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Into the past by danni

Format: Short story
Chapters: 4
Word Count: 3,507
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature,

Genres: Mystery, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Cho, Cedric, Draco, Ginny, OC
Pairings: Cho/Cedric, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Draco/OC

First Published: 05/01/2006
Last Chapter: 06/17/2006
Last Updated: 06/17/2006

Delilah Potter is the perfect daughter. She is obedient, athletic, smart, and beautiful. But she is tired of living in her fathers shadow. She is perfect becuase thats what people expect of her. After causing a bit of trouble she runs away to her friends house and she finds a neckalace. After playing around with it she is sent back in time to when her father was at school and she falls in love with the enemy. What efect could this have on the future?

Chapter 1: Hello there
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"Delilah! Wake up!"

A young girl untangled herself from her sheets and put a hand to her head and watched as another young girl came into the room "finally! The carriages will be leaving soon, you dont want to be late do you?" Delilah frowned and looked around the bare room "Trinity will you please let me sleep? Just one more hour..." Trinity pulled the blankets off Delilah and threw them to the ground "Its the last day of Hogwarts. You have all summer to sleep in. This is the time for you to pack, say goodbye to friends..." Delilah stood up and went over to the small vanity at the corner "Fine. You win. Now let me get dressed" Trinity nodded and bounded out the door.

Deliah sighed and looked at herself in the mirror ready to critiscize any little imperfection. To be honest Delilah was as close to perfect ar you could get. She had piercing green eyes, red hair that waved down her back, and a body that anyone would kill for. She also was top in her year, captain of the Gryffindor quidditch team, and one of the most popular girls in school. But it wasnt really what she wanted. Its what her father wanted.

After defeating lord Voldemort Harry and Ginny got married alongside Ronald and Hermione who finally gave up figthing the fact that they had feelings for each other. A couple of months later Ginny was pregnant with Delilah and Hermione was pregnant with Zachary.

Growing up Delilah was taught things that any normal witch wouldnt have known until they were 15. But she was no normal witch. As Harry Potters daughter she was expected to be perfect at quidditch, know every single hex known, and become an auror when she grew older. At first Delilah resisted all the lessons and tutors but as time went along Delilah grew into the position.

When she got to Hogwarts it was guranteed she would become a Gryffindor and she did. But there was thing she didnt mention to her parents. The hat was going to put her into slytherin. The hat had said she belonged there, it was the house she belonged in but she begged with the hat to let her be in Gryffindor she told the hat about her predicament. Surely if she was put into Slytherin her father wouldnt be too proud. So the hat finally agreed and it put her in Gryffindor but over the years of going to Hogwarts she still had a small secret.

As Delilah descended the stairs she was tackled buy a mess of red hair "Zachary! Get off me this instance" Zachary smiled at her "aww come on Delilah its the last day of Hogwarts, have some fun" Delilah smiled and pushed Zachary off her and he fell down the stairs. Delilah went down the stairs and walked past Zachary who was at the bottom of the stairs "that Was loads of fun, wasnt it?" Delilah laughed and looked at her watch. 10:00. Damn. She was late meeting Dimitri.

As I said earlier Delilah had a small secret. That small secret was 6th year slytherin Dimitri sanders. They had met in there first year on the train and despite being in different houses they have been dating for a year. Delilah didnt like keeping it a secret and neither did Dimitri but if anyone ever found out it would be the end of Delilah. Delilah didnt know why she was risking everything for Dimitri, she knew she wasnt in love with him but something about Dimitri made her feel free.

As she exited the common room she could see Dimitri waiting by the fountain. He was out of his uniforms and he was wearing ripped jeans, a Ramones t-shirt, and converse. But he wasnt alone. Standing in front of him was Delilahs other cousin Slade(George and Katies son) He seemed to be yelling at Dimitri and Dimitri stood there not even looking him in the eye. As he caught sight of Delilah he gave a lazy smile and waved at her. Slade turned around and frowned. Delilah stood still. This was going to be trouble.

