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H.E.A.L.D. by Witchweekly

Format: Novel
Chapters: 4
Word Count: 3,980
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, A. Longbottom, F. Longbottom, James, Lily, Pettigrew, OC, OtherCanon
Pairings: James/Lily, Other Pairing

First Published: 08/22/2006
Last Chapter: 11/30/2006
Last Updated: 11/30/2006

The Foxy Five, as they were called, or H.E.A.L.D. as they called themselves, were leaders at Hogwarts. It didn't matter if you loved them or hated them. You respected them. This follows 5 best friends- Hestia, Emmeline, Alice, Lily, and Dorcas and the privileges and problems of being Hogwarts most popular girls.

Chapter 1: The Foxy Five
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The Foxy Five, as they were called, or H.E.A.L.D. as they called themselves, were leaders at Hogwarts. They were equally as important as the Marauders whom they despised. They were better than the Slytherin Gang who they loathed. And they were cooler than the rest of the girls at Hogwarts, who they led. They weren’t famous outside of the Hogwarts community. Oh sure, countless families had heard about these five girls, heard wishes that their daughter could be in the group, heard dreams of going out with them or pranking them from their sons, or heard ill-thoughts beamed towards them from their snakey child. It didn’t matter if you loved them or hated them. You respected them. Except for the Slytherins, but everyone knew that Slytherins were nasty, little slime balls, so no one really cared what they thought. There was always a Foxy Five. There was always only ONE. It passed on every 7 years, and the 1st years the retiring 7th year Foxy Five saw leadership, friendship, and beauty in were handed the cup. The previous ones had been obviously best friends from birth, which really wasn’t fair, and their mothers had obviously been best friends for a very long time if not from birth, and so it was definitely not fair. Those five had even looked alike. But these new ones, well, rather, The Foxy Five at the moment were perfect. The blonde, the red head, the brunette and the two black heads had ruled their fellow first years from the start. For the other 5 years, they’d ruled all of Hogwarts, and this year, their final year, was not going to be any different. It was their 7th year now, and they would have the pass it on. But everyone agreed that these girls, THIS Foxy Five was one for the record books. All the way from day one…

“Mummy, please, please don’t leave me!” sobbed a small redhead. “’Tunia, Daddy, don’t! I don’t have to go!” Her father looked tiredly at her mother while the sister ‘’Tunia’ glanced around nervously, dreading the fact that someone from her school, a normal one would suddenly decide to take a vacation two days before school started.
“Darling, you know we wouldn’t leave you if we felt we had an option…” her mother began to try to console the girl.
“Ma petite,” whispered her father in her ear, “you were given this gift for a reason. You’re so, very lucky, and we’re so very proud of you. Now, go, and make us prouder.” The man kissed his daughter on her cheek, and her mother kissed her on the other cheek. The girl squared her shoulders and wiped her eyes. “Bye ’Tunia.”
“Whatever.” Was the cold response. She gave one last longing look at her mother, and her father, and then turned, and, though she was sure she would die, she closed her eyes tight and pushed.

“Baby, have fun at Hogwarts, you hear? Don’t get into trouble, have fun, and study!”
“Mum, please, I’ll be fine! I’ve waited my whole life for this, and now you’re being silly.” A slightly chubby, average height blonde rolled her eyes, towards her mother, who looked like a taller version of her daughter, with the exception that she had orange hair.
“I know, baby, but,” the woman sniffed, holding back tears, “Tisn’t every day that my little lassie goes off to Hogwarts.”
“Now, dear, she’ll be fine.” A tall man, her father, put his arm around her mother, and looked down at his fourth and final daughter. “She’ll be fine.” He leaned down to kiss the girl, and said, “If you have any problems, ask Kathleen, Harriett, or Nora. And owl us every day.”
The girl rolled her eyes again before kissing her parents. “Please, Dad, don’t you turn on the waterworks too!” Her father chuckled before straightening back up. “The thought never crossed my mind.”
She laughed her musical laugh, before waving, and boarding the train.

