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Miracle of Love by Black sisters

Format: Novel
Chapters: 7
Word Count: 8,086
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Scenes of a Sexual Nature

Genres: Fluff, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Krum, Draco, Pansy, Ginny, Blaise (M), OC
Pairings: Draco/Hermione

First Published: 04/30/2006
Last Chapter: 10/13/2006
Last Updated: 10/13/2006

by Darko. He’s a big fat Wizarding pig! Do they really dislike each other? His voice, his deep manly voice and his way to walk, his way to look at her. It all seemed to make her weak. And the question is; will they admit that they like each other? ”I love you!” He whispered in her ear. ”I love you too,” she mumbled back. Will they be together forever? Hermione saw him leave the station with his mom. That was the last glimpse she had got of him; and it stayed in her heart forever…

Chapter 1: Head boy and head girl
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By day dream charm

At the Granger’s

Hermione sat by her bedroom window. It was a rainy day- and it was hailing outside as well.
She had got a letter from Hogwarts the same morning; she had become head girl. But she couldn’t be happy, not when Draco Malfoy had been named head boy. She couldn’t believe it at first; but then she realized that it wasn’t a bad joke, it was true. Both of them had become head boy and girl.

”Hermione! It’s tea time!” She heard her mother’s voice.

Dear mom, if you only knew what I’m about to go through at school you wouldn’t let me out from this house, she thought and stood up.

”I’m coming, just a minute!” She screamed back and went down to drink her tea.

At the Malfoy Mansion

“I have always known that you’d be head boy!” his mother said proud and clapped her hands. “Ah, I’m so happy for you!”

Draco Malfoy looked at his mother. She sat and smiled at him; it was probably the first time he could remember her smiling at him like that. The feeling of being loved filled him.

“Me too, mother, me too!” he answered quietly. He was giving the offer second thoughts; Granger had become head girl and he didn’t want to be too close to her. Not after last year; he could still remember everything that he had felt and said. And that made him very sad indeed. He regretted it now and now he had to live with her and try to cooperate with her.

The 1st of September 1997, at the Kings Cross in London

Hermione, Harry and Ron were looking for a compartment on the train on their way to their seventh year at Hogwarts.

”‘Mione, aren’t you supposed to sit with Malfoy or something?” Ron asked.

”Well, honestly I don’t care. But I guess I have to. I’m head girl. See you guys later,” she said and started to search for Malfoy.

She couldn’t find him anywhere. He’s probably trying to avoid me! I don’t blame him, she thought and felt that someone watching her. She turned around and looked into a pair of light blue eyes.

”Hello Granger,” he said and grinned. Hermione felt her belly getting filled with butterflies. It was him!


”Nice to see you too,” Draco Malfoy said coolly.

”I know,” she said with an angry voice, he was getting her angry as soon as he had opened his mouth. She hated him for always insulting her and making fun of her. But still he was the only one that could compare to her in brain capacity.

”Shall we go too our compartment?” he asked and turned on his heel, Hermione followed him.

They started to walk slowly to their compartment, they didn’t say a word. Draco opened the door for her.

He’s strange, not himself. And he’s hot! Malfoy has grown over the summer, Hermione thought.
She sat down. Draco sat down on the couch opposite her. He looked at her.

”What are you looking at?” She asked with an angry voice, he stared at her in way that she didn’t like and that was very unlike him.

”You, of course. What else?” he answered easy.

”Don’t stare your eyes out, Ferret,” she sneered.

Draco smirked and looked away.

”In a minute we’re at Hogwarts,” they heard from the speaker.

Hermione stood up.

”Ladies first,” Malfoy smirked and waved his hand at her.

“Start you then!” se said sarcastic. “Ladies first!”

“Very funny, Granger!” Draco said. “I meat go ahead ad change, I’ll just sit here and watch.”

”Why are you so nice Malfoy?” She asked and ignored his stupid answer.

Draco smirked again.

”So that you’ll have something to ask about,” he answered smiling.

”Really funny! I’m going to get changed,” Draco said smirking.

”Oh no! You’ll have too leave then!”


”Use your brain! I want to get changed now, so leave!” Hermione said and her cheeks started to turn red.

”Okay then, I’ll just have to turn around,” Draco grinned.

“Silly git!” Hermione muttered.

“I heard that.”

”Aren’t you supposed to get changed too?” She asked and opened her trunk.

”Yes, and then you’ll have to turn around,” he smiled.

“Well, then I’ll just leave,” Hermione said. “Do you really think that I wanna watch you change clothes?”

Hermione swallowed hard, to tell the truth she wanted to see him get changed but was too proud enough to admit it.

“Yes I do.”

”You’re so stupid!” Said Hermione and headed to get changed in one of the toilets.

Draco smiled as she left him there, she’s just like he remembered her. But much
more beautiful!

At Hogwarts

Hermione, Harry and Ron sat in the Great Hall. They had just finished eating, and sat talking.

”Shall we go and un-pack our stuff?” Harry asked.

