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A Destiny Unknown by Yupper_Doodles

Format: Novel
Chapters: 10
Word Count: 14,932
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature,

Genres: Drama, Horror/Dark, Romance
Characters: Harry, Voldemort, Draco, OC
Pairings: Draco/OC, Harry/OC

First Published: 06/21/2006
Last Chapter: 12/10/2006
Last Updated: 12/10/2006

Please meet Aurora Smith. She is about to find out what makes her so special and makes her dangerous to the love of her life Harry Potter and her foe Draco Malfoy.

Chapter 1: Chapter 1 : Dream
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You were walking alone in a forest surrounded by darkness. The moon was out but the dark grey clouds that were hovering in the sky were covering the illuminating light of the full moon you so desperately needed right now. The environment in which you were standing in made you shudder with fright. You didnt know what was causing you to feel this way, but you couldnt help it.
At that very moment you heard faint voices coming from straight ahead. In hope of finding someone that could help you by telling you where you were and how you could leave, you began walking with a purpose; you wanted to get out of the woods as fast as you could. You continued to walk until you reached a clearing and gasped at what you saw. There standing in front of you was a group of hooded figures standing in the middle of the clearing.
*Death Eaters* you thought to yourself. As soon as that thought came to you, you realized how much danger you were in and instantly jumped behind a nearby tree.
*Now I really have to get out of here* you thought. You turned around and were about to turn back in the direction you had originally come from when you heard a sound you knew youd never forget.
A painful scream came from within the middle of the group. For some reason you had an urge to get closer, you wanted to see who was screaming. You crawled very slowly over to another tree that was to your right seeing that it was as close as you could get without being seen by the Death Eaters. From there you had a pretty good view of what was going on. You nearly fainted when you saw who was screaming and who was with him.
"Neville" you said to yourself in a whisper as you watched as one of the Death Eaters tortured him while he lay on the floor with his comrades. You looked at the others who lay beside him.
"The D.A." you said to yourself once again in that same tone of voice. Then a thought occurred to you.
*Then that means he...* you never finished what you were thinking because the proof was in front of you. In the center of the group of teenagers were your three best friends, a bushy haired girl and a red haired boy and girl, Hermione, Ron and Ginny. Holding Ginny in his arms to your horror was your loving boyfriend, Harry Potter. At first you thought it was because they were afraid, but then he pulled her closer as to protect her then kissed her as if it was the last time they would ever do that again. You were angered by this point, a feeling you had never experienced before coursed through you like it was your blood. You wanted to run over there and crucio them yourself until you noticed that there was another hooded figure standing in the far corner, away from all the others. Apparently they were in charge because they were shouting orders at the others and they obliged.
Something about that person intrigued you. You decided you wanted to get a better look at the person. You discreetly snuck over to the other side of the clearing, making sure you were not seen by anyone. To your luck, you werent.
Once you were safely hidden behind a bush behind the figure you tried to get a better look at them.
You could describe the features of the person who was hidden under it. The persons skin was pale but smooth. Their eyes were red and shaped like the eyes of a snake.
"Voldemort" you said to yourself, but this time your voice wasnt soft like the last time, but loud. You clasp your hand over your mouth in a failed attempt to stop the noise form coming out of your mouth anymore. Voldemort then turned around and looked directly at you. He must have known you were there the whole time watching him because he walked over to you and looked deep into your eyes which made you shudder once again. You were shocked when you realized the figure wasnt Voldemort and that it wasnt a male but a female around your age. You recognized the woman almost immediately. You screamed. It was.............YOU.

Chapter 2: The Slytherin Table
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As you began to wake, you see Herms shaking you to wake up and telling you to get up before breakfast starts.
"O.K. o.k. Im up" you say while laying there rubbing your eyes. You sat up and tears roll down your cheeks, (because of what happen with Harry and Ginny) remembering every thing, including Harry kissing Ginny. You didnt even know why you were crying, it was just a stupid dream.*It was just a dream * you think
*just a dream.*But before you could wipe away all the tears Herms looks over and asks,
"Whats wrong?" while trying to put her robe on over her clothes.
*Oh god, what am I suppose to say? 'Oh I had a weird dream about me being the leader of a pack of Deatheaters, while we burn the D.A. to a crisp. Oh and did I mention that I saw Harry kissing Ginny?' No. Im not gonna mention a word to her, or anyone else for the matter.*
"Oh its probably just my contacts. I was so tired last night that I forgot to take them out." You say, putting on a convincing smile.
"O.K. Make sure you grab your potions homework on your way out ok?"
"O.k, thanks for reminding me!" you call after her as she walked out of the room.

You finally got up to change into your clothes when Herms popped back in and asked, "Oh, I almost forgot to ask you. Will you meet Harry, Ginny, Ron, and me in the library to study after lunch?"
You flinched at the sound of both Harrys and Ginnys name in the same sentence, but Herms didnt notice.
"Sure." you say quietly.
You wondered why all of a sudden why Ginny was hanging out with you and your friends as of late. You knew that Ginny had had a crush on Harry during first year but you assumed that she had gotten over it.
*Shes a fifth year now. She couldnt still have feelings for him, could she? She wouldnt take him from me would she?* you thought to yourself as you continued to get ready so you could go down to breakfast with Harry. When you were finished getting ready, you walked out of the girls dorm, down the stairs to the common room. You looked around expecting to see Harry sitting in a nearby couch waiting for you, but to your surprise, he wasnt. You sighed, walking through the common room, through the portrait of the Fat Lady. You walked all the way to the Great Hall by yourself. When you finally reached the entrance doors of the Great Hall walked in. Your eyes went straight to the Gryffindor house table in search of your boyfriend. There he was, sitting with Hermione, Ron, and the person you were beginning to become suspicious of, Ginny. She just so happened to be sitting right next him while Hermione and Ron sat across from them, yet again you shrugged it off.

*It was just a dream, it was just a dream* you chanted to yourself as you walked over to them and sat on the other side of Harry. At first he didnt notice you, but when you cleared your throat he looked at you and smiled.
"Aurora" he said while kissing you on the cheek and then went back to his conversation with Ginny and Ron. You were now getting a little annoyed by his behavior. You sighed and began piling food onto your plate.
While eating, you began to look around the Great Hall because of your boredom. You looked over at the tables of the houses of Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. Nothing at their table was interesting enough to catch your attention so you decided to look over at the Slytherin table. You looked up and down the table, looking for nothing in particular when your eyes found something that did catch your attention. The Slytherin Prince himself, Draco Malfoy.

Malfoy was talking with Blaise Zabini and Marcus Flint. For some reason you couldnt take your eyes off of him. Ever since you started dating Harry, Malfoy had been harsher to the Gryffindors. The Trio thought Malfoy was just jealous of Harry, but you knew it wasnt just Harry why he began behaving the way he did. You never told the trio of the way Malfoy and the other Slytherins behaved when you were alone. They seemed to be watching you as if waiting for something to happen. You always thought they knew something you didnt.
You continued to watch Malfoy as he talked to his friends. He must have sensed someone looking at him and immediately looked your direction where both his and your eyes locked. You noticed for the first time how his facial features have matured since the first time you met him on the train to Hogwarts. You also noticed how his hair went from a greasy slicked back style, to a soft flowing look that casually fell into his eyes making them mysterious. You couldnt tear your eyes away from Malfoy; it was as if you had seen him for the first time. The both of you must have been looking at each other for a good moments till you heard a familiar voice brought you back t reality, Hermione.

