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Rock and Roll, Lonely Baby by Ashbella

Format: Novel
Chapters: 12
Word Count: 19,843
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature

Genres: Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Hermione, Draco, Ginny, OC
Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Draco/Hermione, Ron/OC

First Published: 06/18/2006
Last Chapter: 12/17/2009
Last Updated: 12/17/2009

Hermione came back in her 7th year as a totally different person. She was in a band, had red streaks in her hair, didnt care about her grades, and was so lonely. Ginny had Harry and her friend Sasha had Ron and who did she have. No one. There is also the constant war of love and hate between Draco and Hermione.

Chapter 1: The One Where Everyone Changed.
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Hermione boarded the train with her band and four best friends. This summer had been different from others, with her new intrest in music.  Ginny was the drummer, a Gryffindor Sasha was the bassist, a Ravenclaw Brian was the lead singer and lead guitar, And Hermione was the background singer and the other guitar player. The band was called Nighttime. Hermione was the person who usually wrote the songs but sometimes had help. They also used muggle music for special occasions. Brian pulled out his guitar and Hermione followed, they started to play while everyone else relaxed in the seats.

This year Ginny and Hermione were a little different. Hermione's usually bushy hair was sleak and soft and almost to her butt. Her wardobe consisted of mostly skinny jeans and hats. She loved hats. Every tee shirt she own was black and she always had a woven necklace around her neck. Ginny had cut her hair short and had taken up the tomboy look. She was beautiful still though. The baggy jeans and longed sleeved shirts fit her well. While residing at the Borrow they had both taken up the bad habbit of being very lazy. Hermione didn't care much for her grades this year and they most of the time didnt take no for an answer. In Ron and Harry's opinion both of their voices were booming louder than before and they were not in favor of it. And when they weren't yelling they were blasting the stereo or playing their wretched instruments. They both had learned quick that it didn't matter how late at night it was, never to touch the volume of the radio. Harry hadn't been as dumb as Ron on the event that Ron unplugged the amp. They still loved the girls, it just took some getting used to. 

Back in the compartment Hermione stopped playing to fix the tune on her acoustic. Brian’s fingers barley brushed the strings as he dragged his hand over them with his head back. Ginny stood and reached up to get her bag, she pulled it down and began rummaging trough it. She pulled out her board and a screw driver and started to play with the wheels. Sasha reached into her pocket and was about to pull out her iPod when the compartment door slid open. Draco Malfoy stood there with his hair falling into his eyes and a smirk playing on his lips.

“What is that ridicules piece of crap in you’re lap, Mud blood.” He sneered at her. Hermione looked up at him and kept on tuning. She wasn’t paying attention to what her hands were doing any longer, she just glared up at him while her fingers spun the knob round and round.

“Get out of here Malfoy.” Said Ginny.

“Don’t speak to me Weaslette.” He hissed back not taking his eyes off of Hermione.

“Don’t tell me what to do you filthy arrogant pig.” She retorted.

“Why you insuff-“ But Malfoy was cut off by a snapping sound, a crash and a swear. Hermione had not been paying attention to her string and it had broke in half, flew back and whipped her hand which was now bleeding, she had them flipped her guitar over onto the floor in surprise and sworn. All eyes were now on her. Hermione stared at her guitar and then at Malfoy.
"Do you know how expensive that is!?" She then darted for him. 

Malfoy took a step back and Brian grabbed Hermione’s waste. Malfoy started to laugh and Hermione broke free from Brian’s grasp and landed a punch right below Malfoy’s eye. He stumbled backwards onto the floor and the whole compartment broke out in laughter. Hermione spit on him before she slammed the door shut.

After the laughter died down Sasha spoke. “You know he’s going to try to get you back.” She said.

“Yeah I wanna see him try” Hermione replied and rubbed her slightly bleeding hand. They all laughed and went back to what they had been doing before Malfoy had rudely interrupted them.

The train slowly stopped and the four stood and reached for their belongings. They each tumbled out of the door with at least five bags each. Brian and Hermione were carrying all of the band equipment while Sasha and Ginny were carrying everyone’s personal stuff. There wasn’t enough room for all of them to go together with all of their stuff so Hermione and Brian took the band stuff in one carriage while Ginny and Sasha took the rest in another.

They unloaded and dragged their stuff to the Entrance Hall. Brian dropped his guitar case and sighed. Sasha threw the last of the stuff into the pile and plopped down onto an amp. People were staring at the way Ginny was dressed and Ginny gave them the finger. "Damn first years." She muttered under her breath.

“We have too much stuff.” Said Ginny and they all nodded in agreement before standing and making their way towards the Great Hall. Hermione had a strange feeling she was forgetting something but brushed it off.

The four walked into the doors and Hermione tripped Brian. They all laughed and when he stood he playfully pushed her and she tripped him again. Draco stood over by the Slytherin table and watched them, wishing he could have what they had. He sighed and took his Head boy badge out of his pocket and pinned it to the front of his robes, wondering who the head girl was.

Brian left the three girls to go sit at his house table while the girls went to meet Harry and Ron. When they reached them Ginny kissed Harry and Ron hugged Sasha. Hermione, for just a moment, was a bit jealous of the girls. They had wonderful boyfriends and she had no one. She smiled a fake smile and sat down with them.

Dumbledore stood and the Hall fell silent. He smiled. “Welcome new and welcome back to the old! I would like to introduce the new teacher this year.” He said waving his arm behind him. Tonks stood and smiled to the school. “Our new Defense against the Dark Arts teacher.” Dumbledore said and Tonks sat back down. “I would also like to introduce our Heads this year.” Hermione froze were she was. She remembered then. “Shit” She breathed. “From Slytherin, Draco Malfoy!” The Slytherin table cheered loudly and Draco stood up and smirked at the rest of the school. Everyone else clapped politely. “And from Gryffindor” The rest of the school clapped loudly while the Slytherins glared. “Miss Hermione Granger.” Only five people stared at her in astonishment while everyone else clapped loudly as if they were all expecting it. Hermione slowly stood avoiding the stares coming at her. “Dig in” Dumbledore shouted with a twinkle in his eye.

Hermione sat down again and started to eat. “Why did you tell us?” Sasha asked.

“I forgot.”

“How could you forget?”

“It wasn’t important”

“This is important.”

“Its not.”

“It is”

Hermione slammed her fist onto the table and stood. “I don’t want to be Head Girl, its just another step to becoming who I was last year and all of the years before that. I don’t want to be smart and looked up to and I don’t want to be Head Girl but I have to be.” She stormed from the out of the Great Hall, her hair flying behind her the whole way. Ginny and Sasha looked at each other. “She’ll calm down.” Harry said.

Across the room Draco sat astonished at what he had just heard. "Granger, not wanting to be smart." He mumbled to himself, a little amused by it. 'She bores me.' He thought to himself and went back to not thinking about her.

Hermione stormed though the halls and up to the Head common room. She realized she didn’t know the password. A small piece of parchment, tied with a purple ribbon, appeared in her hand. Hermione opened it. 

‘Good evening Ms. Granger,
Im sorry that you could not stay longer at the Great Feast this year.
Your portrait is set so that you can pick your password after only 
two knocks on the bottom of it. 
Also, you will find a kitchen inside of your common room. 
Make sure to feed yourself!

Hermione looked up at the portrait. It was of an old maid. Hermione knocked on the bottom of the frame twice and the maid's eyes opened. "Password?" She had a thick accent. 
"Fattore." Hermione spoke clearly to the lady on the wall and she swung open. 

The Common Room had an earthy theme, with greens, browns, and tans. Its not something Hermione would have picked out herself but she enjoyed it still. On opposite walls were two plaques with her and Draco's names written in curvy handwritting. She opened the door with 'Hermione Granger' writte on it. Everything was black laced with gold. This is more was she perferred. All of her stuff was neatly piled in the corner. She walked over to it, shrugging off her robes and laying them on the bed on the way. Guitar pics were the first thing she grabbed. The second was her acoustic. Hermione noticed that her missing string had been replaced. She'd have to thank Brian.

Hermione moved back into the Common Room and onto one of the dark brown sofas. She slid her shoes off and curled up to be warm since the fire wasnt going. The moments dragged on as she tuned her guitar. Her stomach growled but she was much too lazy to get up tp get something. And much too cold. 

More time passed and she was growing bored. Hermione began to play a song she had made up in the summer. One she hadn't been too fond of. It had no lyrics and so she just started to sing, putting words that felt like they should go together with her music. Draco walked in at that moment but Hermione was oblivious. At first he only listened to her soft voice matching the guitar's volume then he started to move through the Common Room silently towards his room.

Hermione let the sound fade out. She put her guitar onto the floor and laid her head down on the sofa. This is where she would sleep tonight.  Draco still stood there unnoticed, he watched as long silky strands of hair fell into her eyes as she drifted off to sleep. He didn’t know why he did it but he then conjured a blanket and laid it over Hermione and walked into his room.

A/N: Hello everybody! I wrote this story when I was young and now my writing skills are better in my opinion so I am rewriting the whole story. It will still have the same plot lines and same events to occur. I just hate reading stories with poor writing styles and I dont want anyone to experience that on my story! Please enjoy the new version. Im sorry if the whole thing takes some time to get up but I am trying to go fast and to finish the story! Thank you for reading.

Chapter 2: The One Where Hermione Breaks Her Arm.
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The first week of school was over and weekend had begun. A little too early in the morning in some opinions. Hermione stumbled out of bed with her eyes closed at 6:30 in the morning on Saturday. She tripped over a cord, then her duffle bag and fell forward into the door. It opened and she flipped over onto the floor. Hermione lay there with boxers and a long sleeved shirt on in the middle of the common room floor.

“Granger!” Draco howled from the other room. He stormed out of his room and stood over her. “What are you doing Granger?” He asked. She still had her eyes closed.

“I think I fell.” She groaned.

“Why were you out of bed at 6:30 in the morning?”

“I can’t remember”

“Get up”

“Too tired”  She waved her arm at him, indicating that he leave her alone.

Draco sighed and lifted her up. Once she was in a standing position he gave her a push towards her room. Hermione groaned. He pushed her again. She began walking and when he wasn’t looking she ran into a wall and fell back onto the floor.

Draco turned and looked at her. Hermione had already fallen back asleep and so he just left her there. It was early and he had already had enough of her.

Draco sat on the couch with the daily prophet in his hand. He had come out to check on Hermione earlier and found she had made her way back to her room. Even though he wasnt fond of her he didnt want her just laying in the middle of the floor like a drunk.
He heard a loud stomping noise coming from her room and turned his head. Hermione burst out of her room wearing a winter hat over her golden ringlets, a white tee shirt, tight blue jeans, converse, and a skateboard under her arm. She was out of breath and looked like she had just escaped from a monster. Hermione quickly shut the door and winced as something fell to the ground and made a crashing sound. 
"Damn it."

She rushed into the kitchen and made coffee. Hermione drank it so fast it burnt her throat. Draco came in behind her. “Where are you going so fast?”

“Meeting people”



“To do what?”


"It's september, why are you wearing a winter hat?"
She gave him a dirty look. " I like hats, Malfoy."

“What is skating?”

Hermione looked at him in astonishment and put her half empty cup of coffee down. “You’re kidding me right?” He shook his head no. Hermione held up her board. “This is skating.” She put the board on the kitchen floor and went around in a circle. “See?” He nodded.

“What’s the point?” He asked. “There is no point, its just fun.” Hermione said picking her board up and walking towards the door. ‘Idiot’ she thought and stepped out of the portrait. Draco stood in the kitchen still ‘Why do something with no point? Idiot’ He thought but he was curious, he went to get dressed.