”Yes, why not?! I need to check out my rooms, Hermione said leaving the guys.

In the Heads common room

She had just entered the common room she and Malfoy shared. He came out of his room, in only his underwear just to tease her and she knew it.

”Hey Granger, what are you lookin’ at now?” He asked and smiled evilly.

”Nothing,” she said and turned the other way not willing to play along with him.

Hermione tried to ignore Draco as he walked trough the room to get to the bathroom. She started to look at her schedule but it was impossible for her to concentrate on that; all she could think of was him. After half-an-hour Draco came out of the bathroom; only wearing a towel and his hair was still wet.

”Wuz up, Granger?” He asked.

Hermione just had to look at him now. Oh my god! What a body! She thought. What a body, she thought again. Just look at those arms! He’s got muscles!

Draco smirked, he new exactly what she thought of, and he liked it. Hermione stood up, she tried to pass Draco. But he moved so that he stood in her way all the time.

”You can’t pass me,” he said smiling and looked down at her.


”No, I won’t,” Draco said and grabbed her arms and held them in a firm grip

”Please, I have to go to bed,” she said and tried to get free.

”Then I’ll join you.”

”No you won’t.”

”Yes I will.”

”No, please, move now!”

”Haven’t you got a word that I’ve told you? I won’t move,” Draco smirked.

Draco looked deeply into her eyes. Hermione tried to look mad, but she barely could keep herself from smiling back at him. He bent down and kissed her sweet lips. They tasted like strawberries. He left her just standing there, in a total state of chock.

She didn’t know what to think or feel. She was really confused. Draco had changed over the summer; he had grown tall and well-built with a lot of muscles and mental. He hadn’t called her mud blood one time. Only that was one thing that didn’t change. He was as self-centred as always!

It was late and she needed to go to bed. She didn’t sleep well.

The next morning

Hermione sat in the Transfiguration-classroom. Harry and Ron sat and played noughts and crosses. Hermione pretended to follow the lesson. Professor McGonagall talked about animagi again. She did that every year. Hermione looked out the window and smirked.

”Can you tell me that Miss Granger?” the professor asked her.

”Oh, I'm sorry, but I wasn't paying attention,” Hermione said and wake up from her thoughts and looked straight into her teachers eyes. She had double-hour Transfiguration with the Slytherin’s. And that was what was bothering her so much. The Slytherin’s, or more likely, one Slytherin student.

Malfoy. He was flirting with her. Or maybe, as Hermione thought was most likely, he tried to make a fool out of her. He wanted to get her into bed. And he probably bragged about his skills in bed and his friends thought it would be fun to try to get her in bed and take her virginity and then just make a fool out of her. Well, he could always try to get her in bed, but her virginity was already taken. Hermione smiled. She had done it for the first time with a guy last summer. He had been so nice and gentle. She really had liked him. And after a couple of weeks flirting they did it. She didn't regret it.

But Draco…she didn’t want to have to go through the same things as last year; trying to hold her feelings down and kill them. She had hoped that after the summer it would be different, but the kiss…it had changed everything that she had hoped for. She had hoped that they would go on as usual: trying to kill each other. Everything would be so much easier for her if he hadn’t kissed her last night. Now she had to fight her feelings again. And this battle wouldn’t be easily won, she knew that.
After one year of un-security she didn’t know how to take this. She knew that she couldn’t go on and pretend that nothing had happened. She couldn’t try to kill her feelings one more time. It wasn’t just that easy. Not for Hermione Granger.

Hermione sat and listened to McGonagall even though she already knew all this. She felt that someone was staring at her so she turned. She looked into Malfoy's light-blue eyes. He looked quickly away. Had he gone all mental over the summer? He had changed, everyone could see that. But had he changed for the better or the worse, Hermione asked herself while she made a few notes. She knew the answer to well but hoped that it would be wrong…

Chapter 2: Draco's move
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By day dream charm

Draco sat in the common room and stared at Hermione's door. He hoped that she would come out from there soon. He really had a crush on that girl. He had had a crush on her for ages. At first he couldn't admit it to himself that he really liked her. She was after all a Mudblood. And they had been enemies since they first met in their first year and he knew that he's feeling weren't answered.

Hermione's bedroom door opened and she came out dressed in her school uniform, it suited her very well. The white blouse and she skirt made her look very childish, but it suited her, Draco thought and smirked.

”What are you staring at Ferret?” she asked annoyed by his presence.

”You I think, if it isn't your beautiful twin sister of course,” Draco answered and blinked at her. Hermione stared at him in shock. Was it so that Draco "the Mudblood-hater" Malfoy actually was flirting with her? Had he gone mad?! He must have been cursed during the break of something, Hermione thought and looked at him confused. Then she smiled. Maybe it wasn't so bad to get laid by Malfoy; he might even be good in bed. Draco smiled back. Oh god, he's hot when he's smiling! Hermione thought and hit the thought away. No, Hermione, no, he's your enemy and you hate him! You mustn't fall back in the old pattern. Never, Hermione said to herself. I would never fall back in the old pattern. Never again!

