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Great Revenge by TrueLoveStoriesNeverEnd

Format: Novella
Chapters: 12
Word Count: 18,238
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, General, Action/Adventure
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lucius, Draco, Ginny, OC
Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Draco/OC

First Published: 07/03/2006
Last Chapter: 01/18/2007
Last Updated: 01/18/2007


Dedicated to Gryffindor1992! Fab Banner: Bitter_Sweet_Love62
First in the Aftermath Trilogy

When everything is gone, and everything has been lost, one thing is clear - revenge.
Voldemort may be gone, but Harry and his friends are not safe yet. When a Death Eater escapes, Harry faces one of his biggest challenges yet - can he stop a desperate wizard from helping a muggle revealing the entire wizard world?

Chapter 1: Its Finally Over
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“To Harry!” cried Ron.

The Great Hall of Hogwarts roared. Sat all around were not just students and teachers, but aurors, government officials, members of the Order and friends.

The party was in full swing after winning the final battle only a few hours before. Voldemort was dead. The Death Eaters were either dead or detained.

Harry was a hero, the saviour of wizards everywhere.

Ron thought he would be jealous, but he wasn’t. He had managed to save Hermione at a crucial moment and Hermione telling him that he was her hero was better than to have the rest of the world bowing at his feet.

Ginny looked up at Harry with utter devotion. She had loved him as long as she’d known him, and she’d had to let him go. She’d understood his reasons, but now she wanted him back forever.

There was pain in her smile however. The battle had not been easily won. Her mother, Molly, was dead, and so was her father.
In a corner, Fleur sobbed quietly, for Bill was dead. Fred simply sat and stared at the door, hoping that at any moment George would burst through, saying he was sorry for being so late. George was missing, and Fred simply didn’t know if he could live without him. It would be like losing himself.

Harry smiled, but inside he mourned. Hagrid still hadn’t returned - and he wasn’t someone easily missed. All the people that had died for their cause over the years… Dumbledore… Sirius… Cedric, who just got in the way… all the way back to Harry’s parents. It had all been so pointless!

People had started eating, talking and drinking again, yes, Ron would have quiet a headache in the morning.

Harry slowly got up and slipped out. He went into an empty classroom, and leant against the wall. It was his old History of Magic classroom.

How simple everything had been back then. It had seemed important at the time of course, but back then half his friends hadn’t been dead or missing.

A tear rolled down his cheek. Dudley had just graduated High School and was going to work in Uncle Vernon’s Business - and although Harry didn’t want to be anything like Dudley, he did sometimes wish for the simpler existence. Harry loved his magic and his life - but he wished he didn’t have to go through so much.

Ginny stood in the door.

“Harry?” she asked tenderly. She walked over and put her hand on his shoulder.

Harry looked up into her beautiful brown eyes. She had lost so much today and yet she was here comforting him. He realised there was something he needed to do.

“Ginny, remember, remember I said at the end of 6th Form that there was a reason we couldn’t be together? Well, it’s all over now. We can be, well I mean if you want, I, I mean if you think it’s a good idea…”

Oh god, thought Harry. This is not going well.

Ginny kissed him on the forehead. “I’ve waited for you to stumble over those words for a long time.”

Harry smiled. Ginny was here. He was here. Hermione and Ron were in the Great Hall. There would be sadness, but it would be overcome with Ginny by his side.

“I love you,” he whispered and kissed her lips.


Harry woke up. He didn’t recognise the bed he was in, but he wasn’t surprised, since his head hurt and he had got really drunk last night.

He rolled over, saw Ron, and realised he was in Ron’s room at the burrow.

Creaking floorboards made Harry sit up. He found about 3 seconds later that this was a bad idea as his brain attacked from the inside.
Hermione stomped in loudly and yanked back the curtains.

“Oh sod off,” murmured Ron, waking up but not opening his eyes.

“Oh nice,” smirked Hermione.

“Sorry Hermione,” he moaned. “Now please kill me!”

“I brought hangover potion!” she announced brightly.

“Oh thank you!” cried Harry. He took a sip, and in a few seconds his headache had gone and he was feeling fresh.

“Ah, that’s better,” he sighed. Then remembering all the missing people, he turned quickly to Hermione. “Any news?”

“None from Hagrid - but George is back!!!”

“George?” froze Ron. “Oh where is he? Is he here? Hermione?”

“He’s at St. Mungo’s Hospital Ron. He’s going to be ok.”

Ron grabbed his wand and apparated in a flash.

With Ron gone, Hermione told Harry what she really thought.

“He’s really bad Harry,” said Hermione. “Fred’s been there since 3am, and even he’s not been allowed in.”

Ron appeared again. “They won’t let me in.” he said. “But they’re about to let Fred in.”

“Oh good.”

“Apparently he was really badly hurt when a wall fell on top of him at the Riddle House. And some wizard jinxed him too. He wouldn’t died if Malfoy hadn’t pulled him out.”

“Yeah, it’s a good thing Draco came back to our side,” admitted Harry. He hadn’t trusted Malfoy a week ago but, during the Final stages of the battle at the Riddle House, he’d really shown his worth.

Chapter 2: More than one revelation
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Behind the Riddle House, there is a graveyard. And in the graveyard, a muggle stood, a middle-aged man called Henry King.

He had sandy brown hair which hung rather messily to well below his ears. His blue eyes were fixed uncertainly on the tombstones of the Riddles, a family that were murdered many years ago. As an amateur archaeologist, a researcher and newspaper writer as well as having a general interest in old hoaxes and unsolved mysteries, he was very interested in the case.

No-one had ever found the killers of this young man and his parents. The Riddle House on the hill had been abandoned ever since, but more recently the old gardener, the only suspect, had also been found lying there dead - again with no clear cause of death.

Dying of fright? Unlikely.

The house had been searched a few days before when people reported noises, but it seemed that something in the brickwork had given way and a few walls had collapsed. It seemed the whole upper floor might give way soon. The roof was a mass of holes, the garden was a jungle and all the great expanses of land that the Riddles had owned now went to waste.

Even their grave was derelict - weeds and wild flowers grew everywhere and there was a large ring of burnt soil about three metres away where nothing would grow, and the stone itself had a great cracks across it. If Henry didn’t know better he’d think there had been vandals here, but he knew that, since the murder of Frank Bryce, not even the toughest chav would venture near the place.

He took a couple of photos, but he knew it wouldn’t tell him much. He needed to get in the house, but no-one else would even think about it with the state the building was in, and even though it shamed him to admit it, Henry was too scared to go on his own.

“Maybe soon I’ll find someone to come with me,” said Henry to himself, and walked back to the Bed and Breakfast he was staying at. He hoped for a break-through soon.

Someone however, had heard Henry talking to himself. Someone who knew everything Henry wanted to know - and more.

* * *

Harry went downstairs in the Burrow. The kitchen felt empty without Mrs Weasley rushing about. Percy sat at the kitchen table though, his eyes red rimmed and puffy behind his glasses.

Percy had spent so much of the last few years fighting with his parents, and not only had they been right all along, now they were gone and he’d never be able to tell them he was sorry. Harry just hoped that one day he’d understand that even if they hated his choices, they loved him all the more for his foolishness.

The whole house had a strange atmosphere - relief and sadness, celebration and mourning. Ginny asked if he’d come with her to St. Mungo’s to visit George.

That’s when Harry realised that it was truly over. Yes, there were people who’s suffering would go on for longer, but for him it was over. He had no idea what he would do. To become an auror was his dream, but Voldemort was gone and it didn’t seem likely that anything would happen for a long time.

He could settle down with Ginny, have his own family one day. This idea no longer seemed as attractive as it did when it was likely it would never happen. His dream had come true, but all the excitement had gone.

He thought about this for a long time, while he waited outside George’s room at the hospital, and on his way back to the Burrow again.

He went out for a walk and sat at the top of a hill for hours just thinking.

As it neared dinner time, he decided he should return to the Burrow, so he climbed down the hill and trudged back along the worn track.

Suddenly, he noticed something he’d never seen before - a cave at the bottom of the hill. He ran back and walked inside. Now here was something! A cave, who knew what could have gone on here? A cave where ancestors of the Weasley’s came to practice spells?

He shook his head hard. Now he was acting like a little boy. He kicked the cave wall as hard as he could and pounded his fists against the roof.

This was hopeless!

An ominous crack told him he’d gone too far. Dirt rained down and he ran for the cave mouth, but just before he was in the open, the roof crumbled and rocks fell on his legs. He yelled out, but he was too far from the Burrow to be heard. The pain was terrible, but he couldn’t reach his wand. He was about to summon it with his mind, but then a rock fell on his head and knocked him out.

He dreamed of Ginny. She stood in mist. Then she tossed her hair and they were living in the Burrow. Two little twin girls ran about, and Ginny sat behind Harry, with a baby boy in her arms. Hermione walked out the kitchen with Ron.

“I’m so happy Harry,” whispered Ginny. “Without you I’d die.”

But Harry jumped up and shouted, “I’m bored, I need adventure! Can’t you understand me Ginny?”

The baby cried and the children ran away. Hermione gasped, Ron turned thunderous and Ginny sobbed. Rain poured from the sky, and suddenly Ginny wasn’t at the Burrow anymore. She was wearing a black dress and standing in front of a gravestone with ‘Harry Potter’ inscribed on it.

Then she sobbed, “I won’t live without you.” And turned her wand on herself.

Harry screamed, even though he was still unconscious.

Ginny’s face floated in his mind, along with the two separate scenes. “I love you Harry,” she kept saying. “I’ll marry you and we can live here. You are my whole world.”

He opened his eyes and found Ron standing over him, lifting the stones off by magic. Ginny knelt by him, shaking. “You’re alright! You’re still here!”

Hermione took his hand and apparated to St. Mungo’s, where he collapsed again.

Next time he woke up, Harry was in a bed in hospital, with a pale faced Ginny sitting next to him.

“Oh Harry!” she breathed. “What happened to you? Why were you in that cave? We just heard a huge scream.”

Harry looked around, but there was no-one else in the room.

“I was worried that the adventures were over Ginny,” he confessed. “I went to think about some stuff and got caught up in that cave-in.”

“Oh Harry,” said Ginny. “You can do whatever you want. I’m sure you’ll have lots of adventures.”

“Ginny, I dreamed when I got knocked out… I saw you and me together. Ginny, I don’t need crazy adventures when I have you.”

They embraced and Harry knew everything would be alright. His dream would come true.

Chapter 3: Investigating the Riddle Mansion
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In Greater Hangleton, Henry King was sitting at the desk in his room of the Hotel, up to his neck in books. There was very little written about Little Hangleton, even less about the Riddle House. It seemed hopeless that anything useful would be found in official books.

There wasn’t even a lot of press coverage on the murders. Little Hangleton was so out of the way, and there did seem to be a major cover-up, although Henry didn’t know who by. The phone rang, and Henry rushed over to pick it up. His niece was expecting and this could be the big news.

“Hello. Who is this?” he asked brightly.

“Hello Mr King. My name is of no great importance. I have information that has been covered up for a long time.”

The voice was male, and rather sinister. Henry knew that this could well be the scoop of a lifetime, but he didn’t want to be meeting up with a murderer.

“I’m sorry Sir, but if you don’t tell me your name, I’m afraid we shall not meet up,” announced Henry.

The voice paused, and Henry would swear he it tut and say “Muggles!”

But of course he thought, he couldn’t have, for muggles isn’t a word.

“My name is Lucius. Lucius Malfoy. Of course you won’t know who I am. According to the government I don’t exist, but don’t worry, I didn’t kill the Riddles. Meet me in Singer’s Café in Little Hangleton at 2pm tomorrow. Don’t be late.”

The dial tone buzzed.

Henry hung up. He observed it was 11pm, so he switch off the light and climbed into bed. And as he fell asleep, Henry never noticed two little things.

The called never said which government said he didn’t exist.

And the caller said he didn’t kill the Riddles. He didn’t say that he hadn’t killed anyone else…

* * *

Henry arrived at Singer’s Café at exactly 2pm. A man with a strange black jacket and blue jumper met him at the door. The clothes were odd, but finely made. The man was obviously rich, or at least he had been at one time. He had silvery blonde hair and a peculiar black cane.

