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Format: Novel
Chapters: 16
Word Count: 32,757
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Humor, Romance, Angst
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Luna, Draco, Pansy, Ginny, Blaise (M)
Pairings: Draco/Pansy, Harry/Ginny, Draco/Hermione, Ron/Luna, Hermione/OC

First Published: 05/21/2006
Last Chapter: 11/08/2007
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I made it sorry

Now Hermione granger and Draco Malfoys lifes have both been turned upside down all becasue of one man dumbldore. Since his death the school has been non stop trying to get the houses toeather hoping it would help. They have gotten so desprea

Chapter 1: finding out
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Disclaimer: I own none of the characters; everything is J.K Rowling’s. I’m just messing with them. Its fun. Hehehe.

Finding out

My name is Hermione Granger and right now I am laughing my arse off. Why, you might ask? Well, come on, the only way to keep from crying is laughing, right? Maybe I should try to explain and see how that works out. Where to start? Oh well, I guess the beginning is always nice, right?

I was up in my room when it all started. I was trying to get all the knots out of my hair, which I was having no luck with whatsoever because every time I took out a knot it got puffier and puffier ‘til it started looking like the Afro my dad had in college. Let’s just say that’s not the look I am going for. So, I took a shower after my knots were all out to flatten it down a bit and tied it as securely as possible into a high ponytail. Then I got dressed for sleep, putting on my Victoria secrets PJs; the shorts with the pink dog on the right hand side and my giant kitty cat t-shirt that looked like three of me could fit in it. Then I went downstairs to watch some muggle TV before bed at 8:00. I don’t usually go to bed so early it’s just that tomorrow I get to see Harry and Ron and I want to be wide awake for it. Fifteen minutes into Gilmore Girls I heard a knock at the door. As I was alone because my parents went out to eat for their anniversary, I got up and opened the door to see a dark giant. I screamed and closed it as fast as I could. Then the giant started knocking and said,

“‘Mione, it’s me, Hagrid. No need to scream.” Hagrid! Oh my god how could I have screamed! I feel so horrible now. Great, no more late night re-runs of the Twilight Zone for you, Hermione she said to herself and then opened the door again and tried her hardest to apologize.

“Hagrid! I am so, so, sorry please come in,” I said. He did as I said, having to bend down a bit to get inside the small doorframe. Then I closed the door after him. “It’s just not every day I get a well - someone as tall as you at my front door,” I said, trying to put it as nicely as possible without offending him about him being a half-giant.

“Well, I suppose that’s for the best ‘Mione,” he said as he chose a seat near the TV big enough for him. A.K.A.: My cozy reading seat.

“Hagrid, its not that I am not glad to see you, it's just that I want to know what are you doing here. I mean I am going to see Harry and Ron tomorrow, can’t you tell me whatever it is then?”

“No, I can’t. This is of the utmost importance. The Death Eaters are coming here now and we need to leave! I assume you have your things packed?”

“Yes, I do, but why would they come here first of all places? Why me?” I was completely and utterly at a loss to what was going on.

“Because Miss Granger, your parents. They didn’t tell you because - because they - they didn’t want you to get involved. They wanted a better life for you. They wanted you to be safe away from magic. When the wizards pronounced you a squib they thought, hey, well I guess they can’t get you.”

“Hagrid you know I haven’t the foggiest of what you’re talking about, right?” Squib? I was supposed to be a squib? None of this was making any sense.

“Your parents long ago severed ties with Lord Voldemort. They were wizards. Then a wizard - oh what are those things called? Oh yes, doctor. Well a wizard doctor told them you were a squib so they knew they could start a new life as muggles with you. With Voldemort gone what did they have to fear?” he said, taking a deep breath. “Your parents were never really popular followers like the Malfoy’s, so no one paid much attention to them. That’s why they were never caught. They were both pureblood and sick of it all, so they went to D-Dum-Dumbledore and he told them to start over.” I couldn’t help but notice that when Hagrid said Dumbledore a tear went down his eye in remembrance of their old Hogwart’s headmaster. “There you have it. Then, tonight, your parents were nearly killed for the betrayal of Vol-. You-Know-Who. But, they got away and are staying in a safe house. Now that the Death Eaters have missed your parents they’re coming–. Before Hagrid could finish, the door flew open. My heart literally stopped for about a minute. Then the twins came in and I felt a wave of relief wash over me and with it a strange sensation to kill the twins for scaring me to death.

“Sorry, did we scare you?” asked Fred. “I swear it wasn’t our intention to do so,” chimed in George. They both had the widest smirks on their faces that I have ever seen, the same one I usually see on Malfoy's evil, disgusting face. Note to self: kill twins later.

“You two should not do that to people. You can give them serious heart failure!” I said. I have to admit, I was a little out of breath myself.

"Hear that Fred? We can give people heart failures!" said George
“Serious heart failures! Aw, was little Hermione scared of the big, bad Death Eaters?” said Fred. I swear, at that second I wanted to pounce.

“We should get going ‘Mione. Go get your stuff. We are traveling by Porky,” he said holding up a rusted old piece of metal scrap that probably belonged to a muggle car once. I nodded my head and turned off the TV before heading upstairs. I made sure that I got everything. I brought my stuff down and looked at Fred, George, and Hagrid. Then I saw him standing at the front of the door. Draco Malfoy, now known as to me as dead ferret boy. Before I could get a word out of my throat that Draco was there, I saw something that I never thought I would see on Malfoy’s face: a scared unsure look. And just like that he was gone. I was too shocked to say something let alone move.

“Hermione, hello? Hermione you in there?” said Fred. Then I snapped to it and rushed down the steps. I grabbed onto Hagrid, signaling to him that I was indeed ready and just like that we were gone. Then, outside of the Burrow, seeing the odd looking house brought back good memories for me. But none of those memories would tell me why Malfoy would leave like that. Or why I had not said anything about him when really I should have told Hagrid everything. But really, what was there to tell? Then there were my parents, who were Death Eaters and who I might never see again. What am I going to do? Whatever I do it’s going to lead to more questions, and maybe even scarier than that, more answers. Answer I might not really want answered.

As I started walking to the strange looking house, Hagrid stopped me. “Hermione, I almost forgot to give you something,” he said while reaching down into his giant pockets and pulling out two letters, one white and one that looked like a howler. I took them from him and ripped the red one open. Might as well get it over with. But to my surprise, it was not a howler. It was a regular letter that stated that this year, to help the Hogwart’s students get over the loss of the old headmaster and to get over any other problems they were having, they were to be assigned buddies. No one knew whom he or she got, that way it made it easier to talk to him or her. I don’t see how it’s going to be easy to talk to some person you barley even know. I said that every Hogwart’s pair has been given an owl, all exactly the same and the owl is only to be used to send letters to your buddy. It also said that a day after reading this letter we would get the owl and to start talking to your buddy as soon as possible.

The white one was a Hogwart’s acceptance letter, but this time it had said something that I had hoped and dreamed for since my first day at Hogwart’s: my Head Girl badge. I could not help letting out a little squeak and then hugging Hagrid, Fred, and George, who I still hated for scaring me to death, but this was better then anything I had ever received before and I could not help but hug everyone I saw.

“What did that letter say that you had to squeeze me so tightly Hermione?” asked Fred. I was so happy I had to tell the world. “It said I made Head Girl! Can you believe it? I made Head Girl!” Just then both Fred and George let out a laugh and then George said, “Hermione, how could you have not made Head? You do more work at Hogwart’s then the teachers themselves!” Hagrid let out little chuckle and I was mad at the twins once again, but I couldn’t help it after all that’s happened tonight and all I found out I had to. It was the only way to keep from crying. I had to laugh.

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Chapter 2: I am going insane I know it
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Disclamer: I own nothing

Hermione’s POV

I am going insane. I know it.

I tried to stay as quiet as I could be without waking up anyone. I gently closed the door behind me. Then, I started to tip toe up the steps to Ginny’s room where I usually stayed. That is, until I had a heart attack and jumped about ten feet in the air when I heard a woman’s friendly voice say, “Oh hello dear. It’s so good of you to have come. Please let me help you with all that stuff.” I turned around to see a plump, sweet-looking lady sitting in a rocking chair by the clock that had all the Weasley’s names on it. Now Harry’s name and mine were on it. Ever since Dumbledore died, Mrs. Weasley had been extra cautious. She liked to know that we were okay along with the rest of her family.

“Oh hello Mrs. Weasley. I didn’t see you there. I am terribly sorry,” I said, trying to start back up the stairs again. This day had been too long.

“It’s alright dear. Let me give you a hand with that. We don’t want you killing yourself by falling down the stairs now do we? No, I should think not.” Just like that, Mrs. Weasley lifted my luggage into the air with her wand and started toward Ginny’s room. Once I got there, I had noticed a bed had already been made up for me. I smiled at the thought of kindness they went through just to put up with me here.

“Now dear, if there is anything I can get you just let me know. The Order has informed me of what is going on at your home, so I want you to know that if you ever need someone to talk to, you can come to me. I can whip you up some tea and you can get it all out if you wish.” I smiled to myself. Mrs. Weasley was truly my second mother, just as she was to everyone else in the world that would let her.

“Thanks Mrs. Weasley, but I think I am fine for tonight. Would it be too much trouble if I started on my buddy project? I want to get as much work done as possible before summer ends,” I asked.

“Of course dear. Just make sure not to wake Ginny up. Although, I don’t think that’s possible. The one trait that Ginny and Ron share besides their freckles and red hair is their sleeping habits,” she said and sighed. “Well, goodnight dear.”

“Goodnight, Mum. I mean Mrs. Weasley.” I quickly corrected myself. Mrs. Weasley smiled and closed the door as she left. I took a candle out of my bag and lit it. Then I took my eagle owl quill and a piece of parchment and started writing.

Dear whomever I am writing to…fill this in when you get this,

I am your buddy for this project and I hope to make the most of it. Well, here is a little information about me. Unfortunately, I am not as much of a people person as I would like to be. I am shy, timid, and scared most of the time. Once I get to know you, I’ll start to feel safer around you. Then I’ll become as free as a bird, and you will get a chance to know the real me. I guess I can tell you some more about myself, but I don’t want to fill in too much because you may guess who I am. I like to read a lot. I’m not in Ravenclaw, although the sorting hat thought about placing me in there. My favorite book is Hogwart’s: A History. I think it is fascinating. I guess you have just classified me as a nerd, but I can assure you that I am far from it. I love to swim, dance, and when I’m not afraid, singing in the shower. That’s the only place where something is louder than me and no one can suffer from my horrid voice. I also like to hang out with my friends, the people I love the most in the world. So, get back to me whenever you can.

Yours truly,
The Smart Pussycat Doll

I read the letter over and over again until it was perfect. I am a perfectionist after all. Then I sent my owl off into the night sky, wondering what my partner was going to be like. As long as he was not a Slytherin, I was safe. I mean come on. What are the chances of that happening? Slim to none, right? I blew out the candle and snuggled myself into the sheets. Just like that, I was out like a light.

When I finally woke up, there wasn’t anyone in the room. Ginny was already up. So much for her being like Ron in the whole sleep department. I stood up and dressed for the day, putting on my form-fitting black t-shirt with my dark faded denim skirt. I went over to see if Harry and Ron were up. Knowing them, they probably weren’t. Surprisingly, they were. Their beds were neatly made, which, for Ron, is somehow hard to believe. Then I went downstairs. No one was there eating breakfast at the table and everything around it was all nice and neat. It was like something out of the Twilight Zone, except worse. This was real and it was happening to me. I started to search the rest of the house, but not a soul in sight. I went back up to Ginny’s room, planning on going back to bed. I was hoping that this was all a dream and that I would wake up with Ginny in her bed, snoring away. When I walked into Ginny’s room, I saw something far scarier than an empty room. I saw him as I did last night. Draco Malfoy.

“Malfoy! What are you doing here? You should know that you’re not welcome here,” I said, my voice starting to shake.

“Well Granger, I wouldn’t say that,” he smirked. Oh how I would love to wipe it off his perfectly pale face just like in our third year.

“Oh really. Why not?” I asked him. This ought to be good.

“Because, you see Granger, I was invited,” he said, handing me over a letter that indeed Mrs. Weasley herself had written. My mouth hung open at what I saw. Mrs. Weasley wanted to have a little ‘heart to heart’ with Malfoy. Why did she have to act like a mother to everyone? Then I realized what was going on and why no one was around.

“What did you do to them?” I questioned as intensely as possible.

“Them? Them who?”

“You know exactly who.”

“Who are they?”

“Oh, don’t play dumb with me. I know you know who I am talking about.”

“Who’s playing?”

“So you admit it. You are dumb.”

“Well, about this, yes. What are you talking about?” Before I could say another word, I heard a loud hello coming from the kitchen. I sprinted down the stairs to find Harry, Ginny, Ron, and Mrs. Weasley all together.

“Oh Hermione! Great! You’re up. I hope we didn’t worry you too much with us leaving like that this morning. Harry had some business to take care of down at the Ministry and Ron and Ginny insisted on coming. You were asleep so I didn’t think I should wake you up since we were going to be quick. I hope you didn’t get upset.”

“No, it’s not that…have you been sending letters to Draco Malfoy insisting him to talk to you?” I blurted out.

“Yes dear, but how did you know about - I don’t think I have told anyone because I knew he wouldn’t respond.”

“Well, he did. He’s upstairs in Ginny’s room right now. I was just talking to the git.”

“Hermione! I am surprised by your language.”

“Sorry Mrs. Weasley, but he is upstairs right now. Go see for yourself.”

“Eww! Malfoy’s in my room! Now I am going to have to burn everything he touched,” squealed Ginny.

“You will do no such thing,” Mrs. Weasley said, putting her daughter into place. “You will act nice and civilized to Mr. Malfoy or you’ll be hearing from me, young lady.”

“Mom, why the bloody hell would you invite Draco ferret Malfoy to our house? Are you insane?” Ron wined. Harry just stood there, too scared to say anything. Honestly, I don’t blame him.

"Ronald Weasley! You will cool your temper right now! Do you hear me, young man? You will not say anything disrespectful like that to Mr. Malfoy!” Mrs. Weasley said this with such a stern voice that I think even the toughest dragon would be scared to face her.

"But Mum-" Ron started.

"No buts about it. Ronald, you will behave yourself and that is that. Now let’s all go up and meet our guest.” Then we all started walking up the stairs to Ginny’s room. Both Ron and Ginny started mumbling something under their breath. As we got up to Ginny’s room, Mrs. Weasley opened the door and he was gone. Just like that, he was gone. No more Malfoy.

“But I swear he was there a moment ago. It’s just like last night. He was there one second and gone the next. It makes no sense. I am not going crazy, Mrs. Weasley. He was there, I swear.”

“Of course dear, don’t worry about it. If he wants to come back to talk to me, he will. It’s nothing to be disturbed about. But what do you mean, you saw Draco yesterday? Where did you see him?” She asked. Her face showed that she was trying to understand, but that there was no chance she was buying it.

I took a deep breath. “I guess it was just my imagination playing tricks on me again. But, hey Ginny, at least he really didn’t touch any of your stuff so you can save yourself a bonfire. Right?”

“You got that part right.” They all started to laugh a bit. If it wasn’t Draco she saw, what was it?

Draco’s POV

Draco sat up at his desk at the Zabini estate since it was no longer safe to return home. The Zabini’s have kindly kept me in - for now. I wonder what will happen if I don’t complete my mission.

God. I was so close. That’s twice in two days. What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I kill her when I see her? I mean, it’s not like she’s changed at all. She has the same old puffy hair. She has the same everything. Nothing is different, so what's wrong with me? I mean, it's still Granger. The mudblood Granger, except that she’s not a mudblood anymore, is she? So, that doesn’t change anything, does it? No, of course not, I mean how could it?

After all, she was still raised the way filthy muggles were, so at heart she is still a muggle. I am a pureblood and nothing will ever change that. No matter how good she looked in that short mini skirt. Oh god, what’s happening to me? Next time you will kill her, Draco. Next time this dragon is going to pounce and crush one of the members of the Golden Trio. Then I’ll watch them crumble over their scared little mudblood.

Then came three owls. One was red like a howler. Great. What could I have done this time? The other two were white but one of them looked slightly more weighed down than the others. Well, might as well get the howler done with now, right? To my surprise, it was not a howler at all. Instead it was saying something like ‘we need to cope with the loss of our great headmaster. Blah, blah, blah, blah. So we will be given buddies to talk to - blah, blah, blah. So basically, it was a waste of a perfectly good piece of parchment.

Then came the slightly heavier white one. I soon found out that the reason why was because I had become Head Boy. Now that is interesting. Try to kill the headmaster and become Head Boy. Who knew it was that easy?

The last letter made me smile. It was from my pen pal. I read it over and then started to write:

“Dear Smart Doll...”

Chapter 3: Were going to hogwarts. Finally something normal. Right?
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Disclaimer: I own none of the characters; everything is J.K Rowling’s. I’m just messing with them. Its fun. Hehehe

"Hermione," a voice was calling out to me. I didn’t pay any attention, though. I was too busy debating if I was going insane. I mean, I know I saw Draco Malfoy a.k.a. my most hated enemy or the amazing bouncing ferret in Ginny’s room.

"Hermione," the voice said again, but once again I ignored it. Then, there was that time at my house. What was going on? Was I really just imaging him over and over? If so, then why? Why would I ever want to imagine that filthy little pureblood in the same room as me? I can’t stand that he’s on the same planet as me, let alonethink of him anywhere near me. But still.

"Her-mio-ne, are you there? Have we made contact?" Ron said while waving his hand in front of me.

"Wha – what? Did you say something, Ron?" I asked, snapping back to reality instead of my Dracoland. Oh great, now I have a space in my brain completely devoted to Draco. Now I know I AM insane.

