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Toujours et à Jamais by 0015_jaja_1500

Format: Novel
Chapters: 15
Word Count: 52,513
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, Romance, Angst
Characters: Harry, Hermione, Dumbledore, Voldemort, OC
Pairings: Hermione/OC, Draco/Ginny, Harry/Hermione

First Published: 08/20/2006
Last Chapter: 08/14/2009
Last Updated: 08/14/2009

Beta-reader: alanapotter

She loved him...and it was the most painful of all truths she was forced to realize.

TomRiddle/Hermione! What happens when everyone she's ever loved is gone and she's accidentally transported back in time with Tom Marvolo Riddle's 17 year old self in 1945? Her mind was set to kill him, but what happens when she falls for him instead?

Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Always and Forever
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[A/n:] This story is dedicated to to Rita and her story Desperation which inspired me to do this. I’m trying to promote the Tom/Hermione ship. (give it a shot. it's not as gross as you think)
Before you read on i'd just like to explain a couple of things.

1.)I know Tom was supposed to have dark eyes but I will make it into green instead for a number of reasons (just so I wont get flames from people because of that)

2)In advance I am sorry for what you are about to read on the 2nd chapter.

3)This story is not yet beta read and I myself dont have time to look over the mistake so I Apologize in advance!!!! 

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“I will always love you Hermione…,” whispered the tall dark-haired wizard. “Always and Forever,” he said as he slowly let go of my hands.

Tears were streaming down my cheeks as my hands slipped down from his. “I love you,” I whispered softly and hurriedly, afraid I would not be given enough time to say it.

Even until the very last second of our separation, I still wondered if I was making the right choice. The question I had been asking almost everyday still rang in my ears; 'Must it really be either or?'

He smiled sadly, stepping back and turning away. The last thing I saw was his retreating back as he hurriedly walked away from me. He didn't want to see it. I closed my eyes, knowing what was to come next as a flash of silver-blue light filled the room. 

Hermione,” a voice called out. That was the last thing I heard before—


Hermione woke up with a start, sweating profusely as she lay on the cold floor. She rubbed her eyes and scanned the room, remembering she was in her dorm room. Her sheets were on the floor around her waist. 

She squinted as she tried to remember what her dream was about but she was having a hard time making out who the boy was. Standing up from the cold marble that composed the floor, she took a seat on the bed. Somehow she was consumed by a wave of grief that she could not quite comprehend.

She closed her eyes, trying so hard to identify who the guy was. ‘Perhaps it was Harry’ she thought. ‘It sounded as if someone was about to die’.

She glanced at the clock on top of her desk and found that it was three in the morning. She figured that she probably wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep and so she decided to go downstairs and wait until everyone else got up. She supposed she could do a bit of reading.

As she made her way down the stairs she heard a cough from below. She stopped dead in her tracks and listened closely. There was shuffling in the common room. She gradually made her way down on the steps, carefully watching for any sign of movement.

“Hermione?” Harry inquired, perplexed. “Why aren’t you asleep?”

Hermione breathed a sigh of relief as she saw Harry Potter sitting in front of the fire, looking at her incredulously. 

“I could ask you the same question you know.” She smiled as she sat down beside him and planted a kiss on his cheek.

Harry put his arm around her, “Couldn’t sleep. I can’t stop thinking about the war.”

“Oh,” was her feeble reply as she tried to get in a comfortable position under his arm. “Harry I have faith in you; I'm sure we'll survive this. You'll defeat him, I know it.”

“That's not exactly what I was thinking about, Hermione. I’m afraid of what might happen to you and everyone else… So many lives have already been taken because of this war. Bill, Charlie, Hagrid... If I lose you next I...,” he pulled her closer to him.

It had been a very hectic year, she acknowledged mentally. The giants, the lycans, the vampires, and the dementors were all on the Dark Lord’s side. The final battle could happen at any moment. No one knew when the Dark side would strike, but they were prepared.

“You won’t Harry,” she assured him as she untangled herself from under his arm and looked her boyfriend straight in the eye. “I love you, Harry. You know how hard we've all been working, training for this. I can protect myself... whatever happens, I promise... I'll come back to you.”

He looked at her desperately, still not convinced. He sighed, knowing he was defeated. “Just be careful Hermione… I swear if I... if something were to happen." Harry looked into her chocolate-brown eyes deeply, “I'm someone who has nothing else to lose Hermione, but you.”

“Will you stop it?,” she said angrily. “I will not lose you, alright? And you are not going to lose me. You’re being way too dramatic. You're starting to sound like one of those cheesy movies my dad always made me watch,” she added jokingly before a lump jumped into her throat.

It had been well over three months since Hermione had found both her parents' lifeless bodies in the living room of her childhood home.

Harry said nothing as he pulled her into a tight embrace. After a few minutes, she pulled away and looked deeply into his emerald-green eyes before leaning closer and kissing him, gently at first before turning it into something deeper and passionate; their tongues seeking one another out as they slowly melded their mouths together. After one last soft kiss, she pulled away.

“I love you Harry…. always will,” she whispered into his ear, before closing his mouth with hers again. Harry’s mouth devoured hers, plunging his tongue deeper as his hands roamed her back. His every touch brought goose bumps up her neck and she whimpered softly. His hands were circling her back before it began to move to her stomach and gently moving upward.

Suddenly they heard a piercing scream coming from outside the common room. They both leaped up from the couch, pulling their wands out and breathing quite unevenly. Harry and Hermione ran through the common room to the door, slowly opening it. They were surprised to see all the people from the portraits running as if their lives depended on it.

“What’s going on?” Harry yelled at the portrait nearest him.

“THEY’RE HERE!!” a very frightened looking woman with a sheep tagging along behind her screamed as she was running.

They both knew who she was talking about. As if on cue, Professor McGonagall and Remus Lupin came running toward their common room.

“Professor!” Hermione cried.

“They’re here, we have to alert everyone. We must hide the students!” Professor McGonagall said, running inside the now vacant portrait door.

“What about the other houses?” Hermione asked.

“Their heads and some other members of the Order were sent there” Remus said. “Harry, the Marauder's Map!”

Harry quickly pulled the map from his back pocket. He had carried the map around with him since the start of the year as a precaution. He tapped the map and quickly whispered "I solenmly swear that I am up to no good."

“They are still on the grounds trying to get in the doors.”

“Let’s go,” Harry said. “We have to hold them off as long as we can, at least until the students can hide.”

“What about Ron?” Hermione asked worriedly, her eyes flying to Harry’s.

“Present,” he said as he stepped out of the Gryffindor common room. “McGonagall woke me up.”

“We must hurry," Remus said gravely. "The war is on." 

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Chapter 2: Chapter 2: The Final Battle
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Chapter 2

[a/n: Jeez you are all going to HATE me for this chapter LOL no seriously.. in advance sooo sorry for this chapter!!!]

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It felt like they had been running for hours. Hermione could hear everyone around them breathing harshly, trying desperately to regain their breath. Without noticing it, a tear escaped from her eye. She wiped it away hastily, knowing it wasn’t the time to get emotional. She looked at Harry, his face filled with determination but there was also something in there, a feeling of doubt perhaps?

Finally, they reached the front doors and to no one’s surprise, it was shuddering remarkably. More of the Order came and stood by their sides anticipating what was to come from behind the doors. Even students started to come.

“What are the children doing here?” Remus asked worriedly, glancing from the doors, to the Order members and then to the students.

“We couldn’t stop them from coming,” Tonks said. “Remus, they want to fight.”

“They are but children! They are to be safe with Filch and Madame Pomfrey like we had planned!” Remus said, angrily.

“They want to help Remus.”

“Look, this is not the time for arguments. There’s nothing we can do about it now Remus,” Harry said. “Everyone, wands at the ready, they’re just about to break McGonagall’s enchantments.”

“It’s almost time Harry” Remus squinted as the bones on his fingers started to ache as he transformed.

“Remus, just hold it a little longer” Harry said, worriedly. Remus had taken the potion earlier that evening, knowing it was to be full moon.

Hermione glanced behind her. The students all raised their wands, ready to fight, ready to die if necessary, or ready to win.

Draco, Ginny, Neville and Luna were amongst the students. Draco held Ginny’s hand and gave it a quick squeeze.

“Be careful,” he whispered to her tenderly.

“I will,” was her only response though her eyes seemed to convey a secret message to him.

Hermione smiled sadly at them. It had been almost half a year since they had started going out. Draco had left the Death Eaters and sought protection from the Order. It was hard to gain their trust, but Ginny was the first to have given him faith.

She looked around everyone, all of them determined to fight. They had been having dueling lessons all year in preparation. Hermione was assigned to search for more spells that could be useful to them so Harry could teach everyone.

They would be breaking in at any moment now. Hermione tightened her grip on her wand. She glanced at Harry who happened to look her way too. He smiled at her knowingly and whispered the words, “Be careful.”

She nodded her head as he smiled yet again in time to hear a tremendously loud explosion coming from the doors. The Death Eaters suddenly came sweeping inside. Everyone ran forward, ready to fight the first Death Eater that came their way. The battle was bloody as curses were thrown back and forth.

For hours the battle went on, both sides determined not to give up.

“Stupefy!” Hermione screamed at one of Voldemort’s henchmen as they came at her.






Hermione cast her curses and blocked ones that were sent her way, although she got hit with a number of spells. Her body was already starting to ache. She began to hear a lot of students scream as they saw the werewolves and the dementors.

She heard a yell of “Expecto patronum!” from behind her. She turned around and saw a great silver stag erupting from the tip of Harry’s wand. The stag danced around, driving the dementors away.

Suddenly a great wolf launched at Hermione, slamming into her with incredible force. She screamed as it thrashed on her chest, ripping her clothes apart. It growled as it was getting ready to sink its teeth into her arm.

Fortunately, another wolf jumped unto it, stopping its attempts on gnawing Hermione. She watched as the two wolves thrashed at each other, figuring the one that saved her must have been Remus. She smiled, but it soon faded as a Death Eater yelled “Avada Kedavra!” at the wolf.

“NO!” Hermione cried out, but it was too late as a flash of blinding green light erupted from the wand of the Death Eater and the wolf, Remus, fell forward.

Tears escaped her eyes as she yelled at the Death Eater. “Rictusempra!”

She didn’t have time to mourn over Remus’ body as another wolf began to lunge at her. “Immobulus!” The wolf suddenly stopped midway in its enormous leap towards her.

After that, she began to run as two more wolves started to pursue her with an odd glint in their eyes. She ran outside, passing through the great doors. There were a number of students and Death Eaters fighting outside too.

Bodies were scattered all over the place, making it hard not to stumble on one. She soon discovered as she tripped on one and fell. She screamed loudly as she recognized the body. “Neville... No,” she moaned, kneeling on the bloodstained ground.

She saw the wolves coming at her again. “Impedimenta!” she cast at the wolf running towards her. “Stupefy!” she screeched at the other one. After that she looked back at Neville’s body and cried. “Neville….” But there was no time left, she knew she must get up and fight.

She stood up, just as a Death Eater yelled. “Crucio!”

She screamed in pain and knelt back. “Filthy mudblood, see him?” the Death Eater sneered. “You and the rest will be next.”

Hermione closed her eyes as she cried more in pain. Suddenly she heard someone yell “Expelliarmus!” The pain was suddenly relieved from her. She opened her eyes and saw Ron’s blue eyes looking through it.

“Hermione are you okay?” he asked worriedly.

“Yes yes, I’m fine Ron,” she answered, trying to sit up. Ron smiled, helping her up. “Thank y—

Before she could finish her sentence she saw another Death Eater behind Ron.

“Ron!” she yelled, but again, it was too late.

“Avada Kedavra!” a woman’s voice from behind the mask yelled.

Ron still had the warm smile as the green light hit him from behind and he fell on top of Hermione.

“That’s what you get for being a blood traitor,” the woman sneered and took her mask off, revealing the sneering face of Bellatrix Black.

"Ron..." Hermione sobbed as she gently laid Ron down. “YOU!” she shrieked and, without thinking, she used an unforgivable curse. “CRUCIO!”

Bella felt pain, but only for awhile. “Oh come on mudblood, you don’t have the heart to cast an unforgivable curse.” She smirked. “You’re just a filthy mudblood, you are. A weak one! See you’re friend here? HA. He did this to himself for being a blood-traitor,” she said before raising her wand.


The two women stared at each other for a split second before Bellatrix fell limply on the ground, Hermione’s wand still pointed directly at her. She just completed her first murder. She pressed her cold hands on her mouth, sobbing. She was now a murderer.

“Hermione!” Harry ran towards her. “What ar— RON! Noo..” He knelt beside his best friend of seven years and cradled his head in his arms. “Ron, oh God no…”

Harry felt as if the world had just ended as flashes of the train ride in their first year where he and Ron had met came flooding back to him.  Had he known this would happen he would have....


Hermione cried harder than ever. Harry embraced his best friend, mourning for several minutes before putting his fingers on his eyes, shutting them. “Goodbye Ron.” He knew he couldn't stay there for so long. He wanted to sit by his side badly but he must go on if he was going to bring justice to his friend's death. It seemed a life was taken every second.

Harry looked up at Hermione and saw that she wasn’t looking at Ron but at a body in front of her.

“Hermione?” Harry said, tears were glistening in his eyes.

“I killed her…,” she whispered softly. “Harry, I killed her... I-I’m a murderer.”

“You did what you had to do, Hermione,” Harry told her as he stood up and looked at the form of Bellatrix Black sprawled on the grass.

Hermione just stared at the body before her, her hands shaking. "I killed her."

"Hermione," Harry tilted her head to face his. "Hermione, you have to stay focused."

Hermione shook her head.

"Listen to me, Hermione, stay with me, alright? Stay focused, you can’t let this pull you down. We need to fight. For Ron and for every single person who gave their life for this war. You did what you had to do."

Hermione slowly nodded as she wiped her tears. She knew he was right. This was definitely not the time to get affected, not when her friends were slowly being taken away from her. “Voldemort?” she asked.

“I still haven’t found him,” was all he said.

More screams could be heard now. This worried them both greatly. “Come on, Hermione,” he said before taking a last glance at Ron’s body and running towards more Death Eaters.

She bent down and whispered in Ron's ears, "I'm so sorry, Ron. I love you."

She kissed his forehead quickly, wiping her tears, before running after Harry. Her legs were ready to give up but stopped when she heard that familiar laugh. Harry without looking back had run on without her. She turned around and saw Ginny’s body lying on the floor and Draco crying in front of her as Lucius Malfoy laughed.

Suddenly Draco’s face darkened as he drew his wand.

“What? Are you going to kill your own father?”

“You killed the person that's given me a reason to live and with that killed your own unborn grandson, so yes I will kill you,” Draco spoke through his teeth.

“Ginny,” Hermione whispered. Only a few months ago did she announced her pregnancy to Hermione. She had promised not to tell anybody, especially her brother. She was not allowed to come to the battle but, as stubborn as her friend was, she resisted for months and resorted to begging both Draco and Hermione to let her go.

"Love, boy? Are you barking mad? You were sent here to spy on Potter, not shack up with that grimy blood traitor. Do you know what troubles my Lord gave your mother and I when you turned your back on us?" The elder Malfoy roared. "And did you think I would accept a grandson from that girl?"

Draco tightened his grip on his wand and pointed it directly at his father.

“You don’t have guts to kill your own blood, boy,” Lucius drawled. “You never did have a spine on you. It's probably what this weasel liked best about you, I imagine" Lucius sneered as he poked Ginny's body with his feet.

"AVADA KEDAVRA" Draco bellowed. He watched as his father gave him one last surprised look before he dropped beside the redhead he had killed earlier.

Draco dropped to his knees and pulled Ginny away from his father, settling her in his arms. He was to become a father. He was to spend the rest of his life with the girl in his arms and the unborn baby inside of her. He wept as he buried his face in Ginny's red mane, waiting for death to come and take him as well.

Hermione knew she must give Draco the privacy to mourn. She silently created a protective bubble charm around Draco which he did not seem to notice. The charm would only work for several minutes. She hoped Draco would soon be able to protect himself when that time came.

With that, she looked around her. Dead bodies were all over the place, mostly their side.

Then she saw it. A giant light erupted from the sky. She ran closer for some reason knowing Harry would somehow be there. She ran near the Forbidden Forest and stopped. She was right, but he was not alone.

Voldemort was there. 

It seemed like they have been fighting for hours and Harry looked extremely tired and weak. Meanwhile, Voldemort sneered, looking  like his same old immaculate self.

“Ready to die, Potter?” he hissed.

“You wish,” Harry returned .

Voldemort smirked. “You are just like your father, you know. Very brave indeed… before I stomped him like a little cockroach.”

Harry glared at him and instantly yelled “Flagrantia!” At that, Voldemort yelled. “AVADA KEDAVRA!”

The two spells hit together, clashing, green and red fighting off each other. With a jolt from Voldemort’s wand, both spells disappeared. Harry fell down on the ground, kneeling as it seemed to have zapped his energy.

Hermione was shocked. She has never seen this happen before. How can it just disappear like that? She thought.

“Incarcerous,” Voldemort drawled almost lazily. Suddenly ropes were binding around Hermione’s body.

“Look what we have here… it’s your mudblood girlfriend, Potter.”

“Leave her out of this,” Harry choked out, struggling to stand up. “This is between you and me.”

“Oh come on, wouldn’t it be more pleasurable?” he said before pointing his wand at Hermione and yelling, “CRUCIO!”

Hermione felt that familiar pain, like a ragged sword was being run through every corner of her body. “ARGHH” she screamed out in agony.

“Leave her alone!” Harry yelled, “Collorportus!” even though he was still struggling to stand still.

With a lazy flick he blocked the spell as the curse was lifted from Hermione, the pain disappearing with the curse.

“That was a very lousy riposte, Potter,” he spat. “You know, I’m getting tired of these foolish little games. I think it’s about time we end this, Potter.”

Voldemort pointed his wand at Harry and suddenly he was rising two feet above the ground. It looked as if he was being held by the neck.

“HARRY!” Hermione yelled, crying.

Harry looked at Hermione one last time. “’Mione,” he choked.

“Oh don’t worry about her, you’ll see her again in a few minutes.” He smirked. “Gather around my faithful followers.”

His followers were suddenly surrounding Hermione. One tried to grab her by her collar when Voldemort yelled, “NO! Leave the girl to me.”

“I want you all to witness, to fully comprehend, that no one can ever defeat the Dark Lord. Not a crackpot old man who had love as an answer to everything or a foolish boy who thought himself as someone who can actually overpower me.” Voldemort paused before saying, “No one… AVADA KEDAVRA!”

“NO!” Hermione yelled as right before her eyes, the love of her life was taken away from her. “HARRY!”

The blinding light suddenly disappeared and all Hermione could hear was Voldemort’s laugh of victory.

He had won.

Hermione stood up, tears still streaming down her face.

“It’s your turn now mudblood.” Voldemort faced her.

Hermione was still crying over Harry. All she could think about was that he was gone and that she was all alone.

Without any thought whatsoever, she pointed her wand at Voldemort and cast the first spell that came into mind. “Tractus veretio!” she screamed as Voldemort yelled, “Avada Kedavra!”

Both spells crashed into one another. Hermione knew Voldemort’s spell was much stronger. The green light seemed to have enveloped Hermione’s blue light, joining the two lights into one and creating a big whirlpool.

Hermione screamed loudly as the great whirlpool seemed to be absorbing inside her skin, enclosing her body. The last thing she heard was Voldemort’s triumphant laugh.

‘At least I’ll be seeing my parents and Harry and everyone else again’ she thought before everything turned black.

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Chapter 3: Chapter 3: Year 1945
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“I want you all to witness, to fully comprehend, that no one can ever defeat the Dark Lord. Not a crackpot old man who had love as an answer to everything nor a foolish boy who thought himself as someone who can actually overpower me.” Voldemort paused before saying, “No one… AVADA KEDAVRA!”

“NO!” Hermione yelled as right before her eyes, the love of her life was taken away from her. “HARRY!”

The blinding light suddenly disappeared and all Hermione could hear was Voldemort’s laugh of victory.

He had won. 


“Harry” she moaned. “No please not Harry!”

Hermione opened her eyes slowly and gently. She saw a woman’s face in front of her but it was hard to make out who it was as her eyes was still adjusting to the light and everything else was still in a blur.

“Finally, you’re awake!” The woman cried, grinning broadly.

“wh—who are you?” she asked, struggling to fix her eyesight.

“Shhh, love, you need your rest.” She said. “No need to speak.”

Hermione glanced around the room as finally her eyes adjusted. It looked as if she was in the hospital wing. She was still in Hogwarts. She looked back at the woman beside her bed.

“What happened?” she asked, confused. “What am I doing here?”

“The Headboy found you near the forbidden forest, you were bleeding to death. You were certainly in such a mess, your clothes were all torn!” the woman cried.

Then it dawned on her.

Suddenly a great wolf launched unto Hermione. She screamed as it thrashed on her chest, ripping her clothes apart. It growled as it was getting ready to bite her. Fortunately, another wolf jumped unto it, stopping its attempts on eating Hermione. She watched as the two wolves thrashed at each other as she figured it must have been Remus. She smiled, but it soon faded as a death eater yelled “Avada Kedavra” at the wolf.

“NO!!” Hermione cried out, but it was too late as a flash of blinding green light erupted from the wand of the death eater and the wolf, Remus fell forward.

“Remus” she whispered.

“What is it you said dear?”

Hermione ignored her as she remembered how Remus came to his death.

“..Anyway you had several broken bones and scars after scars all over your body! It looked like you were in some kind of battle!”

Everything started coming back to her now. Her parents, Neville, Ginny, Ron, Draco and Harry, Everyone was dead, she thought as images of that night started to come to her. She stifled a cry.

“You’ve been unconscious for almost 2 weeks now, we were worried you were never going to wake!” she fussed. “What is your name girl?

Hermione looked at the woman standing in front of her. 

She ignored her question and said, “Where are the death eaters? Voldemort? Where are they?”

“Deatheater?? Voldemort? Child, what on earth are you talking about?” 

“Good afternoon Madame Kempton” Albus Dumbledore bowed to the woman before him.

Hermione’s jaw dropped. ‘Professor Dumbledore?’ she thought, ‘That can't be... he’s… he’s dead.’

She stared at the man infront of her. He certainly looked like Dumbledore only instead of his silvery white hair, his hair was auburn. There was also less wrinkles on his face and yet she could not be mistaken; it truly was Dumbledore.

“Yes, yes, Good morning Professor. Just in time, I see. She's awake. I’m very sorry to leave you two but I must attend to the other patients as well. I'll be back to check on you shortly but if you need me, just ring.” she told Hermione, nodding her head towards the tiny bell near her bed.

“Ah, I see you have finally awoken” The wise old man said.

Hermione jumped up her bed, ignoring the immense pain that shot through her body in doing so, and ran towards the Professor, hugging him tightly which surprised him.

“Professor!” Hermione sobbed.

Dumbledore stood there, confused before gently patting her on the back.

“There, there” he said softly. “Now you must go back to your bed or I’m afraid Madame Kempton will have my neck. There shall be a chance she feed me towards the giant squid. I believe it would be the fourth time she would threaten me in doing so.”

Hermione pulled back and gently sat down on her bed once again.

“Now let’s start by telling me your name”

“Professor?” Hermione asked, confused. “Don’t you rem—

“Good, you’re awake.” An old man who had a balding silvery-white hair wearing a bold look on his face said.

“Ah, headmaster” Dumbledore said.

‘Headmaster?’ she thought. ‘Professor McGonagall is the headmistress’

The older somewhat feeble man walked towards her bed. “I’m Professor Dippet, Headmaster, and you are..?” he said, holding out his wand hand. 

Hermione looked at his hand uncertainly. Her mind was swarming with disbelief. ‘Professor Dippet? Wasn’t he the headmaster from 1925-1956? And wasn’t he also supposed to be dead?’

‘What is happening’ Hermione thought, ‘why am I seeing dead people?’ she asked herself. Dead… Harry’s face suddenly flashed through her mind and she couldn’t help but sob.

The two men stepped away from her, startled at the girl's reaction.

“Oh my” Professor said, “I must have upset her with my forwardness”

Hermione’s cries have gone louder as the two old men tried their best to comfort her.

“Hush” Madame Kempton suddenly came barreling her way in. “What did you two do to her? Out!! Out you go!”

“Now madam—

“Don’t now me Headmaster! You both upset her!” she said, “Now out you go”

Without another word, as if she had more authority than the Headmaster himself, the two old men obeyed her and walked out, with the Headmaster shaking his head disapprovingly and Professor Dumbledore looking almost amused.

“Here” The woman handed her a glass. “Sleeping draught, it will give you a dreamless sleep”

Hermione drank the glass while still sobbing hard. A few more seconds later her eyes were starting to get heavy, and yet her tears were still coming out.


“Harry” she breathed, waking up in the middle of night.

She glanced around the room and saw that the other patients were fast asleep. She sat up and looked over at her bedside table. There she saw a vase of red roses, water and the daily prophet.

Hermione quickly snatched it. She had to know what happened to the others, what happened to Voldemort and its supporters. To her dismay, the paper contained nothing but useless information about the weather, and about the next Quidditch tournament.

‘There has to be something here about the war’ she muttered, flipping the pages of the newspaper until she reached the last page. “This must be old” she said, turning back on the first page and checking the date. 

Published September 23, 1945

Hermione couldn’t believe it. The paper looked new to her but how is it that it was dated back 50 years ago.

“1945?? This cant be right” she muttered.

“Oh it’s quite right!” a healer from a portrait said. “It just came in this morning dear, now you go back to sleep”

“Reading the paper at this time of night” Hermione heard her mutter as the healer shook her head and clicked her tongue.

Hermione couldn’t believe her ears. ‘1945? She was in 1945? How in the world did that happen?’

She tried so hard to remember the very last thing that happened before she passed out. 

‘Voldemort, I remember Voldemort killing— killing Harry’ she thought, tears forming in her eyes. ‘I remember him casting the killing curse on me and I casted a spell.’

She closed her eyes and tried to remember what spell she used but nothing came to mind. Images of the whirlpool flashbacked. She felt a chill went up her spine as she remembered the feeling of it eating up inside her skin. ‘I should have died with them’

She wrapped her arms around herself, suddenly feeling very cold. She began crying once again, remembering finding her parents dead body at their own house, how she saw Neville and Ginny’s body, how she witnessed Remus’, Ron’s, and Ginny’s death. She remembered Harry and the look he gave her before his life was taken away from him.

She sobbed harder as she rose from her bed and ran. She ran as far as her feet can take her. Her footsteps were making loud echoes beneath the walls of the corridors. She ran down the stairs, passing the Great hall and finally she stopped in front of the Huge Front doors. Images of all the students preparing to fight came into her mind. She opened the front doors and ran outside, still sobbing, with another image of all the dead bodies lying around the grounds. 

She kept on running even though her knees were starting to give out and her whole body was throbbing with immense pain, she ran until she was near the forbidden forest. She stopped suddenly and looked around. ‘This was where he—

She dropped herself on the ground, kneeling, and burst into tears. “Harry” she whimpered. “I need you now”

“Harry!” whispered. “Come back” she sobbed.

A drop of rain hit her on her forehead but she didn’t mind. “HEY YOU!” A voice yelled, “Hey!”

Soon after, the rain came down hard. Hermione heard someone running towards her but she didn’t care as she had her back turned from him. “Hey! Are you bloody mental? What are you doing out here?” the man said, shaking her shoulders from behind.

Suddenly Hermione felt very worn out that she fell backwards in time that the man from behind caught her.

“Wha—” the man cried in shock. “Hey miss”

Hermione fluttered her eyes open to see emerald green eyes looking back, with jet-black hair covering some features of his handsome face “Harry” she whispered before sleep took the rest of her in.

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Chapter 4: Chapter 4: Nerissa Felicia Vane
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“Yes, she was found near the forbidden forest in the exact same spot he found her 3 weeks ago” she heard a woman’s voice say

“We don’t even know her name yet” a man spoke.

“She’s always crying, moaning and thrashing in her sleep…even the sleeping draught wont help her have a dreamless sleep, I suppose she must be in a great trauma since from the looks of it she came out of a terrible ordeal” the woman said.

“When I found her, she said a name... Harry I think it was” a boy spoke.

“We must ask her our questions when she wakes” a man said.

Hermione kept her eyes shut tightly. She didn’t want to be asked any question as she knew she would just end up crying again. She waited until the voices died down before she slowly opened her eyes. She looked around, just in time to see a guy with jet-black hair outside the door, leaving.

“Harry” She croaked, lifting her hand up, reaching to him.

“Child, you’re awake.” Madame Kempton said. “Now, last night was simply unacceptable, I don’t know what you were thinking lurking around the grounds in the middle of the night, and near the forbidden forest!!, why you could have been killed.”

Hermione said nothing as she sat up and stared at the doors. Professor Dumbledore peered through it, surprising Hermione.

“G’day Madame Kempton, Miss” he said, nodding at the two.

“Hello Professor Dumbledore” Madame Kempton said.

“Young lady” Dumbledore stepped in. “it has been over three weeks since your stay here, may we please know your name and how you have come about this castle?”

Hermione’s eyes became watery once again. Professor Dumbledore noticed this and said, “Dear child, I do not wish to upset you… You may answer our questions anytime you want” he smiled before turning around, preparing to leave before Hermione cut in.

“I can’t”

The Professor turned around and so did Madame Kempton. They waited for a while for her to speak up again. Finally after a few minutes she spoke.

