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Confessions of a Teenage Ron by Wonwons Girl

Format: Short story
Chapters: 6
Word Count: 5,168

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny
Pairings: Ron/Hermione

First Published: 06/17/2006
Last Chapter: 06/12/2007
Last Updated: 06/20/2007

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first i would like to say: THE SEQUAL IS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Trio is at the end of their seventh year and the war is over. Hogwarts is having another Ball. This time Ron is sure to ask hermione. How will he do it, and what will be her answer?

Chapter 1: What Lavender was doing
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Confessions of a Teenage Ron
Chapter One:
What Lavender was Doing

The end of the year was coming fast. The trio was in their seventh year at Hogwarts. They had just finished off Voldemort. The day after the whole school was having a party in the Great Hall. It was much like the yule ball only not very dressy.

Ron and Lavender had been on and off during this year. Ron was having problems sleeping at night too. He had loved Hermione since he saved her from the troll. 'Why am I going out with Lavender?' he thought. 'Tomorrow I will explain to her that I love someone else and can't ask here to the dance because it wouldn't seem right. Yes that works.'

Ron tried to get some sleep that night but he couldn't. He kept having dreaming of Lavender storming away and Hermione already taken. He woke up in a sweat twice and crying once!

"Ron" Lavender called, "I have been looking all over for you!"

"Is everything alright?" Asked Ron like he really didn't care, witch, he didn't.

"Well, um, no actually." she replied. "I can't watch the last Quiddtich match. I am really sorry. I promised Tracy that I would visit her in the hospital wing on that day." Lavender was lying through her teeth but Ron didn't know that and really did not care. "Are you even listening to me?"

"Hum? What? Oh, oh yeah. Of course." He said. The truth was that he wasn't and was staring at Hermione. Her beautiful puffy brown hair, and her warn chocolate colored eyes.

"Then what did I just say?" She asked, knowing that he wasn't listening at all.

"A, something about not seeing me in the last Quiddtich match." Came a dreamy response from Ron.

"Good. So I will see you after the Game right?" She asked.

"Yeah. It should be over by five. I will see you in the common room then. Bye Purple." Lavender had enforced pet names. Since her name was Lavender, or another shade of purple, that was her pet name.

"O-K then. Bye Won-Won!" said Lavender, and they went their different ways.

'At least Hermione will be at the match. She can watch me save every goal!' Ron thought. 'That is who I want to be there!'

The Quiddtich match went just as Ron thought! He saved every goal that came his way! Every time he did so he looked up at Hermione and saw her cheering louder than ever! This made him try harder to save the goals each time too.

The match was over in an hour and a half; an hour earlier than Ron's guess. He was the first person in the common room, and the only one too. Or so he thought! Ron looked over and saw Dean snogging someone. He didn't realize who until he came up for air, not even noticing Ron.

"Lavender?" Blurted out Ron, "I thought that you were in the hospital wing with Tracy!"

"I was, and then Dean and I set up a privet time for snogging! We wanted to be alone for while and, well he doesn't like Quiddtich anymore and really, I don't either. Do you have a problem with that?" Lavender Burst. Along with that tipped Ron over the edge.

"No! No, I don't have a problem with that!" Ron said, and it was perfectly true too. " As long as you don't have a problem with this: We are over! We are getting off the roller coaster that is us and we will never get on again!"

"Fine by me! Now who do you have to snog now, huh? Are you going to cry to your little Mudblood friend?" Lavender said.

"O-K, maybe I do like Hermione, but I never cheated on you! Now I really don't care! I will ask her out now that I am free from you! Oh yeah, and if you ever call her a Mudblood again, you will regret it the rest of your life!" Ron finished. To him that really felt good! Lavender just said O-K in her nasty tone and went back to Dean.

