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Harry Potter and the American Girl by gymnastGK

Format: Novella
Chapters: 9
Word Count: 20,073
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Fluff, Humor, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Ginny, OC
Pairings: Ginny/Dean, Ron/Hermione, Harry/OC

First Published: 04/25/2006
Last Chapter: 06/18/2006
Last Updated: 06/18/2006

It's the trios sixth year at Hogwarts. But what happens when a transfer student from America joins them?? I'm not very good at summaries. But please read/review!!!

Chapter 1: The Morning Rush
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A/N: I do not own Harry Potter. I only own character's you don't recognize. Most of the brilliance belongs to J.K. Rowling.


Walking down the hallway, her 2-year-old sister, Peyton, in her arms she knocked on the first door that contained her 10-year-old brother “Tristan? Are you up? You had better be, we leave in half an hour and you haven’t eaten anything”

Ryan Aikens was 16 years old and starting her first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This was her 6th year of magical study but her family moved to Northampton from Palm Springs, California this summer. She had attended a school for Witchcraft and Wizardry in America but because her family moved to Europe she had to transfer.

“Mom?” she yelled, no answer came, “MOTHER?!”

“She’s in the shower” her little sister, Tristan’s twin, Kendall informed her.

“Thanks, can you make sure Tristan is up?”

“What am I, his babysitter?”

“Kendall, please?”

“Fine, fine, I’m going.”

Kendall and Tristan were mischievous little things and Ryan didn’t doubt for a second that they would be quite amusing once they started school. They were the best of friends and always had a way of finding trouble in almost every situation.

Walking through her mother’s room, she knocked on the bathroom door.
“Mom, are you almost done? We have to leave in 25 minutes!”

“Is everyone ready?”

“Everyone but Tristan, I just put Kendall on it though”

“Did you get a bag ready for those two, Sydney, and Peyton? We’re staying in London for the day, doing some shopping and other things”

“I did that last night, like you told me to”

“Is Lucas packed?”

“I believe so, he was just eating breakfast when I came up here. And yes mother, Kendall already ate. Sydney is eating now.”

“RYAN! RYAN! Am I allowed to bring my broom?” her 13-year-old brother, Lucas, charged into the room. He would be starting in his 3rd year.

“Yes, you are. Mom! I’m packing the van, please hurry, I have Peyton”
“Okay, I’m done” her mom answered as Ryan heard the water turn off.

Ryan walked downstairs to the kitchen. They had a rather large home, larger even then their one in California, though she missed it there terribly. Their house was almost entirely muggle for the simple fact that her father was a muggle. Yes, she was a half-blood. Her mother was a witch, but because of her father’s job they had always had to have a muggle home. Because of this all 7 of her parents children dressed very well as muggles.

Today Ryan was dressed in basic jeans and a long yellow tank top with a green T-Shirt on top that said in yellow letters “San Clemente California”. She had a black, zip-hoodie on over this. She also had on her favorite pair of shoes, which were green, and white checkered. She had her hair tied back in a very messy bun with her hair falling in her face. It had been tight this morning but in the rush to get everyone out of the house had loosened up a bit.

She went to the kitchen and set Peyton down in her high chair, her 5-year-old sister Sydney had just finished breakfast. She cleaned up breakfast minus two pieces of toast and three pieces of bacon. These she put in a tupper-wear container and put it in her bag.

She picked Peyton back up, grabbed Sydney’s hand and went to the front door where Lucas and Kendall were picking up trunks and an owl cage and starting to bring them outside.

“Kendall, where’s Tristan?” she inquired of her sister.

“He said he was coming”

She heaved a great sigh and started up the stairs.

“Syd, stay with Kendall.” She called over her shoulder.

She met her mother in the hallway directly outside her brother’s door.

All she said was, “Mom, Tristan”

“Got it, get everyone else in the car.”

She went outside to meet Lucas and Kendall and put Peyton and Sydney in their car seats.
“’Kay guys, strap in, mom and Tristan should be out in a few seconds.”

True to her word, a couple seconds later, her mother rushed out the door with Tristan looking extremely groggy.

“Mom, I didn’t get anything to eat” he whined.
“Well you should have thought of that before you decided to get up five minutes before we had to leave.”

“I gotcha covered” Ryan said handing Tristan the tupper-wear container that contained his breakfast. “Now strap in”

Hopping into the front seat next to her mother Ryan watched her mother do a head count.

“One, two, three, four, five, six…” she trailed off.

“Audin” she informed her mother.

“Of course, I keep forgetting”

Her older brother Audin had just graduated from their school in America and was now working in New York. Her mother was so used to doing a seven-person head count that she often forgot she now only had to do a six-person head count.


Arriving at King’s Cross Station at 10*30, Ryan’s mom went to get two trolleys for Ryan and Lucas’ trunks. Securing her trunk and her owl, Chloe’s cage to her trolley, she wheeled it over to the barrier in between platforms 9 and 10.

“I’ll go first!” Lucas said.

“Alright, Kendall, Tristan you go in with Lucas. Lucas, do not go anywhere, wait for us”

They watched them disappear through the barrier.

Ryan went through the barrier with her mother, Sydney, and Peyton.

“HEEEEY!” they heard someone nearby yell.

She wheeled around to see her Aunt Bridget and her cousin Raegan walking up to them. Bridget was her mother’s sister; she had two children, Jesse who was Lucas’ age and Raegan who was the Sydney’s age. Lucas had already met up with Jesse and walked up to them.

“Mom, Jesse already has a compartment with his friends, can I go with him?”

“Yeah, of course.” She replied as she stood chatting with her sister.

Ryan interrupted, “Mom, I’m gonna go find myself a compartment okay? I’ll be back”

Kendall, who was very much attached to Ryan and always hated when she went away to school for the whole year, said excitedly, “Can I go with you?! Can I?! Can I?!”

“Yeah, sure, why not?” Ryan replied quickly, she hurried away so Sydney and Peyton would not beg to come also.

“Here, you carry Chloe, be careful alright?”

Out of habit Ryan went all the way to the back of the train to the very last compartment. Not to her surprise it was empty.

“Here we’ll just put my stuff in here.”

She heaved her trunk and Chloe’s cage into the luggage rack and grabbing Kendall’s hand walked back over to her mother, Sydney, Peyton, her aunt, and Raegan. Tristan had tagged along with Jesse and Lucas.

“Alright mom, I’ll try to write to you and tell you how classes go”

“Alright sweetie, make sure your brother doesn’t get into too much trouble”

Just as she said this, her brothers and cousin came over laughing about something.

“‘Bye mom” Lucas said while hugging his mother.

Ryan bent down, “’Bye Syddy, I’ll see you soon. Kendall, be good, don’t wander away from mom today, and help her out alright?” She hugged and kissed Sydney and Kendall and then took Peyton out of her mother’s arms and gave her a hug and a kiss.

“Okay” Kendall replied sadly.

“Tristan… please just don’t be a pain”

“Thanks? Love you too. Gosh.

“‘Bye guys. ‘Bye Aunt Bridget, see ya Rae”

She climbed onto the Hogwarts Express and went to her compartment. She leaned against the window, slightly nervous about the year ahead and hoping it wouldn’t be too difficult to make friends. She had been to Hogwarts before, but that was when she was really little and to see her grandfather at Christmas, anymore, he came to their house for Christmas. She loved going back to school (even though she didn’t know this one) simply because she could drop her “second-mother act” as she called it. She didn’t have siblings to take care of and minus the occasional letter to her family she could just take a break from them. Of course, she loved them dearly, but she was still a teenager and at home, she felt more like a second mother (hence the name).

Chloe was hooting loudly in her cage so Ryan got up and rummaged through her trunk for some owl treats. She heard her compartment door slide open and someone walk in.
She turned around to find a tall boy with white blonde hair and a pointy face looking at her.


Okay, so that's the first chapter. Please review!

Here's her family just incase it was a little confusing. Sorry if it was.

Audin John Aikens- 18-years-old, graduated from school in America
Ryan Nicole Aikens- 16-years-old, starting 6th year at Hogwarts
Lucas Michael Aikens- 13-years-old, starting 3rd year at Hogwarts
Tristan James Aikens- 10-years-old, Kendall's twin
Kendall Larkin Aikens- 10-years-old, Tristan's twin
Sydney Hope Aikens- 5-years-old
Peyton Rose Aikens- 2-years-old



Chapter 2: "That's A Boy's Name"
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Harry Potter had spent his entire summer (minus two weeks) with his favorite family in the world, The Weasley’s. Just starting to get over his godfather’s death it had not been an easy summer and he was happy to go back to Hogwarts where he would have classes and most of all Quidditch to distract him.

Arriving on Platform 9 ¾ at ten minutes to 11*00. Mrs. Weasley was in a very rushed mood.

“Okay, all of you, let’s just say goodbye now and then you get right on the train”

She brought each of them, one at a time, into a bone-crunching hug.

“Behave yourselves, all of you” she glared at them.

“We will,” chorused Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny.

They all set off toward the Hogwarts Express.

“I promised Dean I’d sit with him, I’ll see you guys later” Ginny said as they stepped onto the train. Ron looked as if he was about to say something but Hermione cast him a warning look and he just walked towards the end of the train.

Looking into compartments for an empty one, Ron inquired, “Why are all these compartments full?! I expected there to be a lot less people here this year, with You-Know-Who back and all.”

“Oh, everyone knows that Hogwarts is the safest place at times like these, Ron” Hermione replied matter-of-factly.


“Well, well, well, what do we have here? The new transfer student, I believe.” The tall blonde boy drawled.

“Who’re you?” Ryan asked coldly.

“Draco, Draco Malfoy” he answered while stepping closer. She fought to suppress a laugh. He looked her up and down.

Before Ryan could even ask herself what this boy could want he had one hand on either side of her near her shoulders.

“You’re not entirely unattractive” he sneered.

She’d made up her mind, she did not like this boy, and because her wand was in her trunk there was nothing else to do except--- she brought her knee up, hard. He jumped backed and groaned in pain. Then she heard someone yell.


Suddenly Malfoy’s legs snapped together and his arms snapped to his sides. He fell over backward and landed with a thud on his back looking up at Ryan, his eyes still watering.

Looking over Malfoy, Ryan saw a boy with messy jet-black hair, gorgeous green eyes, and black glasses looking at her. He smiled and said, “I figured he was up to something.”

Ryan looked at him questioningly, “Thanks, why would you think that?”

“Oh, well… he’s always lurking around acting like he owns the place, he stalked away from his friends, so I figured it wasn’t anything good he was doing.” The boy answered. “But, it looked like you had a good handle on things” he added with a smirk.

“What? Oh, yeah… well, my older brother taught me how to take care of myself, with and without magic.” Ryan told him.

“Right. Look, do you think it’d be okay if my friends and I joined you in this compartment.” He said after dragging Malfoy back into the corridor. “Everywhere else is full.”

“Uhmm… sure. Why not?” Ryan replied hesitantly. The boy walked away and Ryan watched after him. She sincerely hoped that he wasn’t going to bring a lot of friends. He looked a bit like a jock, which would mean he was popular, which would mean he has a lot of friends. Yet, he looked oddly familiar. Thinking about where she had seen him before she turned back around into her trunk to get those owl treats for Chloe.


“Guys!” Harry said sharply, calling down the corridor to his friends. “HEY GUYS!”

“What?!” Hermione turned around after looking into a compartment. “Everywhere is full Harry, we can’t find a seat anywhere.”

“I found a compartment” Harry replied. “The one at the very end of the train, there’s a girl in there but no one else.”

Finally” Ron said exasperated, as though they had been searching for hours rather than 10 minutes.

“Ooo Harry! We’ve just met one of the new transfer students. I guess there are two of them. Well, the one we met was Lucas and he’s starting his 3rd year. He said that his sister was starting in our year!” Hermione said excitedly.

“Well… let’s just hope she’s anything but a Slytherin” Ron said.

“I think I just met her,” Harry told his friends, while walking down towards her compartment.

Stepping over Malfoy and into the compartment Ron laughed. “What happened to him?”

“Me. Oh, and the new girl, it was pretty good, nailed him right where it hurts.” Harry said laughing. Ron laughed even harder at this.