“You have all your belongings, correct?”
“Yes, Mother, I told you that already.”
“No need to take that tone with me young lady. I won’t be owling something you realize once you are at Hogwarts you’ve forgotten. However, if you let me know now, I might be able to arrange it.”
“You mean, Dipsy will owl.” The taller girl with raven back hair that was at the moment hiding her face muttered.
“What was that?”
“Nothing, Mother.” The girl sighed and looked around at all the tearful goodbyes going on around the platform. Lucky people.
She looked up as her father came over. “Why aren’t you on the train yet? Why isn’t she on the train yet? I have places to be, yet you insist I come. What’s holding you up?”
“Dear, I asked you to come since this is our only child going away to Hogwarts. It will make an impression on the public if you are here. I notice Dingle isn’t. That’s his wife and his twin daughters over there, and the girls are entering Hogwarts this year. You’ll look good.” She turned her attention to her daughter. “Don’t you dare make friends with those girls. Imagine how it will look.” She straightened up, noticed Mrs. Dingle was coming over and immediately plastered a sorrowful expression on her face.
“We’ll miss you, darling. Have fun, alright? Be good, and make us proud. Oh, I’m going to cry.” She let out a long sigh, and her husband managed to look sad as well. Then she turned, “Why, Anita! Hello! How are you? Are these your daughters… first years? Yes, our daughter is entering Hogwarts this year too! We must have a cup of tea some time!”
The girl rolled her eyes before grabbing her trunk and lugging it towards the train.
A small black haired girl clung to her father on the platform.
“I know you’ll have fun, dear, as long as you try. Be friendly, not too shy, okay? I’ll owl you every day. You’ll be fine.”
The girl struggled to hold back tears, her lower lip quivering. “But Papa, what if I don’t have a good time? What if I don’t?”
Her father sighed, before squatting down. “Don’t think that way, pumpkin. You’ll have a terrific time if you try. You know a lot of people here. Your cousin, Sydney is here, and Uncle Peter told me that she promised to talk to you, and watch out for you. And if Sydney is going to watch out for you, you know you’ll be cool.”
The girl smiled softly. That was true. Sydney was easily one of the most liked people at Hogwarts. Sydney was adorable. Sydney was funny. Sydney was friendly. But she was none of those. She was small, mousy. She was quiet, and she didn’t crack jokes. She didn’t laugh that much unless it was her father or Sydney talking to her. Sure, she and her older cousin were friends, but Sydney had her own thing going here at Hogwarts. She’d already been here for a year, and, knowing Syd, she would not appreciate her little cousin, friend, sure, but little cousin all the same, crashing her gig.
“Go on sweetheart. Its time to get on the train.”
“I love you, Papa.”
“I love you too, pumpkin, and I’ll miss you. Write me, okay?”
She nodded, scared she would start crying. She took hold of her trunk, and sadly waved goodbye.
A smiling brunette quickly hugged a little girl who looked a lot like her and then her parents and someone who looked like she could be the grandmother, while an older girl, who also looked like the girl in question looked on.
A man, presumably her father, put his arm around the tiny lady next to him, presumably her mother. Both were tired looking and wore ragged robes.
“You have a good time at Hogwarts, alright girlie?” the frail grandmother gently chided her middle granddaughter—the one most like herself.
“I will Grandmummy. I promise.” Squatting down, she lifted the little girl’s chin. “Ah, sugar-baby, don’t cry! I promise I’ll write every day or close to it! You have to write me, okay?”
“Don’t worry about this here girlie. We’ll have lots of fun while your parents are at work. Won’t we, Junie-Girlie?”
The little girl- June- let out a sob and once again through her arms around her older sister.
“I don’t want you to go!” she cried in a strangled voice, between sobs.
“I know, and I don’t want to leave you, but in a couple years, you’ll get to go too! And you’ll have a great time with Grandmummy, just like we always do. Just think, you’ll have Mum, Grandmummy, and Dad to yourself! You’ll have bucket loads of fun! I promise. Now stop your alligator tears.” She straightened up, and gave everyone one last hug.
Her mother looked fondly at her bold, happy daughter. “Grandmummy is right. You have fun, and study hard and make friends. And write. Don’t forget to write.”
“I won’t Mum.” She smiled at her parents, before waving and following her older sister onto the train.

Chapter 2: Ch. 2
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The five girls all converged on the train about the same time. But they didn’t know. They entered at different points, all going up and down the aisle looking for a friendly face. All of them were glancing around nervously. There were all these people, greeting friends, laughing, walking in corridors. And yet each was just a little first year, excited and terrified. However, there must have been some force guiding these girls because about the same time they reached the same compartment. Looking around at each other’s scared faces, the five began to giggle, which turned into a big laughing fest as they entered the compartment together.

