terms.

"Nice bloke that Amos is, leaving you to clean up, huh?"

Glowering, Sirius stood up from picking up pieces of left behind materials. Sydney changed her mind and instead of settling things she'd rather punch his nose again. Fuming, she bit her lip and ignored his comment.

"At least he doesn’t pull stupid stunts like undressing his fellow students!"

She backed away from him as he kept taking steps toward her.

"Oh get over it Lane….you got your revenge when you broke my nose."

Sirius took another step towards her and Sydney tried to back away yet again but she found herself against a table. She looked back at it, did it move? How the heck did she get cornered? Turning back to Sirius, she paused and threateningly sneered.

"I'd do it again if I had to…"


Suddenly aware of his enchanting scent again, she felt her knees almost give out. What was he doing to her? His warm breath was exhaling minty fresh on her lips. That was how close they were. She tried to back up again but mentally slapped herself when she realized it was as far as she could go. Why didn’t she just punch him again? Was she enjoying this? Hell, most girls would love to be in her position, but it was against all that Sydney ever believed in.

She looked up into his hazy gray eyes and almost gave out a whimper, she felt like prey and he was her predator. Her hands betrayed everything her mind warned her about and her fingers pushed back his shaggy black hair that fell into his eyes. Something snapped in both of them and they kissed simultaneously. It was filled with passion, lust, and forbidden thoughts that were exchanged by their wrestling lips.

Pulling on his neck with a sudden hunger, she forgot everything. The fact that she usually loathed him, the fact that he bugged the crap out of her, the fact that they were in Slughorn's classroom and the fact that he was Sirius Black. He pressed his hips against hers and they deepened the kiss.

She suddenly became aware of her surroundings and moved aside from him. He stood there in complete surprise, maybe from the abrupt move or the idea that they even kissed at all. He walked towards her in an attempt to calm her down because she stood there in confused anger. They kissed….they kissed? It was just so outrageous she couldn’t even believe it.


'Oh god, he used my first name…' she thought to herself.

This wasn’t right. It wasn’t the way everything was supposed to be. She turned away from Sirius and he gazed at her in wonder. Did she regret it? In all actuality, Sydney was deciphering her thoughts about the entire thing. Had Sirius changed?

"Syd…come on, you can't tell me you didn’t enjoy that?"

Sydney turned in utter disbelief. He was still the same cocky Sirius Black she knew. He hadn’t changed at all. She huffed annoyingly and as he walked closer with a haughty grin, she slapped him before he got any closer.

Shaking her head, she grabbed her things off the table and rushed out of Slughorn's class. Sirius stood there in sheer incredulity, holding his hand up to his red cheek. Hadn't she felt the same thing he did?


"So how was class today?"

Sydney looked over at Lily with questioning eyes. Lily seemed to act like she knew something was up. They were sitting in the regular Gryffindor common room just gazing into the fireplace that warmed their toes. Everyone was down at dinner but they didn’t exactly feel like eating, especially Sydney.

"Why do you ask?"

"Well there's this little rumor going around that Amos asked you out."

"Oh really?"

Lily laughed and her radiant curled red hair tossed back. She was laughing so hard; Sydney thought she could see tears.

"Some prefects during patrolling said that you said yes! What ignoramus'!"


"I told them there was no way on this earth you would date that reckless Hufflepuff, I mean we know how he always gets into girl's knickers but then dumps them. Remember when Fancy and he dated?"


"Honestly, who would think that? It's just so preposterous!"


Lily stopped laughing in astonishment. She cocked her head a little, looking at Sydney like she was some muggle.

"You're pulling my leg…"

"No, Amos asked me during Potions and I agreed to go with him to Hogsmeade this weekend."

"But…I don’t understand, didn’t you say that Amos was…"

"Deceiving, conniving, untrustworthy…?

Lily nodded, still in complete shock.

"I know…but Sirius was sitting there and well…I had to say yes."

Lily shook her head as if trying to understand it all. She put up her hands to make Sydney stop talking.

"Wait let me get this straight. You said yes because you wanted to make Sirius jealous?"

Sydney opened her mouth to speak but realized Lily was right, that was exactly what she was doing, but she couldn’t admit it.

"NO! Sirius was bugging me all day and he tried to speak for me, so I thought going out with Amos would put him in his place."

Instead of anger or surprise, Lily looked quite amused. She folded her arms and grinned.

"Do you fancy Sirius Black?"


Sydney's mouth was wide open in stunned surprise. She did not fancy that stupid git. Lily giggled and threw a pillow at her face.


Sydney pouted and crossed her arms over her chest and ignored Lily, who was grinning like a fool. She reached over the couch arm onto the table. Lily received a box of chocolates and opened the lid. Picking one out, she gestured for Sydney to get one. Sydney wrinkled her nose and turned her offer down.

"Don’t really like those. Hey…who gave you chocolates?"

Lily shrugged and smiled.

"Probably James…"

Sydney wiggled her eyebrows in suggestion. Lily rolled her eyes. Sydney could smell the chocolates but for some reason they didn’t smell like regular chocolates…instead their aroma was distinctly of melons, rain and…sort of like…Sirius?

"Are you sure James gave those to you?"

Lily gave her a wary eye and took a bite of the chocolate morsel. Sydney watched her eat about three in wonder.

Something wasn’t right.

Lily put the box away and stared off into space. Sydney thought of it as nothing and speculated if she should tell Lily about her kiss with Sirius. She was scared that Lily would freak out again.


Sydney turned to Lily in question. She was still staring off into space. Sydney frowned…something was wrong.


"Severus Snape…"

"What are you talking about?"

"I'm in love with Severus Snape."

Silenced in her own horror, Sydney's eyes almost popped out of her head as Lily's words played themselves into her brain. Was she serious? Lily had to be kidding.

"Lily, quit it. You're scaring me."

"No Sydney…I love him with all my heart."

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Chapter 6: Guilty Consciences
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Chapter Six: Guilty Consciences

Sydney stared at Lily in shock. What was she playing at? Minutes ago they were laughing about how even dating Amos Diggory was ridiculous….and now she was claiming to love Severus Snape…of all people?

"Lily stop it…"

Lily turned to Sydney with a bit of an angry face.

"You're just jealous! Severus is mine and mine ALONE!"

Sydney took one look at her crazy friend then at the box of chocolates that lay on the couch. Suddenly it hit her….a love potion.

Lily got up in a quick motion.

"I've got to find him and tell him."

Sydney grabbed her arm and smacked Lily across the face. Hell, she needed something to calm Lily down.


"Lily please…we'll…we'll go find Snape...okay?"


Lily stood up with a giddy smile. Fluffing her hair a bit and smoothing down the wrinkles in her robes she turned to Sydney with an expectant gaze.

"Well how do I look?"

"Lovely…" Sydney murmured, she was trying to think of a way to find an antidote…SLUGHORN. Of course, Slughorn would know what to do.

She grasped for Lily's wrist and led her out the portrait to Slughorn's office. Unfortunately, students had just finished their dinner and were heading up to the dormitories and common rooms. They passed the marauders in a rush but they were spotted.

" Hey Lane we need to talk!"

Sydney waved Sirius off and kept dragging Lily behind her.


They paused to see who it was and there was James looking quite aggravated.

"Look…we have to patrol tonight. The Ravenclaw prefects backed out for some exam studying," He said ignoring Sydney's pleas to leave them alone, " Hey…what's going on?"

"I'm in love with Severus…so if you'd just move out of the way we're going to find him."

James smacked himself a couple times wondering if he heard her right. Sydney apologized a couple times before pulling Lily along with her. James stood there in disbelief; she was in love with Snape of all people?

"Hey Prongs what was that about?"

James ignored his fellow marauders and kept staring at where Lily stood. All these years and it was Snivellus that she loved?

"Prongsy? Earth to Prongsy?"


"Miss Lane? What seems to be the problem?"

"Where's Severus…you said we were going to see him!"

"He's meeting us here!"

Lily smiled and sat down in a chair, she constantly fluffed her hair and looked around expectantly. Professor Slughorn stared in confusion.

"I don’t understand."

"Sir, there was a love potion in Lily's chocolates."

Slughorn nodded and examined Lily as she kept gazing back at the door wondering if Severus was visiting them anytime soon. He reached into a cupboard and pulled out a vial filled with a clear looking substance. He handed it to Sydney, who then offered it to Lily.

"What's this?"

"Something Severus made for you."

Lily grinned and gulped it down. After a couple seconds her smile faded and she looked around her surroundings in horror. She didn’t speak a word until they left Slughorn's office.

"Thank you sir…"

"No problem Miss Evans."

Sydney remembered James telling them that Lily had to patrol so she let her know. As Lily rushed off to find him, she turned to head back to the dormitories but was stopped by professor Slughorn.

"Miss Lane?"

She spun back to face him.


"Be sure that you don’t use my classroom for your make out sessions."

Sydney's face turned a bright red and she nodded curtly and rushed off to the Gryffindor common room.



James turned and found Lily running up to him in a distressed state. Her red hair was a disheveled mess and her robes were flying everywhere, yet James thought she looked beautiful. She finally caught up to him and started breathing deeply after her running in the halls.

"Okay…where do we start?"

With a smile fading into a frown, James just turned and kept walking expecting her to follow, which she did. He still couldn’t believe that she had fallen for Snivellus. WHY?! Sure, he was smart but he didn’t exactly get points for charm or looks. Lily seemed to notice that he was quiet and in a grumpy mood, so she brought it up.

"What's wrong with you?"

"Nothing…I'm fine."

She sighed and waved it off. If he didn’t want to tell her then fine, she'll just ignore him. But he apparently didn’t want to let it go.

"How could you love Snape of all people?!"

"I don’t love him, okay?"

James felt a lot lighter after her reply. He began to smile but then wondered why in the world she would declare to like someone like Snivellus.

"So why'd you say it?"

"Because…I was under a love potion…" she practically whispered but James caught her every word.

"I had NOTHING to do with it! I swear!"

Lily managed a giggle and couldn’t believe she let it escape her lips. He grinned and ruffled his hair obnoxiously. She shook her head smiling.

"Guilty conscience, eh Potter?"

"Just wanted to make sure you knew I would never do such a thing."

She rolled her eyes as they searched on the astronomy tower, the stars were shining brightly and she sighed. It was so romantic…why'd she have to be there with Potter?

"I know you didn’t do it."


Lily felt that maybe she was being a little too nice. She walked a bit away from him and grinned so he couldn’t see her.

"Besides you're not that much of an expert in potions…"

James smile drooped a little and forced a chuckle. He walked over so he was closer to her. She leaned against the low wall. Looking out onto the beautiful school grounds, she could see everything from up there. James stopped patrolling and leaned against the wall with her. She could feel his gaze on her and it made her a little uncomfortable. She shivered at the cold and held her arms tight to her.


She turned in surprise. He didn’t call her by her last name. Peering beyond his glasses into his hazel eyes, she felt a little sigh flee her mouth and she mentally argued with herself.

"Yes?" Her little peep of a response even caught her by surprise and realized why most of the girls in school fancied James. He was sort of irresistible no matter how annoying he may be.

"'I was wondering…why do you hate me so much?"

Turning back to the scenery, she had to think about her reply. She shrugged.

"I don’t hate you…you're just so insufferable sometimes."

James face fell and he turned back to the stars too. Maybe there was a way to show Lily he was better than that. There had to be a way…

"I wish we could start over."

Lily was caught off guard and she gazed at James in a new light. He was still staring up into the sky; he had actually said it was sincerity. She felt the corners of her mouth lift into a smile. Sure she was attracted to James sometimes but she would never admit to it.

Nodding in agreement, she just let it go. Leaning over to James, she kissed his cheek. He automatically lit up and spun to see if she was still there, but she was already walking away from him. She left the astronomy tower and he stood there for a couple minutes thinking it over.

After a while, he caught up to her and they didn’t speak of the kiss. Instead they went back to normal. When Lily went up to her dormitory, he sat on their common room couch and thought about it all. He had to do something…because Lily did show a sign of interest. Didn’t she?

He had to do something.

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Chapter 7: Love-bug Sundaes and Sudden Jealousy
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Chapter Seven: Love-bug Sundaes and Sudden Jealousy

The cold sheets grazed across Sydney's bare legs and goose bumps erupted all over her body. She shuddered and sighed at the fact that the fall was coming in too fast and there was no reason to wear boxers to bed anymore. She pulled back the bed hangings and realized that Sandy, one of the "Bratty Blondes" had already gone down to breakfast and so had the other girls. She sighed and smiled as she thought of sleeping in and not getting up that Saturday morning.

But then again….

There came the thought of the Hogsmeade trip with Amos Diggory. Scowling, she knew she had to get up and face him. She couldn’t just ditch him, because for one, she wasn’t that mean and secondly, Sirius would find out and think that it was because she was madly in love with him…which she WASN’T….no not at all. He was just a big prat who thought he could get any girl…she was going to prove him wrong, he was never going to get her.

She yawned and pulled the comforter closer to her body, the cold was spreading through the cooled sheets; she glanced around and realized there was a draft from the open door. She got up reluctantly and almost headed over to close it but she heard someone's voice and she didn't exactly want to be told to head down to breakfast, so she ran back to the bed to pretend to be sleeping. Stubbing her toe on the post, she whispered curses and hopped in bed.

Now all she had to do was wonder if she snored or not, because if she did then they would know something was up…she chose to just breathe heavily, just in case.

Hearing footsteps walk into the dormitory she snapped her eyelids shut.

"Honestly Sandy…I don’t see how you can manage living in the same room with her…"

Sydney tried to roll her eyes but remembered she was sleeping. It was Fancy and the "Bratty Blondes" who had walked in. They had a major problem with talking smack about people…even if they were two feet away sleeping.

"Whatever…Lane is tolerable sometimes. Besides I thought we came up here to talk about the whole Potter deal."

Sydney perked her ears happily; she loved making fun of their pointless gossip trips anyways. She heard someone jump on a bed next to her and figured they were sitting there talking about anything and anyone…well anyone 'worthy' of their talks.

"Well…if you haven’t heard Lily has a thing for James!"

"WHAT?!" She heard Lindy and Sandy almost scream.

Sydney frowned in her fake sleep. What were they talking about? Lily? Liking James? It was ridiculous and yet very intriguing. But there was no way it was possible, Lily would have told her. Right?

"But wait…I thought she hated him?"

"Duh Lindy, but maybe she realized that you were competition and wanted James for herself."

"Oh…wow, what a bitch."

Sydney gritted her teeth, if she hadn’t been fake sleeping or the fact that there were three of them there she would have woken up and smacked the crap out them.

"So we have to sabotage that witch. She doesn’t deserve James anyways, he's above her on all accounts."


Sydney realized she hadn’t been breathing loudly to pass as asleep, so she went even louder. Hoping they hadn’t noticed, she was relieved when they acted like nothing was wrong.

"So what should we do?"

"Actually I don’t want to talk about it here…somewhere more private, who knows if Lane is even asleep."

'I'm asleep…sheesh no one has trust anymore.' Sydney thought to herself.

"I swear I would not be able to sleep with that constant breathing noise anyways, it's so annoying!"

Sydney bit the inside of her cheek and ignored her comment. When were they going to leave anyways? Her question was answered when she heard their footsteps leave the room. What was the point in that anyways? Did they know she was awake? She pushed back the hangings again and realized they really did leave. She got up and groaned knowing that at some point she was going to find out what they meant.

Pulling on some regular hip hugging jeans, a blue tank and some converse shoes, she headed out towards where Professor Punitz, head of Gryffindor was standing receiving all the permission slips. There off to the side was Amos looking quite delighted with himself, once he saw Sydney he brightened up and offered his arm. He was wearing a hoodie and jeans, it seemed everyone noticed the slight cold chill in the air.

Avoiding his arm and walking with her hands in her pockets she smiled slightly and started to walk with him in Hogsmeade. It wasn’t until she saw Lily walking with Remus that she had almost forgotten about the Bratty Blondes discussion. She quickly told Amos to wait for her as she ran off to catch up with Lily.


Lily turned in surprise, she was wearing jeans and a green sweater that really brought out her eyes; her hair in a curled ponytail. Remus was at her side; they were talking about upcoming events for the students.

"Sydney? I thought you were spending the day with Diggory?"

"Uh I am, but can I speak to you for a minute…in private?"

Remus got the hint and went over to a joke store window and eyed the real household broomsticks that weren’t magical, he grinned and thought about giving one to James.

When Sydney and Lily were out of ear's reach, Sydney looked around and quickly told Lily about that morning. Lily's eyes got wider as she heard each part, she had even gasped at the part of her feelings for James.

"Can you believe it?"

Sydney studied her facial expression, but it didn’t say much. In fact she had left the shocked stage and entered into the scheming mindset.

"I think we should do nothing."

Sydney squinted in wonder.

"For a moment I thought you said we should do nothing…"

"I did."

"WHAT?! Why? They're going to do something horrible…I know they are. I mean they've obviously got it stuck in their empty skulls that you like James, as ridiculous it is, they still believe it."

When Lily didn’t say anything she furrowed her eyebrows and wondered….wondered if Lily really did like him.

"Look…Remus and I have to get going to discuss our new plans for the student events. Don’t worry and have a good time with Amos."

Lily walked away to join Remus. Sydney stood there in surprise, had Lily just brushed her off? They were best friends, if something was wrong, Lily would always tell her. So why had she acted so curt?

"Hey! Ready for our date?"

Amos came jogging up and wrapped his arm around Sydney's shoulder. She looked up and pondered why in the world she even agreed to join him. They walked until they reached a lovey-dovey sort of café called "Madam Missy's Café". She sighed as he opened the door for her. Looking around the place, there were couples all over the place. White chairs, red tables, pink booths and little cherubs flying above them, dropping little sparkles of hearts on their oblivious heads.

Shockingly, the Bratty Blondes were sitting in a booth, each of them eating their sundaes daintily as they gossiped and planned in low tones. When they saw her enter with Amos, all of their jaws dropped…well except for Lindy because she didn’t quite follow what was going on.

"What is he doing with HER…."

"Puh-lease, I bet she paid him to go out with her."

They all gave a dirty look and went back to talking in low whispers and eating. Amos pulled out her chair for her and obnoxiously even ordered for her. Amos reached over the table and grabbed her hands to hold. She wrinkled her forehead and hoped he hadn’t noticed her disdain. It was all a show…just like Sirius'.

Speaking of the devil, little bells went off as the door opened to reveal more customers. Sydney looked up in time to see that James and Sirius had showed up. They were obviously looking for someone and when Sirius' eyes landed on her and Amos, a deep disgust entered his gray eyes. If he hadn’t been standing there in clothes, she would have imagined him as a dog wanting to growl at them.

He stood there for about a couple minutes until James reached for his arm and leaded him deeper inside. The Bratty Blondes waved them over, although they looked quite reluctant, Sirius gazed back Amos and Sydney and took his seat next to Fancy, who seemed delighted.

Their meals came and Sydney couldn’t believe he ordered the love-bug sundae. It was a big ice-cream bowl that was supposed to be shared between couples. It had little candy butterflies that floated above the sundae ready to be eaten. She felt eyes on her and she turned a bit and realized Sirius was staring at her. She turned back to see that Amos had scooped some ice cream on his spoon and was offering to feed her.

Giggling erupted from the side of them. Fancy had her hand on Sirius' arm and he was grinning widely, he must have said something funny. But the one thing that really bothered Sydney was the fact that Fancy couldn’t keep herself off of Sirius.

Not that it was her business….no not at all…

But she did have the sudden urge to grab the huge ice cream bowl and chuck it at them. Looking at the situation that everyone was in she felt compelled to scream.

Lily could have feelings for James….who was currently looking bored sitting next to Lindy…

Amos was trying to sweet-talk Sydney as he kept forcing the spoon near her mouth….and she was worrying about Fancy and Sirius who were flirting obnoxiously a couple feet away…

Sydney was scared that she was developing something for Sirius…was it jealousy that was flowing through her bloodstream that moment?

Everything was racking in her brain and just as things were starting to make sense, the bells went off again and Lily and Remus walked in laughing. Suddenly, it seemed like time just stopped. Amos was still holding the spoon, Sydney was shocked to see Lily, James couldn’t believe Lily was with Remus and Sirius was still staring intently at Sydney.

Remus and Lily took a seat and pulled out notebooks to jot down ideas about the events. Sydney and Lily waved but went back to their things. James felt his blood boiling at the fact that Lily was there with Remus, hadn’t she kissed his cheek last night? Didn’t she have feelings? Didn’t she realize he had feelings? Well…duh! Everyone knew that.

"Maybe we should head out…"

Sirius looked over and nodded at James. He couldn’t stand seeing Amos trying to claim Sydney as his. He and James got up and annoyingly the Bratty Blondes followed their lead.

"Hey Ev-, I mean Lily…"

Lily looked up and gave James a half smile. Not knowing what to say, she nodded. Was she supposed to call him James? If she called him Potter would he think she hated him? She did have feelings…but she was scared he wouldn’t be careful with them.