“Walk with me,” said the man, trying to cover the fact he really wanted to order this man around.

The two men walked towards the Riddle house.

“You are a major newspaper reporter, are you not?” asked Lucius.

“Oh yes, Mr Malfoy,” nodded Henry. “I write for the most popular newspaper in the country. I think this mystery could become a great story if only I could get to the bottom of it. There seems to have been some kind of cover-up.”

“Indeed, Mr King. Now I believe I have found the key to this mystery. But due to my position, I cannot remain here for very long at one time, and I have been here five days already. I must leave, but we shall meet again soon?”

“Oh you poor man, never being able to stop moving. Yes, I believe together we can reveal the Riddle secret to the entire world.”

“I should hope so, and all in good time my good man. First I have a little more research to complete. You may return to your Hotel now.”

“Thank you very much Mr Malfoy!,” smiled Henry.

Henry turned and walked back towards Greater Hangleton. He never noticed Lucius split his cane in two and take out a wand. Nor did he notice as Lucius waved it, and simply disappeared.

* * *

“Hello Mr King,” said Lucius. “I’m glad to see you again.”

“Hello Mr Malfoy, are you sure you are ready to come with me to the Riddle House? And please call me Henry.”

“Yes… Henry. Let us enter now, there is nothing here that can hurt us, just watch your step.”

Henry stepped into the hall of the Riddle House. Dust lay thick on the carpet that had once been a rich red - but only in patches - many feet had displaced the rest. The walls were scorched.

Looks like someone else has been looking around… Was there a fire here Mr Malfoy?” asked Henry. “Might you these looks more like there were caused by a laser? But that’s impossible!”

“Oh, I’m sure you’ll soon find that nothing is impossible, Mr King,” smiled Lucius.

Henry didn’t like that smile, it made him nervous.

“Yes, well onwards and upwards,” laughed Henry nervously, gesturing towards the stairs.

The second and third floors were even more of a mess. The stairs from the third floor to the fourth floor were cracked and broken. Henry tripped through one of the stairs, and would have fallen through the floor if Lucius hadn’t grabbed him under one arm.

“What on earth has happened here?” gasped Henry. The area seemed to have been frantically cleaned, but whoever the cleaner had been had not been able to remove splatters of blood from the walls.

“Dear God!” exclaimed Henry. “This certainly isn’t from fifty years ago! This isn’t even from four years ago! This blood was spilled recently.”

“Perhaps,” coughed Lucius, fanning dust away from his pale face, “Their murderer has been back with more victims.”

“Oh what a horrible thought!” gasped Henry. “Mind you, there has been a lot of commotion lately, mysteries and killings a-plenty. Maybe the Riddles’ murderer is back!”

“My thoughts exactly,” nodded Lucius. “Perhaps he has already left again though. He didn’t stay for long last time. We should keep a careful watch Henry. With your important job, I’m sure you’ll be right on top of
the news.”

“Well of course,” smiled Henry, puffing out his chest. This Lucius character seemed a bit strange, but he did compliment often. After all, it’s not his fault that he was a bit weird after what he must have been through.

Lucius sneered when Henry turned to go back down the stairs. Muggles were so easy.

Thinking back, Lucius realised Draco had buttered him up for years before deserting him. ’Draco!’ he snarled in his head. A vase behind him shattered as he lost control of his temper and his magic flared out.

“Shit! What was that!” yelled Henry, losing his cool and nearly falling down sixteen stairs to the floor below.

“Oh I’m sorry Mr King, I knocked over this vase,” lied Lucius, feigning embarrassment. “Sorry to have caused you bother.”

“Oh, not at all Mr Malfoy,” sighed Henry. “Not at all.”

He was looking forward to their next meeting. So far he hadn’t uncovered very much, but all this sneaking around was exciting. The only thing Henry didn’t understand was why Lorraine had turned her back on it all.

Chapter 4: Auror Training
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“Bad news!” said Ron, holding up a copy of the Daily Prophet. “The Cannons are losing - again!”

“Aww poor fella,” teased Hermione, smiling.

It was two months after Harry had been trapped under the rocks in the cave. George had come home a month ago, to Fred’s delight. George said the worst thing about hospital was that his practical joke range was limited. Harry had come back to Burrow two days after his accident. He had been there since, for he certainly wasn’t going back to the Dursley’s house. He was never going back there.

12 Grimmauld Place reminded him of Sirius too much. Harry didn’t think he’d ever be able to live there. He couldn’t sell it though, he’d have to save it in case the Order of the Phoenix ever needed it again.

Ginny hadn’t gone back to school. She already had enough qualifications to do what she wanted - to be a reporter for the Daily Prophet. Harry had started training to be an auror and he loved every minute of it. He did miss Hogwarts at times, but he really felt he had grown out of it. And he had the memories.

He’d had his eye on a new house in Godric’s Hollow - built on the site of his parent’s old house. Yesterday he had decided to buy it.

Ron was the newest member of the under 21s England Quiddich Team, and they were blasting other teams away. He had been told after the end of the Season, he might be moving up to the official England Squad, and as well as that, he was doing really well at his new premiere league club.

Harry actually wasn’t totally sure what Hermione did in the Ministry, but he did know it sounded very hard, very complicated and very important. He knew Hermione was aiming high. She would be Minister for Magic one day, Harry was sure of it.

Harry’s watch buzzed for eight o’clock, and he scoffed down the rest of his breakfast.

“Bye, got to go!”

“Bye Harry!” chorused everyone. “See you later Harry,” smiled Ginny.
Harry smiled as he apparated to work. Ginny had been his girlfriend for two months now, and everything seemed to be going perfectly.

He walked through the door, and signed in. Another day of learning and hard work.

“Harry?” asked Alastor Moody. He’d finally decided to go into training new aurors rather than working on fieldwork. “Harry? They’ve captured that Death Eater, that Lestrange woman!”

Harry was filled with relief and a touch of sadness. They’d finally captured Lestrange, after that big breakout from Azkaban. Sirius’s killer was behind bars where she belonged. If only she’d never killed him in the first place…
“Oh, so that only leaves Malfoy?” Harry questioned, swallowing his pain.

“Someone mentioned me?” asked Draco. He had signed up for being an auror at the same time as Harry, deciding that he should put what Voldemort taught him to good use.

“Not you Malfoy, that father of yours. The evil Lucius Malfoy,” spat Alastor.

“Yes quite,” said Draco. “The treacherous evil scumbag.”

“Anyway, Potter and Malfoy this means that your training starts an hour later than usual, since we have some business to clear up…” With that he walked away.

“So Harry…” started Draco. He saw Harry smile to himself. “What?”

“Nothing Draco. Just hearing you call me Harry with a smile rather than Potter with a smirk is a big change,” laughed Harry.

“Fair point I suppose. I could call you Harry with a smirk if it made you feel more comfortable?” asked Draco. He had truly changed, and Harry could honestly say it was only for the good.

“I don’t think that’ll be needed,” grinned Harry.

“Harry, we’ve been on this course together for a month, and after knowing you for seven and a half years, it’s time I apologised for being a jerk - no an absolute wanker for at least seven of them. I was otherwise distracted.”

“Don’t say it Draco. You proved who you were that day we defeated Voldemort. I may have cast the spell, but I could never have done it without you. And you saved George Weasley’s life.”

“Well,” paused Draco awkwardly. “How are Ron and Hermione? And all the others.”

“Ron and Hermione are great, Ron might be getting moved up to the International Squad any day. Are you and Luna still together?”

“Yes. But that’s not what I want to talk to you about.” By this time, Harry and Draco had walked away from the main doorway and were alone in the hallway.

“It’s my father Harry. I don’t know what he’s going to do. He’s been rejected by everyone, especially me. He’ll want revenge and the more people he hurts in the process, the better for him. He may be a broken man, but he’s certainly not a broken wizard.”

“Are you really scared of him Draco? He’s alone out there. He has no resources and he’s so close to being caught.”

“Malfoys have always given their best results alone and under pressure. He’ll kill me Harry, he’ll kill Luna, he’ll kill you and he’ll kill all your friends. We have to find him NOW.”

* * *

“Now,” began Alastor. “We’ve found that scum Lestrange. We can turn our efforts to Malfoy.”

Nods and smiles circled the room. The Order of the Phoenix had done well in capturing the escaped Death Eaters from Azkaban.

“Minerva?” prompted Moody.

“Lucius Malfoy. Last seen fighting at the Riddle House where he was injured by his son and defeated, he is likely to be angry and feeling betrayed, certainly alone.

We must remember that he is still a dangerous wizard, having killed Members before. He is very vigilant and certainly will not go without a fight. Malfoy is accomplished at legitimacy and occlumency and can be very good at getting friends in high places. He seeks a power over other people and right now will be so desperate, that we do not know what he will do. He is feeling rejected by the entire Wizard Community right now, and he may reveal things that should stay secret, and may be talking to muggles.
We must find him.”

* * *

Chapter 5: Worries, Love and Birth
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Draco sat on the veranda of his beach villa in Spain. It was a lovely place for a break, but he wasn’t really up to relaxing. He knew that somewhere out there, his father was plotting to kill him. Plotting to kill everyone.

“Draco?” asked Luna. She brought him out a drink. It had a consistency of water, but it was sludge green.

“Err, Luna, what is this?” Draco asked. He had grown to love Luna Lovegood after they had dramatically fallen into each other’s arms nearly six months before - but he still didn’t trust to swallow every ‘delicacy’ she brought him.

“Twarlip’s juice!” announced Luna brightly.

“Twarlip’s juice?” questioned Draco.

“Just drink it and stop being such a baby about it,” smiled Luna, floating back through to the kitchen. That was one of the things Draco loved about her. After being raised in an atmosphere of hate and oppression, it was so great to be with someone who floated everywhere.

After a second, he took the plunge and downed the whole glass.

It was delicious.

Luna laughed when she saw his face.

“Not so bad Draco. But why aren’t you relaxed? We‘re supposed to be on holiday.”

She rubbed his shoulders, attempting a massage. Draco felt like he was melting into the seat. He took one of her slender hands and kissed it.

“I swear Luna, I will not let anything in this world harm you, least of all my father.” He picked her up and carried her into the house. Luna would relax him.

“That’s nice,” burbled Luna as he lifted her. “But if you keep swearing I’ll put a swear jar in the kitchen.

Draco just smiled and smiled.

* * *

Harry was back in hospital again - but this time it was a muggle hospital, and he was visiting Fleur. St. Mungo’s didn’t have a maternity ward.

Bill was dead, but he had left Fleur pregnant with two little boys before he had been taken.

“I will raise zem well, even if Bill cannot ‘elp mi,” said Fleur in her throaty French accent. She looked down at the little red heads. “I just hope zey will not be such an ‘andful as Fred and George.”

Harry laughed along with Hermione and Ginny, but he couldn’t help feeling sad for Fleur. He was so glad that Ginny was still alive. Ginny squeezed his hand and he knew she was thinking the same thing. He whispered to her, “I love you.”

She gave him a small smile, then went over to Fleur to talk to her. Harry couldn’t help feeling a little disappointed, knew that she couldn’t start kissing him in here.

Ginny handed him one of the boys, then picked up the other. “You’re holding Francis, he was three minutes older,” she explained. “And this little treasure is Tommy. Fleur wanted to show they were from both countries.”

Soon Fleur got a bit tired, after all it was only an hour since she’d come out of a thirteen hour delivery, so Harry left with Ginny, Ron and Hermione.

Harry hung back with Ginny to allow Hermione and Ron to walk ahead together. After the final battle it had seemed they would get together at last, but once again they had managed to sidestep around each other.

“Do you think they’ll ever get their act together?” murmured Ginny in Harry’s ear.

“They’d better!” muttered Harry. “They’re driving me nuts!”

“Oh well,” sighed Ginny. “Let’s make a pact that if they don’t wake up and fall head over heels in the next three months, we’ll slap them and make them go out.”

