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Realization by Hermoine_Writer

Format: Novella
Chapters: 13
Word Count: 24,033
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature

Genres: Horror/Dark, Romance, Angst
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Lucius, Narcissa, Voldemort, Draco
Pairings: Draco/Hermione

First Published: 06/27/2006
Last Chapter: 09/10/2007
Last Updated: 09/10/2007


“I’ve been told many times about myself…told that I’m no good, but with you I belong. There’s a change coming; can you feel it? You’re changing me…and I think it’s for the good.” Pushing her head into the pillow, she shook her head fiercely. What had she been thinking? “I told him I loved him…,” she whispered to the darkness, tears spilling from her eyes. Voldermont had told her she had lost the game miserably, and she hadn’t denied it. Hermoine would be angry tomorrow…today…today she would cry.

Chapter 1: Prologue
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Why couldn’t she move her legs? Trying again the young woman swished her legs back and forth met with a block on both sides. The moon hurt as she opened her eyes and looked down, realizing that she was tangled up in sheets…silver sheets. As she tugged her feet out the woman’s eyes adjusted to the room she was in, and as they did panic gripped her. The room before her eyes was not her own and slowly, ever so slowly, a sob came to the surface. Images from the day before flashed in her mind, making her grip her head.

The letter…

The fight…

Legs entwined with her own…

Silent tears rolled down her face as she stood, pulling the sheet with her. She thought she would have been stronger, not so easily tricked. How naïve this young woman is. Shaking her head she fell to the ground, crumpling in the dry sobs that exploded from her chest. He had taken her on a mountain, showed her everything, and then said , ‘but you can’t have this’, but she had wanted it. Once again images pushed into her mind.

Her fingers running through hair…

A soft moan escaping both of their lips…


The Portkey…

There was no way she loved him, it wasn’t possible, she never would and never could, but when she was with him that knowledge left her. All that was left was possibilities. If only she opened her eyes, if only she realized she was only a stepping-stone for him. Something that would take him farther then he had ever been, and then is left after the job was finished. He had ripped her world into tiny pieces and there was no way she could have it back. The decision was made…and now regretted. Pulling the sheet tighter around her body she stood, wiping her eyes, which hadn’t made much of a difference since more tears still came.

“Hello, Ms. Granger,” said a voice behind her. Hermione turned slowly knowing full and well who it was. Voldemort. She never even tried to hide her tears, or the pained expression on her face. How could she? “I see you have finally awaken.” A slight nod was her only response, as she stood frozen in her spot. “Well, well, well, he hadn’t lied…it seems as though this has gone better then expected.” Hermione looked away from him, towards the bed…the sheets still rumpled, the pillows tossed all over, and various pieces of clothing tucked in between. Her eyes caught a deep blue shirt that lay underneath the pillow she had woken up on, and a suffocating feeling filled her stomach.

Her fingers unbuttoned those buttons slowly…

Smiling at him…teasing him…loving him…

Voldemort’s eyes traveled with Hermione’s eyes and smiled a croaked half smile. This young woman before him was in deep emotional pain, and it would only be a matter of time before physical pain followed. She hadn’t realized yet that usually your hearts leads you to places that are far from happily ever after. “You actually believed all the nonsense he told you? To think, Dumbledore believes you are one of the cleverest witches of the age. Pity really.”

Her eyes snapped back to Voldemort, and he could tell he had hit an open wound. Her face became twisted, tears spilled from her eyes, and, to his amusement, her hands shook as she held onto the sheet around her. “I suppose I should say,” she paused, her chin quivering slightly, “lesson learned.”

Voldemort’s deep laugh echoed throughout the room, as he pulled out his wand. “Ms. Granger you have lost miserably at this game. Those tears that cover your eyes are your own fault.” His voice held pity, but none was felt for this filthy creature before him. She was nothing but a present, something that would help him in the long run if he could only turn her away. If only he could get her on his side…but how to do it. “Everyone has a basic instinct to keep pain away, it’s instilled in everyone, and yet people still fall to love…foolish love.”

Hermione walked away from him as sobs came, she was stuck. Stuck in this hell that their was no escape from. Voldemort laughed again and turned to walk away from her. From the moment he walked away from her to the moment she fell to the ground once more, bringing her knees to her stomach Hermione could see the fire in his eyes and the laughter in his voice as he watched her heart break. Hermione Granger, smartest girl at Hogwarts, Head Girl, was frozen and the words ‘I don’t love him…I hate him’ couldn’t find their way to her lips. Her mouth opened and closed, much like a gold fish, as she fought with the emotions inside her. Reality hurt her like a ton of bricks…she had loved him.

But not anymore.

As of right now Hermione Jane Granger knew what was best for herself and that was to never allow him to see what he had done to her. She would never show how broken she is inside or know he is the reason tears had fallen from her eyes. Hermione took a deep breath, wiping the last of her tears away, and stood up straight looking around her. Somehow she was going to stay sane through this and show them what they want to see. Slowly she was becoming herself again, but that didn’t stop the memories from flowing back into her mind as she laid back down on the bed, pulling the sheet tightly around her.

“I’ve been told many times about myself…told that I’m no good, but with you I belong. There’s a change coming; can you feel it? You’re changing me…and I think it’s for the good.”

Pushing her head into the pillow, she shook her head fiercely. What had she been thinking? “I told him I loved him…,” she whispered to the darkness, tears spilling from her eyes. Voldemort had told her she had lost the game miserably, and she hadn’t denied it.

Hermione would be angry tomorrow…today…today she would cry.

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Chapter 2: The Beginning of the End
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8 months before hand…

“Hermione, dear, are you sure you don’t need something extra? It’s your last year and I want it to be the best for you,” said Jane Granger, smiling lovingly at her only daughter.

“We are so proud of you,” added Stephan Granger, ruffling her hair playfully.

“Stephan, please, she is not eight. Her hair must be perfect.” Jane Granger hugged Hermione again and held her close. “We love you, darling.”

“I love you too,” said Hermione, smiling widely into her mothers shoulder. These were the moments that made Hermione realize how much she truly loved her family life. Teenagers constantly complained about their parents and had petty fights with them, and of course Hermione’s life wasn’t perfect…but it was pretty close. “I don’t need anything else. I have my allowance that is sent monthly, nothing else is needed.” Hermione’s mother nodded, kissing her on the cheek.

“Good luck on your last year darling. Remember what I told you- studying is well and good, but sometimes the real memories are made outside of the school work.” Jane Granger constantly told Hermione how proud she was of how hard she studied, but that Hermione needed to take more chances, make some mistakes.

“Oh and Hermione,” Stephan Granger said, stepping towards his daughter with a serious expression. Closing her eyes Hermione knew what was coming. “Just remember, love, don’t have sex because you will get pregnant. No sex in pools, wait does your school have pools? Anyways, no sex in pools, closets, the traditional bed, standing up, sitting down, showers,” he paused, taking a breath. “Just don’t do it, ok, promise me?”

“Yes, right,” answered Hermione, as she did every year in the past. With one last hug and kiss she turned and headed into Platform 9 ¾, pushing her filled cart in front of her. It was her last year at Hogwarts…and she couldn’t wait for it to begin.

By the train

“Mom, mom,” whined Ronald Weasley, shaking his head slightly. Molly Weasley was hugging her now grown son, pressing his head to her chest. Tears filled her eyes at the proud sight before her. Her youngest son was a 7th year and would graduate, what more could a mother want? “Mother, please, Harry is watching and Hermoine will be along any moment.”

“Right,” she said, letting go and wiping her eyes. “You must look like a man, because that is what you are! My little boy!” This realization sent her into another fit of tears, which ended with Ron in the position he was in moments before.

Harry watched on in amusement as Ron rolled his eyes in his direction and mouthed ‘moms’. Suddenly hands were covering Harry’s eyes, making him jump a foot in the air and turn around to face a Miss. Hermione Granger. Harry’s smile grew as he took her in; with her being on vacation with her parents all summer both Ron and Harry hadn’t seen her at all. She certainly had changed, but underneath the newly developed curves in all the right places, non-frizzy spirally hair, and chocolate brown eyes still laid his best friend of 6 years. “Hermione,” Harry said, pulling her into a tight hug. “I missed you!”

“I missed you as well. Where is Ron? Ginny? How was your summer? You must tell me everything on the train ride, promise?” Hermione knew she was rambling, but it didn’t matter he was going home, with the best friends in the world, and he felt nothing but happiness.

“Yes, I promise as long as you tell me everything about America!” Harry pushed his glasses back up his nose, and ruffled up his hair.

Before Hermione could answer Ron appeared beside Harry smiling widely at Hermione. “Yes, I heard America has bloody wonderful food.” Hermione rolled her eyes, only Ron could think of food at a time like this, but it didn’t matter Hermione was too happy to mind. Instead of making some comment about his constant obsession with food Hermione just smiled and hugged Ron tightly. “I missed you too, ’Mione.”

“Well,” came a drawling voice from behind them. “If it isn’t Mudblood and the Blood-Traitor. I see he finally made a move, well about bloody time…you two pieces of filth deserve one another.”

Hermione could see Ron’s fists balled tightly together, but grabbed his hand gently, making them unwind. Harry stood rigid beside them, looking coldly at Draco Malfoy. “Hello, Ferret, I see your insults haven’t matured over the summer.” Then directing her attention to Ron and Harry, who looked at her stunned. “Don’t worry, you guys, Malfoy is only bitter because to be happy one needs to be comfortable in their own shoes and obviously he isn’t.”

“I’m right here, Mudblood,” hissed Draco Malfoy, glaring dangerously at her.

Yet, Hermione continues at though he hadn’t said a thing. “You see, for someone to be happy they have to know what they want, and not follow what,” she looked directly into Malfoy’s eyes, “what someone else wants for them. So, you see, if you looked at logically, Malfoy is simply insecure and can’t make decisions for himself.” Hermione nodded her head as though she had just come up with a medicine for some deadly disease and walked away, leaving a flabbergasted Harry and Ron and a fuming Draco Malfoy.

On the train

“Hermione, you’re my hero, I honestly can’t tell you the last time I saw Draco Malfoy so angry,” said Harry, eating a chocolate frog.

“His mouth was hanging open like a goldfish,” added Ginny, clapping her hands in delight. “ ‘Mione, where did that come from? I mean, in a way, you weren’t even mean you were just telling him the truth.” Hermione smiled at Ginny and went to open her mouth, but the door to their compartment opened with a smiling Ronald Weasley.

“It’s my savior,” he said, kneeling before Hermione, taking her hand. “You are truly an inspiration, my dear.” His voice dipped with dramatics and made Hermione laugh as she stood and pulled up Ron with her. “Hermione, my love, I could simply kiss you at the moment,” he said. A moment after Ron had been so blunt his faced turned the color of a ripe apple and immediately took a seat, leaving an embarrassed and slightly confused Hermione standing up.

“Well,” she said, fumbling with the cuffs of her shirt. “I should be getting to the Head compartment. I can’t be late for the prefect meeting; I am Head Girl after all. Ronald, Ginny, please don’t be late.” With that Hermione walked out of the small compartment and trudged to the Head compartment dreading what she knew would be coming. There was no other person…if not Harry nor that smart Ravenclaw boy then it had to be…she opened the door. “Malfoy.”

Draco Malfoy looked up from his book with a deep frown. “I should of known they would of picked you,” then added, “they just needed to look charitable I suppose.” He turned back to his book with a smirk, leaving Hermoine fuming at the door, but not giving him the advantage of her responding to something so low.

“Let’s just try to be civil, shall we? The prefect meeting will start in thirty minutes and from the notes we got we need to explain their responsibilities, and the newly added information about the…”

“Winter Ball, yes Mudblood, I can read and have read that letter. Now can I have some quiet, I would like to finish this book before we stop and am nearly done.” Draco Malfoy’s eyes settled on the words in his book, but also took notice to Granger’s tighter grip on her bag. Getting a stir from this girl was always enjoyable; he could only imagine what it would be like to actually make her cry. Never had he made her cry, but this year…this year that will change.

“What are you smirking about, Ferret,” snapped Hermione, taking out a rather large book from her bag.

“Nothing, Mudblood, nothing at all.”

Next morning
First day of classes

“Harry, Ron,” yelled Hermione excitedly, running down the aisle and falling into her seat between them. “Please tell me you have Potions first.” Her eyes drifted between them both and noticed that neither made a sound, and slowly her head drifted to the table. “That is completely not fair. There is no way enough people passed to make it into their last year of Potions. What are there two bloody classes, and you two are in the other?” This wasn’t what Hermione had expected, not having one or two classes with them was normal, but having none was just plain strange.

“Sorry, ‘Mione, Harry and me have Potions tomorrow morning.” Looking over their schedules he soon realized what Hermione had noticed moments before. “Bloody Hell, Hermoine, I have no classes with you at all.”

“I know,” she responded miserably. “Well, I better be getting to Potions can’t be late especially if you two aren’t in the class with me.” Hermione stood up slowly and started to walk away when Ron called to her.

“ ‘Ey, Hermione, later on would you mind-d-d if I talk-ked to yo-o-u?” His voice stuttered with each word, which only added to the chrisom color of his face. Harry shook his head and looked at Ginny, who had her head buried in her hands groaning loudly. Her brother was such an idiot.

“Sure, Ronald, I’ll see you later in the common room,” and with that Hermoine was gone, leaving a sweaty and cheery Ronald Weasley. “Well,” he said, taking a bite of food, “that went rather well.”

“Yeah, mate, you’re a pro,” Harry answered laughing silently, “A real gigolo.”


“Welcome to 7th year Potions and I am Professor Snape as most of you should know,” said Snape, walking quickly across the room and waving his hand at the board. “On the board is the ingredients you will need and on page 805 is the potion. You will be put into partners…list is in the back. This potion will take at least two days and will include outside work, now get to work.”

Hermione sat shocked in her desk. Snape had actually been civil, what was the world coming too? Shaking her head she stood and walked towards the back of the room; waiting for everyone else to be finished with the list. Yet, before her eyes even graced the paper her shoulder was poked roughly. “Ow.”

“You’re with me, Mudblood,” drawled Draco Malfoy. “I think Snape is trying to be funny…he put Pansy with Dean Thomas…poor Pansy.”

Hermione huffed. “Poor Pansy? You must be joking?” Thinking that maybe what Malfoy told her was a lie she ran her finger down the list to her name and moved it across… “Malfoy, Draco”. Wonderful, just wonderful. “I guess we should start then.”