Ron went back up to his dormitory and started scribbling on a piece of parchment:

Dear Hermione,
Meet me by the lake for lunch today. Don't show this to Harry, I will tell him something. I want to ask you something then but I want it to be the two of us.
The next morning before breakfast he gave the letter to Pig to give to Hermione at breakfast. Ron hoped that he could trust Pig. At breakfast he did well. The letter was only a bit big for him.

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Chapter 2: Down by the lake
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At breakfast Harry, Ron and Hermione walked down to the Great Hall together. They were talking about the homework from the night before.

"I myself think that last nights Defense against the dark arts home work was pretty easy." said Hermione.

"Hermione, you think that all of the home work is easy! To you, it just comes natural!" Harry told her.

"Well, I don't know about you, but I am starving!" said Ron.

"Your are always hungry!" Said Harry.

"Yeah, but not like this!" Ron said. He knew what it was, he just couldn't tell Harry in front of Hermione! Well, in the note that she would get this morning (hopefully) it told not to tell Harry so he would have to tell him afterwards.

"I think that you're nerves about something," said Hermione. "Do we have a test today?"

"No, it's not that." replied Ron, and that was so true, but was he really going to tell Hermione why he was nervous if it concerned her? Only about fifteen minutes of sitting down to eat the mail came. After finding no mail for him he hurried out saying that he needed to go to the restroom.

Boy was he nervous all right! He felt like he was going to puke! Thankfully he didn't!

When he got back Hermione was sitting at the table beaming! He also noticed who was holding the note. "I thought that I put in the note not to show Harry?" said Ron as he sat down.

"I know, but he asked and gave me the puppy dog eyes!" said Hermione and Ron new that she was joking around by the way she said it. "Oh, and I forgot to give you my reply. Now where did I put that piece of parchment? Oh, here it is." Hermione said handing Ron the piece of parchment that said 'yes' nicely put onto it. Now Ron was beaming too.

'Could noon come any slower?' Thought Ron. He was just thinking about what Hermione's favorite foods were so he could hurry down into the kitchen to ask and pay the house elves (dobby) for making and packing them into a basket.

Ron hurried down to the lake 15 minutes early to set out a blanket and the food. About five minutes later came down a beautiful Hermione. As soon as she saw him, she started running. When she sat down, Ron said "Hello," and started to take out the food.

Hermione observed all of the food Ron took out. She even saw some things that she loved and he hated! Actually, she loved all of the food he was laying out. 'How did he know?' She thought. She eventually caught herself wondering aloud.

"I have my ways" was Ron's reply. "So, how has your day been?"

"Oh, until morning, fine," Hermione said. This made Ron wonder if she really wanted to be here with him. She said 'until morning' did that mean that after the note, her day went bad? She kept on going "Then the letter made it better." With that, Ron let out a sigh of relief. "What about you?"

"Well, the morning was normal, and then you said yes, and that made it... Wonderful." From then on, it was all small talk, until the end. "Hermione,"


"Would you go to the ball with me?" There, he said it. Then he saw a look of wondering on Hermione's face and quickly added "You know, just as friends?"

"Oh," She said sounding slightly disappointed. "Sure." said Hermione with more enthusiasm. 'At least I am going with Ron this time, even if it is just as friends.' Hermione thought.

"Is anything wrong? Ron asked, seeing a bit of disappointment on her face.

"Oh, no. Nothing's wrong, it is just that I'm a bit tired. I didn't get much sleep last night. Homework. I think that I will take a nap in my free period." Hermione said trying to cover up how she felt as going 'Just as friends.' "I think I will go up know." And with that she got up, helped clean up, and walked up the hill.

They were both happy to at least be going to a ball with one another.

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Chapter 3: Trouble sleeping and annoying friends
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Chapter 3:
Trouble sleeping and annoying friends

When Hermione went inside the common room that night, she found Ginny sitting in one of the comfortable armchairs. "So, what was all of that about?" She asked

"What?" asked Hermione as if she didn't know even though she knew very well what.

"You and Ron! I saw you two down by the lake" Ginny teased.