Chapter 2: one mistake
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Delilah stiffly made her way over to Slade and Dimitri.
Dimitri smiled at her "hey babe"

Delilah had to grab onto Slades shirt so he wouldnt lunge atDimitri. Slade pulled back and glared at Delilah "How long has this been going on for?" Delilah looked speechless "I dont know what your talking about"

Dimitri waved his hand "no use in pretending. Slade saw us kissing last night. He just came over to confront me about it"

Delilah shook her head and sighed "I knew someone would find out soon enough" Slade glared at her "So youve been going out with this slytherin? You should be ashamed Delilah, Wait until your father hears about this" Delilahs eyes widened "Your going to tell him?" Slade folded his arms "he has a right to know that youve been going out with this slytherin" he said the word with distaste.

Delilah looked at Dimitri and back at Slade. She gave Slade an icy glaze "you have no right to know about my personal business. If Dimitri and I date then thats our business. Not yours and most certainly not my fathers." Slade looked speechless. Slade and Delilah always got along well and she never got angry at him. In fact he was her favorite cousin.

Delilah went over next to Dimitri and grabbed his arm "come on lets go" As Delilah went to leave Slade grabbed Dimitris shoulder and pulled him away from Delilah "I am not going to let you ruin your life Delilah" Dimitri grabbed Slades arm "let her decide what she does with her life. You have no right to tell her what to do"

Slade pulled out his wand but Dimitri sent him a blow to the face which sent him tumbling to the ground. That didnt stop Dimitri. He continued to beat the hell out of Slade. Delilah watched in horror as her cousin was being pummeled.

She grabbed at Dimitris arm "stop it! Your hurting him" Dimitri didnt seem to notice and he pushed Delilah off of him.

Delilah fell back and narrowed her eyes. No one treated her like that. She stood up and pulled out her wand and aimed at Dimitri who was busy beating Slade. Delilah closed her eyes as her fathers words ran through her head "Only use this in an emergency" If she didnt do something Slade would be dead. So Delilah let out a breath and yelled "Sectum Sempra!" Dimitri fell to the side as his chest was slashed. Delilah watched in horror as the spell took its full effect. Tears filled her eyes as she looked at Dimitri. Oh God. I killed him.

Delilah dropped her wand and ran away from the scene. To where she did not know. As Delilah ran she continued to peak behind her. A crowd started to form around the two boys and Delilah could see Madame Tookis trying to figure out what happened.

As she loked back Delilah could not see the wet floor she was about to run on. In a moment Deliah slipped on the wet floor and hit her head hard. Delilah lay there for a moment trying to focus.

She was brought back to reality as she could hear shouts nearby. Delilah got up again and ran into the forbidden forest where her friend Trent lived. Trent was a centaur about Deliahs age who lived in a small hut on the edge of the forest. They had met in the first year when Delilah snuck out to the forbidden forest to explore it. They became friends immediately and Delilah spent most of her nights at Trents. Trent was the type of person who liked to collect all kinds of magical things. He always had the rare items, he even had a ocket watch that belonged to Salazar Slytherin. How he got it no one knew

Delilah sighed in relief as she came to Trents hut. He would know what she should do. In her heart Deliah knew he would say go back and explain. But Delilah could never go back. She ashamed her family and she didnt even want to think about what her father would say.But she knew exactly what he would say "when I was your age..." that whole gambit. When I was your age I never got into trouble. I was always good (yeah right!)

She always knew Dimitri had a tmeper but she never thought he would turn on her. I guess she was wrong about alot of things.

When Delilah knocked on Trents door it creaked open. Strange. Trent was always home. She slowly opened the door "Hello?" As she entered she saw no sign of Trent anywhere. Deliah sat down at his table. He was probably grabbing more supplys or something. She could wait.

But Deliah was impatient, so she got up and looked around the room and inspected all the little gadgets. Delilahs hand grazed the top of the invisibility cloak which she had kept here just in case. Delilah stopped when she came across a shiny little neckalace. She smiled and put it around her neck. It looked quite ravishing on Delilah and she played with the handle.

Maybe Trent would be nice and give it to her as an early birthday gift? As Delilah moved the small hande around everything seemed to spin. Delilah closed her eyes to stop herself from getting dizzy. When she opened her eyes she was standing in the middle of the forest. What had she done?

Chapter 3: what happened?
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Delilah looked around at the woods. The house had just magically dissapeared. How? One moment she was standing in it and the next its gone. Delilah spun around and was suprised to hear no shouts for help from the school. Did everyone leave so quickly? Delilah didnt want to but she knew she had to go up to the school. She needed to know what was going on. Delilah straightened her skirt and tried to fix her hair.

