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Love, Sweet Love by mrs_heather_grint

Format: Novella
Chapters: 7
Word Count: 13,286
Status: Abandoned

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Fluff, Humor, Romance
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, A. Longbottom, F. Longbottom, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: James/Lily, OC/OC, Remus/OC, Sirius/OC

First Published: 06/14/2006
Last Chapter: 09/23/2006
Last Updated: 09/23/2006


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Chapter 1: Trains and Feasts
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"Do you have everything?" Lily Evans' mother, Marie Evans, asked for about the twentieth time.

"Yes, mum," Lily replied, giving her mother a kiss and proceeding to board the Hogwarts express. "Stop worrying. It's not like I've been through this six times before or anything."

Marie Evans smiled at her daughter and watched her board the train for the last time. She got a bit teary as she stepped back to watch the train chug away.

Lily dragged her trunk through the narrow aisles of the train until she found the compartment that her friends occupied.

"Jade! Rose!" Lily pulled her trunk into the compartment and attacked her two best friends with hugs.

"Lily!" They both exclaimed. They hadn't been able to correspond much with their best friend over the summer. She lived in a muggle neighborhood and it would seem suspicious if too many owls were flooding in and out of her house.

The tiny red head took a seat next to Jade and looked out the window at the countryside zooming by.

"Have you seen the Marauders?" Jade asked, giggling madly. Lily rolled her eyes with a smile. Out of the three girls, Jade was the only one with a soft spot for Sirius Black, James Potter, and Remus Lupin. Peter Pettigrew made the group a foursome, but he wasn't like the other three. He was untalented, pudgy, and just plain annoying.

"Could we please not talk about bigheaded Potter and his followers?" Lily begged. It was enough that she had to suffer from Potter asking her out every chance he got; he'd been doing it since 2nd year. She didn't want to have to listen to Jade obsess over him.

"Oh, I forgot," Jade said with a giggle. "Lily's sensitive in the Potter department."

"Did I hear my name, ladies?" Just then, James Potter and his three friends glided into the compartment and took seats next to the three girls, Peter Pettigrew sitting slowly in a corner.

"Go out with me, Evans?" James asked, wrapping his arm around Lily's neck.

"Get off me, Potter!" She lifted his arm off of her shoulder in disgust and scooted closer to Remus.

"Ooh, seems Lil Miss Evans has a thing for our very own Moony," Sirius crooned.

"Shut up, Black," Lily snapped, narrowing her emerald eyes. "Anyone's better than Potter. Well, besides maybe YOU!"

He placed his hand over his heart and placed an expression of hurt on his handsome face. "That hurt, Evans. I thought we were friends!"

"The day I become friends with you or Potter," Lily said coldly, "or go out with him for that matter, is the day pigs fly!" With that, she fled from the compartment.

"Should I go see what's wrong?" Rose asked, beginning to rise from her seat.

"No," Jade said running her hands through her flowing, black hair. "She'll get over it soon."

The group was used to Lily's anger at the Marauder’s expense. It was no secret that she hated Sirius and James. She was friends with Remus and Peter, but she couldn't stand the other two.

Sirius stole a glance at Jade. She looked very much like him. She had big gray eyes, and long black hair. She was tall, and thin with beautiful pale skin.

James then threw a wad of paper at Sirius' head and gave a cough. The whole compartment had noticed that he was staring at Jade. He smirked and wrapped his arm around her waist. "Well, your friend won't go out with James. Will you go out with me, Jade?"

She smiled and scooted closer to him. "It'd be your honor."

Everyone around them rolled their eyes in disgust. It was only a matter of time before those two got together. It was no secret that they'd liked each other since their third year. They just hadn't expected it to happen so fast.

"I think I'm going to go look for her," James said suddenly, rising from his seat.

"What?!" Sirius said incredulously. "She hates you mate. It's not a good idea."

"Well, she has to stop hating me sometime." With that, James glided out of the compartment and began searching in haste for the beautiful red head.

When he finally found her, she was sitting with a group of 7th year Ravenclaws. He let himself into their compartment and took a seat across from her.

"Hi, James!" One girl by the name of Areida Chang said enthusiastically.

He gave her a nod of his head and nailed Lily with a look. He didn't even notice that every girl besides Lily in the compartment was obsessing over him at the minute. "Evans, I wanna be your friend," he said with an adorable smile that would've made any other girl melt.

"Yeah well, it's going to take more than that for us to be friends, Potter! I hate you!"

And with that, she again fled from him. James stared after her in disbelief, his heart stinging. She had said many hurtful things to him, but never said she hated him.

"You can stay with us, James!" One of the Ravenclaw girls said, clinging to his arms.

He gave her a weary look and let himself out of the compartment, making his way back to his own very slowly. Lily hated him? How could she hate him? He had changed for her over the summer. Why, he hadn't even ran his hand through his hair since last year! And she still hated him....

James walked slowly back to the compartment that his friends were sharing with the girls and took a seat. The five Gryffindor’s exchanged looks. James looked as they had never seen him before. He looked as though he'd start crying if anyone touched him.

Sirius cleared his throat. "Umm... where's Lily?"

"I don't know. It doesn't matter..." James ran his hand through his hair for the first time in so long... Well, Lily hated him anyway, so it didn't matter if he'd changed or not.

"Um," Sirius said slowly. "Can you girls excuse us for a moment? We need to talk to Prongsie here for a minute.

The girls shrugged and stepped out of the conversation, planning to see if they could find Lily and get the story out of her.

"Mate, what happened?" "What's going on now?" "Are you okay?" The three Marauders bombarded him with questions.

"She hates me..."

"Well, you knew that!" said Peter, laughing a bit. He was silenced by Remus' words, "Peter, don't be an idiot."

Looking offended, Peter let himself out of the compartment.

"When has that stopped you before mate?" Sirius said jokingly.

"No..." James said his expression unreadable. "She really hates me. I never knew she really HATED me like that... I didn't even get to tell her I made Head Boy!" He pulled a golden badge out of his pocket: James Potter Head Boy

Remus stared at the badge, mouth open. When he hadn't gotten the Head Boy badge, he'd figured that it had gone to Amos Diggory of Hufflepuff. "Good job mate," Remus said after a prolonged silence. He didn't care that James had made Head Boy instead of him, it was just a shock.

"Prongs, Prongs, Prongs," Sirius said, obviously not even caring that James was the new Head Boy. "It'll be fine. She may hate you now... but who do you think the new Head Girl is?"


"Right," he said, speaking slowly as though he was speaking to a five year old. "And who will you get a share a whole common room with all year? And a bathroom? And be with at all times?"

"Lily..." Both James and Remus answered this time, trying to see where this speech was going.

Sirius smirked. "Just be yourself. Let her get to know you... Lily will be yours!"

James arched his brow and looked to Remus for a second opinion, who nodded. "I hate to say it," he said with a chuckle, "but it looks as if Sirius is right for once!"


"...I'd like the new students to know that if you have any problems, you may go to the Prefects or our new Head Boy and Head Girl, James Potter and Lily Evans!" Albus Dumbledore smiled warmly at the couple and gestured for them to stand up.

Lily's jaw dropped as she stood up, looking around to see if James stood up or if it was just a joke.....

"No..." she said under her breath, wondering if Dumbledore had finally fallen off his rocker over the summer. James couldn't be Head Boy... That'd mean that she'd actually have to talk to him!

"I'll take the boys to their new dormitories," James said, approaching Lily after the feast. "You can take the girls. Then we'll talk more about our duties when we get back to our new common room.

Lily narrowed her eyes. "Fine. But I'm only talking to you because of this! I don't even know what Dumbledore was thinking! Making YOU Head Boy!" With that, she stormed away to gather up the first year Gryffindor girls.

"Maybe that's all it is now," James whispered, staring at the beauty of his dreams. "But you'll change..." He hoped.

Chapter 2: A Dreadful Morning
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Lily slumped into a chair in her and James' private common room. Who knew that helping five first year girls get settled could be so tiring? James didn't seem to be back from his duties yet. She let her feet dangle over the side of the chair and stared into the roaring fire.

How could Dumbledore have appointed James as Head Boy?! Did he not acknowledge the fact that James was Hogwarts biggest prankster, aside from perhaps, Sirius? She slid farther into her chair and pulled her feet onto the chair with her. She let her eyes close. Really, how could she survive a whole year with James?!


James approached the picture of Herbert the Hungry and scratched his large stomach. He gave a chuckle and swung open for James.