"Oh, that? He-" Ginny cut her off

"He took you on a mini-date!" Ginny teased some more. Sometimes it didn't take too long for someone to get on Hermione's nerves, and this was one of those times.

"No, he-" again Ginny cut her off.

"Yeeeeeeeeeeees! He was taking you on a mini-date and you know it!" Ginny was really pushing Hermione over the edge!

"Ginny! Will you let me finish?" She was starting to get onto Hermione's nerves.



"Alright! Fine! As you were saying and arguing that it was not a mini-date." Ginny said as professionally as she could while still joking around.

"It was not a mini-date, he asked me on a date." Hermione explained.

"You mean that he finally asked you out?" Ginny asked with disbelief.

"What? Did you expect him to never ask?" Hermione said playfully.

Ginny had to think about this one. "Well, yeah!" she replied. "I meen, it's my brother here!"

"You have too many brothers! How can I be sure you aren't talking about one of them, hmm?" Hermione asked playfully.

"They all act the same!" Ginny said and started cracking up. This erned her a smack on the head from Hermione and her pillow! Ginny grabbed her own pillow and they had a big pillow fight like you see in the movies and there are feathers all over! and the thing was... by the time it ended, it was around dinner time!

That night, Hermione laid in bed thinking about what would happen at the ball. Would he change his mind about going as friends, or even going at all?

She stayed up all that night just wondering what the next few days would bring. What would she wear? It was only semi-dressy right? Didn't that mean just any ole skirt and a solid colored top? Well, that was what Hermione had in mind. She already mentally picked out her outfit. She had this cute denim skirt that looked like layers sowed together and a bit like the lining was coming out. That was how they were supposed to look anyway. Just a little crappy wasn't so bad. With that, Hermione remembered the deep magenta shoulder rider she had in her trunk. It was perfect. She would just wear a pair of silver flip-flops with that.

Ron was having the same trouble as Hermione in the boy's dormitory when he got back.

"So, Ron." said Harry slyly.

"What?" he said, trying to act as if he didn't know, even though it was completely oblivious he did!

"I saw you." Harry said playfully.

"Doing what?" asked Ron, trying to act as if he didn't know what was going on, and not really liking it either!

"You and Hermione!" Harry said. "It's about time you took her on a date! Why didn't you tell me?" Harry was ecstatic!

"It wasn't a date!" Ron mumbled to the bed.

"What was that?" Harry asked playfully, even though he already knew what Ron said.

"It wasn't at date!" Ron snapped at Harry!

"Well, then what was it?" Harry said more rudely than he wanted it to.

"Why don't you just shove off?" Ron was getting angrier by the second, yet not knowing why. He had to think of Hermione and what she would say if she saw him getting angry at Harry over nothing. With this in mind he cooled off.

"What was that for?" Harry asked. Now he was the confused one. Well, actually, they were both confused.

Ron couldn't sleep that night either. 'Why did I have to ad "Just as friends" to the end? I think that I would have rather heard a "No" to as a couple than a "yes" to just as friends and not even knowing still if she would rather be a couple too! Man I'm such a git!' Ron thought.

Since Ron couldn't sleep, he decided to go down into the common room to sit by the fire and work on a bit of homework due in a week. This was so unlike Ron. Well, not really because he would go down and say that he was going to work on homework, but he would usually sit down, stare into the fire and daydream until he drifted to sleep. Tonight was different though. Someone else was down there already. He could barely make out an outline of a girl with big bushy hair.

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Chapter 4: Can't Sleep, Can Sleep
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Chapter four:
Can't sleep, Can sleep

"Hey" Ron said, a little softer that he wanted it to be. She still heard him.

"Ron? What are you doing up so late?" asked the girl.

"Me? What about you Hermione?" Ron asked.

"I couldn't sleep. You?" Hermione said, now facing Ron who had sat down next to her.

"Same. Looking at the fire always helps." Ron explained. Hermione just smiled and turned back to the fire. There was a long, awkward silence. "You know, if someone wakes up, and I am on my way out of the dormitory, I tell them, and myself actually, that I say I'm going down to do home work." Hermione laughed at this.

