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Letters to Lindsay by MagicalMiss

Format: Novella
Chapters: 10
Word Count: 28,828
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: James/Lily

First Published: 05/14/2006
Last Chapter: 09/10/2007
Last Updated: 09/21/2007


Lily Evans must have had muggle friends once right? Well Meet Lindsay. Crazy, wild and down right embarrassing... The kind of friend that always seems to drag you into those sticky situations...but then life just wouldnt be the same without her...

Chapter 1: Operation L.A.G
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Chapter one. Operation L.A.G

There are certain people destined to change the way you think about the world. For Lily Evans, Lindsay Antonia Graham was one of those people. She was a rare kind of person, an optimist. They say there aren’t too many around anymore. The world we live in has the ability to crush the optimist in all of us. It is difficult to see the brighter side when it is so easy to see the misery. But not for Lindsay. She was determined to live, to make every moment count and to share them with the people she knew. Living with the philosophy and why walk when you can skip, why be serious when you can laugh and why get embarrassed when it doesn’t really matter in the long run. For her there was no point in wasting time without a smile.

It is rare that you can pinpoint a moment in life and think; that is when things changed. It’s not exactly like you feel a shift in the winds or the ominous chime of a deep clock. For Lily Evans though, it was the day she finally allowed Lindsay graham into her world. To give back some of the magic Lindsay had given her over the years, a different kind of magic but wonderful all the same.

Neither of them would forget it.


“Whoa…” Lindsay breathed as people began to apparate in front of her. Lily laughed at the look of awe on her friends face. She too looked around at the crowded platform. It still amazed her and she had been living in this world for six years. Lindsay tugged on her shirt like a small child.

“Lily, Lily - have I mentioned how much I adore you for letting me come here?”

“You like then?”

“Like? I love! Can I come with you?” She asked not for the first time. “You wont even know I am there. You can cast one of those spells on me! You know so I am invisible?”

Lily cocked her head to the side patronisingly. “Now, now. What did we say in the car?”

She bowed her head as if ashamed. “I must not try to smuggle my way into Hogwarts. And I – Oh hello!” She said as someone stepped up beside Lily, excited to meet someone new.

Lily turned slightly, groaning when she discovered it was none other than James Potter.

“Morning Miss Evans. Lovely day isn’t it?” He greeted cheerfully with a mocking bow.

Lily’s only reply was a slight sigh. She felt she had enough of James’ sickly sweet act. She crossed her arms stubbornly and scowled, waiting for him to leave but instead he smirked and turned to Lindsay. With that charming smile that she hated so much.

“James, James Potter, purveyor of general mischief and all shenanigans at Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry at your service.” He told her with a cocky grin, offering out his hand. “I also go, less formally by Lily’s number one fan and as of this year,” James said with a wink in Lily’s direction. “Head boy.”

Lily actually felt her jaw drop at James’ last statement. It felt as though she had had the air knocked out of her. James? Head Boy? Surely this was a joke. She wouldn’t really have to spend the year in close contact with him, would she?

With all these thoughts running through her head at a million miles an hour she was barely able to register her friends reply as she flicked her dark blonde hair over her shoulder and took James’ out stretched hand. “I’m Lindsay.” She told him. “Although my title is no where as impressive as yours I can say I’m Lily’s best friend and I desperately want to learn magic…do you think I would fit in your trunk? Lily wont let me in hers. ‘Coz then I could come to your school and like… wow…”

James laughed good naturedly, not at all phased by her ramblings. “So you’re a muggle then.” He said as more of a statement than a question. Lindsay nodded eagerly.

James glanced at Lily who was still looking too shocked to actually take in what they were saying. “So, I supposed you know all her secrets… I’d love to talk to you sometime.”

She chuckled evilly, which seemed to snap Lily out of her daze. She roughly pulled her friend away from James before talking to her like she was her disobedient child.

“Lindsay Antonia Graham! I know that smile! Stop flirting with him. Do you know who he is? And you!” She said loudly, rounding on James. “James Potter! Leave my friend alone! She is not going to give you any secrets!” She cried punctuating her statement with a few hit on the arm.

James smirked. Oh how he loved to get Lily Evans fired up. Lindsay pouted. “You just had to use the middle name didn’t you? Lily. Giselle. Evans!” She teased.

“Giselle?” James questioned. “Lily Giselle Evans, that’s really pre-“He started before Lily cut him off with a death stare. He couldn’t help but grin. He watched them for a moment as Lindsay laughed uncontrollably and Lily tried to stare her down. Now seemed like a good time to leave. He didn’t want to get into any more trouble with her.

“Well,” he said clapping his hands together. “Lindsay. Lovely to meet you, but there is a fine gentleman I must talk to. Lily. I will see you on the train, in the heads compartment.” He told her with another wink.

Lily immediately forgot the whole flirty-Lindsay thing when with the sudden reminder that she would be working with James Potter all year. She let out a small wail at the thought. “See what I have to put up with?” She whined, turning back to face Lindsay.

“Sorry Lils, he didn’t seem that bad.” She of course had heard all about James Potter and had found the whole situation utterly entertaining on Lily’s behalf. “He was charming and nice. Not to mention kinda hot…but not as hot as that guy he is with! Lily-who is that?” Lindsay demanded, tapping Lily repeatedly on the shoulder.

Lily rolled her eyes. “Number one, Stop that.” She growled, moving her hand away. Lindsay ceased immediately, rapt with attention. Lily sighed, “Number two, James Potter is most definitely not charming or nice in any way. And Three,” she said turning to look in the direction Lindsay was pointing, “that guy you are admiring is none other than Sirius Black. Bad news. Don’t go there.”

“Oh but I want to. Will you introduce me?”

“Ah, does the term hell no mean anything to you? He is like the biggest- well I don’t even know what you would call him!”


“No! That was not the term I was looking for!”

“Absolutely breathtaking?”

“Wrong again. And that’s two words, cookie.”

“How about-“

“The description I wanted was not going to be flattering! So you are going to be wrong. I was more looking for… Let’s just say the boy changes girlfriends more often than most people change their underwear. I swear he has gone through the entire Hogwarts population within three years of us! He's either going to start on the third years or turn to males. “

“I see…but that wasn’t one word”

“What wasn’t one word?” Lily asked, growing slightly frustrated. “Oh,” She breathed understanding what she was saying. She shrugged “Oh well who cares.”

“I do. So introduce me?” Lindsay stated, not quite sure what they were talking about anymore.

“Lindsay the day I introduce you to him is the day hell freezes over.”

“So that’s a no right?”

“Well spotted eagle eye.” Lily told her sarcastically.

“Oh well, I’ll introduce myself then.” Lindsay told her mischievously. Turning away before Lily could comprehend what she was saying. She was about to chase after her when her parents called her over to where they were talking to somebody’s parents. Lily had no choice but to be introduced to a Mrs Potter and watch her friend weave her way to Sirius Black from afar.

Lindsay had wandered through the crowd without a backwards glance at Lily. She knew her parents had summoned her. She stopped in front of James Potter, who looked surprised to see her standing there.

“Lindsay.” He cried, looking around for Lily, slightly disappointed when he spotted her still where he had left her.

“Hello old friend!” She said with what she hoped was an award winning smile. She dropped her voice to a whisper, “Lily was called to meet someone and I felt a little strange standing alone in the middle of the crowded magical platform. And you are the only person fair Madam Mim has introduced me to even if it was somewhat reluctant.”

For a minute she was worried he would tell her to get lost, confirming everything Lily had said about him and that Lindsay was deadly wrong but instead he laughed and slouched over so he was her height. “News flash.” He said in a whisper. “She never introduced us.”

Lindsay pretended to be shocked. “By George, you are right!”

“Looks like she’s meeting my mother.” James grinned, while his friends looked at the girl in curiously. Sirius cleared his throat as if to remind James he was still there. “Oh right, guys this is Lindsay Antonia Graham. Lily’s Muggle friend. Lindsay, these are my friends, Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew and Sirius Black.”

“Had to pull out the middle name, didn’t you?” She admonished playfully, scrunching her lightly freckled nose as she shook each of their hands in turn finishing with Sirius. Hoo-boy what a gorgeous smile he had.

“Nothing compared to mine.” Sirius told her.

“What now? Oh…right.” She laughed. For a moment Lindsay thought he was talking about his smile too but her mind drifted back to the middle name business, hopefully, she thought, before she looked too dopey.

“So how do you know the fiery miss Evans? He asked conversationally. Watching as the muggle turned on the spot to glance at Lily then swing back, her darkly fringed eyes sparkling with a glint all four of them knew well, that look could be nothing but mischief.

“Ah, we go way back. And I know her secret, witnessed her accidentally giving her sister donkey ears. She had to keep me on her good side, in case I blab and I want to know how she does it therefore match made in heaven. Total symbiotic relationship.” She told them happily

“Donkey ears you say? That story sounds vaguely familiar eh, Prongs?” Sirius laughed. Giving James a look while doubling over in laugher.

James could only glare at his friend while reliving the curses thrown at him over the last six years. In particular the one strangely that involved a donkey like laugh and matching ears... “Eh heh heh. Bite me Black.” He growled, only making Sirius laugh more. Lindsay merely looked curious.

“Ooh, do tell! What did the angelic Lily do to you?”

“Ah…look I just met you I wouldn’t want to give you nightmares…nor would I want to spoil the obviously sweet and innocent idea you have of your friend.” James told her, his hands clasped together and his brow furrowed as he tried to speak without laughing.

Lindsay, who thought he reminded her of her old science teacher who had an unhealthy love of frogs had to stifle her laughter. Trying to match James’ solemn expression she kindly said. “I understand your pain. I too have more than once had to endure her wrath. And I know it can be traumatising.” She told them, shaking her head sadly.

“So how long have you known she was a witch? Did she tell you or was it accident?” James asked, curious to how much Lindsay knew about the magic world.

“Ah…” Lindsay murmured cocking her head to the side as she thought back. “I believe it was an accident. She had come back from her… third year? Yeah third of ‘boarding school’ and I walked in at the wrong moment…heard the weirdest conversation about and flying hippo-something’s…”

“Hippogriffs?” Remus supplied.

Lindsay clicked her fingers. “Yes that’s it! Anyway then her sister filled in the rest for me in the way of colourful insults aimed at Lily and Lily never being able to resist a dig from Petty screamed something’s back at her and then enter Lindsay with an extremely bamboozled look on her face expecting everyone to jump out and yell ‘Gotcha!’ then laugh at old Madam Gullible but they didn’t of course. Only time I have ever seen Lily speechless but she quickly got over that when I told her it was by far the most awesome thing I had ever heard in my short, short life. How awesome would be it to be like, hazzuh! And make things happen?” she asked moving around like she was actually casting a spell.

“Somehow, although I’m not sure why, I actually understood that.” Sirius said slowly as she laughed at the dazed expression on James’ face.

“How on earth did you follow that?” James asked. Sirius shrugged.

“I speak babble.” He told him simply.

“Ooh. Impressive. You must teach me.” James joked.

“So how come I’ve never seen you here.” Remus interrupted before their ridiculous conversation could go further. “It is your first time to platform nine and three quarters, right?”

Lindsay turned to look at Lily again, who was still giving her death stares. She turned back to the conversation smirking. “Yeah, Lily never wanted me to come, I can see why now. I may have embarrassed her yet again. My bad!” She joked, with a small giggle.

“So, if you don’t mind me asking, how did you convince her to let you see her off?”

Lindsay shrugged with a sly smile on her face. “Her mother adores me.”

James snapped his fingers. “So that’s how you do it!” He exclaimed.

Sirius grinned. “Know what, Lindz- Can I call you Lindz? I think you would fit in at Hogwarts nicely. Tell me how do you feel about practical jokes?”

Lindsay grinned back. “Love them!”

“Just how do we get you on the train then?” Sirius joked.

Lindsay looked at James. He smirked at her, clapping his hands. “Right. It’s time for operation smuggle LAG -“

“LAG? That’s worse that my whole name!” Lindsay complained.

James shot her a look. “Look do you want to get on the train or not?” Lindsay pouted. “Anyway. It will be called Operation smuggle LAG aboard train in my trunk.” He said triumphantly, with a flourish of his hands.

Sirius let out a bark like laugh. “That’s it? We smuggle her aboard in your trunk? Just how flexible are you Graham?” He asked smuttily.

Lindsay raised her eyebrows suggestively causing everyone to laugh. “Well-“ She begun but was cut off by a hand on her arm. She spun around to meet Lily, having finally escaped her parents, looking like she was ready to murder her friend right there in the middle of the station.

“Hello boys.” She greeted through gritted teeth as she smiled sweetly at her friend, her grasp on her arm tightening. “Hope my dear friend hasn’t given away too many of my secrets.”

Lindsay smiled silkily while the marauders tried to stifle their laughter. “Oh silly Lily, what makes you think you were the topic of conversation?” She joked. If it was one thing she loved it was getting Lily riled up. “I actually believe we were talking about how flexible I can be.”

Lily looked at her in horror while James, Sirius and Remus snorted with laughter. This girl had spunk.

Lily quickly regained her composure, licking her lips as she tried to even out her tone. “Lindz, Honey, my parents are looking for you. They say its time to leave.”

“Sooo I can take a hint. Maybe see you next time the train rolls in.” She told James and the marauders. “That’s if Lily hasn’t killed me by then.”

James grinned. “Don’t worry, I’ve seen mad and this isn’t it.”

“Oh please continue talking about me like I’m not here.” Lily told them sarcastically, tugging on Lindsay’s arm.

Lindsay let out a tinkle of laughter too. Oh if looks could kill. “Know what? You aren’t nearly as bad a Lils had made you out to be.” She told James as she was dragged away.

“So Lily had told you about me then?” James called in surprise.

“Oh yes! She talks about you all the time!” She call to him cheekily before turning away, calling out her goodbyes over her shoulder as she did, Lily pulling her roughly back into place sending the boys back into laughter. Lily was going to kill her...

Chapter 2: Three Reasons Why.
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Chapter two. Three Reasons Why.

“Hey” Lindsay greeted leaning through the open back door into the Evans' kitchen.
Sue Evans, who was elbow deep in dish water singing along to whatever was playing on the radio, jumped splashing water down her front.

“Don’t do that!” She admonished wiping her now partially soaked shirt.

Lindsay laughed. For years she and Lily had been jumping the fence to visit each other but judging from this reaction maybe she should start using the front door.

“So how are you honey?” Sue asked with a warm smile as she resumed her dish washing.

“Peachy keen.” Lindsay answered sarcastically, opening to bottom draw to get a clean tea-towel. After closing the draw with her foot Lindsay boosted herself up onto the bench next to the sink and carefully choosing a plate to dry. “And you?”

“Me? I’m fine. But I’m guessing you haven’t heard from Lily yet?”

“No.” Lindsay mumbled.

Sue laughed, flicking water at Lindsay. “Don’t sulk. Its not becoming.”

Lindsay sighed, placing the dry plate next to her on the bench before replying. “Why hasn’t she written yet?” She whined.

“Maybe she’s busy.” Sue reasoned.

Lindsay made a face. “But she wrote to you!” Lindsay whined.

Sue Evans smiled. “That’s because I am her mother and she knows not to cross me.” She said drying her hands on the towel Lindsay was holding. “Look,” she told her, taking her face in her hands. “Lily not writing one letter does not mean she has completely forgotten you. Lindsay, you worry too much.” She said shaking her head.

“Wouldn’t you? I met those boys! I would forget me too!”

Sue gave her a look. “Write to her.” She suggested logically. “I bet you she was just busy.”

Lindsay who couldn’t find an equally logical answer didn’t say anything.

“Meanwhile.” Sue continued. “How are you honey? How was the check-up?”

Lindsay shrugged as she polished off the last plate and jumped down from the bench “You know the usual. Poke, Prod say ah…More blood. What is with doctors, they always want my blood…don’t they know I need it?” She said as Sue took the plates from her to put away. “And you would think after all these years I could stand the sight of it yet…” She trailed off with a shudder. “Anyway I should be going thanks for the chat, Sue, I am going to make your daughter fear me!” Lindsay called skipping out the backdoor and across the yard.

On the other side of the fence she stopped laughing to herself. Now Logic. That was just something Lindsay Antonia Graham didn’t think with too much of.


Dear Lily,
So I haven’t heard from you for a while and at first I could only think of two reasons. Both not so good. Reason Number one. You are still pissed at me for the whole train situation. If this is the case I am still laughing! I know you love me; you can't get enough of my loud, effervescent and sometimes down right embarrassing personality. I also know that you have accepted that I sometimes like to make a fool of myself and can't help pulling you down with me.