James entered the Common Room, feasting his eyes on a beautiful site. Lily was curled up in a chair by the fire. The dying embers shone on her face giving it a ghostly, angelic look. She was snoring softly, James noticed with a smile. He walked to a cupboard by the stairs and pulled a red and gold blanket out of it. He laid it across her gently and started for the stairs that led to his room. He gave her one last longing look. At least she didn't hate him when she was asleep.


Lily awoke with a start. The fire had just died and the sudden darkness had startled her awake. She threw the blanket onto the floor with a raised eyebrow. She didn't remember getting a blanket out. She trudged to the staircase on the left and glided up it. As drowsy as she was, the first look in her new dormitory was a shock. Her room was just as big as the one that she had shared with four other girls in her past six years at Hogwarts. She ran and jumped upon her four poster bed. It was softer, and more comfortable than her previous one.

She got up suddenly and entered the door that was labeled as the bathroom. Once in there, one look at a door opposite her told her that she and James shared a bathroom. She groaned. Could this day get any worse?


"Hey Evans...Are you awake?" A deep male's voice startled Lily awake in the morning through the bathroom door early that morning.

"Yeah..." she muttered, glancing at her watch. Oh no! It was 7:45. Classes began at eight. She hurriedly put on her robes and sped out her door, down the stairs, and through the portrait hole. She ran to the Great Hall as fast as she dared with teachers lurking about, grabbed a piece of toast, and rushed up to McGonagall's seat near the doorway to collect her schedule.

Lined up for that day was Potions with Slughorn, Care of Magical Creatures with Slovak, and Defense Against the Dark Arts with the new teacher of that year.
She bounded down the stairs to the dungeons where the Potions room was. Slughorn greeted her with a hearty smile and she took a seat at the table nearest to his desk. As late as she was running, she was the second person there.

Soon, Jade, Rose, and their fellow 7th year Gryffindor, Lydia Prewitt had taken seats next to Lily, and before she knew it, the Potions room was full.

"Welcome to your final year at Hogwarts!" Slughorn boomed. "Since I daresay you all know the basics by now, let's get started right away. We will start off with a project. You will be learning how to make Polyjuice Potion and you will need a partner to assist you and to switch bodies with after a month, when you have completed this highly complex potion." Automatically, students all around the room were whispering, trying to get a good partner so they wouldn't be stuck with someone they didn't like.

"I hate to tell you," Slughorn continued, "but I will be choosing your partners for you." Lily suppressed a groan and an eye roll. Hopefully Slughorn wouldn't be too hard on her; she was one of his favorite students.

"Ummm," Slughorn began, eyeing the room with an interested expression upon his wide face. "Black and Carpenter." Carpenter was Jade. She let out an excited squeal and blew a kiss at her boyfriend. Slughorn began naming off names until all that was left was Remus, Rose, James, and Lily. Lily prayed that Slughorn would pair her with Remus or Rose. "And at last, Lupin and Martin, and, Potter and Evans. You may begin." Slughorn waved his wand and instructions appeared on the board.

Lily swallowed a growl and stole a look at James. He was tilted back in his seat with his feet upon the table and wore a smug look on his face. She bit her lip in anger and gathered her supplies in her hands. She stomped toward him and pushed his feet off the desk. "You're going to pull your weight in this project," she growled, narrowing her eyes at his cocky expression.

"Don't I always, Evans?" he said softly, giving her a half-smile.

She shrugged and took a seat next to him. Her eyes scanned the board. It read:
Today you will speak with your partner about the instructions of the potion. You will make the potion and research it on your own time. There will be a 12 inch essay on the Polyjuice Potion due when you drink your potion in a month. Another 8 inch essay will be written afterward describing how it felt to transform.

Lily glowered at the board. In addition to sitting here and doing nothing with James for an hour, she had to do homework with him as well. To make matters worse, she'd have to spend in hour in his body in exactly one month. It was obviously going to be one long month.


"How was your morning?" Rose asked cheerfully once Lily entered the Great Hall for lunch. Her mouth was full of an unknown substance.

"Dreadful," she groaned. "Potter's my Potions partner. I almost got my hand bitten off in Care of Magical creatures, and the new Defense teacher hates me, I swear."

Rose gave Lily a consoling hug. "It'll get better," she promised.

"Well at least I have the rest of the afternoon off!" Lily sighed. Her NEWT schedule worked so that she had classes all morning and the rest of the day off. It would seem that the year would be more relaxing, but afternoons would be spent on homework and studying for the grueling NEWT exam at the end of the year. That particular afternoon, she had to meet with Potter in the Library so they could find out more about their potion and begin the essay.

Lily soon finished her lunch and headed to the Library. When she arrived, she was surprised to see that James had beaten her there. "Potter," she said as a cold greeting.

"Hello Evans," he said, grinning from ear to ear, oblivious to her cold manner.

"Let's just do this," she said gruffly, opening her brand new Potion's book.

James grabbed her hand that was flipping through pages and said with a grin, "Will you go out with me, Lily?"

Lily looked up with him, eyes and mouth wide open. It wasn't the fact that he'd asked her out that had shocked her. No, he'd done that everyday for as long as he'd known her. But... he'd called her Lily. She closed her open mouth and cleared her throat. "No."

James merely shrugged. He'd shocked her so badly that she hadn't even yelled at him. That must be an improvement!

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Chapter 3: Seeing into the Future with James Potter
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That night was a long one. Lily had no homework, so she was sitting quietly in the Head’s private common room, trying to get into a new book. Believe it or not, reading is extremely difficult when you have a boy staring at you intently.

“What do you want, Potter?” she snapped, barely lowering the book.

“Hmm?” he muttered, seeming to be in some sort of trance.

She sighed and set the book on her lap. “You’re staring at me,” she said impatiently.

“I am?” he asked, finally removing his eyes from his watchful gaze of her to the wall behind her head.

“Mmhm,” she murmured, returning to the book.

”Shouldn’t we be getting started on the Polyjuice Potion?” he asked, finally looking at her as if he was aware of what he was looking at.

“We’ll do that tomorrow,” she replied, still reading her book. She had an amazing ability to read and talk at the same time. “Since when do you care anyway?”

“You know, I do get the second best grades in the year.”


“Yes. You just never notice me. So I never expected you to know anyway.” With that cold statement, James jumped up and bounded up the stairs to his dormitory. That particular statement had gotten Lily to finally look up from her book.

So what if she never paid attention to him? It wasn’t her job to baby-sit Hogwarts biggest prats, was it? She shrugged and shoved her book back up to her face. But now, she was having a bit more trouble concentrating. She never HAD paid attention to James. And what had he done to her? ‘Nothing… Except be the most egotistic jerk she’d ever met,’ she reminded herself. ‘A cute one,’ she heard her brain say. But she merely chuckled and pushed that thought out of her brain. No wait, that wasn’t even her brain. It’d never say something as stupid as that.


“Lily!” Jade poked her best friend with a quill the next day in History of Magic. “You can’t fall asleep! How else are Rose and I supposed to pass exams?”

With a nod, Lily rubbed her eyes and began feverishly taking notes again. Why, she’d never know, but she’d been distracted and tired all day. The conversation of the previous night kept replaying in her head, Potter’s hurt expression and cold tone mocking her. But she passed this off as guilt for him being the one person that she’d ever judged before getting to know. But, there really was no point in getting to know him, she knew he’d turn out to be exactly whom she fathomed him to be.

“Lily! You’re doing it again!” This time, the harsh whisper came from Rose.

“Take your own notes for once!” Lily snapped, setting her quill down and sitting back in the chair, crossing one leg over the other. But, one look at the hurt on her best friend’s faces made her grab her quill and hunch back over her notes.

“So, how is sharing a common room with James?” Rose asked, barely bothering to whisper. Their Professor, Professor Binns, was an extremely old wizard who looked like one good poke might finish him off. Day after day, he droned on, oblivious to the lack of attention that everybody besides Lily Evans paid to his lesson.

“I’m trying to take your notes,” Lily answered shortly, bending over farther, her red hair forming a veil between her and Rose.


“Evans! Hey Evans!” Lily was on her way to the Great Hall for lunch that afternoon and James Potter was chasing her down for reasons unknown.

“I need to ask you something!” he shouted, finally beginning to catch her.

“No,” Lily yelled in a bored tone. She said that word to him too often for it to ever be interesting.