“Nothing he doesn’t deserve” Ron said after his laughing subsided. Ron looked around the compartment, “Harry, I thought you said someone else was in here”

“She was, she probably just left for a minute… or something. Look, her luggage and owl are still here”

The trio heaved their luggage onto the racks and sat down to talk. “I wonder who Dumbledore got to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts.” Harry wondered out loud.

“Anything’s better than last year though, isn’t it?” Ron reminded Harry.

“True… So, what do you reckon her name is?” Harry asked his friends.

“Well, her initials are R.N.A. See? On her trunk? And I would assume that her last name is Aikens considering that boy we met, Lucas, his last name is Aikens and he said it was his sister” Hermione answered.

“Well, really, how many names start with R” Ron inquired.

“Yours does” Hermione pointed out. “There are actually quite a few… I mean… it could be Rachael, Renee, Rebecca, Regina…”


“Ryan’s a bloke’s name, Hermione” Ron said, turning around from looking out the window.

The compartment door had slid open and a very pretty girl was standing in the doorway. She looked about 5’4” (which was about the same height as Hermione) and had golden-brown hair that was held in a loose bun at the back of her head. Her eyes were bright blue and she was wearing an outfit that no one had ever seen at Hogwarts, but looked good all the same. She was really quite tan, but it looked natural, like she lived somewhere very sunny.

“Well, honestly, why didn’t you tell my parents that 16 years ago? I really would have appreciated it.” Ryan said.

“Oh, sorry, I just thought…” Ron said as he trailed off, blushing.

Ryan laughed. “Don’t worry about it, I get it all the time.”

She walked into the compartment and took her seat. It was silent for a few seconds.

Hermione decided to break the awkward silence, “I’m Hermione Granger”

“Ron Weasley”

“Harry Potter” The boys said quickly.

Ryan finally got why that boy had looked familiar; she had seen pictures of him before of course. He was Harry Potter after all. She had also heard a lot about him from her grandfather.

Harry was surprised to see that upon announcing his name she didn’t look up at his scar, but simply into his eyes and smiled.

“I’m Ryan… Aikens” Ryan said, breaking eye contact with Harry.

“Yes, we met your brother Lucas, while looking for a compartment. He’s very nice.” Hermione said quickly.

“Yeah, he’s alright, a little crazy sometimes, especially when he’s with our cousin, Jesse” Ryan explained to them.

Just then the compartment door came crashing open and two boys stood there laughing.

“RYAN! RYAN! You’ve gotta see what this boy in our compartment has. It’s so—“ He broke off looking around. “Oh, Hi again”

“Yeah, that’d be Lucas and Jesse everyone” Ryan told them.

“Whoooa.” Lucas said, “You’re Harry Potter, aren’t you?!”

“Luke, way to be blunt.” Ryan said incredulously.

Lucas blushed and said, “Sorry, we’ll just—“

“Leave” Ryan finished. She smiled sarcastically and Lucas stuck his tongue out and the younger boys walked away. “Sorry, he doesn’t think before he talks sometimes.”

“It’s okay.” Harry said.

He stood up and shut the compartment door. His eyes met Ryan’s and they held eye contact for a few seconds, Harry got this tingly feeling all up his arms, then she looked away out the window. Harry had just sat down again when the compartment door opened, again. This time it was a much less pleasant visitor. It was Malfoy, Crabbe, Goyle, and Pansy Parkinson. Harry was disappointed to see that any of the other three actually knew how to take a full body bind off of Malfoy. He decided to voice his opinion.

“Wow… I underestimated your friends, Malfoy. I really didn’t think they were smart enough to figure out how to take the body bind off. You should be proud,” He said sarcastically. Ryan laughed lightly and Pansy Parkinson said quickly.

“Who are you?!”

“What’s that any of your business?” Ryan asked, mock sweetly.

“Transfer student” Malfoy said, giving her a look of loathing.

“You were singing a different tune half an hour ago, Malfoy” Ryan said nastily making Malfoy flush.

My name is Pansy Parkinson,” she said looking very proud of herself. “R.N.A” Pansy said reading her initials off of her trunk. “You must be the other transfer students sister, so your name is Aikens?”

“You’re a quick one, aren’t ya?” Ryan replied sarcastically. “And yes, my last name is Aikens, my first name would be Ryan.”

Pansy laughed shrilly. “RYAN! RYAN’S A BOYS NAME”

“Uhmm… yeah” Ryan looked at her like she was a bit of an idiot, “It’s not that funny… I mean, it’s a little funny, but you really just took it a bit too far and made yourself look like an idiot, good going, and plus I’d rather my name be Ryan than Pansy. I mean seriously, could I call you sissy, or pussy or…” Ryan trailed off. She looked around at the other occupants of her compartment; the boys were red in the face as though trying not to laugh and Hermione looked satisfied. Ryan noticed that the boys had their wands out and Hermione had a hand on each of the shoulders holding them back from hexing the Slytherins.

Ryan received another look of loathing and they walked away without another word.

The trio was looking at Ryan; she said “What? I don’t like it when people make fun of my name.”

Harry laughed. “That was about the most pleasant encounter we’ve had with them since first year.”

Everyone sat back down and starting chatting, lightly.

Ryan was still glaring at the door and Harry looked at her questioningly.
“I don’t like them” Ryan said.

Chapter 3: The Sorting
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Once they arrived at the Hogsmeade station Harry was very hungry and ready to get to the Start of the Year Feast. He stepped off the train to the sound of a familiar voice saying, “Firs’ years, this way please, firs’ years.”

Harry smiled at Hagrid and he, Hermione, Ron, and Ryan started towards him.

Harry questioned Ryan, “Are you supposed to go across the lake with the first years?”

“I dunno, I guess so.”

Upon reaching Hagrid he smiled down at them and said, “Yeh mus’ be one o’ the transfer studen’s”

“Yeah, I’m Ryan” she said and smiled. Just then Lucas came up to Ryan.

Hagrid said, “And you mus’ be the other transfer studen’, yeh’ll be crossin’ the lake with me an’ the firs’ years. I’ll see yeh three at the feast.” Hagrid said to Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

Harry watched as Ryan climbed into one of the boats with her brother and all the other first years settled into their boats. He then watched them float away.

“Harry! HARRY!” Ron yelled. “C’mon, we got a carriage.”

Harry climbed into the nearest carriage with Ron and Hermione and shut the door. The carriage started rumbling up the path towards Hogwarts. Harry looked up towards the castle as it came into view. He was glad to be home.


Sitting down next to Ron at the Gryffindor table he saw Neville, Hermione and Ginny sit down right across from him. Dean sat right next to Ginny and Ron glowered. Hermione threw him a warning glance and the glowering subsided.

“Hiya Harry!” Neville greeted, “How was your summer? Mine was just plain boring, but Gran was really proud of what I did in the Department of Mysteries, she bought me a new wand too!” He said excitedly.

“My summer was--- alright… I guess.” Harry replied thinking about Sirius.

The great hall doors open and all the first years filed in as well as Lucas and Ryan. They went up to the front of the hall and stopped. Professor McGonagall placed the Sorting Hat on the stool and said, “When I call your name, please come up and try on the hat.”

They started with, “Bernstein, Emma”

Harry was a little confused, they usually did it in alphabetical order and Aiken’s was definitely before Bernstein. Harry voiced his thoughts to Ron and Hermione. Ron just shrugged while Hermione said, “Well, they’ll probably sort those two separately considering they aren’t exactly first years.”

The sorting went on all the way down through, “Ziller, Olivia.” The only two people left at the top of the hall were Ryan and Lucas. Professor Dumbledore stood up to address the school, “As you very well may see, we have a few new older students. They just transferred from a school in America and I hope you will all make them feel very welcome.”

Dumbledore sat back down and McGonagall called, “Aikens, Lucas”

Harry watched and waited a couple seconds to watch Lucas being sorted. He wondered what house he’d end up in.

“GRYFFINDOR” The hat shouted at last and Lucas ran over to the Gryffindor table, which had just erupted in applause, to sit next to his cousin, Jesse.


Ryan was extremely nervous. All she knew was she didn’t want to be in Slytherin, other than that, she didn’t really have a preference, she didn’t know much about any of the other houses to really know the difference.

She watched as her brother was sorted into Gryffindor and hoping that she could be with him she heard Professor McGonagall call her name, “Aikens, Ryan.”

She stepped up and put on the sorting hat while sitting down on the stool. She heard a tiny voice in her ear whisper, “Ahh-haa. Well, let’s seen then. Very intelligent, that could be Ravenclaw. But then there’s a large quantity of bravery and talent, oh yes, a lot of talent, which would put you in Gryffindor… where to put you, though?”

The hat stopped talking into her ear, there was a few moments of silence and then it shouted, “GRYFFINDOR”

Ryan breathed a sigh of relief. At least she would be with her brother and she had already met a few people in Gryffindor that she felt she could get along with.

She walked towards the Gryffindor table and noticed a number of guys staring at her. She rolled her eyes at as many of them as she could and sat down across from Harry and Ron and next to Hermione and a girl with red hair that she didn’t know.

“Hi, I’m Ginny” the red-haired girl introduced herself. “Ron’s my brother.”

“Oh, uhh Hi. I’m Ryan.”

There was a moment’s awkward silence and then, “So Ryan, you were starting to tell us about your family when the train stopped.”

“Oh yeah uhm… I’ve got six other siblings. And only one’s older than me.”

“That’s the same with us,” Ginny said, “What are their names?”

“Well… Audin is the oldest; he’s working in New York. And then after me is Luke, he’s 13, then the twins Kendall and Tristan who’re 10, then Sydnee who’s 5 and Peyton who is 2.”

“That’s a lot like ours, only I’m the only girl, and the youngest” Ginny told her.

“That’s a lot of boys in one family. Ours is 3 boys, 4 girls.”

“Wait, what?” Ron asked. “I thought it was the other way around. 4 boys and 3 girls.”

“Uhmm… no, the girls are me, Kendall, Sydnee and Peyton, and then Audin, Luke, and Tristan are boys.” Ryan explained.

“Oh… the twins are boy and girl, that explains a lot.” Ron said with a look of dawning on his face.

Ryan laughed and kind-of sat back and listened to the rest of the conversation. Overall she had a very good time.

They went up to Gryffindor Tower, all very tired, but happy all the same. Hermione told Ryan that she would be sharing a dorm with her and other girls in their year. Ryan followed Hermione up the stairs and found all of her things by her bed. She changed into her pajamas, crawled into bed, and 10 minutes later she was sound asleep.


Harry watched as Hermione and Ryan started up to bed, only a few minutes later Ron followed suit. He, however, stayed in the common room staring into the fire, not even noticing the common room slowly empty around him.

He sat staring into the fire for nearly an hour thinking of nothing but the new girl. There was something different about her that he had never seen in anyone at Hogwarts. Maybe it was the fact that she was from America and so much different than the girls at Hogwarts, but he wasn’t really sure that was it. Needless to say she was gorgeous… but he really thought it was something else, something about her personality, rather than just her looks. He sat thinking about this and slowly dozed off.

Chapter 4: The First Day
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Ryan woke early the next morning, excited for the first day. She started getting dressed just as Hermione got up. Ryan decided to wait for her since she was the only girl she really knew. There were two other girls in their dorm also, Parvati and Lavender. She knew their names from talking to Hermione last night.

Hermione and Ryan walked down to the common room and noticed that the boys were not up yet.

“C’mon let’s go, we’ll have about 5 minutes to eat if we wait for them.”

Ryan left and followed Hermione out of the portrait hole. As they walked Hermione said, “Ya know, it’s nice to have another girl around that’s not brainless like the other two we share a dorm with.” Ryan smiled and Hermione continued, “I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love Ron and Harry, their my best friends… but… they’re guys and it’s just… different.”

Ryan nodded and said, “No, I completely understand, at my old school I really only hung out with guys, I didn’t have like just two really close ones like you do though, I had a bunch that I hung out with whenever I could. I don’t really know why, but the girls at my school were just so… shallow and judgmental and… I really didn’t like it.”