"Aurora, where are your books for potions?" she asked you when she finally tore her eyes away from the book she was reading.
"Huh?" you said as you looked down to see what she was talking about. She had pointed out to you that you didnt bring your books from your dorm like she reminded you to.
"We have to be in class in 15 minutes" she said to you. You sighed once again. You then turned to Harry to tell him you had to go back to the dorms, but he wasnt there. You were stunned. He had left and didnt say anything to you, his girlfriend. You looked up at Hermione for an answer.
"He went to class early with Ron and..." but you cut her off.
"Ginny" you said. Hermione looked at you oddly, but before she could ask anything, you got up and walked out the Great Hall. Just before you did walk out, you turned back to the Slytherin table on last time to see something that made you want to be careful around that house, the whole table was looking at you with an evil smirk on their faces. What you didnt know is what a certain blonde haired boy had said to his house mates about you.
"And so it begins". . . .

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Chapter 3: A Rude Awakening
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You continued to walk through the corridors trying to get over the feeling that had somewhat overcome you since you walked out of the Great Hall, but yet another feeling had come over you, the feeling that you were being watched. You stopped in the middle of the hall and turned around to see if were the only one in the corridor, but you werent surprised when you weren't. There were students from all houses still in the hallway, seeing that classes hadnt started yet. You continued your journey and sighed when you finally reached the portrait of the Fat Lady.
"Peaches" you stated and the portrait hole opened, revealing the Gryffindor common room. You walked in and ran straight up the girls dormitory and to your room for your books. Once they were in your possession, you ran back down the stairs, out the portrait hole, down the corridors, and to the dungeons. The halls were empty now; classes were going to begin in a few minutes. You were about to turn the last corner when the feeling that you were being watched washed over you again. Once again, you stopped in the middle of the hallway and turned around, but this time you were alone, with the one exception. You found yourself once again looking straight into the eyes of the Slytherin Prince.
"What do you want Malfoy?" you asked him with in a bored tone, but he didnt answer. He just continued to stare at you with a look that you couldnt read. You were beginning to feel uncomfortable and you were about to turn away when he finally spoke, and what he asked you made you stop and turn around.
"Had any good dreams lately?" you couldnt believe your ears.
No one knew about your dreams, not even Hermione.
*Maybe hes talking about something else* you thought to yourself. You turned around to walk away again, but in one swift move he grabbed your left arm, making you turn back around to face him, and pulled you into him so that there was no space between the two of you. You opened your mouth and were about to scream when he brought his hand up to your chin and positioned it so that you were looking directly at him. He then did something you thought he would never do, he kissed you. He slid his tongue into your mouth to play with your own, and you didnt disappoint him. At that instant, a wave of warmth ripped through your body. You never felt this way when Harry kissed you.

*Harry*. At that moment you realized what was happening and you immediately pulled away. He bent to your ear.
"Dont be afraid to reveal your true self" he whispered.
"Im here to help you do that." You turned your head slightly in attempt to look at Malfoy again, not realizing that both his and your noses were touching in the process.
"What are you talking about?" you asked him. He simply pulled away, standing upright and was now looking down at you once again.
"Just do me a favor, follow your gut" he said. You were confused. Before you could ask him anymore questions, he walked down the remainder of the hall and turned the corner. You were upset with yourself. You, Harrys girlfriend, let Malfoy kiss you and you loved every minute of it. You finally regained your senses and did as Malfoy had done a few seconds ago and walked down the remainder of the hall. When you turned the corner, Malfoy was leaning against the wall watching two people that were play flirting and giggling down the hall in front of the Potions classroom. You walked right up beside him to yell at him for what he had just done to you when you recognized, but couldnt place the voices of the girl and boy that were play flirting. You looked down the hall, but you couldnt see who it was very clearly. You looked over to Malfoy who in return was looking at you. He motioned with his head for you to get a better look. You were about to walk towards the couple down the hall when he stopped you.
"Youre destined for greater things than that" he said simply. You then continued to walk down the hall towards the end where the couple was giggling. The hall was really dark, but the closer you got to them the clearer they became. You were only a few feet away from them when you realized who they were. To your disbelief, it was none other than Harry and Ginny. They didnt see you standing there in the shadows. They were standing mighty close together, which in return made your blood boil with anger. You then turned your head around to look if Malfoy was still watching from afar. Indeed he was still leaning against the wall where you left him. He than began to walk towards your direction, but instead of stopping behind you, he walked right up to them.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here? Potter and Weaselbe" Malfoy began.
"What do you want Malfoy?" Harry asked with his voice filled with hatred.
"Oh, nothing. I was just wondering what Smith would think if she could see how close her boyfriend is standing to Weaselbe here" Malfoy said with amusement in his voice. As soon as he said this, they backed away from each other quickly blushing like mad, which only made Malfoy laugh.
"Theres nothing going on between the two of us, not that its any of your business anyway" retorted Ginny, but you could tell she was lying through her teeth.
"Oh, but I beg to differ" Malfoy said.
"I have a riddle for you Potter" Malfoy began again.
"'The one you loved was very close,
when your relationship went up in smoke.
I know this cause,
I saw it all.
Now the once great boy,
will finally fall. Malfoy finished. Harry had a look of confusion on his face. Malfoy smirked at this.
"Need some help Potter?" Malfoy offered.
"Look Malfoy we dont have time for your petty games, so just bugger off already" Ginny said in a confident voice.
"Ill only leave when she leaves" he said looking in your direction. Now they both had a look of confusion written on their faces.
"What are you talking about?" Harry asked, also looking in your direction, but not seeing you. You then stepped out of the shadows so that they could see you. Ginny had a look of uttered shock while Harry gulped loudly.
"How long have you been standing there?" asked Harry.
"Long enough" you said in a cold voice that you had never used before. You then walked past them into the Potions class room, with Malfoy right behind you.

"Welcome to class Ms. Smith, Mr. Malfoy, your late!" Snape snapped .You sat on the other side of Hermione, not wanting to sit by Harry any more today.
*I can't believe that just happened. I really can't.* your anger flared.
*Settle down. Maybe the rest of the day will go by fast, and I dont have to face Harry or Draco.* you thought. To your surprise, you were actually pretty good at avoiding every one through out the rest of the day, until it was lunch time.
"Are you still going with us to the library to study? Because Harry told me you weren't talking to him and so I thought maybe you were mad at him or something." Hermione says while walking with you down to the Great Hall.
"Ehhhhh.....I dont know if I can, I mean I don't really feel good right now. I would like to just go lie in bed for the rest of the day. That's why I haven't been talking, plus I really don't want to talk to anybody right now. But I'm really hungry!! Can you go in there and get me something to eat?" you said to her. She didn't know that you were lying to her, just the fact that you and Harry were having a little trouble, would cause Hermione to explode and try to fix every thing.
"Oh.My.God!" You say stuffing your face with your favorite kind of food, sugar cookies.
"What?" Hermione says confused.
"This food is so good!" You said laughing. You were surprised when Hermione insisted on coming up to the girls dorm with you, instead of going to the library with Harry and them. Slowly putting down the tray Hermione brought up, you walked over to the window to open it, but Hermione stopped you.
"Please don't open the window. It's already too cold in here as it is."
"What are you talking about?!!?!?!? I'm burning up in here!" You opened the window but then you hesitated. You close it slightly, with enough room to let the wind pass through.
"Well I better go, Harry and the others are probably waiting in the library by now." Hermione says after a few minutes of silence.
"O.K. I'll be down before History Of Magic starts so that we can talk." You say. You lay down on your bed again just thinking about every thing. You didnt know why but you began to think about the very first time you came to Hogwarts, when you were in first year. You thought about the Hat and how it said you should of been in Slytherin because of your blood, but you told him no, you didnt want to be in that house just because of your blood line and that you wanted to be in a house that would do you well and not put you in harms way. Little did you know that the hat was right about you all along.