Malfoy smirked and walked back to his original seat, followed closely by an angry Gryffindor. “Must you be such a arrogant pompous ferret all the time, Malfoy?”

“Only with you, darling, only with you,” he said monotone, opening his book to the page number. “Now, Mudblood, if you don’t mind I expect an O and I don’t want you holding me back.”

“Oh, bring it on, ferret boy,” Hermione answered, opening her book as well and taking side-glances at Malfoy. His bangs were hanging in his eyes, but he didn’t seem to mind his eyes were only connected to the page in front of him. Draco Malfoy had changed over the summer, almost as though he had grown up in a mere 3 months. Looking back at him one more time Hermione realized he had a small scar on the top of his forehead that was almost unnoticeable because of his hair.

“Granger, I understand that I am sexy, but do you mind starring at me so bluntly. You’re making me blush,” he said, without looking up from his book. Even though she couldn’t see his full facial expression she would just see the smirk that covered his face.

Hermione smirked right back at him as she stood to go gather the ingredients. “You know what, Malfoy, arrogance is a habit that is only developed by acting as if you already have the confidence you so direly desire to have.” Leaving on that note she marched to the back of the room with a genuine smile.

Hermione Granger 1- Draco Malfoy 0

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Chapter 3: Secret Visitors
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Chapter 2

“My Lord, he knows what he must do. He was informed of it just last night and says it will be done,” said a cold voice, in a long black robe that dragged behind him on the floor. The man was kneeling before a dark figure, with his head bent in respect.

“So, it shall be done. No mistakes will be made; everything is to be done just as I have commanded. If this fails you will be blamed, Lucius, as well as that insolent son of yours.” Voldemort waved his hand to signal Lucius could leave; he was tired as he drifted back into his seat. With his head on the back, Voldermont closed his eyes remembering just a measly few days ago…when everything in his plan changed.

Voldemort was sitting in his study when a knock came on the door. It was late and everyone knew not to bother him when in his study, for he was either reading or planning the next attack. Imagine his surprise when an extremely frail old woman marched right in, walking with a cane and took a seat across from him. Before he could open his mouth to scream, yell, or even hex her she raised her fragile hand and somehow his voice was gone.

“Be still, Tom, please don’t get dramatic and start sending curses every which way at me,” she said, smiling slightly at his angered face. He was the best damn Dark Lord and the old woman before him shut him up? With that plain thought his temper rose, as did his body as he lunged for the woman. Then the strangest thing happened he was frozen in place, his body literally not moving in a ‘pounce’ position. “What did I tell you? Hmm…you never did listen as a child.” Voldemort blinked in confusion…did he know her? “No, Tom, you have never met me, but I have watched you for a very long time. My superiors believe it is time you know a crucial piece of information concerning this ‘plan’ of yours.” She could tell she had his attention now as his eyes became wide with both anger and curiosity. “But, everything comes at a price, Tom, you know that as well as I do. What do you say?” Laughing silently to herself she realized that her spell had made him unable to talk. “Oh, excuse me,” and with a wave of her hand Voldemort nearly fell into a table, coming out of the spell.

Dusting himself off, Voldemort straightened up, looking closely at this elder before him. “Who are you, woman?”

“My name nor any information about myself concerns you, Tom. What concerns you is the one thing that will make you fail. Don’t you want to know what that one thing is?” The woman stood, walking slowly towards the fireplace. “Fate, Tom, is a very fragile thing to play around with…it only takes you so far, the rest is up to you. I’m standing before you with essential information and only want one thing in return.”

“What is it you want?” Voldemort raised his eyebrow, but he would be lying to himself if he didn’t say he was way beyond curious. Looking deeply into the woman’s eyes he tried to enter her mind, but was bumped out. He jumped back, with a startled expression; no one he had ever met had ever blocked him out completely…not even Dumbledore. “What are you exactly?”

The woman shook her head and sighed. “Tom, do we have a deal? I will tell you if you promise me one thing…” Stepping forward the woman held out her hand in the direction of Voldemort, her eyes dancing wildly, knowing full and well what his response would be.

“How do I know that whatever information you are giving me is worth whatever you will ask for?” Voldemort crossed his hands, sneering at the woman.

“Tom, you already know it is.”

After Potion Class

“Malfoy, you were supposed to add two drops of dragon blood…not four!” Hermione Granger moved frantically around the desk, looking through a book as she did trying to fix the mistake Malfoy had made. Professor Snape had left already and Draco and Hermione were trying to finish their potion before their next class. Everyone else would need to get together outside of class, but obviously that was something neither Draco nor Hermione wanted to do.

“It says right there, Mudblood, 4 drops,” he pointed to the page of the book that had the potion and as Hermione looked down her eyes came in contact with.

Dragon Blood- 2 drops

“Yes, Ferret, four drops, definitely. How is it that someone that can’t even read could possibly be made Head Boy?” Running her fingers through her hair Hermione looked down at the potion in front of her. It was suppose to be swirling crimson color that smelled like cucumbers, but instead was a pulsing slimy substance, scarlet, with silver flakes appearing. It most definitely did not smell like cucumbers.

“Shut up, Granger, honestly, I swear it said 4 drops!” Draco looked back down at the book and frowned. “Arghh…Granger….Granger!” He pushed her face down to the book. “Look at the lines after the instructions.”

(only 2 drops of Dragon Blood, if more potion will explode) Remember to wear eye protection at all time

“Malfoy!,” yelled Hermione, backing away from the potion. Quickly, both Hermoine and Malfoy moved behind another pair of desks as their potion began to boil. Looking over at Malfoy shocked face Hermione began to laugh.

“And what, per say, is so funny, Granger?” Draco Malfoy crossed his arms over his chest, frowning deeply at her. Had the girl finally lost her mind? Well, at least then he wouldn’t have to plan the Winter Ball with her.

“Nothing, Ferret, nothing,” she said, still laughing softly to herself. This whole situation in itself was just plain humorous to her. Maybe it was the stress of finding out all her responsibilities and then realizing she had no classes with her best friends, or maybe it was just the flabbergasted look on Malfoy’s face, but either way she fell into a fit of giggles again.

“Think you’re funny, Mudblood?,” with that he stood up, towering over her. “What is so funny too you? Have you finally realized what I have known all along?”

Bringing her eyebrows together and glaring at him, Hermione hissed, “and what is it you knew all along, you prat?”

“That you are a ruddy Mudblood, who has finally cracked. Any similarities between you and another wizard are purely coincidental.” Draco’s smirk grew with each word. As Hermione went to open her mouth, an angry retort ready, a loud explosion accord.

When Hermione looked back up at Draco her frown turned upright. There was Draco Malfoy, Sex God of Slytherin, completely soaked in a scarlet potion. His robes were stuck to his body, outlining every muscle that went from his arms down his chest. Hermione stood up cautiously, looking over at the potion, and finally turned back to Malfoy, smirking almost as well as he had been moments before. “I must say, Ferret, this is definitely a look I could get use to for you.”

Growling loudly under his breath, Malfoy glared at her. “You, me, Room of Requirements, tonight, 8 o’clock. We have to finish this ridiculous potion.” With those words Draco turned to walk out, but caught a piece of his robe that was dripping with the potion and slipped, falling forward into Hermione taking her down with him on the floor.

“Are you always so clumsy, Malfoy, or today just a special occasion for you?,” hissed Hermione from under him. “Either bloody way, get off of me, you’re getting me soaked!”

Draco’s face brightened up as he looked down at Hermione. “Am I? I hadn’t noticed…” Slowly he started to rub the slim that covered him down her face, making a path covering her hair down her cheek to her neck. Hermione’s face was set in shock at his actions and her mouth hung open. “Don’t worry, you look beautiful.” He stood, leaving Hermione on the ground, and attempted to walk out of the room…but was stopped by Hermione’s angry voice flowing through the classroom.

“Malfoy,” she screamed, standing up. Realizing sooner then later that her balance was off because of the fall she grabbed on a desk for support. “You will pay, Malfoy, mark my words.”

“Pardon me, Mudblood, but I think you have mistaken me with someone who gives a damn what you think.” Flashing one last smirk he strolled out of the room, leaving Hermione furiously hitting the desk beside her and looking at the mess they had created.

Later at Supper

“Hi guys,” said Hermione, sitting down in between Harry and Ron. “How was your first day of classes? I personally thought Advanced Divination was quite absurd.” Neither Ron nor Harry made a motion to answer, but instead looked at Hermione’s hair.

“ ‘Moine, now don’t take this personal, but did you put something in your hair,” asked Harry. Slowly, he reached out pulling out a small dried glob of potion that was left from the explosion. “A new gel maybe?”

Growling loudly, she looked over at the Slytherin table and met eyes with a smirking ferret.

Hermione 1- Draco 1

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Chapter 4: Not Everything Is As It Seems
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Chapter 3

Gryffindor Girl’s Room

“Why are you complaining, Hermione,” asked Jean, a 6th year Gryffindor, pulling her long hair into a ponytail. “I mean I would die if Draco Malfoy wanted me to meet him in the Room of Requirements at night.”

Hermione frowned looking at the three girls in front of him. Jean is easily fooled, but Ginny and Luna as well. What possibly could they see in him? “You must be joking! He is the most insufferable git I have ever had the misfortune to meet. A Slytherin!”

“Hermione, Malfoy might be everything you have said and more, but Quidditch has done the kid good. You must have seen the changes?” Ginny sat beside Hermione waiting for an answer patiently, running a brush through her hair.

“The gel is gone,” Luna said dreamily, looking out the window at the rain. “Now, if he was to go out in the rain the raindrops would drip from his head not stick to it.” Ginny, Jean, and Hermione looked at Luna funny. No one could quite put something like Luna could and no one knew that better then the three girls who had just heard what she said.

“Yes, well, right,” Ginny, said breaking the silence. “The gel is gone, but when I said changes I was more thinking the ‘physical’ ones. Such as the muscles that run down his arms, his stomach, his back…” Suddenly Ginny fell back into the bed in a fit of giggles.

“I heard from a girl, who heard from her friend, who heard from a Slytherin that Draco Malfoy has a six pack that goes way below the belt.” Hermione looked at Jean, trying extremely hard to stay calm. Only Jean, only she, could say that and make it make the least bit of sense.

“I am surprised at you three. Ginny you practically have Harry asking you to be his girlfriend, Jean what about Dean Thomas…hmm…? Malfoy is a arrogant bastard who follows Voldermont,” all three girls flinched, “and you guys are rambling on and on about his muscles. What about that mark on his arm that we all know he has, huh?” Hermione didn’t know where it came from, but she suddenly was furious at them.
This had never happened before when they all spoke of Draco Malfoy. It was a known fact through the girl lines that he was one of, if not the most, handsome 7th year. Along with that grand title came the one of Slytherin Sex God, which Hermione personally thought categorized him better simply because he had slept with almost girl in their year…and 6th…and 5th to think of it.

“We are sorry, Hermione, we didn’t mean to get you angry,” whispered Ginny lowering her eyes. Obviously after Hermione’s rant she felt guilty at the truth of what she said. Harry was about to ask her out, but how wrong was it just to talk about another guy? Apparently in Hermione’s eyes it was wrong, not because of simply talking about a guy, but talking about a certain Draco Malfoy.

“It’s fine, I need to go though. Stupid Malfoy,” she mumbled as she ran out of the bedroom and into the common room. Her hair was pulled into a bun of the top of her head, small strands of curly hair falling around her face. If any girl wanted a look that was simple, and yet grabbed attention, it was how Hermione did her hair. No make up could be seen on her face, she basically didn’t believe that anyone needed to cake their face to look beautiful.

On her way to the portrait Hermione can in view of Harry and Ron, both sitting on the coach trying to do homework and not noticing she was there. When Ron looked up to see a retreating Hermione walking towards the portrait he jumped up, almost knocking down the table in front of him. “Hermione, may I have a word-d-d.”

“Ronald, please, I have to meet our favorite ferret to do a potions project. Can it wait?” Ron’s face fell and it wasn’t unnoticed by Hermione, but at the moment she just couldn’t deal with that. He was her best friend, a brother to her, and yet deep down she knew what his question would be.

“Yeah, I mean, sure, that’s fine…I will just talk to you later.” His voice hadn’t cracked, but he did look defeated. The couch croaked as he melted back down and took his books on his lap again. “If Malfoy tries anything you just tell Harry or me.”

Hermione laughed, pushing back a strand of hair. “I know, don’t worry I can take care of myself against big, bad, Draco Malfoy.” With the end of the conversation she flew out of the portrait heading towards the Room of Requirement. There were only so many excuses that could save her from the inescapable ‘talk’.

Back in the common room Harry sat dead quiet looking over at his crushed best friend sitting beside him. “Mate, you ok? She had to do school work, I’m sure she wasn’t trying to avoid you.”

Ron glanced over at Harry and lowered his eyes. “Harry, she went to meet Malfoy and couldn’t spare a few seconds to speak with me? Don’t tell me she wasn’t avoiding me. I’m not as stupid as everyone thinks.” After one last look at Harry Ron stood up, leaving his book on the couch, and walked up into his bedroom slamming the room behind him.

Room of Requirements
8:15 p.m.

“I should of known the ferret wouldn’t show,” said Hermione to herself, pacing the Room of Requirements. The walls turned a deep red, and a small gold chair appeared in the middle of the room. A fire could be seen starting and suddenly Hermione felt relaxed.
So, much was going on in her life and it was only the first of classes. Mostly, her thoughts drifted to Ron…wonderful, terrific, brotherly, Ronald Weasley. He had liked her for so long, and even now she couldn’t return those feelings. It wasn’t like she didn’t want too, it would be wonderful if Ron and her got together (everyone had been expecting it for years), but Hermione just couldn’t bring herself to do it. Why? Well, that was the million-dollar question…why couldn’t she bring herself to like him? “What am I going to do,” moaned Hermione, shaking her hair. “I can’t avoid his question forever.”

“Actually you could. All you would have to do is leave and never come back; I promise I’ll tell Saint Potter and Weasel-Bee that you were gone for good.” Hermione’s head snapped around towards the entrance and was met with a smirking, laughing, Slytherin. Draco Malfoy ran his fingers through his hair and walked towards her. “Speechless, Mudblood?”

“Never,” she hissed, as she stood the chair beneath her disappeared. Suddenly a table containing all the ingredients needed for the potion appeared, along with a pot and goggles. “Ready to work, Malfoy?”