“Ok then,” sniggered Harry, suddenly and for no reason, imagining Ron dressed up in some sort of strange costume, singing to Hermione while Ginny held her wand in a threatening manner.

Ginny raised her eyebrow at his daydreaming.

“Just my deprived upbringing?” suggested Harry.

“It better be,” grinned Ginny, stepping through the main door

“Oh yes,” beamed Harry as she left. “Life is good.”

“Good for you!” moaned a man walking in. “I’ve got cancer.”

Harry paused, gave a uneasy ‘cheer up’ smile and hurried out.

* * *

Henry was awake late into the night again. He was waiting.

The phone rang.

“Lorraine?” asked Henry excitedly. “Oh good, I thought you weren’t calling! You’ve not been keeping in touch much at all recently.”

The voice on the other end of the phone gave a polite cough.

“I’m sorry Mr King, this is Lucius Malfoy. Were you expecting a call?”

“Oh Mr Malfoy. Well I was waiting for my wife Lorraine to phone, but I suppose I’m just fooling myself now. She was meant to call two hours ago…” admitted Henry.

“I’m sorry!” exclaimed Lucius. “Did you say Lorraine? Lorraine King? Would that be Lorraine King from Brampton?”

“Yes! Hang on, how do you know her?”

Lucius sighed very realistically, sounding as though this was something he really didn’t want to say. “I have a half brother, he’s the only person I stay in regular contact with. He is seeing a woman called Lorraine King. He’s been sleeping with her for a week - not that we really talk about that sort of thing much, but he was so excited about moving onto the next level, he had to tell someone. He can be very childish my brother. He said she was easy.”

Henry gasped. It certainly was about a week since Lorraine had become so distant. But an affair? He’d always had a feeling in the back of his head that his slim, younger wife was too good for him. It had been a while since he could look in the mirror and claim he was the young, rugged man who had captivated Lorraine’s heart, but he wasn’t so fat. He didn’t even have a beer belly - he was just a little out of sorts. Why would Lorraine do this to him?

“There must be some sort of mistake!” cried Henry. “Not Lorraine! We’ve had three children together! Surely she wouldn‘t cheat the moment they left for summer camp? Maybe it’s someone with the same name?”

“Three Southerland Crescent?” questioned Lucius.

“Oh god!” shrieked Henry. He loved Lorraine so much. How could she?

“I am so sorry,” lied Lucius, desperately resisting the urge to laugh at the pathetic little man. “I’ll call back at a better time.”

Henry hung up. He threw himself on the bed and stared up at the ceiling. Henry was usually a mellow man, but now he was almost beyond despair. He raged. “Mr Malfoy’s unnamed brother! I shall kill your hopes and dreams!”

Lucius hung up the telephone at his end, laughing cruelly. Of course he had no half brother. When he had first observed that muggle man six weeks previously, he had simply read his mind, and went straight to his house. He bewitched the muggle wife, and she couldn’t do anything about it.

Lucius looked at the clock. It was just after midnight.

He could go pay Mrs Muggle another visit. She was a tasty dish at thirty one, and Lucius didn’t care how he got satisfied. She was like a whore to him.

Chapter 6: Back to work
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Harry sat across from Ginny in a swanky Paris restaurant - Harry had had to book three months ago to get a table . They’d had a lovely date so far. Ginny was smiling contently, she looked absolutely beautiful in the soft lighting. A band played gentle music in the background.

However, now pudding was approaching, and Harry was starting to feel nervous.

Frankie, the lead singer of the muggle band, The Swingers, gestured over to Harry - ‘now?’

Harry shook his head, he wasn’t quite ready.

The waiter brought over their dessert - Strawberry Cheesecake for

Harry and a small slice of Lemon Drizzle Cake for Ginny.

“What’s up Harry?” asked Ginny when they’d finished. “You’ve been so quiet tonight. You’re usually so talkative!”

Harry looked into Ginny’s deep, warm brown eyes. He knew he was ready. He waved to Frankie, telling him to begin.

“Everything is just perfect Ginny,” whispered Harry.

Ginny caught the wave out the corner of her eye. “What-?” she began, but was cut off by The Swingers beginning a new song.

Ginny’s suspicious look melted away. “Oh Harry,” she smiled. “Our song.”

They sat in silence until the band had finished, holding hands.

Frankie walked to the front of the small stage, and a spotlight focused on him.

“Now ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to make a special announcement. Miss Ginny Weasley?”

Ginny flushed as everyone followed Frankie’s gaze to look at her.
“Miss Ginny Weasley, what would you say if I asked you….” he paused dramatically. “To marry Harry Potter?”

Ginny’s jaw dropped. She turned back to Harry (closing her mouth to avoid the unfashionable goldfish look), who was down on one knee,
holding out a beautiful golden ring.

The whole restaurant went deadly silent.

“Well?” asked Harry. “Will you marry me?”

“Oh yes!” gasped Ginny. “I love you Harry.”

The restaurant erupted in applause.

Ginny and Harry embraced.

“Ginny, I will love you until the end of my days,” promised Harry.

“Harry Potter, I am going to make love to you tonight,” she whispered in his ear.

Harry turned slightly red, but was very, very happy.

* * *

Draco Malfoy was sitting on the veranda again.

“Oh Draco,” sighed Luna. “Every time you sit out there, I know something is troubling you.”

Draco turned back to Luna and kissed her cheek softly. “I’ll be ok Luna,” he said. “I just love you so much, I don’t want anything to hurt you. I’m worried about my father.”

Luna stroked his head. “Is this the same when you were swearing before we made love? Your father doesn’t even know we’re together Draco. We’ll be ok, I’m sure we will.”

Draco smiled. He loved how Luna put all the facts upfront, her honesty, not hiding behind lies like his old family.

“I trust you Luna. Everything will be ok.”

* * *

The maid in the Greater Hangleton “Hotel Royal” had kept a watch on Henry King for a little over a week now. She found him an interesting character. Especially recently - in the last two days he’d gone to pieces. He hadn’t left the building and he hadn’t ordered anything from the restaurant in that time, which made the maid think he wasn’t eating.

Over the next two weeks she watched him intently. He wouldn’t eat, and went for long walks everyday. He spent a lot of time in the gym. The maid concluded he must be trying to get fit. He seemed very sad though. Something was very wrong, he was so different from the jolly, bumbling man who had tripped over the doorstep three and a half weeks ago.

“Katherine?” sighed her mother one morning before she left for week. “Oh everyday you say you’re going to leave and get a better job. You got such good exam grades! Why do you still work as a maid? You’re 25, you should be going for every opportunity before it’s too late!”

Katherine didn’t know what attracted her to the hotel. Maybe she just couldn’t imagine working anywhere else. She walked to work, stopping as she walked past the train station. That was it, her mother was right. Today she’d go to London, find a job suitable to her qualifications!

“Oh Mr King, what are you doing out so early?” asked Katherine, distracted by the sight of Henry King puffing past her on an early morning jog. “Mr King are you alright?”

Mr King sank to the ground beside her.

“You’re that maid from the hotel!” he gasped. “Can you help me?”

“I’m Katherine!” she said, helping him to his feet. “I’ll get you back to your room.”

With Katherine’s help, Henry staggered back to the hotel and to his room.

“Mrs McKinney!” yelled Katherine. “I need some water, Mr King has taken a tumble while out jogging.”

“Oh course!” cried Mrs McKinney, rushing through with water. “Go up and stay with him until he’s ok. He’s been so troubled lately, home troubles I’ll bet. We’ve only got two other guests due today anyway, Martha will handle their rooms.”

Katherine climbed the stairs to Mr King’s room. She wasn’t in her work clothes yet, just jeans, a low top and heels - she liked to dress in fashionable clothes under her usual work apron, it made the whole job less stuffy and formal.

“Mr King, Sir?” she asked, knocking on the door. “I’ve brought water.”

“Oh thank you, come in Katherine,” he called weakly.

She helped him out of his jogging clothes and into a more comfortable bath robe.

“Mr King, you’ve lost so much weight since you’ve arrived! How long ago did you last eat?” Katherine exclaimed.

“About two weeks,” admitted Henry sheepishly. “Please call me Henry.”

“Two weeks!” cried Katherine. “No wonder you fainted out there! I’m going to get you some fruit.”

“I can’t eat, I just can’t!” said Henry. “My wife cheated on me! I haven’t been able to eat at all since, and I’ve barely slept an hour each night! How could she?”

He broke down into tears. At first Katherine was flustered, but her main thought was that this was a fellow human being who needed help, so she sat down on the bed beside him and listened as he poured his heart out.

“Well…” she thought after a few minutes. “I think you should continue what you’re doing - give yourself a purpose, work harder than you ever have before.”

“You’re right,” smiled Henry. “I’m so close now, I can’t stop because of Lorraine! This Malfoy knows something - I think it’s a major conspiracy, and right now I don’t think there’s anything I won’t believe!”

* * *

“Mr Malfoy, glad to talk to you again,” smiled Henry, speaking into the hotel phone. “I’ve been indisposed the last week or so.”

“Indeed, I’m so sorry to hear that,” lied Malfoy. “Now I think it’s time that you learned of magic Mr King.”


“Yes Mr King. There are wizards and witches everywhere. I am one myself, but I cannot use my powers much because the government has weakened me. I need your help to reveal this to the world. I shall even supply a specimen... I have a particular one in mind...”

* * *

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Chapter 7: His Scar
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Ron sat at a table in the back garden of The Burrow. “Happy Birthday and Engagement Party,” he read off the banner, shaking his head and smiling. There was a lot going on.

‘Though that’s what happens when you have six siblings,’ thought Ron. ‘Five.’ He corrected himself.

He imagined Bill standing with Fleur helping with the newborn twins.
Dad would be congratulating Harry and Ginny for the three hundredth time. Mum would be fussing about as usual.

Ron felt a tear roll down his cheek and quickly, thankful no-one was watching, wiped it away on the back of his hand.

He didn’t know why he couldn’t cope with this. Maybe it was because he was the only one who didn’t have something to help him.

Charlie had retreated to Romania and spent time with his precious dragons before coming back a new person. Fred and George had their work. Percy had been terrible, but he’d seemed to come to terms with it. And Ginny had Harry. Only Ron seemed not to be able to move on, to let the scars heal over.

He didn’t realise that he was suffering from depression at the time, but he did understand that he had something that could make it all disappear.

Hermione was talking to Ginny again, about wedding dresses and hats and shoes. Usually they weren’t so girlish about clothes, but Ron guessed it was just one of those things a wedding brought out in girls.

He turned his head away. He would go and fly on his broomstick for a while, it always cheered him up a little, and no-one would notice if he wasn’t long.

Hermione looked over at Ron’s table. He was gone.

“Hey Ginny, I’ll be right back,” she said quietly, and slipped out of the garden.

Hermione walked quickly, trying to find out where Ron had gone. She was really worried about how he was coping. Hearing a crunch of gravel, she realised he was headed towards the orchard.

Ron had found the broom shed locked, and since the key was not on the hook, he decided that he’d just sit in the orchard for a little while. He chose a particularly tall tree and sat with his back to the gate.

Hermione opened the orchard gate, creaking it slightly as she did. Ron did not turn towards her, but she saw his arm sticking out from behind a tree.

“Ron?” she asked tentatively. “Why aren’t you enjoying the party? I thought everyone was having fun.”

She walked around to face him.

“Yeah everyone’s having fun. Of course they are,” he sighed. “I should be having fun. I just can’t. I can’t even smile.”

“Oh Ron!” exclaimed Hermione. “You can smile, I know you can.”

Ron slowly pulled his face into a grin, but it was very forced.

Hermione trembled. This was killing her, she had no idea what to do. How could see make it better?

“Ron, what can I do?” she asked sadly. “You’re always laughing, or making other people laugh, I hate you to be like this!”

“What?” shouted Ron. “Look I can’t help how I am. It’s not my fault that You-Know-Who, oh fuck it, Voldemort decided to be born and kill my mum, my dad and Bill!”

A tear slid down Hermione’s cheek.

