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Never Ever by HelpfulHermione

Format: Novel
Chapters: 15
Word Count: 37,413
Status: Abandoned

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, Fluff, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, McGonagall, Pomfrey, Snape, Draco, Ginny, Blaise (M)
Pairings: Draco/Hermione

First Published: 04/26/2006
Last Chapter: 08/15/2007
Last Updated: 08/15/2007


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Chapter 1: PROLOUGE
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Chapter 1 - Prolouge

“Ah lets see.” Professor Reed’s voice boomed over the damp Hogwarts ground on an early morning. The Slytherins and Gryffindors were paired as a class today which made everyone groan in displeasure. The Golden Trio stood together in the front, listening intently to their professor. At least a certain Bookworm was, she wasn’t so sure about the other two standing beside her.

Harry Potter was standing next to her, and he was one of her best friends, but he seemed to be thinking about anything from what the woman was saying. Probably about the last snog session Ginny, and him had in the third corridor closet. She just rolled her eyes. Ron however was staring at Hermione instead. She tried not to look back at him, but the feeling of his eyes on her was very uncomfortable.

She turned her head to the side, and smiled to him. He returned it with his own. Luckily after Ron smiled he turned his head forward again and focused on the class at hand.

“Now we will have a project due in two months. I will assign a pair, and they will find one creature, that I of course will give them also. Then after you do that the pair will write me a report on what they discovered.” Professor Reed hopped up and down in excitement.

The whole class sighed in displeasure, but the bushy-haired girl, whose name by the way is Hermione Granger, almost jumped with her great enthusiasm. Her hand twitched and shot up in the air, shaking it fiercely to get the teacher's attention.

“Yes Hermione?”

“Professor, did you say you will be assigning the groups?” She talked so fast Reed, much less the whole class was lucky to catch a word she said.

“Yes Hermione.” She answered with a hearty chuckle to follow. “You don’t think I would just let you pick.” The professor laughed again. Hermione looked over at Harry who seemed to be in the same universe as her now.

She nudged him painfully in the gut. “Hermione please don’t do that.” He said calmly.

“Oh, Hermione pleeeease don’t do that!” A familiar voice mocked them from behind. Hermione did her best to ignore them.

“Harry, Reed has a project for us.” She told him.

“Oh.” Harry said stupidly. She leaned in to explain in more depth, for she knew he had not heard that either.

“Aw look at Pothead and his little pet.” The mock voice teased again. “Tsk tsk Granger snogging in the middle of class why even I’m not that daring.” There were some light chuckles.

Hermione snapped her head to look at the boy behind her. He was pale as a ghost, and had platinum blonde hair with a pointed face. Draco Malfoy was devilishly handsome, but Hermione saw right though him.

“Shove off Malfoy!” She spat angrily.

“Don’t snap at me you filthy little mudblood.” He sneered coldly. She shook his words off, he had called her that so many times throughout the six years she had known him they had long ago become redundant.

She shook her head, and flipped her brown locks over her shoulder, now staring back at her teacher. The professors tiny hands were reaching for a clipboard laying on a stump, and flipping through the pages. She placed a pair of thick glasses on the bridge of her puny nose.

“Lets see... the first pair will be Patil and Zabini.”

A few feet away from Hermione she saw Parvati scowl. She leaned over to Lavender who was standing next to her, and pretended to gag, practically stuffing her finger all the way down her throat. Lavender giggled at her gesture, but heard her name called from the shrill voice of the professor a moment later.

“Brown and Goyle.”

Lavender looked like she was about to barf, but decided to scream instead, “What?! That giant cow!?”

“Brown he may be a cow, but at least he’s never snogged a weasel.” Malfoy shot back. He always looked for an opportunity to insult people. Hermione, annoyed to the brink with Malfoy, turned around once more to him.

“Shove it up your arse you ferret.” She huffed in a whisper so the teacher wouldn't hear.

“Wouldn’t you like to mudblood.” Then he made a face that suggested he was thinking. “Then again our innocent little bookworm is too clean to even think such dirty thoughts, is she?” He arched a suspecting eyebrow. The teacher could hear nothing for she was too busy fussing at Lavender for such an outburst.

“I would never do anything with a ferret, Malfoy! Never ever, and that was no statement you prick it was a promise.” She yelled and now the entire class was watching them. Suddenly Draco’s voice dropped to a whisper.

“Some promises are easier said than kept.” The smirk on his face was that of pure intellect. Like he knew something she didn't. But that’s impossible, he can’t know anything I don’t know!

“Hey break it up you two, and listen.” Professor Reed instructed, fixing her reading glasses.

“Yes ma’am.” Hermione said on instinct.

“Yes ma’am.” Malfoy mocked in a high, girly voice. Hermione bit her tongue as an alternative not to hex him into next week.

“Then,” The professor continued, after she was interrupted, “I would like Parkinson and Weasly.” Ron looked like he had just been told he was marrying Pansy instead of just pairing with her.

“I’m am not pairing with that weasel!” Pansy shrieked. The professor grunted as if saying "want to bet?" Then ignored her, and kept reading the names. She did not feel like dealing with someone else with a problem of the partners she has chosen. “Then, Potter and Crabbe.” Hermione heard Harry groan next to her, but he made no protest. She was in the last few names now, and Hermine had not yet been picked.

“Yes now then. Oh, Granger and,” Hermione stood straighter, and waited for the name of her partner. " Malfoy.” Hermione frowned, and slumped so low she almost toppled over. She felt someone breathing against her ear.

“Didn’t your mother teach you never say never.” Draco whispered harshly. She did not turn toward him, if fact she pretended he wasn’t even there.

“What’s the matter Granger? Cat got your tongue?” She could picture the snide smirk that always accompanied his fowl presence.

“More like a ferret.” She hissed.

“The rest of this class you will start your project. Will the Head Boy and Girl come up front please.” Hermione stepped forward in front of Malfoy and was handed a rubric explaining the project and she turned.

"Miss Granger?"

"Yes Professor?" She asked turning back to face her

"I'm very sorry about this, but Dumbledore has told me about interhouse unity, and thought this would be best. I know your...history with Mister Malfoy is not the best in least but please do try to make the most of it dear." Reed gave her a sympathetic look.

"Of course professor." She have her a tiny half smile and sighed. "I'll try at least."

With that she walked back towards her partner, and motioned for him to join her in a walk. He looked reluctant to follow but did all the same. Hermione had decided on a direct course of action on the situation, and stopped once they were far enough away from everyone else. She turned to him, and didn't hesitate to go right to the point.

“Listen here. We are going to meet at least once a week out on the Black Lake, behind the castle, to look for the Baskitil.” She held the parchment in front of his face, and pointed to the part where it described the creature they were looking for. “So I propose,” She handed the paper over to him, and he looked more carefully at it. “that we have a peace treaty right now.” Malfoy’s head shot up like he had ice poured down his pants.

“You what?” He asked in wonderment as she just held her hand out to him.

“I want us to be civil to each other.” He stared at her questioningly, thinking about it a moment.

“All right." He decided finally, slowly reaching for her outstretched hand. Suddenly he pulled it back with a smirk at the look of her annoyed face. "On one condition."

“Fine one condition as long as I agree.” She rolled her eyes, and flipped her hair over her shoulder again.

“We act totally loathsome in public.” Hermione gave him a look that suggested she was waiting for an explination.

“We both have reputations at this wretched school. You wouldn’t want to ruin your perfect life Granger.” He then grabbed her hand, and shook it.


It has been a month since the two heads have been meeting every week out behind the castle, and things so far had been going pretty smoothly. But Hermione had noticed that there is something underneath Draco’s rough exterior. One day, while sitting in the common room, her disobedient had called him Draco outloud.

“Draco?” Malfoy looked up and stared at her in amazement and decided to play along.

“Hermione?” He asked back to her obviously trying not to laugh.

“Well I-” Damn him! He made me forget what I was going to say!

“Don’t worry Granger I’m sure you’ll remember soon.” He then stood up and exited the common room laughing all the while. Hermione soon figured out why the house elves found banging your head against a wall so appeling.

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Chapter 2: CAUGHT
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Chapter 2 - Caught

“Draco!” Hermione cried.

He scrambled for Hermione who had fallen out of the boat. He and Hermione were on the Black River behind Hogwarts. Professor Reed, their Care of Magical Creatures teacher, had assigned them to find the Baskatil. A water creature who was very shy, but its tentacles were used in rare memory potions used to restore memory.

Unfortunately Reed was off her rocker one day and assigned the new Head Boy and Girl together.

“Could you be any more of a klutz Granger?!” Draco asked her.

“Shove it! The boat hit some rocks and I fell out!” She argued as he pulled her in with a grunt. "If you had been watching where you were rowing maybe I wouldn't have!"

"Oh don't give me that." Draco argued.

She sat on the boat seat, hand on her chest not wanting to fight any furthur. She shivered and hugged herself for warmth.

“That water is freezing cold.” She said.

“Here Granger take my cloak.” He wrapped it around her quivering shoulders.


“You know it’s pretty nice out today. I’m surprised the water isn’t warmer.”

“We really should keep searching.” She insisted.

“Oh, C’mon Granger you could use a break.” Hermione rolled her eyes. “Besides you probably scared him off when you fell in.” He does have a point. Hermione thought. Draco suddenly started untucking his shirt and pulling it up over his head.

“Draco?” Hermione asked.

“What?” He smirked innocently as he threw his shirt at her feet, leaving him topless.

“Might I ask what the hell you are doing?!”

“Want to go skinny dipping Granger?” He chuckled at her distresed voice.

“No I don’t fancy a swim right now.” Hermione answered smartly. Hermione stared at his firm chest. I think I found one reason to love Quidditch.

“Judging by your stare you would love to come Granger.”

“Sod off Malfoy!” She was outraged. Oh please he pretends he doesn't see every other girl gawking at him in the hallways! Bastard, probably enjoys the thought that he's the center of girl's fantasies.

“Oh, now it’s back to Malfoy? You’ve been calling me Draco lately.” He propped his leg upon the side of the boat and let his chin rest in his hand, looking out onto the shore. The sun shone on him from above making Hermione lose her breath. Welll at least they have a good reason to fantasize. “You’re probably just scared of being in the water with me. I don’t blame you,” He looked back at her and smirked, “I am pretty intimadating.” He finished cockily.

“Whatever Malfoy.” She crossed her legs and looked out at the beautiful scenery instead of him.

She heard him unbuckle his belt and land on the opposite side of the boat. She tried not to stare, but she took quick glances at him as his pants fell around his ankles, leaving him in black silk boxers.

Dear Merlin, Hermione thought, how could someone be so appealing? You can look Hermione! It's all right, take the chance how many other girls have seen him like this?! An optimistic voice in her head spouted out.

Probably about half including fifth through seventh year. A different one scowled.

“Well, see you later Hermione.” He put great stress on her surname just to annoy her.

With that he dived into the water gracefully surfacing after a few minutes. He tossed his head back to get his dripping locks out of his handsome face.

“I don’t know what you’re complaining about Granger. The water’s fine.” Draco told her as he leaned against the side of the boat.

“That’s because you’re cold blooded. You are used to the cold.” Hermione spat.

“Seriously Granger, why so tense?”

“Oh, I don’t know Malfoy, just leave me be.” She sighed.

“Suit yourself.” He submerged and had been under quite a long time, so Hermione crept to the side of the boat he had been on earlier. She leaned over the side to peer into the merky depths when suddenly the boat lurched to the side, causing Hermione to fall in again.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” Hermione screamed as she broke the surface. She came up and looked around to see who had done this, although she had a pretty big hunch.

Malfoy was now standing in the boat laughing hysterically at her.

“Why you little!” Hermione said bitterly and grabbed his hand, pulling him into the water as well.

“Granger.” He growled as he came up. He lunged for her, but she maneuvered and got out of his reach. Hermione tried to swim away but her clothes were weighing her down.

Malfoy had suddenly disappeared under water. Hermione was a sitting duck, and she could just hear the Jaws theme music in her ears. She scrambled into the boat and threw her shirt over her head, revealing a Adidas sports bra. She took her belt off and then kicked off her tennis and socks, leaving her with only her bra and short shorts on. She looked around but didn’t see anyone.

“C’mon you ferret! Where are you?” She called to him. Her face contorted into a menacing smirk of equal quality to his.

“Turn around Granger.” He said.

Swift as a cat she pivoted on her heel to face him. Not waiting for him to speak she dived into the water toward him.

“Shit.” Draco said as he tried to find her. She grabbed his foot and tugged. They were in a shallow part so she positioned herself on his shoulders. He lifted her out of the water with ease, and as if he had been expecting it.

“Granger, what are you doing?” Draco coughed from the water in his nose. She just giggled and tried to balance herself on his wide shoulders. He jerked them back and she fell off, practically kicking him in the face

“Ow! Fuck that hurt!” Draco exclaimed holding his nose.

Hermione was now standing inside the boat looking down at him. "Oh please. It's not bleeding is it?" She seemed a little concerned, but calm all the while. "If you hadn't bucked me off maybe I wouldn't have tried to hang on." She said matter if factly.

“Help me up.” He told her, and she grasped his hand tightly and pulled. He was a lot heavier than he looked, and while she was pulling her wet, slippery feet caused her to fall backwards still gripping Dracos hand.

Draco landed on top of her with a loud maon of pain.

“Draco.” Hermione groaned, whilst trying to rub her back. She had fallen rather hard on it and was trying to massage the pain away.

“Are you all right?” Draco asked, purposely not getting off of her, now forgetting about his hurt nose.

“Does it look like I’m fine?” She asked, sarcasm dripping from her words. He lifted himself on his knees so he wasn’t fully on top of her.

“Maybe this will make it better.” With a sly smirk he leaned toward her pretty face. He caught her eyes and saw happiness, lust, and confusion all in one.

Oh Merlin Draco’s going to kiss me! I should stop him, but I don’t think I will. Oh, Harry and Ron are going to hate me if they find out! I can’t d-

Her thoughts were cut off by his lips making contact and she gasped. He kissed Hermione meaningfully, but her lips stayed still. He brought his hand to her cheek softly and brushed some locks away. His other hand was glued to her hip not daring to move any further in fear she would stop him.

When he bit down on her bottom lip she gasped again, falling for his trap as his hot tongue slithered inside her mouth. Hermione still wasn’t moving and the truth was she didn’t know what to do! The only person she had ever kissed was Victor Krum and that wasn’t as serious as this. All they had were light pecks on cheeks and lips, but nothing more. Draco’s kisses were a lot different, so full of passion and desire.

Hermione mustered all the Gryffindor courage she had and kissed him back forcefully. He moaned at the feel of her lips finally in motion. Body parts started moving of their own accord and her hands latched into his silky hair. He moaned again as her hips grinded against his own.

Something came over Hermione. She suddenly turned from shy bookworm to fierce lion. She pushed his shoulders up and over to the side. He let her have her way and watched with a smirk as she climbed on top of him. She caught a glimpse of his surprised face, but wasted no time in devouring his lips again.

She left his lips, getting more adventureous, and started on his neck. She had to admit his moaning sure did boost her confidence. He ran his hand through her golden brown curls and let his other wander. It started at the base of her neck and followed her spine sensually until he met her Jean shorts. She shivered pleasantly and felt his hand slip into her back Jean pocket.

“Well, well, well Miss Granger, Mister Malfoy.” A cruel voice sneered.

“Holy shit.” Malfoy whispered as his eyes bulged out. Hermione stood up shaikily trying to keep her balance within the boat and faced her greasy-haired potions master, Professor Snape.

“Professor Snape I-”

“I will not take any of your excuses! Put some clothes on this instant and follow me!” He told them sharply.

How could he be here? We are out in the middle of the river? Hermione wondered. She looked around quickly as she dressed and realized that the boat had drifted to the shore during their “class work”.

She looked at Draco who was as completely baffled at their situation as she was. Professor Snape watched as they dressed quickly, not even bothering to dry off. They followed him through the towering doors and into the castle, wet. Not completely wet though. They had dried off a little during their “other activities”.

They stopped suddenly in front of a gargoyle and he said, “Chocolate frogs,” The gargoyle sprang to life and moved aside as they ascended a spiraling stair case.

Snape knocked with the golden knocker and entered without waiting for a reply. He summoned two chairs in the middle of the circular office and pointed to them.

“Sit.” He commanded, and they did as they were told. After about five minutes of anxious waiting the Headmaster walked quietly into the room and sat himself slowly in the comfortable chair behind his desk. He motioned for Snape to explain.

“These two teens,” He sneered, “have been fanternizing behind the school Headmaster.” Dumbledore did nothing but stare at the two teenagers, so Snape continued. “ I found Miss Granger atop Mister Malfoy in a boat on the shore of the Black River. I’m sure there is some punishment to suit them, but since Ms.Granger is not from my house I knew you should give it out.”

Hermione looked up at Dumbledore when Snape finished and saw his blue eyes behind his half-moon spectacles sparkle with delight and amusement. His eyes twinkled in a knowing way that made Hermione wonder what he was thinking.

“Serverus I assure you I will give these two the proper punishment for such and act.” He replied softly, still staring down his crooked nose at Hermione and Draco. “You may return to your office. I will take care of it.” The professor smirked proudly and exited the room, his cloak billowing behind him.

“Headmaster?” Hermione squeaked.

“Yes my dear?” Dumbledore asked.

“You’re not going to expel us are you?” Hermione don't be stupid! Expeling us for snogging?! How thick could you get?!

“No no my dear. It’s not that serious.” The headmaster assured as she let out a relieved sigh. “In fact the worst punishment I can give you is a detention. Which is what you will be receiving.”

Hermione frowned.

“I had my share of fun at Hogwarts at my age.” He chuckled.

Hermione immediately conjured a fearful image of the headmaster and McGonagall having.... okay life scaring images life scaring images!! She winced and tried not to make a disgusted face.

She glanced over at Draco, but could not read his face. She caught his eyes for a second and thought his large blue orbs were so beautiful. Hermione blushed and looked back at Dumbledore quickly.

She looks so cute when she blushes. What did I just say? I think I said the mudblood was cute? I’m losing it!

“Ah, you two remind me of two other students that were at this school,” Dumbledore laughed, “but I’m sure you wouldn’t want to hear the babbling of an old man. So I will let you leave. You’re detention will be with Serverus tomorrow directly after dinner.” And then he dismissed them.

Draco got up quickly and left Hermione in his wake. She didn’t blame him, it had been very awkward. She still sat in her chair staring at the carpeted floor of the office.

“Would you like something Miss Granger?” The headmaster asked.

“Um... Professor, I was wondering,” She said slowly, her curiosity had gotten the best of her. “What two students you were referring to?”

“I’m pretty sure their names ring a pretty loud bell my dear. James Potter and Lily Evans were the persons I was talking about. They had the same demeanor so to speak of you and Mister Malfoy. Both bickering and fighting both seeming to loath each other, but deep down there is something more.” Hermione’s eyes grew wide and she blushed crimson, knowing exactly what he meant. She stood up abruptly and looked at the ground, too embarrassed to look right at him.

“Thank you Headmaster.” She whispered and left without another word. She quickly performed a drying and clothes changing charm before entering the common room.

When she entered Gryffindor tower everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at her. Some with envy (mostly from the girls). Some with loathing. Some with disgust.

She was suddenly jerked forward and saw Lavender, Parvati, and Ginny pulling her toward their dormitory. They shoved her down on the bed and started to interrogate her.

“Are the rumors true `Mione?” Ginny asked. “Did you really lose your virginity to Malfoy?!”

“So how was he? Did it feel like making love to a God?!” Lavender gushed.

“I want to know too! Tell me! Tell me!” Parvati wailed.

“Stop, stop, stop!” Hermione yelled, about ready to pull her hair out. “I did not lose anything to Draco! Do you understand?” She threatened.

“So what did happen?” Ginny said, also noting Hermione had said Draco instead of Malfoy.

“We didn’t go as far as that, we just... snogged.” She whispered the last word to them and blushed.

“You snogged the Slytherin Sex God?! LUCKY!” Lavender exclaimed.

Hermione looked at her oddly. Yes Lavender. Lucky is just the right word to use! Considering you already slept with him.