“Avoiding the question, hmm? Not very Gryffindor of you, now is it?” Draco Malfoy moved to the table and began cutting up ingredients, taking quick glances at the book in front of him.
Hermione wanted to keep her eyes on her work, but it seemed her eyes went where they wanted; without her consent. What was it that Ginny, Jean, and Luna saw in him? Her eyes ran over his blonde locks, taking in that not one piece was out of place. Next, came his figure the one she had seen so clearly just hours before hand, soaked to the bone in the potion. Sure, she admitted, Draco Malfoy was not without muscles, but nothing too spectacular. Lastly, her stubborn eyes fell on his concentrated ice gray eyes; eyes that Hermione couldn’t help but think saw one too many deaths in their lifetime. Draco Malfoy hadn’t noticed her stares so Hermione took his chance to look down quickly at his arm, searching for any detection of the Dark Mark.

“Looking for something in particular, Granger,” scowled Draco, peeking up from his work at her bewildered face. “Do you not think I saw you starring at me the last few minutes? Please,” he huffed, shaking his head.

“I wasn’t starring at you, Malfoy, don’t give yourself so much credit.” Once again her eyes betrayed her and Hermione took a quick glance at his arm again, not seeing anything because of his shirt.

“Mudblood, have you taken a special interest in my left arm?” Slowly he rolled up the sleeve, revealing something that even surprised Hermione Granger…clear skin. There was nothing on Draco’s arm, nothing except his almost completely white skin. Draco couldn’t help but smirk at Granger’s completely baffled expression. “Not what you were expecting?”

“I-I-I, well, what I mean to say is just that…well…I thought that you, it’s just that,” she closed her mouth, taking a deep breath, trying to gain her composure again. “Why don’t you have the mark,” Hermione asked. Sure she had been blunt, but with how she had made a full of herself just moment before, this was her only option.

Draco snorted, a smirk playing on his lips. “There is a lot you don’t know about me, Granger. Most people make themselves believe something so strongly, that when that image, that idea of something is crushed…well sometimes it’s just better that people are left to their own ignorance.”

Hermione couldn’t help it; she truly believed her mouth was hanging up at the statement he had made. Never would she think Draco Malfoy could be so…so…even she couldn’t come up with a word. One thing she did know though was that she, Hermione Granger, was ashamed. It was always a possibility that he was a follower and didn’t have the mark, but from the look on his face she could tell she had made a mistake. There was more to Draco Malfoy then what meets the eye. “You’re right,” she said, forcing the words out. Malfoy’s eyes widened at her response, confusion sparkled in them. “It wasn’t right of me to think that. Just because you are constantly putting down people around you doesn’t mean you are a Deatheater. I’m sorry.”

If someone was to tell Draco Malfoy earlier that morning that he would be standing in the Room of Requirements with Hermione Granger, with her apologizing to him; he would of thought them nuts. Yet, here he was starring at Granger, his mouth open in surprise, practically falling over. Never had she apologized to him. Gathering his bearing, he plastered his trademark to his face, and straightened up. “You know nothing, Mudblood, and still you think you know everything. You’re pathetic in every matter of speaking.” With that he turned back to the potion, only making a grunt to signal to Hermione to start cutting up something.

Lowering her eyes she trudged to the table and started cutting, making sure to go slowly and not cut herself. As Malfoy moved his head, his hair shifted, making his tiny scar visible to her eye. “Malfoy, how did you get that scar,” she asked conversationally.

“Shut up, Granger,” he responded tiredly, “just cut so we can get this done.” Hermione nodded, looking back down to the ingredients, but not without one last glance at him.

Ok, so maybe he is somewhat handsome, she thought, in his own way

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Chapter 5: A Secret Perk and A Loss of Dignity
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Chapter 4

“Hello, Sir, you wanted to see us,” said Hermione, taking a seat in front of Dumbledore with Draco on her side. Draco merely grunted in agreement.
It was a week after the incident in the Room of Requirements and both Hermione and Draco tried their hardest to avoid one another as much as possible. Hermione because she was ashamed at her own jumping to conclusions, and every time she looked at him her eyes betrayed her and still looked towards his arm. What she didn’t know was that every time her’s eyes graced Malfoy’s arm, the more angry he got at her stupidity. So, in the end both were taking long detours to avoid one another.

“Yes, I did,” he said, stroking his beard. Both Hermione and Draco sat waiting for him to continue, but he didn’t make any motion that he would. Finally, after what seemed like forever, Dumbledore held out a basket of candy. “Would you like a chocolate frog?”

“No, thank you, Sir.” Hermione smiled sweetly at him, but then glared at Malfoy, hitting him lightly in the side.

“Right,” he said, snapping out of whatever thoughts filled his mind, “thank you, but no.” Turning away from Dumbledore he made a sideways scowl at Hermione, and got even more upset when she wasn’t even taking notice of it. Instead her attention was completely on the old man in front of them. Suck-up.

“Alright then, first off I wanted to check in and see how your duties are going as Heads? Good, I presume?” Without a response from both he stood up and continued speaking, making Draco’s eyes fill with amusement. “The Winter Ball is scheduled for the beginning of December, as you both know, and planning should begin now. You as the Heads need to discuss a theme, a color span, food, and so on.”

Hermione nodded her head enthusiastically, but Draco sat stone-faced. “Why are you giving all the responsibilities to the Head? So, if anything messes up we get blamed?” Dumbledore looked interested at Draco’s words, but Hermione sat there furious…waiting for the moment they could leave and she could smack him.

“Mr. Malfoy, learning to trust in yourself, is the ceasing of fearing of what might not be accomplished.” Dumbledore’s eyes twinkled as he moved back to his chair, sitting gracefully back into it. “The staff and myself trust you with the arrangements, also don’t forget you have the prefects in your control.” Scratching his head, Dumbledore took a chocolate frog and ate it. “Oh, I almost forgot! I’m sorry we haven’t told you sooner, but there were some problems. As Heads you will stay in your house bedrooms, of course, but there is a special room just for you. Suppose one night you wanted to study or do homework, you could go to this room and not be penalized for it. It’s to the left of the main stairs, the portrait of students in class. Once you get there it will ask for your password.”

Hermione and Draco sat dumbfounded at the realization of this special privilege. Both had started to think being Heads only had perks when it came to staying out late, but now…well now they had a special room. “Thank you, Sir,” said Hermione, smiling. Even Draco smiled, even if it was tiny almost invisible smile, he still smiled and Hermione did see it.

“Yes, yes, well Ms. Granger why don’t you go see the room. No one is to know of this room, it has been kept a secret through the years. Only Heads and Professors are admitted. Mr. Malfoy please stay I would like a word with you.”

Hermione frowned at the knowledge that Dumbledore wanted to speak with Malfoy and not her, but covered it up with a smile and a nod. “Yes, Sir.” After she had exited the room Draco leaned back in his chair, waiting for the pep talk he knew was coming. This man never let up.

“Is there anything you wish you discuss with me, Mr. Malfoy,” Dumbledore asked, leaning forward in his desk. “Whatever you tell me in this room, won’t leave this room.”

“No, nothing,” was his response, just as it had been all of last year when Dumbledore asked him the same question. If Draco hadn’t known better he could of swore he saw disappointment flash in Dumbledore’s eyes as he stood up. He couldn’t know, could he? It would be impossible when only the Dark Lord, Lucius, and himself knew of the plan.

“Mr. Malfoy, you do know that true greatness comes not when you have the most power, but when you are tested, when you are knocked down. To reach the highest mountain you have to leave behind all you knew and were taught on the smaller ones.” Dumbledore is really trying hard this year, Draco thought, last year it took at least four meeting for him to go metaphorical on me.

“Yes, Sir,” Draco stressed the ‘Sir’ part, “I know.”

“Very well, you may go.” Dumbledore smiled gently at him, ushering towards the door. “Just remember my door is always open if you would like to talk.” Draco nodded, and practically ran out of the door after Dumbledore had opened it. What Draco didn’t see was the concerned face of Dumbledore as he shut the door and walked slowly back to his chair. He knew a new storm was coming, if only he could find out what exactly that storm was.

Heads Room

As Hermione came to the portrait with the students her heart picked up; this was what she had worked for. A room all to herself…and Malfoy of course, but still he would probably never be in it anyways. Finally stepping in front of the painting, the figures inside turned towards her and smiled.

“Password,” asked the teacher who was teaching the few students in front of her.

“Respect,” said Hermione confidently. The teacher nodded her head and opened the portrait. As Hermione stepped through her whole body froze on spot, she was so in shock that she hadn’t heard the portrait close behind her. “Wow.”
The room before her consisted of a spiral staircase connecting the first and second floor. The was a fireplace directly in front of her, surrounded by three comfortable looking couches and end tables. Books lined the walls to her right, walking towards it she ran her fingers along the binding, seeing every book she could ever imagine reading. Turning back to the center of the room her eyes landed on to left of the room, which consisted of a small table, with a vase in the middle, and two chairs. In the wall was a miniature opening that when Hermione looked through she could see went to the kitchen. As Hermione backed away, shaking her head in disbelief, her eyes landed on the staircase.

“Hmm…” she said, walking towards the stairs and looking up them. “What else could possibly be in this room?” Without a second thought she ran up the stairs taking two at a time, finally stopping at the top. Her eyes landed on two doors on either side of the small platform; one with a Slytherin crest over it, the other with a Gryffindor crest.

Dumbledore’s voice came to her suddenly. “Ms. Granger each exit takes you to a closet in your common rooms. It will make it easier to come to this room if it is late.” As quickly as his voice came it was gone, leaving Hermione starring in awe at all she had found in this room…a room that was only known by a small amount of people. Oh, how she loved secrets!

Secret Location Later That Night

It was the dead of night as two covered figures met. The wind blew softly, making the humidity of the early September night seem almost peaceful. When the larger of the two figures lowered his hood the moon reflected on his silver-gray hair, and made his twisted expression even more disturbing then it usually was.

“Tell me of your progress, my son,” hissed Lucius, raising his chin high above the figure before him.

Draco Malfoy removed his hood, his eyes cold and his mouth plastered with an indifferent look. “Granger and I are partners in Potions, which makes us spend time together almost everyday. Also, Head duties pull us together more then I would like to admit. I purposely made a mistake in a potion so we would have to spend almost an extra two hours together, in that time I gained some trust by showing her that I am without the Dark Mark.” When he had finished his update, he smirked to himself, proud of all he had accomplished in just a week. Yet, that smirk fell from his face the moment his father frowned, shaking his head.

“You call that seducing the Mudblood? What sort of Malfoy are you,” challenged his father, stepping towards him. His body towered over Draco’s and when his hand connected with Draco’s face, all he could do was shut his eyes taking the pain that ran through his face.

“Father, I have to gain her trust before I try anything. The girl is just so infuriating! We have hated each other for as long as I could remember, it isn’t easy to change her,” before he could finish Draco stopped himself. He had made a vital mistake and would pay for it. When he had said she infuriated him, it showed his weakness towards her, and when he said it wasn’t easy to changer her, he had practically said he couldn’t do this job. Of course, when talking to a normal person they wouldn’t come with that conclusion, but when talking with Lucius Malfoy things were taken way out of proportion.

“A person who angers you, conquers you,” cackled Lucius, winkling his face in disgust at his son’s weakness. Again he raised his hand, and Draco stood still awaiting the blow that would surely come, and just as he thought his father was having pity it came, knocking him backwards. “You pathetic, insolent, child of mine will learn respect if I have to beat every lesson into you. The Dark Lord is taking a chance on you, a chance that I begged the Lord to give to you, and so help me, Draco, you will not fail. Now go back to that foolish Mudblood and make her love you, or never come back home for you will not be welcomed. Do you understand?”

Draco’s hand twitched, wanting to feel his face, which he knew, was probably starting to bruise and become bloody. “Yes, father, I understand.”

“Good, now kneel,” growled Lucius, raising his hood again, hiding the smirk that came as Draco fell to his knees with his head bowed. “This is for your tardiness of the situation at hand. Crucio.

No sound could be heard from the body convulsing on the ground, except an occasional grunt. He knew that it would only anger his father more if he cried out and so Draco Malfoy, Head Boy, almost Deatheater, stayed quiet as he took the punishment that was handed to him…not fighting back at all.

Head Room
12:45 p.m.

Hermione rubbed her eyes as she looked at the clock above the fireplace; she had been sitting in this seat for almost four hours reading random books from the large collection. It was Friday night and she had no classes tomorrow and it wasn’t as though she needed to do her homework yet. Standing up Hermione walked to the small hole in the wall and leaned in it. “Umm…excuse me,” she whispered into the empty kitchen.

Suddenly making her jump back Dobby appeared with a snap. “What can I get for ‘ya, Miss? Dobby is here to serve Ms. Granger.”

“Oh, hello, Dobby, I have never done this before. Is it possible for me to get a glass of milk and a few of those wonderful muffins from breakfast?” Hermione smiled sweetly at Dobby.

“Yes, yes,” he answered excited. “I am here to get, Miss, whatever she wants. I will return with what you have asked for!”

Hermione grabbed his hand, as he was about to snap away and grinned again. “Thank you, Dobby, you are a wonderful house elf.”

Dobby looked taken aback and finally beamed back at her, almost jumping in pleasure. “You are very nice, Miss, Dobby is proud to serve you!” With that he was gone and Hermione walked back to the couch, grabbing her book again.
Just as she was getting back into it the portrait of the room opened, revealing a distraught Draco Malfoy. He hadn’t yet realized she was there, but Hermione could tell he was walking with a limp and at least one side of his face was bleeding profusely. As he looked around the room, obviously it was the first time he was in it, his eyes landed on her and a scowl became clear on his face, but suddenly it turned to a look of pain as he fell to the floor.

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Chapter 6: A Lesson In Nice
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Chapter 5

Head Common Room
1:00 a.m.

Was it possible for someone to put nails into your head and still survive? It had to be because that was what Draco Malfoy was feeling at the moment. His head was pounding so hard that the mere thought of thinking made it hurt even more. Maybe he was dead, that could be it, he had finally been pushed too far by his father and he had died. That did seem like a wonderful thought at the moment. Then why was it he kept hearing a strange voice saying his name…it was so far away that it sounded like a whisper to him.

