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Cupid's Liquid Arrows by hauntedfairytale

Format: Novella
Chapters: 7
Word Count: 12,468

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature,

Genres: Fluff, Humor, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Fred/George, Ginny
Pairings: Ron/Hermione, Harry/Hermione

First Published: 03/25/2006
Last Chapter: 06/16/2006
Last Updated: 06/16/2006


During a summer holiday, the one before year seven, at the Burrow, something interesting happened to our favorite trio. A visit from Fred and George would explain...

Chapter 1: Butterbeer
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Cupid’s Liquid Arrows
Chapter 1: Butterbeer

Summer was always fun for Hermione. Half of it was spent visiting family and vacationing with her parents. The other half was spent at the Burrow with the Weasleys’ and Harry.

Hermione felt bad to feel this way; but, she felt she belonged in the magic world rather than the muggle world. Her parents loved her being a witch, but they wanted her to have a solid muggle education. So, she was tutored by her father on those summer holidays. Hermione didn’t mind most of the time; although, she knew it was useless to her.

During a summer holiday, the one before year seven, at the Burrow, something happened to our favorite trio. A visit from Fred and George would explain...

(Harry and Hermione’s first day at the Burrow)

“Hermione, dear, come in!” Mrs. Weasley greeted a smiling Hermione at the front door. “Harry has just arrived also. Everyone’s in the kitchen,” she said after tightly embracing Hermione.

“Thank you so much for inviting me,” Hermione said to Mrs. Weasley as she set her bags down near the stairs.

“You know it’s no problem. Hey, what’s one more child?” Mrs. Weasley chuckled.

They entered the kitchen and the first to things to catch her eye were Harry and Ron.

“Hermione!” they both said and jumped up from their seats at the table.

Ron reached her first and lifted her up in a hug. He set her back down and she laughed. “Someone’s been working out over the holidays,” she said and playfully punched his arm. He grinned, glad she noticed.

Harry stepped in from of Ron and embraced Hermione.

“How are you doing, Harry?” she gave him a meaningful look. Knowing how hard his summer must have been.

“It’s been rough, but I’m alright. How about you? I see you have a tan,” Harry said and held her at arm’s length.

“Yes, we vacationed in Cancun. And, if you need to talk, I’m here,” Hermione responded.

Harry released her so she could greet everyone else. Fred, George, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, Bill, Fleur, Ginny, and Charlie were sitting at the table. She smiled at them all.

“Hello, everyone! And, bonjour, Fleur,” Hermione said.

“Hello,” “Hey,” and “Hi,” was the tables’ response.

“Ca va, ‘Mione?” Fleur asked, overjoyed that Hermione was paying special attention to her.

“Comme ci comme ca, et vous?” Hermione asked.

“Tres bien,” Fleur grinned looking at Bill.

Hermione studied some French with her father over the summer. She was excited to come to the Burrow and talk to Fleur. Fleur would be marrying Bill this summer. Hermione wondered which boy would be her date.

“Anybody care for a Butterbeer?” George asked, suddenly standing.

“We’ll take three upstairs,” Ron said .

“Don’t spill, Ron,” Mrs. Weasley warned. Ron rolled his eyes.

George stood at the counter for a few seconds too long before he handed Ron the three bottles. But, no one seemed to notice besides Fred.

The trio headed upstairs, the boys helping Hermione with her bags.

“You’ll be staying in Fred and George’s old room,” Ron said. “They’re only visiting tonight.”

“OK, thanks,” Hermione said as they set her bags inside the room.

They continued to Ron’s room. His room had white walls now, with posters of three or four different Quidditch teams. His bed now had a navy blue comforter and many pillows. Ron had a night stand where a few books and photos sat. one photo was of the trio. It was taken by Hagrid, they were working on one of his projects. Another was the photo that was printed in the Daily Prophet when the Weasley’s went to Egypt.

Hermione picked up a book. It was a book written by an Auror. So, Ron was doing research. Hermione found this quite cute and unlike Ron. The pages were dog-eared and the spine was cracked, meaning he had read it.

Ron cleared his throat, Hermione looked up at him. “What’s this?” she asked.

“A book. I’ve been reading,” he shrugged, taking the book from her.

“Wow,” she grinned and took a sip of her Butterbeer.

Ron put the book back on his night stand. Hermione found herself watching the muscles in his back move. She blinked when she realized what she was doing. She took another sip and looked around to see what Harry was doing. He was flipping through Ron’s chocolate frog card collection. Hermione never noticed how cute his messy hair was.

Annoyed with her sudden thoughts, she put her Butterbeer down. She sighed and laid back on the bed. She rubbed her temples; her head felt strange.

Ron took a sip of his Butterbeer and tuned back to Hermione. He watched her for a second before he sighed and started to talk about

“Please, no talking about school,” Harry said.

“Sorry, but it was too quiet,” Ron said.

“Let’s talk about...,” Harry sipped his Butterbeer. “Let’s talk about Hermione’s Cancun vacation.”

“Yeah, how was it, ‘Mione?” Ron asked her.

She sat up, still feeling funny, and looked at the boys. “It was fun. Really hot though.”

“I see- I mean you have a great tan,” Harry blushed.

“Which means horrible tan lines,” Hermione rolled her eyes.

“I don’t tan, I burn. Same with the rest of the Weasleys,” Ron said. “Can I see your tan line?”

“Excuse me?” Hermione raised an eyebrow.

“I mean like on your shoulder,” Ron blushed like Harry.

Hermione laughed and pulled the neckline of her T-shirt over to show where her bathing suit was. She watched the boys. “My boys. My cute, grown up boys,” Hermione thought before she blinked and the thoughts stopped.

“That’s a big change. Like, it’s really dark, then really light,” Ron said.

Harry laughed at Ron. Hermione smiled.

“Well, it’s eleven, I guess I should go to bed. Good night, you two,” she said and stood up after looking at her watch.

“Goodnight,” the boys said.

She blew them a kiss before she left. The boys grinned at her.

“What is going on?!” she thought as she headed down the hall.

Fred and George had been told by Mr. Weasley that they were not allowed to pester anyone into trying their joke shop items. This upset them because they were hoping to test their newest invention. It was called “Cupid’s Liquid Arrows.” The Liquid Arrows was a potion that acted as a “Love Potion.” Fred and George called it “Lust Potion,” as the potion wasn’t quite right the last time it was tested. The potion was supposed to make the drinker fall in like with the first person of the opposite sex they saw. Fred and George enhanced it from the normal love potion so that the drinker fell in like with a person within two years of age. Hoping to attract young Hogwarts business. No one wants a student in love with a teacher.

“You put it in ALL THREE BOTTLES?!” roared Fred when George told him what he did.

“I didn’t know who would get which bottle. Plus, it might not even work; remember, we put in two large fairy wings instead of two small ones,” George defended himself.

Fred groaned and sat in a chair in their supply room at the shop.

“It wont be bad. Well, if it does work...,” George finished nervously as he realized his mistake.

“Harry and Ron will both like Hermione, and Hermione might like both boys,” Fred finished. He sighed. “We’re in trouble. Big time.”

“Do we have the antidote yet?” George asked.

“Nope. In fact, those birds and squirrels you fed the potion to still follow me around when I walk down the street,” Fred grumbled.

“Oh yeah. That was before the Boomslang skin. Now at least there’s no chance of Ron falling in love with Crookshanks,” George chuckled. Fred glared at his twin.

“Well, let’s get to work on that antidote!” George stopped laughing.


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Chapter 2: In the Garden
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Chapter 2

In the Garden

(The next morning)

It was 7:00 am and Hermione found herself waking up early to put on make up and pay extra attention to her hair.

“I wonder why I never noticed my feelings toward Harry and Ron. I can understand liking one of them, but BOTH? Why so sudden? I really need to analyze my thoughts and feelings towards the boys. I mean, I can’t date both!” Hermione thought as she applied a light pink gloss to her lips.

When she finished her uncooperative hair, it was about 8:00. She knew the boys weren’t awake yet, but couldn’t wait for breakfast anymore; her stomach was growling. “Can you just wait another hour or so?” she asked it uselessly.