“Oh, do shut up Lavender! Dear Merlin it was Draco! Draco Malfoy! Sworn enemy and nemesis of my two best friends.” She yelled. The whole room got suddenly quiet and she threw herself on her back.

“My god, Harry and Ron. I totally forgot.” She moaned. “Damnit! They are going to kill me!”

“Well... maybe they won’t.” Ginny said hopefully. “Oh, who am I kidding? Of course they are! Especially Ron who is like in love with you!”

“Well er I’ll leave you two to talk.” Lavender said cautiously and she strutted out with Parvati following behind. She had always been a bit hesitant to talk about her ex boyfriend. Hermione expected she was still a bit heart broken.

Hermione had known for a while Ron had special feelings for her. She had avoided him the past few weeks because of it. She loved Ron very much, but not how he loved her. He was one of her best friends and she loved him like a brother. Nothing more. She had talked to Harry about this just yesterday and he assured her that Ron did really feel that way.

“Well as most muggles say I better face the music.” Hermione gave her a tired smile as she sat up in bed and walked out of the dormitory. She searched for Harry and Ron in the common room, but was surprised at finding they weren’t there.

She sat down in one of the more comfortable chairs and started on her homework that was due in a week. She sighed as she wrote an essay glad for some peace. When she got to the subject Care of Magical Creatures all that was due now was her project in two weeks, but Hermione wasn’t the type to procrastinate! Her work was done a week beforehand, at least.

Damn you Malfoy! Hermione screamed in her head. She touched her lips and remembered the feel of his own moving against hers. The way his hand had groped her back, and the way his body felt on top of hers.

“Hermione!” She jumped six feet in the air and looked up at a rather distressed red head and very untidy raven-haired boy.

“Please Hermione tell me it isn’t true!” Harry said. Some of the other people in the common room looked at him strangely.

“How could you do that?! I’ll kill that ferret-faced prat so help me I will!” Ron shouted. Everyone had now abandoned what they were doing and watched the Trio carefully.

“Boys calm down.” Hermione told them smoothly. She put her work to the side and looked directly at them, daring them to say one more word.

“What I do with Malfoy is none of your concern.” She said has she crossed her arms over her chest. There were some whispers about Hermione not wanting to say anything because it was the truth, and Ron started to open his mouth to say something, but Hermione glared and he thought better of it. “but I will tell you that MOST of the rumors are not true.”

“Most?” Harry asked.

“Depends on what you heard, Harry. Tell me.” She said as she positioned herself comfortably on the seat. Harry placed himself lightly on the chair next to her. Everyone’s eyes were now on him.

“Well there was one that we heard, and it was the first one we heard so it was quite a shock.” Harry sighed, realizing that he was the center of attention.

“Just tell me exactly what you heard Harry.” Hermione said impaintely.

Ron was still standing up and darting his eyes between Hermione and Harry. He seemed unsure of what he should do next, and was afraid that if he did move Voldemort would come crashing through the wall and kill him.

That would be better then this, Ron thought. His heart felt as if it had been torn from his body, thrown onto the cold, hard ground, and stampeded on mercilessly by Hermione herself. He loved her from the bottom of his heart, why couldn’t she see that?

Maybe you should have made a move you git! Ron argued with himself. This probably wouldn’t have happened if she knew how you felt!

“Okay so we were walking back to the dormitory when we heard three fourth year Hufflepuffs.” Harry explained. “We stopped when we heard your name and Malfoy’s. Then they said, and you can quote me I can’t believe Hermione would go all the way with Malfoy, He must be a God! Of course we wanted to throttle them for such lies, but while we were coming back that was all we heard about.” Harry looked at Hermione worriedly.

“Don’t worry Harry, I did not shag Malfoy.” Ron smiled and finally sat down on a chair. There were some whispers of liar, but the trio paid no mind. Rons heart lifted. Maybe I should tell her now? He opened his mouth to talk, but again Hermione continued. “but,” She said clearly making sure the whole room could hear her, “Professor Snape did find us snogging on the shore of the Black River.” There were surprised gasps and some scoffs of disgust.

Ron’s heart had gone from floating on air to wrinkled and dried out. His eyes turned to fiery anger.

“What?!” Ron lashed out. “How could you Hermione?!”

“Yes Hermione how could you?” Harry asked in a hostile tone, but seemed much calmer than Ron.

“Oh do shut up Ronald! What would Harry have done if Ginny had fallen on top of him?!” Hermione pointed to Harry, and he blushed. Then she walked over to Ron and yelled in his face. “If Lavender had fallen on top of you what would you have done?!”

“I would have told her to get her bloody arse off because I don’t love her Hermione! I love you! How could you be so selfish of my feelings and go off and snog whoever you wanted to!?” Everyone’s eyes had shifted from Harry to the battle between Ron and Hermione. Hermione tried to pretend she didn't see Lavender running back up to the girls dormitories, face in her hands.

“Look Ron you never told me you had any feelings toward me! So just shut your bloody arse up, because I DON’T CARE!” She spat aggressively. Rons eyes bulged out at her statement. There were gasps again and the whole room looked at the broken hearted red head. He seemed to be trying to hold back his desperate tears.

“Well you know what? I DON’T CARE EITHER! Go off and shag anyone you want! I don’t give a damn! As a matter of fact you can go shag Harry for all I care!” Ron threw his arms up in the air in frustration, his face redder than his hair.

“Don’t you dare bring me into the argument!” Harry warned.

“Both of you get off my bloody back! I’m not a little girl! I can shag who I want when I want whether it be Malfoy or Harry!” Harry’s eyes widened at the thought of shagging Hermione. “And you two can’t stop me!” Eyes full of tears she ran to the portrait hole and left, sobbing.

“You really need to control your temper mate.” Harry said suggestively after Hermione was long gone. Ron just growled in response and pushed his way through everyone who was watching them to the boys dormitories.


“What Harry!? I don’t fancy a talk right now!” Ron told him, very annoyed.

“You know I would never even think about shagging Hermione behind your back right?” Harry told to both the eager crowd and Ron.

“Yeah Harry, whatever. Now can I please go wallow in my self pity?”

“Of course mate.” He said sympathetically.

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Chapter 3 - I Don't Want to be Right

Hermione’s heart was beating madly against her chest as she cried her eyes out. She didn't know where to go. Surely Malfoy was in the heads dorm. She did not want to face him, and the tower was now useless.

Ron you prat! She thought. Maybe instead of being such a coward, ask me on a date for bloody sake! Not that I would have agreed.

Hermione stopped running to catch her breath and looked around. An old rusted suit of armor was at each end of the long corridor. She breathed out loudly and walked down the hall looking for a familiar landmark. She stopped and then smiled, realizing where she was.

Stopping in front of the stone wall she paced three times back and forth thinking `I need a place that is quiet and peaceful. A place where I can relax.`

An oak door popped into view and she grasped the decorative handle and walked inside the Room of Requirement.

They had a comfortable looking couch in the middle of the room that had many pillows and it had a glorious canopy bed against the wall in the corner. A book shelf was next to the crackling fireplace in front of the couch. There was also a small bar in the opposite corner of the room.

“I could use a drink of water.” She decided aloud and made her way to the bar. She took large gulps and the water was gone in a flash. It really calmed her throbbing headache she had acquired from yelling so much.

She threw herself onto the couch and stared fixedly at the burning fire. Being in such a lazy mood Hermione flicked her wrist and her school uniform instantly changed into a silky night dress with thin straps and see through robe. She climbed off the couch and headed for the luxurious bed in the corner, and jumped onto it.

Hermione snuggled up to one of the soft pillows and sighed in pleasure. She positioned herself on her back, arms spread out, looking up at the ceiling.

“Well? How could my life get any worse?” She talked to herself. “Oh, I’ve got a good one for you Hermione.” She answered. “Harry could burst in, claim his undying love for me, then attempt to shag me senseless! Ha! That was a good one!” Not to self: First sign of insanity-talking to yourself. Second sign-answering yourself.

She grunted and sat up to look at the tall bookshelf that reached the ceiling. Hermione slid off the bed and headed in that direction.

“Let’s see.” Her hand touched the first book’s spine and read the title. “Peaceful Potions: 1000 Potions for Peace.” Her hand glided along as she read a couple more. “Calming and Peaceful Yoga techniques. Don’t you have an exciting book that I can fall asleep with?” Instantly the next book she touched turned into: The Secrets of Hogwarts: From Beginning to End. Hermione slid the book from the shelf and opened it to the table of contents.

Chapter1... The Hogwarts Founders
Chapter2... Secret Passage Ways
Chapter3... Legends and Mysteries
Chapter4... Hidden Prophecies

“Seems interesting enough. Thanks.” She told the room awkwardly. She literally skipped back over to the bed and hummed as she lay herself down comfortably and started reading. She was obviously desperate to cheer herself up.

“Let’s see what I don’t know about this place.” She looked in the contents and found the chapter about secret rooms. She did not expect to find it in this book though. The Room of Requirement was highly unknown. Only her, Harry, Ron, and Dumbledore really knew where it was located, but to her surprise it had a small section called 'mysterious findings'. It had an interview so to speak of a person reaccounting how they got into the room.

“Yadda, yadda, yadda must pace before room three times, gives the user anything they want. Now here’s something. When the room is in use any other can have access to it if they wish. They must follow the same procedure, but the room shall change from the previous to the most recent.” Hermione set the book to her side and furrowed her eye brows thinking about what she had just read.

“So if someone wanted to shag the room would change instantly into some romantic/horny setting with me still in it?” Hermione giggled. She looked up at the oak door, and frowned. What if someone barged in here and-

She heard the door knob click against the quiet and saw it turn. She sat up so quickly that she tumbled out of bed with a soft thud onto the ground. The door slammed shut and her eyes bulged at the voice she heard.

“How dare they!” Draco screamed. “So what if I did!? They don’t have the damn authority to kick me out!” He huffed angrily.

I guess my life could get worse... I can’t possibly get out of here without him seeing me!

She heard him stomp towards the bar on the opposite side of the bed. She peeked hesitantly over the covers of the bed and stared at him. Crap! I left my wand on the side table, the empty water glass on the bar, and the book on the bed! Yeah he’s gonna figure out someone is here! Stupid, stupid, stupid! Some smartest witch of your age Hermione!

She saw him stare at the water glass and ducked behind the bed before he had the chance to look in her direction. She could just see him in her mind staring at the wand and book. She heard his footsteps head towards the door and then the door opened and closed again.

What? Did he just leave?

She again peered over the bed to find the room empty. She stood up slowly and looked around the room, no one was there, or so it seemed. She walked behind the couch and stared at the door.

Something touched her shoulder lightly and said, “Nice outfit Hermione.”

Hermione stepped forward out of his reach and turned around to look into his gorgeous blue eyes. “What’s the matter Hermione? Cat got your tongue?”

“How dare you speak my name with your unworthy lips you ferret!” She told him hotly, eyes burning with anger.

“Woah, Hermione? Unworthy lips? What’s gotten into you?” He seemed worried for some reason.

“Apparently your slimy tongue Malfoy.” Hermione scoffed. He just laughed.

“C’mon Hermione. It wasn’t that bad.” He cocked a reasoning eye brow. She grunted in reply.

“You didn’t have to fight with your two best friends because of it.” She hissed as she turned away from him, crossing her arms. What the hell is wrong with me? I should be rushing out of here like an embarrassed idiot! Not standing here letting him look my body over.

She felt his hands being placed delicately on her wide hips. She could just see the smirk plastered on his manly face. He pulled her toward him and whispered sweetly into her ear.

“Let me make it better.”

“You didn’t say that when you bolted out of Dumbledore’s office.” Hermione spat back.

He paid no mind to her criticism and nibbled on her ear lobe. “Malfoy I’m really not in the mood.” Hermione sighed, trying not to enjoy this.

“Draco. Call me Draco, and I think you’ll get there pretty soon.” He started to descend down her neck kissing and licking every spot he could reach. Hermione threw his hands from around her waist and swiftly stepped away from him again. She looked into his lust filled eyes.

“Look Malfoy. You are the Slytherin Sex God okay, and we both know and so does the population of Hogwarts, staff included, that most of the girls here worship you.” At this he smirked. “But ugh I’m the Hermione Granger, repeat, Hermione Granger. The embodiment of innocence, intellect, and wisdom.” He stared at her in awe. What the hell is she doing?

“Something tells me,” She pointed to her head, “that this is not going to work out.” She motioned between them when she said this. He walked up to her looking her in the eye strangely.

“This is all wrong M-Draco. I’m supposed to be snogging Ron, not you. This is definitely all wrong.” She looked back at him hopefully as if saying 'please understand'.

He leaned down and kissed her softly. “If this is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.” Their foreheads were pressed together, and Hermione tried to look anywhere but his eyes. She knew if she did her whole being would be sucked into his charm. Let the sucking begin, because he brought his hand to her chin and forced her to look at him.

She gulped hard and felt his fingers trace the outside of her forearm. “If you’re trying to seduce me Draco... then it’s working.” She admitted. Not bothering to wait for him she pushed her head forward and their lips collided.

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Chapter 4 - Stop Trying So Hard

Hermione lay on the bed with a certain Slytherin on top of her. He was kissing her, ravishing her. Could I paint an even more vibrant picture for you? Draco Malfoy, Slytherin Sex God, supposed death eater, person who has taunted Hermione and her friends for six years.

Hermione Granger, straight O student, wisest and most intelligent witch of her age, shy, and very sweet. Could there be any more of an opposite attraction here? Hermione realized this as she felt his large hands creep up her inner thigh.

This will never work! I’m probably just a one night stand for him anyway! Enraged by this very possible thought Hermione pushed her body against him trying to throw him off. He only moaned, thinking it was her body’s reaction to his ministrations. Noticing this Hermione edged her way to the top of the bed, and laid her head on the pillows.

She brought her hand by his zipper and teased him while her other sneakily made its way to the side table, where her wand lay. She moaned, both to distract him and out of pleasure when his hands rubbed soothing circles around her legs. Her hand wandered desperately for her wand, but felt nothing. Crap! Where the hell is it?!

Giving up she decided on plan B--which she had yet to think of.

“Malfoy.” She whispered. He smirked against her neck, where his lips were now kissing, thinking it was yet again her reaction.

“Draco.” She tried to say firmly, but it came out as a helpless whimper. He detached his lips and said huskily, “If you think this is heaven, just wait till I’m inside you.” Hermione wanted to melt right then and there. Using her same tactic as last time she managed to get on top of him.

She bent down and kissed him sweetly, and looked back into his eyes. She climbed off of him reluctantly, and saw her wand on the ground next to the bed. She made a reach for it, and sped toward the door.

“Hermione?” She heard Draco call to her, but she just reached for the door handle and left the room, without a glance behind her.

“Invisio.” She muttered and her whole body turned transparent. Just then the door flew open, and Draco stood in the doorway looking for her. She walked up to him, and placed her hands on his shoulders. Hermione placed her lips on his, and she stared into his eyes. She broke away quickly so she didn’t get too caught up.

“Hermione?” Draco whispered. “I know you’re here.”

She leaned toward his left ear. “Draco, we have to stop this now. I know all of those cliché romance novels, because I’ve read them. It won’t work, so stop trying so hard.” With that as her parting words, she kissed his cheek, and headed for her dormitory.

“Qudditch.” She said urgently. The Fat Lady snored away. She undid the invisibility charm and knocked lightly on the portrait also changing back into her other clothes with a flick of her wrist. The Fat Lady stirred finally and stared tiredly at her.

“Dear should you really be out at this hour?”

“No I shouldn’t. I’m very sorry for disturbing you, but could I please get in?” Hermione said politely.

“Of course sweet, password?”


“Have a nice sleep.” The fat lady told Hermione. She smiled and entered the common room. The fire was still going, and she saw the reason why sitting on the couch staring into it.

Good, I need to talk to him. She had made her decision.

Ron turned around, and stared at her from the couch. He stood up immediately, and gaped at Hermione. She couldn’t tell if it was from the fact that she had come back, or the fact she had come here instead of to her dorm.

“Ron, I want to talk to you.” She walked over to him. “I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to yell at you, and I do care about you.”

“I-It’s okay Hermione.” He said softly. Hermione walked right up to him, and looked him in the eye.

“One more thing Ron.” She told him as she touched his cheek sensually.

“What is it?” He said a bit shakily, his voice cracking a little, nervous of their closeness.

“I love you too.” She whispered and kissed him. He was too shocked to kiss back so instead he gripped her shoulders and pried their lips apart.

“You said what now?!” He asked.

“I love you.” She repeated, and started to kiss him again. He gave in and kissed her back passionately, running his hands through her hair. He moaned and she pulled back. He shook his head trying to concentrate.

“You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for that Hermione.” He said dreamily. She felt his hands exploring her hips and stomach openly, as if this was a dream, and he wanted to make it last. She smiled bashfully.

“Hermione I love you so much, please, I need you.” Ron suddenly blurted. Hermione stared at him. She had never thought about sex very much. Always as a little girl she pictured her wedding night as a romantic scene, of course when she got older she knew she wanted sex, after she was married.

But now Hermione knew things didn’t always go with the plan. She quickly thought of how she had pictured a handsome husband, who was absolutely perfect in every way, including sexual. Yes she was a virgin, and she had also planned to stay that way for a couple more years, but now she wasn’t so sure.


“Ron, where-” She trailed off, and blushed. He smiled, and wanted to jump for joy at her saying yes, but instead pulled her toward the boys dormitories.

“Ron! Are you insane! We can’t.... in there!” She whispered persistently.

“Don’t worry Mione, they have an empty single.” He smiled.

“Oh.” and he pulled her inside.


Ron rolled off of Hermione breathing heavily. Hermione tried to control her breathing, but that only made her head hurt more. She had to admit, that wasn’t as mind blowing as she thought it would be. But it had been her first time, and it had hurt, a lot. But Ron, being a virgin himself, had gone gentle. Luckily Hermione had remembered to put a pregnancy charm on herself before Ron had entered her.

Ron looked at her and smiled while she returned it.

“I love you Hermione.” He said before pulling up the covers over them and wrapping his arms around her waist protectively. “Good night love.” He whispered before nodding off.

“Night.” Hermione whispered back, and lay on her back, looking up at the blank ceiling. She sighed, and tried to go to sleep, but whenever she closed her eyes, two blue ones popped into her head.

“What the hell Hermione?” She wondered out loud. Her treacherous mind suddenly wondered how it would have been if Draco had been the one making love to her, as a matter of fact Hermione remembered herself thinking the same thing when Ron was about to climax. She had been a syllable away from saying his name when she screamed, (yes, they had put a silencing charm on the room) but it came out as “Dron.” She had caught herself very closely, and Ron had been too “busy” to notice anyway.

She moaned and rubbed her temples. What kind of potion did he slip in my drink? What spell did he cast? He’s everywhere and anywhere! I can’t get him out of my damn head!

Hermione sighed in frustration, and again tried fruitlessly to fall asleep. She finally managed to fall into a light slumber, but had no luck in making her dreams of Draco flutter out the window.


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Chapter 5 - He's Going Crazy

The next week was full of holding hands, light kisses between classes, and declarations of true love. At least that was how Ron felt. Hermione was a different story. She would walk around the school a cheerful smile, and glowing eyes. That wasn’t how she truly felt. The misery was locked down deep, but no one saw it.

Or so she thought. He knew Hermione more than he let on, and he could read her like an open book. Draco Malfoy watched her from afar that week, peeking glances when she wasn’t looking, and thinking about her night and day. He knew what had gone on between Ron and her that night, he knew that Ron was madly in love with her, and what he also knew is that Hermione had no such feelings for him.

So why was she making love, and snogging the man she had no feelings for? Draco knew. She was scared that she would be an outcast if she admitted her feelings that she so obviously had for him, and scared that she would be alone.

But she wouldn’t be alone! She would have me! Maybe that’s the other thing she’s scared of... me?

Draco walked down to the dungeons quietly.

“Pureblood.” He muttered and the brick wall slid apart revealing the Slytherin common room.