“I can’t tell you who I am” Hermione said slowly, swallowing. “…For I myself don’t know” she said finally.

Professor Dumbledore looked at her in the eye for a second, as if trying to search inside her chocolate-brown eyes before slowly nodding.

Madame Promfey however gushed, “The trauma must have been the cause of this” she muttered.

“Well, we can’t keep calling you miss all the time” Professor Dippet spoke from behind, apparently overheard everything. “What should we call you for the time being… at least until you get your memory back”

Hermione thought for a second but nothing came into mind. “I can’t think of a name, will you help me Professor?” she said, looking at professor Dumbledore.

He smiled at her and spoke, “Nerissa?”

Hermione thought for a second before saying, “Yes, I like it”

“Well, Nerissa” Madame Kempton spoke, “We found your wand with you, the night Tom found you by the forest... Here” The woman handed her the wand.

“Thank you”

“You must be over 16 or 17…” Professor Dippet said.

Hermione slowly nodded. “Professor... I wish to enroll to this school... at least till I get my memory back”

The professors looked at each other for a second before the headmaster spoke up. “Do you remember anything about magic?”

Hermione pretended as if she was thinking very hard. “I remember spells and books…I can have a test if you’d like” Hermione suggested.

“No, that won’t be necessary… Whenever you feel any better, you may start school”

“No… professor, I would like to start school tomorrow” Hermione said, wanting to go out of the hospital wing as soon as possible. She must find a way to go back home. She knew what she had to do.

“Child, but you are still very weak” Madame Kempton cried.

“I’ll be fine Madame Kempton; I’ll come back here as soon as I feel any pain at all.”

“If that is what you wish” Professor Dippet said, “You shall be sorted tonight at dinner”

Hermione nodded then looked over at Professor Dumbledore. He hasn’t said a word except spoke about her name ever since she told him she couldn’t remember anything. He was still looking at her intently, studying her face.

“Well, now that everything’s settled, I shall be off, I have a very important meeting with the minister of magic” He took his hat off and bowed. “Good day to all” he said before walking out of the wing.

Suddenly there was a loud moan from the doors. A student with a lot of boils on his face had a bleeding hand.

“Oh for goodness sake” Madame Kempton cried before running over the student leaving Professor Dumbledore and Hermione alone.

They looked at each other, no one speaking at all. Hermione nervously stared at him and looked away.

“Miss Nerissa” Professor Dumbledore finally spoke up. “Do you wish to tell me anything?”

Hermione looked up and shook her head slowly. “No professor” she said in a small voice.

Hermione thought she saw Professor trying to hide his disappointment, although it still showed from his eyes. “Very well” He said, “What do you favor your last name be?”

Hermione thought for a very long time before finally speaking, “Vane… Nerissa Felicia Vane” she said finally.

Dumbledore smiled, his blue eyes twinkling behind his half moon spectacles. “Alas... well; I shall see you at dinner tonight,

“Wait Professor Dumbledore, what about my clothes and school things?”

“You neednt worry about that, the school shall take care of it

Good day to you Miss...” His eyes twinkling as he looked over at her. “..Vane” He winked before he waved, leaving Hermione alone, confused.


“Love, I really think you should stay for another night or two” Madame Kempton said.

“No, really Madame Kempton, I feel fine” she lied, she felt like she was never really going to be fine.

“You should at least let me accompany you to the Great hall. You might get lost”

“No really, That’s alright Madame Kempton, I can find my own way there, I fancy a long walk and a stroll along the castle anyway” she said, smiling.

They both bid their farewell before Hermione walked along the familiar corridors. She sniffed, remembering the best times of her life in this same castle.

She began thinking of what she would do once she get back in her own time. Her parents are dead, all her friends are dead and probably most of the wizarding world has already been wiped out because of the dark lord. She began thinking if it was really wise to go back. In here she can live a new life and try and forget about everyone.

Hermione shook her head. ‘No I will not forget about them. I will go back to my own time and try to defeat Voldemort. I have to give justice to everyone’s death.’ She thought. ‘Yes, I have to kill him or at least die trying’

Hermione began to feel very determined. Finally, she arrived in front of the great hall. She felt a twinge of sorrow inside her chest as she saw students sitting, eating and chatting happily. Almost half of the students at Hogwarts died at the final battle in her time.

Hermione swallowed hard and stepped inside the great hall. Most of the students fell silent as they watched curiously at the girl walking in. Hermione could hear some of the students whispering while looking at her. She didn’t care though as all she could really think about was the people from back home.

Professor Dippet smiled at her and nodded. A stool and a hat stood in front of the staff table with professor Dumbledore standing beside it.

“Here here...” The headmaster said on top of all the whispering being made. “We have a new student among us.” He said, as Hermione stood beside Dumbledore. She tried to look anywhere but of the faces in front of her. She didn’t notice a certain pair of emerald-green eyes watching her intently.

“This is Nerissa Felicia Vane and she will be finishing her last year here at Hogwarts” Professor Dippet said. “Let the sorting begin”

Professor Dumbledore took the hat from the chair and motioned for Hermione to sit. Hermione sat down on the stool as Dumbledore gently placed the hat on top of her head.

“Aaah... Miss Vane… or should I say Miss Granger” The hat laughed cheekily. “I see I’ve sorted you into Gryffindor... You were certainly a tough one to decide on... You’ve got a lot of courage on you... You are perfect for Gryffindor… but you have also got a lifetime of knowledge, Ravenclaw suits you very well... but where to put you?? my terribly difficult

“..But wait, I see a few changes of heart here… Pure hatred and anger, a clear lust for power” The hat said. “Your head is filled with lies and vengeance and an interest for dark arts... now I know exactly where to put you...

“SLYTHERIN!” it yelled.

Hermione’s eyes widened. ‘Slytherin? Me?’ she thought. ‘I think you’ve mistaken’

‘I don’t make mistakes Miss granger’ the hat said, as-a-matter-of-factly. “But remember, always have one eye opened for wonder instead of an eye open for belief.” It said before professor Dumbledore removed it from her head.

“Well Miss Vane, you better sit with your housemates” The professor said. Hermione looked at the hat curiously for a second, trying her best to understand its last statement before finally standing up.

Hermione walked over to the Slytherin table still shocked over what happened. She looked over at the table and saw that there were two empty seats. One beside a breath-takingly gorgeous girl who were looking at her with pure interest and another with a boy with jet-black hair although she couldn’t see his face as he had his head down. On the other side of him was a petite girl who looked harmless enough.  Hermione decided to sit with the boy and the petite girl instead.

As she walked over to the sit, passing by the beautiful girl, she pulled her arm and hissed. “Fine, sit with the freak will you?” before letting her arm go.

“Do that again and I’ll break every bone you’ve got there on your pretty little fingers” Hermione growled, glaring at the girl.

She was obviously surprised at Hermione’s response that she didn’t say anything. She didn’t decide to go back to school to make friends after all. Hermione continued to walk over to the empty sit and sat herself down.

“Impressive” The boy said, without looking up from his plate.

Hermione ignored his comment and filled her plate up. She immediately stuffed herself as she felt extremely hungry. She didn’t notice the boy beside her looked at her for moment before standing up and leaving.

Hermione looked beside her and found an empty seat. She looked around, thinking the boy has changed seat but he wasn’t around. She shrugged and went back on eating.

“I saw what you did to Dolores Dreizi” the girl beside her who looked extremely petite with extremely straight black hair that reaches past her shoulder said. She had a mischievous smile on her face as she said, “That was wicked”

Ron’s face flashed through her mind as Hermione faked a smile. “She deserved it” she said.

“Greta Goshawk” she said, “where was your last school? Beauxbatons? Durmstrang?”

Hermione faked a cough and said. “I was home schooled.”

“Home schooled? Boy that must have been awfully boring” Greta scrunched her nose.

“Yes, it was” Hermione said, wanting nothing more but to be left alone.

Most of the students by now were already piling up.

“I guess we better go, we’ll lead you to the Slytherin common room”

Hermione raised an eyebrow. “We?”

“We meaning us of course” The guy with a lot of boils on his face said, nudging a pretty blonde girl who smiled shyly. They were both just behind Greta and must have been listening through out their conversation.

“Name’s Amarillio Aesillion but you can call me Ames” He said, holding up a hand which Hermione shook. “And this is Emma Cuskam”

“Emma?” she watched her curiously.

The girl nodded. “Yes, I’m muggleborn you see” she said, looking away.

“Do you have a problem with that?” Greta asked, looking at her threateningly.

Hermione smirked. “Do I strike you as someone who cares about such petty things?.”


"Not a lot of Slytherins here can accept muggle-borns. They are all about blood purity... What are you anyway?" Greta asked.

“I thought you didn’t care about the people’s background?” Hermione raised an eyebrow.

“Sarcastic eh? I like that” Greta grinned.

Hermione smiled. “Well we best be off, it’s my first day of classes tomorrow. You guys can go on ahead, i need to speak with the Headmaster first anyway”

Hermione really wanted to be left alone as she left the three to themselves. She didnt really have an appointment to see the headmaster but she needed a reason to be left alone. She walked on another pathway, determined to be alone.

Suddenly someone grabbed her elbow from behind and held it tightly. “How dare you threaten me you newbie!” the girl who was supposedly called Dolores hissed.

“Don’t touch me” Hermione said in a bored tone, not showing a tad bit of fear in her eyes.

Dolores scoffed. “You’ve got some nerve; you do not want to mess with me”

“I said don’t touch me” Hermione said angrily. She waited a few more minutes before a light erupted from her wand throwing Dolores to the floor.

She had learned this non-verbal spell at the start of the year on their dueling lessons with harry.

“Touch me again and you’ll be getting much worse than that” she growled before turning her back on the stunned girl on the floor and leaving without another word, Not knowing that the same pair of emerald green eyes that have watched her earlier had witnessed everything and was following her beneath the shadows

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Chapter 5: Chapter 5: Carpe Diem
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Hermione absolutely despised people who's convinced everything in the world exists for them. She was pretty sure Dolores was going to end up a Death Eater or married to one. She glowered at the thought.

She stopped as she saw a figure behind the shadows.

“That was a very awful thing to do, what you did to Dreizi,” a voice spoke. She thought she could hear a tinge of amusement from the boy's voice.

“She deserved it,” she said defensively, knowing it was the guy she sat with at dinner.

“I’m the Headboy, I could very well give you detention,” the voice muttered softly and threateningly.

“Do I strike you as someone who cares?” Hermione asked. If someone threatened to do this a few months ago she would’ve cared a great deal, but right now she didn't; all she cared about was to find her way back home and kill Voldemort, kill the one person who has caused her so much pain.

“When I found you near the forest, I thought you were dead.”

Hermione’s eyes grew wide. “You were the one that found me?”

“Yes… You were covered in blood and your clothes were all torn. Where did you come from?” It was not aquestion but a demand.

“That’s none of your business now is it?” she asked. “You must be Tom”

“How did you know?”

“I remember Madame Kempton mentioning your name once while I was the wing.”

“Yes, my name is Tom… Tom Riddle,” he said before finally stepping out of the shadows. Her brain suddenly felt disconnected for several seconds as she heard the name.

'It couldn't be'  Hermione saw that he was an exceptionally good-looking boy with jet-black hair and emerald green eyes that would make any girl weak in the knees. She was exactly how she had imagined he would look, described by Harry.

Hermione rapidly felt a chill went up her spine and her eyes darkened. She remembered Harry telling her about the young Voldemort. She gaped at him, stunned as she stood in front of the boy no more than seventeen years old who had already killed Myrtle, his own father and grandparents, framed his own uncle. He would go on to slaughter Harry’s parents, her parents, and Harry.


Millions of derogatory things to say ran through her mind. All she wanted to do at that very instant was to raise her wand and say those two words that would solve all of her problems and bring back all of the people that she had lost. Two words.

She tightened her grip on her wand preparing to murder the future Dark Lord.


“Miss Vane?” a voice inquired from behind Tom. She fumbled with her wand as she looked over the person behind him. Tom turned around to face Dumbledore walking closer to her with a soft smile and then he noticed Tom. “Ah, Mr. Riddle, I see you have had the pleasure of meeting Miss Vane.”

“Pleasure indeed.” He smirked, but hid it from his Professor.


“Shall I have the pleasure now of having a lovely chat with you in my office about your schedule for tomorrow, Miss Vane?”

Hermione’s heart was racing. If she’d have just lifted her wand one second prior all her problems would have been already solved. Millions of lives would be saved her parents, her school mates, her friends. Harry would have his parents back.

“Miss Vane?”

Hermione’s thoughts were interrupted as she looked back at the Professor and Riddle who were staring at her. “I-uh... I’d love to Professor.”

Dumbledore smiled at her and nodded at Tom. “Well you best be off now Tom. Have an exquisite evening.”

“Thank you Professor, goodnight,” he said, glancing at Hermione one last time before he started walking away.

Hermione glared at him as he left. Her feet were rooted to the spot as she still couldn’t quite believe she had just met the future Dark Lord. She wanted so badly to just lift her wand and blast him off to central Siberia.

“Shall we then?” Dumbledore smiled at her, not noticing that her whole body had gone numb and her wand hand was shaking madly.

Hermione closed her eyes tightly, calming herself, before looking up at her mentor and nodding.

They began walking, quietly at first before Dumbledore spoke. “Peculiar boy that one…,” he murmured almost to himself.

Hermione’s throat seemed parched. Her heart still would not calm down inside her chest. She now had a chance of a lifetime to change everything.

“Top in all his classes, Prefect, and now Headboy... almost every teachers’ favourite...” Hermione recalled.

“He told you this?” Dumbledore inquired.

“No, I heard from the girls I sat with at Dinner. He seemed just the type,” she spat.

“My dear, you seem as if you disagree with Mr. Riddle?”

 “Disagree? Oh no Professor, I am merely trying to tell you that beyond any awards and recognition... beyond any beautiful face or intelligence... you will never know what kind of darkness lies within. 'Thine heart of darkness may still blind you',” she told him, quietly. She remembered Harry telling her how everyone was blind to Riddles’ charm as she quoted what Dumbledore had once told her.

“You seem to be full of astuteness for someone your age, Miss Vane.” Dumbledore smiled at her. “I will keep your views in mind though, thank you”

Hermione merely nodded. They walked in silence after that, and after what felt like an eternity of stillness, they arrived at Dumbledore’s office. It was much smaller than the Headmaster’s office but was a little similar. It was a beautiful circular room filled with all of the Hogwarts colours in each side. The walls however did not contain portraits of previous headmaster and mistress and instead contained various awards.

Hermione looked at them curiously; knowing Dumbledore only lead her there to get the truth out of her. She then heard a soft chuckle coming from Dumbledore.

“Madame Baddock insisted on putting them up seeing as my walls looked too empty in her eyes.” Dumbledore nodded toward the seat across his desk. “Rather not a show of boasts, I say”

Hermione sat down; her mind was swarming with more lies she was ready to set off to Dumbledore but she was relieved to find that Dumbledore, instead, had pulled out a list of Hogwarts subject requirements. They spent a few minutes deciding on what subject she should do until she gasped in horror at what Dumbledore had told her.

“I am really sorry, Miss Vane, but Divination is mandatory”

“But-but—” Hermione sputtered. “How can it be mandatory?”

Dumbledore chuckled. “I’m afraid Professor Dippet has taken a liking towards Divination… I daresay he was particularly keen on that subject in his Hogwarts years. Why the distaste of it, may I ask?”

“The subject itself is ridiculous,” Hermione declared in a sniffy voice.

“You remember having to learn it then?”

Hermione looked at her hands and said, “No I… I just think the future is not laid out for us... it is something we make on our own.”

Dumbledore smiled thoughtfully, his light blue eyes twinkling behind his half-moon spectacles. “That is exactly what I said to the headmaster a good few years ago.”

Hermione smiled up at him then frowned. “Well I suppose I would have to take it.” She sighed loudly while Dumbledore merely smiled at her.

There was an awkward silence after that as Hermione stared intently, ostensibly interested at a dirty spot on the floor. She knew he was just waiting for Hermione to tell him the truth. For some reason, this odd old man just seemed to know everything.

After what seemed like an eternity, Hermione broke the silence. “Well if that is all... Goodnight Professor,” she mumbled before standing up from her chair.

“Miss Vane?”

Hermione turned around. “Yes Professor?”

Dumbledore smiled at her, “I am sure you must find it hard to give your trust to complete strangers. After all, you have only known me no less than two days, but I would just like to tell you that you can trust me with anything...anything at all, and if you are ready.. My ears will be too.”

Hermione had tears brimming in her eyes as she looked at Albus Dumbledore’s twinkling blue eyes. She hesitated not knowing exactly what to do. If she told him about her secret, he would be able to help her get back home, but if she did, she also would not be able to seek revenge.

She cleared her throat as she made her decision. “I’m sorry sir but I do not know what you’re talking about”

Dumbledore stared at her with a disappointed look in his eyes.

Hermione had to turn her head away from him, afraid of the Professor’s eyes seemingly searching through her mind and soul but she felt defeated as she stared back at him. ‘I am so sorry Professor, but its best that you don’t know,’ she thought inwardly.

The Professor suddenly smiled up at her as if hearing what she had been thinking and said, “Very well then.”

Hermione stood up from her seat, relieved that Dumbledore was not shooting her with any more questions.

“I will accompany you to your common room,” the old wizard spoke, standing up from his huge velvet chair.

“Oh it’s no need Professor; I can find my own way there.”

“Miss Vane, you do not know your way around the castle.”

“I’d like a little adventure myself… the castle is beautiful. The girl's I met earlier told me where to find the common room.”

“If that is what your heart requests, you best be off Miss Vane, it does not do good to be wandering around the castle at night without anyone to accompany you.”

Hermione nodded, smiled then took off, wandering around the castle without any destination, feeling all different kind of emotions at that moment. Sadness, desperation, surprise, anxiety, worry and disgust. She didn’t know which one was more powerful than the other.

The fat lady ogled at her from within her portrait and asked, “Password?”

“Carpe Diem,” she spoke absentmindedly, still thinking about what the Professor might know about her.

“Password incorrect,” the portrait said, simply.

Hermione snapped out of her reverie and gawked at the fat lady, “No it’s not! I issued the password myself!”

The fat lady huffed at her, “Dear, not to be rude or anything, but I have never seen you in my life…are you sure you’re at the right house?”

“Of course I am, I’m headg—” suddenly, it all came flooding back to her. She shut her eyes for a few seconds. Not sure if she should be slamming her head against the wall out of her stupidity or her loneliness. Of course she was on the wrong common room, she was now a Slytherin.

“Oh I’m so sorry…” she mumbled before turning around. She had to stifle a scream as she came face to face with none other than Tom Marvolo Riddle.

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Chapter 6: Chapter 6: Noli Me Tangere
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Her heart was racing as her face was half an inch away from his. He stared at her face intently, not a single one of them moving from their positions. She breathed in his scent, startled, and immediately memories came flooding back to her.


Hermione’s whole body had gone numb. She did not feel the  warm hand on her arm, guiding her somewhere. She didn’t know where, she didn’t know who it was, she didn’t even know if she was awake, asleep or dead. All she knew at that very moment was that she would never be able to feel her father’s arms holding her protectively or her mother’s delicate cheeks damp with tears softly brushing against hers as she leaves for the Hogwarts train every year.


“Miss Granger, we have to apparate from here now…,” a gentle, soothing voice spoke. She didn’t look up. She didn’t even hear a word the woman had said.


“Miss Granger, can you do this on your own? Or should you hold on to me?” she asked her but once again did not get a response from the despaired young girl.


The sharp old lady and two young boys looked at each other before the elder nodded and took Hermione’s hand from the dark-haired wizard, holding on to it very firmly, getting ready to apparate.


Hermione didn’t even notice that everything had gone black until she felt something pressing on every part of her body very hard. Hermione looked from beside her and saw McGonagall’s sad but determined face holding on to her very tightly. She couldn’t breathe at all, but she didn’t care as this was what she had been feeling three hours ago when she found out the most dreadful news.


Before she knew it, she was now standing on her very own front porch, one she had left five months earlier for the train. She heard two loud pops from behind her as so suddenly she was aware of her surroundings. She looked up to the sky and to no ones surprise she saw it. Hanging in the sky on top of her house was a blazing green skull with a serpent tongue.


She was rooted to her spot, not daring open the doors in front of her where she knew what she would find.


A freckled hand grasped the bronze knob and turned it. Ron looked back at Hermione then looked at McGonagall before stepping inside the house.


She didn’t flinch or even dare to breathe, afraid of what would happen if she did. A warm hand pressed onto hers and suddenly she found herself stepping inside the doors.


Harry slowly led her inside and looked around. The place looked as normal as any muggle house. Everything looked as if it was in the right place, but Hermione knew the warmth, laughter and memories were replaced with despair mixed with blood and cold.


“They’re in the dining room,” a voice spoke from the other side of the house.


Harry held her hand and guided her towards the room. Her hands felt cold against Harry’s warm hands as hers were shaking madly. When she first heard the news, she didn’t dare believe it. She thought it was one cruel joke the Slytherins had pulled. She promised herself not to cry, not to shed one tear in front of the Slytherins. Then she was called up to McGonagall’s office, but still she could not believe.


She entered the dining room slowly and carefully. There she saw them; her mother was still on the chair with her body limp and her eyes open, staring blankly and her father on the floor in an extremely awkward position a few meters where her mother sat. She figured her mother had died first, not even realizing it, and her father had ran to her side but was killed before he can even touch his own dead wife.


Hermione’s breathing became ragged as she slowly walked towards her parents’ bodies. Her hands were shaking madly as she enclosed them over her mouth, fighting the sob that was coming. It felt as if her walk went on forever as she became very tired and fell on her knees.


“Hermione!” Harry ran towards her side but she pushed him away.


She crawled towards her father’s body and hugged him tightly. “Nooo…. Daddy please… you’re not dead…you can’t be dead…”


Suddenly, the tears that she had been fighting back for hours came. “Daddy, you have to wake up... Wake up...please, you need to breathe... Daddy please listen to me,” she pleaded as she shook her father’s body. She began pulling her father’s body towards the chair where her mother’s dead body lied.


“Mum… oh god this is all my fault…” She sobbed harder than ever, clutching her parents’ bodies closer to her.


Harry stepped towards her and sat down beside her. “No, it’s not your fault Hermione.”


“If I didn’t… if I just knew sooner… maybe I could have saved them… maybe…”


“Hermione, there’s nothing you could have done,” he told her softly.


“That’s just it... I didn’t do anything... if I just…. If I never came to Hogwarts in the first place... Maybe they wouldn’t...”


“Hermione, stop blaming yourself… it’s not your fault,” he said as he slowly pulled her into an embrace.


“We should have found out sooner!” she sobbed.


“I know” he whispered.


“We should have found out sooner! Harry, you should have found out sooner!” she yelled as she started beating Harry’s chest. “Aren’t you supposed to be the leader of the Order? Why couldn’t you have find out sooner?”


“I’m sorry Hermione,” he soothed her as he tried to calm her down.


“No... This is entirely your fault! You should have had more spies! You—.” Hermione kept trying to push him away as Harry tried harder to pull her closer until she was too tired to fight him that she gave in and sobbed on his chest.


“I’m sorry Hermione… I’m so sorry.” Harry held her, never intending to let her go. “I’m so sorry…”


Hermione clutched his robes tightly as she cried. She breathed in his scent- sun, mint, and old parchment flowed through her nose, that was Harry’s scent mixed with pain and anguish from the aura of the room. This was the exact same mix of scent she smelled at that very instant. The smell she could never forget.


Hermione opened her eyes slowly only to see Tom Riddle on top of her as she laid on the floor with his face near hers and his wand pointing directly at her. She sat up immediately and drew out her wand but dropped it immediately, feeling an immense pain in her head.

“Aaah” she yelped.


“Head rush?” He smirked, standing up and holding out his hand towards her.


Hermione glared at the hand and ignored it, standing up and pointing her wand at him. “What did you do to me?”


He looked at her, filled with amusement and disgust. Not showing the slightest bit of fear at the wand pointed on his nose. “You fainted, you dimwit”


Hermione glared at him and grasped her wand more tightly. This was her chance now, if only the fat lady wasn’t there but she could always burn the portrait down. They stared at each other for the longest time. Hermione knew what he was doing; he was trying to read her mind. Harry had taught most of the students Legimens so she was fully skilled.

She fought hard to close all thoughts in her mind, feeling the vein in the side of her head almost popping out. After a few more second of Tom searching her brain, he could not find one; instead he obtained a slight headache.


“I do not have time for this… we have class tomorrow, we best be off to bed,” he said, as he ignored the throbbing pain in his head, turning around briskly.


“Why were you following me?” she asked sceptically as she slowly put down her wand.


Tom laughed out loud without turning his head. “Follow you? What? You think of me as your stalker?”


“How did you find me here then?”


Tom turned around and smirked. “I shall not explain myself to you. Who are you but a mere weakling, fainting in surprise?” After that, he turned around then stopped. “The password is Sangue Freddo, I do hope you wont get lost,” he said before he walked off without so much as another glance at her.


Hermione glared at his disappearing shadow then started walking at the same direction. She knew exactly where the Slytherin common room was, seeing as how she was after all the head girl. She rubbed the sides of her head, feeling the immense pain pulsing through it. It never hurt like that when she was doing Legimens, even when she had done it to Dumbledore in the infirmary.


Her journey towards the dungeons seemed to have taken forever when finally she saw the hidden wall in a blank stone wall. “Sangue Freddo,” she stated before the wall split up, showing off the dark dungeons of Slytherin. It was exactly as Harry and Ron described to her in their 2nd year. The dungeon was low-ceilinged with green lamps and green chairs.


She heard a soft shuffling from somewhere in the common room. She turned towards the direction of the noise but found nothing.


Hermione looked around more, wishing she was sorted into Gryffindor instead. The dungeons were chilly and nothing felt remotely homey. She hated it.


It was surprising how she found her bed that easy, seeing her fresh new green robes for school tomorrow. She opened her trunk to see it half full. Her basic needs were at least provided. She looked around her room to see three girls sleeping peacefully.


She dropped herself on her bed and in an instant, her eyes gave in.




Tom walked away from her hurriedly, not looking back. He couldn’t understand why he did it. Why in the world he didn’t leave her there when she fainted. Why he followed her in the first place and why he even bothered reviving her.


He could not suppress the feeling of disappointment within him. His first impression of her of course was of someone who needed a hero to save her, finding her near the forest tattered and covered in blood, nothing but a weakling who couldn’t even save herself from perhaps a wild animal but she surprised him when she was sorted into Slytherin, furthermore threatened Goshawk, twice and using a very strong non-verbal magic.


He was disappointed however when he followed her towards the Gryffindor common room only to faint in surprise in seeing him. He was extremely agitated at how she seemed to spark some interest in him towards her when he didn’t even know her.


It was as if this girl was in control of him, made him find her in the forest and save her instead of leaving her there abandoned to die, made him save her again under the rain, made him follow her around to find out the mystery that is Nerissa Felicia Vane.


What made him even more livid was how he remembered her whole name when he can hardly even remember a single name among all the girls who’ve been trying for years to catch his attention let alone the names of some of his Death Eaters. He vowed never to talk to this girl ever again as he tried to shake all thoughts of her out of his head.


He left her there, knowing she would be lost at the tower. He smirked at the thought of her wandering around without any idea where she was going, perhaps even calling out the password to every wall.


He reached the stone wall quickly and spoke the password in a low voice. He took a last glance behind him before stepping inside his common room.


“Tom,” a voice called out before he even had the chance to respire inside the dungeons. Tom glared at Malfoy.


“What do you want?” He asked in a bored tone.


“Tom, where’d you head off to after dinner?” he asked him skeptically.


Tom shot him a look that made Abraxas shiver for just a moment, “Is that really your business?” He knew he was just making small talk in hopes of getting his rank among the Death Eaters higher, more or less, become Tom’s second. He heard small buzzing noises in the room


“No, of course not” he said quickly.


‘Pathetic and weak,’ Tom thought inwardly as he sat down on the green couch nearest to the fire. “What is that noise?”


Abraxas Malfoy sat across him and looked around the common room. There were only five people left, two of them were third year boys who were stealing admiring looks towards Tom and the others were girls from their year who were whispering at each other and giggling, again, watching Tom.


Abraxas smirked at them and looked back at his master. Tom was studying the fire closely as every now and then it would flick playfully; he studied Tom’s eyes as if he could find the answers in them on how he was doing this wandless magic.


The buzzing noises became louder and suddenly Tom began hearing everyone’s thoughts around him. He could hear a boy’s voice complimenting Tom mentally, heard the girls’ silly daydreams about him and Abraxas, their voice filled with admiration.


“Oh I wish I was more like him, I heard he owns a snake or something… I wonder if that’s true… probably just Zach messing around again” he heard one of the boys say.


“Oh my god, I think he just looked my way… how I would very much love to run my hands over his silky brown hair.”

“Urghh, look at Desiree, she so thinks she can get him to ask her to the Christmas dance…as if! He’s going to ask me…love potion should do the trick… I wonder if…”


He couldn’t understand how he heard everyone’s voice in his head without having to use Legimens against them. As much as this was of great use, he did not know where this came from, and it annoyed him greatly. The voices in his head kept overlapping each other as it all seemed just too loud for him.