Hermione and Ryan continued talking all the way down to the Great Hall where they met Ron’s sister Ginny already eating with a bunch of her friends.

Harry and Ron joined them shortly afterward. Harry sat down next to Ryan and Ron sat down next to Hermione. Just as they sat down professor McGonagall handed them all their schedules. Harry saw that potions was on his and addressed her. “Professor McGonagall, I didn’t get on Outstanding on my OWL… I can’t take potions.”

“Potter, under the erm… circumstances Professor Snape has agreed to take on anyone who achieved Exceeds Expectations or higher on their OWL.” With that she walked away.

“Under the circumstances??” Harry repeated and looked around to the other. They all shrugged and looked at their schedules.

“Ryan, did you have OWL’s at your old school??” Hermione asked.

“Yeah, I got 11 OWL’s, my results came this summer and they transferred everything over to Hogwarts.” She answered.

“What OWL’s did you get??”

“Uhhh… Charms, Herbology, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Potions, Arithmancy, Care of Magical Creatures, Muggle Studies, Ancient Runes, Transfiguration, History of Magic and… uhmm…Astronomy! Sorry, couldn’t think of the last one.” She said all of this while counting them on their hands.

“You’re taking eleven NEWT classes, what’d you get on your OWL’s?” Ron asked incredulously.

“Outstanding… on everything” Ryan blushed. “But I’m only taking eight NEWT classes, I’m not taking Care of Magical Creatures, Astronomy, or Muggle Studies.” Ryan said.

“Oh! Much better!” Ron said sarcastically. “Urgh! Look what we’ve got first thing on Monday. Double Potions, History of Magic, a break, lunch, and double Herbology!”

“Ooo Tuesday’s good though,” Hermione piped in, “We’ve got double Defense, Arithmancy, a break, lunch, another break, then Transfiguration.”

All four of them finished their breakfast and started down towards the dungeons. Ron and Harry both groaned at the sight of the group already lined up outside the dungeon classroom. “Why do we always have potions with the Slytherins” Harry complained.

Snape beckoned them in and they filed toward the back of the classroom. Harry and Ron sat at one table and Hermione and Ryan sat at the one directly behind them. The classroom was immediately silent and Snape looked around the room. “I’m surprised” he started, “that so many of you managed to scrape Exceeds Expectations in this class.” He sneered. “There will be many complex potions throughout this year and many of you” he looked directly at Harry, “might want to consider dropping this class.” Hermione straightened up as if to prove she could handle it. Harry and Ron just glared right back at Snape. Ryan looked bored.

“Today we will be brewing Veritaserum. We will not be able to finish this potion as it has to brew during a full moon but you will be able to follow the directions through the first day. You will be paired with whomever you are sharing a table with. I highly doubt that any of you” he looked at Hermione, “will be able to brew the first day of this potion correctly, but you shall all try.”

Ryan and Hermione whispered the entire time talking about random things and making fun of Snape, Hermione was very reluctant to do the latter for a few minutes. Ninety minutes later Snape told them to step back from their cauldrons while he walked around and examined all of their potions.

The potion was supposed to be a pearly white, which Ryan and Hermione’s was. When Snape got to Malfoy’s, which was the third to last one he looked inside and said, “Very good, Draco, much better than all of the other’s I’ve seen.” Malfoy’s potion was a dark murky brown and it was spurting bits of the potion off of the surface. Snape jumped back as a particularly large spurt came his way, flicked his wand, and the potion disappeared. He wrote something that looked very much like a “100” in his book.

The next potion was Harry and Ron’s. Their potion was a tan-white color, which was the closest color that anyone in the room had to the proper color, minus Ryan and Hermione. Snape looked into their potion and sneered at them. “What is this mess, Potter? Weasley?” He waved his wand and the potion disappeared. He then said, “So… no marks for today.” Harry and Ron looked at him incredulously. Hermione cleared her throat very loudly; this apparently was a warning, which they seemed to understand because they just started throwing their things into their bags.

Finally, Snape came to Hermione and Ryan’s potion, which was the exact color and texture it was supposed to be. He looked into the cauldron, then back at the girls, then into the cauldron, and back at the girls. “You cheated.” He said simply.

“WHAT?!” Ryan burst out, “How could you possibly say that?! We had no way to cheat; the directions were on the board! We weren’t even using a book so we couldn’t’ve possibly used it to cheat!”

“10 points from Gryffindor, Aikens, for questioning my judgment.” At that moment the bell rang and Hermione crammed all of their things into their bags. Ryan just stood there fuming. Hermione shoved Ryan’s book-bag into her hands, grabbed her arm, and stormed out of the dungeon.

Harry and Ron were waiting outside the dungeon for them. “Ha! I can’t believe you just did that, that was awesome!” Ron said while laughing.

“That is completely unfair! How can he do that?!” Ryan was still fuming.

“Snape doesn’t like Gryffindors,” Harry said, “especially me.”

“Oh, don’t feel bad, he’s never liked me.” Ryan said, absently mindedly.

“What do you mean ‘never’?” Harry asked.

Ryan looked shocked at what she just said and said quickly, “Oh… I’ve just err, met him b-before.”

“Uh-huh” Harry replied skeptically and Ron and Hermione looked at her with similar looks.

The rest of the day passed extremely uneventfully and after classes were over Ryan went to the library with Hermione to start on their homework. The only thing they had for homework was an essay for Professor Binns which Hermione pointed out that it was very rare for Professor Snape to not give them homework, not that she was complaining. After they finished their essay for Binns they headed back to the common room.

Ryan told Hermione that she had left a book in the library and needed to go back for it.
“Oh, do you want me to come with you?” Hermione asked.

“No, it’s okay, you go ahead alright?”

“Okay, I’ll meet you in the common room.”

Ryan headed back in the direction of the library and then took a detour and ended up in front of the Headmaster’s office. She said the password, “Licorice Wands” and started up the moving staircase. She knocked loudly and a low, muffled voice said, “Enter”.

She entered the huge circular room that she had been in two times before to see her grandfather sitting behind his large mahogany desk.

“Ryan! How was your first day back?” Dumbledore asked pleasantly.

“Terrible! Well, no, not terrible… but potions was terrible!” Ryan said.

“Ah-ha, and why was that?” her grandfather asked.

“Because! Snape, sorry, Professor Snape took 10 points from Hermione and I for cheating on our potion. We were supposed to be making Veritaserum… well… the first stage of it at least and it was exactly the color and texture it was supposed to be and he said that Hermione and I CHEATED!” She said the last word loudly. “Sorry,” she apologized unabashed, “Can you believe that?!”

“You and Hermione are the brightest witches of your age I have ever met. I am not at all surprised that you were able to perfectly brew the first stage of Veritaserum. I would not doubt in the slightest that you could brew every stage of Veritaserum perfectly. I beg you not to, but I do not doubt that you could do it. I am sure Professor Snape realizes this much and did not want to draw attention to two 16-year-old witches that could brew such a complex potion that most adult witches and wizards wouldn’t attempt. I am sure that is why he felt it necessary to inform the class that you had cheated, even though he knew you had not.” Dumbledore said this all very clearly without the slightest hint of emotion.

“You have got to be kidding me!” Ryan said incredulously.

“I am not kidding you, and please stop worrying about it, 10 points is nothing. In fact, I’m going to award Hermione and yourself 5 points apiece for… being able to brew that potion. Congratulations.”

“Oh gee, thanks” Ryan said sarcastically.

“Let us talk about the rest of your day, how was it, how are you getting along in classes, and with your pupils?”

“Well, the classes are pretty easy, but I’ve always found that, it’s not just here, uhhmm… History of Magic, is really, really boring.” Dumbledore smiled at this. “And as far as the pupils go, I’m getting along pretty well, I mean… Hermione, Ron and Harry are really cool, I’ve been spending most of my time with them, however, I’m not terribly fond of the Slytherins.”

“Yes, well…” Dumbledore trailed off, not really knowing what to say. “Why don’t we head down to dinner.”

“Oh, shoot. I told Hermione I’d meet her in the common room, I told her I was going to the library, she’s probably looking for me by now. I’ll see you at dinner, Grandpa.” With that Ryan ran out of the room.


When Hermione entered the common room she found Harry and Ron sitting in the best chairs in front of the fire working on the essay that she and Ryan had just finished.

“About through with it then?” She asked peering over Ron’s shoulder.

“Not hardly,” Harry replied, “Where’s Ryan?”

“I was getting to that, you see, she told me she forgot a book in the library and then insisted that I go ahead. Funny thing is, I triple-checked our area to make sure we didn’t forget anything.” Hermione told them.

“Well, she could’ve meant to sign a book out and forgot about that.” Ron said.

“No, I don’t think that was it,” Hermione replied skeptically. “Harry, why don’t you go get the map, then we can see where she really went.”

Harry ran upstairs and fetched the Marauder’s Map. He sat down between Ron and Hermione and opened the map then tapped it with his wand and said, “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.” Instantly it turned into a map of Hogwarts and they searched for Ryan’s name. Harry’s first instinct was to check the library… she wasn’t there, she wasn’t even en route to the library. It was Ron who found her name after a few seconds of searching.

“She’s in Dumbledore’s Office.” Ron said.

“Why would she be there? It’s only her first day, she couldn’t’ve gotten into trouble could she?” Harry said, worried.

“No, look, she’s leaving.” Hermione pointed out. “She’s heading toward the common room. Let’s just wait for her.”

“Should we ask her about it? And tell her how we knew?” Ron questioned the others.

“I don’t see why not.” Harry said.

Just then, the portrait hole opened and Ryan walked toward them.

“Where were you?” Hermione asked before Ryan could even apologize for taking so long.

“I already told you,” Ryan answered, “I had to go back to the library, I forgot my—“

Hermione cut in, “No you didn’t, we watched you, you went to Dumbledore’s office.”

“You—how’d you watch me?” Ryan asked incredulously.

“This.” Harry said showing her the map.

Ryan took it in her hands and stared out it. Her mouth opened in shock as she watched the people walk through the corridors. “This,” she said, “is amazing. Did you make this?”

“No, my dad and his friends did while they were at school.” Harry answered.

“So… why were you in Dumbledore’s office?” Ron asked again.

“Well…” Ryan looked at them as though trying to decide if she could trust them. “you have to promise not to tell anyone, ‘cause then there’ll be the whole issue of favoritism and everything like that, okay?”
“Okay.” They all said at once.

“Well,” She said quietly, “Professor Dumbledore is actually my grandfather. He’s my mother’s father. So he’s actually mine and my sibling’s grandfather and Jesse and his little sister’s grandfather. See, he always wanted us to come to Hogwarts and not the school we went to in California. He said we’d be much safer at Hogwarts. But once Voldemort came back last year my grandfather made contact with my mom as soon as possible and absolutely insisted that we come to Hogwarts. So my dad started looking for jobs in Britain, but he wasn’t able to find one until the end of last year. So we decided to finish the school year there and we moved to Northampton this summer.” Ryan finished, slightly out of breath.

“Well I can see why he tried to keep it quiet, considering people like Malfoy would probably freak out and try to get you thrown out of the school because of some stupid reason and if Dumbledore backed you up, he’d say it was favoritism.” Ron said.

“Exactly.” Ryan confirmed.

“Well geeze, you should have just told us. I thought you were in trouble or something.” Harry said.

“Sorry.” Ryan said and she smiled and met Harry’s eyes and held his gaze for a few seconds, no one said anything. Then Hermione looking between Harry and Ryan said loudly, “So… who wants to go down to dinner?!” Harry and Ryan jumped up and started toward the portrait hole, but equally embarrassed. Hermione smirked at Ron who smiled back mischievously, reminding her of Fred and George. Then, they followed Harry and Ryan out the portrait hole.