“Draco!” Pansy screamed and lunged for his arm, desperately hanging onto it. “Why don’t we go to my room?” She batted her eye lashes in what she thought was a seductive way. He flung his arm away from her and sneered, utterly disgusted by the girl.

He walked over to where he saw his two cronies and Blaise sitting on the green couches.

“Zabini.” He acknowledged. Even though they were good friends, they still called each other by their last name.

“Malfoy.” He said back. “Where have you been?” Blaise knew where he had been, he just loved to taunt him.

“Professor Snape wanted me to tutor some third year in potions.” He lied smoothly. He had really been down at the Qidditch pitch, watching Hermione watch Ron and Harry practice. He loved the way she would smile when they would score a point, or gasp when they almost got hit by a bludger. Always that heartfelt smile for them, but never for him.

“You know Malfoy I think that third year has had enough of your help.” Blaise told him, not referring to the third year at all.

“Whatever.” He said coolly.

“Malfoy, come with me.” Blaise instructed leading him into their private dorm. “Sit down.” Draco didn’t listen to him, and stayed standing.

“What do you want Zabini?” Draco asked.

“I want you to stop. That’s what I want you to do.”

“Stop what?” Malfoy said stubbornly.

“Don’t play dumb mate! You know what I’m talking about!” Blaise spat. “Stop looking at her! Stop following her! Stop thinking about her! Its over! She doesn’t want you, get that through your thick head!” Blaise tried to keep his calm, but it was wearing thin.

Draco stared at him, as if waiting for him to continue. “You can’t beat yourself up Malfoy.” Blaise tried to put on a sympathetic look, but being a Slytherin he wasn’t quite accustomed to it. All he managed was a confused one.

“I want her Blaise.” Draco said truthfully, using Zabini’s first name on purpose.

“Every guy wants her! She’s the hottest thing at this school right now since Fluer Delecour!”

“You don’t get it! I don’t just want her sexually! I want her... er.” He couldn’t seem to find the right words.

“My god man if you say that awful word I will slice your throat open and watch you suffer!” Blaise spat heatedly.

“Fine then I won’t tell you.” Draco muttered. Blaise had never seen him this helpless, and all over some pathetic mudblood! Zabini had figured Draco more than just liked her when he saw the longing in his eyes. Well it’s better than him falling for Pansy at least.

Draco hadn’t been able to form his emotions into words yet, but he had admitted it to himself long before this second. I know I have a lot of feelings for her, but the fact that I can’t have her is driving me over the edge! I'm Draco Malfoy! I can have any woman I want!

He couldn’t count how many times he had awoken in the middle of the night due to an erotic fantasy about her. She was like a curse that plauged his body. Ever since the boat incident he hadn’t been able touch any other girl. He had remained sexually inactive for about a week now, and that was a new record.

Blaise had to do something about this. This boy was seriously sick. Love sick to be exact, and even though he had not admitted it himself Blaise knew he felt that strongly. Malfoy would never run after a girl, at her heels, fawning over the ground she walked on. Nope. That was how girls were supposed to treat him! Not the other damned way around!

Blaise had no more comments, and left the room quietly, leaving a distressed Draco in his wake. He slammed the dormitory door, and headed out of the portrait hole. His first place to search was obviously the library. Know-it-all Granger can’t resist a good book.

He entered the open doors of the library, and searched for a head of bushy brown hair. Nothing stood out to him, so he prowled the many shelves for her.

“Might I help you Mr.Zabini?” The librarian said who was stacking books back onto the shelves.

“Yes. Have you seen Miss Granger today?” He put on the best sweet tone he could. Madame Pince's facial expression gave him the idea that she was annoyed with this question.

“Well I recall Miss Granger heading into the restricted section, but I am afraid you will have to wait as you cannot go in without a note.” She told him in a business tone not even looking at him anymore. She was more preoccupied at which book went where.

“Thank you.” He turned away from her, and almost gagged. Wait for a mudblood! I think not! Zabini’s were just as stuborn as Malfoy’s could be. Blaise winced at the distasteful act he had put on for the librarian, and cursed himself for being the only friend (if you could call it that) Malfoy had.

He strutted gracefully down a slender row of shelves toward the Restricted Section. He stopped in front of a row that was on the opposite side of the door.

“Lets see Dragon Blood Uses, Standard book of spells, and....” He bent the book labeled Hogwarts A History over on its spine, and immediately heard the doors lock click open. He looked around casually, seeing no one was looking, and entered the gloomy room.

The room looked damp, and unwelcoming, unlike the rest of the library. He paid no mind to this and continued his search for the intelligent Gryffindor. Her hair stood out majorly at the end of the nearest book shelf. He strode as quickly as a cat over to her, and she gasped at someone’s sudden breathing upon her neck.

She wheeled around light brown eyes aloft with surprise. They soon turned into a nervous stare when she realized who it was.

“Granger.” He said.

“What do you want Zabini?” She asked not backing away for a second. As a matter of fact she shifted her weight to the balls of her feet to lean forward closer to him.

“We need to discuss the issue now Granger. He is losing his mind as we speak.”

“What the bloody hell are you talking about? Who is losing their mind?” She said aggressively. He steped forward, and now they were centimeters apart, Hermione inched backwards now getting a little frightened at his daring closeness.

“If you’re trying to intimidate me then it isn’t working.” She said defiantly, hoping her words didn’t disagree with her.

“Nope, I don’t think intimidating you is the case here.” He said letting his left arm lean his body against the bookshelf behind her which conveniently brought him closer to her face.

“Then I suggest you back up off me.” She whispered hotly.

“Calm down Granger I know how you can get.” He smirked knowingly. The details about her and Malfoy had been the rumor of the week, and Blaise being around Millicent, Draco, and Pansy had gotten the full story.

“You know what I’m talking about Granger, and I want it to stop.” He whispered through clenched teeth.

“I haven’t the faintest...” Before she could finish his hand covered her mouth to stop her, and she squeaked like a mouse that had been caught by a cat.

“He’s going crazy Granger. You are the only one who can stop this. Malfoy is not the same anymore. All he does is follow your bloody arse around like a love sick puppy, and then he comes back to the common room and gives me the lamest excuse of where he has been when he knows damn well that I know where he was!” He snapped. She tried to talk, but his hand was preventing her. He removed it quickly to let her speak.

“Malfoy is what?” She asked disbelievingly. He sighed in frustration.

“Could I put it more bluntly Granger?! He is in love with you!” He hissed.

“Yeah yeah Blaise,” She put stress on his first name, “right Malfoy is in love with me and you are head over heals for Harry.” She laughed at her own joke.

“That was the most sickening comparison I have ever heard! Gross! Me and Potter?” He sneered in dusgust. “Why? Does he swing either way or something, because I thought he was shagging Weaslette?” He asked seriously. Her eyes widened.

“Y-you’re not joking? Malfoy didn’t put you up to this? You’re not under polyjuice potion or the imperius curse?” She looked down at her feet, but Blaise still saw her cheeks flush red.

“You’re embarrassed because Malfoy is in love with you? I don’t see you blushing when Weasel claims you are the love of his life in the hallways, all you do is smile while my best friend’s heart gets ripped apart!” He spat bitterly. Whoa did I just say I cared about my friend? All this love stuff has got to go! I’m not used to all this drama.

“Well I-” She tried to look anywhere but his face. Unfortunately his hand snaked up to her chin, and lifted it to meet her eyes with his. She tried to hide everything, tried to block out her feelings like all the Slytherins did so well, but she felt her wall breaking under his gaze until it came flooding through. She closed her eyes hoping he had seen nothing.

“Merlin Granger,” He whispered, pushing her face away from his. “If you feel this way,” What the hell am I saying?! , “you should-”

“What do you know Zabini?! All you Slytherins haven’t a care in the world! You go around thinking you’re better than everyone when you are really the filth of this school!” She sobbed. “You go around saying screw the world because that’s better than feeling something!” She pushed him away from her, and ran to the door, but someone wrapped their arms around her waist.

She struggled against the strong arms with no avail.

“Silencio!” Blaise called, and the spell hit Hermione right when she was about to scream for help. She had that weird feeling in her throat that you get when you try to scream, but can’t.

Then she heard her captor whisper another spell she couldn’t recognize, and her world went blank.


Hermione’s head was aching so badly, and she rolled over. She felt satin sheets over her, and the most comfortable mattress she had ever felt before. She moaned in pleasure, and smiled. She rolled onto her back, and opened her eyes. She was lying in the most beautiful room she had ever seen. But that’s just it; she had never seen this room before.

She sat bolt upright in a daze as she gazed at the large room. The bed was a canopy, and she admired the beautiful green sheets laying over her for a minute, and then looked over at the wall window. The most breathtaking scene of the lake was outside.

“I’m still at school, but where am I in the school?” She wondered aloud. She lifted the covers to get out of the bed to get a better look out the window, but she stopped when she looked at what she was wearing. The most beautiful black silk dress was on her body, and she had to admit she looked sexy. She gaped at her appearance as she walked over to a full length mirror resting perfectly in the corner.

Her hands traveled smoothly along her tiny waist and then her wide hips. Her breasts looked even fuller in this than her unstylish school robes, and she actually liked this new self confident feeling building within her. Of course her breasts had been a reasonable size before, but this made them look even better. She laughed at herself quietly for thinking like a girl for once in her life.

Hermione left the mirror to go back to the miraculous window. She sighed peacefully at the scene. Hermione sat down on the low ledge jetting out from the wall next to the window. Her feet tucked neatly underneath her she decided to open the window for some fresh air, and she did so.

The wind blew her hair back softly as if kissing her cheek. What happened to get me here? Where am I? Just then she heard the creaking of a door, and turns to look in the direction the noise had come from.

“Hermione?” A hoarse voice asked her in a concerned manner.

“M-Malfoy?” She whimpered. She suddenly realized the green sheets, green carpet, and the biggest hint of all there on top of the canopy bed, which she hadn’t noticed until now, was the iron lining of a snake all around the bed’s frame.

She stood up hurriedly, but realized that was not something she wanted to do in this outfit. It felt too revealing to stand in front of him like this, but the strangest thing was happening. Malfoy was not staring at her body. Au Contraire he was staring directly into her eyes.

And probably the most strangest was that she stared right back, so transfixed on the bottomless blue orbs that she didn’t notice him approach her until he was a foot away. She thought about backing up, but the only thing behind her was the window, and she could fall out. Not that she would think Draco would push her out the window. Two months ago she would have said he would kill her if he had the chance, but things had drastically changed between them. Draco seemed different now.

Oh, so it’s Draco again Hermione? A cunning voice told her in the back of her mind.

Well that is his name isn’t it? An intellectual voice shot back.

“You’re beautiful.” Malfoy whispered finally letting his eyes wander just a bit. But just as quickly as they wavered his eyes shot back to her face twice as fast, as if he could sense she was uncomfortable, and wanted to make her feel better.

She liked it though. It was like he cared if she thought he was a pervert, or any other nasty name she could come up with. She stood still waiting for what would happen next, but decided to ask the first question that she was dying to have answered.

“How.... how did I get here?” She asked hoarsely.

“You were in the library talking, or rather arguing with Blaise.” He reminded her attentively.

The memories came flooding back to her, and she remembered every detail of their little spat in the Restricted Section. When Blaise had cornered her, when he asked her to stop doing whatever she had been doing, and then him admitting that Draco was head over heels in love...with her. She looked down at the floor again, turning red with embarrassment.

She heard him chuckle. Wow didn’t think a Malfoy knew how to chuckle. She lifted her head slowly to his. He was inches in front of her now. She knew what was coming. A kiss would be the next thing in her romance novels. She even pouted her lips a little in preparation for it.

He leaned forward and put his mouth to her ear, “I’m not one of your little books Granger. You can’t read me that easily.” He nibbled on her ear making her gasp in surprise. He put a finger on her delicate lips, and traced their pattern softly.

Then he pulled back, and went to go sit on her bed. Or was it her bed? She hesitated a moment but finally asked, “Where are we Draco?” She saw an actual smile tug the corner of his mouth while he answered.

“This is the Head Dorms, where else?” He said as if it were obvious. “You have never been in my room Hermione, but here it is.” He motioned to the atmosphere around them gloriously.

Her mouth dropped open. I’m in his room in the Head dormitory?! She walked quickly over to the door.

“I wouldn’t-” He warned, but she was already out the door. She descended the flight, and at the bottom found their common room... that had Blaise Zabini, Crabbe, Goyle, and Pansy sitting on the couch.

She stopped in her tracks, an again felt the rising heat in her cheeks. She sprinted toward her own door, and out of sight.

Meanwhile Draco had run down the stairs to catch her before she was seen, but was too late when he saw his friends staring at her in disbelief. He sighed and shook his head, smiling again. Typical stubborn Granger.

“Draco, there was no way in hell that that was the know-it-all Bookworm.” Blasie said his face truly astonished.

“Draco! How could you put her in something like that! I’m only supposed to dress like that for you.” Pansy wailed, also giving a slight hint that she would love to do it sometime soon.

“I think I’m going to go now. C’mon Goyle lets go down to the Great Hall and see if they have any leftovers from breakfast.” Crabbe said excitedly, not even worrying about Hermione’s little show in the smallest bit.

“Pansy go wait for me in the Astronomy tower.” He said with no emotion what so ever. She jumped up, and ran for the portrait hole so fast she was just a blur. Crabbe and Goyle followed right behind her.

“So how did your little thing go?” Blasie asked casually as if this was an everyday conversation.

“Blaise I don’t wish to give you all the details, all I can tell you is I’m very happy.” He smiled.

“There’s is something so wrong with you.” Blaise whispered. “All you do is eat, drink, sleep, think...Hermione Granger. I swear to Merlin himself I will never fall in love.” He told him while leaning his elbows onto his knees.

“We already discussed this to full extent last night while Hermione was asleep.” Draco told him insistently.

“Fine, fine.” Blaise said giving up on Draco in this conversation. He had a feeling his friend would never be the same again.

He shook his head in disappointment, but couldn’t help but wonder as he watched his friend merrily smiling, and being so happy all the time, how he would feel if he was in love.


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Chapter 6: DRACO OR RON
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Chapter 6 - Draco or Ron

The next morning was Sunday, and Hermione was surprised that she could even fall asleep again after the long slumber the previous night. Then again she never got quite how many hours she had been asleep. She opened her eyes greeting the soft morning with a wide stretch, arching her back from the bed. Her feet flipped over the side of the bed, and she hoisted herself onto the velvet carpet on the floor.

Hermione's dress billowed behind her as she made her way over to the bathroom to take a well needed bath. She sighed, running her fingers through her hair, and fluffing it up a bit. A large yawn overcame her as she entered, and Draco was by the sink brushing his teeth, in only his black silk boxers.

She had not seen him since the day before, and she stopped rigid with a tiny gasp at his presence. He stopped also, and spit the toothpaste out looking back at her. Hermione couldn’t help, but looked at his exposure to her. What girl wouldn’t look at his sexy physique if they had the perfect chance? So Hermione seized it while she had the opportunity.

“Morning.” He said simply. Not seeming to notice her stare. She ogled the perfectly built muscles of his arms, perfect for holding her close to his chest. Just at the thought her eyes shifted to that aspect of his. The chest was even more desirable than his arms.

Draco watched her lick her lips desirably. He shuddered and wondered what else that tongue of hers could do. Just the thought made his blood flow to the nether regions, and he tried to suppress his moan by biting his tongue harshly. This couldn’t happen right now.

But why not she seems to well want to, and I most certainly want to. Its Sunday morning, so no classes, and barely any duties. Why can’t we?

Because you idiot! Don't you think it's a little soon to be having sex with her! I thought you're plan was to take it slow! It seems Draco also had problems with the two argueing voices in his head.

Hermione walked toward him gracefully, and tilted her head upward to look into his handsome face. “Draco?” She breathed. The sound of his name coming from those rosy lips shocked him even more now, especially at this close range.

Go for it buddy! She's asking, begging, for it! The other voice seemed to have no comment.

He felt soft fingers caress his chest and then lead to his forearms, pushing them to wrap around her waist as she held them there. Hermione let go, and he squeezed her close.

“Hermione?” He said back knowing she wanted to hear him speaking her name in this way also. She looked back up at him, and leaned close. As they watched each other lean in their hearts raced with exhilaration and the lip lock became final. Hermione kissed back, leaning upward on the balls of her feet, tasting the mint fresh toothpaste on his breath.

His hands groped lower and lifted her off the floor slightly from the leverage of her bum. Her cue to wrap her legs around him enthusiastically. Hermione worried she was too much weight for him to carry, until he started to walk backwards toward his own bedroom.

So shocked she broke the kiss, and looked at him. “I’m just bring-” He was about to assure, but her lips stopped him.

“Stop talking.” She ordered bossily.

“As you wish.” He said not even thinking about resisting her kisses. He pulled her closer to the door fumbling for the knob. When he found it he turned it hastily, and entered the room. He eased her onto the bed softly, and looked down at her. An angel couldn’t have been more beautiful.

“Are you sure?” He asked in a whisper.

“Yes.” And with that she pulled on the back of his neck and their lips crashed together once more. His hands touched the curves on each side of her waist. Light touches were planted on her body, and Hermione tingled with excitement. He kissed her lightly also trying to remember everything. He knew he would never forget her. Never ever.

The light caresses were becoming tense for Hermione. She couldn’t wait much longer for him to undress her, touch her bare skin, and make love to her.

“Draco please.” He had reduced her to pleading. “It’s not like it’s my first time.” She reminded him. He looked into her lust filled eyes and smiled.

“Yes this is the first time Hermione.” He disagreed with her. “It’s our first time, and I want it to be special. What about you?” Hermione kissed him softly and said,

“Thank you Draco.” As she looked into those eyes she noticed the tint was different, much lighter, like the sky. She knew what this color was. Not lust or loathing, but love. Then inhaling a breath she told him three small words that meant everything.

“I love you.” Draco’s smile widened, and now went ear to ear.

“I love you, too.” Then he kissed her with a passion that was indescribable, and it seemed to seal their promise to each other.

His hand made his way to lift up her dress. Draco felt so lightheaded, and happy. This was no ordinary happening. This was not just regular sex with a random girl that threw herself at him. He wouldn’t just be having sex with a girl; he would be making love to his true love.


Hermione rolled over in her sleep, and sighed. That was the best dream I have ever had. She thought over the magical scene in her mind, and again sighed. She cuddled up to the large pillow to her side. The pillow was rather hard and.... muscular? She opened her eyes, and saw someone’s chest not two inches away. She gulped, and backed away to stare into the male’s face.

“It was... real?” She whispered. Staring into his face, his eyes were closed, and she could see a lopsided grin on his face. He looked like he was still sleeping, and she scanned his body, looking down at her own realizing she was still nude. Hermione propped herself up on an elbow, and nuzzled his neck, placing light, affectionate kisses in every place she could.

His arm wrapped lazily around her waist, and he pulled her closer, kissing her head sweetly.

“What time is it?” Draco moaned, and Hermione looked at him. She kissed his cheek, and answered:

“Time for us to get up.” Hermione whispered in his ear nibbling it as well.

“What if I don’t want to?” He said pulling her closer hugging her tightly.

“What if I say you have to.”

“Oh, feisty! You know I like them that way.” He said while wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. She slapped his arm and laughed.

“Will you shut it Draco, we should get up. People might wonder where the head boy and girl have been all day.” In response he leaned forward and kissed her nose.

“As you wish.” But he made no move to get off the bed, and lay on his back staring up at the ceiling. Hermione stared at him openly, using her eyes as a scanner to absord every little detail she could. It had been so perfect. Hermione remembered his touch, like fire igniting against her skin. His kisses making her moan as he worshiped her. Nothing had felt more perfect, no even when she was with... Ron?

Hermione sat bolt upright eyes bulging in horror. Oh no, oh no oh no oh no! Not now!

“Shit!” She muttered.

“Did the Gryffindor embodiment of innocence just curse?” Draco asked, surprised.

“No! This is wrong! Stupid stupid stupid!” Hermione cried, hitting her palm against her forehead multiple times.