Hermione pushed her board faster and faster through the halls. If she was caught by a teacher she knew she would be in so much trouble, being Head Girl,  but she was already late.

Draco followed her at a run. She stopped at the door and pushed them open. Hermione saw her friends in a distance waiting for her. Draco was so close to her when she did a board slide down the rail. Draco stopped to catch his breath and he watched her skate away with her friends. He saw a kid throw something at her when she arrived and she pushed him off of his board. Two others were with him and they laughed along with Hermione.

Draco liked how Hermione’s hair bounced behind her when she laughed. ‘Wow, she’s really pretty when she smiles.’ He thought to himself, smiling. Draco suddenly frowned. ‘Father would kill you if he found out you were thinking such thoughts about a mud-blood.’ As soon as the word ran through his thoughts he wished it hadn’t. Draco didn’t care about blood like his father did, but if Lucius ever found out he would be punished severely.

“Hey Mione,” Ginny said looking towards the door. “Why did Malfoy come out behind you?” Ginny asked again looking behind Hermione’s back. It was too early for anyone to be up and alive this early, which was why they had chosen to come out at this time.

Hermione turned and looked up at the steps. There stood Malfoy bending over. He seemed to be catching his breath. Hermione turned back around and shrugged. “I don’t know maybe we aren’t the only people crazy enough to wake up this early on a Saturday.” She emphasized on the words crazy and Saturday. Hermione had been one to protest about when they would meet, but in the end she was over-ruled. Brian laughed and Sasha smiled, she wasn’t fully awake either,

“Deal with it” Ginny said and skated off towards the waterfall. They all followed quickly. Over the summer was when skating had been introduced to Ginny and she got good fast. She was almost better then Sasha, who had been doing this all of her life.

Draco now followed them at a run, if anyone asked him why he was out he would tell them he had gotten up to run. He was wearing long shorts and a tight black tee shirt. His hair was down today and it was hanging in his eyes. He liked it like that. Draco looked ahead and saw the one that had thrown something at Granger, jump onto a bench with his board. He ran to catch up.

They stopped near the waterfall. Draco didn’t want to be seen, because he didn’t want them to think he was following them. He did the only thing he could think of. He climbed up a tree. After being struck numerous times by twigs and scratched by the bark he came into a comfortable position. Draco watched them from above.

‘Why the hell am I in a tree?’ The thought crossed him mind. He had followed Granger out of the school at an extremely early hour of the day and now he was hiding from her in a tree. He felt like a bloody idiot. Who cared about this?

Hours past and Draco remained in the tree watching the four talk and laugh together. Ginny sat down on a bench. “Come on guys, we’ve already missed lunch and I don’t want to be late for dinner” Her stomach growled. “I’m starving.” She looked up at them with pleading eyes. They all gave in and began to walk back to the castle. Hermione took one last look at the rushing water, before taking off behind her friends.

Draco followed behind her; this time took short cuts so that he arrived in the Common Room before her.

Hermione appeared in front of the portrait and the maid looked up “Oh it’s just you.” She said.

Hermione sighed “Fattore” She said.

“Very well” The old maid said and opened the portrait for her. When she walked into the common room she saw Malfoy lying face down on the couch breathing heavily, with his eyes closed. He was sweating and he smelled like he needed a shower.

Hermione walked up to him, she picked a leaf out of his hair. “Hey.” She said and dropped the leaf onto the ground. “Don't touch me, Granger.” He said into the couch but all that was heard was a groan.

Hermione stepped into her room. The door was still open when she dropped her skateboard and then tripped over it. Hermione landed on her arm and yelled out in pain.

Draco’s head shot up and he looked around. Hermione tried to get up but fell back onto an extra wheel for her skateboard heavily. She screamed louder this time and Draco jumped off of the couch.

He hurried to her open door. Draco saw her sprawled on the floor clutching her arm. Hermione pushed herself up the wall with one hand, whimpering all the way.

Draco hurried towards her. “Come on Granger I’ll take you to the Hospital Wing.” He made sure not to touch her arm when he put one hand behind her back and the other under her legs. Hermione immediantly grabbed for his shirt. She clung to it desperatly with her uninjured hand as if to ease some of the pain. Draco didnt notice as he carried her out of her room and kicked the portrait open. They made their way down the hall.

“Are you crying, Granger?”

“What do think Malfoy?”

“Ha I can’t believe your crying”

“You want me to break your arm and see if you don’t cry.”

Draco remembered the slight bruise under his eye. He shut up then thinking of what she would do if he didn’t. After a few minutes Malfoy spoke.

“You smell like sweat Granger”

“So do you Malfoy.”

There were a few more minuets of silence. Draco shifted Hermione and she let out a cry. “Sorry”

Draco pushed the doors to the Hospital Wing open. Madam Pomfery saw him holding Hermione and beckoned for him to put her in a bed. Draco walked to the nearest one and set her down.

“What do we have here?” The nurse asked. “I think just a broken arm.” Draco said.

“Ok, move back boy.” The nurse pushed him away with one hand and began waving her wand every which way. Draco watched from behind. After a few moments she stood and spoke.

“It should be alright now but I’m going to put a cast on it and have you take daily potion to stop the pain.” She said and conjured a cast and carefully wrapped it around her arm. The nurse then gave her a potion to drink to stop the pain.

She then walked over to Draco. “Miss Granger has broken her arm in two places, Mr. Malfoy. I know for a fact that she is not the most coordinated person and easily hurts herself. Since you are with her almost all of the time I am putting you in charge of her. I want you to make sure she takes her potion every day no matter what she says. I want you to make sure that she does not fall on or hurt that arm. Understood?” She then handed him about twelve bottles of a sparkly purple potion.

Hermione swallowed the last of the potion and cringed. “That’s disgusting” The two ignored her.

“Madam, I’m not her babysitter.”

“You are now, you can go now, doll and do be careful.” She said to Hermione. Hermione nodded and jumped off of her bed. She walked out the door and when Madam Pomfery gave Draco a dirty look, he followed her.

Once they were outside of the Hospital Wing Hermione sat down on the floor to examine her cast. “Get off of the floor Granger.”

“No Malfoy” She mocked his voice as she twisted her arm to look at the back. “Don’t do that Granger, your going hurt yourself again.” He sat down next to her.

“You’re so weird.” Draco said watching her.

“Thank you”

“Stop doing that” Said Malfoy suddenly angry.

“Stop doing what?” Hermione looked up at him.

“Stop brushing everything away, like its nothing.”

“Well it is nothing”

“No its not”


“Ok sorry.” She gave in so that he would stop being so angry for no reason.

Hermione stood and walked away.

Draco watched her walk away.

A/N: I didn't change much this chapter, just some spelling and grammer mistakes.

Chapter 3: The One Where Draco Didn't Know
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Hermione moaned as she awoke from her comfortable sleep. She sat up and looked around her room. Hermione tried to remember what had awoken her when the answer came knocking on her bedroom door. “GRANGER! CLASSES START IN 10 MINUTES! GET UP!” Draco banged on her door once more. He had been trying to wake her up since seven. It was now 8:20.

Hermione rolled out of bed and threw a shoe at the door. She immediately regretted doing so since she probably wasn’t going to be able to find it later. “I HATE YOU, MALFOY!” She screamed at him. “THE FEELING IS MUTUAL!” He yelled through the door as he tightened his tie.

Five minutes later Hermione rushed out of her door with her robes open, her shirt sleeves rolled up half way, knee socks, and her black skirt. Her tie was loose around the colar of her shirt and her braids were flipped over her shoulders. Her beautiful, makeupless face reflected at her in the mirror.

Hermione stood in front of the mirror and examined her face, then tightend her braids a little so they wouldn't fall out during school.  “Why didn’t you wake me earlier?” She asked him while searching around the Common Room for her book bag. “Are you kidding me?” He asked. She just looked at him. “I give up on you Granger, I give up!” He threw his bag over his shoulder and stormed out of the Common Room. Hermione smiled, grabbed her bag from the kitchen table, and followed Draco to potions.

“Stop following me, Granger!” Malfoy shouted over his shoulder as he hurried to the dungeons.

“Were going to the same place and were late for that matter, Snape will have our blood.” She said hurrying to catch up with him.

“Correction, Snape will have your blood, not that it’s worth anything.” Draco smirked.

Hermione scowled and walked towards the door. “Ah nice of you to join us Miss Granger and Mr. Malfoy.” Snape sneered. “Please seat yourselves.” There were only two seats left and they were side by side. Draco circled around the back of the room, while Hermione walked through the front with her open robes billowing behind her. “Close your robes, Miss Granger.” Snape smirked and turned to the board. Hermione scowled and buttoned up her robes. When she was finished she made sure that a certain finger went up in the direction of Snape. All of the Gryffindor’s and a few Slytherins snickered. Snape turned but Hermione quickly folded her hands in her lap and smiled sweetly at the foul git.

The rest of the class went on quietly as the seventh years learned how to make enlarging potion. Draco flicked some onto Hermione’s hand which grew to an alarming size and she then spilled a small amount onto Draco’s hair. The whole class burst out laughing when Draco’s hair went from sleek and straight to an afro.

After they had handed in the final sample of enlarging potion they were to sit at their tables with their partners. On the edge of Hermione’s and Draco’s work table was a glob of green gunk. Hermione snickered to herself and Draco looked over at her. Hermione checked her watch. Exactly one minute till the bell rings. Snape had his back turned to the class; he was washing the board off. Hermione levitated the gunk and beckoned it across the room with her wand. She let it drop when it was right above Snape’s butt. The class laughed so hard. Snape turned around to see what was so funny and he knocked his desk over. Hermione had tears in her eyes when the bell rang.

Free period was next. Draco was about to congratulate Hermione when Sasha stepped next to her and they started talking about how Snape had waddled to his office once the bell rang. Brian joined the two girls. He put his arm around Sasha’s shoulder. “News travels fast in this school Hermione.” He looked at her. “How big did it get?” They laughed and Brian gave Hermione a high-five on her uninjured hand. Ginny ran over. “Dude you blew up Snape’s arse.” She squealed. Hermione laughed. They all made their way up to the Head Common Room. Draco followed about 10 feet behind them, listening to everything they had to say to each other. After a few minutes he got sick of their laughing and took a short cut to the Common Room. Five minutes later he heard the lot outside of the portrait and sighed.

“Fattore.” Hermione smirked at the old lady. The portrait opened and the four piled in.

“Brian come help me get the mics and stuff.” Brian followed Hermione to her room. Ginny and Sasha completely ignored the fact that Malfoy was sitting there and they walked to the middle of the floor. Draco watched them over his book. Ginny pulled a miniature drum set and a small black box out of her pocket. They were connected with small black wires. She set them on the floor and pulled out her wand. The girl called Sasha did the same except with something what looked like what Hermione always played and another small box. These too were connected by small wires. Wands out “Enlargeo” they said in unison. The two boxes, bass, and drum set came to normal size with in seconds.

Hermione and Brian finally managed to dig up another amp, two guitars, and mics. Hermione carried the amp and Brian carried the guitars and mics out into the Common Room. Hermione only had to carry one thing since she had broken her arm. They dropped the stuff in the middle of the floor and started to plug everything in.

“What are you doing Granger?” Draco asked.

“Band practice.” She replied simply while attaching a mic in a stand and testing it.

“I’m reading Granger you can’t just come in here and start playing that absurd noise you call music.”

“Watch me.” She retorted as Sasha helped her get her strap over her head.

“Mione, I can’t find my sticks can I borrow some of yours” Ginny asked.

‘Mione, pretty nickname’ Draco thought.

“Yeah go ahead there in my room.” Hermione replied as she sat down next to Malfoy to tune her guitar.