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Chapter 5: Quidditch Tryouts
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One week into school and Ryan finally felt like she belonged somewhere. This group that she had found was definitely one of a kind and they really accepted her without question. In classes she usually partnered with Hermione, which was great because at her old school no one was up to her level in any of their classes, Hermione however was equal with her in all of their classes except one, Defense Against the Dark Arts. Everyone except the Slytherins were glad to see Professor Lupin back to fill the position of the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. In their very first class they got to duel with a partner. Ryan had at first partnered with Hermione, like usual, but it turned out that Hermione was not quite as quick as Ryan, and couldn’t get her own spell in. As Professor Lupin was walking around the class critiquing everyone he decided to switch Hermione and Harry. Harry and Ryan were almost the exact same level when it came to Defense. Neither of them got hurt by the other’s spell because they were both so quick that they blocked them all just in time. By the end of class Professor Lupin was very impressed with the couple.


It was Tuesday night and Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ryan were all sitting in front of the fire doing their homework in the Gryffindor Common Room. A burly seventh year came over to Harry and tapped him on the shoulder and said, “Excuse Me”.

Everyone in the group looked up.

“Harry, you’re Quidditch Captain, right?” Harry nodded, “Well, I was just wondering when you were going to hold tryouts?”

“Oh, uhm, there’s a sign on the notice board, they’re going to be this Friday at 5:30 down on the pitch.” Harry answered him.

“Thanks” the boy said and walked away.

“I didn’t know you were Quidditch Captain,” Ryan said, “What positions need to be filled for Gryffindor??”

“We need two chasers, and two beaters. Why? Do you play?”

“Yeah, my brother and I are both Chasers. Maybe I can convince him to tryout with me. Who else is on the team?”

“Well, right now it’s just Ron, Ginny, and I. I’m the Seeker, Ron’s the Keeper, and Ginny’s our third Chaser.”

“Huh. Well, maybe Luke and I will try out. That’d be fun.” Ryan said.


Ryan walked down to the pitch at 5:00 on Friday with Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Lucas, and Jesse. When Ryan had confronted Lucas about trying out to be a Chaser he was beyond excited. Jesse, who was there also, wanted to try out to be a Beater. Lucas and Ryan both had Nimbus Two Thousand-and-Ones while Jesse had a Nimbus Two-Thousand.

They arrived at the pitch and there were already loads of people there. Hermione wished Ryan, Lucas, and Jesse good luck and headed for the stands. Harry, Ron, and Ginny all mounted their brooms and did a couple of laps around the pitch to warm up a bit. They landed neatly and Harry stood with Ron and Ginny behind him.

He yelled to everyone around, “Okay! Why don’t we start with the Beater try-outs? Everyone who’s trying out to be a Chaser just go sit over there, out of the way, please.” Harry decided to try-out the Beaters first thinking it would take much less time. How very wrong he was, there were more people trying out to be Beaters than there were trying out to be Chasers. This surprised Harry mildly but decided to start anyway.

Almost an hour and a half later Harry had two Beaters that he was more than pleased with. The first one was a Fourth Year named Ethan Whitley. The second was none other than Ryan and Lucas’ cousin, Jesse Reilly. They both worked very well together and Harry didn’t doubt that they would make a great team. Now, Harry thought, for the harder part. It was very hard to find three Chasers that had good chemistry for a team. There were only ten people left and Harry soon realized that most of the people that were on the pitch when he arrived were simply there to observe the proceedings. Ron and Ginny had to be in the air for this tryout so they both got into their positions while Harry yelled to the people trying out, “I need everyone to get into groups of two because we only need two Chasers. You are all going to get five minutes in the air trying to score on Ron, you’ll be playing with your partner as well as Ginny Weasley, who is already on the team as our third Chaser.” He explained this to all of them.

The first group to go was two girls. They didn’t do horrible, but they dropped the Quaffle numerous times. Only one of the girls scored once but that was only because Harry had been talking to Ron, telling him instructions. Harry sighed, and hoped the rest of the groups would be better.

The next two groups both consisted of two boys. The first group was a bit better than the two girls but Harry still didn’t want them to be his Chasers because in all honesty, they really weren’t that good, maybe a few more years of training and they’d be up to par. The second group of boys was quite frightful. They dropped the Quaffle so many times that Harry finally just asked the next group to come up. They didn’t score any points and it wasn’t as if Ron had made any spectacular saves, he barely made any saves.

The fourth group was considerably better than the rest. There was one boy and one girl. The girl scored twice while the boy only scored once but that was better than any of the other groups. Harry knew with a bit of training they wouldn’t be half-bad.

The last group was the group he was slightly nervous about because it contained two people that were his friends. Well, one was his friend and the other he didn’t know terribly well, but what he knew of him, he liked. He really hoped they’d be better than the rest of the groups so he wouldn’t have to make a hard decision. He got his wish. Ryan and Lucas were both at least as good as Ginny if not better. They worked extremely well together, which didn’t really surprise Harry much considering they were siblings, and they both worked amazingly with Ginny. Ryan scored three times while Lucas scored two times in five minutes. Ginny also scored once even though Harry had instructed her not to, she had said she couldn’t help herself. Harry was extremely pleased that Ryan and Lucas were so much better than the other groups because that made his decision incredibly easy.

As he dismounted his broom he walked over to his newly formed team.

“Well… I don’t know about you guys, but I think we have a really good team, and a really good shot at the cup this year. We’ll start practice sometime next week, I’m not really sure when yet, but I’ll let you all know. Congratulations everyone that made it and thanks Ron and Ginny for helping out.”

With that they started heading back to the castle.


After try-outs Ryan was exceedingly happy. Hermione ran up to her a gave her a huge hug that almost knocked her out.

“Oh my goodness! You were amazing! I couldn’t even believe it. You two were so much better than all the rest. It was awesome. Congratulations!!” Hermione said this very fast.

“Thanks” Ryan said smiling. She looked over and saw Harry looking at her. She blushed and he looked away quickly. To be honest, she kind-of liked those awkward moments between her and Harry. They made her feel sort-of giddy and girly, which was strange for Ryan because she wasn’t very girly (she could be giddy at times), and it was a good thing.


When they got back to the common room everyone sat down to do their homework after the boys complained, “but we have all weekend.” They whined.

Hermione responded with, “But you won’t if you leave all of this work until Sunday night.” With that they all sat down and started their work.

Ryan who had a free period today and did Snape’s essay on the use of dragon’s blood in potions during History of Magic decided to write a letter to her mother and sister, considering she hadn’t yet.

An hour later everyone was still sitting by the fire finishing up their essays and Ryan reread her letter to her parents. It said…

Dear Mom and Dad,
I’m sorry I haven’t written sooner but I’ve been very busy. It’s very different here at Hogwarts than it was at Santa Isabelle
(A/N: that’s a private school in California, so I decided to use it as their old school’s name. Sorry I haven’t mentioned it before, I just couldn’t think of what to call it). Everyone here is so much nicer and so much less… shallow. My letters to home from there used to be filled with unhappy complaints about all the self-absorbed people there and I’m so glad we came here instead. The people here are much more accepting. Although, as I’m sure you’ve heard from Grandpa, I’m not very fond of the Slytherin house, they’re kind of stuck up to say the least. But, I don’t have to be around them often so I won’t complain.
Classes here aren’t too difficult. I met a girl that I get along with so well, I was surprised because I didn’t think I’d get along with the girls here either but I do. She’s so nice and she’s so smart so I don’t have to pretend to be dumb around her. Her name is Hermione Granger by the way. My very first day I worked with her on Veritaserum in Potions (Daddy, Mom will explain) and we did it perfectly, though we weren’t paying much attention. Then our teacher, Professor Snape, told everyone that we cheated. I talked to Grandpa about it and he said something about him not wanting the class to know how clever we were. I don’t think that’s what it is because you remember in the past when we’ve met him he's been really nasty. I don’t really like him, but I deal with it.
Before I came here Hermione only hung around two boys. They are really nice and all three of them have accepted me into their group without question. Their names are Ron Weasley and Harry Potter! Yes, I know, it’s really exciting meeting Harry Potter but he’s not at all conceited like you would imagine him to be, being so famous and everything. He’s really a nice person and one of my good friends here. So those are the people I spend most of my time with here at Hogwarts, Harry, Ron, and Hermione. I’ve only gotten to see Grandpa once in private and it was really quick. I’ve told those three about my relationship to “Professor Dumbledore” but don’t worry, they won’t tell anyone, if I can put my complete confidence in them I hope you’ll be able to also, considering you’ve never doubted my judgment before.
We had Quidditch tryouts today. Oh! By the way, Luke and I were both sorted into Gryffindor House. Now, Mom, I know you went here when you were younger but for Dad’s sake I’ll tell him about the houses. They are Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. Each house shares a common room and we sleep in dormitories with girls in the same year as us (or in Luke’s case boys). We also go to classes with the people in our year. So far, I like the people in Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw, but not so much the people in Slytherin. They are all purebloods and think very highly of themselves. (Daddy, pureblood means that they don’t have any non-magical people in there family… at all.) Anyways, back to Quidditch. Today were the tryouts and Luke and I both made it as Chasers. Harry is the Seeker, Ron is their Keeper, and Ron’s little sister Ginny is the other Chaser. Jesse made the team as a Beater (which as you know of Jesse’s personality will be good for him to get all of that violence out… haha) and the other Beater’s name is Ethan Whitley. He’s very good also.
I’m very impressed with Luke’s studies. I hope he writes to you. He’s actually doing an essay right now, but he’s really keeping up with his work and doing well. I’m proud of him. I haven’t even been nagging him. I think it might have something to do with the fact that our Grandfather is the headmaster and you will most definitely be hearing about it if he’s not doing so well… but he’s doing well, so we need not worry about that right now. Anyways, I need to write to Kendall because you know how she gets when she doesn’t hear from me. Send all the others my love and assure them that I’ll see them the day Christmas break starts without a doubt.

Miss you and love you all. Always,


In her opinion, that looked pretty darn good. It was nice and long and she knew her mother would appreciate it. She read over Kendall’s to make sure she hadn’t missed anything. Even though Kendall was six years younger than her she was just as attached to Kendall as Kendall was to her.

My dearest Kendall,
It really is wonderful here and I know you’re eager to see it. But just think, I only get two years here, you’ve got seven. You’ll have plenty of time to explore the castle and see everything magical about it. I cannot wait to see you again. We will of course be home for Christmas. Maybe you could even convince Mom to bring you to our first Quidditch Match, because I know how much you love them. Yes, Luke and I both made the team as Chasers and by your second year (once you can actually join the team) you’re position will be empty because the Seeker is in my year!
I hope you and Tristan are behaving and not bothering mom. I also hope you’re helping out with the little ones because you know that sometimes mom needs a break, and when I’m not there I’m counting on you. We have our first Hogsmeade visit this next weekend and I’ll be sure to send lots of sweets home to you and Tristan. If Audin stops by and visits please tell him to write me. I’d really like to hear from him since I haven’t seen him since the early summer. I really have to get going sweetie but I hope you’re well and I send all of my love in this little letter. Try to convince Mom to bring you to the first match of the season, it’s on November 3rd, I really do miss you all and would like too see you before Christmas. Please write back, I love hearing from you.

With all of my love, always and forever,


There, she thought, that should be good enough to satisfy them for at least until the first match, if they saw them. She folded the letters and put them in their envelopes. She got up and said to the group, “Hey, guys, I’m going to the Owlery to send the letters. I should be back soon.”

Harry got up, “Hey, I’ll come with you, it’s probably not the best idea to walk the corridors alone anyway.”

Ryan blushed, “Oh, okay.” Was all she could say and she smiled.

Hermione caught her eye and she was showing her a knowing smirk. Ryan rolled her eyes and proceeded to the portrait hole.

On their way to the Owlery Harry started the conversation, “So, who are you writing to?” he asked.

“Oh, my parents and my uhm… oldest little sister. I don’t have the energy to write to all of them. So I just write to Kendall, she’s the closest to me anyways. Her twin really couldn’t care less and the others are too young to read well.”

“Oh,” Harry said, “you’ve got a really big family, and you seem really close to them, it must be nice. I mean, I have the Weasley’s that are practically family, but I’ve never had any blood relatives that I’ve really cared about.”