Adding to that I know I have done far worse things to you. So all in all I must say that this possibility has a low probability, maybe 20% chance. Therefore this idea must be dismissed! After all you are much too level headed to hold a grudge for this long. Even if I did embarrass you infront of the most gorgeous guys I have ever had the pleasure of ogling! Tee-Hee. So wanna hear reason number two? Ok… here we go.

Reason number two. You have been slipped one of those ultra cool potions that has caused you to forget me!

Oh the horrors, I say!

I say this has a probability of about ummm…10%. Because really who would slip the wonderful, wise and beautiful Lily Evans a dreadful potion like that? (And yes in case you are wondering I am still sucking up in case the reason is reason number one. A girl can't be too sure after all and it does have a higher chance than two…) so I thought I would have to dismiss this idea also but then I though hey, this girl lives in an enchanted castle!

She uses magic to dry her hair of a morning, has the ability to give people donkey ears, watches people fly on broomsticks and is learning to change chairs into peacocks or something… of course its possible! Even if you are pretty and smart and really popular. I therefore had to raise the odds to around 33%.

That’s when I thought I have to do something in case! So I wish to refresh your memory in the unlikely, but totally possible event of a memory deletion potion.

So hello my name is Lindsay Graham. You may also remember me Lindz or Spud. (Still hate that name by the way.) Now in case names didn’t jog your memory, I am the extremely funny and stunningly good looking girl that has lived next door to you for eleven years!

Well a long time! I have also been your best friend for about the same amount of time. Ever since we locked Petunia in the cupboard under the stairs. Teehee…you told me that day that I was your best friend. Which if you think about it is a goodthing, any longer and you would have given in and been Amber the Unbearable’s life-long pal! You could have ruled the sixth graders with her and been know as like Lily the Lemming or something! But instead you chose me and together we became…like nobodies... I am still waiting for the invite to her 11th birthday party. Wont hold my breath. But we always had fun didnt we? The shame of the situation is that you escaped but i still go to school with her!!! And anyway I have forgotten what I was talking about now…

Ah yes. It actually fits in rather well. This proves my point that I just think you life would be incomplete without me. So I then went on to think (I know too much thinking for Lindsay in one day is not good!) so yeah I went on to think even if you were slipped a potion you wouldn’t forget me! It’s totally impossible! So I had to once again forced to dismiss this idea.

Then I was like hey there has to be a reason. So I hopped the fence and talked to your mother. And she laughed at me…Even after I helped dry the dishes! Then she said maybe she’s just busy. And I was like busy?

BUSY? BUSY?! Oh yeah silly me.

Of course she’s busy. It’s her last year of school AND she’s head girl AND then there is of course the head boy… And what can I say about him?

Now, I thought to myself that must be time consuming and ever so draining! But, wait one moment. I thought, I’m in my last year of school too and I may not have a guy that practically stalks me but shouldn’t I be busy too? And that’s when it came to me!

The answer was yes!

I had homework I just hadn’t done it! Which is what has bought me to this letter. I looked at my homework. (English Lit, can you say ew?) Then began to procrastinate in true Lindsay Graham style. I have so far:
1. Cleaned my room,
2. Rearranged my sock draw,
3. Painted my toenails,
4. Taken Hammy for a walk,
5. Made myself a sandwich and THEN finally, as I sat down at my desk with every intention of actually opening my text book, I saw the picture of us (I had completely forgotten the dilemma of not hearing from you somewhere in between the walk and the sandwich…sorry you know me! Attention span of a goldfish.) So you know the one of us outside my house from last summer? Yeah so anyway I thought I could do as your wise mother suggested and write the first letter of the year! I know! God I am so clever sometimes!

So I just wanted to let you no there are no hard feelings. I understand completely.


So in case you haven’t picked up on my EXTREMELY subtle humour, missing you heaps Lil, and I’m also missing your strange anecdotes of Hogwarts.

Oh-My-God! Quick! I think I’m going into shock! I need a story! Actually now that I think of it its no wonder you don’t write, glad to be rid of me? I bet!

Oh my God. You would have loved to be in the car on the way home. You mum was telling me about Mrs Potter. And how interested they were to meet you!

Tell me Lily how was it meeting your future Mother-in-law?

Joke, don’t worry!

Seriously he wasn’t that bad! Seemed kind of sweet in fact. Charming and totally head over heels in love! And ok dropping this topic before you vow to kill me at Christmas…

So I have to say things here are as boring as always. School’s quiet. I am absolutely loving this year at school, the only thing that could make it better would be you here still. Or me there, Hogwarts sounds awesome! Think after 2 years I would have accepted that I will never cast a spell or make a potion…but I can still dream…

Speaking of dreams how is Sirius Black? Can you say spu-unk-y!! I think we could get along very well! Say hi to him for me Pumpkin! He should remember me!

So on that thought I am going to leave you. This is the longest letter I have ever written and I have some homework to do apparently. Any bet it turns out to be longer than this geometry essay that is eating away at my conscience! But I want you to please spare a thought for the little unfortunate ‘Muggles’ back home! Write or I write to James! See why you love me? MWAH! Hugs and kisses

Forever, Lindsay the larrikin. (See I am funny!)


Lily couldn’t help but shake her head at the ridiculousness of her friends letter. Lindsay was absolutely mental. Picking up the loose pieces of paper again she was about to began re-reading it when she was interrupted by someone leaning over her shoulder.

“What ya doing?” Asked the second most annoying person she could think of at the moment. Sirius Black.

“Learning to dance the Tahitian hula.” Lily replied sarcastically. Sirius smirked at her.

“No really?” He replied in the same tone. “I have always wanted to learn.” He told her, snatching the letter from her hand. “Aw, a letter from Lindsay. “ He said before she snatched it back. “Anything in there about me?” He asked.

“No. Why would there be?”

“Because I saw my name.”

Lily made a face. “Fine she says hi.”

“And I say hi right back. Will I ever meet her again?”

“Not if I have a say in the matter.” Lily shot back.

“Shame. She was hot.”

Lily pointed a finger at him. “No. No! You stay away from her.”

Sirius didn’t answer but smirked at her. “Why? What's her deal?”

“Nothings ‘her deal’ just no.” Lily said pointing her finger at him.

“Does she do baby talk.”

“Baby talk?” Lily repeated.

“Yeah, talking wike a wittle bitty baby!” Sirius told her finishing off in the aforementioned baby talk.

“Okay…No. Why does that matter?”

“Humour me. Answer my questions.” Sirius said. “Lip gloss. Does she wear it?”

Lily raised an eyebrow. “Yeah sure. What's wrong with lip gloss?”

“I can't stand it. Do you wear it?”

Lily nodded slowly.

Sirius shuddered. “How do you manage to willingly put that stuff on your lips?” He asked with a disgusted look on his face. “Which brings me to Make up.”

“You don't like make up on a girl?”

Sirius rolled his eyes. “No, I don’t like excessive make-up on a girl. Example. Hazel. The I-used-a-trowel-to-apply-my-makeup-this-morning-and-I think-I-look-hot look. News flash. No, she doesn’t.” He said in a stage whisper.

Lily laughed. “Finally someone agrees with me!”

“Trust me I don’t think I am the only one.” Sirius said widening his eyes for emphasis. “Tell me seriously how long does it take her and Christie to get ready of a morning?”

“Ahhh... I wouldn’t know, I leave at about the base coat stage.”

Sirius nodded. “A wise move. I would hate to see you turn into one of them.” He said with shudder. “Scary. So what was I up to?” He asked thoughtfully. Cats!” He exclaimed with a snap of his fingers.

“Yes, the fluffy little creatures…” Lily prompted.

“Is she a cat person? Because I hate cats and I don’t like cat people. Example again, Libby, nice girl but have you seen her with that thing? I mean it’s a fat lump of white fluff! It is not what I would call a pet!”

Lily laughed. “No she is not a cat person. She doesn’t have a cat either.”

“Then, does she have any strange habits?”


“Like…” Sirius thought for a moment. “I once dated a girl that before she ate anything on her plate had to cut everything up and mush it all together. One hundred percent gross!”

“Nothing I can think of…who was it though?” Lily asked curiously

“Sorry I cannot disclose that information. Next does she actually have a boyfriend?”

“No she doesn’t.”

“Does one of my friends have a thing for her?”

“Excuse me?”

Sirius shrugged. “Answer the question!.” Sirius whined.

“Not to my knowledge then. Why?”

Sirius shrugged. “Unspoken code of friendship, I had to ask.”

“How noble of you.” Lily replied sarcastically.

“Is she overly possessive?” He continued ignoring her comments.

Lily shrugged. “I don’t know. She’s never had a serious boyfriend.”

“Why not? Apparently, according to you anyway she is perfect.” He cried throwing his hands in the air. “Unless…”


“My number one. Does she giggle.”


“You know…” He said lowering his voice. Sirius gave her a demo.

“Oh, no then.” Lily said in between bursts of laughter.

“Okay then, lets see if I have this. She is a single, straight very attractive muggle who as far as you are concerned has no flaws-“

“I never said that!” Lily interrupted.

“And doesn’t giggle. I must say Evans I am not seeing a problem.”

“Black you are so full of it. I never, not once said that the problem was with her.”

“Me?” Sirius cried indignantly. “Are you saying there is something wrong with me?” Lily didn’t answer. “Anyway what’s a bit of harmless flirting?”

Lily smiled silkily. “With you nothing I'm sure. You would flirt with a baked potato if there was nothing better around.”

“Only if its hot.” Sirius joked. Lily groaned.

“That was lame, even for you.”

“You practically begged for it.”

Lily sighed while attempting to fold her letter. “So where may I ask is your sidekick tonight?”

“Hospital wing.” Sirius said with a yawn.

Lily looked alarmed. “Why?”

Sirius shrugged. “Bludger to the head. No biggie.”

“What?” Lily shrieked. “No biggie? Aren’t you concerned?”

Sirius shrugged again. “He's had worse.”

Lily nodded. “Ok then.” She said standing up. Sirius looked disappointed.

“Where are you going?”

“To reply to this letter.” Sirius looked at her as if she was crazy, He gestured around the room with his arms. “In private.” Lily added. Turning away from him.

“Tell her I think she’s fine!” He called after her.

“Hell no!” she called over her shoulder at him.

“You can't just leave me here all by myself!” He cried dramatically.

Lily laughed. “Watch me!”

A/N i had to change a bit, coz i cant have it all letter written like i planned. but its okay, i hope...
Also i have a question. should the letter be in italics? while it splits the chapter up i for some reason find italics annoying to read when its a whole paragraph or more, am i alone in this thought? should i change it? tell me please, help me!!! My mind annoys me sometimes... its so confusing...

Chapter 3: Attack Of The Clones
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~Chapter three~

Dear Lindsay the Loser,
All I can do is shake my head at you and fear for you mental Health. You do realise that letter was complete and utter nonsense, right? So let us clear some things up. Shall we? Like you guessed I have accepted your little stunt as classic Lindsay and have attempted to move on although I am finding it so tough…I can almost feel the tears of shame threatening to spill over but I must be strong. I will not cry. I will not cry. I will not cry.

Anyway are you aware that because of YOU now THEY talk to me more? OR more specifically Sirius Black does. I just completed a whole questionnaire with him! As if I dreaded when I was rarely approached by Potter as it was. Now to be forced into conversations by all of them? Hating you beyond words right now.

Okay for example so I got onto the train and I was sitting in the heads compartment, which by the way was so plush compared to the others and who should walk in? that’s right. My favourite people in the whole world. I would have almost preferred Hazel Winters and her mindless drones. At least they leave after a couple of snide remarks concerning my looks, lack of friends, and so on. But your new found friends they came in and I had no where to go and an extremely long train trip to get through.

It was horrible!

They asked about you and just because all of this was your fault I told them all the embarrassing stories I could think of. That’s right Spud. You know the ones about you falling out of the tree, thinking you could fly and jumping out of the window, swinging on the curtain rail and breaking your arm, Billy karting down Ellis street, Funny. I have never heard you scream so much. And then every time you had the teensiest cut and fainted.

And lets just say it was concluded you are more accident prone than Potter. And okay I will admit it wasn’t that bad.

But then, THEN just as I was having an okay time who stops by but nightmare number two! That’s right Hazel Winters and Christie Myers

They stuck their heads in just to say hi, Giggle. And puke. (that was me not her.) They sat down next to Potter, flicked their hair and battered those eyes lashes and asked about Hogsmeade. Oh how I loath them. I almost laughed at his reaction. Somehow I don't think he likes either of them much either! And from my conversation with Sirius just now, I know he doesn’t! (Well actually I know he doesn’t like Hazel, Christie I can only assume…)

So yeah that was pretty much my trip. It was long. And then made longer by the company. Which is your fault. See it all works in a vicious circle. And all come to the same point.

Lindsay Antonia Graham is the devil!

That is apparently losing it! I really believe you are going slightly mental! But I can clear all those mental jitters in one sentence.

My mother was right but you were wrong.

Yes I have been busy and I apologise immensely…A thousand sorry’s in every language I know… (That’s like three by the way.) But you were so far off the mark it wasn’t funny. I have been snowed in with homework and my new head duties; I am most definitely NOT spending my time swooning every time Potter walks past.

So on that topic anymore cracks about HIM being the love of my life and the Potters being my future parents in law and you will find yourself in front of an oncoming train with no witnesses. And who would suspect sweet, loving and innocent Lily, all round good girl?

So nothing else really to report, unless you want to hear about boring essays I have had to write…

So until I see you don’t do anything stupid which may mean don’t do anything! And before I close in response to your letter, yes you are very clever, no I will not say hi to Sirius for you and just for your information memories are most commonly deleted by charms not potions as the potions are too temperamental…

And by the way how long was you essay???

Missing you heaps, can't wait till the holidays.

Forever, Lily the Lovable. (I can so play your game!)

P.S. Why does Sirius Black keep asking about my apparent donkey fetish? Should I be concerned? 

Lily ran to the owlery and wanting to post her letter before tea. On the way back down from the third floor she bumped into James, who had come from the opposite direction. Together they continued down to the great hall, not walking together but still at the same time knowing the other was there.

Lily walked a little ahead trying to get away but he kept up, at first she thought it was just to be annoying but the confused and dazed look on his face told her otherwise.

Then she remembered what Sirius had said and a pang of pity took over. “Hows the head?” She asked turning so she was walking backwards.

“Huh?” He asked looking up at her.

Ah, it was worse than she though. Now she was beginning to even doubt he knew what his own name was. “Your head. Sirius told me about the bludger.”

“Ah.” James murmured, rubbing the back of his head. “No biggie.”

“That’s what he said. Are you okay?”

James smiled. “Well that is unless you feeling sorry for me would somehow persuade you to go to Hogsmeade with me? Halloween is coming up…”

“Uh. No way.” Lily growled speeding up again.

She heard James laugh from behind her. “Lily, I’m sorry!”

Lily continued walking leaving James laughter behind her, a small smile creeping to her lips as his laugh turned to a small whimper of pain.

Taking a seat at her usual place at the Gryffindor table Lily happily pulled out her book of the week while eating. It was usually what she did at meal times. Well at least ever since fifth year.

Back then she was embarrassed to be eating alone but now she would rather it well rather it then be another follower of Hazel and Christie. Her books were by far much better company.

Feeling a shadow pass over her she looked up. James Potter stood opposite her leaning on the table so his face was level with hers.

“What do you want?” She asked returning to her book.

“You’re angry.”

Lily sighed as she turned the page. “Not angry. Not yet. But I will be if you don’t leave.”

James sat down. “It kinda slipped out.”

Lily flicked her page disinterestedly again. “What did? Your brain?”

“Oooh. If you don’t mind I have a mild concussion, can we keep the insults to a minimum?”

Lily sighed as she set down her book. “Does this conversation have a purpose? See I was sort of trying to read.”

“Read what?” James asked. Lily looked at him, keeping the cover of the book tucked firmly away. He noticed this and backed up a tad.

“Okay sorry. I am now leaving. But be warned: you will miss me.”

“Don’t count on it.” Lily scoffed as he moved further down the table leaving Lily to return to her book.

Well for a minute anyway.

“Hey Evans, pass on my message?” Sirius asked as he walked past her.

Lily looked up. “Negative. I told you no. In fact I told you hell no!”

“You told her! I know you did!” He laughed from halfway down the table.

Lily shook her head and was about to return to her book when Hazel Winters and Christie McClemens sat either side of her. She looked up to see Emma and Libby sitting opposite her.

She couldn’t help but groan aloud. “What is with people tonight?” She muttered. Maybe was just not meant to read this page. At least not tonight anyway.

“Lily Evans.” Christie drawled.

“May I help you?”

“And here we thought we were just being nice.” Hazel said with a pout.

Christie sighed. “Saving you from the embarrassment of eating alone.” She said sweetly, resting her head on her hand and staring at Lily with innocent eyes.

Lily grinned. “I’m not eating alone. I am eating with Jem and Scout Finch.”