Malfoy,” said the voice softly, it sounded like an angel. So full of comfort and peace and made Draco want to go to it. “Draco,” it was louder this time. When Draco opened his eyes, the lights made them shut quickly, why did everything have to be so bloody bright? Again he tried opening them, revealing a blurry figure above him with a strangely worried expression. “Malfoy, you’re awake! Dobby, please go get me more of the warm clothes…oh and some ice please.” Draco flinched when he heard a loud pop and looked into the face of this blur, this woman, this…Granger?

“Granger,” he chocked out, trying to sit up, but she pushed him back down gently. His back hit the comfort of the cushions again and he looked around. All right, so he was in a room, a common room? No, definitely not Slytherin’s common room, it was much too warm. “Where am I, Granger?”

Hermione starred down at him in confusion and…was that concern? “Don’t you remember? You walked in to the Head common room and fainted.”

“I did not faint,” Draco hissed, but grabbing his ribs when pain shot through them. “Malfoy’s do not faint.”

Her face hardened as she looked down at him. “Well, this Malfoy faints apparently. Now, you need to relax and just stay still.” Draco heard the popping sound again and tried to see what was behind Hermione.

“Here you go, Ms. Granger, hot from the oven. Dobby made it himself just as you asked, Miss.”

“Thank you, Dobby, I can take care of him now,” said Granger softly; taking whatever Dobby was giving her. After Dobby had left she turned back to Malfoy and gently took a warm cloth running it down his face. Draco closed his eyes trying not to show how good it felt. “You are pretty bloodied up, care to tell me what happened?”

“No,” answered Malfoy simply, “I really don’t feel like talking about it. Especially to a Mudblood like you.” The words had come from his mouth before he could stop them.

Draco could feel her stiffen beside him and suddenly the warm cloth wasn’t on his forehead any longer. “Well, if you’re going to be an pompous ass about it than take care of yourself, Malfoy. I was just trying to be nice; you know? Make peace.” When she had finished her small rant Hermione stood and headed towards the door. What she hadn’t expected was Malfoy’s voice stopping her.

“Wait, please,” he said, trying to sit up, but failing miserably. If his father wanted him to seduce the filthy Mudblood, then the easiest path was to get her sympathy and use it against her.

Never before had Hermione heard Draco ask politely, let alone almost beg for something. As she turned, a frown still covered her face. “If I help you I need you to promise you won’t call me Mudblood anymore. Granger is fine, or even Muggle-born, but not Mudblood.” She wasn’t asking him, Hermione was demanding this of him and it was accept it or be enemies.

“Fine, Granger, I accept, now will you help me,” Draco snapped, lying back down on the couch. “My head feels like it is going to explode and I can’t feel my right leg.”

Sounds could be heard as Hermione walked back over to the couch and kneeled next to it, just as she was before. The warm cloth was once again on his forehead, wiping away all the dry blood that was stuck to it. “After I wash away this blood, you will have to hold the ice on. You’re right cheek has taken quite a beating.”

“You have no idea,” he mumbled under his breath.

“What was that,” she asked, pulling blankets from the couch next to them and covering his body. “Did you say something?” Draco was about to answer when suddenly he felt Hermione tucking in the blankets around him. Maybe his father had planned for Hermione to see him like this, and that’s why he beat him harder then usual. Could this all be part of his twisted plan?

“No,” he finally answered, closing his eyes, “no I didn’t say a word.” Sleep overtook him the moment those blankets were tucked around him. If he wasn’t so tired, Draco could of swore he heard Hermione wish him sweet dreams, but that wasn’t possible. The stupid Mudblood wasn’t capable of saying something like that to him. Right?

Secret Location
1:45 a.m.

“My Lord, I have spoken with my impudent son and he knows he must try harder to seduce the Mudblood.” Lucius fell to his knees before his Lord, his hood hiding his face.

“Good and you told him just as I said, making sure that every bruises and cuts you gave him were visible?” Voldemort cracked his knuckles starring down at his servant.

“Yes, my Lord, everything is going according to plan. Just as you said it would.” Lucius stood up, his head still bowed. “My son will accomplish his task and then we will have Ms. Granger. After we do, my Lord, who will have the honor of killing the willful Mudblood?”

Suddenly Voldemort stood, making Lucius fall backwards onto the ground, cowering under his evil glare. “No harm will come to Ms. Granger. No physical pain, not when she first arrives at least. The girl is more valuable then you know, Lucius,” he said, hissing Lucius’ name coldly.

“Yes, my Lord, my apologies.” Lucius stayed on the floor until Voldemort signaled for him to stand. “Can I be of any more service?”

“I have an idea on how to make this plan come along a bit quicker and I need the help of my followers.” Voldemort’s face broke into a wicked snare as his mind worked. “We will need to find a way around the protection of the Order.”

“Of course, and why would we need to find this out?” Voldemort glared furiously at Lucius making him kneel down on the ground again. “Accept my apology, my Lord, my curiosity is inexcusable.”

“Stand, Lucius, your ignorance is wearing my patience thin, but since you are a loyal servant I will ignore it. Now, gather everyone together I must tell everyone my plan.” Lucius kneeled on the ground, in fear, as Voldemort stood before him and actually laughed a cold, vile, cackle.

Head Common Room
8:00 a.m.

The warmth he felt was almost overwhelming as Draco Malfoy opened his eyes. The pain in his head had subsided a little and his stomach was bandaged, the only thing that still hurt like Merlin was his leg. It couldn’t be broken, he wouldn’t accept that, Quidditch was starting soon and he was Seeker and Captain of the Slytherin team. “Bloody hell,” he said out loud, but shut up as he heard a sound on the side of him.
As his eyes traveled to the side of his body imagine his surprise when saw a sleeping Granger. Her head propped up on the couch next to his right arm, and the rest of her body on the floor. She had stayed with me the whole night, he thought, ridiculous Gryffindor.

“Granger,” he said, moving his arm around trying to wake her. “Hello, Granger, rise and shine.” The stubborn girl laid asleep next to him still, unmoving and taking no notice to his calls. Shaking his head, Draco began to think of something to say, and then it came to him. “Hermione.”

Almost instantly Hermione woke up, fluttering her eyelashes. When she saw Draco her face immediately turned from that dreamy expression that she had awoken with to a surprised, and slightly angry one. Once Hermione realized why she was in the Head Common Room, with Draco Malfoy, her face softened and that annoying concern came again. “How are you feeling?”

“Better,” was his answer as he sat up, grabbing his ribs to suppress the pain. “Did you wrap my stomach?” Turning her face away from him she nodded her head. “Why didn’t you just take me to Madame Pomprey?”

“I just thought that you wouldn’t want it out that the Slytherin God had gotten the Merlin beat out of him and needed help from a Gryffindor. Can you imagine the gossip?” Draco almost smiled, but stopped himself. This girl was out of her mind; he had made fun of her for years. Made fun of her hair, clothes, heritage, everything, and still she helps him; what was it this girl was on? “Anyways, it’s Saturday so you can stay here if you want. If you feel like you’re well enough to walk, up those stairs to the left is a door leading to the Slytherin common room. I will come check on you later, if you’re gone then so be it.” Slowly she stood, running her fingers through her tangled hair. Sleep was still visible around her and Draco could tell she was exhausted. How long had she been up with him? When he didn’t answer Hermione took that as her answer and turned to leave, but once again was stopped by his voice.

“Why, Mud-…Granger, why help me?” It was a logical question and in his mind it needed to be answered.

“You can have anything in your life, Malfoy, as long as you sacrifice something to get it. Nothing comes without a price; it’s just how life is. Last night, when you walked in I made a decision, I decided whatever you sacrificed last night…whether it your dignity or your freewill it couldn’t be worse than all the pain you have caused me. So, I helped you.” With those words she walked out, leaving Draco Malfoy sitting on the couch trying to figure out how Hermione Granger could be so saintly all the damn time.

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Chapter 7: If He Wants Progress...So Be It
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Chapter 6

Prefect Meeting
4 weeks after the ‘Malfoy’ incident
4:15 p.m.

“Now, even though it is only the end of September starting tomorrow promptly at 8 p.m. will be the first official meeting held to take ideas and suggestions, along with jobs assigned for the Winter Ball,” said Hermoine, looking back down to her large pile of papers. “That’s it, you all may go to supper.”

“That went well, Granger,” said Draco Malfoy, standing up from his seat. “You nearly bore me to death and I was the one helping you prepare for this little ‘meeting’,” he said, making quotations in the air.

“Must you always be so negative, Malfoy. Prefect meetings are never interesting, simply because they only consist of either information that must be known or work that must be done. Speaking of work, have you given any thought to the theme of the Ball? Dumbledore did tell us that you and I must come up with a theme.” Hermoine stood up, stretching her back out. Ginny earlier that morning had straightened to hair, making it fall to the middle of her back in silky bunches. Never had Hermoine cared what she looked like, but maybe it was time for a change. It was her 7th year and last year; might as well leave an impression.

“No, but I was thinking for colors it could be a silver-green type theme.” Hermoine turned to look at him, trying not to laugh, but he wasn’t paying attention. Instead Draco Malfoy was starring at the door, that moments before the prefects had all exited out of. There stood Ronald Weasley, glaring at Draco and obviously trying to catch Hermoine attention. Which in Draco’s point of view Hermoine was trying extremely hard to avoid. “Why is Weasel-Bee starring at us?,” he asked, directing the question to Hermoine, but still looking at Ron. “ ‘Ey, blood-traitor, do you need something?”

Ron’s face became tight, a frown pulling down his cheeks. Why must Draco Malfoy be here? He needed to speak with Hermoine alone, and what does he find…Hermoine and Draco Malfoy having a pleasant conversation. Everyone could tell a small truce had settled among the two earlier that month, but Ron wouldn’t believe it. “Hermoine, can I talk with you,” he turned towards Malfoy, “alone.”

“Oh, I think the Side-Kick wants to go steady with you, Granger. Isn’t that the most precious thing you have ever seen?” His voice had turned high and Draco looked almost giddy, but that all changed as he looked back to Ron. “Granger and I are busy, Weasley, go bother someone else.”

“Shut your mouth, Malfoy, and let Hermoine talk.” Both Ron and Draco looked at Hermoine who looked uncomfortable with the situation at hand. “Well, Hermoine, tell the Ferret to go.” Hermoine opened and closed her mouth, thinking of something to say. Why was she talking so long, thought Ron, this shouldn’t be that hard.

“Malfoy, can I talk with Ron, please,” she said almost at the tone of a whisper. “I will finish discussing the Ball information with you later in the room, alright?”

“Whatever, Granger,” scowled Draco, pushing past Ron, knocking him into the wall. “Have fun.” With that Draco walked out of the room, leaving an angry Ron and a shocked Hermoine. Draco Malfoy had actually listened to her. Since, when did that ever happen?

“So, Hermoine, now that the Ferret is gone, I was wondering something,” Ron sat down on the chair in front of Hermoine, and fiddled with his hands nervously.

“He’s not all that bad, Ronald,” said Hermoine, looking back down at her papers. When Ron looked at her funny, she smiled making her comment into an instant joke. “So, Ron, what did you need because I really need to go write my Potion paper and I only have 4 inches done of it.”

“Hermoine, I wanted to know if you would-d-d-d…” Hermoine closed her eyes knowing what was coming; she had been avoiding this question for almost a month. Dodging it whenever it came up or making up schoolwork or Head duties that needed to be done. “I-I-I know we have been friends for-r-r a while now, but I think I might lo-.”

Slytherin Common Room
4:20 p.m.

“Stupid, Mudblood,” hissed Draco pacing back and forth in the common room. Why did Weasley have to come into the picture? Everything was going perfect in his little plan; Granger was starting to trust him and they had made some sort of minor peace. He had actually found out she’s not all that bad after you get around the whole book-worm, I-need-to-be-perfect-everyday-so-I-keep-my-perfect-little-image persona Granger gave out.

“Merlin, Malfoy, you pace back and forth any quicker in an hour you’ll be a foot in the ground,” said a voice from behind Draco. It was a voice he could recognize anywhere and one that, in a manly way, comforted him when he was stressed. “What do you want, Blaise, I’m trying to figure out how to take Weasley boy out of the damn picture.”

“Oh, does, Malfoy have some competition on his quest to seduce the Mudblood Granger?” Blaise sat down on the couch, tossing his legs on the side of him. When Draco needed to confine in someone about his task he turned to the only person he could truly trust…Blaise. What Draco wasn’t expecting was the whole half hour Blaise laughed his ass off after finding out what Draco’s mission was.

“No, most definitely not, Granger has no feeling for the blood-traitor, but she is loyal to him. Blaise you and I need to figure out a way to break ties between Granger and Weasley, maybe even the whole Golden Trio.” As Draco stopped pacing, a smile broke out on his face.

Blaise cringed at the sinister meaning behind it and smirked up towards him. “What do you have in mind, my friend? Anything I can help with? You know how much I love to screw up peoples lives, it’s just so damn amusing.”

“Actually, Blaise, I have an extremely important job for you…a job that I think you’ll enjoy doing…” he paused, scratching his chin and chuckling, “no, take that back, I know you’ll love this job.” Slowly, Draco sat down on the couch with Blaise and started tell him his plan…

Head Room
12:00 a.m.

The light of the candle beside Draco Malfoy lit the paper in front of him as he wrote down his Divination homework, holding his pen tightly in between his fingers due to annoyance. There was one major flaw in his plan and there was no way he could work it out. The more Draco thought of it the more his irritation grew.

“Merlin,” he growled, leaning back in his chair, running his finger through his hair. Unbuttoning the first few buttons on his shirt, un-tucking it as he did; Malfoy rose stretching from the chair. The bones in his back cracked the more he moved around, showing the obvious signs of stress he was feeling.

“Are you all right, Malfoy,” asked a worried voice from above him.
As his eyes traveled up they came to fall on one extremely tired, tattered, Hermoine. That wasn’t the only thing his eyes fell on though, the window behind her made her silhouette easily seen through her flimsy nightgown she had on. Every curve of her legs, up to her stomach, reaching the tip of her chin could be seen and Draco had to drag his eyes to her face as he spoke.

“Yes, Granger, I’m fine just couldn’t sleep so I decided to come here and work on some homework,” he answered, watching her come down the stairs. It was like his own eyes weren’t under his control; they moved at their own will. Never would he look at the lines of her neck, watching them run down her garment, or notice that Hermoine’s hair had a small tint of red in it as it fell around her face. God, he was definitely exhausted. “What about you, huh? You look like a dragon just attacked you, something happen?”

