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The "L" Word by mizzundastoodravenclaw777

Format: Short story
Chapters: 5
Word Count: 11,605
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature

Genres: Humor, Mystery, AU
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Crabbe Jr., Goyle Jr., Draco, Pansy, Blaise (M), OC
Pairings: Harry/Cho, Ron/Hermione, Draco/OC

First Published: 08/25/2006
Last Chapter: 03/26/2010
Last Updated: 03/26/2010


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Hermione Granger and Megan Radcliffe have been enemies since they were first years. Hermione knows that Megan is last person she'd ever want to be with on earth. But will this mere fact be both their undoing?

Chapter 1: Loathing
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A/N: This story is being revamped for the best. I’ve come to the truth that, I really don’t like this story at all and so I’m doing my best to like it again. So here is the improved “The “L” Word” before I think Megan was genuinely evil, but now she’s just an asshole who thinks she’s evil. Besides the fact that she was a Mary Sue. OH and by the way. How about reading the whole story before reviewing? It's not that difficult.

Most would say Megan Radcliffe was the most feared girl in Hogwarts. But Harry and his gang would say she was the most hated. Megan Radcliffe was an awful, awful girl who seemed to be relentless when it came to making other people’s lives miserable. She was a Malfoy clone but unfortunately she would never be as bright as him. She was quite the idiot, everyone realized that when they were first years. Although Megan was pretty decent looking, she seemed to be oddly as tall as the boys, when people told this to her she became quite annoyed and exploded her rage on anyone who crossed her path. If you’re walking down the corridor and a pair of fierce green eyes are staring at you, you better believe they belong to Megan Radcliffe. Her raven black hair went passed her neck and her skin was fair. But she had a horrible personality and low intelligence. She barely made it through her exams every year, passing either because of pity or the by bare minimum. This makes some people feel bad for her.

Her reputation proceeds her as Draco Malfoy’s girlfriend AND one of the most horrible person you would ever meet. Even people in Slytherin didn’t like her that much. She loved the fact that she was in Slytherin though and was oblivious to how phony some people were towards her. Her father was in Slytherin, and her mother was in Ravenclaw (you would never know it) She had an older sister; she was also sorted into Ravenclaw. Melissa Radcliffe, she was about twenty-two by now. She was a potions teacher at a wizarding school in America. Megan never told anyone what school because she didn’t care nor did she want anyone to know. She hated her sister, her sister set a bar at Hogwarts that she could never reach and so she despised her. Plus the fact she wishes to live just like her father who is her active role model. The most distinctive fact about Megan Radcliffe was that: she hated Hermione Granger.

Hermione Granger was a Muggle born girl who started school the same year Radcliffe did. The fact that she was Muggle born disgusted Megan. But the first time she truly knew she hated her was when she approached her in their first year, on all hallows eve and asked her ridiculous questions about her older sister. The very fact that she was comparing Megan to Melissa aggravated her and so she told her off. This hurt Hermione’s feelings gravely because at the time she had no friends and she had been hoping Megan would be her friend. The last and final thing that made Megan hate Hermione forever was because she was friends with Harry Potter. Ever since then her and Hermione had LOATHED each other. Their relationships are female equivalents to Draco and Harry’s relationship. No one quite knew why she hates Harry so, but there are whispers around the school that her father and mother were former Death Eaters.

Hermione was just trying to be friendly that night, but it was obvious that Megan didn’t take kindly to inquiry on her family. Even since, every chance Megan got she teased and bothered Hermione.

Enough about Hermione and Megan, time to get back to the big picture. It was their fourth year at Hogwarts and Dumbledore had decided that it would be nice if all of the students in their fourth year and up to go on and interesting sleep away field trip, to London. Just to relax from the hectic events from the years before. This made many of the students excited to return to Hogwarts. On Hogwarts express all the students who were attending were talking about it excessively. Three weeks living in a hotel room. Not allowed to do magic but, it seemed so exciting anyway.


“We should go visit big Ben. I know tons of sites we could go look at.” Hermione said in excitement. It seemed like she had been planning ever since she got her letter. Of course someone barged in uninvited.
“Leave it to Granger to turn a relaxing holiday into a history lesson!” Megan shouted as she stormed into the compartment with Pansy on her side. Draco passed by happily and tapped her shoulder.
“A lesson you may need…” He said teasingly. She shoved him to the ground and looked towards Harry and Ron and scoffed.
“Listen Granger when we leave to London, stay clear of me. I don’t even want to hear your voice, Filthy Mudblood…” She said as she nodded towards Pansy. Pansy gave her a nod in return and walked out of the car. Ron shook his head as if he was annoyed.
“I’m tired of her coming in here unwanted. It’s like she has nothing better to do than follow us and taunt us.” Ron said as he bit into his sandwich his mother had made him.
“She could be studying…” Harry said jokingly as he looked at Hermione who began to laugh, she had felt a lot better now that Megan was gone and she and friends were joking around.


A couple of compartments away the famous five (Malfoy, Radcliffe, Parkinson, Crabbe and Goyle) were lounging. Megan and Pansy had been talking about dreadful clothes some of the students wear, while Malfoy and the boys pigged out on candy from the trolley. Megan couldn’t help but notice that Pansy kept staring at Malfoy.
“What are you looking at?” She said bluntly. Pansy blinked excessively and smiled.
“Nothing…” She whispered as she looked down towards her feet. She picked up a chocolate frog and put it near her mouth until Megan immediately slapped it out her hand.
“How many times do I have to tell you? Those—things— make—your— ass – FAT!” She yelled as she heard sniggering coming from Crabbe, Goyle and Malfoy. Megan had been furious with Pansy lately. She always sent her owl posts saying she wants a perfect body like hers. Of course Megan’s body wasn’t perfect but Pansy always seemed to see Megan as a picture of perfection. Megan said one of the rarest things she would ever say; she said she would help her. And Pansy wasn’t living up to their agreement.
Malfoy slid over to Megan and leaned towards her for a kiss. Of course she didn’t do anything. She just sat there and stared at him for two minutes.
“Hey! What’s going on? Kiss me!” He said as he tired to force himself on her, she pushed his head away from hers angrily.

“Get away you’re all sticky!” She said distressfully. She ran to the other side of her car trying to get far away. Malfoy smirked and got up menacingly.

“I know some one who wants a chocolate frog kiss!” He shouted. The compartment exploded with laughter, the Slytherin crew always had a good time with each other. That was when they weren’t wreaking havoc.


Hogwarts express had came to a halt and everyone was dressed in their robes ready to go back to their dormitories for rest. But they had forgotten about the welcome back feast. At the feast Headmaster Dumbledore had announced those who would be attending the trip to London in the first three weeks in October. Everyone was excited. But the younger students felt cheated.
“Why can’t we go Ron? We were around for the havoc as well!” Ginny complained, who was now a third year student at Hogwarts. Ron shrugged, he didn’t know. He thought it was bad enough that Fred and George would be going. Harry had (for once) gotten consent from his aunt and uncle to go to this trip. He was glad too. He would have been devastated if he couldn’t go to London with Ron and Hermione. Harry’s blissful thoughts were interrupted by something that hit Harry in the head.