“No! Not that!” Then, miraculously, he finally fell into sync with her and fell into a walk, panting heavily.

“What is it Potter?” she snapped.

“Professor Dumbledore wants to know our ideas on a Fall Ball, or Halloween Dance in other words.”

“Oh,” she said, feeling guilty that she had jumped to conclusions. “Fine. Whatever.”

“And,” he continued, not looking her in the eye, smirking ever so slightly, “He thinks that, as Head Boy and Head Girl, we should open the ball with a dance. So… we might as well go together.”

She narrowed her eyes, not sure if she believed him or not. “Fine. We’ll dance for the opening dance, but that’s it.”

He shrugged, seemingly satisfied. “All right! See you after lunch to start the potion!”

“Eh,” she muttered. “Whatever.” She watched his shrinking form turn a corner, undoubtedly heading to a shortcut to the Great Hall that he and the Marauder’s had discovered.

“James trouble?” Rose guessed consolingly when Lily collapsed onto a bench in the Great Hall.

”Why does everyone always assume that?” she groaned, setting her books beside her and making a grab for a particularly scrumptious looking turkey sandwich.

“Because, girl,” Jade answered. “With you, it’s always James trouble.”

“It’s nothing really. Just having to work with him on the project and NOW I have to dance with him!”

“Dance with him? Why?” the pair of girls asked blankly.

“Oh. Just a dance we’re planning. In October,” she replied, mouth bursting with turkey and cheese.

“And you’re going with him?” Jade asked excitedly.

“No, I–,” she began impatiently, before three tall figures swooped down upon them and took seats amongst the girls.

“Mind if we join you?” Sirius asked, taking a piece of turkey off of Lily’s own sandwich that was resting on her plate.

”No,” she said dryly. “Go ahead. I often let boys I despise eat lunch with me and steal my food. James, I’ll meet you in the library. Bye Jade, Rose.” With that, she gathered her things and set off to the Library. That night, they’d have to do the beginning steps of the Polyjuice Potion and at least begin their essay.


“Is it two Lacewing flies or five?” James asked uncertainly, staring at the cauldron, a puzzled expression upon his face.

“Is that all the farther you’ve gotten?!” Lily cried in exasperation, looking up from the essay that she was partway done with. “That’s only the second step! After that it needs to simmer for 15 minutes before you can add the last ingredient of today! Honestly, Potter!”

He stared at her, an innocent look at his eye, not budging.

”It’s three!” she howled, throwing her hands into the air.

“Oh…Okay…” he responded, tossing the Lacewing flies in the cauldron and turning up the heat with a flick of his wand. He watched it intently for five minutes, keeping track of time, and then he scooted closer to Lily, reading the essay over her shoulder.

It was only when James’ head was almost touching her shoulder that she shouted, “Don’t!” reproachfully.

“Sorry,” he murmured, counting down the minutes until the potion would be ready to add the final ingredient of the day, and he could leave. Ten minutes left. Seven minutes left. Three. One. “Can I add the leeches now, Lily?”

Lily was taken aback for a moment, still not used to the use of her first name, and nodded, putting the final touches on the essay.

“Okay,” she began, levitating the cauldron to the spot in the Library where they had been ordered to store their potions. “I’ll meet you here on Sunday and we’ll continue this.”

James nodded and set straight out of the Library, anxious not to be late for Quidditch tryouts. How would it look if the Captain was late?


“When Mars is bright that means…” Lily muttered, flipping impatiently through her Divination book. She hated the subject; she didn’t know why she had stuck with it since third year. Professor Burke really was an old fraud. Professor McGonagall would be better fit to teach the subject than she was, and everyone knew that she detested the subject.

“It means that confusion is coming!” James called from the corner where he was playing with a snitch that he had nicked from Quidditch tryouts.

“Thanks,” she muttered, her eyes lingering disapprovingly on the snitch.

“Why are you still taking that subject?” he called out, not even looking at her, his full attention on that damn snitch.

“Why do you know what Mars stands for if you’re not?” she retorted, flipping through her Divination book once again. “What does it mean if the planets align?”

“A miracle’s going to happen,” he answered. “I paid attention in the years that I took it, unlike three girls that I happen to know.”

Lily ignored his last remark and scribbled down his answer. True, they still weren’t friends, but sharing a common room and bathroom had taught them to be somewhat civil to each other.

“Well, I’m heading off to bed,” James said with a yawn, tucking the fluttery snitch inside his pocket.

“Night,” Lily mumbled. Then, without another word, he fumbled up the stairs and she heard his door open and close.

She looked toward his dormitory, gaping. That had been the first time he hadn’t asked her out before bed since first year. In fact, he hadn’t asked her out all day. What was going on here?!

Chapter 4: Denials and Transformation
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“Well, Lily, we’re done,” James gave one last stir to the Polyjuice Potion and slumped back in his seat. It was the first day of October; they’d have to switch bodies the next day during Potions.

“Okay, now all that’s left to do is add each others hair tomorrow,” Lily stood back and looked at the potion admiringly. She had worked hard with James on it for a month, and they’d barely even fought. “Make sure you bring some clothes that I can change into for Potions.”

“What? Why?” James asked, rising from his chair and whipping out his wand.

“Well… you’re about a foot taller than me and probably about fifty pounds heavier… But I don’t know, Potter!”

“Oh,” he said, levitating the cauldron to the area it had been stored in for the past month. “That makes sense.”

“Yeah,” she snapped under her breath, gathering her belongings, and heading to the door. “See you during rounds tonight, Potter, and do try not to be late.”


“Hello Lily, shall we?” James had met Lily in their common room just in time to do the nightly rounds.

“We shall,” she muttered grumpily, pushing his extended arm out of her path and storming out of the portrait hole.

“Bad day?” James asked sympathetically a few minutes later as they were walking down the deserted seventh floor corridor.

“If it was, I wouldn’t tell you,” Lily said sweetly.

“Oy!” James said suddenly, charging forward. “Snivellus! Lucy!”

Lily chased after him, seeing what had made him fire up. Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape were standing by a tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy. She had no clue why they would be there.

“Sixty points from Slytherin and two detentions each!” James shouted.

“Sixty points? And two detentions?” Malfoy shouted, apparently getting angry.

“Yes. You’re out of bed an hour after curfew, so that’s a point a minute and a detention for every thirty minutes.”

”What makes you think you can do that?” Malfoy sneered.

“I’m Head Boy!” James roared, apparently using every effort in his body not to whip out his wand and hex them both.

“More like Big Head Boy,” Lily muttered under her breath.

James gave her a weary look, but shouted again for the two Slytherins to leave and they did, muttering angrily between each other as they descended down the stairs to their common room deep in the dungeons.

“Do you have to insult me when I’m trying to be responsible?” he demanded as they dragged on.

“You? Responsible?” Lily scoffed, crossing her arms stubbornly.

“Lily! Don’t you see?! That’s your problem! You don’t know me! And you won’t even try!” he said softly, still walking at her side, scanning the halls for any students who were out of bed.

“That’s ridiculous!” she argued, stopping in her tracks and facing him. “I know everything about you!”

“Okay,” he challenged her. “What’s my favorite color?”

“That’s stupid. I didn’t mean stupid junk like that!” she protested, stamping her foot on the hard, stone floor.

“Just guess!”

“Okay… uh… blue?” she guessed weakly.

“It’s green!” he said softly.

“Ew. Why?” she asked, beginning to walk again.

“It’s the color of your eyes,” he mumbled, his face only turning slightly red.

Lily’s face quickly darkened to the color of her hair as she turned away from him, looking like an apple with green eyes. “I’m hungry,” she said suddenly, after a few minutes of awkward silence.

“Come here,” he said, taking a quick right and leading her to a large picture of a fruit bowl.

To his surprise, she reached out and tickled the giant green pear. It squirmed and turned into a giant door handle.

“Whoa! Lily Evans, Head Girl, top of all of her classes, has done some sneaking in her time?” James asked, looking mildly impressed as they entered the kitchen.

“Don’t look so surprised,” she said dryly as her favorite house elf, Milly, approached her, holding a cup of tea and a turkey sandwich. “Thank you, Milly,” she said politely, taking the cup and the sandwich.

“You’re welcome, madam!” she squeaked, bowing and running back to the stove.

James took a sandwich from his elf and sat down at a little table, Lily mimicked him.

“So,” James said after a few long minutes of silence, his mouth bursting with ham sandwich. “You come down here so often that you know them by name?”