“Don’t you dare start with that again!” Draco grunted sitting up as well. “You are not going to deny this again.” Draco didn’t demand, but he pleaded. It was her choice whether to come to him, or go back to her old life, and he wanted her to make that decision, because if she made the choice to love him and not care who judged them then he would love her even more.

Hermione flung the covers and stood, looking back at him in a horrified manner. What if Harry and Ron hate me forever? Merlin, Ron! How the hell could I have forgotten? He is head over heals, and I have no such feelings! This is the biggest mistake ever!

“Hermione?” Draco said also getting out of bed. Hermione searched the room and found her gown thrown carelessly next to the edge of the bed. She picked it up, and tried to cover herself suddenly feeling self conscious.

“What are you doing?” He chuckled. “It’s nothing I’ve never seen before.” She ignored him, and slipped the cloth over her head. She looked back at him with sorrow paining her eyes. Draco watched her eyes brim with tears, and one fell down her rosy cheek.

He walked toward her slowly. “What’s wrong love?” He said kissing the salty tears away. He held her shoulders possessively, now moving to her neck, not even bothering to put his own clothes on.

“Get away from me.” Her rough voice whispered. He looked up with the snap of his head, and furrowed his eyebrows. She wiggled out of his grasp, and he let her go reluctantly.

She wiped her tears away harshly, as if telling herself to stop being so stupid. “Ron loves me Malfoy, and I love him.” She said strongly.

Malfoy shook his head in disbelief, “What did you say?”

“I said I love Ron. What went on here means nothing to me. I never loved you. It was all a ploy to get back at you.” And with that she sped towards the door now letting her tears run freely, and placed locking charms on all the doors leading to her room.

Back in Malfoy’s room Draco stood there naked replaying everything that had happened earlier, and what Hermione had just said. It made no sense whatsoever. He thought about the breathy moans she had given him, and remembered the sound of his name on her sweet lips. He had admitted his feelings to her, he had given himself to her, and this time he put himself out fully, not like all the other times.

A great sadness built up in his chest. “Malfoy’s don’t cry.” He whispered, voice cracking. Again his body betrayed him just like it had on the boat only a week ago as a single tear slipped down his pale cheek. Hermione dressed as quickly as she could, and headed to the Gryffindor common room to find her friends.

“Quidditch.” She said to the fat lady.

“Hermione, dear why so glum? I’ve Never seen you this miserable before.” The woman said sweetly. Is it that obvious?

“I’m fine. I um just had a little accident back in my dorm.” The fat lady nodded her head in sympathy, and Hermione was grateful she hadn’t questioned further. The portrait swung open, and she entered.

Hermione glanced at the lion clock atop the mantel of the fireplace. It was 3:54 PM. Hermione took a calming breath, and searched the room for Ron, Harry, or Ginny. Ginny, that’s right, I could talk to Ginny. She’s good at keeping secrets. I hope.She headed toward the girls dorm, but found who she was looking for in the far corner of the room.

Hermione giggled. Ginny was being sandwiched between the wall and Harry’s body, and they were snogging madly. Hermione couldn’t help but remember the fiasco between her and Draco, when she saw Harry nibble Ginny’s ear affectionately. She tried desperately to shake off the tingling feeling and focused. She walked up behind them, and said loudly for the whole room to hear:

“My god you two! Get a room!” Harry turned, and looked at her, cheeks still flushed from kissing, and smiled naughtily.

“Oh I’m sorry Hermione was that too much for your innocent eyes to handle?” His voice was rough and husky. Trust me Potter I’ve seen plenty.

“Ha ha. Now if you two are done, I need to speak with Ginny on a very important matter.” Ginny appeared next to Harry’s large form, and smiled, lips still swollen from their snog.

“All right ‘Mione. Meet me in my dorm.” Hermione smiled gratefully, and walked toward the dorm knowing Ginny just HAD to give Harry a long, juicy goodbye kiss.

She sat on Ginny’s bed contemplating how she would describe her problem, and whether she should tell her who it was with. Her decision stood firmly at what was going to happen the rest of the year, and she sat up, finally happy with her decision. Well on the outside she seemed giddy, and joyful, but if you knew the real Hermione that would not be the case. The red head walked into the room, and smiled happily at her, but Hermione sensed a feeling of annoyance.

Hermione sighed. “Ginny, if you don’t want to talk then you can go back to Harry.” Hermione didn’t want to be a burden.

“No Hermione. It’s fine. It’s just that well, I had a feeling Harry and I were well ready, if you get what I’m saying and you sort of squashed the moment.” Ginny said innocently.

“Oh, I’m sorry, no really you should go back, and er tell Harry! Don’t let me bother you two.” Hermione insisted wondering if she was just being polite, or if she really wanted to go through with this. Ginny looked up into her eyes, and again Hermione felt the urge to close her eyes, and block her view from the emotions flooding her head. She seemed to be drowning in them, and Ginny noticed.

“Hermione, are you okay? You seem different.” Ginny commented cautiously.

“I... I don’t know Gin.” Hermione said.

“Why don’t you explain it to me, and maybe that will help?” She suggested. Hermione looked down at her hands that were resting in her lap, and worked out the plusses and minuses of telling her everything. Hermione didn’t want to tell her everything that had gone on this week, but the emotions were too much, and she wanted to get some off of her heavy shoulders.

“It all started last week. After I snogged Draco.” Ginny coaxed her to continue. “Then that spat between me, Ron, and Harry, but that night I saw Draco again.” Hermione gulped down a large knot in her throat.

“Hermione?” She looked up at Ginny, “Are you calling Malfoy, Draco?” Ginny asked slowly.

“Yes.” Hermione answered appalled that she had not noticed and mentally slapped herself.

“Are you sure you’re feeling okay.” Ginny pressed her hand to her forehead as if checking the girl’s temperature.

“I’m not sure.” She said truthfully. “He did something to me Ginny.”

“Did he hurt you?!” Ginny asked suddenly frightened. Hermione looked up realizing how that had sounded.

“No! I’m sorry that came out wrong. He didn’t lay a hand on me without my say so!” Hermione objected. Ginny stepped closer to Hermione and now sat next to her on the bed.

“What do you mean without your say so Hermione? Did you let him touch you?” Hermione pulled her hair over to her left side, and lifted it off her neck to reveal several marks are the side of her it.

“My god Hermione,” Ginny touched her neck, and noticed the bruises were fresh. “These are fresh. How long ago did he kiss you?”

“It went a lot farther then just kissing Gin.” Hermione admitted, not even bothering to look at her.

“You mean you er... shagged him?” Ginny whispered as if she was afraid the walls would hear. Hermione nodded her head ever so slightly.

“My god Hermione he loves you.” Ginny said taking her hands off the poor girls neck, and turned her back to her.

Hermione stood up. “Don’t you think I know that? He said it to me not fifteen minutes ago!” Hermione hissed, suddenly outraged. “How the hell would you know anyway?!”

“Hermione,” Ginny said softly, “I was in no way talking about Malfoy loving you, but thanks for the tidbit. I was referring to my brother.”

She looked down at her feet, suddenly ashamed, and started to cry silently. If someone had told her a week ago that she would be caught in a love triangle between Ron and Draco she would have laughed in their face. Now it was all real, and Hermione could do nothing about it. Her mistakes had been made, but what she wanted to know now is: What were those specific mistakes?

Had it been when she gave herself to Ron or Draco? When she told Ron she loved him or she told Draco she loved him? When she kissed Ron for the first time or kissed Draco for the first time? Draco or Ron?

“Hermione, Ron is not exactly romantic, in fact he has the romantic status to fill the amount of a teaspoon, but he is still my brother, and I’m pretty sure he has a heart as well. I don’t believe he likes to have his heart broken.” Ginny said.

“I’m so sorry Ginny.” Hermione then collapsed on her knees, and sobbed on the edge of the bed. It was too much. Hermione was supposed to be studying her ass off, not sobbing over two boys. She never even planned to date anyone, fall in love with anyone, lose her virginity to anyone.

“Some things don’t go as planned Hermione.” Ginny said, seeming to read her thoughts. Hermione tried to answer her, but all that came out was a gasp and another sob.

Hermione suddenly stood and a wave of anger overcame her. She clenched her fists so tightly her nails dug deep into her palm. “I don’t need your criticism Ginny.” She said through clenched teeth. “You have this perfect little life where you get to shag your wonderful boyfriend, and you get to have the most wonderful friends who actually see it when you are hurt or pained, and you have this wonderful family who absolutely adores your innocence when you are nothing but

“Whoa ‘Mione. Calm down. I didn’t say anything about being perfect or innocent!” Ginny insisted, getting angry herself.

“I don’t care! That’s what everyone thinks! I hate you! I hate Harry! I hate all of you so don’t bother me in the slightest, because you don’t notice me anyway!” Hermione huffed and ran for the door, pulling it open so sharply Ginny almost thought it had come off it’s hinges. Hermione’s footsteps banged against the stairs leading back to the common room, and she bolted toward the portrait.

“Hang on, where’s the fire love?” An arm shot out in front of her path, and she looked into Ron’s eyes. Ginny suddenly appeared at the bottom of the flight behind her, panting.

“Hermione?” Ginny called, but she just kept staring at Ron. Hermione lunged for his neck, and started kissing him. She poured her emotions through that kiss, and it all seemed to wash away for a second, but just a second.

Then after that first second passed, and she felt his lips kiss her back, Hermione again started to weep. Right in the middle of the kiss she let out a loud sob, and Ron looked at her curiously. She squirmed from his reach, and then bolted from the room all eyes watching her as she left.

“Ginny what’s wrong with Hermione?” Harry said walking next to her looking at Ron’s back who was still staring at the portrait hole.

“I’m sorry Harry, but I think you’ll find out soon enough.” Ginny said with a bit of sorrow in her voice.

Draco lay on the bed above the covers staring at the ceiling wondering what had gone wrong. He hadn’t moved from this spot since he had heard the portrait door close. Suddenly he heard the portrait open again, and he knew she was back. He sat up, and listened as he heard her run toward her door. He gulped and decided to go see if she was okay. He got dressed in some baggy pants and shirt, and headed to her door.


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Chapter 7 - Back to the Black River

Hermione sat behind her door on the floor, just staring at the room before her. Her mind was blank, and her eyes were becoming blurry from staring so long. She closed her eyes, and willed herself to remain calm.

“All right Hermione, breathe and think.” She told herself. She tried to think, but her head was just too muddled. All she ever wished for now is that she had another time turner so she could go back in time. She started banging the back of her head against the door lightly, as if telling herself to stop thinking about what ifs and start thinking about what now?

A light rapping sounded and the other side of the door brought her out of the delirium, and Hermione stood up quickly. She knew who it was.

“Who is it?” She squeaked meekly.

“Hermione?” His voice called back. He sounded surprised that she had answered the door.

“Who is it?” She said more firmly, her anger coming back to her.

“Hermione, I think you know who I am.” The voice answered. He put his hand to the knob, and tried to open it, but the knob just wiggled uselessly.

“No I don’t!” She said kicking the door as hard as she could. Draco was stunned by her behavior.

“What’s wrong with you?” He asked indifferently.

“That’s none of your business you unknown person.” The girl said stubbornly.

“It’s Draco.” He answered giving up on this stupid game she wanted to play.

“I know no one by the name of Draco.” She spat his name out like spoiled milk. That one hurt. He felt another pang in his chest, and almost whimpered. Since when had he become such a weak link? He practically smacked himself. That is it! I am not going to be a pushover! She has gone way too damn far, and she’s going to get a piece of Draco Malfoy!

“Granger, open up this door now!” He yelled.

“Shut it ferret!” She yelled back, equally angered.

“You filthy bitch!” He screamed the anger over coming him.

“What did you say to me?!” She gasped opening the door. Her eyes gleamed with an angered fire. She advanced without the slightest bit of fear on him, and yelled:

“You do not talk to me that way you bastard!” Then her hand collided with his left check and a loud smack sound echoed off the walls. Draco stared at her, and willed himself not to punch her. He was so mad that he turned around toward the brick wall, and punched it instead. Blood leaked from his knuckles.

He looked back at her, and saw that she wasn’t the least bit moved by his action. “Go on punch the wall again.” She insisted. “I hope your hand falls off and you bleed to death. It’s what you deserve you filthy no good-” Draco lunged for her, pinning her against the wall, and covering her mouth with his bloody hand.

“You do not talk to me that way.” He growled with authority. He removed his hand quickly, afraid she would bite it. But then he descended quickly on her lips, and kissed her harshly, with such brute force that she moaned in pain. He bit her bottom lip hard, making her bleed as well.

“There,” He muttered after he finished, watching her lip bleed, “now we are even.”

“You’ll pay for that you disgusting piece of-”

“Tsk tsk love. Wouldn’t want to say something you don’t mean. You know I mean everything to you.” She glared at him, but he just held her there. He looked around the room, checking oddly to see if anyone was there, even though they were in their private dorm. He kissed her again, but this was tenderer.

He licked the blood away, and he pushed his tongue to open her mouth. It entered cautiously, but as soon as it was fully inside Hermione bit down, shocking him. He opened his eyes immediately to stare at her. Brown clashed with blue in a battle that seemed to rage forever. She began to chew on his tongue, and rather oddly, this turned him on.

He tried to say her name but it only sounded like a bunch of gibberish. Instead he moaned lightly his eyes drooping closed again. He felt her teeth inch closer to the base, and start to suck on it mercilessly. He groaned, and his hands loosed around her body.

Hermione saw her opportunity, and kneed him in the groin. He suddenly doubled over in pain, clutching the place she had hit desperately. He fell to his knees, and gasped for breath. Draco looked up at her questioningly.

“It serves you right for trying to seduce me.” She hissed, folding her arms.

“I wasn’t trying anything.” He insisted, still gasping in pain.

“Oh yeah what was all that `tsk tsk love` and you kissing me after that?!” She mimicked. She watched him stand up slowly. “So I got you back with my own seduction, and I see it worked.” She smiled an evil smile, and then headed back to her room.

“Hermione?” He called to her, but she was in her own reverie, and didn’t hear a word he had said.


The sunlight poured through her open window, waking her from the pleasant dream that had captured her the previous night. Hermione sat up in bed, and looked around, still amazed by the sheer beauty of her dorm room. Her feet swung over to the side of the bed, and she stood. Making her way over to her wardrobe gracefully, she put her school robes on the bed and dressed.

Over on her desk was a schedule for today. She scanned it quickly, and kicked the desk in a frustrated manner at the first thing on her list this morning. She had gone from giddy to horribly angry. Talk about mood swings. She had gotten plenty of sleep these past two days, and was fresh this lovely morning.

She walked out of her room leaving the door ajar, and made her way to the Head Boys room. Not even bothering to knock she barged in, and yelled as loud as she could:

“C’mon Malfoy! We have the rest of our project to finish!” Now at his bedside she pulled the covers off of him letting the comforter fly off the bed completely. His eyes opened in surprise and muttered what sounded like "Bloody hell!"

Hermione had done her best to forget the fight they had had the earlier day by keeping herself cooped up inside her room, reading every book she could get her hands on. It had worked pretty well actually.

“Get dressed.” She said strongly, although she felt so such thing. Just seeing him in just his black silk boxers left her breathless. Luckily she remembered to breathe this time. She had to take every ounce of her will power to not jump on him and kiss his exposed chest in every way he or she could imagine.

She hurried out of the room quickly, and let him dress while she waited in the dorm room, getting ready for another hour on the Black Lake. She could not believe it had only been a week since the incident.

He walked down the stairs straightening his green tie, and smiled at her. She looked away quickly, and tried not to laugh at the goofy smile. Picking up her stuff she made her way out, and Draco followed close behind.

“Hermione?” She heard him ask.

“What do you want?” She said, still hurrying towards the giant oak doors leading outside.

“Um don’t we have to do a report for this project?” He asked quietly.

“Already done.” She told him.

“But we are supposed to work together. I don’t want to get a bad grade because I-"

“I will not tell the professor you didn’t do your share. There now are you happy?” They walked out onto the giant yard, and headed toward the back of the castle. Draco looked around the gloomy scene, and noticed the air seemed damp this morning.

“Hermione, I think it’s going to rain soon.”

“Well if it does we will have to hurry and run for the castle now won’t we.” She said smartly in the kind of way your mother would say to stop talking back. They remained quiet the rest of the way until they rounded the castles side, and climbed over a tall hill. Now they had a view of the river. There boat was in the same place they had left it last time.

Hermione put her things in, and climbed over the edge, having done this procedure a lot lately, Draco pushed the boat so it waded into the shallow water on the edge, and then climbed in himself. He took the tiny oar that had been left in the boat, and pushed them to the middle of the river.

“Now. You try to spot him, but be careful he has a good camouflage mechanism.” Hermione informed, taking out her notebook to jot down some quick notes that were required. Like how old the creature looked, how did you come upon it, and this other junk that they had to include.

Draco got on his knees, and peered into the depths scanning for any movement. It was a good thing this lake wasn’t that deep, if you looked hard enough you could actually see the bottom. Of course there was no such thing as pollution, since magic could clean that up easily so the rivers, and lakes stayed so much cleaner.

In fact the only reason they called this river the Black River is because it was located near the Blake Lake. It had no black in it whatsoever. Apparently the founder of the river hadn’t been the creative type in names. Once Draco had gotten bored with just staring into the water, he took his wand and said:

“Tracer: Baskitil.” His wand tip lit up and made a soft humming noise. He pointed it toward the far end of the river bank, but the humming went lower. Then deciding that way wouldn’t be effective he pointed in down the left side of the river. The humming got higher.

“This way.” Hermione put down her notebook, and took the oar in her hand, placing it into the water, and pushing toward the direction Draco’s wand was now pointing.

As they floated on the humming grew higher. Suddenly a spark emitted from the end, and Hermione stopped rowing. Draco looked into the water.

“Imobulous!” He shouted, aiming his wand at the creature. He swiftly pulled it up out of the water, and laid it softly into the boat.

“Draco,” Hermione said. “Why did you do that to the poor creature!?” Hermione screamed. The baskitil lay inside the boat eyes staring at Hermione. It actually looked kind of cute from Hermione’s perspective. Even thought it had tentacles as it’s feet, it had puppy dog eyes, you know the kind that are all big and irresistible. You couldn’t possibly describe it’s body without the word miraculous.

A light blue skin, was shinning with water, and it had markings, like a secret language embedded into its skin. It looked like a bunch of scribbles, at first, but Hermione brought it closer, examining it with wonder. She had seen it in a book before, but looking at the real thing was so much more exciting.

“Wow.” She said, forgetting all about the fact Draco had pulled it unwillingly onto their boat. It suddenly gave a little squeak, and its tentacles moved around, feeling for something.

“Wow is right.” Draco agreed. They had seen the baskitil before in the wild also, but he had never brought it this close.

“It’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.” Hermione laughed at the squeak that again came from it, and Draco chuckled a little also.

“Yeah. Almost the cutest thing ever.” Draco looked up at her, eyes glowing a light sky blue, as he smiled that award winning smile. Hermione kept staring at the creature, knowing Draco was staring at the top of her head.

“Um, we should put it back where it belongs. I think it can only stay out of the water for a while.” She cleared her throat loudly bringing him out of his reverie.

“Oh, yeah.” He agreed, and picked it up delicately, putting it back into the lake. It lingered there, staring up at the two at them from the water, and then gave what sounded like a thank you squeak, then swam away.

They both laughed. A loud roar sounded, and it reverberated off the castle, and seemed to shake the grounded. They looked up at the sky quickly, and a flash lighted the sky before disappearing.

“Oh no.” Hermione muttered. “Quick row us to shore, before it storms.” Draco grabbed the oar with haste, and rowed to the bank quickly. Hermione threw her bag over her shoulder, and jumped over the edge of the boat onto the shore. As soon as Draco was completely out of the boat another roar came from the clouds, and the rain poured down.

“Shoot.” He muttered, and saw Hermione start to run in front of him, as he followed suit. She fast walked up the hill, trying to keep herself steady with the heavy bag she was carrying. At the top of the hill she stopped for a short breath, looking out at the grounds from the top. She made her way to go down, but he grass was too slippery and she lost her footing.