He closed his book and looked at her. “Granger I said no”

“And I said yes.” Hermione plugged her guitar into an amp.

“Well I don’t c-“ He was cut off by the loud sound of Hermione banging her cast over the strings. He gave her a dirty look but she just laughed.

“Gra-“ Once again he was cut off by the loud volume. He gave up and stomped to his room just as Ginny came back out of Hermione’s room with two drum sticks. She sat at her drum set and waited for everyone. Hermione was ready and Brian was almost done tuning but Sasha had disappeared. Ten minutes later Sasha walked through the door. “Where the hell were you?” Ginny asked.

“No where. Come on lets play.” Sasha put the strap over her shoulder.

“Ok, lets play Dirty Little Secrets for practice.” Brian said. They all agreed. “Hermione don’t hurt yourself.” Sasha said. Hermione just shook her head.

Ginny hit the drums softly and Hermione played the same chords over and over again at first then everyone joined in and the music changed. Brian’s voice began to fill the air as he held the microphone close to his face and sung into it, beginning the song.

Once the song ended Hermione fell back onto the couch. “What are you hurt?” Brian said hurriedly. “That song is exhausting.” Hermione said. “It’s a miracle that we can all play it right.”

Draco had his ear to his bedroom door. ‘Wow theyre really good.’ He thought to himself. Draco didn’t think the same the thing ten hours later. They skipped all the classes for that day and played till 10 at night.

“Come on lets take a break.” Hermione said and raised her hand. Most of the time they couldn’t hear what each other was saying while they were playing so when that want to stop the just raise there hand. Ginny has a problem with that though since they don’t usually look back at her. To get their attention she just gets up and walks away. The band doesn’t like that much but they can’t really do anything to stop her. Anyway they saw Hermione’s hand up and stopped playing.

“Merlin, I’m thirsty.” Ginny complained as she plopped down onto the couch. Sasha walked into the kitchen and came back with a crate marked ‘Fire whiskey.’ “How’s this?” She asked holding it up. They drank and played some more until 1am, skipping all of their classes for the day.

“Ok I have to go to sleep.” Ginny said yawning.

“Yeah, Hermione we’ll see you tomorrow.” Sasha followed. They both shrunk their stuff and walked out. “Don’t get caught.” Hermione yelled after them. “We won’t.” They called back. Hermione’s arm really hurt, since she had forgotten to take her potion. Brian stayed behind and helped her take everything else back to her room. They came back out and Hermione sat down on the couch. “Good night Hermione.” He said and kissed her cheek before walking out of the portrait.

About two minutes after he left Hermione stood and began to make her way to her bedroom. All of a sudden Draco’s door burst open. He ran out shirtless with boxer shorts. The noise startled Hermione and she jumped. She couldn’t take her eyes away from his chest. Draco’s eyes searched the room and when the fell upon Hermione he ran to her and fell to the floor and hugged her knees. “Please.” He said into her jeans. “No more noise.” Draco looked up at her. “I can hear it through the silence charm. That’s how loud it is. Please stop.” He said and hugged her legs tighter. Hermione looked down at him like he was crazy. She put her hand on her head and sighed. Hermione took his hands and pulled him up. “Look around Draco.” She spoke slowly and pointed her finger around the room. “They are gone and so is the music.” She then pushed him back into his room. Hermione turned around and stopped dead. ‘I just called Malfoy ‘Draco’ She thought to herself. ‘Something must me wrong with me.’ Hermione shook her head and jumped over the back of the couch. ‘I’ll just crash here tonight.’ She thought to herself and lay down on the couch.

Hermione sat in a prefects meeting listening to Draco go on about the duties. She wasn’t really listening. She didn’t really care. All she wanted to do was get out of there. Hermione watched as the 5th years eagerly took notes and the 6th years listened carefully. The 7th year prefects just looked really bored. They had heard all of this so many times they could recite it in their sleep. Hermione put her head on her hand and dozed off. Her snores where almost silent but Draco heard them. He looked over at her and stopped talking. He then pushed her off of her chair, very annoyed. Hermione toppled to the floor. That got everyone’s attention. Draco started to talk about the dance around Christmas and Hermione slowly stood. Everyone’s eyes were on Hermione. They all wanted to see what she would do. Hermione swung a punch at Draco, her fist collided with his jaw and a loud pop sounded through the silent room. She had dislocated his jaw.

Harry, Sasha, and Brian, who were all prefects quickly jumped up. Harry and Brian each held one of her arms and Sasha told her over and over again to calm down. Blaise, who was the Slytherin prefect, also held back his friend. It was a good thing that Blaise was stronger than Draco because Draco looked like he was on the verge of murder.

“What the hell was that for?!”

“You pushed me.”

“You fell asleep.”

“You’re boring.”

“Sue me.”

“Or maybe I could just give you another bru-“ She was cut off when Sasha put her hand over her mouth. The room was quiet and full of tension. Hermione and Draco just glared at each other. Hermione jumped forward but was pulled back quickly. ‘Great.’ Thought Draco ‘just what I need. Tomorrow all anyone will be talking about will be how the Heads tried to kill each other’.

“Your all dismissed.” Harry said. Everyone started to pack their things away.

“Your not dismissed, Potter you can’t tell them when they can leave.” Draco said. Everyone sat back down.

“I can. You may leave. Unless you would rather stay here with this arrogant prick.” Hermione said. Everyone hurried out of the door.

The only people left were Hermione, Draco, Blaise, Sasha, Harry, and Brian.


Hermione turned and pushed through her friends. She walked out the door and back up to the common room. Draco pushed Blaise aside and followed her. “Don’t touch her, Malfoy.” Blaise said as his friend walked out of the door. Draco just ignored him and continued walking. No matter how angry he was at her he wouldn’t hurt her and he knew it. He would never hurt her. She was his slight entertainment in the morningtime. Also, loads of people would be at his thoat if she was ever seriously injured by him. 

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Chapter 4: The One With The Fighting
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A week went by and the two barley spoke a word to each other. They only could only use a few syllables before almost killing the other. The only words Draco spoke to Hermione were “Get up”, “Drink your potion”, “Turn it down”, and the longest so far was “if you don’t stop talking to yourself Granger then I’ll end your life.” Hermione usually said “die”, “I hate you”, “go burn in hell”, “I want to see you try to make me turn the music down”, ‘Get the hell away from me” and more. Their five syllable fights were usually won by Hermione since she was willing to talk more. The short fights had not been enough to amuse Hermione so she resorted to talking to herself sometimes. Hermione learned that sometimes she could be rather boring.

Draco woke up Friday morning to find that Hermione had already left. ‘Good. That’s one more thing out of my way.’ He didn’t mean it though. Draco had wanted to talk to Hermione today. He wanted to ask if they could at least be civil with each other. ‘Maybe later’.

Draco tightened his tie in the mirror. He looked at the table below the mirror. There sat a vial of potion marked ‘Friday’. Draco picked it up and sighed. He knew he was never going to get Hermione to take it but he would try none the less. Draco set it back down and walked over to the couch. He picked up his bag and headed to ancient runes.

(Earlier that morning)

Hermione rolled out of bed at 7:00. Normally she wouldn’t have gotten up this early, Draco would have woken her, but the last two days that Draco had woken her there had been a huge fight after it leaving her with a headache. She wasn’t in the mood for a headache.

Hermione showered, brushed her teeth, and got dressed. She hated wearing the same cloths everyday. Thank god it was Friday and tomorrow she could wear whatever she wanted. Hermione walked out into the common room and looked at herself in the mirror. Her hair was straight today, it was pulled to one side and flowing down her front.  Hermione looked down at the table that was below the mirror. The potions for her arm sat there. She looked at her now black cast (She put a spell on it to change the color) and then at the potion. Her arm hurt a lot. Hermione reached for the vial that said “Friday”. It was in her hand and she was about to open it when she heard footsteps in the other room. She dropped the potion on the table and left the common room in a hurry.

Classes were over and Draco and Hermione were back in their quarters. Draco was sitting in the Common Room thinking. Hermione’s door opened and she came out wearing shorts and a tee shirt. She was listening to music in her headphones. Hermione saw that Draco was sitting on the couch so she walked to the love seat across the room. Hermione climbed onto the love seat and curled into a ball.

Draco watched her the entire time. ‘She looks so small’ it was true. Hermione was especially small for a girl of her height and age. Hermione took off her headphones and Draco took the opportunity to speak.

Draco opened his mouth but no words came out. He couldn’t think of anything to say.

“Why didn’t you take your potion this morning?” He asked

She looked up and him with a blank expression. “What are you, my mother?”

“No because I look better.”

“Shut up and stop kidding yourself.”

He ignored her. “You’re supposed to take it every morning.”

“I know what I’m supposed to do.”

“Then why don’t you do it.”

They were both angry now.

“Because I don’t have to” Hermione said through her teeth.

“Yes you do have too.”

“Can you make me?”

“I can try”

“Go ahead.”

Draco stood up and ran towards her. Hermione leaped over the back of the couch. Draco blocked her way so she ran in the opposite direction. Hermione looked back and saw Draco right behind her with a determined look on his face. She tripped and fell. Draco leaped on top of her and pinned her to the ground. Hermione struggled with all of her might but Draco had her hands over her head and his legs were on top of hers. All she could do now was give him dirty looks since she couldn’t break free because he was bigger and stronger than she.

Hermione glared at him. “Get off of me” She hissed.

“No” he said simply.


“No” He said again.

“Not until you calm down.”

“You’re the one who attacked me.”

“You made me”

His face was inches from hers. His long hair was grazing her cheek and she tried nod it away. Draco couldn’t stop staring at her lips. All he wanted to do was kiss her. Hermione caught him staring and she looked into his eyes. His eyes slowly went up her face, examining every inch of it until they reached her eyes. They stared at each other for a long while. Draco crawled off of her and stood up. An odd expression came over her face. Hermione sat up and Draco turned around to look at her. “What’s wrong Granger?” he asked with a hint of concern in his voice. She didn’t answer at first, just looked down at her socked feet. She had really thought he was going to kiss her. Hermione leaned forward and stood. “Nothing” She barley whispered. “Huh?” He hadn’t heard her, she had spoke so softly. “Nothing” She said louder then needed and began to march towards her room. Draco grabbed her arm ion one swift movement and pulled her closer to him. Hermione glared up at him. “let go or you might get mud-blood germs all over you.” She hissed at him.

Draco’s voice softened as he spoke. “I don’t care if your muggle born or not, Hermione.” Draco said quietly. Hermione, who had begun struggling from his strong grip, halted on the spot. “Why did you just call me Hermione?” She asked.

“That’s your name isn’t it?”

“It is but you’ve never called me that before.”

“There’s a first time for everything.” Hermione turned and faced him. They just stared at each other. As Hermione’s eyes were locked with his, she noticed that they were not gray like everyone said. They were bright sparkling blue. They were getting closer. ‘Why are they getting closer, they shouldn’t be getting closer.’ Hermione panicked as Draco stepped towards her.

Their faces were now just barley touching. Draco snaked one arm around her waist and reached up to her face with the other one. Hermione’s breaths were jagged but as soon as Draco’s soft finger tips touched her cheek she calmed down. “Yeah” she whispered against his lips “A first time for everything”. Draco leaned forward and slightly brushed her lips. Hermione inhaled sharply, it was like an electric shock.

Hermione looked up and her eyes meet his. She searched them for a long while before she stood on her toes and kissed him back. Hermione reached up and ran her fingers through his hair. Draco kissed her back and held her waist close to his. Hermione pulled away from him.

“What’s wrong?” He asked with his eyes still closed.

