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The Music of the Night by halfbloodphantom

Format: Novella
Chapters: 4
Word Count: 4,619
Status: Abandoned

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Strong Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Romance
Characters: Hermione, Draco
Pairings: Draco/Hermione

First Published: 04/30/2006
Last Chapter: 07/29/2006
Last Updated: 07/29/2006


Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy hate each other, and fall in love with strangers. And the strangers just happen to be themselves.

Chapter 1: The Head Boy
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Author's Note:
Well, here it is! My newest fanfic! Enjoy and please review with your thoughts, comments, constructive critiscism, typos, etc.!


Chapter One – The Head Boy


“And next week, there is going to be a dance!” McGonagall said. The Great Hall grew quiet, and then girls started whispering excitedly and the boys hid their faces in their hands with groans.

“It will be held next Friday. Dance lessons will be held each day at 5 pm, here in the Great Hall for those of you who will be taking this dance seriously. It will not be like the Yule Ball that some of you remember, 3 years ago, and it should bring you closer to the people you don’t know in the school. The dance for first through third years will be held from 3pm to 6pm and for the rest of you, it will be from 8 pm to 11 pm. Classes that day will all end at 1:30 p.m. so there should be plenty of time for all of you to get ready. More information will be found in your common rooms.”

“Not again…” Ron groaned, then stuffed a large chocolate chip cookie in his mouth.

“A night of humiliation, all over again…” Harry joined in, grabbing a muffin from the platter in front of him.

“Well, it won’t be humiliating if you two go to the dance lessons!” Hermione exclaimed.

“What, don’t tell me you’re going to go!” Ron said, his mouth still full of cookie.

“Why not? It’s not going to hurt me, is it? And don’t eat with you’re mouth full, Ronald.”

“It might. You never know…” Harry groaned, playing with the muffin on his plate, “Who comes up with these stupid ideas?”

“Oh, stop talking, you two!” Hermione cried. Just then, Draco Malfoy got up from the Slytherin Table and walked out of the Great Hall.

“I really hope he isn’t Head Boy. If he is, I think I’m going to die this year.” Hermione said, softly.

“No, you won’t. It’s all the girls dream of, to spend a night alone with Draco Malfoy. And here, you would get to spend all school year with him!” Harry joked with a grin on his face. Ron laughed.

“Shut up. You wouldn’t be joking if you were to spend the next year with him!” Hermione said.

“Well, then who else could it be? It’s definitely not me or Harry… And there’s no one else in our grade that deserves it…” Ron said, his eyes scanning the Great Hall.

Hermione sighed, “I guess I’ll find out tonight, won’t I?”

“And if it is Malfoy, I’ll laugh.” Harry said, grinning.

“Oh, thanks…” Hermione said, giving him a mean look, “I’m not really hungry anymore…” She said, staring down at her pumpkin pie.

“I suggest you go find out who the Head Boy is.” Ron said, smiling just as widely as Harry.

“Then come back to tell us.” Harry added.

“Well, if it’s not Malfoy, come back to tell us, because we know that if it is, you’d rather spend your night there…” Ron said.

“Shut up. I’m going and I’ll tell you tomorrow morning. Good night!” Hermione said, getting up from her seat.

“Good night!” Ron and Harry both said, cheerfully, and Ron grabbed Hermione’s plate with her uneaten pumpkin pie. Hermione laughed walked out of the Great Hall.

After 10 minutes, she finally reached the wall where there was supposedly a hidden door. It was made of stone, and one of the stones was shaped a bit like a circle and it slightly glowed blue. Hermione lightly tapped it and whispered, “Cockroach Cluster.”

The stone moved back, bringing with it about 10 others, so it created a doorway into a brightly lit room. She stepped inside and the stones moved back into place. Hermione looked around her new common room with her mouth wide open.

“Well, if it isn’t Mudblood Granger, amazed by a stupid room.” Said a voice from the center of the room. It sounded like the slow drawl of…

“Malfoy!” Hermione cried, her eyes going directly to the where Malfoy was laying on a sofa in the middle of the common room, in front of the fire.