Her bag fell out of her arms, and she began to tumble down the hill, rolling continuously, like those small kids do when they play on a hill. Draco not expecting this, did not stop in time, and tripped over the bag she had dropped, also toppling over, and rolling just as Hermione had done.

“Draco!” She screamed hoping he would save her, but she just kept rolling down the hill, getting muddy and tousled. She finally felt it even out and stopped. Her hair was in front of her face, and she moved the tangles out of her way, just in time to see Draco fall heavily on top of her.

Another flash erupted, and soon again came the thunder. They moaned in pain as the rain fell over them. Hermione looke up after the impact, and saw his wet hair sticking to his forehead, and his cheeks were a little muddy. She had no doubt she looked any better. Probably had mud, and grass, and leaves stuck all up in her busy hair. But what he said to her shocked her.

“You’re beautiful.” He whispered, bewildered by their position.

Beautiful?! He thinks I’m beautiful?! My hair is a fucking mess, and I’m covered in mud! Is that what he calls beautiful?!

She pushed him off, and got up quickly, wanting to escape the cold, and wet.

“Accio bag!” She bellowed over the roar of the now heavier rain. The bag flew to her hand, and then she called, “Accio books!”, and everything flew to her as she expertly aimed them into her bag.

Draco had now stood up, and proceeded to run again. “Wait!” Hermione stopped him.


“Are you a wizard or not? Put a repellent charm on yourself!” She yelled over the storm.

He smiled stupidly, and immediately cast a spell that would repel water. She did the same, and they started to run again. Once they reached the door, and closed it, they sighed in relief.

“Damn.” Malfoy said looking down at himself. He tried to wipe some stuff away, but that only made it worse.

“Here.” Hermione said and put a heating charm around him so as to keep him warm, as not to get sick. She did the same for herself.

Hermione walked forward, but gasped in pain. “Woah. Hold on.” Draco walked forward and lifted her into his arms.

“Hey!” She protested. “I was fine!”

“You keep telling yourself that Granger.” He told her, daring her to protest again. He picked up her bag as well, and proceeded to carry her down the hall.

“Why are you going this way? Our dorm is the opposite way.” She asked.

“We are not going to the dorm.”

“Then where the hell are we going?!”

“To the hospital wing to get your ankle looked at.” He said simply.

“I am fine!” She wailed again.

“Shut it Granger I’m bringing you, and that’s that.” Hermione remained quiet after that, and held onto his neck for support, while secretly liking this position.

“Thank you.” She said leaning in and kissing his cheek. He stopped walking, and looked at her, knowing that was the best he was going to get for now.

“Your welcome love.” He whispered so quietly he was sure she hadn’t heard anything but a mumble. But little did they know a couple had been about to walk down that corridor when they saw the two of them.

They stopped in their tracks, and hurried back around the corner to watch. The girl gasped when Hermione kissed his cheek, and the boy went as white as a ghost.

“Hermione?” Harry said softly not believing what he was seeing. Then after her lips left his cheek he saw Draco look back at her with longing. He knew that look. He looked at Ginny like that every day.

“Now you know what’s wrong with her.” Ginny told him, her head looking at the floor.

“That I do.” He said, prying his eyes away from the ludicrous scene down the corridor.

“Does Ron know?” Harry gulped.

Ginny looked up, and Harry sighed, not having to hear the answer out loud.


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Chapter 8 - No Turning Back

“Oh dear!” Madame Pomfrey said at the sight of Draco carrying Hermione through the doors. “Quickly lay her on this bed for me.” He did as instructed, and Hermione replied a feeble thank you.



“Could you go get me my notebook on the desk in my dorm please? I think I’m going to be here a while.” She sighed. Draco let a small smile escape him, and replied, “Of course.” He made his way toward the door, his shoes squeaking and squashing from the water.

“I’ll be back.” He said, and she smiled brightly. He noted that that smile had been for him this time and not for one of her other friends. As he walked he looked down at the floor lost in his own thoughts. He reached the dorm and said the password entering quickly. Draco wanted to get in and get out. He wanted to bring her the notebook then clean up and maybe go back to watch over her, or would that seem too suspicious?

He could tell his friends Pomfrey had forced him to stay with her. Or he could tell the truth? Ha! The truth, that’s a good one. He made a grab for the notebook, and quickly headed back out.

I wonder what’s in here. Draco thought about it a second staring at the cover that read TOP SECRET. What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. He opened it slowly, and stared at the first page, it was some useless drawing of a dog and girl. The girl looked a lot like Hermione, but he couldn’t really tell.

He flipped through the pages, and found something. It looked like a poem or a song.

I am moving through the crowd
Trying to find myself
Feel like a guitar that’s never played
Will someone strum away?

And I ask myself: Who do I want to be?
Do I want to throw away the key,
And invent a whole new me?

And I tell myself no one, no one
Don’t want to be no one but me

You are moving through the crowd
Trying to find yourself
Feeling like a doll left on a shelf
Will someone take you down?

And you ask yourself: Who do I want to be?
Do I want to throw away the key,
And invent a whole new me?

Got to tell yourself, no one no one
Don’t want to be no one but me

Your life plays off on the shadows of the wall
You turn the light on to erase it all
You wonder what it’s like to not feel worthless
So open all the blinds and all the curtains

No one, no one, don’t want to be no one but me
When your moving through the crowd....

Draco smiled again. This was actually pretty good. He knew Hermione liked to read, but he never knew she wrote too. Well, you learn something new everyday, and he was certainly going to use this hidden hobby of hers to his advantage. She kept it in a notebook that was labeled top secret, surely no one, not even her friends, knew about her special talent.

He trotted out the door, and headed back to the hospital wing. Once he was there Hermione lay there looking up at the ceiling. He suddenly wondered what she was thinking.

“Here you go.” He set it down on the side table.

“What took you?” She asked suspiciously.

“Oh, I kind of read one of your pages in there.” He admitted. He just couldn’t lie to her, and he had no idea why.

“Draco! That’s an invasion of privacy! What did you read?!” Her eyes grew wide with anger, and Draco had a feeling that there was something in there about him.

“I read that song thing.” He told her quietly.

“Which one?” She prompted. He grabbed the notebook, and flipped through the pages, trying his best not to look at anything else.

“This one.” He shoved it into her face, and he saw her release a sigh of relief. There was obviously something in here that she didn’t want him to see.

“Mr.Malfoy!” Madame Pomfrey came jogging into the room. “You look dreadful dear! Take a bed! You are likely to get sick being in the rain and cold like that! Sit!” She yelled.

“But Madame Pomfrey, I’m fine, really. I have no need to-”

“Tut tut boy.” She said not even paying attention to his words. “You will lie down on the bed next to Mrs. Granger and I shall let you out by tomorrow afternoon in the latest.”

“What?! But I have things to do in the morning! I can’t!” Draco argued. How dare she keep me here! I’m fine.

“Don’t argue with me! You are staying and I don’t want to hear another word!” She pointed to the bed sternly, and Draco slumped over to it. He placed himself on the edge while he watched the woman rummage through her pockets. She pulled out her wand.

“Tempuaturis” She said. The tip ignited with a red flame that circled Draco for about a millisecond then disappeared. “Oh my, it’s as bad as I feared.” Draco looked at her skeptically. “You have a rising temperature my dear. You better stay the night.”

Draco grumbled but knew he could not persuade her to let him leave. He laid himself out on the bed, put his hands behind his head, and closed his eyes. The scribbling of a quill against paper made him open them back up, and he saw Hermione writing away. He grinned, and watched her bite her bottom lip as she thought of what to write next.

“You’re really good at that.” He commented.

“Not really.” She said modestly.

“Yes you are. That was really good what I read.” He said truthfully. She looked over to him, putting down her quill.

“You really think so?”

“Yes Hermione. I do.” Her eyes brightened, and she looked back at her paper.

“Do you want to help me with this one?” She raised her eyebrows expectantly, and laughed at the face he made.

“It’s your work Hermione, I don’t want to well tell you what to put.” He was a little hesitant.

“Oh, rubbish. Come over here. I think you will like this one.” She patted her hand on the part of the bed that was next to her, and his eyes stared at her. Is she really asking me to come in the bed with her? He had no idea why he was so surprised by this. I mean that had slept together just yesterday! So why did he have a weird feeling in his stomach?

He crawled out of the bed, and sat next to her, but not too close. He brought his legs up off the floor, and he was now in a lounging position.

“Here’s what I have.” She handed him the notebook.

“What is it? A song poem?”

“I think a song.” She said mischievously, but just as he was about to read it a raspy voice called out his name.

“Draco, would you come here please?” Professor Dumbledore stood there patiently, not seeming to notice the two students being in the same bed, his eyes examining the two over his crooked nose and half-moon spectacles.

“Of course headmaster.” He replied, getting out of the bed. “I’ll be back in a minute Hermione.” He whispered, and she nodded solemnly. He noticed a hint of annoyance in her gaze. Draco followed Dumbledore’s back to the opposite side of the wing, and they entered a door. The headmaster flicked on the light, and he realized they had just stepped into a rarely used supply closet.

“Um Professor is this where you really wanted to go?” He asked cautiously.

“Yes my boy. Now please let me speak for we are short of time.” He whispered. “What I am about to tell you will not come easily for you Draco and I know that but it must be done, do you understand?” His eyes seemed to lose their usual glow as he spoke regretfully.

“It was my own mistake Draco, and I am very sorry for it, but a simple sorry will not fix this. I cannot explain to you in full extent at this moment, but you will find out soon enough.” Draco was so confused he was about to burst. What is going on? Did something happen?

“What is going on headmaster?” Draco blinked, waiting for an answer. Dumbledore paused, and his voice turned very grave. It had a weird echo caused from the closure of the tiny closet, and Draco felt as if he was caught in darkness. The headmaster’s voice sounded unreal as he issued Draco a severe warning.

“What I am to instruct you to do tonight must not be passed from your lips after you leave this room do you understand? Not even to Miss Granger.” Draco shook his head hesitantly, and gulped afraid of what would be said next.

“Tonight at exactly 1:00 you will escape from this castle and head into the Forbidden Forest, but before you do this, I want you to write a letter to Miss Granger.” He spoke clearly and slowly, wanting Draco to absorb the meaning of the words quickly. “You will tell her that you have joined the Death Eaters, and have gone to join Voldemort. No more no less.” Draco looked at him like he was nuts.

“You want me to what?” He asked quietly not believing what he was hearing.

“You are hearing correctly Mr. Malfoy. Tonight you will receive the dark mark, for the sake of Hogwarts, and everyone who is on our side.” Dumbledore looked at him hopefully, and he thought he saw another sparkle emit from this old blue eyes even though they were consumed in darkness.

“Who said anything about me being on your side?” He said gruffly.

“Ah, yes, but you never said you weren’t on our side either now did you?” Dumbledore inquired, leaning his head inward further to tell Draco something else. “I will give you further instructions when you meet me in the forest. We are to flee, and when you write that letter you will not speak of our whereabouts. I have left a source here who will put your letter into the paper, and it will be headline by tomorrow, if all goes as planned.”

“Headlines, so you want my betrayal to go public?! You already are making me say to Hermione that I am betraying her, but now you want the whole wizarding community to know! It’s crazy.”

“It might be crazy my boy, but if our plan succeeds after this is over your name will be cleared, and you can go running back to the woman you love with her arms wide open.” Dumbledore winked, trying to ease Draco into agreement by using Hermione against him.

Draco thought about it then said. “You mean I can never see her again, never ever?” He asked as his chest filled again with a kind of feeling he had never felt before. It was sadness.

“Never ever is a long time by boy. Yes you will not be able to talk to her for a long time, but not ever again.” The headmaster said humbly. He laid a strong hand on the boy’s shoulder, as if trying to comfort him.

“You’re father is expecting you tonight, Professor Snape has told them that already, there is no turning back.” Dumbledore said firmly.

“I will follow you headmaster.” Draco said shakily after a few minutes.

“Good. Now I want you to go back in there and spend the rest of the night with Miss Granger, and act like this has never happened.” Draco held his head high as he walked out of the cupboard. He really wanted to run over to Hermione, and hold her in his arms the rest of the night, in fact forever.

He sat on the creaky bed next to Hermione watching Dumbledore waltz out the room as if nothing had happened. He turned to close the door, and their eyes met once more. He mouthed the words "1 o` clock” and the doors closed with a thud. Draco held his breath, and looked over at Hermione’s bed.

Her bed was empty, but he figured Madame Pomfrey wanted her for something. He lay there staring up at the ceiling replaying the odd happenings in the broom closet just a few moments ago. He sighed, this had all happened so suddenly, and he didn’t understand a bit of it, but as Dumbledore had said, there was no turning back.


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Chapter 9: THE ESCAPE
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Chapter 9 - The Escape

The full moon hung above the tall tree tops of the forest, as Draco stared out the glass window. It was midnight and he still had not started on his letter. He knew he should start soon if he was to be in the forest on time. He sighed, and headed back over to his bed quietly. Hermione’s notebook was left abandoned on her side table. He picked it up quickly, and tore a piece from it. He grabbed the quill lying next to it, and started to scribble his words.

He stopped after the first line, and looked back at the window then back at Hermione. He gulped down a large lump that was in his throat, and his heart exhilarated faster.

Maybe I should tell her how much I love her.... Draco wanted to tell her so badly right now. Just to shake her awake, and say he would love her forever. These emotions were still so new to him, and he had no idea what to do with them.

Wasn’t there some saying that said follow your heart? But then Draco thought of what Dumbledore had said `You will tell her you have gone to join Voldemort. No more no less.`

Draco sighed again and knew even if Dumbledore had said he could add anything he wanted it still would be too risky. If he was to join Voldemort the Death Eaters would get suspicious if the paper’s headlines read that he was in love with a mudblood.

“No. She’s not a mudblood. She’s a muggle-born.” He did not like Hermione being labeled as a mudblood anymore. All those years of taunting had suddenly washed away.

After he was done explaining in the letter he signed it with his name, and put it inside the front of her notebook, and then picked up the notebook again.

“She wanted me to see something. It should be the last entry right?” He flipped through the pages frantically, knowing he only had a few more minutes before he should leave. The pages were a blur of scribbles before his eyes until he came to the last page.

It was nothing special just a short paragraph. He didn’t bother to read it, and looked at the large clock above the wing’s doors. Thirty minutes to escape. He set the notebook back on the table, and looked back at the girl’s sleeping form.

“Draco?” Hermione whispered in her sleep.

“I’m glad you’re dreaming of me, love.” He whispered back, and bent down toward her face. His lips planted a long kiss on her cheek, and then moved to her lips. He barely touched her lips though; scared she would awake from its touch. He stood straight again, trying not to lose his composure, and then a soft hand landed on his left shoulder.

He jumped with a tiny gasp, and spun to meet eyes with Madame Pomfrey. “I’m sorry. I was just um.... I”

“Calm down Mr. Malfoy.” The nurse soothed. “I know why you are up. Dumbledore has explained to me.” Her voice was an unusual calm, unlike the usual frantic one. Draco sighed, and looked back up at her.

“You must leave now Draco. The headmaster is waiting.” Pomfrey shooed Draco out of the room, and he exited the wing slowly. One last glance of Hermione’s bed, and her sleeping face was the last image he had of her. The large doors closed with a soft thud, and Draco was stuck in the hallway.

His breathing suddenly sped up, and it was the only thing he heard against the quiet. He stood against the door not daring to move. He didn’t want to move, all he wanted was to go to bed and sleep, like none of this had ever happened. He wished he had one of those time turners that his father had told him about that would let him go back in time. He would go back to the day the project was issued, and he would demand to have a different partner than Hermione. Then maybe he wouldn’t have fallen in love.

He held his breath as he stepped forward into the darkness, and half expected something to come at him, but nothing did. He took another step, and still nothing happened. He had no idea why he was so frightened. His whole body shook with fear, but he kept walking, and after a while his pace quickened, and he was heading for the entrance hall.

He descended the flight leading to the front, and spied the gigantic front doors of Hogwarts castle in the distance. They seemed haunting in the dead of night, and they went from floor to ceiling, making it look even more intimidating.

Draco stepped onto the level ground of the first floor, and stopped, looking around, for a teacher, or peeves. No one seemed to be here so he swiftly walked across the large room. His steps made no echo off the walls. He had become quite good at sneaking these last few years.

He stopped in front of the doors and his palms felt around for a way to open them. A loud bell suddenly sounded, and Draco jumped. Twelve rings then a half ring, signaling that it was twelve forty-five. He had fifteen minutes to escape. He tried to push them, but was afraid they would make a loud creaking noise.

It’s a risk I’ll have to take. He used all his strength and pushed the heavy doors outward, and the grounds suddenly appeared before him, drenched in moonlight. Just as he had expected a loud creaking emitted from the doors hinges. He gasped, and closed them back hurriedly, now that he was outside he bolted for the nearest tree to hide behind, in case someone looked outside from any of the windows.

He slumped against a thick tree, and his breathing was labored. His breathing seriously sounded like he was giving birth, but not because he had just ran, but because he was almost into the forest. He sat down under the tree, and tried to calm himself, but it didn’t seem to be working.

Another loud ring sounded from the tower. It was twelve big and a then a quarter of a ring.

“Shit. I have five minutes.” He stood quickly, and bolted towards the dark trees of the forest. The moon looked haunting, and he knew that once he entered the forest he would meet the headmaster and begin his long journey. He came to Hagrid’s hut, and crouched low, checking the area for a sign of anyone.

He examined the castle looking for anyone staring out of their windows. If he crossed the lawn with the moon shining down he would surely be seen.

He looked at what he assumed was the Gryffindor tower, because Ron Weasley was standing in the window...and was staring right at him. Malfoy quickly ducked behind the hut. He had been spotted and by none other than a pathetic weasel that had Hermione’s heart. Anger filled his chest, and radiated through him. He looked back at the window, but Ron was gone.

“He probably came down to find me.” Suddenly the bells started to ring again, and the last ring it would be one in the morning. He sprinted for the forest, not caring anymore if someone saw him. The trees grew nearer as the bells rang the eighth time.

He entered the dark haven of the bushes, and was finally in the forest. He looked around for the headmaster just as the last bell echoed off the grounds. Another hand touched his left shoulder, and he turned to see a hooded figure. Dumbledore’s beard gave him away as Draco stared at him.

“Thank you Draco. You have done well.” He said softly.

“Professor there is a problem.” The Professor lifted his hood, and let it drop behind his head letting his eyes examine the boy. Dumbledore just turned round, and didn’t speak. Draco decided to tell him anyway.

“Someone has seen me headmaster.” He told him quietly.

“Mr.Weasley does not do any harm Mr.Malfoy now please follow me.” Draco followed the professor. He was a little shocked that he knew what had went on, but then again this was Dumbledore.

“The Death Eaters are waiting in the heart of the forest. Voldemort will not be able to issue your dark mark, but they have a substitute. Now when you go there you must clear your mind of everything, but what is about to happen. Some of them have learned legimacy from Voldemort.” Dumbledore never looked at Draco while he explained.

“Yes Professor.” He answered obediently. Draco looked behind him, and saw a tiny glimpse of the castle in the distance, but as they turned a bend in the path everything disappeared except for the trees around them.

“Here, take this, you will need it.” Dumbledore handed him a jet black cloak, and he took it, and put it on. The hood fit over his head perfectly, and he felt powerful. He had no clue why, but he did.

“Now when you get there I want you to tell them that I have gone into hiding, they will ask you about me I’m sure they will, and that it what you will reply.”

“Yes headmaster.” They walked deeper into the wood, and Draco suddenly felt more comfortable. All his fears were beginning to go away.

“Here is where I leave you, and I will send a special source to retrieve you. Go Draco. We are all depending on you.” The words left an impression on him as he walked forward into a clearing. His shoulders slummed under an invisible weight, and he disappeared.

“Good luck my boy.” Dumbledore said silently after Draco was long gone. “You will need it.”


The next morning Hermione woke up early to use the bathroom, as the opened window blew cool air into the wing. She yawned heading through the bathroom door.

"I wonder where Draco is." You called him Draco again Hermione. A little voice nagged her. "Shut up will you!" She noticed she had said this out loud and blushed luckily no one had been around.