“Nothing” She answered. Draco nodded slowly and opened his eyes. Hermione suddenly became aware of what she had done and ran to her room, slammed the door and leaned against it, before sliding to the floor.

Draco on the other hand did not go to bed. Instead he sat on the couch and stared into the fire, thinking. ‘I can’t believe I’ve just kissed Hermione. And after seven years of torture she kissed me back. Even if she ran away, she still kissed me back.’ He thought to himself and smiled.

Chapter 5: The One Where Hermione Is Late.
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Draco stood outside the portrait with his hands folded in front of him. He sighed as he listened to the noise seeping through the think castle walls. Draco only knew of one person who could make noise loud enough that it could be heard through two feet of stone. ‘Hermione’ He heard other voices. ‘And her obnoxious friends.’

Draco heard a skid, the sound of a shovel scraping ice, a crack, and a few good thuds. “Time to see what she has managed to destroy this time.” He said to himself and gave the old maid the password. As soon as he stepped inside the common room he almost screamed. He looked around. The common room was ten times the size it was when he had last left it, the floor was a huge foot high frozen solid puddle, the furniture was gone, the walls were hard plastic fences, and Hermione, Ginny, and Sasha were skating around wearing pads and viscously hitting a puck with a hockey stick.

Draco’s jaw hung open as he watched the three girls fly at the puck with their sticks. Sasha stole the puck from Ginny and Ginny slammed her into the wall. Once Sasha pushed Ginny off of her, she started yelling. “Immediate penalty, she just boarded me. Get the referee!!!” She shouted. Hermione skated over to her and put a hand on her shoulder. “Sweetie, we're in my common room there is no referee.” She said.

Draco watched all this, still stunned at what she had done. This topped it all. Just when he thought he had seen it all, he looked up. The furniture was floating about fifteen feet over his head. Draco looked back at the girls, who still hadn’t noticed him standing there because they were arguing about referees and boarding.

“HERMIONE!!!!” Draco shouted. Hermione froze. “Oops” she whispered. She turned, gave him her biggest smile and waved energetically.

“We got to go, see you around Hermione.” Ginny said when she saw the steaming Draco. She skated past the both of them and out the portrait. Sasha put a hand on Hermione’s shoulder pad and whispered “Good luck” before following Ginny. “Don’t leave me” she said but Sasha closed the portrait after receiving a glare from Draco.

After all he had left to stare at was the place Sasha had just stood he averted his eyes to Hermione. Draco began to walk forward and she began to skate backwards.

“Hey Draco."She spoke in a sickly sweey tone as she glided across the ice.

“Hermione…” His tone was low and fierce. She smiled sweetly. “Yes Draco?”

“What have you done?”

“Nothing really, just decorated a bit.” Hermione waved her arm around the room then pulled her helmet off. Her hair fell down onto her shoulders and in her face.

“Fix it, Hermione”

“Fine, fine.” Hermione pulled her wand out of her left skate and flicked her wrist. In about five seconds the common room had shrunk, the floor was a soft black rug, and the furniture was back in place. Hermione looked around and smiled then looked down at herself. She was still dressed in hockey gear. Hermione pointed her wand at herself and muttered a spell. Her sweaty pads and jersey was replaced with extremely short shorts and a tight tank top. The skates became soft white socks and her hair tied itself up. “Better?” she asked as she spread her arms and faced the rest of the room. The anger was long forgotten as Draco looked from her long pale legs to her chest a few times. “Much.”

Hermione frowned when she realized he wasn’t talking about the room. “Pervert.” She said as she watched him lie down onto the couch, taking up all the room. “Hey that’s the only couch long enough to lie on.” She said as she sat on the arm. “So?” Hermione heard him say. “So it’s a shorter walk to your room, and im a girl so I should get the couch.” Hermione traced the pattern on the fabric. “Im not moving, if you want to lie down then come lie down.” Draco said with his eyes still closed. “Where?” she asked. Draco held his arms out to his sides and wiggled his fingers. “Are you serious?” Hermione watched him as he sat up a little, leaned his head on the arm opposite of the one she was sitting on, and gave her a look that said ‘What-do-you-think?’

Hermione sighed. “Fine, but only cause my legs wont carry me to my room.” she stood from the arm and walked to the front of the couch. Draco had closed his eyes again and when he heard footsteps he had assumed that she had walked away. When he felt hands on his shoulder and opened his eyes to see Hermione crawling on top of him. Draco watched her as she laid her hands on his chest and positioned her head on top of them. He didn’t think she would even think about lying on the couch with him but there she was. Draco closed his eyes and opened them again; she was still there, with her tummy touching his and her legs crossed at the ankles.

There was silence for a while as Hermione stared into the fire and Draco stared at her. Draco put one hand on the small of her back and she seemed to snuggle closer to him, if that’s what you would call it. Finally Hermione spoke. “So why did you kiss me?” she asked as she watched the flames lick at each other. Draco inhaled deeply and Hermione rose gently with the rest of his body. He didn’t answer at first and Hermione wondered if he had even heard her. “Because I like you.” He said finally.

“Oh” Hermione said softly. “Why do you like me?” She asked another question. “I like you because you’re not afraid to stand up to yourself or me. You’re not afraid to fight, or be different. You’re not afraid of anything.” He said and she stayed silent. “And you’re pretty.” His last comment made her smile. “Cool” She whispered. Draco wrapped his other arm around her waist and they both feel asleep, together.

Draco woke early the next morning to the feel of hot breath on his neck. He looked down and saw that Hermione had moved from the spot on his chest. Her head was resting on his shoulder and her arms were around his neck. Suddenly a loud noise sounded from the band on Hermione’s wrist. She screamed and fell onto the floor and Draco shot up to see if she was okay. Draco peered over the side of the couch to see Hermione banging to strap on the floor and moaning “Make it stop.” She held the source of the noise to Draco’s face and he inspected it more closely. It was one of the Weasel’s contraptions. A portable alarm clock that made an extreme amount of noise when they go off, to be sure they wake you. Draco pushed a small blue button on the side and the fire truck like noise stopped.

Hermione fell to the floor once more and Draco looked down at her. “What did you set that for?”

She opened one eye. “To wake me.”

“Why would you want to be woken at this god forsaken hour?” Draco looked out the windows. “The suns not even out yet.” Hermione bolted into a sitting position. Draco backed away from her. “I’m late.” She said and hurried to her room. “Wait! What are you late for? Hermione!” Draco called after her. Then he remembered the date, it was Saturday. “Merlin, so am I.” He said to himself and raced to his own room.

“Draco, hurry up! Please get out. Please!” She whined from one side of the bathroom door. Draco had beaten her to the showers. “No, Hermione you have to wait.” Draco answered her please from inside the bathroom. Hermione scowled and went back to her room. She did a cleaning spell on herself and dressed. With her robes billowing behind her and her broom over her shoulder, Hermione marched out of the portrait hole. Draco followed her, they were dressed the same, both carrying a broom over their shoulders.

They didn’t speak a word to each other while they walked down the halls. It was too early for small talk. Once they reached the Quidditch Pitch the separated. Hermione went to the left, to where the Gryffindor try outs were being held and Draco went to the left to where the Slytherins were being held.

Harry separated the group according to what position they were trying out for. “Alright let’s start with chasers. All first, second, and third years who are trying out to be chaser please mount your boom.” Harry directed half of the group. “First let’s see how long you can ride.” He said and waved them into the air. “Dirty.” Hermione commented. Sasha and Ginny snickered from the Beaters group and Hermione smirked.

“Miss Granger!” Harry called not looking up from his clipboard. Ginny started to ‘ooohhhh’ and Sasha whispered “You’re in trouble.” But everyone heard. “Weasley! Aprilaire!” They both skipped forward along with Hermione.

Draco, who was on the other side of the pitch, looked down on Hermione. “Five seconds and she’s already in some sort of trouble.” He said to himself. He watched as Harry pointed his finger at the three and they doubled over with laughter. “Malfoy, watch it!” Someone shouted. Draco looked over to see a bludger coming his way. He ducked then looked down at his own try outs. Draco glared at the boy who had aimed the bludger at him “You’re supposed to hit the other team” He shouted. “Not me! Next!” The boy lowered his broom to the ground and stomped to the stands.

“You needed us, Sir.” Hermione mocked. Harry scowled and chose it would be better if he didn’t yell. “It’s your turn.” He said through his teeth. “Thank you for the notification, Sir.” Hermione smirked. She mounted her broom and flew off. Harry tossed her the Quaffle and she flew towards Ron. He was flying back and forth, trying to guard all of the poles at once. Hermione scored five times without difficulty. She punched the air as she was flying back to the ground. Sasha and Ginny, who were up next, high-fived her.

After twenty more minutes everyone had tried out and Hermione had made at least seven more comments. They all stood in front of Harry waiting for him to call out the names of his new team. “You all did an excellent job but unfortunately I can only keep so many.” Harry said and smiled at them before looking back down at the clip board and reading off the names. “Keeper for this year’s team is Ronald Weasley.” Ron smiled and Seamus and Dean patted him on the back and cheered. “Left and Right Chasers are Seamus and Dean.” This time they made even more noise and started acting like animals. “Our beaters are Ginny and Sasha.” They started to dance “Yeah Baby!” Sasha shouted. Harry smiled and everyone else laughed. “Our head chaser is Hermione.” Hermione bowed in front of them all “I’d like to thank Harry, for keeping me in line.” She paused. “Or at least trying to.” She started to clap and everyone followed and laughed. “And our seeker is of course me.” A great cheer erupted from the group. “Way to go Harry, we all knew you could do it.” Ginny said with fake tears in her eyes. They all made fun of him because he didn’t have to try out.

“To the Great Hall!” Seamus shouted and led the way.

Chapter 6: The One With The Dream
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(Hermione’s Room)

'Hermione sat on the window seal of her room. She was still her normal self as she was holding a rather large book. She seemed to be lost in the pages, ignoring the wild storm going on outside. Her parents were home but the house was strangely silent. That worried Hermione and she looked up from her book. In her house silent never meant good. It meant her parents were probably fighting.

Hermione unlocked her bedroom door and silently walked through the halls. When she reached her parents door she noticed that the door was slightly ajar and from the inside came the strong scent of alcohol.

She pushed the door open a bit further and peered in. The bed sheets were thrown about the room and there was a large amount of beer bottles scattered on the floor. Her parents were not in there.

Hermione noiselessly walked down the stairs and into the living room. She heard voices from the other room and stopped were she was.

“Next time maybe you’ll listen.” She heard her father’s voice heavy from drinking. “Hermione and I are leaving for America tomorrow and there’s nothing you can do to stop us.” Her mother’s voice sounded scared and high. Hermione stood stiff. ‘Why were they leaving England?’ she thought. ‘And why are we going without father.’ She was pulled from her thoughts when she heard her father’s voice again. “Nothing I can do, eh?” He asked. “There’s nothing I can do.” He repeated. Hermione heard the click of a gun being loaded. She came out of her trance and ran to the family room.

There sat her mother on the ground with a bruise forming on her neck and her father standing over her with a gun in his hand. He had it pointed right at her heart. Hermione’s mother saw Hermione standing behind her father. Hermione’s father armed the gun. “I love you Hermione” Her mother shouted right before a bullet took her life. “Noooo” Hermione shouted as her mother took her last breath.'

“NOOOO!!!” Hermione shouted out in her sleep. She flailed wildly in her bed and got tangled in her sheets. Hermione kicked herself off of her bed and she fell to the ground onto her bandaged arm. She ignored the pain and sat on her floor. Tears were running down her face as she remembered the night that her father had ended her mother’s life.