”What lessons do ya have today?” He asked polite and Hermione sat down in the couch.

”I've got Potions, Advanced Taxonomic Enchantment, History of Magic and Ancient Runes,” Hermione
answered nice.

What am I really doing? I was not going to fall into the old pattern, even though this wasn't in that, but my feelings! Oh my feeling's they're the same as then! Hermione cursed herself.

”Fun,” Draco said and smiled and Hermione smiled back.

I'm gonna kill myself if I stay here any longer, she thought and rose again.

”Well, I have to go and see if Harry and Ron have done the DADA assignment yet so I can have mine back, “she said and left the common room.

She leaned over against the cold stone wall. Oh my god, I must NOT fall into old patterns! I have to fight my feelings and use my brain instead of my heart! Hermione sighed and closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

”Now I'm ready,” she whispered and walked towards the Gryffindor Tower.

Draco sat in the couch and looked after her when she left him. He smiled a little. She was so cruelly beautiful and she had smiled to him. Smiled to HIM! Draco couldn't believe that. Hermione Granger, the most beautiful witch at the school, had smiled at him, her enemy since first year. She must have gone crazy over summer. But still...she had smiled to him. Draco smiled a little and looked out the window. The sun shine outside and Draco said:

”A beautiful morning on a beautiful day.”

Ron sat and looked at Hermione under breakfast. She had become a woman over the summer, a very attractive woman in his eyes. Her curly hair had straightened out a little and she had more control over it now then she had before. And her features weren’t like a teenager anymore. She had even grown a little. Hermione had not been very tall, while Harry was in a normal length and Ron himself was very tall. He was almost half-a-metre taller then Hermione before. He stared at her while she talked to Harry, she laughed and Ron couldn't refuse to smile. She looked so beautiful when she smiled. But she was a forbidden fruit. She was his best friend. It was like dating Harry, and Ron would never date Harry!

”So Ron, do you think we're gonna beat Hufflepuff?” Harry asked and Ron looked at him.

”Yeah, easy,” he answered and Harry smiled. He could almost read his friends mind. He liked Hermione; Ron had always done that without getting it himself. That's why he got so angry when she went to the Yule Ball with Krum. Harry continued smiling when Hermione asked him if he had a good day 'cause he was smiling. Yeah, he heard himself answer.

”What do we have now?” Ron asked.

”I've got Ancient Runes, and then you'll have to have...,” Hermione said but Ron and Harry finished her sentence in one voice.


Hermione smiled at them. You fools, she thought and laughed at them.

”Oh man, I'm tired,” Draco said and threw himself on the couch.

Hermione looked at him. He turned his head at her and grinned.

”I just had a practice,” he explained and Hermione nodded ant continued to read her book. Draco
looked at her for a while and Hermione found that very disturbing but didn't say anything.

”What are you reading?” he asked curious.

”A book,” Hermione answered without look up.

”Oh, well, I can actually see that,” Draco said.

”I know.”

”So which book are you reading?”

”An Austen.”

”A what?!”

”A book by Jane Austen you prick. Never heard of her? She’s a muggle-author.”

”Never,” Draco answered and rolled over to his back and started to study his fingernails.

”I think I'm going to take a shower. Care to join me?” he asked flirty and smirked a little. Hermione rolled her eyes.

”Does it look like it?” she asked.

”Well, actually it does,” Draco said and stood at his feet and walked through the room to the toilet.

”I would've liked your company,” he said before he closed the door.

Hermione closed her book and swallowed. No, Granger, you mustn't! Do not follow him, that's what he had wanted you to do, she banned herself and strutted off to her room before she did something she would regret.

Draco stepped out of the shower. He took a towel and wrapped it around his waist and sighed. He shouldn't have asked her that, Draco had banned himself for that the last fifteen minutes. I shouldn't have asked her that, I just frightened her away!

Draco walked through the common room. It was empty. Draco was disappointed. He wished that he could've talked a little more to her. He walked towards his room and shut the door behind him.

”How am I ever going to get her? She's the love of my life!” Draco sighed.

Chapter 3: Believe it or not
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By blackconsolation

Hermione took a deep breathe and opened her eyes. He still sat there in front of her. She wished that he had disappeared. Unfortunately he was still there.

“Don’t you think that this common room’s the most amazing room in the entire castle?” Draco asked and looked at Hermione who looked away.

“Well, yeah, it is. Not that I’ve been in any other common rooms then the Gryffindor Tower, but I admit: this is an extraordinary dormitory,” Hermione said.

Draco eyed her. She was beautiful today. Her wild brown hair was up in a loose bun and she worn some make up. Her honey-brown eyes had a look of miserably torture, it suited her very well, Draco thought and smiled.

“You’re right. We shouldn’t judge the Hufflepuff and the Ravenclaw common rooms,” he said and Hermione turned her head to him and looked straight into his light-blue eyes.