As a gust of wind blew through the window closest to Hermione's bed her notebook flew open, and a scrap piece of paper floated in the air. Suddenly another gust seemed to suck the paper out the tall window, and into the soft breeze outside.

The parchment floated merrily on its way down, and another gust blew it toward the lake. It neared to water slowly, and finally touched the surface, and the water soaked the paper through, until finally the giant squid gobbled it up thinking it was some sort of food. 


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Chapter 10 - Betrayal

Hermione tiptoed back to her creaky bed, and slid into it, sighing in peace. She looked over at Draco’s bed, and her eyebrows furrowed. He still had not come back from where ever he was at. Maybe Pomfrey let him go.

She cuddled up to the covers, and pulled them over her head staring at the green sheets for a bit before slinging to covers off, and going to look for the medi-witch. Her bare feet slapped against the floor heading towards the witches office. She knocked on the door softly, and heard a quiet come in.

The Gryffindor looked at the old face of the nurse, and smiled.

“Good morning.” She said brightly, obviously feeling as good as new. The witch stared at her strangely then her expression turned to confusion.

“Morning Miss Granger. Did you need something?” Madame Pomfrey asked in her overused sweet tone.

“Well I was wondering where Malfoy was.” She replied a bit small.

“Mr. Malfoy?” She asked, astonished. “You mean you haven’t....” She trailed off and looked as if she had seen a ghost, but then again they see ghosts very often so I guess that wouldn't be such a terrible expression.. The nurse stood abruptly, and exited the room her long apron flowing along with her.

“What’s wrong?” Hermione asked as she followed the old woman back into the main wing. The skittering footsteps of the two echoed off the distant walls as Madame Pomfrey raced back towards Hermione’s bed as she followed closely behind.

The woman stopped short, and Hermione almost collided into her back. Her eyes darted around the scene helplessly. She prowled around the two beds, and lifted the covers, looking for something.

“Have you lost something?” Hermione asked considerably. The other witch never answered, but eyed the notebook lying uselessly on the side table.

“Is this yours?” She asked the girl quickly, and after a nod of the head she continued with, “May I?” Not waiting for a reply she plunged through the pages eagerly scanning everything.

“Madame Pomfrey is you all right? Maybe you should sit down. You look dreadful.” It was quite ironic that a medi-witch was being told she was not feeling all right from the supposed patient.

“No no dear. I am quite all right I assure you. I will be back in a few minutes to give you your last bit of medicine after I do a quick little something in my office. Please stay here dear.” Hermione barely caught a word she said, for as the witch was talking frantically, she had been running towards her office.

Hermione stared at the closed door of the office, and shrugged her shoulders. “Does that mean I’m leaving after this?” She wondered aloud. Her ankle was not hurting anymore. If fact it was feeling fine. She shrugged it off again, not exactly sure what was going to happen this lovely day. She had no hope of knowing the challenges she would face.

A few minutes later the office door slammed open again, and a shrill voice called her name.

“Hermione!” The nurse called across the large wing, and Hermione brought her nose out of the notebook she had been writing in seconds before, looking up at the frantic Madame Pomfrey. As the woman reached her bed, panting slightly, she asked breathlessly,

“Could you go fetch me Mr. Weasly dear. I have,” She took a deep breath. “a few questions to ask him. You may invite Mr. Potter as well.” Her hand was placed over her chest, trying to calm herself.

“Of course,” Hermione answered oddly. “but what about my medicine?” What could she possibly need Ron for?

“Oh that can wait!” The nurse shook it off. “I’ll give it to you when you return." Hermione smiled.

Hermione reached next to the bed, and put her shoes and socks on. Sometimes she enjoyed doing things without magic. It felt much more satisfying. Deciding to be a wee bit lazy this time, and the fact she was out in the open, she magically conjured a pair of jeans, and a cute top onto her body.

Her slightly bushy hair flew behind her, and she walked quickly towards Gryffindor Tower, eager to find out what was going on. She quickly said the password, and entered. As she looked around the common room she saw some other students yawning from early morning. Recognizing the distinct smell of the dead fire below the mantel she made her way towards the boy’s dormitories.

Hopefully they were all decent, because Hermione walked straight in after climbing the short flight of stairs. Ron’s bright hair stood out in front of her from the nearest bed, and she drew the covers back slowly. His freckled face was revealed slowly, and she watched his eyes flutter slightly.

She smiled timidly at the baby faced Ron Weasly. You know the type of face that is so so cute. His eyes opened suddenly, and stared at her. She realized that she was leaning close to his face, and suddenly he jumped back, and shrieked.

“What the…!” He yelled. Then he rubbed his eyes harshly, and blinked a couple of times, his vision clearing gradually. “Oh ‘Mione it’s you.” He said quietly. He smiled, and blushed realizing he had a bare chest. Typical Ron, always thinking there was something wrong.

“Why good morning sleeping beauty.” Hermione whispered quietly. Ron leaned forward a little and kissed her passionately. She squeaked a little as his arms wrapped around her neck, and pulled her down. Her feet lifted from the ground, and she fell forward crashing her lips to his even more forcefully.

She pulled away quickly, and took a deep breath, in need of oxygen. “How’s that for a good morning kiss?” Ron asked her playfully. She looked at him, and tried not to laugh. It just wasn’t the same as Draco’s sexy form beneath her, and she thought it never would be the same. Hermione sighed from being happy just thinking about him. Unfortunately Ron got the wrong idea, and kissed her again.

It was a hungry kiss craving for more. “Ron I have something to do.” She said.

“Come on Mione. I haven’t kissed you like this since the first time we made love. We can skip first class can’t we? I want some alone time.”

“Ron you know I can’t do that.” Hermione retaliated. “I want to too, but we can’t right now. Maybe later…” She lied. She really had no plans in touching Ron in an intense setting ever again.

Of course Ron’s yell had not gone unnoticed, and a pillow flew through the air, and landed on top of Hermione.

“Ron, mate. Did you have a nightmare about those stupid spiders again?” An Irish accented Seamus asked tiredly. He rubbed his eyes also, and looked over at Ron’s bed. He blinked, and then smiled.

“Jeez Ron right under our noses, never would have guessed.” He laughed.

“Yeah Ron, didn’t think you could do it that quietly.” Harry’s deep voice emitted from his bed, which was also smiling, now awake. Hermione lifted herself over him, and climbed off the side of the bed, straightened her shirt, and said good morning to both of them.

“Good morning boys. I just came to get Ron and Harry. Madame Pomfrey wants you two.” She informed them. Harry groaned, lay back down, and pulled the covers over his head.

“I’m too tired.” He groaned miserably through the scarlet blanket. Seamus jumped out of bed.

“Well mate you didn’t get in till what two or three in the morning?” Seamus’ face was suddenly twisted into a naughty smirk. “So did you have a nice time with Ginny?” Harry uncovered his face, and laughed.

“You know too much mate.” He smirked. “Best I’ve ever had. Last night was the night. I am proud to say I am no longer a virgin.” He slipped out of bed, and stretched his arms out with his plaid boxers on.

Ron looked a little uncomfortable, as Hermione stood there, listening to the conversation. “Harry you mean you....” Ron trailed off, letting the words hang there.

“Yes Ron I did.” Harry sighed, in a bit of annoyance. “Look mate I know she’s your little sister, but lighten up, I didn’t force her into anything.” Harry assured the red head.

“Anyway,” Seamus interrupted Harry’s attempt to calm Ron down. “So.....” Seamus raised his eye brows, silently asking for more detail.

Harry smirked. “Well....” And I’m pretty sure what was said next was totally inappropriate. Suddenly, Hermione made a little cough, having heard enough description from Harry on how good Ginny was. She had no idea why she was even still standing there listening to the boy go on about her ahem certain sexual qualities. She was secretly wondering if Ginny was better than her in bed. It had only been Ginny’s first time, yet Harry explained like she was an expert.

Harry jumped at the sound of the cough, and turned frantically toward the source. She had done quite an impeccable impression of Professor Umbridge. Harry stared at her, and seemed to just realize she was still there.

“I suggest you hurry.” She supplied. “Madame Pomfrey was very frantic about this. She said she needed you right away.” He nodded sheepishly, realizing she had heard everything he had said about Ginny.

Hermione left the room, and descended the stairs two at a time. She entered the common room again, and looked around. She sighed, and collapsed on the nearest couch, looking at the clock that said it was 6:45. She had always been an early riser. She sat on the couch, head in her hand, thinking where in the world Draco could be.

She hummed a little tune she had made up, happy for once this morning. She sat cross legged when a fiery red head emerged from the girl’s dormitory positioned in front of her. Hermione stood, and stared at her. She remembered their talk the other day, and how she had called her those things.

“Ginny?” She asked quietly. Ginny looked up at her and smiled.

“Good morning Hermione.” Ginny said softly.

“Look Gin, I’m really sorry about what happened the other day.” Hermione told her, approaching where she stood.

“It’s fine Hermione.” Ginny waved it off like it was nothing. Ginny smiled widely, and continued, “I had the best night last night.” She whispered, and then giggled. Hermione smirked.

“I heard.” She rolled her eyes. “I had to get Ron and Harry, then we got on the subject of last night, and Harry just had to have his say.” Hermione winked, and nudged her with her elbow. Ginny giggled again, and they had become friends again. Hermione opened her arms wide to embrace her with a hug.

“Hermione?” Ginny said sounding worried, letting go of Hermione.

“What is it?”

“Harry knows.” Ginny said quietly.

“Harry knows what?” Hermione asked, confused.

“About Malfoy…” She said in a whisper.

“You told him!” She yelled. The whole room looked at her, and she blushed.

“Told who what?” A voice asked from the direction of the boys dormitory. Hermione turned quickly, and looked into Harry’s eyes. She gulped under his stare, and backed away. Ron showed up right behind him.

“What’s going on?” He asked staring at Hermione who couldn’t take her eyes off Harry.

“Nothing…” Ginny said quickly. “Now um what did you want them for Hermione?” Ginny asked as if none of them had noticed a thing. Hermione spoke softly, and they almost didn’t hear her.

“Madame Pomfrey wants you in the hospital wing right now.” Hermione couldn’t take her eyes of the red carpet on the floor.

“Come on Ron. I think Harry wants to talk to Hermione real fast.” Ron looked at Hermione confused, but then Ginny yanked his arm out the portrait hole. No! Don’t leave. What if he’s really mad at me?

She looked up to watch them leave, and then Harry stepped closer to her.

“Ginny told you didn’t she?” Harry said quietly. Hermione gulped the lump in her throat down, and looked him right in the eye.

“Are you mad?” She said bashfully. She didn’t want him to be mad at her right now.

“Not really.” Harry laughed. Hermione smirked a little, happy that he wasn’t angry. He looked at her again this time with a searching look. This instance Hermione wasn’t afraid. She held his gaze letting him read her.

“I saw you two. He was carrying you to the hospital wing; you had just kissed him on the cheek.” Hermione secretly went through the scene in her mind, treasuring its memory. “He looked back you, and that look on his face said it all. I’ve never thought I would see him look at anyone that way, much less you.” Harry put a strong hand on her shoulder, and brought her into a tight hug.

“I would have never thought it either Harry. It just sort of happened.” She said letting him go. “Can I trust you with this though? I have to get this off my chest.

“Of course.” He said softly.

“I love him Harry, and I know he won’t betray me.”

“I know how you feel. The same thing happened with me and Ginny. It just happened.” Harry smiled, white teeth gleaming, and started walking toward he portrait door.

“Wait Harry!” She called, and he turned.


“Please I’m sorry for well leading Ron on.” She confessed. “I just got well....” She couldn’t seem to explain herself, but he understood.

“It’s okay Hermione. Well, no, it’s not okay for you to lead him on like that. Just promise you marry him, and well cheat on him with,” Harry looked around to make sure no one was listening in, “you know who.” He whispered the last words.

“Harry I’m not in love with You-Know-Who that would be really awkward.” She laughed. He chuckled.

“Yes that would be rather awkward.” He smiled again, and then proceeded out the room. Hermione followed, and walked next to him, their footsteps echoing softly around them against the emptiness of the large corridor. Some other years passed by them, but they didn’t think anything of the stares they usually got this morning. The trio as everyone knows is quite famous, but what onlookers wanted to know where was Ron right now?

Harry and Hermione finally reached the hospital, and walked in to see Ron sitting in a chair with Ginny next to him.

“Good.” Madame Pomfrey said as they entered. “We were waiting.” Her face looked stone hard like McGonagall’s. Suddenly, McGonagall appeared in the doorway as well.

“I came as soon as I heard.” She said, acknowledging Harry and Hermione for a second with the nod of her head. She walked into the large room, and stood next to the nurse with a gaunt look on her usually stern features. Harry and Hermione walked inside, and a loud thud was heard from the doors being closed. Madame Pomfrey never closed the doors during school hours. Hermione was beginning to worry, something was up.

“Please sit down Miss Granger, and Mister Potter what you are about to hear must never leave this room.” Madame Pomfrey said seriously. They sat in two more chairs McGonagall conjured.

“What’s going on Professor?” Harry asked.

“A lot of things have gone wrong already Potter, we are not going to let anything else happen.” She told him.

“What’s gone wrong?” Ron asked.

“You four must promise not a word will be uttered of what has gone on in this room. This is the Order’s business, but since one of your own had joined the dark side, we believe you should be told.” Madame Pomfrey spoke like every word stung.

“One of our own, does that mean one of our friends has joined You-Know-Who?” Ginny gasped.

“Not exactly, but that is where Mr. Weasly comes into play.” McGonagall said, looking over at the confused red head.

“Me? What could you possibly want me for?” He wondered.

“You saw something last night that will help. Tell us what you saw.” said the medi-witch knowingly.

“Last night, but I....” He trailed his thought off giving himself time to think. “I thought it was just a dream.” He said, mesmerized by his own recollection.

“Tell us what you saw Mr. Weasly.” Madame Pomfrey urged.

“I saw Malfoy.” He told them. Hermione looked at him. He saw Draco last night?

“Where was he Ron?” Harry asked. Ron looked horror stricken.

“I-I saw him near Hagrid’s hut. I saw him go into the forest.” He muttered.

“Then it is true. He has joined He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.” Madame Pomfrey said severely shaking her head. Hermione looked at her, her faced turned ghost pale.

“What?!” She stood, and shouted. “No! He would never!” A tear ran down her cheek as she begged the woman to tell her the truth. “You’re lying! He would never do that to me!” It became a full out sob by the end.

“Hermione what’s wrong? Why do you care if Malfoy turned?” Ron asked, trying to comfort her.

“It’s nothing Ron. I-I just... well we were starting to get along, and well he became my friend.... sort of.” Hermione told him lamely through heavy gasps. Ron still believed it. Hermione’s own words echoed in her head.... the one’s she had just told Harry not two minutes ago.

I love him, and I know he won’t betray me.

The words went into a downward spiral in her brain as she wept on Ginny’s shoulder. Ginny tried to whisper words of comfort, but it was all too odd to her.

“I’m sorry Hermione.” She told her, but she just kept crying.

“Er I think you three had better go back to your common rooms, maybe we should finish this later, after classes perhaps.” McGonagall suggested. The pain at seeing Hermione sob was clear in her eyes.

The other three nodded in unison, and carefully led Hermione out of the room. Ron was so confused. Why all this fuss over the Slytherin prat? Ginny couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. How could she fall in love with such a prat? Harry was in the same state of mind as Ginny.

Meanwhile back in the wing Professor McGonagall slumped in one of the chairs the trio had been sitting in a moment earlier.

“Must it really be done this way Poppy?” She asked the nurse worriedly, massaging the back of her neck.

“Dumbledore was clear with his orders Minerva. It must be done for now.” Pomfrey stated clearly her head held high.

“I know.” The Professor sighed. “I just hate lying to them.”


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Chapter 11: I STILL LOVE HIM
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Chapter 11 - I Still Love Him

The dark confines of the room swallowed Draco completely as he lay in an old cot, probably last used three or four years ago. He lay on his back examining the peeling paint on the ceiling, while in deep thought. He sighed in frustration, as he tugged on the sleeve of his shirt, pulling it down to show his forearm. The black symbol embedded now in his skin seemed to hiss at him. He gulped, and put his sleeve back down quickly not being able to bear another second.

A million questions were running through his mind. Dumbledore had brought them to this old house, and showed him to his room without another word. Draco recalled Dumbledore saying something like Grimauld Place. He guessed this was the houses name. He rolled to his side, and the bed moaned in resistance. He tried to fall asleep, but the memories flooded his head. He was supposed to leave this place, and start immediately on his first mission, as the deatheaters called it, early in the morning. Since Draco had no watch he figured it was already early in the morning. Three or four oclock was his best guess.

The mark had taken little of no time, and then the deatheaters told him to return to Dumbledore, thinking he was being a double spy. Pretending he was spying for Dumbledore, but he was really working for Voldemort. The funny thing was it was the exact opposite. Draco was loyal to Dumbledore. He tossed in bed, and now the covers were wrapped around his body in crazy ways. He closed his eyes as her face came to his mind. The last glimpse of her.

Her hair laid out behind her head. Her chocolate eyes closed, and peaceful. Her lips pouted slightly out of habit. Her small nose peppered with cute freckles. Draco closed his eyes tighter, wanting to stop the memory. He opened them quickly, his eyes pained from remembering her beauty. Not because he didnt want to think these things but because he couldnt. But that was just another excuse right?

Their love could become something after this was over couldnt it? The more he thought about it as he lay there the more the idea seemed more impossible. They could never be together. Never ever, and they would just have to face the facts.

A light knock came from the door, and he sat up. Dumbledore stepped through the doorway, his eyes not having their usual twinkle. He examined the boy through his half-moon glasses, and gave a tired smile to him.

"It is time." The old man said shortly. All Draco could do was nod.


"Its all right Mione." Ginny said soothingly, as her friend cried her eyes out on the bed.

"No Ginny its not all right. He was supposed to..." She trailed off not being able to say anything more. Hermione laid her head back down on the pillow, and wept silently to herself. Ginny had no clue what to do. Harry, and Ron had been shooed away after Ginny told them this was a "girl" thing. They went to their first few classes while Ginny stayed to comfort her friend. Ginny was beginning to get agitated. It was that stupid ferret for Merlins sake! Nothing but a pea-brained git! Why go on and on about someone so worthless?!

"I loved him Ginny." Hermione said yet again. This time Ginny was fed up, this girl laying here had gone overboard. Ginny stood, and pulled Hermione into a sitting position.

"Look at you Mione! You are pathetic... sitting here crying over someone who doesnt deserve your tears! You didnt expect him to turn on you!? He treated you horribly for like six years! He called you and your friends names, he got you in loads of trouble! Why in the world did you fall so hard for this no good git!?" Hermione had stared at her the whole time, and more tears flooded her eyes. Hermione stood, and retaliated.

"You want to know why I feel in bloody love with such an idiot? Well Ill tell you Ginerva." Ginny looked at her a little surprised that she was getting like this. "Its the same way you fell for Harry Goddamnit!! You dont see that do you? No you dont because all you can see is Harrys perfect body hanging in front of your eyes! You dont care about him at all! All you want is, to put it nicely, sex! Im not even sure you were truly a virgin. You could have messed with Dean for all I know!" Ginny gaped at her, mouth open wide.

"How the hell did we turn from you loving Malfoy to the debate of whether Im a virgin or not?! You see there you go again Hermione! You just blow it of thinking it will go away! But you know what it will always be there, and it will never go away! Now tell me why!"

"There is no specific reason! Stop yelling at me! If Harry broke up with you you would cry your eyes out wouldnt you?! But no since it isnt you, you dont care in the least bit! You could give a damn about anything or anyone but yourself!" Hermione was well in Ginnys face by now, and it only got worse from here.

"Quit putting it off Hermione! You need to confront the problem not avoid it!"

"Well thank you Dr.Phil! Like I really needed your help!" Hermione screamed.

"Even though I have no clue who this Dr.Phil is Im going to pretend you did not make that comment." Ginny crossed her arms tightly over her chest, seeming to challenge Hermione, and Hermione was definitely up for the challenge.

