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We Two Grangers by pointygreenstar

Format: Novella
Chapters: 6
Word Count: 14,957
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature

Genres: Drama, Humor, Young Adult
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lucius, Narcissa, Draco, OC
Pairings: Hermione/Krum, Ron/Hermione, Draco/Hermione, Hermione/OC, OC/OC

First Published: 08/14/2006
Last Chapter: 12/01/2007
Last Updated: 12/01/2007

After 16 long years away from the mess in Europe, Hermione's daughter, Ana, forces her to return to the life she's tried so hard to leave behind. But the path isn't smooth traveling, and it holds heartbreak, love, and many other cliched' things, for the pair to endure.

Chapter 1: the backseat of a greyhound bus
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song by sarah evans. enjoy. =]

She wore a dress with cherries on it
Goin somewhere where she'd be wanted
A town this small all they do is talk

Hermione Granger stared down at her stomach, the rain hitting her window with little plops! She gripped her suitcase handle tightly as another pain took over her whole body. She was in labor, she knew, and she didn't have much time. She just wished with all she had that she made it to the hospital in time. 

She should have notified Maurice and Julia when she realized she was in labor, but they were taking their usual nap and she hated to wake them. Besides, Hermione Granger had always been the independant type. So, she had left the couples diner, her home since she had shown up on their doorstep, exchanging her work for a place to stay, and got onto the first bus she could find. 

She had left Europe after she found out she was pregnant, the father showing that he didn't have time for a new baby, and her muggle friend Joann's house had been unbearable. In the small community her friend lived in, word traveled fast, and Hermione was faced with viscious gossip and whispering behind her back.

She thought America would give her a nice start. New country, new people, new life. 

No wedding ring chipped fingernail polish
She always wished that she could go to college
But some dreams fade
They just slip away

Her parents' house hadn't been an option, the disappointment had wreaked from their voices as she told them of her pregnancy. 

"How could you do this? Look at your finger," her mother had said, picking up her hand, "There's no ring? How could you do this to us?"

Her father had just sat quietly, drinking vodka like it was going out of style. His eyes couldn't hide his disappointment, however. She had run away that night, without so much as a note.

Another pain came over her and she thought of her schooling. She would never get to finish out at Hogwarts. She would have to find a way to get in her seventh year after her child was born. College didn't even seem like an option. 

She started to show
A few months ago
And she had to go 

She screamed out as yet another pain came over her body, this one more extreme than the others. 

The bus driver looked up into his mirror to see who had yelled, and upon spotting Hermione asked, "Are you alright?"

"My baby is coming," she said, her forehead breaking out into a sweat.

And thats how she wound up
On the backseat of a greyhound bus
Head on down with the windows up
Staring at the rest of her life

"What? Now?"


"I'm a doctor," said a man in the second seat, rolling up his sleeves and walking towards her, "How close are the contractions?"

"About a minute and a half apart."

"Oh, no," he said after examining her a little bit, laying her down and asking the few other bystanders to move up to the front to give her a bit of privacy, "This baby is coming now."

She never thought this would be the place
Where she would find her saving grace
But she fell in love she fell in love
On the backseat of a greyhound bus 

The bus driver pulled over to the side and stood up, "Oh, no. It'll ruin my interior. She'll have to pay for it."

"I don't have any money," Hermione whispered to the doctor.

The doctor looked in her eyes and shook his head, "Don't worry, honey. I'll take care of it. Right now, what I need you to do, is push."

Hermione nodded her head and did as she was told.

The moon was full
The stars were smiling
God has a funny sense of timing
The baby came on the interstate

The pain was excruciating and she made a mental note to herself that if she ever had kids again, it would not be natural birth.

"Come on, sweetie, we're almost there," he said, trying to comfort her, "What's your name?"

"Hermione," she groaned, "Like in Shakespeare's play."

"You're not from around here are you, Hermione?"

"No, I'm from London."

"Why come here?"

"To start a new life," she said simply.

The doctor stared at Hermoine, studying her face, before her groaning sent him back to the task at hand, "Okay, Hermione, give me a good push."

Somewhere between Jackson and Memphis
She finally found what she had been missin'
She cried and laughed
While the red lights flashed 

Hermione laughed through her tears as the doctor placed her baby in her arms. She was sitting in the back of an ambulance, which had arrived mere seconds after she birthed her daughter. She kissed each of her daughter's little fingers and rubbed her hair full of black hair.

Sweet baby girl
She looked into
The face of the new
The face of a brand new world

The doctor walked up to her and rubbed her daughter's arm, "Do you have a name?"

"Diana. The roman goddess of the moon."

"Mind if I call her Ana?"

"No," said Hermione, thinking it over, "Ana is a wonderful nickname."

"For a wonderful little girl," said the doctor, placing a kiss on the baby's cheek and walking away.

Hermione smiled at her daughter before realizing that she hadn't asked for the doctor's name. When she looked up, however, the doctor was no where to be found. 

She shrugged her shoulders and went back to her new daughter.

Chapter 2: The Absolute Best
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Hermione tilted her head, curiously, “What do you think?”

Her daughter, Diana, looked at it, obviously bored, her brown hair falling down her back, and her blue eyes shining brightly. She had once had the looks of her father, black hair and green eyes, but had changed them in rebellion against him.

“I think that this is an obvious waste of time. And that because of moments like these-when my mother felt the need to broaden her horizons by staring at a picture of random colors, painted by some psycho who nine out of ten killed himself, and made me carry this 110 pounds school bag on my back the whole time she goggled this nonsense-I will have serious back problems.”

“Very brilliantly put. I see a career in art in your future.”

“Spare me,” she said humorously.

“Though that does put the lifelong dream you have of becoming an Auror on hold.”

“What a choice! I mean lifelong dream or something that makes me want to blow my brains out.,“ she said, imitating a lever with her hands, “How will I ever choose?” she paused and pretended to ponder the matter, “What do you know? I pick lifelong dream for 600, Alex.”

“Wow, what a shocker! Never would’ve saw that one coming. Really you should give your writers a raise.”

“Yes, let me get right on that,” she said while laughing and walking out of the art museum.

Hermione looked after her daughter with a look of admiration. Diana was going somewhere. She, like Hermione had once been, was top of her class at her wizarding school despite her mostly muggle upbringing. She had had a lifelong dream of becoming an Auror since she could walk and spent most of her time working towards that goal. She was funny, kind, independent, and beautiful.

Her looks were all her fathers, however. From her once black hair to the structure of her face. Even her once intense green eyes screamed Harry. She had lost contact with her dad for quite a while, only talking to him when he called on the holidays. She had only seen him physically about 10 times, and all visits had occurred before she was 7. He had wrote and called at first, but ever since she was 10 they had been limited to holiday calls.

She did not know the whole thorny past between her mother and Harry Potter, nor did she ask. She knew it was a sensitive topic for her mom and for that reason she also never asked about her old friends or grandparents.

She had never met her grandparents before and the only things she knew about them were the awful things she heard her mother repeat. The only people that she had known as her grandparents were the elderly couple who took in her mother.

The couple had both died within the past year, however, leaving the diner to Hermione. Between her and her friend Gayle they had turned the diner into the most ate at place in their little town, though their only competition was a Chinese and Vegetarian place. After school Diana and Gayle’s daughter Kayla would help out as waitresses for extra cash. Those two, like their parents were best friends since birth, but Diana was also very close with the boy Lucas down the street.

Hermione smiled brightly, their lives in America had turned out great despite what her mother had predicted.

Diana returned at the door looking curiously at her mom, “Are you coming or what?”

Hermione arrived back from her thoughts and nodded, “Yes, let’s get home I’ve been on my feet all day.”

Diana climbed through Lucas’s window to find him reading a book, not noticing her at all, even as she sat next to him.

“I take the book is good?”

Lucas jumped slightly, “Yeah, um it’s pretty good. You’ve probably already read it.”

She leaned forward and looked at the cover, “Yeah. Twice.”

Lucas laughed and shook his head, his blonde hair blobbing slightly, “I should’ve known.”

There was a comfortable silence between them before Ana stated, “So my letter should be here any day now, and I still haven’t told my mom.”

“Oh, Ana”

“I’m sort of hoping they’ll reject me.”

“Don’t say that. You know they won’t, they’d be stupid to reject someone like you, and from what you’ve told me Hogwarts is not a stupid school.”

“It just seems so surreal that the only magical school who is offering future Auror classes is my mum’s old school, where all her friends live and where their kids go to school.”

“Ha, mum. You sound like you’re from jolly ole England yourself when you say stuff like that.”

Diana chuckled back nervously, “That’s another thing. If I get accepted and we leave…England is a long ways away,” Lucas’ face immediately fell, “I don’t know how I’m going to handle being away from all of it.”

“Well imagine how it’s going to feel for all of us,” he said rolling off of the bed, and onto his feet on the floor.