“It’s kinda nice actually, ‘cause they all look up to my older brother, Audin, and I.” Ryan told him, “but, honestly, well… you can’t tell anyone this, because I’d deny it, when I’m at home it can be a bit annoying, because I’m practically their second mother, I mean, they look up to me as a cool older sister, but sometimes I end up like… a cool, young mother, I guess and… it’s kinda a lot to deal with at times. I mean, I love them all but… I don’t really know. And I know it helps my mom out tremendously which is why I would never admit to her that my job is a bit odious. But, again, it can be a little annoying.”

“I could imagine,” Harry said, “I mean, I don’t really know because the only big family I know is the Weasley’s and there’s only one there that’s younger than me, and she’s not even a year younger, so it’s not like we have to take care of her or anything, but I could imagine that’d be a bit much at times.”

“It is.” Ryan replied simply.

“I do feel bad sometimes though, because I feel like I’m interrupting their family when I go to the Weasley’s. During Christmas and such.” Harry admitted.

“You don’t stay at Hogwarts for Christmas?” Ryan asked.

“Well, sometimes I do, and sometimes I don’t, it really depends. A lot of the time I will go to the Weasley’s, they’re really nice and I’m practically a seventh son to them, but I do feel a little bad sometimes.”

“Well,” Ryan hesitated, “you could come to my house for Christmas, if you wanted. I mean, everyone would love to meet you…” she trailed off, “Actually,” she said quickly, “now that I think about it, you might not want to, because my mother is a witch so all of my brother’s and sister’s have grown up knowing your name and that’d probably be too much.”

“No! That’d be awesome,” Harry said, “I mean, I would probably have to Floo over to the Weasley’s because I do normally spend Christmas with them, but that’d be really great. I mean, if it’s okay with your parents.”

“Really? You’d really want to? Well, yeah, I mean, it’ll be absolutely fine with my parents, they trust me and my judgment and my choice of friends beyond belief, so I really don’t think it’d be a problem and it’s not like we haven’t got room in our house, so… I can talk to my Grandpa about it and see if it’s okay. You do know however that he also comes to our house for Christmas.” Ryan told him.

“Well I did assume as much.” Harry laughed.

They had been in the Owlery for several minutes by now and Ryan had just noticed. She called Chloe down and gave her the two letters. “Bring these to Mom and Kendall.” She told her.

The made their way back to Gryffindor Tower in almost complete silence, both not really knowing what to say. They entered Gryffindor Common Room and Ron and Hermione both looked up. They could tell that they had just been having a conversation about them but they both decided to ignore it.

Only a few minutes later they all retired to their dormitories. Ryan grabbed her pajamas and her toothbrush, went into the bathroom, showered, changed, and brushed her teeth. She came out squeaky clean to see Hermione sitting on her (Ryan’s) bed waiting for her. Ryan sat down on her bed also.

“So…” Hermione said.

“So… what?” Ryan answered.

“What’s up with you and Harry?”

“What do you mean ‘what’s up with me and Harry’?”

“Oh, you know perfectly well what I mean. Ron and I have both noticed the connection. Whenever you guys make eye contact it doesn’t break for at least a minute. We catch you both looking at each other all of the time. I mean, Ryan, we’re your best friends, we notice these things.” Hermione told her.

“Ron’s having this same conversation with Harry in their dormitory right now isn’t her?” Ryan asked.

“Well, maybe not anymore, I mean, you did take a rather long shower.”

“Hey! I like to be clean, okay?” Ryan said, mock-offensively. “And to answer your question, we’re just friends, friends that share a few awkward moments, that make me tingle inside.” She said blushing. “But if you repeat that to anyone, ever, including Ron, I will hunt you down.”

Hermione laughed, “Okay, okay. So what’d you guys do on the way to and from the Owlery?”

“We didn’t do anything, we talked that’s all! Sheesh, what do you take me for anyways?”

“That’s what I meant!” Hermione said, “What did you talk about?” Hermione moved back over to her bed.

“Oh, well,” Ryan hesitated, blushing, “I kinda invited him over for Christmas, if he wants to come, but he might even think it through the night and decide he doesn’t want to, so, he probably won’t come.” Ryan said quickly.

“Oh, believe me, he’ll want to come. And wow, meeting the parents so soon?” Hermione said jokingly.

“We aren’t even dating!” Ryan said.

“Yet.” Hermione said softly, but loud enough for Ryan to hear. Hermione sighed and shut her curtains. Ryan followed suit and laid down against her pillow thinking about her conversations between Harry and Hermione. Nearly half an hour later, she drifted off to sleep.


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October flew by in a haze of classes, homework, tests, studying, and Quidditch practices. Ryan had indeed gone to Hogsmeade and sent lots of sweets home for her family with a note asking about the first Quidditch match of the season. Ryan now found herself reading a book in the Gryffindor Common Room the night before her first match of the season, still without a reply. Just then, Chloe started tapping on a nearby window with a letter tied to her. She opened the window, tore open the letter and read:

Ryan and Luke,
We’d all be happy to come to your Quidditch Match tomorrow. I’m sorry I haven’t responded sooner, I’ve been rather busy. Dad won’t be able to make it because he’s gone on a business trip but he sends his love and wishes you the best of luck. If you both could meet us in Grandpa’s Office around 8:30 tomorrow that’d be really great because I’ve got some things to discuss with you.
As you can imagine all of the younger ones are extremely excited and I really need to get them to bed, sorry to cut this so short but I’ll see you both tomorrow.

An Unbearable Amount Of Love,

“What’s up?” Harry asked.

“What? Oh, nothing. My mom just wrote back to tell us that she and the kids would come to the match tomorrow. But she wants to meet us in Grandpa’s office at 8:30, which means I have to get up half an hour earlier!” Ryan whined.

The group laughed.

“I should probably go find Luke and tell him.”


Harry watched as Ryan got up to go find her brother. ‘She’s beautiful,’ he thought. He had had this conversation with Ron about a month ago. He had told Ron that he liked her, as a little more than a friend, but over the past month that had changed. He liked her as a lot more than a friend, but just couldn’t pluck up the courage to tell her. He was really glad that he might go to her house during the Holidays. He hoped he’d be able to tell her then.


The next morning dawned bright and sunny. It had been cloudy, cold, and rainy for the last few days but the weather seemed to have cleared up. It was much warmer out than it had been, then sun was shining, the air was clear, most everything seemed to be in their favor.

Ryan got out of bed and stayed in her pajamas. She went and woke Lucas up and they headed toward their grandfather’s office. Ryan was wearing white pajama pants that had different pictures of Paris all over them. These were her favorite. She also wore a white hooded sweatshirt that she had over her black tank top she had worn to bed.

They reached the office and groggily entered his study. They barely got a glimpse of his study before they were engulfed in hugs from their mother, brother, and sisters. Her mother smiled at her and said, “Good morning, darling. Grandpa has breakfast so you can eat here while we all talk.”

Indeed there were plates of bacon, eggs, toast and all sorts of other breakfast foods for Ryan and Lucas to eat. The younger kids were already eating. Kendall came and sat down next to Ryan who had just taken a seat.

“Well,” their grandfather started, Sydney was sitting on his lap, “it seems that your mother has some news for us, so let’s hear it.” He said happily smiling at his daughter.

“Well,” her mother began, “your father really wanted to be here to tell you this, but I told him it can’t wait much longer. We found out about a month and a half ago, but… I’m pregnant… again.”

Ryan was speechless. It’s not that her mother was very old. In fact she had Audin when she was 20, which made her 38 right now. But Ryan had thought that seven was enough. Ryan was extremely happy, she loved kids, especially her siblings, and she just didn’t know what to say.

“Wow… Mom, that’s really great, sorry, I had to get over the shock.” She said while laughing. Needless to say, spirits were high that morning.

After awhile of conversation and congratulations, where they were informed that she was three months pregnant and they weren’t going to find out the gender of the baby until the day it was born, they would just pick out a boys name and a girls name and go from there, Lucas looked at the clock and gasped.

“We have to be down at the field in ten minutes!” He said. He and Ryan both said hurried goodbyes and received hurried good lucks and ran down to the field.

“Sorry!” Ryan gasped as they ran into the changing room.

“It’s fine,” Harry said, looking relieved, “I was just about to start the pep talk” he smiled. Ryan melted like she did every time he smiled at her.

After Harry’s pep talk he came over to talk to Ryan. “I was getting a bit worried for a while there, I thought something bad had happened.”

“Oh no, not at all, it’s actually really good. I’ll tell you about it later.” Ryan told him.

“Did you ask your mom about the holidays?” Harry asked.

“No, I never got a chance. I’m sorry. I will after the game, okay?”

“That’s fine.” Harry told her.

Ryan pulled on her jersey that said, Aikens with the numbers 00 underneath. Ryan thought her number was pretty amusing. The rest of their team did too.


Both teams stepped onto the field to wild cheers and boos. Gryffindor would be playing Slytherin.

As the game was about to start, Ryan found herself hoping it would be a short game. She really wanted to tell Harry her news and find out if he could stay at her house for the holidays.

Thirty minutes into the game and the score was 80 to 10. Ron was doing an excellent job at his Keeping duties, as were the Beaters and Chasers. Harry had no sign of the Snitch and was starting to get a bit anxious. Ryan had scored 20 points and Lucas and Ginny had each scored 30 points. Gryffindor was doing really well.

There was a collective intake of breath from the crowd and everyone in the game stopped what they were supposed to be doing as Harry and Malfoy both hurtled toward the Snitch. They were diving, very close to the ground and… a blur of red shot into the air as it slowed down everyone could see Harry, his fist clenched around a small golden ball, hand raised in the air. They had won. This day could not get much better.


After the celebrations and hugging and being carried into the castle on the fans’ shoulders, Ryan decided to meet her mother in her grandfather’s office to say goodbye. She grabbed Lucas and to Harry’s surprise, Harry, and headed toward his office.

Arriving in the office she saw everyone getting ready to leave. She let Luke say goodbye first and he left telling her he’d meet her in the Common Room. Ryan turned to her mother, grabbing Harry’s arm. “Mom, this is Harry Potter, a friend of mine.”

Her mother shook Harry’s hand and said, “It’s very nice to meet you Harry.”

Ryan’s siblings, apparently just noticing that this was Harry Potter all started chattering at once, “Oh my goodness, Harry Potter! I can’t believe it! Wow! Mom! Did you see him, he’s a Seeker, I’m going to be Seeker when I come here!”

Harry laughed. Ryan decided to introduce him, “This is Kendall, Tristan, Sydney, and Peyton.” She said point to each of them.

“It’s nice to meet you all.” Harry said politely.

“Ryan, dear, why didn’t you bring the rest of your friends to meet us?” Her mother asked her.

“Oh, well it’s just that I have a question for you and Grandpa that involves Harry.” Ryan told her.

“Well, let’s hear it then.” Her mother said.

“Well,” she started, a little embarrassed now, “d’you think it’d be alright is Harry came to stay with us during the Christmas Holiday. He really doesn’t want to go back to his Aunts’ and Uncles and I invited him over, if it’s okay with you guys. It’s not like we haven’t got extra room, Mom.” Ryan said quickly.

“Well, that is true, I suppose that’d be fine. You do seem like a very nice young man.” She said to Harry.

“Erm… thanks.” Harry said awkwardly.

Her grandfather said that he would arrange for Harry to go home with Ryan and Harry and Ryan said goodbye to her family and headed back to the Gryffindor Common Room.

On the way back to the Common Room Harry and Ryan started talking.

“So why did you have to go to Dumbledore’s Office before the game?” Harry asked.

“Oh, yeah. I almost forgot to tell you. My mom’s pregnant, again. Which will make eight.” Ryan told him laughing.

“Wow… that’s a lot of kids. Are you happy?”

“Yeah, I am. I love my siblings, but she’s due in June. Which means that I’ll be taking care of the rest of the kids while my mom handles the new baby all summer.” Ryan told him.

“Oh, so I guess that means you won’t be able to come to Ron’s house during the summer. That’s usually where I spend my summer’s.” Harry said.

“Probably not, but you guys could come and see me occasionally," Ryan said. Then she added quickly, "if you wanted, that is."

They arrived at the Gryffindor Common Room where a party was raging.

Ryan couldn’t have imagined a better day. Her friends were all here, they had beat Slytherin in their Quidditch match, Harry was allowed to spend Christmas holidays with her, and her mother was having another baby. She went over to Hermione and told her everything that had happened that day (that she didn’t already know about), just like best friends do.