Hermione was tempted to drop something loud in her room to wake up the boys. She wanted to enter the kitchen when they were already there. She wanted to make an entrance. Hermione also fought the temptation to go in there and wake them up the normal way, by shaking them.

After fifteen minutes of debating with herself, she was about to give up on her entrance and just go down to breakfast. But, she heard shuffling feet outside her door. They were walking to the bathroom. She listened for a second before she opened the door and casually- on purpose walked out.

It was Harry. He was wearing red and blue plaid pajama pants. He didn’t see her, he had already walked past. Hermione cleared her throat. He jumped a little and turned around quickly.

“Hermione! Do not scare me when I wake up! I almost pissed myself!” he exclaimed then chuckled. She giggled.

“We don’t want wittle Hawy to go pee pee in in his pants,” she teased and smiled. He smiled brightly, then yawned. Harry stretched and flexed his abs to show off to Hermione.

At this time the potion was in full effect without the teens knowing.

“Quidditch does the body good,” Hermione didn’t mean to say out loud.

“Whoops!” she thought and mentally gasped.

Harry smirked and opened his mouth to speak when Ron came out of his room. He sleepily ran his hands through his messy red hair.

“Good morning, Ron,” Hermione said, still blushing from her comment to Harry.

“Morning,” he smiled warmly at her.

“Meet you two downstairs,” Hermione made a quick exit as she went down to breakfast. She was surprised the boys didn’t hear her stomach growling.

“So much for an entrance...” she thought moodily.

She entered the kitchen and smiled at the people at the table: Mrs. Weasley, Ginny, Bill, and Fleur.

“Bon matin,” Hermione said brightly.

“You ‘ave practized Francais over ze ‘olidays?” Fleur asked her.

“Oui,” Hermione smiled. She sat at the table next to Ginny and helped herself to some cereal. She and Ginny then began to talk about some muggle novels they had been reading.

Harry and Ron came downstairs at the same time and fought slightly for the remaining seat next to Hermione. Ron won and Harry took a seat next to Ginny. Ginny gave Hermione a questioning look; she shrugged in response.

“After breakfast, can you two go and get some vegetables from the garden, Hermione and Ron?” Mrs. Weasley asked.

“Sure,” Hermione and Ron agreed. Harry sulked and quietly ate his cereal.



“So, how was your summer this far, Ron?” Hermione asked him as they headed toward the garden.

“It’s great. Well, besides the current situations,” he replied.

“Yeah, I understand. It was the same here. I was so worried that I kept thinking that I saw you or Harry in the crowds of people in Cancun,” she said and smiled. “So, when I did see you two, it was definitely a sight for sore eyes.”

“You have no idea how great it was to see you,” Ron said and looked over at her.

She smiled and looked at him flirtatiously as she took his hand in hers. They reached the garden and found the rows of carrots.

“I heard that if the green leaves of the carrots reach your knees, they’re ready to be picked,” Hermione stated.

“Well, how tall was the person who told you that?” Ron asked.

“I read it,” she replied.

“Of course,” he sighed sarcastically.

“Try that one,” she suggested pointing to the first carrot in the row.

Ron let go of Hermione’s hand and bent over to pull the carrot up. Hermione started to look at his butt. “No!” she yelled in her mind. She pretended to be fascinated by the spade she was holding.

“I guess it’s OK. Mum’s just gunna be cutting it up anyways,” Ron said and put the carrot in the basket they had brought.

After they had picked some carrots, they moved on to tomatos. There was a comfortable silence between them. The sun was hot and the tomatoes were in the shade of their leaves, making them cool. Hermione grinned slyly to herself and threw a tomato at Ron. He stopped and slowly turned to face her. It had hit him in the small of his back; not where she aimed (upper back), but close. She busied herself with picking the red tomatos; looking innocent. She heard Ron behind her, but pretended to ignore him.

Suddenly, she felt something cold on the back of her neck. She gasped and stood up. Hermione had tied up her hair (“So much for all that work.”) because of the hot sun. When she stood up and turned around, she saw Ron standing there with a half of tomato.

“That was cold!” she exclaimed laughing.

“Yeah, but you ruined my clean T-Shirt,” he laughed back.

“It’s not like you can’t get the stain out with magic,” she said.

The sun was directly above the and Ron’s face was beginning to turn red. She was sure she was burning also.

“Let’s take a break in the shade,” Hermione suggested.

They sat under a willow tree. She extended her legs in front of her in the prickly grass. He admired her legs in her jean shorts. She watched him watch her. And, when he looked up and saw her watching him he blushed and mumbled “Sorry,” before looking at the grass. Hermione moved closer to Ron so that their sides were touching. He looked at her warmly and they both leaned in for a kiss.

It wasn’t either of their first kisses, but they both had nervous butterflies in their stomachs as if it was. The kiss was slow, sweet, and long. Little did they know this was not their own feelings...


“Why did that take you so long? You were simply picking vegetables,” Mrs. Weasley scolded Ron and Hermione when they returned an hour after they left.

“We got into a small fight,” Ron chuckled turning around to show his mother the stain. She rolled her eyes and smiled.

“Ron, I want to show you this great book I got over the summer,” Hermione said.

“Will it take long?” Ron whined.

“Not unless you like the book,” she smiled.

“I doubt it, but alright,” Ron sighed as they headed upstairs.

“Why do I suddenly have strong feelings for Ron? That kiss was... great, but something felt funny. It wasn’t the way I would have thought kissing Ron would be like. Before I came to the Burrow I would have been almost repulsed at the thought. But,... I’ll just ask him what he thought about it. Now all I need to figure out is how,” Hermione thought. She had been thinking about this all morning.

“So, where’s the book?” Ron asked when they reached her room.

“There isn’t one,” she replied. He raised his eyebrows at her. “I wanted to talk to you.,” they sat at the foot of her bed.

“We kissed today,” she stated.

“Yeah,” he grinned widely.

“It was nice but...” she started but stopped and sighed. Ron’s face fell.

“It’s weird. All of a sudden I have these feelings for you. The thought of you and me kissing would have made me very... uncomfortable over the summer before I came here. But, when we were hanging out in your room I was... infatuated with you, I guess,” Hermione said carefully choosing her words.

“The same goes for me. It was weird, wasn’t it?” Ron agreed. “But, I’ve always had some feelings for you,” he confessed. She smiled knowingly.

“Can I think about this before we become a... couple?” she asked.

“Yeah, no problem,” he said and kissed her lightly before he left her to go find Harry and Ginny.


Chapter 3: At the Lake
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Chapter 3

At the Lake

Thunderstorms never used to scare Hermione. But, since she was no longer under the protection of Hogwarts and Dumbledore, she was terrified. She couldn’t help thinking that Voldemort was going to get her. She new it was slightly childish, but the dangers were real.

Just as she thought the storm was dying down, there was a large crash of thunder accompanied by numerous flashes of lightening. Rain splattered the window hard and wind whistled against the window pane.

Hermione whimpered lightly as she tossed her light covers back and got out of bed. She walked quickly across the room in her purple and white striped pajama shorts and matching purple tank top. When she opened the door, she almost ran into Ginny. Ginny opened her moth to speak, but another crash of thunder interrupted her. Both girls ran straight for the boys’ room. Ginny flung open the door and they jumped into the closest bed.

It was Harry’s, and he was awake. “I was waiting for you two to come running in,” he chuckled.

Ron sat up in his bed, he had been awake, too. “Since when are yo two afraid of thunderstorms?” he asked the two girls.

“Since... recently,” Hermione didn’t want to say “Since Dumbledore died and Voldemort is still out there.”

Another crash and many flashes. Hermione’s fear made her heart race, pumping blood quickly. Which meant that the potion was also pumping quickly throughout her veins. She jumped to Ron’s bed. She curled up to him and he held her close. Ron was not so much afraid, but the potion was still in effect. He grinned as she buried her face in his chest.

Ginny was still perched on Harry’s bed and looked like she was debating whether to hold on to her ex-boyfriend, Harry, or go to her brother. Harry was glaring slightly at Ron; jealous.

Shuffling footsteps were heard outside the door. Then, the door opened. It was Mr. Weasley.

“I heard running. What’s going on?” he asked groggily.

