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This was not supposed to happen... by fairgirl

Format: Novella
Chapters: 8
Word Count: 14,476
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lupin, McGonagall, Slughorn, Voldemort, Draco, Blaise (M)
Pairings: Draco/Hermione

First Published: 05/07/2006
Last Chapter: 09/02/2007
Last Updated: 09/02/2007

Draco comes back in Hogwarts despite what happened last year. All the students are really surprised and the Trio is really suspicous. A detention, and everything which was not supposed to happen...happens.

Chapter 1: The surprising come back
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Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot. Everything belongs to J.K. Rowling.

The surprising come-back

“He’s back!”
“How dare he after what he did!”
“McGonagall is crazy, this could be dangerous, he could be dangerous!”
“He’s with HIM, for heaven’s sake!”

Hermione and her two best friends, Harry and Ron, entered the Great Hall. Those whispers; this was the same since the beginning of the year, the previous evening, since Draco Malfoy was still surprisingly a student of seventh year in Hogwarts. In a way, Hermione was glad for Harry because for once, he was not the subject of all these rumours and he was like anyone. Despite that, she was totally lost; she did not understand why McGonagall approved this thing. Nonetheless, she really wondered what were the good reasons for this choice, what was behind this. She sat between Harry and Ron and looked at them…yes, they thought the same way as her. She was about to ask for confirmation when loud whistles erupted through the Hall. This was not necessary to look at, Draco Malfoy had just arrived.
“Please calm down or it’s detention in the Forbidden Forest for all of you.”
The whistle stopped abruptly and breakfast was served.

“You know, I think he can be proud of himself now, he’s the star.”
Hermione glared at Ron. “That is not funny Ronald. Not at all…”
“Oh come on, Hermione. He deserves all of this.”
“I know but I think that we should care about him being here. McGonagall chose to let him back, she has her reasons.”
“She’s right Ron” replied Harry. “McGonagall is not gullible; she perfectly knows what she’s doing.”
“I trust McGonagall Harry but what if he plans to kill everybody….or at least you, Harry or even Hermione?!” protested Ron.
“I don’t know mate. I guess that we have to find out by ourselves what he plans to do.”
“But how? It’s going to be very difficult, he’s really suspicious toward us and I’m sure McGonagall don’t let everybody come near him, especially after what he did.”
“Well, we have to watch him very closely, every act, every move, every word….He’s no good at all, he has never been and can’t just become now. And after everything he did last year, this is impossible to believe that is he “the poor little lost Draco” now.”
Ron snickered in approval but Hermione didn’t seem to agree with this.
“Guys, you have to be very careful. As you just pointed it out, Harry, he’s no good and who knows what he could do to you if he discovers that you two are spying him. Anyway, I’d better take our schedules, now.”
The two boys rolled their eyes at this and keep talking about their spying plan. Hermione came back a few minutes later with their three schedules.
“Double potions, this morning. It’s funny, I love saying that since Slughorn is here.”
Ron smiled. “Me too. By the way, do you know who is the Defence Against the Dark Arts Teacher?”
“Err…oh it’s Lupin! I guess he’s there because the Order told him to be.”
“Yeah.” continued Harry. “And because of Malfoy and everything that happened last year.” He added sadly.
A sudden pang of melancholy passed Hermione. Dumbledore’s death was the most horrible thing that could happen. He was the only who could temper things between the two sides but now….it was as bad as ever. Only Harry would destroy Voldemort, she perfectly knew that and she was afraid. Harry…she suddenly felt really sad for him; he was only 16 and had a huge weight on his shoulders. But the worst was all these losses around him: his parents, Sirius, Dumbledore….even if he had Ron, the Weasleys, and her, of course; he should feel so alone sometimes. Hermione looked at her friends and even with them next to her, she didn’t feel completely safe. Death Eaters entered in the castle last year, it could happen again. And once again, Malfoy could help them. Even if he had not been able to kill Dumbledore, he was more dangerous than she had thought. It cost her everything to admit it, but he almost scared her now. She spotted him at the Slytherin Table and looked at him intensely. He was still the same, talking with Blaise Zabini, with this usual smirk on his face, as if nothing had ever happened. Harry was right; he was still the same arrogant and selfish boy he had always been. As if he had felt her stare, he turned his head and his eyes locked with hers. Despite herself, she blushed with embarrassment and turned around quickly.
“What’s the matter Hermione?” asked Harry.
“Err…nothing, don’t worry. We should go now, we don’t want to be late for our first class.”
“Yeah, right. Let’s go Ron, come on.”
“What? Wait, I didn’t finish my breakfast!”
Harry rolled his eyes and laughed. “Ron, lunch is in less than four hours.”
“Hmmm…okay.” He sighed grumpily and followed his two friends.

Hermione smiled inwardly at Ron’s behaviour, this was good to live such things as if nothing has ever happened; she followed them, feeling quite relieved all thoughts of Malfoy forgotten.

A/N: I know it sucks now but don’t worry more actions will be in the next chapters! I just don’t want to go too fast!

Chapter 2: The worst day ever
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Chapter 2: The worst day ever

Two weeks later, Hermione took place in Potions class, lost in her thoughts. Despite the fact that Malfoy was back, everything was absolutely calm. And against all odds, it bothered her a lot; Malfoy was too calm, there was no name calling, no “mudblood” whispered on her way to class. This was extremely strange…almost frightening. Something was going on…

“A penny for your thoughts, Hermione.”

“Oh Harry…I didn’t hear you…I’m sorry.”

“Never mind. What were you thinking of?” asked Harry, sitting behind her and next to Ron.

“Oh, err…nothing…important…I was just daydreaming…Anyway, where’s Neville?”

“In the infirmary.” Ron replied. “He did not feel very well.”

“Excellent, now I have to be alone whereas we are supposed to work in pair today…this is just great!”

“And you think that Neville that Neville would have been really helpful. “ Ron snickered. “Trust me, you’ll work better alone.”

Hermione chuckled. “This is not very nice, Ron. Neville is really sweet…even if he is very…clumsy.”

“Good morning, class.”

Hermione turned around at Slughorn’s entrance.

“Well…as I said on Thursday, were gonna work in pair today; this will be easier for you. All right…so everyone has a potions partner? Miss Granger…where is Mr Longbottom?”

“He’s ill, sir.”

“Oh…well…we’re gonna fix this…Mr Malfoy, would you please come here, next to Miss Granger?”

No! Hermione thought. Oh God! Why me?

Malfoy moved next to her, making no comments.

Slughorn began to write the ingredients on the blackboard. Seeing no movements from Malfoy, Hermione stood up to pick all the ingredients up. When she came back, Malfoy was still standing totally motionless. She decided to begin the work but any reaction of Malfoy was nowhere to be seen. Sighing with frustration, she turned towards Malfoy.

“Look Malfoy, I know that it is horrible for you to work with me but believe me, this is hard for me too. But if we don’t do the thing, we are going to have some problems. Especially you…At least I worked…even if I was alone.”

“Since when do you care?”

Malfoy’s answer startled Hermione.

“I…I don’t care Malfoy…that was just some advice.”

“Well, I don’t need some…especially coming from you. Just leave me alone.”

“Don’t worry, I will…after this class. So can you please cut these roots?” He did not make a move. “What is the matter with you?”

“Once again, why do you care?”

Hermione began to feel really irritated by Malfoy’s behaviour. Plus, the fact that he was not looking at her when she was talking to him makes her want to slap his smug face.

“Once again, I don’t Malfoy. It’s just that I don’t understand why you are acting this way? Why did you come back if it was to be…like this? You should…”

“You’re not my mum, Granger. Mind your own business if you know what’s good for you.”

Hermione snickered. “What’s good for me? What are you gonna do to me, Malfoy? Do you think you could scare me? Oh yes…let me guess…you are going to threaten me to death, then you will start crying and Snape will kill me to save you.”

Malfoy turned his head sharply to look at her. His eyes burned with fury.

“Step too far” she said to herself.


“Miss Granger, Mr Malfoy. I don’t want to hear one more word; you’d better work…and in silence please.”

To Hermione’s surprise, Malfoy started working without a word and totally ignored her during the two following hours.

At the end of the day, Hermione was still thinking about Malfoy in front of her dinner plate. She was surprised and worried at the same time; Malfoy’s indifference was really startling but she knew she was gone too far on potions class; he was going to make her pay.

“You’re not hungry Hermione?”

Ron’s question woke her up.

“What? Oh…I am…don’t worry. I was just thinking about this day.”

“Oh and?”

“I don’t know what’s worse…the fact that Malfoy was my potions partner today…of the fact that Slughorn decided to keep the pairs like this…this is going to be the worst year ever…”

“Do you want me to ask Slughorn if we can switch?” asked Harry.

“No, don’t worry. I can handle Malfoy…I just have to work and ignore all his comments…and the fact that I want to slap him.”

Both boys laughed.

“Don’t laugh! I really wish I could slap him again.”

“Oh I wish you could do that too.” replied Ron, looking at the Slytherin table.