“Nothing,” he said pacing the floor, his hands swinging in the air, “It’s just that I’m not sure how I’m going to feel when you’re gone. I mean I miss you like crazy when you’re not here and you’re just down the street. I can’t imagine how it’s going to be when I miss you and I can’t just run over to see you, or call to see how you’re doing because, Ana. I’m…”

“You’re what?,” she asked searching his face for answers, “What are you saying Lucas?”

Lucas climbed back onto the bed and kissed Ana right on the lips, “I’m saying that I’m crazy about you.”

Diana looked into his eyes for a second before rolling out from under him, climbing out of his window, and running down the street to Kayla’s house, leaving Lucas alone in his room, very confused and alone.

Diana finally reached Gayle’s house, bursting through the door and up the stairs to Kayla’s room. She opened the door to find Kayla coming out of her bathroom door, towel drying her long black hair .




“Lucas. He…kissed me.”


“Lucas kissed-”

“No, I heard you the second time. On the mouth?”

“Yes, on the mouth.”

“So, it was…” she let the sentence trail, looking at Diana knowingly.

“My first kiss.”

“But why?”

“He says he’s crazy about me.”


“I know,” she said, beginning to pace back and forth on Kayla’s floor, “But I mean I’m leaving soon. To go to England. It’s far away, out there, England is. I mean what if I come back and he has a new girlfriend and he doesn’t care about me anymore? And I am just not going to be able to handle a long distance relationship. And I mean I‘ve never really thought of ever having a relationship with a guy or kissing them before, I mean I always think about school first, but now… And then he‘s like my best friend, so what if we don‘t work out?”

“Wait. Are you actually thinking of having a relationship with Lucas?”

“I don’t know. I mean, I guess,” she said taking a slight pause from her pace but then starting again, “And then there’s-”

“Honey, stop pacing before you burn a hole through my floor, stop the talking, and take a deep breath.”

“I can’t, Kayla! Lucas kissed me!”

Both friends grabbed each other by the hand and jumped up and down, screaming, until Gayle came in the room, making Diana go home since it was already midnight.

Hermione walked down the stairs of her house, turning towards her kitchen. She gasped in surprise when she saw Diana sleeping in a chair, her head resting on the table, still fully dressed in her clothes from the day before.

“”Ana?” she said tapping her daughter gently on the shoulder, “Get up.”

Ana groggily picked her head up and looked at her mom, “What?”

“It’s noon on a Saturday. Usually by now you’re out watching a movie with Lucas and Kayla.”

“Right. Lucas. That’s probably something we should talk about,” she said getting up from her chair and pouring her and her mom a cup of coffee.


“Me and Lucas kissed.”

“On the mouth?” her mother asked disbelievingly.

“Is that so unbelievable?”

“No,” her mother said chuckling, “It’s just that it’s you and, well, Lucas.”

“Do you want the details?”

“About the kiss that took place between two of the most well-mannered kids? The details must be completely dirty.”

“You, are impossible!” exclaimed Diana, taking her cup of coffee and rushing to her room, “I’m never telling you anything,” she shouted.

“Aw, don’t be like that,” said Hermione, still giggling, “I want to know all about your first kiss with Mr. Loverboy.”

“Nope., not going to happen,” replied her daughter, sticking her head out of her bedroom door.

Hermione suddenly got very serious and walked into her daughters room and sat down upon the bed, “Okay, I have had all of my fun. Now please tell me,” her mother begged, pulling her daughter’s shirt.

Ana laughed and sat upon her bed next to her mother, her true best friend, and told her everything that had happened.

Afterwards Hermione began giggling again, “Like I thought. The details were completely dirty.”

Diana went to playfully hit her mother but Hermione quickly got off of the bed and exited to the kitchen.

“So, since you won’t be heading to the movies with Kayla and, Lucas,“ she said in a dreamy voice, “You want to go watch something, just you and me?”

“Sure, but only if you promise it can be something horrible that’s been out for a while so that we can go and make fun of it without too many people yelling.”

“Oh, I’ve taught you well,” Hermione said, then stuck her head in the doorway, “It’s a date, but don’t worry I won’t tell Lucas in case you’re afraid about him becoming jealous.”

Diana threw a book at where her mother’s head had once been and laughed whole heartedly.

They arrived home after the movie, both with cups of coffee in their hands, despite the hot July afternoon. Coffee addicts, there was no doubt about that.

As they walked up onto the porch Hermione was surprise to see a letter sitting there.

“What’s this?” she said picking it up, her breath running short when she read the stamp that held the seal.

The stamp of Hogwarts.

Her mind began to race. What could they want?

Ana looked at her mother’s worried face, “Something wrong, mom?” she asked looking at the letter and catching the stamp also, “Mom,” she said coercing the letter out of her mother’s hand, “Maybe there is something we should talk about.”

She walked into the house, her mother following closely behind her, “What is the meaning of this Diana?”

Diana cringed at the name. The Roman Goddess of the moon-which was full the day she was born- and fertility-the reason she was here.

“Well, you see, mom. I was reading the wizarding paper and I came across this article saying that Hogwarts was offering classes for people aspiring to become Aurors, but they were only offering it to students who went there. Well you know me, I don’t give up. So I wrote a letter to Dumbledore, explaining my situation and I guess that is his response.”

“You wrote a letter to my old headmaster asking to be an attendant of my old school? You know how I feel about all of that! Why would you do this to me?” Hermione screamed.

“I didn’t do it to you, mom! For once I was thinking of myself and only myself! You should know what that is, you’ve been doing it my whole life! Thinking only of yourself!” Ana screamed back, knowing that she was losing control, as was her mother, and that she was saying things she didn’t mean.

Hermione felt as if she had been slapped in the face and before she could reply Diana was out of the door, her face streaming with tears.

Diana ran to the first person that came to mind. Lucas. She climbed through his window to find him watching a movie.

“Having a movie day without me, I see.”

He turned his head to look at her and when he found her in tears he quickly got up and rushed to her side. As she spilled the whole story out to him, he stroked her hair consolingly.

As she finished she looked at him and said, “She teased me about the kiss.”

“Our kiss?”


Lucas looked slightly offended, “Why?”

“Just jokingly really. I told her about it and asked if she wanted to know how it happened and she said something along the lines of ‘the details about the kiss between two of the most well mannered children I know? The details must be completely dirty.’”

Lucas chuckled, “Let’s just give her something to talk about then.”

Before she could say or do anything, Lucas’s lips crashed into hers, lingering on her bottom lip. He pulled back slowly and looked into her eyes before bending his head down to kiss her again. This time with more passion than the last two kisses. They stood there kissing for a long time before Lucas brushed his tongue along her lips. She opened her mouth bigger, both of them pushing their tongues in the others mouth.

They would’ve probably stood like that forever too, had their friend Kayla not walked through the window, a pile of movies in her hand.

“Guess I’m interrupting.”

Ana jumped away from Lucas quickly and asked, “Kayla?”

“Yeah. I just ran to my house to get some more movies.”

“You had a movie night without me?” she asked ,still a little flustered.

“Well we thought it might be awkward with us being in the same room again so soon and all,” said Lucas.

“But it seems your tongues have found a way to comfort each other,” Kayla said fiercely, “And I’m so happy!” she screamed, her tone suddenly happy.

Diana walked through the front door, hoping that her mom had calmed down. After watching a movie with Lucas and Kayla she decided it was time to return home to have the talk with her mom that she had been dreading.

She walked into the living room to find her mom sitting there watching old reruns.


Hermione turned her head and mumbled a barely recognizable, “Yes?”

“I just want you to know that you don’t need to be upset about Hogwarts because….I’m not going.”

Hermione stood still for a moment before jumping at the couch and turning to her daughter, “Not going? Have you gone mad? This is your dream!”

“But you don’t approve-”

“Don’t hand me that crap, Ana. If the only thing bothering you was that I didn’t approve you would be headed to Hogwarts tomorrow. There’s something else, and I think I know what it is,” Ana looked down at her feet, “It’s Lucas,” when Ana made no reply Hermione started again, “I can’t believe you, Ana! I mean I understand liking guys a lot, I mean how else would I have found myself 16 and pregnant, but you have to look past that. Think of your future, that goal you’ve been working towards since you could talk.”


“No buts. You’re going, that’s it. Whether you like it or not. I don’t care if I have to escort you there.”

“They won’t allow you on the train so you can’t make me. Besides we never even read the letter so for all you know he could‘ve turned me down.”

“Oh, contraire. You see, you left the letter lying on the floor. Well, me and my curiosity, I picked it up and began to read. And since Dumbledore is not an idiot, of course you got accepted, and I have gotten offered the newly open Potions Professor slot. He has also stated that an exact replica of our house has been made on the campus, to help persuade us to go. So, my dear daughter, I will be on the train, making sure you get to Hogwarts safe and sound.”

Ana felt anger boiling in her and stomped off to her room, “I hate this!” she shouted.