“Hermione and Ginny were afraid of the thunderstorm,” Ron replied.

“Oh, well, go back to bed girls,” Mr. Weasley yawned and shuffled back down the hall.

Another crash made all four teens jump.

“I can’t sleep with this!” Ginny exclaimed.

Ron sighed. “I guess we could all go down to the living room.”

Hermione sat up so Ron could get up and grab his wand.

“Lumos,” he said. The room lit up with the soft, white light. Ron and Harry both took their blankets and a few pillows. Hermione and Ginny went back to their rooms to get their blankets and pillows.

In the living room, the boys moved the couch back and the girls moved the coffee table out of the way. Then, they all settled into their blankets as a rather long crash of thunder shook the walls. They all talked for about two hours before the storm ended and they fell asleep.

Hermione dreamed that she was out in the garden with Ron. They were kissing again. She was wearing a pale yellow sundress and he was wearing khakis with a blue and green button down shirt. Her hair was beautifully curled and gracefully flowing in the wind. Ron’s hair was back to how it was in their third year at Hogwarts.

They were at Bill and Fleur’s wedding. It was being held at the Burrow. Hermione and Ron had escaped the crowds of wedding guests and were peacefully kissing in the orange light of the sunset.

Suddenly, mid-kiss, Ron became Harry. Hermione stopped kissing Harry and looked at him. She rested her forehead against his and whispered “I love you, Harry”

Harry smiled warmly and said “I lo-.”Hermione woke up with a start. She sat up and looked around. The sun was rising and there were rain drops glistening on the window. Ron, Harry, and Ginny were all still asleep. Ron, who was to her right, was facing her. Hermione settled close to him and watched his face as he slept.

“I wonder what that dream meant? It was very strange,” she thought and sighed. Her breath hit Ron in the face and he stirred. She quickly pretended to sleep. She felt him put his arm around her and pull her closer to him. She smiled mentally and fell back to sleep.


When Hermione woke up next, she was being gently moved by Ron. Him and Harry were going to the kitchen for breakfast. Ginny was still asleep, also.

Hermione opened her eyes to see Ron moving her aside so he could get up. He smiled down at her. She lifted the corners of her mouth in a lazy smile.

“Go back to sleep,” he whispered as he stood up and went into the kitchen with Harry.

She rolled over and stared out the window. The sun was out but there were grey clouds in the sky. There were no bird songs to be heard. It was very still besides the slight breeze. Hermione heard the boys’ voices along with Mr.and Mrs. Weasleys’ voices. They were talking about school supplies that would be needed for their seventh year at Hogwarts. Hermione was interested, so she got out of her blankets and walked to the kitchen.

“Good morning, everyone! Some storm we had last night,” she said brightly as she plopped down into a seat across from Harry and Ron.

“I told you to go back to sleep,” Ron said playfully.

“Ron, we were talking about school stuff and books. Of course Hermione had to be in here,” Harry joked.

Hermione rolled her eyes and smiled as she took some toast. It was the truth, and she wasn’t going to deny it.

“Mrs. Weasley, what kind of work loads did your older children have in their seventh year?” she asked.

“Well, it depends on your courses, dear. What are you taking?” Mrs. Weasley asked in return.

“Almost all of them,” Hermione blushed.

“You’ll definitely have a large work load then,” Mrs. Weasley said almost pityingly.

“Don’t ask Fred and George, they’re drop-outs,” Ron snickered.

“Ronald,” Mrs. Weasley sighed in warning.

Ginny came in and sat next to Hermione.

“Good morning, Ginny,” Hermione greeted her.

“Morning,” Ginny replied tiredly.

“Speaking of Fred and George; they both left in quite a hurry the other night. I’m not sure if I should worry or not,” Mr. Weasley said.

“Everyone seems to have all of their limbs attached with no extras,” Hermione joked and looked under the table.

Everyone laughed except for Ginny. Her eyes were narrowed in thought. “I think... never mind,” she said as she looked at the trio.

“You’re never minded,” Ron shrugged. “So, who’s up for a game of Lake Sparring?”

“Oh, me!” Ginny brightened up.

“What’s that?” Hermione asked.

“It’s a game we play on broomsticks over the lake. You have to try to knock the other person off their broom. Without hurting them, of course,” Ron explained.

“Sounds like fun. I’m up for it,” Harry said.

“Me, too,” Hermione agreed.


After breakfast Hermione, Ginny, Harry, and Ron went upstairs to change into bathing suits. When they finished they went to outside and stopped at the broom shed on their way to the lake.

“Here Hermione, you can use my broom. I’ll use my dad’s, just don’t tell him,” Ron said and handed Hermione his broom.

“Thanks,” she said.

As they made their way to the lake, Hermione found herself studying Harry and Ron. Harry’s swim shorts were obviously Dudley’s first. They were dark green with white trim and drawstrings. The strings were tied tightly, but the shorts still hung at his hips. He was also wearing an old white T-shirt. It was tight on him and faded in places.

“Maybe I’ll take him school clothes shopping,” Hermione thought with a smile.

She looked to Ron. He was wearing red swim shorts with black trim and drawstrings. They were faded a little, and fit him properly. His T-shirt was black, which made his hair look brighter. With a skip of her heart, Hermione remembered how her hands were in his hair when she kissed him the day before.

They reached the lake and Ginny turned to them. “OK, Ron and I are going to demonstrate first,” she said. Hermione and Harry nodded.

Ron and Ginny mounted their brooms and took off over the lake. They went out and extended their hands to each other. Ron counted to three and they started to push against each other’s hands. Ron’s arms were longer so he was able to stretch Ginny’s arms over her head then tip her over. She fell into the water. Ron took her broom and brought it to the shore. Ginny swam to shore.

“Now, you two try,” Ron said to Harry and Hermione.

Harry and Hermione mounted their brooms and flew to the space Ron and Ginny were before. They extended their hands to each other. Harry laced his fingers with Hermione’s.

“1-2-3,” he grinned. When he said “three,” they started pushing each other. Harry raised their hands above her head and almost knocked Hermione backwards. She caught her balance and got closer to him. Hermione pushed him and lost her balance again. Her right knee hit Harry in a very sensitive place.

“Yeah! Go Hermione!” cheered Ginny from the shore.

“No! That’s cheating! Harry, you aren’t gunna take that, are you?” Ron yelled to them.

“I’m sorry, Harry!” Hermione squealed and covered her mouth. Harry had let go of her hands and was now bent over on his broom. She fought the temptation to laugh.

“Push him off his broom!” Ginny called, jumping up and down.

“Don’t push him! He already can’t breathe!” Ron argued.

“What does that have to do with breathing? They’re two completely different bodily organs,” Ginny said.

Hermione laughed and pushed poor Harry off his broom.

“Hey!” he yelled as he fell. He was shocked that she actually pushed

“Yay! Hermione won!” Ginny cheered.

Hermione took Harry’s broom back to shore. When she landed she did a victory dance. Ginny joined her. Harry came to shore and interrupted their dance by shaking his wet hair and spraying Hermione with water. She screamed and ran from him.

Ron ran after her and caught her. He tackled her to the ground and pinned her on her back. Harry took off his drenched T-shirt and wrung it over Hermione. Water fell onto her face and chest. She pushed Ron off of her and chased Harry. He ran to the dock and then jumped into the water. Hermione stopped at the end of the dock to take off her shorts and tank top, exposing a pink and black halter top bikini. She slipped out of her sandals and jumped in after Harry. Ginny and Ron were close behind her.

Just as Hermione was about to dunk Harry, she felt something against her leg.

“Ron, Ginny, are there any living things in the lake?” she asked.

“Probably,” Ginny shrugged.

“Why?” Ron asked.

“I just felt something on my leg,” Hermione explained.

“Maybe it was your bathing suit,” Harry suggested.

“No, it was low on my leg,” she replied. Everyone looked down at the water. Hermione gasped and felt for her bathing suit. They were still in place.

“You scared me,” she said to Harry. He laughed, she tried to dunk him again but he swam out to where there was a low fog. Hermione followed him.

“Careful!” Ron called to them.

Hermione swam into the fog and was shocked at how thick it was. “Harry?” she said.

