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Tulips In The Snow by DeerParkQueen

Format: Short story
Chapters: 6
Word Count: 5,041

Rating: 12+
Warnings: No Warnings

Genres: Drama, General, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Fred, George, Ginny, OC
Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Other Pairing

First Published: 04/24/2006
Last Chapter: 10/03/2006
Last Updated: 10/03/2006

Beverly Conway and George Weasley have been best friends since they first met on the train their first year at Hogwarts. Now after the final battle and the death of many, Will George finally confront Beverly with the truth or will they go on living life as a lie.

Chapter 1: The Return and The Baby
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The year after Dumbledore’s death Harry, Ron and Hermione spent it looking for the last Horcruxes and destroying them. After the last one was destroyed Harry met Voldemort and the final battle happened. Many fell on both good and evil, until finely Voldemort was gone for good. Harry managed to live but barely and was in intensive care at St. Mungo’s for over a month. When Harry finally woke up he asked Ginny to marry him, and she said yes. As for Ron and Hermione they got married as soon as Harry was well enough to be Ron’s Best man. Mrs. Weasley now lives alone, since Mr. Weasley had died in the battle protecting Ginny from the killing curse. Charlie had died as well saving the life an old friend of George’s, Beverly Conway. Percy had gotten severely injured and lost his left arm, but was now happily married to Penny Watts. Neville managed to be a big help during the war, by defeating many death eaters one of them being Snape. Luna was also a big help and her and Neville ended up marring after the war was over. Bill and Fleur married and have a one-month year old son, named Charlie. That leaves us with Fred and George. Fred is married to Angelina Johnson and expecting a little one soon. As for George he still is single, but he is still hiding the truth from an old friend. And so are story begins.

‘Morning,’ said a voice walking into the Joke Shop.

‘If it isn’t Beverly Conway, haven’t seen you in over a years time, I think.’ Said Fred coming out from the back of the shop before walking up to her and giving her a hug.

‘I know it has been awhile,’ said Beverly.

‘More then a while, miss.’ Answered Fred. ‘So where have you been?’

‘I felt the need to travel, for a little.’ Beverly stated.

‘As in where did you travel,’ said Fred.

‘To visit the place of an old friend,’ said Beverly.

‘Romania,’ said Fred

‘Yes,’ said Beverly ‘I needed to return the favor.’

‘How can you return the favor?’ asked Fred

‘You’ll find out then,’ Beverly replied

‘Did I here Beverly?’ said George coming out of the back of the shop. ‘Hey you,’ He said giving her a hug.

‘Hey,’ said Beverly

‘It’s been awhile.’ George stated.

‘So I have been told,’ She said

‘Fred!’ yelled a voice from the back of the shop.

‘Out here Lina.’ Yelled Fred back and Angelina walked out to the front.

‘Beverly,’ said Angelina giving her a hug.

‘I see your expecting a little one,’ said Beverly.

‘In two weeks.’ She said with a smile ‘That’s right you weren’t here when we told everyone.’

‘Nor did I know you were married to Fred,’ Beverly said returning the smile.

‘You missed a lot of thing this past year. You left right after the funeral,’ Angelina stated.

‘Yes I did,’ Beverly said ‘Not that I really want to be reminded of it.’

‘Is it okay for me to come in now,’ said a girl walking in with blond wavy hair, holding a baby on her hip.

‘Who might you be?’ asked Fred

‘Fred, remember when I said I was returning the favor.’ Beverly said. Fred nodded with a confused look. ‘Well I’d like you to meet Charlie’s fiancé.’

‘Fiancé?’ said Fred, George, and Angelina.

‘Yes, he was coming back to tell you when the final battle happened and his last words to me was to tell his fiancé.’ Said Beverly

‘That’s me,’ She said

‘What is your name?’ Fred asked

‘I’m sorry. How rude of me. I’m Savannah and this little girl is Trinity.’ Said Savannah.

‘So this is why you left?’ asked George.