Draco burst into the room and panicked when he didn’t see Hermione on her bed. He heard her soft whimpers from across the room and hurried over to her. She was crying and shaking. Hermione hadn’t even noticed Draco come into her room. She just clutched her arm and gasped for air. Draco gathered her in his arms and sat on her bed. He rocked her back and forth like a baby as she clutched her arm and cried into his chest.

Draco noticed that she was holding her arm. ‘She must have hurt it.’ He thought and carefully laid her on the bed. He left the room and came back seconds later with her potion. Draco pulled her onto his lap again and shushed her. Through her sobs he would open her mouth and coax down a little potion. After about ten minutes she had calmed down and taken all of her potion.

“Shhhhhhh what happened?” He asked looking down at her. Tears started to fall faster as she remembered it. “I had a dream” She said. “What about Hermione?” He rested his chin on the top of her head. Hermione didn’t answer at first. Draco stroked her hair.

“It was the night my father killed my mother.” She said quietly. Draco inhaled sharp and hugged her close to him. Hermione cried harder than before. Draco let her cling to his shirt until she fell asleep in is arms. He tucked her into her bed went to leave. He was at the door when he heard a small voice. “Please don’t go” She whispered with her eyes closed. “What” He was not sure if he had heard her right. “Please don’t go” She repeated and held the covers up as an invitation.

Draco nervously walked over to the bed and crawled under the covers with Hermione. She snuggled close to him and he wrapped his arms around her and smelled her hair. “It was his fault I changed” She said after a few moments of silence. He looked down at her to see her eyes slightly glazed over and staring into space. “Who’s fault?” He asked.

Hermione released herself from his grasp and sat up in bed. She sighed and looked down at her hands. ‘My father’s” She started. Draco sat up also and listened. “I was normal before that day. The day that he shot my mother. I was my normal book worm self. After she died he turned the gun to me.” Draco inhaled sharply. “He never shot me though. Never got the chance. Neighbors had heard my mother’s shrieks. They called the police and they arrived right after he killed her. They were too late and right on time. They saved my life. I went outside while they dealt with him. There in my garden stood several aurors. I knew none of them. An African American lady walked up to me, she was very pretty. She said that she was the mother of one of the students in Hogwarts. She said he was in my year. Mia Zabini, she introduced herself as. I was shocked at first and also scarred. I thought she would hurt me but I was wrong. She told me that when she had found out her husband was a Death Eater she had kicked him out and she became an auror. She offered me her home for the summer. I accepted but was afraid of what Blaise’s reaction would be when he found out. He was very kind though. I stayed in a guest room in the manor. For days I refused to leave the room. Blaise would apperate in and out bringing food and comfort.” She explained. Draco stayed silent as she continued.

“Finally I realized that I was wasting my life. Someday I could have a gun in my face again. If that was to happen then I was wasting the time I had left alive. I slowly started to leave my bed and venture outside. Blaise would always come with me. He would tell me that he was scarred for me even if all I was doing was walking in the garden. I wanted to go back to normal so bad but I couldn’t. I got my intelligence from my mother. I acted just like her when she was my age. Every time I saw a book or watched Blaise do his summer homework I would think of her. I didn’t want to think of her so I changed. I did the exact opposite of everything I used to do. Blaise didn’t judge me. He just helped me. Blaise was like my older brother.” She said smiling to herself. “That’s why he stood up for you” Draco said. Hermione looked at him confused. Both she and Blaise had agreed to keep everything that had happened between them over the summer to themselves. “When you left the prefects meeting he warned me not to touch you.” Draco explained seeing the look on her face. Hermione nodded but stayed silent.

“Were you scared?” Draco asked.

“When?” Hermione asked.

“When he held a gun to your face.” He had learned about guns in his sixth year with that whole Voldemort thing.

“I had never been more scarred in my life” 

“It won’t happen again”

“It might”

“It won’t”

Hermione smiled and slide back under the covers. Draco was up all night thinking about how he would never let that happen to her again. When he finally fell asleep he was awoken to what seemed like a few moments later. The door slammed into the wall and they both bolted up. “HERMIONE!” Someone shouted from the doorway.

Chapter 7: The One Where Hermione Doesn't Deserve It
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Blaise stood at the doorway with an angry look on his face. “Blaise! You scared the hell out of me. I thought you were harr—Blaise what are you doing?” Hermione asked. Blaise had quickly walked over to the bed and picked Hermione up bridal style and was now heading towards the door. When he reached it he let her down and shut the door. Hermione stood out in the hall and leaned against the wall. She heard muffled yelling and sighed.

(Inside Hermione’s room)

Draco jumped out of the bed and started walking towards his shirt. He stopped short when Blaise spoke. “What did you do to her Draco?” He asked his voice dripping with venom. “Nothing Blaise, I did nothing to her.” He answered. Blaise pulled out his wand and pointed it at Draco.

“Blaise I’m your best friend I know you’re not going to curse me”

Blaise ignored him “Did you sleep with her?” He asked.


“Did you hurt her?”


“Did you put any type of spell on her?”



“Blaise I didn’t do anything to her. Ask her if you want she’ll tell you”

Blaise glared at him once more before calling Hermione in. He walked over to her and asked her if he had hurt her in anyway in hushed tones. She answered no to everything.

‘Then why was he in your bed Hermione?” He asked. She looked up at him and he could see her bottom lip slightly shaking. “Because...I...I.. had the dream again.” She said quietly. Blaise suddenly understood. More than once had she asked him to comfort her in her sleep. He reached down and hugged her tightly and kissed her cheek. “Sorry I over reacted” He murmured in her ear. Hermione looked over his shoulder to see Draco sitting on the watching to two. When he saw Hermione staring at him he smirked and she smiled.

Blaise released her and smiled down at her. “See you at Breakfast” he said he turned to leave. Hermione looked at Draco. “I’m going to go get dressed Draco” She said and he nodded. Blaise let her pass before he faced Draco once more.

“Sorry mate” He said.

“S’ok” Draco said and smiled.

“It’s just that over the summer I came to love her so much.” Blaise said. Draco glared at him. Seeing the look on Draco’s face he put his hands up and laughed. “As a sister, Draco, as a sister.” Draco’s face softened.

“You really like her don’t you” Blaise asked. It was more of a statement then a question.

“Yeah. I’ve never felt this way about another girl, Blaise, I mean every time she gets to close or we touch my veins get all tangled together and all my blood is rushing to my heart. It’s awesome.” Draco said.

Blaise smiled. “She seems to like you.” His smile suddenly vanished. “You had better not hurt her or let anything happen to her” He warned. Draco smiled and promised he wouldn’t. Blaise punched him in the shoulder and smiled. “See you at breakfast.” He said and walked out.

A few moments later Draco walked out of Hermione’s room and into his own. He quickly showered and dressed. When he got to the common room he found Hermione sitting on a black couch wearing a jean and a black long sleeved shirt. Her hair was straight and hanging in her eyes.

Draco came up behind her and touched her shoulders lightly. She jumped about two feet and shouted. Hermione fell back onto the couch, her breaths were quick. Draco leaned down near the side of her head. “What’s wrong?” He purred into her ear. She turned and looked at him. “Nothing” She smiled “You just scarred me.” Draco smirked. Hermione stood up and glared at him. “Come on lets go to breakfast.” She said and raced out the portrait hole laughing. Draco followed her also laughing.

Hermione stood in the common room, alone. She was throwing a guitar pick up in the air and trying to catch it with her teeth, like one would do with popcorn. Hermione was so focused on getting the pick in her mouth that she didn’t notice the portrait open or hear the footsteps. She threw it up once more, deciding that if she didn’t get it this time she would give up, and caught it. Just as she caught it she realized that she was very unbalanced. Hermione fell over but right before she hit the ground something stopped her.

Hermione looked up to see Draco’s face inches from her own. The guitar pick was still between her teeth when she smiled up at him. Draco smirked and slowly put her on the ground so that her back was leaning against the back of the couch. He reached up and tugged the pick from her mouth and set it aside. Hermione watched his every move. He moved closer to her and cupped her cheek in his hand. Draco was so close that Hermione could feel his breath on her lips. She had to use every once of her self control to contain herself.

Draco looked into Hermione’s eyes. He could see that she was holding back and he moved so that their faces were just barely touching. “Sometimes it just feels better to give in.” He breathed. Hermione shuddered before filling the space between them. She reached up and put her arms around his neck while he hugged her waist. Their kiss was long and passionate, it was also needed; like a drink after a long period of being thirsty.

Hermione finally broke the kiss for air. She still clung to his neck but leaned back to look at their surroundings. From the spot at the back of the couch they had somehow gotten onto the couch with Draco leaning against the arm and Hermione on his lap. Hermione looked back at him to find him examining every inch of her face. “Can I help you?” She asked just above a whisper.

“You sitting here is help enough.” He answered not taking his eyes from hers.

Hermione sighed. “We have to talk about this sooner or later.” She said and began to slide off of him, afraid that he would just shove her off anyway. To her surprise he just pulled her back onto his lap.

“Talk about what?” He asked.

“Us.” She replied.

“I don’t think there is anything to talk about.”

“Draco we have to tal--” She was cut off.

“Do you want to be want to be with me?” He asked


“Yes or no”

“Draco I…”

“Yes or no”


“Yes or no”

“I don’t know I have to think about it, ok?” Hermione said

“No” Draco said simply. Hermione looked up at him, astonished. “What”

“You heard me. I know you have an answer now and I want to hear it.” He said stubbornly, he glared into her eyes.

There was a moment of silence as she glared right back, refusing to give in.

“Yes” She said finally. Draco let out the breath he had been holding. “Good.” He said and smiled down at her. Hermione put her arms back around his neck and pulled him towards her. Their kiss was soft at first but it soon turned fiery and needed when they both grasped the fact that they were together. The portrait banged open and in came Harry with his arm over Ginny’s shoulder, Ron protectively holding Sasha, and Brian. The reaction was immediate.

Ginny whistled low, earning a glare from Hermione, Ron, and Harry. Ron started to swear. Harry tried to calm him down. Sasha hooted and shouted “Finally!” and Brian stared at them with a blank expression.

Hermione rolled from the couch and stood up. Draco followed her and smirked proudly.

“I CANT BELIEVE YOU HERMIONE! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS??? THIS IS MALFOY!!” Ron shouted at the top of his lungs. “Shut up, Ron” Sasha said and glared at her boyfriend.

“Stay out of it Sasha” Brian said.

“This is just as much my business as it is yours.” She defended. Hermione and Draco just watched as they argued. Draco slipped his arms around Hermione’s waste just as Ron was telling Ginny and Harry that it wasn’t right. Ron stopped in mid sentence and glared at Draco. He raised his wand to Draco’s throat and hissed under his breath. “Get your hands off of her” He breathed.

“Lower your wand, Ronald.” Hermione smirked. Ron’s gaze flew to her. He glared at her before turning on her heel. Ginny smiled apologetically at her brother’s behavior. Sasha followed him to see if she could calm him down.

There were a few moments of awkward silence. Harry and Brian looked very uncomfortable, while Ginny’s face held a wide smirk.

“Hermione, can I speak to you?” Harry asked. “In private” he finished. Hermione nodded and slipped from Draco’s hold. Harry led the way to the kitchens. Once they were alone Harry spoke once more. “Are you sure you want to do this, Mione?” Harry asked.

“I’m positive. Do you have a problem with it?”

“No... It’s just that other people won’t be able to grasp the concept as easily. Take Ron for example.” Harry said.

“Well its good you don’t have a problem, as for Ron, he’ll calm down eventually.” Hermione said. “Yeah I guess, I’m happy for you” Harry smiled down at her. “Thanks Harry!” They walked back to the common room together.