Chapter 4: Unfriendly Visit
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"Oh My God!" You say stuffing your face with your favorite kind of food, sugar cookies. "What?" Hermione says confused.
"This food is so good!" You said laughing. You were surprised when Hermione insisted on coming up to the girls' dorms with you, instead of going to the library with Harry and them. Slowly putting down the tray Hermione brought up, you walk over to the window to open it, but Hermione stopped you.
"Please don't open the window. It's already too cold in here as it is."
"What are you talking about?!!?!?!? I think it's burning up in here!" You open the window but you hesitate. You close it slightly, with enough room to let the wind pass through. "Well I better go; Harry and the others are probably waiting in the library by now." Hermione says after a few minutes of silence.
"O.K. I'll be down before History of Magic starts so that we can talk." You say. You lay down on your bed again just thinking about every thing. You didnt know why but you started to think about the first time you came here when you were in first year. You thought about how the Hat and how it said you should be in Slytherin because of your blood, but you told him no, and that you didnt want to be in there just because of your blood line, that you wanted to be in a house that would do you well and not put you in harm. Little did you know that the hat was right about you all along.

You start to drift in and out of sleep, waking every few minutes, to see that you were still at Hogwarts and not in your bed at home.
*God I wish I was at home. Only 7 more months to go,* you sigh. You thought that you were only going to sleep for about a half an hour and that you would get up when your alarm went off so you didnt bother to take off your robe and shoes. To your surprise you fell asleep as soon as you closed your eyes again, but little did you know is that the dream you once had was becoming a reoccurring one.

~The Dream continues~
You panicked at the site that it was you who was leading the crowd of death eaters.
*Maybe its just a dream * you pinch yourself as you think this. Bad idea .
*OMFG!! This cant be real, that cant be me! I would never do that to Harry!! Or anybody else!!* You quickly think of how to get out of there, instead of remembering the kiss between Harry and Ginny.
*Maybe I can creep over to where I was before without being seen and then I can turn back the way I came and get out of here .* You think . You scan the open area to see if anyone is looking. You dash across the small opening but before you get there somebody grabs your arm. You try to break free from their grasp but they seem too strong for you. You seem to not be able to scream but just try to get out of there, thinking about none of the people there, you werent even thinking about Harry any more. All you wanted to do was get out of there but something held you back. You were still kicking and screaming but it seemed that nobody noticed until you opened your eyes . . . . . . .
~End Dream~

You once again wake to see somebody standing over you but you didnt notice who it was until you rubbed your eyes again. It was none other than Ginny. It seemed as if she was every where you were suppose to be. Like she was trying to be your clone, but you didnt say any thing.
"What are you doing up here? Arent youre suppose to be in class?" She asked snottily.
*Oh my god!! I forgot about class!! Damn, damn, damn!! No time to think about how to get Ginny out of mine and Harrys life right now.* you thought.
"You were talking in your sleep." Ginny said.
"What was I saying?" you asked her gathering up your stuff. You were really confused at this point.
*Why was she being all mean and stuff now. Its not like I just flirted with her boyfriend for 2 years now.* you thought remembering that Draco had saved you from being some what hurt.
"You were rolling around saying 'Help, help somebody help me, please! I would never do that to any body not any body!' Did you have a bad dream?"
*No shit Sherlock* you thought to yourself.
"Well I dont remember having a dream or any thing so yea I guess." You said once again lying threw your teeth. That was the 3rd time you had lied today and nobody had yet noticed, which is really good. She was the last person that you would tell about your dream. You for one you didnt trust her.
"Thanks for waking me up" you said, trying to be nice. You were surprised that you still had the effort to be nice after what happened this morning.
"Youre welcome," she said to you as she walked out of your room.
"Bitch," you mumbled while snickering evilly to yourself.

Once you were finished packing your books into your bag, you walked out of the girls dormitory into the common room. There were a few people in there, including Ginny.
*Must be their free period* you thought to yourself as you walked out the portrait hole, into the corridors. You continued walking until you heard a voice that sounded familiar to you but at the same time it scared you. The person talking sounded as if it were a snake.
"Aurora" you heard the voice call to you. You turned around, looking behind you to see if you could find the source of the creepy snake-like voice, but to no avail. There was no one in the corridor but you. You continued to walk down the corridor, but with a new sense of purpose. You were in a corridor by yourself and you were hearing voices calling your name, you needed to get out of here fast. You then heard the voice again.
"Aurora" the voice said but a little louder than before. By now you were spooked, and soon broke into a sprint down the hall.
"AURORA!" The voice screamed for you. The voice seemed as if it was standing right next to you. You turned round again and looked frantically for the person calling your name; yet again, nothing. The fire torches that lit the halls suddenly went out, the corridor became surprisingly cold.
*What the bloody hell is going on?* You thought as you began to walk again, desperately trying to get to class.
"Who are you? What do you want from me?" You asked as you continued to walk, the trip to get to class seeming to be extremely far today.
"Dont be afraid to reveal your true self" the voice said. Your legs turn into jelly at that statement, you were scared. Your legs gave out at the amount of stress running through you from being so scared. You crashed to the floor, your legs going completely numb.
*Those were the same words Malfoy had said to me earlier this morning.* You realized.
"The time has come for you to join him" the voice said to you. Out of the corner of your eye you could see movement coming in your direction. Whatever it was came slithering toward you. It finally came into full view. An extremely large snake came out of the shadows of the darker part of the hall. You were frozen in place. The snake then slithered up next to you.
"Aurora" It was in fact a snake that had been calling your name. You opened your mouth to speak, but the words that came out of your mouth were not ordinary words. They were of another language, the main syllable that most of the words consisted of the letter S. You called the snake the first name that came to your mind for some reason.
"Nagini" you hissed as you recognized the snake from your childhood. The snake then out of the blue, lunged at you, sinking its fangs into your right forearm. You screamed. Your vision soon began to blur, and your eyes began to close. You didnt hear the next thing she said.
"Soon mistress, soon."

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Chapter 5: To Much To Handle
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You were sitting in your History of Magics class while Professor Binns was giving todays lesson. Ron had fallen asleep next to you during the first fifteen minutes of the lesson, and truthfully you werent surprised. Your mind started to wander causing you to look around the room in attempts to keep awake. You looked around the room seeing if anything would grab your attention. Your eyes fell on the empty chair next to Hermione that should have been occupied by your girlfriend, Aurora.

*Where the bloody hell is she?* You thought to yourself. You hadnt seen her since the incident this morning. You hoped that she wasnt mad. You and Ginny have liked each other for a while now. The both of you would occasionally flirt here and there, but you would never cheat on Aurora with Ginny. You knew that but you knew that Aurora didnt. You sighed at the thought that you needed to talk to her to set things straight, again.
*Its all Malfoys fault,* you thought to yourself as you looked over to where he was supposed to be sitting. He looked as bored as the rest of the class.
*Hes here. Why couldnt He just get hit by a Hippogriff again?* You thought to yourself with an evil grin on your face. You knew Malfoy had a thing for Aurora and would be looking for any opportunity to steal her away from you.
*If he lays a finger on her, Ill stab him with my wand,* you promised yourself if that was the case. You continued to think of ways to kill Malfoy if he ever tried to seduce Aurora until you heard a voice that didnt belong to a teacher or any student, speaking in Parseltongue.
Aurora, the voice hissed. Your eyes grew wide as the voice called for your girlfriend. You looked around the room seeing if you were the only one who might have heard it, but everyone was either too busy listening to Professor Binns lecture or sleeping. You eyes once again fell on Hermione, who must have sensed your agitation, and turned around looking at you.
'Are you alright?' She mouthed to you. You shook your head. You than heard it again.
Aurora, the snake like voice called again. There were only two people you knew of that spoke Parseltongue, You and the Dark Lord himself, Voldemort. The voice hissed again, but louder this time.
AURORA! It said, raising its voice. Hermione had a worried expression written on her face. You couldnt speak; you were in shock to hear someone speaking in this language.
Dont be afraid to reveal your true self, the voice encouraged. You were confused at what the voice was saying to who they were talking to, which you could only assume, was Aurora.
Aurora, the voice called again. You were so busy listening to the voice that you hadnt realized that Hermione had passed you a note asking what was wrong. You were about to write back when you heard another voice that made you stop, and what she said made you freeze in place.
Nagini, the voice you recognized to be none other than Auroras say in Parseltongue. You were shocked not only because you heard Aurora but at the fact that she called the other voice Nagini. Only you knew that Nagini was Voldemorts pet snake.
*Oh no* was all you could think. A piercing scream rang though the classroom and the halls of Hogwarts, making Professor Binns stop his lecture, waking up Ron from his deep sleep.
"Who the bloody hell was that?" Ron asked.
"It sounded like ..Aurora", someone said form the back of the room.
Everyone stay in their seats, Professor Binns said as he floated out of the room into the hallway. As soon as he disappeared, Malfoy flew out of his seat, out the door in which Binns had just done a few seconds ago. Instantly everyone in the classroom began to talk.
"Whats with Malfoy?" Ron asked as he yawned. It finally occurred to you why Malfoy ran out of the room.