“What, are you surprised, Granger?” Malfoy said, getting up from his seat.

“I was expecting it, but I didn’t want to believe that a bastard like you would become Head Boy.” Hermione spat.

“Well, I’m just that good, and I’ve got the grades to prove it.” Malfoy shrugged, and lazily rolled his eyes.

“Too bad that I have grades better than you…”

“Yeah, but no one has better grades than me, other than you, so here I am. And actually, I’m quite glad to be here.” Malfoy said, slowly walking over to Hermione, “You’ve changed Granger. You’re hair, it isn’t bushy any more. You look like a girl…”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Hermione said, loudly, as Malfoy kept walking toward Hermione. She kept backing up until she hit a wall.

“Well, it just means that you don’t look like you did last year, and your look actually appeal to me, isn’t that funny?” Malfoy laughed. He reached up to touch Hermione’s hair.

“Don’t touch me!” Hermione said, slapping Malfoy’s hand down.

“That actually hurt…” Malfoy said, rubbing his hand.

“I sure as hell hope it did, you asshole.” Hermione muttered, as Malfoy used his hands above Hermione’s head to lean against the wall, and Hermione couldn’t get out.

“Oh, and she curses now, too… You know, that only turns me on…” Malfoy whispered hoarsely, as he lowered his head and tried to capture Hermione’s lips in a rough kiss.

“Get the bloody hell away from me!” Hermione screamed, and she lifted her leg as hard as she could as her knee hit between Malfoy’s legs.

Instantly, Malfoy drew back and crouched down in pain.

“How about you never touch me again.” Hermione said, angrily.

Malfoy didn’t have enough energy left to even retort as he lay on the floor, clutching his pants.

Hermione was scared. She wouldn’t be able to live like this for a whole year, and she couldn’t believe what Malfoy had just tried doing to her. She forgot she was in a new place, forgot to take a good look around, all she did was look up and see a door with the name Hermione Granger and she walked inside as a single tear slid down her face.

Fear filled Hermione. She didn’t want Malfoy to hurt her, she hadn’t done anything wrong. But maybe he’d change his mind about what he was doing after Hermione kicked him.

She threw herself on her bed, and didn’t even bother to unpack the bags that were brought up to her room. She just wanted to sleep, and maybe when she woke up, she would walk out of the door and see that Malfoy wasn’t the Head Boy. Maybe this was all some bad dream. Well, she certainly hoped it was.

Could things get any worse?

Chapter 2: Dance Partners
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Chapter Two – Dance Partners


As it would turn out over the next few days, things could get worse, but we’re not up to that part of the story. Yet.

Hermione woke up, and forgot where she was. She sat up in bed, and realized she was in her new dormitory, and remembered what had happened last night. The idiot Malfoy.

She hadn’t changed out of her day clothes, but they were all wrinkly from having slept in them, so Hermione changed into fresh clothes. Too bad it wasn’t Monday yet, she would have school to preoccupy herself with. It was only Saturday and she would have 2 more days of nothing to do.

Hermione reached for the knob of her door; she didn’t want to leave her room, what if Malfoy was out there? She took a deep breath and walked into the common room. No Malfoy. Thank goodness.

Feeling a bit hungry, she walked out of the common room to the Great Hall. Maybe she would see Harry, Ron, and Ginny there. She could tell them what an jerk Malfoy was.

She walked into the Great Hall, glad to see that all three of the others were there, already eating. She glanced at the Slytherin table and saw Malfoy eating his breakfast with Crabbe, Goyle, and Zabini. He looked up at her and sent her a scowl. She shook her head and went over to the Gryffindor table.

“Hey, Hermione!” Harry said, moving down and making room for Hermione to sit.

“Hey, guys…” Hermione said, trying to be cheerful, sitting down between Harry and Ron.

“So… who’s the Head Boy?” Ron asked eagerly.

“Take a guess.” Hermione said, rolling her eyes.

“I bet it is Malfoy.” Ginny said, looking at Hermione sadly.

“Yeah, it is.” Hermione said, looking down at her empty plate, “And so far, it’s been hell.”