Hermione remembered why they had come at all when she saw Ginny and Brian setting up for band practice. Draco was sitting on the arm of the couch, watching their every move. “Hermione go get your guitar.” Ginny said while plugging in a wa-wa peddle. Hermione headed off to her room and Harry sat down next to Draco.

“So you’re not going to kill me, Potter?” Draco asked, still watching Ginny wave her wand at the instruments. “No Malfoy, I don’t think I’ll kill you just yet.” Harry said smiling and also watching the plugs untangle and connect themselves.

A few moments later the band was ready for practice. Sasha had rejoined them with Ron behind her. He had sat across the room and refused to look at Draco or Harry but every so often he would shoot a glare at Hermione. Hermione would just glare back.

“1, 2, 3 GO!” Ginny shouted and they began to play.

After that one song they decided that they were too tired to practice and everyone left but Brian, who was helping once more with the band equipment. He was raveling up cords but froze when Draco spoke. “I’ll be in my room, Mione” He said and turned around. Brian’s eyes followed him until he reached the door and it shut.

Brian turned to Hermione then. “What the hell is wrong with you?” He asked. “I have A.D.D., I’m terrified of clowns, and I still can’t land a kick flip.” Hermione replied without missing a beat. “Draco Malfoy?”

“Yes Draco Malfoy. Why not Draco Malfoy?” She mocked.

“Everyone knows I love you, and you choose the biggest bastard in the school over me!” He screamed at her. Draco had been oblivious to the fight until the next thing was said. Hermione quickly recovered from shock, she hadn’t known that he loved her! Her screams overpowered his but far. “I JUST SO HAPPEN TO LOVE THE BIGGEST BASTARD IN SCHOOL, AND IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT THAN TOO BAD!” Hermione screamed at him. Draco froze but then shot to the door and listened against it. He heard the sound of someone being slapped and a thud. Draco flew out the door to see Hermione on the floor clutching her cheek with her right arm and holding herself up with her injured. Brian was standing over her with his arm raised as if he was going to hit her again and Hermione was getting back up with an evil look on her face.

Draco shot across the room, gently pulled hermione back to the floor before he ran tackled Brian to the ground. After hitting him straight in the face about three times he had knocked him out cold. He dragged him out into the hallway and left him there. Draco stormed back into the common room to see Hermione examining her face. There was a large red handprint plastered on the right side of her face. Draco grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the portrait hole. “Draco” Hermione said. “Draco!” She said trying to get his attention. “DRACO!” She shouted and wrenched her hand from his grip. He turned to face her. “Where are we going?” She asked. “Widgaudeum Leviosa” He said while pointing his wand at her.

Hermione rose into the air and started to spin upside down. “This is fun you should try it sometime” She said with her feet in the air. He didn’t answer. “You didn’t tell me where were going.” She said. “Were going to Dumbledore” Draco answered her earlier question. A serious look came across Hermione’s face. “Put me down”


“Because I’m not going to Dumbledore” Draco let her feet touch the ground.

“Yes we are”

“I’ve been hit by guys before, most of the time I deserve it.”

“I heard what happened and you didn’t deser--” He was cut off by a soft voice.

“Mr. Malfoy, Miss Granger may I ask what you are doing out of bed at this hour.” Dumbledore stood in front of the two with his hands folded and his eyes twinkling. “We were coming to see you sir” Draco said.

“And why is that?”

“Brian Sirief hit Hermione.” Draco pointed to the fading red finger prints on her face. Dumbledore’s icy blue eyes swept over Hermione’s face. He examined the side of her face from afar. A serious tone struck his voice. “Mr. Sirief will be punished severely for this. He will pack his things and be off of the grounds before the first class.” A small smile came across his face.

“You may return to your common room, for I have business to attend to.” He watched the two turn around and walk back to their common rooms. He was not surprised when he saw Draco put his arm around Hermione’s waist and pull her closer to him.

Chapter 8: The One Where He Asks Her To The Dance
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Hermione had her feet at the top of the couch and her back against the seat cushions with her head dangling upside down. Ginny sat in the chair with her feet on the coffee table and Sasha was lying on the loveseat. “So…what now?” Sasha asked. Brian had been expelled a week ago and he needed to be replaced in the band. 

“Hermione, we already decided that you were lead.” Ginny said. “Thanks for including me in that decision.” Hermione sighed, extremely bored. “Anytime.” Sasha said. 

“So we need someone to play your old position.” Sasha pointed out the obvious. “We could put up flyers” Hermione suggested.

“I’ll go start making them, that’s just how bored I am.” Sasha said and got up to leave. At the portrait she ran into Draco. He walked over to Hermione and pecked her on the lips, then walked away. “Feet off the furniture, Weasley.” He said before closing the door to his room.


Next Saturday Hermione, Ginny, Sasha, Ron, Harry, and Draco sat in the Great Hall with 30 other kids who were auditioning for Hermione’s old spot. “Up first, Sam Pecci” Hermione said and a girl in braids walked onto the stage with an acoustic guitar. She played well but she was rather young they decided.

 Next was a 6th year Ravenclaw. He played the same chords over and over again. “Next!” Sasha said.

7 people later a Hufflepuff walked onto the stage with a broom. She climbed onto it and started to loop in circles. Once she stopped there was silence from everyone. The girl walked off the stage without a word.

Another boy came up next. He suddenly made a high-pitched noise with his guitar. The noise almost blew out Hermione’s eardrums. She screamed and covered her ears, as did everyone else. Finally Justin Flinch-Fletchley came onto the stage.

“I didn’t know you could play guitar, Justin” Harry said.

“Yeah I’m pretty good; I’m going to play 'Stairway To Heaven'.” He said and started to play.  After he was done people clapped and cheered. “That was amazing, you got it. We have a practice next Thursday.” Ginny said smiling.

“Okay so we’ll have the Hufflepuffs do decorations and Slytherins do flyers.” Hermione said sitting on the common room floor with Draco next to her in early November. “And Gryffindor’s can do food and Raven claw’s can do drinks.” Draco finished. They were planning the Christmas Dance together.

“We still need a band.” Hermione said looking over some papers. “How about you guys.” Draco said looking over her shoulder. . Hermione stopped flipping trough the list she had made and turned to look at him “Really?”

“Why not, you guys would be great.”

“Ok I just have to ask Professor Dumbledore.” Hermione said trying her best to hold her excitement in. Draco smiled as he watched her race out of the portrait.

 Hermione ran screaming down the hallway. She burst into the Gryffindor common room. Ginny, Harry, Ron, and Sasha turned to the noise. Ginny saw the glint in her eyes. “OH MY GOD!!” She shouted. Harry jumped up and Ron made an odd looking sound. The girls stared at them for a moment while they blushed and made excuses for their behavior. “You scared us!” Ron defended himself and Harry. “Why on earth did you yell anyway Ginny?” Harry asked as he ran a hand through his hair. “You’re both daft.” Sasha said Ron looked down upon her. “I take offence to that.” He said.  Sasha just glanced up at him and shook her head.

“We’ve got it, Harry!” Ginny said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. Harry put his finger to his chin and began mumbling under his breath. “Got it, got it…” Then a look of understanding came across his face. “Oh that’s great you got it!” Harry said and he hugged Ginny. “You’re so thick.” She said and kissed him. A look of disgust came across Ron’s face. “Stop that.” He said but they ignored him. Ron sighed and turned to Sasha. “Congrats Sash.” And he hugged her. Hermione stood there stupidly with the lonely feeling taking over her body. “Well, I’ll see you guys later.” She said and turned. “See ya Mione.” Sasha said from Ron’s grasp.

When she returned to the common room Draco was still there, planning the dance. “So what did Dumbledore say?” He looked up at her. “He said yes.” Hermione said simply and sat next to him. “You’ll be awesome.” He said and smiled down at her. “Thanks. The guys are going to come over later so we can plan what songs were going to do.” She said. He nodded and looked her up and down. Draco leaned over and kissed her passionately. *kiss* “Hey do you *kiss* want *kiss* to go to *kiss* the dance *kiss* with me? *kiss*” He asked in between kisses. Hermione nodded and smiled.

 A week later Sasha, Ginny, and Hermione were walking down the main street of Hogsmeade. They had snuck out of school to buy their dress for the dance before everyone else. Harry, Ron, and Draco had all questioned them as to why they were shopping for them five weeks before the dance but the only answer they received was a glare from Ginny.

“There it is!” Ginny shouted and raced into the dress store. She was closely followed by Sasha and Hermione. “What to chose, what to chose.” Hermione sung under her breath. The store was huge and filled with a million sparkling dresses just waiting to be worn.

It was hours before they had finally found what they wanted and paid for it. Ginny had chosen a short dress that was almost the exact same shade of her pale blue eyes and had thin straps on her shoulders. Sasha’s dress was sleeveless and was held to her by magic. It was black silk and stopped just above her knees. Hermione’s dress was midnight blue and had thin straps. The bottom was slanted as one side stopped just below her thigh and the other ended just above her knees in thick fluffy layers.

Hermione hoped Draco liked it. The three girls walked into Huneydukes and snuck into the cellar. About fifteen minutes later they slide open the door of the witches hump and climbed out. Hermione was about to side the door shut when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She winced and turned to face the teacher, about to defend herself.

Hermione sighed when she saw Harry smiling back at her. “That wasn’t funny Harry; I thought we had been caught.” Hermione scolded him. Harry laughed and picked up Ginny’s bags. “I just wanted to tell you we have a match against the Slytherin next weekend and practices every day till.” Hermione nodded before waving goodbye and carrying her bags back to her room.    

 'Stairway To Heaven' By Led Zeppelin


Chapter 9: The One With The Match
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“Seamus pass it to Hermione!” Harry shouted from across the pitch. They were at their last practice before the game and were working their hardest. Rain was beating into their skin and they were numb from the cold. Once Hermione heard her name and registered what was going on she turned her broom around and headed for Seamus. She swung past him and snatched the Quaffle from the air. Hermione and Dean tossed the ball back and forth before reaching the goals. Dean shot it throw with ease since the rain was preventing Ron from blocking anything. Or seeing anything for that matter

The Gryffindor was outside in the poring rain, practicing for tomorrow’s game. They were all drenched when thunder sounded and another heavier sheet of rain fell from the sky. “Harry!” Ginny’s voice was shrill and harsh, much like her mothers. Harry sighed and prepared himself as Ginny flew over to him. The rest of the team gathered in a group about twenty feet away.

They watched as Ginny whispered angrily at him with one hand on her hip and the other jabbing him in the chest. Hermione heard bits of the conversation when Ginny had been to mad to control her voice like “Poring rain”, “too sick to play”, “missed supper”, the loudest was when she shouted “IM GOING IN NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY” and she flew away. Harry looked to Hermione for help while the rest of the team snickered. When she shrugged he said that practice was over and for them to hurry before dinner was over.

Hermione was making her way from the locker room to the castle when she looked out onto the pitch. She smiled when she saw Ginny’s Quidditch robes lying in a heap on the ground while their owner had her legs wrapped around Harry’s waist and her arms around his neck, kissing him. Hermione whistled loud enough so that Ginny and Harry heard her. Through the rain Hermione saw Ginny turn and glare at her and Harry look at her as if he was her mother and she had just broken something of great importance. She chuckled and continued walking.

At the last minute Hermione decided that she would have dinner in the common room and turned away from the Great hall. When she reached the common room she saw Draco asleep on the couch. Hermione walked over and leaned over the back. She then shook her head with all her might like a dog. Thousands of droplets of water fell onto his back. The smile faded from her face when he didn’t wake. Hermione then rang her hair over his lower back. When he still didn’t move she conjured up a bucket of water and dumped it on him. Draco didn’t move a muscle and now Hermione was scared.