Stop it,” Tom snapped, loudly enough that the people in the room scrambled out of their feet and left the common room hastily. He didn’t have to take his eyes off the fire to know that the people around them had left. Everything suddenly grew quiet, even the fire looked remarkably still at Tom’s outburst.

Tom waited a few more seconds before standing up. He was never one to control his temper, knowing that if he kept this up, he would either blow up the lamp or the whole couch. He began walking towards his dorm room with Malfoy tailing behind him. He could not hear Abraxas thoughts any longer. He contemplated on what just happened as he walked up the steps.


“That new girl is very intriguing,” Malfoy told him as they climbed the steps.


Tom stopped abruptly and turned around. “And why is that?”


“Well you were there Tom, you saw the way she threatened Dreizi just to have the chance to sit with those freaks.” He spat at his last word, thinking about the ‘Golden Trio’ as Tom began to move again. “Those pathetic people… wonder why that girl opted to sit with them instead of Dreizi; then again, perhaps the girl just wanted the chance to sit next to you.” Abraxas smirked.


“The girl is a pathetic little weakling, and her charade wasn’t at all intriguing. She was obviously trying to acquire a good impression,” he shot back without looking back, glaring at the thought of what the waste of time he spent trying to find out more about the girl when she was nothing at all and no use to him.


“I suppose…” Abraxas replayed the incident earlier in his head. “But we will not know for certain until tomorrow... I have a feeling nevertheless that this girl will become valuable to us someday.”


Tom turned around and started walking in the opposite direction.


“Where are you going” he asked.


“Someplace , anyplace, as long as I will not hear any more of your talk of nonsense.” He walked down the steps briskly.


Abraxas took one step towards him, intending to follow him when Tom turned around and shot him a look that made Abraxas turn on his original route towards his dorm room.


Tom made his way back to the common room. He had to find out how in the world he’d come to hear people’s thoughts without any effort.


As he took his last step he heard the stonewall open. As soon as he saw that herd of wild curls he hid behind the shadows. He watched her as she examined the common room in disgust before finally going up towards the girl’s dorm room.


He waited a few more seconds, expecting another Slytherin who led her there but none came. He walked towards the stone wall, opened it and peeked behind it. If someone told her the directions they would have still been there walking away but there was not a trace, not even a shadow on the long corridor.


He closed the wall in frustration. He hated not being in the know, most of all, hated being intrigued by this mysterious girl after promising himself he wouldn’t care. He walked back towards his dorm room, seething all the way, forgetting all about his moment of telepathy.


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Chapter 7: Chapter 7: Divination is Fun
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Chapter image made by me

Hermione Granger woke up the next morning with an unbearable and pounding headache. It was as if thousands of pins were being inserted in every corner of her brain. She had never gotten drunk in her life before but she was certain what she was feeling was worse than a hang over. She reached for her wand beside her bed and silently did a healing spell only the pain refused to go away.

She groaned in defeat and grudgingly got out of bed. There was nobody left in the room.

She began getting ready for school, knowing she had only 15 minutes left before breakfast ended and classes would start. She knew she would not make it in time for breakfast, school was more important than her appetite anyway.


She did not bother looking at the mirror as she stepped out of the dormitories.

No, she was not there to do well in class, she was not there to have fun, she was not there to make friends or have petty fights with idiotic bimbos, she was there to get revenge and nothing more. Tom Marvolo Riddle will die even if her life depended on it.

It was not hard to find all her classes seeing as how she took the same ones with the exception of Divination. As Hermione predicted, the topics and concepts that was being taught in her every class have already been taught in their fifth year. Everything was behind. There were no surprises at all. Well, maybe except for the fact that Tom Marvolo Riddle was in every single one of her classes.


Her first class was Arithmancy with Professor Wentsz. She sat down by herself at the far end of the room at the farthest left corner where she expected everyone to leave her alone. Naturally, being the new girl in school, everyone stared at her with curiosity as she sat down. She pretended she didn’t notice as she took her quill out.

Her grip on the quill suddenly grew tighter as Tom Marvolo Riddle entered the class. She observed him quietly as he walked in. 

He made his way in, careful not to make eye contact with anybody to avoid small talks. He stopped dead on his tracks as he noticed someone was already sitting in his usual seat. He stared at the girl in front of him and at his seat as if trying to decide whether or not to make her leave. No one dared steal his seat in any of his classes.

They looked at each other intensely, both not daring to declare defeat by breaking contact. She waited for him, unsure of what to do, until he gave her one last glare before walking away and sitting at the farthest right corner of the room.

“Wow” Ames whispered from behind her. “Cant believe he just let you off like that.”

“What do you mean?” she asked.


“Well, that’s his usual seat. He’s been sitting there since we first took this class. I mean, he always sits in the farthest left corner of the room in all of his classes. Everyone knows that.”

That was it. That was their entire encounter for the rest of her first week of school. He was in every one of her classes but he would always sit far away from her. After every class, he would hastily make his way towards the door, always the first one to get out. She did not have a problem with that. In fact, she liked that he kept his distance, because if they both keep having encounters, one thing may lead to another and she would end up killing him, and not even necessarily unintentional.

Greta, Emma and Amarillo had somewhat tried to make friends with her although she kept her distance from them. She did not want to get emotionally attached to anyone and end up getting hurt. The three gave her all the space she needed but often talked to her at breakfast and lunch.

 On her first two weeks of her “new life”, Hermione stayed far away from everything that might remind her of Harry which was not very easy. It seems as if every corner, ever wall, every dungeon and every class reminded her of what she had lost. At night, the pain would take her in much deeper; her strong barriers crashed as she laid in her bed, vulnerable as ever, broken as ever as she cried herself to sleep.

People approached her on her first few days but finally grew bored with her when they failed to get any interesting information from her that they might be able to pass on or gossip about. Everyone seemed to finally leave her alone by the end of her first week which suited her fine. The library was her only sanctuary. It was the only place that she could be rid of her painful thoughts of him.



Tom hastily gathered his books and started to make his way towards the warm-filled room of divination. It was a bit of a hassle having to be at all times, the first person to get out of the class. He did not want to see nor hear about that wretched new girl. He treated her as if she was venom, as if she was the pawn towards his defeat. His instincts told him not to go near her.

It had been well over two weeks since their first encounter and never once had he nor she looked at each other, nor hair nor wand. Abraxas may think of her as an intriguing little creature but not him. Although a certain part of his brain argued otherwise.

For days he had been searching for the cause of his moment of telepathy but came out of the library with nothing. It perturbed him like never before. He was Lord Voldemort, the leader of his Knights of Walpurgis and yet he could not define that certain mysterious happening. He blamed the girl of course.

‘That wretched girl should be in debt of me. I have saved her life twice and never once has she thanked me.’ He contemplated as he walked briskly towards his common room. He shook his head vigorously at that thought, ‘No, I do not need any gratitude from her. If she was to be thankful, she should repay him by keeping out of his sight’

‘Which is what she has been doing for the past weeks’ A part of his mind told him.

He shook his head as he climbed the steps towards divination. As usual, he decided to sit at the very end of the room. Professor Murdoch was already in her table, eyes rolled back as if in concentration. She did not notice Tom walk in. There were orbs in each table with mist swirling around inside of them.

Tom despised Divination the most. Sure, he believed in predictions but he would be a fool as to believe in Professor Murdoch as she was nothing but a fraud. Students begin to file in noisily towards the room. The Professor smiled as she finally realized that pupils had already entered the room. As reflex, Tom looked around for that bushy-haired girl. It was not because he was interested in anything but for some reason, he always prefer to know if she was anywhere near him so he can move away or so he tells himself.

She wasn’t around. Every seat had already been filled except for her. Abraxas had opted to sit next to her girlfriend Pas which left Tom’s left, empty.

In an extremely misty voice, Professor began her lesson. She did not seem to notice that one of her students was still missing. “Today class, we will be revising the basic methods of orb reading. Last week, we all remember how unsuccessful most of you were in the art of fire omens. Now, orb-reading is relatively easy. We have done it last year if you all recall..”

She had never got to finish as Hermione Granger stepped inside the class, robes astray and hair slightly messy. She looked as if she had been running as she was doing huff breath sounds, her cheeks slightly pink. “I’m sorry I’m late Professor!

Professor Murdoch smiled politely at her, “I predicted as much, Ms Vane. Please take your seat.”

Hermione nodded and turned her attention towards the circular tables in front of her. There was only one seat available and it was right next to the person she had least wanted to sit next to. “Professor? There aren’t any more seats”

“Miss Granger, I knew from the moment I saw you that you have not been given the gift of the inner eye but I didn’t think you were blind. There’s a seat right next to Mr. Riddle”

Hermione cursed the Professor under her breath. She had been hoping that she wouldn’t notice the seat and will just conjure another one.

There was no reason arguing. She had already embarrassed herself in front of everyone. Which was why, 5 minutes later, she found herself sitting next to the future dark lord who, like her, ignored her with all his might. He positioned his seat towards the opposite.

“Where were we?.. Oh yes, of course, of course... Orb-reading. For revision, I will demonstrate it for you today. Any table want to volunteer for their orbs to be read?” She scanned the room and as expected, no one had raised their hands. She sighed loudly. “I suppose I can do with the new girl Miss Vane and Mr. Riddle’s table?”

“Great” Hermione murmured to herself before Professor Murdoch conjured a chair in front of her and Riddle.

“I shall do you first Miss Vane. Now, put your palms on the orbs please and close your eyes” Hermione rolled her eyes before following as she was told. “Concentrate… Breath in and out evenly please. Now let go”

Hermione withdrew her hands away from the orbs and opened her eyes. The Professor pressed her face unto the small orb for a few seconds before crying out loud. “Oh how horrible! Horrible indeed.” The Professor observed Hermione with tearful eyes. “You have suffered so much. Oh you poor thing.”

Hermione blinked at the Professor in front of her. She couldn’t quite believe her ears. This teacher can’t be accurate can she? It’s impossible that she knows what she went through. No way can this lunatic of a  Professor know of her past.

“Suffered from what” A voice behind her asked.

“Wolves.” The Professor exclaimed.

Hermione looked at her Professor suspiciously. Did she just know that she had wolf scratches on her arms and her clothes astray as if attacked by a wild animal when she had first appeared? Hermione still wasn’t convinced.

Tom Riddle raised an eyebrow at the Professor statement. Wolves? Not that he’d believe anything this madcap would say but wolves would explains her appearance the night he had found her.

“and Deaths! Many deaths” the Professor continued. “Am I right, Miss Vane?” she looked pitifully at Hermione.

It took awhile before Hermione could give a response, “I wouldn’t know.” She left it at that. The Professors knew about the whole memory loss story but she chose not to tell any of her schoolmates.

Professor seemed to have remembered that piece of information. “Of course, of course. I apologize Miss Vane” She looked at her sadly and awkwardly for a moment before turning towards Tom Riddle. She felt ashamed for having opened the delicate subject when she knew the student has barely recovered.

She cleared her throat as if to get a hold of her emotional state. “Your turn Mr. Riddle. Place your palms on the orbs and concentrate.” She told him. Tom closed his eyes and placed his hands on the orbs. He had done this last year with Abraxas and so it doesn’t bother him as much.

She didn’t know what made her do it. She didn’t know exactly what she was thinking but the words were out before she could stop them. “I’ll do it.”

Tom Riddle opened his eyes and stared at the mysterious girl in front of him.

“Excuse me?” Professor asked.

“I’ll… read his orbs” If the Professor was accurate as she was with Hermione’s reading, she couldn’t risk her seeing any connections of her with Riddle’s Orbs. She was afraid of what the Professor would see. She doesn’t fully believe the Professor’s accuracy but it was better to be safe. “It would be nice to have the students practice too, right? I’ve never done orb-reading before, I think”

What in the world is she thinking now?’ he thought inwardly.

The Professor looked quite taken aback. Nobody in her class had ever volunteered to do anything. “O-of course Miss Vane. Everyone in the class has done this last year. Of course, you may have your try”

She looked up to meet Riddle’s unreadable expression. As usual, pure and utter abhorrence rushed inside her veins when their eyes locked. Every inch of her body was telling her to do it now, kill him in spite of the 17 other students inside the room. She shook her head lightly and breathed in slowly, trying to calm herself before examining his orbs.

They were nothing more than white fogs to her.

“Concentrate Miss Vane. Examine closely the power and the energy. Pull from your inner strength.”

Hermione already knew everything about Tom Riddle’s past and his future. There wasn’t any need for her to waste her ‘inner strength’.

Again, she did not fully know what she was thinking or perhaps she wasn’t thinking at all. “I see a lot of darkness.”

“Yes, yes go on. Tell us, what else do you see?”

She could no longer stop herself. “Figures… lots of them in dark cloaks and… masks.”

She saw Tom tightening under his seat from the corner of her eye which gave her even more motivation to continue. “Standing among them is something powerful and dark. Very dark.”

She mocked a shiver. She knew she was going too far. She might have given herself a death sentence by doing this but to her it was worth it. It was worth the sight of Voldemort’s tension building up inside of him, his face going pale and his lips opening ever so slightly in shock and in anticipation that it almost made her laugh.

The Professor raised an eyebrow, “Are you sure my dear? Pray tell us, what else do you see?”

“A small pale boy all alone in a small grubby old room” Hermione began. She thought she might add in some of her knowledge of his past. “and… I think a cave?.. Yes, it looks like a cave” She bit her bottom lip to keep herself from smirking. “Children seems to be inside it. A name also keeps coming up… V...V-vo—

“Enough!” Tom Riddle abruptly stood up from his seat, causing it to topple. He was never one to lose his temper in front of a class which is why everyone immediately focused all of their absolute attention towards Riddle. “It’s complete nonsense. How can you see all of that in one orb-reading? She’s clearly misreading the whole thing.”

Hermione looked up from the orb and met Tom Riddle’s eyes. She gave him a small smirk before retorting, “Defensive much? I was only having a little bit of fun.”

“Divination is to be taken seriously Miss Vane. It is not for fun.” The Professor told her “I’m very disappointed in you. I had initially thought you actually posses the inner eye.”

“Well I’m sorry to disappoint” she told her. She was in too good of a mood provoking Riddle that she didn’t care less about getting in trouble.

If this was how Divination was going to be like every day, she could definitely get used to it. She leaned in towards her chair and crossed her arms.

“Alright, enough. Mr. Riddle, sit down please. I suppose not everyone can appreciate the value of one’s inner eye.”

Throughout most of the lessons, the Professor lectured about the fundamentals of orb-reading while Hermione pretended to listen. She knew that Voldemort was watching her very carefully and it was starting to aggravate her.

‘This is totally absurd. She can’t actually be for real. It is impossible for a reading to be that much accurate.’ Tom Riddle thought to himself, clenching and unclenching his fist. Who in the world is this girl?’

“If you stare at me any longer Riddle, I’ll hex your eyeballs to oblivion. That way, people might actually think I was being serious because then you really will be seeing a lot of darkness.” Hermione told him.

“And so you acknowledge it then? That you were inventing all those nonsense up?” Tom Riddle inquired. It couldn’t be. She couldn’t have been making everything up.

“What do you think, Riddle?” Hermione challenged him, smirking up at his handsome face.

‘This stupid girl? Dare Challenging me?’Riddle thought, completely taken aback. “Pardon me, but you’ve obviously mistaken me for someone who gives a damn” Tom simpered at her.

“What’s with all the 20 questions then?” she retorted. “It’s not as if I was spot on right, was I? Don’t tell me, all those things I said… They’re worrying you because they are actually true?”

Tom began fingering his wand inside his pockets. If he so chooses, he could kill this wretched girl anytime he desires. Before Tom could respond, Hermione began laughing out loud.

“Oh God, you don’t actually believe everything I said, do you?” Hermione said in hysterics.

Tom clenched his jaw and was trying hard to control his temper.

“Miss Vane, I understand you think this class is for ‘fun’ but if you insist on disrupting my class, I’m afraid I will have to ask you to leave”

Hermione grabbed her bag and stood up, still laughing. “Oh my pleasure, Professor!”

Hermione walked across towards the exit of the room in time to hear a loud crash from behind. She didn’t have to look to know what had happened. She continued laughing as she made her way out.

The Professor was too stunned to speak. The chair in which the girl had previously sat suddenly exploded on itself. She looked around, scanning for a wand out but everyone else seemed to stun themselves.

Even the person responsible stared at the remains of the wooden chair beside him. He was never one to lose his temper, especially in front of this many people and yet this stupid girl accomplished pushing his buttons after only a few weeks of meeting him.



The rest of her day continued on like they had for the past few weeks. Tom avoided her for the rest of their classes like a plague while she plastered on a smug face.

Before she knew it, it was his least favorite time of the day; Dinner. The trio constantly insisted for her to sit with them but she always opted to be alone during nighttime. It was as if at night, she becomes Hermione Granger rather than Nerissa Vane.

As if enjoying herself at night or even doing anything rather than sulking by herself in the library is a great sin or an insult towards her past memories.

She made her way towards the library as everybody else made their way to the Great Hall for dinner. However, before she could make it to the doors, a large hand grabbed her from behind and pulled her into an empty classroom.


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Chapter 8: Chapter 8: Start of something new
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AMAZING chapter image by Jeanie from TDA

Chapter 8

She knew who it was as soon as she smelled that familiar scent. She had perfected self-defense in her 6th year and so she knew it was easy to get away from him but she let herself be dragged by him into an empty classroom nevertheless. She was deadly curious to know what he wanted. Is he going to kill her? Is he going to torture her for information?

He pushed her away roughly after locking the door by magic and the two faced each other. She didn’t feel scared as she looked into his ridiculously handsome face. Every method of torture has already been done to her in the past and every pain there was to feel, she had already felt. There was nothing left for her to lose.

He didn’t know what he was thinking. After the incident in Divination, he hasn’t really been thinking about anything else much but Vane. Ever since her appearance, he hasn’t really been thinking about anything else but this girl in front of him. She frustrated him to no end. The curiosity of her presence and her existence began to fill his whole mentality.

He was able to carefully understand what every person he had every encountered wanted and needed from him. They were all so simple that it was too easy to decipher exactly what kind of person they are and if he would have any use of them. But this girl in front him…It was almost as if she were made to frustrate him to death.

Why did she come here? Why did she have to exist? His plan had no flaws. He did not see anything that will change the path that he will take and the future that he was sure he will have. She could very well be a powerful seer. This girl in front of him… she must be here for his destruction. It was the only answer. She would ruin me.

This was what he was thinking as he walked towards the Great hall when suddenly, she appeared in front of him. Hate has filled his whole existence. His hate for his filthy muggle of a father, his hate for his weak and pathetic mother and for every being that had a pathetic excuse for a human but never has he hated any other person as much as he hated the girl in front of him.

“What is it you want Riddle?” She asked him angrily after waiting for several minutes for him to speak.

Riddle glared at the girl in front of him. She thought she saw a glint of red in his eyes but disregarded it.

“Well?” she demanded.

He has never hated a stranger before but the moment she appeared in his life, he already knew he hated her. The moment he found her in the forest, he hated her. He couldn’t stop himself from grabbing her and pulling her into an empty room with every fiber from his body intending to hurt her very much and yet he just wanted to unravel her mystery.

Suddenly, he knew what he must do now. It was the most obvious choice. “I apologize for the manner in which I have taken to talk to you tonight.”

“Stop with the formalities Riddle. Tell me why you dragged me here.” She rolled her eyes.

He clenched his jaw. He must control it for his plan to work. “I just wanted to apologize for having been impolite to you earlier.”

Hermione did a double take. ‘That can’t be why he hauled me in this room.’

“I apologize… I apologize for losing my temper on you that other time as well as this morning.”

“What are you going on about Riddle?” This was the last thing she expected for him to say or do. She was expecting some questions, wands and blood.

“I believe we started on the wrong foot. I would… very much like to change that. I’d like us… to become acquaintances, Vane. That is, if you don’t mind.”

He must be kidding. He must be out of his mind. Or… he must be planning something.’ “Why? Why should I, Riddle? Why should I believe anything you say? And why should I ever trust you?”

Tom Riddle’s mouth tightened. “I never asked for you to believe me nor did I ask for you to trust me, Vane. I simply ask for us to try and get along better”

“Why? Why  of all things sane would there be any reason, Riddle, for the two of us to get along better?” Hermione asked him incredulously.

“Honestly, Vane, are you not tired of these petty arguments? I myself do not even know the root of all this nor the reason why you suddenly flare up at the sight of me. I prefer not have anybody hold any contempt over me”

“Any contempt I could have for you dishonours me” she told him.

Riddle gave her his most charming smile. The smile he so often used in front of his teachers and peers that which had never worked with just one Professor. “See what I mean? Why the repugnance? Have I done anything in the past to offend you? If I have, then I apologize. Can you really hold a grudge against someone who has saved your life twice?”

Yes, but you’ve ruined it a billion times more.’ She thought inwardly. “And so you want us to be friends only for the reason that you’re sick of having to think of any comebacks?” she smirked.

“I am merely asking us to be civil to one another Vane. And who knows, we might end up being good friends” Tom shrugged. “I can see you’re having a hard time making any. I can help you in that area. I can take you under my wing... Show you the ropes here at Hogwarts, introduce you to some people, help you if you would ever need a hand.”

He continued. “I know every person in this school and I get along well with just about everyone”

Only because they are all too thick to see you for who you truly are’ she told herself. ‘Which reminds me, why was he particularly nasty to me when he’s supposed to be the perfect charming Tom Riddle in this period of time in his life’

It suddenly dawned on her. ‘He’s trying to figure me out. It’s probably because of all those things I said in Divination. He wants to figure out how I have come to know all those things. Of course!’ She smiled to herself. ‘Lord Voldemort, the most powerful dark wizard of all time, stumped over the mystery of a girl who knows too much for her own good.’

The smartest witch of her generation…’ she mused to herself, ‘and I couldn’t even think of this before. Of course! I know so much about him. Along with all the information Dumbledore has given Harry, I have studied every detail of Voldemort’s life hoping we would find something relevant. Why can’t I use this as a weapon against him. Creeping into his life and re-writing history, I can definitely do that. I could become his most trusted alliance knowing every move he makes. If I do that I might…'

“Well, Vane?” Tom extended his hand. “Do we have an understanding? Or do you think it will satisfy you, going through life loathing me?”

‘…I might just find the perfect opportunity to kill him’ She slowly reached for his hand and shook it. “I suppose it wouldn’t hurt me to try and get along.”

Tom Riddle raised an eyebrow as he stared at both their hands. He half expected her to give another one of her biting responses before trying to hex him. He expected it would need more convincing before she can give in. She truly is capricious.

“Good” he smiled. “Why don’t we start by accompanying me to dinner?”

“How about we start getting along tomorrow morning instead Riddle? I’d like to do some reading tonight” She told him and without waiting for an answer, she walked towards the door.

“”Wait” He drew out his wand and began walking towards her. “You won’t be able to open the door, let me—

He was cut off with a loud bang, as the lock was blasted off by the girl before he could even raise his hand. Hermione smiled satisfactorily before putting her wand back inside her robes. “Very gentlemanly of you, Riddle but I can fend for myself.”

“I can see that” he smirked. “You did not have to break the lock though.”

“You did not have locked the door in the first place” she laughed. “And with a special spell to that! Be nice to me or you will never get out of here alive… was that your plan?”

“No... If I had that kind of intention it would simply be ‘Be nice to me or else’” he smirked.

Vane rolled her eyes. “Terrifying… Next time, come up with a better plan.” She smiled. “I’ll see you tomorrow morning, Riddle.”

“Would you like me to walk you to the common room? Or the library perhaps?” he asked politely.

“Overkill, Riddle. I said I’ll try and get along, I didn’t say I want us to be the best of friends.” She smiled. “You do not need to walk me anywhere. As I have told you, I can perfectly fend for myself. Goodnight Riddle.”

As she left the room, Voldemort smiled to himself, satisfied by his new flawless plan and not knowing it would come to bite him in the ass.

Hermione wasn’t really sure if she had approached her idea the right way. It would be too obvious and fake to him if she suddenly acted as if she liked his company. ‘Besides, I need to stay a mystery to him to keep him interested. What I need is a solid and flawless plan. There would only be two choices really; one is to change him and keep him away from dark arts and the second would be to kill him when the perfect opportunity comes knocking. ’

‘It would be inexcusable not to mention impossible to change him… to give him salvation and change his path. Someone as evil as him… it would be entirely impossible but if I befriend him… wouldn’t it be easier to find the perfect opportunity to defeat him? Killing him would save millions. Yes, I have no choice but to kill him’ she told herself finally before she entered the library at last.


He was sitting with what she guessed was Draco’s ancestor when she entered the Great Hall. The silver-blonde hair is too distinctive that she was sure her guess was right. She remembered Draco talking about his grandfather back in 6th year. ‘Abraxas was it? The first of the Knights of Walpurgis or Death eaters as they will officially be known in just a few short years. ’

Pity they have to wait two more generations before someone decent in their clan arrives.’ She thought as she walked towards the Slytherin table. She absolutely detested their table. It always made her mood sourer than it already was.

She usually sits with Greta and the rest though she never said much. They must think of her as rude and ominous but somehow she didn’t care. They were decent people to her but still, she can’t be attached to anybody in this era that much she knew.

She was heading towards the three when Tom Riddle stood up just when she was about to walk past him. “Its morning isn’t it?”

“Oh well, how nice of you to notice, Riddle. Yes, it is indeed morning.” She mused as she looked above the clear blue skies from the ceiling of the Great hall. “See, usually when the sun is at high and it is particularly bright, it is called morning while nighttime is when—

“I thought we were supposed to be getting along now.” he cut in although he was half amused and half infuriated.

“Did I say anything otherwise?” she smiled. “I was only teasing, Riddle. Isn’t that what acquaintances usually do?”

“Sure” he said sarcastically. “Acquaintances usually tease one another about their intellect. It’s quite customary, as a matter of fact.”

“See? Are you not doing it yourself right now?” she simpered.

“Well well well… Tom Riddle, teasing a girl” Abraxas Malfoy grinned. “That’s certainly a first.”

Tom turned around and glowered at Malfoy but he merely laughed. “Might I introduce myself to the lady first, Tom, before you murder me through your glares.”

“No need. Malfoy am I correct?” she raised her eyebrow at him.

“So you’ve already asked me around. I’m flattered, really.” He smiled at her flirtatiously. “Or is it just my reputation that precedes me?”

“Well, you’re quite the celebrity, aren’t you?” she smirked.

“Indeed, I am” He grinned.

“That wasn’t supposed to be a compliment.”

“Oh it doesn’t have to be. Any words that come out of your mouth, my dear, sound so majestic in my ears” he gave her what she guessed was his most flirtatious and sexy grin. She almost started rolling around, laughing.

Who would’ve ever dreamed that Draco’s grandfather would ever flirt with me’ she thought. “I’m sorry, Malfoy, but you must have mistaken me for one of your, as I guess would be countless moronic sex-slaves. Riddle, I agreed to get along with you but it’s not in the contract to put up with this chauvinistic walking-sex-toy, right?”

Abraxas laughed heartily before shoving bacon inside his mouth. “Sex god did you say? Why thank you”

Tom smirked and ignored him, “I believe it isn’t anywhere in our agreement, don’t worry”

Hermione nodded and was about to walk away when Malfoy said, “Aren’t you going to ask your friend to sit down Tom?”

Which was why, twenty minutes later, she found herself sitting side by side with Voldemort and with Draco’s Grandfather across the table serving her bacon and eggs and flirting with her endlessly.

Just like she had promised him, she tried her best to act as if the man beside her isn’t her parents’ and boyfriend’s murderer. It was hard to act pleasant in front of strangers and a million times harder to act chummy with the person who ruined her life.

“Enough with the bacon Malfoy.” she told him, exasperated. “It’s time for class”

There were a lot of students shocked at the display of ‘the new girl’ eating breakfast with two of the most charming slytherins in the school. Hermione knew they were feared and respected by the Slytherins though the other houses were not aware they were related to any dark arts. Nobody really knew what Voldemort and his followers were capable of, or at least not at the moment. His followers were only known as bullies in school, never as murderers.

The three stepped out of the Great Hall together with all the other students surrounding them, on their way to their respected classes. It was then that she saw him. Her breath was hitched inside her throat.

First, it was the hair that caught her attention. That familiar red head was hard to miss. Next, she saw the shower of freckles across his face. Tears glistened inside her eyes as she pushed her away towards the boy.

“Ron” she cried.

“Nerissa, where are you going?” Abraxas asked, tagging along behind her with Tom Riddle.

She ignored him as she made her way through when finally, she reached him. She almost fainted when she heard him laugh. ‘It has to be him. It just has to be’

“Ron!” she grabbed his arm and pulled it to face her.

The boy in front of her was long and lanky just like the Ronald she knew but somehow his features were slightly different. His nose was longer if that were even possible and his eyes were less distinct. Her entire body ached at the disappointment. She wanted to feel, see and hear something familiar yet she knew it would break her heart in the end.

“Pardon me, but my name is Septimus.” The boy in front of her told her. “Septimus Weasley and not Ron”

Hermione’s eyes widened as soon as she heard what he said. “Weasley? You’re Septimus Weasley?”

“I— yes, yes I am” the boy nodded. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a class to head off to” he smiled at her before leaving with his friends.

She blinked as she watched his retreating back that looks so like Ronald’s. ‘He’s Ron’s grandfather! I should have knows, of course. Septimus Weasley… I wonder if she had already met Cedrella Black, Ron’s Grandmother.’

“Who is this Ron?” Abraxas asked. “And did you know Weasley? It sounded as if you did.”