“Calm down, Ron. We don’t want troubles…especially with McGonagall.”

Hermione finished her dinner rapidly and went to the library, as usual.

Several hours later, feeling tired, she decided to go back to the common room. Whereas she was walking down the halls, she suddenly felt pulled then pinned to the wall. She tried to scream but her attacker put a hand over her mouth. Then a voice whispered in her ear.

“Did you think that I would forget what you said this morning, and give you no punishment?”

Hermione’s eyes widened and Malfoy laughed lightly, before dropping his hand.

“What do you want Malfoy?” asked Hermione, panicking a little bit. Indeed, Malfoy was more frightening when you found yourself alone with him in a dark corridor at night.

“Just makes you regret what you said in potions class.”

“I said nothing but the truth, Malfoy, and you perfectly know it.”

“The truth?” He caught her arm and squeezed. “You know absolutely nothing of my life, Granger; so don’t play the bookworm with me. You and your tow boyfriends’d better stay out of my life.”

Hermione rolled her eyes. “They’re not my boyfriends. And you know what…I think you’re jealous because Ron and Harry have some things you will never have: respect, glory…and some people who love them.”

Malfoy squeezed harder and Hermione whimpered. “Are you scared of me now?”

“No, I’m just hurt. Could you please release my arm?”

Malfoy released her but came closer.

“Don’t you dare insulting me again.”

“Or what? Do you seriously think that I’m scared of a little coward Slytherin?”

“Watch your tongue, Mudblood.”

The word angered Hermione and she slapped him, hard.

“Miss Granger, Mister Malfoy….care to explain what all this mess is?”

Both turned and saw McGonagall, very angry.

“She slapped me.” cried Malfoy.

“He called me Mudblood;” replied Hermione.

McGonagall sighed deeply. “Frankly, I’m really disappointed in both of you. Mr Malfoy, may I remind you that I’m giving you a second chance by accepting your presence in this school? Name calling is not really appropriate. And as for you, Miss Granger, I thought that you would be able to forget all these childish games and understand that Mr Malfoy had the right to be here if I said so.I assumed that you would be the first one to treat him the good way…Slaps are not appropriate either.”

She looked at them severely then kept talking. “I personally think that you need to know each other to understand your positions. That’s why you will be together on detention for a week. Every evening, you’ll stay in a class, you’ll work, or talk, or do whatever you want but you will be together.”

Hermione and Malfoy stared at her in shock.

“Now I suggest that Mr Malfoy goes back to his common room. I think I’ll take Miss Granger to hers.”

She turned around and started walking away. Malfoy caught Hermione’s arm and whispered: “You will pay for that slap too Granger.”

Then he released her and Hermione almost ran to McGonagall.

Chapter 3: A new enemy
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Chapter 3 : A new enemy

A/N: Sorry for the lack of updates, but I had a lot of exams. But now, I’m back and chapter 3 is with me. (lol) I hope you’ll enjoy it. Thanks to my reviewers and don’t forget, feedback is always welcomed.

“McGonagall did what?”

Hermione was with Ron and Harry in their common room, just after her little encounter with Malfoy. She had told them everything he had said and how McGonagall had decided to punish them. And their reaction was not surprising.

“She decided to put Malfoy and I on detention…for a week. I know this is rather weird but…now I have to stand Malfoy every evening for seven days. If we don’t kill each other before it ends it will be a miracle.”

Hermione was trying to lighten the situation but both guys seemed worried.

“You know” said Harry “You’d better be careful, he’s not so nice. We don’t really know what he could do if he’s alone in a room with you.”

Hermione patted Harry’s arm. “Thanks. Don’t worry, I’ll be careful and if he’s too unbearable, I’ll kick his ass…I can shut him up without my wand, you know.”

Ron laughed. “Oh we know that, I can’t forget the slap you gave him in third year. This was excellent, it really made my day.”

“Thanks, Ron.” She yawned. “Well, I think I’m going to go to bed. I have a long day tomorrow…especially with the detention. I need some sleep.”

She waved them goodnight and took the direction of her dormitory to have a peaceful night, despite the situation.

Hermione woke up, cool and ready to bear Malfoy. Ron and Harry were not, and they talked about it once again during breakfast.

“Hermione, please be careful with him.” insisted Harry.

“Yeah, he’s right. Even if McGonagall trusts him, don’t forget he is still a Slytherin.” said Ron.

“Okay, you guys really need to calm down. I am totally able to handle him alone. Stop worrying, everything will be fine.” replied Hermione, touched but irritated by their behaviour.

“All right but if…” Ron began but Hermione cut him off.

“I said everything will be fine. I don’t want to hear one more word about this subject and if Malfoy hurts me in any way I promise you guys to tell you so you can beat his ass.”

The two boys laughed at these words and Hermione knew she had said the right things. They would stop worrying for the rest of the day, at least. She finished her breakfast rapidly and made her way to Arithmancy Class.


Hermione turned around and was surprised to see Blaise Zabini.

“What do you want?” she snapped.

“Wow, easy Granger.” He smirked. “I just met McGonagall and she asked me to give you this.” He added, giving her a little piece of parchment. She opened it.

Miss Granger,

Please be at 9:00 PM in Transfiguration Class for your detention.

Minerva McGonagall.

Hermione sighed and put the paper in her Arithmancy book. She prepared to leave but saw that Zabini was still looking and smirking at her. God! She thought. Is smirking a Slytherin thing or something?

“What’s the matter with you?” she asked him.

He did not even answer her question but took a step towards her. He began circling her.

“So…I heard that you and Draco had detention for a week…that’s too bad, especially for you….Mudblood.”

Hermione glared at him but he ignored her.

“Draco told me you had slapped him, he didn’t do anything. I think he’s too nice.” He approached her and whispered in her ear. “I would have cut your throat, after I had ravished you, of course.”

A chill ran down Hermione’s spine.

“Are you trying to scare me, Zabini?” she asked, her voice shaking a little bit.

“Oh I’m not trying…I think I just do it. You know…you should behave yourself this year. Dumbledore has been killed, so it won’t be too hard to kill a little know-it-all Mudblood like you.”

At that, he ran a finger down her arm. Hermione shoved him away and ran to her class. Behind her, Blaise had an evil smile on his face.

Later that day, after diner, Hermione went back to the Gryffindor Common Room where she met Ginny.

“Hey, Hermione. You okay?” she asked, smiling.

“Fine…fine, don’t worry.” Hermione replied.

“I heard that you have detentions with Malfoy. How do you feel about that?”

Hermione was startled by this question; it was the first time that someone asked about her feelings towards this. “Well, it’s annoying but I’m not scared if it’s what you really want to know. It just bothers me because I have less time for studying.”

Ginny laughed at this. “That’s my Hermione! I perfectly know you’re not afraid; you’re the best witch I know, you can shut him up with a tiny movement of your hand.”

“Thanks Gin, it’s good to hear that someone trusts me. Harry and Ron are so…”

“Overprotective?” Hermione nodded and Ginny smiled knowingly. “I know that too much, they are always playing the “big brothers”. It’s nice but so irritating:”

“Oh God yes!” Hermione replied. “It’s like that: they are the men so they have to protect us, poor little girls that we are.”

Both girls laughed and Hermione felt a little bit better, relieved as well.

“Thanks for the fun Gin but it’s time for my detention now. And from me to you, I’d rather leave before the “protectors” arrive.”

“All right, Mione.” Ginny replied. “Good luck.”

Hermione smiled and left, taking the direction of Transfiguration class. When she arrived, McGonagall and Malfoy were already there.

“Miss Granger, please come in.” said McGonagall.

Hermione entered and took place on a first front desk, next to Malfoy and listened carefully to her Headmistress.

“You two perfectly know why you’re here. I really need you…to understand each other. We don’t need a war in this school, there is already one outside. People die…this is not the solution to everything.”

Hermione saw sadness passed through her headmistress’s eye and she averted her gaze, feeling tears burning her own eyes. McGonagall kept talking.

“But the point today is…talking. I’m quietly aware that this will be difficult for both of you but I’m sure you’ll find a way to know each other. I’m warning you, you can remain silent during these detentions, it does not bother me. Nonetheless, if your little arguments remain, you will have an other week of detention. It will be like that from now on, until you understand why I am doing this. Do I make myself clear?”

Draco and Hermione nodded.

“Excellent…I will come back in two hours. Have a good detention.” And she left, locking the door.

Hermione felt really uncomfortable. She was trapped…with Malfoy…for two hours. She slightly turned her gaze on the right to take a look at Malfoy. He had his head in his arms and she wondered if he was going to fall asleep. She sighed with exasperation.

“Malfoy, if…”

“Don’t even say a word.” He replied, glaring at her. “It’s your entire fault.”

“My fault?!” she answered, almost shrieking. “You were the one who attacked me in a dark corridor.”

“You were the attacked; you slapped me, Mudblood.”

Hermione closed her eyes and sighed, once again.

“That’s how it began the other night, just because you insulted me.”

“It’s not an insult; it’s the truth.” He smirked.