Aurora, your eyes fluttered open at the sound of a males voice. When your vision cleared, you were startled when you realized that you were staring back into the concerned eyes of Draco Malfoy. You instantly shot up, looking around the room. You were no longer in the corridor but in someones bedroom, Malfoys bedroom; you could tell because of all the green in the room.
"How did I get here?" You asked him.
"I brought you here," he said simply. You cocked an eyebrow at him.
"Why?" He sighed as he sat next to you on the bed, looking you directly in the eyes.
"I told you that I was here to help you to.." he was saying, but you cut him off.
"Reveal my true self," you said, finishing his statement.
"Where is Nagini?" You asked him as you looked around the room.
"Shes not in here if thats who youre looking for," he said with a chuckle. You glared at him for his comment. You were about to retort when you remembered what she did to you. You immediately pulled up your sleeve and were amazed at what you saw. Two snake fang marks were on your arm. You touched it and flinched at the pain that shot through your arm when you did.
"OW!" You semi yelled; Malfoy, out of no where pulled a bandage out and wrapped it around the wound. As he did this, you watched him while he worked. You couldnt help but smiled to yourself.
"There," he said when he finished. He looked up at you with a smirk.
"She didnt mean to attack you, you know." Malfoy said out of the blue. You were confused.
"Aurora, there are things happening to you that you may not understand, but for your own good, you must keep them to yourself, especially what happened to you in the hall today. Ill explain it to you all in good time, but for now dont tell anyone. I know you dont like me, but you must trust me. Its time for you to find out the truth." He said finishing his speech.
"And how do I find that out?" You asked.
"You can start by asking your parents who your real father is," he said while standing, pulling you up with him. Without saying another word, he grabbed your hand and led you out of his room, into the common room; when the both of you came down the stairs, the sixth and seventh years that were in the room bowed to you. You had no idea what was going on but you intended on finding out. Malfoy led you out of his common room into a nearby corridor.
"Remember what I told you," was all he said and walked off, probably to his next class. You sighed, and thought it to be a good thing if you went to your next class as well.

Walking to Herbology class alone was kinda good. You had a chance to not have to think about any thing and just take in the view. You walked slowly, looking every where. The Herbology Greenhouse came into view and shortly after you were walking into it. You walked in , looking around seeing class had already started. You walked to Proffessor Sprouts desk and said "Sorry Proff-" She cut you off.
"This is the third time you have been late Miss Smith." She said writing somethign down.
"But -"
"No arguing Miss Smith. You are already late, I advise you to get your supplies for the assignment and sit down. It's due before class ends." She handed you a paper with directions on it, got up and walked away with a dissapointed look on her face. You got an empty seat near the end of the long table and sat down.
*Luckly I came in late or I would have had to sit by Harry.* You thought. You got your supplies and started to work on the assignment. You looked up at the clock to see you have about a half of an hour left of class. Finally you got done with the assignment with five minutes to spare. You looked up to see a Hufflepuff guy staring back at you. You smiled at him and waved. He was actually kind of cute but he wasn't your type.
"Hey." You said
"Hey..... Don't you usually sit with Potter boy and the other two?" He asked curiously.
"Uhhh ...... yea but...... I umm forgot to tell them to save me a seat."
"Oh." You opened your book and started to pretended to read so you wouldnt have to talk any more. The bell rung and you sighed. You grabbed your stuff and walked out of the Greenhouse. You walked around the corner to the castle stairs to see Harry standing there, most likely waiting for you.
"We need to talk." He said walking up to you.
"I'm not talking to you." You said with a confident voice, but actually on the inside you were breaking down. You pushed him out of the way and walked up the rest of the stairs.
"Aurora I'm-" You turned sharply.
"I SAID I WASNT TALKING TO YOU." You said in a stern voice. You turned and walked to the double doors. You glanced back to see Harry standing there with his mouth hanging open. You smirked. *Thats the exact reaction I wanted from him.* You didnt know why you had such a change of heart but it felt good. You giggled and walked to your next class.

Your next three classes were boring and nothing interesting happened except you got tons of homework. You went to the girls bathroom before dinner to check your bite from Nagini. You weren't afraid of seeing Harry any more, so you decided to go to dinner... but you didnt know where to sit. You went into a stall and lifted your sleeve. To your surprise there was little blood. You took the bandage off and saw that the marks were still open, no longer bleeding, and beginning to heal. You gasped.
*Wow I didn't know it could heal that fast.* You didnt feel the pain until you touched it.. You put the bandage back on and hurried out of the bathroom because you were seriously hungry. You walked into the Great Hall; Very few people there. You sat near the end of the table by a girl who was reading a History book. You ate slowly, knowing that you had lots of homework and two reports due by tomorrow wasn't gonna be easy. Somebody taped you on the shoulder and you turned around to see Hermione standing there.
"Hey." You said.
"Hey ... why are you sitting all the way down here?"
"Uhhhh I don't know. I wanted to get started on my homework as soon as possible so I sat where I could get my work done in peace." You took out your Transfiguring homework and started to read the directions.
"Oh well if you need any help, you can just ask me." She said with a smile on her face.
"O.k" You smiled. At least she didnt know about you and Harry yet or she would have kept asking what had happened.
"Why did you just lie to her?" You looked up to see the girl that was reading before was talking to you.
"Uhhhh I didn't?" You said with more of a questioning tone than a sure one. You didnt even know this girl. You thought for a moment and then remembered she was in your Divination class.
"I have to go." you said. You walked a little ways and then turned. " I didnt catch your name, What is it?"
"Kelli Hansel."
"O.k thanks see you around!" And with that you went to the Gryffindor Common Room to start on your homework.*Very odd;thats twice today that somebody has talked to me that i didnt even know.*
"This is gonna be a long night." You said sighing,remembering you had homework to do.

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Chapter 6: The Unthinkable
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You shot up out of your bed, awaking from the same reoccurring dream you had been having for a week now. You clutched your arm; it was burning as if it were on fire. You unwrapped it to see why it was burning.
*Perhaps its bleeding again.* You thought to yourself as you pealed off the last layer. You looked at your arm in amazement. Your wound wasnt bleeding but there were black veins coming from your wound leading up your arm. At the site of this you pulled your sheet off, setting your feet onto the floor. You stood grabbing a candle off your night stand and walked over to the nearest mirror. You looked at yourself in the mirror. Your once tanned skin was now pale, unnatural looking. Your brown hair was now jet black, and your silver eyes were now mixed in with the color brown. You gasped at the sight of you. You were beautiful in a creepy way. You werent just changing emotionally but physically as well.
"Whats happening to me?" You muttered to yourself as you continued to take note of the changes in your appearance. When you were done admiring your looks, you walked out the bedroom door, making your way to the common room. Little did you know that someone was watching you the entire time.
You crept down the steps, trying not to wake anyone on the way down. You were halfway down the steps when you heard voices coming from the common room. You continued your way down, making sure you wouldnt be seen.


