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Second Best...Well, not in his eyes by Translationplease

Format: Novel
Chapters: 18
Word Count: 54,350
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: James/Lily, OC/OC, Remus/OC, Sirius/OC

First Published: 07/15/2006
Last Chapter: 08/13/2007
Last Updated: 08/13/2007


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*Amazzzing banner by Radcliffe_PotterFan319!!* Andy and her best friends Alex and Jimmy are in for a ride for their 6th year at Hogwarts. They have always been second best in causing trouble throughout the school to those Marauders. Maybe Andy can get some insight into their pranks when she gets partnered with their leader, the Sirius Black. Maybe she will get insight on more then just their pranks...

Chapter 1: "GOOD BYE MINNY!"
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Andy Pierson and her two best friends, Alex Stevens and Jimmy Louis, skidded around the last corner of the dungeon before running smack into the closed Potions classroom door.

“Crap, already on the first day guys!” she said as the three of them doubled over trying to catch their breath after running all the way down from the Gryffindor Common Room.

“Let’s just go in, Slughorn really can’t expect a whole lot out of us. Just like you said, it is the first day, and it is us.” Alex said, opening the door. It was true, the three hardly ever managed to make it to class on time. You could just call them second to the Marauders.

“Well, well, well, you three are rather early.” The plump Professor Slughorn squealed from behind his desk at the front. “We weren’t expecting you to grace us with your presence for another 5 minutes, after all class only started 10 minutes ago.”

“Yeah, well-“ Andy started rather grumpily but was cut off by Jimmy pinching her and finishing her sentence. After, of course, being elbowed back in the ribs. “Sorry Professor, we just over slept.”

“Well, none the less, 5 points from Gryffindor for each of you.” There was an audible groan from most of their fellow Gryffindors in the class. “As I was saying, I’ve decided that, because you all have chosen to continue your study in Potions thus far, I would give you a rather fun project, of which you will be doing with a partner.”

Andy quickly glanced at her best friends but both of them shrugged , telling her that she was going to have to find someone else. ‘Great’ she thought.

She glanced around as the room gathered into pairs, scanning it for someone to partner with.

“Yippy…” she said sarcastically as her blue eyes met his cool, grey ones.

“Well, well, well. You see Andy, I told you that we were going to get together sometime. It just happens to be for this vile Potions project.” Sirius Black said making his way across the room and to Andy’s side. He draped his arm on her shoulder, making her roll her eyes.

“And you see Black, I told you that you would always be an insufferable little prat.”

“Maybe, but a gorgeous one at that.” He said with a wink as the two sat down at a desk, Andy rolling her eyes again.

“Now, this is going to be a very creative project, so there are not many boundaries to be overstepped- even though some of you can usually manage to.” At this Slughorn gave a slight nod at Sirius and Andy. “All I ask is that it is nothing dangerous if drank, and that you please, don’t kill yourselves coming up with concoctions.” At this he nodded to Sirius and Andy who both looked back innocently. It was true though, both had reputations for blowing up their cauldrons multiple times a year. “Now, you need to just follow these directions, and remember to have fun. You will be given class periods to work on this, but you will probably need to work outside of class. I’ll be checking on your progress every so often.” He concluded while flipping the chalkboard over to reveal a short list of instructions.

1) Come up with an idea on what your potion will do.
2) Check with me with a list of ingredients you will need and I will supply them for you.
3) Come up with a set of instructions on how to brew your potion.
4) Hand in potion with an essay of at least 2 feet in length on your entire process and give your potion a name
DUE: December 1st

“Sounds easy enough.” Alex conversed with Jimmy and Andy on their way out of the dungeons an hour later. During which time, Andy had found out that Peter was not taking Potions this year, hence her partnership with Sirius.

“Uh, you weren’t the one forced to pair up with Sirius Black! All hes going to do is practically force me into the Astronomy Tower, and I really don’t think-“

“Oh, but love, I wont force you into the Tower, you’ll be begging me to come with you after a day.” The said Black whispered in Andy’s ear, again slipping his arm around her shoulder, that Jimmy quickly knocked off.

“Listen Black, you may be able to get all those nasty bimbos, but you even think of our Andy like that, and you with wake up in the Hospital Wing with two black eyes.(no pun intended) Got it?” Jimmy said, while he and Alex stepped between Andy and Sirius, folding their arms across their chests looking rather intimidating, especially because they were both about twice Sirius’ size, muscularly.

“Yeah, yeah. Got yourself two bodyguards, don’t ya Pierson.”

“Yep, the best.” She said popping her head between her two best friends, smiling, which they both returned before smirking back at Sirius.

“Fine, I can see when I'm not wanted.” He said before dramatically wiping away a fake tear and leaving to catch up with the other two marauders.

“He’s never going to change is he?” Alex said as the three continued to their next class, Transfiguration.

“Change what? His perversion towards girls, or his sexuality so he can be with you?” Andy said grinning up innocently at him, while Jimmy laughed.

“Oh, ha. Ha. Lets see whose smiling after I give them a Noogie!” and he firmly grabbed Andy under his arm, rubbing his knuckle fairly hard into her already messy blonde hair.

“Ahh! Jimmy hellpp!!”

“Nah, this is rather funny to watch.” He said happily, watching Alex continue screwing up Andy’s hair while her arms flailed behind her.

“Stop it this instant! There will be no more of this rough-housing in the corridors!” the shrill, authoritive call met their ears from down the way. Alex abruptly let go of Andy causing the poorly balanced girl to fall flat on her face on the cobblestone floor.

“Wow thanks a lot Minny, I think I just broke my nose.” Andy said, lifting her head to see a stern looking McGonnagal moving towards them, Jimmy bending over to help her to her feet.

“Miss Pierson, I thought I told you not to call me that again.”

“Call you what?”

“You know what!”


“Yes.” McGonnagal answered exasperated, her lips pursing.

“Aw, but Minny, I feel it suits your personality better. Plus its easier for me to say. My English aint very well, ‘member?”

“That would be, ‘My English isn’t very good, remember.’ And it is against the rules to call a professor by their first name, or some version of it.”

“No its not. Come on, don’t you think Ive broken enough school rules to remember them all. Especially since you made me write all of them down fifty times for a detention last year. And I really cant remember one that said that you cant call a professor by their first name, or some version of it.”

“Yes, well then I guess its just my rule-”

“But you like the name Minny, don’t you.” Andy smirked.

For a fleeting second it seemed as if the corners of McGonnagal’s pursed lips curled slightly, but it was gone within seconds. “Don’t make me give you a detention on your first day back Miss. Pierson.”

“Its tradition though! You even started it back in my first year, remember, I stuck Malfoy’s nasty blonde hair in the Venus Fly Trap. He couldn’t grow it back for a month, and you guys had to remove the plant from the greenhouse because Malfoy’s hair killed it and it smelled like-”

“Yes! I do remember, and its nothing you should be proud of. Besides, I think the trophies are all still sparkling clean from the 5 times you scrubbed them on the last day. Just go to class.” She said more exasperatedly.

“Oh but Minny,” Andy said, slapping her hand on McGonnagal’s back. “We’re in here next!”

“Yay,” she said dully. “Let me try to control my enthusiasm.” She paused for a quick second looking thoughtful. “Gee that wasn’t very hard…”

“Rather witty joke Minny. I guess I’ve taught you well haven’t I!”

Professor McGonnagal lead the rest of the class that was waiting outside the door for her into the room, promptly when the bell rang. But dismissed them, with the exception of Andy, Alex, Jimmy and the Marauders, 15 minutes early. The Marauders, as well as Jimmy and Alex, had heard Andy and McGonnagal’s conversation before class, and decided that they would all call the frustrated teacher ‘Minny’ earning them extra time in the class.

As soon as the bell rang for them to leave, they all walked to the door, but paused right in front of it. On the count of three (lead by Andy of course) the seven all shouted “GOOD BYE MINNY!” before attempting at scrambling out of the room. This attempt was unsuccessful when the 7 all tried to get through the door at the same time, so none of them were able to escape the all too familiar cry of “DETENTION!” from the professor sitting at her desk.

Andy glimpsed behind her as she was the last to make out of the room and was amused to see that a smile had finally made its way to McGonnagal’s face as she continued looking over the papers on her desk.


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Chapter 2: Thanks for everything guys
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Their first day continued with nothing too special. The classes were boring as always, especially since all they really did in classes was review what they had learned in the previous year. Jimmy and Alex, luckily were in almost everyone of Andy’s classes, so they kept her quite entertained. They didn’t have Divination with her though. In fact the only Gryffindor that had Divination with her was, with just her luck, her Potions partner, Mr. Sirius Black.

‘Great, so he’s in every single class of mine, this should be a long year…’ Andy thought to herself as she sat down in the back corner of the classroom. She always took that seat because it was the one that was furthest away from their crazy teacher Ms. Futuro, so she could always sleep through the class. ‘Not again!’

“Sheesh, are you stalking me or something Pierson? You just have to be my partner in Potions and your sitting next to me in Divination, and your in all my classes? Not to mention that you decide you would get into trouble just so you could have detention with me tonight…”

“Stop right there Black,” she began, the wretched fumes from Futuro’s odd desk were starting to take an effect on her. “I’m tired, and I have to deal with you. Why can’t you just let me get through this last class with as little pain as possible. You can sit with me if you so desperately want to, as long as you don’t bother me. Ok?”

“Ya know, there are plenty of other tables I could sit at, and I chose to sit with you, you should be happy that I am here with you-”

“Fine, then if it is such a hassle for you to sit here, then why don’t you sit at one of the other tables?” Andy said massaging her temples with her fingers, feeling more sleepy then she remembered entering the class room.

Sirius smirked at this. ‘Ha, she’ll be regretting that after class…’ “Nah, I think ill stay here with you. But shh! Class is starting!”

As the old and weezing voice of Professor Futuro’s droned on, putting Andy into a deep sleep on the table, Sirius began work on his first prank of the year.


“I’m going to kill you!” Andy yelled as she threw the doors open to the completely full Great Hall, instantly ceasing the conversations of everyone else. Fortunately for Andy, the teachers all had a staff meeting at the present time, so they wouldn’t be back for a little while.

Alex and Jimmy, both who had already started their dinner looked up and saw Andy absolutely fuming in front of the doors.

Everyone else in the Hall was utterly confused except for one person, who insister on smirking at her. That smirk was immediately wiped off his face when she started running full force towards him, before finally tackling him to the ground, pinning him down.

Alex and Jimmy had immediately stood up to try to reach Andy and Sirius, who were now in an all out fist fight on the ground, but were having difficulty because everyone else in the hall stood up as well, crowding around to get a better view and egg them both on.

Andy started with a punch to his face, and then to his stomach, but she was returned with quite a few other punches. The rest of the marauders were standing around them, fully capable of stopping the fight, but decided to let it continue for a few more minutes, just to see what would happen.

Alex and Jimmy finally managed to make their way through the pushing crowd and it took both of them to pry Andy off of Sirius. Alex struggled to hold on to the resisting Andy who still wanted a few more swings at Sirius, before he finally just threw her over his shoulder and held her waist tightly. Jimmy, meanwhile, had also taken a charge at Sirius who was getting up off the ground and brushing himself off. The other marauders decided that they should finally break it up, so James and Remus struggled to pull Jimmy off of Sirius, while Peter helped him up.

“The teachers are coming back!” someone from the crowd shouted.

“Let’s take this back to the Common Room, or we’ll all be in more trouble.” So the seven of them walked back to Gryffindor Tower, well, Alex carried a still kicking Andy, and Remus and James still had to make sure that Jimmy and Sirius didn’t start back up again.

As soon as they reached the Common Room, the fighting began again, but it was less physical, more yelling.

“What the HELL is your problem Sirius?” Andy shouted, now fully standing on the ground, Alex holding her arms though.

“And I thought you could take a joke Pierson.” Sirius scoffed, while James and Remus held back Jimmy.

“I CAN! That was a sick and twisted joke, if you can even call it a joke.” Andy shouted back.

“What did he do to you Andy?” Jimmy asked, still having to be restrained.

“I fell asleep in Divination again, so he thought it would be funny to write something on my forehead, which by the way, took half an hour to get off. So I wake up, everyone is already gone and I leave to drop my stuff in the Common Room so I didnt have to take it to dinner. So, as I am walking down the hall asking myself, how she got THAT idea, a random guy from Hufflepuff comes up to me and says, ‘Hey, would you mind if I watched’ so I just ignored him, but as I kept going, guys and girls started looking at me weird, and finally a painting told me to look in the mirror. You wanna know what was written on my forehead? ‘I wanna bang girls, call me.’ So now the whole damn school thinks I’m lesbian!!(not that theres anything wrong with it.)"Andy shouted, lunging at Sirius again, but only to be stopped by Alex’s grip on her arms.

“Ok, that was not really supposed to happen, I didn’t think that Futuro was one…” Sirius said, “How did I miss that one…” he continued, looking off into space thinking before bursting into laughter.

Jimmy had calmed down slightly, but was still not very happy. “Even for you Black, that was pretty below the belt. I just thought that he had hurt you, then he really would’ve been dead.”

“Um, do you know how much torture I’m going to go through now?” Andy said, still very angry.

“Alright, just take a couple minutes to calm down in your dorm, and you’ll feel better,” Alex said, giving her arm a little squeeze.

“Fine, but you know, your in for it now Black.” Andy said, turning on her heel and heading for the girls dorm, ready to tear apart a pillow.


Andy was now examining herself in the mirror in her dormitory. She had a black eye, a slightly bruised chin, and a cut lip, that had been bleeding rather badly after her fight with Sirius earlier that night. It was now ten o’clock and most of the other Gryffindors were leaving the Common Room and heading to bed, her roommates being some of them.

The door to her dorm opened and three girls came in giggling, but stopped short when they saw her, and her damaged face.

“Oh, you’re here.” One of them, Sally Hayes, said to her with a rather disgusted look.

Andy had never really gotten along with a lot of girls at Hogwarts, she preferred hanging out with guys because the girls could be so caddy.

“What’s it to you?” Andy said coolly, still a little angry after her fight, though it had subsided greatly.

“Well, we just wanted to talk to you,” Logan Miller, another one of her roommates replied with the same disgusted look Sally gave her.

“About what?”

“About you living with us.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Well, we don’t really feel comfortable with you sleeping in here, ya know, with us sleeping here, we just don’t really trust you all that much.”

“You have got to be kidding me.”

“Wish I was, but we don’t want you in here.”

“So what, its not like you can kick me out.”

“Guess not, but we can definitely spread it further what you are. So you wont ever get any guy here again.”

“You know what, I really don’t care. I don’t want to stay here with you guys either.” And with that, Andy snatched the handle of her trunk, and balanced her owl, Sammy’s, cage, pillow(she had destroyed everyone else’s, but hers) and blanket in her other hand, and made her way down to the Common Room.

There were very few occupants at the moment, a couple of fourth years finishing their homework, all who gave her odd looks, luckily Alex and Jimmy were awake as well, both gave her questioning looks as she made her way over, dropping her suitcase by the corner.

“What’s up? You leaving?” Alex asked

“Nope, I’ve been kicked out.” Andy sighed, as she started making a bed for herself on the couch.

“Are you serious? They cant do that to you!” Jimmy said angrily.

“Yeah, whatever, I really don’t want to sleep in the same room as them either. At least I have even less of a walk to meals and stuff.” Andy said, trying to make herself feel better about the situation, though she was unhappy with it herself.

She fluffed the pillow one last time before laying down and pulling the blanket over herself, yawning. “No, this is ridiculous, your not sleeping on the couch in the Common Room for the rest of the year.” Alex said.

“Well if you have another option, it’ll have to wait to the morning, ‘cause I really don’t feel like getting up now.”

“Fine, we’ll just carry you to our room.” Jimmy said, picking her up bridal style with her blanket trailing.

“I cant sleep in your dorm! People could get the wrong idea!”

“Like they haven’t already-” Jimmy returned, only to get punched hard in the arm by Andy.

“Yeah, well, this could only make them think otherwise then, right?” Alex said, grabbing her trunk and her owl’s cage.

“But its not like you guys actually have an extra bed or anything.” She said as they started up the boys dormitories’ stairs.

“We can just get you a mattress and put you between our beds on the floor. It’ll be better then having to wake up to a bunch of kids watching you wondering what the heck your doing sleeping on the couch.” Jimmy said before he kicked the door open to the 6th year boys dorm, and Andy’s new home.

Alex and Jimmy had to share the room with the marauders, who were all sitting playing a game of cards on one of their beds in the corner. They all looked up as the door slammed open, Andy noticing that Sirius was now sporting two black eyes and a cut lip; she smiled at the fact that she had done it.

“What’s she doin in here?” James said rather rudely.

“Well, because of your old pal Sirius and his little joke, Andy is going to be living with us for the rest of the year.” Alex said

“And if any of you have a problem with that, you better lose it, cause shes not going anywhere.” Jimmy said threateningly, laying Andy down on his bed.

“Hey, I thought I was just gunna sleep on the floor, I don’t want to put you out.”

“Nah, its fine for tonight, we’ll get you something in the morning.” Jimmy said, taking out an extra pillow and blanket for himself on the floor, which already seemed to be a mess.

“Alright, well good night all, I’m going to bed. See you in the mornin’.” Remus said pleasantly as he got into his bed.

“Yeah the rest of us too, night.” James said through a yawn as the three other marauders got into their separate beds.

“Night guys, and, thanks for everything.” Andy said sleepily to Jimmy and Alex, who nodded in return, settling in for the night.

‘God, lets hope that not everyday this year is like this…’ Andy’s last thought was before drifting into sleep.


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Chapter 3: Detention..always fun
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Andy awoke to snoring from three different beds, which scared her for a moment until she remembered that she was in the boy’s dormitory. She checked the clock on the nightstand as it flashed 5:00 A.M. Her stomach growled as the scenes of last night flashed in her head. ‘I didn’t get to eat anything. Stupid Sirius…’

She slipped out of the bed and almost stepped on the sleeping form of Jimmy, who was hidden beneath his blanket. She glanced towards Alex’s bed and saw him in the same position. ‘I have two of the best friends anyone could ask for.’ She smiled lightly as she headed to the bathroom for a shower. ‘Wait, since this is an all guys dorm, am I going to be taking showers and doing everything in here? What if they try to see me? Well not Alex and Jimmy, they would never do that to me, but Sirius…he’s such an ass. None of them are up yet, so Ill take one now.’

Andy sighed as she got into the steaming shower, only to step out a few minutes later, dripping from head to toe, wrapped in a white towel. She forgot to bring her change of clothes in with her so she opened the door to the dorm only to be stopped abruptly by Sirius, his hand poised to knock on the door.

A smile crept onto his face when he saw that Andy was only in a towel. “Well, Miss Pierson, this is just a dream come true for you, isn’t it?”

Andy rolled her eyes and brushed past him to her trunk in the corner, pulling the towel closer to her body. “You are such a pig Black. But then again, so are those girls that you date, so I guess they are all good matches for you.”

“Now, that was a pretty lame thing to say Pierson. I was expecting a little better from you. I’ll let you make up for it if you want?”

“You are just further proving my point jackass.” She said pulling out her school uniform and shoes. She stared at them disgusted. “Honestly, why do they make us wear this? I mean, I wouldn’t really mind a school uniform if it just didn’t include a skirt…”

“I know, can you believe those teachers for letting us see that much of your legs?” Sirius said, waggling his eyebrows.

Andy shook her head and rolled her eyes as she walked back to the bathroom to change. As she walked by Sirius who was still in his pajamas, her stomach grumbled rather loudly, reminding both her and Sirius that she had not eaten since lunch time yesterday.

“Little hungry there Pierson?” she heard from Sirius before she shut the door.

“Yeah, yeah, its all your fault too.” She said a couple minutes later walking out and pulling her hair into a pony tail. But instead of being met with the smirking face of Sirius, she was met with his bare back; very muscular bare back.

“Blimey, you change faster then any other girl that I’ve ever known,” he said turning around pulling his shirt down over his head.

“Yeah well I don’t waste my time with make up. I’m just a natural beauty.” She said sarcastically flipping her hair over her shoulder dramatically before pulling it up into a pony tail.

“Well, I’m hungry too, seeing as I hardly got to eat any of my dinner last night either, so lets go down to the kitchens, those house elves are always willing to get you anything you want.” He said while rummaging through his trunk before pulling out a messy folded parchment and tapping it once.

“Alright, but how do you know where the kitchen is? Alex, Jimmy and I have been looking for years.”

“Well that’s for me to know, and you to never find out.” Sirius said, hitting Andy lightly on the forehead with the parchment before heading out the door and out of Gryffindor Tower, Andy following suit.


“Miss Pierson, Mr. Stevens, Mr. Louis, you all missed your detention last night, as did you four.” A very stern McGonnagal said to the seven Gryffindor students sitting in front of her.

“Yeah, well blame it on Sirius-”Andy started, but McGonnagal quickly stopped her, “No, you will not blame anyone else for this Miss Pierson, it is all of your faults that you skipped your detention, and it is all your faults that you will have detention every night until next Wednesday, understood?”

The group all groaned out a “Yes ma’am” before she returned to the front of the room and began their first lesson of the day.


Andy, Alex and Jimmy had made their way down to detention just as eight o’clock had rolled around to find the marauders already waiting and Filch slowly shuffling behind them. “Alright, I need two of yas to clean and mop the second floor girl’s lavatory, Myrtle is upset,” he said with a sneer and a slight chuckle. “and I need three of yas to scrub the bottom and the tops of all four house tables and their benches in the Great Hall. And I need the other two clean the potions supply room, Professor Slughorn says that it hasn’t been cleaned in years and some of the unknown potions have exploded.”

The seven students just stood staring at each other and then back at Filch. “Either you chose, or I will.” He snarled at them after a few moments silence.

“Alright, I will go to the bathroom,” Remus said.

“Yeah I’ll come with you.” Piped up Peter and scurried after Remus to the second floor.

“I’ll take the house tables,” Alex said

“Yeah, I’ll go to,” Jimmy said

“I’ll-”Andy began but was cut off by James, “I’ll take the tables to.” He said quickly, grabbing the buckets and other cleaning supplies and heading for the Great Hall.

“Well then that leaves the two of you for the supply closet.” He said handing Sirius and Andy a bucket full of a wretched smelling green substance. “You’ll need this. Good Luck.” He snarled and waited for them all to go to their designated spots for detention.

Alex and Jimmy both turned and gave Andy sympathetic looks before following in James’ wake. Andy sighed and began down the stairs to the dungeons, the look of pure satisfaction on the faces of both Filch and Sirius.


When the two opened the door to the supply closet, both their hands went flying to their noses, trying to hide them from the smell that rivaled that of the green substance.

“Let’s just get this over with, alright?” Andy said, grudgingly sticking her hand into the bucket and pulling out a moldy old rag. She gagged.

“Oh you cant tell me that you wont enjoy this. After all, you are here with me.” Sirius said, showing his usual smirk and leaning against the wall. “And besides, it has only been 4 years since this place has been cleaned. James and I did it in our second year. When we did it, it hadn’t been cleaned in over ten. So you think this is bad…think again love.”

“Well congratulation to you guys. And don’t call me that again.” Andy said pointing a finger at him before dropping to her knees and collecting shards of broken glass.

The two worked in silence for the first few minutes. Well, Andy worked in silence, Sirius continued to lean against the doorway and watched her struggle. “Are you going to start working, or are you going to make me throw this nasty thing at you?” Andy said, picking up the rag.

Sirius gave a slight smile and a wink before he started clearing the shelves. Andy was kneeling on broken glass and her irritation made her not feel the few pieces that managed to stick into her hands and legs. Sirius looked back at her as he returned from the hallway, putting the jars of god-knows-what there, shocked to see Andy’s hand bleeding.

“Um, do you realize that you have a rather large chunk of glass in your hand?” he asked her as if she was stupid.

Andy looked down, pulled the glass and other pieces she now found out, performed the simple healing charm Madame Pomphry had taught her, and got back to working; the cuts fully healed.

Sirius looked at her in disbelief. How did she not notice that? Most other girls would be crying from it by now. She didn’t even feel it, and then acted as if it were no big deal to have glass stuck in you. He was more distracted in those thoughts that he was not paying very close attention to what he was doing and by the time he walked out of the closet he had five poorly balanced jars in his hand, one shattered on the ground, and a very angry looking Andy staring up at him.

But she wasn’t very angry for long…


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Chapter 4: Who is in bed with who?
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“O crap, sorry Andy, are you alright?” Sirius asked, seriously (no pun intended), not a usual tone for the boy.

“Why of course I’m ok. You have really nice eyes by the way. They are all mysterious and everything. And you’re really handsome. You’re so tall and muscular.” Andy said, staring up at Sirius in magnificence, a hint of lust present in her gaze.

Sirius bent down and picked up the crinkled paper that was once attached to the vial he spilled on Andy. He read the faded writing and mentally slapped himself. This. This or all potions he had to drop on the girl he rivaled in school. “Oh boy…” he muttered.

“What? There’s nothing wrong here,” Andy said, advancing on him. He continued to back away from her until his back hit the door. “Come on Sirius, your hot and since when have you ever resisted a girl willing to do anything with you?” she said seductively, placing her hands on his tie, beginning to undo it.

‘Well, she’s right. But, I can’t take advantage of her after she got hit by a love potion. She is kind of hot though….No, I can’t that’s stupid, and I’m not like that.’ His thoughts and Andy’s pushy hands were halted by a hard shove on the other side of the door they were leaning on, causing Sirius to topple over on top of Andy. She only returned it with a giggle, obviously pleased with him landing on her.

“We have come to save you fair maiden from the wicked-” Alex stopped mid-sentence after stepping into the closet in a fake chivalrous manner with Jimmy and seeing Sirius laying on top of Andy.

The two boys ripped the Marauder off their best friend, thinking he was doing the worst.

“What the hell do you think your doing Black? I thought we told you that if you tried anything we would kill you. Was that not clear enough to get through that thick skull of yours?” Jimmy yelled, knocking Sirius’ head after Alex shoved him against the empty shelves.

“Oh there’s nothing wrong here, “Andy piped up. “Sirius was doing exactly what we both wanted,” she said walking towards Sirius and making for a kiss, which he just pushed away.

“Wh-” Alex and Jimmy both said, clearly confused by what was happening.

“A bottle knocked over and she got hit by the love potion inside it. I was obviously the first person she saw and she came at me, but I tried to hold her off. Then you two knocked the door open that we were leaning on. It knocked me over and I just fell on her, nothing else happened.” The other two boys looked at him skeptically. “It was nothing, we did nothing. Now can we please just get her to the Hospital Wing and get the counter potion before she decides to tear me apart.”

Alex seemed to think on it for a moment before nodding and throwing Andy over his shoulder, keeping her away from Sirius.

The four walked the way in silence aside from the occasional whine from Andy of not being allowed to be with her love Sirius. ‘Oh how great leverage this will be.’ Sirius thought, a smirk present on his face.

They reached the Hospital Wing, disrupting a rather grumpy and tired Madame Pomphrey. “I swear, if it is not one of you boys, it is one of you three.” She grumbled, surveying Andy’s constant grabs and whines for Sirius.

“That was a rather strong one she had, so this antidote might take a lot out of her.” She said, pouring out a little liquid from a black bottle shaped like a heart. She handed it to Andy to drink.

Andy looked at it curiously before shrugging, winking at Sirius, and downing the potion. Her head jerked down on to the pillow of the bed she was sitting on, as if she were in a trance.

Alex and Jimmy went to help her back up, but, returning to her normal state, she pushed the two away, rubbing her palm on her aching forehead and sitting up again. “Uhh, what happened? It feels like I just got his by a brick wall.” She said, continuing to rub her forehead.

“Well, ding-dong here, dropped a love potion next to you and you inhaled it. It was just a really strong one, so it took more to get you out of it.” Jimmy informed her.

“You might be a bit woozy for the rest of the night, but you’ll be fine by tomorrow morning. Now off to bed all of you. Its getting late.” Madame Pomphrey said, shooing them out of the ward.

“Nice going Black, really, good thinking, balancing a lot of bottles of potions.” Alex said as the four started for their Common Room.

“you know what Stevens-“ Sirius began but the two’s arguing was cut off by Andy.

“Oh shut up, the both of you. Even though Alex is right. No one really cares about it at the moment, and I have a huge headache. I cant listen to this.” Andy groaned, frustrated.

They continued on in a silence a little less then comfortable. That is until Andy felt dizzy and grabbed the wall for support. “Andy, are you alright?” Alex asked concerned. He always was sort of a big brother towards her. Always standing up for her, in a cute way that brothers do for sisters, not always necessary, but welcome none-the-less.

“Yeah, fine. Just a bit dizzy like-“ but Andy’s vision suddenly went hazy until complete darkness overwhelmed her.

She woke up what seemed to be seconds later to a light shifting and bouncing, realizing she was being carried. She looked up to see Alex’s relieved face smiling down at her.

“Good, glad your back up.”

“Where are we going?”

“Back to the hospital Wing. I don’t think fainting is a normal side-effect of this.”

“No! I’m not going back. It was nothing, alright? I don’t need Pomphrey again. Just put me down and I’ll be alright. Let me just sleep it off.”

Alex paused for a moment, the other two boys doing so as well. He seemed to be contemplating it before he reluctantly placed Andy gently on her feet. She swayed slightly, but regained her composure quickly.

Without another word she just continued in the opposite direction, headed for the Gryffindor common room, acting as if she weren’t going to faint again.

She collapsed on the couch as soon as she got to the common room, not able to bear the headache much further. Jimmy lifted her head just enough so that he could slide in and rest it in his lap. “Here, mum showed me how to get rid of headaches a bit easier.” Jimmy started doing something, but Andy was no longer aware of it.