If she had to meet with the headmaster she had to look suitable. As Delilah moved out of the woods she noticed smoke coming from the right. She turned her direction.

As the trees got scarce she could see the outline of the castle...and a hut. Since when was there a hut right outside of Hogwarts? Delilah breathed out heavily and continued toward the castle. She could see students walking around with their textbooks, chatting happily, and some wore buttons that flashed green.

Delilah was too far away to read the words but she stood there puzzled. What were they doing? It was the last day of school and they were reading texts? As Delilah made her way to the hut she could see the students stare at her, some whispered.

She looked at the faces and saw none that were familiar. Strange. Delilah knew almost everybody that went to Hogwarts. A strange loud voice interupted her thinking "ello there" Delilah jumped as she turned to see a man towering over her. "who are you?"

the man smiled goofily "Im Hagrid. Rubeus Hagrid. You must be a first year, although you seem a bit tall to be a first year. Whats your name?"

Delilah frowned "My name is Delilah Potter, and I am NOT a first year. Im a 7th year Gryffindor. and Ive never heard of you Mr. Hagrid"

Hagrid frowned "Potter? 7th year gryffindor? Are you sure miss?"

Delilah looked at him amazed and pushed past him. Surely if she found the headmaster he could explain everything to her. As she passed a group of slytherins one boy whistled at her. She was used to slytherins whistling at her but she wasnt in the mood. She turned around and looked at the blonde boy who was smirking at her.

"Hello there lovely. Im Draco. Draco Malfoy. I dont think Ive seen you around here before"

He took Delilahs hand and kissed it. Delilah had never heard of Draco Malfoy before but that didnt matter. She smiled at him and took his hand and twisted it. Draco yelped out in pain.

Delilah let go and pushed him to the ground "touch me again and Ill break your arm"

She huffed past him and smiled inwardly. Everyone knew Delilah as a smart and nice girl but she was strong and when she was pissed that wasnt good. As she continued to make her way to the castle she heard small clapping on her right side. A group of gryffindors stood there clapping. A boy with red hair stepped out "Ive never seen anyone take Malfoy down like that before. Whats your name?"

Delilah smiled and held out her hand "Im Delilah. Delilah Potter" the boys smile dissapeared and his mouth dropped open "P..Potter?" Delilah nodded slowly and the boy looked behind him.

A boy stepped out from behind the red haired kid and Delilahs mouth dropped. Standing in front of her was her father. But he was 14 years old.


Delilah opened her eyes and sighed deeply. She was in the hospital wing. She mustve dreamed the whole thing. A clear and strong voice came from the next bed

"ah, your awake. I thought you would be out for a couple of more hours"

Delilah sat up and looked over at the other bed. A man with a white beard and small spectacles peered at her. Delilah put her hand to her head. Who was this man? She smiled "Im sorry but what happened to me?" The old man smiled softly

"You seemed to have passed out an hour ago..." Delilah nodded. It mustve been when she slipped on the floor. She mustve dreamed the rest "Mr. Weasley said you seemed to have fainted when you met Mr. Potter" Delilah shot back up.

It slowly came back to her. She clutched onto the blankets "who are you?" The man smiled his little smile "My dear I am professor Dumbledore the headmaster of Hogwarts" The name hit a bell in Delilahs head. Her father had spoken about Dumbledore quite frequently. How kind he was, how strong. Delilah looked at the old man before her, she could clearly see the kindness, but the power? Delilah shook her head again. No. Dumbledore was dead. He died many years ago, unless...... Delilah stopped breathing as she realized what was happening.

Years ago her aunt Hermione had shown her a neckalace that looked exactly like the one she took from Trents. Herione had informed her that it took you back into time. Delilah looked down at her neck. The neckalace was gone. Perhaps it had fallen off when she had fainted. Delilah looked around amazed. She was stuck in the past.

Chapter 4: new friends and sorting
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Delilah sat dumbfounded. She had traveled back in time. To when her father was at school. and she had lost the only thing that could bring her back. The time turner.

Dumbledore watched her in amusement "now mrs. Potter can you tell me anything about your family? how you got here?"