Hermione shrugged, configured a glass of wine, and sat on the couch, figuring out her thoughts. It would be difficult going back there and facing everyone, but it seemed that she would have to think of her daughter and her future, since her daughter had obvious become slightly mental as a side effect of snogging.

Hermione sat at the table. She hadn’t gone to sleep at all, waiting for any sign that Ana wanted to make up. She looked at the clock on the wall that read 2:19. She sighed and configured another glass of wine. She must’ve dozed off for a bit however, for she was awoken by Ana at 3:06, her eyes saying that she hadn’t slept either.

“Is the coffee at Hogwarts any good?”

Hermione smiled warmly scooting her chair next to her daughter, beginning to rub her hair gently, “The absolute best.”

Chapter 3: Just Cry If You Want
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disclaimer:i do not own gilmore girls.

“So this is your last day here?” Gayle asked, stirring a pan of her famous spaghetti sauce.

“Yep, so let’s make it count!” said Hermione, acting cheery despite her immense sadness.

Diana tied her apron around her waist and pulled a pencil from a drawer, “It looks like a good crowd today. Me and Kayla are definitely going to remember this shift.”

Hermione chuckled and pushed her daughter and Kayla out of the door before turning to face Gayle, “So, you excited about returning home?”

Hermione rolled her eyes, “Hardly. If anything I’m more nauseous than I ever was when I was pregnant.”

Gayle smiled, “You’ll be fine,” she reassured her, pulling her pants up a little bit; she had just had a baby and her clothes were starting to get a little loose, “Maybe you’ll meet a man.”

“Trust me. The last time I was at Hogwarts there were no men to be found, save Dumbledore, and he’s 180 something by now.”

“My God.”

“Well, we have longer life expectancies than muggles.”

“Right, of course,” said Gayle, not brave enough to ask what muggles were, though she suspected that she herself was one.

“It’s in Ana’s best interest, though.”

“Is Harry going to be there?” she asked, pausing her task of stirring to add more spices.

“Um, well he’s the new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, so I’m sure he’ll be there,” she said, fingering the pattern of the table.

“Does Ana know?”

“I’m not sure. She suspects, I guess.”

“Well, are you going to tell her?”

“Not unless she asks. The topic of Harry is very off limits with Ana, she has a very strong dislike for him.”

“She’ll have to get over that won’t she?”

“I’m afraid so. He’ll probably be teaching the Auror classes, being the pride of the wizarding world and all. It’s his own fault, though. He hasn’t exactly tried to befriend her.”

“Does she even know what happened between you two?”

“No,” said Hermione, looking at her friend, her eyes filling with tears at the memories, “She doesn’t.”

Kayla walked over to her friend who was sitting at the counter, waiting for more people to come in, “I thought you said it was packed.”

“It was when I had checked,” she said, drawing little doodles on the counter with her pencil.

“Oh, well, I’m not complaining. Now we can talk!”

“About?” she pushed a string of hair behind her ear, she knew where this was headed.

“Lucas, dumbass.”

“Oh, him,” said Ana, drawing the words out slowly as she put the finishing touches on her horrible stick person.

“Yes, him,” said Kayla, leaning over to look at her friend’s face, “Everything is okay with you two, right?”

“I wouldn’t know. The last time I saw him was our movie night.”

“Ana!” she screeched, “That was 2 weeks ago!”

“Yep, the day I found out I was going to London.”

“So he doesn’t know?”

“He knew I applied. He knew I’d probably get accepted. He also knew that I wasn’t going to go because of my mother. At least that’s what I told him the last time I saw him.”

“You weren’t going to tell him about the change of plans?”

Ana let out a little chuckle, “I expected he would figure it out.”

Kayla groaned in frustration, “That is no way to start of a relationship.”

“And you would be the one to know, wouldn’t you my little relationship starter,” said Ana mockingly, squeezing her friends cheeks.

“Screw off,” she said, before smiling widely, “Don’t worry. Revenge is sweet.”

“Because I know you’ll be plotting something oh-so creative.”

“Maybe. I think I’m going to get a few ideas from Lucas though.”

“Wonderful! Why don’t you go find him and leave me be?” she said, erasing the doodle she had drawn.

“I don’t need to find him. He’s walking through the door in 3..2..”

Ana didn’t even wait for 1 before she ran into the kitchen, leaving her friend to greet Lucas all by herself.

“Kayla! Do you know where Ana is?”

“Um, no. No, I don’t.”

“Oh,” he said, obviously disappointed.

“Maybe you should check next store.”

“At the adult shop?” he asked curiously.

“Oh, um, right. Adult shop? I thought that was a bakery.”

“It was until about 2 months ago.”

“Wow. An adult shop. The things this little town has.”

“Did Ana say she was going next door?”

Kayla smiled, “Yes, she did. I thought she was going to get brownies, but I guess not. Why don’t you walk over and go see?”

“To the adult shop? You want me to go in the adult shop?”

“Uh huh.”

“Um, okay,” he said bravely, running his hand through his hair.

As he left Ana rushed back through the door, “An adult shop? You told him I was in an adult shop?”

“Think of it as me getting creative.”

“Really nice, Kayla. I’m leaving tomorrow and the last thing he heard about me was that I was in an adult shop!”

“Oh, well. I guess you’ll just have to go to his house and set him straight,” she said, walking into the kitchen to see if an order was ready.

Hermione sat at the kitchen table. Ana had left to go see Kayla, leaving Hermione to pack by herself for a while. She played some U2 to get rid of the quietness that surrounded her.

She had written a letter to Mrs. Weasley, explaining her situation and asking if they could stay for a night. She had almost asked her parents, but laughed the idea away, imagining their faces if she showed up on their doorstep after 16 years of no contact, for she wouldn’t have asked them before hand, dreading their rejection. Anyhow, Mrs. Weasley had written her back, saying that of course she could stay with them, and that to bring their appetites because she was going to be making a wonderful feast and inviting everyone. Well the appetite part was not a problem, Ana and her were never without an appetite, the inviting everyone part, however, made Hermione’s insides squirm.

Harry would be there. She knew it. Mrs. Weasley wouldn’t do it to purposely hurt Hermione, if anything she would do it out of kindness, and Hermione couldn’t be upset. It was understandable that after many years of not seeing each other, Mrs. Weasley would think it nice to arrange a get together. She didn’t know the details of her and Harry’s breakup, and therefore, didn’t know about Diana.

She decided she couldn’t go back to school or live with her parents, merely days after finding out she was pregnant and talking to Harry. She had gone off to stay with her muggle friend, Joann, until all the gossip there had become too much for her to bear. So as far as the wizarding world was concerned, she had simple left, with no plausible explanation. Harry knew, of course, but he was getting such good press at the time he didn’t want to tarnish it with an illegal love child. That would be stupid.

Hermione sighed. There was so many hard feelings between her and Harry. So many things she wanted to say to him. He hadn’t been the boy she had grown up with 16 years ago, but that, like Mrs. Wesley’s guest list, was understandable. He was about to face the Dark Lord, a powerful wizard when he himself was only 17.

Hermione groaned. Maybe she was just too damn understanding.

Ana knocked at the door, waiting impatiently for someone to answer it. Before long, Lucas came to the door, a look of surprise on his face.

“Ana! I’m so happy you’re here. I’ve been looking for you all week,” he said hugging her tightly.

“Yeah, I’ve been sort of busy.”

“At the adult shop,” he finished, as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

“Excuse me?” she asked, deciding to play dumb about that little fact.

“Um, the adult shop. Kayla said-” he stopped, the look on Ana’s face making him feel terribly stupid, “Never mind.”

“Right,” she said, an awkward pause passing between him, “Can I come in?”

“Oh, yes, of course,” he said, opening the door wider so she could enter.

Ana surveyed the room, and seeing no one else asked, “You’re the only one home?”

“Yeah, my parents are out celebrating their 25th anniversary.”

“25? Wow!”

“Yeah, they had me pretty late in life.”

“Right,” she said, as awkward moment number two passed through.

“So is there a reason you came here?”

“Yes, there is,” she said, running her hand through her hair, “Something rather important, actually.”

“Is something wrong?”

“Um, maybe.”

“What is it?”



“We’re leaving. Tomorrow. For England.”

“Oh, um, wow.”

“Yeah, wow.”

“I though you were staying here for your mom,” he said, rubbing the back of his neck.

“Well, my mom got offered a job there, and she feels its for the best.”

“But we…I mean, we were just getting closer.”

“I know, but this is what I have to do. I was just coming here to say goodbye,” he looked at her incredulously, “I’m leaving tomorrow morning.”

“What? Tomorrow?”

“Yes, tomorrow,” she said, walking close to him and taking his hands, “I wanted to tell you that I’m sorry. If I were staying here I would be with you, but I’m not. I can’t do the long distance thing, it’s not even an option. I want you to move on, to have fun.”

He looked at her, the sadness he was feeling being pushed away by the happiness he felt by touching her, “Okay,” he said, kissing her forehead.