Never had Draco expected Granger to actually look hurt, let alone feel bad for making her feel hurt. “I don’t think my business is any of yours, Malfoy. Just because you put your big nose into other peoples business don’t mean you can do that in mine!” At the end of her rant Hermoine was already right next to the couch, with her arms crossed and her eyes distracted.

That feeling of unknown emotion Malfoy had felt just moments before for Granger vanished into thin air, replaced with an intense hatred. He had wanted to snap at her, oh how he wanted to just scream and insult, but the voice of his father entered his mind. Merlin, Draco definitely wanted to tell him good news at his meeting tomorrow night with him. He had been so happy, well happy was a word to describe it, when Draco had said Hermoine and him had come to a truce. “Granger,” Draco said, walking towards the couch, but looking down at the floor, “I’ve learned that when people push you away is when they need you the most.” After that inspiration comment Draco would definitely need to wash his mouth out with soup.

Hermoine couldn’t remember a time when her head had snapped so quickly to look at something. Did that really happen? There was no way Draco Malfoy could have been nice to her…sure they have a truce, but niceness was only part of the deal when doing their duties. “I’m sorry,” she said slowly, sitting down on the couch. Putting her face in her hands Hermoine started taking deep breathes, all of this was just too much for her. The couch cushion next to her sank in under the weight of something.

Draco Malfoy sat down next to her on the couch, trying to figure out what to do next. Him being nice wasn’t something that came easy; even when he was nice he needed to insult someone. “So, what did Scarhead and Stupid do this time?” Hermoine flinched and even in the darkness of the night Draco could see she was extremely uncomfortable. “Wow, they really messed up.”

“Malfoy, stop, please…” Hermoine looked away from him and took a breath. “Ronald told me he loved me.” The words hung in the air the moment Hermoine said them out loud; she had been avoiding it for so long…

Draco shook his head in surprise; he wasn’t expecting that, “and…?”

“And,” Hermoine said, turning towards him, “I don’t love him! I don’t! See, I admit it! I do not love Ronald Weasley like that, at all. Not now, not ever will I love Ronald Weasley more then a friend. When I did he liked Lavender and lost his chance, so be it!” Throwing her hands up in the air in defeat Hermoine sunk back down into the couch, a frown covered her face, but not one tear fell from her eyes. From what Draco knew girls were supposed to cry, not yell. Then again when did Hermoine Granger ever follow the rules created by society?

“Granger, Weasley is a bloody idiot everyone knows it. So, you turned him down; what’s the worst that could happen?” Malfoy leaned back in the couch, looking at Hermoine with one eye as she leaned back, with her arms crossed around her.

“There’s no point to any of this, Malfoy. Life is just a random lottery of stupid tragedy and close escapes. So, like everyone else I take pleasure in small things. You know, the smell of rain before it even comes, when you laugh so hard you snort, when your little sister comes into your room at different hours of the night to tell you about her bad dream.” Curiously, Malfoy watched as Granger closed her eyes and leaned her head back on the couch. “Everything gets more complicated as you grow up, but that’s what friends are for. Now, Ron won’t even talk to me…what sort of friend is that? So, I don’t love him like that, but only as a brother. I love him regardless, right?”

How the hell was he suppose to answer that? “Granger,” he said, moving so he was sitting directly in front of her. “You are rambling.” Well, that wasn’t what he thought he was going to say, maybe something that consisted of ‘shut up’, or ‘big deal’, but ‘you are rambling’ wasn’t on the game plan. “The first thing you need to do is chill out.”

Hermoine rose her head from the couch and looked at him suspiciously, “Malfoy, why are you being so nice?” When he didn’t answer Hermoine turned her whole body towards him and asked the same question, but got no response.

Instead, Malfoy’s eyes had drifted towards her lips, which had turned red when she licked them. His father wanted progress and by Merlin Draco would give him progress. “Granger, shut up.” Now, that sounded more like him, but suddenly his body shifted closer to hers and he ran his thumb over her bottom lip.
Hermoine was so taken aback she didn’t say a word as Draco leaned forward and crashed his lips on hers. The impact nearly pushed her back into the couch, but Malfoy’s hand behind her neck secured her balance. He was so warm, Draco Malfoy wasn’t suppose to feel warm he was suppose to feel cold, evil…not so good. Sighing softly into his lips Hermoine pulled him closer to her body, trying to gain control. No, control was something Malfoy’s didn’t give up and Draco proved that when he bite her lower lip demanding entrance into her mouth. He should have remembered Granger wasn’t like everyone else, because suddenly Draco was pushed backwards off the couch.

“Bloody hell, Granger, what the hell was that?,” he hissed, standing up and looking down at an angry and flustered Hermoine.

“What was that? What do you think you are doing, you arrogant, sinister, ferret!” Hermoine hadn’t called him ferret in almost a month and now she does…well that’s just fabulous. She ran the back of her hand across her mouth, frowning in disgust. “I can’t believe you kissed me you, you…you…” Her finger was pointed in his face, but Draco only smirked back at her.

“Did I take your breath away, Granger?” Draco stepped towards her, but immediately Hermoine jumped back holding her hands in front of her.

“You knew I was upset, that I wasn’t thinking. Never would I have let you if I was in the right stat of mind!” Hermoine turned sharply on her heals and started towards the spiral staircase.

“You’re just angry because you enjoyed it, and personally I wouldn’t blame you,” he said, running a hand through his hair arrogantly. “I mean you are female, even if you are a muggleborn.”

Hermoine’s temper rose to the tip and finally exploded and with each approaching step her eyes became more furious. Draco stood there with his arms crossed unmoving. So, Hermoine raised her hand and slapped him square on his cheek, making Draco’s hand shoot to it. The look on his face was priceless and cheered Hermoine’s mood even just a little. “I am so unbelievably angry at you, I am hardly breathe! I don’t know who I was kidding imagining that you could be nice!”

Draco flinched as his fingers ran over his cheek and no words came from his mouth. Hermoine took that as his response and sped up the stairs and into the Gryffindor common room, slamming the door behind her. He had watched her every movement and when the door was shut with no sight of Hermoine any longer Draco turned and sat on the couch. Absently he touched his lips, but pulled back when he realized what he was doing.

Chapter 8: Love Can Get Stick-ie.
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Chapter 7

“Why have you come again? You said you would be back when your payment was due,” questioned Voldermont, rising from his chair. The same old woman he had met a month before drifted silently into his study, her gray hair tied tightly on the top of her head.

“Oh, I never said that, Tom, you just assumed I wouldn’t be back and I didn’t say anything to stray you from that idea.” The woman sat down in a chair and looked towards the blazing fire in the corner. “I have come to ask you how everything is going. My superiors are seeing things.”

“If your superiors are seeing things then they should know young Malfoy is getting the job done. Already he has formed a truce with Miss. Granger and a friendship is growing as we speak.” Voldermont smirked, walking around his desk. Without looking into her mind, not that he could if he tried, Voldermont could tell she didn’t trust him. This woman thought he would fail in his task and it angered him to even think that. “Why do you seem so concerned?”

“Tom, what we are creating is not something easily messed with nor controlled. Love is a force more formidable than any other. It obviously cannot be seen or touched, but its power can transform anyone and show them something that they hadn’t known existed in the first place.” The woman stood, walking over to the fire just as she had done on her first visit and looked back at Voldermont, with dark and emotionless eyes.

Voldermont wanted to respond with her name, but still he didn’t know it. He knew this woman as a seer, a strong witch, who is helping him with his cause. The things she knew, the things that she had told him, made Tom see how powerful she truly was. Now, she was speaking cryptically again and it only fueled his frustration. “What possibly could you be talking about? Ms. Granger is suppose to fall in love with Draco.”

“We are not speaking about Ms. Granger, Tom. Ms. Granger’s emotions are exactly as they should be.” Waving her hand over the fire it rose going up the chimney. Voldermont watched in fascination until he realized what she meant.

“You must be seeing something wrong, that could never happen. I picked him because there was no chance he could fall in love with her.” Voldermont stood up and walked towards her, but she held up her hand and looked him dead in the eye.

“I did not say he was in love with Ms. Granger…but from what I am seeing she is teaching him things. Things that have him questioning his ideas, the way he looks at things. Mr. Malfoy is still the strong-headed arrogant young man he was a month or two ago, but now questions are entering his head. The way I see it, if questions are entering it’s only a matter of time until some sort of emotion does.” Bringing the tip of her hood up and covering her head she started to walk past Voldermont.

“Woman, young Malfoy knows I would kill him if he did.” Even as he said it, Voldermont knew that wouldn’t stop Draco. The boy was stubborn yes, but insanely loyal to those he loved. His mother had taught him that…she was the only one he loved.

“Tom, the boy will have to die after my payment is final. Either that or he must be broken to the point that these emotions are stripped bare from him. The decision in the end is up to you.” With that the woman walked out of the room, leaving the door open behind her.

Voldermont sat in his office his mind drifting back from the memories of the past night. Lucius had talked to Draco and learned of a kiss, a kiss shared when Ms. Granger was most vulnerable. This was a great advancement…so why was he sitting here regretting that action? Draco was getting the job done, but that stupid old woman had gotten into his head. Tom was questioning every action he was doing all because of a puzzling talk.

At Hogwarts

“Ron, will you please stop pouting I can’t eat a thing,” snapped Ginny, slapping down her fork on the plate and glaring at her older brother. This whole situation between him and Hermione was getting ridiculous. Harry and her both knew Hermoine didn’t hold any feeling towards her brother, but Ron, being Ron, of course hadn’t realized it.

“Yeah, Mate, it’s been like a week since she said she didn’t love you like that. Can’t you just forgive her and accept that she loves you as a friend.” Harry patted his friend sympathetically on the shoulder and rolled his eyes at Ginny.

“I know that isn’t what’s bugging me though. Have you noticed how strange she has acted since I told her?” Ron pushed his food away and looked towards the door, his eyes widening. Ginny and Harry both looked up and saw an approaching figure with long curly brown hair and a handful of books. “Here she is now. Hello, Hermoine.”

“Hey, ‘Moine,” both Harry and Ginny said in unison, pushing down the bench to make room for her.

“Hi, guys,” she greeted, taking a seat with a smile. Even though her face held a smile her eyes darted constantly towards the door at the front of the Hall. “How was your day so far? Happy it’s lunch?”

“Of course, ‘Moine,” laughed Ginny, “It’s the boys favorite class of the day, you know that. How is planning the Winter Ball going?”

At the mention of the Ball Hermoine tensed up and looked quickly back towards the door. Shrugging casually and taking a piece of bread in front of her she responded, “Oh, you know a little of this, a little of that.”

Ginny glanced surprisingly at Harry and half-smiled. “That’s wonderful…any plans for tonight?”

“I, umm…,” Hermione stopped talking as the door to the dining area opened and starred intently at the door. Ginny could see the relief when two-second years came in laughing about something or another. “No, Gin’, I’m not doing anything. I have some homework that I must finish promptly and helping Snape clean out his potion closet…I think he has taken a liking to me, oh and of course talking with Flitch about going into the basement to find things for the Winter Ball.”

“No,” mumbled Ron, nudging Harry in the side, “That’s not doing anything at all.” Harry snorted, but covered it up with stuffing his mouth with food.

Ginny glared at both Ron and Harry as she turned back towards Hermione, once again seeing her eye the entrance. “If you have time Luna and Jean were coming to the common room for some good old girl fun. You are more than welcomed.”

“Oh, thanks, Gin,” said Hermione, grabbing some food and putting it on a plate. “I’m absolutely starved.” Picking up her fork Hermione went to dig in when the voice she had been avoiding, the one voice that caused her shake, appeared out of nowhere.

“Granger!” Hermione turned around, hoping she had imagined the whole thing completely, but was met with the sight of Draco Malfoy, followed by Blaise Zamboni. They were just entering the hall. “We need to talk, now!”

“Oh, I’m sorry, Gin’, Harry, Ronald,” she said, nodding her head and jumping up from the seat, practically falling over. “I’m suddenly not hungry and I just remember I must go visit that…person to discuss something.” Hermione took off in the opposite direction of Draco and Blaise.

“Hermione,” yelled Ginny, jumping up, “You just said you were starved!” Hermione didn’t answer as she did a 180 and disappeared into a crowd of students.

“I told you she was acting strange,” muttered Ron, pushing his food around. “Ever since I told her she has been doing that every now and then. During class she would suddenly disappear or she came to watch Quidditch, you know that time when the Slytherin’s came and wanted the field, and she disappeared.” Ginny wasn’t listening to Ron though her eyes traveled from the spot where Hermione had just been to the approaching figures. This was very strange…strange indeed.

“Weaselette, where’s Granger?,” snapped Malfoy, looking around.

“You mean the Mudblood?” Ginny looked at Malfoy carefully as his face faltered for a second in confusion, but then he finally nodded his head annoyed. “She just left. You have missed her.” Malfoy growled underneath his breath, mumbling something and turned and left.

Before he completely walked away he turned back to Ginny, frowning, “If you see her; tell her we need to talk.” With that Blaise and him walked out of the Hall, leaving a confused Ginny.

Heads Common Room
12: 30 a.m.
That night

Dear Riley,

How is everything at home? I miss you so much…I wish you could come visit me, but we both know you can’t. Hey, only two more years and you will probably get a letter inviting you here! How are mom and dad? You better be doing all of your schoolwork. When I get home for Christmas break and we get to be together I promise I will take you shopping and we’ll make cookies with Mom. I have any idea for mom and dad’s gift by the way. I say we send them on a second honeymoon. I’m sure Gram will help us pay for it, and we both know how much they need it. I love you! Write soon!

Love, Hermione xoxoxo

Hermione looked back at the parchment and smiled, biting back tears. She hadn’t seen her sister for almost two months and rarely spoke with her. Riley was only nine, but she was Hermione’s best friend in the world…besides for Harry, Ron, and Ginny of course. Hermione was responsible for her when her parents went away on conferences and such during the summer, and they constantly had smores and movie nights that lasted way past bedtime.

“Dobby,” she called folding the letter up and fitting it neatly into an envelope. Suddenly, a pop could be heard and a small house elf appeared, smiling widely at Hermione. “Now, Dobby, I know it’s late, but would you mind sending this letter. It’s going to my sister back home.”