“Ouch!” he howled. He looked back and it was his least favorite people: the Slytherin crew. They waved menacingly as the broke out in laughter. They looked like they were trying to keep straight faces but had failed. Professor McGonagall had approached the podium. There seemed to be one more announcement.

“I forgot to mention that when we arrive to our hotel in London, same gender pairings will be placed in rooms together. I will announce who will be staying with whom and before we leave I will remind you.” She said as she rolled out a long parchment that looked like she would be reciting names for hours, she cleared her throat.

“Blaise Zabini and Seamus Finnagin, Dean Thomas and Cedric Diggory, Lavender Brown and Pansy Parkinson—” Everyone in the Slytherin table gasped and looked at Pansy and Megan. If she wasn’t paired with Pansy, who was she sharing a room with?

“Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy—” Professor McGonagall continued as Draco and Harry both looked furiously at each other across their house tables.
“Padma Patil and Cho Chang, Hermione Granger and Megan Radcliffe—”

“WHAT!” Hermione yelled as she jumped out of her seat and stared daggers at Megan. Megan stood out her seat as well. They both ran towards the podium to try and reason with Professor McGonagall
“Professor, can you reassign that pair please?” Hermione said whiningly. Megan shoved her out of the way.

“Professor there has to be another person I can pair with. Definitely not her…” Megan shouted rudely.
“I’ll have to get back to you on that, please be seated or you won’t go at all… I have to finish my list.” Hermione and Megan glanced at each other angrily and stormed back to their seats.

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Chapter 2: It's The Sorting Hats Fault!
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                  Dear father and mother,

                I was going to send Lilith in high spirits, until last night when Professor McGonagall had informed me that on our trip to London, I would be sharing a room with Hermione Granger, of course you’d wouldn’t want that would you daddy? It would be ever-so perfect if you used your influence to make them set me up with Pansy rather than that filthy Mudblood daddy. Me and Draco are fine be sure to tell Mr.Malfoy, and be sure to tell Mum that that I want a new owl. Lilith is annoying.

                                                                                                                                      Megan Radcliffe

                 Megan re-read her letter over and over. She walked over to Draco and showed him the letter. He began to read it and immediately winced. She awaited his approval as she bit her lip and twirled her hair around her index finger. At the time the common room was filled with a mournful silence. Everyone was upset about their pairings. Obviously someone was trying to make this holiday the worst one ever. Draco shook his head disapprovingly and looked up to her. You could tell he was irritated…

“'It would be ever-so perfect'? No no no no, go back write it over again. Cut the innocent act, your father knows if you want something he’ll give it to you. Now think hard when you write it this time…” He said in a scolding manner. She walked back over to the table and dipped her quill into the ink and began to scribble on the parchment. Draco got up and looked over her shoulder and shook his head disapprovingly once more.

“MOVE!” He yelled as he shoved her out of her seat and onto the floor and sat where she sat. “Bloody hell, I’LL write it…” He scoffed. She sat on the floor and had a look of sadness on her face. She trembled her bottom lip, as if she was about to cry. She and Draco were the only ones in the common room. Everyone else had gone off to bed, but Megan couldn’t accept the fact that she was paired with Granger. She wanted to write a letter to her father about it knowing he would set things straight. Draco stayed up to voluntarily help her with the writing of the letter, assuming he knew better than she did; which she kind of didn’t like about him.

                  Dear Father and Mother,

                I must call to your attention that the splendid trip to London will be taking place in the first three weeks of October. I’m all packed and ready to go! I can’t wait, but there is a downside. They have set pairs for the hotel rooms and I want my privacy daddy! You know I like my privacy. Please inform Headmaster Dumbledore and give him the money to get my own room. THANK YOU DADDY!

                  Draco looked at the parchment in satisfaction as he carefully re-read his version of the letter to Megan’s parents. It sounded much better now, at least to him it did. It had not a hint of spoiled brat in it at all. In fact it was the perfect disguise for Dumbledore. Megan is a growing girl and she would want her privacy. Her father would give the money for her to get her own room. It was brilliant, he looked down to Megan and smiled and gave her the parchment. She read slowly as she twisted her face in anger. Dimming her eyes, without looking at him, she gave him back the parchment.

“They’re going to know that’s not me…” She sighed as she got up off the floor and sunk in one of the common room couches. He took the parchment and pinned it on to her owl’s leg and set it near the window.

“Take this to Megan’s parents…” He said to Lilith as she flew out of the window quickly.

“It’s still a good excuse…” he said as he walked over to her and sat next to her. She still looked as if she was about to cry. Her bottom lip kept trembling and Draco couldn’t help but notice.

“What are you going to cry? You have to try and be smart Megan or you’ll never get away with things. Your father isn’t going to be around to get you everything you want forever!” He said angrily. Her face grew angry as well, she looked as if she was holding her tongue. She didn’t want to fight with Draco on their first day back. Draco gave her a lustful look he loved it when she was angry. He found it quite attractive, even when she
was angry with him. He pinched her cheek and smiled.

“Love you…” He whispered with a smile. Her face was still angry. He leaned towards her for a kiss, she leaned away. He grabbed her and snogged her then got on top of her and continued to snog her against her will. He was enjoying every minute. She was furious and took out her wand.

“Expeliarmus!” her yell was muffled by Draco’s tongue in her mouth but rest assured, Draco went flying across the room. She looked down at Draco and stuck her nose in the air and walked into the girl’s dormitory. Draco cursed and looked across the room.

“Damn.” He groaned.

                  Hermione tossed and turned that night. She couldn’t sleep at all knowing that she’d have to share a room with the horrible, snotty, bratty, racist… Y’know I could go on… but I won’t… Bottom line was, she was upset because of her placement. And it was going to take her some time to figure out how to fix her dilemma.

                  Everyone woke up that morning, some blissful and some sullen. This “pairs” issue had seem to have had affected everyone and It was beginning to rub off on the attitudes towards other students. Hermione, Ron and Harry sat in their usual place basically complaining about their pairs, as was everyone else.

“It’s a wonder isn’t it? You two get paired with people you hate, and the worst I’ve got is Neville…” Ron said as he picked up a piece of toast. Professor McGonagall had announced that night that he would be paired with Neville, which; compared to Hermione and Harry’s pairs, wasn’t so bad.

“Look at her, she thinks she so great! She’s like a giraffe from hell… She thinks she’s so great! She thinks she’s so pretty!” Hermione began to rant. Harry sighed sadly.

“Hermione lay off her looks, she’s nice looking, so what? It’s not like it’s a crime!” Harry said calmly. Hermione gave him an angry glare. He blushed after realizing what he had said.

“What about me and Malfoy, can you imagine? I have to sleep in same room as that demon!” He complained. Hermione looked down at her food and sighed hardly.

“Hermione and Radcliffe are total opposites! One’s smart the other is an idiot…” Ron started.

“One’s gorgeous and the other one is hideous!” A familiar voice from behind them said. Malfoy and his team walked up to Hermione, Ron, and Harry as they always did. Megan pushed a path between the Slytherin girls, Pansy at her side as usual.

“You rigged it didn’t you? You little Mudblood, just so you could see what its like to be me! You want to be me; you can’t because I would commit suicide if I was a Mudblood…” Megan said, her face angry as usual. Her green eyes burning with hate. Harry was infuriated by what Megan had said. He knew who Megan truly was she wasn’t fooling him.

