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That's What It's All About by a_shooting_star

Format: Short story
Chapters: 6
Word Count: 23,040

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Fluff, Humor, Romance
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, A. Longbottom, F. Longbottom, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OtherCanon
Pairings: James/Lily, Remus/OC, Sirius/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 05/27/2006
Last Chapter: 07/26/2006
Last Updated: 04/21/2007

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Thanks to Midnight Cityscape for the amazing banner! Frank, Remus, Peter, Sirius and James. 5 Gryffindors, 5 different people, 5 best friends. The Girls have had their say and now it’s the Boys turn. Welcome to their life * * Part two of the 'Five Friends' trilogy! Sequel to 'Love Starts With A Kiss'  Sequel is posted! * *

Chapter 1: Frank
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Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter. That, of course, belongs to the wonderful JK Rowling. 

A/N - Hi and welcome to the sequel to Love Starts With A Kiss :) I hope you enjoy the next few chapters. I'm editing this one slightly at the moment so please bare with grammar etc or feel free to point stuff out in a review.

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Frank [takes place between Alice and Dorcas]

I’m a nice guy, I know it. Everyone tells me ranging from my over-bearing mother to my best friends. So I accept it and try to live up to it by being nice and kind to everyone. Sometimes I feel the urge to be evil but I fight it, after all I have to remember that I’m Frank Longbottom and I am a nice guy.

Frank is quite a masculine name in my opinion but my mother will insist on calling me Francis. When I had the guys over for a week in the summer and Sirius said something to me like “Oi Frank, will you pass me the pepper please?” My mother nearly had a heart attack; poor Sirius didn’t know what had hit him. I’m praying my sort-off girlfriend Alice doesn’t find out because I know she is one of those girls who insist on calling people by their first names and I’m not sure I could handle that. Frank and Alice does sound much better than Francis and Alice. Anyway I’ll tell you more about Alice later.

I’m quite plain looking really with light brown hair and brown eyes. I’m quite tall I guess but I could be taller. I’m clever, I suppose, but not so clever that I don’t have to study. I like Care of Magical Creatures but I have to work hard in subjects like Defence against the Dark Arts and Charms as I want to be an Auror when I leave Hogwarts.

School’s a laugh at times. I spend most of my days with my fellow Gryffindors; Sirius, James, Remus and Peter. Lately, however, I have been spending more and more time with Alice Fields. It all happened when good ol’ Sluggie put us together in potions and she blew up a potion over me. That’s right because of her; I was humiliated in such a way that I was covered in Felix Felicis.

But Felix Felicis is a remarkable potion. It brings luck to the bearer who drinks it. Well I didn’t drink it but I certainly felt the luck. I couldn’t get Alice out of my head for the rest of the day as I breezed through the day getting an O in Transfiguration and having treacle tart for lunch. Then my luck really came in; that was the day I kissed Alice. It was also the day that Alice revealed herself to me in more ways than one and I knew she was the girl for me.

She’s very pretty but not in a conventional way. She’s certainly not skin and bones but her hair shines so bright and her eyes are forever twinkling. Sometimes I’ll sit in lessons and just watch her and her friends giggling away and passing notes. She sits with Lily most of the time or with Dorcas who she scares me, Hestia or Emmeline. Emmeline is another good friend of mine.

After I kissed her, I remember the morning when I woke up. I bounced out of bed and ran to breakfast expecting to see her again but she never turned up. Ever since then, eight days have gone by and we haven’t really had a conversation and I’m getting desperate. Every time I go to see her, every time I make to talk to her, one of her bloody friends interrupts me. It’s like they all have some kind of psychic powers.

“Thinking about Alice?” James enquired as he walked into the dormitory where I was sprawled on my bed. I looked up at him rolling my eyes.

“I’ll take that as a yes then.”


“You need to ask her out, mate!” Sirius interrupted. He likes to think just because he’s got experience so he has every right to give advice. Trouble is that nobody actually wants to hear it.

“Thanks for the advice Sirius,” I replied sarcastically.

“No problem,” Another problem with Sirius is that he doesn’t understand sarcasm. Remus and I frequently try to teach him when we’re being sarcastic but he still doesn’t get it.

“Have you guys kissed since that night?” James asked as he sat down on the floor in the middle of the dormitory. He does this frequently and just stares around. We were all in there; Sirius on his bed, me on mine. Remus was perched on the bottom of James’ bed and Peter was on the floor by his bed. We usually have these chats later at night so it seemed odd to have one on a weekend in the middle of the day.

“What about you then Sirius?” James replied with a cheeky grin and Sirius shook his head.

“There’s someone out there for me but she’s still got to come round.”

We all laughed at this, even Peter who usually doesn’t really get our jokes. It’s odd because Peter, Remus, Sirius and James all call themselves the Marauders and they used to be really close but I think I might feel more involved than Peter at times. I know Peter doesn’t like me because before I started hanging around with them. It always used to be James and Sirius, Remus and Peter. Now it is more likely to be James and Sirius, Remus and Frank. Peter is a bit out of the equation and I know for a fact he hates it, just like he hates me. Oh well, I’ll survive.

We needn’t bother asking James about his love life because he only has one girl in his mind and her name is Lily. She’s Alice’s best friend and when I sit next to James in Ancient Runes we sit there and admire the two girls who sit in front of us. Remus doesn’t really have a love-life though everyone seems to think he is perfect for Hestia Jones. I don’t think so BUT that could be because Sirius gets really annoyed when anybody mentions Remus and Hestia together. As I said before, Sirius’ mind works in mysterious ways.

“I’m going to the library,” I announced and Sirius and James groaned. I’ve been spending a lot of time in the library lately with just a hope in hells chance that maybe; just maybe I’ll see Alice. She doesn’t seem to go there that much anymore and James told me that she had been down by the Quidditch Pitch a lot. That’s weird, she doesn’t even play Quidditch. Emmeline, James and I do though as the Chasers on our House Team. We make a formidable trio.

When I got to the library it was very quiet and I sat down on a table by the back. I don’t like to be near the front of the library because Madame Pince, like Dorcas, scares the ‘you know what’ out of me. She’s so feisty; I watched one day as a first year broke down into tears just because she looked at him. That probably would have been me in our first year, if I had discovered the library. Luckily enough I didn’t and I spent my time playing Quidditch [though not on the team] and eating in the kitchens.

Can I join you Frank?” I looked up to see Hestia Jones beside me with a cloaked figure beside her. I raised my eyebrows at the cloaked figure but I nodded all the same. Lily came up behind them too with Emmeline so soon I was seated at a table with three girls and a cloaked figure but NO Alice.

“You okay Frank?” Lily asked with a smile.

“Yes thank you, you?” I responded politely.

“Very well.”

We sat in silence for a while and I got back to doing my homework. Every so often I felt that sensation that someone was watching me but when I looked up they were all working busily away.

“Oh darn it, let’s cut to the chase,” I jumped up out of my seat when I heard that voice and I realised that the cloaked figure was actually Dorcas Meadows. I really can be a bit thick sometimes don’t you think? On second thoughts, don’t answer that.

“Dor…” I burst out and all three girls ‘sssshed’ me.

Emmeline beckoned me forward and I leant into talk to her. “She’s not allowed in library.” she whispered to me.

“Why not?” I replied in a similar tone of voice.

“She hexed a Slytherin back a few years ago and Madame Pince banned her,” Emmeline explained and I grinned. It’s just like Dorcas to do something like that.

“What’s the chase then?” I asked the cloaked figure and she raised her eyebrows towards me. I looked back at her and she broke into a mischievous grin.

“You… Alice,” she said softly and I blushed horribly. Curse my stupid mother, I bet I got these blushing genes from her.

“Do you like her?” Lily said excitedly and I pulled a face, you know the kind of face that says ‘I’m not really comfortable talking about this but yes I like her.’

They all grinned at me and I shrunk down further in my seat. It’s not easy to sit there in front of three girls with obvious match-making plans.

“Why haven’t you asked her out?” Emmeline burst out and I pulled the book over my head. I looked up moments later to see them all still peering at me with big eyes.

“I don’t know.”

“She likes you” Dorcas also known as the cloaked figure commented, “She’s just a little worried as you seem to be avoiding her.”

I felt my heart constrict, she thought I was avoiding her. NO! “I’m not avoiding her,” I protested, “I thought she was avoiding me.”

“Alice is avoiding you? No way,” Lily replied in a shock tone.

“Never,” Hestia chipped in.

“Where do you think she is now?”

“I thought she might be here,” I said shyly and the girls exchanged a look before they all let out a giggle. I gave them a questioning look and the giggling stopped. “What?”

“Well you have come to the library to look for Alice while she has gone to the Quidditch Pitch to find you,” Emmeline laughed.

“WHAT?” I practically yelled and I watched in horror as Madame Pince walked by. She gave us all a hard glare but we all, even the cloaked figure, all smiled at her brightly. She looked taken back as if she wasn’t used to everyone smiling at her and her face contorted. I thought for a minute she might smile but no, her lips just twitched and she walked on by.

“Are you going to ask her out now?” Hestia asked eagerly and I stared in shock at her. She’s usually so quiet but I was seeing a really different side to her now. I waited another few seconds before answering with a short nod.

They all smiled more brightly at me and I felt myself responding. It was really weird to be talking to the girls like this and I knew if James knew where I was he would kill me, especially when he saw I was sat next to one Lily Evans.

“When?” Lily enquired and I shrugged.

“You better make it good Frankie boy” Dorcas warned me and I shivered for a minute. Really, I wasn’t joking when I said she scared me.

“Any ideas?” I joked.

“Plenty,” she replied, her eyes lighting up. “It has to be memorable.”




“Memorable, cute, funny, romantic,” I made a mental note of these wondering how the hell I was to ask Alice out with all of these things. Then it hit me, I knew exactly what I could do. I just needed a book and my friends.

“You lot have been amazing,” I grinned at them all, “I’ll see you later, can you make sure Alice is in the common room at 8.00 tonight.”

I ran without waiting for an answer and went to fetch the book I wanted. It was almost like fate that it was there and I tore up to Gryffindor Tower hoping and praying the guys were there.

Only Remus, Sirius and James were and I yelled as I walked in, “REMUS, SIRIUS, and JAMES UPSTAIRS NOW!”

And I ran up the stairs with them following behind me. The next afternoon I would remember for the rest of my life and at 7.55 that evening I was worried that my plan would go astray. We walked down the stairs, the guys clutching what we needed.

I had written Alice a song in under an hour. It wasn’t good and I’m not sure if it’s romantic or sweet but it’s bound to be memorable and funny. Thanks to the book Impress your friends the Muggle way we had taught James how to play the guitar, Remus the drums and Sirius the tambourine. I had that horrible sinking feeling in my heart that I was about to make a big mistake but nevertheless my friends were hardly likely to let me back out now. It didn’t matter how much I wanted to run for the hills.

She was sat with her friends as I walked into the common room. She looked gorgeous and I winked at Dorcas, who sat there looking really innocent. Sirius screamed, “Can I have some attention please?” and the common room instantly quietened down. After all it is Sirius Black.


I went bright red as the guys started up with the music in the background. James was amazing strumming along while Remus didn’t miss a beat

"Oh Alice, you know how to make me smile
Just for you, I would run a mile
Doo bee doo bee doo"

Sirius banged the Tambourine here

"Alice I think your pretty
And for you I’ve written this little ditty
Doo bee doo bee doo

Oh Alice,"
We all broke out singing in not so perfect harmony,
"You make Frank Smile," James cut in.
"Oh Alice
He’s liked you for a while,"
Remus chipped in.
"Oh Alice
I want you to know, Frankie boy is mad for you,"
Sirius joined in.

The music died down now as I had only one verse to go. I managed to sneak a quick peak at her and she was scarlet.

"Oh Alice, I think you’re so pret-eee
Oh Alice, will you go out with me?"

We finished with a flourish; Remus doing a drum-roll on the drums and Sirius banging on his tambourine. Alice walked towards me and leant in really close.

“That was a rubbish song,” she laughed, “You really can’t rhyme.”


“It was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me,” she smiled and turned her face to meet mine. I kissed her softly before she broke away.

“Oh Frankie, I think your so pretty!
Oh Frankie, will you go out with me?” She sang in my ear and I grinned at her.

“You know Miss Fields, I did ask first.”

“I know,” she said kissing me softly again, “And after that how could I refuse.”

A/N – Yes, I have to own up to writing that rather rubbish song myself but it couldn’t be amazing as Frank did write in an hour and besides I’m no song writer!

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Chapter 2: Remus
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Disclaimer; I own absolutely nothing. Harry Potter, and anything related to him, belong to the wonderful JK Rowling

Remus [takes place between Dorcas and Emmeline]

When people hear the term ‘Bookworm’ they automatically think that the person is studious, clever and never likely to have a detention in their life. Well two out of three of those aren’t like me at all but yet I still get called a bookworm. My name is Remus Lupin and people like to think I’m a bookworm. I know what I am though and so do my friends. They seem to think its hilarious when I get called a bookworm because they, like me, know it is not exactly true.

There are a lot of misconceptions about me and I’m not sure I like it. One thing I’ll tell you straight away is my deepest and darkest secret. Only five people in the whole wide world know that I, Remus Lupin, am a werewolf. I’m ashamed of it naturally and I’m very loathing to tell anybody but my friends worked it out, curse them. And what did they do? They became Animagi for me. That was the most selfless thing anybody had ever done fore me.