“Yes, Miss. Hermoine, Dobby would lov’ too send the letter. It would be Dobby’s pleasure.” Dobby jumped up and down excited at his new job and took the letter as Hermione handed it to him. “Thank you, Miss., Dobby will make sure it’s sent tonight!” By the time Hermione went to respond Dobby had already popped away and she was left alone in the Head Common Room once again.
Just as she was about to stand up arms wrapped around her waist and a strong hand covered her mouth. Hermione kicked her feet trying to find an escape, but knowing this person behind her was much stronger then her made efforts useless. Their grip didn’t hurt, but simply kept her from running away. As she dug her nails into their arm she saw blood start to form, but their grip didn’t loosen; it actually tightened.

“Granger, you’re being barbaric!,” hissed a voice in her ear, making her freeze. She should of known it was him, they and the teachers were the only ones who knew about the room. Since his hand still covered her mouth she couldn’t respond; instead she stopped struggling. “Good, now I’m going to uncover your mouth, but still not let you go. We need to talk and I can’t take you running away from me.” Slowly he uncovered her mouth knowing that an angry rant was awaiting him, but once again Hermione Granger surprised him and remained silent and limp in his arms. “Are you alive?”

Hermione huffed, shaking her head annoyed. “Was there a need to sneak up on me at night when I was peaceful and about to go to bed, Malfoy? Couldn’t we have done this in the morning?”

Malfoy turned her around in his arms and looked at her face, which was facing her feet. “No, because you would just run away like you have all week long. I know you’re afraid of me, but Merlin Granger couldn’t you have at least looked at me?”

She stayed silent for a long time, but finally spoke almost in a whisper. “I’m not afraid of you, Malfoy. I could never be afraid of a ferret, they are so small and insignificant.”

The words stung, but Malfoy’ face didn’t show any emotion as he raised Hermione’s face making her fierce brown eyes begin a battle with his. Merlin, this woman was infuriating! “Must you be so immature?”

Crossing her arms on her stomach Hermione frowned. “I am not immature.”

“Right,” he said, finally letting his grip on her loosen a bit. “Why have you been avoiding me, Granger?”
Her stubbornness kicked in again as she tried to pull away from him, but his grip tightened again making her face him completely. Their bodies were meshed together to the point of being one, and Hermione couldn’t lie to herself. The feeling made her extremely uncomfortable, but on the other side it excited her; with that realization she knew she had finally lost her mind. Sleep, sleep was calling to her and to sleep she needed to get away from this large, over-bearing, piece of Malfoy that was in front of her.

“Let me go, Malfoy,” she hissed, looking around for her wand. Draco knew what she was doing and smirked knowing that her wand was in his pocket. The idiot of a girl left it on the table.

“Granger, please, can we talk,” Draco asked, practically biting his tongue as the word ‘please’ escaped it. Did he actually just ask her nicely? Merlin, what was his girl teaching him…politeness or worse niceness!

Hermione was just as surprised at his ‘please’, maybe even a bit more then he was himself. Looking intently at him she raised her eyebrow. “Malfoy, what are you playing at?”

If only she knew exactly what he was playing at, and what he was playing for… “Granger, why have you been avoiding me? We needed to talk and you disappear every time I come in a twenty foot radices.”

“Why,” she yelled, pushing away from him abruptly, “you kissed me when I was completely not myself! You took advantage of a situation that, for some reason, I trusted you with. It was my own ignorance that I thought you had changed. That because we have been civil you were actually a friend, a small friend, but a friend nonetheless.”

Malfoy let his arms drop from around her, as Hermione took deep breathes trying to calm herself. “I was your friend?”

“Well, Malfoy, I know this is a new emotion, but when you are nice to someone and they are nice to you; they start forming something that’s called a friendship. I might despise you, but you were nice and making an effort and I appreciated it. Everyone should be given a second chance.”

“How is it your always so damn nice?” Maybe those weren’t the best words to say, but it was the only thing Draco Malfoy was thinking as he stood in front of Hermoine Granger…how is it this girl gave him a second chance? Why would she? Was she really that gullible to him?

As Hermione starred at Malfoy a smile played on her lips as she tried to stand her ground. Suddenly a laugh escaped her mouth, and her hand covered it immediately. Malfoy looked down at her as her face fought to keep hold of the serious emotion, but failed miserably as she burst out laughing. “Malfoy how is it you always know what to say to get yourself out of trouble?”

Malfoy squinted his eyes at her in confusion then finally did something Hermoine wasn’t expecting. Malfoy laughed. It wasn’t a terribly big laugh nor was it a loud one, but as Malfoy stood in front of her, laughing, Hermione couldn’t help but smile. “I have never seen you honestly laugh before, Malfoy. It’s refreshing to know you have a heart.” The moment the words came out of her mouth Draco sobered completely, a small smile the only evidence the laugh really happened.

“I have a heart, Granger, everyone does.” Malfoy turned away from her and walked over to the fireplace. “You said before that you and I were forming a sort of ‘friendship’ correct?” His mind was racing as a sudden plan formed, a plan that would make his father extremely happy.

“Yes, I did, but that was before you broke it by taking advantage of me when I was not myself,” she snapped, walking towards him, but taking a seat on the couch.

Malfoy stroked his chin slowly as his mind processed all his thoughts and when he did turn back to Granger he knew what was going to happen. “I want you to give me another chance.”

“A chance,” Hermione asked slowly, making sure she understood correctly. Draco Malfoy wanted a chance of being her friend. “You want a chance to be my friend?”

“Merlin, Granger, I’m not begging you to be my friend, I have plenty. What I am asking is for what we had, a truce so to speak, before the event that took place last week. Do we have an agreement?” This sounded like a contract something that bonded them together, an agreement that set a new day between them and a new slat for him. Draco needed this he needed to get back on track with gaining her trust and making her love him.

She sat there pondering the idea of actually becoming friends with Malfoy, the young man she had hated with a passion since she set a foot in Hogwarts. How could so much change in one year? “A truce, a truce that makes us act decent to one another when in public and occasionally nice outside public?”

“Granger, we are acting decently to one another right now and neither of us is dropping dead from it. So, yes, I suppose that is what I’m asking.” Malfoy tapped his foot on the ground, how long would it take for her just say yes?

“Why,” Hermione questioned, standing up in front of him. “Why now?”

“Because,” answered Malfoy, taking a deep breathe, “Everyone deserves a second chance.” Waiting for her answer wasn’t easy, all he wanted at that moment was for her to say yes. It would make everything so much easier. As she took her grand old time answering Malfoy surveyed the girl in front of him. She wasn’t the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, but surprisingly not the ugliest either. Her teeth weren’t that big anymore, and her forehead finally fit her face. Maybe this plan wouldn’t be that hard after all…she actually sort of…pretty? Shaking his head his attention went back to the girl in front of him who was starring at him intently.


Chapter 9: Uneasy Feelings...
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“Malfoy, no no no!,” screeched Hermione practically jumping out of her chair, but trying to keep her composure for the sake of the many prefects sitting around the large table. “We have been over this before, the dance will not be green and silver! It is completely biased towards the other houses!”


“Green and silver are the two colors that would look best with whatever people are wearing, don’t you understand? I forgot your Hermione Granger if it isn’t your way, then it isn’t a possibility!” Draco stood up and walked to the paper that was hung on the wall, marked with all the color options for the dance. “Red and Green is too cliché; while having just white will drown everyone out. Like wise for black. Green is a rue winter color and silver will match everything!”


“How would you know about how colors match well with other colors, Malfoy?” Hermione now was standing walking over to the paper as well.


“Because, unlike some people,” he said, looking over at Hermione, causing her face to redden, “I have a fashion sense and know how to coordinate! Merlin, why don’t we vote!”


“Fine,” yelled Hermione, looking towards the group of prefects. “I say we have blue and white; who agrees?” Many hands went into the air, making Hermione turn towards Draco with her hands on her hips. “See.”


“Hold on, Granger, just wait a minute, whoever wants green and silver raise your hands.” All the hands from Slytherin rose along with a few from other houses, who took glances at Hermione as they rose their hands. “Granger this is ridiculous they are afraid of you! Merlin knows why.”


“Excuse me,” said a 5th year from Ravenclaw, “I have an idea.”


Both Hermione and Draco were arguing again, completely unknown to the young girl. “People can be afraid of me. I earn respect and so they respect and fear me for my intelligence! You wouldn’t know what respect is though, would you Malfoy. People don’t’ respect you; they fear you. There is a difference!” 


“Fear me! They should fear me! I am Head and also a Slytherin; I deserve their fear. Yet, I probably have more respect from people in this school then you do. Never, except in class, do you ever stand up for what you believe in. You have Wonder Boy and Weasel to do it,” he hissed, pointing towards Ron, “Granger I want you to fear me, but most of all I want you to fight for what you want! You’re pathetic!”


“Oh, Malfoy, I don’t stand up for what I believe in huh? Well at least I stand up for what is right! Some don’t even know the difference; they just go where they are lead; like sheep!”


“Excuse me,” repeated the young girl, standing up now, holding her hands out between the two, but still being ignored.


Ron stood up in his chair ready to head towards Malfoy, but Hermione gave him a point look and he sat back down. “Malfoy, we are embarrassing ourselves in front of everyone here.” Hermione by now was fuming, but finally realized the young girl in front of her. “Yes?”


“I have an idea about the colors, so all of us can leave, and you two can bicker alone.” She pulled on her brown hair nervously, seeing that all attention was on her now.


“Ok, go ahead,” said Hermione sweetly, smiling gently at the girl, but refusing to look at Malfoy.


“Draco wants green and silver and you want blue and white, and all of us can’t decide. Why don’t we just have blue and silver then? It’s winter like, and we could decorate with snowflakes and have it snowing lightly during the dance.” The girl stood, as both Draco and Hermione were dead quiet, thinking about her idea. Neither showed any facial expression at all.


“Fine,” Hermione said finally, taking a breath and looking over at Malfoy. “I agree I suppose; I like the snow idea.” The girl relaxed, but tensed again seeing Draco with a frown on his face. Hermione elbowed Malfoy gently and gave a small smile, “just answer she looks terrified,” she whispered without anyone seeing.


Draco sighed and nodded. “Whatever.”


The girl smiled brightly and retreated. “So the meeting is over?, she asked brightly, gathering her stuff.


“Yes,” said Hermione, “but everyone remember the dance is exactly one month away. We will meet in three days to think about what food we want; but as of now Malfoy and I will take care of the colors and picking up decorations.” Everyone nodded and piled out of the room.


“Hermione, do you want me to wait for you so you don’t have to be alone with Malfoy?,” asked Ron leaning against the doorframe with his books.


“No, Ronald, I am fine. Malfoy and I need to work on paying for the decorations. I’ll see you at dinner.” Ron nodded and left the room, but not before sending Draco an icy glare that would run shivers down anyone’s spine.


“He still has it in for me,” said Draco grabbing a chair and sitting down. “I’ve hardly said a damn word to the Weasel all week.”


“He’s just upset the past couple days you and I have had so much planning to do that I’ve hardly spent any time with him.” Hermione gathered up papers, but looked up when she realized Draco hadn’t answered.


He had a strange expression on his face as he stood up and coked his head to one side. “You haven’t talked with him much lately?”


“No,” Hermione answered nonchalantly, looking at Draco confused. “Why?”


Draco shrugged his shoulders and nodded to the papers. “So, what exactly is left to do?”


Hermione looked to the papers again and shuffled through them. “Actually, most of it is covered. I can do the payment issue; you won’t need to worry about that.”


“Alright,” he answered, “well, I guess I’ll just go then. Bye Granger.” Draco walked out of the room after Hermione answered with a muffled ‘bye’ as she busily started putting papers into piles.

            The girl was making him angry; hadn’t she just told Weasel that they needed to do work? What was she playing off? He watched as Hermione pushed a strand of hair from her face the feelings of being off balance came at him again; lately it’s been happening a lot. Shaking his head he walked away leaving Hermione to do her work.



Potion Class. Friday. 2:00 p.m.


“Ms. Granger and Mr. Malfoy you two have done a truly O potion,” said Professor Snape, starring down at their Truth serum.


“Well, thank you, sir,” answered Hermione, looking sideways at Malfoy shocked. Professor Snape nodded and turned, heading towards Neville’s potion. Almost as though he just remember something he turned back, “you two may leave, there must be something that has be planned for the Winter Ball or decorating to be done. Everyone else open your books again and re-read what had to be done, because obviously all of you, excluding Ms. Granger and Mr. Malfoy, are either blind or dumb.”


Draco grabbed his books quickly and rushed from the room, but stopped at the door looking back at Hermione who starred dazed at Professor Snapes back. He could see it coming, the words escaping her mouth… “But, sir, students aren’t allowed to wander the halls.” Before he knew it his hand had grabbed Hermione’s and pulled her out of the room. Fortunately everyone had their heads buried in their books and didn’t see the scene before them. 


“What did you do that for, Malfoy?” Hermione snatched her hand back and readjusted her clothing. “Professor Snape isn’t allowed to dismiss us both; it’s again the rules. He’s been here so long he must know that; maybe he forgot?” Silently she had a debate in her head as Draco watched amused. She really was a piece of work.


“Granger,” he said…


“Maybe he wants to get us in trouble…” she prophesied. The light from outside came in view as they came out of the dungeon.


“Granger,” Draco said again, cutting her off.


“but if he wants to get us in trouble, why compliment our potion. Even if it was splendidly done…” Hermione covered her eyes as the brightness of the snow on the ground, that had fallen last night, hit her eyes.


Draco set down his books as Hermione still stood questioning every scenario that she could come up with. Without her even knowing he had disappeared into the eternal white and come back holding some of it in his hand. “Hey, Granger,” he yelled again, and finally Hermione looked up startled, as though being pulled out of a dream.


“What…” but before she could finish a pile of cold, fluff hit her square in the face. Draco’s face split in a lop-sided smile, but changed to a frown as Hermione dropped her books on the ground and came after him. “Malfoy, you are going to get it. You got ice on my books!”


“Oh, Merlin, that’s exactly what I was trying to do,” Draco yelled behind him as he ran through the snow, scooping up more snow as he did.


Hermione picked up speed and was gaining on him, now holding a huge pile of snow in her arms. Draco slipped on the ground, falling into the snow, and since she had been right behind him Hermione tripped and fell over him. Before she hit the ground her pile of snow covered Draco entirely from head to toe, making his already white blonde hair pure white crystals. “That was for the books,” laughed Hermione, lying tired on the ground.