She felt something sliding up her leg. Panicking she screamed and pulled away. It followed her and continued up her leg. She screamed again and started to kick at the object. Then there were two, they held her waist. She put her hands in the water to hit whatever it was. Images of the dead bodies Harry told her he saw with Dumbledore flashed through her mind.

“Harry! Help!” she screamed.

She heard something surface behind her. Whatever was holding her leg let go. She slowly turned around. She saw Harry’s head just above the surface.

“It was you!?” she yelled at him.

“Yeah,” he laughed, proud of his joke.

“You scared me so bad. I thought it was... I thought I was going to die,” she said not laughing.

“I wouldn’t let you die. At least not here in Ron and Ginny’s backyard,” he grinned and stood on an underwater rock.

“Well, thanks,” she said and grinned, starting to relax now. She stood next to him on the rock. “How did you hold your breath that long?”

“Not easily. I guess I have big lungs,” he chuckled.

“I’m surprised Ron and Ginny didn’t come looking for us. I was screaming for help,” Hermione said after a few moments.

“They probably are in here. We’re far out though,” Harry replied.

“I only went in a little bit,” she said.

“We drifted,” he explained.

“Oh,” she said looking around. All she saw was water, fog, and Harry.

“Drift a little this way,” he smiled. She moved closer. “Much better,” he said.

Hermione pretended to slip on the rock and fell into Harry.

“Whoops,” she blushed as she stood back up, her face two inches from his.

“Whoops,” he repeated, quietly. He cupped her face in his hands and kissed her lightly. He pulled away and looked at her, waiting for a response.

Hermione bit her lip and tried not to frown. “I kissed Ron YESTERDAY, why am I now kissing HARRY? Something is wrong with me. I would have NEVER done something like this before. Oh man, Harry’s waiting for me to respond. But, how do I respond? What do I - wow, look at his wonderful green eyes... and the lips mine were just touching... he is so cute...” she thought. She moved closer, so that they were touching. Hermione kissed him and he kissed her back with a bit more force.

“Hermione? Harry?” they heard Ron calling.

“Where are you? Are you two alright?” Ginny’s voice said.

“Yeah, we’re OK. We’re over here!” Hermione said and stepped away from Harry. “Follow mt lead,” she added in a whisper to Harry. She started to cry and held onto Harry.

Ron and Ginny appeared through he fog. Obvious relief was expressed on Ron’s face.

“Oh my, Hermione. What happened?” Ginny asked.

“There was- there was something on me. It was on my legs and my waist and I couldn’t get it off!” she sobbed.

“What was it?” Ron asked stepping onto the rock.

“We didn’t see it,” she replied with a sniffle. “I screamed for Harry and he came after a couple of minutes. When he got there it went away. I thought it was going to kill me!”

“You’re alive. Everything is alright,” Harry said stroking her hair. He wondered why Hermione was lying. Lying was not something Hermione would do.

“Come here, ‘Mione,” Ron said. “We’ll get you back to shore.

She threw an apologetic look to Harry. He nodded in response. Ron took Hermione’s hand and swam with her to shore. Harry and Ginny followed. When they got to shore, they all sat on the towels thy brought.

“I’m hungry. I wonder if Mum’ll bring us sandwiches,” Ron said. A plate piled high with sandwiches appeared before them. “Sometimes that woman scares me,” Ron muttered taking a sandwich.

“I can’t believe I kissed Harry. He made me forget Ron even while I was thinking about Ron,” Hermione thought as she ate he sandwich.

After the boys were finished eating, they got up to play a round of Lake Sparring. She watched them go get their brooms. They both had similar bodies, except Ron was taller, they both walked the same, and they both climbed on their brooms the same. She voiced this to Ginny, who laughed.

“Maybe I’ll choose the one I’ll date by dating the winner of this match,” Hermione thought sarcastically.

They both fell, go figure.


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Chapter 4: Sickness
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Chapter 4

“Does anyone want to go to Diagon Alley with us?” Mr. Weasley asked later that afternoon.

“Will Mum go again before school?” Ginny asked.

“Of course,” he replied.

“I’ll go then instead,” she said. Harry, Ron, and Hermione also agreed to stay.

“Ginny, can I talk to you in my room?” Hermione asked.

“Sure,” Ginny replied as they exited the boys’ room.

In Hermione’s room, Ginny sat on the bed as Hermione paced. “Something’s wrong,” Hermione said.

“What do you mean?” Ginny asked.

“Before I came here this summer, the thought of kissing Ron or Harry would have probably grossed me out. But, . . . ” Hermione started but sighed.

“What did you do?” Ginny questioned.

“But, I’ve kissed them both in the past two days,” Hermione confessed.

“Woah, you kissed my brother?” Ginny asked amazed and grossed out.


“How did you do that?” Ginny joked. Hermione shrugged and rolled her eyes.

“Who did you like kissing the most?” Ginny quizzed.

Hermione relived the kisses in her mind. “It was kind of equal, but they were different feelings. I don’t know how to explain it.”

“Try,” Ginny encouraged.

“Kissing Ron was sweet, romantic, and warm. It was a very . . . ‘fluffy’ feeling, I guess,” Hermione smiled. “And kissing Harry was hot, comforting, but yet dangerous. It was more of ‘I don’t trust my hormones around you’ feeling.”

Ginny laughed. “So with Ron it’s ‘I could have his children’ and with Harry it’s ‘I could make his children?’”

Hermione laughed. “Yeah, I guess so.”

“Do you want me to talk to them?” Ginny offered.

“Sure, whoever gives the best answers will be the one I choose. Make sure it’s not obvious I want you to talk to them, though,” Hermione said.

“Of course,” Ginny agreed.

“Oh my goodness! I just thought of something! What if Ron decides to tell Harry and Harry says ‘wait, she kissed me too?’” Hermione gasped.

“They’re alone now,” Ginny realized.

Both girls looked at each other then ran from Hermione’s room. When they got back to the boys’ room, they saw Harry and Ron peacefully playing wizards’ chess. Hermione and Ginny sighed in relief.

“Do you want to play, ‘Mione?” Harry asked.

“No, that’s alright, thanks,” she replied. She curled up on Ron’s bed and picked up the Auror book. She wasn’t feeling quite right, and wanted to rest. Soon, Hermione had drifted to sleep on Ron’s comforter.


Hermione was near the Weasley’s lake. It was dark, and she was alone. There was a sudden gust of wind. Harry and Ron appeared in front of her. They had cold, evil looks in their eyes.

“Harry? Ron? What’s going on?” she asked them nervously.

Another gust of wind and Voldemort appeared. Hermione gasped.

“What’s going on?” she repeated, now scared.

None of them spoke, but Harry and Ron pushed up their sleeves. The Dark Mark was on both of their forearms.

“No,” she whispered, tears forming.

Harry and Ron grinned evilly as they advanced on Hermione. She tried to turn and run but she couldn’t. Harry held her arms while Ron held her legs. They pushed her to the damp ground. Voldemort stood above her. Harry held one of her arms out and kneeled on the other. Voldemort held his wand out and cast a spell to silence her screaming. Then, he touched the tip of his wand to the soft pale skin of her forearm. An extreme pain shot through her as she watched the Dark Mark etch itself into her skin. She kicked as much as she could with Ron holding her legs. Ron took out his wand and cast a spell which made Hermione go limp and black out.


Hermione woke up with a shrill scream. She immediately looked at her arm; it was Dark Mark free. There were running footsteps coming up the stairs. She was sitting on Ron’s bed crying with her trembling hands over her face. The door burst open and Ron, Harry, and Ginny ran in. They all had their wands out.

“What’s wrong?” Ginny asked frantically.

“Really, really bad nightmare,” Hermione sobbed.

“‘Mione? Are you all right?” Ron asked her, looking her over.

Hermione shook her head.

Harry felt her forehead, uselessly. “You’re cold,” he said.

“I don’t feel good,” she said quietly.

“Are you going to throw up?” Ginny asked Hermione. She pushed Hermione’s hair back and tied it with a hair band.

“It feels like it,” Hermione answered, embarrassed.

Ron got his waste bin from the corner and set it next to the bed.