“Who?” Christie asked screwing up her nose.

“Don’t worry Christie I never would have expected you to be familiar with any novel that requires thought. You would be more of a bare-chested-sailor-and-his-buxom-mistress sort of tale, right? Well that is assuming that you do actually know what a book is…”


Emma laughed. “I think she’s making fun of you Christie.” Lily grinned at her.

Emma held out her hand and Lily obliged handing her the book she was reading. “Jem and Scout. As in the characters in the book.” She said slowly reading the cover. “I have never read it but I have heard-“

“Uh.” Christie sniffed interrupting Emma. “How lame, Dining with a book and you implying that I don’t even know what a book is. How trite.”

“Trite? You know what that means?” Lily teased. Christie shot her a withering look and Emma laughed again. This struck Lily as odd. But then again she really didn’t know much about Emma at all. She was probably the only one of the Gryffindor girls she didn’t get to know…back before fifth year when she had been what anyone would call ‘one of them’. The third Christie/Hazel. Then there was Emma and Libby. Best friends from day one.

Then something had changed. Lily was shunned from the group and Hazel and Christie had adopted Emma and Libby into their inner circle. The two groups had merged to become the most wanted girls in the school.

Or the clones depending on whom you asked.

Then of course there was Lily.

Now she may not be friends with them but Lily had picked up a few things throughout her seven years sharing a dorm with these girls. She knew that within this group of friends Hazel and Christie ruled everything. In fact they controlled most of the school.

The female versions of the marauders. They were feared and they were respected. They were worshiped and they were envied. They could walk down the hallway without stepping around anyone because it was guaranteed people moved for them. That was just the way it was.

And that made Lily in the minority. She neither worshipped nor envied them. She most certainly didn’t fear them. In fact she almost enjoyed annoying them.

And because she had done it so many times she knew them so well she knew what was coming from the moment they sat down. They all played their part in the frequent, but often ineffective, attempt to belittle Lily Evans.

First Hazel would comment. (Well hadn’t she already done that?) Truly she was the supreme leader. And she knew it. She had her power over the student body down to simple gestures by now. With one menacing glare she got her way. Every time. Her eyes could scare anyone. Cold ice blue. Combined with her dark hair and pale skin she had the looks to entrance anyone, and scare everyone.

Following close behind her was Christie. Both had come from privileged families. Always getting exactly what they desired. Although Christie usually went a different way about it. She preferred to shoot her best smile in their direction, flutter her eyelashes and twirl a strand of those blonde curls.

She would be the next to talk. To back Hazel up. They would rebound off one another while Lily would roll her eyes. After year of this sort of behaviour she now simply tuned them out.

Then of course there was Libby and Emma.

What could you say about people you didn’t know well? From casual observations she knew that Libby idolised her friends. She liked to giggle and embarrassed easily. Emma was harder. She was quiet most of the time but Lily knew from the little she said she didn’t care for peoples opinions. She was herself and didn’t care what people thought. Even Hazel and Christie.

Which bought us back to the conversation at hand.

Emma laughing at a comment that Lily made. Hazel shot her a look. The look. Emma tried to smother her laughter but knowing she had to stop made it worse. Letting out a final squeak she buried her head in the arms on the table so all that could be seen was a mass of dark blonde hair and her shaking shoulders.

Christie flicked that hair, turning back to Lily. “SO, we just came to see what you were talking to James Potter about.” She said leaning forward on one hand. Lily leaned back only to bump into Hazel.

“And then Sirius Black.” She said mimicking Christies pose. “You two seemed to be sharing a little joke.”

Lily laughed. “And what of it? Are you saying I can't?”

Hazel narrowed her eyes at Lily. “No, we are saying you shouldn’t.”

Lily narrowed her eyes to meet hers. “Shouldn’t what Hazel?” She said slowly.

Christie laughed dryly. “You know exactly what we mean. Lily.” She said over pronouncing her name.

Lily smiled sweetly. “I’m afraid I don’t Christie.”

Hazel licked her lips as if bored with the conversation. “Look. Stay away from them.” She warned. “You will never be anywhere good enough for them. James Potter’s infatuation with you is nothing but a game. He only pities you. Think of this as a kind word of caution. Wouldn’t want you to get hurt. Now would we?”

“Aw. That’s so kind of you Haze. But you really don’t have worry. See I have never wanted a friendship with any of them.”

“Hmm. The little conversation with Sirius Black earlier tells me differently.”

“Oh, Sirius.” Lily gushed with a fake giggle. “Do you think I have a chance?”

They all stared at her. Even Emma has dropped the book to see if Lily was joking, which of course was quite obvious.

“He's just so gorgeous!” She squealed catching his eye and waving. He waved back smiling at her. Then returned back to his conversation with his friends.

Lily sighed in what she hoped was a dreamy way.

Still they said nothing. Smirking Lily stood up. “I was joking. Really Haze. It’s unlike you to be so insecure. Threatened by little old me? Oh what a compliment!” She gushed gathering her books and holding out her hand for the one Emma still held.

“I’ll let you borrow it sometime.” She said smiling at her. Happily Lily made her way out of the great hall. Impulsively looping back to walk by Sirius, whispering in his ear and running her hand along his back as she stood up. Not bothering to see if Hazel had been watching she continued on her way leaving Sirius quite bewildered.

“What did she say?” Remus asked shooting a look at James who appeared to be too shocked to speak.

“Um to watch those potatoes…” Sirius answered slowly, looking from Lily to Hazel and back at his friends. He grinned as it made sense.

James, Remus and Peter all looked at each other. “Excuse me?”


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Chapter 4: The Rating Game
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Chapter four~ The Rating game

Lindsay rushed out her front door shoving her letter into her pocket as she hopped down her front path. It was Monday morning and as usual she was running late. She was sure the neighbours were used to seeing her run out of the house her hair wild, shoes in hand and half eaten toast in her mouth.

Which was how she was today. Minus the toast but plus books in hand that she had not yet managed to shove in her bag and her tie hanging loosely from her neck.

At the gate she stopped to push the books into her bag. It was their fault really. If she didn’t need them she wouldn’t have had to find them and therefore would not be running late.

As she had closed the door she had almost heard (if that was possible) her dad shaking his head. Yes she was unorganised but it worked for her…most of the time.

Just not Monday mornings.

Glancing at her watch she groaned. With a frustrated sigh she hoisted her bag (Her very heavy bag.) onto her shoulder shoved her other shoe on her foot. Without bothering to tie them she took off down the street, attempting to knot her tie with one hand as she dodged parking meters, early morning joggers (Bunch of nutters they were. Voluntarily up at this hour? Someone phone the doctor please!) and waving distractedly to her neighbours who always called out to her.

As she neared the corner she slowed down a little. Of course Rachel was already there leaning casually against a lamp post in an-oh-I-have-only-been-here-for-10- minutes sort of way. She looked up as she heard Lindsay approach.

“Good morning Lindsay.”

“Hey Rachel, how are you?” Lindsay answered breathlessly.

Rachel grinned. “Even more late than usual.” She commented fixing Lindsay’s tie for her as Lindsay quickly ran a brush through her hair. Without a word Rachel pulled a small mirror out of her bag and held it up for Lindsay to see.

Lindsay took a moment to study her reflection before pulling a face. Rachel nodded and removed the mirror; the pulling of the face thing meant Lindsay was satisfied. She knew. After all they did this every Monday morning.

So what's the excuse this morning?” She asked lightly as she held Lindsay’s bag. Lindsay looked up from tying her shoes. “Couldn’t find my math book.” She said righting herself and taking her bag back.

Rachel grinned at her as they began to head in the direction of school. “Finish the English lit essay?” She asked.

Lindsay laughed. “Yeah just. I started it so long ago it seems. But finally!” She cried dramatically throwing her hands in the air, “It is done! I could dance. I could sing, come Rach, dance a jig with me!” She said skipping out infront of Rachel and almost colliding with one of those early morning dog walkers.

Rachel pulled her back into line as Lindsay called out her apologies. The man didn’t seem too forgiving as he walked away muttering something about ‘foolish youngsters carrying on in the streets.’

“You’re cheerful this morning.” Rachel commented after they had stopped laughing.

“Aren’t I always?”

“I mean unusually cheerful. Possibly bordering-on-creepy-cheerful. Especially for a Monday. Usually I can barely get a word out of you.”

Lindsay’s grin grew. “Lily wrote.”

“Ah.” Rachel said with a nod. “The elusive Lily. Who I have never met. Who is away at boarding school most of the year? Very conveniently may I add... That Lily?”

“The one and only.” She said as they reached their school.

“I still don’t think she’s exists.” Rachel mumbled suddenly drawing Lindsay from her trance.

“Whatever.” Lindsay murmured. Waving to some other friends by the doorway of their classroom.

“Morning ladies!” Rachel called as they entered together sitting with a couple of other friends. “Hey Amber. How was your weekend?”

Amber smiled smugly. “You will never guess who I bumped into!”

“Who?” Asked Rachel. Lindsay sat down. Everyone knew what was coming yet every time they had to ask who…

“Derek.” Amber said looking at each girl. “He asked me out next weekend.” She added as her friends began to talk.

“I am so jealous!” A girl named Hannah said. “He would never look twice at me!”

“I know!” Her friend Lizzie agreed. “He has to be the most gorgeous guy at Hartley’s.” She said referring to the boys’ school that they often saw at dances and such.

“No way!” Exclaimed Rachel. “Has to be Andy.”

“Uh.” Lindsay groaned. “You only say that because he is you boyfriend!”

“Sorry Rach, Hot, but not like Derek. He wins. Hottest guy I have ever set eyes on.”

“Tell me about it.” Amber gushed.

“What about Dean?” Lizzie asked.

“No way!” Hannah laughed.

“Sorry Hann,” Lizzie said. “But have you seen that smile?”

“Oh yes. Pity the personality doesn’t match!” Amber joked.

Rachel, Lizzie and Hannah laughed and Lindsay shook her head smiling to herself.

“So Lindsay.” Rachel said nudging her in the side. “Your opinion?”

“Which I can't believe you haven’t given already.” Amber joked, flicking her hair over one shoulder.

Lindsay shot her a look. “That’s funny. Am, really good.”

“Well?” Lizzie and Hannah asked together wanting someone to settle the great debate.

Lindsay smiled. “Sirius Black.”

“Who?” They all asked.

“I’ve never heard of him.” Lizzie said.

Hannah looked at her. “He sure doesn’t go to Hartley’s.”

Lizzie grinned. “And you would know! I’ve never known someone to study their year book as much as you.”

“I do not!” Hannah protested.

“Oh shut up the both of you.” Amber said with a hair flick. “So tell us about him.” She said turning back to Lindsay.

Rachel smirked. “Another imaginary friend Lindz?”

Lindsay rolled her eyes again. “I am not that pathetic. Just because he doesn’t go to Hartley’s doesn’t mean I made him up!”

“Okay…sorry.” Rachel surrendered her hands in the air. “I take it back. So who is he?”

“Just a guy I met when I saw Lily off at the train station. The Lily that does exist.” She added pointedly for Rachel’s benefit.

“Ooh, so he's a friend of Lily’s?” Lizzie asked.

“And does Lily mind?” Hannah added.

“Mind what?” Lindsay asked.

“That you have a thing for one of her friends?” Lizzie said.

Lindsay laughed, once for the question and secondly at the freakish way their minds worked… the next step was actually finishing each others sentences. “Okay not Lily’s friend and who said I had ‘a thing’ for him? I just said he was hot.”

“How hot?”

Lindsay was stumped. “Uh…”

“If you had to rate him. On a scale of one to ten.”

“Umm…” Lindsay murmured regretting her decision to speak during this conversation. “From one to ten?” She repeated blankly. How were you supposed to rate someone without a knowing what classified as a ten? Of course knowing these people they would all know what a ten was…probably a Derek or Dean, but then what counted as a one?

Vernon Dursley? Lindsay laughed at this thought.

The four girls looked at her expectantly.

“How about I just bring in a photo and you can rate him yourself?” Lindsay joked.

“What does he look like then?” Hannah asked just as their teacher walked into the room. Rachel shot her a look as she jumped down off her desk. Everyone else scrambled for their seats as Mr Crimmels tapped his cane on the desk.

“Well?” Lizzie dared to whisper.

“Essays, pass them to the front, without speaking, Miss Hilson.”

Lizzie slapped her hand across her mouth smothering a giggle. Lindsay shook her head looking over her essay one more time to avoid making eye contact with Rachel.

She heard her friend huff to herself sitting back in her chair sulkily. Lindsay smiled to herself as the essay pile reached her. She added hers to the top and passed it along, the feeling of freedom that can only come from finally handing in that particularly frustrating piece of homework passing over her.

Up the front Mr Crimmels shuffled the papers. “Now, “ He said looking up. “As not to waste a moment today we begin Shakespeare.” He said cheerfully over the groans of the entire class.

Lindsay smiled to herself, pulling out a new sheet of paper

Dear Lily the lucky

Like oh my god, like he is just so hot! Like uh, I know!

Who are these people???

You shake your head at my madness? I shake my head at them. I can't help but fear I am losing myself!!! Lily help me!!! I am becoming one of them! I actually mentioned a boys name in the Monday morning who-got-hotter-over-the weekend-even-though-it-was-only-two-days-but-oh!-my!-god!, discussion!!! I could feel myself being sucked in!!!

It was like I was Possessed! I couldn’t help it, but you believe me I instantly regretted it…

Oh by the way, Rachel asked why she has never met you before…She still thinks you are made up. But really, REALLY I have to ask why would I bother making up a friend? Hello? Although I may act like I am six, secretly I’m not.

So may I ask the reason for the whole melodramatic act? Really I wanted to write to Lily the melodramatic but I cannot bear to lose this early in the game, therefore today you shall be Lily the lucky.

Because you at least go to a co-ed school. Lily. Darling. My precious Lily. I want you to imagine something: Being at a school with JUST Hazel and Christie.

That is what I call life.

Which is why you are lucky. To have people who you could talk to! Don’t get me wrong. Yes I will talk to these people but golly gosh I feel like rolling my eyes whenever one of them giggles… And did you know they have a rating system for the Hartley boys???

So my point is you should try to get to know those dashing boys better. For me. So I can live through you. Because the only time I get to socialise outside school with someone who I can actually have a decent conversation AND who doesn’t giggle is prearranged school dances. Which for your information totally suck if you never go to one in your life you should consider yourself lucky (which you are.)

Because you, on the other hand as I have recently discovered have perfectly normal (my normal, possibly not yours.) people that you could talk to! So you should. I command you to!!!

But alas I know you don’t listen to me… (see my sad face??? Whimper, sad…)

So every story??? Do you really mean every story? Aside the ones that you mentioned… what about falling in the fountain at school? Attempting to shimmy down the drain pipe and getting my shirt caught? OR better yet, my favourite mass immunisation time. After all there is nothing I like better that a nice injection infront of all the people I hate… I think needles are like accidents. You just can’t help but watch. And that’s when it happens, I see it go in and I go down.

I still think its all your fault. See if you had just tackled the mean old man with the giant syringe in his hand to the ground it would have never happened. You knew the code. It was when he said, ‘please, love calm down. You have to keep still.’ That was it!!! Because yeah right, you are about to jab me with that thing and I have to relax. I’ll give you relax buddy! I shake my fist at you!

And that is me done.

So I am the devil huh???


Anyway I shall leave you to go back to your swooning, as I believe they were your words not mine and I believe Crimmels is going to cotton on that I am not taking notes as I am letting him believe…see the trick is to look up like you are thinking every couple of minutes, considering the undoubtedly brilliant thing the teacher is saying.

They love it.

But I have yet to hear a brilliant statement.

And the bell just went.

So this is me signing off, make sure to write soon because I am missing you heaps babycakes! Hugs from me,

Forever, Lindsay the luminous. (Born to shimmer, born to shine. New motto, what ya think?)

Ps, the letter was longer…is that an oops???

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Chapter 5: Time to Leave
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Chapter 5~Time to Leave

Dear Lindsay the lunatic,
How goes the shimmering and the shining?
You are an absolute nut job…

Lindsay, my love. I am almost ashamed to write to you, getting involved in a conversation like that! Do I even need to ask who you dared to mention??? Oh the shame. The shame the shame…

I seriously think we should somehow get Hazel, Christie and your all-girls-school angels together…like set them sailing for a far off island or something.

Is that too mean? Should we pack them sun cream?

So right after I sent that letter I had a run in with them. It was hilarious. They warned me to stay away from Sirius and James. Because they wouldn’t want me to get hurt.

Uh huh.


Interesting I say.

Because apparently they had noticed that lately I had become very close with them.

I may have laughed a little

I may have teased them a little.

And I may have enjoyed it… Just a little.

