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Morphine Dreams by MASSACREE

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 1,239

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, Horror/Dark
Characters: Voldemort, OtherCanon
Pairings: Other Pairing

First Published: 07/31/2006
Last Chapter: 08/09/2006
Last Updated: 08/09/2006


Merope cannot change her past, and she cannot change the present, but if she could only change the future. If only Tom would love her again, she could live, but first he has to know the truth. COMPLETED

Chapter 1: Morphine Dreams
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She stared at her husband’s back with a sick feeling in her gut; she took a deep breath and opened her mouth to speak but no words spilled out. She had so much to tell him, so much that she wanted to explain, but she was unsure of his reaction. So unsure that it terrified her, her hands instinctively went to her round stomach which she patted carefully.

“Tom…” She whispered hoarsely, he looked over his shoulder at her before straightening up and turning around. “I’m sorry to interrupt your work, dear…” She trailed off, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath. “We…we need to talk.” Her husband stared at her, and no love was in his eyes, he seemed to find her disgusting.

“Isn’t that what your constant babble is? Talk? That’s all you ever do, dear.” Tom Riddle snarled at his wife, her hand shooting to a heavy gold locket hanging around her neck.

“This…this is important,” Merope murmured gulping; Tom stared at her icily before nodding for her to continue. Her eyes had black rings underneath, and her hair was lank, greasy, dull, and hung around her pale face. She gulped and her eyes gazed around in different directions. Tom sneered at her again, as he did often now, since she bad become pregnant.

Memories flooded back into her mind, memories of adoration and her attraction to him, she sighed heavily and forced the tears back. Tom had always been a wealthy man, and Merope had been intensely attracted to him, ever since she could remember. He had never found her attractive, and Merope honestly understood why, but that had not been the only problem.

Merope came from a pure – blood wizard family, the Gaunts, and they were the last remaining descendents of Salazar Slytherin. They had once been wealthy, possibly more so than the Riddle family and were known famously for instability, violence, and crudeness. Merope’s father, Marvolo, would have been strongly opposed to Merope’s attraction to Tom Riddle who was a Muggle, a non – magical being. Merope had kept her feelings to herself, and never told either her brother or father.

When Merope’s brother, Morfin, hexed Tom Riddle, the Ministry of Magic came to take him away for a hearing but he resisted and Merope’s father attacked the Ministry personnel. The both of them, Morfin and Marvolo, were arrested and sentenced to years in Azkaban. Merope was unsure of how long they would be there, and set to work about making Tom Riddle her lover.

Merope soon tricked Tom into marrying her by feeding him a love potion, but oddly enough, she decided, after becoming pregnant, that she could no longer trick him. She let the love potion wear off and soon, Tom began to despise her again, forever wondering what he had seen in her for the years they had been married.

“Come on, woman, I don’t have all day,” Tom snapped, and Merope came back to the present, her memories fading away to the back of her mind.

“I am a witch,” Merope began, and Tom gave her a queer look. “I gave you a love potion, and tricked you into marrying me. My brother and father are in Wizard prison, and they will be there for years still, I…I love you Tom. You deserve to know the truth about me, and my family…” Merope trailed off, the threatening tears coming to her eyes again. She had spoke hastily, briefly telling him the important parts, the parts that he needed to hear.

“You despicable woman, not only are you disgusting but now you talk of witches and magic – I am leaving you, that’s it, Merope. I’ve had it with you, and your insane ideas,” Tom dropped his pen, and stormed out of the room. Merope gulped back the tears, and spun around, she shuffled into the bedroom where Tom was hastily gathering his things.

“Where will you go?” Merope asked hoarsely.

“I’ll go back and live with my parents – and don’t you dare come looking for me!”

“I won’t Tom, I’ll let you go now,” Merope whispered, but Tom didn’t hear her. He left quickly, telling her that he’d be back for whatever else he owned another day, but by the time he came back, Merope was already gone. She had fled to London, fearing that Tom may see the truth behind her words and confess her secret to the town, who would attack her without warning.

Merope was broke, destitute, and pregnant; her only possession of any worth was the gold locket which hung around her neck. It was priceless, a possession of Slytherin’s, but she needed the money desperately and sold it at Borgin & Burke’s for a mere 10 galleons. A few weeks later, Merope gave birth in a Muggle orphanage, and died after naming her son.

“You had a boy,” Merope heard a kind voice whisper at her side, her eyes were closed and she did not have the energy to open them. She did not have the energy to move, nor the will power. “What is his name?”

“Tom…” Merope gasped. “Tom Marvo…Marvolo.” Merope heard someone somewhere scribble down words on a piece of paper as she took deep breaths. “His…his last name…” She whispered and a body moved closer to her.

“What is his last name, dear? Take your time.”

“Riddle,” Merope whispered and with a final burst of energy she repeated his full name. “Tom Marvolo Riddle.” Merope heard the pen scribble another word, and she took a deep breath, her last breath. For after she ex – haled, Merope did not breathe in again, obviously at peace now that her son had been named and was safe.

“She’s…she’s dead,” The woman with the kind voice murmured, clutching the baby boy closer to her.

“What’s to be done with the child?” Another asked.

“He’ll be raised here, go fetch a bottle of warm milk, he’ll need to be fed.”


“Where is Tom?”

“He’s upstairs, doing god knows what, I don’t understand that boy sometimes.”

“Ay, the other day he was telling me something insane.”

“What did he speak of?”

“He said something about…about being able to move things without touching them and making animals do what he wanted them to do…” Mrs. Cole muttered; shaking her head, the other woman looked at her carefully before looking back down at the dishes she was washing. “I don’t know what to do with Tom; I wish someone would just adopt him.”

“He’ll be eleven soon, he deserves a home.”

“But, he did say one more thing…” The woman whispered, almost inaudibly. It was a miracle the dish – washing woman heard her, but she responded hastily, terror hidden in her voice.

“What did he say?”

“He said he could make bad things happen to the people that annoy him; that he could make them hurt.” Both women looked each other in the eyes, confusion and mystery concealing their thoughts.

“I hope someone adopts him soon.” The woman washing dishes murmured, breaking her gaze away from the other. “He scares me.”

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