"Yeah, I asked you if you really think Malfoy was here. I mean, is there anything he did to you? Like, for example, did he touch you in anyway?" Ron asked. We were now all sitting in Ron’s room. Harry was sitting on the floor, Ron was by the window, Ginny was laying on her stomach on the bed Harry slept in facing us, and I was sitting on the end of Ron’s bed.

"You mean, did the ferret punch me?" I asked. But that’s not how Ron took it.


"NO RON!" I raised my voice so that I could be heard. "I was asking if that was what you meant. No, he didn’t hurt me. Don’t worry about that. The thing is, this is not the first time I saw him. This is the first time he talked to me, but I also saw him when I was leaving my house. You see, the door was open and there he was, but before I could say anything he was gone. It was weird, just like earlier today," I explained.

"Well, that’s the perfect word to describe Malfoy - weird," Ginny said. "But I don’t get it, if it really is Draco your seeing, and he’s for real and all, why the special treatment? I mean, he never came to your house before or asked to get into a one-on-one conversation with you or anything before. Why now? Actually, come to think of it, it really wasn't for you. If he really wanted to talk to our mom, he would have stayed, right?"

"It could be because of who Hermione’s parents really are. They did turn their backs on Voldemort. And come to think of it, so did Malfoy. I mean, because he didn’t kill – well, you know," Harry said. His voice dropped towards the end in remembrance of him.

"But, why would they send Malfoy? I mean, if they really wanted me or my parents dead, wouldn't they send someone they know can do the job?" I said. "You know what? I really don’t want to talk about it. Can we talk about something else? Like what this year is going to be like. Oh! I didn’t tell you! I got Head Girl! I wonder who Head Boy is." We continued talk about who the Head Boy would be and, after that, time seemed to fly by. Soon it was time to leave for Hogwart’s.

Hogwarts Express! All aboard!

"Harry, Ron, Ginny, come on! We're going to be late," I said as I sprinted down to the train.

"Hermione, relax! We have plenty of time! There’s five minutes till they start boarding," Ron said.

"Ron, I am Head Girl. Don’t you know that means I have to be here before they start boarding? I will see you on the train, I have to go to the Head’s compartment first to get my instructions and then help the new kids aboard," I sighed, partially panting.

"Hermione, tell us who the Head Boy is as soon as you get back," Ginny said.

"Don’t worry, I will. Bye guys!" I said waving to them.

I got to the Head’s compartment put down my stuff and took Crookshanks out of his cage and he was soon free to roam. Just then, Professor McGonagall came in and shut the door and sat in the other seat. Professor McGonagall took a nervous look around before asking.

"Where is he? He knew he was supposed to be here before everybody else. Oh, I knew this was a bad idea," she said and kept muttering things to herself.

"Professor, might I ask what is such a bad idea?"

"Oh Miss Granger, I am so dreadfully sorry! I forgot you were there. I am just so worked up about this Head Boy nonsense."

"Is there something wrong with the Head Boy, Professor?"

"Well, I guess I should warn you now instead of you finding out later. You see, the Head Boy - " But Professor McGonagall didn’t get a chance to finish that statement because, just then, Draco Malfoy walked into the door.

"You, foul, loathsome creature! How dare you show your face here after what you did!" I spat at him and was proud of what I was getting off my chest. That is, until Professor McGonagall stopped me.

"Miss Granger! I will not have you talking to our new Head Boy like that," she said and my eyes widened. "Or anybody else for that matter. I am aware of Mr. Malfoy’s past and what he attempted to do, but Professor Dumbledore said in his will that if it was the last thing he did, he was going to ensure that you were Head Girl, Miss Granger, and that," she paused, "Mr. Malfoy was Head Boy."

"But, Professor that was before, well, you know. Don’t you think you could change it?"

"I’m sorry Miss Granger, but you and Mr. Malfoy will be Heads together whether you like it or not. I would hope you two could be at least a bit civil towards each other. I know you two have had your rough patches, but I expect you to patch that up for the sake of Hogwart’s having a Slytherin and a Gryffindor as Heads. This is probably the only thing that’s going to keep this school running. Now, I want you both to set a good example for all you classmates and behave like civilized human beings."

Then, just like that, she was gone to help the other students. It was quiet for a while until I decided to break it. I know, I know, stupid, but still, someone had to do it.

"We might as well help everybody get on, don’t you think?" I said. He just nodded and we both headed off in opposite directions. When I finally got back there was no trace of Malfoy. I didn’t really feel the need to tell my friends the news of Malfoy being Head Boy just yet. I was not really interested in Ron screaming about how Professor McGonagall has flipped her lid. So I took out my favorite book ‘Twilight’ by Stephanie Meyer and started reading. Soon after I’d started reading, Draco came back into the compartment. I looked up at him for a split second and then looked down at my book again. He went around to the cover of my book to see what I was reading.

"Finally got tired of books with just boring facts in them, huh Granger?" he said breaking the silence this time.

'Ok, Hermione. Be civil, that’s all you have to do is be civil.'

"No, that’s not it. I’ve always read books like these before. It’s just that I prefer the factual ones to the fake ones. It’s still all fantasy in my eyes, except one’s real and one’s not. That’s how I look at it." Wow, I had to give myself a pat on the back for that one. I didn’t think I could do it either.

"What’s it about anyway?" he asked. I guess he was trying to be civil, too.

‘Not bad,’ I thought. ‘Okay, this might work after all.’

"It's about a vampire, but it’s not how we see vampires, as in they can’t come out during the day and all these vampires can, and a human girl falls for one of them. The thing is, she has a certain smell that attracts this one vampire to her and because of that every time he sees her he wants to kill her, as in suck the life out of her. But he is too in love with her to do that. Then from what I understand of it so far, this other vampire family wants to kill her just for a hunt because they don’t think it’s right that she is living with vampires or something like that. I am not done yet, but it’s good. Like I said, it’s not an our world type of fiction, it’s another type. It’s different. I’ll definitely recommend it to some of my muggle friends." (a/n Ali a.k.a. my best still has my copy of the book when ever you feel like actual reading and finishing the book Ali tell me)

"Sounds alright. I might want to read it after you," he laughed a bit to himself. Like he would actually be caught dead reading a muggle book. Hell, the fact of him reading a book period seems pretty funny to me.

"Okay, Granger. So you tell me, when do you want to stop this being civil act because it’s really starting to get under my skin."

"I knew it," I said closing the book. "I knew you couldn’t act like a normal human for once in your life. It was to good to be true; and where did you go the other day? I mean one second you were in Ginny’s room and the next, you were gone."

"Ever heard of apparition and disapparition? I got my license, you know," he said

"So, you were there. It wasn’t just my imagination," I said relieved that I wasn’t losing my mind.

"No, sad to say, Granger, that you not yet completely insane. But I assure by the end of the term you will be. After all, we do have to share a common room together."

"Ugh, don’t remind me. I was just starting to forget," I said, putting my face in my hands just as Crookshanks began rubbing his body against my leg. I put my right hand down and started scratching him behind his ears.

"My god, Granger. What is that?" Malfoy, the amazing bouncing ferret, asked as I started to pick Crookshanks up to put him on my lap and stretch my legs out on the seat.

"What’s what?" I asked.

"Oh Granger, not this again. The what that your holding. The thing on your lap," he said in utter disgust.

"You mean Crookshanks? He’s my cat," I said. Then Malfoy started laughing. "What’s so funny, Malfoy?"

"Oh nothing. It’s just that once I heard an old saying that every pet looks like its owner, but this is just ridiculous. Oh great, now I am going to have to share a common room with two bushy-haired creatures."

"Yeah, it’s too bad you don’t own a ferret. You know, you got the whole slimy low-to-the-ground dirt thing going on. Even a pet snake would do it for you." Then that keen smile on his face turned into a death glare.

"So Granger could act fierce without her backup."

"I should say the same to you, Malfoy. I swear I thought that without your giggling goons you were nothing." At that Malfoy did something weird, he laughed, but soon caught himself and stopped. I went back to my book soon after, considering Malfoy wasn’t coming up with anything snappy. We were getting close to the school.

"Get out, Malfoy." I said suddenly.

"Excuse me, Granger?" the ferret said.

"You heard me, ferret. Out. I need to get changed into my robes and so do you," I said.

"I am not getting out. You get out."

"I told you first."

"Well, I am not getting out so you’re just going to have to change in here with me," he said with a smirk, thinking that would get me out for sure.


"Sorry, what did you say?"

"I said fine. If I can get changed at camp with all the perverted boys sneaking in on us wile we’re changing, I think I can deal with you." So I started getting changed with Draco gawking at me and not once did I let anything show. It was perfect just like in camp. Then I was done.

"Finished, now you get out to change because I am done so there’s no need for me to leave now."

"Oh yes there is," he said as he lifted me up, literally. He took me in his hands and lifted me up as if I weighed nothing at all and dropped me outside. I fell hard on my butt. He then slammed the door in my face. How rude! I went into the empty compartment a few feet away. It’s weird. Since the death of Dumbledore, more and more people have dropped out. Well, I guess that’s not the weird part, but what is, is having so many students gone. Now I have to deal with Draco. Well, if there is one thing I am sure of, it's that this has officially been the weirdest train ride yet.

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Chapter 4: Oh how hogwarts has changed
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Disclaimer: I own none of the characters; everything is J.K Rowling’s. I’m just messing with them. Its fun. Hehehe

Draco POV

After throwing the dirty mudblood out of the compartment, I quickly got changed and then headed out to find Blaise. Noticing that the mudblood Granger wasn't at the door, I figured she must have gone off to find those loser friends of hers. As soon as I got into the compartment, the first thing I saw was Pansy's smug face. There sat Blaise staring out the window feeling sorry for himself. He’d been that way ever since his father got captured. Then I noticed Crabbe and Goyle on the other side, attempting to play wizard’s chess, but, in order for them to do that, they would have to possess actual brain cells, which, at this current time, they had none to speak of. Blaise finally looked up then stood to shake my hand.

“Hey man. Where have you been?" He said with no real concern.

"Just finishing up some Head Boy duties," I replied nonchalantly.

"Bloody hell! They made you Head Boy!" Crabbe said with his usual dumb look.

"Yeah, don't you know Crabbe? You attempt to kill the headmaster and, instead of expelling you, they make you Head Boy. But honestly, I don't see many people upset that the old brute is gone. I mea,n even the Minister of Magic is glad about the whole thing. It gives him one less person to worry about outshining him," Blaise said. He was actually right, the Minister could care less about Dumbledore’s death. All he cared about was the old man’s powers and nothing else. It was the same with a lot of other people, too. I guess death shows a person’s true colors.

"The only people that are probably truly grieving over the old man’s death are the Golden Trio and Order of whatever. As for me being Head Boy and all, McGonagall said it was because it was what Dumbledore wanted. He put it in his will and everything," I said.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever. I don't care about all of that, but Draco, I need to talk to you. Alone." This time it was Pansy that spoke, and with a lot of irritation at that. I can't say I am surprised because I did snub her all summer. I thought she would get the hint that we were over, but, knowing Pansy, you have to spell it out for her, so, here it goes.

Pansy and I went to go find an empty compartment to talk and, surprisingly enough, there were lots of them. Well, a lot more then usual I guess. Since the old man’s death, not a lot of parents wanted to send their kids off to dear old Hogwart’s. We got in one of the compartments and as soon as I shut the door there was all-out war.

"Draco Lucius Malfoy! Where the bloody hell have you been this – oh, I don't know. WHOLE SUMMER? I am supposed to be your girlfriend, remember? So you, as my boyfriend, are supposed to tell me, your girlfriend, oh, I don't know, let’s try EVERYTHING. I mean, how is it supposed to look? Me, your girlfriend, not knowing you where you are and having to tell our friends that I don't know where you are? I mean, how do I not know you weren't cheating on me or something? Huh? You tell me how. Then you completely fail your mission in killing – well, you know. So you tell me what to do because I have no idea."

Wow, she used the word "girlfriend" far too much.

"Listen Pansy. This past summer has been difficult for me. You have to understand. I have a lot of problems that are still not solved and I really can't deal with anybody, let alone deal with having a girlfriend. So I think it’s best that we call it quits for now. At least until I can think again.”

"Draco Malfoy, are you dumping me?"

Wow, she’s smarter than I gave her credit for.

"No you’re not dumping me, I am DUMPING YOU! You hear me Malfoy? I dumped you." And just like that she left. Wow, that was easier then I thought it would be. So, considering the fact that I was dumped, I went back to the Head’s compartment where I found who else, but Miss Hermione Granger reading that stupid book of hers.

Hermione POV

"Where have you been? No, you know what, I don't want to know. I just know that you and me have Head duties to do. The train is about to stop so let’s just go," I said to Draco, who was already at the door. I got up to grab my stuff and attempted to head out the door, but a certain Draco Malfoy wouldn't let me.

"Mind me asking where the hell you were?" he asked with that usual evil smirk meaning that I am not going anywhere anytime soon unless I give him an answer.

"What are you talking about? I was here the whole time. You were the one roaming around," I said with my own little smirk.

"You know perfectly well what I mean, Granger. Where did you go when I THREW you out?" he asked.

"I just went to the compartment over there until you decided to let me in. Now can we go?" I asked and just like that he went to get his things and we both separated to do our duties. Just remind your self be civil, I told myself.

When I went to go help the younger students, I noticed Harry, Ron, and Ginny coming toward me with some beautiful blonde-haired girl.

"Hey Hermione! Where were you? We missed you! And I am still dying to know who the new Head Boy is," said Ginny.

"Sorry guys, I just got so caught up with everything and then I just got so tired that I went to the Head’s compartment and slept. As for the Head Boy, I will tell you about him later. I am kinda busy now. Oh, and by the way, before you go, do you mind me asking who are you?" I said referring to the blonde-haired girl.

"Oh Hermione. It's me Luna, better known as Loony Lovegood," she said giggling.

WOW, Luna looks good! Who knew with out all those funky jumpers, weird hair styles and weird earrings that she was quite a beautiful girl?

"Oh yeah, Hermione! Luna and I should tell you now before you find out later. We’re sort of, well, dating," Ron said, blushing a bit. I couldn't help but feel like I had been stabbed in the back. I mean, I’ve had a crush on Ron since 4th year. When he went out with Lavender, that was one thing, but I guess I had to be a bit more pleasant with Luna. After all, she may be Ron's girlfriend, but she was still my friend first.

"Oh, that's great Luna! You look beautiful! I love what you have done with yourself. If you don't mind, I sort of have to get back to my work," I said trying to keep my voice as pleasant as possible while keeping the hurt out of it as well.

"Oh yeah. Sure. We'll leave you to it. Come on guys, let’s try and catch a carriage. We will see you later, Hermione."

They all said bye in unison and then they left me back to what I was doing until Luna came running back to me, a little bit out of breath. Then she hugged me.

"Thank you, Hermione. I owe you. You have no idea how happy I am," she said.

I just patted her on the head and gave her a half hug before saying, "Don't worry about it. I'll live. Now go on, catch up with them."

After she ran off, I couldn't help but let out a few tears before going back to helping everybody. Then I looked up and saw a drop dead amazing looking guy and he was talking to me. Not that I paid much attention to what he was saying. I was too busy being knocked out by his looks. He had messy brown hair and brown eyes and was built like a model.

"Hermione, I asked if I could help you," he said. He had the most dreamy voice ever, but then I tried to snap out of it as best as I could.

"Oh no, that's ok. I am good, thanks. Just two questions. Who are you and how do you know my name?" I asked but he just laughed. Wow his laugh sounded like music. He was perfect!

"Hermione, it’s me, Neville. Neville Longbottom." At that I had no control of how low my jaw dropped. There was no humanly possible way that this was the weird, awkward Neville Longbottom. "Anyway, I guess I will see you later, Hermione."

Ok, it's official. That boy is going to start getting his own fan girl club. I mean, he just walked by me and all the girls just dropped their jaws and started staring. Has everybody at this school bloomed but me? Um, the word I am looking for is bloody hell yea. I just shook my head and went back to doing my work as best as I could, but with Neville on the brain, that was pretty hard to do.

As I got into the Head carriage, I noticed Malfoy wasn't there. The git probably went with his Slytherin cronies and that perfect girlfriend of his. Oh great, if everybody is changing, does that mean that she actually might be nice this year? Nope, I don't think that's possible, no matter how freaky Hogwart’s was getting. Or how freaky my mind is getting. Oh god, where is he? Wait a minute, was I just worried about Malfoy? Oh god yes, it’s official: I am demented. Just at the last second, Malfoy got into the carriage.

"Where have you been?” I asked, in a bit of pissed off voice.

"Why do you care? It's not like you’re my mother or anything," he said rudely, which implied that he was up to something. I just didn't know what yet. Oh, and why did I care? "But if you really must know, Granger, not everybody finishes their tasks as quickly as you do." Then just like that, we were off to Hogwart’s.

We just started to eat, considering the fact that everybody was sorted during the summer as a new way for sorting. I certainly didn't see Ron object between his mouthfuls of food.

After everybody was finished eating, our dear new headmistress got up and told everybody the usual; no one is to go into the dark forest, yada, yada ,yada. When it came to the end, she told everybody that, in order to restore balance between the houses, Dumbledore stated in his will that he had chosen a Gryffindor and a Slytherin as Head Boy and Head Girl. At that, Ron, Ginny, and Harry all looked at me like I had grown an extra head. Then she revealed that it was Draco Malfoy and I. All eyes went to Draco. It was like I didn't exist, which wasn't surprising because that was the usual response I got from everybody. Silence rang through the hall until everybody was dismissed. They all got up but people's eyes still flickered towards him almost every second. I walked toward Draco and told him that we should probably go see the headmistress about the rooms. He just nodded and we both went up.

"You two, follow me," she said. We did as we were told and came to a portrait of a fighting snake and lion.

"Now if you two will please agree on a password," she said. Draco wasn't saying and neither was I. Might as well just get it over with.