“What an ignorant statement to make, this doesn’t surprise me in the slightest” Hermione spat.

“No one wants to be you Megan… Your horrible, egotistical and the worst thing about you is you act like you love your friends but you don’t trust them. You know you have no real friends. But you pretend to hold it in. Inside, you’re just a scared little girl who wants a real friend…” Harry said passionately. Megan glared at Harry angrily. She gave him looks that made him feel like she was going to kill him. Pansy being Megan’s best friend decided to speak out.

“What are you talking about Potter? She knows that we’re here for her and we always will be!” She shouted. Megan pushed Pansy aside. As she came ridiculously close to Harry, she pushed him lightly.

“You think I’m scared…” she said through her teeth.

“Huh Potter?” Her voice grew impatient as she kept pushing him, more roughly than
before. “Speak up, let the school hear you!” Crabbe put his hand on her shoulder and pulled her away from Harry, who was frozen in fury. She turned away and then turned back around and punched Harry across the face. He yelped in pain as he fell back staggering. She looked over to Hermione.

“That was for last year, when you decked Malfoy…” She said through teeth. Her face was as serious is it could ever be. Hermione started towards her and was pulled back by Harry who was once again on his feet. His pain had slightly gone away. He wasn’t bleeding or anything. Radcliffe and Malfoy walked away from the scene as the first bell rung for the day.

                  Hermione followed Professor McGonagall all day requesting the change of the rooms, but she had no success. Professor McGonagall has said it was out of her hands and she didn’t pick the pairs. Otherwise Harry would’ve never gotten a room with Malfoy. When Hermione gave inquiry for who had done the picking. Professor McGonagall had ended the conversation.

                  Megan got a reply from her father that afternoon. Her and her fellow Slytherins were excited to see what her father had written. “You go to the owlery or some crap, go be gone!” she shouted at her owl Lilith. The Slytherin crew gathered together so that they could hear Megan read her letter out loud:

                             Dear Megan,

                                 I understand you want your privacy, next time don’t have Draco write your letter for you…

She looked up towards Draco and frowned. He shrugged; she mouthed “I told you so” and continued to read.

Meg, you’re my little girl and I’ll do anything to make you happy. I contacted Professor Dumbledore and he had informed me that, if I had gotten you your own room with my money, it would have been against school rules.

Everyone at the table gasped and looked at each other in sadness. Megan demanded silence and began to read again.

Apparently there was some sort of sacred process that had picked this person you’re residing with. And he would have allowed it, if they hadn’t used this process. You’re going to have to deal with this one sweetheart it’s very clear that daddy can’t fix this problem for you. I love you. Mind your manners, behave and if Mr. Malfoy’s son touches you inappropriately send me an owl.

                                                                                                                Adam Radcliffe

                 Megan looked up from the parchment with shock. Malfoy looked even paler than usual. Pansy shook her head in disbelief while Crabbe and Goyle just looked genuinely confused, Megan’s eyes widened in shock at that moment.

“He’s not helping me…” She whispered frightfully. “HE’S NOT HELPING ME!!!” She stood as she dragged Draco up and shook him furiously by his collar. She had a bright look of fear on her face.

“WHAT DOES HE MEAN IF I TOUCH YOU INAPPROPRIATELY!?” He shouted back. She threw him down to the floor and began to pace back and forth nervously.

“Okay the most important thing to do is not panic, don’t panic, and just don’t panic. No panicking…” She repeated over and over again nervously. Pansy stood up towards Megan.

“Megan…” She started. Megan grabbed her by her collar. “DAMN IT PANSY I SAID DON’T PANIC!” she yelled as she slapped her across the face. “Maybe you could ask Professor Snape…” she choked as she rubbed her throbbing right cheek. Megan dropped her to the ground as well. She tapped her chin and thought for a moment.

“Bloody hell! It just might work!” she shouted as she pulled Pansy up to her feet, then Draco.

“We just got to corner him…” Megan whispered, Draco and Pansy were dusting there selves off. Megan grabbed them by their hood and dragged them. “C’mon lets go!” she shouted eagerly. Crabbe and Goyle eagerly followed.

                  Harry, Ron and Hermione sat in the common room, trying to figure out what Professor McGonagall wouldn’t tell them. They sat for about fifteen minutes, just thinking, not talking to each other. This was something even Hermione couldn’t figure out. Ron was worried for Harry and Hermione. They both were stuck with two people who were horrible towards them. He wanted to try and comfort them.

“Y’know, if you ever want to back out on the trip just tell me. I don’t think you should be in the same room as those two. They might try to kill you in your sleep.” Ron started. Harry squinted and scratched his head. “Back out on the trip? Because of those two? NEVER!” Harry replied.

“Ron, it’s okay. Harry and I will just deal with it. You don’t have to worry about us…” Hermione added. Ron made a gesture that told her and Harry to come closer. They huddled together so the rest of the common room wouldn’t hear.

“I’m just saying, y’know about Malfoy’s father. My dad also told me that both Radcliffe’s parents were death eaters. Might have rubbed off on her…” He whispered as he looked around cautiously. Hermione shook her head in disbelief.  

“Radcliffe’s mother couldn’t be a death eater; she was in Ravenclaw wasn’t she?” Hermione asked.

“Last year we learned that anyone could be a follower of Lord Voldemort…” Harry started; Ron flinched when he said the name. “Sorry, what house was her father in?” Harry asked.

“Slytherin, but my dad says her mum was one of the unexpected death eaters. She had an evil inside her that no one knew about. And that evil might have been passed down to Megan. She’s already like her father. All I’m saying is be careful when you’re around them. You know Malfoy and Radcliffe; they’re always up to something…” Ron finished. Hermione and Harry nodded their heads in agreement. They felt Ron had a very good point. They would take heed to his suggestion to be careful.

                  Radcliffe, Malfoy, Crabbe, Goyle, and Pansy walked into Professor Snape’s study. He shot a furious look at them. Megan walked towards him respectfully.

“Professor Snape, my father sent me a letter this afternoon about our trip, about our pairs. Exactly how did the teachers choose them?” Megan asked sweetly as she glanced at Malfoy with a smirk, he smirked in return as she turned back to Professor Snape.

“Ms. Radcliffe, have you any idea how many pupils are in your year alone?” He asked. Megan tapped her chin as she thought hardly. Snape remembering that she wasn’t too bright stopped her thought process.

“Don’t strain yourself stupid girl… Well you know it’s a lot…” He said quickly. She frowned then nodded her head in agreement.

“Do you think all of the teacher could have paired all of the students in their fourth year and up in one summer?” He asked.

“If they tried really hard…” She whispered. Malfoy slapped himself in the forehead and groaned “idiot”. Pansy gave lifted one of her eyes brows at Malfoy.

“Megan we left the job to someone who we knew would the get the job done as quickly as possible. “Dumbledore made the sorting hat do it.” Snape finished. All of their mouths dropped open in shock.

“What…?” Megan said through her teeth. Pansy, Crabbe, and Goyle just stood in shock.

“Bloody hell…” Malfoy whispered softly so Professor Snape couldn’t hear. Professor Snape shrugged and walked away.