Hermione ran to the front of the couch and kneeled on the floor. Draco’s chest wasn’t moving so she put her hand in front of his mouth. No warm breath hit her hand. “Draco” She whispered and nudged him. “Draco” She said louder and shook him harder. Hermione felt a pinch on the back of her eyes, indicating that tears would soon be arriving. A single tear slipped down her face and she shook him once more.

Hermione inhaled sharply when she saw a smirk crawl onto his face. His eyes opened and she let go of his arm as if she had been burned. “Got ya.” He said but stopped when he saw the tear sliding down Hermione’s cheek. He tried to say sorry but she had already stomped off to her room. A few moments later he heard the showers come on. He pointed his wand at his bedroom door up the hall and it slammed shut, so Hermione would think he was in his room. Draco then sat on the couch and waited for her to come down.

About a half an hour later the fire had gone out and Draco was sitting still on the couch with his eyes on the stairs leading to Hermione’s room. He heard her walking towards the stairs. She came down with nothing but a towel on and her iPod in her ears, singing to herself. Draco gasped loudly as Hermione walked into the kitchen. The towel was a small one. She hadn’t heard him and opened the fridge, still singing to herself. Draco followed her in and leaned against the door way. 

She finished the song and dug further into the fridge.

''If I'm just bad news, then you're a liar (...hate you for this)
If I'm just bad news, then you're a liar (Maybe I should...)
If I'm just bad news, then you're a liar (...hate you for this)”

She whispered to herself but stopped when she turned around and noticed Draco standing in the doorway, smirking. Hermione pressed pause on her iPod and turned her back to him. “Come on Mione, you can’t be mad at me forever.” He said. “I’m not mad.” She said through gritted teeth. “Yes you are, you’re mad cause for a split second I pretended not to be breathing.” Hermione slammed her hand onto the counter and turned to face her. Tears were streaming down her face. “For that split second I thought you were dead Draco, Dead! I thought I was never gonna be able to hear you talk to me again or tell me not to do stupid things. I thought I was never going to see you staring at me from across the Great Hall. I thought you were gone.” She yelled. As soon as she said the word “gone” she was overcome with sobs.

Draco took two quick strides towards her and held her in his arms. Hermione leaned her head against his chest and cried while he whispered sweet nothings into her ear. He waved his wand at her and her towel was replaced with one of his tee shirts and a pair of boxers. Draco picked her up and she closed her eyes. He carried her to his room and laid her on the fluffy green comforter. Hermione scurried to get under the warm fabric while Draco changed into his night things.

Once Draco was under the covers also he pulled Hermione close to him. “Now get some rest so I can beat you at Quidditch tomorrow.” Hermione could hear the smirk in his voice and snickered before falling asleep.

The sky was clear with a slight breeze as both teams walked onto the pitch the next morning. Madam Hooch stood between Harry and Draco “Now I want a nice clean game.” She said and signaled for them to mount. Both teams rose high into the air and Madam Hooch tossed the Quaffle into the air. All at once Hermione, Dean, Seamus, Blaise, Theodore, and the other Slytherin chaser dove for it, Harry and Draco’s eyes scanned the pitch at top speed for the snitch, while Ginny, Sasha, Crabbe, and Goyle chassed after the bludgers.

Theodore had managed to grab the Quaffle through all the mess and was now flying toward Ron. Dean slammed him into the stands and he dropped it. Hermione flew under them and snatched it out of the air. With the Quaffle tucked safely under her arm she made her way to the Slytherin posts. Without difficulty she scored Gryffindor’s first goal. “Gryffindor 10-Slytherin 0” Luna shouted into the commentary mic.

Ginny swung her beater’s bat and hit a bludger that knocked the third Slytherin off of his broom. Sasha and Ginny cheered and shouted unnecessary comments to the fallen player. “Ohh and the games not looking to good, the Slytherins are down two players by injuries.” Luna said with a hint of happiness in her voice.

Draco saw a speck of gold in the stands and darted towards it. It turned out to be a Hufflepuff’s watch.

Twenty minutes later the score was Gryffindor 40-Slytherin 50 and everyone was tired and sweaty. The two injured players had returned to the game making it harder for the Gryffindor team to score. Hermione scored another goal and earned a glare from almost every Slytherin at the game. “The score is tied; let’s see who can break it with the win.” Luna voice rang through the pitch. Harry spotted the snitch and dove for it. Draco immediately followed. Neck in neck, lying flat on their brooms the two raced after the small golden ball. Draco reached out and his fingers grazed the cold metal but he was not fast enough, Harry snatched it from right under his hand and held it up for all to see.


Hermione rose high into the air just as this happened, to watch it from above. Even from over 300 ft in the air the noise was exploding in her ears. The students cheered, hooted, and hollered as Harry flew around the pitch with his arm raised high in the air.

Goyle noticed Hermione far above the rest of the group and to his left he noticed a bludger soaring lose. The crack of the bat against the rock solid ball was even louder then the crowd’s congratulations and everyone looked to the source of the noise. Not a sound came from the stands or the two teams. They were all frozen with shock. Even Hermione was frozen, she watched as the bludger came pelting for her. 

Credits to Taking Back Sunday 'You're So Last Summer.'

Chapter 10: The One With The End Of The Match
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Goyle noticed Hermione far above the rest of the group and to his left he noticed a bludger soaring lose. The crack of the bat against the rock solid ball was even louder then the crowd’s congratulations and everyone looked to the source of the noise. Not a sound came from the stands or the two teams. They were all frozen with shock. Even Hermione was frozen, she watched as the bludger came pelting for her.


It all happened so fast, the bludger rammed her in the stomach and she fell sideways off her broom. “Hermione.” Ginny screamed in fear.

“Hermione!” Harry, Blaise, and Ron shouted in unison.

“Hermione!” Sasha mouthed, to scared to speak.

“HERMIONE!” Draco yelled but his body was locked and his mouth was all he could move. At the sound of his voice the whole school turned to face him for a split second before turning their attention back to the falling girl.

“DRACO!!” She screamed as soon as she passed him in the air before fainting from fright. At this Draco’s limbs started to work once more and he dove to the ground after her. Everybody else, Slytherins and all, gasped and leaned forward. Just before she hit the ground he caught her bridal style and slid off of his broom. Draco rolled over on the ground with her in his arms a few times before regaining balance.

The whole school watched as Hermione opened her eyes and Draco pulled her to her feet. They were amazed when Hermione hugged him with all the energy she had left in her. What surprised them the most was tears started to stream down Draco’s face and he kissed Hermione over and over again.

Everyone watched wide eyed as Draco and Hermione stood, oblivious to everything, kissing! “I thought you were going to die, I thought I was never going to be able to talk to you again or tell you not to do stupid things, I though I was never going to be able to stare at you from across the Great Hall again. I thought you were gone.” He whispered as she kissed away his tears and shushed him.

Ginny, Harry, Sasha, Blaise, and Ron had managed to escape the teachers who were herding the students back to their common room and Draco let Hermione go as soon as they approached. Almost right after he did though she was captured by another pair of arms. Hermione looked up and saw Blaise smiling down at her. Ginny and Sasha couldn’t stand it any longer and they attack her from either side. Soon all seven of them were hugging Hermione but the weight became too much for her and she fell to the ground followed by the rest of her friends.

They lay on the ground in a circle around a blue fire that Ron had conjured; talking about nothing important when all of a sudden Blaise said “I like Pansy”. It was silent all except Hermione snickering but Draco jabbed her in the stomach and she stopped. Harry coughed and covered up a laugh, receiving a glare from Ginny and Ron looked like he would be sick. “What do you think about Pansy, Hermione?” He asked through gritted teeth when he noticed her snickering.

Hermione tilted her head to the side and thought about the question. “Well” She started “I don’t really know her, I guess she’s….nice?” Hermione said desperately trying to hold back laughter. “Well I think she’s the prettiest girl in school.” Blaise said, mostly to himself.

“Why thank you Blaise, that’s very kind of you.” A smooth voice was heard from behind Sasha and everyone turned to stare at Pansy. Blaise gulped and the color drained from his face. “Is that a tree?” Hermione said and ran away from the group. Everyone but Blaise followed her to the tree that Draco had climbed when he had watched Hermione, Ginny, and Sasha.

“I wish we could hear what they’re saying.” Ginny said gazing towards the two Slytherins. Ron smiled and pulled extendable ears out of his pocket and handed on to everyone. After about five minutes Pansy had moved from her standing position to sitting on Blaise’s lap. Hermione turned a slight shade of green and yanked the extendable out of her ear. “Ew.” Was all she said and everybody laughed and pulled theirs out.

The group continued to watch Pansy and Blaise all except Hermione who reached into her pocket and pulled out a chocolate frog. She quietly tried to peel the wrapper off but Ginny heard a crinkling sound and turned to look at her. “STOP HER!” She shouted and jumped out of Harry’ grip, trying to snatch away the sweet. Everyone turned to look at Hermione and all except Draco attempted to pounce on her, screaming at her to drop the candy.

Draco picked her up easily and held her out of their reach. “What the hell are you doing?” He asked. “Don’t let her eat that!” Ron shouted while Hermione smiled down at them and slowly inched the candy towards her mouth. “Why not, did you poison it?” He asked. “No.” Ginny said jumping up and down, reaching for Hermione. “Then why?” Hermione popped the frog in her mouth and started to giggle uncontrollably. Harry sighed. “That’s why.”

Draco dropped Hermione onto the ground and she stared to do summer salts and cartwheels and shake slightly from the hyperness (AN I don’t know if that’s a word or not but I'm using it.). “I’ve helped create a monster.” Draco mumbled, not taking his eyes off of Hermione.

“She’ll pass out in about ten minutes from exhaustion.” Sasha said.

As if a clock had been set, ten minutes later Hermione dropped in a heap on top of the grass. Draco walked over to her and confirmed that she was asleep. “I think I’ll take her back now.” He said and picked her up, one hand on her back the other under her legs. “Yeah it’s getting late.” Ron said and stood up from the ground and started too walked back to the castle with Sasha following in tow.

As they passed Blaise and Pansy kissing Blaise opened his eyes and gently pushed Pansy off of him. “Is she sick?” Blaise called out and stood up, pulling Pansy with him by the hand. They walked over and Ginny scowled. “No she's not sick” She jabbed Draco in the back with her finger “Draco let her have <i>chocolate<i>.” “Let it go, Ginny.” Harry said and stirred her by the shoulders, away. Blaise chuckled and nodded as Draco walked inside and up to their common room.

Draco opened his bedroom door and there perched on his bed was his eagle ‘dot’. Attached to his left leg was a letter with loopy hand writing. His father’s handwriting. He set Hermione down on the bed and untied the letter.




I have asked Blaise to watch over you while I am gone. He will stay by your side at all times. Please don’t give Blaise a hard time about my departure. I shall tell you only that it concerns your safety. Please don’t do anything stupid involving the situation. Please don’t worry about me, I will return safe and sound soon.


Hermione read the letter over twice before having a spaze attack. In the middle of shouting questions to no one she stopped and ran out the portrait, letter in hand. As soon as she shut the portrait she came face to face with Blaise. Just the person she was looking for. Hermione quietly studied his face for a few moments. “Where is he?” She asked in a vicious whisper.

It killed Blaise to look into her eyes and see pain. “He didn’t tell me.” He said softy.

“Liar!” She said in the same tone, but she could tell he was telling the truth. Blaise watched as her eyes glazed over and she bit her lip. “We have class.” She said with a stone straight face and made her way down the hall. Blaise followed close behind.