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Chapter 7: Coming Home
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The last few weeks before term ended were a nightmare. The teachers were loading the sixth years with so much homework that even Hermione and Ryan had to stay up until past midnight every night to get their work finished. The very last week they had an exam in every class. By the time their classes were done on Friday, the day before they left for home, everyone was exhausted. For the holidays, Ron and Hermione would both be going home. Hermione was going to stay at Ron’s after Christmas and Harry was going to go there for the last few days.


The next morning Hermione and Ryan woke up around 9:00. The train would be leaving at 11:00 so they had to be in the Entrance Hall by 10:30. Ryan finished packing while Hermione, who had completely packed two days ago, took a shower. They headed down to the Great Hall for breakfast at 9:30.

Upon entering the Great Hall they noticed that Harry and Ron were already eating breakfast. Hermione sat down next to Ron while Ryan sat across from her, next to Harry. Ryan noticed that Ron and Hermione were sitting much closer than necessary. She gave Harry a quick glance to see if he had noticed, which apparently he had. He made eye contact with Ryan and they both quickly looked away, smirking.

The ride home on the Hogwarts Express was fairly uneventful. Their compartment consisted of Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ryan, Neville, and Luna. They all played several games of Exploding Snap. Arriving at Kings Cross, Ryan spotted her very pregnant mother with her youngest sister.

Ron, Ginny, and Hermione went over to a short woman with red hair and what looked like Hermione’s parents. Ryan and Harry went over to her mother, set their things down, and Ryan said she’d be right back. They joined Ron and Hermione with everyone else.

“Oh Harry, dear, how are you?” said the woman with red hair hugging Harry very tightly.

“Great Mrs. Weasley.” Harry replied.

“Mom, Dad, Mrs. Weasley, this is Ryan.” Hermione introduced her.

“Oh, we’ve heard so many great things about you from our Hermione.” Mrs. Granger told her.

“You two must come over sometime during the holidays,” Mrs. Weasley said to Harry and Ryan.

Just then Ryan’s mother came over. “Hi, I’m Andrea Aikens, Ryan’s mom, this is my son, Lucas, and my youngest daughter, Peyton.” Her mother said introducing the other two children with her.

All of their parents talked for a few minutes while the kids kept giving each other odd looks and smiling. Then Mrs. Aikens piped in, “Well, we really should be going, I’ve left my husband home with the rest of the kids, and it could get ugly if I leave him for too long.” All of the parents laughed.

They walked through the barrier back toward the muggle world and loaded their things into her mother’s van. Lucas sat in the front with his mother, Ryan sat in the very back and Harry sat next to Peyton in her car seat.

“So Mom,” Ryan started from the back, “any news on your pregnancy?”

“I was wondering when you were going to ask.” Her mother said, smiling. “And actually, yes, as you’ve probably noticed I’m a bit bigger than I was with the last two, and that’s because… there’s triplets.”

“Triplets?! Mom! That’s ten children! Are you insane?!” Lucas said.

“Luke, I very well can’t take it back now. I’m just going to have my hands full.”

“No mom, right now you’re hands are full. By the time these three come you’re arms are going to be broken.” Ryan said.

“Oh Ryan, don’t be so dramatic. We’ll be fine.” Her mother told her.

“Whatever you say, Mom. What have you thought about for names?”

“Well, I want to know your opinion, but we have four girl names and three boy names. We still don’t want to know the genders we’re just going to play it by ear.” Her mother told her, “We were thinking for girls, Ava, Londyn, Addisyn (Addi for short), and Logan. Then for boys we have, Carson, Braiden, and Owen. What d’you think?”

“I really like all the girls names. And I like all the boys’ names. So I guess it’ll just have to be up to you and dad.” Ryan told her.

“Gee, thanks for your help.” Her mother said sarcastically.


All of the younger kids were thrilled that Harry Potter was in their house and staying with them for the holidays. Kendall followed Ryan around everywhere she went until finally Ryan said, “Kendall, stay down here, I have to show Harry to his room, get mom some tea, she’s exhausted.” For her mother had just retired to the living room. Apparently carrying around three children is not easy.

As Ryan and Harry heaved their luggage up the stairs Ryan kept muttering, “Triplets, triplets, I cannot believe there’s triplets, one was surprising enough, but three, that’s ten children…”

“Aw, c’mon Rye, it’s not that bad. I mean, I don’t know any triplets at all, I think it’s really cool.”

“Well, you’re about to know triplets. This is insane, I thought that the twins were devil enough, which they can be at times, they’ve just shown you their sweet sides, and triplets are going to almost unbearable. Hogwarts is never going to be rid of Aikens’.” Ryan told him.

“What so bad about Aikens’?” Harry laughed.

“You’ll find out after living with us for almost a month. And next year at Hogwarts there’ll be four of us. That’ll be real fun too.” Ryan said sarcastically.

Harry laughed.

They had just passed a bright yellow room. Harry looked into the room, his eyes wide.

“Oh,” Ryan said, “That’s Kendall’s room, she takes after me, you just wait. Tristan’s room is the one right across from it. I wouldn’t go in there, unless you really want to meet your doom.” Ryan told him.

Then next room was a large bathroom. It had a shower, a bath, two sinks, and a toilet. There were a lot of bath toys in it. Harry assumed that’s where the little kids took baths.

The next room had dark blue walls, a black carpet, and bright orange ceiling.

“Luke’s room.” Ryan told him. They passed yet another bathroom that looked almost exactly the same as the last one. Across from that bathroom was a light pink room with a crib, a little bed, and a twin sized bed. This room had toys scattered everywhere. “Syd and Peyton’s room.”

They kept moving down the hallway and Ryan pointed to her left, “My parents room,” and then to her right, “and my brother, Audin’s room for when he comes home. It’s more like a guest room, but that’s not the one you’re staying in.”

They walked to the end of the hall that Harry saw branched off into another hallway. Exactly how big was this house? This hallway had one window at each end and kitty-corner each of those windows was a door. Ryan pointed down the left hand side of the hallway and said, “That door leads to my room,” then she pointed down the right hand side of the hallway, “and that door leads to your room. There’s a bathroom in the middle that we’ll have to share. Don’t worry it’s really big and both doors leading into it lock from the inside, have no fears.” She told him.

They headed toward the room that Harry would be staying in. They walked in and Harry’s eyes grew wide. They were in a huge room with tan walls and a dark wooden floor. In the middle there was a queen-sized four-poster bed. There was a large dresser for him to put his things in and on the wall adjacent to it, a bunch of shelves with books on them with a desk right next to it. On the nightstand next to the bed were a lamp and a radio/clock. It read 7:34pm. On the wall opposite the dresser was another door. Harry set his stuff down and followed Ryan through it. They entered a huge bathroom, again with a large Jacuzzi tub, a separate shower, two sinks, and obviously a toilet. There were cabinets across from the toilet that Harry could only assume held towels and cabinets above the sinks that he assumed held toothbrushes and things like that.

“Yeah, I’m the only one that uses this bathroom. I got the second biggest room because I’m the oldest that actually lives here, so I got to pick my room first.” Ryan told him. “So, you wanna see my room now??” Harry nodded, still quite speechless.

Ryan walked through a door opposite the one they had just walked through and Harry followed. This room was so bright Harry was tempted to shield his eyes for a moment. The walls of this room were bright green and the trim was just a little darker green. The ceiling, trim around the windows, closet door, and back of the door they just walked through were bright yellow. The floor was the same wood that was in Harry’s room and the bed was the same, except the wood wasn’t natural colored, it was white. The comforter on the bed was lime green, orange, white and bright pink with Hawaiian flowers. In the corner she had a white desk with a white bookshelf full of books next to it. She had a lime green office chair next to her desk. She had an orange and a bright pink beanbag in the corner with bookshelves next to them. In the opposite corner were two guitar cases and an amplifier. On the wall next to that was an electric keyboard with a stool next to it. She had a muggle stereo sitting on the corner of her desk and CD's piled up beside it. Her walls had posters of different Quidditch teams all flying around. Also, Harry noticed, there were things that looked like more CD’s covering a lot of her walls.

“Uhmmm… Ryan?” Harry stared, “Why do you have CD’s on your walls?”

Ryan laughed, “Sorry, I’m kinda a music fanatic. But those aren’t music CD’s there company CD’s that we get for free in the mail and my parents used to just throw them away, but now I take them, and stick them on my wall.” She explained.

“You play guitar?” Harry asked.

“Yeah, I do. It’s a good thing you were raised with muggles because whenever my friends in America came to my house they were like ‘what’s that’ when they saw my guitar and amp.” Ryan laughed.

“You’re room is really… cool.”

“Thanks,” Ryan blushed, “I spent a lot of time in here last summer fixing it up. It's a lot like my room was in California."

“It’s awesome,” he told her. Ryan smiled at him. They held eye contact for a few moments before Ryan said, “We should probably head downstairs for dinner.”

Harry followed her out of the room, his body still tingling.


Harry and Ryan were the last ones to reach the dinner table. “Sorry everyone,” Ryan said. She took a seat next to Kendall and Harry sat down next to her.

Ryan’s father said, “Ryan, are you going to introduce me to your friend?”

“Oh!” Ryan said, “I’m sorry, I completely forgot. Dad, this is Harry Potter.”
“It’s very nice to meet you Harry.” Her dad said.

“You too, sir.”

“You can call me John,” Ryan’s dad told him. “Now that that’s in order, why don’t we say our prayers?”

At this Harry glanced at Ryan and Ryan cringed. She had completely forgotten to warn Harry that her family was semi-churchy. They weren’t really strict about their religion but they did say prayers before dinner, they went to church every Sunday, and the little kids said prayers before they went to bed. It really wasn’t that bad because other than that their parents didn’t really enforce anything else, but Ryan realized that Harry might not be used to it. She gave him an apologetic look.

After her father had said prayers Ryan turned to Harry and whispered very quietly, “I’m so sorry, I completely forgot to warn you.”

Harry laughed, “It’s fine, it’s not a big deal.”

Ryan smiled appreciatively and started digging into the food along with everyone else. Her mother decided to start the conversation, “So, Ryan, the church called earlier this week, I told them you were still at school, but they’d really like you to sing for the Christmas service.”

“Oh, mom, I can’t.” She glanced at Harry, “It’s just, I haven’t in awhile and…” she trailed off looking apprehensive.

“Ryan,” her father started, “you know that you really should. They asked you too because everyone enjoys it, and considering you don’t go to church while you’re at school it really would be nice of you to sing when you are here.”

“But dad… it’ll be really embarrassing.” She told him.

“No more embarrassing than all of the other times you’ve done it,” he told her.

“Yes it will! ‘Cause Harry’s here.” Ryan blushed.

“Hey! I don’t mind, I think it’d be really cool,” Harry told her. Ryan looked at him darkly.

“Well, then it’s settled,” her mom said, “We’ll just have to go in a little earlier on Christmas so you can practice with the pianist.” Ryan groaned. The last thing she wanted on Christmas day was for Harry to have to hear her sing. This was going to be so embarrassing.


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The next couple of days went by rather quickly. Most of the time Ryan and Harry were helping her mother get ready for Christmas. Harry had said he didn’t mind but Ryan still felt bad. Because her father was working and her mother was pregnant, Ryan did most of the things around the house. She took care of the kids, made meals, and cleaned up around the house. With Harry’s help it was much easier, but she would still rather be doing things that normal teenagers do with him, rather than taking care of her house with him.

It was the night before Christmas Eve and Ryan and Harry were in her room talking, while Ryan played Stairway to Heaven on her acoustic guitar. Harry had to admit, she was very good, though she said she wasn’t because she was “out-of-practice” from being away at school.

Ryan liked her room because you couldn’t hear what was going on inside of it (her playing guitar and keyboard) in any other room except her bathroom or if they were standing right outside her bedroom door

They heard footsteps outside of Ryan’s door and suddenly the door was thrown open and a tall guy with short, brown, spiky hair and sparkling blue eyes walked in. Ryan threw her guitar on her bed and ran over to him yelling, “AUDIN!”