“It seemed like a good idea at the time…” He whispered. Megan signaled them to walk out of the study into the hallway.

“Can you believe that? Those lazy gits…” Megan said in anger as she led the group storming down the hallway.

“It’s the sorting hat’s fault! It’s the sorting hat’s fault I’m stuck with Granger!” She shouted. Everyone in the hallway stared at Megan. They heard her comment and everyone began to whisper. Hermione headed towards her, followed by Harry and Ron.

“What did you say?” She asked.

“The sorting hat, they used it to set up the pairs. It’s the reason why I’m stuck with you. And we can’t change it. ‘Cause what the sorting hat says stays. Or we could change our houses all willy-nilly.” Megan declared. Hermione was shocked, Megan just let out a loud angry groan and pushed Hermione to the side and walked away, her crew followed.

                  During the next few weeks, Radcliffe and Hermione stayed clear of each other, as did Harry and Malfoy. Soon time drew nearer and nearer until it was finally the day they got onto the train to go to London. Students gathered at the Hogsmeade platform younger ones saying goodbye to their older siblings or friends. Professor McGonagall called the pairs once again and told them to get together. She ordered that two pairs were to stay in one compartment. Megan didn’t want to leave Draco. She asked, well forced Him and Harry to stay in the same compartment as her and Hermione. They got their compartment, their holiday would soon begin. Hermione talked to Harry as Megan lay in Draco’s arms and fell asleep as the Hogwarts express headed for London.


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Chapter 3: Trolleys and Telephones!
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            Megan woke up and she was no longer in Draco’s arms. He had gotten up to buy something from the trolley; she looked over to Harry and Hermione and sneered. She sat up and fixed her hair. Draco turned around smiled.

“Bout time you woke up. I was so bored, chocolate frog?” He said as he sat next to her. She declined his offer and unzipped her green and black hoodie revealing her black t-shirt. He kissed her on her cheek and then opened up his chocolate frog box. She glared at Harry and Hermione as she turned to Draco, who now had chocolate on his face. She frowned and took out a handkerchief with her initials and the Slytherin snake on it.

“You’re such a dirty boy…” She groaned as she tried to wipe it off his face. He moved away angrily.

“Not as dirty as you think…” He replied as he stuffed another chocolate frog into his mouth. She rolled her eyes and put her handkerchief away.

            Hermione and Harry had been talking the whole time. Pretending that Radcliffe and Malfoy weren’t there, it worked very well. Megan had been asleep for an hour or so and Draco kept quiet for a while. This looked very hard for him. When Radcliffe woke up he had begun to eat. She didn’t say anything to Harry and Hermione, just shot angry looks at them. Until Draco finally finished eating his junk food, they engaged in conversation.

“How is your sister?” Draco asked reluctantly, he knew her sister was a sore subject but he was bored and didn’t know what to talk about. Megan sighed hardly.

“I told you she came to visit this summer. That’s why we couldn’t go see your family as much as we usually would. She brags to my parents about America, and how all of her yank students love her. Then, every five minutes she tells me how big I’m getting. How I’m growing up so fast. So get this, Mum tells her about you. And she’s just so happy for me. She hopes us the best. Sickening…” Megan ranted. Draco shrugged and slouched slightly.

“I didn’t like her when your family came over for dinner that night. She seemed to be always be in a good mood. What was she intoxicated? And she kept telling me that she remembered when I was a baby, like I cared…” Draco began to rant as well. Megan flipped her hair.

“Disgustingly optimistic, I hate it. How can she possibly be a Radcliffe?” Megan added. “And what I hate the most is my parents are so proud of her…” she continued. She looked up into Draco’s gray eyes. He looked into hers. She slightly became pink as her and Draco leaned inward for a kiss but before their lips could touch, they heard an annoyed clearing of a throat. They both glanced over to Harry and Hermione.

“Do you mind?” Hermione said in an annoyed tone. “No…” Megan spat back. “You two could talk all you want while we get off…” She said angrily.

“Honestly have some compassion, not everyone can handle such a sickly sight…” Harry groaned. Megan grew angry and pushed Draco away and muttered “fine”. She laid into down into Draco’s lap as she fell asleep once more.



            The Hogwarts express reached its destination. It had come to a halt. The train ride hadn’t been so bad for Harry and Hermione. But who knew what was to come? Hermione was telling Harry about all the restaurants and all the sights they would go to during the time they were going to stay in London. Professor McGonagall gathered everyone together as she recited the rules and changed their magical money into muggle money. She told them they would be staying at the Open Arms Hotel. She reminded the students not to use a lot of magic on this trip, after all; they would be around an awful lot of muggles. 

            They reached the hotels and assigned the rooms to the students and then the teachers retired to their suites. Hermione dragged her trunk and Radcliffe’s all the way to the room. Radcliffe stood behind and waited her to open the door.

“Well, open it then…” She said impatiently. Hermione sneered and took out the room key and opened the door as she dragged her trunk into the room abandoning Radcliffe’s. Radcliffe groaned and dragged her own trunk in as well. The room was nice and big with a balcony. There were two beds, one blue and one white. There was a television that Megan wouldn’t likely be watching it due to the fact that she despised any Muggle technology. There was large eating table. Next to the white bed which was on the right near the door was another door that led to bathroom, with a shower, and a sink.

            Megan sat on the blue bed, which was nearest to the balcony. She laid back and sighed hardly as if she was tired, but she had slept seventy-five percent of the time they took coming.

“I call first bed-sies” She shouted. Hermione stormed over to her and frowned.

“There is no such thing as first bed-sies; you just made that up…” Hermione corrected with and annoyed expression. “Fine… Which one do you want?” Megan replied she sat up slightly. “I think I’d like… That one…” She said as she pointed at the white bed. Megan gave her a scared look.

“Really that one? Hmmm it’s all yours…” 

“Why what’s wrong with it?”

“Nothing… Have a restful sleep Granger…” She said happily. Hermione grew worried. Megan got up and walked towards her trunk to begin to unpack. Hermione jumped in front of her.

“No really what?”

“What do you mean…?” She replied as she walked into the bathroom with a smug face.

“What did you do to it?” Hermione shouted as she stood in front of the bathroom.

“Nothing…” She said smugly as she poked her head out of the bathroom. Hermione ran to the room door and opened it.

“PROFESSOR MCGONAGALL!!!!!!” She shouted outside of the door. Megan fell to the floor of the bathroom laughing hysterically.


            Draco and Harry had reached their rooms. Draco shoved Harry out of his way and opened the door. The room was the same as Hermione and Megan’s. He decided he needed the bed near the bathroom more than Harry did. He began to unpack his things and throw it onto his bed. Harry took the other bed near the balcony reluctantly and began to unpack his things as well. Draco looked up from his unpacking, noticing that Harry was staring at him.

“What you looking at Potter?” He spat. Harry raised his eye brow, but he was much to tired to argue. He got his bath things and walked to the bathroom.

“I’m washing up first” He said through his teeth as he slammed the door of the bathroom. Draco sat on the bed and picked up the room phone. He removed a small piece of parchment he had written Megan, Pansy, Crabbe and Goyle’s room number on. He knew professor McGonagall had told them how the “phones” in the hotel worked. And Draco thought he was so great, he’d get it right the first time he tried it. He dialed Megan’s room number into the phone. Some one picked up.