She lifted her eyebrows. “Why are you so interested in my visits to the kitchen?” she asked, polishing off her sandwich and moving onto her tea.

“It’s just… I didn’t expect you to break any rules!”

“Oh,” she mused, “I’ve done my share of troublemaking in my time. I’m just smarter about it than you are.”

“That hurts!” he exclaimed, rising from his seat and walking to the door with Lily in tow.

“You’ll get used to it,” she said, shutting the door behind her and giving a goodbye wave to Milly.

They walked back to the Head’s Dorm in silence, barely bothering to scan the corridors for troublemakers.

“Well,” James said about ten minutes later. “I’ll see you tomorrow in Potions. Night Lily.”

“’Night James,” she said, then froze, turned around, and stole a look at him. He was positively beaming. She had called him James. “I meant Potter!” she called after him gruffly as he practically skipped up the steps to his room. It was too late. He had heard her, and his whole posse would probably know about it by the time she went to breakfast tomorrow.

She thought about staying in the common room and catching up on her homework for the week, but thought better of it and headed upstairs. She’d need all of her strength to spend an hour in Jam-Potter’s body for an hour the next day.


“Do you have the clothes?” Lily asked the next day as Jam-Potter strolled into Potions, fashionably late as usual.

“Yes,” he said, handing her a pair of muggle pants and a green shirt.

“Settle down everyone! Settle down!” Professor Slughorn boomed from his seat. Lily and James sat next to each other, Lily shooting him looks. “We will be drinking the Polyjuice Potion momentarily, but first I will collect your essays!” With a wave of his wand, fourteen essays traveled over their heads into his arms. “Okay,” he continued, “What you will do is go to your respectable bathrooms. If you are smaller than the person you are changing into, you will need to change into a pair of their clothes BEFORE you transform please!” Sirius snapped his fingers and pouted; Jade slapped him lightly on the arm.

Minutes later, Lily was standing in a bathroom stall in James’s clothes that were practically falling off of her, dropping a lock of James’s hair into a bubbling, mud-like substance. She pinched her nose and drank it very fast. Her insides began squirming and she felt as though she might get sick. She dropped to the floor and bent over, waiting for the feeling to pass. When she felt normal again, she walked out of the stall and approached a mirror.

She was shocked at what she saw. She couldn’t have been able to tell that she wasn’t Jam-Potter if she hadn’t known. She had his annoying, messy black hair. She had his bright hazel eyes. She noticed that everything was blurred; of course, he wore glasses. And then she noticed that her feet were ready to burst out of her shoes. She took them off with extreme difficulty and carried them back to the dungeons.

She began the long walk from the third floor to the dungeons and passed a gaggle of fourth year Ravenclaws. They spotted Lily in James’s body and instantly began giggling. One of the less attractive girls shot Lily in James’s body a smile. She returned it half-heartedly and broke into a run. The next time she judged Potter and his fan club of girls, she’d remember that time. She’d never thought that maybe he didn’t make girls like him; that they just… did.

Once she had made it back into the dungeons, she spotted herself. Wait, no, Jam-Potter, and approached her, no, him! They traded shoes and he gave her his glasses and they took their seats. They watched as their classmates strolled back into the room. Most of the girls were wearing boy clothes and it looked rather odd. Soon, everyone was back except Jade and Sirius.

Before long, the couple walked in, greeted by hoops and hollers. They looked like each other, with deliberate mistakes. One of them had Sirius’s hair and his body, but everything else was Jade’s. The other one was exactly opposite. It was impossible to tell which one was Jade and which was Sirius.

“And this class,” Professor Slughorn began, apparently trying very hard not to laugh, “is what happens when you incorrectly make the Polyjuice Potion!” Jade and Sirius (whichever one they were) ran to their seats, unsuccessfully attempting to hide their faces.

For the next forty- five minutes, Professor Slughorn went on and on about which mistakes Sirius and Jade might’ve made and, at long last, it was time to head back to the bathrooms and wait to transform back into their selves.

Lily and James gave each other their shoes back and Lily gave James his glasses back. Lily trudged back to her stall (fortunately, she saw no more girls who belonged to James’s fan club) and sat on the floor. Soon she saw her hair growing then it became red again. Her eye sight slowly became clear again. Then her feet and hands shrunk back to their natural size and she knew it was safe to change back into her own clothes.


“Lily! Are you going to wake up?!” Lily rolled over in her bed and groaned. She was used to James’s morning wake up calls, but it was seven in the morning on a Saturday for goodness sake! She jumped out of bed, tugging her shirt down and pulling her blue pajama pants up and walked into the bathroom where she knew James would be.

“What?!” she snapped, walking to the sink and splashing water on her face.

“I just wanted to know if you were going to the game today,” he said, scrubbing at his teeth with a toothbrush.

“Do I ever go to the games?!” she asked hysterically, wishing she was back in her bed. She was not a morning person and didn’t take lightly to being woken up when it wasn’t necessary.

“I dunno,” he muttered, swishing water around in his mouth.

“Fine, I’ll go since I’m up. But get out so I can take a shower!”

“Aww, can’t I stay?” he protested playfully.



“Lily what brings you down to breakfast on a Saturday?” Rose asked when Lily sunk into the seat next to her, sporting muggle jeans, a baggy green t-shirt, and a messy pony tail. “It’s not noon yet!”

“Ha-ha,” she said sarcastically, grabbing a piece of toast and putting an egg and a few pieces of bacon on it; something she had eaten since she was five.

“Whoa!” Jade exclaimed as she approached the table with a Quidditch robe-wearing Sirius hanging onto her. She gave him a kiss and he went to find the rest of the Marauders before the big game. “Lily’s eating breakfast on a Saturday! What’s the occasion?”

“Will you guys stop it?!” she asked exasperatedly. “I don’t sleep in THAT much do I?!”

“Yes,” her two friends answered in unison.

“Well, I decided to go to the game today,” she answered, taking a huge gulp of orange juice.

Rose’s pretty blue eyes widened and she shook her blonde head. “What has living with James done to you?” she asked, pretending to be mournful, but it was ruined by the huge smile she was wearing.


“Well,” Rose argued, “you seem to be better friends now.

“James and I will never be friends,” she protested, trying not to let her eyes wander to the Marauder section of the table.

“Yes you are!” Jade exclaimed, almost knocking over her pumpkin juice. “You just called him James!”

Lily bit her lip, hoping that she hadn’t let it slip. “I did not,” she said weakly, praying that she was speaking the truth.

“You did!” Rose said, laughing manically.

“Whatever,” Lily muttered, finishing off her breakfast, noticing that the Great Hall was emptying. “Let’s just go get seats.”

Her friends followed her and no more than fifteen minutes later, they were sitting huddled together in the chilly October morning air.

“Here’s the Gryffindor team!” the commentator suddenly boomed, making Lily jump. “Captain and Chaser, James Potter. His supporting chasers, Liz Walden and Mary Adams. Keeper, Sirius Black. Beaters, Adam and Peter Gray. And seeker, Leslie Grout!”

Lily didn’t pay much attention to the game. All she knew is that she almost got hit by a bludger and that Gryffindor won.

“Party in the Gryffindor common room!” Sirius Black shouted as the Gryffindor team was carried off the pitch.

“Let’s go!” Jade exclaimed, taking her friends by the hands and practically dragging them back to Gryffindor Tower.

Lily hadn’t been there in so long, she’d almost forgotten how crowded it could get.

The party wasn’t lively until about two hours later when Potter and Black entered the common room, carrying a few jugs of butter beer and more candy than they could ever imagine eating by their selves. Lily vaguely wondered how they always managed to sneak into Hogsmeade, but was distracted when Ryan Vance took a seat next to her.

He was a sixth year, but very cute, she had to admit.

“Hi, Lily,” he said nervously, averting his blue eyes from her and nervously pulling on his shaggy brown hair.

“Hey, Ryan,” she said warmly, bending over the arm of her chair.

“Wouldyouliketogotothedancewithme?” he said very quickly.

“What?” she asked, trying not to laugh.

He took a few deep breaths, looked her in the eye, and tried again. “Would you like to go to the dance with me?”

She smiled and stood up, signaling for him to follow suit. “I’d love to!” she said, giving him a hug. She heard a shattering sound and they broke apart, looking for the source of the noise,

Standing with Sirius by the fire, looking very angry indeed, was a shaking James Potter, a shattered glass at his feet.