“It is none of your business Malfoy” she told him. “And no, I know nothing about Weasley.”

“Oh good, they’re a bunch of filthy blood traitors.” He said. “Best not to associate with the likes of them.”

“I think I can sort out who I want to associate myself or not, thank you very much” she snapped. He was exactly like Draco before he fell in love with Ginny that it was almost ridiculous.

“Come now, we have a class to go to.” Tom finally spoke up. He was getting irritated with the fact that Abraxas was giving her endless attention like a love-sick puppy. Then again, he was always like this with his new prospects like waving a shiny new toy towards a child. Abraxas would grow tired of her in a week or so.

Hermione couldn’t help but bitterly smile to herself as they all walked towards Double potions. She was still thinking about Ron through Professor Slughorn’s class, remembering all those times they had spent together.

She knew a little about the life Septimus and Cedrella will soon live after they finish Hogwarts. He was not in any one of her classes so she figured he must be in his 6th or 5th year in Hogwarts. Cedrella was to be disowned and removed from the Black family tree as soon as she announces her engagement.

She must find Cedrella. She remembers Ron telling her she was in Slytherin and she did not hold any unfair views about blood purity. With her sister and brother who, if she can recall from her conversations with the Weasley family, were completely adamant to their belief in blood purity then Cedrella must be having a hard time. ‘It would be nice to help Ron’s grandmother’

As she thought about this, she looked around the room. Everyone's grandparents are in this room or school at this very moment. She must have passed by Harry’s grandparents dozens of times in the halls or Neville’s and Luna’s.

As the day went on, she couldn’t help but observe each and every face that she sees, waiting for a familiar one. It was her very last period of the day when she began making plans to look for for them all.

As she reflected over the idea of searching for them, she shook her head. ‘No, I cant replace my friends for their ancestors. What a ridiculous idea. Besides, I might even change history if I become close to any of them and they may end up not being born in the first place’

Yet still, she began racking her head on who else would exist in this time when finally the answer came.

“HAGRID!” she cried, standing abruptly from her seat.

“Miss Vane?” Professor Binns piped in surprise. It was unusual for anyone to speak in his class.

She suddenly realized she was still inside her History of Magic class. She sat back down and began chewing her lip as she waited in vain for the class to finish.

“Are you alright” Tom Riddle whispered in her ear.

She had almost forgotten he was sitting next to her now. She didn’t know it was in their agreement that she had to sit next to him in classes now too but she was too distracted the whole day to complain.

“I’m fine.” She told him.

Tom examined her face. He had never seen her so energized and eager before. “Hagrid… you mean Rubeus Hagrid, the Groundkeeper Assistant?”

Hermione shot him a glare when she heard him say the word ‘game-keeper’. If It wasn’t for him, he wouldn’t be a game-keeper in the first place. She noticed him say, Assistant and figured he must still be getting trained. She remembers Mrs Weasley mentioned an old game-keeper named 'Ogg'.

She immediately tried to contain her emotions and said, “Yes, you know him?”

Tom smirked. “No. He used to be a student here. He was expelled almost two years ago”

Thanks to you’ she thought bitterly. She had the familiar urge of drawing her wand and blasting his handsome face off or maybe setting his hair on fire. ‘He’s meant to be bald in the future anyway… why not an early start?’ she almost laughed as she thought about this.

She noticed Tom was still staring at her as if waiting for her to do something. “What?”

“Usually this is the part where you ask why he was expelled.” He told him. “It’s been almost 60 years since someone had been expelled.”

“I already know the reason why he was expelled” she told him, waving him off as the class finally finished. She quickly gathered her things, as she planned to run towards Hagrid’s hut. She was almost dying to see him.

“Really now… Who told you?” he asked. “And may I ask why you are in such a hurry?”

“Because I’m off to see him.” She told him. There wasn’t any use to lie. “Goodbye”

“Wait” he grabbed her arm. “If you know why he was expelled, why would you run off to see him when it’s almost dark. He set off a monster in the school, why would there be any reason for you to see him?”

“Hagrid was innocent!” she almost screamed.

“And how could you even be sure of that? You were not even here two years ago.” He told her. “And is this where you have been heading off to instead of dinner every night? To Hagrid’s hut?” he spat at the last word.

He couldn’t understand why he was unbelievably furious. What was it to him who she befriends anyway? It was not as if she was his possession. It was not as if they really were real friends. He only wanted to know her to get the answers to all the questions that were swimming inside his mind for the past month or so.

But the expression of pure eagerness in her face just to meet up with him, unnerved him to no end. It was lucky all the students had already piled out when they started to lose their tempers.

“What is it to you anyway, Riddle?” she asked, angrily. “I agreed to play nice; I don’t remember ever having agreed in letting you decide who I can associate myself with!”

“And so you do want to associate yourself with that big oaf?” he snarled.

“Big oaf?” she shrieked. She could feel it creeping into her veins. She was holding her wand inside her robes now. All she had to do was raise them and speak the two words she has been itching to say but she knew this was not the perfect time that she was waiting for. She has to control her temper. “You know, they have a word for people like you, but I can’t say it in polite company.”

She hastily grabbed her things from her desk. “Have a nice night” she told him in a hard voice before leaving.

Tom kicked her chair as she disappeared through the door. The Professor must have left after seeing the two bellowing at each other. He was all alone in the room.

He balled his fists as he fumed. ‘That wretched girl’ He thought about running after her and showing her just who it was that she was shouting at.

He could not understand this feeling. Even the word hate was too weak a word to describe how he feels about her. He detested her to no end and he knew there would be nothing else that would make him happier than seeing that desolate girl’s end.

He grabbed his belongings and left the room, seething as he made his way to the common room; his appetite entirely ruined.


Hermione ran through the halls of the school, bumping with a student or two. She didn’t stop for anyone or anything. She had to see him.

Finally, she reached the soft grounds outside of the school. She ran through the familiar grounds and finally she saw it from afar. She ran faster and at last, stopped to a halt in front of his cabbage patches.

It was different from the hut that would exist 50 years from now. Somehow it seemed less worn out yet much much smaller. It was getting darker and she noticed the light from inside the hut. How could she ever forget about Hagrid? She slowly approached the hut, careful not to step in Hagrid’s cabbages along the way.

There was a lump in her throat as she stood in front of his door. Tears were starting to well up inside her eyes. She could not figure what she would say to him when she sees him. Of course, he wouldn’t know her.

“What're yeh doin’ down here?” someone asked from behind her.

She almost fainted as she heard that familiar voice. She could no longer control her tears as she let them fall freely across her face. She slowly turned around to face the 15 year old half giant.

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Chapter 9: Chapter 9: The Ties That Bind
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Her heart was beating loudly as she turned to face him. She can remember it clearly, the day when Professor Lupin entered the burrow; his face looked even more in sorrow, if that were even possible. It was the summer before they started their 7th year and they had already lost Bill and Charlie. Everyone dared not to mention their names nor the word ‘dead’.



It seemed to trigger Mrs. Weasley into a fit of uncontrollable sobs non-stop for 24 hours. When Lupin arrived, everyone knew he came bearing bad news with just one look at his sorrowful face. Hermione and Ginny already had tears in their eyes before he can even tell them who or what happened.



“Who…?” Arthur Weasley had asked quietly.



Professor Lupin faced Harry, Ron and her. He seemed to be choking back tears which made everyone even more frightened. He was never one to lose his composure easily. “They… the Deatheaters caught up... to him. I tried to find…. Tried to but… but I couldn’t” he kept shaking his head.



Harry stood up and walked towards Lupin, putting a hand on his shoulders.



Lupin continued. “We found his body in… in Hogsmeade. They seemed to have… tortured him before…” he couldn’t say the name.



“Who is it, Remus?” Molly asked, speaking again for the first time after months of silence in grief of his lost sons.



“I…” Lupin hung his head. “Hagrid”



No one could speak after that. No one had ever really thought anyone would be able to neither kill nor even harm Hagrid. He had always been so strong and burly.



Hermione felt as though one by one, people around her seemed to be taken away. She clutched Ron’s arm as she couldn’t handle the sob that was begging to break out. It took her months to be able to accept the fact that Hagrid was really gone. Coming back to school after that summer, she visited his hut often by herself, serving herself some tea and feeding Fang, sometimes crying to herself as she drank the tea.  



Most of all, it was Harry that could not handle Hagrid’s death. He could not even bear to see Hagrid’s hut or anything that might remind him of Hagrid. Hagrid was, after all, the first person to have ever expressed kindness and friendship towards Harry.



She could not believe that she was standing in front of him now; alive and well. He was somewhat smaller and less bulky than the Hagrid she remembers. His shaggy black hair reached only to his shoulders and his beard has yet to have grown. His skin was less rough yet visibly thick and dirty.



She slowly approached him, her face still wet from her tears that could not stop falling. She felt as though a piece of her, no matter how small a piece it is, was somehow placed back inside of her. She had lost all hope that she would ever see her friend ever again but now there she was, standing in front of him.



“Hagrid” she whispered.



“Yeh, tha’s me o’right.” He said. “An’ who are yer?”



“I’m… I” she started but stopped. What was she supposed to say? What can she possibly say to him that would sound sane enough?



Hagrid examined her robes and his face suddenly changed. “Slytherin… Came to ruin my Cabbage patches?” his face was haughty.



Hermione shook her head slowly.



“Now why would there be reason for a Slytherin like yer to be hangin’ round my house” he asked. He stepped in closer to examine the face of the girl when finally, he noticed her tears. “Why yeh cryin’ for?”



Hermione quickly wiped her tears. “Nothing, I’m sorry” she laughed in embarrassment. “I’m new here and I got lost.”



“Where were you headin’ off to? It’s gettin’ dark.” His voice became softer though there was still a hint of suspicion in his voice. “Isnt it dinner back in the castle?”



“I didn’t feel like eating dinner and I just wanted to explore the grounds… I guess I got carried away” her voice was so quiet that he almost could not understand her.



“Are you ok?” he asked. “Didn’t mean to scare yeh.”



“No, no. I wasn’t scared…” she told him.




“How’d yeh know my name?” he asked.



“I heard from the students… they were talking about… about someone living down here”



Hagrid frowned upon hearing that the students were still gossiping about him. “The castle is that way.” He pointed. “Jus’ go straight and walk up those steps… an’ you’ll see the lights when yeh get up there”



Hagrid walked past her towards the door when Hermione spoke up, she wasn’t ready to let him out of her sight just yet. She might just break down. “Wait!”



Hagrid turned around.



“I haven’t introduced myself yet.” She said. “My name is Nerissa… Nerissa Vane” Hermione held up a hand.



Hagrid looked at it for a few seconds before saying, “My hands are dirty.”



“And my hands are wet” she told him with a small grin on her face. She thought she saw Hagrid smile before hesitantly shook her hand.



Hagrid blinked a few times. “Nerissa? The girl they found in the forest?”



Hermione smiled and nodded. “Yes that’s me.”



“Dumbledore mentioned you ter me. He thought I might have seen where you came from that night.” He said.



Hermione couldn’t control a shiver that went down her spine.



“Yeh best go back to the castle now, Nerissa” he said, noticing the shiver. “It’s gettin’ colder down ‘ere.”



“No, I’m fine” she told him quickly. “I’m ok, I can handle the cold.”



Hagrid looked at her awkwardly, not knowing what he should do next. He wasn’t used to anyone but Dumbledore or Ogg visiting his hut. “I suppose you can come in a bit ter get warm…if yeh want tha’ is” he added hastily.



Hermione smiled. “Thank you. I…I’d love that.”



Ten minutes later, Hagrid was serving her tea just like old times. She had tears in her eyes when she accepted the tea. She hastily drank from the cup and closed her eyes, savoring the taste that only Hagrid can make. “I thought I’d never be able to drink this ever again.” She said quietly.



“What’s tha’?” he asked.



Hermione smiled, “Nothing”



“I wonder…” Hagrid began. “I wonder how much yeh know about me.”



Hermione froze up. ‘Does he know? How could he?’ “What exactly do you mean by that?”



“The reason why I live down here.” He looked down at his big worn out shoes. “The reason why I was… expelled.”



“I do know” she nodded.



“Yeh know?” he asked, surprised. “Meh old friends… they’d be in 5th year by now… they all but forgot bout me cause wha’ happened. Are yeh sure you know?”



Hermione smiled sadly. “You were accused of setting off a bas—a monster in the school, right?”



“Then what are yeh still doin’ sitting inside my hut, drinkin’ my tea.” He inquired. “Aren’t yeh worried?”



“Funny… that’s exactly what Riddle said.” Hermione rolled her eyes, looking at her tea.



Hagrid darkened in hearing the name. “Riddle” he glowered. “What did he say?”



Hermione bit her lip. She didn’t mean to anger him. “It doesn’t matter what he said, Hagrid. Riddle is nothing but an arrogant toerag. I should shove his ‘Special Services to the School’ award up his arse.”



Hagrid smiled lightly. “First time I heard o’ anyone talkin’ about Tom tha’ way. Yeh really don’ like him.”



“I personally can’t begin to understand how people think he’s the epitome of brilliancy.  How the Professors can be fooled by his ‘charm’ is beyond me.”



She looked up into Hagrid’s face. ‘Fifty years from now, Hagrid, he will be the cause of your death.’ She thought silently. ‘But don’t worry, that’s all going to change. I’ll make sure you’ll be able to live past 64



“He was the one that told em all twas me. I guess I shouldnta blame him. He was jus’ protectin’ the school, is all.” He said, looking at the fire. Hearing the anger in Hermione’s voice, he began to reflect on his own anger towards Tom Riddle, thinking Tom had never meant any harm.



“No” Hermione cried. “How could you think that, Hagrid?! He accused you of something you never even did! How could anyone even believe him? Why would they even think you’re the Heir of Slytherin and you set off a monster in the school?”



It was a second before Hagrid was able to speak. “Yeh… yeh think I’m innocent?” he asked tearfully.



“I don’t think, Hagrid, I know you’re innocent.” She told him angrily.



Hagrid had tears in his eyes and said, “How could yeh? Tom... he… he told everyone about Aragog. Ev’ryone think ‘twas Aragog.”



“Aragog is an Acromantula, Hagrid. It is not possible for it to kill Myrtle in the way that she has been killed. And it certainly will not be able to petrify any muggleborns! It’s impossible!” Hermione almost yelled, completely overwhelmed by her emotions.



Hagrid nodded his head in agreement while letting his tears fall when he suddenly realized something. “Hang on, how’d yeh know ‘bout Aragog? How’d yeh know he’s wha’ he is?”



Hermione’s eyes widened as she realized she has said too much, yet again. “I— Riddle described it to me. I’m quite certain it is an Acromantula.”



Hagrid nodded again in understanding. After a few more moments of silence as Hagrid tried to compose himself, he said, “Thanks Nerissa. There aint nobody but Dumbledore tha’ believes in me”



Hermione smiled kindly to him. It had been such a long time since she had been able to smile without putting up pretense.



“I never met a Slytherin like yeh, Nerissa.” He said, honestly. “I wasn’t even sure to trust yeh at firs’”



“I understand.” She said quietly. “I’m not sure why I’m in Slytherin myself. The sorting hat wanted to put me in Gryffindor.”



“Did it? It woulda bin nice ter have yeh in Gryffindor. It suits you more, Feisty like yer are.” He beamed.



Hermione grinned back at him. “I would’ve liked that… but I guess there must be a purpose why the sorting hat decided to put me in Slytherin in the end.” She said, thinking about her plans.



She examined Hagrid’s face again, still not quite believing she was having this conversation with him.



“Is there somethin’ on me face?” he asked. “Course there is? There’s always somethin’ on me face” he laughed while wiping his face with a dirty cloth from the table.



Hermione laughed tenderly. “No, there’s nothing on your face, Hagrid. It’s just— You remind me of a very good friend of mine from back… home.”



“Is that so? Wha’s he like now?” he asked.



“He… he passed away last year.”



“Oh… I’m sorry ter hear that, Nerissa” he said awkwardly, embarrassed for asking.



“It’s ok, Hagrid.” She said in a silent voice. “He was very much like you. He was one of my best friends. He was very brave and even though he wasn’t very good with his spells, he was a brave and amazing fighter. He saved a lot of lives. He absolutely adored magical creatures that he even sometimes forgets how dangerous they are.”



“Magical creatures? Like what?”



“He once had a dragon” she laughed at the memory.



“A Dragon? Blimey, I’d love ter have a Dragon one day.” He said excitedly.



“He owned a Hippogriff, he took care of Blast-ended Skrewts and three headed dogs and he even owned an Acromantula!”



“An Acromantula? Jus’ like Aragog?” he asked, surprised. “Blimey, I’d ‘ave loved ter have met him.”



 Hermione smiled sadly.



Hagrid realized what he said, “I’m so sorry, Nerissa. I’m sorry.”



Hermione laughed, “its ok Hagrid, Please, stop apologizing to me. I… I want to talk about him… it’s been awhile since I’ve been able to talk about him.”



Which was why she found herself describing each and every creature Hagrid had ever taken care of or shown in their Care of Magical Creatures class. Hagrid was amazed as he listened intently to Hermione’s stories about a guy, not knowing it was what he was to become.



Finally, Hagrid realized how late it was, worrying she would get into trouble. He apologized profusely for having kept Hermione so late.



As he walked her towards the castle doors, he said, “Yeh can come visit me up my hut anytime, Nerissa. Tha’ is, if you want ter. Ogg is out on a mission so at the mo’ I’m the temporary Game-keeper.” He seemed proud to bear the sole title to himself.



“I’d like that, Hagrid.” Hermione smiled.



“’Twas nice meeting yeh… an’ thanks again… for believing in me Nerissa”



“It’s nothing, Hagrid. I promise you; maybe it won’t be anytime soon but… I promise someday, they will all know the truth.”



Hagrid beamed at her tearfully before they both said their goodbyes. Hermione carefully opened the doors and silently made her way towards the common room. It was so late that there was not a single soul walking around the corridors.



Finally, she reached the common room. She sighed a relief when she saw that there was no one left in the common room. She didn’t want to answer any questions.



She carefully made her way towards the steps that led to the girl’s dormitory.



“I was almost convinced the oaf had eaten you alive” someone from behind her spoke in a quiet tone. “I was afraid I was going to have to wake the Headmaster.”



Hermione whipped around, “Call him an oaf one more time, Riddle, I swear to my grave I will break you limb by limb.”



Tom Riddle smirked, “That’s quite terrifying, I’m afraid I might have nightmares.” He

told her sarcastically.



“Who was it wanting to stop these petty arguments Riddle?” she whispered angrily. “Tell me, what is it that’s bothering you?”



“You keep defending Hagrid as if you know him very well. He killed a person! He released a monster in this school! He almost had this school closed! Why do you defend him so much? What is it you really want from Hagrid? Why do you even believe he was innocent? What is it that you know?”



“Aragog is an Acromantula, you filthy liar! You knew that! You know that spider would not have been able to kill in that way! You know it wasn’t Hagrid that released the stupid monster and yet you pointed your finger at him!”



Tom Riddle blinked in surprise. He released his hand that was gripping Hermione’s arm tightly. Both were not even aware that he was already hurting her.



Hermione looked at her arm that felt as though a bruise was threatening to come on. “Stop asking me questions, Riddle or I will start asking my own” Hermione hissed before running up the steps.



She admits that she was scared of what she has done. She just expressed knowledge about the truth behind what happened two years ago. What if this makes him retaliate? What if he somehow releases the basilisk on a private mission to kill her?



Yet she was somewhat satisfied in defending Hagrid against Voldemort along with talking to Hagrid for hours.

Though she was scared of what might happen tomorrow morning, she slept soundly that night after a long time, happy she was able to talk to an old friend.



Tom Riddle stood alone in the dark, still too stunned to move or speak. Yet again, Nerissa managed to completely stump him. He could not understand how she seemed to know just about everything. ‘That little know-it-all’.



Except, he was aware that she was more than just a know-it-all. Her knowledge of Tom Riddle is more than just what any seer can comprehend. He knew there must be something about her and no matter how hard it takes, he was bent on finding out what it was.


“Tom?” Abraxas Malfoy asked from above the steps of the boy’s dormitory. “What are you doing down there?”



Tom Riddle looked up at the girl’s dormitory one last time before heading towards his own dormitory. “Nothing important”



Abraxas nodded. “Interesting day, don’t you think?”



“How do say so?” he asked though was only partially interested.



“You seem to be taking interest in the new girl Tom.” He smirked.



“Compared to the interest you have shown her, Malfoy, it would seem as if I am completely oblivious to her existence.” He told him before walking ahead of him.



“You know me Tom” Abraxas laughed lightly. “So…why the sudden bond? Am I missing something?”



“You said so yourself Malfoy, she will become valuable to us someday. I’m afraid to admit it but you were right.” Tom said.



 He didn’t need to tell him he was threatened by the girl’s existence. He didn’t need to tell him he felt the girl’s existence will bring about his downfall. He couldn’t even understand it himself why he thought this but his instincts were always right.



It would be easy to fool her. Did he not manage to fool the whole school all these years, making them think he was the charming, handsome and intelligent Tom Riddle they all think he was?



After he unravels the mystery that is Nerissa Felicia Vane, he will find the perfect opportunity to kill the girl once and for all. He smiled to himself satisfactorily.


Chapter 10 short preview:

“Vane, are you even listening to me?” said Tom, “I said we need to hurry. We’ll be late for dueling class.”


Hermione nodded before she was snapped back up from what he said, “Dueling class? What are you talking about? Are we having Dueling classes in History of Magic now?”


Tom sighed in annoyance, “This is why you’re not supposed to skip out on dinner, Vane. It was announced almost three days ago, we are to have dueling classes starting today.”


“What ever for?” Hermione asked. ‘The only person we need protection from is you…


“Honestly Vane, don’t you even read the papers anymore?” Tom asked. He knew the answer. Every morning he would read the paper while Abraxas throw Hermione his flirting antics. Not once did she ask for her to borrow it. “Gellert Grindelwald, Vane, that’s what its for.”


Hermione tripped and fell flat on her face. 'Gellert Grindelwald?'

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Chapter 10: Chapter 10: The Blaze Of Glory
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Chapter 10

Another BEAUTIFUL chapter image by Jeanie of TDA



As usual, she was late for breakfast. She walked down the steps groggily. Everyone from her dormitory had already left for the Great hall, which she always appreciates. It was quiet in the common room and so she figured she must be the only person left when Tom Riddle suddenly appeared from behind a pillar, giving her a start.


“Is that some sort of habit of yours? Do you get your kicks from creepily appearing out of shadows or walls and pillars like some sort of stalker?” she rolled her eyes and walked on ahead.


He followed her closely behind. “I’ve been waiting for you to come down. Breakfast will be over soon so we should hurry.”


Hermione stopped dead on her tracks. “You waited for me to accompany me to breakfast? And here I thought we’re back to where we started”


“Back where, exactly?”


“Back to loathing each other like a couple of fighter fishes”


Tom Riddle laughed out loud. “Am I to believe you just compared us to a fish?”


Hermione was stunned as she watched Tom Riddle laugh. She has never heard Voldemort laugh like this. It sounded immensely different from when he laughs when he watches someone being killed or tortured back in her time. Somehow he looked even more handsome if that were even possible.


Hermione shook her head hard as she realized what she was thinking. ‘Handsome? In more than thirty years he’ll look more like a mutant toad.’ She thought to herself.


“In any way, Vane, I don’t think we’re back to where we started.”


“So where are we then?” She asked, continuing to walk ahead of him as they left the common room.


“Friends do bicker often still.”


This time, it was Hermione’s turn to laugh. “Bicker? You call last night a bicker? Riddle, I threatened to break you limb by limb and you still think that makes last night nothing more than a simple bicker.”


“I threaten to feed Malfoy to the Giant Squid every now and then so yes I think that was nothing more than a simple bicker between two people that are trying to get along” he told her. He didn’t feel to mention all the other countless horrifying threats he had ever given to numerous people.


Hermione stopped on her tracks and looked behind at Tom Riddle’s face. ‘What is he doing? I expected him to retaliate… to try and torture me for information, even. To hand me Veritaserum and question me in how I have come to know a lot. What in the world is he planning this time?


“Listen, about Hagrid.” He started. He had already planned what he was going to say the night before. “ I admit… I wasn’t… entirely sure that creature was the monster of Slytherin but even if it wasn’t, Vane, Acromantula is still dangerous towards the students. They were threatening to close down the school. I had to do something.”


He continued. “A girl was killed, Vane. When I found out Hagrid was keeping a dangerous creature in the castle, I had to do what I can to protect the school. Two months of misery in the summer is enough in one year. If the school had closed down, I would have had to go back. Unlike some people, Hogwarts is the only place I can call home, Vane.”


Hermione dropped her potions book and was yet again stopped on her tracks, stunned. She turned around and whispered, “Harry”


“What’s that?” he asked. “Harry?”


Hermione blinked a few times before recovering herself. She bent down and picked her book before starting to walk again, this time faster than usual. She was so frustrated that he keeps reminding her of Harry. He is nothing like Harry. He is vile, cruel, and evil and any other word than can describe the spawn of pure evilness fits perfectly to his description.


He truly can be charming. “‘Hogwarts is the only place I can call home?’ Yes, people usually keep a basilisk in the pits of their Home.


“Who is this Harry? Why do you always mention his name?”


“If you really want us to get along, Riddle, I advice you never to say that name ever again” she hissed. ‘You have no right to… you murderer


Tom grabbed a hold of her arm. “In that case… we still have our agreement then? We will try and get along?”


“I suppose.” She answered. “Another foul word about Hagrid however and I wouldn’t consider our little bicker as just a threat. I will break you, mark my words.”


“I suppose I can live with that.” He grinned, his perfect white teeth exposed.


As promised, the next couple of days, both tried hard not to lose their tempers to one another and both have yet to find what they were looking for. Hermione did not pull anymore stunts during her Divinations class, thinking it would be excessively dangerous though it was the only time Tom did not sit with her.


Breakfast, Lunch and classes Hermione and Tom Riddle were not seen without the other. She had even gotten used to Abraxas’ excessive hormones though she reciprocated with her usual biting remarks. It was almost a duty to monitor the other. Hermione made sure he wasn’t out of her sight in case he was meeting Deatheaters while Tom observed her hoping he can find answers.


Every now and then, they both exploded at one another but to no fail, Tom always apologized even though at times it wasn’t even his fault. He was determined to get what he wants no matter the cost. If he could not charm his way through her, there would be other ways.


Tom had tried to use Legilimency against her a couple of time only to acquire a horrible headache that he only lasts at least three seconds before he had to stop trying.


She visited Hagrid during dinner, mostly talking about different magical creatures and her life before she had come to the castle as well as the latest news in school. As Riddle promised, he did not utter any more word about Hagrid. He never even asked what she does during dinnertime, knowing the answer.


She didn’t show it, but for the first time in months, she felt scared for herself. She wasn’t even sure if she was doing the right thing anymore. Tom Marvolo Riddle is evil, cruel and manipulative. She did not want to have to hang around with him day in and day out and she will certainly not have herself caught in his web.


He was not only dangerous, he was intelligent, very much so. She wondered if she can outwit the most dangerous wizard of all time. Then again, he wasn’t the most dangerous wizard of all time, at least, not yet. She has not even heard of any meetings involving the Death Eaters.


She tried hard to forget that the boy in front of her was the future dark lord who will end up killing her parents. It was the only way to stop herself from ever losing her temper in front of him. She has to stop him from being the cold-blooded murder that he will become at whatever cost, no matter what she has to sacrifice.


“Vane, are you even listening to me?” said Tom, “I said we need to hurry. We’ll be late for dueling class.”


Hermione nodded before she was snapped back up from what he said, “Dueling class? What are you talking about? Are we having Dueling classes in History of Magic now?”


Tom sighed in annoyance, “This is why you’re not supposed to skip out on dinner, Vane. It was announced almost three days ago, we are to have dueling classes starting today.”


“What ever for?” Hermione asked. ‘The only person we need protection from is you…


“Honestly Vane, don’t you even read the papers anymore?” Tom asked. He knew the answer. Every morning he would read the paper while Abraxas throw Hermione his flirting antics. Not once did she ask for her to borrow it. “Gellert Grindelwald, Vane, that’s what its for.”


Hermione tripped and fell flat on her face.


Tom Riddle watched her from the floor for a few seconds, fuming. She was getting more and more a grievance in his eyes every day that at times he didn’t even think there was any point to his plan anymore.  Every time he tried to read her mind or try any other method to get inside her head, it instead backfires. He sighed before helping her up like the gentleman he was supposed to be.


She was too stunned to care that Voldemort was touching her. “It’s 1945!”


“Honestly, Vane, are you not supposed to be the most intelligent female Slytherin in this school now?” Tom remarked. “Yes, it is indeed 1945.”


Professor Dumbledore defeats Grindelwald this year’ “Of course! I almost forgot! Grindelwald”


“You forgot? Why do look so happy about it, Vane? He’s closing in on England and though he’s bent on terrorizing muggles and mudbloods, he has also murdered a fair few wizards. The Headmaster thought it appropriate to know how to defend ourselves when the time came.”


Finally, they reached the History of Magic class which was somehow transformed into a huge spacious room. It reminded her of Dumbledore’s army.


She could not remember if there was anything on the History books about Dueling classes in defense from Grindelwald. It seemed important enough information.


All houses from the 7th year seemed to be present. “Why couldn’t we use the Great Hall?”