What a joke. I told them I wasn’t even friends with either of them and I somehow don’t think they believed me.

But the strange thing is I could have possibly become friends with Sirius Black. (I will wait while you pick yourself up from the floor…) And I don’t know when it happened.

But I blame you still. See he stopped to talk to me about you and since then we have surprisingly had a few real conversations and I have discovered he isn’t that bad.

BUT. On the other hand I still don’t know what to think of James Potter.

Its really easy for you to say that he seems really cool but you aren’t here everyday. People treat me differently because of him. I mean take Hazel and Christie. They stopped talking to me because they were jealous. Its been that way for years here; girls hate me and guys are scared of me…or him. I’m still not entirely sure.

I don’t get it, or more to the point don’t they? Its attention I don’t even want.
And then there is the question of why? I mean is he joking, is he not?

A question that has tormented me for years! (ah how I love to be dramatic…)

No really… is everything that has happened over the last 3 years an elaborate prank on my behalf, something that everyone has a good giggle over when I leave the room?

I mean look at him! He is like a male version of Barbie! (and no not Ken, because he just stood to the side in his surf wear while Barbie went horseback riding, had tea parties, fashion parades and whatever… HE only came back when Barbie decided to play happy families. You can’t even brush his hair! And oh, my, God if James Potter couldn’t do that…)

So lets review. James potter is popular, Quidditch captain, head boy (therefore smart) he's got the looks (repeat that I said that and you will die.) girls falling all over him and I hear his family is rich!

So what the hell does he want with me?

Help me Lindsay HELP!!!

I need a clue, my own thoughts are driving me insane! They are even worse lately and I don’t know what to think…

And on other mind boggling topics, you will never guess who has started talking to me… come on guess.

Emma Jansen.

Once again I will wait while you pick yourself up from the floor.

I know Emma Jansen, former clone is now breaking free… The world must be coming to an end.

See it started when I loaned her a book and afterwards we started talking about it and I discovered she is quite nice. You would like her. Strange sense of humor but really genuine… Surprisingly underneath that giggly exterior lies a real person. Which is why I can’t figure out why she hangs off Hazel.

She told me she liked my little stunt at tea that night with Sirius, Hazel and Christie bitched all night apparently… It was truly one of those moments that for the effect I needed to leave but it would have been awesome to see.

My heart was torn! To stay and watch or leave and let boil?

Ah what a great conundrum…

So that I guess is life in a nutshell here. I mean throw in a few classes and that is it. First Hogsmeade is coming up this weekend. Apparently I have to go as head girl, wonder how that will go for all…

Anyway it’s late and I should get to bed, missing you as always and yes, I can believe you could have an imaginary friend. Hey maybe I should find one…might be good company!

Forever, Lily the lonesome. (Ha!)

“You again.” Lily said without looking up from her book.

“Me again.” Sirius said leaning against the wall next to her. “We have ten minutes before class. Why are you standing outside transfig reading?”

“Why are you talking to someone who was standing alone reading?” Lily replied. Carefully she marked her page and closed her book, swinging around to face him. She grinned again. “And what else am I supposed to do with my ten spare minutes between breakfast and class?”

“Lily, Lily, Lily.” Sirius said with a sad shake of his head. “You are young and free! Shouldn’t you be snogging someone in a broom cupboard?”

Lily snapped her fingers. “Brilliant idea! And I still have eight minutes. I am off to find someone now!” She said looking down the hallway, left then right. “Ooh! He's cute!” She said pointing to a blonde just passing by.

Sirius caught her arm pushing it back down to her side. “I was joking.”

Lily looked at him. “No way! So was I. He’s like twelve!”

Sirius considered him. “Hey kid!” He called, “How old are you?”

“Ah… fourteen.” He replied nervously.

Sirius looked back at Lily. “See? Not twelve.”

“Well then it’s on.”

Sirius waggled his finger at her. “Is that sarcasm I detect?”

“Hmmm, and I thought it was ever so subtle.” Lily mused opening her book again.

Sirius groaned.

“What's wrong?” James asked appearing behind them with stack of toast and Remus and Peter in tow. Lily looked at them but quickly returned to her book.

“She-" Sirius said through a mouth full of toast. “is ignoring me.”

Lily looked at him curiously, standing there with his arms crossed and a pout on his face like a small child. While she was distracted James slid the book from her hand. Marking her page with his thumb he flicked the cover over.

“Byron, Life and Legend. Interesting. I have read a bit of his work.”

Lily furrowed her brow, leaning forward to take the book back. “You have?”

“Surprised I can read or by what I read?”

“Both. I have never seen you with a book in your hand. School texts included.”

James shrugged. “Maybe I only read under the cover of darkness.”

“Maybe -" Lily began when Sirius leant forward in between them.

“Speaking of darkness- Halloween tomorrow.” He said.

Lily looked at him. “How is that related in anyway to darkness?”

Sirius shrugged. “Halloween, scary…dark. I saw the connection. Besides books bore me.”

“Fair point.” Lily said as McGonagall appeared. Lily made to follow her into the class room.

“Where are you going? I never got to ask you my question!” Sirius said following her.

“Which was?”

“Well its unimportant now.” Sirius sulked. “The moment is gone. Squashed like an insignificant bug. Pushed to the side carelessly like a…a…”

“Brussel sprout at tea?” Lily supplied helpfully.

“Exactly!” Sirius exclaimed with a snap of his fingers.

“Good-good. Glad we sorted that out.” Lily said taking a seat. A moment later James sat next to her. Always a great danger when she didn’t have a friend to always sit next to.

“Sooo… Hogsmeade tomorrow.” James said almost fifteen minutes later after McGonagall had set their tasks.

Lily nodded. “Yes it is.” She said barely looking up from her work.

“Oooookay. Going?”

“I have to.”

“Ah. Right you are.” James murmured. “Looking forward to Halloween?”

Lily sighed. “What’s with the questions?”

“Ah. its called conversation.” James said.

“And why would I want to start one with you?” Lily shot back.

“Oooooh.” James cried clutching his heart. He straightened up after a moment. “So how come you can talk to my friends but not me?”


“Simple question.” James replied with a smirk.

Lily laughed dryly. “That I don't have to answer.”

“Fine. Answer me another one. “Mind the potatoes? What the hell does that mean? Is it like code for meet me in the astronomy tower at nine?”

Lily laughed again. “Do I really seem like the kind to meet anyone in the astronomy tower at nine?”

“So what does it mean then?”

Lily tapped her nose. “Meet me at eleven. When I mention carrots its nine.”

James raised his eyebrows. “And brussel sprouts?”

Lily grinned. “Oh come now I can't share all my secrets.” She said cheekily. James stared at her.

Lily rolled her eyes. “For pranksters you guys really don’t know how to take a joke.” She told looking away again. He didn’t say anything more but started working silently.

“Halloweens nothing special.” She said suddenly.

“Excuse me?”

Lily looked at him. “You asked if I was looking forward to Halloween. I was answering you. It’s called conversation” she said mimicking his earlier statement.

He smirked. “Okay so we are going to play this game. Why is that Evans?” He asked cocking his head to the side thoughtfully.

“It was more fun as a kid…back before I knew dragons, ghosts and witches existed. Know what I mean?”

“Nope. Not a clue. Long line of wizards remember? I grew up with that stuff. Hell, my great-great-great uncle Winston haunts the third floor. But the scariest thing about him is his jokes… “

Lily sighed again.

“No, I can see what you mean. Halloween has lost its thrill.”

“Exactly. We used to try to freak each other out. Making up spook stories to tell.”

“Spook stories?”

“Oh you just haven’t lived! You know ghosts chasing children, zombies and murdering maniacs on the loose… The kind where you don’t sleep because there may be someone at the window.” Lily said excitedly. “We would get all dressed up… my sister was always Alice or a mermaid…a fairy princess. Had to be girly and pretty like but me and Lindsay were always witches. Ironic huh?”

“I didn’t know you had a sister.”

“There’s a lot you probably don't know about me.”

“Well let me find out. What's she like?”

Lily scoffed. “A complete cow.” She said after a minute.

James looked at her. She shrugged.

“You heard me.”

“So Lindsay’s story was true?”

“Ah probably not. She tend to embellish the truth. What story?”

“She told us when you first met you gave your sister donkey ears.”

Lily licked her lips. “Oh yeah. That…Well is true.” She said delicately. “But it was an accident and they disappeared after a while!” She added in her own defence. “And anyway Lindsay shouldn’t have been peeking over the back fence.”

James laughed. “From the whole of ten minutes I knew her I must say she is a character. She must make life interesting.”

“Oh for sure.” Lily said leaning forward on one hand. “Without her I would have been grounded less, I would have more money and definitely wouldn’t feel the need to hide from so many people.”

“But then would you have as many memories?”

“Now that’s a definite no.”

James laughed again. Lily looked up at him.


“That grin.”

“What grin?”

James shrugged. “You had a goofy grin on your face. It was cute.”

“Okay…” Lily said slowly, growing uncomfortable. She sat up straighter and picked up her book again.

“Sorry.” James said.

“Whatever.” She said distractedly hoping to end the conversation.

“What does ‘whatever’ mean?”

Lily looked around. “It means whatever.” She said with a half shrug.

James chuckled to himself. “It means shut up James.”


“Awesome. So do you have any idea what we are supposed to be doing?”

Lily shook her head. “Just copy the notes down.”

“Better idea, you copy them down and I will get them later. Maybe we can study together. Or,” James said seeing the look on her face. “I can copy them now and we will have no reason to talk after we leave this class.”


“What are you doing?” Lily asked as Sirius slid in next to her almost making her spill her butterbeer. She looked up from her book to see the other three sit at her table.

“Sitting.” James replied. “Saving you from being alone.”

“What if I didn’t mind being alone.” Lily fired back.

“Fine then.” Sirius said with a lazy smile. “We are sitting here because on a day like today a ghost might jump out and eat you. Its for your own safety.”

“Ghosts don’t eat. Especially people.” Peter mumbled in confusion. Lily looked at him sadly for a moment before she turned to look at James.

He seemed to know what this particular glare meant for he held out his arms out in protest. “Hey I didn’t say anything to him.”

“No.” Sirius said tapping his nose. “I was eavesdropping.”

“Shamelessly. “Remus added.

“Right.” Sirius amended. “I was shamelessly eavesdropping.” He said proudly.

“How do you put up with him?” Lily asked.

“With a spell that allows you to suspend one by their ankles.” Remus said quietly.

Lily raised her eyebrows at them. “Still using that one are we?”

James smirked and pulled his eyes away from her to look at the glass in his hands.

Lily waited until he looked up again. His smirk grew.

“No comment.”

Lily shook her head and drank the last sip of her butterbeer. “Let me out.” She said nudging Sirius in the side.

“Why?” He asked as he stood.

“I’ll be back. I need to pee.” She almost laughed at their reactions. “Sorry. Was that the wrong thing to say? Please excuse me gentlemen,” She said with a little curtsy. “I am just off to powder my nose. Better?” She asked turning to weave her way through the crowded bar.

“Much better.” Remus called after her.

While she was ‘powdering her nose’ the bathroom door opened and she heard what was unmistakably Hazels voice.

“Of course I’m not jealous.” She was saying. There was a murmur of agreement before she continued. “Just because she is sitting with them doesn’t mean anything.”

“Well,” Christie added taking the spotlight from her friend. “It could mean something. You know what they say about girls who are seen with that many boys…”

“What do they say Christie?” Lily asked pushing the door open to stare at Christies reflection in the mirror.

Christie smirked at Lily as she expertly applied yet another coat of dark red lip gloss.

Lily crossed her arms and tilted her head. The look on her face clearly saying ‘Well?’

“Oh come on Lily.” She said swinging around. “You didn’t go from loner of the year to best buddy of the year without someone getting something in return.”

“Just what are you implying Christie.” Lily asked coolly.

“Just that I no longer think it’s a pity thing.” She said with a laugh. “Sweet and innocent Lily isn’t as nice as she seems.” She said as the other girls laughed.

“Ooh, bad girl. “Hazel added in a purr. “Tell me was it just for the popularity?”

Lily shook her head. Leaving. Now. That’s what she was doing.

She could still hear them cackling as she closed the bathroom door behind her. Grinning to herself she pulled out her wand.

Oops did she do that? she thought as she heard them scream. Carefully she opened the door again.

“Oh what happened Chris? You’re all drenched!” She squealed in a voice definitely could be described at wannabe clone. Christie glared at her, not taking her eyes away as she drew her wand and mumbled something under her breath.

Uh oh Lily thought, letting the door swing shut again just in time. She stifled a laugh as the curse hit the door. Now it was time to leave.


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Chapter 6: Answer me now
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Chapter 6~ Answer me now

Lily looked up from her breakfast as she heard the first owl screech.

“Expecting something?” James asked sitting next to her. Sirius sat on the other side of her and Remus and Peter sat opposite her. Lily sighed. Totally surrounded.

Without saying anything she returned her eyes to the ceiling to continue her search for her owl, Doc.

She saw him fly by, do a loop of the hall and fly out again.

“Stupid bird hates me.” She muttered. Drumming her fingers on the table as she waited. She swore that it did at least three loops of the castle before actually delivering her mail. Maybe it was the name thing, taking revenge because the other birds teased him for having a girls' name. Which made it kind of strange that he spent ninety percent of his time with Lindsay. Someone should tell that bird she was the one who christened him Daphne Octavia Celeste. (“But he looks like a girl!” She had protested. “And its such a pretty name…”)

“So care to tell us what happened yesterday?” James asked looking up to stare at what she was. (Which technically was nothing.)

“Huh?” Lily responded dumbly still searching for Daphne.

“Yesterday?” He prompted waving a hand infront of her face.

She looked at him. “What happened yesterday?”

“That’s what we want to know.” Sirius said from the other side of her.

Lily didn’t say anything.

“Ok. From our point of view.” Sirius said clasping his hands in a business like manner. “In three broomsticks. You run off to powder your nose or something, minutes later there was a scream, a particularly loud, shrill scream. You came out didn’t say anything but grabbed your jacket and left.

“Now. We could tell that you weren’t the one to scream nor were running in fear therefore we have deduced that you caused said scream. So what happened?”

Lily scoffed. “Nothing.”

“Oh come on. It was an awful lot of screaming for ‘nothing.’” Sirius said.

Lily smiled to herself. Looking up again upon hearing that blasted Daphne re-enter the great hall. With a final screech he dropped her letter above her head. Lily sighed as it fluttered down to her. Most birds actually delivered their owners mail. But not hers.

James looked above her head to Sirius who shrugged. He then raised his eyebrows to the falling letter and smiled.

James shook his head to say no but Sirius ignored him reaching out to grab Lily’s letter before she could.

“Hey!” She cried.

“Yesterday?” He repeated holding her letter out of her reach. “Oh. It says it’s from Lindsay.” He said standing up and walking backwards out of the great hall. “Bet there’s something real interesting in this…”

“Give me my letter Black.” She warned chasing after him.

“Tell me what happened.”

“Letter.” She said again holding out her hand.

“Tell me.”


“Then no letter.” Sirius said smugly shoving it into his back pocket.

Lily glared at him. “You think that will stop me?” She asked attempting to lunge around him for her letter.

Sirius stepped back quickly shaking his finger at her. “No grabbsies.” He sang.

“Nothing happened!” She cried in frustration. “They said some things and I got annoyed and sent a simple water charm at them. No harm. If they remembered the equally simple drying charm they would have been fine.” She said quickly before holding out her hand again. “Letter.”

Sirius frowned. She had actually given in. Dejectedly he pulled the letter from his pocket to hand to her but before she could take it if flew over her head.

“Argh!” Lily growled stamping her foot angrily as spun around. James had followed them and was now standing there wand in one hand and letter in the other.

“What did they say?” James asked calmly as Lily stalked over to him.

“What do you care?”

He shrugged. “Because I know you. Even if it was only a stupid water charm you never use magic to gain an advantage over people. Where as I apparently do.” He said waving the letter. “You could have easily gotten it back by now if you had of used magic.”

“You don’t know me!”

“They must have said something to make you retaliate.” He said ignoring her.


“So.” He repeated slowly. “What did they say?”

I know it wasn’t true so it. Doesn’t. Matter.” She said firmly.

James considered her.

She stared at him and he stared back. She narrowed her eyes at him and finally he held out the letter.

“It clearly does.” He said almost sadly.

Lily didn’t reply instead took the letter cautiously from his hand.

James sighed and left heading back into the great hall. Sirius looked between them and with a carefree shrug turned to follow him.

Alone in the entrance hall Lily looked around blowing the hair out of her eyes.

Nobody knew how to frustrate her more.

Just when she thought she had him all figured out he had to surprise her.

But he Didn’t know her. How could he?

Taking a seat on the bottom step and pushing her thoughts aside she finally opened her letter.