“We’ll leave you alone. But, if you need anything we’re downstairs,”
Ginny said and pulled a reluctant Harry out of the room with her.

Ron sat next to Hermione and held her hand. “If you need to throw up, you can. I won’t make fun of you,” he said.

She nodded and leaned over the edge of the bed and threw up into the garbage can. Ron rubbed her back and held the shorter strands of hair that didn’t fit in the ponytail. When she was finished, she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

“Any better?” Ron asked her.

“A little bit,” she said, her voice shaking.

“Good,” he said softly. “I’ll be right back,” he got up and left.

Hermione laid down. ‘I hate being sick. And this is very embarrassing. Why now? Why here’ she thought irritably.

A few minutes later Ron came back in. He was carrying a glass of pumpkin juice, a vial of potion, a wet towel, and a hand towel.

“Here you go, beautiful,” he said handing her the potion and pumpkin juice.

“All of it?” she asked looking t the potion.

“Yes. And do it quickly; it’s disgusting,” Ron replied sitting next to her again.

Hermione drank all of the potion and then quickly drank some of the pumpkin juice.

“Good girl,” Ron chuckled. “That should help with the nausea.”

“Thanks, Ron,” Hermione said looking up at him.

“No problem,” he smiled warmly. He stood and pulled back the covers. Hermione climbed underneath them.

“I’m cold still,” she said. Ron also felt her forehead.

“You feel hot now, by Harry said you felt cold before,” he said. He put the wet towel on her forehead.

Hermione shrugged, Ron stepped to his dresser and pulled out a pair of flannel pajama pants. “Here, these are really warm,” he said and tossed them to her.

“Um, Ron?”


“The top.”

“Oh! Yeah, sorry about that,” he blushed wildly as he dug through his
drawer. “Here you go,” he tossed them to her.

“I’ll go to my room now. Thanks, Ron,” Hermione said and started to get up.

“No, no, no, no. You’re staying here at least until Mum comes home,” Ron said. “Plus, I like the idea of you sleeping in my bed.”

“Well, do you like the idea of me vomiting in it?” she smiled weakly.

“Actually, I don’t care. You can’t help being sick. OK, it is a bit gross, but you’re one of my best friends. So, it’s not so bad,” he replied.

“Good answer,” she said. She felt dizzy so she laid back and put her head on the pillow.

“Now you can tell me what your nightmare was,” Ron said laying on his stomach next to Hermione.

Hermione explained every detail to him. While she told him the story,
he traced the outline of her hand with his finger. When she finished he looked up at her.

“There is absolutely no need to worry about that. Remember, the Weasley’s are blood traitors,” he smiled. “And Harry joining Voldemort would be suicide. His task would be to kill himself.”

“True,” Hermione giggled.

Ron kissed her hand. “Are you feeling better?”

“Not yet. Why?” she answered.

“Because I want to kiss you,” he confessed.

“Damn sickness,” she smirked.

“You swore,” he said, shocked.

“Uh-oh,” she said sarcastically.

“That makes me want to kiss you more,” he grinned.

“Damn... damn... damn,” she said then laughed as Ron tried to kiss her. She dodged him and he kissed the pillow. He laughed and sat up next to her.

“If you feel better later, let me know,” he joked.

“I will,” she said and kissed his neck.

“Hey! I might get sick now!” he laughed.

Only if you can lick your neck,” she giggled.

“Can’t do that,” he said then stuck his tongue out but ended up licking his chin. “Oh well.”

Mrs. Weasley came into the room. “Hermione, what’s this I hear about you being sick?” she asked.

“I am. But, Ron is playing Healer,” Hermione said.

Mrs. Weasley stopped in her tracks and looked wide-eyed at them. “Oh, Merlin.”

“He did a good job,” Hermione reassured her. “He gave me a potion to help with nausea and helped me when I did vomit.”

“A potion?” Mrs. Weasley asked nervously.

“The ‘Vomit No More’ stuff,” Ron defended.

“Great!” Mrs. Weasley sighed in relief. “Now, Hermione will need her rest. Come with me, dear.”

Hermione got out of the bed and grabbed the pair of pajamas Ron let her borrow. It took a moment for Hermione to steady herself when she stood up. But, with the help of Mrs. Weasley’s help she made it to the door. She turned at winked at Ron before she left.


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Chapter 5: Two Truths and a Cure
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Chapter 5

Hermione had a restless night. She would sleep and hour, then wake up only to be sick. Even though the Weasley’s made her feel at home at the Burrow, she felt bad being sick. Hermione knew her manners, and she knew that as a guest she shouldn’t need special attention. But, being sick caused her to be in bed and made everyone worry.

At about two in the morning, Hermione woke up just as someone opened the bedroom door. She opened one eye and looked. It was Harry; he stuck his head in the door, then started to leave.

“Harry?” Hermione called him. He came in and sat down on the edge of her bed. She propped herself against the head board. “Did you need something?”

“No, I was just checking on you,” Harry replied.

“Are you and Ron just now going to bed?” Hermione asked.

“Ron’s been asleep. Me and Ginny are just now going to bed,” he answered.

“Oh?” she said suggestively. But, she felt hurt.

“No, it’s not like that anymore. We were just talking,” Harry said honestly.

“About what?” Hermione questioned.

“You, actually. Um, Ginny knows about us,” Harry looked down at the comforter.

Hermione forced a blush to her cheeks. “Oh.”

“I can explain, though. She was really worried about you and she thought that whatever touched you in the lake was cursed. She was about to get Mr. Weasley to check out the lake. And, I had to tell her it was me. Then, she asked why you were crying on me if I was the one who scared you. So, I told her that we were kissing. But, I didn’t know why you hid it . . . why did you hide it?” Harry told.

“It’s hard to explain,” Hermione said. She was expecting this sooner or later.

“I’ve got time,” Harry said and laid on his side across Hermione’s bed.

Hermione sighed. “Well, over the summer the thought of you and me
kissing would have been weird. But, when we were hanging out in Ron’s room that first day, I don’t know. I guess I saw you in a different light,” she said and pushed back her covers; she was feeling hot. Hermione had basically repeated what she said to Ron back to Harry. It seemed to be a good defense.

“The same goes for me. It was sudden, but I’m not complaining,” Harry replied.

“Oh, neither am I! It’s just so confusing,” she said while she played with the drawstrings of the pajama pants Ron let her borrow. He was right, they were warm.

“Hey, are those Ron’s?” Harry asked, noticing what she was wearing.

“Yeah, he said they’d keep me warm. He was right, I’m sweating,” she explained.

“So, you got in Ron’s pants?” he joked.

“Oh yes, and it feels good, too,” Hermione rolled her eyes and smiled.

She began to feel nauseated again. She sat up all the way.

“Are you OK?” Harry asked, his smile fading.

“No,” she squeaked out as tears came to her eyes. She was extremely embarrassed.

“Are you going to be sick?” he asked sitting up and moving closer. Concern covered his features.

“Yes,” Hermione looked away.

Harry stood up and helped Hermione out of her bed. He quietly led her to the bathroom. She was a bit wobbly, but they made it. He had her sit on the edge of the bath tub facing the toilet. He sat next to her and held her hand. Hermione fixed her pony tail with shaky hands. A few seconds later, she got sick. Harry kneeled next to her and rubbed her back like Ron did. When she finished, Harry handed her a face towel he found in the bathroom closet. Hermione washed her face and brushed her teeth.

“Harry, this is so embarrassing,” Hermione said to him.

“Don’t worry. It would have been worse if you puked on Ron. Wait, no that would be funny,” Harry laughed. “Anyways, there’s a Healer coming tomorrow and you’ll be better in no time,” he said comfortingly.

“I hope so. Can you help me back to my room?” she said as a tear fell.

“Yeah, babe. So, why are you so embarrassed?” he asked as they headed back to Hermione’s room.

“I feel like I’m being rude. An that I’m being a bother,” she told.

“You know that’s not true,” Harry told her.

“Maybe it’s not, but still...” she said.

“Hermione, you’re too nice for your own good,” he chuckled. They reached her room and he helped her get back into bed.

“Goodnight,” Harry said after he tucked her in. He leaned in and kissed her so lightly that his lips only grazed hers.