The class was already starting. The Defence against the Dark Arts teacher as well as Professor Dumbledore was present. They were already beginning to demonstrate the proper way of Dueling.


“The rest of the school is using it. The 7th years have a special Dueling Class.” He was getting tired of answering her questions. He walked on ahead of her to look for a better position.


Hermione didn’t mind being left alone as she surveyed the whole room. The atmosphere felt so much like the DA. She tried not to remember in fear of breaking down once again.


It seems she didn’t need to try hard enough as her thoughts were interrupted when someone bumped into her harder than was necessary. She turned around and found Dolores Dreizi, looking fiercely at her.


“What’s got your knickers in a knot this time, Dreizi?”


“You think you’re some… some pompous little fop princess because you managed to snag the Headboy. Well, let me tell you, today I will show you your place… exactly where you truly belong.”


Hermione was in a fit of laughter. “Snagged… the…. Headboy” she couldn’t stop herself. “fop… princess.” She wiped the tears from her eyes, “You are absolutely side-splitting, Dreizi. You may not just be as bad as I thought you were.”


“Why you—” she was positively livid that it made Hermione crack up all over again. She reminded her so much of Pansy Parkinson before she turned into a Deatheater.


“Miss Vane” Professor Robards bellowed. “Since you’re so confident in your skills, pissing your pants from amusement, why not volunteer yourself to go first?”


Hermione always liked Professor Robards regardless of his sick humour. His son was to be the Head of Auror in her time. He appreciated Hermione for her amazing skills in DADA but he never played favourites. He was strict when he needs to be yet a very competent teacher that never fails to compliments his students where they deserved it.


“I apologize, Professor. I didn’t realize how much a clown Dreizi here was. With that said, I would love to volunteer, Professor.” She said politely. Hermione stepped into the middle of the spacious room, her face red from all the laughter.


“You may choose your partner, Miss Vane.” Professor Robards told her.


She already knew who she wanted to pick before he could finish his sentence. She scanned the room for Riddle and finally found him beside a few other Slytherin boys. He didn’t look surprised that Hermione was watching him, as if he expected her to choose him.


She smiled to herself. Could this be her chance? She wondered. This could be the perfect opportunity that she had been waiting for. If she accidentally on purpose kills him, would they really throw her in Azkaban? Maybe not kill, she could just hurt him enough to send him in St. Mungos for a couple of months.


Even so, could she really do it? Could she be so ruthless?


Hermione shook her head, ‘Why show mercy? He made me into who I am today. The question should be, can I control myself enough not to kill him in front of all these people now that I have a chance?


“Miss Vane?” Professor Dumbledore interrupted her thoughts.


Hermione looked into her old Headmaster’s face. Can she really do this in front of Professor Dumbledore? She already knew the answer before the question even formed in her mind.


“I choose… I choose” She began. “Dolores Dreizi, Professor.”


She saw the shocked look that shot across Tom Riddle’s face. Yet again, he found herself astonished by her actions. He was getting ready to walk towards her, preparing for their combat. He knew the result of it, of course, yet he was deadly curious how she will go about in the spar.



Dolores pranced across the room, believing she finally had the chance for her revenge. Apart from Tom Riddle and the rest of his friends, she was the best dueler in Slytherin. Her self-confidence was emanating throughout the whole room.



Hermione sighed at her decision. If she was not able to pick Riddle she might as well have chosen Malfoy or Mcnair or anyone that might have given her a challenge. She had been duelling for two straight years mostly with excellent wizards, some were highly skilled Aurors training her. She could not believe that the pugs name was the first name that she could provide.



She rolled her eyes as they both bowed and completed all necessary formalities. Dolores smirked as they both had their wands ready.



Before Dreizi could even blink, Hermione cried, “EXPELLIARMUS”



The jet of red light that erupted from Hermione’s wand hit Dolores straight in the chest and caused her to fly across the back wall of the room, approximately 10 metres away.


A lot of gasps were heard throughout the huge room. They had never seen anyone produce such a powerful disarming effect.



Dolores stood up, her nose bleeding. It was a wonder to everyone how she could still be conscious after having thrown into a wall. Hermione guessed the Professors must have intervened to protect her crash.



Professor Robards faked a loud cough and said, “W-well done, Miss Vane.” Both Professors tried to hide the surprise of Hermione’s powerful spell. They too had never seen this level of magic in a student. It was even rare among many adult witch and wizards and it was only a simple disarming spell.



“Alright, who else would like to go next?” The Professor tried to distract everyone’s attention.



“NO” Dolores snarled. “I’m not done with her yet.” She quickly strode forward towards her original position, her hair completely astray. She wiped the blood from her nose and glared at Hermione.


Hermione smirked. “I don’t think that’s a very appropriate thing for you to say. You haven’t even done anything to me as of yet, Dreizi.”


“We’ll see about that” she muttered before screaming, “FURNUNCULUS!”


Hermione deflected the spell with a lazy flick of her wand, “Boils? Come on Dreizi you can do better than that. You’re a Slytherin, aren’t you?”


“MOBILICORPUS!” She screeched at Hermione.


Again, Hermione swiftly waved her wand for another Shield Charm, this time the force knocked Dolores off her feet “What exactly were you planning to do? Hoist me up in the air and throw me out the window?” she stated, noticing Dolores eyeing the glass windows from Hermione’s left beforehand. “We’re on the 7th floor. That could very well kill me you know.” Hermione clicked her tongue. “Well, at the very least, it proves you a worthy Slytherin.”


Hermione tried very hard to remind herself that she was not in a real duel, afraid she would end up harming Dolores.


Dolores stood up and screamed in frustration, “IMPEDIMENTA”



After Hermione deflected the spell for the third time she said, “Too much emotion, Dreizi. You need to control it… concentrate on the enemy, examine their weakness, look for an opportunity and attack



Dolores’ hands were shaking from anger. “DENSAUGEO”



Hermione blocked the curse once again and finally feeling restless and also feeling sorry for Dreizi for trying so hard, she sighed, “May I have my turn now please?”



Without waiting for a response, Hermione slashed her wand and casted a non-verbal spell. It seemed as though nothing had happened but after three seconds, Dolores began to gag and opened her mouth only to start vomiting a pool of muddy brown water.



Everyone back away from disgust more so when the smell hit them.



Hermione shrugged. “The sewage had some blockage. Thought I’d do the school a little favour.” She had invented the spell not too long ago with a little help from the Weasley twins. She half expected it not to work, thinking the sewage might have been different than in the future.


This was the only spell Hermione could think of that was perfectly harmless yet will teach Dreizi a very hard lesson.


“MISS VANE” Professor Robards bellowed.



Professor Dumbledore flicked his wand and almost immediately, Dolores stopped being a human drain. Another flick of his wand and the mess was cleared out though the stench was still quite strong.



Dolores crumpled into the floor, whether in exhaustion or from the strong reek, no one could be sure.



“Bring her to the Hospital Wing” Professor Dumbledore told a few Slytherin boys calmly. Though the boys were a little reluctant due to her smell, they carried her and hurried off.



“Dueling class over!” Professor Robards roared. “Go to dinner, everybody”



Hermione began to walk away before the Professor stopped her, “Except you, Miss Vane. Stay here”



As soon as the room cleared, the two Professors faced her. Professor Dumbledore looked simply solemn while Professor Robards face was livid.



“What exactly entered your mind when you transformed Miss Dreizi into a human drainage?” Professor Robards questioned her, his voice hard and his accusing finger pointed at her was menacing.



She felt nervous being this close to Professor Dumbledore again. She was afraid he would finally break out her secrets. He was after all the wisest man ever to have walked in the Magical world since Merlin.



“I thought it was very appropriate, Professor.” She tried to keep her voice even as to not give away just how immensely nervous she really was.



Appropriate? Appropriate to have Miss Dreizi choke out grime?” Professor Robards voice reached a few octaves higher.



Hermione nodded and managed a small shrug; “Her mouth is full of garbage in any case. I thought it most appropriate.” Garbage was not exactly the word she was planning to go for. She didn’t know what the big deal was. Terrible things had been done to her in her dueling classes which in turn she could have easily done to Dolores but had chosen not to.



Dolores Dreizi was a self-absorbed weasel but Hermione would never dream of killing or causing anyone huge physical pain when they had not done anything grave to her. After all, she has never done anything to Hermione except throwing her n a couple of pathetic threats.



“10 points from Slytherin and Detention, Miss Vane. Three weeks of Saturday and Friday detention with Professor Dumbledore.”The Professor told her, “Is that alright with you, Albus?”



“Certainly, Cruxtus” said Professor Dumbledore, smiling.



Hermione’s jaw dropped. Detention? How could Dumbledore even agree to this when it was totally uncalled for.


“Pardon me, Professor but I don’t understand how I could deserve such a punishment. Dolores Dreizi would have done more damage to me had it not been for my blockings. I would have, no doubt, been thrown out of the window! My spell would never have caused her any physical harm except maybe being impervious from any smell for a couple of months”



“Excellent blocking might I say however I specifically asked only to use Disarming spells, Miss Vane.”



Hermione’s eyes widened and looked at Professor Dumbledore for confirmation. He simply nodded in response and smiled at the confused girl.



“B-but… what about Dreizi? I had used only one non-disarming spell while she had used over four.” She had never been given detention for not listening in class. How could she have missed such simple rules?



“I am aware of that, Miss Vane; I was after all standing not a few feet away from you.” Professor Robards eyed Hermione. “Miss Dreizi will be dealt with as soon as she recovers.”



Hermione could not believe her bad luck. The one person she was trying hard to avoid and now she somehow managed to get stuck out of her free will for six days.



“You best be off now, Miss Vane” Professor Dumbledore told her.


She nodded at the Professor, avoiding his piercing blue eyes at all cost. She slowly turned around and walked towards the door.


“Oh and Miss Vane?” The DADA Professor called out. “25 points to Slytherin”



Hermione whipped around to face Professor Robards who, just a minute ago was positively angry at her and yet now he was reluctantly smiling. “For outstanding blocking skills. I have never before enjoyed a student’s duel in my life.” He admitted.


Hermione smiled and nodded.



“Next time, however, I advise you to listen to instructions.” He raised his eyebrows at her. “You might just create some permanent damage.”



Hermione grinned weakly before she left the two Professors. It had been awhile since she was happy for her school achievements. She felt refreshed after a good duel though she just piled on about a million problems in the future. She had no idea what she will do to avoid Dumbledore’s questions that she was sure without a doubt he will ask.



“Did I not tell you Albus?” Professor Robards told the wise man beside him after Hermione was out of earshot. “Did you see the way she handled Dreizi’s spells as if a master of duels? I have yet to see such precision and perfection in Deflection spells and Shield charms especially at her age.”



Professor Dumbledore simply nodded as he waved his wand around, returning the room into its original structure and trying his might to remove the horrible stench.



“And did you notice her pose? It was as if she was a Professional Dueler! You heard what she said to poor Miss Dreizi like an instructor… as if she’s been trained for battle!” he exclaimed. “In class, it’s as if she’s mastered Defence against the Dark Arts!”



“Peculiar girl isn’t she…” Professor Dumbledore quietly mused.



“Pity. I wonder myself, almost all the time, where in God’s earth this girl had come from.” Professor Robards scratched his beard, “I wonder if she started getting her memories back? We should send her more to the Hospital Wing or take her to St Mungos for a quick check-up.”



“Madam Kempton has expressed concern over this matter, also. Miss Vane never once returned to the wing. She deems it mental and emotional rather than physical meaning Madame Kempton might not have done any difference for her.” Professor Dumbledore told him.



“Such a pity… pity really” The man kept muttering to himself before finally realizing something, “Oh my how time flies, we should head off to dinner, Albus”



The two men walked out of the room, one of them in particular was looking forward to his meeting in Friday with a most peculiar girl.



Albus Dumbledore smiled to himself, satisfactorily.


Chapter 11 Preview

Tom Riddle glanced at the clock for what seemed like the hundredth time. It was already midnight. She had never been this late before. He wasn’t even really sure why he was waiting for her.  


He was already starting to grow weary from waiting and considered going to bed instead of waiting for her. As he stood up, intending to walk towards the boy’s dormitory, he remembered what Malfoy had said.



Dreizi wouldn’t dare, would she? She knows what Vane is capable of. Even if she is able to get even tonight, she’d think Vane will surely go after her if she tries anything’ he mused.



His instincts were more than usually right. He did not think Dreizi would be idiotic enough to actually try and get revenge. Yet, his instincts also told him something was wrong.



Frustrated, he stalked out of the common room.  He wasn’t worried per se of neither her safety nor her well-being, he was simply following his instinct; he began to tell himself.



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Chapter 11: Chapter 11: With Arms Outstretched
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Chapter 11




Abraxas was still laughing as they sat down in the common room after dinner. “Sewage, Tom! Sewage!”



“I’m not blind, Malfoy. I had a perfectly clear image of Dreizi spitting drain from her mouth.” Tom informed him, exasperated. He didn’t have the appetite for dinner and he noticed a lot of other 7th years’ foods were left untouched but as usual, nothing could keep Malfoy from his proteins and from his joyous mood.



“The mouth she had used so many times trying to take advantage of yours! Imagine that!” Abraxas chortled.



Tom tightened his mouth in anger. He was getting tired of Malfoy’s endless taunting. In their next meeting, he would remember to make him pay for sure.



“I wish Nerissa would stop disappearing to that bloody musty library and start coming down to dinner.” Abraxas sighed in clear disappointment, “I’d have loved to know where she learned that spell.”


“I doubt you’d find it in any book, Malfoy. She had obviously made it up herself.” Tom observed. What he was really wondering was how she had learned to perform a powerful disarming spell using the most common one and how she had accomplished deflecting Dreizi’s spells continuously without a breath.



He had no fear he was still above and well beyond her yet he has never before seen such an incredible performance. He had, once more, underestimated the girl.



“I knew I was right about her!” Malfoy exclaimed. “However, she had better watch herself from now on.”



“What exactly do you mean by that, Malfoy” he asked as he watched the fire. It was more like a habit watching the fire, controlling and flicking it every now and then. Somehow it relaxes him from his everyday pretense.



“Dreizi has her flock of admirers, Tom, you know that as well as I do. Not only that, she can perfectly afford to pay any hit man in the world to ensnare Nerissa. Though, I imagine she can without a flaw handle herself after that show”



Tom lost control of the fire as it somehow trailed across the couch. “Aguamenti” Tom said under his breath. Fortunately, Malfoy did not notice anything as he was too busy muttering to himself about Vane.



He couldn’t help but dwell on Malfoy’s words. It was not as if he cared about the girl walking into harm, it was more that he had yet to uncover her mystery. If something were to happen to her, he would be left forever blind to the truth and he would not be satisfied, he manage to tell himself.



He glanced at the long-case clock. Malfoy glanced at the clock himself after noticing Tom’s stare. “10:30? Nerissa should be here any minute. The library should be closed by now.”



Tom knew she usually comes back from Hagrid’s hut around 11:30 but kept this information to himself. Abraxas yawned loudly.



“You will not die if you fail to see Vane tonight, Malfoy. Go” he commanded, nodding towards the staircase leading the boy’s Dormitory. Most students had already gone up either to sleep or to chat among their friends in their dormitories.



Malfoy frowned at Tom. He did not feel like arguing with Tom and so without a word, he grudgingly went up to the dormitory. He felt as though he already used up all his chances with Tom Riddle for the day and fear he might come down on him hard on their next meeting.






Hermione and Hagrid laughed quietly as they walked towards the front doors. She had recounted all that had happened to Hagrid that day which she usually does every day. She wanted him to feel much more a part of Hogwarts. It felt weird to Hermione whenever Hagrid treats her like an older sister. Hermione knew Hagrid needs a friend more than ever and so does she; or at least a friend she didn’t have to fake a smile.



“Can’t believe yeh turned her to a drain, Nerissa” Hagrid hooted.



“If you had told me earlier that she pushed you off the lake on your first year, I would’ve done much more” she now sulked.



“What yeh done was brilliant!” said Hagrid, patting Hermione in the shoulder.



Hermione smiled sadly at Hagrid. Though she was somewhat happy she was able to see Hagrid almost everyday she felt guilty lying to him every second of it. A pain always shots through her heart whenever he calls her ‘Nerissa’.



“Hagrid” she started as they stopped in front of the front doors. “Can you keep a secret?”



“O’course, Nerissa”



Hermione watched Hagrid’s face through the dark. She bit her lip, wondering if it was safe to tell Hagrid everything. She wanted nothing more than to confide in someone. She was absolutely exhausted from all the lies and from her charades. Would Hagrid really mind that she was here for the sole purpose of killing Tom?


Would I really give Hagrid that big a responsibility of learning the future when he’s only 15? Even if she decides to tell him, Hagrid had always been just a little bit tactless. With charming Tom Riddle strutting around the castle sucking every valuable information he can find, it would be a nightmare if Hagrid accidentally slips.



“Nothing, never mind” said Hermione. “I’ll tell you some other time”



Hagrid nodded politely, not daring to badger her. “Well, goodnight, Nerissa!”



Hermione winced as she heard the name. It doesn’t really bother her as much when everyone else calls her this yet hearing it in Hagrid’s familiar voice, it felt as though he was talking to someone else, “Hagrid, can you do me a favour?”



“Sure thing” said Hagrid.



“Will you call me Hermione?” said Hermione in a quiet voice. She saw the confused look in Hagrid’s face and quickly explained, “It’s what my old… friends and family used to call me. It’s a very long story. I just… really miss it.”



 Hagrid beamed, “Hermione, it is then.”



Hermione smiled tearfully at the teenage half giant before finally bidding him Goodnight. It was almost a routine to her by now, quietly walking in the corridors and hoping to Merlin she would not get caught. It wasn’t as if she had an invisibility cloak.



As she reached the long corridor in the second floor, she heard shuffling from beneath the shadows in the corner. Her heart leaped thinking it was a Professor but only for a second as she remembered who it was that had a knack for lurking in shadows and who liked to surprise her by suddenly popping out.



“Riddle, did I not tell you about creeping around in the shadows?” Hermione whispered into the dark. She silently approached the murky corner, wondering why Riddle was hiding when in a cry of yelp she was hoist forward.



Two pairs of hands were holding both her hands and covering her mouth. She bit the hand that was covering her mouth and kicked one of the people from behind her. She swiftly drew out her wand and cried, “Stupefy!”


One of the men crumpled to the floor, unconscious. She turned to the man behind him, intending to disarm him when someone from across the corridor snarled, “Expelliarmus!”


Her wand flew from her hand and landed on the floor a few metres away from her. The guy from behind her hit her hard in the stomach and she fell to the ground. They began dragging her into a classroom nearby leaving one of their men unconscious. They let her go roughly into the middle of the room.



“Tut tut, feisty, isn’t she?” the man who had managed to disarm her said. “You shouldn’t be walking around the castle at night, Vane. It’s quite dangerous”



When she looked up to see who the culprit was, she was surprised to see a mask hiding its face. “Deatheaters?” she whispered.



“What’s that Vane? Death eaters?” the man beside him laughed, “ We aren’t going to kill you, Vane. We wouldn’t be wearing masks now if we intended to kill you. I advice you not to waste your breath on screaming either, no one will hear you. We put up a silencing spell.”



She heard more than two people laughing. She looked around the room and found two other guys with masks on their faces, leaning against the wall, and another two across not including the person she had stun earlier which they had left outside.



“If you were going to show off in Dueling class, why couldn’t you have picked another person?” one of the men from the wall asked. “I thought you were supposed to be smart, Vane.”



“You were sent by Dreizi?” asked Hermione. As she pondered over this, she began to laugh out loud, “She sent seven men to do her job? Do you know how incredibly pathetic that makes you?”



The man nearest her kicked her in the stomach. Hermione grunted and glared at the man.



“You need to keep your trap shut.”



“You know I’m not going down without a fight.” said Hermione.



A man grabbed her jaw roughly. “And what are you planning to do without a wand eh? Hit us with your little girly fists? You have to use your brain sometimes.”The six men laughed.



“Six armed men and a girl with only her little girly fists to defend herself? What does that make you?” Hermione began standing up. She hated having to look up to these disgusting people.






Tom Riddle glanced at the clock for what seemed like the hundredth time. It was already midnight. She had never been this late before. He wasn’t even really sure why he was waiting for her. Maybe it was because of the fight earlier on that made him want to see her, he contemplated. He was interested to know how she had learned to duel in that way.



He was already starting to grow weary from waiting and considered going to bed instead of waiting for her. As he stood up, intending to walk towards the boy’s dormitory, he remembered what Malfoy had said.



Dreizi wouldn’t dare, would she? She knows what Vane is capable of. Even if she is able to get even tonight, she’d think Vane will surely go after her if she tries anything’ he mused.



His instincts were more than usually right. He did not think Dreizi would be idiotic enough to actually try and get revenge. Yet, his instincts also told him something was wrong.



Frustrated, he stalked out of the common room.  He wasn’t worried per se of neither her safety nor her well-being, he was simply following his instinct; he began to tell himself.



He reached the 5th floor and peaked towards the large window that was looking out into the grounds. From afar, he could see Hagrid’s little hut through the dark. There were no lights on and so he figured, Vane would have already gone. He did not think she would have a sleep over with the huge oaf, no matter how chummy they were.



He was not afraid of getting caught and so he walked freely around the corridors. He was, after all, the Headboy. The castle was so huge, he had no idea where he supposed to find her. He half deliberated in giving up yet somehow his body was taking him down the steps, searching for the girl.



“Lumos” he whispered, as he strolled around the 4th floor. He was getting angrier and frustrated with every step he took and every second that passed, thinking how much a bother she was.






Hermione managed to knock one man unconscious with a kick, and given one man a black eye and a bloody nose. In the light of the panic, one of them managed to stun the other which leads two men on the floor, unconscious. Just as she had promised, she was not going doing without a fight.



She was preparing another kick towards the man nearest her who was just starting to raise his wand when someone from behind her yelled, “Incarcerous!!”



With a huge yelp, Hermione fell down unbalanced as ropes were suddenly binding her body.



“You will pay for this you stupid girl!” one of the boys growled.



Hermione’s whole body was shaking not from anger, not from fear of the men infront of her and not even from the cold. She shook from the memories that were suddenly thrust into her mind.



“Incarcerous” suddenly ropes were binding around Hermione’s body.


“Look what we have here… it’s your mudblood girlfriend Potter”


“Leave her out of this” Harry choked out, struggling to stand up. “This is between you and me”


“Oh come on, wouldn’t it be more fun?” he said before pointing her wand at Hermione and yelling. “CRUCIO!”



Minutes before Harry died, she was in that exact same situation, bound by ropes with malicious men surrounding her, watching her, laughing at her pain.



“Is it really worth taking advantage of her? I don’t like the fiery types.” A voice said. “I say just torture the girl. She did say do what was necessary to teach her a lesson.”



“Move aside then, she’s exactly my type of girl.” A man leaned in and softly grazed Hermione’s cheeks, “She’s quite a beauty now, don’t you think?”



Hermione spat into the boy’s mask, “Don’t you dare touch me, you toerag. I swear on my grave I will kill you!” she snarled.



The man simply laughed, “Now how are you going to do that? You can hardly even move.” The man’s cold hand began moving up her leg.



She began kicking and squirming her legs, “Get your filthy hands off me!”



Everyone laughed as they watched her squirm in disgust. The man began to rip her robes apart which caused Hermione to panic even more. With all the strength she could muster, she scratched, kicked and bit any part of his body that came in contact with her.



The man yelped as she managed to bite his arm. He hit her so hard, Hermione thought she was going to black out. Even so, she smiled as she noticed blood dripping down from the arm in which she had bitten. She could taste his disgusting blood on her tongue.



“You’re right; she’s not worth it at all.” He decided as he stood up angrily and took a few steps away from her. He then raised his wand and cried, “CRUCIO!”




As soon as he reached the second floor, the first thing he noticed was a wand carelessly left on the cold granite floor. He bent down and picked it up in time to hear a groan from a far.



Expecting to see Vane, he whipped his head around; his body felt a slight relief which was immediately replaced with disheartenment when he realized it was a man. He sighed in annoyance and walked towards the boy. It was his job, after all, as the Headboy just as it was his job to carry Vane the first night he had found her.



When he finally reached the man, he noticed the mask he was wearing. He swiftly ripped it from the boy’s face. “Alberic Bullstrode?”



He was not that very familiar of him. He only ever sees him following Dolores Dreizi around like a pathetic puppy. ‘Was he not one of the Slytherin students that carried Dreizi to the wing?



He examined the wand in his hand more closely. He had found Vane’s wand in the forest the night he found her and so it was easy to recognize it.



‘They could not be far from here.”




Hermione screamed in agony. She was screaming not because of the pain though of course it was hugely because of it. She was screaming as she remembered as soon as she was released from this agony, she would then have to watch Harry murdered right in front of her eyes.



She almost did not want the pain to stop. She wanted the pain to go on for as long as she can hold if it means she did not have to watch Harry die.



“Shouldn’t that be enough?” a man said, a little panicked.



Hermione could barely understand their words from the pain.



“No, we haven’t even started the fun yet.”



“I’ve heard rumours that some people lose their minds after the Cruciatus curse. Maybe we should stop.”



“That would be even better!” she somehow heard the man growl.



“You’re crazy! We’re only meant to teach her a lesson not… drive her mad. Stop it”



‘No don’t stop’ she tried to speak but no words could form from her mouth except screams of pain and agony. ‘I can’t watch him die… I won’t watch Harry die!’



She almost did not hear the loud bang. In barely a second, the pain was removed from her body. She struggled to open her eyes and coped in making out a figure from the doors. A man with dark hair and even from the dark room, his green eyes managed to stand out, had walked inside the room, his face murderous. ‘Harry?’ she tried to speak and yet she still could not open her mouth. Instead she began choking blood.



She watched as boys ran from the other side of the room, through the other door. She could not understand why she was in a room when she remembered she was in the forest. She could not understand why there were boys there when she was sure Deatheaters were surrounding her.



Only Two men remained inside the room. “I highly suggest you follow your friends.” The man standing near the door told the masked man in a quiet and almost controlled voice.



“What are you going to do, Headboy? Throw your books at me?”



Tom Riddle smirked as he slowly approached him, “I’m giving you a chance to get out of this room alive… A chance to see one last morning. Enjoy it, it will be the very last you will ever see.”



“You’re not going to kill me, are you?” The man laughed though his voice began to sound unsure. From the dark room, he noticed Riddle’s eyes were oddly red but he thought nothing of it.



Tom smiled maliciously before raising his wand.



Hermione could not hear a word they were saying anymore. All she could see from her blurred vision was Harry and a man. ‘This was it. This is when Voldemort kills Harry. I can’t let him kill Harry... I can’t.’



With all the strength she could muster, though she was still half choking from the blood in her mouth, she managed to say, “Don’t… don’t kill him please. I beg you.”



Tom turned around and saw Vane in tears, begging. She was practically half undressed with her clothes torn apart, her legs were still half shaking from the pain and yet she would not even let him kill the person responsible for all that.



From his peripheral vision, he saw the guy in front of him raise his wand. Without so much a word, Tom waved his wand and the other boys’ wand flew straight into Tom’s hand.



“This is the last chance I will give you.” said Tom in a quiet yet menacing voice. “Leave now.”



The boy did not have to think twice. He ran from the other door just like his friends with their tail between their legs.



He waited a few more minutes trying to control his temper. He was a breath away from committing another murder. Though he was charming and level-headed in the eyes of his peers, in truth, he had never mastered control of his temper. His anger more than usual, blinds him from everything else in the world but the root of his rage.



He took a few more breaths before he was finally able to face her. He slowly approached Vane, and took off his robes. He put them around her shivering shoulders and asked, “Vane? Can you hear me?”



Hermione was still lightheaded from all the blows that she acquired. She blinked a couple of times before looking into his eyes; Harry’s eyes. “You’re ok! You’re alive!” her voice rasped.



Tom almost laughed, “Of course I’m alright, why would I not be? I’m not the one lying on the floor choking on her own blood.”


Before Tom could say another word, before Tom could protest or even take another breath, Hermione put her arms around him and embraced him tightly. “I’m fine… I’m fine now. I’m just glad you’re alright.” She began to sob, burying her face in his neck.



Tom opened his mouth to protest but no words formed from his mouth. He had never been hugged before in his life. He tried to avoid physical contact with anybody at all cost unless it was necessary.


His body was stiff as he let the girl embrace him, his hands hesitantly hovering a few inches from her back, unsure and confused. He could feel her wet tears on his neck and her warm breath. For the tiniest split second, Tom Marvolo Riddle was scared.


After a few more seconds, her arms around him grew limp as she soon fell unconscious. He had never been so confused. He began to ponder over her sanity. It was the only explanation. She had obviously lost her marbles.



Just as the very first night he had found her tattered and bloody, he heaved her up and began his journey towards the Hospital wing, with the estranged girl cradled in her enemies’ gentle arms.




Greta sighed and sat back down on a chair beside the bed. “So many tragedies happening in this school these days, it’s so hard to keep up sometimes.”



“What… do you mean by that?” asked Hermione, slowly. “What sort of tragedies?”



“Since yesterday, every other hour someone gets attacked. It’s as if their brains get… scrambled almost like the Dementor’s kiss. They have all been sent to St. Mungos but recovery is slim apparently since they have no idea what hit them in the first place.” Greta told her.



Hermione tried to rack her brain for this kind of situation that she might have read in a history book but she could not remember any. “How many students were attacked?”