“Forget it, Malfoy. I’m not falling for that. You’re right, let’s not talk.”

But Malfoy did not seem to be done.

“Come on, Granger. You can do better than this. You perfectly know I’m right; you’re nothing but a stupid Mudblood…a bossy, know-it-all and geeky Mudblood.”

That did it. Hermione turned around to face him, more angered than ever.

“I tell you something, Ferret.” Draco frowned at this. “This name calling that you’re doing is called racism in the Muggle world, and it is punished by law, because it is simply horrible and stupid. But I’m not surprised that you do such things because you are stupid. A stupid ferret that does not even have some opinion of his own. Daddy says I’m a Mudblood so you think the same, daddy says the Weasleys are blood traitors so do you; daddy says that Voldemort is the best one so you join him without knowing why, just because daddy asked you to. Tell me, Ferret, do you think that you will finish your life in Azkaban just like daddy?”

Hermione was out of breath and her face was flushed with anger. She knew she had been mean but she did not care, Malfoy deserved all of these words. She looked at him; he really was angered too now.

He slowly walked to her, he glared at her then pulled her by her cloak which ripped apart, then pinned her up against the wall. Hermione winced with the pain but Malfoy did not care and leaned on her.

“You listen to me…closely. Who are you to judge me? As I already told you once, you know nothing about me. So, I don’t want to hear one more word about my father or the choices that I made, do I make myself clear?” Hermione nodded weakly. “If you say one more thing about that, I will make you pay…and I’m clearly serious here. I can swear that you will regret your words.”

Suddenly, he let her go and came back to his place. Hermione did too and silence fell between them for the rest of their detention.

Several hours later, Hermione was thinking about the events of the day in her bed. Once again, she knew she had gone too far with Malfoy. He was right, she did not know him. So she decided to shut her mouth from now on. Not because she was afraid, but rather because he would tell her some things if she did not judge him on the first place. In fact, as long as she thought about it, Draco Malfoy was not a big problem for her right now. She had a bigger one; who scared her…a lot: Blaise Zabini.

Chapter 4: Confession time
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A/N: Here’s chapter four! Sorry everyone for the delay but I am currently working and the validations are pretty long. I hope you’ll enjoy and don’t forget to review of course ;)

The two following nights of detention were the same than the first one. Except for some “ferret boy” and “Mudblood” whispered, they did not talk to each other at all. This fact was really bothering Hermione. Indeed, she was pretty sure that another argument would come in public and they would have detentions once again. Yet she refused to talk to him, he had scared her a little bit. She’d better leave him alone for a while.

But something worse was worrying her…someone actually. Blaise Zabini was weirder and weirder towards her. He had not threatened her since the last time but he kept looking at her as if she was some piece of meat. He had even groped her while she was in the Halls. The memory of his hands on her sent shivers down her spine. Even if he was scaring her, she did not want to talk about him to Harry and Ron. There would be a lot of troubles if she did. Moreover, her two friends were already worried about the Draco business so if they ever learnt about Zabini…

Hermione interrupted her thoughts, realizing she was going to be late for her fourth detention with Malfoy. As usual, she was the last one to arrive. McGonagall left them fives minutes later after having told them her warning speech, then the two students took their usual seats. Hermione discreetly took a look at Draco, he seemed really tired. All of sudden, she saw blood falling from his arm; she could not help but gasp.

“Malfoy, you…you…” She stammered.

“What?” He barked, looking coldly at her.

“You have blood…are you hurt?”

Without waiting for an answer, she walked towards him.

“What the hell are you doing, Granger?”

“I just want to see if it’s serious.” She tried to roll up his sleeve but he caught her wrist.

“Get away from me…I don’t need your help.”

She rolled her eyes. “You’re being childish. The cut could be deep; you might need to go to the Hospital Wing. Let. Me. See.”

“All right…enjoy yourself.”

She rolled up his sleeve, discovering the Dark mark, surrounded with blood.

“See? There is no cut, Granger.”

She took a tissue from her pocket and softly washed his arm.

“Is this…” She gulped. “Is this what happens when he summons you?"

He stared at her. “Yeah…to me. It still hurts a lot. Besides, when I don’t go to the meetings, the pain remains longer.”

“You go…to the meetings? “ She shrieked

“Yes, Granger, I do. And McGonagall very well knows it. It’s my undercover. But I don’t even know why I’m telling you this…”

Well maybe you need to talk about it to someone…”

“I’m not a sissy, Granger.” He snapped.

“No, you’re just a human being.” She whispered.

He narrowed his eyes.

“Look, Malfoy; I have an idea. You tell me everything that comes to your mind and I will do the same.”

“We’re not playing Truth or Dare.”

“I’m just doing what McGonagall asked for. I’m trying to know you. Besides, we perfectly know that we will have another disagreement if we don’t. So just talk Malfoy.” She ordered him.

“Don’t judge me.” He warned.

“I’m doing this to not judge you anymore.”

He inhaled deeply and started talking.

“After my father’s downfall, the Dark Lord was very angry. He wanted to take revenge and needed a proof that the Malfoys were still faithfully next to him. So…to prove this loyalty and to punish my father, I was ordered to kill Dumbledore. But my mother was really afraid and knew that I could not be able tot kill him so she made an Unbreakable Vow with Snape. It is…”

“I know what it is.” She cut him off.

“Of course, know-it-all.” He smirked. “Anyway…she made Snape promise to look after me and to kill Dumbledore if I was not able to…or he would die.
“So Slytherin. “ She snapped. “Kill someone to save oneself…sorry, keep talking.”
“I was so proud about the Dark Lord’s request but soon, I discovered that my mum was right, it was harder than I thought. Especially when each time you fail, someone keeps telling you that he will kill your parents if you do not succeed. So I could not kill him and Snape did.”

“I know…Harry told us.”

“Potter saw it?”

“Yes…Dumbledore had hexed him so he could not move but he heard and saw everything. I guess Dumbledore knew what was coming…Anyway, what did you do after the attack?”

“I fled with Snape…when we found the Dark Lord, he was more than angry, and he gave me one last chance. He wanted me to be a spy; I had to go back to Hogwarts, pretended that I fled and that I wanted a second chance. I did all of this, except that I told everything to McGonagall: the Dark Lord’s plan, the Unbreakable Vow, my mission. She understood and I assured her that I would accept to work for the Order.

“You are in the Order?” Hermione exclaimed.

“Yes…but you have to keep your mouth shut. I don’t want your little friends to know. I’ll tell McGonagall that I told you by the way.”

“I would have never thought that you could…”

“I know.” He snapped. “Once the villain, always the villain.”

“Do you trust Snape?” She asked abruptly.

Her question seemed to startle him.

“Well…I don’t know, in fact. His case is really…complicated. The only thing I know is that I won’t tell him my position. I’m not sure on which side he is on…”

“Me neither…Nonetheless, there is one point that bothers me. Dumbledore trusted him…and he was never wrong. He never trusted Tom Riddle and he was right; I guess he had his reasons as far as Snape was concerned. But nothing could excuse what he did.”

“So…you believe everything I said?”

“Yeah, I do. Everything makes sense now. Plus, Dumbledore would have helped you if I remember what Harry told us…”

“I guess that’s a start.” He mumbled.

Silence overwhelmed the classroom. The, Draco turned to Hermione and smirked.

“What?” She asked, slightly suspicious.

“You said you would tell me things about you. I’m waiting…”

“I …I have nothing to say…”

“Come on…I have to learn things about you…to understand you.”

Okay….First, there’s something I wanted to ask you…May I?”

He nodded in agreement.

“Why did you do all of this then? I mean, the Dumbledore mission, then this one now…”

“Just to keep my mum alive. See? I’m not that selfish.”

Hermione nodded in acknowledgement.

“Your turn, Granger…I’m listening.”

“Things about me…for which you judge me. I guess we have know-it-all first…it may be true that I am one. Nonetheless, you don’t know how it feels to discover suddenly that you are a witch….You arrive in a world that you absolutely doesn’t know. So I was afraid to be the…Muggle and I learnt everything I could, read all the books before the term started. But I realized that some people judged me because of my blood, even if I was a good witch. And believe me; it hurts…especially when it was not your choice. In the Muggle world, people are judged because they have a different colour or a different religion. For example, if Zabini came in my world, he would suffer racism because he is black, people won’t care about his blood. I really think sometime you should think as if you were in my shoes or a wizard living in the Muggle world.”

“I guess I could do that.”

“As for Ron and Harry…” She said as if she did not hear him. “You do not know them. Ron is not a blood traitor just because he doesn’t despise people like me. He may be poor but he is rich…in his heart. He is the best friend I ever had. He is nice, brave, and generous and he is worth all the Malfoy family.”

Draco opened his mouth to reply.

“Do not interrupt me; please. Harry, now…You are totally unaware of all the things he has to bear…he is only seventeen and he has already lost so many people. He is the last one you have the right to judge. Everything that happens in his life is because of one man…your Dark Lord. You don’t know what it is to live without parents who love you, to lose everyone around you, to be the “Chosen One.” Once again, put yourself in his shoes and try to make your own judgement. It would be very useful, believe me.”