“No, we shouldn’t. But I have to say that I really love this common room. It’s filled with books. I’ve got everything here that I need: books, a bed and a fireplace,” Hermione sighed and smiled.

“Didn’t you forget food and a bathroom?” Draco smiled. “You girls can’t live without mirrors.”

Hermione looked at Draco. Was he druged or something or just trying to...nice? That had never happened before. Draco and her had never gotten along and now suddenly he tried to co-operate with her. Not that Hermione object, not at all.

“I can easily live without a mirror. But I can’t live without a good friend,” she said and Draco looked very surprised.

“You sound just like Potter,” he said.

“Do I really? But it’s true. You can’t live without true friends. I would die if Harry and Ron disappeared,” she said miserably.

Draco smiled. He couldn’t really understand the meaning with true friendship. But he wouldn’t survive long if he and Blaise had a big fight. Blaise had become his best friend during the summer break. The two of them were almost inseparable. Draco wouldn’t trade that friendship against anything.

“I see,” he said. “Oh shit, I’m sounding like a therapist or something.”

Hermione smiled and giggled.

“That’s funny,” she said and Draco started to smile at her.

“Well, you know. I actually got a really good sense of humour deep down inside me,” he said and Hermione smiled more.

“You’re funny when you want to be,” she smiled and rose from her seat in the couch, Draco smiled back at her.

“I know,” he blinked and Hermione blushed as she looked at him. “I…I have to go and get something in my room.”

Draco nodded and Hermione looked down at the floor and walked fast paced to her room. Draco shot long looks after her. He took a deep breath and swallowed. This was very, very difficult. It was hard to talk to her. That was what all his sixth year had been about; trying to talk to Hermione. But all he had managed to say to her was cruel insults but now…now it was much easier. They had even shared a joke. But Draco knew that it was going to be more to do before he was brave enough to tell her how he really felt. If he ever was going to do that.

Hermione came back with a book in her hand. Not very surpring to Draco who'd seen her dcarrying around books for no purpose, why bother yourself with carrying around a book that you'll never read, he stated and looked at her.

“I have to study,” she excused herself.

“It’s okay. Me too, but I can’t get it at all,” Draco lied. Hermione looked at him and opened her books on the table in the middle of them and read loud:

’According to the old Wizarding World the muggles were small brained creatures that wasn’t related with the magical people at all but was a spiece of them own… That sounds like something that you would say,” Hermione glared at Draco who bit his lips.

“I don’t have those opinions about things anymore, I have grown,” Draco said and looked at her. “I just can’t share my father’s opinions in that subject. They disgust me.”

Hermione raised an eyebrow.

“Really, what makes you feel disgusted? His opinion about muggle-borns? I recon that yours are even worse,” Hermione said.

Draco stared at her. She was blushing and her eyes storming with anger. He started to smile; she could be so judging sometimes. Too judging.

“Yes, they disgust me. I can’t understand how you can despise other people that share the same magical talent as yourself even though they don’t share the same sort of blood.”

Hermione looked at Draco. He had changed a lot over the summer; his opinions about muggle-borns. Then his opinions about her must have changed.
No Hermione! Don’t try to convince yourself of that, don’t try to make a hen out of a feather. He can’t like you. You’ve been enemies since…since the first time we lay eyes on each other, Hermione thought and looked down at the book.

“So the essay’s about why serten wizards and witches has got the opinion about muggle-born, and how that can have caused the present Wizarding world,” Hermione said and read on in the book.

Draco nodded. He knew already what he was going to write.

“Then it’s not very hard for you to get an O on it,” Hermione sneered.

“Hey, where’s the friendly voice you used three minutes ago? I haven’t said that I hate muggles, have I?” Draco asked innocent and added quickly: “Not this year anyway.”

Hermione glanced up at him. He was looking at her. She looked down quickly to hide a blush that was starting down her neck and working its way up to her cheeks and turned them redder than any Weasley's hair.

“Well, I didn’t…I didn’t mean to…” Hermione said but stopped. She had no clue what she was going to say to him. She was just talking a lot of nonsense for the moment.

“It’s okay, no offence taken,” Draco said and looked Hermione in the eyes.

“I really…I really think I should be going to bed now,” she said. Draco looked up at her and nodded.

“Sure, I’ll be…I’ll be around,” he answered and he saw Hermione leave the common room.

Hermione swallowed hard and closed the door behind her. She closed her eyes and switched clothes from her uniform to her pyjama.

She lay down on her bed and looked out from the window opposite to her bed. It was a clear night; the stars were shining bright and the moon was almost full. Hermione stood up again. She wasn’t tired.

She took her book and walked towards the window. She sat down in it and started to look out it. She didn’t need to lit a candle, the moon gave all the light that she needed.

’And she looked into his light-blue eyes. They smiled at her…’,” Hermione read loud and closed her own eyes to see Draco’s in her head.