"Would you be ok with ‘twilight’?" I asked. He just nodded and that settled things. Once we got into the common room I noticed that it was the perfect blend of all things red, gold, green, and silver. One couch was red and the other was green. One seat was silver while the other was gold. It was amazing! There was a small kitchen, a fireplace, a window seat, and an empty bookshelf, which we were told was enchanted so that all we had to do was think of the book, touch the shelf, and the book would appear straight from the library. Now that’s what I call a book case!

Luckily, we had separate rooms, but adjoining bathrooms. That's going to be fun, I thought bitterly. I got to my room and flopped onto my bed. My bedroom looked exactly like my old one did, only without as many beds in the room. Instead there was a desk and a big leather seat. Just then I noticed a tapping at window and I noticed the owl was carrying my secret friend letter. I opened the window to let the owl in and gave it some food and water, while taking the letter it was carrying off its leg and started reading. My original letter was first, followed by his.

I am your buddy for this project, so I hope to make the most of it. Well, here is a bit about me. Unfortunately, I am not as much of a people person as I would like to be. I am shy, timid, and scared most of the time, but once I get to know you, I start to feel safer around you then I am as free as a bird and you will get a chance to know the real me. How's that for a description? I mean, well, I guess I can fill in a bit more about myself, but I don't want to fill in too much or else you might guess who I am. I like to read a lot and I am not in Ravenclaw. The sorting hat was thinking of putting me in there. Oops! Maybe that was too much to say, but you know what? I’m keeping it. My favorite book is Hogwart’s: A History. I think it’s fascinating. So, I guess right about now your pinning me as a nerd, but there is more to me than that. I like swimming, dancing, and when I am not afraid, singing in the shower. It’s the only place were something is louder then me and no one can suffer from my horrid voice. I like to hang out with my friends, the people I love the most in the world. So get back to me when you can.

Dear Smart Doll,

Honestly, there is not much to say about me. I do not want to be a people person, but I have to. According to my parents, you need to talk, talk, talk if you’re ever going to get anywhere in life. So, I force myself to be the exact opposite of you: bold, out there, and full of life. Hey, who knows at the end of this thing we might rub off on each other. Honestly though, I am not really for this whole pen pal thing. I have a hard time opening up to people, but considering you don't have clue who I am, I guess that’s better. You don't have clue who I am, right? If you do, I am starting to get scared already. I like to read too, but if people found out they would kill me in my sleep. My friends are not very smart. I actually like to read muggle books like Frankenstein. That's my favorite. If you knew me you would be shocked out of your mind. You might either laugh at me or your jaw might drop to the ground. Wait, maybe that was too much information. Oh, to hell with it! I'll leave it. I am too tired to change anything anyway. I like Quidditch, soccer (yes, muggle soccer), rugby, and fencing. I have been fencing since I was six. Father’s idea. He wants me sharp on all angles, but it’s actually kind of fun. As for my friends, they don't understand me at all, so as of right now, you’re my first official real friend. So, no pressure.

Yours truly,
Wearing a Mask

I got out my stationary and wrote back at once.

Dear Wearing a Mask…

Chapter 5: how to hate a malfoy
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Disclaimer: I own none of the characters; everything is J.K Rowling’s. I’m just messing with them. Its fun.

Draco’s POV

All I remember doing all night was tossing and turning trying to get some sleep and the next thing I know I am waking up on the stone cold floor. Talk about your rough nights! Although, it’s not exactly the first time I have done this. It’s been like this ever since I found out I had to kill Dumbledore. That’s when this started and, after that, nothing was ever the same. Now I have to kill the stupid know-it-all mudblood and, for some reason, trying to sleep is only getting worse. You would think doing away with the know-it-all would make it easier for me to sleep at night instead of harder.

Well, might as well get up and clean my face. So I did the usual: got up, laid some clothes out, and went into the bathroom and locked both doors. No need for Granger to walk in on me with nothing but a pair of boxers on.

Hermione’s POV

I’ve been up for a good hour already catching up on some light reading before school officially started. This way I would be able to concentrate completely on my school work and nothing, I mean nothing, could distract me. After finally finishing Twilight, I got dressed into my robes. I got up to wash my face and brush my teeth, but the door was locked, meaning the ferret was probably taking a shower or something unimportant like that. So, I did the only thing any charming young girl would do if she were at home with an annoying ferret boy. I knocked, trying to be as loud and annoying as I could.

“MALFOY, GET OUT!” I yelled just in case he couldn’t hear me.

“Granger! How long could you possibly take to get ready? You always look like a mess anyway. I’m surprised that you even use the bathroom in the morning. The way you always look is as if you had just gotten up out of bed anyway, so what’s the difference?” the ferret yelled back.

“Oh yeah, and you look so much better Grease Malfoy. You put so much gel in your hair that, if you washed it, it would fill the entire bathtub,” I retorted.

“Well I, unlike you, actually do something to make my hair look good, Granger,” he yelled. Now that’s a laugh! If he thought putting gel in his hair made him look good he had another thing coming.

“Ha, Malfoy! Yeah, you may put things in your hair, but that doesn’t mean it looks as good as you put it,” I said. Just then Malfoy opened my side of the bathroom door and glared down at me. His hair was freshly greased as always and he was now in his robes. His glare was so strong that he some how managed to pin me to the other side of the wall as he leaned right into me. It made me gulp and I had to admit I was scared, but I was going to stand my ground and not let this ferret get to me. No matter how long I had to stare into those cold gray-blue eyes.

“Mind repeating that, Granger? It sounds to me that you have a problem with my look. Am I incorrect?” he asked.

“Usually yes, but this time, by some miracle, the little men in your brain are actually working! I know that’s not something you’re used to, Malfoy, but unfortunately for you, you’re doing it. Yes, I do have problem with your look. Just because I was born with curly wild hair does not mean I don’t know what looks good and what doesn’t. And your hair, Malfoy, is about the most disgusting thing I have ever seen,” I said. Wow, way to stay strong! I wasn’t sure that I could do it. Malfoy looked extremely taken aback at this, until his brain started functioning properly again.

“And what about you? What would you know about fashion? You’re too scared to even show a little skin, Granger!” he said and started to loosen my tie and unbutton all the buttons until you could see my chest. I should have done something, I know, but I was a little too busy being appalled by his actions. Then, he took his finger and traced it along my collarbone and then down around my chest while saying, “You know Granger, you may be a disgusting mudblood with no right to go to this school, let alone be living, but you’ve got one thing and one thing only: a nice chest.” I have to admit that while he was anywhere near my chest it was hard to breathe, but once I came to grips I did the only thing I could think of at the time: punch him hard and good. How hard, you may ask? Well, let’s put it this way. Right now he’s on my floor clutching his face and cursing.

“NEVER, AND I REPEAT NEVER TOUCH ME LIKE THAT AGAIN OR YOU WILL GET MORE THEN A BLACK EYE NEXT TIME! GOT IT, MALFOY?” I yelled as loud as I could. “And oh yeah, Malfoy.” He looked up when I said his name, still clutching his face. “GET OUT OF MY ROOM!”

That’s when he got up and walked over to me. “Oh yeah, Granger? And what if I don’t? Then what are you going to do? Punch me again?” he asked. The thought was tempting, but instead I started backing Draco up by walking forward all the way until we were at the part where our rooms connected while yelling my bloody head off, of course. “You listen here, Malfoy, and listen good because I am only going to say this once and only once. While you and me are both Heads, we may have to be civil towards each other, but here are the rules. My business is my business and your business is your business. I don’t know anything about you, except that your insufferable, and you know absolutely nothing about me. And that, Malfoy, is exactly how it’s going to stay. Now if you will, please leave and I will see you in class.” Then I closed the door and locked it. Breathe in, breathe out, I told myself.

Finally, time to go to breakfast! I started walking out of the common room and down to the main hall until I realized I still hadn’t brushed my teeth. You know what? I don’t feel like dealing with Malfoy again so I will just deal with it quickly after breakfast. When I got down to the Great Hall, I saw Ron, Ginny and Harry. We decided that, for Harry’s safety, I should sit between him and Ginny before he got the urge to do anything with Ginny while Ron was there. I would be there to stop him before he did something that would get him in trouble with his best friend. This didn’t make either Harry or Ginny happy, but I think they had an understanding as to why I did it.

“Hey guys! How is the schedule looking this year?” I asked.

“I would tell you, but you probably wouldn’t believe it,” Harry said in a rather depressed tone. Then, just like that, I had my schedule handed to me by someone behind me.

“Oh, thank you,” I said and started reading the schedule.

“What! This is impossible! We have every class with the Slytherins! There has to be some kind of mistake. I have to talk to Professor McGonagall. This can’t be right,” I said starting to stand up, but was stopped by a voice that sent shivers down my spine.

“Oh, it’s no mistake, Granger. Those are, and will stay, our classes throughout the entire year. I just asked while I was receiving our schedules,” Draco Malfoy said. That’s right, the same Draco Malfoy who I just told off and the same Draco Malfoy who had his finger on my collarbone only a few minutes earlier. I felt my cheeks starting to go hot already. Well, at least I know who gave me my schedule. “Well, I should really say when I was getting my schedule, Professor McGonagall just told me I might as well give you yours.”

“Oh, well, I guess there’s nothing to be done about it then. Well, thanks again. Bye,” I said.

“I must say, Granger, you’re doing a great job following your own rules. Oh yeah, and Granger? Don’t expect me to follow them at all,” he said giving me a sly smile.

“No, I guess that’s right. You following the rules, Malfoy, would be like watching you turn into a fun-loving guy,” I said.

“Leave Malfoy. You’re not exactly - oh what’s the word I am looking for? Oh yeah – wanted - at the Gryffindor table,” Ginny said.

“Ah now little Weasley, that’s not very nice, is it? Maybe if you say please I might consider it, but until such a time, I shall remain here,” he said rather cooly. I could see Ron and Harry start to tense up and Harry actually looked like he was about to get up.

“Please Draco, leave,” I said in my most pleasant voice. I take it Malfoy didn’t think it would be that easy considering how taken aback he was. Then he was gone. God, if I had known it was going to be that easy, I would have done it years ago. Ron and Harry started to relax and then a new guest visited our table. Our very own new and improved Miss Luna Lovegood, who was now sitting next to Ron.

“Hermione, how can you stand to share a common room with him? Honestly, I don’t care how high ranked I was. I would never want to share a common room with him,” Luna said. I smiled at her and then remembered Neville. I wondered where he was.

“Hermione, it’s not even safe. I mean, Malfoy could end up really hurting you. You know especially with him thinking you’re a muggle-born still. I don’t think it’s safe,” Harry said and there was still no sign of Neville. Darn!

“Harry, thanks, but if Malfoy tries anything, I can take care of myself. Thanks for caring. Hey Luna, because we have all classes with the Slytherins, does that mean you have all classes with the Hufflepuffs?” I asked.

“Yeah, its so annoying. I mean talk about the same faces over and over again! I mean why not just let us share common rooms with them,” she said.

“I heard the professors talking and I heard they’re thinking about doing that. You know, the way the classes are, but instead with common rooms as well,” Harry said.

“That’s just sick and wrong to put us in the same common room as the Slytherins! Like we’re anything like them,” Ron said.

“Hey, it’s just talk. Well, for now at least,” Harry said.

“Hey, we better start heading to Transfiguration. I want to get a good seat,” I said, which meant I had no time to brush my teeth. And my parents are dentists, so how does that look? Oh well, I guess. It’s just this once.

And like that, we were off. Luckily, I did get a seat in the front. Malfoy got one in the back and everything was in its natural order. That is, until Professor McGonagall told us to all stand up and to go the back. She was going to be assigning seats this year. That’s when I saw him. The new and majorly improved Neville Longbottom. So while Professor McGonagall was deciding where to put everyone, I went over to talk to him.

What was I going to say? Oh my god. My breath! I still have morning breath! Wait, this is still the same Neville. Why should I be so scared? So he grew up. That’s not that big of a deal. I mean, everybody grows up. It’s a part of the natural order of life. Right, so here I go. I am going to say, ‘Hey Neville! How are you?’

That sounds perfect. So here I go. I am walking. I am walking. I am almost there. Ok heart, calm down. Palms stop sweating. It’s just Neville. Then it happened. Of course, Lavender got there first, but who is to say I can’t talk to him as well? I mean, he can talk to two people at once, right? So I continued walking. Then I heard my name “Hermione Granger” and “Draco Malfoy.”

“You two will be working together in all your classes,” Professor McGonagall said.

“What? I thought this assigned seats thing was only for this class,” I said stunned that I am to be stuck working with ferret face.

“No Miss Granger, the partner you get now is the partner you will have all year. If your partner fails, you fail. Understand Mr. Malfoy, Miss Granger, understand,” Professor McGonagall said. We both nodded. Oh my god, I am going to fail! I have never failed anything! Ever! And now I am going to fail everything at once! This cannot be happening! Oh great, and now I have to sit in the back with Malfoy and Zabini. Then I realized everyone was getting a partner form a different house. I guess they really are trying everything to bring the houses together as one. I thought the letter system was one thing, but this is just getting ridiculous. Well, here it goes. How bad can today really be?

Chapter 6: The pain I feel. Like I care. And lot and lots of yelling
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Disclaimer: I own none of the characters; everything is J.K Rowling’s. I’m just messing with them. Its fun. so hear it goes

That question, how bad can it really be? Well, here’s your answer: it was a NIGHTMARE! I have worked with Neville Longbottom and he was even better then Malfoy. The only time we concentrated was when we were fighting. That’s not a good thing, just to let you know. An example of this, you might ask, was in Potion’s when my potion exploded and all my hair fell out. Luckily Malfoy wasn’t anywhere near the potion when it happened so he got off unscarred. Lucky little ferret! I had to go to the infirmary to get a hair growing potion and now my hair is curly, frizzy and down to my arse. Life cannot get much worse.

“I see you your hair grew back, Granger, and even puffier than ever! You should really check out what the puffiest hair known to man is because I must say you’re getting dangerously close,” said Draco Malfoy. Why is it every time you think or say ‘how can things possibly get any worse?’, they always manage to get - oh I don’t know - worse. I’m just sitting hear minding my own business, eating dinner with my friends, and he has to ruin that too. I mean haven’t I seen him enough for one day?

“Malfoy, I am eating and I really don’t feel like having any of the glop in your hair fall on my food therefore making me hurl. Then again, just the sight of seeing that glop in your hair makes me want to hurl,” I said and just like that he was off. Wow, no way. Well, that’s a first.

“Great job, ‘Mione! I couldn’t have done better myself! I am proud,” said Ginny. After awhile of talking, I noticed a letter my lap and, not wanting the others to pry, I opened it under the table.


Meet me in the common room NOW. We need to get a few things straightened out. Believe me, it’s for your own good.


“Hey guys, I’m kinda tired. It’s been a long first day, especially with Malfoy hanging around everything I do, so I am going to head up and get some sleep. Night guys.”

“Night,” they all said in unison.

I started walking back to my common room. I was all the way up the staircase when I heard someone calling my name.


“Hey Hermione! Wait up!” I turned around to see who it was and saw it was the new and improved Neville Longbottom. Oh god, what am I going to say? What should I do? He’s seen me. He knows I’ve seen him, so I’m just going to talk to him. That sounds about right. I mean, what could happen?

“Hello Neville! I haven’t seen much of you this year. How have you been?” I asked in my oh-so-sweet-and-kind voice.

“Me? I have been fine, it’s you I am worried about,” Neville said.

“What are you talking about Neville?” I asked, utterly confused.

“Well, not only do you have to see Malfoy every second of the day because your both Heads, but, you know, you’re his partner in everything. I mean come on Hermione, it doesn’t get much worse than that. I mean, for Pete’s sake, it only the fist day and your hair fell out.” Oh god, I was hoping he didn’t see that.

“Yeah, well at least I didn’t get paired with Pansy like Harry did. Oh god, how horrid would that have been? I think if she wouldn’t make my hair fall out by the end of the day, I would have just pulled it out altogether.” We both laughed at bit at Harry’s expense, but it still was quite sad considering I did see Harry pull at his hair in Transfiguration.

“It’s nice talking to you again, Hermione. I have barely been able to say two words to you without you leaving or Lavender coming at the wrong time,” Neville said.

“Yeah, but can you blame her? I mean you have changed a lot over the summer from a sort of dork to sort of alright, if you know what I mean of course,” I said blushing fiercely.

Neville laughed a bit before saying “Yeah, but in the end I am only wearing a mask. Well, I’ve got to get started on the homework. They’re really pilling it sky high this year with the N.E.W.T.’s and all. Bye!” I couldn’t say a thing. I stood there processing and what Neville had just said and watched him walk off. Was he? Could he be?

‘But in the end I am only wearing a mask.’

What did that mean? I quickly shook it off and started heading back to the common room, where I saw my dear dragon, nowhere in sight. So, I did the only thing I thought was right. I started banging the hell out of his door.

“MALFOY, OPEN UP! IT’S HERMIONE! YOU DID SAY YOU WANTED TO TALK, RIGHT?” Still nothing. What was going on? He was the one who wrote me, not the other way around.

“MALFOY I KNOW YOU’RE IN THERE, SO GET UP OFF YOUR LAZY ARSE AND COME OPEN THIS DOOR! TODAY MALFOY!” Still nothing. What’s up with this kid? I started heading around to the adjoining bathroom and, oddly enough, it was locked as well. Ok, now I know something is definitely up. Hmm, I wonder.


The door magically unlocked and I entered to find a sleeping dragon, or should I say Malfoy, or even ferret would do the trick. Just like the stupid Malfoy. I actually do what he says and he’s sleeping. I was just about to turn and leave until something caught my eye: the sight of blood.

I saw a small bit of blood on Draco’s arm, so I decided to check it out. What’s the worst he could do? After all, he was the one who said we had to talk. I was on the other side of his bed when I saw the blood, and lots of it. It all seemed to be coming from his arm. I gasped and rushed over to Malfoy and started cleaning off his arm where I had guessed all the blood to be coming from, and I was right.