“So far… there has been seven, I think.” answered Ames.



Hermione was horrified after hearing this. Though she was not sure, she had a feeling this might have had something to do with her. Greta mistook her expression as being frightened for herself.



“Oh, don’t fret. They only attack Slytherin boys.” said Ames, dryly. “I knew I should’ve been in Ravenclaw.” He added.



“There hasn’t been an attack since last night though” Emma added shyly. “I mean it attacked every hour or so but it suddenly stopped. There hasn’t been an attack since 11 last night. Everyone’s being ready for it though.”



“Yeah, all Slytherin boys have to be accompanied by a fellow student. It’s better if you’re with a girl since they never seem to attack girls.” Ames rolled his eyes.



“Who… Who exactly has been attacked?” Hermione asked though she didn’t have to.



“You wouldn’t know any of them, don’t worry” said Greta, “The person you should really worry about is Hagrid. Rumour has it it’s the Slytherin monster attacking again.”

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Chapter 12: Chapter 12: The Calm before the Storm
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About three things she became aware of when she regained consciousness though she kept her eyes tightly closed. One; she was certain she was not waking up in her bed. The mattress was too hard and the sheets were too thin to pass off as her four poster bed. Two; every corner of her body throbbed and ached like it had never felt pain before. Lastly, something was very very wrong due to the first two things she had come to realize.


She couldn’t help but groan from the immense pain. Though she was accustomed to pain, it wasn’t as if she was numb after all no matter how much she wished she was.


“Nerissa?” she heard a girls’ voice speak. She felt a hand touched hers softly.


Nerissa? Is she talking to me?’ she thought inwardly. She let out another moan of pain as she tried to move.


“Nerissa?” another voice said. “I think she’s waking up!”


“Hermione?” a deep voice spoke. The voice was so familiar that her eyes flew open regardless of the pain.


Four people were standing on her bedside; Greta who had her hand above Hermione’s, Emma who looked so worried she could pass as Hermione’s mother, Ames who was waving his hands over her head and Hagrid towering above them all on the foot of her bed looking the most worried of them all.


It was then that she remembered. ‘Oh, ofcourse! How could I forget my own name’ Hermione almost rolled her eyes as her brain finally started to work though it still did not explain why she was here and why they were all watching her while she was sleeping.


“Who’s Hermione?” Emma asked shyly though she looked quite uncomfortable standing beside the alleged Heir of Slytherin.


Hagrid ignored her as he beamed when he noticed the finally awake Hermione. “Yer awake!”


“What happened?” she was surprised by how raspy her voice sounded. She looked around the room, “Why am I in the Hospital wing?”


“You don’t remember?” Greta asked.


“I—” she started. She massaged the temples of her head hoping it would help her jog her memory back. The pain was too much that she just could not concentrate on remembering, “No, can you please tell me what happened?”


“I’m so sorry Hermione! I’m so sorry! I shoulda walked yeh to the common room! Made sure yeh was all righ’!!” said Hagrid, big fat tears were threatening to break out from his small beetle eyes.


The three looked at him suspiciously, “Didn’t I tell you he might have something to do with this?” whispered Ames.


Greta glared at the half-giant while Emma stared at him suspiciously.


The tears that Hagrid was trying hard to hold back fell freely on his face. He quickly wiped it with his big fists trying not to lose face from the three 7th years.


“Whatever it is that happened, I can assure you with my life, it wasn’t Hagrid.” said Hermione slowly as her throat still felt quite soar. She couldn’t help feeling annoyed at the three Slytherins for accusing her friend though grateful they at least cared enough to stand beside her hospital bed.


“Professor Dumbledore, sir!” Hagrid cried, hastily wiping his tears and cleaning himself up.


“It is a relief to have you awake, Miss Vane. Hagrid here has not left your side since you were admitted two days ago.” said Professor Dumbledore with a soft smile on his face as he appeared beside Hagrid. “Madame Kempton would be happy to know you are awake, as well. She had wanted to send you to St. Mungos had you not wake until tomorrow.”


Dumbledore looked around the wing and finally found her attending to another patient a few beds away, “Ah, there she is. Madame Kempton” he called out though his voice was too soft it did not carry across the room.


“Madame Kempton!!” Hagrid’s booming voice made the poor healer drop the potion she had been holding. Hagrid bowed his head shamefully, “Sorry… Professor Dumbledore wants yeh.”


Professor Dumbledore merely smiled. “Thank you Hagrid.”


“What are you doing crowding around a patient and making a ruckus!” the healer demanded in a loud though trying to make it a hushed tone, making her way towards them.


“She’s awake!” Hagrid said happily.


Madame Kempton looked at Hermione in an antagonizing way, “Thought I’d see you again soon.”


Hermione, though in pain, blushed as she remembered she was supposed to come back to the wing for Madame Kempton to check up on her a few months ago.


“Imagine my surprise when Tom Riddle came barreling inside my wing with you all covered in blood again.” The women said as she checked Hermione’s pupils. “And here I thought Déjà vu is implausible! Is it some sort of act you two pull off? Tom Riddle waking me up in the middle of the night with you in his arms? Why, this is the third time! And I hope it is the last!”


“T-Tom Riddle brought me here?” Hermione blinked.


“You don’t remember? Understandle, since you were having delusions.” Said Madame Kempton, “I had to put you to sleep. It was the only way you would let go of Mr. Riddle. Poor Riddle, you were practically strangling him.”


Hermione’s eyes were wide. ‘Was I unconsciously trying to kill him? And... delusions?


The healer mistook her expression as worry for the boy, “Don’t fret, he’s perfectly fine. Goodness knows, I kept telling you that last night a thousand times when you would not stop saying it.” She assured her.


“Stop saying what?” Hermione looked at the healer incredulously.


“Well you kept saying it over and over again like a mantra, girl, how he’s alive and well.” The woman rolled her eyes as she recalled the night, “Honestly, not even worried you yourself were half covered in blood. Tom Riddle did not even have a scratch on him. Why you were deathly worried about him is beyond me.”


“He was here yesterday morning.” Greta told her. “He never came back after Madame Kempton told us all you were going to recover just fine.”


“I don’t understand… what exactly happened?” Hermione looked at Professor Dumbledore for answers since nobody else would volunteer.


“We were wondering that ourselves, Miss Vane.” The Professor said, “The only information Mr. Riddle provided us is that he found you in the second floor, attacked by masked men who ran away when they saw his presence.”


Madame Kempton lifted up her arm to examine it when she cried in pain. Suddenly, it all started coming back at her as if a flash. The men in the shadows that she had initially thought was Riddle grabbing her; Hermione being dragged inside an empty room and her being bind in ropes.


She took a sharp intake of breath, “I… I remember now”


“Who was it, Hermione?” Hagrid asked angrily.


“I don’t… know. They were all wearing masks. The seven of them… I couldn’t even recognize their voice.”


“Of course you wouldn’t recognize their voice. The only person in this school you ever seem to have an interest in talking to is Tom Riddle” there was a slight tone of resentment in Greta’s voice though her face was still worried.


Hermione did not blame the girl for having resented her. She suddenly realized she had stopped seeing them around after she had started acting chummy with Riddle. She was surprised to even see the three in front of her when she had abandoned their company almost two weeks ago.


“Thank Merlin for Tom Riddle” said Madame Kempton, “If he hadn’t found you like he had and brought you to the wing in time… Tom told us they were torturing you using the ‘Cruciatus curse’” She whispered the last words as if afraid of even saying it.


The ‘WHAT’ and ‘OH MY GOD’ that came after from the three Slytherins including Hagrid made her wince that the healer had to shush them.


“You would have been tortured into insanity if he hadn’t saved you. The curse had temporarily given you hallucinations. Thank goodness there weren’t any permanent damage. Make sure you express your gratitude, girl. Bless that boy”


The Professor ignored the Healers praises and said, “Would you have any idea on who might be behind these horrifying acts?”


Of course, she knew. They need not even have asked when they should know themselves. Who else would have the motivation to cause her pain after public humiliation? 


“Should we find who is responsible for this; the consequences will be very grave. They may have to spend time in Azkaban and an expulsion from Hogwarts is to be anticipated.” said Professor Dumbledore.

If Dreizi was to be kicked off from Hogwarts, how else was she to seek the men who had done this to her? Her anger towards Dreizi wasn’t as huge as her anger towards the men who had attacked her. She was sure no matter how psychotic Dreizi was; she would never have wanted or told them to use the Cruciatus curse on her.


She was not even supposed to exist in this time. If they send the boys and Dreizi to Azkaban, who knows how that would affect the future. She was not even sure exactly the identity of the boys.


“I really don’t know, Professor. There was so much going on. I only remember one of them stating he did not intend to kill me, only to harm me.”


The Professor nodded silently, “If you were to remember anything crucial, please do not hesitate to approach me or the headmaster, Miss Vane. It is important, not only for your safety but the safety of the other students that we find these attackers.”


“Yes, Professor.” said Hermione in a quiet voice.


“Before I forget, our detention shall take place in my office Miss Vane,


Hermione’s face fell as she remembered. She still haven’t thought up excuses incase he asks her questions. She nodded in response.


“I wish you a fast recover, Miss Vane and Hagrid, I’m afraid Ogg is requesting for your assistance in the grounds.” He smiled silently before leaving the wing.


“I’m glad yer awake, Hermione. I ‘ave to go but I’ll come back ter see yeh later.”


“Thank you, Hagrid.” Said Hermione sincerely before Hagrid gave her a soft pat on the arm and leaving.


“Why does he keep calling you Hermione? And since when have you two been friends?” asked Ames.


“It’s quite a long story.” Said Hermione, sitting up a little straighter and wincing again. “Anyway, Thank you for coming.” She addressed the three.


“Surprised, were you?” said Greta haughtily. “We weren’t surprised when you abandoned us to hang out with the Slytherin prince. I have nothing against Tom of course, I mean he’s polite enough.  Just the girls that fan around him, ridiculous.”


“I’m sorry.” Said Hermione, thinking her manners seemed to have fluctuated after coming here. She had never expressed friendship towards the three though she constantly sat with them beforehand but they gave her kindness that she did not repay. “I didn’t mean to. And I can assure you me and Riddle are—


Greta laughed, “You don’t have to explain, Nerissa. We aren’t mad, I was only teasing. We were glad you finally found someone who you have an interest in actually speaking with though you sometimes look as if you’re in pain doing it.”


Hermione laughed but had to stop as her ribs began to throb from doing so.


“Might as well though... if you hadn’t been friends with Riddle. We’d be visiting you from a coffin instead of the Hospital Wing.” said Ames though there was still a tinge of annoyance in his voice when he said his name.


Greta sighed and sat back down on a chair beside the bed. “So many tragedies happening in this school these days, it’s so hard to keep up sometimes.”


“What… do you mean by that?” asked Hermione, slowly. “What sort of tragedies?”


“Since yesterday, every other hour someone gets attacked. It’s as if their brains get… scrambled almost like the Dementor’s kiss. They have all been sent to St. Mungos but recovery is slim apparently since they have no idea what hit them in the first place.” Greta told her.


Hermione tried to rack her brain for this kind of situation that she might have read in a history book but she could not remember any. “How many students were attacked?”


“So far… there has been seven, I think.” answered Ames.


Hermione was horrified after hearing this. Though she was not sure, she had such a feeling this might have had something to do with her. Greta mistook her expression as being frightened for herself.


“Oh, don’t fret. They only attack Slytherin boys.” said Ames, dryly. “I knew I should’ve been in Ravenclaw.” He added.


“There hasn’t been an attack since last night though” Emma added shyly. “I mean it attacked every hour or so but it suddenly stopped. There hasn’t been an attack since11 last night. Everyone’s being ready for it though.”


“Yeah, all Slytherin boys have to be accompanied by a fellow student. It’s better if you’re with a girl since they never seem to attack girls.” Ames rolled his eyes.


“Who… Who exactly has been attacked?” Hermione asked though she didn’t have to.


“You wouldn’t know any of them, don’t worry” said Greta, “The person you should really worry about is Hagrid. Rumour has it it’s the Slytherin monster attacking again.”


“What?” Hermione bolted right up, not caring how painful her chest as well as her head felt. “Why would anyone even think that? Why in the world would the ‘Slytherin monster’ attack Slytherins? That’s completely idiotic!!!”


“Hey, calm down, Nerissa.” Greta tried to gently push her back to the bed. “You’ll hurt yourself, you’ve barely recovered.”


“I don’t care! I have to talk to Professor Dumbledore! Or— or the Headmaster! It isn’t Hagrid!” she began to shout. “I bet you with my life those Slytherin boys that were attacked were not even muggleborns or even half-bloods! The Heir of Slytherin’s task is to get rid of those unworthy to study magic!!! Why would the Heir of Slytherin attack its own house?”


“Its only but a rumour, Nerissa.” said Emma, a little panicky. “Please calm down. I’m sure they won’t do anything to Hagrid. They won’t be able to prove it’s him.”


“Of course they wouldn’t be able to prove its Hagrid because it isn’t him in the first place!” she said angrily, “Seven attacks in one day? Didn’t Professor Dumbledore say Hagrid hasn’t left my side since I was admitted?”


‘If it was the Basilisk they would be dead by now’


The three looked at each other and hung their heads as if ashamed of themselves. Hermione figured they must have believed the rumours to be true. She sighed and lied back down. After calming down, the pain was even harder to endure.


It did not make sense at all. She was sure these attacks did not happen in her own timeline so it definitely has something to do with her. Who else would have the ability and power to do those cruel things?


Riddle’ she acknowledged mentally.




After long hours of convincing, Madam Kempton finally agreed to discharge her but in return, she had to come back in three days time for a check-up. If she does not do as she promised, another week of detention with Professor Dumbledore would be added.


She entered the Slytherin Common room, searching for Voldemort. She had to know if it was him, if it had been him doing all those terrible things. She already had a feeling but it did not make any sense at all.


After inquiring from a few Slytherins, she found out he had been in the library since yesterday and hasn’t been seen since then.


She had no idea whatsoever on what she was supposed to say to him, as she rushed towards the library. It was true what the Healer said that if it hadn’t been for him, she would be in St. Mungos by now in the psych ward. She also still had to ask. She had to know if it had been him doing all those terrible things. She had to stop him.


It was not even supposed to happen. Seven attacks in Hogwarts is huge news, it’s not possible that she had not heard of it in the future which can only mean one thing; the butterfly effect has started, she had changed the future somewhat. 


Unless of course for some reason, the school covered the attacks but that would be impossible since she was sure it’s all over the newspapers by now with the amount of students affected. 

If it were Riddle, why would he even try to hurt them? It isn’t as if he was doing this to avenge her since that would be entirely preposterous.


She was still mulling over what to say to him when before she knew it, she was standing right infront of him.


He was sitting by himself in the coldest and almost dark corner of the library with books and parchments surrounding him. She stood there not really knowing what she can say when finally he looked up, sensing her presence.


He stared at her for a couple of seconds before looking away and continuing his work. “I see you got out of the Hospital wing alive.”


Her mouth was dry as she said, “Thanks to you I heard.”


She thought she saw his mouth move into a frown and his eyes stopped moving across the paper for a second. He ignored her statement as he busily scribbled on his parchment.


“Three times.” She said quietly.


“What are you talking about, Vane?” he said without looking up.


“That’s how many times you’ve saved my life.” said Hermione, quietly approaching his table until she was towering above it.


This time, Riddle looked up from his work and stared at her. He coughed before saying, “Let’s hope it’s the last this time” He continued on his work as if he had never been interrupted.

Hermione pulled a chair and sat across from him. “What were you doing yesterday?”


Tom stopped writing and said, “What do you mean?”


“Yesterday… where were you?” she asked. She did not have to ask. She already knew it was him. Only, she could not understand why. They did not hurt him at all. Why did he need to attack them? She needed to understand his motives.


He continued writing, “I was here all day trying to finish my work. Why do you want to know?”


“There were attacks… yesterday.”


“Yes, I heard about it. I was in the library all day and night. Fortunately, the attacker didn’t think to look here.”


“Strange isn’t it? The attacker went through every corner of this castle except the Library where a Slytherin student is in a dark corner all alone.” She watched his expression but was unable to read it.


“Yes, strange.” He agreed. “And lucky. Anyway, Vane I still have a lot of things to do. I’d appreciate it if you could let me finish it.”


She knew she would not be able to get the answers she wanted. Instead, she tried to change the subject. “How did you know where to find me? Better yet, how do you always know where to find me?”


“I was simply doing my Headboy duties.” He stated as a matter-of-factly. “I was off doing my rounds when I found an unconscious body sprawled on the floor. Which reminds me, I also found your wand.” He pulled a wand from the bag on his left and handing it to her without ever looking away from the parchment.


“You were doing rounds in the middle of the night?” asked Hermione suspiciously.


“I didn’t find you in broad daylights the first time I’d found you weeks ago either, Vane. Be lucky I did those rounds at the exact moment you needed to be found or you’d be buried six feet under.” He briefly glared at her before pulling more parchments from his bag.


“I didn’t ask for you to save me, Riddle. Don’t think I’ll get on my knees and praise you in gratitude.” Hermione said, dryly.


Tom smirked, “That’s some way to express your gratitude.”


“What? You fancy a Thank you card or some sort?” snapped Hermione.


“Maybe” said Tom, leering at Hermione.


“I strongly advice you not to hold your breath on that.”


Tom did not answer as he began to flick through his parchments, searching for something.


Hermione could not stand it any longer. She owed him her life so many times it was making her sick. “Alright, Here’s the deal Riddle, I absolutely hate being indebted to somebody so put it on the table.”


Tom raised his eyebrows, “Exactly what am I to put on the table? Honestly, Vane are you quite certain you don’t need to stay in the Wing any longer? Your brain seems to have been damaged.” He said, acidly.


Hermione’s eyes narrowed, “I don’t want to owe you anything, Riddle. Tell me what you want and we’ll call it even now.”


Tom stared at the deranged girl in amusement. She has definitely gone mad. “Alright, I’ll escort you myself to the Wing, Vane.”He started to stand up but abruptly stopped in midway when Hermione angrily stomped the table with her fists.


“I don’t have any patience for this, Riddle. I have a pounding headache that feels as if my skull might burst and my ribs have not completely healed. Mockery is not exactly my favourite past time. Tell me now what it is you want.”


Tom sat back down. The truth was, he was not making a mockery out of her at all. He truly did think she had gone mental, “I see your temper has worsened. I saved your life, Vane. Why can’t you just simply thank me and be over it.”


Hermione continued her glare, ignoring what he had said.


Tom sighed heavily in frustration. He had more important things to attend to than entertain a mad girl who had just come out of the Hospital. “Alright, anything I want, is that right?”


Hermione nodded curtly, trying to calm herself down. She would not be able to do what she had planned if she owed him anything at all.


“I want you to stand up, leave the Library and go back to the Hospital wing to get a re-examination on your head. After that, go back to the common room to sleep, work on your hideous temper and never bother me again.”


“For the love of God, Riddle, is it so hard to ask me to do any errand you might have forgotten to do or not have any ability to do?”


Tom barked a single laugh at the thought of the girl being able to have a capability he did not posses.


“If you could kindly help me out here, Riddle, I would appreciate it. Tell me what I can do for you and I’ll be done with it. I will not bother you again and leave you to your work.”


“Do you know how impossibly stubborn you are? I don’t see the problem with owing someone their life and simply expressing gratitude with a mere Thank you.” He said, acidly. He was getting more impatient by the minute. She was the oddest creature he had ever come across with. He could not understand her at all.


With a small scream of frustration, she hastily stood up with a loud creek from her seat and was about to leave when Tom said, “Wait, come back.”


“What for? To be made a mockery by some arrogant toerag?” she hissed but when she turned around to glare at him, all amusement, annoyance and frustration were ripped from his face like a mask.


This was the perfect moment he had been waiting for unless ofcourse she chooses not to give out the truth. Was he not frustrated by the mystery of this girl for months now? Did she not just tell him to ask anything and she shall give? He had been waiting for an opportunity to arise and for their alleged ‘friendship’ to deepen that she would trust him enough to tell him the truth.


Hermione sighed and sat back down. She could tell from his face he had already thought of what to ask. She was even willing to become a house-elf for a week if it meant she did not have to be grateful to him for saving her life and continue on with her vendetta.


“There is something I have been wanting for quite some time now.” He started slowly. “But it isn’t going to work if you are not truthful.”


Hermione rolled her eyes, “Spit it out, Riddle.”


“Where did you come from?” the first question and the easiest of them all.


Chapter 13 PREVIEW

“When are you planning on asking her?” Malfoy spoke up. His legs were resting on the table in front of him and his hands were behind his head.


Tom sighed as he ruined the silence he so longed for. “What are going on about, Malfoy?”


“Nerissa.” said Malfoy as if it was the most obvious thing. “When are you planning on asking her to the ball?”

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Chapter 13: Chapter 13: Lies, Oh What Lies
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How could I not see this coming?’ she groaned inwardly, her stubbornness came to bite her in the arse. ‘But then again it isn’t as if he’d see the difference if I were to lie’


“I don’t see the point to your question, Riddle. Where did I come from? What exactly do you want to hear?”


“The truth, Vane.” He said quietly. “We’ve been… friends for quite some time now and I know nothing about you at all. I want to know where you came from, where you were before, what you’ve been doing before I found you, what happened before I found you?” Suddenly all his questions were bursting out of him before he could control himself. Finally he was close to acquiring the answers.


Hermione sighed heavily, stalling as her mind formulated the answers she would provide. “I was home-schooled. Our neighborhoods were all magical families. They decided against sending us anywhere since they were all very close friends and their families had been together for centuries. Their children and I learned magic through Professors they had hired.”


Wealthy, I should have known’ he thought inwardly. “And where exactly is this neighborhood?”


“Like Hogwarts, it isn’t plottable. Each family was very protective of their own.” She lied smoothly that she almost believed herself.


“They must have been very important witch and wizards to have to go through such measures to keep to themselves.” Tom implied. “Would I happen to know of any of them?”


“No, I presume not. We don’t live anywhere near Hogwarts. Don’t bother asking me where because I won’t be able to tell you even if I wanted to” She told him. “It is safe to say however, that every family in the neighborhood was well-off.”


Tom smirked, “I guessed as much. You must have had quite a life.”


It was true that even though she was from the muggle world, her family was well-off. She knew he would quickly lose interest if she had told him she was a muggleborn. She was annoyed with the tone of his voice, as if he was mocking them.

“What made you come here then? And why were you… when I found you, why were you in that state?” he asked carefully.


“Last year, our family was in a middle of a battle. A… a Dark Lord was rising. Our families did all they can to defeat him… to protect us but most… passed away.” Her voice broke but she recovered quickly, remembering the Order of the Phoenix and Harry’s parents.


“Who exactly is this Dark Lord?” asked Tom. “And what battle are you speaking of? I heard nothing of any battle last year except Grindelwald’s… expeditions”


“It doesn’t matter who it was. What matters is that he will pay… surely if my life depended on it, he will pay.” Her eyes burned against Toms’. The hatred that had somehow calmed down a notch over the weeks fueled, raging like an uncontrollable fire within her.


“And have you any idea where this person is now?” Tom was almost sure she was speaking of Grindelwald though he was not quite sure why he felt a pull inside of him when her brown eyes scorched his. He had never felt so uncomfortable in his life as he watched her chocolate brown eyes.


Sitting right in front of me’ she thought dryly. “I’m not quite sure. The last I saw of him, he was just about to kill me. It was then that I… apparated. I knew of Hogwarts’ existence from my Great-grandmother. She had come here for a few years and she told me it would be a safe place to hide were I to need it. She had told me how to enter, I arrived just outside and… crawled through the forest. I wasn’t even sure if I was anywhere near Hogwarts at all. All I could see were endless trees and treacherous roots and bugs.”


“Am I right to assume that nobody knows you are here? Your parents? Your friends?” he asked.


Hermione balled her fists as the word ‘parents’ fell from his lips casually. “I think I’ve answered enough of your questions for today, Riddle, don’t you think?"

Tom deliberated for a second, watching her agonized yet furious scowl planted on her face. He had not asked the important questions yet. His face was expressionless as he nodded at her and went back to his writing.

She was relieved and at the same time surprised that he had abruptly let go of the subject. She knew he had more questions for her to answer and she knew every minute it would be harder and harder to respond with her pile of lies.

She was partly glad she had devised a set of lies if it so happen that Professor Dumbledore chooses to question her. She cannot keep lying about her memory any longer that much she knew. There was Hagrid to consider as well. She had told him so much about her past –the future— that she was almost sure it would reach Dumbledore, knowing how close the two were.


 She watched as Tom Riddle’s brow furrowed, furiously writing on his very long parchment briskly as if there were no time at all and the end was near.


Hermione knew Tom was the most intelligent student in the school yet she could not understand why he would pull that much concentration on any school work. She could not even remember any school work that requires him to have piles of parchments and books on his table. She even half guessed he had forgotten she was still there.


“You look like you’re getting ready to have a matrimonial ceremony with that piece of parchment of yours, what exactly are you doing anyway?” she asked, curiosity getting the best of her.


“I suppose you haven’t heard.” He said, again, without looking up. “A few months ago the Headmaster announced a…ball” he threw the last word as if it was venom.


“A Ball? Whatever for?” she said incredulously. She practically memorized Hogwarts; A History. She had never heard of any ball at all in 1945.


“He’s attempting to start a new tradition for generations to come.” He told her dryly. “A social event.” He said the words with distaste.


“And what does that have anything to do with what you’re doing?” she eyed the mountain rolls of parchment.


“I am the Headboy.” He said arrogantly and impatiently. “It is my duty to do the planning and arrange the event.”


She wondered if she had been that arrogant when she held the title back in her time. “If it had been announced months ago, why are you only starting now?” She had been assigned many events, mostly Defense classes and gatherings of the fighters. She had prepared everything months before the actually day of the event was to take place.


This time, Tom stopped writing and looked up, his eyes narrowing, clearly annoyed “Because the Professors keep changing their minds about the event, not to mention some of the parents disapprove of the idea. With the many deaths happening, they think it inappropriate to have a social gathering at all.”


Hermione scoffed, “All the more reason why the gathering should happen! What people need the most is unity and overcoming adversity in numbers.”


“How very… philosophical of you, Vane. However, I disagree. Grief should be dealt with unaided. Unity is not power and altruism is blasphemy. Besides, I would have thought you more as the kind of person to handle pain all on their own, Vane.”


Hermione looked down at her hands. She hated that he was guessing right about her. She did not want an audience to her pain, he was correct. She hated that he was right, “’When so many are lonely as seem to be lonely, it would be inexcusably selfish to be lonely alone.’”


“Tennessee Williams” Tom raised an eyebrow. “By any chance, are you doing Muggle Studies? Coming from a wealthy ancient magical family, I didn’t think you’d have any interest at all—


“I should be the one surprised” Hermione cut him off, reverting the question in hopes that she wouldn’t have to answer his. She had told enough lies in one day. It was too dangerous to lie to someone ten times more manipulative and cunning than her. She wondered if Tom would tell her about him living in a Muggle Orphanage.


She realized she had never proven herself a friend towards him and yet he has towards her in so many ways. She was beginning to think her plan would fail as he had not yet opened up to her.


She did not think anything of it at first since she already knew everything about Voldemort and yet he himself has not provided her anything about his past. If he was to trust her, she needs to get him to open up.


His mouth twitched for half a second as if he had given too much information, “In any case, Vane, I hardly think a Dance would be appropriate at this time, let alone help people overcome their grief.”


“Dance?” her eyes widened in surprise. She did not expect a ball at all, she was expecting a simple gathering of all the students. She had organized such an event before, all students to have one worry-free night; a night where they did not have to think about Voldemort or deaths or anything about the war at all but simply being with their friends. There was hardly anyone who danced though of course there was music.


“It is to take place in two weeks. They finally made the decision yesterday after your attack.” He noticed Hermione’s mortified expression and added, “If you’re worrying about your dress robes, there’s a Hogsmeade trip on Friday. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I really should finish this soon, I have a very tight deadline.”


She was not mortified because of lack of anything to wear to the wretched dance. She did not want to go in the first place. “Why are you even doing this alone, Riddle, where’s the Head girl?” Usually it was only Hermione assigned to do everything since the Headboy in her time already expected her to do a much better job than him.


“Her Grandfather apparently caught the Dragon pox, she’ll be back in a week or so after her Grandfather passes away.” He said nonchalantly as if it was everyday his peers’ Grandparents caught a deadly disease and was dying.


“Would you like me… to help?” she offered, hesitant. If she was to make him confide in her, she needs to gain his graces and she needs to prove herself worthy to be trusted.


Tom raised his eyebrows, his quill still touching the parchment as he stared at her. He knew there was something up. The Vane he knew –or at least from what he’s observed over the last couple of weeks— did not have a heed on whatever he does. She was never such a helpful or thoughtful person, atleast not to him.


He did see her helping a clumsy first year gather her books and have seen her reprimand younger students as if she was a Prefect or the Head girl. It had unnerved him at first but after awhile, he was used to it. She was certainly comfortable enough doing it that it almost seemed as if it was out of habit. She does not even appear to notice it herself that she was doing it.


He watched her suspiciously before he waved off his doubt and said, “I suppose I would… appreciate it if you prove yourself useful. There are so many things left to do.”


He was not kidding. The whole school was to attend the ball which leaves a lot of planning for the two of them to do. The decorations, the menu, the music and every other little detail had to be perfect.