This was her oldest brother, Audin. He was the oldest in her family and working in America.

“I was wondering when you’d come home. How come you haven’t written to me?” Ryan asked.

“I’ve been busy, and plus, you haven’t written me either.” He replied. “What have you been up to? How’s Hogwarts? Everything Grandpa always cooked it up to be?”

“First, I’ve been really good. Second, Hogwarts is absolutely amazing. It’s so much better than Santa Isabelle.” Ryan told him, “Oh! This is a friend of mine from school, Harry Potter, he’s spending the holiday with us.”

Harry had gotten to his feet from one of the beanbags and shook Audin’s hand.

“I’m Audin, Ryan’s oldest brother.”

“It’s great to meet you, I’ve heard a lot about you.” Harry said.

“Oh believe me, I’ve heard a lot about you too.” Audin laughed.

“I could imagine.” Harry said.

Ryan had never really noticed how much taller Harry really was than her but now that he was standing next to Audin, who had always been at least six inches taller than her, she realized that Harry was not much shorter than her brother.

Audin sat down in her desk chair and Harry lowered himself back into the beanbag he had been sitting in. Ryan returned to her bed while Audin asked, “So, what’s been going on? How is everyone? I’ve only seen Luke ‘cause the little ones went to bed.”

“Well, everyone’s been good. Luke and I made the Quidditch team as Chasers for Gryffindor, that’s our house. Harry’s our Seeker, he’s crazy good. And have you heard about mom?” Ryan asked.

Audin laughed, “Yeah, I did. Pretty surprising. What’ll that make this, ten?”

“Yeah, and we thought the twins got into a lot of trouble, I can’t even imagine triplets.”

“I hope its boys, or at least two boys and a girl. Girls are already dominating this family, we really don’t need more.” Audin joked.

“So Harry,” Audin started, “you must be pretty popular at school, huh?”

“Yeah, I guess you could say that, sometimes,” Harry replied awkwardly.

“So are you guys dating or what?”

“Audin!” Ryan said exasperated.

“What? I’m just asking. I gotta look out for my little sis,” Audin said.

“Well, thank you. But no, we aren’t.” Ryan told him.

Audin laughed, and then asked, “Rye, you singing for the Christmas service?”

“Urgh, yes. Dad guilt-tripped me into it.”

“Oh come on, you’ve done it loads of times, it can’t be that bad.” Audin said.

“I haven’t done it that often at the church here, and it’s just going to be embarrassing.” She said, glancing at Harry.

Audin looked at Harry and said, “Wait, haven’t you heard her sing?”

“Uhmm no?” Harry said.

“Oh man! You really should. She’s great. Only thing is, she plays other peoples songs,” her turned to Ryan, “You should really write one of your own one of these days.”

“I’d really rather not, thanks so much.” Ryan said sarcastically. “And I’m not that good.” She added quickly.

Audin said, “Yeah she is,” while getting up and heading to the door. “Well, I’ll leave you two for the night, but I’d be getting to bed, everyone else is.” He opened the door then turned around and said to them, “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t.” And left with a wink.

Ryan blushed. “I’m sorry, he’s a little… insane.” She laughed.

“Nah, he seems pretty cool.” Harry said.

“Yeah, he is. He’s probably the sibling I’m closest too, him or Kendall.” She told him.

They were silent for a few seconds until Harry said, “Well, he’s right, we should get to bed.”

“Oh, okay.” Ryan said standing up. “Goodnight.” She added, smiling.

“Goodnight.” Harry said while retreating into the bathroom.

Ryan set her guitar down and laid sprawled out on her bed, she sighed. He was so perfect. If only he felt the same way. Little did she know, in the other room, he was thinking almost the same thing.


Christmas Eve at the Aikens’ was a busy event. Everyone was running around getting the house ready for tomorrow and cooking what could be cooked a day in advance. Their Grandpa Dumbledore (their other grandfather was dead), Aunt Bridget, Uncle Dawson (Bridget's husband), and cousins Jesse and Raegan would be coming over for Christmas dinner.

Christmas came with Ryan waking Harry up at 5:30am.

Ryan shook him awake, “Harry. Harry. Harry! It’s time to get up!”

Harry groaned, “What time is it?” he asked groggily.

“It’s a little after 5:30.”

“In the morning?!” Harry asked.

“Yes, in the morning.” She told him, “This is what happens when you have siblings more than 6 years younger than you, they wake you up at the crack of dawn on holidays. Plus,” she added, “If you don’t get up now we won’t have time to open presents, shower, and eat before service.”

Harry sat up in his bed. Ryan just looked at him. They both thought, almost at the same time, that the other looked very cute just having gotten out of bed. They smiled at each other and headed downstairs where everyone was waiting expectantly.

“Urgh, finally! I thought you two would never get down here.” Tristan said dramatically.

“Oh shut-up and start opening presents, sheesh” Ryan said.

All of Harry’s presents were under the tree along with all of the Aikens’. This made for a very large amount of presents. The younger kids started sorting presents into piles in front of their owners and soon everyone had a pile to start digging into. From Ron, Harry had gotten a large box of Every Flavor Beans and a Chudley Canons poster. Ryan had gotten a large box of Chocolate Frogs. Apparently, Ron really liked giving people sugar highs. Hermione had given both Harry and Ryan books (Ryan got two) and homework organizers. Ryan doubted very much that she would ever use the organizer, she was not a very organized person, plus, she procrastinated more often than not. Ryan’s books from Hermione were titled, Hexes and Jinxes; For the Advanced and Spells of Beauty; A Witches Guide to Make Herself Enchanting. Hermione had written a small note on the inside cover of the latter saying, “Not that you need it. Happy Christmas. Love, Hermione.” Ryan was so not used to this “Happy Christmas” stuff, considering she grew up saying "Merry Christmas". Something she would really have to get used to. Harry’s book from Hermione was titled, Great Quidditch Teams of the Twenty First Century.

Harry and Ryan had ended up giving each other the same thing. The ended up giving each other a Broom Stick Service Kit. Ryan, having never had one, was thrilled. Harry, having left his first at the Dursley’s, was equally thrilled. It was now seven o’clock and everyone had finished unwrapping their presents. Ryan’s mom stood up and said, “So, pancakes, bacon, and eggs for breakfast, yes?” Everyone agreed and she headed into the kitchen with her husband right behind her.

Fifteen minutes later everyone was situated around the table eating a delicious Christmas breakfast. Harry had to say that Mrs. Aikens gave Mrs. Weasley a run for her money.

By eight o’clock everyone had finished eating and Mr. Aikens announced, “Okay everyone, we leave in half an hour.”

Everyone headed upstairs to get out of their pajamas and into their dress clothes for church. Harry headed into the shower to take a very fast shower while Ryan got dressed in her room. Twenty five minutes later Harry knocked on her bedroom door, through the bathroom. She yelled for him to come in and he walked in wearing a pair of nice khaki pants and a light blue polo with two white strips and Hawaiian flowers across the chest.

Ryan was wearing a dark red flowing skirt that went a little past her knees, a long off-white tank top with sparkles and a dark blue V-neck short sleeved shirt. The sparkles on the tank top showed because the shirt had a V-neck. She was wearing light brown flip-flops and had just her bangs pulled back. The rest of her hair curled lightly around her shoulders.

Harry’s breathe caught in his throat and he croaked out, “You look… beautiful.”

Ryan blushed, “You don’t look too shabby yourself.” She smiled. “Well, should we head downstairs?”

“Yeah, probably” Harry replied.


Harry had never been to a church service before. The Dursley’s were the most un-religious people he’d ever met, besides maybe the Malfoy’s, and the Weasley’s had never gone to church. They had just passed around small pieces of bread and grape juice. Harry wasn’t really sure what that was all about. He sat between Lucas and Audin. Everyone was looking up toward the front of the church expectantly. He leaned over to Audin, “What exactly are they waiting for?”

Audin laughed lightly, “Ryan’s gonna come out and sing in a second. If you hadn’t noticed, she left after communion.”

Harry assumed this was the bread and juice, and he had noticed that she left. He looked up toward the front of the church along with everyone else and saw Ryan walk out of a side room. She stood in front of the microphone and Peyton giggled, “RyeRye.”

Ryan smiled. The piano started to play. Harry saw her take in a calming breath, then start to sing:

How beautiful the hands that served
The wine and the bread and the sons of the earth
How beautiful the feet that walked
The long dusty roads and the hill to the cross

How beautiful, how beautiful, how beautiful
Is the Body of Christ

How beautiful the heart that bled,
That took all my sin and bore it instead
How beautiful the tender eyes
That chose to forgive and never despise

How beautiful, how beautiful, how beautiful
Is the Body of Christ

And as he laid down his life, we offer this sacrifice
That we will live just as he died; willing to pay the price,
Willing to pay the price

How beautiful the radiant bride
Who looks at her groom with his light in her eyes
How beautiful when humble hearts give
The fruit of pure lives so that others may live

How beautiful, how beautiful, how beautiful
Is the Body of Christ

How beautiful the feet that bring
The sound of good news and love of the King
How beautiful the hands that served
The wine and the bread and the sons of the earth

How beautiful, how beautiful, how beautiful
Is the Body of Christ

Harry’s breathe caught in his throat for the second time in less than two hours. He had never even imagined that she had such an angelic voice. He had never, in his entire life, in his opinion, ever heard anyone sing better than he just had. Her brother wasn’t kidding when he said she was amazing.

After the service ended everyone was out in front of the church talking to friends and people that went to the church and wishing them a happy Christmas. Harry hadn’t had a chance to talk to Ryan so he went to find her among the people mingling.

He found her standing next to Lucas, Kendall, and Tristan, talking with someone from their church who seemed to be complimenting Ryan for she was blushing profusely. The lady they were talking to walked away and Harry came up to her, “Ryan, that was amazing, how come you never told us you could sing?”

“Thanks, but I’m really not that good. And I never really got around to telling you that I’m into music, I mean, it never really came up, ya know?”

“Yeah, I guess, but wow, you were amazing.” Harry said.

“Thanks” she blushed and even deeper shade of red.

Just then Dumbledore stepped up behind Harry. Harry had not even realized that Dumbledore might possibly be at the service.

“Ryan dear,” Dumbledore said, “You did superb. It was truly wonderful.”

“Thanks grandpa.” She said and she hugged and kissed him. He greeted the rest of their group and left to talk with Ryan’s aunt.

“Ya know, I never really even thought about the fact that Dumbledore might have been married,” Harry told Ryan.

“Yeah, our grandmother died right after Aunt Bridget was born. My mom was only three at the time. I never knew her.” She told him.

“Man, that’s really sad. I know what it’s like to grow up without a parent,” Harry added, “or two.”

Ryan smiled sympathetically and then said, “Hey, it’s Christmas! Let’s not be so down-in-the-dumps, okay?”

Harry laughed, “Good idea.”

The rest of their Christmas was spent spending time with Ryan’s family. Harry felt like a bit of an intruder but everyone in their family seemed to open him with open arms. Every time he would get that awkward, I-don’t-belong-here look on his face, Ryan would pull him back into the conversation, laughing and smiling.

Hermione, Ron, Ginny, and Ron’s twin brothers, Fred, and George (whom Ryan was meeting for the first time) came over around 5:00 and they set out for an invigorating snowball fight in the back yard. The teams were Audin, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Lucas and Jesse against Fred, George, Harry, Ryan, Kendall, and Tristan. The teams were quit evenly split and no one actually kept track of who was winning.

At the end of the day after tucking in Peyton, Sydney, and Kendall (apparently Tristan was too cool to be tucked in, Ryan laughed at this) Ryan and Harry headed to bed. Lying down in their separate beds both of them thought that it was probably their best Christmas so far.


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Chapter 9: An Interesting Hogsmeade Visit
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The holidays ended entirely too soon and everyone was on their way back to Hogwarts on the fifth of January. Harry had spent the last few days with the Weasley’s and he had a great time. Though he did miss Ryan’s company. They had stayed up late every night after Christmas in Ryan’s room simply talking and laughing and listening to music. He had even heard a few songs that she played on guitar. Harry had found Ryan so easy to talk to, he felt like he could be himself and not worry about what she thought about him.