"Of course you dont know who he is you twit! He is a muggle person! You know nothing you pureblooded trash! Draco was right you are nothing but stupid weasels!" Hermione spat coldly. Ginny gasped.

"Your precious boy toy was a pureblood too! I cant believe youre insulting my family, when that toe rag was the one who hurt you, and not us! I was trying to help!"

"Oh yeah way to help! Tell me Im bloody pathetic, and then insult him like he is just nothing! Its not the fact that he left me Ginny!" Hermione hiccuped. Tears were rolling down her rosy cheeks, and her voice felt weak. "Its the fact that even though he left me, even though he betrayed me and my friends when I thought he was on our side, I still love him!" Her hands wiped away the tears in frustration muttering how stupid she was being at this moment. "But no I shouldnt care about him anymore should I?" She seemed to be talking more to herself than to her friend.

"Even though he gave everything he possibly could to me? Even though I know he at least had a bit of feelings for me? Or is it just unfathomable to believe we were truly in love?" The pain in her voice showed as it became uneven, along with her breathing.

"He is worth nothing to you anymore Hermione." Ginny told her coldly, still ticked off about all the bad things Hermione had said about her, her family, and even Harry. "So stop moping, and get a bloody grip! Stop loving him and move on!" Ginny stomped out the room in anger, and slammed the door to Hermiones room. A ringing produced in her ears from the loud slam the door had made.

She laid back on her side wiping away the fallen tears, and sniffling. The pain in her head was not just from yelling so loud a while ago but from the many thoughts consuming her head at this moment. So many questions, but no answers. But Hermione had one answer. An answer to what Ginny had just said: Stop loving him and move on! She didnt want to stop loving him. She wanted to be held in his arms once again, and hear him call her name.

"I guess," She sniffed, "the old saying is true." She laughed at herself for thinking like this even though it was impossible. "Your first love never really dies." The smiled faded slowly, as her eyes drooped, and she suddenly felt tired from all her sobbing. She slept soundly that afternoon for about four hours, skipping the rest of the day entirely, which is very un-Hermione-ish. As she slept she dreamt of the last time they had been close.

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Chapter 12 - Nightmares and Dreams

" Hermione?" The voice called, causing her eyes to flutter open. Her jaw dropped when she saw two sky blue eyes staring back into her own.

" Draco? She blinked multiple times... this couldn’t be real. He smiled down at her, and gave her a soft kiss on the lips.

" I missed you." He whispered, deepening the kiss. Hermione couldn’t speak, she was too surprised, but she did manage to kiss back slightly. He pulled away, and looked at her quizzically.

"What’s wrong love? You seem different.” Hermione gaped at him for awhile until she slowly reached out her hand toward his cheek letting her fingers brush against his silky skin. He took her hand in his and kissed her fingertips lightly with a smile.

"T-they said you joined the dark side." She whispered worriedly, regaining her will to speak.

"Who did?" He soothed, stroking her hand with the pad of his thumb.
Friends, Madame Pomfrey, and McGonagall... He scooted closer to her, his face inches from her own,

"I would never do that to you Hermione, never ever." He kissed her nose playfully and she giggled lightly. She leaned forward a bit, guiding their lips together, and kissed him again. She melted into him, wrapping her arms securely around his neck. The world around them washed away in seconds as the kiss grew more passionate.

She felt weightless as he laid her back down and started roaming her body with his hands. She reached up to undo the first button of his shirt and he moaned in satisfaction. Then, suddenly, there was a loud rumble that filled the room and it started to shake. Even the bed started to move ever so slightly. They broke their kiss quickly at the strange phenomenon, and looked at each other. The wall suddenly burst into a large hole, and in followed a ghastly sight. The black cloak was rustling to no end in a drastic manner as the snake like nostrils seemed to test the air. A sudden flash of red was seen under the hood and Draco jumped from the bed. Cold filled Hermione’s body as the horrible man spoke.

"This was not the plan Draco. Hermione stared up at the figure of evil that had just burst through her room’s wall. This couldn’t be happening

"I know, master." Draco said mechanically, like he had no feelings in the words whatsoever. Hermione looked at him. Hadn’t he just said he would never join that side if it would hurt her? Draco bowed to one knee, and approached Voldemort of hands and knees. Once close enough, he began kissing the bottom edge of his cloak.

Hermione looked disgusted. She had been kissing those lips not two minutes ago, and now they near that evil mans feet

"You will not be forgiven this time, Malfoy." Voldemort said with a raspy voice.

" Please, master. The mudblood is worth nothing to me." Draco tried to reason.

"Hush This is the last time you will fail AVADA KEDAVRA!" A jet of green light filled the room, and Hermione screamed in fear as his body fell to the ground, lifeless. The red eyes focused on the girl now as she trembled in fright. She was sure she was going to die.

"Thought he was on your side did you?" He spat coldly, the slits of his mutated nose flaring in anger. Hermione made no answer, and just sat on the bed staring at her love’s body. His eyes were open and staring straight at her, no life in them.

" He betrayed you." His voice had suddenly turned smooth, and calm. "He doesn’t deserve to have you mourn. He was worthless to me as well, but I can’t just let you live can I?" Hermione tried her best not to look scared, not to shake with fear. She was going to die.

The Dark Lord sighed in annoyance. "Answer me... Imperio!" He bellowed. Hermione’s mind felt like it had been erased of all thoughts as she heard a tiny voice mutter over and over `no you can’t`. Her mouth moved on its own.
No you can’t. Voldemort laughed cruelly.

"Don’t you want to live?" The voice came into her head again muttering `:No` over and over.

"No." She equipped.

" Have it your way then." The monster shrugged, and then screeched. "AVADA KEDAVRA!" The green light seemed to come at her in slow motion. They say your life flashes before you just before you die, but all Hermione could remember thinking was: Why haven’t my friends saved me?

The spell hit her full blown in the chest, and she fell back onto her back. The green force seemed to consume her whole and she felt her breathing stop.

Hermione coughed again, at sat up eyes full of tears from choking. She looked for Voldemort and the body next to the bed, but everything was gone. The wall had no hole. It hadn’t been real. Hermione put her hand to her forehead, and wiped off the droplets of sweat which had formed.

She pulled the covers off of her frantically, and stood. She raced out of the room, and through the dormitory. All the hallways were dark, and the windows showed beautiful stars set in the sky over the horizon.

“I slept all day.” She told herself. What am I going to tell the professors...I just decided to sleep in? Hermione started to run down the hallway, and headed for Gryffindor tower. She still had all of her clothes on from this morning. Even her shoes were still on her feet. Her heavy steps echoed off the empty corridors, and as she turned a corner she hit something hard.

She flew back, and fell to the ground from the collision. Hermione looked around to see a head of messy black hair standing in front of her. He held out a hand, and she grasped it while he helped her stand back up.

“Harry?” She said to him quietly. He didn’t answer her. For some reason he had an angry expression on his face. “Harry what’s wrong?” Hermione asked him.

“I was coming to see if you were alright, but I’ll just go back to the dormitory and talk with the weasels.” Harry said roughly, and turned to walk away. Hermione stared at his retreating back with a frown. Then she shot forward and blocked his way any farther down the hallway.

“Move out of my way.” Harry told her angrily.

“Harry please just listen to me.” Hermione reasoned.

“Why should I? You never listen to us.”

“Yes I do Harry ” She said desperately. He maneuvered himself around her, and started walking in the opposite direction again.

“I’m sorry Harry Please I’m sorry for everything I said I didn’t mean any of it ” She jogged along side him trying to tell him it was a mistake. He stopped.

“Ginny told me everything you said Hermione All you care about anymore is that arse Malfoy ” Harry told her through clenched teeth.

“That’s not true I care about all of you Ginny she was trying to help, and I just blew it right back up in her face. I’m sorry. I really am Please Harry ” Hermione was beginning to cry again, and Harry looked at her.

“Don’t cry again Hermione. You’re eyes are already blood shot.” Harry told her, feeling a little more sympathetic than before

“I’m scared Harry.” She told him shakily. “Something happened....while I was asleep.” She stood there fragilely, and shaking. Harry couldn’t stand to see her like this, and wrapped his arms around her in a comforting hug.

“Tell me.” He whispered.

“Well if it isn’t saint Potter and his Gryffindor pet ” A mock voice suddenly taunted. Hermione looked up immediately, thinking yet again it might be Draco even though that was foolish to think. Alas it was Blaise with Crabbe and
Goyle. Hermione was in no mood for anything they had to say. She glared at them with her teary eyes, and drew her wand.

“Leave us alone you poor excuse for a wizard and go to hell.” She warned fiercely.

“What you going to do with that Granger?” Blaise asked pointing at her wand. He laughed while saying, “You don’t have the guts to do anything.” Blaise stepped closer to her, his figure towering over her petite form. He whispered threateningly, “No Malfoy to save you Granger. He may have turned into a fool, but I will not. Unless....” He quirked an eyebrow. “Malfoy must have had some
reason to fall for you, why don’t you show me?” A cruel smile consumed his face, and he stroked her arm playfully and in suggestion.

Hermione looked at him with a disgusted face, she pressed her wand to his neck roughly, and he backed off a bit.

“Hermione don’t.” Harry told her quietly from behind her. Ignoring Harry’s warning Hermione yelled,

“Expelliarmus ” And with that Blaise went crashing into Crabbe and Goyle who toppled over, and landed on the ground. Hermione quickly stowed her wand back in it’s place, grabbed Harry’s
hand, and ran back toward her dormitory, tugging Harry behind her. As they were about to turn a corner a jet of blue light flew across Hermione’s shoulder, barely missing her.

“ Run faster Harry ” Hermione glanced over her shoulder, and caught a glimpse of Blaise getting to his feet, wand held in front of him. They were now at a full sprint, and finally came to the portrait. Hermione said the password hurriedly, and they climbed into the hole with haste. Once inside Hermione slammed the portrait shut. Their breathing was hard, and they were both out of breath. Harry was the first to calm down.

“Hermione Why did you do that ? That is so unlike you ” He told her worriedly.

“You didn’t hear what he said to me Harry.” Hermione snapped. She immediately regretted it when he glared at her. “I’m sorry Harry. I didn’t mean to snap at you.”

“It’s all right Mione.” Harry sighed. “What happened while you were asleep?”

“I had a horrible dream Harry.” Hermione said breathlessly.

“Maybe you should sit down while you explain.” Harry suggested. Hermione nodded, and walked wobbly over to the couch, and threw herself onto it. Harry took the arm chair across from the couch she decided to lay on, and watched her carefully.

“After Ginny left,” She began, “I got to thinking about a lot of things, and I guess I just drifted off.” She paused a while then continued. “When I woke up, there he was, grinning down at me. I was in utter shock as he started to kiss me.”

“Malfoy was in your room ” Harry said standing now. “How? When? ”

“Harry please sit down, and let me finish.” Harry obeyed, and let Hermione continue.

“Then there was this rumbling noise, and the whole room seemed to shake. Then the wall simply burst, and standing there, was....V-Voldemort.” Harry frowned, he knew how it felt to have

Voldemort haunt your dreams, and it wasn’t very pleasant. “Draco he...he stood, and Voldemort told him that this wasn’t the plan while Draco begged for mercy. He said the mudblood was no use to him, and Draco started to kiss the hem of his robes.” Hermione shuddered at remembering the ghastly site. “Then, Voldemort raised his wand...and he killed him.” Hermione let out a long sob, and Harry walked over and sat next to her.

He tried to soothe her. “What happened next Hermione.” Harry squeezed her hand for reassurance.

“Voldemort turned to me, and he told me Draco was nothing to me anymore. Then he asked me if he should keep me alive. I didn’t answer him. He put me under the Imperius curse. It felt....wonderful...not to think about anything.” Harry nodded, remembering being under the same curse in fourth year. “He asked me again `I can’t just keep you alive can I?` I answered no you can’t. Then he asked `Don’t you want to live?` I answered no, and he killed me.” Harry rubbed his thumb soothingly over the top of Hermione’s hand.

“I was so frightened. I saw the green light head towards me, and then I went into a coughing fit, and woke up.” Hermione curled up into a ball, and buried her head into the couch.

“Hermione it’s okay to be scared. How do you think I felt every time I had to face him?” Harry pulled her to sit back up. “You need to relax Hermione. Try to clear your mind of everything, and you’ll get a good night sleep.”

“Harry I can’t go back to sleep I might dream again, and....” She trailed off, and shuddered.

“It’s okay Hermione.” Harry wiped away a few fallen tears from her cheeks, and gave her a soft smile. “But it’s can’t stay up all night, you’ll look like a wreck tomorrow if you do.” Hermione looked up at the clock above the fireplace at realized it was already past 10:30. She couldn’t believe how much she had been sleeping these days. Hermione looked back at Harry, and nodded.

“Do you want me to tuck you in sweetie?” Harry asked in a mock sweet voice.

“Oh shut it Harry ” She slapped his arm and sniffed. Harry headed toward Hermione’s room. Hermione followed behind, and Harry opened the door with a creek. Harry proceeded into the room, but Hermione stood just over the threshold. Harry looked back at her when she didn’t step into the room with questioning face. She was looking at the ground next to the bed, and then she glanced at the wall on the opposite side.

“What’s wrong?” Harry asked her.

“I-I can’t go back in there.” She whispered.

“Why not?” Harry asked walking back towards her. “Seriously Hermione, Voldemort is not going to come bursting through the wall. You are acting like a frightened puppy.”

“I am not a frightened puppy ” Hermione said angrily. Then she walked through the doorway and over to the bed. “See I did it with no help from Mister Harry Potter thank you very much ” She kicked her shoes off her feet, and then climbed back into bed.

“Well good night Hermione.” Harry smiled, and then started to leave.

“Wait ” Hermione shouted, sitting up in bed. “Y-you’re leaving?”

“Well I have to get back to the tower.” He told her like it was obvious.

“But...but I...” Hermione sputtered, not seeming to get the right words out.

“Spit it out ”

“I don’t want you to leave.” Hermione said, putting on her best puppy dog eyes and pout.

Harry groaned. “Hermione...I can’t stay.”

“Harry please.” Hermione begged. “What if I have another dream and it’s worse than the first What am I supposed to do? I’m here all alone.” Hermione looked down at her hands, and fiddled with the blanket beneath her, whimpering to add to the effect.

Harry groaned again, and his hand went through his messy black hair in frustration. “Fine.” He finally caved. Hermione looked back up at him immediately, and had the biggest grin on her face.

“Works every time. Thank you so much Harry.” Harry grunted, and also kicked off his shoes then climbed into the bed slowly. It was a bit awkward for both of them.

“Good night Harry.” Hermione said before she flicked off the lamp light next to her bed.

“Night.” Harry said back to her, and with that they both drifted off to sleep.......

Hermione was roaming the dark corridors of the castle with her pajamas still on. She had no idea where she was going. She had just awoken from a rather unpleasant notion that ran through her mind, and she had to take care of it right away.

“This is all my fault.” She groaned under her breath, which was followed by a lot of swearing. Hermione broke into a jog, when suddenly she was yanked by the long sleeve of her night shirt into a small broom cupboard. Just as she was about to give into the instinct that told her to scream a large hand covered her mouth, and she felt someone drag her farther inside.

“Silencio.” The mystery person muttered, and immediately let Hermione breath. She had her arms twisted behind her back by a strong pair of arms, and she tried to turn around to see the face of her attacker. He wouldn’t let her get the chance to turn her head. The person, who she guessed must be a male, slammed her against the nearest wall with brute force.

“Now Granger you are not going to do anything rash, I will not allow it.” He whispered gruffly against her ear.

“Who are you?” She asked just as harshly, although it was rather difficult with her face being smashed against the brick wall. He pulled back slightly when he noticed her voice sounded a bit muffled by the wall. Then he jerked her around to face him.

Hermione’s eyes widened as they met his grayish-bluish ones. The platinum blonde hair stood out in the darkness as did his pale skin. A sinful smirk was on his lips as he looked into her eyes.

“Malfoy Let me go ” She tried to wriggle her arms free, and push him out the way. He only gripped her wrists tighter, and pushed them above her head instead. He leaned in a little too closely for Hermione’s comfort.

“As I said I will not allow it.” Then he did the unthinkable, and laid a passionate kiss on her lips. Hermione stared at him as he ravished her mouth with kisses. She tried to tell him to get off of her, but it sounded like gibberish. Not until he decided to feast oh her neck did she finally get her preferred amount of oxygen.

“Oh merlin.” She said breathlessly, and blinked, so relieved she could finally breath properly. “Malfoy what the bloody hell do you think you are doing? ” Malfoy froze. He slowly lifted his head, and looked her in the eye with a questioning look. He slowly leaned in again, and closed his eyes. An inch away from her lips he stopped. He sat there eyes closed and just waiting. Hermione looked at him, if it wasn’t for this position she was in, she would have laughed her head off at him. He just looked so much different.

Hermione saw a different side of him. Even though he had forced her into coming into this tiny closet, (and pinning her against a wall.) he was still giving her a choice, and she wanted to seize it while she had it in her hands. She didn’t know why and she didn’t know how, but she kissed him. She could feel his mouth turn into a smile immediately when their lips met. Hermione whimpered as he took dominance. She had never figured him the submissive type anyways. He plundered her mouth and Hermione let herself slip into the complete bliss that surrounded her. She moaned his name.

“Malfoy.” Then she heard a noise emit from his throat ever so lightly.

“Ginny.” He moaned pleasurably. Hermione pulled her head back, and stared at him......only it wasn’t Malfoy anymore. His hair had changed color, and so had his features. Then Hermione gasped in horror as she heard the same red head scream out his name in fury.

“Harry How could you? ” Harry’s eyes shot open, and stared at Hermione who was frozen on top of him. He looked over at Ginny ,who had tears pouring out of her eyes. Then another red head appeared behind her to see what all the fuss was about. His eyes widened at the sight of his two friends in their certain state. Harry pushed Hermione off of him, and ran towards Ginny, trying to tell her it wasn’t what it looked like, but she just ran out of the dormitory.

Harry looked back at Hermione, question written in his eyes, then they turned to fiery anger, and Hermione winced. Harry grabbed Ron’s arm, and pulled him out of the dormitory as well. Hermione’s eyes welled with tears again as she curled up into a ball on her bed. She made no move to try and chase after them, she just knew they wouldn’t listen to her, and she didn’t see the point in wasting her breath. She had really thought it had been this time. But now she was questioning her relationship. She didn’t think it would ever work between them, even after the war ended.


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Chapter 13- The Truth Comes Out

Hermione lay in her bed, still curled up tightly into a fetal position. She had stopped crying awhile ago, and now just stared at the brick wall sitting in front of her vision. She hadn’t even fallen back asleep. It was about time to get up now, and she made no move to try.

As she lay there she contemplated about what had happened. She had been dreaming about snogging Draco, and ended up snogging Harry by accident in her sleep. Surely no one would believe that rubbish. She couldn’t take all of these lies anymore she could barely keep up with them. She didn’t care what anyone thought of her anymore. Not if they thought she was a whore, or even a total bitch. It didn’t seem to matter anymore.

So, she immediately jumped out the bed, wrinkled clothes, messy bushy hair, tear stained face, and all. Hermione strutted out the common room with a haughty air accompanying her. As she walked down the corridors of the school she bumped into multiple passer-by. With which was accompanied by Hermione yelling at them to watch out and to move out of her way. They all stared at her with odd expressions on their faces.

This was not like Hermione, but lately she didn’t care about anything anymore. So when she stepped into the Gryffindor common room she yelled out all of her friends names at the top of her lungs.

“HARRY RON GINNY ” She screeched. Everyone in the common room jumped at the disturbance. Ron was the first one to appear at the bottom of the boys dormitory steps. At first he stared at Hermione, looking at how messy she was. Then an angry look came over his features. Of complete and total rage.

“What do you want?” Ron sneered, ignoring all of the people staring at them. Suddenly Ginny appeared from the opposite side, coming from the girls dormitories, and right behind her was Harry. For a second Hermione wondered how Harry had gotten into the girls dormitories, but then
Ron asked her again. “What do you want? ”

“I want you three to listen to what I have to say That’s what I want ” She said venomously.