As much as she couldn’t stand the headache, she couldn’t bear the thought of her parents either. Every time they were brought up in the slightest way, she just seemed to shut down. No one knew anything of her parents, or the fact that they were dead poor and Andy was basically left in the summer to work for any of the money she would need. The money her parents got, after all, was spent on alcohol.

It wasn’t a surprise that she was constantly hiding her bruises from people at work or at the beginning of the year. She never told anyone about it though, not wanting their pity and knowing that they wouldn’t understand. But she was happy here with Alex and Jimmy, and decided not to kill their fun as well.

She began dozing off where she was and didn’t even bother to try to resist the sleep that was coming over her.


She woke up the next morning with an incredibly warm feeling. She rolled around on the bed she was on to come face-to-face with a sleeping Alex. She managed to keep herself from screaming long enough to figure out what probably happened. ‘Wait, I didn’t fall asleep in a bed, that was a couch. So someone brought me up here.’

“Um, Alex?” Andy asked cautiously. She made a move to lean against her elbows, but the hand she was not previously aware of around her hips pulled her back. Andy stifled a laugh. “Good morning gorgeous.” She said, mustering up a seductive voice she didn’t know she had.

A smile crept upon Alex’s face as he pulled her tighter to himself, his very shirtless, muscular self. Andy held her hand clamped over her mouth to keep herself from bursting out in laughter. She cocked her head to the side slightly to see Alex’s smiling face.

His eyes slowly fluttered open and for a moment, seeing a girl in his bed, made him keep his smile. It slowly dripped off his face as his vision focused and he discovered the girl in his bed to be his best friend.

Andy finally let the laughter she was holding in explode from her lips. Alex’s face turning into a bright red, laughing nervously and rather embarrassed. “So who were you dreaming about?” Andy asked once she had controlled her laughter.

“No one,” Alex said. “Just- no one,” he sighed rather disappointedly.

Andy’s smile faltered for a moment at his tone, but seeing Alex’s smile return, her’s beamed right back at him.

“Come on, get up bub. I’ll ask you about what happened last night later…”she said, smiling and rolling her eyes playfully at him. “But I’m absolutely starving at the moment and could go for a very large breakfast,” she said, patting his chest and sitting up. She yanked the curtains back that were surrounding the bed to be met by the odd stares of the rest of the boys of the dormitory.

“Well, well, well…” James said clicking his tongue in mock disappointment.

“Oh, so you’ll shag Alex, but not me? I thought we had something, especially after last night.” Sirius said, wiggling his eyebrows.

“Was that a hint of jealousy I just detected from Mr. Sirius Black?” Jimmy asked.

“Yeah. How does Alex get legs like that, and I don’t?” Sirius said, looking Andy up and down.

“Watch it Black.” Andy said threateningly. She grabbed her towel and quickly took over the bathroom before the boys could.

She placed a locking charm on the door, so hopefully they wouldn’t get in. She was sure that Alex and Jimmy would guard the door for her anyways. It was those Marauders she worried about…

Andy stepped out of the boys’ bathroom fifteen minutes later, fully clothed and ready for the day. She was surprised to see that Remus also looked as though he had showered.

“Finally.” Sirius muttered as the other five boys trudged sleepily into the bathroom.

“Well, she is quicker then most girls are.” James said.

“Oh what would you know Potter, as I recall, Lily has yet to say yes to any of your requests.” Andy said, smiling at him.

“Oh real funny girl.” He said smiling back and flicking her head.

The rest of the boys started their showers as Andy and Remus sat in an awkward silence, waiting for them so they could go to breakfast. But Andy was too hungry to wait any longer.

“You want to go grab breakfast? I have a feeling that they are going to be a while, and frankly I don’t feel like waiting any more.”

“Yeah, sure,” Remus said, smiling at her.

As they began the long walk down from Gryffindor Tower to the Great Hall, Andy began to notice how pale Remus was. He looked to have a few rough scratches just healing in random places on his face.

“So, how’d you get up so early this morning. I didn’t even hear you.” Andy asked, breaking another silence between the two.

“I don’t know. I’m used to getting up early, with the sun you know.” Remus said, looking down at his feet.

“I could never do that. Normally it takes for ever for me to get out of bed. Sometimes if I cant sleep though, and I’m up that early, I like to go for a run. It always seems to calm me, and I like how it is in the early morning. No one’s really around, or being annoying. Running gives me some sort of freedom, ya know. I usually do it here though, I cant really do it at home…” Andy paused, she too taking the moment to look down at her feet. She gave a depressed sigh. “I’m sorry, I’m blabbering. I just don’t like awkward silences.” She said, returning her gaze to Remus’ beaming figure. He chuckled slightly.

“Well you certainly know how to avoid them don’t you?” he said.

“Excuse me? Are you telling me that I talk a lot?” Andy said, feigning hurt.

Remus’ grin grew wider as the two pushed open the doors to the Great Hall.

There were only a few students there that early, including a couple of teachers, so it was relatively quiet.

The two began piling food on their plates and eating for the first couple of moments in silence. Andy took a sip of her goblet of orange juice and looking up at Remus, who had stuck a couple of pieces of pointed bacon in his mouth to make him look like a vampire. Well, he actually looked nothing like one, and that was what made him look so funny. Unfortunately for Remus though, Andy was one of the people who would burst out laughing at that type of thing, and the poor boy was sprayed with a shower of orange juice. He sat there, dripping wet, one of the bacon pieces falling out, with his eyes closed, as Andy laughed harder at his appearance.

She fell over sideways on to the bench, shoulders shaking uncontrollably with laughter. Finally composing herself, she picked herself up to sit back up-right and look back at Remus. She couldn’t help but smile at how he didn’t seem to care about taking a second shower of the day, this time in orange juice.

He was wiping the juice from his glasses when the rest of the group came down.

“Moony, why are you so wet?” Sirius asked as the Marauders sat on Remus’ side, Alex and Jimmy on either side of Andy.

Andy broke into a fresh fit of laughter at this, falling against Jimmy as Remus finished wiping himself off and laughing slightly.

“Well, what can I say? The orange juice just has a thing for me.” Remus said, beaming wider as Andy continued to laugh so hard.

The rest of the group just looked at the two as if they had gone mental and began eating their breakfast. The group all shared their first class of the day, Potions.

“Alright, come on kiddies, its Potions project time. O joy…” Andy said in a dull tone as she stood up from the bench in the Hall.

The 6th year Gryffindors, with the exception of Peter and a few others, trudged their way down to the dungeons for the worst class of their day.


Herbology had finally ended and it was now time for lunch. ‘Just about time too.’ Andy thought, her stomach growling. She poked at it unsatisfied as she and Remus made their way from the Gryffindor Common Room from dropping their things off.

“So, what did happen between you and Alex last night?” Remus asked with a curious look in his eye.

Andy shrugged. “Not really anything, according to Alex. He said that I basically passed out on Jimmy and so Jimmy brought me up to the dorm. Alex says he must have forgotten that I was in his bed and that he was just really tired, so he didn’t realize that I was in his bed. I trust him though, he’s been my best friend for ages.”

Remus nodded before Andy changed the subject. “Quidditch tryouts on Saturday. You going to finally join your mates this year, or are you just going to watch again?” Andy asked. She was a beater, with Stephen Carding, a 5th year, and they made a great team. As everyone knew James was Seeker, and Sirius the unbeatable Keeper. He never let anything by and James always secured the win. Remus didn’t play and Andy had only seen him on his broom once or twice. There were two spots open for chaser, and Peter had always tried out (ending up in the Hospital Wing almost every year) but more for moral support (really un-needed support). Remus seemed to never really show quite as much of an interest for the game as his two best friends though.

“I’ll just watch again. Wouldn’t want to get in anyone’s way, especially James’. He’s fretting as it is being captain. If he has to cut a good friend, I would only be putting more pressure on him.”

Remus always thought that way. So self-less, always for others, never himself first. He was so logical, so kind. It was a wonder he was friends with those Marauders.

“Well that’s very considerate of you. But I guess it looks like just me and Stephen to hold intelligent conversations this year.” Andy said with a fake, haughty sound to her voice while she flipped her long ponytail dramatically over her shoulder. She was always so sarcastic, one of her many flaws, she thought she had; along with her clumsiness. Her sarcasm often got her in trouble with teachers and her parents, but again, that’s another story…

The two walked into the Great Hall smiling at each other. The rest of the Marauders were being joined by their usual fan club, while Alex and Jimmy were at the opposite end of the long table. Remus and Andy said their good-byes’ before joining their regular groups for lunch.

Andy looked confused slightly at the mischievous looks Andy and Jimmy were wearing when she took a seat on the opposite side of the table.“What are you two up to?”

“How about a welcome back prank for the Marauders?” Alex said, his grin growing wider.

“Oh, what do you have planned?” Andy asked, her curiosity getting the best of her.

“Well…” Jimmy began, sharing a glance with Alex before the three put their heads together in low whispers.

“Come dinner time, those boys wont even know what hit ‘em.” Andy said triumphantly.

And the three began working out the finer details so everything would be just perfect for their first major prank of the year…


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Chapter 5: Ahh, the Sweet Sound of Victory
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Three lessons later and the entire student body made their way for the Great Hall for a much needed dinner. As utensils clanged against dishes and extra helpings of food were served on to the plates, 4 large buckets of ice water floated above a certain group of students, unnoticed.

Within seconds, and a flip of the wrist, the buckets all tipped on to their unfortunate targets just below. Suddenly, the silverware of those four individuals sprang to life and began cutting away at the clothing, stripping the boys to their boxers, in the chubbier boys’ case, his tighty-whities.

The utensils continued and soon enough all the boys were grabbing for anything they could to cover up, after all, we all know what happens to boys’ *ahems* when they get wet…

The Hall was filled with a silence before a wolf-whistle broke it, causing the entire room to erupt into laughter. The Marauders entire bodies seemed to go red with embarrassment as they clung to the plates and bowls that covered them.

Andy, Alex and Jimmy were of course getting the most satisfaction out of this situation. Andy glanced up to the staff table to see some professors shaking their heads disapprovingly, but smiling nonetheless, while others didn’t even try to hide it, laughing out right.

Dumbledore had that familiar glint in his eye as he surveyed the happy students, a cheerful smile spread across his lips.

A banner appeared in front of the four boys who were figuring a way to run out of the hall with as little exposure as possible. It read:

Welcome back boys.
Better watch yourselves,
because it won’t be an easy year.

A big cartoon face appeared on the banner, winking at them all, sticking its tongue out before the whole thing disappeared with a pop.

The Marauders scurried as quickly as possible out of the Hall filled with hundreds of laughing students.

“Ah, the sweet sound of victory,” Andy said, beaming. She put a hand to her ear, signifying the giggles of girls and the hoarse laughter of the boys throughout the hall.

“And we beat them to the first big prank of the year. That’s it, we’re taking this year. No more falling second behind those four. So what’s next?” Alex said, rubbing his hands together eagerly.

“Sheesh, chill for just a few seconds between them mate. We only just pulled one.” Jimmy said, finally digging into his dinner.

“Yeah, he’s right. We’ll pull a few smaller ones before the next. And it’ll be even easier now that I’m staying in your dorm. My, are those boys going to be waking up to some awful things…” Now it was Andy’s turn to look eager and mischievous.

“And we can’t really underestimate them. They’ll figure it was us and we might go through a bit of hell also. Remember third year. After we locked them in a room with Moaning Myrtle and Sulking Sarah? Sarah just about ripped their clothes off. At least Dumbledore made her leave the school, but remember what they did to us after? I couldn’t sit down for a week…” Jimmy said, shuttering at the thought.

“Yeah, yeah. Well they still haven’t even reached the second and third part of this, so I guess your right, we can wait.” Alex said.

“Ah, yes. Parts Two and Three. That should be a lovely time as well.” Andy said, laughing at what their reactions will be.

The three finished their dinner and returned to their Common room, the buzz of the earlier events still catching their ears in the corridors.

“That was a little more of Pettigrew then I’d ever want to see, let me tell you…” A younger student reminisced in slight disgust to another girl who had not been there.

Victorious smiles adorned their faces as they entered the Common Room to find the Marauders in Phase Two, exactly as planned: in the middle of the room, on display for everyone to see them in all their glory. Well, more like in all their underwear.

Their bodies were being forced to pose in various positions that were really not flattering. A Silencing Charm had been put on them, so even though they looked to be screaming (especially obscenities) furiously, not a word was being heard by the other Gryffindors.

“Ahh. If we are getting this good of a reaction for this second part, can you imagine what tomorrow will be like?” Alex said, thinking happily of the second part of the prank.

The Three sat down on the couch in front of the posing Marauders, all of whom were glaring at them for beating them to the first big one of the year. They sat there, taunting the embarrassed boys until the Common Room emptied around 10:30, with the exception of a few girls still fawning over the revealed Marauders.

With departing ‘Good Nights’ to the other four, Alex, Andy, and Jimmy headed up to the boys dormitory. They finally moved the extra four-poster from another years’ room, so Andy had her own place to sleep. They all fell asleep to the wonderful thoughts of how great their prank was and would be tomorrow.

The charm wore off at midnight, and the Marauders, being the only ones left awake, trudged up to the room, too tired to even begin to think about revenge at the moment.


Andy, Alex, and Jimmy awoke to the horrified screams of the four boys they shared the dorm with. Without even opening their hangings they knew what the boys were screaming about. The three other pranksters had put another charm on them, so that all day, they would look like girls and talk like girls.

And we aren’t talking about just any girl, not like Andy, but more like the girls that Andy originally shared her dorm with; prissy, high-maintenance girls.

“You three!” Sirius yelled, well more like a witch that slightly resembled Sirius yelled. He…she, had long black hair, lots of make up already on, a very large chest with an open shirt and very short skirt with knee socks. She had the whole slutty school girl look. Not to mention, long, pink nails.

“You rang?” Andy asked innocently, peaking out from her curtains.

“You’re going to regret this.” James said from across the room in front of the mirror. He was examining his very similar appearance to Sirius, only he had short, curly, brown hair. He turned around and roughly grabbed his bedpost. “Ow! I broke a nail!”

That just sat Alex, Andy, and Jimmy off. They burst into laughter, falling down on their beds as the four boys…girls, stared angrily back at them.

“Seriously, that was like three times in less then 24 hours. That is a bit unfair.” Remus, or should I say Rachel, said before bursting into tears. He had wavy blonde hair and lots of makeup on as well. Her shirt, if possible, was even lower then the rest, and looked as if it were about to burst open any second. “What the heck? Why am I crying? Is this what girls do when they get the slightest bit upset?” Rem-uh-Rachel said through the buckets of tears she was pouring out.

Andy was still in a fit of laughter when she looked at Peter. She didn’t know if she should keep laughing harder, or throw-up. Before her stood Peter, who still looked like a boy, only in girl clothes and looking like a wannabe. Not like he already isn’t one, but it was just more obvious in girl form. He was wearing a lot of makeup, though it was more colorful, like he should be dressed in a clown outfit instead.
His hair just looked as if it had been left to grow out, and he was just as pudgy, if not more, then he was before. He was standing nervously in the corner, biting his nails, which were a rather disgusting and gaudy red.

“Well, I guess we should go down to breakfast, eh?” Jimmy said, offering to the Marauders as well.

The three just laughed some more as they were basically glared out of the room.

Andy poked her head back in the dorm quickly before the door shut. “Oh, and I wouldn’t try removing it. You won’t be able to get it off and you might make it worse.” She was silenced by a rather forcefully thrown pillow.


The day was one of the best Alex, Andy and Jimmy had experienced since they had been at Hogwarts. Not only did their prank on the Marauders make them stay like girls all day, but made it so that they went to every class, instead of skipping, because, honestly, where’s the joy in looking like girls if no one gets to see it?

The Marauders had not taken Andy’s last words of advice either. They tried to remove the charm, but it only stuck them in high heels for the rest of the day, not to mention fish-net tights to go along perfectly with their slutty outfits.

As Andy returned back to their dormitory with Alex and Jimmy to start some homework, she realized that she had left something back in her old room, so she walked to the 6th year girls’ dorm and began searching around her old bed. She was thankful that it had been empty when she entered, but was now wishing she hadn’t come at all, the old girls having just walked in.

“So you know what I think Andy? I think that you only turned those Marauders into girls for your pleasure, you figure that you could only get them this way now, since your recent coming out. It was pretty pathetic actually, can’t believe you would really sink that low. But no matter, you’ll never take Sirius away, because he’ll be mine soon.” Samantha said, Vicky behind her, sneering at Andy. Lily was beginning to ignore the confrontation and go back to her own bed, looking slightly uncomfortable.

“Look Samantha,” Andy began, putting on a fake smile. “I know you’re just jealous that I am sleeping in the same dorm as the Marauders and not you any more, but you’re going to have to get over it, because I don’t like girls that way. And besides, I thought you and Vicky had something going here.” Andy smiled back smugly at the angry looks on the two girls’ faces.

Her search for her book was suddenly halted though because she was being sent through the dormitory’s door, Samantha and Vicky’s wands both pointed at her. The force of both spells hitting her caused her to fly through the closed door, slam against the wall of the stairway, and began tumbling down the flight of stairs to the Common Room. She landed on each step with a sickening thud or snap. She finally sopped at the bottom, aching, her body racked with pain as she was strewn across the carpet, arms and legs twisted everywhere.

Her vision was going in and out as she was able to identify two floating figures above her to be Alex and Jimmy. She was also able to pick out four odd-looking and very busty girls looking over her.

After a few moments of blurriness and unclarity, her vision focused and her hearing was able to differentiate words and voices from on another. She saw Alex and jimmy the closest to her with intense looks of worry on their faces as they asked what happened and is she was alright. She bit down hard, knowing that if she didn’t get up she would be taken to the Hospital Wing, and she certainly didn’t want to go there.

Clenching her jaw and her aching fists together, she slowly disentangled herself and made it, herself, into sitting up position. Though with such excruciating pain, she almost couldn’t bear it and thought that she would collapse at any moment. She shook her aching head and picked herself, painfully, up off the ground. Hands were coming out of everywhere, trying to help her, but she did all that she could to push them away. She was strong and didn’t accept help from anyone.

She leaned against the wall, shutting her eyes, blocking the pain and everything else from her head. She was not going to the Hospital Wing, no matter how much she hurt. There was probably nothing wrong anyways and going would be pointless and weak. She squeezed her eyes tighter for a brief moment before opening them completely.

Everyone, aside from Alex and Jimmy had backed off, though it was clearly visible that the rest of the Common Room was watching them out of the corners of their eyes.

“Andy?” Alex said, touching her arm lightly, though it felt as if he has hit her as hard as he could. “Are you alright? You fell down the entire flight of stairs. We heard a big crash before you fell too. What happened?” he said, worry filling both his and jimmy’s eyes.

“It’s nothing, got into a fight with Samantha and Vicky again. Don’t worry about it, I’m fine.” She said with as much strength as she could muster up, though it wasn’t very much.

“I bet if you look this bad, you probably murdered those two whimps.” Jimmy said, trying to make her feel better.

She laughed slightly, but the movement killed her stomach and ribs. She winced slightly, but disguised it as she painfully reached up to feel blood streaking down from her lip. “I think I’m just going to go to bed. Kinda tired and I really don’t feel like doing homework. I’ll catch you guys in the morning though.” She paused before stepping up to the boys’ side. “We really did have a good prank, didn’t we?” she cracked a little smile.

The two boys smiled proudly back at her, knowing that she would be ok without their help. She always was. If she were ever injured in Quidditch or any thing else, she would never allow anyone to help her, she wouldn’t even go to the Hospital Wing for bad things, such as this, not like it happened often, but still.

She would put up a strong front, one that could never be penetrated by pain or even by her own friends.

The two boys sighed as they returned to their table in the corner, finishing their homework. They even decided to write Andy’s Herbology essay, knowing that she would end up trying to do it five minutes before class.

They headed off to bed a little earlier then usual. After all, they were missing someone who was irreplaceable, they got kind of bored.

The curtains to Andy’s bed were closed shut, so the boys knew not to bother her. Behind those curtains Andy laid wide awake, the pain finally seeping in. She ached all over. One of her wrists looked as if an elephant (or even Peter for that matter) had stepped on it. It was starting to swell and was black and blue. It, thankfully, was not her club hand. She used her beaters bat in her right hand, which was much better then her other, it only hurt when she twisted it, not all the time.

Her legs, well they were a different story. She couldn’t understand how she managed to get up, let alone walk on them before. Having lain in bed motionless for hours already, they were getting sore and hurting constantly. It felt as if she had broken almost all the toes in her right foot and she had to snap her left pinky toe back into place.

Every breathe she took was Hell. Her ribs seemed to be crushing her lungs and she felt as though her head was going to pop form the migraine that seemed to be intensifying every moment.

Andy was in for a long night…


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Chapter 6: Pain: Its physical and emotional
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The rest of the week went by as ordinary as it could. Well, aside from the fact that every move Andy made was filled with pain. Alex and Jimmy knew this but were denied the opportunity to help every time it was brought up.

Their prank was the talk of the school for some time. Left and Right they were hearing new stories of what happened and some pretty good imitations of the girly Marauders were shown in the halls between classes. Even though the charm had worn off during the night after their “Transformation” people still seemed to enjoy it.

Andy wasn’t holding back either. Almost every dung bomb she had was gone; she had used her fake vomit on numerous occasions as well, and scared the living daylights out of Peter with a rubber snake in his bed one night. (When he went screaming out of the dorm, it sounded as if he had been turned back into a girl.)

The three certainly had the Marauders looking over their shoulders every where they went.


Saturday arrived, along with Quidditch tryouts that were scheduled for that afternoon. She’d been on the team since second year, and was looking forward to winning a 4th straight Quidditch Cup.

She loved it, and she was good, really good. The rush she got when she was flying was indescribable. She couldn’t put it into words. Then, there was hitting one of those nasty little bludgers at people; let’s just say it was a good anger outlet. She was quite consistent and very precise with her hits. She could hit anyone on the field she wanted to and most of the time they didn’t even have a chance to react.

About a dozen kids from all years were standing in front of them for a chance at the two open spots.

“Alright, since it is only two spots for Chaser, we will do some basic catching and throwing for a warm-up. If at all I tap you on the back, your tryout will be over and thank you for coming out.” James said in an authoritative voice that rivaled Lily Evans’.

‘Then again, he is always watching her…’ Andy thought. It was true James bugged the hell out of Lily since their first year. He claimed he loved her and all he wanted was for her to go out with him on just one date….so far, he had turned up with zero positive responses.

The dozen candidates paired up and started tossing the Quaffle back and forth about fifty feet off the ground. After they had warmed-up, two first years who had once been looking hopeful, sulked off the Pitch.

James set up a weave passing drill down the length of the field and once it was over, four people were leaving as well.

The remaining six stood in front of the returning team, slightly intimidated by how good they were. “Alright, now you will be shooting on Sirius. You’ll each get ten shots and we will make our final decision from there as to who will be the two new Chasers for the Gryffindor Quidditch Team!” James said in excitement, rubbing his hands together. He paused, waiting for them to get into the air, which they were doing very slowly. “Come on! Hop to People!” he shouted making the youngest girl there jump.

They all flew off towards the hoops, Sirius included. James threw up the Quaffle and they shot down the line. They were lucky if they even managed to score twice on Sirius. He really was the best.

The younger girl (who turned out to be a third year) was the best of the lot, no matter how timid looking she was. She managed to score three times on Sirius, though one of them looked as though Sirius hadn’t been trying very hard. But aside from that, she was clearly the best.

Then there was a toss-up between two boys, both who did the next best, scoring twice. One was a fifth year that Andy knew to be nice. The second was a seventh year. He’d tried out every year and seemed to throw a temper-tantrum every year when he didn’t make it. He also wasn’t doing very well in classes, even this early in the year. There was also a rumor going around that he had abused his old girlfriend.

The team put their heads together (literally). “Ok, so that Jamie girl is definitely in.” James said. Everyone nodded their heads in agreement.

“So now it is between Adam, the 7th year or Ben the 5th year. I think Ben would be better. What do you guys think?”

“From what I’ve heard, Adam is a jerk, and I think Ben has more room for improvement. Not to mention, we won’t lose him after only one year.” Andy said. Everyone nodded with her.

“Ben Cullen it is then!” James said. He clapped his hands in the middle of the huddle, everyone breaking away to look at the hopeful candidates.

“First of all, I’d like to thank each and every one of you for trying out. It was pretty difficult, but we believe we have chosen the best two. Those two are Jamie Bellen and Ben Cullen. Congratulations to the both of you, and once again, thank you to all who tried out.” James announced.

Smiles of joy and relief appeared on the two new team members faces, others were filled with disappointment, and one was filled with anger.

“What’s your problem Potter?” Adam yelled. “I’m older. I’m better. What the Hell do you think you are doing giving my spot to a stupid 5th year?”

The newly appointed Chaser Ben, hid as much as he could behind the people around him.

“Well, there are two things wrong with that statement. First, you are certainly not better then Ben. He is good and with a little work, will be a whole lot better then you ever could be. Second, if you think you deserve it because your older, then you might want to start acting older because people might get the wrong idea.” James retorted, getting angrier by the second.

Sirius stood faithfully behind his best friend and captain. The rest of the team looked proud of James as well. Andy could see Adam’s hand squeeze his wand, but hers was out quicker, painfully, for she had to twist one of her injured wrists.

“You wanna try it?” Andy said, her voice threatening, while her wand pointed at Adam’s head.

Adam released his wand and with a roll of his eyes, was stalking off the Pitch and back towards the school.

“Hmmm…Now do I want to try it?” Sirius said, his usual smirk appearing.

“Well that depends. Would you still like to have kids?” And Andy moved her leg to kick, but was satisfied with the horrified expression and Sirius’ move to protect himself.

“Alright, that’s enough you two.” James said, shaking his head at the fighting that would be occurring often like this between the two. “So since that didn’t take that long and we still have the Pitch reserved for another hour and a half, we’ll have our first practice. Carding, Pierson, go get the equipment and your bats. The rest of your let’s fly a couple of laps around the posts.”

Andy and Stephen brought out the set of balls from their locker room, making sure to be as slow as possible in order to avoid the countless amount of laps James’ would make them do.

“So, what do you think of the new ones. Think they’ll be good?” Andy asked on their way.

“Yeah I guess so. The third year seems pretty decent. The other one will need a bit of work, but nothing ol’ cap’n James can’t whip him into. Plus he also has Chris to help him out. And, after all, Chris has been the highest scoring Chaser for the whole school for the past two years.” They set the chest of balls on the ground with a thud.

“Gosh, took you long enough.” Sirius said, going over to it and extracting the Quaffle.

“Alright, how about Sirius, Chris, Jamie, Ben and I will work on a few passing plays. Pierson, Carding, make those target things you did last year and do your exercises. Don’t slack just because I’m with them. I’m still keeping an eye on you.” James said, sounding very dictator-like.

“Yes ma’am,” Andy said, saluting him.

“Knock it off and get to work. You of all people could use the most work here. And if you’re not up to snuff this year, I won’t be afraid to get someone else.” James said. He turned his back to Andy, smirking at Sirius.

The both of them knew that Andy would put twice as much effort into the practice now. It wasnt that she thought she was endangered of actually being kicked off the team, but more like she had to prove James wrong. ‘That stupid pride of hers is always blinding her…’ Sirius thought.

The team went to their directed exercises, Andy, indeed working twice as hard.

About halfway through the practice, Andy was lining up her shot, the bludger coming right at her in the perfect position for her to hit.

“Andy! Heads up!” she heard called down the field, from the rest of the team with the Quaffle.

She turned just in time to duck the Quaffle thrown at her head, but when she turned back to the bludger, she wasn’t able to find it. That was only for a split second however, the rocketing ball connecting with her stomach. If Andy had not lost her breathe, she would have screamed so loud they would have heard her on the South Pole. Not only did that hurt, but combined with her previous fall still lingering pain, it was horrible.

Instead, all she could do was flail her arms in desperation as the force drove her off her broom, sending her plummeting towards the Earth.

Andy had never been more spooked in her life (or in so much pain). She wasn’t frightened, oh no, she never got frightened, just spooked a bit. She closed her eyes, awaiting the impact that would surely kill her. But it never came. Instead her fall was ceased by a pair of arms catching her, painfully, but she wasn’t dead from hitting the ground.

Her eyes were still squeezed shut, more from forcing down the tears that were waiting to spill. Once she was sure that they were gone, and she was able to handle the pain, she opened them. Her eyes met Sirius’ as he was slowly descending to the ground, her body still wrapped rather limply in his muscular arms.

His feet touched the ground and the light shake seemed to take her out of the slight trance she was in, staring at his hair. ‘Why is it so perfect?’ she thought. She then realized what she said and was completely horrified, ‘NO! I did NOT just say that!’

“You alright Pierson?” Sirius asked, genuinely worried.

“Uh, yeah, just peachy.” The rest of the team joined around them.

“I’m so sorry Andy!” Ben said. He was looking extremely horrified about the fact that he just hurt a team mate on his first practice.

“Oh, don’t worry about it. No real harm done on your part anyway. It was the dang bludger. Now, if I had a word with that…” she said threatening the inanimate object, and making Ben feel better. She suddenly realized that she was sitting quite comfortably in Sirius’ arms. “Ok Black. Time to put me down.”

Sirius looked at her one last time, as if silently asking if she were ok. She nodded and he set her gently on her feet. Gravity was now killing her; it put the weight Sirius had been supporting on her stomach and she was, once again, resisting the urge to hold herself to release the some of the pain.

“Alright then. It’s about time to go anyways. We’ll be practicing every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday 5-7:30. So I guess I’ll see you all on Tuesday.” James said.

Andy graciously followed James and the rest of the team into the locker rooms and they headed up to the Gryffindor Common Room.

They had just passed through the great oak doors at the front of the school when a distressed McGonagall came up to them, cloak sweeping back and forth behind her.