It was 2 am and you were sitting on one of couches in the Gryffindor Common room, staring at the flames in the fireplace; you were thinking about the events that had taking place in the last few days. It had been a week since you last had a civil conversation with Aurora. She was changing right before your eyes and you didnt know what you could do to stop it. Your girlfriend has gone from sweet and caring to bitter and cold. Ever since you heard that voice calling her name, she hasnt been the same. When you told Hermione, Ron, and Ginny about what you heard, Hermione told you not to jump to conclusions, but Ginny and Ron seemed to agree with you that something is happening and that you have to keep an eye on Aurora. You knew full well that Malfoy had something to do with it. Just the way he has been behaving lately was enough to make you suspicious of him. You were still thinking about Malfoy when a voice snapped you out of your thoughts.
"Harry?" You looked up to see Ginny standing in front of you with a look of concern written across her face.
"What are you doing up so late? Are you o.k.?" She asked while taking a seat beside you, resting her hand on your shoulder.
"Yeah, Im fine. Just thinking about some things, thats all." You assured her, while looking back into the fire.
"No, your not," she said."Your thinking about her arent you?" She accused. You sighed while nodding your head.
"I cant help but think that this is somehow my fau--" you began to tell her but she cut you off.
"Why do you blame yourself for what she is doing? This is not your fault Harry, its hers; shes doing this to herself. Youve done nothing wrong," she assured you.
"But--" before you could continue, her lips came crashing down onto yours. At first you didnt respond because it was so unexpected, but than, out of instinct, you began to kiss her back. Truthfully you always liked Ginny, but there was something about Aurora that you always wanted to have, but you couldnt. She was complex; always kept you on your toes.
You and Ginny continued to snog until you suddenly began to feel very uncomfortable, almost as if someone was watching you. You immediately broke away from the kiss, looking around to see if you were really alone. Ginny noticed the change in your mood.
"Harry?" She said, sounding a little disappointed that you had stopped but you ignored it. Whoever was watching you was burning a hole into your heart. You than heard a voice that made you shudder.
"Traitor!" the voice said in a tongue you knew all to well, but this time the voice was of someone you recognized, Aurora. Suddenly, your scar began to burn. The pain was unbearable. You clutched your forehead for dear life as the pain continued.
"HARRY!!!" You heard Ginny scream before the room went black.


You stood there for a second before you passed the screaming Ginny and a passed out Harry, walking out of the Common room like nothing happened. You didn't care about him, Ginny or about what you were going to do now that you were out of the common room. Your heart was now burning with more hatred than you could ever imagine. You walked around for a bit, knowing that Filch would catch you sooner or later. You turned the corner in the corridor where the Transfiguring class was held. You suddenly noticed a girl walking around aimlessly muttering to herself. You heard her say something about not saying anything to any one about someone. You now were interested to hear what she was talking about, so you began to follow her hiding in the shadows.
"How could I have not seen it before?" She asked herself angerilly.
*Theres something strange .......... very strange about her.* You thought about the girl you were now following. She continued.
"She hasn't told anybody, she just ..... went on as if nothing had happened. Sooner or later she'll find out the truth and regret she never told anybody." She turned sharply. You quickly stopped and tried to get a good look to see who the girl was. You really couldnt see her face, it was too dark. Her hair was a silky black and red, and her left hand was clutching her wand tightly. You glanced down to the crest on her robes to see a red and gold color crest and tie.
*So, shes in Gryffindor* She turned another corner once again, muttering to herself. You were getting tired of following her and you were about to turn around to go the opposite direction, when she said something that made you stop and turn around.
"The snake.... what does the snake have to do with anything? The snake had bitten her and she didnt go to the hospital wing or anything...." She walked more in silence, as if she was trying to crack a code of some sort. She turned the corner with you at her tail, knowing sooner or later she would say who she was talking about; you knew who she was talking about, but you had to make sure you were right.
"And then she got bandaged up by ..... Malfoy," She sneered at his name.
*God why does everybody hate him? If he was that bad I for one wouldnt even be talking to him.* You froze at what you heard next.
"Aurora, why havent you told anybody about everything? About the dreams, Malfoy trying to help you, about the bite, how you're changing inside out?" She asked as if knowing you were in the shadows behind her. You felt tears welling up in your eyes. All your secrets have just been figured out by a girl you didnt even know. You stepped out of the shadows, making your presence known to the girl that now stood in front of you with her back to you. You cleared your throat. The girl jumped and slowly turning to face you. At first she didnt say anything, but then found her voice. Her questions bothered you.
"Why do you keep having a dream about you killing Harry and the rest? I thought you loved him. Why did Malfoy tell you to reveal your true self? Are you not who we think you are? Maybe Vold- Vold.." She stuttered his name, as if afraid to say it.
"You shouldnt talk about things you dont know about," you said to her simply. She stopped looking at you, turning her gaze to the floor, muttering to herself once again.
"Maybe Voldemort truly is back, like Dumbledore says. Maybe somehow Aurora and Voldemort are connected. Thats why she keeps having these dreams." She said as she kept looking at the floor. She had a look of happiness on her face like she had just figured out a big secret.
"Who are you? How do you know so much about me?" You asked the girl. She finally brought her gaze up from the floor to look you straight in the eyes. You then recognized the girl, Kelli. It was the girl that accused you of lying to Hermione a few days ago.
Your eyes still burned but not with tears. You never took your gaze off of her.
"You need to tell Dumbledore about what is happening to you. THEY can help you." She encouraged you. You were confused.
"THEY?" You questioned with an eyebrow raised.
"Dumbledore, Your parents, The Order theyve helped you before," an image flashed in your mind at the words theyve helped you before of a small girl with black hair sitting in a chair in a white room by herself.
*They never helped me, they tortured me.* A voice hissed in your head. You realized that whatever was happening to you now had happened to you before and you werent going through that again.
*Thats why Malfoy told me not to say anything.* You thought.
"There is nothing wrong with me Kelli, so just mind your own business." You said to her bluntly.
"If you dont tell them I will," Kelli said turning from you into the direction of Dumbledores' office.
*Kill her.* The voice hissed inside your head. You looked around but saw no one.
*Kill her.* It said once more.
*No.* You thought.
*KILL HER SHE KNOWS TO MUCH!* The voice hissed loud and angrily.
*No!* You thought again. You couldnt control yourself. You had no control over your body, it was as if you were under the Imperius Curse. You took out your wand and inched toward the girl. You were breathing heavily, you all of a sudden felt cold. You pulled up your sleeve and looked at your arm to see black veins were going farther up your arm. You felt you heart quicken. You sensed as if you were changing, you suddenly wanted to kill her, not just because some voice urged you to but..... because you wanted to. (A/N : O.k now i know what your thinking, ' Oh how tipical! Everyone has a story like this! Bur!! you'll find out more coming sooner! please keep reading, sorry for the interuption! R&R!)
You were right behind her when you said the unthinkable.
"Avada Kedavera." You hissed in her ear, with your wand pointed inches away from her body. She collapsed to the ground; eyes wide open. She stared blankly up at you. You quickly walked back to your dorm, got into bed and didnt have a second thought about the murder that just took place.


You woke to somebody snoring next to you. You had seen Ginny many times before when she woke up in the mornings, but this time she was paler than usual. You started to look around to see that you were in the Hospital wing. Then everything rushed back to you. You worrying about Aurora, Ginny kissing you for the first time, Aurora calling you a traitor with a voice you never wanted to hear again, and finally you passing out to your scar feeling as if it would burst. You heard somebody walk in and you quickly laid back down. You heard Madam Pomfrey talking with Dumbledore.
"There has been a murder, Kelli Hansel. She was a good student and we will miss her."
"Wasnt she the student that was assigned to watch Riddle? You dont think she did this do you?" Pomfrey asked Dumbledore with terror in her voice.
"Yes Poppy, she was. As for if Riddle killed her, I dont know. Its very possible." He said sternly.
"But, Albus how could this be? There has never been a murder in this school before, why now?" She asked him worriedly.
"We will find out soon enough, now please is Mr. Potter awake? I need to speak with him?"
"No Albus, he isn't. I will send an owl or a student when he wakes." she said
What they didn't know you were awake listening to the whole conversation.
*There is a Riddle in Hogwarts?* You thought in horror...