“Goodnight,” she smiled at him before he left. ‘Argh! I did it again!’ she thought as the door shut. Soon, she fell back to sleep.


“Hermione, dear. The Healer is here, wake up,” came Mrs. Weasley’s voice.

Hermione opened her eyes to see an older man of about sixty with salt and pepper hair, glasses, warm brown eyes, and wearing Healer robes standing with Mrs. Weasley.

“Hello Ms. Granger. I’m Healer Jacobs. Can you sit up please?” the man asked.

Hermione sat up and yawned. Harry, Ron, and Ginny were standing next to her bed watching Healer Jacobs. Healer Jacobs asked questions about what she did the last few days, then listened to her lungs, looked at her eyes, and down her throat.

“You have what we call the ‘Muggleborn’ sickness.’ it’s a flu like sickness common with Muggleborns. it’s caused by large amounts of magical substances being in the body. Your body most likely soaked up a lot of the magical lake’s water and then the magically prepared food probably was too much magic. Especially since you had just arrived from Muggle settings. This illness can only be caught by other Muggleborns or Half- bloods. But, it’s most common with Muggleborns, hence it’s nickname,” Healer Jacobs concluded. He waved his wand and a white potion vial appeared. “Take this once a day for a week and you will be fine in a couple of days.”

“Thank you,” Hermione grinned.

“No problem, Ms. Granger,” he said before he left.

“See there, Hermione? You’ll be better in no time,” Harry said.

“I’m happy now,” Hermione smiled.

“Do you think you can eat?” Ginny asked.

“The potion says ‘take with food’ so I guess she’ll have to,” Mrs. Weasley said. “Harry, can you help me prepare breakfast?”

“Sure,” Harry replied and left with her.

“I’m glad you’re feeling better,” Ginny said.

“Thanks, me too,” Hermione said.

“I’m going to see if Mum needs any more help,” Ginny made an excuse
to leave.

“Did you hear what the Healer said? You’re not contagious,” Ron said.

“I am to other Muggleborns or half bloods,” Hermione corrected.

“Yeah, but I’m neither,” he smiled.

“And your point?” Hermione grinned,

Ron lunged at her and kissed her. She giggled through the kiss and wrapped her arms around his neck. He deepened the kiss and at first he welcomed it, but then she pulled away.

“What’s wrong ‘Mione?” he asked her. He kissed her neck. Her skin tingled where he kissed.

“Nothing,” she lied.

“Are you going to be sick again?” he asked moving away s few inches.

“Not right now,” she replied.

“Then, what’s wrong?” he asked again.

“I don’t want to lead you on,” she said.

“You’re a bit late for that,” he chuckled and kissed her neck again.

“I know that’s why I stopped,” she sighed.

“What-“ Ron started but was cut off because Fred and George entered the room. Ron quickly moved away from Hermione when he saw his brothers.

“Hey, Hermione. How are you feeling?” asked a nervous looking George.

“I’ll be fine thanks for asking,” she replied, confused by their concern.

“The Healer said you had the Muggleborn sickness. What is that?” Fred

“Too much magic at once. That’s all,” she summarized.

“Can you tell us some of your symptoms?” Fred asked.

Hermione was curious why they were so interested but told them

“Do you happen to be allergic to fairy wings?” George asked when she finished. Fred rolled his eyes.

“Why?” Hermione and Ron both asked suspiciously.

“That’s what it sounds like. But, why would you have had fairy wings? And the Healer would have seen it, right? So, never mind,” George rambled. Fred shook his head.

“No, I’m not allergic,” Hermione said slowly and watched Fred smack George in the back of the head.

“Thanks, that’s all we needed to know. Get well soon,” Fred said before he and George quickly left.

Hermione and Ron exchanged confused and suspicious looks before going down to breakfast.


“What did you guys need? I’m not testing a product,” Ginny said to George as Fred helped a customer.

“We... messed up,” George admitted as he got change ready at the cash register.

“George messed up,” Fred corrected.

“What did you do?” Ginny asked impatiently as she sat on one of the stools set up at the counter.

“We made this potion,” George started to explain.

“It’s a love potion,” Fred continued.

“Called Cupid’s Liquid Arrows.”

“George put it in Harry, Ron, and Hermione’s drinks.”

“You told me to.”

“Not both boys’ drinks!”

“Anyways, they don’t know,” George continued as the customer left.

“Both boys think they are in love with Hermione.”

“And, Hermione’s in love with both boys.”

“We walked in on Hermione and Ron kissing today,” Fred shared.

“We feel terrible, because they only feel this way because of the
potion,” George said, ashamed.

“Stop!” Ginny yelled.

“Sorry,” the twins apologized together.

“I know about most of this. Well, I didn’t know it was YOUR fault all three of them are... well, lustful. Why didn’t you think of this before you did it? Why did you put it in all three drinks? Did you test it?” Ginny ranted.

“We did think of the effects. We know the effects. George put it in all three drinks, not me. I already yelled at him for it,” Fred sighed.

“I didn’t know if Hermione and a boy would get a potioned drink,” George said, irritated.

“Whatever. Did you test it?” Ginny asked, just as irritated.

“Yeah, loads of times. Back when it was only inducing lust, we tested it on these girls at... never mind. Anyways, we did test it,” Fred stopped himself.

“Did it work?” Ginny asked, only half wanting the answer.

“Um. Yes, fairly well,” Fred said uncomfortably.

Ginny sighed. “Do you have an antidote?”

“Not just yet,” George replied. “But, we’re working on it.”

“Are you going to tell Harry, Ron, and Hermione?” Ginny questioned.

“We weren’t planning on it,” Fred said.

“Please. You don’t have to listen to all three of them go on and on about their raging hormones,” Ginny begged.

“Sorry, it wasn’t supposed to affect you. We just wanted to see the potion in action,” George explained.

“According to Fred, you two have seen enough action from that damned potion,” Ginny said, annoyed.

“We had to test it,” Fred defended and blushed just as brightly as his twin.

“Right,” she said, unconvinced.

“We’ll tell them if it makes you happy,” George sighed and leaned across the store counter.

“Yes, it makes me happy,” Ginny grinned.


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Chapter 6: Fight!!! Fight!!! Fight!!!
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Chapter 6

“Ginny said that you two needed me. What’s up?” Harry said as he stepped into the shop.

“Yeah, uh, give us a minute,” George said as the last customer paid and then left. Fred flipped the “Open” sign to “Closed.”

They went to the apartment above the shop. Fred waved his wand and a few Firewhiskeys appeared on the small kitchen table. They each took one.

“Have a seat, Harry,” George said. They all sat at the new wooden table.

“Here’s the thing. We messed up big time,” Fred said.

“We put a new potion of ours into your drink along with Hermione and Ron’s when we visited last,” George confessed and picked at the label on his bottle.

Harry stared at the identical twins blankly.

“It’s called Cupid’s Liquid Arrows, and it’s a love potion,” Fred explained.

“I love Hermione,” Harry stated.

“Yes, but only because of that potion,” George told.

“No, I feel that love in my heart. Not like a potion,” Harry said.

“No, Harry, you don’t see. You don’t really LOVE her. It’s the potion,” Fred said.

“I don’t believe you. Ron doesn’t love Hermione and Hermione doesn’t love Ron. You’re lying about the potion,” Harry said a little louder.

“We’re working on the antidote now. We haven’t figured it out yet. And, yes, Hermione and Ron think they love each other,” George told. Fred winced.

“I’ll kill him,” Harry growled, slamming his Firewhiskey on the table and standing up.

“Good job, Fred. Give him alcohol before we tell him the girl he loves also loves his best friend,” George said sarcastically.

Harry stormed out of the apartment and down to the shop. He was closely followed by Fred and George.

“Harry, he doesn’t know about you and Hermione. Only Ginny and we know about both relationships, besides Hermione,” George said.

“What does she feel?” Harry asked irritably.

“She thinks she loves both of you,” Fred replied.

“That slut!” Harry yelled. “What has she done with Ron? She was wearing his pajamas last night!”

“We don’t know that. We can ask her, but I doubt she’d tell us,” George said carefully.