Chapter 4: Blame it on the moon
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By Midnight Cityscape

Draco couldn’t sleep either. H sat by his desk and wrote a letter to his mom. He hadn’t written a single word yet. The parchment was blank, except for a big black ink plump that was forming in the middle of it now. He had sat there like that for about fifteen minutes.

“What the hell,” he muttered and put the quill down. No point with trying to write when he had nothing to write about. What would his mom be interested in? If Potter was dead yet? If he had started to practice Quidditch yet?
No, she wouldn’t like to get a letter with information about the Slytherin Quidditch team. She didn’t understand the great meaning with Quidditch. Narcissa couldn’t understand the importance with the Quidditch in her son’s life.

Draco looked out the window. It was a beautiful night. The stars were shimmering and the moon shining into his room through the big windows. He sighed and started to look for his dressing gown. He found it after e while; it was lying under his bed.

Draco took his drawing book and strutted out of his bed room. The hallway outside it was all dark. He took his wand up and mumbled Lumos and started to walk towards the staircase that led down to the common room.

Someone sat in the couch and the fireplace was lit. Draco raised an eyebrow in surprise when he saw Hermione turn her head to him.

“G’morning,” Draco said, “it is morning, is it?”

Hermione nodded. He walked towards the big armchair that was opposite to her. He sat down and sighed heavily.

“So, what’s your excuse for sitting here?” she asked not taking her eyes of her book.

“I couldn’t sleep, obviously, and it’s because…” Draco said and cleared his throat and continued: “I can’t sleep because of the moon. Don’t know why, but I always dream strange dreams and never feel tired so I can easily sit up three nights in a row without any sleep.”

Hermione looked up at him. She looked very surprised.

“You too? I was born when it was full moon and ever since my birth I’ve never slept well the week before full moon,” Hermione smiled and looked at Draco. “What’s that book?”

Draco blushed a little and looked down at his sketching book.

“Oh, this? It’s my sketchbook,” he said and glanced at her to see her expression.

“Oh, may I?” she asked and nodded at the book. “May I take a look?”

Draco smiled. It was at least someone that asked him what the book was. No-one, not many, had done that. And absolutely no-one had ever asked if they could have a look.
Draco handed the book over to Hermione.
Hermione smiled as she opened it. It was filled with drawings of the garden he had home and the Quidditch pitch...and a lot of pictures of the Hogwarts castle and the Forbidden Forest was there and a lot of other things.

“Oh my god! This is amazing stuff Malfoy!” she said and smiled as she gave him back his book.

Draco blushed and looked at her. She was smiling. And she had told him the truth; she really had thought that the drawing were good.

“Where did you learn to draw like that?” she asked and returned to her book.

“I taught myself,” Draco said and looked into the fire. “I’ve always liked to draw.”

Hermione smiled and looked up for a moment.

“Oh, really, you’re good…no, not good, but great at it,” Hermione said and looked down at her book again.

Draco smiled at the compliment. It really encouraged him to draw some more in the future.

“May I draw one of you? I can’t see anything else to do,” he asked gently. A portrait of a person could end up in a fatal disaster in his case; he never drawed portraits.

Hermione looked up. She smiled.

“Sure, I would love you to,” she answered. “Shall I sit like this?”

Hermione sat up and looked straight at him.

“No, sit as you did and do what you want, it’s much easier to draw then,” he said and opened his book again. “Just look normal and pretend that I’m not here.”

Draco took up his sketching pencil and looked at her. She read her book and her hair was flying. He really wanted to capture this moment.

Draco started to make the outlines of her face and all the other things that were going to be in the picture; the fireplace, the book.
He started to draw her nose and then he worked his way out to her eyes and her cheekbones. He started to do the hair and he looked up. Hermione looked at him and smiled.

“Don’t look at me!” he said and she looked down smiling.

Her hair was soon finished and he started to do the hardest work of it all; the lips. He did them over and over again until he got them as he wanted them. Then Draco started to draw the book and the fire. It looked up now and then.

Hermione was totally in her own little world now and in that world only she and the book existed. She had totally forgot all about the present and that he sat there and drawed a portrait of her.

Draco looked down at the drawing. It was the best he had ever done, he knew that.

“I’m finished,” he said and Hermione looked up from her book.

“Finally,” she smiled and he showed her the picture. “Holy Merlin!”

Draco smiled. He ripped the page out from the book and gave it to her.

“Here, take it,” he said but Hermione shook her head. “Please, Granger, what use would I have of it?”

“Thank you,” she smiled. “But it’s to nice. It’s to good just to give away…”

Draco hushed her and said: “I’ll make another one later, I promise, one that is so much better then that one,”

Hermione smiled at him and yawned.

“Blame it on the moon,” Draco mumbled as he thought of the drawing. He would never do anything better, he knew that. But he didn’t want to keep it; the drawing belonged to her.

“I’m getting tired. To being a muse is rather exhausting job,” she joked. Draco nodded.