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Chapter 7: The Secret
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You woke to the crying of your roommates the next morning. You groaned in annoyance from the amount of noise that awoke you from your slumber. You pulled your curtain back to see what was going on. You looked around the room. To your left, your roommates, Lavender and Parvati crying their eyes out while to your right, Hermione looked like she was too deep in thought to be crying. You rolled your eyes at the behavior of your roommates with the exception of Hermione. You were impressed at the amount of self control she was using, but at the same time made you suspicious of her as well.
" What the hell are you all blubbering about?" You asked your roommates while getting up from your bed, setting your feet firmly on the ground.
" Kelli is dead. She was killed last night," Lavender said before blowing her nose.
"Who could do such a thing? She was so innocent, curious for life, and so smart." Parvati said as she walked over to Lavender, pulling her into a comforting embrace.
You snorted.
"Apparently too smart and curious for her own good," you muttered to yourself as you stood from your bed, walking out of the room into the girls bathroom. You looked back at your roommates before you entered the bathroom; Hermione was looking at you intently. You didnt like the way she was looking at you.
*I hope youre not thinking what Kelli did, Hermione. I dont want to kill you too.* You thought to yourself.

You walked out of the bathroom fully dressed. You grabbed your books while throwing your bag over your shoulder and exited your dorm. You walked down the stairs and entered the common room. You were about to walk out the portrait hole when you heard someone call your name. You turned around to see a boy run up to you, nearly tripping on his own two feet. You sighed.
"Hello Neville," you said with a weak smile. You and Neville were good friends. He was like a brother to you.
"Hey Aurora! Can you believe it? A murder at Hogwarts." He said with such sadness in his voice. You rolled your eyes. You were getting tired of hearing about this girl. You thought she got what she deserved.
"Ill see you later Neville," you declared as you walked out of the portrait hole.

You continued to walk through the halls, passing weeping students as you went by. *Give me a break!*You thought as you walked. You were about to turn the corner when someone grabbed your arm, pulling you into a nearby empty
classroom, closing the door behind them. You whipped around to see the smirking face of Malfoy.
"Malfoy," you said ripping your arm way from his hold.
"I know it was you," he said bluntly, staring you right in the eye as he said this. You on the other hand decided to look else where.
"I dont know what youre talking about," you said looking past his shoulder, trying not to look into his eyes. He laughed at your reaction.
"I know you did it, I can see it in your eyes. Youre no longer Potters precious trophy girlfriend, youre something MUCH more." He said to you.
"What are you not telling me Malfoy?" You asked him, clearly getting agitated at the fact that he knew you better than you know yourself.
"I dont think Im the right person to tell you bu-" he was saying but you cut him off.
"Then who is?" You hissed.
"Snape," he said bluntly. You turned to leave but he quickly grabbed your arm once again and pulled you into him. He brushed a piece of hair away from your eyes.
"Why are you doing this for me?" You asked looking strait into his gray-blue eyes.
"Because I want to." He said softly. His lips crashed into yours. Your first kiss had been wonderful, but rough and eager. This was much more slow and passionate. His kiss took your breath away. He parted his lips and brushed his tongue lightly across your bottom lip. You opened her mouth and massaged his tongue with yours warmly welcoming it into your mouth. Needing air, you broke the kiss. You turned your head and gasped for air. You had just about managed to get your heart rate back to normal when you felt Dracos lips lightly kissing your neck and that one little spot behind your ear that made you shiver. He kissed you once more before you pulled away.
"I have to go." You walked out the door and into the corridor without hearing what he said next.
"You will be mine." he sneered.

You walked silently to Dumbledores office. You still heard students crying, and you were still annoyed by it.
"Sugar Quills." You stated. You walked up the stairs with purpose. You wanted to find out every thing, no matter how hard it was to hear. You were about to knock on the door when you heard muffled arguing.
"How are WE suppose to tell her?" A woman said.
"Claira settle down. We'll find a way to work this out. Tonks, do you have any ideas about how to tell her without her going bisurk?" A guy asked.
*Claira... that sounds familiar...*You thought , cautiously you put your ear to the door to see if you could hear any better.
"Not really, she probably already knows that shes different. By the way that the other students have said that she's changed a lot in the past week, I would say that you might want to take it slow; tell her one thing at a time." She said simply. "Well maybe Albus will have a suggestion." You instantly recognized the next voice you heard.
"Well I imagine Aurora will have to face the truth, even if she doesnt want to hear it." Your father said. You didnt know what to do, you just stood there shocked. You wanted to ask why they hadnt told you sooner, why they didnt tell you that you had different parent but you stayed behind the closed door without making a sound. You felt like you were going crazy with what you heard next.
"She's a Riddle. The Hansel girl failed at watching her, so now we have to have another student in danger. She will soon find out her past and hopefully she will make the right choice and not go searching for answers."A deep voice said.
You didnt recognize the voice but you knew it was from someone close to the door. *How could they not tell me of my past? How dare them keep something like this from me!.....* Your thoughts trailed off. You were too deep in thought to see or hear any one come up the stairs.
"Well hello Miss Smith. Would you like to come in?" Dumbledore asked sincerely; jesturing to the door. You looked past Dumbledore to see Harry coming up the stairs looking rather tired. You instantly looked at Dumbledore and nodded your head no.
"No. I was just on my way out." You sneered. You were glaring daggers at Harry when he came and stood next to Dumbledore.
"Miss Smith, I would like for you to come back to my office at 6 pm, so we could discus some things."
"Yes Professor Dumbledore." You walked off, headed toward Snapes office; to finally get answers.


She just glared at you. There was nothing you could do. Dumbledore had mentioned that he wanted to meet with you about what had happen last night and that it was about Aurora but didnt discuss it much further until you went into his office. You instantly recognized Tonks sitting in the chair next to Dumbledore's desk. There was also Shackleblotts; who was sitting next close to the door. And Aurora's parents; Mr. and Mrs. Smith; who were sitting on the far side of the room closer to the sorting hat than any thing else. They quieted down once Dumbledore sat down.
"Now we are all here on the same matters. There was a girl murdered here last night and we don't know who did it." Dumbledore stated.
"We have a suspicion." Shackleblotts said.
"We believe Aurora Smith might have done it. We are not for certain but students say she was the last person Miss Hansel was to talk to that they know of."
"Now Harry we need your side of the story. We need to know exactly what happen." Dumbledore stated.
"O.K." You said blushing. You hadnt planned on telling them about snogging with Ginny but he said exactly so you had to tell them every thing.
"Well I was sitting in the common room when Ginny came down...." You told them every thing. You didnt get into much details until you got to the part where you heard the snake like voice and you blacked out.
"It felt as if my scar was gonna burst open. And then after that I guess I collapsed." You stated, finishing what had happen.
Aurora's mother then spoke up.
"What are we suppose to do? Does he know who she is?" She asked pointing to you.
"No, I have not had the chance to speak to Harry alone. I would like to speak of that now, now that we are on the subject." Dumbledore said. Little did you know this was going to be a very long talk.