“What do you mean you don’t plan on going?” Greta complained as they strolled the streets of Hogsmeade.


“Simply that; I have no plans whatsoever on going to this dance.” Hermione told her as she busily examined Hogsmeade which was almost exactly the same in her time.


“I thought you organized the whole thing? I don’t understand why you won’t come.” Ames questioned.


“I helped organize it” she corrected him. “I don’t understand why it’s so important to go in the first place.”


“There has never been a ball before.” Emma said in her usual quiet voice, “It would be nice if we all go… but I guess if you really don’t want to…” she trailed off shyly, the corners of her mouth pulling downwards.


Now Hermione felt guilty. It was exactly the same as when they managed to convince her to go to Hogsmeade. It’s as if Emma was their secret weapon. You can never say no to the girl. It’s as if it’s a crime to make the shy girl unhappy. The three had all approached the Headmaster when she told them she did not have a permission slip.


“If it’s a date you’re worrying about, don’t. I’m perfectly sure Tom Riddle will ask you” Greta assured her.


Hermione stopped in her tracks, “Excuse me? Why in the world would you think that?”


Ames laughed, “Don’t even try to deny it, Nerissa. Everyone in the whole school knows you two are dating.”


Hermione’s eyes were wide as she cried, “Why would anyone even believe that??”


Greta smirked, “Please! You two are practically attached to the hip. He’s never talked to any girl for more than 2 minutes yet he spends all his waking time with you.”


Hermione blinked, “That doesn’t mean we’re… dating.” She cringed disgustingly at the word. “We’re just friends.”


The three chuckled at her.


“Alright then, you’re not dating but this I can assure you; that boy has got it bad for you.” said Greta. The other two nodded along in agreement.


“Ex-excuse me?” she cried incredulously. “What in heavens name would make you think that?”


Greta examined her face trying to see if she really was oblivious to all of it. “Dear lord, do you honestly not see how he looks at you?”


Hermione blinked. ‘How he looks at me? What in the world is she on about?


Greta rolled her eyes when she saw the confused look on Hermione’s face, “I cannot believe you don’t realize it when the whole world already has. I wonder if Riddle himself even knows it.” Hermione continued to stare at her, her eyebrows up in confusion.


She continued exasperatedly, “He looks at you like…” Her face scrunches up as she thinks of the perfect description, “like he’s been in a dessert, dying of dehydration and you suddenly appear… a miracle water fountain of some sort.”


Hermione still could not understand.

“Do you not realize how he drinks in every movement you make? Every word you make?” said Greta.

“How he studies every expression you make on your face?” Ames added.

“How he gets antagonized when someone accidentally bumps on you?” 

“How he broods in dinnertime when you’re not there?”

“How he looks murderous when we steal you away?”

“How he always seems to be at the right time in the right moment when you’re in need?”

“How completely oblivious he is to the entire world but you?”

Greta and Ames were having fun as they both compiled their list and Emma nodded along in agreement.

Finally Hermione understood what they were implying and she almost burst into a fit of laughter. 

“You are reading it all wrong and exaggerating it.” She informs the three. “We are but friends and he…”

She wanted to tell them that he studies her hard because he was curious about her. She wanted to tell them that he was only frustrated because of her mystery and nothing more but of course, that would lead to a lot of questions.

“Please do not give us the whole ‘Just friends’ speech, Ner. I have heard it a million times before.” Greta stops her as they reached a shop that Hermione does not recognize. She was too busy trying to find an excuse to examine the shop fully.

“Nerissa, the whole school notices all of that! Even the Professors! How could you not?” Ames rolled his eyes, “Do you know there’s a bet going on?”

“What bet?” Hermione was alarmed this time.

“Everyone also knows Malfoy has taken an interest in you although of course we aren’t sure how deep he goes. Everyone has a bet in how long it would take before the two end up having a duel over you.” said Ames. It was clear he had a part in the bet. “More so now that the ball is coming up!”

“That is completely preposterous! I would never go out with those two if it was a choice between them and the Giant Squid!” she cried loudly, not noticing that the other customers were staring at her weirdly.

“Don’t be so melodramatic, Nerissa.” Greta snorted. “Now, which of these would you prefer?”

It was then that Hermione finally noticed what shop she had entered into. Her eyes stared around wildly, her mouth shaping into a huge O. She whipped her head around at Greta who gave her a triumphant smirk.




Tom and Abraxas were sitting comfortably in the Slytherin common room which was very silent as most students had gone to Hogsmeade. Tom was grateful for the peace and quiet. It was the first he had been able to rest his mind since he worked for the idiotic dance.

He preferred to tell Malfoy off only he did not even want to waste his breath nor energy in doing so.

“When are you planning on asking her?” Malfoy spoke up. His legs were resting on the table in front of him and his hands were behind his head.

Tom sighed as he ruined the silence he so longed for. “What are going on about, Malfoy?”

“Nerissa.” said Malfoy as if it was the most obvious thing. “When are you planning on asking her to the ball?”

“Highly unlikely.” Tom answered without waiting a breath. “Now will you please leave me to rest?”


“And so you won’t have a problem at all if I asked her?” Malfoy asked, scrutinizing Tom who had his eyes closed. He noticed Tom’s lips twitch ever so slightly which made Abraxas smirk.


“I advise you not to waste your breath, Malfoy. How many times does the girl have to say no before it goes through your head?” He was perfectly sure Vane would reject him for what seemed like a millionth time. Besides, she had expressed not going to the ball at all during the week they had spent together organizing it.

“I can handle the hard-to-get types, you know that Tom.” Malfoy waved his right hand as if dismissing a thought. He knew all about the rumours and bets going around the school. He sighed before saying, “Alright, here’s what we’ll do. If you still have not asked Nerissa by the end of the day, you will not hold it against me if I ask her.”


Tom glared at Malfoy and said, “I’d rather not waste my time in foolish games. Go ahead and ask her, Malfoy.”


“I will… I will.” Malfoy nodded, grinning. “I shall ask her tomorrow. After the ball, of course, I might have the chance to show her my best talent, if you know what I mean. In any way, I’d rather give you some time.”  ‘to pluck up the courage’ he wanted to add though he feared what would happen if he chooses to be tactless.


Tom simply ignored him, annoyed at his foolish ideas. He was grateful for the girl’s help and she was surprisingly less nasty towards him after he saved her but that does not mean he would ever want her as his date. He wouldn’t ask the wretched girl to the ball if it was a choice between her and taking on a herd of hippogriffs, wandless.




“This does not change anything, you know. I still refuse to go to that stupid dance.” She growled as she carried the multiple bags she was thrust upon by her three companions.

“Yes, you are.” Greta growled back, “I did not just spend galleons on you for nothing, Ner. You are going whether you like it or not.”

Hermione closed her mouth, choosing not to argue. She would win the argument, that much she was sure but it would be a very long and exhausting battle. The ball was the day after tomorrow and she decided it would be better to surprise them on the day by not showing up. A herd of centaur wouldn’t stop her. She did feel bad that Greta had spent so much on her but then again, she was wealthy. 


“We need to hurry. Nerissa, you’ve still got your 4th detention tonight haven’t you?” asked Ames.

Hermione sighed as she remembered. “I’ve still got another two hours so no need to fret.”


She balled her fists as she reflected on the happenings a week ago with Professor Dumbledore. She had entered the circular room, trying her hardest to calm herself. She yelped when the Professor suddenly appeared behind the door.


“I apologize for frightening you, Miss Vane.” His face looked genuinely worried though there was a hint of amusement in his eyes.


Hermione forced a smile on her face and nodded nervously. She felt as though she was a pig getting ready to be slaughtered.  


The office had changed since the last time she had been there. The awards were taken down and bended shelves after shelves appeared around the room. There were countless boxes laid on top of the other near the window that she wondered how it could all have fit inside the room.


“I’m redecorating my office” The Professor smiled down at her. “If I do say so myself, I own too many unnecessary things.”


Hermione could not bring herself to speak. She was too busy concentrating on closing her mind. It was very quiet on the first hour as the two sorted out the Professors’ boxes. Hermione certainly was not willing to be the first one to break the silence.


The Professor made a few comments about nonsensical things such as his wallpaper being too dreary -when in fact the room was filled with every shade from the school colours possible- along the way which Hermione responded by simply nodding or shaking her head.


Finally after what seemed like thousands of years, the Professor opted in letting her go for the night, reminding her of the following night’s detention which again she responded with a simple nod.


He had not tried to get any information at all. He did not even try to make any long conversations with her about anything significant. It was ridiculous how she feels more scared facing Professor Dumbledore than facing Voldemort. Then again, she had almost gotten used to Riddle’s presence.


The next night, he had done the same thing, not asking anything about her as well as last night’s detention. He had even gone so far as whistling a few muggle songs. They were both arranging his things without magic which was proving difficult considering how much things the man owns.


Hermione finally reached the common room after stopping at a few shops along the way. Most had gone straight to dinner and when Hermione chose to go back to the common room, she was entrusted with the job of carrying everyone’s shopping bags back.


She wasn’t surprised when she found Tom Riddle lounging on the green couch with his eyes closed. She had already set her mind that Tom Riddle would most likely appear where she least expect it. She sighed before she dropped herself on to the couch across from him.


Tom Riddle opened his eyes from the noise, preparing to blast Malfoy’s head towards the fireplace for disturbing his slumber.


“You’re back.” said Riddle.


Hermione had her eyes closed as she nodded. She did not have any energy left in her to go three stories above the castle to Professor Dumbledore’s office. “Aren’t you going down for dinner?”


“I don’t have the appetite.” In fact, he fell asleep and forgot all about dinner but he didn’t need to tell her that. He noticed the bags sprawled on the floor beside her couch and asked, “I’ve never been to Hogsmeade before but one would think you brought the whole town with you.”


Hermione saw him eyeing the several bags on the floor, “They aren’t mine… most of them, anyway. They held me hostage.” She rolled her eyes before closing her eyes yet again.


Tom raised his eyebrows. “How so?”


Hermione sighed loudly. She really wanted to simply rest before she has to walk up to Dumbledore’s office. She can’t however, lose her temper on Riddle again, not when they were finally becoming closer. She needs him to open up to her just as she supposedly had with him.


“Goshawk and the others insisted on buying me a dress for the stupid dance.” She reluctantly told him.


“I had thought you didn’t have plans on going? Or were your endless ranting of how idiotic and superficial the ball was simply to irritate me?” asked Tom. He already learned to expect the unexpected from the girl and so he wasn’t really that surprised she was changing her mind.


Hermione simply shrugged, smirking at him. “I suppose it’s compulsory for the Head Boy to go.”


“Unfortunately, yes.” said Tom. He watched her as she rested her eyes, her wild curls enveloping her face. He could not imagine her in a dress nor her curls elegantly made up. She has never really cared much about appearances that much he noticed.


There were several spells to get rid of the bags under her eyes and maintain her hair yet there were no evidence of her ever using them. One would think she was careful of her weight due to the bones that were threatening to break out from beneath her skin yet he knew she was not the type of girl to be aware of her diet.


She looked positively exhausted and a night in the ball with Malfoy would probably kill her. He knew she was not like any other girls who throw themselves at Malfoy and so he doubts there would be anything that would happen between them after the ball.


He did not have any plans on asking her. What he told Malfoy was the truth, only now, so suddenly, he was not so sure. It probably would not be such a pain to ask the girl, would it? Besides, she did assist him with the Ball so it would only be right they go together.


“Vane.” He started softly. “Would you— might you…”


Hermione fluttered her eyes open. “Spit it out, Riddle. Stuttering doesn’t exactly suit you.”

Tom started again, looking directly into her eyes, “Might you ever consider…”



She started to turn around back up the stairs when she felt a cold hand softly pulling hers. She stared at his hand for a few seconds before she looked up at his face.


“Don’t go” he spoke, his voice unusually deep and soft. His words sounded a little like a plea but then again, Tom Riddle pleading Hermione to stay? Impossible.


For someone who detests physical contact, he could not seem to let go of her hand. 


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Chapter 14: Chapter 14: The Places you have come to fear the most
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Chapter 14

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Hermione swallowed hard as she waited. ‘He’s not about to ask what I think he’s about to ask, is he?’



No ofcourse not.’ She contradicted herself.



He tried but he couldn’t. He felt obligated to ask her seeing as how she did help him with almost everything and yet the words could not form into his mouth. Also, he felt responsible for her somehow. He dared not think of what Malfoy was planning to do to her when he told him earlier about showing her his ‘best talent’.



“Might you ever consider moving that fat arse of yours off my Potions book?” he nodded at the book and parchments that Hermione was sitting on.



Hermione rolled her eyes and stood up, “Your face looked like you were exploding from tension… and all for a stupid book? No wonder you’re top in this school, Head Boy.” She picked up the huge book that she knew was poking on her hip beforehand and yet she was too tired to do anything about it, and threw it towards Riddle who caught it swiftly.



Though she knew she was not here to do well in school, she could not help but resent the fact that he was still beating her in every class, granted she was always the 2nd.



She began walking away when Tom stopped her, “Where are you going? Dinner?”



“Have you ever seen me go to dinner, Riddle?” she said, turning around and smirking at him, “I’ve got Detention with Dumbledore, remember?”



Tom nodded, “Try not to get yourself killed on the way and back, will you? I haven’t got any rounds today.”



Hermione glared at him and told him dryly, “Thank you for your concern, Riddle. I’m sure I’ll survive one night without my knight in shining armour.” She turned around and walked away, seething with every step she took. She could not stand the fact that he thinks of himself as her savior when really he’s destroyed her in every way possible.



“One more thing.” Tom said, loudly. He was glad there was nobody else in the common room. Hermione stopped just a step away from the trap door leading to the outside world and away from the stingy dungeon and Tom Riddle.



“I thought you might like to know, though I’m sure you probably already had an idea, Malfoy is planning on taking you to the ball.”



Hermione raised her eyebrows at the young dark lord. Of course, she already had a feeling Malfoy would. The whole school knew it. How could she not. “You’re telling me this… why?”



“I don’t think his ego will handle it if you refuse him for what seems like the thousandth time in front of anybody.”



Hermione smirked. “Don’t tell me you actually care about hurting Malfoy’s ego? And what makes you so sure I’ll turn him down anyway?”



“Aren’t you?” Tom raised his eyebrows and then shrugged. “Just as well. It would be entirely embarrassing for a girl to go to the ball on her own.”



Hermione balled her fists. She knew he was only teasing but that only made her even more furious.



“And who will you be going with? Your over conceited carcass I presume? I hope you both have the time of your lives.” She said heatedly before storming out of the common room.



Tom glared at the door in which she disappeared into. ‘Temporary insanity’ he concluded. ‘Why I even considered asking that wretched girl was simply temporary insanity.’






“I’m sorry I’m late, Professor.” Hermione huffed as she entered the room. She did not realize how late she was as she strolled around the castle, fuming.


“Oh that’s perfectly alright, Miss Vane.” The Professor smiled at her kindly as he sorted through thousands of photographs and small portraits from inside boxes.



Hermione hurriedly helped the man as they both piled on photos to throw and portraits he wanted to hang on his wall or wanted to store. Endless faces stared up at Hermione as she stacked the piles.



It was quiet for almost half an hour aside from the Professor’s usual humming or whistling until Hermione abruptly stopped, staring at the photograph in her hands. It showed two young men, a tall, thin boy with auburn hair with his right arm around a boy who looked younger than the other but only a few years with blond curly hair that reached his shoulders.



She knew right away who the boy, with the bright piercing blue eyes staring back at her from the photo and grinning, was. She examined the other boy more closely. He looked exceptionally familiar until finally she realized.



“Gellert Grindelwald” she whispered. She had seen this photo before, how could she have forgotten? Harry had shown her the same picture in Skeeter’s book once a long time ago after Dumbledore’s death.



According to the book, which she always found unreliable and full of lies, the two were very close friends when they were young. It has already been a few years since Grindelwald had started to wreak havoc. She wondered why Dumbledore did not immediately go and fight him though she knew he eventually would soon.



Was it because they were once good friends that he was reluctant to defeat him? It was then that she realized the whistling had stopped.



She turned around, her eyes wide and clutching the photograph with both her hands. The Professor was not looking at her and was instead staring at the photograph in her hands, his face unreadable.



“I—I’m… sorry, Professor. I didn’t mean to… to” She stuttered. She was afraid she had broken an invisible line with the old Professor. She really did not know a lot about his personal life since he was a very private person. “I’m so sorry.”



“I was such a fool. It was too late…much too late” the Professor said softly, still not looking away from the photo in her hands, “when I realized what kind of a person that boy in that photograph really was and to what extent he will go to... I hope you will not judge me from the poor choice of companion I had as a young man”



“I am not asking you to explain, Professor. And of course I will not prosecute you from the actions of a person you once called a friend.” She blinked, shocked. She did not expect the Professor to look and sound so… vulnerable. It did not feel right. He looked so tired and much older than he really was, at least in this timeline.



The Professor smiled softly, “That man killed thousands… maybe millions and continue to do so. He is responsible for the many men and women who will never go back to their homes… for the many orphans that now exist.”


He paused before continuing, “But aren’t I, ultimately, just as much responsible for this?”



“Of course not, Professor! You didn’t raise your wand and kill those people! You are not responsible for any of this.” She cried.



“I didn’t raise my wand.” He muttered to himself. “I may not be responsible directly, but still responsible enough. Young girl, I sit here in my office, redecorating, while this man kills every hour of every day.”



“Yes but that does not make you responsible at all!” she was so surprised she was hearing this from the would-be most powerful wizard of all. She could not understand why he was being like this. Why would he ever think he was responsible? He will save thousands… millions when he defeats Grindelwald!



“Sir… you may not know it yet but… you will change the world someday.” She said sincerely, “Your kindness and courage, strength and power will influence so many others, Professor, I guarantee you that.”



Dumbledore smiled, “But courage, I do not have, Miss Vane. If I did, I would be across the country by now.”



Hermione could not understand why he was telling her all this. She did not know this was how Dumbledore was feeling before he went to face Grindelwald. It was hard to think that this man, scared and vulnerable, will win the greatest battle the wizarding world has ever seen soon.



“But I believe you already do, Professor. You already had and always will have strength and courage. I believe in you... and I’m sure the rest of the school will agree with me.” She said, smiling.



Dumbledore stared at the young girl in front of him, “I was right, as I usually am. You really are full of astuteness for your age.”



Hermione smiled at her Professor. It was funny how she was consoling the greatest wizard the world has seen for a duel she already knows he would win. She was excited when the time finally comes that Dumbledore will defeat Grindelwald. Only 2 more months.






“This is just too ridiculous!!! I refuse to go out in this ridiculous excuse of a… frock!” Greta cried, spinning around in front of the mirror.



In the end, Hermione had finally decided to go to the ball, especially after the fight she had with Riddle. If she did not go, it would only mean she did not have a date in the end and was too ashamed to go. Though she knew it was immature, she still could not bear to look a fool in front of him and she hates that he was always right.


They had all already done their make-up and were starting to put on their dresses when Greta’s shrieking started. Somehow, the shop assistant had packed a different dress than what Greta had picked out. The caramel-coloured ball gown was obviously too large for her and was covering every part of her skin except her head.



“Since you paid for mine, I’d be happy to trade.” Hermione offered. She didn’t really care what she looked like. She would have been happy to have done her own hair and make-up if Greta and Emma hadn’t ambushed her.


“No no no, Nerissa, you are not going to tempt me! Besides, you are going with Abraxas Malfoy to the ball! Half the girls in this school will kill you if you go around arm-in-arm with Malfoy in this.” She pulled on the hem of her overlarge gown.



Hermione scrunched her nose. The next morning after detention, Malfoy had approached her with a bouquet of silver roses and had asked her to the ball. He was taken aback when she agreed as if he was already bracing himself to say no. The truth was, she wasn’t sure if there would be anyone else that would ask her and so she ended up saying yes to Malfoy.



Hermione sighed in defeat, “Alright, here.” She pulled her wand and silently pointed it around the huge gown for several seconds. Piece by piece, the huge fabric embracing the dress began to shed.



“Whoa!” Greta cried, “What are you doing?”



“Shush, I have to concentrate.” Hermione said as she continued muttering the encantation. She remembered when Parvati had tried to do this on a Sunday dress of Lavender and instead ended up as a scrap of rag. Lavender had taught both girls how to rectify dresses and modify them into different styles which was a very useful spell especially in cases such as this one.



“Done! There you go!” Hermione said, pulling Greta’s shoulders towards the mirror, “What do you think?”



“It—It’s absolutely…” Greta twirled around the mirror, “It’s stunning! I have never seen this type of design before! You are absolutely amazing, Nerissa”



Hermione bit her lip. The spell was made to modify dresses from her time so she can’t exactly take credit. She reckons all dresses that the spell modifies would look like dresses from her time. “It was just luck, really. In any way, I’m glad you liked it.”



“Can you do mine, Nerissa?” Emma asked shyly. Her dress was a conservative pale ice blue nylon chiffon with white embroidery. The wide straps accents her perfect creamy shoulders and the style somehow fit her just right with her introverted personality.



Greta ran to Hermione’s side and watched in awe as Hermione pointed her wand at the tulle lined balloon skirt Emma was wearing, slowly shedding the long hem until it reached below her knees. She began to shed some of the fabric from Emma’s chest and had made the neckline a little lower but tried to maintain a little of its conservative nature.



“It’s perfect!” Emma cried.


“Ok, now let’s do yours!” Greta exclaimed, pulling her wand and pointing it at Hermione.



“Oh no, you are not doing anything to this dress.” Hermione held her hands up. “Besides, the spell is irreversible. If you shed too much fabric, you won’t be able… to… put it…back.”



It was much too late as Greta was already modifying Hermione’s dress as she spoke and realized it when she was finished. The three girls stared at Hermione’s dress in shock.



“GRETA!” Hermione yelled.






The ball had already started almost two hours ago and he could not see a sight of Vane nor Malfoy. He knew she had agreed to go with Malfoy and reckons she must have backed out in the end. He smirked to himself.



He had decided to ask the Head Girl, who had finally returned the day before, to the ball. They were not friends per se but the girl was intelligent enough that it did not bother him to have to play nice. The two agreed to go merely as the two leaders of the school.



The Head Girl was now being surrounded by her excited Ravenclaw friends that she has not seen for weeks which left Tom seething alone in his seat. A few people tried to approach him but he declined their invitation to dance or to mingle. He stood up, deciding to leave the ball. There wasn’t anybody interesting to keep him there and he had already shown himself in front of the Headmaster.



He strolled outside of the Great Hall passing through many students in their Dress robes and gowns.



“Nerissa, would you really rather we drag you down these steps? Because I am telling you, I would not have a problem at all doing that!” Tom heard a girl growl as he neared the stair case. He turned around and saw Goshawk and her other friend that he could not remember the name staring above the steps.



Nerissa?’ he thought. ‘Did they mean Vane?’



He slowly walked forward towards the two, intending to ask where Vane was when he saw their expression turned from annoyance to relief and triumph. Tom turned to stare at where their gazes were fixed and there he saw her.



It was a girl in a silver-white flowing dress. The dress was so fitting; it almost looked as if it was simply another layer of skin. Her every curve was exposed perfectly from the thin satin fabric reaching the floors complete with a plunging neckline that reached just above her navel. Her skin was nearly glowing as her chest revealed a perfectly shaped bosom.



The girl’s hair was neither smooth nor straight. It was not bushy either. It was elegantly pulled up bringing out every perfect angle that her face possessed. A few curly strands messily escaped from the bundle and gracefully framed her flawless face.



She was nervously biting her lower lip and scowling at someone on Tom’s right. Whoever it was and why, he did not care. All he knew and all he could understand was that this girl who was graciously walking down the stairs, this girl whose beauty and elegance simply screamed the word perfect was someone he could not attempt to take his eyes away from.



Never in his life was he surprised by someone’s form and appearance. Sure, he had noticed a few girls with pretty faces but none that really strike him as purely beautiful and inevitably intoxicating.



The girl’s chocolate brown eyes moved to meet his and her glare deepened even more. His mind could not process why this beautiful girl would have a ferocious front and again he did not care. His feet were already taking him forward, like a moth to a flame, inevitably needing to get closer.



The girl raised her hand to wave at someone on his right yet again and he did not feel the energy nor the need at all to examine who it was as finally he was standing in front of her.



“Riddle” the girl spoke, her tone was one of obvious annoyance.



Tom continued to stare at her, swallowing every feature of her perfect face.



“Riddle?” this time, the girl’s voice changed into a tone of questioning.



Should he say something? He began to think though he was troubled if he so chooses to speak or even blink, the girl would somehow disappear.



“Riddle, if you continue to stare at me, I swear I will gouge your eye out. You’re making me feel even more stupid than I already feel. I suppose that probably makes you happier” she rolled her eyes.



Suddenly he was pulled back from his trance or at least halfway through. “Vane?”



Hermione gazed at Riddle, confused, “Honestly, Riddle, did you eat something rotten inside? I could have sworn I looked over the menu twice though. Unless someone inside tipped the house-elves to poison you. I wouldn’t be surprised.”



“What are—why are you—” he meant to ask how in the world she had transformed into the girl that was standing in front of him only he could not form the words.



“Do you realize how much you’ve have been stuttering a lot lately, Riddle?” she told him. She felt bare-naked somehow—though technically she sort of was—more so as she noticed numerous pairs of eyes staring at her from behind Tom. How much more staring is she actually going to get once she enter the Great Hall. She knew she should not have let the two convince her to go. “You know what; maybe this is a bad…idea. I’ll talk to you later, Riddle.”



She started to turn around back up the stairs when she felt a cold hand softly pulling hers. She stared at his hand for a few seconds before she looked up at his face.



“Don’t go” he spoke, his voice unusually deep and soft. His words sounded a little like a plea but then again, Tom Riddle pleading Hermione to stay? Impossible.



For someone who detests physical contact, he could not seem to let go of her hand. He struggled to find the words that would describe exactly what it was that was happening to him at that moment. Why did he feel as if his body was somehow not his own? Why did he feel as though the girl in front of him was not the girl he so detested for months?



He continued slowly still, choosing his words wisely even though his brain felt disconnected. “You’ve already taken so much… effort…to get yourself… ready. What a waste not to even show up at a ball you helped organize. Besides, the Headmaster’s searching for you. I told him how much you’ve assisted me.”


“Now why would you go and tell him that?” Hermione glared at him, “You’re a right foul git, you know that right?”


“Should I have taken all the credit then?” Tom raised an eyebrow. He didn’t wait for an answer as he grabbed her hand once more and pulled stronger than necessary. He did not want her to shake his hand away again.



Hermione was too stunned that she let herself get pulled by the Young Dark Lord. She had insulted him outright and he didn’t even give her a reaction at all. Usually they would banter on for as long as they could both hold.



She had heard he asked the returning Head Girl to the ball yesterday and wondered what he was doing outside the Great Hall instead of dancing with his date. She lifted up the hem of her flowing long skirt to avoid tripping as she attempted to hide behind Riddle’s back, avoiding the stares.



It didn’t help at all as her exposed back also left people astonished as they finally entered the Great Hall. There were many students dancing to the soft jazz music the band, which she and Riddle had picked, was playing. She wondered where Malfoy was. They were supposed to meet outside the Great Hall over an hour ago. He must have been really pissed when she did not show up.



“Riddle.” She tried to shake his hand away again only his grip was too strong. “W ill you let me go? I really think this is a bad idea. What I’m wearing is not exactly… appropriate.” ‘In this time, anyway.’ She mused.



“Miss Vane?” a voice inquired from behind Hermione. Tom stopped pulling her and had halted in the middle of the dance floor. “Is that you, Miss Vane?”



She turned around and found the Headmaster as well as the Deputy Headmistress, in the middle of dancing, both gawking at her dress.



The Headmaster opened his mouth to speak but Hermione cut him off. “Oh hello, Professor Dippet, Professor Cole. The music is wonderful, isn’t it” she beamed at the two before putting her arms around Tom Riddle and whisked him away, half waltzing - half running.



“What exactly are you doing?”  Tom followed her suite so as not to be strangled by her tight grip around him.



“Put your hands on my waist and pretend we’re dancing.” Hermione said, gritting her teeth. She looked back at the headmaster who looked as if he was still trying to catch their attention. She pulled on Tom harder and waltz farther away from them.



“I don’t dance, Vane.” He told her, his hands stubbornly stayed on his sides.



“I let myself get dragged in here by you, Riddle. If you don’t want me to throttle you right here and now, you’ll do what I say.” She growled silently. On her peripheral vision, she could see the headmaster’s head was still looking their way.



She knew the only way was to escape by pretending they were busily dancing and maybe waltz their way out of the Great Hall. That was her big plan. It would be entirely too mortifying to have the Headmaster comment on her improper clothing or have herself get detention or expelled for disgracing the school. She could feel almost the entirety of the people inside the hall staring at her open back or her exposed chest.



She pressed her chest closer to Toms’, trying her hardest to hide her torso. She was too horrified worrying about everyone’s staring that she did not even notice Tom Riddle’s cold hands slowly enclosing around her exposed back. All she could care about in that moment was to make an exit as soon as possible. She could very well snog a dementor if it meant it will be able to put a stop to all the staring.



Tom examined her embarrassed face that was inches away from his. It somehow made her even more beautiful, if that was even possible, as her cheeks began to fill a tentative shade of red. The music was so slow that the two were both out of sync from their dancing. Vane was much too fast in her steps as she tried her might to find her way out of the Great Hall.