Dear Lily the laughable.
So you are friends with Sirius Black. I just don’t know what to think. So

Just friends right?


I had to ask.

I think its cool. I mean I have listened to you bitch about hating the people at Hogwarts for years. Ever since that day in fifth year after the defence exam and so on and so on. (If you were standing next to me would you have hit me by now? Oh how I love letters…) I know Hazel and Christie are bitches. And so not worth your time. So forget about them.

And you need help? Well in times like this I like to turn to the great Dr Seuss. A wise man who can rhyme is always worth my time. (Like it?) Anyway…

“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”

Which translates to: Lily? HELLO???

I know you know the answer.

He's not joking.

I know this for a fact.

I, hem, got a letter from Sirius a while back and yeah…

I repeat. He's not joking.

So therefore neither am I when I say he is madly in love with you! You both shall get married and have little redheaded children and live happily ever after. I see four little munchkins. Lindsay, Lindsay the second, Lindsay the third and Bob. Oh what a happy family you shall be!

And I of course shall be around for tea practically every night…

What a good friend I am.

But in the mean time you talk of friends, if you want one go for James Potter.

There is a winner. Trust me.

I am an excellent judge of character.

And although I only met him briefly from what you have told me and also Sirius he is apparently everything one could want in a friend. But I will leave that for you to find out.

Hey, maybe you don’t want to be friends anyway. Wink wink.

Anyway I know this must be the shortest letter on record but I am so tired. And my clock just told me it is ten past eight. Oh how sad. I blame school.

So this should reach you by Halloween so happy haunting!

Forever Lindsay the lame.

Lily frowned and flipped the page over in confusion. There had to be more.

That wasn’t a letter.

Certainly not one from Lindsay. It was too short, too serious, and too strange.

“You okay?” Someone asked politely as they were forced to step around her on the stairs.

Now that was a complicated question. She nodded slowly knowing they didn’t expect an answer or care what it was.

“Just peachy.”


Halloween bites. Lily thought as she trudged down to the great hall for the big Halloween feast, wishing instead she could just skip it and go straight to bed.

It had definitely been one of those days where she wished she had stayed in bed after all.

Instead she had spent it with a million thoughts running a marathon through her head while she struggled to set her mind on any one task.

She had read that letter so many times and she could just tell something wasn’t right about it. She wanted to talk to Lindsay, not just scribble down another letter that could easily be misinterpreted.

She just needed someone to talk to.

Face to face talk.

About Lindsay. About James. About Hazel and Christie. School work, her parents.


Her diary was just not cutting it lately. She needed answers.

The sooner the better.

“No running in the halls.” She called half heartedly as some excited first years elbowed past her to get into the hall.

What was the use? At least they were enjoying Halloween and looking forward to the feast.

Taking a seat at the table she rested her head on one hand and waited for Dumbledore to start his speech. The sooner he started the sooner she could eat and leave. All around her people laughed and chatted.

She wanted to smack them.

How dare they have fun when she was in a bad mood.

“I’ve eaten lemons that are less sour that you look right now.” Sirius commented as he walked past.

Lily didn’t move. “Is that supposed to be a complement? ‘Cause I ain’t blushing.”

“No a complement would be that you look particularly stunning…well when you smile.”

Lily gave him a smile. A nice fake one.

“Slightly better. Are you okay?

“Yeah, just thinking.”

“Come sit with us.” He said motioning back to where James, Remus and Peter were sitting.

Lily considered it quickly then shook her head. “If it’s all the same with you I might just stay here.”

Sirius looked at his friends then back at Lily. “Are you sure you are okay?”

She nodded. “I’m fine now that someone asked.”

Sirius looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

Lily laughed. “Never mind. Thanks for asking.”

“Okay…” He said. “I guess I will talk to you later then.”

Lily glanced down the table to watch him great his friends. James asked him something and he shrugged. She frowned as they all leant forward and started whispering about something.

One could only guess what they were talking about.

At the moment she almost envied them. But then she had been offered a place next to them and she had declined.

If she wasn’t so stubborn she could have friends…and possibly a boyfriend too.

Or even just somebody to talk to.


“Hey Evans. Coming to our spook fest?” James asked after the feast when they were all back in the common room, most of the younger students trudging up the stairs to bed already.

“Your what?” Lily questioned with a huge grin appearing on her face. Possibly the first all day.

“Our spook fest to celebrate Halloween.” He said cheekily. “Something to cheer you up.”

“Ohhhh. I see…” She said playing along. “Well, sounds like it could be fun. Sure.”

“Well then go get dressed.” Sirius said appearing behind James.

Lily raised an eyebrow sweeping an arm down to the floor to indicate that she was in fact already fully dressed.

“Jammies. You need your Jammies.” Sirius said rolling his eyes.

“Why?” Lily asked.

“Why not? Our spook fest, Our rules. And any excuse to see you in your jammies Evans.” Sirius said.

“Excuse me?” Lily asked at the same time James did. She turned to look at him.

Sirius grinned. “Hush now,” He said propelling her up the stairs with a gentle push. “Jammies now and questions later, and just for us make ‘em skimpy.”

“Uh, perve.” Lily said. “Just for you I’m gonna find a floor length night gown that buttons to the neck, a robe and bed socks.”

“Mmm bed socks. Such a turn on.” Sirius growled as she made her way back up the stairs.

Lily barely blinked. “Strange, you are very strange.” She said disappearing around the bend of the stairs to the sound of his manic laughter. She could even have sworn that she heard James slap him.

Maybe Halloween wasn’t as bad as she though. Tonight could even be fun.

Entering her dorm Lily noticed the bathroom door was closer and an awful lot of giggling was coming from the other side.

Sighing to herself Lily hastily changed into her pyjamas grabbing the blanket off the end of her bed and her hairbrush as she left he room before the Hazel clones heard her and came out. She could always do without the snide comments about her appearance.

Returning to the now empty common room she took a seat on her favourite couch. Curling her feet beneath her she began to twist her hair into two neat braids all the while thinking about the girls upstairs who had probably been getting ready for this since the feast.

Lily frowned suddenly, dropping the part of her hair she was holding. Did this make her abnormal? The fact that she wasn’t with them getting ready?

“Why the frown Evans?” Sirius asked. “And what are you wearing? I said skimpy!” he said looking her up and down. Lily looked down at her PJ’s. Nothing special, Peppermint stripe pants and a green t-shirt.

“And no bed socks." Lily laughed wiggling her bare toes. “So where are the others?”

“Oh, Remus and James went for food and well, Petey is still upstairs. And I was sent down here to make sure no cat fights broke out between any scantily dressed females... without me getting a record of it. Ah I love jammie nights.” He sighed.

Lily just shook her head.

“So what got you frowning?”

Lily shrugged. “Just thinking.”

“Again? Yeah… I gave that up years ago.” He replied.

“You idiot.”

“Hey, no insults!”

“Hey if you want skimpy, turn around.” She whispered seeing Hazel and Christie sashay down the stairs.

Sirius turned so Lily couldn’t see his reaction but she could guess it. Both seemed to have produced new outfits just for the occasion. Hazel was barely dressed in a pink baby doll nightie while Christie on the other hand had chosen a tiny white singlet top and pink shorty-shorts with kisses on them. But there was no denying that both of them was could pull it off. Even Lily begrudgingly had to admit that even beneath the permanent sneer Hazel was gorgeous. As much as she disliked her.

“You approve?” Lily asked sourly.

Sirius turned around grinning. “Check out the makeup though!”

“Is it entirely necessary?” Lily asked looking away quickly as Christie caught her eye with a glare.

“What's not necessary is ghost stories for a spook fest. All we need to do is stare at Hazel’s face.” He whispered.

Lily smothered a laugh. “Maybe we could make a game of it. First to scream, shudder or cry loses.” She said.

Sirius, to her surprise burst out laughing. After a while Lily joined in drawing the attention of Hazel who expressed her opinion in the way of a loud indignant, “Uh.”

“What is she doing here?” Hazel asked directing herself at Sirius and not Lily.

She was invited. “ Lily said before he could answer twisting in her seat to face her.

Hazel didn’t look at her. “After what she did to us yesterday?” She asked indignantly

“Oh my god.” Lily muttered swinging around in her seat again. So like them, a little bit of water and the world was ending. “Would you get over that?”

“You!” Christie cried suddenly walking over to stand right in front of Lily. “You act like you are so much better than us but you aren’t alone by choice. It’s because no one anyone actually likes you.” Christie sneered. “And the ones that claim you do, ha, don’t be fooled. If you aren’t screwing them it’s all pity.”

“Oi!” Sirius piped up. “Outta line, Christie. Shut up or leave.”

Christie stared at him miffed that he had spoken to her like that. With a flick of her hair she stormed from the room Hazel in tow.

Lily screwed up her face. “So that was the thing that they said.”

“I know. I heard a whisper this morning.”

“I’m sorry.” Lily said her head down.

Sirius chuckled. “Me too, although rumours don’t bother me you don’t deserve it.”


“You are one awesome chick Lily Evans. And I think more people need to realise that. And I personally am sorry I never got to know you sooner.”

Lily raised her eyebrows at him.

“Really. I never could see what James did but now I can.”

“And what is that?” Lily asked uncertainly.

Sirius smirked at her. “You will just have to find that one out for yourself.”

“Now a question for you.” He said suddenly sitting up straighter. “What I want to know is if rumours don’t bother you why not tell James when he asked?”

Lily shrugged. Why didn’t she? Because she didn’t want him to get angry? Really didn’t want him to have reason to pity her? Think that she couldn’t take on a few whiney girls?

She opened her mouth to say something when the portrait hole swung open. James and Remus entered carrying an enormous amount of food.


Sirius looked at her and raised his eyebrows.

Lily knew that this conversation was not over.


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Chapter 7: Bump in the night
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Chapter seven ~ Bump in the night

“So how is this supposed to work?” Christie asked flicking her hair to one side. She stared daggers at Lily as she did so, obviously not happy that she was there. Lily somehow got the impression that they had thought this was a private party.

“Simple. You tell ghost stories til people get spooked and leave.” Sirius said helping himself to a cupcake that James and Remus had just delivered.

“But ghosts are real, as if I am going to be afraid of them!” Hazel sniffed looking at her friends for approval. Libby nodded and Hazel seemed satisfied with this. “I didn’t think we were really going to tell stupid ghost stories!”

“What did you think spook fest meant?” Lily asked.

“Did I ask you?” Hazel snapped.

Lily didn’t answer instead raising an eyebrow, in doing so challenging her to a silent duel.

“Uh.” Hazel sniffed after a few moments, looking away, her arms crossed stubbornly.

Christie took the opportunity to suggest a game of truth or dare to which everyone immediately began to object to. Lily probably would have joined in but she was still focused on Hazel. She had to question what made her so bitter. She rarely seemed to smile let alone laugh…

“If she scowls anymore her makeup will crack.” Sirius whispered to Lily. Lily’s eyes widened as she tried to hide her laughter and failed. It came out as a mixture between a snort and a splutter that drew everyone’s attention away from their bickering.

“Something to share with the class Lily?” Remus joked.

Lily shook her head, her hands still covering her mouth just in case another sound came out.

“Lily was just saying that she has game guaranteed to scare the pants off anyone.” Sirius said looking at Lily who struggled for a moment before removing her hands and laughing freely.

“Another of your private-jokes?” James asked in a somewhat testy voice watching her and Sirius.

Lily shook her head her laughter disappearing abruptly. She cocked her head to one side to study James. He was looking at Sirius not at her and like her and Hazel a few moments earlier they seemed to be having a silent battle of some sort.

“So who’s going to start?” Remus asked quickly interrupting them. “’Cause I don’t know about the rest of you but I have no idea what classifies as a spook story.

Emma shrugged. “I only have the ‘stupid’ ones. From before I found out I was a witch. General stuff. Ghosts and maniacs stuff.”

“Yeah me too. Real spook stories.” Lily agreed moving to the floor so she was in the circle too. Wrapping her quilt around her shoulders she leant forward. “The good kind. And tonight, on the night when spirits roam free is the perfect night to hear them. Even if you do claim to be brave.” She said waving her wand to extinguish the lights except for one which she summoned to her. “Have you ever heard the tale of bloody Mary?” She asked in a low toneless voice lifting the candle so it illuminated just her face and launching into her story of the vengeful ghost.

“Okay even I have to admit that gave me the shivers.” James said afterwards.

“Do, do, do, do.” Emma sang. “Anyone feel they should check behind them?”

“It was lame.” Hazel said.

“Don’t lie. I saw you a-tremblin’.” Sirius laughed.

“It was still lame. Ghosts can't hurt you.”

“Wanna go chant her name and find out?” He asked.

Hazel didn’t say anything.

“Didn’t think so.” He said smugly. “What else you got Evans?”

Lily thought for a moment. “Okay this one begins on the night like tonight when a young teenage girl was left home alone while her parents went out. We shall name her Hazel the brave.” Lily said looking across the circle at her.

Hazel rolled her eyes. “Oh, my, god…” She muttered.

Lily continued anyway. “‘Make sure to lock the doors.’ Her mother said as they left and all Hazel the brave could do was roll. Her. Eyes.

“After all she was seventeen and it was only one night.

“At around eleven she turned off the radio to prepare for bed only just missing the report warning residents about the psychopath on the loose. Walking around the house she locked all the windows finally calling her beloved dog in before she closed the back door.

“Settling down to sleep she drifted off quickly only to wake again a couple of hours later. Looking around her room she wondered what had wakened her. Then she heard it:

“Drip, Drip, Drip.

“Thinking it was just a leaky tap she rolled over to go back to sleep. But before she went to sleep she reached down for her dog, knowing he was there gave her comfort. He licked her hand and she fell asleep once more.

“A couple of hours later she awoke again to the same sound,

“Drip, Drip, Drip.

“Feeling annoyed she tried once more to go back to sleep, first feeling for her dog again.

“The next time she woke up it was early morning but she could still hear it.

“Drip, Drip, Drip.

“Throwing off the covers she went into the kitchen to tighten the tap. Satisfied that it was not dripping she stepped into the bathroom. The scene that welcomed her made her scream. There, hanging from the shower rail was her dogs’ head, the blood falling into the bath with a drip, drip, drip.

“Behind her the bathroom door swung shut. Standing there was a wild looking man with a machete! He grinned at her…

‘Humans can lick too my precious.’”

“Oooh.” James wailed just to break the silence.

“That wasn’t scary!” Remus laughed. “Mildly disturbing but not scary. There wasn’t even a ghost in it!”

“Poor, poor puppy…” Sirius pretended to sob.

“Uh, Now that was lame.” Hazel drawled with a fake yawn.

Lily just grinned. She knew they were lame and not remotely spooky but that was their charm.

“I had forgotten that story.” Emma said.

“I’ve never heard it before.” James said lying back so he was looking at the ceiling.

“I think you guys growing up in wizarding families missed out on so much.” Lily replied. “Knowing the truth about things must have killed you imagination.”

“Yeah we used to sit around the campfire and tell these kind of stories.” Emma said.

“New years eve tradition.” Lily said. “Or any other night that is particularly fitting. A night like tonight when it seems possible that ghosts could be lurking…”

Sirius shook his head. “Old Uncle Winnie would be so disappointed. I have spent many sleepless nights listening to him. “Ghosts are just misunderstood-“

“Hey! How do you think I feel?” James cut in. ”Knowing I am related to him…”

“How did he die?” Lily asked reaching for a chocolate chip biscuit.

Remus laughed. “You will just have to ask him. Fascinating story really.” He drawled sarcastically.

“Noted.” Emma said. “If I ever meet old Uncle Winnie, don’t ask.”

“Oh! But you must.” Sirius added. “A heart wrenching tale of love and loss, betrayal and deception, of bravery and sacri-“

“Enough already!” James laughed. “You make him sound like a hero who died in a great tragedy!”

“He was heart broken!” Sirius cried.

James scoffed. “He was unstable!”

“Ha,” Sirius shot back. “Must run in the family.”

“Uh. I have no comeback to that. Except for welcome.” James said holding out his arms.

“I take back what I said about lack of imagination.” Lily murmured.

“Sooo… who was next?” Sirius asked.

“Well if you two are quite done I believe it is your turn Emma.” Lily said passing the candle over to her. “Since I told two.”

“Why thank you. Okay…” She said thinking for a moment. “My tale of horror begins on a night much like tonight. One stormy night when Mary-Sue was preparing for her big date.

“Her boyfriend picked her up and they went to the movies, everyone there was talking about a man called the Hook. Someone that had been killing young lovers with the hook he had for a hand. Some said he had lost his girlfriend tragically and wanted revenge… But that was not going to get in the way of Mary-Sues date.

So afterwards they went to the local lovers’ lane. They began to make out until a warning came over the radio. Suddenly lovers’ lane wasn’t so romantic.