"Well then, Mr. I-study-at-night-to-help-my-grade-and-no-one-knows! Get to work!" Hermione said playfully.

"Fine!" Ron said, laughing, and went to go get his books out of his bag. Fortunately for him, Hermione was still looking into the fire and didn't realize that Ron pulled out his 'A Mans Romantic Tactics for Dummies' book.

"Ok, Roonil Wizlab! Let's work on defense against the dark arts." Hermione suggested.

Ron was getting tiered and flipped to the not so blank page in the back that was covered in Hermione's mane! As he started to open to it, he caught himself and snapped the book shut. "Um, how about potions? I really need extra help in that!" Ron said quickly.

"OK, potions" Hermione agreed. By the time she opened her potions book Ron was drooling on his! Hermione thought that he was so cute and started playing with his hair. "I love you Ron" She whispered. "I just wish you felt the same." And with that, she gathered up her books and headed up to the girls dormitory.

Ron had a very strange dream that night. He was at the Yule ball, but his raves were half way decent! When he looked up, he saw Harry wearing the same thing only in a different color, and Ginny was on his arm. When Ron looked over to expect Hermione on his arm having a good time, he was disappointed to find that Lavender was on his arm staring over at Dean. In the background, though, he saw her. His Hermione, crying! Someone had hurt her! But who?

"Ron?" She said in between tow large sobs.

"Do you want to dance?" He offered as a slow song came on.

"Sure." She said, lightening up a bit. She started to play with his hair. Right in the middle of the song though, she broke away, and started balling again, and ran away. Ron chased after her, wondering what was wrong. Finally, he caught up to her and held her. She looked up at him and said in between sobs, "I love you Ron! I just wish you felt the same!" and once again stormed off.

Ron tried to run after her, but his feet were glued to the floor! Then he tried yelling: "But I do Hermione!" But nothing came out! Then, all went dark.

"RON!" Harry yelled. "Are you ok? You were moving your legs like you wanted to run out of the chair, but the table was kind of in your way!" he laughed. Ron was just realizing that he had spent the night in the common room when Harry asked," So, what were you dreaming about anyway?"

"Oh, nothing" Ron sleepily replied.

"Well, me and Hermione are going down to breakfast. You might want to change first!" Harry said, laughing some more. When Ron looked down, he noticed that he was still in his pajamas and everyone who had already left for breakfast saw him, and, more importantly, if Hermione could read in the firelight, she could also see that he was in his pajamas, and if she didn't notice then, well, she sure noticed now!

"Wait! I, I need to tell you something Harry, come on up and I will tell you." Ron said quickly. Once Harry and Ron were in the dormitory without Hermione, Ron changed and told Harry about the strange dream from the night before.

"Well mate, it sounds like you are worried." Harry told Ron.

"I know!"

"And, in love!"

"What?" and at this, Ron had to through a pillow at Harry!

"Well, come on! Hermione is probably waiting for you so we can go to breakfast!" Harry said, and they left the dormitory.

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Chapter 5: Hogsmeade
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Chapter five:

A few days went by and the ball was two nights away. A Hogsmeade trip was planned the day before the ball. All of the girls were exited about a new shop opening for hair and nails, the "Old Fashion Way"

Harry was bloody nervous. He knew that it was short notice, but he was going to ask her. He was going to ask Ginny to the ball. 'Oh, I hope she's not taken already!' Harry thought. "Um, Ginny, I was just wondering, ifyouwuldgototheballwithme." he said the last part so fast; he didn't even understand what he said, and didn't expect Ginny to too. But, she did.

"Hmm. Let's see here. A few guys have already asked me," At this time Harry would rather re-fight Voldemort than deal with his Ginny already going to the ball with someone else, or even just asking if she would go with him! "But, you're lucky I waited for you. Another hour and I would have said yes to Neville again!" She said laughing. Then you heard someone say 'hey' in the background. "Sorry Neville!" Ginny said.