“Miss Pierson. If I could have a moment please.” She said, her tone not even resembling the normal stern one she used when talking to Andy.

“Yeah, sure.” She led Andy a couple of feet away from the rest of the group, though only Sirius, James and Stephen waited.

“There is no easy way to say this, so I think I will just have to come right out and say it.” She paused, looking slightly awkward.

“What? Are we breaking up or something?” Andy asked, trying to get the teacher to loosen up, though she herself was slightly unnerved by the professor’s sudden change.

“Now Miss Pierson, it is really not the time for jokes. You grandmother-well, she passed away just a few moments ago. The nervous professor said ringing her hand together.

Andy stood there, shocked. The one remaining grandmother she had was always kind and gentle and resembled nothing close to Andy’s father. Andy looked at the cobblestone floor and burst out laughing, not quite knowing how to handle the situation. Again, one of her “abnormalities”. When things such as this happened, Andy’s escape was through laughter.

McGonagall’s expression was confused, but once Andy’s laughter died, she continued. “Well, I’m not quite sure if I understand what just happened, but your grandmother’s funeral will be held tomorrow and you are welcome to join. Professor Dumbledore has agreed to let you go tomorrow morning and you will be able to stay the night with family. You will be missing your Monday morning classes if you choose to go. Would you like to?”

“Yes, thank you. Should I just go to Dumbledore’s tomorrow morning then?” Andy said, serious about the situation, though still holding back and trying everything to get rid of the thought of her dead grandmother.

“Yes, that would be good.” With a slight nod, the professor left her student to joint the rest of the group she had left waiting.

“So did she give you your punishment for pulling those pranks on us?” Sirius asked with a smirk.

“No, actually. She just told me that my grandmother died.” She said, with as much confidence she could muster.

“Oh shit. I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean it like that.” Sirius said guiltily.

“Don’t worry about it. You didn’t know. But I will be going home for tomorrow and until Monday afternoon.”

They had now reached the Common Room, a rather awkward silence forming between them all. No one quite knew what to say. After entering the Portrait Hole, they silently went their separate ways.


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Chapter 7: Midnight run-ins and food, lots and lots of food
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Sirius was wide awake in his bed at 3 o’clock in the morning on Monday. No matter what he tried he just could not manage to fall into the deep slumber the rest of the boys in the dormitory could.

The door burst open, interrupting his contemplations of sneaking downstairs to the kitchens for a night snack. He sat up right, bringing his wand that sat on his nightstand with him. “Who is that?” he said, slightly nervous in the dark room.

His question was met with gasps for air before the person managed to speak, “Andy.” was all she was able to say.

Sirius breathed a sigh of relief and provided light for the entire room. He was shocked at Andy’s appearance. She was bent over, holding her sides that obviously looked to be in pain. Her face was covered with two black eyes, a split lip that was bleeding rather profusely, and her nose, which looked to be swelling to twice its original size. Not to mention, most of her cheeks were heavily bruised and she had a cut over a rather large lump on her forehead.

Sirius was up in an instant and swept her off her feet, into his arms before taking her downstairs, making sure to be as gentle as possible. He laid her down on the couch so he could help repair some of her face.

“Andy, what happened to you? Aren’t you supposed to be at your parent’s house?”

It seemed to take every ounce of energy Andy had to speak. “I was, but I wanted to leave early,” she whispered, wincing at the pain it caused in her stomach. She didn’t even bother to hide it.

“Wh—you mean your parents did this to you?” Andy gave a slight nod. “Was this the first time, or have you had this all along?”

Andy looked away, rather embarrassed that someone was finally finding out the secret she had tried to keep hidden for so long. “They’ve been doing this since I was eight. That’s when they started drinking. I make as much money as I can because I know that I won’t get any for the school year from them. This was one of the worst times though. My dad took out the anger he was feeling about his mom’s death on me. He pinned me against the wall and started hitting me. Then he kneed me in the stomach.”

Andy began coughing, painfully for that matter. She put a hand to her mouth and found blood was coming out, though Sirius didn’t notice.

“Then he picked up something- I don’t remember what- and threw it at my head. He left for a while and I didn’t stick around for his second part, because that’s usually worse.” Andy finished. Her whisper had become almost inaudible and she was getting more tired by the minute.

Sirius thought about it for a minute before deciding he should check, just to make sure she was ok. So he did it. And surprising enough, Andy didn’t say anything. Even more surprisingly, Sirius didn’t do it just to see her.

He lifted her shirt up to reveal her damaged stomach (and only her stomach). It was almost completely black and blue. The very middle of it seemed to be worse and rather circular, so he assumed that it was where her father had hit her.

She gave a quiet sigh before drifting into sleep. Looking back at her, Sirius knew that he had to bring her to Madame Pomfrey; it would be for the best.


Andy spent the next week in the Hospital Wing under the very watchful eye of its matron. She was allowed no visitors, which caused her friends to worry, because not only could they not check on her, but they didn’t even know why she was there. They didn’t know if she was going to be ok, or how she even got to the Ward.

Nobody knew how she arrived there. Not even Madame Pomfrey. It had been in the early hours of the morning and a knock on her office door had awakened her. She angrily arose from her dream to find Andy floating in front of her.

She looked at her face and didn't even bother to find how she got there. With a complete look over her body, she found a lot, and it was rather disturbing. In her face, she found two broken bones in her cheeks, a broken nose and a concussion. Her shoulders, although the wounds looked to be a few years old, looked as though they had both been dislocated and they had not healed properly.

She had three broken ribs, and two others looked as though they too had once been broken and never healed properly. She found severe bruising and internal damage to her stomach.

Her legs, the nurse could not believe, looked to have been broken or sprained numerous times without proper care as well. Not to mention her ankle was broken. She also had two sprained wrists.

“I don’t understand.” Madame Pomfrey whispered to herself as she rushed to her area of healing potions. “She’s always so happy. If she had this much damage to her, how come she never came to me? How’d she actually get it all?” she said, finding the one potion she would need immediately. It was a long-term sleeping draught, because mending the wounds would be terrible ands he didn’t have to be awake for it.

After a week’s time, and several failed attempts at seeing Andy, Alex and Jimmy were finally allowed to visit her.

She was just waking up as they came in. “Hey boys. How’ve you been?” she asked, putting a tired smile on her face.

“We’re ok, but the million dollar question here is how you’ve been. You were unconscious in here for a week. What happened to ya girl?” Alex said as the two boys took chairs next to her bed.

“Oh, you know, this and that. Nothing to worry about though. It’s all in the past.” Andy said. She really didn’t want to discuss it. “So, have you pulled any pranks? You gotta catch me up on everything.”

“Andy-” Alex began, but was cut off.

“Seriously. Don’t worry about it. It’s my problem, nothing that you should be concerned over.”

“No, Andy! It is our problem too, ok! You are out best friend and we do care about you. Will you stop being such a hard- ass for two seconds so we might be able to help you?”

“It’s my damn life! My DAMN PROBLEM!" She yelled back angrily, forcing herself to sit up right.

“What? We aren’t apart of your life? We haven’t been apart of your life for the past six years? Why are you like this?”

“Like what? Am I not good enough for you or something?”

“DON’T put words in my mouth!” Alex was now out of his chair.

Andy got up too. “Stop acting like you’re my brother. Quit being so over-protective and quit butting into my business.” Andy shoved Alex roughly.

“C’mon Alex.” Jimmy said, pulling him towards the door.

“Yeah, we wouldn’t want to upset her, or worse, try to help her.” He spat at her.

“Maybe you shouldn’t come back. You just make everything worse.”

“Yeah! I won’t help any more. Maybe I won’t let you sleep in our dorm. Maybe those girls were right about you. No wonder they don’t want to be friends with you.” Jimmy was now struggling to pull the fighting Alex out of the ward.

“Well that’s fine, because it was just a waste of time being friends with you!” And the door slammed, closing off the space between the two of them.

Andy stood at her spot, fuming before sighing heavily and sitting down, hiding her face behind her hands.

“What was that all about?” A voice came from the opposite side of her hands, startling her.

“Oh, I don’t know. I just don’t like pity, and I know that’s all I’m going to get if I tell them.” She said, seeing who had been listening to her shouting match with Alex. “You are the only one I’ve ever told that to Sirius. I don’t know why though, I think I was slightly out of my mind, to tell you the truth. It was really bad, after all.”

“Wow, thanks. It’s good to know that you hate me enough to only tell me that while you are about to pass out.” He said sarcastically. He took a seat on the bed next to hers.

“Well, even though what you said is completely mental and I really didn’t understand it,” she said, lying down and staring up at the ceiling. Sirius did the same. “Hate is a strong word.”

Sirius took his eyes off the ceiling to look sideways at her. She paused for a moment and returned the gaze. Sirius stood up and made his way to the edge of her bed, sitting down. They continued looking into each other’s eyes as Andy sat up, now next to Sirius, their faces getting closer.

The doors to the Hospital Wing were thrown open and Sirius hopped quickly to his feet, as Andy flung herself back down on her pillow.

They both turned to look at the person in the doorway. Or people rather. James and Remus were standing there arguing over something. Luckily, both of them were not looking at the two on the bed when they had first entered.

“See, I told you he would be here.” James said, finally turning towards them.

“Oh no you didn’t. The map showed us.” Remus said, rolling his eyes and pulling a chair to the bedside. The concerned look he gave her was all she needed to answer his question.

“I’m fine.” She said simply. He seemed to know that she wasn’t, but didn’t push it. “So, what brings you guys here?”

“We’re breaking you out.” James said a mischievous smirk on his face.

“Well I think Pomfrey was going to let me leave tonight or tomorrow morning anyways, so it doesn’t really make a difference.” She shrugged. “She’s not even in here right now, so how hard could it be?”

James and Sirius looked at each other before James pulled out a cloak and threw it over Andy. The weird thing though, was that she could still see the rest of them through the cloak.

“So this is how you get away with so much stuff!” she practically screamed.


The four, rather three and invisible Andy, walked out of the Hospital Wing without so much as a hint of trouble.

As soon as they were clear, Andy took the cloak off. “I’m starving, can we get lunch?”

“I was just about to say the same.” Sirius said, winking at her.

They made their way down to the Great Hall, all ready for lunch on that Sunday afternoon. Andy was slightly ahead of the others and led them to a spot on the end. James and Remus spotted Alex and Jimmy further down the table and were expecting to go sit with them.

“Alex and Jimmy are down there Andy.” James said as she sat down and began piling food on her plate.

“So?” she replied before digging in.

James and Remus exchanged looks while Sirius took the seat next to Andy. They finally decided not to think on it any more and sat opposite the other two who were already eating.

Andy paused about halfway through her plate and swallowing it all down with a sip of pumpkin juice. “So, Remus. I missed a lot, I’m sure, and I was wondering if you could possibly help catch me up. Think you could?”

“Yeah, sure. If you want to start after lunch I’ll show you the paper we had to do for Transfiguration.”

“Ok, thanks. And Sirius, We’re like three weeks into that Potions project and we haven’t really started. We still have a lot to go, including that long paper. Do you want to get started? Or wait til the last minute?” she said, rather sarcastically.

“Mmm, all depends what you want to do, love.”

“Screw it; we’ll get it done when I’m caught up. And Sirius, if you don’t want to wake up as a girl for the rest of your life, you better stop calling me love. Mmmk?” she said the last sweetly.

He shuddered at the idea of having to return to the day of torture she had put him and the rest of his friends through.

They continued to eat, until the doors opened and Samantha and Vicky appeared. A smirk appeared on Andy’s face as she watched them sit down in front of a particularly inviting bowl of mashed potatoes and gravy. Not to mention there were plenty of full cups of pumpkin juice around.

They began eating as Andy pulled her wand out. Sticking to her manners, it was the first course, the bread pudding. With a flick of her wrist the bowls of it were lifted up off the table and dumped on top of their hair that they probably spent hours on that morning.

The two girls screamed, scraping some away that was dripping down their faces.

Then, the second course: the potatoes. Andy jerked her wand towards them and the two bowls flipped themselves in the two helpless girls’ faces, which they had probably spent a long time covering with make up.

Well, you can’t have mashed potatoes, without gravy, can you? So those were also dumped on them.

And what do you have to wash it all down with? Well of course, a glass of nice, cold pumpkin juice.

The entire Hall was filled with the girls’ screams, which were soon drowned out by the laughter of the other students in the Hall.

Andy sat at her seat with a pleasant and satisfied smirk on her face, returning to her meal. She glanced up as Samantha and Vicky ran by her crying over their ruined appearance.

As she was finishing her plate she felt something slimy connect with the side of her head. Her mouth hung open slightly as she turned to the boy next to her. Sirius was beaming at her.

“You are going to regret that.” She said, as maliciously as she could, though she couldn’t repress a smile.

She picked up a handful of the chocolate pudding that sat in front of her and went to throw it in his face, but he ducked just in time, letting the pudding fly and hit the person on his other side.

A war had soon broken out between the Slytherin and Gryffindor tables. Some Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws joined sides, while others just fled the Hall.

The teachers were starting to try and control the fighting, though occasionally Andy would look up and catch Dumbledore throwing back a handful of potatoes or at one point the little Professor Flitwick was able to come behind the crouching McGonagall and dump an entire bowl of pudding on her head.

Andy laughed at the thought until a slice of turkey landed on her face and she continued with the fight.


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Chapter 8: Hogsmeade and Hufflepuffs
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The next three weeks of school Andy was excruciatingly busy. She had not only a week’s worth of homework to catch up on (which happened to be 4 essays amongst other assignments), but she had 3 detentions for covering Samantha and Vicky in food.

And on top of all of that, she had Quidditch practice three times a week (although she was technically not supposed to be playing according to Madame Pomfrey’s rules).

Most of her time after classes was spent in the library with the very helpful Remus.

Things still weren’t patched up between Andy, Alex, and Jimmy.

It was now reaching mid-October, meaning their first Hogsmeade trip. She, as usual, didn’t have a date, nor did she really want one. She was planning on sitting in one of the comfy chairs in front of the fire blazing in the Three Broomsticks while sipping on a nice warm butterbeer.

So as Saturday rolled around, the Great Hall was filled with excitement. 3rd years were going on their first ever trip to the village and were eager with anticipation. Girls in the Hall were all discussing dates, boys and whether or not Madame Pudifoot’s reputation would keep while they were there.

Andy was sitting alone, which she was becoming rather accustomed to.

She looked sideways slightly to see her two best friends conversing rather animatedly with two girls a year younger.

The Marauders were further down, accompanied by the usual swarm of girls. She wasn’t very good friends with the entire group, although they had gotten closer recently. But who was she kidding; they’d rather be near those pretty, popular girls then her. And, after all, they were rivaling each other in pranks.

She stared back down at her plate half filled with food. Even though she normally had such a strong appetite, the eggs and sausage just weren’t as appealing as they usually were.

She felt a presence in front of her and took her eyes from her miserable looking plate to see a boy from 7th year Hufflepuff. The continued on with their meal, but Andy sensed some whispering and stare.

“Hi,” he said, a pleasant smile forming on his face. He had short, light brown hair and very blue eyes. Overall, a rather nice face to look at. ;-)

“ ‘Lo,” she said simply.

“You were sitting alone and looked rather miserable.”

“Wow, thanks. I enjoy being told I look terrible.”

“Oh! No, I didn’t-” he stammered, the smile instantly falling off his face.

Andy laughed. “I’m just kidding. I’m Andy.” She said, extending a hand to the boy.

“Tim,” he said, taking her hand.

“Well Tim, I have an incredibly boring day in Hogsmeade ahead of myself. So if you’d excuse me, I must get ready!” she said sarcastically. She stood from the table, as did Tim.

“Well, that’s what I came over for. Since you already seem to be doing something though…” he trailed, as they continued down the table on either side.

“I guess that depends on what you had in mind.”

“Maybe a trip to the pub. I can’t get enough of that Butterbeer,” he rubbed his stomach.

Andy grinned as they reached the doors and continued out of the Hall.

“Alright, sounds good. I’ll meet you there ’bout 11?”


They said their good-byes as he went his ay on the second floor and Andy continued to the Gryffindor Common Room on the 7th. It was only about 9 and they weren’t allowed to leave until 10, so Andy decided to sit herself in front of the fire.

She got bored after a while of staring into the fire and picked up a book that was sitting on the side table. Werewolves was printed in bold on the plain black cover.

Andy shrugged, and opened the cover. She began reading, her mind swarming with more and more about the creatures that howled at the moon once a month.

Someone cleared their throat in front of her, disturbing her from her reading. She looked up to see Remus. “Hello, what’s up?”

“You like that book?”

“Oh, sorry, it’s yours?” he nodded. “Well, it was just sitting there and I was bored,” she said handing it back to him.

“If you want, you can keep reading it.” Not yet taking it from her.

“Really? Thanks.” She said appreciatively. She glanced at the clock on the wall. “It’s almost 10 o’clock, you want to head down?”

“After you.” Remus said, allowing her to leave the Portrait Hole in front of him.

The two started walking alongside each other when Andy looked down at her feet. “Wow, I’m incredibly duck-footed.” She said with a light chuckle.

Remus looked at her feet as well and noticed that her feet tended to turn in a little with every step she took. He laughed at this as well. “That’s attractive…” he said sarcastically.

She punched his arm. “Hey!”

“I’m only joking. Besides, your feet are the last thing to worry about. I mean, have you looked in a mirror recently?”

She stood there, her mouth hanging down in mock offense. “Excuse me?” she said in disbelief.

He gave a slight laugh before tearing down the corridor. Andy followed close behind. They were laughing all the way down until Remus stopped short.

Andy didn’t see why and tackled him from behind. She realized why after she felt not only Remus underneath her, but Professor McGonagall.

She rolled sideways off the pile laughing. Remus stood, lending a hand to the Professor he had just pinned to the ground.

“Miss Pierson! This is the hallway. Not the Quidditch pitch. You should not be running around, as I have so often told you.” McGonagall practically yelled as she tried fixing the tight bun underneath her now slightly bent hat.

“Oi, Minny, calm down. Sorry, I didn’t see you. Otherwise I would have stopped running until you were gone.” Andy said, acting as sweetly as possible.

McGonagall gave an exasperated sigh, “What am I going to do with you Miss Pierson? You manage to get everyone around you into trouble as well.”

“Well, I can’t help that they just happen to be around me while I am getting in trouble. Most of the time, their involvement is voluntary.” She said, once again sweetly.

“Most of the time?” Remus said in her ear. She elbowed him in the ribs, shutting him up.

“You are off the hook this time. But only because I need to help look after the third years. But next time…”She trailed, shaking her head. She turned and began walking back down towards the Entrance Hall.

Andy gave Remus a cheeky smile before running off down the corridor.


“Hey, fancy seeing you here.” A voice came from behind Andy’s seat at a small table. She closed Remus’ book and turned around to face Tim.

“Likewise.” She countered, offering him the seat across from her. Andy took a sip out of her Butterbeer and realized that he didn’t have one. “Want me to go get you one?” she asked, pointing to her bottle.

“Well, I’ll come with you because I need some food too.”

“Ah, just what I was thinking.” She said as the two got up to the counter and placed an order.

They got back to the table and Tim saw the book Andy had been reading.

“Werewolves? You interested in them?”

“Kind of. I mean this book is really interesting.”

“Are you scared of them?”

“Well, I think if I came face-to-face with one, I probably wouldn’t stick around to pet it. But they seem to be pretty misunderstood, in their human form at least. I’m sure they’re probably just regular people.

“Well that’s refreshing to her. My dad is one, and it’s been difficult for him to get work because of it.”

“See, I don’t like that. Andy I’m no like huge rights’-activist, but that’s just ignorance.” She took another sip from her drink. “But let’s change the subject. You play Quidditch right?”

“Of course. Been the best Chaser for five years.” He said, acting macho.

“Yeah ok…” she said mockingly.

“Here’s your food kids. That’ll be 4 galleons and three knuts.”

“Split it?” Andy asked, pulling out a couple bits of money.

“Fine with me.” He said throwing his share on the table.

They handed the money to the witch and started on their food.

“So Chaser, who’s your team?” Andy asked swallowing down some food.

“The Chuddly Cannons of course.”

“Oh please. Arrington Arsenal could beat them in their sleep.”

“You like a Scots’ team?”

“Well they may be Scots, but they are a lot better then the Chuddly Cannons.” Andy said, putting the last in a high voice.

“Yeah, yeah.” He said, rolling his eyes and taking a large bite of his sandwich. “So, you play too, right?” he said, his mouth full of food.

“Beater since second year.” She said with as much food in her mouth as him.

Her eyes went wide. “You’re the one I knocked out last year!”

“You’re the one who sent me to the Hospital Wing for two weeks?”

She burst out laughing at the disbelieving expression on his face. “Yup, that would be me. Sorry ‘bout that mate.” She said still laughing.

“Wow, I didn’t know that a girl could swing with that much force. Thanks a bunch though.”

“I said I was sorry!” she said still laughing.

“Don’t worry about it.” He said, laughing slightly and taking the last bite of his lunch. She did the same.

“Of course girls can.” She said, smirking.

“O please…” he rolled his eyes playfully.

“Hey, you better watch it, or I might send you there for a month. You are our first game at the beginning of November. Well, I don’t know if it would be much a game. Maybe just like a practice, or warm-up.” She said, looking thoughtful and tapping her chin.

He threw a piece of chicken that had fallen off his sandwich at her. “Oh, so you think you can start a food fight here? No, that’s my job. But nice try.”

“I think you’re just scared. Don’t wanna get in any twouble now would we?” he said in a baby voice, taunting her.

“Oh no. Don’t even go there.” She made a grab to her bottle half-filled with butterbeer, but his hand was just as quick and landed on top of hers.

They both looked up at each other, slightly embarrassed. That is until something hit the back of Andy’s head.

She quickly pulled her hand away and turned to see the source of the flying food that had hit her. She was scanning the room only to find Alex and Jimmy sitting at a table with the same two girls from the morning. Alex was giving her a fake sweet smile, acting innocent, though it was clear that he had thrown it.

Andy shook her head and decided it was best not to get into anything there. “You know, I haven’t hit Zonko’s or Honeydukes yet. Wanna go?”

“Sounds good. Give me a second though; just have to run to the loo.”

“Knock yourself out.” He looked at her, confused by the expression. “Nothing, go right ahead.” She laughed lightly.

She began picking at the corner of the table waiting for Tim to get out of the bathroom. When he finally did, she saw him looking slightly nervous. Alex was leaving just behind him.

“Come on, lets go.” And she pulled him out of the pub.

“So are you and Alex dating?” he asked on their way to Zonko’s.

“No. What would give you that idea?”

“Well, he just kind of cornered me in the bathroom and told me to stay away from you.”

“No, he didn’t…” she said softly to herself mostly, but Tim had heard it.

“Yeah, he did. He was rather threateningly, and if I hadn’t had such a good time talking with you, I probably would have left you right there.”

“Awww…thanks.” She said, making a funny face at him. “Ah,” she said as they reached the front of her favorite store. “Why have I not been here for like ever?”


Andy lugged her three bags filled with candy and extra pranking supplies up to the boys’ dormitory later that evening, thoroughly pleased with the way the day had gone. After eating lunch in the Three Broomsticks, she and Tim had spent the rest of the afternoon buying the majority of Zonko’s and Honeydukes.

She hid the bags underneath her bed, making sure that the boys didn’t take them. She checked the time, and still had an hour left until dinner, so she figured she would start on some of the chocolate from the candy store and look at some of the new material that she got from the joke store.

She was in the middle of a chocolate frog, about her fourth of the night, when the door opened. She looked up and saw Sirius walking in, his hands filled with just as much candy that she had, if not more. He smiled at her and dumped it all on his bed.

“Looks like you had fun as well?” he said, pulling out a box of Bertie Botts, and digging into them.

“Oh yes.” She held up the piece of paper explaining the new product in front of her. It was a plain looking piece of parchment, but when you said a charm, it turned into a pie and stuffed itself into the person’s face it was sitting in front of.

Sirius came and sat on the edge of her bed, offering her some of the jelly beans. She took a few and popped them into her mouth, making a disgusted face in the process. “Ugh, grass and throw up is not good, especially together.” She swallowed them hard as he laughed at her.

“So this is new.” He said looking at the sheet she was.

“Yeah, I just have to figure out who my first victim will be….” She said maniacally, looking at Alex’s bed.

“You guys really should patch things up, ya know. It’s getting rather awkward, staying in the same dorm now and everything.”

“I know, I know. I just…can’t, you know? I never really get into these big fights, with anyone aside from Slytherins, and it’s kind of difficult for me to say sorry. I don’t know why.”

“Cause your so damn proud that’s why.” He said with a smirk. She nudged him lightly.

“Yeah, I guess so.” She looked down for a second and Sirius changed the subject.

“So, I saw you around with Tim. You and him getting it on. Cuz if you are, you can’t bring him in here.” This time Andy gave him a full punch in the arm.

“We are not. We are just friends. He’s really nice, gave me someone to spend the day with. Otherwise it would have just been boring. He’s cool, wasn’t even angry when he found out that it had been me to send him the Hospital during Quidditch last year.”

“Yeah, well, you send a lot of people to the Hospital Wing.”

She hit him again. “I can’t help it if I can hit the ball so hard that it knocks them off their broom.” She shrugged and looked as innocent as she could.

“Well, are you and him getting together though?” he asked a bit more seriously (no pun intended)

“No, we’re just friends. And he knows that too, he actually told me that he was interested in that girl Susie, from his own house.”

“Well she is pretty cute…”

“And why are you telling me this?”

Sirius shrugged and looked at her. She had started staring back down at the sheet of directions silently muttering the spell to get it right. After she realized they had been sitting in a silence for a fairly long time, she looked up.

“What? Is there something on my face? Boy I swear Black, if you put anything on me-” she said threateningly, while rubbing her fingers across her face and trying to find something.

Sirius laughed. “No, there’s nothing there.” He smiled at her as she looked at him curiously.

“You ok?”

“Yeah…brilliant actually. Yourself?”

“I’m fine.” She stared at each other for a moment before Sirius put his hand on hers.

She got the chills from his touch, and didn’t know why, but liked the feeling of them. He began leaning in, but the door was knocked open causing him to jump off the bed and her to immediately look back down at her paper.

After a few moments of acting as if nothing had happened she checked to see who was in the doorway. It was Alex. “Since when are you hanging out with Tim Sinnegan?” he asked her slightly roughly.

“Why do you care?” she got up and put the things on her bed away.

“You know he’s just talking to you to get in your pants.”

Andy’s head shot up from its spot leaning over her bed. “Excuse me?” She marched right in front of him, looking a little small to his fairly large build. “Do you even know the boy? Yeah, I doubt it. He is nice, and funny, and I like hanging out with him, and is more then I can say about you right now. So piss off.” She began walking towards the door.

“I’ll give it a week before he tries something.” At this Andy turned around and tackled him to the floor with as much strength in her body that she had.

She punched him once before she was yanked off of him by the room’s other occupant, Sirius. He had her around the waist as she kicked and yelled to get down to hit Alex more.

“Don’t you dare say that about someone who came to me, was nice to me when I was alone, when YOU left me! Don’t you dare!” she yelled before Sirius managed to sling her over his shoulder, still struggling and taking her out of the room.

Alex sat on the floor, and fell back down to his back with a heavy sigh as soon as the door was shut. His eye was throbbing where she had hit him and he was angry. Not only with her, but himself.

Andy had been his best friend since they first got to school, and now they were fighting. As much as it might seem as if the two were dating or interested in each other, they weren’t in the least. They were like brother and sister, and that was how they wanted to keep it.

He still couldn’t stand them not talking now. It was painful. He missed having her around, and seeing her with other people, especially other guys who could hurt her the most, it angered him. He knew that he could and should not be this overprotective of her, but he couldn’t help it. It was like watching her leaving him for good. He sighed again and put his hands to cover his eyes.

He really did miss playing pranks with her. School just wasn’t the same without being with her.


Sirius was carrying Andy down to the Quidditch Pitch, though she had calmed down enough and insisted on walking. “No, because I don’t know if your going to run back up and kick the shit out of that boy again.” He said, and could almost feel the smirk on her lips without even seeing it.

“Why are we even out here?” she asked still irritated.

“Because, it’s a good way for you to take out your anger on something that is not your best friend.”

“But he isn’t my best friend.”

“Don’t even try to say that. He always has been and always will be and you know it.” He finally let her down gently as two brooms came soaring at them from the school.

“Well if he is my best friend then why won’t he just let me have some space? Its not like I’m like this if he talks to girls or anything.”

“Yeah, but it’s different from a guys point of view. He is just looking out for you. He just wants the best for you.”

“I know, I know.” She muttered, mounting her broom and taking off for a few laps around the pitch.

‘I can’t just apologize to him though. I just, cant. I would totally accept his apology, but I know I can’t be the first to say something.’ She thought as she circled the field. Then she remembered something else. ‘Wait, that was like the second time Sirius and I got really close. What was going to happen if Alex hadn’t come in? Would we have—No, no we wouldn’t have. No way. Never.

‘But what happened in the Hospital Wing. I’m pretty sure we were going to there. But we can’t. I mean, come on, Its Sirius. Sirius Black. There’s no way that we would have. We haven’t gotten along once since we’ve known each other. But I guess we have been lately. In the past couple of weeks. And it was really nice of him to be there at the Hospital Wing for me.

‘Wait, did he take me there too? Yeah! He did, so that was really sweet of him. Wait, did I just say sweet? Since when have I said sweet? Ok, so I guess it was really cool of him to take me there, and make sure I was ok. But why would he do that? I guess I would probably do the same if he is in the state I was in, but still. It’s me, and Sirius. He’s really not that bad though. He’s fun to be around also. Well, when he is not pulling stuff on me.