“They were all alone out here and she was scared. ‘Maybe we should get out of here.’ She told her boyfriend.

“They argued for a moment until she saw something move in the bushes. ‘Get me out of here now!’ She shrieked.

“‘Jeeze.’ Her boyfriend said in disgust. They drove home in silence and when she stepped from the car he said nothing- Until she screamed.

“There, hanging from the doorhandle was a bloody hook.”

As she finished she looked around the circle. To her surprise Lily began to laugh. “That’s not how it goes!” She cried. “He's supposed to be hiding in the back seat!”

“I think that’s a different one. It’s like the one where he has the boyfriends head on the stick and is thumping on the car roof. They are all the same. Maniacs and whimpering fools.”

“No the one where he tries to scratch through the car roof with a finger nail.” Lily said with a shudder.” That one always got me. Nails screeching d-”

“I am so bored.” Hazel interrupted suddenly standing up. “I’m going to bed. Are you three coming?”

Libby, the sheep she was, immediately jumped up and Christie did the same but Emma shook her head. “I’m staying.”

“Suit yourself.” Hazel huffed. “We will be upstairs when you come to your senses.”

“Does Libby ever say anything?” Remus asked as they heard the dorm door close.

Emma shrugged. “Not around you four.”

“Well that was obvious.” Sirius muttered.

“So you two got anymore stories?” James asked sitting back up.

“Okay. Guess it’s my turn again.” Lily said. “Okay let’s see. Two girls share a dorm. One night Claire said she wasn’t feeling well so Julie said she would go to the library to study. About an hour that night she realised she had forgotten a book so not wanting to disturb Claire she ducked into the room grabbed the book and left without flicking on the lights.

“She stayed in the library until late that night. But wandering back to the dorm she noticed there were people everywhere and police cars around. Pushing her way through the crowd she screamed when she saw Claire’s mangled body in a pool of blood, but what haunted her most was the message written on the mirror.

“‘Aren’t you glad you didn’t turn on the light?’” She finished in a menacing voice.

No one spoke for a moment.

“Evans you do realise we all sleep in dorms right?” James asked his eyebrows raised.

“So? Turn on the light.” Lily grinned. “Besides the only lunatics around are you four anyway... Is Peter asleep?” She added peering around Sirius to look at him.

Everyone turned around to look at him. Peter indeed had fallen asleep curled in the armchair he was sitting in earlier.

“I think he has been asleep for a while.” Emma said.

James burst out laughing. “Hey Padfoot, dare you to lick his hand.”

“That is so cruel!” Lily cried.

“And gross.” Sirius added.

“No, what would be better if it was Hazel,” Emma joked.

“After all she isn’t afraid of anything. It is be-yond boring to her.” Sirius said mimicking her earlier comments and even adding the hair flick.

“Have any of you ever seen the movie Carrie?” Lily asked after they had stopped laughing. “Well… Have you Em?” She added seeing the looks on their faces.

“I’ve read the book.” Emma said with a shrug. “But I heard the ending was different.”

“It was. At the end of the movie Sue leans over Carries grave and suddenly a hand shoots up from the dirt and grabs her arm. But then the scene flicks back to Sue waking up screaming in her bed but her arm is covered in blood. You might have to see it to appreciate it but it was no joke the scariest part of the movie. And I, no joke, screamed along with Sue when that hand shot up. And my evil friend, thinking she was funny-“

“Grabbed your arm in the middle of the night?” Emma guessed.

Lily nodded while shaking with laughter.

“So you are saying that Peter doesn’t deserve that?” Remus asked.

Lily took a deep breath to calm herself. “Exactly.” She gasped.

Emma grinned evilly. “But Hazel does.” She said looking at Sirius.

He shook his head and held his arms in the air. “Babe, you know I can't get up there. So its all you. And we are talking about licking her hand, right?”

“Precisely.” She said standing up.

“What are you doing?” James asked as she made her way to the stairs.

Emma spun around the most innocent expression she could muster on her face. “Just going to see if she is asleep… And maybe to turn the bathroom tap on a little.”


Dear Lindsay the-

Lily frowned.

She tapped her quill on the almost blank page.

She couldn’t think of a word.

L words…

Lindsay the, the…

Uh! this is impossible!

What was Lindsay this letter?

She sighed again and let her head fall to the table with a thump.

“Lily?” Lily lifted her head and spun around in her seat.

“What are you doing?” Sirius asked sleepily from his ‘bed’ on the floor “And what time is it?”

Lily smile apologetically. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to wake anyone.”

Sirius groaned as he crawled over to the table she was sitting at.

With a yawn he rested his head on his arms. “So what is the time?”

“Just after six.”

“Six?” He whimpered. “That’s not even a real time!”

“Sorry.” Lily repeated.

“That’s all right.” He said lazily.

For a moment they were silent as Lily stared at her page again and Sirius let his eyes close again.

“No I don't want a pickle…” Peter suddenly murmured in his sleep.

Sirius snorted.

“With cheese? Ahhhhhhh…” He said again smacking his lips.

“Does he do that often?” Lily asked pointing over her shoulder at Peter.

Sirius sat up. “Watch this.” He said walking over to Peter. Kneeling down next to him he quietly clucked like a chicken.

“They’re after me!” He cried. Lily stifled a giggle as Peter sat up suddenly.

He looked at Lily laughing at him and turned a nice red colour. “Not funny Padfoot.” He squeaked collecting his pillow and trudging towards the stairs.

Sirius grinned lazily. “He told us once he is deadly afraid of chickens. Something about them pecking his feet.”

“That boy is strange.”

Sirius nodded. “Don’t we know it.” He said moving back to the seat across from Lily.

“Where did Remus go?” He asked with a yawn.

“Left in search of a real bed about an hour ago.”

“Have you slept at all?”

Lily shook her head.

“Wonder if Hazel slept much.” He snickered.

Lily smiled. The mental image of Hazel winters tearing down the stairs screaming about maniacs and leaking taps was one that would stick with her forever. She had taken one look at their faces and instantly turned a stunning shade of red.

“What's up Hazel?” Sirius had asked casually.

She hadn’t time to answer as people started wandering down from their dorms to see what the fuss was about. James told everyone to go back to bed, that it was just a bad dream.

That didn’t sit too well with Hazel.

The look on her face was priceless. Of course it would be all over the school by breakfast that the queen of Hogwarts had had a little bitty nightmare.

Emma had wandered down in the commotion looking dazed and confused with a wink to Lily and the others she had escorted Hazel back up stairs.

“So what are you doing?” Sirius asked resting his head on the table again.

“Trying to write to Lindsay.” Lily frowned. “I can't think of a word.”

“There are plenty of them. Try duck. Umbrella. Cheese. Rainbow. Sauerkraut. Tri-“

“Stop it!” Lily cried.

“Wise move. I could have gone on for a while.”

“I hear you’ve been talking to Lindsay.”

“Maybe. Depends on what your next question is.”

“I don't care. I mean I did but I don’t anymore. I know you don’t know her very well but…does she seem different?”

Sirius shook his head slowly. “But as you said I don’t know her as well as you do. Why? what's the problem?”

“I don’t know…maybe nothing. Maybe I am just reading into things too much. Doesn’t matter.” She sighed.

“You are her best friend. She would tell you if something was wrong.” Sirius reasoned.

“But what if…”

Sirius raised his head “What if what?”

“She- But… It- Well-“

Sirius looked at her meaningfully. “Evans. I am sitting here on less than two hours sleep. Could you possibly make it a little clearer?”

Lily sighed. “Well… what if something has happened and she won’t tell me because she’s…” Lily paused searching for right word. “Scared…” She finished quietly.

“Scared?” He repeated.

“Not scared scared but scared for me scared.”

“Once again that made perfect sense. Okay there is something I am missing here. Can we talk specifics?”

Lily bit her lip. She could feel tears welling up in her eyes and didn’t really know why. “She's the bravest person I know.” She said not really answering his question. “I wish I was like her.” She mumbled wiping her eyes.

“Hey, don’t cry.” Sirius said sitting up again. “I don’t like tears. I can't handle tears.”

Lily laughed or more spluttered. “I’m sorry.” She said. “I’m over reacting. It’s fine.”

“You are like her.” Sirius told her. “You would have to be to put up with that one.” He joked motioning in James direction.

Lily smiled.

“Much better. You sure you’re okay? ” Sirius asked touching her arm lightly.

Lily nodded. “I hope so.”

“I betcha everything is fine.” He said reassuringly.

“Thanks. I really needed someone to talk to.”

Sirius held up his hands and shrugged. “I don’t know that I helped much but anytime Evans.”

Lily took a deep breath and looked again at the blank page and then finally her watch. Startled, she remembered they still had classes today. Behind her James moved in his sleep.

“We better wake him before people start coming down for breakfast.” She said.

“Or we could not and leave him for the sixth year girls to find.”

Lily laughed as James lifted his hand to gesture rudely at Sirius.

Sirius raised his eyebrows at Lily. “Obviously not as asleep as we thought.”

Lily smiled. “I’m going to go get ready for breakfast.” She said standing up.

“Hey Lily?” Sirius called. “My advice? Don’t assume anything. Especially the worst. Ask her.”

Lily bit her lip again. “I don’t think I can. Saying it only makes it real…But thanks anyway.” She said. James had by now sat up and was squinting at her. Lily couldn’t help but think he looked kind of adorable at the moment, almost like a small child. She gave him a small smile and he returned it.

As she marched her way up the stairs she though more about the letter. Maybe he was right. But maybe a few days would make things clearer.


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Chapter 8: Life Without Sarcasm
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Chapter eight~ Life Without Sarcasm.

“Oh my God.”

“What ‘oh my God?” Rachel asked as she ran into Lindsay. “Sorry…”

That’s oh my god.” Lindsay said pointing across the road.

Rachel squinted in the direction Lindsay was pointing. “What exactly am I looking at?”


“Her who?” Rachel asked as Lindsay dragged her behind the line of school buses and out of sight.

“My mother.”

“Your mother? Where?” She said excitedly attempting to turn around but Lindsay caught her by her shirt. “You didn’t tell me she was here.” Rachel pouted.

“Doctors tell me its denial. I should move to anger pretty soon they say…” Rachel raised an eyebrow at her. Lindsay sighed. Obviously humour had no place in this conversation.

“She showed up last week and so far avoiding her is working quite well for me. I didn’t say anything because it wasn’t important but she keeps showing up!”

“Okay… so why is she here, here?”

“How would I know? Her way of forcing me to actually stay in one place long enough to hold what she deems an actual conversation, when if you think about it is actually kinda ironic considering she’s the one who drops in and out of my life with a kiss and a baby I’ve missed you then heads off to Spain or somewhere before I have even had a chance to wash the lipstick off my cheek and - “

“Hold it!” Rachel cried holding her arms in the air. “You need to take a breath.”

Lindsay sighed again. “Sorry. So how much do you love me?”


“Can I stay at your place tonight?”

Rachel shook her head. “Sorry. My sister is in town I was going to spend the catching up with her. You can join us if you want. It’s just going to be a girly night.”

“Nah, that’s okay. I’ll deal. I’ll see you Monday.” She said giving Rachel a one armed hug. “If I don’t show up I will probably be rocking back and forth singing to myself in a stark white room somewhere while– “

“Okay, okay!” Rachel laughed. “I get the picture! Right, Monday. I will see you then when you will tell me all about your mysterious mother while Amber goes over the who’s hotter list this week list. Deal?”


“I’ll call you later tonight. 'Kay?” Rachel called one last time before disappearing around the corner.

Lindsay nodded, taking a moment before crossing the road. Sara Graham smiled as she saw her daughter approaching. Lindsay looked less than amused.

“What are you doing here?” Lindsay asked.

Sara took a step back, her smile faltering. “Thought you might like a lift home, baby.”

“If you are calling me baby I’m walking.” Lindsay replied stubbornly.

“Lindz.” Sara pleaded fumbling with her keys. “Don’t make me chase you down the street. Talk to me.”

“We were done talking a long time ago, mother.”

“Then we need to change that.” She said smiling brightly again. “Maybe we could go get some coffee or go – “

“I can't I have homework.”

“Lindsay, please. I’m trying. How was school?”

“School?” Lindsay repeated dumbly. She said it like it was a normal question. Ha. A normal question was more likely to be what size shoe are you? “Who are you?”

“Excuse me?”

“Well, the woman who is my mother doesn’t ask me how my day at school was. She just doesn’t care.”

“I do care Lindsay! Come on, hop in the car and we can go somewhere to talk.”

Lindsay shook her head again, hoisting her backpack up on one shoulder. “I told you. I’m walking.”

“Fine. Don’t forget about tea tonight.”

“Fine.” Lindsay repeated. How could she forget about tea tonight? She was reminded about it every time she was home. the tea.

“I’ll be there when you get home if you still insist on walking.”

“I’m walking.” Lindsay repeated firmly spinning around and starting off down the street. Behind her Sara heaved a heavy sigh before climbing into her car and driving off, tooting as she passed Lindsay.


“Lindsay. Go home already.” Sue Evans said, leaning against the doorframe to her daughter’s room.

“Ha. Don’t I feel loved.” Lindsay joked from where she was sprawled on Lily’s bed with one of Lily’s books.

Sue pouted “Of course we love you sweetie but we are sick of you too. Go home.”

Lindsay groaned. “But she will be there and tonight is the dreaded tea and I am supposed to meet my new daddy and all the while my real dad is going to be pretending to be okay with it all but he's not and mum just doesn’t have a clue she is so wrapped up in her own world of happy families and would you believe she had the nerve to ask how my day at school had been?”

“No! How dare she?” Sue said walking further into the room and taking a seat at the small desk.

“And now I am being mocked in the only sanctuary I have.” Lindsay cried dramatically. “Don’t make me go.”

“Sorry kiddo, this house officially stopped being your sanctuary about five minutes ago. Your dad rang, if you don’t appear in that dining room in the next ten minutes he is giving away your pet rock collection.”

“Lies. All lies. No one would want that.” Lindsay grumbled as she snapped the book shut and slipped off her bed. “Thanks for letting me hang out here.”

Sue hugged her tightly. “Anytime sweetie. We are always a fence hop away.” Lindsay smiled at this – her and Lily’s variation on the idiom ‘a stone’s throw away’

“I always knew you listened in on our conversations.” Lindsay commented as Sue propelled her downstairs.

Sue pretended to look surprised. “Didn’t you know I had the tree house wired?”

“You wouldn’t be laughing so much if you actually knew what has been said out there over the years.”

“Like who that boy at the train station was?”

“You met his parents!”

“I did?” sue said thinking for a moment. “Remind me that we need to talk later. But you better skedaddle or it will be you batman doll next.”

“No! Who could be so cruel?” Lindsay cried raising her hand to her forehead. “Is there no limit to the madness?”

“Out!” Sue laughed giving her one final shove out the back door.

“Bye!” Lindsay cried running down the back path and weaving her way old oak tree where their tree house was. Using the tree like she had a hundred times she boosted herself up and over the fence arriving at her own back door in no time.

For a moment she stood there staring at the white door, the small window and the red curtain. It was a nice door if you took the time to study it. Lindsay cocked her head to the side ready to study it further when it swung open.

Startled, Lindsay took a step back. “Whoa, dad you scared me!”

“What are you doing staring at the door."

Lindsay shrugged. "It is a nice door."  she said stroking the glass.

He dad shook his head. "Come on. Everyone is inside. Let’s just get through this okay? No throwing insults, no snide comments, no sly innuendos, no sarcasm – “

“Just tell me I’m not allowed to speak! Because without sarcasm I have nothing!”

“Oh and no melodramatics either.”

“Well end my life here and now!”

“Lindsay…” He warned.

“Okay, okay. Consider me zero on the drama-o-meter. Can I at least change first?” Lindsay whined.

“Scoot.” He said motioning behind him. “There’s a letter on the hall table for you too. Now hurry up.”

Smiling, Lindsay bounced up on her toes to plant a kiss on his cheek “Love you dad!” she cried tearing off in the direction of the stairs, grabbing her letter on the way. She was expecting a letter from Lily but instead it was another from Sirius.

She took a moment to study the messy writing before sliding the letter from the envelope.

“Lindsay?” Sara called leaning against the doorframe as Sue Evans had less than half and hour ago.

“I’ll be down in a minute.” Lindsay replied not looking up from her letter.

Sara nodded stepping further into Lindsay’s room to sit on the end of her bed.

“What are you reading?”

“A letter.” Lindsay replied shortly.

“From your boyfriend?”

“I don’t have a boyfriend.”

“Okay. Sorry. This is more difficult than I thought, Lindsay, honey, look at me please. I want to talk to you. I wanted to apologise.”

Lindsay eyed her sceptically. “What for?”