“Ooh, what happened?” Ginny asked.

Hermione didn’t answer for a while, but then Ginny added, “Sorry, ‘Mione, was it that bad?”

“It was horrible… he tried to kiss me…” Hermione said, shuddering.

“Ugh! Why would someone want to kiss you!” Ron said, dropping his fork, a surprised look on his face.

Hermione shot him the dirtiest look she could muster, but then Ron smiled and said, “Sorry, just kidding!”

“Ron, c’mon, be serious.” Ginny said, smacking Ron in the face.

Harry shook his head, confused, “Why would he try to do that?”

“I dunno! He said that I looked like a girl…” Hermione said, starting to tear up.

“Wow, it took him that long to realize?” Ron said, his eyebrows furrowed.

“And how did you stop him?” Ginny asked, ignoring Ron.

“I kicked him.” Hermione answered simply.

“That’s it?” Ron said, piling more sausage on his plate.

“Well, it was in a place that one good kick should do it.” Hermione said, shrugging.

Ginny giggled, and Ron and Harry looked at each other.

“Well, Hermione, just forget about it, he probably won’t bother you anymore. Eat something, you’re probably starving, you barely ate anything last night…” Ginny said, holding out to Hermione a plate of pancakes.

“Um, I guess I’m a bit hungry…” Hermione said, and she stacked 3 pancakes on her plate.


Hermione spent the rest of the day with Harry, Ron, and Ginny in the Gryffindor common room. The talked and talked like it was still the summer.

At four-thirty, Hermione said she had to leave, “I’m going to the dance lessons.”

“The dance lessons?!?!” Ron exclaimed.

“Yes, the dance lessons, and maybe you would do well to go to them, too! Maybe you won’t look like a troll!” Hermione said, getting up and waving a good-bye to all her friends.

As she was walking back to her common room, she realized she never found the sheet that had more information about the dance that McGonagall had mentioned. She would quickly change into jeans and a blue shirt, then try to find the sheet.

Malfoy wasn’t in the common room when she walked inside, so she walked straight into her room. She was ready in ten minutes and she slipped on her gray Puma’s. She stepped out of her room and went over to a small bulletin board and found a sheet titled “Masquerade Ball”.


Masquerade Ball

Friday, September 4

Students will be required to wear masks. They will be randomly paired up with a partner and will dance with that partner. Names cannot be exchanged an hour after the dance begins.

Dance lessons will be held each day at 5 p.m., excluding Sunday in the Great Hall.

All classes will end at 1:30 p.m. on the day of the dance.

Ball Times:
First through third years: 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Fourth to seventh years: 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.


Hermione sighed, at least she wouldn’t have to worry who would ask her to the ball. And then maybe Ron and Harry would come, too. They wouldn’t have to ask anyone out.

Just then she heard a door behind her open. She turned to see Malfoy also wearing jeans a white tee-shirt.

Hermione just watched him walk from one side of the room to the other, and he watched her, too. He reached the door and Hermione said, “Where are you going?”

“Why do you care?” Malfoy said, snidely.

“You aren’t going to the dance lessons…” Hermione said, trying to keep a safe distance from Malfoy.

“So what if I am, surely, you aren’t?” Malfoy said, wearing his trademark smirk.

“So you are going…” Hermione said, dully.

“And I’m guessing you are, too.” Malfoy said, “Well, enjoy yourself, Granger…” And with that he stepped outside.

Hermione felt like screaming. Oh, how she loathed him. The bastard. She didn’t want to go to the lessons now that she knew that Malfoy was going to be there. But she wasn’t going to give in. She was going to the dance lessons.

She walked to the Great Hall, and instantly spotted Harry and Ron. She hurried over to them.

“So you guys decided to come.” Hermione said, smiling.

“Well, we didn’t have anything better to do.” Ron said, shrugging.

“Where’s Ginny?” Hermione asked, standing on her toes to get a better look.

“Somewhere over there with her friends.” Harry said, pointing to somewhere on the other side of the Hall.

“Oh, well, do you know who’s teaching us?” Hermione asked.