‘And he seems to know how to make me laugh when I need it the most. God what the hell is happening to me?! This is Sirius. I don’t like him. I have never liked him. I will NEVER like him. I think…

‘but him being so close to me…


Her thoughts were interrupted though. “Hey are you done with your warm up yet?”

“Uh, yeah, I guess so. How many laps did I do?”

“You’re joking right. You did like 15 or something. You’ve been at it for a half hour.”

“Oh, whoops.”

“You want to hit the bludger around, or do you want to shoot on me, or whatever. It’s up to you.”

She muttered a response “As long as you’re doing it with me.” Her eyes bulged as soon as she realized what she said. ‘WHERE THE HELL DID THAT COME FROM??!!!’

“Sorry, did you say something?” he asked.

‘Oh thank god he hadn’t heard it.’ “Oh, nothing. I’ll shoot on you for a bit, and then you can be a target for me.”

“Wow, thanks. That’s just how I want to spend my Saturday nights, in the Hospital Wing.”

“Oh, I wont hit that hard on you, for the first bit.” She smirked and grabbed the Quaffle from him. Streaking down the pitch and beating him to score a goal on the unguarded hoop. “She shoots, SHE SCORES!” she yelled, throwing her arms in the air victoriously.

“Yeah, nice one. You got it in with no contest. Reallll difficult there. He said sarcastically.

“You’re just jealous because you couldn’t save it.”

“Oh yeah?”


“Bring it!”

“You’re on Black!”

And the games began…


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Chapter 9: Cash and Prizes
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“Come on you baby, we have like 5 weeks until that stupid project is due, and I am not failing it. So either you get a move on, or else.” Andy said threateningly, almost dragging Sirius to the library.

“Or else what?” he challenged

She stopped and brought her face really close to his ear and whispered, “Or else I’ll leave you in the Hospital Wing for a month.”

She smirked as he followed her with out any further argument.

They took a table in the back of the room filled with tables occupied by studying students.

“Alright, so what do you think our potion should do?” Andy asked, opening her potions book and skimming through potions for ideas.

“Oh, I don’t know. Maybe if we went out and played Quidditch we might be able to think of an idea. And we could be training at the same time. Our first match is on Saturday, your Hufflepuff boyfriend.”

“Tim is not my boyfriend. I think your just jealous that I spend more time with him then you.” Andy said, still searching the book.

Sirius thought about a comeback for a moment but could hardly come up with anything. “In your dreams Pierson.” He knew it was pathetic, but he couldn’t really say anything against it.... it was partially true after all.

Andy rolled her eyes and slammed the book shut after a few moments. “Ok, Im not getting any ideas, and clearly, you wont be able to study. So, lets go fly a bit, I’m sure captain Potter is already out there.” Andy said reluctantly, shoving the book away and standing up.

Sirius stared at her wide-eyed. “Are you serious?”

“Yeah yeah, but don’t count on this happening every time we try to work on this stupid project. After the Hufflepuff game I expect 100% of your help on this thing.” She paused for a moment. “Gosh I sound like Evans, whats wrong with me?”

“Well-”Sirius began but Andy held a hand up knowing where it would lead them.

“Lets just get down there so I can clear my head.” And the two were headed off for the grounds.

“You wanna go get the kit?” Andy asked as she walked into the girls changing rooms.

“No.” he said, crossing his arms over his chest defiantly.

“Do we really have to go through this again?” she asked exasperated.

“Go through what?” he asked innocently.

“You know what. You whine and complain about every god damn thing and then I threaten you and you shut your little mouth up. Now, are you going to waste time with that or you wanna just skip it so we have more time to play?”

“Um, we can skip it…” he said, turning for the supply closet.

“Good choice.” She said opening the door.

She changed into the pair of sweatpants that she wore beneath her Quidditch robes. She lifted her shirt up over her head to switch into a sports bra and a long sleeved t-shirt. She had just got her sports bra on when the door to the girls locker room swung open.

Andy whipped around to see Sirius standing in the doorway, his face shocked at first but then returning to its normal smirk. Andy quickly turned back around so her back was facing him and trying to find her shirt that had somehow escaped her.

“BLACK! WHAT do you think your doing?!” she yelled, both angry that he was seeing her with no shirt on and out of frustration from her missing shirt. “This is the girl’s locker room! Oh wait- so I guess you do belong in here don’t you.”

She didn’t get a response so she turned around to see if he was still there. Oh yes he was still there, and he was leaning against the wall in a way that made so many of the girls in the school go weak in the knees. So many girls, but not her.

She decided to take a different strategy with getting him out of the room. She walked over to him with a rather seductive smile on her face. He looked almost nervous for a second, but he gulped it down quickly.

“I knew you wanted me.” He said, his smirk growing.

“Oh yeah, and did you also know,” she leaned in close, so she was pressed against him, her head to one side so she could whisper in his ear. His body had gone stiff at her first touch, but had relaxed again. She whispered, “that I took a muggle karate lesson when I was younger, and I will kick you so hard, you wont be able to have children, let alone, any other part of you-know-what down there.”

She leaned back a bit and looked at his shocked face. She smiled sweetly at him, “Mmk pumpkin?” she patted his cheek lightly and turned back around to her stuff.

She didn’t hear the door open or close, so she turned back around and he was still standing there, contemplating what she had just said, as if weighing to see whether or not it was worth getting kicked in the ‘cash and prizes’ for.

She faced him fully as if daring him to stay in the room. She moved slightly in his direction, and he yelped and ran right out of the room.

She laughed lightly to herself and saw that the shirt she was looking for was literally right in front of her eyes. She smacked her palm to her forehead and pulled the shirt down over herself.

She grabbed her broom and went out towards the pitch.

Sirius was already waiting for her, looking slightly nervous. He looked up when he heard the door and flinched. Andy threw her head back in laughter. “You are one sad boy, Black.”

Sirius rolled his eyes as she laughed more. “So why did you come in there any ways, I mean, aside from the fact that you’re a pervert and wanted to see me naked.” She asked.

“Well, I was just going to tell you that the kit was already gone, so somebody was already out. Oh, and believe me, I don’t need to see you naked, I’ve seen plenty of women without there clothes on-”

“Yeah, in stupid magazines.” She finished for him. “You couldn’t get any girl in bed. I bet your still a virgin.” She smirked.

“Please, I have gotten so many girls, I cant even count that high.”

“Well its called taking off your shoes and counting on your toes too.”

Sirius tried to think of something to say, but remembered what she had just made fun of him for. “Wait, hang on. I do believe you just said ‘I bet you’re still a virgin’.”

“Yeah, I don’t need you repeating everything I say back to me.”

A sly smile appeared on Sirius’ face. “So, who have you slept with?”

Andy smile slid right off her face. ‘Shit’ she thought, ‘how the hell did he get that?’

“So you said someone already had the kit?” she said, trying to change the subject, while walking out towards the pitch.

“Oh no no no, you aren’t getting away that easily Miss Pierson who is supposed to have never had a boyfriend before. Well, atleast that’s what you told me last year. You said you had never even been kissed. I told you that I would give you your first kiss sooner or later, but I guess someone has beat me to it. Please let me know who it was, I’ll send them a fruit basket for kissing the les-”

“You REALLY want to finish that sentence Black?” she yelled, turning around and facing him.

“Only if you tell me who you shagged.” He smirked.

She turned back around and stepped out onto the grass.

Just as suspected, James was out there, along with the three chasers working on plays. It wasn’t even a scheduled practice, but knowing James, he probably dragged them down there.

“Well, well, well, look what the cat dragged in.” James said, referring to Andy.

“Watch it Potter or I might just pull a Lily Evans on you. After all the girl did-”she stopped, James not wanting the entire world to know what Lily had done to him after he tried to ask her out…again.

“Alright, that’s enough.” He said looking slightly scared that she might actually tell someone else, and he’d really rather not have the entire world knowing that she had shrunk his manhood down to the size of a tic-tac.

Andy smiled smugly as she let the bludger loose and prepared to hit it around. She needed to let out some steam especially after that confrontation with Sirius…

She took off but James told her to come back down after just a few seconds. The rest of the team was down in a huddle, including Sirius.

“What now Potter? You of all people should know that practice is the most important thing in the entire world.” She said, imitating him.

“Well that’s kind of funny Sirius. I never knew that Andy wasn’t a virgin. I didn’t think we had a whole lot of lesbians at the school, but I guess she managed to find one to shag.” James shouted so the entire team heard.

All of their heads shot towards Andy, looks of shock and surprise on their faces.

But the look on Andy’s face was of pure anger. Not to mention her face was turning a shade of fuchsia.

Sirius was standing across from Andy in the group and she lunged at him, throwing herself on top of him. She tackled him to the ground, but Sirius was able to hold her arms, making sure he didn’t punch her like she did with Alex. The two wrestled around on the ground for a couple seconds before James was able to yank Andy off of Sirius.

She was not going quietly though. He was the biggest and strongest guy on the team next to Sirius, and was hardly able to restrain her. He grabbed her around the waist while she was kicking and swinging and yelling some not so pleasant words at Sirius who was laughing on the ground in front of her.

“MISS PIERSON!” a shriek came from the entrance to the pitch.

It hardly fazed Andy as she continued to struggle against James to get at Sirius.

An angry witch came briskly over to her and stopped just in front of her so that Andy could see just who she was ignoring.

“Minny, with all do respect, would you get out of the way so I can kick this sorry little jerk’s ass!” Andy said, loudly, still struggling, though not as violently.

“Detention for a month.”

That stopped her. She now brought her eyes up to meet McGonagall’s furious ones.

“Would you like to try for two months?” she threatened, her eyes flashing dangerously.

“No, ma’am.” Andy sighed completely giving up the fight. James let go of her and she picked up her broom roughly.

“Ah, ah! I do believe you are forgetting something Miss Pierson.” McGonagall clicked her tongue.

Andy turned back around, annoyed and looked at her Transfiguration professor. “And what would that be…ma’am.” She was avoiding using ‘Minny’, not wanting to risk more detentions.

“You need to apologize to Mr. Black.”

Andy’s mouth dropped slightly as she stared incredulously at the woman.

“Either you apologize, or you won’t be able to play in your next game.”

Andy narrowed her eyes at the teacher as Sirius snickered from the ground a few feet away. She seemed to actually take a second to contemplate whether or not she could stand missing a game of Quidditch or stand apologizing to Black.

James nudged her from behind with his shoulder. She moved forward slightly before rolling her eyes and looking to her feet. “I’m sorry Black.” She said, just above a whisper.

“Sorry, what’d you say?” he asked, a glittering smile on his face.

“You know what I said.” She snapped back at him.

“Miss. Pierson.” McGonagall warned.

Andy rolled her eyes again and said through her clenched teeth, “Sorry Black.”

Sirius smirked, satisfied. “No problem, though I would like to know who you lost your virginity to.”

McGonagall raised one eyebrow at Andy while she glared threateningly at him. “Just get your team to practicing Mr. Potter, I don’t want to lose the first match.” And she was off at a brisk walk to the school.

“You are going to regret that so much. You might want to keep one eye open while you sleep, you never know what you might wake up with in the morning.” She lunged at him again, but James caught her by the arm and pulled her towards her broom a few feet away from the rest of the team.

“Listen, I know Sirius can be an ass sometimes, but just for all of our sakes, take it easy on him. He’s just trying to get a rise out of you, and he knows this is working. I just need the two of you to cut it out while we are practicing. And you know apologizing to Alex and Jimmy might help a bit too.” He picked up her broom and handed it to her.

Andy stood there, her mouth slightly open in surprise of what just happened. Was James Potter actually being nice to her? Did he really just say all of that? ‘I must be going nuts…’ she thought to herself before flying off ready to knock the bludger around. If it might happen to fly in Sirius’ general direction, let alone hit him, was it really her fault?


“So class, I am still waiting on potion ideas and ingredients from a pair, and you know who you are, so if you could both see me after class. With that aside, have a nice weekend everyone.”

The potions students packed their things away and headed for the door, well everyone with the exception of Sirius and Andy who were the two that the chubby professor needed to talk to.

“So, the two of you seem to be further behind then the rest of the class. Have you thought of anything you would like your potion to do?”

“No, we haven’t.” Andy replied, now angry that they hadn’t continued to work on since their last time in the library.

“Well then I suggest that the two of you figure something out this weekend, or else you might not be able to finish in time.” The two nodded rather glumly. “I suggest thinking about something the both of you have an interest in, that might be an easy starting point.”

They nodded again and the professor permitted them to go to lunch. “Do you want to meet on Sunday to discuss it?” Andy asked, stuffing some things in her bag, Sirius, having not even taken anything out in the first place, was already on his way out the door.

“Yeah, whatever, sounds good.” He said over his shoulder.

Andy was now left in the dreary dungeon classroom alone, and it just gave her the creeps, so the faster she got out of there, the better.

She swung her bag over her shoulder and left the room at a fairly quick pace, only to slam right into someone coming around a corner.

“Watch it!” the person shouted at Andy.

“Yeah, whatever.” She replied trying to get past them.

“Oh no you don’t, you filthy little Gryffindor. You don’t get away with knocking into me. Why you don’t get away with trespassing on our grounds.” Andy looked up at this comment and saw Bellatrix looking down at her.

As fairly tall as Andy was, Bellatrix was a few inches taller. “Oh please.” And she kept going.

“I’m sorry, what was that?” another Slytherin joined in, shoving Andy back.

“Get out of her LeStrange. She really has you whipped doesn’t she?” Andy smirked.

“You little scum.” He glared at her and pushed her back. This time, she shoved back.

“You touch me one more time-” she started but was cut off.

“Or what are you going to do to us, you puny little Gryffindor?” a third came from around the corner.

“Malfoy, nobody asked your opinion here, let alone do we want it, so why don’t you and your nasty, greasy thing you call hair beat it.”

He laughed at her. “I’m sorry, but that’s the wrong answer.” He extracted his wand and pointed it at her.

She countered back with hers.

Now it was Bellatrix and Lestrange’s turn to laugh as they pulled theirs out as well.

“hmm, three against one, looks like we have the advantage over the Gryffindor.” Lucius was stepping closer to her. With every step forward he took, she took one back until she hit the wall.

“You take one more step Malfoy and you’ll regret it.” Andy warned, raising her wand at him.

He took a step forward. “Effugio!” Andy yelled. It was as if someone had swept his feet out from under him. He fell on his back, but was up quickly.

“I’ll teach you to hex me.” He said. Before she could react Bellatrix had hit her from the side with a disarming charm and he wan went flying from her clutches and into the hands of the Slytherin.

‘Shit…’ she thought rather nervous about the situation she was now in.

Lucius grinned as he continued to walk towards her. She was still backed against the wall and had no room to move. Lucius was now close enough to her for her to punch and she wound up to do just that, but he was quick and caught her fist. “Nice try.” He smirked.

She tried with her other hand with the same luck and Malfoy now had her arms pinned against the wall, a very vulnerable position.

Bellatrix and Lestrange were now on one side of them talking in hushed voices, not really paying full attention any more.

Malfoy brought his mouth to her ear, “You’ve always been rather hot…” he whispered before kissing her neck roughly, hungrily. She fought him as best she could but whatever she seemed to do she couldn’t get loose.

“You like it rough then do you?” he said to her, before binding her feet together.

She then thought of something else. “HELP!!!!” she screamed as loud as she could, she kept screaming until Lucius cursed her mouth shut. Her lips were now racing, but nothing was escaping them.

“You better keep it down pet.” He said before pushing her harder against the wall.

Lucius was suddenly thrown off her and against the opposite side of the hallway, falling limp at the collision of his head with the brick.

Andy fell over sideways because that slime ball was no longer holding her up. She looked to see who had cursed Malfoy and she saw Alex and Jimmy dueling with Bellatrix and Lestrange.

Alex hit Bellatrix with a rather nasty hex that made her tongue swell to the size of an orange and her ears swell up to. She could neither talk nor hear. Upon seeing her in such a state, Lestrange went to her side to help, and Alex and Jimmy let him, going immediately to Andy’s side.

“Andy, are you ok?” Alex asked, untying the bind on her legs. She looked at the two of them quickly, stood up, grabbed her things from the floor and walked over to Lestrange and the rather swollen Bellatrix. She punched him, and snatched her wand from the floor next to her.

Without so much as another word to the other two (partly because she couldn’t speak) she headed off down the corridors of the dungeon, disabling the silencing charm herself on her way to get food.

Alex sighed, as he headed to the Potions room to get the book he had left and come to get in the first place and he left with Jimmy.


Later that night in the Gryffindor Common Room James had gathered the team in the corner, telling them that if they didn’t go to bed in the next ten minutes he would personally drag them to it. “I wont have a tired team on that field tomorrow.” He said, dismissing them to their friends to say good night.

Andy, of course being the proud girl that she is, didn’t have her usual two friends hanging around and was just about to head up the stairs when the portrait swung open and Alex and Jimmy came in laughing.

She caught their eye before she turned to go up the stairs. But she stopped, halfway up, deciding that she couldn’t keep doing this, not to them, and not to herself. And surprisingly, she was taking James’ advice.

She turned back around and walked down the stairs. She saw the two boys that had stuck with her through thick and thin standing in front of the bulletin board. She walked over and cleared her throat from behind them.

They turned around facing her, rather surprised that she was actually talking to them. “Listen, I know I’ve been an ass, and it was my fault that this whole stupid fight between us happened. We shouldn’t be fighting, not after everything we have been through together. Its just not right. And you are absolutely right, I should not shut you out of everything that is happening in my life, and I am working on that, I swear. It will take me some time to be able to tell you what really went on that night, but I promise, it will come. I’m really going to try, and what I don’t really understand is how you guys have been able to put up with me for the past 6 years.” She laughed slightly. “But I know that I really am lucky to have to both of you. Well, that is if you still want to be friends with me. I know I’m difficult, but I’m sorry, for being like that.”

She looked at them, hoping that they would be able to forgive her, just be able to get past what happened. They looked at each other, looks that she couldn’t read. Before she knew it the two had tackled her in a hug.

The three laughed together, a very refreshing thing after having been fighting for the past month. “I guess that’s good, right?” she said from underneath the two boys.

They nodded. “Oh Andy, we could never not be friends with you, especially after a performance like that.” Alex said, wiping away a fake tear. She smacked his arm and the three laughed more.

After a few moments though Andy got serious. “But seriously, you guys forgive me?” They gave her looks that said ‘are you kidding?’ she smiled back at them. “Well, in that case, you fat asses want to get the hell off of me?!”

Alex just laughed and gave her a noggie, just as their year had started off.

And only James would be able to ruin that picture-perfect moment. “Sorry to break up the party, and although I really liked that little speech you gave them Pierson, I have to say, GET TO BED! You will not be the one to screw up our chances at winning tomorrow!”

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Chapter 10: What happens in Peter's bed, stays in Peter's bed...
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Andy wound her arm up and hit the bludger hurtling at her as hard as she could at the chaser on his way to the Gryffindor goal posts. The chaser didn’t even see it coming and was hit from behind with such force that it knocked the quaffle out from her hands and into the hands of the Gryffindors.

The Hufflepuff Chaser turned around and glared at Andy, though it was not really hatred, just an ‘I’ll-get-you-back-for-that’ stare. She smirked at his annoyed face as he turned to try and prevent another Gryffindor goal from happening.

Andy laughed at Tim’s back as he flew in the opposite direction. Teddy the Twitch’s voice carried over the loudspeakers and to her ears. “And another goal for the Gryffindor’s. Th-that makes it 90-10, in the Gryffindor favor. C’mon Hufflepuff! Wh-what happened to you?” A cough was heard from one of the professors sitting in the box with him.

Andy laughed again as she flew to the top of the pitch. One of the bludgers was no where in sight and so she figured it must have just been one of the rare rotten ones that will be let lose only to never come back again. The second one was not really being a threat to her team mates, but just seemed perfect to hit at the Hufflepuffs.

She saw one of the Hufflepuff beaters aiming to send the bludger towards the unstoppable Sirius who was flying back and forth in front of the posts. She was off in an instant and returned the ravenous ball back at the beater.

“Your welcome Black!” she yelled over her shoulder as she was off to circle the field, ready at a moments notice for help.

She heard a scream at the other end of the field and looked to see that one of the towers filled with students was swaying back and forth. There also seemed to be quite a few holes punctured right through it. Another was made as the bludger that had gone missing sore through it.

The students in the said box were scrambling to get out for fear that the whole thing might fall. ‘they are scared, even though they know that we can do magic.’ Andy rolled her eyes at the stupidity of the kids running.

She flew to the tower, ready to send the bludger either back out, or put it back in play. That came with no such luck though.

She came as it was preparing to fly back through the now torn apart stadium walls once again. She flew with such quick speed that she managed to get in front of it before it hit the wall. She hit it with the bat, and sent it back on to the field.

Andy turned around as another girl screamed from behind her as the tower swayed dangerously again. It was the wrong time to turn though, as the bludger was coming back for a second try to break through the wall.

This time, not only did it break through the tower wall, it basically broke through Andy first. She had turned back only a few quick seconds in which she didn’t have a chance to react to the ball flying at her. The wooden ball almost seemed to try to go through her, rather then bounce off, as they normally do. It pushed her back with such force that she only stopped when her leg caught on the tower wall, stopping her from being pushed any further by the ball.

As the ball continued to fly out into god-knows-where, Andy was left hanging by her ankle on the wall. She faintly heard a whistle before she fell limp into unconsciousness.


Tim was concentrating on scoring on Sirius, and that alone. He had been the one to score before, but all he wanted to do was just beat them so bad, that he pushed and pushed. The main reason he wanted to win was so he could rub it in Andy’s face. Not in a mean way, but Andy had been talking ever since they went to Hogsmeade about how Gryffindor was going to kill Hufflepuff.

Andy hit him in the back as he was trying to score. A move he probably should have expected because she was the best beater the school had ever seen and he was trying to score against her team.

He heard a scream coming from the Gryffindor’s side and looked over to see that the bludger he had noticed to go missing before was back and seemed to be taking a lot of anger or something on one of the towers. He saw a beater dressed in Gryffindor’s robes and knew that Andy had stepped in to help out and get the ball back into play.

So he went back to the game.

Then he heard another scream and he looked back over just in time to see Andy get completely blindsided by the bludger and sent absolutely flying along with it.

She got stuck on the wall and was hanging upside down. He heard Madame Hooch’s whistle blow as he rushed over to help her. Sirius was already getting her down from the wall and flying her to the ground.

He placed her gently on the ground as teachers and other players gathered around her. Sirius was kneeling next to her, worry clearly apparent in his face.

Professor Dumbledore was down with them in an instant and was already giving orders on what should be done. “Minerva, would you please help Mr. Black escort Miss Pierson to the Hospital Wing. Madame Hooch, will you please go and notify Argus and let him know of the situation and that he should come speak to me in a half hour about what needs to be done to repair the holes. And Mr. Collins,” he spoke, now directed at Tim. “I trust you will have no problem in rescheduling the match for a further date.”

Tim nodded his head as Dumbledore smiled warmly at him. “You can go with them if you would like Mr. Collins.”

“Thank you sir.” He said as he began in McGonagall and Sirius’ wake towards the school.


A girl screamed from behind Sirius and he turned as Andy was being forced into the wall of the stadium. He went as quickly as he could to her, just incase she fell. Its not like he cared that much about her, right? ‘Right.’ He told himself.

He grabbed a hold of her and almost fell off his broom trying to release her robes from a piece of wood that was broken in half. He heard Madame Pomfrey blow her whistle and he knew that the game would be postponed for them. He lowered her to the ground and laid her down, afraid he might hurt her more.

‘God this girl has been through way too much’

Dumbledore and McGonagall had arrived quickly and were telling orders.

“Minerva, would you please help Mr. Black escort Miss Pierson to the Hospital Wing.” Sirius didn’t need to hear any more and had her lifted back up in a moment and was following the Transfiguration teacher towards the school.

After a few moments he heard someone come running up behind them and he assumed it to be James, so he started talking. “Hey, what happened down-”he stopped as he turned to see Tim, that Hufflepuff Andy had become friends with coming up breathlessly behind them. “Oh, never mind.” He said coldly.

“Professor McGonagall, what happened with that bludger?” Tim asked, worry for Andy shown across his face.

“I’m not quite sure Mr. Collins, but we will do our best to figure out. Occasionally you will get a rotten one and it might not come back, but it will probably run out of magic in a short time. Why it was destroying our fields is a mystery to me.” She replied with a sigh. “This sport is so dangerous, someone getting hurt every week from it…” she mumbled as they were getting closer to the Hospital.

The opened the door and McGonagall pointed to the first bed and continued walking towards the matron’s office in the corner. Sirius laid Andy down on the bed gently and took a seat on the next bed over. Tim stayed standing.

“So what is going on between you two?” Sirius asked after a moment of silence.

“Nothing, why?”

“I don’t know, but you seem to be spending a lot of time together lately.”

“Yeah, I like her, she is really nice to talk to, not like a whole lot of others girls in this school. But we are just friends. She wouldn’t stop laughing at me when I started dating Hannah.” Tim laughed lightly at the thought.

“I’m sorry boys, but I’m going to need you to leave.” Madame Pomfrey said as she made her way over to the bed with a red vial in her hand.

“Its Ok Poppy, they can stay for a little bit. Miss Pierson might need them.” McGonagall said following her to the side of her bed.

“Alright then. Boys, I’m going to wake her, but if you are staying you will need to calm her because she is not going to be able to talk and should hardly be able to move. I need you to keep her calm, or else she will fight the potion and she might be permanently damaged.”

The two boys nodded as they got closer to the bed. Madame Pomfrey poured the liquid into her mouth and her eyes flew open instantly. She was looking up at the four people surrounding her bed and tried to say something to them, but found that she couldn’t.

She couldn’t speak. What was wrong with her? She tried to put her hands to her mouth to see if something was covering it, but she couldn’t move her arms. She tried moving anything, but nothing would work. What was wrong with her? She started panicking and trying as hard as she could to yell, move do something to show that she was alright.

Sirius saw her struggling and bent down closer to her. “Andy? Andy, you need to just focus. You have to calm down, or else Madame Pomfrey won’t be able to help you. Ok?” he put a hand on her shoulder and her initial reaction was to shake it off. She couldn’t do it though, and it stayed there.

After a while though, she didn’t even notice it. “Andy, you alright?” Tim asked from the other side. “I’m going to get you back for hitting me.” He said with a smile, and although she couldn’t smile, he saw her eyes look happier. She really was trying to smile.

“Alright, Miss Pierson? I have given this to you because 4 of your vertebrae were shattered in your fall. But don’t be alarmed, this potion is healing them right now, and I just need you to stay calm ok. It will be about five more minutes, and if it has worked then you will be able to fully move and talk.” Madame Pomfrey said.

“I think it is time for you boys to go.” McGonagall said, “Your job is done.”

They nodded, both knowing that when McGonagall decided on something, it was final. They stood and said goodbye to her. Sirius’ hand left her shoulder and it suddenly felt colder, but she just brushed the feeling away, just as she always did.


“Potter, I swear I can play Saturday!” Andy yelled for about the billionth time that day.

“No, I am not rescheduling until I know everyone is in full health, and according to Madame Pomfrey, you are not yet!” he yelled, as he had so much to her already.



“Sirius!” Black said from next to James at the table in the Great Hall. James chuckled lightly, but Andy just glared.

“You know what Black, you can just stay out of this. Its none of your business.” She said turning back to James.

“Excuse me? Do you really talk to the people who saved your life that way?” he said.

“For the last time, YOU DIDN’T SAVE MY LIFE! I saved yours if anything. I stopped that bludger from hitting our poor wittle keeper.” She said, the last in a baby voice. “and besides, you didn’t need to save me, because I was fairly secure hanging from that piece of wood.”

“Oh yeah, and how would you know? You were blacked out, remember?”

“Because Tim told me.”

“Oh yes, please forgive me, I forgot about your BOYFRIEND TIM-”

“He’s not my boyfriend! He is just my friend, and he is even dating Hannah. And you know what, I know you really want to go out with me, and you are just trying to convince yourself that Tim and I are dating and that’s the reason you can’t get me, but stop, its really pathetic.” Andy stood angrily from her seat, prepared to return to the Common Room when she remembered. “AND WE ARE PLAYING ON SATURDAY!” she yelled back at James, the half empty Hall hearing almost every word of their conversation.

Hannah Levy sat at her house table thinking the worst…


“Hey Hannah,” Tim said as he greeted his girlfriend with a kiss on the cheek in the halls. When she didn’t smile back at him, he wondered what was up. “Everything alright?”

“Um, not really actually.” She said looking away slightly. “What is going on between you and Andy?”

Tim laughed. “Me and Andy? Nothing, nothing at all. There could never really be anything between us. Hannah, Andy and I are just best friends. We’re like brother and sister.” He said, still smiling

“Well then I don’t understand why all of those Gryffindors would think that there was something between you.”

“All the Gryffindors? I bet it was Black and Potter, wasn’t it?” Hannah nodded her head. “I have no idea why they think we are dating, but it is not true, and don’t you listen to a word they say. They are just…stupid.”

Andy nodded her head sheepishly. Then she laughed slightly. “Stupid is the best word you can think to describe them?”

Tim grinned and hugged her, knowing she believed him.


“See, I told you I would play.” Andy gave a cheeky smile to James after the game on Saturday. The usual after-game party was being held in the Tower and the team was on their way up.

“Yes, well do you know the earful I am going to get from McGonagall on Monday for allowing you to play?”

“Well, since I can’t beat her up, like I had to do to you in order for you to let me play, your just going to have to deal with it.” Andy smiled back innocently to James.

“Thanks a lot.”

“No problem.”

“Hey, why the hostility between you two? We just won!” Sirius came up behind the two, slinging his arms around both of their shoulders. The hand that went to Andy’s other side was gripping an unmarked bottle, but she didn’t have to see the label to know what it was. She could smell it on his breath.