Fancy nudged Lindy and pointed over at James who was still standing before Remus and Lily. Lindy smirked and finally understood what was going on. She sauntered over and grabbed James' hand.

"Hey babe…"


Lindy caught him off guard and pulled him into a forceful kiss. He didn’t push her away at first because he was so shocked but eventually he pulled away in confusion. He looked around and found the place in disorder. Sydney was standing between Amos and Sirius who were barking rude threats, Remus was running after Lily who left the café in a rush, she had watched the kiss…

What had happened in a few miniscule seconds?

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Chapter 8: Making a Decision
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Chapter Eight: Making a Decision

Lily couldn’t believe he kissed her. She couldn’t believe she was upset at that very moment because he did kiss Lindy. Why should it matter? She was Lily Evans and he was James Potter, it shouldn’t matter to her. It was his business. So why was she running away from the café in tears?

"Lily! Please stop!"

"Go away!"


She turned to find Remus catching up with her. She sighed, feeling slightly relieved he wasn’t James and a bit disappointed he wasn't.

"James…doesn’t…like…Lindy," he panted as he caught his breath.

"I don’t care."

"Then why are you crying?"

"…I don’t really know."

Suddenly fresh tears brimmed her eyes and this time she didn’t run away. Remus held her as she cried against his chest.


When Lindy and James kissed, Sirius was actually walking over to Sydney to say hi.

"Lane…I see you took Amos on the pity date."

"Go away…"

"I guess our little rendezvous in Slughorn's meant nothing?"

"What's he talking about?"

"I think you know what I'm talking about."

Amos jumped out of his chair and pulled in his fists getting ready to punch Sirius who was actually grinning in pleasure.

"Black, I think you should leave."

Sirius and Amos realized that Sydney finally stood up and got in between the two. She had enough of Sirius' ridiculous behavior and Amos' sudden reason to fight for her. Boys were idiotically predictable.

James at last, got out of his shock and pushed past Lindy and the "Bratty Blondes" as he helped Sydney keeping the two apart.

"James…I've got this…go and check up on Lily."

Sydney ultimately figured it out. She knew Lily had feelings for James, no matter how much she said she was disgusted by his arrogance. It had hit her when she was about to help Lily but Lily had run out too fast, covering her face wasn’t quite helpful either; everyone in the café knew she was in tears.

But why would Lily hide something like that? Why would she say such things about James if she truly liked him? Heck, it was all so confusing but now they had to fix everything.

Seeing the sincerity in Sydney's eyes, James nodded and just as he was about to rush out of the café, Lindy grabbed his arm and tried to hold him. He shook her lose and turned to face her.

"You've already done enough damage Lindy, leave me alone and don’t EVER talk to me again."

Lindy let go of his arm in reluctance, as he ran out, she twisted around to see the other "blondes" and they stood there in utter disbelief. James was pissed off.

Smiling, Sydney watched as James went after her best friend. She hoped it would all work out. But in her current situation, she was stuck between two of the most stubborn boys she had ever met. Sirius was still glaring at Amos, as Amos tried to get closer he bumped up against Sydney in an effort to stand up to Sirius.

Sighing in annoyance, she got out of the middle of the two and put her hands on her hips. She cleared her throat and the two stopped looking at each other to see what she had to say. Would she choose one of the two?

"I honestly, have never been so humiliated, you both should be ashamed of yourselves. You're acting like a couple of dogs."

Sirius chuckled but she gave him an evil eye and he stopped, so she continued.

"I'm not going to deal with either of you. You both drive me ABSOLUTELY insane. So in the meantime, you can both work out your tension and I'll be spending the day with a novel."

"Wait...does that mean you and I aren’t dating?"

Sirius and Sydney gazed at Amos for a second in frustration until Sirius spoke up…

"You bloody moron! Of course she isn’t! She's fancies me!"

Sydney screamed in frustration and grabbed the huge sundae sitting on their table and threw at the two befuddled guys standing in front of her. It was as if the sundae was flying in slow motion but none of them could stop it. It hit the boys' arms and splattered all over them. Gaping in horror they looked down at the mess and back at Sydney who seemed like she was still pent up with anger.

With that, she stalked out of the café, leaving Sirius and Amos standing in the middle of the place with confused looks on their faces. What did that mean? Did that mean she wasn’t going to be with either of them?

Amos nudged Sirius and Sirius ignored him.

"This is your fault you know…"

"Oh shut up."


Lily and Remus decided to talk it out in the Head's common room. Staring into the fireplace, Lily thought about her feelings for that even what they were?

"Lily…what do you like about James? I mean we all thought you despised him."

"I do…did…I don’t know anymore. I hated the way he'd mess with his hair, the way he obnoxiously stole that snitch so he could act like his reflexes are godly compared to anyone else, the way he gazes at me beyond his glasses, the way he thinks that if he asks everyday for a date that eventually I'll give in."

"Wait, you hate those things?"

Blushing furiously, Lily giggled as she realized she had been staring off into space, imagining James doing those very things.

"Actually all those things may frustrate me but I honestly think my frustration is an attraction.

Remus smiled and nodded as if he knew exactly what she meant.

"Love never ran the smooth course."

"Excuse me?"


Lily frowned, she had heard that from somewhere before. Had Sydney told her that? Remus was intently analyzing Lily's facial expressions. Was she really in deep for James? The guy that everyone thought she hated? It was odd, yes, but James was head over heels for Lily. He reached over from his armchair and put his hand on Lily's.

"I want both of you to be happy, but please, for James' and your sake, make up your mind and don’t lead him on. James happens to be a hopeful character, if he thinks he has a chance then he wont stop at anything to receive it."

Remus watched as a small smile formed on her lips.

"I know…" she turned to Remus, "That's what I admire most about him."

Suddenly, the portrait swung open and James walked into the common room with a rushed look on his face. His red face from running turned into sudden anger. Lily and Remus gazed at him in wonder and followed where his eyes landed.

Remus still had his hand on Lily's….

Lily and Remus took their hands away hastily and James stared at them suspiciously. No one spoke for a minute until Remus jumped up from the armchair.

"I have to be somewhere…"

James followed Remus' moves and conjectured whether or not to talk to Remus about his actions. Moony would never go after the girl he's had an obsession with for years, would he? No…he wouldn’t…

Remus left in a hurry leaving Lily sitting on the couch in question and James standing thinking about what to say.


James was shocked to hear his own name form from Lily's mouth. But he wasn’t as surprised as Lily whose face was almost as red as her hair. She gestured to the seat next to her.

"We should talk."

James shook his head and still stood there in silence. Lily didn’t know why but she became more irritated. Getting up from the couch she walked over to where he was in complete aggravation.

"What is your problem?! You’re the one who kissed Lindy…I mean…not like I care but you…augh!"

Just as she was about to turn to leave, James grabbed her hand and spun her around. Caught in the moment, she gasped as he fingered a strand of hair that fell out of her ponytail. He grazed her jaw line and kissed her sweetly. When he pulled away, her eyes were still closed in utter bliss and a half smile was playing on her lips.

"I think you know how I really feel…I think you've always known. Lily…I've never felt this way about anyone. I don’t want to talk about anything because it doesn’t need to be said."

Thinking about how many times he drove her mad and insane, Lily pushed past those thoughts and thought about how many times he made her heart pound, her voice stammer, her stomach was a never-ending cycle and she knew exactly what her decision was.

Lily lifted her finger to his lips and quieted him. Gazing into her emerald eyes, he lost himself and she gently tugged his neck to kiss him. Standing there in their own little world they lost track of everything. The crackling of the burning fire was their simile of love. James finally knew how she felt and he was glad he did something about it.

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Chapter 9: Crazy Theories
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Chapter Nine: Crazy Theories

She tossed and turned in her bed fitfully. The cold was unbearable, well not really, it was the fact that it was so cold that she had put on her wool pajama bottoms and now she was sweltering in heat underneath the thick comforters.

Sydney sat up in her bed and looked around her surroundings. Sandy was snoring disturbingly and two the other two girls, Gina and Marie were sleeping peacefully. She looked out a window to realize that a full moon was out. She smiled at the beauty of it and peeled off the comforters and changed into some lighter pajama bottoms. Her stomach grumbled and she suddenly wished she had eaten the sundae instead of chucking it at the morons.

Slipping out of her bed, she tiptoed gracefully to the door and escaped through it unnoticed and unheard. She thought about waking Lily up for a trip to the kitchen but she knew there was more of a chance they'd both get caught out of bed, besides Lily would probably discourage her from going. But she was looking forward to a piece of cake from the nice house elves in the kitchen.

Looking out into the common room, she knew someone was either studying really late or just up to no good. The fireplace was barely glowing as she walked in as if she was walking on glass. First off she didn’t want to be seen in her pajama bottoms no matter how cute she thought they look and second of all, her odd streak of bad luck would land her in detention if caught.

Just as she was about to slip out of the portrait, she heard a quick swish of the air. She spun around in shock but saw nothing there. She put her hand to her chest and felt it beating a mile a minute. Someone was there, she knew there was.

Then something hit her.



"Hey shut up!"

Sydney gasped and looked around again, wondering where the voice was coming from. She knew it was either James or Sirius, after the train ride to Hogwarts, she was waiting to catch them in the act of using the invisibility cloak.

She saw the portrait start to open so she quickly grasped for the air around her and she gripped a silky invisible fabric and pulled. The cloak slipped off and revealed James Potter with a concerned look on his face.

"James…what are you doing here?" Sydney whispered.

"How'd you know?"

She held up the cloak and he cursed silently, grabbing it back from her hands. He slipped it over his shoulders so that only his head was visible.

"I'm looking for Sirius…we have something to do right now."

"He's not in the dormitory?"


They stood there in silence thinking. Sydney felt odd talking to a head but she shrugged it off and thought about where Sirius could be. He was always around doing something rebellious but he was usually with James.

"What is it that you have to do anyways?"

"Nothing…look Sydney just don’t tell Lily about this and for that matter no one else. Got it?"

Gazing at his troubled look, she nodded and as he put the cloak over her head, she grabbed his shoulder quickly. She knew he was waiting for her to say what she had to.

"Be careful..."

She let go and the portrait swung open and they both exited going their separate ways.

Walking down the halls was quite eerie at night and suddenly she wished that she had an invisibility cloak to cover herself. She kept searching for signs of professors who were up late checking the corridors. Even the statues and suits of armor were haunting her. It even seemed like they were whispering to her.

Wait…they were whispering.

She paused and frowned in confusion. What were they saying?


It was specifically coming from a suit of armor in a dark corner. She raised an eyebrow and knew she must be dreaming because she thought she saw a hand reach out of the shadows. She turned around telling herself to just go back to sleep and not get up until she was fully sane.

As she started speed walking, a hand caught hers and she almost let out an ear-splitting scream but a hand covered her mouth. She knew now that her heart was dropped into her stomach, pulsating against her hollow pit.


She looked up and right when his gray eyes met hers, she bit his hand and he groaned in pain as he backed away from her.

"What is your problem! First you break my nose, slap me, throw your ice cream on me and now bite me?"

"Excuse me, I don’t loiter behind a couple suits of armor in the middle of the night and scare the living daylights out of students!"

"Well what are you doing up anyways?"

"Nothing that should trouble you."

Sirius glared at Sydney, who returned the stare but she eventually let it down and remembered James' stressed face.

"James is looking for you. He seemed really upset."

Sirius slapped his forehead and let out a strained breath. He nodded and grabbed Sydney's hand as he led her down the corridor she just came from. She was surprised at how nicely her hand fit in hers but then forgot it when she realized he was taking her back.

"What are you doing!? I'm going to the kitchen!"

"I don’t want either of us to get into trouble, so you're going back to the dormitory and I'm going to meet up with James."

She pulled her hand from his and stepped away from him. Sirius looked back at her and sighed agitatedly.

"You have no right to tell me what to do…got it?"

"Sydney, don’t make me do this."

"Do what?"

He rolled his eyes and before she could protest he threw her over his shoulder. She felt hopelessly mute, she couldn’t scream because they'd BOTH get in trouble. So she resorted to kicking and hitting his back, but of course there was no effect because he was so fit from Quidditch…damn that sport.

Giving up, she just let him carry her all the way back to the portrait. He put her down and put a hand on her shoulder. She shuddered at the spark and looked up angrily at him.

"Don’t tell anyone abo—

"Yes… yes I know...about you and James being out and about…especially Lily, right?"

"I see James said the same thing?"

"Unfortunately…but if you guys are doing anything dangerous then I might…"


Sighing, she stared into his pleading gray eyes and knew she had to agree. Well…to not tell anyone else, but they were worrying her, maybe Lily should be informed. They never had this serious of an expression on. Something was definitely wrong. She nodded and again felt a weird sensation spread in her stomach when he grinned slowly down at her.

"Just be careful…please."

"Aw, you really do care."

"Oh shut up and just get going before I change my mind."

He smiled and she regretted that he took his hand from her shoulder, it suddenly felt cold and she realized she had been walking around in her pajamas. As she watched his tall figure disappear into the shadows, she bit the inside of her cheek. Shaking her head, in disbelief and instead of heading to the girl's dormitory she went to the Head's common room.

The woman in a princess gown and the knight in the portrait stared down at her in annoyance.

"Shouldn’t you be in bed young lady?" The knight asked.

"Shouldn’t you be minding your own business?"

"Touché." He replied with a quick bow.

The princess rolled her eyes and yawned.


"Puckering Peckers."

The portrait swung open and Sydney walked into the quiet and dark common room. She gazed over to James sleeping dormitories and knew he wasn’t there. She walked over to Lily's door and knocked quickly.


She knocked again, wondering where in the world Lily could be. But then she heard a groan. She knocked for more effect hoping Lily would realize it was an emergency.

"Ugh, I'm coming James…"

Lily opened the door to find Sydney who was raising her eyebrow in a sly move.

"Thought it was James, huh?"

Lily ignored her smart-aleck remark and frowned at seeing her best friend at midnight.

"Sydney? What's going on?"

Sydney dropped her smiling face and thought about James and Sirius and she hurried Lily into her room. Lily sat down in wonder as Sydney explained everything.

"So they're out of their dormitories, most likely off school grounds and they looked 'worried'?"

When she nodded in agreement at the summary at it all, Lily got a concerned look on her face. Her forehead scrunched up in disdain and her eyes were wide as saucers. Her disheveled hair fell on her shoulders in soft curls.

"Oh god, I wonder what they're doing."

As if right on cue, a wolf's howl sang out brutally from outside. Sydney felt goose bumps arise on her arms and Lily shook a little.

"I didn’t know wolves lived in these areas…"

"Well with the forbidden forest and the shrieking shack, it's more or less likely that it's some other creature or even a werewolf."

"Lily…please, do you honestly believe a werewolf is out there?"

"Actually…Sydney, I sort of have this theory…"

Lily grew quite uncomfortable and Sydney knew her so-called 'theory' must not be good. She cleared her throat and looked out the window at the full moon. It was starting to come together.

"Do you remember last year when we learned how to ward off boggarts?"

"Yah…I almost ran out of the room when that cobra appeared."

"Right, do you remember Remus' fear?"

"Umm…Remus'? No, not really why?"

"It was a silvery orb…wasn’t it?"

"Oh yah! I remember now…everyone was wondering what that was."

"It was the moon, Syd."

"What? What are you talking about? Why would Remus be scared of the moon?"

"Not just any moon…a full moon."

"But why…oh my god…you think Remus is a werewolf?" Sydney couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

"I know it sounds bad, but I wouldn’t claim something like that if I didn’t have enough facts, you know that, but I honestly think that…"

"…he's a werewolf?"

"Yah…" Lily practically whispered as if someone else could hear her.

"Wait...that would make sense...I always thought he looked ill at times..."


"So what does this have to do with James or Sirius?"

"I have no idea but I do know that if I'm right about Remus then he's out there and James and Sirius are probably looking for him."

They sat there in disturbing silence wondering what to do or say. Sydney felt the hairs on her neck prickle slightly and she noticed a tense vibe coming from Lily's sitting position. She studied her worried friend's face and realized how much she must really care for James. Her face was etched with anxiety and apprehension. Her fingers were pulling on each other as if trying to get comfort from popping her knuckles.

Sydney got up out of her fidgety place and walked over to the window, there at the edge of the forbidden forest was the outline of a person.

Wait…scratch that…two people.

"Lily…come look at this."

Lily got up and a grimace peaked on her face as if scared to see what was outside.

They looked down at the school grounds at the figures that were walking in the opposite direction of the forest…they were headed somewhere else. But then suddenly, something astonishing happened. The form of one of the people changed gradually until the shoulders were bent and the arms became the third and fourth legs. Sydney felt Lily grab her arm and squeeze. It wasn’t a werewolf…but a dog. A big black dog.

The other person seemed to be holding their chest and was hunched over as if in pain. They were walking up towards the school. Lily backed away from the window in shock.

"Something's going on…and I think it has to do with James, Sirius and Remus."

Sydney bit her lip and heard another howl, but after a couple moments, it ceased and the night went on hushed by the wind.

"Do you think…"

Lily pushed back her hair and walked towards the door as if she dared to open it in fear. She finally opened it and gestured that Sydney follow her outside. Sydney got up and got behind Lily as they crept out of the room into the common room. They stood in the common room wondering if they should go outside and tell a professor but Sydney kept remembering Sirius' pleading eyes and his request of keeping her lips sealed. She had already broken it by telling Lily…but what if they were hurt?

"I'm going outside."

Sydney looked over at Lily who finally made up her mind. Her face had lost all it's worry and was now confident and a bit scared. Sydney nodded and knew in her heart she couldn’t bear seeing anyone of the guys getting hurt. Just when Lily pulled on a cloak over her pajamas the portrait opened to reveal a hunched person walking in.


James looked up in shock and his eyes grew big as he saw Lily running over with a bothered look and Sydney who seemed just as equally scared.

He chuckled but then winced at the pain.

"James…you're hurt!"

He lifted his hand in defense but it proved to be worse. His hand had blood on it and at the sight of his ragged shirt and the cut in his chest, both girls gasped.

"I'm fine…fine…"

Lily helped him to the couch and begged him to tell her what had happened. But he didn’t seem to want to let anything out, just when Lily was going to try and clean the wound with her wand the portrait swung again and the dog that they had seen just trotted in.

"Oh my goodness…that's the dog we saw…"

"No…Sydney…that's Sirius." Lily remarked with a nod of her head.

Sydney and James stared at Lily with surprise on their faces. Sydney was staring at her with skepticism and James looked impressed but nervous.

"Lily…I think that's your craziest theory tonight."

"Lils…how'd you….how'd you find out?" James asked with marvel.

Sydney's jaw dropped and stared at James and Lily who were looking into each other's eyes with understanding.

"What are you guys talking about?"

Turning back to the dog, Sydney gazed at its eyes and then suddenly understood everything…the form of the dog suddenly became taller and the nose and ears returned back to the normal state but those eyes…they were Sirius'.

It was him all along.

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Chapter 10: Some Things Just Dont Work Out
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Chapter Ten: Some Things Just Don’t Work Out


"How are we animagus?"

"Yah…that'd be a good start." Sydney said with a faltering voice but there was some strength in her as she stood a couple feet from Sirius who had scratches on his arms.

"Look…we can't exactly tell you why but we're not in the records for animagus in the wizarding world."

"We know why. Well we have a guess."

James cringed a bit as Lily sat up.

"Oh forget it…you guys are off the hook until after we clean you up and fix your wounds."

Lily was cleaning James' deep cut when Sydney realized that Sirius was more scratched up than she thought.

"Here….let me help you."

Sirius stood there as she examined the scratches on his arms. He stared down at her caring face in wonder. Gently, pulling back his sleeves she realized they weren’t claw scratches but there were bits of wood in them.

"You don’t need to explain in full detail but what exactly happened?"

"…we got tossed around a couple times, James' cut is from landing on a rather sharp piece of wood by the staircase."

"Where were you?"

Sirius paused and looked over at James who nodded an approval to tell them.

"The Shrieking Shack."

Sydney gazed at Lily who was frowning deeply and still bandaging up James' cut. Sydney led Sirius to James' bathroom and she directed him to sit on the counter as she cleaned him up.

Sirius couldn’t help but gawk at Sydney as she tenderly patted them cuts down with a hot washcloth after she pulled the splinters out. Her hair fell into her eyes as she looked down at his arms. When she realized that he had more scratches up on his arms she started to flush in embarrassment.

"What's wrong?"

"Umm…you're going to have to take your shirt off."

Sirius grinned a little and pulled off his shirt slowly as he flinched in pain from the cuts. Sydney tried not to marvel at his tanned and toned upper body. She turned away for a moment pretending to be looking for something, when she had turned Sirius gazed at the back of her head wondering what she was thinking. She was really trying to help him out, were there any underlying intentions?

Turning back with her wand to pull the splinters out, she felt her face turn a bright pink after looking at his athletic abs and smooth chest. Averting her eyes to the ground she patted his arms some more after kindly taking all the splinters out. She kept patting but staring down at only his forearms not once at him.