“Hello? Is this Megan?” He said. He looked over to his bed and back to his feet. And angry distressed voice spoke.

“No, this is Hermione… Megan is in the shower, and she has been in there for quite some time…” Hermione said furiously. Draco shrugged; he knew Megan had a certain cleaning process. It took her about an hour to bathe.

“Well Granger, tell her I called. And help her with using this muggle-machine. She’s not the brightest sickle in the jar…” He spat as he hung up and kicked his shoes off and spread his legs across his bed. He sighed in relief, thinking to himself. ”A boyfriend’s job is never done…

            Harry walked out of the Bathroom with nothing but a dressing gown on. This not only infuriated Draco but it disgusted him, coughhomophobecough. Draco sat up and sneered at Harry who was gathering his bed clothes so he could change in the bathroom.

“Take your stuff with you next time Potter; I don’t fancy seeing you in nothing but a dressing gown…” He yelled. Harry stayed quiet and stormed into the bathroom again and slammed the door again. Poor Draco he felt a flush coming onto his face. He was scared, that he was beginning to feel rather randy, so he called Megan’s room again.

“Hello is this Megan?” He asked anxiously. The same angry distressed voice was on it.

“No Draco— this is still Hermione…” She said. He cursed under his breath.

“Why the bloody hell do you keep picking up the phone?”

“Why don’t you stop calling you impatient bastard!?” Hermione yelled as she hung up the phone. Draco hung up the as well. Harry came out of the bathroom and threw his clothes that he had changed out of into his trunk. He angrily pulled down cover and climbed into the bed and pulled them over himself. His turned off his bedside lamp and turned towards the sliding doors leading to the balcony. Draco sneered he got off his bed and walked towards Harry’s bed. He turned towards the balcony where Harry was facing. Harry’s eyes were still open.

“What do you want?” he said bitterly. Draco walked closer to Harry’s bed. Harry rolled over to the opposite direction. Draco sneered once again and prepared his things for his shower.

            Hermione sat on her bed with her dressing gown on, hoping she would be in the shower soon. Megan had been in the bathroom for about two hours now. The bathroom door opened, stream filled the air as Megan walked out of the bathroom with her large green towel and a green towel over her hair. Hermione gave her a furious look. Megan had a look of no remorse.

“If you’re going to take so long let me go first!” She spat as she gathered her things and angrily stomped towards the bathroom.

“Oh don’t you know, there’s a rule, purebloods always go first…” She said with a sly smile. She sat on her bed and looked through her trunk for her night clothes.

“Your boyfriend called, you should call back. I was tired of picking up the phone and having to deal with him.” She shouted out of the bathroom.

“Well… Maybe you shouldn’t have picked up the phone, have you?” Megan yelled back. She walked over to the table in between the beds where the phone sat. She didn’t really know what to do she wanted to try but she didn’t want to break it.

“Granger!” she called.

“Leave me alone I’m in the shower!” She shouted back. Megan walked to bathroom door and attempted to open it. The door was locked. Megan went back to where her trunk sat and snatched her wand out of it. She stormed back over to the door and pointed her wand at the knob.

Alohomora!” She shouted, the door slammed open. She saw Hermione’s silhouette behind the shower curtain. She slid the shower curtain open aggressively. Hermione yelled in fear and attempted to cover herself.

“The phone, Granger…” She said angrily. She walked out of the bathroom towards the phone and Hermione followed with a towel over herself. She dialed Draco’s room number and slammed the receiver into Megan’s hand.

“Have some decency for some one’s privacy next time…” She shouted as she ran back into the bathroom.

“Calm down Granger, we all got the same thing. Some are just better looking than others…” She yelled as she held the phone to her ear.

“Hello?” a voice said groggily.

“Is this Draco?” Megan asked in an annoyed manner.

“No, this is Harry. Who is this?” Harry said. Megan rolled her eyes and slouched a bit.

“Where is Draco, Potter?”

“Probably in the shower. I was sleeping you know!”

“So what Potter, he told me to call him…”

“I don’t care. Call in the morning or something. Bloody hell Radcliffe!”

“Well when he gets out tell him that I went to bed. And when I called I was in a towel…”

“In a towel, what the bloody hell does that have to do with—”

“JUST DO IT!” She cut him off, then slammed down the receiver and got her night clothes on and went to sleep in her bed.


            It was the middle of the night. Granger had gone to bed and Megan was sleeping soundly. A bell rang in Megan’s ears. She tossed and turned due to these annoying sounds. She looked over to alarm clock. And slammed the off button and continued to sleep soundly.

            A knock came to the door that disrupted Megan’s pleasant sleep. “Hermione! Are you up?” a voice that sounded like Ron yelled as they continued to bang on the door. Megan angry and groggily got up and staggered over to the door. She opened the door, Ron and Harry were standing there eagerly waiting for Hermione but their faces changed when they saw Megan.

“Radcliffe? Is that you?” Ron asked with a shocked face. Harry stared upon her with shock as well.

“You look like some one shagged the brains out of you… well what ever was left of them anyway…” Harry added. She became irritated as she rubbed her green eyes and tried to fix her hair.

“What the Bloody hell do you want?” She blurted. She leaned on the side of the door. She was still sort of tired.

“We’re looking for Hermione…” Ron said.

“GRANGER! You have visitors!” She yelled as she walked back over to where her bed was and attempted to sleep. Hermione jumped up in her bed and looked over Harry and Ron.

“Oh my gosh, I’m sorry guys. Give me Fifteen minutes. How’d this happen? I had the alarm set!” Hermione yelled hurriedly as she tried to get dressed in the bathroom.

“That was you who did that?” Megan asked in an irritated manner.

“Yes as a matter of fact!” She shouted back. Megan found it difficult to get back to sleep. She climbed out of her bed folded her arms and leaned on the wall nearest to the door.

“It was for me!”

“That thing was annoying I turned it off. You weren’t even awake…”

“You should have waked me! I wanted to get to breakfast at a certain time!” She said angrily.

“Pfft, Breakfast is open until noon… It’s nine o’ clock you’re not missing anything…”

She snapped back.

“That’s not the point!” Hermione said, she walked out of the bathroom fully dressed and now approached Megan.

“You should try not be so self centered, everything isn’t always about you!”

“What the bloody hell are you talking about Granger? I’m the most selfless person in this room. For more reasons than one. Just leave me alone and go to your cruddy breakfast…” She said. Hermione frowned and walked towards the door before she closed it Harry said one last thing.

“Oh and Malfoy wants to meet you outside of the hotel at twelve thirty…” He said begrudingly. Hermione slammed the door as Megan got off the wall and walked into the Bathroom to get dressed.


Chapter 4: Holiday going down hill?
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“Can you believe her?” Hermione complained as they walked down the hallway. Harry and Ron stayed quiet.

“Do you know what she did last night? She walked in on me when I was in the shower, demanding that I teach her how to use the bloody phone.” Hermione added. Harry and Ron stopped dead in their tracks and gave her a shocked face.

“Really? What were you wearing?” Ron asked. Hermione rolled her eyes and turned around.

“I was in the shower Ronald, I wasn’t wearing anything…” She replied.

“What was she wearing?”