“Oh don’t cry!” cringed Ron, wringing his hands. “I didn’t want you to cry - oh bloody hell I’m such an idiot!”

He stormed off to the other end of the orchard and spoke to himself - extremely loudly.

“Great Ron, just great. Make Hermione cry, that’s going to make you feel fab isn’t it! I mean it’s really her fault that you can’t deal with your own problems, you need psychiatric help mate. Now your talking to yourself! It’s not her fault that you’re the most repellent being ever. It’s not her fault she doesn’t like you!”

“What?” exclaimed Hermione rushing over to him. “You aren’t repellent! If you were I’m sure Lavender wouldn’t have been dying to go out with you!” She stopped and whispered “Lavender…” under her breath.
“And of course I like you Ron. How could you possibly think I didn’t?”

“Yeah, of course you ‘like’ me,” whispered Ron, his glowing ears making Hermione realise she’d been wrong in her translation of ‘like’.

“Oh,” was all she could manage to articulate.

“Hermione, you can go. I’m an idiot. And by admitting this whole stupid love thing I’ve suppose I’ve probably ruined our friendship now as well. What a wonderful day,” he added sarcastically, dropping to sit on the ground.

“Well not so fast,” smiled Hermione, kneeling beside him. “Love? You- you love me?” Ron turned to face her, then nodded nervously. They looked at each other for only a few seconds, but it seemed like years. Then slowly, Hermione leaned forward and kissed him slowly on the lips.

If Ron was surprised, he didn’t show it, he was far too busy having fun.

A little over ten minutes later, Hermione and Ron returned to the party, Hermione very happy with Ron’s arm around her waist and Ron, looking like he’d just lost in a fight to a stick of pink lipstick, smiling more than he’d ever done in his life.

“Oh well,” whispered Ginny to Harry, “It’s about time!”

* * *

Harry woke up early on Tuesday morning, two days after his engagement party. He couldn’t understand what was bothering him. He used to wake up a lot in the night as a child, but that was mainly because his scar hurt or he was choking on a spider in the Dursley’s cupboard under the stairs.

It was only now that Harry comprehended how horrible the Dursleys really were. As a child he had assumed that all adults were selfish. But now as an adult, he couldn’t even think of treating any child that way - especially not if that child were his own nephew.

Harry got out of bed and, tripping over a chair leg on the way, walked down to kitchen.

“What a headache!” he cried. Then he froze. This was no headache - it was his scar that was hurting.

“Oh no,” he whispered. “Oh god no!”

Voldemort was back? That wasn’t possible! All the horcruxes were gone! Every one of them! Voldemort had died, eleven people had seen him go down, no escaping spirits, no coming back to life. Gone.

Harry ran back upstairs, threw on his clothes, and apparated to the Ministry right away.

* * *

Harry knocked harshly on the door where he knew he’d find Mad Eye Moody working late into the night.

“Ye gods!” came the cry from behind the door, followed by a crash. “Come in Harry!” cried Moody, struggling off the floor. “Just resting my eyes! Not dosing! Constant vigilance!”

Harry flipped the chair up with his wand and set it back behind the desk.
“Yes,” nodded Harry, deciding it would be quicker to agree.

“Now what makes you come running to my office at… half three in the morning! I am late tonight!” exclaimed Moody.

“Well, Auror Moody,” said Harry, choosing to stay official. “The thing is - well my scar has been sore, not that that is so bad, but the thing is, that hasn’t happened since Voldemort died.”

“Ah, the scar. Well…” Alastor considered this for a while. “Well Voldemort is dead Harry, totally gone, no way of coming back. We know that from that handy new piece of equipment our friend Miss Granger came up with,” he paused to nod at the soul detector that Hermione had invented nearly a year ago.

“Although, I wonder if your scar could hurt from a fragment of him, a tiny piece of him. I’m talking of the Dark Mark that the Death Eater has, to show the dedication of his black soul.”

Moody looked into one of his many mirrors, which showed a faint blur, and occasionally a blonde head, a flash of a cruel face.

“The Death Eaters are either slain or locked away, except one. Malfoy, Lucius Malfoy. His son, Draco insists he is planning something. Maybe you can sense rising evil Harry, evil with, just a very small, part of Voldemort in him.”

“But I’ve been right next to Lucius Malfoy and my scar didn’t hurt then,” deliberated Harry. “Why would it happen all of a sudden? I’m not even near him right now!”

“Maybe the evil is rising very high Harry,” muttered Moody, furrowing his brow. “I just hope to hell we can swim.”

* * *

Harry unlocked his front door. His small house in Godric’s Hollow was built on the site of his parent’s old house, which he liked because he felt like he was closer to them somehow. It had only been finished recently. He liked it’s simplicity and it’s space - he couldn’t live in the Burrow the rest of his life, and Ginny loved it - although she said that when she moved in the bedroom was getting painted blue.

He flicked on the light.

“Boo!” shouted someone in his ear.

“Argh!” yelled Harry. His first thought was, ‘Oh fuck, there’s someone in my house!’ Then he saw Ginny rolling about on the floor laughing and collapsed onto the floor with sheer relief. It was totally unnerving to find someone waiting in your home when you’d just been talking about rising evil.

“Oh dear,” spluttered Ginny, shaking her head. “That was too funny.”

“Why are you here?” asked Harry, trying to stay polite.

“I couldn’t sleep and just apparated to see if you were still awake - I know you don’t always sleep that great - unless you’ve been at the Firewhisky,” she smirked. “But I think the real question is where have you been at four in the morning?”

“Oh I went to the Ministry…” said Harry, trying to sound nonchalant.

“Oh is something wrong?” enquired Ginny.

“Well….” began Harry, explaining what had happened, trying his best not to mention the words ‘rising evil’.

“Lucius Malfoy?” asked Ginny, eyes blazing behind her attempt at a calm expression. She hated Lucius Malfoy more than any other man dead or alive. He’d nearly ruined her life when she was only eleven by planting Riddle’s diary on her, and he’d killed her father.
She swore loudly. “Evil man!” she shouted, losing her temper.

“Ginny, Ginny,” murmured Harry in her ear, after catching her arms and pulling her close to hold.

She broke down into a sob on his shoulder, “I thought he was in Azkaban. I thought they had locked him away. How can my father’s murderer still be free?”

“Don’t cry,” whispered Harry, wiping away her tears. “I understand.”

Indeed he did. He had spent seven years asking himself the same question. Voldemort never paid for the crimes he committed. He had just been killed.

“We’ll get him. You have to believe we live in a world of justice Ginny, it’s all we have.”

Ginny smiled slightly. “Thanks. You’ll beat him Harry. And now you’ve got me standing beside you, he’s got no chance.”

Harry grinned. “Not a chance.”

* * *

Harry glanced out his window the next morning. “New neighbours,” he casually mentioned to Ginny.

“Oh yeah,” said Ginny, a little uninterested. “Well they’ll like it I’m sure… Luna?”

Harry looked out, and could not possible miss Luna Lovegood walking out the front door of the house across the street, wearing her brightest and most sparkly clothes for this special occasion. Luna no longer wore radish earrings or butterbeer cork necklaces, but no-one could possibly describe her fashion sense as ‘discreet’.

“If that’s Luna, then where is-”

“There’s Malfoy,” interrupted Ginny. “I mean Draco. That still doesn’t come easily.”

Luna spotted Ginny at the window and waved.

“Come on then!” declared Ginny. “We’ve got to go see them, they’ve been in Spain for ages.”

“Well I’ve seen Draco at Auror training,” Harry reminded her.

“Well, we haven’t seen Luna,” Ginny scowled, catching him arm. “Now let’s go!”

Chapter 8: Luna's Inner Eye
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“Harry! Ginny!” beamed Luna. “Hello!”

“Luna!” laughed Ginny. “This is so strange! Did you know Harry lived here?”

“I had no idea,” chuckled Luna in her usual dreamy manner, “Would you like to come in?”

“Harry!” shouted Draco, only just noticing the couple, having been in the back of the delivery truck. “And Ginny! Hi!”

“That’s the last of the furniture in your house. Are you sure you don’t want us to move it for you?” yelled the driver.

“Yes we’re fine, we have friends here,” explained Draco. “Goodbye!”

They walked into the house, and once the door was closed, Draco flicked his wand and everything fell into place.

“Well,” smiled Draco, dropping onto a sofa. “This is nice. We thought we’d be a bit lost here. I mean neither of us has lived in a muggle community before, so we’d probably do some things wrong. At least now you can let us know Harry, I mean you lived with muggles for a long time.”

“I don’t like this carpet…” hummed Luna. She twisted her wand and it turned into a wooden floor. “That’s better,” she smiled.

“So how are you two getting on?” asked Harry. “How was Spain?”

“Well Spain was really nice,” said Draco. “but it was hard to relax with everything that’s been going on.”

“I liked it,” replied Luna. “Spain, the place I got engaged…”

“You’re getting married?” exclaimed Ginny. “Congratulations!”

“Same to you,” added Draco, nodding at her ring.

Ginny and Luna linked fingers under the light from the window, letting the sunbeams sparkle on their rings. Ginny’s was a finely decorated gold circular ring, with a single diamond. Luna’s was more elaborate, gold and silver with emeralds and sapphires and three heart shaped diamonds. Luna’s ring was obviously very expensive, and although Ginny’s wasn’t at all cheap, Luna’s looked almost priceless.

‘Great’, thought Harry a little embarrassed. ‘Makes mine look like crap.’

“So Draco, how come you aren’t staying in the Malfoy Mansion? It’s practically a family heirloom,” enquired Harry.

“I hate that place. It symbols everything that made the Malfoy family turn bad. Greed, power, lust for gold. I burnt it to the ground and gave the land to a wildlife sanctuary. I’ve sold off everything we owned - except Luna’s ring. It is hundreds of years old - it was made by a Slytherin for a Ravenclaw at a time when the two of them thought they could never be together. That was my great, great… well my ancestor. So it has come to be again,” he looked at Luna with great affection. “I only kept enough money to buy a nice house and have a little left over. I gave the rest to various charities. Love of money is the root of all evil.”

Ginny smiled.

“You sold everything?” gasped Harry. “That’s incredible!”

Harry’s watch beeped loudly. “Time to work,” it reminded him.

“We better go Draco. Leave the girls to catch up,” he smiled.

* * *

With Harry and Draco gone, Ginny turned the conversation to their weddings after an hour or so. Luna was getting married one month before her it turned out. Luna showed her the wedding dress she would wear. It had been her mother’s wedding dress and it was beautiful.

“I haven’t picked one out yet,” confessed Ginny. “I don’t have a family heirloom like you do. I want it to be really special.”

“You’ll find one.” smiled Luna. Suddenly her voice turned deep, and she flopped over on the sofa. “You’ll have a lovely wedding dress. It will be most special. I see Harry. He thinks you are the most beautiful person he’s ever seen in his life. You will find it in your basement in a place which has known magic.”

Luna closed her eyes.

“Luna?” asked Ginny, with a very high-pitched voice. “Luna!”

* * *

Lucius ruffled a copy of The Daily Prophet agitatedly. For a week now he’d been searching for the whereabouts of that mudblood bitch Granger who’d dragged Draco over to the side of Potter, but his search had been unfruitful. He couldn’t even find word of that Ravenclaw whore who’d enticed his son away from him.

He flicked his eyes over the marriage announcements briefly, and suddenly stopped.

“What have we here?” he smirked coldly, “The wonderful news of the engagement of Ms Ginerva Weasley and Mr Harry Potter? Oh this is brilliant… this is wonderful!”

Lucius flipped through the newspaper until he reached the gossip section, where there was a large section of Ginny and Harry’s engagement.

“Our wonderful hero,” sneered Lucius, “And his beautiful princess? Pathetic! Oh look… their close friends and neighbours Draco Malfoy and Luna Lovegood said they knew the couple would be very happy together? Ginny Weasley… a Weasley, friends with the Ravenclaw and the mudblood, engaged to Potter… oh she would just be too perfect!”

He walked to the exit of the Apple Tree Pub, stuffing the paper in his pocket.