Suddenly, she saw his hand move up and put it on hers as she patted. His other hand came under her chin and he lifted up, so she was staring into his piercing gray eyes. His shaggy black hair was hanging a bit into his eyes but she saw right through it. His breaths were constant with hers and he started pulling her closer to him.

Just like in Slughorn's classroom, she felt her knees give out and his warm breathe was grazing her lips. Just a little closer….


"I don’t…I…"

Their lips were almost touching…

"HEY YOU GUYS, come look over here!"

Sydney pulled away and knew if Lily hadn’t called them over that she might have kissed him yet again. Oh how she longed to…but it was Sirius. She couldn’t, what was wrong with her? No one kisses their enemy. It didn’t work like that. Suddenly Slughorn's words were entering her head once again.

"Love never ran the smooth course."

Looking back at Sirius as she walked away from the bathroom, she noticed regret and a bit of disappointment. Shaking it off, she entered the common room and saw that James was looking a lot better and Lily was hugging him close, as if he was on life-support.

"I think it's time we told them Sirius."

Sydney turned and realized that Sirius was behind her and he had put his shirt back on. Before she sat down on the warm plush couch, Lily gave her a look that clearly meant, "what happened with you two?"

She shrugged it off and faced James for the explanation, Sirius sat on the arm of the chair next to her. James cleared his throat and scowled at his bandage before he started.

"Lily tells me that you both know about Remus being a werewolf?"

Sydney nodded and Sirius looked a little impressed.

"He was bitten when he was a little boy by Fenrir Greyback…"

Lily gasped but Sydney just nodded, not really knowing who he was but knowing that it must have been serious.

"We've become animagus to help him through the full moon nights. Dumbledore gave us the permission to use the Shrieking Shack."

James let it sink in and Sirius just sat there looking at the girl's faces with uncertainty.

"We wouldn’t have told you if we didn’t know we could trust you…now that you know…you have to promise and swear that you'll never tell a soul."

Lily nodded and so did Sydney. It was a gloom hour, thinking about what Remus could possibly go through, but Sydney stared over at Sirius. She gained a lot of respect for him; he risked his life for a friend…that amazed her.

"James…I think you should go to bed."

James grimaced and then laughed.

"Okay mother…"

Lily smiled and helped him get up. She lovingly led him to his bedroom so she could tuck him in. Sydney slid a little in her seat as she sighed at the fact that she probably had to get going to her dormitories. Sirius plopped a seat next to her.

"They're good together…"

Sydney looked over at Sirius in question. He gave a quick nod of the head.

"Lily and James."

"Yah I know…it's surprising though. She seemed to hate him so much."

"Well…I guess it sort of helps that he's been obsessed with her since first year."

Sydney giggled as she thought of his crazy antics during their years at Hogwarts. Sirius smiled a bit and thought about the many times that Lily turned him down.

"It's crazy how some things work out."

"…and how some things don’t."

Sirius stopped looking into the fireplace and stared over at his left side where Sydney was sitting, she was gazing up at him with her sad green eyes. He let out a heartbreaking sigh and bit his lip, thinking about what to say.

"But then again…life changes around every second of everyday."

Sirius smiled wondering if it was a hint. They both stopped talking and Sydney realized that it wasn’t an uncomfortable silence but a really friendly one. As the fireplace died down, she fell asleep on the couch with Sirius right next to her. He affectionately stared at her sleeping form and put his arm around her shoulder so she could lie comfortably on his chest. He played with her hair and then slowly fell asleep.

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Chapter 11: A Kiss That Led to Hate
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Chapter Eleven: A Kiss That Led to Hate

Her hand was intertwined with his and her head lay comfortably on his chest. As much as she hated to admit it, falling asleep with Sirius was pretty relaxing. She looked up at the clock hanging above the mantelpiece and it read 5 in the morning.

Sydney sat up and looked down at Sirius' sleeping face and sighed. He looked adorable as he breathed gently; his hair fell off his forehead and his hands wrapped around himself because the cold hit him when Sydney left his side. She wrinkled her forehead wondering if she should go back to sleep with him.

Wait a minute. What was she doing? Was she falling for Sirius? No…she couldn’t be. It didn’t make sense. He was still the immature and materialistic Sirius she met their first year. What had happened that made her hate him so much? It was on the train on their way to Hogwarts for the first time…

Sydney knew that going to Hogwarts was disappointing her parents, but this was who she truly was. She kept reminding herself that as she walked over to platform 9 at the train station. She looked around and realized there was no platform 9 3/4, sighing, thinking that it was all a joke she turned with her bags.

Luckily and oddly enough, she slammed into someone. Groaning from the hit, she stood up and muttered an apology. She grew startled as she realized it was another girl whom she had hit. The girl had really pretty silky red hair and bright emerald eyes, but she also looked as scared as Sydney was.

"Darling…do you need help finding 9 ¾?

Sydney glanced up and found an older looking version of the girl she ran into. Her eyes were identical to the girl's and she was very pretty. Sydney nodded in embarrassment.

"Well you just run right through that solid wall."

Giving the woman an odd look, Sydney wondered if she thought she was an absolute idiot. Run through a solid wall. What was with this woman? Trying to give her brain damage before she got to school?

The lady laughed and gave her daughter a push so Sydney could witness it for herself. As her daughter ran straight through with a scared facial expression, Sydney could barely believe her own eyes. She thanked her and ran through too.

The girl was waiting on the other side with a sheepish smile.

"Hi…I'm Lily Evans."

"Sydney Lane, I honestly can't believe that I ran through a wall."

"Oh you're muggle born?"


Lily laughed and waved her off as Lily's mother ran through so she could see her off.

"Looks like I have some explaining to do on the train. Want to grab a compartment together?"

"Sounds great."

Mrs. Evans hugged and kissed Lily and then waved good-bye to Sydney who automatically felt at home with them. Lily and Sydney got onto the train and carried their bags to an empty compartment.

"So start with miggle."

"You mean muggle."

Sydney smiled and knew from a couple sentences and looks, Lily was the over achiever type. She was very clean-cut and intellectual for someone her age. Sydney glanced at Lily's knee length skirt and cardigan and grinned, it clashed against her jeans and band shirt that she decided to wear that day.

They laughed about Sydney's overly-muggle family and Lily's high expectations for that year. It wasn’t until their compartment door opened that they forgot that they were on a train. A girl with strawberry blonde hair smiled at them from beyond the door.

"Have any room here?"

"Sure of course…"

"I'm Sandy Higgins."

"Lily Evans and Sydney Lane."

They all started talking as if they were old friends. Sandy was nice, shy, funny and a really good storyteller. Who knew she would turn into a Bratty Blonde later that term?

"AUGH! Potter you try one more of those itching spells on me and I will hex you into an oblivion."

The girls looked up to find a boy running into their compartment quite rudely. He had a bit of shaggy black locks and a boyish grin on his face. Lily didn’t know exactly what to do and Sandy was a bit shocked to see that a boy had just jumped into their compartment.

He spun to face them and when he saw the girls sitting there with surprised glares his grin pasted on dimples. Sydney felt like she was the only one out of the three that would tell him to go away.

"Umm excuse me…but you happen to be interrupting our conversation." She said with her most polite voice.

The boy plopped himself next to her and put his arm around her. He made kissy noises and Sandy giggled at the sight of Sydney being uncomfortable. Lily just tutted and rolled her eyes.

"So what's your sign baby?"

"Ew that's disgusting…get off me you weirdo."

"Sirius Black at your service mi lady."

Sydney pushed his arm off her shoulder and stood up in anger. This guy was annoying beyond belief. Their door opened again but this time it revealed a boy with messy dark hair and glasses that were a bit too big for his face. He saw Sirius and chuckled in an evil way.


Sirius rolled his eyes and stood up.

"James Potter everyone. The biggest prat on the face of the planet."

James pouted but then took sight at Lily, who was clicking her tongue obnoxiously at the top of her mouth. He suddenly tried to act suave and he cleared his throat. When he spoke again, his voice had gone ten times deeper.

"Hello…I'm James."

Lily looked up at him in wonder and frowned. The first time he spoke his voice was so high pitched and now all of a sudden he's Marvin Gaye? She shook her head and crossed her arms.

"And I'm not interested."

He stood there shot down but still had a wide smile on his face. He knew at one point during their time at Hogwarts, he was going to win her over.

"SO…any who…your name?" Sirius asked directly at Sydney.

Sydney glared at him and pointed to the door.

"You and Mr. Potter need to leave."

James grinned and rushed out the door but not without a quick glance at Lily. Sirius stood there for a moment looking at Sydney with a grin.

"Fine by me…but you do realize I will find out your name sooner or later, right?" He leaned toward her face and before she could push him away he whispered in her ear.

"I'm a Scorpio." With that he swept a kiss on her cheek and ran out of their compartment. Sydney clenched her fists and wished he'd come back so she could give him a punch in the kisser.

So that was the beginning of Sirius' smooth or not so smooth pick ups, James' infatuation and the friendship between Lily and Sydney. It was later that Sandy realized she wanted popularity with Lindy and Fancy, which was a-okay with Sydney and Lily who really found a bond between themselves. But that was when she met Sirius….and that was how they had started the entire conflict. It all started with a kiss? Was that really all it was?

Sydney smiled slightly by the memory that went through her head. It was like it was just yesterday. But now things were different, Lily finally gave in to James' repeated tries and Sandy wasn’t with them anymore. Looking back at Sirius who was lying on the couch with an unusual angelic face, she grinned but pushed it away.

She got up from the couch and slowly crept toward the portrait hole. After climbing through, she let go of the air that she trapped inside her rib cage. Leaning against the wall in the corridor, she closed her eyes and thought of Sirius one last time before she gave it up and went on believing they were truly enemies.

Just one last thought of his gray analyzing eyes, his pouty lips, sinking cheeks, soft hair and amazing body. She exhaled quickly then stood up straight letting her pride take over.

She wasn’t going to lose to her heart.


It had been a month since the last time Sirius and Sydney had been alone in the Head's common room. It was final exams before winter break that they kept themselves busy with. Sydney managed a couple glances in Potions and Charms, which were returned. She switched her potion's partner to Frank Longbottom, who was usually spending his time staring at Alice Johnson, but as long as she wasn’t paired with either Amos Diggory or Sirius, she was content.

One wintry night in the common room, Lily and James were patrolling…or snogging up in the astronomy tower and Sydney was getting an essay done for Slughorn. The crackle of the fireplace lulled her to a half conscious sleep and the clock's ticking was really bugging her. No one was up or at least showed that they were up and Sydney suddenly wished that Sirius was up…so maybe he could keep her company.


She did it again.

Sydney cursed herself and then dragged those horrid thoughts out of her head. She went back to her essay and thought about something smart to say so maybe Slughorn will cut her slack, he probably still remembered her and Sirius kissing in his classroom. She shivered as she thought about that incredibl-ly stupid moment that was.

She can still remember the way her knees gave out and how he made her feel so amazing…all just from a kiss. It was like he fit her…wait…

AUGH! She stood up from the table and paced around the common room in frustration, how in the world was she supposed to get Sirius off her mind?

A walk…a walk would work.

She put up her parchment and quills so she headed out the portrait in haste. She only had jeans, and a light sweater; she didn’t realize how cold it was until she was actually outside in the breeze. Glad, that professors or other students or even Sirius didn't catch her; she walked out by the lake gazing up at the crescent moon.

Their seventh term was almost done and yet everything seemed so peaceful…well excluding those chaotic times with the Marauders. Sighing, she thought about being naked in front of all the students on the train, James serenading Lily in the great hall, punching Sirius, her Sadistic Mad Lunatic bulletin, finding out about Remus, Amos' date and all those close calls with Sirius.

Pulling the jacked closer to her, she hugged her arms in an attempt to get warm. She heard some footsteps behind her and she spun to see who was following her.

It was Sirius….in the flesh.

"What are you doing out here?"

"Just walking."

She realized she said it with a civil tone…so she added a roll of the eyes. He smiled at her and she felt like she failed at disheartening him.

"Pretty nice out, huh?

Sydney didn’t answer but nodded a little. She glanced at him from the side of her eyes and noticed he was wearing jeans and hoodie. Muggle clothing. Trying to hide her grin, she kept trudging along with Sirius. But he caught her smile.

"What's so funny?"

She gestured to his clothing and he chuckled.

"James said it looks cool."

They kept discussing school and their families. Sydney had learned about his harsh family early on in their school years, at one point they had talked to stay social but it became easy for them to converse about anything. It was just so simple to talk through things. But he also knew about her family problems too, sure they talked but it wasn’t a deep friendship like him and James or her and Lily…right? Or is that what he considered it?

They talked about everything…except their relationship…or not relationship…but friendship? What were they anyways? They were enemies….but that obviously went out the window when they kissed.

Eventually, they sat down against the tree trunk that they always hung out by and discussed things a little more in depth. Sirius talked with such interest and deep appeal that all Sydney could do was sit there next to him and stare into his glittering grey eyes. His dimples appeared and disappeared as he spoke.


He paused in his talking and looked over at her. She was staring out into the lake with a serene smile.

"Do you remember how we met?"

It didn’t even take him a second to answer.

"Like it was yesterday."

She stopped staring at the lake and gazed back at him, he was still staring at her with question in his eyes.

"I'm sorry I kissed you and made you hate me…"

Sydney felt a small smile play on her lips and as he saw her begin to smile his lips twitched at the corners and ended up in a grin. She laid her head on his shoulder, feeling the warmth spread through her entire body.

Why did it have to feel so right…when it was supposed to be so wrong?

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Chapter 12: A Penny for Your Thoughts
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Chapter Twelve: A Penny for Your Thoughts

A disaster.

A complete disaster.

That is what Sydney described the last school day before winter break came. She was actually having a grand ol' time before Potions came. She walked in talking with Sirius when she realized that she had to find a new partner for the class.

Frank Longbottom finally asked Alice Johnson out.

So by the rules of dating, he obviously wanted to be her partner instead. Sydney stood there in shock. What in the world was she supposed to do? She gazed over at who Alice Johnson's old partner was and cringed. Fancy "I'm the most evil blonde you'll ever meet" Peters.

Sucking in her last breaths before she'd either go over to Amos Diggory or make friends or Fancy, she looked up at professor Slughorn who looked like he was saying, " Choose already!"

Just as she was about to walk over to Amos' table where Amos was smiling aggressively, she heard her name being called.


She turned and Amos lost his vicious smile. There was Remus Lupin waving her over with a grin. Exhaling, she walked over to his table and plopped down on the seat.


Where was Sirius?

She looked around and found him sitting next to Fancy Peters who seemed so pleased that for some apparent reason she couldn’t keep her hands off him. Sydney felt a burning tension rise in her cheeks as she watched Fancy put her hand on Sirius' thigh. He pushed it away eventually but just slowly gave up at her annoying antics.

"Sirius suggested you partner with me."

Sydney faced Remus and felt a small smile rise. She had only seen him a couple times since the night she found out. Did he know that she knew? Gazing back at Fancy who was lifting up her skirt a little, she was giggling at everything Sirius said.

"Looks like we need root of pearsby."

"(Enter the most annoying giggle here)….oh my goodness Sirius, you are sooo funny!" Fancy added that last part after giving Sydney a smug look.

"Uh…okay." Sirius got up to get the items for their potion with confusion.

Remus just shrugged and let out a little chuckle, Sydney wanted to laugh but for some reason something told her that she should go and hit that stupid girl. Something told her Sirius wanted to be with that 'stupid girl'. Something told her she was jealous.

Sydney started chopping the root of pearsby and with each drop of the knife she thought of Fancy, violent huh? She must of done something on purpose…had she plotted the whole thing? Had she gotten Frank and Alice together, so she'd figure Sydney had no partner and somehow it would end up with her and Sirius? No…she wasn’t that smart.

Remus added a couple pinches of worsthet into the cauldron and leaned over to Sydney.

"I know…that James and Sirius told you and Lily."

Sydney was caught off guard but she nodded and frowned a bit.

"Are you okay with that? I mean I'd totally understand if you felt violated by us knowing…it's just Lily is quite brilliant."

He laughed and shook his head.

"It's fine, I trust you two."

They quietly worked for a while when Sydney gazed over at Remus who was writing procedures out. His sandy brown hair wasn’t as shaggy as Sirius' but it fell on his forehead as he was in deep thought. He was really good looking but sometimes he scared others with his sudden illnesses. But now she understood. Why hadn’t she seen it before?

"Remus…if you ever need help you can just ask me…you know that right?"

He looked up slowly and a small grin formed on his lips. Sydney felt a little blush come to her cheeks. Why was it doing that…it was Remus. No one had that effect on her except Sirius. She looked away and smiled secretly to herself.

Neither knew it but Sirius had watched their whole conversation from his table as Fancy tried to help make the potion. He gazed at the way Sydney smiled at Remus and the way Remus kept stealing looks at her as she worked. Sirius clenched the knife in his hand but slammed it down in anger.

"Oh wow…that's a tad redder than what's required…actually it's supposed to be a periwinkle blue." Slughorn walked by their cauldron and tsked at Fancy's work.

She rolled her eyes but then went back to flirting with Sirius, who was still glaring in Remus' way. He finally sat down and ignored everyone for the rest of the class.

Sydney looked up over at where Sirius was sitting and sighed. Fancy was still all over him and he wasn’t doing anything about it.

Maybe things happen for a reason.


"I'm not leaving Hogwarts for Christmas."

Her quill stopped in motion and Sydney looked up over at Lily who seemed a little melancholy. She obviously was a bit upset for staying instead of seeing her parents but Sydney took a guess that it was because Petunia, her sister.

"Want to explain why?"

Usually Sydney stayed at Hogwarts with some other Gryffindors that were tolerable and Lily typically went home to her loving parents.

"It's Petunia…she's having that horrible twit of a boyfriend over and they're both always so rude to me. They always treat me like I'm the dirt beneath their shoes and I don’t want to take it over the holidays. Besides…Vernon has constantly hit on me when he was a little intoxicated last year. I don’t want to deal with that again."

Sydney nodded and looked back at her last essay. She was almost done and then she had all the time in the world to cheer Lily up. Gazing over at her best friend, she sighed, Lily looked horribly sad.

She jumped from her couch to Lily's and hugged her fiercely.

"Please cheer up! I promise this break is going to be the best! We're going to have girl days in and amazing chocolate fondue."

"Chocolate?" Lily asked looking up with a hopeful grin.

"Oh yes…lots of it." Sydney gestured to her arms that were wide out.

They giggled and sighed thinking about their upcoming good times. Sydney had promised…so it was going to happen.

Suddenly someone came through the portrait hole.

"Looks like James "The Great" Potter is staying at Hogwarts for the break!"

Sydney rolled her eyes but Lily's grin grew into an oversized smile. She leaped from the couch into James' arms. Raising an eyebrow, Sydney chuckled.

"Hey none of that in front of me!"

James smirked and then dipped Lily into a kiss. Sydney stuck her tongue out at the two but admired them too. They were so perfect for each other, what had taken them so long? Oh yah…the hate.

She put in one last sentence and then packed up all her parchment.

"Okay well I'm going to see you guys at dinner tonight. I'm going to get dressed into some regular clothes."

They nodded and then went back to staring into each other's eyes. Sydney scowled and then left to head over to her own dormitory.

Passing a couple friends in the halls heading on their way out to their own homes, she said goodbye and wished them a merry Christmas or whatever holiday they celebrated. She wondered if Sirius was staying at Hogwarts, she couldn’t exactly see him mending things with his own family, in fact if James was staying then he probably was too. Sirius had left his own family to stay with the Potter's who considered him their second son.

Sydney perked up a bit thinking about spending Christmas with Sirius but then she thought of his little "thing" with Fancy in Slughorn's class. Well could you call it a "thing" or was it nothing at all?


Hoping it was Sirius; she spun to find Remus Lupin jogging to her side. He was wearing his school robes and obviously just got back from outside. His nose was a bit pink from the cold, his cloak had specks of snow and his hair was a bit messy. But not as sexily messy as Sirius', Sydney noted but then slapped her forehead. Remus looked at her oddly but then ignored it.

"Hey Remus…you staying for the break?"

"Oh I don’t know right now, my parents wanted me to come home but…if there's a reason as to why I should stay then…."

Sydney wondered if he was hinting at something. Wait…was he?

"Yah I'm staying but I don’t know if there's much to stay for. If you know what I mean…"

Wait this conversation was confusing her. Was Remus asking her out in the subtlest way possible?

"Oh…so don’t stay?"

Racking her brain for some kind of witty and polite to reply, but she couldn’t find anything…nothing at all.

Then…Sirius came at the wrong time…

"Moony! Syd!"

They stopped in the middle of the corridor and Sirius caught up with them in a white t-shirt and some jeans that fit him nicely. Sydney bit her lip in amusement; his gray eyes were so wild as if he were some lost puppy in Times Square and his hair was all over the place.