She closed her eyes as his lips met her head and smiled. It was all so bittersweet, “Goodbye,” she said, pulling away slowly until it was impossible for them to touch each other.

“Goodbye,” he said, so low he wasn’t sure if she has heard, as she walked out the door.

Hermione zipped her suitcase up, just as Ana walked through the door, tears running down her cheeks.

“Ana? What’s wrong baby?” she said, as she took Ana into her arms.

“Mommy, I-” she choked out in between sobs.

“Don’t worry, honey,” she said patting her head, “Just cry if you want.”

The next morning the pair awoke at 11:37, approximately 4 hours and 7 minutes after their set departure time. Hermione wasn’t mad though, it had been a long night, and she needed the sleep. The two hadn’t fallen asleep till after 3 in the morning, Hermione taking the time to calm Ana down, and Ana taking the time to explain to Hermione what was wrong.

Hermione groaned. She would definitely need the extra rest for what the day had in store for her. At least Ana knew that the wizarding world wasn’t quite informed about her existence. If she hadn’t Hermione’s day would’ve been twice as bad.

Hermione glanced at the clock and noticed that 12 minutes had passed since Ana had left to ‘grab her suitcases.’ Now Hermione could understand being slow because they were heavy, but this was ridiculous. She walked to Ana’s room, finding her daughter sprawled on her bed, sleeping.

“Diana! Get up!”

“No. Not enough sleep. Need coffee,” she mumbled.

“We’ll get coffee when we get to the Weasley’s.”

“No. Now.”

“You sound like a three year old, now get up. We’re already late. Molly is probably worrying her head off.”

“She doesn’t even know I exist. I doubt she cares.”

Hermione rolled her eyes and pushed her daughter off of the bed, “Now, let’s go.”

Ana got up, rubbing her bottom, “That hurt!”

“Hex me later. We have to go.”

Ana grudgingly grabbed her mother’s hand, preparing for the side along apparation to the Weasley’s. They arrived on the doorstep of, what Ana thought was, a charming, but small house. It needed a few repairs, but you could tell a hearty family lived there.

Hermione knocked once, and they could hear bustling movements taking place behind the door. Soon enough, Molly Weasley opened the door, a huge smile on her face.

“Hermione! I’m so happy-” she stopped suddenly upon sighting Ana, “And who’s this?”

“Diana,” said Hermione, tousling her daughter’s hair playfully.

“Everyone calls me Ana, though. I’m Hermione’s daughter,” she said reaching out to shake hands with the older woman.

But instead of taking Ana’s hand Mrs. Weasley let out a small shout of surprise and said, “Your daughter?”


“Is your husband here?”

“No. I’ve never been married.”

“But you’re child, she’s rather old.”

“16,” replied Hermione, “The same age I was when I had her.”

Molly’s eyes grew wide, “Come in dears. We’ll get all of this straightened out.”

Hermione and Ana walked through the door. Ana couldn’t help but feel unwanted. None of these people knew she existed, and they hadn’t been expecting her. How would they take her in?

Her and her mother were led to a dining room, which was, much to Ana’s horror, filled with people.

“Everyone, say hello to Hermione,” they’re were many hellos said, and a lot of people rushed up to greet her.

Ana watched as all sorts of peopled hugged and kissed her mom, bombarded her with question, and paid her many compliments. She slowly left that sight though. She was looking to see is he was here. He just had to be.

“…My daughter, Ana.”

Ana’s attention was brought back to the scene in front of her, as she looked upon faces of complete shock an disbelief.

Then she heard another voice, one familiar, that she hadn’t heard from in a while, “She’s my daughter, too.”

Hermione turned to look in the direction of where the voice had come. She smiled ever so slightly as her eyes landed on an all too familiar face. Harry’s.

Chapter 4: Marge Granger [I grimace at the thought.]
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Ana felt the anger boil inside her. How dare he? After years of no contact with him he just decides to claim her? That was…she couldn’t even find the words.

Hermione, however, had no problems with words, “Like hell you are.”

“Excuse me?” asked Harry.

“Did you raise her at all Harry? Wake up in the middle of the night with her, feed her, check 10 times under her bed a night to prove to her that there were no monsters, cry her first day of school?”

“No, but…”

“Exactly. Biologically maybe you could claim her, but in reality you’re no more of a father to her than Voldemort.”

“It wasn’t my choice.”

“Bloody hell Harry!” Hermione exclaimed, “You abandoned us to keep looking good in the eyes of your followers!”

“Merlin, Hermione!”

“You haven’t even tried to become close to your daughter. Had I not shown her pictures she’d probably think you a myth!”

Ana was shaking. This was not how she envisioned the first real meeting with her father, “Can you two just stop?”

Molly wrapped Ana in a hug. She felt that motherly protectiveness over her already.

“Ana is right. You two are behaving like teenagers. There is a child here. Now you need to get over your differences, forgive each other, and move on.”

Hermione folded her arms and so did Harry, as if he was challenging her to disobey Molly. She wouldn’t. Molly, of course, was right, and Harry knew it too. He had won. She would have to act civil to him and there would be no consequences for him.

“Fine,” said Hermione, uncrossing her arms and standing straight, “What did you fix, Molly? It spells absolutely delicious!”

As Molly made the food come to the table Harry leaned over to Hermione, “All’s forgiven?”

“Don’t hold your breath. I’m acting civil for Molly and Ana, but you’re going to have to do quite a lot before I even begin to forgive you.”

Everyone took their seats, but Molly continued to stand, looking outside the window, then waving her hand towards the door.

“Is there something the matter, Molly?” asked Hermione.

“We were expecting other guests is all, but now they‘re here.”

“Anyone I would know?”

“I would say so. We only raised you for 16 years before you ran off and left us with our innocent grandchild in tow.”

Hermione felt her body tense. Molly wouldn’t have. Curiosity, however, got the best of her, and though she really didn’t want to look, she just had to.

“Mom? Dad?”

“See Steven? There was no reason for you to worry, she does remember us.”

“Of course I remember you.”

“Well your father just knows how things slip your mind. Like how to inform us where your staying, if your even alive, how our grandchild is doing. You know, stupid little things,” said Margaret, her tone as condescending as ever.

“Mom, Dad, this is your granddaughter, Diana Katherine Granger,” said Hermione, gesturing in Ana’s direction.

“Well come here child, let us see you.”

Ana felt her whole face turn red. This certainly didn’t feel like her meeting her grandparents for the first time. She felt like one of those frogs people look over before dissecting them to bits. She stood, however reluctantly, and allowed the pair to inspect her, anticipating her grandmother’s sarcastic reply.

“Oh, Steven, look at how beautiful she is!”

“She is quite beautiful.”

“Oh, no. There’s no quite about it. She’s absolutely gorgeous! She’s tall, slender, her face is just perfect, what with that long brown hair and eyes. Wait, blue eyes? Where did she get blue eyes, Hermione?”

“She’s changed them herself, as with her hair. They were originally black and green like her father’s but she felt a little rebellious,” stated Hermione, shooting Harry a look so smug that he went back to looking at his meal.

“Well, certainly she’s not a troublemaker? Look at this face, it screams angelic child.”

“Of course not. In fact, she’d like to be an Auror.”

“Really?” Harry asked, looking positively radiant.

“Well, yeah. I mean I know it’s a difficult field and that they only take the best-”

“She’s being modest. She’s top of her class. Smartest witch of her age, everyone says so.”

“Well,” started Harry, “Should all of that be the case, I think you have a great shot.”

“Given, of course, that you don’t get pregnant and run off like a couple of other smartest witches of their ages,” said Margaret, taking the seat that had magically been pulled out for her.

“Now, dear, let’s not be harsh,” said Hermione’s father after taking his own seat, though by the tone of his voice you could tell he enjoyed it.

“Mom, could you please stop?”

“Hermione’s right. Why don’t we just sit down and enjoy the meal?” asked Molly, who had, up until now, been watching the little spat in fascination.

No one said anything for a while before Arthur asked, “So, Ana, are you excited about going to Hogwarts?”

“Oh, yeah. My mom told me all kind of great stories about it. It sounds like a really fantastic place.”

“Oh it is!” exclaimed Molly, patting her hand, “Just ask anyone at this table that went and they’ll tell you.”

Everyone at the table simply nodded, not one of them saying a word. Wasn’t a very big change however. None of these magical people spoke at all. At least, not since Ana arrived.

“This food is really delicious Molly. Maybe you could give mom the recipe and she can send it over to Gayle?”

“Oh, that’d be lovely! I remember the time we gave her the recipe for the world’s biggest chocolate cake that we got off the internet-”

“Gayle?” interrupted Steven.

“Oh, um, she’s the cook at the diner we own. Our families are pretty close,” answered Hermione quickly. She really wanted to finish this story.


“Well you really couldn’t expect your father to know that.”

“Well, mom, no one said that I did expect him to know her.”