“Ginerva Weasley, witch soon to be revealed to the whole world!” laughed Lucius Malfoy coldly as he apparated away.

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Chapter 9: Kidnapped
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Luna sat up, feeling rather sleepy. Ginny looked very worried kneeling beside her. Draco appeared in the fireplace and rushed over to her.

“Ginny what happened to Luna?” he cried. “Luna! You’re awake!”

Ginny described what had happened.

“Hmm,” said Draco. “Sounds like that was a prediction. Do you have any ancestors who were seers Luna?”

“My father is Sybil Trelawney’s nephew. They are blood related, and she is-”

“The great-great granddaughter of the great Cassandra Trelawney,” chimed in Ginny and Draco. They’d all heard her say it at least twenty times.

“I’m a seer?” gasped Luna. “Me?”

Draco looked to Ginny, unsure of what to say.

“Only one way to find out!” Ginny smiled, walking towards the basement.

Draco followed her, and placed his hands on the walls, concentrating hard.

“Anything?” Ginny asked.

“No, sorry. Nowhere in this basement has known magic however small. Except a trace of love in that corner,” he added. “Probably a kiss.”

“Strange…” mused Ginny, not quite sure what to say. She was rather disappointed - she’d really thought she’d been about to find the perfect wedding dress. “Then again I suppose not every prediction is correct - look at Professor Trelawney, she was a right old fraud - well for the most part.”

Draco glanced at his watch and sighed. “Better get back to training, they weren’t that happy about me leaving in the first place - see you later Ginny,” he said, and apparated from the room.

Ginny headed back upstairs, knowing that soon she’d need to leave to get dinner ready.

“You’re sure you’ll be ok?” asked Ginny as she left Luna’s house.

“Yes Ginny,” smiled Luna, “I’ll be fine! Now don’t worry.”

Ginny was walking across the street when she heard Luna scream. Luna rushed across to her, “Oh Ginny! What were my exact words again?”

* * *

“I can’t believe it!” gasped Ginny, walking carefully down the staircase, “I never even realised Harry had a basement…”

“There, look in that cupboard,” instructed Luna.

Ginny reached towards the door, but when she turned the handle she found the cupboard was locked. “Shit,” she swore, “Alohamora!” She rattled the door handle, but the door remained as closed as ever.

She put her wand inside the lock, about to perform a stronger unlocking charm, but as she did, a face appeared on the door.

“Madame? May I inquire as to who you are and why you wish to proceed?” The door asked very politely.

“I am Ginny Weasley and I want to open the door,” snarled Ginny.

“Weasley? I am sorry; I need a Potter to open me.”

“I’m marrying Harry Potter in two months!”

The door looked at her questioningly for a minute, searching to see if she was telling the truth, then swung open obligingly, revealing a room hundreds of metres across.

“The Potter Vault?” asked Luna happily.

“Oh my… Luna look, look!” shrieked Ginny, spotting a gorgeous white wedding dress at the opposite end of the hall. “Oh Luna isn’t it the most beautiful dress you’ve ever seen?”

“It really is…” gasped Luna, gently holding layers of silk on her fingertips, “Hey Ginny, try it on!”

“Wait, there’s a plaque,” paused Ginny, “The dress of Lily Potter, Alexandra Potter and all Potter brides back to the year 1353.”

“It must be magically preserved,” noted Luna, cautiously.

“I love it!” sighed Ginny happily. “And you know what this means Luna!”

“I’m a real seer!” clapped Luna in delight, “Daddy will be so proud!”

“Ginny!” yelled Harry from the vault door, “What is this place?”

“Oh Harry!” grinned Ginny, running over to him and hugging him, “This is the Potter vault!”

Harry’s eyes twinkled as they surveyed all the memories and photographs here. He could not have hoped for this in his wildest dreams – anything he could possibly want to know about his parents was here!

“How did you manage to find it Ginny?” he asked merrily.

“Oh it was all Luna,” smiled Ginny, “Harry she’s a seer.”

* * *

Ginny woke up a week after finding the vault at 3am. She was surprised at waking up so early, but suddenly realized why when a second later she clutched her stomach and ran through to the bathroom as she threw up.

“Ginny?” murmured Harry sleepily, quickly reaching for his glasses as Ginny once more threw up into the sink, “Ginny what’s wrong?”

“What’s… what’s the date today?” gasped Ginny, turning on the taps.

“It’s the seventh I think,” said Harry, “Why Ginny?”

“I thought so… oh Harry… I think I’m pregnant!”

Harry was stunned for a minute but since Ginny seemed to have stopped being sick, he rushed over and gathered her up in a tight hug.

“Oh Ginny I can’t believe it! A baby! We’re going to have a baby!” he laughed.

Ginny sighed in relief, not being sure how Harry would take the news – she’d actually been sure of it for a couple of days, but hadn’t been sure how to say it, after all they weren’t even married yet!

“Oh Harry, I love you,” smiled Ginny, “And your going to be a great father! I just know it!”

They embraced again, and they both cried with happiness – their own little baby!

“How long is it?” asked Harry, “I mean how many months?”

“Well about six weeks I think,” said Ginny, “which would mean that since this is January… that means the baby should be born in about August.”

“Oh I can’t believe it,” chuckled Harry, gently placing his hand on Ginny’s stomach, “There’s a little baby in here.”

“Everyone will be so excited!” beamed Ginny.

“It’s good this won’t interrupt your career,” smiled Harry, “I mean you can still write when you’re pregnant.”

“Well I’ll have to take maternity leave I suppose, which isn’t great right at the start of my career, but you’ve got your training grant and there’s a fortune in the vault so we’ll be ok,” smiled Ginny, “And either way it’s a little early to be worrying about these things! We’ll just have to make sure we aren’t too extravagant over the next few months.”

“Well we better get back to bed, I’ve got to go to work in three hours,” yawned Harry tiredly. “Careful now.”

Ginny smirked at him, “Harry if you’re going to try and wrap me up in cotton wool until the baby’s born then I’ll move to The Burrow for nine months!”

“Sorry Ginny,” apologized Harry, “Now I think you should sleep on the side of the bed nearest the bathroom door…”

* * *

Many miles away, in London, Hermione lay in Ron’s arms, watching the stars through the window. She couldn’t believe she was here, with Ron. She’d after all spent the last three years convincing herself that she would never be with him.

“Mione, you still awake?” mumbled Ron.

“Yes,” sighed Hermione, “I just can’t stop thinking about that problem at work today!”

“Hermione stop – turn off your huge brain for a few hours and get a few hours sleep,” smiled Ron, stroking Hermione’s hair softly, “You worry so much about everything.”

“I know Ron, but why would Lucius spend so much time in the Little Hangleton area? What’s he up to?”

“Hermione, relax,” smiled Ron, “He’s all alone, what can he do?”

“I suppose you might be right,” smiled Hermione.

“You know I’m right! And since you know everything, that means I most definitely am correct! Now come on Hermione, loosen up!”

“I can’t give go from tense to loose Ron, you’ll have to give me a minute,” replied Hermione.

“I’ve got an idea how to get you there quicker,” laughed Ron, hoisting himself over her gently.

“Ron Weasley-” Hermione began to say, but the words were lost in a few giggles and a bouncing of bedsprings.

* * *

The next three months passed quickly for Ginny and Harry, in between starting to sort out things for the coming baby and the increasing intensity of Harry’s training. Before Ginny knew what was happening, she was three months pregnant, and it was really starting to show. Hermione often stopped by to see how she was getting on, which made Ginny feel really supported, and even Charlie had come over all the way from Romania just to see how she was getting on, though Ginny half-suspected that he also wanted to see the beautiful girl down the street who’d most definitely been flirting with him last time he’d visited.

The baby had even started kicking last week, being seventeen weeks old.

“I’m so excited,” grinned Harry, feeling the baby kick against his hand, “It’s utterly incredible!”

Ginny had not started her maternity leave yet, but she had been moved onto easier work at The Daily Prophet already – less field work and more helping with editing, which she was actually very pleased about.

She was finishing her coffee and going over some letters when her boss, Mr Keating, came rushing in.

“Ginny, have you seen Rita? I need her for a story breaking in the south!” gasped Mr Keating.

“She’s away getting her nails done,” said Ginny with mild disgust, “Let me go Mr Keating! I can cover it! At least until Rita Seeker gets back!”

Mr Keating wavered for a minute, as if he wasn’t sure, but he too realized that Ginny was capable and there was no-one else.

“Very well Ginny,” he smiled, “Now get your ass over there! It’s the Temple Faulks building in Brighton, some sort of big scandal! We just got a tip about it, so you might be one of the first reporters there; just try to find out anything!”

Ginny pulled out her wand, and quickly apparated. The area in front of the Temple Faulks building was indeed deserted and, delighted that she would be the first to get this big story, she hurried up the stone steps.

“Psst!” called a man from the side of the building, a man who Ginny couldn’t quite see because he was in the shadows, “Are you The Daily Prophet reporter?”

“Ginny Weasley, now what’s this big story?” she asked, rushing over to the man as fast as she could, putting her wand away and pulling out a quill and parchment.

“Here’s your story,” grinned Lucius Malfoy, “Crazy Death Eater captures Harry Potter’s bride! Stupefy!

He caught Ginny before she hit the ground, and apparated back to the Riddle Mansion, where he’d been living for the last six months.

“Harry Potter’s pregnant bride?” he laughed coldly as he took her wand and locked her in the prepared cell, “Even better.”

He searched quickly through her bag, and found an address book. It fell open at the page labelled ‘L’.

“Luna Lovegood?” smirked Lucius, turning the page back to ‘G’, “And Hermione Granger? Oh yes – full addresses and contact numbers!”

He continued to laugh coldly, like a maniac, “I’ve got you all now!”

Chapter 10: Missing, presumed pregnant
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“Ginny?” called Harry, walking into the house. It was very quiet – too quiet? “Ginny are you here?” He drew his wand, just in case, and then had a look around – she wasn’t in the house, and just as he got ready to panic, he noticed the note on the fridge.


Gone to work. Then going to pick up some messages. Back around 5.


Harry glanced up at the clock – it was only half four. Even still he couldn’t help worrying a little. What if something happened to her or the baby? He knew he was being paranoid, but in the words of Alastor Moody – “No-one got to become an Auror by sitting on their arse and not keeping up their guard.”

As six o’clock came and went, Harry began to get very worried. Finally at twenty to seven, the fire spluttered, and Harry recognised it as a sign someone was about to floo.

“Hey Harry,” said Ron, stepping out the flames, “You’ve not seen Hermione have you?”

“Err… no…” said Harry, “I too busy freaking out over Ginny.”

“What she hasn’t come home either? But she has the baby! Where are they Harry?”

“How the hell should I know?” fretted Harry.

“See Hermione has one of those muggle things… a mobile feletone? But I tried to call it and I got no reply,” explained Ron.

“Well I don’t really trust you with telephones,” admitted Harry, remembering Ron’s shouting match with Uncle Vernon over the telephone in the summer after first year, “Why don’t you let me try?”

Ron handed over the piece of paper that hand Hermione’s number on it, and Harry tapped it into his phone – but it rang out with no answer, just like it had for Ron.

“Well we better check their not at the Burrow before we really begin panicking,” said Harry. “Oh great, we’re out of floo powder, come on, Malfoy will have some.”

They hurried across the road, and knocked on Draco’s door. Draco answered it very quickly, as if he had been waiting for someone.

“Oh hey Ron, hey Harry,” he smiled, but it was rather forced, “You haven’t seen Luna, have you?”

* * *

“I can’t believe I evaded Voldemort for three years to be caught by this loser,” complained Hermione from her cell.

“Well mudblood, I may be a ‘loser’ now, but soon I will be the winner!” laughed Lucius Malfoy, “When I reveal all wizards to the world!”

“What?” shouted Ginny.

“They’ll never believe you,” said Hermione simply, “They’ll think it’s a movie or camera trickery.”

“Yeah what Hermione said,” agreed Luna.

“I’m not a fool!” shouted Lucius, “I have plans! Directly involving the three of you.”

Hermione shuddered – he’d lost his mind.