“We are not even to the party, and you are already working yourself to be a nasty drunk. You realize, at this rate, you are going to wake up tomorrow morning, not know what the hell happened the night before, or how you ended up in Peter’s bed…naked.” Andy said, a smirk on her face.

“NAKED?!” Sirius dropped the bottle, making it crash and spill all over the floor. “Wh- how did you know that?”

Andy looked at him with a slight smile. “Wait, that’s actually happened before?”

“NO!” he said looking scared. “No, but how did you know I was going to end up in Peter’s bed? Are you a Seer?!” he asked in slight awe, his words already slurring.

Andy knew he was getting to be drunk, and figured she’d have fun laughing at him. “Yeah! You didn’t know?! I’m a Seer and that’s how I’ve been able to avoid all of your pranks of the years, I can see them coming.”

“Wow, that’s a amazing! Tell me what I’m going to do tomorrow!” he said, stumbling forward to stand in front of her.

She closed her eyes and, resisting the urge to laugh, she waved her arms around and heard Sirius gasp. She was now having difficulty keeping her laugh in. “I see,” she put her hands to her forehead. She heard James, who had stopped with them snort. “I see James being run over by the Hypogriff tomorrow if he doesn’t shut his mouth.” She opened on eye and smirked at him when he rolled his eyes.

“James, you better be quiet. I cant lose my best friend at such a young age!” Sirius yelled.

Andy couldn’t hold it in and burst out laughing.

“What? What’s so funny?” Sirius asked, as seriously as he could in his current state.

“Nothing, its just a side-effect of having my abilities.” She said through laughs

“Oh wow, that must stink.” At this James burst out laughing. “O my gosh! Its contagious!” Sirius said. “I don’t want it!” and he started running down the hall.

He turned back around though and repaired the bottle, putting the Firewhiskey back in it as well and taking a long drink from it before stumbling back down the hallway, away from Andy and James.

“Oh gosh, you might need to babysit that boy tonight…” Andy said looking at James after they controlled themselves.

He just rolled his eyes and they continued towards the Common Room.

Chapter 11: Kicking and Screaming
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Sirius began pounding his head against the book in the library he had been staring at for the past hour. Andy looked sheepishly towards the librarian who was giving the two a disapproving look.

“Black, quit it. Our project is due in two weeks and we need to find something to make. Most potions that are even good need a month to brew, so-”

“I’ve got it!” Sirius yelled, his head throwing itself up from the book. The librarian gave a loud shush from the other side of the room that Sirius completely ignored. “What if we make a potion that makes girl’s boobs bigger!”

Andy slapped a hand to her forehead. “Black, that is the fourth time you have said that idea, and my answer has not changed you pig.”

“Come on, you know you would use it.”

Sirius swore he saw steam come out of Andy’s ears. He took it as a point to stop. “Ok, we don’t have to do it…”

Andy calmed slightly and looked down at the book. She stared at the words, not actually reading them before slamming the book shut. She put her face in her hands and sighed, massaging her tired eyes. “What did Slughorn say? ‘What are we good at?’”

“I don’t know, something like that.” Sirius said, no longer even trying to act as if he was searching the book. He was leaning back in his chair attempting to balance his quill on his nose. He was being incredibly unsuccessful, only getting a big black dot on the tip of his nose.

Andy stopped moving her hands. “Quidditch.”

Sirius stopped and jumped up. “Well if you insist we play some more…”

Andy stood up and grabbed his collar, pushing him back down in his chair. “No, I’m saying what if our potion has to do with Quidditch?”

Sirius looked thoughtful for a second. “Alright I guess. If we have to do a stupid school project, it might as well be about the sport. What should it do?”

“What if we make it so it makes the person really good at the sport?”

“Nice try, but that’s illegal.”

Andy paused for a moment. “How would you know?”

“Are you kidding, a potion that would make you the best Quidditch player and you think I haven’t tried it?”

“Alright, well, it will at least give us a project, and we could always just say that we didn’t know it was illegal.”

“Ah, love, you are still not getting the fact that I have tried this. You can’t make it. I think the ministry made it that way.”

“Well we could always make Felix Felicis, put a little food coloring in and make it look like a completely different potion. Besides its not like old Slughorn would actually test it. Could you imagine, Sluggy, on a broom?”

“He’d probably snap it in half.” Sirius snorted at the idea of their large teacher trying to ride a broom.

“Alright, so I will go find a book with the potion and I think we should get started tonight.” Andy said standing up. She returned from the bookshelf a few moments later with the book. She skimmed through it until she found what she needed. “Oh thank gosh, it only takes ten days to brew.”

“How about I brew it and you write the foot and a half paper.”

“Yeah alright. Good luck though, this looks rather difficult.” She smirked handing him the opened text. The directions were a full two page spread, one only of ingredients. Sirius groaned.

“I’ll start the paper and how about you go raid the Potions supply closet for everything. With all of that old junk in there we cleaned out I bet they wont even notice anything gone.”

“Yes sir.” Sirius said, standing up and saluting Andy. He smiled cheekily at her and marched out of the library. Andy rolled her eyes and started the paper.


“Wow, this is a load of bull shit.” Sirius said, after reading over the paper Andy wrote in an hour. The quickest one she’d ever done.

“Really? Thanks, you know I tried super hard on it.” She said in a high voice, twirling her hair around one finger.

“Wow, you know that was so funny I forgot to laugh.” Sirius said sarcastically before taking everything he had gotten from the closet out of his bag.

“Original, I think McGonagall pulled that one a few weeks ago. Getting your material from the teachers now because that’s not pathetic or anything…” Andy said sitting down next to him.

“You are the one who came to help me make this stupid potion. You can leave you know.” Not, that I want you to. “Oh, shut up.” Sirius said out loud.

“What? I didn’t even say anything.” Andy said.

“Oh, I said that out loud?” Sirius said slightly embarrassed.

“Not only are you getting material from the teachers, you are now talking to yourself and going mental.” Andy looked at him oddly.

“Yeah, I know…”


“Miss Pierson, can I have a moment please?” Professor McGonagall asked after class the next day.

“Yeah, what’s up Minny?” Andy said. McGonagall gave her a warning look and she smiled innocently.

“We are closing on the halfway point of the term and your grades are not doing so well.”

“Really, like how bad?”

“Dreadful, borderline Troll.” She said seriously.

Andy looked at the professor for a moment before bursting into laughter.

This was the second time Andy had reacted this way to serious news. “Miss Pierson, this is quite serious, it is not a laughing matter.”

This only caused her to laugh harder. McGonnagal’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “Well, I’ve decided that you need a tutor. I already asked Mr. Lupin, and he said he would do it. You are to meet with him Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Gryffindor Common Room. Understood?” Andy nodded, her laughter contained, but a wide grin still on her face.

She had told Alex and Jimmy to go down to lunch and walked into the Hall to find that they were sitting next to the Marauders. She squeezed between Alex and Remus and clapped a hand on Remus’ shoulder.

“Well Loopy, I guess we are studying together.”

Remus laughed at the new nickname. “I think I should be calling you Loopy, not the other way around. Especially because of the way you are taking this.”

“Taking what?” Jimmy asked his mouth full of food.

“I’m failing Transfiguration.” She laughed slightly.

“You are kind of crazy.” Sirius said. “You’re failing a class, and you’re laughing about it?”

Andy shrugged. “Well Loopy will get me back on track.” She said clapping her hand on his back this time. Unfortunately he had just taken a bite of his sandwich and this made him spit it out all over the person across from him. Sirius.

James, Alex, Jimmy, and Andy were laughing hysterically at them both, Peter seemed to be off in his own little world as usual, Sirius had his eyes closed not really comprehending how he just got his friends half-eaten food all over himself, and Remus who looked guilty and unsure if he should be laughing with the rest, or helping wipe the food off Sirius’ face. He finally settled for laughter.

“Oh, so you think that’s funny do you?” Sirius said, trying to sound angry but a hint of laughter in his voice. He went to grab a hand full of the food sitting in front of him but Andy was quicker.

“Oh no. It’s my job to start food fights. Plus I think the halfy-chewed bread works in your hair. It certainly makes it look better then it did before.” ‘Liar’ a voice in her head said. ‘I’m not lying, how am I lying?’ Andy said back. ‘You think his hair looks really good.’ ‘No I don’t!’ Andy said. She’d be damned if she was going to let a stupid little voice in her head tell her that she didn’t really know what she wanted.

“Um, Earth to Andy.” Alex waved a hand in front of Andy’s face. She regained her composure from her temporarily lapse of neurotic talking-to-herself behavior.

“Huh?” Andy replied dumbly.

“Are you ok?”

“Yeah fine I was just-” she decided against telling them that she had been talking to herself and proving their point that she was crazy. “-just daydreaming I guess.”

Sirius’ hand grabbed hers and held it so she couldn’t pull it away. “Listen, Andy, I know its really difficult for you to get me out of your head because I am just so attractive, but I think you should really stop daydreaming about me. Maybe that’s the reason your failing Transfiguration.”

Andy was finally able to snatch her hand away. “Oh please Black, the day I like you is the day pigs fly.”

The doors to the Great Hall flew open and a first year girl came in screaming and running. Behind her a pig was chasing her. Only it was flying! But then Malfoy came in behind her directing the pig that was quickly forced to the ground by a teacher.

Sirius looked at Andy with a smirk on his face. Andy knew exactly what he and the others were thinking. “Shut up, all of you. It doesn’t count that the pig was being made to fly. It has to do it on its own.”

The boys just looked at her. She was just digging her own grave and the more she talked the further she got. She wasn’t stupid either, and soon, at a loss for words, got up, gave an annoyed sigh and huffed out of the Hall. Not usual behavior from Andy who doesn’t take crap like that from anyone.

She walked out into the hallways, her footsteps echoing off the corridor walls. She quickened her pace slightly, eager to get away from them as quick as possible.

She made it to her next class to find the door locked. She banged her head lightly against the wall, closing her eyes. ‘I don’t like Black. And I just made myself look like an idiot. I am an idiot.’ She thought.

“Wow, hurting yourself, certainly makes my job a lot easier.” A voice came from down the hallway. Andy didn’t have to open her eyes to know who it was.

“Just go away Black.” She sighed. And for a moment, she thought he had actually done what she told him to do as silence met her ears.

“You don’t really mean that, now do you?” his voice whispered in her ear. She was startled and jumped slightly, her eyes flying open. She made a move to step away, but he was expecting it and was quicker to react. He had her pinned against the wall in one swift move.

She hardly tried to fight him away. “You weren’t like this over the summer.” He whispered in that rough voice she couldn’t resist. His lips met her neck just below her ear and traveled down. The touch gave her goose bumps, whether they were good or not, she didn’t know.

She couldn’t take it anymore and pulled him up to her, engaging him in a hungry, lustful kiss. He deepened it, pushing her further against the wall, her hands running through his hair, his pulling her waist closer to him, leaving no space between the two of them. He lifted her slightly and she wrapped her legs around him. Without breaking apart, he took out his wand and opened the classroom door, shutting it after the two had made it inside.

He gently laid her down on a desk next to the door, lying on top of her. His lips broke from hers for the first time and traveled down her face to her neck and tracing her collar bone. They were stopped at her shirt only momentarily and continued as he almost ripped the blouse off of her.

His hand found her hip and sent shivers down her spine. She pulled him back up to her and they continued the lustful kissing, only briefly broken as he pulled his shirt over his head. The feel of him returned to her as her hands made their way down to his belt, fumbling around with it before finally undoing it and his pants. He lifted her skirt slightly, his hand grazing her thigh and the touch was so unbearable she moaned into the kiss. She could feel his lips curl slightly into a smile. He moved his lips to the nape of her neck.

Before they got much further they heard the door click. They stopped and watched the door as it opened, allowing light into the dark class room students would be filling in half an hour’s time. Two people walked in, their conversation continuing.

“So professor said that she left it on her desk-” one of the boys stopped short at the sight before his eyes.

The other boy caught sight of them and just stopped. Both boys’ mouths almost touching the floor.

“Shit” she said into his neck.

He laughed into her. “No worries love.”

He got off of her, pulling his pants back up, but not getting his shirt on. She slid off and stood next to him, searching the floor for her missing shirt. She crossed her arms over her chest, rather embarrassed about being exposed to the other two boys, though she still had a bra on.

The first boy regained his composure first. “What the hell is going on?” he almost yelled.

“Nothing James, just- just leave, ok?” Andy said. She looked to the other boy to see that his expression had gone from one of shock to one of anger. He glared at the other boy.

“What, do you think you can just go around raping girls? What kind of a man are you?”

“Hey! He was not raping me Sirius!” Andy said, unable to believe that he would accuse his brother of such a thing.

Sirius just lunged across the desk towards Regulus and Andy. James grabbed him before he could get any further. Sirius looked like a little kid who didn’t get his ice cream as James dragged him out of the room kicking and shouting obscenities at the two.

Andy found her shirt on the neighboring chair and slipped it on quietly. Regulus stood watching her, not putting his shirt back on and driving Andy insane. “You better get going.” She said to him.

He smiled at her and stepped closer, the mouthfuls of hungry kisses intoxicating the both of them once more. She was backed against the desk and grudgingly stopped him. She leaned her forehead against his and sighed. “We have class.” She said.

“Yeah I know.” He paused, stealing a quick kiss that just left Andy wanting more. He pulled his shirt over his head before going to the door. He opened it, emitting light once again to the room. He looked at her and grinned. “Sorry about that love.” He winked and pointed to his neck. He turned and left her.

She ran over to the mirror on a nearby wall. “Greatttt….” She said, rolling her eyes at the marks that were already starting to form on her neck. There were quite a few actually…

She pulled her hair out of a ponytail and divided it to make two pigtail braids in an attempt to cover the marks. It was a rather futile attempt, but she had to try. She stepped into the hallway and waited for the rest of her classmates and professor.

The class entered the room and sat down at their assigned seats. Andy was next to a Hufflepuff that she hardly knew and was avoiding the curious glances from Remus, Alex and Jimmy. Sirius sat in the back of the room, at the table he and James had caught Andy and Regulus. He had pushed his chair as far away from the table as possible and had put nothing of his on top of it.

He raised his hand suddenly. The professor called on him. “Professor, would you mind if I switched seats, maybe to the front of the room. I feel like I could learn better if I was there.”

The professor looked shocked, but nonetheless, pleased. She granted his wish and switched his seat with someone who sat closer to the chalkboard. Sirius glared at Andy as he walked up the classroom.

Andy propped her elbows up on the table and put her head in her hands. She sighed, knowing that Sirius would probably tell all of his friends and Alex and Jimmy would find out. She just did not want to face any of them when that shit hit the fan…


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Chapter 12: A trip down memory lane
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Disclaimer: as always, the brilliance of the world of Harry Potter belongs to the equally brilliant J.K. Rowling…man am I jealous…

A/N: Ok, so someone reminded me that Regulus was like 3 years younger then them, but let’s just say, for the sake of the story he is a fifth year (Andy and Sirius being in their 6th) but if you don’t like that, by all means, think of her as a cradle-robber…


She didn’t know what was what by the end of the class. She had not heard a word the teacher had said. The only things she could think about were the reactions of her friends, and probably the rest of the school, considering how loud of a mouth Sirius had. Though one question had lingered in her head through the entire class. It was the only thing that she could manage to set straight.

What were Andy and Regulus?

She set it straight for herself by the end of class. They weren’t really friends, seeing as they never really talked and when they did it was usually mean words shared. But that had always been the case when they were around their friends, never really alone. So they were somewhat friends. Well actually, they were enemies until the summer when the two saw each other eye-to-eye for the first time.

She was working one of the three jobs she had gotten over the summer. It was rounding 5 o’clock on one of the hottest days England had seen in years and of course all of the people wanted ice cream. Andy had been bombarded all day with winy little kids and frustrated parents. The line was no longer there for the first time in her 6 hour shift and she took the moment to wipe the bit of sweat that had rested on her brow. Her break was, of course, short lived as she heard the bell on the door ring, signaling yet another customer.

She turned back to the front counter, looking ready to serve anybody’s order, but really, she was just exhausted and wanted nothing to do with ice cream for a long time. The person reached the counter where Andy was ready to put on a fake smile to please both the customer and her annoying boss. The smile immediately slid off her face as she saw who she was about to have to serve. Regulus Black.

The obnoxious Slytherin that was a year younger then her smirked as he approached. “Well, well, well.” He began, but Andy was not going to stand for anything from him that day.

“Listen just tell me your stinkin’ order and get the hell out of here.” She said annoyed.

“Pierson!” her boss, who had been standing just a few feet away from her cried. “That is the last one of your rude comments I will hear. You apologize to the customer and go pack your things, your fired!” More of the rather plump woman’s red, frizzy hair jumped from the bun atop her head, falling into her face. Her uniform t-shirt was clinging to every inch of her torso, threatening to rip at the seems by any sudden movement.

Andy didn’t care less about apologizing to her boss or Regulus and grabbed the few things she had in the back of the store and left. She hadn’t expected him to keep following her though.

“Wow, you got fired over me. Guess I got more pleasure then I thought I would when I came out for an ice cream.”

She whipped around to face him, he was a little closer to her then she thought but that didn’t stop her. “Listen, what do you want from me? You got your stupid ice cream, not to mention me fired, so what more could you want from me? Just leave.”

An on looker gave her a curious look that she just returned with a glare that said mind-your-own-business-or-I-will-make-you-and-it-will-be-painful. The person walked away quickly to leave the couple to argue.

Regulus smirked. “What? What possible pleasure could you be getting out of bothering me? Hmm?” she demanded. The smirked just remained on his face and she turned back around about the storm away.

“Bet you and Sirius have something going, don’t you?” he said suddenly, and she stopped.

“No, and why would you say that?” She didn’t turn around.

“You’re hot which makes you his type, and he always seems to be going after girls like you.”

This, she turned around at. “What did you just call me?” she didn’t wait for his response. “And no, I am certainly not your brothers type, nor is he mine. And I wouldn’t even touch him with a ten foot pole.”

“Wow, a girl who hasn’t fallen head over heals for my brother, that’s a surprise.” He shrugged slightly.

“What is any of this to you?” she said, crossing her arms, thoroughly annoyed by him.

“Well, you know I’m not like my brother. You could like me instead. I am the more attractive one anyways, wouldn’t you agree?” He asked, cocking an eyebrow at her.

“In your dreams.” She turned to walk away but he pulled her back, the two very close to each other.

He bent down and whispered-


The bell signaling the end of the class brought her back from her trip down memory lane and students brushed past her leaving the room. She stood up to leave but somebody, in particular hurry knocked her back down. She turned around, ready to curse the ass that did it but stopped when she saw Sirius glare back at her before leaving the room.

She sighed, knowing there would be a very long argument between the two. She grabbed her bag, of which she had not taken anything out of the entire class, and left the class room.

“Andy!” she heard Alex call her from behind. She stopped, wanting so badly to escape the inevitable, but its a battle that no one can ever win.

“Guys,” she started, figuring it would be better that they hear it from her first. “we need to skip our next class. I have something to tell you.”

The two boys exchanged looks before following her through a number of hallways until they reached the outdoors. It was mid-November and the brisk English weather nipped at Andy’s nose, but she could care less about it at the moment.

The three reached the lake and sat under the big oak on its shore, silence plaguing them on their way down. Andy didn’t quite know where to begin and sat down closing her eyes trying to figure it out. She took a deep breath and began. “Alright, there really is no easy way to tell you this, and I would just hope that you wont hate me afterwards.

“This summer, I was working at a little store and Regulus Black showed up. We got into a bit of an argument I guess you could say and I was fired because my boss thought that I was arguing with a customer. So I left. And so did Regulus. Well, he followed me. And so we were walking and started arguing and the next thing I know, we are standing on an empty sidewalk, in the middle of the city…kissing.

“One thing led to another-” Andy gulped, not opening her eyes. “and uhm, I woke up the next morning, next to him.”

“WHAT?!” Alex yelled. Andy opened her eyes, a guilty expression on her face.

“Listen it just happened! Black and Potter just found out about it though! I figured they were probably going to tell the entire school, but I just wanted you two to hear it from me first.” Andy looked to the ground, unable to see either of her two best friends reactions.

“Thank you Andy.” She lifted her head quickly to see Jimmy. He was staring at the ground, as if in a trance, thinking obviously. “Your right, I probably would have been angry at you if you haven’t told me yourself. It doesn’t mean that I condone what you did, after all, I still think Regulus Black is one of the worst people to walk the earth, but-” Andy could tell he was struggling, “I’m not angry with you though. I know you, and it would just be stupid and controlling of me to be angry over who you chose to do –um…extracurricular activities with.”

There was a pause, Andy and Jimmy looking hopeful at Alex, waiting for a response. Jimmy coughed and nudged him. Alex sighed. “Alright, ditto.”

Andy sighed, knowing that was probably not what Alex thought, but she decided not to find out. She smiled gratefully at her two friends, satisfied with their answer now and prepared to face the rest of the school.


The following week went by smoothly, well as smoothly as it could. Sirius and James had surprisingly not told anyone, probably ashamed that someone in Gryffindor had actually done that with a Slytherin. Whatever they thought, Andy didn’t care. They weren’t talking to her and she wasn’t all that disappointed about it.

Her Potions project was due in two days and Andy didn’t care that Sirius wasn’t helping. All she had to do was add a few finishing touches to the potion and she would be done. She reached their hiding spot for the potion and took out the food coloring that would disguise their potion. There were no specific directions on the bottle, just the word red, and that’s what made the next thing so odd.

She put two drops of the coloring that splashed at the surface. The potion that had been at a slight simmering before stopped. Its surface was completely placid. Andy cocked her head to the side, confused at the reaction. The potion that had once been a golden color was not turning red, but black. She was about to lean over the cauldron before a bubble rose to the top. It broke off of the surface and lifted into the air. It was floating up towards Andy’s face.

She brought her finger up to pop it, but it blew up in her face before she could. It wasn’t a big explosion or anything, but it just so happened to be very close to her face and singed her eyebrows off, turning the rest of her face black. She screamed and fell backwards.

“Andy!” she heard someone yell. She was on her back on the floor, her eyes squeezed shut. She felt the person touch her arm and her eyes flew wide open to meet his worried grey stare. “You alright?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. There is something up with our potion.” She said, sitting up and pointing to the pot. They looked over the edge and found more bubbles rising to the surface. One popped off and floated towards Sirius, he was about to do the same thing as Andy and pop the bubble before Andy yelled. “No! Stop, that’s what did this.”

Sirius gave her a look that said oh-please and popped it. Sure enough he was in the same position he had just recovered from. She rolled her eyes and went to help him up. She held her hand out but he shoved it away.

“I don’t need your help.” He sneered in a voice that resembled Malfoy.

“Oh get off your high-fucking-horse. So you found me with your brother. Its not the end of the world or anything. You think you are so much better then he is.” She paused for a moment before saying in a much softer voice. “He’s not completely like your parents.”

“Yeah right. That’s coming from the girl who just shags him. Why don’t you spend a day with him. You’ll see what he is really like then. And besides, why should I listen to you, if you shagged with my brother, you’d probably shag old Snivellus, or even Malfoy.”

Andy slapped the smug look off his face immediately. “You don’t get to call me a slut, especially not after all the girls you hang around with.” And she stormed out of the room leaving Sirius (and the potion) to stew.

‘God, why do I have to do that. I mean obviously I hate it that she is sleeping around with my brother, but why do I have to be such an ass about it. Alex and Jimmy aren’t even though I know they hate the fact that she did it. Why can’t I just tell her. Maybe if she knew she would stop it with him and come to me…’

Another explosion came from near the pot catching Sirius’ attention. He watched the countless number of bubbles come from the pot, each one of them popping around the room.

It kind of reminded him of everything in his life. The more he tried to do, the more things blew up (sometimes literally) in his face.


Andy threw the door to the boys dormitory open, slamming it shut as she walked into the cluttered room. She made a frustrated noise (not really sure what exactly it was or how she made it, but I digress…) and plopped on to her bed. She fell backwards and stared at the ceiling. She hadn’t been doing it long when Remus quietly popped his head over hers, looking down at her.

The sudden appearance scared her for a moment and she almost hit him. (It was just a natural reaction for her, after everything she has been through, she hates surprises.)

He ducked out of the way and returned to staring down at her, a smile playing at his lips. “You alright?”

“Yes! I’m fine! Why does everyone keep asking me if I’m alright, I mean left and right. I am alright, if I chose not to be happy for just a few moments there is no need for alarm, I’m just not happy, and there is nothing wrong with me.” She said, frustrated.

Remus just smiled amusedly. “Alright then, I’m sorry I asked.”

She sat up and turned to face him, “No, I’m just annoyed right now, and I didn’t mean to sound like that, though it doesn’t seem like it bothered you that much. I don’t think you would have a smile on your face if it did.” He gave her an innocent look before smiling bigger. “Yeah, I’m sorry.”

He sat on the other side of her bed. “Its ok. And its not like I think its funny that your angry, it just looked like steam should have come out of your ears at any moment. It was cute.”


“Yeah, your even prettier when your angry.”

Andy gave him a curious look, before smiling rather sheepishly, which she immediately tried to cover, “No I’m not.”

Remus sighed deeply. “Andy, you might hang out with all the guys, but you certainly don’t look like ‘em. You are really pretty.”

“No I’m not Remus. I’m really not and you really don’t need to lie to me. I don’t like having two friends not talking to me because of what I did with Regulus, but I really don’t want you saying stuff like that to me.”

“You think I’m lying?”

She closed her eyes. “Yeah.”

“Does Sirius hate you for doing that with his brother?”


“Alex and Jimmy don’t though.”


“Sirius shouldn’t have an opinion in who you do things with, right?”


“What he thinks doesn’t matter.”


“Do you want to go to Hogsmeade with me this weekend?”

“Ye-” Andy opened her eyes and looked at Remus’ hopeful face. She smiled. “Yeah.”

He smiled back, slightly relieved. There was a silence between them, but it was not an awkward one. It was broken by Alex and Jimmy barging into the room laughing.

They stopped when they saw Andy and Remus sitting on the bed together. Alex ran over and threw Andy over his shoulder, spinning her around. “Um, Alex, unless you would like my dinner on your back, I would suggest you put me down!” she said pounding his back.

“Oh no, we have something to show you.”

Alex stopped spinning her around, but carried her down stairs, Jimmy and Remus closely behind. They reached the Common Room that was filled with the students laughter. It seemed as if the entire Gryffindor house was down in the Common Room staring at a certain student.

That certain student was tied down to a chair, tape over his mouth, struggling desperately to get out of it. There were pixies (the pleasanter kind) floating around him and giggling like little girls. Some were putting his hair in little pig tails here and there, while others were putting make up on his face.

Alex put Andy down to watch the scene playing before him, satisfaction spread across his face. At the front of the crowd stood James and Peter, neither of them helping their friend, but laughing with the rest of their classmates.

Andy smiled and stood on her tiptoes to whisper in Alex’s ear. “Why do I feel as if all of our pranks this year have to deal with changing one of those four guys into a girl?”

“It seems to be a crowd favorite.” Alex winked back at her. Andy smiled and a new uproar of laughter came from the students as the powder a fairy was putting on Sirius’ face caused him to sneeze. Let’s just say you should never sneeze with tape over your mouth, doesn’t do your nose (or the stuff people don’t want to see come out of your nose) any good….


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Chapter 13: Project Revealed (not quite what the teacher was looking for...)
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For the first time in Andy’s life she was actually thinking about what to wear- in advance. Her date with Remus was tomorrow and the only thing that occupied her mind through Divination (though she hardly ever concentrated on a normal day) was what she should wear.

It had been just about a day since he asked her, though you couldn’t tell that the two were supposed to do on a date. They acted as if nothing was really going on. ‘Which was- really- true.’ Andy thought.

But even though they were acting just as friends, Andy couldn’t help but think about it. Did she like Remus? Yeah, sure as a friend. But were there any more feelings there?

He was sweet, nice, smart, not to mention pretty good-looking. And besides, if she didn’t have feelings for him would she be getting this anxious or even slightly nervous for tomorrow?

She decided there was one person that could really help her, though they’d hardly ever spoken.


Sirius felt as if he were the odd one out in classes today. Throughout the morning his friends seemed to be off in their own little worlds.

James- though it was nothing very new- was staring even more dreamily then usual at the back of lily Evans’ head.

Peter was basically drooling while watching a Hufflepuff a few seats to their left. She would occasionally glance at him and give the chubby boy a smile.

The there was Remus. Sirius had never seen his bookworm of a friend looking like that before, especially during class. He was usually studiously scribbling notes, although they were in Divination…

Sirius followed Remus’ gaze and found it rested upon something that made him slightly angry. He decided to let the feeling go though. ‘I swear, all these fumes have bad effects on everyone…’


Remus couldn’t help but tune out of the lengthy lecture that was being given during Divination that day. How was he supposed to pay attention when she was sitting just a mere three rows in front of him.

He felt as if he was on a cloud ever since she had agreed to go to Hogsmeade with him. And it was just tomorrow! He was getting more nervous by the second, thinking of numerous ways he could embarrass himself in front of her.

He tried to act as cool as possible when around her now. Why was she having this much of an effect over him?

He had liked other girls in the past, though they’d always use him to get closer to Sirius. He was sure Andy wouldn’t do that to him though. She was funny, nice, witty, and just someone you want to be around.

Why was he feeling so strongly though? And all of a sudden.


“Ok, now Miss Pierson and Mr. Black,” the walrus of a professor grunted from behind his desk.

Sirius stood, while Andy pulled a vial and a role of parchment from her bag. They walked silently to the front of the room, still a rather uncomfortable air between the two of them.

“Now, what is your potion?”