“Just the way you said it.”

“I said it like because I was trying to quickly finish my story. Now-”

“Well it came off rude. You shouldn’t get so excited over things that you appear to be rude.”

“Fine, mom.”

There was a long silence that followed before, “I’ve yet to hear an apology.”

“Merlin, mom!”

“I’m just saying that-”

“No you’re not. You never ‘just say’ anything thing. There’s always a hidden meaning of sorts that’s aimed at me to make me feel bad.”

“Now that’s-”

“And you know what, mom, you’re not going to hear an apology because frankly I’m not sorry about what I did. I made a wonderful life for me and my daughter away from the craziness that was you and Lord Voldemort in Europe!” with that she stood up, “Thanks, Molly, for the food. Everyone, it was nice to see you again, but I think me and Ana are going to have to go. We’ll need a hotel to stay in for the next couple of days.”

“No way is my grandchild staying in a mangy hotel! No, she’ll come stay with us.”

“But I want her with me.”

“Well then you come too.”

“But Molly’s asked us to stay at the burrow already and we’ve excepted.”

“Then why were you going to look for a hotel?”

Oh crap. “Because-”

“I mean if you had a somewhat decent place to stay, why were you looking for a hotel?”

“As an excuse to get away from you!”

“Ah, I see. Finally the truth comes out, Hermione. You cannot stand to be around your own parents.”

“Bloody hell, mom!”

“Do not curse at me! Now I know that you might not want to be around us, but we deserve a chance to stay with our granddaughter before she goes off to school. You will give us that chance.”

“I’d have to check with Ana,” she mumbled. She had clearly been defeated.

“I’m sure she doesn’t mind. Isn’t that right?” asked Marge, looking at Ana hopefully.

“Oh, well, I mean, if you want me to then I’d be happy to go,” though she regretted it as soon as she said it for her mom, who was sitting across from her, kicked her so hard in the shin that she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to walk for days.

“It’s settled then. Ana will come stay with us and you can stay here in the charming little burrow.”


“Now, Hermione, don’t look all upset just because things didn’t go the way you want.”

“I’m not upset,” insisted Hermione, before mumbling, “Didn’t even get to finish my chocolate cake story.”

“…And they have like 20 maids to do whatever they want. I swear, mom, I was eating dinner today and accidentally dropped my fork, and one maid rushed over to pick it up and another rushed over to bring me a new one.”

“That’s your grandparents. Nice to see things haven’t changed.”

“And this house! It’s amazing! There’s like 15 bedrooms for only 2 people! Though, I guess if you figure in the maids-”

“No. The maids have their own homes.”

“Merlin! Well, mom, grandma’s calling me down. I should go see what she wants. Have a nice night. I love you.”

“Love you too, kid. Don’t forget to mention to her that first thing tomorrow I’m taking you shopping in Diagon Alley.”

“Okay. Bye.”


Hermione hung up her cell phone and shoved it back in her purse.

She began to rummage in her suitcase for a nightgown when there was a knock on the door.

“Come in.”

Harry walked into the room.

“Oh, it’s you. Get out.”

“You said-”

“You know, I took you for smarter. When I said come in I meant everyone besides you, and well, my mom.”

“Yes, it seems you two haven’t changed a bit.”

“I swear, Harry, talking to her today, it felt like being 16 all over again.”

“I understand.”

“I seriously doubt it.”

“No, I do. Seeing you today, I felt like I was 16 all over again, too.”

Hermione chuckled slightly, “Why?”

“I just…I don’t know. Just you’re presence, you’re stubbornness, you’re love for, uh, debating, it brought back how I felt 16 years ago. I mean…I never stopped caring for you ‘Mione. I’m kind of hurt that you thought that.”

“Well, I mean, I just figured you did. You never came around, or called, or wrote. It just seemed to fit.”

“At the time, I thought you didn’t want me as a part of your life. I mean, I was still a kid and I wasn’t mature like you were. It wasn’t until recently that I realized you were waiting for me to come after you, and I had failed. I figured it was too late and that it would be selfish and evil for me to just barge into your life, asking for a spot in it. But then, fate and her wonderful workings, brought you here, and I was just so happy. This is my shot, Mione, and I’m not going to let it go. I want a part in you‘re lives.”


“Of course. Who wouldn’t?”

Hermione hugged him, “You have no idea how long I’ve waited for you to say that.”

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to say it to you.”

She pulled away, “But this has got to be for real, Harry. I can’t just bring you into our lives and then in 2 weeks you deem it too complicated and leave. We have a child, and I’ve promised myself not to bring men around her just to have them leave. It’s not fair to her.”

“I promise you, Hermione, that I will try to make this work,” and with that he kissed her.

Ana stood outside her grandparents house, waiting for her usually punctual mom. She was 15 minutes late and Ana was worried. In no time, however, her mom apprated beside her.

“Where have you been?” she asked.

“I’m so sorry, Ana. I overslept.”

“Overslept? Are you sure you’re my mother? Because oversleep is not in my mom’s vocabulary.”

“Yes, well, in the past 2 days I’ve done a lot of things I thought I would never do. Just hold my hand, I’ll tell you everything once we leave here. I swear to Merlin this whole property has ears.”

Ana grabbed onto her mother’s hand, anticipating the awful feeling of apparation. In no time, they reached their destination. A little street of shops with people walking this way and that, trying to get their shopping done.

“Is this…?”

“Yes, Diagon Alley. Now, before we get shopping can I please get some coffee? I feel as if I might fall over.”

“Like I would say no to coffee.”

Hermione merely chuckled as she pulled Ana in the direction of the nearest coffee shop.

As they walked in and took a seat Ana asked, “So was there a reason for you’re tardiness?”

“Yes, that’s another reason I came here. I need to talk to you…”

As Hermione explained to Ana about her father’s sudden apology and kind words Ana looked at her mother, completely awestruck. Had he really said all that? Could her father actually be an okay guy?

“…And then well, we uh, him and me, um-”


“We had, um, sex.”


“Your father and I had sex?” she asked, for she didn’t quite believe it herself.

“So now you two are like a couple?”

“It would appear so.”

“This is, uh…Wow.”

“My thoughts exactly.”

“Do you love him?”

“I always have.”

“And does he love you?”

“Claims to.”

“Well, then I guess I’m okay with it. I mean I never in a million years thought this would happen, but now that it has I’m pretty happy about it.”


“Of course, mom!”

“Oh, that makes me so happy, Ana. I have a good feeling about this.”

“Me too, mom. Me too.”

Hermione walked into the burrow, completely exhausted. They had finished all their shopping in the course of 2 days and Hermione now had only one nights rest until she was expected to get on that damn train to Hogwarts.

She walked around the house, looking for some sign of life. The house was usually so full of people and energy that the quiet was most disturbing.

“Hermione?” she heard Harry call down the stairs.

“In the sitting area, Harry.”

“Okay, wait right there.”

Hermione nodded her okay, though he couldn’t see it, and sat down upon the couch. Harry practically ran down the stairs and took a seat next to her on the couch.

“There’s something we need to talk about.”

“Did Beethoven lick all the water out the toilet again. I swear, that damn dog, there’s just no controlling him.”

Harry looked at her, a look of utter confusion upon his face, “As much as I want to ask what the hell you’re talking about I’m going to refrain. What I have to tell you is really important.”

“What is it, Harry?” she asked, now totally serious.

“It’s about Ginny.”

“Is she hurt?”

“No. She’s completely fine. Well she’s getting a little nauseous every now and then, but she’s quite alright.”

“I’m completely lost. If Ginny is fine then why do we need to talk about her?”

“There’s really no easy way to say this, so I’m going to go right into it. You see Hermione, me and Ginny had been dating for about 2 years before you came back. Last month we broke it off because I just couldn’t get over the guilt of what I had done to you and she was tired of hearing about it. But, you see, this morning Ginny went to a doctor, and, Hermione, Ginny’s pregnant. With my baby.”


“And I’ve been thinking about it all day today and I don’t want to do to this baby what I did to Ana. I want to be there to raise this baby. So I’ve decided that I’m going to marry Ginny and do this right.”

Hermione’s breath caught in her throat. Was he being serious? This just wasn’t fair! Finally, the love of her life matured and they were going to be happy and then…this?

“I’m just, uh, surprised. Have you asked her already?”

“I plan to, um, do it tonight. I just wanted to let you know.”

“Well, I mean, hey you gotta do what you’ve gotta do. Besides, I mean nothing with us was set in stone. You go ask Ginny to marry you and you two have this baby and I hope you all are happy together. I really do. You two deserve it,” said Hermione, getting up from the couch and walking to her room.


“Please, Harry, if you could just shut the hell up right now, I’d appreciate it a lot,” and having said that she ran up into her room.