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Chapter 8: Finally ... The Truth
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You headed straight for Snape's office, not knowing what would be said; but you knew it had to be done. Scared and shivering, you entered Snape's office. You expected it to be darker than it was. The shadowy walls were lined with shelves of large glass jars, in which floated all manner of revolting things you didn't really want to know the name of at the moment. Behind Snape's desk was a Slytherin House Banner. Looking around more you saw the fireplace was lit, but didn't make the room feel any warmer.
"I've been expecting you for quite some time." Snape said, not looking up from his parchment. You walked swiftly toward his desk.
"Take a seat." He said simply. With a wave of his wand, a chair appeared.
"I demand to know the truth about my past." You said, not fearing what the outcome of speaking in such a manner.
"Miss. Smith..." He paused. "I will not have you speak to me like that again. I will speak to you in a moment. Please wait here while I go and send this letter off." He sealed it with the Slytherin seal, and walked out leaving you alone. You wondered whom the letter was to, but thought no more of it until Snape walked back in. He swiftly sat back down.
"You will not speak when I tell you this. When I ask you a question you may only answer then. Am I clear?" He stated. He seemed...nicer than usual. Not as heartless but still snobby, in a way.
"Yes sir." You muttered. He went on.
"When the Dark Lord was in power, when all feared him, which they still do mind you; a Seer came to him and pledged allegiance to him and only him. Over the years, the Seer would go to him, in the presence of me and other Deatheaters; and would speak a prophecy in which would help him. Some were usless while others were great, but none of them would predict if the Dark Lord would hold any more power. Until seventeen years ago, when a prophecy was made by the Seer in which saying that Sibyll Trelawney will make a prophecy to Albus Dumbledore. It was then when The Dark Lord told several of his followers to sneak about and search every Inn in the Hogwarts area. When the night came, the prophecy was over heard in a room above the Hog's Head Inn. I imagine you know of this?" He asked. In truth, Harry had only told you part of what Dumbledore said. You knew the prophecy was made at the Hog's Head Inn, Trelawney was the one to give it, and that she had told Dumbledore that neither Harry nor Voldemort could live while the other survived. But Harry said nothing more after that, for he was grieving for the loss of Sirius. A flash of Harry sitting in the Gryffindor Common Room after hours crying came up.
"No Sir I don't. Harry never told me the whole thing." You stated
"Oh what a pity. I thought the Golden Boy might have told you." He cackled.
He went on, "well since you don't know anything, I might as well show you instead of wasting my breath." He swiftly walked to a cupboard you didn't notice when you walked in, and took out a shallow stone basin carved with runes around the edges. Snape walked back to the desk, placed the Pensieve upon it and took out a little jar that looked like there was smoke in it.
"Yes of course I know what it is. It's a memory that you probably extracted from some bloody Deatheater." You sneered.
" Actually.." He sneered back, "it's my own memory. Once again I will ask you to not interrupt me." He paused. He extracted the memory from the jar by the tip of his wand and placed it in the basin. He watched as his thoughts swirled and drifted in the Pensieve for a moment. He gave the contents of the Pensieve a small prod with the end of his wand and the memory began to swirl fast, you looked over to see that it had became transparent. You were drawn to it, seeing as it was dark and you could hear muffled voices. You bent over the Pensieve and were about to stick your head through when you were stopped by Snape.
"Wait. You will let me go so I may direct you." He said. You thought he almost sounded jealous for a second but thought otherwise because Snape was bending over toward the Pensieve. He looked like he was glowing for a second before he was lurched into the memory. You headed in quickly toward the basin and stared down into it. It looked like it was raining but you weren't sure. You took a great gulp of breath and plunged your head into the surface of Snape's memory. At once, the floor of the office lurched, tipping you head first into the Pensieve....
You were falling through a cold blackness, spinning furiously as you went, and then ---. You were standing next to Snape who was glaring at you intently. You looked around to see you were in an alley.
"Where were you? I thought you had died.." He sneered. "I wish you had died." he muttered. You didn't hear what he had said because you heard a noise toward a door which had a sign above it that said 'Hog's Head Inn. We Enjoy Your Company!'. You were somewhat frightened but pushed it away because you knew that nothing could hurt you in a memory. Snape spoke again.
"Follow me. You will not wander off or disobey me when I tell you it is time to go. Do you understand me?"
*God what is with him and rules!* You thought. You actually smiled knowing that you would probably wander off or do something that would be inappropriate.
"Yes sir." You said putting your hand up to your forehead like in the army you've seen on T.V. And with the swish of his robes he turned and stalked off toward the door of the Inn.
It was nice and warm in the Inn. Snape was looking around, You imagined trying to find the more younger Snape. Until you saw a greasy haired guy who looked more lost than any thing else.
"Found you. Err.... I mean him." You said pointing toward the front desk. You quickly headed toward the desk in hopes this would be quick.

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Chapter 9: The True Slytherin Heir
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You headed toward the front desk where younger Snape was standing. You looked back to see Snape following slowly but surely after. You were amused with the knowledge it would be at least an hour before Snape would be upstairs in the bedroom. The uncouth barman, Alberforth, pointed in the direction to the stairs as the younger Snape left the service desk slowed a bit down to take in the scene.
"I know the way so we needn't hurry." Said Snape.
"Well, still I want to get there." you said. He scoffed, walking ahead and not noting you were imitating his greasy-haired old bat behaviour. You then followed him, reminding yourself it was a serious matter. Dumbledore walked through the door and headed toward the stairs where you were on still.
"Professor Snape, the Headmaster is here," You whispered. Snape arched his eyebrow.

"Like I didnt know." You glared at him.
*The jerk*. Dumbledore stopped at the front desk and exchanged some words with Alberforth before heading up the stairs. You and Snape followed him. The place was disgusting. There we cobwebs everywhere and everything that could, creaked as if about to crumble.

*Can't they clean the place up a bit?* You thought. After two flights of stairways, Dumbledore and Snape came to a stop.

"Whats he doing?" You asked when Dumbledore pulled his wand out and you concluded hed cast a non-verbal spell.

"He was unlocking the door. It was so just in case something would happen." You glared at him again while Dumbledore tapped his wand against four spots on the door before he walked in. Snape and you followed suit.

"Headmaster. Its so nice to see you again in good health. I foresaw a terrible doom."
*Apparently she was just as deranged back then.* You thought as you looked around the room, scowling. 

*It's like someone died in here.* You turned your attention back to the two professors who were sat at the table, drinking their tea.

"Well, Im alright as you can see." Professor Dumbledore smiled as he rose again.
"I thank you for letting me come to interview you." 

"Oh no. I ought to thank you for interviewing." Said Professor Trelawney, shaking the Headmasters hand before heading to the door. You were a bit startled as her eyes got this strange shine over it and that she paled. Her mouth opened to speak but rather then her usual dreamy voice it was rasped, hollow as if she was possessed.(At this moment, there is a quote said by Professor Trelawney in which I do not own. The Title is Harry Potter and The Order Of the Phoenix. J. K. Rowling has writen the book, in which is very good. And it is on page eight-hundred and fourty-one( 841 ) Thank You.)

"............. and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives... the one with the power to vanquish the dark lord will be born as the seventh month dies..." Dumbledore had watched without an expression as if taking all in. Even when Trelawney fell to the floor as if asleep. There was a sudden commotion on the other side of the door which startled Trelawney from her strange slumber. The door flung open, revealing Snape and the front desk clerk.

"I came up the wrong way!" The young Snape argued but you were so confused that you could barely follow. One moment Trelawney had foretold a prophecy and next there is a young version of your professor arguing with a clerk in the hallway!
"You were eavesdropping!" Said Alberforth, angrily. 

"I saw your ear pressed against the door!"
"I was not!" The young Snape snarled. Alberforth went to grab the young Snape and throw him out but young Snape was faster and apparated away.
"What a shame, could have seen a good fight there." you stated. You felt the unfamiliar sensation you had earlier and closed your eyes. You lurched forward and landed in Snape's office again. You were glade you were back in the nice warm room. Snape appeared next to you seconds later and sat down again without putting the pensieve away. It felt as if it went all so fast. You began to speak again.
"Ok what I want to know is what all this has to do with me." 

"Right after I apparated out of the hotel, I went and told The Dark Lord. We had discussed that he would have to make a plan to kill either Longbottom or..." he paused as he Neville's name.
"or Potter." he sneered his name. 

"The Dark Lord, as you see, tried to kill Potter first, failing. But you were born before doing so."