Andy spoke first. “We created a potion that will make you better at Quidditch.”

The professor spit out the water he had been drinking. “You- what?” he exclaimed, pushing his chair back and squeezing out from the restrictive seat. He snatched the vial from her hand rather violently. “This is illegal! Not to mention impossible!”

“How do you know that? Have you tried to make it before Professor?” Sirius asked, a smirk on his face while a few students stifled their laughter.

“N-no, I haven’t tried! Are you accusing me of trying something illegal, Mr. Black?”

“Of course not professor. I was just wondering how you would know if it was impossible,” he said, trying to sound innocent.

“It is just common knowledge, especially for a Potions Professor to know that all illegal potions are impossible to make!” he huffed.

“Well then why are they illegal if they can not be made?” Sirius inquired, innocence lingering in his voice.

Slughorn’s face wrinkled in confusion and distress. “Was that the bell I heard? Uh, class dismissed! No homework for the rest of the week and the two of you get full credit for your project.” Nobody in the class moved, they just continued to stare at the now sweating teacher. “Well, enjoy your lunch!” he squealed before rushing into his office, slamming the door behind him.

Alex looked at Andy and she shrugged, placing their essay on his desk and returning to her seat to gather her things. The class stood still for a moment, not quite understanding what had just happened, but followed her lead.

Seeing as they had been let out early, Alex, Andy, and Jimmy returned to their room, dropping off a few books.

“Come on, we have a bit before lunch is served, wanna play a game of Snaps?” Andy asked, already pulling out the deck of cards from her trunk and heading down the Common Room.

The two followed and Jimmy decided to play, Alex claiming he wouldn’t play with Andy again because she cheats.

By the end of the three rounds they played, Jimmy had the tip of his nose burned black, and sporting a shirt whose right arm was 6 inches shorter then the left, the cards having burned up the sleeve before he could manage to put it out.

Andy, of course, was unchanged. That happens when you are the best player of Exploding Snaps in the whole school. “Another?” she asked the exhausted boy sitting across from her with a smirk.

His eyes widened in fear as he checked his watch—well, what would have been his watch if he actually had one and cared to be on time to things. “Oh! Would you look at the time! If we don’t go down for food now, we wont have time to eat!” he said jumping up and heading to the door as quick as possible.

Andy smirked, satisfied she instilled fear in someone just through a game. She gave a sort of demonic laugh.

“Your evil, you know that?” Alex said, shaking his head and going for the door, though he couldn’t hide his smile.

Andy stood and looked appalled (yeah….right). “You think I, moi, am evil?” she said, a disbelieving look on her face. “I’m nothing but a good little girl!” she said in a high-pitched voice, she began to skip around the chair as if showing how ‘good’ she actually was.

Alex stood with his arms crossed and an amused smile on his face. She continued to skip around and gave him a toothy smile. Just as she started skipping her way towards him her fought got the strap of her bag and she face-planted on the carpeted floor.

Alex himself was on the ground as well, though it was more from the laughter he was dying from. He was rolling around, clutching his sides are pained from the uncontrollable laughter.

Andy sat up grumbling, rubbing her nose having fallen on it. She huffed, trying to act angry that he was laughing at her falling, but realized she would probably be doing the same thing if he had been the one to fall. She smiled and rolled her eyes, laughing slightly at Alex.

“Come on guys, I’m starving” they heard coming from the entrance to the Common Room. Jimmy appeared a moment later, a slight frown on his face. It grew when he saw the two laughing on the floor. “What’d I miss?”

Alex stopped his writhing and looked at Andy before bursting into another round of laughter. She rolled her eyes, though a smile was still present on her face and stood to join Jimmy. “Alright fine Alex, we leave without you then.” She called as she continued through the door with Jimmy.

It wasn’t until they were halfway down to the Great Hall that Alex finally came running up beside them. He still had a smile on his face and looked as if he was barely just controlling his laughter. “Ok, seriously, it wasn’t that funny.” Andy said.

“What?!” Jimmy asked frustrated that he didn’t know what had happened.

“The graceful Miss. Andy Pierson over here decided it would be fun to practice her diving skills off the couch.” Alex grabbed her hand and brought her close as if he were dancing with her. He continued to drag her through a waltz-like thing before spinning her around. “She jumped and dove head first into the floor.” He finished the dance lowering Andy into a low dip.

She squinted at him. “That was not what happened.”

“I know, but it sure makes a better story!” he said. He let her go for a split-second, enough time to make her think that she was going to hit the floor before he grabbed her again. Her eyes went wide before glaring harder at him.

“You better let go of me right now or you’ll get it.”

He dropped her-actually dropped her this time. “Oi!” she yelled.

He smiled innocently at her. “What me? I couldn’t do such a thing, I’m just a good little boy.” He said, skipping away, mocking Andy.

“I still don’t get it…” Jimmy said, continuing to walk to the Hall.

Andy sat there on the floor for a minute, not really believing that her friends just left her on the ground like that. She rolled her eyes again and got in-step with Jimmy.

When they sat down at the table Andy sat across from Alex who was conversing with a younger girl in their house. Alex winked at Andy before continuing listening intently to what the girl was saying. Something about the best places to stop in Hogsmeade.


“Hey!” speak of the devil…

“Oh, hey!” Andy said, pretending as if she were not slightly nervous about being around him. He tucked in next to her and began piling food on her plate. She didn’t move.

“Not hungry?” he asked before putting a forkful of food in his mouth.

“Uh, no, I’m starved.” She said, snapping back to her normal self and grabbing everything in front of her.

After a few minutes of silence between the four of them the girl Alex had been talking to got up and left, but not before giving him a quick peck on the cheek and running down to a group of her friends who giggled when she sat down.

Alex had a satisfied grin on his face as he dug into his food. Andy eyed him curiously, “Lemme guess, you and that girl are going to Hogsmeade tomorrow?” she asked as if it were no big deal. Alex tended to have a thing for the younger girls. It didn’t help that he was fairly good-looking so the younger girls like him too.

He smiled, “You say that as if there were something wrong with it. Which there isn’t.” he said the last matter-of-factly.

Andy rolled her eyes and stuffed a forkful of food that should really not have been able to fit in her mouth. What do you expect from someone who has been surrounded by boys her whole life?

“Don’t be jealous Pierson. Just because you’ve never gone to Hogsmeade with someone doesn’t mean you gotta be all pissy at me.” He said.

Andy would have retorted angrily at that, had her mouth not been filled with food. Someone did so for her though. “Are you sure about that?” came from beside her.

“What do you mean? Course I’m sure. I love this girl and everything, but she tends to intimidate guys. Maybe if she would wear her hair down sometimes though--”

“Well that’s actually the reason I asked her.”

Silence followed the clank of three forks on the plates. Two of their owners’ eyes were fixed on Remus, while the other was looking at her plate, trying to hide her face. She may have been hiding shock considering he said it so nonchalantly or the smile that had found its way to her full mouth.

“Y-You-”Alex stuttered.

“H-Him-” Jimmy gaped.


“What?” Jimmy managed to finally articulate a full word.

By that time Andy had managed to gulp her food down and looked up, trying to act as cool about it as Remus was. “We are going to Hogsmeade tomorrow.”

“Together?!” Jimmy and Alex slightly yelled at the same time.

“Honestly guys, you manage to get better grades then I do and you cant figure out what that meant?” Andy smirked.

“When?” Alex asked, his lunch now completely ignored.

“Well they have been doing these Hogsmeade trips for a while now. We started in 3rd year and have gone a couple of times a year.”

“I believe they started doing it in the 1920’s-” Remus told her and she grinned, happy he was going along with her.

“No you oafs!” ‘Oh we’re the oafs?’ Andy thought. “I meant when did this happen? You two.”

“The night before last.” Remus said simply.

“So are you two a couple or something?” Jimmy asked squinting his eyes, trying to get his head wrapped around the concept of Andy actually having a boyfriend. Like it was so impossible…

The two of them paused, not really sure what the answer was, or what the other person thought. Andy wracked her brain. ‘Well I don’t know! Does he think we are? I mean it was just a date we are going on, we aren’t actually dating.’ yet another voice in her head said. Remus found an answer before Andy could start another argument with her crazy self.

“Well, we’ll see how tomorrow goes.” He said, chancing a glance at Andy, relieved to find her nodding with what he had said. He released a breath he hadn’t noticed he was holding and smiled before continuing on with his meal.

Jimmy and Andy followed his lead, but Alex didn’t. He continued to stare at the two of them, his mouth slightly hanging open still. There was something wrong about them dating, even if they claimed that they weren’t. Call it his best friend-intuition, but he knew they would be dating after tomorrow, but he also knew there was something off about it. He couldn’t quite place his finger on it, so deciding against his better judgment, he returned to his food.

The four ate in silence again before it was interrupted by two of the three marauders that were missing. Sirius squeezed between Remus and Andy and slung his arm around her. She didn’t move it though.

“Lovely job we did on the project I think, no?” he said primly.

“Yeah I think you scared the bloody buggers out of ol’ Sluggy.” James said squeezing in between Jimmy and Alex on the other side.

“Hey, did the two of you know that your boy Remus here asked our little Andy to Hogsmeade tomorrow?” Jimmy said.

Andy kicked him under the table. Apparently she missed though, because James yelped in pain before returning to his face of utter shock.

“Y-you d-did?” he sputtered.

Andy turned to look at Sirius to see, other then his eyebrows at his hairline, seemed unfazed.

“Yes, I did, and I bet that’s more then you can say about your precious Lily.” Remus retorted, not quite understanding why they would all think that it was ludicrous that he and Andy would be going to Hogsmeade.

“Hey mate, I ask her plenty of times, its that she declines my invitations that is different here.” James said matter-of-factly. “She will one day though.”

All five people around him rolled their eyes, a few shaking their heads. Sirius suddenly piped up. “Oh! Sorry mate,” he said, just realizing that his arm was still draped around Andy. It just felt kind of right for him and taking it off made him feel, well, wrong.

Andy realized the emptiness just as Sirius had, but decided to just shrug it off, as Remus slid down next to her, Sirius moving to his other side.

The group of Gryffindors continued through classes, much of them still distracted as they were that morning. This time though, Sirius was also.

Remus wasn’t the only one gazing dreamily at Andy through classes any more…


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Chapter 14: Good creepy?
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Dislcaimer: As usual, dont own anything but my original characters!


Andy walked into the crowded Gryffindor Common Room with her friends, but a few minutes later, she left them and headed for the girls’ dormitory, a place she hadn’t been since the beginning of the year.

She had seen Lily going up the stairs when she first walked into the Common Room and waited for a good time to slip up after her. She raised her hand to knock on the 6th years door but realized that it was as much her room as it was theirs. She opened the door and saw Lily sitting on her bed, studying of course.

“Geez Evans. Its Friday. We have the whole weekend for homework and you do it now?”

Lily looked up, a slightly hurt look on her face. She quickly recovered though and replaced it with the scowl, the one that was present whenever James was around. “What do you want Andy?” She said, a definite bite in her voice.

Andy paused, unsure of how to ask her. “Well, you see the thing is-” she paused again, rubbing the back of her neck and looking around the room, anything to avoid Lily’s gaze. “I, uh…”

“Get on with it. I don’t have all night.” Lily said frustrated.

Andy’s gaze fell to the floor. “I kind of need your help Evans.”

“Listen, I’m not going to do your work for you. I may have let you copy that paper once, but its just not going to happen again.” She returned to her work.

“No, its not about homework. Its about something else. Something girly.” Andy gave a slight shiver at the last word.

Lily looked up at her surprised. “Girly? Like what?”

“Well, Remus kind of asked me to Hogsmeade tomorrow, and I realized I don’t have anything to wear…”

Lily’s eyebrows were almost touching her hairline. “And you came to me for help?”

“If you don’t want to-”

“Oh no, Its not that I don’t want to, its just I’m rather surprised. Flattered, but surprised.” Lily smiled pleasantly at her, before getting up and pulling her over to her dresser, pulling it open. She began pulling out clothes from everywhere, looking at them each and shaking her head no. When she finally looked satisfied with the outfit in her hands she turned back to Andy, who was standing rather awkwardly behind her.

Lily smiled again. “Remus, eh?” Andy’s cheeks turned red. Lily laughed. “Oh its nothing to be embarrassed about. He’s a nice guy, and he’s not bad looking either.” She nudged Andy who blushed deeper, but smiled nonetheless.

Lily threw her head back in laughter. The two seemed to be getting along well, why had they never hung out before? Andy was pretty nice once you got to know her, and Lily’s opinion about Andy was nothing close to what Sally and Logan thought of her. Lily didn’t really hate anyone. She extremely disliked someone (A/N cough* James cough* cough*, oh excuse me, I have a bit of a cold.), but she could never hate anyone.

“Here, try this on.” She said, thrusting the clothes she had picked out and pushing Andy into the bathroom.

Andy came out a few minutes later, unrecognizable. “Oh my gosh! You have a figure!” Lily said in mock surprise as she pulled Andy in front of the floor-length mirror.

Andy couldn’t believe that just a simple change of clothes could really make her look so different. She was wearing tight jeans, a significant change from her plaid extra-large school skirt, and the baggy pants she normally wore. Her top was low-cut and red, a color she had never really seen herself in, but found it looked good on her. She was definitely showing a lot more skin then she was used to.

“Now, for your hair…” Lily said, walking around her as if trying to get every angle of her simple pony tail.

“What’s wrong with my hair?” she asked, slightly nervous about the changes Lily was going to make.

“Nothing, its gorgeous actually…” she continued to ponder. She finally decided just simply down would do the trick. She stood behind Andy and pulled the elastic letting her hair fall down just past her shoulders. She ruffled it a little bit and smiled, satisfied.

“There, now make-up.” She said, heading to the bathroom. She was stopped mid-way.

“Oh no, the clothes and the hair are enough for now. No make-up.” Andy said. Lily turned to protest but the defiant look on her face told her she would just be fighting a losing battle.

“Alright, so no make-up.” Lily said, making her way back to her bed. Andy sat on the edge. “So where are you guys going to go?”

“Oh I don’t know. I don’t think I’ll be very good at this stuff. I tend to think more like a guy about most stuff.” Andy shook her head.

Lily laughed lightly. “Oh, you’ll do fine.” She reassured her. “Just relax and you should be fine. Its not like Remus will try to snog you every chance he can like Potter.” She grimaced at the thought.

“You know he really isn’t that bad. He may be creepy considering how obsessed he is with you, but its not like bad creepy. Its like-”

“Good creepy?” Lily provided.

“No, but the boy is just madly in love with you Lily. He just wants to talk with you, and when he gets a reaction out of you, I guess that’s talking. I don’t know. He really likes you though. You oughta give him a shot.” Andy paused at Lily’s disbelieving face. “How about, you ask him to Hogsmeade tomorrow, AND-” Andy raised her voice to stop Lily from interrupting. “and the two of you double with me and Remus. It will make me feel more comfortable and if at any time you want to punch James or run away you can. And if you have an incredibly horrible time, you can punch me instead. Or do something bad to me.”

Lily thought about it for a moment. “Can I put make-up on you?”

Andy struggled for a minute, but thought of James. “Yeah, I guess…” That boy better appreciate me for this.

Lily thought more, before nodding her head in agreement. “ Alright. Just be prepared to wear make-up all next week Pierson.” Lily said as Andy walked to the bathroom to get changed.

Andy was about to ask where Lily got an entire week of torture from, but decided against it. She changed out of the clothes and put them in a small bag Lily gave her.

“Well, lets go ask him then, shall we?” Andy said, now she was the one pulling Lily down the stairs.

The crowd had thinned out a bit and Andy immediately spotted James and Sirius talking in the corner, occassionaly checking around to make sure nobody was listening to them. When James saw Lily coming towards him he immediately stopped talking and straightened up, a wide smile appearing on his face.

Andy and Lily reached the other two and Andy prodded Lily in the back. “Oh, right. James, are you going with anyone to Hogsmeade tomorrow?” James shook his head no. “Would you like to go with me then?”

Andy could have sworn the boy jumped ten feet in the air. “Absolutely!” He yelled, hugging her tightly. She was a bit surprised at first, but returned the gesture, though it was not as enthusiastic as James’ had done it.

“Right. I’m off to bed then. Meet you in the Great Hall at ten then James.” She smiled at him and he almost passed out. Sirius continued to stare disbelievingly at her back as she made her way up to the girls’ dormitories.

“I think I’ll go to bed then too.” James said dreamily, the toothy grin still spread wide across his face.

As soon as James was out of ear-shot Sirius returned to Andy. “How much did you give her?”

“Give her? By whatever do you mean?” she asked innocently, making her way over to a couch that had just cleared up. She sat down and Sirius sat next to her.

“Are you kidding? You had to have paid her a lot in order to get her to ask James out.”

“Well, actually, I didn’t pay her anything. I am just a very persuasive person.” She smiled at him.

“I don’t think so, but whatever helps you sleep at night.” He said.

She gave a fake-looking appauled look and poked his arm. He poked her back. “Oh you really want to start this?” she asked threateningly.

“Bring it on.” And the two delved into a massive poking fight that soon turned into a pillow fight with the couch pillows. Sirius hit Andy hard upside the head and she fell back into the couch laughing. He joined in on the laughter and leaned towards her a bit to poke her stomach. It was only then that she realized how close they were.

He must’ve noticed it too, as he stopped laughing, looking suddenly serious.

Someone cleared their throat loudly from the other side of the now empty Common Room. Sirius quickly turned away, as did Andy. ‘Why am I feeling like this? I don’t even know what I’m feeling. Am I disappointed?’ She couldn’t think on it much longer as she was pulled up by the person that had interrupted her and Sirius.

A fury of red hair flashed in front of her eyes as she said a quick good night to Sirius before being pulled harder away from the couch.


Lily smiled lightly as she pulled back the curtain of her bed, ready to settle in for the night. She had a date for Hogsmeade tomorrow and she was excited. It had been almost a year- sadly- since her last date, but she just hadn’t really wanted to go with anyone. James, of course, had been asking her out since the moment the two met and she always denied him. Never did she think in her right mind that she would be the one to ask him.

It was true, he had been better recently. And by better she means less big-headed and more tolerable. Plus, Lily really wanted to see what Andy would look like with make-up on. Let alone with her hair down and full ensemble tomorrow. It should be interesting.

She settled into the soft bed and reached for the book that she had been reading every night for the past week. It was wonderful, all about the founders of the school. But her hand just brushed the oak her side-table was made from. She turned and saw that it was indeed not there. ‘Must’ve left it downstairs,’ she thought, stepping from the warmth of the bed to the cool floor.

She tiredly made her way down the winding staircase to the Common Room and she heard shrieks of familiar laughter. ‘People can be up this late and still have that much energy?

She reached the bottom of the stairs and when she saw the two people she was a little shocked. Not of the boy, but the girl he was flirting endlessly with.

She stood at the foot of the stairs, watching the two for a moment and the boy moved closer to the girl, they looked as if they were about ready to snog right there on the couch in front of her.

She cleared her throat. She did not want to see any of that. Especially between those two. The two immediately backed away, and while the boy looked up at her, his grey eyes meeting her disapproving green ones, the girl did not, seeming to be lost in her own thoughts.

Lily walked briskly over to the couch they were on and grabbed the girls wrist, dragging her behind her towards the girl’s dormitory. Lily pulled her harder when she heard her say good night to the boy.

Once they had reached the privacy of the bathroom (and only after Lily had put a silencing charm on the room so they were not heard by anyone through the thin walls) Lily finally said something.

“Andy!” she shrieked, finally letting go of her wrist.

“What?!” Andy asked defensively, not quite sure why she was being yelled at.

“What do you mean what? You were just flirting so much with Sirius!”

“Flirting? Me? You sure you got your head on right there Evans, we were not doing anything of the sort.”

“Listen Andy, when you joke around and punch your friends and everything, nobody says anything because they know that you are just friends, that the three of you have been inseparable since we started here. But, when you do stuff like that with a guy, poking each other and getting into a pillow fight, I’m sorry, but that was definite flirting, whether intentional or not.”

“What? Well it does matter whether or not it was intentional or not. Because it most certainly was not intentional. And its not like Sirius would be flirting with me either. Its Sirius.”

“But that’s exactly that point Andy. Its Sirius

Andy shook her disbelievingly. “No, we weren’t flirting because Sirius and I are just friends.” And she walked out of the bathroom and headed to her dorm.

She wrenched open the door to the 6th year boys’ room, slightly angry that lily would assume that Andy was flirting with Black. I mean, come on, its Black. And I was not disappointed when Lily interrupted us. Not at all, because nothing further would have happened.. she tried convincing herself as she began pacing the room.

“Andy? You alright?” Remus asked from James’ bed that he and the rest of the Marauders were sitting on. They watched her curiously as she continued pacing, still trying to figure out what the hell was going on.

‘It wasn’t flirting I swear. Its Sirius Black. And besides, its not like he would ever flirt with me because he would never like me. He dates girls like the stupid ones I used to have to share a room with.

“Oi! Andy!” Alex yelled from his own bed. He was in the middle of shooting spells at a sleeping Jimmy across the room when Andy in and he had since ceased. Jimmy was now sporting a unibrow and a beard that rivaled Dumbledore’s.

Why would she even think that? Its Sirius. And besides, his best friend just asked me out. So its not like he would go after something that his best friend had, even if he had been flirting with me. But that’s just it, he wasn’t-’

“Ah!!” Andy’s frantic thoughts were interrupted when Alex made a bucket of ice water fall on her head. She stopped mid-pace and turned and glared at him. “What the Hell was that for?”

Alex looked at her strangely. “What do you mean what was that for? You just barged in here and started pacing around. You wouldn’t acknowledge any of us. It was the only way I could think of to get you to respond.”

“Well can you dry me off now please?” she said irritated.

Alex continued to stare at her. “What’s got your knickers in a bunch?”

“Nothing! Just dry me off!”


“What?!” she snapped, as Remus tried to talk to her.

“Andy, just calm down.” The voice relax slightly and she turned to where it had come from. Sirius, who was sitting behind James was looking oddly at her. She returned the look, wondering why he was able to calm her down.

Her shivering, wet body now felt dry and warm. She turned to Alex to see his wand pointed at her. “Thanks.” She was more calm now.

Alex gave her an odd look and cocked his head to the side a bit. He thought about it for a moment then jumped out of his bed. “I think its time for a midnight run to the kitchens.”

“Its only 11.” James said.

“Oh who cares. Who wants to join me? Andy?”

“Yeah sure.”

The others were about to reply, seeing as they were almost always hungry but before they could Alex had pulled Andy from the room. They silently made their way across the Common Room and only once they had reached the quiet corridor did Alex speak. “You want to tell me what that was all about?”

“I do want to, but I don’t think I can. I don’t even really understand it myself.” Andy sighed. What the heck was going on with her?

“Well why don’t you tell me what your thinking, maybe we can sort out everything…or some things.”

Andy took a deep breath and began explaining. Alex didn’t interrupt. “Ok, see, this whole thing going to Hogsmeade with Remus seems to have screwed a lot of things up. I don’t really know why. And it probably wasn’t even Remus asking me, but I feel like I am just realizing a lot of things. I don’t know. Like, well, I don’t know I just don’t feel like myself.” She noted that she was saying ‘like’ a lot, but didn’t really bother to fix herself.

“For some reason, a reason that I really can not comprehend, I went to Lily today. For some reason, I want to look nice for Remus tomorrow, and that is totally unlike me, right?” She didn’t bother waiting for a response. “So I went to Lily, and she gave me these clothes and everything to wear tomorrow and then something happened, and now she is going with James to Hogsmeade tomorrow, with me and Remus, which is probably a good idea. I don’t know if I’m quite ready to be alone with him just yet. Its not that I don’t trust him, its just that, you know, its my first, date. And you probably cant even call it a date. Remus probably doesn’t even think of it as a date.”

Andy took a deep breath to calm herself back down. Everything that had just come flying out of her mouth seemed to have done it in about two breathes and she needed to catch her breath.

“Ok, so then Sirius and I were down in the Common Room a little while ago, and you know it was fairly late and everything so not a whole lot of people were there. He thought that I had to pay Lily to get her to ask James and when I wouldn’t tell him we got into this little poking fight. Which, you know of course, I always dominate.” She looked up at Alex and saw an uneasy look on his face. She stopped walking and he followed suit. They were just a little ways away from the kitchens now. “What? What is that look for?”

“Andy? Are you really that blind? Sirius likes you! That little poking war you started, that is called him getting close to you. Or in layman’s terms, he was flirting!”

She shook her head. “No, why would you say that? You AND Lily. I mean come on its Sirius! This is just what I told Lily. And that is exactly what I was fretting over in the dormitory before you dumped that water on me. Its Sirius Black, even if he was flirting with me, he flirts with every girl, so it wouldn’t matter even if he was actually flirting with me.”

“No Andy! That’s just it. Sirius may flirt with other girls but he doesn’t stare at them during class. And not in a creepy stalker-way, but in a lovey-dovey way. Andy-”

“No. No more. Sirius Black does not like me because there is too much wrong with me. And we wont continue this conversation." Alex shook his head, defeated. "What we will continue is why the hell I actually want to look good for Remus tomorrow.”

Alex smiled slightly, wrapped his arm around her shoulders and continued walking to the kitchens with her. “Andy, its alright to think like a girl sometimes. You are one after-all. Contrary to popular belief.” He smirked as she jabbed him in the side.


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Chapter 15: Tim Knows All
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Disclaimer--as always, I own nothing except my OCs. The fabulous world of Harry Potter belongs to the incredible imagination of J.K. Rowling!

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Andy took a deep breath and tugged at the hem of her low cut sweater. She looked at herself one more time in the mirror before turning around to face Lily. Lily was applying make up in the small vanity mirror on the opposite side of the room. When she looked satisfied with it she turned to Andy.

“Last chance,” she said hopefully, holding up the eyeliner in her hand.

Andy shook her head and rolled her eyes. She turned around again to stare back at herself in the mirror. She had never spent so much time in front of a mirror.

Lily came and stood behind her, standing on her tiptoes to rest her chin on Andy’s shoulder and look at her through the mirror. She smiled at the distressed look on her face.

“Its alright Andy. You look absolutely fabulous. Remus will love it.” She patted her lightly on the shoulders before grabbing their coats off the nearest bed and heading for the stairs.

Andy looked at herself once more before filing in at Lily’s side. The thought of wanting to impress someone other then Remus floated through her mind but she quickly kicked it out before they reached the bottom of the stairs.

The two stood on the last step, watching the four boys for a moment. As they were all lagging behind, there were only a few others occupants in the Common Room and the Marauders were certainly the most noticeable. They were sitting on two couches across from each other, throwing their heads back and laughing loudly at a joke that was just said. They looked like the perfect group of friends.

Remus and James were sitting on the couch that was facing the girl’s stairs and quickly caught sight of them, both jumping up to go to their dates’ sides. Remus was slightly taken aback by Andy’s appearance, though he tried hard not to let it on. He smiled at her and couldn’t help himself from giving her a quick peck on the cheek. “You look amazing,” he said, moving to her side so they could head out to the village.

Andy blushed. No one had ever told her that before, and it was difficult for her to believe. She muttered a shy thanks and turned towards Lily and James. “Shall we head out you two?”

“Yeah, of course.” Andy noticed that James was just about to put his arm around Lily but she discreetly waved him of. He did as she said, though slightly discouraged. The four of them continued to the portrait where Peter and Sirius were waiting.

Once they had reached the Entrance Hall Peter was quick to scurry off to the side of a girl. Andy could have sworn she looked incredibly like the female version of Peter when she had played that prank on the Marauders.

She laughed slightly at the thought before continuing out the school with the rest of the group.


Sirius was laughing along with the rest of the Marauders in the Gryffindor Common Room, waiting for Andy and Lily so they could go down to the village. James and Remus immediately got quiet and stood up, hurrying to the other side of the room. Sirius didn’t need to turn around in order to know why they did this, but he did anyways.

The sight in front of Sirius and Peter was, well, surprising to say the least. They had all thought Lily was pretty before (thought never really mentioning it to James) but none of them had ever seen Andy like that before.

Peter’s mouth was hanging open and he soon would have started to drool had Sirius not shut his jaw. Sirius was just as surprised (and would have been in the same state of Peter if he didn’t have any self-control).

Peter, his eyes still as wide as a deer’s in headlights, finally managed to mutter some distinguishable words. “Damn. I never knew Andy had a figure. Or that she was that hot.”

It was the first time Sirius had ever wanted to hit one of his friends.


Lily, James, Andy, Remus and Sirius made their way through the crowded Three Broomsticks and found themselves a seat in the back of the pub. Sirius was feeling extremely out of place and muttered something about having to go to the bathroom and that he would meet the boys at Zonko’s at 3 o’clock.

Only one person at the table seemed to notice his departure.

The foursome continued having a great conversation for a good part of the mid-day. After they had eaten lunch, they headed out of the pub an hour before the James and Remus were to meet Peter and Sirius. Each couple headed off in their own direction on the street (at the advice of none other then Lily) and began walking through the streets of the town.

Andy and Remus were walking down a side street that Andy had never been on and soon found themselves facing a small clearing at the beginning of the forest that connected Hogwarts and Hogsmeade (though Hogsmeade’s side was a bit more agreeable to walkers than Hogwarts’ side).

Remus suggested that they sit down and another brilliant conversation erupted between the two, though Andy was slightly uncomfortable on the cold, hard ground. Remus was cracking jokes left and right and Andy was finding her sides getting sore from laughing so much. The wind was picking up a bit and blowing Andy’s hair around wildly. She did her best to keep it out of her face but to no avail. A shorter strand had landed on her cheek and before Andy could push it away Remus’ had done the job for her, wrapping the lock behind her ear.