‘Yes, I left to tell Savannah what had happened.’ Said Beverly

‘Fred,’ said Angelina.

‘What is it, honey?’ Fred asked turning to look at her. She was leaning up against the front desk with her hand on her stomach. ‘Angelina.’

‘Fred the baby’s coming,’ Angelina said softly.

‘Now,’ said Fred and the look that Angelina gave him told him she wasn’t joking. ‘Okay, George tell mom’ George nodded and Fred apparate him and Angelina to St. Mungo’s.

‘Maybe I should go find a place to stay,’ said Savannah

‘No you came to tell Mrs. Weasley and that’s what you’re going to do,’ said Beverly ‘Along with telling her I’m back-‘

‘For good I hope.’ Said George under his breath.

‘Yes for good, and we are going to tell her about the baby.’ Said Beverly giving a glare to George. ‘Lets go.’ George nodded, apparating away followed by Savannah and Trinity. Then Beverly apparated away. They all appeared in the kitchen of the Borrow.

‘Mum!’ yelled George.

‘Mrs. Weasley!’ yelled Beverly

‘George what is it?’ Mrs. Weasley said coming into the kitchen. ‘Beverly.’ She added upon seeing her. She gave her a hug.

‘I seem to be getting a lot of those.’ Said Beverly with a smile.

‘Who are you?’ Mrs. Weasley said seeing Savannah and Trinity.

‘Mrs. Weasley, this was Charlie’s fiancé, Savannah and her and Charlie’s daughter Trinity. This is why I left’ Beverly said

‘Fiancé.’ Mrs. Weasley. ‘Oh, Savannah I’m so sorry and poor Trinity’ She added hugging her, and tears forming in her eyes.

‘Oh thank you. That means a lot, and I’m sorry for lost of your son and husband.’ She said

‘Don’t mean to interrupt, actually I do. That’s not to point.’ George said ‘Fred and Angelina are at St. Mungo’s’

‘Why is everything all right?’ Said Mrs. Weasley looking at George.

‘The baby is coming.’ Said George

‘The baby,’ said Mrs. Weasley. Beverly nodded. ‘What are we waiting for then. Lets go. Savannah you are welcome to stay here.’

‘Oh no. I couldn’t.’ said Savannah

‘Of course you can. That little girl in my granddaughter and you are my daughter-in-law as far as I’m concerned. Besides I have more then enough room and an old lady could use some company.’ Mrs. Weasley said.

‘Okay then,’ said Savannah

‘Now I’m going to the hospital so make yourself at home.’ Said Mrs. Weasley. ‘We’ll talk more when I get back.’ She added before apparating away.

‘Beverly aren’t you coming.’ Said George.

‘I really hadn’t thought about that,’ She said

‘Angelina and Fred would want you there.’ Said George. ‘After all you are Lina’s best friend.’

‘Why not then.’ Said Beverly and she and George apparated to the hospital.

Two hours later Fred came into the waiting room to see His mum, George, and Beverly waiting.

‘Is the baby okay? Is Angelina okay?’ asked Mrs. Weasley right away.

‘Their fine mum.’ Said Fred as his mom pulled him into a hug.

‘What is it?’ asked George

‘We have a baby girl.’ Said Fred with a smile. ‘Your welcome to see her.’ He added showing them into the room, where Angelina was sitting on her bed holding the little new born.

Angelina looked up and smiled. ‘Beverly you came,’ She said ‘I’m glad.’

‘Anything for a friend.’ Beverly said with a smile. ‘So what is her name?’

‘We named her Miranda Lucy Weasley.’ Said Angelina

‘I like the name,’ said Beverly.
‘Well we’ll leave you two,’ said Mrs. Weasley ‘I have to get back, I’m sure Savannah and Trinity are hungry.’ She added, giving a kiss to Fred, a hug to Angelina and a kiss on the forehead to the baby before apparating away.

‘Well I got to go find a place to say,’ said Beverly

‘Nonsense, you can stay with George in the flat over the joke shop.’ Said George.