Well I don’t really look like a werewolf, except on the full moon. I’ve got sandy blonde hair and amber eyes and I’m tall, or as my friends call me, freakishly tall. There’s a girl I know in our year and I’m a whole foot and a half taller than her so she barely reaches my shoulders. It’s so funny that that girl is my girlfriend. That’s right, I, Remus John Lupin, have a girlfriend. I haven’t told anybody that I’m dating her yet because I’m kind of dreading telling Sirius that she’s my girlfriend because he hates her with a passion. That’s why I have to sneak out tomorrow on my first date with her. Merlin, I’m a wimp.

I really like her, I do, but if Sirius and James cannot get on with her then it is likely to pose a problem. You see Sirius and James have stuck with me through thick and thin and I’m not likely to choose a girl over them. Dorcas is very special to me though, as I was the first of the guys to realise that she is a really good person. I went after her when Sirius and she had another blazing row and I’m so glad I did in the end. At that point I didn’t really know I liked her, I just knew something was wrong. So I ran after her and there she was curled in a ball by the lake. So we talked and talked and I kissed her, end of story. So at the moment, I’m caught between my best friends and the girl who I could possibly fall in love with and you know something, I’m one of those stupid people that would actually choose their friends.

Now she’s all I can think about and I’m going out of my mind. Everywhere I go, I see Dori, she smiles and waves at me but Sirius will just turn to me and say ‘Why’s the witch waving at you Moony?’, to which I’ll just smile and shrug and they’ll let it drop. It’s the Hogsmeade trip today and I’m going with her but I have to get out of here before the guys see us. I had arranged to meet her at 9.00 but I really hope she would be early. Checking my appearance, I grimaced realising that I was turning into Sirius. I ran down the stairs but she was nowhere to be seen.

Alice was down there with Lily but she was NOWHERE! How annoying is that? I took a seat nervously, flicking through a book but she didn’t come down. I watched as Emmeline bounced down, Hestia slunk down and then their dormitory should have been empty except for Dorcas but guess what? She didn’t appear. Why?

I knew the guys wouldn’t be thinking of leaving anytime soon but it still left me nervous, Sirius would still be at the mirror doing his hair and primping and prodding. James would be running late and still getting changed, Frank would be in the shower and Peter would be ready and waiting to get in the bathroom. So to my utmost glee, I was thrilled when Dorcas came out of their room but taken back when I looked more closely. Bloody hell.

She looked so soft all of a sudden. I see her on Sundays when they all wear muggle clothes and she’s the one in trainers, jeans and a hooded sweatshirt but today, what a transformation! She was wearing a long skirt which made me gasp because I never thought I would see the day, with this really tight sweater. She looked good. Her hair, usually up in a pony-tail, was down by her shoulders and I was drooling on the spot. Of course the thought that she isn’t usually like this did cross my mind but hey! I’m a guy, I’m allowed to look.

“Dori, you look great,” I walked over to her giving her an awkward hug. She smiled back at me and took my hand proudly as we walked out of the Common Room. It was pretty silent trip to Hogsmeade as she kept fidgeting and I just couldn’t take my eyes off of her.

“You’re really silent,” she said after a while with amusement in her voice.

“I was just thinking you look so different,” I replied honestly and a smile twisted onto her face.

“Lily’s top, Alice’s skirt and Hestia’s shoes,” she laughed doing a little twirl. “I was planning to come in my usual Hogsmeade clothes but they said no. if you are going on a date Dorcas, you’ll have to do it properly.” she said the last bit in a fake old woman accent and I curled up with laughter.

“When did you tell your friends,” I enquired casually.

“I went home and told them the night we kissed,” she confided leaning in closer to me. I took that opportunity to steal a kiss and she responded eagerly and it wasn’t long before we were stopping traffic as such.

We went all around the shops after that, picking out stuff we would buy with a million galleons. I was constantly on edge that Sirius and James would find us especially in Zonkos but they didn’t and it was with a sigh of relief we settled into a table at the back of the Three Broomsticks.

She leant in and kissed me again and I clasped her tightly. I never knew you could feel this way about someone you don’t really know. She’s smart and funny and I think only a small amount of people know that and I’m blessed to be one of them. Believe me when I say I’m captivated by her in every single way.

“Thanks for asking me to Hogsmeade,” she said shyly and I grinned at her.

“No problem, thanks for going with me to Hogsmeade,” I replied.

“You know I was worried that when you told James and Sirius that they would go off on one about how you are dating the enemy but you obviously stood up to them. I think that’s great.”

I squirmed uncomfortably under her touch as she said that. Let’s just say I’m a pretty bad liar. No, make that a rubbish liar.

“I know they haven’t accepted me yet,” she said with a sad smile, “They were yelling at me yesterday in the Great Hall but I just let it go at the moment. I don’t want them to yell at me but I’ll live with it.”

“Sirius doesn’t get over being humiliated very well,” I squeaked and she laughed.

“Well he shouldn’t have been such a git then should he? But then again, he wasn’t to know that I had problems.”

She was sat there in her seat twirling her hair around her finger. I could tell she wasn’t that comfortable in those clothes but she was seemed so sunny. It was different to what anyone was used to. You should have seen the looks we were getting walking around Hogsmeade, People couldn’t believe that Dorcas Meadows, the rebel of Gryffindor, was walking hand in hand with ME! I was on top of the world!

I took all my courage into my hands yet again, and kissed her on the lips again. She smiled against my lips kissing me back with surprising fervour.

“MOONY!” We broke apart to see James, Sirius and Peter stood there in front of us, their expression at first, quite happy, but then it turned to shock and in Sirius’ case disbelief.

“Remus, what are you doing with Meadows?” Sirius asked and I mentally killed him. He could have played along but no, no , no , NO. I hate him so much at this point in time.

“When did you two start dating?” Peter piped up and she broke away from me. I could see it happening in slow motion as she stood up pushing the table out of the way. She ran from the pub at top speed and I put my head into my hands. I hate my life sometimes.

“Remus, you and Dorcas are going out?” Sirius stuttered, sliding down into the seat next to me. James and Peter followed suit and they were soon all looking at me with concern.

“Well not anymore,” I replied with a bitter tone.

“Why didn’t you tell us?” James asked.

I laughed dryly, “You don’t like her?”


“So, I was worried about telling you,” I replied. Merlin, I am a loser.

“We don’t care,” James laughed, “You had a girlfriend Remus.”

“We’ve been waiting two years for you to get a girlfriend and now you get the feistiest chick in Gryffindor apart from Lily.” Sirius nodded his approval, “I don’t like her but that doesn’t mean you can’t.”


“Moony, Moony,” James interrupted me, “WE DON’T CARE! Sirius doesn’t get on with Lily either but does that stop me following her to the ends of the earth? NO!”

We were interrupted at this point by four very angry girls and a very confused guy and my head returned to my hands. Standing there was Alice, Hestia, Emmeline and Lily with Frank stood behind them.

“We want a word with you Lupin,” Lily said sitting down next to James. James looked like he was about to enter heaven but Lily ignored him. The girls all sat down with us squashing us A LOT as the seat was only meant for six and they faced me with angry eyes.

“WHY, WHY, WHY? Did we just meet Dorcas running out of here screaming that REMUS LUPIN IS A GIT!” Merlin, I cowered, Hestia can be scary when she wants to be.

“I didn’t tell the guys about her,” I said and they all shook their head at me, “WHAT?”

“She really likes you,” Alice replied.

“I like her.”

“THEN WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL YOUR FRIENDS,” Emmeline yelled and the whole place went quiet. She turned round and said, “HELLO HOGSMEADE, YES I KNOW I’M WONDERFUL! I’M HERE FOR THIS WEEK ONLY.”

We all laughed at that and I turned to Hestia and Lily, “Will she talk to me?”


“How do I make her talk to me?”

“You won’t be able to,”

“So she’ll always hate me,”

“Most probably,”

I stood up then lifted Lily off the seat and set her down, striding towards the castle. James and Sirius had followed me and it was then I realised the whole time during that exchange the guys hadn’t said a word. Frank and Peter were following them and I was touched that he would leave his date for me. We didn’t use to be that close but we’re really good friends now.

I stopped short just before the castle and turned to my friends. “How can I get her back?”

“Charge down her dormitory door and ride in on a white horse,” Sirius suggested and we all laughed.

“Write her a note,” Peter squeaked.

“Talk to her normally perhaps?” Frank was always the rational one of the group when I was having an irrational moment. Even though that’s what I would normally suggest, I knew it caused for drastic measures.

“Fly up to her dormitory and tell her how you feel,” James grinned and I nodded at him. I don’t like flying, no scratch that, I HATE flying with a passion but I would do it for Dorcas.

“But how do we know she’s there?” I asked stupidly and James waved a piece of parchment under my nose. I grabbed it off him and whispered.

“I solemnly swear I am up to no good,” and the map appeared before my very eyes. I was very proud of this map and I scanned it to see where she was.

“She’s in the bedroom,” I said quickly and we sprinted around the broom cupboard. I was going for one of the old school brooms but James stopped me.

“Have this,” he said handing me his broom, his precious Nimbus 1050. “I know you don’t like flying so it’s smoother than the school brooms.”

“Are you sure?” I asked and he nodded.

“But don’t hurt it,” he said with worried eyes.

“I promise.”

I mounted the broom with trepidation the map closed on my fingers tightly. I was having a nightmare here as I rose into the air.

“TELL HER YOU’RE SORRY!” Frank yelled.

“TELL HER SHE’S SPECIAL!” Peter screamed.

“TELL HER SHE’S HOT WHEN SHE TRIES!” Sirius shouted and I flew away from them into the air. It was only a short distance from the Quidditch Pitch to the girls’ dormitory but it seemed like forever. I also had forgotten to take into account the fact that it was a lot higher than I had ever been before on a broom.

I made it though hovering by window, I knocked on it sheepishly and she appeared opening it slightly.

“Can I help you?”

“I’m sorry,” I stuttered, “I should have told Sirius and James from the very start but I didn’t and I’m an idiot.”


“I’m sorry, I really like you because you are like nobody I have ever met before,” I burbled, “Just the thought of you makes me smile.”

“Really?” she looked at me shyly and I nodded furiously. That was a bit of a stupid mistake and I tipped the broom. She still hadn’t let me in and I was slipping and sliding on the broom. James always said that a broom can tell if you have no confidence and this broom could read me like an open book.

“I like you Dori; will you be my girlfriend properly?”

“I don’t know,” she answered sullenly and I took my hands off of the broom to kiss her. It was a short but sweet kiss and we broke apart because I felt like I was falling. However, that could have been because I was.

Dorcas was getting smaller and smaller and wait there was a broom hovering up there next to her window. I was falling; I shut my eyes and braced myself for the pain as I saw the ground get closer. I heard the crack as I fell but the grass was suddenly softer than it had been for a while and I touched it gingerly. It was like a mattress but a grass covered mattress and I turned to Sirius who winked at me.

“Thanks,” I muttered but that was all I got to say as a very pretty girl threw herself at me.

“Oh Remy, Remy, you’re okay.”

“GET OFF MY BOYFRIEND!” I heard Dorcas yell and the blonde that had thrown herself at me scrambled off me quickly. Dorcas said something very short and very sharp to the girl. I made to stand up shakily but Dorcas pushed me back down kissing me as she did.

“I’ll be your girlfriend,” she said softly and I pulled her down to kiss her again. When we pulled apart they were all watching us as we stood up [I was feeling very shaky] and walked hand in hand back to the Gryffindor Common Room. I could hear the whispers but the sweetest one of all was the truth.

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Chapter 3: Peter
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Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter or anything from the Potterverse! That, of course, belongs to the wonderful JK Rowling =)

Peter [takes place between Dorcas and Emmeline]

Misfit is not exactly a nice word to call anyone and every time I hear it, it strikes me deeply. I hear them ask ‘Why’s he hanging around with James and Sirius’ and I think the same question. I ask myself frequently why they’re friends with me but I never come up with an answer. Peter Pettigrew is misfit and traitor and I’m ashamed to say I’m him.

I suppose I should tell you a little about myself. As I said before my name is Peter Pettigrew and I’ve always been a misfit. Wherever I go I don’t fit in but for the first six years at Hogwarts I thought I might fit in. I arrived at Hogwarts knowing nobody and to be honest with you, it was a relief. I hated my muggle primary school, I was forever in trouble, kept in at lunchtime and hated by fellow children. I don’t know why, I had a few friends, two guys; Bill Braxton and Bob Montgomery. They were my first ever friends and I still see them when I go home in the summer. I told them I go to a school for the mentally insane and that I have an anger problem. They stare at me in awe when I tell them about the punishments and how I rule the school with my three best friends. To Braxton and Montgomery, I live the high life.

What a shame it’s a lie. Well it’s not really a lie but a half truth. To me, Sirius and James do rule the school. We, the Marauders, have power over the minions and I laugh when I order people to do stuff for me. Of course I’m not as good-looking as any of my friends but I know I have my strengths. My mum tells me that I have beautiful pale blue eyes and that I’m her little boy. My father tells me I’m a traitor to him because I’m weak and will not stand up to him. As you can tell my mother means a lot to me and I would do anything for her. My hair is pale blonde and you can tell I’m older because I have a receding hairline. Sirius tells me I should be worried by that but I’m not that bothered; my mother says that it’s a sign that I’m mature.