"Hey I was headed down to the Great Hall for some food…want to join me?"

Sydney realized it was more so toward her direction than Remus', so she nodded. Remus just shrugged, he gazed at Sydney for a second then back at Sirius as if he were adding things up. Then he shook his head.

"Actually…I think I'm going to head home for the holidays. You kids have fun." He hugged Sydney and gave Sirius a pat on the back. With one last grin and goodbye, he headed off to pack his things up.

Sirius and Sydney stood in the corridor wondering what to say until someone finally spoke up.

"I have to get changed first…"

Sirius smiled and put his arm around her shoulder, and for the first time Sydney didn’t care at all…in fact she was hoping he would.

"I'll walk you there and then we'll meet up in the common room."

When Sydney left Sirius in the common room, she rushed into her dormitory and searched through her things wondering what she should wear.

Wait…why did it matter?

AUGH! Now she was worrying about what to wear when around him. When did she turn into one of his giggling followers? When did she stop being Sydney, the girl who could care less about what he liked or who he liked?

She resorted to her hip hugging jeans and a nice yellow cut off shirt that really brought her emotion at that moment…exhilarated.

Walking down to the common room, she found Sirius leaning on a couch with a thoughtful look, as if he was thinking about life in general. She grinned and hopped down next to him.

"A penny for your thoughts?"

He beamed and again put his arm around her shoulders. It was a friendly gesture…right? Well the looks she was receiving from the girls in the common room weren’t exactly pleasant. Sure, she was the girl who hated Sirius, but people change right? She lost her hatred for him the moment he showed a real side to him, the side that was beyond his immaturity and conceit.

She looked up at him and realized he was staring down at her. Turning her face back forward, she felt a smile creep to her lips unexpectantly.

This was nice…but was it right?

Chapter 13: Moony's View
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Chapter Thirteen: Moony's View

'Should I just let Sirius sweep Sydney off her feet? Or should I have stayed and said something'

Remus walked bitterly back to the dormitory wondering what he should have said. Maybe there was something there. Sydney sure seemed a whole lot different in Potions when they were partners.

He felt like he was always second place…well to Sirius anyways. He had a slight crush on Lily at one point but he never took it seriously, besides she was always James' girl. But Sydney was distinct. She cared, she was trustworthy, and it didn’t hurt that she was quite eye-catching. Her green eyes always trapped him in an uncomfortable spot, like he couldn’t get out of her gaze.

Suddenly, he stopped in the middle of the common room; no one was there because they were down in the Great Hall eating dinner. He paused in his thinking and finally instead of following his brains, he followed his heart.

'If Sydney likes Sirius then I'll let things go, but that day…it seemed like there was something there.'

Something that Remus had never felt before. Was it the beginning of a friendship? Or something more?

Looking around, he jogged up to his dormitory and packed things up just in case he changed his mind. He took a look around and made sure everything was in order. After making sure, he rushed down to the Great Hall hoping it wasn’t too late. Did Sirius honestly have feelings for her? He never talked to the Marauders about his crushes but sometimes he told James and Remus, for some reason he didn’t particularly trust Peter.

'That's odd….where has Peter been hiding anyways?'

Shrugging it off, he walked into the Great Hall and looked around. He finally found Lily and James laughing about their plans for the winter break and Sydney looking quite confused and exhilarated at the same time. Remus stayed back for a moment and watched the scene before him.

Sirius was moving a bit closer to her and nudging her elbow so he could show her some immature prank of his. Remus shook his head in pity; didn’t Sirius realize why Sydney was always frustrated with him? It was because he was always playing the part of a five year old.

Sydney tried to smile and continue eating but each time she smiled weakly Sirius would try harder to make her laugh. Sydney had a sense of humor…but Sirius' sense of humor was perverted and ridiculously boyish. She bit her lip trying to enjoy herself but Sirius seemed lost on how to impress her.

As he watched the entire thing unfold before him Remus thought back to their third year at Hogwarts, when Sydney and he had finally gotten to know each other after a horrible incident….

Remus was studying in the library like usual when he watched as Sydney and Lily walked in with their bags obviously going to work on something for class.

He waved at them just out of friendliness because they all hadn’t really hung out that much before but they had become good acquaintances that talked in between classes. They smiled and waved back but sat in at a table by themselves…which meant they were talking about girl things.

Not even a minute after going back to his homework a noise came from their table and he looked up to find Lucius Malfoy and Bellatrix Black already bugging the two girls who were trying desperately to ignore them. He could distinctly hear their conversation…it came with his curse.

"I don’t know why Potter has such an obsession with you…a filthy mudblood."

"I also see that Sirius has developed something for you, Lane, I don’t see why…he's shaming the Black family in doing so."

Remus could see that Sydney was struggling to hold herself down. Lily was going red in the face and her face was completely drawn in and so she wasn’t even looking up.

"Would you look at that? I think we're embarrassing the mudblood."

Just about to get up and run over, Remus stood but he watched as Sydney jumped up from her seat and got into Bellatrix's face.

"Get over yourself Bellatrix…leave us alone and take your pale ass of a friend. If that's what you even call each other, you cold hearted witch."

"You should really stop standing up for people who only sit their way through life."

"Did you hear the mudblood? She called me a pale ass…how degrading." Lucius said laughing.

"Leave….or I will make you."

Bellatrix and Lucius snickered obnoxiously and they left with their noses so high that if it rained they would have drowned in their own vanity. Sydney huffed an annoyed breath and turned to find that Lily was quietly crying to herself. Walking back to her chair, she sat down and hugged Lily to calm her down.

"I'm so sorry Lily…don’t let them get to you."

Remus got up and walked over to their table with a sad look.

"Are you guys okay?"

Lily tried to smile and wiped her tears away with disdain.

"Oh of course…how silly of me…"

"If you guys want…I have an empty table."

Sydney nodded and looked at Remus with sincerity. She was seeing him a lot differently that she had before. The first time she had met him, he was playing a prank on the Slytherins with the other Marauders, after that she just figured he was the same guy that Sirius and James were. Just immature and dim-witted.

But now…

He was compassionate, kind and sweet. He was Remus Lupin, the nice guy. He was good looking, nice, and obviously charming. His hair was a lightened brown and it fell a little into his eyes when he looked down at the two. His tired green eyes helped his appearance. He always seemed tired but who wouldn’t be after dealing with the Marauders?

Just as the girls were getting settled into the table with Remus, James and Sirius walked into the library with a cocky air.

"My my…if I knew such good looking ladies went to the library all the time...then I'd be here 24/7. Do you concur dear James?"

"Why…I do my dear Sirius."

They laughed and stared at the frustrated Remus who knew the girls didn’t need to be hit on at that exact moment. Lily looked up and gave James an annoyed look.

"LILY! Why were you crying?! Are you okay?!"

James finally realized her eyes were blotchy and red.

"Yes I'm fine Potter…"

"What happened?!"

"It was just Bellatrix and Lucius…but Sydney took care of them."

Remus leaned in his chair a little, while he watched the scene before him. It was always how it was, he was apart of the chaos but sometimes he liked to sit back and view it for himself.

"Potter I'm capable of taking care of myself."

"Oh I swear, I'm going to make Lucius and Bellatrix wish they were never born."

He then turned to watch Sydney and Sirius' conversation unfold.

"What does Moony mean by you took care of things?"

"I took matters into my own hands…when was that ever your business?"

"I'm going to hurt them…are you okay?"

"Oh butt off Black…like you ever cared. Last time I checked you'd rather stick my bras up on the Quidditch goal hoops instead of sticking up for me."

Remus never noticed it before but Sirius had actually looked hurt. He dropped his head and his hair covered his eyes from view, but he knew they were filled with regret. He scoffed his sneakers on the floor and nudged James.

"I think we should go…"

Sydney ignored his injured expression and turned to Lily to make sure she was okay. James nodded and headed out with the obvious plot to make Lucius' and Bellatrix's life hell. Sirius just looked over his shoulder at Sydney with sadness. Had Sirius really liked her all this time? Had he honestly cared for her…but couldn’t show it?

Remus came back to the present and watched his friends talk among themselves. He didn’t go over and set himself between Sydney and Sirius. No…he watched…because he knew now that Sirius had always felt something for Sydney, whether she saw it or not.

Then finally…Sirius did something smart.

Looking around while Sydney ate her piece of pie, he saw that one of the girls next to him had a flower pinned in her hair. He sneakily took it out and when Sydney turned he presented it to her with a wide smile. Her grin and dimples immediately appeared and her face glowed like the sun. As idiotic and reckless Sirius was to steal the flower, it did it on good terms.

Chuckling to himself, Remus finally understood. Sirius had it bad for Sydney…he wasn’t going to get in the way of that. Besides, he doubted his feelings didn’t match to Sirius' obsession…it was like Lily and James…in a way.

No matter how odd it was that Sirius was trying everything to impress Sydney, Remus was proud of him. He was really trying…and that was a difference.

Smiling, Remus left the Great Hall and headed to get his stuff. He would leave winter break for the two to finally realize their feelings for each other…well hopefully.

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Chapter 14: AWOL
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Chapter Fourteen: AWOL

"SYDNEY! Wake up! Wake up!"

Groaning in annoyance, Sydney tried to push Lily off her bed. She was already freezing under her thick comforter and it didn’t help that her best friend was trying to pull her off only source of heat. She tried to pull a pillow over her head so she could drown out Lily's pleads but they kept on coming. She finally gave in and sat up in anger.



Sydney pounced up from her bed and gazed at Lily for a moment, she was in warm looking flannel pajamas and her hair was in a messy side ponytail. Laughing hysterically at the ecstatic Lily, she jumped out of the semi-warm bed and looked out the window. Sure enough, the ground was blanketed with inches of thick snow and it was still ongoing. It wasn’t like a little snowfall but it was really piling up.

Gazing around, she grinned at the prospects of having Christmas at Hogwarts but this time she would spend it with Lily, James and Sirius. The rest of the beds were made and all the trunks were gone, everyone had left for the holidays, including the Bratty Blondes. Looking back at Lily who was still jumping on her bed, she knew this year was going to be a lot different.

"Are you going to change or what?! I want to get some hot cocoa and then we can play in the snow all day!"

"What are you...five again?"

Grinning from ear to ear, Lily nodded and suddenly her Head Girl image went out the door, she was just another teenage girl enjoying her winter break. Sydney grabbed some jeans and a heavy sweater and they both headed down to the common room.

Bounding down to the Great Hall arm in arm, the girls giggled so out of character when they found Sirius and James digging their faces into pancakes doused in maple syrup. James was gazing back and forth at the Daily Prophet, looking from each headline, searching for something. Sirius had looked up when Sydney and Lily showed up with huge smiles flitting on their lips. When Sydney sat herself next to Sirius she smelled his intoxicating scent again, she forced herself to keep her hands off him. Her longing to kiss him was building every moment she got to be close to him, so she focused on talking to Lily instead, who was hugging James tightly.

"Snow day!"

James chuckled and kissed her forehead sweetly. They let go for a moment and started to eat breakfast. Giving the Prophet another look, he groaned and threw it off the table. Lily frowned and took a sip of her pumpkin juice.

"What's wrong?"

"Dad's gotten himself another Auror mission, but there have been no updates yet."

Sydney watched as Lily sighed and kissed James' cheek, gazing at him sympathetically. James' father Harold Potter was a famous Auror in the wizarding world; he was always in the papers and managed to have the spot light wherever he went. Most thought that maybe the fame and idea of the spotlight attracted James, but both James and Sirius dreamed of being an Auror for one reason, to protect the ones they love while fighting for the good side.

Of course, Lily and Sydney had discussed what they personally thought of the guys leaving and truth be told, they were worried out of their minds. It was a very dangerous job and it required what the guys already had: confidence, bravery and skill, which meant they were a shoo-in.

Sirius playfully tickled Sydney's sides as she ate her pancakes, she gasped for air as she laughed and tried to push him off. James glanced at them with interest, as did Lily. She had seen sparks but it was like they were displaying their feelings in public. Sydney had yet to tell her that she had actually snogged Sirius…but hey it was just a little bit confusing as to where they were at that exact moment. Once she figured it out herself then she would come to the terms of their relationship.

"Well…Prongs and I have to do something before we head out with you guys," Sirius said without looking up at anyone at the table but he did sneak a glance at James before he ducked his head secretly.

Sydney frowned in concern, what in the world had the guys have to do? She turned to see that Lily had the same expression on her face but she only had a bit of authority clouding her eyes.

"Guys! You can't get in trouble over winter break…please?"

James laughed and nodded at Sirius with a serious face. He put his arm around Lily after giving Sirius the look and just grinned.

"Lily…please…Padfoot and I? Getting in trouble? Love, it's just not a possibility."

Sirius stifled a chuckle and shook his head.

"I know! What do we look like? Some trouble makers?"

Snorting in disbelief, Sydney rolled her eyes.

"Trouble happens to be your guys' middle names."

Surprisingly, after they had that conversation, the girls forgot that James and Sirius had even mentioned going somewhere, because after breakfast the girls headed up to the common room to read by the fireplace and then suited up and went outside to play around in the snow. It wasn’t until Sydney had realized that Sirius and James hadn’t come back that she brought it up.

"Lily, did they ever mention when they were coming back?"

Lily paused while making her snowball and sat on the cold ground in sudden suspicion. Sydney gazed at her best friend and held her arms from the cold. Lily was wearing a green beanie, a large green sweater and some jeans. Her nose was pink from the cold and all the snow had speckled her curly red hair. Sydney had worn a comfy blue hoodie and jeans, her hair pulled back into a ponytail. She had stopped making a snow angel and sat up listening to the silence.

"Where do you think they went?"

Sydney shrugged and tried to pretend it didn’t bother her at all. Actually, she knew that the guys wouldn’t get hurt but where could they be? In fact, her mind wandered off to where Remus was. Was he okay? Was he going to be okay alone at his house without the other marauders to transform with him on a full moon night? What was it like to know that no one could truly help you out? Sydney would probably never know how he felt but she wished she could be there for him also.

Lily's sighs brought her back to reality and her mind stayed put in the present instead of wondering about Remus. It was like thinking about what the boys could possibly be getting themselves in was destroying their good time. They stopped playing in the snow and headed back inside to a warmer climate. After pausing to look into the Great Hall, which was, decorated with amazing Christmas seasonings, they went upstairs to get comfortable in some regular clothes and sit in front of the fireplace with a good cup of hot cocoa and candies.

Stretching a little on the plush warming couch, Sydney yawned and looked at the time. It was a little bit past seven and the night was slowly drowning the sky and the darkness was creeping into the common room. They hadn’t heard from the guys since that morning.

Just as they were about to head up to bed, the portrait swung open yet no one came through…well Lily and Sydney knew somebody came through. Rushing down to catch them in the act, they grasped around the air and Sydney got a hold of the invisibility cloak and snatched it off the two boys.

Both looked absolutely in shock and a bit of…what was it?...was it guilt?

"Where have you guys been?!" Lily practically screeched. Sydney just nodded with emphasis. She didn’t pull of the motherly look quite as well as Lily. The guys seemed a little out of breath and their ears and noses were red from the cold.

"Just doing a little shopping."

"All day?"

"Um…well you girls take forever to get ready."

"That's beside the point!"

Sydney suddenly felt a little upset. Where it had come from, she had no idea, but she was a little angry that they hadn’t told them where they had gone, what if something bad was to happen? They had been shopping this entire time and couldn’t tell them for some odd reason? She had to call bullshit.

"I don’t think that- -"

"We want to show you guys something," Sirius interrupted her before she could yell.

Lily shrugged it off and kissed James before he took her hand and grinned mischievously. Sydney gazed at their gestures of love and tried to forget about it, but Sirius seemed to find it easy to wrap his arm around her shoulders. She shivered at his strangely warm touch and felt her insides squirm in joy. He looked down at her with his infamous boyish grin and his dimples pierced his cheeks.

"Let's get going before someone catches us."

"It wont get us in trouble, will it?" Lily asked worriedly. James laughed and shook his head. They all walked out of the portrait and ignored the fat lady's warnings about going out at night and getting caught by a professor.

They eventually headed up to the astronomy tower and the girl's stood there for a few moments until they realized the guy's had set it all up. But again…that wouldn’t take all day…so they had done other things that day. What could they have possibly done?

Sydney and Sirius lay down on a comfortable blanket that had a couple pillows so their heads were raised up to watch the meteor shower. Lily and James had a blanket to themselves a couple feet away and they watched in silence at the spectacular show that could be seen all over the world.

"Are you going to tell me where you went?" Sydney whispered. Sirius shook his head and kissed her forehead. She gazed up at him in wonder. What were they? They hadn’t initiated any type of relationship and yet he was sitting here acting like this was an everyday routine. As if they had been together for years now. As if a couple weeks ago they hadn’t hated each other. As if he loved her all along.

He stared at her too but not with wonder. It was more of an affectionate gaze. His lips grazed her forehead again and they slid down to kiss the tip of her nose and then they landed on her lips. Sydney felt a sudden light feeling, like if he hadn’t been holding her, she would have lifted off the tower into the wispy clouds. Her insides were squirming like crazy and the term "butterflies in stomach" made sense. She kissed him back and her heart rang out in a beautiful note of music. She ran her fingers through his hair and smiled in mid-kiss. It felt so right to be lying there in his arms, kissing him, wanting each second to last longer.

When they pulled apart, he played with her hair softly and kissed her hair sweetly. This was not the Sirius she thought she knew. He was different. He was sweet and romantic. This is the Sirius she had always dreamed of. She looked up at the sky and stared at the full moon for a long time. The thoughts of a certain sandy-haired boy came into her mind. How could she think of Remus at a time like this? She sighed and looked back at Sirius who was stilling gazing at her. She kissed his jaw line and tried to remove the thoughts of Moony…who could be howling at the moon at that very moment.

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Chapter 15: Bittersweet Holidays
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Chapter Fifteen: Bittersweet Holidays

Winter break was almost done but there was one more week when most students could spend some time at school with friends before school started up again. Sydney, Sirius, Lily and James were inseparable during the break. They all did group outings to get butterbeers and eat cookies late at night in the kitchen where all the house elves would cheerfully serve them.

The night before everyone came back, James and Lily were sitting comfortably on the thick carpet in front of the fireplace as Sydney and Sirius cuddled on the couch, they were talking about their plans before school started.

"So are the prefects planning any dances for the school?" Sydney asked oblivious to Sirius' grins at her.

Lily and James stayed silent and looked into each other's eyes with a mischievous glint. James kissed the tip of her nose and hugged her closer. Sydney and Sirius groaned at their display of love and laughed simultaneously. Sydney snuggled her head on his shoulder and sighed at how perfectly it fit into the crook of his neck.

"Well are you going to tell us what it is you are possibly hiding?"

Lily let out a giggle and turned to face the two. James rolled his eyes knowing that at one point or another Lily was going to tell them.

"Dumbledore is letting us have a big winter ball, just so that everyone is content before we start up school again."

Sydney sat up, as did Sirius.

"No way…"

"Yes way, he approved it when McGonagall suggested it."

"Wait...McGonagall suggested it? What is wrong with our teachers this year? First Slughorn and his love theory…"

"Hold on a second, what do you mean love theory?"

Sydney faced Sirius and ignored the look on his face. Shock. There was no way she was telling him. He'd probably think she was crazy…which in this case she was.

"Anyways, why didn’t you tell me till now?!"

"Because it's confidential…I mean think of how big the hype would be if everyone found out."

"I don’t understand…if it's going to be soon, shouldn’t students know about it so they can prepare?"

"It's sort of a surprise. We're announcing it all tomorrow night at dinner. The theme will be rather astonishing…I'd like to think."

James gave Lily a kiss on the forehead and grinned. They shared the secrets between their glances and Sydney and Sirius just sat unknowingly. They couldn’t care less, just as long as they could spend it together.


Sydney and Lily were walking together through the halls looking for two little scoundrels that went by the name of James and Sirius. They had gotten up that morning but when they had went down to breakfast neither Sirius or James were there. It was a little unusual.

Christmas was already over and Sydney had to admit it was one of the most amazing Christmas' spent at Hogwarts. Of course she and Lily exchanged gifts before breakfast and she was giddy to see that Lily remembered about the tape she had been raving on about all month. Lily also seemed equally ecstatic when she found the organizing folder that did all the filing and alphabetizing when asked to. James had gotten Lily a beautiful pair of earrings that were diamond stars hanging from a little loop. Lily promised to wear them at the dance.

But oddly, when Sydney gave Sirius his present, a complete broom kit, he smiled happily but then it wiped off his face and he quickly kissed her cheek before rushing off. Sydney sighed and knew that he didn’t get her a present. It wasn’t that disappointing but she wished he had stayed to spend the morning with her. But it was all in all a good day.

So now the two girls were searching for both boys that day before all the students came back to school. Including Remus…Sydney thought with mixed emotions racing through her mind.