“A towel, what are you—”

“You were naked and Megan was only wearing a towel, Blimey I need to visit your room more often. Did she kiss you?”

“NO! Ronald you’re off point!”

“Well what did she say about your body? Were you all hot and wet?” Harry asked eagerly.

“Who cares about the shower part! That’s not even important!”

“Then why would you mention it, getting our hopes up!”

“I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU TWO!” She shouted. “The point is, Megan is rude, self-centered and horrible and I hate sharing a room with her.”

“Could have just said that instead of getting us all excited in the morning…” Ron whispered to Harry. Harry nodded in agreement.

“She is terrible…” Hermione started.

“Meow…” Harry whispered to Ron. Hermione sneered. “What are you doing? I’m serious I can’t deal with her. It’s like she has a vendetta with me or something!” She continued. Harry and Ron had smug looks on their faces.

“Meow…” Ron repeated.

“Cat fight…” Harry added. Hermione groaned angrily and walked towards the where the breakfast area was, Harry and Ron followed.

Megan had just got out the shower, she didn’t know what she was going to wear but she did know she had to meet Draco. She took out her black turtle neck out her trunk and her blue jeans. She looked over at the clock; it had said ten o’ clock. She had plenty of time. When she got her clothes on she sat on her bed, for a moment. A knock came at the door.

“Yes…” She whispered as she opened the door. It was Pansy, probably wanting to go down stairs for breakfast.

“So Meg how was your sleep?” Pansy asked with a smile as she sat across from Megan on Hermione’s bed.

“It was okay, but whenever I was awake, Granger kept badgering me. We bickered all night. I fell asleep, glad I did too.” She replied.

“What are we doing today?”

“Well, Draco wants to meet me at twelve thirty; I have to see what that’s all about. Then we gather up our gang talk a stroll around to see what we can do. And later we could go to dinner at a restaurant. Me and Draco’s treat. Come back to my room and… Do something I don’t know…” She answered. She got up and walked over to her trunk and pulled out her wand.

“I got to keep this baby handy…” She said as she slipped it into her back pocket.

“How’s your diet going?”

“Do I look thinner?” Pansy asked hopefully. Megan sneered.


Hermione, Ron and Harry had finished breakfast and were heading back upstairs to grab their jackets. They parted ways and said they’d meet outside of the hotel. Harry called over Ron to tell him something. Hermione wasn’t paying attention she didn’t know what. Hermione unlocked the door and walked in to see Pansy and Megan out on the Balcony. She walked towards the Balcony and snuck up on them.

“She’s hideous isn’t she?” Pansy said with a disgusted face.

“You think that’s bad, you should see her in the morning!” Megan Chuckled. Hermione took out her want and pointed at Megan. Megan swung around with a frightened look on her face.

“How long were you there?” She asked angrily.

“Long enough! I’m tired of this, I’m going get rid of you the best way I can!” Hermione shouted. Megan squirmed as Hermione kept her wand pointed at her. Hermione detected a bit of fear in her. Megan started to whimper.

Harry, Ron and Draco stood out the hotel. Not in the front but where the balconies had been. There were four entrances, one in the front one in the back, and two on the side. They were standing at the side one. The Hotel sat on a hill. Steep and it was quite a walked to go up it. Ron for some reason had a wheel barrow. Draco had a look of wonder and annoyance on his face.

“Why are we here Potter? I already told you, I’m not fond of you. And why does Weasley have a wheel barrow?” Draco blurted.

“Just waiting for the arrival of you girlfriend of course!” Harry exclaimed.

“She’ll be down in a bit!”

“What are you talking about?”

Megan continued to squirm as Hermione pointed her wand at her. Megan silently slipped out her wand and pointed it at Hermione.

“If do try something on me, I try something on you!” She shouted. The both began to circle the balcony, wands still pointing at each other. And Pansy frozen in fear.

“You’re foul, vicious and cruel. You need your comeuppance” Hermione yelled.

“Who’s going to give it to me? You, I don’t think so mudblood…” She said through her teeth.

Harry looked up at the balconies and back at Draco, and smirked.

“She’ll be here in five, four, three…”

Hermione had a look of fury on her face that was beyond any anger they had seen from her before. Megan kept squinting and staring at Hermione. Blinded by rage.

“Do it then Granger, I dare you, Do it…” She whispered. Hermione stepped back and lowered her wand.

“Ha! Knew it” She laughed as she glanced at Pansy who was now smiling. Hermione turned back around swiftly and pointed her wand again at Megan.

“Expelliarmus!” She shouted as Megan fell backward off the balcony.

“Megan!” Pansy shouted as she leaned over the Balcony.

Harry stood staring his watch counting off how long Megan was going to take.


Harry was cut off by the sudden plummet of Megan into the wheel barrow. She looked up and saw Harry, Draco, and Ron.

“Don’t just stand there help me!” she shouted. “Sorry, can’t at the moment!” Ron said as he let go of the wheel barrow and it was quickly rolling down the hill. Draco’s face went pale.

“Meg! You’ll pay for this Potter!” he yelled as he ran after the wheel barrow going down the hill that contained his girlfriend. Harry and Ron busted into laughter at the site of the events. Hermione rushed through the doors and looked at Draco running after Megan. She then turned to Harry and Ron.

“What happened? Where’s Megan?” Hermione said hurriedly. Then she gave a horrified gasp. “Is she okay? I was blinded by fury! She provoked me! I—” Hermione began to panic. Ron grabbed her arm.

“Hermione calm down, Radcliffe’s okay we just pulled a prank on her. It was Harry’s idea!” Ron Chuckled. He then turned to Harry.

“We better get to the bottom of the hill for a better look. Let’s get Fred and George they always like a good prank. Coming Hermione?” Harry said as him and Ron approached the door. Hermione shrugged then followed.

Draco ran quickly down the hill after his girlfriend as the muggles gave him weird looks. But he wasn’t going to concentrate on that, he needed to get to Megan before she got hurt. Well, before something bad happened. Okay he’s running after Megan merely because if he didn’t she’d give him the silent treatment to for weeks.

“I’ve got you! I’ve got you!” he yelled as he drew nearer to the wheel barrow. He grabbed on to the handles. He gave a breath of triumph but Megan was not happy.

“MAKE IT STOP YOU PRAT!” She yelled as they were about to cut through a crowd of muggles. Draco was being dragged by the wheel barrow and couldn’t stop it.

“DAMN INERTIA! (A/N: I pay attention in science!)” He shouted as they wheel past a fruit stand and knocked over a little muggle girl.

“Sorry!” He said as he looked back. He then looked down towards Megan. “Don’t worry love; I’ll get us out of this!” He shouted. Megan screamed as they sped down the hill faster and faster.

“It’s getting steeper Draco!” She said in a frightened voice. She tried to close her eyes. They pushed through a crowd of teen muggles. The teens cursed at them as they threw a rock at them.

“Bloody Hell Draco! They’re stoning us!” She yelled as she looked up at her boyfriend who was trying to contain control of the wheel barrow. They sped closer to what looked like an uneven pavement; which had stopped short in front of a large rubbish bin. Megan and Draco had looks of horrid fear on their faces. She looked up at his as if she knew what he was about to do.

“Don’t you dare!” She scowled.