Harry loosened up a bit after that. Now knowing that nothing can stop him and his girl from going to the ball was all he needed to know. Then, he swooped down, and landed a kiss on her lips.

But anyway, this story isn't about Harry or Ginny, so, the next day was the Hogsmeade trip. All of the girls were ready to get their hair and makeup done. Hermione couldn't care less. She knew that she could do her own makeup and nails instead of paying a good ten galleons for all of that and getting your hair done too. It was expensive and Ron only liked her as a friend, or so she thought anyway.

At the last minute, Hermione decided that she was going to go and pay anyway. This would probably be the only date of any kind with Ron. Why not be pretty just for the heck of it?


On the other side, no one had to wear dress robes. This time Ron was NOT going to go looking like a fool! He was going to try to forget about his last ball. He had no fun, no girl that he wanted, and no nice or even halfway decent robes! This time was going to be different. He was going to look nice for his Hermione if it was the last thing he did, even if it wasn't even a real date because it was only as friends. Ron was still cursing himself for that.

All of the guys went their way and the girls went theirs. Hermione and Ginny requested two seats next to each other and expected it to take forever, but actually, they were one of the first ones there.

"So, he asked you yesterday?" Hermione asked.

"Yep. I almost said yes to Neville again. I mean, yeah, I had fun with him, but it was a one-night thing." Ginny said.

"Well, me and Ron are going 'just as friends'. I love him, but he doesn't love me Ginny. I know it!" Hermione told Ginny of exactly how her 'Mini-date' (just to make Ginny happy) went, and the disappointment with the end of it.

"Well, at least you're going with him!" Ginny tried to make Hermione feel a bit better. "Or better yet, tell him you love him, and then run away. If he comes after you, stop, but when he asks you to explain, don't! It's perfect. That way, you can hear it from him that he likes you too! I mean, when you aren't at the burrow, he is all like 'I love Hermione! I love Hermione!' "

"No he's not!" Hermione said laughing at the mental images and giving Ginny a playful push.

"Ok, so I did make that up, but who cares?" Ginny said, now laughing too.

"Ginerva and Hermione, your seats are ready." Said the witch at the counter.

Ginny decided to have her hair curled and half up. Hermione wanted a bit more. Then, Hermione wanted her hair to look controlled, yet still curly, and then have it half up and instead of a ponytail, like Ginny, a bun that looked like a rose. It was gorgeous!

Then they went to get their makeup done. Hermione had light pinkish purple eye shadow that matched the magenta top and pink lip-gloss. She didn't really have any blush. She didn't want any.

Ginny was wearing a white skirt that went down to her knees, and a light pink shirt. To match this, she got light pink eye shadow, and silvery lip-gloss.

Last were the nails. Ginny got a silvery pink, and Hermione got a light magenta, a lighter shade of her shirt.


Harry decided on a pair of shorts and a top. Ron, was searching through his trunk when he got back, not sure what to wear.

"What are you searching for down there? Your old dress robes?" Harry teased.

"No, I found those in shreds. Thank god someone did it!" Ron said. He finally found something to wear when the girls came back, looking just as they did when they had left. You see, they would give you a special charm, and it only works once, and if it isn't used in forty-eight hours, it won't work. Everyone was set for the ball the next day.

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Chapter 6: The ball
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Chapter 6: The ball

" Come on Ginny! Hurry up!" Hermione said. "I'm all set, yet you still can't get the hair spell right. Here, remebebera! Now let's go!" Hermione was laughing and grabbed Ginny's hand and practically drug her down the steps into the common room, where the boys were waiting. Ginny greeted Harry with a peck on the cheek. Hermione just took Rons arm.

The four just talked about anything random until they reached the great hall. Earlier that day the girls made a plan. They knew that the boys probably wouldn't want to dance, like at the Yule ball. If this was the case, then they would drag them onto the dance floor.