Both of them went back up to their bed rooms and fell asleep not aware of that portrait would be lost for several years.

Chapter 5: The poem
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By Midnight Cityscape

Hermione sat and smiled down at the amazing drawing that Draco had done to her. It looked just like her.
She smiled even more when she thought of the beautiful drawings that he had done of that garden. It must be terribly beautiful in the reality, Hermione thought and looked at her watch.

“Oh shit!” she said and ran to grab her bag. She ran down the stares and ran out of the common room and through hallways; she ran into several people.

“I’m dory Professor,” she excused herself and sat down on an empty seat in the back row.

“As you can see this rune is a very usual one, it was used by the Vikings in Scandinavia,” the Professor in Ancient Runes said without even look at Hermione.

Hermione took up some parchment and a quill, she looked for her Ancient Runes textbook, but the only book that she could find was an old, a very old book that she had forgot that she had in the bag. She picked it up and pretended that it was her textbook.
She opened the old book and looked at the front page.

Hermione Jane Granger

It stood at the top of the first page. And under the name it stood in a very old writing:

to my grand-daughter for her future writings

Hermione smiled. Now she knew which book it was; it was her old poem-book. She had got it from her granny when she turned ten. Hermione couldn’t remember the last time she had wrote in it; either when the last time she had seen it.
She read the first pages; they were written with a very bad hand. She smiled when she read love poems about a boy in her class from the muggle-school. She had been in love with him and they had kissed once and Hermione had called him darling for several months.

A few pages further into the book there was poems about Hogwarts, Harry and Ron and their friendship. A poem to her mother that she had forgotten that she had written and…and then a poem about, no, there was several poems about him. Viktor Krum.
Hermione smiled. She had really been in love with him, and now it seemed to be that it had been ages ago. She could only smile about that; today it all had changed, they didn’t like each other more then friends.

She switched pages and saw her own new handwriting. They were quite new, she thought and read them. They were from last year. She remembered they quite well, they were about her newest love for the moment; Draco Malfoy.
She had grown some feelings for him last year. They had been a mixture of hate and love. And this year they were almost the same. But the hate that she had felt for him was gone. It had been blown away with the summer winds.

She smiled, she remember her mixed feelings about the Slytherin bad-boy. Some days he was the most handsome guy she’d ever seen and other days he was the biggest pig in history.

She looked out the window. It was a nice day; the sun was shining weak and the sky was light-blue. The same colour as his light-blue eyes.
Hermione looked away from the window. Why did everything have to remind her of Draco today? The poems and the sky? He was a big fat brat!
That Merlin that we don’t have any classes together today! Hermione thought. Oh, Herms let it go now! He’s a big fat Wizarding pig!
But Hermione couldn’t let it go. Her thoughts made its way deep down in her mind and she found a fresh memory that she liked…a lot.

He had kissed her. She liked that. His soft lips against hers, she liked that. His voice, his deep manly voice and his way to walk, his way to look at her. It all seemed to make her weak.
He’s gonna drive me insane! Hermione thought and started to write a new poem. She sucked a little on her quill and continued with the second line of it.

She had written the last line and looked down at it and read the new poem.

The way you look at me
The way you smile at me
The way you walk towards me
The way you talk to me
Drives me insane!

She smiled. The poem really told the truth about her feelings. He really drove her insane sometimes; insane with madness. He really knew how to push her buttons to make her loose it. But in another way he could make her insane; he could make her all weak and feeling loved…but she doubted that Draco Malfoy knew what love was.

“The assignment for the next week’s class is to write a short tale about a Viking, written with Ancient Runes, just like the way that they used to do,” the Professor smiled out over the class. “Class is dismissed.”

Hermione stuffed down the poem-book in her bag among with the empty parchments and the quill. She left the classroom smiling.

“What’s up with you today? You look like Santa’s come early this year,” Harry said during the dinner.

“Oh, Harry, it’s just that…I don’t know really,” she said and filled her plate with more food. “I found my old book with poems, that’s all.”

“Oh how great then,” Harry smiled. He knew that Hermione liked writing.

“Yep, it is! I didn’t know that I had brought it with me,” she said and Ron looked up from his food.

“Dish someone shay wjiting?” he asked with his mouth full with food.

“Ron, please, it’s disgusting! Swallow before talking!” Hermione said and looked at him.

“Did someone say writing?” he asked again.

“Yes, I told Harry that I’ve found my writing book,” Hermione smiled.

“I heard that,“ Ron said and looked around the great hall.

Hermione shook her head and Ron started to eat again. She looked around the great hall, without knowing she was looking for something, for someone.
There he was, taking to Zabini and joking with Crabbe and Goyle who, as usual, didn’t get a thing.
Draco looked up and met her eyes; Hermione looked down with her cheeks burning with embarrassment.

“So ‘Mione, what’s going on tonight?” Harry asked.

“Nothing,” she answered short.

“Yes, your busy tonight ‘cause I need your help with my homework,” Harry smiled and Hermione rolled her eyes.