There is another girl in my life I should tell you about. I have never told anyone about Ivy because when I told Sirius I had a girlfriend, he laughed uncontrollably at me all through dinner. When I mentioned it to James he looked at me as though I’m a liar and as for Remus he just nodded and smiled. I could tell he didn’t believe but he’s too nice to say. People think he’s the sweet one out of the Marauders but he’s the monster out of us, the one that changed our life. He could be a nice guy but he’s a crawler to teachers. Teachers love him but they hate me. Apparently I don’t apply myself properly. He’s just started to go out with Dorcas Meadows, the local tart and they won’t stop eating each others faces. James and Sirius are just in awe about it but I can’t believe Remus’ lack of taste. I hate Dorcas Meadows with a passion; in fact the only girl I like out of the ones in Gryffindor is Emmeline Vance. Hestia Jones is okay, I suppose, but as for Alice Fields and Lily Evans, they’re both as bad as each other. Well that’s what Ivy says.

She also thinks that I’m silly to hang around with the Marauders. I’ve tried explaining to her that they are my friends but she just laughs in my face when I tell her that. She says that I have better friends than the Marauders and that I’m a disgrace to her at times. She keeps me in line. She especially detests Sirius saying that he is a blood traitor but when I told her about Remus, she found it rather interesting and told me to tell him. I haven’t though, as I don’t want to be traitor. I really don’t want to be a traitor.

I’m sat here at the moment watching my friends. Well my friends and Frank, I don’t like Frank Longbottom one little iota. He stole my friends from me. Up until sixth year it used to be Remus, Peter, Sirius and James. Now its; Frank, Remus, Sirius, James and Peter. I usually get forgotten by other people but my friends try not to forget me, at least I think they don’t.

They have sometimes but that is usually Frank's fault. Luckily for me though, he started going out with Alice about a few weeks ago so he’s not spending as much time with my friends as he could do. When he does though they have their own ‘private’ jokes about girls which they don’t expect me to understand but I do. I just never get a chance to laugh as they’re off on another one. I hate it when they do that, or when I ask them to wait for me after detention and they never turn up or even when they don’t take the blame for me. They do it for each other but never for me. I hate them sometimes but they’re there as a smokescreen for anyone that tries to hurt me. People see me with Sirius and they leave me alone.

Ivy says I don’t need them though as I could be stronger if I was alone or even better if it were just me and her. She says that all the time I hang around with them I’ll forever be a shadow, half a person I could be. Sometimes I believe her but other times I think that maybe she is wrong. James and Sirius have stuck up for many times and I do remember it, I do but when I’m with Ivy it’s easy to forget all the good things James and Sirius have done for me.

I’ll tell you about Ivy now and how much she means to me. I only ever had one girlfriend before and she was wonderful, I followed her home, wrote her poetry but she broke my heart. She called me a stalker, told me that I had misunderstood her being nice to me. I couldn’t believe it. My mother consoled me, telling me that the girl was evil and that nobody would ever be good enough for me and I believe her. Or at least I did until I met Ivy.

Ivy’s my life and I’m proud to say I love her. She’s beautiful with her shiny black hair and bright blue eyes and she’s tall and curvy. She told me once that she thought she was fat but I told her she was the most amazing thing I have ever set eyes on. That’s the real truth of the matter. I met her two years ago when I got lost after detention and she introduced me to a world that I never knew existed. We talked and talked and I left that night thinking that my life was a lie and that the future began and ended with Ivy.

She introduced me to him; the other man in my life. I’m not gay, contrary to popular belief, but there is one very important man in my life. I look up to him, worship him and I would do anything for him. His name? They do not speak it and neither will I. He’s not my father but I wish he was, he’s powerful and merciful all in one and he’s promised me that if my father ever hits my mother again then he will be disposed of. The Dark Lord changed my life. He introduced me to people who know how I feel and I made new friends. Some haven’t accepted me but others like Ivy and another friend Rodolphus have taken me in. The Dark Lord tells me I have a special role in life and that I will take down mudbloods and blood traitors.

Ivy tells me the same thing. She says that if she ever sees me with the Mudblood Lily Evans then she’ll never talk to me again. She detests Lily, saying that she ruined James by giving him hope. They have an ongoing one side feud and Ivy plans her death repeatedly. I think that’s amazing the way she has such power and determination to destroy somebody. I think she is wonderful.

I can’t talk to anyone about Ivy except for Rodolphus and he’s far too infatuated with Ivy’s best friend Bellatrix to take any notice. I have only ever met Bellatrix once but she’s bewitching, so magical in fact that I think about her a lot. Not as much as I think about Ivy though. Ivy is my life. I can’t tell anyone what I think, I mean imagine Sirius’ face if I told him. James would never talk to me and I admire James very much. I like the way he handles himself and the fact that he’s a leader. I have always wanted to be a leader.

“Petey,” James jerked me back to attention and I turned to him smiling cheekily. At least I thought it was a cheeky smile, James looked at me rather weirdly.

“Prongs?” I replied.

“We’re going down to get some ice-cream do you want to come?” he asked beckoning to all his friends. I saw Frank, Alice and Dorcas and I shook my head.

“I’ll do some studying thanks.”

“Do you even know how to?” Dorcas snorted and I narrowed my eyes.

“Look who’s talking.”

“You got a problem with me Pettigrew?” she said in a growling tone. I looked at her for a minute, staring me down, but Remus put a reassuring hand on her shoulder and she backed down.

“Take a chill pill Wormy,” Sirius teased and I felt my anger rise. He used to hate Meadows too but lately he’s trying to accept her for Moony’s sake. He’s a fool.

“Wormy, I like it,” James laughed and I felt hurt and betrayed all of a sudden. I waited for them to leave before creeping out myself.

I went to the dungeons. It’s become my place of thinking lately and I know Ivy will be there. She spends a lot of time there with her friends and even though they think she’s mad to talk to me, she doesn’t care. I approached the dark room and listened as I heard her lilting tones.

“He’s really pleased with me, says I’m coming along well with my mission and that I’ve almost cracked the silly little idiot.”

I knocked on the door, completely ignoring what she said, and she opened it her eyes lighting up as she saw me. She pulled me into the room where all the girls of Slytherin were. Did I tell you she is a Slytherin? Well she’s a fine upstanding member of Slytherin and everyone adores her, I know I do. She could have had any guy in Slytherin, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw she wanted but she chose me. She picked me over Severus, Richard, Michael and Gregory. That’s right, for the first time ever, somebody chose ME!

“I’ll see you guys later,” she winked at her friends and pulled me back out of the room. I leant into kiss her but she backed back with a shy look on her face.

“Not until you do it.” she laughed.

“I will,” I promised.

“I knew you would,” she said breathlessly “I think you’re amazing Peter, you’re the best. I know you get a hard time from your friends and the mudblood but you know I’m different.”

“They call me Wormy,” I whined.

“Aw Pete, you’re not a worm. You’re a man.”

“And that bloody Dorcas Meadows made fun of me,” I complained, my bottom lip protruding.

“Meadows is an evil blood traitor,” she sympathised stroking my arm, “That stupid mudblood isn't much better.”

“I hate Evans.”

“Me too.”

“I love you Ivy,” I whispered and looked into her eyes. I could have sworn I heard some laughing but she just smiled at me.

“And I love being with you.”

She loves being with me! Nobody except my mother had ever told me that before. My heart filled with love for the beautiful girl in front of me.

“You’ll have to meet Mummy,” I gushed. I knew they would get on. My mother is just as lovely as Ivy and they have something very important in common; they both love me and I love both of them.

She laughed at me but I ignored it, lost in her eyes. She smiled sweetly, “Are you ready to do it Petey?”

“I am,” I replied.

“I knew you would be,” she laughed, “He’s coming later via the come and go room. You can do it then.”

We spent the rest of the afternoon together; I was lost in her beauty as she reminded me of all the horrible things my friends had ever done to me. The names they called me, the way they leave me behind. How they bully me into doing what they don’t want to do and push me around. She told me how I was too good for them and that I could be powerful. She would be beside me every step of the way.

I knew what I had to do that evening when I stepped into the come and go room. I saw him immediately and bowed to the floor.

“Peter Pettigrew, I’m so glad you came.”

“Yes my lord,” I kissed the ends of his robes and Ivy smiled successfully.

“Are you ready Peter?”

“Yes my lord.”

“Will you do whatever I say Peter?”

“Yes my lord.”

“Say it Peter, Say those eight words that will forever bind you to me.”

“I pledge my allegiance to you My Lord.”

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Chapter 4: Sirius
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Sirius [takes place between Hestia and Lily]

I’m a joker, a prankster, somebody who is forever laughing. I joke with my friends and prank my enemies. I’m not a nice guy or a leader, I’m certainly not a misfit and you definitely couldn't call me a bookworm. I’m a joker, whether I’m a nice person or not. My name is Sirius Black and I’m a joker

I try not to take life to seriously (Siriusly ha! Get it?) But sometimes I don’t succeed. For example when it comes to my family, I have to take life seriously. When you have an idiot of a father, a witch of a mother and a spineless twerp of a brother like me then you have too. I’m also quite serious about my pranks, if that’s at all possible, as I don’t like them to fail. Another thing I’m quite serious about is Hestia Jones. Though I don’t think she would take too kindly to being called a thing.

I kissed her yesterday. YES GO ME! I found out that she liked me after such an eventful day. I’ll tell you the short story! I know you want to hear it, or maybe I want to tell it. I’ve liked her for a while now. She exasperates me and drives me crazy as she always seems to beat me. I hate being beaten when it comes to anything and at the beginning of this year I suddenly seem to always have one name ahead of me; Hestia Jones. I remember noticing her for the first time, with her chocolate brown hair and her eyes which always seem to change colour not in a freaky way or anything; It’s just sometimes they are grey, then they’re green and sometimes they could be pale blue. I love the fact that she’s so tall and skinny and the way she fits in my arms so well.

Once I found out her name; Hestia but her friends call her Tia, I talked to one of my close friends Emmeline to find out subtly what she was like. According the eternally optimistic Emmeline, Tia is very smart, very shy and very sweet and I was somewhat taken by her from there onwards. I watched her as she went to classes and acted offended when she beat me with the chance that she would actually talk to me. I CHANGED! It was really weird to be honest. I stopped my dating-spree which I went on last year [so many girls so little time aye?] and I started to spend more times with my friends. They found it very odd so I told them that I had a little crush on somebody and they all assumed it to be Dori Meadows. Now I hated Dori at this point so I was disgusted at this. I was so disgusted in fact; that I didn’t even notice that one of my best friends Remus was insanely jealous.

But Dori started going out with Remus, Alice with Frank and Emmeline with Gideon and I still kept staring at Hestia from advance. I had one girlfriend in a month! Do you have any idea how much of a record that is for me? Then yesterday happened; I had broken up with my ex-girlfriend, the weird and clingy Mindy, only the week before, and I suddenly saw this vision of beauty. She had smooth brown curls, pale skin and nice legs and I was entranced. So when I saw her being harassed by a dirty Slytherin, I was the gentleman and went in to rescue her. What does she go and do? She goes and runs away before I realise who she is.

Transfiguration yesterday was fabulously amazingly wonderful. I was paired with Hestia but to my surprise she was nowhere to be seen and I was left in the room with this sexy brunette who was…. Dun dun durrh … that’s right you guessed it, HESTIA JONES. We worked together in the library [second time ever! Are you proud?] for a while where I learn she’d be an owl if she were an animagus amongst other things. I then left the library as soon as possible, my mind so full of her, but I stopped when I heard her talking to Remus’ girlfriend Dorcas. She said she liked me but she didn’t want me to like the new her rather than the old her. Was she crazy? Yes the new her was extremely hot but so was the old her.

I caught her in her usual attire later that night when I was out on a nightly walk, which let me tell you did not involve getting the Marauders map and looking for her! She looked at me as though I was a mental case when I told her I liked her. Then she hit her head against the blimmin' wall but still looked at me as though I was crazy. I asked her out next and she said no which was perhaps the first time for everything and then I did the only thing I could do; I kissed her.

That’s pretty much my story. After that she told me she would think about going out with me and that she would see me later. I’m a bit confused really, but I’m going to take that as a good sign. That’s why I’m up so early this morning; it’s a Friday, which means we have some very boring lessons but they are all with Tia, so that automatically makes them much more enjoyable. I’m showered, dressed and ready and raring to go to breakfast. One problem though, it’s only 6.30. Even Moony who is our earliest riser is still snoring away in his bed.

I crept out very quietly, for me anyway, and down into the empty common room. Merlin, I’m hungry. What I wouldn’t give for nice bacon sandwich right now, I’d even settle for a bowl of cereal but a good old fry up would go down very well. Mrs Potter tells me that I’ve got hollow legs and I think she’s right.

“Sirius?” I looked up to see Moony enter the room. He amazes me with the speed he can get ready but a look at my watch told me I’d been dreaming about food for quite a while now. We were still the only people in the Common Room though.

“Moony!” I greeted him with a grin, “You’re early.”

“So are you.” he replied in a shocked tone, “I’m meeting Dori, what’s your excuse?”

“I’m full of the joys of spring.” I replied with a grin.

“It’s December.”

“And your point is?”

“You scare me when you’re this happy,” he laughed and settled down on the sofa next to me. Some ickle firsties had joined us in the room now and some ugly third years and the next thing I knew Remus had stood up. I knew where he was heading but I still watched in hope. He greeted Dorcas and smiled at me as they walked out of the common room hand in hand. I admire those two because they have worked out a system. Monday, Wednesday and Friday, they go to breakfast together and on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday Remus has breakfast with us. Talk about organised.