His hand didn’t move though. Instead it rested gently on her cheek. With every inch he moved closer to her, she became more and more embarrassed. No it was not her first kiss, though it was giving her the worst case of butterflies to the extent that she was almost feeling nauseous.

He kept closing the gap between them, but Andy hardly moved. She closed her eyes as his lips touched hers lightly. The kiss was alright, but not much more. Andy really wanted it to be more though. She wanted to be with Remus more, and she didn’t want to think of Sirius the way she did. It seemed she couldn’t help it though. He was inevitably always in her head.

She deepened the kiss, though she pretended it wasn’t really Remus that her lips were locked with.


Lily and James walked down the student-filled main street in Hogsmeade hand-in-hand. Andy was right about James and for once, Lily happily admitted that she was wrong about something. They continued the early afternoon ducking into shops every once and a while, occasionally coming out with another bag.

James kept her smiling and laughing the entire time and surprised Lily by actually being able to hold a sensible conversation with her. 3 o’clock came way too quickly for the both of them and James was forced to leave Lily when he spotted Remus, Sirius and Peter already waiting outside of Zonko’s.

“I had a great time with you today Lily.” He said, turning to face her.

“Yeah, me too.” She smiled sweetly. Lily could tell what he wanted to do and smiled wider when she realized that he was trying to have as much control as possible. She stood on her toes and gave him a light peck on the cheek before heading back down the street.

James joined his friends at the front of the store, his hand resting on his cheek. The three gave him odd looks. “I’m never washing my face again.” He said dreamily.

The four walked in, three of them with disgusted looks on their faces.


After Remus left to meet up with his friends Andy spotted Tim sitting at a table just inside the packed candy shop window. He waved her over and she entered, taking a seat across from him, though not before being elbowed by one or two pushy teenagers in search for more candy. She plopped down in the seat and pulled one of the lollipops off the column behind me. Boy did she love Honeydukes.

“Hey Andy, how’s everything?” Tim smiled.

“Pretty good actually,” she sucked on the lollipop, “You?”

“Not bad either.”

“Where is your girlfriend?”

“Out shopping with some of her friends. I think she knows how much I hate shopping and told me to go get something to eat.” Andy smiled. She hated shopping as well. “You look very pretty by the way.”

She blushed slightly. “Thanks, though I cant say that you will see a whole lot of this side of me.”

“Oh, so it was just for a certain someone then, was it?” He wiggled his eyebrows.

Andy blushed darker. “Well, kind of.” She paused, but decided he was a close enough friend to know that she had been a date. “Remus sort of asked me out for today.” She mumbled.

Tim threw his head back in a loud laugh. “What is so funny?” she asked, confused.

His laughter subsided. “Just the way you said it. It was so—sheepish. It was funny. That’s good though. You like him then, yeah?”

Andy paused for a moment. Wait- she wasn’t supposed to have to think about it. She was supposed to know right away. “Uh, yeah, I do. He is a really nice guy.”

Tim tilted his head to the side, staring at her for a moment, thoughts seemingly clicking in his head. “No you don’t.” he said after a minute.

“Yeah I do.” She said, a bit confused. How does he know

Tim smiled. He leaned on the table a bit, staring her down. She looked at him, determined to win.

Nope. She couldn’t take it. She cracked. “Alright fine. So maybe I don’t really like him that way. But he really is a nice guy.”

“I never said he wasn’t.”

Andy sighed, “I know. But that’s the reason I feel really bad about leading him on the way I am. I mean, I’m not trying to, its just when we were sitting there and he was coming at me, I couldn’t help myself. Not to mention I was just thinking of-”she clamped a hand over her mouth. “iasdfkrealaksfnoshufsdtmyejamsdoaiu.”

“I’m sorry. What was that?”

She slowly removed her hand. “I said, I need to know when to shut my mouth.”

“Oh no, that was fine. Very informative. Please, continue.” He smiled toothily.

She reached across the table and punched his arm, hard. His smile faltered for a moment, but returned quickly. “Aw, don’t be such a stinker. We were just having a bit of fun! And anyways, its not like I didn’t know who you were going to say. After all, it really is quite obvious.”

Andy’s chin almost slammed into the table. “Are you serious? How can it be obvious when I just realized it myself!?”

He shrugged, prompting her to continue, even though he really did not know who she was talking about. “You wont tell anyone though right? I mean especially not Remus. If he found out it was one of his mates that I fancied and not him he would throw a fit. Not to mention he would never talk to me again. And he is just such a nice guy, I would hate for him to find out. What is wrong with you now?”

Now it was Tim’s turn to drop his chin to the table. “You fancy one of his friends?!” he practically yelled.

Andy shushed him. “Yeah, I thought you just told me you knew who it was though!”

“I was only joking to try to get you to tell. I didn’t think it was one of his friends though. I thought it would be like Alex or Jimmy or something.”

Andy scrunched her nose. “I would never feel that way about one of them. They are like brothers to me.” She paused for a moment, seeing the eager look on Tim’s face. “I’m not telling you.”

“Oh come on. Pleasssse!” He puffed out his bottom lip, giving Andy a pleading look.


“Why not?”


“Because why?”

“Because I said so.”

“That is no reason not to tell me.”

“Well then why don’t you give me a reason to tell you.”

“Because I am your best friend in the entire world.”

“Tim, you are a good friend of mine, but really, I’ve only known you a few months. But speaking of which, how did you know I was lying before? You know, when you asked if I liked him.”

“I just told you! Its because I am your best friend!” he said, acting exasperated, though a smile was tugging at his lips.

Andy smiled. “How do you know me so well?” she asked, though it came out as more of a statement than a question.

“Maybe it is because I have spent almost every waking moment of the past few months with you.”


“Alright fine. Maybe that was a bit of an exaggeration. But we are good friends!” he said smiling widely.

Andy shook her head and rolled her eyes. “Yeah, yeah. I am still not telling you though.” She smirked as he groaned, his attempt to get it out of her failing.


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The next few weeks had passed quickly, all of their teachers pushing as much work on them as possible before the holiday. Andy found herself spending more and more time with Tim, especially after his girlfriend broke up with him a week after the Hogsmeade trip.

Tim had been rather bitter about it. “-something about someone else she liked and how I spent more time with other people then her.”

It was true though, just as Tim had said at Hogsmeade. The two of them seemed to go together like two pees and a pod (excuse the cliché phrase), though they never thought of each other more then friends.

Their game against Hufflepuff was on Saturday, the day before they were to leave for the winter holiday.

Andy and Tim had been teasing each other about it the entire week, both saying how much they were going to win by. It was all in good fun though, that is until the Slytherins joined in on the heckling as well.

Andy and Tim were walking in the hall to their next class, while the rest of the boys had been called to stay after a little mishap that happened in Transfiguration (one involving the appearance of a rabbit’s fluffy tail on the back end of McGonagall). The two were walking in the corridor laughing, when Malfoy and Regulus first came up. Andy did her best not to smile at Regulus as he walked by, and it was noticeable that he was having difficulty hiding it also.

Andy was not really paying attention to where she was walking, (as if she ever does…) when Malfoy stuck his polished little shoe out in front of her. It caught Andy up and she tripped forward. Tim, being the great friend that he was, steadied her before she fell. “Thanks,” she muttered before returning her attention back to the Slytherins, who seemed to be joined by a few more.

“It might do you some good to watch where your going next time Pierson. You scuffed my shoe. I should have you shine it again for me, but you’d probably ruin it even more. You’d probably be even worse then the house elves.” He scoffed, getting chuckles from those behind him.

Andy feined hurt, “Oh, ouch, that really hurt Malfoy. How could you say such a thing?” Her usual sarcastic tone returned, “Come on Malfoy, even for you, that was horrible. Maybe you should’ve taken more then the few days you spent trying to think it up, it could’ve been a little better.”

“No, you know Andy, with Malfoy’s brain being the size of a peanut, I don’t think he could think of a better one. It would probably explode from thinking too much. Thinking, after all, is not something he is used to.” Tim said matter-of-factly.

“Shove it. Both of you.” Malfoy sneered. The sneer quickly disappeared though, and was replaced by a smile, if it were ever possible for Malfoy’s disgusting face to ever produce such one. “I see you are fraternizing with the enemy, Sinnegan. Just trying to rub it in that bloody little face of hers that your side is going to kill them Saturday, aren’t you?”

“Oh yeah, that’s exactly what I’m doing.” Tim said sarcastically, taking a step between Malfoy and Andy. “You know Malfoy, I knew you were thick, but not that thick. That was just plain stupid.”

Andy snorted from behind Tim. “Think that’s funny, do you Pierson?” he spat, though Tim got most of it.

Andy didn’t need Tim, or anyone for that matter, to fight her battles. “Yeah, I did actually.” She said taking a step to the side to face Malfoy.

“Well what do you know anyway? Your parents are a disgrace to the wizarding world. You might as well be a mudblood with the way they act. The ministry shouldn’t even allow scum like your father to work there.” He took a step towards her. If they were close before, they were inches apart now. He glared harder at her and leaned in to whisper so no one else could hear. “Your father, the alcoholic abuser. Yes I know all about the filth that he is. Though I don’t quite disagree with his parenting. If I had something like you as a daughter I would probably beat you as well.”

He leaned back a little from her getting full view of her face again. Her jaw was clenched, eyes glaring so hard into his anyone not as cold as Lucius would have taken a step away. She let out a angry breath, and those surrounding could hear her knuckles crack from squeezing her hand into a fist so tightly.

The two stared each other down for a moment before Malfoy’s smirk returned once again. “How do you know about that?” Andy squeezed through clenched teeth.

“I know everything,” he said, a cruel smile spreading across his face. He glanced at Tim, who was looking at Andy, confused. She pretended not to notice him and continued glaring at Lucius. “Ah, your friends don’t even know? Interesting, very interesting. I guess you just don’t trust them do you? That’s not very nice now is it Pierson?”

The wicked smile grew wider, “Well, let us tell them then.”

That set Andy off and she shoved him against the nearby wall. Tim was right by her side, but the Slytherins were trying to get her off him. “Leave it.” Malfoy ordered them, and they backed off. Regulus continued to stand off to the side, though a bit more interested now.

“If you tell anyone, you will not live to see the light of the next day,” she whispered fiercely.

“Is that a threat from ickle Pierson?” he taunted.

“Your damn right it is Malfoy,” she shoved him against the wall again. He grimaced, but the sneer returned. With one last glare, Andy released the collar of his robes, turned on her heel and began walking down the hall.

Tim was quickly by her side. “What was that all about?”

Andy sighed, “Its nothing, forget about it.”

Tim wanted to question her more, but decided to let it go.


Andy was distracted the rest of the day. As much as Tim tried to get her attention and just let her know that he was there for her, she was shutting him out.

Dinner rolled around and Andy sat by herself, being one of the first people to the Hall. She piled food on to her plate and began eating ravenously, as if she hadn’t eaten just a few hours earlier at lunch.

She was sitting at the far end and when the Bouncing Blondes from the year below sat at the opposite end, so did the rest of the boys. Halfway through the flirting and shoveling food into their mouths, someone finally realized Andy was missing.

“Anyone seen Andy since last class?” Sirius asked as one of the girls a few seats down dropped a crumb of food down her shirt. Potatoes dribbled out of Peter’s mouth as she pulled it out and popped it in her mouth, giggling.

“Nope. Think she was with that bloke though. Whasshisname, err…Tim.” James said before going back to his conversation with Lily. She had joined them a few minutes ago as she had done at every meal since the last Hogsmeade trip.

Sirius scanned the Hufflepuff table and saw their whole Quidditch team sitting together in a crowd of laughter. He found Tim, laughing, but looking quite distressed. He kept glancing further down the Gryffindor table.

Sirius followed his gaze and found Andy, knocking around a piece of broccoli on her plate. He frowned slightly, excused himself away from the girl across the table who’d been trying to get his attention for the last half hour.

He slid in next to Andy and sat, expecting her to notice him there. She didn’t.


She continued staring blankly at the vegetable, knocking it from side-to-side.

“Andy?” he repeated, a little louder.

Still no response.

“Oy, Andy!” he practically yelled while tapping her firmly.

She glanced up at him, a bit surprised to see someone there, but returned her gaze back to her plate. She sighed heavily and put her hands over her eyes. “He knows.”

“Who knows?”

“Malfoy” she spat, disgusted to actually say that wretched name.

“What does Malfoy know?” Sirius asked, getting slightly nervous.

“Knows about my parents. What they do to me when I go home.” She took her hands away from her face and looked at Sirius. “He threatened to tell everyone.” She was again interested in the broccoli.

Sirius’ face got hard, a fierce look flashing in his eyes. “I’ll kill him.”

Andy’s head whipped up. “No you will not. That’s my job,” she said firmly. “And besides, that would mean you know. If Malfoy found that out, he would think it was for some other reason.”

Sirius raised his eyebrow’s questioningly. “He would probably think we were involved or summat. Just promise me you wont do anything stupid?”

“Of course I won’t. I’m actually pretty smart you know. And I am beating you in Divination.”

“Yeah, because I make everything up.”

“So do I!”

“Ok, then that just means your imagination is meant for Divination. While mine, well mine is meant for pranks and Quidditch.” She smiled, for the first time since her encounter with the Slytherins.

Sirius smiled back, happy to see her feeling better. “Now, we need to start scheming to pull our next one over those jackasses.” He said, nodding towards the Slytherin table.

“Yeah, but I think we should wait till after the holiday. We can think up a really good one.”

Sirius agreed as many people were standing up, getting ready to leave. They did the same, Alex and Jimmy catching up with them as they continued out into the corridor. Andy, now feeling much better, was laughed along with them.

Halfway to Gryffindor Tower, and in the thick of a crowd, Sirius’ arm was jerked backwards, and he was pulled to the side. “What the-”

“Sirius, do you know what’s going on with Andy? The Slytherins caught up with us on the way to class and Andy has hardly spoken since. Malfoy said something about telling the entire school something, but I didn’t hear what it was. She got really angry though. Is there something she’s not telling-”

Sirius waved his hands, “Tim, calm down. Nothing is wrong, well, not any more at least. And there is something that Andy needs to just keep to herself. We all have secrets after-all. And it would probably be best if you didn’t question her about what she’s not telling you. She’s a tad sensitive on the subject.”

Tim visibly calmed, letting out a heavy breath. Sirius tilted his head to the side, “You really care about her, don’t you?”

“Of course I do!”

Sirius raised his eyebrows.

“Well no, not like that. I mean, yeah, I’ve only known her for a bit, but she’s cool. She’s wicked funny and a hell of a Quidditch player. But its not like I fancy her or anything. We’ve just become really good friends.”

Sirius nodded understandingly and the two parted for the night. Sirius continued the walk up to Gryffindor Tower in the now deserted corridors, trying to convince himself that Malfoy knowing Andy’s secret was no big deal. He was in the midst of the debate when he reached the Portrait Hole and muttered the password.

He slid inside. One step.

He wouldn’t dare tell anyone.


He knows Andy and all of us would beat the living shit out of him if he even mentioned it to anyone.


He’s not- “Oaf!”

Something, or better yet, someone, had just come barreling into his stomach, tackling him to the floor.

“Oops, sorry Sirius. You sort of got in the middle of our game. I was really going for Jimmy-” she paused, looked over her shoulder and sighed, “But it looks as if he’s just scored. Damn.” She looked back down at Sirius and realized the rather peculiar position they were in together. She was on top of him, her legs straddling his.

She snorted in laughter and rolled to the side, off of him. “I was teaching the boys how to play Muggle sport. I saw it played when I was younger and snuck out during the days in the summer to play it with the other kids. It was really only boys though,” she stood and offered Sirius a hand, helping pull him up as well. “All the girls thought I was just a boy with long hair. They always told me that Rugby was not girls’ sport. I always loved it though.”

Jimmy came running over. “Aha! I beat you, I beat you! I scored! You missed me!” He taunted, dancing around her in victory.

“I would check the scoreboard loser. That is the first you’ve scored on me, but how many times have I scored on you? Oh yes, that’s right, EIGHT TIMES! And besides, that doesn’t even count. It was interference.” She said metter-of-factly.

“No way! There’s no such thing as interference! That’s just an excuse, and a bad one at that! You just cant admit that I’m better then you.” Jimmy turned around and began walking away with an air of arrogance though it was all in the fun of the competition.

Andy glared playfully after him and ran for him, this time successfully tackling him to the ground. She pinned him to the floor and gave him a cheeky smile. “Beat you.”

“Oh no you didn’t!” Jimmy pushed her off and the two began wrestling like brother and sister in the middle of the cleared out Common Room. The others watched, amused, for a few minutes until Andy had Jimmy in a headlock and no longer able to fight her off him.

“Gerroff,” he grumbled. The others were now doubled over in laughter at Jimmy’s mortification of a girl beating him in a wrestling match.

“Say it,” she said in his ear slyly.

“No.” He was determined to figure a way out of it.

“Then I wont be getting off of you.” He didn’t have to see her face to know that she was smirking. “Say it, and I’ll let go.”

Jimmy stopped struggling and sighed deeply. “Uncle.” He said softly, though Andy heard him loud and clear.

“You heard me.” He gritted his teeth.

“Of course I did. I’m not deaf. But our lovely audience didn’t hear. I think it would be a shame for them to not see and hear what’s happening.”

Jimmy gave something that sounded like a growl. “Uncle.” He said, loud and clear.

Andy’s arms released him and the two stood up. Andy took a step forward and bowed to the rest of their friends who were now applauding. “Thank you, thank you. Your all too kind.”

She turned around and gave a wink to Jimmy, who scrunched his nose at her. He took a quick step and wrapped his arms around her knees. He, being quite a few inches taller then her, flipped her over, so her head was mere centimeters off the ground.

“Oy! Put me down you butt! What- no! You stop spinning me around this instant! I’ll put you in another headlock, then you’ll be sorry!” She did her best swinging her fists around, though the room spinning around her was not allowing her to do it very accurately.

“Stop it, this instant! Put Miss Pierson down!” a strict voice called across the Common Room.

It caught Jimmy off guard, and he dropped Andy in mid-spin. She managed to fly a few feet before actually hitting solid ground. “Why is it always me who gets dropped? Minny, why are you always doing this to me?”

“Miss Pierson…” McGonagall said threateningly.

Andy attempted at getting up, but quickly fell back down. “Minny, did you do a Duplicating Spell on yourself? There seems to be three of you over there. As much as I like you, I don’t know if I can take three of you…” she paused and tried looking around the room for the others, though she quickly put her hands to her head, acting as if she was trying to stop it from spinning. “Why is the room spinning so much?”

Her face began turning a slight shade of green and she heard someone yell, though she couldn’t tell who it (or anyone) was, “Run for covers! She’s gunna blow!”

There was a scrambling of feet against the carpet before a few thumps. Andy felt something rising inside of her. It was coming closer and closer, waiting to be released.


“It still smells like the pudding we had at dinner. How do you do that?” Remus asked jokingly.

“Its really a skill actually. I’ve developed it over the past few years. Those two thugs,” she nodded in the direction of the boy’s dormitory where Jimmy and Alex had gone up a few minutes ago, “like to pick up. And spin. A lot. I’ve only puked from it twice though. Normally I just get gas.”

Remus, Sirius, James, Lily and Peter all gave her disgusted looks and scooted away from her. She snorted in laughter. “Not that kind of gas. Like burps. They do smell for an odd reason though. Haven’t figured that one out yet…” Andy put a finger to her chin, tapping, as if actually trying to figure out an answer to it. She gave up fairly quickly and rejoined the group.

They were still giving her rather odd looks, but continued laughing along with her all the same. “The look on McGonagall’s face though, after you did that. Positively brilliant.” Peter said, reminiscing.

“I thought she was going to toss her cookies.” Sirius said, remembering her face as well.

Andy leaned back in her seat by the fire, resting her hands behind her head, looking very proud of herself. “Ah, yes. Well, all in a day’s work I s’pose.” Her look of smugness was replaced by a wide yawn. “I’m a bit tired though. Think I’ll get to bed so I will be fully rested for the match tomorrow.” She stood and stretched a bit.

“Yes, good thinking Pierson. I think we should all get to bed if we want to win tomorrow.” James said suddenly serious. He plucked Sirius off the couch and the other two followed to the stairs. James held back a bit to give Lily a kiss good night. They three boys and Andy all gagged behind him as they made their way past.

James joined them in the dormitory a few minutes later, a sly smile on his face. They all made gagging noises at him again. He just laughed, “Your jealous.” And with that, he climbed into bed, pulling the hangings around him, hiding the wistful smile he couldn’t shake from his face.

Though, it wasn’t as if he wanted to…


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Chapter 17: Gryffindor v. Ravenclaw
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A/N--****IMPORTANT TO READ!!!! I started this story before the 7th book came out, so I will continue to write it as if the 7th was never there--therefore, anything regarding the Marauders and what happened in their day will not be included in this story!!! Now, enjoy! and dont forget to review!!


Breakfast rolled around Saturday morning and the Gryffindor Quidditch team made its way, sleepily, to their table. Between rubbing their eyes and yawning a few managed to stuff some bacon eggs in their mouths, while the rest were too nervous to force down anything.

Andy, Sirius, and Stephen walked out to the pitch with confidence and full stomachs a half hour later, changing into their robes in the locker room. James, nervous for his first match as captain was walking a little ahead of them, running over things they had done in practice, muttering what they should have worked on more. The three Chasers were trailing, Ben and Jamie as white as ghosts, while Chris, looking a bit more confident, was trying to clam them down.

They were all gathered and suited up for the match in their locker room, listening to James going over some last minute things when they heard the rest of the school trampling down the hard grounds towards the pitch. The sudden sound of hundreds of feet stopped James’ speech abruptly. He gave a big gulp and looked nervously towards the door.

None of them had ever quite seen James like this before. He had always been exceedingly confident, if not a little cocky at some times. Sirius stood up from Andy’s right. “James is right. All we’ve got to do is give it our best. You two,” he motioned towards the two new chasers who were both trembling slightly, “have nothing to worry about. You both have come very far in practice and should not be worried at all. You have Andy and Stephen here knocking the lights out of anyone of their players who comes near you and you have Chris who will be with you the whole time. Its no sweat.”

He looked up at James and winked. James let out a deep breath he seemed to be holding for the past ten minutes and grabbed his broom. “Let’s go,” he said, setting his jaw and leading his team out to the pitch.

The rest grabbed their brooms as well and followed. Andy nudged Sirius, “Never seen him like this.”

“He’s just a bit nervous. No worries. He’ll have that Snitch soon enough though.” He nudged her back. She slung her bat over one shoulder and gripped her broom in the other hand, walking along side Stephen.

James pushed through the door and the roar of the stadium filled their ears. Jamie looked back at Andy nervously. Andy gave her a reassuring smile before mounting her broom with the rest of the team. They flew out and the cheers got louder and louder.

They were soon joined by Hufflepuff and Andy spotted Tim. She gave him a nod, and he did the same. Moments later the whistle was blown and all the balls released. Chris did an impressive dive for the Quaffle, but Tim was quicker. He snatched the red ball from him and was off towards Sirius in a heartbeat.

A bludger met Andy halfway up the field and with one hard swing it was sent off towards Tim. It was dead on and knocked the Quaffle straight from between his hands. It fell to the ground slightly before Jamie came out of no where and was down toward the Hufflepuff keeper.

Andy flew around the gobsmacked Tim and called out, “Took me a year to perfect that one. How’d you like it?”

“I’ll get you back for it Pierson.” He said before quickly leaving to retrieve the ball again.

Andy began flying closer with the Chasers, occassionaly hitting the Hufflepuff Beaters or Chasers. Jamie and Ben seemed to have found themselves and were flying the best Andy had seen them. Jamie had scored three times, the other two had scored one a piece against the now furious Hufflepuff Keeper.

Out of the corner of her eye Andy saw the Hufflepuff Seeker make a dive. Seconds later James was right on his tail, quickly gaining speed. The seeker jabbed his foot out and knocked the end of James’ broom sending him in a spiral quickly down to the field below. He barely pulled out of it in time, now a far ways away from the other seeker who seemed to be closing in on the Snitch.

Andy squinted her eyes, thoroughly angry at the other seeker and, completely forgetting her job to protect the Chasers, whacked the closest bludger at him. With a perfect hit, knocking the seeker into the side wall and completely away from the snitch, Andy admired her work for a moment.

She turned back to the Chasers only to get knocked moments later in the stomach from the Hufflepuff side. It knocked her sideways off her broom and, had it not been for her very quick reflexes, she would have completely fallen off. Instead, she managed to grab the very end, dangling by one arm.

She heard a slight gasp from the crowd, mixed with a few cheers from what was unmistakably the Slytherin side. She swung her leg over the side and was zooming off in the direction of the Beater who’d hit her.

The match was fairly quick though, as James had found the Snitch soon after Andy had knocked the other seeker away. Gryffindor had won 160 to 10 (Tim had escaped her Bludger once, and ended up scoring on a fake that Puddlemere United had done in their latest game, very impressive).

The Gryffindor Team entered the Common Room to an eruption of cheers and a swarm of fans. They soon broke away from each other and found their respected groups of friends, though it was still loud as ever in the Maroon and Gold Room. Andy was in the corner with Alex and Jimmy, joking around about the look on the Seeker’s face when the bludger knocked him so far from the Snitch.

The Marauders soon joined them, James and Sirius each with unidentified bottles in their hands and slightly slurred speech. “Wassome?” Sirius asked, offering it to her.

“I thought you’d never asked!” she laughed and took a large swig of the drink she immediately identified as Firewhiskey. She continued sharing the bottle with Sirius until both of them were so pissed they couldn’t stand. James, Alex and Jimmy were drinking as well, though in a bit better state.

“I can’t believe you –hiccup- y-you hit yer fernd Tem. Knocked –hiccup- ball right outta his hands.” Sirius made a sweeping motion with his hand and tossed the empty bottle a few feet away.

This sent Andy into a flurry of giggles. “Yer fonny,” she said, hitting his arm, and missing horribly. It made her unbalanced and she toppled over, still giggling.

“Ok, that is enough for the both of you.” Remus said, holding his hand down to help Andy up. She merely started bending his fingers in ways that they should not have been bent. “And I think its to bed with this one.” He said, pulling his hand away from her.

“I no tered!” she said, attempting to stand back up again and failing miserably.

Remus smiled and, rolling his eyes, lifted her up off the ground. “Peter, watch Sirius for a moment. Make sure he doesn’t get his hands on anymore.” He started walking away towards the boys dormitory, Andy squirming in his arms. She was trying to play with his hair, twirling it around her fingers and attempting to pull it completely out.

He shook her hand away gently and kicked the door open to the room. Had someone been inside, they might have thought that the two were on their wedding night. The door closed behind him as he walked her over to her bed. He laid her down gently, but she was not going easily.

“No, no Remus! Cum heeeree!” She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down on top of her. She began kissing him sloppily, not caring much. For a minute, Remus became so wrapped up in the kiss it hardly occurred to him that she was very intoxicated and would probably not remember this in the morning. And that he could not take advantage of her.

He pulled away from her, though the task was proving to be difficult. Though pissed, her grip was as strong as if she were sober and her kissing him all over was making him weak in the knees.

“Andy I can’t! It’s not right!” He said, still trying to get away.

“Yes it is!” she said, hardly breaking away from his face long enough to say that. She finally managed to pull him completely on the bed and he didn’t bother fighting it any more. He was sixteen years old for heaven’s sake, how could he?

Soon her hands found their way down to the bottom of his shirt and lifted it over his head with ease. He did the same before he resumed kissing her. As his kisses slowly parted from her mouth and moved their way down her neck, her hands found his belt and slowly began undoing it.

It was then that he finally came up for air and realized what he was doing was wrong. “No Andy, we can’t do that. Not while you are like this.” He said firmly, getting up off her.

“But wha’ if I wanna?” she slurred groping over the side of the bed for him.

“You may want to now, but you’ll probably be killing yourself in the morning.” He said, buckling his belt again, though he left his shirt off. “Come on, you really should just sleep this off.”

He made to help her under the covers but stopped immediately and turned around. “Andy! Stop! Put your bra back on!”

“But I dun wanna!” she said again, trying to grab him again.

He pulled away. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “She’s going to fucking hate me.” He turned around and tried not to look. “Well that didn’t work.” He looked down immediately and turned slightly red. So he didn’t have as much experience in that area as James or Sirius, whatever. “Ok, Andy, I’m going to help you get in bed, but that is all-”

The door opened and voices floated in. “I’m sorry Remus, the other three found stuff in the corner and I couldn’t stop them. I-” Peter stopped short. Standing a few feet in front of him was Andy, one of his mates, with no shirt on. His eyes went wide, and he was a little less than discrete about his staring.

Remus, hoping to stop the others from looking at her more, wrapped his arms around her in a hug and pushed her back on to the bed. He quickly ripped the hangings around the two of them as the rest of the group stumbled into the dormitory.

He tried to ignore the major skin on skin between the two of them (as well as Andy trying to unbuckle his belt again), as he tried to cover her up in her blankets. Once he had finally managed it he got quickly out of the bed, putting a sealing and silencing charm on them, so she could not get out.

He turned around to come face-to-face with the rest of his roommates. Peter, the only sober one, was still staring, dumbfounded, at Andy’s now concealed bed, his eyes wide, his mouth slightly open. Sirius and James were holding each other up, but were still trying to figure out what Remus was doing. Alex and Jimmy had apparently already passed out on their beds.

There was a bit of an awkward silence, occasionally disrupted by hiccupping from James or Sirius. “Well, I think its about time that all of us went to bed then!” he said, his voice higher then normal.

This was sufficient enough for James and Sirius who were practically already on the floor. They crawled to their separate beds as Remus slipped by Peter without looking at him. Please don’t let any of them remember this in the morning… And with that thought dancing around in his mind, he fell into a fitful sleep.