Lily had found a couple kids trying to duel in the halls so she told Sydney she'd catch up with her later as she yelled at the 3rd years. Sydney went on chuckling slightly as she thought about how long it would take for the yelling to cease. Eventually it died down and she walked on wondering where Sirius was.

She heard her name call out from behind her and half expecting to see Sirius running to catch up, she wasn’t disappointed to see Remus jogging a bit behind her. He gasped for some breath and as he did Sydney giggled foolishly. She seemed to catch him off guard when she almost tackled him in a hug.

Admitting to herself finally, that she missed Remus….A LOT. She wondered how he made it on his own during the transformation nights and thought about whether or not he had feelings for her.

But it wasn’t like it mattered…right? She liked Sirius a lot…so she shouldn’t be thinking about Remus…right?!

She let go of Remus and took a step back to give him some room, only to be caught off guard when his face lit up and a smile shined up. He pulled her into another hug and she found herself melting in his arms. Suddenly she saw past his sandy hair and weary green eyes and saw him for what he really was. He was a gentleman, an intellectual mature boy for his age and his caring nature vibrated through his eyes.

They stood there in a hug. Maybe secretly telling each other their hidden feelings. Sydney opened her eyes and looked over Remus' shoulder and felt her heart leap out.

It was Sirius.

He was standing there in…what was it? Shock? Confusion? Disappointment? His gray eyes looked silver as he gazed in their direction. Putting one hand in his jean pocket, he ran his other hand through his black hair and gave another hurt look as he turned and walked a different direction. Sydney's lungs must have fallen to the ground because a tough gasp emitted from her mouth. Remus let go of her and held her at arms length with concern.

"I'm sorry, did I hug you too tightly?"

Sydney shook her head and felt her eyes watering up. What was she doing? Remus pulled her a little closer and lifted her chin up. He peered into her sea green eyes and tried to analyze what could possibly be bothering her.

She watched as his eyebrows knitted in concern and she felt a small smile crease onto her face. He really did care about her. But did she care about him as much? She of course loved him as a friend…but was it how she felt towards Sirius?

For some reason, Remus brightened up and held up his pointer finger as if asking for just a moment of her time. He reached into the inside pocket of his heavy coat and pulled out a thick journal. He handed it to her with an indifferent expression; as if scared she wouldn’t like it.

It was leather bound with an engraving on the front. It read in large script "Sydney Lane's Writings" and underneath it was a quote.

“It is a step for further advance to see what has been won from chaos already”

Flipping through the pages she found that every one of them had an inspiring quote displayed at the top. She felt like crying that very moment when Remus had put a hand on her shoulder.

"It's for when you ever need to write down your thoughts or feelings. Merry Christmas Sydney…I'm sorry I wasn’t here to spend it with you…and everyone else."

Her thoughts suddenly drifted from that very spot to Sirius. He hadn’t spent Christmas with her either…and he was actually at school. Sydney raised her eyes and kissed Remus' cheek. She smiled warmly and nodded.

"Thank you…thank you so much."

Remus grinned and wondered if there was a chance after all.


Groaning in annoyance, Sydney trudged her way to Great Hall with all the other students. It was so peaceful but the train brought back her peers who apparently thought that screaming in joy would ease her ongoing headache. Looking around the Great Hall, she couldn’t help but feel a little bit cheerier. The lights sparkled all over the room and a Christmas glow vibrated off all the students.

She found a seat next to Lily and couldn’t believe that she couldn’t find Sirius anywhere. Remus sat on her other side and she felt a little flushed in the cheeks. Eyeing the enchanted ceilings that were transparent to see the beautiful starry skies, she bit her lip and wondered what her true feelings were. Was she smitten over Sirius or Remus?

Looking at Remus now, she couldn’t understand how long it took her to realize how amazing he really was. But then again, Sirius was the one who really made her feel weak in the knees and the raw passion that was there wasn’t going to die down anytime soon. Professor Dumbledore finally got up from his seat and got up to make an announcment.

"As you all know, every year we have some form of a formal ball and this year the head boy and girl, Lily Evans and James Potter, along with the prefects have decided that this year we will hold a Masquerade Ball."

A loud excited chatter began to erupt in the hall. Dumbledore merely cleared his throat and everyone stopped talking to listen.

"It is suggested you wear a mask and at midnight we will raise the disguises and reveal ourselves. It will be quite chaotic I believe but all in all it is a marvelous idea. The next Hogsmeade trip is most convenient to get your dress robes and the actual ball will take place on Saturday night."

With a slight grin on his wise face, he raised an eyebrow in a mischievous way.

"May the feast begin…"

All the students smiled with apprehension and started chattering away for their plans at the ball. Sydney felt her heart drop. Sure she was excited about it…but who was she going with? Remus remained quiet as they ate and Lily occasionally turned to Sydney to talk but she kept planning the details with James to realize that it was awkward at the table.

Glancing around, Sydney tried to search for Sirius but failed miserably. It wasn’t until she heard a sharp cackled on the end of the table, did she turn and look.

It was Fancy…

…with Sirius?

She furrowed her eyebrows and couldn’t believe her eyes. There was Fancy in all her glory, giggling away as Sirius was apparently saying something funny. The Bratty Blondes continued to laugh and Sirius looked down the table at her expression.

It was utter madness.

What was he doing? Just a couple days ago she would have considered them a couple? What had happened? Was it because she was hugging Remus? When did that even matter?

She didn’t want to cry but she knew at some point they were going to well up. Instead she turned her eyes onto her food and ignored the repetitive giggles of the irritating girls at the end of the table. Sirius knew he was pissing her off. He just had to know.

Anger, jealousy, sadness and hurt ran through her mind.

How could someone who she thought cared about her…manage to hurt her so much?

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Chapter 16: Dahlia's Verdict
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Chapter 16: Dahlia's Verdict

The moon looked so mysteriously hazy as a crescent. Sydney sighed as she looked around the dormitory. All the girls were sleeping and she gazed at Sandy's sleeping form, wondering if she was still awake. Sandy used to be such a nice girl, what ever happened? Oh…that's right, Fancy.

Seems like everything Fancy wants, she gets.

Sydney felt her cheeks burn in anger, still thinking about that night at dinner. Sirius never came over to say hi or even smile in her direction. Thinking about it, her eyes welled up in frustration. She felt so vulnerable, she was actually wondering if she had fallen for him and if her heart had given in. And there he went, trying to break something he never had.

She wanted to go to Lily's dormitory and talk but for some reason…Lily wasn’t the person she needed to talk to.

Her sleepiness wasn’t even slowing her down. Maybe a cookie and milk would help her fall asleep. Sydney got up from the windowsill and tiptoed to the door with a little bit of anxiety. Would someone wake up and tell on her? Shrugging, she closed the door behind her slowly and headed down to the common room. Pausing before she could be seen, she looked around the room and wondered why the fireplace was still going. Taking a peek around the corner she couldn’t find anyone around, so she came out of her hiding spot and quietly slipped out of the portrait.

"Oh…another stole away I see!" The fat lady smirked down at her.

Sydney rolled her eyes and ignored her comment as she walked down the corridor with stealth. Just as she was about to turn a corner, a hand grabbed hers and she gave in a sharp intake of breath. Spinning to face her surprise stranger, she pulled her hand away from his and backed up a couple steps. Sirius' gray eyes stared at her menacingly through the dim-lit corridor.

"Go back to bed."

"Stop trying to boss me around. What are you doing up anyways?"

Sirius snapped his mouth shut and pursed his lips in a slightly hurt way. She gazed from his worried eyes to his frown. This isn’t how she wanted to make things up, but he had hurt her.

"Just take this…please?"

She looked down at what he was handing her and raised an eyebrow. It was James' invisibility cloak.

"Why do you have it?"

"Stop asking questions and just take it."

Sydney bit her lip in a bitter depression. This wasn’t how things were supposed to be. So it was true… he in fact hadn’t just stolen her heart, he didn’t seem to want to give it back. She reached up to get the cloak and her fingers brushed against his accidentally. A spark ran through her veins and she quickly took it before anything else happened. She couldn’t tell if he felt the same thing because he stared at her like some concrete statue.

Turning away from him, she felt tears spring to her eyes. She wanted to look back but she knew he was still standing there. Slipping the cloak over her shoulders, she held it tighter wanting to feel some source of warmth.


She heard a whisper and she turned in spite. Sirius was still standing in the same spot with an injured look on his face. He saw the tears in her green eyes and exhaled a little in pain.

"I'm sorry."

"Me too."

She slipped the cloak on her head and was gone from his sight. She watched as he lifted his hand a little, maybe hoping to grasp her again. But he sighed and turned away to walk in the other direction.

Biting her tears back, she headed off to the kitchen and hoped that when she got back to her bed and woke up the next day…maybe she'd forget everything.


"Sydney you're coming with me to get a dress…you're not going to miss out on my first organized school function."

Lily pleaded Sydney as she pulled her hair in a ponytail. Giving an exasperated nod, Sydney finished getting ready and headed down the stairs with Lily to go dress shopping at Hogsmeade. It would have been perfectly fine to head out with Lily to go shopping but the fact that they had to go to get dresses for the well anticipated and gossiped masquerade was bearing down on Sydney. She had no idea who to go with and the masquerade theory was a tad intimidating.

Lily took one look at Sydney's fallen face and pouted. She linked her arm through Sydney's and smiled encouragingly at her.

"Trust me…everything will turn out for the best. Just have fun today…okay?"

Sydney wanted to be happy for Lily so she raised her chin a little and put on a grin. They searched through some shops but most were crowded with giggling girls pointing and grabbing dresses off the racks, so they headed out and anticipated to find a less busy corner shop.

When it looked hopeless they found a cute small shop that was hidden off from view that was right next to a nice muggle magic shop that was built for laughs. The wooden sign that hung above the door had pink roses entwined with the name "Dahlia's Dresses". They snuck in to make sure that no girls had seen them.

The moment they walked in, they gasped, everything was so beautiful. And they were just in luck; right by the cashier there was a glass display of delicate masks that were decorated with sparkles, laces and feathers. Lily left Sydney to go look around the racks for dresses. Sydney couldn’t help but smile at how striking everything was.

As she fingered a couple materials, she looked up to see there was a glow emitting from the back door. She gazed back at Lily and decided to just go check it out. There were more racks of dresses but she ignored them and found an old door that seemed to be rotting in the place of beauty. She again, took another look at Lily and realized she was too busy to see anything else. Sydney took a step forward and glanced into the room. It was dark but there was that strange glow coming from a corner. It seemed to be a case. A glass case of jewelry and the only thing glowing was a necklace. She stepped further in and peered at it a little more. It was a necklace with yellow sapphire hanging beautifully on a white gold fragile chain.

Suddenly a light came on in the room and Sydney shielded her eyes. She looked around after her eyes adjusted and found a beautiful woman in the room with her; Lily had followed her in there also.

"Can I help you?" The woman asked as if she knew Sydney had seen the necklace glowing.

Sydney shook her head and tried to paste on her biggest smile. Was she even supposed to be back there? The woman sweetly introduced herself as Mademoiselle Dahlia, hence the store's name. She was strangely gorgeous just like everything in the shop. Her black hair reflected off her bright blue eyes and her tall slender frame looked as if it belonged to a ballerina's. She showed Lily and Sydney around the store and made interesting yet odd comments.

"Well Miss Evans I would like to make a quick analysis."

Shrugging, Lily gave Sydney a silly look when Dahlia wasn’t looking. Dahlia turned around and stared at Lily with her piercing blue eyes.

"I would say you're the overachieving type, shy, a bit of perfectionist and your green eyes and red hair would really go well with an emerald ensemble."

All they could do was stand there in shock. She was right on target. Dahlia then turned her blue lasers on Sydney and took a moment before answering.

"Hmm… You seem to be torn in a certain situation; independent, feisty and a bit stubborn. Your dark brown hair and green eyes would go well with…now don’t get worried…but a gold-ish sort of yellow match."

"Umm yellow?"

Dahlia seemed to warm up to them for some reason and smiled a bit. She held up her pointer finger.

"Just a moment…"

She rushed to the back room and fetched a couple dresses. She handed Sydney and Lily a few each and grinned as she practically forced them to go into the dressing rooms. Sydney sighed as she stood in the small room. Looking at the dresses she couldn’t believe she even agreed to coming along that day, why hadn’t she just pretended sick and read a good novel? She groaned a started to undress and pull on the first dress. It was really pretty but it just didn’t look right.

She heard Lily shrieking in the next room. She rushed out and saw Dahlia looking quite satisfied with herself. Lily was turned away from her looking at a mirror but from what Sydney could tell the dress was amazing. The back was very low and it looked like it had thin straps and the whole skirt puffed at the waist. It was like a old fashioned dress, corset and everything, but it's material was silky and it looked perfect on Lily.

"Let me see all of it!"

Lily turned and Sydney could tell how excited she was. The front of it wasn’t cut low but it was definitely a corset that held everything tight and in place. There were black sequins that touched the very bottom of the dress and around the middle section. Sydney smiled and nodded slowly.

"Lily you look beautiful!"

Dahlia got up and rushed over to the glass display they had seen earlier and grabbed a mask. She handed it to Lily who put it on gingerly. It was a emerald mask that only covered around the eyes with black feathers and sequins around the sides. All in all it was so perfect…but something was missing. Dahlia rushed off again only to the back room, she came back with a small box and gave it to Lily.

"It'll come with the whole set."

Lily opened the box and gasped at what she had seen. Sydney came to her side and looked in. It was like the necklace she had seen before but instead of the yellow sapphire it had a emerald hanging off the little chain.

"I love it…" Lily was biting her lip with a grin forming, she hugged Dahlia happily, " It's stunning."

Dahlia hugged her back and nodded at Sydney.

"Now we need to work on Miss Lane."

Lily put down her stuff and went back to her dressing room to put everything back and get dressed. Once she was done she and Dahlia sat down and criticized everything that Sydney wore.

"That dress is not right…too frumpy in places. I mean sure we can alter it in places but it doesn’t work with you."

Sydney sighed and headed back in. She was down to the last two dresses that hung on the sides of a bench. One of them was really sparkly and it caught her eye. She took it off the hanger and examined it. It was breath taking. She put it on and gasped. She couldn’t believe how gorgeous it was. She twirled in front of the mirror and loved everyway it hugged her curves. It was yellow but with hints of gold and the top of it was like silk but the skirt was layers of flowing lighter yellow and it had sparkles all over it. The back was really low but it just cut right above the bottom of her spine. The straps were not too thick but not too thin and it v-cut right at the chest. She felt vain as she stared at how eye catching it was.

"Will you hurry and show us?!"

She laughed and opened the door to the dressing room. Both Lily and Dahlia dropped their jaws as they gazed at her. Usually Dahlia seemed composed but when she looked at Sydney she could believe her eyes.


Sydney giggled and spun around a couple times to show the back and front. They both nodded and agreed that this was definitely the dress. Dahlia got up after her shock and got her mask. It was like Lily's only it was white with yellow sequins and feathers and it sparkled just like her dress. She also gave Sydney a box. But unlike Lily's, Sydney could tell which necklace it was, because the moment she was handed it she could see a glow seeping from the sides. Sydney looked up at Dahlia who had a mischievous smile on her lips. Before she could ask, Lily came towards them and grabbed all the stuff to pay for it all. Dahlis paused at the accessories.

"The masks and necklaces are on me…"

They all smiled and the girls took a turn hugging Dahlia for all her help. After paying, Lily and Sydney headed outside.

"I can't believe how beautiful everything is…"

Sydney nodded and glanced at her friend in awe.

"Umm will you wait up a moment I forgot something at Dahlia's."

She turned and headed back in the store. Just as she walked in, Dahlia stood before her as if she knew she was coming back.

"The necklace is indeed enchanted."

Sydney was caught off guard. It was like Dahlia knew what she was thinking.

"What…how…why me?"

"I could tell that you're torn somehow…in love I suppose. The necklace will reveal secret thoughts the night you wear it. But remember nothing is how it seems. Use it wisely…"

Sydney opened her mouth to respond but Dahlia cut her short.

"Sydney be careful…and don’t forget love never ran the.."

"…smooth course…yah yah. I don’t know how many times I've heard that this year!"

Dahlia smirked and hugged her quickly. Sydney stepped out of the shop and stood there in confusion. Everything felt so odd but somehow it seemed like it was meant to be. She caught up with Lily and grinned happily. Lily turned and grinned back.

"Did you have fun today?"

"Oh it was unbelievable."

"Wait till the guys see us…James eat your heart out."

They laughed and Sydney quieted down to think. The only problem now was…who was she supposed to impress? Thinking back to the necklace that she held in her bag, she wondered if Dahlia knew more than she led on.

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Chapter 17: Breathing Underwater
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Chapter Seventeen: Breathing Underwater

"Oh don’t even worry about it Syd, James and Sirius are probably out and about causing trouble."

Sydney looked around the common room of the head's and breathed out a relieved mouthful of air. She had been avoiding Sirius all week. The masquerade was tomorrow night and she didn’t want to see Fancy all over Sirius because she might want to back out of attending. Remus had said hi a couple times and before they could talk, Sydney would always spot Sirius and run before he could see her. Pathetic, huh?

The girls lay on the couches and stared around them.

"When are you going to talk to him?"

Sydney widened her eyes and looked at Lily with an expression that clearly said, " how about never." Lily shrugged and rolled her eyes.

"You do realize that you're going to have to sometime or another, right?"

"I like later than sooner."

Lily smiled as if she knew something and turned her back as she reached for a book. But of course, just like any other regular day yet unfortunate for Sydney, the portrait opened and James and Sirius came barging in laughing. Sydney suddenly wanted to believe she was small enough to hide behind the cover of her book but of course her imagination failed her. Cursing silently, she nodded at them and pretended as if that was enough. James frowned a little and cleared his throat.

"Lily…I need to converse with you."

Raising her eyebrows, Sydney glared a bit at James and sat up.

"Hmm, it must be important since James used the word "converse" instead of "talk". Oh la la."

Sirius chuckled slightly and suddenly they all realized that the atmosphere was the most awkward it could ever be now that Sydney and Sirius were having a "little" dispute. Lily finally got up and took James' hand and they headed out the portrait leaving Sydney and Sirius alone. It at last clicked in Sydney's mind that this was a set-up…and evil well planned out set-up.

"Sydney…I think…"

"Save it. I'm leaving."

She got up and started for the portrait but Sirius grabbed her arm and spun her around. She honestly wanted to talk to him but how could she when all that played in her mind was Fancy and him flirting shamelessly? Instead of looking in his eyes she looked down at her jeans and sandals and ignored everything he said.

"I've never felt like this…it's new to me and frankly it scared me…"

At long last, Sydney gazed up at Sirius and noticed how sincere he seemed. Everything he was saying was just a blur as she watched his lips move. She couldn’t take all those words. It hurt too much to hear him try to apologize because somehow she felt he could win her back and then just break her down again. All she felt was herself slowly collapsing as he stood before her. Instead of listening her mind wandered to their younger years…


"Lily would you wait up!"

Gasping for air, Sydney stopped to catch her breath and looked up as Lily rushed off, hardly paying attention as to where her friend was.

"Sydney I have to check up on that test! I'll catch up with you later!"

Everyone rushed past Sydney, doing the very same thing Lily was; checking with McGonagall about their finals. It was the toughest final before winter break and no one wanted to worry about it over their vacation. Someone roughly hit Sydney's elbow and her books went flying. The person merely said an apology and ran off with everyone else.

Letting her shoulders sag a little, she got down onto her knees and went to pick up the books that were scattered everywhere. Just as she went to grab the last book, a hand got it before her. She slowly looked up and felt her mouth drop. It was Thomas Cornit, one of the cutest Hufflepuffs on the Quidditch team. His blonde hair was a tad spiky and his blue eyes gazed at her in wonder. She stood up as he had and he handed her the book.

"You okay? I saw that guy practically clobber you." He grinned showing his pearly whites.

Sydney nodded but didn’t know what to say so she just stuck out her hand.

"Sydney Lane."

"Oh I know who you are…but anyways I'm Thomas Cornit."

She felt her insides squirm. He knew who SHE was? He was one of the most gossiped guys in the girl's dormitories. Generally he was seen with Sandy but they didn't hit it off that well. Some rumor about him forcing himself onto her. But who could trust anything the Bratty Blondes said?

"Well Sydney I was wondering maybe you and I could…"

"Lookie here Prongs…it's Sydney Marie and Mr. Cornit. Having a little rendezvous I see.."

Rolling her eyes by habit, she didn’t want to turn around but seeing Thomas look over her shoulder she knew she'd have to at some point face him. He stood behind her as if pretending he owned her and James just looked amused at the little meeting of theirs.

"What do you want?"

"Just saying hi, Lane. Am I not allowed to speak in your presence."

"As a matter of fact—"

"Uh we're sort of talking here Sirius, do you mind?" Thomas said with such appealing charm, Sydney couldn’t help but smile.

"Actually I do mind…because Sydney and I happen to be…" He wrapped his arm around her shoulder. Sydney widened her eyes in horror. What was he doing?!