Collapsing on the bench, the blonde headed girl looked up at the other four. “I’m Alice Dennis. Are you all first years as well?”

Sitting down timidly, one of the black haired girls nodded. “I am. I’m Hestia Jones.”

Slowly all the others nodded. One by one they sat down and introduced themselves.

“I’m Lily Evans,” said the redhead quietly.

“Dorcas Meadowes,” introduced the brunette happily.

“I’m Emmeline Vance.” Said the black haired girl politely.

A look of recognition dawned across all the girls faces except for Lily’s.

“Are you Gordon Vance’s kiddie? Y’know, the one that’s running for minister of magic?” demanded Dorcas.

Emmeline nodded bitterly. “Unfortunately.” A look of terror crossed her face. “Scratch that. He is just the man we all need for Minister. He will better procedures at Azkaban, update anti-muggle measures, and-”

“You don’t want him to win?”

“Of course I want him to win! He’s just the man-”

“So we’ve heard,” said the girl named Alice.

“Many, many times,” added Dorcas.

Hestia nodded slightly.

Lily looked confused. “Um,” she asked quietly, “What on earth are you all talking about?”

The other four looked at her quizzically. “We’re talking about the race for Minister of Magic.” Emmeline answered, a little unnerved.

“Minister of Magic?” Lily asked doubtfully.

The other four glanced at each other. Was this girl crazy before-

“Oh, wait! Are you muggle born?”

This time it was Lily who looked perplexed. “Well, my parents aren’t wizards if that’s what you mean.”

“Yes, then, you’re muggle born.”


Dorcas smiled widely at the girl, who looked as though she had suddenly let the others down. “That isn’t a bad thing at all! We love Muggle borns. Or, at least, I do. My family is the type of Purebloods that don’t care what your bloodline is like. And anyone who thinks opposite can get out of the compartment right now.”

The other three girls looked frightened at this glaring girl and quickly nodded and stuttered, “No, its fine! Our families are like that too!”
Dorcas turned back to Lily. “See, its fine. Besides, none of us know much magic, so it isn’t a big deal.”

Lily beamed at Dorcas who smiled back.

“So,” said Dorcas, conversationally, obviously the one with the strongest
personality, “I’m Dorcas Meadowes. I have a mum, a dad, a grandmummy, and two sisters, Edith and June. Edie is already here at Hogwarts, she’s a third year in Hufflepuff, bit of a softie, and June is 8, and my sugar-baby. How about you all?”

The others glanced at each other before Emmeline spoke up. “I am Emmeline Vance. I have a mother, father, and a bunch of house elves. And that’s about it.”

“Alice Dennis. I have a mum, a dad, and three older sisters, Kathleen, who’s a seventh year, Harriet, who’s a fifth year, and Nora who’s a third year. Kathy is in Ravenclaw, Hattie is in Hufflepuff, and Nory is in Ravenclaw also.”

“I’m Hestia Jones, and I have a dad. My mum died a long time ago.”

“I’m Lily Evans, and I have a mum, a dad, and a sister who hates my guts. She’s a, what do you call it, oh yeah, muggle.”

“Well, now that that’s all done, we can have fun!” cried Dorcas.

By the end of the train ride, the five were fast friends.

Chapter 3: Ch. 3
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I shan’t bore you with the petty details of the minds of 11 year old boys and girls. The Marauders meet the girls (seeing as they are all sorted into the same house, it makes sense), and, of course, James falls completely in love with Lily (who won’t give him the time of the day), and all of Gryffindors, or rather, all of Hogwarts enjoyed the daily screaming matches between the two. The “retiring” Foxy Five, who happened to be in Ravenclaw carefully took note of these girls. Needless to say, they approached them on the last day of school to pass on the “Seal of the Sisterhood.”