I used my cloak to wipe the blood away, but blood still kept coming out. My guess is the stupid ferret probably cut into one of his veins. Once I found the vein, I applied pressure just like it said to in all the books I had read about treating serious cuts.

While applying pressure to it, I tried clean the blood again when I saw it. The thing that made me gasp and even jump back a bit was the Dark Mark. It was the most hideous thing I had ever seen, but I stayed. I don’t know why I did. It’s not like the ferret deserves it. I guess it just was the right thing to do.

Oh well, I have been spending a lot of time with Mrs. Weasley. Maybe she is rubbing off on me after all. When the vein stopped bleeding, I checked the ferret’s pulse. It seemed all right. I then moved my hand up towards the top of his head. Now that wasn’t all right. It was like touching the top of a hot stove and trickles of sweat were starting to run down his face.

I tried to get up to get a rag and soak it, but Malfoy’s hand caught mine. I don’t even think he was aware of what he was doing, but his good hand caught mine and his grip was like steel. Then he started to shake. Damn it, if I didn’t get him some medicine soon, he would probably die from his fever, and really, how bad could that be? No, stop it, Hermione. As much as you would like the little ferret dead, you have to do what’s right. Damn it.

So, I smoothed Malfoy’s hand that was clutching mine with my free hand, hoping that somehow it would give me the chance to ease my hand out of his grip. After a little while, he calmed down a little, just long enough to let me get a rag and some emergency medicine from my bag.

Unfortunately, Malfoy was in no condition to swallow anything, so just as I read, I got tried my best to sit his body up and somehow get the pills into his mouth so he could swallow them. About twenty tries later, I did it and let him get some rest. I just sat there on my archenemy’s bed and relaxed my head against the wall until I lost all consciousness.

Draco’s P.O.V

When I finally woke up I felt all kinds sharp of pains everywhere. I tried sitting up, but couldn’t. Nothing worked. What happened? What did this to me? I can’t even think straight because my head’s throbbing too much. Damn it!

Now I remember! That stupid Mudblood never showed and I started cutting myself again. Well, at least I still know I am alive. Not that anyone would care if I died. (A/n I would care Draco, I would care. Sorry had to say that! Continue reading, oh great and mighty people whom I love.) Oh well, time to get up I guess. What time is it anyway? I looked at my watch and it said 9:00pm. I sighed great time to go back to sleep.

I felt something beside me. The Mudblood showed! Well I guess I shouldn’t call her Mudblood anymore. It’s not like she’s still a muggle. No, but she is still dirty blood. After all, her parents are traitors of the Dark Lord. So yes, I am still allowed to call her a little slimy Mudblood, but what is she doing here now? Might as well wake her.

“Mudblood,” I said as I started to shake her. “Hey Mudblood! Get up. Any day now would be nice.”

She started to move “Hmm? What - what’s going on? Malfoy! You’re alright!” she said as the sat up.

“Of course I am alright, but that’s more then I can say to you, Mudblood, if you don’t get off my bed!” I looked right into Granger’s eyes to see her reaction. It was one of pure shock. That’s when I felt shock, too. This shock was a bit different. It was Granger’s hand against my cheek.

“How dare you! First of all, you invited me here. Remember your letter? ‘Granger we need to talk.’ Secondly, I just helped you, thank you very much, and done you the kindness of making sure you didn’t bleed to death, either that or die of a fever. And thirdly, I am not a Mudblood, Malfoy, as I bet you know. I am Pureblood just like you, like it or not. And now, that’s the thanks I get? ‘Mudblood get out of my room!’ How rude!”

Now I was in a state of shock, the same kind Granger had been in before. Who knew she could be so feisty. It would be kind of attractive if only she wasn’t a filthy little traitor.

“Well, you see Granger, the third part is indeed wrong. You see, Mudblood means ‘dirty blood’ and that’s what you have: dirty blood; the blood of traitors to the Dark Lord. You see, you may not be a muggle, Mudblood, but that doesn’t make you a regular Mudblood, savvy? Then, for your dear little first part, I called you up ages before I did anything to myself and the only reason I did do anything was because you didn’t show, Mudblood! There it was again, the same shock I felt the first time, right across my face.

“Would you stop slapping me?” I yelled in a fit of anger.

“NO MALFOY! I DON”T BELIEVE I WILL! How could you have been so stupid just to cut yourself all because I was a little late. Besides, what do you care about me being a little late? Big deal. Doesn’t mean you have to go around killing yourself. Oh, and Malfoy? If you think you’re going to win my sympathy, boy are you dead wrong. I look at people who cut themselves as people who are darn right selfish!”

“How the bloody hell am I selfish by cutting myself? No one cares that I do and no one cares if I die. My friends wouldn’t care, my family wouldn’t care, and the Dark Lord wouldn’t care. If he did he would just be upset because he had to find someone else to do my job. And all of Hell knows you wouldn’t care and I am sick and tired of people not caring!”

“Well maybe if you’d give them something to care about they would. And why the bloody blazes do you care that I don’t care about you, which is not true because, if it were, I wouldn’t have just saved your life!”

“Oh please Granger, you didn’t do that because you cared. You did that out of pity and you know it. You can deny it all you want, but you’d only be fooling yourself. I know that’s why you did it. Like you said, I have to give people something to care about, and over the years I don’t think I’ve given you any reason to care for me. Unless calling you the filthy little Mudblood that you are all these years is a form of giving you something to care about, then, bloody hell, I’ve been doing a fantastic job now haven’t I?”

I yelled as loud as I could. I hadn’t really realized until then how close Granger’s and my faces were until then, or how big and brown her eyes were, or that they had sparkle of gold in them. We were both pretty quiet after that and I sort of wished I knew what she was thinking. Then she said something to break the awkward silence.

“No, I guess you haven’t,” she said. “Malfoy, I swear if this is just some reason for me to pity you, it’s not working and it never will unless you show me that there is something to care about in that deep, black, cold heart of yours. Until then, you’re right, I don’t care about you, and I won’t.”

Then she got up to leave. I had to do something. I was not going to let her have the gratification of having the last word.

“Granger, I called you in here for a reason. Or do you forget that quickly?” I said flashing her one of my signature smirks. But all she did was sigh and say, “Not tonight Malfoy, tomorrow’s another day. Just don’t try killing yourself until then. Night Malfoy.” Then she was gone behind the door that connected us. That was all that would ever connect us. Stupid door. “Night. Hermione.” Then I heard a tap at my window and went over to open it. I found the same bird as the one I had been using for that lame pen pal system. Might as well get it over with. I went over and opened the window and the bird came flying across until he reached my desk. I went over and untied the envelope and started reading.

Dear Wearing a Mask,

Nice name! I got your letter and I have to say you sound all right. You have your problems, but honestly, what human doesn’t? My friends love Quidditch. Honestly I just like to watch. Being up there is far too scary for me. Too much of a rush, but it’s still a great game. I see you like football (a.k.a. soccer). My dad loves that sport. I think it’s a bit scary. I remember when I was little and thinking my dad was crazy because he kept yelling at the TV.

Then his friends would come over and they all watched TV together and started yelling at the TV. I thought it was a contagious disease, actually. That’s sort of what got me into reading. I didn’t want to go insane and start yelling at the TV. A few years after I started getting into reading, my mother told me why my father kept yelling at the TV. I wasn’t so scared of the TV anymore and I did start watching it and, much to my surprise, I didn’t start yelling at the TV! Shocker, I know.

Only when football was on would I start my yelling spree, but I mainly stuck to my books. There’s more of a variety and you can read them whenever you want. Oh god, by now you’re probably thinking I have mental problem, but I promise you I don’t. I just like yelling at the TV with my dad from time to time. As for rugby, I may be a girl, but I do play rugby when we have family gatherings with all my cousins. And last but not least, fencing. I would kill to do fencing, no pun intended by the way.

But there’s my dad, thinking I am some sort of delicate flower that’s so fragile. I guess I should talk about the hard stuff going on in my life too, huh? After all, that’s what this whole buddy system is about, right? Well, first of all, I have been lied to all these years by my parents. Apparently they weren’t who I thought they were. Oh yes, they were my real parents, but they didn’t tell me anything about their past and now it’s starting to catch up to them and I am in the middle.

Then, I have this partner, as you probably know the school is supporting inter-house relationships more and more, so, now I have to work with my arch enemy all year long. I swear, it’s only been the first day and he has already done something to make my life a living hell.

So, I guess how this works is I tell you my problems and you tell me yours and we try to help each other. Well those are my problems. Try and help, I guess. If you can’t, don’t. I guess it’s just nice having someone to talk to. So send some of your problems my way when you want to. Well, bye for now. Have a good day or night or whenever this gets to you, have a good something. Bye.

Yours Truly,
Smart Doll

Draco couldn’t help but chuckle after and in-between the letter. He had to admit, this girl made him laugh when he thought no one else could. So he wrote back.

Dear Smart Doll...

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Chapter 7: beauty is in the eye of the beholder
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Hermione’s P.O.V

The next day, I don’t really know what I was thinking, I just knew it was a new day and a new nightmare. Nightmare meaning my archenemy, who is known as the amazing bouncing ferret, (God that never gets old!) or Draco Malfoy. Either way he’s a major pain. Oh well, time to head down, I guess. After having washed my face, brushed my teeth (finally) and put on my robe, I headed downstairs to breakfast, with still no sign of him. Which means, so far the day has just been a splendid, downright giddy day. I really didn’t feel like facing him, especially not after yesterday. That was like a nightmare. I don’t even know the scariest part. The Dark Mark, his selfishness, his rudeness, or the fact that he ended up being right about me in the end. Or I could go with the fabulous last option all of the above. For some reason, I think I shall choose the last one. It’s safest and that way I won’t end up being wrong.

“Hey ‘Mione. What’s wrong? You don’t seem like yourself this morning. I mean, you haven’t said a word,” a concerned looking Harry said.

“Yeah, usually you would be yelling about how I eat,” Ron said swallowing. “Or something like that.”

“First off, Ron your eating habits are disgusting, if that helps any. Also, you should really close your mouth when you chew. Secondly, I’m fine. I just had bit of a row with Malfoy last night and some of the things he said got to me. So basically, I’m getting all worked up for nothing,” I said.

“Well really, it’s something ‘Mione, because you do have to work with him all year. Not to mention you two have to share a common room. You both might as well act civil with each other after all. Hermione, that’s not something you just can ignore, no matter how good of a witch you are,” Harry said.

“Are you bloody hell mad Harry? Of course this something she can ignore! Or she can beat him the bloody hell up. Either way I’d be downright giddy,” Ron said.

“Believe me Ron, I would too, but the fact of the matter is that you two have to get along. You have everything together and if you two don’t get along, I seriously doubt you’ll be able to survive,” Harry said.

“Or worse, pass,” I said agreeing with Harry.

“You seriously need to get your priorities sorted out,” Ron said.

We sat there laughing for a minute until I decided to tell them about Draco’s letter and everything else that happened last night. But now, for some reason, the words ‘big mistake’ came to mind. I don’t know why.

“HE DID WHAT TO HIMSELF?” they both said in unison. Oh, that’s why.

“Will you guys please hush? Do you want all of Hogwart’s to know? I don’t even know if I should have told you. I mean it’s about someone’s personal life, and not just anyone’s personal life, but Draco Malfoy’s personal life,” I said, in an attempt to hush them up. Key word being ‘attempt’.

“Bloody hell, Hermione! We will not hush it! You’re living with a suicidal creep!” Ron said.

Soon almost all the Gryffindor’s eyes were on us, especially Brown’s and Patil’s. God can’t those two stay out of anything? Might as well cover it up.

“That’s great acting, Ronald. Maybe you should try out for the Bewitching Magical and Muggle Drama Club. I bet you’d be fabulous at it. I mean, look how well you read those last monologues! You got almost all of Gryffindor to stare!”

That was close. They all actually bought it and started to go back to whatever they were doing in the first place. The only two who still showed the littlest interest were the two Gossip Queens.

“Hey Harry, Ron, fancy a walk down by the lake before class?”

They both just nodded and we left the Great Hall and on the way over to the lake I kept on looking behind me to see if the Gossip Queens were following. Luckily for Draco the answer was no.

“Ok now, Hermione, explain to me why Malfoy would cut himself over you. I mean, it’s not like he bloody hell is in love with you or anything, right?” Ron said. “Oh yeah and did you have to tell basically all of Gryffindor I was a pansy when I am not.” Harry and I couldn’t help but break out laughing. Ron just kept walking with a stern look on his face.

“Well, you did sort of have that slinky long hair thing going for you since you decided to grow it out,” Harry said and we broke into even more laughter.

“Ha, ha, Harry real hysterical, but I am not a pansy, and I am also not the one with the problem. So ‘Mione, mind answering the question?” Ron said wanting to get off the subject of his pansy-ness and on to Draco’s ‘lack of love’ I guess you could call it.

“I honestly don’t know Ron. I guess he just wanted someone, anyone, to care for him, but I told him that, if anybody was going to care about him, he was going to have to give them something to care about. He also told me what I did was not out of care, but out of pity, and honestly, I was a bit shocked he said it, but still, it’s not like it’s not true. Also Ron, if you want to get back your masculinity do something manly. Roll in the mud and get dirty. I don’t care. But it was your own fault you now have everyone thinking you’re a pansy. I mean, if you had kept you big mouth shut, then I wouldn’t have had to cover for Malfoy.” I said

“Yeah, and then you would have been looked at as Ron the Quidditch player, best friends of Harry and Hermione, and boyfriend of the new and improved, hot Luna Lovegood, but now you’re Ron the Quidditch player, best friends of Harry and Hermione, boyfriend of the new and improved, hot Luna Lovegood, and a pansy,” Harry said. Once again we both busted out laughing at Ron’s expense. Of course, we wouldn’t have it any other way. We soon separated after a while. They headed up without me. I told them I wanted a few minutes to clear my head before class. They bought it and went up to the school.

As I started to walk alone, I couldn’t help be feel that someone was watching me. I kept turning around every few minutes to see if anyone was there, but each time there was no one. I did know someone was definitely following me. As I got close to the dark forest, I was proven right. Someone snatched my wrist and pulled me behind a tree.

“You think this is a game Mudblood?” he spat. “You think this is something you can just laugh about with you friends and have a gay old time with, huh? Well guess what, Mudblood? It’s not! It’s my life not yours. Not Pothead’s and definitely not the Weasel’s! You hear me Mudblood? Do you?” He now had her pinned up against a tree with both hand on her wrists.

“Malfoy, you need help and lots of it,” I spat back at him.

“Why? Because my life’s not like yours? It’s not some fairytale? You think your whole life that you’re nothing special, and then boom you get these powers. Why should you deserve to be special? Mudbloods. Why should they deserve to have that feeling? To think they’re special, but we can’t, right? Because we grew up this way. We always knew about it. Is that why, Granger? Huh? Is that it?” he said.

“You see, there you go again. Trying to make me pity you. Well Malfoy, guess what? I don’t pity you! You can be a crying little rich kid all you want, but you still will never get my sympathy unless you show me that you can be a real person. You know, nice, caring, and helpful. Until you show me that, Malfoy, I will never feel sorry for you.”

“Granger, this is not about that. What this is about is about you going and blabbing to Pothead and the Weasel about what happened. It’s my life, Granger. You hear me? My life. And if you want nothing to do with it, fine. I don’t want you in it anyhow. There’s no room for blood traitors like you and the Weasel anyway. I guess you two really do belong together. Too bad for that other girl, she is quite hot if I do say so myself. But wait, wasn’t that Loony Luna Lovegood? Why, yes it is. Now tell me Granger, why can’t you go through a transformation like that? Maybe then the Weasel might want you, but I still doubt it.”

“Shut up, Malfoy.”

“What? You’re allowed to talk about my life, but I am not allowed to talk about yours? Is that it?”

“No, it’s just that you know nothing about Ron and Luna. So leave them out of it,” I said but I couldn’t keep my voice from cracking or the tears coming out of my eyes. Right then and there I swear I saw Draco Malfoy look the most concerned I have ever seen him. It was about me. His hands loosened, his eyes softened and he even backed away a little. I swear he was about to say something, but before he could a voice interrupted.

“‘Mione is that you?” Neville Longbottom asked.
“Longbottom, what do you want? Can’t you see we’re in the middle of something here?” Malfoy said sounding slightly, no I mean extremely, annoyed. Then I saw Neville’s face drop into complete shock as if he had just seen a ghost. Then I looked at Malfoy and realized what we must look like to him.

“Oh, Neville he doesn’t mean it like that. We’re not - I mean, we could never - I mean, I would never want to, especially not with Malfoy,” I said quickly trying to cover everything up. Malfoy had a stupid, dumfounded look on his face until he looked down at me and realized the same thing I did and surprisingly enough gave out a loud bark of a laugh.

“Aw, come on Granger! You don’t have to be all shy about it. I think it’s about time Longbottom knew about our secret relationship. It would be better. That way you can stop leading poor Mr. Longbottom on, love,” he said pulling me closer. And I swear at that moment I wanted to kill him. My face was redder the Snow White’s poisoned apple.

“W-What secret relationship would that be Mr. Malfoy? the one in which I detest you intensely? Because really, Malfoy, besides that relationship, we have no other and never will,” I said. Good girl, Hermione. Just keep your cool and this will all be over soon. That’s right, soon very soon, and if it’s not, I will just have to kill Malfoy and put his rotting corpse into the lake for the mermaids and giant squid to do as they pleased. I then pushed Malfoy off me, forcefully pushing him down onto the ground and, turning my head, I saw a wave of relief wash over Neville.

“Aw come on Granger, you know the relationship I am talking about,” he said starting to get up and bring himself closer to me. “The one where your madly in love with me and can’t keep your fifthly little Mudblood claws off me.”