He could have very much laughed at her in this situation if it had been any other day but for some reason, looking at her mortified face, there was nothing humorous about it at all.

Hermione finally realized how out of rhythm the two were and so, with an instinct of a dance lover, she tried hard to calm herself a notch in order to follow through the tempo, slipping her hand from his shoulders and grabbing hold of Tom’s from her waist. She had forgotten how different the dancing was to her time.



She could not, however, locate the doors as the students began crowding around the dance floor, mostly watching the Slytherin’s handsomest bachelor and the beautiful half-undressed girl he was dancing with. She was still not aware of the emerald-green eyes watching her face intently.



Close-up, he could still not discover any flaw on her face at all. It was odd how he has never noticed exactly how… unique her face really was. He has always thought of her as plain. He always noticed her not exactly caring much about appearances, never bothering to even smooth out her bushy hair or to take care of her once huge eye bags.



He had never been this close proximity with a girl, or anyone really, in his entire life. He had always kept his distance. He wondered why it felt so… natural to be this close to her. She fit inside his body so perfectly than he could have ever imagined anyone’s body fitting another’s.



“Riddle, are you even listening to me?” Hermione snapped. She had been ranting on about how they can possibly make an exit when the whole student body was watching the two.



He didn’t answer her as in all honesty, he still could not hear her. Again, just as he had felt when she pressed her warm body against his the night he had saved her from her attacker, he was afraid. He has yet to find an acceptable explanation as to what exactly was drawing him to her so inexplicably. There was an ache inside of him that he could not understand at all.



He was controlled and he was steadfast. How could this girl suddenly strip him of his perfect boundaries and restrictions all in but a night? Suddenly his whole body stiffened and he had stopped following the rhythm he had began to be accustomed to. Hermione stopped along with him, thinking he might have an answer to her worries; a way of getting out.



He stared at her russet-coloured eyes as he dropped his hands from her waist and her warm hand. His expression of wonder and awe was replaced with full revulsion towards the beautiful girl in front of him.



He was right all along. She really was here for his destruction, what other reason could there be. He had never felt so much rage and wrath in all his eighteen years as he gazed at Nerissa Felicia Vane. He hated her so much. He hated her for existing alone. It was a feeling so new to him, the much intense abhorrence, that his hatred almost knocked the breath out of him which heightened his anger even more.



“Riddle, what’s the matter with you?” Hermione asked. Tom could only dimly hear her.



There was another emotion in him that he could not quite put a finger to. All he knew was that he had to get away from her. He had to in order to impede the baffling emotions that was growing and was pulsing through his veins or before he ends up killing the girl right then and there.



Silently, he shook off his robe and almost shoved it in her hands. He felt so disgusted now as he looked at her perfect and dangerous form and her flowing silver-white dress. It was a much better idea than burning it right then and there which he so wanted to do.  He swiftly left her side as he went straight through the huge doors on his left.



Hermione was stunned as he watched his retreating back. Was she supposed to follow him since he found the doors? Why in the world would he give her his robe? Why was he looking at me with full hostility? She had thought he was just about ready to cast the killing curse on her. In any way she almost did not care as finally she knew where exactly the doors were. She started her way towards it when she heard someone call her from behind.



“Nerissa?!” a man cried.



She knew who that voice belonged to. It belonged to the man she had promised herself the night for. She slowly turned around, robes in her hands and brandying a sheepish smile on her face. No matter how much she detested the flirt, it was still callous of her to have left him waiting endlessly, or in this case, more than an hour.



His face was not one of anger or annoyance but one of awe and desire. “I—wow, had I known you were going to be late in your efforts to beautify yourself, I would’ve waited an eternity for you, my dear. You look like a reincarnation of the Goddess of Beauty.”



All guilt and remorse she had felt were washed away as soon as he opened his mouth. She rolled her eyes at him and began putting on Tom Riddle’s robes.



“Oh why should you cover yourself up and deny every man in this school of your splendor?” Malfoy teased.



Hermione glared at the man and said, “I apologize for not informing you earlier about my lateness. I’m afraid I don’t feel well so I might as well go back to the common room.”



Malfoy did not hide his disappointment though his expression quickly changed to amusement, “You know, if you wanted to follow Tom, you needn’t ask my permission at all! Though it is quite unfair he’s had you all to himself all night when you are, after all my date.”



“I do not have any intention at all in following Riddle.” She snapped. She ought to be used to Malfoy’s teasing by now. In normal days, she sort of was but tonight, all she wanted was to leave the Great Hall and hide in the safety of her four poster bed.



Abraxas Malfoy smirked knowingly, “What was wrong with Tom anyway? Were you two fighting again?”



Hermione fastened the robe securely and inspected any indecency that might still be showing. The robe smelled just like Riddle much to Hermione’s discomfort. “I wouldn’t know anything about that guy’s mood swings. All I wish is to go—



Hermione stopped talking as she heard a yell coming from the doors outside. Every student’s and Professor’s head all turned towards the direction of the noise. It was Ogg, the old gamekeeper, yelling for the Headmaster.



“Sir Dippet sir!” the old man’s face was full of panic, worry and excitement as he trudged his way inside the Great Hall. She wasn’t sure if he was bearing good news or bad. For a second, she worried if it was something to do with Riddle.



“What ruckus are you trying to make Ogg? You are frightening the students.” The Headmaster told the panicked Gamekeeper as he pushed his way through a sea of students. The music abruptly stopped as the musicians were curious to know what all the commotion was about.



“Sir Dippet! ‘Tis Albus, sir!” the man cried.



“Albus?” Professor Dippet repeated. “You mean Professor Dumbledore?”



The Headmaster glared at the Gamekeeper, who was nodding furiously, for not showing respect towards one of his Professors, calling Dumbledore in his first name. Hermione concluded Ogg and Professor Dumbledore must have been friends. It made sense since Dumbledore entrusted Hagrid in the old man’s care.



“Aye, sir!” the ancient man’s face added on a pile more wrinkles due to his troubled expression. “Professor Dumbledore’s gone!”



“Gone? Gone where? He expressed no interest in going to the ball. I imagine he must be in Hogsmeade.” Professor Dippet told him, clearly annoyed at Ogg for creating disturbance in his ball. “Leave him be, old man, and let him do what he wants. Now, you may go back to your hut.



Ogg was shaking his head vigorously that Hermione was worried he would strain his neck. “He aint in Hogsmeade, sir, but halfway across the country, I deem.”



“Now what in heaven’s earth would Professor Dumbledore be doing travelling across countries for?” the Headmaster glared at Ogg. “Gone mad, he has.” He muttered to himself.



Hermione wasn’t sure if he meant the eccentric Professor had gone mad or was it the old man in front of him. She felt as though she was drowning and she was not going to come up anytime soon though she couldn’t understand why she was feeling like that. The dread she was feeling was making her feel nauseous.



She almost guessed the exact words the old man spoke next.



“He’s gone and called upon a duel with Gellert Grindelwald he has!!!” the old man cried.



There were many loud gasps heard across the Great hall that Hermione thought she must have been the only one to have absorbed the information quietly.



Her hands shook uncontrollably as pure terror and horror was etched upon her face and every nerve in her body. There were many questions thrown at the old man on how he had come to learn of this piece of information but Hermione could not comprehend exactly what he was saying.


She didn’t even notice herself moving towards the door until she finally became aware of the muffled silence surrounding her. Was someone pulling her? No, it was her own feet taking her outside the Halls, she mentally acknowledged.



With this, she began to run through the many stairs and corridors. ‘How could this have happened’ she thought as tears streamed down her face. ‘What have I done?



Finally she reached her destination; Professor Dumbledore’s office. She opened the doors of the room, knowing it would be empty and yet a part of her still yearned for everything to be a dream and that the Professor was simply arranging his books inside.



The room was completely empty; the boxes that scattered everywhere during her detentions were gone. She locked the door behind her as she sunk to the ground. She buried her face with her hands.


She sobbed hard as the painful realization struck her hard, ‘He’s two months early! Professor Dumbledore could very well get himself killed 50 years too early. I’ve re-written history!’



By now, anything can change. ‘If something were to happen to him… What have I done?’







Malfoy chuckled. “No one has seen a hair or toe from Nerissa since last night and I know she disappeared from the ball to follow you. So tell me, was she good?”



It took a full second before he fully grasped what Malfoy was saying. He lifted his head from the pillow. “She disappeared from the ball? And no one’s seen her since?”



He swiftly stood up from his bed and faced Malfoy. “Tell me everything.”



“You mean she wasn’t with you?” Malfoy asked, confused.



“Would I be asking if she was?” Tom said angrily, his patience diminishing every millisecond.

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Chapter 15: Chapter 15: The Runaway and Found
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Tom Riddle had no idea whatsoever how long it had been since he entered the Chamber of Secrets contemplating over the overwhelming events that happened the night before. He was still shaking in anger. He paced back and forth in the cold filthy dungeon and was about ready to blast off anyone who would dare interrupt his thinking. Even Nagini stayed safely away from his master, sensing his foul mood. 

Many things unexplainable happened since the girl entered into his life. It has already been several weeks since he had found her in the forest. After that night, there has never been a day his mind were able to rest as new questions arrived each moment he was with her. He constantly craved for answers and even now, as he paced in the chambers, he wanted answers from her.


Suddenly an image of Nerissa Vane in her silver-white gown flashed through his mind. He cursed loudly as he tried to shake the image away. What exactly was happening to him? What was this excessive need to see her? What was that undeniable ache he felt when he was touching her? When he was looking at her?


He had never felt this kind of sensation before and so he was confused. What could it mean? What exactly could it be? He allowed his mind to drift back hours ago when he watched her graciously make her way down the steps or maybe it was long before that. What could it be?


A part of his brain was making ridiculous assumptions. Of course it couldn’t be what any fool would think it was. The day he falls in love with the Vane girl would be the day the sun would be rising in the west. He smirked at the thought and then an idea came to mind.


He finally found his answer. Could it be? Yes, it has to be that. It would be the only explanation. He desired her. He almost laughed in relief. He cannot believe he locked himself in the chamber when the answer was only as ridiculous as this. Of course, he could not have known it was that.


He never had any desire for any girls as he could not find anyone who deserved to be by his side. Not that he thinks the Vane girl deserve to be his right hand. She would have to prove herself worthy, of course. He didn’t care about the girl, after all, he only desires her, he mentally acknowledged. Still, he was content with the conclusion he found.


It was as simple as that; he desired her.


With that, he finally decided to leave the dark dungeon. When he reached outside, he realized it was already morning. He felt quite drowsy and was happy the seventh years were given the day off as a study day for NEWTS. Nerissa Vane and his new found revelation would have to wait until the afternoon. He desperately needed his sleep.


As he was just about to reach the steps leading towards his dormitory, Abraxas Malfoy called out from the common room. Tom did not even notice him there due to his stupor.


“Tom” Malfoy’s expression was one full of iniquity as if he knew a most dark secret. “How was last night?”


“I seriously do not have time for your foolishness today, Malfoy. I need my sleep.” Riddle spat, turning around and began climbing the steps.


Malfoy followed him right behind. He barked a laugh and said, “Oh I completely understand, Tom. You must be really tired from the night you had. I just really wanted to know. How was she?”


Tom sighed exasperatedly. He made a mental note to punish Malfoy once he regains his energy. “How was who, Malfoy? What exactly are you on about?”


“You don’t need to hide it, Tom.” Abraxas smirked, “I know you spent the night with Nerissa.”


“I have no idea what you are on about and I honestly don’t care.” Tom told him as they finally reached their Dormitory. He went straight to his bed, burying his head on his pillow. The truth is he was partially interested, especially with the mention of Vane’s name. Why in the world would Malfoy think I spent the night with Vane? He was too tired, however, to inquire deeper and so he made another mental note to ask Malfoy in the afternoon.


Malfoy chuckled. “No one has seen a hair or toe from Nerissa since last night and I know she disappeared from the ball to follow you. So tell me, was she good?”


It took a full second before he fully grasped what Malfoy was saying. He lifted his head from the pillow. “She disappeared from the ball? And no one’s seen her since?”


He swiftly stood up from his bed and faced Malfoy. “Tell me everything.”


“You mean she wasn’t with you?” Malfoy asked, confused.


“Would I be asking if she was?” Tom said angrily, his patience diminishing every millisecond.


“Well last night, when you left, she was just about to follow you but I stopped her. I was teasing her for a couple of minutes when Ogg announced about Dumbledore seeking a duel from Grindelwald and—


“What did you say?”


“Haven’t you heard? Blimey, the news is all around the castle! Dumbledore disappeared last night and is now in search of Grindelwald.” Malfoy told him, “Pity that, don’t you think?”


Tom digested this news quickly and deemed it less important, “Then what happened?”


“Well, everyone was either excited or horrified and so I turned to Nerissa to ask what her opinion of the matter was but she had already gone.” It was clear he was annoyed at being deserted without so much as a goodbye but he continued on, “I expected her to be searching for you since that was her initial plan in the first place.”


“She was trying to follow me?” Tom asked slowly; a rhetorical question.


She couldn’t have followed her all the way to the Chamber. Only, he was much too preoccupied last night that he probably wouldn’t have noticed if someone was following him. ‘If she somehow met up with the basilisk or Nagini… Why must this stupid girl always put herself in trouble the first chance she gets.’


“If you see her, tell her to stay put and then search for me, do you understand?” Tom told him, his voice hard and commanding. He didn’t wait for Malfoy’s answer as he dashed outside the dormitory. His destination; back to the Chamber of Secrets.




Hermione had no idea how long it had been since she first entered Dumbledore’s study and sat on the cold granite floor, sobbing. She had no idea how long it had been since her tears had stopped flowing and dried. Her legs were already so numb and yet she didn’t care. A couple of hours ago, she contemplated on sitting in Dumbledore’s chair or summoning up one yet she did not think she deserve such comfort for the huge mess she had made. How she wished she could somehow find a way to stop Dumbledore. Only, she knew it was not possible to find him. The butterfly effect that could take place next could make or break the future.


She was leaning with her back on the wall, her head resting on her knees. She was dimly aware that morning had come and go and now it was already night, though what time exactly, she didn’t care. A part of her brain was aware she was feeling unbelievably drowsy and hungry, but the other half of her brain prevented her from even sleeping a wink. She needs to wait for Dumbledore.


She had not slept fully for several days just like Riddle as they were both entirely too busy organizing the ball. It was stupid of her not to have brought her wand with her to the ball. She could not even warm herself now. She was pleased Riddle had at least given her his robes. She shuddered to think how much colder she would feel now otherwise.


She heard a noise from somewhere yet her mind could not formulate where it was coming from. It sounded so far away and so she didn’t feel the need to waste her energy in looking up. Suddenly warm hands touched her left hand. She took a sharp intake of breath and looked up, alarmed.


“Miss Vane?” a soft voice spoke from the dark.


Hermione jumped up from the floor. Although she could not see him through the darkness as she had her eyes covered for more than 24 hours, therefore not allowing them to adjust, she could tell it was him.


“Th—that is you, Professor Dumbledore, right?” Hermione asked slowly, her voice breaking.


“Yes, it is I, Miss Vane. Mind if you tell me what you are doing in my study at this time of night?” he asked, his voice sounding immensely tired.


“Oh thank god!” Hermione cried, throwing her arms at the tired old man in front of her and began sobbing uncontrollably.


“There, there girl” he said, clearly startled but genuinely worried for the distraught girl.


“I am so sorry, Professor! I am so sorry! If something would’ve happened! Oh god, I don’t know what I would’ve done! I am so sorry.” Hermione was gushing her apologies, her tears still cascading down her cheeks.


“I am afraid I do not understand, Miss Vane.” The Professor said, “Might you calm down and have a sit?”


Hermione let go of her iron grip of her Professors neck and shook her head, “I need to tell you something important, Professor.  I lied about a lot of things and I need you to help me.”


The Professor raised his eyebrows but said nothing, letting the girl continue.


“My name is Hermione Granger.” She said. “I’m from the future.”




Tom Riddle silently muttered the vigor inoculation spell he had invented long ago for what seemed like the 10th time today. He felt so excruciatingly exhausted and yet he roamed around the castle still. He had already blinded the basilisk temporarily and had sent him on a mission to search for Vane’s scent with specific orders not to harm her.



Where could that wretched girl be?’ he thought angrily. It was already midnight and everyone had already gone to their respective dormitories. He swore he would break her neck once he finds her for all the trouble she caused him. Maybe even break several of her already healed ribs. She had no idea what kind of measures he had to take and how low he had to stoop to look for her. He cringed disgustingly as he remembered.



Is it possible she might have gone back home?’ he thought. Only, there isn’t any reason at all for her to leave without a word. He contemplated on searching for her again in the forbidden forest only; it was already much too dark for him to go. He curled his upper lip, plagued with frustration.



“Where in the world is that girl?” he growled into the murky corridor.





After what seemed like an hour or two, she was finally finished telling her tale. Her mouth already felt so horribly parched. The Professor had interrupted her beforehand and told her only to tell him the details that will not affect the future so gravely if he discovers it and so she could not tell him about Riddle and only his counterpart; Voldemort.


She told him about the war, her family and friends and how she ended up fifty years before her time.


 Hermione was scared as he waited for Dumbledore’s reaction. He looked simply solemn and seemed deep in thought. Finally he nodded at the girl.



“I see.” Professor Dumbledore said softly. “Miss Granger, it is crucial for you to remember what spell it was that you used before Voldemort cast the killing curse on you. It may be the answer on how or if you will be able to go back.”



Hermione bit her lip. She has been trying to remember only nothing comes to mind. All she was thinking at that moment was that Harry was gone and so she used the first spell that came to her.



“I’m sorry Professor but I really don’t remember.”



The Professor nodded gravely, “You must try, Miss Granger. You must keep trying until you are able to recall.”



Hermione nodded, “I will, sir. I just, I really am sorry for lying.”



Professor Dumbledore smiled sadly, “Perfectly understandable. I do rather hope you will opt not to tell anyone else of this matter.



“Of course, Professor, I already ruined the future enough.” Hermione said, “Well, at least as much as it can possibly get ruined.”



“You must come to me once you are able to remember the spell. I will help you with all my abilities in order to get you back home but you must also promise to be careful. We are not sure what kind of repercussions we have created until we know in what way you have travelled through time. The future will depend on that alone. Time-travelling is a delicate affair to meddle with, Miss Granger.”



She nodded at the Professor in understanding. Hermione thought it was a good thing she could not remember yet. She is not going anywhere near home until she had finished her vendetta against Riddle. The time Tom Riddle’s corpse is rotting six feet under will be the perfect time for her to leave. She swayed on her spot as she contemplated.



“I think it best if you go back to your dormitory now, Miss Granger. You are in dire need of rest. We shall discuss this more some other time.” The old Professor smiled at the girl in front of him before opening the door of his study. He watched the girl slowly make her way towards it. “Would you like me to accompany you?”



By this time, she was too exhausted that she merely mumbled her goodbyes to the Professor before somehow willing her legs to walk down the steps and through the empty corridors. She rubbed her eyes constantly and slapped herself a couple of time to avoid herself from slumping into the cold stingy floor and pass out.



It was proving a very difficult task to keep herself awake. She was so close to just giving up and curl up into a ball right there right then. She didn’t even notice the wand held out by a man who suddenly appeared providing light all around the corridors.



“Vane?” Tom asked incredulously.



Hermione blinked a couple of seconds before meeting Riddle’s eyes. She guessed it must be about three in the morning. Was she having hallucinations? Is she really that drowsy? Her head was already spinning and she was only half-conscious of the fact that Tom Riddle was marching his way closer to her, his face full of rage.



She was about to ask what in the world he was being angry again for when he suddenly grabbed her from the shoulders and placed his mouth on hers roughly.



It was as if someone had splashed masses of outrageously cold water on her as her entire nervous system seems to have awakened. Her eyes flew wide open, and anyone who could’ve seen it would’ve been worried it would pop out of its eye sockets. The grip he had on her shoulders was cutting the circulation to her brain with how tight it was.



It took her a full five seconds before she was able to get over the shock. With all the strength she could muster, she placed her hand on his chest and pushed him.



“WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?!” Hermione screamed so loudly that her voice bounced off through the corridors. She wiped her mouth with the back of her arm. “Are you bloody mental? Do you realize how bloody lucky you are I don’t have my wand with me? HOW DARE YOU!” she pushed him away again roughly.



“I’m sure the students in this school find your dulcet tones irresistible but I beg to differ.” Tom scowled. “Where in Merlin’s beard have you been, Vane? Do you have any idea what kind of troubles you have caused me?”



“Well, excuse me while I go cry,” she said sardonically, still wiping her mouth.



Tom grabbed her arm and growled, “You will not mock me you ungrateful girl. You have no idea what measures I took to find your unworthy carcass.”



“I will mock you anytime I want, you arrogant toe rag.” Hermione snapped, wincing a little from the grip he had on her shoulder. She knew she would not have the strength to push him away anymore “And what do I care about your troubles, Riddle. Why were you trying to find me in the first place? Need my assistance on another social event?”



He finally noticed her wincing and slowly let go of her arm. He noticed his hand mark on her ridiculously thin arm and sensitive skin. He couldn’t control his anger again. Even so, the girl deserved it though a part of him could not help but wonder at how much pain he had left on her arm. Not that he cared, of course not.



“I don’t need to explain myself to someone of your likes. Do whatever the damn pleases you. Get mauled by a werewolf for all I care, Vane. I’m going back to the common room.” He looked ridiculously like a child throwing a tantrum. He could not believe he wasted hours of sleep for that insolent girl. He had not had a wink of sleep in almost a week.



She watched him as he turned his back on her and walked away. She rubbed her arm from where he had gripped. He looked just as tired as her with his ridiculously huge bags under his eyes and shadows showing on his chin.



She wondered briefly what he meant about the measures he had taken to find her but found it was not worth pondering over. She had used the last of her energy pushing Riddle. She still could not believe Lord Voldemort had just kissed her. She wiped her mouth for the second time in disgust.


She knew she would be having a panic attack if it hadn’t been for her ultra drowsiness. She didn’t even have enough energy in her to feel the full revulsion she should be feeling. Everything was already starting to get blurry as her exhaustion was getting the best of her.



A few seconds later, everything went black and Hermione Granger fell to the ground.





“Nerissa Vane? Uhm, Nerissa Vane?” a small high-pitched voice said hesitantly.



Hermione felt something tentatively prodding her back. She groaned loudly, pulling her covers over her head, “Leave me alone.” She growled groggily.



“I’m really sorry but… you really need to wake up.”



“I need more sleep” she moaned on her pillow, “Go away”



“Uhm, I—it’s already five in the afternoon and you’ve a—already skipped your classes for the err… day” the voice said, scared. “The Headmaster calls for you in his office in 10 minutes. He told me to tell you the password is A-Anurcgart


“Who cares?” Hermione groaned before finally processing what the girl had said. Hermione sat up quickly, surprised. “What? What in the world for?” she felt quite frightened she was going to get expelled only what reason would there be? She only missed a couple of classes for the day. Hermione blinked up at the small girl in front of her who must be a 1st year.


“I—I’m not sure. I was just told to come and get you, that’s all.” She told her before running out of the dormitory, terrified.


Hermione felt guilty as she watched the girl go. She was never a morning person, or at least in this case, she was never one to wake up with grace when she had only less than 8 hours of sleep for a whole week.


She sighed heavily as she stood up from her bed and started getting ready. She realized she was still in her gown and Riddle’s robes were still around her shoulders. She made a mental note to return it to him before putting on a set of clean clothes. After she was finished, she left the dormitory, massaging her temples as her head throbbed viciously.


Suddenly she halted right in front of the door of the common room. She could not, for the life of her, remember how she ended up in the Dormitory. The last thing she remembers was fighting with Riddle and then trying her best not to fall asleep. She remembered feeling incredibly woozy somewhere in the 3rd floor or was it the 2nd… and then…


Did someone find me and carry me back to the Dormitory?’ she contemplated. ‘No one else would be awake at that time of the night… well except for Riddle, that is.


Not again’ she groaned inwardly. Why in the world did she have to owe him all the time?


She began running towards the Headmaster’s office, realizing she only had 2 minutes left. Finally, she reached the Gargoyle and said the password. She wondered briefly why his password was an extinct creature but thought nothing more of it as she knocked the Headmaster’s office.


“Come in, Miss Vane.”


She did so, her head bowed in shame, when she found that she was not the only one meeting the Headmaster. She was surprised by the amount of people inside the Headmaster’s office. Most of the Professors were there, standing near the walls while three students stood in front of the Headmaster, two boys and one girl.


She knew one of the boys was Riddle only she could not exactly figure out which one was which. Both boys were of the same height and had the same dark hair, granted the other was a tad messy.


“You needed me, Professor?” she asked, taking her eyes off the boys. She was suddenly feeling embarrassed as most of her Professors for the day in which she skipped were now present in one room.


“Yes, it’s nice of you to have finally graced us with your presence, Miss Vane.” The Headmaster raised his eyebrow. He urged her, waving his hand “Come.”


Hermione walked closer, standing beside the girl.


“Now, finally you are complete.” Professor said, satisfactorily as he examined the four students in front of him. “You are all probably wondering why I have asked for you to come.”


The four nodded at the Headmaster. Hermione noticed the Professors were looking quite excited as if they knew a secret they were dying to tell.


“The four of you have been chosen carefully by myself and the Professors in this office for a very important affair. You have all been chosen to represent our school. Naturally, the Head Boy Mr. Riddle and the Head Girl Miss Sawyer were selected. The Professors and I have agreed that you, Miss Vane who is excelling in all of your subjects and have also assisted Mr Riddle here while the Head Girl was away, is only deserving to be selected.”


Hermione smiled, hesitantly, confused by his words. ‘Selected for what, exactly?’



“And of course the Captain of the Gryffindor Team and Gryffindor prefect who also holds excellent school records, you Mr. Potter is undoubtedly selected.”


Did he just say…’ “I— Sorry, Professor but did you just say Potter?” Hermione asked carefully. She must have heard him wrong. She couldn’t count how many times she day dreamed Harry suddenly being mentioned or even appearing in front of her as if he was still alive.


“Yes, I believe he did.” A voice coming from her far right said dryly. Standing by the Head Girl’s right was Riddle and the boy beside him…


Hermione certainly did not have enough sleep yet as her head was suddenly spinning. He looked almost exactly like Harry…her Harry if only for the eyes which were brown and his lips much fuller. He also did not wear any spectacles and his hair was not as messy. She could not stop staring at him. He was scowling at her as if he was offended by something she had said. 


“You have all been chosen for the International Magic Schools Student Exchange Program.”


Hermione whipped her head, her attention back at the Professor even though half of her brain was still in disbelief of her recent discovery. ‘Did he just say…?’


“E-exchange Program?” the Head Girl, Miss Sawyer asked. “I’ve never… heard of such… programs like that.”


Professor Dippet smiled, “That is because it is the very first exchange that will happen in the History of all three schools.”


“Three schools, sir?” Harry’s grandfather inquired. “You mean Beauxbatons, Durmstrang and Hogwarts?”


“Why, yes.” He nodded, “The exchange will take place between all schools. Each must choose four of their best and deserving students to represent their school. You will be going to Beauxbatons for three weeks before moving on to Durmstrang for another three weeks. You will be home by Christmas time and will be able to spend them with your families and friends.”


“If I may ask, Professor, What brought about this program?” Tom asked politely. He didn’t look at all relatively surprised nor bothered they were going to be shipped off in Merlin knows where Beauxbatons or Durmstrang was.


“As a matter of fact, all three headmasters have been planning this program for months now. The Department of International Magical Cooperation suggested the idea a good few years ago but the three schools believe this is the perfect time to establish the program now that the reign of terror we have been plagued with for a long time has now ended. Thanks to Professor Dumbledore, of course.” The Headmaster nodded proudly at the employee to his right.


He continued, “It is the perfect opportunity to help the magical community overcome grief and truly celebrate peace, prosperity and harmony between all three schools.”


Hermione shut her eyes tightly, biting her lip nervously. She was changing history so much. She made a mental note to ask Professor to find a way to somehow prevent the Program from happening. Who knows what might happen or change if Lord Voldemort were to leave the grounds of Hogwarts. But then again, this could be also way to delay his plans and his assembling of the Deatheaters.  

“When are we to leave, Professor?” the headgirl asked. She calculated the weeks off when the Headmaster mentioned they would be home by Christmas only it was impossible unless they leave…


“Tomorrow” the Headmaster replied.



Chapter 16 Preview


“Charlus Harold Potter, am I correct?” Hermione smiled kindly as she held out her hand, “Pleasure to meet you.”


Harry’s Grandfather stared down at Hermione’s hand for a few seconds and looked up at her face with a scowl. “You don’t honestly think I would fall for that, Slytherin, do you?”


“Fall for… what exactly?” she asked, confused. She could not for the life of her understand why he looked so wary and almost angry at her.



[a/n: Explanation on the program: Basically, if Grindelwald’s expeditions did not end earlier and happened on the right time as it was supposed to happen (2 months later) then many many more deaths would have happened especially students and families in Durmstrang and the three schools would not think it appropriate to create the program and so they ended up abandoning the program in the ‘real timeline’ and was never brought up again. Also the fact that the Headmaster of Durmstrang dies on Grindelwald’s reign of terror but now survives to give the go ahead on the exchange. That’s just my made up story on why this program was never mentioned in the real timeline.

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