Thomas backed off a little and frowned. He nodded and before Sydney could say anything he just stepped back.

"Oh sorry man…well umm bye guys. Bye Sydney."


But Thomas had already left and Sirius stood there smiling like a fool. Gritting her teeth angrily, Sydney wondered why she couldn’t have just attended a private all girl's school…it would be a lot less frustrating.


Her anger succeeded her and not a word could be spoken that would fully describe how she was feeling at that very moment. She pulled his arm off her shoulders and stood away from him. Sirius looked sad for a second but then grinned. Sydney cursed herself as she admired his dimples. She smacked him as hard as she could and turned away from him, but before she left she turned back to face him.

"Don’t ever….ever mess with my love life again. Better yet, just stay out of my life, you insensitive jerk!"

"Sydney, he's not the guy you think he is…I'm just trying to—"

"Well don’t. I can take care of myself. Just leave me alone."

That was one of the many moments that created her mood towards Sirius; it was like he was always trying to make her mad. She didn’t care about how he was trying to watch out for her, he had no right to do so.


Finally snapping back to the present, Sydney looked around herself and felt like slapping herself. She was standing in front of Sirius who was trying harder to persuade her that he did nothing wrong. Everything he said was just sounded so idiotic.

"Sydney…Fancy and I were just hanging out and—"

"Just stop."

Sirius held his tongue and watched in wonder if Sydney was warming up to him, but by the way she cut him short and the way she had looked while he was trying to explain himself, he wasn’t so sure she was quite happy with him.

"Sirius. I want…I…"

She wanted to tell him off. She wanted more than anything in the world to just push him away and tell him that she hated him, but she knew she didn’t. She knew how she truly felt. Sydney shook her head trying to keep the tears held inside. He tried to pull her closer to him for comfort but it all became a blur. Her breaths were coming in short and ragged. It was like breathing underwater.

"No…I cant…I just cant…"

Getting out of his grasp, she rushed out of the portrait ignoring his calls and disregarded Lily and James' shocked looks as she ran past them. She just kept running. When she looked up, she could make out Remus' figure ahead of her.

"Sydney! What's wrong?"

He had his arms out open trying to assuage her but trying to steer clear of him she ran into a girl who had fallen into his arms instead. She didn’t pause to realize that it was Sandy that she had hit. She muttered a couple apologies but kept going.

Everything was all wrong.

Then something hit her as she ran down the corridors. The masquerade was tomorrow night. The night she would have to face everyone. Stopping dead in her tracks, everyone walked past her not even noticing her tears or her distressed face.

Tomorrow night…everything would have to be out in the open and she would have to deal with them.

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Chapter 18: The Unmasking
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Chapter Eighteen: The Unmasking

~Sydney walked down to the ballroom in her dress with anticipation. All eyes were on her as she glided down the stairs. Everyone was whispering, everyone was pointing. She turned and looked at her date. She smiled happily at him. She knew he'd always be there for her, no matter what. He grinned back and kissed her cheek. Everyone stopped looking at them and turned away. Sydney frowned and noticed something ahead. It was…her. With the other guy. The other guy who had made her heart flutter many times. She stepped back and looked at both of her selves. Which one seemed happier? Which one looked like she was in love? Suddenly a huge canary came through a window and used its talons to tear off the necklace. She tried to yell out but she couldn’t. Her voice was gone.~

Sydney sat up breathing hard. It was an odd dream. Really odd. She ran her fingers through her hair and looked around the dormitory. All the girls seemed to be gone getting ready for the big night most likely. Well, all except Sandy. Sydney ignored Sandy's strange looks, because it was a little weird that Sydney was still panting and sweating from the dream. She twisted away and grabbed some clothes to head for the shower, but before she could reach the door…


She turned and faced Sandy who sat on her bed quietly with something that looked like a diary.


"Are you and Remus…a couple?"

Closing her eyes in frustration, Sydney took a deep breath. It wasn’t that Sandy had asked it in a rude manner, in all actuality she asked it nicely, it was just that Sydney had been asked this several times since someone saw them hugging in the corridors. She opened her eyes and shook her head.

"No, we're just friends."

Sandy nodded and surprised Sydney when she smiled slowly. A real smile, not a vicious well-trained "Bratty Blonde" smirk. A smile.

"Oh okay. Well…uh…"

Sydney noticed the awkwardness in her tone, so she just returned the smile and walked into the bathroom. After a hot shower she looked at herself in the mirror and bit her lip. How would she do her hair for the night? Up? In curls? It was all so confusing and time wasting. She dried her hair straight and put on some mascara and lip-gloss. Pulling on some jeans and a sweater, she heard a knock at the door.


"Hey it's Lily…I think we're all heading down to Madam Missy's Café for lunch before we all get ready for tonight. Up for it?"

Taking one last look in the mirror, Sydney nodded to herself and stepped out of the bathroom. She found Lily fixing her bed compulsively wearing a huge jacket and jeans with a nice scarf and mittons to match.

"That cold, huh?"

Lily turned and smiled. Her nose was red from outside, only Sydney could guess. She giggled and took Lily away from her bed so she could stop cleaning her room. After taking one glance at Sandy sitting on her bed lonely writing in her journal, she analyzed the look on her face and headed out the door with Lily.

"Lily…what do you think about Sandy?"

Taking the question in stride, Lily scampered down the stairs with her and hugged James sweetly as she replied to the answer.

"I think she'd be a better person without Fancy's influence."

Sydney looked around the common room and realized NO one was around.

"Where is everyone?"

"Out eating or getting ready really early."

The portrait opened before they could walk out and Fancy was laughing obnoxiously as she came through. She was carrying many bags with Lindy and her hair was up in many curlers wrapped delicately with an expensive wrap. She raised her eyebrow as she glanced at James, Lily and Sydney staring at her massive head.

"My hair is going to look amazing tonight…don’t you think Lindy? Some people are going to look pathetic next to me."

Lily tried to stifle a laugh but it came out louder than she expected. Fancy turned to her with a flushed face.

"What are you laughing at Evans? You're hair is just a fur ball wanting to be tamed."

Sydney took a step toward Fancy menacingly but Lily held her back with a hand.

"Fancy. I've been wondering for a while, why you're parents decided to make your life such an irony."

"What?" Fancy practically spat.

"Well…you're name is Fancy but with a personality like that, you're just trash."

Fancy's jaw dropped and stalked up to her dormitory, apparently lacking in a good comeback. Lindy looked confused for a moment wondering what just happened but then chased after Fancy with the bags smacking into each other as she rushed upstairs.

Sydney stared at Lily was amazement and awe. James just looked taken back. Lily merely shrugged and headed out the portrait. James and Sydney exchanged looks and followed her out.

"Where did that come from?" Sydney asked with wide eyes.

Lily just cracked up and looked quite smug with herself.

"I've been meaning to tell Fancy that for quite some time."

James kissed Lily happily and she returned the joyful look. Sydney adored their relationship. James and Lily were always meant to be even through their pitiful fights and difficulties. It was only a while ago she would of thought it was a ridiculous pair, just like her and Sirius. Smiling and nodding to everything that James and Lily said, she was able to think without them wondering if she's okay or not. She hadn’t seen Sirius since the set-up talk.

She wondered where he was. Who he was with and most importantly, was he going tonight? Was he going to be with someone? Scrunching her nose, she followed her friends into the silly love café that had started all the controversy. Madam Missy's Café was crowded but even after drowning out Sydney's detests, Lily and James sat down at a booth in a corner. Right as they sat down, a witch came out to take their order. After getting a strawberry shake, Sydney looked around the café maybe trying to find a familiar face. The bells rang out and the door opened to the café and in walked, coincidentally, the person she was hoping and dreading would come.

He waved at them and walked over trying to avoid running into anyone who were cramped into the small tables.

"Guys…why is he here?" Sydney whispered quickly.

Lily grinned and James said nothing but raised an eyebrow as Sirius sat down next to Sydney. He called a waitress over and ordered a strawberry shake as well.

"So two strawberry shakes?" The waitress momentarily said aloud.

Sirius looked at Lily and James sharing a sundae and then at Sydney who hadn’t gotten her drink yet and smiled knowingly.

"Looks like we have a lot in common."

Sydney rolled her eyes by impulse and started tearing a napkin up in little pieces trying to avoid eye contact with Sirius who seemed quite focused on getting Sydney's attention. It was odd being back to where they were in the first place, where she would ignore everything he ever said to her. She sighed a bit wondering where it all went. Where was the progress? Sirius showed signs of romance and commitment but after seeing her hug Remus, he decides to end it all? It just didn’t seem fair. When their drinks arrived, Sydney hurried and drank it down. She then asked politely for Sirius to move so she could get up. He did as he was asked and she walked right out of the café. She couldn’t take it anymore.

She knew he was going to go after her.


She got past the door and stalked off toward the school.

"Are you going to run away from everything?!"

She stopped and turned around in anger. She held back her foolish tears and Sirius stopped short a couple feet from her. He gazed at her frustration and her red cheeks from the cold winds.

"What are you talking about?"

He took a couple steps closer and he lost his sudden strength.

"Are you going to always run away from things that scare you?"

"I'm the one running away? I think you need to ask yourself that very question. Every time we get close you want to move further away."

"No…no I don’t…"

"Then why—"

"Sydney, I've been meaning to give you this."

He reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a small velvety blue box. Sydney's eyes widened and she couldn’t believe what was happening. What was it?

"I was going to give it to you Christmas night but…I was scared, I'll admit it. I was waiting for the right time to give it to you but everything just turned out so wrong."

He opened the box and Sydney felt herself gasp as she gazed at what lay on the velvet surface. A silver necklace with a star yellow sapphire pendant that hung off its delicate chain.

"It's what James and I were shopping for that one day…"

It all made sense now. Sirius was looking for her present that day, not causing mayhem. She looked at the necklace and felt large breaths of air trying to escape her lungs. It hurt from the cold.

"Sydney, the truth is that I—"

"I can't take this."

Sirius stopped what he was saying and looked into her eyes. He could tell she was on the verge of tears but there was something else. Something that said there was more on her mind. He nodded understanding and closed the box.

"Tonight. Sydney I want your decision tonight at the ball. I can't wait for you if it'll keep ending up like this. I'll admit that it was my mistake to overlook you and Remus but I can tell something's there. You can have me…but you need to know that I wont stand for being someone's second best puppet. Please just take this."

He gave her the box and kissed her cheek. Without any other words he walked around her and started his slow trudge up to the castle. Sydney finally let the tears slide as she looked at the box in sadness. What was she supposed to do? Who was she supposed to choose?


Lily was already ready.

"Would you hurry up!? My goodness, what have you been doing all day? I mean come on it starts in twenty minutes!" Lily yelled through the bathroom door.

Sydney looked at herself in the mirror and took a deep breath. She looked horrible. Her eyes were red and puffy from all the crying and her nose was pinker than usual. She opened the door and ignored Lily's surprised face.

"I'm not going."

Lily grabbed her arm and gave her a sympathetic look but also added some confidence.

"Sydney, I know it'll be hard. But please go for me, not only will you have a good time but I know things will work out. I promise."

Gazing at her yellow dress peeking out of the closet, she knew she couldn’t just waste the night away. She got up and then turned to look at Lily who looked so gorgeous. Her hair was done in soft curls that surrounded her face and her makeup was just lightly done. A bit of mascara to heighten her lashes and emerald sparkles that aligned her eyelids. She smiled a glossy smile and when she moved in her dress, Sydney could see that she also added sparkles to her shoulders.

"Lily, you look amazing."

"Thank you and you will too, once we get you ready."

As if taking that as a sign to get started working, Lily pushed Sydney into the shower and got her going on that as she got everything else ready. Once Sydney got out, Lily used her wand to reduce the puffiness of her eyes until they were back to normal. She then did Sydney's hair into an up do that had spirals come down in the back and in the front to frame her face. She applied mascara and some gold eye shadow and for a finishing touch, she added yellow sparkles to her shoulders as well. When Sydney came out of the room with her dress on, Lily dropped her jaw and then smiled slowly.

"You look stunning!"

Sydney curtsied ridiculously and they both laughed. Just before they were going to head out, Lily stopped her.

"You almost forgot your necklace."

She rushed to the dresser and pulled out the box that was glowing a little. Feeling a bit overwhelmed, Sydney clasped it on and felt no differently so she just shrugged it off and put on her facemask with Lily as they headed down the stairs.

I hope James thinks I look nice

"What was that?"

Lily turned to Sydney and frowned.


"Something you said about James?"

"I didn’t say that out loud did I?"

"Yah I heard you perfectly clear."

Lily shrugged as well and shook it off. She could have sworn she thought that to herself. They met up with James who looked quite dashing in his tux and green tie, he kissed Lily sweetly.

Lily looks amazing…

"Yah I know, she really does."

James scrunched his forehead and looked at Sydney oddly, so did Lily.


Suddenly it hit Sydney. Lily nor James had said that out loud. She had heard them…in her own mind. She could read minds? But how?

Dahlia….it had to be her.

" The necklace will reveal secret thoughts the night you wear it. But remember nothing is how it seems."

She had said that, so the necklace had to be enchanted. Sydney felt the urge to take it off but somehow it felt empowering to know what people were thinking. So instead of taking it off, she laughed and said she was just kidding. James and Lily smiled but still seemed unsure, Sydney was acting a little unusual.

They all put on their masks and headed down to the Great Hall where the ball would take place. Once they actually entered they couldn’t believe their eyes. The enchanted ceiling looked striking as the candles above them floated a set a glow to all the stars that shining that night. Thick curtains of satin and silks were hung and there were tables of food and drinks. People were already dancing and having a good time. But of course…no one could tell who each other were. So there was a possibility that Snape could be dancing with Fancy, but everyone knew whom Fancy was because her hair was the most massive thing in the room. The curls apparently were overdone and Fancy didn’t know how to settle them so she acted like it was supposed to look like a ten feet bush on her head.

Sydney looked around and took a deep breath. This was going to be tougher than she thought. Everyone seemed like some beautiful or handsome stranger. Lily and James headed off to go dancing, but before leaving Lily hugged Sydney and smiled.

"Trust me…everything will be okay."

And maybe you'll realize that he loves you

Before Sydney could ask whom Lily meant, she realized that it was all in her thoughts. Not wanting to be suspicious, she nodded but couldn’t help but wonder who loved her. She walked over to the punch bowl and stood there as the magical dipper poured some punch in a cup for her. Holding her head tightly it felt like she was standing in a subway where everyone is talking in hushed voices but she couldn’t control who she was hearing.

Who is this

Why wont he tell me how he really feels

This tux is really riding up…

Why doesn’t he recognize me…what a moron

I hope Remus likes me as much as I like him

Sydney paused and looked up. Who said that? Who likes Remus? She had heard it a lot louder and clearer than anything else. Someone who was around her obviously likes Remus. There were only two girls closest to her. One was wearing a red gown and the other was wearing a nude color that honestly made her look naked. Someone would have to be really dumb to wear a dress that matched her skin tone…

Wait…really dumb?
She turned to face the two girls but they had walked away in the crowd. She was about to go after them but someone grasped her hand. Turning to face the person, she was caught off guard. He was wearing a tuxedo with just a regular black tie. His mask was a plain black one as well, but his eyes…Sydney had a feeling she knew who this mysterious man was.

Please don’t recognize me…

She frowned…why wouldn’t he want her to recognize him?

"Can I have this dance?"

Listening to the tune, she realized it was one of her favorite slow songs. She nodded slightly and smiled at the boy who held her hand like it was a fragile rose. He held her in his arms as they moved to the beat.

"So mystery guy…how do I know you?"

He grinned a bit and Sydney took notice of his dimple.

"Well I do believe that you have a crush on me. Seeing as I'm an intellectual charming individual."

"Oh yes…I must also love your modesty."

He laughed and dipped her gracefully. She felt a security in his arms, even though she wasn’t absolutely positive it was truly…him.

God…I love you

She looked into his eyes and wondered…did he mean it? Did he truly mean it? Biting her lip, she just rested her head on his chest and closed her eyes, savoring every moment in his arms.

But then…she saw the nude-dressed girl. She backed away from him and thanked him for the dance.

"Thank you mystery guy."

"You owe me another dance before midnight."

She smiled and watched as he disappeared in the crowd. Sydney regretted ending the dance but she saw that girl. Turning she caught sight of her again and she rushed through the crowds to reach her.

As she stopped short a couple feet away, she knew her guess was right. The nude-colored dress girl was standing next to another girl who had on a shocking pink dress, her blonde hair a massive weight on the top of her head.

It was Lindy and Fancy. But the other girl in the red was Sandy.

It had to be Sandy. Sandy likes Remus.

Why am I hanging out with Fancy?

People adore me…I can tell by the way they're staring. My hair is amazing. Lindy is such an idiot for wearing that dress.

All she's doing is making this night horrible…she can't possibly do that to Lily

Sydney caught her breath and looked in the direction they were looking. It was James and Lily dancing slowly in a fast paced dance. Fancy was up to something, Sydney looked in the direction of her hand and noticed her wand was sticking out of her purse.

Walking up closer, she grabbed Sandy without anyone else knowing and pulled her into the crowd.

"HEY! What do you think you're doing?"

"Sandy…I'm Sydney. I need to know what Fancy is planning to do…and now."

Sandy let out a breath and looked a bit surprised.

"But how did you know?"

"I need to know NOW!"

Sandy nodded and pointed to Fancy to show her.

"She's going to use a spell to make Lily's hair disastrous…I'm talking so bad that the school will be talking about it for months."

Sydney stared at her wondering if she was telling the truth.

Please just hurry and help Lily, before Fancy can find out it was me

Taking that as her cue, she marched over behind the punch bowl out of Fancy's sight and took out her wand. Quietly thanking her Defense Against the Dark Arts professor for teaching them how to silently say spells, she pointed her wand at Fancy's back.


Fancy's wand flew a couple feet into the dancing crowd as she yelled out in anger. Sydney hurriedly rushed into the mob of people to find it before Fancy did. She found it by someone's foot and she picked it up in triumph. There would be no pranks of Fancy's, but Sandy…she was a different story. Remus had to know about Sandy's feelings. Looking at the large clock she realized it was only five minutes until midnight, she started to search for Sandy but couldn’t find her in the masses of people. She stopped amidst of everyone and just looked up into the sky.

Three minutes.

She was spun around and he was back. He touched her cheek briefly with his hand and he pulled her closer to him. His arms wrapped around her waist.

Two minutes

He leaned closer to her face and his lips resided by her ear.

"I love you."

One minute.

She watched as he pulled from her ear and held her face in his hands. She couldn’t take it any longer, she kissed him. Her arms wrapped around his neck and he held her tight, deepening the kiss. After a moment, they pulled away and smiled at each other.

Professor Dumbledore's voice rang out and the instructions to lift the masks were told. Sydney grinned and gently pulled off her mask. As she stood there unmasked, she waited for him to do the same. He smiled at her and lifted his as well.

Staring at her mystery guy she kissed his cheek and raised her eyebrows.

"I love you too."

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Chapter 19: A Wild Midnight
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Sandy and Remus...together?

Chapter 19: A Wild Midnight

(From the last chapter)

Professor Dumbledore's voice rang out and the instructions to lift the masks were told. Sydney grinned and gently pulled off her mask. As she stood there unmasked, she waited for him to do the same. He smiled at her and lifted his as well.

Staring at her mystery guy she kissed his cheek and raised her eyebrows.

"I love you too."

(And the story continues…)

He smiled down at her with his gray piercing eyes and held her in his arms as everyone was chattering with shock and laughter. How could Sydney not know who he was? He loved her. She loved him. It was all that mattered.

"Sirius…how long have you known?"

He looked up at the sky and laughed, shaking his head. Sydney knew her answer. She knew the exact moment she loved him. It was on the first train to Hogwarts when he had hit on her and marked him the most annoying boy at school.

"It was when I first saw you in the train compartment. Odd huh?"

Sydney giggled and pulled him into a kiss. It was perfect. Everything. Looking around she laughed at the entire scene. Snape was in complete shock as he stared at his mysterious dance partner, Lindy. She made a disgusted face and walked away as he shuddered distastefully. Fancy was just simply standing by the food table looking mighty pissed off. Lily and James of course, were oblivious to everything around them and were still dancing to no music.

But the one scene that Sydney couldn’t keep her eyes from was Remus waiting for Sandy to take her mask off. They had been dancing the entire night. When she finally gave in, she lifted it and smiled awkwardly up at Remus. He seemed surprised and Sydney couldn’t tell if he was pleased or just confused. Sydney grinned as he just lent her his hand indifferently, to dance just once more before the night ended.

Sirius kissed her forehead as they kept dancing and Sydney couldn’t feel any happier as she slowly swayed with him as the beat went on. She looked up at the enchanted ceiling as gasped. How? What? There was a full moon in the sky. She quickly glanced at Remus, waiting for some transformation. But nothing happened.

As if he noticed her panic, Sirius looked into her eyes.

"What's wrong?"