Draco sat there, covered in snow, and looked at Hermione’s smiling face. When was the last time he had actually played in the snow? What had made him want to play in the snow? “You have snow in your hair,” he said, leaning forward and pushing some snow from Hermione’s hair careful to avoid getting it in her eyes.


Hermione stopped laughing, but still had a smile on her face as she looked over at him. “Thank you, Malfoy. Now, I really do think we should get inside. It’s chilly out here; we wouldn’t want the Heads to become sick now do we?”


“You’re probably right, Granger,” Draco said, with a strange expression, “but you want to know what I think?”


“Hmm…” said Hermione starting to stand; with Malfoy still on the ground beside her.


“Hermione! Are you all right? Malfoy leave her alone,” cried a frazzled red head running through the snow towards Hermione. “What has he done to you?”


Draco’s eye met Ginny’s and he shook with anger. Everything had been going well. It was only November, a month before the Winter Ball, and they had been getting along. Well, as much as Draco could handle being around her. “What makes you think I have done anything to her, Weaselette? Does she have a cut on her? A bruise? With that smile that was just on her face, I guess, it makes it quite obvious I just tortured her.” His voice came out rough and angry, as Ginny pulled Hermione up and dusted her off.


“Ferret, I don’t care if you did anything or not. The whole idea of you two in the snow means you did something; wait, Hermione, aren’t you suppose to be in Potions?” Her attention turned to the confused girl besides her; who stood fiddling with her jacket button.


“Well, yes, but Professor Snape; he, ahh…, he let us off early to plan for the Winter Ball and then Malfoy, well he threw a snowball and I…” her voice drifted into nothingness as she looked at her stunned friend.


“I see,” Ginny said slowly looking between both Draco and Hermione. “So, you guys were just having a snow ball fight? Nothing else?”


“Nothing else,” repeated Hermione with her eyes pointed down at the ground. Why did she feel so ashamed? It was a harmless snowball fight, that’s it.


Ginny bite her lip and nodded. “Alright? Are you ready to go? Hermione you and I can go finish our work before the boys get out of Potions and maybe have a small girls night tonight?”


“Well, isn’t that just adorable a girls night,” cooed Draco smirking, “sounds like a smashing good time. Can I come?” His mocking tone made Hermione turn around and push him to the snow, drawing not only a surprised look from Ginny, but Draco as well.


“You Mud-…” he stopped himself at her icy expression. Ginny noticed the obvious hesitation in his voice and looked towards Hermione as well. Something fishy was going on here. “What the bloody was that for, Granger?”


“You…you being a ignorant jerk that’s what! Why can’t you just shut up and not mock everything that is said around you! Must you have a say about every little thing. Keep your nose out of others business,” she huffed, grabbing Ginny’s hand and pulling her away. Even she knew she had overreacted, but what has caused this awful outburst? Her face was red with fury, but Hermione knew part of it was due to the shame and, could it be?, guilt she felt for going off on Draco as she did.




Secret Location


11 p.m.


“Master,” said Lucius bowing his head, with a triumph smile. “I have good news.”


“Speak,” Voldermont responded, rolling his neck, and cracking it as he sat impatiently in his chair.


“We have figured out how to get around the spell; everything will go as planned. I’ll fill my son in immediately on the happenings, with your permission, my lord, of course.”


“No,” yelled Voldermont, standing abruptly, “he must not know. No one must know except those who go on this mission. You have done well, Lucius, you are a loyal follower. Leave me now.” Lucius bowed and exited the room; he’d done well maybe now Voldermont wouldn’t kill Draco after his task…





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Chapter 10: The Set Up
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Chapter 10

“Something strange is going on, Harry, they have been acting so friendly lately,” said Ginny, picking at her food nervously.

“A snowball fight?,” Harry said once again with a strange expression. “It’s Hermione, Gin, she knows Malfoy is bad news. He’s been making her life miserable since First year.”

“I know but I still think something is going on. Don’t you see it? They seem to have some sort of truce!” Her heated expression made Harry laugh as he leaned forward and kissed her softly.

“Gin, just let it go! Come on lets go for a walk it’s beautiful out and the sun is just setting.” Harry stood up and offered Ginny his arm; she slid her arm through the crock of his, smiling.

“Fine, but I’m not letting this go. Malfoy is a conniving ferret and shouldn’t be around our Hermione. Voldermont hasn’t made any effort lately, what if he’s using Malfoy?”

Harry cocked his head towards Ginny with an amused expression. “Malfoy? He’s a coward, Gin, Voldermont would be a fool to use him.” Ginny nodded and laid her head on his shoulder as they walked out of dinner and into a empty hall.

“I’m sorry Harry I’m just so worried. Hermione is like a sister to me, the idea of Malfoy with her—in a truce…It just makes me so angry!” Ginny looked towards a row of bushes, eyeing them as they moved in the wind. Her stomach had a funny feeling, but ignoring it she looked back towards Harry.

“I’ll keep an eye on her, ok Gin, now lets talk about something else.” Harry grabbed Ginny’s hand, pulling her closer.

Ginny smiled brightly, “and what would you like to talk about Mr. Potter?”

“Well I don’t know—“ Suddenly Harry fell to the ground in a heap.

Ginny hadn’t seen the red flash until it was too late. Pulling out her wand immediately she circled around, looking for who or rather where the Stun spell had come from.

“Who’s there?” Ginny made the mistake of looking back down at the unconscious Harry and when she looked back up two cloaked figures emerged from the bushes.

“Stun her,” said one harshly.

“Yeah, yeah,” but without warning another red flash came sending the terrified Ginny to the ground next to Harry. The strange part was the spell hadn’t come from one of the two figures in front of her, but instead a unknown partner behind her…

“What are you doing here,” said the figure that had ordered Ginny to be stunned.

“You don’t honestly believe you can accomplish this without me, do you?”

That Night

“Wizards of that time fought loyally for their ideas…” Hermione turned the page of her book. She’d been so busy the past few weeks with the silly ball she hadn’t thought of anything else. There was so much reading to catch up on.
Suddenly without warning the door flung up; it was late and no one else had been in the library with Hermione. She jumped startled at the sound, but immediately rolled her eyes as Draco Malfoy strolled in.

“Well, well, I assumed the library would be deserted.” Leisurely he walked to Hermione’s table, pulled out a chair, and took a seat. “What are you reading?”

“Labin’s ‘Rules of a Wizard’ it’s rather extraordinary, Draco, he constantly speaks about loyalty bonds and how the past bonds had been stronger…” her voice drifted off as she realized her rambling, but Malfoy was utterly quiet for another reason, “I suppose,” she continued, “loyalty had been stronger in the past.”

“Loyalty is the most important characteristic within a person, Granger, it shows your strength to withstand an opponent.” Draco leaned back in the chair, waiting for Hermione to answer. She always had something to say back to him.

“I agree, but Malfoy loyalty is only so much. If the cause you’re working for is bad you need to see that, that loyalty needs to become a loyalty to yourself and your own beliefs.” Hermione smiled gently at him; loyalty was something Draco probably knew a lot about; loyalty to his family, to the Dark Arts, and maybe even to Voldermont. The thought sent a chill down her spine.

Draco sat very quiet for a few moments, but when he spoke he not only shocked Hermione, but himself as well. “Sometimes if you break a loyalty it costs you your life or the lives of those you love.”

“If that’s the case, Malfoy,” said Hermione carefully, starring him straight in the eye, “then I strongly believe this ‘loyalty’ isn’t something you should be loyal to in the first place.” Her words were picked wisely, in a weird way Malfoy had opened up and she didn’t want to push him away.

His face became red with fury. “You know nothing, Granger,” he said, standing up and knocking over the chair as he did. “Don’t speak to me like it’s some simple act to break a loyalty. I’m not one of your Gryffindor goody two shoes whose only problem is what to do after Hogwarts. I’m not one of your Gryffindor pals.” Draco turned furiously planning to storm off.

“No, Malfoy,” Hermione said pushing back her chair and standing up, “you’re right. You’re not one of my Gryffindor pals; you are firstly a Slytherin and secondly you are not my pal.” Draco froze in his angry rage and looked back at her; she was really trying to make him angry and it was working. “You are not my pal,” she repeated, “you are simply my friend and friends talk— I know it’s a new idea since Crabbe and Goyle barely say two words, but friends do talk. Whenever, wherever they need help; a friend is there. Now,” she took a breathe and walked up to him, “we were having a perfectly civil conversation must you become all steamed up?”

Draco stood there, not moving, not talking; just taking in the situation. He couldn’t think of anything to say. “You called me Draco earlier,” was all he said as he walked back to the table and took his seat again. Hermione stood mute, she’d expected him to yell or get upset, but nothing…maybe he’d actually listened to her. Draco waving his hand in front of her face brought her out of her trance. “Granger…hello…”

“Oh, yes, sorry,” she stuttered walking around to her chair. “I hadn’t meant to call you Draco; I was just so excited about the literature.”

“I didn’t mind,” Draco responded looking at the titles of the many books piled on the table. “As long as you don’t do it in public.” Hermione looked dup at his harsh tone, but was only met by a small cocky smile.

Hermione leaned across the table, hitting him gently on the shoulder. “Fine I’ll just scream across the halls ok? ‘Draco!’ Wouldn’t that just sound wonderful?”

Draco began to laugh lightly as his eyes caught a title. “Brayon ‘How to do Potions for Dums’ I love this book!” He began flipping through. “My favorite part if the healing section.”

“My favorite part is the healing section,” said Hermione just as Draco said it.
Both persons froze looking at one another; they had something in common. Maybe there was hope for this friendship…

Outside the Library

The library door opened slowly, not drawing the attention of either Hermione or Draco. Two cloaked figured peered in taking in the scene before them. Draco was standing over Hermione looking at some book, both were laughing about something it said.
“I’m not sure I’ve ever seen him laugh,” said one.

“He’s just doing his order,” responded the other.

“He’s very good at it. The only thing he needed to do was go in and sit; not have an hour conversation with the Mudblood.”

“Draco is a loyal servant,” the other answered shutting the door gently.

“Yes…yes I hope…”

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Chapter 11: A Change In Friendship
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Chapter 10

Hermione and Draco finally left the library around midnight- their conversation had lasted almost two hours.

“Granger, you might be an anti-social bookworm, but you do know what you’re talking about when it comes to books.” Draco slowed down as they approached the staircases.

“Yeah, Malfoy, and you can actually stay awake when talking about something other than yourself.” She smirked at him, but froze as she heard noises.

“Someone is out past curfew; do you want to give out the detentions or should I?” Hermione hit him lightly in the arm as they looked around the corner. “Potter and Weasel Jr. I should have known.”

Hermione frowned at his insulting names, but the conversation between her very best friends caught more of her attention.

“Are you sure, Ginny? This isn’t a matter to be wrong about; we haven’t trusted her for months. Ron can’t stand her being around Malfoy so much; she’s changed.” Harry’s mysterious person was known by both of them; it was Hermoine herself.

“Harry she isn’t one of us anymore it’s only a matter of time. Personally, her constant secrets have made me wonder her loyalty to our cause.” Hermione’s eyes widened,

Malfoy couldn’t help but see them becoming watery. “Granger…” he whispered touching her shoulder, she shook him off and leaned closer to the conversation.

“Ginny, it’s always been you, me and Ron- we don’t need her. We don’t need anyone we can’t trust. If she’s not with us 100%, she’s against us.”

“Harry, I wish,” she sighed loudly, “I wish Voldermont would just leave you alone and…well, take her.” The sound of their steps disappeared as they walked up the steps. Draco stood silent as he looked at Hermione. Her face looked like he’d never seen before.

“Granger, I’m sure that…” she held up her hand, taking a deep breath.

“Goodnight,” with that she ran down the hall, leaving Draco with a small smile of triumph.

Next Morning

“That was awesome,” Blaise said shoveling food into his mouth, “I couldn’t bloody believe it!”

Draco nodded his head, looking around the lunch room- she hadn’t come in yet, and she was always there bright and early.

“You alright, Draco? I thought you’d be more excited it worked out perfectly. The two dumb Gryffindors just think they fell asleep outside; thank Merlin for strong memory charms.”

Draco smiled, but then saw her enter. She looked horrid; well, worse then usual. Her hair was a mess; she clothes unkept. He went to stand, but realized the impact of what the action of talking to her in public would do to his reputation. Blaise followed Draco’s eye and took in his expression. Draco looked pained almost, but that couldn’t be…

“Draco, looking at your prize? She looks devastated. When you think Granger can’t get any uglier she does,” Blaise began to laugh.

“I have to talk to her about the dance; I’ll talk to you later.” Draco stood up abruptly and strolled confidently towards the Gryffindor table.

As Hermione walked in for the first time in years she didn’t know where to sit. She was alone. Trudging to an empty seat she sat down and pulled out a book. Ron’s voice pulled her from her trance.

“Her, ‘Mione! Why are you by yourself down there?” Hermione looked up and saw Ron, Harry, and Ginny down the table looking towards her.

“Hermione come down here,” said Ginny happily, “why are you alone?” Hermione lowered her head and ignored them. She couldn’t even look at them.

“Hermione!” yelled Ginny, starting to stand up.

“Maybe she doesn’t hear us,” said Ron, waving his arms around. Hermione just looked at the words in her book; not even comprehending what they meant.
Suddenly a hand touched her shoulder making her jump; she looked towards Ginny, Ron, and Harry and all three were mute, starring behind Hermione. She turned and sucked in a breath. There stood Draco Malfoy; frowning down at her.

“Granger, we need to chat,” he said, looking over at the ‘New Golden Trio’ and smirking.

“About what,” she whispered, looking back towards the book. Malfoy saw her avoiding his eye and took the book, throwing it to the ground. “Malfoy!,” Hermione yelled, “what is your problem!”

“Hermione,” said Harry, jogging to her side, “what’s Malfoy doing? Malfoy, you ferret, leave her alone!” He laid his hand on Hermione’s shoulder, but she shrank away from it. Harry looked down at Hermione’s pained expression, but assumed it was from Malfoy. “Malfoy,” Harry was furious now, “what the bloody did you do? Hermione,” his attention towards her, “what happened?” By now Ginny and Ron had come and all three were around Hermione. Her face looked so pained that even Draco felt bad.

“Sorry, Potty, but I haven’t done a bloody thing. Have I, Granger?” Hermione looked at him slowly then towards her former friends and nodded.