“Oh do give up Malfoy, because you know you’re not fooling anyone but yourself, you big git,” I said. Once more pushing him away from me, but not hard enough this time to make him fall to the ground. Then I walked over to Neville and took his hand in mine and walked off giving a quick glance back at what looked like a crushed Draco Malfoy. God, I know somewhere down the line I thought this before, but this guy really does have more mood swings then a girl going through PMS.

“Hey ‘Mione, what was going on with you and Malfoy? For real, if you don’t mind me asking,” Neville said. Most likely to break the awkward silence, or just out of common curiosity.

“Malfoy was mad that I told Harry and Ron something private about him to them. I’d tell you Neville, but you saw what happened just because I told Harry and Ron. Can you imagine what would happen if he found out I told you as well?” I said. Pleading a bit in my voice for him not to ask me what it was that was so private about Malfoy that I couldn’t tell him.

“Well ok, as long as you two both weren’t really, well, you know,” he said blushing fiercely. “I think I would be crushed if you were.” Then there it was again, that awkward silence. Someone had to break it and it might as well be me.

“Neville, hey, I have to go up and fetch my books before class. Ok? I’ll see you there, though,” I said and started heading up to the common room.

“Alright bye ‘Mione.”
“See you later Neville.”

“I officially hate my life,” I said, sitting down to dinner showing Harry and Ron my fingers with nonexistent nails. Thanks to a certain Mr. Malfoy, oh yeah, and he didn’t even get in trouble for it because he “accidentally” knocked over his potion. Yeah, and I’d like to “accidentally” ram my fist into his face.

“I’ll take it you had rough day with Malfoy,?” said Luna coming over to join our table and giving Ron a quick kiss.

“You can say that again. Look at what he did now,” said Ginny as she sat down next to Harry and deciding it best not to kiss him in front of her brother, even if it was just a peck.

“Hey girls, how’s your day been,” said Harry cheerfully, no doubt because he’s finally allowed to see his girlfriend.

“Awful. First of all, ‘Mione here gets her nails removed by Malfoy, Ginny’s hair gets set on fire, and I swear the Hufflepuff I am working with doesn’t know a plant from a dog, even if it were to go right up to him and bite him in arse.”

“Oh yeah and the fact that Malfoy forced a little romance into Hermione here,” Ginny said adding to the list.

“Ginny, where did you hear that?” I said shocked.

“Yeah Weasley, where did you hear that?” Malfoy said from behind me.

“Well, if it isn’t the man of the hour himself! I would offer you a seat, but then I think, ‘why be stupid?’”

“Malfoy, what’s this about you and our Hermione?” Ron said in his usual protective tone.

“Got me. I wouldn’t touch the Mudblood if she paid me,” said Malfoy, who I rolled my eyes at. “Why don’t you ask your sister here? She seems to be the one with all the answers and I am quite interested where you heard this from as well.”

“Well, if you must know, I heard from Lavender. She said she saw you pinning Hermione up against a tree this morning. And if it wasn’t for Neville coming when he did, you would have raped her.”

“Tell me Weasley, did she hear anything?” Malfoy asked fearing for his reputation.

“No. Well, if she did, she didn’t say anything to me. No wait. She said she was too far away to hear your conversation. That’s right. She said she couldn’t make out Neville’s brave heroic words,” Ginny said rolling her eyes. “So, wait what were you doing pinning Hermione to a tree?”

“Well, if you must know, I was mad at your dear little friend for spilling my little - bad habit, to Weasel and Pothead over here.”

“Watch it, Malfoy,” Ron said as he started to get up, but Luna pulled him down before he did anything he would later regret.

“Bad habit? What bad habit?” Luna said.

“That’s none of your concern Loony,” Malfoy said. I saw Ron burst from Luna’s grip and I stood up as well.

“That’s it. What do you want Malfoy? I highly doubt your here because you want some intelligent conversation, though, I know you don’t get any with Crabbe and Goyle. Does that really mean you have to come here for it?” I said trying to stop the fight before it started.

“Actually, Granger, I’m here for you. The professors want us to organize the first Hogsmeade trip,” Draco said calmly as Ron started to sit back down, though he was still tense. Harry sat trying, with Luna, to hold his best mate back as much as possible.

“Can we do it in two weeks? By then, everybody will be settled in with school.”

“Sounds good to me. Bye, Granger. Thanks for the gossip, Weasley,” he said and then bent down so only I would be able to hear. “Granger, I still want to have that talk, if you know what I mean.” Then he was off, leaving Lavender and her sidekick to gossip even more.

“Hermione, I am not saying I agree with Lavender or anything, but have you ever noticed how he seems to calm down more with you? I mean, Ron was just about to pound him, and he knew it and was ready for it, but then you jumped in and he forgets all about it. I don’t know. It’s kind of weird. Also, just the other day you asked him to ‘please leave’ and, just like that, he was gone,” Ginny said.

“Don’t worry about it. The day Malfoy falls for me is the day Hagrid decides to shave his beard.” Then they all laughed and had a good time until Hermione had to head back up to the “Dragon”.
Draco’s P.O.V

I did it again! I am not proud of it. I just can’t stop. It hurts, which helps. It helps because it tells me that I am still human. I am still like everybody else and there’s no one that can change that. Not Granger, not me, not anything. Not even ‘smarts’ my new, and probably only, true friend.

Later on that night I decided to do it once more before I slept. Just one time. That’s all I needed and then I’d head downstairs to read a bit before bed. As I was on my last chapter, Granger came in and gasped a bit. She rushed over to me, so I put down my book and she slapped me hard across the face.

“So tell me Malfoy, you right foul git, is it that you want? To die? Or is it that you want someone to care, because believe me Malfoy, I am trying. I don’t know bloody hell why, but I am trying to help you. Can’t you see that? Just, why won’t you let me?”

“I thought you said you didn’t care. That you would never care. And before you protest, don’t, because I see it in you eyes and you don’t care for me whatsoever.”

“You’re right, I don’t and never will, if you don’t let me help. Maybe we should talk. That might help. Who knows, maybe I will start to care if I can get into your head. I will never pity you on what you do and, if I do pity you at all, I pity you because you’re so stupid to do this to yourself.” She then sat down next to me and took my hand in hers and flipped it over reveling the mark I have been desperately trying to cut out.

She did not run, or scream, or even gasp. She merely took her fingers and traced all the marks on my skin, which gave me chills everywhere. I can’t let this happen. She is a Mudblood, a traitor’s child. I can’t have her caring about me. Out of all the people in the world, I won’t let this disgrace of human be the one who cares about me.

“Alright Granger, you want to talk? Let’s talk. Here are the rules. Rule number one: you will not talk to any of my friends if they do not talk to you first. Rule number two: you will not bother me in my room ever. Rule number three: you are never allowed to disagree with me or raise your voice at me. Rule number four: you will not talk to me more then is need. Rule number five: I will not go through you past if you don’t go through mine. Rule number six: no tricks. Then, last but not least, rule number seven: you will not, and I repeat will not, ever care for me. Understand? Besides, you have no right to. You are filth, after all.”

The saying if looks could kill came to mind, but instead of killing me, Granger took a deep breath and said, “Malfoy, I will not follow all those rules. I might follow some just to make it fair, but not all. You also have to follow some of my rules. One: do not touch my things. Rule number two: do not touch me. Rule number three: no touching of my things or me will be done at anytime. Rule number four: you will not boss me around like some servant. Rule number five: you will not bring Pansy or any of your other little slut girlfriends in here. Rule number six: you will not disturb me. Then, last but not least, rule number seven: you will not judge me.”
“Like you said yourself, Miss Granger, some of those rules I will follow and some I will not, but I shall pick the rules I follow. Got it Granger?”

“Got it Malfoy,” she said as she got up.

“Fine,” I said starting to get up myself.

“Fine,” she said and headed of towards her room, but not before stopping for a brief second. “Oh yeah, and Malfoy? You’re not complete filth to some people. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” And then she was gone.
Hermione’s P.O.V

After the most heated discussion with ferret boy, I went over to the open window where I saw a beautiful owl with a letter addressed to me.

Dear Smarts,

I think I like that better: Smarts. I hope you don’t mind me calling you that from now on. If you do, please tell me and I shall change it at once. You, not like most people, I have to admit, actually have some common sense in your brain. I think I like your dad already! He seems like a fun character to watch. You seem sweet as well. I can’t picture you playing rugby, though. But then again, I guess I can’t really technically see you at all now can I? I like the fact that you’re into both books and sports. It’s a nice change from sport idiot or complete and total bookworm.

In your last letter you told me something personal. The thing is, my personal crisis goes deep. So deep that it’s probably what I am made up of, if that makes any sense at all. But I want to help you, and maybe over time, you can help me. As for your parents, I believe one as cool and funny as yours will always love you no matter who they are, so the rest shouldn’t matter. If they lied to you, be mad at them for the most one day and then move on with your life. Seriously, is it that bad that you want to hold it over their heads for the rest of their lives? That doesn’t seem like a very healthy parent-child relationship. Of course I shouldn’t be talking. My parents are the worst of them all. When I was kid, you know what, let’s not get into that just yet, but I guess that’s a hint as to when my problems first started. You told me about you crazy parent who I happen to love, but what about you? What kind of crazy things do you do? An example for me is that I like to lay in the snow for hours just laying down on a hill and staring up at the sky, relaxing, watching the day end. I love everything pizza, which yes, includes stinky fish. I sometimes clean my room for fun. (Oh yes, you have my permission to now run away screaming.) Hmm, what else? Oh yes, I love flying backwards. It’s weird, but surprisingly fun. Oh, and talking to you.

Yours truly,
Wearing a Mask

P.S. Yes, talking to you is weird, and you can’t say otherwise. You are one weird child, but I love it.

Dear Wearing a Mask...

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Chapter 8: how to feel specail malfoy style, I don't suggest anybody does this
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Disclaimer: I own none of the characters; everything is J.K Rowling’s. I’m just messing with them. Its fun. Hehehe.
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It’s the end of September, finally. I thought it would never come. Classes are over for today, Saturday, and Sunday and then back to work. Not that I plan on taking a break. The more the ahead I am, the better. I got up off my bed and stopped daydreaming to go brush my teeth and finally go to bed. As I opened the door I heard something odd, or at least something that should have been odd. I heard groaning. Then, opening the door the full way, I saw what I thought I would have seen: Malfoy using his razor to cut himself again. God, this boy has got a get a better hobby, other than trying to get me to feel sorry for him.

“Malfoy stop it. Do you have any idea how stupid you’re being?”

“Granger, out,” he said, pulling his hand to his stomach in someway trying to smear the blood of his arm.

“No Malfoy, I will not get out,” I said stepping over and grabbing the razor from him, or at least trying to.

“Granger stop this now,” he said holding on to the razor with all his might.

“No I will not! At least not until you stop being so selfish,” I said and that’s when it happened. Malfoy stopped pulling, but I didn’t. I pulled so hard that I fell back with the razor in hand then it dropped from my grip. As I tried to grab for it again I fell down, my back against the wall of the bathroom, and holding the razor the wrong way. I hadn’t realized how hard I was holding onto the razor until a second later when I screamed out in pain as the razor cut into my skin. I quickly let go, and looked up at Malfoy. It looked like for a second that he was going to come over to comfort me, but then shook it off immediately.

“It serves you right, Granger. And for your information, I am not selfish, not in the least.”

“Oh really Malfoy? How the bloody hell did you come to that conclusion?” I said trying to stop the bleeding the best I could with my PJ shirt.

“I am dealing with pain the only way I know how. I have tried the other methods. They don’t work. No, not that they don’t work, they just don’t work for me, I should say. It’s the only time I ever feel like I am worth anything. So tell me Granger, can you understand that?”

“But don’t you see? That doesn’t make you special. It makes you a cutter and being a cutter is not all that special of a thing to be,” I sad trying in some way to defend myself but knowing I had no idea what I was talking about.

“I don’t like to think as my self as a cutter or any of those other people as cutters for that matter. They do what they do in order to release pain, but you want to know what I do think? I think that cutters are self-injured. Other people inflicted pain onto the self-injured, and in some way to feel special, we then inflict pain onto ourselves. As for the friend or family member that cut themselves? They had their reasons, but you never did. You know what? You don’t have to cut yourself and that’s great. Great for you, but I somehow like the feeling of feeling special. God knows you know how that feels! Whenever you get a great grade or a teacher singles you out, or even when you’re helping Potter you still feel special. Granger, I am never going to feel special. At least not in the way you do, so this is just my way. Deal with it.” And then he was gone…

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Chapter 9: potions and emotions
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Disclaimer: I own none of the characters; everything is J.K Rowling’s. I’m just messing with them. Its fun. Hehehe.

It’s been a month since he last time I caught him doing, well, it. He yelled at me and basically told me that I should mind my own business. Then he said something that I thought he’d never say, something smart. I know, I know, I am just as shocked at as anyone, if not more so. I told him he was being selfish like I usually did. The thing is, this time he got smart. He asked me how was he being selfish when it was making him feel special when no on else could.

For once, I didn’t know what to say. I was completely speechless. I mean, I guess he was right. It’s not like I really know him or anything. And Lord knows I have no idea what’s really going on. But to cut himself? There has to be another option. God, he gets me so mad sometimes I could just-

“Granger,” someone was saying in a state of panic.

“Granger,” it said again in the same tone.

Then I came to and found a very worried Draco Malfoy staring at me, as well as our potion, which is suppose to turn purple, in a gray, bubbling, gooey sate staring up at me.

“Malfoy! What did you do?”

“Me? You’re the one who’s been staring off into space the whole time daydreaming!”

“Exactly, making all of this your fault,” I said promptly.

“God Granger if I could-,”

“Yeah, yeah, I know. You’d call me a Mudblood or curse me into oblivion or something along those lines, correct?” I asked, and when he didn’t respond I said, “Correct.”

“So what the hell happened?” I asked wanting to know how to stop it, whatever it was.

“I don’t know. I was following the directions perfectly and then this happened.”

“Ok Malfoy. What were the last three things you put in there?”

“God Granger, I don’t know!”

“Well try to remember and fast,” I said as one of the bubbles in the potion popped.

"Fine, baby’s breath, siren’s scream, and shoes worn by a house elf. So enlighten me Granger, what did I do wrong?”

“Ok, we have a problem.”

“Well, are you going to tell me what the problem is?”

“Yes, you did everything perfectly.”

“So, how is that a bad thing?”

“It’s a bad thing because now I have no way of knowing what went wrong. God why is this happening?”

“I don’t know why Granger! That’s why I brought you out of your daydreaming.”

“First of all Malfoy, I was not daydreaming, and secondly, this isn’t my fault if you’re the one who’s forgetting.”

“Bloody hell Granger! I didn’t say it was your fault! I said I needed your help in fixing it, and yes, you were daydreaming.”

“You know, you don’t have to use such language, and if this wasn’t my fault then why should I help you clean it up? And no I wasn’t daydreaming, Malfoy.”

“Well maybe I bloody hell want to, and exactly. You haven’t done anything, which is why it would be nice if you helped now. And yes you were.”

“Well, I wasn’t paying attention to you while you were doing it so I don’t know what you did wrong. And no I wasn’t!”

“I told you what happened so fix it! And yes you were.”

“I don’t see the problem! You did everything correctly, and no I wasn’t bloody hell daydreaming.”

“Now who should stop using such language? And yes you were.”

“No I wasn’t.”

“Were too.”

“Was not.”

“Were too.”

“Was not.”



“Mr. Malfoy, Miss Granger! If you two would stop bickering like a married couple for five seconds, you two might notice that your potion is about to explode,” said Professor Slug, as I like to imagine myself calling him.

The only reason he came back was out of respect for our loss of Dumbledore and everyone knows it, even though he likes denying it, but he was right nonetheless. Now our potion was out of control.

I thought I told all of you not to let your emotions run high in front of your emotion potion, which is there to tell you the emotion you are in so you don’t get out of control. And might I say Miss Granger, you and Mr. Malfoy are definitely out of control,” he explained.

How could I have been so stupid to forget that this was an emotions potion? And what probably or, what most likely set it off my was my irritated daydream about Malfoy. I guess he was right. Not that I am about to admit it to him anytime soon.

Oh great, now all eyes were on us. Even the new drop dead gorgeous Longbottom. Oh god can this get any worse? The answer to that question was no because, thank god, the bell rang and I sprinted out the door. Even in spite of the fact I was in front of the class when the bell rang, I was the first one out and into Transfiguration. God, I can’t wait until Wearing a Mask’s letter comes tonight! He seems to always know what to say to cheer me up.
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Chapter 10: once there was a boy and a girl and then came the deal with the devil
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Disclamer: I sadly own nothing sorry

Draco’s P.O.V

†It’s been about month since the stupid Mudblood has said anything about my selfishness, as she calls it. I guess I put her in her place. It’s about goddamn time someone shut Granger up! I am just glad I was the one to do it. I have to admit though, that I do miss Granger’s pain in the arse side now and then. Maybe I should do something about that…

Hermione’s P.O.V

††† †So basically I sprinted to Transfiguration, wanting to put as much space between Malfoy and I as physically possible. Even though I may have to sit with him in class, he is at least civil there. That’s the plan that we agreed on, at least. We agreed that sometime in-between the months we were not talking that we would only act civil towards each other in front of people, but behind the scene it was an all-out war.

††† After class I went to dinner, sprinting off once again, going as fast as I possibly could. That is, until I slipped and my books flew out of my hands and into the empty corridor. I however landed on my butt, while my books were now who knows where.
††† “Nice Granger! I give you a ten out of ten for the most graceful fall I have ever seen,” the ferret had said.