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Chapter 5: Ana. Diana, Really.
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Draco makes his way into this story for all of those who have been awaiting his arrival. Though it might not go as you had planned. ; ]

"And make sure to pick a cart with people who look appealing. You’ll be with them the whole ride to Hogwarts, and it can seem like a very long ride amongst the wrong people," Molly advised, letting Ana go from her grasp.

Ana nodded before grabbing her luggage and moving onto the train.

"Thanks again for letting us stay with you," Hermione said, pulling Molly into a hug, "It really meant a lot to me."

"Don’t worry about it, dear. You’re like family."

"Even after all of these years?"

"Yes, even after all of these years."

Hermione nodded, her composure strong and confidant, even though inside of her she was breaking down. Harry and Ginny had announced their engagement the night before at dinner, Hermione’s heart breaking all the while. Ana had held her mother’s hand through the ordeal, and had been ignoring Harry ever since Hermione had informed her of what happened.

Hermione didn’t want there to be bad air between them, but it was Ana’s choice, and she had chosen that path.

She waved goodbye to Molly one more time, and got onto the train.

"Can I sit here?"

Ana looked up to find a tall, broad boy standing in the cart’s doorway. He had floppy black hair and piercing blue eyes. He wore a worn leather jacket with a band t-shirt underneath and faded jeans. His whole attitude reeked of ’I Simply Don’t Care.’

"Oh, um, yes," she said, moving her books from the seat opposite her, "I was just reading."

"I see that," he said, sitting down in the seat she had now made available, "Don’t stop on my account."

Ana smiled, "I’m Diana. Ana, really. It’s what everyone calls me."

He shook her hand, "Diana? That sounds like such a Barbie name."

She grinned, "I know. I was born on the full moon though, and she was the Roman goddess of the moon and all. My mother thought it was a good idea," she paused, "Wait, how do you know about

"Muggle Studies class," he said, as if it was so obvious.

"Oh," she said simply, feeling a bit embarrassed.

"Well, I’m Kyle."

"Nice to meet you, Kyle. Are you a sixth year?"

"No, seventh. I take it you’re a sixth year," she nodded, "What house?"

"Oh, I don’t know yet. This’ll be my first year here."

"You must be that exchange student I’ve been hearing about."

"You’ve heard about me?"

"Heard about you, read about you. All relative really. The newspapers have been going crazy over the first transfer student to Hogwarts," he said, waving his hands in his head to emphasize the craziness.

Ana giggled, "So what house are you in?"

"Slytherin. It’s a family thing."

"Oh," Ana said, slightly disappointed.

From what her mother had told her, Slytherin was not a nice house at all. Ninety nine percent of them were pureblood and most of them had supported Voldemort.

"I take it you haven’t heard very good things about us Slytherins?"

Ana shook her head.

"Don’t listen to that. It’s all reputation. Us Slytherins have the potential to be decent individuals."

"And do you use that potential?" she asked, closing her book and placing it on side of her.

"When it suits me," he answered, a smirk playing along his lips.

Ana nodded, sitting back in her seat, a smirk of her own gracing her face.

Hermione sighed, scratching her head.

She hoped Ana was doing nicely and had found a good group of people to sit with. She knew how much the first train trip meant towards your reputation at Hogwarts.

She smiled, fondly remembering her first train trip to Hogwarts.

"Granger?" asked a voice. A horribly familiar voice.

She turned to see Draco Malfoy in the entrance of her cart, his infamous smirk plastered on his face.

"M-Malfoy?" she sputtered, "What are you doing here?"

"I could ask you the same thing. I thought you had died or something," he said, closing the cart door and sitting down next to her.

"I’m the new potions professor. My daughter wrote to Dumbledore asking to transfer here for the Auror class, he approved, and offered me a job. You?"

"Your daughter?" he asked, shocked.

"Yes, my daughter. Is it so hard to believe that I have a daughter?"

"Not really, I just thought I would have heard if you had had a daughter. How old is she? Eleven, twelve?"

"Sixteen," she replied, enjoying the look of shock that passed on his face as he realized what that meant.

"So that’s why you left? You were pregnant?"

Hermione nodded, "Yes. We’ve been living in America."

"America? Wow?"

Hermione nodded, "So what have you been doing?"

She listened to Draco talk about how he had changed sides during the war, how after it was over he went back to Hogwarts to become the History of Magic teacher, and how he loved every minute of it. It suddenly hit Hermione that they were actually engaging in a conversation without all their childish hostility.

"That’s so great," said Hermoine when he had finished talking, "And it’s so wonderful that we can have an actual conversation, even after all of these years."

"Yes, with the way things were between us and all, but believe it or not, I’ve changed a lot these past few years."

"Haven’t we all?" she asked, giggling slightly.

He chuckled, "Yes, I suppose that’s right," he sat forward in his seat, readying himself to ask the next question, "So, the father?"

"What about him?" she asked, slightly uncomfortable.

"Are you married? Is he even around?"

Hermione sighed, happy to get away from the father’s identity, "No, we’re not married. He is around, though... somewhere. Never quite where me or Ana need him."

"And Ana’s your daughter?"

"Yes. Diana, really, but everyone calls her Ana."

"And Ana’s father would be?"

Hermione attempted a smile, failing miserably, "Um, well, I might as well tell you right? I mean, you’ll find out eventually, and really it’s not like I should protect him. He’s done nothing to earn my protecting anyway. He’s just so- I don’t know- Harry! And he’ll always be my best friend no matter what he’s done. And it’s hard to just-"

"Wait, wait, wait," said Draco, placing a finger over her lips, "Did you just say Harry? As in Harry Potter?" she nodded, "Is Harry the father?"

Hermione looked down at her hands in her lap, "Yes."

"But- But he never said anything."

"Oh, please, Draco. Harry is the wizarding world’s Savior. He was getting such good press, and with the war about to start, he didn’t want people doubting him because of some illegitimate love child."

"That’s just so... wrong. Something my old self would have done. Maybe the hat wasn’t too far off when he considered Slytherin, eh?" asked Draco, chuckling slightly.

Hermione, astonished at him finding humor in the situation, scoffed and turned away from him.

The nerve of him! Had he any idea how much pain the whole ordeal had caused her? And he just sat there cracking jokes.

"Hermione? Come on, Hermione. I’m sorry," he said, tucking a strand of loose hair behind her ear, "I’m not very good with the whole emotional thing. Being humorous makes it easier for me."

Hermione scoffed again, pushing his hand away from her, "How wonderful for you. To just make jokes and the whole thing become easier for you. I’m sorry, but I don’t have that luxury."

And with that she stood up and walked out of the cart.

Ana smoothed out her school robes, looking down into the little faces of the first years who surrounded her.

The train ride had been smooth, and- dare she say it- she may have found a friend in Kyle... whatever his last name was. She smiled slightly, thinking about how he might introduce her to some of his friends if she got into Slytherin.

She stopped smiling instantly.

If her mother could hear her. Fantasizing about becoming a Slytherin. It was bad enough she had put her mother through all of those other problems.

"You are one freakishly tall eleven year old," said a squeaky voice from beside her.

She turned to find a short, red headed boy, whose face was covered in freckles. And what appeared to be the remains of a chocolate frog.

"No, I’m the exchange student," she said, shaking his hand.

He looked at her hand curiously before turning back to her, "Well, at least you’re pretty. It would suck to come here and be ugly. Then you’d have no shot of making friends. But hey, if we get in the same house, maybe we could hang out!"

Ana smiled weakly, "Y-you think it’ll be hard to make friends?" she asked.

"Probably. These kids have been friends since they were eleven."

Ana nodded her head then managed to shift to the other side of the first years.

Stupid eleven year old. What did he know?

"Maybe we could hang out!" she mimicked, nastily.

Hang out her arse. He’d be lucky if she didn’t hex him into oblivion. Stupid, prepubescent-

"Alright, look alive," said a woman Ana deduced was McGonagall, "We will be making our way to the Great Hall shortly. You will be quiet and polite during the sorting. Follow me," she said, opening the double doors behind her and beckoning to the first years.

And Ana, of course.

Hermione sat at the professors table, next to Ron, the new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, since Harry had his Auror class, and Neville, the Herbalogy professor. She had politely carried on a conversation with Neville without the mention of Ana, but since then had begun to talk to Ron.

"Damn first years. Think they could be a little quicker? I’m bloody starving."

"Nice to see you haven’t changed, Ron," said Hermione, pulling out a mint from her purse and handing it to him.

"Neither have you ’Mione," he said, putting the mint in his mouth, "Always prepared."

Hermione started to say something, but the first years making their way into the Great Hall caused her to stop. She looked around closely, trying to spot Ana.

It proved not to be a difficult task, with her being 5’9’’ to the average first year height of 4’11’’. Hermione had to smile. She looked so cool, so confidant, in what had to be an awkward situation.

Ana walked down the hall, her brain screaming about how silly this was, and how much of an imbecile she looked like. But she just grinned and bared it.

She stood waiting patiently as The Sorting Hat sorted the first years. Her heart skipped a little as the got to the Gs.