“You can’t talk to them about this yet; we’ll tell them. Just remember that the potion makes you love Hermione, not your own heart,” Fred explained again.

“I wont talk to them about it,” Harry sighed.

“Thanks. And, we’re sorry,” George apologized.

“It’s alright. I guess I understand,” Harry accepted the apology. There was a silence before Harry grinned and spoke again. “So, what else are you
working on?”

“Well, a friend of ours was telling us about how he was a great cook. He claimed that his cooking was orgasmic. That comment inspired us to make a new candy,” George told excitedly.

Harry laughed.


“Being sick definitely had it’s good sides,” Hermione said to Ginny in the kitchen.

“What would those be?” Ginny wondered.

Hermione looked out the window to make sure Mrs. Weasley and Ron were still busy working in the garden. “Well, it’s given me the chance to see the more kind and nurturing sides of the boys,” she giggled.

“They have those?” Ginny joked. “Anyways, who won?”

“I think Ron. He was unbelievably sweet to me. Even when I was throwing up in his bed,” Hermione answered.

“That’s so strange. Are we talking about the same Ron?” Ginny laughed.

“I was thinking the same thing. It was so unlike him to be so . . . comforting, I guess. I was going to say ‘big- brother- like’ but it was a bit more than sibling love,” Hermione smiled.

“Yeah, about that ‘love’ feeling . . .” Ginny said nervously.

“Hey you two,” Harry said coming into the room. He gave Ginny a “don’t- you- dare” look. Signaling that he heard her about to tell Hermione about the potion.

“Hey, Harry,” the girls replied in unison.

Harry walked to Hermione and gave her a quick kiss before he sat down at the table. There was a loud crashing outside.

“WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS GOING ON?!” Ron’s voice bellowed. A few seconds later a red faced Ron stormed in the back door.

“Shit,” Hermione, Ginny, and Harry muttered.

“Ron, there’s something I need to tell you,” Harry said, standing slowly. He knew he wasn’t supposed to tell anyone about the potion, but now looked like a desperate time.

“Yeah, I see that. You’re kissing the girl I love! And, she loves me!” Ron yelled back furiously.

“Hermione doesn’t love you,” Harry said as calmly as possible.

“How would you know? You’re not her! Hermione, you love me right?” Ron screamed at Harry then said more calmly to Hermione.

Hermione’s eyes were wide with fear of losing a best friend. She opened her mouth a couple of times, but couldn’t speak.

“Don’t you love me?” Ron said stepping closer to her. She looked into his blue eyes; they were sparkling with fear, nervousness, and desperation.

“I- I - I don’t know! I love you both! What’s wrong with me?” Hermione finally spoke, tears welled up in her eyes.

Ron turned from Hermione and whipped out his wand. He pointed it at Harry. Harry still felt love for Hermione, so he thought that taking out his own wand was necessary. Even though he knew about the potion.

“I heard shouting; what’s going on?” Bill said as he appeared in the door way after coming from the living room. Harry and Ron were circling each other, their wands pointed at the other’s heart. Bill quickly disarmed them both.

“Stop! Harry, Ron, stop!” Hermione and Ginny were shouting.

Noticing that they were now wandless, the boys stopped circling each other and began to throw punches. A punch from Ron struck Harry across the jaw. Hermione screamed. Harry lunged at Ron and pushed him against the wall. He punched Ron below his left eye.

“We’re down to this know?” Bill muttered as he pulled Harry away from Ron by the back of his shirt. Ron lunged at Harry again. “Hermione, Ginny, please help,” Bill said, stepping Harry and himself away from Ron’s violent attempts.

Hermione and Ginny grabbed both of Ron’s arms to hold him back. Bill threw Harry into one of the kitchen chairs. He used his wand to bind Harry to the chair with ropes, and then did the same to Ron.

“Now, explain what the hell is going on?” Bill demanded angrily.

“I’ve been with Hermione for a couple of days and I look through the window and see Harry kiss her!” Ron said through clenched teeth as he struggled against the tight ropes.

“There’s a perfect explanation,” Harry said, also struggling in his seat.

“If you want, I can explain,” Ginny said to Bill.

Bill nodded and stepped back.

“Ron, Hermione doesn’t love you, and you don’t love Hermione,” Ginny said and held up her hand to silence both Hermione and Ron’s protests. “Harry, you don’t love Hermione, and Hermione you don’t love Harry.”

Harry nodded, he knew the story. Hermione sent him a hurtful glare.

“Fred and George created a new potion called Cupid’s Liquid Arrows. It’s a love potion they were testing. They didn’t ask you because they were told not to bother anyone into testing their products. Technically, they did as they were told; they never asked. Anyways, George made a mistake by putting the potion in all three drinks. Remember, the butterbeer the first night Harry and Hermione were here?” Ginny explained. “When Hermione got sick, they panicked and thought that their potion made her sick. That’s why they told me and then Harry. They were going to tell you two, but apparently there is no need now.”

“Oh my goodness,” Hermione said quietly.

Ron just stared at Ginny, a shocked and betrayed look on his face.

“The potion obviously still has it’s flaws because it’s only supposed to make the drinker fall in love with the first person of the opposite sex that they see. Considering Hermione thinks she loves both of you,” Ginny said.

“I took at least two sips. I remember, because I thought about how thirsty I was later that night, and how stupid I was for only drinking a little. And, I think I looked at Harry and Ron because they were talking,” Hermione said, her eyes narrowed in thought.

Ron sighed. “It’s so hard to believe you. It doesn’t feel like the love is potion induced.”

“Tell me about it. Try suddenly loving your two best friends,” Hermione chuckled.

“More like lusting,” Ginny laughed.

“Hey,” Hermione smiled.

“See, we’re all better now,” Bill said and waved his wand to get rid of the ropes.

“Sorry, mate,” Ron apologized to Harry.

“It’s alright. And, I’m sorry, too,” Harry replied.

Harry and Ron were bleeding a little from their fist fight. Bill healed their cuts as they apologized.

“Thanks, Ginny,” Hermione said.

“No problem. But, we still have to wait for an antidote,” Ginny replied.

“An antidote?” Ron asked.

“Yeah, you don’t want to be stuck like this, do you?” Ginny giggled.

Ron shrugged sheepishly in response.


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Chapter 7: Real, non-potion induced- love
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Chapter 7

Real, non-potion induced- love

Hermione owled Fred and George expressing her disappointment in them. When they received the letter, they were shocked it was not a Howler. The news had also spread to Mr. And Mrs. Weasley. They also owled the twins telling them to come for dinner.

At dinner, the table was mostly silent. The twins sat uncomfortably looking at their plates as the rest of the table glared at them.

“So, do you have an antidote?” Mrs. Weasley asked them sternly, breaking the silence.

“Um, kind of. We’re not sure if it’ll work. But, this is the only way to test it,” George explained.

“Give it to the poor dears,” she said as if it was an antidote to get rid of an ugly deformation.

Fred reached into his pocket and pulled out three small vials. Mrs. Weasley cleared the table with a wave of her wand. With a second wave, glasses of pumpkin juice appeared in front of the trio. Fred poured the contents of each vial into each glass.

After taking a last look at Harry and Ron while she loved them, Hermione drank her pumpkin juice. She felt strange for a moment; like her heart and head were bubbling. She closed her eyes until the feeling stopped. When she opened her eyes, she looked at her two best friends. She was back to normal; there was no awkward love feeling anymore. Harry and Ron were both staring at her with love in her eyes. That just made her feel slightly disturbed.

“Drink up! It worked! I don’t love you anymore, no offense,” Hermione laughed to the boys.

They drank their pumpkin juice. And after a couple of seconds, they looked at Hermione. “Hey, it did work!” Harry exclaimed. “Good work Fred, George.”

“No, it’s more like ‘you’re lucky it worked. I would have hurt you,’” Ron said.

“Now that that’s settled, who’s up for dessert?” Mrs. Weasley offered.


Hermione and Ginny had gone upstairs to do some summer homework. Harry, Ron, and the twins hung out in Ron’s room. Fred and George had made another batch of their new candy. Harry and Ron were eager to try it.

“What are you calling them?” Ron asked as he examined one of the red candies.

“We’re not sure yet. Do you have any ideas?” George replied.