I watched as Alice met up with Frank to go to breakfast but neither Prongsie, Wormtail, Lily, Emmie nor Tia had surfaced yet. Actually they might off but I wasn’t really paying that much attention as I was still in the land of food. I couldn’t stop that feeling of doubt though kicking in but I shook it away.

I’m Sirius Black after all, cool as a cucumber. Wait, are cucumber’s cool? I don’t think they are [mental note: ask Moony if they are], so I’m Sirius Black, cool as an ice cube. Doesn’t really have the same ring to it…

I was thrilled when the girl’s door opened again and I saw Lily walk out, followed by Emmeline who was followed by Hestia. YES! She was looking mighty fine today, back to her usual self with the only exception being her hair. She caught my eyes as they entered the room and she smiled shyly.

I stood up instantly and walked over to meet her, watching her flush as I got closer “Morning Hestia,” I said politely.

“Good Morning.”

“May I escort you to breakfast?”

I saw Lily and Emmeline’s faces drop in shock when she nodded. I guess she, like me, hadn’t told her friends about ‘us’ either. I held out my hand and as she took it my heart skipped a beat. My gosh, what a very girly thing to say.

We got some strange looks as we walked down to breakfast and as we entered the Great Hall, the whispering began. I heard her laugh beside me and she whispered,

“They think you have gone mad.”

“Nah, they probably think its you that has gone mad.” I replied and she giggled. We stopped in the doorway and she leant into kiss me. I don’t know what possessed her but I wasn’t about to complain as I was enjoying a very nice kiss.

“MR BLACK!” Professor McGonagall yelled from her position at the top table and Hestia and I broke apart as she stormed down the hallway. Of course her rather loud shout alerted every ones attention to the sight of us. “MR BLACK, how many times have I told you, that you are not allowed to behave like that in here,” She paused for breath for a second and I resisted the urge to laugh.

When she spoke again her voice became softer, “Miss Jones, have you taken leave of your senses?”

“No Professor.”

“Then why are you, one of the top students at Hogwarts, Prefect of Gryffindor, doing that with Mr Black in the doorway to the Great Hall.”

“I’m sorry,” she said honestly, “It won’t happen again.”

YES IT WILL! “No that’s a lie Hestia, it will happen again,” I interrupted, “Just not when you around to see it, Aye Professor?”

She pursed her lips at us as I smiled a charming smile. They never usually work but sometimes she’ll let us off with a lighter punishment than usual. Luckily this time was one of those and she walked off.

“What came over you there?” I asked her with a smile.

“Just felt like it, I guess,”

“Well anytime you feel like it, let me know okay?” I raised my eyebrows and we sat down with our friends at the table.

“Well that was interesting,” Dorcas turned to say to Hestia, “Did I, or did I not, just see you kiss Sirius?”

“Yes, you did,” she replied shyly and I smiled at Dorcas. She and I have never really gotten on after she beat me up one year. I deserved it, or so everyone told me, but it hurt! I had slap-marks for weeks after that but ever since she and Remus started going out, I have mellowed a bit towards her.

“And why haven’t you told me?”

“It only happened last night,” Hestia replied with a slight smile

“What happened last night?” Lily asked sitting down beside her. James plonked down next to me and I bet he just asked Lily out because he’s got that sad look on his face that just screams out ‘WHY!’

“Black and Tia kissed,” Dorcas said gleefully and Lily’s face lit up.

“Yes!” she laughed and turned to hug Hestia. That meant that Hestia had to let go of my hand [did I mention we were holding hands! How cute is that!] to hug her friend. Once she had finished the whole emotional bonding thing, I regained her hand again. I mean why shouldn’t I? It fit exactly inside mine!

I turned to my friends, Frank, James, Peter and Remus and they all nodded at me with a grin. See we don’t need any hugging to congratulate each other; a simple nod and a few words would do for us.

“Nice,” Frank smiled.

“Good for you Paddie!” James said wistfully.

“You saw sense then,” Remus grinned.

Peter didn’t say anything which I found most odd. He’s been very quiet recently and I haven’t seen very much of him. I know I can be a bit honest sometimes which people may interpret that as being mean but he’s still a pal and a fellow Marauder.

We finished breakfast quickly and I managed to eat my bacon sandwich with one hand. We had potions first and I headed to the dungeons, my hand still in Hestia's, but we were silent. Its kind of odd, all this silence, I’m usually a talkative person but I lose everything from my mind when I’m with her.

Sluggie was in his usual pompous ‘I’ve got something stuck up my bum mood’ and he decided today was the day that we were to start brewing Quellenta. Quellenta is a very complicated potion which incidentally is one of the weakest forms of truth potions there is. How can something so fiddly and complicated be so weak? It’s a mystery to me. He stood at the front of the class smiling broadly in Lily’s direction.

“FOR THIS POTION, I HAVE PUT YOU INTO PAIRS AGAIN; BLACK AND BLACK, CAMEL AND DORMINS, EVANS AND LUPIN, MEADOWS AND LONGBOTTOM, VANCE AND POTTER, JONES AND DIGGORY” he carried on and I cursed mentally as Hestia went to sit next to Diggory. I don’t like the guy one little bit and I don’t trust him at all. I waited for my stupid cousin Bella to move to sit next to me but the seat remained empty.

“Black, Black, which one of you is going to move?” Slughorn ordered and I shook my head

“I’m not Sir.”

“Well I’m certainly not, Professor,” she chipped in batting her long, dark eyelashes. I hate her with a passion but I did forget that Slughorn is her head of house. Favouritism, I tell you.

“Fine if you are going to play it that way Mr Black, you will do the potion alone. Miss Black, please make a three with Snape and Rosier,”
I grimaced at that as I’m not the best potions maker. I did it lazily though, my mind and ears much more concerned with watching my girl with that scumbag Diggory.

I watched as he moved towards her and she backed away, her face contorting a little. As I added one of my final ingredients I heard her say very loudly and very clearly. “I’m sorry Amos, but I won’t go out with you.”

“You’ll change your mind,” he laughed in that slick tone, “Everybody does.”

That was the time when I knew I had to intervene. I threw in the eye of newt and stalked over to Hestia and Diggory.

“Why will you change your mind Tia?” I asked softly and she smiled at me weirdly.

“Never mind,”

“Nah, Sirius will understand, wont you Sirius ol’buddy ol’pal?” he laughed again and I backed away from him. Merlin, he’s creepy, “Hestia here won't go out with me so I told her I would change her mind.”

“She won’t,” I replied smirking. I could hear some very loud crackling and popping in the background and I laughed inwardly at someone’s pitiful attempts to brew a potion.

“She will,” Diggory was fast losing his charm here.

“No, she won’t because she’s taken.” I announced and I never got to see the expression on his face as I span around. I had practically destroyed my desk and Slughorn was looking furious.


After a lecture from Sluggie and a weeks worth of detentions, I left the potions room chuckling to myself. It was halfway into charms, our next lesson, so I was surprised to see Hestia stood outside the door waiting for me.

“Why did you wait?”

She walked up to me and she gave me the most evil look, I imagine she could muster. It was actually quite a cool look and it made me shiver from anticipation.

“I’m not an object,” she said smoothly, “I cannot be taken.”

“I’m sorry,” I put on a puppy dog face and she laughed softly “I was just a bit angry.”

“Thank you,” she said suddenly, “for rescuing me from that idiot.”

“No problemo!”

She pulled me along by my hand and we set off down the corridor at an alarming speed. “Nice explosion by the way,” she joked.

“Why thank you,” I answered putting on a fake western accent. She stopped in the corridor for a minute looking into my eyes deeply. I was just taken back by the emotion in hers that I found I couldn’t speak. She pecked my lips suddenly but before I could deepen the kiss, she had set off again, talking quickly like a mad woman!

“Oh Sirius?”

“Uh huh?”

“The answer is yes.”

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Chapter 5: James
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James [takes place after Lily and after the epilogue.]

Head-boy, Quidditch Captain, Marauder King; I’m a natural born leader. I’m a Leo, the son of the Head Auror and the Head Boy. I mean it when I say I was born to be in charge. James Potter is my name and I was born to be a leader.

Of course I was also born to be a lover as my wonderful new girlfriend will tell you. Who is she, I hear you ask? None other than the lovely Lily Evans, also known as Lils, Lily-Loo and the list can go on. I really like her but I'll tell you more about her later. I could go on for hours about Lily to be honest. My friends used to think I was mad but now they now how I feel.

My name is James Potter and I’m the Head Boy of Hogwarts. I’m tall, I guess, with average hair and average coloured eyes. I play Quidditch and so naturally I’m the Quidditch Captain. My mother was so proud of me when I got the post but then she slapped me and told me I wasn’t to be getting big-headed about it. My dad was Quidditch Captain and Head Boy too, just like my granddad and my great granddad. It’s a Potter tradition and I’m glad I didn’t break it. I’m quite close to my family and I would hate to let them down. There is only my mum, my dad, Louisa and I.

Louisa’s my older sister and she’s fan-diddly-tastic, I don’t know anyone as cool as her. She works for Zonko’s in Japan so she gets all these super-cool products to send to me. She sent me these mirrors so I can talk to my friends in detention and even these super cool singing socks. I gave them to Sirius for Christmas one year and he was plagued by them until he worked out how to take them off. It was so funny.

Speaking of Christmas, IT’S IN FIVE DAYS! That’s right, it’s the twentieth of December and we’re on our way home. Everybody is coming to mine until Christmas Eve and I’m so excited! My parents are a little apprehensive about having 10 teenagers in the house but I know that it’s going to be great.

“Oh Jamesie boy!” Sirius, my weird and wacky best friend, poked me in the shoulder. “Do you think Auntie Maggie will have made mince pies?”

“Auntie Maggie makes the best mince pies,” Remus agreed, his eyes rolling with bliss as he obviously thought of my mum’s mince pies. They are the best!

By the way, Sirius and Remus are not my cousins although they wish they were. However, they spend so much time at my house that they might as well be. Remus only lives a couple of blocks away and his parents work odd hours so he’s around a lot but Sirius’ family is awful so he lives with me. He’s got an apartment but I’ve invited him around for Christmas anyway. Nobody likes to spend Christmas alone. My other friends Frank and Peter don’t spend as much time at my house as Sirius and Remus because Frank lives quite far away and Peters’ got a scarily protective mother. I met her once; she calls Peter, her Petey Wetey! We have never let Peter live it down!

I’m a bit nervous really, as Lily’s coming to my house for the first time today to meet my family. Sirius, being the evil git that he is, told them all about my obsession with Lily and they all found it cute although Lily didn’t apparently. But two weeks ago, a momentous thing happened: SHE SAID YES! I suppose now is as good a time as any to tell you about my Lily. She’s gorgeous: her red hair sparkles, her green eyes twinkle and I dream about her day and night. She is shorter than me, which I'm quite grateful about, and unlike many girls of Hogwarts can hold a decent conversation with me. Her five friends, except Emmeline, are going out with my five friends, except for Peter. So to the surprise of all the teachers, four Gryffindors [Frank, Remus, Sirius and I] are going out with four Gryffindors [Alice, Dorcas, Hestia and LILY!]. So this Christmas it’s going to be couple-land at the Potter residence.

“You seem in a little world.” Lily whispered from behind her book and I shot her a smile.

“Just thinking about Christmas.”

“There I was thinking you were going to say you were thinking about me,” she replied in a mock-offended tone.

“Well you and Christmas go together.”

“Well, if I suppose I have to be compared to something then I’m glad it’s Christmas,” she grinned and I almost swooned. I’m such a girl.

I looked around our squashed compartment with a happy smile. If anyone had told me that I would have been sat in a compartment with Lily as my girlfriend at the beginning of the year, she would have hexed them and I would have kissed them. It’s like a dream come true. I’m not the only one though; Frankie’s as love sick as I am and he’s cuddled into the corner with a gorgeous blonde on his arm. Remus is going out with one of Sirius’ ex-mortal enemies [he has quite a few of them] Dori Meadows who beat him up a few years ago while Sirius is dating the school geek, I still don’t get that but he seems happy and besides Hestia seems like a nice person, a lot less bookish than I thought. Emmeline, one of our closest friends is dating our mischievous successor Gideon Prewitt.

When I saw successor, I suppose I should tell you more about the Marauders. It’s our mission to cause mischief wherever we go and Gideon and his twin brother Fabian are learning fast. In fact they would probably be quite good if we weren’t here!

I like to think of Frank as being a Marauder too but we only got to know him this year really so he’s not a fully fledged marauder. He knows about Remus’ furry little problem and the fact that we’re Animagi [I’m a stag; how cool is that? The correct answer is VERY!], but he isn’t an animagus with us. He’s a dude though, much cooler than Peter to be honest but Petey’s a mate, I’ll stick by him for a while. He adores me. Our favourite thing to do is to pull pranks, usually on the Slytherins. Especially Severus Snape.

Well Snape is awful, a brick, crazy, deranged, evil, filthy, greasy, horrible, an IDIOT, jumpy, kooky, a liar, mucky, nasty, pathetic, smelly and oh well you get the picture. Thinking of words is more Moony’s thing than mine. I hate him, he hates me. That’s that.

He calls Lily a mudblood which makes me mad and he also knows that Remus is a werewolf. Of course that’s all bloody Sirius’ fault but if Remus can forgive him so can I. The problem with Sirius, one of many, is that he doesn’t look before he leaps. At least that’s what my mum tells me.