“Are you done?” He asked sarcastically.

“Yes…sorry if I had been brutal but I hate this kind of behaviour….narrow-minded, I mean.”

“I could try to be…open-minded.”

Hermione looked up at him and saw a ghost of smile. That’s when something came to her mind.

“Could I ask you something? Don’t worry, it is not to denounce someone, it is just for myself.”

“Just ask…”

“Is Zabini a Death Eater?”

“Not really…Voldemort accepted him because he needed new Death Eaters and his family is rather popular so he took him. But…why do you ask me that?”

“I told you…it was just for information.”

“Liar…there is something else behind this. Do you…fancy him?” he asked, in disbelief.

“No!! On the contrary…”

“What did he do? Or say?”

“It’s rather embarrassing…”

He rolled his eyes. “Just tell me.”

“All right…it’s him who gave me McGonagall’s letter and he sort of threatened me. He said that I should behave myself, if Dumbledore was killed, it would not be difficult to kill a little filthy Mudblood like me.”

“I could have said that Granger. I’m sure there’s more…”

“In fact, he told me that you had said to him how we ended up in detention. He said that if he had been you, he would have cut my throat after having ravished me.”


“It’s not what he said; it’s rather the tone he used and the fact that he was gripping me. God…I don’t know why I’m telling you this…I didn’t even tell Harry or Ron…this is so embarrassing."

“Zabini is my…friend and I guess you did not want Potter or Weasley to be in trouble…”

“Yes…maybe, it is like that.”

“Did he do or say anything else?”

“Well he….kind of touched me.”

“Touched you? That is to say….”

“Each time our ways meet, he gropes me.”

“Gropes you?”

“For Heaven’s sake Malfoy, he felt me up! I know it’s impossible for you but he did.”

The two stared at each other, suddenly aware of what they both said to the other one. Silence fell between them until McGonagall’s footsteps echoed through the walls.

As their teacher was unlocking the door, Hermione heard Draco said:
“Don’t worry Granger, I’ll handle Zabini.”

Chapter 5: Do all these revealed secrets change something?
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A/N: Okay readers and reviewers. Chapter five is finally up, I’m so sorry for the delay but I had troubles to write this chapter! But I finally succeeded and here it is! I hope you’ll enjoy it, read and review!

The following morning, Hermione woke up, already tired. Her night had not been really peaceful. Indeed, it had been full of nightmares about Zabini. Then she suddenly woke and she thought about all the things Malfoy said to her. Then she felt asleep and the nightmares came back and so on…

She got out of her bed, quickly got dressed and went to the Great hall. She took her usual sea between Harry and Ron and helped herself with some piece of toast and a cup of tea.

“Why do you look so tired, Mione?” Ron asked her.

“Let’s say I had a rough night.”

“Is this because of your detentions with Malfoy?”

“No…well not really, I mean I guess that these detentions with him bother me a little bit but it’s just the weird nightmares that I have since…the end of last year.”

Harry smiled weakly. “I know…don’t worry, everything will disappear in time.”

Hermione smiled in return and silence fell between the three friends. The young Gryffindor felt guilty. She had kind of lied to them. She wanted to tell them everything she learned about Malfoy but she promised to the Slytherin guy to keep her mouth shut and it might be possible that her friends would not believe her. And even if they did, they would talk to Malfoy about it, just to tease him; then Malfoy would really want to kill her and more troubles would happen. Yeah…keeping his secrets for a moment would be safer and if she ever learnt a bad thing about Malfoy, she would immediately tell Harry and Ron…for her own safety.

Nonetheless, she had to admit that she believed in all the things Malfoy told her, it just made sense. But that did not mean she trusted him…she even regretted having confessed him her doubts about Zabini. She could swear that he would make fun of her with his stupid friends about this. Or he would simply tell Zabini and thing would get worse. “I’ll handle Zabini.” What kind of sentence was that?

“Miss Granger?”

Hermione looked up and saw McGonagall.

“Yes, Headmistress.”

“Could I talk to you in my office?”

“Yeah…yes, of course.”

Hermione followed her professor, ignoring the questioning looks of Ron and Harry. They came in what was Dumbledore’s office.

“Have a seat, dear.”

McGonagall took place in front of her and looked at her seriously.

“Miss Granger…I’ve heard from Mister Malfoy that you finally talked to each other, which is a good point. Nonetheless, I’m asking you to not repeat a thing he said to you; it could have very bad consequences. I’m sure I can trust you.”

“Yes, of course, you can.”

“All right…you may go to class then.”

Hermione reached the door but suddenly stopped and turned around.

“Professor, could I ask you something?”

“Sure, Miss Granger, I’m listening.”

“Do you really trust…Mister Malfoy? I mean…aren’t you afraid that he may be a double agent?”

“Are you?”

“I don’t know…I’m pretty sure he’s not lying but if he is able to betray…Voldemort, then he can do the same to us.”

“I agree with you. Let’s say I think everybody deserves a second chance. I’m just doing what Albus Dumbledore would have done. I mean, he was ready to help Mr Malfoy whereas he was pointing his want at him…he felt that Draco Malfoy deserved this second chance. That’s why I accepted him here…I’m acting as our former Headmaster…a man who was never wrong.”

“What...what about Severus Snape?”

Hermione regretted her insolence but McGonagall just smiled sadly.

“There is always an exception, Miss Granger. I guess Severus Snape was this exception so you don’t have to worry about Mr Malfoy.”

“I’m sorry for all these questions…I…”

“This is normal, Miss Granger. You are asking what everybody wants to know.”

“I guess so.” She whispered.

“Well…I don’t want you to be too late for you potions class. You’re dismissed Miss Granger.”

“Thanks Professor. Have a good day.”

Hermione gently closed the door and ran to Potions Class.

“I’m sorry…I was…” She panted.

“I know.” Replied Professor Slughorn. “Professor McGonagall told me. Please sit down next to Mr Malfoy.”

Hermione walked to her desk and sat next to Malfoy. Apparently, talking to her the preceding night did not change a thing because he did not even acknowledge her presence. They worked in silence and he totally avoided her gaze. She was so irritated by his behaviour that she let him clean everything and left for her next lesson.

Later that day, Hermione entered the Transfiguration Class for detention, more exhausted than ever. She had a hard day and she lied to her friends once again, pretending that McGonagall only wanted talk to her for tutoring lessons.

As usual, Malfoy was already there with McGonagall. She left them without a word once Hermione was in the classroom.

For once, Hermione did not want to talk. Malfoy’s behaviour got on her nerves and she was too tired to have an argument with him. But Malfoy was not decided to leave her alone.

“What is the matter with you, Granger?”

“Malfoy, I’m too tired for this.”

“I’m just asking a question. I’m not begging for a shag.” He added, smirking.

She rolled her eyes. “Whatever.”

“So…as I was saying…what happened on Potions Class? Did you think that I was your servant or something?”


“You left the class without cleaning one tiny thing. I’m not your house elf.”

“Sorry, your Highness. Now, leave me alone.”

“What’ wrong?”

“Nothing…Ignore me…just as you did during potions class.” She whispered.

“I heard that. You’re upset I ignored you in class.” He said, almost smiling.

“I don’t care.”

“Yeah…alright. Look, I did not talk to you because I did not want people to realize that we shared…some ideas.”

Hermione laughed. “You guys are so stupid! Don’t you understand that ignoring me is gonna make people talk?”

“What am I supposed to do, then?”

“Be normal! Just…tease me as usual. But the “M” word is forbidden.”

Draco seemed hesitant. “Okay…anyway, what’s wrong?”

“What do you mean?”

“There’s something else which is bothering you.”

“I…Well…I…” She sighed. “I just hate lying to Harry and Ron. I feel…bad.”

“You don’t have to feel bad. You don’t have a choice…they mustn’t know. It’s not like you do it all the time.”

“I know…thanks.”

Then they chatted until the end of the detention.

As she was in bed, she thought about her evening and had to admit that it had been quite pleasant. Malfoy was not so bad after all…But was this sudden gentleness real?

The end of the week arrived very quickly and so did her last detention with Malfoy. During the past two days, they had acted as usual and everything was perfectly fine. They had learnt knowing each other and it was even possible to say that they were…in good terms. Plus, Zabini did not approach her since she confessed to Malfoy what he did. He had apparently “handled” him.

She came in the classroom for her last detention. McGonagall looked at the two students and smiled.

“Last detention….I’m glad that you’ve finally talked to each other and I sincerely hope there will be no…problems between you two. I’ll come back in two hours.”

Once McGonagall left, Hermione turned around to look at Malfoy.


“Yes?” He said, without looking at her.

“Thank you….for Zabini, I mean.”

“You’re welcome.” He answered sharply.

“Is there something wrong?”

“No, there isn’t. I’m not in a talkative mood, that’s all.”