“When are you going to learn that I actually got a life too?” she muttered and started to eat again.

Chapter 6: Romeo and Juliet
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By Moonys Aimee

Hermione smiled down at her book. She really enjoyed reading it. This was a very exiting tale about a young girl that loved her family’s most hated enemy’s son. If their love would be shown in public they would be killed.
Romeo and Juliet, a Shakespeare. She had never really liked reading his stories. But she liked it. It reminded her of herself…and Malfoy.
Not even in her thoughts she called him Draco. She thought that that would be too personal and she didn’t want it to be. She didn’t want him in her head…more then she already had.

“Hey,” he said and sat down in the couch beside her.

“Hi,” Hermione said not looking up from the book.

“What are you reading?” he asked and looked curious down at the book too.

“Romeo and Juliet,” Hermione answered and looked up.

“Oh, really, I’ve heard about that one actually,” Draco smiled proud. “It’s a tale about to lovers who’s family’s hate each other more then life itself and they have to hide their love. But they get caught and they take their own lives because of a silly mistake.”

“Have you read it?” Hermione asked.

“Yes, I have, I don’t like Shakespeare at all,” he said and smiled.

“Me neither,” Hermione smiled. Their faces were so close that if she bent hers a little forward their noses would touch.

Draco smirked at her, her eyes were searching around the room and it was so obvious that she thought this was very distracting. She didn’t want him sitting this close when she tried to read.
He looked into her eyes as they had fixed upon his face.
Draco had almost thought that she would go away now. That this would scare her away; that sitting this close to her worst enemy would make her wanna go.
But she sat where she was. Not moving at all.

“So,” she said when Draco’s lips closed over hers. Hermione closed her eyes. The kiss was filled with passion, but still it was soft and gentle.

“Malfoy,” Hermione gasped when their lips had parted. Draco smiled as an answer. He knew that if he tried to talk now it would only come out as a sob or anything like that.

“I…I…I have to go,” Hermione said and hurried up the stairs and into her bedroom. Draco woke up from his little world and stood up. He hurried after her.
He stood outside her bedroom and knocked on the door.

“I didn’t want to make you upset, I just…” he said and the door swung open.

“Do I look upset to you?” she asked and her eyes were shimmering.

“No,” he said and looked down at the floor.

“I just want to be on my own…I…We…I…” Hermione said and closed the door again.

What have I done? Draco cursed himself. I wasn’t supposed to kiss her! But it was to tempting, I just had to.
He walked the few steps to his own bedroom and locked himself up in there. He didn’t want to see her more tonight.
Why Draco? Why did you have to do that? He asked himself as he sat down in the window. He held his sketch book in his hand and in the other he held his pencil. Not know what he did he started to draw, the lines became a face, the face was a girls. And her hair was flying and her eyes smiling.
During him drawed he cursed himself over and over again.

“You just blew your chance,” he said to himself. He sighed and closed his eyes.

“A muggle-born and a pure-blood aren’t meant to be,” he mumbled and looked down at the second drawing he had done of Hermione.

Hermione cursed herself.
“Hermione Jane Granger! Why? Why did you act like an eleven-year old pineapple?” se asked herself. Hermione often thought of herself as a brainless pineapple when she was upset…and when she was angry with herself.

“He…he kissed you and you just ran off!” she told herself. She sat down and hid her face in her hands. Why? Why did he have to kiss her? Why now, and why again? Had he understood that she actually had liked the other kiss?
No, he couldn’t have, Hermione told herself. He can’t have! And if he had...I have to kill myself!

Hermione ran around her room in hysteria. She hated herself and she cursed Draco for kissing her. She cursed everything at the time. And she threw books around her and the pulled her hair and after a couple of minutes she collapsed on her bed.

“Hermione, why can’t you just realize that you like him? Admit it!” she said to herself. “I can’t, I’m to proud! And…and…”
Hermione started to cry with blended feelings; one part of her cried with joy over being kissed by Malfoy and the other crying with despair. She had now no control over her feelings.

“I hate him!” she sobbed. “I hate him! Why does he this to me? Why me?”

Hermione sat up in her bed and looked around the room. She wanted to disappear. Just fly away. Just leave everything behind her, just letting herself live her life and not letting the preppy geek that she now was taking over her life and force her to live it like she had decided.

“I’ve had enough!” Hermione said and threw a big book in the wall. “I’m gonna let myself live my life!”

Chapter 7: Hermione's Makeover
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Hermione woke up the next morning with a big smile on her face. She was gonna try to let herself live her life as she wished to live it. But a small art of her brain doubted that she would be able to do that.
She sat up in her bed and looked at the alarm clock. It was only six in the morning.

Great, she thought and got dressed in a pair of black jeans and a white tube top. She looked into the big mirror that hang on one of the stonewalls. She eyes herself closely.