“Hermione, what has he done to you,” begged Ginny, sitting down and hugging her.

“Granger,” Draco held out his hand; he hadn’t meant to be so formal but she looked like someone had stabbed her. “Granger, we still need to talk.”

“Hermione looked at him hand and back at Ginny. “ ‘Moine, what is going on?”
Suddenly Hermione did the last thing any of them had expected and reached up and grabbed his hand. The moment Draco realized what she’d done he entwined his fingers with hers and pulled her up; smirking at Ron who’s face was priceless.

“Hermione, what are you doing,” asked Harry with a shocked expression. She lowered her head, but as she did Draco squeezed her fingers slightly making her look up at Harry. The look that covered her face was unlike anything Harry had ever seen. Pain. Hurt. Sadness. But then another emotion flashed quickly. Fury. Hermione was furious at them, but why? “’Moine,” he reached for her, buts he backed away.

“Potter, Granger doesn’t seem like she wants to speak to you or the two blood traitors behind you,” mocked Draco, as he glanced down at his hand and realized they were still holding hands. Hermione noticed as well and both leg go immediately, drawing a even more curious glance from Ginny.

“What have you done to her, you, you,” Ron began to stutter drawing a laugh from Draco, “you arse!” Draco laughed even harder shaking his head.

“Weasel, I haven’t done a bloody thing. The question is what have you all done?” Hermione looked at Draco, almost begging to leave through her eyes.

Draco nodded at her and bent over, picking up her book he’d thrown to the ground, “Here.” Hermione took it, smiling slightly. “Ready to make a grand exit, Granger?” With that and a wave of his wand he grabbed her hand and in a cloud of smoke both disappeared.
Harry and Ron were fuming at what had just happened, but Ginny – Ginny watched moments before when Draco had grabbed Hermione’s hand. He could’ve grabbed anything, but grabbing her hand made it personal.

Another pair of eyes had seen that action as well, a twinkling pair that was followed with a slight frown.

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Chapter 12: A Different Mission?
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Chapter 11

“What the bloody hell was that about,” yelled Ron throwing a plate across the table and looking back at the door Hermione and Draco walked out of.

“He’s got something on her,” Harry concluded, smashing down his egg. “That’s the only explanation.”

Ginny sat still, thinking. Something didn’t fit- Hermione hadn’t looked angry or upset at Draco. She had looked genuinely happy to see him. “I don’t think so Harry.”

Both Harry and Ron didn’t take notice to her epiphany they were too busy planning how to prove that Malfoy “supposedly” had on Hermione.

Snow had begun to cling to the ground as Voldermont glanced round, why hand she wanted to meet her? This made no sense, he had a perfectly safe house to conduct meetings in; this whole meeting was rather ridiculous. He had been told everything was occurring on schedule, all he had to do was finish the breaking task.

“Tom, so glad you could accommodate an old woman and meet her where she requested,” said the woman as she approached him. The snow melted where she walked, leaving a clear path to Voldermont. His eyes followed her, glancing slightly at the obeying ground.

“Will I be able to do that when we are finished? Some sort of old wandless magic?”

The old woman began to laugh. “Wandless magic? Most definitely not, Tom. I do not do wandless magic!” He shook his head confused. But then scowled.

“What did you want old woman? What possibility could be so important that we needed to meet in complete isolation?”

She finally stopped laughing and picked up a handful of snow. “Don’t you adore snow, Tom? I personally have always cared deeply for it. You can mold it into anything between your fingers,” slowly she rolled the snow into a ball, “but sometimes the snow gets dirty, you see, or slushy, or even hard.” Frowning deeply she took the snowball and threw it into a tree where it dissolved into many pieces. “And then snow isn’t fun anymore.”

Voldermont watched the snow around her melt further and further away with each word- how could this be? He felt her energy, her power, it danced in front of him. A steak in front of a starving dog. He wanted it. “Stop your mindless rambling,” he snapped.

“Mindless,” she yelled, stepping closer. Now he could feel the heat, her fury on his face. “You were to go behind my back and kill without discussing it with me! You’re mindless, Lord Voldermont!,” she mocked, glaring at him, “to think you could accomplish this whole thing without drawing suspicion.”

Voldermont finally realized what she meant. “I didn’t believe it concerned you,” he said honestly, the heat on his face decreasing slightly.

“Honestly Tom, how would this matter not concern me. It would affect my prize; her emotional stat; possibly drawing her closer, but on the bad side possibly pushing her further and further away. Are you willing to do that?” She sighed, running a finger across her brow and yawning. “I’m allowing this plan to continue simply because your Mr. Malfoy has done a outstanding job so far; he’s gained her trust all through his own manipulation. His loyalty is what I question still…what do you feel?”

“Draco wouldn’t dream of switching loyalties; he’s a coward- an outstanding manipulator, but a coward in the long run. Mr. Malfoy will not be a problem, my Old and Wise Acquaintance.” Voldermont smirked at his own confidence, making the old woman nod.

“Alright, Tom, carry out your plan. Next time include me completely, no secrets. You don’t understand how much I despise being excluded, my dear. “ With a sharp wind and a pop she was gone, the area around them both melted down to the grass, puddles of waters surrounding Voldermont.

It had begun to rain as Hermione and Draco exited the school; the rain hit the piles of snow softly. No words had been exchanged. Hermione glanced over at Draco, outlining his face- his cheeks his lips. Twice she had opened her mouth to speak, and twice no words had come out.

“It’s raining,” she said, breaking the deathly silence.

Draco smirked. “Really Granger, is that what this water is? Thanks!” Draco walked over to a huge tree, to block the now pouring rain. Why hadn’t he left her outside? It was getting colder the more it rained.

“No need to be smart,” mumbled Hermione following her under the tree. “What did you need to talk about?”

Draco looked over at her “Don’t really remember. You looked like you wanted to escape.” Hermione’s eyes widened. “Don’t look so surprised, Granger!”

“You saved me?” She was astonished.

“You looked scared, Granger, what did you want me to do? Your friends- well they backstabbed you. And you say Slytherin’s are bad…” his words drifted off as her facial expression turned sour and she stepped out into the ran from under the tree.

“My friends…You can’t…” Her voice went away but was replaced by the rain falling around her. It was almost romantic to Draco, she looked beautiful with the rain covering her all over.

“Sorry, Granger, but they did…betray you…I mean…Now, please get out of the rain,” Draco held out his hand, he’d been doing that a lot lately. What had gotten into him?

Hermione looked solemnly at his hand, almost giving in, but then took a step back. “You don’t know me as well…as well as you think, Draco!”

Without warning Hermione flew around on her heals and took off towards the school.

Draco didn’t think the rain was the only thing running down her cheeks.

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Chapter 13: A Midnight Visit
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8 days. 8 whole days had passed. Where in the Merlin was he! Hermione threw her book down frustrated on the seat next to her. After their encounter outside in the rain Draco had disappeared off the face of the earth. It was really bugging Hermione Granger. Standing up she grabbed her books and walked out of the library heading towards the Heads common room, but froze when she saw Dumbledore ahead of her in the hall. Should she ask? No, no Dumbledore would think it was suspicious…

Her legs didn’t listen to her head though and moved towards Dumbledore, finally catching up and tapping him on the shoulder. “Uhh…excuse me, Sir, can I have a moment?”

“Ms. Granger this is a very nice surprise; how is the dance coming? Three weeks away I can hardly believe time has passed so quickly!” Dumbledore looked down at Hermione as she fought for the right words, a battle circling in her eyes.

“Actually, sir, that why I was coming to talk to you! Malfoy hasn’t come to the last prefect meeting and I was just wondering if you had any idea where he has been. He’s my partner is Potions as well and he hasn’t been to class.” Hermione rubbed her fingers together nervously waiting for his response.

Dumbledore’s eyes twinkled as he stood and examined Hermione. “He was called home,” he finally said. “Family emergency, I’m sorry you weren’t told. He should be back tonight or tomorrow morning. Mr. Malfoy was supposed to inform you before he left, I don’t see why he didn’t.”

Hermione lowered her eyes ashamed; maybe she had actually hurt his feelings. All he did was stand up for her and help her out of an awkward situation. Why did she have to get so protective? It didn’t make sense; how is it he could make her so angry in such a small amount of time? The only difference lately is she was feelings more and more ashamed of herself when she took out her anger on him. Thoughts continued to swirl around her head until she heard Dumbledore’s voice in the back of her mind.

“Ms. Granger, is everything alright? Would you like to have a talk?” Dumbledore’s face set into a concerned frown; as he put his hand on her shoulder. “We could speak privately in my office.”

Hermione shook her head and forced a smile. “I’m fine, sir, just tired I suppose from all the dance planning and classes. Thank you anyways.” As she turned to walk away Hermione realized Dumbledore hadn’t released her shoulder.

“Ms. Granger, are you sure everything is alright? I haven’t seen you with the usual crowd lately.”

Hermione flinched at the blunt mention of Harry, Ron, and Ginny, but still forced a smile. “Yes, sir, everything is fine. Must be going though, I have a lot of work to get done.” Hurrying away Hermione didn’t see Dumbledore frown, nor did she see McGonagall come up, but more especially she didn’t hear Dumbledore and McGonagall’s hushed whispered in the middle of the hall.

Everything was different then Hermione had thought her last year would be like; never would she had thought she would be more comfortable talking with Draco Malfoy then her three best friends. Shaking her head to relieve the thought she looked back down at her potions homework; Draco being gone had left her doing a lot more work than usual and it was driving her mad. Snape, oddly, had been very understanding and gave her extra time on her work; why he was being so understanding was still a mystery to Hermione, along with the rest of the class.

Rubbing her eyes Hermione froze as the door to the common room opened quietly; it was late and it could only be one of two people: Dumbledore, wanting to have that talk or…or it was Draco back from his family emergency. Quickly she switched off the light and sat down on the couch, looking towards the door. If it was Dumbledore she wanted to avoid that talk.

“Bloody hell,” said a familiar voice as they stumbled into the room. “How is it I still trip on that blasted step!”

Hermione smiled and quickly switched on the light. “Hello, Malfoy,” she said, but quickly Draco turned away mumbling obvious inappropriate words.

“Granger, do you ever sleep? It’s one in the morning! Can’t a person get a moment alone? Oh, I forget I don’t know you at all, right, so maybe I just don’t know that you enjoy sneaking up on people at one in the morning!” His voice was rough and something else, nervous maybe? Draco Malfoy was nervous to see Hermione…but why?

“Malfoy, I tried to find you all week to apologize for getting upset, but you disappeared. Dumbledore told me you were suppose to tell me you were leaving. Is everything ok at home?” She was rambling, she knew that, but she had to ramble to stop from being curious why Draco was turned away from her. She had really done it this time; she just kept pushing everyone away!

“I didn’t think you’d care honestly, Granger, so I just left. You didn’t seem like you wanted to see me. My house was fine; it was a normal week at my house.” His voice still was nervous and he still was facing away from her.

“You mean your home?” Hermione walked slowly towards him.

“What?” He asked moving uncomfortably away from her, he must have known she was coming nearer.

“You called it your house; not your home…usually people say home…?” Hermione reached forward slowly touching his shoulder. “Is everything ok…if you’re that mad and you can’t even look at me then fine, but if something is wrong I can help.”

Draco sucked in a breath and let it out slowly, finally just letting himself go and turning around. Hermione flinched when she saw it; his face was bruised and swollen and when he went to shrug she could tell he was in pain. “Don’t look so terrified, Granger. It’s not a big deal. I came in here to do a concealment charm before tomorrow morning.”

“Not a big deal,” she screeched, “did you get a huge knock in the head? Oh, silly question! Look at you! This is the second time! Draco you are going to sit down and let me help you and as I do it you are going to tell me what the Merlin happened to you!” When she finished even Hermione was shocked at herself; she had just screamed at Draco Malfoy and he, well he took it and didn’t say a word back. Just stared back at her. Finally he walked slowly over to the couch and sat down; looking back over at her. Hermione shook her head to make sure she wasn’t imaginating it; and then followed him over.
“Be careful with my shoulder; it’s a little sore,” was all he said; as Hermione pulled out her wand and called out to Dobby.

“Dobby, please can you get me ice and as many bandages as you can. Also, grab my charm book and get any ingredients needed for a concealment charm; it shouldn’t be hard…just everyday materials.” Hermione turned back to him and went to touch his shirt, but paused. “Uhh…could you please take off your shirt?”

Draco smirked, but nodded his head. Moving little by little he reached up and pulled his shirt over his head. Hermione could tell it caused a massive amount of pain, and so made a reminded in her head to check his ribs as well. His chest was bruised in a few pronounced places as though steel balls were thrown at his chest at full speed. “Granger, be careful, ok?” Draco wasn’t being catty, but paranoid. He must have been in a lot of pain.

Hermione nodded and took the supplies from Dobby when he came back. “Ok, Draco,” she said applying some pain reliever on his shoulder and ribs; trying her hardest not to stare at the ripples on his stomach, “tell me what happened. Who did this? Why did they do this? Physically hurting someone is never the answer.”

Draco laughed out loud, but stopped as he grabbed his ribs and felt the pain shoot up and down his face. “You’ve never met my father,” he said. “I did something without his permission and showed him up; he got angry at that fact.”

“Your father?,” she asked shocked. “How could a father do this to his son!” Hermione applied the bandages around his ribs and looked up at him. “I mean, nothing you can do should deserve this.”

Draco’s face softened slightly at her naïve-ness and shook his head. “He just was upset that I did something not even he had thought of- don’t worry about me, Granger, I can take care of myself.”

Hermione grunted at that and started to work on his shoulder; applying the pain reliever. “Draco, what did you show him up on?”
He shrugged. “It’s not important really; it wasn’t anything big really. Has anything been going on here when I was gone?”

Hermione knew he had changed the subject, but let it slide because of how open he had been with her moments before. “ You missed one prefect meeting, nothing huge; oh, and Snape has given me extra time with homework because you were gone. He’s been overly nice lately to me, I don’t see why.”

Draco smiled at her and watched as her hands moved up and down his shoulder covering it with a bandage. “Thank you , Hermione…”

Hermione looked up shocked at the sound of her name, not realizing that they were face to face only inches apart. She looked down at his lips and back up to his eyes; his eyes were serious, almost scared, as she examined them and before she knew it, she had done it. She, Hermione Granger, had kissed Draco Malfoy.

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