“Oh…Okay. But if you want to talk…”

This time, he looked at her. “And why would I want to talk to you? I had troubles since these detentions began. I had a fight with Zabini because of you; then he told everything to the Dark Lord and even if I explained that it was for my cover, I had to suffer a little “Crucio.” So no…I do not want to talk to you tonight…Mudblood.”

Hermione tensed at this word and tears came to her eyes.

“I’m sorry for everything that happened to you because of me but may I remind you that I did not ask a tiny thing to you? You did it all by yourself. But you’re right. I’m just a filthy little Mudblood. I don’t deserve your attention. I was so wrong…I thought you could change but I realize that this week was useless, after all. You chose the right side but you’re still the same.”

She turned to the door and unlocked it.

“Wait!” Malfoy exclaimed. “You can’t leave.”

She turned around and looked at him. “Tell McGonagall you had been a total ass and that I had to leave.”

She left the room and slammed the door behind her. As she was walking though the Halls, she realized tears were rolling down her cheeks. Tears of anger…how come could he be such a jackass? She whipped her tears away furiously and almost ran to her dormitory.

Suddenly, someone caught her and covered her mouth so that she won’t scream. She felt being pulled in a deserted corridor…then she froze when her attacker whispered in her ear.

“Hello my little Mudblood.”

Chapter 6: Where a Slytherin can be an altruistic person
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A/N: Hello my lovely (readers and reviewers ;))! First, I have to say that I am really sorry for the delay but I have been awfully sick so I could not write. But you’ll see that this chapter is totally worth all the time you have waited for…I swear. Don’t forget to leave a review please, whether you like the chapter or not; feedback is always welcome!

Zabini! Thought Hermione, shivering. How in the hell was she going to escape? If only she could get her wand in her cloak…Unfortunately for her, Zabini had the same thought because he found her wand and threw it away.

“Listen…” he whispered dangerously in her ear. “Now that you are defenceless, we are going to have a little chat. I’m gonna remove my hand but if you scream…I swear you will be hurt…badly, very badly. Am I understood?”

Hermione nodded nervously. Zabini removed his hand and made her turn around so that she faced him. He was smirking at her. A smirk which was more dangerous than the one of Malfoy; it was frightening her while when it was Malfoy, well she was embarrassed, almost agitated….Where did that thought come from? She wondered, confused. Malfoy had absolutely no effects on her! He was just so….Malfoy. She shook her head and looked at Zabini. That’s when she saw all the bruises on his face; they probably came from his fight with Malfoy. She smiled inwardly, suddenly happy that Malfoy had had the upper hand on him because there was no mark left on him.

“What are you thinking of, Mudblood?”

Hermione tensed at the word and chose to counter-attack.

“Why didn’t you put a silencing charm on me? I thought you did not want me to scream.”

“On the contrary, I would love to…just to have the pleasure to hurt you because you did.”

Hermione gulped. She knew he was not kidding and she was starting to be afraid.

“What do you want with me?” she asked nervously.

“Just talk a little bit. You know…I’ve been really disappointed in you. What a little sneak you are: Telling about our secret…”

“What secret? The fact that you were groping me everywhere.”

“Oh come on, you know you loved it! Besides, that’s the only thing you are worth for, filthy little Mudblood!”

He squeezed her arm and pulled her against him so that her face was only inches away from his.

“What’s startling me is that on all people you chose Malfoy to talk about it. I wonder why…”

“I did not tell him. He just guessed.”

That was quite the truth but she refused to confess that she talked to Malfoy or they would be both in trouble.

“He guessed? “ He snickered.

“Yeah…I think he saw you. It’s not my fault, then. You can let me go.”

“I don’t think so. Nobody is here to disturb us so I suggest we stay here for a while.”

“I have other things to do.”

His grip tightened on her arm. “What would be more important for a Mudblood than spending time with a Pureblood Slytherin?”


“No more words or you will regret them.”

He slowly unbuttoned her cloak and made it slid down her arms. Then he looked at her, hungrily.


“Sshhh…we wouldn’t want to cut your little throat now, would we?”

His hand went up her leg and landed on her thigh, massaging it roughly.

“Don’t make a move.” He whispered, putting her arms above her head and gripping them tightly with on hand while the other one continued its ministrations on her body.

Hermione clenched her fists. Think, Hermione! Think, for heaven’s sake! There must be way to escape. But how? What could she do against a mad guy without her wand? She turned her head as he was trying to kiss her and closed her eyes to prevent tears from falling. She won’t give him the pleasure to see her cry.

Certainly angered by her behaviour, Zabini savagely ripped her shirt and put his hand on her skin.

“My, my…who would have thought that the Mudblood was hiding this? “ He said maliciously.

Hermione bit her lip. That was it! She was going to be raped by Blaise Zabini in an empty classroom and there was nothing she could do about it. There was no one to save her, everybody was in their common rooms, teachers too busy to be preoccupied by this and Malfoy…well, he was probably waiting for McGonagall in the Transfiguration Class. A sob escaped her lips as Zabini’s hand reached her knickers. Please, let it be quick! She prayed desesperately.

“I think you should let her go.” Said a voice behind them.

Zabini quickly let go of her wrists and turned around.

“Draco, what a surprise! Care to join us?”

“No, thanks.” He looked at Hermione. “Granger, are you okay?”

Hermione abruptly opened her eyes and tears of relief rolled down her cheeks when she spotted Malfoy. She whipped them away and crossed her arms on her chest.

“Of course, she’s okay. “ Zabini answered. “We were just having a little fun.”

“She does not seem really amused.” He said sharply. “Blaise, could you explain to me what you where planning to do? Rape her? Kill her?”

“Wow. Easy, Drake. I really wonder why you are so concerned about her.”

“This is not about her. I don’t want us in trouble and raping the friend of the famous Harry Potter will get us in trouble, will get me in trouble. Who do you think McGonagall is going to suspect? Me, of course. So please, leave her alone.”

He picked up Hermione’s cloak on the floor and put it on her shoulders.

“We have a detention to finish Granger; we’d better go back before McGonagall realized we left. I’ll see you later, Blaise.”

He opened the door for Hermione to go out. He cast one last warning look to Blaise and followed her suit.

They walked in silence. Draco glanced at Hermione and saw she was shaking madly.

“Granger, are you sure you’re okay?”

“I’m fine.” She snapped. “Besides, why do you care? I’m just a filthy little Mudblood.”

“I just saved your life.” He said through gritted teeth.

“Oh really?” she said shakily. “I thought it was just for you and your friend not to be in trouble.”

“Look, I know you’re still angry but it’s not…”

Draco stopped abruptly. They were in front of Transfiguration Classroom and McGonagall was waiting for them, more angered than ever.

“Miss Granger, Mister Malfoy…I’m sure you have an explanation.”

“We had a fight.” Draco answered before Hermione could say anything. “And it was pretty bad so Gran- Her- She decided to get out. I ran after her to convince her to come back, I succeeded and…there we are.”

“You had a fight.” She sighed. “Once again…I assume some things can’t change. Nonetheless, I’m sure another week of detention will be good. So you’ll be there tomorrow evening, 9:00 PM. You’re dismissed.” She finished sharply.

Once she had left, Hermione turned around and practically ran.

Draco hesitated one second and decided to go after her. When he drew level with her, he caught her arm and turned her around. She looked at him and he could see the fear in her eyes. Then she began shaking madly again.


That’s when she burst into tears. Draco looked at her, suddenly embarrassed. This was the first time he had a crying girl in front of him and he did absolutely not know what to do. As she was not stopping, he pulled her against him; she responded to his embrace, putting her head against his chest, her fingers gripping at him nervously. Draco did the only thing he could do; he let her cry and comforted her, patting her back once in a while. He had never done this before but curiously it did not bother him to do it with her. For once, someone needed him, really needed him.

Once her sobs were subsided, she looked up at him, her eyes red and puffy from crying. Then she looked at his clothes and blushed, seeing she had soaked them.


“It’s okay. I had to wash them anyway. Do you feel better?”

“Yeah, thanks.” She replied, stepping back a little.

Draco looked at her, she still looked afraid and weak, and he could not leave her alone in these dark corridors.

“Come on. I’ll walk you to your common room.”

“It’s okay, you don’t have to…”

“I insist. I don’t want Blaise to tempt anything else tonight.”

“Oh…all right.”

They walked in silence again, exchanging embarrassed glances.

“I’m sorry.” Hermione whispered. “I know you saved me and I know it was not only because you did not want to be in trouble. Let’s say you half-lied to him.”

“Yeah…let’s say it’s like that. Look, for the “M” word, I did not mean it like that. I had a rough week but I know that’s not your fault. I mean, I make my own choices but…Zabini is out of control. I’ll keep an eye on him from now on.”

“Maybe I could tell Harry or Ron.”

“No.” He whispered sharply. “They mustn’t know.”

“They will know that’s something is wrong with me. Especially after what happened tonight…I don’t want to be alone, I’m scared.” She added, whispering.