“Sorry!” He shouted as he jumped off the wheel Barrow and begun to roll down the hill. Megan wasn’t very angry. At least he was getting hurt; she could hear him saying ouch and ow repeatedly. The wheel barrow drew closer and closer until it finally stopped in the uneven pavement. Unfortunately (A/N: Or fortunately if you hate Megan…) When the wheel barrow stopped she flew out of it and landed into the large rubbish bin; which had closed as soon as she landed in.


Draco rolled down the hill, he no control of where he was going. Inertia had gotten the best of him again. He only noticed that there were feet, which meant people.

“Can someone help me!?” he shouted repeatedly. He heard no response; he began to feel dizzy as if he was going to puke. He couldn’t see very well but he knew he had to be near the bottom of the hill. Some how he fell into some one’s rubbish can which was laid on the pavement. Now he was rolling down the hill in a rubbish can. He didn’t know if anyone was trying to help him. All he heard was “Hey! My rubbish can!” which didn’t really help him. The can began to slow down and finally stopped. He crawled out of the can and heard laughter. It was Ron, his brothers, Hermione and Harry. He was about to stand and yell at them but when he opened his mouth he coughed up and dog food can lid. Ron laughed even harder.

“Blimey Malfoy, I didn’t know your throat could swallow such things!” Ron howled with laughter. All of them were laughing; Draco finally stood to his feet and sneered. Fred pointed up the hill and Draco turned around and saw his girlfriend covered in rubbish.

“There she is, the woman of the hour!” Fred shouted. Draco hurried over to her as she stopped and finally reached the bottom of the hill.

“DARLING! You’re okay, great lets go befo—” his greeting was interrupted by her shoving him to the ground. She was furious she walked over to Harry.

“Hey Radcliffe, Looking good!” He tried to say slyly as he busted into laughter, and so did everyone else. “You!” she yelled as she tackled him and grabbed his collar, took out her wand and pointed it directly at his neck.

“This is all your fault!” She shouted. Everyone grew as serious as she was.

“I knew it was your bloody idea Potter” She growled. Draco hovered over her. She rolled her eyes and got up, put her wand away, and spun around and looked at all of them.

“How dare you laugh at me!? Do you know who I am!?” She shrieked in anger. Fred and George began to laugh.

“Megan Radcliffe…” Fred started.

“Daughter of Adam and Adrian Radcliffe” George continued.

“Most horrible thing to happen since rules was invented…” They said in unison.

“I’m going to get you; I’m going to get all of you. I don’t know where and I don’t know when, but it’s going to happen, oh yes and you’re going to regret ever laughing at me and Malfoy.” She said passionately. Hermione pulled Harry off the ground and began to lead the group back up the hill.

“C’mon Harry we have stuff to do…” She said quietly. Megan and Draco stayed behind and stood there in anger. Draco smirked at how she had shown her authority. She took a hard angry deep breath. Draco walked over to her.

“That was brilliant!” He said excitedly as he removed a banana peel off her shoulder. They both turned around and started up the hill as well.

“Did it hurt?” He asked slyly. She sneered.

“Did what hurt?” She quickly replied.

“When you fell from heaven…” He said as he lustfully gazed at her with a smile. She let out an angry groan and shoved him to the ground.

Chapter 5: Holiday going back up hill?
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They marched up the hill. All of them, Harry’s gang and Malfoy and his girlfriend. Ron couldn’t help but feel like they were being followed. Plus what Megan had said sort of spooked him. He kept close to Hermione he knew she would protect him. He thought so.

“You don’t think what Radcliffe said was true do you?” He whispered to Hermione frightfully. Megan sneered her and Malfoy were at the back of the group. Actually it did appear as if they were following them.

“I’m right here y’know…” She shouted. Hermione turned back and sneered at Megan then turned back to Ron.

“Don’t be silly Ron; she’s not going to do anything…” Hermione answered confidently. Megan rolled her eyes and folded her arms. Harry decided to jump in.

“Hermione’s right Ron. Malfoy and Radcliffe aren’t going to do anything. They always start things then back out when it gets too serious. They’re cowards.” Harry explained.

“We’re still here y’know…” Megan and Draco said in unison with an attitude. But Harry’s crew continued to ignore them.

“That Radcliffe aye? If she didn’t have boyfriend I’d say she’s one of the skankiest looking girls at Hogwarts. Especially because she’s so tall and all her clothes fit tight. Y’think she’s part giant?” Fred asked with a chuckle as they begun to laugh.

“I’M – WALKING – RIGHT – BEHIND – YOU!” She shouted in fury. She began to pant angrily.

“What’s wrong with you all!? Have some respect! And I’m not that tall!”

“Radcliffe, stop following us. You’re making Ron uncomfortable…” Hermione said through her teeth.

“Don’t flatter yourself! This is the only way back to they hotel me and Draco know of. After all, WE DID COME THE OPPOSITE WAY BY WHEEL BARROW!”

“Don’t take it out on us. You two deserve what you got!” Harry shouted. Megan hated it when Potter spoke before she was finished. Such rudeness made her want to slap him again.

“Potter, don’t be angry because you fancy after Draco and I got to him first. You’re just going to have to let it go” She replied as she signaled Draco to keep walking and they both stormed up the hill.

“I’m not GAY!” Harry shouted back furiously at them. Fred, George, Ron and Hermione gave Harry a blank stare. Harry was still angry.

“I’m not, I’m not gay…” Harry begun to whine. Hermione patted him on the back and led him up the hill along with the rest of the group.

The door of Hermione and Megan’s room slammed open. Pansy jumped at the sound and the sight. Megan had a foul smell to her. She looked like rubbish. Pansy hurried over to her, she was so worried about her best friend.

“Meg! Meg are you okay?” Pansy asked frightfully. Megan shot her and evil look. Pansy flinched and realized the error of her ways.

“Okay stupid question…” Pansy said as she flipped her hair. Megan stood in her same spot, hands clenched in anger, face focused with fury.

“You think…” She spat back. Pansy sat on the bed, Megan’s eyes continued to follow her every move.

“What happened to you?” Pansy asked fearfully. Megan sighed hardly and began to pace.

“After that filthy mudblood pushed me off the balcony, I landed into a wheel barrow that Measly Weasley had. And he let go of it and I plummeted down the hill. Draco tried to help, but it was rubbish…” Megan explained. Pansy sighed.

“Oh, he didn’t try hard enough did he?” she said sympathetically. Megan sneered.

“No, we landed in rubbish…” She said calmly. “What time is it?” Pansy looked down at her wrist watch and observed it.

“Five thirty… You guys were out there an awfully long time…” She said as she stood. Megan angrily walked to the bathroom and slammed the door.

“In thirty minutes we’re going out to dinner. Go tell Goyle, Crabbe and Draco.” She shouted as the shower came on and her yells were mildly muffled by the sound of water.

“Yes Megan…” Pansy whispered as she slowly towards the door.

“NOW!” Megan yelled irritably. Pansy jumped and ran out the door in fear.

Harry, Ron and Hermione reached Ron’s room. Ron didn’t know if Neville had still been there since this morning but, it seemed like a smart place to go after what just happened. Ron opened the door, only to see Dean, Seamus and Neville just sitting and talking. Peacefully, quite the contrary to Harry and Hermione’s roommates.

