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1/7th of a Life by Weirdo story teller

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 570
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: No Warnings

Genres: Humor
Characters: Harry

First Published: 03/25/2006
Last Chapter: 03/25/2006
Last Updated: 03/25/2006

Harry is waiting silently and perposfully then... BOOM! now he has a gabbering death eater in his house telling him about having 1/7th of a life!!! How is this possible???!!!

Chapter 1: 1/7th of a Life
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May be a little starnge... so plse tell me if it's a little hard to follow!!!

1/7th of a Life
by: Leah, Fairy and Zoë (authors of THE WINDS)

It was a dark and stormy night. Harry looked out the window at the rain and saw a dark figure starting up the lane towards his home. He reached slowly for his wand, long lessons telling him to be careful. The figure knocked at the door. Harry got up, and went to open it.
On his doorstep stood a masked person. They stared at each other. Then, it reached into its cloak… and pulled out a box of… Girl Scout cookies!!!
“AHHH!!!” Harry screamed.
The figure pulled back its hood.
“Wanna buy some cookies?” the little kid asked. She had lots of freckles, glasses, braces, and blonde hair pulled back in two low pony tails.
“Uh…sure,” stuttered Harry pulling out a $500 bill. “Here, will this be enough?” The girl nodded, her eyes practically bulging out of their sockets.
“I don’t think I have enough change…”
“Keep it,” said Harry, smiling what he hoped was encouraging, but was actually quite frightening. The girl thrust the cookies into his hand, snatched the money, and fled.
Harry shrugged and returned to his post at the window. Just as he had started to take the wrapping off the cookie case the doorbell rang again. Harry got up, and looked through the peek whole on the door. A teenage girl with wrinkles, and poorly put on mascara stood there in tight jeans and a tee shirt.
“Can I help you?” asked Harry opening the door.
“Wa ha!” cried not a girl, but a man, and not just any man, but a death eater man.
Harry whipped out his wand, and seeing the jet of light coming out of the death eater’s wand yelled, “Protego!”
Funnily enough, both Harry and the death eater said the shield spell, at exactly the same time.
“Get out of my house!” spit Harry after noticing this.
“But then I’d have to come back on another Wednesday!”
“Why a Wednesday?” asked Harry lowering his wand in confusion.
“Because I, like the others, have tried to slit my soul, I have seven even pieces, so I can only have 1/7th of a life,” said the man, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.
“I can only live on Wednesday! That’s 1/7th of a week, thus 1/7th of a life”
“1/7th of a week is one day, therefore by living only one day of the week you’d be living1/7th of a life,” explained the death eater patiently.
“So why Wednesday?” asked Harry still astounded at how smart evil people were these days.
“Because each day of the week is for a different kind of person,” explained the death eater, “Mondays are the days that extremely evil people are alive, such as the Dark Lord.”
“Oh, so I guess he’s the only person with seven horecruxes that’s alive on Mondays?”
“I don’t know!!! Do I look like I know?!”
“Well I don’t know!” exclaimed Harry.
“I told you, I’m only alive on Wednesday, so how would I know?”
“How is it that you can obey Voldemort’s demands if you never even see him?”
“He leaves messages”
“Getting back to business…”
Suddenly the death eater was covered in ropes all tied up.