‘She can, I mean yea you can.’ Said George giving Fred a death look.

‘Are you sure?’ asked Beverly

‘Yes, I’m sure.’ Said George saying his goodbyes to Fred and Angelina, he left.

‘See you, Angelina,’ She said giving her a hug. ‘Bye Fred.’ She added before she left for the joke shop.

‘So how long do you think it will take him to tell her the truth?’ asked Angelina

‘Lina I’m not sure,’ said Fred ‘I’m not sure he will ever tell her.’

Author notes: Sorry the chapter is really long, but I didn't know how to slipt it to make it story. Promise the next chapters will be some what shorter. Please review.

Chapter 2: The Dinner and Some Truth
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The Dinner and Some Truth

At the Weasley household (Ron and Hermione’s) there was a Weasley family dinner going on, as well as people who were considered family.

‘Hermione is there anything I can help you with?’ asked Angelina who had just arrived with Fred and Miranda.

‘No, Angelina, I think mum has it more then covered. Besides you stay with Miranda.’ Said Hermione from the kitchen, where her and Mrs. Weasley were making dinner.

‘Beverly, George long time so sea.’ Said Fred sarcastically when they stepped out of the fireplace.

‘Really I didn’t notice.’ Said Beverly with a smile, making Fred laugh a little.

‘Hermione,’ said Ron walking into the kitchen.

‘Yes, Ron.’ She said turning to him with a smile.

‘I just got an owl from Harry and Ginny. They wont be able to make.’ He said

‘That’s alright.’ Hermione said ‘Ron could you and Fred or George set the table.’

‘Sure,’ said Ron

‘I’ll help,’ said Fred as Remus and Tonks appeared.

‘Beverly, nice to see you again. What has it been a little over a year?’ said Remus giving her a small hug. Tonks gave her one to.

‘I’m making a note next time a go away for along time to tell someone to throw me a welcome home party.’ Said Beverly with a small roll of the eyes. This made Angelina laugh.

‘Your leaving,’ said George.

‘No, not yet at least.’ Beverly said giving a smile to George.

‘Who are we missing?’ asked Hermione walking into the room.

‘Bill, Fleur and Charlie. Percy and Penny. Umm. Oh yeah Neville and Luna.’ Said Ron

‘We can’t forget them,’ Hermione said with a smile.

‘Hello everyone. Sorry we’re late.’ Said Bill walking in the door carrying Charlie with Fleur behind him.

‘That’s quiet all right. Do take a seat.’ Said Hermione pointing to the dinning room where everyone else was. A couple minutes later Percy came walking through the door with Penny and they took a seat.

‘Sorry to be late.’ Said Luna. ‘Neville just got home from work.’ She added and they took a seat.

‘Lets eat,’ said Hermione and everyone dug in. There were little conversions amongst everyone.

‘Beverly,’ said Hermione at one end of the table where her, Ron, Beverly, and George were sitting. ‘So are you seeing anyone lately?’ She asked as George’s fork dropped and hit his plate making the room go silent. Hermione looked at him and Ron gave him a shifty look. George just kept looking at his plate as he shifted nervously in his seat.

‘No, I’m still waiting for the right guy to ask me,’ She said giving a small glace at George.

~The next Morning~

‘George,’ said Fred walking into the shop. ‘Hey Beverly where’s George?’

‘Upstairs,’ She said putting thing on selves. ‘I think.’ She added watching him walk up to the flat.

‘What is with you?’ said Fred upon seeing his brother.

‘That depends on what you are talking about?’ He said looking at his twin with a confused look.

‘Last night,’ said Fred

‘What about it?’ George asked

‘Angelina and I saw the look on your face when Hermione asked Beverly if she was seeing anyone. Not to mention you dropped your frock on to your plate.’ Said Fred

‘Oh that’s what you’re talking.’ Said George ‘Your point.’

‘Don’t play stupid.’ Said Fred ‘You like her. You have for the last how many years.’