Chapter 5: Dancing With Pigs
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“Lily, you’re going to look great!” Rose exclaimed, fingering Lily’s damp hair. Lily had invited Rose into her private room so they could get ready for the dance in peace.

“Do you really think so?” she asked skeptically, smoothing her hand over her emerald green dress robes that were lying on the bed.

“Yes,” Rose said forcefully, leading Lily into the bathroom.

“Oy!” James shouted, pulling a shirt on very quickly. “Ever heard of knocking?”

“Ever heard of locking the door?” Rose retorted, dragging Lily over to the large mirror over the sink. “Besides, this is Lily’s bathroom, too. And shouldn’t you be getting ready for the dance?”

James shot her an incredulous look, completely ignoring Lily, something he had taken to doing the past three weeks. “Hello…We have two hours before the dance!”

Rose smirked as she ran her hands through Lily’s fiery locks. “Just go, James,” she sighed. “And don’t come back in here until you’re getting ready, we’re busy.”

He shrugged and exited through the door that led to his room, glaring at Lily.

“Has he been this sweet to you all month?” Rose joked, tugging a strand of Lily’s hair.

“He’s still mad about me going to the dance with Ryan. Since I’m opening the dance with him, he expected me to dance with him the whole time, I think. Yeah right.”

Rose lifted an eyebrow, but said nothing.


“Hey Prongs,” said Sirius as James entered the Gryffindor common room. “What are you doing up here with us common folk?”

“Shut up,” he muttered. “Rose and Lily basically kicked me out.”

“Oh, are you talking to Lily again?” he asked.

James shook his head, shooing a first year out of the armchair next to Sirius’ by the fire and sitting down.

“Why not?” Remus asked, seeming to appear out of nowhere.

“She started to be nice to me, and I thought I had a chance, and then she went and made plans to go to the dance with that PRAT, Ryan.”

Remus chuckled and shook his head in disbelief at his friend. “James, do you really expect her to give in that easily?”

He shrugged and nodded.

“Well,” began Remus, “you’ve been asking her out for over six years, and she’s made it clear that she can’t STAND you. Now that you’re her friend, you can’t take things too quickly. Make her trust you. Get to be more than a boyfriend to her, be her best friend. Then just let things develop from there.” Remus couldn’t believe that he was explaining matters of the heart to Hogwarts’ biggest heartthrobs.

James nodded slowly, picking at a thread on the chair he was sitting in. “Do you really think that’ll work?” he asked.

Remus nodded and Sirius agreed.

“Oh my, gosh!” James suddenly exclaimed, jumping up and heading to the portrait hole.

The two Marauders lifted their eyebrows at him.

“There’s only an hour until the dance and I get to dance with Lily! I have to get ready!”

Without another word, he bounded out of the common room at full speed.


“Lily, you look gorgeous!” Jade insisted as she, Lily, and Rose made their way to the entrance hall.

“Are you sure?” she asked, smoothing her hair and tugging at her dress robes.

“YES!” they shouted together.

Once they got to the entrance hall, Jade and Rose went into the Great Hall with Ryan and Sirius and Lily stayed to wait for James so they could open the dance.

“Sorry I’m late!” Lily suddenly heard. She turned around and saw James flying down the steps, blue dress robes billowing behind him. He looked kind of cute, for being James, anyway.

“You look lovely, my lady,” he said, offering his arm and offering a smile.

“Not mad at me anymore?” she whispered, watching for the doors to open, their signal to enter.

“I never was,” he said softly, loving the feeling of her arm locked safely with his.


Just then, the door to the Great Hall swung open and James urged her forward. The Great Hall looked amazing. The enchanted ceiling shone with eerie looking stars from outside. Pumpkins hung in midair and countless black and orange candles were enchanted to float just over their heads. There were bats flying over the heads of the students, leaving shimmering black and orange dust behind them.

Trembling slightly, Lily made it out to the center of the floor with James, trying not to look at the circular tables where everyone in school was watching them as they walked.


“As I’ll ever be,” Lily murmured, placing her hand in his as the music began.

James began leading her and she followed, not having much experience in dancing, herself. Suddenly, she put pressure on her shoe the wrong way and her heel bent the wrong way. She fell into James, leaning on him to try to cover it up.

“Are you all right?” he whispered concernedly as he helped her get balanced.

She nodded and he tightened his grip on her hand. A chill suddenly ran down her spine. She passed it off as being cold, though she was well aware that it had nothing to do with the temperature of the castle.

Before the couple knew it, the rest of the school was making their way onto the floor to join in a faster dance. Lily quickly pulled away from James, wondering how the dance had ended with her knowing it.

“Save the last dance for me?” James whispered in her ear as she set off to the refreshments table to find Ryan.

She paused for a moment then whispered back, “I’ll think about it.”

He smirked as he watched her go. “That’s good enough for me,” he murmured under his breath, searching the crowd for Remus and Peter, who didn’t have dates as well.


“There you are!” Ryan exclaimed as Lily approached him. He handed her a glass of punch and led her to the table he had been sharing with Jade, Rose, and Sirius. Sirius and Jade were in a bit of a snog session, and Rose was staring fixedly at the wall.

“Thank goodness!” she exclaimed as the couple approached the table. “I thought you guys would never get here.” She shot a disgusted look at Sirius and Jade.

The dance seemed to drag on. Ryan wasn’t the date Lily had expected. He mainly sat glumly, staring at the dancing couples.

“Would you like to dance?” Lily finally asked exasperatedly.

He shrugged and followed her out to the dance floor. He put his hand loosely on her waist as they flowed to the music.

After that one dance, the couple sat back down next to Rose where they stayed for the remainder of the evening. At long last, the second to last song was announced.

“I’m going to go talk to Alice and Frank,” Lily said suddenly, arising from her seat and hurrying into the crowd.

She began searching for that annoyingly messy hair that she hated so much. Suddenly, she felt a pair of hands grab her waist from behind and spin her around.


“Lily, calm down,” a soothing voice murmured. Lily turned around to find the cheerful face of James Potter.

“I think I promised you the last dance,” she said, keeping her voice level.

“Yes, you did,” he whispered, taking her waist in his arms. A slow song began playing and she wrapped her arms around his neck. She began to lay her head on his chest, but thought better of it. As every other couple in the room was melting into the music, Lily pulled away from James.

“I’ve got to go,” she whispered, turning from him and starting to the door.

“Wait, don’t go!” he protested, lightly grabbing her arm. “I thought… Will you…”

She whipped around and narrowed her eyes at his beautifully arrogant face. “When pigs fly, Potter,” she spat in his face. “When pigs FLY!”

Then she wrenched herself from his grip and flew out of the room, attracting many peculiar looks from her fellow students.


“What could’ve happened down there?” Sirius wondered out loud as he, Remus, James, and Peter slunk into the Gryffindor common room, well after midnight.

“I don’t even know,” Remus admitted. “This wouldn’t have happened had you taken my advice and been her FRIEND instead of trying to ask her out again. Well, what exactly happened again?”

James described the evening in detail for the fifth time that night. Once to Jade and Rose; once to Sirius; once to Remus; once to Peter; now again to the Marauders as a group.

Remus listened intently to the whole explanation, hands clasped in his lap. When James was done speaking, he clapped his hands, a smile on his face.

“James,” he declared. “You didn’t do anything wrong. You’ve got the cat in the bag.”

James stared at him blankly. “Um, Remus, perhaps you weren’t listening. She pushed me away. I’m back to square one.”

Remus shook his head firmly, a smile planted on his face. “No. You said she was getting ready to lay her head on your chest, shoulder, whatever, and that’s when she pulled away, right?”

James nodded. “I suppose.”

“Then she doesn’t hate you again! She’s scared!”

James stared at him, trying to decide if he was crazy or not. “Remus,” he said seriously. “Have you and Sirius taken Polyjuice Potion lately?”

Remus continued grinning from ear to ear, shaking his head. “James, don’t you see?! She likes you now, and she’s scared!”

Sirius, who had been listening silently the whole time for once, finally spoke up. “You know, Prongs, I reckon Moony’s right.”

Peter nodded and squeaked enthusiastically, an act that was quickly silenced by a look of disgust from the three boys.

“Hey!” Sirius said suddenly, his face lighting up.


“James, what’d you say the last thing she said was?”

“She said ‘When pigs fly,’ why?”

Sirius nodded, rising from his seat. “I’ve got an idea.”

The other Marauders looked at him expectantly.