“I’ll take care of this problem. I swear that Zabini won’t ever be near you again. And if he ever annoys you, tell me and only me. Remember what McGonagall said, nobody must know…for the moment at least. I promise nothing will happen to you, okay?”

“Okay…” But she shivered unconsciously.

“Did he…hurt you by the way?” He asked.

“No, he just ripped my shirt but I’m perfectly okay.”

“Good…well, I think you are arrived.” He said as Hermione stopped in front of the portrait of the Fat Lady. “Good night, Granger.”

“Wait!” she cried. “Thank you…who knows what would have happened if you did not show up.”

“Even if you’re not my favourite person in the world, I could not let Zabini do that. Rape is horrible…even for you.” He smirked.

“Why, thank you Malfoy.” She said ironically.

They suddenly looked at each other and the air changed between them.

“You know that doesn’t make us friends.” He stated seriously.

“True…but that’s the sort of thing who does not make us enemies anymore.”

She took a step towards him and lightly kissed his cheek.

“I don’t like you, Granger. You know that.”

“I know…me neither. Good night, Draco.”

“Good night…Hermione.”

She gave him a slight smile. He did not return it but looked at her intensely before turning around. Hermione looked at him disappear in the darkness and finally entered the common room, thinking that something had definitely changed between them.

Chapter 7: Secrets
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A/N: Okay my readers….this is the turning point of the story. Things are going to be more and more serious between Draco and Hermione while troubles happen….in both sides.
This chapter is rather long but I am sure you won’t hate me for this ;)! I am sorry for the delay between the chapters but as a college student, I have a lot of work to do. Nonetheless, I swear I’ll do my best to update as far as possible!

Draco woke up, sweating and panting. He had had once again this nightmare where Voldemort killed his mother. He was afraid.

The Dark Lord had forbidden him to see his mother since he failed to kill Dumbledore. Now, his mission was to get information from the Order to ruin their plans. Draco had not wanted to do this but he was aware that his mother would die in case of refusal so he agreed to do it. Nonetheless, he had remembered the words of Dumbledore and chose to reveal Voldemort’s intentions.

McGonagall had taken the decision to believe him and offered him to join the Order what he gladly did. But he had made her promise that no one of his age nor should the other young members (such as the Weasley Twins) know it.

Here he was double agent, just like Snape. Except that Snape was not in the best position right now. Even with the fact that he killed Dumbledore, some Death Eaters like his aunt Bellatrix were convinced that he was not completely on their side. Draco had to admit that he had doubts about him as well so he was all alone. He could not tell his family, he would be seen as the disgrace of the family; a Malfoy in the Order of the Phoenix. He did not regret his choice though, but he was aware he was totally toasted.

He winced, his arm was hurting. The Dark Lord was summoning them. He wondered if he should go; he could use the excuse that McGonagall watched him closely. Yeah, he could do that….

“Draco.” Zabini said through the door. “Wake up, we must go. I think it’s important if we judge by the hour.”

Draco sighed. Obviously, he had to go.

“I’m coming, Blaise.”

He got up, got dressed and joined Zabini in their common room.

“Come on, hurry!” Blaise said impatiently. “Who knows what will happen if we are too late?”

Draco rolled his eyes. “Right, mummy; let’s go.”

When they arrived, all the Death Eaters were already there.

“Well” Voldemort hissed. “I’m happy to finally see my young Death Eaters. May we begin now?”

“Of course, my Lord.” Zabini answered, bowing. “We are really sorry for being late.”

“I hope you are. But we don’t have much time so I’d rather begin the meeting. This is enough difficult to make you come since you’re in that school.” He turned to Draco. “So, young Malfoy, what can you tell me about the Order? What are their plans?”

Draco gulped but answered sternly. “This is very had to learn something from them, my Lord. They don’t really trust me; well, most of them.”

“Who trust you, then?” Voldemort asked impatiently.

“There’s the old McGonagall and the werewolf, Lupin.”

“And the Mudblood.” Zabini interfered.

Draco clenched his teeth and glared at him.

“I’m trying to make her trust me, my Lord. She is not the easiest one.”

“My Lord.” Blaise interfered once again. “Draco seems to be really overprotective towards her. He stopped me whereas I was frightening her.”

“Really, Draco? Maybe your first punishment was not enough.”

“With all the respect that I have for you, my Lord; I think that Blaise’s behaviour could be very dangerous.”

“Care to explain what you mean, Draco?”

“Certainly, my Lord. I fought a lot with the Mudblood, so the old McGonagall decided to put us in detention for a week so that we understand each other. I’m giving her the illusion that I understand her and her friends. Beside, may I remind you, my Lord that I am supposed to be on their side now? I saw Blaise attacking her. What was I supposed to do? I saved her, she trusts me more now. Besides, if Blaise keeps attacking her, people would suspect something about him or me. Then, all your plans could fail.”

Voldemort looked at him intensely, but Draco did not even flinch once.

“True enough, Draco.” Voldemort said, and then he turned to Blaise. “I don’t want another attack on her. If anything happens to this Mudblood Granger, you will be punished severely. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, my Lord.” Blaise agreed nervously.

“Draco, I’m proud of your work. Fraternizing with the best friend of Harry Potter is a great point. Nonetheless, I’ll suggest doing something which will make her more confident in you.”

“What do you suggest, my Lord?”

“I know this will be a sacrifice for such a pureblood, Draco, but I am sure that you will be very honoured to do it for me.”

“Of course, my Lord; you order and I obey.”

“As you should do Draco, as you should do. Anyway, I want you to seduce her, to make her love you, even sleep with her if you must. She has to trust you so that she will talk to you. It will be even better if her friends learn your little affair. Once alone, she will be vulnerable and inclined to speak. Do you understand what I want from you, Draco?”

“Yes, my Lord.”

“Beware.” Voldemort hissed warningly. “I will not accept another mistake. If you fail, death will wait for you.”

“I won’t fail, my Lord.”

“It’s settled then. I don’t need you two anymore, you may go.”

The two teenage boys bowed deeply and said. “Thank you, my Lord.”

Once they were back in their common room, Draco lost his temper.

“Why did you tell him about Granger?”

“Why not? She is not important to you, is she?” He asked maliciously.

Draco glared at him. “Oh, come on! This is not about that, you just wanted him to punish me again! That was your real purpose!”

Blaise shrugged. “Maybe, but tell me, Draco. Why did you really tell the Dark Lord that I attacked her?”

“What do you mean?”

“We both know that it has nothing to do with the plan which could fail, nor with the fact of punishing me. You wanted to protect her.”

Draco shook his head, as if Blaise was insane. “You are out of your mind, man.”
“I don’t think so. Either it was to protect her or it was because you wanted her for you.”

“That’s enough.” Draco replied sharply. “The fact that you’re suggesting that I could desire her is insulting. She is nothing.”

Blaise had a sly smile. “Then I pity you because you will have a lot of contacts with her. Have fun!”

He turned around and entered his bedroom. Draco stood motionless, thinking that the situation couldn’t have been worse!

“Hermione! Hermione!”

Hermione screwed up her eyes to discover Ginny waving at her.

“Oh err, yes Ginny?”

“Are you alright?” Her friend asked, concerned.

“Of course, I am. Why wouldn’t I be?”

“I don’t know….you are weird since this morning. You’re avoiding Ron and Harry, you are rather silent and you seem afraid.”

“Afraid? No, don’t worry; I am just a bit tired, that’s all. I have too much work and those detentions are not helping.”

“I thought it was just for a week.”

“It was but we fought once again.”

Ginny sighed. “What happened?”

“He just told me mean things, the “m” word included. So I had enough and I left the room. He went after me, kind of apologized, convinced me to come back but that was too late. McGonagall was waiting for us when we came back. We had to tell what happened and she decided to give us another week of detention.”

“Do Ron and Harry know?”

“Yes, they do and it’s worse that the first time. They really want to kick Malfoy’s ass! It will only bring troubles and I don’t want them in trouble because of me.”

“I understand now why you are avoiding them, then. Are you sure there is nothing else?”

“Yes, I’m sure Ginny. I promise.” She said and smiled to reassure her.

“Okay, well I have class.” Ginny said, standing up. “See you, Hermione.”

Hermione smiled in response but it dropped once Ginny had disappeared. She scanned the Gryffindor common room to check she was alone before inhaling deeply and beginning to cry.

That year was a nightmare. There was a war going on, she was in detention with Malfoy, she was civil towards him, she was lying to her friends, she had been threatened, almost raped. How come had everything turned so bad? It was all those secrets, those stupid things she could not tell….only to protect Draco Malfoy! This could not go on. She would tell Harry and Ron, no matter what…

“Miss Granger?”

McGonagall. Hermione quickly whipped away her tears and turned around with a weak smile on her face.

“Yes, professor McGonagall?”

Her headmistress eyed her intensely.

“Are you feeling alright?”

“Yes, professor; I’m feeling perfectly alright.”

“Miss Granger I….Never mind, I would like to talk to you in my office.”

Hermione nodded in acknowledgment and followed her.

When they attended the office, Draco Malfoy was waiting for them. Hermione tensed and Draco looked at her. He seemed as embarrassed as her.