††† It was physically impossible that I fell of my own accord. The reason being there was water that had greased the floor down and Draco Malfoy was there to laugh about it. He probably sprinted after me as soon as I left the room.†

††† “Ferret, you did this! When I get my hands on you-”

††† “You’re going to what, Granger? Beat me? Curse me? Or maybe killing me is what you had in mind? Or maybe my favorite, call me ferret until you turn blue? Now Granger, am I correct?” When I didn’t answer he just gave a quick smirk and said, “Correct. And for you information, Granger, this is not my handy work. Looks like Moaning Myrtle is going through one of her episodes again and decide to take it out on the water to drown out her crying.”

††† He then came closer. I thought he was going to take this opportunity to tease me, but was proven wrong when all he did was stretch out a hand.

††† “W-what are you doing?” I asked truly bewildered.

††† “Helping you up. That’s not too much of a crime nowadays, is it?” he asked as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

††† “Why?” I asked as I stretched my hand out and placed it in his.

††† “One of two reasons. One, it’s part of the civil code. Being civil to you outside the common room. And as someone recently told me, if I want people to care about me, I have to give them something to care about,” he said.

††† While grasping my hands in his I found, to my utter shock, they were cold, almost as if he were a vampire. Well, then again, maybe that was not so terribly shocking. But considering that hands are supposed to be warm, especially in a magically heated castle, I knew Malfoy was not a vampire because I had seen him in the sun many times. Without his shirt, might I add, making all the girls sweat even more, especially on hot days. Or so I’ve been told.

††† As I started to get up I felt a sharp pain in my right leg, but ignored it as soon as I looked into his eyes. The pain completely disappeared from my mind and I didn’t know what was more shocking, the way he was making me feel, or what he had said.

††† Then just as fast as the strange bubbly feeling had come, it was gone. Malfoy coughed and turned a bit red in the face, as did I. I think, but I am not entirely sure, but I think Malfoy and I just had something couples call a ‘moment’. Then looking down at his hands, I noticed that the pale skin of his wrist was showing. It was also then I saw what made him so cold. He had never stopped.

††† “I see you haven’t given it up,” I said nodding towards his scarred wrists, which upon noticing were bare he quickly covered, almost as if he were ashamed or embarrassed of how he was presented, but why would he need to look a certain way around me? After all, I am just a filthy Mudblood, right?

††† “I don’t see why I should,” Draco said.

††† “Your own well-being, your health, you pick your reason. I promise you I have more reasons why,” I told him.

††† “Why would you care about any of those things?” he questioned, giving an almost gentle smirk and lifting one delicate eyebrow.

††† “I don’t know. Maybe it’s the same reason you cared enough to stop and help me up,” I said, giving my own smirk of sorts while watching his smirk suddenly disappear.

††† “I doubt that, Granger. I honestly think this buddy, whoever she is, has gotten me soft,” he started to walk onward. Now I was interested. So I followed.

††† “Oh really now? Is Draco Malfoy in… love?”

††† “Stuff it, Granger.”

††† “Ooh! Someone is touchy. Tell me, is that her fault, too?”

††† “I said stuff it, Granger. If not for my sake, try for yours.”

††† “I can see it now Mr. and Mrs. Ferret,” I said. I knew I had gone overboard when Malfoy stopped and stared at me, but for once, I did something unlike me. I did something so horrid I can barley bring myself to say it. I did - I did something. Something stupid.

††† “What’s wrong Malfoy? Are you and Mrs. Ferret having a fight?” I said.

††† “I said shut it Granger. Before you get hurt,” he said, looking murderous.

††† “Someone is definitely touchy! What? Did you forget to take some cranberry juice for you period Malfoy?” I said. Like I said, stupid.

††† This time he did something remarkable, he laughed and said, “You just don’t know when to quit, do you Granger?”

††† “No, not really. Well, at least not today,”

††† “And surprisingly enough, I’m ok with that. At least for today,” he said. While backing me into the nearest corner and placing one hand on the wall by my head.

††† “You’re not going to scare me, Malfoy, so you might as well stop trying to. Actually, you want to make things interesting Malfoy?”

††† “Depends on what you have in mind,” he said giving his signature smirk.

††† “You know, you have your little love partner or whatever, and I have my guy partner, right?”

††† “Yeah. Let’s just say I’ll let that one slide for argument’s sake. So what’s the plan?”

††† “The plan is more like a bet per se. So, I bet that by the end of the school year, you’ll be completely and utterly in love, if you’re not so already, that is.”

††† “Believe me Granger, I’m not. Malfoys don’t fall in love. Well, not real love anyway. Same goes for you. I assume you fall for this guy. Same things go and whoever admits their in love first loses. What are the stakes,if you don’t mind me asking?”

††† “You pick mine and I will pick yours. Agreed?”

††† “Agreed. Ok, I got mine. If I win, you have to fail the N.E.W.T.’s,”

††† “What? Fine. And if you lose, you have to stop hurting yourself, as well as quit the Dark Lord’s ways and join up with the Order after graduation.”

††† “Hmm, fine. Yours is pretty big. I guess I’ll agree. You have just made your first bet with the devil, Granger. Congratulations. Not only that, but you just bet against your grades. Two firsts in one day. Way to go!”

††† † “Oh and Malfoy, to make sure we stay true to the bet, when we go into Hogsmeade tomorrow I will pick up a betting potion, which will make us stay true to our word.”

††† “Alright. Deal.”

††† “Deal.”

††† “Care to shake on it, Granger?” he asked as he stuck out his hand. I took it and all was set.

††† “Oh yeah Malfoy. Just in case you were wondering, you can’t stop talking to her.”

††† “ Yeah, yeah I know. Let’s just get to dinner, shall we? Unless you’re interested in seeing what’s wrong with Moaning Myrtle. I know that’s the kind of stuff you love to do. Sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong and all.”

“No, I’m going to dinner, thank you.”

††† “Fine.”

††† “Fine.”

††† “Fine.”

††† “Fine.”

Then they disappeared.

Chapter 11: the end of the suppness
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Disclamer: I own nothing *crys* 

(a/n) thanks for reading I am so sorry about the spelling I need a beta sorry please help

Draco’s P.O.V

After dinner I headed up stairs making eye contact with no one, I headed up to my room and round what expected an owl with a piece of parchment tied to it’s foot. I actually ran towards the owl, and then stopped. Why should I get so worked up over a stupid piece of parchment sent probably by an even stupider girl? Then taking my time I untied the parchment from the owl’s leg. Then tore it up as fast as I could to see what the letter contained.

Dear wearing a mask

I think you views of muggle born are truly horrid. There is nothing more disgusting then feeling hatred towards something or someone you don’t understand. After all how are we truly able to hate one person when we do not know them. I say the something to you with your problem that you have informed me about. Trust someone anyone, that boy you’re telling me about, the one you grew up with. You said before the summer you two were so close it was as if you were brothers. Now you have grown apart. It may just be my women’s intuition but I think you should reestablish you connection with this chap. You would be surprise how much one or two good friends can help. I maybe shocked on you view on muggle born but I hope to get you to change your view on them get close to one of them. Hey what about that girl you were telling me about you know the stubborn one she seems interesting. If you can get inside her head you can get inside anyone’s. Nothing much to report here, oh got to go my annoying room mate is giving me the evil eye.

Love Pussycat

P.S. write back I am dying here you’re the only one with a brain that I know of in this school.

He laughed in spite of himself this girl really was something else well might as well write her back has well as take her advice I guess. After all that is the purpose of this hole buddy, buddy thing, right? Then took out a new piece of parchment and wrote.

Dear pussycat

Hermione’s P.O.V

Everyone tells you the same thing over and over again it’s not good to make bet’s especially bet that will hurt you. As for this bet it’s about to scare me for the rest of my natural bon life if I fail.

Plopping down on the Gryffindor sofa after dinner Ron and Harry playing chess and Ginny just sort of examining me trying to figure out what was wrong. Reason being because after dinner I sort of went threw my depressed stage. Which in case you were wondering involves sigh profusely along biting my nails. How I manage to do both at once I can’t begin to tell you but some how I get threw it. Then comes in the pouting at that point Harry, Ron, And Ginny have, had enough of my bad attitude and Ginny is the one brave enough to speak out.

“Oh for all that is good in this world what is wrong ‘mione,” Ginny asked.

“Wrong, nothing is wrong, why would anything be wrong,” I answered. Ginny just tilted her head and continued to stair. As Ron, and Harry looked up from the chess game exchanged looks and turned there heads towards me.

“What,” I ask them looking bewildered. (A/n look bewildered big word I do have brain. I thing)

“Hermione what going on and try the truth this time, because no offence or anything but you’re a horrid liar,” Harry said.

“Thanks for that, but seriously noting is wrong,” I said.

“Hermione there is defiantly something up so say it already and get it over with,” this time it was Ron who spoke.

“There you have it ‘mione if Ron thinks there something wrong then you know there is defiantly something wrong,” Ginny said.

“Why thank you very much Gin-..Hey what did you mean by that,” said Ron. Harry, and Ginny and burst into a fit of giggles.

“You see what I mean ‘mione if Ron understand you know for a fact that there is something wrong, no spill,” Ginny said.

“Fine, fine, you see I made bet,” I started.

“What kind of of bet,” Harry asked.

“A bet that concerns my grades,” I said

“Oh ‘mione you didn’t,” Ginny said.

“Oh, Ginny I did and with the most fowl creature to ever excites, Draco Malfoy.” At that the entire room got silence and, I explained to them what happened only I left out what Malfoy had to do if he lost.

“Hermione, you can’t do that I mean there your, Newts for crying out loud, it determines what you do or in your case if you fail if you do anything at all after Hogwarts,” Harry said.

“Oh Harry don’t you think I know that, which is one of the reason I am so stressed out,” I said.

“What does that foul git have to do if you win,” Ron asked.

“That I can’t tell you but I can give you a hint it involves his betraying you know who,” I said.

“Wow that sure is something,” Ron said.

“But ‘mione how do you know he will go threw with it if you do win,” Harry asked.

“I’m picking up this betting potion tomorrow so we are forced to go threw and are not aloud to cheat or back out last minute in anyway,” I told them.

“Wow ‘mione what are you going to do,” Ron asked.

“I don’t know Ronald, hey you thing I can get Fred and George to poison him before the bet officially takes place,” I asked. At the suggestion Ron, and Harry’s eyes lit up imaging there fowl foe poisoned.

“I can’t believe you Hermione. Your head girl you should be setting and example for the rest of us not posing your room mate, and I bet you two you go and let her do it to,” Ginny said, and when neither Ron, or Harry responded she got her answer.

“But Ginny what am I suppose to do, if I cancel the bet right now there will be no living with him, not that I can stand it now, but if I cancel if will only get worst,” I wined.

“I’ll tell you what you going to do, Miss. Granger, you are going to let your friends help you. There may be no cheating but that potion doesn’t involve friends helping and you know news travels fast in this school right.”

“Right,” I said slowly suddenly fearing for Malfoys life.

“Hey Lavender do you mind coming over her for a moment,” Ginny called out. And right away Lavender came over. Then Ginny whispered something in her ear and her entire face started to light up as she ran over and told everybody in the Gryffindor Common room.

“Ginny what are you doing,” Harry asked.

“Well Harry to answer you question I am starting a betting pool,” She answered simply, as if there wasn’t enough crazy things going on in this school.

“And Jen why would you do that,” Ron asked as I was to shocked to speak.

“Easy Ronald, the more people putting in bet the more people who will want the person there betting on to win, which mean they will be more willing to help that person win,” Ginny said.

“Great plan Ginny just one thing,” I said.

“What that,” she asked.


“Oh yea that could be a problem, oh well at least this should be an interesting bet,” she said. I just shook my head in disapproval and flopped back down.

Draco’s P.O.V

I am sitting along in the Slytheren common room waiting, just waiting. I deiced maybe it was safer to taker her advice.

“I am surprised we haven’t really spoken a lot this year,” Blasé said.

“Yeah, sorry about that I’ve had a lot on my mind,” I said.

“Understandable since Dumbledore and all, but what are you going to do about Granger, I mean I know she is annoying but are you really going to kill her,” he asked.

“Honestly I don’t know anymore, and the thing is I am really starting to think I can’t do it more and more as the days go by.”

“What do you mean?”

“Before I tell you let me point out if you tell anyone I will wring you neck,” I said, when he nodded I continued. “She is sort of… Well sort of…”

“Out with it man.”

“I don’t know how to explain it, its like she is a, a breath of fresh air you know. She cares, she’s brave, and she is a god dame know it all,” I explained.

“Oh no, Malfoy your in love,” Blasé said, which I started laughing at.

“That’s rich man really were did you come up with that one.”

“I am not kidding it sounds like your in love.”

“You are insane.”

“Hey what ever you say, but I doubt that’s what you wanted to talk to me about.”

“Actually I just needed to talk didn’t care what about.”

“Aw, Draco I feel so honored you chose me over Granger.”

“Aw stuff it will ya,” I sad throwing the pillow from sofa.

“Sorry Draco I don’t go that way,” he said threw fits of laughter.

“Ha, ha your hysterical. But I have a problem.”

“Oh don’t tell me you really do swing that way.”

“Once again man hysterical, but no.”

“Then what, come on man I am dieing.”

“Me and Granger sort of made a bet.”

“Now I defiantly interested,” He said leaning in to listen more intensely.

So I told him all about the bet, every grueling annoying detail, hell I even told him about cutting myself. Then in the middle of telling him everything I realized she was right, as well as realizing he might actually be in love.

Chapter 12: new revloationg in love or just hate
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Hermiones P.O.V

Ok so this shouldn’t be to hard not to fall in love with a guy. I mean I have been friends with Ron and Harry for years and not in love with them. I thought I was love with Ron once but then I realized I was just desperate really, really desperate, now I decided I like him more as friend then anything else. Anyway Draco, is the one with the big problem, I mean if rumors are true he goes for anything with chest and two legs. To bad I don’t know who the girl is…

“Hermione,” Ginny yelled. I was in the great hall eating dinner and she storms in and keeps yelling my name across the hall. “Hermione.”

“Hermione,” she said once more this time plopping herself right next to me and starting to dig in. I haven’t seen her all day in the Great hall meaning she hasn’t eaten all day.

“Ginny are you just going to stuff your face or are you going to tell me what’s going on,” I said still in thought over the subject: Draco Malfoy.

“I soud hood snews,” she said wile chewing.

“Honestly Ginny sometimes I think your worse then Ron,” I said. “Chew.”

“Hey,” both Ron and Ginny said, at the same time, of course with there mouth full.

“Well do want to know or not,” Ginny asked, this time with no food in her mouth.

“Do I want to know what,” I asked.

“I told you,” She said. I just stared at her as if she had grown an extra head. So she sighed and took a deep breath and continued. “The good new.”

“What… Are… You talking about,” I asked.

“The good new. Oh just stuff it and let me tell you. I found out that Professor McGonagall has a list in her room of the partner’s names. You know who has who,” Ginny said.

“Ginny that’s number one against the rules, and number two that’s cheating which is agents the rules,” I said giving her a stern look. “How did you find out about this any way?”

“Oh come on Hermione live a little, and Ron‘s girlfriend the new improved Luna Lovegood told me,” she said.

“Out of the question, I will not cheat on Malfoy,” I said.

“That’s something I didn’t ever think I would here from you,” Harry said.

“Yea and hey if can’t cheat, well there is no rule saying we can’t cheat for you right,” Ron said.

“Yea that’s a great idea, Ron,” Ginny said.

“Why thank you Ginny,” Ron said proudly.

“Oh god now it’s going to go to his head,” Harry said.

“NO,” I said sternly. “You hear me no one is cheating for me, no one, if Draco is not doing it I see no reason why I should.”

“Oh come on Hermione live a little,” Ginny said.

“I am alive Ginny and I plan to stay that way thank you very much. Where you plan involves the risk of me being caught by McGonagall, there for resulting in my ultimate demise. Or even if you did do it and you got caught how do you think I would feel about that. So my answer is final this is absolutely positively just not going to happen understood,” I asked.

“But mione my invisabi-,” Harry began.

“No Harry, thank you, but please I don’t want you guys involved,” I told them. “Now that you all understand I bid you a goodnight.”

“You’re not coming over to Griffindor tonight,” Ron asked.

“No I think not, I am afraid all this talk of cheating has worn me down so I will be heading off to bed.”

Taking one last sip of my pumpkin juice and finishing up my drink and slammed it down on the table. Then I got up and left the great hall, little did I know that two people have been over hearing the entire conversation. One paying attention for selfish reason, the other out on a mission.

Draco’s P.O. V

“Hey Draco, you hear that McGonagall’s got the records,” Blasie said.

“Why yes, yes I did, how…Interesting,” I said giving one of my famous smirks.

“So what do you have plan for the little mouse,” Blasie asked.

“Since when did we start referring to granger as the ‘mouse’,” I asked.

“Since I couldn’t think of anything else, unless you want to start calling her pussycat doll instead,” Blasie said.

“I don’t even want to think about that,” I said.

“So what’s the plane,” Blasie asked, growing impatient.

“I think I am going to follow the little mouse,” I said as I got up and followed Granger out of the Great hall.

“Now that’s the Malfoy I know,” Blasie said before I had left.

Hermione’s P.O.V

           I was walking up to the heads common room when all the sudden I started feeling light headed. Not quiet sure what was going on my vision started to get blurry, I just couldn’t wait to get to my room and rest up. That is till it got weirder, so weird that I start coughing up… I don’t know what I was coughing up actually. I was leaning over the side of the moving stairs and to my joy it started moving. I just keep coughing and coughing up this this weird flem, my head becoming more light headed by the second and my blur vision wasn’t helping my case either. Then it all went from bad to worse when I slipped on I don’t even know what I started to fall back till I felt two strong safe arms around me. Then I just felt bliss in their arms safe and that no one or nothing can ever harm me, it felt nice in all the mess of sickness.

“Granger,” the voice said. I couldn’t really make it out but it sounded male.