His smile grinned wider and he said, “Boys, I think it’s time to take the Marauder pranking a step higher.”


“Lily?” Rose called quietly as she and Jade stepped into the Head’s common room. As long as Head Boy or Head Girl told their friends how to get in, they could. If they hadn’t been told how to get in personally by someone, tickling the man in the portrait wouldn’t work. It was one of Dumbledore’s more clever ideas.

“Just a minute,” the familiar voice shouted down the stairs to them.

Jade shrugged and made herself comfortable on the couch. “Ah. These couches are so much more comfortable than ours are,” she complained.

“Remember,” Rose warned, “take things slow. Don’t jump into the subject too quickly.”

She had just sunk into the chair nearest to the fire when Lily came springing down the stairs, clad in purple pajama pants and a fit white tee-shirt.

“Yes?” she asked, collapsing into the armchair across from Rose.

Rose opened her mouth to speak, but was interrupted when the portrait hole swung open.

“Girls, shouldn’t you be in the common room?” James asked. “It’s one o’clock. You know, four hours past normal curfew, one hour past dance curfew.”

“Oh no!” Rose cried. “Gryffindor tower is miles from here! How are we supposed to get back without getting caught?”

“You can sleep here on the couches for the night,” Lily offered, doing her best to ignore James as he slid up his side of the stairs. The girls waited until his door was safely shut to continue their conversation.

“Lily… what happened?” Jade spat out, ignoring the death glares that were emitting from Rose.

“I don’t know what you mean,” Lily insisted.

“Lily!” Rose cried. “You were dancing with James! Everyone in the school saw how cozy you guys were getting on that dance floor! Then… you just drew away from him and started yelling. What happened?” she persisted on.

Lily scratched her head in an annoyed sort of way. “Okay,” she began. “He — he wanted me to dance with him… and it just didn’t feel right. So I pulled away. But, of course, he was being normal James, and he wouldn’t take no for an answer. Hence the screaming argument.”

Rose and Jade exchanged skeptical glances. “Are you sure—” Rose began.

“—yes,” Lily interrupted. “Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to bed. There are extra blankets and pillows in the cupboard under the stairs for you.”

Without waiting for an answer, Lily practically ran up the stairs and slammed her door.

The look that Jade and Rose shared plainly said, “What’s up with her?”


“Okay, guys,” James said the next morning over breakfast. “Lily usually sleeps till noon on Saturdays, so we have plenty of time.”

Remus and Sirius nodded. Peter was in the hospital wing. Something about the trick step on the fourth floor staircase and Peeves stealing a wardrobe from one of the teachers. They really didn’t want to know.

“Hey, guys,” said Rose as she and Jade took seats across from the Marauders.

“Hi,” they muttered, looking distracted.

“What’s the prank this morning?” asked Jade amusedly.

“Sort of a prank,” James corrected. “How’d you know?” he asked, puzzled.

“Oh, please,” Jade snorted. “I’ve known you three since first year. I know when you’re planning a prank. So, what is it?”

“Promise you won’t tell?” Remus whispered, leaning toward them over the bacon and eggs.

They nodded.

The three Marauders explained their plan in hushed whispers, fighting over whose explanation was more accurate.

“Whoa,” Rose breathed. “That’s so sweet. Who came up with it?”

“Sirius, of course,” Jade scoffed. “Who else?”

Sirius stared at her, looking amused. “How do you know these things, baby?”

“I know your style by now,” she said simply.

The Marauders shrugged and went back to their breakfast.

“What time is it?” James asked impatiently an hour later.

“It’s eleven,” Jade said, checking her watch. “She should be coming down soon.”

Then, as if on a timer, Lily came prancing into the Great Hall.

James and Sirius exchanged a smirk and slipped their wands out underneath the table. Lily sat next to Rose, not acknowledging that she had seen any of the boys.

“Hello, Rose, Jade,” she greeted cheerfully.

“Why so happy this morning, Miss Mary Sunshine?” Jade wondered out loud jokingly.

“No reason,” she said with a smile, not hearing the teasing manner in Jade’s voice.

She reached across the table to grab the waffles, but drew back with a gasp. Suddenly, countless pink circles were floating over the table near Lily.

“They’re… They’re flying pigs,” she breathed unbelievingly.

Chapter 6: Mischief Not So Managed
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Lily watched the pigs as they seemed to dance in midair. Then, the cutest and fattest of them all came to a halt in front of her face. She noticed that there was a note in its mouth. Trembling a bit, not knowing what to expect, she reached out and took the note.

I’m sorry about last night. Meet me by the lake at five o’clock and we’ll talk about it then. (By the way, I won’t hold you to your word that you’ll date me when pigs fly, if you don’t want me to that is.)
Forever yours,

A smile began forming on her lips but she wiped it away before she looked up at Jade, Rose, and the Marauders. James was smirking, staring at her intently.

“Who did that?” he asked wonderingly. Sirius snorted into his pumpkin juice and looked away pointedly.

She narrowed her eyes and pursed her lips. “I don’t know, James,” she said in a falsely sweet voice. “I’m done eating. I’m going outside,” she announced, getting up from her seat and walking out of the Great Hall.

Rose arched her blonde eyebrows. “I thought the note said five o’clock, James?”

“It did,” he answered. “She’s just mad at me.”

“Uh…do you think she’ll meet you at five o’clock?” Jade wondered out loud.

“No doubt,” Remus said. James gave him a confused look but Remus didn’t specify what he meant. “I’m going to go to the Library,” Remus said suddenly, rising and walking straight out of the Great Hall.

However, he did not go to the Library as he had said. He pushed open the doors of Hogwarts and headed outside. He set off at a rapid pace, heading for the lake. He soon saw her tiny silhouette sitting by the lakeside, hugging her knees to her chest, shoulders heaving.

He held back for a moment, not sure if he should butt in or not, then decided that, whatever was bothering her, she could use a friend.

He cautiously approached the water’s edge and touched Lily gently on the shoulder.

She looked up, shocked, and gave him an accusatory look.

“Why are you here?!” she demanded. She and Remus had always been friends and he figured that she was just having a rough day and that she didn’t mean anything by what she was saying.

He carefully sat beside her and looked kindly into her emerald eyes with his puppy-dog brown ones. “Do you want to talk about it?” he asked soothingly.

She wiped her eyes with the sleeve of her long-sleeved green Muggle shirt and shook her head stubbornly.

He gave her a sweet smile and nodded, turning his eyes to the water. The water appeared to be still and looked like glass; he was afraid to touch it for fear of breaking it.

“Oh, all right!” Lily screeched, making Remus’s head turn, his face wearing an amused expression. “I’ll tell you!”

She was no longer crying, but her eyes still held the puffiness that said that she had been.

“I’m scared,” Lily said plainly. Remus’s eyes still burned into hers and she turned away uncomfortably. “I don’t know. It’s just… James isn’t turning out to be who I thought he was…”

Remus tried to hide his smirk and remain looking just as somber as she was. “Specify, please,” he requested.

She crinkled her nose in thought as she squinted at the glassy lake. “I-I don’t…I don’t know,” she stuttered, seemingly flustered. “I always thought he was just this big-shot Quidditch player, and an arrogant prat. Then I got to know him, and he’s not, and oh, Remus!” She put her face in her hands as her shoulders began shaking again.

He looked at her, horrified, for a moment then placed a comforting arm around her shoulders. She leaned onto his shoulder and sniffled. “My life isn’t right,” she muttered with a chuckle. “Remus, tell James I can’t meet him tonight, okay?”

“What do you mean?” he asked innocently.

She rolled her eyes. “Cut the act. I know he tells you guys everything.”

His eyes widened as he pictured James’ reaction. “Why — why not?”

She averted her eyes as she stood up, brushing grass off of her jeans. “Can you just tell him?” she asked, still avoiding eye contact.

“I — sure,” Remus sighed, his shoulders drooping. How was he going to explain this to James?


Lily snuck past the Great Hall, keeping out of view of the Gryffindor table, hoping for dear life that her friends and the Marauders had remained there. She really didn’t feel like facing them at the moment.

As she climbed the stairs to the Head’s dorm, keeping her eyes pealed for any signs of familiar faces, she could feel guilt lying heavier and heavier upon her shoulders. By the time she had made it to the portrait of Herbert the Hungry on the third floor, the guilt was tremendous. She ignored the guilt and collapsed into her favorite arm chair by the roaring fire.