Before anyone could say more, the door opened and Hermione and Ginny walked in.

“Finished with your homework?” Ron asked as they plopped down next to him on his bed.

“Yup. Well, with Potions at least. I wanted to get that over with first,” Ginny rolled her eyes.

“Good idea,” Harry agreed.

“Ooo, candy!” Hermione giggled as she picked up a piece and unwrapped it. Ginny did the same. All four boys were not sure whether to tell them or not. Harry opened his mouth to tell them, but stopped.

“They work,” Fred mouthed to Harry and Ron. The twins were wearing mischievous grins.

Hermione raised a suspicious eyebrow at Harry, who was now shifting uncomfortably in his seat on the floor. She put the candy in her mouth. “Did you do your home-“ Hermione started to ask Harry, but stopped. Her eyes got big; she blinked and they were back to normal. She began to cough on the candy.

Ginny put her candy into her mouth. “Are you choking, or does it taste ba-“ Ginny did the same. The girls exchanged glances before they spit the candy into their hands.

“What was that?” Hermione screamed at the twins. The boys laughed.

“It was an or-“ George started.

“We know what it was,” Ginny interrupted impatiently. “But, what the bloody hell is THIS?” she shoved the sticky candy at George.

“It’s candy. Duh, Ginny,” Harry said sarcastically.

“Yours, I suppose?” Hermione glared at the twins.

“Actually, mine and Harry’s. We were supposed to test them,” Ron said, grinning.

“Apparently they weren’t good. You two didn’t have much of a reaction,” Fred chuckled.

Hermione rolled her eyes.

“Was it strong?” George asked with a laugh.

The girls gave the twins another dirty look before they stormed from the room. As soon as the door slammed shut, the boys laughed hysterically.

“Did you see their faces?” Ron asked through tears of laughter.

“That was awesome,” Fred laughed.

“I’m surprised they knew what it was,” Harry realized.

The four guys stopped laughing to think about that.

“Nah, lucky guess,” George said.

“They read too much,” Ron added.

They sat in silence for a couple of seconds before Harry cleared his throat and spoke. “So, can we try them now?”

“Yeah, sure,” Fred said, handing Harry and Ron candies.


The next morning the people around the breakfast table were much more happy than at the dinner table the night before. The teens were planning a day down at the lake. And, Fleur, Bill, and Mrs. Weasley were making wedding plans.

“We can ‘ave it in ze garden,” Fleur suggested.

“The garden?” Mrs. Weasley questioned.

“Ze fower garden,” Fleur explained.

“That would be pretty, wouldn’t it Bill?” Mrs. Weasley asked.

“Huh? Oh, yeah, I love it,” Bill gave his automatic reply.

“You know this is YOUR wedding. I should not be making YOUR decisions. If you don’t put in any ideas, I’ll make you wear a hot pix tux,” Mrs. Weasley threatened. Fleur smiled at Bill over her shoulder.

“How about asking Charlie to bring a dragon from Romania?” Bill asked excitedly.

“No, no, I ‘ave ‘ad too much dragons,” Fleur said.

Harry smiled, remembering the Triwizard Tournament.

“Do you know who’s going to be your best man? Maid of honor?” Mrs. Weasley asked, ignoring Bill’s ridiculous idea.

“Our best man is Charlie,” Bill said.

“Our Maid of Honor, will be Ginny, and ze Flower girl will be my little sister,” Fleur added.

“Bridesmaids and ushers?” Mrs. Weasley pressed.

“ ‘Mione, would you like to be a bridesmaid?” Fleur asked after a moment.

“Um, sure,” Hermione replied.

“ ‘Arry and Ron are already ushers. You can pick ‘ooever you want to go with,” Fleur said.

Hermione looked at the boys. They both made faces at her; she laughed. “Who are the other choices?”

“Fred and George are. And, three of Fleur’s school friends are the other
bridesmaids,” Bill replied. Harry and Ron high-fived.

“Oh, go outside,” Mrs. Weasley rolled her eyes with a smile.

Harry, Ron, Ginny, and Hermione went down to the lake after getting their broomsticks. Hermione and Ron were first to play Lake Sparring. “So, who are you going to the wedding with?” Ron asked as they mounted their brooms.

“Whoever asks me first, I guess,” Hermione shrugged.

“We have to ask you?” Ron asked, his eyes wide.

“Yeah, that’s normally how wedding dates work. Not that this is a date or anything, she stammered as they flew ten feet and out a bit.

“Right,” Ron grinned.

Hermione felt butterflies in her stomach. “Great, the antidote didn’t work. I’ll have to owl Fred and George later,” she thought.

“You know what? I don’t think the antidote is working anymore. I have feelings for you still,” Ron said.

“Same here,” Hermione said.

“Are you going to play or not?” Harry yelled from the ground.

“1-2-3,” Ron laughed as he and Hermione laced their hands together.

Ron almost instantly knocked Hermione into the water. When they got back to shore, Harry challenged Ron to a game. So, both boys mounted their brooms and took off.

“Ron and I still like each other. Something went wrong with the antidote,” Hermione told Ginny.

“Well, Harry doesn’t like you anymore. I asked him,” Ginny said thinking it over.

“You know what? I’m going to go and owl Fred and George now. That makes me so angry,” Hermione said moodily before she stomped off towards the Burrow.

Ginny giggled at her friend’s comical distress and said “Bye!”

Harry and a sopping wet Ron returned to where Ginny stood.

“What’s wrong with ‘Mione?” Ron asked as he watched Hermione stomp

“She’s upset with the results of the antidote. So, she’s owling the twins,” Ginny explained.

“Oh,” Ron looked hurt.

“Go talk to her if your hurt,” Ginny rolled her eyes at her brother. Ron jogged to catch up to Hermione. “He’s so strange,” she laughed to Harry.

“Hey, he’s in your gene pool, not mine,” Harry laughed.

“Not by choice,” she smiled.

Harry took her broom as they walked back to the Burrow, also.

“Thanks,” she said. He held her hand in response.

When Ron caught up to Hermione, he slowed down to walk next to her. “Why are you owling the twins?” he asked her.

“Their antidote didn’t work,” she stated simply.

“Call me crazy, but I think it did work,” he said and blushed.

Hermione looked at him strangely; she didn’t understand what he was suggesting. “Whatever, Crazy.”

“I mean, I think that we actually love each other. I don’t think it’s the potion,” Ron blushed deeper.

“That’s what we said before we knew about the potion,” she shook her head.

“Right after you took the antidote you said you didn’t feel anything for me and Harry. When did the feelings come back?” he questioned.

“Um, me and Ginny were talking about how crazy I was when I had the potion,” Hermione tried to remember. “We talked about you and Harry. And, how I was going to chose you over Harry. When I had the potion, I mean.”

“Maybe that brought up real feelings,” Ron suggested hopefully.

Hermione thought about it. “How am I supposed to know that without a revised antidote?”

They were near the back door, but Ron stopped walking. He pulled her to him, she gasped in surprise. Ron kissed the tip of her nose, her cheek, her chin, and her forehead.

“Stop it,” she breathed, with her eyes closed.

“You want me to kiss you,” he whispered in her ear, grinning.

“Yes,” she whispered. She turned her head, lightly brushing her lips across his face until she reached his lips. He cupped her face in his hands and she wrapped her arms around his neck. She ran one hand through his still wet hair. They deepened the kiss, ignoring the fact that Harry and Ginny had just walked by. Hermione and Ron never wanted to stop kissing; they both felt right and at peace.

In that first moment that Ron’s lips touched Hermione’s, they both were 100% positive that this was not potion induced. Hermione’s stomach was full of butterflies and did somersaults, her knees felt like jell-o, and every inch of her body was warm and vibrating with excitement. They finally broke apart, and all they could do was laugh. Real love! No potion necessary!

“We should send the twins a ‘Thank you’ card,” Ron joked.

“Alright. But, what would it say? ‘Thank you for deceiving us and then lying to us. It helped us see how we actually loved each other,” Hermione laughed.

“Sounds good to me,” he smiled.

“I love you,” Hermione said with no hesitation.

“I love you, too,” Ron replied. They kissed once more before heading into
the Burrow.

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