“How about a game?” Sirius suggested wickedly and I rolled my eyes at him. I noticed with a snort that I wasn’t the only one.

“Like?” Emmeline grinned.

“I don’t know,” he replied when he obviously did. When it comes to games like that, he only EVER wants to play one but I know I wasn’t in the mood.

“No, Sirius.” I said firmly and he gave me a strange look. He’s been giving me them quite a lot lately but when I asked Remus why he does so he says it’s because I’ve changed. I don’t really think I have changed that much though.

“Fine,” he narrowed his eyes and returned to staring at the ceiling.

The train pulled into the station fairly swiftly and levitating my super heavy trunk I was the last one of the train. The first thing I saw was a hot chick standing by a pillar. Her hair was long and dark with curly bits everywhere and her eyes were bright blue.

“LOU!” I yelled and dropped my trunk, running into her arms. She hugged me back tightly reminding me of my mother so much except for the fact that her hair was like my dads and come to think of it; mine.

“Hey Jamie,” she whispered in my air and I pulled back. I haven’t seen her for a year so that’s why we are a little emotional. As I said before she was in Japan and the last time I saw her she was different to what she is now. I don’t know how but she was!

“Sirius,” she hugged my best friend who lifted her up and twirled her around, “Hey Remie.”

I noticed with a laugh when she said that Dorcas growled and I placed a hand on her shoulder. She immediately shook it off me, giving me an angry look. I winked at her and turned back to my sister who was hugging Peter and looking very reluctant about it. Louisa doesn’t like Peter very much.

“Louisa, this is Hestia, Alice, Emmeline, Dorcas and Lily,” I introduced and Louisa shook all of their hands pausing when she got to Lily.

“You’re the infamous Lily Evans,” she joked, “I feel like I know you already.”

Both Lily and I blushed as Louisa hugged Lily warmly. Yes, I’m one of those sad, sad guys who talk, well write, to their sister about the girls in their life. Louisa gives really good advice though as she’s been around the block a few times. My mum wasn’t the biggest player in the world but apparently my father was. Just the thought of Harold Potter flirting is enough to make everyone laugh uncontrollably.

“I volunteered to come and meet you all,” she grinned, “I brought the car.”

Remus, Sirius and I all groaned at this. Louisa is a rubbish driver to be honest and last summer, the one before 6th year, she took us all down to the seaside. We got down there okay and had a great day filled with fish ‘n’ chips and plenty of ice cream but on the way back when we were going down the motorway, we got stopped by those Muggle law enforcers. Erm… P… something…. Pelcio? Oh I dunno. But he’s there waffling on at us about going too fast and we weren’t even flying for merlin’s sake. Louisa just whispered something in his ear making him blush and he just handed her a piece of paper with a number scribbled on it. She grinned at him and we drove off again. I never really understood why we got away with it.

“How, my darling Louisa, are we going to fit 10 people into your little Volkswagen Beatle?”

“Sirius, my silly boy, I’m a witch remember.” she walked off and we followed her. She was the Head Girl when she was at Hogwarts, three years ago, and she literally did rule the school. She was paired with Lucius Malfoy, this pretentious idiot from Slytherin and boy, did she kick him into shape. Now when Mum tells us he’s gone to the dark side and Louisa just laughs and said that she knew it all along.

Louisa’s precious car hadn’t changed a bit and the bright pink colour stood out a mile away. Sirius leaped into it pulling poor old Hestia with him. She, like the other girls, looked very wary of Louisa as well as a little amused. Even Dori, who had been giving her the evils for a while, laughed out loud when she saw the car. The car had obviously been enlarged and Hestia, Sirius, Remus, Dorcas, Alice and Frank squeezed in the back, while Lily, Emmeline and Peter had joined me in the front.

“Hold on tight!” My sister yelled and we were all thrown back in our seats. My sister is not a fabulous driver but I’ll give my friends credit where it is due, they were all silent as we drove home. Well except for Sirius, because my best buddy is never known to be quiet!

“We’re going home, we’re going home,” he sang tunelessly making everyone laugh. I turned to Lily who looked exceedingly squashed and she smiled brightly.

“So then, hows school?” Louisa asked as she ‘expertly' or rather by really taking everyone’s life into her hands around a roundabout. “Is it as amazing as I remember it?”

“It’s still good,” I laughed as she did a rather rude hand gesture in the direction of another car. She’s so much like my mum when she goes driving.

Sirius was just about to open his mouth when Louisa pulled into my driveway. I live in the little village of ‘Godric’s Hollow’ and I can’t imagine ever leaving it. I saw the familiar red brick of my home appear and I broke into a smile. We all piled out of the house and I saw Lily’s mouth drop open.

So what did I do? What do you expect me to do! I stole a kiss! Which naturally made everyone groan but Lily just smiled against my mouth. I broke away from her and slid my arm around her waist.

“Now that was a sight I didn’t particularly want to see,” Louisa joked, winking at Lily, “You are my baby brother after all.”

“Where’s Aunty Maggie?” Sirius enquired hopping up and down on the spot. I can never work that boy out, he just always keeps moving. My friends were all gathered outside the house and I pulled them all inside the door, looking to my sister for an answer.

“Mum’s gone to Diagon Alley,” she answered with a smirk, “Something about mincemeat.”

“YAY!” Remus, Sirius and I jumped up and down, knowing exactly what that meant. My mum was making mince pies! YAY!

“She said to make yourself at home,” Louisa reeled off, “And she’ll be back about four o’clock with food.”

“I’ll show you to your rooms.” I felt so important as I led my friends to their rooms. I love my house and I’m glad to see the girl I love in my house. That’s right, I love her. I haven’t told her yet, I’m a bit nervous too but I really love her. I LOVE LILY EVANS!

“James,” I looked up to see Lily staring at me, “You’re standing there with a goofy expression on your face.”

“And we haven’t got all day, Jamie boy,” Sirius pushed past me playfully and he led the way to my room. He knows my house better than I do, I swear! Ever since he left home a year ago, he spends quite a lot of time there. He has got a flat, which he loves, but there is something about my house that he adores.

He showed everyone to their rooms while I just chilled. Maybe that is a bit lazy but I have got a lot on my mind. Maybe today should be the day that I actually told Lily that I love her, I could get it over and done with. I was nice and relaxed, drifting of into my own little daydream involving Lily in a bikini, on my bed as Remus and Frank came in.

“What’s up?” Remus said instantly and I just shrugged. He’s very intuitive though and he knows immediately when something is up. I hate him for that! The problem is he doesn’t even know he has such a gift.

“I’m just tired,” I lied and he raised an eyebrow in my direction. I smiled at him weakly and he just dropped the subject which is another reason Moony is amazing – he knows when to stop something which Sirius should take note of!

They sat there for a while just chatting while I watched. I’m not usually a quiet person but today I felt like reflecting on everything. Remus would call this a ‘pensive’ mood and he’s right! He would probably also call this an ‘odd’ mood!

“Let’s go and see where Sirius got to,” Frank said suddenly and I catapulted myself off the bed. We walked down to the living room to see Sirius draped all over my furniture with his arm around Hestia. Lily, Dorcas and Emmeline were sat there deep in conversation while Peter was – wait - Peter was eating! That boy never stops eating! He had about 30 Cauldron Cakes on the train!

“Where did you all get to?” Lily asked as she stood up. I ran towards her theatrically and she giggled.

“We were in James’ room,” Frank answered from his spot on the floor. Alice was curled up next to him and she gave him a funny look. “Unpacking.” he added quickly

“Sure you were,” Dorcas said with a mischievous smile, “That’s what they all say.”

“Sssh you,” Remus teased giving her a quick kiss. I have to admit I felt a bit sorry for Emmeline at that point because she had no-one. I’d like to say I felt sorry for Peter but the way he was devouring a cheese sandwich made me feel more sorry for the sandwich. It’s no wonder the poor boy doesn’t have a girlfriend. Note to self, have a word with Peter about his eating habits!

While everyone else was otherwise ‘engaged’ and Emmeline was reading ‘Quidditch through the Ages, I whisked Lily from the room. She gave me a funny look but I pulled her towards the kitchen.

“Do you want a drink or something?” I asked nervously and she shook her head. I chewed on my lip as I wondered what to say next.

“Are you okay?” she asked softly and I nodded vigorously, “You seem really nervous.”

“I’m not nervous,” I lied, “I’m fine, I’m more than fine, I’m just dandy.”

She gave me an odd look but I took her hand softly. She smiled warily and her eyes began to twinkle. I love it when they do that; I just could stare at them for hours.

“James…. JAMES,” she called and I snapped back to attention, “What is up with you?”

“Nothing,” I lied again, “Erm, Evans, I mean Lils, I mean Lily.”

“I think we established my name,” she interrupted, “What’s the matter?”

“I need to tell you something,” I revealed and the twinkle disappeared from her eyes. A look of something crossed into them and my heart sank.

“Are you breaking up with me?” she burst out at exactly the same time I blurted out;

“I love you.”

My eyes met hers as she realised what I had said. The twinkle reappeared as did a beautiful smile.

“You love me,” she whispered and I nodded gently, “I thought you were breaking up with me.”

“After asking you out 500 times.” I joked, trying to lighten the situation, “Do you think I’m stupid?” She still hadn’t said the words back and my nerves were rising. What if I had moved to fast, what if I was just being stupid?

“I love you to,o” she said clearly and I jumped out of my seat, resisting the urge to scream. She giggled as I punched the air and I wrapped my arms around her. She leant in and kissed me and…. Let’s just say… WOW!!! I didn’t realise it could be that good.


I broke away from Lily feeling dazed and happy to see my two favourite people in the whole wide world; Harold and Maggie Potter, known to me as Mum and Dad, standing there. My mum was trying to look stern but I knew she was failing. My dad just had a big smile on his face!

“Hi mum,” I said sheepishly, “You’re back early."

“Actually James,” she grinned, “I’m back an hour late, but thank you for noticing. It’s nice to know you were so worried.”

I blushed at this, realising that time literally had flown by. Lily poked me in the side at this point and I remembered my manners.

“Mum, Dad, this is Lily, my girlfriend!” I smiled broadly, “Lily this is my Mum and Dad.”

“It’s nice to meet you,” she held out her hand and they shook it. She smiled awkwardly at them while they studied her for a moment. I held my breath for a second but my Dad broke into the infamous ‘Potter Grin’ and unknowingly so did I.

“It seems our James has picked a winner!”

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Chapter 6: Epilogue
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“Hurry along now, Jackson, Black – your group is in the library, Carter, James, your group is in the Great Hall, ” McGonagall barked as her students made to leave the room. Her eyes were flashing as she thought of the reason they had to leave her lesson, but then again, if Albus wanted something, he usually got it, it didn’t matter that it took up valuable teaching time.

“Black, Potter, Lupin, Longbottom, you are going next door. Fields, Meadows, Vance, Jones and Evans you are to stay here. Your task is on the slip of parchment and I expect it completed before the end of the lesson. I will be walking around the rooms and I expect you all to do your best on this.” She paused for a moment, “I’m sure you all remember what it was like to be new and Professor Dumbledore thinks it may be a nice idea for you to pass on your,” she stopped as if she was looking for the correct word, “wisdom.”

You are required to write a letter to a muggleborn student, to be given to them once they receive their Hogwarts letter. It must include:
1) Information about Hogwarts
2) Information about Lessons
3) Information about Leisure Activities
4) A little bit about yourselves
5) Advice
You must not: Be biased to any other house and/or write anything detrimental or degrading about anyone living or dead
I will be expecting at least a two foot letter from the five/ four of you and it needs to be suitable for a younger person. It needs to be welcoming and cheerful.

Black, I am warning you if you write anything in this letter that is not suitable you will be in detention until you leave and before you say how will she know who wrote it, I will.

“This is going to be boring,” Sirius muttered the second Professor McGonagall left the room. He couldn’t help but feel surprised that McGonagall had actually left them alone for more than a minute as usually she monitored anything the Marauders did like a hawk. Sirius shrugged off his surprise though and led back in his chair lazily before turning to pull a face at Remus “Are you writing Moony?” He did his puppy dog eyes which, while they might have worked on some people, his friends were immune to them.

“Why do I have to?” Remus objected strongly, “I think Frank should,” He wasn’t in the best of moods. The full moon was coming up and even though, he was usually a happy-go-lucky person, he was annoyed about being not being able to use this lesson as a last minute chance to study.

“Me?” Frank grinned, “We all know the Head Boy should,” He laughed at James’ expression which was one of pure shock. He poked his tongue out at James who gave him an evil stare.

James looked at all three of them before breaking into a smile. He held up the quill and placed it in Remus’ hands silently. They all gave him a strange look but he nodded grandly as if that would explain it all.

“No,” Remus said strongly and he tried to hand the quill back to him. “I’m not doing it.”

“Looks like you are,” Sirius laughed hysterically at his as Remus tried to let go of the quill but couldn’t. He could manoeuvre it around so he could write but he couldn’t remove it. Remus pulled a face.

“Fine then,” He sulked, “I’ll write,” He handled the quill gently glaring around at all the guys who just smirked back at him.

“Glad you saw sense,” James finally spoke, “We all knew you were the best person for the job,” He grinned cheekily leaving Remus fuming. They all loved to wind Remus up because they knew he could take it. They had tried winding the girls up but James found that they got a bit too snappy so Remus really was the best person for it. Just not around the time of the full moon.