She looked guiltily at her pile of homework and turned her gaze back to the fire. She didn’t know what had come over her lately. She had never passed up doing homework lately. True, it wasn’t due for another week, but it never hurt anyone to be early.

She smirked as she looked at James normal homework table and saw that none of his books were open. Actually, they looked as if they’d never been opened.

She arose from her seat and sauntered over to his table, looking to see if he’d started any of his homework at all. Then, a bit of parchment caught her eye. She picked it up and looked it over. It was yellowed and looked very old. But she’d seen all of the boys, aside from Peter, with that piece of parchment at least once. What could they want with an old bit of parchment?

Unless there was some kind of enchantment on it. Or invisible ink! She whipped her wand out, tapped the parchment three times and said, “Aparecium!” Nothing happened. Slightly crestfallen, she lowered her wand. Whatever it was, she was sure that it aided them in their troublemaking habits.

That was it! She tapped the parchment again and said “I’m a troublemaker!” When nothing happened, her face fell, and she felt slightly stupid. “The troublemaker of Hogwarts commands you to reveal your secrets!” she tried. Nothing.

Frustrated, she stamped her foot and squealed, “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good, you stupid paper!!!” She hit it furiously with her wand a few times and sat down. Then, the parchment suddenly began filling itself with writing. Amazed, she stared as the words blossomed across the top.

Messrs. Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs Purveyors of Aids to Magical Mischief-Makers are proud to present

Dumfounded, she opened the “map”. She gasped. It actually was a map. A map of Hogwarts.

She could see all seven floors and she saw several passages that she’d never known had existed. And, there seemed to be a label for every person in Hogwarts. The dots were moving continually. She quickly found James’s dot and saw that he was walking up the first floor staircase with Sirius. Then, he walked up the second floor staircase, parted with Sirius, and began walking toward where Lily’s dot sat.

“Oh no!” she squealed. She picked her wand up from where it sat on the desk and folded the paper. “Umm… I’m done!” she tried, tapping her wand upon the map. “Uh… I solemnly swear that I’m done?!” Nothing. Flustered, she ran at top speed to her table and shoved the map into a book. Just as she’d sat down, James walked into the room.

“Hi!” she said, maybe a little too cheerfully.

He shot her a cold look.


“What time is it?” he asked coldly. “And since when do you call me James?”

“Didn’t you talk to Remus?” she asked softly. He walked over to his table and began searching frantically for something. She turned away and tried to look occupied with her homework.

“Have you seen an old bit of parchment?” he asked in what was apparently supposed to be an offhand voice.

“No,” she said, perhaps a little too quickly.

“Right,” he muttered. Then, without another word, he walked back out of the portrait hole. Lily looked after him dejectedly. What had she done?

She shifted her books around until she once again found the Map. “Err… mischief managed?” she tried unenthusiastically. It wiped itself blank. She took a deep breath in and skipped up the stairs, but not before looking behind her to make sure that she wasn’t being spied on.

Chapter 7: I Solemnly Swear...
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“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good,” Lily tapped the Marauder’s Map, safely in the confines of her dormitory.

She looked around the map until she finally found James Potter, Remus Lupin, and Sirius Black, who were huddled in the Gryffindor common room, undoubtedly discussing the whereabouts of their now missing map. Lily had had it for all of 22 minutes and they were already going insane.

“And they won’t be getting it back for a long time,” she whispered, glaring at the name of James Potter as she jumped off her bed, tapping the Marauder’s Map once again, and muttered “Mischief Managed.”

“Mr. Filch!” she shouted when she had let herself out of the portrait hole.

“What?” he growled, stopping mid-step, his annoying cat, Mrs. Norris, following.

“Um, I confiscated this from Potter, Black, Lupin, and Pettigrew,” she said proudly, hoping to get away from him as soon as possible.

A look of utmost glee overtook his face as he grabbed the map out of her hands. “Isn’t Potter supposed to be Head Boy?” he growled, stopping her as she had begun walking back to the common room.

“Yeah…” she muttered shamefacedly.

“I’ll get him this time!” he whooped, setting off at a run toward McGonagall’s office, she guessed.

Feeling only a little guilty, Lily thought better of going back to her dormitory and checked her watch. It was 5:36. Dinner would be in 24 minutes and she really didn’t feel like facing James Potter. If only she knew where Rose and Jade were, she’d have someone to protect her.

“Well, I guess I could go to the Library, he’d never look for me there,” she said to herself.

“Loony Lily, talking to herself!” said an extremely annoying sing-song voice from right above her head.

Cautiously, she looked up and narrowly dodged a stink pellet that Peeves had shot straight down upon her. She barely avoided the next 15 as well, and was grateful when he floated down the corridor, cackling madly about the Marauder’s being in trouble again.

“Well, they deserve it,” she assured herself, but instantly began feeling guilty. Maybe she just should’ve left Remus’s name out; he’d always been so nice to her; this was how she repaid him?!

Lost in guilty thoughts, she didn’t even notice when she came to the Library and Madam Pince had to hold the door open for her so she didn’t run into it.

“Thanks,” she muttered, scanning the Library for any familiar faces.

“Lily!” came a shout from the left corner. Lily spotted Jade’s shock of black hair and grinned, running to the table that she was sharing with Rose, all three of them ignoring the complaints of Madam Pince about how kids these days had no respect for books.

“How’d it go with Potter?” Jade asked excitedly, not bothering to keep her voice at an “appropriate level”.

“How did you know about that?” Lily asked, eyebrows knitted.

“How’d it go?” Rose repeated, ignoring Lily’s question.

“It didn’t,” she said clearly, occupying herself with an unopened book in front of Rose.

“Come again?” Rose said, mouth hanging slightly open.

“It didn’t go, because I didn’t go,” Lily said, meeting her friend’s eyes.

“WHAT?!” Jade shrieked.

“Honestly, girls, shh!” Madam Pince exclaimed from the front desk.

“Why not?” Rose asked, shooting looks at Jade.

Lily shrugged, going back to occupying herself with the unopened book in front of Rose.

Rose leaned over the table, placed her hands on Lily’s shoulders and shook her. “Woman, don’t ignore me!” she warned playfully.

“Where’s Remus?” Jade asked.

Rose cocked her eyebrow. “Why do you care?”

“Well, it’s a Library. Libraries usually have Remus Lupin in them,” Jade said, stating the obvious and staring at the bookshelf behind Rose’s head.

“I got him in trouble,” Lily said guiltily.

“What’d Miss Head Girl do this time?” Rose complained, placing her hands behind her head.

“I found an enchanted map of theirs and turned it into Filch…” she replied softly, staring at a crack on the table.

“How could you?” accused Jade. “Now I won’t get to see Sirius for a month!” she wailed.

“Yeah, even you aren’t that much of a snitch,” Rose agreed. “Why’d you do it?”

Lily mumbled incoherently.

“What?” said Rose, an amused expression on her pretty face.

“I wanted to get back at Potter! Happy?”

“Get back at him?” asked Jade. “For what…?”

Lily’s brow furrowed in concentration. What was she mad at him for? She shrugged.

“Oh, you like him!” said Rose in a sing-song voice.

“I DO NOT LIKE JAMES!” Lily burst out.

“Ha! You do like him!” accused Jade. “You called him James!”

“Again!” added Rose.

“Again?” Jade asked.

“Yeah, she did the other day, too.”

“I don’t remember. Refresh my memory.”

Lily took the moment for granted and silently slipped out of the Library. “Whew…” she said once she was safely out.

“Lily!” The loud voice snapped through the empty corridor like a whip and made Lily jump.

“Yeeesss?” she said, facing Sirius.

“It was you, wasn’t it?” he accused, his gray eyes scanning hers.

“Of course not,” she said in a finalizing voice.

He lifted an eyebrow and joined her side as they began to walk.

“James is terribly mad,” he said as they passed a statue of a pouncing troll.


“Yeah. Terribly mad at whoever squealed on us… and you…”

He shot a look at her.

“Hmm. What makes you think I care?”

“If you didn’t squeal on us, then why didn’t you ask what I was talking about?” he asked, completely ignoring her previous statement.

Lily began to panic. “Um…I just decided that it was none of my business,” she lied.

“Liar,” he accused. “You always butt into other people’s business.”

“Like you don’t?” she said with a smirk.

They had now come to the Great Hall and Lily could see James and Remus sitting at the Gryffindor table looking extremely angry.

“Umm… I’m just going to go find Rose and Jade,” Lily stammered, immediately turning around, almost running into just the two she’d mentioned.