No one else was quite like them, no friendship at least, and it appealed greatly to them. Hestia, or Sweetie as her friends called her (due to her nature), came out of her shell quite a bit becoming quite the little sweetheart who you could turn to, whether or not you knew her. Emmeline (Emmy), though bitter with the win of her father, was the sarcastic voice of the group. Alice, or Allie-Belle, was open and friendly, the constant smile. Lily, Lils, was the mother, clucking over the others, getting on them to do their homework, follow the rules, but at the same time had fun. She also provided daily amusement when she had to deal with Potter (Dorcas cheekily commented that she did believe all the boys of Hogwarts were terrified of Lils; indeed, she was… she didn’t want one of Lils slaps… the handprint lasted for days!). Dorcas, or Dory, was their mischievous prankster. She got on best with the Marauders; constantly giggling over pranks, or giving them ideas. Lily enjoyed spending time with Remus, Emmeline enjoyed them all, but held them at an arms length… she didn’t trust them (would you, if over Christmas break, you been rudely awoken by four loud, obnoxious boys in your dorm room, that happened to be a mess, looking through your wardrobe? Didn’t think so!), Allie-Belle also enjoyed them, and always got a good laugh out of their pranks; but she was more likely to be found gazing dreamily at the 2nd year Frank Longbottom. Hestia. Well, surprisingly enough she had given them the basic idea for their first prank, and they had never forgotten to be grateful to her. Perhaps it was that, perhaps it was because she was herself, but the Marauders absolutely adored her (Tia, they called her.)

The rest of the years passed quickly, the never failing incessant bickering of Lily and James continued to amuse, Alice eventually caught Frank her third year, the first of the Foxy Five to have a proper boyfriend. Hestia developed a huge crush on Sirius (never letting it show, of course, but everyone suspected he liked her too despite his constant barrage of snoggers.) Emmeline, who eased up once her father was kicked out of office their 3rd year (“At least he doesn’t walk around acting like a pompous git all the time!” she crowed happily at the beginning of fourth year) caught the attention of a 5th year in 4th year, Daniel Smith, and the two became a couple around that Christmas. Dorcas began to go out with Remus in 5th year, making him end his Sirius/ James reputation cold turkey. And yes, Sirius and James did have the reputation of “the HOTTEST guys in the entire WORLD-I LOVE THEM- heartbreakers” and they played it up to the absolute extreme.

So they were all happy, perhaps excluding Lily and James… Lily went out with a Roger Griffith, a seventh year during sixth year, but after James threatened him, it ended rather quickly.

And so begins the story, really where it matters, the beginning of seventh year, their last…

“LILS!!!” a loud voice screeched in Lily’s ear. Clutching her ear, she whipped her now shoulder length auburn hair around and hugged Dorcas tight.

“Dory!” she beamed back.

The gorgeous girls linked arms, Lily’s creamy white skin contrasting sharply against Dorcas’ tan.

“How was your summer, Lils? I can’t believe I haven’t seen you since July. It’s been too long dah-ling,” she crowed, putting on her best southern belle voice.

“Here, here!” cried a third girl, and the two wheeled around yet again to grin at a curvy, vivacious blonde, who stood with her hands on her hips.

“ALLIE-BELLE!” screeched Dory once again. (“Ack! My ear! Dory!” squealed Lily.)

“Hello, loves! How are me precious lassies?” asked Alice putting on her best Irish accent.

“Absolutely wonderful!” giggled Lily. “How was your family, by the way?”

“Wait! Don’t start yet!” cried yet another voice.

Turning around yet again (“Ack! Whip lash!” moaned Lily.) they grinned at two more girls, a tiny black haired girl and a tall, slim one.

“EMMY!!! SWEETIE!!!” screeched Dory for (hopefully) the last time.

“I’ve missed you all!” giggled Hestia.

“I know!” cried Lily. “Our first summer ever apart.”

“And our last year,” said a gloomy Emmy.

“Well girls,” said Dorcas, grinning at her friends, “let’s make it our best. Shall we?” she asked holding out her arms.

The others laughed. “We shall.” They declared, before marching off to find a compartment.

Chapter 4: Ch. 4
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The five collapsed in the compartment, THEIR compartment, as Dorcas bluntly put it to some terrified “ickle firsties” (again, Dorcas) and Lily kindly showed them to another compartment. When she got back, they resumed their typical positions. Emmeline and Alice opposite each other by the window, Hestia next to Emmeline and Lily next to Alice. Dorcas made a big show of collapsing onto Lily and Alice before, giggling, they pushed her to the floor, where she promptly conjured up a pillow and fell back onto the floor (in previous years, she had been forced to gather jackets from someone). The five giggled a little bit longer, before settling down to business.