‘So it’s not like there is any chance with her,’ George said

‘All I’m going to say is. If you wait to long to tell her the truth, you might lose her forever.’ Said Fred. George watched him walk back downstairs.

‘Find him,’ said Beverly

‘Yea I found him,’ said Fred and he started to work.

Chapter 3: The Scare and The Picture
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The Scare and The Picture

It was one late night in the early days of December when owl arrived at the flat over the joke shop, only to wake up the to sleeping people inside. George got up and opened the window to see a snowy white owl fly in with a letter in her beck.

‘Hedwig,’ said George sleepily, taking the letter.

‘Who’s it from?’ asked Beverly walking into the kitchen.

‘Harry. Ginny’s in the hospital.’ Said George as he looked up at Beverly. ‘It doesn’t’ say why.’

‘Come on,’ said Beverly after she waved her wand and they were out of their pj’s.

With that the apparated to St. Mungo’s.

‘George, Beverly.’ Said Ron when they saw them.

‘Is Ginny okay?’ asked George.

‘We don’t know,’ said Ron

‘Who’s all here?’ Beverly asked

‘You two, Hermione, Mum, and I. We sent an owl to the rest of the family, but told them not to come.’ Ron said

‘She wanted you two too come.’ Said Harry walking up to them. ‘It’s good to see you Beverly, Sorry we couldn’t come to dinner the one night.’ Harry added with a smile, giving her a hug.

‘That’s quiet all right.’ Said Beverly returning the hug.

‘Beverly, So glad you’re here. Can you be a doll and try and calm down mum,’ Hermione asked

‘Sure,’ said Beverly walking over to Mrs. Weasley. She sat down, putting her hand on her back and rubbed it gently before you knew it she was crying small tears into Beverly’s shoulder.

‘Did you tell her yet?’ asked Ron

‘Tell her what?’ asked George

‘Why do you have to be as thick as Ron, George?’ Said Harry

‘Hey,’ said Ron and George.

‘Mr. Potter.’ Said the healer.

Harry turned and looked at the healer before answering. ‘Yes.’

‘Your wife is fine if you would like to go see her.’ The healer said

‘What was wrong with her?’ Harry asked.

‘She’s been overworking herself and putting to much stress on the baby.’ He said

‘Baby?’ said Harry surprised.

‘Yes the baby. She’s eight weeks pregnant.’ He said ‘Why don’t you go back and see her.’ He added. Harry walked back and to see Ginny there waiting for him.

‘I’m going to have another grandchild,’ said Mrs. Weasley as she walked back to see her.

After everyone went back to see Ginny they went home and left Ginny in peace to stay the rest of the night before she went home in the morning.

Beverly walked town the street of Diagon Alley, smiling at people walking the other way.

‘Miss,’ said a guy coming up behind her.

‘Yes,’ Beverly said turning around.

‘You dropped this,’ He said handing her a book.

‘Thank you,’ She said with a small smile, taking it back. It was her book of remembering; it had all kinds of pictures in it from over the years of things she had done.

‘Your welcome,’ he said walking away.

Beverly smiled watching him walk away as she opened it to the middle to see a picture of her and George days before the final battle. She was scared and had told him this; only to get the response that being scared is the only way to have the courage to get through the night. She smiled again before walking back up the road and to the joke shop.

Chapter 4: The Christmas Present
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The Christmas Present

It was the day before Christmas Eve and Beverly was in the flat over the Joke Shop, packing.

‘Where are you going this time?’ George asked coming up the stairs.

‘I don’t know,’ said Beverly shutting her suitcase. ‘I thought maybe I’d let the wind show me where to go.’

‘Why not your heart?’ He asked

‘Because it hurts to much to listen to it.’ She said. George gave her a questioning look.

‘When are you leaving?’ George asked

‘Now,’ She answered ‘I left something for on the table.’ She added before walking out.

George walked over to the table to see an envelope. He picked it up and opened it. Inside there was a picture of him and Beverly days before the war talking.