“One of you will be dissected on live TV,” said Lucius, “The others will be used for some other plans. Now who should I kill slowly? Should it be Weasley, the daughter of my enemy, the bride of the brat who spoiled my good name and locked me in Azkaban? Or perhaps Granger, the mudblood who humiliated my son time after time in school, and helped banish the Dark Lord? Or even Lovegood, the whore who enticed my son away from me… Or maybe I’ll let you choose. Good day ladies,” he left the room.

“But Ginny can’t die, she’s pregnant,” complained Luna, “And so am I.”

“You are?” asked Ginny and Hermione.

“Yes, I’ve known for a couple of weeks.”

Hermione looked at them uneasily, “Well you’re not going to like this,” she sighed, “But so am I.”

* * *

“Oh god, Luna’s missing too?” gasped Harry, “Now this is just getting creepy… three women don’t just disappear.”

“I’m so worried about the baby…” said Draco, “You see we only found out a couple of weeks ago, but Luna’s pregnant.”

“I think Hermione is too,” said Ron, “And yeah I know we’re got married yet, but she was going to get a test today – and I was going to propose to her tonight.” He showed them a sparkling diamond ring, to which Harry gave a whistle.

“We should go to Head Office,” said Draco, “Luna was only going to Diagon Alley, she shouldn’t been home at lunchtime.”

“Yeah, Ginny’s two hours late now at least,” said Harry.

“Well Hermione left the house for the doctors at 10,” complained Ron, “She should have been back by lunch as well - though I suppose since I didn’t get in until five, that she could have got back then gone back out again.”

“Look enough delay, let’s go to the Auror Office now,” complained Draco, apparating. Harry and Ron quickly followed.

They knocked on the door of Alastor Moody’s office, “Come in!” he yelled.

“Moody Sir, three people have gone missing,” burst out Harry, “Ginny Weasley, Luna Lovegood and Hermione Granger.”

“Missing?” asked Moody uneasily, “For how long?”

“We can’t be sure,” said Draco, who was so pale that Harry thought he might faint, “But at least for several hours.”

“What’s the latest review on Malfoy?” asked Harry.

“He’s right here,” said Ron, a little confused, for he still was playing professional Quidditch and didn’t get to hear everything that was going on nowadays.

“No Lucius Malfoy,” hissed Harry.

“We’ve lost track of him,” sighed Moody, “Only for an hour or so though. He was in London, then he apparated to the West Country and now he’s vanished, so either he’s lost his wand, or he’s gone somewhere where we can’t find him.”

“He’s got them,” said Draco.

“What? He’s on the run, I don’t think he could kid-”

“I know it!” yelled Draco, “This is the sort of thing he’d do! I told Harry before, we’re in danger my father finds out things like this!”

The others looked a little shocked, but they didn’t stop him, after all his fiancé was missing.

“Well come on,” said Draco angrily, “It’s nearly eight, our girlfriends have been missing for hours, they are all possibly pregnant…”

“Um… congratulations,” offered Moody.

“Thank you. But you must see that my father must be the only one to have anything against the three of them, and the three of us? Ginny, because she’s a Weasley and Harry’s fiancée and he landed him in prison and defeated Voldemort. Hermione, because she’s a muggleborn and girlfriend of a Weasley and a worker at the Ministry, and Luna because she’s my fiancée and he hates me.”

Moody nodded, “I see your point Malfoy. We have Aurors working on the case now, but we’ll put more on the case.”

“Well what should we do?” asked Ron.

“Go home, wait for any news of your girlfriends,” sighed Moody, “Pray.”

* * *

Henry King had not seen Katherine, the maid from the hotel, in ever so long. He was no longer staying in Little Hangleton, but was back with his wife, and his kids were back to their boarding school. Lorraine was heavily pregnant. She had sworn it was his, but he didn’t believe her, it was practically impossible with him being away for so long, not to mention this affair she’d had. Lorraine had changed, and Henry didn’t love her anymore. Something in her had changed forever.

He looked up from the column he was writing when he heard the doorbell ring. He was shocked to find Katherine standing at the door, carrying a baby.

“This is yours,” she wailed, holding out the infant towards him, “I don’t know how to look after a kid! You’ve got other kids, you’ll know what to do. I can’t believe you Henry, running home and leaving me pregnant! I hate you, and I hope I never see you again!”

She thrust the baby into his arms and stomped away.

“Kathy…” whispered Henry – how was he meant to know she was pregnant?

“Henry, get to fuck,” snapped Katherine, getting back into the black taxi from which she had emerged, and it pulled away smoothly.

“Who was that?” asked Lorraine blankly.

“It was Katherine, the mother of my child!” yelled Henry, “Not that you bloody care! Look at you, just staring at me, you don’t even care that I fucked another woman for a month while I was away! Do you? Do you!”

Lorraine continued to stare blankly at the wall. Being a muggle, Henry did not realise she was attempting to fight an Imperius Curse, and failing.

“Ok Henry.”

Henry King, enraged, advanced on her, one hand raised, the other cradling his son. Suddenly he saw himself reflected in those blank eyes of Lorraine – this wasn’t him – he’d never even thought about hitting his wife before. He still loved Lorraine didn’t he?

“Sorry Lorraine,” he sighed, “I’ll be going now.”

“Where?” asked Lorraine. She gasped and clasped her stomach, “Henry I’m having the baby.”

Henry sighed, and pulled the old crib old the hall cupboard before laying his new baby down in it, “Just as well that we had Ben as a home birth then.”

* * *

“I just want to go across the road to check the messages on that infernal telephone contraption,” mumbled Draco.

He sprinted across to his house, and pulled out the phone that Hermione had bought him for his last birthday. There was one message! His heart leapt.

“Morning Draco,” said the voice that Draco dreaded after the beep, “I hope you are well. I am… well I am alive… mind you, I wish I could say the same for dear Luna…”

“No!” screamed Draco.

“Just joking my wonderful lad,” laughed Lucius Malfoy coldly, “She is here, as are the mudblood and the blood traitor! Just to eradicate any hope that they were still shopping!”

The message cut off to Lucius Malfoy’s cruel laughter.

“Oh. Shit.”

“Now Draco, swearing is for the lower orders,” giggled Lucius. Draco turned in horror to find his father standing in the room behind him - and Draco had forgotten his wand.

“You,” snarled Draco.

“Yes, it is me, or so it would seem,” said Lucius, “Poor Draco, I always told you to carry your wand at all times!”

Draco said nothing.

Petrificus totalus!” shouted Lucius, “Now stay here Drakie, I need to gather a few things.”

Lucius started dragging open drawers, and pulling the room apart. He didn’t find what he needed, for he proceeded out the room. Draco lay still as his father rushed up the stairs, then slowly started to inch his hand across the carpet – the curse had not been performed properly, and his left arm and mouth was free.

“Don’t call me Drakie,” hissed Draco, as he wrote shakily with a felt tip on the white leather suite, “Mother called me Drakie… before you killed her.”

He hurriedly dropped the pen as he heard Lucius’s footsteps and pretended to be in the full body bind once again, praying that Lucius wouldn’t stop the writing on the sofa.

“Ok Drakie, let’s go,” smirked Lucius, taking hold of Draco’s arm and apparating.

* * *

“You do realise that Malfoy has been gone for half an hour,” muttered Ron, watching the picture box in the corner of Harry’s living room.

“Oh you’re right…” replied Harry rather shakily, “I thought it just seemed like that because time was dragging out… come on we better go see where he is.”

“You don’t think anything bad has happened?” asked Ron, dragging himself off the sofa.

“Doubt it, Draco is surprisingly clumsy sometimes,” sniggered Harry, “Once when we were sneaking through a muggle kitchen during Auror Training he knocked himself out by running into a frying pan that was hanging from the ceiling rack.”

“Yeah, he was that crap at Quidditch,” chuckled Ron, entering Draco’s house, “Oh Draco, have you killed yourself with a frying pan?” They walked into the front room, and gasped – it had been torn apart.

“What happened?” asked Ron, drawing his wand.

“He left his wand on my kitchen table,” frowned Harry, “And someone knew that… someone is watching us Ron.”

“Lucius Malfoy?”

“Only one I can think of… look at Auror Training they told us that if we were capable of leaving a message, we were either to write it under the desk, on the sofa, on the bottom left of the mattress, or on the bottom left of the wall nearest the door.”

Harry ignored the desk, as it had been smashed to pieces, but he looked quickly on the sofa.

“Found it,” he whispered, “Harry – HELP – it’s Lucius Malfoy, he’s got L, H and G. Now he’s got me. He’s looking for something. BE CAREFUL and GET HELP.”

“We should get his wand,” whispered Ron, heading for the door, “And then get Moody.”

* * *

“Right Drakie, here we are,” snarled Lucius Malfoy, throwing Draco into a cell and releasing him from the body bind. The cell was just as cold, dark and damp as the one where Hermione, Luna and Ginny sat, but it was separated from them by a wall.

“What are you doing?” asked Draco coldly as Lucius locked the door of the cell, “You can’t win Lucius! There’s no way you can take on the whole wizard world. Harry and Ron will be at the Auror office by now, and soon they’ll catch you!”

“Oh really?” sneered Lucius, “And are you sure of that Draco? Sure enough to bet your wife on it?”

“No!” cried Draco quickly, giving away his uncertain feelings.

“I’m not going to kill you Draco,” said Lucius quietly, “I’m not going to kill my only son unless I have to – after all, Lovegood is still a pureblood, and while you have shamed me, you have not corrupted the Malfoy line. I think we can strike a bargain.”

“Not a chance,” snarled Draco, jumping to his feet, “I’ll never bargain with you! You’ll be thrown in Azkaban where you belong.”

Lucius laughed, a real hearty laugh, which unnerved Draco more than when his father cackled insanely, “Oh Draco, do you think Azkaban will mean anything to me after this? I’ve lived the life of the most haunted for years. The only reason I lived at all during those years after Voldemort’s return was for you Draco, he would have killed you! And then what, you throw it back in my face? Draco, I think you will listen to me, because I hold all the cards.”

“The ministry is coming.”

“Indeed they are Drakie,” laughed Lucius, “But to where? They don’t know where I am! You don’t know where we are either! I know you work at the Auror office, so I know that you know that I’ve been disappearing off their charts periodically for weeks. They won’t catch me, the Dark Lord showed me how to hide Drakie, and he was the most powerful wizard that ever lived.”

“He was beaten by a child!” yelled Draco fiercely.

“He made mistakes,” snapped Lucius, “Only because of his huge intelligence, his mistakes were larger than that of a common man.”

“Dumbledore once said the same thing,” said Draco, “He was truly the greatest wizard! Even when you had Fudge wrapped around your little finger, Dumbledore never trusted you.”

“Drakie I grow impatient,” taunted Lucius, “And for all you know, Lovegood is dying slowly of a potion and I have the only cure.”

Draco didn’t speak, but his anguish showed on his face, and Lucius smirked in victory.

“So will you listen?” asked Lucius.

Draco scowled at him.

“Well?” asked Lucius.

“Ok Lucius,” sighed Draco, “I’ll listen.”

Chapter 11: Tracking Trouble
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“Malfoy’s got Malfoy?” shouted Moody, as Ron and Harry relayed the story to him.

“Yes,” replied Harry.

“You mean that Malfoy went home with you, then Malfoy was waiting in Malfoy’s house and then when Malfoy went to his house to check for Luna then Malfoy was there and Malfoy wrecked the place and Malfoy took Malfoy and kidnapped him?” demanded Moody.

“Err… what?” asked Ron nervously.

“Look, we don’t have time for this,” snapped Harry, “Lucius Malfoy has got Draco as well as Luna, Hermione and Ginny, and we need to find him!”

“Right,” affirmed Moody, “Follow me.”

He marched out of his office and down the hall, and then stopped at the statue of Boris the Mentally Challenged and said, “Phoenix Feather.” The statue pulled away to reveal a large hall filled to the brim with dark magic detectors of all kinds and several Aurors.