“Granger, come on please wake up.” It said again, “please.” That’s the last thing I herd till I completely blacked out.

“Will she be ok,” A voice asked.

I had no idea were I was or what had happened I just knew that it hurt and bad. I had a throbbing sting at my side. Slowly I started to open my eyes and saw Madam Pumffery talking to no other than… Malfoy.

“I don’t know what to tell you but I think you brought her in just in time any sooner and the potion could have gone threw her entire body,” She told Malfoy.

“That’s good, good, very good,” Malfoy said, was he talking about me. Oh god did he bring me in. I will never hear the end of this from him, stupid stomach, stupid head, and stupid body.

“Mr. Malfoy are you ok,” Madam Pomffery asked.

“Yea I am fine, just can you not tell anyone about this, you know me helping.. Well you get it,” Draco asked.

“Of course if that is what you want.”

“Yes, yes it is, and please don’t tell her,” He asked. Now why doesn’t he want me to know.

“Alright, if that is what you want it is,” she said.

“Oh believe me it is, it really is,” he said. Then he was off.


“You can stop pretending to be asleep now Hermione,” To my surprise Ginny Weasley said.

“Ginny, what are you, how did you,” I said fully coming to.

“I have been followed you when you left, but Malfoy was in front of me, he caught you when you fell down the stairs,” Ginny said.

“But why didn’t he just ignore me, I mean he is the cold blooded snake we all know and loath,” I asked.

“I don’t know what to tell you maybe Malfoy has a soft spot for a certain bush haired teen there for are plan would be working.”

“Yes and maybe you’re mental,” I said.

“Hey it’s a thought,” she said.

“Whatever you say..”

Dracos P.O. V

“STUPID, you so stupid Malfoy, when did you become so soft,” I screamed to myself.

“Aw come on man I bet she thought it was sweet, it could be a part of your taming the mouse plan,” Blasie said.

“Yea except she will never know it’s me, that’s the only good thing about this mess,” I said.

I was in the Slythern Common Room visiting Blasie telling him about the big bush haired blunder. How could I have been so stupid, I should have just left her be, but then she would be dead. A Grangerless world oh the small joys in life, why couldn’t I just have kept it that way.

“Wait she doesn’t know you saved her,” Blasie asked.

“When I left she was still asleep.”

“Aw man that’s rich.”

“Blasie, Draco did you hear, did you hear,” Crab and Goyle came in at the same time.

“What are you two blubbering on about now,” I asked.

“It’s about the mud blood-” Crab said.

“Let me tell it, I am the one who saw you just stared into space and kept eating” Goyle said.

“Well I got here first I should say it,” Crab said.

“Well will one of you just get on with it,” Blasie said.

“The mudblood was in the hospital wing, and she just got out,” they both said.

“WHAT,” I said. They all started to look at me as if I had grown a new head.

“I mean I got to go, you never know how Granger can get her self into all kind of trouble and then I will get blamed for not keeping her in line and I don’t want that,” I said and made my quick escape before anyone could question it.

Dear pussy cat doll


(A/N) you find out more later I promise he he he soon


Chapter 13: dealing with thigs
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Dear pussycat doll

There is far to much going on in my life right now I hardly know what to do. You believe it or not are the only real thing in my life and I don’t even know your name. I took your advice and befriend Zabin again and it’s helped, a lot. You will most likely never know how much you are helping me and maybe that’s a good thing. But as much as you are helping me you are also hurting me, I can’t explain properly what I mean by that but your just going to have to trust me when I say you are the best of both worlds. Both good and bad, but now I seem to have another problem. You see there is this person I hate and she hates me, but for some reason she can’t stop meddling in my private affairs. And as of now she is so much involved with them I am starting to get worried, of what she is seeing. My life must sound like some soap opera compared to yours, or any other normal person. I must say I envy anyone with a truly normal life. They don’t have much to worry about and if they do what could it be, what to ware to school that day, or getting the courage to ask a girl out. I don’t think there life or your life is as complicated as mine, and believe me when I say that is a good thing, because I wouldn’t wish this life on anyone

Your Loving friend, wearing a mask

Draco’s P.O.V

And that was that, I had given the letter to the owl and watched as it flew off carrying my inner most thoughts. I started to hear foots steps dragging up the stairs and knew Granger was coming. There was a knock at the door, I told Granger to come in and she did sitting at the edge of my bed, staring at me. Who had a book at hand and was sitting on the window seat, just staring out into the sky, I didn’t dare confront Granger, no telling what she thinks. Hopefully she doesn’t remember it was me, who saved her, it would be better if she thought saint potter or the weasel had saved her instead of the truth, after all lies are always better.

“Malfoy tell me something, do you think I am stupid,” she asked.

“Sorry Granger I didn’t catch that did you just say that you’re stupid.” I asked teasing her.

“MALFOY,” She yelled.

“We are in the same room Granger, there in no need to yell,” I stated simply.

“Somehow I feel whenever I am around you that is my only option. But that’s not why I am here,” She told me.

“Ah yes that’s right you are really here to tell me off how utterly stupid you are,” I said, egging her on, hoping that at any moment that hot headed Gryffindor side of her would kick in and she will forget about everything and just storm out, the faster this was over the better. But to my surprise I was proven wrong she kept her cool and continued.

“No, Malfoy I am here to talk to you about, you saving me, as well as you poisoning me.”

“Excuse me,” The nerve did she honestly think I was the one to poison her.

“You herd me Malfoy, you strategically placed the poison in my drink, to poison in, then I went up the stairs and you would save me right, and be some kind of big hero. Everyone would talk about it ‘Oh look Malfoy saved the muggle born, maybe he is not so bad after all’. Well news flash for you I will not be used.”

“Granger that is the stupidest thing I have ever herd in my entire life. If that was my intention then I wouldn’t have asked madam Pumfry to keep me saving you under wraps now would I. Mind explaining that one to me Granger.” I said.

Then the Insane muggle raised which did something that surprised me yet again, she smiled. A simple sweet insolent smile, then she got up and walked over to me by the window seat and bent down and kissed me on the cheek. Then something even odder happened my stomach started to twist, tight and I was nervous, scared and sweaty. I thought in that moment my heart had stopped, what was she doing, she has no right. I can’t even think straight, what’s going on only five second’s ago she was yelling and accusing me of poisoning her, and now, she was making my stomach do things that she shouldn’t be making it do.

“Granger,” I whispered.

“I know you didn’t poison me Malfoy, but I also know that you’re to proud to admit that you have ever helped a muggle born. Well I guess I should be muggle raised, I am not exactly a real muggle born. I am, um sorry about the kiss but it just, um my way of saying thank you, I guess. So thanks for being there when you were if you weren’t I don’t know what would have had happened.”

I was still to speechless to say anything to I let her continue talking for me, “Well that’s all I wanted to say, or do, I guess I should say. Well bye, I mean goodnight, or whatever, I guess I will see you in the morning, um, bye I mean night, I mean well you know.” Then just like that she was gone. What just happened?


Hermione’s P.O.V

I am not sure what just happened but I think, I just kissed Malfoy, ewwwwwwwwwwww, right? Or maybe it wasn’t was it, I mean it wasn’t like he had rough skin or anything like Victor. But still it doesn’t make it right, does it I mean it not like I did anything to horrid, true Malfoy is a discussing useless ferret but he saved my life that got to count for something. Well I just need to forget about it now is all I will never ever think of kissing Malfoy again its just mind over matter after all.

Now onto more important issues like what the hell am I going to do I mean I can’t cheat stupid magical contract won’t let me. Is Ginny right am I to much of a goody, goody, maybe she is, hey I can’t break the rules but that doesn’t mean Ginny can’t does it. No, no Hermione that’s still cheating and that’s wrong, I mean come on Malfoy just saved your life the least you can do is not cheat on him.

Debating with in the heads common room den I was myself against right and wrong was it really such a bad thing that I didn’t want to fail. What was wrong with me when I made that bet I mean so what let Malfoy screw up his life it is his own stupid problem not mine. Why should I care, let him kill himself, oddly enough I felt tears come into my eyes as I started to think of Malfoy cold dead and lifeless. The cause was his own stupidity and I had the power to stop, oh god I am crying what wrong with me. Stupid Malfoy.

Just then that same stupid Malfoy came down the stairs and started heading out the door.

“Where do you think you going this late at night,” I asked.

He seemed startled by voice because he practically jumped ten feet into the air, “Granger. Don’t sneak up on me like that.” Was all he said.

“I didn’t sneak on you I have been sitting here for the last hour what about you where are you going its getting late,” I said.

“I am going out, mom. Not that it’s any of your concern Granger, I actually have a social life,” He said.

“That’s not what I have herd at least not since the whole Dumbledore incident,” I said.

“Hitting a little low Granger, don’t you think, besides I am head boy I can do what I wish,” He said smugly.

“Yes and I am head girl, and I would like to know what exactly it is you plan to do while your out,” I said.

“Well let’s see here Granger, there are only a select group people who have the right to know that answer. That list consist of Teachers, The headmaster, or mistress, My mother, my father, and other such family members, which you are not apart of, my friends, which you have stated so many times you have no interest in being not that I have any interest in letting you be one, and my girlfriend, which with you I am not so sure if you want to be one or not after that little kiss from before,” He said, and then like that he left me there with my mouth hanging open like a seagull. How dare he, fine if he wasn’t going to tell me where he was going I was just going to have to follow. I grabbed my robe off the back of the chair I was sitting on before put it on and followed making sure not to be seen. I may not have had an invisibility cloak like Harry but that doesn’t mean I am not a good spy.

I quickened my pace so that I wasn’t to far behind him I hadn’t the foggiest idea if where he was going. He was taking turns left and right till finally

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Chapter 14: what happened to NEVILLE
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Dear wearing a Mask

Sometimes I feel so, well so trapped in my own world that I don’t have time to do anything risky like breaking the rules or something dangerous. I fear that m world would collapse if I did, and everything I worked so hard to accomplish would be wasted on fruitless task. After saying that let me apologizing for venting on you its just that these past few days my friends have been on my case about breaking the rules and that I should start saying it’s the only way I can really appreciate life. BUT ZABIN is one of your best friends who the hell are you. I mean ok I guess if you are going to befriend a slythern Zabin would defiantly my first choice as well but still he’s not my favorite person in the world. But hey he is better then the rest of the slythern population, actually he’s kind of cute, mind setting me up. *lol* Just kidding, but at least he helped I am glad, you need to start talking with people even if it is not about your problems just, talk.

Love pussycat doll

Of all the self centered, egotistical people I have had the pleasure of meeting in my life none have quite been able to get me this mad before. Malfoy, well of all the nerve, I followed my dear little ferret, and wear I followed him to is what got to me the most. No he was not making out with Parkinson behind the staircase either, honestly I might of preferred that. Then again, seeing a ferret sucking faces with a pug would be an interesting site but I think I still rather hurl slugs.

No what I saw was MALFOY CHEATING. I don’t know how the when the spell I had picked up was unbreakable. Unless both of us wanted out we were not able to cheat. But somehow he was doing it, I had now followed my dear dimwitted ferret into McGonagall’s office. Where a list of all the names of the owl buddy system was being stored. He looked scared looking over his shoulder every few moments to check if he was being followed or if anyone was coming in.


I was so mad and furious I mean of all the nerve, hear he is cheating wile I was forced to be a goody, goody and play by the rules, I don’t think so. I was mad until I decided to half just a little bit of fun with the Slythern Prince. I started making my way closer, at first sneaking towards him, then started walking freely towards Malfoy till I caught his eye.


“Granger, w,-what are you doing hear,” he asked.


“Well Malfoy, I decided your right about something and thought I should tell you what it was,” I said simply in a calm smooth tone.


“Well I usually am, but tell me Granger what is it this time,” he asked with a small smirk on his face that almost never leaves.


“I am,” I said.


“Good to know, but what are you,” he asked, the smirked still placed on his face though he started to look a bit scared.


“I am.. Madly and deeply in love with you, in fact I don’t know how I am able to keep my hands off you right now. There is nothing more I would love to do then to be your girlfriend. Oh and then we can spend all day everyday together planning out what we will do and how to go about doing it. Wouldn’t that be great.”


When I finished my speech I don’t know what I loved more how low to the ground Malfoy’s mouth was or how convincing I looked twirling a finger around a lock of my curly hair. Trying to look as ditzy and pug like as possible, so I might somehow be able to remind him of Parkinson.


“For example we can start right now,” I said as Malfoys seemed at a loss for words or any sound what so ever.


“Start what,” he finally asked.


“Oh you know silly,” I said as I had gotten closer to him and placed my hand over his. “Start fully and completely trusting each other.”


I don’t know how what happened next actually happened but I think somehow, like I said, I really, really don’t know how but I think Malfoy grew a brain and decided to put it to use. As he must of somehow realized that I followed him and already knew about he file he had behind his back. Did I ever mention, that there is a reason Malfoys don’t have brains, because if they did it means they could be put to use. As Malfoy decided to all the sudden be a muggle lover, he took my hand tight in his and started to play along. At least I think he was acting, no I desperately hope he was acting.


“Alright, sweetie,” he said as his thumb of his hand rubbed against my skin, and let me just say I wasn’t liking how my body was reacting to his touch. “Start to explain why your down here, your not already cheating on me with both Crap, and Goyle are you.”


When had this guy grown a brain, seriously, this guy was good, hell he took it a step further. Pulling me closer, pulling me into his grasp, so was actually in his arms, my arms placed lightly on his shoulders, as tumbled forward on his chest. Of all the nerve, as he grabbed me towards him it gave him a perfect opportunity to hide the file, BEHIND MY BACK, literally. Not only that but my insides started to do some serious funny things as he touched me. Things that I would never ever tell Ron, or Harry abut, bloody hell I don’t even want to know, or should I say think about it


“Well maybe if you were a tad better at being my boy- lover I wouldn’t have to,” I said though the thought of me swapping spit with the, not one but two pea brain scared every part of me.


“I swear love I don’t have the tiniest inkling on what your talking about,” he said with a smirk as wide as England itself on his face.


“Oh don’t be like that love, we both know fully well about what I am talking about.”


“The file you are hiding behind my back,” and this time before he could say anything more I stomped on his foot grabbed the file and ran as fast as my legs could carry me up to my room. The odd thing seemed to not that I had succeed but that Malfoy did not seem to care that I had escaped from his grasp as he didn’t so much as follow me down the corridor.


“Why hello Miss. Granger fancy a fight,” the portrait that lead to the heads common room asked.


“Not now I have to get inside its urgent,” I said.

“Urgent you say in that no password be required for the say,” he said and the door swung open letting me inside.


“Thank you,” I said, and headed off to my room to find a more then unwelcome visitor.


“Now love you didn’t honestly believe I was going to let you go just like that, after are you are my light, my reason for living so why don’t you hand back those files and we will call it a day,” Malfoy asked.


“Are you kidding me not only have you cheated, but this is my ticket to get you kicked out of your head boy position as well as out of this School. Tell me Malfoy how does it look you already tried to kill Dumbledore now your stealing old school files. I really don’t think the headmistress will be please do you,” I said, and watched his face grow even paler then its natural shade.


“First of Granger calm down,” Draco said not looking to calm himself.


“Calm down, calm down, I caught you cheating Malfoy I mean really my grades are on the line here, and you want me to calm down,” I said. I hadn’t fully realized how mad at him I was until all of that had come out.


“Um, yes,” he stated simply.


“Malfoy I swear sometimes you are just the most-,” but I actually didn’t get to finish my sentence because as I tried Malfoy,….


He grabbed the file from me and slammed it on my desk, (A/n sorry if I disappointed you)


“Granger open it,” he demanded in a voice I have never herd him use before.


“Accuse me,” said finding it hard to speak.


“You herd me Granger open the file,” he demanded.


“I can’t,.. It, Its against the rules to look at teachers files, besides the bet I would get cursed if I opened that file,” I stated simply.


“Granger if that was the case don’t you think I would have slugs or something coming out of me, now open the file,” he said this time a bit calmer.


“Well is still against the rules.”


“Granger,” He warned.


“Ok, I am opening it, I am opening it,” and as I did I soon regretted everything. The seducing the fighting all of it, the file wasn’t even about me it was about, Neville.


“Neville,” I said in disbelief I couldn’t even imagine the look on my face. There was a part of me that was shocked as hell and yet another part of me that wanted to laugh my arse off. Which I found myself doing in the end, laughing that is.

“Granger are you mad,” Malfoy asked though I don’t think he was actually that concerned as he soon chimed in laughing along with me.

“Neville, Malfoy, Neville Longbottom, why in the blazes would you ever want his file.”

“Oh don’t you know it’s the same reason I wasn’t completely turned on by your amazing seducing abilities back in McGonagall’s office,” He said sarcastically.

“Malfoy,” I warned.

“Alright, alright, I will admit I was a bit turned on, but still Granger seducing me that something else entirely, especially for you,” he said threw fits of laughter. Though threw my difficult efforts I tried to keep a straight face but in the end I found myself laughing along with him.

“Malfoy your avoiding the subject,” I said though I may have stop laughing, but I was still grinning like a hyena.

“I know,” he said his smile diapering entirely.

“Oh god Malfoy what’s wrong, your not actually bi-sexual are you, oh how crushed the fan girls will be,” I said, in hope of lighting the mood once more. It had work only very lightly as a small grin, not a smirk but a grin appeared on Malfoys face.

“Oh come now Granger you know you are my only fan girl,” he said pulling me close like he did before.

“Oh were not going to start this again are we Malfoy because I guarantee you this time it will involve you getting seriously.. Hurt,” I said narrowing my eyes. Then almost immediately Malfoy jumped as far back as physically from me fearing my words as well as my deadly eyes.

“Alright, alright I got the message loud and clear Granger,” he said.

“Now are you going to tell me what this file is about or not,” I asked.

“I decisions, decisions, I think my answer will be… um, no.”

“Malfoy,” I warned again.