"Linda Gaje!"


"Parker Goupe!"


"Diana Granger!"

Ana smiled, trying her best to hide her excitement. She sat down upon the stool and closed her eyes as the hat made contact with her head.

"Hmmm. Smart. Really smart. Ravenclaw would be a nice fit. But there’s something more. Gryffindor material. Ah, yes."

Ana’s heart jumped. Gryffindor? She’d love to be in Gryffindor! Her mother would be so proud!

"You like Gryffindor, hey? Okay, then... GRYFFINDOR!"

Ana smiled brightly and made her way towards the Gryffindor table, who was cheering loudly. As she walked though, Kyle caught her eye and shook his head. Ana couldn’t be sure, but it was almost as if he were disappointed.

Ana awoke the next morning in her dormitory. She had decided that she wanted the full Hogwarts experience, and choose to stay in the castle. Her mother, however, decided to stay in the house that had been provided, and offered it to Ana whenever she needed it.

Ana made her way to the Great Hall, the rest of her roommates still sleeping.

She didn’t know what to make of the girls just yet. There was Julia, who seemed friendly enough, but Ana didn’t know if she could see past the huge mole on her face without making a joke about it every now and then. Then came Dolores, who had already threatened Ana when she had dared to take her bed. Not that Ana knew whose bed was whose. And lastly came the twins. Sara and Cara (Ana didn’t know if it was suppose to rhyme, but if that had been the desired affect, the parents had failed miserably) who seemed to be about as intelligent as doorknob.

While walking down the hall, she spotted Kyle, surrounded by a group of people, most likely fellow Slytherins. Ana mustered up her courage and walked over there, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear as she did.

"Hey, Kyle."

"Oh, Ana, hey," he said, sounding slightly amused.

"Have you gone to breakfast yet?" she asked.

"Um, no. Have you?"

Ana was just about to answer, but then Kyle’s friends began to say their goodbyes and walk away.

"Did I do something?" she asked, worried.

"Well, you got into Gryffindor. And they are our sworn enemies."

"So I guess we won’t be seeing much of each other," she said, not even trying to hide the disappointment in her voice.

"I wouldn’t be to sure of that," he said, catching her chin before walking away, "Gryffindor," he called over her shoulder.

This chapter isn't quite as funny. And I apologize, but I've been having some writing problems with this story. I almost put her in Slytherin, but I didn't really want to deal with the shock effect. But we have a new love interest for Ana. Not that I'm saying anything will come from it. But I do picture him as Jess. Like the looks of him. 

And is this story dark and moody? I got a review saying it was, and I so don't want it to be that. So if you find it that way please tell me so I can attempt to change it.

Chapter 6: GVBS and Moocows
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"Oy, Hermione Jr.!"

Ana turned around, moving out of the way just in time to miss a huge, floating paper airplane that was coming her way.

"Sorry about that. We've found that our customers enjoy little pranks like that, and you just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I'm George. That's my brother Fred over there, polishing our display of Sickly Sweets."

"Yeah, we met at Mrs. Weasley's house actually."

"Too true. Too true. Here, I'll show you to your future living quarters for the next week."

"Thanks," she said, following him up a flight of stairs, "I promise I won't get in your way. I'll probably be locked in my room for hours at a time, studying. I can't believe that I wasn't informed about these stupid O.W.L.s."

"Oh, don't worry. I'm sure you'll do loads better than me and Fred. You've got that smart look about you. Hermione had it too," he said, bringing her to her room.

"Has," said Ana, turning from a painting she was inspecting.


"You said she had it. She still does. She has it."

"Right," he said, shaking her head, "Well, this is it. Not exactly the Princess Suite, but it'll do, I hope."

"No," said Ana, placing her suitcases upon the bed, "It's fine."

George nodded and made his way out of the room. Ana sighed, unpacking her clothes and putting them into the dresser drawers.

"Hello, class," said Hermione, making her way down the aisle to her desk, "I'm Ms. Granger, and I will be your Potions professor this year. I'm not sure what your schooling has been like these past few years, but I can assure you that we will be getting work done in here. Now, potions is a very complex and important subject. It can be used to cure many different illnesses, but, get one ingredient wrong, and it can cause a lot of illnesses. Because of this, you will test out whatever potions you concoct in here. This works as both an incentive for you to make your potions to the best of your ability, and also as a precaution for your friends, so that they don't have to rush off to the hospital wing sporting lovely purple spots, thanks to you," she looked around at her class, to the kids in the back nodding off, the few kids in the front actually listening, and a small group of about three boys in the middle, goofing off between each other, "Excuse me," she started, walking over to them, "Um, what are your names?"

"Charles Diason."

"Henry Larrison."

"Ethan Karnes."

She nodded, "And what houses are you in?"

"Ravenclaw," they answered simultaneously.

"Really?" she asked, "Have they lowered the standards or something?" a few kids around them chuckled and she shook her head, "I’m sorry. I'm just joking. Sorry. If you could just behave for the rest of class, please."

What was she doing? Not even halfway into class and she had already insulted three students. She was the Potions Professor, yes, but she was not suppose to be the Snape reincarnate. If she was doing this poorly she was in dire need to know how Ron and Harry had managed to produce any kind of knowledge within a student.

She walked over to the board and flicked her wand, "Today we'll begin on the potion that cures headaches."

"It was so horrible. Test after test. I was so worried," complained Ana, resting her head on the table.

She had arrived back at Hogwarts that morning and rushed right over to her mother’s house. It was no surprise to her that when she had arrived at 10:30 a.m. her mother was still asleep in bed. When she had finally pulled her out of bed, Hermione insisted on coffee, and they had both maneuvered their way to the kitchen, one of the only uses the kitchen had ever proved to have.

"Ah, I'm sure you did fine," she soothed, waving her hand, "When do you get the results?"

"The guy there said that Dumbledore had requested that they owl them to me as soon as possible. So I should have them in about four days. I just can't believe no one mentioned I'd have to take those stupid O.W.L.S."

"Haha. They're going to owl you your O.W.L.S.," she chuckled.

Anna smiled, "That was entirely too easy," Hermione continued to giggle, "And not at all that funny."

"Sorry, hon. I’m still a little tired. But yeah, I'm sure you did great. I just don't understand why you can have your results a mere 4 days after finishing the exam, and the people who went about it the right way, had to wait months before getting theirs?"

"The irony of life," she said, taking another sip of her coffee, "So, mom, how are your classes?"

Hermione made a face, "They're alright. I accidently insulted a kid the first day."

"What?" she asked, almost spitting out her coffee.

"I don't know. There was a group of them acting stupid, so when they told me they were in Ravenclaw, I was completely surprised and may have asked about the standards for getting into said house."

"You're ridiculous!"

"It's just hard sometimes to remember that I'm the authority figure, being that, for many years, I've been the person all the mother's are warning their kids about."

"Oh, I'm sure somehow you’ll get over it and embrace your authority figure-like abilities that I know are in there somewhere," they chuckled at the thought for a little bit, and then Ana began, "So how are things between you and Dad?"

"Notice how she elegantly segues the conversation into something horrifically uncomfortable."

"Well, we’d have to talk about him sooner or later."

"Not true. I’m an expert at avoiding very uncomfortable things. My mother is a perfect example of that."

"Mom," Ana warned.

"Fine," she said, downing the rest of her coffee, "I ignore him, to the best of my ability. We say hellos every now and then. Cold, hollow hellos just to please the other faculty. They seemed to notice the hostility. I hang out with Ron a lot. He’s always been such a good friend, and, you know, now I really need one. So, that’s been helpful."

And it had been helpful. When Hermione had first felt pressure to be nice to Harry, she had almost died with the sheer humility of it all. Asking about Ginny, the baby, the wedding. All the things that had basically ruined her life. No, wait, hold the basically and then you’ll have a factual statement. But Ron had been such a good friend, he had assisted her through the awkward conversations and been there when she needed a shoulder to cry on. Never bringing attention to the fact that it was his sister she was calling a stupid bimbo slut, fire whore, or hoey mcgee.

"Well, that’s good," she began to look down at the table, tracing the design on the tablecloth, "But um, has anyone, uh, has anyone asked about me?"

Hermione looked up and smiled, "Was someone suppose to ask about you?"


"Were you maybe hoping someone would ask about you?"

"No. No. I was just...Maybe. Yes, fine. Yes."

Hermione chuckled, "Well, if you must know, there was a boy. Damn, what was his name? Name, name. I so suck at names."

"Mom, this is not funny!"

"I’m sure I could remember if only I had some more coffee," she said, eyeing Ana’s glass.

"You have your own!"

"Nope," she replied, showing Ana the empty cup, "All done."

"You’re ridiculous," murmured Ana, sliding her cup that way.

"You love me."

"If that’s what you have to tell yourself to get through the day."

"You better behave before things get very Mommie Dearest up in here," said Hermione, taking a sip of the coffee then handing it back.