Actually the boys were acting, odd. They WANTED to dance! They all had a great time. Then the first slow dance came on. Ron and Hermione decided to take a brake and watch Harry and Ginny dance. They were so cute! They weren't only cute, but close. They weren't just shoulders/waist, but it was as if Ginny was loosely hugging Harry and had her head on his chest.

Then the song ended and they went back to being 'The foursome'. Even though Hermione was still a bit sad that Ron was only her friend and 'date' only for this one night, she didn't let that stop her from having fun with him, Harry and Ginny like always.

About forty-five minutes after the past slow dance, there was another one. Hermione went to sit down and looked up when Ron didn't sit next to her. Instead, she say him standing in front of her with his hand out. "Would you care to dance?" Ron asked. Hermione answered by taking his hand smiling and let him lead her out onto the floor.

There was something about this that reminded Ron about something. He didn't know what until Hermione's hands came off of his shoulders and into his hair. When she was playing with his hair he remembered the dream. All of a sudden Hermione pulled away from him a bit. This worried Ron, but she was just getting a better look at him.

Hermione couldn't take it any longer. It was half way through the song and Ron had to know how she felt. She just had to know if he felt the same. Hermione wrapped her arms around Ron's neck and whispered in his ear "i love you." Ron was waiting for her to say the next part, but she never did.

Ron was filling with joy by the second. Since his dream never came true, he leaned down and confessed: "i love you to." and then brushed his lips over hers.

Right as the song was ending, Hermione put her head on Rons chest and they were just as close as Harry and Ginny. Neither of them knew that the song was over until Harry tapped Ron on the shoulder and told them.

About two hours later, the dance was over. When everyone went back to their common rooms, they were all up until at least four in the morning talking. Before they headed up though, Rn and Hermione had one last kiss.

"G'night Ron." Hermione whispered.

" G'night 'Mione."

Hermione went up to her dormitory and found Ginny. She was also wearing a dazzy look on her face that finally showed what she was feeling since her and Ron hooked up. "I know that look." Ginny said when Hermione shut the door.

"What?" she replied. Ginny just looked at Hermione with the expression clearly saying 'I'm-not-buying-that! -You-know-what-I-mean-now-spill-your-guts!'

"Ok, fine!" Hermione said. "Well, at the dance we..." her eyes looked the other way, "kissed."

"I knew it!" Ginny said. "I told Harry that I saw you two kiss! So, who confessed first?"

"Well, I did, but it sounded kind of like I said it as a spur of the moment sort of thing. Ron really was the one who truly confessed first." Hermione explained. All of a sudden Ginny got this look on her face. Hermione recognized this look. It was the look Ginny gave when she was planning something. Something, mischievous. "What?"

"Oh nothing, nothing." Ginny said with a big smile on her face. "It's just that, now I can annoy you with 'OOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooo! Hermione and Ron, sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G!' and the whole 'I saw you on a date, or a mini-date, or whatever you want to call it!' It is going to be soooooooooooooo much fun!"

"Yeah, well, you and Harry have been together all year! You don't here me saying anything!" Hermione said laughing!

"Hey, only since he defeated Voldemort!" Ginny shot laughing because she knew that it was barely true.

"Yes, but everyone knows that you two have fancied each other all year, and me and Ron have noticed ever since second year!" Hermione said.

"Yeah, well, people have known that you and Ron were going to hook up since you guises first year! i have even heard people *cough*Fred and George*cough* wagering when you and Ron were going to realize that you two fancied each other!" At this, they both laughed. Then Hermione grabbed one of her very fluffy pillows and threw it at Ginny! They were laughing all night, Thankful that everyone could be completely happy again!

That night Hermione had a dream of an elegant wedding. Her groom was, of course, Ron and they had two beautiful children. Harry and Ginny lived right next door. What were the odds? Little did they know that that would be their future! And all because Harry defeated Voldemort, a big dance was held and Ron confessed his feelings for Hermione.

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