Sirius let out an exasperated breath before she could finish. He looked like he was slapped and Sydney finally realized why. She had brought up Remus…

"No. Sirius, I mean there's a full moon out."

He looked up with her and nodded. The way he took it so casually made her think that he knew more than he was letting on.

"Dumbledore figured out a way he can lengthen his time before transformations each full moon. He'll probably start at around 1 today…he only requested it for tonight so that he could dance with everyone."

Sydney looked in the direction of Remus and watched as he pulled away from Sandy and kissed her hand before he left the dance floor. She could tell from Sandy's expression that his exit wasn’t exactly one she expected. Sandy watched Remus leave and the giddy smile she had on her face, drooped a little as she watched other couples dance around her. Sirius lifted Sydney's chin and kissed her sweetly.

"This is where I bid you a goodnight…my love."

Sydney grinned and grabbed him before he could leave. He stared down at her with wonder, she paused and then kissed him back.

"Be safe. I love you."

With one wide grin, he nodded and took off with James by his side. Sydney wondered where Peter could be. He was always gone and he hardly ever hung out with the boys anymore. It was a bit odd, but probably something she didn’t need to worry about. Besides without his creepy presence it was nicer to hang out with the Marauders.

Everyone started to head upstairs to bed and Lily started complaining about needing some sleep. So Sydney was about to go and walk with her…but she noticed that Sandy was still standing in the middle of the dance floor looking very upset.

She told Lily she'd catch up with her later and walked over to Sandy with a small smile.

"You okay?"

Sandy's eyes averted and she shrugged with confusion.

"I thought maybe he'd be happier."

Remus. Of course, that was why Sandy was so sad.

"He's just a bit weary lately, if you hadn’t noticed."

"I know. He's always so tired. I worry about him a lot, does he have a disease or something?"

Sighing, Sydney shook her head. She patted Sandy's shoulder and suggested calling it a night and talking later. Sandy finally agreed and they started walking up to the dormitories, but before they even left the Great Hall, Sandy pointed out something weird.

"Fancy and Lindy didn’t head up to the dormitories…"

Sydney wrinkled her forehead.

"What do you mean?"

"They went outside I think. I think they tried to follow James and Sirius."

Sydney stopped breathing and closed her eyes in complete terror. James and Sirius were helping Remus with his transformation…if they followed them…they could find out about Remus' secret. Or worse…get hurt in the process.

Sandy seemed to notice Sydney's anxiety and frowned.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing. Just hope they don’t hit our boy's is all…" she tried to chuckle to get out her nerves but when she ran off to find Lily, she knew Sandy might think something was up.

Luckily, Lily was just at her portrait waiting to get in. Sydney grabbed her arm and explained everything.

"You've got to be kidding me…" Lily said in shock.

"Look I didn’t run in this huge dress just to tell you that they might have…"

Lily nodded and looked down at her dress also.

"We don’t have time to change, we have to go right now."

They took off down the corridors and avoided getting caught altogether. When they finally made it outside, they had no idea where to go. Shrieking shack? Is that where they said they had the transformations?

"Let's just go there in case."

It was a lot harder running in a dress than anything they'd ever attempted.

I hope they're okay

"Yah me too." Sydney replied to Lily.

Lily gave her an odd look.

"Okay what's going on? I know I didn’t say that out loud."

Sydney looked down at her necklace and groaned. She had forgotten to take it off.

"I'll explain later…right now we have to focus on the guys."

When they stood outside of the shrieking shack, they shivered from the cold and the noises they heard emitting from the disheartening place. Lily took Sydney's hand and they walked fast to the entrance of the dark and gloomy house. They heard whispering and they followed the girl's whispers. Sydney put her hand up to her heart, because they had finally found Lindy and Fancy who were trying to peek into a broken window.

"Petrificus Totalus…" Lily whispered as she aimed her wand at them. They both fell stiff as boards. Sydney gave Lily a high five and they both wondered what they were supposed to do with them. Lug them back to school?

Suddenly, they heard a loud howl and a dog's barking. Slowly but surely, the sun was rising early and the girl's were a lot happier to say that maybe they wouldn’t have to explain everything to Fancy or Lindy.

At that very moment, the door was thrown open. Sirius…or really Padfoot came bounding out as did Prongs, but what Lily and Sydney did not expect to see…was Remus…no wait…Moony. He came out staggering and heaving in a slouch. His claws were threatening, teeth snarling and his fur was patchy all over his body. He wasn’t Remus…but a werewolf. He gazed up at the rising sun and howled so piercing that Lily gasped for air. He seemed to hear her and spun quickly suddenly, scenting someone other than his friends.

A twig broke somewhere from around them…but it wasn’t Sydney or Lily. They paused and watched as Remus sensed someone else's presence and frowned. Had someone followed them there?

It was Sandy.

She had followed them from school. She stood a couple feet away from Padfoot and Prongs but she was staring at the werewolf in front of her. Sydney could tell she was in shock, she made no move to run, but her eyes were wide open and her chest was rising with every deep breath she tried to gain. Moony growled and started after her, but Padfoot and Prongs stayed in front of him, no matter how much he clawed or snarled. He was held back. He howled out in pain as the sun finally hit him and his transformation started to take over again. His back was suddenly in the right posture and the fur was gone. He fell to the ground in exhaustion. He lifted his head and gazed at Sandy who still stood there in her red dress grazing the ground.

Sydney and Lily held each other's hand as they watched Sandy's heart break. Tears flowed down her face and she shook her head slowly…trying to figure everything out. Remus was a werewolf. Remus struggled to get up and maybe console her but she took a step back.

"No…" she said with a faltering voice.

"Please….Sandy…" He tried to make his breathing regular and held up a hand to get her support.

"Stay away from me..." She said adamantly. She bit her lip and ran off in tears. Remus dropped his head and closed his eyes in grief.

She left him for what he really was.

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Chapter 20: Can You Date a Werewolf? Pros and Cons
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Will Sandy see past Remus' little furry problem?

Chapter Twenty: Can You Date a Werewolf? Pros and Cons

School went on like nothing had happened at the Masquerade ball. Everyone was pretending like it was just a night like any other. Especially the business between Sandy and Remus. She neither ignored him nor did she confide in him. But thankfully, Fancy and Lindy didn’t remember anything but Lily could tell that Fancy was configuring some plot in her mind. Other than that, everything went smoothly, or at least from what they could tell.

Sydney woke up to find a bouquet of white lilies on her bedside table. She grinned and knew exactly where they came from. Hopping out of bed, she realized that she yet again slept in and everyone was already downstairs eating breakfast. Taking a couple quick skips to the bathroom, she stopped when she heard sobs from the other side of the bathroom door. She opened it a little and revealed Sandy huddled on the floor crying.


Sandy looked up and got up quickly trying to wipe her tears away. She pasted on a frown and Sydney could tell it was hard to hold up a defense. Her hair was in limp clumps from the tears and her eyes were red.

"There's this thing called knocking, you should try it some time." Sandy said pushing through Sydney to get out, but Sydney wouldn’t let her. She grabbed her arm and turned her around.

"Don’t do this Sandy. You used to be so nice and now that you know who Remus truly is, you've decided to push everyone away."

Even the Bratty Blondes had kicked Sandy out because she had been moody around them as well. Fancy recruited some 6th year in her place. She had the blonde hair and the hollow head to match them.

"Look I just don’t want to deal with this right now, okay?" She said softening up. She took her wand and muttered a couple spells to relieve her eyes and fix her hair. Just as she looked good as new, she whipped out of Sydney's view.

Sydney sighed and knew that it was killing Remus as well.


"Remus, she's the one who's avoiding you, just forget her. She doesn’t deserve you."

James and Sirius lay on Remus' bed as he went through his things. He turned and they could tell all the stress was really bearing on him. He looked worse than ever with baggy eyes and pale skin from never going out.

It was really James who was trying to cheer Remus up because Sirius was too busy thinking up ways to profess his love to Sydney. He'd been on a roll for the past week with gifts every morning and surprise lunches and picnics. He was really overdoing it.

"Do you think Sydney would like me to make her dinner?"

"I think Sydney would rather you help Remus out…" James said annoyed that for once it was Sirius doing the irritating love stunts.

"I'm okay, I don’t see the point in telling me what I already know. I thought Sandy was different…I was wrong."

Sirius finally paid attention and stood up on the bed with an angry expression. He surprised everyone as he held up one hand in the air and pointed to nothing in general.

"No my friend, you're ignoring the fact that you love her. If you love someone you should never give up. Love..." He paused and stared off into space as something caught his attention. Remus and James gazed at him in befuddlement.

Remus rolled his eyes as he mumbled Sydney's name under his breath.

"Love has made you go mad. I think I'm better off."

With that, he walked out of the room leaving James to throw his books at Sirius who was still in a love trance.

Remus found it easier to avoid his peers by heading into the library and studying for absolutely nothing. He carried his books and ignored everyone's looks. They had all heard that he turned Sandy down or some other rumor started up by the Bratty Blondes.

He let out a breath and chose a table far away from the bickering librarian and all the other students who started whispering as soon as he walked in. He got up to find a book and looked through the shelves. He came upon the title and stared at it for a while until he looked past the empty space it left on the shelf, there on the other side of the shelf was Sandy sitting alone at a table reading up on her books.

Her hair was up in a messy ponytail and she was dressed in regular muggle sweats and a shirt, as if she hadn’t thought of getting ready. She looked terrible and yet for some reason Remus thought she looked beautiful. The way her eyes scanned the pages and she was scrunching up her nose in a curious way. He wanted to get closer to see what she was so delved into.

Putting the book back on the shelf he forgot his own studies and quietly stepped around the bookshelf to sneak up behind Sandy. He couldn’t believe what he saw. She had tons of books on her table with names like "Werewolves: The History", "How to Cure a Werewolf", and one that made him chuckle "Can You Date a Werewolf? Pros and Cons".

Sandy heard his laugh and she spun around in shock. Her eyes widened in fear, she couldn’t believe Remus had been standing there the whole time.


She started to gather her things and leave but Remus walked slowly towards her and gently put his hand on her shoulder. He felt her shiver under his touch.

"Sandy…please don’t leave."

She paused and stared into his tired eyes with her own. He felt an odd connection from her. He could feel her pain and all that she felt. She still cared about him.

"What's with these..." He started and picked up a book titled "Werewolves: Foe or Friend?". She bit her lip and shrugged.

"Remus, I was scared." She saw his shoulders sag a little under her words, " But I was stupid as well. I ran away and didn’t listen first."

He looked down at her in wonder. Did this mean….

"I wanted to tell you…ever since that night….that I don’t care anymore. I don’t care, because I know who you are. You're still the sweet, intelligent and handsome Remus I met years ago."

He watched a smile faintly graze her lips as she looked down at the ground in sudden shyness.

"I've been wanting to say that for a long time now. Remus, I really like you and I'm okay with everything. I'm sorry I wasn’t understanding…"

Remus had a huge grin on his face when she finally looked up into his eyes. He laughed and lifted her in his arms. She giggled and he kissed her sweetly as he spun her around. The librarian heard their laughs and screeched angry remarks to make them leave. They grabbed their things and ran out of the library hand in hand with grins on their faces. Remus had finally found someone who loved him for him and he had never been happier.


Sirius was replaying some ideas in his mind in the common room waiting for Sydney to get done with her class so he could surprise her with lunch. When he heard the portrait swing open he got up with anticipation but was let down as he saw Fancy walk through instead. He gazed at her in surprise because she was in tears.

"Uh Fancy? Are you okay?"

Never in his years at Hogwarts had he seen Fancy crying. She shook her head and sat down on a couch cradling her knees to her chest and gasping for air.

"What's wrong?"

She hiccupped and looked his way. For some reason, Sirius finally saw her as a human being, not some manipulative girl. Her brown eyes were twinkling with tears and her brown roots were coming out of the blonde. Sirius thought to himself, that if Fancy would just be herself then she wouldn’t be half decent.

"My father died last night. Death eaters killed him…"

Sirius eyes widened with sympathy. She cried even harder after admitting to it and he couldn’t help but hug her to comfort her. He could feel her tears soaking his shirt and she was shuddering against his body.

The portrait swung open and revealed Lily and Sydney giggling from something they were talking about. Sydney stopped in her steps and stared at the sight before her. Sirius didn’t even see her walking in because he was patting Fancy's back; Sydney turned on her heel and left in disbelief. Lily just dropped her jaw but she heard sobs so she forgot about going after Sydney. Fancy was actually crying…

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Chapter 21: Daddy is Dead?
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Chapter 21: Daddy is Dead?

Fancy Rachel Peters was always a spoiled brat growing up. Her father being one of the head reporters for The Daily Prophet and her mother was a short timed famous singer, she was given anything she wanted. Fancy could be beautiful. Born with dark rich wavy brown hair and chocolate eyes, she was literally "fancied" by all the boys in a special wizardry day care for kids. Her parents would have sent her to Beauxbaton's Academy of Magic except for the fact that Mr. Peters truly believed in Professor Dumbledore's academics so instead she was sent to Hogwarts.

Her first day on the Hogwarts Express was terrifying but to others she seemed perfectly in control, she marched through that barrier and took no good bye kisses from her parents; she just grabbed a fellow female peer and dragged her along with her on the train. The girl she dragged was Lindy Isabelle Richmond who didn’t seem to mind but was trying to fix her pale blonde hair as she was walking through each compartment.

"Look here," Fancy said as she pulled Lindy aside in an empty compartment, "We're going to be the most popular girls at school, you just stick with me and you'll be alright."

Lindy shrugged and stared at Fancy's hair. It was still her natural brown hair; Fancy stared at Lindy's as well. Something was working in her mind as she thought about also getting a third member.

She merely told Lindy to stay put and gave her permission to look through her "Witch Fashion Weekly" magazines. Fancy walked out of the compartment and looked through all the compartments searching for a third person. She stopped at one compartment when two boys flew out laughing hysterically. One had shaggy black hair and the other had messy brown hair and big glasses, she stared at the one with a boyish grin, dimples and shaggy hair. He was cute. She smiled at them and introduced herself.

"Fancy Peters…"

"Uh." Sirius started.

"James Potter," James smiled and stuck his hand out, she smiled back and then turned back to Sirius who was too busy trying to get James to come with him and pull another stunt. James just nodded and followed him. Fancy was let down a bit but figured there must be cuter boys in the compartment they came from, so she went in.

But to much of her disappointment, there were actually three girls in that compartment. Three really pretty girls. Fancy did not like this. Not one bit. One had fiery red hair; another was strikingly pretty with brown hair and next had strawberry blonde hair. She had to become friends with one of them before they could start their own friendship circle of prettiest girls. She had to sabotage.

"Can we help you?" Lily asked politely.

"Uh yes, I was told to um…receive her for some important message." Fancy said pointing at Sandy.

Sandy looked a little scared but she pasted on a brave smile and followed Fancy out after saying bye to her new friends. Fancy introduced herself and led her to her own compartment where Lindy was patiently sitting looking through magazines.

"Didn’t you say I had to get some important message?" Sandy asked confused.

"Yes," Fancy replied smugly, "And here it is, those two girls are trouble. You belong with cool kids like Lindy and I. We're the ones who will be getting the cute guys, the cute clothes and most importantly the cute reputation. You can be one of us or just be another Hogwarts nerd like those other girls."

Sandy stared at her in disbelief, but she was considering it. Her mother was always popular back in her day and she wanted to continue the tradition. Maybe this girl Fancy could help her…

From then on, they became the Bratty Blondes, but of course Fancy had dyed her hair by then and they were the bitches of the school with their noses upturned to anyone and everyone.

From then on, Fancy became a manipulative girl who wanted what she usually couldn’t get. Specifically Sirius Black. If her parents couldn’t give her what she demanded, she'd do anything to get it. Anything at all.

Fancy Rachel Peter's father did not die.

"You know, Fancy, this has gone too far…" Lindy absentmindedly said as she looked around the room at all the sympathy cards and flowers.

Fancy rolled her eyes and smelled a petunia in a bouquet. Missy, the new Bratty Blonde smirked and read another card.

"I think its genius."

Smiling with pride, Fancy nodded.

"Sydney saw Sirius comforting me and from what I hear, she hasn’t talked to him all day. My plan is working out beautifully. I'll just play out the sympathy gig a little longer until he realizes that he loves me and then I'll act surprised when people find out that daddy isn’t dead."

Lindy looked a little unsure but kept it to herself. Not only did she not like the new girl Missy who always stuck up for Fancy but she didn’t think it was wise to pretend someone was dead. It just wasn’t ethical and even though she usually didn’t think for herself…it was different this time. This time Fancy went too far.

The door to their dormitory was opened and they were surprised to see Lily walk in with some flowers. Lily stopped short and looked around at all the other flowers and blushed at her own meek bouquet.

"What do you want Evans?" Fancy asked in a rude tone.

"Well I came to pay my respects…" Lily said a little confused at the fact that Fancy wasn’t crying anymore but had a smug smile on her face.

"For?" Fancy asked.

"Your…father?" Lily said with a sudden curiosity. Something was up.

Fancy suddenly remembered and had to act fast. She got up and ran to the bathroom making sobbing noises. Lily stared at her in wonder. Missy quickly stepped in.

"Thanks a lot, we had her thinking about other things but you just had to bring up the death didn’t you?"

Lily shook her head and put the flowers down. She turned and walked out of the room so she wouldn’t feel guilty but something wasn’t right. Fancy seemed to forget entirely…maybe…

She walked to Professor Slughorn's class and looked through some books on how to create Veritaserum, a truth potion that she had concocted years ago but needed to be sure on how. Fancy had always come up with schemes to get Sirius and this could be just another one, no matter how serious the terms were.

Sydney and Sirius weren’t speaking to each other because Sydney didn’t understand what was going on and Sirius was upset because Sydney jumped to conclusions. Severus Snape was in the classroom as well but was apparently waiting for Slughorn to help him with something.

Lily ignored the fact that Severus could very well be the guy who made those love potion chocolates at the beginning of the term and smiled and said hi. Severus merely nodded with a bit of a pink blush rushing to his cheeks.

Professor Slughorn finally came in and smiled at his favorite pupil and then helped Snape with his problem on some potion that was apparently for experts in the class. Lily sat down and searched through the book's index and found the ingredients and instructions needed.

Slughorn had snuck over at some time while she was writing down everything she needed. He gazed at her parchment and frowned.

"Lily, what do you think you're doing?"

"Uh professor, I just needed this for an essay I'm writing," she lied.

He shook his head and took the parchment from her. Then he tossed it behind his desk and took the book from her.

"You know just as well as anyone that we will not have our students reproducing potions for their own gain. Lily, you know the rules. I may have to give you detention…"

Lily's eyes widened in horror; there was no way her own professor was giving her detention. Slughorn loved her, how could he possibly give her detention?

"But sir…"

"Or you could just help Severus with this potion and we'll call it even…"

Lily gazed in Snape's direction and realized he looked a little frightened at the idea, but she'd rather take that than any detention any day.

"Okay sir."


"That little prat doesn’t need help on a damn potion! He just wants Lily to be alone with him!" James yelled in disgust.

Remus and Sirius tried to calm him down but he paced around the grass outside and configured all the disgusting things Snape would try on Lily.

"I mean, how do we know he didn’t give those chocolates to Lily with love potion in them? I bet the little worm told Slughorn he wanted Lily to help him…even though we all know he and Lily are the best in the class…he doesn’t need help."

"I wonder what Lily did to receive that kind of punishment," Sirius said looking around and finally looked down at the lake.

"It was because she was trying to create Veritaserum…" Remus replied staring at Sandy who was talking to Sydney at the edge of the lake.

"But why…that's truth potion right?" James asked in confusion.

"Maybe she thought someone was lying."

The three boys sat on the grass pondering what in the world Lily could have possibly thought of and why she chose to help Snape instead of just receiving detention.

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Chapter 22: Subtle Stake-Outs
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                                             Who will Sirius believe? Sydney or Fancy?
                                              Chapter 22: Subtle Stake-Outs

“Remind me why we’re doing this…” Remus asked as Sirius and James snuck silently against the walls of the corridors.

“Because if it was either Sydney or Sandy, we’d still be doing this.”

The Marauders were at it again, well actually mostly just James who had to check up on Snape and Lily as they did their potion. Remus felt ridiculous in the black muggle clothes that James had given them to wear. Suddenly the statement “they wear them in the stake-out movies” didn’t sound so great.

“Why can’t you just trust Severus?” Remus asked, thinking that it was an appropriate question.

Surprisingly, both Sirius and James turned and looked at him with incredulous looks.

“Even I know you can’t trust Snivellus.” Sirius said with raised eyebrows, “He could possibly be the one who slipped the Amortentia in Lily’s chocolates.”

Finally realizing that there was no way out of this, Remus sighed and followed their lead.

“Wait a minute! How come I have to endure this and Wormtail doesn’t?”

“That’s only because we have no idea where the little git has gone. Honestly, I’ve gotten so use to the idea of him not being around to admire James that the day he does come back, I’m going to curse him into an oblivion.”