“Moody Sir!” said Kingsley, “Here for an update on the missing girls? Or Lucius Malfoy? We saw some wand activity from him a while ago, now we’re just tracking to the exact location.”

“No Kingsley, I’m here to give you an update,” snapped Moody, commanding the attention of Tonks and the two other Aurors that Harry only knew by sight and not by name, “We have to scale up the operation! I want every available Auror we have; I want to see if we can get any more detectors, I want specialists in tracking magic trails!”

“What’s happened Sir?” asked Tonks nervously.

“Lucius Malfoy is the one who captured Ginny Weasley, Luna Lovegood and Hermione Granger as we suspected. Now he has kidnapped his son. It is imperative that we find him immediately.”

“He captured a trainee Auror?” asked one of the other Aurors in horror.

“Yes Quigley,” said Moody, “Now get to work. Kingsley, what’s the very latest update of his magic use?”

“We can’t tell,” sighed Kingsley, who looked exhausted and had been working for almost a complete day without a proper break, “He’s gone again.”

“Shit, not again,” swore Moody, “Right Kingsley, this is it. Recall the Order.”

* * *

In the dungeon, Lucius and Draco had sat in silence for the last few minutes.

“So what if I refuse?” questioned Draco eventually.

“Then you refuse,” said Lucius, “You put your own life and Lovegood’s life at danger.”

“I can’t do it,” said Draco slowly, “No I can’t leave them.”

“The mudblood and Weasley?” enquired Lucius, “You can’t leave them to make sure you and your fiancé are safe? You didn’t even like them until a year ago, and anyway, I thought you were so sure that you were going to be rescued.”

“I did like them a little – once I’d matured – you would’ve just killed me if you’d seen me with them!” snapped Draco.

“For Merlin’s sake Draco, don’t be a fool! Can you not see what I’m offering you?”

“Go away Lucius,” sighed Draco, turning his back on his father, “I’m not interested.”

Lucius scowled fiercely at Draco and conjured up a dictionary which he then threw at Draco’s head, “Well maybe Drakie, you’ll be more interested if you look up ‘human dissection’.”

Lucius stomped out, leaving Draco standing horrified in his cell. He didn’t look up ‘human dissection’. He didn’t need to.

* * *

Henry King wrapped the new born in cloth and laid him next to the slightly older infant in the old crib. He let his wife lie back on the sofa and threw the towels in the washing baskets. He couldn’t believe it had been eight years – no nine years – since he’d gone through that at Ben’s birth.

He looked at the two babies lying next to each other in the crib. “I hate both of you,” he said calmly. It was so strange, these two babies would grow up the same house as brother and sister, yet they were really no relation of each other at all.

Lorraine woke up on the sofa.

“Where’s my baby?” she asked softly. “Henry, give me my baby.”

“We’re not keeping either of them,” Henry hissed, but it was too quiet for his wife to hear. He handed her the newborn to keep her quiet. As she tried to give the baby its first feed, Henry left the room, feeling physically sick. It was a bastard baby who would have to go. Lorraine would never, ever let the baby go though, and Henry couldn’t stand it to be happy. He picked up the phone and called a number that had imprinted itself into his mind, as he had considered its possibilities over the last few weeks. As he dialled, something in the back of his mind told him in was wrong, the same thing that had prevented him from hitting Lorraine earlier, but this time he was not deterred.

“Hello Mr King,” said a cold voice at the other end of the line, “I’ve not heard from you in a very, very long time.”

“Yes Mr Malfoy, sorry I was indisposed,” lied Henry, not wanting to explain the mental torment, weeks of lust at the hotel, depression, madness and anger he’d experienced in the last few months. “May I just ask you Mr Malfoy, can you use your magic in bad ways?”

“Why do you ask?” asked Lucius Malfoy innocently.

“I wish my wife… done away with,” whispered Henry.

“I think that can be arranged,” smiled Lucius Malfoy, knowing that the happy, moral Henry King that he’d met nearly a year ago was gone, “And I have found as a specimen.”

“A what?”

“Remember? Magic? Wizards? I have a magical specimen that we shall dissect, and another one that we shall lease for study. I just have a couple of quick visits to make, and then we shall be ready to show the magic to the world!” Lucius laughed cruelly.

“Very well,” nodded Henry, hearing his wife get up from the sofa, “I must go now, but I shall speak soon. The wizard community will soon wish they’d never heard the names Henry R. King and Lucius Malfoy.”

* * *

“This is hopeless,” sighed the Auror named Quigley, “He’s totally disappeared off the tracker! Even if he’s not using a spell, he should leave a faint magical trace on our newest scanner.”

“Quigley, don’t say it’s hopeless,” barked Moody, “Nothing is ever hopeless, and especially not when the victim’s significant other is standing in the room.” He gave a slight jerk of the head towards Harry and Ron, who were sitting in large chairs and being given cup after cup of delicious coffee. Harry was starting to get the impression that they didn’t want him to leave, though after what had happened with Draco, Harry couldn’t say it wasn’t fair.

A man walked in, Bernard Toll, an expert in tracking wizards who must have just apparated his way from New Zealand.

“Moody, good to see you,” he nodded, giving Moody a hearty slap on the back, “Now your man briefed me a little, but there wasn’t really enough time to go through the entire situation, what with there being seventeen apparition breaks between New Zealand and London.”

“Ah Toll, glad you’re here,” said Moody, greeting his old friend, “Right Lucius Malfoy, a well known Death Eater who’s evaded us by himself for over a year.”

“He waved his wand and conjured up what seemed like a giant holographic screen. On it there was a small picture of Lucius Malfoy as well as lots of information.

“You see, he seems to have been lying low for most of that time,” said Moody, “But recently he’s been becoming slowly more active and in the last twenty four hours he has captured three women and a man. Ginny Weasley,” as he said her name, the screen changed to a file on Ginny, “is a news reporter at the Daily Prophet, though she still despises the Prophet and is merely gaining experience to become an author. She is engaged to Harry Potter and is the sister of the Weasleys who assisted heavily in Voldemort’s defeat. We have researched the magical patterns of her and the other women for the last day, and at eight o’clock yesterday morning, she apparated into her office at the Prophet as usual. We have interviewed her boss, Jeremy Keating, and he says he was phoned by an ‘insider’ with a big story at the Temple Faulks building in Brighton. He sent Ginny out and then we found around that time a couple of apparitions and a stunner on Lucius Malfoy’s tracker.”

He paused for a moment, to let Bernard absorb all these information.

“Hermione Granger,” again the screen changed, “Is a worker at the Ministry and also has several spells and inventions under her belt. She assisted heavily in the events leading up to Voldemort’s defeat, although she was not present at the scene of his death. She is very close to the Weasley family also. She left at ten o’clock to go to the doctor, apparently for a pregnancy test. We’ve found muggle security footage,” A rather fuzzy recording appeared on the screen showing Hermione walking down a busy street, “As you can see, Ms Granger suddenly puts her hand in her pocket, I assume grasping her wand. As she walks into this bakery, she relaxes her grip, and then we see her go into this alley, to apparate. She arrives at her house at 3 o’clock, and soon disappears. Then we see on Lucius Malfoy’s tracker more activity.”

Again Moody paused to allow Bernard to remember these facts, before continuing.

“And Luna Lovegood is the editor of The Quibber, and engaged to Draco Malfoy, who is the son of Lucius Malfoy, although Draco has been working against his father for over a year. She was in her house all day, only leaving to go shopping briefly. She disappears at roughly 3.30pm, and yet again there is activity on Lucius Malfoy’s tracker. Draco himself was captured yesterday at 10pm and there has been little or no activity on Lucius Malfoy’s wand since.”

“I see,” said Bernard softly, “Well I think there are perhaps only a few explanations that could be possible. Either Malfoy is apparating somewhere outside your tracker’s range, but that would be unlikely, as that would mean going at least as far as Southern France, or Denmark and no-one could apparate that far without an apparition break in Belgium if they had a stunned victim with them.”

“Though it is viable that when he is himself he could apparate that far?” asked Moody.

“Yes, if he is very powerful,” nodded Bernard, “Though more likely is that he is hiding somewhere in the UK but his magic is being overridden by a powerful local source.”

“There are many places in Britain that could do that though,” said Quigley agitatedly, “About half the wizard’s houses in the country for a start, not to mention Hogwarts, Gwugoen, the wizarding primary school, anywhere at the Ministry or the Scottish branches of the Ministry. Then there are all the Quidditch pitches, Diagon Alley, the scene of the last Quidditch World Cup held in Britain and all the other concealed magical places in Britain and Ireland!”

“Yes, it would take a long time,” admitted Bernard, “Time that we are running out of quickly. However there are ways we can sped up our search-”

There was a small explosion behind Quigley, as one of the magical trackers blew to pieces.

“What the hell happened there?” demanded Harry, who had been listening to Ron to the conversation and couldn’t help wandering when they’d stop talking and start looking.

“This is a very sensitive scanner, Malfoy cast a powerful spell and it was too much for it…” said Quigley quickly, searching his other machines at the speed of light, “Moody Sir, he’s done it, he’s cast the Avada Kedavra.”

“No!” yelled Harry and Ron simultaneously, Lucius had killed someone, and they were both hoping that it wasn’t Ginny or Hermione, although they knew it was selfish, but they cared about Ginny and Hermione more than Luna and Draco.

“Do you have a location? Who on?” demanded Moody, “Hurry Quigley.”

“It was in Brampton, almost certainly a muggle residence as we have no records of wizards in the area… I’m trying to get an exact location… Southerland Crescent… Three Southern Crescent.”

“Who?” asked Moody.

“The known inhabitants are a middle aged newspaper reporter called Henry King and his wife Lorraine King. They have three children, but they go to a boarding school so won’t be there right now,” said Quigley, “I have alerted two Aurors who are going to the scene now.”

“That’s strange,” said Ron, “It’s such a random choice.”

“Well,” said Moody, turning back towards Harry and Ron, “Lucius had been apparating around the Brampton area occasionally about ten to eight months ago. There must be some connection.”

At that moment an Auror burst in the door, “Moody Sir, there’s a dead woman at the house. Lucius and Mr King are gone, but we examined the area, and it seems that the woman had had a baby, possibly as recently as a few hours ago, and a neighbour told us that a woman she’d never seen before turned up at the door and left Mr King with another baby. Both infants are now gone.”

“There’s something strange about Mr King,” said Moody, “Harry, come with me, think of it as part of your training.”

Harry stood up and apparated to the house that the Aurors had been talking about.

He found himself standing in the garden of a plain suburban house, identical to its neighbours in every way except that the door hung roughly from its frame.

Moody appeared beside him with a pop, “Ok Potter, we need to search for anything unusual.”

“There’s a dead woman,” said Harry bitterly, “I’d call that unusual.”

* * *

“Mr King, we are almost ready to reveal our plan,” said Lucius as they sped north in Mr King’s car.

“There are just a couple of things I need rid of first,” said Henry King calmly. He didn’t think he had any feelings anymore. He’d just had his wife murdered, watched while it happened and now he was going North with the murderer.

“The babies?” asked Lucius, “I could just kill them.”

“No,” said Henry, “I don’t want them to die, they are a symbol of how shit my life went. I want them to grow up knowing that nobody loves them.”

He looked into the back seat, where the babies went, each wrapped up in cloth, one put inside a large cardboard box and one in an old picnic basket.

“There’s an orphanage I know of in Lancashire that’s miles away from the nearest village. That’s where I’ll put them.”

They turned off the motorway after roughly two hours and continued down winding country roads for another hour before arriving at Ms May’s Home for Unwanted Children. It was a bleak, small, square building, far from anywhere, and Henry knew that the government didn’t even know of its existence.

Henry made sure no-one was looking (although it was four in the morning, so it was likely that everyone was asleep) and then opened the car door and left the two boxes on the doorstep. He tore off two small pieces of paper, wrote quickly on it, and then left one with each baby. Then he raced back to Lucius, who had made the car vanish.

“Come on,” Lucius said briskly, “Let’s go.” He grabbed Henry’s arm and apparated.