“Yes Granger,” he asked with a small smile on his face.

“What’s in this file,” I asked threw my teeth.

“Well Granger why don’t you tell me the file is right there and I am sure as hell not stopping you,” He said.

“But, but I can’t the rules,-”

“Listen to yourself Granger your such a hypocrite,” he said.

“Excuse me,” I stated in state of shock.

“No I don’t think I will, all your life people have bee Excusing you, golden boy, and that weasel of everything. Well guess what Granger I am not going to. You break the rules basically once every year since you started Hogwarts, and when you break the rules Granger you really break the rules.” He said, I was to shocked to protest so he continued, “And now you are going to stand here and say you can’t open that file because its against the rules sorry Granger I just don’t buy it, now if you really want to know what’s up with Longbottom look for yourself.”

I was at a loss for both words and actions I didn’t know what do, if I hit and stormed out I would never know what’s in that file. But if I stayed and looked I would give him the satisfaction of breaking me. This was a test all designed by this own evil screaming mind, would I give in to temptation, or leave. In the end I found myself staying to read the file, and what I found surprised me more then Malfoys harsh words. According to the file Neville Longbottom was dead.

Chapter 15: what happened to dear old Neville
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“MALFOY, I can’t believe you,” I screamed and slapped him hard on the arm.

“Me,” he asked shocked in all belief, “what did I do”

“You know very well what you did you intolerable git,” I screamed.


“And what might that be Miss. Granger, and if you don’t mind keep your voice down or do you want to wake up the entire school.”


“You,” I said waving a finger in his direction.

“Me,” he said.

“Yes you, here you are you have all the files right in front of you point little nose, and what do you do. You messed poor Neville’s file up as some kind of practical joke instead of ..”


I didn’t say anything just stood there I was actually sort of ashamed of myself, which was preposterous considering I didn’t do anything.

“Oh by the way Granger I didn’t mess with this file either, Neville is actually dead, well at least according to this file he is.”


“What do you mean you didn’t mess with the file, you had . I mean its not like its true I mean I just saw Neville today so that file is wrong,” I explained.

“As insist full as that was Granger I am afraid the file is telling the truth, or at least what I believe to be the truth,” Malfoy said.


“Well what you believe is wrong, now change it back, change it back right this instant Malfoy,” I said as I began to find myself in a state of hysteria.


“First off Granger you have to calm down, and secondly if I did that it would be tampering with school files, which have you clearly pointed out as being wrong.”

“I have to do nothing of the sort Malfoy, now change the file,” I screamed, and found tears actually falling from my face. Was Malfoy actually right was Neville dead, no he can’t be I just saw health as ever. But as I started to cry I saw Malfoy’s expression change from his usual smug grin into something softer, something kinder.


“Alright Granger let me try this again, with a different approach,” he said. As he started to take steps closer to me, I found myself jumping back. “Granger please try to relax I promise not to hurt you.”


“And why should I believe you now,” I screamed tears still streaming down my face. “Its not like you haven’t lied to me, as well as everybody else in your life.”


“Because I’ve never seen you actually cry before, and not even I would take advantage of a girl crying.”

“Even though I some filthy little mud blood,” I asked.

“Yes even though your some filthy little dirty mud blood,” he said.

“I never said dirty,” I said as I attempted a small smile, which he returned. “Alright talk Malfoy.”

“I have had suspicion for a wile that Neville isn’t all that he appears, besides his new look he also been acting differently.”

“Since when do you pay attention to how Neville acts,” I questioned folding my arms.

“I don’t, which means it must have been pretty obvious, Granger I was in the library once and Neville was there as well and I saw him roughing up some little 2nd year just for a few gallons. Now I don’t know what you remember about Neville but I remember Neville’s was usually the one getting roughed up by the 2nd year not the other way around.”

“So he has changed a little,” I said. “That doesn’t mean he’s dead.”

“But it could mean he is, and someone else like a certain Jr. Barrty Crouch could have taken his place at Hogwarts. You know Voldermort can never have enough spy’s at Hogwarts, especially with Dumbledore gone. Then there is Professor McGonagall up to her ears with paperwork trying to keep this school running. I am betting she hasn’t even had time to take a shower since Dumbledore died let alone look over every student file. Honestly Granger do you believe she would have really put me as head boy if she had time to look over my file. She just did what Dumbledore told her to do, till opps, its to late and now she realizes she put me as a head boy. What screw up right?”

“Malfoy,” I began but his expression didn’t change. “Wait how would you know about Barrty Crouch Jr. if you, yourself are not still a death eater.”

“That the thing, Granger why do you thing I cut myself on my right arm so much. I am a death eater,” He said then pulled up to show me the mark, as well as were he cut himself it traced the dark mark. “Pretty disgusting huh, but I have quit, I just need to complete one task then I am out for good. As for Neville I had theory when I herd part of my mothers conversation with her sister.”

“Oh my god, so Neville is really dead, but for how long, how long has he been dead,” I asked.

“My guess was as soon as school ended so did his life, I know the death eater killed his grandmother the day he came home from school last year my guess is that they got him as well.”

“That’s so horrible.”

“Yeah I guess,” Malfoy. he said with a shrug.

“What do you mean you guess,” I asked.


“What do you want from me Granger I may not be a death eater but it doesn’t mean I like or cared about the guy or anything. Besides if actually cared about anything I might end up like you and go crying every time something bad happens to them.”

“Malfoy you are such a, such a, Jerk.”

“Nice come back Granger I have to remember that one,” he said sarcastically.


“I want to know something Malfoy,” I asked.

“What’s that love,” he questioned

“What is your final test, you know the one that gets you out killing muggles for good.”

He then got extremely quiet and looked at me quiet hard the evilness in his eyes disappeared. It was then I saw something about Malfoy I thought I would never see I saw him become vulnerable. So terrified of what was to come he was barley able to get the words out but he did manage a few words.

“You know how death eater have to kill a muggle born to get in, well I have to kill a witch to get out,” He said continuing to look at me hard.


Then when I found myself he walked past me. Then just standing there I finally figured it all out, it all connected perfectly why he was head boy, why he was at the Weasly’s that day, why I had saw him at my house, and even why he kept cutting himself. Because of me all those things were because of me. Coming to my house to see me, going to the Weasly’s to see me, Head boy to get close to me, cutting himself because I told him not to. I figured out his mission if he wanted me to know or nor, but never the less I knew and for once he wasn’t able to do anything about because. Because. He had to kill me.

Dear Pussycat doll

I am screwed I have so many confusing things going on I have actually started getting you confused with someone else and have actually to her the truth about something. I still debating if it’s a good thing or a bad any insight. As for the whole Zabin thing he has been helping a lot maybe I’ll go to him for help next but any advice you can give me would be just as for that whole traped thing I think sometimes it can be a good thing. I mean think about it really think about it isn’t nice having your own little world were you can escape to and know one will ever know about. But hey maybe someday you might want to let someone into that world. If you ever decied to I’ll be waiting. I am not sure what I mean about that right now but hey here’s hoping you have better luck getting into mind then I do. By the way so far your doing a good job with my heart. In a sticktly friendship way.. I think

Love: wearing a mask

“Instead of what Granger,” he asked. “Instead of cheating.”

Chapter 16: i think I am in love with daco malfoy.. someone shoot me
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“Bloody hell!” I said aloud. I had gotten it. I figured it all out. I was so blind to what was right in front of me. How could I have been so blind when I was living with the guy all this time?

“Did Hermione Granger just curse? Stop the presses!” Malfoy exclaimed.

“Y-you, you,” I managed to get out, but nothing more than just that.

“What about me Granger? Speak,” He said. It was clear that I was starting to get on his nerves. Oh God, he didn’t know I was Pussycat Doll. Oh God! All this time I was accusing him of trying to cheat when in the end I was the one who had cheated. Well, cheated without realizing it. But still, I cheated. What should I do now? Should I let on that I was his pen pal and maybe we could call this stupid bet off, or should I keep up the scam and win?

“Granger, when you decide to come back down to earth, would you mind telling me,” he sighed.

I quickly made up my mind and continued my conversation with Malfoy as if I had figured out nothing at all. Giving my head a quick shake before doing so, my wild curls flying in every which direction, I turned my attention back to Malfoy.

“N-nothing. I was just thinking about Neville. Um, poor bloke,” I partly faked a grimace. I did feel bad for Neville, but it wasn’t the reason for my shock.

“But you said ‘you’ not Neville. It was almost like you had figured something out about me,” Draco said raising his brow. Oh darn! I always was somewhat of a bad liar and was still to this day surprised that Umbridge had believed me about Dumbledore’s weapon all those years ago.

“No, I made a mistake,” I said in a low but firm voice – or at least as firm as I could manage. “Sorry.”

“Alright,” Malfoy said, his voice questioning.

“So, if that’s all, I’ll be going,” I said and then tried to make my escape, but with no such luck.

“Freeze, Granger. Ok, so now I know there’s something up,” Draco stated.

“Well, it’s not really you,” I said, which was a lie, but I had to change the conversation somehow so I didn’t blurt out anything I didn’t want him knowing.

“Then what is it, Granger?” Draco asked with skepticism in his voice.

“Ok well maybe it kind of is,” I said trailing off. Think, Granger, think. You have big brain. Use it. “What kind of girls do you like?”

I have one of the smartest brains in Hogwarts and that’s the best I can come up with? I was so disappointed with myself that I wanted to hit myself on the forehead and not want to care what Malfoy thought.

“What does that have to do with anything?” Draco asked.

“Nothing. That’s why I didn’t want to bring it up,” I said blushing fiercely. Liar, liar pants on fire! Chewing on a gumming wire, LIAR!

“Well, it’s no big deal so I am going to go. See you later, Draco,” I said. I waved back to him as I left the room

“Granger,” Malfoy said, stopping me in my tracks “Blondes, Granger. I may have dated Parkinson, but I like blondes. There’s something about them that’s just so bubbly.”

“Oh, ok. Well, thanks,” I said awkwardly. Did he really just answer that? “I’ll think about that.”

And I actually did think about it. Blondes. Hmm, maybe I can uses that, but the question is how?


“I HATE DRACO MALFOY!” I yelled at the top of my lungs.

“W-what?” Malfoy said as he came barging through the door after hearing my screams. “WOW!”

It was a week later on a Sunday. Let me catch you up. I have been paying close attention to Neville more then ever and can’t help but agree with Malfoy that he’s changed far too much. Then, there are the letters that keep coming, and good God, I think I fell in love with my pen pal! Though I still am trying to tell myself it’s a hideous lie. I love the guy on paper, but then I try talking to him to see them compared and I want to shoot myself. The result of my scream is entirely and absolutely Draco Malfoy’s fault. Well, him as well as his pen pal side. I had just finished reading Malfoy’s last letter I had asked the same question I had asked Malfoy what he likes in a girl and, of course, the first thing he wrote was:

“Blonde!” I screamed.

“Wow,” Malfoy said again his eyes going wide, while the smug smile I thought would be there wasn’t. Instead, it was a genuine good-hearted smile. For some odd reason completely beyond me I found that I was glad to be the reason that he was smiling like that. It was the smile I had imagine on my pen pal, but looked so much better to see on a real person’s face. Especially when that real person was, indeed, Malfoy.

“That is definitely a new one for me. I got you mad at me without even being in the same room as you!” he said. The smile I loved disappeared and what took its place was the smug look I hated.

“This,” I said pointing to my hair in mirror, “is entirely your fault.”

“How do you figure that one out, Granger? Might I remind you that I wasn’t even in the same room as you when you changed you hair?” he said while casually leaning against the post.

“No, but if you had just kept you unusually large mouth shut when I asked the question I would never have thought to do this to my perfectly fine hair,” I stated.

“Granger, you’re unbelievable, but your upset, so, I let it slide,” he said, his sweet smile coming back.

My heart started to race. Ever since I found out that he was my pen pal, it does that from time to time. Especially when he gives me certain side-glances and such. Anytime he pays unneeded attention to me, my heart goes out of control. I was finding that I had started to become disgusted with myself. I mean he was still Malfoy, maybe I was just so desperate with the real Neville dead and Ron dating Luna, that I had begun to fall for Malfoy, who also, apparently, had to kill me. Oh, but only because it was part of his mission.

A part of me wondered what he would do if he realized I was his pen pal. In his last letter, when I had asked him about the hair, he had said something so unlike Malfoy I had to read it again and remind myself that it was Malfoy who was writing. He had said he likes blondes in his last letter, yes, but then he told me that he had a new favorite look and that it was whatever I looked like. So, I guess that’s why I am here. I wanted to be worthy of looking good for him. Oh God, save me! I think I have fallen for Malfoy who happens to be my pen pal. Does this mean I lose? Then, Malfoy straightened out and came and walked towards me. I prayed my heart would slow so he wouldn’t hear it, but no such luck.

“You don’t make the best blonde, Granger,” he said from directly behind me. Oh no, I felt his breath on my neck as he spoke, which made things a lot worse when he began to whisper something in my ear. I was so distracted by the feeling of pure pleasure that I almost didn’t hear what he was about to say.

“But I appreciate the effort,” he whispered, delicately pulling some of my hair behind me. I swear I wanted to faint, but stayed firm and still. I hoped he would get the hint and leave.

Fortunately, and unfortunately, he took the hint and left. A part of me wished he would come back and say more to me in my ear. Then, there was the other part of me that wanted to kick the first part for even thinking such nonsense. Something had to be done before I was Malfoy’s own personal love-sick puppy. And unfortunately, I knew who I had to see. So I grabbed my cloak, raising the hood over my head before leaving. I wrote some things down in a letter and sent it off and told the owl to be quick about it. Now, to the Hogshead.

“Hello,” a voice said coming from the door at the front of the Hogshead.

“Over here,” I hissed behind my cloak. Then, the ingenious smirk came out.

“Is that you, Granger?” the man asked as he took his seat in front of me.

“Yes, no, shut up and sit down. If you haven’t noticed, I wearing this cloak with the hood up for a reason.”

“Aw, come on! Don’t be like that. What’s wrong?” Blaise Zabini said, now sitting in the seat in front of me. “You want me to get you anything before we start this little heart-to-heart?” I wasn’t sure if he was kidding, or if he would try to slip a potion into my drink, but I was quite thirsty.

“Butterbeer, please?” I asked. He, to my surprise, actually got up and got it for me. Not once did I see him slip anything into it, so I assumed it was all right. He ordered one for himself as well.

“Now, can we begin? What’s up with you?” he asked, taking a sip of his Butterbeer. I slipped my hood off quickly to show him my newly colored hair. What followed was the spitting out of Butterbeer, and not through the mouth either. I quickly put the hood back up and began to speak.

“Through the nose! Now that’s just gross,” I stated, disgusted.

“Well sorry, but can you refresh my memory? Why did you dye your hair?” he asked, choking out the words one by one.

“Malfoy said he likes blondes, but that’s beside the point,” I said. “I have favor to ask you. If you won’t do it for me, tell me now  because it has to do with this, as well as Malfoy.”

“What about him?” he questioned, looking wickedly amused.

“I am not telling you unless you give me a sold promise that whatever is said here doesn’t leave this tavern without my permission,” I said.

“Hmm, alright. My curiosity has gotten the best of me. Spill.”

“I wasn’t born yesterday, Zabini. I know you of all people are known for your lying. That’s why I have this document. It magically binds you not spill the beans without my permission. Now sign it,” I said, passing the parchment over. He looked it over and sighed, signing away.

“Ok, now will you explain that amazing hair to me and how it has anything to do with my dear, dear, Malfoy?”

“I am his pen pal and I found out by accident,” I started out saying, but was interrupted by more Butterbeer out the nose. “Gross!”

“You’re his what? And you two - have that - and he is - oh God this is good,” he said, his grin growing wider then ever.

‘The thing is, I think I lost, but I am not sure, considering that I sort of cheated when I saw my letter on his desk. Then, I put two and two together, but I asked Draco in the letter what he likes in a girl and he said blonde. Well, that as well as something very sweet, but I wanted to be someone he liked to look at. Then I turned back to reality and saw the man behind the letter and I regret it. So, I was thinking that the one thing that the Draco I know behind the letter and the Draco I know in reality have in common is, well, you. So, please, please, please, can you help? If you can’t, I understand, but if you can, I have another document for you to sign that will keep you quiet about everything we will ever talk about unless I say it first or I allow to speak about it.” My eyes looked as pleading as I could get them. And for a moment I though he was going to laugh and leave. Then, instead, he did something that kind of surprised me. Taking a quill out he chuckled for a moment and shook his head before asking.

“So where is this document?” he said, wide grin on his face and all. I couldn’t help but smile back. I took out the document and he signed away.

“Oh thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Zabini!” I said.

“No problem. Now that I have signed this ridiculous document, can I ask you something?”

“Sure. Anything,” I said, surprised that he took the liberty to ask.

“Are you in love with Draco Malfoy or Neville Longbottom?” OH NO! Not that one!

Dear Pussycat Doll,

To see you eyes and just look into them.

Wearing A Mask

Why you ask such ridiculous questions, I will never know. Didn’t you know curiosity killed the cat? Ok, so the cat has nine lives, but still, that one down, eight to go. Oh, and before you go getting upset which, knowing you, you will. I am not mad. I repeat, I am not mad. MY preference in girls is a blonde happy girl. A girl that can make your day just by looking at her smiling face. A girl whose face you can see the sun in. Sorry about the corniness of all of this. It’s pathetic, but I promise you, it’s about to get cornier. Brace yourself. Lately I have new preference in the girls I like and they all, well, they all revolve around you. Whenever I meet or speak to a girl, I compare them to you. And I have decided that whatever you look like is my type of girl. But the thing is, I am starting to get scared. You see, there is this one girl who I talk to. I am now actually talking to her instead of just picking on her. Well, she reminds me of you. That kind of scares me. I don’t want to fall for her. I want to fall for you.

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