“I heard they hired some professional dancer guy.” Ron said, shrugging. Then the room fell silent, and Tonks went up onto the dance floor that had been put down in the middle of the Great Hall.

“Ron, you know, I don’t think Tonks is neither some professional dancer nor a guy…” Harry said, glancing at Ron, grinning.

“Hey! I don’t know who it is! That’s all I heard!” Ron said defensively.

“Good afternoon!” Tonks said cheerfully, “I’m glad so many of you showed up. Well, I’m not the one who’s going to be teaching you, but before we begin I’m going to put you all into pairs.”

“Ugh… no one told me that we were going to actually dance with another person…” Ron groaned.

“What did you think we’d do? Dance with out invisible friends?” Hermione said, laughing.

“Yeah.” Ron said, shuffling his feet, “I hate dances.”

“Be quiet, maybe Tonks will feel bad for us and she’ll put us with our friends.” Harry said.

“Ronald Weasley! You’re here! Um, you can dance with…” Tonks look around the room, “Padma Patil!”

Ron looked like he was going to cry, “Not again…”

Harry and Hermione laughed.

“Come on, Ron! Pair up!” Tonks said, smiling, “And let’s see… Malfoy…”

Some of the girls in the room sighed and looked at Tonks with longing.

“Uh, Malfoy, let’s see, you’re Head Boy, aren’t you? So, do we have the Head Girl in here?” Tonks said, looking at all the heads in the Hall.

Hermione gasped and her eyes grew wide, “No… No… No… She wouldn’t do this! Hide me, Harry! Please, no!”

Harry was, too, dumfounded. Why would Tonks do this to poor Hermione?

“Oh! Yes! Hermione! Come here, dear!” Tonks said, calling her over. Hermione closed her eyes and walked up slowly. She walked past Tonks, who quietly whispered into Hermione’s ear, “Hey, it might work out, try it, please.”

Hermione looked at Malfoy, who was leaning against the wall, sneering.

“Hello, Granger. Long time, no see…” Malfoy said. He moved over a bit to give Hermione some room to stand next to him.

“Shut it.” Hermione said. She stood next to Malfoy, looking quite unhappy.

Chapter 3: Ten More Months
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Chapter Three – Ten More Months


“I’ve changed my mind, maybe I don’t want to be Head Girl anymore…” Hermione muttered, loud enough so that Malfoy could hear.

“I actually find being Head Boy fun. Look how much pain I’m causing you.” Malfoy said, in a slow drawl.

“Malfoy, please, for once, let’s just cooperate. At least in front of the school, so we can be good role models. Let’s pretend we don’t hate each other.” Hermione said, trying to keep her voice low.

“Well, that’s going to be tough, and if you want me to pretend that I don’t hate you, you’re going to have to pay me.” Malfoy said, looking down at Hermione, his eyes scanning her, smirking.

Hermione rolled her eyes, “And I’m guessing that I won’t be paying you in money. Can I ask you just one question? How do you have time for girls and schoolwork and get such good grades?”

“It’s quite easy Granger, but I’m not going to explain it now… I’m not going to waste my breath on a Mudblood.”

Hermione gasped, “And to think that I thought you matured, you nasty ferret…”

“Who said being a ferret was a bad thing?”

“And who said being a ferret was a good thing?”

“You know, just shut up, you’re voice is starting to hurt my ears.”

“Too bad, you have to deal with me. If you really want, you can start failing your classes and then you’ll no longer be Head Boy. Problem solved.”

Malfoy just started ignoring Hermione, until the dance instructor walked up to the center of the dance floor. He clapped his hands together and looked around the room, which was filled with pairs, “Well, hello!” He said.

“Good morning.” The room chimed back.

“So I guess we’ll get started!” He said, and music started.


As Hermione danced a slow waltz with Malfoy, sometimes she forgot she was dancing with the person she hated. It was a bit awkward in the beginning when Malfoy first put his hand on her waist and she felt like slapping him, but after a while, she forgot about it.