Remus seized the bit of parchment from Frank and stared at it for a moment, his quill poised as if he were going to write. He looked up at his friends and raised an eyebrow. Sirius gave a laugh, Frank rolled his eyes and James smirked. Remus placed the quill on the parchment and began to write;

Hello soon to be Students of Hogwarts,
My name is Remus Lupin and I’m going to be your narrator for the letter. Why? Sirius says it’s because I’m a geek. Thanks Sirius, I really appreciate comments like that. We’re four seventh years, soon to be leaving and we’re in writing this because we’re being made to. We should be doing transfiguration.

“Oh I don’t mind,” James muttered, “It’s better than practicing spells that we all know over and over again.”

“And that’s why we’re should protest against it,” Remus sighed.

“Power to the people,” Sirius exclaimed leaning back in his chair so it tottered in a precautious manner. “We should take this to the Wizardgamot!”

“Power to the People,” Frank looked at Sirius curiously for a moment, “Where did you hear that one?”

“You sound like a political acti… acti,” James stuttered, “A political acti…. Moony, what’s the word?”

“Activist,” Remus replied scanning over the letter briefly, “Where did you hear that Sirius?” he repeated Frank’s previous question.

“Off the Muggle Wireless,” Sirius replied with a grin, “Tia’s brother was listening to it when I went over to hers,” He grinned at that memory and was about to divulge more details when Remus, obviously sensing Sirius’ plan, jumped in.

“I don’t think we can write that James,” Remus reprimanded taking the quill back of James who had decided it was his time to write but, instead, Sirius took the quill off of him. He squealed in disgust and pulled it back.

“Moony, you squeal like a girl or rather than a girl, a piglet,” James laughed, “And you’re not erasing that bit. We need these people to know that their letter writers are being unfair…”

“MR POTTER, ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT UNRELATED ARTICLES?” The booming voice of Professor McGonagall filled the room making everyone jump. James pulled a funny face before answering in a deep voice which subsequently made everybody chortle. You could almost hear Professor McGonagall’s disapproval.

“Of course not Professor, we’re talking about our introduction,” He smiled a charming smile in the direction of the door and Sirius rolled his eyes. He whispered to James.

“You know that smile will never work, Potter.”

“Just watch,” James said knowingly.

“You better have been Potter, otherwise you’re in trouble,” The boys waited for a minute before they started to count to ten. James gave Sirius a look that just said ‘Touché’ and the elder boy returned it with a withering look. Surprisingly Remus was the first to pass ten before saying.

“And that’s why we should stick to the subject in question,” He laughed mentally though at the situation arising between James and Sirius. They seemed to be having some kind of conversation about winning McGonagall over using only facial expressions.

“Oooh, Goody two shoes,” Sirius said in a ridiculously high voice, still glaring at James, “Isn’t he perfect, isn’t he amazing?”

“Thank you,” Remus smirked before continuing.

As I wrote before my name is Remus and I’m a Gryffindor. My best friends are Sirius who is slightly insane, James who is a tad hyperactive and Frank who is too nice for his own good. There’s also Peter but he’s got tutoring during this lesson so he couldn’t make it. He’s a lucky so and so.

“You forgot to add that I’m a sex god,” Sirius muttered, “Why couldn’t I write?”

“Because you didn’t want to,” Remus sighed again, “You’re welcome to if you want to.”

“Maybe later,” Sirius raised an eyebrow and wiggled it around mischievously, “You can write the boring stuff.”

Anyway moving on swiftly, we are supposed to tell you about Hogwarts. What are we meant to say apart from how AMAZING it is? You’ll never experience anything like Hogwarts ever again in your life so be prepared for an adventure of a lifetime. The castle is like something our off a fairytale and. I’m sure what you want to know about Hogwarts are the secret passages and the hidden rooms. Of course we cant say to much in this letter because I would be prepared to bet my last galleon that the lovely Professor McGonagall will be reading this but let me just say; they’re there and don’t we know it.

“Forever poetic aren’t you?” Frank joked, “I don’t know where you get it all from, I couldn’t even write Alice a song.”

Remus blushed slightly before just laughing in response. He loved to write, he just didn’t do it very often.

“It’s a shame we couldn’t pass on our perils of wisdom,” Sirius said dramatically after double checking the room to see if McGonagall was there, “You know I’m sure there is a Marauder out there just waiting to be trained,” His eyes closed for a second as he pictured a bunch of hell raisers tearing through the castle, hexing Slytherins and leaving swamps in places they shouldn’t be. “You know they might even give Filch a run for his money.”

“I think we do a good job of that,” James grinned, “Look at the Dungbomb incident. I don’t think he ever recovered.” His face broke into a jovial look as he remembered when the day they had discovered Filch’s living quarters. Like most things, the Marauders did it was done by chance and boy, did they decide to make the most of it. They had sneaked into it that night while Filch was doing his nightly rounds and left him a little present. He smirked at the memory of Filch storming up to Professor Dumbledore the next morning and screaming at him. Of course, Dumbledore had known exactly who had done it but he hadn’t said anything. James couldn’t help but think it was a very good job McGonagall hadn’t been there to hear Filch’s little outburst; that could have turned ugly.

“Can you honestly see yourself as a teacher for Marauders or any kind of teacher for that matter?” Remus turned in shock whispering quietly, “I couldn’t picture it myself. You would take the mickey out of the smart kids and congratulate the naughty kids. Poor McGonagall would have a field day,” He smiled at the thought of Sirius teaching, the idea was hilarious. He liked Sirius but he couldn’t see him being a teacher. Then again, Sirius probably could be an excellent one, just like all of the Marauders; Remus’ smiled dropped as he realised this. At least Sirius would have the chance to be a teacher; Remus’ dreams may never come true.

“Yeah, you’re probably right. You can bet I would get some idiot and I’d just go mad. Imagine me teaching here, I’d be fabulous. Gryffindor would win the cup every year; I could take points from Slytherins just because I wanted.” Sirius answered while charming a paper aeroplane to fly around the room, “Wow, look at it go. I think this could be a record… OH MERLIN… LOOK AT IT GO.” He followed it around the room with his eyes until it flew out of the open window.

James clapped while Frank and Remus looked on in sheer amazement. They weren’t amazed because of Sirius’ spell work; they were amazed because of the way James and Sirius were entranced by it. Remus smiled warily; sometimes those two were too much. For two people so smart, they could always be taken with very simple things.

“I don’t hear writing,” Sirius said again in that ridiculously high pitched voice which drives everyone insane, “Moony, Moony, Moony, that kind of thing will get you in trouble. If it gets you into trouble, then it’s definitely going to get us into trouble. Then it will all be your fault. Thanks a bunch Moony, thanks a bunch.”

“Shut up Padfoot,” Remus threw a piece of parchment at Sirius who charmed it to fly back towards him. Remus threw up his hands in disgust, sitting back in his chair sulking. Frank took that as an opportunity to seize the quill and he began to scribble, making it impossible for the guys to continue their paper war. That was probably a good thing, Frank thought wryly, Paper fights and the Marauders never went down well, especially not in detention. He grimaced at the thought.

“Let me have a go,” James pulled the quill from Remus’ hands before Remus had the chance to protest.

Hogwarts is made up of four houses, one of which you will be sorted into unless there is something wrong with you. I won’t reveal the way in which you’re sorted but it could because you harm.

There’s Gryffindor, which is the best, Ravenclaw, for the nerds, Hufflepuff, for the shy one’s and Slytherins. If you go into Slytherin, then you know you have done something wrong.

You live in these houses, eat in them and sleep in them. Each house has it’s own head, for instance in Gryffindor, we have Professor McGonagall, or our Minnie! She’s lovely.

“She’s going to go mad,” Remus said as soon as Frank had put the last full stop, “We’ll get another detention. She hates it when we call her Minnie.” He raised an eyebrow at Sirius. He didn’t particularly want another detention as he wanted to make the most of all his time left at Hogwarts. Detentions were fun though, sometimes, especially ones that involved being outside. Some of the others had been hideous; cleaning silver, cleaning the greenhouse and cleaning floors. Teachers seemed to think the only way to suppress the Marauders was to get them to clean. The trouble with that was that cleaning nearly always leads to a water fight. That always lead to disaster and nearly always [Remus couldn’t think of a time when it didn’t] lead to detention. Cleaning was never a good idea. Cleaning = Detention.

“She loves it really,” Sirius grinned, “And besides, she is our Minnie. Nothing could change that. We just like to be familiar with her. The same way she calls us… erm… well never mind” He grinned at the many, many times he had called Professor McGonagall; Minnie. In transfiguration, at breakfast, quite a lot of the time really, every time she would react with the same comments; “Mr Black, such familiarity is not tolerated.” or just the easy to remember; “BLACK, DETENTION.”

“It’s true,” James nodded, “I heard her telling Flitwick that we were her favourite students.”

“I somehow doubt that,” Frank laughed, “We’ve, well you three, have been in detention more than anybody else I know. I think her favourite student is probably Hestia.”

“Or Lily,” James piped up loyally, “But I still think it’s us.”

“This is veering of the subject slightly. Sirius, you can be the one to deal with her reaction then,” Remus mused, imagining Professor McGonagall’s less than happy face when she read this. He could almost hear her yelling, “HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU, MR BLACK, THAT YOU MUST ADDRESS ME AS PROFESSOR MCGONAGALL,” He laughed and pulled the parchment out of Franks grasp. Frank gave an outraged grasp but Remus just shrugged. He seized the quill as if it were a weapon and wrote.

Lessons at Hogwarts can be quite fun at times.

“Remus, lessons are never fun,” Sirius interrupted, “Unless we get to sneak off to the library, in which case – they’re just great.”

“Padfoot,” James burst out forgetting to lower his voice, “You hate going to the library. You’re always saying that Pince scares you with her obsession for books. And besides you’re always telling us that you hate lessons, all lessons.”

Sirius didn’t miss a beat with a dry laugh and he answered back coolly, “I love the lessons when it’s just Tia and I and we sneak off to the library. When you and Lily are doing work, I’m doing other things,” he smirked, “You know what they say about corners?”

“No,” James replied with a straight face, “What do they say about corners?”

Sirius went all flustered for a minute there and Remus fought the urge to laugh. James and Frank weren’t as courteous and burst into laughter as Sirius answered, “Erm something I’m sure. Corners were made for couples,” He grinned sheepishly running a hand through his hair before adding, “Merlin, I’m good.”

“Oh right,” Remus snorted knowing Sirius had made that up of the top of his head. He fought the urge to laugh. “So good Sirius, you have a talent.”

“I do?” Sirius couldn’t keep the surprise from his voice

“Yeah a talent for bul….”

“MR POTTER,” The four boys looked up and saw Professor McGonagall regarding them with an evil look, “If I hear one more word that is not related to the task in hand then I will be issuing you with another detention, all of you, and 20 points from Gryffindor,” she paused and James was sure it was for dramatic effect, “each”

Remus, realising that Sirius was going to say something, placed a hand across Sirius’ mouth. Frank did the same for James leaving both boys rendered speechless. Professor McGonagall watched them do this for a minute.

“I think that might have been a wise idea, Lupin, Longbottom. I warn you I will be returning shortly.”

She walked out and Remus removed his hand from Sirius’ mouth.

“Sirius, you tried to bite me,” he wiped his hand down Sirius’ robes, “That’s disgusting. Bad doggie.”

Sirius grinned successfully, “Well you shouldn’t try to shut me up. You of all people should know that you cannot silence Sirius Black.”

“Don’t we all know it,” Remus muttered pulling a face, “You’re so great; you get to talk about yourself in the third person.”

“You can’t say anything Mr Perfect, You aren’t so quiet, I know you’re not.”

“I’m not,” Remus answered honestly, “I never said I was. People just make assumptions. I’m not always quiet, I know that.”

“Well you should be,” Sirius glared at him strongly but Remus just smirked before grabbing the quill again. He didn’t like the way this conversation was going and it wouldn’t be long before McGonagall was back so, he began to write again. He didn’t get far though before Frank asked to write and Remus obliged.

Well I like lessons. You’ll take Transfiguration which is pretty cool, potions which is torture, Charms, I like charms, and Herbology which is amazing along with some others.

You learn in different ways at Hogwarts but most lessons involve practical work, except for History of Magic which is taught by a ghost. I’m sure he talked himself to death you know. He sends everybody, even the best student in our class, to sleep. In potions though, you get to blow up the dungeons as I have done many times or have potions blown up over you like my lovely Alice did to me. Luckily it was the good luck potion! And I certainly got lucky!

In your third year you can take Divination which is a waste of time, Arithmancy and Muggle Studies in which you could sleep in that lesson. I advise you take it.

“You didn’t mention Ancient Runes,” Remus pointed out and Frank pulled a face.

“That’s because it’s so unbearably boring,” Sirius joked, “He didn’t want to torture any of the first years by suggesting that they take it.”

“THAT’S NOT TRUE,” Remus almost yelled again and James, Sirius and Frank all jumped back. A look of fear crept into Remus’ eyes as he waited but luckily nobody appeared. No-one spoke though, still expecting the formidable boom of McGonagall’s voice to come through. He liked Ancient Runes and while he didn’t mind Sirius insulting it behind closed doors he did mind in public. Remus found it to be a truly interesting subject and he couldn’t help but think that more people should take it up. He was very passionate about his classes.

“Why is it not true Moony?” Sirius whispered grinning cheekily, knowing that his friend was easy to wind up, “And by the way, I wouldn’t advise yelling like that. Not only is it not good for the ear, I don’t think Professor McGonagall would like it.”