Delilah watched him and carefully thought of a story to create "well.... I dont know professor. All I remember is waking up in the woods and someone screaming. I dont remeber my past, who my parents are, all I know is...well....I name is Delilah Potter"

Dumbledore nodded "ah, I believe you may be suffereing from amnesia. Loss of memory. Tell me mrs. Potter, why did you faint when you met Harry?"

Delilah looked at her hands. What could she say? Then she remembered her father talking about how people acted toward him, some kissed his hand, some patted him on the back, and some fainted.

Delilah smiled "well professor even though I do have a loss of memory I know Harry Potter when I see him. I got a bit excited I mean he is the one who defeated Voldemort..." she remembered that her father had not yet conquered the darklord. Luckily she saved herself. "..when he was a baby"

Dumbledore nodded "I see. Well dont let Harry know that. He doesnt like when people fawn over him like that. Just tell him you werent feeling well or something" Delilah sat up "professor? what are you going to do with me?" Dumbledores eyes twinkled "well seeing as you have no memory and you are on your own, I would like to take you in as a student. If thats alright with you. I am guessing you are of magic blood and you seem to be a 7th year, so that must mean you go to You dont have an accent. This is very curious. well anyway. I will introduce you later at dinner tonight and we will sort you. For now, I suggest you get some rest"

Delilah nodded and looked at the professor "sir? you dont think Im related to Harry, do you? Because that would be fantastic! Being related to the boy who lived" Delilah had a little trouble pretending to be excited by being related to Harry. The professor sighed " No. Im afraid not. Harry has no other family besides the muggles. It is a common last name but I see what your saying. We will dismiss any rumors at dinner but for have a visitor"

Delilah looked to the door which was still closed "professor..."

Dumbledore looked at the door as well "you may come in Mr. Potter, Mr. Weasley, and Mrs. Granger"

Slowly the door began to open and Delilah frowned. Were they listening the whole time? How many times had her father yelled at her about doing that same exact thing?

They filed in and Ron smiled sheepishly "we just wanted to see how she was doing professor" Dumbledore nodded "of course. As you seen Mr.Weasley she is just fine. Now I will leave you 4 to talk" Dumbledore stood up and left the room.

Delilah looked up at them and broke the silence "so you were listening the whole time?" Hermione nodded "we were coming to visit but the doors were closed. I suggested we come back later. But no. Harry said we should listen in" Harry turned a little red "we just wanted to find out who you were. I thought maybe..." Delilah sighed "that I was related to you? Yeah so did I. But I was wrong"

Harry held his head a little low and Delilah couldnthelp but feel bad from him. He never really talked about his pasy but she knew that he always did hope that a missing family memeber would come and take him away. It wasnt going to happen.

Hermione frowned a little " It must be hard not knowing who you are. Not knowing where you came from, or who your family is" Delilah shrugged "It is, but Ill get used to it" For a second Delilah felt bad lying to the trio. They all looked at her with sadness on their faces.

Ron looked at Delilah and broke the silence "well...that was amazing.... what you did to Malfoy" Delilah smiled "yeah it was, wasnt it? the bugger deserved it anyway. and the look on his face was priceless!" they all laughed in agreement and continued to talk until dinner time. Within those 4 hours Delilah learned more about her father then what she had learned in her whole life. Maybe this wasnt such a bad thing after all.

As dinner came by Delilah waited patiently at the door until she heard Dumbledore make the announcement "Ladies and gentleman if I could please have your attention! I have a couple of announcements to make. First I would like to remind you all that the yuleball is coming up in a couple of weeks..." there were giggles from girls acroos the room and moans by some of the boys "and I would also like to take this time to welcome our new student. Delilah Potter" once the word Potter left his mouth there was whispering across the hall "...No. She is not related to Harry Potter." the whispering stopped "she is suffering from memory loss and while she is here I hope that you all will treat her like a member of our family. Now Mrs. Potter if you could please come out here to be sorted" Delilah moved her feet to the front and whispering started again "no way! she must be related to Harry!" Delilah ignored them and sat on the stool. She flinched as the hat touched her head " seem familar. A Potter? this is very confusing. You are not of the blood of Lily and James but you are a Potter...well then where to put you? It is quite obvious. Youll be....GRYFFINDOR!"

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