"Memory all better?"

"Why, yes! It’s a miracle!"

"Praise the Lord."

"I think there was someone named...Kyle, was it? Yes, I think it was Kyle."

"Really?" asked Ana, hugging herself.

"Look how excited you are," she started, rubbing Ana’s hand.

"I’m not excited. It’s just cold."

On the inside she was yelling with joy. She had been pondering the Kyle situation during the few parts of the week that she wasn’t studying, or actually taking, her O.W.L.S. And while she still missed Logan, Kyle was, she decided, a decent, sweet, smart guy and it wouldn’t really be a problem to him or her if they got to know each other better. It could be a respectable, platonic relationship.

"Right. Well, anyhow, now you can tell me all about this Kyle and answer that particular question that has been burning a hole in my mind for the last few days."

"He’ one. Just this guy I met on the train. He’s really funny and smart and he’s a 7th year."

"Oh, really? What house?"

"Slytherin," Ana mumbled in her cup so that it was completely incomprehensible.

"Wait, what?"

Ana sighed, "Slytherin."

"Oh," said Hermione, obviously disappointed.

"She replied enthusiastically."

"Sorry. I was just a Gryffindor. Old habits die hard."

"Well, he’s different."

"I’m sure."

Ana nodded, finishing off her coffee.

"Well, well, well. We meet again."

Ana turned around to find Kyle standing behind her.

"Kyle! What are you doing here?"

"I, uh, live here. Learn here, eat here, sleep here. Do a lot of stuff here, when you sit down to think about it," he said, scratching his head.

"Well, that’s uh, that’s great," she said, folding up the piece of parchment in her hands.

"What do you have there?"

"Oh, my, uh, O.W.L.S. results. Dumbledore wanted to give them to me."

"Ah, the reason I was denied your presence for one whole week. How did you do?"

"You missed my presence?" she asked, teasingly, while on the inside she was doing that screaming thing again.

"I always miss an opportunity to mock one of the red and gold," he said, pinching her shoulder playfully.

"You’re mean," she pouted, rubbing her shoulder.

"Only to those I like. Now, tell me how you did."

"All O’s."

"Really? That’s excellent!" he said, wrapping her in a hug.

"Yeah, really excellent."

"So you can take any classes you want?" he asked, backing away.

"Yeah, I have to tell Dumbledore tomorrow morning so that he can give me a schedule."

"Well," he said, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear, "Gryffindors share Defense Against the Dark Arts, History of Magic, and Transfiguration. So I'd stay away from those, so that my fellow Slytherins don't outshine you," he placed a kiss on her cheek and made his way down the hall, "See you tomorrow, Gryffindor."

Ana smiled at him and went to put the paper back in its envelope. She was getting very much annoyed with him doing cutesy little flirty things then walking away saying Gryffindor condescendingly. Respectable, platonic relationship her butt.

Ana sat down, placing her ink and parchment onto the top of the table. Quite suddenly, there was a flash of black robes and blonde hair and a girl appeared in the seat next to her.

"Uh, hi," said Ana, waving slightly, trying to be polite.

"Hi," replied the girl, enthusiastically, "I’m Irma."

"I’m sorry?" asked Ana, still surprised at the girl’s appearance and not quite sure what she was saying.

"Haha," she laughed, slapping the table, "You’re funny."

"Thank you, I’ll be here all week. Try the lobster, please."

This, however, only caused Irma to laugh harder, making the other students in the class look over at them. Ana, completely bewildered, tried to cover the girl’s mouth with her hand, but she only succeeded in getting laughing spit all over her hand.

"Aw, Irma," she groaned, wiping her hand on her robe.

"I’m sorry," she started, handing Ana a napkin from her robe, "I find the humor in things really easily. My mother says I could win the Happiest Person on Earth Contest hands down. How about you?"

"I’m Ana. Probably not a placer in the Happiest Person on Earth Contest, and if you find humor that easily, stay away from my mom."

Irma giggled, "Will do," Ana smiled and looked around, "Are you looking for someone?"

Ana shook her head, "No, not really. Just looking to see about the number of students in the class, but it’s still pretty early, right, so they’ll be a few more coming in. And the professor, she has to arrive also, and-"


Ana looked behind her, along with about seventeen other kids. It was, however, a call for her. Kyle stood in the doorway of the classroom, waving her towards him. Ana’s insides sang.

"You know Kyle?" asked Irma, bringing Ana back into reality.

"What? Oh, yeah, we met on the, uh, train."

"He is so gorgeous. All the girls in the school think he’s the cutest thing ever."

"Yeah, he’s nice to look at, I, uh, guess."

Irma rolled her eyes and went to say something else but Kyle broke in, yelling, "You gonna come out to meet me, or just sit there talking about me?"

Ana rolled her eyes and walked over towards him, "We were not talking about you, Mr. Ego."

"So you’re making friends?" he asked, gesturing to Irma.

"I guess, however involuntary."

"Aw, be nice. She looks sweet."

"I am being nice, I’m always nice. You’re the mean one around here."

"You Gryffindors, always taking everything so seriously."

"Was there a point to this meeting? Because, you know, I have my class, and I guess you have a class, one that you probably shouldn’t be late to. So if you could hurry this up," she said, gesturing wildly between her, him, her class, and down the hallway.

"Okay, calm down, Maniac McGee, before you have a meltdown of some sort," he said, chuckling, "I’m here to ask you a question."

Ana’s insides screamed, "Yes?"

"Well, you see, they just posted up the Hogsmeade trips up, and there’s one for this weekend, sort of a beginning of school type of thing, and my friends are all bringing their girlfriends and I was wondering if you’d like to come with me. You’d be the only Gryffindor there, but I mean, every group must have its loser, right?"

"Oh, haha," she said, rolling her eyes, but her insides were screaming louder.

"I’m just teasing with you," he said, placing his hands on her shoulder, "So, yes or no?"

Ana smiled, "Let me get this straight first. You want me to come with you, and your friends and their girlfriends, to the Hogsmeade trip this weekend?"

"That is correct."

Her insides had suddenly reached an octave that, had it been audible, would’ve only been heard by dogs, "Well, then, I guess I could make time for you," she said, looking at her nails, pretending to inspect them.

"Great," he said, stepping aside for McGonagall to enter the classroom, "But you do know what people will think, right?"

"Damn, that boy is lucky to be accompanied by such a remarkably beautiful woman, when his face looks like, well, that."

"Oh, touche, Ana."

"I try my best," she said, chuckling.

Just then McGonagall appeared at the door, "Class is about to start, I suggest you enter the classroom before I take off house points. And any kissing goodbye will also resort in the loss of points for both of your houses."

"Oh, no, Professor, we’re not-" started Ana.

"It’s okay, Ana. Can’t keep anything from McGonagall. And while I think a kiss goodbye would be worth the house points, I’ll contain myself so as not to embarass you in front of your professor, on your first day of classes. So, goodbye Ana, Professor," he said, walking away, throwing a wave at Ana over his shoulder.

Ana followed McGonagall into the classroom, completely confused by what had happened. Was he kidding about the kissing thing? Was he asking him to join a group date because he wanted her to be his girlfriend, or was he just playing her along for a little enjoyment for himself? As she sat down, Irma turned to look at her and winked. Ana ignored her and turned back to McGonagall, writing down everything she was saying.

"You look ill."

"My mother just owled me," said Hermione, sitting down on her couch.

"Oh, so you are ill," said Ron, sitting down next to her.

Hermione chuckled and ran a hand through her hair, "She wants to know if I’m free to have Christmas dinner at her house."

"We have months till Christmas."

"Yes, I know, but this is just an excuse to get one last insult in. I’ll send a note back to her, saying that yes, we are free, and then she’ll send another note to me, saying that she thought that was wonderful and since I’m usually such a disaster at trying to get together for big dinners, she thought it’d be more polite to tell me about it months in advance. Just a get back for choosing to stay with Mrs. Weasley over her."

"You two have a very difficult relationship."

"Ah," started Hermione, waving her hand, "We are what we are. Now, what did you bring?"

"Here, in my hands, I have a letter from Dumbledore saying that you have permission to lift the electricity spell from your property and one of those GVBs and some Moocows that Ana recommended."

"Ah!" Hermione screamed, hugging him tight, "And that’s a, uh, DVD player and movies. Just for future reference."

"Well, thanks, but I doubt it comes up again."

"Wow," breathed Hermione, looking through the bags, "This is so great, Ron."

"I thought you deserved a pretty great birthday present. Seeing as how you’ve been through so much lately."

Hermione smiled, "Thank you, Ron. You really are a terrific friend."

Ron grinned, "Yeah, well, I should go."

"No, you should stay. Ana’s coming down and we can all watch these Moocows, or whatever the hell you had called them. It’ll be fun."

Ron nodded, "Okay."

The two exchanged smiles, and, after a while, Ana arrived, and Hermione went to plug in the DVD player.