“Hey we’re going to hang around until dinner time okay.” Neville nodded in approval, he slumped onto his bed. Harry and Hermione sat beside him.

“So we’re going to that restaurant I told you two about right?” Hermione asked.

“Yeah whatever…” Harry muttered, obviously thinking about Radcliffe. Hermione knew because of the way his face looked she grew angry.

“You— you’re thinking about Radcliffe right now aren’t you?” She stuttered angrily. Harry looked up towards her. He sort of didn’t know what to say.

“No, of course not. Just wondering, how the rest of this holiday will be going…” He lied.

Megan, Pansy, Draco, Crabbe and Goyle walked down the crowded, crisp aired London streets. Megan was now changed into her other jeans, black shirt with a dark green zip up- pullover. Draco was now wearing a gray turtle neck along with a pair of his favorite jeans. They both smelled much better and were in much better moods. She and Draco decided to treat their group to dinner. They approached the restaurant, a Muggle bum jumped in front of them. He was hooded and pudgy looking. Megan sneered at him.

“Spare change?” He asked desperately.

“Out of my way Vagabond…” She replied angrily. As she slinked away, the Slytherin crew following her. They walked inside; the place was filled with mostly Muggles. Only some students from their school were there. The hostess approached them cheerfully.

“Hello! Five in your party, please follow me!” She said gingerly. She led them to their own table, which was nice and big. She had done a good job.

“You’re good at what you do…” Megan whispered to her, she pulled out a twenty pound note and begun to give it to her. She quickly snatched it away from her.

“Get us some whine over here and I’ll give it to you…”

“You’re underage…”

“No over-tip for you then!” She shouted as she sat down.

“I’ll be back with your menus…” She said as if her cheerfulness was sucked out her. Megan sat in between Pansy and Draco.

“Muggles are so ungrateful, if it were up to me, they wouldn’t even exist.” Megan ranted. Draco nodded his head agreeing. The hostess came back and dumped the menus onto the table. Megan looked in the menu and saw many items that she could buy, but she did have save most of money for other occasions on this trip. Not that she didn’t have plenty. The waiter arrived and asked for their orders.

“Let’s see, well I’m not that hungry. I just have the steak medium well, lobster, a whole chicken, fried not baked Oh! And a salad, watching my weight” She said with a smile as she patted her flat stomach. Draco sneered at her.

“Bloody hell Megan, thank you for ordering for us,” Draco started, he turned his head towards the waiter “That’s all we’ll be having please.” Draco said angrily (A/N: Always has to be Draco…) to the waiter, Megan picked up a fork and stabbed Draco with it in his hand.

“AAAAH! ----!” He cursed loudly. “I LOVE YOU TOO!” He groaned in excruciating pain. Megan turned over to Pansy and begun a conversation with her; ignoring Draco’s cries of pain.

Harry, Hermione, and Ron walked towards the restaurant all in a good mood. It seemed like Ron was still upset about what Megan had said. Harry and Hermione continually attempted to convince him that she was obviously lying. They approached the hostess, who unlike them was in a bad mood.

“Three in you party, please follow me…” She said sullenly. They trotted behind her as she led them to their table.

“Besides, all we have to do is be in the same room as them, its not like we’re hanging out or anything. All we have to do is stick together, it couldn’t get worse” Hermione said optimism. Ron stopped in his tracks and stood with a look of fear and shock on his face.

“It just did…” he whispered. Hermione and Harry’s face became just scared as his. They saw the Slytherin crew sitting at a table in the restaurant. Their night was most likely ruined.

The hostess sat them adjacent from the Slytherins. Hermione took this as an opportunity to protest.

“Excuse me; can you not sit us here?”

“Why not, listen this place is crowded tonight, your not sitting anywhere else okay. I’ll be back with your menus.” She stormed away angrily. Hermione shot a look at Radcliffe.

“Oh! Look at what we got here guys! It’s Mudblood, Pot-Head and Weasel-bee…” Radcliffe said slyly. Hermione attempted to ignore her. Harry was making it hard for her. He kept staring at Radcliffe. Radcliffe kept sniggering and looking over at Hermione’s table. They received their menus.

“Hey Granger, I suggest the – CHICKEN!” She shouted as she shoved a chicken leg down the back of her shirt. Harry jumped up in great anger and dragged Megan by her arm demanding that she apologize to Hermione. Crabbe and Goyle rose to her defense.

“How dare you lay a hand on me? NO man may lay a hand on me unless I wish it!”

“You’re starting with people why do you finish it!?” Harry roared, Not only was Radcliffe’s face angry it was also shocked.

“FINISH THIS!” She shouted as she slammed the steak from their meal into Harry’s face. Before anyone could even look up to see what was going on, there was food fight going on between Slytherins and Gryffindors. After about fifteen minutes of food flinging and fists being thrown, both parties were kicked out of the restaurant. And for some reason they all walked back to the hotel together. Megan was cover in mashed potatoes; Draco washed shimmering in butter and small pieces of the lobster. Crabbe and Goyle were soaked in gravy and Pansy in tartar sauce. Hermione covered in the chicken and some stuffing, Ron covered in Radcliffe’s salad, which wasn’t all the bad. But unfortunately Harry still had chunks of steak and the steak sauce on him.

“It seems I can’t stay two hours without being covered in something” Radcliffe murmured angrily. Draco took some mash potatoes off with his index finger and put it in his mouth.

“Well at least this time you taste delicious!” He said happily. She gave him an angry glare as she shoved him and walked away.

“You don’t have to be a prat you know…” He whispered as he followed.

“My god, this holiday has been horrible so far…” Harry started. “I would’ve been better off at the Dursley’s, Hermione Ron was right. We should have listened! We would have been better off at Hogwarts!” Harry shouted as he dropped to his knees and hugged Hermione’s ankles.

“WE DIDN’T LISTEN! WE DIDN’T LISTEN!!!!!” He shouted off the top of his lungs. He heard sniffing coming from behind him. Hermione frowned.

“Oh, Ron are you crying?”

“No…” he said as he sniffled once more. Harry stood to his feet leaving Hermione’s jeans stained in steak sauce. Ron was clutching to Harry’s sweater.

“Are—are you sniffing me!?”

“Yes…” He sniffed Harry again.


“Well… I’m hungry, we didn’t eat…and… you smell good…”


“No just…” He whispered as he took a piece of steak off his face and ate
“Mmmmm, yummy okay now I’m happy… wait hold on!” He said as he opened his mouth letting out his tongue and leaning towards Harry. Harry glared at Ron.

“Ronald Weasley… if you lick me, I am going to deck you in your face…” He said coolly. Ron backed away and they begun to walk again.

“Well just order out when we get back to the Hotel, okay Ron?” Hermione said as she patted him on his back.

“WHAT I DON’T UNDERSTAND IS HOW YOU THREW SOMETHING AT ME, AND I WAS ON YOUR SIDE!!!!!!” Pansy yelled at Goyle, the Gryffindors turned around.

“You prats are still behind us?” Ron asked surprisingly.

“What are you all doing at this time of night?” A cold voice said as a dark figure stepped out of the alley.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Draco and Megan screamed in terror as they hugged each other frightened out of their wits.