Remember this picture. I do. I told you I was scared and your response was being scared is the only way to have courage to get through the night. And that’s the same thing I say to you; only this time I have something more to say. A part of you has grown in me, and with it I hope you see, that you and I are together and never apart, maybe in distance but never in heart. One other I have to say, if you can’t get someone out of your head, you finish the rest. If you don’t know the answer then I don’t know when you’ll see me again.

‘Maybe they’re suppose to be there.’ He said finishing what she had wrote.

‘George?’ said Fred coming up the stairs. ‘Why is Beverly leaving?’

‘Is she gone?’ asked George looking up from the note.

‘Yes,’ said Fred

‘I got to go,’ said George running out the door.

Fred turned and smiled. ‘I think he has finally got it.’ He said going back to work.

A little ways outside of Hogsmeade, there was a graveyard for all the fallen witches and wizards who had fell during the final battle and before hand. Beverly walked into the graveyard, until she came to a small angel with the name Charlie Weasley.

‘Hello Charlie, I know I have already thanked you for saving my life, but I have to say it once more. Thank you,’ Beverly said placing a single white rose on the snow, only to see a bouquet of white Tulips in the snow. ‘My favorite flower.’

‘I never thanked you Charlie for saving the life of the girl of my dreams, so thank you.’ George said Beverly looked up at him, giving him a small smile. He smiled down at her. ‘Maybe they’re suppose to be there. The tulips are for you.’

‘I could have guessed that.’ Beverly said picking them up as she stood up. ‘You understood what I wrote, but how did you know I would come here?’

‘One reason, I saw you say thank you to him the day of the funeral and I thought you would want to say it again.’ George said ‘Besides I’ve known you for ten years now.’

‘Well I’m glad you know me then,’ Beverly said

‘You know what me too or I wouldn’t have the pleasure to do this.’ George said with a smile as he took he by the waist, pulling her closer he leaned down and kissed her passionately for the first time. ‘I love you,’ He said once they had pulled apart.

‘I love you, too.’ Beverly said with a wonderfully, beautiful smile.

‘I owe you this,’ He said pulling out a small box. Beverly opened it to see a small golden ring with small diamond in the center and two smaller ones on either side. ‘Will you marry me, Beverly?’ He asked softly as snow began to fall.

Beverly looked at him with the same wonderfully, beautiful smile. ‘Yes, I’ll marry you.’ She answered as he place the ring on her finger. He smiled, kissing her softly on lips before they both walked out of graveyard.

Chapter 5: Getting a Job During Dinner
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Getting a Job During Dinner

It was the morning of January fifth, and Beverly was up at five. She was sitting in the kitchen in the flat when George walked into the room.

‘Do I want to know why you’re up so early?’ He asked with a yawn, as he looked at the clock.

‘Sorry, did I wake you.’ Beverly said looking up from the papers she had been flipping throw. ‘I have a job interview today at the Ministry and I’m nervous.’ She added.

‘That’s today,’ George said. Beverly nodded. ‘You’ll do fine.’ He said leaning in to give her a small kiss on the lips.

Beverly smiled. ‘I love you but I got to go.’ She said, gathering her things she left.

That night Beverly walked into the Joke Shop with a slight smile on her face.

‘Hey, How’d it go?’ asked George.

‘I’m not sure,’ said Beverly ‘If I don’t get the job, do I still have a place to work here?’

‘You know it, Bev.’ Said Fred.

The next night George and Beverly had Angelina and Fred over for dinner to catch up on what was happening between the two families.

‘So when are you to going to get married?’ Angelina asked at dinner the next night in the flat.

‘We’ll let you know after this little fiasco,’ said Beverly with a smile, placing the food on the table.

‘Not even a little hint,’ said Fred

‘Don’t think so,’ said George.

‘Hello!’ said a voice from the shop below.

‘I’ll get, Fred sit back down.’ Ordered Beverly as she walked down the stairs. ‘Hello, I’m sorry we’re closed if you want to come back tomorrow.’ She said to the lady.