“We’re seventh years!! Can you believe it?? I can’t! I think I’m going to cry! How on EARTH can we leave? I can’t wait!! Lils, you made Head Girl, correctisimo? Figured, dah-ling! Can you believe this? My Remmy- REMMY!!” Dorcas screeched, making everyone in the compartment, which now included four boys who had just come in, cower and cover their ears.

She jumped up and gave him a smack on the lips, while everyone exchanged greetings, besides Lily and James. The two sat back down on the ground, while the other boys began to get settled.

Sirius collapsed next to Hestia, his dark hair falling into his eyes. James made to sit by Lily, but she pulled Peter down next to her, and said quickly, “Pettigrew, how was your summer? Really, no, stay and chat with me!”

James eventually sat down next to Remus on the floor.

“’Lo girls, or the Five, I suppose.” Said Sirius, grinning.

“God, Black, how many times, DON’T CALL US THAT.” Sighed Hestia.

“My darling Tia, it is your title, just as the Marauders is ours.”

“And we hate it.”

“And are stuck with it.”

“But we still hate it.”


“Shut up!” chorused seven other voices.

Small talk commenced for a while, before Lily said to Alice, “Allie-Belle, how is Frank?”

Alice beamed, “He is wonderful. He is in training to be an auror now, so by the time I get out of school, he’ll be just finishing up, and that way it’ll be good.”

Dorcas looked up, “What’ll be good?”

Alice smiled, “Oh, just everything.”

The girls looked at her suspiciously, while she tried to play it off.

“So, you are trying to have a long distance relationship Dennis? Those don’t work, trust me.”

Alice looked up annoyed. “Oh, puh-leeze, Black, you can’t even have a relationship!”

“No, I’ve had a couple. Let’s see, there was Chandelle, Desideria, no, Devana, Desi was her friend, or ex friend after me, Fanette, no Fantina, no, oh yeah, Fabienne were from Beauxbatons. None of those worked. Too bad. I really liked Chandelle.”

The girls all looked at him disgusted. “And too think, none of them worked!” said Hestia, sarcastically.

Sirius sighed. “I know,” he looked sad for a moment before brightening. “What about you, Vance?”

“Oh, Danny is working for the ministry. We decided that since it was going to be hard, we’d take a break and after graduation see if we still wanted to go out.” Said Emmeline brightly.

“Hm. And you Evans? Oh yeah, you haven’t had a proper beau!” cried Sirius gleefully.

“I have too, Black, if you don’t recall, until some unwanted somebody stuck his abnormally large head where it wasn’t wanted or needed and that PIG ruined everything!”

“No offense Evans, I don’t think that ‘going out’ for two weeks, without actually going anywhere counts.”

“Well, it lasted longer than any of yours Black, so I wouldn’t be talking.” Snapped Hestia.

“What’s got your wand in a knot?” demanded Black, confused.

She rolled her eyes at him before turning away. The other girls glared at him.

Lily jumped up. “I’m late!” she cried before leaping over the three on the floor, and yanking open the door. “Move!” she squawked to some third years and commenced to sprint down the train, calling over her shoulder, “Hurry up Remus!”

James stretched before standing up. “Guess I’d better go.”

Remus nodded. “And you had better hurry. She’s already stressing! You are in for it when she realizes it is not me. Sorry about that.”

Dorcas nodded, agreeing, while the other girls looked at the two like they were crazy. “What on earth are you two on about?” asked Hestia.

“Well, Tia, I am Head Boy, and Evans isn’t going to be happy.”

“You are bloody right about that! You’d best hurry to try and ease it a bit.”

“Ease what?”

“The eruption,” said Alice, knowingly. “You ought to know that by now, Potter.”

“Doesn’t matter,” he sighed, and sauntered out of the room.

Remus looked around, “So who’s the new prefect?”

“Me!” said Hestia happily.


Lily entered the compartment, breathing heavily. There was no head boy, yet, thank god. A letter lay on the table, detailing everything in store for the two.

“Yada, yada,” mumbled Lily, “same old, same old.” Lily scanned the letter, glad to see that it was the same sort of stuff she’d heard for the past two years from the other head boys and head girls. However…

“I am pleased to inform the two of you, that, after much debate, we have decided to, once again after several years of not, have the head boy and girl share a common dorm. This years is behind the picture of Sir Magnold De Umbermold and his Lady Edith of Hippington, on the fifth floor. The password is Finnea de Bimbea.”

The door opened.

“Hello, Evans!” said a cheerful voice.

Lily felt like crying.