Remus made a very rude hand gesture in Sirius’ direction prompting a theatrical gasp from the man himself. There was still no sign of McGonagall but Remus wasn’t going to take any chances. There wasn’t that long left at school and he needed a clean record. Werewolves were already discriminated against enough. He already had enough detentions to mar his record and while that wouldn’t harm Sirius or James’ personal records, it wasn’t good news for Remus.

“Oh Moony, this essay isn’t going to write itself,” Sirius piped up again and Remus just stared at him strongly, he knew what Sirius was trying to do. Winding Remus up was Sirius’ personal favourite game when the teenager himself was bored. Usually Remus didn’t rise to the bait but with the stress of the full moon, he felt his anger rise. Sirius winked playfully back to show he was joking, going to grab the quill but Remus closed his fingers around it and began to write. His temper calmed for a moment as he realised that Sirius was only joking. It was the bloody full moon; it made him feel angry when he shouldn’t. A few noises from Sirius distracted and disturbed him but he continued as if nothing had happened.

Now onto leisure activities at Hogwarts, we don’t really do leisure activities but they are out there. I think there’s chess, gobstones and some others. Sirius advises you not to join them though and make your own leisure time by pranking Slytherins and staring at girls. I do not agree with this.

I play Quidditch at Hogwarts which is only the BEST game ever. Gryffindor has won ever since I joined back the team back in my first year and I love it. I’m captain of our team as well as a Chaser. GO GRYFFINDOR! I can imagine nothing better than sliding through the air on my Nimbus 1050 instead of being stuck here in this stuffy classroom.

“Prongs, Prongs, Prongs,” Sirius smacked him playfully around the head, “You twist everything around to Quidditch.”

He said this and everyone turned to stare at him. James wondered what was wrong with his best friend while Frank searched for some Polyjuice Potion. Remus just raised an eyebrow in his direction before saying, “When did you turn into me? How did you turn into me?”

“I think the question you should ask is why you turned into him,” James interrupted, “Merlin, Siri-Pie, my best buddy himself, we need you back. Come back from the light, fight the urge. You can do it… COME ON.”

Frank snorted and managed to refrain from laughing while James just burst into hysterics at his own comments. Sirius gave Remus and James an evil look. Even he had to admit though, it was very unlike him to say anything like that. He just felt like being the sensible one for once, just to try it out. He didn’t like it, he decided with a mischievous look, best to leave the sensible things to the sensible one himself. He answered back cheekily, but with a serious face. He liked to confuse people - it was just a shame it didn’t work most of the time.

“I don’t appreciate comments like that Moon-Man and Jamesie-Wamsie. I would never turn into Remus, imagine all that grey hair.”

“Moon-man,” Remus shook his head in disgust, “I really thought you could have come up with something better than that. And for the record Sirius, it’s not grey… it’s blonde,” without waiting for Sirius’ answer which he knew would be a scathing ‘Sure, sure, sure’, he seized the quill again and began to write. However Sirius had other ideas and while Remus was thinking off what to put, he stole the parchment away and produced a quill as if from nowhere.

Remus would like you to know that Hogwarts has an outstanding library, although I can’t personally see the attraction. He would also like to tell you himself but I stole the parchment. Anyway it has a lot of books and a lot of corners. I don’t like the library though and broom cupboards are much more to my taste.

“You cannot write that Sirius,” Remus repeated for what felt like the tenth time today [and in reality was about the seventh. He had had to tell Sirius off while he was attempting to do his Divination Homework. According to Sirius, troll wars were only to be interrupted if a troll wedding was to take place] and he pulled the quill out of his hand, “Really, you heard what McGonagall said,” An exasperated look marred his features, leaving him looking older than usual and more than ever like a teacher. He hated being the good one in the group, sometimes, and late at night he would wonder what it would be like if he wasn’t a werewolf. He would be more confident, he decided, but probably just as studious. Life would be better though and a lot easier.

“Mr Moony, teachers pet,” Sirius singsonged in response, jerking Remus out of his thoughts, “I’m telling the truth. I’m sure this little Marauder or Marauderette will grateful for my tips,” Sirius grinned thinking of that little devil himself running around Hogwarts causing trouble again. If only, he could stay to watch it then life would be perfect. Especially if it was a beautiful Marauderette - just perfect for little Sirius Junior. Of course a little Marauder would be a great match for the gorgeous, currently unnamed, child of Sirius. He kept these thoughts to himself though; he knew James would find it incredibly funny that he was planning his future.

“They’ll be 11 years old,” Frank laughed, “You’re corrupting 11 year olds. What if an 11 year old could stand up to Peeves? He would be so shocked that he would probably leave the castle,” The thought of the ickle firsties tormenting the worlds most annoying ghost made them all laugh, so hard in fact that they didn’t even notice a tabby cat come in the door all most quietly. It made no noise except a harsh mewing lost in the sound of the boy’s laughter. Perhaps, they should have taken more notice.

“MR LONGBOTTOM,” they all jumped at the sound of none other than Professor McGonagall. She walked in the room, giving them icy glares, and sat down at the front of the room. Knowing their fun was over for a while as McGonagall had just opened a book, Sirius pulled a face towards Frank while James mimed laughter. Remus just rolled his eyes and began to write. His arm was now getting quite sore, he didn’t like long essays. At least the detention was half over now; at least he hoped it was. Remus’ thoughts wondered to the girls and he couldn’t help but wonder what they were up too. Lily would be writing their letter probably and his Dorcas, his beautiful Dorcas, would be doing a ‘Sirius’; leaning back in her chair making sarcastic comments. He grinned at the thought of her and picked up the quill again. Sirius, at least he thought it was Sirius, poked him in the side and he jumped. Rolling his eyes, he continued to write.

Okay, we’ll move on fast again because I’m sure you’re a little worried, if not scared of us. We’re really not as mad as this is making out. Now its time to tell you a little about us; Sirius is sat there begging with his puppy dog eyes so here he is;

I’m Sirius, as my good friend Moony just said and I like to be first. I don’t think that I’m mad either, Moony just misinterpreted me. I’m the joker/prankster/sex god of Gryffindor and I’m a pureblood [not that it matters] and I was the first person in my family to be sorted into Gryffindor [GO ME!]. I’ve got wonderful friends and a beautiful girlfriend who is my complete opposite. It’s actually unbelievable that she, a smart and intelligent girl, would go for me. I’m smart yeah but I don’t behave like it. I’m a rebel too, I suppose, as I ran away from home to live with my best friend. I’m Sirius Black and I live life to the max.

“It’s Frank next,” Remus ordered gently, remembering that McGonagall was in the room, and Sirius pursed his lips. Sirius couldn’t help but think he could have written more, he had so much wisdom to impart. Well it wasn’t so much wisdom, as random useless points but they might find it funny. Sirius liked being the entertainer; it gave him the attention he so desperately craved.

“Don’t do that, you look like…” James broke off about to add a name to his sentence when he remembered who was at the front of the room. Instead he gestured to the front of the room, where McGonagall was looking on with an identical look to which Sirius had been wearing only moments ago. Remus just stared, unable to believe the similarities while Frank put his hand over his mouth to prevent laughter from coming out. Sirius had no such qualms and he let out a laugh, deciding afterwards to disguise it as a cough.

“Mr Black, do you have a problem?” Professor McGonagall asked coolly. The guys couldn’t help but wonder why she didn’t just throw them out. Although they were doing the task in hand, they were making a hell of a lot of noise. Any other day it would have meant it was another detention but today McGonagall just seemed to be ignoring it. It was most odd.

“I have a cough,” Sirius said politely, well politely for him, “It’s giving me a lot of trouble; I think I may need to see Madame Pomfrey later, maybe she could give me a potion. I bet I caught it off Hestia, she said she had a sore throat yesterday at lunch,” He mimed coughing again obviously to add to the effect and he clutched his throat in agony. “It really hurts Professor…”

McGonagall raised an eyebrow but returned to what she was doing silently. Sirius looked outraged at the type of care he was receiving and he let out an extremely throaty, deep, painful sounding, fake laugh. It made everyone look up but just as Professor McGonagall was going to say something, Frank let out a laugh. McGonagall’s eyes narrowed and she returned to her book glaring. James grinned cheekily towards his friends and Frank pulled the parchment out of Sirius’ hands. Sirius looked very outraged but of course he couldn’t say anything which made Frank smiled triumphantly. Remus just put his head in his hands in exasperation.

“I’m next,” Frank declared grinning. He wasn’t really sure what to write but he just wanted to see James’ response. After all he could talk about…. Erm, what could he talk about… he was beginning to regret being so hasty. He quickly scanned the parchment for ideas but none began to form.

“I wanted to be next,” James whined, “This isn’t fair.”

“Oh ssh,” Remus poked James who just glared in response. “You can go next.”

“I’ll think about it.”

Frank, eager not to look stupid, just picked up the quill and began to write. He cringed at his messy handwriting but then again, looking above, it was quite neat compared to Sirius’ scrawl.

I’m Frank Longbottom. I’m quite a simple person. I like sitting by the fire in the Gryffindor Common Room with my amazing girlfriend Alice or a good duel in Defence Against the Dark Arts. Especially against a Slytherin.
I’m a nice guy according to everyone. I wouldn’t hurt a fly but that isn’t strictly true. I went through a pretty difficult time in my life but I came through in the end.
I’m the member of our group that’s indecisive. I didn’t have a detention to my name until I became friends with James, Sirius, Remus and Peter but now I have loads. I have done things that I wouldn’t have even dreamt of and hexed people I have always wanted to hex.
I’m liking life at the moment but I don’t really want to leave Hogwarts; I’m off to Auror training and I can safely say I’m just a little bit scared out of my mind

“There’s nothing to be scared of,” Sirius jeered softly and Frank was completely sure he was joking, “It’s not like we’re going to be killed. It’s only Auror School”. He instantly regretted saying that because; he too, was going to Auror School. Black’s had a notoriously bad name in the ministry and he was dreading joining the Auror’s. The man in charge, Alastor Moody, had been at war with his father for as long Sirius could remember and although Sirius wasn’t like his father [he hoped], he wasn’t sure how Moody would react.

“Shut up,” Frank said uncomfortably, “I’m just nervous okay,” He didn’t particularly like talking about it but he did have severe doubts about going to Auror School. Everyone kept saying that this was the wrong time to apply and that they were excepting all kinds of riff-raff into Auror School because they were desperate. He wanted to be so successful. He wanted to prove to everyone that he could do something with himself.

Professor McGonagall coughed loudly and the guys took this as their sign to shut up. They wouldn’t have usually but because they couldn’t actually be bothered anymore, they went quiet.

“James, do you want to go next?” Remus offered but James pouted like a child. Everyone refused the urge to comment at James’ face because that would have meant laughing, which would have drawn McGonagall’s attention to them.

“I wanted to go first,” He grumbled, “But Sirius had to go first.”

“You’re not five years old James,” Sirius said with a grin, “If you were, I’d call you Jamie and you would be in bed.”

“What would you know about 5 year olds?” James retorted.

“My cousin is five,” Sirius deadpanned, “Or maybe four.”

“Isn’t Nymphadora three years old?” Remus asked slowly.

“Maybe,” Sirius shrugged, “She’s adorable, so cheeky.”

“You can go next,” Remus said slowly as if he were talking to a little child. James narrowed his eyes before saying.

“I’ll go last,”

Remus took the quill sighing. He didn’t mind going next but he knew James was doing it to be difficult. Pushing back a sarcastic response [he was being too sarcastic as it was], he pondered what to write.

As James couldn’t go first he wants to go last so here I am. Remus Lupin at your service. I’m one of those people you’ll see think ‘he’s a geek’ but as my friends will tell you; never judge a book by its cover. I’m different to everyone in ways I won’t go into but life can be cruel at times to me so I’ve suffered quite a bit.
Hogwarts helped though, I didn’t think I would be able to come but here I am, seven years later, in transfiguration, proving those people wrong. I love Hogwarts so much as I love to learn, love to eat and love to spend time with my friends. That’s what Hogwarts means to me: my friends!
I’m the brain behind our group apparently which shows how different I am from my girlfriend and also my friends. Life is hard, I’m the first one to admit it, but sometimes there are days when you know it’s all worth it.

“Finally,” James yanked the parchment out of Remus’ hand and subsequently smeared the ink. Remus looked horrified but James just continued, “Now look what you’ve done. Really Remus, you should be more careful.”

Remus looked outraged at this but Sirius and Frank kept laughing. He opened his mouth to say something but nothing came out meaning that Sirius and Frank kept laughing even harder. He pointed his wand at the smudge and it disappeared leaving Remus feeling relieved. It wasn’t his fault he was a perfectionist, it’s not like it is a bad thing.

“Shut up Prongs,” he hissed later on but James just smirked. “I didn’t do anything,” James scrunched up his nose, much like a rabbit.

“Sure you didn’t,” James grinned before turning his attention to the parchment in front of him. It was becoming increasingly full with different types of messy scawl. His was the untidiest, he noted with a laugh. Damn Remus, for having such neat handwriting. No wonder the teachers loved him “Now, ssh! I’m trying to write.”

“He’ll write all about Lily,” Sirius teased, “Or about Quidditch,”

“Mostly about Lily,” Frank laughed, “You know what he’s like.”

“Ah leave him alone,” Remus sighed, “I want to get out of here.”