* * *

The next morning, Ms May opened the door and gave a polite scream. There were two babies on her doorstep, both badly wrapped and freezing cold. She collected them quickly, and carried them inside to give them a quick check over, but luckily there wouldn’t be any lasting damage to the newborn girl and the young baby boy. She saw there was paper pinned to their wrappings. On the girl’s it said, ‘My name is Autumn Bellona Malfoy’ and on the boy’s it said, ‘My name is Silas Topaz King’.

“Autumn and Silas?” said the woman uncertainly, “Well welcome to the home.”

Chapter 12: Unbreakable Vows
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Lucius took Henry’s arm and guided him from a warm living room down some stairs into a much dirtier and darker dungeon.

“Specimen,” he muttered, indicating the three young women in the separate cells.

Henry winced just slightly, “Do they all have to be young women?”

“Well the men are more dangerous,” said Lucius, “They were expecting me.” He gave Henry a small jab in the side with his wand.

“Ok,” said Henry, “I shall make the necessary arrangements, I have very good media contacts.”

“I know, that is why I selected you,” said Lucius slowly, “Now go on upstairs, there is a muggle telephone. Have some more tea while you are there.”

Hermione, Luna and Ginny all sat quietly in their cells. They were not scared so much for themselves, but for each other and for their unborn children.

“Lucius,” said a faint voice from next door – Draco – softly, “I have to ask you something.”

“Is Draco here?” asked Luna suddenly with fearful eyes.

“Yes,” answered Lucius shortly, “Now shut up.”

He walked hurriedly through the door, shutting it firmly behind him.

“You have considered my offer then?” he asked his son.

“Yes. I have a question… is there a catch in this?”

“No,” replied Lucius, “You will get exactly as I promised you.”

“Ok, give me your exact terms,” demanded Draco, “And no trickery Lucius, or I’ll come back and kill you.”

“Ok, these are my terms,” said Lucius, “I will let you and your wife will go free. You will not come near me or hunt me down. I will not go near you, your wife or your children in return. I will let both you and your wife free if you bring me Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley. I will let you go now, but Lovegood will stay here until you bring the aforementioned people. I will cast certain spells so that you can bring Potter and Weasley back here, even though you don’t know where it is. Then I will release you and Lovegood. You and your new family will be safe.”

“How do I know you won’t trick me?” asked Draco uncertainly.

“I will swear an Unbreakable Vow,” said Lucius honestly.

Draco sat for almost a complete five minutes in thought.

“Very well Lucius,” he said slowly, “I will comply with your terms. But I still hope you rot in hell.”

“A lot of people do,” snapped Lucius, “Now the Unbreakable Vow is very simple, all we need is another person to hold the wand, there is a muggle upstairs that may hold the wand, after all there is no magic required, just the wand.”

He stormed out to seek Henry King, who had just finished placing some urgent calls.

* * *

Luna sat miserably in her cell. She held hands with Ginny through the bars. Both the girls were very frightened. In the cell opposite them, Hermione had steeled herself enough to try investigating her cell and attempt wandless magic, but the cells were magically protected. From her hard work all she got was a few mild electric shocks.

“Ginny, I don’t feel so well,” murmured Luna, her eyes rolling back in her head.

“Luna?” cried Hermione faintly, “Luna?”

“She’s having a vision,” reassured Ginny, “Luna’s a seer… this is what happened last time.” Ginny wept at the memory of her wedding dress, lying in the Potter vault. Would she ever get to wear it now?

“The evil one is vanquished…” breathed Luna dryly, her voice deep and low, “Or so it would seem… The betrayer will not be so… The world would do well not to forget its hero… A hero whose work will one day be undone…”

She slumped back, and fell asleep. Hermione watched in fascination, and Ginny thought hard.

“It doesn’t make sense,” muttered Luna finally.

“We’ll look at it logically,” said Hermione, finally drawing her eyes away from the sleeping Luna, “Firstly, ‘the evil one is vanquished’.”

“Voldemort,” said Ginny immediately, “I mean it could be any evil one that has been vanquished to be fair, but Voldemort seems most likely.”

“True,” nodded Hermione, “Now ‘or so it would seem’.”

“But Voldemort is dead,” scowled Ginny, “The soul detector told us so.”

“I know,” murmured Hermione, “It’s strange.”

“‘The betrayer will not be so’?” asked Ginny, quoting Luna next statement, “Is that still applying to Voldemort?”

“Possibly,” shrugged Hermione, who had never had much time for Divination in the first place, and found Luna’s prophecy confusing.

“Well the next bit must mean Harry; he’s the world’s hero,” smiled Ginny, “But she said his work will be undone.”

“But you can’t just make someone un-dead,” snapped Hermione, “It’s impossible! Even in the magical world.”

“I suppose,” muttered Ginny, but she still had a worried look on her face.

“There’s more to worry about,” Hermione reminded her, “Like getting out of here in one piece.”

* * *

“I vow that if Lucius Malfoy will perform the tasks he has promised, I will not harm him and I will not hunt him down,” said Draco, disgusted with himself as he clutched his father’s hand, while Henry King held a wand with a look of bemusement on his face. “I will comply with his aforementioned terms.”

A rope of light sprung from the wand and licked around the two men’s hands.

“I will keep my promise, allow Draco and his family and descendants to live peacefully,” said Lucius quietly, “I will comply with the aforementioned terms as long as Draco fulfils his side of the deal.”

Another lick of light whipped around their hands. Henry dropped the wand in shock.

“Idiot,” muttered Lucius at Henry, “Can you muggles not even hold a wand?”

“Lucius,” said Draco coldly.

“Right ok, ok Draco,” snapped Lucius, “Take this gold coin. I’ve charmed it so that when Potter and Weasley touch you then you will all be whisked back here.”

Draco took one last look at his father. “I swear Lucius, that if you double cross me here, I will kill you.”

“You won’t have to,” said Lucius stiffly, “The Unbreakable Bond will have taken care of me for you.”

Draco took the coin from his father’s outstretched hand and felt the unpleasant apparating feeling.

He opened his eyes and he was standing in the Male Toilets at the Ministry. Ron and Harry were leaning over the sinks.

“Yeah I know we can’t stay here forever, but I’m sick of that room through there… it just reminds me of Ginny and Hermione, and Luna and Draco,” said Harry, not noticing that Draco was right behind him.

“How could we be so stupid?” moaned Ron, who hadn’t noticed either, “We should’ve gone with him.”

“All that’s left is his wand,” said Harry sadly, twirling it in his fingers.

Draco opened his mouth to speak, each word breaking his heart, “I escaped.”

“Malfoy!” yelled Harry in surprise, sending Draco’s wand flying, which Draco reached out and grabbed.

“The others are still there,” said Draco quickly.

Harry and Ron rushed to him, but as soon as they grabbed him, they were hurled back to Lucius’s hideout, straight into one of the cells. Lucius Malfoy stood there, laughing at them.

“What happened?” asked Harry, “Oh shit. Draco, he must have given you something to bring us back! He must have wanted you to escape to come and find us.”

Ron looked around the cold, dank dungeon in despair. “Don’t worry mate,” he said quietly, “It could’ve happened to any of us.”

“So Draco, you’ve filled your part of the bargain,” began Lucius, “Time for me to fulfil mine - expelliarmus,” he added, disarming Harry and Ron. He pointed his wand at Draco and whispered a spell that none of them heard. Draco appeared back outside the cell with a pop.

“Bargain?” exclaimed Harry, “You double-crossing bastard!”

“If I had my hands on either of you, I’d kill you!” yelled Ron, “I’d kill you with my fucking bare hands! Where’s Hermione? And where’s my sister?”

* * *

“Did you hear that?” asked Hermione quietly listening to a muffled screaming through the wall.

“Draco?” whispered Luna, almost inaudibly, white with worry.

“No,” replied Ginny softly, “It’s Ron.”

“Ron?” gasped Hermione.

“And Harry,” added Ginny with a tear rolling down her cheek.

“How did this happen?” asked Hermione, near tears herself.

The door opened, and Draco walked in slowly, followed by Lucius and the furious shouts of Harry and Ron. Draco had never looked paler, almost on the verge of fainting.

“You have brought me Weasley and Potter,” said Lucius calmly, unlocking Luna’s cell and helping her to her feet, “Here is your reward.”

Luna punched Lucius in the face.

“Don’t do that again Lovegood,” spluttered Lucius, regaining his composure, “Your husband is under an unbreakable vow.”

“This isn’t over,” said Draco forcefully, taking Luna by the hand.

“I think it is,” sneered Lucius, “Now go before I change my mind.”

“It isn’t over,” assured Draco, this time more to Ginny and Hermione than to Lucius. Then he got a better grip of Luna’s hand, grabbed her wand off Lucius and apparated.

* * *

In Lancashire, Ms May had her hands full. She only had two other children in residence beside the two babies, so she should not have been overly busy, but somehow the babies found ways of keeping her busy. They were unusual to say the least. The younger – Autumn – cried constantly, and Silas hung onto her, as if he couldn’t bear to let go. Ms May knew he was exceptional, for at his age he shouldn’t have been able to even roll but he was rolling and sometimes even scrambling away from her as fast as possible.

“This is so weird,” she muttered, trying to put Silas into a cot while tending to a screaming Autumn and cooking tea for the other children, David who was eight and Sarah who was twelve. “These kids are terrors.”

Autumn stopped crying long enough for Ms May to put her in her cot and force Silas into his.

The eight year old David came in and poked Silas in the tummy, “This is it? It’s a kind of crummy baby if you ask me.”

A blue spark flew from Silas’s forehead to David’s hand, and he yelped, leaping back.

“The baby gave me an electric shock!” David yelled in surprise. He watched in shock as the blue spark continued over into the next cot and melted in Autumn’s forehead.

The next day, Silas and Autumn were moved to an old ministry home in the Highlands for those who show early magical ability. It was larger than Ms May’s home, but it was even more grim.

* * *

Draco arrived at his new house, suddenly very glad of the magical wards he’d cast around it the week before.

“What did you do?” asked Luna softly.

Draco burst into tears.

“I didn’t want to,” he cried, “But you, and the baby, I couldn’t let that happen.”

“You said it wasn’t over,” she said softly, “But you swore an Unbreakable Vow. If you go back it will kill you.”

“I know,” said Draco faintly.

“I don’t want you to die,” murmured Luna faintly, hugging him so that she could lean her head on his chest.

“I think I need to go back,” whispered Draco.

Luna gave a sigh, and whispered, “I think you need to too.”

* * *

Moody was so angry, Quigley and Toll thought he was going to have a fit.

“Potter and Weasley are missing?” he screamed, “How the hell did this happen?”

“I don’t know,” muttered Quigley.

Remus Lupin entered, followed by Minerva McGonagall and Arthur Weasley, “What’s going on?” he demanded, “Why are we recalling the order?”

“There is a dire situation,” said Moody, through clenched teeth, “Lucius Malfoy, when I last talked to you, was lying low. Now he has kidnapped Hermione Granger, Ginny Weasley, Luna Lovegood, Draco Malfoy, Ron Weasley and Harry Potter.”

“Oh lord!” exclaimed Minerva.

“Harry’s missing?” asked Remus, looking pale. Tonks, who had married him three months ago, rushed over to him as she hadn’t seen him in nearly two days.

“Ron and Ginny?” asked Arthur, in fear of losing another two of his children.

“We can’t track him down,” explained Moody, “We’ve got everyone we have working on this, but it’s a long job. Please, meet Bernard Toll, our tracking expert.” He paused to allow the formal shaking of hands. “He has decided that the only way that Lucius is going untracked is that he is hiding somewhere that has strong magic of its own. Unfortunately, this includes over four thousand places in Britain, nearly two thousand in Ireland and four hundred in Northern France which is in apparition range, and they must all be thoroughly searched.”

“You want the Order to help then?” enquired Minerva.

“Yes, and as soon as possible,” nodded Moody.

“Alastor!” yelled Kingsley, “We have a trail!”

“Lucius Malfoy?” gasped Arthur.

“No Arthur,” Kingsley shook his head furiously, “Someone we’ve thought dead for over a year – Rubeus Hagrid.”

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