“I have to do something about this,” she mumbled and looked at her hair; her morning hair was very messy, messier then it used to be.
She took her wand and pointed at her hair and mumbled:


To her big surprise her hair became much straighter, not very, but much better. Her hair was filled with long soft curls.
But she wasn’t pleased with it quite yet…
She fixed some highlights in it too, making her hair looking better and better.

“Lovely,” she said and smiled at herself.

“I agree,” her reflection answered.

“Okay, what’s next?” Hermione asked herself and the reflection put her head on the side and eyes Hermione.

“Make up!” they said in choir.

“What do you think about that? Eyeliner?” Hermione asked her reflection who shook her head.

“Darling, you dun wanna look like Parkinson, do ya?” the reflection answered.

Hermione giggled and the reflection smiled as it said:

“Defiantly mascara and some eyeshadow….maybe green…or, no…let me think.”

Hermione smiled at her thinking reflection. It looked very concentrated. It looked up at her and nodded to itself.

“Pink, pink, and pink again!” it said. “It’ll suite your eye-colour perfect!”

Hermione smiled.

“I think you’re right, pink it is!” she said and the two Hermione’s started to talk about how she was going to have the make up.

I wonder what Malfoy’ll think about this, Hermione thought and put some apricot-pink rouge on.

“Hello Malfoy,” Hermione said as she came walking sown the stairs thirty minutes later. Draco looked up and his jaw dropped.

“Holy shit, Granger, what’ve happened to you?” he asked and put himself together again.

“I’m glad ya like it,” Hermione smiled and sat down in the couch beside him.

Draco looked down on the floor, and then he saw something that wasn’t like Hermione at all to wear…

“Granger is that…?” he asked.

“Yep, it is its high heels. I wanna be a little taller, that’s all, no big deal,” Hermione smiled.

“You’re…you’re looking good that’s all I wanted to say,” Draco said and looked around.

“Thank you, Malfoy,” Hermione smiled.

Draco smiled back.

“So what are ya gonna do today then? No lessons, great I thin,” Draco said and felt incredibly stupid.

“I dun know really, hang here I suppose, I dun feel like meeting Harry or Ron,” Hermione said.

“Sounds like fun,” said Draco sand looked at her.

“I know,” Hermione smiled and Draco bit his lip.

He had been thinking about this question since last night and now when he had all the opportunity in the world to ask her he was too scared. She had changed, if possible, over one night. She wore make up. And perfume too because she smelled really nice.

You’re such a wimp Malfoy, Draco thought and cleared his throat.

“So, well…I just…” he started and cleared his throat again. “I just wondered if you waned to do something.”

Hermione looked at him and smiled.

“Sure, why not?” she said and he smiled back.

“What do you wanna do?” Draco asked and looked at her.

“I don’t know, name something, anything but play Quidditch,” she smiled.

Draco smiled. He understood that too actually, he already knew that she didn’t like Quidditch; maybe to look at it but not to play it.
Draco thought for a while and then he got the greatest idea…

“Do you wanna go to Hogsmead?” he asked and Hermione looked confused at him.

“How are you gonna get there without being noticed?” she asked. He can’t know about any of the secret passages can he?

“I know a way. I don’t think that many people know about it…you see when I found it it was all clogged up with stones so I let Crabbe and Goyle fix that so that it would be possible to use it. I don’t think that Filch know that the passage’s used again,” Draco smiled and Hermione smiled back.

“Sure, why not? I miss the trips there,” she said. “We hadn’t gone there yet…”

Draco reached his hand out to Hermione who took it and jumped over a big stone.

“Good, soon there,” Draco smiled, he had to go with his head bent deep; he was too tall and the passage was to low in the ceiling.

“Great, I don’t like this at all,” Hermione said.

“Oh, don’t be a baby, Granger, this is fun!” Draco smiled and helped Hermione over another big rock.

Hermione glared at Draco who smiled at her.

“Ah, here we are, Hogsmeade, the most beautiful place on earth!” Draco sighed and they got out from the tunnel.
Hermione looked smiling around her. She never thought that she would be going to Hogsmeade like this; on a Saturday with her worst enemy Draco Malfoy…maybe he wasn’t her enemy anymore, maybe he was her friend? Hermione wasn’t sure.

“C’mon now Granger, you’re wasting a lot of time while you’re standing there admiring me,” Draco smirked.

“I wasn’t admiring you, ferret boy, I was looking at the village!” Hermione sneered and past the smiling Slytherin.

“You like me! I know it,” Draco said and hurried up so that he walked by her side.

“Why would I like a…” Hermione started and Draco finished it.

“A handsome, smart and funny Slytherin? I have absolutely no idea.”

Hermione glared at him and shook her head. He knew how to get her mad; and he was good at it too. Draco couldn’t do anything but smile at her; she was speechless.

“No, now, why would I do that?” Hermione said and played along with the joke that Draco had started, all to his astonishment. He wasn’t prepared for that and Hermione knew it.

“Of course, who can resist me?” he asked and put an arm around her shoulders.

“I have no idea,” Hermione said dumb and shook her head.