Not to anyone’s surprise Ron and Hermione had gotten together when they were without Harry and Ryan at the Burrow. Harry was thrilled by this news and when an ecstatic Ron told him all he said was, “finally.” Ron just stood there flabbergasted.

Nothing terribly eventful happened in all of January unless you counted Ron completely obliterating his cauldron in a potion gone wrong. Ryan was literally rolling on the floor, crying from laughter. Snape was not at all pleased about this and took 10 point from Gryffindor. He then took 10 more points because even after she had regained her composure she kept sniggering behind her hand, making Hermione giggle as well.


It was now February 13th. It was a Friday and Valentine’s Day was on Saturday, as was another Hogsmeade visit. Ron had asked Hermione to go with him and Harry really wanted to ask Ryan. They were all sitting in the common room finishing up their homework now so that they had the entire weekend to relax. Hermione had gotten them into a routine that they weren’t about to discourage because it really was better this way, though they would never admit that out loud to Hermione.

The four of them went to bed, Ron giving Hermione a small kiss on her cheek. Ryan went upstairs and changed into her pajamas. Then she picked up a book and told Hermione, who was already tucked into the covers, that she was going to read in the Common Room. When she got down there it was completely empty so she took a seat in the comfiest chair by the fire and started to read.


Harry and Ron entered the boys’ dormitory and changed into their pajamas.

Ron brought up the subject of tomorrow, “So, are you going to go into the village tomorrow?”

“Oh, I don’t know yet, I really don’t want to get in the way of you and Hermione.” Harry told him.

“Well why don’t you ask Ryan? I mean, in all honestly Harry, everyone knows that you guys like each other. I just don’t get why you two don’t suck it up and start dating.” Ron told him bluntly.

“It’s not as simple as that. I’m not entirely positive that she likes me back. And plus, I don’t want to put her into danger. There’s still that stupid prophecy to consider.” Harry told him.

“You haven’t told her yet, have you?” Ron asked.

“No, but I’m going to, soon. And then we’ll see just how fond of me she really is.”

“Well, why don’t you just ask her to Hogsmeade tomorrow? We both know you want to. And we both know that she wants you to. Then you can tell her everything tomorrow.” Ron suggested.

“Yeah,” Harry said, “yeah, that’s a good idea.” And he headed for the door.

He walked down the stairs and saw Ryan sitting in front of the fire, reading a book. He noticed that other than her, the Common Room was completely empty. This helped matters considerably. He walked over and sat down on a couch near her chair. She was wearing a large white shirt that was so large that it hung off of one of her shoulders, it had blue writing in the middle and tightened near the bottom of the shirt (which reached almost to her mid-thigh). She had a white tank top on underneath this. She had on blue shorts that were only about an inch longer than the shirt and white socks with light blue stripes on them. She had her hair in two messy buns on the side/back of her head. Harry thought she looked adorable.

“Hey,” he said softly, “What’s up?”

Ryan heard someone sit down on a couch near to her and whisper, “Hey, what’s up?” She looked up to see Harry in plaid blue pajama pants and a simple white t-shirt and socks. She jumped just a little when he spoke.

“Oh, nothing, just doing a little bit of reading,” she told him.

“Cool,” Harry started, “So… uhmm, were you planning on going into the village tomorrow?”

Ryan looked up. “Oh, well… I don’t really know yet. I mean, Ron and Hermione are going together so… I figured I’d give them some time alone, it being Valentine’s Day and everything, ya know?”

“Right, of course,” Harry said, “but I was thinking, well, I mean, if you wanted to, maybe- - uh- - -you and I could- - uhh- - go in together.”

Ryan smiled and blushed just a little. “You mean, like, on a date?” She asked.

“Well, yeah, sort-of, unless you just- - uh- - would rather go as- - uh- - just friends, ya know.” Harry finished lamely.

Ryan’s eyes light up even more than they normally were. “Harry,” she started very seriously. Harry’s heart sank, “I would absolutely love to go on a date with you, or… whatever we’re calling it.” She gave him a wide smiled and he let out a breath he didn’t know he had been holding. She giggled and said, “Well, since I guess I’m going to have a long day tomorrow, I should really get to bed.”

Harry smiled and nodded, “Good idea.”

“So, I guess I’ll see you in the morning.” Ryan smiled.

“Yeah. See you.” Harry said.

Ryan and Harry both got up and just as they both reached their doors Ryan turned around and said, “Oh, and Harry- - -“

“Huh?” Harry asked in reply.

“Goodnight.” Ryan said softly and walked through the door toward her dormitory.


The next morning Harry and Ron were sitting in the Common Room waiting for Ryan and Hermione to come down to go to breakfast. They were all dressed and ready to go. They both came down, Hermione, wearing simple blue jeans and a red shirt and what looked like Ryan’s black, long-sleeved, hooded jacket. She had straightened her, what was now manageable, wavy hair and it curled in at the bottom. She was wearing gray eyeliner, which went very well with her brown eyes because it wasn’t too overbearing. She always had a very small amount of light pink eye shadow but you could barely notice and both girls doubted whether the boys would notice at all.

Ryan, of course, was wearing another one of her strangely cute outfits. She was wearing a dark khaki skirt that was pleated but only a little with a simple black belt. Under her skirt she wore black leggings, which was probably smart considering it was February. She had on socks that had horizontal stripes of all different shades of blue and green. There was only about an inch of her socks showing under her Ugg boots. She had a plain, yellow, V-neck T-shirt and a jean jacket on top of this. She had brown eyeliner on which looked great with her tan skin and bright blue eyes. Her hair was mostly down and wavy as usual, but she had her bangs back in a tiny clip. As always she looked amazing and comfortable at the same time.

They all headed down to breakfast and afterward met Filch in the Entrance Hall. They got their names checked off of the people allowed to go and headed toward the village.

First, they went and got the girls new ink, quills, and parchment. Then they went into Zonko’s where Harry, Ryan and Ron had a good time picking out the best joke equipment. They made a quick stop into Honeydukes where they got enough candy to last them through April. After this Ron and Hermione decided to go to Madam Puddifoot’s Teashop while Harry and Ryan wanted to go to the Three Broomsticks.

Once they entered the Three Broomsticks, Ryan went and picked out a table in the corner while Harry went and ordered two butterbeers. When Harry came back with the drinks they sat down and talked for nearly two hours. They talked about all sorts of things such as, Quidditch, Ryan’s old school, Ryan’s family, The Dursley’s, classes, what they wanted to do after Hogwarts, and basically anything and everything, except the prophecy. Harry was trying not to think about it. They were completely comfortable in each other presence and even though no one else was heading back to the school, they decided to.

As they left the Three Broomsticks they heard a scream, Ryan gasped and grabbed Harry’s arm. Harry whipped around and saw three deatheaters heading his way. He turned around and saw two more deatheaters closing in on himself and Ryan. He could see students dueling with other deatheaters. Harry was thankful there were more students than deatheaters because they were ganging up on the deatheaters. Harry and Ryan each entered a duel with a deatheater. Harry was fighting Lucius Malfoy and he glanced over at Ryan to see whom she’d ended up fighting, his heart jumped to his throat when he realized it was Bellatrix Lastrange. Just as he thought that there was a loud cry of, “CRUCIO” and the air was filled with Ryan’s screams. Harry immediately stopped his duel and ran over to where Ryan was lying on the ground. Bellatrix lifted the spell, Ryan lay panting on the ground, Harry kneeling beside her, and the five deatheaters closed their circle around them.

“I’ll admit, you two don’t put up a completely terrible fight.” Bellatrix Lastrange taunted.

“What do you want?” Harry said, sounding more confident than he felt.

“Nothing wittle Harry, we just wanted to see how your date was going.” She laughed. “How typical of Dumbledore to put a visit to the village on Valentine’s Day. It’s disgusting.”

“So, Harry,” another voice that Harry recognized as Lucius Malfoy’s started, “this must be your girlfriend. We’ve heard so much about her. She’s cute, I can see why you like her so much, maybe even love her.” All of the deatheaters laughed at this.

Ryan’s eyes narrowed at the comment about her.

“First of all, that's sick, you're an adult, I'd have thought you would've stopped looking at little girls by now, perv. And second, you guys would assume I was his girlfriend” Ryan said sarcastically from the ground, Harry had gotten to his feet beside her, “don’t worry, I’m sure it’s not the first time you’ve got things wrong, won’t be the last either.”

Harry glanced at her. Why did she have to be such a smart ass?

“Whether you’re his official girlfriend or not is neither here, nor there.” Malfoy stated, “All that matters is that he cares for you.”

“Yeah, people usually do care for their friends,” Harry said nastily, “Not that any of you would understand that, all you guys care about is your precious Voldemort.”


“NO! Bella, we leave Potter. He’s the Dark Lord’s. His girlfriend however…”

“CRUCIO!” Bellatrix Lastrange shouted again, this time her wand pointing at Ryan.

Ryan’s screams filled the air for a second time. Harry shot a disarming spell at Lastrange but the deatheater to her left deflected it. Suddenly there were shots of, “He’s here! We have to leave!” coming from the deatheaters that the other students were dueling with. Just as suddenly Ryan stopped screaming, there were dozens of ‘pops’ and the only thing left in the street of Hogsmeade were students panting from the fight. Harry looked towards the school to see Dumbledore running down the path toward himself and Ryan.

Just as Dumbledore reached them Ron and Hermione came sprinting over to them.

“Oh Ryan! We heard you screaming and my heart completely stopped. I was so worried. Are you all right? The rest of us are fine. There were too many of us, they couldn’t take us all.” Hermione said this all very fast.

“I’m fine, ‘Mione” Ryan said quietly, still sitting on the ground.

Harry reached down to help Ryan up. He noticed Ryan had a gash across her cheek. Dumbledore, sounding quite worried, said, “Ryan, are you sure you’re quite alright?”

“I’m fine,” she said while standing up. Just as she said this she grabbed her head and let out a groan, clutching onto Harry for dear life. “I just have a little headache.”

“I’d say that’s more than a little headache, Rye.” Ron said.

“Could you three please escort her up to the hospital wing and get her cleaned up. I’m sure Madam Pomfrey will want to keep her through the night. I have to make sure all of the other students are fine. Ryan, you’re brother—“

“My brother? My brother!” Ryan said, yelling the second time, “Where is he? Is he all right? LUKE? LUCAS?!”

“Ryan! Ryan! He’s absolutely fine. I was just about to inform you so.” Dumbledore said, looking down at Ryan.

“Oh.” Ryan said lamely.

Dumbledore smiled fondly at his oldest granddaughter. Then he went to check on all of the other students involved in the numerous duels.

“C’mon guys, let’s go.” Harry said, still supporting Ryan.


An hour later Ryan was lying in a bed at the far end of the hospital wing with Harry, Ron and Hermione all around her bed. She had taken a potion to make the soreness from the Cruciatus Cruse go away. She had a bandage under one of her eyes; on her cheek that was covering the gash she received. There was a thick, gunky paste under the bandage healing the cut.

Madam Pomfrey came over talking wildly about how Ryan needed her rest and they’d all have to see her in the morning. Ryan simply begged her to let one of them stay. Finally, she gave in and said only one of them could stay. The other three looked between themselves and Ron and Hermione both said at the same time, “Harry.”

Hermione quickly hugged Ryan goodbye and she and Ron left the ward as fast as humanly possible before anyone could object.

“Sorry you have to be stuck with me again.” Ryan said.

“No, it’s fine.” Harry said, moving a squishy chair next to her bed so he could sit comfortably.

It was silent for almost a minute until Ryan said, “Ya know, I had fun today. Before all of this happened.” She said smiling.

“Me too.” Harry said quietly, though loud enough for her to hear. Their eyes locked and they both flushed. Harry reached over and held her hand in his. They both smiled and blushed yet again. Ryan’s eyes started to droop and Harry set his head on her bed next to her.

After a few minutes Ryan said quietly, “Hey Harry?”

“Hmm” he said, to indicate he was listening.

“Thanks” she said softly. They both drifted off to sleep.


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