“You… want… to… get… out…” Sirius said in a stage whisper. He smiled politely at Professor McGonagall who looked up, naturally. Professor McGonagall looked quizzically at the four of them but they didn’t say anything so she just returned to her book.

“Ssh,” Remus poked Sirius in the ribs and he squeaked. James looked up from his parchment.

“Would you two be quiet, I’m trying to write,”

“You haven’t written anything,” Remus pointed out the obvious, “Except that dot there.”

“I’m trying to think,” James groaned, “And you’re putting me of my train of thought.”

“You haven’t got enough thoughts to fill a train,” Sirius replied, bursting into laugh, “You get it?”

“We get it,” Frank answered, “Now, James, I suggest you write.”

“Leave off.”

He wondered what to write, he could write about Lily forever but this letter was about him… He could write about him forever too, he thought with a smile. He was the Head Boy; he deserved to leave some kind of legacy to the students of Hogwarts. They should know that it is possible to be responsible and be a prankster too. He grinned at thought and began to write.

I’m last but definitely not least. I’m James Potter. I’m a prankster too but a prankster with responsibility. You know you are reading the words of the Head Boy of Hogwarts 1976. That’s me! I actually got Head Boy. I’ve had a great life and I don’t see it slowing down as I get older.
I’ve got great friends, five to be exact who I would do anything for and I hope they would do anything for me. They shouting at me that they would, so that’s good. I’ve also got a beautiful, smart, lovely girlfriend who I adore with all my heart.
I’m the leader of our group; the one that makes all the nitty gritty decisions ranging from who to prank or how much butterbeer shall we buy. This could be you one day kiddo, so I’d start practicing saying ‘No , we cannot have that today. Wait until next week’. Not only will it be ideal when you have kids but also if you have friends who behave like five year olds.

“Excuse me?” Remus practically yelled in a stage whisper. [Trust him, it is possible].

“I think you should erase that?” Frank said with outrage, his voice still as soft as before.

“We do not,” Sirius burst out and he didn’t bother to lower his voice. All three guys hissed at him and he gave the ‘Who me?’ look.

Remus, Frank and Sirius spoke at the same time after reading James’ last comment. The guy himself just leant back on his chair with a laugh. “You so do!”

“We do not,” Sirius replied indignantly, “Prongs, I expected better of you.”

“I was joking,” James smirked again and Remus just rolled his eyes, “We all behave like five year olds.”

“Especially you,” Frank murmured under his breath. Sirius and Remus obviously heard him as they broke into identical grins. James pouted, again, and turned on the eyes which made many people go weak at the knees.

“Fine, I’ll delete it,” James said but he made no move to erase it. “What shall we do now?”

“We still have a quarter of a foot to go,” Frank whined “We’ll never make it.”

“We could talk about….” Sirius broke off, realising he had no idea what to say. “Um, We could talk about the girls of Hogwarts and… um…and…”

“We could say about Hogsmeade?” Frank suggested weakly.

“Or about the food,” James added

“We could talk about Peter?” Remus suggested half-heartedly. After all, it was better if they talked about Peter as opposed to Sirius’ love life. The boy’s all exchanged a look wondering what they could put “He’s one of us, isn’t he?”

“He is,” James answered after about a minutes pause, “He is, indeed.”

“What could we say though?” Sirius asked and Frank had to admit, even though it wasn’t very nice, it was very true.

“He hasn’t got a girlfriend,” James stated, “Except for that time, he told us he had a girlfriend. I knew he was lying though.”

“What did you say to that?” Remus asked softly, “I didn’t really know how to act; I mean why would he lie to us?”

“I just looked at him,” James replied, his tone very quiet as not to alert McGonagall’s attention to them. “I couldn’t say anything.”

”I was kind of mean,” Sirius said sheepishly, “I just laughed. He shouldn’t have to lie, I’m sure there is a girl out there that likes him.”

“Instead of discussing Mr Pettigrew’s love life, I suggest you return to the task I set you,” Professor McGonagall said from the front of the room. She approached them slowly and all four boys smiled charmingly. She scanned the parchment before returning it to James.

“You still have half foot to go,”

“Half a FOOT,” Frank burst out, “I made it a quarter of a foot,”

“Longbottom, I suggest you change your tone in voice. That is only a foot and a half and I asked for two feet.”

“Yes Professor,” Remus sighed and disguised it as a cough.

“Another one of you with a cough, I suggest you and Mr Black visit Madame Pomfrey, Mr Lupin.”

“Yes Professor,” She walked away to the front of the room leaving all four boys pulling faces at her back.

“You can start if you want James,” Remus offered.

“Gee thanks, I suppose,” James picked up the quill again, “I’ll be the brave one.”

I’ve decided to tell you a little about Peter know. Its mainly to fill up room but I feel like I have to because even though he associates with Slytherins, he is not a bad guy and he is [no matter what you say] a fellow marauder. Peter is very loyal.

Peter has been our friend ever since the first day at Hogwarts. He fell out of the boat and Sirius tried to rescue him, so ever since he’s been part of our crowd. Evan though he has become distant lately, I still look on him as a close friend and confidant. Sirius would like to add that Pete’s a marauder and MARAUDERS STICK TOGETHER! Although his spell work is not perfect and he shouldn’t aim spells at teachers, he is one of us.

Sirius raised an eyebrow as he wrote this as did James. It was a nice way to put it but the way both guys were feeling this evening, they felt like writing something different. After all, it was Peter’s fault they were in detention. He shouldn’t have sent the hex if he knew it was going in the wrong direction, they knew accidents happened but this didn’t really seem like an accident. Peter had his wand pointed in the obvious wrong direction, meaning that his hex hit a teacher. It was all rather strange but James thought it was better not to dwell on it. After all, it could have been an accident.

“Did he really fall out of the boat? I know that Alice did but I wasn’t sure Peter did,” Frank asked suddenly and James looked sharply up. McGonagall had her gaze fixed firmly on them and they were all loathe to answer. Except of course; Sirius.

“He did indeed,” Sirius grinned, “And I was the one to rescue him. I am such a nice guy.”

“You’ve got such a big head,” James tutted. “And we’ve still got more room to fill up. Let’s give our advice.”

“I don’t really have any,” Frank muttered, “I’m not the best person to be giving out wise advice, I haven’t exactly had a ‘wise’ life.”

“That should help you, shouldn’t it?” Remus said gently, his tone much softer than anyone elses had been all night, “Just write it from the heart and you’ll be surprised how wise the advice will be.”

“Thanks,” Frank smiled slightly. Sometimes Remus was too damn smart for his own good, but it was at times like this Frank was grateful.

“I’m not giving out wise advice,” Sirius feigned horror, “I’m giving out the best kind of advice there is.”

Our advice to you:

Sirius – Never ever go out with a slytherin, unless you are one. Inter house dating can be messy and isn’t really worth bothering with.

Frank – Talk your problems out with a friend. It really works and I think you’ll be happier. It may be corny but it’s true.

Remus – Get on the right side of teachers, then you are set for life. Annoy any teacher within the first week and prepare for a torturous existence.

James – Keep Pranking…. Because if you don’t then, I think your life will be very dull!

“Trust you,” Sirius slapped Remus around the head; the second Professor McGonagall left the room. Remus retaliated by cuffing him around the ear, “Get on the right side of teachers…blah, blah, blah. You know sometimes I’m quite disappointed in you,” He smiled cheekily to show Remus that he was joking and Remus returned the gesture. Sirius knew he had to be careful as to how far he pushed Remus, as it was so close to the full moon, but he knew it was okay. His smile increased as he heard Remus’ response.

“Well least my advice is useful,” Remus said acting very offended but really, he was shaking with laugher inside “There are some nice people in Slytherin you know…” He desperately tried to search for them, knowing what the next question was going to be, but he drew a blank.

“Like who?” James enquired giving Remus a curious look.

“Erm, I dunno. Ivy… some it or other, But that’s not the point, my advice is better than Sirius.”

“Ivy,” Sirius let out a scream, “She’s hideous, awful… I detest her.”

“You don’t even know her,” Frank replied, raising an eyebrow, “She hexed you once, so you hate her?”

“You never hex Sirius Black,” Sirius declared, “Besides she hangs around with Bella and that can’t be good. I just don’t get a good feeling from the girl.”

“I like your advice mate,” Frank interrupted, sensing that Remus was about to make an extremely sarcastic comment and knowing what comments like that can do he was eager to change the situation, he looked at James with a grin. James smiled gratefully and nodded, before making a big gesture of handing the quill back to Remus.

“Moony, oh Marauder Moony, One thinks it is time to finish the letter so we can go and…”

“Do our Homework,” Remus finished.

“See the girls,” Sirius chipped in.

“Get some lunch,” Frank piped up.

“I was thinking actually get some food but they all work,” James answered, “Except yours Moony, that’ll never work. I don’t think we have any homework,” He grinned to all his friends focusing on Remus who was about to protest but surprisingly he didn’t. For once in his life, he could actually say he enjoyed this lesson [he didn’t usually unless they involved lots of dangerous spells!]. James leant over Remus and scanned the letter through; it was full of random goodness and true marauder-isms. He smiled as he thought of McGonagall reading through it, she was going to go crazy. It was almost a shame Dumbledore couldn’t read it, he would appreciate it.

“Go on Moony, do something poetic,” James urged.

“Memorable,” Frank added.

“Cheesy,” Sirius grinned, “Come on Moony, what are you waiting for?”

Remus smiled towards his friends and accepted the offered quill from James. He wondered what to write, what to say that could possible fulfil all of his friend’s wishes. A plan formed in his head and he grinned, writing in his best handwriting. He looked up as McGonagall entered the room again but that didn’t stop him from continuing.

Hogwarts will be the best time of your life, cherish it, look after it and never take it for granted as when its gone you’ll be sorry.

Good Luck and Have Fun.

“That was perfect,” James laughed, “So poetic, so memorable…”

“And so damn cheesy,” Sirius continued, “No wonder the ladies love you.”

Remus whacked him over the head at that point causing McGonagall to look up sharply. Remus winced knowing what was coming; he had almost forgotten she was in the room.

“Mr Lupin, what are you doing?”

“I was patting Sirius on the head,” Remus improvised, “We’ve almost finished and I was congratulating him on a job well done.”

“I’ll have you know the girls finished nearly an hour ago and you’ve missed nearly all of your lunchtime,” McGonagall smirked and the guys all gasped, “So if you hadn’t been congratulating your friends and talking about unrelated articles then you may have been done earlier. The girls did it in very near to silence.”

“Well aren’t they perfect?” Sirius muttered under his breath.

“What was that Mr Black?” McGonagall shot back.

“Nothing Professor,” Sirius replied in an annoying voice.

“Well get back to work or else, I will be handing out detentions for tomorrow night. I do believe Mr Filch requires somebody to help him clean out the unused Dungeon.”

Everybody shuddered at that, the unused Dungeon was notorious for dust, spiders and grime. The Marauders [and Frank] had only had it as a punishment once, for being caught in Hogsmeade after curfew, and they hadn’t surfaced for nearly a whole day. When they had, they had been covered in dirt, rubbish and there was an unidentifiable smell surrounding them. None of them had left the shower for long that night.

“You have to sign it,” Remus handed the quill over to Frank first after writing a short line. “Shall we sign it from Peter?”

There was a silence as they all looked at each other. They knew what each other was thinking, an advantage to spending so much time together, but weren’t going to say it out loud.

“I suppose we have to,” James replied slowly, “I’ll do it after my name.”

Your fellow pranksters and purveyors of mischief

Frank, Remus, Sirius and James and Peter as he is here in mind but not in body.

P.S - If you are some kind of goody-two shoes, you may want to ignore it. Unless you want it to convert you…

Remus handed it silently to McGonagall who skimmed it before nodding. The three guys picked up their stuff in silence before moving to go out the room. Frank was almost out the door before McGonagall spoke.

“Oh and boys,” they turned around to look at her. She was still sat at her desk, smiling slightly at them.

“Yes Professor,”

“I had a word with Professor Dumbledore and I’ll be expecting you in detention tomorrow night with Hagrid. Don’t think you can graffiti the Slytherin’s dormitories and get away with it.”

“Wha…” Sirius interrupted but a mischievous smile had already appeared on his face. “Do you have any proof?”

“Do I need any?” McGonagall raised an eyebrow but the four boys grinned cheekily. “Oh and that shrine to me wasn’t really necessary although it was rather flattering.”

“We think it was,” James bowed low making McGonagall roll her eyes, “You’re the best Minnie.”

“Off with you,” she stood up walking towards the door, “I believe you’ll be going into the Forest tomorrow night for your detention.”

The four boys exchanged a look, all four of them thinking that that was hardly a detention – more of a school trip. They all turned to Minerva, smiling broadly again.

“I must enquire though, how did you get the stars to spell out my name?” she asked softly, “And even Professor Dumbledore cannot get them to stop twinkling.”

“See you taught us something,” Sirius winked and yet again McGonagall rolled her eyes, “Minnie, you’re the best.”

“How many times do I have to tell you Mr Black,” She shook her head, “Go you four, before you land yourself into another detention.”

“Yes ma’am,” Sirius laughed and the chattering of the four boys could be heard as they walked down the corridor. Minerva smiled fondly towards the door before returning to sit in her seat – this time with her feet up and a box of Honeydukes finest having magically appeared. She took one of her favourites and popped it in her mouth chewing thoughtfully.

“Oh those kids” she sighed “They’ll be friends till the end”

- * - * - * -

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