“For everything that has gone down over the last few years.”

“Right.” Lindsay said shoving her letter back into the envelope and standing up. “Um, we should probably go down to eat.”

“Lindsay? Did you hear me?”

“I heard you but dad doesn’t like if I’m late for tea.”

“Lindz, stop. Come on. I am really trying here. Talk to me.”

“I can't.”

“What do you mean you can't?”

“I can't talk to you after one lame apology because it doesn’t change anything.” Lindsay muttered striding past her to the open doorway. Sara followed. At the bottom of the stairs Lindsay turned around again unable to keep her thoughts bottled up.

“You don’t get it do you?”

“What? Talk to me I might understand!” Sara cried in exasperation.

“Forget it.” Lindsay said.


“You weren’t there! I needed you and you weren’t there!”

“What do you mean I wasn’t there? I have always been here for you! All you need to do is ask! I would drop everything for you-”

Lindsay shook her head wildly feeling tears spring to her eyes. “I shouldn’t need to ask though!”


“Stop calling me that!“ Lindsay screamed.

“Lindsay!” Her dad chastised appearing at her side with the man she assumed to be her mothers fiancé in tow. “Never speak to your mother like that.”

Lindsay looked around wildly, everyone was staring at her waiting for her to say or do something. Years worth of memories came flooding back to her filling her ears with static She swayed on the spot as they overwhelmed her. The room seemed to be moving around her, getting smaller and smaller until she didn’t think she could handle it anymore.

“I gotta get out of here.” She muttered lunging for the front door before anyone could protest.

Outside she ran, letting the feeling of her bare feet hitting the cool pavement and the stab of the icy wind sooth her. She ran until the static was gone, until the feeling that she couldn’t breath replaced her memories.
Gasping for air and clutching her side Lindsay turned in a circle in the street.

She ran to get away from it all but when she stopped she realised she had no where else to go except back.


“Sanctuary?” Lindsay asked tiredly when the door to the Evans house opened.

“Lindsay!” Sue cried. “Come on.” She ushered Lindsay inside.

“What happened? You’ve been gone for hours. You dad has been calling non-stop. You must be freezing!” Sue added taking in Lindsay’s bare feet and thin school shirt.

“I don’t know what happened. We didn’t even get to tea. She was calling me Lindz and telling me she was sorry and dad was yelling and I couldn’t breath I had to get out of there and I ran and some lady told me how to get back and I’m sorry I didn’t mean to worry everyone I just…I don’t know anymore.”

“Its okay.” Sue soothed. “Calm down.”

“Can I stay here the night?”

Sue looked at her husband helplessly before looking back at Lindsay. “Of course you can. How about going and cleaning yourself up, find yourself some clean clothes and that. I’ll call your dad. Let him know where you are.”

Lindsay nodded dumbly. Taking herself upstairs to do as she was told. Dressed in a pair of Lily’s pyjamas she settled on the bed unfolding the letter from Sirius again. She would answer him but first she needed to talk to Lily.

Searching through the desk drawers she found a pen and paper and sat down to write another letter.

Dear Lily the ladybug-PJ-owner.

Tell me why you didn’t take these jammies to Hogwarts. You would look absolutely darling in them!

Then I suppose you would have to ask really how do I know about these Jammies? Then I would tell you it’s a bloody long story. Which I probably should have told you the start.

I got a letter from Sirius this afternoon and he said a lot (some of which we will get to later) and I guess I owe you few things

He told me that I got you worried. I can only imagine what you were thinking and I am sorry. Nothings wrong really. Mother showed up a couple of weeks ago told me she was coming back to live here again with her fiancé.

Yeah. My mother has a fiancé. Who’s name I still don’t know but he is going to be my new daddy. Expect a wedding invite for next summer.

Anyway its just been a strange few weeks. Me avoiding her, her chasing me. Inviting me shopping and to lunch and out for coffee. Which is nice considering I don’t like coffee and I can't explain why but I hated her for not knowing!

And tonight they were supposed to come over for tea. Something dad arranged weeks ago and she cornered me and I yelled and I don’t even know why.

He was there and I never even got the chance to meet him because before I knew it my feet were running for the door and I couldn’t stop them. I got lost and some lady gave me directions and your mum is letting me stay here tonight.

Enter jammies.

I don’t think she is one hundred percent happy about it but here I am.

I don’t know what's going on. I am so lost and so tired. Everything seems to be piling up and I can't get a hold. I’m behind in my school work, I see my friends less and less, my dad is so distant and all I want to do is sleep through this whole mess.

I want my dad back. I want him to realise that she is never going to change. I need her to realise that I can't forget things that have happened.

I need to talk to you.

I want to talk to you. Somewhere between here and nowhere I realised I have friends but I can't talk to them. My dad doesn’t get it. Hell, he is over there with her still. He arranged a meal with her when he knew I didn’t want to see her and he sided with her - That hurt.

He doesn’t see her the way I do. He still sees the angel he married back to be with her family but she never is.

You were there. You saw what happened every time she came back. She promised it was for good and then she would leave again. And me being stupid, gullible and naïve believed her! Every time!

And even worse than all of that she still doesn’t get it. Even after all these years she thinks everything can be solved with a few words but she just doesn’t get it.

And I didn’t tell you because I was scared you wouldn’t either. Your mother is amazing. She has been more of a mother to be than my real mother ever has. She lets me hide out here no questions asked, she feeds me chocolate when dad goes on his crazy health food kicks. I feel like I can talk to her about almost anything and sometimes I don’t think you realise how lucky you are.

It’s easy for you to say that she
is your mother but its more complicated than that. Sharing the same nose just isn’t enough anymore.

Anyway. Its kinda late and I am kinda tired. But that is pretty much all that is happening in my life.

Write back as soon as possible,
Forever Lindsay the listless.

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Chapter 9: Nowhere to Run
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Chapter nine ~ Nowhere to Run

Dear Lindsay the loon,
You are crazy and I love you to pieces for it. I hope by the time you get this letter everything has settled. That you are happy and on top of things and not resorting to hiding in my room.

Never ever think you can't tell me anything. I may not understand your relationship with your mum but I want to know what is going on. I think need to know. I may not be able to do much but you proved nicely I am good for a rant and always here to hear anything you have to say.

I’m sorry everything is messed up at home but you can have my room for as long as you like – and my ladybug PJs if they help. Hey, you can even have Mr Piggles. (Just try not to chew his ears like I used to.)

You can share my mother too. I do know how lucky I am but you are too. I know your dad would do anything for you. He's just a little mixed up. It can't be easy for him either.

I don’t know what to say to you. Any advice is going to seem stupid coming from me. But I will say talk to your dad at least because I bet he is playing nice only because of you. So don’t hide out in my room for too long.

I don’t remember exactly what your mother is like but maybe her getting married means she is really going to settle. It may not be a perfect relationship but maybe you could start something new.

You might even develop a taste for coffee.

Whatever happens I will be at the wedding with you and every other step of the way. To be whoever you need me to be.

That is a promise.

Lily looked up from the letter debating what to write next. There was something that was bothering her and that person behind that thing had just entered the common room.

“Sirius.” she called motioning him over.

He looked over but kept walking leaving Lily angry and confused. She looked back down at her letter, staring at the last line and trying to think where to go from there. With a frown she put quill to paper: 

I know it may seem selfish of me but something else has been bothering me. So you know how I said last letter that Sirius and I had been talking? Well I would like to strike that from the record. We went from ‘talk to me anytime’ to total brush-off - Like just now. He looked at me and just kept walking.

And I am almost ashamed to admit it but I miss talking to him.

How sad is that?

Just for those couple of weeks it was nice to have someone to talk to in this place besides you and my diary. Who are of course lovely in everyway but it’s not a conversation and for just a little while I realised what it would have been like to go through school with some laughter. I should have realised it sooner. I wish I had. Then maybe things could be different.

Guess I am back to loner Lily.

We are just two lost souls without anywhere to run. But we can help each other so the need to run disappears - until we feel comfortable where our feet are. I call this place my home and I have spent more time here than my real home over the last seven years but something is missing. Do you feel it too?

I feel a sense of dread. And I don’t know why.

Anyway it’s late. I have to close, don’t forget to write.

Forever, Lily the lost and lonely.

“Lily the lost and lonely?” Lily spun around quickly. She had been so wrapped up in her letter that she hadn’t even heard Christie approach.

Christie smirked at her. “Well, I suppose it is fitting.”

Lily frowned quickly folding the letter so she couldn’t read anymore. “Do you mind?” She asked rudely. “That was a private letter.”

“To whom?” Christie sneered.

“What do you want Christie?”

Christie grinned evilly. “Just sitting over there with my friends and we couldn’t help but wonder where yours are.”

“Funny.” Lily said dryly trying to stand up but Christie stood in her way forcing her back into her seat.

“Yeah it is, isn’t it?” She agreed. “I mean you had no friends, then you thought you did and now you don’t. Well that is going by the major brush off we just witnessed.”

“What are you talking about Christie?” Lily asked tiredly.

“Just that we couldn’t help but notice that even your new buddy Sirius Black doesn’t want to be seen with you lately. Hell, everyone has noticed. Got what he wanted, did he?”

“Could you just leave me alone?” Lily pleaded.

“Huh. I don’t think so. We just wanted to remind you where you stand. A few weeks at the top doesn’t change a thing, if anything it makes you even more pathetic.”

“I’ll add that to my resume.” Lily said. “Is that all?”

“No, not all.” Christie said turning to her friends and back. “We just wanted to give you this. We all pitched in and made it just for you.” She said sweetly presenting Lily with an envelope.

“See ya round Evans.” She drawled before sauntering away.

Lily opened to the envelope to find a crudely made sympathy card. She quickly read the inside before closing it again. She glanced over to Hazel and Christie who were beside themselves laughing.

Great, She thought shoving it back into the envelope and trying desperately not let them know how much that had gotten to her.

“Hey Lily.” Remus said walking past her.

“Hey.” She replied.

“You alright?” he asked doubling back.

“Splendid.” She replied sarcastically. Scrambling to gather her things she marched up the stairs to the boys dorms. There was someone she needed to talk to.

“Where are you going?” Remus called following her.

Without bothering to knock she entered the 7th years dorm.

“Lily!” Sirius cried in surprise.

“Oh you do remember me?” She said calmly. “What the hell is up with you?”

“I’m sorry?” he said, looking to remus for help. Remus only shrugged. He was as clueless as Sirius was.

“Talk to me anytime?” Lily reminded him cocking her head to one side. “Bit hard to do when you won’t even look at me. What did I do?”

“Nothing.” He said shortly.

“Great. That makes me feel a whole lot better. Here, I guess this applies to you too then.” She said thrusting the card at him.

He cast her a confused look before opening the card. “'Our deepest sympathies to you on the loss of your friends...' who is this from?” he asked waving it around.

“Like it matters.” Lily said snatching it back from him. “All that matters is they were right and hey, let’s face it, so was I.” She said tearing the card in two and throwing it at him. “Oh and by the way, Lindsay is just fine!”

“What the hell was that about?” Remus asked as she slammed the door behind her.

“Dunno she’s not pissed off at me. She’s pissed off at James. She just doesn’t know it yet." He said opening the card again. "'Getting kicked to the curb is never easy but it sure was satisfying from our point of view...' Sirius recited tearing the card into smaller pieces and dropping them into the bin. "And he is annoyed at me."

“About Lily?” Remus guessed pointing at the door.

Sirius nodded. “Lily.”

“So much explained in one word. I think I know what he is thinking. I’m sorry I have to ask; you aren’t ...are you?”

“No!” Sirius cried. “I’m not interested in her like that. You know I wouldn’t. I value for my life too much.” He added trying to lighten up the mood.

“But James...”

“James doesn’t it see it that way. He is crazy to even think that though.” 

Remus nodded but didn’t say anything. “Moony!” Sirius cried when he didn't move his gaze from the floor.


“You are supposed to agree with me here! You say, I’ll help you out, James is being unreasonable and - and why are you shaking your head?”

“Well come on!” Remus said standing up and moving closer to Sirius. “You think about it. You two have become friends, she comes to you with her problems you flirt with her – “

“Baked potato.” Sirius said with a lazy smile. It was his way of explaining but remus pointed at him like he had proved his point nicely.

“– and you have your own little private jokes.”

“But that’s it!” Sirius cried standing as well. He began to pace the room as if he was speaking to a crowd and not just one friend. “A few jokes, some harmless flirting and a bit of a laugh. I don’t see what the problem is.”

“You’re doing what James has wanted to for years.” Remus pointed out quietly.

Sirius sat back down. He let out an angry growl. “So he tells me to stay away from her because he wants to get closer to her and in doing so Lily gets pissed off at her for ignoring her and if I don’t James will be pissed off at me for now. Great.”

“I see we have a dilemma.”

“It’s more than that.” Sirius groaned lying back on his bed.

“Can I ask one question?” Remus asked.

“Sure.” Sirius sighed. “Why the hell not.”

“What is the joke about the potatoes?” 


“Lily?” James cried as Lily rushed back down from his dorm. What the hell was she doing up there?”  “Lily!” he called again when she ignored him. He chased after her calling for her to stop when she turned on him suddenly.

“What?” She snapped. 

James shrugged. “Where are you going?”

“To mail a letter.” She said dryly. “Want to come along? Maybe we can stir up some more gossip for the clones.”


Lily rolled her eyes. “Nothing.” She muttered turning again and walking away. James looked behind him to find Hazel and Christie watching with interest. The clones, he thought, How fitting. He shook his head wondering what has happened and continued upstairs. He found Remus sitting on his bed and Sirius lying on with a pillow over his face.

“What's going on? This looks like a counselling session.” He joked, shooing Remus off his bed.

Sirius removed the pillow and sat up quickly. “She thinks I would flirt with a potato if there was nothing better around. Hence the joke - hot potato.”

James raised his eyebrows.

“And carrots hold no meaning to me.” He said lying back down and replacing the pillow. “Except they taste bad soggy.” He mumbled though the pillow.

Remus looked at James pointedly. James nodded slowly with a sad look on his face. “I think I get it.”

Chapter 10: Good, Clean Hypothetical Fun
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Good, Clean Hypothetical Fun

In the owlery Lily looked around for Doc, whistling when she spotted him high in the rafters. He looked at her but didn’t move.

Lily knew it would be ten minutes before he bothered to swoop down and collect her letter like most owls did. Finding a rare portion of the windowsill that wasn’t too covered in bird poop, she took a seat and sat staring at her letter, thinking about everything and nothing in-between.

How much she had come to rely on Lindsay as a friend. How she had always thought that as long as she had her letters and visits home to look forward to. Suddenly she wasn’t so sure.

Lily shifted irritably. “Please Doc?” She asked staring up at the bird. He stared back at her. “You are one stupid bird you know? I didn’t name you. Why be mad at me?”

“That’s called anthropomorphism.” A voice cut through the almost silence.

Lily spun quickly at the same time that Doc finally decided she had been waiting long enough. Lily not being ready for him, jumped back when he landed infront of her.

Emma laughed. “Are you alright?” She asked kindly. She stepped forward and her own owl immediately flew forward and landed on her arm. Lily was almost jealous. Seeing her letter tightly fastened Emma turned back to Lily.

“I just want you to know I had nothing to do with that card.” She informed her in a quiet voice. “It was pretty horrible actually.”

Lily raised her eyebrows in a silent agreement.

“They’re pretty horrible I guess.” Emma conceded. Lily still didn’t say anything. Emma shrugged. “Just wanted you to know.”

Lily shook her head as she started for the door. “I’m sorry, but why are you friends with them then?” She called out before she could stop herself. “If they are so horrible and you know they are why bother?”

Emma shrugged helplessly. “I don’t know.”

“See I thought you were different.”

Emma frowned. “What's so good about being different? We aren’t so different Lily. The only so called difference between us is I decided it was better to have the bitchy friends than none at all. Who’s happier?”

“At least my conscience is clear. I know I didn’t make anyone feel low.”

“So do I!” Emma cried then she paused. “I have never spread a rumour or picked on anyone unmercifully.”

“Isn’t there something about doing nothing is just as bad?”

“You know the rumours aren’t true so why does it matter?”

“That’s not the issue here! I’m not talking about me; I am talking about the others who can't stand their name being shamed like that. You should be the first one to stand up to them.”

Emma shook her head. “Maybe I’m too scared.”

“Scared of what?” Lily asked in a whisper.

“Of maybe getting a card like that.” She sighed. “Look, All I wanted to say was a I am sorry for the way they treat you. And I have it on good authority that James asked Sirius to stay away from you.”

Lily looked up sharply. “Why would you think that?”

“Just another rumour. I don’t know if it’s true or not though.” She said starting towards the stairs again. “Take it easy on him if it is.”

She disappeared and Lily’s shoulders sagged.