The next morning a group of 6th year Gryffindors clumsily stumbled their way into the Great Hall, most of them holding their heads in agony, and clinging to each other to stay on their feet. They found the nearest open spot at their house table and collapsed on its benches.

They grumbled to each other to pass the salt or pumpkin juice, but spoke nothing else. As they lazily stuffed food into their mouths, bits of it occasionally falling out of their slackened jaw.

Peter took this opportunity to speak to Remus, whom he had managed to sit next to. And Peter, being his normal, indiscrete self said, “I can’t believe you shagged Andy.”

Unfortunately for Remus this was said much louder then he had hoped and their was a simultaneous spraying of food and juice followed by a chorus of “WHAT!” from those surrounding him. Including Andy. He glanced at the teacher’s table and noticed McGonagall giving him a stern look.

“Oh, so that’s why your shirt was on her bed post this morning…” James said, as if figuring out a puzzle. Another piece seemed to fit together in his mind, “And that’s why there was that concealment charm on her bed this morning. You guys didn’t want to be heard, did you?” He wiggled his eyebrows and Andy seemed to be choking on whatever it was in her mouth.

Remus’ face was positively mortified as he looked between his friends. Alex and Jimmy seemed to be ready to pounce on him at any second, while James was giving him a sort of approving nod. Sirius was staring off into space, his expression unreadable. And Andy, Remus could not even bear himself to look at her.

Nobody spoke for a second, while Remus was trying his best to find the right words to say. After a moment, Andy finally croaked out, “did we Remus?” Her voice was meek and slightly strained. She didn’t want to hear a positive answer to that question. Especially not in front of everyone else.

“No,” he said firmly, and Alex, Jimmy, and Andy seemed to all let out a breath of relief.

“Why would Peter say that then?” She asked, her voice stronger.

“Because when he walked into the dormitory, your shirt and my shirt were off, and then I had to pull you back onto your bed and shut the hanging so everyone else wouldn’t see you like that.” He was talking directly to Andy now, hardly aware of everyone else listening.

“Well why weren’t we- er- fully clothed?” she asked, tentative again.

“Because the morons that James and Sirius are gave you way too much Firewhiskey to drink and you were so pissed that I’m sure you had no idea what you were doing and were kind of um-” he finally became aware of everyone there. His cheeks flushed again and he whispered in her ear, “You were almost begging me to shag you. We sort of getting there before I had to stop you.”

He leaned away, fully expecting her to give him a good punch, but instead she tipped her head forward on dropped it on the table, nearly missing her plate of eggs. “Oh piss.” She said into the table, though everyone heard around her.

Everybody was looking expectantly at Remus, waiting for him to tell them what he had just whispered to her, though no one dared to push him in front of her. They sat in silence for the rest of the morning meal. As they trudged their way back up to the dormitories, Lily joined them.

“Hey everyone,” she gave James a light peck on the cheek, and a dreamy look appeared on his face. “So, ready for the holidays? What are you guys all doing.”

With the mood suddenly uplifted, everyone began rattling off what their plans were for the break. Everyone, with the exception of Andy, was going to go home and spend it with their families (in Sirius’ case, he was going to spend it with James’ family). Remus noticed Andy not talking about it and asked her. “How come you never go home for the holiday Andy?”

“My parents always like to visit my relatives in the south of France. I don’t speak French, so it is rather difficult for me to get around there. I like the peace and quiet of the castle anyways.” She said, avoiding eye contact with Sirius.

“Well you know, you could always come to my place if you wanted. My parents are letting me throw a New Years party, so if you wanted to stay over, that would be perfectly fine.”

“A party? Why didn’t you tell us Moony?” James asked, appalled at the thought of being one of Remus’ best friends and being one of the last to find out about it.

“They only owled me yesterday, and I guess with Quidditch and everything, I just forgot about it.” He shrugged.

Andy thought about it for a moment, but decided against it. Truth be told, she really did like the peace and quiet. She always got a lot of thinking done over the holiday. “Thanks Remus, but I don’t think that I can anyways. We had to let McGonagall know last week if we were going to be staying here. I told her I was like every year. She won’t let me go now. And besides, I would just be a major burden on your family.”

“You know Andy, there are ways of getting out of the castle, undetected. But I thought you would’ve known that…” Sirius paused, clicking his tongue in mock disappointment. “But I guess you will always be second best to us Marauders.”

He walked further ahead, a smirk on his face. “How would I get there anyways. I couldn’t leave with you all on the train, because I would be gone for too long and McGonagall would know. I would only get about two days. And even if I knew how Apparate, you can’t from anywhere on the grounds.”

Sirius started clicking his tongue again. “You see my dear Andy, another reason you are always a step behind us. You don’t think outside the box.” He made a motion with his hand as if signaling something down the hall.

“Your really odd sometimes, you realize that, right?” Alex said from Andy’s side.

“Ah, yes, but I do know of a way to get Andy to Remus’ place.” Sirius, turned around and smiled smugly before turning around again and walking further ahead.

Andy thought about it a moment. She looked at the other three Marauders around her, each of them shrugging their shoulders, obviously no clue as to what Sirius was talking about. With a sigh, she gave in. “Alright Black, what do I have to do to get out of here?”


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Chapter 18: Happy New Year
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Andy spent the first week of the holiday for the most part, in Gryffindor Tower. There were only a few students actually staying in the castle, so mealtimes were virtually silent. There was only half the staff present, for which Andy was very happy. The less people to notice she was gone. Not to mention, the teachers always loved questioning why a student would not want to spend their time off from school with their families. Andy could easily answer why she would never want to return home to her family again, though it was really not the best choice. She stuck to her story about her relatives in France.

Sirius had explained his plan to Andy the day they had all left, though Andy was still not feeling very good about it. It just seemed to easy to get away with. She was to use their map (and it took quite a bit of persuading for James to actually hand it over), and take the secret passageway out of the castle and to the basement of Honeydukes. Remus’ cousin, who graduated a few years ago was to meet her in the Hog’s Head at 9 o’clock December 30th. Andy was going to Apparate along with him back to Remus’ house and she was going to stay there for the two nights and help him out with the party.

It still just seemed way too good to be true. Andy knew someone would notice her not around, but that’s also what made Andy actually follow through with it. The danger of getting caught and probably a year’s worth of detention. It all just made it a little more exciting.

She smiled at that thought as she was winding her way through a cramped corridor she’d never been through before. She was, judging by the smell of taffy, just about to Honeydukes. Her wand was lit in front of her, thrashing through the cobwebs in front of her. She finally reached a step ladder at the end of the tunnel. Very slowly, she stepped up and pushed at the ceiling.

She pushed it up ever so slightly, listening for anybody above. She should’ve figured that nobody would be there, considering it was late for the stores to be open, especially with no Hogwarts students around. She slid the floor tile back and hoisted herself out of the tunnel. She replaced the tile and found her way upstairs to one of her favorite stores.

Even without any light, she knew her way around the sweets shop, having spent much of her time in there. She passed the table of chocolate frogs and resisted the urge to fill her pockets with them. She found the door and pushed it open.

A gust of December wind found her as she stepped out onto the mostly deserted street. Aside from a few people briskly walking, trying to escape the cold, it was empty. She wrapped her robe around her tighter and set off down towards the Hog’s Head. She’d been there once before, but left soon after, having swallowed a spider that had been crawling on the outside of her glass. She threw open the door, glad to be in a warm area again and found the pub just as empty as the streets. There was a wrapped up in a thick traveling cloak, sipping at a questionable looking drink at the bar, and a witch with an abnormally large hat, sitting in the corner, refusing to take her eyes off Andy as she made her way to the nearest table.

Andy checked her watch and noticed that she was 5 minutes late. She hoped she hadn’t missed Remus’ cousin, though Sirius made it a point to say the time twice to her. She sat waiting for only a minute more before the door was thrown open again, allowing the breeze to chill Andy’s nose. She looked up and saw just who she’d been waiting for. Jack, Remus’ cousin was just over six feet, with light brown hair, and a face that resembled Remus’, though his looked younger, and more fresh. He scanned the room quickly and saw Andy sitting. He smiled and walked over, as she stood up to greet him.

“Hey Pierson, how’ve you been?” Jack said, giving her a slight nod and knock on the shoulder. A greeting that one boy would give another boy, but Andy was used to it.

“Not bad, you Jack?” she said returning the nod.

“ ’bout the same. Ministry has me and the rest of the Auror department rounding up the Death Eaters. Jobs been keeping us real busy, but I’ve gotten the next few days off.” He glanced around and saw that the witch in the corner, as well as the bartender, were staring at them both. “You want to get out of here?”

“Absolutely.” Andy said with a relived smile. He led the way out of the pub and onto the dark streets.

“Hold on tight now.” He said, holding out his arm for her to take a firm grip on. Just before the two apparated away, a snowflake fell on the tip of Andy’s nose. She smiled, despite the rather unpleasant feeling of being forced through a rubber tube. She was soon standing in the middle of a grand entrance way, a marble staircase winding its way up the wall. A chandelier was reflecting light in all different directions as Andy stood in amazement.

A door to their left opened and all four Marauders came piling into the Entrance Hall. “See, I told you it would work, didn’t I?” Sirius said with a smirk on his face.

“Yes, yes, well it has so far. This is a really great place you’ve got here Remus.”

“Thanks,” he said sheepishly. Remus’ father, a wizard had done very well for himself, and his mother, a muggle, was one of the wealthiest women in London. He’d always grown up with money, though he never took that for granted. “Here, I’ll show you your room. We’ll meet you guys back down in the living room.”

He started up the staircase, leading Andy throughout a long, elegant hallway in the upstairs. They passed a few paintings, each appeared to be an older member of the Lupin family, all of which were smiling, in the holiday spirit, down at the two of them. They came to end of the long hall, stopping at the last door.

“Mum wanted to give you all the privacy you would need. The rest of us have the first few rooms.” He opened the door, and lit the room. It was about the size of Andy’s house. It was huge with a bed big enough for five people, not one. It seemed to have an aqua theme about it, everything being blue or turquoise. “Mum always loved the ocean. She always wanted to live near it, but when we couldn’t find a house there, she decided to decorate a room like it. Hope its ok.” He said, rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

“Are you kidding. Its more then ok Remus. This is awesome. I love it.” She glanced at the bed and found her bag sitting on top of it. She had put all the clothes she would need in it and Remus had brought it in his trunk on the train.

“Are you hungry at all? We had dinner a little while ago, but we could get you something if you wanted.” He was acting so unsure of himself, Andy had to laugh out loud.

“Remus, relax. It’s me, not the minister. I’m not very hungry, no, but I could use something to drink.”

“Alright, I’ll go down to the kitchen and get you something.”

“I’ll meet you guys downstairs. I think I’m going to change into my pajamas first.”

Remus nodded and left her in the room, shutting the door with a soft click, behind him. She laughed lightly again. Who was he really trying to impress? Did he honestly think that Andy would not like this or something? The house was positively amazing and was nothing Andy could ever have hoped to be able to afford.

She changed quickly and walked slowly back towards the stairs, admiring the artwork, both moving and non-moving. Some of the portraits winked at her, while others made little comments like, “Remus is a lucky boy.” Or, “when did Remus start bringing home girls? They really just grow up so fast, don’t they?” Andy laughed at them all.

She walked to the door the boys had piled out of and pushed it open. “Hello boys. Whatcha doing?” she said, dropping on the couch between James and Sirius.

Remus entered the room and placed a glass of water on the table in front of Andy. She smiled a thank you at him and turned back to the other two. “Well, we have been planning this party for the past two days, because apparently, this one-” Sirius nodded towards Remus who blushed slightly, “has no idea what he is doing.”

Andy laughed lightly. “Well what do you guys have so far?”

“We have food and drinks covered,” James and Sirius both sniggered at this for a moment and Andy knew exactly why. “We have decorations and we sent invites out this morning. Here’s the guest list,” said James, handing over a sheet of parchment. Andy read through the names and realized that just about everyone in 5th, 6th, and 7th year was invited (except the Slytherins of course).

Andy frowned slightly at some of the names. She recognized some of them, but they were all three years older then them. Jack, who was sitting on the floor across from her noticed and answered her question. “Some of those are my friends. My aunt and uncle are not going to be here, and they left me in charge. So I decided that I would get to invite a few friends over. That way I don’t have to spend the entire time with you losers.” He winked at Andy, but rolled his eyes at the others.

James took this seriously. “You don’t have to be here you know. We don’t need a baby sitter or anything. We’re well old enough to handle things for ourselves.”

“Yes, but you aren’t old enough to get all those drinks your planning on having…” she smiled smugly at James.

“Ugh, you can count me out of that stuff. I really don’t want a repeat of last time…” Andy said, shaking her head.

“Wow Moony, were you really that bad?” Sirius asked.

Remus chucked the nearest pillow at Sirius, while everyone else howled in laughter. Remus sat in his chair, the color rising quickly in his face, trying to ignore the growing laughter. Jack stood up and put his arm around him. “Aww, my wittle cousin is growing up!” he said, mocking him.

Remus threw his arm off and folded his arms over his chest. Even Andy, whom the joke was partially about, was laughing. “Its alright Remus. Don’t worry about it.” She said, her laughter subsiding. He loosened up slightly and a smile broke on his face.

“That’s my boy,” Jack said, patting him on the head. “Alright, well, I have to go give your parents a ring at your aunt Suzie’s house, let them know that everything is alright. Then I’m going to get to bed I think. See you all in the morning.”

He waved good night to them before disappearing through the door. The rest of them stayed up for a little while longer, joking around and playing exploding snaps. After a while Andy was yawning just about every minute, and decided it was about time to go to bed as well. She bade them good night and found her way (miraculously) back to her room.

She settled beneath the sheets and the comfort quickly overtook her, and she fell into a deep, pleasant sleep.


The next morning she was awoken by a loud bang that seemed to have happened right over her head. She sighed deeply, her eyes still closed. She knew if she opened her eyes she would probably be face-to-face with something she would really rather not see, so she kept them shut.

Moments later she felt one, if not two, people jump on top of her. She finally opened her eyes and recognized the two instantly. “Its about time the two of you got here.” She said, though it was muffled in Alex’s shoulder.

“Well we thought we’d surprise you a bit. And besides, we wanted to give you your Christmas present!” Jimmy said, rolling over and lying next to Andy.

She hadn’t received a present from neither Alex or Jimmy, and she was starting to think they’d forgotten about it. She’d sent theirs out Christmas Eve, Alex a disappearing piece of parchment, making notes a lot easier to pass in class, and Jimmy a very large box of chocolates and other sweets wrapped together by a ribbon that refuses to let go. She glanced down at his hands and saw that he indeed did have some cuts and fresh bruises on them.

“Couldn’t figure out how to open it, could you?” she smirked, and he hit her upside the head with a pillow. The three of them laughed as Alex walked into the hallway.

“Well Andy, as you may have realized, our gifts from the past two years have been slightly below par,” he paused and Andy remembered the few pieces of candy she had received from each of them. They were a bit pathetic, but candy was one of her favorite things. “You may be saying to yourself, I gave those bloody wankers really good things for Christmas, and you did! But now, I hope this will explain the rotten stuff we gave you.”

Alex walked back into the room, a very large smile on his face, and a rather large gift in his hand. Andy’s eyes went wide. It was wrapped (rather badly), but Andy had no difficulty telling exactly what it was. “No! No you didn’t!” she yelled, jumping off the bed and taking the present.

She unwrapped it quickly and was at a loss for words. There, in her hands, from her two best mates, was a Comet 180. It certainly wasn’t the best broom out in the wizarding world at the time, but it was definitely the new release from the Comet line. Her eyes went wide. She had been using the school brooms for the past six years, never having been able to afford one herself.

She screamed and jumped on Alex, causing him to fall over with Andy on top of him, still screaming. “Thank you! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!” she yelled. She gave him a kiss on the cheek before attacking Jimmy on the bed. She jumped on top of him too, hugging him, and kissing him on the cheek as well. “I don’t know what to say guys! This is the best gift I have ever gotten from anyone! I can’t believe you guys!” she screamed again and wrapped her arms around the both of them, crushing them in a hug.

The bed room door flew open again and James, Remus, Sirius, and a staggering Peter came in breathless to the room. “Wassgoinon?” Peter wheezed, while the others panted, trying to catch their breath.

“This is what’s going on!” Andy held up her broom, her smile growing on her face. The rest looked surprised as well. “It’s a Comet 180! The new Comet, and these amazing two boys that I love sooo soo much got me it for Christmas! Can you believe it?!” she squealed again.

The other boys looked at it, amazed as well. None of them had ever gotten each other a gift as nice, or quite as expensive as that. “That’s brilliant! We’ll still be the best team at Hogwarts, but now we will be the fastest and the best looking as well!” James said in excitement, taking the broom and examining it.

“I have to try it out!” Andy squealed, grabbing it from James and running down the hall, still clad in her pajama pants and over-sized t-shirt. She reached the front door and flung it open, practically tearing it off its hinges. She was met by a foot of snow and a bitter breeze. She didn’t mind it though. She mounted her broom and was off in an instant.

She screamed in happiness as she zoomed around Remus’ yard, going faster and faster. Soon though, the cold was getting to her, and she could hardly feel her hands that was clutching to the perfectly made wood beneath her. She glided closer and closer to the ground before finally dipping low enough that she toppled over into the pile of snow, hugging her broom to her. She laughed in complete joy and sat, soaking her clothes through, on the ground.

“Andy?” she heard her name called from the house. She sat up and waved to Alex and Jimmy who were standing in the doorway, pulling on their traveling cloaks and trying to reach her through the thick snow. “Your bloody crazy, you know that right?” Jimmy laughed, as they reached her sitting in the snow, looking like a 5-year-old who just learned how to fly.

“Yes I do! And I love it! And I love my new broom!! And I want to ride it more and more!” she said giddily, standing up and preparing to mount again.

“Oh no you don’t, you little bugger. You have to help us with the party. Then you can come out again. Alright?” Alex said, in a fatherly tone.

“Oh alright.” She looked down and shivered. Her toes were turning red, and she was covered in goose bumps. Jimmy and Alex laughed. Jimmy picked her up and carried her inside, Alex following closely behind with her broom.

They were met inside by the Marauders who had hot chocolate already waiting for them. Jimmy set her down at the kitchen table and put his cloak over her while she sipped her warm drink, staring happily at her new broom leaning against the door. The rest sat around her dripping wet form and discussed a few things they still needed to get done before the party.

Andy was hardly paying attention to a word they said and finally decided she couldn’t sit there any longer. “I need a nice hot shower, and change of clothes. I’ll be down in a little bit.” She said, standing up and setting Jimmy’s cloak on the back of the chair.

She heard the rest of them continue to discuss plans while she exited the kitchen and made her way up to her bedroom. After a nice, long, hot shower, she emerged with a towel on her head. She checked her watch and found that it was already 4 o’clock. She must’ve woken up late and spent more time on her broom then she thought.

She changed into the clothes she was going to wear to the party. Lily had helped her pick them out before she left. They were black dress pants, with a light blue sweater that was more feminine then Andy had ever worn before. She decided she would leave her hair down again, considering Lily had thought it looked good before.

She left her room, still barefoot and almost skipped her way back down to the living room where the boys sat, their decorations of the place done. She was still in one of the best moods she had ever really been in and walked into the room singing and dancing to the new Weird Sisters song that was playing. She tripped on the edge of the carpet and fell flat on her face.

She sat up laughing hysterically. She looked up at the boys and saw amused and shocked faces on all of them. Alex and Jimmy were laughing at her, as was James, Peter sat there, staring bug-eyed at her (again) and Remus and Sirius both looked highly shocked that she was dressed more like a girl (again). She stood up and walked over to Remus, “I officially love your house.” She said laughing still.

“You look amazing.” He said, slightly dumbfounded.

She laughed again, though a slight color rose in her face. “Thanks. You don’t look so bad yourself.” She said.

He was wearing a button up shirt and jeans, though he still looked dressed up. Most of the boys were wearing about the same, each (with the exception of Peter, who looked like he was trying way too hard to look like Sirius) looked very nice.

"Alright, anything else that I can do for you boys? You seem to have everything covered, by the looks of it." She gave the room the once over, nodding approvingly. "Where's Jack?"

"He just went to pick up some things. Be back in a sec though." There was a pop from the corner and Jack appeared, clutching onto a very large barrel of, yet again, an unidentified drink. He let it fall to the ground with a loud 'plunk' and sank into the nearest arm chair.

"I think I should get reimbursed for more then this stuff is worth. Have any of you ever tried apparating with a keg before, its not easy. Let alone comfortable." he said, rubbing his stomach.

He turned and looked at Andy, who was bouncing on her toes. "Wow Pierson, you look pretty good. Remus, how could you ever get a girl who looks like this to even talk to you?"

"Ah, well you must remember Jack, Andy was also drunk." James said, laughing at the color that was again, rising quickly in Remus' face.

"Shut it Prongs." he muttered.

"Ah, no worries mate." Jack said, smiling coyly at Remus, giving Andy another wink. She smiled again and her giddy mood increased. "Whats that one so bloody happy for?"

"I got quite a lovely Christmas present this morning. And it happened to be from the two best mates a girl could ever have. She wrapped her arms around both their shoulders and pulled them close to her. "They got me the new Comet 180!" She squealed again, giving them both kisses on the cheek again.

"Wow, you've got some competition here Remmy." Jack said, laughing lightly and slouching further down in his chair.

There was an awkward silence, nobody really knowing what to say. Andy stood there, still bouncing on her toes between Alex and Jimmy. James finally broke the silence, "Well on to a less awkward silence. People should start arriving in a couple hours, so we should get the food out."

He turned to Andy, holding out his arms. "Andy, your a do I look?" he said, spinning around.

"You may be asking the wrong girl here, but you look just fine to me. When is Lily getting here?" she asked with a knowing look and a crooked smile.

"In an hour. Said she wanted to come early to spend some more time with us." he was now acting the same way Andy was, bouncing lightly on his toes, and unable to remove the broad smile from his face.

The rest of the group (with the exception of the ever-so pleased Andy) rolled their eyes and continued on with what they were doing before.

A few hours later and the house was filled with Hogwarts students. Music wove its way around, so no room was quiet and the living room shook slightly. Students were dancing and having a good time. Andy was filled with excitement, laughter (and firewhiskey) as she danced wildly with Alex and Jimmy.

She saw Tim’s familiar figure in the corner talking with a few from his house and made her way over to him. She threw herself on him in a hug. “Tim! I’m so happy you came!” she exclaimed squeezing him in her arms.

He pulled her away and she stood at arms length, a childish, and sloppy smile spread across her face. He laughed, “Dipped into the whiskey again, have you?”

She put an innocent look on her face as Remus joined them. “Only a bit. I’m making sure we don’t have a repeat of last time…” Color rose slightly in his cheeks and Andy laughed.

“Oh really? What happened last time?” he asked, laughter still present on his face.

Andy pulled him and Remus out of the loud living room and into the quieter (though still busy) kitchen. She began telling the story of their last time around the drink and Tim rolled of his chair in laughter. By the time she was finished recounting it, Remus was the color of a tomato and Andy was laughing along with Tim. She did not really care about what happened that night. It was under the influence of the whiskey that made her do those things, so she dismissed them as being very important and enjoyed the bit of humor the story had to it.

Sirius came into the kitchen, supporting a boy who was a year younger then them and who had apparently passed out. “Moony, Corner here has had a bit too much to drink. I gave him that potion stuff, so he should be fine. Think we should hole him up here for the night though.”

Remus nodded and walked out the door, signaling for Sirius to follow him. They had already planned for at least a few people to end up like that. It was New Years, they were teenagers – teenagers without parents and access to firewhiskey. Andy tipped slightly in her chair, but righted herself quickly. Her laughter was protruded by hiccups. She was a bit tipsy, but for the most part, alright.

Andy and Tim talked for a long time in the kitchen. Talking about the last Quidditch match, what had happened to them over the holidays, and, of course, the people around them. The party was completely crazy, but somewhat under control. Those who had had way too much to drink were (safely) left upstairs in a spare bedroom to spend the night and do whatever else they had to do…

Midnight was closing in and everyone was getting on elaborate hats that were charmed to scream with joy and set off fireworks once the clock struck twelve. Andy and Tim pulled theirs down over their heads, laughing at how ridiculous the other looked. By now Andy was for the most part (in large contribution to Tim making sure she didn’t get her hands on another drink for the rest of the night). She argued at first, but figured it was for the best. She soon realized the drinks were no longer needed to have fun, especially with Tim keeping her laughing the whole night.

Most people had crowded in the living room to start the countdown, but Tim and Andy stayed in their corner of the kitchen. “10…9…8!” erupted from the other side of the door. The two joined in, yelling as loud as they could. “7…6…5…4…3…2…1-” There was a slight pause before the loudest shouting of the night came.

“HAPPY NEW YEAR!” echoed throughout the house as the cracking of fireworks was soon drowned it out. People were looking for others to kiss at the stroke of midnight and everywhere they turned, couples were locking lips, some, as if there was no one else around.

Andy turned to Tim, both smiling widely. “Happy New Year Andy,” said Tim, leaning over and giving her a friendly peck on the cheek. She returned the gesture.

“Right back at ya!” she shouted over the continued cheering from the rest of the house. “S’pose I had better find the rest of the boys! You staying over?”

A fifth year boy stumbled into the kitchen, wrenched open the nearest window and proceeded to throw up all over Mrs. Lupin’s rose bush. Tim wrinkled his nose in disgust. “As long as I am not sharing a room with that guy.”

Andy laughed, “No you don’t have to. I think the boys are going to stay in my room, your welcome to as well if you’d like.”

Tim nodded and said he would find Andy later when some of the people had cleared out. She wound her way through the crowd in the living room until she found Alex and Jimmy, both with their arms around their most recent dates to Hogsmeade and both looking quite satisfied with themselves.

Andy rolled her eyes at them and they all laughed, both the boys sweeping down to give her kisses on the cheek. She got a glare from the girl behind Jimmy. She pulled on his arm. “Come on Jimmy!” she squealed, pulling him away from Andy, Alex and his date. He followed behind her, shrugging his shoulders before disappearing out of the room.

Andy mocked her, saying Jimmy in an annoying, prissy voice that sounded very close to the other girl. Alex and the other girl (who was later introduced as Kelly) laughed. Andy caught Remus and the others out of the corner of her eye and excused herself away from Alex and Kelly. She once again wound her way throughout the crowd and once again, received pecks on the cheek from James and Sirius, while the very awkward Peter gave her a high five. The other chuckled at this, but didn’t say anything. Remus gave her a full kiss on the lips, despite the disgusted sounds the other three made.

Andy pulled away laughing at their looks. Remus tugged at her sleeve, “You think I could talk to you for a second?” he said over the loud music that had started again. Just because it was midnight didn’t mean the party had to stop!

Andy nodded and followed him upstairs to his room. After kicking out a couple that assumed any bed in the house was free to do some rather disturbing things in, Remus sat down on the window seat, Andy following (both were looking at the bed slightly horrified). Andy waited patiently for Remus to begin talking, though he looked as if he were struggling to find the right words.

“Listen, Andy.” He sighed. “There is really no way I can think of saying this, so I am just going to come out and do it.” He paused again, seemingly picking up the courage he needed.

O my god, is he really doing this, I mean I know we had that date, and we did some things that you know couples do and everything. I just never really thought about it. It was sort of like having someone there to, you know, do things without worrying about consequences and such. Kind of like Regulus. No, its not like Regulus. What Remus and I have is more then what Regulus and I do. Actually Regulus and I have done a LOT more then Remus and I have, but Remus is more the type of guy you take home to your parents. Not like I would ever take him to see mine or anything. Oh crap. Remus is a really nice guy and everything, but boyfriend? I don’t know…

“So I think I’m going to take this silence as a no…” Remus finally pulled her away from her thoughts that were flying through her mind at light speed.

“Oh! No don’t, sorry, I was just, thinking and I completely missed what you said. Think you could say it again?” she asked feebly.

He looked positively mortified at the words. He hardly looked as if he were Remus at all. More like Peter, if Peter had ever asked Andy out…

“Yeah, I guess.” He paused, looking down at his hands as if they were going to help him. “I really like you Andy, your really quite amazing, and I –er – wanted to know if you would I don’t know, um, be my girlfriend?” He looked up at her as if expecting her to laugh in his face and tell him to buzz off. He was expectations were half right.

She indeed was laughing, though it was more at the fact of how nervous he seemed to be. His face dropped slightly. “So it really it is a no then…”

She laughed harder. “Of course not! Of course it’s a yes!” she said through her laughter.

His head whipped up suddenly. “Are you serious?”

“No, actually, I’m Andy.”

A relieved smile spread over his face. She laughed a little more, “your funny you know that?” she said before leaning over and kissing him.


“Anyone seen Andy, or Remus for that matter?” Alex said at two-thirty. Most of the guests that were leaving had already, and those that were too drunk to move, were up in one of the spare bedrooms, sleeping off the whiskey before they would awake the next morning with a miserable hangover.

Alex, Jimmy, Jack, Tim, and three out of the four Marauders were lying, dead tired on the couches of the messy living room. Everyone except for Peter (who had fallen asleep halfway over the arm of the chair) said that they hadn’t.

“Well, I say we don’t worry about them and get to bed. We can check Remus’ room on our way up.” James said, standing up lazily and pulling Peter off the couch with him. Peter fell to the floor and woke with a start, though his eyelids still drooped halfway over his eyes. “Whozzere?” he said as they all marched past him towards the stairs.

Once on the second floor, Jack turned left towards his own room, while the rest continued to the right, mumbling “good nights” to Jack’s disappearing figure.

James and Sirius reached Remus’ door first, and without even thinking about what they were doing, they pushed it open lazily. Both their eyes went wide.

“Whoa,” was all that managed to escape James’ lips as he stared, astounded, at the scene before him.


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