“Why in Merlins name would we listen to you? ” Ginny spat at her, Hermione noticed she had still been crying. Harry had probably been up there with her, trying to tell her what really had happened.

Hermione’s voice lowered a bit, but she still kept it fairly loud so the whole room could hear just as well. “I want to tell you everything.” Ginny stared at her for a moment, as if seeing if she was telling the truth. Hermione turned to Ron. “Ron, I haven’t been at all honest with you.”

“Didn’t take a genius to figure that out Hermione. I found you on top of my best mate.” Ron raised an eye brow. Hermione took a deep breath. She just knew this would shock everyone one in the room, except Harry and Ginny of course they knew already.

“That is not what I am referring to. I am referring to our relationship.”

“What about it?” Ron asked when Hermione hesitated.

“I want to end it.” Ron’s jaw practically hit the floor.

“You want to what? ” The whole common room was now concentrated on the friends. People who had been about to step out of the portrait hole stopped to listen, students busy with last minute homework stopped to eavesdrop.

“You heard me. I never even wanted this relationship ” Hermione blurted before she lost her will.

“You said you loved me Was it all a lie then?” Ron asked her, now getting closer trying to tone down the conversation so not everyone would hear.

“Yes it was And you know what ? I am with someone else I was with him behind your back the whole time ” Hermione yelled at him, as if making fun of the fact he had no idea about this.

“What? You went behind my back? Hermione that’s not like you What is wrong with you? You’re not the Hermione I used to know Who could you have possibly been with? ” Then suddenly Ron whipped around and stared accusingly at Harry. Harry looked alarmed, and recoiled, not saying a word to Ron.

“No Ron it wasn’t Harry ” Hermione said, and Ron’s eyes returned to her own.

“Who was it then? ” He got even closer, and shook her by her shoulders, trying to get an answer out of her.

“IT WAS MALFOY ” She yelled at the top of her lungs. The whole room seemed even more alert, and some even scooted closer to the pair, trying to catch every word. Ron looked at her strangely, like the giant squid had just asked him to the yule ball.

“Hermione Stop acting like this You don’t have to tell lies You couldn’t have been with Malfoy ” Ron yelled back at her, not believing a word she was saying.

“Ask Harry and Ginny Ron they know all about it ” Ron turned again to the two of them.

“It’s true Ron. She has been seeing him behind your back ever since the second week you started dating.” Ginny said, crossing her arms over her chest, and glaring at Hermione. When Ron tried to look at Harry, he was nodding to Ron, telling him everything she was saying was true. He turned back to Hermione angrily.

“How could you? Malfoy? You chose the ferret over me ?”

“It was easy Ron, I just did iny meny miny mo and he won fair and square ” She said sarcastically.

“This is not a time to be sarcastic Hermione ” Harry yelled at her from behind Ginny. Hermione shot a glare at him, wordlessly saying to shut his mouth.

“And you know what else Ron? These two knew about everything the entire time ” She pointed at Harry and Ginny with a menacing grin. She was like a little kid tattling on her older sibling for eating a cookie from the cookie jar before dinner.

“And how could you two not tell me? Why? I deserved to know ” Ron shouted in Ginny face.

“Oh yeah that would have been a pleasant conversation. `Oh hi Ron Harry said quidditch practice is canceled, and oh by the way your girlfriend is shagging Malfoy, wow you’re screwed now `” Ginny told him. Sniggers were heard around the room at Ginny’s comment. Ron growled at her, and pushed her out of the way to get to Harry.

“And you My supposed best friend, didn’t even have the guts to tell me either? ” Ron screamed face as red as his hair with fury.

“Ron Hermione asked us not to tell you.” Harry said calmly backing up a little at Ron’s advancement. Ron seemed to be a ping-pong ball going from Hermione, Ginny, Harry then back to Hermione.

“Yeah Why am I blaming them when this is all your fault? You really don’t care about my feelings do you? ”

“Right Ron like I really planned to fall for Malfoy over the summer, and you know what I really don’t care I love him and that’s that just beacuse he is a De” In the middle of her speech she stopped, and Harry Ron and Ginny could have strangled her. She had almost let slip the secret they were supposed to keep to themselves, but she made a quick recovery. “De-dead Because he is dead doesn’t mean I will stop loving him ”

The whole room went into whispers about Malfoy immediately: So that’s where he has been But who killed him? Did he kill himself? How did he die? When? Where?

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Chapter 14 - Attack on the Hogwarts Express

What is wrong with you? How can you be such an idiot!

Hermione sat in her dormitory staring at the flames inside the fireplace. As they danced she recalled the last few hours:

After such an out burst she had frozen in her spot. Ron, and Harry, and Ginny stared at her with venom as tears filled her eyes. The rooms whispers became louder in her ears.

She killed him! She did it! Good ridance he was for the Dark Lord! Still why would she kill him? That's not like Hermione at all.It couldn't be Hermione!

She held herself tightly rocking back and forth. She remembered the rumors at breakfast, all the glares from the Slytherins. She couldn't go to class she just couldn't. All that had happened to her fell apart when Draco had left her.

He left me. That's what happened. He saw that I was useless, and left me.

Tears fell hard and long now. Sobbing she curled into a ball, and lay there thinking of him. It was all that consumed her. His face, that smirk, his voice.

Get a hold of yourself. You shouldn't be this way. Why did you fall so hard? You really were stupid to believe him. Harry and Ron told you. Why didn't you stay content with Ron and everything would have been perfect, right?

She closed her eyes, and imagined the last time they had been together. They were in the bed at the hospital wing, and then dumbledore had called him to talk. Then...what happened was blurry. She had fallen asleep. She remembered dreaming of him. Him siting by her side, talking to her while asleep. Saying how much he loved her, but then he had left.

Why does it hurt so bad to admit I still love him?

She heard the portrait door swing open. Sitting up quickly she wipped her eyes. She expected Harry or Ron to come yell at her ask why she hadn't been in classes all day, but it was Madame Pomfrey that emerged. 

"Quickly dear! Pack your clothes!"

Hermione sat on the couch staring as the mediwitch bustled around. Brandishing her wand she summoned Hermione's trunk, and her school books.

"Dear dont just sit there! Summon your clothes we have to hurry!"

"What's going on?" Hermione stood from the couch sniffing and still wipeing her eyes.

"Did you not hear! All the teachers dismissed the students from class to pack! The war child! Dumbledore has ordered the castle be evacuated!"

Hermione stared for a minute. "Dumbledore? But he left how could you--"

"Dear there's no time to explain! I know this has been hard on you. I heard what happned but this must all be explained after you are safe. Please just go pack!"

Hermione sighed a bit, totally confused, but went into her room nonetheless.

"Thank Merlin for magic." With a wave of her wand and a flick of the wrist everything was packed. When she floated her trunk into the dormitory Madame Pomfrey was no where to be seen. She surveyed the room. The nurse had stripped the room of magic. The room no longer looked homey but bleak now.

"Did she get Draco's room too?" She wondered aloud. Heading up the stairs to his room, she peaked inside. Yes she had. Her heart sunk. She had at least wanted a last glance inside before she left. Then she noticed there was his trunk still in the room. She stepped in, her footsteps echoing in the emptyness. It was locked.

"Alohamora." She whispered. Honestly, How useful is a lock in this world?

The contents were folded neatly inside. She pulled somethings out. Looking at some clothes, and she giggled when she pulled out a pair of green silk boxers. Then in a side pouch she saw a wooden boz that interested her. Pulling it out delicately she opened it. Inside lay a special ring. Knowing Draco she had suspected it to consist of a snake or something of that sort, but this one was rather simple looking. It looked like a wedding band acctually, and beside it was a piece of paper.


My son I want you to take this ring. I have received it especially for you. Think of the place you want to be most, and put this ring on.

Love, mommy

Hermione smiled. Draco's mother always seemed much different from Lucius, well at least to her son she was much nicer. Hermione, curious as she was, put the ring on thinking of where she wanted to be most. She expected some magic to happen, but nothing did. She was still sitting next to a trunk in an empty room. She sighed.

"Well there can't be any harm in keeping this really." She wanted to keep something that would remind her of him. She folded the clothes back up and placed them neatly back into the trunk, and with a thump it was shut.

She walked back into the dormitory, with one last glance she looked at the trunk. One last time she looked down at her hand and thought of being with Draco, but the ring did nothing but rest on her finger. It was then she thought she would never see him again. Never ever.


The hairs on his neck stood in the cold as the Dark Lord spoke to his Deatheaters.

"We attack tonight. That is when we will attack them at their weakest. I want no one spared, accept Potter and his little gang of friends. They will come useful to us later."

One deatheater spoke. "My lord. Why spare them? I thought the point was to have them dead?"

"How dare you question me!" He bellowed. "My plans are none of your concern Goyle! and for your incompetence you will be put on the front line!" Goyle whimpered in fear, and shut his mouth.

Draco stood on the far end, listening to his master. Then he was addressed.


"Yes my lord?"

"I want you to aprehend that Granger girl."

His brain went into panic, but his answer was calm. "Yes my lord."

"Good. and when you get her. Kill her." Draco looked into his red eyes, and saw a tiny glimmer of suspician. He had no choice.

"Of course."


The platform was full of scared first years scurrying to get home. Hermione pulled her trunk quietly not stopping to talk, only focusing on getting into a compartment. She found it quickly and loaded her trunk up onto the top holder.

She lay down with no else inside with her. She knew Harry, Ron, or Ginny wouldn't want to see her. Suddenly the compartment door opened. There stood Luna Lovegood.

"Im sorry do you mind if I join you Hermione?" Hermione wasnt in the mood for company but did not want to be rude.

"It's fine Luna."

"Thank you." and she too loaded her trunk. Hermione saw she was wearing her radish earrings as usual, and to her astonishment, had now aquired a matching radish ring.

"I er... like your ring Luna."

"oh! This you mean? Yes I loved it too! Daddy got it for me when he heard about that worrelacks!"

"Worrelacks?" Her said, confused.

"Yes the worrelacks! Radishes keep them out of your hair! Daddy says they are really the ones casuing the war, but these people here never listen." She said with dreamy eyes.

"Oh. I see." Hermione sighed and lay her head on the seat with her eyes closed.

"Is everything all right Hermione?" She opened her eyes, and saw Luna's concerned blue ones staring back at her. "I heard about those rumors at school, but thought it was just rubbish I know you would never do such a thing."

"What did you hear?"

"That you and Malfoy were having secret sexcapades, then he left you for Pansy so you killed him." Hermiones eyes widened.


"Yes but I'm sure it's not true! Calm down Hermione I didn't mean to get you so worked up!"

Hermione stood anger rising, she could feel the fury shade of red in her cheeks.

"That is not true!! How dare they say that!?"

"Hermione it's just useless girl talk. You know Hogwarts, somethings a big secret and everyone knows about it! But if you don't mind... Could you tell me what really happened?"

Hermione breathed in deep, and sat back down. She figgeted with her school skirt lying in her lap for a bit, and as she chewed on her lip she answered her, "Well I'll admit the sexcapades thing was half right. I mean me and Draco we didn't... it was only one time and did not kill him I assure you."

"Then where is he?"

Hermione looked down at the floor and she heard her voice break. "I don't know."

"I'm sorry Hermione. Did you...." For a breaf moment Hermione saw a look of astonishment in Luna's face. "Did you love him?"

She wiped her eye of the tear that threated to fall down her cheek, and slowly nodded her head.

Luna gasped. "Oh my you poor girl." She said solemnly. The she stood up and gave Hermione a very awkward hug, but she accepted it nonetheless. It was what she needed.

When the train started to move the two girls both sat and wached the scenery fly past. Luna pulled out her Quibbler and Hermione lay back down after a while. Hermione watched the sunset over the far away mountains, and then darkness fell like a blanket over the pastures.

As if they were passing into the Arctic circle the window started to freeze over. The lights turned off, and the two girls could now see their breaths in front of their faces. Then Hermione saw them. Flying like dark ghosts dementors, hundreds of them were flying in the new nights sky.

"Dear Merlin." Luna gasped in horror.

"Luna warn everyone! Hurry!" Hermione directed.

Luna obeyed and ran screaming down the hall.


Hermione pulled out her wand, and went to search for Harry and Ron.

No matter what I'll still fight with you Harry.

The train jerked forward, and Hermione was sent hurtling onto her side. She hit her head on the side of the train, and fell to the ground. She moaned in pain trying to stnd back up, but her world was going darker still.

She thought she saw a last glimpse of slate gray eyes hovering over her before she blacked out.


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Chapter 15 - Meeting Malfoy

Suddenly the blackness faded away and her eyes were open once again, soon after a searing pain in her head came to her. She rubbed against it and massaged her temples, but it wouldn't go away. Opening her eyes to a brightly lit room she heard the birds chirping outside her open window as a beautiful willow tree swayed with the light breeze.

Then she heard the door creak open, and her head shot up with a snap. From habit or reflex she reached for her wand on the bedside table. She could not believe who appeared at the door grining goofily at her.

"Oh great your awake. Damien was just asking for you." He sauntered over to her and sat on the bed by her side. Leaning over she watched his lips draw closer to hers, and with the slightest touch he gave her a loving kiss, but she only stared back at him in bewilderment.

"Draco?" She whispered against his lips.

He looked at her for a minute. "You seem surprised to see me."

"Well I... where am I?" She felt so confused. Something was wrong here. "I'm supposed to be with Harry. V-Voldemort... he's coming on the train."

"You must have had an awful dream love. That happened such a long time ago. You don't remember?" She shook her head.

"Let me see Harry or Ron I want to talk to them." Draco fidgeted uncomfortably, and looked down at his hands.

"They... passed during the war Hermione. Is there something wrong I really get you doctor. You look so pale." Hermione's eyes welled with tears.

"My god..." She leaned into Draco's shoulder. Suddenly she heard a tiny voice from the doorway.

"Mommy? Why are you crying?" He was identicle to Draco, except he had dark brown hair just like Hermione.

Hermione looked up, then to Draco... "Mommy?" She asked him.

"Honey there's something wrong. We're bringing you to St. Mungos right away."

"No! I- I'm fine I just... had a bit of a lapse.. the dream it seemed so..." Real.

"Are you sure baby. I can apparate you there in a flash. I'm worried about you." Hermione looked up into his eyes. They seemed different somehow. She stared for a long while as he wrapped his arms around her. She cuddled close and pressed her face against his chest as if she had never felt so safe in her life.

"Hermione?" She just clung closer to his body. Suddenly she felt his hands on her shoulders. They were gripping her tightly trying to pull her away.

"No!" She thrashed in his embrace forcefully, but she still felt strong hands around her shoulders shaking her. The pain in her head grew worse, and she heard someone calling her in the distance.

"Hermione...Hermione...Hermione." She fell limp in his arms and again a blinding light met her face. It made her head hurt even worse... then the blackness was back.

She felt herself open her eyes again. All was dark and silent, and the pain in her head was still throbbing in her temples, only now when she went to rub her face she felt blood. Wobbly upon her legs she tried to stand, she was shaky and she feared she was too late.

"Harry... Ron." She reminded herself. She had to find them, had to fight with them. Regaining her balance she looked around. There wasn't much to see in the dark. She felt cramped and came to a conclusion of being in a small cupboard. Feeling around she searched for a door, and found a cold doorknob. Once she was out she drew her wand cautiously. It all seemed silent. She was still upon the Hogwarts Express.

Then as she turned to make her way down the hall, she saw it glowing up lumionously in the night's sky, the Dark Mark. Stopping her slow pace completely, she focused on the sickly sight in the jeweled sky tonight. Gulping she continued onward, it was not long before she heard a voice.

"Where is she boy?" Hermione knew that voice. Oh Merlin.

"I hid her in the cupboard at the end of the train, father." Hermione's heart skipped a beat. Dear Merlin, he's right behind this door. She heard the bodies begin to move inside.... Agh! Hide Hermione, you twit!

She opened the compartment door adjacent to the men. Finally letting out a breath she had not known she was holding in she closed the compartment door back soundlessly. Lucky enough the door who had been concieling the voices she had heard quickly slid open, and she saw the outline of their forms through the blurred windows glass. Hermione moved to the side quickly, not letting them see her shadow through the blurry glass.

"Go get her." Lucius hissed at his son. "Bring her to the front of the train." It was then Hermione heard more footsteps heading toward the front of the train. Lucius had gone.

Then she heard Draco head in the opposite direction.

Merlin I need to go help Harry and Ron! What if smethings happened!

They should be fine... but what about Draco he's not goign to find you in that closet. What will he tell his father?
A disobedient voice echoed in Hermione's head.

Draco will be fine! It's Harry and Ron that need your help! She reasoned with herself

Yes, but I know you want to see him. Talk to him.

That's beside the point!

"This is ridiculous!" She whispered to the silence. Pulling her door open once again she checked the front of the train not seeing the eldest Malfoy in sight.

It's just a little detour Hermione. You'll see Harry and Ron... eventually.

She hurriedly walked after Draco, making sure her footsteps were in sync with his as not to cause suspicion. She held her wand in front of her shakily. Then she saw him grab the handle for the closet she had just been in, but out of the corner of his eye he saw her there, standing shakily, wand grasped in her sweaty hand pointed right at him.

"Granger!" He said in a surprised whisper. The words stung her. Granger? What happened to Hermione?

He made a step towards her, she tensed, and pointed her wand now straight at his heart. Licking her lips she asked him, "Malfoy, where are Harry and Ron?" She spat his name like some horrible food she had just eaten.

He pulled out his wand as well, and glared at her maliciously, "That is none of your damn business mudblood. Put the damn wand away, you're coming with me." As soon as 'mudblood' fell out of his mouth her eyes flashed with rage, yet at the same time she wanted to break dow nand cry. She wouldn't will herslef, she had spilled enough tears for him.

"You low-life bastard, how dare you! I am going no where with you. Stuep--"

"Silencio!" He yelled before she could even get her spell finished. She opened her mouth in a screaming attempt but came up short, and just sounded like she was being strangled. Not expecting what was coming next, she was slammed against the wall by Malfoy, and his hand roughly forced her face to look him straight in the eyes. She almost melted into them.

No! He's a bloody deatheater now! You see how he's changed now! You can't help him Hermione. He will always be the same Malfoy you knew before. Corrupt and cruel.

He noticed the glint of lust in her eyes but saw it faded quickly, now she looked upon him in disgust. He knew if she could talk that she would be using that very colorful dictionary of curses on him. He had to do it. While she was silenced it would be his last time maybe, but he didn't care. He needed her.

Descending his lips quickly onto hers he kissed her forcefully. Gods he had been longing for this for such a long time. He felt her give in quickly and they were soon a tangle of limbs in a desperate attempt to bring everything back into each others memory. Both wanting to remember how it felt when they touched each other and the fire that ignited from skin on skin contact. But something was wrong, Draco could feel it. Suddenly Hermione pulled away, and pushed him roughly.

She was biting and clawing to get away, and crying as well, tears falling heavily from the corners of her eyes. He wanted to kiss them away, but all he saw was pain in her face. He had hurt her, and he could never forgive himself. He backed away into the other wall, also lifting the spell from her.

He wacthed her intently, locking away the memory of her kiss. Breathing hard she stood shakily, and glared through tears at him.

"How dare you! Don't ever touch me again!" Her words were rather quiet but they shook with anger. "I never loved you. You're nothing but a ruthless deatheater who grew up to be his father." She hissed at him, wiping the tears from her face.

He had to do it. He wouldn't watch her die. "Get out of my sight." He growled. "Stay away from me. I never want to see you again."

She apporached him, and this time he did not raise his wand, but she pointed hers right at his throat in a cutting position. Had she held a knife Draco would be bleeding. "Tell me where my friends are." She snarled lowly at him.

Glaring at her he pushed forward into her wand and said, "They're hiding like pathetic little dogs, tail between their legs, trying to find you."

"Where?" She asked urgently, not letting her grip falter on her wand.

"Back of the train with a couple others." With that she sped out the back door, leaving him there.

Staring back longingly, recalling her body against his. He absolutely hated lying to her, but he loved her much much more.


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