“Please, take a sit dear.” McGonagall said to Hermione. She looked at her students very seriously. “I wanted to talk to you because I feel there is something wrong between you two. I mean, apart from the usual. Miss Granger, your attitude is very abnormal.”

“Are you suggesting that I could have hurt her or threaten her, Professor?” Draco asked.

“Did you, Mister Malfoy?”

“No he didn’t.” Hermione whispered. “He didn’t do a thing to me.”

“Then who did it?”

The question both startled and embarrassed Hermione. “What do you mean, Professor?”

“Miss Granger, you jump at every noise, you remain alone, you’re not concentrated on the lesson in all the classes and when I look at you, I see fear in your eyes. I repeat my question, who is it?”

Hermione tried to catch a glimpse of Draco but he was clearly avoiding her gaze. What was she supposed to do?

“Miss Granger, look at me.” She did so. “I know that you both know the attacker and I know it happened yesterday evening during your detention. I saw your fear, Miss Granger. Who are you protecting? Is this Mister Potter or Mister Weasley?”

“No!” Hermione almost cried. “They wouldn’t do such a despicable thing.”

“Despicable….” She turned to Draco. “Mister Malfoy, which one of your Slytherin classmates did that?”

“Blaise Zabini.” Draco whispered.

Hermione looked at him with big wide eyes while McGonagall was nodding, as if she already knew it.

Draco did not frankly know why he had revealed the name of Hermione’s attacker. Maybe it was because he felt deep inside that McGonagall wouldn’t be too much to keep an eye on Blaise. Besides, he wanted the members of the Order to trust him. The more he’ll say, the better it will be.

“Thank you for the information, Mister Malfoy. May I suppose that you could know what the reason for this attack was?”

“I don’t really know, maybe it was just for fun. He is rather weird since he became a Death Eater and…”

“Mister Zabini is a Death eater too!” McGonagall hissed.

“Yes, he is. I wanted to keep it secret because the Dark Lord would have known it was from me if Blaise had been discovered. I tried to have him under control when Granger told me he had threatened her.”

This time, McGonagall lost her temper and looked at them furiously.

“He threatened you, Miss Granger! How come you didn’t tell me before?”

“I don’t know, Professor. I mean, it’s a common thing for me to be threatened by a Slytherin.”

“Well, it was important enough for you considering the fact that you told Mister Malfoy about it.”

“You had told us to talk to each other and as Malfoy mentioned it; I assumed he could talk to Zabini.”

“And because you were perfectly aware that Messrs Potter and Weasley’s reactions wouldn’t be good.” She added knowingly then stared worriedly at Hermione.

“What kind of attack was it?”

Hermione shivered and exchanged a glance with Draco.

“I see.” McGonagall replied. “Is there any damage? I mean, do you want to go to the Hospital Wing?”

Hermione looked away, embarrassed? “No, it’s alright. Malfoy arrived before it happened.”

McGonagall sighed, apparently relieved.

“Is there anything else I should know?”

“I….there is…..” Draco stuttered.

“Yes, Mister Malfoy?”

“I would like to say that I absolutely did not know what Zabini was planning to do to Miss granger. We really had an encounter, I looked for her and I found them in a deserted classroom.”

“Then, you saved her and came back. I had perfectly understood that, Mister Malfoy. Anything else?”

“There was a meeting yesterday night and…”

“I think I should go.” Hermione suggested nervously.

“No.” Draco replied abruptly. “You are concerned as well.”

Hermione looked at him, almost scared. For the second time, Draco avoided her gaze.

“As I was saying, there was a meeting yesterday night. Blaise told the Dark Lord about us….I mean, our detentions. So I had to explain to him what was you purpose about it, Professor. Then, I revealed what Blaise did to Granger and how I stopped him. The Dark Lord was very angry with him because he approved your idea, Professor.”

McGonagall did not seem surprised. On the contrary, she raised her eyebrows suggestively and almost smiled.

“So you could take information from Miss Granger about the Order.”

“Yes and that I could use all the ways to do it, especially sexual ways.”


“He wants me to seduce her, then that her friends learn about us. They will not understand, of course. So she will be alone and vulnerable and…”

“The snake will catch the lioness between his fangs.” Hermione cut him sharply.

“That’s the general idea.” Draco replied calmly. “I thought about it and this is an interesting idea. We could make as if you were falling for me and use this against him. You know….feelings.”

“You have feelings for me, Malfoy?” Hermione asked sarcastically.

“I’m not sure you understand, Miss Granger.” McGonagall interjected. “Mister Malfoy has done something for you that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named wouldn’t have ever done for his own mother if she was still alive. This act implies humanity and feelings.” She turned towards Draco. “This is indeed an interesting idea, Mister Malfoy.”

“You….you agree with him!” Hermione shrieked.

“This could be a good thing to distract the attention of Voldemort from you for a while. Of course, we have to be very discrete about it, keep it secret…”

“Secrets!” Hermione cried. “I have enough of all these secrets! I want to tell Ron and Harry, I feel like a traitor!”

“Miss Granger, you have to calm down. I won’t you that sort of thing if it wasn’t important. Try to think about it.”

“I will. May I go now?”

“Yes, you may. You too, Mister Malfoy.”

They both exited the office. Once they were out of the room, Hermione walked rapidly to go away as far as possible from Malfoy. Unfortunately for her, he was faster than her and he drew level with her very quickly.

“We have to talk.” He said firmly.

“I don’t want to talk about anything with you. Leave me the Hell alone!”

“Granger, this is very serious.”

“Serious?” She shrieked. “How can you qualify something like this as serious? You and me together? Even if it’s fake, it won’t be possible. Besides, I would never ever let me touch you….you arrogant snake.”

“Could you be quiet?” He hissed.

“Make me.” She dared him.

“As you wish.”

He caught her arm abruptly and pulled her with him into a deserted classroom and locked the door behind him. He slowly drew near her and Hermione started to panic.

“No Malfoy, please; I was just provoking you. Don’t do that.”

Tears rolled down her cheeks uncontrollably. Realizing that, Malfoy’s attitude softened.

“Hey, hey, calm down. I am not like Blaise. I only wanted to talk to you without everybody hearing us.”

“I’m sorry. It’s just that I can’t do it. Try to understand. I can’t sleep, I’m afraid when I’m alone in the corridors; I can’t even bear the touch of anyone. I can’t hug my best friends! I will not be able to hide something from them any longer! Besides, how would I ever stand your touch if I am not able to stand Harry or Ron’s! This is impossible! You hear me, impossible!”

“I know what happened, that is the difference between me and your friends. I will not be too hard with you, or too demanding. All we have to do is pretending we are close when Blaise is looking at us. I promise I will touch you as less as possible. Okay, Hermione?”

The Gryffindor sniffled and smiled slightly. “Hermione?”

“Well, we’d better get used to our first names after all.”

“Okay Draco, I’ll do it. But if anything bad happens, I will tell them.”

Draco nodded in agreement.” I know. We will have to someday but please I would like to live some more days.”

Hermione chuckled. “Fine but that’s the last secret.”

“The last one, I swear it.”

Chapter 8: In his touch
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A/N: Hey, I'm back! So sorry I was such a lazy ass. Anyway, enjoy the following chapter, I really hope you will like it!


«So, how are you going to do?»

Draco turned to Blaise. They were in the Common Room just before Draco went to his detention.

«Do what?»

«You know, seduce the mudblood. I mean, it's not that I doubt your seducing powers, but she seems to be the difficult one.»

« Well, first of all, I will not try to rape her...just like you did. »

Blaise glared at him.

« So what? You are going to be sweet, and tender, like a good boy. »

« Exactly. Not too fast though, or she will have doubts. The thing is to persuade her that I have changed, and that I like her, that I am even falling for her. »

« Oh, Merlin! I'm going to puke, Drake! Shag her, and that's all. »

Draco rolled his eyes. « Blaise, you have to understand that every girl is not a whore. Some like things called feelings. »

« She will never believe that. »

« Look, Blaise, just let me do what I have to do. Mind your own business. »

«This is my business too. If you failed, you could say it was my fault. I'd rather keep an eye on you. »

« Say the traitoir himself... »

« I'm not the one who's protecting a mudblood. »

« Okay, that's enough! » Draco replied, irritated. « Stay out of my shoes if you don't want to be in trouble. I do not need a nanny. Don't forget that I'm keeping an eye on you, because if the Dark Lord learns that you interfered in my plan, you will be history. »

A glint of malicousness appeared in Blaise's eyes.

« Fine, you win. I won't interfer in your plan, but be careful. I would't want you to fall in love with her. You know what a shame it will be... »

Draco felt irritated. He wanted to punch Blaise hard, very hard. He was aware that Blaise wanted to piss him off, but he couldn't bear his cocky attitude any longer. If only he was not one of the Dark Lord's lap dog...

Draco inhaled deeply and said, « I won't fall in love with her. I perfectly know what to do, so leave me the Hell alone. »

Blaise raised his hands, and smiled.