“Now why would you do that to my fans?”

“Why do you even need fans?”

“Guys! Shut up!”

Sirius and James stopped bickering and looked over at Remus who put his finger to his lips to quiet them. They had unknowingly walked right up to Slughorn’s dungeon and voices could be heard through the door.

“Yah…great stake out guys,” Remus whispered as he rolled his eyes.

They all gathered outside and tried to listen through the door. Lily’s voice could be heard as she talked to another person in the room.

“No, you’re supposed to stir clockwise twice before adding the root.”

“Sounds like everything is okay,” Sirius said as James clenched his eyes to listen more intently, but then there was silence.

“What do you think they’re doing?” James asked nervously.

“Oh I don’t know, watching the potion?” Remus suggested.

“Severus it’s huge!”

Sirius gasped for air as he let out a chuckle. Remus groaned at his immature liking to sexual innuendo and James just desperately clutched the door hoping to hear something that could vindicate that statement.

“I’m not going to touch it,” she giggled, “You can squeeze it yourself.”

Even Remus had to back away from the door to let his laughter go unheard. More giggles were heard and then Snape’s drawling cold voice could be picked up.

“It wont hurt I promise…just grab it and squeeze.”

James finally gave up and busted through the door. 

“Get away from my girlfriend!”

Once they were in the classroom they could now see what was truly going on. Lily was holding a large eggplant looking vegetable that seemed to have spikes coming from every angle and was squeezing it over their cauldron.

“James? What are you doing?”

His blood was pumping and he was sure his face was turning redder by the second. Snape looked absolutely smug with himself as he stood a couple feet from Lily and was holding the cutting knife.

“Leave it to Potter to jump to conclusions…”

Sirius and Remus held James back as he threateningly took a step toward Snape with his wand in hand.

“Shut up Snivellus.” Sirius practically growled.

Severus’ eyes squinted in his mean glower and he took a glance over at Lily who was staring at James with disdain.

“Goodness, were you eavesdropping?”

James let the guys drop their hold as he held his self-control. She gazed at James and shook her head as he didn’t answer her question. No one except James bothered to run after her as she stormed off angrily.

“Lily!” He cried after her as she rushed through the corridors. Finally she stopped to catch her breath.

“James, just answer me one thing. Do you trust me?”

“But of course I do, it’s just--“

“No…if you trust me then you trust me. No ifs, ands or buts.”

Realizing his mistake, James nodded and took Lily’s hand. Her green eyes were shining with concern, he kissed her forehead and pushed back a red strand of hair.

“I’m sorry Lily flower.”

Smiling, she kissed him back and held him tighter.

“You know, I never really like that name but it’s growing on me.”

Biting his lip as he grinned, he nodded and walked her back to Slughorn’s dungeon.

“So why did you want to create Veritaserum?”

Lily got a grave look on her face and pulled James aside near a suit of armor in a corner. She promised him not to tell anyone else especially Sirius until she was completely sure.

“I think Fancy is lying about her father dying.”

James eyes widened

“Lily that’s a pretty serious accusation.”

“I know but something seems off.”


Sandy and Sydney walked across the grounds talking quietly among themselves. They could hear two other girls talking as well but they were behind a tree gossiping.

“Maybe it’s time I come out with the fact that he isn’t dead.”

Sydney frowned; what kind of conversation was that? She didn’t mean to overhear but that was definitely not a typical girl conversation. Sandy turned to Sydney and seemed to hear the same thing as well.

“I guess I’ll just wait until Sirius dumps that do-gooder.”

Sandy’s jaw dropped and Sydney felt frozen on her spot. It had to be Fancy who was talking. How could she just make up her father dying, just to get a boy? Sydney had to tell Sirius; he had no idea what her plan was.

Rushing off, she hardly even listened to Sandy’s pleas to not do anything rash. It wasn’t until she made it to the Gryffindor common room that she stopped to think. Once inside beyond the portrait, she sat down on the pouf couch and didn’t know what she could possibly say to sound like she wasn’t jealous and trying to get Sirius to turn on Fancy.

She waited until people started coming through the portrait. Sirius and Remus didn’t come until an hour after she had calmed down. Sirius avoided seeing her and seemed torn by the fact that he couldn’t talk to her. Getting up, she reached out to his shoulder and said his name with a sadness in her voice.

“Yes?” he said turning around to face her.

“Sirius…I need to tell you something.”

He nodded and finally he melted his cold exterior. She supposed he thought she was going to apologize, which was far from what she was going to do.

“I overheard a conversation and I think it’s important you know.”

“Okay…go ahead.”

“Fancy is lying. Her father isn’t dead, she made it up to get to you.”

Sirius’ smile faltered and instantly turned into a frown. He took her hand from his shoulder and gawked at her in surprise.

“Sydney…how could you say that? Her father died and you want it to look like she’s trying to steal me?”

“Sirius! Why don’t you see what she’s doing?”

“I don’t believe this…”

Knitting her eyebrows in concern, Sydney backed away from Sirius and shook her head furiously. Why didn’t he believe her? Why couldn’t he understand that Fancy was capable of this horrible feat?

“I can’t talk to you right now…I told Fancy I’d help her with her charms work.”

Not wanting to cry, Sydney spun around and stalked off from the crowd that was gathering around the two of them hoping to see a quarrel. She leaped on her bed in the girl’s dormitory and closed the hangings hoping to muffle out her sobs. She loved Sirius so much, how could he not understand what was going on?

She didn’t want to break off their relationship but what was she supposed to do?

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Chapter 23: Sydney's Flight
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Chapter 23: Sydney’s Flight

Love is absolutely ridiculous. I feel stupid and completely and utterly ignorant right now. As if I hadn’t before, right now would greatly explain the lengths I have gone for love.

I am using James’ bloody broomstick and invisibility cloak to spy on my boyfriend. I’ve seemed to forgotten the fact that I hate flying with a passion and that I’m quite terrible at it as well. James looked quite giddy when he found out I was up to their usual mischievous tricks and wholeheartedly handed me his broom as a suggestion.

I’ve never really had a great broomstick experience.


“Hmm it says here that the Shooting Star loses speed and height with age. Also, it has the highest rate of bucking off their riders…” Lily said in a matter of fact way, as she read the book in her hands, Qudditch Through the Ages.

“It’d be best if you didn’t tell me all the dangers of quidditch as I got on a broom for the first time.” I said as I held my broom in my hand looking at the rest of the quidditch team.

Lily just had to come and see me embarrass myself in front of the entire Gryffindor quidditch team and all the other students who had come and try out. I don’t really know what I was thinking either. I liked sports back home and honestly felt that I could try out for this one but me on a flying broom just gave me the idea of future injuries.

“Okay, Sydney Lane, you’re trying out for seeker?”

I nodded bashfully and noticed that everyone was going to watch as they waited their turn. I mounted the school provided broom and lifted off into the air. It was pretty miraculous but I got the uneasy feeling of being unbalanced. As James Potter, the teams’ star chaser, let out the snitch; a small gold winged ball that could fly and hide as it went.

I awkwardly flew up higher as the snitch had, but just as I had my arm outstretched to get the snitch in my grasp, I heard a crash on the ground beneath me. I looked down just in time and saw that James was leaning carelessly on the box holding all the balls and as he flirtatiously complimented Lily on her hair that day, he knocked over the box. The two bludgers zoomed out and started heading in my direction.

Instantly forgetting the snitch, I now had to dodge those pesky bludgers that had only one thing on their mind, that is if balls have minds…ahem that was dirty. They were coming for me…and it was doubtful they weren’t going to clobber me.

Shrieking, I moved out of the way as one of the whizzed by my head. I could hear some people screaming in fear and some laughing at my humiliation. I zoomed out of the way as the next bludger missed me by an inch; the one that almost beheaded me was on its way back.

“Help!” I screamed down at the quidditch team, most of them were laughing but Sirius looked sincerely worried. I didn’t have my wand so I was helpless. All I could do now was fly away from them.

Sirius got up from his seat and grabbed a bat that usually keeps bludgers away if you hit them hard enough. He first smacked James upside the head as he kept talking to Lily as if nothing was happening even though Lily was freaking out.

“James you idiot!” He grabbed a broom and swiftly flew into the air with great reflexes.

He was nearing the bludgers that were right behind me and he smacked one the other direction. I flew towards the ground and hoped to make it alive. Sirius got the other one easily and flew down with me. We dismounted as James quickly got the bludgers back. I threw my broom at James and Lily rushed to my side.

“Are you okay?”

I just gritted my teeth and glared at James who blushed sheepishly. Sirius seemed impressed for some reason.

“You’re a pretty good flyer when it comes to saving your life.”

I threw a fake smile at him and shook my head.

“I’m swearing off flying as of right now. Thank you for your time.”

Lily and I marched up the grounds back to the castle and didn’t even look back once.


Ever since my humiliating quidditch tryout during my second year, I had sworn off brooms, but here I was now, flying up to the astronomy tower where Fancy had planned to meet Sirius; which I must say was quite manipulative on her part. Everyone knows the astronomy tower is the most romantic place in Hogwarts. Sure the owlery is secluded but who wants to be pooped on while snogging?

Anyways I felt pretty confident as I slipped on the silky invisibility cloak and rose higher and higher up on the new Silver Arrow, James’ pride and joy. The tower was in view all I had to do was somehow go in that direction. I leaned a bit on the handle and it automatically flew slowly the way I wanted to go. Thankfully it was swift and steady so I could easily not get bucked off.

I was finally hovering the tower and was searching for Fancy and Sirius. There were a few couples smooching a bit before Lily and James would come and shout at them before sending them off to bed. After precise searching, making sure Sirius wasn’t one of the couples snogging, I found them in a corner. Sirius looked confused with his charm books in his arms.

“I don’t understand Fancy…I thought I was tutoring you?”

“Well of course you are silly…but not in charms.”

Sirius squinted his eyes in befuddlement. Fancy took the books from his arms and put them on the ground. He was dazed as she wrapped her arms around him and smiled viciously.

“You’ll be tutoring me in French…” she raised her eyebrow seductively.

“Oh no she didn’t!” I whispered under my breath. Fancy looked up confused, not knowing that I was hovering right above them.

Scratching his head, Sirius thought about what she was talking about. God, he’s so oblivious…she’s practically throwing herself at him and he can’t understand why they’re not practicing charms right now.

“French? We don’t even have that course here…maybe at Beauxbaton’s but definitely not here…” He started.

But he was rudely interrupted.

By Fancy’s lips.

My eyes widened in shock. She just forced herself on him! How could she do that? How could he? All I wanted to do was to just fly away and hopefully mend my heart, but I couldn’t figure it out. Instead I watched as Sirius pushed Fancy off him and gawked at her incredulously.

“What are you doing?!”

“What do you think?”

Sirius stared at her in anger and frustration and as if a light bulb went off in his head, he slapped his forehead.

“Oh great….Sydney was right. You plotted all this?” He looked so disgusted; I couldn’t help but want to forgive him…that is if I could ever get off this terrible broom.

“So you made up your father’s death? For me?”

“Sirius…I couldn’t think of anything that would make you realize how much you truly love me. I know you do and all I keep wondering is when you’ll notice it yourself.”

“Are you insane? You faked your father’s death! Do you know how crazy that sounds? AND to top it all off, you kissed me when I’m dating Sydney.”

Fancy’s bottom lip started quivering as tears fell from her eyes. She put out her arms to grab him for support but he took a step back and gathered his books off the floor.

“But you don’t even love her!”

He gave out a laugh and held his heart.

“I happen to love her with all my heart. Truth is, sometimes she drives me insane and she can be a little mental but I’ve never loved someone as much as I love her.”

I swayed a little on James’ broom and felt my eyes tearing up. I couldn’t believe how ridiculous I had been acting, thinking that he didn’t care about me. I sniffled a little and gasped when Sirius and Fancy looked up confused. Sirius reached up and started swatting at the air. He hit the handle of the broom and it quickly bucked me off.

I fell pathetically into Sirius’ arms. He looked down at me with an odd face. He seemed torn between laughing hysterically and scolding me.

“Speaking of the mental woman.”

“Sirius…I didn’t mean….I just…”

“I thought you hated flying…”

“I do.” I grimaced but placed a soft smile on my lips thinking of what he had said.

He grinned happily and leaned down.

“Just shush.” Then he kissed me sweetly as I lay in his arms helplessly. Fancy took one look at us and stormed away. If her father had really died, I’d feel horrible but…then again…she was Fancy Rachel Peters.

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Chapter 24: Lesson Learned
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                                                          Chapter 24: Lesson Learned

The last feast of my Hogwarts school life is taking place as we speak. Exams were okay, I guess and I’m sure my dreams of being a charms professor aren’t going to be destroyed by my scores. I looked to my left and smiled at the sight of Sirius and James laughing at Remus’ panicked look, he was worried about his exams.

“I drew a blank when it asked about the history of Rowena Ravenclaw…”

Lily raised her eyebrows and laughed. She seemed pretty calm considering that the entire time during the exams James was playing with her hair.

“Yah well I had it made when it asked, ‘what is a sign of a werewolf?’” James laughed hysterically, and then pretended to be writing on paper, “Hmm lets see, Remus told me he was a Scorpio during a divination class…” Everyone chuckled and even Remus seemed to cool down and relax.

James wrapped his arm around Lily and she smiled happily as he kissed her forehead. I realized that no one ever saw this one coming. This year really changed a lot of us. From relationships to friendships, it’s all been a wild ride. The events of Lily and James was probably the biggest surprise, seeing as Lily’s passion to hate him seemed never ending back in the day.


“Potter, leave me alone, I need to get to class and you’re in my way!”

Lily came to a halt as James leaned in front of her with a wide grin on his face. Ruffling his hair a bit, he smirked at Lily and then put his hands out.


“I’ll carry your books, they look a little heavy.”

Though he was right, Lily refused to be some damsel in distress, especially when it came to James. She jerked her arms out of his way and made a path around him. Not giving up easily, he followed behind her like some loyal puppy.

“Evans! Why must you ignore me, love?”

“Because I’m not your love! Potter, has it ever occurred to you that I ignore you because I don’t like you? In fact, have you gotten it through your thick skull that I don’t like you patronizing me with your ridiculous pranks?”

“What pranks do you speak of my Lily flower?”

Lily shuddered at the nickname and gritted her teeth.

“Oh I don’t know… how about the time you threw my knickers at Amos Diggory. How in Merlin’s beard, you ever got your ruddy hands on them, I have no idea…but apparently my humiliation gives you your chuckles.”

James again jumped in Lily’s path of travel and pasted on his puppy dog face. One look at his hazel eyes and twitching bottom lip made Lily laugh. He smiled and clapped his hands together.

“Finally a laugh from Evans!”

“I can laugh…”

“Not around me.”

“You make it terribly hard not to.”

He lifted up a corner of his smile and nodded pathetically.

“One of these days Evans, mark my words…you will love me back.”

Rolling her eyes, she walked off and before she could help it, she looked back at the skipping James Potter. Lily smiled to herself and kept going down the corridor….


Yes, if anyone had ever declared that they knew Lily and James would end up together, I’d have to call a BS on them. There seemed to be no signs to indicate their hidden infatuations with each other. Well no scratch that, James was quite blunt from the beginning; it was Lily who was hiding her true feelings.

I took a bite of the Yorkshire pudding and then looked at Remus and Sandy. At a certain point in time this year, I had truly believed Remus and I would end up together, but now I know that Remus and I can only be friends…besides Sandy looks incredibly happy…and for the first time in years, Remus seems to have fallen in love.

Sandy giggled as Remus fed her a piece of pie. They grinned and continued talking with everyone else. Truth is that I’ve never even imagined Sandy coming back from the horrible ‘Bratty Blondes’ or that she had feelings for Remus. Then of course, huge surprise of the century, Remus is a werewolf, but nothing could ever make us view him any different than our sweet and clever friend.


“I don’t understand, why would Sandy want to be friends with those snobs?” I asked Lily as we sat in the Gryffindor common room and saw Sandy walk by with her nose up in the air, Fancy in the lead.

“Who knows…” Lily said absentmindedly as she read her potions textbook with great interest. I finally got over the fact that Sandy had changed her personality in less than a half hour.

James Potter and Sirius Black were obviously pleased to see that we were sorted into Gryffindor as well and slunk onto the couch with Lily and I.

“What do you want now?” I asked Sirius, hating him more and more by the minute because of his stupid kiss on the train.

“Just wanted to see you lovelies.”

I got up and huffed a deep breath. I ran into a sandy haired boy with tired green eyes who was smiling down at me.

“Ignore them. They just like getting a rise out of you two.”

“Yes apparently.”

He laughed and stuck out his hand.

“Remus Lupin.”

“Sydney Lane.” I said taking his hand cautiously, “So you affiliate with those scoundrels?”

“Actually,” he chuckled, “They happen to be my best friends.”

I sighed and shook my head, not understanding how such a nice guy could hang out with conceited prats like Potter and Black. He backed away after smiling and shrugging. Sandy and he bumped into each other and while Remus saw nothing of it and walked off, Sandy stood in her spot and stared at him. Maybe it was then she formed her feelings but I never really took notice.

“Move it Lane.” She said quietly as if not wanting to hurt my feelings.

“Sandy…why are you acting like this? We were totally cool on the train this morning…”

Her eyes flashed regret and sadness but she held up her façade.

“I said move it.”

I moved out of her way and she stalked past me quickly, but not without looking back thoughtfully at Remus who was laughing at James and Sirius as they annoyed Lily.


Now the most changing thing in my life of course is Sirius. If I had gone back in time to tell myself that I’d be falling for Sirius Black, the boy who annoyed me so easily, my past self would laugh in my future self’s face. If that even made sense.

I used to consider Sirius my enemy. He’d constantly bug me and pull his little Marauder’s pranks. It wasn’t until professor Slughorn had mentioned the idea of love and hate being a close comparison that I finally looked at Sirius in a different light. Sure six years is a long time to hate someone but Sirius was the master of irritating me. It wasn’t until this year that I finally realized how I truly feel for him…


I needed an outing. I was staring at the black lake as I sat behind a large tree that produced great shade so I could read my book. Lily was probably quarreling with James and I didn’t want to face Sirius. So out on the school grounds was my best bet.

“Oh Sirius!” I heard giggling behind me and I groaned at the sight.

“Oh hey beautiful…” Sirius was hitting on some 3rd year. Seeing him was like seeing a professor outside of school; pointless and awkward. I walked by him swiftly so he wouldn’t see me. Our fourth year was probably the hilt of our hatred streak or at least my streak.

Maybe I had gone by too fast because he stopped talking to the girl and grabbed my elbow before I could get away towards the castle.

“Lane! Where are you off to in such a rush?”

“Didn’t you hear? They’re selling your acne cream up in the common room, thought I’d take pictures of this memorable moment.”

The girl he had been talking to had suddenly stared at Sirius’ face and then muttered a quick goodbye. Sirius watched her run off and then glared back at me.

“Now was that necessary?”

I laughed and crossed my arms waiting for him to come up with some mean comment. He merely stood there and gazed into my eyes. I was starting to get uncomfortable, so I turned and began to walk away.

“Hey Lane…”

I sighed and turned back around. He stood there with quite a serious face on and his gray eyes were intently focused on mine. His hands were stuck in his pockets and for the first time I saw what was so cute about him. He was simply irresistible. I knocked those thoughts out of my head and shrugged.

“I don’t think you hate me as much as you think you do…”

I chuckled shortly.

“That’s what you think, Black.”

I again spun around and headed back up to the castle, wondering what in the world Sirius had meant. I couldn’t help but look back once to see if he was still there and surprisingly he was standing in his exact spot watching me too.


The last feast of our seventh year was over and done with. Headmaster Albus Dumbledore said his last speech and we all looked around us. It was amazing how much could change in a year. Lily and I stayed best friends but Sandy was back as our friend. James and Sirius finally stole our hearts after years of tricks, humiliation and laughter. Remus let out his little furry problem but we accepted him with open arms.

As we all headed back up to the dormitories to get out last night of sleep over with, I passed professor Slughorn and told Sirius to wait up. I walked up to my potions professor and smiled at him.

“You know, you were right…” I said shyly and he looked in my direction. “Love never ran the smooth course.”

He chortled and nodded.

“Glad you learned something this year Miss Lane.” He gazed past me and his eyes laid on Sirius who was still waiting for me. He nodded, grinned mischievously and then turned away humming a tune.

“What was that all about?” Sirius asked once I had joined his side. He wrapped his arm around my shoulders and I beamed up at him.

“Just a lesson learned…oh by the way did you ever figure out who Sadistic Mad Lunatic was?”

He shook his head and frowned. For some reason, even though he was oblivious to my grins, I kissed his cheek and laughed; his furrowed brows and scrunched forehead was adorable. We all stayed up and sat in the common room talking. It’s odd because I never thought I’d see us all together as friends at the beginning of the year but things do change and I must say it was quite a chaotic journey.

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