Chapter 11: The One Where Hermione Is Empty
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Things changed after that. Hermione changed. Her glorious, wild, beautiful spirit was hidden under the invisible black clouds over her head that kept her face blank at all times. She walked the castle without a purpose with Blaise at her side. They walked silently since he had learned soon enough that she would only ignore him. Like she ignored everyone else.  Hermione never spoke to anyone. She only sat in the backs of her classrooms and completed her work. Teachers didn’t try and her friends didn’t either. They knew nothing would come of their pointless attempts. Hermione was nothing but an empty shell with two shadows. For when Draco left he did not break her heart, he broke her soul.


It had been quite some time since he had left her his note and she was no more healed. To her it was like yesterday. She did not leave the castle to search high and low for him and she sent him no owls. Hermione knew he had to leave and she knew he hadn’t taken her or told her more for a reason. A reason that turned her to stone when she thought about it.


One night, a few weeks before Christmas, Hermione was sitting in her Common Room in front of the fire. It was her Common Room now. She no longer shared it with anyone. While she was blankly staring at the flickering flames, she heard a knock on her portrait outside.

“Go away, Blaise.” She spoke monotone, not even turning in that direction. The knocking continued. And continued. And continued. Finally Hermione ripped herself from the sofa and stomped towards the exit of the Common Room. She yanked it open and began to yell but stopped when she realized it wasn’t Blaise. Professor Dumbledore was standing with his hands folded in front of her with a small smile on his lips. She looked behind the professor and saw Blaise leaning against the stony wall staring into her eyes. Her face was expressionless.

Hermione turned back towards Dumbledore.

“Hello, Ms Granger.”

“Hello, Sir.” Her voice was scratchy from lack of use.

“May I come in?”

Hermione moved out of the way and let him walk in. The door swung shut behind him. His bright blue robes brought out his electric blue eyes. Hermione sat herself down on her couch and went back to facing the flames.

“Ms. Granger?” Hermione’s head slowly turned to the couch across from her where he had seated himself. “Yes?”

“As you may recall, your musical group was hired for the Christmas ball?”

“I don’t think we will be able to make it, I’m sorry Sir.”

“I thought you would say that and that is why I have come to speak with you on this fine evening.” He played with the corner of his glasses. “This Christmas Ball seemed quite a big deal to you not too long ago and that is why we request that you rethink you decision and do it anyway. The school needs your entertainment.”

Something about the way the professor had ‘requested’ that they perform anyway made her think that she didn’t really have a choice and that on that dreadful night she was to be drug from her room and had to sing in front of her school’s population.

Hermione eyed him up and down a few times and he gazed innocently back at her. “Alright” She told him. “We’ll do it.”

“Very well.” He said and stood from his couch. As he was making his way to the door he turned back towards Hermione.

“Ms. Granger?” Hermione only slightly twitched to show that she had heard him.

“Time heals everything.” And then he walked out of the room. Her face twitched again but she held everything in.


            The next morning Blaise was surprised when Hermione came out of her Common Room before the start of their first class. She ignored him standing there as usual and walked down the corridor. He realized after some time that she was heading towards the Great Hall. This was the first day she hadn’t eaten breakfast in her Common Room. All by herself.

Hermione walked into the Great Hall and at first went unnoticed. She made her way over to the Gryffindor table and sat across from Ron and Harry. Ron accidently spit food out of his mouth and Ginny looked at him in disgust. Hermione had on her normal blank face.  Blaise sat down next to Hermione. No one spoke for several moments. Sasha nudged Ron who sadly was more concerned with his food so it seemed. She nudged him again.

“Er, hello Hermione.” She glanced up. Her eyes were dead, but she responded with a mumbled “Hello, Ronald.”

“Would you like something to eat?” Ginny asked. Her hair had gotten longer. Hermione hadn’t noticed until now. She starred at them all for quite some time, forgetting what Ginny had said. They all averted their eyes and squirmed under her stare.

“Hermione?” Harry spoke softly, not wanting to upset her. Like she was a deer and he was trying not to scare her away. “You haven’t eaten breakfast with us in a long time.” She still didn’t say anything. Harry looked at Blaise, trying to make him try to talk to her. He just shrugged. The only anger that Hermione had let out of her body was onto Blaise. He knew that he was her least favorite person.

“Dumbledore is making us play at the Christmas Ball.” She announced. The girls didn’t want to seem too excited so they didn’t say anything. “That’s wonderful!” replied Ron.  

“Yes, it’s brilliant.” Hermione muttered to herself.

“I’ll tell Justin.” Ginny said and made her way through the Great Hall.

“When will we practice? What songs will we play?” Sasha rambled on about things that were unimportant to Hermione.

“Whenever you want to, I don’t mind.” Her voice was unhappy but she spoke anyway. “We have classes to go to.” She then stood up and walked away from the table towards Potions. Blaise got up and followed her out while the other boys still were slightly shocked.

Chapter 12: The One With The Christmas Ball
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The days were passing, each day exactly like the last. Hermione would go to her classes, be shadowed by Blaise all day and then go sit and stare at the fire in her Common Room until she fell asleep on the couch. Every few days everyone would gather in her living room and they would practice for the upcoming gig but things had changed. Hermione was no longer all fun and games, all smiles. She did what she had to get done at practice before everyone piled out of her portrait hole.


 Harry and Ginny and Sasha were more comfortable with the fact that they spent some time up in Hermione’s room. They felt that it was getting them closer to the old Hermione. Hermione watched their faces get excited, she just ignored them though. Not bothering to please or disappoint them. All she was concerned about was getting this stupid Christmas Ball over with. Hermione was already angry as it was that she still had to do it. She felt enraged that Draco, who also had planned to take part in some way in the Christmas Ball, was no longer tied to his obligations. He just ran away from it. He just ran away from her.

This is what had been running through her head one night when the band was practicing. Hermione ripped her guitar away from her neck and slammed it against the wall. The thin wood splintered into a thousand pieces. She kicked the microphone stand to the floor and fell with it, letting out a scream on the way. Hermione buried her head in her arms and screamed and cried to herself. This was a first for her emotion let-out. They had all just been bottled up. Everyone in the room just stared down at her. No one moved to touch her. No one moved at all. For moments the only sound was the sobs of Hermione. Eventually someone repaired her guitar and packed everything away before they all left her on the ground to be by herself.

Hermione woke the next day on the rug where she had drifted off to sleep last night. There was a blanket on the floor. She grabbed it on her way to the bathroom and dropped it next to her bedroom door. Horror reflected in the mirror. Her bushy hair was sticking in every directions and her purple and blue bags under her eyes resembled bruises of some sort. Her own appearance sickened herself.

After she kicked the door to her bedroom open she dropped the blanket somewhere in the pile of mess that she called her belongings. The magical calendar on her wall was shooting fireworks into the air over and over again. It only did that when there was an event scheduled. Hermione squinted her eyes a little to read what the calendar was telling her in an annoying manor. ‘Christmas Ball with Draco!!!’ It read. Hermione’s eyes hardened. She hadn’t realized it was this close. Hermione opened up her closet door to find her dark blue dress hanging there. She picked up her wand and lit it on fire then shut the door of the closet and walked to the shower.

Hours later Hermione walked straight past Blaise as she was heading towards the Great Hall in her Ball attire.

“You know you’re late?”

She choose not to reply. Her heels clicked down the hallways and that was the only sound except for the whipping of Blaise’s dress robes as he hurried behind her. Hermione pulled open the giant doors leading in to the room and was greeted by a beautiful sight. The room was full of gold themed decorations and floating gold bubbles that bounced around the guest’s heads.

Up on stage the rest of the group was already standing. Students were mingling in groups on the dance floor and around tables. Hermione was the least bit excited to be here but she stepped onto the stage nonetheless.

“Are you ready, Hermione?” Ginny asked softly.

“Yes.” Her reply was barely heard but the rest of the band guessed when she started to pick up her guitar.

They played many songs before it was time for the band to take a break and get something to drink while recordings played. Harry danced with Ginny and Sasha danced with Ron. Hermione sat on her lonesome, determined not to be bothered by it. In truth she wasn’t. Her mind was completely blank. Her soul was completely blank. She had released all the emotion she needed to. Now she was back to her normal shell-self.

“Alright everyone, this is the last song of the night.” Hermione announced to the crowd after hours of playing and dancing. Everyone in the crowd clapped and even Ginny yelled a little.

“Look at me, my depth perception must be off again
Cause this hurts deeper than I thought it did
It has not healed with time
It just shot down my spine
You look so beautiful tonight
Reminds me how you laid us down
And gently smiled before you destroyed my life”

Hermione sang the first verse and her voice rang out with emotion. She sounded alive singing this song. To Harry she sounded like she was singing to someone, trying to get through to someone. She sounded close to tears by the time that she was nearing the ending. Harry knew where this was coming from and his heart broke into a million pieces when he looked up onto the stage and saw his best friend breaking into a million pieces just by letting out words through a song. She sounded like she was begging for mercy. He knew that only he would notice it. Not the rest of the crowd, whose minds were far off somewhere else.

The song ended and the lights turned back up. People started to slowly exit the Great Hall, most hand in hand with their date. Others walking alone, but everyone appeared to have had a good time. Eventually it was only Hermione in the Great Hall. Her friends had left her to be with herself. She took off her heels and hopped off of the stage. The gold bubbles surrounded her head and she gazed at their beauty. These were the small moments when she forgot that she was a girl with part of her missing. These were the times when she got seconds of happiness. When other things took over her mind.. She heard the doors of the Great Hall open and shoes moving her way and she snapped out of her trance.

Walking towards her was a dream. A beautiful white haired angel was walking her way. He was smiling at her and she couldn’t help but smile back. It was the effect that he had begun to have on her. He stopped feet in front of her. Then he spoke and it was all broken.

“Hermione.” He said her name softly. The way she had waiting to hear it said. When he spoke though, she knew it was not a dream and her smile was wiped from her face. He was dressed in a black suit and his marvelous hair was hanging in his face. It had grown since she’d last seen him. Draco noticed that she was no longer smiling and started walking towards her again.

“No!” She screeched and her angel face was distorted.. She yanked herself backwards, away from his reach. Hermione was outraged.

“Hermione!” He pleaded with her to please come close to him, to let him feel her soft skin but she ran out of his reach.

“Get away from me, Draco Malfoy! Don’t you ever think about coming near me again.” After all this time of not seeing him she felt utter rage that he thought he could just waltz right back into her life whenever he choose to.

“Please understand, Hermione. Please let me explain!” He begged her.

“No” She shook her head. “No, you can’t do this to me.” She walked over to the stage and grabbed her heels from the stairs leading up to it.

“Why?” He yelled at her as she walked, bare foot, away from him.

“Because you broke my heart and now you just want to come back? You just show up at the school like everything is going to be okay? Well it’s not. You killed me inside! You made it feel like something was stepping on top of my heart. I felt a physical pain that I have never experienced in my life! The curse put on my by your wretched aunt felt better than this! So now I never want to see you again for the rest of my entire life!” She yelled so loud and tears fell down her soft cheeks as she turned to storm out of the Great Hall.

“Hermione.” He was quiet this time, he didn’t yell again.

Hermione turned around with a look of stone on her face. “What?” She hissed though her teeth.

“You look beautiful tonight.”

And in truth she did. Her white dress she had worn instead of her burnt blue one stood out against her normal black. Her eyes were coated in coal colored shadow but her brown eyes shown through it. Hermione stopped in her tracks and didn’t move when Draco began advancing on her. She let him wrap his arms around her and kiss her on her lips. She didn’t refuse once she had touched him again. She couldn’t never refuse that. Love was searing through her. It was healing her broken heart. As fast as it had broken was as fast as it was healing.

Credits: 'Rest In Pieces' Salvia