‘That’s not why I’m here. I’m looking for a Beverly Conway. Have you see her?’ said the lady.

‘Your just in luck, that’s would be me.’ Beverly said with a smile ‘How may I help you?’

‘Miss Conway, I’m Crimsa Tide and I thought I would tell you this in person.’ Said Crimsa

‘Miss-’ Beverly started

‘Mrs.,’ She said

‘Mrs. Tide, What is this all about?’ Beverly asked

‘Miss Conway, I’m head of The International Magical Office of Law and I am currently looking for someone for the spot of a junior assistant in my office. Believe or not Miss Conway your name came up from your interview yesterday.’ Said Mrs. Tide

Beverly looked at her. ‘You mean I got the job.’ She said

‘Yes you got the job. I expect to see you first thing on Monday. Seven a.m. sharp. Do I make myself clear?’ said Crimsa

‘Yes Ma’am, you do.’ Beverly answered with a smile.

‘See you Monday, Miss Conway.’ She said walking out of the store.

Beverly walked back upstairs with a smile on her face.

‘Beverly who was it?’ asked Angelina.

‘George I got it.’ said Beverly

‘You got the job.’ George said looking up at her.

‘Your looking at the junior assistant of Crimsa Tide, the head of The International Magical Office of Law.’ She stated softly sitting down.

‘Beverly, that’s great news.’ Said Fred

‘Really great news,’ Angelina said getting up after hearing Miranda cry.

‘Should we tell them?’ Beverly asked looking over at George with a smile on her face.

George took her hand as Angelina walked into the room holding Miranda.

‘Tell us what?’ asked Angelina sitting down handing the baby to the Fred.

George smiled. ‘The day we plan to get married.’

Angelina’s eyes widen. ‘It’s the fifth of February.’ Said Beverly with a smile
‘That’s cutting it close. I mean its already January sixth.’ Angelina added. ‘Not that I’m not happy. I really am.’

‘Well there’s more to are little story.’ Said George

‘There is?’ said Fred

‘Yes there is. We have most of everything planed.’ Said Beverly with one of her soft smiles.

‘Where is it going to be?’ asked Angelina rocking Miranda to sleep.

‘At the burrow.’ Said George. ‘We wanted to have all are friends and family be there. Which would cost a lot of money if we held it any other place.’

‘I bet that will make mum happy.’ Said Fred

‘It does. We asked her first and she loved the idea. She’s also took it upon herself to make all the food with the help of Savannah and Hermione.’ Said Beverly

‘Are we the last ones to know or something?’ asked Fred

‘No, you’re just the first ones to know what’s going on in full detail.’ Said George handing his twin something. ‘Besides I would like you to be my best man.’ He added ‘and only mum knows what’s happening. Hermione and Savannah don’t know yet. They just know that they’re helping Mum with some big event that she signed up for.’

‘Of course I’ll be your best man. You can’t have the wedding without me.’ Said Fred with a smile ‘Only kidding on the last bit.’

‘We know,’ answered Beverly. ‘Angelina I would like to have you as my matron of honor, if you’ll let me.’

‘You know I would be honored to be in your wedding.’ Said Angelina with a smile.

Chapter 6: The Wedding Day
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The Wedding Day

The next month went by a lot faster then the young couple excited until the day they had been waiting for had finally come. Today was February fifth and the night before it had snowed lightly making the entire backyard covered with snow. Which was the way George and Beverly wanted it.

Beverly woke up to the morning sun greeting its morning hello. She smiled as she sat up in George’s old bed at the Borrow. Today was the day she had been waiting for since the day she had falling in love with George, so many years before. She went to get up as the door opened and in came Mrs. Weasley, Savannah and Angelina. Mrs. Weasley was carrying a tray of eggs, bacon, sausage, and toast with a cup of coffee and a small glass of orange juice.

‘Good morning, I hope you don’t mind Hermione making you breakfast this morning.’ Said Mrs. Weasley.

‘Of course not.’ Said Beverly starting to eat what was on the tray.