Their feet moved together perfectly and rarely tripped. Malfoy’s hand wasn’t digging into her back and he wasn’t acting too stupid. It seemed as though Malfoy had danced before.

Hermione was light on her feet, manipulating them swiftly. She rarely had to look down to see what she was doing and realized that Malfoy didn’t either, so they had a problem with what to look at. If neither was looking at the floor, then the only other place they could look at was each other, which they tried their best not to.

After the class had finally finished, Hermione pushed herself out of Malfoy’s clutching hands.

“Already sick of me?” Malfoy sneered, “Too bad you’re dancing with me for the next week.”

“No, I just hate you when you aren’t dancing.” Hermione spat.

“Oh, so you like me when I dance?” Malfoy sniggered. He then started doing some odd type of wiggle with his hands in the air. Some girls standing around him glanced over their shoulders and giggled, shooting Hermione envious looks. What had she done to make him dance like that?!?! Hermione on the other hand just thought he was making a fool out of himself.

“No, I never said that, I don’t mind you when you dance. It’s like you actually know what you’re doing for once…”

“Hey, I always know what I’m doing.”

Hermione laughed, “Well, I guess you’re right. If you know what you’re doing when you dance and if you know what you’re doing when you’re in bed with someone, then that’s always.”

Malfoy smirked, but didn’t reply. He started walking to the common room with Hermione behind him.

“Can you be civilized for a couple seconds and tell me how you know how to dance so well?” Hermione asked.

“Why would I tell a Mudblood like yourself?” He said, looking behind his shoulder.

“Because I asked.” Hermione said defiantly.

“Fine, I had to take ballroom dancing classes for all the balls my parents had.”

“Aw, that’s so sweet!” Hermione couldn’t help saying, but then wondered why she was saying something like that to Malfoy.

“Shove off.” He said, and hurried away.


And so the days passed and nothing changed. Classes started, Hermione studied, and then went to dance lessons and danced with Malfoy. This was the only time they actually cooperated. Malfoy wouldn’t be whiserping rude comments about her, and Hermione wouldn’t be retorting back saying things just as nasty back. They stood together quietly watching the instructor dance with a partner, then once it was their turn, Malfoy would take Hermione’s hand and waist and start dancing. But once the lesson was over, it was back to arguing.

“Seriously, Granger, find a different route to our dormitory… I hate having you follow me every day.” Malfoy said, as he started walking out of the Great Hall.

“No, this is the fastest way.” She said, as she followed him up the stairs slowly.

“So? Do you think I really care? It’s degrading having you walk behind me.” Malfoy said, taking a left at the top of the stairs.

“If it bothers you so much, go a different way, but I won’t.”

“You’re awfully stubborn, and it’s starting to get annoying.”

I’m stubborn? Let’s not even get into the things you do…”

“You’re voice is really bothering me, too… How do Potty and Weasel last it?” Malfoy took a small staircase up to a higher floor, with Hermione right behind him.

“I dunno, all I can say is that I can’t stand you even when you don’t talk…”

“That’s because you’re forced to look at how handsome I am, but you know you can’t sleep with me, because what would the school think of that?” Malfoy sniggered.

“I can’t stand you! Fine! I’m going to go in a different direction! Just SHUT UP!

“Okay, no problem, go ahead, I won’t have to hear you complain any more…”

“And now I’m the one complaining…” Hermione said, huffily under her breath. She turned around and took a longer route back to her dormitory. Oh, how she loathed the ferret. And to think, she would have to endure ten more months of this…

Author's Note:

So this is my last update on any of my stories before I leave for California (which is tomorrow, Thursday, the 24th). I won't be back until Thursday next week, and will still need a couple days before I update then, because I need to write more, I posted stuff that I just wrote right now because I knew I wouldn't update for a while, and I felt bad. I'm not abandoning this story - I'm just going to be on vacation.

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Chapter 4: Slamming Doors
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Author's Note:

Sorry about the delay, but finally, here's Chapter Four!


Chapter Four – Slamming Doors


It was Wednesday, and the dance was two days away. Several announcements were made that day before the dance lessons actually began.