“Oh, we’re here,” Jade said with a smile, taking Lily’s wrist and leading her toward the table.

“No…noo…” she murmured, trying to break free of her grasp before James saw her.

“HEY, FELLAS!” Jade shouted, getting the attention of about everyone in the Great Hall.

Remus smirked, James glared, and McGonagall hurried toward the group.

“Sirius, haven’t you caused enough trouble for one day?” she groaned when she saw who Jade was standing with.

“Minnie, it wasn’t even me!” he said in a hurt voice, approaching McGonagall and putting an arm around her shoulders.

“Get off, honestly, Black,” she said sternly, though Lily was sure a smile flickered across her face. “One more disruption during dinner, and the six of you have detention,” she warned crossly, going back to join the staff table.

“Have a seat,” Remus offered the four, looking quite ill and rather angry.

Lily took a seat between Remus and Rose and right across from James.

“Potter,” she greeted.

He glared.

“What’s your problem?” Rose asked reproachfully.

“Yeah, it’s not like I was ever going to meet with you anyway,” Lily murmured through sips of her pumpkin juice.

“You know you were,” James growled, glaring at her from over the rim of his glasses.

“No, I wasn’t!” Lily said a little more loudly.

“Why am I arguing with you? YOU TOOK OUR MAP!” he screamed the last bit, standing up, attracting the attention of the whole school.

“I DON’T LIKE YOU, AND I DIDN’T TAKE YOUR BLOODY MAP! YOU’RE DELERIOUS, POTTER!” Lily was fully aware that McGonagall was approaching their table at a trot, but she wasn’t able to stop yelling.

“Potter! Evans! Quit yelling! And watch your language!!” she ordered fiercely, placing her hands on Lily’s shoulders and forcing her to sit on the bench.

“I didn’t do anything this time, Minnie!” Sirius said brightly.

She ignored him. “Detention for the six of you! Wednesday at seven! I will let you know where to go after Transfiguration on Tuesday!” She walked away looking quite harassed, the six students extremely annoyed.

“Prongs! We have Quidditch practice Wednesday! Why’d you have to go and get us detention?” Sirius whined.

“You think I don’t know that?” he snarled. “I scheduled it!”

“I’m going upstairs before you guys get us any more detentions. Anyone else coming?” Lily offered. Remus, Rose, and Jade immediately jumped up and tailed her. “Meet me at nine o’clock for rounds, James!” Lily reminded before she set off out of the Great Hall, Remus, Rose, and Jade on her tail, leaving the two boys to argue about Quidditch practice.

“You called him James again…” Rose said out of the corner of her mouth.

“Can it...” Lily whispered back, her face falling.

“All right, but that doesn’t change the fact that you called him James… again…” whispered Jade from her other side. From in front of her, Lily saw an unmistakable smirk cross Remus’s face.

“It IS his name, you know,” Lily snapped as they began climbing staircases.

“Yeah, but you don’t call him that, and you know it,” Remus chirped.

Jade laughed unnaturally loud, gathering strange looks from Rose and Lily and a few passing ghosts.

“Remus…” a voice called from the shadows.

“Uh…” Remus began, looking for the owner of the voice.

Frank Longbottom appeared at his side, his face rather red.

“Ifuhgotdapasswordgin….” he said rather quickly.

“Um…what?” said Remus, biting his lip to stop from laughing.

“I forgot the password again!” he replied quite embarrassedly.

“Oh, well that’s nothing new,” said Remus with a chuckle. “Come with us, we’ll let you in.”

“Where’re James and Sirius?” asked Frank, noticeably more cheerful now that he knew that none of his friends were going to tease him about forgetting the password…again.

“Still squabbling about in the Great Hall, I expect,” said Lily, crossing her arms in front of her rather moodily.

“Lily likes James and it makes her mad!” Jade said in a stage whisper, Rose stuffing her fist in her mouth to quit from laughing.

“Stop laughing, will you!” requested Lily, throwing exasperated looks at Rose, and Remus who had now joined in the unconventional laughter. “I DON’T LIKE JAMES!” she added.

“Stop screaming,” said Rose, “I’d rather appreciate if you didn’t get us any more detentions today.

“Flobbergidget,” said Remus as they approached the portrait of the Fat Lady.

“Look, I’m going to my common room,” said Lily in an annoyed sort of way as the rest of the group fumbled into the portrait hole.

“Oh, all right, bye,” they mumbled in turn, still struggling to keep their laughter down.

“Why they were laughing, I will never know…” Lily muttered as she hurried away from the portrait hole.

“Do you always talk to yourself, Evans?” Lily whipped around.

“Oh, it’s you,” she said when she saw James Potter approaching her rapidly, Sirius at his side. “Have you guys stopped arguing yet?”

“Do we ever?” asked Sirius, letting out his bark-like laughter.

“No,” agreed Lily truthfully.

“Why’d you turn our map in, Evans?” asked Sirius in a pitiful sort of way, a puppy dog pout upon his face that Lily was sure he hadn’t put it there on purpose.

“I told you, I didn’t give Filch your stinking map.”

“Then how did you know that Filch had it?!” James cried exasperatedly.

“Er…” Lily began, her unnaturally intelligent brain reeling. “Okay, so what if I took it? I’m Head Girl! It’s my job!”

James got a triumphant look on his features which quickly turned to anger. “Lily,” he whined, “we spent the better part of two years developing that map!”

“Oh, what a fine way to spend two years!” Lily snapped moodily as the threesome came to a halt outside of the picture of Herbert the Hungry.

“Ah, well, Padfoot, what’s done is done…” said James to Sirius, clearly not listening to Lily.

“Shall we have a moment of silence?” Sirius asked rather seriously.

“We shall…” The two boys bowed their heads, unnaturally still. Lily observed them, a look of wonder and amusement on her face.

“Well, when you two are done mourning about a map…”

They ignored her. “May the map be stolen from Filch sometime in the future by a pair of future troublemakers whose troublemaking abilities marvel our own,” said Sirius as they regained their joking air.

“Are you done now?”

“I think so,” said James with a smile. He tickled Herbert’s unnaturally large stomach and the portrait swung open.

The three walked in.

“Well, my friend,” said Sirius. “I’m going to find Jade.”

“You just got here…” said James.

“Prongs… hot girl… you….Which one would YOU pick?”

“Well, go on then…” said James through a laugh.

Sirius bounced out of the room, leaving Lily and James to themselves.

“So…” began Lily, but was silenced by a glare. “Fine, bye, Potter,” she snarled as she lifted her books off the table in an irritated sort of way and stomped up the steps to her dormitory.


“I’ll take the first three floors, you take the top four,” said Lily moodily that night when she stomped down the stairs to begin rounds.

“Can’t we just do it together? It’s more interesting,” complained James, playing with yet another snitch.

“No,” she snapped, catching the snitch from his hands spectacularly and tucking it in her own pocket.

“Wow,” said James, impressed. “I could’ve used you this year. I had an awful time finding a seeker this time…”

“Okay then…” said Lily, slipping out of the portrait hole, leaving James to thoughts of Quidditch.

“Wait, Lily!” James came running after her.

“NOW what do you want?” she shrieked, scaring a bunch of first years. “You’re supposed to be in bed anyway!” she snapped. “Go, or I’ll give detention to the lot of you!” The group of first years scrambled up the stairs, shooting her harassed looks.


“FINE! You can walk with me if you want, but we’re not going to talk…”

“Good enough for me!” said James, a smile upon his face. It really was a mystery to Lily how quickly he got over his anger.

They walked in silence for a good ten minutes, not finding any troublemakers at all. Then one practically jumped into their arms.

“Prongs, I—”

“Sirius,” Lily scolded. “It’s after curfew! I’ll have to give you a deten—”

“Shut up! All right?!” His eyes looked suspiciously bloodshot and he was trying to lead James away from Lily. “I need to talk to Prongs.”

“Go ahead,” Lily offered. “I’ll be, ah, I’ll be over here.”

She strolled to the staircase and sat down, staring absently at the wall. She tried not to look at the boys, but couldn’t help but notice how angry and upset they were both looking.

“Okay,” Lily heard James say as he began walking back to her. “I should be done soon; I’ll come talk to you then.”

“What was wrong with him?” Lily asked as James joined her.

He looked at her as if she’d just killed his best friend.

“What?” she asked, drawing back a little.

He shot her another look, but softened up a bit. “Your friend just broke up with Sirius.”