« I just wanted to help, man. The Mudblood is the kind of hard person. »

Draco snickered. « Why do you want to help me so badly? Don't tell me you would like a piece of her? »

Blaise did not answer, and looked defiantly at Draco. The latter smirked.

« So, that was not only to intimidate her, or humiliate her. You wanted to shag Granger, even though you think she is a piece of scum. You would like to have your part of fun int the Dak Lord's plan. »

Draco walked closer to Blaise, and looked at him with a sardonic smile on his face.

« I'm going to tell you that: NO. I am going to shag her. Me, and only me. She despises you, anyway. You don't have a chance, but don't worry, I will tell you if she is as skilled in sex as in class. »

Blaise looked as if he was ready to hit him, but Draco did not lose his smile, and calmly walked to the door.

« Good night, Blaise. »

Draco's smile dropped as he closed the door, and exited the Slytherin Common Room. So, Blaise was really sexually attracted to Granger. In a way, it was way more dangerous than a stupid humiliation act. Like all the Death Eaters, Blaise wil be ready to rape her to have her, just for his attraction to be released.

Wrong idea, thought Draco. Indeed, when you finally possess the girl you want, you almost always want her again. But did Blaise really want Granger. Or was it just this bestial act of possession? The second solution seemed to be more valuable. But, it would be better to watch him closely, very closely...and there was only one possibility.


« Mr Malfoy, finally! », said the voice of McGonagall.

« Sorry, I lost track of time. »

« Well, your little loss will cost you 15 minutes more together. »

Draco shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly, and searched the eye of Hermione to see her reaction. She was deeply looking at the floor, totally motionless. McGonagall seemed to have noticed the thing too, but for a reason Draco did not know, she had chosen to ignore it.

« As no one seems to protest, I'll leave you two alone for two hours and fifteen minutes. Have a nice detention! »

Their headmistress left, and an awkward silence fell on the room. Hermione remained still, looking at the floor. Draco was startled by her behaviour, but she spoke before he could ask anything.

« I have something to tell you. »

« I' m listening, » he answered, feeling a little bit irritated by her avoiding his gaze.

« This is about what you said yesterday....about his plan. »

«Yes? »

« I don't know what do you plan to do about this? Seducing me, making me talk but... »

« What do you mean?»

« I mean that whatever happens between us, whether it is real or fake for your friend, Blaise, I will not tell you one tiny thing about the Order's plan. »

« Wait a minute, I... »

« I will not tell you things about Harry, Ron, or waht we know about your stupid Dark Lord. »

Draco felt lost. Why was she suddenly thinking these things?

« I don't understand. What's wrong? »

« Look, I know we've been knowing each other lately, and everything, but you're a Slytherin and... »

« So what? »

« I don't know. You could let one thing slip for your mother. »

« Have you understood why I've done all these things? » Draco cut off rageously. « Do you think that I am risking my life, betraying the Dark Lord, just to ruin it after? I made my choice even if I did it too late. I want to save my parents, myself. The Dark Lord, the Death Eaters was not how I pictured it. This is just a mad man with minions enclined to obey around him. It is not a fight that we do together, like in the Order. Besides, killing people doesn't suit me. I don't understand this sudden change of mind, unless you talked to Potty and Weasel. »

« Don't call them that! »

Hermione raised her head abruptly, and Draco could finally see her eyes. They were red and puffy, as if she had cried since he had left her the day before. Suddenly, he understood that she had talked to noboy; she was just scared of lying, of trusting a guy who had been her enemy. He walked towards her, but stopped when he realized that she was trying to step backwards.

« Look, I know that the situation is difficult for you, but believe it or not, its is for me too. We are both hiding things from the person we love, we are trying to treat some we.... », he chose his words carefully, « ....despised before. I understand all of this, but we must make things work between us, or everybody could die! »

« Harry and Ron could be very helpful. »

« Not now, okay? Everything will come just in time. For the moment, we have a more important problem to deal with. »

« What kind of problem? » Hermione asked.

« Blaise could be more dangerous than I thought as far as you are concerned. »

« What....what do you mean? »

« When he attacked you, it was beacause he really had desire for you, not just for fun. Which means that he is going to do anything to have you. »

« I thought he had been forbidden... »

«He had been but what the Dark Lord can do against desire?! Plus, I pissed him off rather badly when I insisted on the fact that I would be the only one to have you. »

« You what?! » Hermione screamed furisously. « Are you out of your mind? Do you think I enjoyed being almost raped by him? This is not a game! »

« I know, » Draco replied irritated by his mistake. » He was getting on my nerves, and it just came out like that. »

« Great, » the young girl snickered. « What do you suggest now? »

« First thing, you mustn't be alone at all. Stay with your friends as much as possible, and I will watch Blaise very closely. The second point is we have to be very convincing with the 'you are falling in love with me' part. Blaise must see that I am nice with you, and that you are falling for it. We must work on our way to look at each other, to touch each other. This must be real. I think we could work on that during our detentions. »

Draco had said everything in one breath to not be interrupted. He looked up at Hermione to see her reaction. He expected a sudden outburst, but nothing came.

« Okay, I guess we could try, » She finally whispered. « So, I think we should absolutely call ourselves Draco and Hermione now. »

Draco nodded. « True enough. There will be no name calling anymore, no curses, no killing looks. Of course, we must only be very careful when Blaise is around. Try not to stab me otherwise, » he added with a smile, trying to comfort Hermione. The young girl returned the smile, and Draco saw a trace of smile in her eyes too. Curisouly, he fetl happy to see her smile.

« So, where do we begin? »

Hermione's voice brought Draco back to reality.

« Well, I thought of something. »

Hermione looked at him, encouraging him to go on.

« See, you've been attacked. It means that the most difficult thing for you will be physicla contacts. So, I think we should work on that, I don't want you to be startled when I touch you. »

« What do you suggest? »

Draco saw that she was clearly irritated, clearly because she was aware he was right. Nonetheless, he knew that he would not have to rush things with her. He slowly drew near her, which made the young Gryffindor girl tense nervously.

« Relax, » he told her. «  I won't hurt you, you perfectly know that. »

« I'm nervous, okay? It is quite unusual for a muggle-born Gryffindor to be touched by a Pureblood Slytherin. »

He rolled his eyes. « I know that, thanks.It's just...I...Trust me, okay? I know it is hard, and everything, but I guess this is your only choice. »

« Okay then, I trust you, » she snapped.

Draco advanced towards her again, and slowly looked at her up and down.

« Take off your cloak. »

« What? »

« Do it, » he said softly.

Hermione reluctantly obeyed.

« Excellent. Now, look at me. »

She did so, and realized that he had get rid of his cloak as well. Their eyes met, and Hermione felt a surge of electricity pass through her veins. What was that?

« What do you see? » Hermione heard Draco say with a soft voice again. She rolled her eyes.

« I see the cold blue-gray eyes of a cocky Slytherin. »

Draco chuckled. « True. I see the brown-honey eyes of a bossy Gryffindor. »

« True, » she mocked him. « What now? »

« Just look at me. Concentrate on the eyes, no matter what happens. »

For some time, only their breathings could be heard. Then, Draco did something more unusual. He took Hermione's hand in his. Her breath quickened, and she instinctly tried to get away from him.

« Relax, just loot at my eyes. You know them, you know it's me, » he said, taking her other hand in his other one. Hermione guesses what he wanted from her.

« I...I can feel your hands. They're soft, and callous, certainly from Quidditch. You have a ring on the middle finger of your left hand, and your fingers are long and thin. »

She blushed a little, slightly embarrassed by what she had just said. But Malfoy did not seem to care.

« Perfect. I want you to remember them, so, when I touch you, you will know it's me. You won't be scared. I want you to remember that these hands won't ever, ever, ever hurt you. »

« Okay... »

« So, I can easily do that. »

Draco slided his hands up her arms, and softly touched her wrists, her elbows, her arms, her shoulders. He gently cupped her face. Hermione was under the power of his hands, she let them possess her, she was concentrating on her feelings, on his soft touch. Draco's hands went down her body to land on her waist. He drew her closer, Hermione raised one hand to touch his cheek

« Do you feel me? » Draco whispered. « Do you know who I am? »

«Yes, you are Draco Malfoy, and you won't hurt me. »

« Good. » He abruptly released her. « I guess there will be no problem between us, then. »

« I guess so, » Hermione whispered, stepping back.

They heard the door open, and McGonagall entered.

« Detention's over, students. » McGonagall's eyes passed from one to another. « Is everything all right? »

« Yes professor, » Hermione answered. « We were just discussing the plan. »

« Okay, then. Mr Malfoy, you may go, I'll walk Miss Granger to her Common Room. »

Malfoy left without a look behind, then Hermione followed her Headmistress.



Lather that night, Hermione thought about everything that happened between her and Malfoy. She was scared. Scared of the situation. Scared of her feelings. Scared of his touch. « I liked it », she said to herself. Little did she know, a blonde Slytherin was telling himself the same thing.