"Like I bloody didnt know that. Look genius, Harry Freaking Potter is in Dumbledore's Office right now, or is it his clone or ghost?" He didnt answer you, he just went on like you said nothing. He got up from his chair and started to pace back and forth.
"Thats when The Dark Lord went into hiding. He had to think of a plan. And fast. He tried to get information from the Seer, but she had no visions what-so-ever. It was then that his most trusted, closest servants, Bellatrix Black Lestrange and Rodolphus Lestrange suggested him to have an Heir. He had some of his followers including me, go out and find the most perfect woman to have an heir with. We searched on days on end, finally we found the perfect woman. She was your mother dear Aurora." You were kind of scared to know what happens to your mom, but for all the better, you let Snape go on without a word.

"Ann Novak, the most suitable for The Dark Lord, refuses to join him. He than kidnaps her, learning that even if she does get pregnant, she wont give up the baby without a fight. So he put her under the Imperious curse. He kept her locked away, making sure she was close at all times. Bellatrix Lestrange always wanted to be in the favour of the Dark Lord so she tortured your mother, knowing full well what she was doing. The Dark Lord soon became aware of her ever so slowly becoming weaker as he held her captive. So he finally made his move. He took control of her and raped her. He was overwhelmed that he could have his way with her. Your mother, Ann, made a very bad mistake a week after he raped her several times. She tried to escape. Whether or not she accomplished, The Dark Lord knew she was with heir, and was going to go after her. She fled to Hogwarts, thinking this would be a safe place for her to hide while things settled down. Dumbledore orders her to be cleaned up and checked if anything was broken and so on. He escorted her to Poppy, saying for her to check everything. During the long week your mother was in the hospital, she had confided in Poppy to tell everything that happened. She was probably afraid to tell her but she did so anyways. I had overheard Dumbledore talking about what Ann told Poppy to McGonagall." He finally paused. All this time you were listening carefully, taking in all that he said, and made notes on how he would look at you, like he was sorry what hade happen to your mother. 

"He told her that Ann was pregnant. Dumbledore stated then, that she would be kept here until, you dear Aurora was born. As the months passed, the reporter's became aware that one of the greatest witches, was missing. They searched and searched but found nothing. Until you were born Aurora, no one knew of where your mother was but Dumbledore, McGonagall and Poppy. Ann knew she had to give you up, and went to Dumbledore to tell him so. Dumbledore had already known she had to give you up to keep you alive and away from Voldemort. He made a 'visit' if I must say, to a good family that he knew were looking for a baby at the time. He told the Smiths you were a special baby, that your mother had already been killed. Which she had been, soon after she had given you up, she fled to keep herself safe. She must of hide out for quiet some time, because no death eaters found her; until she was caught in the same cave dear ol' Sirius was staying in. She had a horrid death. She was tortured for a lo-.." You cut him off.

"I dont want to know how my own mother died!" You said furiously. You wanted to get out of there, to run, to hide, to do something other than learn about your past. You turned and ran, without looking back; you ran as far as you could without knowing where you were going.

Chapter 10: I Won't Go Through That Again
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Run. That's all you could do now. Your thoughts were racing as the information you were just told sunk into your mind. You were HIS heir. The most feared man in the Wizarding World is your father. The question is why weren't you told this sooner? Why arent they telling you this? Suddenly you stopped running at the thought of the next question.

Why does this seem all too familiar? Why don't you remember your childhood? You couldnt deal with these questions any longer. You decided that it was time to ask these questions to the one person that could answer them and it just so happened that you stopped right in front of the statues that guard the staircase to his office, Dumbledore.

"Sugar Quills," as soon as the password left your lips, the statues for the second time that day, moved out of the way revealing the secret staircase that ascended to his office. You wasted no time in climbing the stairs. When you reached the top, you didn't even bother knocking on the door; you simply walked in.
"Aw! Ms. Smith, right on time. Please have a seat," Dumbledore gestured to the chair that sat in front of his desk, yet you didn't move a muscle. You just looked around the room. In one corner stood your 'oh so loving' parents while in another corner stood a man that you recognized not just from school, but from somewhere else. The only reason you knew who this man is was because he was the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher during your fourth year. Mad-eye Moody looked right back at you as you continued to stand in the frame of the doorway. He glared with his one good eye while the other rolled around in his head like it was possessed.
"Please Ms. Smith, have a seat," once again Dumbledore gestured for you to sit, and this time you did what he asked. You broke the stare that you and Moody were sharing, and walked over to the chair that was offered to you. You slid down into it and crossed your arms over your chest. You noticed movement in the corner of your eye in the direction where your parents were located. 

"Why are they here?" You asked pointing to your parents. You sensed that something was going on. Dumbledore believed that you might have had something to do with Kelli's murder. By the look in Moody's eye, he was thinking the same thing. Your parents on the other hand, were a different story. Your father looked like he could kill you right on the spot, while your mother looked like she was looking at the Dark Lord himself. Yet they still shared a common expression.....fear. You got pleasure from the look that lingered in their eyes. It made you feel powerful. Now you understood why Malfoy bullied his fellow students; just so he could experience this exact feeling.
"We are worried about you sweetheart," your mother answered the questioned that you had asked Dumbledore in a shaky voice. 

"Your fellow classmates are worried about you too, Ms. Smith. Ms. Granger and the others have brought it to my attention of the change in your physical appearance and behavior." You were getting annoyed with this conversation already. How dare they go behind you back to Dumbledore and report to him about you.
"I'm fine," you said blankly.

"You're not fine Aurora, you're sick. We can help you if you let us." At the sound of that phrase leaving the lips of your father, an image of a little girl with long black hair sitting in a chair wearing a white hospital gown flashed in your mind. She looked so miserable, so lonely, so.....much like YOU. It finally dawned on you what Kelli meant when she said 'they've done it before'.

"We just want to help you sweetheart. Let us help..." but she never got the finish her plea before you snapped. The thought of them putting you back into a hospital, hiding you away from the world again was not going to happen. How dare they think that you would agree to that kind of torture!

"I SAID THAT I AM FINE!" At that moment, your voice echoed around Dumbledore's office, making everything that was made of glass or was fragile, exploded. Everyone in the room, excluding you, covered themselves so that they wouldn't get cut from the flying glass. You, however, didn't shield yourself. Instead you let the glass fall on you like it was snow falling from the sky. Once the remaining glass fell to the floor, they all looked to you. The scraps of glass had left cuts all over your face, but that's not why they were looking at you. You hadn't moved a muscle since you screamed. You felt a burning sensation run through your arm again, but it was stronger than the previous time. You were breathing heavily and you felt your skin grow cold. This was the same feeling you went through before you killed Kelli. If you didn't leave this room soon, you were literally going to kill someone in this room. Not that you didn't want to, you were merely protecting yourself. You quickly stood from the chair, so fast you knocked it over. You then focused your gaze on Dumbledore, and in the eerie voice like you heard in your head the night before, you spoke.

"I won't go back to the hospital. I won't go through that again. You, Moody, and my parents didn't help me. You just wanted to contain me like I was some kind of disease." Everyone's faces went pale as you said this.

"How do you know about that?" You heard Moody ask but you didn't answer him. Instead, you simply walked to the door and walked out.

As you walked through the corridors to the Gryffindor common room, you began to think. You now knew certain things about your past. The question was now, what are you going to do about it? It bothered you that Dumbledore knew all about you and your capabilities, yet he set a simple girl like Kelli to watch you. He must have known that you would change sooner or later, but why risk the lives of innocent people? Truthfully you didn't care why. All that mattered now is what were you going to do with the power that was growing inside of you. The anger and hate that Harry and his whore Ginny have created; lingering inside you was only fueling the flame of destruction. Your reoccurring dream now made all the more of sense to you, your physical appearance, your attitude, the voice in your head. You were transforming, the same way Tom Riddle did when he was your age. Dumbledore is afraid; as he should be. History of the Dark Lord was repeating itself, in YOU.