‘Well I best be off, but I leave you in the hands of Angelina and Savannah.’ Said Mrs. Weasley giving Beverly a hug before departing from the room to finish up the food for the day’s event. Beverly smiled as she watched Mrs. Weasley leave, before she finished up her breakfast.

Savannah smiled, giving her a hug. ‘I so happy for you, Bev.’ She said.

‘Thank you.’ Beverly replied taking a shower before sitting down so Angelina could do her hair.

Angelina smiled at her. ‘Beverly, I’m glad you’re going to be apart of this family.’ She said putting her hair up in a ponytail with it curled nicely.

‘It’s a nice family to be apart of.’ Said Beverly with a smile as Savannah finished doing her makeup.

‘You have got that right; I don’t know where I would be without all of Molly’s help. Trinity loves and so do I.’ Savannah said with a smile

‘The ceremony is in fifteen minutes, get your wedding dress on.’ Said Angelina. ‘I’ve got to go change and check on Miranda.’ She added walking out of the room.

‘Savannah, Thank you for being here for me.’ Beverly said

Savannah turned and smiled at her. ‘Your one of my best friends, Bev. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.’ Savannah stated giving her a hug. ‘Even if we just met, you helped me find a family and helped Trinity find one to. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t know what happened to Charlie. ’ She added before walking out of the room to get into her own dress.

Beverly smiled putting on her wedding dress, she was truly happy and she wanted to stay that way.

‘Can I come in?’ said a voice from the door.

‘Yes you may,’ said Beverly softly as the door opened. When she turned to see whom it was, her eyes widened a little. ‘Edwin?’ She questioned softly.

‘Surprised to see me, I take it.’ He asked

‘Yes, I haven’t seen you since I moved out.’ Beverly said. Edwin smiled, giving her a hug.

‘George told me that you to were getting married and I couldn’t very well miss my own sisters wedding. Could I?’ Edwin said

‘Why would you come?’ She asked ‘I thought you hated me.’

‘I never hated you. In fact I thought your gift was the coolest thing I had ever seen, but I couldn’t tell you that or mum would have kicked me out.’ Said Edwin.

‘I’m glad you came.’ Beverly said ‘You are the only family I have left.’

‘You’ll always have me now, Jellybean.’ Edwin stated with a smile.

‘No ones called me that since dad died.’ Beverly said

‘I know,’ He said ‘But dads here with you know smiling, knowing that you’re going to be happy.’

‘Beverly.’ Said Mrs. Weasley coming into the room. ‘Who are you?’

‘Mrs. Weasley this is my brother Edwin.’ Beverly said

‘Nice to meet you, Edwin. Beverly its time.’ She said with a smile.

‘I’ll talk to you later, Jellybean.’ Edwin said before walking out of the room.

‘Okay,’ Beverly said.

The wedding went past, with a lot of tears from family to friends, making the newly wed couple smile. Beverly smiled for a lot of reasons one of them being, that she know had a family, and her brother.

Fred hit his Champaign glass until he had reached everyone’s attention. ‘I’m only going to say a few words before the dinner comes out so here they are.’ Fred said turning to Beverly and George. ‘I remember the first day I had ever met Beverly, on the train ride to Hogwarts. It was our first year and she needed a place to sit. At once I could tell that George and her were going to be life long friends. As I think we all knew. But during the Yull Ball in are sixth year I found out how my brother truly felt and I believe Angelina found out how Beverly truly felt, as well. Now its four years later and George finally told her how he felt. Which I think none of us thought he would.’ Fred smiled as everyone laughed. ‘So all I have to say is Welcome to the family Beverly. Out of everyone George could have liked I’m glad it was you. Welcome to the family.’ Fred finished and everyone put their glasses up in cheers.

Beverly gave George a smile as He took her hand and returned the smile.

‘I love you,’ He said softly.

‘I love you, too.’ Beverly replied. George gave her a soft kiss on lips as he smiled inside. He was smiling for one reason Beverly was his now, and that made him truly happy.