“Think you can bring her back for me Doc?” She asked her owl wistfully. He moved his head thoughtfully and she sighed. The stupid owl could barely be trusted with a letter. He took off into the evening air and Lily was left with a feeling of loneliness.

Back in the common room she bumped into James. She wasn’t going to say anything but he called her back.

“What?” She growled, pausing with her hands on hips impatiently.

James looked at his hands. “I told him to stay away from you.”

Lily nodded her head. “I already knew that. Do you want me to get angry or do you want to explain before I get angry?”

“I just... Didn’t like how things were.” He said weakly. “You know how I feel about you,” he said. Lily raised her eyes, as if to say here we go, but he still continued. “I just hated – “

“That I actually had someone to hold a conversation with?” She cut across him.

“No!” he cried. He stared at her, willing her to understand before he said anything. Before he embarrassed himself with the truth. “That you couldn’t talk to me.”

“That is the stupidest thing I have heard all day.” Lily fumed, “And I have heard a few dumb things. I am not yours – I never will be. You have no right to dictate who is allowed to talk to me.”

“And you - “ she said as Sirius appeared behind James with a confused look on his face. “Are pathetic. I’m glad you two found each other.” She then turned and stalked towards her dorm.

“Lily – “ James called out.

“Leave me alone!” she screamed back at him, drawing the attention of everyone in the common room who hadn’t been listening already.

“What do I do? I did try...” James stuttered. Sirius was too stunned to speak.

Remus sighed. “Why am I always giving advice to you idiots?"


Lily managed to avoid everyone until Monday morning classes, when James sat next to her in potions. She didn’t say anything, didn’t move or acknowledge him in anyway. Together they slowly set to work on their potion.

“I was jealous.” He stated after a while. “I asked him to stay away from you and he did because he is my friend but I shouldn’t have asked, it made you unhappy.”

“Not unhappy. I can survive without friends.” She told him walking away to get another jar of herbs and hopefully end the conversation.

James unfortunately couldn’t take the hint. As soon as she returned he resumed the conversation. “But you shouldn’t have to.”

Lily looked up sharply. She tapped her quill on her book, thinking about what had kept her awake last night. “I have a question. A hypothetical if you will.” She said slowly.

James widened his eyes surprised that she was actually asking his a question at all. “Intrigued, I’m listening.” Lily hesitated. “Go on. Ask me anything.” He said gently.

She licked her lips delicately. “Okay. Hypothetically, is it possible for a muggle to be in Hogsmeade.” She asked him in a slow deliberate voice without making eye contact.

James frowned He had never thought about the possibility... He had never known a muggle who had wanted go to Hogsmeade. He started cutting up the ingredients for the potion while thought about it. “Yeah, why not? It’s just finding it of course. There are all sorts of protective spells and concealment charms – “

Lily cut him off by waving her hand infront of him. “I know that. “ She whined. She bought her hands back down, wringing them nervously. She watched him cut the tiny jade leaves. “Not so thick!”

He nodded impatiently but changed his technique anyway. “In particular do you mean, is it possible to bring a certain someone to Hogsmeade?” he asked knowingly, waving the knife around.

“No.” Lily said quickly, taking the knife from him and then taking over his job. “It’s a hypothetical question.”

“Fine.” He agreed, pushing her out of the way again. She scowled until he stopped and looked at her. “In a hypo-thet-ical situation it would be possible to bring a muggle into Hogsmeade.”

“And how would one do that?” Lily pressed when he didn’t say anymore.

“Apparation is the easiest way.” James said with a shrug. He dumped the leaves he had been so carefully cutting into their caldron and Lily began to stir. “Hypothetically, of course. If you are of age its undetectable and doesn’t require any permits from the ministry like floo or port keys do.”

Lily nodded thoughtfully. “And if one, hypothetically, didn’t have their apparition licence is there any other way?”

“You don’t have you licence?” James couldn’t help but ask in surprise.

“Hypothetically.” Lily hissed to remind him.

James smirked at her. “Right. If I hypothetically didn’t have my apparation licence and didn’t have clearance from the ministry and wanted to smuggle a muggle into Hogsmeade I would be smiling pretty like at someone who did and would be willing to assist in breaking the law.”

“It’s not breaking the law!” Lily cried, forgetting for a moment it wasn’t supposed to be real. James inclined his head to indicate that he thought it was borderline. Lily sighed. “There is no other way?”

“Are we still talking hypothetically?”

“Yes.” Lily hissed drawing out her s’s in annoyance.

“Then no. I don’t do hypothetical.”

“Then hypothetically you are a jerk!” she flared flinging the spoon she had been stirring with. She flinched as some of the green goo of a potion landed on his collar but didn’t say anything.

James smirked as he wiped it away, glad it wasn’t too harmful. “Was there a compliment hidden in there somewhere?”

She shook her head stubbornly, returning to the potion. “Not today.”

“Only hypothetically?” he guessed smugly. She growled in frustration and turned back to her work and he turned back to his. At one point Lily looked up and saw Emma watching her. Hazel noticed the exchange and leant closer and said something to her.

Emma in turn, spun and hissed something back. Hazel was stunned. She licked her lips delicately and raised her eyebrows in Lily’s direction before looking away. Lily sighed. Maybe she had been wrong about Emma.

She looked up at James who was busy bopping his head to some unheard song while mashing more ingredients. For some reason she found herself smiling.

“I am not interested in Sirius in that way. I never have been – if that is what you were worried about.” She told him. He didn’t say anything but she knew he had heard. And she left Potions a little bit lighter.

During lunch she rushed up to her dorm to locate her tattered copy of ‘to kill and mockingbird’. Bravely she stood before Emma at lunch and handed her the book.

Emma smiled and Lily walked away, the lifting feeling rising.

James couldn’t help but noticed this little exchange from where he sat just down the table. “Hey Padfoot,” he said nudging Sirius in the side. “How would you feel about breaking some rules?”

“What kind, when and why?” Sirius asked immediately.

“Operation LAG.” James said not taking his eyes off Lily as she settled down to lunch with another book to read.

Sirius’ grin couldn’t have gotten bigger. “I’m in.”


Lily had found herself in Hogsmeade under protest once again. The only reason she was there was to fulfil her duties as head girl. Not bothering with any of the shops she headed straight to three broomsticks to sit with a hot chocolate and ‘A little princess’. She figured most of the younger students were in here anyway so there was little point strolling the streets and suffering in the cold. She would have been quite content sitting there but unbeknownst to her James and Sirius had other plans for her.

So as it was she didn’t even notice Sirius Black enter until he was standing right next to her. Without a word he grabbed her coat and scarf and ushered her outside.

“What are you doing?” She cried trying to slap his hands away.

“Stop hitting me!” he said hitting back at her hands. “James has a surprise for you.”

She stopped. “Usually I don’t like James Potter’s surprises.”

“He told me you would hypothetically like this one.”

Lily’s eyes widened. “He didn’t.” She said at the same time she spotted Lindsay standing at the end of the street. In true Lindsay fashion she let out a scream and took off running towards Lily, flinging her arms around her on impact.

Lily hugged her back, almost ashamed at the tears that sprang to her eyes. But it was Lindsay. Her Lindsay.

“Aren’t you cold?” She laughed.

“Just shell shocked.“ Lily mumbled. She then turned to James and hit him. Hard. “You apparated with her?” She screeched hitting him repeatedly.

“A simple thankyou will suffice.” James laughed, trying to shield himself from her tiny perpetual blows. She only glared at him. “You’re welcome.” He said with a mocking bow. Lily glared at him in before she turned her attention back to Lindsay.

“You aren’t missing anything are you? You have all your fingers? Both eyebrows and ears?” she said checking herself.

“Eight, two and two.” Lindsay said proudly.

“Eight?” Lily grabbed her hands. Lindsay pulled them away to waggle them proudly.

“And two happy thumbs.”

“I hate you.” Lily joked pulling her back into a hug. Behind them James laughed. She smacked him across the head one final time for good measure.

His laughter stopped as he rolled his eyes but the smile never left his face. Taking Lily’s coat from Sirius, he handed it to her. “Remember this is only a hypothetical day. It may have never happened.”

Sirius grinned. “Enjoy it ladies. Meet back here at four, we’ll take you back home.” He said and he and James left.

She turned on the spot so she was facing the street. “So Madam Min, what do you want to do with our hypothetical day of magic? Where are you going to take me?”

Lily shook her head in amazement. “I can't believe you are here. Where does your dad think you are?”

Lindsay shrugged. “Rachel’s. Studying for a math quiz.”

Lily cocked her head to the side. “How are things back home?” She asked as together they began to stroll the street. “Did you get my last letter?”

Lindsay nodded. “And James explained some things while Sirius went to get you. You aren’t really still mad at them are you?”

Lily shook her head and waved her arms impatiently. “I don’t care about that. I was worried about you!”

“I’m sorry!” Lindsay said weakly. “Everything thing is okay now. Mum is still in town but I am okay with it. Your mum made me go home the next morning and we had a little chat. I truthfully don’t know if we will ever become shopping buddies but at least she knows I don’t like coffee now.”

Lily smiled. “That’s good. I am glad things are sorted out now. I was beginning to feel useless unable to make things better.”

“Sirius Black appearing at my front door did it for me... How long have they been planning this? Are you worried that James Potter has been in contact with your mum?”

Lily almost choked in surprise. “What? Why?”

“Think about it now. Strange boys appearing in my room as if by magic when it is in fact actually magic? Don’t know how well that would go down with dad. At least your mother is prepared for a little freakiness.”

Lily smiled. “Was Petunia home?”

“Actually she is rarely home. Her and Vernon are getting quite serious.”

“How serious?”

“Talking engagement?”

“You mean I could be related to that?”

“Technically.” Lindsay said distractedly. “I think it is now your duty to give your mother a son in law she can actually talk to.” She smiled coyly. “She likes James you know.”

Lily didn’t say anything on that well-exhausted topic.

Lindsay rolled her eyes but didn’t say anymore. She fumbled around in her bag and pulled out a Polaroid camera. “You mother said if I didn’t take photos I would never be allowed here again.” She said with a shrug. “Do you think Sirius will let me take a photo of him?

By three Lindsay had been in every single shop, marvelled over every single object and taken what seemed like thousands of photos. And her and Lily and discussed everything from Amber Danes to ice cream.

Then they headed to three broomsticks so Lily could introduce Lindsay to butterbeer where she preferred to be introduced again to Sirius Black. She had grabbed Lily’s hand and led her over to their table and made herself comfortable without invitation – not that she needed one.

“Did you know that they have blood flavoured lollypops?” She asked pulling one from her pocket. They all looked at her. She nodded eagerly. “Amazing huh?”

That was when they cracked up laughing. Lily was grinning ear to ear as she offered to get drinks for everyone. Sirius jumped up to help.

“Having a good time then?” James asked, leaning back in his seat.

Lindsay nodded again. She held the lollypop out to him. “For bringing me here.”

He shook his head and pushed it back at her. “Thanks but I’m trying to cut back.” He said craning his neck to watch Lily and Sirius joking at the bar.

Remus cleared his throat and James turned back, his grin sheepish. “Sorry. Baked potato right?”

“What?” Lindsay said in confusion. “Am I missing something?”

“Finally someone else who doesn’t get the joke.” Peter mused.

Lindsay turned to look at the two at the bar. “Who are you calling a potato?”

“Lily.” Remus and James said together.

Lindsay frowned. She opened and closed her mouth and was practically biting her lip to stop from speaking. James noticed this.

“Say what you think, you may as well.” He said with a resigned sigh.

“I can't. But I do think you are all idiots, for different reasons because I have heard three different sides of this story so far.”

James leant forward. “So you would be the most objective person. And you still haven’t told me what you think.”

“Ah I don’t think so. Me being the most objective, that is.” She leant forward too, pointing her lollypop at him. “I will say though her anger was fully justified.”

“Cue to leave.” Remus murmured rising from his seat and dragging Peter too.

“I don’t disagree.”

“He is your best friend right? Do you wish everyone had a friend like that? Coz I sure wish everyone had a friend like Lily.”

He stopped for a moment and looked back over to the bar. “Heres the deal, Halloween? She screamed at saying that I didn’t know her and maybe I don’t but I want to. And there is my best friend getting the chance to.”

“And you know that both of them would never ever, ever cross that line of friendship on account of you right?”

“Doesn’t make it easier to watch. Things matter to her and I want to be one of them.”

Lindsay sighed, studying him closely. “You would have to be the most patient person I have ever met. And I know that bullshit aside she is – “

“Hey!” Lily called from behind them. Lindsay barely paused.

“- And then I said who would want a blood flavoured lollypop? I wonder what this tastes like...” she mused; turning it around like it would answer her. James ducked his head to hide his laughter.

“Blood?” Sirius asked putting a drink infront of each of them. “Where did the others go?

“Well duh.” Lindsay agreed. “What's this?” She asked peering at the drink.

“Butterbeer.” They all said together.

With a shrug she took a sip and nodded, showing she liked it. She then pulled out her camera and took a photo of it. Nobody said anything. She clicked her fingers and fished around in her bag again; pulling out the other photos she had taken. James and Sirius both reached forward and took one to look at. They glanced at each other’s and to compare.

“Wow.” Sirius commented as he put down the picture of a lamppost. “You haven’t missed a thing.” Pictures of rocks, doors and peoples hats were just some of them.

“Almost.” She said snapping a picture of him a close range. He blinked.


She grinned unapologetically and watched as the photo began to appear. As soon as it had James took it from her. “Oh Padfoot, you sure are pretty.” He teased. Sirius picked up the camera and then took a photo of James while he was laughing. It wasn’t much better. “Why the photos?” He asked, tossing the Sirius’ on the pile.

“I need to document the trip for Sue. She is going to tell my dad where I am if I don’t.”

“Would she?” Sirius asked incredulously.

“Oh yeah.” Lindsay and Lily replied.

“In a heart beat.” Lily added taking the camera from James and passing it back to Lindsay. “I don’t know what she would actually say though.”

“Tell him a boy looked at me would be enough.” Lindsay murmured. “Oh my god, you know how I said Amber was bragging about her date with Derek? I never told you, how it went!”

“Yeah?” Lily asked looking sideways at the boys.

“She said something, unsure what, and he ended up leaving with some other girl! Guess who!” she said looking around.

“Who?” James asked with feigned excitement. Lindsay didn’t seem to care.

“Lizzie!” Lindsay cried excitedly. Lily gasped. “Amber is pretending she doesn’t care anymore and Lizzie hasn’t stopped bragging but Derek isn’t allowed to be mentioned in Monday morning who got hotter over the weekend, even though it was only two days, discussions anymore.” She concluded triumphantly.

“Wow. I think my head may explode.” James commented.

“Lily and I grew up with Amber. She has a million different stories concerning her sudden ‘disappearance’ seven years ago.”

Lily nodded. “My favourite would have to be the pursuing my dream of joining a Russian folk band.”

“I liked that one too, it was almost flattering.”

Lily nodded. “It did imply that I actually had talent.”

“And the worst?” Sirius asked.

“Tough call. Being shipped to Switzerland to have a baby in secret?”

Lily almost choked on her drink. “I haven’t heard that one!”

“Yeah it was only the other week. You had an affair with Sanberg.” She stated matter of factly. Then she grinned. “Ribbit.”

‘You sure have had an interesting life.”

“Wonder what would happen if she actually found out where you were.” James mused.

“And I wonder what this would taste like with lollypop.” Lindsay said, considering both the drink and the sweet.

“Give me that.” Lily said as Lindsay looked dangerously close to actually trying it. “And you wonder why I wouldn’t let you have a nose-biting teacup.”

“She treats me like a child.” Lindsay mumbled. “So what else is there to see around here?

“Shrieking shack?” Sirius suggested. Lindsay nodded eagerly.

James’ eyebrows rose. “Most haunted house in Britain.”

Lily shook her head. “Oh, as if.”


It had begun to drizzle by the time four rolled around, it seemed just to suit Lily’s mood it seemed. She hated goodbyes and after a day with someone like Lindsay nothing was worse.

Lindsay had hugged everyone, reminding them of her birthday in three weeks and her wish for a nose-biting teacup. She hugged Lily last.

“Be careful with her.” Lily warned Sirius in a wobbly teary voice that she hated hearing.

Lindsay hugged Sirius tightly. “You sound exactly like your mother.” he muttered before disappearing with her. Lily had been trying hard not to cry but staring at the space where her friend was got her.

“Come on.” James said gently urging her to move out of the rain as she just stood there staring. Instead of moving she turned and hugged him.

“Thankyou.” She mumbled.

James’ look of shock (which thankfully she couldn’t see) turned to a smile. “Does this mean I am forgiven?”

Lily chuckled through her tears and pushed him away playfully. “Not by a long shot.”