“So, I’m pretty sure no one really has anything dressy to dance in for Friday because no one expecting this. That is why Madame Malkin from Diagon Alley will bring her collection in tomorrow evening and you may purchase them here, and there will also be a three-hour trip to Hogsmeade from five to eight in the evening if you should not find anything here.” Tonks said, a smile on her face, as usual.

All the girls started whispering excitedly. Hermione hadn’t even thought of the fact she didn’t have anything to go to the dance in. She shrugged and thought she would ask Ginny if she wanted to pick out a dress with her.

The lesson went as usual and afterwards, Hermione didn’t leave the Great Hall, but found Ginny talking to Harry with Ron looking grumpy.

“Hello Hermione!” Ginny said.

Ron waved a ‘hello’ and Harry said, “Hey…”

“Hey, I wanted to ask you, Ginny, do you want to help me pick a dress tomorrow?” Hermione asked.

“Of course! I would want to get one for myself, but I don’t think I can afford it…” Ginny said, a slight tone of sadness in her voice.

“I’ll buy you a dress.” Harry said, wrapping his hand around Ginny’s waist.

Ginny giggled, “Thanks.”

“Um, okay, so I’ll meet you in the Gryffindor common room tomorrow at around five. I have to catch up on some work.” Hermione said, taking a couple steps back from her friends.

“Okay, bye!” Ginny said, excitedly.

“See you later!” Ron and Harry said in unison.

Hermione hurried back to her common room to finish all of her homework so she wouldn’t have to do it the next day. By the time she finished it all, it was already eleven.

Hermione rubbed her eyes and walked slowly to the bathroom. She took a quick shower and walked lazily back to bed. Thank god Malfoy wasn’t there being an ass and taking up more of her time. Hermione finally fell asleep around midnight.


Hermione woke up with a start. She heard a door slam outside of her own room. She groggily looked at her watch to see that it was only one in the morning.

Rubbing her eyes, she got out of bed to see what was going on so early. She opened her door and didn’t see anything or anyone. She shrugged, thinking that Malfoy ran out for some reason, but when he came back, ohhh, would he get in trouble for waking her up.

Hermione walked over to the bathroom and closed her eyes before turning on the light so the brightness wouldn’t blind her.

“Bloody hell!” She heard someone say, she opened her eyes to see Malfoy leaning over the sink, his eyes red, wearing nothing but plaid boxers. His hands quickly shot up to shield his eyes.

“Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry!” Hermione cried, turning the lights back off, and watching the outline of Malfoy’s hands go down back to the sink.

“What are you doing up, Granger?” Malfoy asked her in a snide way with a hint of tiredness, “Why aren’t you sleeping?”

“I heard a door slam, it woke me up.” Hermione replied, “What are –“

“Go to bed, Granger, leave.” Malfoy said, and as Hermione’s eyes became more adjusted she saw his hand reach up to his own face and lightly slid under his eye.

“Are you okay?” Hermione asked, forgetting to be rude to Malfoy.

“I look okay, don’t I? Go away!” Malfoy said, sternly, turning on the water and washing his face in it.

“I don’t know, I can’t see you, but you don’t sound okay.”

“I’m telling you once more, leave me alone.” Malfoy said quietly, in a strong voice.

“Fine, if you don’t want me to help you, then I won’t. Good night.”

“I don’t need help from mudbloods like you. If I did, I would just ask.” Malfoy said, turning off the stream of water and wiping his face on a towel. He started walking quickly towards Hermione, and now her eyes were working almost as well as they did in the light. She couldn’t help but notice how softly toned his body was.

“Oh, so there is something wrong. Why can’t you just tell me? It’s not like I would really care… I’m just curious.” Hermione huffed, stepping out of his way.

“Granger. Can you just fucking leave me alone? So what if there’s something wrong with me? You just said, you don’t care, so get the fuck away from me!” He screamed, rushing over to his door.

Hermione furrowed her eyebrows just as Malfoy slammed the door. She shrugged and walked back into the bathroom without turning the light on.

A few minutes later, she found herself in her bed, falling fast asleep again.